Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1847 Page 3
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r fin Ms filbert meltonae. No. tT Ch^Try street. M I look P M , on Tt iirt <r- , ; o JPlh iu>t. (Jo Tuesday, 26'hin4, alter a *1 ?rt Hineae. Ruth, will- of < toon* 8. Mfiwvj, in ihe 44'b year of b?r iiifo. rh? f>,-n<ta and relatives of the family, the members of N'Hri'.ers' I.? l*?, No 93, and Palestine Encampment. No 9 I O of O K, are respectfully invited to uttend her funeral on Thursday nfiariioon, the 98th last, at half past 3 o'clock, from No. 93 fttauton street In Nantucket oo Thursday nirht lest, Maatr Coltmah, ammnbsr of tlie Society of Friends, aged (HI yearn, *3 months and 15 day i. In Gloucester, Went Parish, on 'lie 20 h Inst., Mr*. Jo. ism Aodkiwi, aged 103 years, on the lltb of Oct. ]Rkt, old style Ska was probably the oldest person hi L-sex county, if rot in the Sta'e. la L,>ru, t.apt. Zaoberiah Atuell. aged 67. He comn .mded a Teasel i.t the oge o! 24. nnd has crossed the Atlantic 70 limes, duriLg which period he never lo?*. a Iran ot a mast. At Worceatar, oa the 231 inst.. Isaac Klsoo, Esq , . a i/, lot uiauy year* teacher of tUe uraniuier Hchool iu Beveily. I i Norridgewoek. SI-J ult., Mn Lcev, wife of Lieut. Thomut Heeld, aged S4 year*. 0 mouth* uod Si lieye. At Harriaburg, f t, on tbo 30th inft Mil* Kawwt MoMi, formerly oi thi* city, 1 tlie Sid year of her agi. At Philadelphia, on Monday afternoon, Mia. Mart Spiookli., hgto (1 yours. On Tue* lay, the 30th mat, of icarlet fever. Robkit Eooab, only child of Robert and Mary Handley, aged three yeara and aixir.ontha. The frieod* of the family, ard tboae of lila grandfather, Wjilinni Hoekman, am reapectlully invitad to attend hia funeral, fiom the residence of hia father, 300 West loth itreet, on Thunday, 3Stb, at 3 o'clock P. M. 3 BRANCH POST OFFICE. \T a meeting 'f'lie eitiaana of lire upper ward* of the city of New York, held it the Wallace tlouae, ou Turn* dry pveiling. January 2o, 18,7, for the nurpoae ut urg ur upon I ,t ge ?rat goveraaieut the policy i uu propneiy oi cstabliehi jg a Br.-u-ti Po.t-Oflice la the Ujiptr p ut of the city, to aecommodate the raruilly iiicreaaiiig population of that *ec:i"u, Mo mm >1 Davidi-ov, a.?i| , ml. J to the enair, and T. Bailey My ara and Thomas Manaou ware appointed aecratatie* A-siUrn: A'detman Wim, of (be 10th ward, briefly a atad the O jret of ih3 meeting?tint while every village in the Union bad na Poat-uffioe, ib* city of New York, although aonti ii'Utira om -tenth of the whole revruoe of he tieueial f'oiWuffl r Department, ha* but oue ; end that retaoil* maili)g or receiving letter* thereat, re-idinain thearetiou ut ihe rii. (or which a brmcli it naked, a*e compelled to ti ivel from two te nine n ilea and ?rr subjected to g cat I a# of time mi<1 del ?that ihe lin-prupn a- ia boauUed uortli'rly hv Usual a reel, ai.d ihauce up iir,.adw*y to Korty-arrund atrret, including the who a wast side ut th* tow n, acenmrnodi'ing the iner aniila, meehiniral, and other hunueet, i>nd the deoae mat* ot pop'lattr n of that ser.tiou of the city?that the levenue of the office would be g eatly incrraaed. Mid thatilia amount received from the Icttinv of boiaa, atthu lower office mi, would be mure thin anfficient tn pay ihe ol the braoen He also sugge-trd that 'he office li mid he pioperly Incited, c utrallv m the taction aforementioned, the aite to be Hand by eoamiaaionen a, pointed by the ward* iniiteati u l'n motion of v* rloomh R. Btaru, Ere., it waa reaolved that m-etiuea ha held in ihe *sn,.v?a t? ..u? ? a d p nuipc meatmei laetituted to import the etroag petil.Oii already It retarded to Congreaa <>o the anbject Keaolred, That lha inhabitant* of the 16th and 18th wardl are nquta'ed t r aateiob e at Millimon'a Hotel, in Broadway, between I'lh and 19.h (treats, on Wcdiuiday erenin* neit, beh 3, ?t 7 o'clock. On mi tion, Kesolred, That tba proceeding! of thia meetire be publiahcd M. M. DAVIDSON, Chairman. Jv28 l,T Bouthwabk Knoirra Co, No. 88) New Korlt, Jaii'y 87th, I8IT. > AT A MEETING of thia ceuapmy held thia day, it waa , on motion. lletolred That the thanka of thia company be tendered to C 'puin Foibea. and to Pilott Jaiaaa Hairing and Hir m Bar bar, of th- ate inbeat ladetencenee, for ilie care -ud attention namfe.ti-il by them, while bringing the li re oemed engine to thia city,on hp return from Philadelphia JOHN V*. BCHSNCK, Foreman FnwaeD T. Hac?ktt, Secretary. j28 81 r JilOliiLK iiU ifiiARU AT THE" SUB-TKEAbUltY CUPBfJAhD. YANKEE DOODI.F, for thia woek egceedi him'elf in the point of tich eat o* hia political ca-icatare, and o her illuatrati ?*. Amongothus the a ilendit cntninft deaiau hv I' t.1. t_ . Di'l'y, of u T iluiueer purchaa n? plucn lor the Meiiean war, will canae ahnau nf laughter. Altogether the rubber i< en u.iuraially rich one. I''ice 6 ceuta?$i per .lauuai jnWfr WM H uH AH AM. Tribune Building. "CYMHtE DR.OS BYTH " I ST DAVID'S DAI'?A nuaa meeting of the Welch re?ideuta i f tbia city will he he d at St David'a Hall, on thn evening of aturdey, the Mih in taut, at 7)<j o'clock for the pur o.e of taking ineojpuea i? celebrate the approaoluog National Annire aary offJ-mhiia. By order of the Natioea* Standing r-ommittee, (J. W. GHlb'Kl I'll, t.l a rman. Wm Hiuati. Sece'arv. j ;8 ?t*re To bfca SULu Al' NO 81 OLD SLIP, or at hia different: agente in the United S lira, H ndu-g'a c-leonted HNIJFF, cilled the Dnben-Si.nil The re< eipt waa pieaenlril me b, K. C Derby, of Bolton, and at a cumplimeii' >o hiw I hire taken the l,ber ty to call it the Den,eua -nuflf Mr. Gn'Cia. who i? now no inure, g re thn receipt to Mr. Derby, and he receired it f on Aleppo _ M _. Han-llingihaa for aile n'ao. Hie Am* Lentleman'a is till mule irunt the perst Jamct KiverTobacco, ?nd both the UeihenA and ihe Amrnc&n Oentlein.m are to be hid in ii I "r hole iio?D'i b"t 'e? m ??b??ve j29 'w^irc /Vlh. OKU. K. 1?LLL)U<jN, WH L drli^er One K?t?a hectare, on tome the Arti* Scieii* ea, and \1*chiti'C*1 Povve I, of the a n c i u t linns ai Mrehai'ics' Had, 472 Broadway. oil Thursday Evening Jin 23. a 7>* o'c ock 'Ihe Pic oil 1 Illustriti ns, D<r|r-n>?. &.c , ih t cov? r the wall* of the h !!, toice her w??li tho jlnt qiii'.et, uin.irs and other si eciment n?edi? the previoi'n lertti es. will remain in the roottf,and ?? ve#o exemplify dv ficu resulting from the lutcst discoveries it ierogl}pin ?l liUrat< ia. Hnltrsaf ticker* lo Mr. Oliddou's piet ui lectn-es brio e the Ne?v York Historical Society, end th Of lie ml eoci'ty of Mechanics mid Tradesmen, vvnl &e admit ed to tin* linn* lect i *?adult*, *(.26 cent*; jnv-nile I2h ce U. Th; cha ge of admission for all others, \? il1 1 t- flee ?*. j'I! I r r LLGiUiib IN ?? r. PhlMGa GlluiiOii, B A It L\Y STREET. rph'E REV. DH RYDER. * J President of the Col1. lege of he II dv Crux, VVr reenter Met .achate't*. will |.e? tore in thu Clicrth on Auilday evening, January 31, 1847. at ? v e >'? o? k. JMbjkc r?The only true worship of God. in the svstem of t h i 11h i y, it found in 'lie h'atholic t hu'Ch Ticke.i, Sacims For the benefit of the P. oroi the Church. o he had at the door ui'the Church en the Evening of the Lecture. j?28 4ti?*rc V RKNCH LAiNitG/Viih GLARES. GENTLEMEN w'll i rr to * ud/the French hnnginge, ?fre' Ol'eudorft'* * wten, mav tiu?t avert good opportunity t?y applt i-k to Mr rit'u:eij|( No i31 Pulton tt eet. any af ercoon Det ween four a d five o' dock i lul y two schol srs are warned to comp c e a cl is* just beciuninff. Persons already *dva? red ia tf.e *ime language and wishing rp |ie fct t'ormselvef, can make their application at Mr. Duuignu's 161 I -i too ttr tl 'I t- ms- $10 per quarter. payable in advance. j1-?r WIlLI KW f I< i HaIU)>U has neen missing since t ? evening of the :f;tii nstinr.oi.d is suppose*) to be ve yil'.u conscious <>f ht* situation. Aav person seeing or hearing o| hint will cw fer a great favor on hi< li.rnily by comv* ing the uiir:ligfi.ce tu 199 IN tilth street, where they wi11 KCt i* t. a ?ui nb ? roni pen nation lr their trounle. fie Iml c n a Mi' k cloth coal a d vest, dark overcoat, with bUc < velvet collar anil cutis, and a wcoJ ou his hat. Hm elti hu g w < n J ^ r h eil " I'. 3t?a* rr K7M~Y paFIT: ami V i'LTfF "XPF I ONK* & FKiEDEL 115 Inhu n?*r P?ktI, up?t?i?-. ? '."anu'hetui- t of i .ipcr b?s.i ?u?l taoiple nud d B)? ? i Iv rr rapurj. All ord jn tli?uV.lully rereiveii Bud ?tculed p omutlv null ou ruHaooublr le n?>. Hf.NnV JONKS HKNMY FRIKOCL. , AUCOKlJlON TrtYTtiH i. LJ ACO08 IMclies^'.r Aeconiio ihnrouphly in S4 Ire . ?o ?, ?0 tliat lli? l.ovic-r.Bn hccoinf a Kutid plBj itr in a Tcry ?ho,t ?p.<re of 'inn;. >< nth?- only one tu the citv r l.o h"n a prac'in.l ai well an a theoretical knowlcdKe of lint pop ?l;_r iristrumci t in nil it< br uf ht ?. Ca ?i >- - - - * r> ....... me Aciurmr.n mu Cluneal Initruinrut Drp'it 57 Chatham e'reet. Atcordicnt timed and repaired, anil music for rhe tame. J)i< lm*r Si u 5 ( i BA1.L8 AND PIUVA J K i'AKVIEH fnrmahrd with the Violin, Harp and Piano forte, or any ntiiohar of lnatruinrr..a The music aelrcmd from the most fajr.ioaahlM Op* Bl' ICAYUKKE, H. AYUKKJC, J. .47 LIKKKand If AVLIKKi., Brnthera, Kroleaiors, No .*7 ah* *?H*|nl ll'.v. -tl. j7tm4r 'HMO HAT'S SUi-i'ilUK ll.v 111.S, No 517 I'kaKI. &TPKET, hRAK HrOM WaY. T7HK.-IE BATHH hive baen eaiailtihed lor the laattwetty sii VM i, and are the ool? Nuluhur Bath i in the ci y. 'I hey ate luyhl r- comn?end?d hy Hi* most eminent phj atriam for the t are of ilieamatiitn. *alt rheum, chronic compHinta, emotion* of the akin, Ike Oiven daily 'rt.m 1 \ M (n * P.'M jt7 ltnt>re "UAKUWAKK, CUTLERY, ilAZOUS, &c fj7 fKNNBVt Tal'yho Haaort. John Unmoor it "v.;.'i warranted Needle*. W|l?on ti Southern a elesout 'I able Cutlery B 8 Steuton'a fine pen and pocket Kmvet, Which, together with Niwi, Ad*e Tooli, ficythea, nnd th-r lint Kootlt, are held for aile, to the fade on mauutictare.a*uccount, by It 8, Sl'KNTU.N foreign Hardware Cniiiuiiaeiou Asmt, 71 Maiden Hue, up a'eira. I irtla ta aolieitod from the trade for the ahore gnoda, on the imu I i< utactureri'terma, (no annnniaaioQ.) H ril * PA: I! LE1TK.H8 III ,\!.L PAR i'8 OK RUKOl'fc. qs I Sub'crihe a will riciite a il forward prr steamer X Hi .tit 11 I't'era t't all pait? t fEuro to Bag will close at 3*4 r. M., Satut J jy, 30:h JnuUS y. Ui7 IIAKNDEV & OO , ti street. P S.?l.r Iter* cm ta prer*id, at (i'sotc, to alt. n t, I he e. i.tiT i t 3271 tn-h i\U I ICli. HE r partnership heretofore rusting between the np. S lit I t i.ed, it der til" li m of llruiw.u !t lino ,*s is thia dv,- di .*,.)ve ? t>\ inu ual ' '. -nit t he ouutt ill >e dents of ' the ft m will lit se t ad bp vir Brook', t? wiotn ell Cetilt due .I niu-t h- i aid. and in >h~ at tlema..t of w.iich be it u h trued to ii >e the uauie oftha dr " M. IIKOWKIl, I 1 SAMUEL, BKMOKS. ; j N-wYoik, Jin. 7?, 1817. i?? 1 I KOTKHT I < ffifflS C"|wmtr*h<po< R. ?. Carmw fc C* l? tM? d?T 1 mlvf <1 ny mutu? co iti)f All b Ita tiiilinR against ihd turn Diu?t bo prcnuiUJ iiomedUtely, * I"1 M iter ?t.eet. 1 n. k ramman. I L) ?. MEE'<EK, J. T. ANOEVINE. I N*w Yoi>k, Jar 2k,1HI7. The htmiiMi will ha c >>ri*<l on *i n??M by the uudo'?i?ned, v ho c all oMeu will b: traactnall* /.trended to. D. K meek Ell j. p. ano* Vine, 1*0 Mftfi ?'re?t. Nm Vouk. Ian, 26 '#17 j26 1 ia*fc IVcall the attention of their frienda and the pn!?!?f ? at ther .VI au a factory And VA'aroroom, 170 Oreenwioh ttrrrt f<? e?iimii>c U ei? orttneQ' ol I'inno Kortea. 1 hey trr il?* It. h i< > i a n. I v. and newest pnttrrna. ?N B. l*i*noa with Oolrmen'* t'nteui Aotlmn Attachment C0A I in r h Vf^TlJKKKJER, ni.K. \CHKR nod Dre*a?'r of Dry tionda, fetnhHahed for lJ *t vr. I venr> in thia citv, h *a the honor to inform the lmp.'i s <1 Jrlitirra. itmt by h n^?* liroceM for to m|| j te i' vi'iiiio ? he i? nbD to ie?t ?re h kind?/? I hi k Gand*, ipo'icd by iSini'W i, <>r i llimwi^ dnimig d , 11?is p nr.en* oii?' t'A equally ro VeiTcts, Hihuou*, < rapes hilk Glotes, H>I * ? '?? holt i\ III wa rcarnred without leayuig any odor or eh using tbrir .t 1 ?|?ea, hi l'i tenia p?r d.-r AH kinda of hhawD (ri y ed. I r Ooodt mid K fibroid r e? luil in peifrct onitr. turtle .Inr tt'Mii n will ha y. id to tf.e ralruhma and nr oi rt'""? <1 ?'l >-?< ripi.ou.. All of whion'wtH i.? dor.e ?t ??0' nmjirilf pil oi. Aii'iy fcii# 8ueet,rsew Voik- JM lw?r > wi mil ?Wg?wi WANTED, I ASTTUATTOJf br * re vecabl < young wom?n, u eook, ! waalurr, j, or to ?o Bet.e-al homework, i d uu- j dent ind" n dairy. She ' ? do ol jection to go in ilia room jr. flood reformer cm be given. Apply at 9t, corner of Dunne j i anil 'Vaahing ou acerte. up ? aire. onihe thid floor iu i tli^ front room. Can be eee.i lor i weak ifnotengaged, j'."? 't#re wanted, . A SITUATION, by a girl from fourteen to aiiteen yenra I 1 aeimrreae or nn.aa, or wonld be willing to : m. keneraelf u?tf I ma private family. l'Uue inquire at .No 11 Mulb-ry at i ear i hatham jyjbli'rn ' UNITED STATES ARMY I RECBUITINO SERVICE Warned for the Untied , 1 and SS yeers, beug shove "i fret 3 inches tvgh, nil go. d chsrar- , tar a .a of respectable minting among their fell jw-cniseos I None need applv to enter llie service, bur chore who are determined to serve the period of thn r eul istinenr h nraily and faithfully, " during the war" with Mexico, or for the of Use years 'fable of established Rate* of l'ar agreeably to existing Laws. i Pay artillery and infant Viol Pay ef d< a- \ ditre and of goon* and ri- | Grade ilragoiith and r?- flemen when I fltmm when iir- muymted ?w an f>et _ w , Paypermt th. Pay per n.anth. i To the Ser-'emt Mejor, Qnanermaa art-erg rat l, Chief Vusieian, .md l hiaf Bugler, each... . $17 $17 To the Ik Beigmat of a Company Id II Ordnance hergeMit ]8 ? All other Htrgaauta, aacb 13 13 Co pornls y In t-uxlera 8 ? Muairi aa 8 ? K.rrier* cod Blacksmiths.. II II Aitilicera 11 ? Priruua... 7 8 A bounty of Twelve Dollars will he pud to aaoh recruit aiiliaratl for ilia Artillery or Infantry arin. Besides the inou hl> pay, m above stated, oue ration Per day is allowed every s< ldier, who h ta amply sufficient f >r nil subsistence: also a large supply of comfortable aud gu tuel clothing Uood r)<i<trters nnd I'ual *re at all tin ea furnished; and everv'atteiitiou will be pod to making those ineu who 1 m iy enlist, and ire determined to serve t' eir country La good | f Ph.e. iniortsl le erd cou'etiind wi'h their sitaatioa. The best aerical nHeudanca is iilw-ys provided for the sick soldier: and no deduction of pay is made onriug the period he is unrble 1.1 perform h>s duty. Should the soldier be disabled m the line ofbis doty, ihe lawa provide a pension for him. My the above it la irrn ihat the pay and allowances are re spectahle and that, with p ndauca and eaouomi , tl.e monthly pay of the -oidier may b? up?as eve,y thing requisite foi h i comfort and c nrcuieuee it furnished by the 0"V< rnmrnt. including tut sugar and coffee The pnideiil to'dier. therrfore, mtv readily tay# f-om (430 to $I0'.? du iug hit en. ' listme t of Fiee years; snd at th- ripiration of the tera he , eau, if l.e chooecs.tiurcha-e a small farm in any of the western States, nod there te'tle himtell comfortably, on hia own laud, fur the reat of hit life I'lie sum of two dollars will be raid to alty eitiiet, noncommissioned officsr or soldier who shall bring to the rendezvous an ahlr-hudied recruit, who shall be regularly enlisted. I he c tir.*n shimM |i<eseet his recruit t the Lientensnt or Captain, Mid not to the recruiting sergeants P. MUKtllbUN, Capt. 4lh Keg. Inf. Recruiting Officer Ilecrul1 i?? Rendezvous 44 Washington st jtCSt're TAYLOR'S GOLD AND ftlLVJSR COIN EXAiWJNER. DAY pnb iahed and for t ile by 9 Taylor, # Broid- ' A way. Price M cents for s single copy. ' h;a v doable w< rk contains f-tc-simile engrrvingaof M7 Child ml Silver Coins, wuli the nin e end current value specified under each j piece, t igniter with a t b'e showing the weight, fi>ene<s anil ! ealue per reunyweisht of the esrieus gold eoius of diffeieut uatinns, all beautifully printed on flue p - per The book tinbraces 32 pages, 8 eo size. Agents wanted. I'eslst* ?np { plied os Tery liberil terms. ji27 2t*isrh | TO OWNERS OP REAL ESTATR ' I^RAN'IS BLANCHET, Agent, informs the owners of j A Heal Estate, that he takes charge of letting hou<et, less- j iug lota, and collecting rants, on the most reasonable terrot I K. U has been, for the last two yaats, ike agent of the laic I John Tonnele; and devoting all his time to the above business. he - ill give full satial'ic iou to those persons who will entrust him with their confidence He can giro the licit refereiieet, and security to any amount if required Please addiest a note through the Po>t Office, No 27J Biith Arenue. Office hours, before 9 A. M. and after 5 P. M. ' ju'46 l?n*r-. RKi.UM VT13M P l.NS AM) 8TIKFNES- OK THE JOINTS, SCROFULA. DISEASES OK THE SKIN, 8tu Ike?Kind's o.Mf.iunuSvBur of llydriodsle of PoOssa, Sart'iparilla, and Yellow Duck.?This medicinal remedy is published for the sole bear fit of th se suffering from rheumatism. i aim and st ffuess o( ihr j mils swelling of the muscular substances i ea ihem. eruptions of the akin, and diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, kc. From bona /idt rxperiments, und-r the directum and stipervisiou of the most eminent of the Faculty, it has receivrd heir an uim us recommendation, cud many hare pronounced it the best possible CO ' buistion of remedial for tha shu?? 4lu>u. It is prep ire J from the purest articles, and if warranted to I give sa i, faction It thiuf, purifies and quickens the circnlation ; alia * irritation, and leaves srery part oi the animal economy ia a perfect atata oflieatth. The gie it and increi'ing dvm nid for an article of this kind h induced the proprietor to brine it before the public, t? at ( all may hive t?e hent-lit of it,and know that there it a remrdy , for thes--moat distress tig complaints. It la recoiiunen ied in . , lull CoufldWcftrind needr i n a t ial io conriucethe moat in- I j of ita sa-prising properties. Prepared and sold by CHARLKH H. BI NO, Druggist, . , 192 Broadway, cor. John st. * N B. Be sureta nbaerv? rlie written siguatn enfC. II King over the eo'k of each bottle ja26 lm*c , MINCE FIB. I PUBLISHED THIS U A V. a book entitled "Mince Pie for ' the Million," cnntniuiiiK over 400 engravings, and 268 1 pneos, full of the wild rind wouderltil, humorous and wittv- ' price only''5 e-ts. A companion to the "Idle Hoar Book," ' bllt enrirely different trooi that oOd volume J Alsojnat published " Ltujlrta of the Hall Room." being a , ' cunplr-e iiis'.inrtor ia the Celebrated Polk i <1 ladrill-a, with * the music of the Redowa VYnlli?price 12^ ceuts. 'JT)i\N*.I< It KI8HKR, 74 C hat ham street. , I V\l. KNTIN&H?The most eitensive assortment in Ame- i J ric on toe eve of eoinpletiou. Heud along your orders. ' jtl 'in*re j ? |~/ j?TA I' .ltSIl.ais 7n I'HIl.\Or.U'HIA, and HIJii in j j I Uv/xJ the eitv and stale ol .New York can testify to ' the wonderful tlBc-ey of that powerful remedy, THOMPSON'S COMPOUND nYltUP OK TAR AND WOOD N \PrlTH V For Consumption, Conghs, ''olds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Spittine ol Blond Stc ktc. < RE \ D ! II a D '! AsTOtrisHirro ci'hic op Chronic Bromphitis I'litlsdelphia. May 23 IS16. Mr. S P Thomtson?Dear Hit:?h'or biu.e than lour years i putt I bad beeo d'e idl'jlly alHtrled with in affrt tien of t e throat, which my phyaici n p ouonnced "Ch-on'c Bronchitis." a ivied by related and negleiled colds. The uie tress suffe Ad is | cribble. My throat was literally raw I with yinl-ui spasmodic coughing ? > that bio id would come Irom i ; also icreat . pprv-siou, pain rn I tightness at th- chest ' and lev-r- i i short a I ihe u u I p linousry sympioins show- j t ed ttietn-e'ves, causi g entire Iota of nrc*ssary repot* ? my ' lb ort was leechrd and blistered over nnd over iKsin. i made , tria' of e e* v known remedy, and at dtffereut periods had the advice of sit ph< sieia; s, and all of no avml About two Bimittis since I made trial of your Compound Syrup of T-r at, d W ood Naphtha, and before I had taken the It st bottle I frit relief I continued until I had taken sewn bottles, which completely remove 1 the disease snd resisted tne to peilccr health; and I firmly believe I shonld not now be living, had | it not been for vonr invaluable mediciue J ANE PERRV, 133 Snrnce st. Ij i lid uiidvMiRurd hears xuarii to the truih of ihe (o e 1 " going, Laving periounl knowledge of all tlia lai-u of tlir . e aa. M HA Kill SON, i * 97 AluiOttd atreet Priee/'O CENTS per bottle; $5 per dozen. 'I his nivalnable remedy prepare i ONI.V by ANONKV It DICKSON, N. E cornet 5th and Spruce at?. Chili I Sold whole'*'* .md retail bv WTATT i K e.TLH AM, 131 Fulton at-s t retail hy H. Jolimon, 17J Broadway; King IIU 15 o dway, N. V . j.a 19 lm*r TO DAOUERKEOI YPJ? ARTIVI8 1 I , 1 IIK. ADVKKTIIER, intendp-v r? rem >va Irom the city, I wishes to diap i e ol hi< roomi and atoek Any one t hiving Irom Si'O to tiPO, hai row (he chance of obtaiuing < one oftlie oldeat and beat Dat nerreotypa eatnhliahmrnta in t Broad **y Kirat ra'e tighta, cPemirat room. ?r he. Ad- t dress " D guerrrctvpe,"at the ollice of tin* paprr. > j -7 S *.h | TO I Hlb DAlfliKKKlAiN aHTISS I'sJ. |A A Mll'AlJl.T, M9 and 111 Broadway, (Lafaye'te I " U izaar) h'a Just leretved rer late Havre pa'kela l,t(K Breach Dngurrreotv pe Plana, l-irge aita, of tt.e atar brand, , which he offer* on reaaoneble terms Alao, an invoice of B-rncli <'hentieals, including dry Iodine, Hyposulphite of Sod*, Bromine, Chloride o'' Iodine, Bill of Hold, Tripoly ) Ilaugc. Nr. id tin'rh OKKIbK OF THE le.KBe KsO.N INa CU.,1 Niw Von*, lan. 15,1847. ) K CI^lllC Annual Election for Directors ol this plantation will 0 1. he eld nt the i llice of anid company, No 50 Wall at. on T Monday, Hrbruiry 1st, 1847. Poll open from 12 o'clock | 1 o'clock P. M. (?KO. T. HOPE, Secretaiy. j '.5 to f l_r Oprtcg op i hp Loifo Island itaii.iinaD Co , ( New k oik, Jan. 8, 1847. 5 Stockholders ol the Long Island KSilroad Company are hereby rotrtrd that the Animal Election for Thirteen I>i ectora of arid Company will he hold at the Compa ny'a Offi-e on Monday, the Pilternth day of February uext 'I he poll will be open from 12 o'clock at soon till 2 o clock, P v". of ihat d iy. The transfer hooka will he closed fiorn the 10th to the 15th February, both day inelnaive . i By order of t' e Board. jStons rrc l)AVII> fl. IVKS, Secretary. ^ WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE. T THR anbacribera coutinue to have for aale n lull aaanrtinent of gold ami ?i Iter Walcliei, of the rnn?t approved niakera, which will be offered at tlie very lowed prieea, nud , vr ursnted correct nine ke. pert. I 'J'liey ere couttwutly receiving the 1,teat atylea rf faehion- o aide Jewelry .if every deacripti ?n. indudiuv v?ld. fob, und eunrd cli iina; brrait pin?; ear rmm; tir. ier ringa: braceleta; > head .rnanienia, V'1.; vilver ai mm; fo'Ua; butter Uiiirra nod J iilvti- ware eq-al to coin; void r d ailrer spectacle!. eon r c: re, coovev, Ike.; It'reuch cloeka and Wittchee, repaired .. equal to the origin if n A- IK K.III.Y h BIIIOOS. 1IM Bowery. ^ d1? lnfi*?lt a above ftroome areeer. _ RKANDY, WINES, GIN, SEGA ICS, FRUIT , Ike. ke f WC. BURDIf.K. No 8J Rio'iilwav, tl.ree doora above j Wall afreet, nffeia for tale the following, tn tola to hi ion:? J fr Unndiea, dark and pale, vaiioua branda, of prime quality Whukey, Scotch a..J lrial) do Hum. Jamaica do t Madeira, K I and other brands do Mherriea, pale, gold aud brow n do X Port do t? Champagne, varioua branda do t> Clareia, in caae do do w Bariaek Bu'gundy, Riuterno do P' Began, Hardin -a, Smite, tic Ike da Scotch Ale, io pinta.jiist landed, ripe do \V C B plediiea niBiaelfmoat faithfully, to keep and de liver, only of the ti#et quality, and aolieita the favor ol the public / HOBKKT HOPE IIAHT iutorma hii frienda and well ? witheti that he it to be found at the a'<nve eatabliehmert, ?J where l.e Impea to aee hia old frienda and euston;er?. 5' dm Im'tr fit ~ 1'AKlSJ A \ L) Y EI N(i ES'I AHLISHMEN I M Depot for Iht reception and rfelfeerw of fjnoda, at Mr. Court a, 118 W'irbfim > , Nrw York Jl JC. COJltT Ik UK. r( ,|| AU1I. fihe latterly reeent? , lv orr vad from I'aria,) hi a reipectlnlly to announce io ? the mu.ulaciurera and mrrconnta ,eoerally, that they dye e ,d Mni li, I" a new and erv aopenor ?" ie, never before iotr .diiCfd n lo the Umled Mtntea and accoidiiiv to the latc?t a Paitv taalif >l| a t< ol v mda, ee?ing allk and twiar, either C plain or >hid il If i"a, nrgi'villa and (pun ai li?, /.cphyr wonted and woo'len yarn of all kin-la, aewmg eotiou, mohor liuett and Cott"n ysrna. (l 'I he, have imp rtrdister.t msehinery for pnt'ing np ailk l(1 ........ T.u ,1. ... q||iiv.t? HI nnr, enn?r > n t|, pools or akeina y Damaged or fs.iod ?ew:.itrsilka, W'?rrteda, ribbons, si'k mil Sottnn glutei a. d hose, guttp , fri *> a, . orda and taaae's It- p( diss' ?ud wentlsinen'a caitnruia tedjed ai d made equal to {,, ns? nr icl a |>( () . d> rs ca o ally attended to and prnoip ly eiei dtsd. . jatn |.. *r __ I , RAUd j.UUuil I. l^( iRKIUN and Domestic Kagi bnnirkioy J r PKIlStJK fk KROOKf , J J?A - H7 busss sttes'J | a potto w wottcibb. | JACOB 8 PLATT. SPLENDID Sfitt'FI"CD CUi LEitV?JACOB ?. j PLaTT will pell ut bit Ki'dware a>l< on Frid,y Wtb ii?t , at 10 o'alotll, ar 23 Piatt ttreet, an entire i?t of tiiitflie'.. Pattern > a d., tunable forth* citv tmdr ai.d couut. v dral^r> of die follow ti k well Into*!! m?k*?t. ri* ? (outrre'ea, Wilton. H wktworih St Mott; VViairir'a P?.f?nr: t'am H ..t. I |cr? it On ; Til . (I'd I j oint. |>'ai ait>1 lock kmres, w t'i Hirer ami other iiamFe-. ?ou hem, hum:, g, and c itoii t do; I'UF mill two h a 'e Dnk?, rla?p do . tine four-blade I Vngre-S ind Hanaro's'Kuir? a; ten and Wnarucliffe do; K I let wi li Instruments, c ,meriting new patterns <>l leather edcn.atid eteh*d and motto blades, cvic turet be . wuli i bn.d ea r.f picked solnl pearl, iroiy. ting, flue buff, with tilrer hola'era, Shield b Co., a m'it ehoira as*o 'men': alio Title Knuei end Foiki, ScUlo'S, Shears, Butchkr Knives, felieel' Sheari, Sterli, be. J'8 2tu?r iai.OB | PLA1 T. dii ioaeei CTO''K OK STOVcS. Store Hollow Wire, be , reIJ miming l oin tile late Fire in Water Street ?lac b H. I'lmt '?ill tell ihn day at 10 o'eloek. at ihe stua of Mr. I V, Tihbeta, No 211 Water afreet, the whole of the stock remain na from the lata lire, conaistiue ol Pari r. F-imMiu, H ill, AT I'. Cooking and Shop Stovrt, Biota Hollow Wnre, blieet Zinc, Braaa Store Hailing, rue brick, Coal H .da, (Hock Weigh t. Sheet Ton, Iron Fur acei, lion > Pumpi, Bciap Iron, ba. Catalogue! now ready. Terms Cttih j2? If r AUCTION NOTICE.?belrsshmeiit Houaa Kurmt-'re ? j 'I'hia day, at 10 o'clock, 90 K ultou a reel, all the lumlfte and flitoret of the eatabliahmeur. eouaiatinir of I Itrg- Steam T.ib'e with Forty gallon Steam Boiler attached, wi h every rariotyif ove a. Boilers. Krttlev, Pa- a. G.idiroua, Copptr Bmlera, Dialva. I ia ev, lota aud toflrei, Sugars, Caa'oia, K' ire? aud Korkt. Triyi, Tnmb'era, Drciuters, Taklea, Chairs, Stoo'a, Hcda. Bed-iaidv and Elrg lut indow Shades, G It Clock. Larue 8 ove and Pipe, Couutera, bo , be. All new in September last JM n?r JOHN SNIFFKN, Aoct. FOUltlGlf ADVBRTIIEUEUK. FA NOV WAISTCOAT TROWSER, ANU WOOLLEN GOODS London, January, 1847. East London and Holland wakkhouskMLN, beg to announce to thair coutiuai.til friends ihat thev hare tamo ed from 34 Sackr He a-rott. IVcndill V, t > mora apacious premises, Tig: 10 Old Boud atrest, kuowu I hi hertoae the Weiterii h.xchauee. where they invite an inaprction of a very avtrusive, ex.luaive, aud wall aviorted aiock o' Hp iua Nwrelriee. jg7 2t rro MMVIONDS 4 WARD, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ft Buret: Yard, Lotdon, Kng!%nd. TTMni'UTliri .11 J ? ?_? u?: e? u p-.itiaa in tee United Ntstea, >f plated in lauds fm thai purposes Reference to Juntas Oordnu Uruuctt ? d Fieeman Hunt. K>q?., New Fork. j27 6t rte A. 4- (J- BRA IV D 0 IV, Su'cessort to F. A. MUNDKN. BLOOK L KT fh ft SIGN MANUFACTURERS, 8 I G N P A7 N T E 11 S , no. 3 T?roi? now, Adjoining the Harlem Railroad Office, New York. Rarcatic*?Washington 8rorea. Willima street; Rathbin's Hotel. Jndaou'a Hottl, Notional Hotel, rerkiu'a Hotel, U. 8. Horded Wetehouae, Nankin Tea Company, he. kin. i J*t? Jm'rrn CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE 1 WANTED. LAD1K.H or Gentlemen baring any east off rr superfluous Clothing or Furniture to dispose of, can obtain a 'air e sh price for the aame b/ aeudiog for the subscriber. ?t hia residence, or through the pott, which will lie pmietnally attended to M. S. COHEN, Agent, (6 Duaue afreet. N. B ? Ladies ean be attended to by Mrs. Cohen j26 !m*e FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. 'I'HK BUI I. DING and lot tf ground situated iu Third I. street, ueir tha East rirer. The building it about forty feet iu width, by sixty feet in_depth. Inquire of jzo it*c J. T MILLS. HI Cherrv street. i NOTICE I THE friend* of WILLIAM DA V IES are rrspecifully invited to attend t meeting, Ht the Iiook of Pater Milne, 17 '"entre street, on Ihuradiy availing, 28th iust at eight 1 a' , luck, for the purpose of completing the ananuemrnts for lh- Hall to lit given fot hie benefit ou Ftidar evening, IBtli February, at the Cn'iseum, tjO Bioidway. By order of toe Comcinee, JK It' re l)Oir?>L*H "eeretarv. , NETHERLAND SOCIETY. AT a meeting held tbe Hd mat., the following gentlemen have been appointed t.lhceis of the Metherlana Society, via:? John K Van Eden Holl rmann. President 41 Warren at. T i . Keinp. van Ee, Vice President. T. van diu Hyinrdt, W. A. Smeis, Raphael Scliayer, W. ! Malta. Directors Treasurer, H Piemen, 95 Chatham st. Secretary, P Hodenpyl. The direction of the society take this opportunity o| rratetu Iv acknowledging tne following donationsE. de Fesla, i25, Kemp v?n Ke, Si; A. H. akk*r, $1; T. Leven teyii.S'; ?;; rd O) lardi, $1; W. r>mcts. S8>: Cohen. $1; Cohen de Beer. SI; M. Swan, $1; L Isoiling, S2i; T. V. inuierinan, ti; H Plax'eii, Si; Z Smth, II; T. Wyeth, $5; Herckcurath and Van Dam ne, SlU; M .$10. The direction wouH further ask leave to ar.ate, that the obeet of this Society is by no means in encourage the emigra- I .ion of Holl nders, but solely, isheii thev do arrive iirre, to :ant'nu them am mochas possible against the imposiions t > ' which einiiiiants are geueral.y exposed, to provide then urther w,ill Work, and in case of eicaue s. distress or p vvr v. to assist thein 'I he many arrivals of HulUud>rs late y, u counreiion wiih tfe understand ng that some 10.00# n oit ?i'l arrive here shor'ly, ?| e sulfides' to artiii<e ilie chanaida feeling, of ihe native Holltwo'rs in this city so as to rents the success of ihe Society Unfortunately their numier in this couutry is small, snthvt it miSes the raising of nfficieni fuut's dim u't; we hope, the'efoie .hat we miy be lertnitted to e I iu the ud of the drsceuilants of llol'auders ud ihe public in geurr 1, assuring them ilisr we win be hap>y to enml t tie id s members of the Society, and thai any dnia iru, fo warded to the President or Treasurer Will ha tliankU11) accepted. M B ?I he Netherland Society wi'l h Id e meeting on Pour d iy r an ing est, Jen 2B 7 unlink, in the AtiitoKum ilotel cor. of Br id-av n.d I eonaid sts. Hill l, I V A ? rnl'V Ulll I run .SIM a, o P. Sec'v.. IS.t> jyTti 3t*c L'AM V U'E l'Ol,I.TIi\ KOKSM.K.HiR HHKEI). " ?White Turkey*, *"<>nn4 <?t-e?* and the hreeat breed* if Ju?*. end Maim "owl* liy j24 l--rh POWELL It FOWtf.H. Fulton Market Ot'EAir STEAM {NAVIGATION Gi MIaH, > January Eld 11117. } \N ELECTION Tor Director* will ho hold at the olfie#- o' the oni|>&?y, N . 41 Broad alien, on M lay, the firat 1IV ol 1' rh u uy The poll will opee ai 1# A. M , and rloae a. i P M. J J BOYI?, jJ'i tlvFab rrc Se-retair pro tern. MOTiOfi. ' I^HE to-partnenhip of Prune, Ward 8t King it thia day diaaolTrd by mutual COiiarnt 'I he ou tat* u ding bu>lnea i i it the firm will ho liquid itod by the au .senher* J AM ESQ KI>G, KUWAKU PHI VIE, W I.MUKL W Mill, DENNING DUe 11, AKCtl'D UilACIK KINO. New York, January ?6th 1017. The adhscribera have tin* ilov tunned a rn part?erah'p, oiler the tii m el PRIME, WARD It CO , and w II continue l.e Banking, Stock mid Etcliange Bnnuoea, at the i ffico ol he late firm, N'o. 61 Wall atreet Jill! 1 W AII I), of tun firm of John Waid it Co. I) W AH D PttlMK ) of the late Aim of Prime, MAMUKL WARD { Ward at King. New York, Januvv tVb 11)47. j,i imiarc I7fh. Ltll" I \aU it \ Nt.E c,o.Yil',i.a V . CAPITAL 200 000 COLLARS. WITH.1 SURPLUS. Orrictt 41 KuLTAta aTKttr, Uanoai.Tta LiONTINDICStat ko riaka oe MMIdii, MeMtmy, wit / ehtndiae and proportv generally, on iheir uau i| f vnrahte erma. Tbi* company h a paaard rhrnoali tha two nt teat Innflapranona that have ever occurred in the eon itry; they >we their nacape from them with comparatively aliitht In**'* otheai-tnm wbicri they have at ?r?y* prnciaed ol limitm* iiu acatti.riug their ruk*. All ln*aea which the company nay aitat tin will bo adjnated and p>id promptly at hereto 'ore. The Cotnpacy take apecial care to nut ify their euatoiner* in Vow York, ofall oapirationa o* pnlicie*. _ U. W, DELAMATKK, PrriiHrut. E O. FINIV Secretary. jnA Imni-e J hit' INSURANCE UU.VH'AN )vncr No. SO Wau. ??j?r.T, orrnaiTE the Meeohakt'i Kll'HtROt. [?ilIM Coinpiny eontiiinea to inaureagainet lota or damaga by Kire, on dwelling honara, werahruaea, buildinira to aneml, goods, wares and merchandise, mid erarr description if personal property ; also against loaa or dnmagsby inland uatgation and irauai>ottatiou LliRECTORB. J Honua W. Thome, Kliaha Kings. 7'hnuns T. Woodruff, Auami li/tVa-r, I! it. Kobsnn, 11.i), Joseph Drake, Tlminaon I'noe, Joseph Alien, Meant Toekar, James E. Molrnea, Johti K. UariauB, Join P. More, John II. Lee, William K. Thorn, Caleb C. Touia, Thomas Morrell, Frances P. Ktgr, Eugene Ungart, Joiiu C. Merritt, Robert Hmith. THOMAS W. THIIBNK, '"resident. I QVd T IIOI'K Brcretare tB< 'Ire j ELOCUTION, k J R. OEOROE VANDENHOKE has returned hla in I ' I a!ructions; and ia prepared to receive c'aaara and pn- 1 nte pupile 71 Leonard streg'. jt12?r*ih | ^ JjKsfc FuR SAl E

V DOUBLE STAN DINO DESK in I'erf. er o-der-slsn, ' a h.m snin? Mahogany Railing the whole made to lit an (flee?sai I be aold lour. Apply at 44 Heisrr atreet, ap tuna. j2S ls??r | [.SI UM.SHED ROOM WANTali. (Withoar lanriH- 1 L liy a yvntletran.whero I lie re air no boar.liia, in alprisnte iniily. and where he can enjoy the comf.irtt ol'a home, 'he best refettuce giyen anil a !ihe al pr re paid for tint le accommodations not higher up town thin Kulioi a' < il e<a W . p .at odi-e. Jil It'rt rifunj.-fctwanted. mL THE A iTeriiaer ttivhea to rent lr. in the ftrit rf May i i it, a rnbltc'Houie, lliat is esabliahtd npo i lha i.ns^flLlnJi P ii-airtu ar to 1 the bhsdes,''or 'the Rainbow," i Id will be W ill I HE to l"l 'Ch le tile l.llnr and formlM r - at !> ir valnaiion. Addieaa A. It , Herald office jniDI-e a ll >tkl in .1 EittiKi <11 v i <? EE i , iuja TO LK T?The Iholrl formerly kepi by Robert M ariin, No.S Mon'gomary atreet, in the immediate v citii't of he inilroad dejiot anil 'e-ry, and ihe Con>in(.i? ad depot of the Cungrd linn of ateamora. The loc nn nine or tlie beat in Jeraey City. To ? g.od tenant 't ill be rented <ow, and poaaeaanm gnen immediately. ApIv at No ej Montgomery at, to 1IK.NJ. O. K|)OR, JT8 3t*rre Jeraev City. UK. KKLUNlitK'O <1 INFALLMLK. LIN1V1KN I n warranted to .AeC^cnre aorea and ulcere of evert nature mafta daya. .IgCjult acta like msgte in removing rbeuinnriVWi. and nil Ji?r paint. Out or two doaea ia eert un In relieve bilinna i'lie diarrl-ota, Stc. aa It ia taken I: ia perfect! v delight ll in it* odorantl flavor It ia nuive. aally acknowledged to | a ihe heal f mil v medicine ever offered to the public. I lira i ecnta per bottle 1 Hold at 2J0 I'earl atreel; C. Ring, corner of John at d roadway: corner of Bowery and broom a, Id avrnne Mid lb Itrr ettleflrieillmg atore; Dr. Biirrart'tDoyer and l huttm, a id ar etie M h office. <'irv Hall ) rn*'c Ki'.MlT 1'ANOh.a To IhhX/WND, fcr. gfe ?&Z Mc7wUT>k7Jr., has r*??uo\rd his oflri?j Uroftdwny, h d continues to remit moi.ey, in torn* l>\ u* of mil, to |?eirr'?ii? residing in my |>*rt of rhetA-i.e Anner as lie-nol hi* predeecHSor in bniiiff* hare d??ne lor le Ihsi tmrty >e,?rs ami niorr ;hIho to any psrtof Unylsud 01 ito Inuii. Mor^y 'emitted by letter, post-mid, to the subscriber, or rn<?ii.dlly tiei otifva with b in, with the asms of the person r pt i soiin it) Ireland. Kufclsiid nr nroilmul f?? wlu?m if "> * * '"> * >?! nemett jwnt town, will he nnn>?<li>itrh' trn>M">it- ? n ami |>fii<l eroir IiiimI) , ami e rei'M|? to Hiki e<'?oi ?i?m i rowari^i i?il.? jjj tt> * ' c j ttg WANTKD, ikMdhtilri a thip or "haik, Ml lo?rl I " yTJVfur iNtw Orleane /pply ?? " fa K K. COLLI NS H South it. I ] jyt? t J UP ' 11 JBJ' "I 11 BWCT AWUWBWUPTB. , PUW.IHKATUt Tl.u iiikv Kvuinf. J?i>U7 Milt, "be perfumed, the comedy of the IRI-H AMB 14HADOR? Sir Panic* O'fleuiiHi. A Dl, Mr Colliae; Ledy* Emily, Mr? Atik tt; I.ady laabeMi, Vr? Haul After which. the lire, of HO W TO PAV THE RENTMorgau Kat'ler Vr < To ouclnile with K'lhTUNIO?Korunio, Mr? Haul. U"Or? open ut b/? o'clock, and the i>?rIoruiaooM will comma "c? atT o rlocli Bnae* 11: Pit 50 c* m; Gallary 2-) cci.La 1 MEATKE?*1 hnraday jyveuing, Jauanry ** UVUI. the peilorin tier* will coiniaaww* wi h the ot art of tli- ALl'lNL MAID?Koaelia, MiiiflKy Taylor; WJtir Mr Hunt. > T?,k?? foil"wad liy the comedy of the MARRIED BACHEL (J Ji? (jMCA Mi.? Maa? T ..!?? To t'our uda ?> h ti t il.uuu of the WIZARD OF THE WaVK-U.mi Juki del So d?b?r, Mr. ilarke; Timothy Treacle, Had iway; Chae. Fan knar, Mr N??la. Prr?? Circle *> rente, Pit i.j trailer? nx, eat* Llnon ui"-n ai Sty o'clock. Performance commence at 7. i l.a.t .Siahl hot On. of 1,1'i .A Ul L AMMER MOOR. PALMO'S OI'KKA HOUSK, l.iiatnoara atraet.? On Fridiy Ever ma January PT, fifth performance of Doui*<-?i'a Opera . f LU' IA Ul L AM\l EH ?OOR-Lord Hanrjr Aahton. eig Banevanrauo; Lucia, hia Sitter, Sipiurina 0. Ba"li;Lo-il Edgar of Haveuiwood, Signor S Bancdetir. K nnoud, Tutor of Lucia, sirnor Martini; Aliaa, Lady of Honor to Lucia, Mra. Boulard lat tier ifoaoa and Parquet:*... $1 Pt td tier " SO Privti* boiea for 0 It 0* t " ... . 10 00 Brata can be aacurad at th* boa omca from 10 A. M. till 4 o'clock. P. VI. d?ilv. ______________ AMERICAN CI It C US. I BOWEIIY AMI'HITHKATIIIS. 'I'HH K.VENINO. Jin. KB h, the performed *< will b* 1 varied by llie iutiotlurtiou, tor tba ft it tune ihia aeaaou, of Mr ? ANt)U ?a >h* COURIER Of ST FETBHSBUROH. IViaalrr e-tfci??.(NA>< l'r J6. ?a the EMFEROR SAFOLEOS. Mr. MOSI.r.Y'- O'rat act upon TWO HORSES. Tba Dvnriiit Hnreoa, Fighting I'ouiea, See. ten. Tba Ainphiuiratra ii plraannny w.v mail thrui>(hon(. L> "t. MM at Mat n, prrlurtinturr cnminanoaa at 7 . Boiaa its centi. Pi IllWf Sntaaeeurrd jii rc *K< II STvtEKl~i tiKATKE, Ptlll.AUtL.PUI A W. K. Bi'RTorr .Manager and Laaaea. J.m. Scutt ,8ian Mioaiei \\_y~ Tina i lien'.ra haa beta thoioughly radecorated ia the moat Korgeom etyla, and ia aow the moat beantifal Theatre iu tbe U"inn BENEFIT OF 81QNOR MOKRA. THURMI a V tVt.MN(l, Jan Mth I04T. cRlCKKT ON THE HEARTH 1 Jolia... Mr. Scott. Caleb Mr. Bure*. Dot Mr*. Burke. Af arwhjrh tha new ballet of THE. ABDUoTlON OK NINA. Edward Stgnor Morrn Nina Higuora Cloaca Adel? higuormit F. Mantm To conelurir wi'h i THE SPEC i RE SRI DEGROOVT. Degipiry Mr. Burke ??'i. yaunuuKlon ftlr Fllllpi l^vinia M'a. Hogeia WALNUr STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIAE. A. MitiKti., Leaace,MtWiK Blare, Manager LAST NIOHT BUT ONE OF MR. AND MRS. CH\S EE AN. THURSDAY EVENING. Jann-rv 18, 1*17, will ,he perfbim-d for the aerenth time in Philadelphia, the new end aucraiful play of THE WIFE'S SECRET. ?ir Walter Amyot Mr. Cha 1?? K'?u. l,*dy Evrl ue Amyot Mr* Chirlea Kaau. Tn conclude with the TWO THOMPSONS. Wm. Thompaoo, the let Mr. Bow era. Win Tkonipann, 5d Cn?pman. To-morrow Benefit of Mr*. CHaH. KEAN. THE GAMESTER. Beverly Mr Kran. Mr* Beverly Mr*. K*<n. f.tukely Mr. Jamiion. Lawaon Mr. Rich'iw* GREAT ATI R ACTION AND NOVH7T7. ri'HE JEOLIAN ASS iCIATION will give iheir ftrai 1 Grand Pric* Concert "t the Tabernacle, on Thursday avenitig, Jauuary M, lt.7. The following artuu hare been waara MISS HIFFERT. MISS MARTIN.The celeb-*t?d linproviaitor. MR. HARRISON. MR. QUAYLE, MR. GEORGE REA, ami MR. AUSTIN PU1LLI PS who will preaidaatthe p ano lone from < hambers it Uo,, of Broadway la eddttiou to thr inimcal talent secured, they offer a* a prise, a splendid Gold Watch, to the author of the bi at end tnoat original conUudiuoi .tobo decided by the approbation ol the audience. PART PIRiT. 1. U'cr?"Fi'herman'a"?Mua Martin, Meaara. Phillip* Qanrle nid Hra. 2. Song?"My Norm?ndy"?Mr. Qua vie a n??" i'M??ni.o?.. .. m.-..t.??_vit? " ?" Phillip. 4. B tllau?'Kalli'eei MaTourneeB,"?Mm Martin. J. 8onf?'l*in AflMr R i, 6 H.liad?"Tb u hhi IVoriu the Spall."? Mr Phillips. 7. Coinie Hong ?You fcrer."?Mr. Herriaon. 8 Song?'"Will You Coma to my Mouuum Home"?Mm Hiffert 8 Uicr?'Oh Stranger Land"?Mid Hiffert, Mr. Phillip*. and M r. lte > 10. Kit mporaneoa. efTutiou on .u'J-.-u proposed by the audience. Blauk cud. wil. be diauibnted on wbieh tfaey i may be written. FA RT ICCOWD 1. Glee?" Winda Geitly Whiaper" Meaari. Phillips, Qaayle . nnd Ilea. 3 So-g?"Oh flentle M'id"?Mi.i Hiffert 3 Ne * national a, ug?"Monterey"? sud .uug by Mr Phiilii*. 4 Duet?''Come Where the Violet. Blow"?Mi*. Hiffert i auo Mr I'li.l I .pa J Comic ioug?,a jnya of Winter"?Mr Harriaon. 5 Hailed?"' nahlauiachiea"? Mia* Martin 7, Oi-a?"Hark, Br.nhera Hub"?Mia* Hiffert and cboraa. i I. honff?1 King ?f(he VViee"?Mr. Kea. 0 Cuima aoiia ?' liickav Uirda"?Mr Harrienn 10 Hnmnrou. gle-?" My Sweet Uorabeila"? Meier*. Flu)- ' lip., Qn.yln ami Kea The coinmitl- * i led.a them.eWee to make thu one of the , ricliert iie-te of the ee nou. Ticket* 50 cant.?to be had "t ih? Mu.ic Store, l'uroer "i.d* *, .,ud at the T bemarle : < n H e d?y a d t vi? ul the coui.ri; end alto at Htebbim | 6t < o 'a, ?64 Hr nil way. where the prize can be .ern. Ci uin.d urn. for cotni elition will b? tent to tlie Taharnacle pr*v oik to 4 loek .in d ?v ol coucerl A telenioa of filty i of ih? lo it will be read for ihe daemon ol the audiroee. I J <27 7 ?rh I CUiNCfcKT A 1' IttHShY ol i Y. fTIIF. AL I.EOH A NI A a H. (at the leque.t o several lami* 1 lie. in cev ( I y.Jwi I giye a Concert on T URSD tY KHtMV'O, Jin 88 ft Washington Hall?on which < cc?ei n they w.ll sing a gre?t i yanttyol heirmo.t adtnitad piece*, commenting at halfyaet 7o'clock J ?47 tt*rre. Dili 'DL inlNU.S aJND DlVElt&lUNa, FOK ONK NIGHT ONLY, preTMin. to taking np hie rail,lenee in Knrooe, at the Society I ihrary, corner ol Leonard .tiret and ttioidway, on Kriday cTaiuag, oominancing at I o'clock precisely. DR. VALENTINE, Delineator of Ercen riciiiee. raepectfullv announce, tint ha will introduce hi* Humotoua Kntcrtninmrnt, consisting of <1 i n. Qiutut, (^nixiirsl mid Comical I h meters. rmhraelug K'id. prmk, k'tolir, ho'lyand K ,ible?, illuatra'ad by liviia portrait* of celebrated k< ewu and anknowti por una, i!it*r?|ii-ririJ with inu> c il *ketc ,ra, country emrla.otd (nai V comic Ifeta res stage trarels, learn-d ignorant wnm?u, afenmbnet trips, Long liland niiiiic, with imitations of ilia Hiing,rian Singers. country tchools, oration*, sprechet, tic. hho<>Iti tlia w-aiher prose stormy, it willrumeolf on tha fo'lriwinr Monday, rain or >tiuia. Tickets admitting a gentlem ui or gcutlemia and lady, 60 erat? _ j C <t*c " LES DANSEUSKS VIENNOISE. I MADAMK JORbPHl vK WblSH, Mi.trtaaof the Ba'lel, ' bega to alaie to the Mnragers ol Theat ?s iu the Uuiteii Hiates that an; lirnt ions for enrags menu inual be nude to her | agent, Mr JOHN POVK. V, of the Tnrk 1 heatre, New York, 1 wiio ia dn'y authorised to loakaall ariangrineuta for I ea Dan sen sea V iennoise. JTS tf re NKW YOUK OPERA HOI HR, (comer or Charlton i it d Vtricksrteett.)?This wnl open for the remainder of the seainn, on of nhout the IMtli lustint . Latltrs mi l g,otle nan of aatalilulieil i tlent wishing to ohtain aitna nua, wnl pleaie make application by letter, (post paid) addreaarrl to J. Hl/.N f, at the boi office of tliia establ?hmeiit. J'? tf rc CJHESNUT STREET THE A1 RE. 1 PHILADELPHIA. ' J^HE Hubseribers baring leased the abore magnificent es ! L tahlialnar tit, ofTer the ia'< e is rant by tha night or week (nutil their remru from the sonth on tha 1st March ] Full particulars can be obtained of Mr. Uiniaora, agent P>r ; rhe lessees, at the box office, erery morning, between the h"UM 1 II am] 12 All communication! muatlie addreeaed to Mr .Sininora, poit-pmd, or they will not he attended to jitfahr hmUTIN k PHAZP.H IrKAMJ ItfcMKK MAM,, | In Aid of the Suffering I'oor of Irthind, WILL mkr pi ce at t ulle llinleu oa Wedueidae Kre- | bii|, hen lOtli, I?l7 Arra Ktrnrma hi* being mide in ' mike ihia one of ilia nr*ud balla of ilia aenaotl. Tiekeia two I d dlaiarneh. I i admit a gentleman u id two ladiea, may oe , had oi the bueretary, or any of th- follow nig Cull Ml'! I IK. A. H. Michle Dr. It. Hngan llano-fireclay T A P.inm-tl F Catnphel Daniel Sweeney Aid. Walih Mirh'luuike Martin W tara Aid Hart Dr II Hwreuey K Kmirh Kd-tanlFoi P II Malonry Dr (ilover K II. Culinary Al l. (.iilina-tm D Poll-eg P. Mulvehill Thoa. Boyle P. B. Murray II. Oilmaitiu P. McBirron P. Brennau P. Mctlormi'k M I'litlen Pram u (iilmnre Aid. MulInn E. Vim*ra|il Them a Whalan tibia M. tsanry Win Haid Thoa MeUirney Inbn Fgm John tieraghty Joteph Mnrpi-y Aid Poole Pat'k Kelly Tim-thy Oarrick III Hrodeiick H. Ilann igr.o Phil - p L'oll nil Ll.eherliui Pali* U lioii H. O Brieo lair.ea A-nipliy Junt a Kelly j'ner .Murray P. A Keane A.Jarkniin Wm. Nugeit f II Mcldnire Jo1 n Keileher John II line I Aid. (tnmpion I tike Dnile B. MeLahill Aid Lyme Aid Donghe'ty Jainea ililay. n>. Uwen Colgan Milea I I'Hilev P II Lennnn J. Sweeney, tjoluinbmi 11 nil. Ponih Brooklyn, JAd KlCAN Se-renry. | All Ml' KI.E, Treaan'er. J V8 end tt-'e in r pcu i i i-lI TJiiAitu MALI, 111 IF, 11IIHD ANNUAL BAM. or the Rcottieh (laard will lake p are at the Apollo -iTl-on, on M-mdiy eteu-ne, 'rhmary let. D,dwnrtn'a lull hra?a and Ctillon bind will ?- in attendanca. Ticketa tnay be procured of the commit- I c?. viz ; I apt. A. C. < aat'a, 381 Brnad'ray ; Lieut. MeLend, 1 ".onnlandt it.; Lieut. Haisr. 100 .vlercar at ; Q M Linen, I 1 I Kulton at ; L) Krentiee, taertt. Thomaa, 18 Mcfir atreet, till I.niii". 31 Hudann at; Her?i Wallace Iftlh avrnaa nd 37th ?t ; Mng D incan. Corporal Henry Law, IM Church : treat; Alei. Uelrymnle,19''!^ Broad ?ay. ant S?'*t tV- vl. CLlKEHUOII, Secretary, jt4 flnT?T7iSaSn|iMoi?a<' *5 Broadwal ilUClt OK GO.TDs FOK.SALJ? AMD STUKE I 1 TO LKT. I'HF, utideraienetl olfert Tor aale the atiek of Dry (roode | (aonn?tin| principally of maple ro di) lata the pmarty of Mm. L. Ilall, at the atnre lately oecepied by hia Win of W L. and W. a Hall, No 13 ' nthirine atreet (he- | w r?n Hetirr and Madia n alerta.) in the oily of If* Vorla . i |r hor with the privilege ol the a'oie Ilia loration la 1 miaid red e e of the heat ill th' atreet The atore haa a , ore font1. la in deoth ahnn' 70 fe?>, and been o?wly (Iteinp tiihtwoaliv lighta bark, anil with ii tplend d mahnaany 1 o Cnunl'ra, and <l*tk <i th. moat modern at<'e. : | The atock of g oda ! tin <|l, hut conaiata alnoiat entirely ol leple gonda. ant paranria enrome' c it huameae Will find it or their iuinait to cell and egamine the piemiaer and pro- 1 i-rtv tor themai Het T' ? nnl? will he a hi on advant<- i lean terina, and are ro he d epoaed of immediately to clot* , I ii >i iOMti M TUBNK.K A ngnee. i N. w Vork l?n '8 1847 jt7twe,e I I' M r. I'l \,N i ivuMiii nn ??r? imuitii ii teiine I). a Luily I ?Ihi U'"1rril?i ils ihe Kinif Ihoron?tHIy ?i,il ?hn nuder ike? t import in her pa pile a inrlrti kn ?lr l|roflh< theory i etth (tie (irtteet f'/sci itv Terina, tti re ilulli\r> |>er mm'h. t , V I lie|r??.nl Vitiateat rhe offtrr of ihia paper ahtll , trended en d?n 'mint* ?e 1 1 AND A Lf a?'I he Urxeei ihe cheapest. ?nii , TV the heat near rtnienl are to he found nt A ' BAHHV*. ( :4< Hn>ad*ey, cotaerof Liberty street, op staire. till im*rh I TO THE LATEST MOMENT. ======= TKLttUHACHlO. JTAftUUlV UJP inn AWTllUiiWTJlIRS. ai?ahv, 'an 37. 1-47. The following named paraoni, convicted lu Delaware and Columbia oountiev, were, to day, pardoned by Gov. Young, and reftored to citiienihip i ? Daniel W Squire*, Daniel VVinthiop, Zara Pievno. Calvin Mediaon, John Plica >ix, l-o L B uhiui John Burch, W Reeaide, JohnLttnan W Brisbane, W. Joaelyn, C.J jsioCombie. John B . Coot (, Tboa. Morgan, The following were alto pardoned, but sot reetored to their right* u oitixen* Smith A. Boughton, E O'Connor, John Van Steeuburgh, Mow JCaile. Boitow, Jan. 17, 1947. Hon. Caleb Cutliiug received hi* commUeion to-day from Governor Briggi, si Commander of the Ma??acbu etl* Regiment, and will reeign hi* aeat In the Legulature to-morrow Fletcher Wobiter (poke to-day in favor of the re*oltttion granting (JO.OUO for the volunteer*. Bale* of railroad itock* were made to-day at the following rate* Norwich and Worceiter MX a 40J4 ; Long lilaud 34 a J4.X ; Boaton and Providenca 104 ; Weatern ???{ a MX i Ea*tern 104. The whole advance in dour aince Saturday, 1* ono dollar per banel, and la whaat, twenty-Ave cent* per baahel Philabblviiia, Jan 37?10 V. M Bala* of 4000 barrel* of flour were made to-day at $4 7ft, atvl 3,000bbl*. at fxi Toward* evening 3d 12X wa* aiked. The weather U extremely line. Baltimobk, Jan. 37?10 P. M. Flour In thi* market 1* advancing In prica. Bala* were made at 44 74 a *fl The eatten market I* Arm. In Uie tock market, no alteration since laat report. Wa?Hir?erofr, Jan. *7?7 P. M. We hare reeslred here New Orleans papers to the 90 th inet. Nothing further from the Army or Nary. Puller particular* of the loss of the American ship Creole arc given i of 147 on board, the captain and 47 others perished. AFFAIR8 IN WA8HINQTON. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Ac., Ac., Ac. TKLKORiPHIO. Washington, Jan. 37,1847. enate. The Judiciary Committee reported a bill to regulato attaehment In the United State* Court*, in the several States. The Committee on Private Land Claims reported a resolution requiring the President to suspend the land tales, advertised to take place on the 8th of March, at Dubuque. This was laid on the table. The Treasury Note bill was read a thirst time and pasted?yeas 43, nays 3. Messrs. Cillkv and Coawiic of the Post OAce Committee reported a joint resolution to provide for the trena. portation of the mail to and from the Army in Mexico. Mr Cillkt's resolution to withdraw the troops from Mexico was taken up, and after seme remarks, Mr. Cilley made an explanation, and the resolution was laid on fh? table. Teas 44, nay* 0 Mr. Calhoun was not present The Army hill was UOXl IHM'U up. Mr. Atchiio!* roede a speech in defence of hie amendmend for volunteer* The debate wa? continued by Meiir*. Oraen, Daytonf and Jarnigan, when, without any action on the bill, the Senate adjourned Hon** of Repteientetlre*. A communication waa received from the Preaider.t, in reply to revolution of enquiry, showing the whole amount of poatagea for the laat fucal ye ir for the eaecu* live department'* letter* A communication wai received from the Secretary of I the Treaaury, with a statement of the name* of the clerk* and other peraona emploved in the department, during the lost year, and the manner m which the con ticgent iund of the Jepartmeut waa eapemied lor he year eudiug 13.h September last From the Secretaiy ef the Navy, an abatract of the contingent expense* ot the departoieot. and sulemen a of the contract* of the bureuu of provlaiou* und cloihing ; and the uumm ol the cleik* and otuer person* employed in the department during tne last year. A c mmunication wa* read Irom the Secretary of lite War Department, with a atattment ot the number of appropriation to the flrat of January, ISIS and appropiiutionl made for the flical year 18iS-<J, and the balance on the 1st of July lust. Mr. Kino, of Oeorgia, offered a joint resolution directIns the President to nrnriim arn\A end ?il,? the officer* and men of the French, Spniiiih and English vessel* of war, who aided in rescuing the aeamen ol the brig Homer*. I'aased. On motion of Mr. Andrew Johnson, the Committer on the Judiciary were instiuc.ted to inquire into the conati tutionaiity of the appointment of the Kcgent of the Smithsonian Institution. A joint resolution was offered by Mr OsaaaT Davis, requring the Trrsident to inform the House whetiier toe United Slates hare any diplomatic representative a* Mexico; if not, when we ceased to hare, anil if we have, who ha is, and what is his com|>*nsatioD 7 The House refused to suspend the regular order of bu. nineii to receive the resolution. Mr. Holsto* repoited a hill making appropriation* fi tr tho Tout Ollice Department lor the frtcal year, which w. i* lead twice. The bill to Increase tlio pay of and grant bounty langl to tho regulars and volunteers ol tho army, was Anall.p passed as amended, 171 to IS. nil- oi * iiiuvuu a suspemioil 01 ius 1 ulf S 10 introduce hi* resolution relative to the withdrawal of our troop* from Mexico to the ea?t bank of the Rio Grande* which wa* negatived by a vote of 3a to 140. The two Hcnate amendment* to the treasury note bill were agreed to. The Ilouee thon went into commute* of the who! e on the Naval Appropriation hill. Aftor debate, the committee rote without any action Tending a motion by Mr. Horaina to clote the debate at one to-morrow, the ilouie adjourned. B V THIS n AILH. VV*iHiveTO!?, Jan 30, 1047 htr lUut*n on th* Lieutenant Umeralihip?TS* H*n,U* ? Mr. Maion?Tk* Brarihan Difficulty. The topic of moit intereit to-day, we* a ipeech delivered by Mr. lienton In the Senate, giving a history of Uie affair of the Licutonant Generalship, and axplaini ig the exteut of hi* connection with that project. He w a listened to with profound atteutlon by a very Ml' Senate. This exposition Mr. Ronton pronounced n vindicati an of the President, in having recommended the appoi nt ment of a I.ieu'enant General Thi* language is uni or tnnute, a* it would seem to pre suppose the act of < tie President to require vindication If it wo* right and p roper, and necessary, it cannot need vindication. The Tr ? ident would have been justified by every body in th e creation of the grade itself. It is hi* intention to confer the appointment on a civilian, that wa* objected to, and that actually defeated the measure. It ha* not probably been charged upon Mr Benton or the President, that thi* was a political bargain between them, with a view to secure the presidential succession to tho former, if he would yield the President his sup" port. Certainly no such discreditable transaction has sver been hinted at by me; and although I have heard . many hard things said of both Mr Benton and the rresi. J lent, In relation to this new grade, I have never heard it in'imated that Mr Benton desired th* succession for himself. On th* contrary, I hsve ?lws> beard thst he isslred no political advancement for hlmse.f and that If 1 he secured any Influence by such a position it would be ( used for the advancement ,,f th,? i-ler* ?t? nf itie v,n Duron nnil Wright |>nrt>, ami not tor li <?'?n itnliviuual ' go ramlii'itnent Kor *uch ili-? i"rn e.l viawt I hive tlway given him credit, nud I'm*'1 netrrevrn in InimUd * douht a* to the purity 01 hi* moil*. * in rim g till* Appointment Mr Benton **M In viftdka'iin of the f re?i Ion*'? eeleclien ol hinitelf to r nnittiari.i the i my ul th. I .I lhat ,n ihi J ll (Mr b. nt. n) via* he *e i r m i o all i the general* n In 'lie army ? lien * ? < .touel ol rolouteer* I In* ,* n ? .Inutil title l.u v|> i n on <1. Inn* It , hut .loe* lie not know 'Ini unlott ?tt m ?r n I vii JJ utou would int certainly claim low, to utr.iik Wan-tal nco t or Lienor*! liatuea, boceuio he happened lu |i-|i to hold a 'uglier rank tUun titliar ol lho*? geuertia ine intiast ' *?d war l? chapter of aanidente. mtfht have planed any of tha anhal'emi of Mr Ben'on'a regiment ii bia dead, in c<>iumau<); and ?uch eubaUirn bai hi n>titte I the aiui) a< Mr Beidon did, would bova jua' a> muth claim now to outiei k tho gam rula of tbo army m Mr Ronton has. but Mr. Bunion do?a not bold to the rula which bia remark* on tbia aubject tectned to advocate . In the rata o( Captain Schaunbaig, he neld tba'aaotK .* r rattening bn commiaaion i* dieeu'itlad afterward* to olelm the rank to f.riwniiliun ,, ,1,1 in It.. n time have retted him, bed be remained in tbe arm)'. Of count* Mr Beaton *,<?aks theoretically in alluding to t he renk he would ti?>w here held had be retnmuod in the army. He woul 1 not he to unjust at to oUim a rank auperioi to ell tbe i(eu?iela tu the army, inareiy heca eta they happened to be his juniors la lelt ; and li tbe rule be a'uctly enforced practically in the ce?o of Captain Scheumhaig why, to heaven's uatns, ahould it not t*i adhered to even hi theory tu Uie n.e of a senator ef the United State*I Tbe Vic* President adminl-tered the oatu of office, to day, to the Hou James tl Mama, the new Senator Iron Virginia Mr. Mueon looka about forty two yeari of age, aod bet quite en intellectual physiognomy I un deia-and trout those wao were acq'tainted with him while he waa hare before, that ho it a atau oi excellent disposition, sound judgment, and potaeetea a mind of no Common order. The conaideration of the Army hill hat bean oottpotved to day, in oider to take up tbe Treasury Note and Loan Bill The aettion lasted till near six o'elock Several Senators protested against taking up the bill until to-moirow, at they wished to hare time to exaeiin* ill but a He rote on the motion to take it up, ?>< decided by the President of tbe Senate, in the ultt motive. The Brazilian a flair as I have before said, is iti a fan way of being adjusted without di/fl 'ulty. The Brasilia minister use fiequeut interviews with Mr. Buchanan en i every thing |>oiuu to a happy termination ol the dispute Both parties? vlr Witt and the Brazilian authorities? were a iittlo hot-beaded, each being jealous el tbe national honor whioh they consider luvotved. At first tu* adsir looked veiy awkward, but the in'ercoune wbieu hat since taken place between oar Secretary ef State, and the Brazilian minis or hat placed it eu a which gives earnest of * prosperous adjustment iJALVlfcNaiS. Washihwto.v, Jan. id. 1X47. I Central 7'oylev-ilr. ShioU?Capl ULtdoll Alacksnxis? 'J'htir Mutrmm't ? Santa -flmsa ? Old Zoek and J my is dia?Jl piece of Ntilury. J in November, ISO, from N*w Orleans to Mobile, no less a parsonage thuu John Slidell. was a passenger on i board the steamer Kashion Although he mada no open i boait of hit place of destination and the object of his visit I It was well known from the tenor of his remarks, that ha was oharged with important hasinass, and that with him rested in some degree, the fan whioh waa to raise the slumbering fire of war into a blaze. He did not proceed wi h the ether passengers to Montgomery, but to rensacola, whence a national vessel convoyed him to 1 Mexico. What there took place if a metter of history By reference to his despatches to the Seoretery of Btate, It will be eeen that he dwelt much en the state ef political parties in Msxico, and predicted much that oame to paas, especially when ha said that any cITore for ... a i>. .o.'guvw m <, au'j Ut?u IU u ! evidence of oar weakness or imbacility. ? It n not unknown that there ia a firm, and mora than on*, perhaps, iu Vara Crux, to whom Santa Anna ii largely indebted for warlike (tore*, with the aid of ! which, in timea past, he attained to power. Therefore, . , It waa natural that tnoie merchants deaired the return of : Hanta Anna, thinking, and with aome reaaon. that hia ad| vent would be the means of louUaiing all his peonniary obligation* to them. Niui VtrroniMr. Slidell, of course, had to pick up all the inform* 1 tlon within his reach, whioh he properly comaumoeted : to hi* government. The reaaon why the return of Santa Anna would pre| bably lead to peace, is given in the President'* anunal message to Congie?s?briefly, that there would tio a i contest with Tarudra, who had uaurpod the government, I and who would bo driven from power by the "chloken ' fighter," et that time et Havana I The fact ii omitted, that an agent of Santa Anna was ' in Ibia city laat spring, who encouraged the administration to permit the eutiunce ol Santa Anna into Vara { Crux. Capt Slidell Mackenzie, tbo John Slidell, I and whoae patronymic was changud some years since, , was despatched to Havana, in, 1 think, tun Truxton, i which sailed from Norfolk Whether he thsre converted with Santa Anna, does net appear from the President's message; nor is it apparent, from the tame , document, that slidell Mackeuxi* went to Matsmoras aneug, there had a couveisation with General Tayler, gad told him whet Com. Connor intended to do, should Sstita Anna leuvo tha chicken fighting ground et Havana, tor the more extensive one ef Mexico "The man I with the white bet" was spoken of in the private end ! public letters (roin volunteers, and a ftw in this city ? i we among the number, were made acquainted with , what was passing between the officers of the goveru' ment in the field There was no fight on the Rio Orande between the 10th ol May end the '10th of September?over four months j ?during which time mure than a thousand volunteer* died of disease General Taylor, as appeai* frotr a letter I in my posaetsi-n Irom an officer attached lo the engineer corps of the aruiy, did not ex|iect resistance at Monterey'. And Gennral Taylor, In hit recent letter, dated the 0th oi November, says, with reference to the terms of 1 the armistice at Monterey, "tha proposition on thu pert of Ampudia, which had much to do in deter' mining my course in the matter, was bated on tbagroumi I tliut our government had pioposed tu Ins 10 settle the aMiatinir inltli-llltie* hv nitentlaf i.ii.t ehii-h I tnaui u-o, I 0. > <?, without know inn tu? leaull ) which wu? thou uada r considora'ioii by the proper uuthoritiea, and whicu ho- (U. u Ampudia ) had uo doubt would result Isvoia lily, hi the whole ol hit people were in tavur of peace.* \ Fietiouv to this tattle, end about the 1 at of Srpttiul-er, * the C/nton, the ifllcrol i)i|(Uh. said that it waa the opioioa <jl the well inhumed men of Mexico that the better or Jurger Claw ol Mexi uu Cltuena Were disposed to p. ace, wutl batletl the return ol bantu Anna hi calculated to proI i Vice thia reiult. l ba PreMdont. even in December lilt, k X) a It yet ft mains to be keen whether tun- gou I lloin th v return of Santa Anna, will not eniue! So tar, theialoi e, Irom attaching blame to Oeueral 'laylor, the idmlnia.tratiou ahould leview iti own conduct in the matter, not wirgetting the " inactivity ' of lour month*, during whn ?)? " policy " war in exer. Ue. la ouuectiou wnh the name of Cnpt. Mtckeuiie, it ad. peuia a little remarkable thut the Aotnera, on which bo hung young Spencer, and tho Truaton, in which ho wiled frock Norfolk, hare recently been lost. FELIX WxaHteoToia, January at, IS47. Cengieia. One thine i* clear?wo ran never get olong *o. Tha Honae to-do/ actually had to adjourn, tu the ahor'ait way of ending tha entanglement ol motion) an 1 counter, motion). And if was all about nothing at la)t. And yet thure i? an evident de)ign in the Ihtcg. The mtirtary . bill was set aaide in the Sonete, and the loan hill taken up to give the House a dhauce of paaeing tho land bouiihos to theaoldiera lu a separate bill ; ami ou its heir g repoit ed to the Senate, Carl, Denton would rue up snJ )ay : ? ' " Here it Is, air ! Here ia your operate bill! They cumber the bill for (be tea regiment) with thi? axtrinnc nutlet of Ihe land bountie), when we have this separate lull Irom tho House Fuas the ten regiment* as they come from tho House, air, and you ran ruise troop) ?t once And thru, sir, weenntake up the laud bounties in the lull tioin tho House." uu. un > > > * < >< uut wuik i i.p nenaie tomorrow muni decide upon the ten regiment lull , end era rather expect that " Ult bullion," will have to I wallow lh? laud boui ties, as an iin-ecapable epjieiidaga. We edvieo Senator Cauieron t?) itick 10 the ten rigiineiits with hie lend tiounliee ; otherwise there in an evident luwvemuut to give them the " go by" in your aeparata hill. Wo observed when Senator Westcott entered thn chaniher this morning, thet ne bad token extra pun. in the plaiting ol hia queue, the hrtiahiug ol hia hair, and the naatneaa with winch he lied been ahavnd end |kiw { dered We ei|>ected from Una that he wea about to ooma out, end ao he did. lie distinguished btoiaelf on the Oregon lend bill, lar the benefit el seltlen, ea well ae in aeverel lend apeerhea on the loan bill. Weatcott haa but ! one notion in r< gerd ol the public landa, aod that it te j get nd of them ae toon ua possible ? to atiandon all atock i Jobbing?ell pnwn broking and huckstering of the pub' lie domeiii and to gire it to the settlor U he can't buy It at twruiity five centa en ecmThe loan bill baa been ordered to a third reading, aud It will lie pii- ?d to-mortow morni g, when thn war will be renewed on the military bill. Hut, the fact la, if Mnaico bolda out, we era iu for the war (or another ! year. And yet we have hopes of that Mexican Coogieaa , and it they ehould declare thet they ere ready to tneke a peace, you may look out lor the deapatch of Colonel Beaton to thn city of tke Moutezumiia to eriniiga the burgain ; it not, the | only dilteiunce will he maleed ol sending one or , two, or three men to the city ot Mexico to niaka a treaty, we shall vend about the tirat ol next October, aomewheie iutl.e uvigbborhool ol twenty-five thoueend oi the northern iem? that race ol ail races that great race deatine-l to redeem the entire structure of all the governments upon the laco ol thiacontinent, thn Anglo Saxon-Nor nnir| < eitic- l)aiiish--Hcandir.eviaii-Caleiloiiian Hibernian Itnguenot-l'uillenic Cavalier, Hound).end. end Cntholio intermixture, consisting ol the universal Veiikve nation. We my that we have some hopes lliat Mexioo w ilh nil her bluster will hack out and give in. 11 she don't she will get it liot and heavy fn due season The way that we snail lap into the " gieaaoia," as the Amviicen troops call the Ranch -roes, will m ike fh.nn think that tho vol rano of Popocatepetl ' has busted," end thet the kieevcua and the eaiih have collapsed like the Hue* of a highpressure boiUr, with flit; six inches of sioam upon me pendulum W rWBIITl'filiri! OU.1QHK11, BfcCOND KkglO.1. Senate. WnimaoToiv, Jan 34, 1947 Cloudy morning?warm and sultry?a south wind prormling?river open?oysters conung up from below , barge crowds, at usual, in the geileriet of strange n and tome very internling ones In blue bonnets, ntnl w hi e bonnets, end ntok bonnets ... ii.- ?i?i. - . , ... ... mifri'jr HuT Mr slioer. Journal ol yealerday. IVtitiona, private billa, renorta from committee!, and o forth. eaaaon i.a?t> eitl. The Mil providing for a aurveyor gererel to Oregon, and for pre emptiou righta, and grout* ol laud to leilirra, war taken up. Mr \V?trcoTT objected to a proviaion in tho fourth eocticn, interdicting miy claim or grant, being made to linda hIi! Ii may bo claimed by the aiihject! ol a oieig i power vir. M eati o t male a deli eiate argument ? ? -mat thie previxf.n. going inluutely anil Irani.uly iuio tno ell racial'ol tile ciuiiiia of ttm aervanta ol tnc nud aoii'i d.,y Company and t,n liiAciiltiea that wial ar-o in ncknowla giug nil the claima hey way pteoae lo # < l|,i. Mr. 1'iaxr objected now to the paaiaga of tho I ill. wiieu, at tue Inatance of Mr Set iohT. It woa let aiiJa, an I the idioto lel'.m-d the aptcial order, known ?a P?aigned to afford a it uipoiaiy rcUef lo t-f TfWUrJ" e'