Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 17, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 17, 1847 Page 1
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TH] Vol. XIII, Xo. 47-Whole Mil THE NEW YORK HERALD^ JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thomanl DAJLY HEKALu?e.?ery day, Price 3 tnli per copy?$7 ? [Payable in advance. WEEKLY IlEKALij?Ever/Saturday?Pries tlfi Mill v?01 IIK cent* per annum?payable in advance. HERALD YOR EUROPE?Erery Steam Packet day Pnee 8)d ccnu par eopy?$) 00 par annum, payable in adran at. ADVERTISEMENTS tat the naval aa?alwaya eaab in advance PRINTING of all kinds MEieutad baanty aad deepatah. Alt letters or communications, by cratl, cuureaaed to tba stablishmejit, mast be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from Bit aubaeripBon money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the New Tone Hititi/ KaTABLiiHtaanT, North Waal en rear of Fulloa aad Naaaan atraata tTO LET, to a Milliner, part of the House 38} Broadway. luquiie of J. B. Conpa, on the premiaea, np itaira. )i?c worn KtJK SALE or to LEASE, a large and tiaudiome e)9ArARM, situated at Ear Mockaway, L. I., coniaining ^bk.300 acres of Land, suitably divided into tillab'e, Wood, autl |Vii adow L<nd. It is of eaav acceaa to New York, both by land and water. Alao a large Home, suitable aa n Boardlug House, with four aorea of tillable laud, new Barn end other out bmldiags.ail encloaed by a good board and paling fseoe Apply to Saml. R. B. Norton, on the premiaea, er at the oflce of John H. Power, No 12t En1 ton atreet. f 18 1 w*rh J|m TO LET?The neat and conveuiant two atory brick PjjN Home (with fine undercellar) 178 Prince street, corner JeaMLnf Bu'livan, aituale I in a pleasant and geuteel neighborhood The heme is finished in the beat manner, and can tie aeau before It o'clock A. M.. or af'.rr 4 P M. Inquire of J \B. G MACLAY, 44 East Broadway. MOSES B. MALL AY, Attorney at Law. fit rh ? ??? ?? MA3SAPEQUA HOUSE. MTHE KKEfKR of the above home, hiring rHired Irom the bnstness. the home will be let on uoderete terms for one or a nntuber of years, comineueing on the ttrst of March neat. This establishment be iug as well known, as also the celebrated tmnt pond ad Joiuiug. it is needless to say more. For particulate apply to the subscriber, near the premises. N. B. The above establishment would be rented very low to a party of gentlemen. THOMAS FLOYD JONES. South OrsTxaBav, L. 1. f 13 to mpr I'rrc a TO LBT?From the hist ol May next, the three storv btick House No 118 hirst Avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets. The home is handsomely mushed inside and out; the Croton water has been introduced into the home, aad it has been thoroughly painted wyJiin the last eighteen months. Inquire of SaML. K. B. NORTON, er ol n? IWrh JOHN H. POWER, l? Fulton street. FOR SALE. MOne of the most berutiful rfnd desirable residences in the State of <Jonneciicot, situated in the city of Norwloh, aorner of Washington and Yantic streets, now owned and occupied by Mrs. E. Kip, and formerly the residence of wm U. Oilman, Esq., by whom the house was built, aad lbs grounds laid out. There are about live aeres of laad, covered with elegant shade trees and shrubbery, with varieties of fruit trees, gooseberries, currants, raspberries, strawberries, Sic The scenery. irom the grounds is beautiful and picturesque, equal to any in the State. The hvuse is very conveaient, with two wells of excellent and never failing water on the prsmises, and the ?>lace combines every thing to make it one ut mo iiiuh uonKiuini rcnuenc<i? m new jldji&ik], and oi* fa's it rare opportunity to any gentleman wishing a beautiful oouacry aeac. ' For termsand farther particular!,apply to Charlei Addoms, Etg., No. 29 Urauite Building, comer Broadway and Chamben nreet, or to the subicriber on the premises. Vf. C. WHITRIDGE. Norwich. Feb 10 1 947, F12 lm#re TO ABMT. MTHK Premises 191 Broadway, now in oecnpationae a Marble Manufacturing KataMtshment.with very auperioral* horae engine, robbing wheel, aaw gangs,he. he tue whole in perfect order. The second story la used at a show room, and the third and fourth are in every way eligible at reaidencea, having croton water throughout 'he premises Apuly to CLINTON O. BIRD, fell lw'rro 997 Bowerv. FOR SALE?BROOKLYN MThe lot and three-story brick House, on the touthwert corner of Hicks and Backet streets. The lot ia twenty-three feet in front nnd rear, by one hondred deep. The house was built durrug the last year, has marble man I els throughout. plated luraiture, a tub cellar, irou por tieo iu frout.and back piazzas enclosed with glati. It is within three minutes'walk of Hauiilt u avauue terry and the At antic D ck. and A'lceu minutes frem the Month ferry, in a rapidly improving neighborhood Also lor sale, the House nud Cot adjoining, of seme description. Apply to ?' IAS O. BROWN, At Slosson h Schell'a Office, 20 Nassau street, ffl 2w?rre FUR SALE. MA THREE STORY HOUSE on 23d street between the 2nd and 3d Avenues. It is well finished, aud replete with the (treat improvements, including kitchen rang*, suik, cold aud waun b.i ha, water closets, he . Italian marble mantles throughout the house ; a court yard of fltteeu feet in front,with verandah and French windows. The house IS Of.e Of a low of si* hnntsa il,s ???!, -I .i For lurthtr particulars apply to VY8E k'sONs',0" <* Hn'r 178 Pearl street. FOil SALE, tA FARM of fifty two acres, most delightfully situated, about five miles Crom Elizabethtown, IN. J., comprising a handsome commodioua dwelling houaa. ivith marble inautlea, and every convenience for a respect, ble family ; the whole including gardener's house, barns, ice house, and other buildings, tu a substantial state nl repair; the orchard c-uuiins twenty acies of eboice fruit trees. 'J lie easy acrets from New York, either by the various oars from Jersey City or the ferry to Elizahethport, whence a railroad train tuns wiihiua hundred yards of the house, rtn.ler? this v>r?i>ert > very valuable to those doiug busiuesi in this city The greater part of the purchase money can remain for three rears ou hood aod inoitgaga. at lire per eeut VYeiE k SON8, 172 Pearl street. Also, for sale, a dwelling house No. 381 Washington street. fl lm*r FOK a ALE. aFOUU LOTS, on the noith aide of flat street, between the 7'h and lib avenues, with a Dwelling Houaa and Carpenter's 'Imp ou one of the lota. .also, a - mall Farm on the turnpike road, Far Roekaway, Cong laland, containing ahont ail acres of land, two under | cultivation, one acre ol line large Pe?ch Trees, of the choicest fruit, a small House, and aDout four acres of Woodland, ail enclosed in go -d fence. Also, several ether pieces of Land at Roekaway, for sale. Fur particulars ..pi ly Id JOH N L. NORTON. Jr. H Delanrer at or I )I9 lin-rc JOHN H. I'tl W-'.il. m Kulton at. N.'V or to eichnnge for city property?A handsome cottage, with fire or ten acres of land, sitnered within twoinilrsof the Marine Pariliou, Rocksvi'a,' I,on* Island, on the Koekawny Turnpike. the fire Eif l.uid attached to the cottage are well studded with t anil fruit trees. There is a good barn and other out s ou the property; amo an tee house; and the same is we I situated for a gentleman who would like a comfortable cou try residence. Also about tereuty acres of land, consisting of wood-lend, ineadow and rlllahle land, which will be soi l in different parcels. Apply to JHIm-rc JOHN L NOKTON. Jr.. 14 Delaeey at. FA KM FOR SALE AT AUUTlON. ?y?U Will be sold at auctinu on Tuesday, the 3d day of | March next, tire reluahle Kurm on which the subscriber resides. The said farm contains about 47 acres of good land, with t good D celling. Barn, Carriage House, and a'l the ueeeisary out buildings; is situated m the town of Mamaroneck.county of Westchester, about ouemilefiom the village of Muinarnuerk, on the Wearer street road, 21 littles Irom the t.ity Hall, and near the line of the New Haven and New York railroad; has an a'-nndvnee of the brat nnality of fruit. The sale will be positire, to take place at 12 M on the prrniiset. For further particulars enquire of T. A- Lawrence, New Kochcllr, or ef the subscriber, on the pieinisea. ja20 im?rc LEONARD DEKLYN. RATH BUN'S HOTEL. 161. 163. 165 A- 167 Rrnn,linnn ,V.t? Vnrlr Mfl.ia new nnd magnificent establishment. recently opened a* a l'ublic lit id,.? fitted up iu modern atyle, with the Utest improvement*, and is ol loihcient capacity to accommodate 2(K) nervous. Besides a very spacious Dining Hall, it containa an nnnaual 11 mher ol' pleaaant I'arlora, with large well ventilated lied; cms, all splendidly f irnuhed with entirely new furniture i lornfion ia very deairahle and convruirnt, both for nnaine and pleaaure, being between Courtlandt and Liberty atiee'a The i icprietor of thia eatabliahmrnt iutenda to make it one of 11 e most comfortable, pleaaant, and buaineaa like i lacea in i lie city t-f New York, aud ] pejus or expense will , list agated ft hit partt o meal the wants of hia guests?there | by hoping tali-re libsraliy iu the public patronage, while he reminus iho i ublic'a huinble aerrant, IS. IIATHBUN. J27 lm?rc KUiv SALE, A VERY valuable Flouring Mill, with aii run of atouea, aitualed on Long laland found, where Teasels can go ! alongside at all seasons of the year; his very great water powei, a small part only being required lot the mill, which is in li it rati* order. Alao.'init- near the mill, a Country Beat, beautifully located. with a fineand eitensive land aud wafer new, within a short distauce of the New Yo'k aud New Haven Railroad, aud hi one of the moat pleasant towns iu New England. For full particulars, enquire of VPM J, TOWNSBND, Frank'iu House, N. Y. N B.?The above will he sold at a bargain J3I 3w*rh NATURAL MUS1? ' i yr 'jb STILL gtraler attraction at ARCHY'd. No. 5 John ' ,/flr afreet ? A. li. haa just received hy the Isstpucksu i ^ jVfiOoi Kuu)| e, a considerable additioi to Ins already t 7iiSt most rsteniiva stock of Ringing aud Fancy ISi. da ? ' Amougst tue following w.ll be fonndSW) ol the most choice dt'sciipuo:. of loin: Uieed and Duiclt Canaries, mated and I prepared to be put up lor h tchiug Bird' a,e*, BirdSeeds, J end all other things pertaining io ihe above, will at all timet ' be found at Archy'a, r*o. J John at. 1 N B.? Shetland Pomes. King Charles Snaniali Italian (?r*i honodt, anil other Inner doge constantly on baud. I' S ? An early inspection it rrqueared, aa thia ia without iio> bt the beat aclcction he haa everoflered. jit> lmrc JuHNsTuN'tt BlKD alUKE, 1 , No. m BHOADWAY, one door from Chambers street.?U btga Canary aeed, ailted, at whaletale | price. by the single buahel ; a fine aelcction of the long TJV"a breed Canariea. high colore t (ierman aong birda, Chinese spice birds, Jara aparrows, mocking birda, larka, | led birda, all in song Fancy cages, breeding cagea, bird reeds, neat botes, lor neate. All articlea in the line in ir:eat rariety, by IV. ?. JUHNS'lON, Mo Brnadway, New York. P. K ? Letters aa ahnre will he attended to. 123 lm?r 7jlH>i>VKAK,sT?Vb><aHC>?'?. IU0 HHOAOWAV. | Jbd LADIl?S' ANl) OENTI.E viEN'd OVER^^pBV^HOKS. manufactured of Ooodyear'a celebrated . i .nr. t iVietgllie India Habber, perfectly tlenbleiu the cold- 1 rat weather. For tale oy the caaa or tingle p-ir, by 1 SAMUEL DKOOKH, Hole Agent for (Joodyear'r M iiinfactoriei, fj lin*rh loe llroadway, opposite Trinity Church. ] mjuioajnmbt. \ Of K hundred barrrla tnperflne black Ogrde Manganese 1 fr >oi the ni inee, V irgiaia, jn? rpyurcji and lo^?I^^by ^Bkl! Ifaeeam a tree t. E NE NEW HAfBLUHO ACl)lHtatiUAT?u?i CHANOE Of HoljH.3 = Mg MMj BHB WW i WINTER AKKANUKMKNT. On and altar Mondaj One. M, 1346, Trains will ran aj follow*:? 1 Latex Bboobltis?at 7 o'clock A. M. (Boston train) fc Ureenport. daily,J[except Sundays) slopping i karimngdale and St. George's Manor. " at 94 A. M., daily, for Ureenport and [interux date placea. " M at 4 P. M. for b'anningdale, daily. Leave Obbkkpoft??t 84 A. M., daily accommodation trai for Brooklyn. " " MS4 P. M., (Boston Train) or oa thn arrival ? the ooat from Norwi-h, daily, (except Snt days,) tipping at St. Ueorge's Mano' an Faraungdal*Leave FaBMiraeDAUx at 6\ A. M. daily, (except Sundaes, accommodau >a tram; and It M. and iX P. M. Leave Jamaica?as I o'cloc t A. M., 1 P. M., and 64 I M., for Brooklyn, or oa the arrival of Boatoi tram. SUNDAY TRAINS will hereafter ran to Thomqpon 8ta tion? leave Brook'yn at 1 A. M. forThompaon and mternu diate places,!commencing Sunday the 8th November, return ing leave Thompson at t o'clock P. M., Farmingdalc 24 Jamaica 34- _ Fabe to?Bedford, I cents; East New York, 134; Ran Coarse, 114; Trotting Course, 18V; Jamaian, 36; Brashvil Is 314; Hydel'ark, (17 miles) 374; Clowsville, (daring thesei sion ol Court) 374; Hempstead, 374; Branch 374; Carl Place, (4; Westbury, 44; Hickaville, 44; frarmingdale, 634 Deer Park, 69; Thompson, 88; Suffolk Station, fl; Lake Hoai Station, Si 18V; Medford Station, SI 18J<: Yaphank^l 374 St. Oeorge's Manor, SI 624; Riverhead. SI 624; Jamesport SI 624; Mattetuck, SI 634; Cutehogue, S.l 624; SouthoU il 62jJ; Oreenport Aocomraodation Train, SI 76; Bosto Stage* are in readinata on the arrival of Train* at the ten ml Station*, to take p&iaengers at Terr low farta, to all pari ol the Ialand. Baggage Crate* will be in readme** at the foot of Whitehal treat, to receive baggage for the leveral train*. 39 inmate before the hoar ofaurtmg from the Brooklyn aide. The *teatn boat "State* in an' leare* Green port for Bag Hai boron the arrival of the Boatoa train from Brooklyn d25rh NOTICED aMM ag On and alter Friday, November 30th, th dZSUSiMeamboat SYLPH, Captain Braiited, wil 3Kaa9KdSumake the following tripe to and from Btate ( land until farther notice, *ii Leare New York. Lear* Btaten I (land. \t 9 A.M. At IM 11 A. M. 10 1 r. M. 13 M. IK " 3 p. M. ?g " **2 nllr REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. .VIA NORWICH k WOK- ?a?*S wgl (AiSTEK.without change f IJeOkra or Baggage, or withouc.^^^^B ' 1 M -Igcroaaing any Ferry. isaengeaa taking theirieatiat Norwich, are man red thei < > u through to Boiton. Thia being the only inlaiid rout il. t commnniaate* through by atearaboat and railroad Passenger* by thia line are accompanied through By the con ductor of the train, yrho will hare particular charge of thei baggage, and who will otherwiaegire hi* attention to thei air and comfort. Thia line learea aonth aide Pier No. 1, North Hirer, foot o datterv I'lace, daily, (Sunday* excepted) at 4 o'clock, P. M. tnd air, res in Boaton in time ao take all the eaatern train*. The new ateamer WORCESTER. Capt. Van 1'elt, leare: arery Tuesday, Thuraday, and Saturday*, at 4 o'clock, P. M The ateamer CLEOPATHA., Captain William*, leare: arery Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. For further information, inquire of J. H. VANDKKB1LT No. 3 Battery Place. North Hirer. d2Jtfre uSdgl *m_ WINTER ARRANOEMENTS.-Thi ^JP Norwich, Worceater and Boaton Rail Roa: and Steam Transportation Line?Trie ant atantial ateatn propeller Trumbull, Captain Daniel Harem will run regularly between Norwich and New York, makini two passage* a week; leasing New York from pier 13 E. R. Old Slip. For freight, which will be taken at summer rates or paaaage, having elegant accommodation* apply to thi Captain, on board, or to E. A. BILL, Norwich, Conn.,and to JF lm?r .1.1* N. BKIOOS. 40 South at. New York. UNUMI o'i'A'iES MAIL LINE. FOR ALBANY AND JTROY, VI/ i MPMEpvur,u?r>"m aim uousiuoiiic nanroaa. uur SK^2B?flking fan summer, the Honsatonic Railroat hai been lelaiif with a heavy H Hail, from Bridgeport t< the Westeru Railroad Through br Daylight, daily (ban day's excepted) at 6W o'clock,A.M. The Steamboat MOUNTAINEER, Capt. W. U leave* the foot of Market street. E. R., for Bridgeport, Daily at o'clock, A M. No freight taken in the Passenger Line Passengers take the Cars at Bridgeport,and without change o Cars or Baggage Crates, arrive in Albany and Troy at I o'clock, P. M. New Cars and Locomotive engines have beei procured, and the Road is in every respect equal to the besi New England Road. (E?"A Freight Line by Steamers Nimrod, and Mohegan daily?K reignt Tarifi same as last year.?For farther par ticnldrs inquire at the Office on Market stwt Pier, ant at Livingston and Wells' Eipreas, 10 Wall Street. fet lm rc <i. M. PERRY, Agent. r . , BRITISH AND NORTH AMER xjg^HpiCAN ROYAL MASH STEAM SHIPS .-^fjBFlvDk^o' 1200 'one and 410 horse power each, ut ^Cj^yjbAU^jler contract with the Lords oftheAdmi HIBERNIAa.. Capt. A. Ryrie CALEDOWA Cap. E. G.Lotl BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CAMBRIA Cupt.C. H E. Jndkias ACADIA ... ..Capt. Wm. Harrison. Will sail from Liverpool end Boston, vis Halifax, ss fol ow? >rnoM neuron. rnoM t-ivnnrooL. Hi hernia Fen. 1.1*47 Hibernia Jan. 4, 114' Cambria March 1, 1S47 Cambria Feb. 4, 1*4' Hibernia April 1, 1047 Hibernia March 4, 104' IPassawk Monxr. From Boatoa to Liverpool git; From Boston to Halifax 20. No hortha (PPiired nnfil nairl -k--?- ? perienced surgeons. No freight, except ipecie, received 01 lays of sailing, ror freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. URIUHAM. Jr., Agent. AtKARNDKN (k CO.'8, S Wall it. (O" In addition to the above line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boiton. a contract lias been entered i n;o wi'.k Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct The steamships lor this service are now being bnilt, and early next year dne notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight daring the other months in the rear. Ooing alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax and Boston, and between Liverpool and New York. J6 r GKEAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. rer*. PERSON8 wishing to remit money to ^ England, Ireland, bcotlaud, or Wales, will ift.iwMI' Mmh do well to apply to the subscribers, at the ' S?5??DCE3s9 old ea ablislied passage nffii:e. 275 Pearl " " " ilraet, where s uiual dralta are furnished for large or amall amounts on the National Bank of Ireland, Northern Banking Co. and National Bank ol Scotland, payn ble on demand, at the numerous branehca throng ont both countries, wit ont discount; also, on K. C. OLVN (k CO., Bankers, London, and on C. OulvtSHAW He CO.. Liverpool. Apply to SAM'L THOMPSON k NEPHEW. jt3 lin*rh Old Established Passage Office, 275 Pearl St. PASSAOE >KOM OKEAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. m M. ARRANOEMKN i h FOR 1247. PW. BYRNE it CO., OK NEW YORK AND LI VKKPOOL, being the oldest and largest os'abliahed houie in the emigrating business, beg lesve to csll the attention of the public geoerslly to their superior arrangements for the ensuing year. Persona desirous ol sending through this house, lor their friends reaid'ng in the''Old country " may safely depend they will have immediate despatch, and every means will be takeu to prevent detention in Liverpool. The Packet Ships of this l>ne are all of the first class and commanded by men of acknowledged skill?one ol which sail every five days Arrangements can also be made to forward passengers, direct, from Dublin, Cork, Water iuiu, juouuonucrry, ana Ufiiam. Drain and Bill* of Exchange, given for any amount, payable on demand, without diacouut. at any of the principal town* in the United Kingdom From the above arrangetoenta, the aubacriber* coufideutl j* expect that the patronage which haa been *o liberally extended them foWanauy year* pajt, will not be withheld the coming aeaaon cPfcmigration Should any of the partir* engaged for, not embark, the money will he refunded aa cuatomary. For farther pirtiealara, if by letter, (poat paid ) apply to P. W. BYRNES Ik CO.. it Sooth atrcet, cornrr of Wall, N. Y. EDWARD SAUL, Agent. P W. BYRNES U CO., ia.'?'m*rre Waterloo f.ixernool. iMtv iMh fi^^NLY REGULAR LiNJ^V ULAfUUW PACKETS Wlc J. T. TAPSCOTT beg to inform their friend* and the public, that they rre agent* for the Kegnlnr Liue of Olaagow Packet*, aailing Irom Olaagow on the lith, and from Mew York on the lit of every month. The following Ural clasa ship* enmpriae the Line :? The BKOOKHBY. SARACEN. " ADAM CA11H, ANN HARLEY Peraona to tend for their Irieuda in any part of Scotland, oan have them brought out in the above named Packet* on reaaonable term*. They aail from Olaagow punctually on the lJth ol every month, and are commanded by experienced captain* nccuatomed to the paaaenger trade, and aoted for their kindneaa to paaaenger*. Kor farther narlicu ara, apply to W. Ik J. T. TAPSCOTT, d9r X Sonth afreet. >d door below Burling alip. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fcc. JgL Jti JgKL Mm JKrEP OEURUfc McBRIDE, Jr., naa removed Ma omce 10 No. 16 Broadway, and contiuuea to remit money, in mm* latge or imall, to persona reaidnig in any pert of Ireland, in theaarne wanner a* he and hla predeceaaor in buameaa have done lor he laat thirty yean/uid more,alio to any partol England or feotland. Money remitted by letter, poet-paid, to the anbacrtber, or leraonally depoaited with Inm, with the name of the perron >r peraona in Ireland, England, or-Scotland, to whom it ia to >e lent, and neareat poat town, will ba immediately tranatnit:?d and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given t forwarded in the MM jyg lm"?c NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. *tt fflt POOL THE Mth OK EACH ?*bl moss nw tori, Ship SHERIDAN. C urt. Corniih, January *6, ' GARJHH.K. ,r Tnuk. Ksbmafy Jo. " RQiciCS, " Eldnoge, March 26. " 81DDONS, ' Cobb, April?* HOM RIOKRfOOL. " OARRICK, December 11. " RO*CIU8, January II, " Sip DONS, February II, " SHERIDAN, March 11. These ships are all of the first elan, upwards of 1006 tons, built in tins city, with snch improvements *s combine great ipe'd, with nnnsnal comfort for passengers. The price of passive henpe is $75, for which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by esperienred inasiers, who will MM every eser.iou to give geueral latisfaction. Neither tlie Captain or owiers of these ships will be responsible for aav letters, parcels or OJCkages sent Jy them, unless regular bills of lading are signeeTherefrr. Kor freight or passage apply to. J?I BRO$^WH?fci ?Tc#"Liverpool. w ro YORK, WEDNESDAY M< BIAttlTlMK ACCOnMODATIOM. UNITED STATES AND EUROPEAN EMIGRANT OFFICE. . flg&igr . tvEsTilBN AUtNla A *U COMMISSION MEST" ' CHANTS. ? , ? , Nn 87 Snuffl Street. New 1 ork. It 'IMI1C subscribera bavin" hd loot experience in the kusii -1 neas,are prepared to offer evenifacility to thoae wishiug I- passage to Kir Ironi e*eiy.Hi-art of threat Britain or Ireland, Havre, and the German, Belgian, and Holland portaon any of which placet Billa of Lichaage can be furnished, in n turns to tnit. Patiaite can alto be engage ' from Liverpool to Boston, rhilaCelphia, Baltimore, or New Orleans, direct. if Those wishiug passage from New York to New Orleros, i- Monile, Charleston. tSarannnh or Texas, can at all times be d accommodated at the lowest r .tea To Ihoae emigrat'ag to the West, the i ubseribert have unequalled arrangements for ) the forwarding of passengers to the West by Me different routes, yix: to Buflalo. and the intermediate landings, and all i arts ol the Councils?Chicago. Milwaukie, Baltimore, n Titttbu'gh, Cincinnati, ft. Louis, fen., by steamboats, railroads and canal t oats, of the first class?and gieat e re will l be taken that pasaeuaert will meet with no delay or imposii tion oti the route. Letters (post-paid) will receive prompt v attentioo. For further particulars, apply to M. T. O'llhillN 8c CO., 57 rtonth street, Imerrc ^ hrlow Wall street. _ e KUK LIVERPOOL. im m. m m f 1 he superior Hlnck ball Line Pacse^niip C AM 8 H11' G K., 900 tons, C iplaiu I'eahu ly, wiU sail for Live pool on Tuea[' day neat, the llitli of Februarv, her regular day. l' Cabin, and a few second cabin passengers, can obtain pasj sage with veiy superior acciinmodutious, if earlv application is made 11 the Ca|>taiu ou board, at loot of Beekinan street, or to tlie sul'S-ribers. M Those also seeing for their friends can serure their passage to come hy the rerun of the Cambriuge, which will it tail front Liverpool on the first of Anril next, ny applying to li , HOCHK. BROTllKRd IcCo , flOrc 34 Fulton atreet, next door to Fulton Bank. f- J. MOMUKKAY'S ARRAMIkUPA'l H rnlt IH4T. JUL ~ ftf f# jbBBBl IwSt &?& .SbEBi OLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES THE Ml'BMCKI BKR respectfully b?gs leave to tender hit siucere thanks to hia numerous friends mid tli? public for their vrry liberal support he has receired for upwards ol twenty yeara, and solicits a continuattou of their eouti leuce. The dc patch by which bia passengers hare been bi ought out, and the proinp'neas by which Ina very nuineroua dralta have been paid at the different banks, are, he llattera himself a authcieul gaarautee to the public for the faithful Perform mire of any future contract! tittered into with him The following are the daya of sailing of the regnlar line of parketa to and from Liverpool, rix : ? let, 6th, llth, ISth. 21st j and Vfith of each month throughout the year. t In additiou to the above regular line a number of epleudid I. ahipa, auch aa the Adirondack, Mannion, Kappahmiuock, Li1 beity, Hea, (arernock. Broom, and Ocean Quota, will conr tiuue to tail from Liverpool weekly in regular aucceaaion, l thereby preveutiug the leaat possibility of uielay or detention id Liverpool. f The regular line of Loudon Packeta aail from New York on the lat, Dili, lath and 24th; and from London on the 6th, 13th, 'flat, and 21th of each month throughout the year. I Petaoua desirous of sending for their Irienda residing in the Old Cowry can have them brought out in any of the I above splendid veaaela on moderate terms. And lor the accommodation of persona wishing to remit money to their families or friends. I have arranged the paymenu of my Drafti on the fo' lowing Banks :? Armagh, Drogheda, Londonderry, ! Athlone, Dundalk, Lurgan, d Bandon, Duugarvan, Mouagnan, * Belfast. Dungannon, Mallow, 1 Ban bridge, Downpatriek, Omagh, I Ballymena, Dublin, Parsonatown, Ballyahannon, Enniakillen, Skibbereen, Ballina, Eunis, Sligo, c Cork, F.nniacorthy, Btrabane, Coleraine, Kermoy, Tralee, Clunmel, Ualway, Wexford, Cavan, Kilkenny, Waterlord, Carlow, Kilruah, Youghal. I Coothill, Limerick, Snuland?Meaara. flpoooer, Attwood k Ce., Bankers, Lou{ i q?< , insmi.jii. iigckcu ctoou.aiia mr. iticnaru ivmrpny, , Liverpool. Scotland?The City or Glasgow Bank, and all itabranches and Agencies. , ITT" Passages can also be engaged from Liverpool to Phila, delphia, Boston, and Baltimore, by the Keaular Packet Shipa on application being made personally, or by letter, post paid, f addressed to JOSEPH McMUKKAT, j Corner of Pino and South streets. New York, i Or, Jam?:s Bkckkt Sc Son, and j No. 1 Waterloo Koad, l Mr. Hichahu Miiupht, ) Liverpool d21 r FOR NEW ORLEANS. : LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. 1 Jf? MSL i?& Agk ?**? TO 8AT^?VEKY ffl^uAYB * Ship 08WJJUO, i.nptain Johuion. Slop HUD80N. Captain Pace. I Ship CLIFTON, Captain luaersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Shin SAtlTELLE, Captain Taylor Bark GENESEE. Captain Minot.. Bark JANE E. WILLIAMS, Captain Parkor. Bark HEBKON, Captain Ureig. rhe anave ships are all ol the fi st class, of light draft of water, and commanded by the inns' eiperieueed capianis iu the trade. Their eabins are handsomely'luruished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of tka passengers ' Neither the captains or owners ofthe above shipa will be re ^ pousible for jewelrv, bullion,precions stenea, silver or plated I ware, or for any letters, paii sils, or packages sent by, or put oil board of them, unless regular bills of lading ere taken lor the same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage apply on board, at Oileaus wharl, foot of Wall street, or to i E. K. COLLINS M Sonth street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff, it Co., who will prnmptlv forward all gnnda to Iheir address v/UU I>OXADlilonijU I-ASOAlilV UP'rUE, J& M. Ml M ^87^r.*m. street. SAMUEL THOMPSON AM) NEPHEW, Aunn ton the "Black Star" Link or Packets. 1847. Livtryool to Ntw York 1*47. Ship). Captaing Tng ligg- Tnt B'n Sea, T. K. Kreemun, ?i7 1400 Liberty, P P. Norton, 792 1300 Cornelia, >' M Kreuch, 1063 1730 j Ohio, H. Lyon, 7M 137} H nmel Hicks, T (i. Banker, r,9 1300 I Empire, (new) J. O Raisell, 1090 1800 Pamlies, W B Line, 723 1330 Indiana, Jainev I). Bennett, So 1300 Huguenot, H Ooodhne, TO 1660 Marinion, (new) W. Edwards, 903 16(0 Peter Heftriek, J. D Poai, 670 1300 r linbrth Lleuutou, K. W. Spencer, 806 1400 Devonshire, W. T. 1 hompson, 009 IViO Niagara, (new) H. Hunell, 730 1130 Atlai, (new) H. Coffin. 790 14<>8 Chaos, (new) J. L Wilson, 810 1400 Sardinia. (new) C R. Crocker, 802 1400 America, (new) Weare, 1180 1900 The tubarribera would respectfully inform their frierda and the public that they hare addrd seveial splendid new bip? to iheir line of packets between thia port and Liverpool, which has been favorably known and eitenaively patronised for a period r.f more inan thirty years, and have no hesitation in assuring those who may wish to make engagemeuts frr the passage of their Irienda fioin England, ncotl?nd or Ireland, that they will fin < these ships Inferior to none i point of comfort, convenience and safety, ona r f which will tail frrin Liverpool every fix 'lays, throughout the year, making delay.and the coiisr'inent expense to emigrants at the poit of embarkation impossible. A tree passage per steamer from ihe various Insh and Scotch ports, with bread stuffs and hospital monev paid, may be aerured all at tlis* lowest rati s; and ss lien those settled for decline coming out, the full amount paid will be promptly refunded, as, For lurther particulars, apply to HAMU&L THOMPSON h NKPHKW, 275 Pearl street, or to C. flrimahaw St Co, 10 Uoree Piazzas, Liv'pl Drafts or ezcliange, payable nt tight, are alio furnished lor tiny amount, on K. C. (Jlyn St Co., B nkers, Londou; C Unmahaw St Co., Liverpool; the National bank of Scotland; National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co Apply aa above. let Im't Nh-W LINE UF LIVERPOOL FAOKETb. Ml fflt ?k Ti^aTTfrotn Nev^Yorlt i1at,andIro^LiTerpool6tin)reacn month From New York. Lirn pool New ahip Liverpool, ! 150 toaa, j ^ec. 1} Feb J. Kid ridge. r August 21 Oct. * New al.ip Oneen of the West. K?u"rT 2} ^r?cb ! lWtona>. Woodhou.e, feint \) X New Ship Con.?itut.on,l?m to.a } J* " ?} ^'<lt J John Briton. f Octobe* 21 Dec t Ship Hottingner, 1050 tone, S jl|Leh ?} aim a Ira Bnrtly j J. *| ?? J These, feat aaikng, flsat class ahipa, all built in die city of new York, are commanded by men of eaperienre <nd ability, and will be deapatched punctually on the Jlat ol each month. Their cabina are elegant and commodiona, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the eaae and comfort of passengers. Price of paaaage $100. Neither the captains nor owners of these ahipa will be responsible for any parcela or packages sent by them, nnleaa regular bills of ladiug are signed therefor. For freight or t usage apply to WOODHULL It MINTUHN, V Son til street. New York, nt u riKLDEN, BROtHERS k C'a, re Liverpool. "nEW~YUK.K ANL> liLASUUW L.1NE U* PACKET*.. &$L 8k ML &tt HeiliiiB from Nev^^jrS oa the l?^u^^Ws?gnw n^E^Jih I ol encb month from N. York. Fm. (Jl'gew ( June 1. July IS. ? I Ship BAKACKN, N T Hawkiat, \ Oct. 1. Nov'r 15. f Feb. 1. March 15. I July 1. April 15J ! Br. Ship BROOKSBf, fl M'Ewen. < Nov. 1. Aug. 15. t March 1. Dec'r 15. ' Br Bark ADAMCARR.JaoWright ) fteKY. (April. Jan. 15. (May I. June 111 ! Br Bark ANN HAKLKY. R Kent, \ Sept. 1. Oct. 15. _. . (Jaay 1 Kebrua. 15J Thsit ihina UA ffAAt< iHKnlanPinl J?a tad will ?aij punctually on their regular daya. Their accom I BO'laUcna for paaaengera.are good, and ereryattenrion will be | paid to promote thwr comfort. To* agent* or ptatna will i B0{ be reatooaible for any parcel* or package* itit by them, , ue'eaa bill* of lading are ngned therefor. | ror lreight or pauage, apply to WOODHULL fc M1NTURTS, *7 South *treet, New York, or ?>?>" REIP k MURRAY. Ulaegow. j fASSAUE TO AND KROM OALWAY DIRECT i The anlendid new hark KRANCJS WAITS. MMyiuring ilia wholt of her cargo engaged and gome WHkon boaitl, will *ail with deapatch, anil leate (ialway aeout the JOth March. Peraona denrona of hating their frienda brought ngt by tht* rarorable opportunity, ahould make early application to >RR 1 3RNING, FEBRUARY 17, AFFAIR9 IN ALBANY. LEQI8LATIVE PROCEEDINGS. TELKORAPHIC. Albant, Feb. 18,1847. Senate. The Immigrate passenger bill ?u reported with I amendment*. Mr. Bacace reported a bill (or the eitabliihment of an asylum (or idiot*. A general bill was reported for the incorporation of Tillage*. The Lill was postponed until Monday of ne^ ! week The Court of Krrora opened, and adjourned to the lecond Tuesday in March. < The bill to remit toll* on provision*, Sic., for Ireland, ' was referred to the finance committeo. The bill relative to the transportation of convict* to the State prisons was passed in committee. The bill allow* ilierifTs fS, and their assirtants f 1 60 per day, and neces*ary expenses. Adjourned. Assembly. Alhsnt, Keb. 10, 18.17. The communication of the Commissary General, requesting that the military committee may visit the city of New York, on the 2'ld instant, to inspect the first brigade of New York S'.ate Artillery, was taken up Mr Sickkls moved that the committee have leave to fittonil us ratitiaelail . Messrs.T. Smith ar.d opposed the motion, ' end the whole subject was postponed, by a vote of 57 to 30, to the J?th of March, at which time the river will be cpon. Mr. HuiHiiii) called up his resolution# relative to the removal of certain Indiana of the tribe of Sis Nationi, in direct oppoaition to tho orders of the Indian department, directing that they be brought back again at the ex' pense of the government Mr. Ruth kr roe it offered a concurrent resolution, calling onCongresa to pass a bill appropriating ?600,000 for the relief of the poor in Kurope. Agreed to unanimously. The Senato bill for dividing the State into Judicial districts, was made the special order for to-morrow and every succeeding day, until disposed of. The bill making appropriations for school purposes was taken up in committee of the whole. No question was taken on the school bill. Mr. Balcoss laid on the table a concurrent resolution to repeal the tariff'of IB 18. BY T H K m AIL.H. hCOHhAUVE PROCBED1K6M. Senate. Albaihv, Feb. 16.1847. Mr 8. B smith presented a letter from the Commitnary General, soliciting the committee en military attaint to visit New V'ork on the 33d instant. Referred to the military committee. Mr. Beach gave notice of a bill to authorise the free banks te receive the bank fund stocks in the seme manner, and for the seme purpose, as they receive other stocks of this State. the lsoal commissioner!. The Senate, in committee ot the whole, resumed the | consideration of the bill reported by the chairman of the judiciary committee, to provide for the appointment of I commissioners of the code, under the 17th section of the . first article of tho constitution. | The question was on the amount of compensation to be paid to the commissioners. The bill was emended so that the term of oltice of these commissioners is limited to two years, subject, of course, to the Legislature, which, at its discretion, may extend the period. The bill, as amended to-day, also provides that the commissioners shall be paid at a certain rate per annum for the time they shall be occupied in tho duties of the commission: when they are not employed in these duties tney receive nothing. The salary of the commissioners was fixed at >3000 per i annum. The sixth section of the bill was amended ao that the commissioneis are required lo make report* to theLegisluture whenever a concurrent leiolution patted by n majority of all the member* of each Houae shall require such report to be mado. The next important question to be considered is," who , shall * a,-pointed commissioners 7" The Senate has I per acted the bill in all other noints. Th? ? ? ? i ?special oH?r for to-morrow at 11X o'clock. Mr. Williams, from the committee on railroads, reported the house bill to permit railroads to carry contri tuitions of flour, !tc for Ireland free of tolls. Mr. Jonas moved that the bill lie immediately pasaod. Objection was made , and.the bill was laid upon the table until to-morrow. A communication was received frnn a cimmittee appointed by the Assembly, inviting the members of the itenate to be present at a meeting to be held at the capitol this evening to relieve the Irish. Assembly. Albans, heb. 16,1847. thl MEXICAN was?sflcv COMPLIMEM to MH. to Lit . Mr. Blobs otleied the lollowing extraordinary peti tiou:? To the Hon Ike Legiilature of Ike 8lati of New York The petition of the undersigned, a resident ol the city of Rochester, respectfully represents?that in view of (ho vast expense and loss of life attending the wsr with | Mexico, as at present carried on by tbe general government, your petitioner requests your honorable body to request the Senators and Representatives in Congress irom this State, to use their influence to cause the war with Mexico to be let, under contract, to any perse; who will give bonda to bring the same to an honorable and i j successful close. Your petitioner proposes to take the job for $ J,000,000, upon the following terms and spedttcations-? i , . i ki |>ciiuon?r is nor 10 go out ol the State of New I York lor troo|>s, and he will not interfere with the domestic ulfalrs u( en; other State. 4. All conquered territory to belong to the United I States, and the division of the ute into State* to be as I the |>etitioncr shall direct; and the question a* to whether the name or any part thereof thall be free or slave territory, alio to be docidod by the petitioner. Ail perional spoils of the war to ba the propetty of the petitioner, and the war to be carried ou with a proper regard to private property of tho?o who do Dot remit. 3 No inch relation a* that of landlord and tenant shall bo allowed to exist in any newlv acquired territory, to disturb tho political oondition of the same. (Signed) Col. C. A. JONES, (Sji l to be a Colonel in the Reg'lar Army.) fiochcstei, Keb. l'J, J847. Some gentleman, who amid the confusion, was notdis tinguished, moved tlist the House refuse t* receive th* petition. Mr.Smsli. moved, simultaneously, that the petition ' tie referred to a select commKtee, and that Mr. JJloss he ! appointed chairman . Mr. Bi.oss made some ambiguous remarks in roplv lie said the petitioner was a eolonel and a respectable man, and that the House ought to give the petition pro ' p?r consideration He objected to the motion made by ; Mr. Small. Mr FttM.FBTOft said that no more Judicious reference ?I.I -i?i?i i J , vvu> > uo ?eTiMu. iic nufeu, uuwover, mat the gentlc: man from New Votk (Mr. Hmali) would be appointed : chairman of the select committee to whom the petition should be referred. Mr. Small objected. A motion wai then rand# to refer the petition to the tending committee on the militia and public defence. I The SrKAKRR put the question to the House two several time*. ' The result wai not announced. A motion to lay the petition upon the table, was then made and adopted. thk militia? commissary ornlral storms. Mr. CaaritRTiRR aaid he was requested to present a communication from the Commissaty Oeneral. Mr. C. asked that it might be read for the inlormatlon of the | Houso. The Cliri read the communication, which is as fol| lows: To the Hon., the Legitlalure of Ike Stalt oj New York? The undersigned respectfully solicit* your honorable body to authorize the Militarv Committee of the Senate nnd Assembly, to visit New York on the Uld instant, and personally inspect and review the Kirst Division of Artillery of the said city and county of New York, which will parade on that day, that they may more understanding^ act, in relation to tho same in relation to their existence under the military law of 1848. and whether the same must be destroyed, as it assuredly would be, after being expressly organized during the war of 1811, by the late D I). Tompkins, for the defence of the city and harbor of the city of New York, and shores of the hound and Long Island-, also, to inspect the arsenal and milita ry morttf oi ?ue owu vi xorii. HENRY STORMS. 1 he communication i? dated, Albany, February 1ft, 1847. Mr. CA>rar>Ti(? moved that leave ba given to tha Military Committee to vMt New York, la accordance with the rvqueat contained in the communication Mr. bi.o?? hoped that tha action of the Home would ] not be too condign and ewamary. Mr Caarantiaa inaiatad on hia motion The Sraaiaa remarked to Mr. C. that hia motion *?? not then in order. Mr. KuLiriTee moved to refer the communication to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Bi-aachL, (an member of the Judicierv Committee) objected. i he Sk?.i ? r. a put the queation to lelerthe communicutiou to the Military Committee. Before the Cleik had time to announce the remit, Mr Haui.rr got the floor and objected to the Meatia Bowi?: and llraaiaD a I no ohjectr d Mr. StcKLaa damanded the queition; the military com. mitteea were the moat competent Judgea of the proper couiae to adopt, and the communication ahould be ieUrted to them. Mr. Small said he waa not auipriaed that the cheiiman and other member* of the Military Committee preferred ? 3ERA , 1847. to hare the communication referred to oome other committee, for the reaeon that tha military gen'lemeu would not be auppoaed to act altogether from diaiotereeted motirei. Mr. 8. believed that it would be advantageoua to the btateif thU v:sit waa made; the Committee ahouid alao be iuatractcd to report tho reaalt of their iuapection to the Legislature. Mr B4LC0M iutimated that there waa probably no doubt nut tuat (tie New Yorker* were willing to break a lew bottle* of champagne a* a measure of reciprocity, la case the viait was made. The communication wa* laid upon the table school *pphornia r10-1 SilL Mr. Buac ma an moved that thu House resume the spe! cial order, the bill appropriating money* for the malnte. nance of college* and acadomir* for the year* 1847 and i '48, and the House went into Committee of the Whole on ; the above bill. Mr. Basks rose to the queatioe. Thi* honorable gentleman ia a new member of the Home, he ha* until now ' maintained a perfect silence; but hi* (perch trpon the school bill wa* eloquent, piotouud and patriotic. He said ; that the benefit* of the common school system were Inestimable; he would not pause at any proposition for tl;s | benefit of common schools; ho regarded the benefits ui is] ing from collcgrs and academies, compared with the I blessings of thu common school system, as som ething of ' secondary importance. He believed that our civil and religious liberties depended upon the fostering und pro- j tectmgcare which we should extend to the meant and 1 agencies employed for the developement and instruction oi the minds of the youth of this great State. Tins was popular sentiment; no immunity or blessing guarantied to the citizens by the constitution was regarded with more reverence and solicitude than this, ami if we did not realise the hopes of the people and maintain the prospei ity ef common schools hy acts of legislation, we should be condemned by the popular voice as unworthy servants. The gentleman proceeded, with a very sensible efleet upon the House, to demonstrate the indispensable and essential accomplishments of liherailv educated men, and the extraordinary advantage* which would rrHult from an universal dissemination of intelligence among the citizen* of thi* great republic. The committee roue without a vote upon the bill. Mr. Bhumwav reported a bill to incorporate the Buffalo Floating Dry Dock Company Mr. Hadi.kv, from the majority of the *elect committee to whom wui referred the Senate and Houae hill* to divide the State into judicial districts, reported the Senate bill to the Home, with amendment*. Mf.CuiMttlli one of the minority, said that the minority of the committee approved the Senate bill, and did not concur in the amendment* proposed by Mr. Hadley. Mr. llanLCY moved that the bill, a* amended, lie ordered to a third reading. Mr. Dean moved that it be committed to the Committee of the Whole. Several motion* were made to adjourn, and lost, when Mr. CaariisTiKH moved that the report of the majority of the committee be laid upon the table, and ordered printed The House adopted the motion, And the House adjourned. Court of Oeneral Missions. Before Recorder Scotland Aldermen Brady and Walker John McKeon, Ksq , District Attorney. 7Yiuio/ fValtr.r 9 Chrytler, continued.?Mr. WaauwsLL, on being examined, deposed that Chrysler came to him with the order on the Kinderhook Bank, purporting to have been acoepted by C. 11. Moran, of Claverack, Columbia county, for $2,600, and stated that he was personally acquainted with Mr. Moran, who, he said, was a wealthy attorney: on this renr???ntutinn witness advanced the prisoner $ldt; when the notes became due, prisoner wrote a letter to witness acknowledging that the order in questisn was a forgery) at the same time apologising for the forgery, and requesting time to meet the payment of it; subsequently he stated there was no such persoii in C laverock us C. II. Morsn. The next |witneas, on the part of the prosecution, was Mr. ScHsrraK, who testified as follows;?That after Chrysler was released from custody, he came to deponent's olfice, and told him that he, the witness, wus perfectly green in police matters, as they were managed at the Tombs,?that he had got out on bail with a very trifling expenditure?that Mr. Russell hud managed the business for him, in the following manner. He, Chrysler, was taken out of the Tombs into a public house known as Ivy Ureeu.and there met Justice Osborne, Mr. Cockefair, and Mr. Russell Mr. ltuiscllaftor some conversation with the parties, divided f>?0 betwoou himself, (Russell,) Juetico Osborne, and Mr. Cockelair,which.tftii Chrysler had furnished to Russoll for the purpose, aud that, through these means, Justice Osborue then aud there in the Ivy Gre^n, admitted him to bail, taking Mr Cockelair as bail. Justice Osbohns was than called on, and testified that se far as his action in the premises was concerned, he had never overstepped tho bounds of his duty; Chrysler, to his knowledge,had never been taken to the ivy Green, no never mei nun mere, ma ban una taken, in tbo u.ual form, in the |>olic? oSloa at the t'ombs; and also. that he never received a amnio cent from Mr. Russell,or any one else, for admitting CUryiler to bail, or for any transaction connected with the priaoner; he also testified to several other points .which tended to show thut Mr. bhef for was mistaken in some particular* apart from tho stoia of Chrysler. ;Mr. Cocaarsia was then sworn, and deposed that, immediately after Chry stler was locked up on the charge of forgery, Shelter csniu to hiui and asked deponent to become bail for the prisoner : that on hearing thut the charge against tho prisoner was forgery, he utterly declined to meddle in the matter at all ; but that on a suh sequent day She tier stated to deponent that the affair would not amount to a turgery, but that, at most, it could only be made a case of lalso pretence , that it would be compromised with Mr. Wardwell, who. as he stated, was one ol the iiartiea to the trausaction, which was originated for tne purpose of getting tome $.'>000 worth el goods belonging to Mr. Wardwell out ot tho custom nouse, and that he (Shelter) had in Ins possession fund* to sottle the whole transaction ; he further staled that, m consequence ol these representations msde to him by Shelter, he did consent to become bail lor Chry slier, anu, accordingly, went before Justice Osoorne, in the Police Court, and justified in the requited amount ; that the business did not take place at the Ivy Ureeu, but in the I'wlice Court, as above stated, aud that nftor Chrystl?r was released from custody, Mr. Uusscll guve him ttfteen dollars , the witness also further deposed, that so soon aa he heard, much to his surprise, that Chry stler was indicted lor lorgery, he instantly toek mean* to have him arrested, uiid that he was taken in custody and delivered te the keeper of tho city prison; that he had no knowledge whatever of Justice Osborne'* receiving any money at ell in this business, end that ho should not probably hare hailed the prisoner il ho had not supposed tne matter would hare bseu settled between the parties. Mr Ri;s,ki.l afterwards took lha stand, and corroboiab-d tliu statements of tne two previous ivituesses, to lur ai his action was concerned. Ho Dated tiut tie never paid anything to Justice Osborne on (brystler's account, and that he as counsil ior Chry slier merely rnud* .Mr Ccckebire n present of tno J>lft, neoauto he had aided bis client in being released from close confinement. There was considerable other tea imony adduced, during which trie keeper of the city piisou whs ex.un ined, aa wai also ono et the clerks of police, but nothing was shown tending to ft* uny impropriety oi conduct in this hailing btuiness upon either the Justice or the bailor, except the account given bv Mr. tfheflor of hit conversation with Chrysler. The testimony here closed, and the oountel on both sides Mimmed tip. The Jury, after an absence ol tome five minutes, found tho prisoner guilty, and lie wiu remanded lor sentence Hurrtnr,, ? \!e M art In ura. nail..,! t? answer a cnurge of burglary, pieferred against hnn anil a man named tleary ll.i|(an, by Mr. O. C. Hcott, of No 146 Broadway, for having enterad into and itoicn from hia store a quantity of clothes, clothing, Ice., on the night of the llllh ol November last. After some testimony lor the prosecution wna adduced, the Court adjourned to this day, when itiaprobable the case will be concluded. Stipei lor Court, lleforo Judge Vanderpoel. Fsa iC.?Prtrr.N. Cmttllitnnit as. Jq/iii 1'. BenuvilU, duguitui J1 Samanon, anJ H'm Joiiri, lalt Shmfl ? 1 his was an action ol trespass, brought against the defendants for an alleged illegal taking ol a stock ol segars, tho plaintilf 'a property '1 na facts ol the cane are us lotlows: The piuliititf arrived in thiacity, Irnm Cuba, in the your 184ft, and shoitiy alter became acquainted with Mr hodriguen, a countryman of bis, who was carrying on business extensively in this city. In the latter part ol tho year 1941, or beginning of Ih4B, a criminal marge waa instituted against Rodrigues, which caused him to leave the city, and unit precipitately. Previous to his depar tu e, however, he sold out tho entile of hi* slock in trade to plaintiff, mid executed to him a hill of sale. \> lieu it wh* found out ho hud disappeared, hie ClWIllH|WM< attachment* against him * an abiconduiK detitor. under which they levied on the whole ol the {daintitl a property, including that in dispute, consisting ol a iaige <|uantity of segaia in the stoie occupied hy Rodriguez, in Willi street. The plainti/Is, in that attachment, ufter ward* relinquished their right to that portion ol tho property upon which the present defendants issued their attachment, and procured tho late Mherifl to levy on it, to recover damage*, for which the present action is brought. The entire of yesteiday was occupied in the diroc' and croaa examination ol ore ui two witnesses on the part ol tho plaintiff, which had not terminated when the court adjourned. Koc plaintiff, Messrs. Cutting and Purroy ; for defendants, Messrs. Oiiard and W. B Blunt. Beforo Judge Oakley. l'hilip Hout and olhiri, lltcnvtri, vi. the Mutual Hulrty Iniurane* Company ?This was an action to recover $10 000, the amount of a policy of insuiance Pievious to the great (lie of 18-ta the tirm of Herekenrath V t an Oam cOveted an insurance with the Aipeiican Mutual* Insurance CompsDy lor JJ.l.OO; the latter company alter' ward* r* assured wtth the defendants'company tor J 10,000: the property insured was subsequently destroyed to the extent ofglO 000, which lleicksaiath V Vandem recovered against the American Mutual Insurance Company The latter comoany shoitly alter failed, and the plaintiffs were appointed receivers over their assets, and bring the prerent action for the lull amount of the sum insured in tbe.deleodents' office. The defeuee set up is a custom amongst the underwriter* to accet-t in cases of re assurance a sum. ore rata, which mean* ium hearing the une ptoportioa to the mount ot the propei") Mnyit at the policy of renaaurance beara to the origiual policy Several underwriter* were examined and proved the cuatom. The plaintiff*, however, icaiat that the policy in* legal inatitr nient, by whioh both pHitiea aie bound, and taet neither ol ihem can invalidate it by e proof ot particular ctiatrm. The >|ueation theu i*. whether the cuatom abell prevail over a It-gel ioatiument. A verdict via taken lor the ftlaintitle tor (lO.uo'i 11 aubject to the opinion ol the Court n banco on the rjueation. For plaintiff*, Mr. B. D. Villi man, lor defendant, Mt SedgwickAampeon e? 7Vwen?Verdict lor plaintiff, *ltP>. m LD. j1 Mm twa Ouita. QNMN Picas. Beforo Judge Dely hr?. 11 ? Thu PtopU ?. John L. J-.1 This was an action on a bond for $100 "tua delendent haJ abandoned bis wlfa, upon which complaint waa made before one oi the tpecial justices, who granted a warrant uuder wuichthe defendant wn arretted, there upon ha gare the bond in queation, to be of good be havier for one year, and to aupport hi* wile andlamUy It appeared tho condition of the bond waa broken,and the Alms House Commissioner* caused the present suit to be instituted. The defence was technical, merely that there wa* a variance between the proof and the declare tion. Verdict for the emount claimed, for plaintiff, Porter and M'Mahou ; for defendant, Mr. M'Ouoin. In tha second brauch of this court, there ware two uo important casaa tried, in which there were verdicts for the plaintiffs in each case. Court off Oyer sand Terminer. Before Judge Edmonds and Aid. Benson ami Compton. Tke Penjilt vs Jottph C. adsA/ry.?Immediately altar th# recognisances of Ashley and his sureties ware forfeited on Monday, the district attorney caused a beach u errant to issua, under which he was arrested Ha was brought into court yesterday morning, and by his counsel, Mr. J. M. Smith, applied to havs new recognisance* eutered into, and tabs trial put off until next April, on the ground ot tlin absenc* oftnree material witnesses Tha hi st part of the application wa* complied with, but upon his sureties being asked to oualify, they declined. He wtie tlion ordered into custody. The other part of the application wiu be diapoaed of thi* jnorning. AihJey wui, in tlie meantime, committed to.the ?i<7 prieon. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kdmond*. Fr* 18.? Michatl htipatrick vi Tirtiut Brady, it al. Cxtt ufurn.?Tliia wen eu action on promiaeory note for 1308; the fnotej wm marie in 18!hi, and given by defendant'* testator, to the plaiutilT. It remained in the head* ol plaintiff until eiier the death of teitetor, when it we* put intuit The defendant* plead the (tatut* of limitation*. and alio ?et up u* n defence that the note we* paid in the lifetime of the teatator. Adjourned to thi* mornI lug i For plaintiff, Mr. H. P. Barber; for defendant*, | ilrudy It Maurice. Court Calendar?Title Day. f.'iucpit Cot'et.?278, 'if, 40, S3, ft*, GO to 64, 86, 87, 479. Cfi'PKRion Couht ?No*. 19,88, 73,800, 133, 138, 134, 143, lift, ft, 81, 91, 63, 67,; 71, 118, 93, 138, *3 , 347, 138, 99, 76, 3, |4, 44, 83,89 , 96, 117, 183 to 17ft, 177 to 180. C'OMMO* l'LKi*.?Part I?No*. 17, 31, 38, 3A, 37, 31, 30, 37 , 41, 43. Part 3 ?No*. 60, 03, 66, 68,70, 73, 74, 78, 89, 83, M, 86, 88, 90,93. __ Varieties. A mine of calamine, or zinc ore, ha* keen discovered about throe mile* from Bethlehem, Pa. The or# ia re| markahiy free from any admixture of earthy *ubatance, yielding above seventy per cent of pure zinc. It Ilea 1 about tnree leet below the surface. The Hon. William Williams, i'resident of the Henste of Alary laud, has offeied a donation of 100 or 160 acre* ot laud, in aid ol establishing a proper agricultural school Some of the Philadelphia merchants hare made arrange meats to have their ice transposed from Petteville, l'a , by railroa 1 The ice at that place ia MM to , be twelve inches thick. There was a heavy fall o( mow at Pittsburgh en the 13th. ftSnow fell fo the depth of ten inchea in Vicksburg, Miu., on the 36th ult. This is the deepest fall of snow at that place for many years. A petition has been presented to have the will of J udge Martin, of La , set aside, upon the ground of his incapacity to make a will at the .time the one is dated under which his executer acts. His alleged incapacity was blindness. inmiij'inu i ?ci ut uiyoico* nave uetn neereeu in Waahteuaw county, Michigan, during the mat year. A gentleman had hia pocket picked at the Lowell In(titnie on Friday evening, oi hia pocket hook, containing $400 in bank bill*. The price of Are wood at baltjllo ranges from $33 to $W per cord. The Galveston \eiri aaya:?' An academy far the education ot young iaJiea. ia soon to be opeued at that place under the dnection of I. rauline nuns The selectmen of bath, Me., have called a town meeting on Moinlav next, to cee what courae the town will take in relereoce to the selling of apirituoua liquora The Hyracusaua are feeding upon prairie game brought , rom Chicago. Green cucumbe/s appeared in the vegetable marketa at Mobile en the bth. i hay have been aneiteied aitimea during their growth by artificial mean*; but fot the moat part they have beeu exposed to the weather. On Sunday evening an impudeut thief atole a quantity of zinc and a piece of carpeting from a court loom in Philadelphia. Tiuly he had no fear of the law lielore hi* eyea. The New Zealand ladies pet young pigs, and fondle Ihem u? some ot our ladies do puppies and kittens.? | Taste* will vary In tireen townshipj.Mercer county, To., aeveral of lb* I neighbor* had a few <!u^ t since, to iaite a law mill, tor ! Mr Robert Morelund. Among them was Jainrs McAdoo, an old citueu ot that neighboi hood. tVhlle raising one I of the bcnta, by some (ell upon Mr. A , killing him instantly. Naval. The new steamship New Orleans has been charterod, sB) s the New Orleans Hte, ot the ftih lust., by the United *tst?? government,for thieo niodtns. In this charter they have procured one of the best boat* now afloat,for accommodation and speed, and is ol sufficient |>ower to tow a tlaet ol vessels with troop* or stores to any point the? may wish to concentrate, or to nommtinieate with 411 ferent points on the Mexican coast Political Intelligence. It is stated timt Mr. A t' Dodge has been withdrawn as one ot the lucolo.-o sandidate* lor the United Stat?* Senate, by Ins friends in tho lowu Legislature, and Oei V. I*. Van Antwerp substituted In bis place. Thome- rj WiUo.< continues to be theii other candiilate. Stkavboat Explosion ?Th? New Orleons papers state that the towboat Daniel Webster, while coimug over the bar at the N.K. Tsm, with oug ship 111 tow, hurst ono of her boilers, on the morning ol the flth mat., by winch accident Mr Baiter, the piiet, was killed, and several oi tue crow were severely scalded. DALLEY'S FAIN EXTRACTOR Merchants and dhuouisth ?w ohwio tbeir spring (applies of the only crnumr Palo Kitrsetor M I 01 i depot. Liberal tcims art nude with wholenle purchasers ?nd with terms. i. 1?_ ir !- n . ..... ...i.w ... IH VIUURIUI 1 nfiwr - 111 UBFQI, I IIP*, Hlii-iunafiim, ttc. he., Jnriiuhed gratia. Wanted immediately acveral (raeellnig ag'tita. with mean*, and well recommended. Jl. Iv v a. L. M k' at CO, fit lui*ic No. to* D-oadway. T,VfcKsHOfc?. OVEKShOEa! Cl KK.AT HLDUCTION IN I'lUCK-The aeaaon hating VT an fir adviiiceil, I hive detcrirnied to reduce the prtea nf" WoodyeM'a Metallic Kutioer Ortithoet" to the utooIthicg low price of tl W par pair. S. blUJIiKn, Sole Agent for (londyear'a flood'. Illtfrc IliO Broadway, o|i|ioaite Trinity Chnrcli. 1CJC?>Tke ihiifooattill Lake Comp.oy are uow entting that celebrated ..pring Water Ice, and offer it for ?ale by the ton or cargo, on toe inoal reaaonable tertna, delireied either at the Lake or on board vraaela. h n.;nire o| tha agent Ja'tl Iw*rli W>1. J. TOWNHKNO. Kraaklia Honae. A. 4r S. BRAND Off. Horcecaor* to K. A. MUNOEN. B LUi; K LlSTTbR 3 I ON MANL'KAl TI'HK.Ufl, 3 1 O N I? A I N T E K 3 , no. 9 raraa cow, Adjoining the Hurlem Kailroad Olfiee, New 1 i rk. liner atici -Waaliini;ton Storea, William atrert; Itatbhnn'a Hotel. Jndaon'a Hotel, National liotal. t'erkia'a Hotei, U. H. Bonded Warahotiae, Nankin l ea I otnpany, kr. Ite. ja^l Jnt*rre THK i ireulor and patentee r.f the ahore highly iinpnrtaat ica'rnrneot for letting the condition . I the Lm.g* and Cheat, heaa to inform all thote who m y be ifKirted with .07 ayinptoma of that dtaraae, that the preciae cniiditino of tnw tienta can he ncrnratelt mcertuned hy applying to him, at hie rnoma. at tlie Aalnr lluuae. where kll imrttliiu r*n ha laat. ed, proleaaioually. lie inritea the laeuliy in genital, to [a prct line new tod impoitint invention, between the home of 11 nil I o'clock, at th> Attor Henee. ftl**ih KAG8. KAUS, KAU8 rHK enhacribr a will pay the liiyheat m .rkrt price >o ruli lor llueu nod roc too raga, bagging, ropea, ru.e cutting!. ginee rope, o uu other atoek lor paper making, *? lirered at their Paper Worke, Wmdeor C<n.ka. Mailman Ihp >t, or at llieir Paper Warrti?oae, ft) aud ft? 4Naaa.n1 at. frl ?wr PblHHSKh fUtOOKH ft) It ft? Naaaati at. CAST UFF uLuTHiNO AND Kl/K?lTUlt* WANTED. LADIKH or (tantieme!! haviug any eeet pff or euperflooae Clothing or Korinture ro diapoee of, can ohtem ? n?ir caah price for the earn* by eroding lor the aebacriber, at hia reaidrnce, or through the poat, who li will be piiucinally attended to M. S. COrtKN, Agent, W Duaue atreet. N. B ? Ladiea can be attended to by Mia Cohen. jMlw* SOU A WATfcK AND aI'PAMATUO. J. Matthew a, No111 Third Avenue, > Y.. manufacturer ol all the modem aptar nua uaao for the te inal?ctnre, drawing or bottling of noda Water. A lithographic plate, with printed direct.00a for the makiug of noda Water ?ud Hyrtipa, alio for the pating Bp of the apparatus and iia nae kc ..Will accompany e- -.1 tppnmtna. febT In-" ra "accokdion taught. I JACOBS joachea the Aceordioi thoroughly 11 14 lee ;imu u'? kuTic* i-*n ptcodii a goou jnayer in a rery ?li irt HiO? of time. He tatha only one iu the city who h?e praiti'al ?i well aa e theoretical knowledge of tbi? pop ol?r instrument in all it* braaekca. hoi term* apply at the Aecrdtcn and Muical lnatruuieet Derot, JJ Chatham atreet. Accordioaa toned and repaired, and mtuic for the lain* jail lm*r TO-Da6uLrK.1 aN AKTInTS" JUST Vfcl* by late arrival* tr?ra H-*?re? f LATt.l?jaoo of the riaruheu and Star Brandt ? KAMf'.S? X larise lot new e*.d irlrndid pattern* VOIOHTLANUKH TUBUS ol median. hail and full ?i",e. Ifor tola by JOHN HUACti. Optician, 13 Nnsaaa it N B.?Cheanioala, Cun and all material* naed in Dagnerreinfenoitantly oa head J*" B I* \ .i M Y I'., I'l R A.\H I V I i.C A IONEH k FRIKDKI. IliJohn atreet near Tcarl, np ?tair? Manufacturer* ol rarer boaei anil ??inple cerdiiaad # al*ri in f<tr*ey btpcrt. All ??rd?r? thank full) rfc^ifttl m-l ttfrenud promptlv id on reaionkble termv u fltSMWMifei.

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