Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1847 Page 3
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j |*i |i?rm?n* or rt-dnmption; y6t the Slats ba< the right to i rlt-em the canal artnr twenty ysart by paying the principal of the canal debt. Those who subscribe toward the completion of the canal, ore to havo their interest nod principal paid before the non-subscriber*. Thia baa been repreaenttd to he a necessary inducement to procure subscriptions, and it ii understood that the nubscriptieu* hcretolore made havo been on these terms. Those who do not aubacribe can coma in, and get the full interest on one-half of the amount oi their bonds. The timo tor atihaciiption ia extended to the Crat day of November next, but the timu for lion subscribers to come in, and got the interest on the State h <lf of their debt, ia unlimited It is calculated that should the reve nuea of tho canal, when completed, ecjual the interest of ' the whole canal debt, and one-hall of it should be preferred stock, the canal would pay otf the whole preferred stock in a little more than fourteen years. Whereover the preferred ora-iturs are paid o d", thoae who are dsferne.l will come in for their back interest and punch pal, but they arc not allowed intermit on their deferred interest. Several amendments have been added?one for a strict account of all the proceedings of the trustees, to be furnished to ti e Legislature and to the auditor of State?another living the minimum ofth a trustees aalaries at $1'100 and $1500 a year respectively?another for the re appraisement of tho lands east and west of Tippecanoe? and another firing to actdnl settlers in the Vinceonea district tho right to enter (heir lands at $1,36 per acre, by paring within the ysan.Uowod for claiming pre-emption. Whenever bonds to lire amount of $4 000 000 are subset ibed, tho subscribers are allowed to elect trustees, mid wlioneVar1 the tlva per centum is paid in, the Governor is uuthorisetl to give the trus'ees charge {of the canal?subject to the provision that he is uoi (i) miner me "<*u 01 the conal and lauda until $."> 016,000 of bonds are surrendered. To remove ull occasion tor any bondholders to remain out, in the bono of gottu/g better terms from tha State, th? bill provides that the State will not hereafter make any other provision, f?y. any internul improvement bonds, . which shall not tva su rrendered in exchange for certift- 1 oates, in accordance with the previsions of thia act. The provisions w? rcge.rd ui being quite as favorable as the bondholders hud a right to expect, and it will be vain f.>r them to hope ft' r better terms- So scrupulous was tho Lo gislaturo ol' Increasing by this act the burthens of the people, that they iefuaad lo allow the exchange on the stei ling Ivor da. W hen we consider that this class of bonds baa alwnyvi hern estimated the tame as dollar bonds, tbat no d ivtinction was expressed in tho bill of last wiuter, and that tho louses of tho State, in not getting pay fur oil the b ends sold, whereby (he lost some three or four millions, wero mainly on sterling bonds, it could hardly be rxpec ted that she would now puy a premium on them. At tho bill does not call for any increase of taxation, we presume the peoplo will be content with it. The bondholders have cause to congratulate themselves on the gooil suciti'ss of their agent. He has conducted the negotiation with admirable skill and temper. The general result to tho people of tho Stato, though It involves ? bv ithon of taxation by no means desirable, will be uiU'Vite emigration, restore confidence, and give Indian* ? nigh position among the indebted State*. Uld Stock tlxchanga. St.fOO Kentucky #'s 99% ihs Krie Scrip 81 $'i (OA Teoui-sser6'a ISO do lOms 82% tvmo USfi's of'Sd slS 101V 1,150 Harlem 52% $52 neo do toi % too do blS SS i-1,000 do '08 182% SOU do bOO 53% Si 000 OhioO's '03 9'.% 10 Long 1st 19% *10,1 no do fids 96 210 do b60 30 $> 000 round's 72% 250 do 29% $5,0'0 do 72% SO do sU 29% $1 Of 8 111 Spl 40% 2.0 Headisg KR 63% $1,000 do 40% SO do ?7 631* ft 000 Indiana Bds 40% in do i60 63% Si 000 do SOyis SCO 42 SO do h30 6j% $5,000 City S's '58 91 SO Erie KR 60dys 60 $ 3,000 ltenUiug Bds 73% 411) Nor k Wor 51% $5,000 do b60 74 2t'o do b60 S5 $17,000 do 73% too de slO 51% $3X00 do COJts 73 200 do 54% jl.'O shs Canton Scrip uOO 4 10 do s30 54% 100 Canton Co bo 30 SO Farms Loan 327? 60 do 38% SO do 32% 25 do sl2ma 35 r?0 do bio 32V SO do 37% 250 do b3 32% tiacotid U.'srd, $5,060 Beading Bds 73 100 aha Heading 6'% 50 shl Hutem 52% 500 do b3 02 -00 do 52% 50 do b3 62 303 do s60 52% 100 do b3 62 50 Nor tk Wor _ 54 200 do sl2m 60 iu do >30 it 100 Long M >>30 X9X 24 do v it 40 Farm Trust bli 33 50 do it 50 do (3 31 it Canton b3 37 to Erie fccrip St 51 Stonisgtou t6 50 do >60 St New Stock Exclten^e. 51 shs Morns Cau call 16k 25 aha Nor tc Wor .'AR 5t)? 100 Farm Trust cenh 32h 25 do 54ty 50 do >3 32k 50 do >30 5tjj '5 do bS 3<?? 50 Harlein RR bnw 53 50 Caiitrui Co >60 37'.i loo do cash 52V 50 do Seiip ?C0 3!? rVWMMMNMMNMMNMMWMMMaMMnWW married. On the lO'.h January, 1847, by the Rav ilenry Chase, Mr. Thomas Ui Luce to Mist Mary M. Stoke all., daughter of Alderman Stoneall, both oft'gii city. Philadelphia papers pltase copy. On Thursday evening, 4th instant, by tho Rev. Geo. H. Either, D. D , John H VtswiLrr^, to Phehk Aisrc, daugh'er of Henry Lippincott, E?q, all of this city. At lliooklyD, on 'i'buisilay, by ltey. Dr. Stone, Mr. TntonoiiK R. Horto* to Miaa Martha A. Smith, daughter of Isaac N. Smith, of Brooklyn. lllcd, Yesterday morning, Srnkca Stewart, late a merchant of this city. Hit Mineral will move frr ajj No. 21 Bowery, on Saturday morning, nt 10 o'clock.. At Staten Island, February oth, Stsphk* Seguike, nged 8d years. Ho was einjuged in mercantile business, in this city, lor a lor^r period; but for many years past had lived in his let' recount at his residence near Rossville. His relatives ^d friends are requested to attend his funeral, ir?m jate residence, on the Island, at 3 o'cloc k on Sunday afternoon. Suddenly on Kii'sy evening, February 6th, Chris- ] TI4IN a' 'tfin R, aged C5 years. , /rn nds ami tho members of the Ship Wright und I ' a,'.ikers! Society, also the members of tho Sbip Joiners' ? <ujf vclcnt Society, and the friends end acquaintances cf Ait sui. John and j hornus Ilpecher, aro invitvd to attend his lucernl, it his late residence. No. 103 Monroe street, at oro o'clock P. M , Huitdoy. His remains will be taken to the Greenwood Cemetery for interment. In Springfield, 111., of consumption, ou the 18th ultimo, Letira Maria, consor t of C. Ludltim, in her thirty-sixth year, formerly of ilahway, New Jersey. NOTICE. It). OF O. F. S'rsngers' Refute* Lodge, No. 4.?The a members of the shove Lodge are lie eby notified that lb> i- aneeimm will h?resfter be held at Military Hull, No. J33 tlo n et) , o; pisite Spring at. JOHNC. DERR, N.O. GEO. B. UtANK, See'y. N# v York. Feb. 3, '<17. 16 si 2t*rh liL.JCOHON AH Y ILLUSTitAllONS MR.JOHN W.S Hi AYS will give the fonrth end last of : ho cout*> <>i Elocutionary lllustiatious, un Tuesday Eviilng iirxc. Feb uary 0, 1847. at the Lecture Room. Society L b consisting f selections from Tiriom authors Atuii beu Adhem, Leigh Hunt; Antiquity -at Freedom, W C Urvant; Maik Autouy's Oration, Mhakspeaie; Whip I Per Will t? P. Morrn; .Vlnrco Boxziris, llalleck; the Drum of Kugeue Aiam, Hood; deveu Ages of Miui, ' fcbakspenre. Mi. WILLIAM W. SV.Y.MOUR will recite the Dying , Alchruilit. N. P. Willis; and tl.e Sonn of th? ?hirr T ill.(Ill Hv p uucutiir request, Mr. Howi will give n specimen ol Krfidiug?.liH Parable of ilie 1'roJigal Sun. Xi'conui'ucea! hall |>a? 7 o'clock. Tick-ts Ml iinti. fe6 2h?StlkTu*rrc VALENTINES! ! VALENTINES!!! BUY YOUK V-lrntinta in time, and l>uv of Old Comic Elton. Nos. Ill anil IJ2 Division itrcet, every t 'log in the Ya.rntine Wcv, Lace, Cameo and Km hone I paper., filver Or mot n i: m elopes, Valemine Writer*. Ike. - nod leinrmbor IB Division street, uenr Chatham, and 1J2 opposite 1'ike street. < ' molt > our l-ste and economy, end y.u won't fail to 11 troni-e tho oUest Va ei.tme manufactory in Una city. IbJftlVMTC '|*HL TKLsH'EES OK I'mK NKW YORK SOCIETY " l.loK.lllY would direct the attention of the public lo the f llowu g hrirf account of lIib present condition of this in tioStnn, i ml of the effort now making to increase ita nn porraure and uselnlnrss. Tho iusli.nti nun iw, in every respect, prrsperoas ; it is free frc in fi social embarrassment: 'ts teal eitate, indepe dent ol i's Pooka, far exceed* in value the amount of its obi igaiiont, end its income 1 rovntes for its current expenses, nnd l r c under ible snuuat additions to the library It lias rereutlt er. cted a noble library edifice, in a central aituation.on the p mr. pal street of the city, spacious enough lor n lib ai y of more th u a hut,died thousand volumes Its present library nomb-ra forty thousand, generally well selected voluuiestm n ol uhichar ra-e and costly); it may, therefore In- said lo hive Isi I the Inundation f r a library o! the first class, aud such ihe trustees ?re determined to make it, if ihe | uhl c w ill foster it is the importance of the object demands. Attached to the library ;s a convenient and commodious resiling room, well supplied with lbs home and loreieu j,,urn Is and newspaprrs, whi -h offers every accommi dati ii, both lorquiet -e ding and a r?|u I glance at the nswa of the d y- llneol the 01 jec's now in view is tr> trnuiler this drpeitmeut ol lire lihr to the lirst floor of the building, to lendei it more aec siib e to persons w hose time is limned, end In < xtrud the libr.ii y proper ovor tl.e whole ol the second floor The i sliteti n is not ?s many h ive supposed, an exe'n iseue. An person off ir character may a ember ol it on epplicvimi to the librarian, and enjoy lis privil.g-?by paying twe-t fi < dollars, the pr|re ol a a'are. Mid eu annual asse .incut ol six d,,liars the latter may |,e comlj.ut rl at any time by the payment olarvemy five a Pars. Ti ls is the condition and cbiracter of the institution, in whose beuefii the public re uow invited to participate, ai.d for wh *e ilvanranteut ilieir cooperate n is snhc ted. it is hope! that every lin ed lo the uioial and nitellectn<1 nn pros men! of city, every p iren'who woold luruuli valioui sou vslnnble reading to his children, every one who ser Its nn occaao ual retreat I mm the toils and Inmults of In ii rn, in a wnd, every o, r wh i knows the valne of n gieat iibr >ry in a gre .1 in?tio,, >1 is. and is not now a member of this i stlrnto ii,will iir.inedia'elv become one; and thaltho'e wh i n-.- -'lesdy mrinbe-s of it will lend their aenve and efficient nid in mi*nig i- in th- rank which the Trus eei are now aimlug to give it. If this is rloue, Ihe Trustees pledga themselves ro the pub'.c th t nething si,all be wentisg on their pert to cany ou" this grear object, and rouble the inatilution tonttsin n rhiract-r and present an aspect if extent and im.oitanee th it wi I in .Ue it the boast end nouur ol the c imm-rci il rueprpeHi fthoPjnei Ie8 lawwalmth AT A.N I'll a, d Bun Mutual Ins. Companies scrip wanted at rdracceu price >, by l? lt?r K T JAM E8, 72 Wall st. THla DaY lo l'UHLlalii.lJ, Piicr Y2}{ cents each WILL1 AM TELL, a Play. by .J unes Sbtridau Knowlei, being No 39 ofth* iViouern Uuud'iid D.nma. Alio. THE I Hi ii ATiOKNhY a ftrce, piiotrd Iroin 'i ymne Potters Acting Copy, never before published, wnh an illustration, br?&g No. 1 ol th* Minor Drama WM. TAY^UH & Co , 1'*r _ A Alitor Homo. and valuable sTainek VIOLIN. AOENTLKMAN who purposes ?e tli g in the West, oaring two vcluahle VI I me, is desioui r f dr posing ol one t them. 1111 prpuooiiced liy tho lirst atithomie-, to he a gei nine 's ..titer, is m fi le P'r nrrv lion, and probably the ssa'< 1,rat i nu moo hrsttone f at,yol thcee rare ins nttnriite now lurxi.euce Ainatruia may see it, for a irwtlos, st thu-mosic ituto of 8ig"or O (iotlone, No 4n3)fi llroadtv,y, woo is aotuori id lose I it for a much less price thio it v. on it h P K f a. y eit in Europe. fhltVh FOR 1 HE LADIES. tCNTI.EMe.N'tt Hhirt. Bosrina, stitched and ran, plain V* a U corded, made in the heat manner and leady for inker 101,11 ? very ityle and variety, eonatautly on hand for I *! ' ,.l,n '"" m cf wni' hands and enllars. fitc , he, I ,N n i' vary uctcnption of thirtt cut. <n n#w princirlai. ai d J'i ilf i?i .? suparior inanuerby WM PARKE1 . Practir-ii 1 ?llor, 171 t.anal street, near Vsriclt. f(g Jt*r FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. WAN'I1*'.!) t" borrow t*'? aboTe amount, for which good eeaiit will be given, and u fair remuneration. Auilreaa H. tail o?ce. * 3l*r U. a. WANTED, a few young men, from 18 to U vears of age as re'raiu for the Uui-ed -tm?i a,mv. to fil ui) a company nearly ro ined, in the country. Enquire at the ship TiTprn. No. <8 West street where an officer will be in waitiug, and where full information as to [>ay Ue . will be K>v?n H 3r*rre WAN'l'bLl. A GENTLEMAN, thi-cy years of age, of moderate fot- ! tune, well coaner. rd, good looking, end without incnnibrauees ofauy bind, is desirous of connection himself in life with a lady of eduction, refinement, gaod couurctions, soil younger than himself. A line add - eased to "Pelham," through the post-olfice.with real unme, ineuliouing where an interview may be had.will he considered sfrietlv confidential fc^Si^r SITUATION wanted. A YOUNG man from the South wauls a situation as porter, coachman or wliter; the best reference can be given. Emiaire of L. Tinberlane, Esq., 21 Broad street. O 3t*rrc A YOUNG WOMAN wishes a situation to do chamber work .and plain sewing, or general housework, iu a small pi ivate family Good city references from her last place? Apuly at No. 13 Mariou street, 2d tloor, front room. Jl2i?r _____ BOARD WANTED for a single Gentleman, is tho lower part of ihe city; parlor and bed room, with breakfast i nd le i. Address b >x 208 Pest I Iffiee febl St* r 1 WANTED?KOUR OR K.VE THOUtyOUW SAND DOLLaRS, at 7 per cent. half yearly, secured bv nrouertv *nrth IMcnehut principals ueed apply. Address Vestry, P. O , Post Office, IS. Y. |>b4 lw* re ORCHARD ST UN1VERSAL13T CHURCH. REV. O. A SKINNEK will preach next Sunday, (to-morrow) af ernouD. at 3 o'clock, the Funeral Sermon of Mr. Hubert s Uison. In the evening he will preach a Sermon on the effects upon the community of Kev. E. F Hatfield's late attack upon (Joiversalist*. fehfl It* rh WHO CHANOEDTHE "SABbATH f-Hev. Thomas B. Brown will delirer his concluding Lecture on the subject of the Habnath. at the Chapel in lltn street, between Bowery and 3d avenue, on Sunday evening next, at 7X o'clock. Subject?P ocess by which the Sunday festival was suba'ituted for the Sabbath. febd It* rh LEClUKE IN ST. PETER'S CHURCH, BARCLAY STREET. THE VEHY REV. DK. RYDER, S. J . President of the College of ilie Holy Cross, Worcester,Massachusetts,will on Snnday evening nex', February 7, conclude hit Lecture of Inst Sundiy, on the sulject, vix :? " The only trne worship of God, in the system of Christianity, ia found in the Catholio Church." Tickets, 23 cents. For the benefit of the Poor of the Church. Cau be hadat the door of the Church on the Evening of the Lecture. Ticke'a issued for the Lector* of last Sunday will admit the holders to this leetuie The doors will open at 6 o'clock, the Lecture will commence at 7 o'clock. ft4tia*rc Mil EJlTOti? I saw a pteae in the Herald of Puasdn y, asking why ihn con'ractnrs did uor ra on with regulating the6th Avenue Irom I2d street to 37th street. I auswer this by saying. I waa ready to commence fonr weeks ago, but was delayed by the corporation not having it surveyed, and is not vet surveyed. JOHN QU1NN. fel lt*Th IRONSAFE AND COUNT~ERS FOR SALE?A large Iron Safe in good order?also, two Counters. Apply to E. W. TRYON It CO. f6 lt*rb 317 Broadway, ni>sta>rs. OCEAN SJEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. AT AN ELECTION held at the office of the cempanv, on Monday. 1st initant, the following ger tlemen were , elected Directors '.?Edward Villa, John J Boyd, Herman Oelr-chs, John L. Stephens, William Chamberlain. John A Iselm, Conrad W.'l aber, Frederick Hewitt, and Horat o Allen. At a subsequent meeting of the Board, ED WAH D MILLS was elvcred President, and HERMAN OELKICHS, Vice Presid.nt. JOHN L. STEPHENS, Secretary, pro tem. ft lw Ih FOR 3ALE. THE PATENT CORDAGE FACTORY, situated on Eighteenth atreet and B-nadway, Louisville, Ky , will be sold on the premises, ou Thursday, April 13, 1147, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M., and S P. M., to the highest bidder, _ The Bull'lung lira at follow, vi?: Brick Spinning House, 2 glories and basement. 40 by CO feet; brick Ergiue House. 20 by 40 feet; Tuning Hon<r, II by 125 feet; Laying* Ground, 20 by 833 feet; Blacksmith's Shop, Stable, and 2 good frame Bw-llings for operatives Machinery ?20 Day's improved patent self-operating Jennies, 1 Closer. 1 Scutcher. 1 double and I single Lapper. 2 Drawing Frames. 2 smnll Jacks for la* ing from I to IX inch rope, 2 v-rv superior large Jacks for laying from 2k to 12 in hcordage,I self-operatingTarr ng Mach'ne for41 threads Tubes of all, Top Hied Kope-maker's Wheels, Hrckles, ko , I Wilmoth's best Iron Shear Lathe, with chain ana Screw Traverse, and s'rev cutting Chen'e Gear, 1 runerior Wood do.. Lathe and Turners' Too's, Cold Chisels, Hammers, Files, kc , I set Blacksmith's Tools. 2extrn Vices, 2 te's Storks and Dies, Buff Wheals, kc , U-llpins, La per Puis, and extras of all kinds for keeping machinery in repair, 2 O I Cans of 120 nations each. The engine is very superior, and burns bu' 20 bushels Coal perd.y. The machinery is new and in first-ri'e order nud the buildinga.kc .a-e of the most substantial and permanent kind. The michinery atone will produce of No 20 Manilla yarns 2 500 pounds and ofherrp 2,000 pounds per day. There are 2 Spinning Grounds of 60 f.thoms each. 2 Wells, a Pump, and brick Cistern, containing 10.400 gallons water. The very superior quality of cord-ge ana packing yams rnanutnc ured at this eitablishmriit wii| be attested by all who havs purchased them White labor has always been employed and no difficulty experienced in obtaining operatives. Persons residing Eastward are referred to Messrs. Bewail k Day, I'oxbnry, Massachusetts, who are succetsl ully operating wnh the same kind of machinery. Teims of sale; S8.000 cash, balance on credit of one. two, three, four, and five years, with interest and approved security. kor particulars,address, post paid, Geo W. Anderson and Jona'hau Pearce, care of Andcson, McLane, k Barbae, No. <46 Main street. Louiarille, Kentucky. fC 3r r FOUNTAIN HOTEL, J Liuht st , Bai.TiMoac, > January 27, 1(47. 7 ARTHUR L FOGG. > PHINEA8 THI RSTOV, J Proprietors. rF?HE undersigned tiaving succeeded the late firm of DIX JL k FOGG in he proprietorship of the Fountain Hotel, so lo'g and widely known as one or the most commodious establish" ents in Baltimore, take this method of informing the traielling public, that beside the gieat improvement m vie last ?p in", in the nddition of an entire urw wing to tr.e liouae, by ta inch a large number of lodgings were added, aa well aa no extensive Bathing Estahlishment, they have recently had constructed a new Ladies' Oidinsry. fitted op in the most unique and beiutifulityle, and also a piiyate sitting room fur genlernen. which is entirely f-ee from the bustle neressanly iuc de'V in the int-e public parts el the house; an ar ongetneut highly desirable, and which they Batter theutselres cuinot tail to please. In connection with these improvements, the whole interior of the home lias undergone a ihor?ngh revisio ?every thing appertaining to tlia up'aiilstcry i I"the establishment his been renewed, and attendants K>r the chambers se'ected with a strict view to their en'ira capability in every respect. Th- table will 'e found nt all tim*s fully anpplide with very thing t^e market affords, a-rvecl up in a superior style, while in the wry of wines, kc. kc. uothiug will be kept but what ia of the best qu <1 ty. Added to these facta the attention and courtesy which will be tendered by iheir assistants acting under (heir awn perianal supervision, to th?*e who may fivor them <viih a cnll, th'y Baiter ihemsrlvea will not leave diasat-afitd. aa uo pains or expense will hasp red on tlmir part to invet tne want* of the r guests, and truat their hope; of a liberal patronage will not prove unfounded, Baggage taken to and from llie Ho'el. free of charge. ARTHUR L FOGG, 2'aw7mrrc I'HINEAS THURSTON. BROADWAY BATHS LE \8E FOH SALE?K.ight years unexpired from the first > f May rait Tie Bathing department of this exten iTR establishment has lecrnily beeu rebuilt on a new and improved plan, to which has been added a large and eoinmndi -us swimming Hath, and is now the most perfect establishment of the kind in the United States 'I he whole, including futures, slock, kc., will be disposed of on favorable terms; Of ft MltMf would lint ken, well qualified to manage an extensive Hestauraut and having sufficient capital to iuvest in the same. Tnere are also convenient accommodations for any respectable naa ciaucn, or club, either furnished or other wve.which would be let ml possession given immediately, k'nr further information apply to the proprietor, ou the premises, No. 600 Brondw.iv. HENRY DURELL. fn It'rh CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THE STARVING POOR OF IRELAND. THE SUBSCRIBERS will deem it a grateful duty to be employed gratuitously by their fallow citixena, in receiving for the benefit of the distressed in Ireland, donations in money or provisions, and the smallest snm will be acceptable. The provisions will he stored end shipped with the grea'est possible economy end despatch, nnd be distributed in Ireland, through our respective agents in thet di>tre?ed conntry, in em li meaner .is the donori may deeire. Persons in the iuterior wishing to conribntc, can address their donatioui to the undersigned, who will cheerfully give any information in their power. Shipments will be made aa often ai a few barieli can be collected, or the means of purchasing. Our recent letters state thet Americana can never know the distress that prevails iu Irelaui ?that entire families are found dead Ironi starvation?m.d lhat in ininycasrea few harreli ut bread-siuffs would lisve snved hundreds from dea h. In confirnistinii of ihe entire failure of the crops, it is tried tint throughout Ireland, at the lies' hotels, not a potato is seen upou the table. HAUNDF. St CO., 6 Well street. N B?Persons in any of lire ports of the tin ted Sts-es wishing to rend provisions direct, ran ship them to iluruden St Co., Liverpool, w o nill follow their instructions. 14 3t?i?r V A LliiN TINhi-'?VALhNTJNErS. ALAKOK assortment of fln? Valenriues, also Comic Veentities nnd Writers, Kt velopes, St.-, lor tie, allow prices, by N CUKKIr H, 0 9t'rrr 153 Nassau street, cor. Spruce. j FAT BEEF FAT BEEF. ABKAUTIFUL pair of five ye rs' old S'rera, raised by Mr. Puddy, ol Lewis couu y (lias brought the premium of tint county ) It has been announced by our Sea'judges to be the best that had bee" ofTrred for ssle thii season. To be sold on *atuida>, the 6(h el February, 1847, at price, to | suit ihe times, by 1). LAW11KNCK. | No 14 I euro VI irkef. New York 15 2i*r B AliLKY'A UOLU PKN?-fa ONLY THK suhsc iher h is tecently made a gresi red rtion in the I price ol (fold Pens and is now s iling thetn at (4. inclu- ] ring Pro and Pencil. The Pens are of an rxcllent quality, oudthe puhlic may tel y upon finding a rate article, notwithstanding he low price Also Hiu* Welches end Jewelry. fe3 6tis*rre J. y h.AVAUF.. 92 Fulton street. G. B CLARKE. Mirchant Tailor, 116 William ilrtet, heluxtn John and Fulton IB ELI SVC. my reputation as a Tailor is too well estnb lished to render it necessary fur ine to say, what, by iHis , tune almost, every body knows. ' My Black K-ench I loth I) ess Coats made to order, for i $20 (lower grades $16 and $18.) are not ?0 he tqiislled I n i less than $25 at other places I neither take o give ciedit : . therefore, having no had debts, I can afford to sell for small t profit. I White Marseilles Vests, Black Satin do., always on hand. t A few well made,and hands, mely trimmed, Hack Ovrrcosts I are still lelt. whieu I will sell at cost, ranging in price from $10 to$16 fl lw*c 1 SlllTBEtih UK GRAIN. BAGS. A T 'r R A H A M, , AfANUFACTUitBR JIN I) DEALER IN DAGS, . o 80 14 atel strret, New York, . CAN supply shippers of Orain with nil kinds ol Bags, in auv quantity, at ihe lowest cash p icea. The advantages I of shipping gr on in hags are many, preventing w?sue in load | ing and ischarging, insurance is leas when in this form, and . in .lie ultimate it is more economical thin if shipped in bulk. I j in 31 'mis' rh Iiiftw MJRi HARLfcHTON, 8. 8team "iJ fcihN ?llip80UTHKRNKR, Ctpt.. Berr\% will | Ihe east ride of Peck Wlip. on Thim' < BiliSWsES# .lay, (t'C llih inat. No berth aeenred until | I foi. No freight, rarept specie, re- \ t ce ved on the day of departure. All bills of lading signed by the clerk on board. For Peight Pt rasseje. apidy to ePOFFOity, TILk-aTON ?1 CO., II 4tie*rh Ng. 140 W?ter itreet. \ AUCTION NOTICK'H. AUDUBON'S GREAT WORK AT AUCTION^ 1 HW BOOL No. 8 Ballimire st'eet. Baltimore. Md , will-ell,ou Sn'urday morning, February II, iH7, ?t III ' o'clock, ut Uaioa Hall, corner Tiipo? t's Alley and Balljmuie afreet, liy printed catalogue, "Audubon'a Uruilhology," on- 1 xiual (irire $8C0, willi 474 plates colored lo life?one of lie only copies for sale ia thia country. "Milea' Keg'ttnr," tit) : vol. complete, together with all the worka ou agriculture, Car in era. cheutatry, Itc., rural apotta, guuuiug, game, horses, M racing, dogs. hoiiog, aad the y.trioua athletic gauira?generally Loudou editions?tnauy of which were imported be J. 8. Keener, Esq , formerly editor of t'.e American Farmer, for the uae ol the preaenr owuer, a distinguished Professor iu one 1 of the Colleges of thia Bute. The Medical department ia , alao eery uumeroua. Printed catalogues ou Monday, the 6th 1 instant. Consignments received and liberal advances tnsde. 16 4t sdl.VlWItF rc 11. W. BOOL, (ien 'I Auc'r. AMtHElHEMTIl. ~~ ' TIIF ALLEUH AN1ANB. in conjunction with S1U. i U IN I, the celebrated Ouitariat, will give a grand concert it Mechanics' Hall, 472 Broadway, Tuesday eveniug, Feb. 9. 1847. Thg following pieces will cenatitute a part ot the programme:? We come again with song to greet you. lie doe'h all things well. The Atlantic's Kntieral Hymu. The Beoaous, or the Farmer's Bong. Away down East National air on the (Jaitar. Yankee Land. eingle ticketa, SO cents; to admit two, 7S cents; lo admit three, $1; to admit live, $1 SO. To be had at the music s'orrs and at the door. Uoors opeu at 6X o'clock, commeuce at 7>g. fU 4tis*rc Mit. HEJNKY G. TiMM HAS the honor to announce to hi* friends and the public, the he will give a giaud C'uucett of Vocal and Iustru i uiMital Music, at the Apollo Saloon, on SATURDAY EVEMNO, keb. S, 1(47, on which occasion he will be as- I sisted by the following eminent talent VOI:AL PERFORMERS Mrs. EDWARD LODER. and Mrs. HENRY TIMM ; Mr. P MEYER, Mr. WEIZEL. and Mr. BELLE. INSTRUMF.NTAL 80L0 PERFORMER*. Mr. KYLE, Mr. STARK. Mr. BOUCHER, Mr WOEHNINO ; And a full Orchestra, conducted by Mr. UEO. LODER. The Csncert will cnmuieuce at h ilf past 7, precisely. ! PROGRAMME'S ART FIRST. 1. Die Weilie der Toeue (the dedication of sounds) symphony characteristic L.Spohr. 1 THE FIRST THREE MOVEMENTS. 1st Theme?Largo?Oloomy Silence ol Nature helore 1 he Crsauon of Sound?Allegto?Busy Life after?Sounds of Nature?The Elenituts. Id. Theme?Cradle Song?Dance?Sereuade. 3d Theme?Marfal Music?Departure for the Bcltle-Fteld? Eeelings ol those left behind? Return ol the Conquerors?Te Deum 3. Ari, 11 snare e be I Cnnteuto, by Mrs. Loder Pacini 1. Pecoutl Concerto for ihs Piano Korte (played with such distinguist cd success by Mr H. Hers, at his first; eoneen in New York) in three movements with the Orchestra. 1st. Allegro Moderate ; I. Andante Contabile, and 3d, Kendo Suisse?H. C. Timm H. Herz. SECOND PART. 1. Adagio and Rondo hicillauo, tor the Clationett, performed by Mr E Stark, composed by... Iran Mueller. ii.rn.niu... I' Serenade, composed by... .Eisenheler. 3 UermanOleesJj 0ie Kaefi.knaben........ Thruhn. Sung by Meters Selle. H. C. Timin, P. Meyer and Weizel. 3 . Andante and Allegro Vivace, from the Concerto in O. Minor, for pianoforte, with oichestra, played by Mr. H C Timin Mendelssohn. 4. Song by Mrs. Edward Loder Kesca. 3. Divertiaaimento Concertante on the favorite Venetian nir, " U Pescator del Ouda," for three vnicea and fonr instrumenta?Soprano, Mrs Henry Timm; Tenore.Mr Selle; Bsiso, Mr Weizel; Eln'e, Mr. Kyle; Horu, Mr. Woehning; Violincelio, Mr. Boucher; and Pianoforte, H. C.Tim'n C. Czerney. Tickets $l each. To be had at the principal music stores, and at the door on the evening of the Coucert. Doors open at half past 6; commencement at half past 7 | precisely. Nopottponement on account of the weather, let iteodiar 'i'he PIANti taught on very moderate lermi by a Lady A who understands the science thoroughly, and wnonuder takes to impart to her pupils aperfect knowledge ol the theory with the greatest facility. Terms, three dollars per month. a line addressed to " Music," at the office of this paper shall attended to. M33 tinina*re LI S DANriEUSE V1ENNOISE. Madame Josephine weiss would retpeetfuiiy announce to the Managers of the different Theaties and the public generally, tha she has no-itfgent lulhe United States, and wishes all application! tor eugag menu to be made through herself, ana all letter! to be addiessed to her, post paid, in he Herman lauguage. at Boston, Massachusetts. f4 7d(t3t end is ?rrc JOSEPHINE WEISS. LES DANShUSE VIEN NOISE. TfADAMK JOSEPHINE WEISS mict hiermit den fiA Direitoren der verschieiteueu Thes'rro und dem Publikuui insgeaaruiiit bekann', daaa s e in der Verriu-g en Staaten Keineu Agenten nat und wein cht alle nacbf>agen fur engsg-menta bei ihr srlbst zee machrn an* alle Briefe in der Deutsrhen Hpraehe, ! ost frei au ail selhst mach, Boiton, Mass. Zn, JOSEPHINE WEISS. fe4 7td8t3t??dia?rc LES DANSEUSES VIENNOISK. Madame Josephine weiss, Mistress of the Baiiet. begs to state to the Mao tgers ol Theatres in the United Statee, that auplicatious for engagements must be made to her agent, Mr JOHN POVEY, of the Park Theatre, New York, who is duly authorised to makeail arrangements for en Dan 1 lenses Viennoise. J31 tf rc MR PuVEY has read with surprise a card of Madaine Josrphio* Weiss stating she his no agmt in this country , 't is the only notice lie has rrceired of such determination ol Madame Weiss. Mr. Povey licgs leave to state, in lattice to himself, lie has hithaito acted iu that capacity under the written direction ol Madame Weiss, and shall commas to do so until he teceives from herselle withdrawal of such auth >rt- 1 ty. It I wlh TO LET OR LEASE, THE HOUSE known as St Jehu's Hall, No. (Frankfort i street. Enquire of P. M. Bryson, No. 46 Frankfort at. fll 3t? rc , A_ LIQUOR, Eating and Lodging Establishment to I oe aiapoieu oi. * lease ot eix years Irum last May, of JfiitL* prce story brick building on the East river, u?ar Km ton Ferry. Kent low. Kor particulars call at No 10 Dover airaet- IS 3t f h MS TABLE and Dwelling Home to Let?The livery ' stable nud dwelling home 129 Duaue it'eet to let, occupied for the last ten yeara by H Johnson. Apply to o. p. it j. orata?;ap, let 3t*r 31 Maiden Un?. MKOK SALIC ?The leave of that well known atore No. 120^| Bowery, corner ol Oeand atreet, (weat , lido) from the prevent time until lit May 1*18 P aaeaaion iminediate'y Enquire of C. \V. VANVOORHIB, Attorney at Law. 36 John atreet. 15 Stia*r HOUSES No. 371 and 37i HtOAUWAY, TO LET, OR TO LEASE ? Both of theae liouiea have long been vaed for the millinery business, and are brat rate atanda ; they have boih good rear kitchena and basementa, Croton water and good yarda. They are very convenient and complete in their internal arrangement*, and are to be put in complete order inaida and out I Apply to W B. MOFFAT, 33J Broadway. I N. U ?The 8TOHEH are also to let, and they will he let either aepa'atelv or together. fi 3t i**rc DESIRABLE COUNTHY RESIDENCE < TO LET. t M1N the beautiful village of New Rochelle, coaaiat- 1 iug of a large dwelling houae, barn and carriage home, I with a large gardeu, stocked with a variety of fruit I treea and twenty grape vinea. Would be a ceairable aitua- I lion tor a large lamily. or far a hoarding home, the houae havingeiglileen fiuiahed rooma. To a good tenant it will be let low. I'oaieaaiou on the lit of April next. Kor further Sirticnlara euquire of Charlea Francis, 39 Bowery; or Bell k ouhl. 198 Naaaan atreet. ja30 3tawlm'*cc FUR SALE, AVKRV valuable Flouring Mill, with an run ol atonea, aituated on Long Island Sound, where veaaels can go I alongside at nil season* of the year; h a very great water power, a amall part only being required for the mill, which is in fi-st rate order. Also, qnite near the mill, a Country Seat, beautifully lo- j cated. with a fine and extensive land and water view, within a abort distance of the New York and Nevg Haven Railroad, i aud in oue of the moat pleasant town* in New Englaud. Kor full particulars, enquire of WM. J, TOWN3END, Franklin House, N. Y. N B.?The above will be sold at a bargain j3l 3w*rh FOR SALE AT HUBUKEN. AJ. BLK.ECKKK will ?e'l at Auction, on the 10th day ol February, at 12 M. at the Merchant*'Exchange (if not sold he lure at private aale),the two story and attic Irame houae and two large atablea, with four I its of ground, (or 11)0 feet aquaie), torming the end of a block fronting on tlirea atreeta, and opposite the market square ; it has been occupied for the laat eleven years aa a grocery and feed store. Also, that property opposite, known as the Phuiniv Hotel, formerly the Albany Stage House, with two lots of ground Irontiug on 1st and Washington streets; this aa well as the above property, frouti on the water wtto a lull view of New York Bay. A'so, eight ncrea of unimproved land at West Holioken, ! immediately adjoining the property of the late C. H Browuing ; thi* is the highest ground on the ridge, commanding a 1 inoat bt-Miitilul view of the North aud East Rivers, the Bay, Narrows, and Saudy Hook. The Palisade avenno runs ifi- 1 rectly through it. For further particulars, inquire of A. L. VAN BOSKKKCK, Hoboker, j3l9frc Near the Kerry. NOTICE?In the matter of the estate of the late Jobs A Drew, deceased? Notice laheiehy given, that the undermined hare been tinly appointed hy the judge of probate of the county <>l Miehi i limuckinac, in the State of Michigan, administrators of th estate of John \. Drew, lare of Mackinac, county of Michi 1 timackimc, deceased, nr.d have taken upon themselves tin trust, by giving bonds according to law. Mackinac, Michigan, November 21, 1146. WILLIAM T. DREW. HENRY JONES, AAM'L. K. HAKINU, iim-n / nnuiuiriTori ni me attate of Julia A Ufa* Ofkick or th? Lonri In.ani> Kailuad Co.. { New York, Jan. 8, l#47. I 'J* HE Stockholder of the Long laland ICiilroad Uomp'iir 1 ore hereby notified that the Annaal Election lor Thirteen Ui'ectore of *aid Company will he held at the Compa ay 'a Office on Monday, the Fifteenth day of February neat. I The poll will be open from 12 o'clock at noon till 2 o'clock, P. M. of that day,

The transfer hooka will be eloaed from the 10th to the lith , February, both daya tnrlnaive. , By order of the Board, jStofli rrc IMVID S. IVEW, Secretary. , ~ THE LONO ISLAND INSURANCE UOMFAN V. CAPITAL 2H0 0WI DOLLARS, ' WITH Jl SURPLUS. ' Orrtca; 41 Fulton nnrr, BnookLTN. > C4 ONTINUES to t ke tisks on btiildiuei, machinery, mer/ chandiae and property generally, on ihcir mud favorable ( :ermt. Thia company hta p.itard tlir.ingh the two gre Meat lontiagrationa ihat h ive ever occurred in the country; they !*e their eacape from them wiili comparatively alight loaiea :o the av?t>-m winch they have alwaya practised of limiting . mil scattering their ruks. All loaaea which the company pay (attain will be adjusted and paid promptly a* hereto- . . ore. I The Company take apecial rare to notify their cnaioinera in New Vork, of all ripira'inoa of potiric II W. DELAMATKR, Preaideut \ K. U. FINN, geererary. JaS Imiarr mvficE. ~ ; . 17HE co-partnership of Prime, Ward Ik King la thia day diaaolvrd hy mutual eo ,?ent. The outstanding busiursi 1 if the firm will lie li'iunUted by the aubicribe-s I J AM ICS <3 KINO, ! i EDWARD PRIME, r SAMUEL WARD, DEN NINO DULK, ARCH'DQKACIK KINO. I New York, January 2Sth 1247. The anhaenheri have tint dvv formed a eo-partnerahip, un ler tlielirm of PRIME, WARD h. CO., and will continue he Banking, Stock and Eichaijge Buainesa, at tha office of I J he late firm, No. 54 Wall atreet. I? JOHN WASD.ofthe rtrmofJohn Watd kCo ! KI)W\RD PRIMttiJof the late firm of I'ntne, SAMUEL WARD, j Waid h Km*. N*W Yotk, January 2Jth, 1247. lllTmtirc I AB('SKjnii:< i.?. PAKK Trip AT:IK.??nturday Ertning. Felirua" be perform en, (he of l OUk Btlhi'KK YOU UK A I'?Mr Oddingtou, .vlr Ua?i; M . Brandon, Mr. Dyolt; Jack Kprigir* Ci Barrett: Viaa Bruwu, Mr*. Verno*; Clan3*1 Oddtugton, Mr* Suthetlhnd. At (lie c!u?e ol the II act. * (trend PA8 ; jignora Cioeca. Higuorina Mantin end Hicinr Morra At the end of (lie comedy, the PAS dCISsL, by Signer Vforra end Simira Ciocce. To which will be added, the MAN WITHOUT A HEAD -Mr. Obliviou* Top, Mr (i Barrel. The whole to conclude with LA POLKA, by Signori t'liiccaaud klpu Morra. 1 Lloor* open at ?Xi o'clock; and the perrormaaeea will eom- , incur* at T o'clock D' aea >1; Pit 50 cent*: Gallery 25 eenta 1 BU WmilV i'UIUTKK Batuiday Krrniua, Keb'r (ih. | will be performed the grand opera of CINDERELLA? Prince, Mr Hunt; L ron rompoliuo, Vcche ; Alidoro, Sterena : Dandidi, li Chapman ; Pedro, Hadaway ; Cinderella, Mi*a Mar* Taylor ; Cloriud i, Mr* Booth ; Tluabe, Mr* 8er- | ' grant; Fairy Queen, Mm J Drake. To conclude with 8ARM ATI A'8 HKIlt? Edinond, Mr* Booth; Hodolph, Mr Forreiter; Kalig, Neahe; Elviua, Mr* i Sergeant. Dren Circle 25 cent*; Pit and Gallery 12X cent* Door* onen at (hi o'clock. Performance commence at T. I \fl ITCHKLL'a OLYMPIC THKATIUU.?Thi* (nanirA inn. February ti'h?To coinmeuce with the Opera of the NATIONAL GUARD?Achilla Bonbon, Mr Holland; .na.i .iiarntiiiui. .virs Miierwoxu. After which, the KING'S UAHDENER-Oulochard, Mr i Holland. After which, KHOMEO AND GUILIETTA-Rlioraao , I A. Cruise, Esq; Uuilierra, Wilcoi 1 To conclude with LEND ME FIVE SHILLINGS-M Goliglitly, Mr. Holland. r I Dress circle 50 cents; upper boxes M cent*; pit ni shilling private boxei SO Orcheatra boxes, $S. Doom open ai hal f paal t o'clock: curtain rieoa at T. ITALIAN OPERA. PALMO'9 OPERiV HOUSE, Citainbers afreet.?On Mondav Eveuiug, (th of February .second perlormanee|of Coppola's Opera NINA PAZZA PER AMOUR. Count Uodolph Signor F. Beneveutano. Nina, hit daughter Sign or a K. Pico. Henry Signer 8. Beoedettl. Doctor Simplicio Signer A. Sanquirico. Mariana Sineora bonlard. Oaorge Signer L. Martini. 1Saturday next, fitli mat., by requeat, extra performance ol LUCIA DI LAMMERM60R. lat tier Botea and Parqnette tl <0 Id tier " SO Private boxta for I perxoaa IS 00 " " ? ... . 10 00 Beata can be aeenred at the box oAce from 10 A M. till 4 o'clock, P. M. daily. fJ tOrc A CARD. ITALIAN OPERA ?The Managera of the Italian Opera infurin the puMic that at the reqaeet of aeveral persons, they will give an extra performance of " LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR" on Saturday next, #th February, to give thoae who have opt been able to attend, an opportunity ol hearing that beautiful opera, while it will place them in a poaiiion for the large mtlaya made, and to be made, for the production of operaa of the lirel order. Season anhicrihara may retain their aeata by applying at the box nfflce until Thnraday next, 4th February, at IS o'eleck. ft St rc NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE. (Formerly the GreenwirhTheatre.) CHARLTON STREET. CORNER OF VARICK Ma. F. N. Draw Lessee (Formerly Treaanrer at Pelblo'a Garden.) Mi Fredericks Acting Manager. Mn H P. Orattar Stage Manager. M* W Cnaavrv Treasurer The public ia respectfully informed, that this elegant and commodiona establishment will open lor the season, on MO a DAY, Feb'y 8th. IS47. with a talented and efficient company, including many well known and popular artiata, of established reputation, who will appear on the opening night, in Sheridan Knowlea's celebrated play of THE HUNCHBACK. The parr of Julia, will be austaiued by ADA STETSON. (Pupil of Mrs )VeR*oi?.) whose drhut It the Park Theatre established her reputation as I THE GREATEST NATIVE A' TRF.S8 OF THE DAY. Master Walter, (the Hunchback,) Mr FREDERICKS, [late of the Park Theatre, his first appearance in New York hi fonr vena ) . Sir Thomas Clifford Mr H. P ORATTAN. 1 Fathom Mr. (IE' ROE GRAHAM, (Formerly of Mitchell's Olympic ) Helen Mrs. WATTS. Full par'iculars will be duly announced. During the recess the entire building has undergone a thorough cleansing, renovation, <nd redccuration, end is ia belie ved, one of the moat elegant and eoinlortable Theatres in the ci:y. With the with to meet the views and aeenre the patronage of all classes, the O- < HAKOF.S FOR ADMISSION ??D have heeu fixed at the following rates :? Dnxsa ( inci.x, 50 Cents. Second Tikh or Boxes, 25 I'it fist kniuian. Privatk Boxr.s Five Dollars. OncHnTSi Boir.a Three " Gai.i.ert roa Coi.oagn Tkopi.e . 25 ' enti. A separate entrance will he opened excli lively lor visitors to the 0 en Circle, and > adiea and Families may visit ihia 'Phraire with fnll contidance that nothing will occur to offend the most fastidious, it being the determination of the present Lessee to conduct ihis establishment on those princi. lea which have fur so m-nv v ears sustained the popularity and iri'uvuii'ii ci niuiu i unruen. | A lull'.nd efficient police will he ia conataut attendance, and all t.l jernonable cfiarirter* will be rigiillv excluded Ti e aplendid Wardrobe farmthed by J. (J. Taylor, the celebrated Conumer. Leader ofthe Orcbtitra Mr. Mcti. The Box Office ia now opeu daily from 10 till 4. Beat* and Private Boxea ma? ne recur d on application to M-. W. i orbyn. of whom alao may be ob ained a limited iiutnlier of aeaaon ticket*. Uooia open at half i>aat aix Curtain to riae at 7 pre iaely. The performancea wall usually conclude at or before eleven )'clock 14 3' n r AMERICAN CIRCUS. B O W K R V A M P H IT H H A T R E, TMUS KVENI.NO. I'eb. 6th, an entire new bill of performancea, including the PONKY KACE8. < The flrtt appearance of Mr HOBII8. Mr htND.i and hia Dancing Horae, May Kly, the Fightny rain, Ike he. I The Amphitheatre i< pleasantly warmed throughout. Doora open a' >4 part 1, performance commencaa at7. Bote* 26 centa. Pit 12x. Beau aecured. fl lwre ( WALNUT STR EE TT^EAT ifE, PHILADELPHIA i E. A Maiuhal, Leaace,... W KB la a a, Manager , MR. CnLLINfl'S~8IXTH NIOHT. SATURDAY KVKMNO, February 6. 1147,will be perform ad the Comedy of THE SOLDIER OK FORTUNE. Captain O'Ronrke M- Collina. I With the Song of " The Bold Soldier Boy." After which, the laughable Farce of HIS LAST LEGS. O'Calleghan Mr Collina I To conclude with, far the 2d time, a new drama, eutitlcd the i BATTLE OK LIKE. t Michael Warden MrLiehiuga , Clemency Newcoinh Miaa Kiaher On Mondar, Mr. Collina. i | OLYMPIC THEATRE. , MR. WaLCOT retpeclfully aunouncea that hia BENEKIT will take place on 1 TUESDAY EVENINO.Jth February, 1017. in which occaaion will he performed, for thia night only, he 3d, 4th and 6th <cn of Sheridan'a matchleaa comedy ol the ' SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, I (with the following powerful caat): Sir Oliver Surface. Mr. J. Ortene, (by the kind permianon if Ueverua, Esq.); Joaeph Surface, Mr. W. C. Clarke, (by j , he kiud perinuiion of A. W. JarkiMi, Kaq-I; Sir Harry j dumper, (with the original aong) Mr. Auatin Phillip*, who I ia* kindly volunteered; Crabtree, Mr. Mitchell; Moaea, ! . Mr. Holland; Sir Peter Teazle. Mr. Nickinaon; Charlea ; Surface, Mr. Walcot; Lady Teazle, Mr*. Walcot. 1 i After whirlt, fcr the lirat lima here, the celebrated comic Opera of ihe BARBER OK SEVILLE.' < Kiorello, Mra Tiram; Dr. Bartolo, Mr. Nickinaon; Figaro, I Mr. Walcot; Roaina, Miaa V Crime I I WITH OTHER ENTERTAINMENTS. 1 > Box Book new open.; lb 2ina*rh TO THE INHABITANTS OF NEWARK. the recently constructed MODEL OF NEW YORK, ?* E. PORTER BELDENWill remain on Exhibition for a lew day* only, at MILIT\RY HALL. NEWARK. Hour* of Eihibition from 9 A. M., to 10 P. M. (t/" Tirketa. 2i cenr?. Seuon ticket*, 90 centa. 18 IQf rh | FIRST ANNUAL BALL OF THE ITALIAN (JUAKDH, to be given at the AroLLO Sauoorv, on MONDAY EVENING, Feb 8, 1017. ! Ticket* can be had ol any of the following committee I I'apt. J. Avezr.ana, 21 New at. Lieut. M. (4. Lenghi, Ittli at. nrar 3d avenne. Koaigu Iir. Altrocchi, 19 Wooater atreel. Scrgeint I. l evy. 120 3d avenue. Corporal I. Negretti, 240 Water atreet. janM,27,30,1.4 ?.8i??rrc < FIRST COMPANY MONTGOMERY GUARD'S 1 ! BALL. i THE SIXTH ANNUAL BALL of the Montgomery ! , <>uard, at Tammany H ill, on Monday evening. February flth, 1017. Sir. Wa-lacr'a celebrated Bind la eng> ged lor the ocraaioo. Ticket* can be procured Irtuu the follnwi..g gentleinrn Captain John McMahou, Lieutenant Kelly, h.iiaigu I P. Collina, Serjeant Green, I'. O Brian, I'. Urennan, G orge llarrioli, T. "ariick, C. (). Mnhony, John < unningham, ; \ Win Maloy, Grorge Rice, and at the bar of Tammany Hall. , ti 3t ia*rrc I I "HI BREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY." 1 THE eighth annual Ball, in a d of the fuudi ol the above j Siciety will take place a; Ihe Apollo Hoorna, Wednea- ' lay. March 3. 1147 Ticket* annulling a gentle-ana and two ladiea, Five Dollar!?To be had of ihe folio'* ing committkb <r annAsorMasra. 11 AU.N80.N.7- William airert. LEWIS M 4WHON, m 3 Water atrerl JOHN LEVY, 134 William atrret LVONEL A .MYERS,!a Meade atreet. H .U IITMIIII ilirci. LKWh H LKVV . 49 Maiden ' ane. 'I HV LVK8TKH BRUSH,cor Pine and Water ata. , (fl AKLKH rt. LVONa, 36 t edar street TJ WkHtomlr NEW GALLERY UE THE MNE 1 ARTS. X'HE Exhibition of the Winks of Art belonging to this luatitniiop ii now open at the Rotunda in the Park.? I'liree hne pieces of Mcnlpture by Itrown have been lately < nlfled, eix : lliith, presented by Miss Klin Micki ; The Boy t Kid Hog, the gift of t harlea M. Lenpp.Ktq , and Adonis. . In addition to the abnye, and a valuable ratalogne of Kn [ravnifa, ti.u yllgetlwlnklMWOtWrtuilMOf Empire . ind Voyage of Ll e. bemdri other fine a|ieriinena of Ainrri ' tan Art, by M ant, Inuhain, In man. Kdmonda, Durand.Lhap I nan, Itosherinrl, and others. I The llalieav la open daily from 9 A M niitil dark, and on | Vlond iv and Tuearlav Evening! only until 10 I'M. Life Stem'-rra iip oue dollar : auigle admiasion 35 rents ? ^ntalotuea I2ty rent". d3t lieeodia* CHESNUT STREET THEATRE, i PHILADELPHIA rHE Subscriber* liarmg leased the ahoye magnificent ea. tahliahmenr. offer the ian a o rem by the night or week I until their return fr im the south on the lar N.arch ] I Pull particulars ran be obtained of Mr Uminore, agent f*?r | he leasers, at the bog offirn, erery morning, between the lours fllandit All eoraniiimeatini a mint be addressed to sir 'inniore, poat-p ud. or they will not be attended to. ' jJtfgbr. hKOUI.N k FRAZKR. -vlUOiG. i BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES Ii reiihtd with the i Violin, Harp and 1'iano''nrte, or my nmbei of Inalru- | neata '1 he music selected from the moa Inal.iosablss Opea'a. By R. AYLIFFK, 8 AYLIFFK, 1 I. AVLlFKKand (I AVI IKKK, U oilier*, Prnfeaiore, 1o 1 TJ Kim street corn*r I Hownnl j7 lm*f I City KiaInn'ttavca Company, I _ .New York, Kebiaary 1, 1117. ) , IVIDEND.?The Hoard of Directors of this I 'ompany, hare declared a dividend of aig per cent, lor the last ail nontlis, payable to the Stockholders on and alter the Ikth iiiUH By order, D. I- ( I RHY, Beet entry. I \'T 1 he transfer Bi ' lc will he cl ?<d until Idih instant. s niwrt- *s > ? TO THE LATES5T MOMENT. ?= TM liUUH Al'lllC. WAtHirxiTOn, Feb. 4, 1647, The Soutborn mail i? la?nothing touth^ol Mobile The Steamboat Ttucaloota burnt her boiler* on the I3th, on the passage from Mobile to Tuacalooia, killing, 11* supposed, twi nty periona, and wounding many more. Ai-aeNT, Feb. 4, 1347. The Western mail due thi* evening, (ailed from be rond Utice. We?tli*r cold. In our markets there 1* not much doing. Buyer* of food Ueneseo are plenty at $8 24 ; icllera a*k f>6 37>, a 40. Not much grain in market. Corn, 79 a 81 cents ' Vh NO Phiita nnU 9ft a 97 *.? . 1 AAA U -e loll at 3'J cents; barley 58 to cant*; malt, 87X :ent*. No *ale* of whisky. Utica, Fab. 6,1W7. A tiro broko out at li o'olock, lait night, in tha foun. dry part of the establishment of Messrs. Bailey, Wheeler St Co., and communicated to the four story brick building in front, which w a* consumed. Mesira. B W. j kCo.'aloiaia aAout $10,<X!0-insured $5,000 ; J. Puffer kCo.'a losa iaabout $3,600 The third story waa occupied by E. K. Browning, aa a card manufactory?loaa, $-2,600. The dwelling hauso of Dr. Pomaroy was demolished by the falling of the walls?loss, $400. Mr. 1 Kukland wa* severely injured by a wall falling on 1.1 m, but it ia thought he will recover. Baltimobx, Feb 6, 1040. | There i* more activity in stocks, with an upward tendency. Wa notice sale* of Howard street flour at $? 76 ; of prima white wheat at $1 28; yellow corn at 04 cents; at* at 38 cants, end corn maal at $6. Provision* are in better demand. The mail* from the south and west are in, but they furnish no news. There has been a heavy storm in the Chesapeake Bay and on the coast. We have no report of the damage as yet. The weather is .cold. AFFAIR8 IN WA8HINQTON. CONGRESSIONAL PROCTEDINGS. TBLEGKAPHICi Senate. Washiwoto*, Feb*?,1847. A bill was reported from the committee on claims to pay Messrs. Dawson, Schill and Whitney, for vessels and supplies furnished the late republio of Texas. The committee on military affairs made a report that the Senate insist upon its amendments to the ten regi. tnent bill, aud disagree to those of the Home. A committee of conference was ordered. The Indian appropriation bill was taken up, and some intendments adopted. An amendment to continue the Cherokee commission, era lor another year, was rejected. The hill was than passed. Tho three million bill was then taken up, and Mr. Berrien addressed the Senate at length in reference to the Mexican war. Gen Cass offered a substitute for Mr. Berrien's amend ment, setting forth " that as the war .exists by the act of Mexico, according to the declaration of Congress of May lasr, the interest and honor of the country require its vigorous prosecution, and indemnity from Mexico for wrongs committed, and that tha nature and extent of such indemnity are proper subjects in the first instance for executive consideration, und when negotiations lor peace are opened, subjects for the ratification of the Senate." The Senate then adjourned. House of Ilepi esentatlvrs. Mr John Hinsv, member Irom Illinois, for the uutx. pired term of Col. Baker was qualified and took his seat. Consideration of the civil and diplomatic appropriation bill was resumnd in Committee of the Whole. The amendment of Mr. KaTHauN to pay the heir* of Daniel D. Tompkins, was declared not in order. 8nndry amendments were adopted. The bill was then reported to the House and passed, yeas 173, nays A Mr. WssTwmiH disclaimed having moved to atrika rut the rresident'a salary, stating that his motion was to itrike out the Vice President's, aad this amendment he ilso withdrew. The Committee of the Whole, Mr. Winthrop in the rhair, took up the private calender. Several bill* ware conaidored and reported to the House, and then, before 3, the House adjourned, being without a quorum. BY TUB MAILS, Washinoton, Feb. 4, 1847. The Senate was occupied to-day upon private bills. The House upon the civil and diplomatic appropriations. The numerous candidates tor ofllces in the ten now regiments are out of patience at the delay in the final disMsition of the bill. The delay, however, has been an idvantage of 16 or $10,000 to the city of Washington. A design is in contemplation of another galvanic expo'iment upon the corpus Hr/unetihui of the Lieutenant General. Mr. Wentworth to-day, or six feot aix, made a descent ipon Father Ritchie on the tea and coffee question. We inly hope that the old ptdrr will not submit to be treatid in this way. He has been picked and cuffed enough, n all conscience. We have no notion that he should he node the scape-goat of all the little spites of the fecions. He ought to adopt the plan of Blair, (as far as he s able to adopt the cut and thruat style,) of slashing imong the mutineers, until he makes an example to the rest by a decapitation or two. The nomination and confirmation of Mr. Kldrsdgo of Texas to a puraerahlp in the navy, looks well to that more general act of justice, the admission of tne officers of the late navy of the late Republic of Texas .into the navy of the United States. Arkansas hat issued instruction! upon this subject, and we rather expect that Texas will never give up this point. If the does, she has no pluck?that's all. Tha select committee appointed to examine into the management of the Washington City Alms House, have made a report to the Common Council, which discloses a state of things most disgraceful to all concerned. The Intendant, a Mr. Butts, (judging fiom this report.) deserves to be flayed alive Whites and negroes are piled together?five herrings a week, putrid beef, shin-hone soup, coffee made oi burnt crust* of corn bread, dead bodies suffered to lie exposed for days together in the open grounds, or intbe barn, and barbarities little short or murder, are a part of the catalogue Tho avarice of the Intendant, it appears, was insatiable, leading him to appropriate the proceeds of the asylum, the labor (extorted even from the sick,) of the inmates, the effects of the dead, and the supplies for the poor wretches put under hit care, to his own purposes. Wo doubt whetbor anything in tho work house system of Great Britain or Franco, can exhibit so nauseous, mid disgraceful a piclure. If there be a cause in which the interposition of Judge Lynch would lie a righteous infliction, even to burning alive at the slake, it it this cose, and this Intnn of tho Washington Alms House II u,.,nl.l i.? .. mockery to humanity to allow thu man the honor of a tuirial by tha aide of a highway rohber, for tho robber'* (boat would rise up at the outrage, if thu official report ) true. TWJBHTlf-NlNTIi CUNUUKM, SBCONII SESSION. Senate. WaiHiaoTOi*. Feb. 4, 1847. Feiocioui north wester Comparatively thin araemdage in the Capitol to-day Wind loo high Prayer by lee Mr Hprole. Journal of yeaterday. Morning buaitea* of petition* and report*. racipic aan.aoso. Mr Dn pre*entad two momonula from the State of Sew Vork, in behalf of Whitney * railroad achenin. ionian bill. On motion of Mr. Bpiioht, the Senate took up the bill >f appropriationa for the aupport of the numerou* Indian ribe* and part* of tribe* under the paternal care of I'd:le Sam. Mr J*ai**on* moved an amendment of aome fAO 000 or the payment of claim* due to the Cherokee nation, inder 'he treaty of 1848, together with intereat on the mm lor one vaar, in default of payment by the United Mate*. Agreed to Another amendment by Mr Jaanar.m wai reveled? when On motion of Mr. Sa*iaa, the Senate laid thu bill Hide, and took up the Tuaaa million bii.i.. Mr B*dorb, in the abaence of Mr IWrien of OeorgM. mm indisposition, who denred to apeak upon an amendment to tliia bill, anked that the bill bu postponed till to nortow. Mr Sanaa, Chairman on Foreigu Relation*, could not l**ent. We had no time to loia. and aa it appeared there waa to be a debate on the whig aide of the chamber on Ihia bill, ho hoped it would be taken up, and In the ahlence of the Senator from (ieotgla, aome other Senator could proceed with tho diacnaaioa. Alter noma conyertatio , Mr. Bamira made tha motion to poatpone till to-morrow which wa* agreed to The hill for ten regiment* of regular*, with the amendment* of lb# Mouse, waa referred to thai ommittee on Military Affair*. Mr. Mae* moved to ptocecj with the calendar af pri rate hill*. Mr. Dn naked for the regular calendar, the flrat bill of vhich ia the bill concerning pilota and tha pilot-lawi, or ' i bill for repealing the pilot law* of 1*87. Mr I>I? wiah id tbi* bill to be taken up It had been postponed a long ehile. It waa a meaaura of great importance to every worthy and enterprising claaa o| aeo, and 11 takoo up ha 1 I would occupy hi't rotre iwenty-li.? or thirty la expla.nii il lo lua .'..nate He Wiii overruled, however. (oil the private calendar ?ui ukcu up , und a cousidereblu hsl ol reliaf bilU tM di>lK>sed of. Mvvm of KcpieicnUUvei. WiiNinuTOa, Feb 4. 1847. ?? *t?twi)?tm Hac ling mm. iitcmil ovbo thi coals. Mr V/cntwokth rose to a privileged question. Thar* was a little objection st first, some mem bora having seen a copy of the t/msn in bis hand. The HrsAare renuatt. d the gentleman to state the question [ We don't want lo hear it" " Oat along John, get along, John "] Mr. WarnwoaxH left the seat ut which ha was recog. nised bv the chair, and took a mora prominent station in the hall, having a copy of the t/nion in one hand, and, a manure i ipt reply in the other-the poison and the antidote. Mr. Ritchie says, (looking at the official shoot.) that 1 msde a " pitiful apology" to " excuse,or palliate, my " defection at once" from my " party and dntjf," --.u. .? f, I ??Mressou my view* against the tax on tea and cotton [Laughter] Now, I wu always of the democratic party, ai 1 presume I shall to remain. He ipeaka of my remarks, as published, and as being " stripped of their vulgarity and abuse." Not one-tenth I of my remarks was published in that paper, nor in the InttUigenctr, nor did 1 revise them, or see thi m. Father Ritchie invites attention to that which can't he found ! Why does he or his reporter mis re port me one day, lot it pass to the world, and the very next day call attention to what is not there, is not printed 7 [Mr. Kennedy? "Don't cry." Ha ! ha ! ha !J He speaks of my defection from my party ! And of my " vulgarity !" I nave heard it said that old documents were dangerous things. I would not,if 1 could,say ought against the standing of the Sintlemen at the head ol the Administration. 1 hold em as highly as any other individual holds them; but when a new creed is to be incorporated into the principles of the democratic party, I have as much right to tho taking in of new articles ss they have to seek to introduce them. [" Of course."] The Union savs 1 moved to strike out tne appropriation for the President's salary. 1 did so meiely to nave a motion on which to base my re I marks against a tax on tea and coffee. Now was it right to endeavor to convey the opinion from this, that 1 am opposed to the President? Is it right? I will merely | say to this that, so lar from being opposed to the President, I will go for him again If he be nominated by a democratic convention. It is the course of the editor of ; the Union, if anything, that fans the embers of abolitionism. He has broken down the democracy in seme of tho { free States, and will in the remainder. [Mr. Kennedy? " Let's siDg a requiem over the death ot the demooratio party!" " Agreed!" Ha ! ha! and much tittering In I Sleepy Hollow ] This article is a bill of indictmer ' yes, a bill of indictments against me. The rod is et. .-> to my Hack, but is intended for persons standing h.g- v | [Mr. Kennedy, the responsor?" You're the tall' >' n.s : ever saw." Ha! ha!] He calls me anapost^t- from t o i democratic party! Ah! who talks of this? -.-It tot i that word, Father Rltchia. [Laughter]. Touou it not? hands off! ["Touch not the lute!" "Touch not the organ!" Ha! ha!J If you hava one prayer which yeu i desire should be heard abova another, it wes thnt that I word shall be expunged from the Kngliah language. [Hatha!! This man, who aita as Procrustaa himself, gave | " aid and comtort" to the enemy?to the whige? in IriM. Every bank director, stockholder, cashier, and whig edito was then quoting Thomaa Ritchie. What! he read me out of the party! Ha! I shan't ge out! [Exceasive | shaking of aides, and consequent laughter] And fortnI nate shall we be if we keep Father Ritchie in the next Presidential election! ["That's a good hit"] What did John Randolph say of him? That ha waaa man of aeven principles?five loaves and two Ashea. What did Wm. J. Doano, in Iks Jtnrs, say of him? What said General Jackson, when he heard that Ritchie was to be the editor ot the Union f When I, and all men of like feeble frame shall bave dwindled away, there stands the letter of Oenernl Jackson against that man who dares to knock down an humble individual in the rmnke of the democracy! Mr Ritchie says I am the butt of the opposition ' he whigs. I was their butt in 1830; when ne was their pet. The charge has no terrors for me. [" You're liko Pickens ; you were both insensible to fear"] Mr Ritchie says I failed " to acquire the slightest consideration in the House." If ao, persona who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I" This is lich " "very"] The House has not, ofllci illy, expressed au opinion of me. Where hat the public printer been treated so badlv as here I The House has never treated ma so If I am reduced so low as he taya I em, lie ought to seek my company ?lor misery loves company. If ever man was treated hadly, that man is Thomas Ritchie. Now, I want t 'o he understood that wa brought him here to do whst Ulu r and Hives refuted and scorned to do viz : all thai kind of dirty work which no other man (-f respectahilitt) would have consented to do [Laughter "What's that? to wash clothes? You called him a washerwoman the other day " Ha! ha! "Where's lohnson , Ritchie says he was fonnd in Wentworth's bad company " " Andy will he along eome , other time "J Tne xentlemxn said much more, but hi* voice. ?t time*, suck *o low (he is ?i* an t half fret) * not to be heard with distinctness Thoae who hail gathered in little squads, in the area, to listen, s altered at the tap of the hummer; aoine saving, "We'll look for what H tchie ha* to nay to all tin*," " He won't make him captain." r " Wentworth'a h strong team at home, an I a thorough built loco," "He gees it while he'a )oung " "Ritchie like u prize-fighter, lie take* the hard licaa," etc [Mr. Wentworth'a crime uppeared to be, that he bad aaid Mr. Ritchie'* lectu-e* to Congress were a new edition of Caudle lecture* ] a aiianoR or icitfi-THi *11-Hiaion. The preclude to the day'* proceeding* having terminated, the H,'U?n reanlved itielf into a Committee of the Whole on the Stale of Ihe t'uion, and took up the bill making appropriation* for the civil and diplomatic expenie* el the government for the year ending J una M, 1848. ,V1r. Bevebarce, of Maine, gave thirteen reeaena (the number of the original State*) why he we* opposed to the war. Itwa* unjuatly commenced, wu for conqueat, and the money already, and to ho expended, would cenitruct a railroad to Oregon, and u line of telegraph He read document* relating to varioui items connected with the aubject, and thus, in part, consumed hit hour. Mr. CatHcart, of Indiana, spoke about river* and harbor* The veto of the 1'reiident, last session, took him by surprise, lor General Jackson approved many of the appropriation* wnirh Mr. I'olk condemned. a sho*t chaftk* on nevsi.*. ' Mr. Roreris, of Mississippi, obtained the floor, but gave a few minutes of his time to Mr. Biwii s, who moved to strike out the clause oppropiiating six thousand dollars for books for the library ol Congress. 1 find, ha said, that the librarian does not raport to Congress. I am informed that tha larger portion of this sum is *i>ont lor novels ?["What's that he saysT'l ? for novels, to accommodate the peculiar exquisitos of this city and those who visit it. I am not willing to contribute six thousand dollars this year, at least [A member said, "A thousand dollars uro for law books."] Lawyers have as good a right to pay for their books aa others have to pay for theirs Five thousand dollars, then, are for novels. Mr. DaeMuooi.a.?1 ask whethtr it is in arder, at thia time, to oirer this amendment, while there la another pending 7 .Mr. Sawyer.?it appeart that my motion has stirred up a hornet's nest ; but 1 want it to go home to my constituents what is going on here. Mr. DaoMoeoi-x.?1 merely want the pending question put down. Mr. Brodhead, (of the Library Committee ) -The gen tleman does great injustice to tho librarian. The librarian does not purchase books. He is wrong to tay that "novels," as he calls them, (imitating tha pronunciation of tha word) are exclusively purchased, because there are hooks of all kind*. Mr Sawyer.?1 didnt impeach tbe librarian at all. One novel is too many. [Laughter. "One too many ! that'a a pun '1 the w11,mot pr0y1i0?ax axel dote ? rt'blic sexti mint ir new toex. Mr. Rorerti now took the floor, and adjusted hi* spectacle* ?The gentlemtn frbm New Yoik (Mr. King) the other day, in rising to a personal explanation, had x writton speech, evidently prepared with much care.? This was done, no doubt, tliut he might not lie atfectod or thrown off his guard For fear that he (Mr. Rob ' > too, might not be too much excited, he had w down a roply. He had tukon tin fame precxuti" then rend his speech, taken from the subject of mot proviso. Gentlemen seemed to think adoption of this moasuro would be good for Union. It reminded hin of an anecdote. He sC qualified to tell anecdotes or he woul l ; he was nut a poor hand. [" Tell it," " Oh ! tell it 1''] A gentleman lived in Tennessee, and for a long time was contlnod to bis room. One day bo said, "Wifo, wife I" " Well, hits band," replied she affectionately. " I think 1 could oat something uice," smacking hi* lip* "Weil, what will you havu I" " I'll take dome apjile dumpling* " [Ami evety body know*they arc light loo I J The good w:iu ? I What did the do 'J the good wife rooked seventeen? The little *011 win standing by, in expectation that he would got one of them The man ate one, then another, and to on till ho diapo:ed of aixteen. [Miiteen dumpling*:] The lather, with hi* appetite not satisfied, renr.hud out for the aeventeeuth dumpling Tho boy buret in tear*. " Don't cry, John ny," ?n id the mother, loothiugly. "What daddy eat* i* ?for the good of the whole family." [Laughter, loud and long continued ] MrKonKRTi *nut to th 'cleik a itring of reiolntion* from Monroe county, which were read ; one of them approving of the Wihnot proyuo. Mr. tiaovxa asked leave to explain. Mr. ItoHCKT* thought he himielf could explain, and refused to yiold the floor, a* the clock, with it* finger*, indicated that hi* hour wu* near it* terminaUon The |>eople, it would he aeen from the resolution*, in their primary a**emhli?*, condemned the moveo.ent Democrat* in New York, were bidding high for the abolition vote. Northern mon nai I ih-maelve* but a poor corupli ment when they *ay the) will not diiturh slavery whar# it now exiata, hut, if we acquire ahatl b* free. He had translation* liy him, acd would read them, if he had time, showing tha' slavery existed in it* wor*t form in Mexico. Ib> w ool I publish them, however, with hi* remark* On the supposition that wo get terri toiy, what would gentlemen think of him if he were to introduce a proposition that the country may be inhabited alone l>y the people of Pennsylvania, and no other. They would ?ay. " I'llia ta the mo*t unjust and unequal thing we ever heard of " ' hey would al?o lay "New York Indian a, llliiioii, and other tree Htataa, contribute men end mo ey for the war, and yet you give to I'ennaylvauie all th privilege*." How ia this coniraited witn the VV ilmot provi?o 7 It ia? Tho f hairms.v interiupted the gen'leman, th# hour allowed him for debate had expired. Mr. RoavaTt?I bwvn't go hraugh by half Mr. Ash mux wa* assign-d *he fl?or f" Roberta, ask Aahmun to give youao'ua ot hi* time"] Mr Oeovx* Will the gentleman from Mse*aehu*ftt* give me two minute* 7 Mr, Aihmcs- Two minute* Mr. Onovr I reply o the slander on Monro* countr, thnt the resolution* purporting te be pasaed by a conven tiou, apparently to rebuke tho member* from that Sute, are not legitimafa. A convention con?i?ting of n hundred and thirty memhci, met at Rochester tor the purpose of nominating.person* to t o elected to ufllce on the canal An Individual, who only received ten vet#* in the ward In which he resided, out of a hutidre I and twenty, wn* nt the convention, and stayed thera until all tha dalegate* hut twenty-eight had retired The attache* of we cnatom hou?c and the post ofBce aleo re- ? mained until the country delegete* left The reaolutlon* wi re thi n brought forwtrdbv the Inllvxlual, himself an applicant for otfloe, who, duinig the J7th Oongteaa, old hie constituent* to the Tyler idmioiatrxtior, ao<l gv? U