Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1847 Page 3
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r u> AI. .. OM toek Dieluuic*. OW? Ss, W I k 4M ihi Frr>uera T ? 1M100 do 'M b;? #'.>5 154) do ?w WOO do 'to blJ 9iw HO do bio 32* 1000 do SO it. 0-3 200 do ul i? U"?din* BJa b '. 71 200 do iio a? 15000 d> bS1 71 | JO do 3>W 10080 do ?1/35* 150 do M) ?Y SSSffiSy S SSN"V? 3? I": jsisse a* a t >?& lisS'iiil-Nr '2 "g 40 N York Oa? Co 120 JJO do bto 54?? l? 300 Her loin BR bJS ?2 MManhutan Qaa so joj dj "3 310 Canton Scrip 3(* 4J5 do i i 100 Contra Co b30 3u 100 do bio 534* " 1? t W 400 do bOOM? onn If I? bio 355* 110 do 52K 800 Klst Bnrton 7 200 do hlO 52L. 100 Heading BR 64 2?" ? b'# 33* , d?, . MO 61 100 do ?l# 33 ?SS ??5'n',lu"1 ,3# *'K 50 d" 41 100 N A1 rait 130 9 1110 do blO 12 5? do 9)* 50 do bSO . , ? , Broinid Uonrd. f0 shs Harlem RR .1052 210 Heading RR S3 ? d" ,30 a 50 do 61 4? no hi 52 10 do b3 63 JJ do b3 33 5 do 63 .7? do ,10 12 10 Loog leland 20 J]? d? 52 50 do 29 * do b?0 521. 50 do bl5 >9X ? Fanugp'Loan 313d _ New Stork Kxobinft. MthiQHMiCo b3 35V f50 ,hi Harlem RR cash 52 4? do bl 3'i>, 5U Stonington b3 46 50 do cath 35 50 do blO 47 -?? do ca>h S5>* 50 do b3 45)* ,5? do caih 35'4 lONordcWor cash 54)* 1M do bJ 355* 50 do b3 54 ri!2 L' do 'a3 35 50 do cash 54], ,50 r&ims Tru?t cash 315* 50 do Thursday 3412 4? do a3 335* 100 do ,3 53)2 f50 do b4 325, 200 do cash 514* 50 d > c?h 325* 50 do Thursday 53)4 50 do s3 32 Rlurrledi On ihe 1st ult., at Woodbridge, N. J., by the Rev. W. B Barton, Fr an Lin Stewart, of Baltimore, Md., to Amelia, daughter of the lata Uaao S. Jaguos, of the former place. IDIeil, On Wednoaday morning, 3,1 inst, after a lingeiing 111neaa. Cmamlottk, widow of tho late Benjamin Halliek, in tha tiJih year of her aun. The relatives anl friend* of the family, the members of Hancock Division No. 31 8. of T., thr members of Minerva Temjilo ol Honor No. 38 S. of T-, also the members' of the 13th District Police, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 38 Ooerck St. At Jersey City. N. J , on Wednesday, Feb. 3, of a protracted illness of paralysis, Mr. Fasncis II. Parrnr, sou., aged Cfl years. The friends of the family, and those of his sons, Francis und Wm Penny, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from the residence of William Penny, Newark arenua, near Washington Hall, Jersey City. &7- Washington City, Cincinnati, and Mobile papera wm please copy. On Wednesday morning, 3d inst., Jane, wife of Jacob Lawrence, in the 33d year of her age. The relatives and iriends of tho family are respectfully nvited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, rom her late residence, No. 178 8th avenue. LFS DANSEUSE V1ENNOI8E. Madame josephine weiss would respectfully aininiiece to tho Managers of the different Theatres and the public geuer-lly, thai she has no JIgent in tbeUuitrd States, and wishes all atp'lcatiocs lor enaag meuts to he made through heiself. auu' all letters to be addressed to her, pes pud. iu .he German language, at Boston, Massachusetts, ft TdSrir e?d u ?rrc JOSEPHINE WEISS. Leo HAN&c.use vlen.'<ic)l>E. MAI) Hi'. JOSEl'llI NE WEISS mact hiermit den Lire toren dcr verschiedeueu Thea'ern und deut Publikutn irsxesaruiiit beltauut, das* a>e iu der Verriu'g eu Staateu Keiut-n Atenten "at uud wein cht alle nichfmgeii fur engag ni-utsbri ihr selbstzre maclirn aud alle Birl'e iu der Deu't 'hen !-,'iachc, < oit frei au sil relbst mach. Boston, M iss, /u address! er, JOSEPHINE WEISS. fe4 7,'lji3!e<'dis"rc IjJtS} DANSEUSES VIENNOISE. Madame Josephi ne weiss, Mistress?rthe Baiiet. begs to slate to the Managers oi Theat'ea in the United Slates, that apnlications for engagements must be made to her agent, Mr JOHN POVEY, of the Park hentre, New York, who is duly authorised to make oil arrangements for I es Dan aeusrs Viennoise. j35 tf re LE PAS L)E FLEURS, AS DANCED by the Viennoise Children, juit'publiihed and for sale at fl?nt?r S' HAHFENBERG lit LIJ'S, 381 Broadway, N OTIC K. IF ALFORD HENRY A SI.ETT, of I ondon, will send his address, orepplr to George Murray, of the ship Switzerland. or to No 43 Hicks street, Brooklyn, he will receive some information in atly to his advantage. 12 3t?rc BPlROMETuR. THE inventor and patentee rf the nbove highly imp utant instrument forfeiting the condition of the Lungs and Chest. he*a to inform all'tnoie who my be afflicted with nny symptoms of tbit disease, ttist the precise cunditiou of riatieuts can be accur tetv sscericiued by apply tug to hiin, a' his rooms, at the As^or House, where liia invention can he tested, professionally. Ha invites the Instil y in general, to in pect this naw eud imp -rtant invention, between the hou-i of II sad I o'clock, a' the Atlor Home fi im*rh an" important work. NEUROPATH r, tkue principles OF THE art OK healing the sick Beiugan explanation ot the action o' galvanism, ele- trd itv, and magnetism, in ttle cube. OF disease, aiiv o'lwttn ['ifi powers and that* of [Jruga, or Medicieea, of all kinds with a new to determine their relanra value, and p-oper uses. B* FREDERICK HOLLICK, M. D, Lretf/er on Physiology, toe Origin of Lite, the Causes and Cure ol Disease, Sic., Ike. Price 39 Cents. PnhIi*hed aud'or sale by D. c. MOt iRIIEAD, 183 Broadway. Th? fade supplied <>n the nrnst liberal rerma. f3 lw*rh J NOTICE. EjpHE O partnership heretofore eviating between the nnI dersi.ned, nnder the firm of Baowia It Bnooaa. ia thia day diaaolvrd by mutual conaeut. 'I lia outstanding debts of the tl in will be settled by Mr Brookt. tn whom all debta due il a concern meat be paid. and in th* aeitlemei.t of wliich , he ia -lUlhorized to ure the name of ths firm H. BROWER, SAMUEL BROOKS. N?w Terk, Jan. M, 1817. jM lm*e TO OWNERS OF REAL. ESTATE. TNRAtV 'S BLANCHET, Agent, informs the ownera of 1 X xenl I" tale, th-: . a taken charge ef letting homes, leasleg lota, and collecting rente, on the mom aeaaonahle rertna. F. B. Ins b?'B, for the la?t two yearn, lha agent ef ihe late Jebn Tunnrle; and ilayb'>.og all hia time to the above buninau, he ill give full satisfaction to tkoae peraona who will entrant, him wiik lhair confidence. He can give the beat re- ] leienete. and aeenrity to any amount if required Pletae addresa a note through the Fo<t Office, No 378 Sixth Avenue. I Office honra, before 9 A. M. and anar 5 P. M. jatt lm*r* 1 SHIPPERS OF GRAIN. BkA G S. A. T.GRAHAM, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN BAQS, No. 8# Wate'atreet, Naw York, CAN supply abippert of Grain with all kinds of Bagi, in any quantity, at iheloweat crah p icca. The advantages : of shipping griin in bags are many, preventing waste in load { nig and discharging, insurance is Una when in thia form, and in the ultimate it ia more economical thin if shipped in bulk, i J-aa 31 'mine rh I THE LONO ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. WITH A SURPLUS Orrici 4! Fulton sthkrt, Brooklyn. i CONTINUE Stot ke risks on buildings, machinery, mer- | ebacdme end property gcu'erallv, <>n tneir nsunl fi-vorable i terms This company h a passed through the two gre .teat . conflagrations thai have over occurred in the country; they owe their vs. ope from them with comparatively alight losses lothenystrm wbieh they have always practised ol limiting aud scattering their risks. All loaaea which the company may auatain will be adjusted and paid promptly an heretofore. , The Company take special care to notify their customers in i New York, ef all expirations of policies. i B. W, DKLAMATEB, President. I E. C. FINN. Secretary. jsi Imisrc i NerTctT !1 THE co-partnership of Prime, Ward fc King is this day dissolved by rnnrual consent. The outstanding busiaesi I the firm will be liquidated by the subscribers JAMES G KINO, EDWARD PHI.VIE, SAMUEL WARD. DKNNINO DUR.R, I ? ? , AHCH'O OKACIE KINO. 1 New Yerk, January 35th 18*7. I The subscribers hive thia dav formed a ro partnership, un i | der Ilielirm ol PRIME. WARD & CO.. aud w II continue I lha Banking. Stock and Exchange Business, at the office ol ! " die late firm, No. 41 Wall it.eet. I , JOIM WAR Dof the firm of John Ward k Co. I 1 h.i' w inu rniMtt, >of the lite firm til" l'rime, I , ? SAMUEL WARD. J Wa'dfcKiug. Nay York tannery MrH IK47 j'Simiare (.?. II ? KAh'll UVEt'SHOkS, ion" bit >AUWA? LAPPS' ANlf OF.NTLE EN'S liVF.RSHtIKS. manufir ured of (Joodyear'a ee'ehrated I'.i.c i ttallie India Hahber, pe'fectlv flexible in the coldcit wratlitr. Kor lata by the cue or air ale |i ir, hv SAMUEL BROOKS, i Sale Agent for Ooodyear'a Manufactories, D'm*rh 1"0 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church. tOH SALE. A PATENT Mv Dl INK, which h i been before the pubI c for several yeira, and ha* m< I with a moil extrusive ale. and i's elferti are t-itifieil to by a large number of eertific itei from varioni places. It it put up in a manner atiperi r in any otl er extani Au eirerprmng man, who can devote hia rteu'ion to it, ean, varith a rapnal of only 3000 dollars realize a large fnrtnne in a ahort time. Sufficient reaanna Hill be given fi r the p eaent p oprie or'a leln.q lalimg the bu'ineaa Addreaa, iviih name Ike , to box 2469 Poat office. ftJt'rh ji Fut-.NCH LANGUAGE, hVLNlNG CLAS.-KS. f /"A K%1 LYMEN wial ing to atudy the French Language, a VJT a'ter Ollendorff* ayaiern, may find a very good opportu c nuy by applying to Mr 8tnreall.No IS1 Knlton atreet, any eft moon between f ur and five o'clock. Uulv two scholar* nre want d to complete a elaaa jiut beginning I'eraona *1- . ready advanced in tha aame language and wiahtng to pcrlert themielvea, can make their application at Mr. Dunignn'a 111 Fulton atreet I Terma?>10 per quarter, payable in advance. f3 3t*rc * Citt Fiar. IaauhAPCR CoMrorr, ) New York, February 2,1847. S % DIVIDEND.?The Bo-rd of Directors of tins ' oinpanv, li have declared a dividend of an per cent, for th* l??t ?ix il month*, payable to the Stockholders on and slier the 10th in- ' p itant. By order, D. F CORNY, Seoctaty. rTP" The transfer Book will be closed uutil tOthimtant. a H2w?rc f ACCORDION TaUGHT. L JACOBS teachea the Accordion thoroughly ia 24 lea- ' aone, ao that the novice can become a gornl player iu a very abort apnee of time. He lathe only one in the city who I t hn a practical aa well aa a thenrr lical knowledge of this pop- v ular iiiarrnmcnr in all ill branches. e For ierma apply at ihe Acr rdion and Muaical Inatrnment d Depot. 53 f 'hatham atreet. tl Accordion* tuned and repaired, and anuaic for the aame. v jeM lw?r | a MUSIC" 11 BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIEB f. rn.ahed with the Violin, Harp and Piano Forte, or aay umber of Inatnimeata. '1 ha music selected from tha mos faahioaablea Opera'a. By _ 1 R. AYLIFFE, fl. AYLIFFE, I J. A VLIFFEand ?. AYLIFFE, B others, Professors, a No. 1*1 Elm atreet eoraer of Howard. |}T lm?r BOARD WANTED for a single Gentleman. l? the lower put of the ?'ty: parlor ?n?l bed room, with bre''Wfstr ; ud tel. Address Vx 10* r it Office MH It* r (ClAAH WAvi'RD-EOUR OK r.VK THOIL JJllJUUVr HAND DOLL?HH, at 7 per rent h?if Mrolr. tecu'ed by property worth thor tinrt the sin- nut None hut principal! need *rp'7- Address, Ve?try, P. (J , Poet Office, N Y. frbt w' re S1500 to S2SOO PTn !,?5,Di.s!'-A tare opportunity prraruta its?lf lor any pernor, hteine a small capital to ineeil, aa ihe advertiser has invested all his tneaua and re<|nirra but aamall ainouur more to carry on a husiiiess already commenced, which affords an immense profit, and highly respectable. Communications addressed to Mr. Risk, at this office, stating place of interview, will be treated confidentially. M lt*? etc A OOO LEND on bond and mortrage, in sums to suit applicants, on good productive teal estate in thin city. Apply to H. S RKOAD. No. II Wall street, iii the Croton water office basement, who has s bouse and lot for sale, situated on itb street, opposite Washington Square. N. B Several small sums of money te ltnd, on Brooklyn real estate. Apply ts above. jtteod2m*r LOST. ON TUESDAY, in going from Park Place, up Broadway to Chambers street, corner of Centre St., a bundle of lady's mntlint. con*isting ol two collars, two caps, and a pair of lare cuffs Three dollarsreward will be paid to whoever will icturn them to6V (aiity five) Union Place, rorner ol l#th (eighreemh s?.,) nn Fourth Avenue. U It*r POST OFFICE, UP TOWN. MASS MEETING ! THE PEOPLE of the Sixteenth and Eighteenth Wards, and til others who a'a in fsvor of havisg a B-anch Poa' Office in that section of the city, honnded sou'h by Canal street east bv Broadway,!; north by forty-second street and west b* the North Rivrr, are requested to assemnle a' Millimnu's Hotel in Broadway, between Eighteenth and Nine teeth streets, THIS (Thursday) EVENING, Feb. tth, at half past 7 o'clock, for the pii'pose ofniging upon the General Government the necessity of establithiuu one or rooie post offices for the accommodation of the people of the npper part of the city. Several eloquent speakers have been invited toaddreas the meeting By order of the Committee of Arrangements. MOHRl- M. DAVIDSON, Chairman. Theo. Bailey Myera,) K : Thomas Mau?on, { becretaDea. f< It'r ; CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THE STARVING POOR OF IRELAND. PfMIE SUBSCRIBERS will deem it a grateful duty to be ? empioyra gratuitously by their fellow citizeni, 111 receiving for the benefit of the distressed in Ireland, donations in money or provisions, and the amallezt sum will be ae- i centable. The provisions will ba atored and ahipped with the greatest possible economy and despatch, and be diatribnted in Ire- ; land, through oui'respectable ?gents in that distressed conn- 1 try, in such manner as the donors may desire Persons in the interior wishing to conrribnte, can address their donations to the undersigned, who will cheerfully give any information in their power. Shipments will be mide as often as a few barrels can be collected, or the means of purchasing. Onr recent letters state that Americans can never know j the distress tint prerails in Irelani ? that entire families are foond dead from starvation?and that in many eases a few barrels ef bread-staffs would have saved hundreds from death. In confirmation of rheentire failure of the crops, it is staled that throughout Ireland, at the best hotels, not a potato is seen upon the table. HARNDE'' It CO., Wall street. N. B.?Persons in any of the ports of the United Stares wishing to tend provisions direct, ran ship them to Harnden It Co., Liverpool, who will follow their instructions. f4 3t*isr LECTURE IN ST. PETER'S CHURCH~ BARCLAY STREET. THE VEHY REV. DR. RYBER, S. J . President of the College ofihe Holy Cross, Worcester.Massachusetts,will on Sunday evening nn', February 7, conclude his Lecture of last Sunday, on the subject, viz " The only true worship of Ood, in the system of Christianity, is found in the Cathol ic Church." Tickets, 26 cents. For the benefit of the Poor ol the Charch. Cau be had at the doowof the Chnreh on the Evening of i the Leetnrn Tickers issued for the Lecture of last Sunday will admit the holders to this lectnie The doors will open at 6'o'clock, the Lecture will com- I ineiice at 7 o'e'ock. fJ4ris*re The march ol progress let the muse txplore, In pseudo-arienee, and empiric lore. 4). sacred science', how art thou profaned. When aha low quacks, aud vagrants unrestrained, Flaunt in thy lobes; and vaK<bouds are known To brawl thy name who never wrole their own; When crazy theorists their addled tchemea, (Unseemly product of dyspeptic dreams,) ltnpnte to thee!?as courtezans r f y ore Their spurious bantlings laid at Mart's door; When enrh poiector of a patent pill, Or happy founder of a coffee-mill. Invokes thiue aid to celebr te bis wares, And crown with gold his philanthropic cares; Thus Islam's hawkers piously proclaim Their figs and pippins in the propheti-name! NOW, Mhs. lEKVIS'S COLD CANDY should not be classified wi h the anove satire It is the happy and accidtntal concoction of a fireside, snd laying io cl im to science, in the common acceptation of the word, but in the fict ef its cu ins colds, coughs, hoarseness, sore throat, whooping-cough, inline za, end all the early effects of a eld, that lead to the dread consumption. It.jst?nd? undoubted, and prove d by the numerous testimonials of our most eminent men " _ Sold by Mri. JERVI8, 318 Broadway, next door to tbe Tabernacle. Aochtj? Hushtou 8t Co. 10 Aator Home. lit and 8 ? Broadway; Blackett, 3C4 Bowery; Buroton. 49 Sixth Avenue; Brigliam, '7 ant) 109 Avenue D; Klv333 Hudaon at: Ne'snn cor or Catherine andMndiaon; Leconnt.cor. ofHrand and Diviaion ?lreeta;325 Pearl a ; and Mra. Hnya. 139 Fulton ai, nnd 1 Atlantic at, Brooklyn; B. R T. Williama. Broad at, Newark i^/^Each package ii ijvariablf signed Mra. W. JKRVIS. Tut up in packages of la, 3a, 4a, and $1 each * lei 3t*r NEW YORK GALLERY OF THE UNE ARTS. THE Exhibition of the Woika of Art belonging to thia Institution is now npeu at the Rotunda in tbe Park.? i Three fiue piece* of Sculpture by Brown have been luely added, viz : Kmh, presented by Mia* Eliza Hicka ; The Boy and Dog, the gift of Charles M. Leupp, Eaqfi and Admit. In aduitiou t? tlie above, and a valuable catalogue of K.n cravinga, thia collection embraces Colea' Courae of kmpire and Voyage of Lite, beaidea other fine specimens of Ameri can Art, by Mcuut, Ingham, Ionian, Edmonds, Duraud.Chnp inan, Koaberinel, and othera. The Gallery ia open daily from 9 A.M. until dark, and on Mondiv and Tuesday Evenings ouly until 10 I' M. Life .Membership one dollar ; amgle admiaeion 25 cents.? Catalogue! I2hj cenf. d24 lmeQ'lia* FOR -ALE, tA FARM of fifty two ncrrs, moat delightfully aituated, about five milei from Elizabetbtown, N J., corai ruing a handsome commodious dwelln g house, ?i Ii raa-ble mautlea. and eve V convenience for a respect ble family ; the wno'e including gnrdener'a house, barns, ice h' use. an! other buildings, in a substantial atat ol repair; the orchard Csiuaina iweuty aciea of choice fru t trees. 'I he easy aeceaa from New York, either by the various ears from Jer?ey City or tho ferry to E'.iaihethpirt, whence a railrord train I Ml wuliinn hundred yards of the house, renders this prepe-t very valuable to those doing busiueiv in this city. The greater part of the purchase money can rotcain for thrae years on bond and moitgige at five rvr cent, VY.aE It SONS, 172 Pearl atraet. Also, f iraale, a dwelling house in Washington street. ^ fl lm?r Jal ?TOl?E, .No. 371 Broadway, to Let or to l.eiae? C'iH Tbe large and eleg nt Store now occupied by F. R. XiMLM VKltS. Possession given after the 20tb of February, if dented The (lore la ?6 feel deep, handsomely fitted up with Shelves, Counters, Stools, nnd Desk, with plate glsss Windows and Doora, all in perfect order, and with every convenience lor the dry goods bu ineaa A yard and cellar ettached Apply to WM. B.MOFFAT. f2 3lia?r 333 Broadway. STORE, No. 373 Broadway, to Let or to Lease? (ml rill, large and elegant Store, formerly occupied bv JlsdL-M YEUS It GEONlbY, and at present by tbe Brooklyn Glut mpany, was fitted upthree years ago at greatcoat for the d y goods trade, is 99 feet deep, with Shelves, Counters, Stools plate glass Dongs and Windows, til its Fixtures, lie. A Yard and Cellar attdebed. Apply to W B. MOFFAT, ra 3tia*r 333 Broadway. TO LET, a A LARGE old fashioned Home, aituated directly on the Sound, and near a beach celebrated for flue bathing. It would he suitable for a large f.mily or boarding?n. use. being easy of access to the city, either by steamboat or railroad Address Hd-NRY PARTRIDGE KELLOGG, fl 10t*r (Kelloggivilie.) New itochelle, N. Y. FOlt .SALE. M A THREE STORY HOUSE on 33d street, between IjTT* the 2nd and 3d Avenues. It is well linisied, and leJmHLi Icic with the lateat improvements, including koclien isuge. aiuk, cold and warm hs lit, water closets, Itc . Italian mai toe mantles t' roughout the house ; a court yard of filteen r*ct in front,with verand ih and French windows. 'J he home a one of a row of six housea on the aonth ti c ol the street For further particulars apply to VYHE It SONS, 14 Im'r 172 Pearl street DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET. a IN thebeautilul village of New Kochelle, consisting of a large dwelling home, barn nnd carriage house, with a large gardent stocked with a variety of fruit jees aud twenty grapo vines. Would be a desirable illusion for a large lamily, or for a boarding-house, ihe house inving eiglreea flushed rooms To a good teuaut it will be etlow. Poairtaiouon the 1st of April next. For further nrticnlais enquire of Charles Francis, 39 Bowery; or Bell It Jhml.l, 138 Nnnau street. ja20 3tawlin?rc BAUl.KV 'S (401.0 PE.NS-fH ON L If ! -nnr ...v,.- i? i ? .>.o ?> imnur mnue a great red etioninth# JL |>ric? ill (fold I'eue. and 11 now a iling them at $1, induing I*' ii mid Pencil. Tin Penaare of mi eicallent quality, uid ilir I'Ublic limy rely upuu liudii g a Ii it rate article, uutyilhatantling 'he low price Alan Hine Watchee and Jewelry. fel6ni*rre J. Y SAVAOE 92 Ful'ni mreef JOHN M I L II A U , * 183 UROJlDfYJlY, FKER8 for iale l.aba-< que i Chloride of Poda, f an de flotot, 1 ?r Frank > (Jaiov de Rante, Vellet'a Frr ugeoonv Pilli, F.liiir Toniqaa Ami-Olaireaa de Gullie, Sir p de B ubi^ Hacahout des Aribee, A omatiC Vinegar for the toilette, U.ipvulea de ttaqnin, <u arettev Poluio'iiqnea, Kob Boyieau Laffrcic ur, Kan a de Vicley, -'e Bnce, de Seltzer, ramlei de Vic- j ley, de I, Sic J. M. being agent for therein rf moit of the ranaian pre- 1 aratioca of any note, ie at all tiniri able 11 aupply comnm- < r< and the r.ide on toe mini farorable trin e. . N R.?Importe I Porcelain Jar? for apothecariea' uie: alio, aupply of genuine Pelletier'a Quinine, by retail or by the ; one. with privilege of drbentnre. n_2t*rrc O. B CLARKE. IInchant Tailor, 110 JVilliam itreet,> an John anil Fulton T BEL1KVE my reputatiou aa a Tailor ii too well eaf-bL liahed to render it neceaaary fur me to any,, by thia ' me almoat eynry body knnwa. My Blaek French Cloth D>eaa Coata made to order, tor 10 (lower gradea fit and $11,) are not to he equalled Inr ne than fib at other plvrea I neither take o give credit : t berefore, having no bad debta, 1 can afford to aell lor email , ten, , White .Varaeillee Veata, Black Batin do., alwaya on hand. I A few well made.aud handaomely trimmed, Back Overcoaia , re atill lelt. which I will aell at mat, ranging in price rom fid toft* fl lw?e | TU TaILORs, j J rMOSK who wiah to acquire a rapid knowledge of entiing all th* varioua atylca of garincnta worn at the prevent . ime a e advised to obiaiu a copy of Mtincmet'a'celrbratrd 1 101k on the anhjert, which couta na al the information (hat I J an be iletired. It haa already met with the moil unpree- ; , ented vale, mid la uard generally by the trade throughout he Collin, and ia war an eu t g le enti.e aatiafaction to all rhn adopt ita prmciplea. Prtr# pet copy, from fit to f 10 cording to the binding Alvo, aingle or aeta of pattcrna ol j he rartoua atylea of garmenta. cut to order by v W. H. HTINKMKTT8, i j I eodlnt"r No 111 Broadway. New York. , .PATENT ENVELOPE PAPER. FIVE HUNDRED HKAM9 Talent Fntelope Taper, aott- j able for putting up apiece end coffee Jiitt ieceired J ad lor tale by FKH88E k BROOKS, fel lmr to and 67 Naaaau at. 4 ii.., U. . ... A *" ' ' . Al ? l iO* HUTiCHiB. JACOh ' 1'I ATT Anetioifr7 PHIKD ?PWI.\U h vh DWAHE -ALE? I MOB N ' PI.ATT <s il! sell thii d?y, at 0 o'c'ork at the uc'ioii ru m N . 23 Piat at re,, the stuck f a hardware house d? <1 i.tug h?, among / hid i? a |?urr<l asgn iiu-utu! knob. 11 te. ck-?t. < ui board, funk, nil, anil padlocks alto brass do. also cast and brass u.irr w and b osd burtt of i Lrk and other makers; London tower Dollt. patent hol< low ware, bratt and iron ?he f hardware generally, Jsc. wor thy the atreulion of purchasers Alee, 10 rolls plain ' n i (Lured India rubber eloth. Alto, 210 dozen puhtlicd glatt ink bottles. A'ao. 1 ca?k anortrd n?w p cket ?nd table cutlery frorr the bouae . f .Messrs. VV . St J. O. Parker, in lota to tu t tlx trade, a<d an be liaremptorilv told for account if whom i may conceru, remitting of Hue peu and pocket knivea, ant tag andtrlftiji kniret -ml forks, and carvers. razors, Sir Ito, part of a set of Sheffield pattern cards, amoug ohirl arebulcliera d shoe knives, stats, ivory, self tip >ml at?| carvers, and table knives and forks in gieal variety, shears elisors, lie. Also, a few Cue double barrel Eugluh guns, percussiot capa, Stc. Alto, a handaome attertment nf American tahle cu lery. Also, store fix urea, via : 1 deak, 1 store, cempheue lamps Sir. Stc. Catalogues are now ready. Terms, 4 months, for sums u 100 dollars nod upwards. fe4 It * JACOB S. PL ATI. Auctioneer Diamonds-special sale?j.s. PLATTwiiisei OB Frid-y 5th,-til o'clock atthoaaetiou in vo<ce of sett diamonds, einrng which is a moat splendid act ri?HIy aet and mounted bracele', said to be fairly valued a $300. Also, elegant plus and rings, yt in clutters, with ex trs large diamonds. Also English, French and Swiss watches. Also, an aaaorlineut of new gold jewelry. N.B ?Termi, cash fed It* r wm. W. HHIKL&y, Auctioneer. HOUSE Furniture and solid silver ware, by H. E Willard Friday, Feb 3, at 10>{ o'clock, at the salee room, No t'me St., from a family, solid Silver Tea and Table Spoons rich I as'or. tea and dining Tablea, China Tea and Dirner ware. neusisaus. reamer Beds and aoattrasses, 3 dot Chair of various kinds, Britannia ware,be., all iu g ood order. Hall positive. Also, 1 rosewood Pianoforte and Stool, Secretary Bool Case. Also, 20 patent Knife Cleaners, to clean from 3 to knives. f? lt?r SHAKSPEAKE DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION, 8 rst annual fancy dress and civie Ball of this assoer X atioe, willt ake place at the Celiaemm, oa Friday ev? mug, February 5th, ?M7. TickeU may he eetainnd at thi rooms ol the association, Gothic Hall; of Jne. O. Priuce street; at the Coliseum, and of any ef the members o the association. Mr. J:io. G. Taylor, (eostnmer to the association,) No. il Prince street, is prepired to furnish Fancy Dresses of ever] descriptiou. at moderate prices. Mr T. will also senddressei to the residsucesof parties who intend appearing in costume and send fortnetn on the morning after tno ball. ja29 7tia?rc CHE3NUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. THE Subscribers having leased the above magnificent as tablishment, offer the same is rent by the night or week [until their return from the south on the 1st March ] Full particulars can be obtained of Mr. Dinsaore, agent fbi the lessees, at the box office, every morning, between thi hours of II and 12. All communications must be addressed tc Mr -Jinmore, post-paid, or they will not he atteuded to. jitf ffbc 8KUU1N b FRAEER. THE PI ANO tanglu on very moderate terms by a Lad] who understands (ne science thoroughly, and who under takes to impart to her pnpilsa perfect knowledge of the theory with the greatest facility. Terms, three dollars per month A line addressed to " Music," at the office of this paper shall attended to. -lUSImins're SMI THSONIAN INSTITUTION. A PAMPHLET, descriptive of the decision of his Bod] in their selection of s design for their building at Wash ington. will be published by an eye witness of th; proceed' nigs en or before the last week iu February. Copies to he had of, WELL * b ARNOT, New York. Jf>H.N HAVILAND i Phi..s,|nhla JOHN NdTWAN, S Phflkoelpbu. ISAIAH ROGERS. Boston. WM P ELLIOTT, Washington. All papers please copy. 13 2w*rc UNITED HTATE8 MAIL LINE. Olfl m F?11 ALBANY AND TROY. VIA AnuaAmpiMkBridgeport and Huusatonic Railroad. Dur2*C^3SEd8Liug last suinmer, the Huusato ic Railroad has been relaid with a heavy H Rail, from Bridgeport to the Western-Railroad Through bv Daylight, daily (Sunday's excepted) at r.^i o'clock, A. M. the Steamboat MOUNTAIN!-ER. Capt. W. II Fraree leaves the foot of Market s'reet. E. R., for Bridgeport, Daily, at 6i? o'cl -ck, A M. No freight taken in the Passenger Line. Passengers take the Cars at Bridgeporl.and without change ol Cars or Utggave Crates, arrive in Albany and Troy at! o'clock, P. M. New Cara and Locomotive engines have brer procured, and the Road is iu every respect equal to the besl New England Road. (?^A Freight Line by Steamers Nimrod. and Mohegan daily?Freight Tariff same as last year?bor lurther par ticulik-s inquire at the Office ou Market slr?el Pier, and St Livingston and Wells' Express, 10 Wall Street. fed 'm re G M. PERRY. Agent. w FOR 8ALE ? I he Hull ol the Ste mbnai CVi. ,? mice Dl A VIUN D, suitable for two tow boats, 01 W # o her Alto, the Ma1 hiuerv of s?id boat, complete and in pond order. Apply to No 178 South atreet. ft Jt*r FOR COLD SPRING AND IVEST POINT, OH AH FAR AH THK I' e WILL PERMIT dil Landing at Dohbs Kerry, Grassy Point, VernUuks Point, Caldwell's, and VonCortI a n a i a. Th* H earner HKJHLAN DEH, Capt. G. B Armstrong, will leave New Yoik, froin the Nnwburgh Pier, loot o' Warren atreet, every morning, at 9 o'clock, A.M. For freight or passage apply to the Cspain on board. N. B ? I he Highlander haajuat been fitted un in a ea>>erior manner aa an ice Boat, and will continue to run to and from New York <'unug the winter jW Iwrc OLD ESTABLISHED FA.-SAGE OFM E, JSt ML M 27 I PC A HI. 8T HKK r samuel thompson a >1) nephew, ton thf "Biaca Stan" Lirtt or i'tcttra. 1847. Liverpool to Ntu< York 1817. Skipi. Captaim Tnt /leg. Tna B'n Hea, T H Kieeman, 8-7 HOO Li erty, P P. Norton, 798 I3n0 Cornelia, K M French, 1083 1730 Ohio, 11. Lyon, 7C8 1315 H muel ticks, T (i. Bunker, 8.9 l3nu Empire, (new) JO Ruaaell, lOO'l lAllo Pauihea, W B Lme, 723 1323 Indiana, James D. Dennett, 71U 130(1 Huguenot, H Goodhue, 938 1661 Maimion, (new) W. Edwards, 9Ti 1610 Pater Halt rick. J. D Poat, 670 13"0 r lix<b< th Dcmston, F. W. Spencer, 80S M(-o Devonshire, W. T. *1 horaimn, 883 1300 Niagara, (new) II. Hnssell, 7311 1330 Atlas, (uew) H Cofliu. 790 14i 9 Chana, (tew) J. L Wilton, 8i0 ltl-0 Sardinia, (new) C K. Croiker, 8U2 Is Ok America, (new) Weare, 1180 19(0 The subscribers would retpectfally inform their friends a id the public that they hare add d several apleudid uew aliipa t" their line of pa-keia between thia port ar.d Liverpool, which hat been farorahly known and eitenaively patron ised for a period of more, than thirty ye ra, and hare no hrsilstion in nsauring those who may wiah to make engagsmenta h r the pitaage ot their Irienda from England, Scot1 'lid or Irelaiid. that they will find theae ahipa inferior to nnue i . poiut r.f comlort, convenience and aafety, one of which will aail from Liverpool every six daya, throughout the year, making delay, and the couaeqoeiit eiprute to emigrants at ilia port of embarkation impoaaible. A free passage per ateainer from the variont Iriah and Scotch porta, with biend iluflt and hoapital moiiev paid, may be aecared all at the loweat ratea; and wlieu lliote aettled for decline earning out, the full am-unt paid will be promptly refunded, aa usu ?1, For further particular*, apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON k NEPHEW, 273 Pearl atreet, or to C, Urimahaw k Co., 10 Goree 1'iaxxas, Liv'pl. Drafts or exchange, payable at night, are i Iso furnished lor any amount, on 11. C. Olyu kin., B-nkera, London; C (Jriinahaw St Co , Liverpool; the Natioual Dank of Scotland; National Bank of Ireland, and Northern BaukingCo. Apply aa above. IV-I lni*r PASSAGE TO AND KHO VI GREAT BRI,?KV TAIN AND IRELAND ffmr oeohge bheklock & co.'s OLD ESTABLISHED Passage Olfice, 138 Maiden Lane Notic .-Mr. (1 She lock will sail lor Liverpool, on trie 6th Of Kehruary, and ttOlia there during the months of Nlarcli and April, to personally superintend the embarkation ol his paid passengers. Perrons wiatilug to have out their friends, would do well to avail themselves of thia opportunity, as M S. retorna to New Vorkin May Jo31 lw ?rh THE NEW CONSTITUTION?Tins magnifi' MyBSrA cent, new packet ship will aail from New York on -SHHk2lat initini, end I'.ora Liverpool on the 6th April. The CONSTITUTION is t-.e Lrgrat (being 1,600 tons register) and decidedly ihe on at elege.ut ef all the L verpool lilies. She is commanded by the distinguished Capt John Britton, (ln:e of the picket ship Rochester) and the ship Ins accommodations unequalled Per cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers. Peraoua sending for their friends will find this the best onportuuitr ever offered. Apply on board the thip, lout of Burling slip,or (o ? W. k f. T. TAI'Sl-OT I'. 116 South strvet. N Y a**- Union line uk packets to and kMMfy.FKOM LIVERPOOL.?! he>l-lendid and fast sailJMNBb(|:E new I'acketSliip liAL E.N A, Capt.Dennis.w ill sail 111.ill New York on Friday,Kehruary 3th, and I'roin Liverpool on or about the Kith day of .v.a-ch next. The aceonimou ttiona of litis m,.uoL?, r......r.., -...t uience it weil known are superior 10 most other picket hips rerinm wishing fo tecum berths, or thote about sending lor their in any part of the old country would do well to exnmiuethe " (iale. a," and her accointno.lmoot, before engaging eltewhere. Karly Application thuuld be m ide on board loot of 1'iue atrce', or to VV. fcJ T.TAP8C0TT. HO *outh alreet, 2.1 door below Burling Slip One oftha abote line of pickets will he ditpatched Iw we a week during the teaton froin Liverpool Draftt on Ireland,kc. for any atnuuut, at tight, by an Ivirg at above. Ie2'h Ft Ml I, I V KKI'OOI.?Mew Line?fteon 1.r PackkJaMV'1 ^or February 28.?The tnperior fast-sail ug packet ioitkateahiP (i\KH II K. ( ap'aiu II J H. 1'raak, 1008 font hu.theij, will tail itkehove, her regular day Kor freight or partage, hmii.g accbinrnodariont uiiturpaated lor splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleaua wharf,'not of Wall itreet. or to fc-DWARD K COLLI S, id South alreet. Trice of passage $l(!0. '1'ne packet atop K08CIIJS, A. Kldrrdge, master, will succeed tfie tftrnck, and aul Mth March, her regular day j 31 a** KOK I.IVKUPOOL?The Now Lute?RetiMWrW gnlar Tackelof 2ltt February ?'I'he new, tnperior, AaAfit'ati-.oling packet thip CUNS'l ITlf flON, 1,600 tons burthen, Capt. Joliu button, will tail aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, hat ing splendid, large aud comfortable state rnotoi and cabin, apply to the captain on board, at weat pier Hurling slip, or to V/OUDMl'l.l. fc MINTURiN, ?7 South at The paeket ship IK) ITINQIJER, .050 tout burthen, Capt. Ira Buracley, will tucceed the Constitution, nnd aul an her regular .l?v . 2 lal March j?l KOR I.IVk-RPOOL ?To sail on or before the AjMn 20rh Fehruiry.?The last tailing, first elaat thip HIJl>H()>,. aptain Cage is now loading aud w II tail aa above. Kor freight or passage, having g ou accommofationa, apply oil board, Orleans wharf, font of W.,|| street, >r to F.I) WA111) K tOLI.INH, jiff) V? aton'h street aAw KUH H WtiK?The French arr]ne VI I'U R JRrJV Capt l.e Hay, For f eight or i>; a age, apply to iMiJbC. I'll, ti I A LK. HAKBfKK. rTTh or to BOVD k HIM KF >, B kera p. lit \ K. w OKLKAN8?Lonisimna and New Vork bine of Packets ? Hegu'.ar packet for MonHMMu'lay Frhttiarv lith ? Tht splendid f 'at a H i. packit thip MK.BUON. Captain Oregg, will pott >y tail-u ibore, her regular dav. For fieiglit or pnat <ge, having handtnme areommndat ont, .pply on board, at Ulleant wharl. looi <>l A all atrrci, or to K K. COLLIN"1, id Hourh tl. Positively no freight will be received on boerd after latunlay weening, IJth Feb'y. Agents in New Orleans, John O. Woodruff kc Co.. who till promply forward all gooda to their add.ess jM rh AA*- Nl. i r K-HHI P OA K K it K FKOVl LlVr.H )CTlV POOL, is now discharging under general order at loot of Uutgers.ttreet. Consignees will please tend their peimits on board 'jmmeiately. f3rh AUPKKWtU ? I fOH THE BENEFIT Ok 8'GN -KA CIOCCA. , PuK THK??ThnftHn/ c vrtisief ( " bru*' 4 th. vs til h?* rrnc th* c?'mrd* of "HAHlES II? I Knurl hirlea II Mr. 111. It: ? v Co n. M'? Hun r Alio which I IA N > tND BNDV VMON ?l iana, S|?r.hra Ciocci; Kuutres* 8 gnnriut ^'autiu; Ktdyunioii, 8ifnor , Mnrra To be folio* ?l by the PAS Sl'ISbE. by Bunor Mora end Si i rj (' recti. The whole to eoiic'ude with LA CRACOVIEMNE, by Siguort C iocci. l>< ore open it t>K o'clock; end the performance* will comI mtrct ?t r o'clock R?te< fi P,r Ml r -rt G?Ueear r* rwn ! D'lWh llV HKATliE-'l liu ad.v ' ?e.uo. . Keb' 4tb. ' I JP will be performed the *r ml < peia <<f CINDERELLA?' Prince. Mr Huut ; B roil I'ouiiiu'iuo, V -cbe ; Alidoro, Sia, vein : Daudidi, H ( hapineu . l'edro, Hadiw?y ; Cinderella, . ! Vi?e Mere Taylor; Clorinda, Vra Booth ; Thiibc, Mr? Her " geaut; Fuiry Qut-eu, Miaa J Drake To conclude w i h the Comedy of SKETCHES IN INDIA |? I ?Sir Matthew Scragga, Mr V"che. TmnTaie. Mr Hada- T way;.Miaa Sally Scrjgua, Miaa Mary Taylor; Poplin, Mias J. ! \ Drake. I Dreaa Circle 23 ccnra: Pit and Gallery UK eenta ' | Doora oiieu at 8K o'clock Performance commence at 7. f 1 MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE?Thu Keen- I '"I iny February Hh?To commence with the Operetta of , NO SiiNO NO 8UPFER--Troma?, Mr Holland; elly, ' I MraTimm. Afler which, KHOMEO AND GUILIETTA?Rhomeo, I I A. Cruiae.; (iuiliftie. Welcot. t t Af er which, the IRISH ATTORNEY?Kerce O'Hara, L 1 Nickinaon; Miaa''I nrlcote. Miaa Ni?kinaon. To Conclude with the DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM?Mr I Dulcimer Plpea, Mr Hollaed. Dreaa circle 30 canta. upper boiea tieeata; pit cat akiUiag. | private borea ti Orcheatra boxea, IS. ' ! Doora open at luilf neat A o'clock: curtaia riaas at T. : I ITALIAN OPERA. J ' pALMOt OPERA HOUSE, Cnamnara itreft.-On Fii- I > JT J as- Earning, 5th of February, Tint performance of ' S > Coppola's Opera NINA FAZZA PER AMOUR. 1 Count Uotlolph Signor F. Beneventano. Niua, hit daughter Signora R Pico. ' Henry Signor 8. Benedetti. Dncter Himplicio Signor A. 8anquirico. Mariana Signora boulard. ] .. George Higoor L. Martini. 11 O" *aturdiy next. Ktli inst , hy requeat,extra performance ! h of LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR. . lit tier Boiea anil Parqaette... . ...-91 M 11 ' 2H tier " SO / Prirate boxes for persons 1100 ; " ' "6 " io oo p Seats can be secured at the box office from 10 A M. till 4 r. f o'clock, P. M. daily. fa tfrre I( i A CARD. 1 r \ ITALIAN OPERA?The Manager! of the Italian Opera C I | A inform the puKlic that at the request of leveral persons, they will give an extra performance of " LUCIA Ol L/VMMKHMOOK" on Saturday neat, 6th February, to giaa p thoae who haae not been able to' attend, an opportunity ol t, hearing that beautiful opera, while it will place them in a position for the large outlays made, and to be made, for the C production of operaa of the first order. Seaann aubacribera may retain their aeata by applying at the i box office uutil Thuradiy next, 4th February, at M o'clock. el f> St re ^ NEW YORK OPERA HOUSED e ' < Formerly the Greenwich Theatre^ ? , CHARLTON STREET, CORNER ?F VARICK Ma. K.N. Dai w Lessee. ft (Formerly Treaanrar at Niblo'a Oarden.) -i r Mr Frpdehcri Acting Manager. Mr H P. Ohattan Stage Manager, a t Mr W Cokbtn Treasurer . The public ia reapectfnlly informed, that this elegant and I commodious establishment will open lor the aeaaon, on T MO> DAY, Feb'y 6th. 1147. , with a talented and efficient company, including many well * known and popular artiata, of es'abliahed reputation, who n will appear on rhe opening night, in Sheridan Know lea's celebrated play of *' THF. HUNCHBACK. ft The parr of Julia, will ba auatainrd by ADA STETSON. (Pupil of Mra.lViarroia.) Ti whnae drltut at the Park Theatre established her repntation as >, THE OHKVrF.ST NATIVE A< TRESS OF THKDAY. Master Walter, (the Hunchback.) Mr. FREDERICKS, ci I (late of the I'ark Theatre, hit first appearance in New tv York io four years.) Sir Thomas Clifford Mr. H. P. ORATTAN. * Fathom Mr. OE"ROE GRAHAM, a (Formerly of Mitchell's Olympic ) 1 flelan Mrs. WATTS. Full particulars will be du'y annotmeed. , During the recess the entire huildiug has undergone a tho- i rough cleansing, renova'ion,-nd red-coratiou, and ia fc is belirred, one of the most elegant and comfortable Theatres ?, in the ci'y. " i With the wish to meet the views and secure the patronage la I ofall claaaes, the (T7- t HAROKS FOR ADMISSION * r have heeii fixed at the following rates p > Dress Circlr 50 Cents. > Second Tier op Boxes, 35 " a I Pit One Sihi.i.ino g Private Boxes Five Dollars. i Orth'stra Boxrs Three " ? (Jai.leht for Coi.oRr.n People ... 25 ' f.nts. a I A sepi-ratr entrance will he opened esclnaively for visitors j to the Dress Circle, and I ndies and Families may visit this ! ? Thra>re wirh full confidence that nothing will occur to offend the most fastidious, it being rh# determination of the present ' Leasee to conduct this eatablishment ou those princitles J c which have for ao manv vearn sustained the popularity and _ high remit stinn of Niblo'a Garden I A fall rind efficient police will be ia constant attendance, a; and all objectionable characters will be rigidly excluded 'T Tae splmdid Wardrobe furnished by J. O. Taylor, tha celebrated < oa'umrr | S Leader ofth? On hestra Mr. Met*. _ i The Box 'Affiee ia now open daily from 10 till 4. I Seats and Private Boies mac lie aecur don application 1 ti to M'. W ' orbyn. of whom also may be ob'eined a limited . number of seaeon rickets. I " Doo-s oi en at half oast six Curtain to rise at 7 precisely. 1 hi The performances will usually conclude at or brl we eleven j O'cloi It ft I II r AMb RICAN CIRCUS. i " I n v? r. i\ t h i?i run n n a i k ??, " T'HIS EVENING. Teh 4 th, an cntiie new bill of per- ci, including l e I PON BY RACES. Mt" Tlie fir?t ppearance of Mr HOBBs e/ In i Mr SANDS and hit Dancing Horie, May Fly,the Fight| mi- Pomes. k- kc. J The Ainphith'itre is pleasantly warmed thron gtjout. ol Doors open ? )4 |w<( a, p-rloimanrc cotnineueei at T . , IJoaen !<3 cents, IV 12.1% Seats secured fl lwrc WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. W E A. MadiHAL, Lessee,... W K>:, Manager . Fourth Night of MR. COLLINS, the celebrated Irith (! median and Vocalist. 1 THURSDAY EVENING. Kebru-ry 4, 1W7, will be ai performed THE IRISH ATTORNEY. m Tierce O'Hara Mr. Collioi. rs After which ? TEDDY THE TILER. Pl Teddy .Mr. Collins. . nl In theie piecea, Mr. Cullina will slug Ilia moil fsrorlte Melodies. ! w To conclude with (A-it ume hete.) s lew drama, in thsee i w prts. froin Dickens's last work?(D.araatusd by Mr. 1 Richingt) - M THE BATTLE OF LIFE. p. Michael Warden, Esq Mr. Richings. li it in Mr. Clianman. p< Marion Mr. Crocker. Clemency Newcomn Miss Fisher. Tr-morrow, Mr. COLLINS'8 beneti*. , N MK. HENRY C. TIMM ^ HAS the houor to announce to his frienda and the pablic, hi the he will give a grand Conceit of Vocal and Instrn in | in ntnl Music, at the Apollo Saloon, on SATURDAY : KVE's ING, Feb. 6, K47, on which occasion he will be as! stated by the following eminent talent >li VOCAL PERFORMERS. , Mrs. EDWARD LODER, aed J* Mrs. HENRY TlMM ; Mr. P. MEYER, Ti Mr. WK1ZEL. W and Mr. HELLF.. INSTRUMENTAL SOLO PERFORMERS. wl Mr. KYLE, I Nl , Mr BTARRj Mi Mr. BOUCHER, Mr WOK.HNINO ; tei And a fall Orchestra, conducted by Vir. GEO. LODER. co The Concert will commence at h ill past 7, precisely. mootiAMMc?ranr rinsT. 1 as I. Die Weihe derToene (the dedication of aonnds) symphony chart'tetistin L.Bpohr. THK FIRST THRCf. MOVIMItSTI. th 1st Theme?Lugo?Olnomy Silence ot Nature _ belors the Crean?u of 8-und?Allegro? Busy Life after?Sounds of Nature?The Elements. M 2d. Theme?Cradle Song?Dance?Serenade. 3d. Theme?Martial Music?Departure for the H. itlc.Field?Feelings of those left behind? w Return ol the Connuarors?T? Demo 2. Ari, II snuve e bet C mtento, by Mm. Loder. ...Pacini S. Second t oneertn for ilia Piano Forte (played with inch (Iiatinttuis< ed success hy Mr H. Herz, at hn no firnt concert in .New York) in three movements ' with tlia Oiclieetra. CO let. Allegro Modrrato ; 2. Andante Contabile, and 3J, Hondo Biusse?H. C. Tnnm H. Herz. srcowD paht. 09 1. Adagio and Hondo Sicillauo, far the Cla'ionatt, performed by Mr. F Stark, composed by... Ivan Mueller. , * <i J 1. Serenade, composed by... .Eiaenhafar. Te 2 Herman (Jlees OieK->efeik>mfcen ........ Thruhn. th, Sung hy Meisrs Selle. H. C. Timm, P. Meyer and YVeizel. 3. Andante and Allegro Vivace, from the Concerto thi in (J Minor, for pianoforte, with orchestra, played < by Mr. H C Timm Men .elssohn. 1 i. Kong by Mrs. Edward I.oiler Feaca. 1 lnt J. Divcrtissnneuto Concert inte on the favorite Vene- , tian air, " tr I'escatnr del Onda,"lor three voices nnd funr instiuments?Soprano, Mrs Henry Timm; ] Tenore, Mr Salle; Baaan, Mr Wrlzel; Flu'e, Mr. . Kyle; Horn, Mr. WorhnitigjViolineello, Mr. Boucher; nod Piaaoforte, H. U. Timm , .C. Czerney. hin 'I icketa % each. To he had at the principal music storee, . anil at the door ou the evening of the Concert. " Doors pen at half paat 6; cnmmrnceniaat at half paat 7 Wl prtciaely. ..... I No postponement on account of the weather, let zteodisr 1 THE A I.HAM K.A SALOON, }" ib9 Braadtoay, between Sprint and Prtne* ilrttll, MMMt acivn , cot THURSDAY, FEB. 4th, rjt( And every night nuiil further notice. CHRISTY'S hit far-famed aid original Dand of rn ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS, Co whose unique and ch iste perlormauces have lieen patronised *Be (for the jiast five years) hy the elite and fashion in all the principal cities ot ilie Union, respectlully announce that they w ill give a series of their popular and immitanle Con- f rerti. intr,,Hocmg a variety of enti tely new Bungs, Choruses, Bn, Burlesques. Stc. Admission 2) rents Doors nnan at hall past ft; concert go will commence at half pasr 7 o'clock .. Change of prog aMtne nt each repieaentation. feJ 3tia#r 1 AMERICAN ORATORS, 1tol And ErrcitI ir Delinentum* nf Character. Mil WIIIT.NEY respe-ifnlly announces that he will giva ttal his imperaonatiena i f American Orators, at the Society fro Library, corner of Leonard aireet and Brondwav, on Thursday ai d ( ridiy evenings Stti and 3 li inst , rain or shiur, sn lot which occasion he w>ll be assisted by ihe celebrated m, DR. VALEN I INm the Eccentric Delineator of Queer, Q? int, Quizzical, and oni Comical f hararters etnhraci g tun, larce freak, f 11 y and foiklra, 111 u (rated hi celrhratrd known and unknown persona inteispcrsed with niuaical sketches, coinic lecimra, . his die fcc. . Tickv's. admitting a genilemaii or l >dy and gantlem n, 50 ce-t*. To romm n e ?t ft o'r'oi-k oraci.e'v f13ti?*r rea Nr.W kt)RK OPERA HOt BE, (Charlton s'-eet corner tli( ol V .rick J?The puhlic is respeetfnlly in'ornied that for this theatre will shortly -e-upen lor the perlotinance of the . regnl.ii diama, np-ra, r.?||et, and vaudeville **' .ytisls III ackoowlei ged tn ent and esi ecrahi'ity, can Kr) mike, it by letter, (post pud) to Mr EsKDEHit KA, Aciiug Manager, ar the , nAce of the theatre. WaN l'||.D?Twelve ladies foe the Corps de Ballet Apply between he h nr? of 2 and? jtfl if e FIRM ANNUAL HALL OF THE ITALIAN UUAKDM to be given at the AroLLO Rat.oets, i on MONDAY EVEN,NO, Feb ft I?i7 , Tickets Cin he had n| anv of the following committee ('apt J. Aver.zsna, 21 New at. kei Lieut M O. Lenghi, Ifttti ?t. near 3d avenue. K1. Ensign I)'. Altrncehi, 19 Wooater street Serge int I I evy, 120 3d avenue. tati Corporal I. Negretti, 2A0 Water street. j so 23,27,30,1,4,f,Ha* rrc ROI TO THE ' LATEST MOMENT. ' <1 T K L K G 11 A I' II 1 C . b . u THE 8TORM. ? rHii.ADKi.rHi4, Feb 3?10 P M The itonn bet been very tevere. The Weitern ule t reph line bat beon impended in contequence. f Innumerable boutet have been unroofed. t Four wood ibedt at the Camden Railroad depot, each ' >0 feet lonf, were prottrated. A number of vettelt were driven from their anchorage- i be tide haa overflowed all the wharvea. The damage it very great along the Hchuyikill river A veteel at Darby Creek had her matta blown down. i , i Albany, fab. 3?8 P. M. 1 We have had rain atorm all day. The ilarl of Flgin arrived at Montreal on Friday. j The bill haa patted both branchea of the Michigan j egialature reducing the rate of intereit to tix per cent. j AFFAIRS IN WA8HINQTON. ! \ BY THK NAILS. j Washington, Feb. 8, 1847- i iarifa Jinna't Movtmentt?Our Future Policy towardi ^ Ueaiee?Chances of Peace?Tha .Irmy Bill?The { Three Millions?Jlppropriation Bill?The Jinti-Sla- 1 very Quel lion. a The rumor that Santa Anna, at the head of fifteen Uousutid men, had placed himielf between General Tay- { or and General Worth, hai not only not been confirmed, ut la entirely diacredited. It it very probable that Santa ' Lnna will continue to throw out detachment! to every j oint in the compata, for the purpoae of harassing our irees, and keeping them in a conatant atate of alarm, 'here it not a sufficient force under the command of our lenerala in that quarter, to maintain auch an attitude . iwards the enemy at would compel him to keep in one ! lace. From hi* large force, ho ia at liberty to aend out odie* of light cavalry and akirmiahera to acour the ountry, alarming our different poata, and keeping our rmy continually in expectation of an attack, while, intend of being able to aaaume an offenaive poaition, Gen- ! 'aylor ia barely able to maintain a defenaive one. The 1 xten* ion of our line give* Santa Anna peculiar inducelent for attack. He i* undoubtedly ahowing a beld ont, although it ia affirmed aa a thing of which there ia 1 I moat a moral certainty, that he ia in favor of peace, and | rould agree to term* if he would be aafe in doing ao. ike the French jailor, who desired the Duke of Beau- ' aia, when that nobleman made hi* eacape, to tie hia :he Jailor'*) hand*, and gag him ao that he might ot be accuaed of conniving at the departure, 1 > Santa Anna will bo obliged to suffer a de- , at at the hands of one man, before he ean : enture upon making petce. Those who have good ! ad aolid facts from which to draw their conclusion*, ' jnfidently predict that the war cannot last longor than le middle of next aummer. Other* declare they would 1 readily venture to prognosticate its continuance for re year* aa for five months. It is argued that even should we advance to the city f Mexico, we can but take it, and that the war will be, ir its capture and oceupation, no nearer a termination, lexico ia a hilly country, and has greater natural de inces than any other, perhaps, in the world. Paria ia 'ranee, but Mexico, how paradoxical soever It may ap j ear, ia not Mexico. In other words, subdue the capital, nd you do not neceaaarily subdue the country. Spain Iwitzerland and Circaasin are instanced aa examples of he difficulty or impossibility of subjugating a country bounding in high table lands, and otherwise naturally 1 efended against the footsteps of an invader. However this be, we must take all the town* on her : < oaat before we can maintain auch a ay stem aa ia recom- < tended in some quarters?to seize her ports and depots, j ppropriate her revenues, and so force her to terms.? f 'he policy of such a system i* strenuously questioned. 1 ome believe it would enta 1 upon us a border warfare, ^ lore terrible and bloody than open and persevering hoa- j litios directed against the heart of the country. One i' ting is certain, that the present policy will continue to ^ b pursued, until its efficacy be fully tested. " The army bill has at length passed the Senate, with g te bounty land section, and with variou* other additions * id emendations, in which the House may or may not " incur, 1 a The great slavery struggle ia to commence on Monday 1 i the House The consideration of the three million* r .nmnrlftliai, Kill la nnatnnw.l until that ,1aO hnt aval, I. I * 'l"? ~ ' ~" rea'Iy there are occasional flings on one aide and the her in discussing the various billa that have coma up ithin the luat tafo days. . f, In all sincerity I believe the North at fault in thia die j taaion, both in the mode in which it ia forced upon j ongress, and in the merita of the dispute. The chances c e certainly in favor of the anti-slavery men, but they , uat not forgot that there U already disunion in their ( nka. Does any one believe that Mr. Wilmot and Mr. i reston King are in favor of the same candidate for the j >xt Presidency 1?for after all, this ia the real inue? no1 ( ith all, certainly, but with a large number oi those \ ho desire the insertion of this proviso against slavery. 1 ore than this, the West is divided on thia question. ' innsylvania will not give a unanimous vote for the pro- | isltion, in whatever shape it may come up. No ono 1 ilieves that the Western States will all sustain it. The * ew England States will, but New York will not, I t ink, be unanimous in its support. So far the House? it the Senate, if any reliance can be placed on present , dications, will not adopt sueh a proviso. < The appropriation bill will, in this event, again fall 1 rough?and this, because certain men, for certain ob- 1 ots, think lit to precipitate a question entirely irreleint to the bill in which they desire to incorporate it. 'hat connection with slavery has a treaty to be made Ith Meiioo by the President ef the United States 7 >thing. Slavery does not exist at present in any sxican (territory, the acquisition of which is con' nplatedby the administration. In treating with Mexi- J , then, the President will have no conditions to make a to the non-existence of slavery. The bill with the oviso incorporcted, places the money at the disposal of R a President, on certain conditions. Of whom ia he to p act those conditions, or who is to an'er into them I Not P exlco, certainly, for she has nought to do with slavery 'ho else is to agree to those tsrms, for it doos not lie It ith the President alone? The thing is a monstrous in mgruity. '0 Congress votes to confer upon the President a certain iwer, namely, the use of n certain sum of money for a rtnin nltnirta* with !) Condition, not that ha nan it in a c rtain way, but that a certain thing (hall not happen t or which he haa no control ; for Congress alone haa thority to make lawa authorising the exiatence of ala' ry in any territory to be acquired from Mexico. Can ( a Preaident bind any future Congreaa not to authoriae F ? exiatence ef slavery in California? Certainly not. It r therefore, utterly impossible for him to carry out the endment of the proviso, ifho exerciae the power con- r -red by the bill. Jut it may be aaid thie proviao ia not intended to con' 1 the action of the Preaident; it ia not directed to a a. Then, who ia to be governed by it 7 To control e i action of every future Congreaa, it ia powerless > hat then ia ita validity 7 t la beyond queation that Congreaa muat authorize by 0 solemn act the existence of alavery in California, be- }', e the inatitution ran exiat there. Before California can tc ne under the Jurisdiction of the United States aa a tar- * >ry of the United Htatea, the lawa by which it baa been ,'i herto governed, muat be totally changed by act of h< ngreta. Slavery doea rfot now exiat in California, B| refore an act of Congress will t e neceaaary to author- 0. ita exiatence. ci luch proapective legialation aa ia contemplated by thie v li-alavery proposition, ia unknown in the hiatory of our h vernment. It ia alwaya in the law by which thejuria. t; tion of the United Htatea ia extended over a territory, ' it provision ia made for ita internal government. ) ? rbose who support this proviso from a sincere desire . tl it slavery shall not exiat in territory to be acquired (< m Mexico, are proceeding in the manner least calcu ' ed to attain their object. They are going too fast/' A b n bringing his horse to a high leap should not put the mal to ita full speed, but approach in a sharp canter, ? 1 with a cut of hia whip and a stroke of his heel, rise ti horse at the leap, and so top it like a sportsman. To ? a blown horse at a high wall is folly. When the 0| il contest comes, as it will come on the bill extending In i territorial jurisdiction of the United States ewer < allme, '.he true anti-slavery men will find their strength >r hausted by their previous race?that this man haa d< ?wn weary of the tight, and that man cold, hecauae of " t disappointment of his political ends. |u O/ LVIENHIS. g - ? 1 P< W*SMi"?rjTot*, Feb 1, 1*47. Jin ^grrmhU, Mittfllantnui PmrripUnn. I'hsre is one word of praise due to Col. Benton. We ? ir people talk of hia Pi setorian pomposity?hia ineffa- q i egotism and grandiloquent self-importance?his diooriel end oppressive dignity-hie pedantic, or pada- ,,, guelcal displays of ths nomenclature of catch-worda <1 'orp *b?-Vn'gat* r?ii?u? or ; KBt we ' ?"r ?r,o. general a?i>r? aloo of opinion of the superior! v of 'ho ,n? peiaonul p nnotiu '1" In his v in diet ion >f ?i.e ent, which is, in fart, no lets on ?u'hk"ih tt; on h|-r?-? fj ut th-re is one word of p: si-.# due to Col B-n'on at'- r 11 He kept 'hi- ni'i'ter of the Lieutenant (Jen? ml a >? ret until the defeat of the bill anJ the niur pre<?nUt'on f the scheme afforded an ample apology for a disclosure Subsequent to thia revelation ofihe esse. we are aware hat many members of Congress, aolicitoua to retain the sror ol the adm.niatration, hare declared that bad hev known all thia hefoie. they would hare roted fo he Lieutenant Oeneial .Now here waa an art ol genuine nodeaty on the part of Cel. Benton He aedtt'ed the proect to stand upon its own isolated mertta Had he eniilnyed a fuetnl or two in advance to canrtua the memr !i.,ie 2?'" aucceeded ; but with all liiadeaire lor the office, ( ol Benton had a little toe mill-.h real Aim. uity ol chtr*c??r for that lie (Waetvoi credit for it, iq<1 Ike more because he It to tome ti'eot reiardtd u ? man destitute of modesty, of sensibility and ot ittnpa Ihy. W# hart to tome degree participated in this opinion. A stranger in (ha presence of Col Benton la apt to Imagine he ia inhaling the atmosphere around an iceberg. But ' Old Bullion,"Jhougb a proud man, ia not Inconsistently no There ia~a bai mouy in bia character that bears him through He ia dictatorial, but he ia alao conciliatory-he ia pragmatical and dogmatical, but ha la alao judgmatical. He ket pa aloof from tha " common aort," arm upon the street; but irom hie apeachaa are are conaoled in tha fact that ha eanctiena a goodly proportion of the common slaDg terma of tha day; and hat by loma proceaa or othar ha ia aa conversant with he cant phraaea ot tba " highwaya and by-waya"aaho a with the diplometic poatalatea of Hugo, Urotiua and battel. It ha vanquishes an enemy ha does not further >uraue him; if be ia defeated he aaya nothing about it, >ut fall* into the opposite ranks aa naturally aa though ia had belonged there all the time. Vide the annexation if Texas. Hi* poaitiena are alwaya positive and anper afire; but if overturned, he abandons them without an pology. We might go on for a column in the expoaiion of the peculiaritiea ol " Old Bullion," but they may ia summed up in few worda. He ia a cloae atudent, n ipe acholar, an experienced legialator, possesses viet ufurmation, and a good proportion of ae ll ooncait. Ha a outwardly cold, but ha ia neither destitute of tha feeluga of a man, nor of the social qualities af a friend, it home he ia the parent and the teaeher; in ha Senate he may aasnma at timaa, tram a ire-eiaption claim, to be arbitrary in hia demaads, and unseasonable in his aelf-assurance; but this is generally conceded as a privilege, and if occaeionally he weald be a little volcanic, itia charitably attributed to the concuauon which he received in the melancholy explosion of the "Peace maker" ot the Princeton. "Qui tan fecial* bon It boit." He who pays a good price for bia liquor hxa a good right to drink. Wa have a word now for Mr. Walker, tha Secretary of the Financea. He makes nut a case of war astimatai or astimates to meat tha war, that Neckar or foucha or Sir Rohort Peel, or avan Gomez Farias would laugh at. Ho trifles with the subject, aa a war tax! And a portion of this to ba raised by a 6 par cant reduction on coarae cottons, and a 30 per cent increaae on refined sugar. Have the auger makers been to towat We think they have. The fact is, thia aort of thing will never do. Wa want tan or Alteon or twenty million*.? It maat he raised now or hereafter. A postponement augments the weight of the incubus, and increase* the difficulty of removing it. We have twice gotton nd of the blessing of a public debt. W# have the third time to try the experiment, and the smaller the debt which this administration leaves behind it, the bettor the chances of the succession. The tariff must be stretched to the utmost, or an excise tax, or a gold and silver ware - , or a dog tax ia the inevitable expedient. When thia report of Mr. Walker cornea up ia oate, (provided always that it is printed holore the a.tournment) we may expect George Evans to din. >ct it n a style which will require the full strength of Messrs. Lewis and Speight to re-xnito. We regret that the tocietary should consider thia a time for sport. With w? millions in the treasury, and liabilities incoming, ortlicoming, or outstanding, to the ex'eut of MO.nOO.OOO vhet is the paltry sum of $3,800,000 to do I ft won't inswer. We must have something more. The Senator elected te All the vacancy of Mr. Barrow, o wit, Mr. Soule, of Louisiana, arrived here thia evenng. aud is quartered at the United States Hotel. The remains of Capt. Boyle, who died recently on hia way from Mexico, were buried in this city to-day with military honors, the procession of soldiers being headed by Capt. Walker, ef the Tesas Rangers, The remains of Major Graham, killed in battle, (brought on last evening from Baltimore, with those of Capt. Boyle) were also buried to-day, but privately, at the request of the mother of the deceased. They were both brave aud gullaut soldiers, and worthy of the memory of the brave. Among the distinguished visiter* in town, we have Governor Gill Davis, of Coney island ; Gen. Sutherland, )f the Patriot Rebellion, and (if we may be excused for laming them at the end of the catalogue) Mr*. Ann 8. Stephens, Mrs. Sigourney, and any number of the fair 'epresentatives of the youth and beauty of the eoveeignties of Undo Sam. Mr. Pakvnham gives a party to-night. It is said that ia recently gave $30,000 fur the benefit ol the suffering risli. II true, it is a good thing?it not. he ought to do t, because they say lie is as rich as a Meiican conducts, rhey say. too, he ia about to make some young and estiaable lady iha happy Mrs P. And thai would he a nobar very good thii g By and large, Pakenham ia a vary ;ood tort of a man, and though bo is Dot ve<y handsome, o to tpeak. atill we go for the old aaw that " handsome > as bun taoniH does." Cnptaiu Ratio gives a lecture to-night on chronology it history, or botn ; anil, from his known abilities aa a cholar, a good entertainmeut ia expected-.Fei titer fie ? THE DOCTOR. Washings on, Feb. 3,1347. The Three Million Bill. The very i nportan' bill fur the three especial million* or negotiation fees with the Mexican government, (last ear it vai two million!) wa before the Hen*te todayAt. Sevier, in * plain fl it footed manner, defineJ <h* ibject of the bill, end said that e treaty ceding to ua any imaller amount of territory than New Mexico and Upper California wai out of the question. Mr. Miller mad* n ongwindeJ speech in reply, running over the whole listory of the wer from the annexation of Taxaa down, ifter which, with aome general nonvereation, the bill vea put ofT till Thursday Mr. Berrien be* a very imlortant proposition to offer, to wit, that it ia not the pur>oae of thu government to diamember the territories of dexico from the Mexican government. We think on* loint i?clear. Thia ia the stand of the whige?no mora eiritory?Texas will do Let us stop, and count np the :o*t. Let us avoid the negro question This is a strong lositien,. nd will admit ol a strong defence , but another hing we think is equally apparent. If we dont take In AltaVista, or Upper California, by treaty, wa shall get tor by and bye in the more gradual proeeaa of annexnion. California is past all chance* oi ever being Mexirtoixad eaain That would be a retrograde movement, ind the whole progress of the age ia forward ! But we hall see -sufficient for the day T* the business thereof BONA FIDE. twenty-ninth conaniai SECOND SESSION. Nnats, Washinctbn, Feb. 3,1147. Cloudy and dubious sort of a morning. Galleries filled vith the sovereign people. Trayer by the Rev. Mr. Iprole. Journal of yesterday Senate thinly re pre anted. MAPS OP OBIOON, Sic The resolution of Mr. Benton, providing for certain isps of Oregon, California, fcc . prepared by Mr. Charlea rauss, one of the associates or Col Fremont, in hi* exlorations of the vast mountainous, volcanic, and aalt ike regions west *f the Rackv mountain*, waa taken np. Mr Bknton made a speech in vindicetion of the reeo ation end the maps, when it was adopted. Mr. Baobt offered a resolution that the Senate heresfer shall moat st li instead of 13 in the morning. Lies ver one day. the vaaipp. On motion of Mr Brvita, the resolutions ef Mr. Niles, >n the tariff question, suggesting a heavier revenue rom imports, to meet the liabilities of the war, were lostponed till to-morrow. obnebai. tati.ob. On motion of Mr. Sarica, the House resolutiens, pro. .. i.?. . ?.1,1 n.A.I .-J -.1 .LI ?v. ? iv... "??? ) ?M'i ???ivui uiour uun|i, xo ieneral Taylor, for hia services at Mootorsy, woro portioned till to-morrow. Mr. Crittihoxh hoped it would be considered to-morow. Mr. Skticr assented. HK Bill, or THIII MILLIOHS ?IflVlDIOfll.T AHD TkCTIOUiLT CALLS!) TNI HILL FOR TNI RRLIFr Or IN' TOHIO LOFKX nr. S4HT4 ANNA. The bill for allowing to tbe President of the United tates the sum of three millions of dollars, to be emnloyd bv the Executive to the great desideratum of a speedy nd honorable peace with Mexico, was, on moti 1r. Sevier, taken up. Mr. flxviaa said this bill was introduced on the ?, f the ITesident, and that the money was to be supra riated to a similar object with the appropriation, al iwed to Mr. Jefferson in 190S and in IBM, witt. inference i the purchase of Louisiana and Klorida of France ?nd pain. Mr Sovier wished to avoid all party -Lscusni hi i the examination ot tins subject, an 1 sh oi I explain in bill in as few words as possible, fie did not kiuw aw a peace could be brought about without some m-h l>propri?tiou ; nor did he know how it could bo dune itliout one ot the two powers would make the first vertures It was necessary to have an appropriation to irry out the object of propositions of peace to Mesico. Ife could secure no offer of peace, of Mexico ceding to s any portion of her territory, while, on the othar hand, e supposed (and this is official intoi mation) that no treef would be acceptable to our own government which i-1 not aeonre to us at leas', the territories of New Mealo, and of AltaorUpperf alifornia He supposed a treaty edipg to lis tor Indemnity a less amount of territory than lis would scarcely pass this body And it was proper that > enable the existing authorities in Mexico to eettle the spenses of the army, and o'her legitimate expenses neetsary to silence opposing factions, some bounty should e given to such existing authorities. There could he no oiibt hut that a large majority of the people of Mexico rere disbu d to peace. But the existing authorities had ot the means ol meeting the preliminary steps to nego ation*. The Mexicans had been beaten at every point ieir i>orts were closed?their revenues destroyed, and, sustain the army, they were reduced to the estremity making (oread contributions from tha people He helved that tbey were, therefore, in a Jisi-osition to relive offers ol peace We had already. In our efforts to rive at this object. I iid aside all notions of etiquette, id we could well afford to be magnanimous enough to > it again. Mr 8 believed that it this hill was passed, it ill result In a peace with Mexico He was firmly ol ua opinion. He ??ked that the Senator without entering ito the (laid of party discussion, in looking only at tha reat object to be attl De l, would allow the bill to be kssed without delay Mr Millsr rose to some remRrks upon thii question, ml the general question of the war. He ws< IM ''' le hill ; h" knew not where Ihe money going 11 I as now officially disclosed that this was s war of conuest We have now that tact oft! lelly disclosed. 'he chairmen on loreigu relations has told ue let the object I* the re annexation of >ew Mexlto nd Upper California. This accounts for the march of lenersl Kearney ecroas the deeerts to Bente re, end for

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