Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1847 Page 1
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A . . ^ . .* .. .. . _ _ TH1 V?i. *111, lo, 11 - W tool* It, M4V THE NEWTORK HERALDJ JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR, i GircuJatlon---Forty Thousand. DAILY HtKALD?IC??ryd*y J*rie? ? e??U p*r ?op?-ft to per Auua.ii?j,msaule iu advance. . m%. 1 VfKtKLV HEk 1.1 ?W I pec e*>jpv?gi iju eeuta pr r annum?payable >u advance. HERALl) KOK C.URO'e.--tvr.ry Steam Packet day Price CJd cents par oouy?S3 00 par aanam, payaUa ia adraaaa. ADVERTlSKiUiCNTS at the aaoal pricaa?always caab i B tdnnre PKINTINtt of all Uada eatcattd with beanty and daa patch. Alt lattara or cemmunicauom. by mail, addressed to tba establishment, mtut be post paid, or (he posraga will be da dueled from die subscription money remitted JAMKH GORTON BENNETT. Proprietor of the ,Nrw Youa Uebai.i utiii naai iir, North *? #., eomer nt Yeli. g ami New street* FOR SA.E?BROOKLYN MI'ha It ard ihrer-.totT b'l'k Home, on the lon'hwe t con ir of Flicks iiuil Secket streets. Tha lot ii tw?nti-i'.ree fret in font aad rear, tby una lnmdrad i *e . Tha linuae wea bn-lt liurioc the ia<t tear, haa marbia mantel* bn n*h at. plated'e-niture. a tub cellar, i on por tie-> ia frout aud hark rnu? eucln.ed with tl?-? It la t wiihi.i three miautee'wsle of ^au. lit a areaua larry end the Ar aarje D tk and ri'teen mluu'e* from he Month ferry, ia a itpMIr imp-tiriog neighbor Lead A'ao fur s<la. tha Uou?e and l>?t adjoining, of siinede UJption. Apple 10 k.MANO BROWN. At Sluaaoo fit Sehell's Office, M Naaaae tract. ffi 8?r*rre FUn MA| .fe A THREE8TOKT HUl'SE on '3d "treat between ! ;} th- bid *"d Id trennes. It ia nail fuis ed, ei-d re UflL'-'e't wub ho latex improvements, including k trheu ts-*c (ink, cold -nil warm b, b?, water closet-, tcc I'sli.n ra.o i, e mantle - ? road'-eat the hoeea ; a court y?rd of Alteon fe-t iii f ont,w th vrmid Ii ?nd French window*. 'I ha httnse is-re of a row 1.1 m* home* on the aonth a- e ol the atraet For fnriher partieai tr* apply to VYl4f. h SONS, II iin*r 171 Pe?r' atraet FOR Abe, aitnA * FARM of fifty two acre*, moat delightfully aitu.tad, -boot Are m-le* ffr? m Klimabethtown, N J., JnirwLrnin ri. iea ? comm..,lions dwelling hoaee. At en >v> b mn bin niaatlra, and era y for a reaped b'e f?i. ily ; the w> o'e including g-rdenor'a home, bnrin, ice b me. v-d other build ag<, ia a snbsmatial stat* ol rep ir; the orchard c-ajtins twenty ac.os of choice freit tite?. The euv aeeeaa from New York, ei her bvtheyariom ev? Iron, J*r ?y City or the (errv to Ebiaherhpnrt, wheucr a tailrmd iTciu maa within a hu> dred yard* of tha home, reu-'er-ihia prope t> rary valuable to tnoae doing bualoee in thit f ny The greater part of th* put chase money can temam for three > aar< ou bond gad m wtgiga at fire per cent VYnK k RON?J7J Pearl atreet i ju>v, iiuw, awtuwi noon At. m Washi-gt..n street. _ _fLlnL#l_ I F 'H. SaoK. MCOPH LOTS, on the uo<th lidi of list street, bw twera rbs 7th *nd 1th avenues. with a Dwelling Hoase null (.'arm-liter's ahep on nos of the lots, Also, a mail Farm ou toe turnpike road, Far Roekaway, Look Island, eoutaiuing abou' six acres ol land, two under cultivation, ntie aero of fine large Peach Trees of the choicest Trait, a small House, and about fonr acres of Woodland, all enolosed in go jd fence] Also, several tmtot Hrees of laad at llockaway, for talc. Far particulars ap' ly R Ji?HN L. rvORTON, Jr. 14 Delanceyit. cr )l?Jm-re JO?" H POWgR. 129 Fulton si_. N. V MFO(td*L,E, or f> sxrhuige for city property?A hrtensnme rotbigr, fire er tec acres oflaud, situa'ed within two miles of the Marine Pavilion, Rocks??>. Loog la.'and, on the liockaway TorapiUe. The live acres of lond attached to the cottage are well stodded with jie.ich nod I'reit trees. There is a good barn and ether oathonses on the property; alto an ice bonse; and the same ia wo 1 situated for a gentleman who woold like a comfortable Cpo try reaid-see. Alan about seventy acres of land,eonsistiag ?l wood-lnud, meadow and tillable land, which will be old in differeut parcels. Apply to jumn?.e JiiMM L N'OHT"N, jr.. 14 Delaney sr. kARM FUR HALE AT AUuTluN. em Will be sold at auction on Tuesday, the 2d dav ol ItvflkMsrab next, ill- valuable k'..rin on which the subscriber sdwiow resides The said farm contains about 47acres ol tv'.i land, with a good D eiliug, Baku, Carnage House, sad a I the i-euc-sary out buildings; is situated tu ti e town ol Mam <rmie?k. eouniy of Westehester. about one mile f om the village of Mamaroneek, on the Weaver street road, U mil -s from the I i y Hall, sud near the linv of the INew HaMuU, IT..L ...I.?.1 k.. .. -v-.J -r.v.v - quality of firut. The ta)e will lie poiiliTC, to take plAer at 12 >1 ?a the pretBwoi For farther osrtiealars enquire of T A Lawrence. New Hoehelle, or of tlie subscriber, on the |:rrmiaes i?30 ln'w J.EOSAHI) DKKLYN. " ILATHHUN'S IIOTLL. 181. 163, 1(>? Sf lb7 Brnudtray. New York. MThit new si.d mvcnificeul establishment. recently opened u n Fubtie Hotel, a fttt?d up in modern arylo, with thr I tail iesp ovemeats, mid la ol autfieieot ca paeity to aea'inm?4nta iMIjpwra ua ftasi pa i very spumous Dining Hall, it eoataina an nnueual it mber of pleasant K*>lora. with largo wll ventilated i JJadr oMa, ail splendidly furnished with entirely uew farniMi? >i. locntion is very desirable and convenient, both fm oaaine null yieuart, being between Courtlandt ana Liberty st-eeta The i icprieter ol thia establishment intends to make it ; o il el ' i i mo-.r ooiufnr rble, hlenasut. and business tike Pisces in oeci/vof Mew Y rk, aud ? pains or espouse will tr? s.ared i Kit yarn o aiee. the wants of his guests?there hi hoping shite lib'ral.v in the public pstronoge, while he remains the t node's humble servant, H. KaTHBUM ja; im*rn K.'it SALL, \ VKRY trainable Flonring Mill, with aii run ol stones -s sitcsietle i Long l?>sail i~ouuil, wheie vessels can go si ngtidr st all ?eaa jus of the year; hss very great watci |iowe<, a-nill port ouiy being it-quired for the mill, which is in fi >l rate order. /alto, gut near the mil!, s I'onntry Peat, beautifully Lo cateri ? ah a tiuesuH enei.sne laud a id witer view, within u mort distance if the Aew Yo'kaud Mew Htveu Kailroad, ! and in oue of the must plecaut towns in Mew England. Koi lull (UUHCuLr., tcqnitr i.f , WM j, TtHW'SEVO, Frank iu House, N, Y. N B?T e above wi I he sola nt a h?renin jjl Jw*?h ' NATURAL MUSI*. a,y. STILL g eaiar Mtrac too a; AKCHY''. No. S John ft it mat ? A U. hva just received by tie last packets jmrnLZ* from Ilu ope. a Consider>b'e addition to his ulreao , ^323 oiual rsusilts atcek of wiug'ug aud Fancy Bi da ? .ArnoasM t e foil wing will be fuuud jM) ol the most choicr de c iinio. of Long B-tp-d and Dulcn C caries, tasted and prepared to bi-put up for h telling Bird < u.e' Bird Herds v.od ol I otser ihiues peit.iniug ?o he cbuve, will at all times he futiod nt Arelij 'a, ^o J John et. M B.- Hortiaad Ponies King t.bailee Spaniels, Italian ?rev bounds. ami i t'ier fancy dn?s ennstan l>- ou hand. I' 8? An raily in i, ectien is ir qui n'SJ, at this is witboai do bt 1 he be t ? I i t "< Oe ' ?. rerrottered. jVilmrc J tt.N - lUiN'a 11U. li MUlib, syZf' Mo. 3ie BHO IDWAY, one door Irom Chambers itJmf. ii-eei.?Bi b?ts i i-jiiirv seed, silted, at wh-le.alr price, by thrsiuxle bushel; a fme ttlectionol the loot * b sod 1 ausriea. high colors; (ienniui song bir.a, Chinese apice birds, Java sparrows, mocking buds, larks, red birds, all ta song Fauey cages, breeding cegea. bi d seeds, neat boxes, s.uff tor una a. AO articles in the line in great vaiioty, by vV. h. Ji iH >?l ON. 2U Broadway, Me<* York F a ?bett.r. a. shove wi'l be attended !" j?3 ln>?r t< O V lie's ? V XhtUlOi a, 100 i K -ADWa V JfjiI LAUI-h' AN U OEMLL EM'S uVEH eghV SHOES. niarnfsc ured of Uuodyear'e ee'etirater r.r i . rtelliR Incia Hnhher, pef-cti\ rt-i biein the cold at waatbar. For aa e y tb? cose or si gin p ir, by S\MUtL BROOKS, Bole *ge.ntfiir Ooodyevr's dsuafietorlta, |Y^'n?#rh lag "roi way. opposite Tuoity Church. I .a." > lO> fc S per steamship Sara1" Bauds. are rqursied to send ll.eir |i mitt liK>t "< .flyf-jr ' li..tiiu utieet, or'O the office of R Kenui' "6S uih stoat with lit ?f?Im i na nil (oooi. 0<>t permitted, will br i. sii o tbw public siore, in coufmn, uy witn tbe bills ol leant- f-ll lw*r c KOtt. LI V Mtl'iJoL?Keauler Packet ?'l tnr Utb lirSV b'mtaur)?'I'll G ?l clan fa?i il u* ?bip HOY ALAHKKilMT. Captain Bevcrida*, bur lieu 1000 toiu. will *en ? >ii' re, her letiuLr due n eii f emy ani enot aceomvod-tioi:s for cabin, seroid cabin and atrrmgr p-aariigris, ud anna moderate ti o?? iub-iid ( to tin aUiian< make imnnrdia e application oil board, pier (he II Kaatjirer, or to J A.VE3 ^CiNNV, I!) ?'*r I I *outh at. I lUb lI.Mi. U* I'A KKTS Tor a?l) KM> * LI V tKl OOL.- ' beau mil d and faat eat'dbManW|U< racket tliip t;Oi.HE8 I> n (np Tunntn.Mil aaii I m New V ore ?u leb-aarv Ibth, and Lorn Lire pool on or abt?m tb<* la of Apt nrit 1 lt<-aceommod-tiens of thia E,?e ihconi ptchif for romfort and control nee it ia well anwa ?r? auperu r to moat othtr .Packet shins Early appiiattlion ahouid be in .d? board, liiot of U re' etiea . or to I W 5tJ T. TAI'SCOTT, fel*'C M ^nn'h airee' Id dour brI w Burling ip I KM til. vrP Lit i out ii/R, eellu nhAAa liK b'l OKr MiH HALE ? Kor aale a aim it ol Euncr end Slap a Dry luff-da, well laaorted ami at low prices, in one ?f lite nival desiiablr localiona in the c ty. 1 l.r Wese Ins about three years to ion:the location may be cniai- to one ol llie bra Ihr store has been titled up at a f eat rttonaa. and por-teaaea many admiitegef u to the irt, Tiocana praieuta. Toe aieek at prrarg ia nnder Fight Thoumid Dollars; with an ai'd'ti nal ato It f Thr-eio Fire Tbonaaud Collars. there cae be told for fil le Serenty-f re Th._ na.tiid Dollars > rear - t a t ery t-lr arer <e proDL 1 1 br an eit will br aold lor cash or aatiafectory paper, on a I credit f not ern t> mouths To ihoer drai'ona of commencing the wholesale end retail , Dry Ifooda buaiutaa. the present offers one of the greatest inducements. . Addrea* lloi Ml Lower Office. with rra name Kl ita *? TO DlGUKRKlAN ARTISTS. JUST RE'.El VK" b7 la-e arrivals from Hirre? PLATE-,?i|o# of the PI ana had id Hear Brands, v it a V) le'tte lot new a d iplendtd patterns, r VOIOHTLASdVR TUBES of medinu, half and full aire - or tele by JOH N KlMCH. Optician, 13 N seen at. rs B.?Uhemieela, Cases and alt material* uacd in DagnerreIipcooahainlv oe hand jan 3f lro? rh | FANCY PAPER AND P PER BOXEB. ! JONM k. FHlEDEL lib loho *trect,n*ar Pearl, up?Uin. I Men a'actum it of t>n>*r Ivyet and temple card* ?ud or*. < en in (trey paper*. All order* thankfully received end fieduted promptly and ou reasonable terms. rljJeiN S. * JU.^EiB. yt lm*r? HENKy FRIEDltL. .v ^M.Lna FOR EXKhH. rg HRK.- thousand dewu ftient eameiilkl !iu*p?nden. 1 adip-ed toihe Mexican end South American, * well -i ,v ; t.;?V, and w-rmited to stond unsJlerted by any el.mete, kor ??le by the manufacturer and ewcer of the i fd- ' r nnRTr. It DAV Wnnrtleedf Itrem NO 1 ICE. " ' v ii<HK i-'.partmnhip heretofore erietini between the ea- I 1 dent <ned. ei.dei the Aim of Btoee k ihle i day dimolvrd by nimtial coneetit 'I he ootetatding debt* of tl.M 6 'O will b. ?#tt ed by Snr Brook i to whom *11 debt* dm tl t eo rem meat be i?id, eud m th> ieiUement of wliieh ' fir i? ?. hrtiied t? net -he name of the fine. Ea&fcntboM. I ft?w Vet*,J?-?. WAT. iNM1*4 i E NE' NEW AFFAIRS IN^ ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. TELEGRAPHIC. WW Atemv, ??b 19, 1&47. Mr. Lce-rsa wm chosen President pro ten. The bill to appoint Commissioners of Coda tu taken up. The debate waa on the aection relative to the ap. pointment of a clerk, which waa not diapoaed of when ! the hour for adjournment arrived. Aeaesubljr. Aimsr, Feb. 12, 1S47. i Mr. BaicoM'i reaolution instructing the railroad com- > mjtteea to bring in a bill to allow the transportation on ' railroad*, free of toll, of breedstod* contributed toward the relief of the suffering poor of Uuropo, waa agreed to- ! The bill to re-tubmit the atnendmenu to the oity j charter to the voter* of New Tork, wu recommitted to the commute# on citle* and village*. A reaolution waa offered by Mr. Dcvcliu that the railroad committee be inatrncted to inquire ae to tbe ratea charged by the Albeny and West dtoclibridg* Hail road Company, on freight deitlned for New York ai d Boaton, and aa to the cauae of the difference of thote ratea Adopted. The immigrant paeaenger bill waa then considered,and pureed by tbe Committee ol the Wbole. An amendment waa adopted wkich provide* that tbe act of 1H19, deaigned to protect Kinga County sgainbt the foreign poor, shall not be violated by tbe new bilL Tl.? Kill ik.aieed a *U1*a I 4l?- 1 A UO UIU ww? tu<CM icau m utuu uuiu, OliU JVBBSCU. I The House bill districing the State into Judicial Dietricta, *u recommitted to the (elect committee repotting j it, end the bill which passed the Senate, y esUrday, had a , litnilar teference. The bill to appoint Commissioners of Code, tu taken { up. Mr. Dktili* moved to strike out the name of Henry \ A. Potter, and insert the n>me of It. H. Walworth ? Lost, i 44 to St. N. B Smith named Garret Smith, instead of Mr- Foh- | ter. ThU motion wu* not put Mr. Baicom moved to ttrike out the flrst section of the bill, which designated the Commissioners of the CodeHe believed the convention designating these Commissioners should be made by the joint convention of the Senate and Honia. The Commisaieners of fraotice should be also appointed. No question. Adjourned. BY THK HAILS. LKtilSLATiVS PltOCKBDlNUS. Ssuate, Albamy, Feb. II, 1617. Mr. Yeumr presented the petition ot a75 citizens ol the city of New York, asking ior an appropriation of moueys to aid in the construction of an Astronomical Observatory. Mr. earnestly urged the propriety of cultivating the sciences, and disseminating scientific intelligence among the people. It was, he said, an object quite worthy of the attention of tho government. The petition was read and referred to the Committee on Literature books ron the static libkaht. Mr. Jos as, lrom >he Committee on Finance, reported a bill making appropriations for the library of the State lor the years 1847 and lc48. Mr. JoHsson called tbo attention of the Senate to the suggestion mode by the Comptroller In hie report, thai Ih unuual appropriation lor the Slate library ought to be materially dnuinlshed ; there weie other opportunities for expenditure from which the State wouid reap greater advantage. Mr. 1Unb said that the appropriation to the State library ought to be increased rutber than diminished. Mr. JuMNiOKi moved to recommit the bill to the com litlAfl- with BOUIA ihu?rns?imwe w- *- - ? * ... O HMM?V|VU? W IB|JVll IUU UUI tu another shape The motion was rejected, and the bill wan referred to the committee of the whole. . ArraorauTio/t rea common school*. The Assembly tiausmitieil too denote bill, making the uauel annual appropiiatioiis lor the maintenance of common loboola, wiui a message that Uiey had passed the seme, with amendment*. The clerk read the amendments of the Assembly, which authotiae a liberal appropriation <or tha purchase of maps, globe*, and other apparatus, for the school*. Mr. Hkogwick moved that the Hecate concur in the ameudmeut* of the House. And tne donate ceucuired ; and so the bill is passed. tm* raisinsNT or thc tsssrs The Passioanr arose und seid be would take the liberty of announciog to the Senate that he ahuu-d leave town to-morrow, perhaps tor teu or tw Ive day*. He made the announcement thus early in order that the donate might have time to piepaia tor the election of a temporary President of the Senate. Mr IlsNNisTON introduced a resolution that to-morrow at 1-1 >1 the Senate will proceed to the election oi a turn porary Piesiuaut. The resolution was adopted. Mr. J. 11. datTH introduced a resolution that on and after Monday uext, the Senate will meet at 10 o'clock in .ha morning The lesoiutlon was rejected. thv judicial distblct*. The Senate bill lor the division of the State Into judi cial districts, published in ihe Her all ot the lOlh nisi., came up in its regular order tor a third reading. Tne Clera teed the bill a third time, and the Dill passe ) by the following vote:? ArKa-Mesars. u allow. Beekman, Burnham, Crook, Deniiiston, Hand. Johnston, Jones Le-ier. Sedgwick, J. Li. SDiith, H omnh, Talcott, Town-end, Wheeler, Wit uams, Ye ng?17. N**s?Messis. Backus, Beach. Emmons, Folsom, Oridlay, Hail, Hanls, Haggles. Van dchoonhoveu?'J. " Vila CUMMIl*IONB*s CF THK COD* " The bill fur thu appointment ot the l<-gul Commission era was anuounoed us one el the " t egular order*. Ana the Senate went lute Committee of the Whole on the abovo bill. Tba l alaiies which shall be paid to these commission rn, and whether the allowance shall bo |ier diam oi > early, appeared to be the questiou pending befoie the deaute The fifth section of tha bill authorizes the commissioners to employ an engiesamg deik The salary ot tha dark not being sp'citted, Mr. Johnson moved to sUlite out the fifth section ot the bill. Mr. Habd opposed the motion The great ptinclple id economy which we all wiahad to maintain, would be ubseivedby thu employment ol acleik. The com mi toners could not occupy their tin.o io engrossing ilocu -uents; this officer was therefore indispensable Mr Johnson add that the Constitution did not author ze tba appointment of acleik for these legal commit icneis A piotracted debate eneued. Too Senate, generally, appealed to bo opposed to the tmitiou. Tne good ot *uch an appointiuant wn leelmed to be ui.qiiestiouable. Tbe urcu.ui duties to b< tu.posed upon ibo commissioners made it |ieilecuy oisiii ic?i mat iiiuy mum u?Tf a CieiKlO pellotra lb* labor Ol engiossiig. an j the Sbnatk r*lu?ed to strike out tha section. With ihit extraordioaiy " piogreas," the committee tote and On motion or Mr Talcott, the bill ?u mado a a|>ecisl order lor to-morrow, ut 1-i o'clock, M. Tho a*nata had. probably, ioigotten that the election of a President, pro (import bad juat been Hindu a ?i ecial order lor to morrow, at the bame time. Auemhly, Mr WicnMtH preieutod tho petition of 4 340 citizens of tho city of New York, protecting and remonsuating agaiuat the reieel ol the exche law, and pre) ing thai that city mlghtenjuy toe advantage otita bemli-uut provitioba. The | otition waa releried. Mr. Mill. Iroiu the Committee on Medical Societies and College*, reported iu favor of the Senate bill lor thu registration of butha, raairiagea and death* iu thin Statu, and rcoommended that the ammo be. one a law. The MU waa committed to lite Committee of the Wbele Houae. Several private bills were reported. Mr. BuanBLL, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported a bill for the appoinlnent of " Ccntmiaaiouera of the Code," in compliance wtth the 17th section of the Brat article of tho constitution. The Clerk read the bill, which provides for the ajv pointment of Henry A. Koeter, Alreh Worden, and John A. Collier, a commissioners to codlly the laws It ttxtm the salary at $4 000 per annum, and gives them a dolt Mr. 8icblc> moved that the bill be reierred to the Committee of the Whole, and made a special ordar tor Lba 30th inst. Mr. J smith?Sooner, sooner, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Fvllsbto* moved to make the ball a special older for tC'inoirow at 19 o'clock. Mr Haas moved to lay the hUlon the table. Th? Hnfisa ?'? ki" ? *u * * * ? ?/ >u? i/iu uu uie 19019 Mr. ftiLL hoped that the amendment ot Mr. Fullerton to the motion made by toe gentlemen uom New Yoik would prevail. Mr Utvhii5 asked the Soesker it the vote rhoui J rot be taken first upon the notion by Mr. Sickles The Srassca replied, no sir. 1 he question was tnan taken npoo the motion of Mr. Ftillanon.auri it we* adopted And the bill w us made a special order for to morrow at 1) o'clock. aosRDor stirisrisoaa. Mr. Oaroi*. Irooi iha priming committee, reported In1 favor of printing twice the usu*l number of tbe bill lor 1 the equaiilnion 01 Boards ol supervisors. Th? repuit wee agreed to. ink cmiohsnti. And the House ? ent into Committee of the Whole on the hill reported by Mr. Develin, Horn the cemmittee on the Judicialy, mtitUd an act to amend an act entitled, en act concerning passengers in vessels coming to the port of New Yotk, pessen Feb. 11, HM4. I annex a eopy of ike bill, because 1 believe it to be ot peculiar importance to the city of New York. It has been brought into the House by a member of the New W Y( YORK, SATURDAY M York itaUimttoD, and I Imvo no doubt hut that the Ho< concurs with him in the conviction ho ha? eapw-?rd II i'? passage will promote the interests of Now York c and State, and eok <noa tha general waliera of tha n arantt The eruntni'tee rose without passing tha b Which l? at follow; I ? The People of the Staio of VewYork, represented Senate and Asrvmbly. doan?ct an follow.? SkC 1 The fliat section of the act entitled "An i concerning I'di-etigere in reisals routing to tha port New York." phsf#i| February II, 1*14, is hereby ?mej ed so ae to lead se fallow s: ? Henry n.B?ter or commander of eny ship or vessel riviue-at the port of New York from any country out the Unied Mates, or from any ol the United States oil than tills State, shall within twenty.fwur home sf er t unifai ui nuco snip or vp*!**! in ? upon. mane a rep in wilting, on oath or ttfliitnation, to the Mnyorolt city of New Vork. or. in case of hi' ?ichne?* absence inability to serve to tha Coramitliouer ol the Aim' li-l department of raid city, of the name, plsco ot htrth >i hiat irval residence, ago and orcupa'ion, of every pcrs not being a oitiixn of ih? United Sta'e'. and who ah have arrived at any place in too United States. from a foreign country withiu the last preceding twelve nmnt nod who 'hall not Stave previously pail any " m money tiuder or t>y virtue ot any ot the provisions of ti act, or been bonded under the a t hereby amended, a alio of all such paa.e ?sj-r? as afore'eid m eta ait ti le .ded or suifeieu or jajrinitted to ianJ, ftom a such ihip or vassal, nt any place luting each voyage have t>a?n put on hoarder nutTercd or |>simiftrd to go board of tin* o bar 'h p, vea*el or boat, with the tub lion ol proceeding to said city; tinder tbe penalty on so matter or commander, and the owner or owner*, rt stgoee or consignees, of atich ?bip or veaabl, severe and ie?|w citvrl), 01 teveuty five dollars lor every pert ieglecte.1 to b? leported at uoresaid, end lor every p aou whote nnme, place ol bttth. and last lejul residein age an I occnputlon, or eitheror any ef auc i pnrticula siiiili he falsely repotted ?? aforesaid, to he mod lor a recovered a? hereinafter provided. Hi e '2 I ho second section of the aaiJ act, is hire a.neudtd so ss to read us follow.:? It sbuli bo the duty of the said Mayor, or in case his absence, sicklies. or inability to seivo, lor t said Commissioner to require by a short eudoraeme ma i>-|>un ui every alien miner or commander ot a sued ship or reuel, to |uy to 'he Mayor, Aldurtnr And Commonalty of thrsnd city of Now York, tlio si of one dollar, uh rem miration money for each ai d eve pa-.teiior so an uloiesuid, arriving ut said eity a in cue aoy ol suit passengers are decrepid or inhim lik-Jy to t. come a permanent charge ou said city, ttii ui il iu all aucti case a further to requite by such endor tnent as aiore-ani, every tueh master or commmdor become ut id ho hound hy a bond with two aulticn sureties, (who ahull Justify before, and to the satiation of the tatii mayor or aui 1 commissioner, that t-,uy t oach rcsiuen's ol the ci'y and county of New Voik.a are mch woith in real estato, double thn ponsl'y of it bond, over and above all liabilities, and all otnti amou/i lor whii b they may at the time, be bound;} to thn peo| ol the State ol New York, in such suin as the said mayi or in euse o. liia sbseuco, or aioktiess, or inability to a< as dm said commissioner may thiok proper; not exce? tag three bunilrtd Hollars toreach |n?se' gar, sodecrep it tii m, or likely to t ecome a pel morient charge on ?? city; aud to indemuity and save harmless eucli and eve city, town and couuty in this State, Horn ail and every e pause and Cuiirge, which shall or may be tncuried I uny such city, town or county, tor the maintenance a suppoitof avety suebparaon, aud for the maintenan and support of the child er children of any aud eve such pcr?on, which may be born after such important in caae any suoh peiton, or any such child or childri hall at uny time within UYe yvura Irom the date ol au bond,-become changeable to any such city, town eouuty, or either or any of them. /vim me Mayor or common Council of any city, or < superintendent of the poor of any county, or Uie or seers of tbe poor of any town, which city, town county (hall have incuriod any expanse or charge aforesaid, shall bo authorised, in the name of the peo| oi thia State, to bring an uctlon upon uny such bond, ? recover thereupon a sum sufficient to indemnify su city, town or county, tor all such expenses or cuarg incur.od as aforesaid-, but no sucn suit or lecovery, sn oe a bar to any otber action, brought upon such bond other expenses or charges, incurred m the support tnafutanaiice of any such person, as aforesaid. Auu if a such master or commander < hail neglect or reluse, pay over to tha said mayor, or in case of his abseni sickness, or inability to act, to the said i-omml'Siou such sum of money as hereiubeitire required as cooin tatioii money, lor each and eveiy sucn person, writ three days after the airival of such vessel at the said p< ot New York ; or in case u bond shall be requited aloresaid, shall neglect or rolure to give such wilt the sail three days, ertiy such master or commander, a the ownai or owuvis, consignee or consignees, ot su ship or vessi 1, s.-veraliy uud tespeoiively,shall be su' jl to a penalty of $600 for each aid every person on win account such commutation money, or such bond m be demanded by such ,any or or commissioner a* alo said; 10 he IQfed lor and r?? in tH.. 4i in provided in the !i ta seobon of the act here .iinenued And provided always that in cue any *u person or persona, for whom bonds ma) have boon giv as aio esaid, shall become ca*rgeebie on anv such CI county or town ?) atorvsaid, it sbail not t>0 lawful for t said master or cotnoiandvt, owner or owneia, consign or conMgiieos of such vessels, or the said sureties take aud remove such person or persons from the al louse o? uny such city, or from such otuer 11 ices as m oe dtsignated by llio proper authorities of any so city, county, or town, lor tne reception and si sistence ol such person or persons, without ibe w ieu consent of the Mayor cr comiuisiiooer of the alt hoas.' ot any sucb City or tne keeper of the poor-hot ot any county iu which such person or persous shall come a county charge, under a like penalty aa last afo said, to bd sneil for anil lecoveted iu lika maimer, a provided also that the ralusal or neglect of any su mayor, commission r or keeper,to give sucb wit' uvu.ri.i, unit iu oj maimer loiiiit, impair or otherw affect the v itlity of any each bund or bonds. bkc. 3 tt mull not 1.0 iiiwitj for uny magistrate other oili ei ir. the said city ol New Voik, havi authority to make commitment* of vvf (ant* to conn any pti?oii not a citizen of Hie United a* a vugri until the eaid magistral* or ufttoer eliall have vaceitain vvnether a t>ouu. ae aloreimJ. he* been given for *u penon; and if it thill appear, that a bond na* been aiv ua atom aid, with.n flee ) cere fur each petson ?uch a tiiiiia'e. or other oSl or, shell not commit tho rani pen ue a vngrant ; but shall and i? harehy autbonzed io gt a permit to such |>erioii. to en'er and temain iu the atn boil**; of seiil city, or such other place as may be ccs naied for tho subsistence and suppoii ol paupoie as eiu Hid; sudatory permit io given as last ul-jicim l, up winch such person or ]>ertuus ebull enter ttie eaid eiu bouse, or oioer place ts (foresaid, snail be deema. tiri acb ol such b ".d. bee. 4. I ho said mayor, aldermen and commonalty the city of New Yoik. are hereby authorised and e lowered to pass all such laws and urdinuuceH, at in th j-utg neat nmy he i ecetsary or proper, to carry into I rflvct the act heieby amended; and to presciibe pan tiea tor (lie non-ob* -rvence or violation ot ?ny suon 1 dinance, not to encoed ooa hundred doJ!.<rs for ea passenger or person, to whom such nun ob? rvuoce violation may t< late. Sh' 6. All uinl every of the provisions of the suid a not inconrlsent herewith, rue lieieby declared to ha u to continue win) remain in lull power ami ell'ect Sec. 6. Thla act shall take U'eot immediut ly. The Boston Kotuuhs.?The examination oftl nn^onera Willinm Uruwn, William Mor on, ai 3poit;e Hi II, was continued In the police court of B' ton on Thursday. Tho lubstancp of the testimony i lueod won as IoiIowp: ?" Mr Pollard, tho landlord of t suff>lk Hall, whern UpII and Brjwn hoarded, teetifl to bsvirg puirhuaetl pork and bread answering to I 'earription of the r? mnante found in Currier &. Trot core, un tho Saturday be'ora the robbeiy; and iiia w also swore to Htown's wife burinu teken up to her roc for hoi hu>hand a dim er, an unusual quantity of feod thntnay. She alto atated that oo the nigbt of Sund the Slat inat, about 12 o'clock, she heaid a noise drown'* room, wlilrh was directly over her eloepi apartment, a considerable noise, winch sounded like t moving of trunks, and also some talking; en 1 that at I o'clock she heaid the door of the room Unlocked, a two persons como down siaira, and one was let out; a 00 <ri|ng to herdoor, she saw Mrs H. going up st.n and that utter this all was quift Mrs. P. ulso testifl ihat Brown had once or to ion con plained to herof hei short ol money Mr O iult, baker nworn that to tins b< 01 his belief the remount of u pier e ol Krench tire, lounu in me ?iur*,wi? ei dip mane; Bin mat Dtf< to Pollard bread like it on Saturday, Jan >0 A wat< man testified to having tarn a person, reiHmtiling B( in the vicinity of O'tutor k Troti'a atom, at two dig nut timaa. on Hundsy morning. Jan SI, between t hour* of 1 and ft o'clock. Anothar witnoia testified hearing a noiae in nrriar ?? Trott'i atora, on batutd iii^lit, abont II o'clock Mr. Cooley, anothar witna alio testified to having been Introduced to Moiton mi tlmo ?i> oo, and having met him again on Kiiday tin lest, at a public house in Ttcmcut Row, wbeu Si to him aaide and raid to him that ho (vl ) was a thiol, It bean one for ten years, and believed him (Cooley) to one, and also that he had a iriand who oould net throu anything in the shape of iron or a tafe Morton was toxicated. Shortly before 'J o'clock the oourt adjourn* t hamkFuu.?We Mini the following narrative facta in the U'rtuwij>k>i (Ala ) Stutt Guard " circumstance of ra her a btiootit occurrence, border! on crime, was rela'ed tout on beard the a'eamar Solo On her downward trip, a IU*v. Mr. J 0. Leo, who I been a resident of Autauga oouoty fot some time pi and has performed ntrmy pastoral duties in the iiriglibi hood adjoining our cily, came on the boat at Oarniie LimliiiK. with twe Isdias under bis charge, and soma or SO negroes, which, ho said, were g< I g to Louislsi The morning after the embarkation a now born ch was fuunn by one of the officers of the boat, on the ci ton, aft of the wheel house, and immediately under t ladle*' cabin Alter the matter was exposed ou the boi and thing* became puldlc. suspicion, itom eiuong ton Alteon ladiee, rotten on ono of Rev Mr. Leo'a compar though both of 'hoee iadia* waiaatthe breakfast tat that morning Every person being am lout to ascorti the perpetrator of so heinous a orime, tho captain wis* giro itout that no ) *. on should loar# the noat, on h arrival at Mobile, tinLt the fact was ascertained A when the Raven nd gentleman wes openly accused of he came forward with tears in hi* eyae, and atetod tli Mm Ruddy,ono of hi* company, waa the mother. Al'i the occurrence, the guilty men undertook to add e ut theme to the erime, nv trying to throw tho child ov< hoerd, and thns bide the stigme of tho woman by but ing it in tho river. II seoms that tbia Misa H. Jd> wat daughter of hla (Loo'a) aiatar, and had been living in 1 house <rom chiidbood. The output* arrived in Mobi ts tho lake boat waa leaving lor Naw Orleans, snd ll ttnnatuial mothsr took the feminine creature aloi with her.theroby baffling tho civil authotitiea of the ci from their rigid mum. IRK 1 ORNJJNG, FEBRUARY 13. 18 THE MEXICAN WAR. S itv ? ptt au Interesting Document m? ta K8I.AT.T8 TO T?? {? , CAPITULATION OF KONTEREY, < lot ___ lei ' &0- ??* tW ??? tP. IHt CAPITULATION of Mni*TS*IY. ! ftl of [From the Washington Unl"D.] Co ier Vieromi, TamauL'?*?. ><>ro?, ) tic b? Jeiunry A 1817 J eq 0.1 Al*er much speculation kiui no little mw.epresenta in be ' Hon about the cepituUiion oi Mnn'erey, I perceive by rl. or I our recent newspaper* that a ducmsion baa uriaeu << ed 1. A 1 to orhfi t8 t>?rw.i a.hl'K IV* ? tbat >??????a- ?? - ' -- ?<! tbe commissioner* who were entrusted by Genaral Toy- I 11 on lor wi h the arrargemaut of the terma upou wh>rh toe n < alt 1 city ot Montarey and it' loi 'ideation* should be delivered ! ? i Uy to our forca*, I hs?? had frequent occssion to recur to tht tlii tho course'in 11 adopted and th -consideration* which an of led to it My J'ldgnmt alter tho lact ha? tully *u? ri? iiis teinrd niy iteci.tooa at '.he ditnof tha occu'ience; ond oui ?,t feeling my tf If ra'poniiMo for tb? instrument as wo pie am vo pared a U presented it tn our commn-idiiig O'Dtri', I w> u>, nave tha sut 'taction, after all subsequent evanta. to tea or helii'Vo that tho Urins we offered wtu x.-edient. and op on hor.oiahl* and wiac. A distingoishsd gentleman wl'h cot al). whom I acted on th it comntcii m. (Governor Hander* as; aon.) aa^'H, in a recently published lattai" I did not at an <h? time. nor do 1 ?'ill litta 'he terms but acted aa una aa tiy ol iho csmniis i uters loge'llT wnb Ocnerul Worth aDd g-i uu Colonel D.ivl'. to srrv net General Taylor'a instruo- art tr. tions Wo i urht and ecuM have made them auriendar to L.Hl ut diacratiou,' It' , fcs * r<)i K oni each position taken In the ahorc paragraph I Ha a,i dlaaont ' The In (motions airen by General Taylor only mi prvaetited t.u object, and fived a limit to the powois ot by by riii conim ssioni rs ; hence when points were raised tb< wbicn excte ted out discretion, they wore referred to of the oomtni'ilT; hue minor point* were acted ou, and he ftoally a". imt;teJ as n part of our negotiation We fixe l mt the time * uaia w ;i !i tlio Met can forces should retire ny from Alo teioy. we ugrend upon tho time wo would co n, wait for t n- derision of tho reapective governments. m, im which I n eolltct was lees hv thirty-lour daya than the (u, ry vieaican commis-ioti'.ra asked? tne psruil oJopted | tel mi t<rn n iu .i wiurii, ui "rum* 10 our tiuiwi'e, wasteor quired to brill* up th-i rear of our army, with the ord- -p8 in, nance and i u| |.lii- no.'canary for further operations. , ao I did- not uion, nur do I now, believe that we could ag to have nude the niemv surrender at discretion. Had I on- for int lertaaied the opinion it would Loire boon civil to tlie w( on commiHgion, an j to the commanding goneraT and would W1 ue have precluded m>' Iron) sinning an agreement which jj? nd ptimlited the garrison to rotiro with the honor* of war. wj iid it Is deruonitrRtiie, from the position and known ptowasr gA] K of the two armies, that we Could drire the enemy from ai >le the town; hut tho town was untsnab'e whilat the main rpi jr, lort (called tho new citadel) remained in the hand* ol the at, oneniy. Item* without siege artillery or enirenchid in* IojI*. we could only hope to carry thii fort by (tornt, id. alter a heavy loss from our army; which, isolated iu a 1 ltd hostile country, now numbered 1. ** than half the force* |,f r> of the enemy When all ihia had beou orhiered, what J*u a- mora would we have gamed than by th capitulation 1 * >y General Taylor'* fotco waa too imall to invest tho ""I no town. It war, therefore, alwaya in tho power of the ce enemy to retreat, bearing his light arms Our army? "J ry poorly provided, and wt'h very insufficient transport*' 01 id, 'ion?could not have overtaken, if they had puraued the sn, dying enemy. Hence the conclusion that, at it waa not ' ch m our power to capture tho main body of the Mexican ', or army, it ia unreasonable to suppose their general would have surrendered at discretion The moral eHVol of rebe tiring under the capitulation was certainly greater than r- if tn? enemy had retreated without our consent. By this or course we secured the large supp y of ammunition he as had collected in Monterey?which, had the assault been pin continued, must hare been exploded by our shells, as it ind was principtily stored in toe Cathedral, which, being C< ivu upfivbcu i? ua mht.'i t uu u?w| t, w IB vuc Vfk'VbWI ami VI U( or, our pieces. The destruction which Ibii explosion would th all have produced, muat have involved the advance of both in lot divisioDR of our troupe ; and 1 commend tbie to the con- 01 or tumpiation of those whose argument* have been drawn m ny from fu*,ts learned iluce the commiaaionere closed their sito negotiation*. With these introductory remark*. I send n ' to ce, copy ut a manuscript in my possession, which was preor, pared to meet such neoeasity as now exists for an expla m iu- nation of the views which governed the commiationeia w kin in uriurging the terms of oapitulution, to jnsllly the coat- st art maiidiug general, should misrepresentation and calumny la as attempt to tarnish his well-eat ned reputation, and, lor all uu tiuia to aome, to fit the truth ot the transaction, Mease o?, ua publish tins in your paper, end boliove me your luend L an JEKKfcRSON DAVl?. ?< u"r' HomoranJa of the transaction* in connexion with the capitulation of Afuntersy, capital of Ntuva Loan, r' Mexico J .. By invitation of Oenetal Ampndia, commanding the J t0 v Mesi-an srmy. General Taylor accompanied by a nam (>, j, tier of his offlceit, proceeded on tha MUl of Beptemtier, eD 1846 to a houie designated as the place at which (Jane- , rsl Ampudis requested an intaiviaw. The psrties being . j ' convened. Geueral Ampudis announced, aa official infor' ' mation, that commissioners fiom the United tttatea bad a t0 j neon tecaivad by tha government of Mexico; and that the U| ordets under which he had prepared to defend tha city ol sl Monterey, bad lost thvlr lot ce by the subsequent change .g ot his own government; Ibaratora he asked the cooiur- j, ',, eiico. A bi lot conversation between the commandlug lt , generals, showed (bail view* to be so opposite as t > m leave little reason to expect an amicable arrangement be' twaen them cl i, Oeuerul Taylor said he would net daisy to receive ,, Uim.l,, lhlu.l..l .1 " *. Genital AmpUlia'a party, 1 think, tha governor ot the ? oily, tu>(g*?ivd tho appointment ol a miked eoiumuii n , lh | " tliii a* acceded to, end General W. O. Worth, of the , United tPatea army, General J I'icckney Hemleiaon, ?! tb .he i eXMi volunteeia, an J Colonel Jettereun Davie. ol jp ho Mii- imippl riflemen, ou ihc pail of General 'laylor ; ... ? and General J Ma. Ortega. General T Jt-ijuena, and "J* aeuor the Govern a M. Ma Llano uu the pan *>1 General lb 11 t t" | " ia. were ep|>uinteil. s ' . Geneial i'aylor gave instruction* tohii commix! .'ner? ! eJ 'L which, a* unoa.iiood, for they were briat aucveibai. | wiij be be*t abown by tho copy of (ho demand which the liuited a ate* comniiaiionari prepared in the conUrtuca ( L room here in orj.ora'.ed : ? | ?' v? Cvpy u/ t by United 5 late* CtmmiitiontT). | <|'| it- 1 A? tue legitimate toault of the i peraiiuh* helore thin it. place, an.1 the pre out poiltloa ol the con'eniing arailea. ! ( r lt w? dein <nd th'< vurrt ndar ot the town, the eim* and mu 1 ,L .?n ration* ot war, and ell other public propeity within the ' ,, in. place. I ? -i I'hat the Mexioan arm a I foiee tatire beyond the ^ Ilincona >a, Llnarc*, aivi aan f lo, on the ooaat ( ol I The oomuMDaiflg ganaial of tho artuy ut tba L'ul'ed ? m. itate* agree* tnat the Mesicau officer* tcaerve itti-ir in e .. arm* ami pilvote baggage ; ana lb# truop* be allowed 1u " uij letire a ?er th?-ir i )h til wltuoet parole, a reaauuaUe [' ?j irnit being allowed 10 withdraw tlie luteal. j ul r""u 4 The Immediate do'lvery of the main work now oc j * c? CUi.ied, to the army of the United State* gr ft To avoid oelli-lon*. ami lor mutual convenience, it that the truopa ol the United State* tbali not occupy the hi ct- | town until the Mexhan foiOr* hare been wither* WD, P< i-J MM|4 IN kMfbtl SWfMMi MHlknM, S1 Ol U The eominauolog general ol the United State* tti agree* not to advance beyond the line apccified Iri the oi Hecotid flection belore tha expiration of eight week', or lie until the reapectivo gnveruineDt* oon be heard fiom c> ul The terink ofthe donriaad were related by tho virxican q> d?- comml-fllonera, w ho drew up n counter proportion, oi |h id- which I only recollect that it contained a pottniMion to ii< he ilio Msaicau lor. on to retire with their anna. Thin oi ad wa* mgod at a mattoroi loliierly pride, and a* an ordi- i* lie nary courtesy. We reached the lim.t olour tnetiuc oc t'* lion*, and the comn.iuiou io*a to report tho disagreeife in out im Upon returning to tho reception room, after the fact pr ou had been unuouueed tbat the commiitioneia could not ou ay agree upon term*, tienoral Ampudw entered at length lei in upon tiie quanion, treating the |Kiint ol ditagreement a* tre oa one wliiou involved tha honor of hi< cjuntiy, ipotie of to he hi* de* re tor -a lutilemoiit witliout lurther bloodiihed, oi >, andaaid he. did not cere about the piece* ol arlillaiy no which ha had at the place tianeial Taylor retitODded mi rid iotb?wt?h 10 avoid unneceirary bloodahed. It wa* 'h ra, Hgrred tho commlamun alioul I re*>fl?mble, and wo wei? lb ad iu-u ucled to concede the email aimi , and I tuppound >b i,g them would be no queiiiou about the artillery The >ln a.t Mexican comraitaiouoi* now mgrd that, a* all other | do nil, arm* had been recognlaod, It would bo discreditable to *n ,1,1 the atiilleiy ifrrquued to march out without anything to h- repreaeot tucirarui un<i stated, in antwor to at) inquiry ill tbut 'h? y bad a buttery e! light artillery .manoeuvred and rrJ equipped aa auch. Toe conimiialon again toac, and re W he purled the disagreement on the point ot artillery de to lieu Taylor nearlug'hat more was demauded than the mi a* middle gioui d, upo.. which, in a spirit ot generosity, be pr at, bad a*ired to place the capitulation, announced ihe con Ha ine lerenoe at hd end, aud roae tn a manner which allowed ro rht hia determination to talk no more Aa bectoaaedtbe fri ok room to It ave it, one of the Mexican coniaiiaaioneri ad- ' la ltd dteaaed lilni,aud aome conversation, which 1 did not hear, an be enened. (iou.Wotth aaked permission ol Oen Taylor.und lr ch j adcrrtaed aotne remarks to <Jen. Ampudia, the apirit of 01 ii,. which a aa that which be maaiieated throughout the nego th td tietien, via: yueiosity and leniency, and a deeire to spare 01 tne lurther i ITu.lon ot bloed. The commiaiion reassembled ol - and tlio poiuta ol captiula ion were agreed upon. Alter A a ahort recess we again repaired to the room in which we had parted Irom the Mexican commissioners; they ' 1U were tardy in Joining ua, en l alow in executing the in- * ,ai atrunient of capiiulatiou The 7th, 8.h and tth articles ,t tveiu wlded dutlng thii aeiaion. At a lata hour the Kngor! liah oiigmal waa Lauded to lieu Taylor lor hiaexamina- ' i>( noii; the Spanish original baring been aoot to Uanotal I , DA Ampudia. tien Taylor signed and delirered to me the j na inatiument ae it w*a aubmuted to him, and I returned to j ild receive the Spanish copy with the aignetdie of General ' ot- Ampudia, aud aend that Daring Oen. Taylor'a signature, ] be thai each general might tounteraign the original to be 1 tt ei, retained ley the other Oen. Ampudia did no, aign iho 1 " or matiument aa waa ex footed, but canta Man elf to meet it iy the commissioners. He raised many points which 1 ;le nod been aetiled, and evinced a diapoation to uteka the dn Spanish ditler in essential polnta from the ?ogltsh tnatxc \ iy BMnt. Oen. Worth waa absent. Finally he waa re- C( ,t quired <o aigu the Instrument prepared lor hisowncom t'( nil missioners end the fcngliah original waa lelt with him M it, that he might have it translated, (which be promised to k ,a( j i o that ingot.) and be ready the next morning with a M cr Spauiah duplicate of tne mngliah instrument ieit wnh ! n i vv ! him. liy ttua meana tho two toatiumenta would be made 1 rl ip to correspond, and he be eompnlied to admit hia know- n j ledge of the coutentaof the Lugii.h original be lore Le I u ' signed it. t?, The uext morning the commission again met; again He tho attempt *aa made, aa had beeo olteu doue beloit, by , I,a aolijitetinn, to gain soma gruut in addition to tne cow . if PRCl Thai we had, at their lequeat, a<iopiod the wnrd ty capitulation In liau of aurrendei ; they now wiahed to #I substitute stipulation lor capftuiauoa. it toaily became D IERA 47. raasary to maka paratnp'ory daman.1 for I ha lm made going of tin Eogljah instrument by Oenorai Am* ?t*. and tba literal translation (now parfeciad) by tbo oiBii-nouon nn) tboir gmoral Tbo 8 pen lab ina'tu int ftrtt signed by (Jan. Ann podia, wai destroy ad in rs-nce of bis comniistionaia , tba tran?lain>n of oar >n instrument wh countersign*! by an Taylor, and liverrd Tha agreement was complete, and it only ni -lne.1 to execute <ba term* Much Ins ben anid about the construction of article oof tba O'pltulation a copy of which la hereto *pndad VVumevcr inbiguity there may bom 'be lauago used, there wa* a perfect understanding by tbo oimtssinueru on both n lea hi to the intent of the p?r a The d atlocbon * main betwvuu light artillery, nipped xii'l mat cauvied as such. dengue.! (or an l uard the held, and pieces being tha armament ot a fort, war arly mated on car tide : and (hat it was comprehend n'heirs appeared in th? fact, that rcpentetly they if led 'heir possession 01 light artille'y end seltthey d OD9 ha' ory ol light pieces 8'ich Conformity ol opt>n eaii'ed amnng our commissioners upon evarv rati* '? which was tin?ll> adopted, that I ronsidtr them, in air spi.aro, jointly and severally forsa.U I every urticle of tha capi'uiaii n. ll, o* originally iwed hv Uenrrsl Wor-h, onr c induct baa been in ar. riauor w.ia we peace ill po icy oi our government, I DDull in any degitu wild 10 oo eliminate that poltci. i may congratulate ouraelrge upon the part we Pure I l?D If otherwise. It will rt mmn to be a? a deliberate intnn, tint 'he taunt of thecopiiulatioti ?uv? nil > bich i n'd luvo follow d of deritable r-tul , tram a furher ' i.tuit Ituut lii tha power of tba enemy lo retreat, i d to bear * '<b him bit email armt anil ?uch n bet'ery wnt ron'am .la'ed in too capitulation T>ta other tnt? weia ?uch at It ? ? honorable in a ronqhering ny to btalow, and which it colt magnanimity nothing give. L'he above recollection* are aubmi'ted to Genersla ii den hi and Wortn for correction and addition,that the an-pr-aentaiion of thin HlMtCtlM wy bi p.Mtahd 1 a at .tenui.t mido wbilat the eventi ?ra recent and t memory treah. JHKFKR80N DAVIS, Colonel vli?a|aaijipi Riflemen. .'.Aur Nk?b Montbbet, Oct 7,1844 rite above la a correct atatement of the leading facta 1 unected with the transaction* referred to. arcotding to : recollection It it, however, proper that I almuld ither state, that my lit at impreaaiou waa. that no tiot iciuia 'mill inone nisi proposed, tin mr part 01 ucii. iy lor, ou<ht to have been given, and I no sal I to Gen. n loi, wli n I louud him disposed to yield to the lee(t ol Umeral Ampudia; and at the same time, gave it my op'i 1 >n toat they would ho accepted by htm bee weleitihe town. Oeneral Taylor replied that he luldrtin no risk where it could be avoided?that be shad to avoid the further shedding of blood, and that was satn-fied ihat our government would b# pleased th thaierms givon by the capitulation; and being myIf persuaded of that fact, I j hided my Individual views d wi-he?, and, under that conviction, I altall ever be ?dy to defend the terms of the capitulation J. PINUKNKY HLNDLRSON, Major General Commanding the l'txau Volunteers. I not on'y counselled and advised, the opportunity ir.g cll'ied the Ueneral-in-Chief, the first proposition: t cotdtaliy assented aud approved the decision taken Ueneial Tuylor in respect to tho latter, as did every imber ot the commission, snd for good and sutHcieut ditary and national reasons?and stand roady, at all . nua and proper places, to defend end austain tne action the commanding genetal, and participation of the imuiiraioneta. knowing that malignanta. the tnmu lng oil', are at work to disoiedit uud mlsiepieseut e case (as I had anticipated), 1 frel obliged to Colonel a'vis for having thrown together the material and facts. W. J WORTH, Brig. Gen commanding !id division. MoNTKUltv, Oct 12'b, 1046. AFFAIRS IN MEXICO. (From the Mexican Hepublicano, Jan. it J The luudamental basis of the project presented to the ongreas on the night ol the 7th lost.?the appropriation the church propeity?is already decreed. Last night e first article wusspproved, and, if we recollect ri fitly, iu these teiras:?" The govcrtimeDt is authuilzed, in rder to raise fifteen millions for the support of the itional war against (tie United States, to by|*?thecute or ' II the property in mortmain which may fie nocecessay obtain the sum.'1 The dlecussion of the first part of th* article comenced y esteiday morning, au.l lasted until 6 o'clock, hen e recess took place till 7 o'clock. At that hour u siement of the Cepitulnr Vicar was read, opposing tho w under discutsien. This statement was adopted by i mores Caserta, Yaner. and Berriel, am the ducussio inttnued fianoras Barrfel, Ua>ni>os, Rivera Lopez, scnuta and 1'achece, spoke in opposition to, und inoraa Canes, Juaicz, and the secretaries of State aud reaaury, iu favor of the portion of the first aitilie ider discussion Being sufficiently discussed, it was it tu th* vtil? blul mini owil lit u bufH ol'SA tn SI Tho i ootid |<art of the article?empowering the government I ell? being then brought under discussion, Souor | ;aro'spok? twice ugsinat it. and 8-nor Carts In favor of It wet approved by a vote ol 44 to 86. At 10 o'c.ocls night the ? s?ion wus suspended for want of a quorum, wjl be Mivmtl to day. Wa heard no argumeut entirely new In the ceuraa of a debate. The argument* advanced the preceding ght wero repealed and amplified but we did lieai , lliMtllWlmit 1' necessary to uatk While the Cietariea eeu erguged ui dolending the law, the | icraftiry of the Treasury d.clsued that toe late of 'he ; ipublic depended on the t e?ourcea being grunted that gli', that the Vice President, not lor the pnrposM ol j rguig th? Congress. but on account oi the terrible liriDiner>cei wi.ichenvlioued him protettt d that he cdbld it answer for the safety ol tbe nation if the iraourfce aie not promptly granted; for, li they weie not, it wto I i he faarad that the army would disband and march tf I e capital, ant light up a civil war. In releiancafto these ate emeu's, 8euor Olrrs, (kid, ; at those whuop|>oaed the law, being couvinred ol re i joktieo and inexpediency, would not laciitlca their i insolence 'h'oegu Irer ol these dangers. In the Phono ol yesterday, we ooseived ike exhibit of e commissary o' the aimy ol the north for t' c in nth ol ovtmher. Tit* tecip'iamounted to *841 210 and the ipendnutei to $532 4SJ. (4'roin the Mexican Diario OfSeial, Jan 6 ] If the sova eign Coagiaaa has futnished tba govern- ] ant with ilii-> iMiouice it is itonntieas liotn ttiu convic<n that no other pieseota itself uudar preiant cltcum- . MM et a 'Imo when tho repnbljc Is lavolvtd a? many points I i's vast tarn ory, and when it Is mcrsiaiy, above all , inga, md4 iii preference to avert thing la provjilo lor its { l*'t; for ihe the question of being or not bring has no iial. it it aaaantiei to aim, quip. au<i subsist tnoea an e defending tne country , anu it is essential also lo sp. ud a necr?iar> sum* for those s.icrtd pin poise \Vh? e this money can be had, with tho n*cettary I otnpti'ude, while the porta aie blockaded, w hile every- ' in is unhiugad. and tka na ion la without jevenue ieii lor l'i utOimiy expeusca is what cannot be shown | sen by the gentleman who opposed iho nitidis which . ??mu, it nuthorizea the government to dlepoa* cf the nrot eity 1 i moitmain to tbo Mnount or fliteen million* ol d?ll(ir?, j Rftauie, it ia behoved, end wiih re<.riti, that the { opt ity in queatlnn will admit of this drart upon it with it being destroyed, end becnutift, in <he pi-went tinforinsto situation ol lha country, it ia fruoi that perty ily that the nuceaaury resources can lie iw *n ?o iportnorly aa circumaUncra imponnualy require; hemac the Mexican? who are in front of the uemy re lire prompt, i flicleot, and continued aid; bfcau-n the lints to ha iMaudrd are numeioua, becnuse it ia tcecaory at ail haxarda to tave our country, our honor, ir mca; and, Anally, because the meaaure in queation lao necessary to the aalety of their wry propeity. id of the religion, and ita mmiatera. Il the enemy ihould 11 upon ua, all, all, all will he loat. The guarantee* which tho aorereitn Co ugrra* may ovide, and all thoas which the governm-nt, of itaull, n gire, will be given. It i.t not lutenJed to cloae any tnple ol woiahip :c et?pel the religious inniatea of cou auapend the relehnLion ?l our aacicd mysteries, depiive i 111 cted btimanily ol ita succors. ot nnilignnnt itibiioroua n dividual* have rt pivMlitcii. ' * But if any ill adviaed periona should endeavor, by nana of theie alaitnlrig reports, or of the teaia whicn ey inapire, to diaturh ordi-r, or diatiact the ait,- utiuu ol e atuheiitira and of the iirmy lioio thi Ir I..bora, let am umieittand that the government I* determined to iplay a gr-at ent-igy in tne <li*cliurge ol the fliat ol itn itiea, and to ptininb tho rulphblo with all the sevrilty ol e laws. SANTA Kg. (Krom the St. Lonia Republican, of Tib lj Yeatnroay morning. Lieut. John O. Simpson, of < apt Vightmau'a company ol artillery, who haa been on tached service peitiuiiiDg to the Coinmis?Hr>'a ,'enertrnt. left this citv, for Tort Leavenwo tb. and expects 10 oceed by the first opportunity to join lain company 111 inta be. He ha* betore buna long, cold, and dangcUb Hip. The attamer Taliaman 1 attuned yesterday am Liberty, and from thaas wlie came up on her. we am tnat the gorge of ice at Big Eddy is vary haavy, id from Ave to nix nniaa in laugiii. The ics I* piled up ram liiia In ten feet ahtivn lha llirfarA ut tl.n r.Vcr with ily very narrow nut or dough ruunlnf through it, rough which tOa water of the nr?r flow a. Tnere ware kly lonr and a half foot water at Turkey Island MIMTARY MArraes. We learn from the Boston Pott that Col. Lushing retired orders Irom Wathington, on the I Ith Instant, to nbaik with hi? regiment ot Massachusetts Volunteer! ith all puaaihle despatch. Colonel Cuatung'a orJera e to repair te the Bratos de Mantiago, and eie await infractions. Wa have tince learnt d at aight companies ot Col. Lushing'! Regiment ot Vooteers, embeiked on tho llth ou board the ships which e to carry them to the tout of war | naval. The Yuoatan achooner Amuda and cargo, taken by le Atn?i:can iquadion oil' Tabasco, some time ego, aid nt to New Orleans aa a prize, ?v?a condatned on the * I latent AlTHMPT AX MkLP-DKaXBUCIiON ? A aiaWr ol I a Eliaitheili Fbrynion, the young woman who smmlttad suicide ou Saturday last, yeansrday attempted put an eiid to her existence*! the some r'*ce and in the iim manner. She asked one or two persona if tney Biw the exact spot wherein bar aiater bad thrown netlit; on Ita being pointed out to her, ?ho leaped from the ridge and threw haiaeii into the be?in. Lieut. ken en I the First Municipality p lica, tareeedod in leeching tr from a watery grave - S O U*llo, f?l. 4. Political. The Hon John Davie baa l e?u re elicted from Moesutm.etu totha Sonde of the United 8u ea for sin yuere, on March 4ih 1M7 Tho whigaof tne First' ongresalonal District, Hartford id Tolland couatiea, Conn . have nominated Jamea Uoafor reeleoUou aa a membei of Congress L J). VarWtlee. A (liver mice h*e been dieoovrreJ dmr to* heal of Currant River, Miaeotui. It u enptoeed u? be terw Toluene. mj Y.mi have been oulthreted in Jefferven oonoty *y wiiii incceee They ere an excellent attbeUiuu Lr tne potato Col A. M Wiun eiirranderaJ hlmeelf on the 8 h elt to the auiborltii-a of Yiciuburg. to u?et a charge again* m hi a of having ihuta Jur Finney The u'lieue of rioviJenoe, R I., have only forty cert* tax opoua hundred Uoiiits, uoja they have to mataiii ? city government. A him in Cincinnati in rule >76,000 in one day, by the advance m livur, oaceeioneo by the newe o> the fib berate It fa eaH that thore are on the government pen?ioe li*t (not including navy panifouer') SJ.At'O nainea, of wbea o .OA ere iu the biate of Mew Yoik .Ninety n'aaniboate lie aunk in tbe .Vlmlaaippl, between the moult of the Mle>ouii enl Ohio river* Out ol forty ai* horeoa wbieh were (kipped on the brig living tor I'urapico, only sixteen arrived, ftom the uugieci to u<ui down (lets orcioais to prevent their slipping The UeU.vji? bixI Raritan Canal, it it raid will ba opened on ti e lit ol March, if the ice it cleared out tuAcitii'l) by that time. 1 bere an eight vessel* now loading at Norfolk with corn lor Europe, which will tarry out i#7,ooo butheU The ciop of bay railed in the United States. ia otttmated at 1 j UUU.0UU tone, which i* worm f 1*0 000,100 Tba Hsgeritewn Tcrtk Utkt announoea lias, Taylor at a candidate lor the Presidency, and has hoisted the "Hough and Ready " 11 tg. Comey's wh rl wua told at auction by N. A Thornptju, tot $ti0,0on tiardner Coihy, waa tna purchaaer , A large meeting, compelled of paraon* of all political puitie*, waa held at Coucord, N 11 , on ih? 0 h aud puss , iiJ resolutions in lavor of a vigo oua and determined prosecution of tba war with Me* ice. A portion of tbo embankment ol the Northern Railroad at (ioodwin's Point, N. 11, we* carried away by a J severe norm last werk. The pumngi-r* ara now carried two railoa in atagea, to Kiihersviile. A charitable inititution has been lately established In Boston, called Uie Children's Infirmary. It ia inland) d for ibo?e children whose parent* are unable to take proper care of them at home. At a town meeting in Nate Bedford on Saturday, a droit ot a city charter whs adopted, and a committee of ties appointed to urge the passage of the bill before the Legislature. The Pennsylvania Legislature has resolved to adjanru tin* dit on the JCih ol March. 4 The cholera ia raging in Bagdad, and 1* laid to haro taken a northerly direction. A company of six hundred of the Maaiaohuaetti to ||>?I??. . ?... -I-*.. --.I.- ?w_ no'it ot war. The Hon Abbott Lawrence of Boston, hn* given to the Mechanic Association of the city of Lowell one thousand collar*. to U? appropriated to the purchase of sciautiOc and oher works. A late rain in Northampton, Maaa , broke tip the ice, which rlulling down the m\U liver, cart tied away bridge*, ft >odud streets, took oil' aeveral hundred dollars' worth of cloth liom Woollen Footory Village, broke op mill dama, pieia and other works within its reach. The damage ha* not beeu intimated, but must be considerable. The receipts of the American Colonization Society for 1840 were $11 307 dO. This is less than the recaipti lar 1040 Thcie are In the medical department of the Louisville Umveisiiy.3 prolaiaors and 318 student* ; in the law depsitment, J piofessors and 31 students. The medical school was commenced in 1HH7, Bud has grown Iron 8U to 348 pupil i since that time, 'i he present is the flrst session ol the Jaw school. The tiustees are about to erect a handsome ed.dce, lor the use of the law aal academics! I acuities. There are supposed to be 75 000 Jews in the United States. Tn? whole number in ihe losr quarters of the globe is estimated et near 7 000,000 from July WS, to September, 1840, 0,883 persons went initiated into the order oi Odd fellows in this State. The incomo oMhe \ arious lodge* during thiit time was $1143 404 4ft 'There ara l7J lodges under the jurisdiction of <he Uraol Lodge ot this State, numbering moore than 14,000 members. Daniel C Brown, ol Soatbfiset, Mass., aged JB, was diowned about two miles from Usee Point, J?'h utt. He was in a uory, tlshing, when ha suddenly disappeared. An old man named Neiich wander, of Columbia, Perm., was kill'd a few days ago near that ci y, by being ran over by the rstlioaJ cats. He wai literally oruahad to death. Three yoaog men, named Randolph Kvnl, Cbarlss Full*, and Frederick Targburu, were drowned U> the N'Seara river a lew days since, by lbs upsetting of t skiff. On the morning of the lSih ult, a young negre man belonging to Judge floune, killed bit overseer, Wm. B. Villar, on his plantation in Jeffir.on coiiuty, Arkansas. Tha circumstances seem to be .hut tin- overseer ha J undid token to comet the negio, without taking ihe pracauiion to tie hunt and that the negro drew a knifa and s atbed him iu the lift sida, causing his death In about two hours. A Din lately passed the Missouri beiidto granting permission lo Jobn Edmunds to keep a tav?*.n without Uoeote provided ho docs not sell spirituous liquors. The ground for this piec? of eitra legislation, it appears, >u mat Edinuud* has nineteen > liildreu, oil livjag. A bra ch of tL? Cbsa* fnnily ra at Ilia Eret' have diicotertd a paper bearing the following mac ipt on: " Hi* Bearetb.or I* p"??s between thr. ? Dove.* Rasaing Artiiebylba nuniaoi t ha?o, Urahltd Aiilo Do itSJB to Sir Rcbt Cbiie of the West el k. gland, Kuight auu de* cenda to tho name aud fair ily. Buir i. July 23J ItOI Copy fiota Heraldry'i Attest J so. Cols*, San Htraldiy Psinlii Tlila paper wna taken fr? m tho tack of a coa? ol ai-ia of the fiBilljr How will this aid in teaching the gold, winch i* bigging tor an owner. Afpaim at NaUVOo ? I'liP AVw Cititrn, a I>tipet* rru? ntly establish' il at Nait>oo. aiu ea that } ouLg Juirph)-unlit who ia about Bitten > eo< a r,f aga, has bean appointed " on* ol the fin' nrnsldrnta of the Church," by revelation, In place of his uncle My ram I'bH rue, progri *-, and downfall of Moriautiism. eon?'itu o n icoiarsubia paR" in the history of tha day. Voree, In W isconsin, be* tieoomo the head quarters Of be eapellAd " fslthlul " 'J ho mo>to of the Nstteo Jft* CtiiMin ii?" bo ever |*ii*lod, being lonooaat 1 or whero wore the righteous cut od f" itnpbaa. a>HK TRLdffcEttOK THE NEW \ ORK SOCIETE t LloHsKY would direr the etieatpni ol thapablc o ihef llrrwiig biirfaccooiit of ilia prei.ut coudifio'i of this > in U'nliou, uo ol thu It til bow ineki -u to luciesle lie id j po' ?ud u seluiat * The iusiituli u i?n.<w.iu every rcspef, prr epefowe (trie frtv If. in h aiirl?t imhitiiutJ.i ot * ' es 1 e>Ute, isde* | pc deur ol i s bonks, In rxc<eds in vnlue ihe einoui t of its i oOli(niloaa, its income | mviuss for its rorient ripen see. \ud e >uS'dersblr eaoan aduHlous in the litusry it hes linu.ou the l> id |nal aucet el ibe city, apai euuagti tor a lib a.y of more Hi n a bin d rd ii lrnnn [ i rif ei t library noob-ra lorry tin maud. gei.erJ y will articled yolmnet (in at of tt Inch nr ran and roc|ly); it may, lh?ri! far*. b? md iu h<?? lai i the lutiadatu n f r a l-brary wl the nrit ciaft, and audi itio ffiatfa .10 dr erminrd t? mill* it. if ihr 1 abl.c will loater it aa ibe importiaer 01 theohjeat I demauda. AiincU'dto the library a a coofcaient """d roruniodicue I tad 1 uk loom, wall (applied ttuh ihe honr aud lumen j mrp la and ncwipap. wm-h ulfeia etury ir coram, da tiuii, bath lniHir' >eatli..K a..d a rapt kI mce rl the mm nf triad '/. One "I ih? 'jca iu w 10 Tiew la 11 rainier tint ii?|i iirrnent of the librni) lu ibe firat floor of the lui'ding, to ieudci 11 inure are s-lb't to peno i? ta bote nma la lira ted, and (u t areIIJ in? libiaiy proper over LDe whine of li t aaCoLd ' rl >nr ThO iottitotion i( not aa tnsny h>ir euppneed, ?? nr'n1 aire 1 n?. Amperaon uflir ilnrar er rn > bee far 1 rm* bur of rtoo rpiilieinoa r > thai Itbrannn. mu ?ijh> m pmiI. g e? by P HI a tar. I u > dnluia, tire p ire ul a a are.and to annual Sate naieut o' .1* d Hart iha lane- may b? com unit d at auy time by the payment ol aeymty Ave 1 art. T nt |a the c Iiditioii a d clr nai ler of ih# lualiuatum la Whoae lieuelii iTie polilir 11 tna lol'tnl 10 (.orticipate, atd for (lb ? Ovaucein-uMheir cn-operati 11 a toileted it it bop* I 1 hat eaeiy lii-ed to (lie and imtlltitn I in pron meal <>l our city etery paien- who to Id lurnitb yar.niii aid r ilaablr reading to bit Childrcu. tarry rut win | tteka to oecaau nal re try a 1 lie 111 ibe lull a and tnutulf 1 f I n 1iicn, iu t atoid, tatry o t ?ho bnr.wa ibt *?l?e of a gre<a.* II tor ry in a (itm iueirO|i .l a and ii not ee<W a rmSt'O' ibid 1 atinuuin.will inimtdrii'tiy be. i me 00a, ai d thuttho aiabi a-e a'ready meiabc-a of 1 will I cud lh?ir ar.n 1 r elftiicut aid in rai'iug 11 lo the rmti which the Trna ee? tic now oimlug to (lye it. If thia it dOa.c, the i'rotteea p i Ja? ikemir'trt to tbt pob're tb t Utthint ai all be t>au 1 a 01 their |?rt te 1 oany on' tlua great ol 1 "Ct. aud e nab la thr lattalaiion tonttira 1 1 character and pieteut an aapert ul (Haul aud no u.t*i.?o 1 thtt wi I m .be it the bout irau hoaor ol the r mm' rcial metropolian! tie Union. It* lewfmlml* Parisian dyeing esi aklishment. Depot for He reception nn t itelivrv of Goodo, M Mr. Couft, J JH If tr/iuui al.A'iur fork. I I CO.mi' I* DK?f.HAl'X, (the latterly recent *1 Ijr ?rr red irnui Turn, J ??a rrv rcuuny mj 'i.iieuuc* u> the in<uiil?riB(rr? and UfrclWBll nenertliy, that th.yd)* ?a<) (Sui'h, in a n#<v ?ud terv unpennr at* le. t.eetr introduced info thu L'n.ird rHatea, end ?tc<"diiiH to th? Urrat PUK luhi"! , nil noil* oi gord*, tewing allk nod twiat, either plum nr ?hn?lfd: trama, org-u-tin* mid **an n km, teplif worried and ?ix) Inn ynro of 41I kiud*, eewiug cotton, u)<>hin, liu?? *nd cotton yarna. I he> turn imported pairut machinery for patriae op iiIV I *ud wonted in ho oe*l*uJ now approitd mume;, miner o pool* or akeim Damaged <*r laded tewing ailkn, wormed*,, eilk nc*t COiton glove* ?ud lion*. k'lint*-, i/1* ge*. cord* end rawer 1*. li>j *ie*'mi gentlemen > gtrniotrj rot <. iu.4 ib?<ie *iiJ k> tew *.* I-lot. Order* ce.e.'olly upended to end promptly etottnod . Jain lui'r 1 n. * TO OWNiKs Oh ilE.\L ESTATE H RAN' lb bLA.M.Hn. I A,eat, inform* tije c*na of *- Deal E*tate, thv. . tukesc .org* of !e..tiug ri.-u-1*4* u.g loit.and col'e* tlug ruin, on the mo*: re**- aable ternu ? H V ?* barn, for th. In<t two yea**. ti:t 44*1.1 ol the l.o? John Toonele; ?nd deto'rrg *11 hi* time u the aboe* o#**. he ? ill giee fall **tii.f-iCiion 10 tho*e ; t?oi.? who will intrant him wi<h their confident* He on giee ih* bert re I feieucc*. and .ecurity to *ny amoeni if required rt***e ?d' d e?? no** through ih?* I'o t Office, No Sinn Areone. Differ n?ura. bulinc J A. M. *<id after :> f M. j |>7* I-**.# ______ .llil.l I* /I i> L. OC . ONE hundred barrel* ??pei Ann bUe* Otide >> l.ota in* none. Vu,.?i?Jt...M|M;jd I ,%tb HtP Nmeen iVMt

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