Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1847 Page 2
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. Jmii m m n 11 aw * r r^iin NEW YORK HERALD. N?iv York, IHmulmy, >'?!?. uary I, 1**7. >? ??* lor Furop*. The packet ?h:pi Oxford, for Liverpool; Switseriacvl, for LsnJon; and Saracen for Glasgow, will sad this mornir? They will carry on* day later intelligence from Ameri'-n to Europe. This morning'! Yew I'ork Hit aU will contain tbe latest political and financial intelligence, and the market reports up to the lateit moment. Single copiee ot 'hn sheet v. ill form a valuable remittance te tbe merchants op Europe, and in order to give our subscribers an cppor tuuity to send duplicate copies of the HtroU fur JCurape, to their friends and agents abroad, we yesterday printed an extra edition of that publication. Single copiee of this sheet can he obtained at the office. i he letter bogs of the above named packets, close at the usual hour this morn ng The St Nicholas, for Havre, will not sail till to morrow. TO OUR PATRONS. MARKET AND MARINE REPORTS. in corma'Tenoe ot the recent sudden rise in the foreign grmn and cotton markets, it will be of the greatest importance to the mercantile community to receive early anil authentic accounts j of tho markets in this city, and in the south and west. In order to altoid this information, we have, within a few days, made arrangements on a comprehensive rcale, which will enable us to present to our readers every morning a full and complete j report of the state of the markets, the amount of sales <.f flour, l r.tin, provisions, &c , in this city and elsewhere These arrangements uxiend to , f und include tho whole south and west, and will place the Ntw York lLruld in this, as it is in all other respects, unapproachable by any other , journal in the accuracy and authenticity of its i statements. The ship news department of this journal has always been conducted in a manner most satisfactory to the community, und its accuracy and fullness has, on many occasions, elicited encomiums from the press and from merchants. Encouraged by our success, we have determined to make this feature of our paper more interesting than ever,by giving Ircquant accounts of all vessels loading for the old world, in all the sea ports in the country. Tiiis will be of great moment to our merchants and shippers, who have now entered on a career of unexampled prosperity, and f?r whose interest our exertions in this matter are especially designed. AfT.lia In tvusiilrigtoil. The movements in the capitol have assumed a piquancy, a point, a phasis, that will hereafter astonish even those now engaged in them. R story ( will blush to have them chronicled in her pages. We recommend the public to read and ponder over the debate in the House of Representatives ; in Washington, on Saturday ; and, indeed, also over that in the Senate. All those having the weal , of this great country at heart, will smile and shed a tear over the soenes enacted in Washington on that day. Folly reigned supreme for twenty-lour hours ; we ho, e that common sense will rule today. Our reporters have sent us full and life-like reports of the debutes, which we give in another oo'umn. They will attract universal attention. Thk New York Pilots.?By privato advices from Washington, we learn that it is the intention ol Mr. Dix to call up, either to-day or to-morrow, the bill to repeal the act of Congress of March 2, 1837, concerning pilots. Mr. Dix, through courtesy to some of the opponents of the bill in the Senate, has suffered it to lie over for a time, in order to give all an opportunity of examining its merits, so that there may be no cavilling hereafter, should tin- act of March, 18*17 be repealed, as it no doubt wdl he. It is now beyond all question that there is a de* termination on the part of a portion of the merchants und underwriters, to crush those honest, hard-working men. No case has ever come before a tribunal in this country, whether judicial or legislative, in which capital is so strongly "brought into antagonism witli labor. The very profession of the. a pilots?in its pursuit gallantly facing death in one of its mojt terrific shapes? out on the wide ocean, not unfrequently two hundred miles from land?amid the icy blasts of winder, and under the scorching rays of the dog-?tar?braving alike December snows and equinoctial gales?their life u continual grapple with death?this profession, from its very nature imparts to their character a simple honesty, and ingii nejs of purpose, forcibly contrasting with the sp'rit evinced by the very unhandsome and unprincipled elforts of their enemies, to deprive them of the fruits of their honest toil. The enemies of the pilots have even proceeded to the length of making, through one of their ad' ocate< tn Congress, absolute misstatements to the Committee on Commerce?misstatements calculated to operate most injuriously to the pilots. A cause that requires the aid of falsehood, must be radically bad. The enemies of the pilots, apprehensive of the ucce?? ,f the effort at present being mode to repeal the unjust law of 1817, hare tried every liCan.- to defeat this effort. The Committee on Commerce in the House of Representatives has been dosed with wholesale misrepresentation; and Mr. Dix, the chairman of the Committee ol Commerce m the Senate, who is zealously laboring lor the repeal of the law of 1837, has been assailed with abusive and threatening letters. We trust that these foul attempts to pollute the legislation ot the country at its source, and this most iniquitous and outrageous effort to shake thr fidelity ol a Senator ol the United States by men' ace nd scurrility, will receive such a rebuke by ?n ovorwliclming vote of both houses of Congresi tor the n pea of the law of 1837, as will prove r - rlutury warning, that neither wealth, nor power nor alone, nor menace, has power iigainst thr limine** arid purity of the Congress of the Unitcr States. A;.*nniv? Lawvxhs ?From the opinion of thr SajanorC mrt, in anoiher part of our paper, il w i ? r? view 01 me ecncc ana menun : "1 ' n ?!!" of the new constitution which - o ' '?ion of attorneys and counsel o'*, ditf ?, ally, irotn that ol the Supreme Co"ft Ih ' inner holds, that seveial years clerk- i n? <>n. . nc- >ry. Actual qualifl (i on ah the Sit; .nor Court requires, no mat t#r t.osr ?|.<.* quiied. Chief Justice Jonr also delivered en elaborate opinion, holding the r i in of clerkship i* not necessary under tin new constitution s srsrt mrs raoat Mexico?( 'apt Kempton, o ? 14 . i.< y, ?-rived yesterday liom Ha (- acnes from Vera Cruz, for thi 51 .?? Mb . r si Washington. We have a<l di* no t< -? Havana papers to the IC'.h, bit 'heve main ?n nter intelligence from Mexic s it- iee e. ve<j hy t ,? strainer Mississippi. Jl astral. If sines Osaaa Dei intti'i open of " I.ucis di Lain eraivi.r ? .1 ' e p< rformed for tho ninth and last tins this ?v?n.r.g |i< < ??? t. iuughout ths tbrss week a ,t? | r.'ser '* ?o- scut h?vs tally satiafled the man* gets th*t Uiere i? anoogk ol music loving people in tli city fully to ??satAiB t .? provided thoy contiuuo in ih stsbssi ch .Ming 01 11... a, when thus far they has .< i.. i.very evsi. l 1 >-? ,.|i>i.,iHi|ng the Inclemenc ? f tne a-? it. -r t rr i Palme's I. nl.Jing list bee .owde.l to eveiBos tog wnn hiilimat audiences 1 u?y be gatherA't is tt.r cita, sad w? wsiract none bav departed hut that ssots M| la I aith the ric , Ailvri vom'o of U#rdi. the g . nl. .iotas 01 Henovsnlano, an the aweet modulsu . is ol .Kn-dstu's tones They are trio ol sterling merit sa such are appreciate.! 1 l' .m wo mar well ?.M I. e. who will -.peak, ur ts<h? I < lor herself 00 Well as lay night whea she will tali l. principal rdfr 10 " Nina, potta per smoro " 11 11 M.I *' " M dlallan of IV t'fiM >1 Kalfi In l9?ll> AbmiI**?lapatUBl iMtlllfiM*. I', will l>s remember- I that la*' August Mr. Graham, Umtod Siitn(' nul, at Itur-no* Ayre*, and Mr (i S Br nt,v !u> u* hume It bearer of dee p ttebe V <1 rml the ineJ at.on of the Unfed States, b-'Weeri the Co itl 11 stlUrillMn * ol I'irsguay and ti>a A Kf | ibl e. In th Cxntrno dtl Plata of the %f.h and XIm f overuber, published at Montevideo, w? Hi.d a history ol the nefotiahoa, if nf|o'm on it can be called, and the olfi- iii letter* whi< h pasted between Minn Ur?.nt and Graham, and '.he supreme government ofibe Parsguman K"public it appear* from t ie rsiracts o( communications given below, that the mediator* were peculiarly unfortunate in the oiler ol their services. The fact that they wem representatives ol the United Uiates.would naturally place them iu ihe greatest respect with the government ol Paraguay, and hi* circumstance alone seem* to account lor even the courtesy with which they were received ; but their previous int mate relations with General Horns, made them appear rather as his interested agents, than as disinterestedly desirous ol settling d faculties In this light they were looked upon by the general government ol Paraguay; and the newspapers belore us speak of them as very honestly disposed, but in >st decidedly prejudiced in favor ol the views ol Kosas This appears singular. The Comfrcio of the 2d:li, in introducing the correspondence, says:? " We reiunie, li.>nontly an I accurately, the principal feature! of the political ao<l crafty acta **** on the part of Rosas. an.I finally the inuorouee, we ran iim no other expression. with which Mr Brent allowed himtall to lia le t and uted l>y the wilaa of thu iini.lioiii Dictator, who abused the faith of the Auieiiran niiuiiter. and the he nevolence of hia Government, having compromised him andplaot bitn against the plamp iteutiariea of F.tigijnl an I Krnnco, iu ipiritiona concerning which ha bad tie official right to interfere; nud converting him into an in strumont of his amhitiun in ilia affairs ot Paraguay. "" from the time that tlie suprvme Government accept* the American mediation, it become! our duty to regard ita moral loice in all integrity. The more diia*mhluig our own incredulity, we will be entirely rei|>ectful toward our guesta, Messrs. Orahain and Bient, who hava evinced such sympathies for our fair country. After a long interval, and after the *c?no? at Buenos Ayrea bad been forgotten, tbeie g"titlem?u errire at Pilar, Bending bofoieh.ind a aimple declaration, dated the 4th of August, statiug that ' they ? era hearciB ot important corn iu it ni cations relative to the offer of the mediation of tho United States, to iettle the difticultiea bafweeu the raruguuvan and Argentine government! ; and asking permission to enter the capital.' These a ere very gtuvn circumstances to be considered; and the rutnon tha> h id been circulated iu roa|>ect to tho conduct of Mr. Brent were well worthy of serious attention, and It was currently rei-orted that his offer to he presented, would be accompanied with the celebrated conditions mentioned iu the benevolent und frotemal vote of the Uiclu or himself, wiitten on the Ihh of .Match, directed to ,Minister Uuido, and rivaled te Mr, brunt Thus the negotiation was to be nothing more than u repetition of most egregious insults to the laws, and that in the very face Of the Republic, and in tho vary centre ot its teiutories. " In accordance with such considerations, tho Supreme Government, through its Secretary of Foreign Relations, demanded from the American casta ' tno QQMMSBtoHoS of the otllaial chacharacter they bring tho credential! authorizing them te act. the (rank exposition of their object and end to be at tallied, and finally the delivery of their despatches, which domauds complied with, it was eu-y for the Societal y te nee if Morer*. llreui k Graham really intended to ro otfer the iritating proposals of the U 111 March,and iu that case ' to oppose, as far as was decorous, aueneigctic and peremptory protest and repulse.'" The agents replied in n communication, the important parts of which wo translate, at the same time sending their credentials:? " Vili k Dm. I'm.**, 10 August, 1840. I " To D. Jindree (Jill, hlonorahle Srcritar,i/ " of the Suprnne Government of Paraguay : " We acknowledge the receipt of your letter, fcc. St", We regret that we did not transmit our credentials with our previous communication, but at the tune we did Dot see the necessity of delivering thern previous to our arrival at tho capitul. In reieronce to the remarkable reserve that hia excellency has discovered in our letter to ; him, wo can only say that it was written in haste, on bourd of the vessel, n short time previous to our arrival at the Ouardia, from whence it was sent, explaining briefly the ol-jsct of our coming, and hoping to lacilitato our entry to the capital, where we might more freely enter iuto explanations. The credentials sent, will show that we are simply the hearers of official despatches from our government, and were appointed by the Charge d'Atfairs of the United States, to place in the hands of either the President, or the Secretary of the Supreme Government, the otfer of mediation between Paraguay and Buenos Ayres. This mediation has been conducted with no other fooling i than those of the greatest friendship for Paraguay, and a desire to see a pence |ierpetual and honorable, established between the South America* republics. We kuow that men are lue heiiuun-iiiB biiu uoucb vi uui Kutv>i>m>>hv. "Th re are but lew republican governments, end we know that they are looked upon with a jealous eye by ttio mouarchiea of Europe. We kucw that convention-! exist aiming them, (as, tor exumple, the secret treaty of 181-2) lor the suppression of any extension of them, und, if possible, to put down their existence ; we know, moreover, that one of the methods adopted by them to accomplish this object, is by secret machinations; to sow discoid, und lument dissensions among sistor republics, which else would live togethei in hatmony. ***** It is true, that we have but teceutly been informed in reference to the resource* o! Paraguay and of the character of its citizons; but all the inforaiatien we have, agrees in representing the country as one of the richest and most hcautilul ot the world, iti inhabitants as intelligent as they are eminently lovers ol peaco and justice. In view of such facts our government through its npmnhHwi, Wlfcaa the attempt to brine the government of Paraguay and of Buenos Ayrcs in cor icspundence, to see if the troubles between them canno' be honorably-settled, without recourse to t; e terrible alter native of war. This is the only object of our govornmcn and of our misaion. Wo propose that there should In commissioners appointed, to treat on the terms of arrange ment, under the tiiendiy counsels of our government and such as the high contracting parties may chooie We are empowered, likewise, to explain the r.-u son! why tho mission of Mr. Hopkins at Buenoi Ayrcs had an unfavorable termination, and at th? samp time to show his own acknowledgement the1 lie had no authority for wi'lulrawing the offer of media tion made by the United States We hope, at least, that liia Excellency will hear the offer of mediation, as it is made by the representatives of our government, before refusing to accept it. Our instructions direct us to da iver with our own hands, the despatches we have brought, either to the President or to the Secretary of the supreme government, and to explain, byword ot mouth, certain lacts referrii g to the conduct of Mr Hopkins, at Buenos A) res. if it were not for this, and for a desire to mnnilesl proper respect, the oiler we make could have been ui well sent Irom buenoa Ay res by u post boy, as from thii place. * * * * * With thesi i*ntiments, we ask anew permission to enter Asuncion Wa camo as tar as the capital ol Entre Hios by laud, ac cumpanieil by an esaort of na officer and seven soldiers lrom Buenos Ayres At that point, owing to informatioi received ot the had state of the roads, the swoliei streams. Ike., we chartered the sloop Santa Uataliua ill Sena, of eighty tons, mote or loss, and embarked Sab vessel is entirely under our direction, has no caugo, will the exception of certain articles for his excellency th Presnlentot l'.u aguay. * * We are accompanied In Dr. Henry Kennedy, a citizen ol tho United Utatcs.who act in tlin quality ot phvsician ami liiend. One of our nuir her, acting in his official capacity, has brought with hii f Die flag ol the I oited Mutes on the ship lot the passags . The crew consists of tho enptuin, sailors, an Knglnd man, an Italiuu, two natives ot Paraguay, three o7 th ' United HUtcs, ono from the Philippine Islands, and tw L tiom Santa Fe. ? ji, Buenos Ayrean officer and soldiers remain on hoard th vessel * * * Wo have It t ceividtwo number* of the Paraguayan Indtptnditnl nod havn lead with pleasure the liberal decrees of tli supreme government relative to foreign a If airs The' > we have tiunimitted to our government; and anxious! . anticipate the time, when nil difficulties ihull tie legul 1 ted with reierenc* tu the nnvi|{utiun ol tho river, to tli; nur citizens may enjoy it* privileges, and wlien Tar guay may find to its intereata to permit the same cut > muiiicution to our citizen*. mid it* whole republic, i now ii granted to cituena of I'angiiuy, in common wil 1 uU othoi loieiguers, bv tho (JDitto State*. * . * ' The creden'ial that we trrnimit the only originnl copy in our possession, and wo sei ' it only in compliance with tho oai uent solicitation ol h excellency, tun Presi -out; in consequence,-we trui that it may be returned to ur on our aruval at the cn| tal, or at thin place, Hi care uny event should detain i ? here, Hoping to re eive a reply unoon hi may hq co renient, we take occasion to renew our assurances sincere respect and high consideration JOSKI'H OIIAHAM, U.S.Consul. t (1 L. Bbk.vt, Donrcr of Despatches. , The credentials above referred to, vrere oflici ? authorizations from Win. Brent, Jr., America Charge d'Affairs at Buenos Ayres, to Messi ( Brunt and Graham, instructing thein, in the lir place to proceed to Paraguay, and give tlioir 1? ters to President Lopez; secondly to explain tl reason*, why so long an interval had elapsed b ( tweon the acceptance of the mediation by Bncn Ayr* a, and its presentation to Paraguay ; ar lastly, to urge the appointment of commissio ers, as spoken of in the letter of the agents. The next document it the reply of tho Suprcrr > Government to the above communication * Messrs. Graham and Brent, and is a docurnoi " which will he read with great interest, t is di| ( tiili?- I, lucid, by true republics t iirmne?*, nnd highly creditable to its writer, Ca e los Antoni j Lopez, President of Pnragtmy. Asuncion, August Id, 1840. ii Tm? 8t srxmc OtircssMtsr or tur. " Kin silt nr riHsacAr. * To MrJirt. JmrpU Uiahnm and Oenrgt /, Urmt, y Cnntul and .Igrnlt o/ Ihr United Stairg 1,1 I h? comnuinication of the Uomiiiiifioner* of tl * ' 1 ' lies been pi e**nted to the President ol tl It.-, in . iimr mattci" those gontlemi ?r explains the reason of the brevity of their first comm i* i in Uion, they dec Inre that the end and object of tha | u.iiiiou it tu oflir the mediation of their government b twi -n Paraguay ?ni th-i Argentine Confederation, pro pwiid lite MiMHuuimeat bi Minieteis wi.o shall proceed to Busnot Ay res, there to treat with the Argentine plenipotentiaries and to settle the conditions for in amicable arr?ng*ni?nt in order that an honorable peace may be au>>al.tute ) lor the tnrrtble alternative of war, hostilities in the mean time being entiroly suspended. They weigh iitee the dangtrs that are to be I oared from European monarchic!, anemiea of rep'iblic.nn institution! ; and in conclusion they express deairea for the concession of ieciprocal favors between the Ulilted Statu and Paraguay, contemplating with interest the rich promise! of the future. The Prcaident will reply only to these principal topica, and that in a frank and brief tnunner. He accepted with pleasure, and also honored the mediation of the t'aited States, at tha time it was off tired by Mr. Hepkina, perauaded that under inch powerful and illustrious ant ptces. the Buonoa Ayrean government would not dare to lueult tha dignity aud honor ef the people of Paraguay. But after a short time the degrading language of official notes, aud of the press In Buenos Ayrea wua re newed. not nuly against Paraguay, but what is more remarkable, against the diplomatic agents of the b'nited Htatea. In elfect, to the greater degree that tha Argentine press reviled the conduct of Mr. Wise, now on account of hii memorandum sent to the Governor ot llueno* Ayr-* through Mr. Brent, and now on acceurit of the conference held ut the court of Biasil with Sr Uunlo, the more did tha note di rected by the Argentine Government te its minister at Kio Janeiro, seem a libellous defamution against tha American plenipotentiary. I'he zeal of that distinguished gentleman for the confederation, and his desires to sin an bonorablo peace existing between tin conflicting powcri, weie rewarded with the term*, futile unjust, .in I disgraceful, as applied to his advice At the samo time, Mr Hopkius wae likewise iusulted,through articles in the press, which only the government of Buenos Aytea knewa how to invest with, while denying them, an oltl ial eharJC'er The undersigned, therefoie, can not but be surprised that Mr. Brent should accept from liuunus Ay res, as the base of an arrangement with Pare guay, the* proposition of un incorporation Dutu numinu- 1 it g und ridiculous, and should consider that worthy of thought which ouly after long deliberation Mr. Wise wan intormed of * . Tbi* fully account* for tho ; laconiim of the honorable agent*, after act* no offlcitil nhl public ; act* repugnant to tho honor and dignity of , the nfaUk, which, it not to bo prevented from injuring j its law*, may not, at least, be renewed in it* prpsouce - * But, notwithstan ling all theie eb- I joction*,and other contideration* ol clear juatica, the uu- , 4irn'gned i* ready to give new proof of hi* eurneat ; .leaire* for an equitable peace. He will accept the expe- , 1 di*ntof *u appointment of .Minister* to adjust the conditions of a fair understanding, provided that they meet un- i dor the au?pifiu* o( the lion Mr. Wise, and at Hie | Janeiro. He will accept alao the condition of a cessation ot hoktilitie*, in the term* of the proposition, with the I understanding that the navigation between Paraguay and MM Ay re* ahull, in the uieuntime, bo open, although ! it may be with the reatiiction of no further opening of the Rio de la Plata It must ho considered, moreover, that b lib these condition*, irid any other* to be mude. rest al- j iv mm un the immoveable base of the acknowledgement , ot the independence rf Paraguay, it* national sovereign- | ty. and entire severance from the Argentine confedera- ! ti, i Kioin the m in cut that there should nri*e the slight, ot doubt a* to the admission of this understanding,any fur- I ' ther mention ot mediation would be unworthy or, arid improper lor, eventhu least distinguished of the tepreaentn- j tires of the United States Improper, in that the diftltul'y , then kecotnt s of a domestic and internal lutuie, not suit- , able lor foreign interference. Unworthy, for it certainly | wo jld confer little houor on uu American Minister, and , much less upon the high powers at Washington,lo offer it* mediation to 1'uriiguay in order to destroy the nrtiona, and to t'Ause to disappear hom the list of independent governments, a country which ha* it* name established through the space ol three decades, in indiaputed etistence. It would be n mediating to bring about political destruction. If, then, the honorable agents are authorised to cousent to such oonditious as 1 have ' above stated, they can come by land, accompanied, if they wieh, by Doctor Kennedy to thia capita); the vessel Santa Catalina can be left at the Pilar I with perlact security until their return. The President, undersigned, will conclude with two short remarks as to the lust topics ol tho communication of the honorable agent* Kirst, whatever may be the political intrigues of European monarchies against republican govai uments, it it vory certain th .t with respect to Pura guay. all machinations anduied by her originate from the Governor of Baeuos Ayres. ? Lastly, the agents look with pleasure and with anxiety upon the time when thecommeicialielaUonabetween the United States and Paraguay shall increaso and flourish under reciprocal protection. Paiaguay re-echoes with uone the less de sire, nor with less impatience, this wish for the future, and considers it a political desideratum,'oo long delayed; nor does &hc peimit the present opportunity to pass without expressing to the United States, the acknowledgement, that tho interest displayed by that government in ttie young iudonriiuoncv ef Paraguay, is deoply graves in her remetnbranco The underaignod avails himself of this opportunity- to sisnify to the Honorable Agent* his expression ol high logard. May God guard them many your*. CARLOS ANTONIO LOPEZ.-* This letter closes the correspondence, at least, | so lar as our knowledge of it extends. The reply of President Lopez seems to have given general satisfaction to the Paraguayans, especially that part ol it, which, seemingly distrustful of the good intentions of Mr. Brent, demands a proviso that the Hoii. Mr. Wise shall himself bo the acting mediator. We will merely translate a few remarks on tho subject, from El Comercio of the 21st:? | " President Lopez likewisu condition* the meeting of tho Psinguayan and Argentina plenipotentiaries at llio, under the mediation of .vlr. Wise. The partial conduct of Mr. Brent at Buouos Ay res, and hit shameful participation in tho schemes of Rasas, of which clear proof Una been given by agents around birn, could not but necesdtute the I'reNideut of Paraguay, to free the nego tiatorsfrom the evil influence of the Dictator, and to conlide the mediation to the noble and impartial charaoter of u person who iuspiies a coiifi lence that never could be J | looked lor in ,\lr. iiront or lus acts." I We regret that we can give no further particulars of this important negotiation ; it is to be [- presumed, however, that it is not a little advani ced, since the Paraguayan government has thus ( given light to documents referring to it, and o1 r such a nature as that we give above. The lates1 dates from Montevideo, are but seven days later than the papers which we have used in the above ' article. Theatricals, 1 Tana Thiatric ? Signora Ciocca, Nignorins Mantin, and Sug. Morra, and the curpt dt hallrt, of whom we have heard so much, but teen little, will inako their Hrat ap . pe.irance in tbi* city al th* Park to-night. In Boston and > Philadelphia, they have ever crested an excitement, and ' elicited commendation, which are tho bast proofs of the high rank they hold as artists We expect that Signora Ciocca herself will make such a hit here as bus rarely been equalled. Signorina Mantin i? very youug, very pretty, and very graceful. Morra la universally pronounced la bo one o." the boat male dancer* we havoever had in this country. The ballet chosen for their first appearance is a now one, " Diana and Eudymion besides wiiich tnaie will be u giand pas ilr rfenx by Aignora 1 Ciocca and 8ig. Morra. The evening's perioimnnce will ' commence with the petite comedy ol "< ousni Lambkin,'' ' in which Dyott, Kisher, Harrelt Mis* Uordon, and Mn. I Knight will all appear There should be nn ovei (lowing house to answer such novelty and attraction offered by ' ! the managers. i, Bowrsv Thkatrk.?Music holds sway at present e within the dominions of the old Bowery. Misa Mary * Taylor is instilling into the souls of the frcqueuters of e that elegant es'ablislioient a tasto for musical beauties, T whi 'hwell guarantees the management in their liberal " production ol light and pleating operas. This evening, n I the opera of" Cinderella,''with all the adjunct* of new !. and beautiful reentry, extensive nppointmaiits, new l" 1 dresses, properties, kc. kc., will be )>roduced. Misa 0 Mary is, of cou so, the Cinderella, in which character e she will sing a variety of sweet airs. Mr. Hunt, also,who e by the hy, is rapidly growing in public favor, will be the s- Prince, A motig o.Uer gem., bo will sing the besutif 1 r, air " Motningits sweets is Hinging." .Messrs Vache, ic Stevens. 11. (bupman, Ha law-ay. Airs Booth, and Miaa J. iu Disk*, all have good parts; una the choiu'se* have been, y for some timeppast,under the carelul drilling ol Mr Tyte. a- The pleasant little cuinedy of " Like Master, like Man," at j will precedathe performance of the apeia. n | j1* j City Intelligence. . Tiir Wiathxu Yesterday was a (lni day, and tha is streets were dry; Broadway wan " dlivo" with pedes>l* triana. The thermometer at A o'clock, P. M. atood at SI decree*. It began to frcese heavily ahout half |xut 6 ? o'clock. Mork Emihraut Di.sriTurioN.? Policeman riuinrrei ol of the aeco id district, conveyed to the station house yea tarday n family consisting of husband, wile, an t twe children, pa<seiiger* per ihip Marric k. wli .jn hr fonn<! ' iri a ?t?te of greet destitution hi the st?cets. Through the kini'incs of some benevolent individual* thoy weie ?tl supplied wiih food, lodging, and cl 'htng, from the tim? in nt their arrival until taken care of l>v policemen Plum mar Tliey will he removt-d to the Ainu Mouse, aa aoor aa possible. s. On. fitness Lrcruan.?Dr. llyder's lecture l-?et even ,t. ing in Ht. Peter's 'hutch was our of the moat etile, con vnn'in ft nnd eloquent discourses that we ever listsaot i? to, arid every v.ay worthy of the distinguished preleti who delivoied it. Our reporter took pretty full nilea which be will write out in time for publication into OS1 morrow's pajier. Dr. llyder will lectuie on the eemi 1(j subjacton next Sunday evening. The attendance las evening waa very largo, and gienter than the buildiu| it* could comfortably accommodate, hut thia waa no ohiee . ion, inasmuch as the receipts are to be appropriated t< the benefit of the poor ot the church. 1C I MssisrraL's llorsr.?Our Advei'ising columns thi 01 | morning contain an announcement that this dalightfu nt ' place ii to let, and will be r.iiito.l by the proprietor 01 refcsoniihlo terms lor one or more yeara. Itiathemoi i' charming |ilnce of report in tbia vicinity. " | Fiats?A fire occnrrod a' the Mnnhattan House,Che1 r- ham square, yesterday about II o'clock, A. M. The flr was promptly put out, through aid of tho (ire compeniei An alarm in Ibo 3d avenue, drew together several of th fire companies, amongst whom some difficulty arose i relation to putting out the lire, wlii h, however, amouii ed to nothing inoro thea an" alarm." Aisothui Another tile occurred yesterday mernini , at 1 lit (irand atreel. in tho rear, ownod and occupied b James Mulligun The fire was promptly put out. Dt pn mage trifling 11 Stil l. AtiOTMva.?A fire broke out lai, night ebot ir l'J o'clock, in a nogar store, No 7 Battery Place.0 Stock considerably injured by Are end water. I Superior C?nt. i Huloiethe fuii , Jit. tO.?In tht matttr of J! B , wh applty for aJuut. nun to practin at an Jittornry in tho Superior Court. ' V*no? iron., Juilgi.? A motion was. several days ago, made by Mr. Duer, that Mr. A. II. be admitted to pr.n-.tiao aa uttomey of this court ; stating ititigj that he had notaerved such a term of clerkship as I would entitle him to admission under the ruiea of the Sui premu Court, an<l founding hit claim to admission on the I eighth aectionof the aeTeiilh aiticle ol the new conetitutiou which proridei, that "any male citizen of Ike age of twenty-odb yeari, of good moral character, and 1 who poasenes the requisite qualifications ol learning an 1 ability, shall be entitled to admiaaiou to practiae in all the Courta ot this State." The reviand atatutea, (I vol. PH.) provide! that couaaellora, . j aolicitora, ami attornoya. akall be appointed, and li| ceoaad to practiae, by the aeveral courta of law and | i equity in which they intend to practiae; und that the upreino court iliall preacribe the ruloa anil regulations | under which couaaeilera and attorney* shall be appointed and licensed iu that court. Under thia atatutory direc- i 1 tion, the aupreme court have, by a general rule, provi- { vi.led that no peraon ahall be admitted to examination aa an attorney, UDleae he ahall have aerved a regular ; clerkabip of aevan yeara, iu tho otttcu of a practising attoraev of that court; but if he haa regularly puraued 1 classical atudioa for four year*, or any ahorter period aftar the ago of fourteen, it may be allowed, in lieu of an equal term of clerkship. Thi* court a general rule pro/i led, that attorneya uiul counsellors of the au piemo court, may b.i admitted to practiae a a such? in tho au|ierior couit, upon taking the outlii of oltlce, and signing ita roll; and aa to thoie who have not been alrea | dy licensed in tho supremo court, the rule ol thia court requites the tame term of clerkship, a* that of tho supremo court. The queation is, are we hound to regard the new constitution, a* establishing a tdle to, or qualification for admission, other thun that wnich ia recognized by tho ruloa of the aupiotne court? Thero, surely, can be up doubt as to the iuteutiou of tbefrumers of the constitution when they incorporated in it Uie abovo recited proviaion Their object, manifestly, was to remove, in a great degree, the impedimenta , to tho aduiiasiou to the bur which than existed. This was the view taken oi it, alike by the friends and the enamici of the proviiion, when Ural proposed in, end when ulterwards adopted by the Convention. The general popular expression, whether predicting good or evil results, u? likely to flow from it, concurred, that its design wua, and that ita effect would bo, to facilitate admission to tho bur ; and that it changed tho condition of admiaaion from a aevon yours' cleikship in un attorney'a olflco to that of uctual qualification of requisite learning and lability, no matter how expeditiously acquired. The candidate for admiaaiou now cornea before ua and aay a, in the language of the paramouut law " 1 am of tho ago of twenty-one yeare, of good moral character, and posaeaaed of the requlaite qualification of learning aud ability for admiialou aa an attorney of your court. I claim an admiaaion to practlco therein." Cun we answer him by saying, that we will not adjudicate upon that claim o^Utle, which the constitution pronounces adequate, unleaa he bring us evidence, that ha haa served aaven yeum' clerkship in a lawyer'a otllce. Much an answer would, to my mind, be a palpable violation of both the letter and spirit ol the constitution. It would be exacting a qualification, or criterion ot title, other than those which the constitution declares sufficient. It is the business uud duty of courts still to enquire whether tho particular applicant for admission possesses the qualifications prescribed by tho constitution. Thi, may he done by ordering un examination of the candidate to be made by one of the attorneys and counsellors of thA court, or by one of its judges, or in open court. If, upon aucli examination (which should always be thorough) it shell uppear that he possesses the qualifications demanded by the constitution, it is not the business of the court to Inquire whether hu acquired them iu seven yuars, three years' or one month. Courts have the power to look into the qualifications of each applicant ;but not to superadd conoitlons or qualifications to thesa with which tho constitution expresses itself satisfied. It has been suggestod, that as attorneys and counsellors ot courts ere " public'' ofllceru, legislative interposition is necessary to carry the above provision ot the constitution into efl'ect, according to its spirit and letter, from this view, I entirely dissent. Tho constitution provides that the justices ot tho Supreme Court, and the I new Court of Appeals, shall not exercise tho power ol' ! appointment to public office; and it has, therefore, been ' suggested that the Legislature must prescribe the mani nerin which attorneys are to he licensed or permitted to | pruutise.and the mode in which it is to be ascertained, I scribed by the constitution. Counsellors and attorneys are not " public officers," within tire sense and menui ing ol the constitution, prohibiting certain courts from | appointing to olhcn. A public citicei is one upon whom the publtc have a right to call for the discharge or perj romance of his duties. The public have no right to | compel an attorney to bring or defend a suit. After ho is licensed to practise, he may accept or reject a fee or suit at his option ; and the public cannot control him Not so with " public officers" in the sense of the constitution. The public have a right to call upon sheriffs, surrogates, and clorks of courts, for the performance of their duties. They are public ollicers. It is very obvious that the object of the constitution was chiefly to prohibit courts lrom appointing their clerks?a patronage which many good men regard us extremely mischievous. Again: The powor of appointing to public office, implies the power of preferring one candidate and rejecti ing another. The appointing power appoints one and excludes another. This right ol choice and preference is 1 incident to the power at appointing to a public office. | In the exercise of this right, our higher courts have, heretofore, appointed their clerks ana registers. But in i licensing attorneys, counsellors, and solicitors, I have j never, until very recently, heard it suggested, that they i are appointed to a public office, in the ordinary and popular understanding of tho term. hi construing a constitution?the immediate emanations of the popular will- it is certuirdy fit to inquire into the i-opular meaning of words employed in it. In contemplating a public officer, the popular mind would, surely,reat upon objects other than mere lawyers. No one could suppose, that I hyaic.-ans ware ever public officers in the eye 01 tho law or the constitution. Vet, the revised statutes tequired that candidates lor the medical profession should study four years with a practising physician or lawyer, before they could be licensed to practise, and that they could not receive from the Regents of the University the 1 degree of Doctor of Medicine, unless they should I have attended two complete courses of lectures in a medical collego Our revised {statutes also rendered ''physicians amenable to medical societies for professional misconduct. Attorneys and coun' sellers are responsible to the courts that license i them. No one ever supposed, that medical societies ! or tho Kegeuts ol the University, in licensing, or conferring degrees, appointed to public office. Those licensed by medical societies were, always, regarded as ! mars members of a profession of their own choice. 80, attorneys and counsellors hare, generally, bean estaemod officers of the court which liconsed tbem, (aa contradistinguished from officers of the publio.) and members of a calling or profession ol their owe choice. It is, therefore, clear to my mind, that, legislative interposition is not indispensably necessary to carry out the j provision ef the constitution, relating to attorneys and ' counsellors; that ceurta must judge ct tho title of every applicant for admission that may present himself; and, if satisfied that he is of the age of twenty-one years, of good moral character, and that he possesses the requisite ' qualifications of learning and ability, they are bound to j admit him, without reference to the qualifications re: uuired before the new constitution went into effect. Movements of Traveller*. The arrivals yesterday at the following hotels, were. , as, generally, on a Sunday, limited to the uaual amount upon that day Asron?Geo Desbarats, Montreal; Mr. Rush, Prov.; A. Haselton, Charleston; W. Coney, Boston; IV. Davis, do.: J Wheelwright, Natchez; I W< Bigelow, Boston; J. Pitman, f'rev ; Mr. Knpe, N. Orleans; VV. Elliott, St. Louis; Pierce Butler, Phila ; J. B. Haydn, do ; A. Wells, Albuny; A Brooks, N Y. Ami hic *?? ? W. Leitch, Charleston ;? J. stone, Mississippi ; II. Polhemui, New Jeriey ; K. Brown, Ohio; Daniel Smith, New Oileeni; Jama* Dougherty, Ireland; ('apt. Dttarnberry, U. 8. Army. ( it*?j. B. < Husorn, Newark; Washington Booth, Baltimore; J. Birtaall. Pitt^urg; H. O'KeilTy, Albany; C. B Cooper, Philadelphia; B Ladd, Richmond; G. VV. Kroat, Danvers ' iKaanai.iit?J. Bancroft, Boston; J R. Albartaon. Now York; J. U Wright, do; J Harper,do; J.uue? E. Fiaher, Brig George: J. Mulford, New York; H. Palmar, do; R Cmi .field, Mount Millord. Hon ?at) ?K Mallett, Montpelier ; B Patrick, LouieTitle; Mr. Liley.Conn ; B. Cottle, ?N*ntucket; O. W I'etleraon, Phil ; J. Trevor* and family, Chila ; Benj. BUtrey, Hottou ; C. Grant, Newark ; John Goold, Me.; C Greeue, Beaton ; 8 Snows, Portamouth : C. Water*, Boston ; H Way la, do.; J Parkur, Columbia ; J. Randall, Baltimore . P Seigmnr, Phil 1 Junto*? M Oukes, Hartford, G. W. rhelpt, E. Canington, ( enu ; W. Thompson, A Boody, Georgia. It.THeoa ? I. T. Adtiance, Manchester, N. H ; C, Williams, Buflslo ; G. Braemnn la, Rome; L. Bu'kely, New York ; W Baldwin, Cherry Valley ; R Johnson, Oarego. Police Intelligence. ^lrrnt ?f an old "Ftnct"'?< onstable Joseph, of the 4th ward, arreitad yeaterday, a woman by tha nama ol 1 Ca'harine Behan, keeper of a notorious "lance," for the buying an l receiving of stolen property from thieves located at No 10< harry atreet. A |K>rtion of the stolet property. belonging to Mr John Wit, tailor, No 2< 1 i atharn.' atreet, whose store was rohhed a few nighti ego was found hy the above officer yesterday, concealer on the premises of this woman There is an indictmen pending against her now for buying atolen goods, lo uloue the present rbarge. Justice Osborne hi I her ti > hail in AM0#. in delsuit of which, the was committed ti ' the tomb* lor trial 1 Piityirtrl in /*? Hatlrm Stags.?Some sncakin) 1 plck|iocket cut tbe pocket off of a lady by the name o > Mary Dnhtirat, residing at 27 Centre atleet, containing I purse with $12 iu money, while coining te the city ul aatuidav in one ol (he Harlem sieges No arrest. Jurtntlf Har,? Thief ? A "ey called James Pearson was arrested yesterday by officer Haawell, of I Ith Ward on tuspk'in i ol ate ling a bursa and wagon valued a I * to Mr John Legrave Locked up b; i Justice Ketcbem. Varlelleat J Wni II Mol'.wen, Semusl "terrot, were killed, an Wm Davidsondangaroualy injured, at North ' Townahip, Pa , laat week, by the falling lo ol col ) bank The brig Eveline, which sailed from Newbury poi yeateulay for the Columbia River, has e pi ess and mat) ilata for e printing establishment, on board. ' A number of cititen of Lynn, have in rontemtdatio the erection of an observatory en H:gh Rock in ihi town in which tbey propose to place a glass ol inodi rate power I- An infant eon of Mr F.lbrilge G Keith, of East Boi a ton, ?g?d eighteen months was so severely trai led o l Wednesday lorenoon, that he M m eighteen hou's Horn t Sinclair's boa factoiy wisa burnt at llogbur] j1 on Friday night laat Col i aleh Citshing has given to each man of thoMn sachuvt'a regimest, muttered into re:vice, a |air < f boots. They will all put then loot hi it ? In Manchester, N. H , John Cal lwe|| hat been f in guilty of porjuir, in teatimony which he gave, aa to in author of en mticle in his | *|H'r, tbe Oleann _ j Albert J Tirrell has been tent te serve out his time i , the State prison, hia two weeks leave having eapired Nb-.y Fang, Jar.rtry 30, 1817 yilittty Mmtmtnti in Oil Coins, fi'cu'. Tb* air |o?i on b:i<il>ly here. Tie rendezvous lor volunteer* is crow led witti volunteer* a:.d lookers-on. Colonel Hellenbeck end Colonel Johnson, two of oar most influential end worthy citixeni, are now raising a company to serve during the war. They have over sixty on their list*, but are expecting to raise a full company ol 100 men The volunteers alieedy are exercising, and | have maJe one or two evening parades, and their drill, | so far, is highly creditable to themselves Colonel J. lays asiJe a lucrative profession, a large and extended practice, resigns bis commission as Colonel, and takes that of Lieutenant of volunteeis, to serve his country. May he win honor aud ruiiewn in this glorious undertaking, and gain an imperishable name on lime future battle Held ! Many voting men of the highest j respectability are unrolled uuder him, und bid fair to distinguish theinsi Ives. They will do honor to old Connecticut in the hour of trial. Dr. L does not progress as fast with his company as wo could wish ; not that he is deficient in bravery, hut he has not sufficient confidence in his ewn capabilities. Let bin go for ward i i his undertaking, as he has now a good start, and, with : little exertion, he can raise a first tate corps. Recruiting stations aio opened in all the surrounding towns - Briilgeport, Derby, Birmingham, Ilumphraysviils.fc I understand th- t t, o hi vice* ot the Humphreys villa Grays (who volunteered last season) hare tieen accepted by the Hecrota' y of Wur, and they are to ; b* mustered into service forthwith. Tho " Wooden .Nutmeg State" is slow, but sure. A destructive fire occurred in Nort'.u n.berland, I'm I last week, consuming the hotel belonging to Messrs | Taggarts, and occupied by Mrs. Withiugton, together with several other buildings. Several attempts huve recently been made to obstruct the passage oi the cars on the L. I Railroad, or to tlnow them from the track,by removing a rail These outrages, we understand, are committed betweon ltiverherid und Medford elation. _ A Chapter for hniilcs only to Heart ? .\* a cure for soiioi. sod tu diire ssr<v splern, ami beguile a leisure hoar pleasantly end proli *blv, we would lecommesil a visit to the store of Mr. Win. Gardner, of 215 GrteuW cli street, wheie we will guarantee you will ft id every description of Dry Ounds that yi-u may need, M lenllv surprisingly low prices besides the advent ge of n conimodi us store to deal 10. troop of attentive clerks to receive y ur order*, and , en aiteusive, rich and varied nt goods to rlinese Irotn. I We hope this hint, aa did our lust a few ilavs ego, will wike [ np the eeouomists, who with to moke litrd timee easy by piircltvsiog che ?i? goode. I'llllixlelplilii Agcntl for tiro lleinld ?CI. B ZlEBF.R L. CO., 3 Ledger Building. Thud etreet, below Chesuut. Thoee wishing to have the Herald served regularly at their etoraeand dwelliage. will please e**e thes H IBCI ai ?b ive. Terma 7i ce.ite per month Single copies for sal* daily. Price :i cents. jit lm A Card? I tail In it Opera?The Malingers of thai ttiiea Oym . nftrtrti ? public that si tir equcstof aw | vara, pora.vua, ihey wilt give an ratra per-snaanee of " La i ci? di Lr.miner.noor'' on aarurduv Beat, tiih February, to give those who have i.ot been atde i? atleml. an upp utmiity ( hearing that beautiful opera, while it will place them in a position fur tha Ivge . ntlaya made, and tu he Bide, lor liltproduction of opriaa of ilia fiist order. 8eaa><u ubrorihtrs may trtaiu i-ei- ??t's hy apply ng at the bo* office until TbnraJiy ueit, 4th F ebruary at II o'clock. I w Navlgalliin of Uac (Milts Hirer. fiacre. Tim*. Slate of Hires Louisville . .Jan H. . ,ft,feet 4 in. Wheeling. Jun 5". . .8 fe-t Cincinnati Jan 54 . . a leet Pittsburg. . . ,J in as . . d feet MONKY HAKKKl'. Huiiilay, Jun. .'II?H P. M. It will be perceived on reference to the table of quotation*, which wa give below, that quotations for atock? have, within the past week, advanced several per cent; that the ndvanoe baa been goneral; the good, bad and indifferent having bren benefitted by the improvement in our commercial affairs. The new government loan has keen (old above par, and all the State stocks have ad van ced a* much at any of the real fancios We annex a table giving the quotation! in this market for the principal speculative atocka for each day of tt a past week, and at the close of the woek previous: ? I Quotations ro* thk raincirsi. Ntocks in thi Nxw Yokh Mahikt. 8ofy. Uo'y. Tu'y. IF>V Th'y fr'y gn'y Ohio Hitcs 91 ? SSJg 93 ? 95 W Kentacky Sixes. 33V ? ? ? ? 98V ? Feniuyl'a Fixes. 67,"J ? 69 70V 70V 7#?. 71V Illinois Si 35 SI* - - - 40 Indiana Sixes... 35 ?- 31 _ ? 39 40 Reading Boads.. 7IS 72 72 72.V ? 73V 7S Rd'g Mr'ge Bds.. 7IJ? ? ? ? 71V ? ? Readme Itail'd.. 57#J 17V 58i{ J8V H? 61V 64 Nor k Worces'f 30 51* 5i* 3^ 53* 03V 51* Erie Kit.,old.... 5l,V ? J5?, 56 ? 56* y\. Erie Rlt., new., 8"s ? (In* ?' 81 81 SI 8] Harlem Kit 52* itbi 5J* SIS SI 52* 53* Loug t.,aud 23* 24 24* 28* 2d* 30 3d", M .xik Si Mjg SS ? ? 61 Hconington ? ? ? ? 40 ? ? Farmers'Loan... 25* :t'j 26* n* 24 23* 31 Canton Co 3 fi 3'* 33* 34 35 ? 35* Moms Canal.... ?* ? ? 9* ,0* II* 11 ll>, Vieksburg ??,' ? 8 * I* I* ? 8* Uni'd States Bk.. 4 - 4 - - 4*. East Boston 11 U* ? 13 II 2* 11 N.Am. Trust.... 8 ? 81* 8% ? ? !)* A comparison of prices current nt the close of tho market yesterday, with those ruling At the close ot tlia market on the Saturday previous, exhibits an advance in Onlo O's of 4 per cent; Penn. 6'*, 6 per cm'; Illinois 0, Indiana 0; Reading Bonds, .I*; Reading Hit, 6%; Norwith and Worcester 1 *, Erie HR , old, 3; MV,IKi Harlem *; Long Island, 64,'; Mohawk,8, Fanner's Lo.m. fl*; Cantou, 4*; Morris Usual, 9.*; Vickshurg, U.S. Bank, Jf; East Boston, 3; North American Trust, IV It undoubtedly appear* to many highly probable that tho movement going on in the principal stocks, it the re suit of cornering operations in the street; but such is net the cats. The improvement it too general for that; if it had been confined to one or two of the leading fancies, there would havo li;en good grounds for such an impression, but every stock iu tho list hat baon moio or lest af fected.and the cause can be tracod te a sound aud legi'l1 mat* improvement of all ths elements of prosperity ; to a very great and permanent relief in the money the establishment of the financial policy of the government,upon a basis calculated to increase tho rolume of th* currency, and not only add largely to the circulating medium, but to augment iti value an] iucrea e the facilities of commerce, anil to a very great influx of specio, ia payment lor our luge exportation of breadstuffs. These things tend to alreng'hen our prosperity, and guaranty a continuance of the favorable state of exchanges between this country aud Great Brits a which insures an importation of the piecieus metals, to an extent which we dare not an'i:ipato. Under this flittering state of things, we see nothing to prevent ipio ta ions for stocks reaching points, the# have,far tho past two years, been receding from. All ef our work* of internal improvement, must bo much benefitted by th* impetus high prices aud an unlimited demand givas to the transportation of our principal product* from the iute| rior to the seaport markets ; and the money market* have baeome so much improved by the immense addition to our supply of specie, that the unfinished works. ' particularly rniiroau*, win una pit-my ui cupum uusi iur for investment, to secure their completion. There i* a very favorable feature connected with our , foreign trade, calculated to give u greater permanency to our prosperity than otherwiao would he realized. We allude to the limited importation of foreign goods for the I four month* ending December Slut, 1846 and IS 16. The 1 annexed statement exhibits the number of package* ox po:ted to the United State* from Liverpool for tho month* of September, October, November, and December, 1845 and 1840. Paexams or Dar Oooos Eif.irti u to the United States raoM Livasreol. JV. York Hot/an. Bhila. BaU'r. South. Total. 1*45 13.490 4 2 37 3,14 3 655 1,02 St,*? 1846 10.813 3.80 8 3.735 81 1 S'.l 19 881 Thi* *bow? a falling offofS 656 package* in tho l.iat > four month* of I84H com pared with the corresponding , period in 1845. A very large portion of tho exportation of dry good* lrom Liverpool to thi* country for our > ipring trade, i* uiuwlly ma to before the let of January; | and, if we may judge by the above table of the piobable I extent of our importation thi* kcaaon from Oreat Biitnin, I I the conclusion we should come to would lo that the | nggregate would be rather under than over that of la*1 ? year. It muit be rerollocted that the quantity of dry good* on board our puckut ahips from Liverpool, now ' due, or in tho re which cleared from that port previous i to the lit inatnnt, i* included in the aliovo table, n It doe* not, therefore, appear, a* many have anticipated ! that our importation of foreign manuiactures i* goi,.g to II i be unuitially largo, and wo tee 110 probability of turning it the tide of specie now letting so strongly to our shore* * The high price of food in Ureat Britain, and tho high price of rotton all over the world, will not oely check the conaumption of the raw material in the United Kingd dom, but will enhance tha cost of all the fibrin* tho ma* "J j nufacturer* nay turn out. 'i he increase in price* for lito^d *tn(fi ami cotton, in England, i* cqnil to an addition ^ of more than 30 per cei t in tho price of manufactured l- good*, which will more than offset tho advantage* the maufacturer* ef Great Britain would otherwise deilvefrom n the reduction in our tariff. What effect will thi* statu I. of things have upon Mr Walker's estimate oi revenue Lorn custom* 1 It i* our impre*?ion that his thirty mil I* lion* wnl not b# realized What the gove> nnient in ly n lore under those circumstance*, the country a' large Will gain The more limited our importations, ths ' grea'er the amount of specie we shsll tec i'e, as < tn , eii-ortation will only h* limited by tho ficilitie* at comif mtnd for transporting our pto-ltii"" to the mirkets o t.iirnpe Our agt i alterel staple* not ontycommanl 1 , ssee In git tgb f t ' ,,r7 ' -"r?? "? # and bushel ef grain we Pan, will be wautetl he tween tbi* ant harvest, to sustain tho starving popu " ^ ietso. el U. ei4 world L i 1. .I" " Ulj 57 ?cU Eve iiOiWi Ai?i.ita 115 hs Ci na c. t. WOO u KC?, 'ii, stO ll'J 100 do tuff 3v., iroo? hm 7., is1; r> do 31*7 10,0 lii'li on Bdi, 'JO, VII 73 do b30 34 U'OOrtUiS*, or* -?U 10 do b.1# S#*4 Hio-O ,| 1 boo 77V; 31 Ohio J il> !l TfUM, 9^ 3000 do 4fool 77 HO Mi ll??k MII, I.CO 61 *>w?0 do op< 77 630 Hirlim KK, 3! Vt iO Ohio 6i, *00, 96 600 J i 33*; 95*4 IOC do b15 33;, ' 000 III in oil Spl Bdi. 40 2JU do b50 33H '3000 Reolmg Bd., .blO 75 loo Norwich Si Wur. 34 *00 do 73 30 do blO 34k 15 ?h. N Rn?r Bk, 95 500 do 34j2 9<"0 Tirmiri' Tf, III 30 do uw SIX 2?? do bJO 30 .50 do 34H JV? do .60 20V4 30 do ow 34 J? do tlu ftX 5.7 do bio 54 J?? do bow 30 75 Em HH. 37 ?? . do b30 30Vi 105 do 57X 50 Morru ClU.l, II ;u d> Hlf 7^ J? lll4 10 En? scrip, 03 C u . 4l '|l< '? do 100 N A fruit, bJo 9-4 30 Eait Boitoo, 13 _ do Uitf ?2 30 do I3H Jjf TUkjbWf Bk, ? 375 Lju* Island KK, 10k f? do 0V 50 do SOjJ < 5 do b30 ?7j ltd do 30 >n? do b30 9 50 do bIS 10 400 IIIiudu Bank, 17 '130 do b30 JuV 25 do 12*4 130 do i9W 1 0 He idiiiK RB, 61 100 do >40 2S?; | 75 do 63* 100 do IK Jrv.s IU0 do 64 Hccona Board. 59 aha Farmer.' Loan, 50 100 alia Hailtm Kit, 53 23 do 30 50 do HIS 51 5) do 30 50 do b!0 53 200 do 1,50 50309 do fcOO 51* If'O d) b30 350 do bTO 53 269 do SUV 50 do $10 55 S, 50 do VH 50 do 109 do MU 30!d 50 Heading Kit, a90 64 50 do 301. 1( 0 do at nit ?4>, 50 do 30* 1000 Heading Bdr, 75 1(0 d> bJO 31 100 I liooia Slate Bk. bit 13 150 do 31 50 Nor Jc Wor, 53k 50 do b30 31 V 25 do 53% 50 do b30 3'V 100 do 54 50 do 31100 Canton Co, 36 2(0 do 31 50 do 36 50 do ais 31 25 N A Trnat, New Stork Exchanga. 25 alia t'anron Co, ?"?ti 3CV 25 alia Farmera' Tr, >3 rgk 50 Htrlrm KK, caah 53V 50 Nark War, caah itJa 39 do a8 531# 50 do caah 54|a 250 d > caali 53V 160 do call 54* 150 do .3 531% 50 do Moa St* 5> do U30 54 26 do baw 5>H 1C0 do Moo 53V 50 do bnw 64 50 do caah 33 50 do oaah 535k DM. In thia city, on Friday, the 29th day of January. Annan> l.i.a, wile of Beniamia S. Brooke, F,?q nnd daughter of Mr*. Annahella Brown (thn relict of the late Captain J Drown) and uioca of Captain K <> Cameron, aged 21 year*. Thn relatives and frienda of tho family are invited to attend her funeral from tho real lence of Captain F. O. Cameron. No. 6 Oreonwich atrcet, on Wadneaday, at 3 o'clock, P.M. Suddenly, on Suoday morning, the Slat instant, of the croup. Ann Aroint a, youngest daughtor of Wm. C. and Caroline IIoff, iigad 3 yean. The frienda of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, without further invitation, thia (Monday) morning, at II o'clock, from the roaidence of her father .17 Warren atreat. On Saturday, tho SOIh nit., of pulmonary consumption, in the 26th year of her nge,, wife of E lgur A. Poo. Her frienda are invited to uttend her funeral at Fordham. Weatchester county, on Tuaaday next, (to-morrow) at 2 P M. Tho enra leave Now York for Fordham, from the City Hall at 12 vl ?returning at 4 P M. At Wuturvillfl, MS,W130W JtHttltKOI L.KWIS, to, u native of Barnstable. Mass In Phillipstown, 95th instant, widow PauBtnoE Smrhai.ii so yoars .5 months. In Boston, 36th instant, Major Oliver Johonwot, aged A7 In Charlostown, 20th instnnt, of disease of the heart, Nathaniel Crocker,61, suiviving his vyfe but fix weeks. In Warohani, 30th instant. Colonel Bartlett Mvr woch. 6-l In BnEton.Ma.94th instant, Mr.,KRAi. Libbke, a revolutionary soldier, 88. At Nantucket.Mre. Dolly Youtto, colored, supposed to he more than 100 years old Lately, in Berwickshire, England, Genornl Sir Mirtin Hi NTra, aged 90. He was the oldest officer in the British army, and was in the battles of Banker Hill, Brooklyn end Brandywine. NOTICE-I O. of O. E Diamond bodge, No. lfe?The members of Diamond Lodge are hereby notified na atfeud at ih- Lodge Room, 187 Bowery, on 'luesdty, lie 2nd iuat, et 1 o'clock, P. M , to attend to the dnfy ot paying the last tribn'e of respect to our late worthy Brother slrthsbald Morrison, Jr. Byerdcrof ANDREW GRAHAM, N. G. Marsh Cutter, Secretary. P. s.?The member* of the older iu general ara invited to ItPH. f' H*c HUDSON RIVEK. RAJLR.OAD. I^HK friends of the Hudson River ilailrnad, residing iu the I 4th Ward, and *11 othera ia fivor of the above really meritorioni project, are requ'sted to attend a public meeting at the ahspeare Hotel, on Tunsdav evening, the 2d inst., at 7jjo'clock \V. IlALL, Chairm.n. I W Avert. Bec'v- htt*r ' I > m~k A m ERIC A N AURIC ULTURAL Aa8 it Ia.. 1 TION will held its Annual Meeting fur the e'ettion ?f Officers, this eveniuE. Feb. 1st, at 7>{ o'clock, in their tlnouiH, University Building. H. L 'Vl|, Kiq , will read a paper on the advantages of oi'si e Milch Cows and stork in vereral fell! 1-e R. OGT'EN DORF.VtUH. Hee Secretary. BOARDING. \ientl-msu a d ladv, or two or three single gentlemen, r-quir use 'he comforts of a home, can meet with a 'arse, li nils .me front room in s-cond stcry. (furnished or untarnished ) Likewise two large attic room*, ftt-uished in a snn'l family close to the Battery. References rtf|!tired.? Address f P., ttthia ofli-e ill lt*c <h< \PK Vines JCOUZENS, of Westchester Coonty, lierehv info mi the cilice.i? of New York and Brooklyu that the season f'.,r vine triuuni g is st honl.andit beiug iiidispeusablv ueeesssry in hava it performed pn perlv to insure good fruit, he proffers his services to trim and train their vines fer the moilersrr ehsrire of f>em 26 crn'sto 6*, according to the site, and in sernrdaaca with Ilia method of treating thera alien his own vineyard. He can refer to numbers in tna eirv that Can hearwiiness to his snpe ioriiy in the culture oftkeErape. Also a uomherof young viaes and cuttings for sale. All or ders promptly at'e nled to hy leaving them, or directing bv e>, ess-post to 49 Pearl c r 20b I bamhers street, NY. fl >1*0 GriJ CLARKE. Hirchant Tailor, 116 IVillinm afreet, hetwton John and Fulton IBKLIF.VK. my repetition as a Tailor is too wall established to render it necessary for ma to say, what, by this tune almos'every body knowa. M\ Black French Cloth D-ass Coats made to order, for 620 (lower gradra $16 and $18,) ara not ro bo equalled for leas thin $16 at other places. I neither take or giro credit t therefore, having uo bid debts, I ear) afford to soil for smsll profit. White Marseilles Vests, Black Satin do., always on haod.t A firw well made.and haudsomety trimmed, Seek Overcoats sre still left, which I will sell at float, ranging in prise from 610 in 6'ft. _ fl lw*e MR JCDITOK?!)ii ?Permit me, through yonr paper. to raprett my unfeigned tti-oikt and liveliest gratitude to t meiiihera or hire' otnpaniet, No? 3. 6, nil others, for iheir pn>t' pt, rairinie, ami aelf-incrilicing coudiicr ami maulv ami liumanr aarrtmui in snbduing the Are whuh occu-red la my horseshoeing shop No. 113 O and afreet, on Saturday evening hat. an I which, were it not lor their tine'y and mvale ->hle services, wnn'il have canned me an ir reparable lost and the iii-prntiou of my business. I a Wo take the preient ereiainaof retnrnin r my acknow lolemecta to .ha iniuy friends who, at subsequent time, ameto'oy relief l>? their beit endeavors to enable me 'o get inv shop iu a condition bv which 1 can reanme my bna ine?a < n tIn ( Monday) morning Ir la proi er th-t I should bear teatimony to the active egertmna ol the llth Waid Police, for the preservation of n-dsr, and the aafety ol everything c nner'-d with >he establishmen' J.\ME8 MUL' IOA.N. f 1 It*r I It Grand street. W. iiM.V <>\K DOLLAR. THV Ameiican 1'lireiu lovical Journal for '*17 Volume IX O I*. K .wrier, Kditor T.< improve man phvaically, morally and tntellecla illy, wi II be the objeat of this J' nrnal It will embrace all the principles of rnr entire constitution, the conditions of happ e-as a id 'he cnaes of miaary. PHRENOLOGY will beaet forth in the moil practical aod inatrnb'ive manner, amply iliuura'ed hr eueraviagt. ahowmg the rgaei loajtiena oflha orgiiia. wnh fnll direction for ieveeri who within acquire t thorough ku-.w'rdge n'the acience, i PHYSIOLOGY will he duly considered and mueh valuable advice given with rrf-renre to h-a'lh, i irt, eierciar, lie , kc. Th-a depurulent Will alt I he illuatrated by anal .mie.l eocrsvi-gi, which will enable the reader to uud' man . the hamin archi tecture. VI TA1. MAONRTI'M, npidird 'o the relief of pam. aurgjcal opera'iona. kc , toge'her wi h all that it pew or important, will be presented in thi l Journal. WOMAN. ia hy natnre at perfect ri a God ronld make her, yet her oduca'inn and habits ere apidly t'egn etatirg her: to arret! which and 'O devi l I e her na'nrtl capthilitiet, aphcre and duties, vtid be a letrting ft "ire "f thi work HKt.K-l >1 PROVE Ml". NT. Who does not wi-h to -lever e'f in life, or wonld n >t ttrire peraete pigl to rend" I imte f belter and m .re hai? py I To anch thia J.urn J will be a prompter and a trat boob. THR JOURNAL will be ittned in mouth y imm'tera of thirty-two or more octavo pages, on pood p.per from toperiur type, illut'rate.l by a g a t number of ontraviirgo. Ii will be adapted in ?ll efvatet; and in order to p'ecc it wilhie ihe reach of every faini v i. the land, will he furnished on 'he following ?? temel'-loar Tkumi-invariable io ?4eanee?One Dollar a year ma.mple numbers will beaert Gmtis, wheu desired 'To receive Mt-ntion. leiiv a and o deri tnuat in all cat't ba Post-Paid. and diiecled to .os.ia.u, FOWLER k WELL*. No 131 Nvaaa stre-t, New York (T/** Edit vra who will copy thia Proapectnt. ahal' been itied to an eacbange f *' ."SALlb A i HUHdhL v. A J ni.KR'yKiCH will te|| at Auction, on the Kbh d?y rf e Feb.ns y, at II M at the vter. liters'Ktehaav* (if not sold bef re r.l private talc).'lie two atnry and a'tic lr?ma house a d f ?o I I'ge staMes Willi fon I Us . f gr nnd (or Iffl feet tqua c), irminii the end of a block fr .nhng on three tireo'a, a-H i-ppoa 'e ihe maiket sqnar* ; ir has heenectap.eii f >r the la?t eleven years at u gr eery feed store Alto, that prop-rfv oppna t". known at lie Pernor Hotel, fo innrly ih? Albany Ptage Hon. e, wnh two lota of fro nnd [ Ironting on I a? iud Waahnigton itreet.; this as well at (he above properly, froutt on ihe water wit s a full view of Naur York Pay. I A'ao, eight ncraa of unimproved land at Weit Hnhofen, itn o-di uel y "djoiiimg 'he property of ihe 'ate ij S B'nwn i ,g ; thi i it til" higliert g-ound on the ridge c imieandi gt I meti lieau'ilul view of the North end Las' Hivere, the liav, Na r iwt, and Study Hook. The Palmde avenac runt di' yentiy through ft , For f rt'icr particn'ara, inquire of ' A.L. VAN flUSKF.Rf K. Hohokeo, jll9t*'C Near tfa Kerry. f I he-alrontra'1 i ake i omi'an. are now rutin g that i 1 clebr.teil Spring Water lee, ai d off-r it for tale hy the 11 or ea'go, on tl.e moat reasonable tenia. rd eit-er at the Lake or n h ta d ve?trl< s uqni'u ol the .gent , Jill Iw'rh WU. I PO'V N Ah; <J I) Praeklr Hmee SH1HPL' a <>K UA'fS (fit AIM. , A F <r R A H A M. manufactv .en axd dkalk? in baos, I ' rio.Hll Wete-freer. New York / i \N anpplv thippera of Grain with nil kinds ol Bags, in Vy nnv qunntitv, at ihe lowest cah p icea. The advtmagea of shipping wrtin in hagt are many, preventing w-ate in load nig and diach irging, inanranee ia lest wheu in thia form, and | in :he ultimate it ia more economical thin if ihipped in hulk. |. jm 21 lmia* rh ^

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