Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1847 Page 1
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i TH] Vol. XIII, Ho. 33?Whole Ho. 4630 THE .NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HKRAJ.D--li.rery day, Price a eenti per copy?<7 Zi per aiuinin?(livable in advauee. , WEEKLY HI-litALD-Kvery Haturdar-fnee ?X CMU per ci.iiv?liii 'cut. per aeuain?payable in advance. i HERALD TOR EUROPE--Every Steam Packet day. Prico 6,S? cenu per copy?53 00 per an a am, payable m ad- , aoee. , , ADVERTISEMENTS at the naual price#?aiwayre/ub In advance . ... PRINTING of all kind* executed with beaoty and dee- | All l.tteri or communication*, by mail, addrened to the : eatahlirhinent, rnmt be port paid, or the postage will be deducted Horn the .nbacription money remitted. JAMES OORI ON BENNETT. Proprietor of the New Yobs Heral. Eitari ijhmkut, North W.tije.orn.r of Kultoa aad atreete*. ! L..J41.I J 'HI . . - , HAVM.iiLIoLP AUUunauuAriuav. I CHANGE OF HOURS ' LoNG I^L/Sd kA "A1> ' WINTER ARRANGEMENT On and after Monday, Dec. >8, IMC, Trains will run ai follows:? Laava Baooai.vri?t.t T o'clock A. M. (Bouon train) for Greenporr, daily, (except Sundays) stoppiag al Farmmgdnle and St George's Manor. " at 9X A M., daily, for Greenport and 'intermediate placoi. " " at 4 P. M. for Kerraiagdale, daily. Leave DtirarniT?at A. M., daily aecorainodation train for Brooklyn. " '* at S){ P. M., (Boston Train) or oa the arrival of the ooat fr..m Norm o, daily, (except Sundays,) rl.iipmjf >l Hi George's Mane' and Karminc'I'leLeant f niMitonair at f>'-i A.M. daily, (except Bandars,) aceorou.odatio.i train; and It V. ana i% P. M. Leave Jamaica?m o'clock A. M-, 1 P. M., and 6)f P. A1 , for Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Boston dam* SUNDAY TRAINS will hereafter run toThomayon Sta tion?le.tve Brook'yn at 3A M. for Thompson and Intermediate pl-iaes,(commencing Snutay the 8th rlereinker, returning leave Thompson at 3 o'clock P. M., Knrininfaale i%, Jamaica 3X. k'aaa to?Bedford, cents; East New Yerk, i2H; Kaee Cuarae, 18V; Trottiug Course, 18V: Jaiunioa, 33; BrushriiU, 3I\?. Hy de 1'ark, i 17 miles) 37 Llovrsrillc, (during the session of Court) ST3^; Hemnstrad, 37>4; Branch 37V; Carle P!.aee,44i Westbnry, 44; llicktville, 44; kaxmingdale, G2)<; Deer Park, 09: Thompson, 88; Suffolk Station, SI; Lake Road Station, SI 18V; Meuferil Station, SI 18X: Y*phank,BI 37>4; fit. Geon-e't Maner, Si G2X; Kivernead, SI 62X; Jameaport, fl Mk: Mattetnck, SI Cutchogue, SI Bouthold, SI 62X; Greenport Accommodation Train, fl 75; Boston train, S3 2d. Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at vary low farti, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the aevernl train*. Jt minutes before the hoar of starling from the Brooklyn aide. The steamboat "Siatearuau' leaves Greenport for Sac Hnr bor on the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklyn d35rh NOTICE. ^gd On and alter Friday, November 30th, the steamboat SYLPH, Captain Bra is ted, will f^liiii " ' * the following trips to and from Btatea Island nntil further notice, viz :? Leave New York Leave Btatea Island. At 9 A.M. At 1) A.M. 10 1 P. M. 12 M JW " 2 P. M. SM " 4KJ alt! REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH k WORMidi IJSBTEH, without change of r IP'*" or Baagage, or withontjH|BH 7 VT iwL JUcrossinft any Kerry. ,^WHIff! sstengess taking their amta at Norwich, are into red their a . ts through to Boston. T!.n being the only island route ttit rr.rain uniPAfM iktnnffh Ktf atorn'mknat ana) oailrnail Puuaagan by tffi* line are accompanied through w the conductor of the train, jvho will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwiae give hi* attention to their oaae and comfort. Thialine leave* aouth aide Pier No. 1, North Hiver, foot of Battery 1'lace, daily, (Sunday* excepted) at 4 o'clock, P. M., and niMvea in Boiton in time ?o take all the eastern train*. The -lew *trainer WORCESTER, Capt. Van l'elt, leave* every Tneiday, Thnrtday, and Saturday*, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Th > ituainer CLEOPATRA, Capmin William*, leave* every .Monday, Wedacadjy, and Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. For further informal inn, inquire of J. H. VANDEllBILT, No. li Bnltarv Place. Nnr'h River. d?3 tf re WIN 1"EK AKKAN4JEMKNTN ?The B?=et?2p1^e Norwich, Worceater and Boitou Ktil Road jEmMmIIL, and Steam Tranaportation Line?The *ub taatiul ateam propeller Trumbull, Captain Daniel Haven* will rua regularly between Norwich aud New York, making two pnaange* a week; leaving New York from pier 12 E. K. Old Klip. Kor freight, which will be taken at iiunmer rate* or paaaage, having elegant accommodation* apply to the Captain, ou board, or to E. A. BILL, Norwieh, Conn, and to .l.(k N HHIOOS. 40 Sow hat. New York. UNlic.m ,'i'Ai r.o ivlA.iL LINE. A*SL. kou ALBANY AND TROY, VIA Hi*)Bridgeport and Honiaion.c Railroad. Dur/ntn in i*ir mr ;"r laat lummer, the Hou*ato?ic Railroad na? been iri nd with a heavy H Rail, from Bridgeport to the We tern JLfilrond Through hv Daylight, daily (Sunday'r excepted 1 at fiti o'clock, A. M. The Steamboat MOUNTAINEER. Capt. W. H Fratee, leaves the foot, of Market afreet. E. R., for Bridgeport, Daily, ai S>, o'cl ick, A M. No freight taken in the Paaienger Line. Passenger* Luke the Car* at Bridgeport,and without change of Cnra or Baggage Crate*, arrive in Albany and Troy at 5 o'clock, P. M. New Car* and Locomotive engine* have been procured, and the Road u iu every respect equal to the be*t New England Road. If7" A Freight Line by Steamer* Nimrod, and Mohegan, daily? Ere cut Tariff a-nne a* last year?bor lariher particulars i..quire at the Office on Market atrret Pier, and at Livn g? ou and Well*' Expre**, 10 Wall Street. illl im ,-c O M. PERRY. Arent. DKl PISH AND NOKTM AM Ell CAN KOVAL MA.n STEAM SHIPS HOO ton* and 4<? hone power each, tin '-raoy Alaf dcr contract with the Lord* of the A dim H1BERN1U Capt. A. Ryrm C VLKDO fA Cap, E. (1. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt. J.Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capt.C. H K.Jndki?* At, AD IA Capt.Wm. Harris-)*. Ashllcnil Irnm Liverpool and Boston. via Halifax, an fol lows VBOM BOSTOW. . mOM LITHBVOOL. flibwma ?'*3. 1. I HIT Hiboriiia Jan. 4, 184* 4*atiibrin March 1, 1817 Cambria Feb. 4, 1847 Hiburuia April I, 1817 Hihrmia Much 4, 1847 ' Passant: jdi'rtk 8 ton Bostr.u to Lirerpool f 118. Front Uoeton to Halifax. < . 30. No berths -.ceured tir.tii paid tor. Thcaa ships carry asSerienred surgeoni. No freight, except specie, received oa aye of sailing. ... ?or freizlit, l aiJOHC. or auy other information, apply to 4 1). BKIUHAM, Jr., Agent. AiKAEN2EM f CO.'3, 6 Wall ?t. (1"^ In addition to the above line between Liverpool end Halifax, ana Boston, a eontract has been entered i nts with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool ?nt! New York direct The steamships for this service are now being bu'lr, and early next year due notice will be itiven of the time when they will start. Uuder the new conunct the stonmeri wilt sail every Saturday during eight , mouths, and every fortnight during the otner months in the , year, (ioiug alternately between Liverpool, aud Halifax , anil Boston, and hetween Liverpool and New York. J# r Gi.T-aT j ill It'a IN A IN D iTtK LAND. j PERSONS wishing to remit money to !^SW"Tl4L\ England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, will . jcLLal<1? well to apply to the suhsciibers, at the MSaifetfyyy old es abliiheu passage ollice, 275 Pearl | ?wbaMfUW bbU<treet, where ?s usual drafts are fnrnislied for large or small amounts ou the National Bank of Ireland, Northern Banking Co. nnd National Bank of Scotland, |>ayahie an demand, at the uiiinvr-.ut branches throughout both countries, wit out discount; also, on II C. 4JLYN It CO., Bankeis. London, and on C. OKIMWI1AW It CO., Liverpool. Apply to HaM'L THOMPSON St NF.PHEW, jll lm?rh Old Established Passage Office, 275 Pearl St. r.\38 AGE FROM ~GRE A I' BRIT A i NAN D IRELAN D. Ml AKRANOivMc NTS FOR 1817. P W. KYKNh it I O., OF NEW YORK AND LI VI 'TO 'L, be'iig the oldest sod largest established house in ilie emigrating business, beg leave to call the silent on of l he pnhiic generally to their superior srrangemsnta lor I'm ensuing \ ear. Persons desirous of sending through ibis house, or iheir friends residing iu the ' Old Country," may safely depend they will hive immediate despatch, and every means will be tikcu to prevent detentiou in Liverpool. l'i e Packet Ships or this Ime a-e all of the first class and commanded by ineu of acknowledged skill nue of wbi'h sail every five days Arrangements can also be made te fi ward paeaet gera, dir r.t, from Dnhlrn, Cork, WrterfifI, Londonderry, and llelfast. D.sftvaud Bills of Exchange, given for auv amount, payable on d.-inaud, wilhnut discount, al any of the principal towns in the Lni'ed K.ngdoia From the above a/rangem?i t., tiie aiibacribers confidently expect that the patronage which has been so liberally eawndsA ihen for many years put, will not he withheld the coining season of emigration ' should any of tlia parties engaged lor, not embsrk, the money w:ll be refunded as custom if V. For further particulars, if by letrer, (post paid ) apply to P. w. bVrnes It CO., .58 South afreet, comer ol Wall, N. T. ' EDWARD HAUL, Agent. f W BYRNES St CO., j*5lm*rrc 3d Waterloo Road, Liverpool, " PACK.ETS FOR HAVRE?SECOND L1NE~ itS- 48* Mk 1 The"hijis of this Line will sail during the year in the i'ol owing order From N. York. F'm Havre. ( Jan. 1, Feb. 18 Plop I'TICA, Capt. J A. Peiree, < May 1. June 16 1 ( Sept. I. Oct. 6. i Rhir FT'- NICHOLAS, Capt. N. W.S f*?:!" VVj |* Kveleigh. jtel"; No? | . Ship ONEIDA, t apt. Fund, j $*?.{ April.6. , ( Nov. I, Dec. 18. Flop BALTIMORE, Capt. J Johu-S Muy 18. ' ,t0?. < Aug. 1. Sept. 18. __ ? , . . C Dec. 1. Jan. 16. 1 They are all or the first class, ably commanded, aad with seeommodniious uinpie and commodions. The price of pis- ! sage in the cabin is 8100, exclusive of wines and linoors. Apply to UO YD Is HINCKF.N. Agents, Nr>. 9 Toutine Buildings, ? _ . , No. 88 VYall street. I Goods icnwo the agente or Torwaiding. will be subject to none other llisn the expense i actually paid. anil m I gte PASSAGE TO AND FROM-GKC.AT BRl- 1 ifrvPS- TAIN AND IRELAND GEORGE SHERLOCK 8t f;0.'8 OLD ESTABLISHED Passage Office, 158 Maiden L n? N"Ttc .?Mr. I* She lock will sail lor Liverpool, on the 8th of "cbrnary, and r?ma>n there during the months of Ma-eh and April, to personnlle superintend the embarkation I ol Ins paid passengers. Terse is wishing to have out their , Irieeds, would do well to avail themselves of this epportu- 1 nity.asM 8. returns to New York in May. jail lw<?rh ' E NE NEW \ TlUVKliUINU AUCOajnOUATIUKS. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKET^" m m m. TO HAIL FHOVjVeW YORK THE 3Cth. LlV * rOOK THE 1Kb OK K ACH MOM'111rnuM new tohu, Ship SHF.RI DAN, Ccpl. Corniah, January 24, " GAKlllLK. ' Traak, February 26, " ROSCIllS, " Eldriilge, March 2(i, " blDDONS, " Cobb, April 24. from Kioaurooi., " OARRI'K, December 11. " RO^CllTS, January 11, " SID DONS, Fabruary 11, " SHERIDAN, March 11. Theaa ahipa arc all of tha lirat data, upwards of iOOO torn, built in tint city, with anch improvements aa combine itrcat peed, with unuaual comfort for pasarugers The price of pasaaue hence u $75, for which ample atorea 1 will be provided. '1 lieae ahipa are commauded by eaperien- I eed maaterr, who will make every exertion to aire general satisfaction. Neither the Captain or owoera of theae ahipa will be leaponaible for aav Icttera, parcela or packagesseut by them.unleaa regular billa ol lading arc signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to, K. a COLLINS, 54 South atreet. jal BROWN. SHIPLEY it CO.. Liverpool. NEW EiME Ut LIVERPOOL PAOAET&. month. Krowi New York. Liwei-pool New ahip Liyenwrnl, 1150 loaa, *} 6 J.tldndge. #Augu.t 21 Oct. 6 New ihip Oueen of the West, ) \u?anr |} r'f^'1 ? 1260 toni/r. Woodhouae, {? J?lf J N#W 8hiPi<o^ffi.On,1C0?t0M'! J""""7 '! August ! John Bntoa. I October 21 Doc 4 I Ship Hottmgu.r, 1050 to... }jJjrh 21 8n-t. 4 | [ nur. si jhu. R | These auostuitial. fast sailing, firat claaa (hip*, all built in , the city of uew York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will be deapatched puuctnolly on the 21at ol each month. Their cabinaare elegant and commodioua, and are fnrniahed with whatever can couduee to the eaae and comfort of peaaengera. Price of passage $100. Neither the captaiua nor ownere of theae ahipa will be re ponaible for any pareela or packages aent by them, nnleaa regular billa of lading are sicued therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL fc M1NTURN, 87 Sooth atreet, New York, or to FIKLDEN, BROTHERS k CO., ml re Liverpool i M ST ""jife M KOCHErmtOTl/ERhiV Co. ' ARRANGEMENTS. Remittancra to and Faasage from Oreat Britain and Ireland, BLACK BALL, OR b OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sailing from Liverpool on the lat and 18th of every month. Alao, by (irat eleaa American ahipa (weekly.) Fereoneaending to the Old Country for their Irienda, can make the neceaaary arrangemeuu with the aabacriben, and have them brought out in any of the eight ahipa comprising the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets. mailing from Liverpol on the lat and 18th ol every mouth. Alao, by firat claaa shins tailing from that port weekly, which our agent, Mr Rocne, Senior, there, will ace are aeut oat without dr.lay. 1 ne Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool priae the following magnificent ahipa, and will aail from Liverpool on the regular appointed daya, aa followa FIDELIA, lat January, lat May, lat September EUROFE. 15th ? 16th " 16th NEW YORK, lat February, lat June, lat October. COLOMBIA. 10th " 16th " 16th YORKSHIRE, lit March, lat July, lat November OXFORD. 18th " 16th " 16th " CAMBRIDUE, lit April, lat Aug., lat December. MONTEZUMA. 16th " 16th ,r 16th " P. 8.?The public ere reapectfully notified, by deaire of the ownera of the Bleck Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packeta. that ao passenger agents but R. B. k Co. have permiaaion from them to advertiae to bring oat paaaengeri by that line, and that they a re the only regular authoriaed paaaeuger a genu of aaid line in thia city. We haveal all timca for aale drnfla at light, for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; alao on Messrs. Preacott (Jrote, Amea It Co., Bankera, London,wl ich are paid free ef diaeount or any charge whatever, in all the principal towna throughout England, Ireland Bewritgd and Walea. Appl/er afiareaa k r le::ezy act pail.t e ROCHE, BROTHERS dt Co., 95 Fulton atreet, N. Y., next door to the Fulton Bank. The officeof Mr. Roche, Seur., it at 75 Dublin atreet, o7rc * Liverpool. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS M m. M M The imdereie...ion filupa will be regularly despuieheTfri Sence on the lgt, and from Maraeillea the loth ot each mon urine the year, aa followa Ships. Captaiua. From N.York PR'CE deJOlNVILLK, (new) Lawrence, April I Sept. 1 M1S8UHI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1 ARCOLK (new) Eveleigh, June 1 Nov. 1. OASTON, Coulter, July ! Dec. 1. NEBRASKA (new) Wauon, Aug. 1 J .u. 1 Shipa. Captaina. From Maraeillea. PK'CK de J01NVILLE, (new) Lawreuce, June 10 Nov 1? MISSOURI. Silvester, July 10 Dec. 10 ARCOLK, (new) Rveleigh, Aug. It Jan. 10 OASTON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA. Wauon, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These reliefs are of the firat claaa, commended by men ol experience. Their accommodation!, for passengers are nnaur pa seed for comfort and convenience. (foods addressed to tlx agent* will be forwarded free of other chargea than thoae acta ally paid. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELFS, Proprietor* No. 109 Front atreet, or to BOYD <c HINCKEN, Agenu, lire (Tontine Building!, 61 Wall.cor. Water at. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, &o. M. m m GEOHo^ MeBRIDE, Jr., nam removed him oitice so No 16 Broadway, and continnea to remit money, in aunim Urge or I amtll, to rerson* residing in any part of Irelaud.iu the same | manner aa he and his predecessor in boiinei* have done for I the last thirty years and more: also to anv umrn.f Vni.U..H I Scotland. Money remitted by letter, post-paid, to the anbaeriber, or I personally deposited with him, with the name of the person I or persons in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it is to ! be sent, and nearest post tewn, will be immediately transmit- I ted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect viva r forwarded to the sender. jilS lm*tc FOR NEW ORLEAN'K. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. fljy Jft. tife. TO BATI^VKRY TE^JAYB. * Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIETON, Captain Iucersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Cai<t. Hunt. Ship HABTKLLK. Captain Taylor Bark GENESEE. Certain Minor.. Bark JANK K. WILLIAMS, Captain Barker. Bark I1EBKON, Captain Ore'g. i'l.e aiere ilnps are all ol the fi st class, of light draft ol water, and commanded by the mot- eipencnced rapraMit in the trade. Their cabins are handaonar|y'lnruished. and erery 1 tttention paid to the comfort and convenience ol' the passes,- I |?rs. Neither the eaptains or owners of the shore ships will Pa m ponsible for jewelrv, bullion,precious stones, silver or pitted warn, or for nuy letters, parr els, or packages sent I.y. < i pot in board of tliein, unlets regular bills of lading i>re ts*?c l?i the same, and the value therein expressed Kor freight or passage apply on board, at Orleans wharf, ' foot of W all street, or to K. K. COLLINS M South I Agent in New Orleans?John Wnodrulf. It Co., who will ; promptly forward ail guoda to toeir adorets NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINK OK PACKETS. Ml m m. Sailing from New York on the 1st, and Glasgow niHhinilh jleach month. _ i from N. York. Tea. (Jl'gew I ( Jono I. Inly 'i. Ship SARACEN, N. T. Hawkins, \ Oct 1. Nov'r it. I Keh. 1. Mart ti 15. i July I. April IS., M'Kwe?,< Nov. I. Aug. I',. ( March 1 Dec'r 15, C August 1 May li-j Br Bark ARAMCARH JaoWright < Dec'r I Sept II | C April I. Jon. li. i t .May 1. June 151 i Br.Bark ANN HARLEY, K. Seott, < Sert- 1 Oct. li. ( Jan'y 1 Kthrua. I J.' These ships are good, aubstantial vessels, ably commanded, ind will tail pnnctnally on (heir regular days. Their nrenm | moil.itK.ns for passengers,are good, and everyatfsuiinu will bs paid to promote their comfort. The agents er ' Hater will not he retiionsible for any parcels or packages by tlirm unlets bills of lading are signed therofor. Tor freight or passage, apply to WOODHULL ?t M1NTURN, 87 Bonth street, New York, or i ollre MID Ik MURRAY. Glasgow m M THE ONLY REGTTLAK LiftlU OFGLACGUW ! W PACKETS ff J- T. TAP8COTT beg to inform their fncsds and toe public, that they rre agents for the Regular Line ai ulaagow Paekets, tailing Irom Glasgow on the lAth, and Trom New York on the 1st of every mouth. The following *ftt class thins comprise the Line "* AnAMKr2J?l, SARACEN, ADAM LARK, ANN HARLEY !23?kJSL l.w #t*1tof !^ ir in any part of i ,cotland, can have them brought oat in the above uametl , rackets on returnable term, They sail from Glasgow pnnc"sally on the lJth of every month, and are commanded by experiencedcaptains' accustomed to the rass.nger trade, and 1 uoU'd ior their kiudneai to panaeugerf. For farther rmrticu art, apply to W. C j. T. TAPBCOtT, d?r South street, 2d ,i?nr t,,|ow ,,rlir>w ?|{p ~"WEiR'a~ CKl KB It AT e D B tt () W N FXETIt I IX feV" APPROVED* d reeommended by the faculty?a i eve tailing remedy lor all affections of the kidney, inftam nation and weaknoi- ol this nrinary organs both in males and females. Tint cice lent medical preparation (suited for all ! climates) hat never ifeu known to fail in removing the most obatuinte attacks of (tniiorthma, fce , and can be safely recorn- | mended to tho public, es its opera mns are rinirk, sore, end 1 certain. It can be taken at all times, without regard to disc ' or hindrance from business bold wholesale and retail by the Proprietor, JAMES W EIH, 248 Grand afreet, j And by Wyatt fc Ketcham, 121 Kulton; A. G. Kamsdell, Buffalo; I'ost Is Willi*, Rochester; and at the drag store, Delavsn House, Albany. 18 lin*rrc. WIGS, VV1G3. ( BACHELOR'S New invented Wigtjand Se.alps,*ra derid- i ediy the greatest improvement yet introduced in ant to | ol Wig Making. They are ao perfectly comfortable Tat a ' make tna wearer unconscious that he haa a Wig on, and the j so easy sad natnral in appearance that they cannot ba detect- i rd. Made only by Wm. Beebelor, No. J Well street, eeer M Broadway. A Urge aseortnaeat always oa baad dl?lm*re ' W Y O 'ORK, WEDNESDAY M( MTO LET nod poeses*u n immediately given?the dwelling rimI bakehouse nt Manhattansillr: alio, the large dwelling ou ik-ightli Avenue and 116th Ureal, rent moderate. Apply to j31 if rrc T. DUNLAP. 835 Broadway. RATH HUN'S HOTEL, 161, 163, 165 ?$ 167 Broadtoay. AVto York. mThis new and maguificent establishment, recently opened ai a Public Hotel, 'a fitted up iu modern style, with the latest improvements, and u of sufficient capacity to accommodate 2WI persons. Ursi 'es a very spacious Diuiug Hall, it contains an nnosur! n mber of pleasant Parlors, with large wrll veutllated Bedr oms, all spleudidly furnished with cutirsly new furuiture Th location is aery desirable and conreuient, both for bitsiue and pleasare, being between Courtlandl and Liberty stieets , The I loprietor ol this rstablishmriit intends to inalie it one ol r' e most coiiil'oriable, ple isvut, mid business like i places in tneeityrf New York, aud c) yaiut or cipeii?e will | Sesfuied r ihis >int o meet the wants of his coasts?ther?- , by hoping i all ire lib-raliv in the public pitroii'ge, while he i remains tha i ublic's humble servaut, B. IXATHBUN j27 lin*rc M ' fvJASSAPEQUA HOUSE. iJSL TDK 1'UOI'UIKTOR of the above house, having R| retired from the bnsiurss. the house will be let ou JmUL moderate terms for one or a number of years, commencing on the first of March uext This establishment be ing is yell kuowu, as also the celebrated trrut pond ad jolting, it it needlesa to say more. Kor particular! apply 10 the subscriber, near the premiers. N 1J. 1 he -hove es ablis.uncut would be rented very low to a party ofgeLtUmen. _ THOMAS KLOYD JONKS. South OtsteiiBat, L. I. j27 2w*rre FOR SALE. MKOUII LOTS, on llie nortli iitie of 41?t itrret, botw?en the 7tl> and 8th aveunes, with a Divetliug Horn* Hint I'lraenur'i Shop on one of the lots. Aim,! until Ka'm on the turnpike road, Far Rockaway, Long Island, containing about six acres ot 1 uid, two under cultivation, one arte of fine large reach Trees of the choicest fruit, a snnll Home, and about four acres of Woodbind, i all enclosed iu go jl fence. Also, several offer pieces of land at Rockaway, for tale. ! For particulars. ep"ly Aj * JOHN L. NORTON, Jr. 14 Oelaneey sc. er i )19 1m*rc JOHN H. POWKK. IM Fulton st. N. V MKOit S \ I.K, or to exchange for city property?A ! handsome cottage, with fire or ten acres of land, siton- ; ted wiiliiu two miles of the Marine Pavilion, Rocksway, J ong Island, on the Rockaway Turnpike The five arret of land attached to the cottage are well studded with peach and fruit trees. There it a good baru and Other outhouses ou the property; alto an ice house; and the same is we I situated for a gentleman who would like a comfortable j cou try residence. Also about seventy acre* of land, con- I sitting n| wood-lend, meadow and tillable land, which will be sold in different parcels. Apply to jl9!m?rc JOHN t. NOKT*>N. jr.. 14 Delanrv sr KOR 8ALK, , fcA A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE in I9th street, uest C7?S Irving Place?a modern built two story nud attic,with iiHLuoder cellar, and sewer communicating with the street, marble mantel* in basement, and fiat and second atones, lour rooms in llie third story, house tweuty leet by forty, lot twenty by seventy-live, built and fiuiahed with especial reference to its occupation by the owner, Two thousand dollars can remain ou bond and mortgage. Kor terms, apply at 110 CHERRY ST. jali> ?w*rrc FARM FOIL SALE AT AUCTION. ?QJg Mill be sold at auction on Tuesday, the 2d day ol {pOohM <rch next, the valuable Farm on which the subscriber ^Jk^unw resides The said farm contains about 47 acres ol j good land, with a good 0 selling. Bam, Carnage House, and . a I the necessary out buildings; is situated in the town of I Mamaronvck. county of Westchester, about one mile f om the village of Mamaroueck, on the Weaver atreet road, 21 miles trom the City Hall, and near the liue of the New Hareu and New Yoik railroad; has an abundance of the beat quality of frnit. The sale will he positive, to take place at 12 M. on the premiaea. Kor further particulars enquire of T. A. Lawrence, New Hochelle, or of the subscriber, ou the premises J UP lmOw LEONARD DERLYN. f IAINKE l' tf PARDESSUS, _ NO 123* FULTON STREET. 'At Sell no excellent hat at (3 00 nod only charge $J 58 for ipffsthcir b Ouautv moi.r.axitv *!?d Nutria Hats. N B.-1'LU AKKTT It PARDESSUS warrant their first quality hnta to he equal,at the very least, to those of any other establishment, and assure the public that it would be utterly imiKistible to sell such an article at a lower p'ice than >3 50. 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J?6 lmre JtfHNMVN'fc HIKL) S I ORE, No. 28<l BROADWAY, one deor from Chamhara I JMfJistreet?85 baas f'aunry seed, lifted, nt whalesale by the uncle bushel ; n fine selection of the long breed '-sraries, high colors; (Jerraail song birds, Chinese spire birds, Jars sparrows, mocking buds, larks, red birds, all in song Fancy cages, breeding cages, bi'd seeds, nest boxes, i n IT lor nes-s. All articles in the line iu gieut variety, hy W. f>. JOHNSTON, 280 Broadway, New York. f. 8 ?better* as above will be atteuiled lo. j23 lin%r DR KKLUNGER'S 41_ INFALLIBLE LINIMENT is warranted to t*|I sores and nlcers of every nature in^few days. f 9 '' "'* like magic in removing rheunritWtn, and all othrrpaius. One or two doses is certain to relieve liilious ch die. diarrhoea, &c., as It is taken. It is perfectly delight I'ul in its odorand tlavsr It is uuiversally acknowledged to be the best family Medicine ever offered lo the pubtie. Price 50 cents per bottle Bold at 230 Pearl street; C. King, corner o< John and Broadway: corner of Bowery and Broome. 3d arenne and I 10th streer;Jeffriei'idnig store: Pr Barrett's Doyer and Chat- I liarn, and at the It. K. office. t'itv (fall j? ira*re BEKORb THE CHANCELLOR. I ^Ornrge C. King and 1 JAr tAu .'/mi, his wife.rt .- Creditors' Bill. JohnJl. Milltr. ) JO H.N A. M IL, i, Ml, the defendant is this cause, whose I place of residence is in the mate of New Jesey, is re- i Ijnirrd tospprir in this cause hy the eighth day of April i nrlt, or the bill filed therein will be taken as corfused by liiin. W. AUSTIN, ef the City of New York, Solicitor for Complainants. I Albany Argtts eopy. j22law3wrc I MhUlUAL NOTICE TO I, aT) IES. DOCTOR MrDOfNNKLL, Author of the Ladies' Manual of Midwifery, and member of a Isrce ing-ln Hospi- I tal in Europe, attendi 1 idles during their cnnftiemert in any ; p >rt o this city or Brooklyn, for from $3 to g.i, according to I cirititm* nnres. A note addressed to him at 91 John street. 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To MAKBLK WORKERS^ POLISHING CLOTH. YAKDB tnpertor lolishing Cloth, suitable fo te VA Y / Marble Polishers, i tutrrceived and for sale by iTVf hK A BROOKS, Orb t' asilST Nsihs itrsrt ~~ STRAW WRAPPING PAPER. I ;k| MlO RK.4MS superior qn?lity Straw Wrspptgg, j rtttirt and for sale by II rb PER SHE k BROOKS, U and ?7 Nassaa M. ' RK I 3RNING, FEBRUARY 3, AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. | TE LKOHAPHIC. Albany, Feb. 3, 1147. Hcnote. There has been no business of any moment transacted today. Assembly. A petition was presented from the College of Fhysi> citus and Surgeons,'and from the trustees of Union Hail Ariilflmv nrnuin? Inr Slol* oi.l Tito Houso !>ill to Bid the New York volunteers was received from the Senate, accompanied by a message that that body considered it a two thirds bill A motion was mado to lay the message on the table, which prevailed, and it carried the bill with it. A resolution was culled up asking the Governor if he has any thing to communicate in regard to the antirent question f and whether he has any plan to propote to leliove the tenants from the grievances of which they complain. It was laid on the table. A motion was made to reconsider the vote by which the message from the Senate,relative to the military aid hill, was laid on the table. Mr. Cclcom offered a resolution that the bill in question is a majority hill, and that the Senate be requested to pass it as such. The rosolution, under the rule, lies on the table. The bill making appropriations ior common schools' colleges, lie., was made the order of the day for Thur* day next Resolutions of thanks to General Taylor, oflloers and mru, were pas<ed without amendment?ayes 91), noes none. U V THE MAILS. At sant, Fob. 1, ltW7. .inli ilavrry Prolito?The Legal C?mmini?neri ? yiiiilituliitn ?/ Si/as Wright. The unti slavery resolutions introduced into the Senate of this State, simultaneously with the "personal expla. uation" of Treston King on the floor of Congress, have passed both Houses of the Legislature by overwhelming majorities. The rule of tho House of Representatives under which such a " personal explanation" as that made by Mr. King waa accorded, needs emendation or a more strict construction. The example of that honorable gentleman has been emulated horo very successfully; end under the extraordinary plea of affection for the African race, end under pretended protests against the extension of slavery, u scientific and consolidated scheme and complicated arrangement, with links extending over and embracing evory portion of the Union, has been formed for the great campaign of KU8, and for the election of the northern veteran against the tremendous odds which aro pitted nguinst him. The grand principle upon which the democracy rely, and the grand feature in this combined movement, supported an it is by the leading men at Washington (the powerful friends of Silas Wright), is that great sympathetic feeling for tho slaves which has always existed at the North, and which this movement in Congress end the Legislature is intended to excite and incite, and influence and arouse. The vindication ofHilus Wright by Mr. Perkins to-day, in the House, while these resolutions were pending, for sngacity and for significance is only equalled by the late vindication of the President In the United States Senate by Colonel Benton. Mr. Torkins. who it will be remem berod, is the venerable representative from St. Lawrence, (Mr. Wright's native county,) attempted an able and logical review of the conduct of Mr Wright, in respect to the Texas and other questions, which unfortunately interrupted the unbounded confidence which the great democratic party had hitherto reposed in him. In extenu.i ion of tint conduct, Mr I'eikius pleaded the very circumstances and events which are being pleaded for the anti slavaiy movement, and which may be pleaded for Mr. Wright's nomination. Mr. Perkins's argument was eloquent and profound. For various reasons, this great system of operations has been supported by the whig party with an enthusiasm bordering on madness. One able whig Honstor (Hard), while the resolutions were pending in the Senate, demanded and urged, with that rancor and objurgation for which ene division of the whig party is so distinguished, a terrible attack and assault upon slavery in the souUk in portion* of the Union. The infernal results which would come out of tuch n scheme, end the ostracisation of the Ktatea which wouhl follow it, were met with the undignified declaration that the Mouth would not relinquish the Union on uny terms, and that the Union could do without the South better than the South could do without Iho Union. The ultimate probability And conaequence of thia sin gular whig colieaion and combination of the wbiga and radical democrat* appoar* to be that the chance* of an election of a whig cuudidate iu 194H aro diminishing very I feat; the whig candidate will he a Southern man of I course, and ttic chance* of the election of any Southern man are considered hora in the vocative. A commendable interest begins to be exhibited in the | appointment of ti e Legal Commissioners. Mr. Duer hat been recommended to the Legislature by the bar of NewYork as a suitable put son foi the oflice of Commissioner. I have strong reason to think that this gentleman will be appointed as one of the reviser* or the luwa. But the members of the Legislature have been caucusiinp without any result of court e, and without any necessity. A few days will determine the matter. MCGIBIsATlVK I'KOCKK DINGS. / i.daisy, February 1, 1817. Pensile. A memorial was received praying for the restoration to the rights of cituoiiship ot Karl and Boughtoa, and other anti-rent convicts, to whom the late paidon of the Kxccutive did not lostore thoso rights. The petition was laid upon the table. Mr. Bscaus introduced n hill to authorise the establishment of an asylum for idiots. The bill was read and leferted. 1 he remainder of the section was wholly occupied in a debate upon the hill to provide for the distribution of the journal and documents of the Constitutional Convention. Assembly. In the House the onti-slavHry resolutions were had under consideration during the entire day. These ar* the resolution! which have passed the Mennto and which havo been published iu the Hrrald. They declare that " if any territory is hereafter acquired by the United Htates, the act by which such territory is so qttirod, should contain an unalterahlo fundamental srticlo or provision, whereby slavery shall be forever excluded from such territory." The iasolutions passed the House by the following voto : ? Arss?Messrs. AJsms, Allahnn, Atwater, jtokir, ilas com, Barber, Barstow, Bockwjth, Beers, Bell; Blo.'g- tt. Blots, liowilish, Buy den, Brown, Burrhaid. Dumell. Butrick, Carpenter, ' arpentier, Caw, (.handler, Chotv man, Crocker, Crosby, Crowley, Curry, Daniels, J. Davis, 8. J. Davis, Davison, Dean, Derelin, De Witt, Divsn, Karl, Fuller, Fullsrton, Gallup, Gray, T. Green, Gregory, Hadley, Hammond, Haring. Heaton, Henderson. Howe, Hubbard, Hunter, Keyser, Lawrence, Laurens Lee, Maxwe I,, McFarland, McGonegnl, McNamara, McWhorter, Montanye, 9. Moore, Morgan. Orion, Perk, Peirce, Perkins, Pottle, M Pratt, W. H. Pratt, Primlle, Kaplee, IlAthhun, KusseU, Rutherford, Sliuw, Hhermaa, Shumway. Mill, Hkecle, J. D. Smith, J. I, Smith, \V. S. Smith, Hoper, Southard, Speaker, Stew art, Taylor,Trcadweil, Vail Valkonbuigh, Walsh, Watson, Woeden, Wenman, Wnodrulf, Wright?t'd. Nam?Messrs. Ailing, < andeo, Chutllcld. F.miiions, Feuuo, Flanders, Hodgson, Laudon, N. R. Smith?'.'. Oaskjf the lik.xinfiton.?Our rettilfM will have noticed, by the rliurt daily report* ol'ilto cases before the Supreme Court, thai a cause inn been under argument far several days, the namo of which hardly indicates the subject of it. It is the Merchants' Bank of Boston against the Now Jersey Steamboat Navigation Company The Lexington, which belonged to tin* company, was destroy eJ by tire, in Long Island Sound, as our rea'ora remember, ill January, Ifltn The Merchants' Bank had property on board, the value of which they seek to recover against the owners of the boat. We learn Iroro a professional trierd that many important ((tiaitiona ati?c it the case , tiret. a ipiestion of Jurisdiction, a* the suit is an adiniialty suit ; next, whether owners of steamboats are not common carriers, and answerable for all losses, except those above all human agency; and, lastly, whe.thrr there was not negligence in tho preparation of the boat, stowing the cargo, Sic. We learn from tho same source thnt tae cause hue been argued with ability by Mr. Ames, for the ownors of the boat, and Mr. K. w Ortone for tho hank. Tho discussion will be continued tii-dRy by Mr Webster and Mr. Whipple. Borne of the question* involved, it will be aeon, are of much public importance.?National Intelligtncir. Massachusetts State Lunatic Asylum.?The 1 I'll aiinuul report sho.v* the receipts of the year, ih4d, to be f4fl 4b4 is, and the expenditures }>1'?,fl70 .17 reducing rhe balance against the Hospital, winch in Docomber, 1844, was $H 1*7 47, to (1,773 "0 in December is40 Dr. Ocorgo Ohandlor is now the superintendent iif tho Hospital. From his report it uppoers thai 777 patients were admitted during the year, and 370 wero discharged. Of the iat'.or. IM were entirely cured 017 persons enjoyed the privileges of the institution during the year, while the uvomgn number was V>9. Of thoso admitted, 107 wcro cases of shorter duration than one year, He ot longer duration than one year, and 33 were not ascertuiued. (II those now in the Hospital, numbering i)00 males and 107 females, 7.1 mo case* less than one yeai, 3Ho ol more than a year, and 13 are not ascertained hi health, intompoiance, masturbation,domestic sllliction, religion anJ loss ol propeity, coutrnuo to be the loading cauaes ol insanity. The proportion of those rendered insane by physical to those by moral causes is a* threo to two. from a tabla made, from 101 cases terminating fatally in the Hospital, it appear* that the chsnce of living whan the malady does not terminate in therestorstion of reason, is lets than 4>k years. This would seem to show that insanity ahortens life. IE R A 1847. 0IIR W1K WITH MEXICO. | the plan of the campaign. [F rom the New Orleans Patria, Jan. 94 ] ; * Although the illustrious Thomas H Benton has stated that the plan revealed in our number of the 9lst ii correct in all ita parta, we now know that it ia not, and that j another couise bm been decided upon. Tliia new plan I of operation* varies entirely the mode of attack upon Vera Cruz, since it ia to be made both from the North ; him South. It is known that from this port (New Or- [j leans) aince the beginning of January, over forty res- | , els, loaned with troops and munitions of war, have I ( been despatched to the Gulf of Mexico, without any ) . further specification of destination. ? ? Without , seeking them, wejhavo received lromt rust worth) sources i . the facts in the case, though till to-day we have abstain | ' ed from making thorn public. Those vussels have gone 1 j to the island of Lobos, for the purpose of diseuibatking I the troops and munitions sent. This island ia situated in | ^ front of Tuspan, and ia only oighteeti miles from that ' | port, (lood water is to be obtninod thoro, and for years i it has boon the rendezvous of tlio Vucatanese squadron. I j | Among other things carried were ull necessary imtde- I . j menu jor the digging wells, and msaswrca tuken I . ' lor the constant supply or the army end navy wi<h ! j puie water. At leust 10.000 man will he collecti ed on thia iilund, who will afterward* bo disembark ed on the coast somewhere between Alvarado and Vera ' Cruz, by means of the launches lately constructed by order of the Government, and which have been sent to the Gulf squadron. Probably the forces will embark at Anton Li/.ardo, which is the nearest point to the court From that place a division will inarch to Alvarado, and take possession ot thut city with a strong torce, part of which will be some 1.800 cavalry. Alvarado once secured, all the disposable lorces will march towards VeraCruz, and crossing the river Medellin utadistance of three leagues from tholcity, attack it by land, while the U. 8 squadron composed ot Id or tin vessels, will direct 2f>0 guns ol various calibres against the walls of the fortress. By this time a portion of the troops from Turnpico will have started towards Vera Cruz by the main road which crosses from Jalapa over the river Antigua, and will act as a reinforcement to the troops at Anton Li zarde, making as it were a tripple attack on St. Juan d'UUoa This is, according to knowledge obtained through various rhunnels, the plan determined upon at head quarters, and ia, without doubt, a plan well conceived, and calculated to produce the desired effect, t since only with a force of ten or twelvo thousand men, and all the American naval power in the Gulf, do we deem it possible to secure the surrender of Vera Cruz Wc have no dealings with spies, nor with any persons allies of either .Mexico or the United States; we give solely the facts as we have received them. * * Will Mr Benton soy thut this,our new lovelation, is alio correct f THK KKKOHTEl) I'fiACK N'EfiOClATIO.H. The Baltimore Clipper is indebted to a friend who has just arrived lrom New Orleans for some important intelligence, it true. lie says he perused a letter just before leaving New Orleans, written by an intelligent gentleman, with the army in Mexico, which stated that news had just been received that the Mexican Congress had agreed to our peaco proposals, and had adopted a resolution, by a decided majority, to receive an American Minister to form a treaty of pence, and conclude the war. An express from Bantu Anna had reached Qen Worth, beariug, (it U supposed) the uhove intelligence The express rider stated that Iho resolution, in hand bill form, h id been posted up at San Luis Our informant places much moro reliance in the above than we do?though it may be true. We earnestly trust it is tVrom the rhiladelphia U. 8. Gazette, Feb. a.) All tho New York papers of yesterday conttin a statement which may have connection'with General Taylor's orders to General Shields, to cease for the present all offensive operations. It is that dispatches from Mexico, for the Spanish Minister, which had been brought to Havanu by the stoamer Dee, arrived at Now York on Sunday. by tho brig Quincy. It was also generally rumored in this city during the whole of yesterday, that the Mex- I icau i ongren was disposed to listen to propositions of peace from the American Government; if so, to no one would such a determination be mado known sooner than to Honor Calderon do is Bares, the present Minister of Spain, who left behind him iri Mexico, as many irienda almost as he has won in the L'nited States. military intelligence. Kx tract from a letter, dated, Ship KussklGlotcii, off the Mississippi, Jan 17. Our stay in New Orleans has been a very disagreeable one, owing to the conduct of some outlaws, ' the Killers," ( in Captain Hill's company. By these acts our regiment became tho terior of our whole vicinity. They ontered houses, turned out the owDnrs and their families, and attemptnl indignities upon the fumales. On the evoning of the 11th, they entered tho house of a frenchman, and broke into the chamber of his daughter, when ho fired and ahot two of them. Captain Hill came up with ? detachment of fifty meu, and took the rest to prison. The evening bofoie wo left Now ,Orleans, they onteied his tent and attempted to murder him, hut the guard fortunately came up and rescued him. The next day he threw up his commission and left for Washington. This state of things must now cease, as we are about entering the enemy's country; naaitial law will be strictly enforced, and those who mutiny will he instantly shot. We learn from the Providence Journal, that the company of regulars which Col. Pitman, of Providence, it lorniiDg, has been sufficiently filled up to authoiizn the election of otlicers S.xtyflve men are upon the roll, and forty-seven answered to their names on Saturday, when the olection of officers was held. Col Pitman was elected Captain; Mr. Blocum, 1st Lieutenant, end Benjamin West, 'id Lieutenant. Col. Pitnam loft SaturJay evuning for Washington. naval intelligence. [Correspondence of the Mobile Herald ] u. h. mtkamship psivckton,! Off Point Antonia da Lizardo, Doc 34,1446. j The Princeton returned to-day and unchored at Lizardo, after blockading several days off Oroen Island. The John Adams, having tilled up with provisions trom the store ship ltolinf, returned to her old duty on tho blockade, and set as at liberty. A law hours befaro leaving Green Island, tho Trince- ! ton was visited by a dag of truce from Vara Cruz, I bringing off cloven of our sailors, comprising all who l were wrecked and drifted ashorn from the Komors anil j the prize schooner Toronto, ivst at Alvarado. They ; were liberated on their parolo nit to engage in has'tlities ngaiust the Mexicans during the present war.? Midshipman Rogers and the sailor namod Kox, who was . captured with him, are now remaining in the euomy's 1 bauds. The men said they were well treat* 1 and well fed ; They were confined in tho barracks, and of course being allowed no intercourse with any except tbo command- j lug officers, could report but little upon the stato of the town. They were closely examined, however, and I que.lioned as to the force and movements of tho squad- I ior. 'd ?specially whether Mr. lingers was coflrerned i m cutting out end burning the * reole under the walls of ! th? c.sUe. _____ Av rut. Occurrence !?Murder and Suicide !? | We arc indebted, aays the Su'hvin County W7ug, I tot'o nner Bush for the particulars of a most awtul oc ! curie -o which happened a few days ago near OrahtmtviU?. in this county, nnin-ly. the murder of a young girl by her stepmother, ami the death of tho latter by | n ride. I "saxivn.i.r, Jan 'Jl, 1847 ?I have witnessed an awful, | 1 heart-rending scene at the house of Mr. Harmon Barck- t ley, in the town of Neversink, nboutlotir miles north o! , Urabamsville. On the 30th inst. I was called upon to : hold no inquest over two dead bodies ; from tho evidence before the jury, one of the bodies appeared to lie ' Anna Barckley, the wife of Harmon Barckley ; the other that of his daughter, aged about eleven yeai s Kiom the evidence, ant tho veidict of the jury, and circumstance* connected therewith, it appeared Anna Barckley, decensed, was tho stop-mother of Amy Barckley, deceased. It further appeared that the mother had long imbibad a spirit of hutred towards the child, consequently (ho had not at all times treated her in a manner becoming a mother, and of Into had suffered under a roraorso of conscience, an impression of mind that she herself, in consequence of her ticatment to the child, must suiter in ilesnsir nf mnr?? u,l,.*n ...i.-. | wise aha night havo hoen the happy recipient of. . Shu }>a<l told her husheiid several titnoi pre\ tous to her ( ile&th, that it sjemed to her, that the must make w.iy with herself; her husband supposed that the wishe I to ularm htm nud disturb his peace, and that she would not take her lile ?believing her to bo saue. A few day* before the perpetration ot the deed, the girl, in the absence of her mother, ceino to her lather iu tears, saying, j " Father, I am atraid of mother; 1 believe tho intends to | kill, or hurt me " Her mother al?o came, and said " the , girl had appeared to bo efraid ol her for sotne time, but ! she knew not the cause; that sho did not in'.ond to harm I the child," which servo l to calm tt.e lather's fears in rn- j gard to the safety ol his child. Mr Bureklcy a.i 1 Anna hie wife, had lour ciiildren, the eldest a boy about si* years of ago On tho morning of the Wth instant, Mr. Uarckiey arose early, made a flio, called his wile , she arose, csme to the fire ; he infoimed her that be was goingtoa ueighbot's, about three fourths of a mile dis tant, on an errand, and wished Iter to call Am), arid , send her of an errand also. He left the house, went to hit neighbor's; on returning, when near the bouse, he beard tho boy scream, saying ' mother has killed Amy, and lieiself." fie carr.o into tho house an I lound his wife ami daughter lying upon the door with their throats cut. He immediately repaired to the nearest i bouse to give the alai in. Ho ne of his neighbors return 1 ed with him, and found thcin dead and lying In their gore. The tioy stated that Amy aroee, dressed lieiaell, , 1 and went to the corner of the room to get her mittens; j her mother immediately sci/.od her by ihe throat wiih ono hnnd, and choiied her; the girl screamed, his mother ! with her other hand then took a razor froin a shelf, ' opened the case, took the tazor therefrom, anl with her i teeth opened It; the boy sprang for tho rszor; his mother pushed him back, and drew the razjr across tho throat i of Amy. The hoy theu seized tho youngest chil l ii babe) in his hi mi, an l went toward the outwatd duor; his mother bade him stop, and sprang toward him, he told hor that his father was coming Hlie looked out of the window, ?bjv him, and then stepped back an I cut her ow n throat; she toll upon the floor lifeless The jury after r>n inquisition, rendeted thoir verdict ?1 hat Amy llarckley had been murdered by Anna Uarckiey. arid j that Anna Barckley committed suicide ItAittoAii Ccm.ision ?A collision occurred on j the railroad Irom .Macon to Havannah, Uoorgia, on Tuesday last, between a single engine and a height train. Tne two loromotives wi re almost entirely dastroyed, and the two engineers, Mr. Holding and Mr. Tinkunt, wstu ssveicly injured- the former so seriously that ha was not expected to aurvive. Several of the bauds were tie* injured.?JBu It Jim sr., Fd 9 ? LD. .j.. - - -rrm m*? Twa CaM. INCISIONS IN fMJPREMK CoUKT?JANUARY TKIM, 1847?Judgment olUrmtd.?StillweU vs. Co?pe; Stntiord vs. William* 5c Kellogg, Piper ve Li wood; Abbott Ti. Draper; Stebhine v?. Cooper, impleaded, kc ; Burlison ve. Miner; Clerk vs. Duboie; Hteward ve. Borer; Moedy v?. Pomcroy and Northrop; Cuokva Boamah; Miller ve. Brinckeihoft Heelev vs. Heruee; DeUnd ve. Richardson and Richardson; Howard vs. Greenly anl bhapley; Bailey vs Mogg; Palmerton ve Hnsford; Coclirau ve. McGuiie; Heiriugton vs tiler; Thayer ve. Wright; White ve. Htovoneon, jr ; Bueh v*. Stevens and Iloyce; New ve. Arnold; Thelpe vs. Davie; Sabiu ve. Titus, Ray vs. Venal; Schoonhovrn v*. Dubois: Gardner vs. Teft; Palmer vs. Manning; Spencer vs. Nichols and athers; Tnphagen vs. Powell; Jones vs. Blanchard; IVhitlock Hint Rlkart vs. Brown; Stewart vs. Abrenfeldt; Sutler ve The People; Orcutt ve Peititt; Brown vs. Nayor?Judgments reversed ?Dewey vs. Gieen; Trft vs. l ift; Kenno rs Dickinson; Boice v.- Main an 1 Neatoo; ^yke and Dumond vs. Lnn Lsuven; Blowers vs. Sturte lint: Mnaier ve. Mrk'av: Wilro* ve Clement Tieot tin iVyun v* Aldrn; Knitfen vi llillett; Longfellow vs. ling; Jotujron vs. Depue.?Judgment! reversad venire le novo by Now York Superior Court?Merrien end Jetiard vi Funk fc al ; the l'ke by Albany Oyer and ' I'vrmiuer?Dull vs. Tne 1'eople; the like by Cayuga 3yer and Tar miner?Freeman vs. Tbe People; the like >y Oiiindago I'ommun Pleus?Shelden vs McClure; ho hke by Niagara Common Plena? Flinn v?. I base, ndm'r of Uugan; the like by Herkimer Common Pleiw ? Barnes vs. Dager; the like by Oneida Common Plena?Hurd va Hwan; the like by Cayuga Common Ploai-Stone v? Oimstead; the like bv Orleane General Sessions?Hodgmuu va. The People; the like by Albany Mayor'* Court?Scbnaller va. Davis; the like by Tompkins Common Pitas?Hunter va. Masters #t uL Proceedings reversed with costs Sims k Sims va. Humphrey; Magee k Burrows vs. Comstock; Cunninghum vs (ioelet. Proceedings ufflrmed -Stilwell vs. Tbe Commissioners of Highway s of (ialway. Judgments of ths C. P. reversed and that of the Justice affirmed-Brewer vs Miller; Morse vs. llogart; Hobert vs. Stockhem; Hutching* k Fulton vs Rowe; Austin vs. Cook; Hall vs. Cowen, Ulod^et vs llumm St Clum; Monell ve. Burns; Dovoe vs. Htewart; Oreenleaf vs Low; Leo vs. Parry ; Cuitis vs. Prindle k Morrison; Curry vs. Albright. New trial granted, costs to abide the event? Barton ads. Tift; Marsh, im'd, kc.; ads. Stearns k Crosby; Hull ads. Miller, jr ; Betts ads Wilson, surv'r; Pratt ails Brisbane; Finn vs. Hleight; M'Kenxle ads. Koote; Dike and other* vs. Lewis and others; Tomlinaon ads Fink; Nilos vs. Smith; Purdie vs Coen k Chase; Lvnes k Lynes vs. Noble k Kallogg; Merchant vs Van WaggODer New trial granted, un'ess the verdict ie amended as mentioned in the opinion of the Court?Coggawell ads. Hubhell. New Trial denied ?McClure ada. Arnot; Hulbut ads. The Teople; Worilen vs Dodge k Sterling; Trustees ot Hamilton College vs. Stewart Sickles et. al. ads. Coons, assignee, kc ; Browcr ads. YViusor; Walker . ads. Budd et. al; Page it Priest vs. The Chenango Co. Mutual Insurance Company; Wyroan ads Frost; Bank of Chenango vs. The Bank of Central New York. New trial denied and proceedings remitted to Wayne Oyer and Terminer, with directions to proceed and render judgment?Parish ads. The Teople; Tho like to Columbia lien. Ses ; Mesick mis. The People; The like to the Albany Mayor's Court; Ki win imp'd. kc ads. the People. Motion to set aside the report of referees denied? Hydo and others vs. Andrews and other*. Keport of ref set aside, costs to abide tho event?Wood vs. Wilcox.? Report of referee set aside on payment of the costs? Allen vs. Sherwood, ex.; Allen vs Sherwood, trustee.? Award vacated-Goodrich and the Olendale Co. eds Williams k Williams. Judgment for plaintiff to demur rer to 2d plea; and lor defendant on demurrer to 4th plea ?louve to amend on usual terms?Brtien Kx of Smith vs. Bokce. Judgment lor defendant on demurrer, leave to amend on usual terms?Fairchild ads. (lillett, receiver, kc ; Leiteh ads The Auburn and Owaeco Canal Company. Judgment for plaintiff] on demurrer, leave to amend on usual terms? Westchester Countv Bank ads The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company; Murphy vf. Butterman; Dooly va Hoffman. Judgment for defendant on demurrer?Tho People ex rol. Post vs. Ransom, late .Sheriff'. Judgment for tUe People on demurrer, leave to amond on usual ferine-The People vs. Archibald Calkins; Same vs Inane Calkins. Judgment for th* relator on dam?The People ex lei Post v* Fleming, last sheriff- Judgment lor plaintiff', iron okglanlt vert dido? Lull and wile vs. Miller No order, paper* defective? Onderdoak vl. The People I f W Hi PHKSDNH IN ITHLADS-LPHIA, sad jeec to lA/v/VJ the city sod Stale ol New Vork can testify to the wonderful efficacy ot that puwerlul remedy, THOMPSON'S COVH-OCNO HYKL'P OF TAR ANIJ WOOD NAPHTHA. For Consumption, Coughs, l.uUs, Asthma, Uroochius, Spit 11mi of Blood kr. kc. Rl.AD ' ItbAD '.! Aitonishiisu ci'se or Chhusio BnotsiiiiTit Philadelphia, May 23. 1816 Mr. 8 P Thompson? Dear 8tr:? For moie than lour years past I had been dreadfully aldieted with aa sffectioa of the thrust, which ray physicim piosnuaced "Chiooie Bronchitis," esoaed hy repealed and nr(lerteii Colds. The Oil tress suffered is luiltirribsble. My throat was literally raw with vi jinn spasmodic couglnnir so that blood would come from tr; also g'ent < ppremou, pain end tirhuiesai at tha chest and fever?in short ail the u-u-l peltnouaiy symptoms showed tliemiclyes.eauni'i; entire loss of uecessary repose?my th oat was leeched and blistered unr and over again. I made tr ml of e?eiy known remedy, and al different periods had the advice of sis phyajcis'ia, and all nl' no avail About two months since I made trial ol' your < oeipound Syrup of Tar lad Wo ol Naphtha, suit before I had taken the (est bottle I Celt relief 1 continued until I had taken stvsu bottles, whiea completely removed the disease sud resided me te peilcct health; and I firmly believe I shonld not now be living, had it not beeu for vour tuvalnible medicine JANK PKKKY, 123 Spruce ?t. The undersigned bears w itness to tho truth ot the fore going, having personal knowledge of all the laeis of the case. M. HARRISON, 97 Almond street. Price SO CF.NT8 p -r bottle; ffJ per dotrn. 'This invjlu.-.bte remedy pre|i?red ONLY bv ANO.NKY k DICKSON. N. K. corner Sth sud Spruce sis.. Tbim. Sold wholesale anil retail by WY ATT k KKTCHAM, III IJ.oadwav. N V. ' jsl# lm?r PalNS AND SilhK.NtS ? OK I HK JOINTS, SCROFULA, DIHKA*K3 OK THK UK IN, fctc. 4ic -Kins'l lyUMrnunnSTBi r of tivdrindate of Pousaa, -arsaparilla, and Yellow Dock ?Tim medicinal remedy 11 published for the sole benefit of tlinae suffering from rhenmat'lm, i .vim nnd stiffness ol the Joints. swelling of the muscular substances nn' thein, eruption! of the ?kin, end disease's Tis::ig fmin hu im|>ure atate ol the blood, fcc. From none /iilf ei|ieriinent>, under the dirertii n and supervision of the moat rmineut of Die Faculty, it has received . heir-jinnim ua recommendation, and many have pronounced it the brat possible combination of remrdiea for the above named diaraara. It ti prepared from ilia purest aiHelen, and in warranted to give an lafaction. It thina, purifies and quickens the circulation ; allitva irrttation, and lenvea every part ol the animal economy in a perfect elate of health. The grc it and increasing demand for an article of this kind h a inn'ueed the proprietor to bring it before the public, that all may li ive the benefit of it.and I now that there a remedy for three most distressing complaints. It is recoiniarn icd In lull confidence,and needs but u tiial to couvinee the moat incredulous uf its an -prising properties. Prepared and cold by CHAllLKS H. RING, Drnggiat, 132 15roadway, cor. John at. N B. Be i"rr n obaerye the written siguattire of (5. H. If I iv ii over the cork of each bottle ja?6 lm*e JlKAKNEsW VUKLU. OUI BROADWAY. ( Kitract.ll cheerfully comply with OO 1 tl.e requestor l.iectunant Mcintosh, to atate that ha was invalided hnuie, at ucfit for duty, In co,sequence of t ul dealueas. and discharge! from the ears Thwt under the treat ment of lira.? Kile k Kdwarria, nuiiilt in New York, ne entirely recovered hu henriug, aid haa again returned to bia militnrv duty.?Signed, H. MeNKVKN, Hnrgeou to H. B. M., Jamaica. Acoustic. <),|?A aure enre for ineipirnt de.Tuaaa, discha.tges from, or not-ra. and culiactioui of hard au?kr. ic tha anra?for aide Ml lirnadwav. j21Irn*r liquid hair Dye. B'ATCHK.UOR'B Inaraataneona Liquid Hair Dye, ii eer tauily a most vain. hie discovery,as hundreds ol peraona ill New York c in leatily. Unlike thr many miserable compounds that are aold under the name of Iwir dyes, it actually performs nil it promises; in proof the invertnr is preparco ta permanently color ladies' or gentlemen's hair, to a perfectly even and uniform blrck or brown, and make no charge utile a entire satisfaction la given. Weullemen can have their whiskers died and cleansed ru hall u hour, for which lurpoaa private rooms will be found r! tlie depot. The dye it put up hi a convicieut lorm. with full directions for t>?e for ihe convenience of those who prefer applying it themselves Pnr# .11... u .... \\-1.P.,on.. C, no SC.. 1.1 winslenale and rcail bv the piopriettir, wSl. BAfi HKI.OHj No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. dl# lrn*rre lb LKH A.tll ?.U I LA-Sb. ?210 nfl-s <>l late U K pat tern, with appet'daijas; SO thin cniluin, with iron scabbards. The abort- -ire a UMt rale article for ?etrire id Mciico ( alifnroia, or elaewhere h<-r tie by jy 15-2w r W.M HYDKK h UKOTIIKHH. ?4 Pine ti. SUOYT fc CO.'8, 7H Kiuuau utrctl, (1ITY Wholesale and Kcfail ham ly Uroee-v, Tea, Winer, J and Spitit I- rtalilnhinent, tic The proprietor! pledge thvinielre<that every aiticle it R nuinennd sold't a uoini n il profit, inc'iioiriR I eat, of the latest lirirni:t"'l"ilt and m at approved qu litre*: Mti/.irs ol i?rr> grade . 1 olfee. Mocha, l ira. L uustr.r and Maraoubo: Winer, ('htmp*gn? hherry, < I iret, tiadeira, Port, See.; Hootch whiskey. of Uienlisat and Islay't celebrated brand; London Porter. (Barcliyhf'er km*;) Kdniliiirrh hiid Allows,- Ale; I r-ut: Sperm t antllet. . Oils; Old h.niilirh Hairy Cheese; hiench, I t glith and Vine rican Mustard; (llu|o* Spiced Hi ma. e atrperior .V* i esr'a artiela for the table, high flavored -nd rnitnd; Hrtjars. assorted, iind of the hiRiiett flavor; S taps, P'.anh, Stc.; Hairtna Kir*, he. lb* winet courirt of inpenor aid L' ' * Jock Port, Ainonltiltdo pnle therry, .Maraeillea do, p t gold rod brown ahcrry, Kast In ia Keterve, Madeira. New-on, Gordon, ,\|ur duch.he. Hootch Herrings now lauding from thip Ann lineley, (the celebrned l.och Kinr ) HCOTT h THOMPSON, V(l Broadway. a eplfodid brani h of the above ettahluhment, haa been, at the tolieitation of their uptown rnrt'iinert, opened at 507 Broadway, aliooa the culi princ iple, where an aaaorttncni of articles eorr- ondiPR with their ettahlirhmeDldown town, audoflheram u ility, w ill alw*) a b* found?an assortment that cannot be i rpaaaed by any in the city All the above artielrr Will i i lonrd there, and gootla (rom eaeli (dace will he delivered <rofet|eiise in any part of the city for caah only. tin Inn NoriGt. PKM K. r DUCl.D TO U KNTS PICK BOTTLE ? I ure r Baldo ri and IJrey Hair?A desirable article for the ton The Tricopheroua or dedicated Compound n now rclt i . - ledgrd t>y all who liave u.a:d it, to he the hen arid i?ovi -< rtain article that ha* ever beeu invented Thousands have | roclaimed acd bore witnrtr to it* value and ?IBea ey. It pre. tut* baldntr*. lestoret the hair that hv? falltn off or baeomn thin; keep* the hair from becoming r,ey;and re moves dandinff, scurf, he. It iv pariicul irl v recottimentle I to the Indira. * it not only cleantet the hair, Vur gives a aoli' new and brilliancy which cannot be ?u-p tssed. Prepared and (old It/ A. C. BAHRV.irtiit in hair, No. lid Broadway, cor. irvrat ,tti le'rr Ml t'l'H KK'N t ,< III Al.. rpilK rnperuir efficacy of this article, when osen in tne last h stanes of ptegi a icy, is so apparent, that no female who ha* once Mperienct-d it* bentlii* wonld be willtoR. on any condition, to be deprived ofit. Ilaeffrcta are to shorten "an dimmish the soffriuiRSattendsut on Child Birth one hall, ann thus place both child and mother in a stale of safety. Thia It no quack article, but he prescription of e regnlar phyticiaa, one who haa mide th br ach of his praetiee a particular study. Kor Ml* st ITJ liroedwav, enr,(*[ nl. l euest "* ?" '*

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