Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1847 Page 3
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NEW YORK HERALD. S?w York, Thutidif, February 11,1847. HIGHLY IMPORTANT AND INTERESTING PROM EUROPE. FAMINE IN IRELAND. Excitement in England and France. By the arrival of the s'eamship Sarah Sanda, lroin Liverpool, we have ad* icea from London and Live/pool to the 20th of January, inclusive. t We hardly know what to think of die acoounta t received by this arrival. Europe appears to be ? in a dreadful condition, and what wil I be the rs- t suit of the great scarcity of food God only knows. ; Death from hunger was spreading to a frightful ( extent, and there appears to be no prospect of mitigating the terrible evil. Unless speedy and effective relief comes from some quarter, we s*e nothing to prevent ' a revulsion in Ireland more serious than ever yet ' experienced. Eight months before harvest, thousands are starving to death ia the principal towns of Ireland, and the government of Great Britain have not taken proper measures to arrest the sufferings of the lower classes. Laborers on the public works, set in operation to give employ, ment to the poor, actually drop down and die at their task. There is no relief in such a system. In times like these, what have Parliament to do wiih party lines! What have political principles to do with the starving millions, begging for breadl great question now is, in what way can the greatest supply .of food be obtained in the shortest possible time! We answer by opening the poits, and patting into commission every available vessel, for transporting grain from those countries having a large surplus. The supply must , b? distributed. We have too much. Europe has ' loo little. We want to sell, and they want to buy; , and the protectionists and free traders of England 1 must work together, and lay aside all prejudicesIt is not the time now to argue upon causes and ' effects, any ther than to guard against the ef- , I feet vof a much longer continuance o 1 the distress ' and misery existing in all parts of Europe. ' Whatever idea may have been entertained | heretofore in this country in relation to the ac- j cor<nts of the deficiency in the harvests of ( Jy.urope, all doubt mast disappear in the face of < f tic statements published in our columns to-day. The actual deficiency will prove even greater i than anticipated; and as bad as it may appear J no .v, the prospect is even more unfavorable. In i former years of scarcity in Europe, there has 1 been some hope for the future?soma dependence ^ upon the next harvest, for a removal ot the diffi- ^ culties one short crop produces; but there is not ^ in the present even that to look to, as the deficien- i cy anoiher year will, without doubt, be more ex- J i tensive than this. The potato crop is likely to be next season a total failure?this year it has ' be en but partially so As to the grain crops, ' there is a belter chance, as there is not so much d tnger from disease, and a favorable season will < give an average so far as the cultivation goes; ] but we have our fears that there will be a great reduction in the breadth of land tilled, and that j the aggregate yield will be correspondingly less. ' We must look out for, and be prepared for the ( worst, but hope for the best. < What will be the effect of the present and pros- ' p?ctive condition of Europe upon the United i Stitesl It cannot be otherwise than good, very J gocd. Whatever creates a demand for our agrif Allitliml Vbf/lllMrtt, ? * . ?1 *1 r j/iWMMuw, au?aiiC/co every uiirrooi ui Uj19 country. All we want is a permanency in the demand, and no matter how extensive, it could be t ets-ily supplied. There is, however, very little , dmger of the present activity in our com markets J f b-ing immediately followed by any apathy, or of ( thr immense supplies we shall turn out another < year, provided, of course, the season is tavorable, g ring begging for a market. The high prices now , current lor our agricultural staples, will stimulate J production very much, and a greater breadth of j land will be appropriated to the cultivation of grain crops this year than ever before in the his- ] toy of this country. The farmers of some of our \ oM, worn out, States will get rich if Indian corn r 'tnaius long at one dollar per bushel. There is no doubt but that the ports of Great Britain will be thrown open, for the free admissoi of all kinds of breadstufls. This will throw ' immense supplies into those markets, and tend my much to a material reduction in prices. I All this oorn must be paid lor, and we must i have the pay in gold and silver. Very little will t be puid for iu British manufactures. Some of it 1 t will orobablv be nanl for bv remittins State I ? stocks to this country, but the bulk mutt be jtaid for , with, bullion. 'Ihe Cumbria, it it taid, uriU bring out ! nc rly a million pounds tterling intptcic. A very large amount had been insured at Lloyd's before I the "Sarah Sands" left, full two woeks before I th<J Cambria's day of departure. What an iinpe- i tusthis accession to our supply of bullion will give to all kinds of business on this side of the Atlantic ! The importation of precious metals th year will be greater than ever before known, and I there is no telling what will be the effect. j We are a surprising people, we live in an aston- I ishing great country, and wo exist in stirring I times; but while we are surrounded with plenty, j I Ri d have every luxury, there are millions in Europe in want of bread, and thousands upon the point of starving to death. Let us thank (Jod that our lot is cast in a country literally flowing with milk and honey, but let us not forget that it is our duty to alleviate the distresses of our fellow ! beings. I The Steamship 8*1 ?li Bands, j This splendid ocean steamer came up to the city and j t took pesseaaion of her berth between three and four o'clock yesterday afternoon. Notwithstanding the uncomfortable state of the weather, and the bad walking const quent upon the melting snow, the wharf at the loo of Clinton street was soon crowded with spectators Anxious to behold this new iron wonder The four masted mons'er began to snort at brief intervals, through her | iron tbsewt ,a? the linos were thrown out, and finally rented out'*tremendous strain when fairly moored at the docit Her passengers were ason disembarked, the yards trimmed, decks cleared up, and nil looked as quiet nsnetdbe. The order observable on board this vessel 1s at) agreeable feature. The Sarah Sands left Liverpool ori the -O h of January on her first trip across the At. lau ic. She was built by James Hodgson 4c Co , for Messrs 'J homes and Joseph Binds, the well known merchants of Liv>rpool, and Captain Thompson, bor expe' noticed commander She oost $200,000. She Is built of Iron, and i- finished in every respect in the most thorough mui.nei. She is of ISOOtons burthen. Her saloons are filled up in tbo most elegant *tyle. The main itloon t vie* in the tichr.ei* of lie furniture and denoratjnn* with J the mott mmptuotia drawing room. It la Ailed with courhea, covered with the richeat crimion velvet. The 1 panelling ornamental carve work and Aguree are extremely elegant, and with the mirror* and painting*, give | n moit brilliant etTtct. Khe brought out fourteen par- 3 acrgera, 160,000 pound* ateiling in apecie, and about ' MIO ton* of Ane good* aa freight. During the greater part 1 of tbe voyage, the weather wa* extremely boiateroua, ( and head wind* or *qu* la, were obitarlea to a very ahort 1 pima {?; yo?, tbs acre w propeller worked admirably in every Kind of woatuer, and lot principle of theaciew ' 1 uk bit auxiliary aid in navigating tbe ocean, ia demouatra j j ted by the trial-tup if tbi* khip, to be ou-r of the greateat importance She i* clencher built andd ouble rlvet'ed, I ha* a dipper bow, and a iiandaome billet head. The P' 0 portieu* of th-a nobis v?a?el ere aa follow*. Length of ' kacl, iHSleet ; length over all about 2IA feet, beam >'1 1 j leal; Jfcpth of maiiideck, 10 feet A inchea ; height of apar 1 deck, 7 feet 0 ioclua Hhe he* lour masta. Har tnginaa have cylinder* AO inch** in diametar, with three feet 1 ktrolte, they are rated at two hundred horae* pewer, end capable of working couaiderably higher. Her bunkara will contain about MO ton* of coal, leaving room to atow 1,000 tone of cergo. Her acrew,|which haafour bibb, ia ^ J ourteen feet hi diameter As aooident oeuting, shout a 1 lay * delay, occurred on the peerage hither When In ' food working order, the " Sarah Sonde" will probably aake the eaetern paeeegee in fifteen to serenteea days' ; ind the weetern in eighteent o twenty. Her friend* are ilghly delighted with her, end it if probable that more of ler kind will ere long be found lying at our wharves ; br if the experiment of the auxiliary eorew p'oree delidedly and past cavil favorable, it will loon be brought nto general uie. ite advantage* are so numeroua, tost ' uch must be the result. t Arrival or the Admiral.?This line packet ihip, under the command of Captain John Wot- t on, arrived early yesterday irom Havre, whence f ihe sailed on the evening of the 10th ult., bringing ins week's later intelligence. She brought Lon- , <1 Ion papers of the 9th. We issued an Extra ! ' Htrald containing her news yesterday, in time for I change hours. We are indebted to Captain Wot- I c on for late papeis, and congratulate him in havng so splendid and so swift a packet under his iommand. This is the first trip of the Admiral , The Platnpield Bank Charter Repealed.? j e We see by the report oi the proceedings of the Srew Jersey Legislature yesterday, that the char- j er of the Flainfield Bank has been repealed Theatricals. j 1 Pass Thgatsc.?" Wife's Secret."?To-night this j 1 lopular new play of Lovell's is to be again produced, to vhich the admirable acting of the Koan's give* auoh ef act. It is in ltsalf a piaos of starling merit?happily loncaived and novel in its plot?its language is chaste 1 md vigorous, and at times it exhibits pootical passages of j i i high order. It is simple in its expressions of dsop foal ng. and natural In the devslopmant of its characters and j iceues. These last take a strong hold ol the feelings, md produce a thrilling interest?and the play is Pall of | iffect. and evinoee great dramatio power. It was warmly 1 i -eceivad hare on its first representation?it made a great : . lit at Boston and Philadelphia, and drew crowded and de- 1 ighted audience. The aeene is laid at amost interacting leriod in English History, when Cromwell became Pro- i . actor?treason still lurked throughout the land, and faml- I ly distentions existed fsr and wide; its respective mem- i >ers embracing the politioei views of the day. In one of I hese struggles and collisions, the play takes its rise, and j i is anion ia r.arneu oui. ivira. Keiii'i periormance and conception of her part ai tho wife, are all her own? lothing can be flner than tho exhibition of her struggles, ' :o maintain heriecret with her jealou* and angry lord, which leadi to the moat trying and fearful acenea. fean ahowa all the force and fire whloh distinguish hia icting, and never, perhapa, play a better. Itia a great treat ind ahould be enjoyed by all. , Bowaar Theatre.?"Cinderella" contlnuea with un ' tbated anoceaa to draw nightly vast crowds to thia popu' lar theatre, and thia grand opera gains in popular fhvor rhe company are more perfect in their parts, and Miss raylor as the prinoipal, gains nightly tho mmt unboundid and enthusiastic applause. The entire compeny perormed last evening, so as to delight a full and crowded louse, and the chorua singing was excellent. The oriheatra perform with extreme ability. "Cinderella," inco its first representation, has drawn immense houses; ind we are glad to see the exertions of the worthy and interprising manager, Mr. Jackson, ao wall appreciated Olympic Theatric.?Friday evening, 13th instant Mrs. Isherwood takes her benefit. The services of Miss "lark will ba given, for that night only. She will ap tear as Smike, in "Nicholas Nickleby," and Miss Mortimer in "Naval Engagements." She will be sure to have i good house. Bowery Amphitheatre?Messrs. Sands, Lent and Company's Circus will soon leave here , and those who lave not as yet witnessed the extr aordinary feats of the lerformers, should go and visit here. The attractions ire rrallv magnificent, and when we announce that the lenefit nights are about to commence, the combination if high talent that will he put forth, with the extraordiiary dancing of May Fly, and the pony races, we feel i confidence that the Circus will he crowded. Tho Amihitheatre last oveniog was a perfect " jam." New Yonx Opera House.?At the request of many highly respectable families, the entertainments at th? Greenwich, will commence to-night with Sheridan Snowies' play of " The Huncbbaok." The parts of Master Walter and Sir Thomas Clifford will be sustained >y two very eminent actors. Messrs. Fredericks and H. >. Grattan. The able manner in which Mrs. Ada Station performed the character of Julia, on Monday ere Ding, will be sure to attract numbers to see its renetition . She is becoming a great favorite The amusements will lonclude with the farce of " Mischief Making." The nmic eongs of Harrison, end the hornpipes danced by Ifates, are excellent. To morrow evening, " Romeo ind Juliet" Mrs. Ada Stetson will be quite at home in Juliet We hope to see the exertions of Mr. Drew rewarded by respectable patipnage. Musical. Italian OrEBA.?"Nina" was performed last evening , o a good house at Palmo's. Signora Pico was received u nana], with enthusiastic applauses, and sung so as to merit all, aad more than all of it The parts were all in ?rder Inst evening, and "Nina" was made all that it could M This oj>era will be presented once more?on Friday svening next?after which a new piece is to ba pro luced. Ai.hambra ?Christy and his Minstrels, seem to be!ome great favorites, as the Alhambra is every night jrowdad by the most respectable families. There seems o bs a general feeling ot commendation towards tham. Thsy are always sura, either by their wit orchorusses, v ani(ai ineir patrons. The Grand Sacred Concert, in Rid of the Church of Divine Unity .will take place on Thursday, the 18th inat. Mr. C. W. Bearnes, well known for hia maalcal ahilitiea, will conduct the concert. Board of Kducailon. TowaatNo Harris, Esq., in the Chair. The minutea of the l*?t meeting were read and apiroved. Reports?From the Flntnce Committee in relation to slaim made by the tiustees of the 18th ward, in faror of appropriating a aumjof $717 for the expenses of school No 18 in that ward. Bill??Mr. Commiaaionar Oennt preaented a hill for irokerega for purchasing lota lor a achool houae m the I5lh ward. Referred. Reporti of Special Committers? Of Special Commitees adyerae to voting any part of the acnool moneya to bo School Teachers' Association, for the purpoaea slaimed by them Accepted. Communications? From the State Superintendent taking for mo>e extensive information in relation to pubic a;hoola. Referred to a Select Committee. Special Order of the Day?Mr. Commissioner Wata n the Chair. The repoit recommending the eatablishnent of a high achool in this city waa taken up. The 3resideut. alter a few remarks in relation to aome nrti lea which appeared lately in one of the public printa n thia city on this aubject, ottered the following reaoluion: Resolved, That in the opinion of thia Board, a free iutitu'ion lor the Instruction, of youth in the higher Stanches of learning, would he of great utility, and that ts establishment is called for by the public wants. Adopted unanimously. The President next proposed the following reaoludona :? ResolveJ, 1st That tho legislature will he pleased to -tssa a law directing the Regents of the University to pay >ver to the Board of (education such amount of the Liteature Fund as may be apportioned by them to the third, otirth, flfth and sixth senate districts of thia State?such nuiiRys iu Dfj appueu to me support ox a iree college or icademy lor the instruction of student* who have been inpiU in the public school* of the said city. Ud That the legislature will further authorise the Board of Education in the said city to call on the Supervisor* from time to time, to raiae by tax auch sums as nay be required for the erecting, furnishing and fitting ip of >aid college or academy, and supporting the same ?such sums to be notiUed to and raised by the said sutervisors, in the same manner uDd under the isms headng of taxation that the money s fer the support of comnun schools in said city are now raised. 3d. That the government of said college or academy brill be with the Board of Education of the city and couny of New York, with power to eoact such rules aud by. awses are not inconsistent with the constitution aud aws of tue State of New York. 4th That the title of all real property purchased for ibIJ college or academy to vest in the corporation of the Bity ol .New York, and the title of all personal property n the B?ard ot Education. Before the question was put, the Commissioner from he 7th waid handed up a remonstrance liom the trustee* Mtk* Rit'ger Kemale Institute, against the paasage of he resolutions. The remonstrance went into a history if the Hutger Institute, its management, Its., and charged he committee ul this board with misrepresentation, in irder t > the Institute ol its portion oi the litersurn fund. .Mr President Towissend rose to repel the charge of niarepiekeniation against the committee, and ia doing so ead Horn tue last report ol the Regnnts of the Unlver lity to show th..t the remarks made by the committee in 'elation to the Rutger Female Institute were borne out >y facta Mr Com'r Emmet said the resolutions as thay than itood would confi o the benehts of the academy to the iittzens 01 ??w irorK,while the funds to tupport^lt were ' Irawn from the State at large. He hoped, therefore, thnt < he armiliary ahould be thrown open to persons from . ivery part of the t'tate wishing to avail themaelvts of u henetlia?ai d moved an amanament to that effect. Mr'r bxi-nawica followed in aupport of Mr. bimmot'a viewa. Mr. Com'r Nicoll aaid they only wanted a portion j >f the fund, ctmmenauraie with their population; that tne oalauce waa to be made up by the taxation of the citi- ! r.aua of New York. If they were to aak for the control >f the entire fund, then tho ramtrks of the two latt . ipeakera would bu appropriate. He added that if the 1 intendment now propoaed waa would have the ] sfleet of (Ideating tho meaaut e, aa the Legialature would lever paaa it. I Mr. taunt'* amendment waa than put and loat. Mr.'r Oxeev offered another amendment, aa a ] institute, to wit: that tha Legislature ot thia State ha J lerj'iemed to auihoriae the Board of Kducatioo to eaiab j lien a liee school or academy in the city ol New Yoik, which waa put and ioat. Mr (Jom'r Nicoll. before the (|<iestioo on the rexolu- 1 lions waa taken, aaid he winhed to have aome reatrictton du the tax to bs levied on the citizens; he therefore ' thought the amount to be levied ahould be iimitad to a | particular autn. He concluded by offaring an amend- , , nient, that the amounf ot the ta* be limited to a partiou- . ; lar turn, which waa put and loat Toe question on the original reaolutious waa then put, ' I and 33 voting in the affirmative, and .1 in the negative, ' Ihe resolution wars adopted. A committee, consisting of Maasrs. Harris, Bosworth and Mason, to draft a resolution to be forwarded to the j Legialature, was then appointed. The Board then adjourned. J1 > I AFFAIR* IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. TBLEGHAPBIO. Albany, F*b. 10, 1847. Senate. Mr. Hall gave notice of hi* intention to introduca a ?fll to authoris* the challenging of Jnrors in civil cases. Mr. Haro called up hi* resolution for the appointment if commiMioner* to revue the law*. He said that he had irought thi* tubject forward solely a* a matter of ap ointment, unconnected with any queition of salary. Objections being made to discussing the resolution tolay, it* farther consideration was laid over till to mor ow. A bill was reported to amend the charter of the luardian Insurance Company of the city of N*w fork. Considerable debate was occasioned on a motion to trike out the third section of the Judiciel District bill, rhich provide* that the first elections shall be special lections, and subsequent elections to be held at the lanuary election. This was rejected. The section pro idei that the special election shall be held on th* 4th Tuesday in May. The bill was agreed to. Mr. N. B. Smith gave notice of a bill to require Rich ionad by the trial of Polly Bodioe. T. Smith gave notice of a bill to rapair canals by conract. The Sonata bill for tha disposition of oowmon school nonays passed in committee, and was subsequently read l third tima and passed Adjourned. Assembly. More than half the day was oocupled In discussing the notion to dispose of tha petition for tha impeaohment of ha Judges of tha Supreme Court, In tha matter of licencing lawyers Tha petition was ultimately sent to tha ludiciary Committee. A bill to equalize tho representation 61 Boards of Su lervisorf was reported, on favor, by tha bill to establish jveniug free schools in New York, and reported, and re. erred to the Committee of the Whole, having in charge lie literature fund. Adjourned. ___________ City Intelligence. Kii.lkd av a Fall.?Tha Coroner was called, yesterday, to hold an inqueat, at No. IDS Troy atraet, upon tha body of Mary Twigga, a native of Scotland, aged 40 years, who came to her death by iajuriea received in accidentally falling from the top a ladder which she was ascending to the roof the house. Verdiot accordingly. Dkhilitt vbom See Sicbiykss ?The Coroaer held an loquast, alao, at No 11 Washington street, on the body of Jane 8watar, a nativa of Irtland, who died from debili ty, arising lrom mi sickness, during a passage lr?m Liverpool in the (hip Glemore, which arrived To tbia por on Tuesday laat, with ISA eteerage paaaeogera on board Verdict accordingly. Found Dbowned.?The Coroner waa called to hold an inquest alao. at the foot of Maiden lane, on the body ol an unknown man, (auppoeed to have been a pjs.enger on board the ahip Panthea, which arrived at thia pott from Liverpool about two montha aioce) who waa found in the harbor yeaterday. Verdict, death by drowning. Exports to Ireland ?The barque Nacoochee, Smith, cleared Tueaday for Dublin, by Messrs. Oue?t 4c Gilmour, with 600 hbls flour, A(!0 do cornmeal, and 3,639 baga, containing 7 07S buahela wheat. The bark Ooorgys, Kobinain, alio oleared yesterday, by tlie same firm, for Newry, Ireland, with'600 bbla corn meal 600 do flour, and 3.812baga, containing 7,774 buahela corn.?Baltimore American Oar Waahlngtou Agent, Win. Atlanta, No. 3 Elliott's Bailing!, Pennsylvania A venae, Wmhmgtoa, D C , i? Agent in the District for ihe " New York Herald." Those withiue to have the " Herald" regular, and early, muat leave their addrtaa aa above. lw Philadelphia Agents for the Herald.?O. B. ZlkBER at CO., 1 Ledger Bedding, Third street, below Chesnut. Those wishing to hs*e the Herald aarvsd regularly at their s'ores and dwellings, will please leave then uniaes as above. Terms 75 cents per month. Single copies for sale daily. Price 3 cents. J31 lm To Master Tailors?Take Notice that the Leaieaud Future! of the Clothing Store, at the earner of Charlesaud Baltimore streets, in tho city ol Baltimore,wilI be offered for stle at auction, on the premises, on the litb instant, or will be sold ac private sale previous to that time. The no e it about 16 feet front, and between SO and *0 feet deep. It if fitted up in the ben possible manner, and it hat the l irnesteifh enftom in that city. Apply at the tt?re. or to Richard T. Shepherd, No. OS Che-tuut atreet. Philadelphia. tf Navigation of tlie Onto IfJver. Placet. TSmt. Stat* ?/ ilirtr. Wheeling . .Jan '48. ,. 8 feet. Pittsburg ....Feb A .,11 feet. Cincinnati Keb 4.,, 6 feet. Louisville Keb 3. .. 8 feet 4 inches. HONEY BtAKKBT. Wednesday, Feb. 10, 6 P. M. The stock market opened rather heavy this morning, and prices fell off a fraction. Harlem declined X per cent. Farmers' Loan Norwich and Worcester X. Canton Company X- Long Island X- Pennsylvania 6's !*. North American Trust and U. 8. 6's, new loan, closed at yesterday's prices. At the Second Board prices were firm, but the transactions were very limited. The stock market throughout the day has been unsettled, and in a very feverish tats in consequenoe of the receipt of advices from Europe. Early in the morning, the packet ship Admiral from Havre was announced, with five days later intelligence fiorn Loudon, and early in the afternoon the steamihip Sarah Sands from Liverpool was announced, with waive days later from Liverpool. There was little dis* position to operate until the nature of the advices was known, and bofore the Extras were issued, it was too late for any operations of consequenoe to-day. The news is ? xceedingly important in a commercial point of view. We have not received accounts from the ntlier side more favorable for this oountry lor many years. They must have a very great influeuce upon prices of and movements in, breadstuff), and give the | greatest activity to our markets. It is an idle wind that blows nobody any good. We have given io our columns | lull reports of all the European markets TU. .) 1 J -I ' ..I- I * hc ca^ivo wi uiBo?iuji?, ?i?ia via tuceia nun iuis port, to Great Britain and Iraland, for the month of January, 1847, were 88,081 barraU of floor, 89 #49 buihela ?f wheat, 388,013 buahel* of corn, 15,349 barrel* of meal, 03,30J buahel* of barley, 10,774 buahel* of oati> ind 1,431,031 pound* of cheeae. Mince the lit of February, the ihipinent* of produce have been veiy heavy. The bark General Taylor, which cleared a few day* *ince for London, had on board nearly half a million pound* of cheeao ; and the :tearances from thi* port, yeaterday, were for Oreat Britain and Ireland, 10,300 barrel* of flour, 8000 barrel* porn meal, and 60,300 buihela of corn) for Antwerp, 13,600 buahel* of wheat, and 4,009 buihela of rye. At liia rate, all the flour, grain and cheeie we can ipare will *oon find ita way aero** the Atlantic. The trade Petween thi* country and Great Britain, in chaete, I* tln-ady immenie, and it appear* to be increaiiug with he greateat rapidity. When one *hip take* out two i lUDdred and fifty tona of cheeao, there muit be a pretty arge market for the article on the other tide. It appear* by our European advice* that the amount of i lullion shipped from Liverpool by the eteemvbip Hibei- j ua wae exactly ?394,600, ol thia amount one uouae ship 10 J ?190.000, this amount came to the egeut of Rothsshildi, in this city, on account of the French govern, nent, to pay for flour and grain purchased by he agents of the house alluded to for the French governnent. Three houses in London shipped ?60.000 eajh, indthe rest was made up of small sums by various shifters. One hundred and twenty-five thousand pounds terling had beeu shipped by other conveyances previous j o the departure of the steamer, making a total, up to the ith of January, of Ave hundred and twenty thousand louads sterling. The annexed statement exhibits the cendition of the sadiof deportments of each bank in Pennsylvania on the at day of November, 1840. The returns show an in- ; ireaae in the aggregate movement, of the principal items :ompared with that of November, i846 Ranks o> Pcnisiti.vaha?NovKMosa, 1816. Specie end Bills dis- Treasury Cirru. Due Banks. taunted. Motes. /aden. positors 3,,nk oi Penn Towuship $693,431 237,075 20C,S70 469,111 Sank ol Cummeiee, Philadelphia 191,341 122,066 160,560 190,711 IVyomiug Uaak 207,973 6,143 80,8 5 5S.S20 lank ol Clumbersbo-g 223,963 30,997 176,165 79,769 Sank of Montgomery Comity 350,421 93,995 176,199 1*9 991 'anuria' B'k ol Readl,g .569,522 191.977 496,005 176 660 Sank of Oarmantown. 110,667 2S.221 68,126 56.566 3 ink ol Pionhuinber land 302,950 17,256 171,400 62,037 Visum 'rs' and Mech's U, nk N. Liberties, Philadelph a 568.154 138 266 20,564 249 145 Vlrrcha:iin'aiid Manul Ukof I'litibur* 18.911 111,173 171,111 Krauklia b'aol Within*U?a 92 767 j*,232 119,900 41.CM Oaiil'tnu Drpoite B'k 209,9)9 3,921 ? 31] 981 liauaof Feumylvann. 2,<i9.,402 204,200 3.19.202 740 019 Vlrrhanic.' ll'l f the City and Ca. of Phil 1,201,036 109,113 399 900 461 070;atter Batik 477,322 102,291 409,313 230 4I< laird Baak........ 170 093 104.969 71 600 113,129 Bi-nk of Ctminr Co... 361,993 60,433 209,373 130,304 farmen' bit ol Buck* County 191,001 19,742 70,339 43.460 Hanover Saviug Fund Society.. 79,231 6.040 - 41,000 Hooeadolo Bonk Ill,420 10,770 170,430 11,360 I A U. JL-lJMLU... m. IL.IJL. . J?.. 1 UMrtOowrrm.trr m.?t 40,m tut] We.tarn B'k of rbila. <91.31* TUBI* Bunk of Delaware Co. 339,903 JIM5 95,59 1*3,373 Mouor,fahela Bank of Brow .?ille 173,861 16,118 131,169 V3.035 Bank of the .'Northern Libertiee 10*0.99* 397.593 393.603 7)9 4W Vaaton B nk 669.644 97,679 664,336 161.769 B<nk of P.tuber*.. . 1,639,939 309.090 314,9,5 903,667 Dot le.lown Bank of Buck, oouutv 91,960 49,069 79 630 57,111 Mi # ?' Bank tf PuttaTllle 465.376 31,109 3*4,896 169.939 Buk of Butquehanna CoButy 103,096 1,373 85 6*6 9,437 Bank ofN. America.. 3,179,933 761,491 647,013 1,461,433 Former.'end Drover.' Bk o< WarnaebBic. 1*0,591 30.330 *30.900 19,6*3 Wait Branch Beak... 133,461 30.609 113.96* 51.339 (^.nminaikial Ran Ir nf Pautaylranla 1,433,961 MO,MS 130.407 713,901 Bank of Ucttyiba -g... 104.IM SI VIS 194,4M 24 (at Ynrk nannf. Ins.... 114,719 96'1 ? ?tt3( kHi'rUbu'jj Bunk 370,419 60. Ml 260 OK 97,?l rbiuou flunk....... 117,740 41,rS 222.270 40,793 ichauge B'k ol Pittabuf........ .. .. Ml,Mi 122,401 177,950 SM.iM Farmers' Deposit* Bk, Pi'Ubaif 191.100 10.006 ? 1M,MS York oank . . 419486 40 it! 103.600 84.ISO Lancaster County Bk. SOS 7M 41 944 174.8SO 7I.IIJ Bank I f Lowiatotrn .. 47!.SSS 9,731 319 OlO 37 69 Houthw irk Bank 637,966 >69,OM M0.4M 436 S47 Pmlade'phia Bank... 3,744,073 714,111 7S9 MO l,286,u3T Columbia Bank tod Bridge Company... 196,1S7 16 040 116,404 44,119 Farmers' Bank ol Lin, C??t" 343 771 40 491 K9,'1S 44 714 Kanaiudon Bauk.... 6/8,0 6 116,934 179,441 341.349 Lane*, tar S.vinfa luatitu ion 136,811 11,144 ? 191,914 Fa-urn' and Mecb't Bank 1.843 124 417041 486.048 1,110.971 Erie Bank 116.164 II 347 176.9M 11,039 $11,116,184 9.790.192 10,011,406 13,171,479 Tlia loading laaturaa of thoao banks compart aa followa:? Biraat or PKifntvLTartia. AlllOrcil. .. , 1044. 1844. 1016. Bill* diacr untcd BIS 347,426 27.101.407 28.186 281 Specie It 1 reaanry notca 4.906 214 4.802,830 9.798,192 tnabyba?ka 2,374.414 2 010 337 2.840 884 Notes ot other banka.,. 1.840 494 2,126 404 2 311,211 Real car ate, lie 1,416 461 1,460 M6 1,764 267 Bonds, Itc 1,371,416 1,106,871 1,302 9 3 Btocka 1,016 033 1,366 077 1,421,474 Exchange and latetest,. 630.480 716.238 ? Kipanaaa 114.313 64,403 ? roat notea 1 401711 3,100.014 921 107 Louna 2,044.191 1,234 388 1,103 843 M'scallane-ua 1,306.431 134 041 4,794 984 buape.iae account 26,761 134,486 ? Tottl roaonrcoa $44,993 666 49,934,141 43,360,711 Capital nook 14977,449 16 144,600 20.991.724 ' irculation.. 1,379 494 10,107,118 10,681,466 Dua other baulu 2,002 1M 3.307.IM 3.416,662 Due depoaitora 11.261 211 11,74 1 341 13,171.979 Dindeuda unpaid 144,499 1,887.631 414,147 (^Mtingent fund 2,141,669 464 336 2,431,933 Ducouata, interest, lie. 6S6.49S 304 917 304,060 Profit and lota 413,493 96 434 ? Due Commonwealth... )#S,7'4 4'6,U29 ? itirf iuuii , ?<um4 003,13v ? Dot U. 8. Treasury.... 902.373 3,4?l,i39 ? vii.cellaueun. 1,388.744 14,113 ? Suiptme account 10 990 139,849 ? (43,391,608 49 934,149 33.7(9,714 Th? increase in th? aggregate movement from November, 1844, to November, 1845, wee $3 940 431: end from November, 1843, to November, 1840. $3 3*30,673. making en aggregate increaae in the paet two ye are of (7,307,104. We give be'ow a comparative itatement, showing the leading feature* of the hanks of this State and of Pennsylvania, at two periods Banks or Nrw Yon* and P*nnsvi.vania. . Ntw Tork , Prnnry/iania?-> Nov . 1913. N?v.. 1946. Nov . 1943. Nov. 946 L"*ni (94 <64 961 6*>.030,982 2T.!0t,3<>7 29,196,204 Specie 8,384 313 8 04* 384 3 404,110 3 799.191 Circul tion 31,173 369 31 427,471 10 107.188 10,681,4b#,,. 31,773 991 30,629,196 13 748,341 13,i71,379 According to these returns, the Banks of Pennsylva nia have maintained a more uniform and a more healthy movement than those of this State. The amount of specie on hand, compared with paper In circulation, is In favor of the Pennsylvania banks. The fluctuations In the loans and diseounta of the New York banka, keop oar money market In a continual atata of uncertainly. Our banka operate more in fancy atook loan* than those of other Slate* ; and as tba margin for such securities is so liable to changes, the banks arc compelled to keop chamrinr their loans unon them. Anv thine tanriina* to deprese price* ef fanoy stock*, produce* an immodiato call for loan*, and a contraction take* place. Thaao contraction* may take place half a dosen time* during a quarter, and no report made of them, unlei* they happen Juit before the quarterly return* are made out. Even in that case they are covered up a* much a* possible, and pullio report* of these operation* are.avoidsd a* much a* can be. If we could get at the loan* and disoount* of our bank* to the commercial classes, (rem quarter to quarter, it would be seen that they ere as uniform in eatent, *s those of the bank* of any other Btate; but when every description of loan is mixed up together, under one ge. neral head of loans and discounts, it is impossible to tell accurately in what department the fluctuations are.? Although the fluctuations may not be in the line ef discounts to the mercantile classes, they are more or less affected by the changes in the other departments, as the money market feels the effect of all the movements of the banks eilho* in the way of expansion or contraction. Old (Stock Kxchangs, 920,000 U H tis, '54 10IX ?J shs Caatou 17 i.000 U 8 Si, '62, coup 10* 325 da 37* J 000 Perm is 7ifc JO it kJO I7\ J 0<i0 tfe 72 IS do tiy, 1.100 Ohi^ ( ?S 2J do bM 31 1 OHI Keadi K Udt 72>? 104 Mohawk (I 7,000 Morris Caual Bits U loio Nor St Wor 64 7i0 City is,'70 92 240 do bnw JsJa It aha Housatoaie, new 94k 60 do alO 64)* 20 Merchants Bk 146)2 64 do b4* 64 S 26 Vjacoo HK 49* 160 do b30 64 S 26 N A Trust (X KM Keading MR 6tk 60 do (M *00 do b30 62 H 6o0 Farmers'Trr at 3l}2 104 do sly 60 104 do b30 31)4 100 do 6?K I 600 do b4U 32 204 do aSO 02H 1 60 Hsrlom 62V 60 Long Islsud bM MX 1)60 do elds 61* 144 do blO 29k 26 Illinois Bk bM 13)* 76 8t4M>ingtou bM 4SJ* 60 Morris 11 26 do 4146 60 do b3l II 104 East Boston 12)* 104 Csntou bSO j7X SeerMid Board, $10,000 U 8 6s. '56 430 101* 64 E Boston, div'd 7* fii aba Nor It Wor 64)2 64 do do blO 7? 26 do 64)2 16 Farmers' Lean 32 26 do 64)2 54 Morris II 104 Harlem 61)2 54 Vickahare t>34 9 100 do 52JJ ISO Illinois thate Bk IS Sew ktock ICx?luui(S. JO slit Parmm' Tr b3 3i\ SO ths Nor k Wor e 54>? 54 Canton Co c wi M dn Thnrs 54)2 50 do b3 37,\ 50 do klO 54w 50 Morris Canal e lux 50 do ?3 5t K 50 Harlem Htl e 52M 100 do b3 at'a 7| Stoniniton RH s30 47)% 50 do stw 541* 50 do c 47* 35 do hi 54)* 25 Nor ll Wor a 10 54N* 50 do 54>? 50 do 3?s 54* 50 do b3 54* 50 do Thnrs 54)4 50 do tw 54M CITY iR&OVi RRPORT. New V'oaa, Weuoesdst ArTsarvoow, Fob. 10. Just before the meeting of 'change the arrival of the packet ship Admiral, from Havre, was announced, with e ght days later news from the oontinent, and Ave to six later from Liverpdol and London. The news appeared in an Extra Htratd, which had a rapid sale among bu Jness men, which prodnoed much excitement. The effect was to unsettle the markets. Ae the merchants had not time before tbe meeting of 'change, at 3 P. M., transactions were limited in cotton and Aeur. Holders of breadstuffs advanced their pretensions, but buyers in the ab' sence of correspondence stood aloof. Just at the close of 'change the Sarah Bands was reported coming up in the lower harbor, with twelve days later news than that brought by the Admiral. Up to a late hour, too late for the great Southern mail, her letter bags had not been received Although the Bands passed the foot of Wall street at about 3 o'clock, P. M. her letter bags had not been received at the City Pest Office at about S, P. M The city pepers received their Ales little sfter 3 o'clock, hut merchants could not get their letters until a lata period in tha afternoon. The great Sou'hern mail left at 41{. P. M,There vat culpnhle neglect aomewhere, which detervea the severest repre henvion. The aecond Erira Hr.r*U wit promptly ia (tied, and expensively ciiculate I at an early hour in the afternoon ; but we hoard of no tranaactiona predicated upon the ataamer'* news Buaineaa became suspended till merchanta could obtain their lettera. There waa a i U'h made to the telegraph by buaineaa man, who aent off tha Sands' newa in every direction. During 'change, and before the arrival of the ateamer, we noted the fol lowing featurea of the market a Aerrra ?We rernrt aalea 400 barrela Tote at $4 BTJtf, and Pearls at $0 37),' Beeswax ?No change BaKAoaTi'rra ? f'ltnir?Large holders demanded $7 9<1. but buyers refuted to meet them at such pries, and 1.000 hhle Genesee sold at $7, deliverable this week. Southern waa held at firmer rate* The market closed Arm. 1,000 Livinrstou Brooklyn City Mills sold before tha newa at fi7^ WKtni ? Holilwra n/iuQnreH tK?ir tnrmi Ona home held white Genesee at 61 63. We report a aale of 3 a 4.000 buahel* Mo, on private terma. auppoied to be from >1 6t to $t 64X. Corn?The rnnrket wee firm, and aloe large. We report ealeeof 16 a 40 OOObuehele white and yellow at $1, at which the market cloeed firm. Corn Moot We report 1 600 barrela.deliverable thie week, $6. flya?We re|K>rt eelea of 1,000 buahela at 90 coma. Hoi/ey ?waa held at former ratea, without aalaa of conaequeiice Coitow?Tim market waa very quiet to day, it being announced eaily tbia morning that later advico* were below b) the packet ahlp Admiral, from Havre, and bn?ineaa wae ?u?p?nded until her aecounta were known. The atenmar >arah itanda appearing abortly after with no impiovemant in prieea. buyera withdrew until their corre'noi d -uce could be received. Cnrrx*: ?Jlio continued firm at 7\a a 7X eenta. HtMf-Nothing new aince laat report Lean?The laat aalea rig were made at 64 3I.V The market waa quiet. Naval Storki ?Tranaactiona wara conflnad chiefly to | pirita tur|>entine at old pricea. OiLa ?Linseed continued firm, end holdore demanded | 76 eta. N. W. whale wn quoted at .70 a 40 eta., and crude iperm at 61 No change In palm. Paoviaioee.?rork waa laaa active, and tha market 1 | quiet at |14 60 for eld bum, and 614 26 a 61 a 60 for prime, J J 1 1 111 ) I . ? . J I Tha transaotiotis w*r* vary limited? u* m?ai ?|I bald \ etfil6efil6 3A The market closed firm . Bsief exhibited 2S nc change; it wa? entirety quirt n old prim, viz: f9 t for country prima, ard fill a fill 26 for mess, war* tbe D extreme quotations. Lard was itaady at 7X in bbls. No 1 dun(* in chaoao. f." Rick.?Holders become firm after the news, bnt we baaid of no tales worth reporting. LI Si'oab.?The market was Arm, but without transactions beyond retail supplies. m< Tallow was firm at a cts _ WsALtsoxr-The msiket was steady, and *6 cents demanded for N. W ; end 37c to 38c for South See. it Fseiomts?Ship owners were rary firm at full rates, it and were rather inclined to adranoe than to rtcode. Tbe w Iowa, which cleared lor Liverpool a few days since, had oj a freight list worth A'3 000 starling, equal to fil?,434. A Rial Estate at Auction.?One lot on north sido 19th d? street, between till and 10th avenae, 2* by 91 11.. fi9.460 I ? 1 lot reer of above on 20tb straot same dlmenalons 1.960 _1 4 story bilck building covering the whole lot, No ? 114 Allen etreet, 20 by 87 8 3,400 A 3 story brick houso and lot No. 433 Greenwich 1 ;' straot, 36 by 60 6,100 TJ 3 story bilck bouse and leaee of lot No 336 Orsonwlcn street, 19x60 4 676 I 3 story brick houso and lot No. 673 4 .h straot, 16 9 H by heU tho block 9 600 Property known ss 84 Duane street. 36x76 6,600 ; _ 9 story brick bouse end let No. 163 Woo-ter st , Mv. \ 34.6x100 6 600 It House and lot No 41 Carmine street. 36x100 fi.oOO ; wi Hob iken.?Two story frame bouse with 4 lots of ground, froniing on Market iquaie 0,000 = . Buildiog known as tbe Phenix Hotel, with 3 lots ! ?? fronting on 1st and Washington streets 9 000 3 acres of land adjoining the property of C. 8. lei Browninx S 900 ' Hi Other market* will be found, ma usual, on the Fourth page. lb Married. ! The marriage of Mr. J. Russell to Mias A. Titnm, of 3 Brooklyn, announced in our paper of yesterday was in- w correct. The following are the foots wi Married, on Thursday, the 4th inst, by the Her. Mr. Bacon, Joan Russicu,, tsq , to Mis* Alio; Fmit, second j w daughter of Wm. Finn, kiq., of Brooklyn. tiled, 'I VI On Wednesday, the lOthinet, of paralysis, Jamks Wil- I Ul, an eld and respectable inhabitant of this oily, in the > 78th year of his age. ! 1 The friend* and relative* of the family as well as those 1 T of hi* sons, James C. und Charles 8. Willet. and sons in- I ?" law, Adam T.Tiebout and Henry Orenteback, are res- v.1 pecttullv invited to attend his funeral from his late residence. Third avenue, Ave mile atone, on Friday, tbe l'Jth I ju inst., etS o'clock Carriages will be in attendance in front ot the First Baptist Church, Broom* atreet, corner Eliza- ? bath street, from half-past 1 till -1 o'clock. 8 On Tuesday evening, 9th Inst., after n abort illness, Richabd Roval H., youngest son of Benjamin and Jane _ Underwood, aged 3 year*, 3 months and 38 day*. The friends of the parents sr* respectfully invited to f attend the funertl Irom their residence, 61 Morton street ? this (Thursday) morning at 10o'clock. On Tuesday, 9th inst., of dropsy on tha chest, after a lingering illness, John Bugs, aged 66 years. The relatives aBd liiends of tha lamiiy ara respectfully i invited to atlend his funeral from his late residence, 133 Kldridgs street, this (Thursday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. On the 18th inst, Hv.nar Haioht Bsadisaw, son of Saiah J. and J. W. Bradsbaw. M. D Tbe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend hi funeral, this t I'hura.lavt aliamoon. t 4 o'clock, trom Washington avenue. Brooklyn. ?mmmmamm aiol tu.s 4101 ,ca9. BY MUKPHV Si BU I'i EoFl ELD. H SHERIFF'S 8mLE tnu da , at 111 o'clock ?i the auction room. 10 Spruce street a tag* a**<irtuirnt of dotin g, of vary descripi n, consisting ol ?v?iy thing m the line of wearing appa,*l ,r Al o,gold and ?i'ver watches Jewelry. lie ; a Urge and general assortment ol' boot* auu shoes; cl< ih> end c s?ini-r*s of every *l?ecri|>tiou ; trunk* of every hud ; ala<ge asort* incut 01 leather fell t'ric MEE LING OF THE UAH , THE membert f the Bar are requested to meet in the Vice Chancellor's Court hoom Inv Hail, l uinuugw, * Thu' 1 o'cloek. P. M., to he.,i (he report of the Cum- j mittee, ae,, on theanhjeet of the judmi try. By order of the nimunlitc, fit lt*r? JOHv Bi.i ihSON, Scc'y. * T3HK ANNUAL MEkTIvO of the Nr,W t (iHK i YACHT CLUB, will ukc place at the A*tor Hou*e. ou Wedue*day next. 17th iuit. Membert wi<l meet lot buti- v net* at t o'cloek Dinner will be *er?ed at half pant 5 , Member* a e requested t > procure th'ir ticket* (bef re Tue*diy, IStli ibii ) at the A. or Home, or Umou Club. fit tlT .(viguod) .QUI C. /AY.Beictary Alii 1U IKLLANh * IN v<ew of the starving condition ?f the poor of Ireluid. ? whith every one mu*t now be acquainted w th, through * the notoriety given by ttie public print*, toe uudertig. rd, iu bonalf of thomtolvos end their aguuts iu Liverpool end the venous setpoits of Ireland, deeming it a duty they owe to the diaitfssed, do here by teuger their gia(u>t ut**rv>ce* in iranainitting bread siuffa and pioviaious, or other neeeiaatiei, for the benefit of the destitute of that uuhappy cou try. Committees or individuals in this city or auy peri of the United Stales, wishing tto forward supplies O auy particular port ill lie<and either direct or via Liverpool, may be assured ef tee cordial co-operation of the undersigned iu furthering their views. < II persons in other seaports ol the United 8>a(es are desirous of sending direct them e lo Live,pool or a port, iu Ireland, the undersigned will be happy to give the address of their agents in sucTi port to whom such may ba sent for transmission to auy particular point Iu short their services aie at'the dispo.el cf all who may wish to avail themselves i ereul' id furtherance ol so benevolent an object?and wliowould withhold their mite of tnccor while Um.shiug ihou saeds, pe'liips millions, of our brethren are suffering all the v horrois of starraiion I 1 fll lt*r W. k J T. TAP8COTT, 16 South-st. Jj ChN ilifi MARKET AmAlNrtT Tnlfi WO ALU IA AT BEEF ! FAT BEEF!!?The subscribers respectI: fully inform their fneuds and the public geuersily, thit they will sipose for sale, ou Saturday usit, 13th iustant, ,wo pair of J year old stears, said by good judges to ba the p imest that lias been uffsred this season ; they were raised by Egbert Sheldon.'Ducbcs* County. The above brel,although of superior quility, will be sold at prices to mast the times AI*o, some f*l veal, lamb and mutton. K. L. CARMA.N, 18 und It Centre Market. fll-8t*rc VVM. LA LOR. 39 and 31 Centre Maikrt TAYLOR'S U. 8 MONEY REPORTER AND UOLD C AND SILVER COIN EXAMINER. p THE Publisher i* grandad to announce that hn Bank Note c List will ueit week be enlarged o afford room for additions of coins and other matter. A* he will have soma spare * room, h* will aecept a lew advortisemeuis for mseiti# i at the rate of 10 canua liua. The large circulation of thu list ren* ( Uert it ii datirable medium lor auoh puryutea. 8. TAYLOR, to Broadway, v fll It*re bpecie and fcichaug- l<mct. IKi?H LINENS. ' QC BOXES Irith 4-4 and 7-1 Lineut,per thip Niehola* Bid* , Ol> dlaaud fur aale by PEk#SE It BROOK*. | 111 tir No.81 and 87 ,?aaaau atreat. I Ulrica or the IN aw York Kirk Pea. UMrmr,) Nkw York, Feb. 10.1817. ) 1 DIVIDEND.?The board of Uirectora have thirdly declared a dividend of four per cant payable to the noekhoidera, on and alier tba 13th mat , at I lie office of the compa uy. No 78 Wall atreet. The tranafer booka will be aloaed until the 15th inat. By order, fll lm*r D L NDEKHILL. Secretary. overshoes, overshoes!! GRF.AT REDUCTION IN PKICE-The teaaou having ao far advaaced, I hare determined to rtduca the price of" Ooodyeai'a Metallic Unbuer Oraiahuea" to the aatonlahiec low price of $t 50 per pair. S. BHOOKs, bole Agent for Uoodyear'a Oooda, fll-6t*rc ICO Broadway, oppoaue Trinity Church. f erval.en i a. 8 THE Uuderaigned have comtvntly on hand a freah aupply ai ol Krralenta, a valuable remedy iu obetinale eaare of | w conatipatioii. Put up iu pound packvget. bor aale, whole- i ai aale und re nil. by DEl.LUc k CO., ~ Apotnecariea and ChemiaU. bole uceeiaort to PLACE k -UL'll.l.AHD, ' fit lm*re No. 2 Park Knar, ami 501 Broadway. 1 CASi OP'f OLO ITllNO A.N1J fUhNIlUlir. r wan i ed. ? LABI Kb and Gentlemen having any caat off or anpeifloua I clothing or furniture 10 diap ae r f, can obtain - leir eath price for the aaina, by tending a note, or by callieit ou the aubacriber, at hia reaidence, or through the pott whi h veill , be punctu <lly attended to. H. Dt, BOER, 7lK Can>l at. I N B?Lediea cae be aU'nded to by Vlra. De Buer. . Old atoek and joo gooda bought, of aoy deaciiption and J amouut. f.l lin*rre * lost { ABAVINOS BANK ACCOUNT BOOK. No. 99810. * '1 he Under will receive a liberal reward, aud the thiuka of the owner, by retumiug it to Marie Kuhler, tt Meaare. f Buhopa. No. 91 5 Broadway, or 12 Maiden lent. Ill li*ic 1 I TIE party who loot, ou Tuetday at t P M.,u nine over 1 eo-t fiom the dining room ol the Aaior Houte, it re- c Hurtled to return, through the pott, memertuilum book Iff, | lu one nf the pockett, to 175 At tor Houte, et It It nf no vtlua ev?nri ? rn 'he , wll r f,l.?,??rr J" ALiPI a itnet lo out ii? i>oaiO lu a pnva.e i.ui ly, lor ~ which the would criiiipeutaia by giving int'm, tio i on ilia Pituolorte, and in Pencil Drawing, m two or throe of the Tne upper partof the city Would be prefrrred Ad- ! r u?e?JM#. r. , doob ?iore, Direc?er *r ll?j'wrc XTO WANTitl, lor n K<* lit ik 111 in ill J hi* Wile. t? ? j ^ V mate I' unly. oi wher# tnereeirU* b.a.dns, in ilia , viciMty of Hi. John'a l'aik Ttimi niutl br in drr* *. and L ifnod rcf*r*i.ce? f-quirtd All c niiiiuuic.ui. u? dd ? to J. G. McC., office ut una payer, will br iinuiediatel. ai* ' WW to i I 'i'ii* *. WAMI.L1? A a it u at 111 ii by a i?t ecta'.ie mum w. Uiin. , r di-, jeneitl h"Utewoi?, in * *,i,?ii i rrn'e ..mi , v I* 1 * good wanner and ironar, and i* willing , in* c haraalf uaa i * fill 111 every capacity deal ci y efnrtir givi ,r other* ' wi*e M? no oljoctim <> g a* chiirilir, in > id r la'ndiets. , * I'leme i ill at No. .08 .tlnlheiry atrrei, nont b ,r inrut. ft I lt*T'C ~ WANTfcl), ' 1 A PARTNER with $}000 or gt.'OO rath rap t tl in a brat ' claa* Ho'rl, one ol the brat lui-nii nt in lint cry Ad 1 d'eaa tnrougl the Pott OfKer, ?. A U i n ??rr i/*nfSn~WAN i ed -Kiiort"uTTT~v" i h i; i ^ ?tHJV/VJ HAND DULL h-, .1 7 PC i ? .L lia'l \ ve*ilj, tecuiud by propeity worth th " nmrt tli? nm uui , None but pnucipala uead apply. Add e*a Vrtuy, I* U., . Poat Office, N. Y. t-M rr , WV .. HTHAVED away, Teiterday, about > o'e ~ k in [ />UB|^w|hr evening, fruin Id itrrrt adnk bay horte, and . ![/? * "II"" w*g in, known III llir whole city at tnr ! raddling waaon of tha annfl nd rnbaecw manufactory uf , Welle Ik May er. 111 ( hnttie tired, who u names are on It. | ) A liberal reward will be given tbi inforuiatluu to the pro- , prieior# , flUi'rrc WF.I.U Ut MAVKH. Ii ' brltha tt ht-i*- * TO (LENT. teA THE Premises Ml Broadway, now in ore'ipatiou ?a pTw a Visible Mannractiiriug Earaitlishmeni.with very ?nXjflLpennr a,a horae engine, rubbing wheel, saw gangs,fcc . i Ike. ma whole in ptrlect oidtr. ? The aeeond story is naed at a show ro m, and tha third ai d ! p fourth are in every w*y eligible aa raaidenraa, h viu* c. nlou water tlirtm. houi i he premises Ap It id CLINTON (r Bl'liv, laII Iw'nc 787 llowaiy | ft) UAOLJfclRltLUTY TINTS. m i ll 1-e.t ? ID in* uranite oiiiiaing, forcercro a- , w?" ?n<l l<luniii(ri atreer the Itnnm* race tl- necii" *, pied by .Ylnrend St C o. Thry are onre .neiitl v lilted g uy, ki.i1 pnateaa all the ndrar,t?gee of a moveah* kyligtu (c Apply *1 No. 15. in 'he tin 11 ft tuft. f 10 3 rr a| ?TOKE TO LET. Jal THE STOKE on the corner of Broadway and Liberty ffTfB at, now occupied by Edward Kama Apply >o VI XJJL Bnren, 79 Dry atraat, or of Johu B La'k. S V. 7 j ( ru.i afreet fiO lw*r j _ IC&?The Saltonttill Lake Company are now ctutmg that celebrated .,prmg Water Ice, and offer it for tale, by the I ton or enron, on tha moat rnaaonabln terma, dnliTOted either i at tho Lake or an board veaeela. EoQuire of the agent i i Jail Iw'rh WM- J. TOwNBEND, Franklin Home. | I < f/TT'sHI tlT BIT TWO OP MH lAKK'l HEATKb ?Thoraday Jtre bt i ?0' " A IF Walter Awrot.Mr ' Keen?Lad? bar .I'jH ^1 Keaa i.? uadade with the comedy of LOOK BZjmJt I Ooure pan at?H o'c.otk, and the petformantB v I H Borea t': Pi' id cant'-. Q?l'?*r teste FAHK. J HhAXKt. 7fKS KEAN'S Bfc>KEl I ?Mre. Ken net the rX auaiiuuciae to bar frieuda and the i ublie ail Benefit will rake I)leer Monday . i whicli occeei a will be peilurmrd ,U ct> : iv ile'e Sccier," Sir Welter Annul, e. myot, Mrt Chaa. Kan, with tha c? mrdy of " ir, lion Fein, Mr.Caee. Kean. Uouua VtuKcit en. brine their Iter appearance prior Id their * JuivZaTl a umje a at-l hmeday t t will b? performed tl.egnud open of i 'im. Mr Mn..r R das?II? - - - - ue ; Dandidi, H Chapmen , ?nir<>, ill Mere Tayior ; Clonnda, ? frJt^oUi ; out; Fairy Qaeeu, MinJ Drake "y conclude ill* B '!Tl.E ldiWi> Nf*??n D'tu Hi I'll anj I lanary .a* Uoora ??" ?'*^< n'elnrk. Perfo m .ue? o 111 111 i i n iii y 11 ii i iii 11 i i I mug Krbni?rr II h? "r ! ?r' rin?n' the opera Ida N ATI UN AL n, Mr Hollaud; The Chavalit! tin-ani Mr A QUi. Mr Hoi aud. tdr Roaewood,Mr <ickiiiii ai^^^^^^^H^^H rr rt After which, RHOVlEO AND Gil , .Nioiinio. viaiur Khoiaeo. M a iunm r>i conclude tbe Till.VlBLK RIG? Hand; Haul Mr Nickimoa. Liieta e. M) crnu; apper boiei. H private bosaa $3. Uiciieitra batta,$1. linn .lull . ?al ? " ct ct emma uuY.viHU If R8. W 1BHEKWOOD reepeeifnlly take place to-morrew eveuirg at dunke lot now Nr. W" 1 ~K Ik u Z.".. \ I "l I H "? >.. I u, .jH Itk ThWh,)JMei hail tun auJ^H The uiineuce wiih the HUNCHBACK? Air Cliffjid, Mr. H. F. Alter which a Comic Sung bp Mr. Harriaon; T<> e.include with a entitled MISCHIEF Nlcholaa Doreiail, Mr (i. U.aham aduiiaaion?Dre*a Circle, NeeatiiUWr^^^^^^^H one Private Boaee, 13 Dooia ooen I #>? o'clock?Curtate to riae at U aLIaN OPk.ha. >ALMU'B OPERA HOUSE, t Cuamnera Friday Evening, ltth of February, fifth oppola'a Opera NINA PAZZA PER AMOUR. Count Rodolph Manor P. Bauer Nina, his daughter Mlgnors tt Hairy bign'?r 8. Due tar rtimplicio Sigunr A. Mwiim. ...... ?Ml ?'*. (Jaorge Blgnot Llit tier Box? and Paninette M liar . Private boia* lot I persons 8aau can ba aacurad at tba bos ofltea from 1* A clock, P. M, daily. _______L^B AMERICAN CIRCUS. BOWERY A M P H I T H hATR ^ ['Hid EVENING, February Illb, an eotira new bQi a P L performances, MM 'ailing t> a PUNEY RACEH. The drat appaarance of Mr. HOBBh. Mr saNUs aud his Dancing Horaa, May Fly,the Kigk',- 1 i. Pumas, it* kt. 1 The Am phi theatre la pleasantly warmed throoghont. 1 Duors opeu a> H past I, prriormaaca commences at * . BoiMllfeuu, Cm 1'JH Heats secured. 17 Iwre ALHAMRA, 549 Broadway, between t-pring and Prince ifreeti. lONDAY.Ksb tt.i, and every uignt isutil lurtlirr notice. ( HRlSTY'S far fauied and origin*! Band of ETHIOPIAN 1INUTREL8. foimcrly of Palmo's Opera Hoes*, whose Concerts ara nightly crowded with delighted and high'y repectabla sadirncas, and uuiveraally admitted ts eicrl every the atuiumant of a aitmlar character, ever belora preseutad ii this city Change of Programme at each representation. Admission ti cc u.?Doors open at half past 9? Corcetl i rill commence at h?if past 7 o'clock. f7 lw*rc vTLNUT~8TREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA K. A MsasHAL, Laeaaa.... W. R. Buu, Manager Benefit ior the Relief of the Btarviog Poir of Ireland? 1 r Collins has tendered his valuable aarvieea for loaecisiou 1 "tlUKiDAY EVENING, February 11th, will be performed \ the drama of BORN TO GOOD LUCK. Paudeaa O'Rafferty Mr. Cclima. _ Attar which. HOW TO FAY THE RENT. i Morgan Ratlar Mr. CoUlnaTo conclude with the >1 HOUSE DUO. Do?t, (lk* houaedog.) Mr I'hapman. rrict of adm>*iiou lor tint niaht? Private and orcti*?tr* liU, Box. 60 cant*?Pit, 13 ccoi>. To-morrow, Mr. COLLIBenefit. A GHANJJ CONCERT WII.I. UK IJIVEN IN TIIi; CHURCH Of THE DIVINE US1T7. rm (VIr BELLOWS, Paitor,) Broadway, between Spring md Prince atrerta, N Al U of ihe Snudar School attached to the 4 harch, and to augment the choir, on Thutiday Evening, February II, 147, uuder the directiau of MR. CLARE W. BEAMES, Wha* lb* following L'diea and Oentleiatn will aaailt: 8IONORA R PICO, (The Calabrated Prirat Donna ) MRS. JONES. MR K O r.MOE. sio. TITO Nksi. ( An Amataar Baaao.) MR. ANDREWS A OEN ri EMAN, J (An Amateur Tenore ) / Th* Choir of the Chureh, canned hy aereral Lvdi.a and lentlemau. Araaianra, ai d a lull choral Mr Irioiri will reiide at th* organ. Selection* will ba given from Hoaalai'a elebrHtad Htvbat Mater. Maaaiah, Craaticn, Mat** in EgTPL Verdi'* ' onehadnaxaar, kc., (te. Programme in fa .are Advertiiameatt. Tick*'a Fifty To be had ol Mr. C. fl. Frane'*, Bc^k Stoia, Nr. aii Breadray, and at th* Muaic Store* \LS~ ''oocert will como'cace at ( o'clock IK) It*re N 14HE ANNUAL BaLL and Maaiaal Eutaruiumaot of . Dodworth'a Cornet Band, will taka place at the Apo'lo ooma, on Friday eveaing, Feb Itth, 1(47. Th* Quadrille land, at atnal, will be fnll and affective, emulating of about orrv nerformera Ti'clata can he procured of any member of the Band, and at lead Quartern, 493 Broadway. f 7 Sti?*nc "TO THIS liNHAliliAMTa OF NEWARK. THK HKCKNTI.Y CONSTRUCTKD MODEL OF NEW YORK, T E. rORTEK BKLDE.V. W.ll remain on Eahibition for a few day a only, at MILITARY HALL. NEWARK. Hnura of Eihibition from 9 A. M., to It P. M. Ticheta. 26 centa. Season ticket* bOcrnta. IS |IH*rB s LES UANafcU&ES VJENNUI&E. Lf ADAME JOSEPHINE WE1H8. Miatreaaof the Ballet. "1 bera to atate to the Manager* ol Theatre* in the VJaited tatea, that application* for engagement* must be made to her icut, Mr JOHN POVKY.olthe Park Theatre, New York, rho u duly anthoriaed to make all arrangement* lor l ea Dan >'i.e? V leonoiae. J la if re L.i-.a LiANobUafc, VlbNNUiah. VfAUAMK JOSEPHINE WEISS would r< apeetfblly .YE announce to the Manager* of the different Tr eatrea and he public gruerally, rha- the lia* no Jfrnl in the United Itatea, and wiahr* all application* lor eugag menu to be Dade thiough henelf, ami all lettei* to be addmaed to her, mat in lie Uetmaa language, at Botlon, Maa*achu*etta. ft Idltll eod i* 'rte Jt)*?EPHiN E WEISS. LbS iJANatUaL VlbNNUlab. *f ADAMe JOSEPHINE WEIHrt mact hiermit den 'A bireitorea der eeraehiedeoen Thea'eni and dem Publtutn inageaaruiat bekannt, data a in der Vareiuigten Staatan taiuen Agentrn nat nnd weimcht alio nachfrageo far en agmnrnt* bei ihr aelbat *e* macben and all* Briefe in der Jeulachen Sprache, foat frei an ail *elh*t math. Bo ton, lit.. JOSEPHINE WEISS fed 7tdltlt*odi?*rc _ 11 It. POVEV ha* read with anrpriae a caid ul Madame JoYA tcphine Weiaa itamig the hat no agml la thie conntry 11? the only notice he hat receiard or auch determination ol iladauir Wrni. Mr. furry baga loare loaUta.tu luetic* to imirlf, he haa hitheito acted in that capacity uodar the writen direction ol Madame Went, and ana>l con'tnu- te do to ntil ho teceire* from horaelfa withdrawal of *neh auihori y ii 'wih (JHESNUT bTitEE i THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. rHK Subscribers having leaned the above MrillcrqiMl Ublislira?i.t, offer the same 10 rent by the night or * ? ^ until their rrturn rr.iin the south on the lit March J beg hull putiHlen ran be "blamed of Mr Dininore, ageet ftr i? leasers. ii the bos office, erery morning, brtweee the ouri .il 11 ?nd 12 All enmmameatioua moil be addrrseed to 1r Jimanre, pott-pud, or they will eol be wended to |Vf chv HMH'IN Ii KRA7E.R A CARD. LT AVI NO removed rrom Ph ladelphia to New Tork, I will IT like charge of all Law Buimeii en'rmteit to ma n tar 'amiieri, (No 2, 4th aiory ) >o J4 Well street. o?er Crime. Vsrd St' <? . opposite hsehiage C I J.V K. fiTuitTh2aw2w?r Attorney It' oeaaeror. VALEN 11NE DEPOT! LA OILS end Ueollamen about punhuinl Valentines, will find most tsieniire rarietr of vierv price ami ' elite, h'Viug been personally telected from the beet doigue s. alio, lorne fine I ond n erylei. and the lubicnbe."" iei made en arrangement wuh the post. by which a free lamn eaa he furniihed with all Velenliaee purchaaed of him They can be eneslo|ied, aeeled directed, aud mailed, on he ip t. A letter boi will be kept inaide the store for that an oec. ' HOLT, Jr.. Music Store, f? i ??r iMfn'mo u 2d drme from Be aidwny. v Ahr.iV i inE.TTT vAEtTiliNtoTTT BIIV VOUR Valentines in time, and bevel Old Comic. Elton, Nos. Hand 132 Division street, every thing in the la.enuiie war. Lace, Cameo aud Emboiaed papev, Silver Irraim ni Knvelepes, Valentine Writ era. ke.-end vrtirto _ "1 ar ll Diriaion atreet, near Chatham, ud 132 opposite 1'ike treet. Cmianlt yonr t*?te and economy, and y .e won't lail > nntroeieo the eldest Valentine tnannfecory in this city, fa lntis?rrc ; VALENTINES?'valentines. V LA ROE assortment of fine Valentfbes. else Comic Vern ines end Writers, Envelopes, itfe , lor snla, allow r.cea. by ff CURRISH. ft 1r*rre HI Nasaan ?treet. eov gpvece. VALEN i NfcH! VALKNT1NE8! VALEN. TINES! r HE in oar siensivs assortment of Valentinee, Just reedy, toycihe withiew valentine writers, envelouca and ,'tty ihn * i <.o?crd *n h thr fntir?l. OatUri out At th* tr, hr rami anir. *?n * ?* vinlI <u*ortmratt m?d* np.froui V t" tV> >u I iTward* rrirf? to tnlt *11, r?ugin( from t erati illtuk A 41 tiat??u*lly ItbAral diteowni to thoae wlio icll [ 10 W? will ?rr*nt onr Vaiautinn to r>*? atnl?c:Kl, uid rdeft will f promp'ly ?od tmthfnllf j?it up. Hpleudid iow billt wi'l br !>! witn *11 ordtr*. R?<nemK UM Hth of Ktbraarp. j?IA 1m*t TURNt'.H It FIHHr.H. 74 CUtbum .t. MANGANESE. | "\pltt hnadrod barrtla u;>?rflu? black On<i? Mniaaaoy, ' I rota th? mm??, Vtttiai*, i aa^wyi ^a tt'o'it*a'T ] ilrh IftV MM

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