Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 7, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 7, 1847 Page 1
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I' f THJ Vol. 1III, llr, 37?Wbola Ho. IM4 THE NEW TORK HERAID. I JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR, j Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HEUALD-Kverydiy,Priceieeatapareopyn-?7 1 V per aannm?payable lu adv<uioe. WEEKLY HERALD??y?rv Satarder?Price tX ceau per eopv?|1 ikk cenu per mma-payable in advance. HERALD KOK EUROPE?Every Steam Packet day. I frier 6ii crate per copy?M 00 p?r auuurn, payable ia ad- ; yanue. ADVEttTlfKME.NTH at the uiual prinee?elwtyicub j PSjN^AnO of all kiads executed with beauty aid deeMi lettera or eomaiuuiaationa. by mail, add.-eiind to the eetahliehiaeat, um.t be poat paid, or the poata?e will be deducted from the injvacriptino money remitted. JAAfES OOH1 ON BENNETT. Proprietor of the P.i:w Yoaa Hi.rh., Kitabli.hui.rt, hJnrtb!r?n?r of bnltoa nod Na.tan .treett e-ttA V A.OUt?tAl?ntvA* tut! CHANGE OF HOURS ~ SHSH Monday, Dae. aa, IMC, Traiua will rnn at follows:? Lxav* Buoouu/n?<>t 7 o'clock A. M. (Boston train) for Oieenport, Hails, (except Sundayi) ?:o/p;rg al Farmiugdale ana St. Ucne'i Manor. " ?t*)4 A. M., daily, for Greenport and "interinedir.te piece*. " at 4 P M. for Korminydale, daily. Lean OaiMtwniKT-at A. M., daily accommodation train for Brooklyn ' at 3)4 P. M., (Boston Train) or ?a tha arriral o( the aoat from Mortal I., aaily. (except Sundays.) " PP'eit ?t St George's Mw' and darnsired .eLast* Fshsii sodai.,: 0\ A. M. daily, (except Sundays,) accomtnodnu .J train;and 12 M. endSM P. M. Lair* Jamaica -ai 8 o'eloc A. M., 1 P. M-, and 6)4 P. M , lor Brooklyn, or on the arriral of Bnstoa tr-in. SUNDAY TH 4IN8 will hereafter ran to Thotnuon Sta lio'.? leave Brook'yn at 9 A M for Thompson aud Tuiermedio'? ;ilic<i (eommracing Sun'sr the 8th fliTenlifr, return nir leave T.iompsou^ai 3 o'clock P. M., Jfarmingslale 3)4, Jamaica 3)4. Fang to?Bedford, S rente, East New Yark, 12)4; Kace Course, UK; Trotting Course 1"V: Jamaica, 27; Bruslivillj, 21^; Hide ra.k, (17 milew) 37)4; Clowsvillc, (during tbe sesaioit of Court) in)4, Hempstead, 37)4; Branch 37)4; Carta Place,41. Westbnry. 44; Hicksv.lie, 14; KaswiogdaTe, 61%\ Deer l'n.rk,6S): Thompson, 88 Sulfolk Statiou, Si; Luke ,'load Mi-.ti%u,8l lliV; MeOI'ard Station, $1 18J4: Ynphuik,$l 37)4; St. Ueorae't Slanor, 81 62)4; Riverhead, $1 62.W,; Jnmeaport, tl <1)4: Mnttetuck, SI <3)4; Cutehogue, tl 62)4; Sontnold, $1 62);; Greenport Accommodation Train, S> 73; Boston tram, S2 35. Hinges ure in readiness on the arriral of Traina at the seyeral Stations, to take pastenge. t at Tary low farea, to all parte ol the Island. Uatrgaire Crates will he in readiness at the (hot ol Whitehall slrert, to receive baggago l.r the several trains. M minutes before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn sida. The steamboat "Siatesnnui* leaves Greenport for Hog Harbor oa the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklyn dttrh NOTICE. _Hlftim aA On and alter Friday, November 20th, tha ?vntf^ftJi^*steainhoat SYLPH, Captain Braisted, will TTi i -MTTf ?' * the following tripe to end from States Island until farther notice, viz >? Lesve New York I Leave States Island. At 9 A.M. At <X II A.M. I 10 1 T. M. I 13 M 1)4 ** 2 P. M. 3g " I 4)4" a!8i REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH k WOR- a>?4 . dMlfl 0A 4JE8TER, without change ol r'^W JPOhrs or Baggage, or wilhoul^^H||K , WJ9L. icroseing any harry. sseuiteas tokiug their acuta at Norwich, are lusuri-d their * i te through to Boston. Tins being the only inland route IU t coinmnnicates . through by steamboat and railroad. Peaaengers by thia liaa are accompanied throngh By the conductor of (he train, jyhowill have particular charge of their baggsge, and who will otherwise give hie attention to their ease and comfort. This line leaves south side Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Batterv Place, daily, (Sundays excepted)at 4 o'clock, P. M., and ai.'.-ves iu Boston in lime so take all the eastern trains. The new steamer WORCESTER. Capt. Van Pelt, leaves vrr> Tuesday, Tharsday, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, 1*. M. 7'h steamer CLEOPATRA, G'apmin Williams, leaves S7fry .Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock. P. M. For furtlier iuformatioa, inquire of J. H. VANDKHB1LT, No. 3 Rart?ry PI >e? Nnrlh K'ver. d23 r.f re JgT WINTER AR'tAMUEMEN l'S.-lhe Cm?gi* Norwich, Worcester and Boston Kail Road "W ' mL and dleim Transportation Line?The snbstauti d siram propeller Trumbull, Captain Daniel Havana will ma regularly betweou Norwich and New York, making two passages a week; leaving New York Irotn pie. 12 E. K. Old slip. For freight, whirls will be takeu at summer rates or passage, having elegant accommodations apply to the Captain, on board, or to E. A. BILL, Norwie.h. Conn , and to jn it?-r .i.ix " miiud^. i" ?Diir{i>r.. INmtlfufli. UNITED r?TATE? MAIL LINK gtiS fOR ALBANY AND TROY, VIA kafiga*Un dg*i>ort and Honsatonie Railroad. DnrJKi i ** <*r lag last summer, the Iloaaatoaie Reiiroad hex beee lelaid with a heavy H Kail, from Bridgeport to the We.hrru ltmlmail Through bv Daylight, daily (Sunday's excepted) at o'elnok. A. M. The Bteambaat MOUNTAINEER. Cspt. W. H , 1 leave* the loot of Market street. K. R , for Bridgeport, Daily, at 8Jo o'c! .ck, A M. No freight take* iu the raseengcr Line. 1 Passengers la'i* the Lara at Bridgeport,and without change of i Lara 01 t'sggag* Crates, arrive ia Albany and Troy at 5 1 o'clock, P. Si. New Lara and Locomotive engine* have beau Promed, end the Road is in every reapoat egnal to the best I New England Road. < ?>" A Freight Line hy Steomer* Nimvod, and Mohegaa, dailv?Fre irfit 'larifl??nie as last year.?For farther pas Renters i .quire at toe OiPce on Market straet Pier, and at Living* n and Wells' Ea press, Id Wall Street. fn4 in re <) M. PEltHY. Agent. f.ltli'lort AND ftUHJ'ri AMEti ! sstodpjii. 1$*i CAN ROYAL malu alt AM SHIPS Xi-'viftr tLb./?"! 1303 um* ar"* i 40 ^or,e Power each, na dar contract witutiie Lords of the A'Jrni , ** HHUCKM-Vmo. Lapt. A. Ryrie LALEUorjA Cap.E. U.Lou. , BRITANNIA Lapt. J. Hewitt. CAMBRIA l>.pt.L. H E.Jndlnag. ALADIA Lapt.Win. Harnaoa. , Will sail Irom Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax. U followaj raott BniTota. nog t iTsaropt. Hi hernia Feb. !. 1*47 Hibernia Jan. 4, 11*7 1 CacaOr* March 1, 1*47 Cambria Feb. 4, 1*47 Hibomia April I, 1517 flibrruia March 4, 1547 ll'iar.jiwE iMt/.vgr. from tloafon to Liverpool ...$110. From Boston to Kalifsv ; SO. No bsrtha iscitred until paid for. These thtps carry experienced No Ircight, exaept ipecie, rcctived on dave of iKi'iiig. For freight. onaosre, or one other information, apply to D. BKIWil AM, Jr., Ageut, A; If k LO.'St6 Wall it. trs* In addition to tha above line betwaea Liverpool and Halifax, and Boston, a contract lias beeu entered inta with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool anil .New fork direct The atearrnhips lor thil aer , vice are now being bmlt, and early next year dne uotice will be given of the time when they will start. Under tha new contract the iicamers will sail every Saturday doriug eight I mouths. and every fortnight during the other months in the year. Ooing alternately between Liverpool, and Halifai and Boston, and between Liverpool and New York. jt r I LrRtiAl Brill." .-UN A MJ IRELAND, ti/as.. aKJ) PERSONS wishing to remit money to I *2, W^i England, Ireland, Scotfai.d. or Wales, will rtTSi'agflL do well to apply to the snbacribers, at tbe ' W "TffrtTy old ?i nblivhed Mills at office, Z75 Pearl '^ " street, where as usual dratts are furnished J for large or small amount! ou the National Bank of Ireland, Northern Hanking Co. and National Hank of Scotl-nd, pays ble on dem uid, nl the iititncr- n> branches throng-.nut tioth cuaiiKiea. wit nut discount; also, on It C. til,V.N fc CO., Bankeii, London, aud i;u C. UltlVlallAW k Cf.V, Liverpool. Ap; I > to h.VM'LTH MPHON k NEPHEW, 1 Ai? '"'I Eit ibliaked Passage Office, 27') Pearl it. PAMBAOU mOM OlUC AF-BRIT AIN ANU IRELAND. iuSwi-t, ^ i AKIlANUr.M- Nl8 FOR 1M7. P\V. IJYIt.NE k oil., Or NEW YORK AND LI V K I'O L, be. ua ihe oldest aud largest established 1 bonse m llic emigrating business, beg leave to call the at- j tent i on of the |Ut> tc generally to their superior arrangements ' lor the ensuing year Pf'sons desirous of srndtug through ' this h.m?e, tor th*i'friends residing iu the 1 Old Country," . may snfi-ly depend-hey will hive immediate despatch, aud j e? - y mei-'s v> i 11 lie t ken to orevent detention in Liverpool. I e Pocket "-hips of this hue a e all tf the first clcas ' pud commanded hy meu of acknowledged skill-ene of J wtai h sa<l every live days Arrangements can also be made ' to fi ward pissesgerv, direct, from Dnbliu, Cork, Waterfisrd, l.oniioudetry,aud Bellaat. Drafts and Bill* of K.iehs ige, given for any amount, paya- I ble on demand, without di-couut. at any ol the priucipal " towns in tie Cored Kingdom (worn the above arrange- ' ra'itt , ihs subscribers confidently esprct that the patronage which i si I esn so I.1 erallv evtendod them lor many years But, will not he withheld the coming season of emigration It mild anv of the parlies engaged for, not embark, the money Will be refunded ne customary. For further partieulara, if bv letter, (post paid ) apply to P. W. bVkNES It CO 5k South street, corner of Wall, N. T. EDWARD HAUL, Agent. P W. BYRNE4 fc CO . ia5 lm*rr? SK Waterloo Koad. Liverpool. J TiTlJ'u.NLY ii.ECil;LAlt LiNb OF GLASGOW g TACKETS Wk J. T. TAPBCO TT beg to inform their friends and the public, thit tl.ey ic wilts for the Regular Line I of iflssgow Packets, sailing Irnm Olasgow oo the L*th, and | from New Yoik on the lit of every month. The following first claaa shins c< mprise the Line I The BROOK4BY. SARACEN. " ADAM CARR, ANN HArtLEY Pari) DS Will ing to ?end for their Iriends in any part of I Scotland, cva have ilieui brought out in the above named . Packets ou reai niabir rem* 'J hey sail liom Olasgow puue?u illy ou the IS h of every month, and are commanded by #* I perieneed captains accustomed to the passerfter trade, and I ruled lor their kindiiraa to passenger*. Knr farther p .rtien - | ar?, apply to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, I ''?r_ "1 c" nth street. Id door below Hurling slip. I M ITTAMOKB TO UUELAMl). ?M. i M M, Ml fihti Itiir. Me III'. IDK, Jr., haa re moved his office in No. 4li llr. < !? y, a d continues to remit money, in snms large or small, to poisonsi residing in any part of Ireland, in thesame j manoei as he and his predecessor in business have done lor the Is -. thirty years and m-.ret also to nay partol England xr i Scotland. j M.... - " ero'tird hv le-ter, post-paid, to the suhseriber, or i person 11 v dei .sited with him, with the name of the person i or persons ui Irel i-id, England, or Hcotland, to whom it is to I ht seut. and nearest post town, will be immediately transmit- i ltd and pain accordingly,and a rscsipt to tbM offset given 1 r forwarded to thn seadsr. JM ml,. E NE NE1 T1UVKLL1NU AOCOnnODATlUNH. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ib ?*AIL from NEW YOWTHK nth.TTT^? POOL THE litU OF EACH MONT Hno* new toea, Ship SHERIDAN, Lnpt. Cornish, January W, ' GARHIlJC. 1 Tniik, Kabrurr X, " KOSCIUs, " Eldridge, March 34, " blDDONS, " Cobb, April IS. pbom eioebfool, " OARKIi 1C, December U. " ROsCIUS, January 11, " SIDDONH, February 11, " SHERIDAN, March 11. These ships are all of the drat claaa, npwarda of 1000 ions, built iu ihia city, with auch improreiaeuts as combine great spaed, with unusual comfort for passengers The price of passage heuce is 173, lor which ample stores will be proTided. These ships are ooiniuauUed by espeneuccd masters, who will make carry exertion to give general satisfaction. N'e'ther tlie Captain or owners olthese ships will be responsible for say letters, parcels or packages scut by thetn.uuless regular bills of tailing are signed therefor. For freight or p assge apply to, K. K CIJLLIN8,14 South street. jal CROWN. SHirl.KV h CO- Lircrpool. ULII EaTADLiloiiELI PAenAtiE uFrl^E, M M. M ^^^^kabl. stbcst, SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW, Assets roe thk "Ulack Stam" Lieu op Packets. 1S47. Liotrpool to Now York 1J47. Ships. _ Captaim. Tns Rot. Tnt B n Hea, T. K. Kiecraan, 137' 1400 Li-erty, P 1*. Norton, 701 U?0 Cornel,a, ? M French, 1055 1750 Ohio, H. Lyon, 761 1375 Samuel Hicks, T. O. Banker, 15* 1500 Empire, (new) J. O Russell, 1000 IHOO Psnthes, W B Line, 713 1325 Indiana, Jimai l>. lienae'.t, 710 1300 Hagoenot. 8. Urodhne, 932 IKS'l Marmion, (new) W. Edwurw, 9U5 16(0 Peiar Hattrick, J. D Putt, 670 1300 P lisibi th Deniaton, ?. W. Ppencer, 80, M00 Devonshire, W. T. 1 hompson, 800 1500 Niagara, (new) H. Kaaaell, 730 1350 Atlas, (new) H. Colin. 790 litO < h?o?, (new) J. L. Wilton, 111) 1100 Sardinia, (new) C K. Crocker, 002 MOO America, (new) YVeare, 1180 I9i'0 The auhseribera would respectfully inform their frier, dr 1 aid the public that they hare adilrd several ipleinlid new thipa to iheir line of parketa betweeu this pun ar.d Liverpo?l, which bat been fatorably knowu aud extensively pilouiaed for a period of more than thirty yerra, and hare no hesitation in assuring those who may wish to make eigagemenu Icr the paaxage ot their Iricudt ftom England, acotliud or Ireland, thai they w ill tiu i tligse ahipa interior to uoae i , poiut of comfort, courenienee and safety, ci a <-f which will tail from Liverpool evety ail daya, throughout the year, making delay, and the couaeqneut exprime latmiiraina at the poit of embarkation impossible. A tree pi trace per (trainer from the varioua Irith and Scotch porta, with bread stuffs aud hospital money paid, may he aertired all at tke lowest rafts; and w hail thnte aetlled for decline coming oat, the fall amount paid will be promptly refunded, aa usual, For further particulars, apply to HAMOiL THOMPSON 8t NEPHEW, 275 Pearl street, or to C. Orimshaw k Co., 10 Uoree Ptaxtaa, Liv'pl Drafts or exchange, payable at aigbt, are alto fnrnishrd lor any acouut, on H. C. Ulyu (t Co.. B-nkera. Londou; C Urimthaw ft Co., Liverpool; the National Bank el'Scotland; National Bank ef Ireland, and Northern Banking Co Apply aa above. fc4 lniT NEW i.UNb Ot LIVERPOOL PACK.ET& month. FVoih New York. Liveipool Now ahip Liverpool, 1150 tout, jSpn> i\ June ? J_EidndRo. r Auguxt 21 Oct. 6 New ahip Qneeu of the Weet, Si??""' II jMn?'ch \ 1850 tons,V Woodnoaae, j ^,m,f ?{ ft* ? N.w Ship Conaty tion.1600 to.., j M April 6 John Briton J Octohor 21 Dee 6 Ship Hotunroer, 1050 tonx, >3Slr " ? I Ira Bursly 1 Noy ? Jsn f These anDstantial, fast tailing, brat class ahipa, all bnilt in the city of new York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will bo deapatched panetnally on the Slat ol each month. Their cabina are elegant and eommodiona, and are foruiahed with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort ofpassea gera. Price of passage $100. Neither the captains nor owners of these ships will be re ponaible for any parcels or packegea aent by them, noleis tegular bills of lading are signed therefor, i'or freight or r usage apple to WOODHULL ft MINTURN, 27 South street, New York, or u> FIELDEN, BROTHERS ft CO., to I re Liverpool Ml Ml ^ ROCliE, bllOTircimi Co. ' ARRANGEMENTS. to and Passage from Ureal Britain and Ireland, by the BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Bailing frcm Liverpool on the let aud 16th of t very month. Also, by lirat clans American ships (weekly.) Persona seuding to the Old Country for their friends, can make the neeesaary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them brought out in any of the eight ahipa comprising the Blaek ti.ll n, tiu li? ?f I- 1 w?i. from Liverpol on [he let ami 16th o< every month. Alio, by lint elate ihipi tallies lion that port weekly, which out igent, Mr Roche, Senior, there, will tee are tent ant without Inlay. The Black Ball, orOld Liueof Liverpool Packeu, com jrne the following magnificent ahipe, and will tail Irom Liverpool ou the regular appointed <lay>, at followt FIDKLIA, lit January, lit May, lit September KUKOPK, 16th " l?Ui " 16th NEW YORK, lit February, lit June, lit October. COLOMBIA. 16th " 16th " 16th YORK8HIRK, lit March, lit July, lit November OXFORD, 16th " 16th " 16th " (JAMB III DUE, lit April, lit Aug., lit December. MONTKZCMA, 16th l1 16th 71 16th " P. 8.?'The public are re?p?etl\illy notified, by deiire of the jwnen of the Black Ball, or Old Line of Ltver|>ool t'ackeU, Lhnl ue paiienger igeuta but R. B k l o hnve permiuioo Trom them to advertue to bring out paneugeri by that line, utd that they are the only regular authorued paiienger agenu of laid line in thit city. We have at all timet for aale drafti at light, for ray amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; alio on Meiira. Preacott Orote, Amei It Co., Baokeri, Loution.wl ich ue paid free ef discount or any charge whatever, in all the ^nncipal towni throughout Kngland, Ireland bcwtltld tad j Apply.! ad.ruiiky l.B-y. llUOntL, UttUl illCrlo ? I/O., S5 Fulton itreet, N. Y , nevt door to the Fulton Bank. The olficeof Mr. Roche, Seur., mat 75 Dublin itreet, j o7rc Liverpool. I PACKETb FOR HAVKK?btCOND 1.1 Nh" J m m M m The Hhipe of thu Liue will tail during the year in the fol owing ouior.? From N. York. F'm Havre. ( Jan. 1, Feb. 16 ShipUTICA, Capt. J A. Peiree, < May 1. June 16 f 8ept. 1. Oct. 6. Ship BT. NICHOLAS. Capt. N. W.S^J; $?? } . EToU'*h- I Oct. 1. Nov. 16. 'hip ONEIDA, Capt. Funek. S JJjJ }; f Nov. 1. Dec. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, Copt. J John-S/ i1'** !5* *ton- ( Dec." l". Jan. i?.' They are all of the firit elaai, ably commanded, and with iccommndationi ample and eommodiom. The price of railage in the cabin ii $104, eiclnuve of winei and liqnori. Apply to BOYD k HINCKKN, Agenu, Nr<. t Tontine Buildingi. No. ?8 Wall itreet. Uoodi nenwio the agenu ' or forwarding, will be luhject to lone other than the eipemi i actually paid. au2l in iVIAKSKILLKa LINK OF FACKKTb m m The uuderui?...ion Slit pi will be regularly deipitehed fri teuce on the lit, and froia Maneillei the 10th of each mon luring the year.m fellowi Shipi. Captair.i. From N.York 'R'CK de JOINV1LLK, (new) Lnwreuce, April I Sept. I kllKSURl, Silvenor, May I Oct. 1 VllCOLF. (new) Kveleigh, June I Nov. I. JABTON. Coulter, July t Dec. 1. MKBRAHKA (new) Wition, Aug. 1 Jan. 1. Shipi. Captuni. From Maneillei. 'R'CK de JOIN VILLF., (new) Lawrence, June It) Nov 10 rtlHSOURI. HRrMT.r Inlv in 11.,. in kHCOLE, (ntw) Kvelrigh, Auk. 10 Jan. I* JASTON. Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 iKBKASRA. Wauon, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These Teasels are of the flrat rlau, commended by men ol iiperienco. Then accommodatiooa, for passengers are uoaur mted ftir comfort and convenience, (foods addressed to the rents will be forwarded free of other charges than those acta Jly paid. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN fc PHELPS, Proprietors No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD k HIN< KEN, Agents, Hre tTonnae Buildings, 01 Wall,cor. Water ft NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE OF PACKETS. flfc Mb. Ml M. Tailing from NewYora on the 1 s^w^^Tatgo w it each month Prom N. York. Fm. ffl'gew ( June 1. July I V Ihip SARACEN, N. T. Ilawhiaa, i Oct. 1. Nor'r 15. f Feb. 1. March 1J. ; Ir. Ship BROOKSBY, H. M'Rwea, \ Nor. V aS*.' &J ( March I. Dee's 15. Ir Bsrk ADAMCARR.JnoWright | Dee^V ' Rept.iij' f April 1. Jan. li. _. ( May 1. Jane 15) Br. Bark ANN HAALEV ,U. Scott, < Sept. 1. Oct. Id. i ( Jan'y I Febrna 1W I These ships ore good, substantial Teasels, ably commanded, ind will sail punctually ot, their regular days. Their accom nodatinns for passengers,are good, and ereryattenrion will he paid to promota their comfort. The agents ?r ' Hams will ot ha responsible for any parrels or packages seat by tbtm. eless bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passege^to^^ fc 17 South street, New York, or oil re REID k MURnAY.jUlaagow ihkgv THE NEW CONSTITUTION?This magni5 nMffV cent, new packet ship will sail from New Vorkon SHLtlst insbinr and Liveipool on the g'h April. The CONSTITUTION is pis l-rgest (being 1,103 tons ! eg liter) aud decidedly ihe m< si elegant ef all tbe LiTSrPool I ines. She is commanded by the distinguished Capt John Jritton, (|n;e of the packet shir Itoci.eaiet) and the ship h a iccommodations unequalled far cabin, second cabin, and itterage passengers. Persons sending lor their friends will lad this the best opportunity eser ottered. Apply ,?n loard the ship, feotof Barling slip, or to ft W.k J. t. TAPBCOTT, N South street, N. Y. I W V o W YORK. SUNDAY MOR . a - -f ! ? ~T\ 11. .'U ? Tf I'll ?T**^ TUE NEW BUlLDINliS JUST COMPLETED And Called the XT. S. : Among the many splendid edifices which hnve arisen in our city within the put year, there ie none which oombincs strength and beauty in a greater degree than the building represented in the above cut, known ai the " U B banded warehouse," situated on Broadway, Kx change and Now streets. The bonded warehouse is five toriea high on New.atreet; the front ou Broadway, t owing to the difference in grade, only diiplayi four stories; the front walls are built of brick and granite, laid in cement, and are two feet thick at the baae, diminished to twenty inches, and finally to sixteen, ss they reach the top. The whole building is 130 feet in length on Broadway and New ft eot and is divided into five stores, which are separated by walls twenty inches thick Mexican AlTulis. HERALD MILITARY CORRESPONDENCE. Camp Mouth or Rio Gaandk, Jan. 11th, 1847. * After remaining a day or two at Brazos Santiago, we marched over to this place, which is about eight miles from Brazos and about twelve from Point Isabel We left our horses at New Orleans and are now waitiag for them to coine over. I am fearful wo shall | lose many of them, as we have had such dreadful weather I ever since we arrived. We thought we were coming to a warm climate, but I nevor suffered more with the cold than I have since we have hoeu hore. This is the sea uu lur noruiers, urn n n?? ncen mowin([ ctl> and (logs nearly all the time we huve been her*. When tinnortber* are not Mowing, tho weather is delightful; but from being warm ecough forwhito pants it becomes suddenly so cold a* to freoze salt wator, and all this time we aro living in our thin toots, which arn scarcely any protectioni This place, as well as Brazes, is very l?w, and the water makes nearly a clear sweep ovor us Wo have been once drowuc.l out of our camp, ami when the water is not over us wu are covered up in the sand. Truly this is comfortable; but we aro all in'flun spirit*. Of course we are now reduced to soldier's fare, but we enjoy our hard broad and pork as much as wo should a dinner at Attar's or the American. Immense quantities of and turtle corao ashore during tlio prevalence of the northers, but of these you know one very toon gels enough It is astonishing to tee the amount of business done here unlet the Brazos. * There are millions of property trere all the timo. nnd nearly a regiment of quartermasters and their clerk*, den. Hcott is row at the Braios. We are employed constantly in drilling. Today hat been intensely cold, but we have had two drills. Major Sumner ot the dragoons, our comrnaudar, is b plandid eltlccr; just the man for a raw regiment. Matamobas (Mexico), Dec. SO, lft4<J. Information just in from Oeneral rattorson'* column states that he reached Ban Fernando on the 27lh. The distance is 100 miles, and the route easy, with the exception of tbont twelve leagues, between .Santa Theresa and San Fernaudo, where no wtter is to be lound. This proved extremely bard upon the men, and the draught animals suffered severely. Tho general had received despatch** from Oeneral Quitiasri, who was at Liaaias with 3,ln? men. en route for Victoria. No opposition, or hew ot opposition, had been encountered by either column, arid it is oxpected they will uuite at Victoria about the 8th of January is supposed, the division will move cu Tula, or parhaps, proceed direct to Tumpico. Oeneral Taylor, sfer proceeding in tln> direction of Victoria as far as \loute .Morelos, returned to Monterey in consequence of an express from HalllUo announcing the advance of Santa Anna's tnnv. We ere still in doubt respecting the situation of affairs at the lutter place, hoving had no dutes from Monterey later than the I6U1. The commanding goners! arrived here yes er day morning from thu mouth of the rivsr, and remained until night, when be took the boat and proceeded towards Cemargo. Whether he is to go on to the head-quarters of General Taylor Is not known ; but it is understood that he is vary desirous of communicating with him in reference to th>< campaign, and probably upon the result ot this interview wilt depend gioatly the movement* of Gen Scott. In all probability he will return fioin Oninurgo nud proceed to Ttimpico in a few days Ilis course afterwards umy be guessed, as well in the United State* at by those ncarertbe scene of operations. It i* supposed you are weary of heating the thousand rumors which reach us from Mexican sources in relation to the war, the plans of the enemy, and especially the exploits of such valiant partisans n* C,malt* anJ others. ii we Driieveii an, we migui never enjoy a moment a an I if we repotted tlirm, you at it djstuuco wuul.l each day hear contradictions of the accounts of the proceding one. Yet if we would give iofoi mat ion of o vents here, wo must >01001111)61 deal in idle ruuior, and, with the utmost caution, the writer of letter* from Mexico may greatly mislead hia friend* at homo ; anil alter hi* surmises or predictions have been diaproved by time, ho frequently has the satisfaction of lien in* hiinsolf laughed at for hia childish credulity. the Lar of thi*. 11a well us a ron?cioin.ns?n of the great impropriety of stating lightly what one doee not know to lie truth, or has no good reason for believing true, for tho wake of making interesting and exciting letters, bus often deterred ane Irom eutsitaining you with the endluss nonsense kii>wn hore as ' rumor," or " street talk " I theiefoie at present omit the numerous, nnd ronfl.c ting as numerous, repor'a in Matamoiaa about Oaneials Taylor uud VVoitb I hopo in my next to give soma well-founded information. o r Q [From the Washington Union, Feb. 4 ] We understand that ol the ten lrgiments of volunteer* recently colled out, the two lrom Pennsylvania, one front New York, one from South Carolina, one fiom Mississippi, and the one from Louisiana, tie hastening to the held Much tho largest portion of tho Virginia regiment are on thoir way. The other regiments are nearly organized, and will probably proceed to their place of destiuation in two weeks No exertions will bo spared to equip the ten now regiments as soon as the hill has paused. [From the Columbia (H C ) Banner, Feb. 5 ] We u-ere politely favoted with the following intelligence, by a gentlnr.iin who arrived jn tins city last oven OK ? Ox BOARD SHir Kllxsilix, r*rx Yonxr, ) January 36, 1817. ) Tlie three following companies, selected by Col liutler a* the van of tho Palmetto Regiment, left Camp Ideaa, Mobile, 4 o'clock, f. M , doth instant, 011 steamer Hello of lied Hiver, reached ship near Mobile Point 9 o'clock, P. M , and want abroad. Major A II. Gladden, commanding. Acting Adjt. Lieut. Walker, company U ; Acting Quarter Master Lieut B ; Acting Commissary Lieut. Durham, do O ; Assistant Burgeon, Dr. Blond ; Ordnance Sergeant, Robinson, do O ; Acting Hergt. Nnjor C. B. Jones, do 11 Company B.?Captain Dunovant, 1st Lieut Walker, 3d Lieut, Cuip, -Isergta , 4 corporals 64 privates, 74. Company (4.?Captain Kennedy, 1st Lieut Claik, 31 Lieut. Durnain, 3 Lieut, fltesn, 4 sergts . 4 corpoials, 60 privates, 77 Company K ? Captain Walker, 1st Lieut. O'B.inon.'J l Lieut Kr.klsnd, 3d Lieut. Williams, 4 sergta, 4 corporals, 61 privates, 76 Wholo number, 337 The accommodations on board are very good, an excelieut vessel, and tho Captain very much of a gentleman. The destination of the detachment not positively known, as tho orders are seulod ami not to be opened until the pilot leaves the ship. Ninety day* ra?ion* of everything on board?and both and piivatt* in fine spirits. INCMiKNTS, kc. [From the naton Rouge, (La.) Conservator.) We been charged with tho hsarotihip ot des. patches, the contents or importance of which we *ro ig 101 snt to this day. but there wax trio conveyance of 11 military sash included in the office, which posarared unusual intersst. By the course ol ?vcuts,,Messrs. Hyde k Goodrich, of New Orleans, had become owners of the one worn by tho gallant Braddock upon the fleld of his

!. . 1 RK t NIJNG, FEBRUARY 7, 18 IS BtOADWAT POlt THE IIOtERSMEST, ', Bonded Warohouscs. II ^ i is IiSgfl INI I I'll IP ' BONDWARBHOUSe "" at the l as*, diminished to IB Inches, in tho two upper I atoiiai. Communication is had through the whole (tore liy means of arched door-ways left in the partition wall*. ' In addition to these walla, the floors are supported by row of columns running, through the centre of each ! apartment. The whole ia cosrored by un iron roof, and I I. ?? n. a.. .... .. --- n- Tt I aro a number of offices In the firit and second stories, in which the clerks are employed. A powerful steam eagine is to be kept running, affording ample power for hoisting goods to the various lofts. The building is capable of containing the eutiro cargoes of more than a dozen ships of respectable size. Or, in other words, it measures, according to ship measurement, considerable over eleven thousand tons. death. It was u singular memento? of itimes passed, end recalled the days when our own Washington, then a young Colonel, hsd watched that same sash, in the terrible tight, and seen it disappear with ita wearer, under tbo tire of theconcealnd rifle of the Indian. Thia sash, so long an heir loom, had been given to Maj. Gen Gaines, to be presented with a complimentary letter to any person Gen. Gaines thought most deserving of it, then on the llio Grando. The old General promptly forwarded it to the commanding hero of Palo Alto and Kesnca da la Talma, and we warn the honored messenger. Gen. Tay lor took the hash and examined it attentively; it was of unusual size, beiug quite as largo when extended, es a common hammock ; in the meshes of the splendid red silk that composed it, was the date of its manufacture, " 1707," and although it was one hundred and forty years old. save ' where the dark spots, that were stained with the blood of the hero that wore it, it glistened as brightly as if it hed just come the loom. (Jpon the unusual siza of the sash being noticed, Usn Worth, who bad joined the party in the tent, mentioned ! that mm was the old fashioned stylo, and that the sol- ' dier's sash was intended to carry, if necessary, the wear- , er from oft the field of battle. It was mentioned in the oenvtrsation, that after Gon. Ripley was bounded at l.uiiily's I.aae, his sash, similar in form, was used tun hammock to hoar him from the field, and that in it, he , was carried several miles, his body swaying to nnd fro between the horses, to which the ends of tho sash weie securely fastened. To a wounded soldier no conveyance could be more grateful, or moie appropriate. May w is fascinated with the sash; lie viewed it in every light, and shook tbo rich fringe, that was only rivaled in exuberance hy his hnir aud beard, ami saiJ? 'die would givo a mint for such n sash if it svas only J yellow." We notice that the one worn by the "bold dragoon," was ol that color. Gsu Taylor broke the silont admiration hy saying, he would not receive the sash,?upon our expressing surprise, he continued - that he did not think he should re ceive presents until the campaign, so far us he was concerned, was Art shed; lie elaborated on tbo impropriety of naming children after living men, fearing lest the tliua honored, might disgrace their namesakes We urged his accep'ai.ce of the piesent, and hs said finally, that lie would put it carefully away in his military chest, and it he thought lie deserved s? greet a compliment at the end of the campaign, lie would acknowledge iters ceipt. The stirring events that hara transpired since he , made that remark, have edded the laurels of Monterey, , to those he then won. and the world, as wel' as the donois of that sash, will insist upon his acceptance of it. NAVAL INThU-rGKNCK. [From the New Oileaus Delta. Jan. 76 ] The U 6 isvvuue cutter Forward, Uspt Nones,which vessel rated so eensploueas a put in the capture of Tabasco, ob this 2tliii of October last, having received ! orders to proceed to the Utilf with all despatch, will j leave f ir the squadron ut en ourly hour this morning.? Tho Forward is in tip top order, having, while here, | been thoroughly oveihaulcd, nnd her armament replaced with heavy thirty-two poundsrs. She leaves our port : with an tfllcient sat ot officers and a pichad crew, and in I tho stilling Mcenss about being enacted in the Uulf, we ; predict fresh luurals for the gallant Nones, and the officers under bis command. Fuccess attend the Korwaid. i The fallowing ii * list of her officers :-Capt. Nones ; ' .lOliri .MCUOW8U, I ?l JleUleDSni ; vy< U. .VIC L,ellU, 2(1 no : | V.4 C. Kennedy, 2d do; Win. F. Rogers, 8d do; Joseph Davis, acting muster. [From the Charleston Putriot, Feb. 2.| We rejoice to learn by a privato letter received la this city, tnat our town-man, Commander Richard s I'inck nay, ban been detailed to tho command of the United Htatea stoopof war Decatnr, now lying at Goeport Navy Yard '1 lie Di-cutnr mounts a heuvy battery of aiiteen 32's. nod ii eai-1 to be a tine nailer and a good sen heat.? Wo believe aiie la destined ler the Gulf Commander , Pinckney waa, it will tio remembered by aomo of our r.-adera, the young Midshipman who, in the memorable gale of 1?|8, on board tho frigate Macedonian, when . volunteer* were called for by t apt Downoa to go aloft j mid cut away the, waa the first to otter, and peilot mod tho perilotia duty ut the hazard of his life. i AFfAIUS IN CALIFORNIA. [From the Honolulu (H. I ) Polyneaian, Sept. 28 ] Wo have received lottera from the coant giving minute details of tho ievolutioir.ily movements in California, previous to the hoisting o( the United S'uto* 11 -g But ; ? ih.s public are already well acquainted with ell that i ia of real interest. we shall glean troin them what infor- i mation we may of another character. The revenues of California, under tho old regime, 1814 and '4">. amounted to about $100 000, which has been chiefly absorbed by the military and their partizans. The avarnge annual duties fur the last ten years have been $85.000?last year they amounted to$l.15 000 -an enoiiiiutis tax upon an im|H>vcrislied country ol ten thousand inhabitants. The public debt is about $150,000, mostly acknowledge I military claims. Previous to the reduction of the tariffby the American authorities, the inhabitants were obliged to pay the following enormous rates fur the necessaries of life:?American prints, 75 cents per yard; common cotton, 50 do; ticking, $1 per yard; cheapest broadcloth, $12 per yard; coffee 37% eta. I per lb; sugar, ,2/? cents per lb; flour, $18; shot 37>i cts per lb; powder, $5. The reduction of the duties to the : Am-ricsii standard will have tho i fleet to greatly increase the consumption, and ultimately to bring the prices of foreign good* to the average of this place The country ia rich in mineral resources- mines of gold, silver, copper, leed, sulphur, and quicksilver are being rapidly discovered. Two of rich quicksilver ore, yiulding 30 per cent ol mire mofil, are now in oporation, one to the north, and the other on tho south aide of Han 1 Fruncisco Bay. 2,000 lba , have already been extracted from the latter. The neighborhood of tho quicksilver minei to thoao of the precious metala, will greatly enhance the profits of working them, and if very productive, reduce the value of the Rothschild monopoly in F.urope. The facilities of exportation, from their vicinity to a noble harbor, are unrivalled No less than as- 1 venty announcements of mines were made to the Alcalde ot Km Joss within the five months previous to June last.; | In ihe rsar of Tuoblo de lcs Augeloi there exists a gold ' Pi?cer"or washing, sajj to be eighteen leagues square. By the laws of Mexico this cannot be held as a mine, but is free to the induetry of any one. The m<"et indolent Indian, it is said, hy washing the sands, cau get his 12 | tenia woith of gold per day. Many thousand dollars i have already been exported to the United States. Tlie Hudson day < utnpany h ive sold out their establishment at San Francisco to Howard A Melius. Mr. L -idesdoiff, late U. S Vice Consul, has erected buildings at tho Bay a* an cxienao of $15,01)0, and lias a valuable contract lor supplying tho Russian Fur Company with beef, flour, end provisions. flour speculation.?The Hiberiiin's news being expressed from Halifax to Kastport, a speculator ni the latter place, named Hyde, imme-uately purcbated about JOOO barrels, at $5 87, $8, and $? 25 lie if row shipping the same to England, hy brig Openango, apt. Matthowi ?being the fliat tnsteucs of exportation biuret to England from Eaatport. IERA 47. ALB4H*, Keb.?. 1347. Vi Writht? Th* Educational Inlir$it? of tkit Slatt? ( TKt Legal Commit timer ?. ? ] Hii Eictlleocy Mr. Wright fet ofl from town on Mon < lay morning lait for bis residence at Canton, St. Law. ' rence county. Ho ii in flne baalth 1 The bill* appropriating the annual revenue of the Common School, Literature and United State* Deposit* ' bunds of the years 1H47 and 1848, which hnve been Intro- j ducod into the Legislature, embody aubject matter* In which the people of the whole State are very deeply in- * torested?tho protection and p-eservation of the educn- 1 tlonal reaourcea of the Stnta. 1 am prepared to commend i j the regard evinced by the Legislature (or the intellec o tual welfare of the generations which are cofitinnallv i 1 coming forward to auatain the teveral rharnctera in the I mighty drama of humun exiatence. Encroachments upon the rosourcoH hitheito employed in promoting the noblo , end important education!/1 interei.ts of the country call for reprehension. These interest}, in whatever Ioiri '' they may ho presented to liio Lagi laturu, are equally j worthy of ita care and consideration. liuitng tho temporary absence of the Chairman of the ' ' Standing < ommiitcn on College*, .Academies and Com It men School*, (the Hon Mr. Kolsoni) a member of that " Committee introduced into the Senate a bill entitled " an act ?piirrpriatiiig the annual revenues of the Common School, Literaluie and United Mutes Jiepuaita bund* of f the years 1847 and 1848.?' The bill did not propose to 1 divait or diminish any moneys heretofore applied to thy 1 maintenance of common school* ; but it proposed to de- , crease very rauteriully, the annual approp: lotions hitherto made for tho supioit oi colleges and ucailctnies?as if these institutions of learning were not equally entitled to the pntronngo of tho government, or as if their aetata- 1 ry influence upon American youth had list ita power ? This bill came up in Committee of the Whole, iu the Senate yesterday, after Mr. bolsom's return ? Through the efforts of that gentleman, who tnged that < tho usual apptopriations to colleges nial academies ought ' not to bo diminished, tho sections of tho bill making thw diminution were stricken out. and the matter deferred i for further coasidaiation. The bill n* thus amended imply makes the usual Common School appropriations It was passed by tho Committee of the Whole, and re- ! poited to the Senate. To-day the Ponnto paused the bill I j Tho House bill, a copy ot which 1 herewith transmit, I covers the whole giouml, and m . 1?< a a proper appro j priation for colleges and academics. It will probably j ) his tbo House, and a Committee of Conference may I j have to he appointed to effect an unJerutaiioiu;; upon the ' i aubject betvt e< n tho two House*. t Tito ro-nnetitioti among the numerous candidates for thu otilce of lrgal commissioner*, is vory remarkable and peculiar. Collier, Wordon and Walworth will very likely comprise tho hoard of codiflors of tho law* Th* i commission to revise and abridge the practice will . create some difficulty in the Legislature, la all probability. The whiga hnvo not been distin- I guished for great magnanimity or liberality. There J mi supposed to have been a mutual < oncnssnui r among the members that one hoard of commissioners should ho composed of two whig* and one domosrut, and ? that the romaining hoard should be composed of two democrats and one whig. But the whiga are not disposed to realise this hope. Thay have nominated two on each 1 commission from out of the six commissioners?Collier and Wordon for the codiflurs, and iraliam.of New York, and one i'eters. a dairyman, who, 1 understand, supplies tho city of ButTslo with milk, and who is represented as lioing totally unfit for the office, as revisors of the practice. Now this is wrong; th* democrats will not sub uiit to it; the Henat* will pas* a bill with three whig and three democratic commissioners ; and if the House defeat the bill, it must bear the responsibility. Th* Senate hid the bill under discussion to-day. Among the democratic caudidatea for reviaora are Messrs Kielil (who is said to he an able man), Loomis, Hill, Ruggles, Stc. Chancellor Walworth is the candi date for codiflar. This is the situation of the matter at present. HiTiM, January 1A, 1847. High handed Outrage Ay Sjianiah Setdieiy an a Private Citizen The object of thia letter ii. 1 hop-, a humane one,ami may it prove aa beneficial aa 1 truly believe it deserves 1 wiah to inform you of the following parliculara of a tranaaction that is a atain on the age wo live in. Being an eyo witneaa of what I will proceed to atate, I con aa aura you of the truth and correctneaa thereof. Laat night, at the opera of "Hernani," performed In the great theatre of Taoon, during the latter part of the laat act, a French merchant captain waa atanding in one of , tho lobbiea smoking a cigar?contrary to thu public law. i The oOlcer ou guarJ came up and roughly told him to | throw awuy hi* cigar. The Captain, (from not having < nndsrttood him, or some other caute.) atill KmokeJ on ? j The officer then caught him roughly by the coat and be ' gun to pull him about; when, ua any man would do undor uch insulting treatment) the captain struck or pushed hun away?at this, aoine live or six soldiers rushed upon him with Jrawii swords, and sabred hia face dreadfully. I can compare thnclaah of the swords to nothing more similar than the clatter one hears in a tinman's shop 1 ask why, whon the officer found the man disobeyed biin, why should ho insult him by handling his perron? and why lie did not at once coll a guaid and arrost him, without giving the captain room to commit himielf further by resenting the insulting touch of a mercenary ? ? why a defenceless man should be subjected to be cut to pieces by a brutal and ignorant soldiery ? Tho scorn of the world, aa itspsaks with its voica- the press, should be hurled at a national government which tolerates such barbarism. We will suppose the captain to have broken the law wsllully ?1st him be arrested harm lastly and severely final, or otherwise suitably punish ed ? but do not allow him to be maimed and crippled for life, for the fault ol a moment, aud that fault so truly small. Every day presents these scenes here Tho brutal soldiery, shielded by their officers, let them do what they will (so that it be not a wanting of due respect to the aforesaid officers) they are overlooked, and why I because it is considered to be a disgrace to the commanding officer if any of his command aie puuished; and the consequ euce is, llist crimss are tolerated fer the sake of pul> the officers. The press is not thu voice of the natron here-it must first be reed over and , anti-freedomizad bslors it is hoard by the many-haa led I Our American press should and 1 hope will givo its public | demonstration iu the cause ol humanity ;and a strong coin j merit frost so near a neighbor aa the United States press, I would go far to remedy the many barbarous, arid no | where else tolerated tyrannies of this patty Colony isu u mon on me giouii, nui lull, would tolerate nil hour such rascalities,and the contempt of all countries should full on thil for 10 doing Huntaolty culls lor some oue to amort that a citizen ii a human being, hs well as, and, perhaps, n thousand limel more civihssd then them brutei of loUieri. Terriiile Catastrophe.?The steamer Tufcaloosa our wharf ubout 8 o'clock on Thursday evening, on her way to Tuscaloosa, and alter proceeding about 1U or 11 milei up tho river, an explosion of two o( lierboiieri ook place, which instantly killad never*1 ol the paiiengeri, and many of the boat i crew and officers Front a ptiasengor on bourd, wo loom tbnttho explosion completely tore up the boiler deck, and shattered the at ter part of the boat (below deck) comidetahly. Immediately after the exploiion, luch of the pusseogrra ai were unhurt, let themselves to alleviating the suffering* of those who were injured but not killed; while at the samn time a portion of tbo saved were making every possible arrangement to land all on shore who could be loand. The boat, after the explosion, swung to Ihe share and grouudod, her item remaining nearly in the centre of the river. A line we* made fast ashore from the stem, and an effort made to bring her stern ashore so as te lend her passengers, but owing to her grounding, these efforts were unavailable. The ladies ware then all lowered from the cabin, by a rope to the lower deck, and from thence sont usliore in the yawl ?all wore saved unhurt. Those of the mule passengers who were uninjured, savod themselves and many of the wounded, by courtructing a temporary raft ol loose planks and such articles as were close at hand. On this, they reached the shore in salety. On lauding it was found impossible to obtain u dry looting, as the banks of the river were overflowed. In tliis condition, those who were able climbed trees, fcc , where they remained in view of the burning ruins, for about three hours, when fortuuately the steam boot James ilowitt hove in sight, and was shortly along side the wreck, when assistance was immediately given to all within reach The llowilt returned to the city with all of the survivors. The number of killed and woun.ted has not as yet been asceitsiued, hut it is fearsd that ol the lormer there are not lets than twenty; and of the latter a like number. The body of Lieut luge was on board, and was lost Kince the above was in typo, wa have learned the names ol the follow ing |>ersons, killed and wotiudcd: ? Killed?Win. Tanueyhill, C. Chiles arid IV F Deasly.of Kutaw; W. R. Hasarl, ol Greensboro; Blue Tastier, second clerk; Clark, Ut mate, and Arthur McCoy, 'Jd engineer; Abraham Flynn, volunteer Irom Green co., and seveial negro deck hands. Badly Wounded.- Capt. K. P. Oliver, (not expected to survive:) George Dirk, 1st clerk, and acting captain of Ihe Tuscaloosa; and Col. Wm. Armstead.?Mobile Re gislrr, Jan. 23. 1 he Mails.?Tho steamboat mail due yaster- . day morning did not arrivn till half past 11 o'clock I last night. The Long Island mall arrived at 3 o'clock I this morning. The New York tiain via New Haven and Springfield got in at about half past H o'clock. The Stoningtnn and Norwich bouts were passe I yesterday at 3 P. M ofT New Haven and probably did not reach New York until 7 o'clock just evening. It is hot probable that they left Ne Yoik until this morning, and cor ?e quenlly no mail can be expected until to night.?Boiian j^rameript, ?ft, ft. Corn in New Jkbsky.?\V> learn from Sorrier- , ville, New Jersey, which is tho wee'em temination of ths SomerviD* railroad, that every granary there is overloaded with corn end meal destined for this market. The facilities of tho railroad romp my, though ample in ordinary seasons, are so small for the transport of this accumulation, that yesterday nearly five hundred teams load* I with coin end m< nl passed through Rome rville on their way to New Brunswick This was done with the expectation of forwarding it from New Bttir.swick eioru speedily than by the Acmervdle road. 1 he brig Venezuela, which cleared at the Custom House, this forenoon, foi Bnrbadoes, carries out a cargo ; of fresh provisions, pecked in ice. ' LD. MM Vwm OUHI VuUlln. The1 buUdln* owned by the echoes Company, and ooSUpied by Homir St Kiwi. drtiggnu M tod Miliar k Vanaantwood, lawyara, and the roat OBoa waa :ouaunied on Thursday night about 1 o'clock. M and V. iud Mr. F. loat moat of their book' Tha contact* of the I'oat OlBca waa mostly ?ovcd. All Inaured except M k V. The Senate of Ohio have, by a vote of 30 to IS, IndeAlitily iioatponed a bill for the repeal of tha black law a to * ta to give blucka and iculattaaa, all the right' and privl t K*? ullc wo.l te whites lu courts of Justice. Simon Cui.lid'hM obtained a verdict with $1000 demurs ugsiuiithe Mayor, Sic., of Albany, for injuries susuined by him iu August, 1810, when the bridge across ' e basin, nt the foot of State street, fell, causing the uath of some thirty citizens, and injuring a greet many there. Th? plaintiff was on the bridge at the time, end ay the fail bud bis kip broken A year ego yes'eulay the electro rrggnetio telegraph etween Albany find Utica was opened, being the first in ue Statu Now the lines stretrh trom New York to Buiilo and latterally- to Oswege and Klinira, and other parts, uobabl) u gi liter ustent aftelegraph, in active operaion than all Europe furnishes B. F Walker, e member of the Missouri Legislature, rom Dade county, was ox,tolled on the 17th ult. for [rosily irnmotal conduct. 11V FOR LITEHl'DOL?New Ltee?Regular Peek. ke^'V't f?r f ebruary K.?''lbs superior fast-sail lag packet BWk, -ibii' OAkhlCK. Captain B. J H. Trash. Mtsss juillieu, V>,|1 ami aaw-bote, her tegular day For freight Of laraiuts. having actum modal urns unsurpassed far splendac Ji eomfuri, apply on board at Orleans wharf, <oot of Wall ' itreet, or to EDWARD K C'OLLItvl, - K South eueet. Price of passage $100. 'l'ne packet snip ROSCIL'S, A. Eldrdge, master, will mere til the (Jntrick, run! sail Mik M.rch, bar regular day. .?-v FOR UV fchrijoH?Tna New Line-It*, gnlar Packetof 21at February ?Tha uew, superior. saAmKa'''< -<>>lbI's packet ship (JO.NS'l ITU I'lON, l,tM ions bitriheu, Capt. Jouu Uritlou, will sail as above, her re(Ular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, large and eomfurtible stale rooms and c.ibiu, apply to the cupula oa board, as west pier Burling slip, or to WOODHIJLL h MINTURN, tT South at. The packet ship hol'ting'JER, ioM tons Burthen, I'upt. Ira Burseler, will luccend the Lonslitntiou, and sail >n tier regular Jsv.tlsi March JIJ K.l A' FDR LIVERPOOL?To sail on or before the iwrjwfc lOtii Kehiuary ?The fast sailing, first class shie sdBmAm'.lf'UsiJ.N, i aptant I'age is now loading aud wU i,ol .is above. , Km freight or pa.sage, having gooo arcommnJatious, apply ou board, Orleiuis wharf, fool of Wall street, >r to . EDWARD K. COLLINS, jn?i* Pit Hueik street. FDR HAVRE.?'The French uaigue VlCiOh MML c"pt'LeKuy" fnii or to BOTD fc HINCKE v. Brokere. Zdc." FOR NEW ORLEANS?Loaisiaua and New iKHTk Fork Line of rackets ?Regular packet for MmSuUHwday. February lith.?The splendid fast sail'ag paekt ship HF.BKON, Daptaiu Orrgg, will ptMiti.eiy sail as bore, Iter regular day. F'or fieigbt or iwssige, having handsome accommedatioos, pply ou board, at Oilcans wnarl, loot of Wall atteet, or to E. K. COLLINS, 66 South at. rntitively no freight will be received ou board after Saturday eoeuing, llth Fek'y. Agents in New Orleans, John O. Woodruff k Co.. who Kill pr.imply forward all goods to their eddveaa. $11 rh a<rv FDR Nr.W Otu.F. a Nd.?Louisiana and New FJJtaV V? k Liue of Tacke's?Regular Packet for Monday - WHfliEaD h insl.?The regular andfast sailing packet ship WaBahH, wm. Hathawav, maater, will positively sail aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage apply en board,at New Orleans wharf loo', of Wall street, or to F.DWAKD K. COLLINS, 16 feouth st Positively no freigtat received ou board after Saturday evening, I3ih mat. Agent in New Orleans, John O. Woodruff and Ce , who will promptly forward all goods to their address. N. B. Shippers may rely upon this vtssel sailing punctual, ly as advertised. The packet bark Hebron will succeed the Wabash. fti patent envelope paper. PIVF. HUNDHED REAMS Pateut Fir+lope Paper, (unable for putting up spices and coffee. Just received and (or sale by PEH88F. k BROOKS, fe3 Imr 66and 67 Nassau St. rags, rags, rags. rHK subscribers will pay the highest market price in cash for linen end co lon rags, bagging, ropes, rope cuttings, grass rope, o any other slock for paper making, delivered at their Paper Works, Windsor Locks. Hailiecu De P -t. or at their Paper Wareh 'use, Si and 67 Nassau sr. feJ2wir^ PERSSE It BROOKS. 61 fc ?T Nassau St. brandy, wineb, gin, st gars, fruit Ste. ke. IIf C. BUR DICK. No. 83 Broadway, three doors above r v s Wall street, offers for sole the fallowing, 1b lots re luiti? Brandies, dark nud pale, various brands, of prime quality Whiskey, Scotch anil Irish do Hum, Jamaica do Madeira, E I and other brar-ds do themes, pale, gold and brows do fort do L/hampagnc, various brands do Iflsrets, in ease do do Uarsar.k. Burgundy, Hanterne do itegnrs, Sardines, Fruits, kc.'ke do Scotch Ale, in pints, just landed, ripe do W C 13. pledges nitnsslf most faithfully, to keop aod do liver, only of the beat quality, and solicits the favor of the public. ROBERT HOPE HART informs his frieodsend welt vfianrm mm ;.e is u> no luuno ( tnr nnovr CiniDltSfmeO(t where he hopes m set his old Tneuds sud customers. d26 I in* re . RIFLES AND CUTLAhHK*?270 riflisel lets 0. I. pat tern, with appendages: M ship cutlasses, with iron scabbards The aboTe are a first rate article for eemee in Mexico Cnlilornia, or elsewhere Ki,r >le by jylV2>v?r WM KYDjr.Il Ik BROTHERS, U rieo st uk. towell, oculist and aukist, A'IT K.N US to Diaeaset of the Eye and Kar, and to all W perfec.inna of Viatou, troin l to 4 o'clock, at hta reap dence and uifioe, 251 Broadway. corner of Warren treat. Opthalmin,stoppage ol the Fur Passage, Cataracts, and Opacities. effectually rumored AMAUROSIS treated with (reat attention and (access. RTKABI8MIJH. or "ipittitinc. enreri in a few minatee. Deafness, and all discharges from the Kar, permanently cured. ARTIFICIAL KYF.R ineertad Spectacles adapted to erery defect. J25 lea*re AGENCY k"K THt SALS U> HIOTUIHiiW DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. ANEW aopply of the different euei uf the abure Sgseaa tu?, Jnit received. W.kl LANOKNHK1M, Philadelphia Exchange I er LANGENHKIM k BKIJKERS, |h( Im*rc rot Broadway, New Verb. TU THE DAGUK K KIA N~AlfflSTS. FA. AKTAULT, Ml end 1)1 Broadway, (Lahyett Bazaar) haa joit received ter late flerre packets, 1,51 Krcnch Daynerreoti pe Plates, large eira, ol the etar brand which he offera on reasonable terms Alio, an iavoiea e Kieneh Chemicals, including dry Iodine, Hrixianlpbite Hod-, B.orutue, Chloride of Iodine, Belt of Gold, Tripely Hoove he. )i )W*rfc auookuion taught. LJACOB8 teechee the Aeeordioe thoroughly ia 24 lee* toes, so thai tha tiirwr ran beeoine a Rood player ia h very short space of time. He lithe only one is the city who tins a practical as well ua a theoretical knowledge ef tbia popular inetriijvscut in all its branches Kor terms apply at the Accurdion and Mnaleal Instrument Depot,)) < hathaut street. Accordions timed and repaired, and music for the same. jaM lei+r MONE Y LENT. 'DHK hnrheat pneet advanced iu large and small snma ca 1 Bold and ailrer walehea, diamonds, plate, jewelry, dif Roods, furniture, clothing. and every description of persons) property. JOHN M. DAYIKM, Licensed pawnbroker, 2SS \V ill lain street, near Dunne Periout received in private offices by riiiKiiiir the bell. J2P lm*rre nttnn? & p \wttifku/. WOULD eall the nitration of their friends and the pablie, at their .Manufactory end Wa/eroem, 175 Greenwich street, te examine their assnrttneut ol 1'iiu.o Fortes. They are the most fashionable and newest patient*. N. B. Pianos with Coleman's Patent Aialiat Attachment. i2> I id r li LETT OPT WAKDK015h, AND PUJiNiTUKK WANTED. LADIES OK OENTLKMKN hnviaf isrs-flaona electa ts dispose i f, each as Wen-ini; Apparel, p arauure, tse., tas Mtll a i:i rnee for ibe lai.'e oy seeding for ll subscriber, through the Post Office, or otherwise, who will attend et their eeideacet. J. LEVKNSTYN. <41 B'radwar, en itai>s. be U kn lira J. LKVk'.NrfrYwT II f I;>1 ATIHY1. I', IfT11'TKjr-NKBI UK THE JOINT8, HI1HOKULA, DIHfcAhRH Ok" THK 8Kin| lie he?HiMo'k CoMpouniiffrncr of hedriodgteof Potaa*. ^?r?*|'%rilU, mjd Yellow Dink?Thu niwllriiiil remedy it published lor the sole ttnurflt of th we an If* ring fnm ihenmeliam, tains and atiffueaa <>( the ) note. swelling of the miiralar anbaliincee urn- them, eruptions of the akin, god discuses a'tung from au impure state of the blood, Ite. From noito doe experiments, under the direction and snpemaion of tho moat nninout of the faculty, it haa receirrd ikeir ln-nimrna recommendation. and manr hare pronounced it the beat poeaihle combination of remedies lot ilie abore named diseases. It la prepared from the pnrrat aitielea, and ta w-framed to gire saiitfarrino It thine purifies and nmrhena ihe clients tion ; allava irritalion, and leaves erery part ol the animal economy in a perfect atate of health. Thegreitand mere aing drm ind for an article of thia kind his induced the proprietor to bring it before the pnblie. t?at all may h,i?e the benefit of it,and I now mat there it a remedy for three inoet distressing complaints. It ta leconiuaen rd la lull confidence,and needa on- n liral to eoneiucethe moet inerednlona of na in t rieitK proj.ertir?. Prepared and aold ny I MAUL KH II. HI NO, Druggist. 193 Broadway, eor. John ft. N B Be anreto observe thn written ai|natnie of ('- . H. Hmo oeer ftie rorl< of each brittle jaMlm*e ITS WIMULS WliTlTpUAlSf!. IT. It ie now tiniyerenlly admitted thnt AO A K E' * IODINK LINIMKNT J"'NO IjUWBUO. Doxeoatler d oxen are need daily and duea all that it ie represented to do; it bu eared and will cure the wor.t poaaible rases of HHKUMVTIftM. prams, bmia??, swelled and painful JoaCn, spinal affrtions. trupti>niof t'.eakia, lie. 8. I.NOKRSOLL, Bole Proprietor, Depot UQ Pearl st, two doo.s below John. i?8 ii/ir?fM m I rif Mnn |H lm*rf iVl f, U l ', a L. ,?U I lift J t Li/i l'lb8. DOCTOIl McDON IN KLL, Author of the Ladies'Mannal of Midwifery, aud member of a laree Lving-ln Moepi tal in F.nrope, attrnda ladies during theii c infioeuveri in any pirt ot this cny or Brooklyn, lor from $1 tofA, neeordng lo eircums m is. A no'e ad.'reared tohim at 93 John street, .New Voik, will meet with stnet attention Ladies residi i,-at a distinre, who are suffering wifh dieeasrs olloKg ?f ndlen aiirh ai n bs tract: ens, ycent'ons. if* regularities, Ite t K it hare fared- hn boasted noatrnma of t he d y. ran apply with ronlidrnro to the Doetor. by letter, deaciihing tbe ?rmptnni?, trra'nient reeeirad, iluraiion of the disease, Ite., for which a cheat confining ihe necessary adyee and medicine, will be forwarded to 'heir diiertioo in gny part of the Union. Terms, f I **$1*!*, , ,, ,, p W. MepONMLL. M D, jaMlm*r 11 John street. !*ew York.