Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1847 Page 1
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1 THJ Vol. Kill, No. It-WhoU Ro. IflUtl. THE NEW YORK HERALD.' JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAII.Y H!?H\U> ?tCvory day, fncei cenU per Copy?$7 i 25 per atuioin? aavable In adrauce. WEKKLY Ktcxv Saturdiv?Trice #>< ceata i per a mr?$< 125. cmiU per awuum?payable hi ailvauce. HEUALD EuK fclTRO''*- Kiery Team l'ackn dav , Priae ceir.i per copy?13 00 per annum, payable is ad- I VAQfc ADVBRTIBICMKNTS at the uautl price*?elwaya cuh '"pitl'Sx'lNU o!"all kind* eiacuted with beauty and de?'*AU letter* or eomratwieetiaBa. by mail, addreaaed to the ??:*bli?hi-itut, mint h* i-oat paid, or the pottage will be deducted from the "uVc. iptton money rrmitred JAMF.ft OOtiOON Uk.NNe.TT. Proprietor of the New Ywhk Heine NaTtecitH vrrtT, North VVetl encaer i I r ultiiu end Nnrtati etreete PAIill'' 'IK At rOMMOm'riON*. NEW VOKK AND GlnASGOW LINE OF PACKET#. M m. ML M flilhij from New v utV ok the lit, mid < il.njow nntnel^ ot e*?h month From N. York. Ctn. Ol'gew I Jane 1. July 15. Ship SAHACttN, N. T Hawkhu. < Oct. 1. Nor'r 15. f Kcb. 1. March 15. . Jrlyl April 15. Br. Ship KJtOOKHB V, R M'Kwen, J Nov. 1 Aug. 15. C March 1. Dee'r 15. A Augnet 1. May 15. fir S*rk ADAM CARR.Jno Wright { Dec'r 1. Sept. 15 I April 1. Jan. 15. i May 1. June U{ Br. dark ANN UARLEY, R Scott. \ Sept. 1. Oct. 1?. f Jmt'y 1 Februa. 15J Theae ship* are rood, aubataatial resaela, ably commanded, and will nail punctually *? .heir regular day*. Their accum tnodaticu* (or pnaaena** good, and everyatteurion will be paid to promote their comfort. The agenta er ' ptaina will not be reMiontikle Tor any parcels or package* aeat by them, nu'saa hills cfladiug are ai.yned therefor. For freight or petaage,apply to WOODHTJLL fc M1NTUKN, <17 South ttreet. New York, or oilrc RAID it MURRAY, (Jlaagow. PACKETS EUR HAVRE?SECOND LINE. m. M. mt m The Ships of thia Line will sail during the yearwih^ol owing order ?? F.otu N. York. K'm Havre. C Jan. 1, Keb. 16 Ship UT1CA, Capt. J A. rcirce, < May 1. June 16. ( Sept. I. Oct. 6. Ship ST. NICHOLAS, Capt. N. W.S 51" is. L'Vil?ich \J?nei. July 16. F.TI.I?l|iU. 1 0c, j N(J^ ,f Ship ONKIDA, Capt. Knnek, S}^J; ^PriMi. f Nor. 1, Dec. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. John-S ^rl) /; {J; llton- i Dee. 1. Jan. ifi. ' They ere all of the first class, commanded, and with accommodations ample and commodious. The price of passage in the cabin is $100, exc'usive of wines and liquors. vpplvto BOYD Si H1NCREN. Agents, N>..8 Tontine Buildings, No. 06 U all street. Goods sent to the agents or forwar ding, will be subject to none other than the espente actually paid. au2l m GLASGOW AND NJ?W YORK LINK OK FA i(KTS. P^Mt iHk s&fc. EKMi^S wishing to send (or their friends in any part Ol Scotland, w> sail direct from Glasgow, oan mails arrange r.ients with the Snbscribers, to hare tham brought out in any ol toe regular lias ol Packets, sailing monthly from Glasgow Tbn ANN I1AHLEY, Captain Scott, ADAM CARU, Captaia VcEwen, 8ARACLN, Captain Hawkins, BROOK5B Y, Comprise the above line,sad the high character of those res U should be smficiroi luilacsmant lor ps. sens who may be sending for their friends in Scotland, to make arrangements foi tliis (the ouly line.) I h'orther particulars given, oa application te W. fc J T. TAP8COTT, *1 Mouth srrsst, earner of Maiden Lane, er M-ssrs. BEIDb MLnRUAY, Aaenu ?'? in Glasgow *Vt\V UlNt. UP 1.1 V EKFOUl. PACKETS. A m. M A To saiTfrom New Turk list, and froio Lirerpool fitt^Teaen month. fYomNno V-trk hive, pool New ship Lire^ol 1 j 6 J. r.idiidste f Auguci II Oct. 6 -?w- ? ? \ Jaauiiry 11 March t ,JiO lU?*,> WoVdto?.e; $ ?pr*?>r 2! Nor e New <^,feehMMf.?Ct?a S ^ "T \\ Aa^.t 6 onto* J October 31 Dac. t O.iip Ha'tinf??r, l*,0 lotn. ??? J IrnB.Jr j 51 J ThN. HUMtaiuil. fast sailing, iai claas ahipa. all built in tl>? mtj of new Vo-k, ara aomniiui Jnd by maa of eiperienee and anility, and trill be despatched punctually on tht 31st oI arli mouth. Their eaniaiar* tlegiat and commodious, and ire furnished ' Willi whatever cue roaiiaaa to the ease and eomfort of pa* sen ; gera. Price of passagti $1011. N'eunrr the ctptaiaa n..r owner* of these ships will be re- 1 pOUatWle lor ?r.y parcel* or package* sent by then, uulea* ' ragul ie bill* at Uihug are aianad therefor, per frenrht or rasiaae apuly co Vf OOUnULL It M1NTURN, 37 South street. Nat* York, or le 1 k'lELDEN, BKOTHEK8 It CO., mlro Liverpool. NHW YORK~ANli) HAVRE COMMERCIAL LIME OF PACKETS. , fr>HK eai^^^^ri heg to^nhw^^eir fbien^^^^^he pub lie that they have been appointed by john BaRBK, I uj .of Havre, a<?al* ih New York for the above line, one ! which a til le despatched Irnm Harre weekly, tbroujjn- ' o-it the aoaanu '1 he ahipa ol this line will be of the brit c.aas t?m: 1 mlcd by taea of character and ability, and the grrateat cure uken o m?e every satisfaction to snippera, aa also le prouioto 1 he comfort and coetenienre of passengers A* the rate* ul freight ml |> tsaige will be much lees thsa by erherliara, shippers eud paeeeagere will d.iubiles* cunsnlt , ui ni'i'i) i"W ii.r luriicr mmrmaiioQ 10 , W. U. J. 1'. TAPtJOOlT, U? tjoatli at , j 2d door below tlurlmg altp, ni J BAHHK. Haere | union Li?i"r. ok !*,v.;kk'I6 no* liVicua.'flftte TOOL?Packet ef tlie lAth Janaary?The bronle jvylleu.d fa.t etgmj p. rW?r ?hi|i S' >1 ''frf Kit N PI K.OapC I I'o'muf, wilt wii Hatirday, Jantary 16. liar rt- < ge tar da r. her araeminodationa for cabin, aaeond cabin nod stterage i neateegera are natt)Malled far comfort aud eonranienee ? 1 Thoae wiaatag to urara beitlu ilumld make early applica- 1 lion on board, font of Uoreretrret. or to i \V. fc J. T. TAF4COJT. 90 Sooih u., ! it door bi-low Burling alip. 1 Tlie SOUTHERNER will aail from Literpool on the I0ih Match; peranaa wiahiug to tend for their Irtenda ran hare theot brva^ht eat m her ou reaaouahle tarma, on applioation aa r.bcae ja7 rh FOP. LITKKt'OOL.-To aail poaitireiy ou the VLMJRha Uih Jasnary.?The new wuraificent, laat tailing, i ifPCa l>*~? *UT ELSINOMC. bauhen 100(1 tone, Cap taiart'ee?r, will po?it<relv aail on (Vaduod-y, llth Janna y. The aeciunincdittioiia ler cabin, aeceud cabiu, and tevrege (> eeengcre, ? to eomfoit are nuetinalled by any other veaael in enrt ; f eranua inteudiug to embark, woald do tve>lte go en boa.d and judge for themarlaea before engafug ' laen heir. For further particulate apply on board, rent of Dorer atreat. or to JOiK.I Il ilr'Ml, IlKA Y, pp. ... ill iMiciuiUDUUlUIIICeU. r S?la-aona wialim* to atnil for their Irienda trora the , old aeaatry, ?-i hare linn brought out on reaaonahle terms in ihi- ahem a>ip hr fpplvi.* fa abnre jan7 ih . <h?a(k. .. I'n aiil deavatcn? fl?t claaa. fait smile* packet KAL.ACaptain I lark. l.MiO ions. I 1,1 c4"*""* da tins a for cakm, second cabin ai.d Meerajre < i>asaa?*ers, m to aoafart. are uu?-*auled by any ahip in porL raraoua_.a an-I in* t* nuibark would do well to soon board * i_ " '^" eleea before en*i*in* elaewhrra Cur " lattker puliculara apply on board, pi.rNo J North Hirer ol ' t0 ? JOSEPH St'MUHHA F, f D M u ? . Corner of fin# an J Booth an. i P S -Pflr?om within* to aeud lor their friend* I'rom the old r;^tr,v.hMvfcihi * ** - ~gK ; WBSA *" 1 Rr"",,"^,0fo'Vh* Ibo Et ' lo ?u*u fcMlNCKEN.""'" I j5 Th ?8 Wall at. ' mime Pt(.KET* Milt Line?The t e&iy.i.ncket.hip lit . NICH<?L\?. Cupt. N W. Eee- a jifciBS^Ieith, will ami mi the firar day of Febroary. For 1 frei^wlf paraoge ap-dy *o UOY D k HIN< K IN, a h 8* Well ?t, i oiit fASB AGI!. to AM) MVICuPUOL? J By the ,N?w Line . f P?rW?'i? Pa-ke' 01 the 2let of * JaWWlfaaltuiiary?The aplenilid, fiat > ill in* md Ptvmile paea n amp QUEEN OFTHK WEST, l?50 tone burthen. C?pt I' wo.-dhome, will anil from New York rntheJlatol J ,urr*-, ?u<l from L rerpool on ihe A"h of vlaieh The thii'e lompriiing ihie line ere lie follow inn, end will y til to end fiom Lire pool on their regu'ar eje.eie:? f, Tone. From >ew York From LiTcrr'l jr Queen of'he Wrat IX50, 2l?t of J<unery, AthcfMaeh. y l n etoutim, (new) lifli, 2lat of Ffhrnsry, Alh of Apnl, t Flnttiuguer l/i.O, 2l>t of Merck, Ah'fMnV. t Ltveipool 12HI. 21et of April, A h of Jnne. , Per*.>?g about to embark for the Old Country, or thoee r wiehnig to agrid f>r ih-ir fr elide, will not Uiltoiee the nil- , run ague to he iterirrd irorr, eeler nog ihie line of ma-cificeol r rlup?, an tl eir greet . ?p my ren t . r? lh?in ryery way more , n.iinfoit?"le then ehipe of * am-ller rlaaa; aud inr ir aceomm ideth'm for o-hin, eecond c u in mid atrerage p ttengere, ere opener to thoee of eny other line, Penena wiaHr.g to acme he>tha <horrid not fail to inane early application on t bond, foot of Emling dip, or to . W. fc J. T TAfBCOTT, Attheir general Passage Office. OA ftoutii et, I 2d door helow t'urtii g flip or to . OEO. KIPPaJIO fc Mt>N, or WM rAPscOTT, , 9A Waterloo Road. i Drafts firntiy arnount, payable on demand, without die- ' , eoant, in ?I1 the f< intip I towns of England, Ireland, Bent- v land n vVa ea, can at till timee he obtaini rl on rpplication (if . by let er [pat pai I) w ahoee |Are I- I.IV'mi, m-r - fne .New Line?lie ,f *>Knl r Parker of 2Ul January?The superior fast iplifeh,<.'iliiif p.rrket ahip Q'lEF.N OF THE WEflT, 1 Capr.,iu I hil p YYourilionae, 1,2;>J tons, will aailaaeboee, Iter j regular day. ? rnr tn i.lrt or paaa tie.haying aptendid, large and comfort- I able ala r' ror ira and eehin, apply ;e the captain on f w.ret pier Unrlorg alip. or to I WoooilUI.C kMINTURN.r Booth ft. I t rice of passage $ IM ( I - new p .ket e' tp " CONSTITUTION." IA0D met ? briithen, C?pt. John linden, will ancreed the Qneen of the I West, apd sail on her regular day, I let February. dtt r | K Nfi N1 im. Tow&tuc/v/rs E X T R A C T OK 8 A R 8 A P A R I L L A 1AH IS Extract ia put up in quart brittle*?it la an limei cheaper, pleaaontrr, aud warranted auperior tu any tula It curea ili*eue without vomuiug. purging, a ickeuiug or de bilitating the patient. The great beauty and superiority o this rsaraapariPa over all otnrr retnediel ia, whilit it eradi. catea diaeaaea itiuyigtraiea the body Thia ia the moat ratra orOiuary medicine iu the world. It haa performed moea thi i lj.OOO curea thia year 1,000 cure* of Khaiiinatmn. 1.011 cure* ot Dyapapaia 2 >0 curea ol general debility aud wuii ol uervnua energy. 3.000 female ciiinp'aiut* aud over. 7.01*1 curea of diaeaaea of the blood?ulcere, acrofula, eryaipcla* alt iheum, pimplet on the fete, he.. Ike.,together wiih nura* roua caaea ofcontainpti u liver complaints, spinal afleciioni he. Tina, we are aware, must appear incredible hur we bavr let'era from phyaicisua aud our agenia freui all parts ol tht United 8tatea, luloruiing na of extraordinary curea. K Vai Buakirk, Esq , one of the mutt reapectable druggist* iu New rk. New Jeraey. in'orina ua that he ean refer to inure thai A.u knnil. s.l .. .1 ill.- : m'u mvv wn in mat p<?ce eioue. i urn-ari thousands of esses in the city of >ew York wlurh we will ra far to with pleasure, ami to meu otcharacter well known. OPINIONS OK PHYSICIANS Or. Tnwnsend ia aimoit da>ly receiving oidera fn in phyii ciaue in diffeieut paiti of iba Cniou. This > to certify that we, the uudersigurd rbviiciaiia o he ci y ol Albauy, have iu uunieroua cases prrscr'be-1 Dr Towuaeud's ffarsapilta, and heliuie it to be oue of the ino? va.uaalr urrpar lium ot the Sarsapa-illa <n ilia ninket. H. F. Piling, M. 1).. J. WiUon, M. D , K U. llnggs, M. 0 F. e. ElmenJorf, M.D. Albany. April I, ISl5. The follow ma ia from ona of the moat raapaetable phyai eiana on Long Island j? UntcnupoHT, July 10, 1116. Dr. Towusend Dear Sir?|r ia with satisfaction tUat 1 aa] to yon. thai I have recently witnessed. in aevenal aaaaa, thi moat beneficial leanlu from yonr Extract of Sarvavarilla ? Being eagsged iu tba practice of medicine, 1 have presfriDei it iu aeveial caaea, and never without bent-tit. la the remo val of diseases analog from a deranged ttata of the digest'vt organs, jaundice, Sir., it far exceeds any thing of the hint ever belore offered to the public. You will lilevxeaeud mi two doxeu, 4tc., lie. Heapcetfnlly voura, SC. PRESTON, M. D. Dr. Tewusend? Being afflicted with Cyapepaia, fura lon| time put, I have eudeavoied frequently to eradicate it frou the ayeiem by the u>e of I'hyaic in various forma, but I louni out at last, the more I need physic, the Weaker the oigane e lite became, rendering uncenatu the prospect of uffeetiug i enre. Recently this eumi laiut developed i.i.elf fearfully causing ulcerations about the throat and trachea, impairiii| terionsly the organs of life in their phyaical fnnc'ions. In t In atutu 1 was recommended to try your farsaparilli hyrnp; "I er nsiug two bottles 1 find myself relieved from this com rilaw. and all its diatreasingsymptoms. In my erae, by it ife-giyieg influanee, it has res'ored the system to its nature state. My confidence m its power to effect a enre in ease o general functional derangement of the organs of life, imp a me to recommend your earsaparilla to the afflict* d. yoms, ?tc, j as. McAllister, m. d? Albany. August 36, 1i4y No S3 Broadway Dr. Townsend, Sir,?flvma time sine* yon requested opinion of the virtues of yonr Compound Syrup ol Harxups fills I am now p-epared to give it. t have used it in my prac lice and prescribed it for the last few mnutbs. and must givi it my decided preference oyer any thing ol the kind will which 1 am acquainted, both as to its medicinal vtitnes ai.i the reasouable price et nhi .h yeu sell it. In scrotoloni affections, cutancoaa eruptione generally, dyspepsia, indigee tion, costive habile, and liver complainti, f am much p'easr I Willi ils effects. In these coirplaiuta, or any other when Maraaparilla ia indicated, I can with confidence recommeud il to the psLrnuage of the profession aa a valuable auxiliary lo removing UK tic iu tome or H> most troublesome lormai am to *11. it t nfe tad valuable medicine BENJ. W EKKS.M. L) Brooklyn, November 21st, HIS. DYSIErSIA. No flnid or mtdieine haa ev.r badn discovered which s< near v resembles the gastrie juice o saliva, u disc, inposnu food and strengthening the orgaus of digestion, aa thia pre pirmiou of S-traaparilla. It poaitively curea every c?se o d> apepaia, however severe or chionic. Brooklyn, March!, ISIS. Dr. Townaend: Dear Fir?In the au mer ol 1143. 1 was se ve'rely afflicted vvi'h n disease of the tltroar, cheat and aloiu arh; the mo. nous membrane became ao affected that almue every artie'e of food 1 took produced such a naus??, or iiti tatian,that it was with neat difficulty that I conld retail fond. 1 confined myself almost eiitirele to the nae of eocoa even this I was ofieu oblig ed t<> throw off I can scarcely des cribe the horrid sensation I suffered; it appeared tome, tha from the roof of my mouth to the lower part of my stomacl was n'eercted, and I w<a apprehensive that I had not oaill dyspepsia in us worst form, nut that I was threatened will bronchitis. The disease became an inveterate, that it prodn ed a rapture ef a small blood vessel. I was confined for seers! weeks, lost my flesh, and felt weak and wearied by iht least exercise. At this time I fortunately saw yoar advertise ment, and recofnixed severs' names i knew to he highly res peetableaud en tiffed to confidence. I remembered to hat < seen Mr Van Zandt, of Albany, for a number of years in verj bad health. Fiom these facts I was induced rt first to pro cure one battle of yonr valuable prepara'ion of Harsapanlla In j-istiee to yen. I feel bound to assure you that I esteem i aa invaluable medicine for such diseases as I have described It lias restored ma to haalth and strength; I litvr used abou four bottles. To test i* efficacy, after usiug oue or two hot ties, I omitted for tome dara to take it, and aoun found thai I requt ed more, as toe disaass was not entirely subdued. ! regard it a certain cure for dyspepia and affections ol tht throst and cheat; it is soothing, and operates like a charm in composing the stomaeh asd allaying acough I lufeud, in lu tare, to keep a bottle or two ou band for the use of my taruily. With great regard, your friend. LAW L. VAN KLEECK. Mr Van Kleeck wae formerly Sheriff and Clerk of Albany city and county, and recently in the War Department ai Washington. RHEUMATISM. More thin one theusend eases of Chronic Rheumatism hsn been cured by the use of Dr. Townsend's Ssrssp inlla. I'M following certificate was sent us yesterday Naw Yuma, Dec. 11, lilt To Doctor Towisacfvo:? Sis?I think it my duty to return yon my own sioceri hanks for the benefits 1 have experienced by the nae of you Y.x'rnci of Sarsapanlla. 1 wee afflicted for many Maths will Rheumatic Pvius, and also liillamation ol the Liver; the sutfei nigs which 1 euduredfiom these diseases tendered my lilri burileu 11 me. I t'ied every remedy that w is prescribed foi me. from three of the best physiciaus in llie city, but withou receiving any permanent boaefir. I considered myself .neur ible, but by the advice of a friend was induced to try vomi compound. 1 had bat faint hop** ?f iiccm, bai f >an iiapflr to aav, I bad not taken more than half a buttle before I experienced relief; this ^induced me to paiaevere iu in uae, and two bottle* bare effected an cutire cure. It i> now ioiuo months since I used your icinedy. and I am grateful ant happy to say I never enjoyed better health. I shall take great pleasure in reoouimeudiug it to the afflicted, for by its use I Irmly believe my life was saved. Willi the greatest iaspect, allow me to sabacribe mysell yoar grateful hieud, WM. B MOKtiAN, 41 Canal street, comer of {frond way. GREAT FEMALE MEDICINE. Dr. Towncend's Sariaparilla is a sovereign and speedy curt [or incipient cnusumptinu, Uarreuurss, Leacorrhaja, 01 W lutes, obstructed or d fficu11 Menirruatioo. lucoutiuencr of Uriue.or involuntary dischoge thereof, ana for the gene1 ral prostration of the system?so matter whether tbeiesuli of inherent cause or causes, produced by irregularity, illueai or accideat. Nothing can be more surprising than its invigorating rfleeti on the frame. I'eraoua all weakuet* ainl lassitude lie lore taking it, at enee become robust and full of energy nn ler its influence. It immediately counteracts the uerve<ess less of the female frume, which is tbe great cause ol barren seas. In will not be expected of as, ia cases of so delicate at i '.ure, to exhibit certificates of cures performed, but we c m iseure the afflicted that hundred, ol' cases have beeu reported ions. Several rasas where families have been without ehil lreu, after using a few boltlea of this invaluable medicine iiare been bleated with healthy offspring. Us. TowsitMiMy wile being greatly dis'ressei by weakness suit general drbiiity. and suffering coutiuually by |)ain and a testation of bearing down, falling of the worn j ind with other difficulties, and having known cases when your medicine has effected great cures, aud also hearisg n recommended lor such cases as I liave detenbed, I obtained k bottle of yoer Extract of Saras par ilia, sod followed th< directions >00 gave me. In a ihurt jieriod ir removed net Complaints and restored her health, tleiug gratelul for tut venefiu the received, I take pleasure iu thus acknowledging it, and rcccmraeudieg it to the public. M. If. MOORE, cur, of Grand and Lydiusits. Albany, Aug. 17, 1144. C'oxaacKMt,Ucpt U, ItK. Dr. Townseud To all wham this may concein?'J his is 0 ceitify that my wile used one bottle of your Saraeparilla vrevious to her confinement, under the most alarin'uic and letic'te etrcums'anccs, being troubled wrh the dropsy, iWtlHWofthe feet, nervous afferttous, and very mricli de>ilitated : with ay persuasion, aod the rrcommrndstiun <>l luxe who lied used it, the wt* induced to try it. with luile ir 110 faith , and suffice it to say, the medicine had the happy uid desired affect, not only in the hours of contiuemeui. but ifter the eiptraiion of one week of its use, toe dropsy end itrvous affection gave way ro an astonishing drgn e. and net lealth is now better than it had keen for a long time previous if this will be of any servient* you, or any one whe doubts ke success of the medicine, you are entirely welcome to it 1 subscribe myaell your most obedient and obliged serrant. S. !4. JAMESON. ALMOST AIM IR ACL E. Head the following and doubt if you can, that ersisutnp ion cannot be cured This is only one of several huudre lases that Townsenu's H.irsaparills haa cured UaeoKLT-*, Sept. It, IIIV Dr. Tnwnsend?.Desr Sir : I was t.ktu a little orcr a year n with a ttvere cough and pviu in my aide?it inrreasrd on ne very fist indeed. 1 was pronounced by ph;aictans to lave the rjmck eoeanmption. I raised la-ge iptintities of had natter, hsd night sweats, and sinking vety Isgt?tny doetor is I d ha ennlrl X, fa I ' ' m .... mlw. a n am lii ma iinajii'M in lope of being beneAted, bnt aaaa pronounced 'hart u menable t wnaiinw greatly dietreaaed at the lanx?, and MINI i ird.y breathe?I loon became emaciated, and expected H lie; wee co-Aned to rav bed, tad wet obliged to hate rra'.ch"i?indeed I cannot girt yoa tiny cl?-?criptn.n thai taould do aetice to my cm I wai enptioeed by my friendi to be pad rcoteiy ; 1 hid trie;* * greet n timber of remediei, and ill eenied to be ot no parpote I read of tome tituM ertracidiitrr co'ei peifi'tmed by year medicine,Mid 10 tell yoa u.e ra h, I anepected there win tome ham ting in thtm. Bat I rti induced to try it?1 done an. ted am rtty thuikfnl I did can- ot aty that I am entirely tre||, hut I tin wi lar recoverd ae to he about my buain*aa, and hope to be entirely well nal'T weeka My eongh and pain in the aide, and n'gfit areata hare left me, end 1 ra>?e hot very litt'e, and am aat amine my ntual atreiie'h. I BalTt a dnty to (ire yen a tatemen'of my cure to pnbllah il'yoa i leave. FITCK lll'oW.\l7 Lutte at re at, Brooklyn. RHE MATHM AND THE PILE*. _ _, * fi ptemher H, KM. Townaend?Daar Hir:?My wife hai been for aereral eaia afniriaH ? i.i. m ? - i%-.oniu?ii>m menu irifd m?c> dif rrent remedial to obtain inni relief, bit all to do pmp if Ihe waa aaeiog year g e? onr Baraaparilla t trial. We proenied mag of it fiom < nnr gent (Mr. Van Dn?k>>k,)tnd it girai me p eainre to amta hat utter uaing 11 the eipeileueiit great reliet, and wai in a rery abort tun- perfectly cored. I waa al*o ttogether with a nan in my employ) badly troubled with Pilea, and hy nting am?ll rju.iuuiy ef yonr Ma raa pari 11 a. oir eon plaint waa omplttey cared I eoneidnr it one of the beat ot m-di inea and wnn.d adviae ill who are afflicted 10 aire it a trial. (JAP HIT OABRABHANT, "23 Market it., Newark. riLKS, PILES, PILE*. Dr Towraend'i Maraaparilla i< no la aueeaiifal in earing In die reeling complaint, thee for diaeaiei of the Mood, dyaj reptia, Ihenmntiem, and nereoui debility. Head the lollow t)r. Townaend : Dear Sir?The effect! of yoar Hnrtapaiilla re trnlv wondeil'ul. For the l^al in or eight yean put, nee been a ubject to latere att'cka of tire pilei, dun.i elnrli I mar niffere d II the tortrirei of complaint a> d lad deaiiaire l < f i ter finding relict etcent in death. Ihiv he pleaiore to inform yon "there 11 yet a balm in (Jilead* 1 >ate oaed two bottlea of yonr Saraipirilla, and'eel no rem ant of toy old cote plaint. I irnil yon thm for publication jid in* iieraon yon miy teler to me, I noitid be happy to in orta of the benefit I hate receipt! at vonr hand Vouri, trnly, JOHN 1IALL, (9 Fulton it. JnlyC.lMI. '1'hamai Mmith, printer, M N???an afreet, 3d at-ry, enred if a long Handing aggrarated caae of the Pilea. Jamea P Neilion, Hirlem, wai afflicted with ihebleed ig litea for lateral yeara, and wai entirely relieved by nung tin remedy. KRV8IPF.LA9. The following ii a letter recently rreeited Irotn igentleaen rending in New Haten:? New Have*, Jely 1, 1149. DR. TOWNSEND?D?a* id,?I hate been troubled W V <) 2W YORK. TUESDAY M( I with the erysipelas for two yeirs, ?nil conld not get anylhiug ) In remoTe it. I -l last ie?oived to make a trial of your 8 use. pt*ilta. I took im'o bo tin, end began to improve. Ic .nti; naeii to get be'trr very IH t, and wren I had takeu flee bott>s ; iteutiirly cared me. I en recommended to try your medij cine by a found that bad uted it with ancceaa, and it duue Ihe work lor me. lours, respectfully. " I HfcNKY 8 WILLIS. ^Principal office, '.26 Kulton atreet, Suu Building, Mew . ! York; llcddnig St Co., No. 6 Slate atreet. Bo.too, Dr l)y. Ott * inoi 132 North 2d a rest. I'lail d I, In* 8 8. Hauce, i D uggiat, Baltimore; Liurol St Co, K<cnuioud; P M Colieu, Charleston;1 Wright It Co., IS1 Chnrtiea street. New Or; lea is; KIJ ?outh Pearl afreet, Albany, aud by drug. , giata generally throughout the Uuiled Slates, Wast Indiei, None genuine, uuless I at up in the large square bottles, . wind, contain a iju irt. ami hi ned with the written signature ol s P. I'i VV NSK> U. and hia name blown on the class. <1 in !lm Tn I h%?s?*r ' wi.h | r.u iin/i (U NO 1 UKl.LIMO OFF at I'twr AT w. H. OKIJKOOT Si i 1,0. 3, 102 Fulton street, second block iu. of Broalway, Naw York, where every variety of Uentlemeu's Clut'iine can lie hail fn- lower prices than nt any other'eatmb, luhinant in the city of New York. ' Over Coau nod Over riicks, ol Broadcloth, Beaver, I'ilot, : Tweeda, and Mazurka I.'oiht.ofevery style and color, from ' $4 to *i?. i Cloaks?o ie half, threa quarter and fall circle, of preach and ' American Broadcloths. t'r irn 51 to >23 Ores* eud Frock Corns- blank, blue, hrown, olive and traao, of b reach, English, BelKilil md Araerif an Cloths, from MtO?l? I Office aud Business Coata, Pel to, Mack and Winter Kroaha? off weeds aud Broadcloths of avery style in toe market, ' from (? to to i ' fnatc?Broadcloth, rsssimerna plniu and frney, Doe flkiu? 1 j French English, and American. from - $2 to Si 1 Yens?linnhle breasted, straight orenet, and railing collar, ' aewvtylea: plain auiiluitey Velvets, Woolen Velvets, Cas- I . aiiutre, pleu; anil fauey Satins and Silks, fiom $1 to kt> i *, A laryeassortment of Broadcloth, Cassimeres and Vesttcgs. 1 which will ha Ml to order, to suit the moat faatidioua. (IV-Boys' Clothing, of every description, constantly oi I band. W. H DKGRUOT Jt CO., i ill 1 in*r No. 103 Fulton at. J BllANDY, vVf-NES, GIN, SEGAAS, EftUJT, 1 \XT C. BUR DICK. No. k36 Broadway, three doora above ' It Wall atrett, offers far tale the tallowing, iu Iota to I aui' Br indies, dark and pale, various branda, of prime quality I Wh'ikey, Scotch and Inah do ? Ham. Jamaica do I Madeira, K I aoil other branda do I 4hemes, pale, gold and brown do j Port do Champagne, various brands do Clartlt, in caao do do Bsrvaek BuguuJy, flauterne du Seirara, aardin-?, F uits, See *lte do , .Scotch Ale, in pints, jnst landed, ripe do W C B picket himself most faithfully, to keep and de liver, only of the beat quality, and eulicits the favor ol the public. ; ROBERT HOPE HART informs hia and well j wiahe.a that he ia to be found at the ahoi e establishment, where he hones to see his old friends and customers. ; il?6 lin'rg J TRAAJTIOaL. jjook-kkhflmo, jVo 88 Vtdtir street. r \/| K C. C, MARSH, Accountant, author ol the " Science 1 J-vA of Double fcuiry, Book-keeping Siuirlifi*d," and the " Art of Si igle Co try Book-keeping Improved," eoutinuea to tench u above. Course ot Instruction?The pnolie is respeatfully iufo-m? -d and assured, thai the plan pursued by Mr. Marsh in leach, iiis lilts important branch, is truly a course of practice in keeping books, rather than a cour-e of lectures on the theory f The puoil oecouies lami iar, from actual use, w ith eli the books constitution a set, and a person of go-'d opacity will by this course become a competeut book-keeper in nboui -me month, and will receive a certificate to that effect. rr**peetn?es with terms, can be obtained at tbe rotna. , from > A M. in ? I* M. Hii ltn??h k/| Kb. CAKnoLt.'b Medicated V?i-or aud Suipiiui 1 vJL uaths, IM Knltou street, oppoviie Church street A : cer uin cure for Colds, Coughs, Rheumatism. Sore Throat - md all lutlamonater; diseases incident to toe changeable ' to.te of the weather. The Sulphur Vapor Uah is purlieu larly recoio nended by oar lirit phvaieiani aa a cure for all I sruotions and diseases ol '.he a? in Mo danger of taking cold ' iftar the oaa of liicse hatha. dllm'tr 1 A pnina denaa, bath handsome nod young, Was seated at home in grief; Her miud waa troubled, her narvee were tuutrug, And nought could afford her relief. , To sing at a concert she must thst night. That morning she'd taken a eeld ; And she knew full well that Siveat might, I mean Mr. Loose, might acold. i She picked up the "Mun, aa her only hope. And quickly commeaced 'o read , Of Hancc' Svaup?not Jonei's aoap ; She sent for a bottle w ith speed. She took three doses, thrte hours apart, I Of Hancg'a Hoashouivd ompound ; U cured her cold and gladdened her heart? Ska says't a the best 'o ha found. HANCIC'S COMPOUND SVHUr (.1 HOARIIOUND is s SOVKH EION cure for COUGHS, I.OLDS, BRON i'HITIS, ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION, fcc. Price SO cants per bo'tie, or sis bottles for St St. Kor sale by SAN lis, corner af Knltou and William its. : , HKNRY JOHNSON, cor rf Bioadwavami Chamber* st ; D. Sands It Co , 77 East Broadway; t oddaigtou, cor. of Hudton Hud Springs sis. ; Ksculnpinn Tempi#, our. af Broadway , ind H iward its. ; Onion, cor.of Bowery aud Grand at. dJIm'r COUGHs, COUGHS. CoUGHS. COHBYN'8 COUOH L^?/ENU ES-r repared bv Corby* St Co . 300 Holboro, London. The best artiele in eattr for thr cur* ol coughs, coldi, hoarseueaa. irritation at , 'he lungi, aitluca, C'uiiataption, lie., for tale by U COLBY. h*l Pe?rl jatrart, corner of Kmoki'ort, agent lor the United I S'atea d1> I re ? re TO SILK MANUb'AOTURKllS AND OTHERS I'D be noli), with immediate pnaeiiion, the b'actoriea, Buildings, end Machinery, wnli water pririlege, aituatt i m Tullaud county, Conoeriicnt, two inilea from Muialirld four Coiuera, and rqualy diitant I twenty-fii e milra) Irom the i cities of Hartford and Norwich, known as the Daleanlle Silk kaetory I The property conilatj of two factonea, one 100 feet by 2J. j two atnries each, of 0 leer uiteh, the ether 30 feet by 30, two to u"i each, of t feet pitch, and wheel honte beneath. Kont I large boarding homes, with an other teneinenti; two <-oinmn I ilium atorea, one of which i* uow doing a profitable buaineaa I Kourgaoil barns, and other oat bnild, and about (0 acre* ol land, well proportioned, consisting of good puaturage, mow tug and wood. The Kectoriea are now, and hare been for eight years, is itceeaifnl operation, and renlete wiih conveniences,posaeistug attperter dye houaa, withateam apparatna, (new and comnlete) alio two acta of machinery, which may be ukeu or not. I u the option of the tinrcharrr. i Toe Water Privilege ia unequalled iu the State, the mtlla ueeer harm* been atopped by the Inngeat drought. All ihe t buildiuga hare been erected within 10 yeara, the greater part within 3 years, at a of $30,000-and are all i i Drat rate re pair jhu cuauuion. There ii great probability of the contemplated New York uid boston Uaii Road passing through the land of (hie ratate, or in its immediate neighborhood, which wuold greatly eo hance ita value Knrtlirr aud fall particulars may he had bv applying to I JUin'r VVHK is S(7NH.t72 Pesilat, IVY. ? TOOTHACHE CURED IN ONE MINUTE, IY the nae of the Clove Anodyne Thu is an eiriillen 'article, and will .ure the moat violent toolhache or pais 10 the guina in one minute. It ia uot uupleaaant to the unie will not iujurn the tci-tli, end elfmts a permanent care. Pre Sired only bv HENRY JOHNSON, chemist and drnggist r3 Broadway iu tho Oranite Building. Hold also at lO'l Vol I ten street. 77 Cast Broadway, and at ( oddmitten's, 34l3 Had 1 son st. Price 2j cents. 1 JC^Farchnaers must beware et spnrioas enmpoanda called Clove Anodyne, intended to deceive the unwary. Ba sere uid ask for the (/love Anodyne prepared by HENRY JOHN SON. and purcbsne only of reapretshle dealers. rt3 ' Vr (>. A. STUTZE'S NEIV FUR STORE-Jutt Ofierud THE ADVERTISER woold hereby reapeetly inform bis frienda and the pnldic, ot hia having opened a new store it Ne. 217 Pearl street, a lew doors from Kolton, where he has constai tly on hand a large and splendid assortment of Mows and Kara of alt daaeriptmna, made op in tbe richest style, and which he is enabled to offer at the lowest prices. O. A. STRIT/E Hatters himself to ba able to givepartieolar satisfaction to those who will favor him with a call, and hopes by hia attention to deserve a share of the public patronage Doo't forget the nnmber, iSt Pearl at. n?S 1m*rr# (3 A ATffTZK. Ksoisr WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE rr7|IK subscribers rnntiiine >n have for aale a fn II aaane. I incut nfif.ilJ andaiWer Watches, of the noil approved makers, which will h? offered at the vary lowest price#, uid warranted correct lima kesprn.l They are constantly rereivrhg the lalaat itylra of fashionable Jewelry of every description. including l 'Id. fob, aud iftierd ehniua; breast pins; ear rings. finger rings, bracelets: head ornaments, U,| silver spoons: fa-ka; hollar knivas ana silver ware, rutinl to coin; gold end silver spectacles, eon try*, eonrei, lie ; French clocks and watches, repaired equal to the original. ACKKKLY & BHIOOH, lit Bowery. I did lm*rh S d,>o:t ehoee Rmirnr itaeet (iENTLEMEN, NO'IIOETHIS) GtK.NT' need n-t be a iiiurce of t lOnb'e tp yog ff any longer, In know where yon can go ad getvoni K eck, D tii or Over ' cars and fants, either e. onusd dyed, a tared and r-paifd a? well aa tarund and relived with new ' uffi, ' ollara, l inings. I nttoua and ftrare for little money St alnrrav, corner Washington afreet la lie ptace where yoo can vet ail yon want done lor the enamng Holidays, withoat diseppnintuvat. Kinase give me a c.ill or send ia? i nora. inrj yen will be wailed on m any ri r-e f'auts and Veat matle fpr SI SO, Coat S" to I; warren.ed to At Oba*rrte the uuin ber is 04 Morr-y street. A LOR' IS" )*. Clo hei Dyed are warranted to keen their eo'nra dH lm ?-? NUNNS * K180HEKZ WOULD call the attentiou of their friends and the public at their Mannfvetory end wareroom. ITS Greenwich | street, to etamlne their eesortment of I'tano Fortes. They lyre the moat fash louable and newest patterns. { N. B. With Coleman's i'aieul Aratian Attachment. ! I (IW lm"rh _ ' K.OUbbELt'6 AMANUhNb, roi tnk rmvnrtni) ci:ii or I CHAPPED IIAP*D8. , THK BUBBCR1BEH, (l-te ..f the firm of P.. Hona.el, 1M , Broadway)?no rt-moval-rcepectfully aolicita trial of | (hi* ariiele, no apprnp'iate to the imiod llpou iu absolute perfection ne il willing to riak the icputatieu of hia eatab. liahmenc. It it warrant** I to cure and prevent clapped I hand*. and in addition to tliis cnmmnniearea to them a health- < fnl aof!n* aa n d whueueaa. The maanfactnier elaima lor hia I | I perfumery a peifm: cinnlit y to the imported, a aaperioiiiy j , ' Irritn ita rreanueaa; there ia, how ever, uo article in this line, ' ei'her fnreign 01 doina attc, winch the ao'iaeriber d >ea not I keep The perfumery of hu former partner, lor many year* , director of the firat laho atorv in (Via, ia certainly unaur I1 paiw4 by the product ol any laboratory in K.utope. an l ia ! ( cold at prices genera'ly JO to 50 per cent cheap-r. He moat 1 ; leipecilully solicits the pitronage pf the eliteofthe metropolis, at the aniae time promising to deaenre i hy trnih and f.ur dealing in all hiatrai aactiona. A. A. b'()H8. late HOl/SSKL'A, 1S? Breadway. Where he will remain nntil farther norlee. I , ^ Every variety of Soapa, Shaving Cieam, Eitreeia,Colognes. I 1 ('osmetics, rcmatutns, he., with an eateuaive aaaorlment of , I'aaora. Hair. Nail, 'I ih tli aud 8h iving Brnahea, Toilet But* llaa^lnnwr amta. lalrtHv forpveeenta. ka di im*r VlfiUB, WHM. ACMELOK'H New invented Wigs and Aealpa,are deeid . dly toegreateat improvement yet intmdnreii in the art > e '1 taking They are ao peifectly roraforteble aa to o <ke the wearer nnconsetons that he has a Wig on . and yet ' ; ,0. "It f" natural ia appearance that they cannot be detect* | td. Mane only by Wai. Bachelor, No. I Wall arreet, near Broadway. A large assortment alwaya ea bead did > K Jk t )RNING, JANUARY 12, 15 AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. THE LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS'. la. it. TELBGRAPH1C. N, ' Senate. Ai.bavt, Jan 11, P. M. Petition* ware |>re*ented to submit ogainto the people, \ the amendments of the New York City Charter. Wi BILL* RIFORTID. To incorporate the Albany and Cohoe* railroad company It leare* to the Senate the question of oooititntional ^ power to paeathe bill. The Senate sent the bill back to the committee to settle that question before they again reported the bill. Senator Barlow promoted a resolution in relation to (<1 the Mexican war, citing the speech of Governor Young, at the lit! session, in support thereof. ' Senator Samboro gave notice of a bill to change the | q, fee* of the regiiter and clerk of New York. 1 *< Tho bill relative to tho distribution of docuraont* and * journals 01' conventions, was recommitted for amend- | merit ol Mr. Hsu. called up hie resolution against the extension Y * 1 VI of slavery. Mr Jovics move 1 a substitute, that strong and manife*t to expediency require us to avoid all subjects calculated to ni thwart the energies of the government j that the quee. tion as to the extension of slavery being tolerated in ter- 1' ritory acquired from Mexico caunot be properly settled '' by treaty, bnt must be left to tho respective government*, I Their first duty ves to prosecute tho war vigorously, as 1 w the most rffeotual means to secure a peace, which tho 01 anti-slavery provision would retard. No action taken. t( All the mutter in the Governor's message wee referred j to the committees, which Talcott debates I . i el Assembly. h A petition we* presented from Onondagt, to subject n New York city to the license law. A bill was presented to provide an outfit for tho Now (j Yoik Volunteers. It was road a third time. ?? Mr. Bloss opposed the bill. He laid that the war had ^ been declared by tho United States, who had made no ^ suitable provisions to carry it on. The State had voted $00, as a matter of actual na. K oessity to enable the volunteer* to proceed. Ql The committee will bo appointed before tho H ouse ad. tb journs. #' No question taken on the volunteer bill. I The following standing committees were then ap- 3" pointed : ? IKeys and Meant ?\Vright, T. Smith, Blodgett, Per. { kin*, J. L j Canals?Cornwall Carpenter, Sage, Hitchcock, Biker. * Judicial>y Burnell, Shumway, Poole, Balcom, Deve- a Hn, Kenno, Fland?re. H Railroadt -Learetie, Newman, Wiight, Maxwell, Hodg. on. I Rankt? Hadley, Croaby, Dowitt, Maxwell, Gallop. Tradt?McFarlan, Butnck, Upham, Van Valkenburgh- ^ Candee. ft Slate Pritena?Ratbbun, Gould, McFarlan, Hadley, Walsh Militia? Fullerton, Hubbard, McDouall, Morgan, Eowia. b New Bhuniwicb. N. J , Jan 11,1847. I Fi. tmm'i BalL As ohureh going ia a habit with me, which you will rj arer i? not a bad habit, I was unablo to give you before U this the partioulara of the Bremen's ball, Phoenix Com- ttl pany, No. 8, which came cff on the 8th inst. 1 always p seek to attend church where the most and prettiest girls ta pay thair adoration, and am not very far behind them in , w ottering my vows. Thst my praotice squares with my I t|, faith, In carrying out my oreed, as Just avowed, others, i w from long and close acquaintance, will testify. But do ? not suppose me indifferent to good preaching; I hear aar- j c( raoni that can nuly improve the intellect, as they please T the taste, and it is my own fault and loss, if they do not ' " " mend the morals and improve the heart." The place selected for the ball was the City Hall. | it Thsro were about two hundred present, and it was pe- I *' culiarly gratifying to us to meet so many respected ? friends; they are a brave company of young men, and de- j c< strviner af pcn?rlal nolin?. Hiin.K m mr.mna maw nnt Jn ! f( " "" y""r " """" """ ? 1U lu deed, be exactly to the taite of the item and unflinching m moralist, the retailer of tone aphoriim and sage pruden- . N tial saws and maxima. I *' One to whom amooth-rmbbed louli can cling, Nor form, nor feeling, great nor amall; Tl A reasoning, self-sufficient thing? , 0j An intellectual all-in-all. I But for ourselvea. we think there ia no harm in such : tl aaioclationa, for OoJ made ua all not to beaunkendown in apiiita, hut to be Joyous, happy, and do ell we can to A make the heat of life. Besidea, auch intermingling! ai aoften down the aaperitiee of mortals, end aerve to p< unite heart and aoula In common brotherhood. ; '* Indeed, we lore to see our fiienda happy and n< cheerful?it ia a token ef good disposition?and ia a j fr proof that the world lia? io atore for ua pleaauroa and i hi joyous acenea. of which we may be partaken if we are tr willing. We would not giro a penny for that pereeu ai who. linking under lifo'e miafortunee, never looke up to th be bleated w ilh the aun of heppineaa, but who, travelling le through life,groans et every etep, and felle over every m trial, crushing bis spirits. w* stepped in early, and al- of though we did not feel well, ao far at real n ortality waa w concerned, our heait wsa in the right place, and al- , ha ways i? on such occasions The gentlemanly managers Ti did every thing they cuulil to please, and they certainly tii succeeded, for all seemed happy and good nature ! ? th iJinjrle'a Hand, of your city, discoursed moat delicioua th mnaic, aa usual Hu ia a fine fellow, and makes Iriende in vthoreverba goes. Company A was well represented, j ro and we noticed some ol (he members ol No. A, and No I. | ca lien 8 h Capt U ty. ex-Alderman of the 8th i 81 ward, Foreman V 1, and eon of Oen. 8., teemed to | w secure happiness to themselves hy making othera happy am .ii I them Mr. P t, Wm. T er, (f. C er, R C.H m, J F an, W. R no, W. H. H m.J. P 1. all of which seemed to be favorites among the , Plight eyes. Monsieur R r, of your city, waa pre- , sent, to whom we bad the pleasure of an introduction.- 1,11 Soma went home early, but the major part went home "under escort." The room waa richly decorated with Ai gorgeous mirrori and coatly paintinga, which we should more particularly notice had we apace and time g,. But it waa the enohanting and fascinating women present that made the evening flow away like a glorious . stream. It would bo impossible for ua to do Justice to aft. "Bright arms wreathed lightly And tressae fell free? re Like the plumage of birds , Sa From a trophies! trae." ; na The beautiful Miaa L er of Tateraon, seemed a , queen of luve end beauty, her dark hair waa arranged hn with teste, her step, free and elastic?and tier voice like | le the low murmur of a finest water-fall. 8he waa accom I tei paniad by Mr. T or, of New York. Mlse H ?ty of i w, your city, waa complimented very highly for her good j dancing, and seemed to attract the eyo of mora than one. . The heautifnl Mils W imt, and tha admired Miss ' J B?on, attracted all ejea. MisaJ on, Miss B ey, * Miss S an. and Visa C k, are worthy of particular , notice 'I he two Misses P v*? were present, and dia- , appointed many, who thought tfiey would not mingle in ; the deuce Mia. II no would have been an honor to | ih-i ft ret European drawing-room Mia H m ought | P" not to I a lurgottsn. The two Vlisfea W o's, of your city, showed hy their sty le of daucing to hu no strangers , ins tlMl'.-rOOm. Miss V if SIS had in lhtrn.ln?ii..t. - ' tt n't n?i In hope* we might have had the plaaiure ot her <1u hand m a dunce, but alie appeared to be well aupplied I ' Two little nonpareil creature*, one ihe daughter ol ex- { Alderman H . were a* free and jovou* a* gazelle*. Tber* , ,ti arer* other* too, bright, henntiiul, and gloiloui, but who , he sen dairriha theml |,li The table groaned with eatable* el every de- yi icription The table, in all it* parte, wa? to thy of mine hott, ? darn* We think that worthy diaclple of pirnrea. could hi* far-*eeing, r ght acanning vjtionhave " :ont>ed ever the couriea, a hich compoaed the midnight ' ;oll*tion. much a* he might have enjoyed the tread to rli -niitic in the hall below, would have capped the climax T; if rapture, by canfeaiing the dining aaloon. lor a briel , hour'* apace, " a little heaven above." The tarkie*. gi' in.l chicken* were " cut up" by experienced hand*. Ice ;ream, cold a* thewoild'a giudgiug charity, could not i ?f lava Paelf from the melting influence around It. Oyateia jM in ahnndanoe. The cake might have wiabed itaelf dough, | i* matter of aafety. Cold bam, made hot with mu.taid, ; ' was a decried favorite, t otlee, the beat of mocha, arid tea, from the garden of the brother* of the ann, ant l -otuin O' the moon, i he Kmperorof ( hi or run current thi n flowing cup*. 1 h-> pnrty tepara'ed about five in the J *< morning and retired to dream of tlirir hope* and tear*, ho Sic IrMfll (luriaaaafi" li. C. W. mi N B The City Guard* Ball i* to come ofl'on th* Itih *u ?f Kehiuery, and will, no dotP't. be a grand vfTiir. Alto, one to enmn olf on iho 19th of <hi? month If I c u attend ril you rhall have more of the H'l of New flmnawlck (I1I Political Intelligence. The Leglatature of Iowa made an unaticcetcfttl at- I tempt to elect United State* Senator* on the IMhof Dec. _ The vote en joint ballot a'ood n* followr:?t home* Wit- Lt ion,38; J. McCartv. 9!>; O. C R. Mitchell 1 Tbo I.e- U gitlatnre then adjourned until the lourth day of Jariu- de ry, ! th< The dem.icrata of Little Delaware are mekinc great pl< preparation* to colehreto the inauguiatton of ihe Hon. Win Tl.erp, which fako* place on the thiid Turadey cf , Ihl* month at the cepitol of the State 3P The New Jaraey Laglalatnra meet* et Trenton to-day An United Stetea Senator I* to bo choeon et thia aeaaioa. 1 M I ERA *47. NAVAL AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, Ac. Ac. PCNIAC0L4, Dm. ft*, IM4. M?? from the Gulf Squadron?Jneurrection at Green Turtle Key?The Lou of th* Somen? Seeret Expedition of Commodore Perry, \r. II v the arrival hare veit.rJav oftha IT. #. ahln Pntiv MS, Captain Vulick, in seven days from Anton Lizardo, s are put In possession of the followibg new* from the n?.Iron in the Oulf:? The Raritan (flag ship), the (loop of war John Adams, are (hip Relief, steamer t'etrita. and a number of little izee captured at Tamplco; alio the bark John Barnes* am New Orleani, with small (tore*, kc , for (ale to the |U*<lron, wore all lying at Anton Lizardo. The Princeton had taken the place of the loit brig So" era in the blockade of Vera Cruz. The Fnglish steamer from Havana had arrived at Vera ruz, with (Jen La Vega and hia suila on board ai passogers. 'nnunodore Perry had gone on an expedition of a secret iture with the ((camera Mississippi and Vixen and the in-boats Bonlta and Petrel?probably to take possession r Laguna, and blorkuile more effectually 1 lie rouit of ticatan?perhapi to take another look at Tabaaco or Alirado. The result of a court of inquiry held on board the Po>nnuc,. to investigate the cause ol the loia of the unlortu ite little Somen, in underttood, in the squadron, to have itultedinthe complete acnuittal of her gallant comlander, Lieutenant He mines. Irom all ihadow of blame, he remnant of her crew (aix or eight in number) who rilted on shore, are atill in captivity amcng the Mexi ina. A amall schooner, which was captured at Tainpico. as driven ashore and lost on Green island, ina noither, n the night of 10th. She wae commanded by Lieuten ut Window, who, with his entire crew, we are happy i say, were saved. Newt of importance was icsrca in the squadron, tere being much dittculty in communicating with tha lore, since the French midshipman's imprisonment, lor aving in poiseasion a newspaper from Commodore Conor to a gentleman in the city of Vera Cruz Our otters now seldom get hold of a Mexican journal. The Potomac bai returned here for water and provions, she having distributed her's among the other veslis ol the squadron. The sloop-of-war Albany, is pronounced A No. 1, by sr commander, Capt. Breose. She sails lor tho tquadiii to-morrow. By the arrival, at this port, this rooming, of tjio ihuoner Queen Pomaie, Snow, we learn that an FngUeh booner arrived at Key West, a lew days ago, bringing 'ty white passengers from Green Turtle Key, (one ol ie Bahama* ) who had fled for their lives, iu consequence Ian insurrection ol the free negroes of that island. The U S s,-booner Oivka-hy-ea, Lieutenant Berrymn, rom this port, had arrived at Key West, on the 7th ult. NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. rue .>avai court to enquire into the loei or the U. 8 loopof-wnr Boston, concluded the examination ol Lieut 'hatcher, on Wednaaday, and then proceeded with the lamination of Lieut Moeller Lieut llaggerty'a exinitiation wu concluded on Thursday. Acting .Master Lolando was examined on Friday. The U. 8. frigate Cumberland, and sloop-of-war !"nra>ga, were towed upto the Navy Yard, Norfolk, on the in iost., by tbn U. 8. steamer Engineer. The propeller steamers Ocean and Ashland, which ave been chartered by the United States (Jov.-rmneut. rill leave Philadelphia to-day with govemmri t stores >r Tampico. ____ MILITARY AFFAIRS. (From tee Washington Union, Jan. 9 I We understand that no despatches of any importance ave been received et the War utrteo this evening. AFFAIRS in TKZAS. [From the Houston Telegraph, Dec. 31 ] Some idea ol the advantages that our citisens have devad from tbe German colony, may be formed Irom tho ict, tbat it is estimated that upwards of one hundred and Ity thousand dollars have been expended by the jlonists this season, for transportation, corn, cattle, dec I is estimated thut these colonists hare introduced into re State not less than ooe million of dollars iu speoie ithin the last three years. We regret to learn that much ill feeling exists between ie new settlers on the Upptt Trinity and the colonists ho have located undor the contract of (Jen. Mercer ? lie former consider the contract of General Mercer MdttUalt and, consequently will not admit that " his >lonisli?* have any legal title to the lands they occupy, he hot Jets ol soldier's scrip and beudrigbt claims, dir. igtiding the Meicer contract, are locating on tho lands nareced within its boundaries as upou vacant territory. fo sro confident tliat the contract of Mercer will be, if already hat not been, forfeited, but we do not believe ty of these settlers who have located in that territory, ill be disturbed by locations subsequently made. ? van il tha pjinlrnAf of VUrcnr shA.. 1A J #i... jlonikt* vvlio have settled in good faith under il,und who imoiu in poeieuion ofibo land* they claim will, doubtiii, be allowed by the government to hold the land* to hich they would have been entitled if hi* contract had sen fulfilled. The new tettler*, who have located >ldier'* claim* and headright* in that territory, may to be allowed to hold theee lend*, provided they do not icluda ha land* of actual lettlera We *ee, therefore ery little ground for ill will on the part of eithar the Id or now tettler*. There i? room enough In the colony ir both to locate their claim* without interfering, in te leant, with each other. W# aotice that aeveral of the letter-writer* with the rni y aaaert, thtt the baie oi the future operation* of the rtuy will he ut Tampico; or at the higheit Lavigahlo aint on the r*nuco. 11 they, like (Jen. Scott, had been ktudying the kouthorn route* ot Mexico," they would Dt have mane au a*?erti?n te utterly absurd The route om Tumpico to the table land* of the interior u a mere ndle path, the wagon* and artillery carriage* cannot be aoiported by thi* route, unle** they are taken to piece*, id t arried on the hack* of pack mule*. On the route to e capital by Monterey and Saltillo, there 1* en excelut wagon road, and all tne baggago aitiilery, and ilitary (tore* of tha army can be conveyed to the oity Mexico by thi* route, a* well a* upon any of the great son road* ol the L'nion. II (Jen. Taylor ahould turn ick and commence a new plan of operations at impice, ho would commit a blunder that might require ree moir b* to repair. The main army can proaecuta a campaign with tenfold effect, bathe great road on .. >.1.1. I...I. r j -I. II- ?? ? 1 o i?irin iouu* li vlit niiuuw vu tlVJIICQ, (IIIU UCOUM 1)0 TO forced by detachments of light troops, by the Tempico ute.Just at the point where the Mexicans ran con nitrate a large force Irom the populous district around in Louis PoioM.snd consciiuently wb*ra icinfoicements ould be most needed. Varieties* Tbe house of Qeorgo Murritts, cf Henderson Townip, Huntingdon County, was destroyed by lire on the ght of the 39th, with neatly all its contents. The cold weather seems to have set in eery generally. Ivices from all parts, state that it is freezing cold. Marietta Callage, Ohio, has sixty students; the acadsf connected with it 117. A bill has been reported in the Virginia House of Delates, providing for the divorce of Win. R. kMyers. up, from bis wile Virginia. Petitions are in circulation for the incorporation of Bycute as a city, to include the neighboring village of lina and perhaps Oeddes It is proposed to change the mo irom nyracute to Balina. A lad named McMillin, residing at Beaver, Ta , got dd of his father's musket which was loaded, and planting It playfully at the bead of a littl - girl, the daughr of Mr Adams, pulled tbe trigger. The whole charge as buried In the child's brain, and she died instantly. The exports of domestic produce from Savannah, durt the two yoars ending Oct. 1st, IS46, amounted to *113.186. Mr Joseph Edwards, his son and two nephews, wera it hunting a short distance from Bellair, Pa., and whilst irtiedly pursuing a rabbit, Mr. K 'a gun being cocked' snt off, killing his son utmost instantly, and seriously otliiding his two nephawf, one of whom has since bad aim amputated. Mr. Adsmi is very anxious to reach Washington, and ia with great difficulty his physician can ksep him lieted. He may tie in his seat before the cleae of the tun. Mr. Auguatue Niaholaon, wai knocked down in the eeta o( Baltimore on Hit'inlny, by <m? highway rob. ra. Ha aaved wbat ba bad. howevar. Aoaie y?ar? ago i hrother wai waylaid in lika manner, and roblied of 0.000 F.vary ward in nttaburg gave a majority agalnat the la of liqnora! Tba total majority in the oity waa 1014. 1. A. f'ono, ol Rocheater, N. Y., charged with eiubering fQ 000 of hia employer*! fundi, haa Iteen at retted in pier co , Va. rhe hand of the foiled Htatea frigate Cumberland are ring conoeita at Norfolk, Va. rhe Salrm Untitle, of Friday, noticea alt Area, none tbem of much coneeqtiauce, which took plaru there it week Four of the in ate attributed to inrendiurlev kmong the aaiociate Jtidgea lately ap|>ointed hy the giilaiure of Ohio ia Mr. Ftp ge! L'ouk'a woollen nulla in Preaton took flro and burned to a giound on the Sib inwt. '1 he Are took place in the ;ond loft, but when Jiecoverad, had gained too much adwar to be got under. Nothing waa raved Irom the II. Katltnated loat. $7 OOti on which waa *3,MO inranee at the .Ktna Office, Hartford. Rev ( aleb Htroig, paator of the American Freabytein Church, of Mnutieal. died .In that city ou the 1th it. The people of Lowell have determined to have all tha no of their Mayor, and have therefore ral ed hia mlary *1,000 [Richard M. Yowo (formetly n Senator of the nittul .State*) hue been appointed by tlio I'resint of the United etatee, with the adviro and nonaeiit of a Heimta, to he Cnmuiiaaioner of the Land Office, In ice of Oeneral Hbielde.?Aai hit .Ian 11. t'onrt Calendar?Thle Day. f ommor f'Li.a'a, P?av 1-109, 41, Ml, 17, 103, 10#, 06, Id,101. Pear 3 ?70. 1## 172, 110,196, 190, 014, M0, OM, 5?4, , 190, 174,178, 000,108. 1 LD. Pile* Two Cutti Further particular* of the dleaatroua Flood In Ohio. [From the Cincinnati Gazette, 6th inat ] Account* received from variou* point* on the canal repreient that the damage though diaaatroua, 1* not irro pariun. aciih eieruoDi lire midDK "long uie Hot la Indiana to rails means to Mt about ths repairs. Laborer* are now abundant, and can be had at low wage* ? Mr. Parker, president of the corporation, ha* gone to Indianapoii* to iclicit the sid of the Legislature. The less will fall heavy on the pork packer* at Cambridge, Urookville, Laurel and Connersville, as all the pork in that quarter will have to be wagoned to market. The damage on the Ohio branch of the canal i* also large. The embankment near Harrison, which i* about 90 feet high, is totally washed away, for one third of a mile This will have to be rebuilt and walled up. The feeder dam across the Whitewater river was in great jeopardy at the last accounts, and it was thought that it could not stand. Should it give way, the canal cannot be put in use in less than eight mouths, as it oan he rebuilt only in warm westber, and when the water is low The embankment has also given way in many places, and it is thought that twenty live to thii ty thousand dollar* will be required to out the canal in navigable order this side of the Indiana line. A friend who has Just passed through Delswsre. Randolph and Wayne counties, Indians, on horseback, reports to us that tho Whit* and Whitewater rivers were higher than tbsy hare hitherto been known to bo by from eighteen inches to two feet. The amount of oorn, hay, ; bogs, fc.0 , that has be?n lost, is immense. 'the whole country was inuuda'ad. Nearly all tha bridge* are gone, and the road* in every direction par| tially submerged The only way he and hia companion could possibly get over several of the creeks was by swimming their horses. The Whitewater cunal ia said to he very aeriously damaged Irom Cumbndgn to Laurel. The amount It will cost to put it in the ssnm condition it was in before tha ' flood. c*rm.?t now be estimated BrUbtwell's dim at Richmond ia gone. This was a woik erected at a very heavy expense I A* our friend pssssd through Oarrtown, in But'.er i comity, the people were hunting for the body of a negro who was drowned, with bia team ol three horses. The I horses belonged to Mr. Marshal lof that place. uu twuraay toe porthotise of Mr Banford Lakay, at '' Cambridge, while partially inundated wai destroyed by j Are It contained a large quantity of meat said to belong I to a Cincinnati ertabliahment A canal boat loaded with wheat, belonging to a Cincinnati miller, waa alto buret. Our friend atatoa that at Hamilton order* had been given by the aulhoritie* preventing all peraona from driving or riding over the bridge that crosses the Miami. Ouly peraona on foot wore permitted te paa*. They were momentarily oxpectiug the bridge to fall. A dia'iller north of Hamilton loat between 400 and 600 bega, by his pena being waahed away, i A gentleman down from Harriaon laat evening, atataa that both abutroenta ot the dam thara wara gone, and alto l oth guard locka on the Whitewater canal and tha Cincinnati branch. The dam waa hourly axpected to go. Fourteen milea above Harriaon the guard locka of the Whitewater canal were gone, and BOO yarda of embankment bad been washed away. The repairing of tha damage done at these two polnta, it it aaid, will require about three monthe time. Not much other injury waa done !>?low UrookviUa [Krom tha Cleveland Herald, Jan 0 1 We unueratand Pie biidgea.aix or aeven in number, have been swept away between thia city and Akron, ami one acrosa tbe Cuyahoga near Troy, (Jeauga county. Two bridgea over Rocky River, between Olmatead and the mouth, have hoen swept awoy, and soma 40 feet of the bridge near tbe mouth is gone Tbe bridge will probably be repaired in a few days, and light teams now cross by ferry. The express from the West had a narrow escape The horses were led safely acroes tbe bridge, and while two men were taking the express wagon across, the alarm waa given that the bridge waa falling The man at thn tongue just succeeded in reaching terra Jinan as the kri.l.. '.II k. k. r. ,1 kl_. fk. ? .?m i^miuu in-ii. iuc ?ib|uu uuu mau puixun|f It were left on the stauding pert The Columbus street bridge over the Cuyahoga la in a veiy precarious condition. Bridges uninjured east of this city on the Buffalo road and on the Pittsburgh road. An extra trom the Daily Day Ionian, Jan ft, says, the public works have net received as much injurv by the great freshet as was supposed. The greatest loss was the aqueduct across the Miami. It adds After making extensive inquiries, as regards the loss sustained by our bu.iness men we do not believe that it is near as large as has been supposed. Everything at prosent weaia a duinil and injured look. .North, the roads are at present impassablo. The Day ton Jidvtriittr gives the following list of the sufferers, on the lino of the canalD. Bicklord, hoot and shoemaker; Jemes A. Wallers, druggist; H. Good'tavern keeper; Estabrooks A I'hclpi, grocers ; B. Gilbert, do.; U Jackson, do ; James Greer, stove etore and foundry; C. Thompson A Hons, stove store; O. C. Davie, iron store; Oiin Wiley, stove store; John Rouen pork house; Hwayne'a Hotel; Chambers A Harries suffeied some lose at their warehouse on Kirst street; Onatavua E. IIaires, stove and tinware stoie; Win. Davie, pork house; E. Brown A Son, iron and giocery store; Pruden Is Smith, do; Wm Kirams, lumi er merchant; John, | Collins Wilght, do. loss $1600; James llnalan. de ! Morruou, boat builder; Doylo V Dickey lo*t a quantity ol lumber and to'ne 200 hbla of salt C. Forer, Montgomery Home. Swain k Mead luflerod but little; W. k K. Ketabrook, bail 4tX)bu*hs ol flax aecd atored in a lower lloor at tbe baain, and J.Clegg k Co , 7304 buihele of eaino in the lower itory of the Montgomery Houae building, which mnat bu considerably damaged; Jamei k Edward Nmith, had a luge qu.nt.tyul cotton in atore, | which wua covered by water; 11. k P. Peaie have loat 300 buahela wheat aud 10*10 buabela thip atuff; Mr Conger, from Detroit, hai loet about 30,00o ft pine lumber; Weaternman k Htout, iron foundry: W k F, Kttabrook, oil mill; Joe * legg k Co., do ; A. k Crawford, peg and luat manufactory. Movements of Traveller*. The amount ot err,veil yeaterday at the principal hotela. waa Dronortionod to th? arvmltv oi ih> which ha? occaMoned all torti of impedmieuta to mora j mcuta by land or water, and deranged rotiir<|uently tha ! regular bfrummodation lor travelling to and ftoai tha city. A?naic*w.?George Harvey, Brooklyn; Druho Cialg, Philadelphia; W. Pugh, N.C; J. Dondley, Cincinnati, C. Thonipaon, A Railcy, tiovtnu. a?tob ?J. 1'atterioo. i'hilad; i. Sanford, Now Haven; | J. i lam, Hrattlctxtro', VI; Dr. Haley, S C; T. Seton, do; i J I'aikhurat. Bait; W. tValiey, N. J; II Houthany, Ills Janeiro, A Laugdon, Boston; J Snider, Phtlad, J. H. Mitchell, do. Uirv?J. Koater, Quoga, L.I; W.N. Stewart, Phlla delphia; W. H. Neville, Mohiie; O. McClany, rhiladel|?h a; Ueorge Klllotl, New Haven I Danf'orth, I'aterson, N. J.; J. W. Tompkini, Westchester to; C M Carter, Norwich; H. Houghton, I'hila ; J. Hotterell, do; Charlea Daly, New Vork;C. Currier, Portsmouth; IL C. Seymour, Piennont. llowsau ?R. I.ippincott, Philadelphia; Thomas <?oold, Boston; Hon J. T Howard, l.iyville L. I; W. Her ton, Savannah, (J. Itsakin, Brunswick. H M Hacker, Philadelpuia;J. W Hmith, Baltimore, J. Newbold, Philadelphia; T. P Dixon, (Heucove Jt'usoif?8 Robinson, Providence; W. iianford, Phlla; Lt. Oeorges, U. 8. A , 8. II Robinson, Providence. United Mates District Court* Before Judge Uatta. Ja"?. II.? 7*1* Unittd Statii vi Wa Hr?ry fPiiser. William Henry Wisner, the person charred with robbing the mail at Port Jervis, was arraigned on two indictments, to both of which he pleaded guilty. The United mates' District Attorney read both Indictments, chsrging the prisoner with taking a letter from the United States mail, at Port Jarvis. containing a bill of exchange, address#.! to tho firm of Jennings It Co , New Yoik. The other indictment charged him with purloining a letter containing two notes of JS? ThnCovtr enquired if the pleas of guilty were put In under the a ivies of the prisoner's counsel. M r. WaniM r replied in the affirmative, and that it was also the recommendation ol tha prisoner's family; that he had nothing to say, except a hope that his youth aod previous good character, would be tsked into consideration. He had no affidavits, but the District Attorney knew the lacts to be so. Mr. Da rtKS statod to the Court, that the confession whs entirely voluntary, and emanated from the prisoner himself and his counsel, without any communication with the public authorities. It was hut right, however, to state, thnt there were other ehirgea ag * Inst the prl sonor, on which bills hud nyt been sent to the llrand Jury, and it was |>oisihle the prisoner might have been induced to plead guilty, to avoid other indictments. He believed the statement as to tha nrisoner's character, to be oorrect. There was Hnotber circumstance neoceaery for the Court to know, that, in consequence of tbo disclosure* made by the prisoner, soma ton or twalra hundred dellars would bo restored to tne owner*. Judge Rar ra tai<l he would I ok into the law, and dispose of the prisoner in a day or two. The prlaoner waa then remanded _____ ('nmt iifCcnrral Bastions. Before Recorder Hjoit, and Aldermen Roberta and I'appsn Jonna ft rinllipv r 'l . District Attorney, ad Interim. Jsv. II.?y.iwrj (iom/win Jfcyuitted.?On opening ur he Conit thla morning, A. D. Kutaeil, Keq , addre?aed the jury in behalf of tha aocuaed; and Jonas B. Phillips, Esq., oil the part of (he people. The rase waa the* submitted to tne Jury, who, alter e rety brief absence, came into < ourt and rm leted n verdict of not guilty, tin motion of counsel the prisoner tu then discharged from I custody. Trial far (Jread /.orceny?A t lermtn by the name of Krodenck Bricknor, woa then pieced at the bar for trial, ori a charge of stealing a boa containing a gold watch, and sundry article* of jewelry, alleged to he worth 17*. from a trunk belonging to a fallow countryman, while stopping at e hoarding house in Albany sti set, on New Year's nay. The testimony on the pert of the people falling to connoct the piiaonei with the transection, he wes acquitted by the Jury, under the direction of the Court FANCY BOXES AND CORN I COPIA5, SUITABLE (or Confection*n, for Christmas ami New Yeai's presents A Iniaa sssortaieet of these snides.? Also, colored peprra of ell Binds, may l?a foaed, ?ud will he sold bv wholesale and retail, at rraaonabla prices, at the ma uuiactory of k BODItN. 71 Fulton st. upstairs. N It - WcdC wv-c ihs Beset on hand, or Usst to order dJ lm*r MUSPh NDKK.H FOR EXPORT. 'I'HHEK thonsend doscn Patent corregs'cd dasperdere. JL ad?pred t? fhs Mfiictii iuH Sonth Aineriftn, m wsll r.t domain** trs find w?rraut?d to uttad onsllerisd by ijr i climtrs. Kot tale b/tll* iti>n?fc?tEfEf and owner of th# ' pfl'sntt _ . . 1 rtiai HUR VCR M. DAY, * Coartlaud* street.

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