Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1847 Page 3
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and wh>n that subsides, or la counteracted by augmentins suppliea. tbo couria of prices will ba rogulated by the want* of tbo foreign market*. Tbo privilege of ad- -f mission into England, with encouraging progress of consumption there, will no doubt attract a large quantity of 1 our aorta, particularly at the beginning of the campaign, and until it becomes known whether ber colonial supplies will be greater than usual. The deficiency of the Louiaiana crop by 60.000 to 70 000 hogiheads (accord- j ' iug to the lateat estimate) will oblige the United States ' to import much more of our itigar* than uiual, eapecially when we take into view their probably important in- 1 crease of conaumption, owing to the favorable atate of their western provision trade with England, and tha 1 large reduction ot duty on foreign sugar lately come into farce In tho Terr that has justcloied, they took one hundred and fifty thousand boxes from hence end, and it does net appear improbable that they may , want two hundred and fifty thousand boxea or more j during the approaching season Spain took more sugar than ever list year, and may be expected to require a ' till greater quantity this season, aa the general trade of 1 that country is going on well, and the in porta we recei ve l from thence of flour, rice, and other proviiioni, are in- j . creasing. , , , , M " I n looking back in the course of our sugar trade during the year 1848, we find that it presents some novel lea tures. The rally mcntha wero wet, which occasioned strong fears that the usual time for grinding would not > be aflorded, and a serious reduction of the crop would ' ensue. Fortunately, however, a large proportion of the rustcma y rainy season was dry, which more than compensated for the previous bad weather, and the yield liaa provod much larger than was expected. Yet, though . the violent daily rains during the period termed the rainy season were not experienced, there was a sufficiency of e moisture (moro equally distributed throughout the year) a to nourish the cane which is now ic the field. This was > a highly important circumstance in connection with tbo huiricane; as, ultliougU the fury of that visitation seems ' to have be?n equal to and even greater than that ot 1844, the cane was in a far more vigorous condition to meet it, having been nurtured under tavoi able influences, and not { been subjected to a drought, as was the case then ' Siuco the hurricane, as we have already noticed, the [ wu&ther has li?en ramarkahlv mnnih'ntic- ami tn *Kla nt\n. ! junction of circumstances, we own our happy deiiveranco from tbo ruinous effects of that calamity on the great staple of the island. "The course of prices last year was also unusual. They 1 were lower during the first months, while there was the prospect of a deficient crop, than at the end of the season, ' when a leir quantity was expected to be preduced. The , advance duimg the autumn was, however, entirely owing to the reduction of the duty in Knglnnd and the ' United States, particularly the foimer; otherwise lirioes would have boon much lower. The relative value of whites was depressed at the beginning of the year, bv the admission into Russia of crushed sugar from all countries; but planters sought to counteract this by m&kiiig a smaller proportion of whites, and have partially succeeded, being assisted by a well sustained In- -i quuy for Spain, end a good demand for the . Mediterranean, to which more has ueen shipped than usual." | > t The quantity of molasses exported from three ports of 1 the island of Cuba, in each of the past two years, distinguishing the destination, has been as annexed:? Molasses ExroaTzo raoai Havana, Matanzas, and ' CsiMSAi, lis sssjm I From From From H arena. Matanzai. Cor dm as. E ISO I84U. 1145. IMG. 1845. IMS > Ilhdi Hhdt. Hhdt Hhdt. Hhdt Hhdt. ? To United States. .17,301 26,334 20,671 47,742 22,600 02,763 r Slit th Provinces , ' and other parts, i,9>9 1,404 2,137 6,333 ? 203 ' 19,30* 27,738 23 308 53 9'7 28,669 38,9)8 ' This trade is principally with tho United State*, and > i the inerease, compared with 1843, amouuts to more than ( one hundred per cent. ; I The annexed statement exhibits the condition of the 1 Farmers' Bank ef Virginia, including the branches, on 1 the let of January, 1840 and 1847:? Faemebs' Banx or Visoinia, and Branch** 1846. 1847. I > Debt ou'standing $4,940,238 21 $4,9)8.462 22 Sterling bills 16,139 91 76 943 99 Stocks 131,374 01 136,441 36 Specie 692.242 12 788 917 33 | No:** imd chtcks of other banks. 178,023 34 130 873 39: I Real Esia e 223219 96 226.895 67 ! Balance dae by other banks.... 151,433 04 13,770 90 i $3,333,972 59 $0,374,317 34 1 Capital Sleek $2,673,800 00 $2,676 9*0 00 No es in circulation 2,104.217 30 2,719,818 30 ludivulu'l depositee 1,178,34 8 82 1,082,153 44 { Surplus er reierved fond 2 9 973 45 238,005 94 Profits of the institution 120,627 38 123,626 68 , In trantita between parent bank end breeches 37,005 44 31,112 78 | $0,335,972 39 $6,374,317 31 | Premiums received on Northern and other fund* for the quarter ending 81st December, 1846, $6,377 63. , Premiums paid on Northern and other funds for the . quarter ending 31st December, 1846, $3,968 14. The last dividend of profits ie 3}? per cent on the ca- ; pittl. The food reierved from the profits for contingencies, amounting to $338 005 94 on the first day of January, , 1847, increased by the sum of $13,674 33, which remains of the last half year's profits, after tho dividend of 8k per ceat, amounts to $361,680 17?equal to 9.40 per cent on the capital, nnd is above what is believed necessary i to make good any losses. Notes in Circulation or the Whole Institution. 1st emission?4,871 notes of $1 each, is $4,071 " 3,141 " 3 " 4 384 , 3d " 11.393 " 1 " 11,302 ' ?.H3 " 3 " 6,364 ! " 85,890 " 6 " 179,460 1 " 3,455 " 6 " 14,730 ' " 2 403 " 7 " 16.831 i 1 " 2,635 " 8 " 31 000 | 1 " i 3,783 " 9 " 35,047 " 21,838 " 10 " 319,830 , " 14 449 " 30 " 388 980 i " 11,745 "80 " 353 350 I " 14 089 " 60 " 704 450 i 1 < 3.203 " 100 " 220^200 ' ' $2,066,769 00 ' Add circulation at Norfolk and Charlottes- j ] villa, denominations not reported # 101,868 50 j $3,260,667 60 Deduct amount of notes on hand at branches, denominations nut reported 40,639 00 ' | i Amount in circulation as above $3,219 818 60 i < There is e uniformity in the aggregate movement of j this institution calculated to strengthen its credit, and ' give bill holders such confidense in its issues as will j | secure a large circulation. I Old Stock Exchange, . ! $?000 State 5s, '61 99 lOshs MerchF.ich Co 7k ' ' Cilo '63 93 5 New Vork Bank lis Rectlag Bonis 75 ttMsreliuu Ilk 105k 50UB I e"n 5? iVi 25Meteh Bkg Ast'n 92 ! 80(0 Oliio 5j, '60 9/M 100 Mechanics' Bank lliS'i 60( 0 do stw 95k 226 Illinois Bsnk 13'2 ' 4hlO do 96 210 do 13' , SOdOOhio6s,'30 9>Si 160 N A Trust b60 914 50 shs Heading It It. 66 60 do 156 do 61k 50 do #C i 100 do bJO 65k 25 Krie KR 69 1 i, 100 Ho 61k 200 Htomngton 46 50 East Boston I2 > 200 Harlem 5 <04 I 109 do b3 12k 50 do b IS 52k I 2(0 do ll? 106 do 52V 160 Formers' Loan 31V 200 ito 52k 50 do 31k 50 do s!0 53)4 I 300 10 32 225 Nor 3c Wor 54 k 160 do b30 32 25 do b30 54 W I 1 100 do b31 32k 50 do s3S 64 k a, 250 do b30 32k '00 do blO 54k )C0 L Jsl'nd nil bto 3S 100 do i30 54 25 de 29V 126 do 5414 , i 25 Canton Co s(0 3 \ 2(>0 do sio 51)4 1 I 5'? * do 16^ AO do 50 da b20 Mi, AO L Island KH b JO 30 , 50 do 36* A? Jo 29X AO Canton Scrip 3* 20? do 29* j New Stock Uichonge. 150 tht Harlem RK 52* 1A0 Farmers' Loon 3l}d 200 do boo 52^ 50 do 31* | 150 do 52* 10? do b1? 31* 5) do A;'4 1(10 do blO 31/4 50 do b3 5214 100 do 31* r AO do 52* 25 do 32 I M0 do ?-* 250 do 32 , 50 Nor k Wor slO 51 250 do 31 50 do 54 50 do ?3 31 1 50 d> At 200 do b30 32* 1 >0 do At 10 Illinois Sute Ilaok i3 13 5>5 do At 24 St-uniiglen 40 , 25 do 53* 50 L, Island UK 29* 50 do s3 A3* 250 Canton Co 3? J Scconu Board, I 25 shs Vi-chs Bin Ass c 92 25 shs Nor St Wor s30 51(4 c 35 III S<at- Bank cash H* 50 do siAt*' 1 10 do b3 It AO do lilO 5tV. HO Fsrmeis'Trnst cash 32 25 do blO Si* i 100 StoninKton Kit t>9 45* 50 do cash At* I 40 Citnton Co alA 36 AO do Wednesday 54'4 I 50 do cash 36'.4 50 do s9 54 ,l.i 1 25 do 36 IHnrrlnl, f On Tue? lay evening, Jan. 30th, by the Rev. Mr. Shinivoll, Mr fcuMunn B. Bails* to Mr?. Eliza A. Bbad- i ihiw, all ot this city. At Brooklyn, yesterday morning, 3d lost., by the Rev. J Broilhoad, I) D,J?? Lloyd, of this city, to i MseoiRKrTA Rrnrn, of Brooklyn. At tha aatne place und bmt, and by the same, Habmaiy I Tali.mais, of New York, to Cathkhimk h. Ktubb, of ' Brooklyn 1 On 1 uesdoy, the 2d Inat., in St. John'a Church, hv tho Rev. Dr. B-rnnn, Hkhrv P RAitooLrH, of Virginia, to Louhk, only daughter of tha late Peter Dempsey, y>q t , ol this city. In Kail River, 25th inat, Master PmLir S. Tau*?? , of Newport, aged 17, and Miss Mabv Axis MAtev?rT,of Kail ltiver, aged lft. 2 Dlctl, 1 On Tueaday afternoon, the 2d inat , of dropsy, (Jpoaor n Waihim'Tois, son of John W.and Sarah Avory, aged 2 s years anJ 0 months. KuDeral service will take place at tho resilience of his parents, No 93 Roosevelt street, this (Wednesday) alternooa at 4 o'ciork. The rentaina will be taken to White rhtina for interment on Thursday morning, the 4th inst. On Monday evening, the 1st inat , Mr Jos. W. Bates, J in the 43d year of his ngo. The tri -nds ot tho family are invited to attend the funeral, at hit residence, No 220 Thompson at, thia day . (Wednesday) at 3 o'clock, P. M. j Suddenly, on Monday evening, Feb. I, Asar? Vooa- e net", aged 62 years. s The Irionds and acquaintances of the family ate res pertliilly irivitad to attend on Wednesday, ltd inat , at 9 " oVlock, from hor son's, Robert C. Voorhees, No 9 Battery Place. Her remains will be conveyed to Kahwoy, j New Jersey, for interment. Ot i paper* please copy. \ ; On the 1st February, at the residence of his grandfather, Richard Kidney, Esq , at Belleview, Essex county, 1 Now leif y, Itirhas* Rinnrr Wiiwam., son of Wm.J. . and H mh Matilda Wiswall, of this city, ugod 10 y ears. In flaitfoid, Jan. 29th, Oirr Johsios, (colored) aged ' about 109 years. < In Derby, Jan. 27th, Mr. Thomai OtLaaav, aged S3?a ol'lier ot the Revolution. He wea at West Point at the time of Arnold s treachery, and retained a vivid recol- ! 1-1 ion of Oeneral Washington, and the (nanes of those ' day?. ( ..n WANTED. | 4 X CHEAP JOE KERR'S. *71 Broadway, corner Cham- I r\. bar street,? Irish bovs. to attend at the door and sell. The vacancy of head Clerk is now waiting to be filled, for rlnch a moderate salary, of say $1 10 per week will ba giveu B ?One by the Garnek will be preferred. 13 lt*r " WANTED. 4 GENTS to "11 " Taylor's Gold and Silver Coin Ex(\ aminer " The price at retail ia 24 centa. An active man an re 'diiy make from S3 to $5 per day. Apply at the mb'ishing office. 90 Broadway. ft 2tn?r LEG 1 UKbi IN ?> L'. PETER'S CHUKCHJS! B ARt'LAY STREET. rHE VERY REV. 1)R. RYDEH. H.J. President of the College of the Holv Cross, Worcester. Masiachnsetu.will >n Sunday evening ut*\ February 7, conclude bis Lecture if last Sunday, on the subject, via " The only trne worship of God, in the system if Christianity, is found in the Catholic Church." Tickets, 13 cents. For the benefit of the Poor ol the Church. Can be had at the door of the Church on the Evening of he Lecture. Tickets issued for the Lecture of last Sunday trill admit the holders to this lactate Hie doors will opeuatC o'clock, the Lecture will comneuce el 7 o'clock. ftstis'rc illEAT hXClt HiviE.vr AND NEW Dk? COVERIEai | DR. J. B. BENNETT will give>no!her course of lectures upou Mesmerism, accompanied with s great ra- ' itty o f interesting and exeitugeiperimeuts, at Washington fell, corner of Bewsrv aud Hester stieet, commeuciugou Wednesday evening, Feb. 3d, Kndav 3th. and Saturday fi.h. Adroissiou 12}, cents. Commeuce at half paat7 o'clock. 13 lter BAOLEY'H OOLIJ PENS-tA ONLY ! rHE subsc iber has recently made a greekred ctiou in the price ol Gold Peat, and is now a. lliag (hem at $2. induing Pen and Paucil. The Pen* are of an excellent quality, id the public inay rely upon tiudug a fust rate article, notVithstaiidlug the low price Also bine Watches and Jewelry. fe3 ttlis*rrc J. Y- SAVAGE 92 Fulton street. |ynw EVENING rAN8-WOOWOttTH haa j.uat - - ,h., uii?u| ?i>u uun i )iciiiiik kuiue new styles 01 men ireu Fans, to which he invites the attention of purchasers. j ii* assortment of Kant is now nuit eoinpielieniive and comdele, comprising several hundred uew varieties, frera the oweat priced to the most expensive. WOODWOKTH, successor to Bonfanti, 325 Broadway, Barclay Buildings, J3lJ*rc _ um' ihe Hoapjtal. SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. * PAMPHLET, deacriptire of the deciaion of t lis Body ra in their selection of a d-sikn for their buildii g at Waihngton. will he published by an eye witness of li s proceed- . nas en or before the last week iu February. Copies to lie had of, WELL* 8c AllNOT, New York. J'lHN HAVILAND ) .hii.j.|nh? JOHN NUBVIAN. J Philadelphia. ISAIAH ROGERS, Boston. Alt pipers please copy. I3 3w*re ! Citt Finr lnsunancE CoMrariY, > New York, Februarys, 1847. $ DIVIUK.ND.?The Board of Directors of tnis ' ompanv, hare declared a dividend of sis per cent, for tlis last six I ninths, payable to the Stockholders on and after the 10th intaut. By order, D. K. CORNY, Secietary. K7- The transfer Book will be closed until 10th instant. r32w?rc fit ENCli LANGUAGE, EVENING CLASHES. I SENTLEV KN wishing to study the French Language, 1 alter Ollendorfl's system, may find a very good opportu iity by applying to Mr Srorienll No 131 Kulton street, any fternoon between f. ur and lite o'clock. Only two scholars ire waht-d to complete a class just beginning, t'ersous steady ailTauced in the same laintnnge and wishing to perfect liemselres, can make their application at Mr. Danigan'i I5i fulton street Terms?$10 per qnarter, payable in adrance. f3 3t*re HAGS, HAGS, RAGS. 'PHK sub'crit-e-s will pay the highest market price in 1. cash for liuen and co'ton regi bagging, rnp-s. rope int'ings. grass rope, o sny other stock for i ape' making, deivered at their Paper Works, Win isor Locks Hatliosa De> -t, or at their Paper Wareli -nse 65 and 67 Nassau it. fe3 2wr PER-SE St B dOOKH.65 It 67 -Nassau st. PATENT ENVELOPE PAPER CMVE HUNDRED REAMS Patent Enrelope Paper, suitI able for putting np spices and coffee. Just received md lor tale by FERBSE 8c BROOKS, fe3 lmr 85?nd 67 Naisau st. JOHN MILHAU, 183 HROJIDIVJIY. OFFERS for tale Labarrque's Chloride of Soda, hau de Botot, J)r Frank a Gains de Sante, V'llel'a Kepuvenous Pills, Elixir Toniqua Anti-Olairenx do Qnllie, Sir qi de B ubie, lta-ahout des Arabes, A omatic Vinegar for the toilette. Capsules de Riquiu, Cigarette* Palmoniqnei, Hob Boyean Laffecieur, Eaux de Vicley, de Bonue, de Seltzer, Paatiles de Vicley, do Tho'tWau, Ike J. M. being agent for the rale of most of the Parisian preparations of any note, is at all limas able to supply consumers and the rade on die most favorable terms, N. B.? Impmte I Porcelain Jars for apothecaries' me; also, l supply of genuine f'elletier's Quinine, by retail or by the case, with privilegeof debenture. f3 2t*rrc Twine and shoe thread?5,6,s,9,13, is,>4and 36 lb Seine Twine, 2 and 3 eoril Qilliinr H* 2 and J thread India do "Hopewell" cotton Seine do of every eize Wrapping, Wool and .Manufacturer!' Twinta, ol every description. Shoe Thread of every deicription, including Titely, Tatbam and Walker's, for aale bv CKBHA k CUMMINO. 13 lt*r No. lot Pearl atreet. l'LEASt KEAD THE FOLLOWING LETTER FROM REV. E. COVEL, No. 23 EIGHTH AVENUE, NEW YORK, January, 39th, 1847. gkistlkmcis:? It it!with feelinga of gratitude to you that I deem this icknouledgment due for the benefits I have received from he use of > our Clarified Essence of Hnrehound Candy. In ny official capacity as Pastor and labors lor the prat several rears, 1 have suffered severely from excessive hoarseness, which caused a tacks of the bronchitis. 1 used every medicine I beard ol withoutsuccess for relief. Your essence was 'ccomineuded, 1 tried it, and am happy to say it has entirely cured lite of tiie complaint alluded to. I find befoie comneucing to preach, bv using a half stick.of tire candy that I lave no symptoms of the throat disease. I would also remark hit my general health is improred under the efTecti of the candv. Yours, very trnlv, J Passr. St Sows. K. COVEL. Sold by J. PEASE It SONS, No. 45 Division st. Antrtri ? Rushton It Co.. Ill Aitor House, 110 and 850 droadway: 373 Broadway; 537 Greenwich street; 378 Broadway; 311 Sixth Avenue; 188 Bowery; 36 Catharine street. Jrnotslyn, 119 Koltou street. Newark, N. J., 303 Broad street, fl Il*r ivrape Vines. JCOUZEN8, ef Westchester County, hereby informs the citizens ol New Yotk and Brooklyn that the season or vine trimmii g it at hgnd, and it being indispensably neteatary to have tt performed property to insure good fruit, he jrolfers his servicrs to trim and train their vines for the mo lerare charge ol fiem 35 cents to (I, accoiding to the size, ind in accordance with the method of treating them upon his >wn vineyard. He can refer to numbers in the city that can rear witne-.a to Ins superiority in the culture of the grape. Alto a number of young vines and cuttings for sale. All or 4er* promptly attended to by leaving them, or directing by cipress-pott to 49 Pearl or 360 Chambers street, N Y. fl 3t*c Office or JKFFEaton lwitmswcc CoMrawr,) New Yoaa, February lit, 1847. ) AT an election for Directors of this Institution, for the ensuing inr, held st the office of the Company, No. 50 Wall street, this day, the following named geutlemeu were elected Thomas W. Th-roe. Klisha Riggs, Thomas T. Woodruir, Anton B-ker, Benjamin II Kobsuu,M.D, Joseph Drake, Tootnsnn Price, Joseph Allen. M 'tes Tu-ker, James E. Holmes. John R. Davison, John P IMno'e, John H Le?, William K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis Thomas Morrell, Krancts P Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merritt. Robert Smih A; a subsequent meeting of the Board, Thomas W. Thome, Kin., was uttu.imuily re-elected President. 13 Itr GEORGE T HQrE. Secretary. aMM jgI FOR SALE?The Hull ol the St* mboet flrTraMsi id* DIAMOND, suitable fur two tow boats, or w!i MJL o her purposes. Also, the Ma- hiuery of so id host, complete and in mod orler. Apply to No 178 Snath street. I3 3t*r FOR COLD SPRING AND WEST POINT, OK AS KAK AS THE ICE WILL PERMIT. oak Landing at Uobbs Kerry, Grassv Point, Qy, Vcrplank's Point. Caldwell's, and Van CortThe Sieatner HIGHLANDKR, Capt. C. B Armstrong, will leave New Yoik.from ihe Newburgli Pier, loot of Waren street, every morning, at 9 o'clock, A.M. For freight or lassase apply to the Cap ain ou hoard. N. B ?1 he Highlander has jnst been fitted no in a superior nanner as ,n ir-R...- ..J ?N ' ? ? -HI mil Luuuuur -u lull IU Jill IJ KOm New York 'tirinthe winter. jM Iwre U N '.ON LINE OK PACKETS TO AND kf*fVFltO\1 LIVKKPOOL.-Theliidendid mid fa.t lailIftUMNCaaing new Packet Slop U AL fcN A, Car t.Dennis. will ail fium Nrw York on Friday.k'ebruary Sth, and froin Liverniol on or about the lltth day of Va*eh uegt. The nccommoI tionaoflhia mvgiillieent packrt fur comfort and conveii'iice it i? wr11 UiiOimi ere superior to m><*t oth*r picket hips I'eriora wishing to aecure bertha, or thnae about arming tor their f> irnda in any part of the old country wouid do aril to es.imine the Cafe a." and lirr aeconmod itioua, be'ote engaging elsewhere Karly application ahould be made in board foot of Pine atiee', or to W St.) T TAfsrorr. BS *outh atreet, 2<1 door below burling Slip One of the above line of packet! will he dupuK lied tw ice I week during the anaron Irorn Liverpool Drafts on Ireland.tic. for any am Mint, at light, by applrirg in there. '** SB? jrilH LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Pack* jMHrW.'! for February 26 ?The superior fa?t-*aili g packet BMHaaeabiP O VKH K K, Capiam B. J II. Traak. I lion tona hi I lien, will aail newbnve, her regular day For freight or ia?a<gr. having accommodation! unaurpaaaed Inr fplendof :ir comfort, apply ou board at Orleana wbarl, 'r ot id Wall itreet, or to EUWAIIU K t'OM I >?, 56 South street. Pi ice of pnasage $100. 'I oe packet itiip ROSCIUS, A. Kldrulge, master, will :ucceea the liainck.and sail iGth March, her regular day j30 bOit LI VKKPOOL?The New Line-RetJaWPV gular Packet of 2ltt Febrnaty ?The new, superior, ONmKblaai-sailing packrt alup CONSTITUTION, 1,600 oni ban hen, Capt. John Brilton, will aail as above, her re;ular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfort. Die state rooms and cabin, apply to the captain on board, at vest pier Burling slip, or to _, , WOOOHULt. ?r MINTUKN. V South at h.T?*, P"Sk*' ,'hip HOlTlNOflKR, 10)0 tuna dnrthen, -apt. Ira Buraeley, will succeed the Constitution, and anil m her regular <I?T, > i.r Vlnre-li j23 jfcfcfcL ,FOR H A VIIE?The French barine VI' TOII nHrgV Capt. Le Roy. For f eight or prusge. apply to PILCOr & LF, BARRIER, "rh ?r to BOYD It HlNCKB v, Brokers. JkftSL Vnri!*\ ORLEANS? Louiaiana and New tW> I -L.i"* of Pickets -Regular packet for Mum ^iLV riVn!m>l7' 'i'lendid fast sailing packbore! her Regulardav ^' Urr?' -IFor freight or PMsage, having handsome accommodations, pply ou board, at Orleana wharl, foot of Wall street, or to ? ... , e - 1* -it' e OOLLINS, 56 South at. Positively no freight will be received on board after Jatu'day evening, 13th Feb y. Agent! in New Orleam, John O Woodruff It Co. who eill promrly forward all gooda to their address j j| th gaJtK rOH LiVJLHPOOL-To Mil on or bJfoTTthi ggJWWjOth Krhrunry.?The f?tt Mailing, first class ihip MUbHlJLiSON, t sprain Page is now loading and w (l ail ai above. jFor freight or passage, having gooa scrommolaiioiii, apply oa board, Orleam wharf, font of Wnll street it to EDWARD K. COLLINS. jn2B W South street iittir NOTIwE? SHIP tJAKMIl K FHO.VI LIVER. ro()|? is now discharging under general order at tmSfeeee wYu'pde ue'ieud their permiti onboard imiag. llgUIy. ftth AUCTION NOTICKS. WM. W. SHIRLEY. Auctions HOUSE Furniture and solid silver ware, by H. E.Wnlard. Friday. Feb. 3, at 10}| o'clock, at the sales room, No. 3 1'ma st., from a family, solid Silver Tea and Table 8|>ooas, . rich Castor, tea and dining Tables, China Tea and Dinner, Ware, Bedsteads. Feather Beds and Mattresses, 3 doz ( lis rs I or various kiuds, Britannia ware,be., all in good order. Hale positive. Also, I losewood Pianoforte and Stool, Secretary Book Case. Also, 30 patent Knife Cleanars. to clean from 3 to knives. i n If rc BY JOHN B.N I Kh EN. EXCELLENT FUKMTUKE. of a gentleman declining house-keeping ? 1 his Day, at ltj< o'clock, at 33 Anu at , consisting of parlor, rnoui and stair carpets; floorcloths; rugs; rods; fire setts aud stand; be utiful oil paintings: hall limps, dressing and plain bure us; wash stands; French and high post bedsteads: superior hair mattresses; beds; paliasses; c"ts; blankets; comforters; sofas; chairs; recking do; lamps; | plated aud glass ware; crockery; 1 sweet toned piano, Ice. The kitcheu furniture; alto, I copper boiler; stools; and 1 case; stove,stools, tic. Ie3 lt*r ROYAL UURLEY It CO ' ELEGANT ENGRAVINGS?a large and beautiful collection of Krglishaud French Engravings, comprising a f ret! variety of intere'ting subjects, many of them richly coore d and iu fine order; including a great number of Architectural Ornament!, and other Pr tits valuable to ariists. Also, a collection of Old Line Kug avings, the whole to be sold This Evening, by Royal Gntley tt Co., at their Rooms, 304 Broadway coiner of Dtiane street. Oil Paiutiugs?Friday evening. 13 lt*r FOKKION ADVKUTI8H2MICNTS. SIMMON Dti & WARD, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 6 Burge Yard, London, England, UNDERTAKE nil descriptions ol Agency Business for parties in the United States, if placed in luuds for that purposes. Reference to James Uordou Benuett and Freeman Hunt, Esqi., New York. jJ7 6t rrc $1500 TO $2500 rare opportunity preseuts itself lor any person haying a small capital to luyeit, as the advertiser has inyested all his means and requires hut a small amount more to carry on a business already commenced, which affords an iinmcuse profit, and highly respectable. Communications addressed to Mr. Risk, at this office, stating place of interview, will be treated confidentially. f2 !it*r NOTICE TO FIREMEN. SEVERAL F| REV1EN are wa ited for the U. 8. steamer " Mississippi," now filling for sea at Nor'olk, Virginia.? Nose who have not had eiparience in I \r pressure vessels, and who are cot free from all physical disability, nead apply. Naval iteudezvous. No. 9 Cherry street fa 2t*rh "FOR SALE, AN (EXCELLENT I B AGATELLE MAHOGANV TABLE for sale a' 55 Madison straet. Enquire in the back workshop for R SOUTHWARD. fa it*rh NOTICE. ' IF ALFORD HENRV AS LETT, of London, will send his address, orepply to George Murray, of the ship Switzerland, or to No. 43 Hicka atreet, Brooklyn, he will receive some information greatly to his advantage. ft 3t?rc SPIROMETER. THE inventor and patentee of the above highly vmprttant ina'rumeiit for testing the condition of the Lungs and Chest, begs to inform allthoie who may be afflicted with any symptoms of thit disease, in-t the precise cundition of patients can be aecurqelv cacerrcincd by applying to him, a' his rooma, at the Astor House, where his invention can be tested, professionally. He invites the Inenlyin general, to inspect ihis new and imp >itnnt invention, between the h"u. of 11 and 1 o'clock, a- the Astor House f2 im^rli AN IMPORTANT WORK. NEUROPATHY, on TDK TRUE PRINCIPLES OF THE ART OK HEALING THE SICK I ! Being an explanation n> [he action of GALVANISM. K.LE' TKll ITY, AND MAGNETISM, IN THE CUKE OK DISEASE, And a comparison b-twcrn ihrii powers and those of Drugs, o* Medicines, of all kinds with a view to d't-rminc [heir re lative value, and n oner u?r?. BV FREDERICK HOLLICK, M. D, Lecturer on Physiology, trie Origin of Life, the Causes and Cure o< Disease, Ike., he. Price, 15 Cents. Pu lished and 'or tale by D. O. MO' RHKaD, 181 Broadway. The trade supplied ?n the m at liberal terms fl 1w*rn 0">0 1VBAn't uVKaSHO a. InO nil iAUVVAV. LADl-8' AND GENTLE viEN'S OVERmanafacitired of Goodyear's ce'ebr.ited Patent .i.etallic India Rubber, peifectly flexible in the coldI est weather. Korsale by the case or si' gle r ir, bv SAMUEL BROOKS, 1 Bole Agent for Goodyear's Manufactories. , fl Im'rh 100 Rroadway, opposite Triuity Church. ton SALE, A PATENT MEDIt INK. which his been before the pub1'c for several years,and lus'inrt with a most extensive sale, and its effects are testified to by a large number of certificates from various places. It is put up iii a manner superior rn any ot I er extant. An en'erprising man, stlin can devote his attention to it, can, with a capital of only 3000 dollars realize a large fortune in a short time. Sufficient reasons will be given for the pesent p oprietor's relinquishing the business. Address, with name Ike., to boi 2169 Post office. ft3t?rh TAYLOR'S GOLD AND SILVER COIN EXAMINER CONTAINS fsc-timile eng-avings of 207 gold and silver coins, with their names and value ; together with a new and valuable Table, showing the weight, fineness and valne Bir dwt of the vaiions gold eeiua of different nations. 'I he nok will be issued every three months with large additions. Terms?Yearly anbscribers for the four numbers, 73 cents; for a single c< py, 26 ceuts. The trade supplied on very liberal terms. Agents wanted 12 2t*r 8. TAYLOR. Publisher, 90 Broadway UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURT. KIETH CIRCUIT and District of Lonisiana?Saturday, 27th day ol June, A. D. 1816. The Court met pnrauant to adjournment. Present the Hon. Then. H. McCaleb, District Judge; the Hen. J. MeKinley, presiding Judge, absent. Jonah Marker etal vi. Cheater Clark rt al.?No. 1190? i It appearing to the Conrt that the defendants, Jacob S Baker, Van WykJc Phillips. John limit He Co., Luke Davis, W. 8c J. Vnnbuskirk, Walter Jagger k Co., Mrs. Alice Mead, executrix, Wm. C. Waddell, assignee, Matmtel Stout, Austin Mettville *t Co , H. Boaream k Co., I'inkney It Berime, Wevman Clarke St Co , and J. W Pinkney. nave not beeu served with process of tnbnoena herein, ana that said defendants reside in the city of New York; o*< motion of R. H. Wilde, itolicito* f r complainants, tG. B. Dunes*, Esq., solicitor for the derendants, served, oeing present in court and not objecting thereto) that this rule be published in one of the g'tettes of New Yo'k once a week for three months, requiring thrm to plead, answer or demur to the complainant's bill, not demurring alone, on or brfore the first Monday in November next enxning, or the allegation of said complainant's bill will be taken lor confeised by aaid defendant!. Clerk'a Office, Circuit Court of'he United Htatei, Eastern District of Louisiana ?I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true Copy from the original of Record in this Office. Wituess, my hand and the seal ol said Couit, at the city of New Orlesns, this 6th day of July, 1816. febntawJmre KD. RANDOLPH. Clerk. FOR SALE OR TO LET. A FIRST Class Modern Built Two Story and Attic ffTTw Dwelling Honse, No. 28 Warren street. The Lot ie XiH25iion feet?the premises are in enmplete condition? the parlors finished in the brrt style, with solid polished mahogany doors and plated furniture ; marble nnntles throughout the House, and has ihe Croron Water introduced in the kitchen, besides s beautiful yard in the rear. Twi-thirds of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage, if desired. For terms, apply to 50 Exchange Place, up stain, fj Jtawlw^rc JkaA STOKE, No. 371 Broadway, to Let or to Lease? fftTm The large and elegant Store now occupied by E R. JUMt MYERS. Possession given after the 20th of February, il doired. 'Ihe store is 86 leel deep, handsomely fitted up with Shelves, Counters, Stools, mid Desk, with plate glass Windows aud Doors, all in perfect order, and with every convenience lor the dry goods hiitinrss A yard and cellar 1 attached Apply to WM. B. MOFFAT, I2 3lis*r 335 Broadway. M STORK., No. 313 Broadway, to Let or to Least? This large and elegant Store, formerly occupied by MYERS tk GKDNKY, and at present by the Brooklyn i i hiss tympany, <v?< fitted npthrre yeavi ago it great cost for the dry gonda trade, ia 91 feet deep, with Shelves. Connten, Stools plate glass Dnora anil Window*, Glass Knturri, kc A Yard rnd Cellar attached. Applytn VV B. MOFFAT, f2 3tis*r 135 Broadway. TO LET, .ML A LARGE old fashioned Home, tituared directly ffjW on the Bound, and near a beach relebratrd for flue b.ath,bJ&ing. It would be mutable for a large f-inily or board- | ing-m use. bring eaav of access to the city, either by steamboat or railroad Addrm lla NflY PARTKIDGK KELLOGG, (I I0t*r (Kellnggsrille,) New Rochelle, N. Y. | SHIPPERS OF GRAIN. liACrS, A. T. GRAHAM, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN UAOS, I\o. 80 ta'ater atreet, New York. CAN anpply ahipper* of (train with all kind* of B igs, in any i|uautity, at ihe loweat ciah |i ice*. The adv tillages of shipping gr mi iu hags are many, preventing waste in load ! iug and discharging, inanranee it l?a< when in tins form, and in the ultimate it it inure economical thiu ifahipped iu bulk, jan II Imis* rh THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPAN*. CAPITAL 3M>,000 DOLLARS. WITH A SURPLUS. OrricK 41 Fulton strkkt, Bnoogi tn. (1 ONTINOKM to t ke risks on buildings, machinery, iner' ch.indiae and property generally, on ilieir uaud I volatile terms Tina comptny h a patted through the two gre teat Ceiitlagrationa that have ever occurred in the eountryi tbcj owe their eacaiie from them wiih comparatirely tlight lessee to theaytteni which ihey have alwaya prnctiaed of limiting and mattering their risks. All Intact which the company may sustain will be adjusted and p id prom 'llyas hereiofore. The Company take apecial care to notify their customer* ta New York, of all expirationa of policies. B W. DK.LAMATKIt, Preaidert. j 1 E C. FINN, Secretary. jai Imitrc ' NOTICE. "|*IIR cnpartnerthip heretofore existing between the nn1 derai rned. Under the firm of Ukow* k 'laom*. is r his day diaaolved by mutual couaent. The outstanding debt* of the fi m will he ae t ed by Mr Brook <. to whom all debit due tl e roiicern mint be paid, and in tli* aeltlmneut ol w'.uch | he it nulhorixed to ute the name of tha linn. H. BKIIWKR, SAMUEL BROOKS. ! New York, Jan. 28, U47. j2?; lin*c TO OWNER- OK REAL ESTATE ] LARANCIS ULANCI1CT, Agent, lotnrma the ownen of

F Heal Estate, that he tikescharge of letting hnutea, leasing lota, and collerting renti, nn the mr ^seasonable teimt. K. II. haa been, for the last two yeara, ih'|<ent of (lie la'e \ John Tonnele; and devo'ing all hit time to the above buai. neaa, he ? ill give full aatisfiction to tli isr peraons who will t entrust him wilh their coutideuce lie can give the best re. Irreiicet, and tecuntv to any amount if required Please ad- ( diets a oote through the Poit Office, No 211 Siith Avenue. | Office honts, before 9 A. M. and after 5 P. M. j ja28 lm"r? NOTICE. 1 j TIIK co-partnership of Prime, Ward k King lathtaday diaaolved by mutual cu.iaent. Tha outstanding butiueai . #f the firm will be liquid ited by the tubirrilirra J AM KB 4 J KINO. EDWARD PRIME, SAMUEL WARD. DENNING DUk.R, ARCH'D GRACIE KING. New York, January 25th 1147. , The aubacribcra have this rtav formed a eo partnership, nn d?r the firm of PRIME, WARD k CO., and w.ll continue the Banking, Stock and Exchange llusiueta, at the office of . the late firm, No. 54 Wall street. JOHN WAHD. of the firm of John Ward k Co. . EDWARD PRIME, 1 of the late firm ol Prime, SAMUEL WARD. { Ward k King New York. January Mth. 1*41 jt5 Imiarc I RON BEDSTEADS?For ho?pit?u7"?chnoU,public" ?u"d private h nasi, of vtrioua pattern, made to order by CORNELL k JACJUON, 1#? Ctmrc itreet. , i JM >tw4wsrro New York, | A?U8*BK*TB^ pAhKTHKATKE-Wednesday M, I ' will be pcrfornid, the comedv of LOOK BlFOBK , VOU LEAT?Mr Odding-on, Mr Bass; Mr Brandon, Dyolt; Fanny llardmau, Mra Hunt. ? After which. DIANA AND ENDYMION-Diint, Bignora Ciocca; (luuueaa.SiiTQariua .vJantin; Lndymioo, hignor , Morra To which will be added the KTON BOY?Col Curry, Mr ; U Audrewa. The whole to conclude with LA POLKA?By 8ignora Ciocca, and Signor Morra. Doors open at IK o'clock; anil the performances will commence nt 7 o'clock Boxes II: Pit 60 cants; Oallary 15 centa hen bit-it OF MISS MAHY TjI YLOH. BOWKKY TU KATHE? Wedneaday Evening. Feb'r Jd. will be performed the grand opera of CINDERELLA? Prince. Mr flunt; B-rou rumpoliuo, Vrche ; Alidoro, Stevens ; Daudidi, H Chapman ; Pedro, lladiway ; Cinderella, Miss Mar*Taylor; Cloriuda, Mra Booth ; Tluabe, Mra Sergeant; Fairy Queen, MuiJ Drake. Toconrlude with the Coinedy of SKETCHES IN INDIA ?Sir .Matthew Scragga, Mr. Vache; TomTaie, Mr liadaway; Miaa Sally Scragga, Miia Mary Taylor; Poplin, Miaa J. Drake. Dreaa Circle 26 cents; Pit and Oollery UX centa Doora open at 6F> o'clock. Perforiuatire commence at 7. IV| 1TCHKI L'S OLYMPIC THEATKK.-Thia Even'*1 inn. February 3d?To commence with the Operetta of i NO SONli NO BUPPEIl?Tromaa, Mr Holland; elly, ! Mra Timin. After which, KHOMEO AND OU1LIETTA?Bhomeo, 1 A. Cruiae, Eai|; Ouilietta, Walcot. After whic't, MO.NS JACQUES?Moui. Jacquea, Mr. Niekinaon; Nina. Mra. T mm To conclude with the GOVERNOR'S WIFE? H.akory Short, Mr Holland. Drnai circle 60 centa; upper boxes IS centa; pit one shilling; private boxes S3. Orchestra boxes, gl. Doors opes ar half past t o'cloek: enrlain rises at 7. ITALIAN OPERA PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. Ctuuiioe'rs streat ? On Wedneaday Eveuiug, 3rd of February, first perlermance of Coppola's Opetl?wi oaT-ea man *,,niTn Count Ilodolph Siguor l>'. Beneveutino. Niua, his daughter Siguori K Pico. Henry Hignor 8. Bvuedetti. Doctor Siuiplicio Signor A. Sauquirieo. Mariana Signora Uoulard. George Signor L. Martini. fsturday ueit. 6th 'int.. by request, extra performance ot LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOK. 1st tier Boxes aod Parquette $1 H 2d tiar " to Prirate boxts for I persons 12 M 6 " 10 00 Hears can be secured at the box office from 10 A M. till 4 o'clock, P. M. dmlv. f 2 tfrrc "A CARD. " 1 ITALIAN OI'EKA?The Managers of the I'alian Opera , luform the pu lie that at the request of several persons, they will give an extra performance of " LUCIA Dl LAMMKKMOOR" on Saturday ueit, (Slh February, to give those who have uot been able to attend, an opportunity ol hearing that heautilut opera, while it wilt place them id a position for the laigr < titlays made, aud to be made, for tbt production of operas of the first order. Season subscribers may retain their seats by applying at tha box office until Thursday ueit, 4th February at 12 o'cleck. f2 St rc THE ALHAMRA SALOON, 6SB Broadway, iehnfmi Spring and Prince streets, COMMKTVCItn THURSDAY. FEB 4th, And every night until further notice. CilHlsTY'8 fsr-fimeil and original Band of ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS, whose unique aud chaste performances have been psfrnnised (for the nasi live years) hv the elite and f.shinii in ell the principal cities ol the U- inn. resprctlully announce that they w ill give a series of Ihei'popular and iuiinitable Con- . ce-M. introducing a variety of rnli tely new Songs, Choruses, Burlesques. HtC. Aduii?si?u 21 cents Doors open at hall past 0; concert will eommnca at half past 7 o'tfe* k Change of prog ennn- at each representation. fe] 3tis r AMERICAN VIRCUS. B O W K R Y a M 1> H i T H H A T R E, 1*III"s EVENING. Peh 3d, an entire new bill of performances, including t o PONEY RACES. The first ppearmce of Mr HOBBs Mr SaNDs and his Dancing Horse, May Ely, the Fighting Ponies. Ik- he. The Amphitheatre is pleasantly watmed throughout. Doors ouen a' H past 6. psrtormance commences at". Boxes 25 cents,ri. I2)g. Beats secured. ft lwrc I walnut street theatre7~philadelphTa. E. A. MaasHai., Lessee.... W. K. Blake, Manager Thud Night of MR COLLINS, the celebrated Irish Caniediau and Vocalist. The pieces on Monday, being received with the most rapturons spnl use, will b- repeated WEDNESDAY EVENING, February J, 1847. will be prrseote4 the drama, 'n two acts, entitled BORN TO OOOD LUCK Paudeen 0''faffertv Mr. Collins. To which will be dded the new burletta, called the IRISH POST. Terence 0'Gr"dv Mr. Collins. In which rhara-te, ! ? will sing " AN IRISHMAN'S HEART FOR THE LADIES." To conclude with tne is.. f HOUSE DOO. Clinkicsles Mr A'Becket. Dust Mr Chapman. j To-morrow ryening, Cr COLLINS will appear as the , BOLDIEll OF FORTUNE. A new piece, dramatised from Dickens's last wor t, " The Battle of Lile," will also be produced. CONCERT. HTENRY C. TIMM begs leave to inform his friends tnd | L the public, that Ins Concert will positively lake place on Saturday Evening the 6lh of February, at the Apollo Saloon, with a full and efficient orchestra. Programmes will appear on Thursday. ft llr"" 1' A ft K T H E A T ft ft. ITALIAN TROOPK. Signnra Ciocra't Benefit. SIGNOItA CIOIIC A has llie honor ol announcing that her benefit u lijed for THURSDAY next. Feb 4, on which McMinn will be prcaeiiteu the new ballet of DIANA k KNDYMION?Endymion, Hignor Morra; Diana, Hignera Cioeca; Huntress. Signorina Manna. After which the rAS HWIH8K by Signara Cincca and Hignor Morra, with the CKACOV1ENNE by Biguora Ciocca, and other entertain menu f> If rc AMERICAN ORATORS, And Eccentric Delineation< of Character. Mil. WHITNEY respectfully annonucea that he will five liia impenountiona of American Oratori, at the Society Library, corner of Leonard 11 reet aud Broadway, on Thanday and krirlsy evenings. 4lh and 5ih init , rain or ahine, eu which occaaion he will be aiaiated by the celebrated DH. VALENTINK, the Eccentric Delineator of Queer, Quaint, Qnizxicsl, and t'nmicall 'haractera. embracing tun, larce, freak, filly and foiblea, illurtrateil by celebrated known and nuknown persons iuteraperaed with muaical aketchee, comic lectnrea, kc kc. Ticket!, admitting a gentleman or lady and gentleman, SO centa. To commence nt 8 o'clock precisely. f3 3tis*r r.W kOtlK OfKKA HUt.HE, (Charlton arieet corner of Varick.)?The public la respectfully informed that thia theatre will ahortly re-open for the performance of the regnlar drauia, opera, ballet, and vuudeville. Artiata of acknowledged talent and respectability, can make application, if by letter, (poet paid) to Mr. FREDERICKS, Acting Manager, at the box office of the theatre. WANTED?Twelve ladiea for the Corpa de Ballet. Apply between ihe lionra ol Hand 2. J30 tfic Hebrew benevolent socieiy." THE eighth annnal Ball, in a d of the fnada ol the above Society, will take place at the Apollo Hoonn, Wednesday. March 2, 1847. Tickets admitting a gentleman and two ladies, Firs Dollars?To be had of the following COMMITTEE OP AkIIA.-TOKMKNTS. II AUNSON.7a William street. J.KWI9 MAWHON.IM Water street JUHN LEVY. 131 William street. LYON EL A. MYEKH, 18 Heads street. M. A. MITCH* LL, 248 Front street. LEWI A a LEVY, 49 Maiden Lane. SYLVESTER BRUSH, cor. Tine and Water eta. CH MIL KB S. LYONS, 38 Cedar street ft WlkS to m>r 1 GRAND RELIEF HALL, In Aid of the Suffering Poor of Ireland, Wl LL take place at Castle Garden on Wednesday Evening, Feb 10th, 1817. Arrangements are being made to make thia oue of the grand balls of the season. Tickets two dollars each, to admit a gentleman and two ladies, inay be had of the Secretary, or any of th- following COMMITTEE. A. II. Mickle Dr. it. Hogan Horace Orerley T. Kminett F Campbell Daniel Sweeney Aid. Walsh Mich'l llurke Martin W ters Aid. Hart Dr fl Sweeney It. French Edward Fox P. (J Maloney Dr. Olover K. U. (Joniirry Aid. Giluiarlin D. Pollock P. Mutvetull Tlios. Hoylc P. B. Murray D.Oilrnutin P. McBirrou I*. Breunau P. McCormick M. Phelan Frauria Gil more Aid. Mulliiia K Fitxgerald Tlieni a Whelan f'hsa M. Nanrv Win. Held Then Mrtlirm Join) Vgan John lieraglity Joieph Murphy Aid Knots Pat'k Kelly Timothy derrick D.C Broderick II. Hannagan riiil'n Collins C.Mteelinn Eel'* Quinn H. O Brien Jair.e* Vuiphy Juror* Kelly I'eter Murray I'. A Keane A. Jaikman Wm. Nugent r. II McOmre John Keilrher John Hunrl Aid. Coinpinu I uko Doyle H. McCalull Aid llyine Aid Donghety J unes Kiley. ni'oom.ri. OwenCnlgan Mile? O'Kilrv P. II l.eunon J Sweeney, Columbian 11*11, Houih Brooklyn. J AS. KbAN"'., Serrrlary. A H MIC K LE, Treaanrer. j2?e?dtEe 10 r 8HAKSHEAKK L)K AMtVTlC AS OC ATI ON . tPHh.tnt annual fancy drea? end eiyie Hall of tint aaaner 1. hIio* wi'.lt eke place at 'lie Column, on ftiday evening, Kehrnary Jlh, .BIT. Titkeu may h? ootained at the rooma ?! the association, (} ithic Hull; of Jno. (J. Taylor, i8 Princ* a rrn, at the Coliseum, and ol any nl the memners of the aaaociatiou. Mr J,io. (J. Taylor, (eoatnmer to the ?s.*ocia'ion,) No it Prince atiee', i* prrpuert to furnish Fancy Dreaaea of every de criptmu at uicdi r itf pri r*. Mr 1'. will alio ?end .Irenes lo the reaidenrrtol partiea ? ho intend apprari"( in rostuine, uul ?e id fur torn on the morning ifter the ball. .1*29 7na?rc LE T V* CEELEURS, \ H DIM Kb by the Viennoiae Chililreu, jnat publuhed and for aale at fn i.'r S' HAHKENBEHO it 1.1 J H, 161 Broadway, LEW DANrtKUSKS VIEN NOISE. [VI ADA *1K JOSEPHINE WEISS, Mi.treaa of the Ballet, ITE hegt to sta'e to the Manager* ol Tlieafea in the United Slate*, that np.dicati u.s lor engigemeuts inuat lie nude to her Igeot, Mr JOHN IMVEY, ofthe Park ' heatre, New York, alio it duly authnriiod to make all uriangeineuta lor ' ra Dan lenaea Vieniiniar jZ.y tf re CHE3NUT ATKEET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. I SHE Subscriber* !.: > ? leased the above magnificent ea tablialimekt, oflet 'he same in rent by the night or week .until their iriurn I'r or 'no aonth on the tat March 1 r nil |>ariieulara * ?n be oo'.aiued of Mr. Dir more, agent for he lessees, at the I n o.Tice, every morning, between the lours nf II and I 2 Alt c "lUinicatinni mnatTie addreaaed to Mr Jininore, post-, aiu, , ' ihey will uot he attended to Jttf gb* MEOL'IN It KH A/.KK '|S|(E PIANO taught on vrv moderate lertna by a Lady I. who nnderatandi the science thoroughly, and who niidar .thai t i imiiart to her pupile* perfect knowledge of the theory with the greatest l.icilny, 'l cima, three dollars per month. \ line addressed lo " Mane," at the office ol this paper ahall attended to. .122 lmina?re G. B. CLARKE. M<rchant Tailor, 110 William itree/, Art wen John and Fulton. | BELIEVE my reputation as a Tailor it too well eatak1 liahrd to render it nereatary for me to say, what, by this ;nne almost eyery body knows. My Black Kieneh Cloth Dreta (Halt made to order, lor |20 (lower grade* 0It; and $11.) are not to be equalled lor less than at other places. I neither take or give credit : therefore, haying no bad debts, I can afford to sell for small profit. a White Martsillea Veate, Blaek Baiin do., always on hand.1 A few well made,and handsomely trimmed, Hack Oretcoalt ire still left, which I will sell at cost. ranging in price IVoa fio to 111, fl lw?e . - J- l? ??mm TO THE latest moment. TKIiKttUAPHlc. Washington, Feb. 3, 1847.w| ] The New Orleans mail arrived at half pait J o'clock thia afternoon. The papers of the S8tk ult announce the arrival of the steamer LJitli, from Broios, luth ult., but she brought no news. The Boston telegraph was interrupted 'yesterday morning, and up to nine o'clock last evening, communication had not been resumed. AFFAIR8 IN WA8HINQTON. MODIFICATION IN THE TARIFF. The Three Millions for 7e?ce with Mexico. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. &c. tic. Waihinoton, Feb 2, 1847. Senate. A report was received from the War Department, with the annual returns of the militia. On motion of Mr. Dix, the President was requested to transmit to the Senate all information in his possession re- , lative to the importation of foreign criminals and pau pars. Mr. Sanaa called up the three million bill for procur mg peace wiin niexico, anu muue a speecn id its lavor. it* object waa to aecuro peace. The President unJ the government were willing to meke peece if Mexico would give ui indemnity for the war, or New Mexico end Upper California. Mr- replied that now for the flrat time the avowed object of the war wai to get New Mexico and i California. He oonld lee do proipect of peace by voting thii money. The war would atill go on, and he believed when all expenae* were paid, it would be feund that they amounted to one hundred million* of dollar* for the flrat year. Mr. Berrien moved to poitpone the bill until Thura. day. Mr. Sevier oppoaed the motion. Mr. Calhoun favored it; he thought Senator* on the other aide had a right to usk the poatponement; thoy had ahown no diapoaition to prolong debate or cnuie delay in the adiption of Government measure*, and had consumed leas time than Senator* on hi* aide. The motien to postpone was agreed to, 28 to 18 The bill to aell mineral land* in Michigan and Wiacon. ain was then taken up, amended and pawed. After an Executive session the Senate adjourned. House of ttrpr.uentaMves. Mr. MoCLKLLsnb, from the Committee on Commerce, roported an amendatory bill for the improvement of river* and harbors, which was read twice. Mr T Butlku Kino, from the Naval Committee, reported a bill granting certain privilege* to the New York Yacht Club; read twice and referred to the Committee of the Whole The Committee of the Whole, Mr. Hamlin in the chair, considered the bill making appropriation* to the Military Academy, and ordered it to be reported to the Houee. They then took up the civil and diplomatic appropriation bill. Mr. Wentwobth (dem) addressed the committee in opposition to the tax on tea and coffee. Andrew Johnson and Columbus Delano followed. Mr. Dklano (whig) declared that the war is waged for 1 the acquisition of slave territory, and that the war would end aa aoon as it waa known that no more (lave territory was to be or could be acquired by it. Mr Wick closed the debate for to-day ; and the com. mittee rose. The bill making appropriation* lor the Military Acade. my at wen I'oim, wai roau a tniru Time ana passed. Ana the Houie adjourned. BY TII K NAILH. Washiisotoh, Keb. 1,1847. The Treasury?The Revenun and the Tariff?Report of Mr. Walker on thtie important ouhjecti. In amwer to certain reiolutiom of the Honatc at the inatance of Mr Cameron, adopted about a month ago, inquiring whether it ii not expedient to increase tho revenues, and how far that can bo done by an increase of the duties upon imports, and how far by a reduction of such duties, and how much may be raised by a tax on the articles in the free list?in answer to all this, Mr. 1 Walker sent into tho Senate this morning a very copious report, from which we extract the following estimates and calculations. The Secretary assumes that an increase of revenue is necessary to sustain the crodit of the government, and that for this purpose in a state of war, it is competent to trespass upon a tariff system intended for the peace establishment. He thinks an increase of $'1,600,000 will enable him to get along, and assuming that as the basis, he says it might have been acquired in a lb per cant ad ; valorem war tax upon tea and coffee; but as that does not i sit so well upon tho stomachs of Congress, he makes out the following case He caloulates from a ten per cent increase upon the 30 per cent ad valorem duty of 194(J, the following augmentations of the revenue; ? From pig iron an additional revenue of. .$60,000 Bar iron rolled, and other rolled iron. . . 00 000 Hound and square iron rolled 37.000 Sheet iron (except Taggers') 16,000 Nails, spikes, rods, Ice 600 Hoop iron 10,ooo Band or scroll iron I.Ooo Wood screws 3,000 Snikes, cut and wronght 1,600 Cloths and cassimeres, exceeding in value $4 per square yard 80,000 Sugars, brown, white, and loaf, at 30 per cent ad valorem increase 900,000 Cottons, exceeding 30 cents per yard, at 6 per cent increase 100 ooo White and red lead,6 per cent increase.. 10,Ooo Total $1,418,0 In Table B he recommends the following dlmn, ' with a view to increase the revenue:? | On mechanics' tools, farming implements, mill and cross-cut saws, cut nails, tic., Sic., an extensive list, a reduction of the 30 per cent duty to 36 per cent., and the estimated increase thereof is $30,000 On cotton goods not exceeding s cents per yard, colored ami uncolored, a reduction of the 36 per cent duty to 30 por cent; .and the increase to the revenue is set down at 36,000 Total from reductions 66,000 From increase of duties 1,418,000 Total increase $1,473 000 kxclading raw sugars, tho Secretary calculates lor a | fifteen per cent duty on tea and celt'ee to raise, including the foregoing sum total of $1,473,000, a total increase of $3,600,0o0, which is the buns of his calculations. , The iron manufactures, upon which no change of the 30 per cent ad valorem is proposed, ombrace a large list, such as mill irons, fire irons, chain cables, anchors, anu parts of anchors, wrought iron for ships aud for steam engines, bar iron, not rolled, pipes llie im|>orts of the whole list amounting to $6,670,616 While the imports of the last, upon which Iih Croposes the ten per cent increase amouut to ut 3,077,898 hxclunvo of tea and cofl'.te, ho estimates from a 30 per Ct. tax on the free list,such as sheathing copper and other useful materials not manufactured here It, any practicable exteut, an increase of revenue ol $100 0<:0. But to this imposition he is opposed, as it will throw many branches ol mechanical employment into ruinous competition with other placet out ol the country, such as the shi-aihllig of Vessels In favor ol the operation of the tariff of '48, ilio Secretary pieseuts the following comparative re urns: ? Uaois list ins rsoa Immisti From Dec. 1, '4ft >Yom Dee. 1, '4ft to Jan 24 4ft to Jan 33, '47 Boston 674 107 862 494 New; Yoik 1,?71,40ft 2,374,827 Philadelphia 299 718 341 003 Baltimore 43 061 89,900 Char.eston. , 41,176 61*893 3,099,447 3 730 117 3 029,447 Inc.retsw under Ihe new law $?00.ftfto | The Hecietary recommend! no desertion of the ad valorem*, and the increase proposed :s only on account of ( the exigencies ol the war, and to sustain the treasury notes and loans at their par value, because, looking hack to the war of 1813, he discovers that the treasury paper had in 1814 depreciated to 60 cents on tho dollar He wishes to avoid this calamity, and he thinks that an increase in the revenues of $2,400,000 will answer the pur- | pose Ten million*, however, might he very conveniently absorbed. The report was ordered to he printed, aod when printed we shall send you a copy or two, as it is a very long and useful paper u|>on commerce nnd the finances. Respectfully, THE DOCTOR. Wtssnnras, Feb 1,1817. Afr. tralker'i Report on the Tariff We transmitted you to day a few extracts of the cream of Mr. Walker's voluminous report in figures, in answer to certain late complex ami intricate questions propound. <! to him by th? Nanite. Mr Walker nturti to enrroach upon tho ichtdutai 1 Of '4)1, to the extent of a million or so, in the imposition ol higher duties, and these im|>o*ition* are all given to the good old Htate of Pennsylvania?a ten per cent in crease upon coal and certain manufactures of iron, while the New F.ngland " lords of the loom" are brought down 4 per cent, lower upon the very articles which they nre best at manufacturing?such as coarse cloths and the j [ cheeper sort of cottons We rather apprehend that this ' . J ?BPH will'wake up Old Father Nil** fa-morrow with a flat ia hi* aar. Ha baa been demanding a revenue meaeure for H tome time paat, and now he haa one that will make every H wooden clock in Connecticut run ahead of the time, towit: a Ave per cent reduction on eoeree oaaaimerea. :lotha and cottona, in order to increaae the ravenuoa to iht extent of $&6:000 But thiaia the idea. If that operation will increaae the revenuea, it ia the very thing wo want; the manufacturera have had Bne profit#, and moat ixpect to pay their ahare ol the prime coeta. But ii an increaae of $ ? 500,000 enough? Ia not that rather a paltry aem? and doea not the exigency require the higheat lucreaieio every article, aa wall aatha vary lowaat reductions, that will admit or tha meet revenue, in order to raise the fundi required to auataln the war and the faith of tbo (government? Ia it neeeaaery far even a (ltteenper cent tax on tea aad coffee, te gat the Vi 500 o0o, when u lew mere articleaof cold iron will do the business? The Secretary of tha Traaeury haa inveded the schedule, of '? He haa broken the ice - H Why not for the purpose* of the war iacraaa* the dutle* upon glass ware,, spirits, and silks, rather than a H ntteen per cent tax on tee and coffee? Ha haa admitted the principle, why not take the full beneAt of it, as a war measure? If a temporary tax on tea and coffea for the war, would secure the bill of '40 from invasion, and the great mass of the p? ople could be thus established on a more equal bo?ii ut taxation permanently, well and good. But he hea admitted eu infraction, and why not take tha full hanaAt ol it, in every increase and in every reduction that cea be made, to secure the greatest amount of revenue*? We should like to see this adminietration go out with a clean set ot books, in spit* of tha w?r; and wuu witn the Mexican customs and biIsm, If aet to work, and what with tha amendment to the full extant, both way*, of tha tariff, we think a balance ahaat conld be rendered in But, Lord hare mercy on you, what are $3,500,000, when tha detachment of *600 or 0000 men, and 3000 mulea and horaea at Victoria, are eating uj> tome 1600 buahel* of corn per day? TWENTT-NINTH CONGRESS (SECOND SKlilOM. Senate. Wa*hi?otoi?, Feb. 1, 1847. Fine morning ; yea, indeed, it ia a charming morning. The aovereign people again in tha Capital. rta>er by the Rev. Mr Sprole. Journal of Saturday Petition* were preaented from a number of Senator*, and, among other*, by Mr. Atherton, from citiaena of New lUmpahipe. for a dry dock at Portamouth Nary Yard. The petitioner*, backed by a atatement from their advocate io the Senate, have made out a eery fair caae ; but we auppoae, at thi* juncture of the treaeury, the appeal haa been very badly timed. By Mr. Diz, from Monroe county, in reference to Tonawaada Indian treat iea. Varioua petition* on the aubjoct of French apoliationa orrincta on rat aivani ano Lamas. Mr. Asmi.ev moved that the Judiciary ' ommitte* make an inquiry into the expediency of extending in admiralty caaea the juriadiction of the United Stat** diatriet court* over all the navigable water* of the United State*. Inatructioni ordered rosT aocTKt in vaxaa. Mr. NiLr.i reported from Committee the Home bill for the establishment of certain meil routee in Team* Mr Ruse moved that the bill be now comidered,which was agreed to. The hill waa read through, and it provide* among other routea a pout office communication between Corpua Christi. Brazo* Santiago, and Fort Brown, on the Rio (Irande, hy land. Mr. Rua* urged the pa<*age of the bill. Mr CniTTKnne.n niggeated that the line by land down to Kort Brown from Coi piu ch'iati, aa it waa a dangeroua and expenaiv* route, had better be abandoned, especially a* there waa e good water communication by aea Mr Simmons reived the queation of territorial juriadiotion Mr Rl-ik ahowed tha' the water communication waa very inconvenient anJ that if he regarded thie peat route a* any assumption oi a settlement of the queation of boundary, he would cbeeriully give it up. But it did Dot naeume any inch Jurisdiction aa intimated, or any auch settlement of the queation. With aome remarks n-ora Meter* Mies. Speight, and MoreheHd. the bill u as read a third time and passed THsttis tsu CKissuas or ovw tavi.Di. On motion of Mr Jaanaaiti, the House resolution* on iuib myi'n ?>ri u[<i>rfii ill on printed THE THtll MILt.lon BILL. Mr Bevies euve notice 'hat on to morrow ho ihoutd move the conndero'ion of the hill of three million* to bo placed at the discretion of the riesideut in reference to tho war with .Mexico. THE BILLOF TEW REOIMKNT* Was then resum -d as the unfinished busineu of Saturday, the (juration being upon the passage of the bill. Mr. Sam Houston moved 10 re commit the bill to tho Committee on Military Affair*, with instruction* so to amend tho hill as that it shall rank* provision lor tho raising and organising of ten regiments of volunteers tn lieu of regulars, and for upwards of an hour, argued in the advocacy of the volunteer system, as superior to that of the regulars, for despatch in the collection of the troops, for superiority in ibo vtnonntl of the regiments, and lu action, and as preferable in every view to a standing array. Mr. Houston dwelt particularly on tho eonao(juences to the country of a large standing army at tho close of th? war. and the difficulties that must attend all efforts to disband it. Mr. Huntington said, that though he proforred volunteers to regulars, he could not vote the instructionoasked, because he considered the question as being eat, tied already by tho decision of the Senate. Moreover in some points the amendments involved certain objeo tionable unconstitutionalities. Mr. H moved to recommit the hill with other instructions than those propound by the Senator from Texas, to wit: Htriko out tha proviso, authorising the option to the soldier of >100 in six per cent treasury scrip, principal payable in ten years, in lieu of his 100 acres of land bounty. Ha considered this new creation of a debt,iu the shape of a six par cant stock, as extremely ohjoctionable. If the war continues any time, you will have ten millions of this stock, instead of live million*. It was altogether unlimited aa to ita axtent, and uncertain as to ita duration. Tha interest at six por cent, payable semi-annually, would, in itself, on this floating pai>er craate a great embarrassment to the treasury. Mr. Simmons defended his scrip proviso. Mr. Jabnaoin felt compslled to vote against any instructions arresting the passage of the bill. Mr. Houston briefly replied in defence of certain contested constitutional points of bis amendmsnt, in reference to appointments of officer*. Mr Benton said, aa these motions might delay the bill a week or two more, he should call for the ayes and noes, and might, perhaps, have a motion or two to maka himself. Tho question recurring on Mr. Huntington's instructions to strike out the proviso allowing treasury scrip instead of land, It was lost, 18 to 28. The question now returning to Mr. Houston's instructions, they were rejected. Tho bill as amended was read, and passed?yeas >9, nays 3, as follows:? Yeas.?Messrs. Allen, Archer, Ashley, Atchison, Atherton, Dodger, Bagby, Benton, Berrien. Breeas, Bright, Butlar, Calhoun, Cameron, Casa, Chalmers, Thomas Clayton, John M. Clayton, Dayton, Dix, Fairfield, Jarnagin, Johnson, of La., Mangum, Mason, Miller, Morehsad, Nile*. Phelps, Rusk, Savior, Hiiarnsns, Speight, Sturgeon, Turney, .Westcott, Woodbridge, Yulee?39. Nats -Messrs. Cilley, Corwin, Davis?3 And after a report from Mr. Walker on the tariff* and the finances, the Senate went into Kxocutivo Session. Report ordered to he printed. House (if Hepresentatlvee. Wash i no ton, Feb 17 a riCTUBE eob THE aOTUHDa?THE call EOB iisxui. MATIOK?OEKEKAL TATLOa ? SANTA AIVIf A** BKTUBIV. The Si-eases announced tho pending motion?the demand for the previous question. Mr. McDowell, of Ohio.?I ask leave to introduces -?>lution [" Road for information." " Lot it be read."] 1 he Sr>.akkh?Tho resolution will be read- ["Yes, let's hear it."] Mr. C. J. inue*soi.i.? Mr. Speaker, what become* of tho special order1 I The three million hill, look in* to pence with Mexico ] The Srr*x?H -It is laid aside for the previon. question moved hy the gentlemen from Mississippi on Saturday. Alter thin ii disposed of, the special order will he taken tip. I" Heed." "Head the resolution "1 It was read-that the jeint committee on the library he authorized to employ W II Powell to execute a picture representing Columbus at the Council of Salamanca, ingoing with tho Cardinal* a* to the rotundity of the eaith, alter tliut now heing exhibited in the Congress Library, and puinted hy that artnt. Objection wa* made to the introduction of the reiolution, and the Speaker laid that a motion to auepend the rule* would not he iri order. Mr. A. Stxwast?I aak leave to introduce a bill [ ending it up by a page to the Clerk'a table I Mr. Kicslix ? 1 wi*h to? Mr. Thomvsois, of Mississippi, arose Mr. Stkwast-I a?k to?("Object, object"] I hope the objection will be withdrawn Mr THOHveow? I inaiit on tho demanJ for the previoui question. \1r Kir a li* I hope my friend will 1st me give notice of a bill, it will not take a moment. Tue "mara The gentleman desires to give notice of the intioduction of a bill The notice wa* read?" A hill to grant to the State* ef Indiana and lllinoi* the privilt-go of improving the navigation ol tho Wabash river." Mi Ks ?>? or ?You have the privilege, without asking tho con<ent of Congrats. Mr R. i'hspmais.? I a?k the gentleman from Mississippi to withdraw hi* motion. I want to offar an amendment to the resolution* Mr. Thompson. I in*i*t on tny motion. Mr i -The snbject i? of *o much importance, ifthm teiolution peee.l '> 11 n?k the privilege of introducing oim .iitorwtn-dA ("Let's hear It," ' Head, read."] Tho resolution of Mr Thompson, offered on Siturday, wa* re*d, viz : Resolved, I lint the President be requested to communicate to tlie House of K presentatives ell of the correspondence with lie'oral I'nvlor w liich has not yet been published, and the publication of which tnay not be deemed detrimental in the public service, also, the con eapondence ol the Quartermaster Ueieral in relation to transputtstion fioni lleneral Taylor's army; also, the reImils of Brigadier Generals llamer and Quitman, of the operations of their respective brigades on (he Hist of September last. The demand for the previous question was seconded? ayo? 74, noes not counted. The amendment of Mr. Athmun to the resolution wu read, as follows, vir. ; ? Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to inform this House if any officer or ageut ol the United States was sent by him, or by his direction, to Havana, to advise, procure, or in any way to promote tho return of Santa Anna to Meilco; or whether any person visited Washington city, and conferred with ibe 'resident, or any officer of the government, upon the subject of said return of Santa Anna, and if so, who wax the officer or agent, what were his instructions, and when he was sent on such mission' or who wsi tho porson that visited Washington city, and thus conferred wl'.h the President, or any other officer of the government, and what was derided on at such conference!? Also, th it he intorm the House by what moans, and through what channel Sa ta Anna was inlormod that an order was issued to the Commander of our naval forcae in the Uulf of Mexico, directing nid Commander not to obstruct Santa Anna's return to Mesi'jo; and that ho alio transmit to this House copies of any letters, communication. or papers of any kind in tho Executive Dopart. m?nt of tho govornmrnt, In any way relating to the pudjact of Ssnta Anna's return to Mexico - . . Resolved, That the President o( the Uhitfd State* be