Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1847 Page 3
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B# 111 1 >e?ed to send out .large order* lor : rhich will be required in tpecie, rohability of there being confident, icod in getting hold of the preciour ir there ha* been no (peculation of lock market; but on the contrary, ly decline in price* ilnco last De11 for moat of the fancie* rule no w 1 ninety per cent belear those cur fwiiB lime ian y*;ar. none ui mo isugioo uure wuu&iy >poared, hav? lomo pretty ntrir it. AttPyear will completely luse up some of the thir.oeat >lea, and they must give place to others, which *1" era Irom time to time create and put afloe*ln it The past year has heen a very health*' on* 'or itock johbera. Many of the securities ,<e<' ,0 ?uch peculation in Wall street, have bee* reduced to a 1 something near their real vaJ*a? they have a good starting point, and wh'11 the times got ripe e will be a wide margin *or an adv?nca- In Ota ntime we would advise ^n11* bears to car? ' watch the course of events, and see which puity fleece the othor the ???t It ? our impression they have the fun all to memselves for some time, as the iders are very sty, ami give the street a wide berthIt will be a lr?Jg time before they will have any con ce in any thing smelling of Wall street or fancy ts. o annex our usual table of quotations for the prin'.i j tate and other stocks nsed for nvestment hicks ok Stocks in tmk New York Market Httfeemr 1846. 1846 1846 Rate. able. Nov 30. Dec. 15 i)*e 30. Id States 6 1*13 107 a? 1 OWtloi lisiVs ? C 1^58 ? a ? 9<j3<w 0 1*11 as a 97 If 9' a 93 9I>?? ? York, 7 1118-4# 101 ,inJ 100 slot 100 alooV ? 101 sins 10' alOi )0t .mi* lnS ,ln8X 102 ,10 I"" al03 m ^ 10,1 "1,,a 08 a 99 9BX* 9#Ja 5 ittl'S 97 ? ? 97 ?9,K - ?1 !2t2 i"3 97 ? M 97 8 98 '94 a 95 5 IB.,5-8 97 . _ ? a _ 94 a 99U \u. 'ataxia*1 M*7 - n 99 95 a 91 ? \V 94*a 97 93 n #4 93 a 91 fi isvtae ? a 9?t< ? n - 91 a 9IW I 22 2 22-a 2?*2 21 22 2 21* ' I 1856 99Wal0O 10# a _ 100 alOOV ^ enincky. 6 99?a 99X 99Valoo ion aioi W . 5 " 80 a ? 77a an 77 a 80 M 'mow, b 1870 37>?a ? 32 Va 32? 32Va 31 H Jnuia, 5 25 ye ar? ,2 ? 33^4 3?X 3??a 33 W r;,'ul,u' 6 jn , 33 31 n 32 37 a 31 2"R' 3 63X? 06 64 a 65 64 a 65 iu*>lvanta,5 ? a 6?V 68Va 69 691*. 69\i ?< ? i % 5 ?" 98 a 100 99 alOO 96 a 98 r rork City,7 1857 109 n109^ iW al08 )0t alng J J'-!3 102Val04 101 al03 102 a103V i iJSS 93 a M 19 a 91 90**91)2 Ik p?, ? v J"5.8-70 97 a 91 ?9 a 91* 91 a ? Ik Coin o N. y full 92 a 93i| 9?v* 93 <n n 92 M V I ir f?. i W r>x 83 a 99 94 a 9) 94 a 95 BV I' ? /'rJn,,t,^0, 108 all" HO a ? 104 a!06 L oViJVfr.i ?JTattk0, 32 a? 22l4? 3M 23>*a 23* K V?k r fr'o Tniat Co. M , _ 98 a ? 98 a 98', r*iStei' Jp ,n. Per",?,vI'f;J 3*" 3* 3*a 3* 3 * 3'9 r lavm k Providence Rail'd ? a108* 108 aiog '.06 al08 I *.xh & Trana. Co 103 a? 10/ a103 102 a 10.1 ' leJftA ""''"n Railroad. 5l*a 52 53 a 52* 52 a 52* 'c8*4l SHimactady Rail'd 113 *113*113 al14 114 a ? " ^ctise & Utiea Railroad. 110**111 111 at IS 112*al14 'bum k Syraruae Kailr'd, 101 nl03 103 aI05 102 a!05 ? nrti k Rncheater R. 11., 100 a? 100 alOfl* KO alOO* , ?Ung Railroad. #2X4 63 r,2*a ? 6l*a ? L I* ware k Hiidmii Canal, ? a ? K0 a ? ? a ? I '"'.on Railroad Honda, 73 a ? 71Va 73* 74 a 74 V I Rcadint Railroad Mtg Bd?? 73,** 73* 73** 73* 73 a 73* I It will he terceive.l that there haa Keen but very little I alteration in the above quotations ; during the paat two ft Week*, the transactions have been limited, and the k slight chances made in price* have been rnther down |?jra. uovernmont securities have lalien oil in annotation of another large loan being required immedia tely. >t is hardly probable that another direct loan will be made Tcry soon. It would be found impossible to make another loan at par, and Congress will hardly consent to one being raised below that rata. The only alternative Is an issue of Treasury notes, and Congress will soon be compelled to pass a law giving the Secretary of the easttry unlimited power to iscuo those promi-es to i>ay, hearing an interest at tho rate of six per cent per annum. A law will havo to be paased permitting the funding of these notes into a twenty years' stock, at any time the holders may wish. These Treasury notes could be disposed of to any ex- , tent, in making payments on account of the govern ment, no matter what may be the depreciation, as the charges made for supplies, ice. See., furnished the gov IB eminent, would be made according to the market value P of the paper taken in payment, and in thia way tho issue ! could bo made at par. The only difficulty about thia at rangenmnt would bo the exorbitant pricea the govern1 ment would he compelled to pay, for any thing neceaaary to carry on the war, and the additional expense auch a .'ate of things would incur. There are speculators V enough now preying upon the government, and any I increase rhould be nvoidod as much as possible; but if tho Secretary of the Treasury cannot pay in a K cuircncy equal to gold and silver, he must mako up his V Mia 1 to be pretty well fleecod by these harpies. * The messages of the Governor's of thoso States, the Wialaturea of which have convened, have gives the usual details of the public debt and condition of the State i finances. These statements give the gratifying intelli- j gence that rapid progress has'.been made within the past . L year in liquidating the floating or damestic debts, sad in | placing the finances upon a better basis The debts of Illinois and Indiana, have been partially provided far, that is, the people have been relieved of a large portion of the dobt, and the revenues of each state i from taxation, will be applied towards pay iog the interest on the debt still unprovided for. The resources cf these 1 St'tcs are increasing so rapidly, that a very few years will mffice to place them in the front rank among the sol- | vents, and the productiveness of their public works, will in a short time, be sufficient to relieve tho people from a great deal of the weight of taxation. The Governor of Maryland, in his message to the la gisleture of that State, dwolls upon the ability of tha State Id resume the payment of interest on the public debt tnd u:gcs an immediate resumption. It appears by the fiessage, that during tho year ending December 1st j 1848. tho Treasurer nai<! fin aeeAitnt *toe* n*a v. >??? ? ? I I bring less than one year's interest, by the sum of $3?(V tol. Kor the year ending 1st December, 1940, tho Ires, j uter raid for interest on tho public debt, the sum of $710,784, being more than one year's interest by the sum 1 01 $00,393. Kor the year ending 1st December, 1649, the Treasurer paid, on account oi interest, $73'1,'389, being '>78,868 more than the accruing interest for the year. Supposing that the legislature will decide to lunil the jrfears of interest to the 1st October next, exclusive of iQg interest ef that quarter, the sum thus to tie lunded w4iljp $1,677,063. The determination to fund a ill invalve the repeal of the laws authorising the payment of tax** in Ooupons. If this repeal should take eflect from 44e 1st July next, it is estimated that tho amount to be funded will net exceed $1,200,060. 9t' The current demands upon the Treasury will be Ordinary expenses $300,000 Interest on public debt, 061831 Making the present annual demand $861,831 To which must be added the interest on the funded ar rears of interest ($1,300 000} at such rate as the legislature may Jeem honorable and just. On the 1st December, 1846, the Treasurer, after psying the ordinary expenses ol government, and also $66 363 inoro than the interest which had accrued for the same period, had a surplus of $199,413. For the year ending 1st December, 1846, the Treasurer, after paying the rdlnary expenses, paid $79 698 moro than the current in- * torest on the public debt for that year, and has a surplus j In the Treasury of $147,013. The receipts of the past year were ? Cr... .41 ? $>6M,049 From other aourcea 394,7o3 ^^B Making the aggregate receipt* $917,7.,.! . The now aaaeaament for the city of Baltimore will pre?,\nt ?n aggregato of *,80,000,030, and will add '13,171,784 to the aase*aiuent ou which the direct tax now operate*, and will incroaie the revenue from that aource The meaaage aay* that increaaed revenue may be ra* ^B lied ' nfrom the tax on the commiiaion* of truiteei, exec- ' vtor*, Sic , and alao from tha stamp tax on loltary ticket*, i Old Stuck Biehang*, ^^Bp $ ,004 U S fii, 18',2 101 100 ih* Reading R R rJO 621{ ^^B vino dn WtO lul 326 do (]i. ^^B 000 do HM MX 2110 do 42*. wo U Si*. 1963 01,'4 I .ill Harlem K It 111', V,, Oniu 60 do bin 60', won Kentnek] 4a 100 100 dn iln -a) ^B 7064 Ind Dul Bda. 26 y* 3IX 110 do hlO 60 ^^P 1004 llliuo * 4?, 1070 IS 60 do bl6 60 3100 Venn 6a 40 104 do rnah 49', ^B* 000 Heading R R 7|',; 400 do *14 t*M JO aha Oel Si Hud bin, 64 200 do 49jJ I \ 60 Karm Tr slw 23>? J Nor k Wm R R It I \ 7 Canton Co Dj 104 do b60 no, K 190 do 1,30 Hit It do a39 49 W" 26 do alO 200 do 49* I' 196 do r>J 8# do blO 49?i I too dn hio 211 10 Erie K R (old) 60 I 76 Lout lal U R 24Vf 17 do 60,'i ka 79 Jo 94X 10 do (new) 79X B 64 Maeou B It b]0 61 ^Ba Haoend Bnartl, ~ aha Harlem R R 90d SO 60 aha Harlem R R 1,10*49", ; B ' 4?s 40 dn all) 4?H ^^^^B 49% 100 do al59h9>2 . ^^^^B do 4flK 61 do aM4tX 1 10 491. 100 Nor tc Wor 1,3 41 Ho 49S 60jCautoo Co l,30p?x Hew Stock Klctianm*. B B '1" < fc-ip h'/0 IMakatKI? " " I' ft? '* "io h1 \? l' c"?h'? '^Nor &w>" " ? 41 i* ^ (io n5 4H (1) ) nnwZrf. 1>5 do " JJ I do ' ralh 4?* 3*i '!" ,, c,,h 4"M ! Br S ~ V.,v 2 "' Monday 41 ' B " S to *"' . '"{4 dl do il() .07^ C(0 * I ? >* to da uw 41 j I I \ I \ I 1 Married, I At New Orient*, Deo. Oth, 1840, by the Rae. Rud I KorndorfTer, Mr. Cha?. B Th?mrren, of Portland, Me , | to Mira C'h\*lottk Soi-hia \Vilh?i.mii?a, daughter ot , Friz Luhieni, a native of Pattensen, Grand Dukedom of B*dcn. 'J On Tueiday evening, Dec 29, by the Rer. Dr. Gardiner Spring. Mr. John J. IIolliitke, to Mae*, daughter of the late Capttin Frederick Aihby. Died. Suddenly, on Thurtday morning, J let inst., Am L, 1 eldeit daughter of John tValkor, Knj, of Ilolliday*burgh, Pa., wife of Jemei W. RoberUon, of thii city. The relatives end friend* of the family are respectfully requested to attend her funeral on Saturday, Jan 2, at 2 P. M , from No. 02 Woo*tar itraot, without furthar invitation. P. 8 ?Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Hollidayaburgh paper* please copy. On the 31 at inat, Rebecca Le ton, wife of Henry M?rtroie Graham. aua lunuui ui >a? mniuy are invuea 10 aueua iter Mill on Hutunlay alteriicHju. ut 31. oVlork, without further invitation, from her late residence, No. l.W Laurent street. Ou Thursday evening, 31st Dec., Rokkbt Howard Wallack, ion of John and Letitia Wallace, uged 1 year and tf months. His friends aud acquaintances, and thoso of the family, are respectfully invited to attend his iuneral, from 26 Mott street, on Saturday, Jan. tl, at 11 o'clock. MAYOR'S OmOfc, ) Dec 31,18tt. j AC till)?The Mnyor will be happy to ?ee ins friends and fellow citizens generally ou tin first day of January, a', the Mayor's OtJice, City Mall, between the hoars of 11 and I o'clock. JACOB HAMSAY, jl lt*r 1st Marshal TO THE PUBLIC. TH F. New Constitution of thit State having abolished Inspectorship* as Public Offices, with the design that inspections ball heieaftrr be couducted aa private bu'iness, the undersigned, the Inspector ol Flour lor the City of New Voile, and bit naaiatanta at the lime when line provision will take effect, have agreed to continue the businera. Conscious that the success of the undertaking innit entirely depend upon the credit sttached hi the inspection, ihcr ate drtermtued to omit no efTort to maintain its .present high chr racter. The whole utility of an inspection consists in its adherence to no ujifopn standard, with reference to which buyers and rllers may deal witli a certaiu knowledge of the qualities of the article To ensure that nuifnruiitv of standaid, skill in judging of the. qualities ; impa tiahty briweeu buyers and sellers, aim uuilormity in the application of one rule or teat to the vationt lets?ore indispensable. Theskill with whit h the busme-s will be conducted by the undersigned ia guarantied from the experience of nil ol them for the last lour \ ears, and some of them for n much longer period. For their unp ir tiali'y between the parties inteicsted, they i ll'er the |> edge of their former conduct, and the strong conviction, that it u only hv firm, independent and just decisions that ihe 'eputatiou of the inspection rau be maintained; and only through lie comniou interest and.common benefit of buyers and sellers, thua promoted, that the business can be prosperous. the uniformity of the inspection is secured by the fact, tint the uiideiaigiird have for the four yenrs past associated in the bnaiuean?that their standard is established and well known?that they have formed their organization to continue the inspections, as far aa the public is concerned, the same as it has heretofore been, with the same unity ol actiun and uniformity of decision They flitter themselves that their brand, which will be the s -me aa used lor the last lour years, will retain s perfect rbnracter and a uniformity which cannot be acquirvd by different persons inspecting independent!- of eacn other, whli out consultation or concert, without a single standard, without established and well known modes of businesa. The public has. in past expcieuce, a guaranty ihat the inspection, under the proposed arrangement, will fulfil every just expectation. In December, IS|3. when the undersigned had beeu less than a year in the inspection, the compulsory provisions of the law were repealed, and individuals left to decide for themrolrei whether they would have their tlour inspected ? It was in verthele s determined by the undersigned, at all ha zards, to keep up the standard at least as high as it had formerly been,and to maintain the efficiency of the inspection. During the first season Urge quantities ol tlour, ol inferior qnnlity and ol lignt weight, csiiie into this market; and not being able to pass the inspection, were sold without. Hnt the resnltrc adherence in a high standard, although it excited lor a tune some dissatisfaction, has ultimately proved so beneficial to all parties interested, that recently even under the voluntary system very little his beeu ai-ld without inspection. The character of the inspection has been elevated, and the quality- of the llour coming to this market has beeu iui. proved. A system winch has been so beneficial, both to buyer and seller, will be adhered to perseveringly. All the regulations heretofore existing, as far aa the public is concerned, will be contiuurd. The brand ol the inspection will remain "H. EVE8SON, NEW YOKK," which will be placed on the eide sf the barrel, and (he brauda of the kinds and qualities us hereto<ore. The price of inspectioa will continue to be one cent per barrel,and that of weighing reduced to three cents per barrel, when louuil to be light. The weight, as well aa the quality, will be rigidly inspected, and none found light will be branded Arrangements havosbeen made to do the businesa promptly The ptincipal olliee of the inspection will continue at 15 South street, coiner of Broad. Slates will be kept at the following placet, for orders to be executed in their vicinity 83 Dey st; Front at; 2-1 Coentiet slipj corner of Wall and Bouthsts. HKmiY hiVKSSUN, c P. TAPPAN, JOHN MARSHALL. THOMAS HADDEN, DANIEL BRINKERHOOF. BENJAMIN EVESSON, A.M. SWEET. New York, Dee. 21, 1846. jl 3tis k 3tos?re NOTICE. THE SUBSCRIBERS have thii day aisoeiatrd them-el vet under ilie firm of JOHN O WOODRUFF k Co., for the transa< ting of a Commiaainn and b oj-wardiug Buaineaa, in the cityofNew Orleaua.La. JAMES E. WOODRUFF, ? , . JOHN O WOODRUFF. New York, January 1,1847. NOTICE?The anbaeribera have tbia day aaaoeiated themtelvei under the firm of JAMES E. WOODRUFF k Co., lor the transacting of a Commission and Forwarding business in the city of St. Louis, Mo. JAMES E. WOODRUFF, MARCUS P. WOODRUFF. New V ork, January 1, 1M7. jl lmr CHARLES SAUOKY having taken Mr. J. P. Barre into copartnership, the Brokerage business will be carried oa under the firm ot Sngorv k Barre. CHARLES SAOORY, J. P. BARRE. I.VI., i. iMi_. Jl IW'IC ("1 OSLINO'S American and French Dining Saloou will b * opeu to-day from 7 A. M. till 7 P. M. ATI the delicacies of ilie season, comprising upwards < ItiO dislits, will be served up. L. UOSLINU, Proprietor, ftl St fi< Nassau St., between Maiden Lane J l lt?r and John st. _______ THOSK who wish to acquire a rapid knowledge of cutting all ilia various styles of garments worn at the present time aie advised to obtain a copy of Stinemetrs' celebrated work on the subject, which conta us al the information thai cau bo desired. It has already met with the most unprecedented sale, and is used generally by the trade throughout the Union, and is war anted to give eutiie satisfaction to sit who adopt Its principles. I'nec per copy, from S8 to $10 according to the binding. Also, single or sets of patterns ol the various styles of garments, cut to order by W. H. STINHMKTTS. jl eodlm'r No. 113 Urradway, New lrork. A CARD. A MALICIOUS and unfounded complaint having beeu made to the Police against the subscribers, by Messrs. Warts and Pearson, and Andrew C. Morris, tbe. public are requested to suspend any opinion, until the result of a legal investigation. The whole tnstter has already been tried br via ? riimiH jury, consisting ol tome ol ihe h r*t merchants ml man of business in this city, which resulted in a noanimoui verdict in our fay .r, and we reler to ihe certificate of the counael fine <M < <1 in that trinl. New York, Dec. 31, 1H8, THOMAS DUSENBURY, HENRY A. AULD, JAMES W. I It WIN. At the trial before the SheriIT* Jury of the claim of property in the caie of Mr. Thomaa Dnsenbury, the whole subject of the claim of Metari. Worta and Pearson and Andrew C. Morris, was investigated, and lha cute reaulled in an unanimous verdict in favor of Mr. Dusenbury. C. W. S AN FORD. jal Ifr JOHN W. f|R-HO,\. NOTJGf. THE copartnership between Edward K. f ollina. Jamea E. Wood mi If, and Joint O WoodiufT, under the linn ?f r.l waid K. i ollina St. Co., eapirel thia day, by limitation. E. K. Col'ina will coutinue huaineaa in New York, on i n own account ; Jainea K. Woodruff, in St. Louis, aud Jolili 0. WoodiufT, in New Orleans. EDWARl) K COLLINS, r New York, Jan. 1,1117. jl C-i'KEKN VVHH hA VINOS BANK, corner of ClhAvwMM k and Fourth street, will he opened on Saturday and Monday evening neit. front 5 to 7)g o'clock, to receive depaaiies, . the interest ol which will commence from lac January, 1817. 1 jal 4l*rc 1 T. BROWN, ~ i STONE SEAL ENORAVER 4t HERALD PAINTER, '233 BROADWAY, opposite the Park?Coats of Anna, v/?pn?rs, ?c. engraved on stone or braas.? | tail ri Srila, Signet Kings, Pencil Curt, Kev* ke. engraved witb arm* or any dev ice. Diamond*, Amethyata, Topnzr*, Sir. bought in the rough or cut lo any form. Coata of Anna ' found and iminicd in ruy style, $2 and upward), and for- 1 warded to any part of the Doited State* or Canada. Bnnkt of Heraldry kept with upwa-da of WO.OflO name*. J1 lt*rc N. Y. LEGAL. WttcEuVliK FuK JANUARY. NO. I, VOL. 4.?C?uta na ?The laid I hief Justice Kin 1 til?Kent mint of Trade? Assignment in Kraud of Cm duorn?Criminal Law?Repjrt* U. 8. District Conrt? V. C. (landlord'* Comt (the mock Auction C.i?e|?V. I . Robeitaon'* Court?Ueciaion* Court Common I'lraa, October and November Term*?English Cases?K.<|oitv Conrta? ({item's Bench?Privy Council?Cammoa I'leaa, lie., tic. I nbiiih- I ed at 41 Aon atraet, monthly, $:ia in advance. _.inl 3t?rn SAMUEL OW? N. Kditor _ THE NKW YOtfK SOCIETY LlbKAKY ? | ADDITIONS in IMS?Late Krench Book* ready for deli- | very ? There hare bean added to the Library dicing the paat year, one thousand fire hundred and ihirt)-twe volume*, consisting of the best boon* puhiuhcd in tin* coontry during that period, with a iclection of K.ngliah Literature, and five ! hund'rd volumes of Btsudnrd Kreuch Book?, iudi*)>tu*HLIe i to a Public Library. Vnlpy ' Latin Classics. in 141 volumes, hare just be-n purchased, and Le> Auuales de Chemie, u ioo volum-s, rti.h other leading work* iu science, are expected daily per Havre 1 packet. The moat important foreign and Americen Jonrtiala rlrn , tor the Hiiiliiin II-? * k 1? 1 lor reference compiitn. B"Un" &n" r*"d" the 6I" 1 he Member. are reapectfully informed Hint the |.r? im. P!?r'?iim of French Book, will he rely , dj| Vrrr on J hnradiy moraine. Slat mat, at <> o'clock ' By order of the Library Committee. JJJ PHILIP J. FOKBKS. Librarian. I , auiNDAY I'ORCJUFIN b. 0Nfi^rBte7!nh'.?tef PTor. d.roted to L11 era tt. re. Toll tic., an d all 'tha d? i J ! incut, of lile. It will be independent in nil tblnt, 1" Io" r 7 wV('L.V ? En,lae,,t /* ??? A "1"! lean ; ! Blah'oP Onderdoi^'a^if.V:.7r?Iih^V""V-The Kt. Her! ^WSfl^.ftsH?E3ra?i NKW8BOY8 "r-ifZ 1 J?'_JI? W Anmtr??(.(n|i .mr ) W.^,,,, . TO TAILORS. ~ _ T j?A t?k? chtrgc of th? work loinilt (?n? mint h?-Jii r*c#l.r* ^ork) in ? lirgn Clothing Home He e2"*l?'*4 w?h thi. brunch w/of etiV. ,nd Ml A tf00dT wi" ?? pIuXZ'X | to u'rPlfJcSfcr!TAYLfVfcr'o"V'?n m "t Applv I IhiUdrIphii. ,LU* '*(-0 "u w? Mnrkntilrcet, a)] It't jd gbz I .i. . . JM. accviui RimcM. H. DUCLUZKAU.Auetioneer FANCY" FU1U4. MUFFS, 8LEIOH BOBE9, ke.-Tuttlelk Dueluza I will aril on Saturday, at It o'clock, at tlia coroer ol' Broadway and Wluta atirat, (lie moateiegaut alock ol Hue Fuia, Sleigh ltooca, tic., offered at auction Una aeaaou, the whole of new manufacture and warranted. Ladieaaie invited to call and taatuine the alock until time of aale, winch will be perrm. tory for caah. jl3t?r W (*, Auctioneer. TO be aold at public au'ttou, ou Uie premiaea, a Hoove and Two J.ota. between 41at end 43d atreeta, 4th avenue, ou the 6th day of January, 1147. at 10 o'clock. A. M., (if not diapoaed of previonaly at private aale) Terma. 30 per cent at tune of purchaae, and the balance iu 10 daya after, when full warrantee deedu will be given. For further purticalara, apply to Harria Wiltou, Kaq., 77 Murray atrect. Terma eaay dl3to JyO'rh 'l'Htfi UOJLIUAYH. HEAUT1FUL NEW GOODS - ; HAVlNOjuat received a case of aplendil <?i!t Uooda, via: Work Caaaa, with mirrora, and bam'iful fnturei, Watch, > Ink, Card and ttegar Htanda, Card Keceiver. Card (Jaaea, and a large iuL <ii raui, 01 new style and liuisli, aud a good variety I of ?m*iI articles. tie. He., for preseuu. Elegant shell Combs. The goods are urw and will be sold low. A call will be ilianklully received at the sire of the Uold en Comb, 3?3K Broadway Z. M. QUI MB Y. <1211 i< ead*'h TO WATCH DEALERS. AGENT'S UP STAIRS PRICES. A COMPLETE Aasorimeut ol English Lever movements; plain, gold Valance, rotchet work, jewelled Ike. Itc. Ike. Lever movements with seconds, Ike., $9)0; silver lever watches, $1). Also. " Brevity's" genuine Li vrrpool riiovrmriits. plain and jewelled, at very low pricesA splendid lot of flue gothie tra trays at $4 per set, line Ivor. Utile cutlery, violin strings, perspectives, He He. JOHN A. NEWBOULD, <128 3teod is*rc ii loin street (up stairs I JAMESWcOi~CU^ No 359 Brixulnnu OFFER FOH HOLIDAY PRESENTS. At Reduced P< ic.te. SILKs * SATINS. VELVETS AND MICH EM*ROIDKKED SILK DRESSES BROCADE.-* OF THE MOST SPLENDID DESCRIPTIONS. HEAL PARIS WATERED SILKS OF THE MOST SPLENDID QUALITY AND COLORS. Silk Dames Moire Silk Jrndiniere " Jifricaint. " Mayarka. " Jilgrrinnt " Odaluyui. " Duma* Blanc " Hcaitui Morie " Damns Hayitrr. " Plain Pan it Soie. ' Pekin 'hi'iot. " Jilk Watr'd yard wide. " Pekin Moire. " Plain Black and Whitt i " Mourning Silkt. Changeable. " d'Jtmanir MuUSLIN UK LAINE8.CA8HMKRES. CASHMERE D'ECOSBK AND SCOTCH PLAIDS, VERY CHEAP. ALSO-UINOHAM-A, FRENCH CALICOES. PANAMA PLAIDS, SHAW LB, SCARFS. HANDKERCHIEFS, EMBROIDERIES. he. fce. d2ltJli?rrc ? THE BEST OPPORTUNITV FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS! GUION'8 BAZAAR, 173 Broadway, corner of Courtlandt street, THE I'ROPRl ETOR of thi? old and favorite establishment having concluded to close his stock ol rich and costly Fancy Oomls at re ail by private sale, it will be sold without regard to the cost prices, and will give a better opportunity for selection, and at lower pricrs, than any sale by auction.? The stock, in many articles is not equaled in this countiy? the importations for this season having been nuusnally large of the newest and best selected goods, and never been equaled iu former years for taste or fineness. Pure silver and silver gilt mounted Dressing Oases, less than the price of manufacturing in Paris. To those who would wish to procure an article of the kinp. no such opportunity will soon occur. Klegaut dress Kara, Work Boxes, Pore-lain Ware, Wririnc Desks, Reticules, Purses, Card l-ases. Parasols, Kidiog Whips, Envelopes, Note Pacer, AueU Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, and articles impossible to particularize, comprising the enti?e?*ock of the oldest aud most fashiouable establishments in Broadway. OUION'8.173 Broadway, Corner of Courtlandt street, opposite d20to ianlis'r Howard's Hotel. ~ NOVELTIES. TIFFANY, YOl/'NO k ELLIS, respectfully anuouuee thattjieir novelties for the holidays are now o|ien, and ready for inspection and sale at 249 and 280 Broadway, dll t Itis rc 1H H'Qi; liTH'KOR NEW"YEAR'S DAY. siu| SUCH gentlemen as intend favoring tha subscribers tfSSwith their orders for Bouquets on New Year's Usy, will . Jhwplease entertheir names as early at possible to prevent d sappointment, as was ihe esse with many list year. The prices are Irnm $2 to $10 each; Si to till a fincy basket, or with extra choice flowers f 10. They have a great variety of rare exotics now in a course of forcing for the approaching season, viz: Camellias jspnnica, many sorts; daphne odora, ?i.. iv...-...- .... i?i:-- -l-i? ? - ? ...? .............. mci wiriMio, tiuick, una many ntrier rare aud fragrant flowers. 1 he Bouquets will be made liberal Tor Hie price, and arranged with the beat laate, in either Parisian or London style. Also, Hyacinths and other bulbs, just coming into flower, both in fancy and common itlasaea, or in pote; and a lew dozen puta ol delicately scented I'eraiau Cyclamens, in bloom. A lew bue Canaries iu lull snug, and a variety or l'aucy Cages?very appropriate for new year's presents, than which nothing can be more acceptable. ? J AS. M. THOBBURN & CO., d*l ?tia*r IS John street and 465 Broadway. JOHNSON'S BIRD STOKfc, No. 280 Broadway, 2d door from Stewart's. LONU BREEii CANARIES.?In addition to my i/jRC; l*e.,to.ttk, 1 have purchased two more lota, very line, yJRy which 1 would like the public to call and see. Bird 73J?cages 111 great variety, bird teeda. *e. The public is invited to heir them sing in the eveuing till 9 P.M.. fcv W. 8. JOHNSON, 230 Broadway. d31 3t*re 2d doer from Stewart's. MUSIC ' THE ONLY TRUE BONO. cy Aiii/HY UltlKVK, the real caterer of Outer And i/jmjt ringing Birda, hat now on hand and prepared to offer the beat (election yet offered to an American public. "* 1 Selected without regard to price from erery quarter of the Ulnbe. Amougit the following will be found the 1 moat choice deicription of fancy long and varied Canary I Uirda, matched and prepared to be put up for hatching, (with breeding cage* made cxprettly after hii own deaign ) Alto, : Kugtiah. French, German, African. South American, Chinote, and Domeatic. Together with the moat choice del aeription of barn door Fnwla, Dorlca, Oeeae, Englith and Norway Swana, ailver and golden Fheaaauta, and NewlonndI land, King Charlea Spaniela, French and Spamth I'oodlea Italian Grey Hnouda, and every other apeaiea of rare and ' fancy Doga ; Bird Cagca of every vai iety. Alao. Archy'a 1 Treatiae of the managemeut of the varioua deacriptiona of Birda, tie. tic. N. B F.rr ry variety of Bird Seeda. Cagea. ke. I*. 8. Lettera, pott paid, will at all timet meet with prompt attention from A. OM1EVE, No.6 John street, New York. YOUNG GENTLEMEN,, I Look out for your Chriatmaa I'reaeuta. Arehy will be remembered alien the candy and the cakrt are forgotten. Boqueta put up by hia owu hand, m hit utual atyle, at abort no tice. di3 tf rrc. 1 fhUNKEr * PAHDKtSSUH, l _ NO. 12iH FULTON STREET. r? exrrlleuc h*t at $3 00 and only charge $3 39 for JAfhrir fr'lR* r Olfil IT* VIai w ar w a fc..--.. LI N B.?PLUNKfc'IT k PAKDKBbUd warrant thnr firat quality liata to be equal,a( the very leait, to th'>>e of aiiy other ; eatabliihmeut, iui t aaaure the public hat it would be utterly imiiOHible to cell etcH a* article el i lowkk pore than 3^50 . 29 Im'in A PUBLIC M KEYING ef the eitizena of Mew York 11 inrued at the Tabernacle, for Monday evening iieit, M 7>? o'clock, in order to ronidrr of the proposed from L kr Michigan to the Pacific?ai p-opcaed v Mr. Whitney Hia Houo1 the Mayor baa couaei.u a t > lake the chair, and the uudtraitned invite the attendance oftlielr fellow ntizena generally ou ao interrating an occiaiou. Mr. Whitney will be preaeutaod addreaa the aiertingJrmeaG, King, Joseph Blunt, James Brown, K. W. Hu.lion, 1). P. Ogde.i, Geo. W Uluut, htirparo Kuapp, A. Divia, H. Withers, I) D.Miilmui, II. Kett.hum. Wm. Hiiliinau, Ktei hen Whitney, 8. B Huaglea, J P. I'ho'nii, Jamea M'< nllongh, D. 8 Kennedy, Paul Bp. fiord, I) l.e vitl, Pnneon l)r?per. C. W. Lawreuce, Wm, I hambeilain, I J B Je vi>, John M'Keon, John J. Palmer. B. K. Butler, George Newb Id, Jamea T. Brady, '1 lioinaa Tilee ou, Tbo?. I.Townaeud, K. K.l'urdy, M. Van be inick, H H..Moris, J it.L'Hoy, Mosea Taylor, r.hailea King, W b. Havemeyer, Townaend Harris, Jan ea Harper, it. M. Blatchfjrd, J imea Ley, Matihe Maury, Wm.' . Bryant, J. Wataon Webu, P. M. Wettnore, Henry J. Hayinoud, 'I heoders eedgwick, Win G King, Aaron Vanderpocl, Wm U. Townaend, J, I Co.lili. gion, John Inm n, Wm. C. Bouck, K'fder'ck Ilndaon, hlisha It nigs, M Y. Be ch St -oaa, Mosea Lrupp, Horace Greeley, And ew Kn?ter, Wm. H. Diuamore. Unaper < liilds, tl3Ht*r CLARKE'S SACKS. No. 116 WILLIAM 8THKP.T, (Oppoaite the New Buildings ) H/TYBAUK OVKHCllATd i..V. m.r -..n ?i ? 1V1. probation. I rut them ill sneh a manner aa to set of^a hail lignie to tl e best adva tage. and to improve a good one. t have a large assortment on hand, which mutt be sold by the I at of January. Thoie I now have are of liner quality anil more liantltomrly mad- and trimmed than ever, while I am selling them at a reduced price, varying from $10 to $17. It la seldom no opportunity oecura lor baying auch eicrllent garments at an low a price, therefore call early. K.vtry gatin-tit in tlie trade made to order, aa uaual, at low price*. I*) 4tia*rc WORSTED COM BE Its WANTED. WEN TV-KIVK or thirty men wanted, who undrrataiiil 1 combinit hue wool. None need aPl'lv except llioae who uuderatoiid the business. To auch, liberal wagra will be given. Apply at the mill at Cohoee, V V., or at No 75 fine atrcet, New k ink city, A gmal of the CobOM Worsted Co. bk* Yona, Dec. 30th, 1U4. <1:11 3t * r PRIME OLD IH1.SII WHISKEY. T'HE subscriber offera for ante Wiae'e c-lebiated old Cork Whiakey, 1th proof, in puncheons, under cuatoin linuae lock. He alao offera the aatne article at hu atore in qaautit,ea ao anit pmchaiera. Together with a well-aaaorted atock of IItuc-iiea. UAMBu NOONAN, dJl 4t?rre 52 Greeiiwieli street. NATIONAL LOAN KUNU Lite Assumuce Society o London?"A Strings Bank for the Widow and the Orphan." Capital, ?500,000sterling, or ?2,500,000 (i itron khi;n ar act or parliament ) 2 Vict? Hoyal assent. 27th July, IBM. Unitko States board or Local Dmn Ton?-(Olfiee 74 Wall street.)?New York?Jacob Harvey, Esq, Chairm-iu ; Joliu J. Palmer, E?q., Jonathan Ooodhtie, Esq . James Boorman, Esq.. ueorgc Barclay, Ean.. Hamnel S. Rowland, Esq., (lor ham A. Worth, Kaq .Hamuel M Ko?, Esq., C. EdwarJ Habit-lit, Esq , William Vau Hook, Kaq. I luledelphia?Clement (j. Hiddle, Kaq., Loins A. Godey, Kaq .George Rex Graham, Esq . William Joues, Kaq. Naltimo-e?Jonathan Meredith, Kaq., Simuel Hodman, Kaq., Ur J. H. MeCulloh. J. I c inder Starr. General Agent, and Edward T. Richaid ?u, Kaq , General Accauctanr, lor the United States and the British N. A. Colouiea. Mr dical Examiners, New York?J Kearney Rodgers, M. D., lie lllrer-kor at ; Alcaander K. Hoaack, M. D., 101 Kranklin at ; H. 8 Kcelie. M D ,290 Kourth street Bankers?The Merchants' Bank. Neav Yo*U. It'iiding CounM^Williiiiit Van Hook, ??n Wall atJooa.

Meredith, r.n<\ B-tltirnm *. Solicitor?John Hone, Kiq. II Pine atfect. Medical Kxafninera attend at the Chiel Office, 71 Wall at and ?el?4 Bowery, all o'ejock, P. M.. >l,ily Pro.peetiue., r*te?, blanklormt, kr. Ice,, furnt.hed gr -ti. on application at the above office., or at the office of cither t.f the Society', ageuu i* the I'mted H'ate., (?ee pamphlet.,) or Briti.h N. AmerKtin Colonic. Fee to Medical Knmiaerptid by the JJSIISSAF~> ? - - AiriMKita. TABERNACLE. THE FAREiVELL CONCERT, Prior to hit dri'Hitnrf for Havana, unl thence for Eu rope, of HENRY HERZ, WILL. TAXK P LAC lb ON THURSD.1 V F.VEXIXO, J.1.VU.1R Y 7. 1847. 1 Htt has much hlrature to Announce itLAt he hat succeeded in rlftcticg nu engagement with the following members ol the ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY: Bignora ITOTILDfc BAillLI. Siguor ANTONIO HAN (il l RICO, Siguor r. BKNKVKNTANO, Siguor 8. BENfcUKTll, AaalSTKD nv POWERFUL CHORUS, Who will siug sel-cious from the best operns of Hoisini, Dsniiiatti, Br c ?! Htnci, and lh? celebrated Vkadi. HEN HI llfciHZ wPI < * lije fantasias ou Scmihamis, Punttani. Lt i i a :ii Ummi n.doon, kc. WJ- r urtner particulars en mi wneu tne arrangements are Completed^ _ T'HE I liiiil Anou il i.-.Mvil.jl i .e Un>okl> u Troti-tan t Becevolc i( Society, - ill be held at the Gothic Hal1, Adams street. Brnuk'yn, onTaeids* evening. January 3th, IS 17. Meinberi, "lid the 'rteuda cf the-society, will please i apply for tic be'! to GEORGE JKMESON, 181 Pulton St., Brooklyn. bAVIUEL WALTERS. T-linun si.. Brooklyn. ALEXANDER i.AMPllKLc., 8'iid ?t.. do. HI' HARD WALSH. 49 Fa I tou St., New York. THOMAS FERGuBON. Hold ?t . New York. d3l iin're Commifee of Arrancenenle. MKDlt.AL NO I'll.E? I'K FITCH'S Lectures on the prevention end cine of lomuiiipiion, Asthma. and die- . 1 eases of the Heart, aid those diseases (hat lead to llielil, and I ou the art of Prolonging Lile to tut) years, 28 engravings, 321 I paves 30 and 73 cents. Burgess, Stringer Ik Co. 212 Broad- 1 way; Charles II Ring, 19! ttro<dw*y; Marrener. Lockwoo I A (.o., <39 Broadway, corner of (irand; T 8. Cr-iwen, 643 B-.adwav. DR. 8. N FITCH, d21 Vl&F6ti?*rrc 7II7 Broadway. SCANDINAVIA. I THIS society will hold its Second Annual Ball at the Minerva Rooms, 4W Broadway, on the 14th ot Janury. 1847 No pains will he spared to make this Scandinavian (east as entertaining and interesting at circumstances will permit. , The celebrated Lothian's Brass Bud will he in attendance. Doors will open at 7 o'clock, mid daucug will commence at 8 o'clock J'li k-ls at S2 each, to he had at A F Kindherg. 83 Arestsl ; N. P. Larsru. 32 Hector it ; Robinson, 4 Thames ! at; Dr reeqsjjseid Its Peart at; F Louieon, 28 New st ; or ! I from either of ihe Committee sit Arrangemriils, T. W. Mehl, 43 James St.; 11. J. Hansen. Fred. Schott, Ferd SchottaudP. : Hammer. il2?, 23. 27 J I, 3. 10, M*r j.lSfai IKBKKW . Hi: 11 (II11. KIIND BaLL. The : t'jEaJz Seven'h Annual Ball of (lie Hebrew School H'uad, Sid6<K will uihe |il*ee on Wednesday, the 8th o( January, at the ' ohteum, 410 Bsosdway. Tickets to be had at ' the following places A. S. Vau Praag, No 115 Chambers street; A. H Pakker, 189 Dtiaee strret ; Isidore Bernhard, 283 Orand street ; Kit Weill. 31 Liapniird sfeet ; Lyon Uiys, 5 D>visiou a'reet ; - I. L. Bach. 187 M union street ; Charles Newman, 188 Dunne stree'; Henry Ooidsimth, 71 Grand street; A 8 Snlomnia. 49 Maiden Lane il2t 10t*rh : CFuNTHEV1LLE COURSE, TROTTING, L I. J I A MATCH wilt coine i'ff over tha above Courae, ihis day I 41 January I, 1847 at 2 o'clock, P. M mile heats, best 3 in 1, in harness, for SIM), the owners to drive. i All J, a match, one mile against time. 1 e owner to drive. j JOEL CONKLLN, Proprietor. t'en'reyille. .Ian I. 11447 jl l'*rrc j jl UAV LINK TO BDSIU.N via Ne.W flZ3&Q?H.VVK\, SI'KI NGKIELD, AND THE 3C-HCELVVE8TK.HN RAILROAD.-On and after Monday. December 7th,by the splendid steamers TRAVELLER and iKW YORK, from Peek Slip, daily, (Sundays eacepted,) at 6){ A. M Cars will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat at New Haven, to lake passengers direct to Boston, arriving 01 7 P.M. Kare taken throngh 011 "oard the boat. New Vnrk. Dee. 4 1148 d'i Imisfh ^ _ KOK CHARLESTON, SC., HAVANA ' yftg. rtfasKW AND NEW ORLEANS?To sail on 8awtfi^aturdny, the 9th of January, si 10 o'clock, fill 1 r-arln \. M ?The new and elegant steamship NKW ORLEANS, of 1,000 tons burthen, .inlin l. w 11if c, commander, win sail at auove, auo atop at Charleston and Havana, by particular request of passengers. For freight or pest age, 'arm.; elegant tarnished nccuininodatioiia, va ith atate rooma, apply in (lie captain, on board, foot of 91 h itreet, East Hirer; or at T. K. Secor k t'o.'s foundry d27 U9*rh | FOR NEW ORLEANS, i LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. Jflv E?f& TO^H^tVERY T^^^\YS Klnp OSWKOO, Captain Johuaun. Ship HUDSON. Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain lugersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship 8AKTKLLK, Captain Taylor Bark GENESEE. Captain Miuot .. Bark JANE E. WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBHON, Captain Greig. The above ships are all id the fi st clan, of light draft of water, and commanded by the moa' experienced raprama in the trade. Their cabins are handsomely famished, and every 1 attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the pasaen, gers. Neither the captaina or owners of the above ships will be reponsible for jewelrv, bullion,precious stones, silver or plated i ware, or for any letters, parrels, or packages sent by, or rat ' on board of tliem, mile's regular hills of lading are taken for ! the aame, and the value therein expressed. For freight or Passage apply Ol board, at Otlenns wharf, i foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS 58 South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff, lit Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their addicts I "NEWSLINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Ji<! SAIL FROM NEW YORK THE 26lh.TTVHv TOOL THE llth OK EACH MO Ml HKUOM NEW YORK. Ship SHERIDAN. Ospt. < Ornish, January 25, ' OAKHICK. Trssk, February 26, " UOSCI US, " Kldritlge, March 1!6, " SIDUONS, " Cohh, April 2ti. VHo?t KIOEHPOOL, I " (?ARKU K. December 11. " KONt,IUH, January 11, " BIDbS+NS, February II, " "SHE RID AM, March 11. These ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 teus, built in this city, with such improvement* as combine great | speed, with uansual comfort for passengers The price of passage hence is t?*, for which smple stores will be provided. These ships are coininauded by experienced masters, who will make every exer'ion to give general satisfaction. Nether the Captain or owners of these ships will be responsible lor aav letters, pircels or packages sent ' ; by them, unless regular bills of lading are sigoea tberefi r. For freight or pi-sisge apply to, E. *. <:r?LLlN8. W South street. J at IIIKIWN, SHIPLEY St CO . Liverpool. Full LI VLHt'OOL?Regular I'ncRend XMli m- 1 wf*efy slant?The ele.'ant packet ship SHLKIOAN, CspjMMBfatiiiii Cornish, will a il a*above, her rerular day.? For lieigli'. or pissage. having splendid furnished accommodations, pply 011 boaid, at < liletns wh tI. foot of Wall street, or to K K COLl INS. J6 Sou'h street. '1 he packet ship tiarrick, Captain Tratk. will succeed the Shetidan. and aad gfith February, her regular day. jsl | ,vEW OKLK \No?Louisiana and New igVfy York line?Regular packet of the I2lli inst.?The jWMfevery f?t sailing packe' slop SAR'I KLLE, Captain Tavlor wi'l sail a> aho* e her regular dav For freigbt or pasaige, having fnrnished accomtn?dat ions, apply on board at Oilcan* Wlia I foot ol Wall s reel, or to E. K. ' OLLIN?, y, South stieet. Positively no goods received after Monday evening, ilth Aye nt? i? New Orleans, John O Woodruff It Co , who will |;iotnply forward all soodi to tl rr order* The picket hark J K. WILLI I.MS will mcceed the RAHTKLLK, and <?il Mil ini? , her reygUr dir. jl 1 wJtetfL rOK rs L VV OKI K \NS?Louisiana and* .>ew wraV York line?first aud ouly regular packet. Tos.iil iHMbo'i or before let of January The fait an.line packet ship OSVV E(JO, Capt. Joiiuaton, will lail a? ahoye, her re,u11r uiv. I'ur lrri||lit or paaasRe, havuni aplendiil furnished ; aconnm dttioiia, apply on lio.ud, at <'Henna wharf, foot of i VVall atteet, or to K. R. COLLINS Ik CO. No .'i0 Ninth aireet. Positiyclv no freight reeeired on board after Thunday ere< niny, 31 at ioit. Stopper! will pirate aend in their billa I'diug , irfimedtately. Aarnl in New Orlrant, J ma* K. Woodruff, who will promuily lory*aril all foodi to hit addreaa. The pnckrt ship Nartellr will succeed the Oswego. nnd tail on the 12th of Jan. her regular dw. dll'ili f'oit london?Remlar Packet at a, 1m Jm* wlfVn,ry_T'"' f"' 'ailing and favorite packet alnp 8T. JBVmImi) AMKS. burthen iJtit) tout, Capt. Meyer, will aail positively a* about. 'ihe aecommiinaliona for cabin, aecond cabin and steernee p mjmitera, ai to comfort are not surpassed by iny Teasel in porti ier?otia intending to embark should mske immediate applicaiion on board, foot of Maide i Lane or to JOSKPH McMt HRAY, dll C t i,ruer ni Pine and South sti. 1 .dNC '' A i Ke.T H ) it VIA" 5 hi LL KtToT las J^T?. 1 fXfWVrv?The packet *hip NKBRA'-KA, Capt. Jninee HWefcWataon, ?ill he duipatched lur the above |>ort on the lOtli January. Kor fieiitht or paaaige apply ro CMAMIlEHI, AiN it rHKLW, III Kront atrert. or to BOYD ft. HIiNCKJfiN, <U? re Nn 9 Tneliie Bulilinw, J KOR LIVERPOOL?TM Now Line?Ro r"hr Packet of ?lat January.?The aupenor f??l I JKMUK>>ailiiiv packet alup "KICN OK TUB YVhST, | Cnpt nn Philip Woo.limine, l,Z.'<n timi, will aail aa above, her ; regular day. Kor freight or paaaage, having aplmdid, large and romforl blc ila'e rooma and cabin, apply to the captain on board, at writ pier Hurling alip. or to WOuDHULL k MINTURN. V Sooth it. Price of pvsaage $ ICO The new packet ship "CONSTITUTION.'' ICOO tooa burthen, Capt. John Britian. will nr.ceod the t^neru of the Wot, ami .il on her regular day. J I at February. dfl r ^rrtk" Putt LON OON l'a.KIH?liireet?To tail with rf.V.*Vdi?'>atch ?The hral claaa regular packet ahip MA (Mktb^faltlO.N, Cart. M Thumpaoo, will inii aa ak'iye. 1 he accommodation! for Cabin. 2d c thin, and ileirage paaiangera, are of arery ruperior rleecrlptioo, am! reonirea no comment Tltote deaironi of rmhirViog ahonld make immediate application on h mru, foot of Pine rlreet, or to JOSKl'H Mc MURRAY, ??Booth-it., Corner of Pioa. P. 9.?Peraona deeirona of lending for their frienda in that ecttoo of emfatry cau have them liro-.ight ant by the above vea**l on mnderita termt, by applying < above dl "[TAIilAN HKNLVOLENT SOCIETY. ' AT THB ANNUAL Meeting of the Memben of the Italian benevolent Society, f ir the r.leelion of ita Olficera , for the eoiuiug yea , (lie following gentlemen were duly elecled B. K. KORRK.9TI, Previrfeit. IJ. ALTRUCCHI, Vice Pte.tdent li. CKlSPAUORO. Treaaorer. I C KKi' It Kill). Serretagx. L ?. TAOLlABtlE, Y ' K. (IAHI H, I (J. B. COSTA, / Committer <1. OUIDICINI. K. MO.NTlVKKDF.. J (Signed.) CII \H FKItHKRO, Secretary. rt'B 1tu*/li GENTLEMEN, NC)1ICE 1'lilo" GKNTLKMILW. it need not be * aouree of trouble to you I *u v longer, to know where you can f? ?nd get your K'eck, I)?e?? or Oyer t oa'j end Panti, either c'raned, dyed, altered mid repaired at well e< tamed nad refurd with new .iff., i olUrt, Liuing*. Huttoui and trtrapa for little money 91 Murray, comer Wnahiiigton afreet 11 'lie place where you can net all you went doce tor the mailing Holiday*, without di?app,mnn?nl. f'leu, giro me a call or aeni! me a note, and t ou will be waited on at any tii-e I'ant* and Veet made for$l SB, Coat two 8; warrau rd to fit Ohe?ry* the nnin ber n 9) Murray atreet. A CORTISSMW. Cloih?? l>veil are warranted to keep their eolora. till lm?<? sh:,irlN(is AGENT'S REDUCED PRICES. FRKSH OOODS, rereiTed aincr the rednciioa of prieet in ' i.niland, nie now offered to wholesale dealer*, at the reduced 1 let ol pucea Piirr.haaera demriug e prime a-tirle, 1 a?A n a low Prtee, will cornel I their o we tatereet bj tnktn Agent a ?r tlair rricea befote purrhaamae'ie where JUIIN A NEWBOULD, d29 Jtccd me' is SS John atrtet, ep itui. 1 AMI'ltiURTa. I PAKlf THEATRE? Fiiday ?inw|. January 1?The performancea will comtatne* with the Indian 1 raf tdy of MLTAMO&A-Mctauiora, Mr Forreet. To be followed by a liraad D iTertiaemcut by 24 Daoeeiuea Vicuaoiaee in their aduiirad PAH UK 8'1'YjtlKN. To which Will be added (.he MARHIJLU HAKE-Mr Frederick Mighty, U B irint. To conclude with a celebrated Ballet I)i*er(ueroent entitled LKPA8UK8 MUI880NKUU8, a* the VVhenuheal Dance, by 48 Danaruat-a Vicuuotaea. 8ATURDAY~kvKNI.NO, The perfoimauce will commence with a (rand Diveruiemeutol I'as DfcS FLKUK8. Alia; which CHAOS 18 COME AOAIN?Col Cbaoa, Mi richer. I'o be followed by the aecond Ortnd Dirertiaemenl FAS HONUKOI8. by 21 Dauaeuaea V irnooieee. To which Will be -oded the FOUR SlaTEK3?Mr. Bean champ, Mr. Uyolt?Caroliue, Mia. Hunt. To conclude with the new Ballet Dirertuenient entitled LE PA8 0K8MUI88ONKUK8. Uoora opcu at o'clock: and the perrorinancea will commence at T o'clock B"ie? >1: Hh he onu: Irelleey 2b cente ROVVr.ttk 1 lit,ATKK?'lhia Alteruoou, J uiuary 1. the X# periorurtuccB will tuin?cui.? m iuicuivjibuiiqifvAVl?Ueu. Putnam, Mr Miluer. To be followed by tbe LADY OK MUNSTKll? Kite (. U icu, Mn he re ml. To rouclude Willi the KKiHTIt'L HLIti?Metthew, Mr Clarke. Door* ope j et I o'clock. Curtain riie* at 1J{. THH KVKnTnO January 1. The performance will commence with P1ZAKKO?nolle, Mr Ne>fir _ To be followed by JOHN BULL IN KUANC E?Mr Oregory. Mr Jordan To conclude with JACK SHKPPARD?Jack bheppard, Mr* Booth. Doora open at<K o'clock; curtain riaee at T. SATURDAY EVENING, January 3, The pvfurinauee will coinuience with PUTNAM?Putuaui, Vir Miluer. To he followed by JACK 8HEPPAKU?iack Sheppard, Mrs Booth ri-A i..j_ ?;.u ni ire irvvn utinv w.uom Mr SteTrUi * Dreaa Circle 15 eenra; Pit ^nd Gallery 12X eeeta Doom open at S>j o'clock. Performance cotmeuce at 7. :V| I I oi. r.vinty THEATRE-FRIDAY and 1" SATURDAY Eeeiiiut* January 1 aud a?lo com mruce with the remedy of KASHIUNABLb AKRIVALS ?Sir Thtmaa Olden, Mr. Nickmtoii; Mra Mode, Mrs. Titnm To be followed by the farce of MRS. HARRIS? Mr? Harri'. Mr. Holland, finny Piatt, Mm. Tinm. To he followed l.y the romantic Extrav'*auzu entitled, MEPHlS'JL'OPHILES?J> mmy Jiuki, Mr Holland; Lady Flirtilla Kuaanu'oii, M a Tunm. To conclude with the ftree of D AY WELL 8PF.NT? Mir.zle, Mr Holland; Mm Slitchley, Mra W lahcrwood Drcaa circle '>0 cenu; upper nine* Kt cauta; eu vne auuiiai; prirate boiea II. Orcheitrii boaea, $1. Doom open a' hall imai a o'clock: eurtaia riaea a|t. OIKCHS?HUVVtHlY A.vlftlliHr-ATKE NEW YEAR'S DAY, Three perlurmincei?Morning ar lo?Afternoon at 3?and Kvemug at ?X. SIUNOR FELIX CARLO, And hia iulautile artiatea, in the pantomime of" The Toad in the Hole." LEVI J NORTH, will ride two acta. Mra. CAM1LLE GARDNER in a grand act of Hornets anahin JOHN tiOSSIN J KELIX CARLO, . ... >Clowit. DAN GARDNER S Boaea 16 ceuta?Children hall price?Pit U,X ceuta. d:U. lw * ih ~ AMER1CAN CIRCU& CHATHAM THEATRE. 8J1NDS, LENT * CO, PROPRIETORS GRAND GALA DAY?THREE PERFORMANCES. Morning at l?>i o'clock, afternoon at 3>i, and in the ereuiug at the uaital hour, 7 o'cloek. THIS DAY AND KVKN1NO, Jan. I. 1817 the entertainment will commence with a (fraud Kntrre cuutled the Coartier* i.f Louia XIV. Hoeoun end Lzerciaea in tlie Areur by Mr. Send* tud hie talented children; Posturing by Mr. H. h. Conover; Kiehtinit lionet; Pickwick* by Mr. Moacly: Mnater Hernandez* the Sailor Boy; Daucing liorae May Kly, Sic. lie. 'lowu*, Meaara Pentlaud and Lnthrup. Doora open at liall.paat t> o'clock. Performance* to com mence at 7 preciaely. There ?u afternoon Performance every Saturday. Uoora open at 2 o'clock, Performance to commence at 2,'? preciaely. Boxea 21 centa ; Pit 12\< centa ; Private Bovea 50 centa. Heat a can be aecuted at the Bo* Office from 10 to 12 o'clock, A. M , and from 2 to 4 P. M. A. ROHTJfiH, jltl'rrc Secretary aud Treaaurer. OPENING OF THE ?TAE1AN OPEKA , At Paltno'a Opera Honae, in Clnmbera atreet. ON MONDAY Keening, 4th <f January, 1847, the Italian Opera Company will perform the oper? of Donizetti, LI>DA OK CHAMOuNIX. Director* or the Italian Opera Company?Signori A. 8anquirico, H. I'atti and <1. Pogliaoi. Acting Manager, HignorPogliana. Dramatiht Ptnona. Linda Signorina Clotilde Barili. Pierotto Hignora ttoaini Pico. Magdalene, mother ol Linda Nignor* H. Phillipa. Viv:ouut Mrval HiynorS. Benedetti. Anthony, father of Linda Hignor K. Beneventano. Marquia of Boialleuty Siguor A. *anl}uirico. Magntarte S guor L. Martini. Adiiiiuiatrator Signer Benetti Hirae. iviiirsirtf nuacnru iu nic uumi'aiir.niKDDr .AUlomo iisriftt. Lender of the Orchestra Hignor Michele lUpetti Cliorai Director Mr. 11. C. Bennies. Prompter Mignor Marozzi. Stage Manager Hig. Beuetti Hiese. Opera Honk* may he had at the Bon Office. lit tier Boxea and I'arqaette ...fl Oo 2d tier *' Jt I'maie boxei for I persons 12 00 ' "6 " 10 00 Heats can be secured at Die box office from 10 A. M. till 4 o'clock, F. M. daily. Ferfoimance to commence at 7>?. Doors open at 7 o'clock. _ dr rh SANl A GLAUS AT THE ALHAMBRA SALOON, 6o0 Broadway, between Spring and Prince itrrrh, nearly oppoeile Niblo'e. He-engaaemeut of HER 11 ALEXANDER, AVho will appear every cveniug this week and produce Hanta Clans in person, leaded with Toys nud Candies for the Children. full particulars in the daily bills. Tickets to the Rotunda, JO cents; to the Baleoay, 22 esats? Children under 12 years ol age half price. Doors open at 6H?commence al7>< o'clock. dZ7 lwre ARCII STREET THRATHE, PHILADELFHIA. W. E. Bl'hto.i Manager and Lessee. J. M. Scott .stage Manager (T7~ This Theatre hat been thoroaghly re-decorated ia the most Kurgeonsstyle, and is now the most hraatifal Theatre in thnlfnion. NKW YEAR'S DAY. FRIDAY EVENING, Jan 1st. The seasonabla domestic drama of THE CHIMES That Kuug the Old Year Out and the New Year In. Trotty Veck Mr Burke liirhard Mr Phillips Will Tern Mr Marsh Alderman Cate Mr Hrmilton Ma'garet Mrs Burke Mrs Chickenstalker Miss Chapman 4 Per whiih, THE ODD FELLOWS. Rijnaretoes Mr Bnrtoo To conclude with ALADDIN. Oa, Tmk WojiDzsrui- Lastf. Aladd'n Miss Chstunsa Aboulifar Mr Burke Tivie Mr. Barnes lUzim Alack Mr Phillips I'riuceta Mrs Howard TO morrow night. OLIVER TW|<T WALNUT ftT. THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA. K. A.MtxiHra. W K ninr, .Vuifir. NEW VICARS MGMT BENEFIT OF MR ANDERSON. KRI DA I tiVKMNO, January1, I8i7?\Viil be performed (he tract dy of ALEXANDER THK GREAT. Alexander Mr Anderion Castander Mr Ricliiaaa Sirtira Miia Either Moxann Mra Blake To conclude with the comedy of MONEY. Alfred Evelyn Mr Anderson Sir Frederick Blount... Mr Kicking) Grnres Mr fluiiln u Clara Mia* hither Lady Kraakliu Mm lhayer To-.norrow, the tragedy of THE BOBBERS. On Monday, M r For real HILL AT THE TABERNACLE. AA.'/r YEAR'S JSI ,HT. MR. HILL (*li??) ' YANKEE HILL." the renowned repreaer.ta'ive of New England peruliari iea, will be ple*fd to tee hi* numerous f jrnJ* at the TABERNACLE on FRIDAY EVENING ???< (New Year's Night), wlreu hu will inrirnduce the petuliariues of " Down Earn, by an rntrodnrtory LECTURE, ANECDOTES, DIALOGUES, YANKEE STORIES SAVINGS, Ac. Ice., With imitations of Enkliah. French Irish, and American Personage*. forming altogether Graphic illusirationa of mora Via an twenty laughable characters, which have been received with thaaanoet enthnsisaa by h>i ii.ntsnd fkeMoMbto andieueesju the principal eittee ol Ed rope and America. For particulars, tee p ogrammea. Tickets, Jr cents each, may I e ehrained n the principal ho'ela and at I It* dr or. Doora open at 6,'j; performance to conimrnce at half-past T o'clock. IN Jtla,rk 7 NEW YORK GALL bit YOB IHK VINE d ARTS. PfHE Exhibition of the Woiks_ nf Art belonging to this m- iiMiiiiinoii in now *>11? 11 at tne iiotnnna la lite i'm!.? Three line piece* of Sculpture by Browu ha**- been Itiely ml Ifil, fir. : ltnih, iiteacnted by Mm klix* llicka ; Tb? Buy an'I ling, Ibi gilt of I li.arle* M. Leupp K?i| , ni?l Ail wit. In .addition to the above, nod a valuable catalogue of Kngraving*. tni* eallttlioi nbrMti C(lir ( ninm and Vii)<y' ?l l.i'f. bf?id?? otbrr fine ?peennin? ofAmeri can Art. by M uut, Ingham, Ionian, kdrnnudi, Durand.C h-i"innn, Hnaherme I, and otlirri. The Oallery in linen duly from 9 A.M nntil dark, ?r.d on Mondiv and Tiif?d?y only until id I' M. Lif? Mf ml fr?bi|i on* dollar ; angle adinit>ion 15 rent*.? f alalogm a I a' 4 ff mi. (124 Imeodia* NEW YEAR'S NIGHT AT NEWARK. TilR ALLK.Oil ANIANH. or American kingera. will give Ihfir HfCO d and la.i l ONChllT. at WASHINGTON IIAI.I,, Newark, on Kit II > A V KVENINU, Jen I. It?7,? on which occasion irrrral new piece*, eever before performed by llicin, will be luttodnced. Commencing *t 7>$ o'clock dJsltii'rh , PHII.llAjfvf.iNl' HUi IKTV?KlKTH 8KABON.? Tlie public end (he eubtcriber> ere reipeetlully inform< d (bet the Hecond Conceit of the tenon will (eke piece *t ihr Apollo Komna on Saturday, January 9, ll'C. ttul>seription* lot the remaining thtee concert*, entitling the intxrriber to fonr ticket* to each, received at the mnaic atore of Hrhgifeiiberg It Lnia. If > order J. L. KNBIUN, Secretary , iltt 7t icSaTn It Th rc 417 Honatnn at. BURN'S ANNIVERSARY. AM MKETINfl of th* admirer* of Burua will he held at the liouie of Mr*. Miller. 17 H|liue* etreet, on Wedneiday evening, Janeary the, al 7 o'clock P M , lor tlie pi/pn?e of making arraiigementa to celebnte the auiiieeraei v a r the birth of feoiia'a dnrlire hard dll lt?rc A i t Vi'7 ? 7U ^ i l ri ' ,y Jenuery t . Vi'V ^ ? clock?One more Keening with the Amenceit Or.itor. end the P04.11 er I'oete-Mr. Whitaev. (by pec.l ten urn,) will (ire o-je more Mierell.,ie?m. tfeterteinment, Friday hvemng, January let, 1(47 lllu.tretione (|mwii Irom Biitl?n *iid American f'octt, m tUo lmper?or w?!0 k (MWW?on L?ian';) H. ( l*f Wrhitir. lie.. kef kr Br rccjutta' of hi? iruli Iricnda. Mr W will deliT' ii>H wrtrli of II Kinmet, K??j A din i Minn?Kifty ceuta. J N B. No poatjionemmt on account ol w - , dJI Jtin'rc #?lMd 1MJE I' K N DltN C? TMir Ninth .Vnnoal Fete of th' t? k? l>lorc at Tammany H I'l* 'I irkala can b? had of V?UAC/t ? or of t harle* Brown. Tro a ?, LATEST INTELLIGENCE.^ raUOftAPHZO. Funeral of Senator Barrow. wishijioto*, Doe. ii, INt. Both Houses ot Congress assembled at noon, to pay their laat tribute of respect to tha memory of Senator Brrrow The coflin we* placed in the area in front of the Secretary's desk, in the Senate chamber. The President of the United States, the members of the cabinet, heads of bureaux, he , assembled with the &e nets. In the House of Representatives, after prayer by the iter. Mr. Sprole, the reading of the journal was dispensed with. Mr. Holmes moved to re-consider the vote of yesterday ,by which the House agreed to adjourn to Saturday, in order to adjourn to Monday, but the motion was lost. The House then adjourned, and the members, preceded by the 8praker and the, passed into the Senate chamber, where both Houses united in the funeral services. The two C ha plaint officiated. Prayer wu offered op by the Rev Mr 9prol? The aermon and benediction Iwere by the Re* Mr. Slicer. At one o'clock 1 he funeral proceuion moved from tha capitol and proceeded to the Congressional burying . ground, where the body waa interred for the preaent 0 P. M.?The mail haa juat arrived. Nothing aouth of Wilmington The Senate adjourned to Monday. Horrlblo Murder. PHILlDKLrHIA, DeC. 31, 10 P. MThe neighborhood of Tottaville waa thrown into great excitement thia evening, in conaeqoence of the murder of Mr. John Reeae. The deceaaed waa found near his own houae, in the vicinity of the former town, having been, apparently, ahot through the bead with a piatol, and a pick-axe afterwarda driven through hia ahull. | The remon of the deceaeed ia auppeaed to have been tmpaired, inconsequence of having been tried about tix montba aince for killiag Thomaa Calligan, but ef whloh | he waa arquitted by the jury, on the ground of Juatifiahla knrni<>i(U A mnva atttaei lt> ?--- * ywmuim than waa presented l?y the murdered remaina, can scarcely be conceived. No clue had b*en discovered at laat , accounts, by which the murderer could be identified. SV TBXI MAX LI. i W*?HifroTO!?, Dec 39, 1849. Death of Mr. Borrow?Reconiideration of Mr. Baker'o Rrihlution?Bill for Railing Ten Additional Ratimmti?The Piloti?The Two Millioni Appropriation Bill. Mr. Barrow's death, communicated through the tele graph thia morning, has produced a lively sensation ot grief throughout the city. His illness has been so brie I that hla friends are entirely unprepureJ for the ahock of hia decease. Tho Sennte, in consequence of this aad intelligence, adjourned immediately after meeting. The Houie will adjourn to-morrow, and both branchea of Congress will join in the melancholy ceremonial of the funeral obaeqtiie*. There ia something terrible in being stricken down thug in a single day, without the previous preparation of sickness, or without being apprised that one ia immediately about to face death. To be called, with "no warning given," in a few brief hours of mortal pain and ago. ny to feel the only intimation that one's end is approaching, and then to sink into the cold grave with a thousand plans unfinished?ambition, domestic caros, the ties of , friendship, the loveoflifo, all hanging upon the departing ' soul, and acting as loads to weigh it down to earth, when its flight is heavenward?in all this there ia something . hat is brought home to every one oi ua, with terrific force, in the death of this man, who, two days since, ' walked in all the pride of health and lusty manhood, and who is now stiff and cold in his shroud. Alas ! for poor humanity. Tho Houso reconsidered Mr. Baker's resolution, which passed yesterday, providing for the delivery by the Secretary of War to the Colonels of regiment?| clothes for the men under their command, the price of such clothes to be deducted from the pay of each soldier. The motion to reconsider was made by Mr. Starkweather. I regret exceedingly that thia thing was acquiesced in by the House. Such peddling does not become an American Congress, when the comfort of tho brave fellows who are emperilling their live* for the ho. nor of tho country, ia concerned. The resolution waa referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Haralson, from the Committee on Military Affairs, reported a bill to raiae ten additional regiments of regu. lar* to aerve during tho war. The hill was read a second time, and referred to the Committee of the whole | House on the State of the Union. There was nothing else of importance. Tho memorial of the N,uf Vnrlr -r-?J *- - Sub-Committee ol the Committee of Commerce in the Iiouie, consisting of Meuri. Grinnell, of Massachusetts, Lawrence, of New York, and Atkinaon, of Virginia. Mr. Urinneil is, of course, the advocate of the merchantsMr. [Lawrence is zealous in the cause of the pilots, and Mr. Atkinson, not knowing which side is right, bearing counter -statements, is desirous of the adoption of some plan that will give no unfair advantages to either. The most extraordinary miarxpr mentations have been made for the purpose ol influencing t-e committee* on this question; among others, tuat pror.ous to 1837, the pilots wera banded together in a monopoly; that they would allow no others to work on the bay, that they were lazy, careless, end indolent, and attenJed to their duties merely when it was their convenience, and various other charges equally lalse, trumped up by the ad> vocates of the unjust law of 1837 . The membeis of the Committee of Commerce, with whom 1 have been conversing on the subject, express their desire to pass some law that will be just to both parties, and suggest a compromise ; but 1 see not how a compromise can be effected between justice and injus tic* 1 will take occasion to put thi* matter in a clear light before the committee shortly. The Weitem and Northern democrat* are atill Jetermined on th* iniertiou of the anti-slavery clime in fh* two million! appropriation bill. They declare thaironiy desire to b?, the formation of free .State* out of th* territory which may hereafter be annexed in the south-westThey lay that unlet* they show determination at once, on this subject, they can never live that territory from being made into alave State*. They ny they hav* been already taken in by th* South on one question, but they cannot be a lecond time imposed upon. I muitatill My their reasoning doe* not latiafy me of the n*c**iity of the insertion of inch a dame in inch a bill?a monay bill. But their determination i* taken, and I presume it will lie in vain to reason. I believe they will succeed in killing the bill by that proviso, for with it, it caa never paaa the Senate. Why not ineert a proviso in the hill organiring an additional force of the army, that alavory aball not cxiat in any territory the ecquiaitioa of which may be the remote couiequence of the organization of thia fotca, and of ita operation! ayainat the Mexican! T? Such a proriao would not be any mere extraregant than that of Mr. Wilmot. UALV1ENSIS Wuhimtoi, Doc 29, 1910. Congmiional VrortnUnf?Financial?Pragrtti #/ lAe War? 7V drmy-f-Thr Nary?Santa -dnna?jMititionel Forcti? Kurapron Jffairi in Waihintton-~Nrw ConnUar Syurtn? Political Mati trt?^ijfair of K"' nnr?Dralh of a V. 3 Stnattr. (,'ongreM, dining the throe weeka of the ae jaion, *1 ready elupied, hai perfected no important mea JUT?, ?a\ e the bill admitting the State of Iowa into the I ;,ll0n Ma. uy billi and joint reeolniion! have been in educed end ^ ><r- . ,auiu|f, on<! ?vi??o uj*? J lilTC P?"?11 one braucta of Congress, and ara now 4?jer cooaidara 1 ion in the other. Among the Utter I |( )uu for the ? lief of the widow of the celebrated A lBSander Heiniltoo. providing for the purchase from ths ^ J>dy now at a * advanced age. of the manuscripts hor dace* hand, for the aum of twenty tt ' BOd do'* manner, a bill has pxaeed the ^ riek Kelly, the toamsur o <*o huean arm in the battle in * f"' ' "*? life Ills tarm ef sen ,r' ?or Ringed" wh^ b,ttl,'">d " h* ' -?* *? gallant ofle,r }<Mt hl, . pension, this f il## h.d the ^ ^ A proU acted . oone#<,tiently not legally entitled to message re jl provide* a remedy for that did)ruin the lion* Ubate on that portion of (ho TVeeident e ?aUngto ,h. war with M?Jeo, ha. oTctld ne- A of Representatives, and the Donate have spent small pomou of the time in aaaeioo,aa their bun a is pi.utepellf Uep?od.nt on action of the House. s tLZ Lommittee of YV^yi and Maens ?r ?v- ?? ? .? nnnn O. < I *?, ?? not dtopo?e.l to report bill laying 0, ?o impoai of twenty Ava par cent on toa .tnd cofTee. A decided hoetility to tho mearora I* maatfMted on all hand*, and It la conAdantly asanrtad tho hlU (Otill no t receive filly vatee In tho Honaa. Tha Secretary of tho Traaaury Um lull conAgape* in the practical aticcaM of the Huh Treasury on I, in Ite preaent form lie in not diapoaed to recommend a me li ' iW-aUon The merit* of tho Mil will be t i-I i>-? Brat of January . A loan bill will Drobebly be introduced f ortthcut tha propped duty on too and coCat, th* dut