Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1847 Page 1
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I. T!l Vol. *111. ftr-. 97~WUol? ?o. ia'4k THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thonaand. DAILY HERALD?Every dny, Priee 2 cent* per copy?17 25 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY 11EpA.LD?Every Saturday?Price 6X ttuu pel e.iiiv?$< 12^ cents per tuiuniii?payable in advance HICK ALD FOR r UHOI'E?Every Slcain Packet day Price C.'tE cents per copy?g8 00 per kimnn, parable m ad. Twice ADVERTISEMENTS at tlie ntnal prices?always cub in advance PKiNTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch Alt leitare or communication, by mail, addressed to the ailahli: luticiit, mini be post paid, or the postage will be dadieted froi'i the *u' -Bi'ptien moiier remitted JAMES GO Hi ON BENNETT. ''ruprietor of the New Yoxa Hirm.., North AVe?i Cornel ol k'nli.,n end Naitnn strasft aeaLj'!).1. i u IJI NATURAL MUSIC. 325" STILL B eater sttraciin at AKOHY' I. No. 5 John 'yjyfr s'real ? A G. hue just reerived by tl.o lent pa beta from Eu ope, a coond-rib'e additio> in iuT lr-*?y TisJ-f moat mt:wive sleek of MiiiC'iir nnd K.-noy lii d?? Aniunyst toe following will be found 580 of the moit choice de.c.iplioi of Long ll ecd and Dutch C auxi, mated and prepared to be put np for h tolling Bird (, Bird Seeds, and all other things peitMnisg to .be above, will et all liuiee be found ut Arch>'e, o 5 John at. N 1).?Shetlaud Poniaa, King Charles Spaniels. Italian Greyhounds, and other fancy decs couatan'ly on hand. P. S ? An early iu*)>ccliou la requested, at this is without doubt the beet selection he bus ever offered. jM Irarc JOHNSTON'S BIHD ?l UK-E, XyFjf* No. 2M BROADWAY, one deor from Chamhere J S fj street?85 bags Canary seed, sifted, at whales ale price, by the single bnshel ; a fine (election of the long breed oanaries. high colors; German aoug hires, Chiaeae spice birds, Java sparrows, aockinn birds, larks, red birds, all in song Fauey cages, breeding cages, biid seeds, seat boxes, staff tor nests. All articles in the line in great variety, by W. b. JOHNBl'ON, ISO Broadway, New York. P. 8.?Letters si above will be attended to. jS3 lni *r MASSAPtQUA HOUSE. MTHE PROPRIETOR of the above house, having retired from the bntineae. the house will be let on moderate terms for one er a number of years, cn^weuuiugou the first of March nest This establishment be nig mt veil tutwn, m ana me ceieuratea treat ponti adjoining it 11 needless ta say mora. For particulars apply to the subscriber. Bear the premises. N. B. I he shore ei ablisbment would be rented very low to a party af gentleman. THOMAS FLOYD JONES. South OtitkkBat, L. I. j27 2w*rre KATHBUJS'S HOTKL, 161,163, 165 <5* 167 Broadway, ISiew York. This new and magnificent establishment, recently flEw npeatd as a Public Hotel, 'i fitted up iu modern style, JSSpLwith the latest improvements, and is af sufficient capacity to accommodate ttO persons. Besi ?s a rery spacious Dining Hall, it contains an unusual number of pleasant Parlors, with large wtll ventilated Bedrooms, all splendidly furnished with entirely new furniture. 't he loestieu is rery desirable end convenient, both for business and pleasure, being between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. The Proprietor of this establishmtnt intends to make it one of tho most comfortable, pleasant, and bnsiness like Cisco* in the city af New York, and no pains or eipense will e spared au bis part to meat the wants of his gneau?thereby hoping te sli -re liberally iu the public patronage, while he remsius the pub lie's humble servant, B. KATHBUN jB7 lmra A MOST DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE AT PRIVATE SALE. AsA THE handsome double hotter, with fire r.crrs of fTStsj grimed, on the north side af Castleton, Btatcn Island, JS^yLhaius one mile from Pert Richmond, and n mile and a half trnm New Brighton, haying a front of about 250 feet on Use water, and in the immediate vicinity of rho s'eamboat lnuung. commanding an extensive view of Elixabelhtuwn, Newark b-iy, New York city, and adjacent country. For terms which will be liberal, apply to HALLIDAY k.MULLER, Auctioneers, ?7 Wall St. jya? Utr FOR SALfc. JUL FOUR LOTS, au thn north side of 41st street, be1JvJ3 twaen the 7th ?uo lib avenues, with a Dwelling House kVH -J Caraeuter's Phep o.i one of the lota. . nii?,? mall Farm on tlie turspike road. Far Rocka way. Isffilg Inland, eoatuuint about tit nrr*a oil laml, two nuJ<r outivanon, mi* acr* of fine largo Peach Tree* of the thoiceai ft*it. ? ?n?ill flotr-*, andaoeut fotir -cm oi Woodland, all ?iicl<M*d 1* go d lance. Alan, sevarai nther pieces ef land at Koekaway, for aale. Fur particular*. apply to JofIN L. NORTON, Jr. 14 Delonray at. or jIS Un 're JOHN U PO'-V Kil. 149 Fulton * .. N. V MKOtl SALE, or to exchange for city property? A handsome cottage, with fire * trn acre* of laud, aiiun ed within two mile* of the Marine Pavilion, ltock<way, Long Island, en ihe Koekaway Turnpike I tie five acre* ef attached to the cottage are well studded wilb Death and (Yuit tree*. There ia a good barn and ether outneUKt* on the property; alt J an icc house; and the aam* ia we.l Aiented for a gentleman who would like a e snfurt-.ble cou try realAi nee. Alan about teventy acre* of land, consisting el wood-land, meadow ami illable land, which will be aoid in dittoreut iwrccia. Apply to jl'J lm* re JitH* la sORTHN. jr.. It Uelarry at. PURS/L5, MA DESIRABLE RESIDENCE in 19th atreef, near Irving Place?a modern built two atorv and attic,with under cellar, and aew?r couunui'icatiug wnli the aueel, marble m utels in litseaeut, mid Aaal actl aecmid atone*. lonr roma in tlie Iriird at try, house twenty Irei by forty, I t twrut." by seventy live, bum auil fiuwheil with especial retereni-e to it* occupation u, (he owner. Two ill- uau'id dollars can rem >iu on bond and mortgage, hor In mv apply 01 llllCHEUKk Mi'. ja h' 2w re. r A KM b'UK yAlM-i A'I'AU TUiN jevj* VA all tie aold kt auction on Tue,diy, the 2d day ol Kd&Mirch next, lli valuable Farni on which the aunacriber jjaa.. iw reiidet The mid farm contains about 47 acrea ol land, with a good D - etiiug, Barn, Carriage H. use. and a I the ucenaary out buildings: ia situ>t*il in |na tuwiol Maiusromck, C'tenty of We, cheater. *1 out our* f mim thr vil'age of Oiamarotierk, au the Weaver a'rret road. 21 mtl'i I toil) the < i y Hall, mid neat lb* line "f lb* New 11,ven *o.: >?IV Yeik 'hilroud: lias an a* nndaeee of the beat quality of nu.t. Ttiesa* will b? poaiiire, to take place at 12 , an ih p timaaea. F r further imriieul ies e ><|oii* of V A I, tw, New JUOChtll#, ur of tr.e anosctlber. ou th* print a j . ...lie _____ IA U a AU ) DEKLTN. PLUNKET'y PARI) ESS US, (J 12 l.j FULTON STREET, fV, ft !! ' eaceitei't b i at J3 IHI aud Oi ly t.harpe $i bo lua ,* * t'o-tr b luax CgUALu v \ioL?:*aiN ami It: i hi a Ear* 11.? !'L H r. I T U l'AU LlE'btUS warrant t'Asi' ftrat qtisiit) lini < to itv <--|nut,at Ihe very least, to th a.- ol l:nv ''the i eaiabitahmeat, tin a.-sure the puJlic .hat it would be utterly im o itole lu at ll ai oH an autici.e at a o heth.o. odo |tn-r.'. ,. 7 BL,At K ?ALL OK, OLI) hlMtdiTCIVhiRijSSii P' 'Ol-t PA KETS.?For Liverpool? OolT rrgul-i 6W"hlsl|ipacket ol t e 1st February.?The new magn fi etit, fti-t ai.lit g and favotire pa'het ship OXFORD, bur-.lian I OHO toil*, Captain Pamaei Ye.ilon, will s il pes. lively on # i i* . i rmruary por icrina 01 cant it, and cabin or steerage pan-nye in tMs splendid packet, apply to the Captain on boaid, atthe fool of fleakmaii street, or to 'hp subscribers. KOOuK, UHOTHEKtt Sc i:0 . j Sire y, K'l'fnn nrppr. (iiput il l-r til lh? Knltmi Ba h) gvitjjj' OKLE,\N 8?Louisiana and {New ^ ork Lille of Packets ?Itrgu'ar packet for Thur??%2Htm*/Q*Y' ppbruary fill.?The splendid l ist nailiny psrket i nip HUDSON, Captain Page, ii now leading, anil will pos ti'tly sail ni above, her regular day. Kor freight or paaaage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of W ail itrret, or to . .. ? E. K. COLLI NP, 18 Sooth ?t. Positively no freight will be received on board after \Vedn aday evening, 3d pro* N B ?Sl ippers may tely nnnn the veis'Ii of this line aailn tt punctually at advertised, full or not lull. Agent* tu [New Oilcans, Jottn O. WoodiuIf U Co., who I will pramply forward all uoodi to tbair aildieia. 'the Packet b irk H ".Brill A. Captain Gregg, will sneered t'tp iln Js?'i, HiiO anil lirr r.gular da* ja^S . <i<S' ?ACKe.T SHU* Itu'Cii KVf KH"'KitU ii" LI Vi lU-OOi. -Co. vign'Pv will (lease t-kenrltce MMe/um 'i"t she ii tliii da> discharging u dpr gensr.l oidrr. pie., nr.,t aide Bulling ril p. Ihins'uqers k II attend reefn t VVOOUHUjLL t*. Ml Vi'UKN, ^ 8??nih trrHt, " LONkUM Li INki OF PACKETS?Pa tket ol the ?'i'h* picket aliip LW'IT iCEHL \ N U Motn ti?E Knight, nti er, will aail aa above, her regular day. h or ptuipge, having superior ' ceommodations, apply to the Captaiu ou board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, The n?.U, .Win OtTlitP If r' !r"Sr V SU 1S?U,h .U. ... ... Trillium, nniir.r, win aucrurd the Bwitzorlaud, and nail Kruiuary It h. jjlS rrc ||Mt FOR LIFfcKI'OOii.-Ths New. Mivnifireut, l?3rrJ% Cut ini'ius, an J li voire packet > In p, 8 aMU it l> JlteUiUdte HI'iKr burthen I300 tone t>rt. hunker, wll .ail on rit-F M- giilar 1) y, Monday, 1st ol Kehrnaiy The mod to in fur cabin, td enom, and 'ht-iif paiaengeia ai to cotnfo t, nre unequalled by any oilier ?ea?el in put persona intrii ti ( to embark, would do weil to bo on hond and Judge lor themselves btf re g i[iot mtwturi. Kor luittier paitienlars, ?i ply on, lout of Perk SI p or to ' JOBKPH .MCMUHRAY, c ruer of I'lu- and Pou n nmets. P !>.? Persona wiaking to hum iheir frieuda lioni die O'.d Countiy, wtuld do well not to mm ao'h a fayoiable rpi nr. Iniiity, at the Pamurl Hicks will sail from Liverjool P'4uc m ill in tl e 'Silt of Much. Her between decks beinf ?riy Picinu* aud 1 oty, 'h i accommodatio n 'or icood cab',* and atterngn paaaengrrs are u'.uu'pa<i?d lor comfort b,y any p irk it ah p in pmt. Prnnrr i ran be secured in her or. rey nalii ler a tir applvi g ?a ahoTr. fkltfre A- 4 KOll LIVERPOOL?The New Ljnr-r.egSfftlpb cular Packet of ? 1st February ?The n ty, mpcrior, .i#Pri?l*?la?i-?ailiii|t packet ahip UONB'l ITU^TION, 1.600 ton* liiirtlieu, Capt. John 11 lit ton, will sail as above, her regelnr day. Kor freight or pnaeace, haring splendid, I' and cemlortable Male rooraa and cabin, apply to the ea j.tam on board, at weatpicr Darling ?lip, or to WOODHtJLL A MINT rfWN. gl South w. Tt.e p.rket ?hip HOlTINOHKH io^o tone nunhen, Celt IriUureelev, Will succeed tlie Coimituiion. dm'1 ""'I on nor regular day, flat March. j23 . MJt - *'OH OLASOOW?oi Packeta?K a^nlar Mr ly Packet of the let of Fr oinary?The fine new la?l Mmmmf -ailing packet .hip 8 VHAHEN, Cepu N. T. h'W hfiia, will aiil at above, her rcfular day. For freight or pssiage, haeiiie eireilent accommodation** apt ly ou board, foot el Dorrr street, taat Uiver. or to WOODHULL it. MINTUKN, m aim,in .i,..i 'I no r?uui?r ptcket thip Broohtby, Ctpt. Hugh Mr K.wee, w.ll merged the burnern, oud Kill <*> her regular day, March Itt )t h ""SEt KOH OK.VowThV aaiierior bark PATRIOT it rAVj. ( ?[,t Mnirh, hi|'he iliapnrched fur the there port a few dayj. K?r freiahi or I '-aaga, hav air ei eellent lecoininod.itiuu*, apply to the Oaplaia, on BOYD U HINCKKN. ?? Wall at. P AI - K K'l'H hint HAV.1 K.?becon il Line?The packet .hip ?T. NICHOLAS, Cart. N W. KeeihdiMjfaleith. will tail on the hut Hay nt betirriary. hot ir.iJ.t or pattHge tpi ly to BOYD k HINl Kk.N, H rh ? Wall t* E NE' NEW CHANGE OK HOUitrt SSSyeaaa eaHga-SBteaJJl > ^rsr-wy- *W- 'imp1 -mmm LuNt.j iSCn.AU RA UKUAD. i 1 WINTfciK AH.4ANUKMENT On and alter Monday, Dec. <48, 1*46. Traill will run tt I'ulloWi:? Lkatb UkuuIlii, 7 ?'<|. tk A .tI (Boiina train) for Orcenrort dail;,'except "Sundays} stooping el Kt'mm?dale a, d 8: Ge"f*e'? M?.cor at 9)4 I M . daily, for Greenport and limermodiate places. | " " at ? F M. fur Kariningdale, deity. Lcatk UacsitroaT?u? 6'4 A. M.. Jaily a.xotumo<lAtioa train lor Hronkiyo I " nl 3)4 I*. M., (Boatou Tiaiu) or on the arrival of the oont from Nortvi h, duly, (except Sondjiyi,) it oping at 9t George's Mane' and k*rtam*d?le. Leave FaHMIvudalz ai 634 A. VI. diuly, (except dttndavs,) icouror.odau i tram; and l J ,'l. and 5)4 1*. M Lkatb Jamaica?* I o'eloe-t A. M., 1 P- M., <uid 6)4 P- I M.jlor Brooklyn. or on the arrival of Boston , SUNDAY TM A INS will hereafter ran to Thumpion Sta tion?leave Brook'vn at a A At for Thompson aud intenne- . diate places, (commencing Sum la/ the Dili Nevember, return inn leave Thompson at 3 o'clock f. >1., Kanntngdale 4>4, Jamaica 3Hk'*HK to?Botlford, I otitis, Kaat New Ysrk, _1*X; Bace Ontirae, llM: Trotting Course IIV; Jamuen f>; hrushvilU, 3I>?; Hsde rark.JIT milea) 37>4; < lowsrille (during the sesaion of Court) 77)4; Hemnsiesd, 37)4; Bench t7fe; Carle P"Ce,44; Westbury, 44?, Hicksville, 44?, li'aro>iiiKtiiJe. 62)4. Deer Parlt,6?: Thompson, 8*. Suffolk Blutiou, SI; Lake Hoad 9 ntiou.fl IBJii Meoford Station, $ I 11)%: Vaphank,$1 37)4, I St IJeor*e'a vlminr, SI 62)4; Kiverhead, SI 62)4: Janiosport, | Si 67)4; Matte:nek, SI 63K; Cutchogue, Si 6U4: Souchold, $1 62)4; Greenport Aceommodution Train, Si 75; Boston train, S3 25. Htanea are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the aet t ral (Stations. to take passengers at very low (area, 'O all parts ol the lalaud. Baggage Crates will be iu readiness at the foot of Whitehall atreet, to receive baggage f< r the several trains. 30 inmates before the hour of alerting from the Brooklyn aide. , The ateamboat "Statesman' leavea Greenport for 8a? HarI boron the arrival of the Boston train from Brook I vn d25rh S' FOtt BOSTON AINU PUUVID NI..E, via Stnnington and Long lalaud Railroad? Night Line ?On and after Monday 2*th instant. Trams will leave the foot ol Whitehall street. South farv I-laod Railroad en Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fiidaya, at 2 o'clock, F M., for Green port,crossing the Sound to 8t the favorite sound steamer NE W HAVEN, which kas been provided with masts, sails, and extra ordinary anchors, and Pom thence to Provideuce and Bostou by the mail traina which connect with the eteamers Massachusetts and Governor. ' Faro to Stonington ?... ... ... $2 58 " Providence 4 08 Boston 5 no The steamer ^'?vv Darin has new boilers, and will take only light frriifliti d25 rh NOTICE. -tUtsyb jgH On and alter Friday, November 30th, the SnaJARaajiSpsteainboat SYLPH, Captain Drained, will 3a(Mi3BCSumakf the following tripe to and from Btatea Island nnttl farther notice, vit:? Leave New Y ork | Leave States Islaad. At A. M. At !< 11 A. M. I 10 1 P. M. | U M. ?K " ir.M. ' >* " I ?X" altr REGUI^AR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH A WOlldftygst ^BltJCSTKR, without ehange nfm I I g f wJq* dfCare or Baggage, or witbout.^^^^^B ' V ilB ierossinj; any >errv. assengeas taking their seats at Norwich, are insured their s i ts through to Boston Tlus being the only inland route tit t communicates through by steamboat and railroad. Passengers by this line are accompanied through by the conductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his attention to their ease and comfort. This line leaves south side Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place, daily, (Sundays excepted) at 4 o'clock, P. M., and ai< ves in Boston in time to take all the eastern trains. The lew steamer WORCKBTEIt, Cnpt Van I'elt, leaves every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Tir steamer CLEOPATRA, Capmin Williams, leaves svery Monday, Wednesday, aud Friday, at 4 o'clock. P. M. For furrier information, inquire of J.H. VANDE'tBILT, No. 8 Bsttury Plae*. North River. dgS tf re rfOWrii !0m WCVIKR ARRA NGE tln-.N 1'S.?The SotijBaefl* Norwich. Worcester sod Uottou Kail Road i *"1 and Ste-'in Transportation Line?The substantial steam propeller Trnmbutl, Captain Daniel Havens will run reguls/Jy between Norwich sud New York, making two duium a week: It^rinv New York from nier 111 h! R i Old all|i. For freigh'. erhi-h will be taken at luminir rstea ! or purine, having elegant accommodations apply to the | Captain, on board or to K. A. SILL, Norwich, Conn and to | -Ijjt N UMiI'H 14 NyvVork. UMlifru 'lAita HAIL. UI .N r . JA Foil ALBANY and TROY, VIA gju?Biidg port and Hnusatomc Railroad. DurT* mdlMfiJw i'H rummer, the Hi.urarn re Railroad ba? been lelntd with a heavy H Rail, from Brinseport to the Weston Railroad Through be Daylight, daily (San day'i exri-|>:ed) at tK o'clock, A M. The Steamboat MOUNTAINS KR, Capt. W H, leaves the foot of M -rket street K. K., for Bridgeport, Daily, it GK o'cl ilk, A M. No fri-ieht taken in the I'aseenger Line. Passengers take the Cnrs at Bridgeport^ d without change of Can or haggsce Crates, arrive in Albany and Troy at 5 o'clock, T. M. New Can and Locomotive engine* hare b'-en procured, and the Road u in every respect equal to the beat New Kuplaud Road. C?~A freight Line by Steamera Nimrodj and Mobegaa, daily?Freight Tariff Same aa !a?t year?bor tnrher particnlara inquire at tba Offiee oa Market utr-et Pier, and it Livings.oil and Walls' Lxprese, III Wallistreet. <111 I in rc O VI. PK.KKV. Aeent. , ? UKUTSH AN Li NUllirt ,V>lid riyvALUtllBCAN lit)VAL MAIL 8TKAM SHIPS ': >r w"'jl iVJkkol 13U0 tons and I to horae power each, a* fljgkiAlg8Bla&_- dei contract witu th? l.oraa of the Aden | HIBKRNI A... Capt. A Kyrie C ALKDONIA Cap. K. O. Loti BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt CAMBRIA Capi.C.H C Jndiuaj ACADIA Capt. Wan. Harrison | Will ?ail iroiu Liverpool asd Koalon. via Halifax, aa foiL owe I rxoH xjiToa raoM uscnrcioL. I Hibornia Kan. 1, 1847 Hibernia Jan. 4 IM" Onrabrifl March I, 1847 Cambria. ....... Feb 4,1847 I Hibe ruia April I, 1847 Hibernia...... March 4, 1B?7 I'ffliaAMK Manx.i Front Boston to Liverpool SIM KYvro Boston to Halilax.. . 80 I No horthi esarsit until paid for These ibipa carry ex I . erienced xurgeooa. No Ireiaht, except specie, received on I Litre ot Soiling. , Fur freisbi inssage, or nny otnor inluriflUiinn, >ppiy to I). hHIOii.idVl. Jr., Agent, A. K.'.K 1< BF k CO '8, b Wall at. < (Cf io audition to the above liae be twee. L. 'pool and I Clifix, an. Boston, a contr..ct has been entered i n:? sri'k 11,l Majesty's got eminent, to establish a line between Lis' . rpjol and New Vork nirect The atoainships lor this ar vice are now brink hunt, and enrly nesl yc .r due uniice will ne given of the time whrn they will start. Under the new rontjjict the stesinv:> will sail ever, Saturday during eight aonUis,end every fortnight duriog the other montha in the ,'er.r. lining alternately between Livcrponl, mid Helifai ; Hid Uonto'-- *nn b*1**611 Mv^rpfvl And ynw York j* r j Gri.i?A.T BTUAIN'a.sU IRELAND I SLil/Ts *??-*. PKtlbU^NWnlliil| to remit mone) iu i ('A Lnglaiizi, Ireland, ScyL.a /I o- Wnl?? wilt ' c'l -'SI' A-IItv * " ro ap|>! v 10 ,uh,e ibera. at 'be 1 ?:A?SiitU353f old en abli-hed paaisae <>|R e, 2/3 I'z-arl treet, where / u-ual drill, ere Inruiahed for Inrg/ or nn.ill aiiiniiiiti on thu National Bank of Iretlnntl. Northern Banking i o. hu/i National Bank ot Hcotlantl, payable an detnaud, t the nitmer u? branrhea throng out - nth coat/grin. wit out discount; alao, on K C t/LV '? U CO., Bankers, Loiidnu and on t-. (iR'MKHAW k CO, I.iyerpool. Apply to HAM'L TH MPSON t NKPflEW, Jd3 lm*rli Old Kst,hiiahed Passage Office, 271 Petri it. OKAKTHow ENGLAND. IRELAND, vl&SMPpV SCOTLAND ANLt WALES !?Pe'aona Ssstft ulLsHJE/bkcan remit any amount from one pound and upw rtl? to their Irienda in any t/art of '/fiee Great Britain or Ireland, by R|i|>l> iug to the subscribers, uf whom dratta ran be obtained I avable at sight, wichont discount,m all the prineipal towns and cities throughout England, Ireland, ScotJant uud Wales. Those obtaining drall, can forward them by the rackets of the lit, bth, '1th. 1 i6th, 21at or fth of the monthof Decrrnher, or the Royal Mail Htearrieraaaiimj! from Uoatnu on the lfctli ami lit of January. W. k J. T. TAPSCOT , ? South at., 1 d3 r 2d door below Hurling blip. passage from great britain and ireland. m. ^SE m. ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1317. PW. BYRNE k CO., 0< NEW YORK AND LI VERIO L. lie/tig the oldeat and largest ei ahlol.ed [ hotire m the emigrating busmen, beg leave to c-itl the attent on 'of the puhiic generally to thi ir superior arrangement! for the /ensuing year IVsvirv deairotta of lending -hrcngh thia hug.ine, .or thiir fri?n/la >eaidnM or the ' Old ou/tiy." may mi tVly depend they will have immediate deapatch. and every '.oeaiia will be t! keu to orei ent detention m Liverpool. Tl e Packet Ships of tint line a*e all of the drat clraa. and <| imntanded by mcu t/f ack./ow'edg, d akill-onn of wt.icf, Mill eveti Cre d i/a Arrangement c to ala > be made t? f? ward pasiei/gera, dirrct, Iroin Dublin, Cork, Waterfor*l, Londonderry,and Ballast. Dl ell* ?ud Bill* of Kvchange, given for anv amuaut, payahie on demand, wnlioiu due/ not, at any ol the principal *<bvgna in the Dulled K ngil m From the ahore ariargeU.*/. >1,. Ink....u ,nr,ll... I, I /III/ i, .Ir. . ... which lint been to liberally" rtleinltd them lor m.ny y?ar? f fait, will not be withheld the c, mi iimiu of etnigniion ] Klmuld any of the p*rne? er.g-gr d lo:, not embark, ilia tonney will bt? lefmided ?t cnatomarv For further particular!, if by letter, (pott paid ) apply to P. \V. BYRNES tb, l <\ it South a'rret, corner of W ill, N. Y. KDVVAHD H AUI., Agent. r w byrnks ?i co. Ja.f) Im?rrc Sr. Waterloo Itoed, Liverpool. FOR NKW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. i M A Ship OS,v l,(IO, < eptain Johnton. I Ship HlJD*tIN, Captain Page. Ship OLIKTON, Captain Intermit. Ship LOUISVILLE. Capt. Hnnt. I Sh.p HARTKLLK. Captain Taylor Hark GENESEE. Captain Minor.. Dark JANE K. WII.LI AMH, Captain Parker. B irk HEBRON, Captain Oreig. Thee ere ahipa are all ot the data, of light draft of wefr, and commanded by the mot eipeririieetTraptaini it the tritle. Their cabiw ere hendsoiBeiy'famished, end every i.tieiiiinn penl to the comfort end conrenieiire of the paturn1 " Neither the tmptaiui orownert of the ahoye .hint will be re1 poi uhle for jewelf i .bullion,prrciout itenea, tilvernr plated warn or for any lettert, par elt, or pejkegea tent by, or put } on board of then, unle-t regular Milt of lading are taken for ghe otif. and the ynlue tlierem eipretted , v...r .... hnarit at Orion* _1-?r I f^?ot of V4 *11 tree!, or to . K. K. COLLINS 5t Sooth ttreet. Arm' in New Orlennt?John Woodruff. Ii Co., who will pr.vmo'l fnrwird til ?nod? to their tdrtreat > I II r. mien Ion ol li.irs nut W. ile Ainidii, iVlrichiuiefa, I tie., it celled to n Here < h uce to ttvp into en ealtblithed bntinen, on etty term?,*? the p atent ownei it compel l?d to lettr it on *<-c>>nnt of ill tetlth. For further lulnrinati?n euqni e at 443>? i'eatl tOeet. a BAMoon. Jtl IWne W YO *g=g-. h- f" mil 1 ilUJI YORK, THURSDAY MOJ AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. IKLKORAPHIC. AlssnT, Jan. 97, 1847. | Icnatr. The annual report of the Resident Physician of the Seaman's Retreat, was presented. The bill for tha registration of births, marriages and deaths, was passed in committee end ordered to be en grossed. The bill to extend the benefit of the Common School Fund of New York to tho Sche?l for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents, was debated in eomrniltee, but not djsposed ef. The Anti-Slavery resolutions, were taken up, aD<l Mr. Young's substitute was adopted, 99 to 8. This subject was debated by Messrs. Jones, J. 0. Smith, Burnhum, 8andford, Wheeler, and Clark. A eu. ?k1w A memorial was presented from Henry O'Reilly, setting forth that various improvements have been made and more ore In contemplation, fer diffusing the benefits of the magnetic telegraph more generally among the people at la.-ge, and asking for the enactment of u general latv allowing any persons or companies to erect telegraph lines on the public highways, according to any mode those pen ons or companies may prefer. Referred to the judiciary committeo. Mr. Bchuhshd reported a bill for the distribution of the revenues of the school moneys, Ac. It increases the annual appropriations, made by the Henato bill, to the medical faculty of the New York University to $3,000 ; University of'New York to $0,000; to Geneva College $6,000; Hamilton College to $3,000. $.5,000 are to be distributed by tho regents among the academies and se minaries subject to their visitation ; $6,too are to be expended in philosophical apparatus, Ac. The majority and minority reports to divide the State into judiciary districts were taken up. The report on the disputed seat in Ulster county was debated until tho time el adjournment. No question taken BY TUB MAILS, IjEGISL,ATIVK PROCIllfCOINaS. Ai.Binr, Jan 30, 1847. Senate. Mr. S. Smith introduced a bill for the protection of the right a of property of married women. The bill waa read and passed. Mr. Harbi* gave notice of hia intention to introduce a bill relating to writa of error aud appeals. Mr. lksteb moved that the Assembly bill to authorize the drawing of en additional number of jurors in Kings County, be ordered to a third reading, end the motion was concurred in. The bill waa subsequently passed by the Senate. The bill reported by Mr. Beers to amend the set in relation to the trftil of convicts in State Prisons, waa also passed by the Senate. judicial districts. The bill reported by the chairman ef tho J udiciary Cemmitteo (Hand), to divide the State into judicial distiicts, and to provide for the election of certain judicial officers, was originally referred to the committee of the whole. By the terms of the bill, the eight judicial dis trie's are arranged according to the Senatorial districts, with the exception of the city and county of New York, which comprise the first judicial district, and the county ot Richmond is added to tho second district. Mr Hard offered a resolution to change the reference of the bill?to refer it to a select committee, with in stiuotions to alter the hriangement of the judicial dis tricta a> contemplated by the hill. The resolution, alter considerable discussion, was lost?ayes IK, noes 14. ant i slat kb? beiolutloss. Mr. Hall moved that the Senate go into committco of the whole on the anti-sluvery "resolution*, (already noticed in the Hirald) The motioa was concurred in. We hope to get a vote upon these resolutions to-morrow. Several amendment! and substitutes and preambles and provisos have been offered to the original resolutions, nouo of them however, opposed to tne principle upon which Mr Hall's iciolulluns are based?that slavery hhall not be toleiated in any teiritory we may acquiro by the war. Mr. Jo>as occupied the II or during the whole morning hour. He real u repoit made by Mr Samuel Young in the Legislature of 1830, upon the right of petition ; tlio /Vlbeitou resolution* wtic ut tiiat time lieir.g din i-in.i'd in i.ongress, mid Mr. f?U| took the ground In hi* rcpoit, that tiie slavery question ought not to ho antated at the peril of ttiu Union. Mr. June* contrasted this rnpoit with Mr Young's proaont course upon the anti-slavery rcaolutiou* Mr Yocno rose to ropty to Mr. June*) the hour ot u-'Journuieut hud arrived. homebody asked the Sou* 0/ if he wished to inak* a speech. Mr Yottsa saiJ ho woo ted to clear away the smoke. It ? as suggested toti.o (senator to giro way until tomorrow, and ho gave way. Mr Di ssii i o* introduced a resolution to mako tt. resolution* ? apecml order tor to-morrow at elaven nr.*1 a ault o'clock, aod to take the Anal vote Upon the resold tiona ut one o'clock and thirty minute*. Arid the hen* it adjourned t he ay as and nne* ware rilled for, and the resolu tien pasted?ayes at nous 0. Mo the Men*'# will teat the Aual vo'e upon tlie anti-slavery resolutions to-auirruw at one o'clock nod thirty minutes And mo heuate ad Jonrned. Aurmbly. Saml circular gallery crowded, a large number forced to maud, us seats could not bo procured Piuyer and journal Mr Marks said he desired to be excused from serving uu the committee whuh ha* \he autiTenl tiouble* in charge. The House excused th* gentleman Mr Ucosa mo ed to ails pond the tula*, and to take up the lull apprnpliatilig ten thousand dollars fit the rein 1 of the second i gimen'. of New Yuik State volunteers. The House adopted the motion. TM fc. TOLU.VTKSR bill?its PtSfaOK. It (veined that this ummpoi(ant hill win to bare hem discussed tor ever It simply contemplate* ar appropriation ol f tt> 000 and several Week* have already been C ctip:?.d in a moat iireUvant debate upon subject* entiie ly torcigu to the bill. 1 he esampln of tougiea* is strictly followed by tha House hero. The occasion has been seized lor a pellicular review ofthe oiigiu ol tiie dexieun Government?the adoption of tiie Mexican Constitution ol and abstruse commentaries upon subsequent event* connected with Mtkirnn history. The speeches ot Wehater, and Denton, and Wright upon the aggressive acts of Mexio ami the Texis boundary question, havo been quotril from very voluminously; tho message of the President of the United State*-the spaecuui vviigni ill ivmenuwn-nie osseiniai leHiuii s ut Angl > Saxon character?the peaks of the Sierra Madre -the barren dei-eif (the eternal barrier MWMth* Anglo-Sux* ii anJ Mnuritinn races)?the country between the Nueces and the ltio (haute, liave all been exploded. According to n|>peumu 'es to-day, the range ot the dim us sion WhN to have embraced every subject which ht-s had a bearing upon human government and society since Cromwell's abdication. Happily, under tliu power ol the previous question, n vote has been had. Mr Burnell, the whig leader in tho llante, was heard to reniaik last evening that very lew of the whig members of the House would hove voted for the bill at ail, if the prtnm hie repreheudiiig the President hud not been an acted; he whs also lie aid to remark that the hiil could not be I as- ed without the preamble This is probably tho true position ol the matter. '1'he bill was debuted during the whole morning hour, and uulll long alter the usual hour of adjournment. At two o'clock and fifteen minutes the previous question was "sprung" upon the motion to recommit the bill to a select committee,with instiuctious to insert after the li-st clan?e of the preamble the words "by tho unjustifiable nets of Mexico." Mr. Uavxnirs rnae to olu.le the effect of the previous question, if possible; ho said the previous question could not apply on such a motion. The Sps a a hp. culled tho gentleman to order, and said that tho mover of the previous question was in order An appeal was taken Horn the decision of the Mpeakcr, and the ayes and noes called lor upon the appeal. The Speaker was sustained-ayes 6i, nous 48. (Seve tal whit's voting in the negative ) The question was then taken by ayes and nvos on coinling the cull for the previous qneaion. The call was sec onded ? ai es GS; noes 49 Mr. IIlodoki t? Mr Hpeuker, 1 apprehend that there is a misapprehension in the House. I"Ha, lin, ha "l I he lieve tliu question is upon the An AI passage til the lull slid not upon the re commitment of the bill to a seloct committee. Hpcakpr?The gentleman will come to order; the question is, whether Ihe main question shall ho now put) Oreatconfusion prevailed; almost eveiy member ruse, I 011(1 WIIUl qiiatillOIl VSttS in-line mil f.UUi.O. Tho Clkhk culcd "Mr Walsh." Mr. Walsh -If I understand anything at all, attar there ho* been ao much miserable school boy quibbling in the House, I shall consider mysell fortunate. I don't know what tlie question is; il its to hasten the vote upon the hill, I'll vote 'aye; ' and tho gentleman voted "aye." ; Tho House eg.evil that the main question should be now pit. The mnin question, which was whether the bill should [ be re-committed to a select committed, with instructions ' to insert the words "by the unjustifiable sets ol Mexico, after the first clause ol' the preamble, was then lost ; ?nves -la, noes 60. Mr lii.oooaTT.?Mr Speaker, as I understand it, the question is now upon the float pa-sage of the bill. Speassr.?The gentleman I* tight. J Mr move we adjourn. ("Adjourn;" "oh ' no:" ' yos, adjourn." J Mr w'aish.-Let's settle this business now I 'The House retused to adjourn. , 'The call for tho previous question was seconded. And the House ugiead that Hie msin question upon the passage of the bill, with the preamble condemnatory | of the President, should be put immediately. | T he I i.?i ri^l the bill. | The ayes and noes wot# taken U[>on the flnal passage | of the hill with the following result : ? I Avse?Messrs. Adams, Barstow, Beers, Bell, Blodgett, RK I RNING, JANUARY 28, ] Blow, BawdUh, Burchard. Burnall. Butrlck, C?rp?nt?r, Caw, Cornwall Croahy.Crowlay, Curry, Doniala DavU, win, ui?oti, tin * uiierion. i > j ukm, vrcgory, Hadloy. Hi'ci'Cock. How-, Hubbard. Lawrence. Leavens, Lee, McUoual, M-Failan McUonegul. McWhor. ter. .M on lay ne 0 Moore, H. Yloere, Morgan, Oi'on, Peek Peirce lr, W II Pratt, Pnndle, ltnihbun. Roiwell Sage SU iw, Shntnway dill, Hk-clo. J B Smith, T. Smith. VV 8. Smrh, Southard, Speaker, Tsylor Treadon 11 Upham. V >n Vaikeuburgh, Weeden, Weooian, Woodrufl'. Wright ? 01 Na?? ? Miitm. Alluuen. Ailing dtwater, Bukar, Barber, Bate. m, fork with, Benedict, Bowie,Boy den. Brown, Carpeiitier, i handier, i liHproun, Colo, Crocker, Djti on, De ni Develin Kanno, K!,.r dur?, Fuller, Gallup, Oarri on UuulJ, T Green H?i log. Heaton, Henderson Hodgson Hunter, L-km Laiioou, Marks, Marshall, MhswoII, Miller, Peikio* H-pl-e, Rulherford, Sijkl ?, Small. J Lawrence Smith. N B 9miM, Soper, Stewart, Temple, Tiilinghaat, Wnl-h, Watson - 80 So tiie llou- e lias pas-ed the bill, With the preamhlo, declarii.g lUiat the President involved ui iu a war witlt Mexico. Severiil motions worn mode to adjourn, as sood as the pessage of the hill waa announced Mr ? \lr. Hpe.ikur, [ believe this 1) a two tlii il bill, end I now cl no hotter time than uow te ntiee the que.-tion. rue sei.*ai.a ?The geritl- man will come to order) the question it on a motion to adjourn. Aau the House adjourned Varieties.. Mr. Cranston, of the ftutaw House. bus hart a relapse, sud the p.huucos ot his recovery are again very doubtfulTwo young men, named Evans and Lee, have .lust been sentenced to ten years imprisonment In the penitentiary of Illinois, for embezzling mail letters containing monoy. Three brothors, Burrows, residing, one in An' derson, and tho others in Mercor county, Kentucky, are of the rges. respectively, of 8(1, 81. and 81. I'hey are in good health, the stoutest men of their ages, perhaps, in the United States. They huve a sister living, aged 78 years. A young lady named Britlou, residing with a family in the south part of Chautauqua county, committed suicide on the 18th Inst., while the family was absent at Mayville, by hanging herself. It is slated that the plunk for the new Atlantic steam ships is to b:i furnished from Niagara Oak. This lumber is preferred in the New Turk ship yards. On Tuesday morning the freight agont at Albany sent off 166 cars for Boston, laden with Hour, pork, ike. This is the largest traiu ever st nt on tho Boston and Albany Railroad. A committee of tho Sonata of Ohio has reported ngninsl the project of erecting a bridge across tho Ohio river at Cincinnati. Wur.Tiuax, a convict in tho penitentiary, escaped on Saturday morning, about 5 o'clock. A reward of $>U0 it offered for his apprehemion. Lyell. the geologist, asserts that there is more coal in the single Stale ol Illinois, thau in all Europe. Tho schooner Barcons, from Erie, arrived at Buffalo on Friday last. Tho Lower House of the Legislature of Pennsylvania have passed a law, relinquishing to tho citizens of cer tain counties, the rights of sovereignty implied in the granting or withholding of licenses tor the tale of into a icuting liquors. A proposition is ponding before the Illinois Legisle ture to restriet the circulation of Lank notes of less d( numinatien than ten dollars. The Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad have adopts the measure of attaching n second class car to thair train between the two cities. About lime. On the 13th instant, tl.ey were carrying cotton int Memphis on sleighs?four bales at a load. This is note as very unusual. Mr. Everett, the United States Commissioner, arrive at Macao on the 6th Oct. On the 10th he proceeded t Canton The Parliament of Nova Scotia wss opened on the 21i by Sir John Harvey. In his speech the Governor a?k for a small I unit to relieve the aborigine! inhaliitant who are distressed by the failure of tliu crops, and els lor provision for pauper lunatU.s. The suivey of e rai load between Halifax and igueboc i* proceeding. The aucount of the burning of the oast wing of Ditkil son Collige, was a stupid hoax of some lack tratue student Aalip from Trinceton, (N. J (oilers fifty dollars for th detection of Furti' B. Leonard, who has committed fo gery, and run ctf with a black Canadian horso an bugKPA naw Tboolngicul Seminary is to be ereoted In th vicinity ofCincinnati by the Catholic*. Tli* Legislature of North Carolina adjourned st'ne i/i'i on Menday, the lHtli lust, after u session ol 03 daysOn Saturday evening, a fire was discovered in a bar belonging to Mi. Levi 11 Krost, in Southington, Com It wus consumed, together with Irom hlteen to tsvetit tons ol hay, thiee valuatile hoises, two yoke rf wort iug o*?n, throe cows, fiur hogs, and from tiltaeu t twenty sheep. The sni* of Mr* Gaines. M which she nMnln?i n verdict of $17,OOO.OW? in the distiict nf Loumena, h'irtly to coma iielora the Supreme Cutirt of the Unit* tftutos, on an appeal. The Legislature of Iowa lias passed a Mil, fluthoritic i lo iii o> tiny thonsin l dollars, to pay the debts ahead -owricted by me new V ate. The trial of Hmryerty, who U'ely brutally murderi d'lchior i'onloiy an I ni* wife is now before the cou f et-Srioni, in Lancaster county. Pa I he pies is, usual, insanity ; bu> imiiumbuiiaui appears to n? a mo popular onajuit now. The sum ol f A.'iO lias beon cellected at Washingtc ha., in aid ol tlie milCilng poorol iieland A slave, named Richard, was lacently tried at Charlc ton I or killing anotner *'sve. named Mnrie The am was xcquiLeo on the ground ttiat tho blows etruca t hi in and which leeulti i in the death of the victn vcie inltioted ny dun tiun ot hi. niLtrwst. J new pin mskii.g machine h<* been invented r | rortly, which receive* eiie? hj ttiotnai.J? at one en I turow* our pin* b> handrails ol thousands m th 1 lutur n.neri ir a* Cn * ennear. P.-t?r C B'0>k? of Niw C'i(lu! Ii oiid to be wort i(j (Hit) CO", J P Clio in* $J0u0iU0, Abbott Lawrenc ii llOO IKM); Ann.I, .it $1 M>n KK). nil vt illiuni, at f I OWI iK/fli 1' H. Parkina f I ftUO nO"jbainel h-ars $1,6(11),# tie ti.r-a \|i|.l?ioii? ft tit*) Oi0 each-, Jonathan l'ulii|.i II tl Shaw, and Wni st nigis Hi** nnt lum. Twent] two millions ol collars owned by 12 men. ihe ?(earner Cuiivny, on ber recent trio up from NoOrleans had a diok load cf derm..n emigrants, *:id b tvveon III e I i * trout lily mid the month in iha Ohio thai w>re eleven births on bond. The passengers must Lai ?aid, ' Uood Lord, deliver us " A man named Harness was (hot by another natm Van re, in Luua, 111 , on .New Veai't day. A college under the auspices of tbo Grnrid Lodge iMiteuuti, it about to l>o built at Liberty,('day count Missouri Tbo V.'D Buron (Arkantat) InitlUgtncrr, comes dre-tn in mourning, lor !tie dentil ut tbo iion. James W Bate Twelve hundred and fifty (lorman emigrant! artivi ut St. Louis on the bth undent. Wisnkbaoo A gk.n'cy.?A correspondent of ih towa Capital Ut porter, .write* from this ngeney under date of November asd, at followa:?Tha Winm luigo d legation arrived heie from Washington, abot thieo weeks since. Tboy succeeded in effecting treuty wnh the government, by which they agrau to n in q jish their claim to tho neutral ground, lor which th government stipulates to pay them the sum of $100 0 )i and provide them a new hum i north of tho St Peter iiv?r. Tha 1 lid which thnv aro exnected to orrmn . , at prison'. owned by ibo Moux Indiana, ami will have l lit) selected hull pnrcha ed, lie-lore the Wlnuabagocs CB t. ko possession o! it; so tout it will probably bo som eighteen months before this fairast portion ol our Slot will lircoii u rid of its snvago occupants. The who/ tribe Hih now collected at this place, waiting to receiv their annuities The sub-sgent ercoinpanind the dolcgi Hon to Washington, un 1 was to return via St. Lnuis en bring the money witu him, but bus not been heard t aire* he paitoa wi'h the oelega'lon at Chicago Th Indiana are getting very impatient, ?ti<1 aie anxious i get tluir money and dispone to their hunting ground before winter seta in T no company of Iowa lliagoon which wdi mustered iuto the service at f'ort Atkinsoi on the Wth ot September, were muatoreil out again o the 6th mat. Since tliie company waa disbanded, th Indiana have been drunk the groator part of the mm and que mis and murders me frequent among then .Vhile tho dragoons remained, they effectually proven r I the Introduction ol whiskey iuto the Ionian countr] '1 he dhbumlin o( tlua coniimny, is regarded by the pe pla hore, ax an net ol injuttico on the pait of ti.o goseii meut to wards tno fiontn r aeltlera, and it ia .hoped tin whan the government becomes apprized ol the tin aiate of attalra, Uiey will linmndiaiely send n n.oiinte company to tho lort. Tho iotuntry velunteeta, no stationed at the fort, are getting along finely Captoi Morton is ahaent, aid Li >?t McKanney ia now in con mand, assisted by Lieut Wilson. The company Lav becomo perfectly disciplined, and thoir uppearanc would do credit to any rrgtment in the regular army Drstbuctivb Fir* in cailllcotlik?Tw1lvk O FirrKtN Houses LIkstroykd.?About quarter 1>? lore nine o'clock, this evening, a fire broke out in tl r?nr of Wm. O. Mick Si rlou'a f auction store, on I an street, and in lets than an hour and a half the whole bloc known as Hollow's How was level with the ground Th buildings were mostly small fi times, and bud been store nig for a number ot yeara. The following, we ballon ia a correct liat of tho buildings destroyed: -M'Oougal , dry goods store on trio corner of Main and Pjint street Hartley's dry goods store, Mick's auction 100m Kom troceiy, Hriilly's grocery Kenierey's er's cahiuet aiiop, and Brockman's grocery store, all r P.unt street; and on Main street, McColliatet'i nie shop, Ciiapnun's grocery, lirnilen a grocery, i.nd'a buk 1 ry, and s. v. tal other small buildings Most ol thri Iioiui* weir alto occupied i'V " ? lamme* (if ?ti? owur , ol I tin sbopi and ?toi>??ChiUt< ?tht Httxip.Ui. Jan -1 U. 8. 8uri(kme COURT, J .hi. 25.- NO. 27 Net Jcr??y 8(euirilioat Navigation Co i?|)|)t?. v?. Mm I'bnotk1 lihuk. ok BoAou i'bu arguuiai.t of Uuacaai w?i oonliuuad by Mr Ainei lor uia appta. Adjourna until iv-uioriowat tlo'ciocfc. IERa > J. ib. a?sasr ? fin -asa?ag ' HIGHLY INTERESTING NATAL INTELLIGENCE. AFFAIRS IN MEXICO. ' An Important Document. tic., Stc OPERATIONS IN IIIK CJtJI.F [From 'lis FVn-acola Democrat ] | Timiico Ore So Captain Tutiuill sailed today, in | the stenm?r Hpitfle with the gnu boat Reefer, and an armed schooner. under Liaut. Rowan ; th. ir destination ia Vara Cm* It i? nai l hero, he will tuke a look at Tuvpan aa lie goes along, and, paths, ?, if opportunitv erves, strike throi a blow there, by way of iijuuruift tlf for the ioas ot the Tiuxtou near that place. [From the Savannah Republican ] It is most evident that affairs am rapidly upprotchlnr I some grand and decisive demonstration in tha Quit Every preparation ia evidently being made for the concentration of our fore .a both laud an l naval at Vrta titii*. with the view of taking the cuatie ol SauJumi d Ulloa Tho immense quantity ol heavy inutdilnns that have recently boen forwarded to the Quit? the concern trution of the army at or near Tampico?the ohuitering of aoma score or more of merchant veisela ot u particu- ' ler clays, ut New Orleans, and fltiHlly the conversion ot , several brigs and schooners into bomb vessels, us well as the purchase of steamers of a certain class evidently to be used aa convoys, nil go to piove that events of great moment must presently transpire in tha aouih west. Wo preaume theic can bo no impropriety in speaking of these matters now, aa the preparations have so fur advanced that no observing reader, who has "kept the run of things" for tho pu-t few mouths, can hnvn failed to comiitehond the ulttuute purpurea of tutt government. The officers of the nuvy oil' Vera Cruz, wo have reason to believe, have not been 11a lille hi they seemed to ho during the autumn and winter The coast of Mexico wa? a perfect tei ra incognita prior to the commencement of Lho war. inlormation of a minute character was important to our land forces, in oriler that a co-operation with the navy m.ght be certain and perfect. Wo know that some most during recorinoisancks. even of the castle, hare been made by our officers, and that information of nn important character has beeu obtained. It is nut likely that a tylho of what has been done, or isuctuully known, his been permitted to rem h the public eye. There is certainly reason to inter irom tlie evident concerted action between the urmy and navy. that the largo number of vessels which have receutly been chartered, are intended to convey troops and supplies to the vicinity of Vera Cruz, and that the settled purpose is to take the castle by storm, if possible, and it ' the attempt should fail, then to form a regular siege .ami sui round both the castle and the city by land and tea, cut off all supplies, and force a surrender These are t mere speculations, which may turn out to be audi? in1 correct, but we believe they uro justilied by circumstances which have already transpired, and are now daily i transpiring in lho country. i [From the Now Orleans Picayune, Jan. 17 J We understand that in addition to the vessels proviousi ly charteied, of which mention was mado u few days since, ten other flrat diss ships huvti been chartered hy Government at this port within u lew days tor three ' munths to go to the tiu'.f. The vosscln are all of the vary dint class, "A No. 1," which will readily be admitted , when we mention that among the number are the Louisville, Yazoo, ilunry, und F.ssrx. Theso, and the hfiven o chartered previously, have been engaged at an average rate of from $16,000 to ^d'J.OiiO apiece, w hich will make the round sum of between (JJ3,000 and $'j'dO,uou tor their three mouths' service. : L'Mrillt, of New Orleans, says:?A few days since ten vessels left this port, loaded with provisions and iuu. d nitidis of war for the army. They were not sent to is 8n7 particular port, hut simply to tho Oulf of Mexico, without any other fixed destination. Their captains, it ko?n.j hail rrws-qIa.! fir.!Ar? xrhir.h lwif to ho J ilipisild till after they wcro at sen. The enrgoci a comprised among olhur things, arm*, cannons, mortars shells, &c , So. This expedition gives rise to vuiiout <1 surmisas. It It dMliacd solely for tho nest, or to Jan I at 0 some point on the coast, which has been, or is expected to be attacked by the American army I It ,g | MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. s. ; The Virginia Regiment of volunteers for the wur in n Mexico, sailed from Old Point on Saturday. Cant. O. T. M. Davis arrived in New Orloahs in tlio 18th inst. (torn Washington, on his way to Tampico.? v lie is bearer of despatches from tho war department to d Uen Shields. We uudoistand thet Caleb Cuahing lias accepted tbe d command of the Massachusetts reginn'iit of vulnuteors? r- the ten days allowed hint lur consideration having exd pired. It will be recollected that he was robbed one or two ye. rs ugo in Mexico; ho is now going to recover e his propelty. The editor of tlia Provident* Tramcript, who ii the commander of the N'a iooiil Cadets, has orOi/tcd his com '* pan) to re|K>r' themselves forthwith at hi j office, prcpa ratory to hnng received into tho United States service, n as a part of tho teu regiments called for. y AFFAIRS IN MEXICO. 1 [Correspondence of the N. O Picayune } 0 U 8 SuLAOaoi, Amos, December 80th. 1848 I si ud yon herewith an abstract o' the vo<o e! d tlio Mexican I oii^tcki "or Piesidont and Vice PreMderr is ol the Hapahlic, wliich took place on the 93d inst.. anc d tves recs it ed at Vera Crux by the mail ol to-lay Thi tote was taken hy N'utesor Departments [dipulat ionm ,r each Statu having one vote, detei mined hy i be majorit; . ! . f its deputies Tho only Candida e? tvhn received tin vote ul a etare w eie ."tens Auns ai d Francisco fcllor lags seventeen aiatea voted. including the district ul Mexit< 'd and two terrnoiies Santa Anua received the vot s o it < igbt States au tiie district ul Mrx co..ud two t"ri as . neii g eleven in ail ilia opponent was tin- choice u e I nine States Ol course the eluctiun lell on Sintn Ann. I lot Piesinant. Ninety -ume depu'ire v ,ied. fl.ty lor Han1 >n | vnna, loity lor Uioiiisg -. an t inn lor uitiei . andida'n , (hjiun Farias whh erected Vicr P. evident, having th I vo>e oi eight htatirs and I wo mi Melchoi Ocamp I received ihi. vole oi eirht States. D.irangu est) Pa vot 16 ' or Lloirmga Of the von of the to; u I 4 n nun y her Kailaa bins JO, Ocampo 44. Ana'a 10, nil olhera , a't | It thus appeora that Ssiiia Annu .a elected by a utajoiit I o! one 01 ma i\?pm > ni.nn is in a himi ran** i us e I minority ot 0. Tho ehciioii don nut epj-e r to bar i naeti satiiiactory. N-idler the D paitnieir.s ol Menu1 ? , nor V. in i i us cu t thair voti ? lur dam* Ami* Tho ?. ant ol in in* m toBubiMii of I loin nny qnsrti n V). kit u S -nta Anna valla the intention ol IhI lie : i Dlvtiit to hi* dr ?ti uioo of *| ill* ami niunn on ol mm 1'fit carps of ' be National (iusid ?re not I alf supplied , It appeal a InMt o m? cat not I e obtain d from ai.j juait* i' even ii in# money ruuM li* procuired wrherewitn io pu v )ih>? tticni A I'lOiiutiljon has been submitted to i at 4i*ss io r*i a* ii luoil lor thl* |itii|>ain* |ii* a cilam mat Ho iioo limn limy I i ?rinutl mitol th* . 00.' ( d tl^ht'i ( A men til Mexico, anil Hint lloni one to Im.i million* c. e Jnllai* wrl a* ample fut tin* purpose. It is prot o?e. c lo introduce the nima from itluoiil by linn! Iroin Vuca e tun. mnt tin.aliy to establish loundiK* mil armories. | The day hetore tiio election ot President the vurioui id minister* ot Mime ihitw op their poriloliol. (t appears ihut the embarrassment ot the trnnaury cm 0f neither lie comprehended nor described. Some of th y propositions tor raiaiug inotiev appear to lie ol thai moa quixotic la iint. Almonte has lately submitted a plait h which each Hepnitineiit ih to tae tux*d in in* tstiu ol it p" ^presentation, pay .Jig $3 00O tnonihly for each of it *' deptttie*. A pint of the Htato* aro to hand oiurthei .'J quotas to the geuerul-iii chief ol the Antif ol Operation* and ihe rent to thu general Commanding Vein i rill 1 he griierabi receiving the money am to dispense It a their own <li?cn tion for tha purposeful the war,iceouii iiik to the (ieneral Ouvenimtni No allowance is to b mu'lo for the expense of tiie roliectio'i. * The piesent inlmiiiiRtration hare been i i?ri,> l hy a ' I equivocal a vole, and uio *o decidodly unpopular in tin ' niuro iinpoilant Hhiles, that tliey can Inn II. ! e expect j1 hi contend t,uccr?ilally;with the embarrassment* ot ihci M.'.uation li Santo Anna remains at the head id th * unny, Karia* will of course ba entrusted with tha civl administration, the burden of which he en.mot suprOr 4 ut cetnse ho will ii ive to sustain tha odium ol oil th " eniharrest.mtt.U and all tho reveiica of the c.unti) '* li Santa Anno is foiced to letreat or lose* a hi.Ule, I. " will ship nil tho blatiio upon tnoie who conduct th " a 'tniuiftiatiou And tvhen hati a and hn t at io<". no * cumb, and in ail human probability thty will la , Ueloro many month* nie paat, what will aomu seat 1 ' it Sunt* Anna keep* Ium army together he will probe bly march on the capital and thii wi!i tie tli? prelude < , u civil war I do not think the country tinder any cii ' cumsunces will tolera'e Suntj Anna's dictatorship. Thi '* regiment* from Peuolu and other departments now g*r f rtwnt>( v'cn i rui.Miil be quite Jihe.y to bo with raw to utieiinthen one side or tho other fur I ;i| prehend tli 1 | the stuck ut civil war will bo li lt in'. euliiil Mexi < , Within a *hoi! tune Vera l ru/. may l?a. as it wis bciois 'J 1 wit! nut ii gin ; I* jn ad. qua'e lot r s lire. "Ii ! 1. , w i '* f bo tho time to strike hii ellectiva blow with our lorce ' lur it* occupation. : The account* received from Monteroy represent th 7. voiuoU'vi* ii? <|tii4u, druiiinn; the welch an a. lu? iUi> tf laot rtur. ii. A ii|(ei h i is* tin* ununimnuily choien coruihutl.i it | el tioveinorof < liihueh'ie. | Mu'ti have beun ordain, d in all the rathedial* an " | churches ol tho Ilopn'.tlic loilhtee aucce- i*e day 1,1 w : supplicato Divine I'luvidence to aid the dcliLeration* i | Congraaa ! Q'lite a npirlted discussion ha* arisen in endeavorin 13 I to hilt the ie*pon?il>iIit> of Uio emhanaoment* oM) 0 treasury. J<n# L. lato Mimttor of Pittance \ levcraly censured. ?oik roll famiiiariT or MStirn. ?l ? r s ? ? ? ? r S : t H ! f f 3 s Rltlrt. 5 P ?' . ? : ' .* Slot* ' "t> i. ? ? ? ! . r * j & I ; : : : : d- i Ainu Caliente* . I 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? S?nia .turn ?, I hi <|.*? 2 ? 2 ? ? ? ? ? Mlorinm. '* . 1 l ? ? ?? ? ? f'eut* Annr *. | f'oahuila I ? I ? ? ? ? ? K.llorru?a. g DnrtDgir J ? j ? ? ? ? ? Ho ffnauajuato 7 ? 7 ? ? ? ? ? 1)0. * j Itj'tiM ?l ? II I ? - - ? fo j Michn*c.<n a ? 8 ? I ~ ~ Do. at m-..*. .in ? ? ? ? I ? ? Hint* Anni ?> | Pui lil* 9 \ ? 1 1 ? Do. w, Quantum...... 9 9 - ? Do. .. han I.tin Pofoii.. # <> ? ? ? ? ? Do. " Hmiloti 1 ? 1 - ? - ? - Htnriiafn - I I ? ? ? ? ? ? v?nt Ann; Vol i ru/ * ? 2 ? ? ? ? ? K Ion:If* | I II 6 1 2 ? ? ? ? M'liti Ann. V . /as.ircm 2? 2 ? ? ? ? ? Mlorn |i r. ' Diatt of Maiico.. 4 a ? ? ? ? ? _ Haur. Anni . i olimi 4 4 ? ? ? ? ? ? l>o. j j Tiam:?l? i I ? ? ? ? ? ? Do. I Total W 50 ? 1 t I "l "I juujwwMfiin ' i nriirr --imri Ll>. MM TW? Ovnt* - n _MPn? U??AJSJ uw If* XEW MEXICO [Front the Jefferson (N1o) Inquirer] through the piiiitn cri "I l.irut Eu-ton. lupermteA^ ent of public printing at Santa F-v we have received It pamphlet of flf'eeu pages entitled Li?? of the Territo ry o' New Mexico, Santa he, Oct 7 .-elfl u :a piloted jn petellel columns, the one it Spanish tbe other n, the English language It eomneners witli the d'clurution that. " the Government of the United States of Ameiica otdalrt ..hd establishes the fclluwiug eiganic lew* for said Territory " Art I The country horetofore known ? New Mexico, >hull be known end huri after designated *a ihe Territory of Vtw Mexico In the United Statea of America ; end the temporary government of th? and Territory shall be otg-mi-d and ad in in iste red iu the manner hereinafter prescribed. The Executive power ia vcated in a Governor, who (hell reiiiie iu the t enitory and hold bia office for two yeara unleaa soor er lemuved by the Pieaineat of tho L nited States Ho ahall bo commander In chief of ibe m.lilin of tho raid Teuitory, eicopt when called into the aervi-o of the Uni'ed Stale , an<1 rx "ffieio aupeiintecd Indians llo ia empowered to fl 1 all civil and military offices which may le established the appointment of wlilch kail not othetwlae he ptovlded for t > Uw Tho (inventor ia also it rnuierVHtor ot tbe pence throughout tho tert itory, auk is required to cause Ihe laws to be distributed and taitlilully executed Ho la also required to iuform the t)ei vial Assamhly of the oei.dltiou ol the government ; ?hell i scorn mend to it all neceeaary meaaurea, and may. on extraordinary ncrsaicDa i onvtne tbam.? lie can remit fines and toiferuiev and grant repriavee and pardons tor nil offences ugauiit the lava of the Tecritoi y und lepi tevea ill all cast a i-geinit Ihe law a of the United Suites until the decision thaieuf nt the President lie known Vacauciea in any office ate tilled by tbe <iovetnor, until a successor shell he properly appoipted and qualified. Tho Secretary of the Territory shall hold bia office for tw o yuura, unlesa letmived by the Prea dent of tho United Status Heislu record and pieserv* all the prooodings unci pnpers ol the F.xeculive, and till acts ol 'he tieueial Assembly, and every six monthi to transmit copies of the rume to the President In case of vacancy in tlm office ol Governor, until another ha appointed and qualified, the Secietary ihall discharge the duiiea of Governor. Thg ofllco of Marshal, United State* District Attorney, I Auditor ol Public Accounts and Tl4UUWte fkiTlf I ritory, und a Hhrriff and Coroner for each county, wbcao | dutieu .bull be drttuud by law. aio created by ordinance. The lagislalive power ta t ested in a General Assembly, I to cunsut of a Legislative Council and a House of ilvpreI aentatlvea. The members of the House shall be chosen every two years,and ol the Council every four years, by | the qualified voters No peisou shall be eligible to the House who shall not have attained to the age of iwentyfuur years-who shall not be a free male citizen of the territory of New Mexico?who shull not have been w inhabitant of the county he may tie choean to rapraiant at Iruat six months preceding hi* election A similar I provision is ordained in case of the Council, except as io age, thirty yeais being required, and residence in the district. The Legislative Council shall not be more than one third as numerous as the Home. The General j .Assembly is required to divide tho territory into proper I districts?a convenient number of counties?ana to opportum the members ol the llouso, until otherwiee directed by the luw of tho United State*-, the whole nunI bar ol members of the House shall not exceed twentyI one. Until otherwise directed by legislation, the terrl I lory is to r' the division of countie* and district* established by the decree of the Department of New Mexico, of June 17, 1844. The representation will bo a* follow*!? The counlv of Santa Fa, 3 members ; County of San Miguell and llado, a do ; Kio Ariiva. 6 do : Valencia, S do : Taot, 'J do ; .-ante Anna, 2 do ; Bernalillo,! do. 1 In the legislative council, tho members are thus appoitioued Central district, 3 members ; Northern din' trict, J do ; Southern district, 9 do. The right of suffrage is given to all free males of tho 1 territory who then am, and tor three months next pre' ceding the election, shall have been residents of the \ I county or dia*rict in which they shell offer to vet* ; and they are entitled to vote for a delegate to the Congress 1 of the United State*, and for members of the General Assembly, rind for nil other* officers elected by th# people. The ftrst election lor delegate and members of tho General Anaenit>ly it tube held on tho fit st Monday In Aui gust, 1847. The proclamation oi the Governor la to designate the necesnury place* in each county for holding tha election. Tho General Auembly la to convene in Santa Ke, en tea lira' Monday in December, 14?7, and , every two veurs thai rafter nnleai otherwise provided by by law. The General Aa.-eiubly ahall have power to ; make lawn in all caaea, both civil and criminal, for the good government of the people of the Territory, not in. onsisient with, or repugnant to th" conatitution ot th* United states. Several other section* declare at length lie usual powers and mode of conducting business belonging to moat Li gislaturt*. The pay ol the member* is Use i at yd per diem, and $3 for every twenty -live mile* of travel. T he judicial power la vested In a superior court and inferior tribunals, to be established hy law. Th# supei lor court 1* to consist of three .judge*, to he appointed by tiie President ol the United States, and to hold court* H' such times and pltiri ?, nr.d yeifoiui such duties as n ay be piescnbed ny lew i he [tupietne] court shall I have a general #upei intend lug control over *11 th* iuI faiior courts and lubuuals of Justice, end shall have [ | |iower to itsun original wiits, to compel interior courts > I and their ottlrers tu perform their duties ecoidiag to l law, whenevei ilmy may tail or lelus# to do so. All officer*, botti civil mid military, sic ir quired to ) tnka. in addition to ilit- oath of oflicu, un oath to support the constitution ol the Uni'ed States. i. '1 ho following is vha aiticlo on the rubject of a-ilarits: ?"Aiambaiaut tho <>*n i.l Assembly, ibe Governor, whosu salary shall Lw y iOOb a ) ear the Kecietmy ot >i no I eiritory, whose tola y shell be glTuOe year-the ludgesot the Muyrrtne Court, whose saiariee shall be i Moon u year- the Almshm ol the tsrri ory whose sal*. ? i i> i-iihII be ytuO ? y*sr- the U. H Dwuict Attorney, it ! ? bus* sslary ahell It (nOo o j *ur- shell he paid out i , I the treasury ol tne United Stulee. The Auditor and Treusuier lidl each receive h salary ol IAOO a year, o on* hull ol which > hull be paid uut ot the tieesury of iim i, iiiinu .-v.uiiu m i n.? iiii iu.nvr oui 01 me teiinorml t .euaur j i'ue Cloven.or. vecrvtary, Marshal. and IJ a Aiiuiney, via tn bo ?| pointed by 11 President; ie Auditor end Tisssoier by the General AststnUy. t*o i iii ul < fllce ol tli*. ao olflctrs i? limited to two car* All ollu i 8 in lliu tni.uty are dec lsred vacant. - >o?pi inch n* h*v? been tiued b> tho 4,poiutfI)' nt 01 uugadui General Kearny m l nil * ltu r? cuaitd by ini* i*'v shall bo hllvd bv eppumu-Bl ul Bug. Gen. K'Oiny or nn> raccewun, uti il tie ip vn nt la h i) mgai.ixvd iii a* with the ptotisionsof ul* law Uii tbe *uhj?ct of dtiao'ion, it i* crimed that vcboola eU'i ili> nifHiii ut education be*! > e Uuarer encoui aril, line i r n.oru schools ?li*ll bo o sl l slied la surh village iia ?oi>n a< practicable, ?beie ibo poor (hall be euucuted l> o ol an ollu' Hon Ti e Hill of highta declares thnt nil politico! power la vested in and belong* 'o i he people- thai they have the i mnt peuc* ably to e>s*mbla tor ibeir Ounimon good and o apply to tlioae in power ioi radios* ol grievance* by pclm hi oi remonstrance Iweoi'omel lslis Ion la tolerele.d, and it it declared that no |>eitiiii ran be hurt, molost I or leatrained in hi* leligrous profession*. il he do aot molest ollieta In their religious worship. and that all t iniHtiuii < hutches ili*ll In* protected and none oppressed, end Unit no pel ion, on uci ount ol hia religious opinions, shml lie rendered ineligible to any oAce of honor, tinst or profit. it ic deelaied that courts ol Judicature mail be open to ull, that uglu and Justice shallb* admit.isteied without rule, denial or delay?'hat no priVo*o property ehali he taken lor public use without compouiHti n , and that tho trial by jury shall he inviolate In all cinninal prosecutions, the accused la given | the same privilege* ol dctence. ?a ere deli lured in every bill ol rights in the linion. Bail i It allowed, except in capital oflences, where proof j of guilt is evident. The wilt ol habeas corpus | cannot ho impended except the public safety ehali I require it in tb? case ol i (-hellion or invasion. Kxcessivo hull I.hull not hit t I'* III i roil mu-Al.i*u Inufl imtoiauut nur l> ; ciu?I uud unuauel punishment* il Inot the peoi ; pin ?hHll be (ecuro in their persona, paper*, houx-a and a <ir r.ta from rnreiiaoriahle urniehra mnl seizure*, and tbat no wiita "hull in in- lor n re arch, or taizuie, without ' al l., cauau ol guilt is mudu ant undar oath. It ta 0 tilao i aciarad ti r tlr?o communication ol thoughts and u|iuiloii", la oHi ui titM uif.iiuatiU rights or {traaman, and II that tici > person nriy uralj It, w rite or print on nyitihj.i t hi leg responsible lor every abuse of that > liberty. The lent a. -ctiou o! tha bill ol rigbta declare*, 1 that i.o vicar. | rieat, preacher o( the gorpt-i, nor teacher ol uuy r. 'igiuue denomination, tboll be compelled to boar a arm*, or to ??rv? on Jutlea, work on roads, or perform military duty, n i in. wh ila concludes in the following manner i? t ' I'ntio at the Obvertiiaent Houie, iu the City of hsuie > le, in ihe tetritory ol New Meaice, by Bugedier Osnei, :al iti'piien W Kearny, by virtue ol the authuaty oon it fi rred upon l.ini hy the government of the United ifataa Tin* Mid He|.t laid, (thgned) S. W. KEARNY, o I brig (ion 17. 9 A." J I,,. | | IQ ID HAM DK B. - > ATCMKLOH'b us'anUiirnns Liquid Hair Dye, is cer I I . . - I.. i I. .1 .vmrv AH liTindi Pfia <tf hfrtnnl (1 ' in Vati'V I'nlike Air nuiy mieerakle enn?0 i pound a that are aold under the nnmr ol hair dyea, i( actually ,r perfortnaali it pmtniar-e; In rroofthe inytrtor la prepare! to permanently color ladiaa" or kenilnneu'a hair, to a perfectly I riru null utnlurin Mirk or bin? a, mud make no charge unlrra K rntl e Knii'iion la giren. 'irntlrmer. ran hurt their whie10 j kr i died and fleanaed in halt an hour, lor which |>urpo?a i? ptivatr rnunn * 111 be found at the depot. The dye la put up 1 iu eooyiarciit form, with full dtreetiona for uaa for the eon reuienee of thoaa who weler aiipK iug it themaeWea Tnea for II11r lloftlea $1 Mi. for the Whiaker Bottlea. (I 00 Hold , null iciati by the piopnetor.WM. BAT< 1IKLOK, I No 7 Wall arraet, near llrnaitwiy din lie"rre M O nCK?In the matter o| the eat . to of the latrYfoha A ia Oiew, decenard? i Notice it hereby giaen, that the underaigned hare been do1 ly appointed by the judge of prniwte of the eonuty ol Miehi , Imiackiiiae, in the Ataie of Midlife. mluuuiairalora of th eatate ut John A. Drew, late ol Mackinac, county of Mienl ( Innackiuac, ilacenaed, and hiy taken upon themaelvea the (mat, by Riviot hoi da according to law. Mnck'uac, . lichigar., Movamtier 11. IMS. WILf.lAM T. DHKW, IIENUY JON KM. SAM'I. K. HAIUNM, 1 dt la*ir a #11oi? atratnra of ibe aalnre nl loba A Drew I A NCK l'o I'.MJh \Nl), IKKLAN"!), AND NCOTDAND PIHTIK9 wiali ue to remit rnpuey iu large or email aumn to linr ' a. da in (lieat Britain o; lirfnid, ?'' do eo i .. 1. ,i._ ibera. by Ill in? mow rii'fUMr?u? 6?_i' J . dr?li? ?i igl.l. ixy.bU in ill th? p-i?t.p?l "?? ? ' Irtl nil dacotl ud Mi> ry in?y hr ?*ul bv l?U?r (l*Wt, fr HI my P1I-C ofth* Uim?'l Humm tu Km"* II* kd.trrM nid ih? nouif of (he pdity to r?c?'*? "J rh w" Iy .o.w.rJ^ *7h|^VmT?!LlV&N. i d* l?*rrc lit fulio* Wtw Im|

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