Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 31, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 31, 1847 Page 1
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[ TH] *"' *111, lo. DO?WboJn No. <ftH7 THE NEW YORK HEIULI). JAMES GORDON 8ENNETT, PROPRIETOR. I ' Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?P very day, Price 2 centa per copy?17 I >S per iniiiuni?payable in advance. WKP;KLY HEM ALD?Every P.aturday?Price 6Vi cnu per copy?SJ I2E? rent* per annum?payable in Miration. HERALD KOH P.UKOi'?Every Steam Packet day. Price 6A4 centa pnr copy??J 00 per annum, payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the utual pricea?alwr.ya eaah ! in advance I PRINTING of all bifida riaeuted with beauty aid dee- I patch , All Icttera or tominnnicatiooa. by mail, addreasrd to the atahliahmnnt, mnst be pott paid, or the poatane will be deducted from the tiihieriptiou uiuuey remitted. JAMES GOIU ON BENNETT. proptietor of the Nkw Ynan HenaLi. tCtTani iiHMrtT, North W?it enmer of Walton and Na.aaii atreate I ' ha ?KLiaJiU AUdiniitiuAtitiitH i. CHANGE OF HOURS 1 -aay mb ffpFt ijfl LONG ISLAND RA LROAD. WINTER ARRANGEMENT On and alter Monday, j Dec. 88, lett, i'ruina will ruu at follow*:? Leave ilHoonLrn?at 7 o'clock A. M. (lioaton train) for Greenport, daily, (eicert Hundaya) atonping at P'arminKdcle and, St. Ofnrgr't Manor. ato'd \ M.. dftilT. for Greennorl and 'inl.nna. I diate places. ' " at 4 P M. for Farmingdale, daily. Leave liamnrouT?at 8V A. M., duly accommodation train for Urooklyu at 3)4 P. M.. (Boston Train) or oa tha arrival of tlie ooat from Nam !i, daily, (except Suu<Uy?.) it ppmg nt St George's Mam ' anil < Kirmmgil le. Leave KaiiMirvnoiLK at 6)4 A. M. daily, (except Sundnys.) acconmodau i.i train; and 12 Vt. audiV P M Leave Jaaiatca?m 8 o'eloci A. M , I P. M., and u)4 P. M., for Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Boston 1 train | BUNBAV TRAINS will hereafter ran to Thompson Sta tion? leave Brook'yn et9A M. forThompion and interme- * diatei places, (commencing Son day the 8th ReTemker. rctnni me leave Thompson at 3 o'clock P. M., k'armingdale 2)4, Jamaica 8)4. IfatiE to?Bedford, centa; Kaat Nesv Ysrk, l*V; Race Course. 18V;Trotting Course. 18V; Jamaica 2*i; BrushvuU, (JIV; Hide Park, [ 17 milea) 17)4; Clowsville, (during the session of Co art) r>4; Hemnstead. 37)4; Branch J?V; Carle Place,44; Westbury, 44; Hickivilte, 44; k'arniiugdaTe, 63)4; i Deer r ,rk,69; Thompson, 88; Suffolk Station, SI; Lake Road Btation,S> 18V; Mr<l ford Station, SI 18)4; Yaphaiik,SI 37)4; St. George's Manor, SI 63)4; Hiverliend, SI 63V; Jamespori, St 63)4; Mattetuck, SI 62)4; Catchogue, SI 63)4; Houthnld, ' SI 63V; Green port Accommodation Trnin, SI 75; Boston train, S3 25. I Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts ol the Islaud. k Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall B street, to receive baggage I r the several trains. 39 tniunte* before Mir hoar of starting from the Brooklyn side The steamboat "Statesman' leaves Ureeuport for Mas llarher on the arrival of the Boston train from Bronklvn d25rli KOK BUST U.N AMI P'kovTLT'NCK. wa BWfc&BCBtonington and Long Island Railroad?Night JKBjZ.Line?On and after Monday 38th instant, Trams w W will leave the foot ol Whitehall street. South ferry, via Long Islaud Hatlroad. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and k ndays, at 2 o'clock, P.M., for Oreenport,crossing the Snnnd to Stnniiigton.iu the favorite sonnd steamer NE W HA VKN, which has been provided with masts, sails, and extra ordinaVi ry anchors, and from thence to Providence and Boston by the W mail trains which connect with the steamers Massachusetts V and Governor. I P are to Stonington ' S3 SO ( " Providence 4 no 1 " Boston.,. 6 00 The steamer New Haven has new boilers, and will take only light freights. d35 rh .NOTICE. . uOMA eg On and alter kriday, Norembrr 30th, ths k Bli 11 |iT%sm3p steam bout SY'Ll'H, Captain Brnisted, will " 3KMw3HE3K>make the following trip* to end from States islanu until farther notice, vix :? Leave New York. I Leave States Island ( At 9 A.M. At IV ' 11 A.M. I to 1 T. M ". 12 M \ iw " 2 P. M. sg " Bllr_ REGULAR WAIL LINE FOR BOSTON VIA NORWICH k WOR. ftt tjESl'ER. without change of^^^^^i I "dStiiri or Baggage, or without JPBd^mE W1HL JLcrossiug any Kerrv. ajseugew titkiiiK their seats at Norwich, are insurvSI their 1 1 ts throUKti to Bo?ton. Thii being the only inland route tU t communicates through by steamboat aud railroad. Passengers by this line are accompanied through by the conductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their ( baggage, and who will otherwiae give hii attention to their aie and comfort. 1 Thii line leavei louth side Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Batteiv Place, daily,(Soudays excepted) at 4 o'clock, P. M., f and air.vea in Boaton in time so take all the eastern traini , The tew tteamer WORCESTER. Capt. Van Pelt, leavei vary i'ueiday, Thundny, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. M. , Tin' steamer CLKOPATKA, (.'apeiin Williams, leaves j very Monday, Wednesday, and Kiiday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. . Kor further information, inquire of J. H. VANDKKBILT, . No. 8 Hnrtery Place. North Hirer. d?5 tf rc WINTER ARRANGEMENTS.-'The 1 Norwich, Worcester and boston Rail Hond ? jCmJUL. and Steam Transportation Line?The substantial steam propeller Trumbull, Captain Daniel Havens ' will run regularly between Norwich and New Vork, making I two passages a week; Icving New York frotn pier 12 K R. 1 Old Slip Korftei rh-. who h will be taken at summer rales t * or passage, having elegant accommodations apply to the ' Captain, on board, or to E. A. BILL, Norwich,Conn, and to < jfljm?r J-?t N. BKUi<4*. 40 South sr.. NewYork. 1 CNllEU o'l'AX't.S .MA.IL, LINE. , 0m KOR ALBANY AND TROY, VIA ; Bridgeport and Housatoiiic Railroad. DurJBhHwBESILiug last summer, the Housatn-ic Railroad , has been lel.ud with a heavy H Kail, from Bridgeport to , the Western Railroad Through bv Daylight, daily (Sunday's excepted) at t>)? o'clock, A. M. The Steamboat MOUNTAINr EK, Capt. W. H Kraxee , leaves the four of Market street, K. R , for Bridgeport, Daily, iGH o'cl ick. A M. No freight taken in the Passenger Line. Passengers take the Cars at Bridgeport,in d without change of Cars or baggage Crates, arrive in Albany and Troy at i o'clock, P. At. New 1 'art and Locomotive engines have b-en procured, and the Road is iu every respect equal to the best New Eugland Road. (?7?* A Freight Line by Steamers Nimrod, and Mohegan, daily?Kre irlit Tariff same as last year?bor turilier particular inquire at the Office ou Market strret Pier, and at Livingsiou and Wells' Express, 10 Wall Street. Ih Im rc (4. M. PERRY. Aeent. n- BRITISH AND NORTH AM EH < CSte (-AN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS I ot 1200 tons and 4 id horse power each, us der contract witi, lb* Lords of the Admi * HIBERNI A.!* !T. Capt. A. tone < CALEDONIA Cap.E.O. Lott t BRITANNIA ...Capt. J.Hewitt ? CAMBRIA Capt.C. H K.Judkuas ACADIA Cupt.Wm. Harriicn. Will sail (roro Liverpool wtd (lostou, via Halifai. as foi | lows V raoMeostou. most LincurooL I Hibernia Ken. 1,1.147 Hil ercia Ian. 4. 184" Cambria .March I, 1H|7 Canihria Kch 4 IH7 l.'ibeiuia April I, 1047 Hihermn .March 4, 18-7 Pass*?e Bom, t mm Boston to Liverpool fill ! Krom Lkiston to Halifax 20 No berths secured until paid for These ships carry e> V^^F- pev.eticea lurKnui. iiciM'i, ei'.cj'i luetic, rrrri-cuni day* of tailing. f or freight, pssatgt, or any other information, apply to I). JJRIUHAM, Jr., Agent, , A . K\K . itr.V k CO.'H, 6 Wall it. (T^ lu audition to the above line betwer a I. ivarpnsil and Halifax, itu>' Bottom a contract hat been entered i n;o wi'h ' HerMnjeati'a government, to eataliltah a line between Liv J erpoo! and New York direct The steamships lor (hit an vice are now being built, and early next year doe uotice will y be givru of the time when they will atart. Under the new Contract the ateamera will aail every Saturday during eight moutlia, and every fortnight during the other moutha in the * year, lining alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax 0 and Unatoir. and between Liverpool and New York. Jli r 11 t.Ulr.Ai BKI l.tliN aNL> IRELAND 1 g-it'v ?i^v ?f PERSONS wiahing to remit niooey to .. 'Sivaa*fchv\ England, Ire land, Scotland, or Walea w ill VaJrHS do well to apply to the aubaC'ibera. at the ' rift old ea ahlithcd pasts,'e ofli e. 275 l'*arl treet, where a o- ual Uraltv are furnished for large or small amounts on the National Bank ol Ireland, Northern Banking ' o and National Bank of Scotl ml, pays ble on demand, at the numer ua branehea throng out rlh countriea wit out discount; also, on R C. i,LY N k CO. Baiiken, London, and on C. OHIMSHAW k CO Liverpool. Apply to MAM'L TH MPSON k NEPHEW, , I )i:i lm?rh Old Eat Mia'ord Ptuange OHiee. 27'> Petri at. waefc? DRAFTS on ENGL AN t>. IRELAND, i y;P?tkM!9 SCOTLAND AND WALES !?Pe-tona remit any rmrmnt from one ponud and ~*?4U<UijjaUjJiipw?rda to their Irieudi in any part of " ^^^^^^^ Oieat Britain or Ireland, by applying to the aubacrihera, of whom drnfti call he obtained payable at aight, without diacomit, in all the Dnucipal towna and cine a 'hrnti.hout England, Ireland, Rcotfano and Walea. 'l'hme obtaining drafts ean forward them by th? packets of the lat, fttli, tlth, 16th. 2lat or ftth of the mouth of December, or the Royal Mail 8 Hteamera aail tug from Boat/in oil the 16th, and lat of January. W. It J. T. TAI H' O+r, 18 South at., d5 r 2d door below Bnrling alip. PA SB AO E KKOM ORE. AT Blui'AINAND IRELAND. " ' ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1147. |> w. bykne k co., ok new york avd li- t I M VERPO'.'L, being the oldest and largest established a I home in the emigrating business, heg leave to call the at- T [ trillion of the public generally to their superior arraugemeuta | forthe euatiiiitt venr. Persons deairnua of sending through _ I this home, for their friends residing in the'Old Country," 1 ^ may safely de| end they will have immediate despatch, nud every means will be taken to prevent detention in Liver- 9 <LLe l'at:ke| Ships of this hue a-e all of the first clraa Lr ^ and commatidi7l~*p men of acknowledged skill-one of " * whit-h sail every five wkya. Arrangements can also he made I to fo ward passenger*? direct, frotn Dnbliu, Cork, Wateri foni, Londonderry,and Belfast. ? Riafts and Bills of Exchange, given for anv amount, paya- " ble on demand, wflhont discount, at any ol the principal towna in the United Kingdom Erorn the above arrange- 11 intiifn, the snbscrtbera continently eiprct that the patronage r' which Itaa been ?o liberally extended them for many yearx ! 01 past, will not be withheld the coming aeaaon of emigration ' Should any of the parties engaged lor, uot embark, the money Will be refunded aa customary. Kor further particulars, tf by letter, (post paid ) apply to h r w. bVknes k co , 1 it South street, corner of Wall. N. Y. i, EDWARD SAUL, Agent. 01 P W. BYRNES k CO . jab lm*rrc 76 Waterloo Road, Liverpool, via EUR 4JENOA?The superior bark PATRIOT 1 1 WJ JtfkCapt. Hinith, will be dispatched for the shove port A | jhw^ntkain a lew ' va. K,,r fre <ht or passage, having m '? I eelleul acr ouiui apply to the Captain, ou board, or di | kiiiN?? will* i? E NE" NE1 TllA.VKL.iaKU ACCOlttfllOOATIONS. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL, fACKETsT" tik M. Ml M. T^TAIL FKON^TF.W yokiH'BE 26ih.TTyTi? POOL, 1 HE 11th OK EACH MON1 H? MOM NtW YOHK, Ship SHERIDAN. i apt. I orniali, January 26, " UAKKIi JC. Trnak, February 26 " KOSCilfb, " Kldiiifite, March 26, " SlUUoN.S, " C. bb, April 26 mom iciot'itrooi., " OARRH K, December U. " IIOSCIUH, January 11, " 8IDDONH, February 11, ' SHERIDAN, March 11. Thrieahipa are all of the lirat c'au, npwnrilt of lOlkl tom, built in thia city, with aiich improvement* iu combine great peed, with unnaual comfort for paaaeuger* The price of pauace hence ia $75, lor which ample amrea will be provided Theaeahipt are commanded br eiperienced maarera, who will inaka every earr'iou to cive general attraction. Neither the Captain or owner* of ihe?? ahipa win rc lespuimme lor itv letters, parcels or packages sent by them,unlet! regular bills ol lading are signed thereft r. l"or freight or p 's.oge apply to, K K CuLLIN8,56 Smith street. jal HKOWV, HHlfLKV lit t O . Liverpool. i.jNfc. UP UVhiKPUViL 1'Ai/1V.LT15. & M &. &k To tail from New Vnrli 21st, and (ruin Liverpool 6th of each mouth frott Srw Vork l.ivtipool New .hip Liverpool, IW tons, $ JMrtndge l' Angus. 21 Oct 6 New ship t/ueen of the West. ?} ,^cb ? 1250 tons/r. Woadhouse. (l 2. No?. N.w Ship Con?te?on,1600 ?ou j j^ lrT *\ ? Ur,tou i October 21 Dec ? ihip Hott.ugoer, lOM togs, >5^yCh j{ {&$. J Ira J Nov. 21 Jam i These saostautial, fast sailsng, first class ships, all built in ;he city of new Yore, are commanded by mrn of etperieuce iud ability, aud will be despatched punctually on the 21st ol inch mouth. Their nuhiusare elegant and commodious, and are furnished vith whatet er can conduce to the ease and comfort of passen [er?. Price of passage $100. Neither the captains uor owners of these slups will be r? pmisible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unlet* bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or r assase apply to WOODIfULL ft M1NTU11N, 87 South street, New York, or to riKLDEN, BROTHERS fc CO., ml re Civerpool riKt jffit 'Ittt /fife KOC/HE, ilROTHElL- & Co. A HHAN (JEMENT8. toaiid Passage frotn (ireat Britain and Ireland, by the 3I.ACK BALL, Oil OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Bailing from Liverpool on the lat and Itth of every month. Also, by first claaa American ships (weekly.) Persons sending to the Old Country for their li lends, can nake the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and uve them brought out in any of the eight ships comprising lie Black Hall, or Old l.iue ol Liverpool Packets sailing from Liverpol on the la, and 16th ol every month. Also, by irst class ships sailing iroin that port weekly, which our igent, Mr Roche, Senior, there, will see are sent out without Inlay. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, eoui irise the following magnificent ships, and will sail Irom Livirpoo! on the regular appoiuted days, as follows ''(DELIA, 1st January, 1st May, 1st September EUROPE. 16th " 16th " 16th NEW YORK, 1st February, 1st June, 1st October COLOMBIA. 16th " 16th " 16th " YORKSHIRE. 1st March, 1st July, 1st November 3XK'>RD, 16th " I6th " 16th " JAMBKIDUE, 1st April, 1st Aug , 1st Oecrinber. MONTEZUMA, 16th " l?th " 16th " P. 8.?The public are respectfully notified, by desire of the iwuers of the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, hat no passenger agents hut K. B fcCe, have permission rom thein to advertise to biing out passengers by that line, ind that they are the ouly regular authorised passenger agents > niu inn- 111 una ciiy. Wc have at all times for sale dralls at sight, lor suy nmonct, Irawu direct on the Knyat Li.iuk of Irrland, Dublin; also on tletsra. Prescott Urote, Ames It Co , Bankers, Loudon, wt ich ire Mid free of discount or any charge whatever, in all the iriiicipal towns throughout England, Ireland HveMsH sod iValss. Appijer adsresi br lattar.? ??? prill a ROCHE, BROTHER# dt Co., 15 Fulton street, N. V , ne?r door to the Fultor. bank. The olficeof Mr. lloclic, Senr., is at 7j Dublin sirset, o7rc Liverpool. J. McMURKAY'S ARRANOKMKN1S FOR 1H4T. b- ^ DLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES rHK SUBSCRIBER bass leave to tender his sincere thanks to lui i.umer .us Iriei.iU ISO toe public or their very liberal support he has received for upw rds ?l wenty years, and solicits a coutiuiiatiou of their eoiifi leuce. The despatch by whieo Ins passengers have hern lunuitlit >ut, nu<l the promptness by ?Inch his very iimnerous dial re tave been paid at the different banks, are, he llatters liiiusell i sufficient gaaranice to the public for the fiithful performmcr of any future cor tracts entered luto with him The following are the days of sitiliuit of the regular lilts ol ifkets to andfroin Liverpool, viz.:? 1st, 6ih, 11tli. Kith 21st ind Ptttli of racli month throughout the year. In addition to the above regular line a number of splendid hips, auch as the Adirondack, Murminn, Riippsh-nimck, Liteity, Sea, Oreenock, Broom, and Ocean Queen, will contnne to sail from Liverpool weekly in legular succession, hereby preventing the least possibility of delay or detention n Liverpool. The regular line of London Packets sail friun New York Hi the 1st, Sill. IGtls and 21th ; and from London on the Sth, 13th, list, nisil 2lt!i of each month throii|(honr the year Persons desirous ol sending for their Iriends residing in he Old Country can have them brought out in any of the tbove splendid vessels on moderate trims. Aud for the accommodation of persons wiatrug to remit noney to their families or friends. I have arranged the payneuts of my Drafts on the fo'lowing Banks :? Armagh, Droghrda, Londonderry, Athlone, Duodalk, Lurgan, Bandon, Duugtrvau, Mouaghan, Uellest. Dungitinoii, .Mallow, Banhridge, Downpatrick, Omagh, Bally mens, Dublin. i'nrsoustown, BallysliMiiion, Knniskilleu, Skibbereeu, L'allina, Knuis, Hligo, Cork, Knniscortliy, Straiiane, < oleraine, Fr'moy, Trslee, Clonmel, Galway, Weiford, Clean, Ki'kenny, Wmeriord, Carlow, Kilruth. Yonghal. foothill, Limerick, Xnolamd?Messrs. Hpuouer Auwood It Co., Haukeis, Lou ion; Messis.Jas Beckett St Sou. am! Mr. HicharJ Mntpliy, Liverpool Scotlawd?The City of Glasgow Bank, and all itsbmnchrs ind Agencies. (T7* I'a,sages can nl$ ? b# engaged from Liverpool to PbilsleTphia, Boston, and Unit more, by the He.ulir I'-cket Ships in application being made personalis, ?r by letter, pott paid, iddiesaed to JOSEPH McMURKAY, Comer of Pink anil f>out'? afreets. New York Or, Jamf.s Br.i.'KCT St Sos, anil > No. I Waterloo Road, Mr. Hichahii Munrn>, S Liverpool d23 r MAK3EiLLt> ~L!NP7~OF l'Tvi:R ikfe. 1&&SL -M$L flie uuilerinA. iod Ships will be regularly despatched" fre lence on tho 1st, and from Marseilles the lOtli of each inon nruig the year, as follows Ships. Captams From N.York 'K'< K de JOINVILLE, inew) Lawrence, April I Sept 1 imni'Hl, NlfHtll Ma) 1 Oct I IKCOLE (new) Ereleigh Ione I Nov I I ASTON, Coalter. Julv ' Dee. I fKBKASKA (new) Wataou, Aug. I Jan. 1 rthift. Capuiua Kroin Muraeillea iC' K dr JUIN VILLE, (tew) Lawrence, June 10 Nov 10 llSHOlilll Silvrater, July 10 Dec. 10 LKCOLK., (new) Kreleigh, Aug Id Jan. 10 (ASTON. Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 (KBKASKA. Watnon, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 There veaarL are of the firit claaa, eommruded by man nl xpertenre. Their iccomrnodntInni, for paaacugera ara tuiaur naaed for comfort and ennveuianee. (Joodt iddreiard to llw genu will ba InrwardeMrae of other charger than th >a? acta lly paid. For freight or apply to CI I AM 11K 1< L AIN & PHKLP8, Propnetore No. 103 Kront ttraet, or to BOYD in. HIN< ICKN, Ajgeuta, lira 9 Tnntine Bnildinua. 8B Wutl.roi Wntarat. I'At KETtt FOR HAVRE?SI 501 LINE. ik Mz 0k tik Thr Shi... nl tliia Line will i?ilUu7:iig~ t)ie year in the fol iwmg order From N. York. F'm Havre. ( Jan. I, Fab. 10 tup UTI'-A, Opt. J A. I'airea, { May 1 June 10 (Sept. I. Oct. 0. hip ST. NICHOLAS, Capt N. J* Kvrleigh. J 0(,t , Nov. 16 hip ONEIDA, Capt. Knack, I ^'ly \. Aug.'" f Nov. 1. Dac. 16 I lup BALTlVOltfc, Capt. J. Jolm-j^1; j$ | ,ton* ( Dac 1. Jan. 16. They are all of the firat claaa, ahlr commanded^ and with ( tennimoilaliona ainplaand rmnmodiouf. Thr price nl P'U- , ige in the cabin n $ ion, rtcluiivr of winea and linaori. Apply to BOYD It HINCKKN. ' Agenti, Nr.. 9 Ton! ma Buildinge, I No. 88 Wall itraat. | (JooiU aenGto tha agrnla or forwni ding, will hainhjactto , one other than the actually paid. auZl m xi*t> ?& Si> : 1EONLY kB(i!!/aAR LlTfTil." GLA^TuW J PACKETS i JIT h J. T TAPHf (ITT hag to inform their friamli an 1 j FY the puhlir. (hit they're amenta fur tha Regular Line r Glaagow I'nckela, tailing Iroin Glasgow on the l*th, and . om New York mi tin- lit of avary month. The following nt claaa ahipa comprise the Line The BKOOKsBY, SAW gt'KN, ' ADAM CARK, ANN HARLRY Persons wishing to send for lhair friends in any part of coil nid, can have them t>rou.iht out in tha ahene named arkrt* on raaaonaltle trrma 'I hay tail from Glasgow pane- j ally on the 15'h of erarv mn.ith, and ara commanded by egcrienced cnptaina aeriiatomrd to ilia passenger trade, and 1 Died (or their kindneia to passengers For farther particu ira, apply to W. Ik J. T. TAPS' OTT, i d!?r 06 .Smith street Zd door h?dow Burling a lip jjjjE*. packet ship rochestek FROM LIV- I KKI'OOl. - ' nmigncea a. 111 | Icnc like notice I KBabeihat the ii tins day ditrhnging uniln general oidcr. j ( icr, weataide Bailing Kl i>. ' nnsignees will attend receipt . I good.. WOODHULL St Ml .TIJK.N, jZ5 rh 87 Hruih street, jflMe FOB LlVKitPOOL ? I'o aul on or hafure the T KPaP Vff Fehni ,ry.?The his' tailing, firet claaa ?Iiij> ( *nJ-?> t'D-fIN . f apraia Page la now loading a id w II . nla* above. )F< r freight or paaaaga, haying g'on ni 'iomino- : a'tout, ap|> y ou liosid, Orlrana wharf, foot nl Wall atiaet, ' r to KOWARD K. COLLINS, ' J*8? 56 South atreet, t I i W YO W YORK. SUNDAY MO Lcttcry from tl?e Army. Mstamohab, (Mexico) Jan. 10th, 1847. We have had, tor several days pant, a specimen ol winter quite uncommon in this latitude,and the oldest inhabitant regards this extreme cold as another of the many ills clearly trucabie to the influx of barbarians fioin the "northern hive." The last summer was remarkable, the rivers bcingjalmost unprecedented!)' high, and cou'iuuiog so for a long period. The people then predicted as extraordinary a winter season?some eveu s lid that they would not be surprised if the ltio Grande should be frozen up in consequence of our arrival. The fact, with a few more degrees of cold, might be realized, for ico to u considerable thickness, has appeared almost overy morning tor the last week The nutivcs can hoar veiy ill the col<l weather, ?< thoir houses are generally without fire places, and their clothing not ulwuya abuudaiit. But the most serious effect of tho ' northers" here, ih the great mortality it produces umong the invalids assembled iu the geueiel hospital. Many aio sent here iu that low stage of disease, wherein every attention ami comfort, bennies'he gieutest physicaladvantages, are icquisiteto preserve their lives even lor a lew du> a. Hence, they fall quickly, and in large numbers, before tho chilling blasts of winter. The ino'ti.lity among the vol Uutears, who have left their homes lor service in this war, has been almost incredibly grout It is asserted that about thiity three per cent havo fallen, iu battie, by expjsuro, and disease. In this.we bph'ib) auo ther ot the evilsut the system of volunteering foi etiort terms. To say nothing of the relative efficiency us soldiers, of volunteer* an 1 regular*, the former seldom uc quire i.ny of these soldierly habits which aie essential to the preservation of health in a southei a climate. The s nglo virtues ol discipline aud euhordinatio' are of the vory highest importance in this view alone; for the wild excesses an 1 unrestrained indulgence so common am ng the irregular troops,perhaps could riot be" rusipaiiied.were tUn elll-ers so disposed. Sickness, in all its lurais. sii ioh tlium, aud they accuse country and climate of all the horrois which are directly duke to their own evil hahiis While I write, on this 10th January, tho Mexicans are astoaished and honor-stricken by n full of snow ; their blankets are pulled lightly around them, und as they go shivering about the streets. " Americano," ' mala," "J'rio," " runcKo frio," are their expressive exclamations We turra the Mexican, the "blanketed nation," hut to. day we behold scores of our own people naturalised in this respect I1 is singular how readily the Yankee changes bis mnnners and customs But a short time here, the Amciican doll's his broad cloth urnl gaiterr for the fancilul dser skin. The Ainaricau saddh or stirrup is " of ne account" Tho overcoat heart no comparison with the trrapt, and soma have even so fur lust their nationality as to contemplate the features of a swarthy semrrita under u rrbos?. with al most the same satisfaction thoy might lie expected to derivo from looking at a wlnte and beautiful countrywoman, covered with an Americnn bonnet. OA Tempora! O P. U. Matamohas, Dec. 28, 1848 Since tho dopurture of Gou Puttei son's column, on tho 23d, we are ugain receiving most alarming accounts oi tho designs ot the enemy against Matitmoras nn I othor towns jii the lino of General Taylor's communications Some excitement exis's here, at present, in cousequence of a report that tho Mexicans have assembled in the interior of Tumauiipas a large loice, with Ik, lirm i.iun..- nl ,II..Llii< ?oo? !..= .11~. .... V. mm .?!. |X?U>. "Vcount locates this force Kt Linares, and another at Vic to ria, or its neighborhood. AH concur in lepresenting it) numbers at about 5,000 mm, 'J 000 of whicu nro cavalry Th? latter are, perhaps, the best troops in tho world to steal ami plunder from an enemy, especially a defeated ons. It is now their object, if anything serious is to be attempted, to dash into one of the towns occupied by us, murder and rob as many us possible, and tlion escape to their ranchos, or chaparral retreats. At Camargo, the plaza is strongly fortified, and the woilc of a few hours would do the sume for that of Matamoras Col. Curtis, 3d regiment of Ohio volunteers, is stationed here, and it is uot likely they will ever yield the pluco without such a fight us might well bo expected Irom Buckeye troops. The mail yesterday from Catnargo brought us nothing fromMonteroy and Saltillo. We ato assured, however' that nothing very im|>ortiint has transpired ; otherwise the Mexicans here, would have revealed it by unmistak able signs. When nothing is observed untisual among the natives, there is surely no cause fur excitement on our part; for Mexican expresses are so rapid, that news comes by them far earlier than hy our own messeng- rs The journey hence to Mexico is said to have been performed by their government expresses in incredibly short periods Wiien we first urrivod on this river, nut more than four or five days were required, as dates of important despatches show, to communicate with the city of Mexico. An instaure of this celerity was exhibited a week since between Camargo and this city An express rider leaving Camargo in the morning arrived here iu the evening o( the same day. The distance is about 1 JO miles, but in deviating from the direct route, to escape ranchcios and robbers, ho probably rode not less than 14(1 mile ?. in anticipation of whatever events may urise, requiring a large amount ol land transportation, the quaiUrmuster is busily engaged in preparing a large wagou train. Notwithstanding the disturbed statu ot affairs 1 the interior, we have little difficulty in obtaining animals for our use. Money overcomes the patriotism ol the good people o( Tamaulipus. O. f, if. Gail. Wool's* Division. "Caiup at Auoua Nukva, (Ylexico,) Dec 17,1840 ' Sir Siuce my hasty noto to you from, w have all been in the midst of tumult aud excituient caused hy intelligence Irom lien Woith that bantu Anus was on the march to attack him with an overwhelming force This caused our division to move by foiced marches ?our infnctiy marching one day nearly forty miles to this place?when the rumor was loucd to be premature. It in believed, however, that the enemy medi tated an attack upon our forces in detail, but was do ten oil from striking the blow by the rapid concentration o; our troops? (ten. Butler having, iu the meantime, moves up from Monterey, making our aimy full lour thousan stiniig at this point and its vicinity. " When our column lett Hurras l was absent on a re connoisFarico towards Man Luis, Zicutecas, and Durungo with an escort of 38 men, and c use very noai being cut off by (ion Mexican cavalry. 'i lie enemy is making immorse preparations on cur wholo front, from Han Lui and Durungo to St. Kosulio By the next mail 1 will write you more m detail ? ? "My whole party has been so constantly and laboriously occupied since we left Monciova, that while w, have collected a good deal ol data, we cannot, as yet give you any additional results This, however, we shall proceed to do as list a. possible, when wo are set tlad lor a short nine. I see that our column is to remain in camp, which will enable us ?o work to great dis.ia vantage. " General Wool is an able officor. Ilis command is in excellent ordni, ami well provided; which last was a gieat conv< liit-iice to our fnen's w en wo Joined tin in I bad a table of latitudes aud longitudes, which win do something to a hotter knowledge ot the get giuphy o< this country " Camp at Aoua Nsuva, Dec 47 1848 Sir,?In obedience to your orders, 1 have the honor in s thaiit to you the lollo- i.ig lul ol latitudes and longi I tides:? Long It It Name of Placet. LaCAe ? e .t n/ ft or i ft Ore n't A 1816 JUg m t Ltg m t. Sept. I,,, Foil Lav in, Texas. s? il 2 .. Ca p I in it a to i tli San Autoiiio 19 18 53 13...Ham \nt-diio. 03 *-2 30 25... Left bank .Mrdiui riser, r.ear CaAtroville 29 30 15 27.,. 11 ignt bank Seco river. 2V 2U 57 28... Isnlil bunk Litlle Subinal, or ^ Li lie t rrt k. 89 15 52 29... Itikt>i bank liio Krio 29 17 32 Oct. 1... Bight bank Li-o, a river 2'J i 8 b0 3... Li It tin.k Nueces 28 59 II 5... Second Camp from "? ncces on sire no railed ju > or hrmch ol it 28 3ii 39 C... Lis I urvss 2U 31) Jl 10 .. J.rlt hank ltio r,n.| 11 Wo Is ford 23 <2 13 II... Kmr iniln ?rii (r. m 1'ir idio del r in* 28 21 485 100 31 12 15... Nr?r *'-rivs, Mruro 28 21 4'J 10 ... I* Ivr miles souili bjn Keriisiido de Hos i 28 21 39.5 l7...Rixt en mlrs lioin San Kermnd ' lie Itosa 28 IS 52 18.,. n hi AI irmn 27 58 20.5 22 . . IS nnles 7, H.K of Han's H??a.27 52 83 2'i... Arinva <!'I .Ahma ( ighl bank). .27 31 21 Nov. I... mil's noilh ol in nr| vs..'0 57 411 4 .. >s "Hie uoitlie i?t o( Moncloen.28 54 41 5 / 7 - Monelova., 101 38 30 _ P.esidio del ltio Orsnde is I>4 miles southwest ol Woll's loid, on the Kio UrUnile. These positions have all been determined in latitude from iihsetvatinns made upon the altitude ui the north star, Polaris, seven, Hve, or tlueo altitudes wcro taken at each point, ond the mean of all used as the true nl'itu lo Most of the ahovo positions have also Leon iletei mined ;hrouomctric*lly in longitude. Tim longitude* so flxad tiHve not liaen placed on the list, as somo of thom do not sorrerpond with results obtained from observations ma.In on the eclipses of Jupiter's satellites. After the ci mfisign Is finished, these can all ho calculated again, and I lo not doubt th it the results will tie satisfactory. The three places, Hon Antonio. Presidio ltio Grande, ind Monelova, all important points, havo been deter wined in longitude hy tneoclipsos of the first satullit? of lupiter. Tho ohservHtiuiis wore made hy Mr. J Gregg ind myself, with a very excellent telescope belonging to Mr (Iregg. HI havo observations lor the determination of tho lati :udo ol many points between M mclova ami this place, 3tit have net yd bail time to make the calculations. Veiy lespectfully your obediri t servant. W. 11 KKANKLI.N, 3d Lieut. U. H. Top. Kng. Morsrnner, December'24, 1H48. ! send > ou a few lines by Major Vun Huron, who leaves n hairan hour for New Orleans. We have bad somuthing of a ilamjiinl tbrongboiil this iMstrlct le*t week, occasioned by a Irtter from (funeral Worth who rcct ived information that Santa Anne was tearing down upon him w itb g.out strength This, how iver, appears not to have been the case, and wo are again injoy big a feeling of security. Tho effect produced K leveithelaes, good; for it has caused some 5onn tio u>? lo e concentrated near s.iltillo (fen rals Wool and Worth ire tliete, un.l (icnrral llutlcr exoiciring rbio: comnnnd (i. in nil Taylor has again left us w ith the divi ion of Twig i lor Victoria Alter going as far ss Mooem iclos, tki miles, (fenoial Worth's letter hrough' hint lech to itiis place, but ha did not remain long with tie. This pta to may bo conaiderod solo from any probable stock. ~ \ r awwi i laii'Mwawiaiiiw K K F % _ _ . RNING, JANUARY 31. 18 Kortlgn Tlientrlnila. The new ojera of the " Bondman" was still beingplayed at the Drury Lane Theatre with the same success as betorn mentioned. Miss ltomer is the prima don tie, ussisted in the other parts by Messrs. Weiss, Rafter, H. Ilonicastle, Ualli, D. W. Kiug, Hurley, and Miss Ilebocca Isuacs. Mossrs Buckstono, Rogers, Webster, Stuart, Howard with Mrs. < lul.n l. Mioses Kortcscuo and WoulJs, are at the lluymarket Theatre. Box's new Christmas piece has been brought out at the Lyceum Principal characters by K. Matthews, Leigh Murray, K Vining, Turner, Meadows, and Keeley i Mrs Wootlidge, Misses i>aly, May, (drove, Koster, and Mrs. Keeley. , j Orunby and Mrs. Sterling are at the Princess Thoatro; Lambert, Howo, Wright, Bedford, Madame Celeste and ' the Contortionists at the Ad.dphi; Pelot's Krench troupe j have been at the St James Th'-atro; and Messrs. 11 Mel- J i Ion, Phulps, A. Y..tinge, M Murston, Sehurf, and Laura Addison, at the Muddler's Wells. Astloy has brought out a variety of novelties nt his ( amphitheatre, and was making more money than at any < ol the theatres. | The Theatre Royal was to open on the tiflth ultimo. J Madame Anna Bishop was offered JltiOO for u month's i performance at Liverpool, Birmingham, itc. Hughes, tho desirous of electing n build" ir.g 111 Loudon on till! principle of tho L'irfiic Ao'i -'iaf i CUamyn Klyiftt at Paiis. for the purpose oi eque?tiian j performances, tho cost of which ho estimate* at about i jl' 20 out), on I is willing to adv.inee half ol' thu uhove mini, ; if ho can I'm 1 partios that would join hiut in the speculation. Pantomimes seem to havo superseded burlesques at nio?t ot th? theatres this season. Mr l.eigh Murray and Mr. Osherry have Joined the Lyceum company. A'French composer intends setting to music a vetsiou of Lord Byron's " Manfred." I It is asserted that Jenny Lind, the " Swedish nightingale." will stioitly appear on an English stugo. The Era states that Mr. Luruley bus uiigsged Madamo Aunu Bishop for her Majesty's Tneutro. | A Casino has been opened in Manchester, the fitting up of which cost ?'2000 Tho musical department is under the direction of Mr. II. Aldridgo. , Mi<s B i.b.uio has accepted an engagement at the Prin ! cess Ttn-atre, and will make bar appearance on the On I , of January, in " Anna Bolena." i A new five act comedy, bv Dion Bourcicault. has been ticceptod oy Mr Webster, for tins I Uy market Theatre, i and will be produced early next month. A new piece, called the " Round of Wrong," was pro 1 duced at the Haynmrket, lust week, with some success. Thu sceuo is laid in a rural part of England, and tho 1 Isuro speaks a broad Yorkshirn dialect. Tho Strand Theatre, anil the National Baths, llolborn, have followed tho example of the Adelaide Gallery, and been transformed into (.' isinos The uinusemuuts consist of a concert, followed by dancing. it u the intention of Mr. Bcule, at tho close of tho lloyul Italian (Jpern seu* n, at Coveut Garden, to perform Knglihli operas, on o most extensivo scale; nod that tin means to retain tho same lot ml and chorus, in order to do justico to the works of English composers. An old lavorito named Deshaycrs, a ballot master, died in Paris last week, i The Ethiopian Minstrels nro at the St. James Theatre, and as successful us ever. They hud again perlorined , befoio the Queon. I Bullet ai wall as cpera will form an attraction at the Royal itahuu Opera,Cerent Garden, which is plaoed nnJer tho management of Mr Beale, of the firm of tramer, | Addison and Uealo, of Regent street. A iitutuo of tho eminent tragedian, Mrs. Siddons, is to bo placed in Westminster Abbey. The execution ha) been entrusted to Mr. Thomas Campbell, the sculptor |t is a lull length figure, in ideal drapery, with a scroll [n the right hand, and nothing in ths left. Mr. Vandenhofl"has been giving " Headings from llain let" at the Literary Insli'.ution, Preston, lie also gave a gratuitous lecture, us liis donation, at Ashtou underLyne, on behalf of the fund for tho poet, Mr. I. V. Piitico. A subscription has been started in Liverpool lor the same object. Dempster was at our last advices giving "original ballad soiiees" at tho Princess' Concert It >om in London ilis great talent seems to h ivobceti well appreciated by his large audiences. Sarah Cushman, it was reported, is soon to be muriied to an English gentleman of great wealth. ?rt?ddla. Theresw Elssl >r, tho favorite dans fine wiio gained so much uppUuso in dancing ut tlic opera with her sister Fanny, is at present in Paris, but bus no intention of resuming her profession, having far some time past renounced the stage. The French tenor singer, Mass t, has fulfilled his engagement with M Mereli at Milan, anJ intends remaining, to pass the winter in Italy. J. U.Scott, the American tragedian, is said to be in treaty with Mr. O. Boltou to appear at the Olympic. Macnrthy, the Irish comedian, has been giving an entertainment at the National Hull, High Holboru. Miss Macartby is u very promising vocalist, and sung a now song, composed lor tier by Alexander Loo, with great effect. George Wild is ac'ing with Mrs. W. (Miss Kanny Williams,) with Alexander, ut Glasgow. Miss Cushtnan has taken a second benefit ut Birmingh itn ,Mr. Henry Belly has made a lntns King Lear, at Liver* [ pool, and is drawing excellent houses. Win. Paul, the low comedian, in again consigned to a sickbed. His di-easeis aneurism of n muin artery, which n cousoicicu lui uraoie Allied Dy his wilo, be has com mcuccd rolling tea, cutl'oe, tobacco, Sic., on commission ' Mr Wilson has been eminontly succe-Klnl, n* unual, ' in lii? Scottish entertainment, given in Crosby Hall, 10 vernlof hia favorite songs being regularly oncoi. il Mr. I.mnl accompanies witli Inn nccu-tomed t ct and talent A musical romance, l>v the facotious Ueorge IIoJwell, ia to )>? brought out at the Princess's Theatre. A member ol the Itejiil Society of Musician* haa lately had the miah'rtuno to hurst n blood vessel in tha prime ol life, which has totally iucapicitated him from i ur-,uing hit professional avocation*. His case una brought before the governors (he having a wife and three children), i.nd an allow mice was unanimously granted him n( jCIOO s year. Such a laudable society aa this if nerve* the i>e*t patronage ot the public, especially as the Knyal Society of Musicians publishes an account of its roci-ipts and expenses annually, ut its festival. the I(.9th anniversary ot which will he held in tho spring Mr ' Initios Horn has I), eng. mg U turos on music at Manchester an I Liverpool, with very great success The cniehrnted composer of bullet*. Paul Tnglioni.haa lslt tbo Theatre liny 111. Berlin, and hua bean engage 1 hy Mr. Lnmley for Har Majesty's Theatre, na ballet master, in tho room of Mr Perrot. Middle Luclle (irahii ha* just an-ceo' 1 Mddle. >''.'liny kl -l-r at Home; an I ut Tli , n l of the ?sil.uu villil?* 1 n lot a i*i is to replace Msdlle. Luclle Hrahn, who leavi Oin Hull, the celebrated Norwegian violinist, is playing with grunt sucr c- at the Piincipe, at Madiid. A new vaudeville, in one net, enti led " La Prat' go sans le Savior," by that popular farceur M. Mcribe was produced with the greatest succuaa at the Uymuaae at Pari*. M. Alexandre Duma*' new dramatic establishment, tho Theatre Montpeuner, s\ a* to huve heeo opened on the lath inat It is said that ton decora ions and rntx tn ictnt a:e of the ruo-.t niiigni.lceiit description. Four llunmrian*. named Wets* '/ iw? ~-.a Uiuii/.w?k. havo been creating ustonl "latent nn.1 ndini ration at theOmnJ Tliontre at A nsterdatn, by iheir untrnordiusry performance* They imitate with tl nr ruiMi tho sounds of various iuBtrnmenU, and execute concerted pieces for thu cornet a pistons, the hutiiboy, the violin an 1 '.ha violoncello, with such perfection an.I precision of tone, it 11 ?.nt, warn not the artists SMS, it would bo MMfl 1 tho music really oaooaod p.I from tho? instf um riti These nicla tuts are now n? r forming with gieat successat tho French '1 haatro of tho Hague; t isnce they Intend to go to H.lguim and France, rod will doubtless not forget to extend their travels to our shoresero they again return to thoir native land. The " Damnation do Faust" was prodncad, for the first time, at ttie Opera ("omique, at ('aria. " This now work," up* (oroign musical contemporary, " is remark ihlo lor its oiiginality; several of tho mnrcraur, rspecmlly a march and a wall/., were most energetically applauded " It is most enthusiastically spoken ol on nil sides; and among the many heantilul pieces of this " legend in four parte." which have been most highly praised, may lie mentioned an " Faster Hymn," an " Hungarian March," lonnded upon a national nir of Hungsry. the ' Latin cbo rus"of th>. students, which, mingling with the ' Chorus of the Soldiers,"produces a heautilul and charming ef feat; and, uhoro all, the sir which K.iust sings while g iring on the sleeping Marguerite Tho porlormanco was attended by the Duke and Duchess <le Montpensier and the elite of the Paris dilettantiTho Potit Turners, gnvo throe porformnnne" during tho week at the ttuisox H ill Concert ttnom, andatlbrded tho greatest delight to numerous audiences ; tho piccsrinini violinist has an excellent how hand, und plays with on enorgy and freedom truly surprising in a child of four Veers old ; her two sister* perforin very nicely on thf harp both solos and duets ; und the trio torm a u veiy interesting group. Mr. Kansfoul has giv. :> his " Uipsy Life," and a now entertainmout entitled" Kan lorn Recollections," at several places in the provinces, with very great succe-s, as- . listed by his talented daughter, Miss Hansford, of the Royal Academe ot Music, whose singing utiordod tint higliest ration to numerous uudionces. Handel's oratorio Holomon was performed et Kxeter H.iil, tinder the direction of Mr. Stirnam, to a mod crowdy I audience Tho solos were well sung tiy Mi?? Kirch, Miss \ and M. Williams, Messrs. Locbuy and Phillips ; and (tie choruses wi re, oil the whole, giten in a very excellent manner, end two or three were encoi d Tho Messiah Will be performed nnthelllh lust The pi incipel vocalists will lie Madame Cnradori and Miss M II. ftewes, Mr Minivers (who lias just reluiiial fro r, Italy ) and Mr. Phillips. It ha* been decide I that there shell he ballet* at Co- . vent Garden Tlieatre, ait; r the opetes . Preparations for tiling down the iuteiior o( Corent fistden Theatre mil bo commenced imniedi 1 atelv. It will then ha (nickel, ami ro-ere^^^^kjho loitiicomiug Italian 0|>eru iieiiuiifuincns^fl^^^^^fci* 1 the available space beyond the present^^^^^^^^^kv I 1 i the audience seats, that Is calculat^^^^^^^Hl i IE R A r - &L 47. lie able to accommodate six hundred persons more than ! ci the present Italian op?*ra house; the stage proscenium a will be a foot wi !cr on each aide than that ol the latter v theatre. , di Two parties are at present actively engage Ion tho ^ continent " ' or engaging all the available ta- u lent in tlio foreign dramatic markets; wo shall have a # lirecious impertution of novelties, and our native artist* ' may "go pine in secret " Herra, Madames, and ttignorui rule all I 1 Tho Bey of Tunis having been present at Mudaine ^ IluehtTs performance of Phedre.wus asked hi< cpiniono f j0 the young tragedienne. JJis Highness is stated to have f? replied, "Bhe is the apirit of an eagle embodied in gas." It is said that this ori at a', courpliinvnt Was highly apptc- r,| eiatcd. or During the p ast month of November, tho now pieces brought out at the Paris theatres, were t < o onerus, tuo Ol comedies, three mclo-dranin*, uud twclv Vaudevilles; ill u, all, nineteen lew pieces In f iity author i, I, i- levin ( revivals, and fourtoau benotita. in. At the Italian opera, I'ar;9, Verdi's opera c?i li Due loroari," U io actce rehearsal, of which entertain ^ great hopes. "L'Klisir d'Amorn" it to lollov. niriie ,iatcly. , Lahlacho it daily expected in Paris, on his return trom j; Naples I, "Ferdinand Cortes" will ho produced witii ({ SjiLn- vu dor at the Koyal Theatre of the Palace of tan (' nnl; mi eight due horses from the Hippodrome aro to he t '.troduced. This is exactly the uurnh r of horses which ril tutmod the oavuliy of Cortes when he made the conquest : in of Mexico. .< ' On the Ifiih ultimo, on tho occasion of the King's birth- ! '' day. a new grand opera was brought out .t tin l it .tie j 1 lloyal, Berlin, entitled ' William of Orange," of which c the libretto is by v| Frederick Koeister a.el the music I 1,1 by Vlr Charles Kckert This piece obtain. I the fullest ! success I'ho overtuie and several pieces in th i second I ' and the third acta were encored, and at liio end the yuuug ; v 1 composer wus called ou the stage. On the 21th ultimo, Mad lie Lolino had to make her 1 '' tliiid dibut at the Lyons Theatre, in I.a countess du j j', Tonueau. In the afternoon the oors of her apartments tl wero beset by u band of rude fellows in blouses, da- ^ manding tickets. They were told that there w i re uoiio i: there; they must apply at the theatre .Not siitistied '' with this, they demanded money, wlii-li war given them I _ to get rid ol tliein M'dilu. Isoline pioeeelin; down tho , (,| stairs, a second baud ol tuitions attacked U-i with u like , demand. In consequence of these outrages, she was behind her time at tne theatre ; she explained the cause to tho audience , and before tho risiug of the curtain I; eight of the rulilans worn taken into custody. At the Poite St. Martin theatre, a diain.1 in about to he produced, entitled " L'lnondution." loitnded ou tho rc- j cent cnl.iiinti -n in tho French provinces Tho directress of the little theatre, l.efi Ombres ' ho- ^ noises, the widow Seraphine, has just dlsd, lit tiro age of K sixty. The Giifttf Muaicul>\ of Loipsic., reports that Liszt has ju-t married a young llungatiau peasant gitl. g The ballet of " Aladin, or The Wonderful Lamp, lifts u just been brought out ut Vienna, with immense sue- si cess. p. On Dit, that Mr. Macrc&dy is certainly to bo tho lessee P1 of llrnrv U.. I II..S ' !... II?. II 1 I to transfer his set vices to Her Majesty's Theatre, and to | become Mr. Lumley's factotum in directing Iho stage bu- | linos* of the theatre. ! til Mr T. Williams, brother to the Misso* Williams, the 1 ti vocalists, has been oppo nted one of the principal tenuis j at the bencher'* Lhapwl, Lincoln's inn. Duprez, saya a French mimical,journal, hns been op- | q, pointed professor of music to the French princes Concert* were givon at Liverpool on Wednesday, and 1 (C tl I Idckbtirn on Thuiccay, at hetli of which Mr. John ! j I'arry woe engaged. The first entire English concert given at Vienna took , 3 place oil the VJ I December, by William Stieather. The I i; programme consisted of Mendelssohn'* overture to "Km \ gal," a liurp concerto, performed magnificently by him ; j a fantasia ior the flute, by It. Prattcn ; ' It ige thou angry ! " storm," from " The Gipi y's Warning," auiig by John | Gregg, a pupil ol Htaudgil ; and a/aritu*iu ih bravura for t< the harp, tiom themes by lticci, also by tlio concert i giver, the pupil of Parish Alvar*. The room was crowd- i od ; the 10 were more than one hundred and titty artists ptusent ; amongst whom were Meyerbeer, Lord and j Lady Ponsouby, Prince Ksterha/.y, and all tho English , families of distinction at piesent in Vienna. Ma>I one Viardot Garcia has just relumed to Paris 1 from Deilln. . A re-eugaRemont Las been Oflarad to Madame Anna t Thiilon, by the manager of the Krench Opera Comiijuo, hut t,4e lady rssUi* upon an annual iunjf ol several j weeks, w hich ho will not agree to. Thalberg h?* fcpen giving councils at S.u'nt Omen Calais,and Hoolognc; nottvitlistundnig tho unfavourable j Mute ol the weather, they were well attended. At the p lstter place, he was assisted by tho two Misses Pyno. t Mrs. Kitzwilliam bus returned to the Adelphi Theatre, h alter a most sticceaaful tour in'tliu provinces. She w ill ti shortly sustain a principal character at the above 1, theatre, m a now three act drama, ou which Mr. buckatone is now employed. v Mi?a Emma Lucombn is about to appear at the opera, < in Florence, in " I PuriUui." ii 1 ho bath Theatre opened for tlio scjson, under the management,of Mr. Macready, witn " i he Lil'.le Devil," . (Carlo, Mrs. Charles Horn, j in ); " The barber Bravo," |* and " borough Politics." Mr Charles Horn has concluded the aeriea oflsc.iktrcs j (1 1 on music at Liverpool and Manchester, which proved i ? highly (Ucces-ful The vocal illustration* veio well j sustained by Mrs. Horn bulfo and Uunii have not yd met, but they ate irionds. | d Hoir Kulio, tl e celebrated Hungarian piu.i t has returned to London for the ceasin, utter u most success- C lul continental tour The I.andtn Sunday Tim't says, that the Ethiopian Serenaders made their mirv on Tuesday iiiglit. and , their greeting was Ion I, ontbuna-tic, nnS continuous | During their absence from th" metropolis their sue ceases in tbo principal cities of England h ivo been tin i prccedt ntcd, And they must h vc. gathered an abundant j * ami golden harvest. Tho provincial press has univer sally echoed tho favorable opinions ol the London jour , nals. I ho exc.itomeM pro.In e l by there i iiiiillate l sable scionadcrs may he easily ancoir tod lor -tlio subjects selected f >r the exposition ol American negro minstrelsy arc free Irom the slighter! taint ol vulgarity < ?the tunas Are quaint and m iking?tho harmonies AgrMeM l? n I music ian like, hid! tha renduriog untiring i.i intonu'ien, nml perfect in finish A new ungoi has hean ml ed, with a ii co conn" i-feiior voice, whioh in creases the general effect; his sty lei* good, and his a tsirb unexceptionable The theatre was crowded; and we observed in f,o stalls and private boxes m?ny nieni- u In*is of the most distinguished tamili.* of tho nobility. Supkfmk Outrt at a, J a t 14 ? Present Glitet Justice Br a'* .a mid Justices HenMsicy nntl 1 Jewell. I) A Orcutt ul- Tnomai IV'itt; default ml ] rule lor judgment ol attir'nance in tuls cause entered on ; iho 4 b i11stunt, lie a.i I the same in hetebv opened Jan Id?The Pti n.o in r> I Anthony Gould at al vi ( Gidon R ynol s lain sheiill U ; rl. fault enter, d an I an sttachir.eiit nun bailable Issue i Tin same vs the sanio; the into In tho matter of the application o benjamin lii.-kmsii, lor b-ave to prosi ruto t .a official bond oi tv'il littm Jenkins, late shruii On filing afh.hiVit copy offl: in I I on I, oil.rnl that the applicant Itsvo leave to prosecute the official bond of tue said \V Jenkniu Geo i W McMauus v* George Rowley; on litnling writ of 1 wriro facias with the return, Onlei.-d tiiut lie <io v f indent appear and plead to the saine, Hum t weuty day I j alter tne last da . ol pot licati. u, or hi kdsult be enter- , tl. VV'm Jones, late sberifl St'., deteiidiint ill erior, ; Is C P Houghton nnd J I . t hadouyno, plsintilt in rr- t ror This cause strirketi f. om the catendnr and jti.lg- < ment ol altirmanco lor (Intend mt in enoi. S.tum >1 fl iilo 11 ts Olivp II .do hi 1 othi t -. tin rcadnig an I tillug the ' report ol Uuniel V. bro t n nnd otn .?, omtn.-si u r to r make partition, ord< re.l to .* 'lie i ml com.m-. oucis < ill ., tho premices at public auction, alter giving notice .,< ii coiding to law. I.ytunn Ivvclnr v s George It Scars ami Gould 11 Hours Glerk oi Ulcono correct in *s?cs?mcnt and report ot oamnges and other procredittgs, and tlio K plamtilt'sattorney bo nt liberty in ve ita judgment an- r ti r.-d therounoii, Cain ul the docket tin tool i.nd enter tlio same anew lor the l uoiount Gooige ((Moliy vs. John Lester On filing iihh in i j ctiuent with proof Ol sorvi or Ii re I. tliut too deli-n -,t anneiir ii 11 n,? ul to nl inter, in twenty days. r hi* default b* anteied.? .. Ahner Won I an I I. VVestovor a Is <J II Winter and j'( I) Orcuto.jr \ Wood nnd Juhn Baxter nda. Tlio same. ? Motion to strike caums from the mien lar g/an i I Willi- w out r.oit* flathew Sullivan r*. Tha ' itv "l Utiea i Judgment of reversal o, lore I. Kului Bacon x*. Ij. m k Joliuaon and m m Baldwin. Tlio dolemiant* having ' given noire ol a motion to vtrih- thi* ouiiae fiu n the #'J calendar, and not having lu ought tin- ?,u I on or tered, ()| that the defendant pay the plalnt'lf $7 The I'tugl* ex. u rel. Caleb retom v? Jticlnod Vain'euburgh. On motion, ordered, that tlie issue in thi* cause he tiled at lh?r|r> ciiit ( o'.ntin Cortland co Rohcit Kvari* vs. Daniel J .liniw end Joseph 11 rock way Motion to strike tlio cease from the calendar donio I with 57 coat*. Jacoh Carpetf trr a I* 11 f Illy Jon1' irgh. The like. Himual Johnson vs. Robert Livingston and othor*. It appointor that wiit* ofrcire facial and testatum scire facia* have Boon inuad ( and riMurned, on motion ot plaintill '* counsel, &, ordered, that It <). Livingston and oiher* a| |>. *i t ami pleal to "aid writ* within twenty day* - sn K. Taylor v*. Newell Wright. Thia c.iane (trick- * en from the calendar with fin coats and judgment for plaintiff Hunting Moon v* It. Itanson. < ouiiiuaaioiiei* , appointed. 1 he PoupU ex red. djhn ( ookian an t lino. W. itathhonu v?. Anthony Van Hlyck, into sheiiir, Proaru ling* sti yed until the next special term ot tli? 1 court. 'J he Teopla ex rel .John Hall v? John New lion*, r| niamtant justice hr. Default entered lor not appearing a ,d * an alluclini'irit nori lmil ildo iamio 1 Hamuei Pitta va. K t- I fn' ward W Andrews, t'auio striciv n from the Calendar I w! w ith $10 ro?l* Thomas ft. ott v*. Ovoige h Doughty i n*o h i ckou from tlio calendar vidiout costs J imes , ? W. llal iwm v*. U. fi Doughty. The like In the mat. j lie tar of the Aaaeaaoi* ol the Town of tlnntiy v* Kl Jih "I Mann, ordered that the tail Mann show cause in it r special tenn, after duo service of tho copy, etc., why an aitarhinent should not ho issued against him lor nou- | payment of lua on hot personal property in the town of Hianliy, Oswego county, which it it nllegod the [i Mana h i* ralnicd or neglected to pay Kraiiklin Pool ?? K <1 Gilford Med 01 to Strike the causn from tins L'alcnd.i deulcd witli $7 cost*. Tun.elms 8'ilwetl ads. y Jehu Brcdt The lika. I'M 17 111 the Matter of lha avt I . tW 'en Igni iit^^^mwiii,i ini i 0^1 magaa awaidad (hat^^^^^^H r? i kr together with I > teotding to ?ta*uU) in turn rates made and proUtdi ind tkil Ikt hU award t ra mo tide I that to nrti tl relat- > to tlm It < of the m,d aibitrator* ?'trio ken out and that 10 fee* t e allowed to the taid Intra or*. Jn the matter of the |>eli*iofi of C. (iieatainirfor a? order to ?tuy waste Ordered that (fiidiou rinwoul I and othur* ho and am hmoby r( itn.inr J from ?.? itiofe* No. J 0 and 7 of (treat Lot No. Mb in the old tow n of ' lie nug ("hrmninf co. In the matter if the petifiM of Jjiii Dtliifkel. f><r un order to atay waate Ordeisd 1? rostreined from the #*? rth "1 ajohariH >m the wood oi in ads the rruit tt pit! in error, v*. On Jan plaintiff in *a error Judgment reverie! New natcd with to l>ati Dike. l.swi*, IB lik '. iheth 1-1 H.idclill ear, J i? Boor Do Poier VV or iminion ?l Brookl; n tor the iti M Motion Nolils D 'I John the name <1 Uu terdonk. plaintiff* Kuloa fur afliimiiig judgment u> thtt jan John 'i'nmlioaon ada. Jeremiah Fli.k 11 in 1 granted, with coa'a to a'inio the event - WoiAy Mageo and I' barruwa va. SHniiutl T ' otn took, ulgmcnt n verted with cost*?Jol.n Deiabant v?. Pairk MrUuiro. The case we* anhmittad to ih< jury; j r?tir?d, and on coming into couit render? I. verct for the plaintiff?Aodiuw Becniger and F S. Coz n vt II H Stehbena The caune put ofT for (hi* term. i irg'.d tlm jtny, who gavo n veidict ol fH4 70 lor plaintl. W Jr. M h. damagi a p/i-id 40?Tie n l.k of v? John mi Itin lni|ue?t d rttn|t" "tl mil Bank of Albany vs John SnilBii. danugie Jt-J'.t ?The ('anal Bank of Albany Sinlli.i. InqtlHat datnugeH j-v.'jnri damage* Bathos vs. Nelson Swan. This trial is i Col. I'hiluilelphia, tho and miscellaneous work*, )iw. usniinotialy elected unhonoraiy member ot the tlbmn Society of Wlttlilihlllir ( nil. ire. (thin fnr omotion of social, moral, litorary and acientific inVarieties. On Wednesday evening tlm line of commanication by lcgraph was open between Hartford and Toronto, diejice7"f milos. A ten minutes' talk waa bad between tc operators utthe i?u atationa, plW Monro* Uvirdl died Thursday morning in the pri- A ,i hoaptttl at Sing Sin);. ? : consumption, alter an illnoaa M : utioni thf** weeks. ^^B A mun by the name of Ca Iwnlltder, who was addicted v m i habits of in'umpoiaiiue, committed suicide at the In f tuna Hun e, in Lalayette, on the 19th, by taking poisoiy Tito grist mill of Luther Whitney, of LnwrenoiBffiu t. Lawrence county, waa destroyed by firo on tk^FJtk lit. Lush $-1000; $1A00 iitHuranco. S Mods. Kdunrt, tho Litlionottiate, soya he has nBremlifted suicide. We will believe him-i R, On Friday last, tho h^use of John Connor, fi. the uwnsbip ot Lanaik, Canuda, was burnt to tho ground. It- p iinhod in the tlantes, with bis wife, and thee ohilreu and servant girl. There are now living in ono house at Budt's Lake, loxbury township, Morris co , four old ladim, whose tinted ages amount to 3X1 years?tho eldest beilg Hfl and he youngest 81. Piohahly so many aged peoph ate not ivmg uinlor one roof in any other part ol New Jersey. Mosler, convicted in Philadelphia ol the murdtr of his vile, is to b j executed on the 23d of April The (curt House iu Newton, Sussex co , N.J. was mint on the 28th inst. It was bred by prisoner ii the iaii. _ fly the return ol' the inspectors in Massachusetts. [appears that the number at barrels of mackerel iispected y them in tho year 1846 was 177,000! This is morn ituu a barrel for every family in the State?OLucester as the largest inspection?nearly 43.000 harre.s Bosin bus 18 000, and Ncwburypoit and Welillect a little trger number. The trial of several persons, against w hom indictments ere found lor being engaged in the " Ucotlaad riots" nme time since, has nton uguiu put oil. Cuuse prliticsl itrigue. Jft mrus Court op tub United States?Thursuy, January 28, 1817.?No. ?7. New '.rsey 4 A team NavigationCompany, rppellant, vs. Mr . hints' J uiik ol Boston. The argument bf this causo wi* contint d by Mr. It W < ireeno lor the appellee. Adjourned il to-morrow, II o'clock A. M. lUKNCV KOK THK HALE OF VtOIOTLAl NDK.R8 D A< 11J F. K RKOT V r K A Pr AK ATU8. \ NEW supply <>l the different sizes of the above appara 1 ius, just received. W. Ik V. LANOENHKIM, Philadelphia Kschmige ; ?r ' LANUENUKIM k BLrkKKB, lift lm#ir 201 Broadway. Ns? Vnrs. DK I ' ell, OUULIST AND AUR1ST. . I'Tr I L)H to Onruscs ol the Eye.and Ear, an I to all unx psrfai ions ol Vision, tr.uu a to 4 o'clock, si bland* A p..r- ,-inl .illit-e, 361 Bmidway. eorcer nf War the Will ? < ' .1 lie nod all diachai?es fiom the Far, prrini.neac^^^^^^^^^^^B I'JKMIAL KM lm*re ^^B } \( ItELOH'H New invented W ,:sl*nd Hralps.are deeid* ) riltv the greatest improvement yet uurodn< eil in aria to I W.u Making They are so perfectly Comfortable rot a i iUe tl.e water he lias a Wig ou, tea r<sy n id u itinal id ppearnnce tint the) cannot ha detect-^^^^^^^^^^B hy in Bachelor, No J W ill street, lost esC nnseni 4 ' Imiis^^^^^H till Wt I' V N S IN I'H 11. ADk.LPUl A, and Veve the testify ^B ^B rflUc ry 11 that r?e eily, lluMrBON 8 t Ml -t Hi.'I' OF PAR - M AstlimavRroucV t llkirsn: r > sou? mi, ? ? ft my ) i t <i n colds I " ).|ire-s , <in o J t gnr .ua l-r.r i a the o u s\ nrcrs.arv uytrjf 4 of e r v kaossn remedy, and at different | * ^B ^B is |h no srait' r1 y fi H li taken arvrti i I* - onldtotnow liviug, in Spraee bears witness to th* of the I'trsonit kuowledge of all ths lai ts H A Kit I HON st' on teuirdk prepared O N LV by k lilf'ksoa^^^^^h <ia ci^b ^B ATT k K r. l'l Johnson, fl Broadway; i ilw N V si ' I I it -In the Use rat rte the late is have toe ol probate the eonnty ol in of >lirtiiK?n, adminiltrator^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B hamael li) iionos to .Msckuiac, frlichiKan, Nor'inber nn Jt *?. WAtiDROii!; AND V '.UI'.K OK OKNTLKMKN tw*r?K 1.1 > ?? n( Weinnr Appara '< j IMttu* i;>? (, or i,KVt."?o Hr. "J"? \t, up V I ; ANi'Ml.M V n II ?il??r, the inuft r the Ttry leweat the ol If JrwMrv ilf i K?l?l. iilrrr li. Wa; liutt-r vc ailrer w.acbee, A' A HMM((: ?lonr? # '><?<.!? '1 * I ril? . <( i'1'lr l.tririli f o ?i>r.i thr l>?f l>y the latter. ,

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