Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 9, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 9, 1847 Page 1
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1'? TH] vol. Sill, He. 3tt-Wb?U H*i. ?B3U THE NEW YORK HERALD, j JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR, j Circulation?Forty Thonnand. DAILY HERALD-E?er> day, rncel casta per copy?V IS per annum?payable in adrane#. WEEKLY HER VLD?Eeerv Saturday?Pnea 6X eaau per eopv?ft IJH cents per annum?payable in adranee. HERALD ImR UROPI' ? teery Hteeni Packet day Price 8X cents par eopy?f J 00 P*r annum, parable m ad- \ ranee. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual pneea?alwaya cash in adr-tuce PRINTING of all kinda executed with beauty and dee- > All letter) or mail, addressed to the sstablialiment, muat be post paid, or the postage will bo deducted '.torn She subscription money remitted. JAMES GORI UN BENNETT. Proprietor of the New Yop.x Hrniu establishmkict. Worth W.,i((,ini?r of Pulton and srreets s itaradi .'Sii AU>?na? >a?A iiroai | CHANGE OF HOUH-3 fflBrffHW flBM fiBft flbldil WINTER ARRANGEMENT On snd alter Monday, Dec. IS, IMS, Trams will run as follows:? Lasea T o'clock A. M_ttto>ua trala) for Groooport. daily, (except Hnndays) stopping at farming dais snd St. George's Manor 4 M at 9k A. M.. d&ilv. Tat flrpsnnnyt anil diate place*. " M at 4 P M. far kariningdale, daily. Lkave UatErrpoKT?at ?X A. M., dally aeeommodatioa train for Brooklyn. ' " at 3X P. M., (Boston Train) or on tha arrival of the ooat from Norwi h, daily, (except Sundays,) tipping at St. George's Mann' and Fartningdtlo. Leave farminanici w t% A. M. daily, (except Sundays,) aceoinmodau a train; and 13 M. and SX 1* M. Leave Jamaica?a* < o'eloru A. M., 1 P. M., and CX P. M , for Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Boatoa train. SUNDAY TRAINS will hereafter ran to Thomjpon Sta tion? leave Brook'ya at 9 A M. for Thompson and Tntermediata p)aoes,( commencing Sunday the 8th nvvember, return in a leave Thompson at S o'clock P. M., Farming dale 3 X. Jamaica 3XF*nn to?Bedford, canta; East New Yerk, 12X; Race Caurae, 18V: Trotting Course 18V; Jamaica, 31; BrashvilU, 'JX; Hide Park, i 17 milea) 17X; Clowavillc, (during the sesaion of Court) ITX; Hemoatend, ITX; Branch rj(; Carla; Weatbury, 44; Hickarille, 14; Kanninadale, 63V; Deer Park, 88; Thompiou, 88; Suffolk Station, $1; Lake Road Station, $1 18V; Medford Station, SI 18)j: Yaphank.fl 37 K; St. Gaor,e'? Manor, $1 83X; Kiverhead, 1162)4; Jameaport, (1 tiij Mattetuck, $1 ?3)?; Cutehogue, $1 CSV; Southold, |1 63V; Ureenport Accommodation Train, fl T?; Boaton train, 98 36. Stages are in readinaaa on the arrival ofTrnina at the *evtrtd Station*, to take passengers at very low farea, to all Of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readinaaa at the foot of Whitehall tract, to receive baggage fir the several trains. 88 minutes before tha hour ofaurting Prom the Brooklyn aide. Thesieamboat "Statesman' leave* Ureenport for Sac Harbor on the arrival of the Boaton train from Brooklyn dlirh NOTICE. aMM jM On and alter Friday, November 30th, tha nggZnfeQ&biteamboat HYLPll, Captain Braisted, will SCZHCsLmake the following trips to and from States bland until farther notice, via >? Leave New York. Leave Btatea Island, t A.M. At IX 11 A.M. 10 1 r. M. 13 M. IX " 8 r. M. tg " slti RFGULAK MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH It WOR. Mm (*8TKR. without change of f * 1 gi I Jectr> or Baggage, or withoa(_HBBM| "lT 11?> ^.rnming any Ferry. SHE. uaiigem taking theirseatsat Norwich, are insured their a > u through to Boaton. This being the only inland route 94 C eominnmcaces through by steamboat and railroad. Paaeengers by this line are accompanied tluoagh By the conductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his attention to their case and comfort. This line leaves south tide Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Batter? Place,<Uily,(8uuday*excepted)at 4 o'clock, P. M., (ad ai yet in Boston in time to take all the eastern trains. The lew eteauier WORCESTER. Capt. Van Pelt, leaves ever} Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P.M. The steamer CLEOPATRA, Capoiin Williams, leaves every Monday. Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. For further information, inquire of J. H. VANbK.KBILT, No 6 Battery Pl?w. Nnnh River. ijifl rf re M>1 WINTER AHftAMJEYlmN Ps.-The ^Norwich, Worcester iinil boston Hail Road u<1 Htanin Transportation Line?lit* tub tanliil tiMin propeller Trumbull, Captain Daniel Havens will run regularly between Norwich and New York, making two passages a week; laaviug New York from pier UK R Old Blip. Forfreighi. which will be taken at auinmer rates or passage, having elegant accommodation! apply to the Captain, on board, or to ?. A. BILL, Norwich, Conn..and to ltn?r J.tit N BKIO<4?> 40 Wontlut New York UNUED .iTATKS MAIL LINK. AMA/ FOR ALBANY AND TROY, VIA CL?Jawl 'J?Bridgeport aud Houaatonie Railroad. DurXadEdLiiil la.t summer, the Houvato ic Railroad kat neen itlaid with a heavy H Rail, from Bridgeport to the Wovtern Railroad Through br Daylight, daily (Sunday's escorted) at BK o'clonk, A. M. The Steamboat MOUNTAIN!" ER, Capt. W. H Frazee . leasat the loot of Market atreet. K. R, Tor Bridgeport, Daily, at 6* o'clock, A M. No freight taken in the raaeeuger Line. Passengers take the Cars at Brnlgepori,ai d without change of Cars or baggage Crates, arrive in Albany aud Troy at 3 o'clock, P. M. New Cart and Locomotive engines have been procured, and the Road ia in every reaped equal to the best New England Road. (CP" A Freight Line by Steamer! Nimrod, and Mohegan, dally? Freight 'larittsame as lael year ? hor tnriher particulars inquire at the Office on Market street Pier, and at Livings on and Welle' Express, 10 Well -'reel. fe4 m re C) M. I'RRKY. Arent. .. ' BRITISH ANU NUK I'll A.?l",.4 - CAN ROYAL M.sin M'KAM SHIP* 'YMjttyL Arfkkol I too tone and 440 horee power each, na 'SMflbMB der contract Witt, the Lorae of the Adini HIBERNLV.Vir. Capt. A. Kyrio CALEDO>RA Cap. K. O.LoM. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt CAMBRIA Capt.C. H F.. Judkiae ACADIA ... ..Capt.Wm. Harmon. Will lrom Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, as follow! ruou boitou. yaoia Livcurooi,. Hibemia Fen. 1,1847 HiV.emia Jan. 4, I8?7 Cambria March 1, 1847 Cambria Feb 4, 18s? Uibernia April L, 1847 Hibernia March 4, 1847 Tv??A>.it Moan. f Tola Boston to Liverpool ... f iJt From Boston to Halifax 20 No berths se cured an til paid for. These ships carry ex Jcneuced surgeons. No height, except specie, received on aye of tailing. For freight, pxssace, or any other information, apply to ?>. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, AiHA& spF.N Ik CO '8, C Wall at. ?nr In addition to the above line betweru L .va-pool end HaTlfax, and Boston, a contract hat baan entered i nto wi'.k Her Majesty'* government, to eatablieh t line between Liverpool and New York direct The steamships lor this aer nee are now being built, and early uext year due notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the stcamera will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other inoutha iu the year. (Joiug alternately between LiSkrpool, and Halifax nd Boston, and between Liverpool and New York. jfi r GKLAl BKITAIN ANL) lK.fc.LAND (]K PERSONS wishing to remit money to W'England, Ireland, Scotland, or Walee will Mils. do well to apply to the auhsciibera, it the ffW&ZsSSSSv old at ebllslied passage office. 273 l'?arl atreet, where t usual drafts are furnished ui imir ur amen t mount* (?n ir,r ,aation.u liang 01 Ireland, Nuithera Banking Co. anil National Bank ol Scotland, pays ble 011 demand, i t the numerous branches throug out l oth countries, wit out discount; also, on K C. (iLi 'W (It CO., Bankers, Londou, and on t. ORIMSHAW k CO , Liver- . pool. At'i'ly to 8AMXTH.MPSONkNK.PHKW, 1 Jd3 lm*rh Old Est iblithr.l Passage Office, ZTi Pearl st. PAVSAUK KKOM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. m ME m : AHRA.NUtM e.N 1'8 KOIl 11(7. PW, BYBNK k CO., OK NEW YOKK AND LI- ! VERPO X, being ihe oldest and largest established honse in the emigrating business, beg leave to call the at- ; tent: on of llie public geuerally to their superior arrangements for the ensuing rear I'etsons desirous of sending through this bonne, or their friends -ending in the ' Old com.try," may safely depend they will have immediate despatch, and eve-y means * ill he taken to prevent detention <n Liverpool. Ti e Packet Mhipa of this Ine a t all of the first clua and commanded by ineu of acknowledged skill-one of ! svbi h aril every five dtys Arrangements can also lie made to fo ward passe, gera, direct, from Dublin, Cork, Wuter ford, Londonderry,and Belfast. 1 ' D-aili u 'd ILUa of, given for any amount, paya- ' ble on demand, without diaeount, at any of Ihe principal ' towns in the I'm ed Kingdom From the above arrange- 1 meats, the subscribers confidently eipeet that the patronage which has been so liberally eitended ihein for m my years pest, will not he withheld the coining season of emigration fhruld any of the pnrties engaged fori not embark, the money W.ll be ruluiided as ensrsm.wv. For further partienlars, if by letter, (post paid ) apply to P. W. BVRNF.B k CO. it South street, corner of Walt. N. Y. EDWARD MAUL, Agent. P W. BYRNES It CO . jailmPrre Tfi Wa'erloo Road. Liverpool. j 3| PACKETS Wk J. T. TAPBCOTT beg to inform their friends and the public, that they t re agents for the Regular Line I of tjlaagow Packets, sailing Irom Glasgow on the u?th, aud from New Yotkon the lit of every month. The following first class shins emprise the Line Ihe BKOOKhBY. SARACEN, ' ADAM CARR, ANN HARLKY Persons wishing to tend for their Iriends in any part of Scotland, can have them brought ont in the above named Packets on reasonable terms They sail from Oiasgow punctually on the lith of every month, and are commanded by eg- i jierie .ceil capt' nit accustomed to the pesseoger trade, and noted lo, their kindness to pasrougets. For farther partieu art, apply to W k. J. T. TAPRCOTT, ! d>r IK South afreet, gd door below Burling slip . REMITTANCE** TO JKFL.ANlj7icT ; MaOEUit^^ McftHI DK, Jr., nas removed his inline io No. 4fl Broadway, ai d continues to remit money, in sums large or (mall, to peisons residing in any part of Ireland, in the unit manner as he and liia prrdtaeeior in business have done lor tr>e Isal thirty yearspnd more; also to any partol England or Scotland. Money remitted by letter, poit-paid to the subat riher, or personally deposited with l.ini, with the name of the person or persons in Ireland, England, or Sentland, to whom it is to be tsot. and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, ana a receipt .to that effect given ( forwarded to tho sender. jtl lm*ic 1 E NE1 NEW THAVlCliUNU ACUln?UUATlUN?, 11,11 ? ~ ; NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I m M m m io 8AIL FROM NEW TOHK THE ?th. UV^IC rOOL THE llih OF EACH MOM H? rlOM NEW YORK, C Skip SHERIDAN.' apt. (.Ornish, J miliary 28, '* OAHRli I. Trask, Feb uory 20 i r\ " ROSCll/S, " hldm/ae, Marcn M, " bJDDuNS, " Cobb, April 20. I f( PROM 11OkHpool, ,, " OARKI' K, Dec-inker il. | " KOM IU'8, January 11, 1 " 8IDDONS, February 11, k " SHERIDAN, March 11. , These ships ara all of the lirat claia, upwards of 1000 torn, ai built iu ibis city, with inch unprOTcmeuta aa combine jreat |>erd, Willi unoinal comfort for passengers pi The price of patiairo beuce i< OTS, lor which ample atorea u will be provided. I heae ships are Commanded by experienced mnateri, who will make every esrriiou to aire general atiifaction. Neither the Captniu or owreraof iheae ihipa ; t>< will he leaponaible for as? letters^ parcela or packages aeut ti by them.uuleia regular bills ofladiug are a ifoed therefor. I .j For frei(bt or passage apply to, in E K Ci >LLINS, 56 South street. jal BROWN. SHIPLEY lit t:Q . l.iyerpo?l. 0i UL.U Roi'AbbioHED FA.:aAUE uFrl,E, K m M m M SAMUEL THOMPSON A >D NEPHEW, Agents ron thk " Black Star" Line or Packcti. 1647 Liverpool to New York 1847. Xhipe. Captains. Tns Reg. Tilt If n bet, T. K. Kreeman, I 'T U00 Li-erfr. P.P. Norton, 792 I3U0 Cornelia, K M Kreurh, 1065 1750 Ohio, H. Lyon, 768 137) S m?fl Hicks. T O. Bunker, 8,9 1600 Empire,(new) J.O Kmeell, 1090 lBoo Panihea, W B Line, 723 1326 Indiana, James D. Bennett, 710 1300 Huguenot, 8. lioodhue, 932 1669 Martnion, (new) W. Edwards, 906 16>i0 Pemr Hattriek. J. O Poet, 070 13no n.linbrth Ueuieton, K. W. Hpeocer, Hue, 1480 Oeronthire, W. T. 1 bompton, 889 1500 , Niagara, (new) H. Kuasell, 739 I860 7 Atlae (uew) H. Coffin. 790 14(0 u Chnui, (' ew) J. L Wilson, 810 1400 Bardiuia. (new) C K. Crocker, 802 1400 *' America, (uew) Weare, 1180 19(0 . The subscribers would respectfully inform their frieeds " aid the public that they hare added sererel splendid uew hips to iheir line of packets between this port at,d Lirerpool, which has been farorably known and exteusirely patronised for a period of mure than thirty years, aud bare no hesitation in assuring those who may wish to make engage- _ meuts Irr the passage of their triends from England, bcotlmd or Ireland, ihac they will find these ships iuferior to noue i. point of comfort, conrenieuce and safety, one i f which will tail from Liverpool every sit days, throughout the year, making delay, and the consequent expense to etni- 1 grants at'he poit of embarkation impossible. A tree pass- ' age per steamer from the various Irish and Scotch ports, with bread stuffs and hospital mouev paid, may be secured all at the lowest rates; and when those settled for decline coming out, the full amount paid will be promptly refunded, as usual, for further particulars, apply to samuel Thompson a nephew, _ . 275 Pearl street, or to C. Orimshaw A Co., 10 Ooree Piar.xas, Liv'pl. Drafts or exchange, payable atsipht, are also furnished lor any amount, nu H. C. Qlyn A Co., B inkers, London; C. (Jrimshaw A Co., Liverpool; the National Bank of Scotland; * National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co Apply f as above. fe4 lm#r * NEW LINE UK L.1VEKFOOL FACKETb. * M m To sail from New York llet, and from Liverpool 6th of each tl month. From New York. Liverpool f Vaw ship Li^rpool, 1130 tone, j gft ?} Suno I J. BJdndge. /August 21 Oct. 6 P New ship Queen of the West, > Auv"7 J{ feeh J 1260 ton,>. Woodhonse, j May >1 July I j Naw Ship Con,ttotion, 1600 tons, j '} Aug.Lt 6 || John Bntoa /October 21 Dec 6 JJ Ship Hottinguer, 1050 loan, ?! gin* a " Ira Bursty ?? I sailing, first class ships, all built in the city of new York, are commanded by men of experience . uid ability, and will be despatched pauetually on the 21at of each month. Their cabins ary elegant and commodious, aud are furnished with whatever can couduce to the ease and comfort of passes- t gers. Price of passage f 109. I Neither the captains nor owners of these ahipe will be re- '< ponsible for any parcels or packages sent by tbem, unless g regular bills of lading signed therefor. For Ireight or rassatse apply to <1 wo<5dhull a mjntukn, ? tl Sou til street. New York, or le riKLDEN, B hot he 118 a co., m6 re Liverpool. 0 KOCHE, BROTHERS-"* Co. { ARRANGEMENTS si Remittances to and rumg? from Great Britain and Ireland, a! by the BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE Ob' LIVER- ?i POOL PACKETS. Bailing frcm Liverpool on the let and 16th of every month. -j Alto, by first close American ships (weekly.) Persons sending to the Uld < ouutry for their Iriruds, can , make (he necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and havo them brought ont in any of the eight ships comprising the Black (lull, or Old Liue of Liverpool rackets, sailing I from Liverpol on the 1st and 16'h of every mouth. Also, by I first class ships sailiug .rom that port weekly, which out *< ag-ut, Mr Roche, Senior, there, will see are sent ont without ' delay. i The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool rackets, com prise the followiug magnificent ships, and will sail from Li* rrpont on the regular appointed days, u follows :? , FIDELIA. 1st January, 1st May, 1st September 2 EUROPE, 16th " 16th " 16th " NEW YORK, 1st February, 1st June, 1st Oetober .. COLQMBI 16th " 16th " 16lh " ? YORKSHIRE, 1st March, 1st July, 1st November g*K"RD. lith " 16th " 16ih " "i C AMBRlDUE. 1st April, 1st Aug., 1st December. MONTEZUMA, 16th " 16th ,r 16th " 'P. 8.?The public are respectfully notified, by desire of the ? owners of the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, that no passenger agents but R. B k t o. hove permission from th?m to advertise to bring out passengers by that line and that they are the only regular authorised passenger agents of said line in this city. . We have ai all timei for aale drafts at sight, for toy amount, drawn direct ou the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; also on Messrs. Prescott Grote, Ames It Co., Bankers, Lotiuoa.wl ieh . are pent free el'discouut or any charge whatever, in all thr j principal towns throughout England, Ireland Hc'ltsd and r, Wiles. r App,f?, ?^ Si Fnlton street, N Y , uevt door to the Fnlton Bonk ,, The otficeof Mr. Roche, Henr., is at Ti Dnuliu street, eTre Liverpool. ? PACKETS FUR HAVRE?SECOND LINE ,| M. m ... TK^wTnT>s of thjniiii^wlll sail durfu^the rea^^u^lol owing order >? . From N. York. F'm Havre ( Jan. 1, Feb. 16 Ship UTICA, Capt. J A. Pel re#, < May 1. June 16 f Sept. 1. (let. 6. Ship 8T. NICHOLAS. Cap,. N. J Eveleigh. J Urt , n0/ Ship ONEIDA, Capt. Funek, ? j!uy l! Aa?.ML' ( Nov. 1. Dee. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. John-1/; ^ J?; ~ ,ton- ( Dec. I*. Jan. i6.' t They are all of the first class, ably commanded, and with I accommodations ample and commodious. The price of pas " lags iu the cabin is $100, eiclueive of wines and liquor*. _ Apply to BOYD fc H1NCKKN, Agent*, No. 9 Tout me Buildings, No. 8* Wall street. Goods senbto the agents ' or forwarding, will be subject to 'I lone otherthan the espeiiAc actually p.uil. au21 m J MARSEILLES LINE OK RACKETS 7 mLm.rn.rn, The uudeiine? Jou Ships will b? regularly despatched tr* Cnr.e on the 1st, and from Marseilles lb* loth of each moa ? ring the year, as follows | hips. Captains. From N. York fR'CE dr JOINVILLE, (aaw) Lawrence, April I Sept. I MISSL'HI, . Silvester, May I Oct. I AKCOLE (new) F.veletgh, June I Nov. 1. lllBfPnuI /""--I ? ? ? * jani uii, cornier, jiuy I LffC. i. j NEBKA8KA (liw) Wataon, Aug. I Jan. I. / Ship*. Captain*. Kroin Mnraeille*. m rK'CK de JOINVILLE. (in| Lawrence, June 10 Not 10 f, VII880URI, 8ilvc?ter, July 10 Dee. 10 cl \KCOLE, (new) Ereleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 0I ifAHTON, Coalter, Sept. 10 Keb. 10 m S'KBKAMK A, Wataon, e< Theae veaael* are of the tirat claaa, commended by men ol g ixperieuce. Their Accommodation*, for paaaencer* are ttnsnr ouaed for comfort and eourenience. Oooda aildreaaed to the J cut* will be forwarded free of other chare** than lho*e a oca \ ly paid. b For freight or paaaage apply to n CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, Proprietor* No. 103 Front afreet, or to BOVD k HINCKEN, Asent*. lire iTontin* Building*, I* Wall,cor Water it I NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE OK ?! PACKET*. ki #. JSk " Bailing from New \ ork on the lat^mHllaagow oiMh^Jth it each month. Prom N. Tork. F? . (Jl'gow Jhlp 8AHACKN, N T Hawktaa, J Oct*l! Noe'MS. C Keb. 1. March 13. ~ Br. Ship UKOOK3BY, H M'Ewea, ( No'r.'i. aS?.' ij.'4 I ( March 1. Dee'r 13. U SAugnat 1. May 14. a ' Dec'rl. Sept. 13 April 1. Jan. 13. k May I. June 13) 01 Sept. 1. Oct. 13. Jaai'y 1 Kebrua. 15.' {"1 Jlieie ihir* are good, iiibttantial raaaela, ably commanded, ?' will aaif ponetnally oi. their regular day*. Their aeeom w modtticu* for pa*aeuaer*,*re good, and ereryattention will be paid to promote their comfort. The agent* or ' ,itaina will te aot be rc?t>ouaihle for any parcel* or package* ae Jt by them. ?' nulet* bills of lading are aigued therefor. *1 For freight or paa.agity^&HULL fc MjNTURN. to 17 Honth*tieet, New York, or ati 031 re HK.ID k MURRAY. Olaagow e? THE NEW CONSTITUTION?Thi* magnif JHk cent, new packet *hip will aall Irom New York on ei Usc^liat mat ni and I'.oiu Ltrrtpool on the Ith April. *p The CONSTITUTION it i e I rgeai (beiug l,*?o ton* ea rrg.ater) and decidedly ilie in >t elegant of all the 1. reriiool line. She i* ? mmamled by the dialingniihed Cap' John rli llritton, | la e of ihe pai ket ahip Kuci eater) and the hip ha erommiiCaiiona nneoualled tar eabiu, teeond r Inn. and p. a?engera. reraoiia aeeding lor their fiiend* will fio.a iliia ihe beat orportnnit ever ottered. Apply ,OB .1 hoard the ibip, leol ol Barling alip, or to J f* W. k J. T. TAracOTf, * South atreet, N. Y. ?v vo YORK, TUESDAY MO] JnAKITlMK ACCOMMODATIONS. J. McMURRAY'S ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1S4T. Mi Jm mk MSt )LDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES rHU SL'BHt Kl BEK rerpcc fa ly b-fa leave 'otenderlna ainceie thanke to hil i.omer at frieniln ant) th? public >r thair very liberal aujvort tie hat received for upw?rd? ol vantv yean, and lit.-ita a'lou of their cmili le?ee. The de paid, hy wine Ilia pataenge a have' een bnunht ut, and the p omp uraa by which Ilia vary unoieioua dral'a ire been pud at the different bauka, are, he flatiera hiruaelf ufflcient anaraniee to the public for the ftithful performice of auv future cix'traca eniered luto with him The following are the daya of nailing of 'he reeular line of it-krta to and frota Liverpool, vit'at, I'h, 11th, 16 th 21at id .Cih of each month throughout the year. In addi'iou m ihe above reeuiar liue a number of splendid upa, auc i as'he Adirondack, Marmiou, Kappth'Uiiock, Lia-ty. Sea, IReeuock, Broom, and Ocean Queen, will coouue to aail from Liverpool we?kly m aucceaaion. tHST"' th* l'0,"bUitr uf d,l'"r ?detrntiou l,?. ?ti>. l|"T?r'a^J>?Vi<U0- C^d'T0*' 'V rjOn0 N(" York le Old Couairv- <? ? i> ?. ^ or their friends rendin* ^VttVc'cVum r?out iu ""v Mttof ""'nf,mi|i???n'fMlT.', w,,h">* to remit CA?rm^,X)fart< uo nro^hT'"* *' M" P&k. BF"\ MsasrBally men*, BSbh.MtmVl ?"*h iSSST"' Coler'aine, fe!iI5?,thJr. Strabine, Cloamel, OalwRv' J 1' l-tvan, |r:iL W?*f,>rd tarlow, Kll^.hr' Watertord, ?itoL?^li'iie?rf ? Limerick, Voaghtl. h*C'tr ?f U,"?ow Bank, au<lall it,branch*. ;LP',,\ B^tou* nod BVlVl'more"f,v'lthr0M Liverpool to Phil*. ?"? onw^$^VEKi-|i^^ri Ship HUDSON u,onfill.. CLirrort rl^V" PfShin LOI7I8VILI I?",*1" InK?r?oll. fihiii 8AKTELI ir <' ^unt. o,??.?J sK5ftgS"'WK, IgiWet^for y?s[,^UU-.VL~w ? " Liuc? Heir., i., p.-i. Pr'?e ?f P*?aaac Sioo. x South atreit, sr?aai-at? 5? ?, . .OK LivKK,Wi^r,,r7r.? -L^,-ri7 Ml gmar racket ot 21st February ?Th<< new, operinr !UAfala"-*ailiug packet ahip CONSTITUTION, 1.C00 >n* burthen, Capt. John firitton, will anil at above, her renlar day. For freight or passAge, tiering splendid, large and comfort ble sta>e rooma and cabin, apply te the captain ou board, ai eat pier Barling alip, or to YVOuDHULL k MINTURN, 17 South at The packet ahip HOPTINOUER, ISM tone burthen ant. Ira Buraeley, will aocceed the Conautntion, and anil a her regular day. 21st March. jIS FOR NEW ORLEANS?Loaiaiana and New fffW Vnrk Line of Packets ? Kegu'ar packet fur MuulW&flK?day. February 13th.?The splcudid faataail ug packt ahip HEBRON. Captain Gregg, will post' rjy anil a. bote, her regular day. For freight or paaaoge, luring haudnome accommodations, pply on board, at Orleana wharf, four of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLIN*, 36 South at. Positively no freight will be received on board after atorday ?,ening, Uth Keb'y. Agent* in Naw Orleana, John O Woodruff k Co.. who rill promuly forward all good* to their ?AA?ess J21 rh awe FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail on er heforn the JHMrk 20th February.?The faat tailing, firat claaa able HUibHUUSON. anfaiu Page it uow loading and w [l til aa above. 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Herd and | Burnham offering a substitute Assembly. i 1 A memorial from H P Hastings to hare the voto on bis presentation against John VIcK -on opened, ?o that he ' | might be heard, wai laid on the table unanimously. i The adverse leport to the petition lor the divorce of ' Mary Ann Lootnii, from Herman M. Loomis, was read ( The parties reside in Jerusalem, Vates county. The report was agreed to. The ftouso concurred with the Senate in the amendmint to tho resolution appointing a committee to visit the Clinton County State Prison, and tho resolution was 'h>reby adopted The House also conourred with the Sonata on the re . port of the Committee of Conference on the hill relative to Jurors in King's county. This bill has also passed. Resolutions wore otTered against increasing the pre. aent ratna of postage. Passed and font to the Senate. The House, in Committee of the Whole, took up the bill to divido the State into Judicial Dittricts. The bill waa reported by the majority to divido the State Into Ju dicial Diatricts, anl was pasaod in ooramlttee. Mr. Cohiskikll moved to have the hill recommitted to the committee reporting the annie. Mr. opposed tho motiou, and moved that the bill lay on tho tabic. Adjourned. II Y THK MAlbH. Albany, Feb. 7, 1B-47. 1 lltmu, ifr. The action for libel between Mesirs. Cioawell and Casaidy was triad yesterday In the Circuit Court; Mr. Juhu Van Huron for defendant and Mr. Teckam for plaintill. The action waa brought by K. Croawoll, Esq. It appears that the libel occurred during the controversy which grew out of the affair at New Scotland. The caae waa argued by Mr. Van Duren for the de" fendant. Hia delivery was particularly iudiacreet, it ia aid ; he was very vindictive and passionate, and thus hazarded hi* only chance with the Court or jury. He was replied to by Mr. Teckam, whose argument ia sta'ed to have been cool and masterly. The jury gave a verdict of $600 for the plaintiff. In the Senate, yeaterday, Mr. Clark, from the committee on the militia, reported tho Aaaembly resolutions of thunks to (Jenertl Taylor, with amendments. The resolutions were referred back to thu committee, with in structious to report an additional resolution of thanks to Oaueral Wool, for his brilliant behavior since be has been in Mexico, and for the generalship he has displayed iuhis long and tedious match. Tliiiilow Weed aud othera, editor* of tiio Jllhany Journal, were held to bail a day or two aiiico 011 a charge ol libel. It is said thut a lawyer of this city is the ptosocutor. The bill for the appointment of the legal commission era, remains in charge el the committee of the whole Senate , difficulty is apprehended , the whigs will insist on four of tho commissioners, and the democrats are net disposed to concede four. John Duer is a gentleman particularly qualtiled for the office of codifler of tho laws. A petition signed by a number of prominent ci i zens of New York, praying lor his appointment, has ieau received by the |flouee. Mr. Duer is a whig. I suppose that the probability of hie appointment is ver> remote. The wings are pledged to sustain tiielr caucus nominations lor cooiliera?these are Mussrs. Wordeu and Collier. The salaries of these Commissioners is apparently regarded as a matter ol more tmpottancu than the selec tion of suitable per-ons to perform a duty so difficult and momentous. The bar ol this city pretend to believe thut the labors of the board of eodiflers will not term! nate in an eighth ot acuutury It is indeed an almos' interminable business; but 1 do not apprehend tnatmoie than years will M required to complete the work In the intermediate time, these commissioners are in siructed to report to thu Ltgislatuie, which is invest ?d with power to appiovu or retect tho proposal* of llu commissioners. During the present week, I confidently hope to see the btU pass; the legal wisdom, the inodeia lion and tne experience of the commissioners will imme ciiately display itself in the promotiuu ot the legislative business, and in a Ueautiiul. system itic and peculiar reot gains lion ol the dapaiimei.ts of the government v. The report ot the miuouty ol tho commissioners adversely 10 tue eater,sum ol the New Yoik and kiie rad road, through PkUtisyl-atna, was brought into toe House yesterday, ty Mr. Wlight, ol Sullivan county. Anew theatre has Just been o en?d in this city. It is ceiled " The Odeun.'' The diama has been resuscitated i'be proporuous ot the ttieaire aie probably about equal to one 01 the small tn?airesof New Yoik , the iaterior is huiihed on a plan at onoe novel and superb ; the architeci Could uet have beeu more felicitous in his design? there is a perquett", a dress circle, with several piivatt boars iiclity luriiished and a gallery. The utmost ordei aud neatness is piesetved, and the bouse it visited bj nit trus ol respectability, end women of lashiou It is ? 41 and Utile theatre, aud with a good tragedian, the man agers would coin money very last. A BRILLIANT NAVAL FEAT I An account of tho Bombardment of the 'Town of (itliiyuist nut! the-t utting out of the 31< xlesii llt-lg Condor, by tbe (J. a. ?luop-of-tVar tyuitr, Com. Du fonts-. Tho Union contains a letter I torn an officer on hoard the U. 8 sloop ot-war Cyane, Com. Du Ponte, eDgageu in the blockade ol thu Mexican potts ou the Pacific, giv ing an account of tho bomburdment of Unaymas and the cutting out oi the Mexican brig Condor, trum under the artillery and musketry ol the otieniv. on the 7th of Octu ber last The Mexican account of this bflair, published recently, represented that our forces were lugloriously driven olf. It appears from tho letter, that tbe Cyane anchored a mile ttuin the town on the kd of October, when it was discovered that gun-boats, which she had been in search of, were lying in front ol the town dtsmantled, and their guns landed. Tbe Mexicans were busy hauling them up in front of the town, aud were also dismantling tho brig Condor, whiuk was hauled close in. A large concourse of Icitizens and eoldiets assembled in trout of the town to watch the Cyane, end re.dst her landing. Com Du route informed the neutral vessels of the blockade, of wliom lit- learned 000 well disciplined soldiers weie awaiting nil attack; and that they bad compelled the American consul to leave soveral days pre vious. On the Cth, Com. Du Ponte sent a flag of truce ashore, demanding the delivery ol the two gun boats The Mexican commandant was given three hours to answer, wheuhe leluseJ to comply with the demand, "as i ot , comporting with their military or national character."! He was then told that if the military did not evacuate the town, und the boats were not given up by 10 o'clock the next day, the town would be hied on, and the boats tuken by force. I In tho mrtrnincr nf (It* 7lH ( ran* Kaitlorl ?? lew i within 1100 yarns of the town, being na near na ?ho | i could get at high tide, and icon altar a reply to Com. Du | < I'onlb'a I eat communication wai received, being a peremptory tefuial to comply with hie term*, accompanied with dsflanco and gasconade. Com. Du route waa then waited on by four persona, tepicaentiiig themselves ?? neutral merchant*, who ro , quested that hostilities might not be coiumeuced lot three , Oa>a, to allow them to renteve thoir cltecta They stated | that not a woman or child remained in the place, that MX) | man were undor armi; and that to defer hostilities would not et.ahlo the Mexicans to throw up battarieaor receive reu ioicements, which turned out to l>o untrue, as tha , next day 300 armed Indians, mounted, arrived, being the 1 advance ot a body ot 700 to arrive on the subsequent , dsy. Com. Du fonts retused tha request ot the four , inen, as he suspected they were collogued with the , Mexicans. He gave them an hour, however, but no , son on r had they letutned they returned to the shore 1 than both tbn gun boats were dtsaovnred with the Meat , can flag flying and on lite, much to tha regret ol our < mm. The writer then detail* what occurted, as fob. 1 I lows | We at once fired two Paixhan* at them, which djiyiers 1 1 { ed those that were firing them. It was soon ovideut I < I that tucy were thoroughly tired, and wn considered so j . much ol our wiork as done?wotk, teo, which wa thought , i hazardous, as the gunboats were hauled up, atul the ' shore w as lined with buildings and walla tbat gave pro . | tui tion to their men, and within Ufly yards ul them , | besides, we could see that they had prepared entiunch i menta to cover litem, and bad also the two guns taken irom the gun hosts, and several pieces of field ordnance. We felt that they had yielded to our ability to take them, which was actually striking to seveDtv five man? : the moat that we could have landed ; and wltn tbeso they could have come to u h ind mul hand conflict in two leet watsr. Our ship's compmiy was vary much reduced 1 lu number, all ot eur ir.arino guard, with the lieutenant of marines, having been left to gartison tha town of Los ' I Augelos, l.'pper California We had offlc.nrvd and 1 manned the prize schooner Julia with ono lieutenant, one midshipman, and twelve men, which, together with our aick list, Wit our effective force greatly leduced. 1 The wiitar then states that Com tin route, in answer to the kpanish Consul, replied that he would not open hia lira again, unlets some ottenaive act waa committed !by the inhabitant!, who were at liberty to return to their avocations, that he hua accomplished ell be oeslr [ERA 47. id, and courtnced the Moxican* that hja prenou* fo bearanca aioia from a desire to protect the propel ty i neutral* captain nt a neutral vessel, wUo wa* on abort dm tng the bombardment, report* that the enemy bad as prailed thvm*elv*? confidently, tbat they could beat o any foro# that uugnt attempt to cut out the Condor, an tbat our fire had ?eeu tnoit destructive to the building' mat 11 wii muit Inrtu.ately directed to oovor our boati that on* of our,Pushtu aboil* bod exploded iu tho il aide of o bou-e ami turued it io?ide out, and th it ao grea wan the force of our 3i piuud ahot, that one haal gout through five house wal a and bulled itself iu tUa aixth and that six persons were w -u tided As far aa ho coul aacsrtain. dodo were hilled It was reported aubae qusntly that several of the enemy ware killed, I'hi Lyaue lef the harbor on the 9ih. without molestation We now set maufully at our remaining work, wnicl was to out out the only Mexicau vessel ly tug m the h*r bor (the neutrals had hauled out. as ttiey wore directed) This was the brig Condor, anchored witniu pistol shu of the town, and with! > short uiusUet range of thei troops, concentrated behind the hill 1 have beiore inei tioned. She evidently was nut burned wheu the ge.i boats were, on account of Uer being more complelel covered by tbeir combined forces, ly ing in a coV? an fj behl id this hill that they could lire upon her lioin the protected position without exposing themselves to tb hip's guns. Our ietiucn, with her guo a 1'J pound ca rouade, mounted iu her bowa, and the third cutter, wet sailed away, with their crews armed and equippe Lieut O. W Harrison, in command of tho expedition I the leuneh, with Midihipman H. N t'rabb ami Actio Boatswain Jamea Collin*. The third cutter, with Lieu Ldward Higgins and Midshipman K. F K. Lewis, wli lotno extra small urm man, snored nil at hall-pa eleven. Lying on their oats a lew minutes elongsid they were addressed by Captain Ou Poute in a few per uent remarks, setting forth the nocessity of his aendin them upon so hazardous an expedition, wUhiug them t show the onomy, by the manner of uringiug out the bri from her more exposed position, hew they would hat handled the gun boats. The olftcors and man iu tl bo its; enviud tiy all on hoard for such was the en'hnants that every man was disappointed that wea not selecti for the expedition?gave way, and pulled directly f< tha brig. We at one# opened the fire from the ship up< the town with round and shell shot, concentrating tit fire upon tha government buildings, which, lortuuatel loimed a space between this bill, behind which tl militury lay, and where the Condor was lying Cur fi had the eltect to make the troops withdruw u little to Hi greater security behind the highest part of the hill; v soon saw that ourshot and shells were doing tearfule ecution by the hole* in the walls of the houses As tt enemy did not open upon our boats immediately, 01 tiro was slackened lor tear that our shell might bur before reaching the shoro, and do injury to our ow people. When our boats boarded the Condor, the enemy, wit three cheers, opened upon them with volleys of mu kc.tiy and an In pounder charged with grupe and roun shot, aod a culverine situated within musket range < them. Our tire from the ship was at onco lieicely ri umed, and bo well directed, that it prevented the en* my frem approaching the Condor, confining them b< hind the hill, us the whole space was swept by ear shi and shell*. Their fire was also warmly roturued by on launch's gun and the small armed men drawn up ou tli deck ol the brig. Her cable, though of iron, was soon c with anuxe, and our meu woro (leaving cheerily up< the hawser running to the kedge anchor, which tin hud dropped us they approached the brig, with " oft' si goes, and oit' she must go " In the mean time, the euemy'a fire became so hot th Lieut. Ha rison ordered the brig to be fired, fearing I boats might be disabled. This wotk was done und showers ol balls, as thov wero receiving tho fiio ol least fiie hunJred mrnkets. When she wua warjicd 1 to the kedge, she was taken in tow by the boats ; it w at this tromtnt that the onemy had some exultation, s< ing the boats pulling away from the brig ; and not c serviug tho hawser, which was slack, they thought t bouts wore beateu oil, but they soon saw tho haws tighten, and tho brig follow the boats ; the 1st cutter w sent to assist in towing iu charge ot Acting Master J Htenson. The biig was soon out of runge of the et my's musketry, the fire was far ignited, she was to el to leeward of ua, and the boata cast oil'; \ erased firing, our officeis and men were Joyously I ceived?not a man was injured, which seeiccd mirac lous?the brig's side, and masts were full of rh and one of our launch's oars was broken by a gi ape sh the only injury done us. It seems quite as strained ai fabulous to me, an eye-witness, when written, as it mi to you, that two boats, with about filly men, should I exposed to so great a fire from twenty to thirty nnuiiti without sustaining injury; hut such is the whole trui I believe you may search navul records in vain for a bi ter planned or more completely executed ex|>editioii its entiro meets i without lo,?ic the highest evidence ts just conception and its execution. The spit that lighted the i.res at'1 ripoli is still alive ib ourn?v The old spirit is hat bunod, but raised up. It must he recollected this cut ing out was nude at mi< day, uiiil previous notice given J lie truth is tne euem did net open their lire upon our bouts uutil they boat ad the bug. when, with three cheers, they opened upe them, behoving they hud overy man bugged that was reuoa ef their shot, i'here can he 110 doubt that the) It that they had thorn trapped trom their exultation. Nov did a set ot men behave belt, rthau our* did. NAVAL INTiLLlGKNCtt [From the Noilnlk beacon, Keb S J The Naval Court Martini met yesterday at IU o'cloc at thu National Hotel. Th* deteuce of Commander 1'es koq, was read by his counsel, P. P. Mayo, Lsq. Tl court was tbeu cleared and tbn cuse concludou. Ti decision of the court will not lie known until it is a iiounced by the department. The case ot Commander Carpender will be taken t to day. Tazewell Taylor, Lsq., of this city, is the cou [Kiom tho Pitiaburg Uuxotte of Feb. 4 ] There ura now at our dip ymda two uou steamers t government. The " Alleghenya wur steamer ol II una burt an, for the Navy Depaitoient, wmcb huv h?. some two yoaia or more in building, ia bthrly ready munch She la a beautiful spectacle, aa ahe atanila up the stocks, with bar graceful proportions and line wui uiausbip, au object both of pride and pleaaure to a Pit nurgnerand an Amaricun rp x?n Her pouderoua and magnificent machinery ia no nearly all on hoard, her cabm* arc in n state ol forwai nnaa, kand it ia intended to launch heron the first n giving sufficient depth of wat- r, which will probably a two or lourwaak*. All her MM, rigging, anchoi rabies, guns, cabin and staeraga furmtuie. au I in la eery tiling, we baiieee, 10 tit her lor sea, are rear! m l will be taken on board, when aba will, with tl workmen engaged ou her, ns soon as she N Ihuhc.ic procoed to Memphis, where the will ba rigged and pr ,>ared for sea. Una ia fitted wnb Capt. Hunter's au merged propellers, ou improved principles Wa a promised a full description ol this apleutlid vtas Uortly. I ho other veatel is the revenue cutter " V.'al or," of some SAO tons burthen, fitted with aide wliee also built ol Iron She will no doubt be launched aoi time thia spring. She is of a most beautiful mo<lel, finished with powerful and splendid machinery, and wi or without her sails, we predict she will be one ol t fastest vessels afloat. We will give " rnoie full deacr lion of her before alio leaves. (FrorA the Portsmouth (Va) New Kra.] List of If. 8 vessels of War, new at the Navy Ya Oosport, Va , February 1st, 184" : ? Ship of tho line, Pennsylvania, in commission Delaware, in ordinary. New York, on the s ocki Frigate Ml. Lawionce, on the, stocks, nearly rsaly launch. " BranJywine, ready to be put in commission " Cumberland, under repairs. " Constellation, in ordin.iry. Sloop Vnndalia, do. " Fairfield, do. " St. Louis, ready to be put In commission " Decatur, Jo. do. " Saratoga, do. do. " Oermnntown, do. do. Storeahip Southampton, stowed and randy to sail Steamer Mississippi, in comae of tepaira. r.<i*iuevi, iu conjuiismunSchooner Flirt, repairing ?n., uouriy ready tu launch mimtary intkli.iotmck. IFroin the Louuville Journal, Feb J.) A letter Irom Oeneral Butler, ilateil at Haltillo, on tl 17th o( Dttcember, ha? heen rcr*ivod by one of hi* rel tivH? in tlii* city. Hi* wound hail been coniidcrably i ritHtei! by the march from Monterey, but olhorwlie I wa* in good health. Common t*lrue. Before Judge Irigr.ihain F? h A. ? Thnt Pnttrr v* .Smu/i,/)<iy Thi* Cite, lata red to on Friday, wa? an action on a i>ronua*ory note, wh|c,i tho |>lea of foigary win aot up. It wm given ilie jury yeaterday, and loaulted in a verdict lor tl.n d fondant. Before Judge UlahoefTir. Humtl Sltbhim va Charltt Stanton, *(. oI.?Thi* w in action on a check for f 1400, drawn by idaintlrtaon tl Merchant'* Bank, and loaned to Henry Mulligan, ho Arm of Btanton 1c Co. Tho amount of thechoi wai paid at the bank, and Mr. Mulligan, it appeal ippropiUted it to hi* own uce and tailed abort liter; the defendant* raluacd to pay it to Ktebbi It t o , wbo now tiring their oction to recover tl imount Tho defence set up, la, that Mulligi win not a partner at the limn lie obtained the cber lie firm having been di?*clvcd three or lour month* b ore, and that he appropriated the money to hi* own ti? III reply to thi*, the plaintiff* inaiit that if the flim ttaaton k f'o. bad been di?*olved, they were luuind |rat a legal notice ol the diiaolution in the public paper which they did not do Adjourned to thi* inormog. hot plajutill'*, bandlonl it Co? for delmdaute, lluilhi k Urant. Court Cwlemler?Till* !>??* Couar? 18, 19 JU, Jl, 31, 34, 9asi. 9't, 97, 3* Hvrrnio* Court? *7, i j, 49, 80,6 4,68 , 07,09,71,7 7*1, 77, H3 M. OJ to 110. i omho* Pi.*.**, Fit at Tart ?64, 07, 37, 84, 99^47, 97, 9 101. 103, M 80. Hecond 80, f'8, 113 38, 64, 89, 138, A3, 108, U 188, 140, lift, 180, 3HJ, 84, 174. Mint op th? Unitud Statu ?The President i the linitetl State* baa designated the followir gentlemen a* Special i ominiiaiouei*. to attend the am. i ataay to be held at the Mint thi* day:?Prnfemor Jo) W Diaper, ot New Voik; l'r?le**or Henry Vetbake, Philadelphia. Profeaeor John K Fraier, of Phlladelphl 1 ho Cnmmi*?ioner?, em offu in,ait - Hon John K Kan lunge l' H District (.oum, Philadelphia, Thorn** M F* 31, Lag , U. ft Dtetriet Aitomev; Jamea Page, L*n , Co ioctor ot tlM Port ? U S. Oax , fti I LD. TW? UUlh r- The Abolition of Slavery and tlu KmUih at | Colonial Ijnttm. [From the London Times, Dec at ) r- Among me erroneous vyateius whicti exparteho* te I- daily leading us to li>*es<igate. there is none tnet invitee tf us more, both by its lutatestanl importance, thau that <1 on which our colonial policy is built. Beginning in oarei; leo<hei? uii I ind iff-renc a, theu rising suddenly to gpspotij ism and excessive inteiformica, continuing eiterwards In i- a perpetual vacillation between ty lenny and <oncrasion, t , it now hangs trembling onthe veige 01 utter ruin Nolb? ' ing. indeed can save our colonies, except e bold, e com; prehensive, end immediate reform: not me that, seizing 1 upon some particular and more prom-Dent abuse, shall i ' destroy and of!. r it up as a sacrifice to eppeasa tha anger ? ot an injured people, but a searching aud a radical rei form, that shall net be content with alleviitlng symptom*, ii ' but shall kill tha disease itself We spank, of course, not of internal end domestic changes, but of an alteration of the whole course of it policy pursued by the parent Slate. T'ue history of var -.-A ?I II- -/ .X? >- ft Inch ImvM enjoy vd (ho Mtuii g of self government i- with thu?e thai have been debarred Irun it, aaaurea ua V | (hat in (he evils now threatening or actually present, r ft e ?eo the consequences, not ao inuch of colonial folly, lr aa of imperial misgoverument Indeed, wo need not ( e tar lor proof indisputable of thlt truth. In the projected r- schemes ot the Colonial office tbat have recently been ?e announced in this Journal, there is contained an ampin d recognition ol enormoua evlla lon< eaiatent and no longer in . toleiuhle. II It be neceaaaty now to annihilate the eatg tleinent of Norfolk Island, it Is impossible to doubt that it. ita original establishment waa n falae atep. If It he noli ceaaary now to favor and aaaiat the importation of ImmLat grants into the sugar colnuiaa, we muat perforce believe a, that the obatinate prohibition against it waa impolitic and ti unjuat. If it be necessary now to change the whole <g treatment ol tranaported convicu, what muat he thought to of that which haa prevailed to the present day 1 Fmaily, g II it he necessary now to review the very ay item itself re ef truraportation, we cannot easily axaggerate the mieie conduct of thoae ft ho, havinf drat laid down an attestant oua principle ot action, handed it on from ene to the id other, and continued it to the point of routigning thouor i aainfa of human beinga to utter damnation, and a fertile >n | island to almoat Irretrievable ruin. ie , And if we look back upon the hiatory of theae traney, i actions?U|H>n the experiment of Norfolk Island and the oa abolition ofslavery ?we shall find it impossible to diaoore ver ooe single circums'ance ot palliation or excuse lu id favour of the parent State. It could not have been known re to those who presided over the deatiniee of the coloniea x- in the eventful period of transition Iroa boi dige to free ie dom, that the natural acd inevitable consequence of liar berating compulsory labour waa to annihilate it attest gather. Indeed, it was partly through an apprahension 'n of this consequence, that the plan of apprenticeship wae devised, iu order that the planters might not boat h oi.oo and immedLt ly deprived of the means of cultivating - their estates. That plan suffered an early and premato id death. The term of apprenticeship was cut short, and tho >1 last vestige of slavery disappeared in the British colonies 0- ou the 1st of August, 1S8?. Theuwai tho time for tho )- Imperial (loverunieut to have shown itself In tho 1- character of protector, adviser, and triond. Than waa it the time lor Great Britain to have held forth a helping ir hand to the victims aha had sacrificed upon the altar ol i? ' a great principle. But tUe occaaien was not seen or unlit derstooa; or. may be, it was disregarded. Instead of aid, in aha gave an order in couucil forbidding her anbjeota to sy procure from foreign shores the labor she had virtually he 1 takeu away fiom theirown. Seised with an impotent desire to abolish slavery throughout the globe, she re tut j gaided with an almost insano suspioion every vessel that be appioached tho African coast. Negro ana slave, to the or | apprehension of the Colonial-office end the morbid imant I giuation ol Lord 1'almerston. woro terms synonymous, up for throe long years and more the absurd prohibition as was continued in full force. At leugth, in December, ?e- 18-11, a poor instalment of justice was extorted from a new ib- (lovernment desirous ol populanty Immigration waa be thencofurward permitted from Europe; but Africa still or rcmaiued within the charmed line that the anti-slavery ns ' mania had attempted to draw around a beundlesa tract of K. ' continent. This small relaxation, however, was a niece je* with the original restriction.'The inhabitant of the cool w- north" wu lent to languish under burning auaa and we die of malignant fevera, that tho barbarian denizen of re- the torrid zone might escape the shadow of the fetters :u- ol bondage. Hundreds of English gentlemen and ot, Creole families were pauperized, or made to struggle ot, with bitter adversity, in order not to shock the peculiar ad sympathies of certain sentimental philanthropists. Nor ut did the orderol 1813, permitting immigration from North >e America, place the coloni s in a bo.tor situation. Indeed. *a, it wu,remember right, that order whs never carried out. Ih The first real end substantial boon was that conferred el- in July, 1811 which opened tho Eustern continent to the ? planter of the Want; hut even this measure came so late nf tlial few of its advantages have yet been made aveilabiei it und it is not unlikely that the experiment we announced y. on Friday wiil lor too most part supersede it. With respect to the abstract ijuortton of introducing J- into our tropical colooies the tree and willing inhabitants y ol Africa, ttm only dilfl"till> that surrounds the subjsot d- is the unposibitity of getting at tho real objections to it. in ' No ono even superficially acquainted with our aueor in colonies pietenda to deny that su.cs the J oar 1S38 labor lit ! hIw ays lias been, and still is, most seriousiy deficient.? rr It is quite idle to say that the tiai di which were Lamerous enough ui.d strong enough wueu working with the ; shackles of a slave muit and ought to b? amply auflioient uudei the invigoiatuig influence of Ireedooi These are I mere theories The unhappy colonists havo bead ioiced j. i to sound, aud have foiim1 mem hollow. The liberetod if'. I negroiuthe West Indies does not work. He shows en 18" i occasional end im|>ertect ludns'ry when the pressure of )e some particular want or desire impels him to s> * k tie Q. ] meuns ol gmtification. But us lor icgaisi and continuous labor, it is not to be xprcted from bun In course ! time, perhaps, when the slave genereiioa is doper el end otheis Hie sprung up in llieir loom ' who have net known hondsge,'' the can* mev be different. W e do not y that it will not tie different. Hut meanwhile, end I eii nng the gieat t xpenment, the planter 1< ruined.? or Wiulat numauiiarieoe at borne are prating ot the borrere 0? of slavery, tho tree subject of Great Britain is losiog hi* ,a land, his money, bis svery means. Africa Is guarded ta a< if it were boly grou' d. and Jamaica ie left to waste. on ; Such aie the udvcts ol humanity that has not its found*k lion in justice. ts- j | Opinion In Belgium of Aineilea~Ttie Pie' ,w g - esw of Kepublloe riein. (fioi.i La Oenst rticul D?ceuit>er II] >e We have -eon an I spoken ot the Atnerieun volua'eere on the fi.'lil of batile, now 1st us ses how their (ellewr* > Ibtens.honor their <-.?n luot and recompense their devecl tiou The glorious death of Col Wstson, of which we ) tieve beretoiore spoken, was announced at Baltimore, '* with other important news fiom the army. I.lsteo now, '' nations and armies with your cruises of honor, your * titles ol oobility, end your empty grades, hear how hie memory vet honored. The mourtifu! tidings arrive at r<* morning in the courts of Justice, where hut three short ct mouths previous, w s heard the voioe of the btave doceosnd raised lu argument an I eloquence Instantly the * I'rocureur General of the Court >ue?,snd aditreesing the . uiagutrstes around him says: "The country has lost Ool. nB William ileury Watson. He was known to you as '* i one ol the host edvocotes at the bar, whsre his activity, "" , his warmth ot heart, his disiuterestednesa had made him " ! distinguished in his catser. These same qualities eo P companied him in war. He flew to the oombot ut tho first call of his csuutry He has fallen gloriously. What eulogy needs he more T' The court, by a unanlrd, moiis vote, a IJouiued, and committees were appointed to render suitable honors to the remains of the deceased lu the afternoon of tho same day me court aud bar re-eesemliled Ills eulogy whs pronounced, in the nana of tho legui body present, by the President of the court The to erection of a tomb whs ileuided upon, snd large sub criptions timed for the support of his bereaved wife end family Thus, among the Americans, do we are the . customs ot the ancients revived. At home the citiven served in the forum and in tho battle field ; be made the i interests of the public his own interests, end above ell. ! considered us his own the children of the fathers who died in the service of thoir country The people of the present age, under institutions like those of America, can well imitate the patriotism of tho ancients. Tbe I 'tilted States is u people of Europeans, yet it is impossible to confine their capacities within a limited circle, ea with us. In the Htates there is uo need of net/rise, not of croeses, nor even of pensions ofTarrd in advance. This peti iotism and generosity of the country may he relied upon, without -ny of the eppurtensncea of European splendor, America is governud better than all. How 1 >iig will it be bef'oro all civilized nations of the earth shall return to the umpl s institutions which America models from the ancients, and uow offers to the world aa r examples/ te Varieties. In the Western Penitentiary, Pa., there were during ( tho year ISifi 1?0 prisoners Discharged by eapiraUoii of Men nee, pardon, and died, OA Remaining on the 1st fen. 1847, 124 Of those HI arc males The whole num. r- ber of prisoners received since the institution wet opento odllTA '1 he are in prosperous condition, and to the i tiaplain's reports more then usually favorable, of o- the state of morals. No United Htntea Senator h?<l been elected in Kentucky on Monday lust. 1 he rs had been twenty.two ballot aa ings. ie The Rev Mr. Tatnm, of Brook field. Mass , has reeoof vered a verdict of f-ion itgnuial Mr Adema, of that town, ik in Hn action of slaodei the kMer having accused the r?, former of improper cot-duct WW" young ladies connectly ed with his congrrgath n. ie i News prom tiir ? Wo have r??i-oive.l in 1 the i Nit saint UaxftU to thu 28d of Jmitinrv. That k, papir announces the wreck cf the brig Georgians, from s- New Orb-Hns Imtind for Bordeaux, with a cargo of flour ? and lard, most of which was saved , but ore of the small of I cisft employed in saving the cargo was herself run In ashore, on her way fiom the wieck.amt lost her deck s, load Tho captain aud crew of the OeorgDna had at| rived at .Nassau. i ti The (Jatttte of the 30th, mentions the return from 'OMiuiiwn ?m numoer n mooter* who had 'migrated ; thilhor front Now Piovi'lonoo, there twing no employ, inwnt for them In the mahogany buaiuaei, which thay , hoped and expected. ' I The Oawttt of Jar.uery 16, givee extract* from Jema! I ca paper* to December '14 Thoy announce the arrirtl and aweerirg in ot the now Oiternor, ? n herb a (?'#> . and the paia.ige of a hill through the >ower houae of 'he V ' . Legislature. making reduction* from the *alari?a of *11 J pa til ip cfttcer*. Ttie ofll<-ere were me* ng an o itcrjr .igainat lhaae change*, and it wn feared that they would of I not he sanctioned hy the Council. >l{ The anme paper raya that "an elTie r a ho aneea a in the late a'eamer huh a a .'omtniaai in a* a > |>t? lit m ha in Moxlrati navy, and i* on a mi?? on to the i<o?ern)r, In of behalf of that republic " J' Peitnnal BloeeaatenU. Mr. (ieo K. Midden tie dla ragalatia I le turn rn 1. fdfyi't and hgyptan Vnte|i iliea, M abom to :/ eke a pu. feeaioaal Viaji to 1 Itt.burgh, Pa.

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