Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1847 Page 3
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FOR SALE, i V U i' v.da ' I-1 Kir., i 1 i I, v,i<U kll IUH ill x. <4, /V minted O" Lung Island, wneia vessels c tu ^ ?l at a I' was ins of the V<--?r; h very great water | power, n 'in ill pan only being ;t|ii'red 01 the null, which 11 in ti .t rli order Uso, quit" near the mill, a Onnntry Seat, hrnutifnllv l.i e 'ted \> uh a nueaud exte land a. d w-ter view, within e Wore distance i.f the New , ork and New Haven Kallm'-d, and in ore nf the moat ple-iiuu' tuuni ill New England. For full particulars, enquire of W\| j, TiiWNSKND, Frank in Hone*. N. V. N B.?The above will be a. d at a hargsiii J31 3?v*ih NOTICE TO ALL GKNTLiEMEN'. Gl ENTLKM EN, if y. u want your clmhea kept in ( >od ? order lor iltr remumfvr of the k?an?a, you hnii bvttrr u'^or s?u(J your CiiAft Mild panuto9l Murray htreH. co?u^r oi VV'shitigton.where you cm ye* Minn riiher cle*n?}d, dyed, *1 tired uud refued, with new velvet colUrt, cafl*, liuiot*. bu-.oniH, on the mrit rearon&ole leiun ^'OTR ? \'o iloappojut uientat lily A tme uddrefi^d b? i?b ve attend d to At my nme. A c ill 4 r trial is all naked.? I loth**x de.iuetl or dyed nuperior to any m the cry,it < Mir ray ?rr??r, _ all 2\v?iii A. f r. m l*oudon N V. LEGAL OB-ERVKR FOR FLI5RUARY NO. 2 vol. 5. eontaina Art I Presentment of Bauker'. Cheques II. I'rivilcred Communications Krportain U. S Di.iiet Couit N Y. Supreme Cnnrt. Cuutl Oyer ai d Terminer. Mr. fry'' aiieeeh m the Slav' cnan EngI'ah curt in Viae Clminellor's Court. Queen'* Ueuch. Critninon P|*?s. C'urt of Review, Ike. Review. Davtou'. Surrogate. Stc. Kldmi Anecdote., ike. Published tt Ann at , monthly, at $1 a year in advance. Tiaveling Agenti wanted. SAMUEL OWEN, ja30 3:*rc Editor and Proprietor. RTTTIL KIOCK OK DRV (JOODS, WITH I.E. \SK, OF STORK FOR SALE.?Kor vale a atnek of Fancy and Map's Dry <Io?da, well nasorled nud at low pricea, in one of trie mo t desirable locations in ibe cty. 'J hulenae hi about three yoars to luu'.tte location may be ronaidrred one ol the bear. 'J lie atore has been fitted up at a g e it evpeuse. and poaaeiaea many advantages a. to tiie Intel ior ares' geinenti. The stock at prraeii' '? under Eight Thousand Dellari; with an additional ator k of Thr?e to Five Thouaaud Dollai a. there enn be aold for cash Fifty to Seventy-See Tin ustmd Doll us a vear nt a ve'V In r aver-ce profit. The arnch will ha aold forcaahor aa'i.factory paper, on a credit f not over 6 ti ontlu To those desirous ol commeuciug the wholesale and retail Dry Cioods liusintaa, the present offers oue of the greate.t inducements. Address Box 9.1 Lower P at Office, with real name. j3b 2w*r A CURE FOR COLDS. MPS. CAHHOLL'J Medicated Vapor and Sulphur Bath*. 184 Fnltuu street, opposite Church atrei-t. A tft iu cure for C( Ida, Coughs, hhrum-tKm. Sore Throat, and all i flammatory disaaaa* incident ! tn* changeable at te of the weather. The muIphu r Vapof Bath i* parti cola Ir ecomiaandcd by our fir't physicians a* a cure for ell eruptions and riiteises il thetkiu. Wo danger oftaliing cold aftar ilia uae uf their If the. jJ9 lin*rc MONEY LENT. ffflHIC highest price* ailvancad hi lnt<e and aotnll auiiia on it gold and stiver watches, diamaud-., plate, jewelry, d y goods, furniture. clot lung and evciy description of persona! property. JOHN M. 1) \ViE8, Liceu.ied pawnbroker, 231 William street, neat Duane. Persona received iu private oBo'i liy ringing the hell. j29Im*rrn UCEIM binsi NAVIOATIOR Ct'MPANr. \ Ji.uuary 23d. 1847. \ \ N ItLRfTlON for Director* will he held at the office o< 'I. the i otopany, No. 41 Broad atreer, nn Monday, the firat divot Feb. nary The poll will open at 10 A. M., end cloae at 2 PM. . J. J. BOYIJ, J25 tlalFeb rrc Secretary pro, tetn. jjOT(CK r|1 HE C'i-p*rtnerahip of Prune, Ward & King ia thia day JL dissolved by mutual eoustnl The outstanding buaiuesi ?l the firm will he uiuidjted by the subscriber! JAMES O KINO, F.OW AKD PRIME, H VMUKL WARD. DENNING DUF It, AKCH'u GKACIE KINO. | New York, January 25th 1847. Tba subscribers have thia dav farmed a eo partnership, un d?r the Urns of PHIMK. WAH1) it IJO., autl w II continue the Banking. Stork and Kxeliat.g* Busintaa, at the office ol the late Attn, No. 24 Wall atreet. JOH N WAll D. of the firm of John Ward h (Jo. F'.DWAPD PKIVIE. j of the late firm of Prime, SAMUEL WARD. \ Ward h King New York. Jauuarr 25th IR47. j'.5lmisre OFFICE UK ThK JFiFFfcRBON 1MB GO.,)~ Nrit Y'ohk, uan. 15,1B47. S ; ' J7H E Annua1 Election for Director* ol tin* iuatitutiou will I. he i eld at the office of aaid company, No. 50 Wall at, on Monday, February lat, 1B47. Poll npeufrnm 12 o'clock 1 "'dock P. M. GEO. T. HOPE, Becretaiy. jit t" f I r OrricK up tmk Lorg In.abu IIaii.kucd Co., 4 New York, Jan. 8, 1847. J ff'HE Stockholders of the Long Island Railroad Company I are hereby notified that the Annual Election for Thittean Di'eetor* of aaid Cotnpt'y will be held at the Compa uy'a Office on Molality, the Fifteenth day of February next 'Pile poll will be open froin 12 o'clock at talon till 2 o'clock, P M of thai day. The trnnsf-r l ook* will be closed frora the Hth to the 15th February both dura inclusive. By order of tne Board, jStoflS rrc DAVID S. IVES, Secretary. MINCE FiE. PUBLISHED THIS DA Y, entitled "Mince Pie for J thu Million," enntaiaing over 400 engraving*, and 268 patten, lull of the wild and woudariul, humnroaa and witty? In ICC onl / V5 I H' fa. A r ,m.ii,ilinn In An ? 1*11 m. It rtn- Prt,,W II but entirely different Irom that odd Tolumr Alio jus'. publisheJ, " Leaflets of'tie Ball Koom." being a octuple e niiiruclur ia llir celebrated TolU Quadrilles, with the music of the itedowa Walts?price 12K ceiira. TUiCNJCR it FISHER, 71 (Jtmrham street. V ALF.Pi'l'liNEM?The most ei'enaive assortment in AnieI no mi the eye of completion Heud along your ordera j!i ' nr.*re GREAT HAltUAINS IN 110U8KKEKPINU DRY (Jt>ODS. \T STEWART St UO. have for aalca very I'rge lot uf linen sheetings iltinoli ta le cloths and napkins, dama>kr and rii<tper* is the piece, huckabacks, toweling*, hie iched otious, flannels, blankets, quilts, c lunterpaues dt iniftea and white mestius of every description, at prices greatly hetow the coat ef importation. J'lir above i ooda are of ilie veiy beat quality, audi aa they call confidently recommend f r service and durability, and the> are otloir-d at extremely low pricea, in order to make mom for an entirely lit* atock, which they iutend to open in 8,n inc. BROADWAY U. KKADE 8T. al.> 2wiirie f|f|ll iiimUodol Bhra a ri vvnite Smiths,Maehmisu, 1 A r , i, called to a lla'e ' h n.ce to atop into an est ibl iahed basinets, on cosy terms, ni the present owner ta compel l?d to leave it >n account of ill health. For farther InformiIinn erq iiie at 44'JX t'eail atreat. A 8\MSO >. j? rrc fcTOCK Of (iUuKs FOR SALE ANHSiOUE TO LET. 'j HE undersigned offers for sale tha stack of Dry Goods (co i?tin* arincipilly of atopic go. di) late the pinpcr'v of M in. I .Hall, at the atore lately occupied by bia fi-m of \V. L. and W. A Hall, No. 3'J Catharine street, (between Heory a id Mndiann st.ceta,) in the city of Slew Yoik t"ge her w ith the privilege, of the store The location ia considered one of the beat ia the afreet. The atore haa a I 'he frout. is ia depth about 71 feci, and beru uewly fitted up w atIt two ally lights back, and with lis splet.d d mahogany ntoi' counters, and desk of tint most modern ate le. Thn stock of good.', is small, but couaitts almost entirely of Staple guilds; an J p. una criiiimencii a business wiilliudil lor their uileievt to C' II uid examine tli- premiaea and property for themselves. The goods svtll be sold oh ndvant*genua terms, and air to he d -.pourd of immediately to close a trual JOHN 11. TURNER, \-aignee. \ -a York Inn l*. It 17 j 17 Vw'rc '"? it. i I A.'S i tauyti on scry moderate terms h a I.ady 1 who Siiderst il-i he science thoroughly, and who under tr.ksa t i impart to hei pupil n pei (ret kn wledge of ihe theory wirji the a r latest I ci.ity. 'J'e.uis, tlnee dollars per in' nth A liua addressed to " .Vn-sic " at the office of this paper aha!! attended to i|2? lirims'rc Hs.UMATISM. I* ' IA8 AVI) SI II-FNES i OK I'llK JOINTS, SCROFULA. DISEASES O THE SKIN, l, Ac he?Hiiro's I OMrmtan- v at r of H vdriodate of l'ot*a?.i, , Earsnparilla, and kclmw Duck?-Tliij medicinal remedy ia pnhlisheH fur the sob he lit nl tli : aiitlci ng from rheum.i* I nn , nir.a and atiffnrss nl t In-juris awi iling of the muacnlar aiahaianrea nen llieui, eruptions of the akin, and dis-eses a ising from an impure state of the bleod, Itc. F'unr oona /life raperiinenta, under the direrti'ti and supervision ot the ' most eminent of ihe Facility, it Ins rece vad hair un-niin Us ) reenoimeniiatinii., nd maay ha?e pronounced it the licit imaaiblr en biselion ot remedies hi tlie above named diseases ' I' is prep i re J fiom ilia |inreat articlra, nnd is w.irruuied tu give an isfaction It thins, purities cud qnickeiia tli- eirculai t on ; alia' a irritation, and Ircvn ever) part ol the animal ero-oii;iy in a perfect stale ol health The ire?l and tncte niiig d insnd for an article of tins kind ' h s iHiliicetl the to. i rie ?r to hrina it hafore the t nblie. t- at all nny fe bterfit of it.and tnw ih t ih-re is a trmvdy , for thrs* in *t distress ng eoinplaiii's It la reconntien . rd in lull conlidenre,and needs t u h t iul io convince the mos: ineredul?ni of its an urning tiroperties. 1'^epared and sold ny I llAR I. h M K. It I NO, Druggist, lull Broadway, at. N B. Be anre t i nbscrya the written atLiiatn-e ol ('. II Hiiri over the rn k of each hotlc j i2ti lm*c a . <? a. it rah U b tv, 8urlessors to K. A. MUNDEN KLUCK Lf.TTI'.R SIGN MANUFAf TURKKS, SIGN PAINTERS, NO. *2 TUTflN ROW, Hnrfrm K*il*o*?d Office, New oik wrauiroi^nii onion mores. WllileSI Street; K.i lbm't It .ill*! Jnd.ou's Ilnul, National Hottl. Perb i n ' llolel, U. 4. Wvx.drJ W* ehousti, Naelliu Yet CcBipany, Str. St< _____ j*19 llln*"c |? V UM0JCH oi JOHN W. KUMONDS, Eaqnirc, UMnt .11 .ludyr nl thr tint nrcnit, notice is hereby fivrn, pnrstl ,ni to the pro-istons ol the stitoiv authorising nitacliinrnts BXAinat tbAtntting, ft#iiri'R|#(t and n'Mi-rasideiii lif hlnn, tliat an aitrehment bus Mined ny.-inst tlir estnte of IVricIt itn: ke anil lie,.rite fames, nnn-n ulrri. of the M le of New York ; and thai On Mint will be mid for me paymeat of their debts, unless ihrt appear and discharge nch ai inclunrnt, *< carditis to I w, witliin niee month* from the first publication of this notice; cod 'bat the pat Pi?nt it am debts Une to then by their dab tori, and the delivery to them or for their uae, ol any piu,er.y hvhwgi'.g tit rbein and the trahaler of any of th-irpn i.eriy by tin ra are foiliiddeii by law, and are void. Ils'ed I be 9ih day ol October, 1M5. .V A PHILLIPS, nJO IP ? M*r Attorney for attaching errj^orf. 1 " DKftlH '1111. CHANCELLOR Gmr$* C. King end ) , , , ? Alan An ./mi, hit toift, v? . Ctcdi'crs Cel. ,/oam^/ Milltr t JO 11 a A. ,S) I, the defendant in this r.tnse, whose inirn nl residence is in ihe Male i f New J? ley, u req nr, d to a| pen in ih>? cause by the r'ghlh it ?y of ^pril Beat, Ol the bill filed it trein will be taken aa cocfi-srd by liim W. AUSTIN, of the Lily of New goih, S jiicitor for Cont'dqinauw. Albany Anna copy. |23 lawltwrc TRuN HftUsTaiAllil?Kor boep.teli, schools, nnoiic a. a I private h vaiious inlteru, wde tit order by i IJIi n.'.LI, It JA< KAON, 139 Centre street jl2 'a?a4w*rrc New York. Abh.Mt h?/H 1'li r, SAI.K I ?! V o I (J I I A t.N lJtlL'B D \(il,KKI*KO'l i I'K AFPAUA i US. * N'KH supply ol tho different size* of the-hove apparaII lus, jiisi received. W. k V. LANOKNIIKIM, I'hiUdelpbia Kicharice ; of I, ANHk-NIIKiSl it dh.i KKhS, I .1 Im *rr 201 Hroailwav* Net Vnrs. 'ELL, OCULIST AND AU&I8T. A I l'KNIiH to D<-rase?of the Kye and Bar, end to ell im j V perlee ions ol Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his rteid* r and i,Hire, SOI llrnadway. co.nrrof Wnrieu street. OptLaiinia, ntoppage ot .lie Tear rassayr, Cataracts, and Opai liirtj ellei lually removed , A.ii AUmUMIx i sealed Willi great attention and siieceic. .1 I II A It Ih \l I IS. or "vinmiuu. rnred to a lew iniunrea lie iluesa, anil all dia< bilges fuim the Kar, permaurnily coitd. am rivtoiAl. by kb inserted. , ectarlrs adapted to rvery detect. jyftlm'rc I ' III. DAUI'KIJMa'n A l< I IN I v Li A AKTAULT, 149 and 141 llrnadway. (i.afayetta ? Hur-m I has just rerrived rer late Havre packets 1,400 h r.n< h Usrun: eoi, pe Plates laigt- size, of the star brand. which br offers on rrssonnhlr teilis Also, ou mvoirr or Krrnrli Iheimrals incladiug dry Is .dine, flyposulphiir of Pod', i.iuinr, Lblonde of Iodine, p It of tinld,Tripoly Myrge.fce. J |S lm*rh roRBlM ADVBRTjBIMEnri), I SiMMONDS fc WARD, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 6 Hirst Yard, London, Knghnd, UNDEKTAKE all description; ol Agency Business for iMilica If the Uuiled State*, if placed in Irnd* lor thai purposes. Reference to Jatnel Gordon Bennett n-,d Free- 1 man Hunt. E><|*.. New York. j27 tit rrc TO OWNKRa OS EEAL|SSTATE. |AKAN'I8 BLANCHET, Ageut, inform* the owner* of f t.eal F.stnte, that he takta charge of letting homes, leasing lot*, and colle-ting rents, on the ino?t rea*ouable term*. F B. ha* teen, lor the ln?t two >eat?, lite agent of the lute John Tonnele; and derating all hi* time to the above buri- | tirii, he ? ill give full *a!i*liction to those person* who will ! entrust laui with their confidence lie can give the beat re(c.euce*, and rerority to any amount if required Please addie** a tu't tliruuith the l'o't Office, No 27J Smh Avenue Office houu, before !) A. M. and after S P. M. ja2S ltn?rTHE LONll ISLAND 1N8UKANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 2011,000 DOLLARS. WITH.1 SURPLUS Orriun II Kt'LTor* stmkkt, Brooklyn. CM>NTINl/K8tot ke risks on buildings, machinery, mer > chsndise and property generally. on ilieir u.*u?l fivorable term*. Tin* company h-s passed through the two greatest Couliag-atious that hare ever occurred iu the country ; they owe their escape from ihein wiih comparatively alight lo*-es to the system which they have always practised of limiting situ scn'teriiig their risk*. All losses which the cotnua y mny will be adjusted anil paid promptly a* heretoI fore. The Company take special citre to notify their customers in New York, ol all eipiratioe.s ol policies _ u. w. UKL 3 M ATKU> President. K. FINN.Secretary. joA Intisrc , J EV PERSON INSURANCE COMPANY. I Owe* No. 50 Wau. mbt, orroiiTi thk Mkbchabt'i kicHAMUE. r|^lllS 'lompoiy continues to insure against Ion or damage ' A by Kir*, ou dwelling huusta. warehouses, buildings la general, goods, ware* and merchandise, and every description I of personal Property ; nlio against lot* or damage by miaud no- | ! vigatiuu and :runst>oitation. DIRECTORS. Thorau W. Tliorne, Klulia Kiggs, Thniii...* T. Woodruff, Aiiaou bArr, )< K. Robson, M.D, Joseph Drake, Thomson I'riee, Joaepli Allen, Mum Tucker, Jauie* K. Holme*, Jolili K. Uaviien, John P. More. John H. Lee, William K. Thora, Caleb C. Tunis, Tliomae Morrcll, Frsuces I'. Sage, Eugene Hognrt, John C. Merritt, Bobert Smith. THOMAS W. THOHNK, President. T IIOPK Secretary *24 the Mlfc lll'.'Al, NOTICE TO E A L) I K S. | DOCTOR McD0NNELL. Author of the Ladies'Manual of Midwifery, and member of a large I.\ ing-ln llotpi- . I til in Europe, attends ladies during their conAneinei t in any I p?rt o tuis city or Brooklyn, for from 13 to $5, according to ; cirunii an res. A note addressed to him at 91 John street, New Vork, will ] meet w ith strict attentmu. Ladies residing at a distance, who are suffering wiih His- | eases of long ilaiKllatr such as obstructions, retentions, ir reg-il art ties, lie t hat have fai'edt he boasted nostrums of the d .y, fan applv with coufuleuee to the Doctor, by letter, describing tl e symptoms, treatment receivsd, duration ol the disease, lie., for which a cheat confining the necessary adv ee nn I medicine, w ll be forwarded to their direction in My port of the Union. Terms, $3 Address P. W. MoDONNELL. M D . j?291m*r 93 lolin street, New York. TO. UE SOLO AT NO 21 OLD 8LI I', or at his ditfereut egeiits in the United H'ates, II udlfu'. celebrited SNUFF, called the Delbens Snuff. The receipt wn presented me by R. C. Derby, of Boston, and as a compliment to him I hare taken the liberty to cull it the Dtwbena Snuff. Mr. Garcia, who it now no more, it ,ve the receipt to Mr. Derby, aad he received it f em Aleppo. M Handling lias for sale also, his Ani? ic in gentleman's Snuff in ide from the purest James River Tobacco, and both the Derheua and the American Oentlamau are to be had in hal' or whole ponml bot'les as above j2b nv*rrc pancy paper and paper boxes J ON EH ti FRlEDEL 115 Joho street, nesr Pearl, up stairs. Manufacturers of paper boxes and sample cards and d alers in la: cy papers. All orders thankfully received and executed promptly and on reasonable terms. HRNRY JON KB, J IS lm*r? HKNKY KKIEDEL. SUSPENDERS FOR EXPORT. 'I'llKKE thousanil dozen Patent corrugated Suspenders. 1 adapted to the Mexican and South American, as well as domestic trade, and warranted to stand uuatfeeied by any climate. For sale by the mauufaeturer and owner of the patrnta. .Hi' tin r HUH 'CK H. DAY. 23 Courtlandt street. ' ITS WORKS WILL PRAISE IT. It is now universally admitted ttat H O A K E ? 8 IODINE LINIMENT IS NO HUMBUG. Dozen alter dozen are used daily and does all that it is represented to do; it has cared and will cure the wor?t possible rases of RHEUMATISM, sprains, bruises, swelled and painful joinfs, spinal affections, erupt, j us of the skin, (kc. 8. INGKRSOLL.Bole Proprietor, Depot 230 Pearl at, two doors below John. Bee ce illicares in I me Snn j15lm*re V it A L . I STILL continue to sell the best quality of Red Ash Coat i at thrie prices for cash Br ken, egg, and stove, S6 50 ; large nut, St> 00; screeued and delivered iu good order, from mi yard, corns r of Kimraud Greenwich streets. ?0 cents will be allowed to those who wish to send their own caits. j23 Im-rc PETER CLINTON. TO DAGUERRUN ARTISTS. JUST RECEIVED by late arrivals from Havre? PLATES?1300 of the Planished and Star Brandi. FRAMES?A large lot new and splendid patterns. VOI GUT I. AN DKR TUBES of medium, half and full ! sise. kor ?ale by JOHN ROACH. Optician, 02 Nassau st. N' B.?Chemicals, Coses and all materials used in Dsgaerre- j ingconstantly oe kuw jan>4im*rh | to marble workers" polishing uloti1. 1 VAKDS superior lolishing Cloth, suitable fo 1 Marble Polishsis i ua/rceiven ami for sals bT l . '..-aSk Ik ilKOOkS, j j?rh ' ??.! at Nass.ti straw wrapping paper Cfi/UI REAMS snperior anr.lity Straw Wrapping, Vv'vevr just received and for sale by 10 r- PEHHSK. % BROOKS f,1 and ?7 Nassau at HARDWARE, CUTLERY', RAZORS, &c. FKENNEV'S Tally ho Raroia. s John Unnmer 6t Son's warranted Needles. Wilsou fk Southern's elegant Table Cutlery R S Stenton's fine pen and pocket Knives, Which, together with Hawst Edge Tools, Scythes, and ether list goods, are held for sale, to the trnde on manulaoturen' ac count, by R 8. STENTON. Foreign Hardware Commission Agent, 74 Maiden lane, up stairs, j Orders solicited from the trade for the above goods, on the ! usual uianulncturer*' terms, (no eommissiou.) | ja8 lm*r ! ACCUKDlUN TAUGHT. I LJ \COBS teaches the Accordion thoronghly ib 24 les sons, so ttiai the novice can become s good player iu a very short space of time, lie is the only one in the city wbo has a practical as well as a theoretical knowledge of this popular instrument in all its brunches. Kor terms apply at the Accordion and Musical Instrument Depot, 45 Chatham street. Accordions tuned and repaired, and music for the same. ja!4 Im'r MUSIC. BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES furnished witk the Violin, Harp and Piano Forte, or any number of Instruments. The music selected from the most fashionables Opera's. By H. AYL1FFE, 8. AYL1FFE, J. AVLIKKEand O. AVLIFFE, Brothers, Protessnrs, ; No. 177 K.lm street corner of Howard. J7 In'r j TIMOLAT'S SULPHUR BATHS, No. 547 Piarl Street, near Broadway. minvv iiatiiui.... i nu.t.j ... - i I .I....UIIKV iiicu niivnincii mr me iui infoI I- ty an yima, and arc the onlv Sulphur Bntlii m the city. 'I hr.y rt.e iiixlil - rrcomiiirtiii?>l by tl r most eminent phyeici <ns for the < ure ef iheurnalirm, a alt riieuni, cbrooic compl-inta, rrurtioni of the >kin, kc. Iliif i July 'ruin >1 \ VI to Ij'.lVI jIT tni-re NOTICE. f HE Copartnership heretofore mating between the nnI ilrrai tneil, uuiler the of Baoiv.n at Brook a. la thu day dissolved by mutual content The outstanding debit of hi-fi in mill be letted by Mr Brooka. to whom all debit due il e concern must bn paid, and in the settlement of winch he it tiihonzed to uie the name of the firm. H. BROWKit, SAMUKL BROOKS. N?w York, Jan. JO, 18|7. jjo lin'c "NUNNS * E1SGHERZ T WOI 1.0 call the nttentiuu of their frienda and the public, at their Manufactory nud Warerooin, 170 Greenwich tiieet, to etamii.e their aaeopunt tf Piano Kortes. They air the inoat fashionable and newest patterns. N. U. Pianoa w ith ( oleinnn's Patent Aailsan AttacbmeatCtW lm?rh H. OUKRR1ER, BLEACHER and Oressrr of Dry Ooodt, eatabliahed for severul years in thia city, hit the honor to inform lha i Importers*ud Jobbera, that by a urw process, anrerior to ail I .re iiiven'iona, he ia able to rettore all kinila of Si k Goods, ! apolted by dainpneai, or otherwise demagrd ; tliia prnceaa a; ; |iea eanally to Velvets, Ribhona, IJrapoa, Silk Gloves, rill Ht.'Ckicga, kc. K d Ol \ ?a ivstnrei! without leaving any edor. or ch niglng their shapes, "t "t'j cents j>er di.7 All kinds of Shawls IrtnupcT. Lace Gouda and Kmbroideres put in perfect order, rurtitnlsr Ptttnli .11 will be paid to tf.e rrlreahing and pressing uf Mock Goods ol all deacriptiona. All of which will be done at very moderate pricea. Apply at W Uev Street. New Vork J10 Im- r ! I'AKISIAN DYEING ESTABLISHMENT. ! Dr/ot Jor the reception and delivery of Goods, at Mr. | Court s, 11H tVi/ii-im a/ , Neu> York i I 0. COJKT k DKSCHAi'X, (the latterly recent I ly err Veil froin Paris,) beg reapectfully to anuoniire to the msi nl icturrra and merchanta geueraliy, that theydje and tin tali, in a new and very superior style. never before introduced into the United Stntea, and according to the lateat Paris faahinn, nil aoits ol g ioiU, sewing silk and twist, either plain or shaded; trains, organsins and s-iun si.ks, zepli/r worsted and woollen yarn ol all kinda, sewing cottuu, mohiir. linen and cotton yarua. They have imported patent machinery for putting up nlk and woratml in the best and most approved in inner, either >o apoola or akeina. I hi in <ged or laded ae wirtg aitka, worsteds, ribboua, ailk and ' cniton gloves and hoae, gimp-, fringes, i urda aud taaaela, ladiet'and gentlemen's garments re dyed and initio equal to ne * articles. Orders carelqlly attended to and promptly executed. J alo tiri*r CaST oFF GLU'JHlNU AND FURNITURE WANTED. r AUIKS or Gentlemen hiving any east oft rr auperfluona J Johingor Furniture to of, caa obtain h *nir r ah I \ tiCt f >t the rtine by rending for the inmrihrr. at hit ramdeuce, or through the post, which will be puurtunlly attend- j to M. 8. COtiKN, Agent, ., n . .. . . *9 Duane street. L hi ; n bi uttfoded " by i hen. 1? 11 r BRANDY, WINER, GUN, S&OAK0, EKUlf kc. kc WC. Bl'HDICK, No. 92 Broadway, three doora above Wall atreet, olfera for aale the (ollowmg, in Iota to I nut:? i llrandiai, dark and pale, various brand), of prime quality i Whiskey, Scotch and Irish do I Hum Jamaica do Madeira, K I and other brandi do I 1 Sherries, pale, gold and brown do i Port d.i 'I Champagne, varlnna brandi do j i j ( lareia, in ease do do Baraack Burgundy, Saiiteroe do I Scgara, Sardinia, Kiiiils, kc. kc do Scotch Alo, in piutsjiiat landed, ripe do W. f, B pledges himself most liitbfdlly, to keep and Je liver, only of the best quality, and solicits the favor ol llie public. ... IIOBKKT HOI'K 1IAKT informs hia iriamla nad well ; | wishers Ilia' l.e ia to lie found at the above establishment, where he hopea to sea his old friends and enstomera. [ d26 I in-re _ __ i j KAGtS BOUGHT. liiOKKlUN and Domestic Ragl bought by j r I'KliSHK. k BROOKS. 1 |,:k " ' " >f1 Nassau aireei | AHVHMKirro. PA UK THKATUK.?Monday Eyening, February l?r, will be performed, tho con rdv of CHAltLk.8 II ? Ki a Cba'lea II, Mr Dvntc: Lady ( Ion, Mil Abbott. After which, DIANA AND UNDYMION?Higaoraa Ciore i, M ant ill, ?od Signor Morn. T<> which which will be add-d COUSIN LAMBKIN? Sooire Mnlferry Mr Fither; Mra Bantam, Mlat K?t? Horn f lie tvli le to conclude with a new grind I'AS DK DEUX? Bv Mcuori Ciocca, and feijj.-.or Alnrra. Duora open at Cha o'clock: and tna per tannic cm will commence it 7 o'clock 8n?e.- jl; I'll 60 c.nta; UalUrr 25 caru BOWf.KY TUKATH K?Monday Keening. Februir? 1?. will he performed the gr<nd opera of CINDLKKLLA? Prince, Mr Hurit ; Baron I ompoliuo, Vacha ; Alidoro, B are:! : Dandidi, H Chapman ; Pedro, Hadtwiv ; Cinderella, Miaa Marr Taylor ; Clorinda, Mra Booth ; Thisbe, .Mr? Sep jenut; Fairy Queen, Miaa .1 Drake. Prerioua to ft opera, tha coinedy of LIKK MASTER, LIKK hi AN?Don Carloa, MrClirke; Aiurho, Hadaway ; Lopez, Jordan ; Leonora, Miaa Julia Drake ; Jacin'a, Mra Sergeant. Oren Circle 25 eauts; Pit and Gallery I2H ceeti Doora onen at SH o'clock. Performauca cntnmance at 7. liOWEK. Y THKATKt. ]\,f ISS MAKY TAYLOR beg* to inform Iter frienda. that *1 her first benefit will take place at this ea'ablialunent, on Wednesday eveuiog next, Feb 3d, when will te peifnruird the grand opa'a ol CINDERELLA. Cinderella Miia Mary Taylor. The Priace Mr Duct. a* WT,i conclude withl -a SKETCHES IN INDIA Sally Scraggs Mm Mary Taylor. Tom Tape Mr. Hadaway, nir Mattniw ocraggs Air. vacne. j1l ih MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THE AT UK.?Tltta Evening Febi uarv Ut?To commence with the opera ol llie NATIONAL GUARD?Achilla Bonbon. Mr Holland, After which the petite comedy of FASHIONABLE AHHIV A I F?Sir Thotnaa Oldeu, Bart, Nicktuiou; Mri Mattland, Mias Anna I'rune. Te be followd by MRS HARRIS?Mra Harna, Mr Holland To conclude with an extravagant* entitled tna SLH.r.rING BEAUTY IN THE WOOD?Thomas, Everard; Baron Factotum, YValcot. l)r??a circle 50 cacti: tipper l-oiea 14 eeatt; fit a?s v* 1 >* pri rate boaea f5. Orcheatra boxes, S3 1'oors open a' half put t o'clock: curt'in rieas at T AMERICAN CIRCUS. ROWERY AMPHITHEATRE. r|*HlS EVENING. Feb. 'at, on entiie uew bill of par X furmaoLta, in c I it <t inic f-e PONEY RACES. The firat appearance of Mr. HOBBS. Mr SANDS and hie Daucing Horae, May Fly, the Fight1IIV Pnniea, &>- lite. The Amphitheatre ia pleaaantly warmed throughout. Doors o.,en a' pan A. p?rtormnu?-e comtneucaa at T. Boxes 35 cents, Pit 12){. Heels secured. fl lwrc DR VALENTINE'S farewell entertainment, pteviout to hit depmore for Europe, comet off on Monday evemuz, Feb. lit . rain or thine, at the Society Libiary, comer of I.eauard and Broadway, commencing at 8 o'clock precisely TicUeta admitting a gentleman, or lady and gentlemau, JO e_ent>. _ j v 31 2t*rrc NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE, (Charl'on a'reet corner of Vnrick.)?The public ia respectfully informed that thta theatre will ahortly te-open for the perfoimsnee of the regular drama, opera, ballet, and vaudeville Artists of acknowledged talent and reapectabi'itv. can make application, if by letter, (unit paid) rn Mr FHEUEit 11' K S, Acting Manager, at the tn.v office of the theatre. WANTED?Twelve ladies for the Corps de Ballet Apply hetween 'he h ttrs of '2 anil 2 J10 tf c SHAK?1'J5AKK DRAMATIC AS OC'ATION. T' II E A rat annual fancy tlreei itud civic Ball of thii association. wills ake place at the Coliseum, nn Friday evening, February 5th, *847. Tickets may be natained at the rooms ol the association, Gothic Hall; of Jno. O. Taylor, 58 Prince aireet; at the Coliaenm, aud of any of the members of the association. Mr. Jno. O. Taylor, (costumer to the naaociatiou,) No. 58 Prince atteet, is prepited to furnish Fancy Dresses of every description, at moderate prices. Mr T. will also send dresses to the resiliences ol parties who intend appearing tu cos'uine, and send for them on the morning after the ball. ja29 7iit*rc l.he> DANSLUSfcS VIENNOISL. Madame Josephine weish. Mistress?rthe Ballet. begs to state to the Managers ol Theatres in the United States, that applications for engagements must be made to her agent, .Mr JOHN POVKY. oftlie Park I heatre, New York, who ia duly authorised to malt a all arrangements lor Lea Dan aenaea Vivnnoise. j25 tf re CHESNUT STREET THEATRE, philadelphia. 'r-llE Subscribers having leased tlie above magnificent ea X inbliahnient, offer the same to rent by the night or week [until their return from the south on the 1st March J Full particulars can be obtaiucd of Mr. Dintnore, agent for the lessees, at the box office, every morning, between the hours of 11 and 12 All communications must t>e addressed to Mr Jiumore, post-paid, or they will not be attendrd to. j5tf ehz HHHIIIN Ik Fit A/Ell. K LOCUTION A K V ILLUSTRATIONS. Mil. JNO. YV. S. HOWS wi'l give the third of his cou'se of Elocutionary Illustrations on Tuesday Evening nr\', Feb 2, 1817, at the Lecture Room, Society Library, consisting of choice passages from Othello, King Lear, Houiao and Juliet Jnlius Cesar, Diehard 3, Macbeth. Mr William W. Seymour will read ihe part of I 'avsius. in the (parrel scene of Brutus suit Lsisiiis; u.d will reciteYouug Lochiuvar. to I'f'iiniif nee nc nan pasr i o clock, Tickets 30 cents. N. t> ?I ho luiirlli and lint evening will lie on Tuesday, KetfT 9, 1817. j30 Hvitlu2f rc GRAND RELIEF BALL, In Aid of the Suffering Poor of Irtlaiuf, WILL take pi-ee at Castle Oirdeu on Weduesd tv Kveliiiit, Feb 18th, 1047 Arra' ct-tneu s are being made to inake this one of the grand balls of the season. Tickets two d dlars each, to admit a gentleman and two ladies, may ne had of the Secretary, or any of th- following committtl. A. H. Miclile Dr. K Hog an Horace Oreeley T. A K.mmeit K Campbell Daniel Sweeney Aid. Walsh Mieh'l Burke Martin W ters Aid. Hart Dr H Sweeney K. Kreucli Kd ward Km P (J Malotiey l)r. Ulover K. I). Counery Aid. liilmaitin I). Pollock P. Mulvehill Thos. Buyle I*. B. Murray D.Uilinariin l\ McB-rrou P. Breunaii P. McCoriniek M- Phelau Kraucis (iilmore Aid. Mullius K. Filzg?rald Them * Win-Inn (.'has M. fanury Win Keid Thos McOivney Juhu F.gau John Ucraghty Joseph Murphy Aid Foote Pat'k Kelly Tiniuthy Uaruck D. C. Uroderick B. Haunsguii Philip Collins C.Fheehun Fein Quinn H. O Bricn Vurphy James Kelly I'eter Mnrray P. A. Keane A. Jeckmau Win. Nugent P. H. McGuiie John Kellelier John Mussel Aid. Cnmptou Luku Doyle H. MeCahill Aid Byrne Aid Dougherty James Hiley. roorlym. Owen Colgsn Miles O'Riley P II Lennon J. Sweeney, Columbian flail, South Brooklyn. JAS. KKANK, Secretary. A H. Ml' KLF,. Treasurer. j38 end tFe in r FIRST ANNUAL BALL OF THE ITALIAN (JUAHDH, to he given at the AroLLo Saloon, on MONDAY KVKNiNO, Keb 8, 1847. Ti<-ket? can be had ul nri7 of the following committee Capt. J. Avesxana, 21 New at. Lieut. M. U. I.eiirhi, 18th st. near 3d avenue Kusign Dr. Altrocchi, in Wooster street Sergeant I. l evy, 120 3d nveune. Corporal I. Negrelti, 240 Water street. jeti2J,J7,.TO,l14.6.Si,*rrc .SCOT PL-MI GUARD BALL rpilK THIRD ANNUAL RAU, of the Scottish Guard J. will take p ace at the Apollo Saluou, on Monday evening, February 1st. Djdwnrth's lull brass and cctillon b ind will lie in attendance. Tickets may be procured of the committee, vir.: Capt. A ('. ' ast'e, 381 Broadway; Lieut. MeLeod, I Coiirtlandl It.; Lieut. Haig, ICO Mercer st ; Q M. Linen, 74 Fulton at.; D Prentice. Sergt Thomas, 18 Me-rer street; Serirt Laarie, 32 Hudson st; Sergt Willeee. lC-b avenue aud27tlist ; Sergt., Corporal Ileury Law, 126 Church street; A'es. Dilrymple. 399K Broadway, and Sergt WM. CLlKEHlGH. Secretary. j24 BiiTuThMa8niic.VTois,rr 205 Broadway TIHK annua! BALLoftheNew York Society, will t ke place at the Apoilo Knoma. on Krid?y etennig, Feb i4tb CHAS. wainwright, President Witara Bi.iykn. Secretary. jli h'nt CONS'IP VI ION (OO-TI VKNF.SS) DFHTROVF.D

Jii.iI published, price 30 cenlv, the Fourth Edition t translated from the Nineteenth French edition! " CONSTIPATION ( 0ostirenest) DESTROYED; Or, Expo sitian of o natural, simple, agreeable <md infallible MEANS not only of OVERCOMING hut also of contpltltly destroying habitual Constipation, without using either purgativee. or ony artificial means whatever (discovery rec ntly made in Francs, hy M. H'arlen | / llnwcd hy numerous certificates from eminent physicians and other perssns of distinction " J , | I l ll S-l'T.-fc- VA'I HIM .1 III rill' OL- lirillT/IM of Pari. No. 151 William street. Nfw Voik, anil by ret-il at the Granite Building, No. 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber (treat Beware ofspnrjoue " Krvalen'a " f' trwlm* MfeF-h I i W W I PKKSONS I N I Hll.Mir Lf'HIA, anil MHO in I v/v"ve the city and Atate ol iNew York can testify to the woiideil'ul eflicacyol that Powerful remedy, THOMPSON'S COMPOUND HYRUP OF TAR AND WOOD NAPHTHA. For Consumption, Conghs, Coldi, Asthma, Bronchitis, Spitting "I' illood lie he. HKAD' KKAU! ! Asto!vishi"iu cunr or Chronic Bronchitis I'm I >t<lel|>hia. May 23. 161C Mr. S P Thmnpaon?Dear Sir:?For inure than lour yearn past I had been dreadfully (dieted with in affection of tne throat, which my physici.iu p'oiinonred "Ch on'e Bronchitis." caused hy repeated and neglected coldi. The dis treai anffrred la iiidmcribihle. M y thrnai w.ia lili rally raw with violent spasmodic coughing an that blood would cotne Irom it; alao great < ppreaaiou, pain rml lightness at the cheat and fever? in short a<l the u?n<l pulmonary symptom* showed t'ein elves, cansi g entire loaa of necessary repose?my th o-.t ? as leeched mo blistered over and over again. I made triit of e?e*y known remedy, and at different peiiode had the advice of si( phyaiciacs, nnd all of un avail Ahout two itiontha since I made trial of your Compound Syrup of Tar and Wo ol Naphtha, and before I had tnkeuthe li-at bottle I felt relief I continued until I hid taken it van bottles, which completely removed the disease end restored me to peiltct health; and I firmly believe I should not uow he living, had it not heeu for vonr invaluable medicine JANK PF RRV, 123 Spruce st. The undersigned bears wisneis to the truth oi'the fo-e woiiik, having personal knowledge of all the firti of the case. M. HAKHISON, 97 Alinond street. Price '0 CKNT8 per bottle; $i per tloten. This invilnable remedy prepared ONLY by ANONF.V Sr DICKSON. N. K. corner Vh anil Hprnce sts.. Plnla Sold wholesale and retail by WYATT Ik K FTC HAM, 121 H ilium St.; > t retail by H. Johnson, 273 Broadway; King ll'i Broadway. N. V jtlb lm*r TO L.K r. Jad A LMlUF.old ftshioned llonse, situated directly for? on die Sound, end near a beach releD st. d for fine bathIVsUL'ng I' would he snitable for a large family or hoarding-it use, being easy of access to the city, either by steamb rat or railraad Andreas Ht-.NRY PARTRIDOF. KKLLOOH, li lot' r ( Kellogysville,) New Kochelle, N. Y. FOURTF.MNTH AT It FFT-Tu LKT for s teitn of years froui 1st of May neir, the very cmnmedious end specious Kstablishmeut. No. Ill Foiirieenih street, hetwee.. University nisi e and Fifth avenue, '<11 'pet front by fill deep, in lots ol In) feet; five stories high in addition to base m.-nts and tinder eelInrs, limit in the most substantial manner, md anpplie I with I rolon water in er. ry story, gas hslnres throughout bathing rooms hot-sir furnaces, boilers with treating apparatus, (perking lubes, lie. For a large first class ho||piiig house, the location and eitent of arc mmnjs'ions*re rt>bably iiuiiiriaaied hi the cirv. The pmnusce cm be viewed between the hours of ten and one daily ? Terms and other particulars inay he known ou application to the I'.esenl oectipan', any afteruooii, between .he hours of 7 and 7 o'clock. |9>8tUB fcM 'I FUH CULD NPRINU AND WEST fOlN /, Oil AS KAlt AH THK I F, WII.L PERMIT Landing ?t Dol-ha Ferry, tlrassv Pojat, Or -- O-J* Vertdawk a Point. Caldwell's, and V u < ortI In h,earner HfOHLAN DKH, Capt. C B Vrmstrnnr, will leave New York, from the Newl.urgh Pier, loot of Warren street, every tnorunig, at 9 o'clock, a. M. For freight or pa-sage apply to the Uap'ain on hoard. N. II ?The Highlander haajust been fitted up iu a s:n ennr manner as an ice Boat, and will continue to run to and fiom New York during the winter. j29lwrc TO THE m LATEST MDM&NT.M TKl,KUUAl'ilIC. HIGHLY INTERESTING PROM TUB ARMY IN THE SOUTH, Skirmish between Gol, Hay's Dragoons and the Mexicans. PERILOUS POSITION OF OUR TROOPS. Retreat of the Bnemy from Victoria. ANOTHFR ENGAGEMENT EXPECTED. Entire Forre of the Mexican Army Estimated at Fifty Thousand. IMPORTANT RUMOR THAT TIIB Prann?<tlnn nf hoA Kaan A f ccpted by the MEXICAN CONGRESS. &Ci) &ft WiiHimitoK, Jan. SI, 8 P.M. The brig Georgiana arrived at New Orleans on Ihi 33d inst, with dates from Tnm|iico to the 14th. 1 Colonel Kinney arrived at Tampico on the 13th inst direct from Victoria, with despatches from Gen. Tojrlo to Gene. Shields, to suspend operations for the present He entered Victoria with General Quitman on the 9th General Quitman d'ovo the Mexicans before him thi last thirty or forty miles before entering Victoria. The Mexicans were very reluctant to give up thi place, but went out on one side as Quitman entered oi the other. General Quitman having no cavalry, could not pursu< them. Col. Kinney parted with Oon. Taylor at Montemoralei and pushed oo with General Quitman to Viotoria, am i thence alone to Tampico. There was no reason to suppose that General Butle and General Worth had moved from Saltillo, though i was so reported On the 1st January, Gen. Taylor sent forward Colone May to exiimine the mountain passes between Montemo rales and Labradores. On his return the Colonel took another pass leading tc : Linares, and was attacked by a large body of the enemy and bia rear guard cut rolling stones into the pass which was scarcely wide enough for a single horse man. Col. May managed to got through with tho main bod} of his force, and reached a spot where he was enabled ti dismount and return to succor the roar guard. But it was too late, as the enemy had rotreated wit] their ptisonera. At one time May's dragoons were almost at the mere of the enemy, had the latter discharged their pieee with accuracy ; for the position they occupied was di rectly over the heads of our troops. Col. May's loss had not beon ascertained, nor whethe he had any man killed. There can be no doubt, how ever, that some of our men have fallen. General Shields, with six hundred anJ fifty met ' marched from Tampico on the 10th towards Altamirl \ with the supposed intention of opening communicatio with General Taylor at Victoria. From two to three thousand Moxican troops were b< tween Tampico and Victoria, with which it was tu| posed General Shields might havo an ongugement. The force of tho Americuus remaining at Tampic numbered 9.10 men The Tampico market was amply supplied with Amer can merchandise. Colonel Kinney states that the Mexican force at Sa Luis amounts to thirty thousand men, and be estimate their entire force in the field at fifty thousand men. Tho capture of Tumpioo, he says, had created th greatest excitement throughout the country. Generals Butler,Worth und Wool had, at Saltillo, eigh thousand men, considered tho flower of the army. Colonel Kinney speaks confidently of our success in case of an engagement at Saltillo. Generals Taj lor Twiggs, Pillow and Patterson, with six thousand met ware at Victoria, waiting orders from General Scott. Tlio .Mexican army, it waa l>eliova<], wai not fur I rot SaltiUo. Tho Mexican soldiers seen in the neighborhood t Saltiilo, are now supposed to hove beau advanced pertie of tome fifteen hundred or two thousand men, kept i possession on this side of the desert between SaltiUo an San Luis, to destroy the water tanks, in case the Amer can army should move in force in the direction of Sa Luis This precludes the idea of any serious attac being contemplated upon General Worth or Gciiuri Wool; the object of the Mexicans being only to koe watch upon tho American forces; to retreat before an advance, and cutoff supplies of water. Col. Kinney brought a rumor to Tampico, that Hitoe thousand Mexicans wero to attack SaltiUo ou the -:7? tilt.; and verbal news was brought by the Georgian a t New Orleans, to the effect that Santa Anna had place hiineolf between Taylor and Worth, with thirty-fiv thousand meu, and a general action was immediately ex pectcd. [This is probably a mero repetition o rumors befoie received by way of Matumorbs. Piivate letters express very little doubt of luge Max can forces, mostly crvalry, being ut Tula, at tho 1st dates, under Uon Vulentia. (lens. Urrea, llomero an Fernandez, were also reported iu that vicinity. It is unnoted that the Mexican Congress had accents t ie United States' proposition of poace.and authoiized tt appointment ol peace commissioners,to meet similar cor missioners from the United States Government, It was not si pposed that any movement would be maf against San Luis, hut that the mountain passes would b retained, and Vera Cruz tie reduced, if possible, by a Inn attock.on General Scott's taking the command. Mtesunhoat Explosion. The towboat Phenix, having in tow the ships Mai Chester, Ironsides and hark Leontlne,exploded her boil* on the Si,nth West rase, below New Orleans, on the 'Jit instant,killing about twenty poisons,and badly woumlini a number of others. Arrlvnl of the Itcmnlna of Distinguish*! Officers. Uai Timor*, January 31, 1847. The remains of Watson, Uir'*iey, Thomai, Tdarson lloylo, and Gioliam. hovo anived in this city, and are he ir.g escorted from the vessel. Conftugrutlmi unit Injury of Firemen. I'liiLAnti.rHis, fan. ai-til'.M J Wm. W. Keen Si Sons' leather store in Choauut abovj Second street, was destroyed by Are this afternoon ? mini, .ma iinjiiiit k I nil) sure, an,line i runui noiinc corner of Strawberry stiect. 'i'bo gable eml of Keon'i ii'.oro full on the adjoining home, forcing tlie front oul into thu street. Lewis Manning, a fireman, was buried tieneutii the ruins, but speedily taken out. l'rovideu tially he escaped with only slight injury. Two othnri aro reported injured. The Committee of Ways ond Moans of the Ponnsylvo nia Legislature have recommended the resumption o payment of the interest on the Statu debt by the lira, o February neat. II Y T II K MAILS. Washi.notov, Jau. 99, 1847. %1ffairn in h?th Houm?Thr Smilhinninn In$(itntr. Old bullion's persevering determination to Lfivo thi land bounties to tbn soldiers cxpungtd from the hill lo the ten regiments of regulars,has deferred the paioago o the bill unother day Tlio odds, however, ai a doai against him this afternoon, General ( ass. who had im tamed him heretofore, ) olted, and protesteil t hat h would gi/c up the fight, and would now go for the hour tiea in tlio military bill, am) nowhere else. And yet. " 01 Bullion" has declared that ho will fight it to tho 1a?t We fear it will be a wasteful expenditure of ammiii. ition id that he might as well save it by a capitulation a once. The llou-e vo day, or tho tegular* of the House, t tor fniily slumped noon a resoltitien for giving thank I t General I'ny lor for the bat'le at Monteiey. The ca;?itu lation has boon openly assailed, ond yet we would net b sin pined to thovi ve.y men swallow Ibeirown W srd when biougbt " taut up" to the resolution. The tw days lust past in the Home hnvo tieen almost eriulvab-n to a total aquaudoring away of Uw tireo Wo m (tsli fled to know, however, that the members are ashamed ?' it, end have resolved fo try to do batter I lia plan for the building of the Smithsonian Institu Hon, presented by Mr Renssick of New \ ork, aircliitoci of Grace Church and Christ Church of tliut ctfy. hai been adopted by tho Board ol Hegents. IV. i ??????? scsnis in coxrcmj3 ss. OLD ROUGH AND READY 1 IN TIIK ! 1 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. I OPENING OP TIIK PRESIOFNTIAL CAMPAIGN for 1848. The Capitulation of Monterey. &C. diC. die. W'AtHiJiaTO*, Jan 'Jtf, 1947. Trifling with tin Huiineie of the Sat ion? The Bounty I.and Quf?lion in the Senate?Suture Plan of the Campaign?The Brazilian Affair. I miaatinn If I horn l...o ...o?. a anaainn of Congress us tho present, since the formation of our go| vernment. Never did men seem more earnestly bent on squandering time, which ii, from tho exigencies of the war, obiohitely precious. A crowd of children could , not bava conducted themselves more sillily, or with more tidiculous puorility, than the Homo has exhibited ' for the last few days. Nothing done hut arguing appeals and points of order, and calls of the Houso, and taking 1 the ayes and noes. Last evening it sat till ten o'clock, and in that time did absolutely uo business. There were appeals about nothing at all, and the ayes and not s were recorded several times on the question, of wlibther , this or that sick member should he excused. This condnct at present it inexcusable. When the country demands that Congress should perfect the different measures, necessary for tho conduct of the war ? and the public service, to fritter away its time, not even ; in discussion, but in absolute trifling, is a downright in suit to the feelings of the nation. A long and tedious r war, for aught any one can know to the contrary, hangs | over our heads; and after eight weeks o( tho session, u there is nothing done but tho passage of two measures, 8 tho army hill and the treasury note bill. There are various other measures connected with the prosecution o' 9 (he war, to be acted upon, end there seems to bo every 1 disposition to waste the small remaining period of tho session in idle wrangling a Tho Senate has been as had, in this respect, as the House, if not worst. The army bill has been for seve' ral weeks before it, and whole days have been spent in ^ idle, prosy, bootless discussion of extiaueeu* matters ? The bounty land section?originating with Mr (Jameron; r Hist opened tho door to this most neediest and untimely ' delay. But for that, tbe bill would have passed at onca; , and tho soldiers, or at least a |Kiition of them, might now 1 be on their way to Vera Cruz Bui for tli? very iaspect able source whence this bounty ltnid section emensted. I would pronounce it oue of the gre itost humhiws of tho day. While thcio is land scrip in the market, there cut) i be no revenue accruing from our public domain ; besides that, no guards, however strong Cun movent spec' ulators from clutching these lands and enriching theui> selves at the expense of tho nation If it were really u bounty to the soldier, 1 behove if the quantity wore quintupled, no man would grudge the gift to the brave tellows who arepeiiling their lives for the maintenance r of their country's rights ; but thero is. in ieality, no 9 bounty conferred on the soldier. Mr. Bentou stated in kis place in the Senate, yesterday, that companies ara already being formed (or the purpose of proceeding to b Mexico to cheat the soldiers prospectively out of the , bounty lands about to be conferred upon them. Sumo eleveu or twelve millions of dollars will ho thrown Y among these speculators to scramble for. but as (or any a odvuntugo such a grunt will be to the soldier, it might as i well have been made of tracts of land in the moon ? When the war is over, let ample provision bo mado for those who have engaged in it, but to grant it now, pror spectively, i? the merest felly. r 1 think San Luia I'otosi will now he attacked iu ear" neat. The feiot will no longor avail, and we must not remain idle longer. It possible, a sufficient number of 1 troop* will be concentrated under the command of (Jen. i Scott, and sent down the coast to Ver.iCruz, to assist iu ' taking the rustle. There it little difficulty apprehended in taking San Juun d'Ullou by the means which lure been employed 1 um voiy certain Commodore Perry j. co.lid have taken it long since by a roup Jr main, if it hud breu deemed expedient Hut the more sure mode of a combined land and navul attack, was determined upon by the President, he having apprehended no difficulty or 0 delay in tho passage of the army bill Had ha foreseen the delay that has occurred, ho would have long sines issued orders to our squadron to taks the fortress, and it would >- have been taken ; but bo thought it better to make sure ! by having a combined attack maJe upon it, ami Congress I lias il<iue all iu its power to defeat his purpose. ' To morrow the llrnzilian utliur will, in nil probability, 8 ' be finally adjusted. Kvery thing promises u most satisfactory settlement of it. OALVIEN9I8. Washikoton, January t!9, 1847. ?5mithrr Medal fur General Taylor? IFhig Tactic t? 1 Their Fighting Courage?The Speaker of the House? Something aixiul the Democrat! ? Jump Jim Crow ?The 1 ll'ilmot proviso, <pc. ' Mr. Cocks, in tho House of Representatives, to-day, ' . asked leave, rather unexpectedly, to submit resolutions to give, in addition to thanks, a gold medal to General n Taylor, (or his couduct ut.Monterey. 11 operutod like it squib thiown among a bevy of ladies This is a part only ^ ot u series of tactics which the whigs will display ere * the teraiination of the session. They all stood up in solid n phalanx yesterday, and lought for nine hours against the '' democrats; who have a majority of seventy, until tho '* Speaker, being a doctor, and well acquainted with the n physical frame, as be is with tho body politic,came to *1 tho relief sf his friends, and, by the casting vote, declared 1 tha House adjourned. One half of tho whigs, at least, p would, to-morrow, tako up General Taylor lor the Presiy deucy, if it were the proper time to commence the battle Their movements, in this lespect, however, will depend " on what the government may do with him inateaj of a b last resort tbey niay take linn as a first choice; nnd, with 0 "all his blushing honors thick upon him," present liim, n I victim ol Executive displeasure, (cr the sutfrages ot llui 1 American people, for : promotion as "Commander in0 Chief ol the Army and Navy of tho United .states'' : But, about the medal. Would it not be better that tho . one ordered by Congress eight months ago be forwarded, or rather propel ed? I know, by application at the war ] department three mouths ago, it wns not commenced -the j. design was not determined on The Speuker say s two appeals uro not in order at the sumo time; one must bo 11 disposed of before another can bo eutcrtained. An<i d should it not bo so with regard to medals I Perhaps the Executive is keeping tho medal already ordered until Genet .il 1'uy lor shall come to Washington, either bolore ld or after the termination <<1 the war 10 There are strange things said about my especial friends, tho democrats. We all lemeinber how some lew ol them ployed coquette on the l'exsn and tanll bills-they would not vote for tliem ! No, no, uever ! la They could'nt do it, it was against their conscience ! ^ The record will show whether they relented. At this session they got irv.tive? they kicked the cott'ee lug and tea caddy ol Mr. Wulkerout of ilie House, uiid tho poor ! Lieutelisiit-Geueral (or rather the shadow ol Col Beni ton) was not tieutcd with the respect duo to bis tank in ' either branch. And more than this, though Mr Walker Irain'-d the tr? aaury note or loan lull hiinaelt. Willi the r aid ol Mr. Oouge, who la an attache ol tin department, r tney put in a clauao that the nulci anouhi not ho <ll pored I ol at leal than their par Value ! However, ail them thing* are well known. Mr Wallier i? aomewhat in the ' predicament t f Billy Lackaday hi the own the,u (a uud Wivea." At till* very aeaaion, Northern and Southern men aet up then god Terniinua, beyond which the aput heel, the tlat-noac, mid tlie wooly 111 ad, mint not bj permitted to grow, except in nil aiino-phere where the ciack ol tlidt aljva-dtivei a whip ii noi heaid ! i nu Wilmot pioviao\ , awaiHiortuf rallying cry, ami iheiu waa a ueaiiy r. aponar ot " amen !" I The thtee million bill introduced tiy Mr ' J Ingor noil, with a view to pi ace, la the "penal ardar ol the day j lor Monday next, but will the northern, middle, and f weateru men aguin tack on the Wilinot pioviao, written hy Jacob BrinkerhoA ' Will they a.iy tliet no territory L WtRffhe aci|uired Irani Mexico, uiiirna widi a peileol undemanding that alavory ahail not oxi?t tliere I Soui torrent, aa the " young" editor ol the Union hua aaiJ lor ? the laat tilty yaara, or more ; tlio only h/ench he ever , knew ; and tin* n laying hut little lor him, aa a achoulmniter. It i? known aa a fact to day thai oil hua been ' laiurcd upon the tiouldeil watered dev. orru-y ; h largo I number have agreed, privately, to wuivo the Wilmot proviao for the preaent. Several Southern mnmhoia told me that they have, with a half-do/en axcaptiona, 1 " jumped Jim Crow." There ii, then, a healing ol the temporary breach between the North and the Souih Why did Mr. Sima, ol South Carolina, lay in the Houae, to-day, that it w.n the Arm determination" of the f Southern people that ilavery lhall exiat in ??mr portion f ! of the acqitued tartitory ? Simply became the Noithern | men are permitted to aay there in a " Arm deteniuiiatiou" on tiicir part that ilavary ihall not exiat in the teriitory to be acquired on the Pacific! Mr. Sima lurtiier rej marked, " tlna qucation will not diFiolve the I'mou."? I Why, a week or two ago, we heard a djfi'iirnt itoiy ! ? j Wiiat has taken place I What change hna coaio over ' tho k|>1iit of tho dream ?" N?ot terrom But porhapi 9 1 there may he a hacking out before Monday. Let u* r | await with anxiety for that day ; and ii we are diasp , pointed, it will not ha liecauac I have not told you what to-day ii known to ha the tiuth. Uon't he inrpriaed at I any thing Kven a tax on tea and rotten, and a matinee ! u , tion of the Lieutenant tianernl The ayrnptomi am f?votahio Tho letter of (Jenernl Taylor will afford an I exeme to change votei. FKLI.VJ I TWHIirV'IM rll COJIU1UMI. RKCOND aKXSIO.X. I i j "tenure. i WaiMisotox, Jan. J9, 1147. I "Awake! awake! my beautiful,nnd lat ua i?Uy fotth, II 1 We have had i rain of Jewelrr ftom out the fnien north; " The brave and grim old aturdy treei ate all adorned with '' | gcmi, 0 And diamon la in a Ihomand forma, ure dangling bom " | their atema." " Haiti and aleet Prayer Journal?Tetitiona l.lllH I XIXO l.tXR Ii HOII IHK ATLAXTIl 1 . Mr. Monrio ai> prczeiited a inamurial fiom a i.owapaper editor in Cincinnati, praying an appropriation liom < ongreai for tho ronatiuctiun ot a lin-t ( telagraphio wirca I ar.roia tho Atlantic ocean. The petitioner propone?to I carry tho neceraarv wireon hoard a numherol ateamahipi and to run it oA lp>m a ipool in the waka of one o( the ?p#mer= ' Fo th!rV-? th? u-iro ?f I'iVwd '1 ink dot ii lv < | < I, wbe-e. . n tli* roll My of the ?Hrr it will r>-iiimlI ia iusp*!n?iinj r -iug a? ti.u Mate t,n e >elo\v tli" lli.<? of trjvrl of the monatr-rt of the deep ami ha action of the current, of the am 'I ha memorial w ,a cleric-J to the Committee on I'oat Ortlc-a and Poll roa'la. ' ' o, Mr s? ?! .? ri'fioitpj hdi it from the Committee ?>n h >reigu llul jtioii". tun bill providing 'or an Assistant -v-'ielaiy 01 -tj'H uuil asked that u certain Houso repoi l upou the project ho pruned, which waa .'gr-eod to. 1 ..i- bill k muting j MttlM in Oregon wan fur bar postponed 'nil to morrow. THK T*1 kKOIWCata?THK LAID BOt-'MTIKS. rtin lull for ten regime a* a of rtgulaiswus return' J ft* the kpeCidl oi Jer of the tiny. The urociltluictit ui Mr Cor win wan pending and the question waa upon concurriog in that amendment aa agrucd to in i ouimittee of the Mr Hria withdraw his proposition fuither to amend. by providing for an issue ot land scrip, iutitnaflng that he would prefer as an amendment ttia separata laud bounty bill from tbe House. 'i'he questm - then msted upon Mr. f'orwin's amen1.ment, heictoforo given in full, hut which, in a word, it may be prupor to mate ug.iin. It provides lor tho over twelve months'no'iliera, legulaia, and volunteera, asceptiug the commis?ioned olio era, who ahall have served ug.iiiiNt Mexico, a land houuty ot ISO acres, and theaamw hnuritv to thn lnuriil t\f ?tu?K ar.Llsmsu oa may have died iu tliia service. ut any time, and the name ^^B to those who may have been dischatged in less th. n ^^B twelve mouths fiom disabilities or sickness in the ?<-rvire. For the volunteers serving only twelve mouths, or leu than twelve months, and iliacharged*wilhout di .a ^^B hilities, HO acres ut land A warrant to be given for the land from tlie War Department, to be tranalerabla ; end a patent to he issued fur the same on its return to the War Department The soldier to srlect his lands at his discretion, or the pareou possessing the potent, fiom any of the public lands open to private entry. The lands to each warrant to he taken all iu one body. All liens, he , npun tho warrant, however, to be utteily The Semite having adjourned last nght, at the instance oi tl.e seiner Semi tor from Misvouri,? A DIlcrST t'POH THt IPkCUUTOII ^B Mr. IIkvtov arose to tlie analysis or dissection of this proposition, und the sequel will show thet he was prelitred for the operation I hold it to be my duty, Mri'iesitlent, to expose ns far as I can the stupendous speeolations that must follow this scheme oi lend bounties if this amendment is adopted I look at it as opening the door to the most stupendous spaculitions No matter about the design ol the amend,nant, I take it es it steuds | take the amendment in iu csn words, end I denouncu it, sir?I denounce it, sir, to the American people as opening the door to the most stupendous speculations, and to tho wildest frauds that the annals of our country hive ever produced I urn not speaking at random, sir. But I in- ^B elude in this category the Yazoo speculations, the spcCu- ^B lstions in the certificates of 1703, and the bounty land ^B (peculations from the grants of 1813. 1 include tharn all, ^B sir ; I include every tiling ; I repeat that I include every ^B thing, sir, which has ever opened the door to stupendous speculations and frauds, and I denounce this to the cnuu ^B try its transcending the whole. [ Mr. Benton read from ^B Jefl'ei sou on tho speculations in the Virginia hounti s] ^B First, let us consider the quantity of land you propose to give away by this lull One hundred and sixty acres to the twelve months soldiers, and half that to the soldiers serving a shorter term How many persons may claim these bounties when this act is passed? Dy this set you raise 10.000 men - by tho act nf May last you called for AO 000 men-that's sixty. You have, then, sir, fifteen ro ^B gnnents of regulan, of some IS or 17,000 men, ^B who will have the benefit of this hill from tho ^B dav that this hill is passed. A hout 75,000 men will then como in for those heunties, if this petition is made ? But suppose we reduce tho numb, r to t0,N0 men. and thii is ii greater reduction than will lie fou id in realitythe henetlis ol this ainendment will amount to 6.000 100 ectea, and $10 000 000 This ie the quantity, sir? this is the quantity. The moet moderate estimate is eight m<l. lions of acres, and ten millions of dollars Vow, what a;* the terms, and what is tho manner in which these lands are to he disposed of 7 A warrant is to be issued, transfet able as an order for a sheep, t'ompanies of speculators will be formed fiom the momi-i:t your act is passod, and H in their arrangements, the sutlers will he No. 1, end the commissaries will he No. 3 The scheme, sir, will ah- H sorb all your public lands. The land claims arising from |H this policy will not tm extinguished for sixty years For H this sort of paper breeds, and it not only breeds incessant* H ly, but it breeds incontinently. It comes, and comos, and H cetnes, and you will never get rid of it. It is only noces- B sary to refer to the Virginia military scrip. not yet ex fl tinguiahed. < ompnnies will be formed. Yes ?ir, I may H say from information in my possession, that it appear* H that companies are already forming in I'liiladelpliiu to H speculate in these anticipated bounties, an I they com- B piebcnd in their scope, sir, persons in Washington, and B the commissaries and sutlers of the army. We are an- B gaged in a war, sir?u war which is now only fen months B old,"and we have just issued a lull for loans and notes to B tho extent of twenty three millions in loans, lor the re- B demption of which your public lands are pledged. And B now you propose an amendment to your army lull, hy B which all your revenues from UMM butdB will B be swept from the face of the earth Not B a dollar will ha saved to the TrrWMH y ? wot B a dollar, sir. And y*ur soldiers will have no B UOIieill 1IUUI II. llirjr will UH IUP (1IOIO 1U* I IIIUOI II* ol the speculators. To your existing debts you will add a new debt ol teii miiiiotiR of dollars, if all goes fair, tri.l twenty million', if it goes foul, as it must Mr. Uentou charged the origin of, nnd the pertinacity in thin amauumpnt to the politician , an an abundance of hoop* and more than wore required, could be hu l, and have offered to serve without any bounty whatever. Kor hii land warrant, the aoldier would get of the ipeculaloia, one dollar, two dollars, five 01 ten dollars, or twenty at the outside Mr. Benton said ho could not support the bill with (his proposition in it. It thn Senate refused to strike it outk he had a sories ot amendments to offer in the way of precautions and safeguards to the measure. Ho uppealed tlint the army bill bo suffered to pass alone; an 1 charged Ilia seventeen days delay in thn Honute to the introduction of this extrinsic mutter of the land bounties. He would light it out to the lust. MM COIlWlVa SSIUItST KKPLY. Mr. f'osaiti, alter expressing his regret at the delay of this lull, proposed for the present to answer briefly tha remarks of the Senator from Missouri upon the two priu cipal points of his argument ?1. That the land bounties were not necessary to procure the set vices of the soldiets. 3. That thoy must inevitably tall into the hands of the speculators. Mr Corwin followed in a brilliant s|a>ech, sparkling all the way through Ato we to drive u Jew's burguin with the soldiers fighting our battles to take them upon the lowest terms. Is it true that com ponies of scoundrels and villains are already lonned to prey upon the soldier/ <<,ni it be true that your settlers and ics are among the roomiest of (bid's creatures! lie did not know but that in the dens and hells of your cities, there were those ready to seize upon tha prospects of a mc.isute like this, and to follow alter your army like a horde of greedy vultures, awaiting the car cases of thosbiitu hut he could not believe that the fellow soldier ot tlio soldier could meditate a fraud upou In* wife andcluldron, while ministering to him at his dying bed He could not behove that the sutlers and commissaries, whose office it wus to supply the wulits ot their fellow soldiers, would unite, and conspire in a system ol plunder so base us tint prefigured by the M rintor from Missouri. The Senator from Pa., (Mr. < u meron.) hud represented, that there wore five companies formed in his .State, ot the most intelligent and respec I (hie men in the Sta'e, ready to join these ton regi iiciit Would they not bo competcut to tuk care of this latul bounty ot f J00' If your army is inu le tip ol intelligent men like these, where is the danger ol their falling a proy to the speculators / Or are we to consider the vol uutcois as hinted at yesterday, a collection of the filth, and scum nnd dregs of the country ; and thm a mania not qualified (or u aoldier, who ia unwilling to be a slave! He discussed tbe seven years inalienability ot the lands us proposed by Mr. Benton, as an tinwita and inexpedient provision. Men grow to maturity in this day in u much less period than in tire days of we old men A soldier at enlistment, is not under eighteen years of nge, and if he continues in service until the war close*, in my poor humtde judgment, mud Mr. C , he will not be less than thirty years old; (laughter.) an age which will entitle him to a seat in this bennta, whore ho may, perchance, comn and contest with the henator from Missouri, (Mr Benton.) the validity ot this inuluautde law, winch lie would seek to estut lish for tha soldeii' secu rity. 110 ami] that ho regretted tho exigencies of , this war, and this necessity of reding away eight mil liona of tho public lands, juat and expedient under the circumstance*, in ho deemol ;t to ho?ho regretted thia necessity, because he could havo wi?hed rather that th? public domain should bo uppropriatod to the more bono licial purposes of pearo He deplored tho war, arid tho taxation for a century, perhaps to come, of tho poor people , ol thia republic, that tho war must entail upon tia ; lie r?gi etted that the soldier employed to blowout the liruius of the Mexicans should have to ho suppoited I by increased burdens upon the |*ople at home tba' tho I necessity iiad come of imping I corn the dry bones ot po t veity tile aliment that is lo sustain their lellow-cili'itns Ungaged in the slaughter ol a foreign people. But where Vvas tho objection to (his bounty to tho soldier 7 The liregon hill, now before the Senate, proposed to gmu lauds by sections and half sections to settlors for the lAero service of settling, without distinction of race ot color. A negro wench who may have settled in Oregon oil the passage of that bill, would bo entitled to Tie; quuitei section. A Southern gentleman travelling With ins st to Oregon, to look out liom the shores of the i'uedic ucross to Asia?while there, in contemplation oi that great, day when the children oi Jsphat shall at. u up the inle of the children of Shem,the negro may h ave hn master, and claim his quarter section, end become i* land bolder and a freo-ho.der, and s voter in Oregon. Mr l Iohwi* spoke nearly an hour, in an iinhtolten strain, of tho most ngieoable eloquence, in behalf ot the soldier'j rights. six. nwtox'i nrrrn vivstiow. Mr Dsxtox rejoioe.I, charging tho delay ttpoti thli i bill to tlic land bounties propnerd to be insetted in it; i denouncing the speculators, and the amendment, before 1 the senate, as calculated only to benefit tho speculator.: I The numerous John Jones, and John Smiths, and I Billy Williams in the army, would afford a fl'ld of in : conceivable frauds Von propose lo expunge the whole of your bind revenue from tho raventles of the country* for the hensflt of these harpies, the speculate s -haipl , sir; I won't call them in the Sena e scoundrels and vi! Iain? Mr. Benton said he shoul I not voto for this hill wi ll this amendment in it llo would not voto fir the regiments with this provision in it, but would fail bar upon the leaeivatiou of 111,000 volunteers of tha .*>0.000 But he foresaw that this full would njt be 1 >?t The land honutiea, of themselves, would be sufficient to pass it. k HROsn hist most nrsrua rs?s. Mr (1a?h considered it impossible to pass this Mil. after what had iBken plscn in tho Senate, without t'jis laud bounties, ond whatevor he might have pieferre i o' first, lie should now go tor the bounties appended to this bill There was a time to give up tne tight, and the' was when you were fairly conquored. He consider. .. it useless to fight this proposition any longer, an ! that the minds of tho Senate were made Up He regretted the opinion of the Senator ot Mn oiiri, that the inn.I bounties, because of their imagined popularity, would entry this bill at all eventsMr. Bkntox. And i regret tho necessity 'or such an opinion. Mr. Cass said, he would oppose any proposition now to disunite the two objects of the troops and tho bounties Vnd the ca>e was not without a precedent, 'lli ) were Mended in a similar bill for tlie last w?r. II i IkI I that liirthor discussion was useless, and that the Nenuto was prepared at onco to vote upon the amendment the bill, f or himself, he would prefer the alternative to I . , - .(jeafc-''.**; ?J