Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1847 Page 1
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TII ] fi!. Ill* ^.ll^Wluiu fli?, THE Slw YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. D AILY I1EH.4LD--Every day, Price 2 cenU par cepy-$T 84 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY II EUA-UD-Evirv Saturday?Price t% ceuta per eeiiv?f '04. f?n;? i"r anunm?payable m ndvanre HEM ALU R)K sUHO -Every Steam Packet day Price tij< i-eati per copy?ill CO ptr annum, payable in adAD VEKTIBEMENTS at Die uaual pricaa?Mwaya eaab in advance .... . PM1NT1NO of all kinda e?cuted with heanty and d?*AH lettera c?r cnnnnunicati???. by mail, add reaveJ to the aatakluhrient, mint be poat paid, or the p<,?ia#e will be d? dotted frotn the aob-.crijit.iou money remitted JAMES U O 111 OH BhN.NiTT. propii*tor ol the Mkw lonn Hkrau rsuti khmlut, Monti W??i?e,.r??ir "f h ?nJ Nassau sirsata a V t 'k t.l??U 4 MAW CHANGE OF HOURS j WINTER A lilt A N CiKMK N T?< >u 'emitter Monday, Due. W. 1)16, Trami will roil at follow*:? Leavb Bhooni.tu?at 7 n'aluek A. il (Boatou train) fur (Jraenport, daily, (except Rnndayt) stopping at karirnngdale anil ik. George's Manor " ' fit Hi A M , doily, for Orseaport and intermediate places. ' " at t P. M. for Farminndnle, daily. Leave Ueekni'ubt?at 8V A. M., doily accommodation train for Braoltlyn. " '* at SV P. M., (Boston Train) or on tha airival of tiis t'oat from Norwich, daily, (except Sondnys.) tl oping at St. Ueorgo'e Mono'' and Farming dale. Larva FaRmincdai.b at 65a A.M. daily, (except Sondaye,) neeomonodnu vi train i and 12 M. arid 5V 1*. M. Leave Jamaica?m 8 o'clock A. M., 1 P. M , and 6% P. M ., lor Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Bottoe trail!. SUNDAY TRAINS will beraaftar ran to Thompson 8ta tJOa? leave Brook'yn at V A M. for Thompson oad intermrdiata plnoes, 1 commencing Sunday the Ith H jveinbar. r?iu.r. ing leave Thompson at t o'clock P. M., Karmiiiadale it*, Jamaica 3V. If Ana to?Bedford, cents; Kant New Ytrfc, UV; Race Coarse, IXV;Trottiag Course, 18Vi Janiaiea, 26; Drusbville, Ilia; Hide Park, (17 miles) :l7VdfClowsviIle, (during the session ef Court) J7X; Hempstead, t7V: Branch 37&; Carle Plxce,44; Weslbury, 44; Hicksville, 44; Komiingiule, 62V; Dear Park,lit; Thompson, 88; Suffolk Station, SI; Lake Road Station, $1 18V; Meoford Station, SI 18V; Yaphank, SI '171-3; St. Genres'* Manor, SI 07K; Kivarhead, St 82H; Jamecpon, tl 88S: MaRetuek, si 88V; Cutehogue, $1 G2V', Syutl.old, 1 6J.V; Uraenport Accommodation Train, $1 75; Boston tram, il 38. Stares nre in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the eeveral Stv.asmi, to take passengers at vary loav fares, to all parti fthe Islaud. Baggage Crates will be in retdinoss at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the several trains, N minutes before the lionr ofstarting from ike Brooklyn side The steamboat "Statesman' leaven Greeuport for Sag Harbor on Die arrival of the Potion train from Bronltlva d25rh FOR. B JS fON ANIj "ritOVlDKNCK, ma -wW^^AStnniugton end Long Island Railroad? Night KjvSSHgL Line ?Ou and after Monday 28t)i iustn?t, Trains we w a ;ll leave tbs foot ol Whitehall street, Bmith ferry, via Loam I'lsud Railroad, en Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 2 o'clock, P M , for Grsanport.drosaiiiE the Hoimd to the favorite sound steamer NK w HAVEN, which kit been provided with masts, sails, and extra ordinary aneliorn, aid f-oin thence to Proyidence and Boston by the Kail 'rains which connect with the steamer* Massachusetts and Governor. Fare to 9tonington * ft SO " Providence 4 t'O " Boston 6 CO The steamer New Haven has new boilers, and will take enly light freight*. d2S rh NOTICE. -gfjl On and after Friday, Noyembtr 20th, the 'jVu&A? steamboat SYLPH, Captain Braisted, will Thi 11 ifM iilHr make the following trips to anil from States Island until farther notice, yii Leave New York. | Leave Staten Ulead At ? A. M. At 8* 11 A.M. I 10 1 P. M. | 12 M I V " 2f M. 5$ " I W Bitr IvlAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. .VIA NORWICH k WOR- tanw, - JfcSHftl /est fteSTKK, withomt change of^hj^^JL 1 "'Y'"*'' 01 wlt^??l lajeii^'-ta ^XiiiK their irite at Norwich, are m^^Rliei'r i t* through to Burton Tins being the only uilci.d route t). t roinninnicatcs thrungh by steamboat mi railroad. Pb-uetnterv by this line are accompanied through (y the conductor of the tram, who wtll have particular cn?j(re of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his attention to their aso ant) comfort. 'rhu lire leaves tonth side Pier No 1. North River,foot of Battetv t'Lcc, daily, (Suiidays excepted) at 4o'clock, P. M., aud arrivos in Boston in time to take all the eastern trains The Jew sleam.-r WORCESTER. Cspt. Veu Pelt, leaves every Tuesday, Tltoraila aud Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Th-- steamer CLEOPATRA, ( aptnin Williams, leaves every Mmniay, Wednesday, aud Friday, at 4 o'clock, P, M. In further information, inquire of J. H. VAN LIEU HI L'f, No i KhrrV fltiiis. North !lu'*r iltta ft re ,Sfso-a WIN TER ARKANCEvICN I'a.?J'he Norwich, Worcester and Boston Kail Road "if uK" i ' Transportation Line?The subitanti .1 s'ett'B propeller ProttibiilI. Capl nu Daniel Havens will run reicu' rly hetwein Norwich and New York, making two passages a week; leaving New York Irom |>ier 12 E R. Old Slip. Forfceight. win h will be l-ken at summer rates or passage, having elega-l accommodations apply to the Captaiu, ou hoard, or to ?. A. BILL, Norwich, Conn . and to jK In'. .l.'.ti M amil'X. 14-Isn?{,,t Ne?Vork lAlir.u ol.tlM virt.lL. LINE. jm* FOR ALBANY AND THOY, VIA liWV'-ncJhjlffBtidg-uort and Honsatntuc Railroad. D ur m*i"n it ,:k "'if list tniunicr, the Houtaro-ic Railroad has been lelaid with heavy II Rait, from Bridgeport to the We leru Railroad Through bv Daylight, daily (Sundry's oKCep'ed) at f?!j? n'clook, A. M. The Steamboat MOUNTAINS Ell, ("apt. W. H Frazee, leaves the foot of Market street, E. R , for Bridgeport, Daily, ?t6V o'cl 'ck, A M. No freight tn'irii in the Passenger Line. Passengers take the Cars at Bridgeport.a d without change of C?rs or Baggage Crates, arrive in A'hany and Troy at S o'clock, P. >1. New Cars aud Locomotive engines have bran procured, and the Road is iu every respect equal to the best New England llaail. (I r*A Fre'gl" Line by Steamers NimroJ, and Mohegan, daily?Fre it lit lurid sain* as last ye'r?-For lurther particulars inquire at the Orfice ou Market str*et Pier, and at Livihue on and Wolle' Express, 10 Wall Street. dl > In, re <1. M. PERKY. Acent. r~ZZT~" BRITISH AND NORTH AMi.K CAN Royal mail steam ships JcCr-. ?' 1200 tons and 440 horse Power each, ua l1-'A der contract with tbc Lords of the Admi HIBERNAL Cspt. A. Ryri# CALEDOwTA Cap. E. (4. Lott Bit IT AN NiA Copt. J. Hewitt CAMBRIA C'apt.C. H E. Jmlktaa ACADIA ..Capt.Wm. Harrison. Will sail from Liverpool sad Huston, via Halifax. SJ follows ItOM 608T014. SPOM Livanroct.. H'bernia Feb. L1847 Mil crtia Ian. 4, 184'' Cambria March I, IK47 Cambria Feb. 4, 1847 Hibernia April 1, 1817 Flibcruia Much 4, 18l7 'Camhis JVIoisst. From Huston to Live'Pool, ... Slid. From Button to Halifax... 20. No kertha secured until pr.iil for. These ships carry exporieai ed surgeons. No lreiaht, except specie, received on , days o('vliliug. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to I). tiKHiliAM, Jr., Agent. A: KaK. n il fc CU.'H, 6 WailsL IT^ In addition to the above line bo'v-eey I. ivsrpool and Halifax, nu1 Boston, a contract lias been entered in,'a with iicr majesty a government, to r-rawian n line hetweeu Liverpool aid :\m Yoifc direct The etoimsliips lor thin service are now being built, Mid early next year due notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new emu, tii" steamer* will nail every Saturday during eight nontax. 'inJ evtiy fortnight during the other month* in the y?ir. lining alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax and Bostoe. and between Liverpool and New York. j8 r GtttiAT 13KI I'AlN AND 1Kb LAND, e ?? < .1-- "* PEHSONS wi?hing to remit money to ' yS '*o\ England, Ireland, Scum <1 or Wales will L i. 'Vic icdi?s. do well to apply to ilic auiocribert, at the * v_' j(V*rw " nblianed passage ofli.a. 275 P?arl suN*"*??** treat, wher? mual Uriittt are furnished for large or ninall nniouut* on the National bank of Ireland, Northern Banking (Jo. and National Hank of i-cotl ud, pays b'e nu (leina id, tl the hauler us branches throng out :nth com a. wit out discount; nlao, on R. OLV'.N St CO.. llankeia, Lonil a, and on < . OHIVIHtlAW St CiO , Liverpool. Apply to HAM'L TII /MPdON St NKHrihJw, JU I m r li < lid Ktt'bliahed Passage Office, 8T5 Pearl at. twaw, ?? UKAETHoer ENGLAND, IRELAND, sf&Jl-.JS+'-t SCOTLAND AND WALKS !?Pe-sons Ss.?jfc ran remit any amount from one pound aud nnw.irda to tbeir friend* in any part of i*ri nn waAdteai, ,r, ,t Uri*ain o* Ireland, by applying to the auhicrihrr*, of whom drafts can be obtained iwyable at sight, without all thr principal town* aud eifie* thrcuahont Kuglaiid, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 'J'lioae obtaining dr .Its can forward thi in by th? packets of the let, 8th, 11th. IGiii, 2lat or -aril of the niou'h of December, or the Hojal Mail Steamer*sailing from Boston on the 16th. find 1st of Jannary. W. fc J. T. T ? P8COT 88 South at., ih r 5d door helow dnrling slip. rAbSAOB KUOM OHLAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. 1 AHRANOKM" N'i 8 KOR 1HI7. PW. IJVBNE k CO., OK NEW YORK AND LI VEKPO >L, being the oldest aud largest esiabliahed , house in the emigrating business, beg leavn to call the at: 1 lotion of the publ ic generally to their superior arrangements for the ensuing year. Person* desirous of sending ihrongh this iiuiKe, t,,,- their Irian ' * iending in the ' Old t.'nuntry," may .nfely depend 'bey will have immediate despatch, and Very mean* will be token to Prevent detention in Liverpool. 'I'ba Packet Slops of this line a e all of the first class, and commanded by men of acknowledged skill?ou? of I whi ' h sail every live diys Arrangements can alto be made to fo ward passe: ger?, direct, from Dublin, Uotk, Waterforl, Londonderry,and Belfast. Drafts a id Hills of Ksehv ga, given for anv amount, paya- 1 bin oi demand, wiihniit di'Count, r.t any of ihe principal towns III the l nrril Kmcdoin From the above arrangement-, the subacribcri confn eut'v evpect that the patronage which baa been so literally cstwnileil thain for miny years . ?ist, will not. he withheld the coming season of emigration. Should any of the parties engaged lor, not einbaik, the money , will be refunded r s cnaiom n v. For further p irtieul'ira, if hy letter, (post Paid ) apply to I r w iiVh nrs k i ll , 58 Sontli s'reet, comer of Wall. N y. ; EDWARD HAUL, Agent. !, P W. BY UN EH k ? O . jaAlm'rre 3? Wa'etlnn Knad. Liverpool. f 'l&L KOK OKNOA?'Iha sunertor bark PATltlOT 1 gBjaW' si1: Smith, will b? dispatched for the above port i JHpPsina bw rdt Allghl or nassags, li ving ex lltui ucceuiiiiodatioi.*, apply to the Captain, on hoard, or i BOYD kllINf'.KKN. I. M Wail it. J hhhhhhhhbhhbbbi E NB' NEW tuavkuli^u AOt'U.ninui)A'riON?. NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS*' ~ jflfc m m. l"> KAIL KllOa) NEW YOM TITt Mill. LlV.nPOOL TOK 1'tka OF FACll MO.NT H? FROM ?IW TURK, Ship SHKKIDAN. i. Rl'l. Cornish, January 26, " OAKUi yK. * Treik, Feb uarv 26, " lUJAl. It'S, " KM. I age, March 26, " blDDt/NS, " Cobb, April 26. r*o?t EiocKrooL, " U VKIU' K, December il. " KO'V ICS, January 11, " blDDON", February 11, " Mil MM DAN, >l?rcli 11. These aliipa am all of the rtrat o'aia, upw irda of 1000 ton a. | built in this city, with inch improvements aa eoinimia great 1 S!>o*d, with unusual comfort for pnsaengeis The price of passage heuca is #75, lor which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced matters, who will make tvery exertion ro give genera! satisfaction. Neither tiia Captiiu or owceia of iliese ships will he responsible for aav letters, Darcels or packages aeut by them,unless regular billa of ladiug are signed tnerefi r. For freight or passage apply to, R. K COLLINS, 56 South street. jil BKOWN. HrMl'I.EY it CO. Liverpool. NEW ELLSk UK LI VEILTUUL PACKETS*. M M Town from New York 21st, and from Liverpool 6th of each moath. from Nete York. Liveipool .h.P^ool 1150 to... j 21 Feb. ? J. Eldndge. / Anguw 21 Oet. New ship Queen of the West, ) i?""ary 2} 5 1850 tona^V Woodhoaae f\\ No?.. 5 Now Ship Cenitiuition,1600 toas, i ?*')",arir ?} ?pr'' S John Briton / Etcher H DeC ' Ship Hottinguer J050 toas, jjg"* ? J Th*se snostfuitiai. fust saiknf, finst class ships, all built in (he city of uew York, are commanded bv m**u of ?inori#nAw nuJ ability, anil will fag despatched punctually on the 21st ol j each month. Their cabins are elefant and eommodioes, and are furnished : ivith whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of pasaeagers. Price of passage SIM. Neither the captains nor owners of these ship* will be reiponsihle for any pnrcela or packages sent by them, unloaa regular bills of ljihng are sigued therefor, r or freight or p assage apply to WO0DHULL It MINTURN, *7 South street. New York, or te FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., ml re Liverpool. M tit itocUL!, ImothEM k Co. ' ARRANGEMENTS. Kemittancea to and Passage from Ureal Britain and Ireland, by the BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVER* POOL PACKETS. Sailing from Liverpool on the lat ami 16th of every month. Alto, by first class American ships (weekly.) Persons sending to the Old Country for their lriends, can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them brought ont in any of the eight ships comprising the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, tailing Irom Liverpol on the 1st and 16th ol arery month. Alto, by first class ships sailing from that pert weekly, which our a? nt, Mr Roche, Bcuior, there, will see are sent out without delay. Tlie Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, com prise the following magnificent ships, and will sail lrom Liverpool on the regular appointed days, as follows :? FIDELIA, 1st January, 1st May, 1st September EUROPE, llth " 16th " 16th " NEW YORK, 1st February, 1st Jane, 1st October. COLOMBIA. 16th " 16th " 16th " YORKSHIRE, 1st March, 1st July, 1st November. OXFORD, 16th " 16th " 16th " CAMBRIDGE, 1st April, lstAog., 1st Deeember. MONTEZUMA, 16th " 16th 16th P. 8.?The pnblie are reapectfnlly untiled, by desire of the owuers of the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, that no passenger agents but K. B 6t Co. have permission from tbern te advertise to briug out passengers by that line, ami that they are tlie only regular authorised passenger agents of said tine tu this city. We have at all limes for sn'c drafts at sight, for sny amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dnblin; also eu Messrs. I'rescott Grote, Ames It Co., Bankers, London,wl ich are paid free ef discount or auy charge whatever, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland Scetltad and Walaa. Apri/er adaroisbr lett'tp astpaifto ROCHE, BROTHEA* A Co., Si h niton street, N. Y , nest door to thr Kultou Bank. The oflieeof Mr. Rochs, benr., is at 74 Dnbtiu street, o7re Liverpool. J. Mc.VlUR.KA Y'S ARRANGEMENT S FOR 1B4T. lift- J&- JBOLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES rHE SUBSCRIBER respec.fu ly b'gt leave 'o tender his sincere thanks to his uumer.'.us friends aud the public their vrry lioeral support lie has received fur upwards ol twenty years, and solicits a continuation of their The despatch bf whicn his passenger* have been bi nught ant, nod the promP'nen hf which his very numerous drains nave been paid at the different banks, are, he Ratters hirnscli a sufficient ga.arnciee to the public for the futhfnl Performance of any future, contracts entered into with him Tii* loUowil a are the days of sailing of ihe regular line ol park-ts to and from Liverpool, via 1st,6th, llth, 16th 31st aud t6th nI each month throughout the year. In addition to the above regular !iue a number of splendid ship*,eaten as the Adirondack, Manalog, Rappahannock, Libety, ties, Greenock, Broom, and Ocean Queen, will continue to sail from Liverpool weekly in regular succession. uirrroy preventing m* least possibility el delay or detention iu Liverpool. The regular line of London Packet* uil from New York on ill* l*r, Itli. l*th and 24ih ; and from Lnnden on the 6th, 13:h, 'iUt, and 30th of raeli mouth throughout the year Prrsons d.sirous ol sending f >r their Irieud* rending in the (lid Coutpry cau hare llicm hrencht out in any of th* above vessela on moderate t-imi. And lor the accommodation of | oraons wi?h>ng to remit meuey to their families or frieade. I have arranged the payment* of my Draft* *n the fo lowing Bauka Armagli, Drouhrd*, Londonderry, Atliione, Duodaik, Lurgan, Bamlon, Duugsrvau, Monaghau, Belfast. Dungauncn, Mallow, Banbridgs, D nwnpatrick, Omagh, Ballymena, Dublin, Panoustowu, Bel I v shannon, EnaiskjIUn, Skibberoea, Ballina, Ennit, Hligo, dork, rniiiacorthy, Strabaue, I oleraine, Fermov, Tralee, Clonmel, Oalwey, Wesford, Cavsn, Kilkenny, Waterlord, Carlow, Kilrnah, Yonghal. (onthill. Limerick, Enoi.a^b?Meters. Bpnoner Altwood It Co., Banker*, Lon" eon; Meiari.Ja* Beckett It Hon, and Mr. Richard Murphy, Liverpool. KcoTLAian?The City of Glasgow Bank, and all iubrnnche* and Agenci**. O* Passages can alaob* engaged from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Beaton, and Baltimore, by the He? nl ir Packet Ship* or applic-itiou being made personally, or by letter, po*t paid, addressed to JOBEPh McMURRAT, Corner of Pine and South atieet*. New York. Or, Jsmkb Bkckkt h Son,and ) No. 1 Waterloo Rotol, Mr. KicHaaii MperHV, \ Liverpool <123 r MARSEILLES LINE ChF"RACKETS m. The miderme..Jou Ships will ba regularly despatched fr? benc.e ou the let, and from Mnrtetlle* the 10th of each mon during the year, a* follow* Ship*. Captatn*. From N. York. PR'CK de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, April I Sept. I Ml SBC R I, ftilveaier, May I Oct. 1 AID OLK (new) JCveleigh, June 1 Nov. 1. GASTON, Coeiter, Jnly { Dec. 1. NKBllASKA (new) Watson, Aug. 1 Jan. 1. Ship* Captain*. From Marieillea. PR'CK de JOINY1LLE, (lew) Lawrence, June 10 Nov 10 MISSOURI, Silvester, Jnly 10 Dee. 10 AUCOLE. (new) Eveleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 OASTON, Coulter, Kept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA, Wauou, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 The*e veaaels ire of the firat class, commended by men ol tiperience. Their accommodation*, for pasientsr* are unsur pissed for comfort nud convenience. Goods addressed to tb* agents will be forwirded free of other charge* than those seta ally paid. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS, Proprietor* No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD It HI.NCKEN, Agents, Mrs I Tontine Buildings, ill Wall.cur. Water st. ~PAGKKTd FOR HAVRE?SECOND LIaNET illS. JSk ^ TRTSIum of tli^^^S^rill yet^u^ne^ol j owing order :? From N. York, K'm Havre. IJau. 1, Feb lb May 1. Jane 16. Sept. 1. Oct. 6. Jnn* 1' jltr jaue l. Jaiy ie. Oct. 1. Nor. 16. j'.Vy I'. Ang.'16* Nor. 1. Dee. 16. Aug! i." Sill ! : Dec. 1. I ney iirr all ot the nret class, ehle commanded, end with tcrrmmodationa ernple end commodious. The price of postage in the cabin i> $160, eirlnmreof wince and lienors. Apply to ?()VI) k HINCKKN. Agent*, Nr.. t Tontine lluildiugi, ? . _ . . . No. 66 Will itreet. Goods wnRii the agents or forwarding, will be snbject to lone ether then the i ectnallr pud. en2l m ' Mb, | THE ONLY REGULAR LlNEOF GLASGOW PACKETS ? W& J. T. TAffll/d 1'T beg to inform their Triced* end the public, ihm they -re agent* for the Regular Line of Glasgow Packet*, sailing Iron* Glasgow on the lAth, and ! from New Yoik on the l?t nf every month. The following ' first clna*ships compinc the Line The HROOKHB V , NARACRN. " ADAM OAHR, ANN HARLKY ji Persons wishing to send for jheir frieude in any pert of t Scotland, cm hi,re them brought out in the above named j Packets on rcanooeh's terns 'I hey sail froin Oinsvnw pune- ? t (tally on the lllli of ever, month, and are rotnm tnded by ei- | t pertriiced cr.ptain* gcrustoined to the passenger trade and | c noted lor their kiudnr?a to pasaengers. For/""her particil ] i err. apply to W. fc J. T. I All SLOTI', t d9r 1$ South street, id door below Barling slip. r, AAA- "rv KKT hhTp Kurilkstkh krom liv- I EKrOOI. -Consignees will pl'aec take not re i* iMHKethet she IS this day diiehargitig U' drr gencr .1 order, ' 1 icr, weat side Burling PI p. ' nnaienre* will attend receipt ' r ufg ods. WUODHUl.L Jt Ml v rUKN, i ,n $7 8 iu h street, (, r6? LlV$lilPOt)L?loeatl on or before the J M9Kx^ J'l " Feb.nary ?The la.t sailing , first el*** 'hip n NMiflb1'! DMIVI ap'ein I'age is now loading and w II I ail a< above. ^For freight or pasasge, having g ou secoinino- | da'ions, app, y iAi, Orleans wharf, foot of Wall itreet, I P or to LDWAKI) K COLLINR. P j.v2U 26 bouth street. I * W YO 7 YORK, MONDAY MOR REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fco. ?$? Agy* fflyfiig. JBE& JSGBw ULOllija. Mc3HlL>E, Ji.. tiaa removed hiautfcreio No. U Uruadway, and eonliuuea to remit money, in ?mn? Imge or 1 nail, 10 peitona raaidiug in any part ol' Ireland, lu ih? aame mauuor aa ha and hie predeceeenr )u bujiueia have done (or (he lut thirty years aad more; alio to auy part of England or j Sco land. Money remitted by lerter, post-paid. to the subscriber, or personally deposited with turn, with the name of the pe-aou I or puraoa, iu Ireland, Inngland, or Scotland, to whom it i? to 1 be asm, and ueaieu poet tewu, will he immediately transmit- 1 ted and paid accordingly, and * receipt to that rrtrct given r f...w.r.tcc tl,? j?3 ' m 'c ( I KOrl NEW ORLEANS. | | LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK. LINE. 1 2k m. m. an, TOTTTCTVERY Ship OS VjCOO, , aptaiu Johnaoa. r?ii-n c. r.-T i/a r sprain l ag*. I ship CLIFTON, Captain lugersoll. Ship LOUUVILLE. Capt. Haul. Ship 8AHTELLIL. Captain Taylor Bark UENEBKK. Captaiu \lioot.. Sark JANE E. W1LL1AMS, Captaiu Parker, ark HEBRON, Captain Ora-g. elm, of light draft ol water, aud commanded by the mna ciperieucrd sapiaius in the trade. Their cabins are liaiidaotuely'lnruiaheil, aud every attantiou paid to the Comfort aud couveuianee of the paaseugen Neither the captain* or owner* of the above ihipa will be repovdbla for je w?lr\ , belliou,prtcion* itonei, nlver or plated ware or for auy letter*, par-sis, or package* *eut uy, or put on board of them, unlets regular hills of lading are t,ik?u for the aamo. and tha value thareiu sipiesscd. For freight or paasagr apply on board, at Orlrau* wharf, foot of \V all atreat, or to hi. K. COLLINS 46 Sonth street A vent in New Orleaua?Joliu Woodruff. St Co., who will proinptlv farward all goo-la 10 their adilren. NEW *OKK AND CihAStiUW^IZNE IJI; PACKETS. Ml rn> M M 8slIm7from N^^ySTod the lsLaniTOr<i?gow oiMhc^Hb ol each month. From N. Tork. Fm. Ol'gsw t June 1. July 14. Ship SARACEN, N. T. Htwkixa, , Oct. 1. Nov'r 14. f Fab. 1. March 1}. I July 1. Apnll5.i| Sr. Ship UKOOKSBY, H. M'Bwoo, < Nov. 1. Aug. 14. ( March 1. Dcc'r 15. I Auguat 1. May 14 j Br Bark ADAM CAllK.Jno Wright < Dac'r 1. Sept. 14 f April 1. Jan. 15. V May 1. June 15j Br. Bark ANN Bcott, < Sept. 1. Oct. 14. f Jasi'y 1 Kebrua. 14J Theie thins are good.subatantial vessels, ably commanded, tnd will aail punctually ou their regular days. Their aecom aindationi for passengers,are good, and evaryatteution will be paid ta promote their comfort. The agents or -ptain* well lot be responsible for auy parcela or paekageo aa Jt by thorn, unless bills of ladiug are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to WJODHULL St MINTUKN, 87 South street, New Yprk, or oSlre ' RE1D Sc MURRAY, dlasgow HKL*- WANTED immediately a good Ship or Bark to fKERVload lor New Orleans. Apply to mmUJL EDWARD K COLLINS. XI 46 Booth tiioot. Itfg- FOR NEW OKLE 4NR?Louisiana and New nfxjFwYork Line of Packets?Regular packet for MouJnlHbilay. February 15th ? 'J'he splendid fast tailing picket ship HEBRON. Captain Oregg, will positively stilus abo\e, her regular dav. For freight or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply ou board, at Orleaua wharl, loot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS, 40 South at. Positively no freight will be received ou board after Saturday evening, 13th Feb'yAgents in New Orleans, Johu O. Wood uff It Co.. who will promply forward all goods to their address j31 rh Humg PA.8SAUE T11 a7*iD~TR(>\T URfcAf BRIJ9?V TAIN AND IRF.l AND iTail GEORGE SHERLOCK St CO.'S OLD ESTABLISHED Passage Office, 148 Maiden Lane Noticc.?Mr. G 8he lock will sail to-Liverpool, on t"t' 6th of February, aud miva'n there du-i-ig the mrntli* of March aud April, to pctsuhallv superintend the embarkation of lna paid p>ssenger?. Pen On* wishing to have out their friends, vonld do well to avail themselves of this opportunity, us Mr. N. returns tn New Vnrk hi Mar. ja?llw?rh jflAt KUh LlV?UI'uub-'flie New Line?XtesflW?? gnlar Packet of 21st February ?The new, anperior. -SkdMSQafssi-sailing packet, ship CONS! ITU I'lON, I.SfO tou* Imrihen, Cspt. John Brittun, will tail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, Urge aud crmlortable sta'e rooms and cabin, apply to the captain ou hoard, at west pier Hurling slip, or to WOODHULL St MINTUKN, 87 Rout! it The packet ship HO PTINOUEK, i0j0 tons burthen, '"apt. Da Burseley, will succeed the Constitution, and soil iu ber regular v. 11?t Ma:r h j33 isSft NOTICE?Poeket ship (MRRH K, from hivninVsfh Pool, i* now discharging nudrr general order, at todgV&s Or rant Wharf, foot of Wall ?t-*--l. Con-muse* by thi* siiip will pleese isud their uu board immediate y j 3ft Jb-SjL hOtt 1.1VERPOOL,..? This Ntw, 41 guih tut, M>AVfi>t taping, and Invori e packet thip, 8\.VUt-.L WfftCi HICKS, bertbeu 1200 ton*. C-tt. Hunker, will sail on her Regular D-y. Monday, 1st of Febroaiy The scci m mod stir-us for cahjn, Id cabin, and steer. Re | -uiti pe-a as tn coinfo't, are unrgntllad by any other vessel in pn t pers-us la( in aillKurlf WAvslii slrt (Well ?. a ? .1 - . ? ."Iit'll aiiu ju'nr lor themaelrea brf 're e 'tfging eiaewhere. Fur InilUcr pariruiara apply on board.Tout ef I'eck Slip, or to JOSEPH Mc HURRAY, cnruer of Pine an.1 Son n atveeta. ^ P H?Peraona wiahing to bung their friendg (rem die Old County, w aid do Wt'll not to iniag inch fifnitble opportunity, ni the Samuel Hickg w ll rail Ikom L>Ter| O il pu-'C uill> in the SlIi of March. Her bi tw ee i d? cka lining *e J tpacioui end I jity, ihe ae.toinmodalioug 'or ?e o d ca> in a.d iteeiage paiaengrrg a a umu i>uird for coin for. b/ an > picket amp in port. Panacea can be aeunred tu iter on ref utW? ier.?? In applei ga-ahovr. ijltfrc Aj?A.' lOit trLABtit/W?Line ol fnclleta?rkefn er JWV P.eket ot the Iti of February?The fine n-w fan packet ship 8 A It V EN, Capt. N. T. Haw tIna, will tail ai above, her regular day For Irriirht or pitta,;e Mating egi.eilent accommodation a. pply ou board, foot el Uovar aireet, Kail ll rrr or to WOODHULL * MIN ri'KN, <7 Ann in arreet The regular packet ahip B'ookaby, Capt. Hugh MeEweu will ani.ceed the Saraean, and aril ou her regular day, March let jt h PACKETS FOK HAVRE?Secoud Line?The,11' Mil I ,... M vv. Kvu jHHNaleilin, will tail on the firti day el February. Fur fVeChtor paaa.ige to BOY 1) A HI Nt K EN It rfc ?? Well at AYbm- KOli LIVERPOOL?New Hue?Regular PackjJWjV'.t for lanuary 26.?The anperior faat-aeiIi>.g packet VnQigKM>*hi;i O AMI l(,K, Oap'a'il B J H. Traak. 1000 tona buitlieu, will sail at above, her regular day For freight or paaeage, having accommodations uuaurpiaaed ler aplcndm or comfort, apply ou board at Orlcaua wharf, 'not of Wan atrect, orto EDWARD K COLLI S, 3(1 South atreet. Price of paiaage $108. The packet aliip K08CIU8, A. F.ldridgv, inaater, will anccesd the tiarrick, and a ill Htli March, her regular day ILM K BALL (IK OLD LI ^ R tie POOL PA' KET8 ? For Liyerpool.?Oiilv regular eMMaCapacket of t # lat Febiuary.?The new nuign ficeni, la?t aailiug, and faToniu picket ahip OXFORD, burilien 1000 tona, Captain Sainu'l Ve*. ton, will a il poa tirely on Monday, I t cf February For terma of cabin, 2nd cabin or ateer.ige psa?agp io t' la apleudid picket, anply to the f lapram ta board, at the loot of Ueehinm at met, or to i lie an bier i here, HOt n K, BROTHERS A < O , ja2Sre 35 Fn'ton atrett, (neit door to the Fnllon Bn k ) i " AB- LONDON LINE OF PACKETS?^ueket Ol The ^Bnxj^^Ut February ?The j? chec ship 8WITZKKL -1 NI) j E! Kor p**sige, havii,g inprrinr accommodation*, ?rply 11 the Captain ou board, Toot of Maiden I,mi*, or to JOSEPH McMUKHA I Comer of Pin? >uiil South r ' The racket ihip QUEBEC, I H. William*, matter, mill i succeed the Switzerland, and tail Keinuary l?.h. j art rre i SOOIT & CO.'S, I 76 A'astun ilrce.t. CITT Whelevale and Retail Kim ly </roeerr, Tea, Winai, 1 and Spirit > itablnhment, Itc The proprietor* plrdge ' th"mtelTe?llnt every article ia g nuine, ami told at a nominal profit, inc'ndina 'I en*, of the latest importation* and m it approvedqaalltiau Sugar* ol ovenr giaoot Ceffto, Mocha, Java. Lnguryri aud Maracaibo; Wiuev ' hampag'.e, Hhcry, ' Claret, v.adeira, Port, Scotch Whiskey, of (Jlti.livat and May's celebrated brundt London Porter. (Barclay k Per- 1 kius;) Edinburgh and Allow-ay Air; Kruit: Sperm O.uolci; | ' Oils; Old J'.n*liah Dairy ( hee.aei Krench, English and Anie. ' rieau Mnitard, (it ,?*nwr Spiced llama, a aupermr New ftir'i ' article lor the table. m*h flavored and round; SVgar*. assortcd nnd of the flavor; Snip*, Starch, kc.; llauin* 1 Kig*. kc. J ho wine* comiat of inperinr ?U1 London Dock Port, Amanltilado hole sherry, Martmlle* do, pale gold and brown berry East In'ia Reserve, Madeira. Mewton, (ior.lou, Mur ' doch, kc. Scotch Herringi now landing from ship Aun liar- | ] ley, (tile celebrated l.och Kmc ) SCOTT k THOMPSON, | J 597 Broadway. . A aplcpdid branch of the above e?lab|i?hmeut, hat been, at the aolieitation of their uptown cuttomera, opened at 597 | Broadway, alt > on the cub principle, w here an assortment | ofactirlet eorrosi ondiug with their establishment down town, and of the tain uality, will always be h und?rui assortment j j that cannot he t rpassed by imy in the etty. All the above j articlea w ill o lonnd there, and good* frcra each place will ( be delivered! iroi en case in any part ol the city lor eatli I only. d*l lmr : . "VALfclM NE3! VALENTINES! VALLN- i* TINEA! 3 THE mnv ?;cn?ive aatortmeii'of Valentine*, jntl ready, b toeeih- with new valentine wr.'cra, en vrlopea, MM 0 everything nnee'edwi'li the f. ativl. Dealer* out o'tl.c t, nry, by rem nig, can I *ve small assortment* made up,from * 15 to $50. an I upwards. Prices to an it all, nulling from o ciuta , :o $.i earn i unutua'ly liberal discount to those who sell l< gain. n We will rrantour Valen'inca to ri?? aatisfaetion, and > lrdera will r promptly and faithfully put np e Splendid mw bills ? i'I br aeut with all ordera. g Rcinemh the Hrli of Kcbtuary. o j*!5 I nn * TURN Ml k FISH Ell, 74 Chatham at. t NOTICE i PRICK r PUCED TO M CENTS PER BOTTLE- ? ' ore r Baldness and lirey Hair.?A rlciirable article ror the toil The Trieophrrooi or Medie*t#d < oinponml n p tow acku . ledgeil by all who have nacd if, to lie tne beat j i lud uioat r it nn article that lias ever been invr oJ. Thou- ,| Hilda hay j roelann'd and horr witncai to ifa v iluc md efllci:y It pre cuts b*tdnre?, '? ?tnre? the hair that ha* (alien off | J| r bar win tbint keep#tM hair from becoming fieyt md re- ; novis dandruff, scurf, Sic. It t? I "rln -olvlv recointncni'ed . o IM ladle*, m it not only elects** the hair, nttirsi a s leu aud brilliancy which cannot he surpassed Ihepared and , ? old by d. C. BARHY, artist in hair, No. I4ti Broadway, cor . ai ler of t live fly atrac d?i ua-rc i r MOTHER'S CORDIAL. ' j!; HR mperior etficic 0 of thit article. wh?n nttd in ln?t 3 of prtgi ncf, ia so Apt'turni, thv. no t> male ? 1 it* one* cvptrirucrd ire benefit* w nId br willing, on an v , nnaitinn to br <Jriirivi*d of it lr? rff?-rr? rr to ?h? rfrn A*id w immidli rhr BtitfrrmR* ?ttrudant on ( hiid IV rrh Mt hnlf, Hud 'rV nio'hrr iu ? state ofmfrty. I nip ?? no quack urtirle, bat ih# prrscnptiou of a rr?.iil?r ?

nyti" in, one who h%s made this hr?Brli of his practice ft " %rticui4i tiatiy. JTof tdJt et i$2 Bro?dwif, comer of Joha 1 I ( RK E NING, FEBRUARY 1, 184 a TO LKT and p>e>eeii< n nuinadiaielr gieeo?the dwelling sod bakehnate at Manhattan! ille: alio, the large Uwelliu* on giL<?li(li Aranuo r.ud HClb atreei, taut u derate. Apply to U jSI Vrrc T DUNLAP. 613 Broadway. * RATH BUN'S HOTEL, ltil, 163, 166 Jjr 107 Broadway. Ntu> 1 urk. > a Tina naw and magnificent ratabliehmrut. recently opened a< a Public Hotel, a titled up iu modern atylr, with tb> latral imp utnneuia, and ia ol auUicieut capacity to accoium d ae at(J oca ua Ucai aa a ?erv apacioua Dining Hall, it coutaiaa an unaao- . il n inber of pleat mt Parlors, -vith larye w tl Yeutilaied " Bed- omt, all aplendidly l'-iruith#d with entirely uav* I'uimlute lh I b location ia *ar\ deairab'a and convenient. both f>r of baain- and pleasure, leing betw een CotmlamU cud Libeity l,t it a'ta ; th Tile i lopnefor ol tbia eatabliahm-nt iutauda to make it oca ol c in -?t coinfor 'lile, pie taanl. aud bnaineaa like | Urea in . t city of .Ne# Y rk, and as Jaiue or egpenae will W " ' ?? ? mo TTmiu III nii|nrn?-'MR- ut fc>\ (topic* * ?(m? libtrnli v iu die public p^tromie, %vhi(# he n* rnnn.i.H ffi* j uMic't huuittle servant, B. itATHBUN u< i " MA^SAPtQUA HOUSE. i* aTHK t ROI'RICTOR ol' thi above house, having w retire > i. >tn the business. the h. use will ha let on tb moderate terms for one or a uninber of years, coin- vv meuciuii 011 the first of March neat Thia establishment be ? ii.K w v eil known, as dsn the celebrated in ul poud ad , jol-iug it .a needles* to aay inoif. For I>articulara apply 10 the subscriber near the premises. i N B I he hove ei abliahinent would be rented -*ry low c< to a party ofget tletneil. I t THOMAS FLOYD JONK8. | Roe rH OvtrsaBsv. I,. I j27 2w*rrc I t? A MOST DttdlKABLK COUNTRY RLSlUttNCkTAT W Pill V ATF. BALK. Ki JU TIIK handaomr double boas*, with (Ire acres of I b? pWt en.nud. oil the north aide of l.astle'ou, Btateu Island, ti LoJjLbeiug our mile frotn Port Richmond, and a nnle and a Tl half Iroin New Brighton, bavin* a front of about 2h0 lee' on , tjie water, and in the iuimedia'0 vicinity of the steamboat . Ieu 11111 it commanding an extensive view of Kliznhrtlilowo, Newark bay, New votk city, and adjacent country. For " turms which will be liberal, apply to ul HALLIDAY &. MULLKK, Auctioneers,67 Well at. w j yti lUir vi FOR SALK. r' X;-aA FOUR LOTS, on the north aide of 41at atreet, he- vn7j? tween the 7th and tilt arennea, with a Dwelling House >' XJfl.and Carpenter's Shop ou one of the lots. w Al>a, a 'mail Farm on the turnpike road, Far Rockaway, f, Long Island, cautaiuiu* about sit acres ol land, two under ? cultivation, one acre of line large Peach Trees, of the chine- * est fruit, a small House, and about four acres of Woodland, all enclosed iu go'd fence. Also, several other places of land at Rockaway, for sale. v Fur particulars, aprly ro tl JOHN L. NORTON, Jr. H Delancey at. or fi jl!) 1 in rc JOI1V H POWF.R. iVi bullous". N. Y MKOit 8 \LK, or to rach.mge lor city property?A tl haudsoae cottage, with fivu or ten acres of laud, situs- j] 'ed w ithin two tnilea of the Marine Pavilion, Rocki- tt way, l.oug Island, on the Rockaway Tnriiuike The five acres of lend attached to the cottage are well studded with , peach and frnit trees. There is a good barn and other out- 1 houses ou tbe property; also an ice house; and the same is " we.l situated for a gentleman who would like a e- infortable n cou.itry reaidruce. Also about seventy acr?? of loud, eon- si siatiu* of wood-land, meadow and tillable land, which will be c sold iu different parcels. Apply to jli:m?rc JIIHV L NORTON. Jr.. H Delancy at. * FOR SAlaE, h Ma DKSIKARLF. RESIDENCE in 19th street, near v Irving Place?a modern built two atorv aud attic,with a under cellar, and sewer communicating with the , street, utaible m.utela in basement, mid fisat and second stories, rooms in the tnird stvrv, honse tweuty leet by . f my, lot tweuty by seventy-five, built and finished with es- ' peciul reference to its occupation by the owner, t Two thotisaud dollars c<m remain ou bond aud mortgage. t For terms, apply at 119 CHERRY Bf. I Jain 2w?rrc FARM FOR SALE AT AUCTION. Jjfy* Will be sold at auction on Tuesday, the 2d dar ol i JyWgMsrch neat, th- valuable Finn on which the subscriber t silis m-1"- The said farm contains about 47acres of j good laud, with a good D veiling, Barn, Carriage House, and a 1 the necessary out buildings; is situ'ited in me town of ! MamarouccU. county of Westchester, about one mile f oin the village of Mtimaroneck, on the Weaver street road. 21 1 milra from the tiiry IIill, and near the lite of the New Ila- 1 yen and New York railroad; hit au a'uudauce of the belt f quality of I'ruit. The an'e will be positive, to take place .vt t 12 M oil tit--' premises. For further particulars enquire of T. < A La? rence, New Kochille, or of the aubaeriher, on the s mmiaw. Ja?0 lm?rc LEONARD DKKLYN. FLUNKJiT f, PAliI)ESSUS, NO m% FULTON STREET, ,jl Sell ah eacrllent hat at (3 HO and oely charge f 3 54 for _ their h raar Uualitv Moi.eskiiv atii Nutria Hats. N B.-TL ;aKETT U. PAKDKSSUS wurrujjt their firar 1 quality hata rrt be equal,at the very Uait, to those of any other 1 establishment, in 1 aaaure the public ihnt if would be utterly c impossible to aell IUCH Art article U a lower p ire ihau I *3 54. 038lm?ri? t NATURAL MUSIC. STILL gieaier .-ttrac iou at AROHV'J. No. 3 John ' /at a'reet?A O. hu just rerrived by the last parkata v Mpt'^frorn Kuiope, a considrrt'o'e udditior to his already I r nkamiiat oi'-nsivs it. ek of Aiucmit and Faucy 111 d ? , Vinrnigst tan foil'.wing will he found 590 of thn aioac choice j desriiption nf Lous Breed and Uutrli C naries, in ted anil prepared to be put up for hatching Bird ' auea, B.rd Sredi ' aud all other things pertaining to he above, will HI all tiuiea " he focnd at Arrhv'e, "o 3 John at. N B.?Shetland Poniea, Kmc I h*ilei Spaniels. Italian c Grey hounds, and other fane v dove eniiatau It on h-nil ) I' 8?An early inspection it n qu??teo, at ihit it without t doi.btlhe he?t ??l"i t'on lie * aa ever ottered. jfi trorc. ^ JuliNoTON'0 BltvD olOilE, NuyW BROADWAY, one door from Chambers t A street.?15 bajjs Canary aeed, aifird, at whslesale ( ^ Pncr by thesiniilr hutliel ; a fine aelection of the long ( ? breed i ansries. high colon; German song hin.a, . Chinese apire birda. Jura aparrowa, mocking buds, laika. red birds, all in song Fancy eaves, breeding cue", hi d reeds, neat bniea, aruff ior nea s AH nrtielrt iu the line in 1 gieat variety, by W. h. JOH^S'lON, a 28ii Brntdony, New York. P *a ?Letter* a" shove wi'l He at'eode t to j?3 lm*r f DK KELLINGEK'S 1 <y_INFALLIBLE LINIMENT ia warranted to ' l ad V** !rv aotea and uleera of evert oatnre inmfew days. ' i > A it .i-niili.. magic iu removing rhcamacllen, and all 1 etbr r pama. One or iwo doaet ii eeitsin to irl'eve billons eh lie d<airh(iea. lie . as It la taken It la perfect delight , fal iu its odor and tt tver It is nuivcaally acknowledged to he the beat f on y medicine ever offered to the public, i riet 10 cents per bottle Void at 230 Penrl street; C. Ring, corner of John red ( Broadway: corner of Bowerv and Broome, 3d avenue and 10th street; Jeffrie* ^drag store; Dr Bnrrutt'a Dover and I hat- , and'it the M 't onft'-r 'itvHall )? m*re WIGS, WIGS. ? BACHELOR'S New invented Wigajand Sea I pa. are decid 1 edLy the greatest improvement yet lutroilnced in aria to " 11 Win Making They are to perfectly Comfortable yet a tl make the wearer unconscious thai he bits a Wig on, an a the I n so eaav and natural in anpe. ranee that they cannot he deteci ?d. Made nuly by Win. Bachelor, No 3 Wall street, uea Aroadwsv A large aaaortinani always no haail rll3lm*fe , GEirr OFF WARDROBE AND FUHMJTllUV ? wanted, ? IADllfS OU GENTLEMEN having sepedaont effa-.n " 4 to dispose ut ancb ni WaTing Apparel, Kuraitura, he. ' aaalMC > . ? I ??. / t_ - - v..wl. n -W viett |/iim 171 llir M1UV, IIT trillUllJi 'OT I f?? 1 obaenbar, throuii the "oitOKfc, or othe:wi*e. who will n ?tteed at (h?i? reodeacca J. LhVh'.ih'nT YN, ti ifi# Brood .711*, ep rf.vr* . Uiliu tu he auaetOt! ic Sr Mr*. J. '.tf.VK.NMT Y>. j| tv*v RTFlkb i JdTi * I - i ohiJ...i n r r s p?i teni, with appendages; 5ft shin cutlasses, v/itli iron ?c bhard*. Trie ibovM urn n first rnfe article for service in Mexico Cdifoniiiii oreliewhtre KorMltbr M ,1 ' v. K > DKR 8c BR01 HERE. -i Ping it c LUCINA < < tfUHAL, 1! OR THE A K LI X E II O F LOV K, ai IilOH th* inre and teed yr euro of incipient Toe sumption, *' JT Baneijne*?, lfm>otciicy, Luconhuai or W hites, (ilcet, ct ubsfrnofrd <:r difficult Menstruation, incontinence of i rine or b, ni liotiry diicbirii thirtnl sid lor ni fNtrit pronntioa nf the vsiem, uo in-titer wjiether the result of inherent or produced by irregularity, illness or accident. The v id?> celebrity of this inestimable exordial, iu both hemispheres, is a imfic.tMt fua ruii>'Or luq iirk a<?d posit?ro succe?s m cu- V rjiif all the nhote affections ruid compl'ints. Nothing csii oi be more surpi Lsmg than its invigorating vfferfa on the human jj. fV'tiii*. P?ts?>us a'! aid lassitude befme takiug ;t, jj it o'ice bee me robust and full of energy under its lullueure. . [ nnine ute cou thr iiervi<usii?*ss "t lb*- (< ;i ? '' frame, which is the only cause of barrenness and winch prior A ? iii i* rtrj * MwMirad litivaUi And it to Illicitly i move a the impediments by physical prostificirn, m wi.ich lit juently defer luen from getting married. Language Ui indeed cu . or do ju lice to the merits of the Lucina Cardial, ^ nlurh n i atded by the he. ds of the faculty, iu all parts of be world, a; one of the inost important rued cil discove ics j tf the ago. i rice &'J per bottle. Principal olhco icmoved to i 47 Grtmiiwic i-.tree*, corner of Liberty street. Also for sale or iy Wyatt It Futthcr, Ifl Kulton it. dMIm^th Bl Wk.lR'8 CKI KB RAT*' D BROWN KLKCTUAIIY, *' A FPROVkDi J recommended by the t.eulty?a tcve ?, l\ tailing reined/ for all affections of the kidney, inflam nation wd vreakno; ol the urina> y nryin, both hi malea anil Ul i male* This etcr lent medical preparation (suited for all I liiitatet) ha* ocaer i eon known to rail in removing tlie mini ibttu nti'iitraekaof g unrrhiaa, tic , and can he r*lcly rrcom- in nrndrd to tho yublir. it* oocraiiona ar?i|uu k, ?nre, and a iritain It can tic tal cn *t all tinica, without regard to diet |. ir hindrance irun busiueia. , Uold wlioletule and retail by the Jiropnetor, JAM h.8 WKIH, 2t? < irand atrcet \nd hy Wyatt k K>'tch?m, 111 kulton; A (J. Kaintdcll, ie tufltlo; Koit k Willie, Hocheatrr; and at the dm* ,tore, *c Jelaean Ilonae. Albany. It 1m*rrc. XI k an IIAl.Lr.Nult.?Valier'a krench Fill*?lhi? an J'f JiJ' Hr rirnlle.I remedy lot diaeaar* ol a private nntnre, 'rl poaitive and apeedy care without reatnetiou of diet or hiu- ! hi r.iuce from huaiuraa. 'the many nJvautayea which the i* 'rciich |>ills potaeaa over b eopenae, capaul**, ami riter nauaentinn muturea,cannot tail to atve them a decided ri erenes Bealdea being lbs modt ellketsal and ipecqy rare i ver diacovcrcd^they are entirely free from any untileaaant mell.donot nftcct the hrra>h or aiclten the atornecn in the aatt, ami may lie taken at any time, or in the preaence of the 1*1 io?t intimate friend, thua enahliim the patirnta to core thcin- wi elfee, with< nt (lie fear of anapicion or ducovery. They are It qii iIIy effectoal lor either tea, in all eomyln nta, incli aa I ravel, flour albua, or whuei, peenli ir to frmalc*, wcakneaa I f the irenantivo orama, noiiorrhma. Blcct*. kc. kc , and tiare it red hundreda of thea.i tronbleiOBe complaint* tfter every ' 4" ther remedy haa failed. They have been attentively uaed j >r the I ut ten >??r*. in *tagi of ,?eae complaint* with i.ueli , he uivriaal ?ticcc??, the proprietor* challenge nnjr one to r r? ai nee ? remedy of mjual ceuaiiity, ucder a lorleitnre of $.'.00. ; ?| dee $1 per bo*, kor tale at M7 Orecnwich it-eet, corner of u| lihirty, Also, for sale by Wyitt k Fletcher, 111 hulton treat. dlO lm* rh ' R" ? 11 ? i - - ?? Co L | fclrlUAl, AI l>? I'M. t A W< Kit on debility, itvuiu in. "I ue*a and secret diaeaira *< ? Juit ptiblt*het(, a imisIai XI t*ry ou the concealed r ante* of The decline of il.renyIn nri* .j. ijb from deatrnc'ive con*e<inencea, of eieeaiive i*d il|,cnc# ;*f youthful imprudence, teninn itiiia p.i lervou* dehiltty id cenatitntiouul wenln.e**, ai .1 I tkoM iioking amietie* i id tremor* which eflLct the weak, the aedent?ry and the mi rlienre, with pnetir .I otxerv au n* on their treatment and lh are, by II kAWtJKTr, in?*nner of the Ktiyal C'olleee of CReoni of Lsutlou and k.dt toirgh and t radnate o IrtTrr. ,n v'edteal t.olteff I h'Ud. lphia. The Doctor it daily eon . tired u' bis ofttce, 196 H'ultott on h1! those " h-r# th* hook cfn hi 1 lor j|. dll !in?r to' MAAHJANK&L. ",';r INK handled barrel* nupeillne hlack Oxide Mantaneie, . * from the miaee, Virginia, jo*t and for sale by , , i'lLltH8k k BROUKH, jllh flfcgNiNin *DN(i [ERA 7. INTERESTING / AR INTELLIGENCE. MLZLZTAB.IT 2NZOVZ31MCZ3BTT3. MEXICAN VJKW OF THE WAR. [Corrp?iioui!euc? of the Now Orlrans Patriw ] Miiitu, Dec 28, 194#.?On the day of iny arrival in lis city, I bvurd the unexpected new*, of which I had >t the Uaat idea the day we departed liotu Vera CiilX, r at Santa Anna had beon elected PietiJent m/ tn'triM, h me nepuouc, una tiomi'7. Kama, Vice (Pendent?tbo J( Her having been sworn in. and h iving tukiu > barge of ,, a executive, in the absence of Geo uantu Miuu. i'bo H iwly elected President itill remains at the head of the :uiy at ban Ltna Potoai; and, according to what I uu w iritand, lie will remain there with it wtnUt there ia 11 -cessity for sustaining n lioatile position. I'he troops, , 6( Ahwitbstnnding the want of resources and comfoiti, ? a kept united, und u? good Mexican sol,Hera, ate cou nti d and entkiuaiaatic, even iu the midst of the poverty Inch preTaila among them banta Anna is piobably 0 only Miixican General who knows how to behave itli hit troopa, and keep the men always phased ami | , eudy to the good cause I believe that, notwithstanding, s Inn not been elected by a considerable majority, intu Anna ia the beat one oil wbotti the Presidency mid have faiieu, even if he does not toko charge of the xeoutive. We fear that the nation will uot profit much from the j tent* of Gmms B*aiiu Like many others. who obtain ' gh posts nmong the Mexicans, it is tho lato of honwi iriau to have many supporters, whoso friendship will * easily turned into envious enmity, and who will Inigue to bring down the man they have labored to elei'.e, should he oppose their plots, and adhere to the die- . ilea of justice und patriotism Although only three lys have elapsed since Gomes Farias assumed the Ex- u tutivo ofiice, it is already feared, in a Hinnli but importit circle, that there may bo intiiguos ml conspiracies, diking socretly, to make him abandon again a post Inch he now IMtUMifor the second time. Gomez Fx* j as is as much disposed and determine 1 to prosecute the ar, cost w lint it may, as Santa Anita himself is On this abject, I believe every Mexican at present connected "I" nth the government, holds a like resolve. And this . leliog will increase und strengthen evury day and acuire new foice, iu tho public mirul, at each movement 1 a hostile character of the troops of the I, uited States. If llio present state of things should continue lor a year rithont any inutoriul change, I could foretell many unnought of evils to the United Hates, but let ui tWI :om this to uuothor subject Tho plan of the campaign, if we may so style it, or rn- 'L Iter the irotbod of carrying oil the wur, which, accord;ig to whut I have learned, danta Anna has adopted, is " n admirable one, ami perhaps the only one which may ervo to pumih tiie North Americans as they dererve.? " , who am well acquainted with their character, and " uvo been a'le to study woJl their inclinations during ,l ly resideucn in the United States, think ti e plan a ft a- * i'iIu and practicable one, and entitles tho commander inhiefof the Mexican forces to high praise. Here it is in j* few words : Every means of precaution will be taken 11 a order to fortify well one point of tbo Republic, with 11 the necessary reinlorcemenU within a radius not ' cry extended, but well traced, distracting in every pes- 1 itile manner tho enemy, and calling his attention tola- * ignificant movements. by these moults, it is hoped,that cmc.h precious time will bo lost by the troops ol tho ' nitcd States, und iliusnt the beginning of the summer, hey will bo scattered all about tbo country, at different ' toiuta, so that at no single place tlioy may bavo a force 1 is large us tho central division of the Mexican army.? 1 Thus the advance into tho country will cost tho Noith Americans a large suin of dollars, which will be touchng them in a tender point, as th> y value dollars more bun lives, and money more than tho blood of their citizens. besides the Iors of time and tho exorbitant exleuscs ot the North Americans, which uro three times is great as thosi ol tho Mexican srtny, tho summer seaon will lull upon them unexpectedly, with its numerous liseases and epidemics, so perilous to tho unacclimated, ind thus, without a single shot, from tho Mexican ranks, hey will perish daily oy hundreds, both men und boasts, vho will uot have strength to tesist our climate; and in a diort time their regiments will be decimated. In that seasou of the > ear, ?tvhou tho native Mexican s better lilted lor wur, tho Mexican army will ha-able, y one bold and concentre ed movement, to stiddeiily all upon, and tear to pieces, the remnant of Taylor's irmy. And in case llio North Americans should wish to otire, their relrt at will piove os fatal to them as any k ath-bearing epidemic j lor they will find no resources in tho lino ol their retreat, and will b? exposed to attack lorn roving bands of highwiiyinuu and banditti, which ho miseries of war are calculated to increase. This is, in brief, the plan which, according t j informa- j ion gathered I rum several poisons, who I believe to bo j .ell acquaint-d with such slims, 1 huvo been able to . iace out, but I must roinuik, that the whole com plot ( not divulged. It is s ml that ante Anna will not , cave Pan hois Potosi, although some movements i nd \ ppurent matches will no pru.tised, so that loo enemy | lay believe that ho is about to ivave. That word > enemy" is tbo only one by which tho North Ameri , arts cun bo properly du>iinatt-d hcio; for it would be .Mcuit lot mo to explain to you thu mortal Hatted, and t lining desire lor vengeance, which files nil Mexican IUSUIIIX | 1 Kvery necessary precaution has been taken, on'] all 1 nenn*are daily used, to collect at San Luis I'otONi, oil I , lossible provisions ami munitions ot war. It 1? believed i liai tlie Norili Americans are determined to leave Salillo uud Tsmpico; they will come towards Kan Luis, nd there fight the great decisive battle: as Kauta Anna vtil not leave that city, and will keep there constantly mat 9ft 00# n in. Tnere ureal preset f ia J.stance of about 160 mUes'ur ess, rieaily -Id too, ol nil arms, and it is expected to ai?e, during tha inonth of Januiry, about soon more ot ntuiitiy am) cuvslry. A considerable number of troops ire stationed at proper |>cints to Cut oil' the North Anionana on ti.eir retreat, in ca-e they should come as biras tan Luis, where they will not be able to sustain the roliitaiirn of the Mexicans. IKront the New Orleans Picayune. Jan 21.] Our readers amy lecoiiect the tien Don Tomns HeI'leua, who comioanded ti.o citadel at Monterey, uud v do distill gui tied hunse It very h ghly in the del once ol I ne pi ice liu was personally conspicuous in uction, end | directed the attention ot muiiy of our odlrers ; in ised j m is lej.uied to be one ol the host olti :ers ot artillery iu ! deaden. After ha returned i'om Monterey, he was 1 r lnrcd by 8inta Anna into Zacutscas in disgiuce, ond leretipon ho published his cornpluiifts ol thn caprice ml tyranny of the coaimunder-ui-chief Tins drew out defence ol his own conduct l'rom Santa Anna, made hy u imimste friend. (I appears Unit it ha t been Same line's purpose to Rive itc<|Ueiia the commurid ol the . r'.illery of his army , and he hud grout expectations of , allaiil service from hiui, riotwithsLiuding his extremely , tasci' le disposition, which is continually involving t nn in ditlicullis*. IX. qusna's conduct, however, he- < ayed great negligence end won insubordination, j t weial initunci ? ol which me given but all this was , orne with, uud the rent cense ot Ins ditgraca is openly vowed to hive been the loose discourse held by Keuena in regard to the comparaliva merits ot the unorican and Mexican troops, lie is charged by Kanta I ' iiiuu with ex ftgciatiiig, in clubs of officers and citizens | ( l Kau Luis, " too prowess ui the invndeis. their (lex- ' J >:i?y in the use of arms, their military skill, t ,e physi | ul strength of their men, ' .v ; nt tliu s ma time, it is j t iged ngaiiist him that ho would habitually deny the j u ;.c qtiuiitiu* to the Mexican troops, and it j ' ai impo sitda for the Mexicans to conquer iucii onelies. We think, with bantu Anna,that such expressions i j me highly censurable when inatlo at runduin, so n? to ?, nne to the cars of the peopls ? tliot tiicy wouid have n ten censurable in any Mexican, but more especially in I. i officer ef the army. " baulk Anna leeu-ing such conduct inont injurious, "und r oie especially so when some subaltt rnv,returning from ,'| outeiey, expressed themselves iu the same manner," < Jercd llcqiiena *o Zucate m to assist li iu H yes in D ;uliiig lii'iiuns, iiiid immcdiuUly issuoJ a g? metal Older w check i H> ctunlly any similar liccusa ol tne tongue in fleers who had personal knowledge ol the prow on of meMcan troops, lly tins tnno the Mexicans muy again r ink themselves our > --till it is il.fllcuit to stop tlie outlis ot those subalterns who measured strength Willi ,1 e Yankees at Resaca and iignin tit .Monterey. Tne or- ? ii ol Simla Alma u before u , uud nnitnig oilier things it tpiuitly foibids Mexican cfltcers frott ' ex.oiling tlie ? iperiumy oi oiu nueiti.. ?. "ffr should liku to rend an dot of Gen. i ayler, under t!io sign rnuuuoi ol Major 1 liss, prohibiting our oiiict rg from speaking aloud ol vno c illiintry ol tho Mexicans! a There nio other details iu this business of the di grace HcqU' Ua sullicieiilly cuiious. hut we huve given nu lexaggorated view oi v, hut will most interest our rc* IT*. , in another Mexican pa, or wo Qn 1 some very valuable 1 formation in regard to our own lorccs. It is copied t>y u paper in (ho city ol Mexico Irom nnelht r in Morelm.? 1' is so rich that we tiaimtnte nearly ell of it : 'They write Irom HallLIe that in that t >wn there are riot ? ore than 4 030 of the troops of tho enemy. At Monte- e: y theie uio about 3 DUO, although it is ssid that 8 000 )t ilunteers liare arrived. This, however, is not cerlaiu. p tie lorco with which It is r ilrulate I thoy will march u ion Han Luis will I n about 11 000, a d tin y ore terribly ? ghtened, ami manifest grcut dread ol Kantu Anna and ' s tioopr. The deierlicn umonp; tiio troops ot tho enemy X very great,and it is thought that should it be propel ly Couruged various regiment* woul I pass ovci. Loiters have been io. *iv. 1 from Han Luis to the fol wing effect p " Tne cavalry stationed horo has boon pnt in motion I ie report i", that this morning (Nov. -ID,) Gen. Valencia c 111 join it, hut what are his instructions is not known I' 'is also ?nid, that of tho 600 American troops stationed " Ague Nuava, (whore Gen. Worth lies a corps ot oh. j rvstmn.) 3d0 have deserted, with arms in their hinds, 1 el,limed the prole-' tion oi Gen Miuon. "V< sierdiiy the soldiera wounded at Monterey arrived 1 re, arid with thrin many Yankees In this city there ! a many ol the latter ;. t t! r? mn or '?, inrhi I b a ' I ,i compile, y of i jilry to t lo.rr-lol the ?j iich I,us been already rquipptd and exercised at the | w ini T'l. y are shhlul as T. lillci j a I a lieutenant d< enmends them who was one ol tnosc who de*ulUd ; ni re In Hi nee id them a: 'roups of the lino. " niktw raadfly, an t they aea drllleo continually in 1 *7! n ri'ti: g school for then' peculiar icrvps All t'ie iw* Wl.n li theso dnertera r ?" is good ; r,i d they say c at in the urmy cf Gen 'las lor tho utmost disc on t? t, ni and demoralisation ensts, wlulo with us all is en- I , UkiliSOI." MtaCKLhAHBOin. The city of Victoria, the capital of Tatnaulipa*, is rot | d down in the niaj s The movement ot our troops ,n WHids thai point wilt in nil probability lender it a place <11 importance in the annuls ol Ilia war; nnd the HI. I.< a.I : Ir nun give* tha lollowiiig eatract in relation to it Iron f journal ef Mr. Uanj imin Lundy, which is haing publied in ?t Lotus : ? ' The city of Victoria, the capital of Tamauhpas, i* 1 LD. Pf"?? f?? * <>! tftuatodabMt jj d.* ao %ta ?ar* >... u?, ?,ul lonth of Hant*ni;i-r or Jfm. n??, iw j:c? w%tan? * Ml* tot t!. < - * < . . . t. a'>U ol '. * ro f h" r . t win lorinoih a. -11 to J Ai\jUaIio. tut ?;< raeaatly sbnnaad to Victoria * Thin location will placa it afun- > u.i? Urn ,? ma-bad in tha inapa. .Mr Luudy vinlad \ uto'm twca ? <ato in) l?3'f ouce liv tlio war < < K o <iran . tta?la K ... cJ Moldova. unU occa diract lion Vaiomaro* t > <h? ba coa?' Ckn. La Vrifi | incj aav< ral Jay a iu \ era C-u -a t?i? itnm. ami when ho loft f >- 'I > :.. ?! L- i.u.taJ % 1 nrt ndJron to tha prnpli f tlii , y i: ?i ? . i, ? elf oxlren.el> wall aall*fl<>d with In own . ?.ir ? an *ar al.ifiiity, and protaraaa a vary b<> -nra'da painn nm and n eager daiire to rrruma bi? potilian m tha amy I a n? courae of tlio addiau h? taiiaa oO'-aii???' ay 'hat Inlo m the L'mtcd Htatai he enjoy ad a*?t y h int nothing w.11 wanting to turn ai.J t.iat m i.a inlance did tLa fact that be wai a Maaitaa anbjact him *a liult or injury. AltWV lltvillil. OKItKH W?a D?P4nt>i?%T. Ai>Jft?*T Oinc ? Washington January 18*7 GtitML Or Dim, No 3?The o low ti.g rttu'ilwu an been received from tho U'ar Heparin nt Wri DirtlTMtKT. | Washington, Jlnuir) 114, I"47 | The President of the I 'ailed Aulas 11 reels thst pareruph #60 of lb* General ItrK'iUtioiil for the 4tei Mt? lislied oil the 1st ol Mar> it, 1823. end tul include I iibom io u published January 'J > l"*l. ! now republished, rid that ite Otnerr rice nt a put of the General Hegula on* bo strictly enjoined 'ijmn the Army By order of tho Picsideut, W L MA lit V Secretary of War The following 1* the pnragrspn of the tPerioral Rtgull on* for tho Army, established on tbu lit ul Marco I nee iter red to above: ? ' 660 ? Private letter* or leport* relative to military arche* .ind operations ara frequently mischievous ua isign, and always disgraceful to the army They are cietore strictly foibi Men, and any oiticer lonud guilty ' mnking such report for puhlication, wathout special rtnis.ion, or of placing the writing beyond hi* control, i that it tinda it* way to the pieaa within ena mouth after io termination of tlia to which It relatea, ahull i dismissed from the service " By ordai: W O. FREEMAN, Aaaistant Adjutant Genet*! MILITARY MOVEMENT#. (From the New Orleana Delta, Jan. 911 Yesterday, the tiue acbr. Louisiana commanded by opt. RdJy, wna aohl to lha Quartermaster'* Department, ir tho Ntira of $# 600. The two hut companiea of the second Mississippi, cominn.led b - Col Dhvi*. came down yesterday , and ere enr.mpeJ nt (lie Da'tle Ground. All of the troupe new iere, will commence embaiking on the tiunsport ship* inployo 1 by government Thi* is an escelleot diots, >r their present encainpmant is any thing but comlwrtble during the reiny season l.'ntil their uniforma and ccoutreinerits, of every dascription, are in readiness, lete ships will be their quarters. They will ouart for io Brazos during the present week To-day, the steamer Alabama start* for the Brazos with fuartermuater'a atorea lor the army. Captain Hetisl. of he Quartermaster's department, goes in charge ef the hove stores. Yesterday, an invoice of a very large quantity of th* numtiona of war whs received by Colnaei Hunt, Every Ibing indicates that the " powers that be" are determined to ptosecute the war with the utmost Vlger Heavy aiduanre, ot all descriptions may be expected in a few days, and our Qiiaitermustars and Commissaries in Mexico will no longer huve to cull out " supplies, (applies !" [From the New Orlran* ricayune, Jan. 33 1 Among the distinguished oiHceri who have arrived in our city within the past week, en route for Mexi e, we ni tico Coloticd* Totten and Bankhrad, the formar ef the engineer and tho latter of tho artillery service. Col Croghao, who ha* been despatched by flan. Taylor to muster in the Texas voinnteors, is shortly to depart for the new State. We trust that he will muster in companies as fast as tlicy are filled, arid not wait until e regiment is organized The evigunc?* of the service et this time require the Co-operation of Texas more than at Rny former period, for they are the best scouting and light troops in the world ; and we Lava little doubt that liny responsibility the veteran Col. C. may take in the premises will be fully justified. Tho steamship Alabama. < apt Windle, left this port, after some delay, Inst evening, bound to Braaos Santiago. The following is a list of her passengers :? Col. 'Totten, Engineer Corps; Col. Bsker and Lieut. Col. Moore, 4lh Regiment Illinois Volunteers , Major Allen and Lieut. Morry, 3d Infantry, USA; Capt. Ilel/el, Lieut. Mason, Engineer Corps; Major But ler; Lieut. 'J'ower; 11. K Tins late. Clerk to Major Uu lei; Cjpt M-Lane, 1st Jtegimeut Indiana Volunears; Capt. Hurkkton, Commissary Department; Capt. lisliam, 3 I Regiment Indiana Vuluutemi; Lieut. Davis, Yid to Bug. flcueral Shields; Mr. Holland end Mr. iVcneu, Committee to remove the remains ol Capt. lellanH, Assistant Commissary, U. S. A.; Jamas Prun. iliiio ot schooner Augusta; flcorgo Long, Engineer; 1'. \V. Sweet, lour ineu employed in Laboratory Deisitment; Oliver Newbury, Joseph Brard, Regiment A Geo. Itrook, in clisrgu of public luuds. N Uoilvin, Igentot Quartermaster's Department; W Ratnsie,Clerk 0 Cupt Hoizol; i t. Townaeud do to CHpt.Ogdeo; Thomas Veatuiau AiJtoGen Wool;.Mr Baldwin, order of fleti. Jcstip; Mr Tracy, public service; W. 8. ^ Clark, Sutler, Kentucky Cavalry; Uuorge Wheatumn, Hospital Steward of 3d Infantry; F A LumsJeri, Aid to Brig. Gun Shields; Lieut. Fostd'. Corps Kuginrers, U. 9. A ; Col. Walton, steamer Augusta; Thomas (J. bank* uad YV. P. Scott, clerks of Quartermaster's Department; 1 apt Alexander, 6th liitanliy U S.A. Monthly pay of Jtrmy Offtotrt of th* Unitrti StatuMajor General, >67ti. brigadier General. 346; Adjl> taut fleueral, 1H3 ; 1st A"aistsnt Adjutant General, 141; 3d A'sistaut Adjutant General. Gti, Inspect-r General, li.t, Quartermaster Uener .l 340, As-isiant Qtiartermns er Gi-neral, Ib3 Deputy Qusi tt imuater Gonetal, 10i| Quartermaster. 141; Assistant Quarturma-ter, #, Commi s?iy (Janernl ol Hubsistenee,- 183; Assistant t ommis sary Geneinl, 162, 1st Comuiil-ary of Subsists nee, 1411 3d commissary ol Subsistence, 9#, Pay master General, 30a, i'aymasUir, 12ft; huig-on flenoiai. Suigeons, 149; Assi t.nt Surgeons, 123 Or Department ? Colonel, J> 1H3; Lh utenant Colmel. ifli, jviajor, 141; Captain, 98; 1st Lieutenant, ?l. 3d Li-utenaiit, 81.? Mounted Dmgoons?Colonul ^193. Lisutenunt Colonel, ioa; aiujor, Ml; I eptejll, luo, MI Lieuu-rgtil, ?#; J4 Lieutenant, t-l?. Anitlny? Ihlautry ? olonel, (IBS; Lieutenant Colonel, 146, Major, 1JU, I. upturn, 70; Ut Lieutenant, 6!); 01 Lieutenant, t>4 'Aid aisd Cuaroni."-At a town meeting, called by a Justice ol tlie lYaee, hoMeu in (hariestowu, on Friday af'eriioon. it was vote J to appropriate $1601) (or the "aid unl romtbit" of the company of Mexican volunteers, mil I ill tiiat toivn by t ii|it. Barker. Ttia legality of bo mertiug and of tho appropriation it disputed oy the selectmen and a large portion of the citiaeux of the uwa- Hmfoti 7V<ai?ri/ii. """ tiAU'l HlN^TU TrtK IOHNSON'8 TOOTHACHE DKOPis JMIK. t LOVK ANOI) V NK, tor the immediate and pee J. in iiienl cure of pain Irum decayed teeth, having, from ita ii ru-i" value as a remedy, become noiiieuaely popular with li ne wlii> lure turd it, many iinitatlona have lately beta liruat intu il.r cinikri b; unprincipled persona, andioUae lie i riginal mil geriuine arnrle the object at this pare, r ipb ii to eauiion the public against all such apnrious coav inula, ai to ) I re Anodyne possihly be tho genuine rtine, iu long and favorably anown by that name but that irpare.l, d uring foor or Ore rears, by A. B k U. .-voids, ana nr the I i-t ye ir I y Henry Johnson (luccesnur to A. Ii. Hands t Co ) wlio ii una the sole proprietor. I tic only safety lor urcdiaaers, it in be auie and ask lor Johnson's Toothache Irops, and to eaain ne the w rapper of the vial, as every one I the genuine baa the signature of Henry Johnson. Remember that the trueClove Anodyne la an immediate urr lor the moat violent tout,ache or pain in the gums, and >&t it i.a niiiialMCtnred genuine only by Henry Johnson, hemitt and Diuggist, '473 bm idtvay, west aide, in the Oraitc Buildings. hold also al lldl Fulton street,77 Knar Broaday, and Kit Hudson at. I'riee ta reiita. dl 3lm*ih WATCHUa, JhWhLKY, AN J J alLVJitt. WARK. rH K subscribers continue to hare for sale a fall assoit ueut ol gold and silver Watches, ol Ilia most approved libers, win Ii will i,e offered at the very lowest prices, and r i n ted coned lime keepers. Tht-y are constantly rc? riving (lie latest styles ef faahiokbin Jewelry ot evrry description. including said, fob, and uard chains; breast pina; aar rings; Auger rings; bracelets; oad nruaineuU, he.; silver apnoui; feiaa; bntter knives and ilvr.- wire equal to com; fold and ailver spectacles. Con eve, convrs, he.; French clocks and watches, repairs a qusl to the original A' KKltLY h BRIUOM, VA Bowery, dig linVrh t, doors sbovs Broome nree* Lit i> IF HAIRT bvlt. ~~ . 'bl ' HKUfll'h Ina.antAneom Liquid Hair Dye, Is eer .1 tuiiiIy a roost valuable hundreds of persons I New York duo testily. Unlike the many miserable eonsiiiinds that ere sold under the name of hair dyes, it actually erforinsall it promises; in proof the inventor la prepared to ennaiiently rotor ladies' or gentlemeu'a hair, is a perlecUy vrn and uniform black or brewn, and make no charge unlets utire mi isf'aetlou is givsu. tieuilimeu ran have their whiens died arid cleansed in hall an hour, for w lueh i nrpoae rivutu r-roina Will be found t the depot. The dye is put up a a couviiuent form, with full directions for me for the c.iuenienep ol those w oo Prefer ?| lying i' themselves Price Hair Bottles $1 .30; for the Whirker Bottles,Jl OB Hold ihvlruli and remit by tlie proprietor, WM. BATf HF.I.OR, r'o. t vVnll street wear Broadway. dIJi tm ree I Ol lit, -!u the matter ol lbs estate Ol the late John A Drew, deoeraed? Nuicr is hereh) iriren, that the andertigaed have been dny nppoiuteil by the judge -f probate of the county ol Mlchi im.ckinae. <u ibe .*t?t? of Michigan, administrator* of th Slate I Job A. Drew, la e of Mackiunc, eonntv of Miehl mo,deceased,end hive taken upon themselves the rust, by giving Ponds according to law. Mackinac, Michigan, November 21, IIIB. william T. DRKW, h1niiy jonv.h, fcAM'L K. HARINU, dl l?*r' Administrators of lbs ssrare of lobe A Drew UKAKNES3 CUKED. 1 HROAUWAY'. (I" strict.11 eheerfullveomplv wph 'O 1 the request of Lianteiiant Mcintosh, to auite that he as invalided home as nnf.t for duly, in consequence of total 'alu*?a, and discharges from the e? a. Tint under the treat em of lira Turtle S? Kdwin a, anrirta id New Yora, be antele recovered his bearn g a'"l has ag un returned to tie ilitaiv it ty.?Signed, 11 MiNKVKN, Surgeon to H B. I. i irees, Jamaica. Acoustic Oil?A sure cii-e for iucipient denlnsss. disehre. rs front, or noises sud cll*rtiotis ol hard wm, Ite in the ,r?_(?f , IBl tlrnadwsv. J#l llm1t l'ancibs to fc nglan i), ik?1aa^u AND WCOTLAND >A11"'IF.S W'vh ns to 'e in?y in large or small semi to ilieir f * ?l* ? Hmaiti nr |rrU?t<i. ? ? ?' i th# rugrtt * ?' "? h -r rh (tutfh t ir ??n > '* m(\i At ???: ?. I -A 1?!?* ID H'l '?(/ ; . Ilif Ipfll fO?*U? 'H " 1'k.l UlU4 I ml a?mTtv<? I t ii Slo f y ifi-iy ?t*al by (!?<> ( till) IroW MiV p%rf of iht* Urtif?d ^tmri tc gifiuit th# ldrf*c< autl th^ nimr of lb# r*rtjr ui r#eelt? it, Wni?h Wll . regularly forwarded b^?Wh*LL VhV)N. d? lm* tic 117 Falwa sweet, New York.

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