Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 17, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 17, 1847 Page 2
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a*vA 1 ,D, | ?y. J ? unary 17. I** 7. A ewe fruin Utxlciti All the mads, Willi the detail* of the lite news from the city of Mexico and the *cat of war, ate in, and we have taken some pains to compile the interesting portion of the intelligence for our readers These d-tails are given on the outside of this day's Hualtl. Tue Kmente between fllr. Wise and tike Brazilian Government. We published yesterday an account ol an emeute reported to have takun place between the Hon. Heury A. Wise, the American Minister, and tbu Brazilian Government, in relatieu to the imprisonment 01 an American sailor, and the arrest of one of our navy olticers; which ,in tbe ubrencc of authentic and ollicial information, presents a bad omen for a continuance of the amicable relations that have sj long existed between the two countries. We are inclined to think, however, that the accounts of this unpleasant, and deeply to be lamented affair, are very much exaggera'ed in the newspapers, from tho fact that they state that a resolution was offered in the upper house of the Braz han parliuinOM, to expell Comnmdore Rosseaufrom the coast of Brazil in s x hours, where it passed, but that it was vetoed in the other house ; whereas the Brazilian Parliament, as it is here allod, was not in session at the time when this rer ution is reported to hnve been offered. This is amply sufficient to deprive these reports of their worst features; and when we take oiher matters into consideration, we arrive at the conclusion that the unpleasant affair amounts t o but very little, and can be settled by nego'iation in a manner satisfactory and honorable to bo'h countries. Tnese matters, first, the sympathy that exists between Brazil and the United States, and the respect and confidence with which that country has invariably regarded the United States; and, second, the fact that the present minister of Foreign Affairs or ?eIoretary of State, has held a position in the foreign department for a period of thirty years, ai d is the last man in the world to bring his countrv info d ffl lllfv llflth ariu fnraiim IVt. iri|( tliis long time of pubic service he h isearn- 1 el a character for moderation, sagacity, and far-sigited statesmanship, that entitles him to the confidence of his countrymen as well as of foreigners. We are inclined t? believe from these fac s, that the official account ot the matter will put it in a more agreeable light. ! , Apart from the question of right and wrong, wo < would sincerely regret any interruption of good f ebng between Brazil and the United States, on ' t'se score of policy. There has existed for years p ist a bond of union, as strong as a bond can be between a kingdom and a republic, between us, w li?s been drawn tighter and closer, by the g-atuitous efforts of the British people and government to interfere in tiieir domestic institutions, a (1 compel the Braz linos to abolish slavery tioVtn vj'cps at thi it command. That interference aliena te<l nil the go- d feeling that had previously existed between the people of the two countries, and pre- ( s-mted the United States as the only country of j influence and power, that they could look up to. The evidence of this flattering state of things we gather from the tone of their substantial men, w ho invariably point to the United States as a model worthy of being copied in every respect, and from the debates in their legislative meetings, where the act? of onr Congress are cited and respected as authority?as a safeguard for their own !??L'i<k1a )inn __n? a Knor??n 1?? state might be navigated with salety. We await the appearance of the otiicial accounts of ihe matter with some interest. Value or Gun Cotton to the United States. ?We perceive by an advertisement in today's Jkruld, that Messrs. C &- F. Lennig, of Philadelphia, have purchased of Professor Schoonborne, the inventor of gun cot on, the exclusive right to manufacture that article in the United Slates, 1 and that they will be prepared to till all orders by the middle of February next. We are infotmed that this enterprising house will conduct this new branch of their business on a most extensive scale, and will commence it with the determination of producing an article that for cheapness, explosive power, and cleanliness, will be in every respect superior to gunpowder, and will take the place of that article in our army and navy,as well as among con'ractors on rail roads, and sportsmen. The article prepared by Professor Schocnborne, is very ditferent from any that has been made in this country thus far. What has heen manufactured here is only an imperfect imitation?merely explosive cotton?the other is real gun cotton, and not liable to the insurmountable ol?j-ctions that have been raised against the common explosive cotton. It s a remarkable fact that all the inventions in ' science, arts, and mechanics, that have been made within n few years, have had a tendency directly to bent*fit the United S ates more than any other country. The large extent ol our vast , country, together with our immense inland seas and navigable rivers, enabled us to profit more by steam and electricity than any other country. 1 This last one of gun cotton, although the benefits i. will confer upon us may not be so great as those arising lrom the others, will yet be of infinite advantage to us. Those who | have maUc a computation of the quantity of cotton tlicy will probably consume in the manufacture, to supply the demand of ! the United States, set it doarnattwo hundred and fif y thousand bal s annually, which would give a great impetus to cotton planting in the southern States. The increased demand lor this staple from Europe will not probably be so great, butevcn this it iscomputed will rcaclioncliundred t limoanil li.ih'n- maliinu in oil on ,............I -in f ,.1 U.I, nil liivi^accu lie maud for cotton of three hundred and fifty thousand bales, in the course of a few years. This will noon increasing through all time. A1 hough the ' ttimate ol the demand for cotton for supplying the United States with this new ex plosive material seems larg t at first sight, we do n* lhmk it unreasonable. There is a vast amount of gun power used in the construction of railroads and canals, in blasting rocks; and we kuow that an immense amount is used in sporting, and in the manufacture of fireworks. The amount used for sporting purposes is almost be* yond cal;ulati n. Every farmer, and fanner's s?n in the land has a gun or rifle, which is in | almost continual use. To supply all these demands,will, of course, ske an immense quantity of co ion It follows, then, that the United States will profit more by this discovery than any other country. It mskes very lit le diirerence whether it be an old or a now invention News from Europe.?The ?t*a nihip Hibernia Will be due at Boston on Wednesday next. She ' l?lt Liverpool on the fiih inst., and is, therefore, in hor twelfth day. If no packst ship arrives mean. I while with news, the H. will bring a month later ! intelligence from all parts of buro|*e. Military ?The Hon. Caleb Gushing, once a member of Congress, then special minister to China, and now a member of the Massachusetts Legislature, was elected on Friday last Colonel of tho Massachusetts Kr gimentol Volunteers. Mails for Kurovk?Tho packet ship Votksi.ire, Captain Hailey, sailed yesterday noon for Liverpool. She carried ont a very large mail, a arge cargo, and nineteen cabin passenger*. Arrstas ie Michiosw? Governor Fed of Michigan, 1 has delivered his annual message I' divided to the ?ubject of common schools in the St. ., andsaye'the laws on the subject of coaimou achcul*, it is believed are such, when faithfully executed, as generally to secure in u manner highly satisfactory, the groat lutere>ts of education " The Governor comidaina of the want of punctual attendance on the part of the scholus.and deliciuecy in the qualifications of teachers " It is difficult to say what method, if any, of a public character, should be adopted to raise the standard of excellence in this important department," says Gov Kelcb, but he cannot refrain from recommending it to the consideration of thu Legislature, as a subject in which the ioterests of the public are deeply involved 1 he number of students in the University of Michigan is 70 The faculty consists of seven prolecsors. In this institution, every citizen of the State is entitled to the benefits of a liberal education without charge. " During the year ending cn the last day of October, 40 convicts were received in the State prison. #0 wete discharged, 3 escaped, ond 1 died The number re-_ m iming at the date last meet oned, was 122 " Agreeable to the direction ol the Legislature, the Governor has within the year made selection for the Sbite, of 6 920 acres of land in the upper peninsula. The choice was made with reference to the value of the particular locations lor mineral wealth. These selections and appiopriatioiu have not yet received the confirmation of the Secretary of the Treasury of the Unitrd States, although all similar selections heretofore made, have received such confirmation ' Deducting the quantity of the abovo mentioned selections fr m the unlorated portions of the 600 COO acre grant for internal improvement purposes, there remain to be located only 1.676 16 100 acres." It is recommended that application be made to Congress for authority to sell the salt spring lands?an act of Congress being necessary to aufhoiue such salo. Id relation to the leases, executed by the Secretary Of War, of the mineral lands of Michigan, the Governor complain* of the injustice of the system, and say* that hi* opinion, that theie lenes were made without autbori tv, ha* been "auctioned by the highest functionaries the general government, "it i*," lay* he, "of the ?>tmoit importance to evoid in time the evils which must necessarily attend thi* nnuiual disposition of the public domain " Sale* in fee at moderate price*, and to actual settler*, i* recommended as beit calculated to subserve the general welfare. A revision is recommended, of the law passed at the lest session of the Legislature, providing for the organisation of four counties in the mineral region The law is found to he imperfect in i'e provision*. and requires revision. By the present law Isle Rosal is not c ?mpiis?d within the limits of any county, 'neither are th contiguous water* of Lake Superior, which ere within th* hounds of the State." embraced within any county jurisdictional limits. Thero are du ri>'g the present winter at least on* thousand men in the mineral r gion. et gaged principil'y in mining. "Th* 0 lerations of this character dming the tear have con. firmed the general confl lence in the belief, that the legion in question is on* of the richest in the world in va 1 table ores and it cannot be Joubted that it will, at no dis'ant day, become the theatre of extensive mining operations, the source of much wealth, and the residence of a numerous population. These interests commend themselves to the aruardian care of the Legislature " The attent on of tho Legislature is called to the impor tanc.e of a communication arouni the falls of St. Marie' between the l'wer 1 bea and Lake Superior. Some yean since expenditure*! were made by the State in surve' a, and labor upon a canal for the purpoae of forming tuoh a communication, " but further prosecution of the enterprise waa prevented by authority of the United State* of ficers. Notwithstanding the national character of the work Corgrei* ha* hither'o neglec'ed to appropriate money for i's construction " The increasing busines* on j Lake Superior renders this cosnmutiica'ion now almost ' indispensable, and the Governor suggests the propriety, uolers the speedy action of Congress should render it unnecessary, of committing its construction to an incorporated company, with the proper restrictions in its charter, and a reservation of the right, on equltihle term* to purchase the work for the public benefit. The whole number of enrolled militia in the State, is reported to be 01,046. Much embarrassment hai been occcasioned by a neglect, on the part cf the officers whose duty it is to return the names of. * jus liable to do military duty, to make such return* A call for the organization and er ent of a regi. ment of volunteers to be held in read: s for the service of the country, whenever demanded jy the President' met with ready response. A number greater than was called for immediately offered themselves. On the subject of the Mexican war the message says, no evem couiu 00 1110 sunjeci 01 more general regret. The love of domeilic quiet and peaceful pursuit*, and a settled aversion to the policy of war pervade almost every class in community, a spirit of concession and forbearance has ever been libaraily exercised to avoid ' threatened hostilities. In reviewing the causes of the ! present wsr between the two nations, the same forbearance under provocations and indignities, and the same unremitted efforts to cultivate friendly relations, and to avoid hostilities, which have bacome the settled policy of onr government, are apparent an our part" The Geological Surveys and Explorations of the State aro for the present suspended. A new Senator is to be elected from Michigan during the present session of Congress. The twelfth article of the constitution provides that ' the seat of government shall at the present session be permanently located bv the Legislature. It is recommended that all officer*, a* far as practicable i be elected by the people instead of receiving executive appointment to office. This course, it is said, "while it | would relieve the executive from the exercise of a power by no racaus to be coveted, it would secure the i service* of men equally honest and capable, and would ' giv* better satisfaction to a'1." Upon the subject of harbor improvements, Gov. Fetch uses the following language : ? " For the went of safe and convenient harbors and roadsteads, pel Us attend on ever) enterprise connect-d ; with the buxiness of the lakes Every season swells the catalogue ol livrs that aie lust, and , f property destroyed. , " JM rep?tad applications to CeBgra a hytheLegialsture ot this S ate, and its ( ongressional delegates, for i the improvement of the barbers along our borders show 1 that we have always regarded this as a subject worthy the atteu'iou of tba general government. These improvements are national in their character. The great j interest-, connected with the business of the lakes extend to the whole Northern portion of the Union. They | aro connected with the induatry end enterprise of the preeent and future population of a tei titory rich in every 1 natural resource, ami exceeding kingdom* in exteut. A* the frontier of our common count!y, the duty ot affording the means of oufety and protection to our navy upon their waters, appears to me to be evident." Assembly DisrHicts-LKOsi- Query.?A doubt ! lists arisen in thu minds of some of our city legis- .j la.lors and their law expounder!, as to whether parts ot different wards may be included in the same districts. It is claimed by some that the wards possess all the rights of individuality which are er.joyed by townehips throughout the State, in fact that our eighteen wards are virtually so many towns, whose sepaia'e existence in the corporate uhion, whose r? served rights, are not to be compromired by submitting to any such coinming'ingot interests as must result Irom the diair cling ol the city independent ol the ward boundaries. The question is not yet sit'led but remains open for donate; arid meantime the districting must stand in I'a'uguo. It isto be hoped that the d trerences mny be settled soon, ss it is very desirable that the districting should be accomplished in some form or other. It is not imperatively necessary to divide the wards. Nkws from Brazil?Our files of the Jornal do Comcrcio to tho 2?kh of November, arc received. Advices had reached K'o from Port Alegre, and the iiio Giande, to the 10th November. A violent tornado had visited the former place, destroying many building, and doing much damage to the shipping Senator Manuel Galvao had been appointed rresiaeiit 01 me province 01 fan i'earo, m tno south. Manuel Ferrsira, a Portuguese convici, had es eaprdfrom his pn?on, and left onboard the American bark Willis. Hl'MBUq.?The city was lulled H", ns last ever. iriK relative to the tleleut ol General Worth, he &c Itc. It is haidly necessary to say that they are all gammon. (Sporting Intelligence. Ksahbli* Kicri, Nashvillc, Keaii < *t ?Tueidsy, December, jo, lite?Jocky Club Puree, $100?mile beets Joiio K. Millet ? ch. c Jefl Wells, by Jerry, out of June Porter-4 yo..r? old 1 1 Jem.-. rurter's ch. f by Hbemrock, out of Malibrsn?8 j ears old,. .. .. 3 J rlaik Hpeucer-s ch ?. Tom Tunilil! by L'nc#s-7 yaan old ; * ,lj#. Time, i NmM. Italian Orrma.?To morrow evening "Lucia Ji Lamme' inoor" i? to bo lepeated. On Friday, though laboring under all the disadvantages of a tint representation, it wa< moat decidedly successful, and the three principal performer* rc|>eaiedly encored It give* a much wider lleldforthe display ofthe peculiar abilities of Barili, Beuevtfutauo. and BenaJetti. each of whom sang their parta faultlessly. We would advise thoio who go, howevor, to go early, at I'al uiu's scarcely could eccommoda'e all who were anxious to be present on Friday night. The ?p!cnnid scenery of the third act of "Lucia** wsj paiuted by Signor AUegli. a great artiile. Siunosa Pico.?This favorite vocalist will, wc are happy to learn sustain the principal part in the opera to be produced after "Lucia di Lamniermoor." Not ono who know* her will feel any doubta bat that she will add another wreath to the laurels, just tributes to her professional excellence. Sivori gave h>s first concert at Kichtnond, Va , on the 13th. The Daily If'Mg of thst place says?" His concert of Tuesday night drew together a very large audience and we learn one or two hundred were turned oil' unable to gain ad ission to the capacious Hall We may briefly aay that, as n finished artist, he surpasses all who have nreceded him iu this citv For the richness end clear ties* of tone, the distinctness end decided character of all hit notei and varieties of style, we have not heard his equal. Poofkssor WKireir will give another lecture on classic reeding and the beauties of oratory on Thursday evening nest. No doubt the Professor's lectures, when their charm is enhanced by the sweet intonations of the vocal band, the AiUg'mniana, will he crowded. Theatricals, Park Thkatre.?Were it not that the merits of Mrs. Mason were and are so well known to tho theatre going public, wc might be tempted to praise her personation of Marianne last night, in Knowlea' play of tho "Wife"? We consider it, however, tii necessary, inasmuch as the public has already awarded her a verdict so strong and so unequivocal, that it would he "gilding lelined gold" to say a syllable in her favor. We will content ourselves with remarking that on Monday evening she will take a benefit at this house which will be tho first benefit she will have rece.vetf from the time of her letirement from the stage until the present?ami we shall he much mistaken if it do not prove a benefit indeed. The character which she has selected to appear in on that occasion is that of Julia in the ' Hunchback"? a character admirably adup'od lor h?r talent, and one in which we will venture the will prove herself preeminent Mr. Wheatley will, ol course, ap ear in the same , iece. Buwkkt Tiibatkb ? I'he benefit of the widow Mc Clay last evening. was well attended, and the liberality evinced hy the different perions who flacked forward on to l.iu able an occasion, wa* highly creditable to them. The house wua a peifert "jam." The company petformed with their unusl talent*. The "Yew Tree Ruiot," the ' Comedy ol terror* ,'and " Robert Vlecnire," weiethe pievs teler'e-l for the performance* of the evening and this, coupl-d with the praiseworthy object of the manager, 1 i allowing the wido.vad mother of tho lite wacbman of the theatre-Alexander Mclay?a banofit could not fail to arena* the proper tooling among the patrons of " Old Bowety " M> au* Neufle. Clark, Hadaway, Vathe, and the entire cast, performed in the "Yew Tiee Ruins " with admirable effect. In the "Corn* d, ot Kn or*, or the Two Dromioa " Hadaway waa par 1 'tilarly hap, y in hia part and kept the bouse convtil ed with laughter by bta rich anil comic personation ol 0 omio of Hyracuie, wh le V die's Dromio of Kphe tun wo* admirably sustained. The perfoimances panned off with much ic'at, and ih* bouse waa highly gratified r'itli the entertainments That popular and talented actreai utid vocalist, Minn Mary Taylor, will appear he re tomorrow evening Her presence will add considerably to the attiacti ins of thin popular place of dramatic ente<taiiiment, and the friends and patrons of the Buwery are indebted to the enterprising and worthy manager, Mr. Jackson, for this additional proof of his anxiety to giatity the public taste, and add to the present talented stock company, that have ao long upheld the teputation rf this popular theatre. Mauami: Auousta.?At Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, this beautiful artiile has met with most dis" tingnl-hed success. At the latter place she had a crowd, ed audience of M. C.'s, foreign ambassadors, and tho President's family. We understand that she has received most liberal offers to proceed to Kingston. Jamaica. If she rhoulJ decida to go, she will, after visiting the principal (Vest India cities, return to this country via Havana and New Oi leans. Mr. Sloman took a benefit at the Charleston theatre on he 13 h inst, Murdoch made bis first appearance at the St. Charles Theatre, New Orleans, on the 7th, in the character of Hamlet. Miss Mary Ann Lee, Ann Lee, Miss Cohen, Mra. Thorne, Mra. Oeorge Jones, Mssars Barney Williams and De Bar, pla>edat the American Theatre, New Orleans, on the 7th inst. Yankee Hill has arrived in New Haven, where he will open nis outijet 01 tun. Bignor Blitz ha* proceeded to Buffalo. The Rare! family have arrived in New Orl'ana, from St. Louie, and will appear ut the Orloani theatre. Barney Williams is in New Orleans, having concluded a successful engagement at the American theatre He is followed by Booth the tragedian. Mr. A. A. Adams, the tragedian, is not drowned. The report to that effect was false Police intelligence. Jaw. 18 ? A Chat kc of virion.?An Irish girl by the name of Bridget ' harloy. servant in the employ of John Berry, residing at No 44t.herry street, was arrested yesterday on a cliargo of setting fire to the premises about I'J o'clock on Friday night last. It appears that the necused was vexed and sulky vv 1th Mr. Berry on account of having been scolded by him for some neglect of her duties Bhe having been Jt-on by one of the boarders, Oliver Hendersou, to coma from the kitchen, hurry up stairs, and in n few moment.: afterwards he was alarmed by the smell of lire, and running down stairs into tho kitchen he discovered some linen clothing which had been set on fire while bringing on a line, burning it through; and the clothing falling on the floor in Aamea, was just nuking headway when luckily discovered and extinguished. Upon the gill being accused of the ciitrie lie acknowledged to a sailor called Charles Perry, that she would not uavo done it had she not lieen vexed with her employer. Justice Prinker committed her for trial Arrt\i of on Eicajicd Convict.? Officers Bhadbolt and Reed, of the 10th ward, arrested on Tcursday last, a tallow calling himself Hector W. Brown, en a charge of being an accomplice with two other chapv, in committing a petit larceny. On bringing him down to the Tora't* he was subsequently idontifiet i by officers Btewnrt and A. M. C. Smitu ot the lower police office, to be Kdward Krazeo, wbo was sentenced on the Till ol' August, 1840. to d years in the State prison at Sing Sing on a charge of burglary; but beiog at that time in a very poor state ol health, he was allowed to remain n short time after tie sentence in the tombs, when -me day, (he having the privilege, on account ot his health to walk about on tba corridor.) while tome visiters were lnnkinff ovnr the nri.ftn. Krttv.An tnnb it Ivtstai'* rtf tho opportun ty, off hi* loo-e gnwa which he wore, dressed hi'mseli in In* be?t suit of black, followed in amongst the visiters, and passed by tho keeper at the nutsioe gate in their company unobserved ; and since that time, over sis yeais ago, ho has evaded tiie vigilaure of the police, until >ester<lay, be was recognized by the above officers, although he has been restored to good beahb and heroine quite stout to what lie was, when in prison hciore. He will now be sent to the State prison, to set ve out bis term of sentence ttolen ? Some hold thiol entered the French hoarding house kept by Mrs. Mondon, at No. 6tl Bro dway, and stole theiefrem a green morocco dressing case, containing a complete set of gentlemen's tone*, together with a red morocco case, containing seven razors and one handle. No aires'., .1 Swett Thtrf.?dome daring thief stole a barrel oi molasses, last night, Horn off the sice walk in ftont ol the store No. 113'.* hiout street, belonging to Mr. J. O. I'onoLu*. No arres'. Indictr* /?r Hnrflary ?The grnnd jury have found a true bill ot indictment against Patriots vie vlanus, who wasarrti'ed on Sunday l-,st by Captain Wiley.ol the 1st Ward, on a charge of burslariously entering Ihe tailoring store of Mr. ti. C. 8c >tt, on the Ibm ol November last in connection with Henry Hagau and James McMartin stealing iheielrom property to the amount ol near * J00. '1 he Anest of this man was deemed incorrect at that tiuie?by an individual who aunts solely by exterdmg purvgiapns like India lutil er. without lefeience to tiuth or veracity, each hue counting a penny, which hu pockets at the end of the w ei k, do- u ding of course his piupor loo of pruniu< with bit combined associates, toward the *u| port of two or thr> e bo) s out ol the House ot Uelugti w ho collect Hems arouu I town, which items era dtessrd up by these individusls in a manner too onen disreputable to themselves and iojuiiua* to the public. Ijih i i'tly Uouift ? Officer Denuiston, arretted yea tor-lay, uu a warrant John Ifourotighs, on a charge ol keeping a di ordeily hou-e, at No. .fi'rt Water street, to 1 getber with K.lua Lung-Ion, .lohanra Brown. Mary Am; 1 Htet htua Hossiiua Brown and Hursh Bourouglis,inmatot | of the premises. Commuted by Justice Hunker in default ol hail R,i6Std onthr Pointt.? Officeis Trince John Davis and John lUflerty, ol <he nth W'uid, ariested yoateid-iy, a wun'tn, culled Lliiaheth Williams, or. a chaiga ol'steal 11 g fib from John Dunn, while in a crib on the Kin Poiu a. Locked up by Jiiktice Drinker lor tiial. Shop "Lilting" A follow called John Mullen, wui caught yesterday afternoon, in the act ol stealing a vn woilh *3. from the (toro ol' Jacob Vandurbelt, No. 3< Mai'len Lane. Officer McCteady, of the 4d ward, aires ted the accused, tod Jus1 ice Drinker locked him up loi ML Stmling Shirt t Officer Sulllran, of the id ward, ar relied yesterday a woman called Ann star, whom he de tcted in the net of 1'ealmg a bundle of shirts and iodii other articles of clo h ng, belonging to Nathan Fletcher No ?3 Narsau streot Locked up lor trial. Pttit Inrrrny ? Alex. Derrick, Mary Rots and ifoial Luckey, were arretted yet'erday by officers She lbol and Wade, 01 the 10th Ward, on a cliarge ol staaling l hook called the t olumbian Magasiou. kelouginfr t< I ( hat Churchill, reabiiug at 111 tUnion street. Locket ' op for trial by Jurtire 1 mi>-<vi. Pants LintRiA ? rw ..n u.nuui ?? wo have intelligence (ruin Monrovia to the 7<h o November. The packet ?hip Madonoa, Lapt. Lawlin | arm a I there on the ftih ot November with th? following paaaenaara : ? ?1r. B V It. Jamei. teacher of t high reboot uiiiler the patronage ot aaociety ot' laitiei ol New Vork lor the promo ion of education in Liberia wife and two childien ; M mitr tieocgu Lima, Monrovia Mr*. Thorn p?on ami two children, for the mi* nlOn at I'epe t'olma* ; Itev. Mr Woll??r and lady, for tin ( A B. C. f mi??ion, (Ivboon river. The psvaeogeri weri all in good health Court Cftiettrtw. *? (Monday. ComMox Pla*??lit Peat.? 1, S, 6,7,9,11,19, 16,17 i lft id Part-J, 4, ?, 10, I J, 14,16, IS, ao CiacciT < ot ht. -i. a, 9.4,6, aoi.g.7, a,? City |nHII|rnr'. Th? Sr**rT?- Ntw Yoaa ov Whhii?Hirt wo re again mII on wheel*. Intteadof ihejoyona, gleeful, Jirtfclitiif. tpirit enlivening. virion delighting, tight* eonndt, ?n 1 le?lmg^, awakened by the charming "ileighing *|i?U" ot lot week, we are thrown back upon the ilirty reality ot muddy treet*. and the nouy mattei of i fact of wbralad carriage*. The Broadwuy linea are j again b?und "right U|>," and we nre onco more M|tieeied . twelve intida The p-incipal thoroughfjro* >re again vocal with the rumbling, thiindeiing, grating aonnda generated by the ttage*. in their houily pet?aye* over the pavent'U'a. It leema like a dream when we think of ! { the ippearanco of the aticeta four day a ago. The weather i prophet* ulway* prognoa'icate a thaw in Jeuiiary, and I then at ttie oi l taw hath it, "A* the day* lengthen their i | cold aire* gtlien* " We hope to greet thote (lippery day* again belore long. i , i>? a u Tl,. littU it'll whn , gratuitously, after wet and rainy daya. sweep tie cross- i ways on the s'reets, wer* agiin busily engaged yetter- I day in their vocation!. and in the absence ol the corpor | tion labours were of much seivice, particularly in < the vicinity of Broadway The atate of the slieuts after | tha late anow atorm it truly disgmcaful. Why n >t employ a full force of lahoror* fortnu ith, to clean the s'reets? < Nassau, t.'huthum, Bowery, Broadway, and the | | thoroglifarcs throughout the city, bio in a most dia graceful conditionjuit now I Post Ovrieic DsroTs.?It is in contemplation to petition ('ongrots, praying the establishment of dep te in connect.on with the Pott Ofllce Department in various 1 I pHrtgof the city, with a view to the accommodation of ' the c.U/.en* up town and in tha remotest parte of the 1 citv This plan is preferred to the reitora'ion of the 1 i branch, loca'eil iu Chatham square. The r.itizeua ure loud and clamorous upon the present inetH.-iency 1 of thepostntflce system; end theie it no doubt but 1 dividing tha city into some three or four tub districts, in 1 connexion wit.i (be Post Office Department, would lie of vast advantage to the community, particularly uptown. \ mil woull consequently giro infinite satisfaction. A ' memorial on this subject it in course of preparation Bao Cons.?There were several lire and ten cent coun ( tertsit pieces put in circulation within tha last fortnight in { this city. They are principally compose I of lead, and j are easily detected by their eound, which is dull and | heavy. Almost Go-?ic. ?Who does not recollect the little old man, who for yaar? past has daily occupied some promi- , Dent stoop in Broadway, and with his white locks cutnbrd over his dtied up lace, only parted so us to show one de. fective organ of vision? Who does not recollect that outstretched hand and that suppliant how. a* the palm containing one cent was thrust out a little further to imKlore another for company to the first? Every hody wlo as walked through Broadway open mu?t recollect this relic of past times. Well, the old man has bogged and begged, from day to day, and ftom month to month, and from year to year, often making far better wage* then the rob'ist laborer hopes to teceive as a reward for hia toil; hut it now turns out that the o'd man's daughter, a middle egad woman, residing in Elm street, in the sixth ward and who calls herseli .vlartha Clark, has rasped the benefit of the old man's mendicancy. It appears from evidence introduced before the magistrates, that this unnatural and ungrateful daughter hat diiven the old mau out upon the stieet to shiver in the cold, thinly clad and poorly fed. She paid him visits at short intervals. and took Irom bin the pitv bought pence which he had collected, and thus suppoited herself in oaaa aud comparative comlnit. A shoit time ago the old man got too (Veble to pursue hit wonted calling, and was sent by the suthotities to the Alms House, hut his daughtei souu found means to obtain Inn liberation. He was " habeas corpui'd "out of the poor house, and again made his ap- i peatance in B oadway, a more pitiable lookiug object . than before. Both the old man and his well ted daughter were yesterday committed at the Tombs; the former to he rent te the alms house, and tbe.latter tw be daalt with 1 lor her impostures. Bhocxiso Accidekt.?An industrious and worthy i citizen lost hi' life at the wire manufactory of Mr John ibhette, in UHh street, under iircumstsncee, the| re- I cital of which causes one's bio'd to run cjII. Mr. j Samuel Adams, the deceased, was a millwright, employed by Mr. Ihhetta' to keep the factory in running order. At about 6 o'clock on Friday afternoon, be mounted a ladder for tho purpose of driving a nail into tbo ceiling of an apartment,through which an iron shalt ( run, performing some lift revolutions per minute. The ladder upon which Mr. Adams stood was near this shaft; ami as the unfortunate man bont backward* to facilitate . his work, the whirling iron caught some part of bis clothing, and instantly wound it tightly around itself, and dragging the poor man's body alter it, and turning it round and round in ps nv.! gyrations, and finally throwing it about nine feot I to/, it upon the floor. The engi naerstopped the engine on the instant 01 perceiving the danger in which Mr A was placed But the fatal contact of the iron with bis loose clothing had already taken , place, and in an instant the millwright lay upou the floor | xxrslK Kiss eKntil.Lr rlislrtAfitflfl nnd fiAVArtll ribs broken Medical aid was called, an ! all that could l>a dune lor the fulfaier vm do >? promptly, but without avail; he died about 10 o'clock, live hours after the accident. The coroner was called to bold an inquest upon the body. Accidents ? A small child, a girl, whose parents, named Forbes, reside in Clinton street, swallowed some camphine yesterday, and was near,y killed. Carried to , the city hospital. A man, who was caught by a shaft in a small mill be| longing to a Mr. Moore, residing near Hatlem, had his leg broken. Ho wus carried to the city hospital. His name was Hinds Accidentally Shot.?On Friday afternoon, Mr. William ? Midmer, of 336 Water street,accompanied by his son and two friends, named John M. Castoing and Victor Lain, went to Shrewsbury lor the pur;>ose of duck shoot- ; ing, in which they were engaged, when Mr. Lain discharged his gun.acciientally shooting Mr. Midmer,senr. 1 through one of his legs. Bandages were immediately applied to the wounded leg, and ell possible haste was made to pWWfi surgical aid. In spite ol ail their t libit', however, Mr. M. died from loss of Idood Hishody was 1 brought to this city, and ( oroner Walters held an inquest upon it. Thejury roturnod a verdict of "death by u gun shot wound in the leg, accidentally inflicted by Victor Lain." Deceased was s native of Kngland, and -16 years ol age. The Sidlwalxs.?The snow still remains on the sidewalks in many parts of the city. Those who i eglect cleaning opposite their houses sre liable to a pemiity. ' "Dance, Boatman Dance "?The first Annual Ball of the Whitehall \ssociation, will take place on Monday evening, January the Shakspeaie 11--tel First National Bsll ?One of the most splendid balls of thn season wai given at the National Hotel, t Courtland street, last Fnduy evening We never witnessed a mere brilliant assemblage, end were artonished to find the room so lsrgu?aiiout 40 feet wide by 100 long. The music was delightful, and the supper table displayed a protusgpes- and richness such as could only he expected from a plentiful supply of the luxuries of all climes.? Happiness reigned in every countenance. The Fusileer Guards give their hall bote next wetk Fib'.men's Ball ?The ninth annual hall of Liberty Fire engine Co. No. 1, of Jersey City, will take plaro at the Western Hotel, Jersey City, on Thursday evening j next. Gmkknwich Staom.?A great many oomplaints heve recently reached u* of the difficulty of procuung a Greenwich stage Liter 9 o'clock iu the evening, by persons coining trom the theatre and opera. While the vehicles ol wary other line arc on the spot, it is lately, if ever, a Greenwich one can be found Wc suppose t le only remedy to correct this evil, is to put number line on that route, aud we hope souie cnteipiising man i will <lo it. Cuih the rsac*?Yesterday afte-noon a horse be longing to Mr. Benjamin J.icox, ? butcher iu Washington ramkei, started off a*, lull am-ed with a cart to which ho Wa t harnessed- lie mu.te things fly before lum until he came to Mulson meet, where u poor negto man being unable to inovo last enough, or elio being unaware of the approach of the butcbc?'a fast nag, was knocked down and so severely hurt, this shoulder beiug broken) that it waa deemed expedient to take him to the City BmW| whither ho was conducted by office; Smith, of the Ath ward. Court of Cieoeral Sessions. Before the Recorder and two Aldermen. Jan. 1U ?Sentence of the Court waa passed thia morning in the following ruses, viz : ? Valentine Kcil, cunvuted oi a grand larceny, in having stolen trom the trunk oi a fellow boarder, named Michael Bertolet, (d30 in bank bills, waa sentenced to be impriaoned in the State Prison lor two years and three mouths. James I'hnmpaon colo ed, convicted of burglary in the first degree, in having incouuection with anoiner colored m.n, broken into the house of Mr. Theodore Crane, No. 83 Munroe street, to rob tho same. Stele Prison ten years and three months. (ieorge Cabill, also convicted of a burglary in tho first degree, in entering house No. H Dey St., ami stealing piopcity wor;h SiliO, was likewise sunt to Sing Sing, lor ten ycais and tlnee months. Michael Murphy, convicted ot a burglary in the third degree. State p istiii thiee years and three m.inlhs. Nathan Hubert, Jr , convicted of a grand larceny, was sentenced to three jests una three inuutai imprisonment j in tue State prison. \V'm. Quinl?u?In the case of this person, tried for ; highway robbery and convicted of an uteaitauJ buttery; j tte Court eii-pen te I juugmdiit. The Court theu uilj?urued until Monday morning. ; Ararat Still 1'kison.?By meant of a detailoil surtemc.ii, lur ttie >n~pft-tton ot ? Inch we ore indebtel to the agent end clerk oi thia prison, we ata enabled to give a condemed account ot the oparatiana of [ J this institution tor the last fiscal year : ? The earnings fioni ell sources have been $58,33d 88 , To which stiutil l be added the labor ofconvicta i 500 day sin cxtmurdiiiary repair* 960 00 $i8i>ert He I The expenditures for all objects have been... 63 788 09 , Balance of oatDngs a 708 77 The receipts have ueo' 63 9ii j0 , Cash on haul Octobe. 15 7 880 49 , $70 3d I 89 t Deduct expenditures 63 788 19 ! i Balance on hind October I, 1948. , 17,793 09 Greatest number ot convicts at any one time curing the ) ear 708 Smallest, do , bhU Number at commencement of the yeer 8s5 i Do at toe close, heplember 80, 1848 830 Average earnings ol each man, including the IHII lor Tlllli'll. M I M M ( l?? OWIWU i w Do. eju'ludu g visitors ft * 21 He I Daily average expense lach min 'JiHe t Numhtr oi men in piiton November 80, I84S 8*8 , Committed to prison el'er Novembet 80,1840 174 i ITr Discharged by expiration of sentence. ..... 178 * Do. by pardon SO f Do. by deetu 81 , Do. by revsisel of sentence 1 t Du. by habeas corpus I l Escaped 3 r , Removed to Lunelle Asylum S , j Do. House of Keluge a ' I 2A1 i Number confined December 1, 1M8 6<?d I I ___________ The Mount Ravage iron Work* are in successful ope' ration. The best feelings exist between tbe men and their employers. The company are now eugoged in ' mekiug iron for the 1'hlltdelphia, Wilmington and baltfmore Railroad. Hrading Hailbo\d Expi.osio* ?We gather the I fo'lowing ndditionat particulars Irjm the Phila. I dclpbia JsfUgcrot yesterday:? A moat ten ible accident occurred on Thuradav evening. on the Heading railroad, near Mill Creek, by which eeven men were killed The fatal cateatioph > wai : ranted bv the explosion of the boiler of it locomotive a?tached to a train of burden car*, en the w. y Irom Rich mond to the coal minei. It occurred about eight o'clock, just as a part of the train had patted the railroad bridge at Milt Creek, and it attributed to negloct on the part of the engineer, in not keeping up a proper supply of woter, and the Hidden > introduction ot' the water into the holier, when, at it is ( luppofed, the boiler were intensely heated. Tne locomotive was a large' one, arid is a complete " wreck, the explosion taking eltect upward and outward, tnd throwing portions ot it to a great distance. Two g pieces were found soma two hundred yards distant, infielded in tbo earth The scene was u horrible one yestar,lay morning, as the place around for many yards sus 1 itrewu with litnlis and mutilated portions ot the bodies, j 0 iltd pieces of torn and burnt flash. } As far as is kno An, there were but the seven persons ' on the locomotive, or attached to the train, all of whom, r ?roin the circumstances, must have been on the locomo- . :ive an l tender at the time We have only been able to learn the names of live ol them, viz:? ' Jacob Sulleuhergvr. the engine r, who resided at J Richmond, and ha* a family there; Bonneville Beiger, . jondtictor. who hus a lamily at Reading. Sim >n Kit/.pa trick, fireman, who lived at Richmond; John Miller, and r i man named Coyle, braketuen, also belonging to Rich j t ootid I . The nam* of the third hrakeman is not known. The 1 leventh unfortunate was ? stranger, br loi giug to Uersnmtowu, wno is supposed to havo got on the tiuin to go op the mi J The body (a mere trunk) of one of the brakemon was found on the hill, about two hundred y ards distant where it was thrown with iio.ivy pieces ct me nonet; irom ap |>oaranees on fhe mow. it is su,.p >cd to have bounded t twenty five feet after it tint struck. The body of the nnpineer was thrown through the limbs of a large tree, letving behind in the tree a poition of the unfortunate c man's clothing The ho ly of the conductor was found in the tank, dreudfully burned, ni.d laceiated wita piece* of wood, which had teen forced into hi* body. Another wa? thrown up the hill, and it appear* that the body struck t the fence, and such was the force thut some of the rail* ot the fence were tora away, and the body lound broken or heut double. ' The concussion was so great that the watchman at the \ itatieu house at the bridge, while standing in tho door, was knocked down, remaining insensible lor a considerable tune. In hi* tali he unset the stove, end very nar- I rowly escaped a horrible death, tor his wife, at their re- < mdance cea bv, seeing on .unusual light in the station hnase, piocatdad there and found that the floor was on ' fire, the fl <mvs spreading, and her husband incapable of realiziug his dangerous situation. , I Anmque.t was held upon the bodies by the coroner of Montgomeiy county, yesterday morning, and we understood that five of them were taken to Richmond, and the ' other two to Reading. ( oust us Oyer ami To miner. Before Judge Edmunds, Aldeinien Hait and Foot. Jar 16 ? Hun Sentenced.?It was announced Irom Ih* Bench on Ftioay night by Judge Esmonds, that Russ would not ne sen raced uutil Monday moroi g; but at ar ' our reporter hud left Couit it appears Alderman Hart said he coul 1 not attend on Monday. It was ihereupon determined 10 bring the convnt up for sentence yesterday morning lie was accoidingiy biought into Court i by Doyle, tlie ufti >r, who had mm in chaige, and took bis usual piece et the teb.e. He appeared to leel the same i unconcerned stoical appearance as he did on the previ- j i us evening when the verdict was rendered. Beiug arraigned in the usual form by the cleik, he appeared to < toke no notice uutil tne officer told him to riee. The clerk then asked ftirn what he bad toasy; and he. In u | very faint voice replied, "Nothing." Judge Edmonds i then addressed hire as follows Calvin Rush?Fou have been tried and convicted of t the crime of murder. Every opportunity has been i afforded you of defending yourself against the cbarge. Everything thit could be urged in your ; tuvor has been listened to with patience, and ! lies been careiully regaided by flbth court and jury.? i You have been ably delended by your counsel, who I ltd ....luni In ....... a.I.,,,.,. V?? I been surrounded by jour family and your friend*, und have been su-taiued and aided by their sympathy during your trial and by their effort* You nave, notwithstanding, been convicted; and it only remain* lor the Court, in the discharge of it* duty, to proueunce upon yiu the sentence of the law. There is no doubt that you commuted the crime, and that it wa* at jour hands your unfortunate wife met with her bloody and untimely end. The defence of insanity which was set up tor you, after being carefully aid hei-dtully considered by a jury almost ot your own selection, has been overruled by them; and the! de rision is that the crime which you committed is ju.tly to be escribed not to the p ostration of your Intellect, but to tbe domination of jour aril j.asasions; and to that causa has tborr judgment attributed the hold arid open manner in which the latal act war done, and the feature! ot atrocity attending it, the bare recital of which i shock- every sensitive mind. You are therelore to suffer the penalty which the law has pronounced upon those who have violated it* commandment ; and we, who are ita ministers, pe.firming {.the last , duty which devolve* upon u*. in pronouncing it* : lenience upon you, have but to express the fervent hope that the briet period of life which wiil he laft to y ou, may be made available to you, In duly preparing yourself to appear belure that judge, to whom ail heaits are open, and Irom whom no afcroia are hid. Toe leutencei ol the Court is, that for the crime of murder,of which you have been convicted, you shall lie, on the Wth day ol March next, hung by the neck until you be dead. The warrant for hi* execution was th*a read and delivered to the sheriff", the condemned man was band ...,l I........ >1,,,,..,,..! Supreme Court, Jan. 8?Present. Chief Justice Fronson, Justice* Beardslcy and Jewett.?J. Christie, adm'r. of Rtcphen C. Itoe vs . Thou. McBurney. i Judgment for plaintiff for frivolous de-mirror to the 1st. Id, Htid 4th counts, a"d that u writ of inquiry of plaintilPfc damages bo issued. Henry B. Van Huron vs. Newtoo M. Cahron and Ralph Wnipple. Judgment for plain- I till'on frivelousness of the demurrer. Pater Haven ir, surviving administrator of John 11. WetHs, deceased, defendant in error ads 0. 11 Wptoiore. Judgment of af- { flrmence, with costs. Rufits R. hksel et nl. vs Thomas L Barton It Co Judgment for plaintitf on frivolousness of domurier, anl tee clerk assess damages. Win. 8., pi a ml id' in o ror vs. thj People ol the State of New York defendants in error Judgment reversed, venire de novo ho issued liom the genet si si-ssions of Orleans county. Henry Join ings vs. The Chenango .Mutual Insurance Company. Now trial denied. Jico'j L Cane ct al. ad-nini orator. It.'., vs. l?ol P. VVoodwoith. 1 Juilgment for plaintiff on acoount of tho Irivolousr.ess of defendant's plea, and a writ of inquiry issued to the shenir of KeiiDsalaer county. Jam 9 ?The People vs John Jackson. Judgment of the court below reversed, nnd judgment for 'he people Uefend int to p, y a tine ni $J30 and stand committed until thu same he paid. The People vs S Cobb Judgment of the ct nit below reverted, and judgment for tho people. The People vs. Jus. T. Kastou. The like. The People vs. Ttioni"<i Squires. The like The People vs Jucob J- Lansing The like. The People ol ;he Sta'e of New York, (lefts iu error, ads John O. lirjan, pill", in en or, i onvic'ion ol J O. liryao, piif in error, utli tiled. The People, 4t3 vs Franklin tjrahein Judgment for pllf an the trivolousnuss oi the bil of excep'idua. Daniel ?hle et al vs Tnomas llunn Ju Igment lor pllf on the frivulous' ets of tho demurrer, with ieavn to amend on pay merit ol costs K./.i a Baker vs. Alva Spvar et al Judg inrnt (or pllf on Irivolouniess of the demurrer. Jan. l'j ?Titus Hall, impl'i, (re , ads The People, ex. rel. 'I tioin-a Kowler Judgment |f .-anted as in caae ol Donsuit with $10 cost*, unleai the relator nball utipulato and anion I wuhin fifteen day a, and r hall pay the coata of the demurrer within fifteen day* after the taxation ol the fame. In that cuae ne ronti to either party. Hopbia Morria, ada. Richard Motrie, Lr.wii L. Morria, and J W Moiin. .Mo ieu to vacateorder of Supreme Court Commiaaioner denied without coat*. Joseph A. Schneller, pi if in error, va. Robert Davis, delt in error. Judgment revereed with coeta. Jan. m ?On openinr tho Court, tho fell iwing gentlemen were admitted at Counsellors and Attomeja, i they having been prevtoualy examinul - Counaiti.i.oaa.?Jamea M. Banks, Kdwaril K Dullard, . Pt'iliti II Bnnesteel. BenJ C. Butler, Robert Christie, jr., ' Jacob H. Duboia. William H. Kugle, Churlea R Ingalla, j Jamea B. Jerinaiti, Robert II .vtacaulay, Aaron B Olmstead, Ira A. Periin, Henry L. Palmer, Horace K. Smith, 1 U Cady Smith, John Van Saritvoord, Chriatopher C. , Waa-on. ATTiikniTi.-Flrat Claaa ? Warren H. Brown, John II. Bliba, Harvey S. Brown, L> I Baker, PUS Brown, John Cortclyou, K. 11 Churchill, (radge Coit j . Klisha llonli 1 hi<rlna flr.iiiiur (Lnnrs K. I)nvti>r Uuvii. C. M. Denniion, J. M Donaldson, J. M 0?<>ei, Samuel Karl. J C hi'cU. J 1'. Pitch, F J KiHm-n. Thumu VV. uilib, Alonzo Ureen.Oideon Oi anger, Jamev (Jmiaevooit, Wesley Ule?*on. .Marvin IJolleeter H. 8 Hill. A. B Ke'elmm. K \V. Kins, O R W. Lull, John Livingston, P. V Linaing. M. M. Mitchell. John C. McDonnell, C. II Miichali, Uaac H. Merrimau, James C. McCsrtv, Win. Mc Artie Second (.law.?-John Olney, John II. Olmsted, O > Of, uylar Pattoiaoit, Ueoige W. Pintnar, John Paulding. Hobart O. Pad-lock. Cornelius A. Paikar, James U Palmer, Stephen Paddck. jr , Franc-l A. Paddock, Thontaa C Rogeis. Ta'ar W Koheitton, Da Witt C Roberta, Mariin L Rirk*r?on Orrin K Rica, David C. Ringlmid, Manning Radii-Id, Leonard B. 8-.Ckett. Jamaa A. Hchermeihoin. Samuel B stair. A. J.Ten i Broark. H D. Vau Orden. Origeu Vaudenburgh, C. II. 1 Wmerbuiy, John McA Welch. II B Waterman, A B. . Weld >, Samuel Wardwell, Thomas L Woketield, John ! H White. Woreiin nta of Travellers. The following aiethe uriivtna registered at the prini cipal bo'ela last nighr t? AMaaican?Or 7'aft. Hartford -, J. Maynsrd, U 8. A ; ] A Day. New Haven; W Blodgett. Hve: T Warren, ; Btllimore; 8. Starr, Tren'oii; J. Scott, Now Jersey ; Dr. ; (Jibaon, Phils.: W. Hyokslsnd I haileston. . Aaroa?Cel W. Burnett. U 8. A.; I Bml'h NY; F,. Wood Aurora; A Walker, Buffalo; E Quincy, Philadelphia; It shrrwer St Louia: J. Maurice. Nor; folk; W Blira, Sclieghtucofte; K. Loomia. do; R. A. Loomii. do; W Wool, New Jor?ev; J Rdit, Boat n; J. i L Osiund, Cincinnati; R Kwing Philadelphia; R. Mitch H. Pongbkeepsie; 8 Oerner, Baltimore; J. Cammtll, rhiladelpnia; J lU'leya, Boalon. Citv.?H C. Thomas, Lonitvilla; J Onihan, Va; C. Vanranileer, N. Jersey ; S. Thorn, Boa'on;J Fox. Bal'.; I \? Bta.av.ean M Va. b . 11 PaM..a. B a -Wa., . i J i i irown, Now Lor,don; A. McUoii?]d"7No?? Scotia"^^ | dridue, W UeConiMy, riulad, VV Diana. J?IT?rion r?| W ? ailing, Louiiviji?; J. Travera, Now Jersey, Lieut. | Jonea U ?. Arm). ; FoANaLirt?f. NefT Cincinnati; A. NcIT do|C. Wll. liama, do.; Dr Conn. II, Boston; J. Todd, Poila ; R. Ryan. Steamer New Haven; ?J. Caae. Yale College; U i Jennings, do ; L Quii.n, fhila ; T. Ha)i?, Alhan) ; J. i Srtirh, New Yofk; M Marnuaml, do; U Lyon, Yalo CoLgr; R Lowell do. . IIowaho ?(leo. I laike, Manchester; Hon. H. c Nevina, Orarge Co; Mr. Miller, Lowell ; O D Forest, 1 Yale College; (i Mitchell, Nuahville: <1 t.ilmore. New | York; B. liny Ion, Connecticut; S. I)e ? liiton, Staten Island ; A t)un|>lvy, Phila; Copt. Black, Long Man), (J. Clarke, New Haven Junto*?A. UUckburne,Now Haven; W Hovey, New York; IV. Frtcb, New Haven; S. Chapman, Hartford; J .\liilvr, Trenton; J. CanrUngton, New lluven; K. I TrumbiiU, Little Valla, J. Beach, Now lleven; M. Shel , | ton, do. | AFFAIR8 IN ALBANY. THE LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. Ac. Ac. TILKUKAPUlCi Htuau. Aln4KT, Jsn. 16, P M. The bill to submit the amended charier of the city of few York again to the voters, was approved of by the o mm it tee of the Whole, and afterwards passed the le'tite. Mr Hall * resolutions, protesting against the extension f slavery, came up for debate. Mr. Younu introduced a substitute for Mr Hell's reioiticn, to the cQ'ect that, in consequence of the existence f war, it was the^duty of all citizens to auataln the got Jinment in its prosecution; and that no peace would b? egurdeJ us honorable, without a full and adequate in. ismntty. The act relative to the future annexation of srritoriea, contained a clause prohibiting slavery. The iebate waa not closed. [ Mr. .SAioruitn brought in a bill to amend the act of 1844, -la'ive to the llegister and County Clerk?instructing hem to keep accounts of the fees, Slo., received by hem Assembly. Mr. Cnoiuv reported a bill to change the nnme of tho Issociate Reformed Church in New York to the P^ari treet Presbyterian. Tin.- committee reported adverse to the petition of cer>ii> citizens of Weatches'er county, to unseat ona of the uembera representing that county, Mr. Beers, on 1 te leleivo Mr Hay ward as a member in his place. The report wus agreed to. Mc Hay ward wai not a party to the application. The Housk then went inte committee of the wbola ipon the Governor's meaaage ; and after considerable lisctission, the subject of judiciary districts was referred o a committee of fifteen, to be (elected by the Speaker, vi hout regard to Sen ta districts. The eoinmi'te of the whole next took up the bill r p. iropiinting $1,800 from the Hospital fund, to aidtha Taction of a place for public \verslup on the qusrantAis [rouno. This bill was opposed by several gentlemen, on tb* (round that other churches had asked the same fsvor. The House refuted, and the committee had leave to set tgain, when the bill was loit. BY THE MAILS. LEGISLATIVE PR*IC'EH!DINGS. 't.asnv, January 14, 1147. Senate. Dark and rainy morning. Gov. Seward on the Boer of [he Sonata chambnr, apparently in fine health. Gov. Young juat walked up to the capdol I rom bie -redd l i iu State etreet. leaning on the arm of the Secretary ; ue it apparently eery feeble. Mr SAnoroBD reported a bill for the payment of the jfflcers of the Constitutional Convention The Sknats: concurred in the joint rulea reported by .he Select Committee, to whom they wete referred tor reviaion. Mr Joxrs's resolutions of reference of important por :ione of the Conatitution (published in the Htrald) were referred to the commi'tee of the whole. Several motions were made thk oovsHrroa's MKRmee. Mr Jotiasorr, from Delaware county, resumed his re* milks in committee of the whole, from yesterday, upon Ihe inaugural message of John Young, or rather' the unwritt-n porion of tha me-sage" as it Is called in the Situate, and as it was called by Senator Johnaon. " The unwritten noriona of the messuge 1 to a general survey of which tne Senator conflood himself, are the anti-rent troubles and the Mexican w r The speech of the honotable Senator was of Mich marked severity, thst I took brief notes of it from time to t me, during its delivery, He said the tenantry would hold Mr Yotingto account for his emission to speak of their grievance* in a a proper manner; there was no excuse or apology for it under heaven. Why, ho asked, has the z sl evinced by this man before tho election on behalf oi these miserable creatures, been dissipa el no soon? Why has it burnt out? Why have hi* pledges and promises been viola'edl He (Mr. J ) was a feeble representative from Delaware county, the theatre of the an'i rent horrors; he was astonished at the arlence of Mr Young upon thia question, and on behalf of hie county he asked why thia silence? U'vlr. Vav ScHooKHevtif here asked the 8eneter if ke was complaining of the Governor tor not pardoning the un'i-rent convicts? Mr. Joh-io* said he was complaining because he (Young) tied violated his solemn promisee; naa the whole lonntaiu of sympathy been exhaueied? No mere love; no more regard fer these suffering people? He weald t ke it upon himself to say that for the sake of the oBloe of Governor, he (Yonng) was willing to aacriflee hie good name, and to be helu up to the execratiens of posterity. If elections were to depend upon aucb contingencies, he would say farewell to the Republic. The great object the tenantry had in view was some ruetns of contesting the titles of the landlord! anew, and tbero was no doubt but Ylr. Young stood committed to recommend these measures. Tho crania nf iV1 f Vnnntf hail mart** n r.strtiljr harvuin and sale willi lilt* anti-renters; tbe contract wan rat.tio.l before the election. A number of men ha I came down to Delaware from Livingston county, aod bad met the anti-root commissioners, and concluded the bargain. Mr. Van t?< hoonhovki asked for |>rnofi. Mr. Jom*so* ?aid that several members cf the other branch of the Legislature bad told bim that they had teen a certain letter in the possession of Jonn I SlingoiUud, (\1. C.) written by John Voung previous to the election, which ceutaine.l all the necessary proofs; but he (Mr. J ) would rot speak any longer upon a eubject so o ions; be would say in couclusian, that any man who wutild consent to run upon such uniieue would he guilty of baser au t meaner act* [The grntlcman theu turned hie attention te t he unwiitten portion of the message relating to the war with Mexico, Ste ] Upon the conclusion of ihe gentleman's remark* the Senate in Committee of the Whole, -took no the bill reported bj Mr. tackue, providing for the rrgutia'iou of births, oiarrieKui aud deaths. 'I lie bill Laving parsed the Senate in Committee of the Wholu, 1 send \ un u copy of it The bill was amended so that the word "registration"* is substituted for the word "record," wherever it occurs in the bill. 1 no bill is as lolloas ; ? Si ctiom 1 The clerks ot the se?er '1 school dis'r'cts of this State, organized according to i.iw, iio?i where the shall be no cleik. or he shall be incapable of acting, the tiii'toes, or one of them of such distiict, shall annually# ou or before 'he fifteenth day of January in eae.h year, ascer'ain Item the must aceura'e means nf inhumation in their power, and report in writing to the town clerk of the t >wn, orone of tiio aldci men ol the ward in wh eh the school hou?e of their district auati be situate J, or in the city of >ew *ork to the city inspector, under appronri'de head*. end in such form a* sh ill b? nreseuted br the Secretary of Stale, the number of births. marriages, and death*, which have occutiod in their districts respectively dining the year pr< ceding fbe ilataof such < port, ihi- month and diy of their occurrence, toe nunie.s a id residences of the persons to married or dying, and the names of the pat ants ol melt children born daring the )a?r, the sex, color, and names of tha chil Iron, name* and residence of the r.leigyman or officer performing the marriage ceremony iu exes of marri ige, tbe age of the persons who sua! 1 have married or died during tho year, and the par.icular disease or cause of their death. <) J It shall he the duty of the town clerk of each of the towus in this State, oroi -nv alderman, receiving the report as above specified, within fifteen days alter the receipt thereof, to record the same iu a book to be provided by him for that purpose, nod to transmit a copy thereof, or of en abstract thereof, In such form as shall b s prescribed by tho Secretary of Sta'o, to the county clvrk or city inspector, whose duty it shall be, within fifteen days after the receipt thereof, to lorwanl an aba racf, duly certified by turn, in such form as shall be pre<cnbed as alorestid, to the Stcretaiy of Mate, who shall lite the same in his office, make a complete abstract then of. and ran'mit the aame to tha Legislature as soou as may be practicable thereafter. !) 1 It snail he ine duty of clergymen, magistrates an I other person* who par.orm tna m image ceremony, to keep u record of tho man iages celebrated by them and to a-certain. as far as ptwcticahlo ami not* tho ?g?a of tho persons married and rti> le lea dancer, iri such n cord, it ilia.I uUo he the dntv of nhv siciuns mu I iiiuf. s-i mal mldwives to keep a record ul ilie several tnr'hs in which they have asi'sted profes?i?ii?lly, and the time of such bitth, k?, c lor. end the mi enoa of the paienla; ami Iihysicians who have attended decea *d person" in their st a ckne"s, ol -rgymeu who have ?ffl iated at the fun*tai, aud sexton* w tio have btiried deceased persona, to keep a lecoro of the name, nge and residence i f atictt doreused persona, and the dine- ot tn ir deatnr. It ahail be the duty of such piysiciitri , magistia'et, clergy men ami sextons to allow the clrrka <1 the choul districts within which they respectively reside, to inspect aucn recorila from tin e to tune, aud to 'nr i.b them such other inlor. ma ion in tbetr power aa n av be nec*>saiy to enable such cletkato make t e icturn* hy this act $ . The pei loi o( the dut es herein r quired, the olhe ra o. the several districts, town" end counties rendeiirig the services herein spec fled, shall be entitled to suca compensation for their services end expenses incur, red by them, as may be au lited and alio ?ed by the boards ol super\i?ois ot such couutios respectively. Asa in lily. Mr. CoHnntLi. of Cay u?a .piesented the annuel report oft omptioller Kia-Jg relative to the expanse" ol maintaming the canals. Xnice times too ma >1 number were oldert'd p< luted . , A bill piovi ii<g tor the payment of the memhors of the L-gi"l*ture. was rsturne J from the Senate, witn the intimation that the House bad not pnssed the mil coustitution-dly. inasmuch as the clerk o' the House hsd omit, ted to certify that tbr?e Qiths of ell tbo members elected had voted (or the bid. gome members exhibited a little ire at the intimation, but it wee co.icuned in, ai.d the joint rules, which passed the Senate, (above LOdeed) were read lor theiuloimatioa of the House. tout. The House adopted a resolution requesting boards of aas.ssaa.are Ia mull* a ih'lim tn tli* I ngig intra nf th* - >v * " " , vattii cast l?i-t sp lug, lor and against ttu oxciee law. Kn-olution* (or toe txinelit ot mo U. d army war* Introduced by Mr. Wataon. 1 HK M> limit. Then tho Home tesolv. d i'stll in'*committee of tti* wh ile upon the lemluiiiiia ot icferi nee ol *p*< iflportion* ot the (Joreruoi'? message to s?l*ct and mai ding committee* Du in? the dh ciKti >n winch followed. Mr dMiTH, ?f Schoharie rrioved that tin; resolution offered yeaterday by Mr. W.iUh (mil udopted by the IfoU1*,) to tefsr *o much of th? Oovcrnoi'a m-*? aa relates to the Anti-rent Roubles to tha Committee on Grievances, with instructions to repott to the House, he r*-con?i<1*r*d. Mr. WaTioe said that the motion to r* coin ids r the r* solution (line* Mr. Waiah was not in his piece mis

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