Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 20, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 20, 1847 Page 1
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THi Vol. XIII, Mo. IU? Wtuilo Ho. 401S. THE NEW YORK IIEKALD. JAMES 60R00N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Oircnlation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every il?y, Price 2 cent# per copy?$7 IS per annum?payable in advanceWEEKLY HERALD?Krerv Saturday?Price (* cent* per com? $1 I2)i cent* pr annum?payable in advance. HERALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Pecker day Price cent* per copy?$3 00 per annum, payable m advance. ADVERTISEMENTS ut tlie nanal pricee?always caah in advauce . .... . . PRINTING of all Linda eiecated with beauty and deeP All letter* or communicatioua, by mail, addreaaed to the eatabluhment, mnat be pott paid, or the poatage will be deducted from the aubtcriptian money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the New Yoke Herald Kstablijhmicpit, North Weat corner of Pulton and Naaaan atreeia MtAt Ei.L>a? m tfatinDti.i iitraa CHANGE OF HOUK.3. WINTER ARRANGEMENT On and alter Mouday, Dee. 21, IMS, Train* will run at follows:? Leatb Beooeltr??t 7 o'clock A. M. (bono* train) for Greenport, daily J except Sunday*) stopping at Farmingdale and St. George'* Manor. > *rau a v r?- .?.i diate placet. * " at 4 P. M. for Farminrdale, daily. Lbavk uubewrobt?at 8>? A. M., daily accommodation train for Brooklyn. " " at 3H P- M., (Boston Train) or on the arrival of the boat from Norwi h, daily, (except Sundays,) at. pping at 8t. (Jeorge'a Maarr and rarmiagdnle. Lasts Fa cm mo dale at 656 A. M. daily, (except Sundays,) accommodation train;and 11M. andSK P M. Leave J a 11 a ma?a* 8 o'eloc* A. M., 1 P. M., and 6>6 P. M., for Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Boetoa tram. BUN DAY TRAINS will hereafter ran toThompeon Sta tioa? leave Brooklyn at 8 A. M. for Thompson and intermediate places, (commencing Son lay the 8th rfevemker. returning leave Thompson at 8 o'clock P. Al., Karmingdale 2%, Jamaica 2)6. Kann to?Bedford, 8 cents; Kaat New Ysrk, l?Ki Race Coarse, 18V;Trotting Conrse, 13V; Jamaica, 21; BrnanvilU, SIX; Uvde Park, (17 miles) 37i6;CCIowsville, (during the session of Conrt) 37)6; Hempstead, SIX; Branch 37k; Carle Place, 44; Westbury, 44; Hicksville, 44; p'acminudaTe, 62)6; Deer l'.irk, 69: Thompson, 38; Suffolk Statjpb, $1; Lake Road Station, 81 18V; Medfnrd Station, SI 18X: Yaphank, SI 37)6; Ht ifeorse's Manor, SI f.2)6; llivernead, SI 62V; Jauieiport, J1 6216; Mattetack, SI 68)6; Cutchogur^ SI tiSjf; Sotilbold, i <m*; wreenpori Accommodation l'rain, 91 75; Boston Rain, tl 25. Stagea or* in readiness on the arrival of Trains at tlte soverml Stations, to take passengers at vary low fares, to all paru of the Island. Baggage Cratea will be in reidinest at the foot of Whitehall street, to reeeive baggage for the several trains. 90 miuntet before the honr of starling from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat "Statesman' leaves Oreenport for Sear Haiboron the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklyn OSSrh FOR BOSTON AND BRO V I De.NCE, via MBBBISBlStoiiiiigton and Lone Island Hailroid? Night JHHHH.Liue?On aud after Monday 20th instant, Trains _*jE_will leave the foot ol Whitehall street. Booth ferry, via Long I tland Kailroad. on Mondays", Wednesdays, and Kndays, at 2 o'clock, P.M., for Oreenport,crossing the Sound to St the lavorite sound steamer NF.W HAVEN, which has been provided with masts, sails, and extra ordinary auch?rs, and from theuce to Providence and Boston by the mail trains which connect with the steamers Massachusetts and Governor. Kara to Btonington $2 50 " Providence 4 00 " Boston , 5 00 The steamer New Haven has new boilers, and will take only light frrights dH5 rh FOR BTONINGTOW, 1'ROVJDENGE AND BOSTON sa^ I Vi. i.tivri lai.avn haii..xn I I I at JK o'clock, P. M..JBMHR Jm?-1 mr ftom South terry. J5SE33CzL Fnie to S. ousugton iu ' Providence 3 00 Fare, $5 00 to Bosom. Commencing F'iday, Jannary lih. Train leaves S>u'h Kerry, Wh tehall, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 3H P. hi., and arrive at Stomngton halt an iionr in advance ol the steamboat fi'.m New York, aud proceed by steamboat train to Provnleare and Boston. Jan. 7, 1047. j8 2wrh REGULAR MAIL LI NK FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH k WOR- as ??* 4MS mglCEBTKU, without change of^^^^^L i.OwSci f?Cars or Baggage, or withont^^^^BB *dL- -?.rrossiag any Ferry. 25^C*SL aaaengem taking their seats at Norwich, are inshred their 0 I tsthrongh to Boston Tins being the only inland route tls t commnniCfites through by steamboat and railroad. Passengers by this line are accompanied through by the conductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his attention to their aae and comfort. This lino leaves south side Pier No. 1, North Hiver, foot of Battery Place, daily, (Bundayaexcepted)at 4 o'clock, P. M., and arrives in Bolton in time so take all the eastern trains. T*e ssw steamer WORCESTER, Capt. Van Pelt, leaves very Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, an o'clock, P.M. The steamer CLEOPATRA, Captain Williams, leaves very Monday. Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock. P. M. For further information, inquire of J. H. VANDEHBILT. No. ? Battery Plaed. North River. d25 rf re WINTER ARRANGEMENTS.?The badBmi' Norwich, Worcester and Button Rail Hoad and Htenm Transportation Line?The sobsuatitl steam propeller Trumbull. Captain Uaniel Havens will mn regularly between Norwich and JMew York, making two passages a week; leaviog New York from pier 12 K R. Old Slip. For freight, which will be taken at summer rates or passage, having elegant accommodationi apply to the riDtniii. nu hnirfi. nrtn E. A. BILL, Norwich, Conn., and to J>Un?f BHIlioH, 40 Souther. NewYork. UNIie.u a'i'Aiha MAii. LINd.. ?flTft sm FOK ALBANY AND THOY, VIA ^^gJMpSpBridgepoit and Hoontonic Railroad. Dnr!C9Cil.iO| laat simmer, the Housatosic Railroad has heen relaid with a heary H Rail, from Bridgeport to the Western Railroad Through bv Daylight, daily (Sunday's excepted) at fiX o'clotdi, A. M. The Steamboat MOUNTAINEER, Oapf. W. H Kraxee. leaves the foot of Market street. K. R., for Bridgeport, Daily, atSX o'clock, A M. No freight taken in the Passenger Line. Passengers take the Cars at Bridgeport,and without change of Cars or Baggage Crates, arrive in Albany and Troy at 5 o'clock, P. Al. New Cars and Locomotive engines have been procured, and the Road is in every respect equal to the best New England Road. (C^AVreight Line by Steamers Nimrod, and Mohegan, daily?Freight Tariff same as last year?P or lurrher particulars inquire at the Office on Market street Pier, aud at Livingston and Wells' Express, 10 Wall Street. dO Im ro O. M. PERRY. Aeent. NOTICE. aMMk On and altei pridav, November 20th, the frsMflQttjriTsteamboat SYLPH, Captain Drained, will S^^BE^Laiake the following trips to and from Stacea Island until further notice, viz s? Leave New York. Leave Statan Island. At 9 A.M. At 8>{ 11 A.M. 10 1 P. M. 12 M. IX " 2 r. M. *.*2 Bllf GREAT BKITA1N AND IREDAND. gsns. eK. *y PP^RSONS wishing to remit money to ^ vena nkrv, England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, will well to apply to the subscribers, at the old established passage office, 270 l'?arl ^ ^^^^ .treet, where as usual droits are furnished for large or small gmouuta on the Nttiooal Bank of Irel.oid, Northern Banking Co. and Natioua! Bank of Scotland, pays V. 1 _ .... -J I .. -U_ . . . mo iiuomauv, u me uuiiicn'ni urancnrs mronjfnoiU noin eonntiiea. without discount; also, on R. C. ULY?N Ik CO., Bankets, London, and on C. ORIM8HAW k CO , Liverpool. Apply to BAM'L THOMPSON fc NEPHEW. >11 lm*rh Old Established Passsge Office, 275 Pearl st. PAJBSAOE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. rtfey JUl ?& ARRANUKMENl'? KOR 1447. PW. UYKNE k CO., Of NEW YORK AND LI VERrOOL, be I Of the oiliest and Inrgeac established house in the emigralingnnsiness, beg leave to call the alteution of the public gene rally to their superior arrangements for the ensuing veer. Persons desirous of scndiug through this house, lor their I'rieuds residing in the''Old Country," may safely depend rhey will have immediate despatch, and every means * ill be taken to prevent detention in Liver|rool. Tl e Packet Ships of this line a-e all of the first cless. aid commanded by meu of acknowledged skill-one of wbi<-h sail eve,y five d lys Arrnugemeuts can also be made to fo ward passengers, direct, from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Londonderry,and Belfast. Diafts aod Bills of Exchange, given for any amount, payable on demand, without discount, at auy ol the principal towua in the United Kingdom Kiom the above arrangements, the subscribers continently eiprct that the patronage which oas been 10 lihernllv extended them for many years past, will not be withheld the coining season of emigration nhnnltl any of the partial engaged for, not embark, the uioaey will be refunded as enstomarv. For farther parlienlari, if by letter, (pott paid ) apply to P. W. BYRNES k CO., 58 South afreet, comer of VVnll, N. Y. EDWARD SAUL, Agent. P W. BYRNES k CO.. ) aflm'rre. 54 Wa*erloo Road, Liverpool. BRfflMH AND NORTH AMUR .X^-^aaftCAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS / v*6REI(MoI 1200 tons and 4 40 liorae power each, tia '2^3m?flH^der contract with the Lords of the Admi rally 111 BERN I A. Cart. A Ryrio 1/AliKUU^ilA Cap. K. O. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CAMBKIA Capt.C. H K.Jndkiaa ACAL)IA Capt. V/in. Harrison Will sail from Liverpool tad Boston, rra Halifax, as follow* trFBOM BOSTON. FROM LITIBrOOL. Hibarnia Feb. 1, 1847 Hibernia Jan. 4, 18IT Cambria March I, 1847 Cambria Keh 4, 1847 Hibarnia April I, 1*47 flibernia March 4, 1(47 Ifaiiaus Monet. From Boatoa to Liverpool $120. Kroui Boston to Halifax jo. No beitha aecnreil until paid for. These ships carry exSerienced snrgeous. No freight, except specie, teceired on ays of sailing. For freight, pisaafs, or any other information, apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.' Agent, At HAtt>Pb.H v co.'i, ? Wall at. (FW In nddition to the above line betwaaa Lirsrpool and Halifax, and Uoston. a contract has been entered i nta with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct The steamships lor this service are now being bnilt, and early next year due notice will be given of the lime when they will start, luder the new ennuart the steamers will sail every Matnrday during eight inoinhs. and every fortnight during the other months in the year, lining alternalrly between Liverpool, and Halifax and Boston, and between Liverpool and New York. j* r FOR OKixOa?i he eniwrior bark I'ATHlU'f 4ja|>t. Himth, will be dispatched for the above port jHMbm a few days. Kor freight or passage, having ex cellent sacommodauons, apply to the Captain, on hoard, or BOYD RHINCKKN. M Wail at. E NE" NEW TKAV1CU.1HU ACCOmmODATlONS. j NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETST" (jS^EW Y* I POOL THE llth OF EACH MONT HFROM new YORK, 8 Ship 'HEIIIDAN. (Jape. Cornish, Juinary2fl ? Snfntf' 7A. Kn^rz * ? " SIDDuNS, " Cobb, April W. >IOX EIOKRCOOL, a " (rAHKll K, December |1. 3 " KOSCIUS, Jsuuary 11, I " 8IDDONH, February 11, m " 8HKKII) AN, March II. 3 These ships are all of the first class, upwards of lOOd tons, i built in tlu? city, with inch improvements as combiu* great speed, with unusual comfort for patseugei* * The price of passage hence i* $75, for which ample itort* will be provided. These iliip* are commanded by experienced masters, who will make svrry exertion io give general atiafactiou. Neither the Captain or owners uf these ships will be responsible for aav letters, parcels or packages seut by them, unless regular bill* of lading are signed ihereft r. n For freight or passage apply to, K K COLLINS, 5fi South street. jal BROWN. SHIPLEY h CO . Liverpool. FOll MKW OKLKAN6. J LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. I ? tff 44A Jjti? jjlsjbifty nBHy TOTST^very TE^JAYS Ship OSWKOO, iaptain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. P Ship CLIFTON, Captain lngersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Huut. Ship SAHTKLLK, Capuin Taylor J Hark OKNE3EE. Captain Miuot Bark JANE E. WILLIAM8, Captain Parker. Bark UEBKON, Captain Graig. i The a ieve ships are all o< the fi st class, of light draft ol water, and commanded by the mos experienced raptaius in the trade. Their cabins are h}ndsome|y furnished and every j attention paid to the comfort and cenveniencv of the pessen- j gera. . Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be reI pousible for jewelrv, bullion,precions stones, silver or plated ? ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent oy, or pat on board of them, nnle?s regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed. , For freight or passage apply on board, at Orleans wharf, r foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS is South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff. It Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. SJOh A r*%t? ' RUCHE, BROTHER?ri Co. ' ARRANGEMENTS. > Remitlaneee to and Postage from Oroat Britain and Iff land, by the BLACK BALL, l)R OLD LINE OK LIVER- 1 POOL PACKETS. c . Sailing from Liverpool on the lit mid I6tli of every month. f Al?o, by firat elasa American ahipa (weekly.) jj Persons sending to t)ie Old Country lor their friends, can make the neceaaary arrangements with the subscribers, and have ihem brought out in any of the eight ahipa comprising the Black Ball, or Old Line ol Liverpool Packets, sailing c from Liverpol on the lai and 16th ol every mouth. Alao, by j firat clnaa ahipa aailing liom that pert weekly, which our t agent, Mr Roche, Senior, there, will aee are aent out without ? delay. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packeta, com priae the following magnificent ahipa, and will aail from Liverpool on the regular appointed daya, na followa s? FIDELIA. lat January, lit May, lat September EUROPE, 16th " 16th " 16th NEW YORK, lit February, lit June, lat October. J COLOMBIA, 16th " 16th " I6th " I YORKSHIRE, lat March, lat July, lat November. OXFORD, 16th " 16th " 16th " I CAMBRIDGE, lit April, lit Aug., lat December. MONTEZUMA. 16th " 16th " 16th " P. 8.?The public are reapeetfally notified, by deaire of the ownera or the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packeta, < th it no passenger agenta but R. B It Co. hnve permiaaion j from them to advertise to bring out paaaangera by that line, . and that they are the only regular autiioriaed paaaenger agenta J of aaid line to thia city. , We have at all timea for aale drafts at light, for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; also on Messrs. Prescott Urote, Ames Ct Co., Bankers, Loudon,wl ich are paid free ef diaeonnt or any charge whatever, in all the principal towns thronghoul England, Ireland tfewstlud sad v Wale*. Applyor adcreea l???y a RUCHE, BKOlHJfiAA A Co., Si Fulton street, N. Y., nevl door to the Fulton Bank. The officeof Mr. Roche, Benr., a at Ti Dublin atreet, 1 o7rc Liverpool. <1 J. McMURRAY'S r ARRANOEMENl 8 FOR 184T. ' OLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE a IN THE UNITED STATES <1 THE BUB8CRIBER reapec.fully begs leave to tender his ainceie lhanka to hia uumerous lriends and the public i for their vrry liberal support he has received for upwards of J twenty years, and solicits a continuation of their confi leuce. ] The de>patch by whien hu passengers have l.een bi ought d out, and the promptness hy which lilt very iniineioui dralts o have been paid at the different banks, are, he flatters himself a suilicieiit gaaramee to the public for the fiithl'ul perform- < an re of eny future contracts euteied into with him The following are the days of sailing of rhe regular line ol packets to aud from Liverpool, vit:-lat. 6th, 11th, I6:h 21st and 1Mb of each mouth thrnnghout the year. , lu addition to the above regular line a number of splendid , ships, such as the Adirondack, Marmion, Rappahannock, Libeity, Sea, Greenock, Broom, anil Ocean Queen, will con- ' tioue to sail from Liverpool weekly in regular succession, thereby preventing the least possibility of delay or detention in Liverpool. ' The regular line of London Packeta sail from New York I on the 1st, 6th. 16th and 24th ; and from London on the 6th, ^ 13th, list, aud 3tih of each mouth throughout the year. Persons desirous ol sending for their friends residing in the Old Coun'ry. can have them brought out in any of the above tnlendid vessels on moderate term. And for the accommodation of person* wishing to remit moner to their families or friends, I here ?rringed the paymenu of my Drafts en the following Banks Armagh, Droghcds, Londonderry, * Athlune, Daadelk, Lurgen, Br.ndnn, Dungarvan, Mouaghgu, Belfast. Dungannon, Mallow, B.uibridge, Down Patrick, Omagh, Ballymena, Dublin, Paraooatown, Bally shannon, Enniskillen, Skibbereeu, Bailing, Kunis, Bligo, I Cork, F.nuiaeorthy, Htrabane, Coleraine, Fermoy, Tralee, 2 Clonmel, Gal way, Wexford, C avail, Kilkenny, Walerl'ord, Carlow, Kilrnsh. Youghal. Coothill, Limerick, Enoi.and?Messrs. Bpnonrr. Attwood It Co., Bankers, Loo1 eon; Messrs. J as Beckett Si Bon, and Mr. Kichard Murphy, Livrrpool. Scotland?The City of Glaagow Bank, and all its branches and Agencies. [T Passages can also he engaged from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore, by the Keiulir Packet Ships on application being made personallv, or by letter, post paid, addressed to JOSEPH McMUllKAlf, Corner of Pine and South streets. New York, Or, James Becket Si Bum, and ) No. 1 Waterloo Itoad, Mr. Michabd MuarHv, S Liverpool <123 r MARSEILLES LINE OK PACKETS Ml M M The underme^.ion Ships will b? regularly despatched frs I hence on the lit, and from Marseilles the 10th ol each mua J .inring the year, aa followi I Slops. Captains. From N.York. , PR'CE deJOINVILLK, (new) I.awrence, April 1 Sept. 1 y MI8BUKI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1 1 ARCOLK (new) Eveleigh, June 1 Nov. I. ? GASTON, Coulter, July ! Dec. 1. i NEBRASKA (new) Wauon, Aug. I Jan. 1. y Ships. Ceptaiua. From Marseiilea. PIl'CK de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawreuce, June 10 Nov 10 MISSOURI. Silvester, July 10 Dee. 10 / ARCOLK, (new) Eveleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. II GASTON. Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 i NEBRASKA, Wauon, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These vessels ere of the flret class, commended by men ol |i experience. Their accommodations, for passengers are uusnr (. passed for comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the ? aenu will be forwarded free of other charges than those acta ly paid. i for freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN k. PHELPS, Proprietors No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD It HINCKEN, Aiente, Use iTontine Buildings, II Wall,cor. Water at. . REMJTTANCES TO IRELAND, lie. I m. m m ^GEORGE McBRIDE, Jr., has removed his office u> No. c 4() Broadway, and continue* to remit money, in nam* laiite or o small, to peisons residing in Hiiy part of Ireland, ill the tame n manner as he aud his predecessor in bum.en have done (or ti the laat thirty year* and inure; alio to any partof England or u Scotland. Money remitted by letter, pnit-paid, to the anbicriber, or n personally deposited with him, with the name of the person or persons in Ireland, Kngland, or Scotland, to whom it is to lie sent, an^ nearest post tewu, will be immediately transmit- i led ana pain accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given a r forwarded In the sender np lm*? (, NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE OK ? PACKET**. * Jfit JAC rtf j fSSSSL i?ra> iqd Sailing from [Se^^^ira on the Ist^ini^Tiisgow o^hMSth e o( each month m from N. York. Km. Ol'gew n i June I. .Inly is! 0 Ship 8AHA!. UN. N.T. Hswkiaa, J Oet I Not'r 15. " f Keb. 1. March IS. ( _ (July I. April IS. n Br. Ship BHOOKBBY, H. M'Ewea, < Nov. I. Aug. IS. , { March 1. Dec'r 15. p . .. . f August 1. May IS. v Br Bark ADAMCARK.Jno Wright ? Dec'r I. Sept. 15 i (April t. Jan. 15. ( | Br. Bark ANN HAKLKY.K. Scott, ^ Sept.'i. Oet'lS.' _i . . . (Jan'y 1 Februa. 1SJ I These ships are good, substantia] vessels, ably commanded, and will sail punctually on their regular days. Their accom i lor passenger*,are good, and everyattenrion will ba I paid to promote their eumlnri. The agents er r atoms will l not be responsible Tor any parcels or packages aeit by them, I unless bills of ladiug are signed therefor ror Ireigm or paaaage, apply to c toWMuLL h MINTURN, P _fi,8ot't?? atrert, New York, or n oSlre REID <k MURRAY. <>l,.K?w a X+X KOK LIVERPOOL.?To tail w?h dean,tel.- f aMfV The aplendid Am clue. Cat nailing packet KALAlKlibMA/(IO. Captain Clark, bnrthen T OIK) t"na. * | Tlie accommodation for cabin, aecond cabin and ateernge Piaaengera, a? to comfort, are unequalled by any ahip in port eriona in'cndinK to embark woulil do well to bo ?n board ' and ludge lor themaeleea before engaging elaewhrre Kor i farther paiticulara apply on board. pi?r No 1 North Rirer or to JOSEPH NL'MURKaV, " Corner of Pine and South ate. * P S ? Peraona wiahing to aend for their frienda from the old country can hare them brought ont by thia ahip on reaaonable " terma. by applying aaabove jjre ? AAA PACKETS KOH IIAVKE-heeond at iMtWpacketahieBT. NICHOLAS. Cant. N W. Ere- e. JWMKnieigh, will aail on the Aral day of Eehrnary. for m Height or paaaage apply to SOYD It HIN< KEN. 1 Ji'h M Wall at. w ro YORK, WEDNESDAY N PACKETS FOR HAVRE?SECOND LINE. M -M ffl^hipe of th!nTi^will .ail dunu^tne year u^h^ol swing order _ From N. York. I' m Havre. { Jan. 1, Feb. 16. Ihip UTIC A, Capt. J A. Feirce, f May I. June 16. # Sept. 1. Oct. 6. kip ST. NICHOLAS. Cap.. N. W. ftJ.1,; jjTy' ft Lraleifh. l|Oct. 1. Nov. 16. hip ONEIDA,Capt. Fanck, Vfe'l! ASi'.W?' ? 1 Nov. 1. Dec. 16. | hip BALT1MOKJC, Cap.. J. Joto-S^1 /; ^IplJe: ,ton- ( Dec. 1. Jau. 16. They are >11 of the firtt class, ably commanded, and with ! ecommodations ample and commodious. The price of paluse iu the cahm i? fioti, exclusive of winei mil liquors. Apply to BOYD Hi H1NCKKN. Agents, V . 9 Tontine Buildings, No. 88 wall itreet. Ooodi lent to the agents orforwaidiug, will be inbject to one other than the etpeim . actually paid. au2l in NEW LallNt. OF LIVERPOOL fAOKKTfeT&k Mt M. ML T^aT from Ne^York 21st, and Iro^XiverpooliUMj^acn , lonth. ' LYea* Nrio York. Liverpool law .hip Liverpool lit* toaa. Dec., 21 KeE 6 J.Eldridge. ('August 21 Oct. ( lew ihip Oneen ofth.Weet, '} ]IVch * 1250 t0M>. Woodhoa.e, J > &'*., g J lew ShipRoehester, loatoaa. ft" *'7 21 August I I John Hriton. || October 21 Dec. 6 Ihip Hottmgner J050 ton., feh J} ? , Ira llurily {Not. 21 Jan. 6 These suostantial. fast sailing, first class tin pi, all built in He city of uew York, are commanded by men of experience nd ability, and will be despatched punctually on the 21st ol ach month. Their cabins are elegant and eoramodions, and are fnrniihed rith whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passeaers. Price of passage f 190. Neither the captains uor owners of these ships will be repounble lor any parcels or packages sent by them, unless egular billi ol lading are signed thorelor. For freight or i assajie il'l>Ty to \VOODHULL fc MINTUKN, 87 Sooth street, New York, or to flELDEN, BROTHERS k CO., ml re Liverpool. m m rHE ONLY REGULAR LlNEOF GLASGOW PACKETS ItT k J. T. TAP8CO FT heg to inform their friends and TV tlie public, ihu ibey ? re agents for the Regular Line if Glasgow Packets, sailing from Glasgow on the Uth.aud rom New Yoikouthe lit of avery month. Tiie following irat data ships emprise the Line The BROOKSUY. SARACEN, " ADAM CAllK, ANN HARLEY Persona wishing to send for their friends in any part of Icotland, cin have them brought out in ihe above uained 'acketa on reasonable terms They sail from Glasgow puuc- | ually on the lirh of every month, and are commanded by eaerieuced captains accustomed to the passenger trade, and oted lor thair kindness to passengers. For farther pirticu ' ars, apply to W. k J. T. TAP8C0Tr. < d9r 88 South street, 2d door below Burling ?|ip. I waWAi. KOK Ll V h-KPUUL?Tlie hue, fiut sailing pick iJWketship SOUTHERNER, Cape. Alex J. Palmer ;onig on board, will meet with despatch. Kor balance of freight or passage, having excellent acaomnndations, apply on board, foot of Dover it, KR. or to j9rh WOODHULL h M1NTUKN, 87 South it. ru- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New l?fy York l.ine?Pos lively the first and only packet for HMpSaturday, 23d inst.?Tha splendid fast sailing packet larkGENESEE, Capt. Minet, is now loading, and will sail ios tively as above, her regular dav. tFor freight or passage, apply on board, iat Orleans wharf, bot ol Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS No JO South it. Positively no freight will be.received on board after Friday ironing 32a inst. Agents in New Orleans, John O. Woodruff fk|C'o., who fill proinply forward all goods to their address. The Packet 8 ip HUDSON will succeed the Genesee, and ail Feb. 3d, her r?gular day. j 15 FOR LI Ve,RPOOL?New Line?Regular Pack MrV^Vet for January 2C ?The superior fast-sailLg packet HBBM*hil> SHKRIuAN, Cupt. free B. Cornish, 1000 tons luitheu, will sail as above, her regular day For freight or lassage, having accommodations unsurpassed far splendor , >r comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf,'oot of Wall treet, or to EDWARD K COLLI '8, 56 South street. Priae of passage $100. The packet ship OARKICK. ('apt. B. I. H. Trash, will ucceed the Sheridan, and sail February 16th, her regular lay j9 rh FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Pucker of Zsth inrrak^Witaut?The elegant packet ship SHERIDAN, Cap pNUBlBtain Cornish, will nil asabove, her regular day.? i sir Irfitfli' nr RHimirp. hnvniF nl?*ndiil furniah??<i nprnrnmrv lations, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, Toot of Wall street, ir to K K. COLLINS, 56 Sonth street { 'J'li# packet ship Oarrick, Captain Traak, will saeceed the ther'dan ami sail 26th K?hraarr War rafilUr Ha* tal "a. -?1' UKXKTSON ENGLAND. IRELAND, 8COTLAND AND WALKS '.?Persons remit any ainonut from uue pound and ?*|dMi?uMjJupw?rds to their friends in any part ol Great Britain Of Ireland, by applying to the ubscribers, of whom drafts can be obtained payable at sight, yithout discount,in all the priuaipal towns and cities throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Those obtaining Irafts can forward them by the packets of the 1st, 6th, 11th. 6th, 21st or ?6th of the mouth of December, or the Royal Msil (learners sailing from Boston ou the 16th. and 1st of January. W. It J. T. TAPSCOTr, 86 Southst., di r 2d door below Burling slip. MONTHLY REPORT KOR DECEMBER, OK THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 76 CHAMBERS St Cases Suocesskullt Treated. 5 Pain in the head. 5 Seconder r *ene?ral 2 Recent cases paralysis. 4 Ulcerated legs. I Ascarides in the rectum. 2 Diarrhoea. 3 Inflammation of the blad- 8 Suppression of the menses. der. 9 Primary chancres, t Bad cases of cough. 5 Cases o4' Impoteoey. t Costireness. 4 Irritation in urethra. I Case of feyer. 2 Pleurisy. 4 Seminal weakness. 3 Dyspepsia. 5 Primary consumption. 6 Disease of the lirer. 0 uonorrntca. J Abruption ol the Ik'U. 3 Pain in the cheat. 4 Inflammation of the eye*. 7 Cuet ol' gleet. 2 Kt tendon of the urine. 3 Partial deafneaa. SuccmfL'L OpkkATiom and Cuitn. 3 Uvula* removed.| 6 Injuries attended to. 1 Hydrocele. 2 Operation* lortfintntiDg. 2 Tonfil* removed. 8 Vruereal wart* removed 1 Polypi removed from the 2,Opeiation* for llttuLiin ani womb. I Auipvtation. 3 Stricture* cured in the ure- 3 fcu limed proatate gland*, thra. under treatment. 2 Difficulty in making water. 4 Ca*r*bubo t Hemorrhoid* e tumor* re- l Phyinoii*. moved. The poor atteoded to between 9 and 10 in the morning. H. 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They are constantly rec riving the latest styles cf fashiouhie Jewelry of every description, iueludiug gold, fob, and uard chains; breast pins; ear rings; finger rings; bracelets: ' end ornaments, kr.; silver spooua; loiks; butter knives and t ilver ware, equal to coiu; gold and silver spectacles, Con | ?ve. eonvei, lie.; preach clocks and watches, repaired i gual to the original. j... - ACKERLYi* BKIOOS.ISI Bowery, dlf la*fh t doora abovt Brooint.atretu j ' 1 RK I [ORNING, JANUARY 20, AFFAIRS IN ALBANV. I ,, , the THE LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. S St t T BLKQKAPUICi of < A Albart, Jan. ltf, 1B47. Thi Senate. ?D(] There was little busloess transacted in this branch of ^ but State Legislature, the greater part of the day being me absorbed in the discussion of the elaverv resolutions. llqt Assembly. I 1 Mr. T. Smith,Iroro the Committee on (election*, made i majority report advene to the claim of Mr. Haibrouck .j to the seat of .Mr. lie La Montagnie, one of the membeis Ne ?f the Assembly from Ulster county. I J"11 Mr. Watson presented a minority report on the aame i lubject. ' ' ren The report o( the Commissioners in favor of the loca- can tion of a portiou of the line of the New York and trie ,0 llailroad in Peuniylvaniu, wa* ordered to be printed, but not distributed until the minority report shall have been -j received and printed. iloa A resolution was offered, calling on the Comptroller A for an account of the extras paid judges and the attorney ^ig general. Adopted. ' J The discussion on the Ulster county contested election Oh lias been further postponed until the 27th inst. 1 The use of the chambers was granted tbe Agricultural the , . . wh Society. __________ 1 BY TUB BlAllsS. 1 ev? i the IiBGHLATlVB PKOCBEDIIfOS. I -j Albany, dan. It), 1847. ' |)0i senate. on Mr. Jokes asked, that his resolutions of reference of j \y\ portions of the co ast itution (already published in the , Herald) might be had under consideration ; the resolutions of reference were adoptod, with some unimportant ? modifications. v THinn beadinu or bills. f The bill for the registration of births, deaths and mar- of riages, having been read a third time, and the question am upon its finul passage being about to be taken, Un A debato arose upon tbe proper construction of the \ fifteenth section of the third article of tho constitution, ju which provides that " the question upon the final pus , sage (of a bill) shall be taken immediately upou its last . reading" Doubts were enteitained wholhar the word J? " immediately" meant " point blank," " instautor," or i~,c " reasonable despatch." It was put into the hands of the l"n Committee of the wholo Senute. k" slack Sl.AV Kit V . A The anti slavery resolutions came up again; Mr. sho Spencex concludod liis remarks in favor of the resolu- pre tions. arte Mr. Junks replied in favor of his resolutions, declaring 'da. that at present it is inexpedient to agitate tho question of q lUvorv ; the Henutor said thut his resolutions did not ]ati raise the question of iho propriety or impropriety ot sla- ngi very ; he believed that tho climate of California was not the a slave climale ; the existence #1' slavery thero was im- mc possible. r M A' tiAnu|? o cacnn I sa.tifrt^ta svf Vxi. speech of Saturday upon thia subject ; it was such a i speech as only Samuel Young can miike. i Mr. IUhbis got the floor, and the committee rose with- <1" out taking a vote, so that he may have an opportunity to dei speak to-morrow. Assembly. The SpKAxra appointed Messrs. Allaben, J. Smith, mS Wright, Treudweli, Gregory, Marks, Hoper, and J. 1. mu Smith, as u standing committee on feudalism (in tho nineteenth century) , $10,000. J?' The hill for the relief of the second regiment of New . York volunteers was again had under consideration this morning ' On notion of Mr. N. B. Smith, of New York, the vote ins upon the bill was re-considered. The democrats attempted to have the bill and preamble lot reteried to the Committee ol the Whole in order to make am the preamble leas ohjeotionable it possible; the demo am srat* contended that they hud not had an opportunity to . discuss the merits of tho preamble; that tin previous , ijiieition bad been sprung upon th motion to take the . hnul vote upon the hill anil preamble " Mr.fl. li. smith ottered a coiupromisutory amendment rj to the pr.amhle. ... The Chain suul it wns not in order. ' A motion was then made to strike out the preamble. 1 The ClSM said tho motion was nut in order. f'h An appeul was taken from the decision of the Chair, Til (which wus tight,) but the appeal was withdrawn. ! " Then the motion to recommit the bill and preamble to un' Ihe committee of the whole, was made. The motion was " ' debated with considerable feeling ; it was lost?ayes 48, wh noes CD. j Mr. Dsa?.i.h? then offered an smendment to the pream- riv hie, to the ])ur|iose, that tho 1'resideut involved us in a osu war. "juntitl ibly," Ik?. It also was lost, but by a diminished vote, (48 to M>,) ten whig members declining to . ' vote on the amendmont. ?'* Mr. Watiom moved that the House leconsider the vote ' on the lecommitmeut ol the bill and preamble, to the committee ot the whole, and made some incendiary re- Tc marks in support ef his motion. The House adjourned ins without a vote on the motion. r Stl Boston, Jan. 18?4 P. M. ph The Weather?Father Taylor and the Abalitionirti?That J", fJO.OOO? The Supply?The Volunteeri, ij-c. On Saturday the weather was mild and windy, but ^ about midnight, the wiad, which had been veering from j)(i 8. to K., made a jump to N. W , and blew with great fu- vli r7, and by daylight the mud was hardened with froat, mi the sky clear, and the air piercing cold All day, tbe |j\ wind blew keenly from N. W.; but on Monday it again tin changed to 8. K , became dark and hazy, and commenced snow lug. Much sudden change* of woather must be very injurious to the sickly anl consumptive, and con- tin sequently profitable to the doctors and undertakers. tut Y esterday the Kev. K. T. Taylor (designated by sallore Father Taylor,) defined bis position in relation to the abolitionism and our present war with Mexico. By way ot'1 of prtlaco, it may be as well to state that Mr. Taylor "j* was horn in South Carolina, and at an early age followed got tbe sen for a living, being leit nu orphan. During the vul last war with (treat Britain, he was actively engaged in jj, privateering, until ho was takon prisoner In the soli- fit) tude of confinement he experienced religion, and upon inj peace being decltired, he began exhorting seamen to mind their souls' salvation. Intimately acquainted with tri the character of aailora, his success as a preacher was Mi wonderful, and soon began to attract the attention of those intereated in their welfare. His fervid eloquence, in| despising the trammels of rule, went right to the hoart. $1 Seaoicn heard a man speaking to them as one of them- ift sslvua, who knew their wants nnd sufferings, and show Fs ?d them how to supply the one and avoid the other. $!> Merchants, ami others interested in navigation, saw the tui fruits of the young sailor's preaching, and from then to los the present day they have sustained him. While he re- W mauied the poor sailor boy, eveiy body spoke well ol rv him, hut when lie began to receive, deservedly, some ma compensation for his labors, and to rise yearly in public P i estimation, there have not been wanting those who have do. endeavored to crush him. But ho has weathered the , me niuiui, au i?r, wiiuuui mtvlug iimuicu u lu^jritui, miu ja ran more popular now than ho ever wet before. Using n th< south Carolinian, ho h a .State right) man; and inhir roc sermon, yesterday, those who requested his opinion upon Kn the abolition of slavery, were referred to tho coii'litti- Cot tion. II Massachusetts considers herself competent to the conduct her own government without the inteifeienre gin of any other State, hu asked why she should not ho wil- i the ling to allow others the ssme piivilegci ehe claimed and hor exercised lor herself I Let be for let be, wax good poll- the cy, Dud ho went for it. In relation to the war with Mex- tin< ico, ho had only to ?ay that bo had always stuck by of t his country against all foreign ioes, and would sts continue to do so as long as he lived. He gai knew that he would he denounced and misrepresent- pet ed; but those who wishvd to know his opinions, had i>le Ihem now openly, and they might say of him what they On pleased. He did not know that be was a person of such 1 ut t consequence in the |K>litical world that any one should : yai wish to know what he thought about slavery, or any- np< thing else. He had work enough to keep the devil Irom dia walking away with sailors, without taking up any new dill brunch of business. Me knew something about sailors, Inn and to their interest he would devote his life, without bin Jabbling in politics of any kind. tcr The special assignment for the consideration of Mr. son Hushing s report on the resolve appropriating $20 000 to- me wards equipping the Massachusetts voluutoeis, was Th taken up to-day in the Legislature, and Mr. Lushing of having obtained the floor, advocated the acceptance ol nbc the report in a moat oloquent speech ol an hour and wil twenty minutes, after which one ol the minority of the Jot committee rose to reply ; but on motion, the further con- gei 'deration of the subject was postponed until to-morrow. The galleries and lobbies of the House were crowded I with ladies and gentlemen, to listen to Mr. C'thing's ]g.; sloquence. At the close ot his remarks, he was cheeted j j|1( by the spectators, in deliance ol the thunder of the ; Speaker, who neatly knocked his desk down heating ^ai< ?rder. the This afternoon, the it re ship Supply, which had been i jn , Hichored ill the lirmm mini* anil mill myiiin urnnt nlnnir- .l_ id* of the navy yard, for what roaaon I am not in- t(j, ormed. cor Yesterday Capt. Wrighl'a company, who are princitelly compoaed of Iriahmon, attended public woratiip in ri'? he Kranlilin atreet cathedral Biihop Fltrpatrick ad- j?, Ireiaed a few word* to them, to the affect that they _w >ugl\t, first, to he propared to meet their Ood, by having , |ln heir aoula purified, nad then, when called upon to face -j-), nortal danger, they would have no feara of the future. Strenuoue efforts are being made here by the Abolition. f,a ta, and others oppoaed to the war, to indnce the volun- ; or. eeia to deaert. One man haa actually offered them legal , idvice, gratia, upon the auhject " 1 he I.ord ia good | into all, end Hia tender merciea are over all Hie woika " ( * men- as we eay at prayer meeting i? ??????? i hoi One of the prieonera confined in the Louiaville jail, at -| empted to escape on the tth inat. In Jumping irom a ,ng loniiderehle elevation he cruahed one of hit lege in a tie lornhle manner. Notwithstanding thia, he dragged | iimaelf along nearly a square, where he waa found <hi toarly frozen to death. Ao aevere wera the Injuriaa he wa eceived that hia limb waa amputated. Ch> [ERi 1847. Varieties. 'tie Supreme Court of Ohio have derided adverse to city of Cincinnati in the so railed Jew caae. The irt declares the ordinance of the Cincinnati Council, bihiting trading, bai taring and selling on Sunday .void 0 those who conscientiously observe the seventh Jay the week as the Sabbath. 1 ball was given in the Parliament house, Quebec, on ursday week to about 60 lunatics Every thing passeJ with perfect propriety, and the principal dignitaries 1 lashionables of the city were present. l man named Beverly was frozen to death at Montgory, Ala , on the 12th inst. He was UDder the etTects of lor, and remained in the open air all night. ^he late Hoods in Ohio have very materially improved lake harbors, by sweeping out the bars which had umulated. 'be Alida, a steamer designed as u day boat between w York and Troy, to be commanded by Captain G O. pper, ia cow finishing, and will be ready to take her ce on the openiug of navigation t ia contemplated to builJ u bridge ovor tbe St. Law ce, for the accommodation of the lioaton railroad. It i be eaaily done, although the distance from Laprarie Montreal ia about two milei. The water, however, ii deep. It ia designed to make the bridge of 00 apana Jot) feet each. 'he Ohio river, at the laat accounts, was filled with iting ice. l German named Mamele, w,?? m.trdered by aoma hwaymen, near the mound, at St. Louia, a few night* :e. '.dward Avery hna been elected Supreme Judge of io, by a vote of 60 to 49, in the legislature, 'he t 'onnoravilla Telegraph of 7th inatent, says that White Water Valley has been visited by raiiidooda, ich have done immenac damage. 'he Western Keserve College has in all 3i0 students rhe Bath papers consider it as among the ordained ints of the future, that the railroad from Portland to t town will bo built next summer. ['he city authorities of Georgetown, D. C., have ap ted a committee to consider the propriety of aution the subject of the ubolition paper to be started in ishingtou. V volunteer named Isaac Lynch, was accidentally led, a few duys since, at Vicksnurg. Me fell from the >f of a houso and broke his neck. 1044 persons were admitted into the Charitv hospitul New (ii leans last year, of whom 7074 were discharged il 855 died. 8150 were foreigners, and 1773 of tbe ilted States. I'he interest on the Georgia State bonds is to be paid advance during this year. Well done, ueorgia! i'uualuskec, the Cherokee chief, lately appeared before i Senate, and then before the House of Commons ol >rth Carolina, to return his thanks tor their kindness to a in voting him three hundred acres of laud in Choru), and one hundred dollars in uioney. 1 Frenchmen named Guillet, was bitten by a dog, a irt time since, in Now Orleans, and the constant ap(tensions of hydrophobia, under which ho labored, icted his health seriously, and a disease called the Iho pleurisy," supervened, and carried him ott". 'wo children, at Bath, Me., left alone in a room, were ?ly burnt, so as to render recovery hepoleaa. Their is were (our and six-, tho elder cumo in contact with i Are, and communicated the llamea to the younger, libera, be cautious rtie anionnt of money annually expended for cigars oked in the United (States, is near $10,000,000. \bal Burrows, of Vpsilanti, Michigan, wat lately iwued in the (St. Clair Kivor. He was formerly a realat of Ilostou. rbe steamboat Hurry Hill, while backing out from the iarf, on the 11th inat., at Louisville, burst her receiv[ Hide pipe, injuring the engineer, (Stephen Wobb, and ich damaging the boat. Ibram Newkirk was four.d dead in the still house oi eph Miller, in Deerfleld, N. J., on Tuesduy morning t It in supposed he weut in there during a storm, lull eep, and woke no mote. t stable in Memphis was destroyed by fire, on the lltli it., and with it IS horses. \ barber named Warren, was shot in Memphis, on the h mat The bull entered the upper part ot the cheek d ranged downward towuid* the neck, making a bad 1 dangerous wound No arrest made. 3n the I'ith inat., at Columbus, 8 M Edoart, a well own Daguerreotypist and " Sdhouethte," hung him \bial Evans, a young'man, aged about seventeen, son Henry H Evans, ot Umgor, was killed in tho Webster Us of that city, by boiog caught in tUe machinery. I uu vuiivn i lUTUrn/it, OI .uonuny, SB) f) TII?L Mr oate commenced the closing argument in defence of riell, thia forenoon, and wdi atill speaking when we t the couit. The delence is a moat maiterly effort, 1 Mr. C. seems to enter heart and aaiil into the case ? i as yet impossible to form the slightest idea as to .at may he the result of the trial. V flood has taken place by the rising of the Wabash er, by which much damage has been done. The aals were seriously iujuied. V resolution hns passed both branches ol the Kentucky glsluture to adjourn line die on the 10th of February, is mulling a session of just two months rhe distillery ari l mills of tbo Holliwell Brothers, ai ronto, were destroyed on the 10th inst. Loss >2i,oo0; lurance ?4i.00. rhero ate supposed to be 75,000 Jews in the h'nited itcs ?in New Yoik thero are aheut 1J 000-in 1'hiladel la 3.300, and in Baltimore ldoO The whole number the four quarters of the globe is supposed to be nearly ren millions. Another Destructive Fire? Los* ?(i0,00().? iockinu Tragedy?Oil tins ilay week our par announced the destruction by firo of a block of three luable brick stores on Main street, and now it is our ilancholy task to record a similar visitation in neat oximity to the scene of the lust. On Saturday morn ; about 0 o'clock, tbo grocery store of Sampson Ilea b 3d in the continuation of Newton's beautiful block brick stores on Main street, was discovered to be or e, and the flames spread to the iqiothecary and drug it store of Robertson Is Cornick, on the one side, an I i store of Karrant kt Loudon en the other, which wert ally destroyed. Tne dry goods store of Paul, IVgrani Co , at the corner, and adjoining that of Kohcitson S ruick, was saved with groat difficulty; as were slsi >se ot J I. Bloodfood it Co , II. P. It N. Anchor, and lers occupving the adjoining block. The wind blowf heavily from tbo H communicated the flames to the Hifcit" building on Main (tract, in which were the dry ads (toie of k.dmund Dorney, and the jewelry and silr ware store of Jo?ojih M. Freeman, this, too, waa da oyed; and the one adjoining i', occupied hy W H ougliton. apothecary and druggist, and Vickerylt (Jrlfi, booksellers and itationera, though saved, wus much Hired in front. The entire loss by this firo is estimated at $<H),000. dis ibuted as Itdlows: Newton's buildings, south side of sin st, $10.90'), insured; Talbot's do, north aide do., .000, do ; Paul, f'egrnm it Co , leas and damage in mov( I'i to $|.'> 000, do ; Uloodgood it Co , do do do., B to 0 000; Robertson it Cornick, lots $7,000, insurance ,n0ll; Hampton Ken, loss (total) $4,000, insurance $3000, rrant it Loudon, $1600, insured; Jos. M. Freeman, 3 to ,000 stock, covered by insurance, hut none on lurnire, which wus nearly all destroyed; Kdmtmd Dorney, s anil damage hy moving goods, 3 to $600, insured m. II. Broughton, do. do do , $100, not insured; Vicke it Orifllth, $400, insured; P (I. Bonlord, loss uml da ge in removing stock of dry goods, $3000, insured; H k N Ancker, do. do do., $1000, insurod; M 8. Dawes, do. do., $1000, insured. 1 here were several gentle n occupying lodging rooms over Mr. Ilea's and Farit it Loudon's stores, who had a narrow escapo lor dr lives, besides losing their effects. One of these ids was occupied as an attorney's office hy M 8melt, i] , who lost his books and papers. The hooks and reds ol the Wirt Institute, which wore kept in one ol se rooms, also fell ii prey to the llames Alter the enus had ceased Maying, some hoys ventured in among m, and io turning up the rabbi h in the cellar ol llotson it Cornirk's store, a volume of Itame, earned by ignition of a vessel of camphine, or spirits of turpun?, concealed beneath, suddrtdy burst up. covering two lie boys with Die burning liquid, and they were in ntly enveloped in llnnn. 'i hey scrambled out and ned the street in this hoi rid plight. Several hundred ifde w ere near, yet to allurd them relief wai impossi; for each of the hoy* was literally a pillar of flee ? 0 of the hapless yoirh* instinctively ran to the pump he head of market iijuaie, (a distance of shout thirty da.) whore buckets ol water were .ristanily ttftWI >11 hint and the lire extinguished; the other fell immntely on reaching the atreet. when the fire was. with lenity, extinguished, by throwing blanket* around 1 hut, alas! too late. They were so dreadlully rued as to present an appeaianre too shocking to doihe. Thev were about the ago of M ; one was tho i of Mr* Brown who keeps a hoarding house in bom rce street?ho died about -J o'clock 'henext morning e other, we learn, was the son ol a widow of the name Daniels, and had been employ ad in vending m<tchea lilt the street* He atiii liugora in hi* misery, but Lhoilt any earthly hope of hn recovery. A son of ... 117. I.I, ..hi .t .1... I.,.11., ?. i. .. oualy burned .?Norfolk HrralJ, Jan 17. !J. S. Court ?Washington, Jan. Ifi 17.?The opinion of tliu Supreme Court, in the |iort?nt ran* of W. O Cook va lohn I, Muff,it and era, was delivered yesterday by Juatice (frier. Cook I bought goods in New Yoik, ami gave hia note lor m Huit waa brought lor the noto in the U H. i ouit I altimore, and ( ook claimed that he waa released by insolvent lawa of Marylan I, under which he had oh ed a diacharge Judgii Taney decided that a? the itract waa made in New York, it could not bo avoided an insolvent diacharge in Maryland From this do ion an appeal waa taken to the Hupreme Court ? tge Orier delivered the opinion of the court yeeterdny vfiicli waa. that the defence was not a good one?and decision of Judga Taney was therefore, confirmed, e decision of tho court was strictly contliied to the tir.ular rase before them ; so that any other < ase may regaided as open, so fur as tbo present decision be is, i>roferaea to go. _________ Lath trom Eutopic ?The French ?hjp Albeit, plain Fnrtr n, arrived at this port On Thuriilny, ten days from Point Petre, (lUadaloiipo, lelt (her irg (Kmnce) on the 1st December lost. I he sugar nop In the Krenrh West Indies waa lookwell, and promised to be early, t( the weather conned favorable. "he Albert N a new ahip Rhe made the pmaage from rbourg to Charleaton in 41 days, eleven ot which occupied in iliacharging cargo at Point Palra art, i(on Counrr, Jan. 10. LD. rrtM Xw? Unto. Court or (ienernl ttulani. Before Recorder ^rott, unl Aid. Kober'i eud Tappen John McKeon. klmi . Diatrict Attorney. hlto of Guilty -John (Jilhert, in licted for (orgary io Ihi eecond tl?jrm. in hiviitt iu hit |>oeaeeMion sundry counterfeit $6 t'llla. purporting to have been issued by the Merchuntj' B ink, of Portland. Maine, with Intent to pat* the ?tme. ut the opening of the Court thii morning withdrew u former plea of not guilty, and entered a plea of guilty, which wan received, and the prieoner remand d for sentence. Jinoth'T hit a of GuiltyTerrence Burni, indlated for keeping u dieorderly houee in Water etreet, alao entered a plea of guilty. Sentence deferred until Saturday neat Trial for Grand Larceny. - Sarah May lan (the reputed wife of John Jack, whoee trial wee noticed yeeterday) - wae then placed at the bar for trial, on a charge of grand ' larceny, in having Seen concerned with the eaid John Jnckiu robbing Mr John 11 Sergeant, in the month ol October Uet, of about aixty doliara in bank bille, anil > ailvci coin an I other property, worth about (76, while at the residence of the ac.cuaed partiee, where he had hnnn itiiltif??fl tii trn at tliAir rtnrriAst anlinirutmn Th . evidence adduced tu the c<t?e, win (lie inrne in every essential particular us that of the trial ot Jshn Jack yea terJny. The uceuseJ was found guilty, and remanded for acnteuce. I Trial for Miticmeanor?A policeman named Henry J. Stiuckee, was next called to trial, to answer for a misdemeanor, in having received from Augusta Keifhley, the sum of $2 40, contrary to luw But 1 ttle progress had been ni.idu in the trial, before the <o tirt adjourned until to-morrow. <'out mo 11 fleas, I'Hii.sDKi.rniA Co., Jan IS, 1847. Margaret Bell vi. Uichard Bell?la this causa the Court decreed a divorce, a vinculo matrimonii, (from the bonds of the marriage) with costs. The parties, wa believe, were lormerly residents of the city of New York Court Calendar?'l'lsla Day. CiacriT Court?4,10, 11, 12,801 10,21, 22,28. Common I'lkss? Kirtt I'urt?20, 280, 21,24 , 27 , 29,31, 33,37, 3. Hecoud Part-34, 36, 38, 42,44,46, 48,40, 62. 64, j?, Ot), 62,64, 40. Apkaiks in Iowa.?There will undoubtedly be no Senatorial representation lrotn this State for the present 1'fio Burlington Havkeyt of the 'J4th ultimo, contain* the following additional particular* of the attempt to bribe certain member* of tnu *umu Legislature. There aru several perron*, who have hitherto *too<l high a* honorable men in the community, who are tmi plicated. At the teat meeting but one ot the committee, < Johnson Chapman, fireman of the House, and who lithe > only democrnt among all the officer* of that body, we* examined in hi* nick room. Hit teatimony i* similar to the certificate which may be teen below. The certificate wti obtained from him lor the u*o and latialaction of Mr. Clifton, and in a* followt:? "1 do hereby certify that on Tucaday, December 9, 1H4U, I tvaa authorized by Col. Wm Patterson, of Lea county, Iowa, to offer to Josiab Clillon and Ueubun Conlao, each, the use of one hundred dollar* for niuetr nine years, if desired, without intereat, it they would give their vote in an election thon about to come on for J United State* Sena'ors in the tienerul Aaaembly for such I a man or man ui the *aid Cel. Win. 1'aUeraon would name I Itor the oillc.e tit United Statu* Senator. Alio, I wa? an thori/ed by Col. I'uttorsou and H 11 right, to oiler Jon Clifton individually, on their own put and the pat >1 thuir ussociatos, to enter into a bond of $10 00V if n K.iry to suture him an uppointmuut in the Land ether register or rue.eiver, provided bo would voto for men tor the United Statu* Senate whom they w name Tho above named Coulee und Clifton are nn her* of the Home of Representative! of iowa. Tliia ceitificute ia signed hy Johnsou chapman, above mentioned. Intxclioknce from Liberia.?Tlio Liberia lit' raid of Nov. 6th, sayaThe public mind hna, in a greut measure, been relieved of tbe apprehension that forcible possession would be takeu of Grand Capo Mount, by the British government It adds "We are informed by authoiity, which may he lelied upon, that t such is the in teution of her .Majesty's government, the fact has not yet been made known to tbe commanders of her snips of war on this station ; and it is nut reasonable to ku >po?a. 11 such an order had been isaued, none I would havo known it sooner than these who are aant to the coast to protect lintiih interests. We hire not, however, failed to watch all movoiuents, having the least reference to that district ol country. We learn that there is a gentleman at Sierra Leone, lately returned from Kuglaud, who contemplates founding a settlement n> the Cupe as soon as he can ohtuni a vitHcient number of perrons to engage with him in the undertaking."? Capt. Dacrei, of the Biitisb navy, recently visited Moulin ia, and spent a day at tbe government House. DA NCI NO ACADEMY. VI K. SAKACCO, Italian Chorourmphist, and Mil* AIM ltJL OKLIN A. first teacher of the rirmau Caseins Ac ideal of Mr Cellarius, grateful to the Anirrican "bean monde" lor the geuerous pntrouaite they have met with la almost al disluiguiitied families iu New Yo?a, liavecomposed the TARANTKLLL WALT/. Uance of Naples, now very fashionable in the lowlier circles of Puis . and ANGELINA, a new waltt iu fie steps, in order to replace tlie oae lavealed by Mr. Perot, which was not received in Parisian "salens" as oeing too theatrical The nboi e beautiful dances, and also all the most fashions I.I. ? I'..Ik. U.._.k. I II I..1, - va dnws, Waltz Kedowt, Waltzes tu (wo and three a tap* are thorougly taught in a lew Irtioua N U.?The mi r for ilia shove mentioned daneee, recently publithed in Ne1. York, can he pnrehaaed at the Dancing Academy. Broadway, Corner of Canal atreet. No. M. dti lui'r ~ "itOUftabL.'Jj AMANUINL, roa t ii K rhicvv.*tio* tZD CVII or CHAPPED HANDH. THK SUBSCRIBER, (late of the firm of K. Kooaael, IM Broadway)?uo removal?respectfully solicits atrial of thia article, to approjviate to the aeaaon. Upon its abaolnte perfection lie it willing to riak the reputation of bis eatab liahmei.t. It la warranted to core and prevent chapped hands. and in addition to tlua communicatee to them a healthful softurss and wluteneaa The manufacturer eleinu for hia ' perfumery a perfect equality to the imported, a superiority from ita freshness, there is, however, on article iu this line, 1 ei'her foreign or doineatic, which the aubacriber doaa not keep The perfumery of hie former partner, for many years I direce". of the tirst latio at..ry tu Paris, is certainly nasar i par. .J by tne product of auy laboratory in Europe, and la i sold at prices generally JO to to per cent cheaper. He moat eapertlully solicits the pntruuage pf the elite ol lha metropnlia, at the tame tune promising to deserve t by truth and ' fair dealing in all his transactions. 1 A. A. MOMS, late KOUSHKL'S, M Breadwar, i Where he will remain until further none*. Every variety of Soaps, Shaving Ciratn, Kstracta,Colognes. Cosmetics, Pomatums, itc., with an eiteusive assortment of Hazors. Haii?Jlail. Tooth and Mhaviug Brushes. Trtflet Bottles. I Moor flfffea. tuilahle for preseuts. he. d> lm?r A prima donna, both handsome and young, Was seated at home iu grief ; Her mind was tronblrd, her nervee were an Strang, And nought could afford her relief. Te sing at a concert she must that night. That morning she'd taken t cold ; And she knew full well that Htvoni might, I mean Mr. Loiikr, might seold. , She picked np the "Bun, as her only hope, And <|uirkly commenced to read Of Hancs' Svnue?not Jones's aoap j She sent for t bottle with speed. > She took three doses, three hours apart. Of Hstvrr.'s HoaaHot'vo Compound ; , It cured her cold and gladdened her heartShe says 'tis the best to he fouud. HANCK'S COMPOUND SYRUP ol HOAR1IOUND Is a SOVEREIGN cure for COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION, he. Price '<0 cents per holtle. or in bottles for ! M. For anle by SAN IIH, corner of Ktilton and William at*. . HKNKY JOHNSON, for. of Broadwav and Chamber* at. . D. Sands 8c Co , 77 Eaat lfroadwity : Coudaigton, cor. of Hnd on and Springe it*. ; Kaculapinn Tempi*, cor. of Broadway and Howard at*. ; Ouiou. cor ,ol Bowery and Uraad *t. dl Im*r UhAKN LWOUKED: OU| BROADWAY. ( cheerfolly comply with JO 1 the regoeat of Cirntcnaut Mclotoah, to ateto that ha waa invalided home, aa ocfit for duly, In rnaaegaeac* of totai dealneia, and diarharjtra from the ear*. That under the treatment of I)ra. f aatle k Edward*. annate in New entirely recovered hia I.earing, and haa again retarned to hi* mililarv doty ?Signed, II. McNEViCN, Burgeon to H. B. M. force*, Jamaica. Acoiiatic Oil?A tore cure for incipient deafneaa, diaehar grat'rom.or nniiea and cellectiooa ol hard wax, lie, lath* vara?lor aale 1*1 Broadway. dl I tat*re TOOTIIACHK CUKKL) IN UNfc MINUTE,' BY the nae of the Clove Anodyne Thia i* an eicnlleti article, and will cure the moat violent toothache or peia I in the guina hi on* miuute. It la not nnpleaaant to the Mate will nol injure Hie troth, ?nd efferta a permanent euro. Pre pared only by HKNKY JOHNSON, cheaniat end dreggiat, I7J Broadway in the Granite Building Hold alao at IN Fal' ten atfrrt.77 K.sat liroadway, and at Coddingtou'a, JOi Had aon at. I'rire 2J centa. [T/" Parrhaaera moat beware of epnnons compooada called Clove Anodyue, inlendrd to deceive the unwary Be aura and aak fur the Anodyne prepared by HENRY JOHN HON. and loirchaie only of reapectahle dealera dl lm*r UAUTION TO TI1K T'UHLIC. JOII NHON'8 TOOTHACHE DROPS 'THE fi CO VIC ANODYNE, for the immediate and per I manenl cure of pain Irom decayed teeth, having, from ita inrrintif ritln^ %a a remedy, bef??m* in?w#uiwf popular with thoge who hit# aged it, many iroiutiong hare lately bean fhruat into the market by unprincipled pertont, and told at the original and gennmr^gruclf. rh? object el this para ilTMl'n II rn Cnllllori me I'll I'M. an .urn ?|Miriom co? ("iiimli. aa no I lorn Aaodyaa can poaaibly be the geuniue article, no long and larorabl y known by that name. bat thai I prepared, dining fnnr or lire veart, by A. B k D Nanda. end I lor I hi* lilt yrer by Henry Johunon (lacceMor to A. B. Hand a kill who ii now the lole proprietor. The only eefety lor inirrheieri. n rn he inre end eeh for Jnhninn'i Tontherhe llropi, end to eiem ne the wrapper of the rial, aa arery one of I lie genome haa the aignatora of Henry Johnaon. Keinnnher that the true I -lore Anodyne la an immediate rnre lor (he inoat riolent toothache or pain in the (ami, and that it la manufactured genuine only by Henry Joheaon, I hernial and Druggiat, 27J Broadway, weat aida. in tha <#m | nile Hmldiiign. Hold alao at 100 Knlton atreet.TT Rear Broadway, and Ht llndaon at Priee K eenra. dl llm*rh GENU INE BEAR'S OIL THK ennrmoiia nnmhar of Wiga maunfaetared la thia eonntry moat he a conrtnaire proof that the hair la greatly neglertei.. It can be aatiifactorily prnred that If proper care were taken, a wig wnnld not ha neceaaary in one enae ont i often lu which artificial hair ia worn. ( norentrnred perapll ration laone ol the moat energetic poiaoni In which the roota ol the hair ran be aohjerfed ; and, aa an antidote to ita de 'rnctire rjnnlitirn, the On ume Brnr'a Oil atanda alone ? There i? nothing known lo chemnfa that can compare with it It aupplica the roota with a inoat healthful noariahment It darliri the cnlnrtnir matter within the capillary tabea, and gtrca cite I muriant locka, winch it prodaeea, a tendeeey to I'ttrilird and perfumed for toilet pnepoaeaonly by HICIfRY JOII.VSON, llrnagint, (ancrranor to A B. Banda kCo.)17J Broadway, weat aide, in the Oranite Building, corner ol ('hainhe-a atreet Wold atan, at loo Knltoa arreat, and 77 Beat Htonde ay ; alao at W1 Hudinn atreet, corner of Bpnag. ir~^ Beware ofapnnooa iiaitatinna. and he aera and per I ehane only the article prepared by HKNHY J0HN8OW.? Price Mceata and Xiceau per bottle 41 lm*t

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