Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 10, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 10, 1847 Page 1
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/ TH *U?. Xlil, lc.40.WIUU *?37 THE NEVTORK^ HERALD. JAMES 60RD0N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thoneand.* D AlLY HERALD?Erery day, Price 2 cent* per eopy?$T 23 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price i% euu per copy?11 \2bt cent* per annnm?payable in advance. HERALD FX)tt EUROPE-Every Steam racket day Price eeate per copy?13 00 per annum, payable ia adranee. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?wlwayi eaeb PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and deepitch. All letters or communication!, by mail, addreeaed to the establishment, muat be poit paid, or the postage will be deducted from ihe subscription money remitted. JAMES GORTON BENNETT. 'roprietor of the New Yoaa Htttu Est4Blishmjc>vt. North Weitleoraar of and Mmw itrwn FOR SALE?BROOKLYN MThe lot and three-story brick Haoae, on the snuthweit corner of Hiclta and Backet streets. The lot is twentr-4'iree feet in Loot and rear, by one huudred ocep. The honae was built daring the lait year, haa limbic inacttla >hroughout, plated lurnitare. a sub cellar, i ou por tieo in front, and back piazzas' enclosed with glass. H is withiu three minutes'walk of Hamiltm areuue ferry and the At antic D tit, and fifteen imputes from he South ferry, in a rapidly improving neighborhood Also lor sale, the House and Lot adjoining, of tame description. Apply to Ell AS G. BKUWN, At Slosaon k Schell's Office, to Nassau streat. (# 2w*rre TO LET, A LARGE old fashioned House, situated directly pvj? on the Sound, and near a beach celrbtaud for fine baihpUaULiug. It wonid be auitable for a large family or boardlugHiuuse, bting easy of access to the city, either by steamboat or railroad Addreaa henry partridge kellogu, II lbt*r (Kelloggarille.) New Rochelle, N. Y. FOR SALE. MA THREE 8TOKY HOUSE on 23d atreet. between the 2nd nod 3d Avenuei. It it well fiuia-ied, end replete with the lateit improvement*, including kitchen range, sink, cold and warm be hi, water cloieti, 4cc . I'alian marble mnatlea throughout the home ; a court yard of ft Iteru feet in front.with verandah and French window*. The heme ii one of a row of aix home* on tlie loath aiee ot the meet For further particular* apply to VY8E It SONS, ft lm*r 172 Pearl *treet. FOR. SALE, tA FARM of fifty two aerea, moat delightfully attuated, about fire utile* from Elizabethtown, IN. J., comprizing a handaome .commodioua dwelling home, irith maible mantlet, and erery convenience for a reaped,ble family ; the whole including gardener'* home, barn*, ice home, and other building*, in a aubatantial atate of repair; ihe orchard cantaina tweuty actea of choice fruit tree*. The eaay acceaa from New York, either by the varioua carl from Jeraey City or the ferry to Elisabethport, whence a railroad train run* within a hundred yard* of the home, render* thia property very valuable to tnoae doing bmineti in thia rity. The greater part of the purchaae money can remain for three yeara on bond and mortgage, at five per ceut VYSK It SONS, 172 Pearl atraet. Alan, for aale, a dwelling home No. 381 Washington atreet. ft lm?r_ FOK SALE. AnA FOUR LOTS, on the north aide of flat atreet, beT-.-m tween the 7th and 8th avennea, with a Dwelling Home XiULaiid Carpenter'* Shep on one of the lota. Alto, a - mall Farm on tne turnpike road, Far Rockaway, Longlaland, containing about aix acre* of land, two under cultivation, one acre of fine large Peaeh Tree*, of the ehoiceat fruit, a a ma] I Houae, and about four acre* of Woodland, all eucloaed in ko-j] fence. Alao, aeverai offer piece* of land at Rockaway, for aale. For particulara. apply to JoHN L. NORTON, Jr. 14 Delancey at. or J19 ltn*rc JOHN H. POWER. 129 Fulton at. N. Y JML FOR BALE, or to azcliauge for city property?A TTyW handaome cottage, with fire or tan acre* of laud, aituaXaUL'cd within two oiilea of th* Marine Pavilion, Rockaway, Long Ialand, on the Rockaway Turnpike. The five aerea of land attached to the cottage are well atuddei with Kaeh and fruit treea. There ia a good bam and ether outuaea on the property; alao an ice houae; and the aame ia weil aituated for a gentleman who wonld like a comfortable couutry rraidence. Alao about aeventy aerea of land, conaiating of wood-laud, meadow and tillable land, which will be old in different pareela. Apply to J19 tm*rc JOHN L NORTON, Jr.. 14 Uelancy at. FA KM FOK SALE AT AUCTION. aKdg Will be told at auction on Tueaday, the 2-1 day ol CWMnrehnext, the valuable Farm on which the aubacriber ??. ........ a <iv miu laiui cuuvaiHi auum 11 acres 01 good land, with a good Dwelling, Bam, Carriage Honee, and a'l the neeetaary oat baildinga; ia aitnated in the town of Mamaroneck. county of Weatchtater, about oue mile fioin the Tillage of Mamuroueck, on lite Weaver atreet roud, 21 naiiea iron the City Hall, and near the line of the New Haven and New York railroad; liaa an abundance of the beat duality of frnit. The tale will be poaitive, to take place at If M. on the premiaea. For farther particulars enquire of T. A. Lawrence, New Kochelle. or of the aubacriber, on the preiniaea. jafO lm?re LEONARD DKICLYN. RATHBUN'S HOTEL, 161,163, 11)5 4* 167 Broadway, New York. MThia new and maguilicant establishment, recently opened aa a Tablie Hotel, 'a fitted up in modem style, with the lateat improvementa, and la ol aulBeient ca pacity to accommodate 200 persons. Beai'-ea a vrry apacioua Dining Hall, it conraitu an uuasu al u in her of pleaaant Parlors, with large will ventilated Bedr ouia, all aplendidly furnialied with entirely new furniture .i location ia very desirable and convenient, both for nutine 1 and pleasure, being between Courtlandl and Liberty atreeta The l roprietor ol thia eatabliahment inteuda to make it one ol 11 e moat comfoneble, plenaaut, and buaiueaa like placet in the city cf Ne.vY-rk, and es pains or etpenae will to spared nhia pant o meet the wanti of hit gaeau?there by hoping iah<ie lib-ralt\ in the publie patronage, while he remaina the i eblic'a humble aervant, B. H ATHBUN j27 lm*rc iviAcoSAPtQUA HOUSE. MTHK PROPRIETOR of the above houae, having retireu liom the bnameaa. the houae will be let ou moderate terma for one or a nnmber of yeara, commcuciug on the Grat of March next Thia eatabliahment be ing ae well known, aa alto the celebrated trout pond ad joining it it needless to aay mora. For particular! apply to the anbarriber near the premiaea. N. B. 1 he above ea abliahmeut would be rented very low to a party of gentlemen. THOMA3 FLOTD JONE8. South OvtTicRBar, L. 1. j27 2w*rix Fiyk SALE, AVKRY valuable Flouring Mill, with aix ran ol atonea, aitnated on L.ung Island Souud, al>ne veaaela can go aEugaide at all aeaauut of the year; h a very great water power, a r moll part only being required lor the mill, which it iu fi it r?te order. Alao, quit' uearthe mill, Country 8a?t, beautifully lo caled with a fineaud eiteneive land and water now, within a thort diaunce of the Mew York aud New H>ven Railroad, and in oue of the moat pleaaant towua in New England. Fer fall particulira, enquire of WM J, TOWNBEND. Frnnk'in Houae, N. Y. N B.?The above will be aold at a bargain j31 Iw*rh PIANO kOltTE.?A gautlemau about >eav SSWS^Hling the city will tell at a giaat eaciliee for I f A Iff 'aah, a very hnndaome and good toned oc * "tave French grfd action Piano F-rte?liaa bern in uae 12 montha. and ia in perfect order?can be teen at Mr Hockett'a Piano Forte Wareroom, corner of Broadway and, Broome atro't fllt'rh blKL)S JUST AlllvlVkD. A. OKIEVEd, 5 John Btrert?IM Canariea in full SjBy rone. with the Nightingale Bong and Water Bubble, aucl) at never weie eipoaed for tale in thia city. Any pertona having birda that they with to imitate a purr, clear, and articulate round, would do well to purehaae any of the preaent atock ot Archirt w hirh eirred all former importntioua. A. CiRlEVES, i John atreet. Bird Reed*, Keata, kc , alwaya oa hand at thia acaion of mating. I9 3t*rre NATUIIAI, MUSIC. 8TILL greater attraction at AKCHY'3, No. 5 John AjVeatreet ?A. U. liaa juat received by the tail packeta ^JBey from Kniope, a couaiderable additior to hid alreaay ~T^a>Xmiiat ettenaive atock of Ringing and Fancy Bi. da? Anongat the following will be found MM ol the moat choice deacuption of Long Breed and Dutch C nariea, mated and prepared to be put up for h?tching BirdCagea, Bird Beeda, and all other tliiiiga pert.iniug to ihe above, will at all timea be found at Archy'e, No. i John at. N B.-Shrtland Poniea, King Charlea Spaniela, Italian ureynounus, ntiu otner lane) dugs constantly on baud. f 8 ?An early inspection ia requested, aa thia it aaithoni doubt ilm be?t aelectmn he has escr ofterad. JJ6 lmrc JOHNSTON'S BIKD STORE, INo.3*# BROADWAY, one door from Chamber* TfMr. street?M bags t'anary seed, sifted, at wholesale jgBLiprice, by the single bushel ; n fine selection of the leug rSVW breed .anaries. high colors | German song bins, Chiuese spire birds, Java sparrows, mockina birdf, larks, red birds, all in song Kancy cages, breeding cages, bird seeds, nest boses, siiiff lor nests. All articles in the line in eteut Variety, by W. 5. JOHNBiON, T *. ?r J8fl Brotdw,7i tfew York. f H ?Letters as abore will be attended to. j?3 lm*r GOO 'VKAH'3 O VtH8110K?,rUiO BKOAlJbVA unuiDO A'^i/ VJfiil A litj ?HU11 O V/TB.II* a^dPH^AHOKS, mnnufaciured of Ooodyear'e celebrated r.e?Mt moullie India Kabber, perfectly flexible in tha cold-t ? "*? *" the c.^njle Sole Agent for Ooodyear'e Manufactories, Ti lm*rh IWI broadway, opposite Triuity Church. i.U.vo I'lP.Vl ION (CO-TI VF..NKK8) DESTROYED. Juet puhlnhed. price 3d renlv, the Fourth Edition (trenrtatedfront the Nineteenth Frmch edition) " CONSTIVjITION { Coilivenett) V A' ST HOY K Li; Or, F.ipoetlion of a natural, maple agreeable nnd infallible MMNS not only of OFERCOMINO hut alio of completely deatroying habitual Conttipation, without uiing either purgation, or any artificial meant whatever, Idiacovery recently made in Franca, by St. )Varton) f ollowed by nutaeiout carlihcatea from eminent phyetri'ont and other pertont of aielinction." UOLI) AT THE NATIONAL DEPOT OF WARTON iu of Paiia, No. 131 William street, New York, and by refil at the Oranite Building, No. 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber alraet. Beware n( ipurimis " Ervalenra " fl 2>wlin? MAE rli OrricE op thi Lonn lai.ano Rail*oap Co., i New Fork, Jan. ?, 1047. t rpHK Stockholderi of the Loug laland KKilroad Company I. are hereby notified (hat the Animal Election fur Thirteen Drectora of aaid Company will be held at the Company'! Office on Monday, the kifteeuth day of February neatThe poll will be open from 12 o'clock at aooa till 2 o clock, ' P. M of that day. The tranafer book* will be eloeed from the 10th to the 14th I February, both day* incluaiye. By order of the Board, )<hnfl4 rrc IIAVII) 8. 1VKH. Heeretnrr lO UWiMfcttft up KhALi JbOlAilb. IjtRA.NCJB BLANCHF.T, Agent, iolurraa theowrert ol ncal Eataie, rh- take* charge of letting hniuee, leae- , log lot*, and collet ting rent*, ou the moat reainnable leima. F. B. line been, for the lint two yeara, the agent of the late John Tonuele, and dave'.n* all h,a tiine to the above buaiueaa, he will give lull aatiafaetion to thoao peraona who will eutruat him with their confidence. Ho e,n give the beet referencea, and aecurity to any amount if required Pleaae ad dreat a note through the To.t Office, No ITU Sulh Avenue I Office no are, before 9 A- M- and after 4 P. M. 1 Jo* l?*N t E NE NEW TH&VKLianu AUcunnuuATiuiis. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Mk & ttt ML I TI^AIL FROM NEW YOKinrHE ?ih.TTvS FOOc THE lHh OF EACH MOW I Hr>OM BIW TORI, Ship HHERIDAN, capt. < orumh, January 26, '* OAKHlt K. 1 T ran It, February 26, i " H08CIU8, " tldridge, March 26, ? SIDOoNS, " Cobb, April 26. PROM KIOCRFOOL, " OARRI'.'K, December il. " ROiClUS, January U, " 8IDDON8, Fabruaiy 11, " SHERIDAN, March U. These ahipa are all of tha Grit clan, apwarda of 1600 tons, bmlt in this city, with inch improvements as combius great l sped, with unusual comfort for passengers The price of passage hence is *7J, lor which ample stores ! will be provided. 1 hcse ships are commanded by eiperien; ced masters, who ^will make every exertiou to givegeueral i auiiacuoo. ceitner trie hsptam or owners of iheae ships { wiJI be responsible for aav letters, purer 11 or packages seut | by them,unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to, ?. K. COLLINS!, 56 8onth street. jal BROWN. BHIPLEY A CO . Liverpool. UL.D fc.?'i'A bL.1sHhD FAiOAliK OFMolS, jtfL tifk. Jik JJQyP JJQQ2^ 275 pearl street, SAMUEL THOMPSON ANli NEPHEW, Aoeists for the "Black Htak" Lime of Packets. 1817. IJverpool to Ntw York IF47. Shipt. Cap!aim. TVii Rtg. Tm B'n Sea, T. K. Freeman, 8<>7 1400 Liberty, P. P. Norton, 792 1300 Cornelia, F M. French, 1065 1750 Ohio, H. Lyon, 768 1375 Samuel Hicks, T. O. Booker, 259 1500 Empire, (new) J. O. Russell, 1090 1000 Pauthea, W B. Lane, 733 1325 Indiana, James D. Bennett, 710 1300 Hugneuot, S. Goodhue, 932 166'l Marmiou, (new) W. Edwards, 905 1600 Peter Hattriek. J. D. Post, 670 1300 Klizabrth Denistou, F. W. Spencer, 806 1400 Devonshire, W. T. 1 liompson, 088 1500 Niagard, (new) H. Knssell, 730 1350 Atlas, (new) H. Coffin. 790 14C0 Chaos, (new) J.L.Wilson, mio 1400 Sardinia, (new) C K.Crocker, 803 1400 America, (new) Weare, 1180 1900 I* The snbscribers would respectfully inform their friends and the pnblie that tliey hare added several splendid new hips to their line of packets between this port and hirerpool, which has been favorably known and extensively- n-it ronised tor a |>eriod of inure than thirty years, and have uo heiitation in assuring those who may wish to make engagemeuta fcrthe passage of their friends from lCngland, Scotland or Ireland. that they will liud these ships inferior to uone i > point of comfort, convenience and safety, one cf which will sail from Liverpool every six days, throughout the year, makiug delay, and the consequent expense to emigrants at the poit of embarkation impossible. A tree passage per steamer from the various Irish and Heotch ports, with bread stuffs and hospital mouev paid, may be secured all at the lowest rates; and when those settled for decline coming our, the full amount paid will be promptly refuuded, as usual, For further particulars, apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON l< NKPHKW, 275 Pearl street, or to C. Grimshaw St Co., 10 Uoree Piazzas, Liv'pl. Drafts or exchange, payable at sight, are also furnished lor any amount, ou K. C. Ulyn St Co., B -nkers, Loudon; C. Grimshaw k Co., Liverpool; the National Bank of Scotland; National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Bankiug Co. Apply as above. fe4 lm*r NEW IilNE OE UVEJAEOOL. EAOKETb. m. m. m m Toiailfrom New York Slat, and from Liverpool (th of each month. from JVne York. Liveipool New ship Liverpool, 1150 tOh?, S J? ? , |} J J.kldndge. /August 21 Oct. t New ship Queen of the Went, S ^anr 2\ lJ?Leh i 1250tousir. Woodhouse, g ft* J New Ship Coeitkmtioii.lWO tone, j \\ \ John Briton J Octob* 21 De? 6 Ship Hottinguer, 1050 tone, J jilvCh 31 slot t Ira Bursly j \\ ? These suDstantial.fhst sailing, fust class ships, all built in the city of new York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will be despatched punctually on the 21st of each month. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can ounduce to the ease and comfort ofpassea. gers. Price of passage 1100. Neither the captains nor owneis of these ships will be responsible for anv D.ircels or naekairei imi t.v ili?m I regular billi of lading signed therefor. For freight or [tuu< apply to WOODHULL k MINTURN, 87 8outh itreet, New York, or te F1ELDEN, BROTHERS k CO., ml re Liverpool. Mb Co. ARRANOEMENT8. Remittances to tad Passage from Ureat Britain tad Ireland. by the BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINK OF LIVERFOOL PACKETS. Hailing frcm Liverpool on the lit aud 16th of every inoath. Alio, by first elan American ihipi (weekly.) Perions sending to the Old Country for their friends, can mike the necemry arrangements with the aebacribrte, aud have them brought out iu any of the eight ahipa comprising the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, sailing from Liverpol on the lat and 16th of every month. Also, by first class ships sailing lrom that port weekly, which our agent, Mr Roche, Senior, there, will see are sent out without daisy. The Black Ball, or Old Liaeof Liverpool Packets, com prise the following magnificent ships, aud will sail from Liverpool on the regular appointed days, as follows :? FIDELIA, 1st January, lat May, 1st September EUROPE. 16th " 16th " 16th NEW YOKE, 1st February, lit June, 1st October. COLOMBIA. l(th " 16th " 16th YORKSHIRE, 1st March, 1st July, 1st Novsmber OXK? ?RD, 16th " 16th " 16th . ,f CAMBRIDGE, 1st April, lat Aug., 1st Decsmber. MONTEZUMA. 16th " 16th " 16th P. 8.?The public are respectfully notified, by desire of the owners of the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets thai no passenger agents but H. B it Co. Ivive permission from them to advertise to bring out passengers by that line and that they are tne only regular authorised passenger agenu of said line in this city. We have at all timet for tale drafts at sight, for suy amount drawn direct oil the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; also or. Messrs. Prescott Orote, Ames St Co., Bankers, London,wl ich ore paid free of discount or any charge whatever, in all thr principal towns throughout England, Ireland Scetlsid sue Wales. Appiyor adaraaser I euro naipaiLu ROCHE. BKOTHB.A8 * Co., J5 Kulton street, N. Y , neit door to the Fulton Bank The nflics.,! Mr Hnrh. H.?. 7? IV?Ki;? o7re ' Liverpool. PACKETS FUR HAVKE?SEOOWD LINE. I i I 1 Tn^hlpe of thi^Ti^rill (ail durtT^the yearT^th^fol owing order >? Yrom N. York. K'm Havre (Jan. I, Keb. 1(. 8lup UTfCA, Capt. J A. I'eirco. < May 1. Jane 16 r Sept. 1. Oct. 6. Ship ST. NICHOL AS. Cpt. N. W.jftV,; M? Eveleigh. J 0ct , No/ ,6 Ship ONEIDA, Capt. knack, ittjjj; Apr.Ue. f Nov. 1. Dec. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. John-jgjj* }?; ,to*- ( Dec. I. Jan. i6. ' They are all of the lint elan, abl v commanded, aud with accommodation* amrle and commodious. The price of pasaage in the cabin ia $100, exclusive of winea and liqnors. Apply to BOYD k HINCKKN. Agents, No. Tontine Buildings, No. 88 wall street. Goods sens to the agents 1 or forwaiding. will be subject to one other than the expense actually paid. anil m MAM ?UriTri.-x~#Yu; u a r-w-T.'-rv M The nnderme>. Jou Bhips will bereguTarly despatched fr? aence on the lit, and from Marseilles the 10th ot each wan during the year, an follows Ships. Captains. From N. York. PR'CK de JOINVILLK, (law) Lawrence, April I Dept. I MIS8URI, SiWester, May I Oct. 1 ARCOLF. (new} Keeleigh, Jane I Not. I. (JAfiTON, Collier, July I Dec. 1. NKDHASKA (new) Wauon, Aug. 1 Jan. 1. Shun. Captaina. From Marseilles. CK'CK da JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, June It Not It MI880URI, Bilventer, July It Uec. It ARCOLE, (new) Kreleigh, Aug. It Jan. II UA8TON. Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. II NEBRASKA, Wauon, Theae reaaela are of the Aral elana, commended by men ol aspenence. Their aceommodationi, for paiaengera are unaur pnaaed fbr eomfort and conTeaience. Ooods addreaaed to the agents will be forwarded free of other charges than those acta ally paid. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN It PHKLT8, Proprietor! No. 10] Front street, or to BOYD It HINCKKN, Agents, lire tl'oatine Bntldinga, II Wall,cor. Water it. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LiNE OK PACKETS. 4&,M MM Bailing from .SawTTiX,h? ( each month. "" """ ?" "in Yrom N. York. Ifm. (Jl'gaw 9l'iPBARACKN, N. T. Hawkiaa, $ o?M' ffili. f Keb. I. March IS. Br. Ship UttOOKHBY, H. M'Ewm, j Not. 'i. A^g.' fj"1 C March 1. bec'r li Br Bark AD AM C AUK, Jno Wright J SSFt'l. fept.1 ?9 f April I. Jan. IS. v May 1. Jane 1SI Br. Bark ANN HAKLKY, R. (Scott, ? dept. 1. Oct. IS. _ . , , , ?, Kebnia. 15.1 Theao ahipa are good.aubatanttal veaaela, ably commanded, and will tail pouctually on their regular daya. Their accorn modatiena for paa*en?era,are good, and eTeryattenrion will be paid to promote their comfort. The agenta or f ptnina will not be reaponaible for any parcela or packagea ae Jt by them, aaleaa billa of lading are aigned therefor. For freight or paaaage, apply to IvOODHULL It MINTURN, g7 South atreet, New York, or ollre RKID It MURRAY, Olaagow THE NKW CONSTITUTION?Thia magnif jHyt cent, new packet ahip will aail from New York on VHMmitiat matanr and from Liverpool onthetth April. The CONSTITUTION ia the I.rival (being 1,600 tona regiater) and decidedly the moat rlegnnl of all the Liverpool line. She ia ei mianualrd by the diallligmahed Capt John Brittnn. (laie of the peeket ahip line'eater) ind .he >hip h a arenminodatioiia unean ailed for enlou, aerond eabin, and araerage paaaengen. I'ersorn tending for fheir fnenda will nnd thia the beat opportnnit ever ottered. Apt ly ,on board the ahip, feoi < Burl iug a I in, ov ro ft W.\ J. X. TAPSCOTf, H South ttratt, N Y- I **"* * .* ' ? W YO YORK. WEDNESDAY II nAHiTina accobihouations. 'I J. McMURRAY'S ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1*47. ^ JtfL flUL OLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFF1CI IN THE UNITED STATES THE SUBSCRIBER respec lully !) *? leave 10 tender hi sincere thanks to his numerous friends aud ths pnbli for thsir very liberal support he hsi received forupwtrdsc twenty years, and solicits a coutiuuation of their confl leuci The de-patch by whicn his passengers hare been biough out, and the p'oiopnrss by which his very numerous draft hare been paid at the different bauks, are, he flatters hirasel a sufficient taaramee to the public for the ftithful pertoru ance of any future contracts enteied into with him The following are the days of sailing of the regular line c packets to and from Liverpool, tiz 1st,6th, 11th, 16th 21a and ?6th of eaeh montii throughout the year. In addition to the above regular line a number of splendi I ships, such as the Adirondack, Matmion, Rappahannock, LI i beity, Sea, 44teenock, Broom, aud Ocean Queen, will cot tinue to sail Irom Liverpool weekly in regular succession thereby preveutiug the least possibility of delay or detsntio in Liverpool. The regular line of London Packets sail from New Yorl ou the 1st, 6th. IStii and 24th ; aud from London on the 6tli 13th, 31st, snd 26th of each month throughout the year Persons desirous ot sending for their Iriends residing i | die Ulil (JouDiry cw hare them brought out iu any of th above splendid THHll ou moderate trrmi. ! Aud tor the accommodation of persons wishing to remi I money to their families or friends. 1 have arranged the pay ! uteuta of my Drafts on the fo'lowuig Banks Armagh, Droghedi, Londonderry, Athlone, Uundalk, Lurgan, Bandou, Uungarvan, Monaghon, Belfast. Duugaiuiou, Mallow, Banbridge, Dowupatrick, Omagli, Ballymeua, Dublin, Parsonstown, Bally shuunou, Enniskillen, Skibbereeu, Balliua, Eiioit, Nligo, Cork, Enuiscorthy, Htrabane, Coleiaiue, Kermoy, Tralee, Clunmel,. till way, Weiford, t'avtn, Kilkenny, Waterlord, Carlow, Kilrush, Youghal. foothill. Limerick, England?Messrs. 8i>ooner, AttwooJIt Co., Bunkers, Lon sou ; Messrs. Jaa. Beckett It Bon, and Mr. Richard Murphy Liverpool. Scotland?'The City of Glasgow Bank, aud all itabranche aud Agencies. II/? Passages can also be engaged from Liverpool to Phils delphia, Boston, and Baltimore, T>y the Hey ular Packet Ship on application beiug made personally, or by letter, post paid addressed to JOSKPH M. MURRAY. Corner of Pine and Nouth streets. New York, Or, Jamks Bkckkt It Son, aud ) No. 1 Waterloo Road Mr. Richard MunrHy, j Liverpool df] r FOR NEW ORLEANS. I LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. ife- m m m TO^AIRvkry TKCTMYS. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson. Slop HUDSON. Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain lugersoll. Ship LOIIISV1LLK, Capt. Flnut. Ship KARTELLS, (Japtaiu Taylor Bark GENE8EE. Captain Miuot.. Bark JANK E. WILLIAM8, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captain Uraig. The aheve ships are all ol the ft'at class, of light draft o water, and commanded by the mot" experienced captains it the trade. Their cabins are handaome|yflorniahed, and ever attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passes germ Neither the captains or owners of the above shipa will be rt possible for jewelry, bullion,precious stsnes, silver or plate ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packagea sent by, or pu on board of them, uulesi regular bills of lading art taken fc the same, and the value therein expressed. Kor freight or passage apply on board, at Orleans wh&rl foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS M South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff, k Co., who wil promptly forward all goods to their address REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, &c. m m. m. GEORGE McBRIDE, Jr., nas removed his odice to Nc 46 Broadway, and continues to remit money, in sums large o small, to persous residing in any part of Ireland, in the asm manner as he and his predecessor iu business hsve done lo (he lost thirty years#ud more; also to any part of England o Scotland. Monty remitted by letter, pott-paid, to the anbacrtber, o peraonally denoaited with him, with the name orthe peraoi or peraona in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it ia t be aent, and nrareat pott town, will be immediately trauainii ted ana paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect glvei r forwarded to tbe render iM ?*?- "rOH LIVERPOOL-New Line?Regular Pack |H)Vet Tor Kebrnary M.?The superior l ast-tall log packe MHMaaahip GAKHICK, Captain B. J II. Traak, 100# torn buitheu, wilt tail aMLove, her regular day For freight o pataage, baring accommodations unsurpassed for aplenda or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wal atreet.orto EDWARD K COLLINS, M South atreet. Price of passage $100. Tne packet ahip KOHCIU3, A. Kldridge, matter, wil ineceed the Garrick, and aail K>th March, her regular day JM wAfc- FOR LIVERPOOL?'The New Lme-fu tfUV gnlar Packet of Slat February ?The new, auperinr ^Sapbtaai-aailiug packet ahip CONS'i ITU 1'ION, I,bin tout burthen, Capt. John Brittou, will aail aa above, her re gular day. For freight or pnarage, having aplendid, large and comfort able atare rooina and cabin, apply to the captain on board, a real pier Burl lug NIB, or to WOuDHULL ?? MINTURN. r South at. The parket ahip HO PTINGUKK, 10Mi tout ourthen '/apt. Iru Uuraeler, will aucceed the Constitution, aud aai on her regular day, i let March. j$> fA-SL* FOR NKW ORLEANS? Louiaiana and Ney tg&fk Vork Liue of Packets?Regular packet for Moo Hbday February 14th.?The apleudid liiet aail'ng pack et alup HEBRON. Captain Gregg, will poa'ti eiy aail ai above, her regular day. For freight or pasauge, Having handsome aceommodationa apply on board, at Oileuna whart. lo.n of .v?|| atreet, or to K. K. COLLINS, 46 South at Positively no freight will be received on board aftei Saturday e.cuing, llch Feb'y. Ageuta iu New Orleaua, John O. Woodruff It Co.. whi will prmnply toe Wild all gooda to their gdde^un j3I rh FOR LIVERPOOL ? I n Bill on or before lilt Jfltit February.?The fast aailiug , firat elaaa ship MMmHl.' tlSON, aiuaiu Page ia now loading aud w II tail aa above. , Foi freight or passage, having g on aceoiniP'r latioua, apply on board, Orleana wharl, foot ol Wall at,cet or to F.UWARD K COLLINS, jiM 66 Wou'h atreet aAk- TAPSCOl a'H Fl)RMB.vT:X' hange am |Wy EMIGRATION OFFIClC.?Drafts on England Hflfa Ireland, Scotland and Wiles.?Persons ?lining t< remit money to auy part of Great Britain or Ireland, ran urn ru>e ilrilts of the subscribers pav?b'e at sight wi.hout dis connt hi all the principal towrs, as follows In England?Oa Messrs J Barucn It Co . Liverpool; Ns nonal and rroriuciil Bank of England and branches. In lie'aud?National Bank of Ireland and branches through not In Scotland? National Bank of Scotland and branchei throughout. Drafts can he forwaided bir the packets of the A'h, 11th IC h, 2 st and 2Cth, or Royal Mail slmnuhip from Bostoa or 1st proum >. W. k J T. TAP8COTT, M South street, H rh second door west of Burling slip. PASSAGE TO AN D FROM OALWAV DIRECT. -TdKg- The tolendid new bark HIANCIS WATTS, kJJgV hiving the who'e of her cargo engaged and going Blfes"'! boaul, will sail with despatch, and leave (ial war anont the 20th March. Peraor.a deai'oiia of having their friends brought out by this favorable opportunity, should make early application to JOSEPH MCMUKKAV, f7 rk coruer of Pine and South streets, A CUKE FOR COLDS. MIIS. ('A IO(OMAS Medicated Vapor and Sulphur Batha, 184 Knlton street, opposite Chuich street. A certain cure lor Celda, Coughs, Hhenmatiaw. 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Ladiea residing at a distance, who are suffering with di? eaaei of long standing, aneh as obalr-acrious, retention#, ir regularities, ke t hat have failedr he hoaated noarrema of the d y, can apply with confidence to the Doetoe, hy letter, describing the ai npnnii, treatment recetvsd, duration ol the disease, fcc., for which a cheat confining the necessary advice an med-cine, will he forwarded to their direction in nny pen of tne Union Te nia, $3 Addieea r W. MnlrONNELL. M D . ja29 lm*i 92 Jobg atreet, New York iRK I [ORNING, FEBRUARY 10 . AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. TULEOlt&PUlC. m\ Albaisv, Feb. 9,1847. e Senate. f Mr. Class offered resolution for a vote of thanks to it Oeneral Wool for his efficient services in Mexico. * Mr. Jonas called up the House resolutions relative to ,1 , Mr. Young said the matt?r had bettor be left to com1 petition, which would regulate the hardships complain" d ed of. It waa a snhject for Congress to attend to : that I" body had all the information Decenary to guide them. II i, they took no action, then the Legislature might more. 0 Debate ensued on a motion to stiike out the preamble k to the abore resolutions, which was disagreed to, and ' tho resolutions were amended by prohibiting the storing n of merchandise between decks, when occupied by emi* grant passengers, and the motioD, as amended, was t adopted. Mr. Habi> oifered a concurrent resolution, appointing J. A. Collier end Alvab Wotden Commissioners of the Codo. Laid ou the table. Mr. Lkstkh oifered a resolution to have a change made in the mode of appointing agents of the University, and their otHcial tenute. The Judicial Districts Bill was further debated, and the Senate adjourned. Assciubly. A memorial was read from Prima, Ward fa. Co., and | others, in relation to the taxation of foteign insurance ' companies. Ths memorialists are in errer in supposing a that any report has been made in favor of the expediency of increasing the tax to be paid by the agents of foreign s insurance companies. All that has been done is tho '' adoption of a resolution directing the Banking Commit tre to inquire into tho expediency ol such a tux. A memorial wus received from the members of the New Vork bar praying for radical legal reform. Mr. IIascom applauded the coble stand tukeu by the dx-Vico Chancellor McCoun, and tho leading member* ' of the profession. Tho memorial was ordered to be priuted?70 to 17. A memorial was received from all the marine insui ranee companies of New Vork, praying thut John Utter, I Esq., be appointed a commissioner to codify jaws. A resolution to the same effect, was received from the I Chamber of Commerce. ' Mr. Dkvilin reported a bill relative to 'he bonding " and commutation money of emigrant passengers, which > was made tho speeial order for Thursday. >. A resolution to print extra copies of the Comptroller's * report, on the expense of furnishing minutes ol' testimor ny taken by Circuit Judges, was debuted by Messrs. f Cornell, Uevelin, and Walsh. Sent to Printing Committee. The debate had rolorence, principally, to sum* II paid Judge Whiting. The Senate bill, making appropriations for Common Schools, passed the Committee, and was read a third time. Adjourned. J BY THE MAILS, r LEU1SL.VT1VE PltOCKBDlNUN. * Albany, Feb. 8, 1847. 9 Senate. r railboad COarORATIONS. Mr. Williams, from the Committee on Railroads, reported "An act in relation to railroad corporations " The * bill embodies provisions in regard to connection or junc: tiod railroads and racriilatlntr th*? rorhivir??r nn/1 ADrmlmr a - ri ? e w-n r ol freight itoud* intersecting each other are required to r farUeh facilities for the passage of the curt, passengers, I and baggage of each line, and for furnishing "through" tickets totho passengers The Senator remarked thut he was disposed to await the passage of a general law in re. lution to incorporations, and applicable to the subject matter contained in the bill. He had, however, boeu induced to report this hill for the consideration ef the So nate. The bill was committed to tho Committee of the i Whole. this ixiusists. Mr. JortKS.fiom the Committee on Commerce anJ Navi Ration, reported,with v erbal amendments, the concurrent ' House resolutions instructing our Senators and requesting our Uepieaoutatives In Congress,to use their best efforts to obtuiu the passage of a law to provide more ett'ecj tuslly for the comfort and convenience of emigrants while on ship board. Mr. Clahi objectoil to the recojitioh of the resolu' Hons, and they were laid upon the table fer one day, 1 under the rule. i muHTi or womks. Mr. Hamj, fiom the Judiciary Committee, reported adversely to the b.11 entitled "an act to enable frmt tovtrtu to convey tbeir right of dower in certain cases." The Senator read a brief report in opposition to the bill; the report was laid upon the table , On motion of Mr. Hard, the Senate went into Kaecu tive session, the doois, under a tule of tho Senate lately ; paased, remaining open. Mr. Hard enquired of the Chairman of the Judiciary I Committee (Mr Hand), if he waa prepared to make a report upon the extant of the powerof appointment with which tho new Conatitution invested the Governor and Senate. Mr Hard said he was hot yet prepared; midnight en1 page.i enls had prevented hiiu making any rapoit upon tho subject. LiaaAXr arrom. On motion of Mr. Harris, 760 extra c pias of the report of the trustees of thu State Library, ware ordered to he prrutad. the judicial districts. The Senste want into Committee of the Whole on the Rtl I R? H- tl 1 ? ?-A , .'??io|n;tK;u u; ml. uiuiu, UUUI UiU JUUlCIBTy lyOdimilten entitle.1, ' An set to divide the .State into judicial . dutrirtl, stul to piovide foi the election of certain judi1 rtiul officers, and fix the term of oertuln officers."' j^l annex a copy of the above bill, with the remark, that a bill for the arrangement of the .judicial districts upon another plan, and lately published by you, is now pending in the House, and was passed in committee of ; the whole House to-day. 5 I. I UI main 1" uereuy uiviuou lino eight Judicial diitrlcta, pursuant to the provisions of the lourtti section of the sixth article ot the < 'onstitution, which districts shall be arranged as follows : ?The first Judicial district, shall consist ol the city and county of -Now Vork. The second judicial district, shall consist of the counties of Kings, queens, HuHolk, Richmond, Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange and Hullivan. The third judicial distriat, shall consist of the counties of Columbia, (Jreene, Albany, Keusselaer, Schoharie, Delaware ami Ulster. The lourth judicial district, shall consist of the counties ol Saratoga, Washington, Warren, Essex, Clinton, Kianklin, St. Lawrence, Kuiton, Hamilton, Montgomery, Herkimer aud Schenectady. The firtli judicial district, shall consist of tho counties of Jedcrson, Lewis, Oswego, Oneida, Madison and Otsego. The sixth judicial distilct, shall consist of the counties of ChonaiiKO, Drooine, Tonipkini, < liemung, Tioga, Steuben, Allegany, Cuttaraugua nnfl Livingston. The eeventh judicial diatrict, shall consist of the counties of Onondaga, Cayuga,Seneca, Yates, Ontario, Wayne and Cortland The eighth Judicial district, shall consist of the counties of Chautauqua, Erie, Oenusee, Wyoming, Montoe. Ol leans ami Niagara. if 2. The tint olection of the judges of the court of eppeall, and of tho Justices ot tho supreme court, and of the cleik ol the court of appeals, and of the county jinlgss, shall be held on the fourth Tuesday of May next ti 3. The officers mentioned in the last preceding section, after the first election thereof, shall ha chosen at a general election. S 4. Every separate officer to perform the duties of the office of surrogate, in counties having a population exceeding forty thousand ; and every local officer to discharge the duties ol county Judge, and of surrogate, in caso of their inability, or ol a vacancy ; and to exercise such other powers, in special cases, aa may be provided by law, whan the election of said officers, or any of them, shall he authorised by law, shall be choaan at the special election herein provided, or at a general election-, and their tenure of office shall bs the same us that of county judges. a ft. The names of all tho persons voted for by any elector, at any election, at provided for by this act, shall no upon one oeuoi, wmcn mall he eudoraed " Judiciary and which ballot* ahali he received and deposited by the board of inapector* of election*, in a acparmte box kept for that purpoao , and in all other reapecta, all the provUiona ol law, reapecting the qualification*, diaabilitie*, and privilege* of elector*, and manner of voting, and of conducting the election* at a general election, ahall be applicable to the election of the ofltcera apecifled in thin act. ^ (I All law* requiring notice to be given at any general olectiou, ahall be applicable to the election* authorized by thia act, except that notice of the tirat election aloreaaid, to take place on the fourth Tneaday ol May next, ahall be given and pubiiabed, aa now required by law,I only weeke prior to aaid election. But no election, provided for in thia act, ahall be invalid by roe | aonoftho omiaaion to give eny notice tbcreol, requited by exiating law*. t 7. Tba vote* fer the judgea of the court of ap|>eal*. ami of tho cleik of the court ol appeal*, ahall be returned, eanvaaied and certified, in ail reapecta aa the votia for governor ere returned, canvaaaed and certified ; and the vote* tor tbeJuaOcea of the aupreme couit, ahall bareturned, canvaaaed and certified, aatthe voter (or aenator . are returned, canvaaaed, and certified ; and the vote* lor : the other officer*, wboae election ia provided for by thia act, abali be returned, canvaaaed and certified, ?? the vote* tor aheritt'are returned, canvaaaed end certified i and the atatement of the vote* for the judge* of the court ol appeal*, the JuaUcea ot the aupren.a roiait, and of the cleik ol the court of appeal*, ahall be made aud publiahed, aa in ceae of the election of the governor and acnetore ; end the atatemeDt of the vote* for ail ether officer*, j whoa* election i* provided for by thia act, ahall be made | JBLi- JLL WWWH HI 111 III I HI I E R A , 1847. ! bdJ published, -u in the owe of the election of otlier county officer*. Mr. H*eo moved that tho Houao bill [see Houee proI ceeding*] reported by Mr. Hudley from the majority of ; the (elect committee, be eubitituted for the above bill. A ' diacuaaion. embracing " gerrymandering" auhjeota, and medical eubje ta, nnd tho election of judicial officer*, i See ,en*ued upon the motion of vlr. Hard j It ia to be hoped that the two Hnu*n* will ultimately agree upon a bill ol some fort, and that the diviiion will be made independently of parttvan interest*. : lr The committee roae and reported progress, without any definite action. Aaacsnbly. Mr. DKvr.Lt!* prcaentad the petition of Abraham Van Buren, .Samuel Waterhury, and five thousand other*, reaidenta ol tha city ot N'ew York, praying for the repeal of the excise law, and remonstrating against the extension of the law to that city- Petition* for the aatne oh- I ject were alao received from Cayuga and Chautauque ' /on-lUi Mr. Gray presented a re-petition of Hiram 1' lia viugrr, 1 praying for the recomideiation of his toini-r petition, for the impeachment of Mr McKeon of New York. On motion of Mr. I'erkim, the re petition wui laid ! upon the table. ji-XTAroaiTiow or hocsc and iinatk ?t'ni. Mr. Haicom introduced a resolution, that the House | concur with the judgment of the .Semite, that the bill 1 relating to the removal of stone from the public quarries in Blank Kock, and passed by the House as a mojority bill, is a two-third bill The House agreed to the resolution, and the speaker was instructed to certify that the bill received a twothird vote. THY NoarHKHN rHlSON. The Houau ugreed to the amendments of the Senate to the concurrent resolution appointing u committee to vis't the Clinton prison and report to the Legislature. The House also concurred in the report of the Joint I Committee of Conference upon the bill appointing an ad' ditioual number of juiora for tlio county of Kings. | Tho joint resolutions instructing our Senators, fce., in Congress, to oppose uny increase of the present rates of I postage, were passed. Mr. Bl'thick offered a joint reselution ef instructions to . our Congressional representative! to use their best efforts to secure tbe abolitisn of sluvery in territories ovor I which Congress exercises special jurisdiction. The resolution lies over under the rule. ; A sharp sot and dosultory discussion then occurred upon a resolution ottered by Sir. McGouegal, to limit the I right of speech of the members to thirty minutes. Some impolitic Hllusions were made to the " Young'' delegation irotn New York city, and the peculiar and marked predilection for making lengthy speeches which it was stated had been displayed by those gentlemen. A member of the delegation (Mr. Develin) replied in sevore terms to the einhaigo which was intended to be laid upon the private rights and public immunities of the honorable representatives The resolution wus tabled ; And the House resolved itself info committee of the whole on the bill reported by Mr. Hadley, from the majority of the select committee, untitled, " An Act to lix tbe judicial districts of thin State " ' The bill is as follows t) 1. The judicial diatricta of this State, shall be ar 1 ranged as tollows, to wit-.?The first judicial district shall consist of the city and county of Now York, '1 he ; second judicial district shall consist ot the counties of j Richmond, Suffolk, (juceua, Kings, Westchester, Orange 1 Kockiand, Putnam arid Dutchess. Tire tlrrrd judicial district shall consist of the countros of Ulster, Sullivan, Ue| laware, Schohurio, Uroene, Columbia, Albanv >-ltd Scire | nectady. The fourth judicial district ahull consist ol' the | counties of franklin; Clinton, Essex, Wancu, Washingi ton, Kulton, Hamilton, Haiatogn, Montgomeiy und IleusI seiner. The fifth judicial diatrict shall consist of the I counties of Jefiersou, Lewis, Onoida, Otsego, Jleikiiner I and tit. Lawrence. The sixth judicial district shall eon' aist of tho counties of Oswego, Cayuga, Onondaga, MbI dbon, Cortland, Chonaugo, Broome und Tioga. The i seventh judicial district (hull consist el'tho counties of [ Monroe, Livingston, Stouliun, Chemung, Yates, Ontario, Wayne, Seneca and Tompkins. The eighth judicial district shall consist of tho counties of Erie, Chuutaiuiuo, i Cattaraugus, Orleans, Niugara, Oeneseo, Allegany and Wyomiug This billl was moved in the Senute to day, as a substitute to the bill introduced by Mr Hand, und published above. It is excessively doubtful whether the House wtll accept any division of the State other than tho one suggested in this hill. Home thirty motions were made to amend, and ail wnie rejected. Tho Ilouso icluseJ to alter or change it ia tho smallest degree The Commitloe of the Whole psssed the bill, and le, ported it to the House, And (lie House adjourned. Nxw Oai.csiti, Sunday Morning, Jan SI, 1?47. The Markets?The Ntwe ? The Theatres?The Tallinteers. There is hut little important news in commercial circles that 1 can communicate to you. The news by the | Themis bad tho effect of preventing oxtenaivc opera' ! tious in cotton during the week, us the English steam' | er's news was thought to he so nour at hand. Kor two days it has been leportrd that the news had beeu received by tho private "speculitois'express," which has bad a great effect The sales of Thursday were hut 200 , bales, of Kriduy hut 2A00, and yesterday 600 bales, and what the current prices of the week have been it is almost impossible to determine, as there has been a degree of secrecy observed. It may be stated witb satety, bowever, thut the lutes buve ranged lioin II jall.'s tor middling, to I3?13}* for good fair. Thero huvo been several mail failures uuriog the week. Tho weather has been bad duiing the week, raiuing several dlys, winch bas hiul the cllect of limiting the transaction* of the week in sugar to LiOO hhds In molasses the sales have been large, the demand exceeding 'lie ur ivals, and prices have advanced from 20 to 2C)i cents, and sales have been made at 205-^ to 27 cents Tun transaction* in flour have been heavy, the puces stifl irom $; 21 to b 02\- in corn there w as an activa demand immediately a ter the arrival of the Themis, and sulee have been efl'acted at iroin 76 to 00 and 0o cents; lining the latter part ot tho week,especially yestirduy, The volunteers, the Pennsylvania!!*, an J the MississippiaDs have got Hl l"*1- >nuch to the satnl ir,ion of I our oitizena. T a excesses and outr ges that luve tieen perpetrated by portions ot them, at taut roused the cilixetil auil the press to uctioii, and lied they remained any longer. there would have been serious trouble llcveriior Johnson received talurmation, luto yssterduy afternoon, that, upon soma ot the police aiiihutilic* visiting the camp ot the Pennsylvania regiment, to arrest luveral men, who bad committed a rai>u aud a murder, their compuutona reluned to deliver them tip, and j the colonel of the regiment, and oMceri, who evetted themselves to assist the civic authorities, weiu shutdown by their own men. The Lomaiana Legion was ordered out. and remained in the Place d'Armes, for several hours, waiting orders to inarch lor the battle ground; but intelligence caine that the report was entuely untounded, and that fee regiments hud both embarked, and were under vsVfor the Uah/e The greatest vriteinent prevutlod S the city during the whole | evening. I There is little news " tint? ol any const<|iienco' I Leopold de Meyer ami litirke ar rived lust evening in the i steamship New Orleans, Irom New \ oik vu CharlosI ton and Havana i lliangy, (lie incomparable, commonces another engagerneiit at the American Thoutre, to morrow night. Wailuck and the Itavels are at the St. Charles, playing I on alternate nights. Wallack made u grant hit us Don . CVsarde Da/an, last night. The new opera ol " Les Mousijuetuires de la Iteirio," | was produced on Thuisdny night at the Orleans theatre, | and to a good house It w as repeated last night to thu i best house of the season. It is arety pretty opera, well | got up, an<l well played. I suppose you have >een the return of Calve announ- i ced. I am told she will nnt nr,nkDP nl !- - ?C.*.? ' there ii a probability that she will give una or two concert) (luring the season. U. Additional Particulars from tiik Tuscaloosa.?We are yet left in painful uncertainty ae to tho number and the nauiee of thoee who wem killed and lost by the explosion and burning of the Tuscaloosa on Thursday night, near this city We continue our list holow, though none are added to tho number of those who were known to have lieen killed at the time ol the explosion. To the list ol names published as killed and missing, ire to tie edded six of the bodies, not recognised, that wore brought from the wterk by the steamer WiDoni. Also to that number, thorn- of the firs- men and duck hands known to ho Ij,- and killed, hut have not yet heen repotted-sup, used to tie not less than fourteen. The list oi scalded and wounded has lieen in- 1 cieasedand amended, as information has enabled us so I to do. It was rumored Inst evening that live additional dead bodies?not yet recogni/.ed? have been found ou or neer the wreck. i Killrd ami Mining.?Bluo Paetuer, clerk; ? Clarke, first mate ; Kdwanl McDoiiuough. thud engineer, Cinn , Ohio; W . R. 11 assail, passenger, Oieene county; Wm. , Tannehill, do do, f. K Beusly, dodo; Charles Childs, do do ; John llolfman, do Tuscaloosa county ; K. Woodaid, dodo ; Atiram Hum, do, volunteer, (ticoue county; Pelt, do, unknown ; Plossant bell, of Abbeville District, 8. C. Seal Jul.?K. Park Oliver, badly; - Wm. Ward. Pilot, do ;'i.vans, deck band, do ; -Win, Marvin, passenger, i do ; Col. J. M. Winston, do, do ; Captum U. Kirk, expected to recover; Col. Wm. Armistoad, do, do ; Capt. Ilam- | let, do, do.;Cant Asa White, do, do.; Mr. Lipscomb, do, j do.; T. O. Mohlahy, do do. Those marked with a star (*) have since died. The lollowing list of passengers who escaped uninjured, and came down to the city on hoard thu steamer J.imo) Hewitt, has been compiled with great care end hes undergone the supervision ol the passengers themselves, at their meeting at the Waverly House on Matin , I day last Aire. Charles rMtsrinn Thru \t Tarlt I, \ llilsK. cock, W. MilUr. J R Bt'eveni, Mobile, Mil J Mary Maruit, John Dully. W A A Battle,Col W. (? l inih, John T. kountaine, Mra. J. T. Kountaine Newton L Whit- \ fleld, C. 11. Hobinaon, tleo M. llardwicke. Therati Browne, H. T. Civile, TiinUalooa.i, Aim Wallace; H. Jackaou, Martin IVter, Tuakalooaa county; Joarph L Boxeman, Jainei A Boxeman, Ml* H II. Bo reman, Mlti Lugenia B lltay, I, I, Sexton, Win. I., Chllea, Matthew Knox, Win H Hill, (J. C. < ol< man, Wm. C. Williama, Wieene county; John Little Smith, Robert S Inge. J J. I Watton, Hit inter county; B Avery, D Avery, B B Maney, I'erry county; BenJ S (Hover, Maieri((o county; Thntnaa tioidaliy, Dailaa county; Rev. I imoihy Root, lady and two daughter*, Lincoln county, Ky ; Stephen A Hhavkelford, one of the crew, of Jefleraon county; Dr. Davta, Buigeoa, U. S. A - Mobile AivtrI iter, Ftk 1. LD. ** fUi vw* Ovnu. The Hon. John Wentworth. H0U?K Or RkmEtEVTATlTtS, < Washiroton, Fob. 6, 184? y j De-xn 3;*,? in my Herald of the 4th, 1 notice your telegraphic report of Congress proceedings allude* to my making a motion to strike out the salary ot the President, when I made no auch motion Prom your extensive circulation, I em anxious to be set tight on this matter, end so will ask you to insert the following from the Olekt'i rspor, of the tthiMr. Wkivtwobth asked what was the amendses* pending 7 The Cmiiimas said it was to strike out the 28th and 28th linn touching the President's salary. Mr WkNTivoiiiH remarked it hud been said that ha made such a motion The Cniiisas replied that tbe clerk had so recorded it, and continued, " does the gentleman withdraw the ; amendment 7" 1 Mr WinwuiH.-l have made no motion touching the President's salary, or the 28th or 28th lines. My motion was tbe usual one to strike out the whole of the flrat section-a motion made simply to hang a speech upon. TheCHsisMsn said such a motion was not in ordor when mude. Mr. WKttTwoRTH -Theu thsro is no motion kefere the committee for me to withdrew The aommittee then proceeded to vote upen the amendments, Ike , he i nave \ue uuiiuno ue, your obedient servant, JN? WEMTWORfH. Political Intelligence. Wedurtsduy it assigned liy the Maseachusetts Legislature lor the choice of u United Hlates Senator from that State, in the place of Mr Davis, whose term expires ou the 4th of March nex'. Mr Davis will be a candidate lor re-election; but there will be also other whig candidates, among whom Governor firiggs will be the most prominont. The Western mail brings the latest intelligence from the Kentucky Legislature. On Tuesday and Wednesday the hallotings were continued without securing an election. On the latter day the three .whig candidates who had been balloted for throughout were withdrawn. The Hon. Mr. Morehead, Hon. Garret Davis and Lieut. Gov. Dixon, are spoken of as caudidates. In the House, a resolution bus been passed to postpone the attempted election until the ltilh inat. ; in this, it is thought the Senate willconcur, which we hope will give some opportunity for a compromise. At the date of our last advices from Iowa City, no fur ther effort had been mado to bring about the election of U.S. Senators, or Judges of the Supreme Court. The locofocos ute awaiting the result of the election in Lee county, to ti 11 the vacancy caused by the death of one of the Hepiesentativos from that county. The election was to have been held on the -J&th ult. i |> RTAIL STOCK OK DRV GOODS, WITH LKA8K IV UK STORK KUR S ALK.-Knr sale a stock of KaaeT 1 and Staple Dry Goods, well assorted and at low prices, in one of the moil desirable localioua in the eity. '1 lie lease has about three yeara to rnnittie location may be cOuaidered cue ul the best 'I he start lias beau fitted up at a great expense, nod possesses intny advantages as to the interior arraogements. The slock at preien' it nuder Kiglit Thousand Dollars; with ail additional stork of Thrte to KiveThousand Dollars, there can be sold for cash Kifty to Seveuly-five Thousand Dollars a year at a wry lair average profit. iiioiuiiniii unuiu imcuniif sausiactory paper, ou a credit <>f unt over 6 mouths. To thou? desirous o( commencing the wholesale and retail Dry Goods husiueaa, the present offers one ol the greatest inducements. Address Bos 911 Lower Post Office, with real name. SO tw*r SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. A PAMPHLET, descriptive of the decision of this Body in their selection of a design for their building at Washington. will be published by an eye witness ol the proceedings on or before the last week in February. Copies to be had of, WELL* It AUNOT. New York. JOHN KAV1LANU > Phll . ... JOHN NOTMAN, ( Philadelphia. ISAIAH KOtiEKS Boston. WM. P. ELLIOTT, Washington. All papers please copy. 13 3w*rc OAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. LAOIEB or Gentlemen having any cast off or snperffnoua Clothing or Furniture to dispose of, can obtain a 'air cash price for the same by sending for die subscriber, at his residence, or through the post, which will be puuctnally attended to M. 8. COHEN, Agent, *9 Paine street. I N. B.?Ladies can br attended to by Mrs. Coheu. Jkti lm*c NOTICE TO ALL GENTLEMEN.'"' GENTLEMEN, if you want your clothes kept In good order lor the remainder of the seasen, you had better [ take or tend your coats und pauts to 91 Murray street, corner of Wasliiugtou.where you can get ttiein either cleaned, dyad, iltered auaiefiied, with new velvet collars, cutfa, linings, bosoms, on tlie most reasonable trims. N otr ? No disappointment at iny store. A line addressed <v iih- ve attrnd-d to t any lime. A c ill or trial taail asked.? Clothes cleaned or dyed superior to auy tu the city,at No t Murrey street ell Jw'rb A. I'OHTihffGA. rem Londou TO DAGUERKUN ARTISTS. JUk i KECEi VEl> by late arrtVuls from Havre? 1'L.ATEA?1200 of the Planished and Star Brands. FRAME*?A large lot uew and splendid patterns VOIGHTLANDe.R TUBER ot medium, half and fall nee For sale by JOHN HOACtl. Optician, tt .Vises at N B ? Clieimr.ila, Cases and all materials used in Dagnerr* mgconsiantlv on hand jan H lu* rb FANCY PAFbK AND l'a PER BgXEs. ONER h FRlEDEL lli John street, near Pearl, upeiaus. I Manufactured of paper boves nod sample cards and dee lert in fancy papers. All orders thankfully received and ei? cuted promptly and ou reasonable terms Henry joneb. Jt?jm?rw HENRY FRIEUKL. SUSPENDERS FOTTTSXFORT. ! r IMIK E K thouiaiid do*?n IV.eut corrmjgited Hasptadort. I .1 nd.iDted to tha Mhicau ?ud Mouth AnuriMB it domestic trade, and w .named to stand unaffected by ur climate. Kur tale br the manufacturer tad ewaer of the parents * W l? r HOKMIK H. I> A V . T? ('oartltadt IMM PAKTSS?TD'YKING ESTAHLISHM?'NT. btpat for the reception an./ delivery of Qoodi, at Ur Court't, I IB William et, New Vork. JC. COJHT ?t DK8CHAUX, (the latterly recent ly arrived from I'arit,) beg rei|>ectfully to arinonnce to the manufacturers and merchants neutrally, that they dye ?ud tuiiih, in t new and very tu|ien >r tt le. uerer before introduced into the United States, and according to the latest Paris fashion, all aorta ol gnods, sewing allk and twiat, either plain or shaded: traint, orgaiiams tud spun silks, zephyr woratrd and woollen ytru of all kindt, tewing cotton, mohair, linen and coltou vann. They have imported Pttent machinery lor patting np-ailk and Wurated iu tfie beat and moat approved manner, either in tpoola or akeint 1 Damaged or faded tewing atlkt, worsteds. ribhont, tilk and cotton glovea and hoae, gunpv, fringea, corda and tassels, ladiet'and Kentlemen't garmenta re dyed and made equal to new arttclet. Order* carefully attended to and promptly eteeated. JaJO lin*r UbAfrJ.>h3? OUtt-blJ. JUl BROADWAY. (Katract 11 cheerfully comply with 00 I the request of Lieutenant Mclutoah, to a tela that ha waa invalided home, at nnl'it lor duty, In cnuaequeace of total dealness, and discharges from the earl. That under the treat incut of Lira. Cattle it Kdwardt, nnruta in New York, an entirely recovered hit hearing, and hat again returned to bla militarv duty.?Signed, 11. McNKVKN, Hurgeou to H. B. .Vl. !orcea, Jamaica. Acouatic Oil?A aure cure for incipient dealnete, discharges from, or noises, and collections of hard war, ike, lathe aara?foraale Ml Broadway. JJI Im'r jEEFEK^FN INdUKANCE COMI'ANY. Orricg No. 'jO W?u a'aart, oreoaiyg thk Mibcmiist's KicHiana. THIS Company contiuuei to luaure agamat loaa or damage by Kire, on dwelling housea, warehouses, buildings in general,gooda,wares and merchandise, and erery description 01 personal property ; also agninet Iocs or damage by inland Derivation and transportation DlKKCTOKK Thomas W. Tborue, Klisha Hwgs, Tiiomus T. Woodruff, Ansen Bdaer, It H. Itobaou, M D, Joseph Draka, Thomson Price, Joteph Allen, vl.. T..-I? ? ' J..M. K. Dhvu io, J?h? P. Mora, LJe' W.UiM K. lAtora, OaJak Tiinn, Tlwimaa Morrall, t Ter f.' *"** Kagena Bogart, JoUa Merriit, Kottart Hmilh THOMAS W. THOHNK. Praaidaai UK(> T HOI'K. H,,.,.,,,, 4,1 ' YgOfra A . 4> 0. BRANDON, Hnrcnion to K. A. MtJNDKN. BLOCK LETTER 8ION M ANU V ACT I'URI, AND til ON PAINTERS, NO. 'J TNTON NOW, Adjoining tliN Harlem Ktilrond Office. Naw Yoik. Hrranrtir?Wmhiugtoo H'oraa. William (raet; Hath nun n *in. jimiiuu i riotffi, pmiioimi norei, rernut not**, U. 8. Bonded V/itrchotiaa, Nankin TVi (/OipMfi he he. IiWrrt | HARDWARE, CUTLKRY, RAZORS, He. PKKNMKV'H Tallyho Raxort. John Hiinrner k Won't warranted Needle*. ] Wilton k Southern'! elegant Table Cutlery II H Htenion't line pen tnd pocket Kniret, l Which, together with Hawt hdge Tool*, Keythet. end ! ethtr int goodt, are held for tale, to the trade on mannfar f Lnitii'ttenuit, bT K 5. KTKNTON , koreign Hardware Commiatioo Ageui, 74 Maiden lane, np ataira. Orilert *olieited from the trade for the above goodt, on the unil oianulacturera' terma, (no eoramiaaion.) jn? Irn'r " V UAL. I ST ILL eontione to aell the beat quality of Ked Aih Crai at diet* pricea for rath Bmken. eg*, and ttore, tC JO , large nnt, $0 HO; trreened and delivtieo In good order, trom my yard, corner of Kmc and Oreeuwicti ttreeti. JO ernta will he allowed to tboae who with to tend tlieir own carta. i? I in * i c I'K.TKK CI.INTON H. GUKRKIKK, PLKACMKIl and Drttter of Dry (Jntdt, etlabllahed for k> arvertl vt.tit in tint city, hat the honor to inform the Ireportera and Jobber*, that by a new prneett, tuperinr to all late invention*, lie it able to raatore til kmda of Hiik Oooalt, potted hy dair*>nr?t, or utherwite dan aged ; thin prneett appliet equally to Vtlveti, Kibbout, I rqai, Bilk Ulovet, Hi!' Ntorkingt. fc?. K d (Jlavet rrtlnrtd withont leaving any odor, or rh?n*tny their tha|>et. at 17 rentt per dor All hindt if Shaw It fritgen. Lace tirindt and K.mbroidrr et out in perfect order rai ticnlar attention will bep?id to the rrlretlnug ajid | rettiuij of Stock Ooodt of all dr?ri|>l oa. All of which will On done at very moderate piieet Apply a' JO Dee ttrreet Nie Vr<ih l'4 Itaee 1(1 id A (iUh WUltKe.hri POLISH! N O 0 L ti T H . Kl\f\ lfAHD"1 inptrior iuI ?h11> - I'loth, tmiaal.r to II* P\J Marble I'olnhtrt, I r^>'cei e.. and (or tale ty 4 r.i ewh k BHOOKH, jtrb k aadbf patent tueet

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