Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1847 Page 1
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! TH] rot. XIII, Ho. BO-Wfeolo No. *847 THE ATfilV Vnttkr HtftUA * ' xiu ir x v iiu xiiiivi JAMtS GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR, Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HUKALD?eiyery day. l'rics 1 ceata P?r copy?V tj lie; annum?j.ayaDle iu advance. iVKKKLY HKttA-LiD?livery Satardty?Priee SX eesti per v?SJ I>1? reuu tier annum?payable iu advance IIKKaLU KOK f.UKOHrt?ilvary Staam facket day. I'ri-. (i,c? eetils par copy?00 par annum, payable i? advance. AI)VKHTldJCMKNTSi?t 'He usual es?alwayscash in tdvaiice PRINTING of all kinds sicatad beamy and despatch. AH let.WTi or communications, by ?re:\, c?i raised to tha tub:, must be post paid, <ir llie pottage will be deducted from Sir subsciipUou uwary remitted. JAMK8 UOUf US BKNNKTT. Proprietor ol uie New Yohe Haa.tLc titTsriishmknt, Wtilth Waal e.ireer of p'oltoe sari N??i?n streets'. ftgJWB'W. VL?>r jwro? I II nBWMWMMMdWM? ? ???? ,jh. fiWNSJZjytre) ' K T Bt Cf or MKBirAUIIiL A . ''IMIlb K.jhact ia pai ?p ix iiaart homes?it i, t.i timet > i.httpsr, ,'ieakittier, ?r.d wt-r-ustsd superior lo aay sold. It ruan d i a ease .'itiiont vomiting, purging, sickening or biliiating tlie ii'tient. Tbr ureal beauty and superiority ol this heirs tpanlla urn afl oilier remedies it, whilst it eradi cutei diseases u int igoratrt the body. Thii it the most ettra ordin try medicine in the world. U baa performed more than 15.noo euro this year 1,000 caret of Rheumatism. 1,000 euros of Dyspepsia 2 5di# cures of geurral debility and want vi urrvniis enc K >' .1 uini -"nunc cumpmimi .,jiu u*rr. I ,u uw cure* of discuses of the blond?ulcers, scrofula, erysipelas, s It Ileum, pimples on ilie Ihcr, Sir... Sic..together with numerous im?? olcciisuwpti u, liver coinplaiut*. apiusl affections Ike. 'l ine, wr me awnre. must nppeur incredible,hut we have latter* from physician* and our agents from *11 parts of the United States, informing u* of nunordiuary cure*. M. Van Biukirk, Ksq., oue of the raoit respectable druggists in Newark, New Jemey, informs us that he ran reter to more than one kuiuUetl end fifty cases ia that place lloil. There are thousands of cues in the citv of New York which we will refer to v. ith pi i- >stir--, a ml to men of character well kuown. U. 1 VION S OK PHYSICIANS. Dr. i'ownsend i* almost d.u'ty receiving oilier* from phyiicriuc ju different parte of the Union. This i* to crriilVvthat we, the undersigned Physician* of rhnei.yot Albany, hare in numerous ca*e? prncribed Dr. To WDM ud'a Siisapilli, and believe it to be one of the moat v,i it a de pr-par tious ol the S rn'ipur ills hi the market. 11 I*, fuliu M. D , J. VViUou, M. D., 11. if. Briggi, M. D, r.lh. K inrudorf, VI. D. All. ny, April 1,1815 The following i* from one of the mo*t respectable phyii ciuua on Long 1* < lap i:\roiiT, July 10, 16(6. Dr. Tow o?et:d Dear Sii?Jr w ith satisfaction that I *ay tojou.tha'l have recently wi'nt*vd, in several cair*. the mint beneficial eiulu from your instruct of Sarsapurilla.? lining ei gaged in the practice of medicine, 1 have prescribed it in several caaei, hui! never without benefit. lu the remoT \1 of diseases urn nig from a deiauge.l itate of the digestive organs, jiumiice.Sic., n fiir exceed* any thing of tho kind rcr before offered to the public. You will please send me two dozen, Sic., Sic. Kespectlully vour*. S.O. PltESTON, M. D. Dr. Towmend?Being afflicted with Dyspepsia, for a long time past, 1 iiave eiideavorca/requently to emdicate it from the system by the u-e of l'hysic in various forms, but I louud out at lust, the more I used physic, the weaker tne organs al Ine became, rendering uncer.ain the prospect of affesting a cure. Decently this complaint developed itself fearfully, causing ulceration a about the throat and trachea, impairing scnoustv the oigsus of life iu their physical functions. In this state 1 was recommended to try your ,-arsap.arilla Syrup; after using two bottles 1 find tnyarll reliertd from this complain^, Mid *11 Its distressing symptoms, lu, br its lilo-giviiiE inllu net, it has restored the system to its natural statr. My confidence iu its power to effect a cure in ca>e ol genital functional derangement of the organ* of life, impel ine to recommend your anrsaparilla to the afflictt <1. Vouie, dec., J As. McALLlSTfcH, M. D., Albany. August 30, 10-15. No 93 Broadway. Dr.Towusend, Sir,?Sometime since you requested my opinion ol the virtues of your Com|iouud Sy rup ol Sarsnps rills I am now i> eprred to give it. hare used it in iny practice and prescribed It lor the last few mouths, and must give it iqy decked pretense* over any thing of the kind with which I utu acquainted, both as to its meaicinal virtues and trio reasonable price at whi- h you sell it. In scrofulous affections, cutenrojs eruptions generally, dyspepsia, indigestion, costive Imbits. and liver complaints, lam muchpleasrd witn it* effects. Iu these complaints, or suy other where Bars.tpaiill t *, indicated. I can with confidence recoinmeud it to the paUSjUlf of the profession us a valuable auxiliary lor removing dis ase iu soine of its most troublesome forms, and to all, as a safe and valuable medicine. BK.NJ. VVEfe.K8,.VI.D Brooklyn, November 21st, IBtti. UVnl'trBlA. No fluid or medicine lias ev, r bedn discovered which so near y resembles the gastric juice or saliva, in discomposing food and sireugthen ng the organs of digestion, as this pressrsdtXIsflsinystilll. It positively cures every ease o dyspepsia, however seveie or chronic. Brooklyn, March!, lS-tG. Dr. Towusend: Dear Sir?In the an * mer of 11)45, 1 was se verrly afflicted wiih a disease of the throat, chest and stotnacli: the mucuous membrane became so iiffected that almost every article of food I t ok produced such a uansea, or irri> tati'-u, that i: was wilh great diflicultv that I could retaiu l'ood. I cou lined myself almost eutirelfTuthe use of cocoa: even his 1 was often obliged to thiow (-.IT I can scarcely describephe horrid sensation I tattered; it uppeared to me. that froiu (lie roof ol my mouth to the lower part of my stomach was nlcercted, and 1 v, ? apprehensive that 1 hail not ouly dyspepsia in i's worrt form, but that I was threatened wish bronchitis. The disease became so inveterate, thit it produ rd a rupture at a small blond vessel. I was confined for aevr. val weeks, lost my flesh, and Celt weak and wearied by the lasitetercise. At tint time I fortunately taw and recognized several names I kurw to he highly respectable and entitled to confidence, i remembered to have teen Mr Van Zandt, of Albany, lor a number ol'years in very bad health Krum these facts I was induced at first to procure cue bottle of vour valuable preparation of Maraaparilla In justice to yen,.I feel bound to assure you that I esteem it an mvaluable medicine Ihr such diseases as I hare described it lias restored me to health and strength; I have used about four bottles. T > test I's efficacy, after uJing one Qr two bottles. I omitted tor some days to take it, and soon found thai 1 re'itii ed more, as the disease was not entirely subdued. 1 fit'ird it a eert in. cure for dyapepia and affections ol the nnd rh -st; it is soothing, ami operates like a charm ia composing the stomach a .d all lying it cough I intend, in fu turr, to keep a bottle or two on hand for the use of m) family. Wi ll . reat rsgard, your friend. LAW L. VAN KLEECK. Mr Van Kieeek was formerly Sheriff and Clerk of Albany city nnd county, and receutly in the War Department at Washington. WHEUMATISM. .Mure ill n one thousand cases of Chronic Uheumatism havi been cured by the use ol L)r. 'J ownseud's Harsaparilla. ihe following cettilicate wna sent us yesterday ,Ns:w York. Dee. 11. IR4A. To Doctor Town*kwd:? .Sin?I think it my ilittv to retina yoa my own sincere hanks lor the he this 1 have experienced hy the n*e of ynui v.xtraci ofttarssparilla. 1 was alflicted for many mouthi with Kheuuratic puna, aud also lu tin illat ion ol the Liver; the differ itigs which I endured fiom these diseases rendered my life e burden t? me. 1 tried every remedy that wo pi escribed foi me, from three of the best physp laus in the cltv, hut without receiuug any rtTinniieiil heuelit. I cot stdered mysrlf incur, nble.wi' t by the advice of a friend was iuduced to try yoni rotnpounil. I li tl hut faint hopes of success, but I sn hnppv to s ty, I had ant taken more than Itali a bottle before I est r. ioaceil relief; this. induced me to persevere in tit ttae, and t?* n bott ei l.ave effected sn entire cure. It is now some months since I used your remedy, nnd I am grateful am Pappy to r.ny I never enjoyed brt'rr health. I shall take greai t >i ,ure in recommending it to the afflicted, for by its use I firmly '?lieve my life was saved. tut nieateat respect, allow me to subscribe mysel your grateful liiend, ^ WM. B MOKOAN, 41 C m tl street corner of x>road way UHKAT KKM \LK MLDlCiNfc. I'r Townseud's earsap rtlla is a sovereign and speedy curt ft r itcipfe it MMUMpMft barrenness, Leucorrhcea, ot Whites, obstructed or difficult Mentrn<iUM,Ioeentta?iei of V> iue. or involuntary disclu'Rc thereof, ami lor the gene prnstr >tion of the system?ao matter whetner theresnli <il tiihereuL cause or cause:', prouuctd by irregularity, illnesi or accident. Notln-gcan he more sur|iritiug than its invigorating eflecti nr. the human f our. Persons all weakness and lassitude be fore ' ikin'.' it. at ouce become robust and full of energy an der its i lluence. It immediately eounteiacis the nerveless tin of the female frame, w inch is the gie&t cause ol barren uess. In will not be expected of us, in c ises of so delicate ar. i tuie, to eshibit certitic ites of cures performed, but we cat nssuie t' e alrticted that louidretls of eases have been reporter tons. Se vet. rl i ases wlie.e families have been wiibont ebil hrn h. en blenrd Willi healthy offspring. Im. Towmskno:?tly wife being greatly distressed bj wt >1< i ? ?"'l general debility. niul *nnerin?< continually bj pain a .<! a leuta'ion i.f near ng down, falitug of the womb and with rlbrr difficulties, nud having known cases when your ii.i dioine haa rffec'ed great eurra. and also lieari, g i leeommend d tor audi cases an I b ivc described, I obtgiuei n U ntie I your Mtract uf Smsaparilla aud followed tin dire' '0'i? von nave me. In a ihuil period u leinuved i t . I i mi estored her haal h. being grateful for t.n beiiru;i alie received, I lake pleasure in thus acknowledge it, nud rewununendi K it to llie public. vl. II, MOOillC, cur. of Grand and Lydins ita Alb uy, Aug. n, 1814 < oaaaciK, Sept. 28, 1816 )Jr. i ownii' id To "II whom tins inay concern?'1 hia ii lo i-eiliiv Hi l my ? itc used c ue buttle of your Sarsnparilh previous to her conliuemeut, under tbe inoit alarming nn< drlicite ciicumaiancea, being troubled wi b tbe dropsy awdlii J of the (Vet, uervoiia affections, and rury mncli dr tillitoted ; wiili my perauaaion, and tbe recommendation o tlioiu who had uaed it, she waa induced to tiy it. with littli or II fault , n d suffice it to say, the medicine bail the happ; and drilled effect, not only in tbe luiuraof cunlinement, bu aller the i? pi ration of one week of in use, tne dr, .pay am iter-. ,.ua tflection g ivu way >o an nstoiiislinig degree, and he health is u iw bet er than it bad hceu for a long nine previous ll :bu w ill be uf any service to you, or nuy one who duubt th' success of ihe medicine, you nre entirely welcome to it 1 subscribe myselt your inoal obedient and obliged servant 8. 8. JAMK8UN. ALMOST \ MIRACLfc. Head the following ami d ie'it it you call, that c.aisuinp tiou raunut be cured. This ie oujjr one sit several liunaro cases I lias i'owuaeu'l'a Sariapai ili.s lies s cured o.......... .. is is IS Dr. I ownxend? Dear Sir : I wax tagen * little over a yen ago with a severe cough and pain in iriv tide?it increased o me very fiat indeed. I wu proununced by physicians t lame the quick eon in hi p> it >11 I ranted large ^uanliitex ot ba matter, lud night iwta'i, end sinking very (.nil?my duett *?id lie could do nothiug lor me. 1 went to trie hospital i Iki|i<i ol bring benefited, lint wm proiiouucetl there a* met ruble I waa now greatly distressed at the Inngt, and cool h iidly breitht?I eoon became emaciated, and expected t die; ?<ihi lined to iny bed. and ataa obliged to have watt I en?indeed I c. iniior y ire you any description that Would d lattice to iny c?ie I win supposed by iny friends to he pai Yteovery ; I had tried a grent number ?f remediea, and a seemed to oe nl no pn'Poae. I re el or aume most eitraord Dies tieel |>erfornird by your medicine, and to tell ynu tl truih, I suspected there waa (.nne bunions in them. But w m ini ) d to try p?I dome 10, and am very thankful I di I p. i '>>'? . mat I mi eutliely well, nut I am ao lar recove ed . ? to 1 .lout my business, and hope to he entirely we i.i a I iv werh i ,<y cough ana pain in the aide, alia mgl swenti have le t me, anil i raise hut very little, and am 'a giining my usual streagih. I I'eel it a duty to give you i >r.nieU' of my caae to publish if you rleme. I'k.'J BtiOVViN, 47 LiHie street, Brooklyn. RHKU.VlyfriHM AM) THK HILKM. September IS, IMS. ))r Townawd?Deer Sir:?My wife ha* been for serer .-art r.dliiiid wiib u .euinntiain Sue liaa tried many di lerenf remediea to obtain aome relief, bat mi to uo purpte I.w dn.' aeei g your advertisement,to git pau ip rillaa trial. We procured aome of it from >m agent (?r. Y'an Buatirk,) and it girea me pleasure to ata that alter using it the experienced great relief, and wag in very abort time perfectly cured. 1 wee alee (together with E NE' NEW ^ m*n in my employ) badlv troabled with Pi lei, nod by using | small quantity ?f your Saraaparilla. on uomplaiut whi completely cured, i conaider it one of the beat ot uirdi ciuea and wou.d adviae all who are afflicted ro live it a trial UAURIT (iAKRABK ANT, m Market at., Newark ? _ , PILK8, P1LK8. PILES. Dr 1 ownsend a Hnrsap irilla is uo leia aueeraaful ill curing thia distressing complaint, thai for diseases of the blood, <lya pepaia, rheumatism, and ueiyoua debility. l<ead the follow ug:? Dr. I owuseud : Dear Sir?The effects of your Saraaparilla 1 are truly wouderful. Kor the last six or eight years past. 1 have been subject to severe attacka of the piles, during iin.c ihucicu nil inc tortures 01 inat complaint. and had despaired f ever rinding rettef ercept iu death. I linvr the pleasure to inform you "mere t> yet a balm iu Oilead." 1 hare uaed two bottle* of your Sarsaparilla, and feel no rein ! n&niofiny old complaint. 1 lend you tin* fur publication' and any periou you may refer to me, I would be happy to m, form of the benefit I have received at your baud. Your*, truly, JOHN HALL, 49 Kulion ?t. July 6, 1848. Thema* Smith, printer, 162 Nassau itrert, 3d *tnry, cured of a long standing aggravated ca*e ol the Piles. Jauie* P Neilaou, Harlem, wa* afflicted with the bleed lg pile* fur leveral year*, and was entirely relieved by nsiug this remedy. fe KKYSIPKLAS. The following i* a letter receutly received Irom ageutlemas residing in New Haven:? New Havtin, July 1, 1816. DIl TOWNRKND?Dkah Sib.?I have been trohbled with the erysipelas for two years, and could not net anything to remove it. 1 at last resolved to make s trial of your Sii*aparilta. I took two bottles, and began to improve. Icontiuned to get better very m?l, and when 1 had taken live bottles it entirely cured me. 1 was recommended to try your medicine by a friend that had used it with aurcest, aud it done the work for me. Yeurs, respectfully, HKINKY 8. WILLIS. ! Principal office, 126 Kulton street, Suu Building, New York; Redding It Co., No. 8 Stare street, Boston; Dr Uyott St sous, 132 North 2d street, Philadelphia, S. S. Hance, Drugg'st, Baltimore; Durol St Co , Richmond; 1*. M. Cohen, Charleston;JVVright St Co., 151 Chartres street. New Orleans; 105 Mouth Pearl street, Albany, and by principal drug gists generally tnrougnout the United states, West Indies, and the C&uadas. | None genuine, uuleia rnt up in the large sqnare bottlei, which contain a quart, and si.' ued with the written signature of 8 P T'tWlSttV.N D and his uxine blown on the glaaa.| tsA 410 In, T.Th??.?, '|?HK TKUtJTKKS UK f'tiK NEW YORK ijOCIKi'V 1. LI OKA 11Y would direct the attention of the public <o the following brief account of the present condition ol'this institution, and of the effort now malting to iucreasn its :in porianco and usefulness. The institution is now, in every rcspeot, prosperous \ it is free from financial embarrassment; its real estate, indep?,deut of its books, far exceeds in value the nmouot of its obligations, and its income provides for its current expenses, and for considerable annual additions to the library It has recently erected a noble library edifice, in a central situation, on the principal street of the city, spacious enough for a library of mere titan n hundred thousand volumes Its present library nuinbrrs forty thousand, general ry w?l I selected vol a toes (man? of which are rare and costly); it may, therefore, be said to have laid tne l'oundatiou f rn library nl the first el ass, and such the trustees are determined to make it, if the public will foster it as the importance of the object demands. Attached to she library is a convenient and commodious reading room, well supplied wiih the home and foreiitu journals and newspapers, which offers every accommodation, both for quiet reading and a rapid glnuce at the newa of the d<y. One of the objects now in view is to transfer this dep turnout ol'the library to the first floor of the building, lo render it more accessible to persons whose time is limited, and to extend the library proper over, the whole of the second floor. The institution is not, as many have supposed, an exclusive one. Anv person of fair character m?y become a i, ember of it on application to the librarian, and enjoy us pmiligcs by paying twenty-five dollars, the price of a share,and an annual asssisinent ol six tlnllari : the latter may he commuted at any time by the payment of seventy ive d? liars. Tnis is the condition and character ol'the institution, in whose benefit the public now invited to participate, and for wh se advanennrut their co-operati' n is solicited, it is hoped that every fiiend to the inoial and jntellectuil improvement of our city, every parent who would funiish various and valuable reading to his children, every one who seeks an occasional retreat from the toils and tumults of business, in a word, every one who knows the value of a great library in a great metropolis, and is not now a member of this institution,will immediately become one; and that thn?? who are already members of ii will lend their active and efficient aid in raiting it to the rank which the Trnsieei are now aiming to give it. If tins is done, the Trustees pledge themselves to the public that nothing snail be wanting on their part to carry out tlris great object, and eunble the institution toattaia a character and present an aspect of extent and importance that will make it the boaat and honor of the cirom-rcial metropolis of the Union. let lawSatmfh "HfcHKEW HENEVOLENT SUOlETY." THE eighth annuel Ball, in a d of the funds oi the above Society. will take place a', the Apollo Hooms, Wednesday, March 3. 1847. Tickets admitting a gentleman anJ two ladies, Five Dollars?To be had of ihe following CO St M IT T KU or AHRAN<>K?ir.NTS. H. AUN80N.7- William street. LEWIS MAWSON, 143 Water street' JOHN LEW, 131 William street. LYONEL A MYERS, 18 lleide street. M. A. MITCH* LL, 24 > Front afreet. LEWIS 8 LEVY, 49 Maiden I ane. SYLVESTER BRUSH, cor. Fiueand Water its. CHARLES S. LYONS, 3t> Cedur street 13 W8t3 to m3r L.H. J' i i ts ivunaa HKCOMM K N D IT. ROAKK'S IODINE LINAMENT Has enred and will cure the woist possible cssea of Khenmniisin, Goat, Swellings, Sprains, Bruises, tumors, callosities, scrofula or king's evil, chilblains, flesh wounds, diseases < f the spine or hip-joint, head-ache, croup, stiff neck,saltrhcum, erysipelas, dropsy, lever-sores, corns, bunions, scalda, tooth-ache, pain iu tne side or breast, pimples, riugworm or tetter, barber's ilch, eruption of the skiu, Ike., &c. MEAD THE EV DENOTE. WM. T. PEEK,94 John atreer, was cured of tininsy Sore Throat by a faw applications, he says it is the best remedy he eversaw\ COL. JENKINS has tested its superior me licinal virtues to his entire satisfaction for Gout and Ulcers. Residence East 13th sireer, 4 doors from Irving IMaie. JOHN E. KEEi.ER, of the Brooklyn Orphan Asylum, wax cured of Ri euraitic Fains, Pain iu the Side if He says it ii the best family remedy lie ever saw, and wouiduot be* without it under any ronaiileration Mr F A. BUADL.Y will testify to the astonishing rdiel he obtained from the use of the Liniment, after lie had tried every thing he.could hear of w ithout benefit for Inflammatory Rheumatism Residence 7 Chrystie street. HON. F. THICK, ol 41 Warreu atreet, will testify to ita superior medicinal virtues. COM. GEOI4GE DEK AY was cured of Rheumatic Gout. 1 New York, Not., 18?. Messrs. 8. J. InriEmoLL it Co : Gentlemen: I am unt given to puffing the various nostrums of the day into existence, or raise my voice iu their favor, yet these rious conviction that yours is one of intrinsic merit, (from 1 the astonishing relief 1 have received) and a real benefit to the afflicted, .induces me to offer my humble testimony. I .an now FIFTY-SIX YEARS ofage. and bare heeu afflicted with RHEUMATISM for the last ten years. In April las' I caught a very severe cold, r which increased my Rheumatic 'pains, so that I was confined 1 to the house. I employed my family physician, who attended me until the first ol May without relieving me at all. In 1 fact, I crew ? orse, ami so much so. I was confined to my ' bed. I rnutimied IB Hi VI) for nearly 2 months, sufferuiK every thine but death un bic to sleep, raise tny arms or move I with nit suffering the moil. eacruciating pain. A Iririiil of untie called upon me. who h >1 heeu raTd wi'h uKOAKK'.H IOUIN K LINIWKVr. I induced me ro try it, which 1 Cid. Tim fist application g<ve ine relief. I continued to npply it according to directions, end I - 12 honr* was completely relieved fiom pain. I continued to use it nutil I had used two b tiles, which effected a I perfect cure. I have had no return of the puns since; have r attended daily to my mechanical business. I would not he ! without it uuder any couaide ration, and ndvise all who are Dins ., Ill .ctf d to try it at once. knowing It to be the onlv rcme I 4 that can be relied on. Yours, htc. " WILLIAM I. JOHNSOPf, South Third, near Fourth street, Williamsburg. LOSS OF THEUSK OF THE tCT" LIMBS ^Oi Maw York, Oct. 24,1816. Messrs 8. Ipccrrsoll, k Co.: UrnTLmnn: It is with leelinKi of the ntmist gratitude I offer you my 1 humble testimony in favor of your a >st valuable liniment. ' About fifteen montly ago, while ei g?,'ed at iny work, I was r mlrfii suddenly with a severe pain in my ankle, winch for two , days nod nights depiived me snlirely I'rmn sleeper r it My mother cause ine to be removed home, and sent for a Doctor ' win attended me for some tune, and finally told me that he I could not help me. and advised mv being 8KNT TO THfc. IIOM TrAL. ' I went and remained therethree Months, under the rare of t the able and scientific Ph.sicians aitaclitil to that inati'u1 tion While there I was leeched twice; had five blisters on ' my ankle, and cupped three 'iin/s. Finding no benefit from > that mode of treatment, they concluded t> try cold w.tler, which they continued some time, aud receiving no relief. I abandoned il. My fnt and ankle dreadfully swollen and black, and cold as ire, I was again brought home, hnviug given up all hopes of ever getting relief At this time n f.tend procured a bottle ol Koike's Iodine Liliiinent, aud seui it to me, advising me to m ike a thorough tiial of it. > Ht range to tell, I leit almost immediate relief?the pain > : which nod been seated in my ankle, aeemed to be broken up 1 1 and ac.altered I MliWM the me pt H tMMfllll WNll wish increasing meceis, and until I mil need aome half a iww kittlfii whieh hm tffnul a mfumrti imioimii ' but a alight weaknea* rein'iniug Wordn are but feehle ex ' iirceaiona of the gratitude 1 leel towards you, brought, na I f have baan, Iroin a atnt* of wretched helplaaauoa to perfect t health. I shall e >er pray for your proxperitv nod happineai. Truly and ainccrely yours, ' Signed, MARY, i' 112 Sixteenth creet I hereby certify that the above certificate, aiKued by any daughter, ia true in every reapect. I* ANN McALISTKR. State ol New|York, city and county of New York, , . peraonally appeared before me, Auu anil Mary , i } i? a. J McAliater, aad being by me duly aworn, d< th de1 ' poae and aay, that the above certificate argued by them, iatrue in every reapect, Bw?a to before me thia 24th day of Uctoher, 11146. ' Sign A), T VAN TINE, u Alderman ol the Ninth Ward o d PAIN KILLER " Mr.sBM. S. IvoraioLL It Co ? Gentlemen? During the n 1 month nl September laat, rny wife apniued her ankle an bad 'J | ly that I wnn obliged to carry her up ataira and put her to bed. ' I made up my mind that ahe would not be able to wnlk again 0 i for a month, at leant, but to my anrprise. after making a lew j1" I thorough application! nf'Konke'a Iodine L>inament,"shr waa 0 | the next m iruing entirely well. I have nlao b en for yearn i! tronblrd with chilblain!, and have tried every thine 1 have " I heard of. bill never luunil anything tl?*t gave tnetn-h iinme! it lata nuti permanent relief, at the uae cf your "Iodine JL i u '? meut." Vour? truly, J | HYLVANUR WHITK, ' 273 Unrig* itreet, Brooklyn. Brooklyn, Dec. 16, IH6. '! *. INOKK8l>LL,?ole proprietor. 'j Principal Depot, 230 PtAltL Street. 8. INfJMlSOLL, ole proprietor. Kor tale, alio, by all ie?peci?ble druggist*, fe.'i eod2m?r NOTIOtS. fHE eopartnerthip heretofore rutting between the Mr " dMLtued, under the firm of Brow* it Bnoogt. i* thi* I day JPWv'jl by mutual content. The ontntwdiiig debit of Bie ftTtn wil he eeltled by air Brookt, to whom all debtt ,e | due tl e eoucarn mutt be paid, end in the settlement of wliith ir he ii aiyhorized to use the naine of the firm : . w^r WJlhoKM. I ? ? To*, Jan. M, 1MT JH W YO T)RK, SATURDAY MOR TO LKT ?The neat mil eouveuient two storjr briek I House (with lint* iiiiilerrellar) 170 I'riure street, corner XJUL'Thiiilivnn, situated in >t (.feasant and ueu!eel neiRhburin* d The home is tiuishril in the bed in inner, aud Mil be iceii before lu o'clock. A. or slu r -I P. M? Iinimre of J rt. (? MACL A V, 40 Kiut Broadway. MOSES B. MACLAY, Aitorui/y at Law. fl4 rh 0 NassiU s'reet. I I'd ASS A l'lAiUA HOl'SL. ArA THE KEEPER ol theaboye house, harm* retired Irom the business. the house will_ be let ou fgTl moderate terms lor one or a number ol years, cnuinieuciug uu lire lint of March nrxt This establishment be iug no well known, an alto the celebrated trout pond ad joining. it 11 needle,j to nay more. For particular* apply to the nubneriher, near the premises. N. B. The above establishment would be rented very low to a party of gentlemen. THOMAS FLOYDJONK8. South OvstkrBay. L. I. fl3 to mar I'rro ~~ FUR 3ALK. ! MOne of the mom beautiful and desirable residences , in the State of Connecticut, nitua ed in th? city of Norwlcb, rorner of Washington and Vantic streets, uow owned and oecuped by Mrs. Kip. >ud formerly the rraideuce of Win C. Urlm or, klsci , by wnoin the house was built, and the grounds laid out. '1 here are about live scrrs ol laud, covered with ebgHnt shade trren and shrubbery, with varieties of fruit trets, gooseberries, currants, raspberries, , strawberries, tic The sceneiy iroin the grounds is beautiful and picturesque, equal to ans' in tlin . vale. The htuse is very conve lent. With two well > of exc lieu' and never f iling water on the prr nines, and the place combines every ihiug to in tke it one of the olo t de igtilf i| rrtideuces in N ew Kiigland. and nffe a 1 tare nppi r,unity to any geutlein ,n wishing a beautiful country se.v. For 'eriii? o d n tlier particulars,apply to Charles Add ,ins. Esq., No ?b Ursolic Building, corner Broadway and Chambers street, or to the subscriber on the premises. W. C. WHITRIDUF.. Norwich. Feb '0 l?47 1I2 I in* re t"K *AL,E?JSRUOK.LYN (jflk The l t -.i d tliree-uorv brick House, ou the southwn.t CO.. er of Hicks and Backet streets The lot is .i^flfl.iwmiy-1 r?-e feet in f ont aud rear, by one hundred ueei . The ionise was builr dornig the last year, has marlPe mantels ihroughnU'.. plated 'uruiture. a sub cellar, I.oil por tiro in front, and hack piazzas enclosed with glass It is | within three iinuulei'Walk of Haimls u avenue lerry and I tlie A' antic I) ek old li teeu uiiuarsi from 'he riouth ferry, in a lapi-tly improving neighborhood Also tor stle, the House and Cot adjoining, of same tie I scriptiou. Apply to K' IAS <i BKOWN, Ac rilussoh ft Sehell's Office, 2(1 Nassau street, i IB i*'ft FOK 8ALE. Aa| \ THREE STORY HOUSE on 23d street, between I. .2# I tie 2ni iii.d 3d Avenues. It is well fiuianed, aud rejfwiflLi'lrte with tlte Intcsi improvements, lulltiding Uitchen muge, sink, cold tmd warm h.i lis, water closet', ike . I'nlmii main e mantles ti roughnut tlte house ; a court yard ol' filtreo lee t it. f out,with ver uid di end Kreucli windows. The house i? one of a row of six houses o i the south sole of the street. Kor lurcher particulars apply to VYSE Jt SONS, ft Im'r 173 Pearl streat. FOll i<ALE, io4 A FARM of fifty two acres, most delightfully si in ted, ihout live miles from Elir.ibcihtown, i\. J., ^JUHLcom ri.?iug a haiidsouie eouunodious dwelling hoase, iitteTw it h ma'blp mantles, and every courenieuce for a respectab'e family ; the whole including gardener's hoote. Iiains, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial state of rep-ir; the orchard c-nusius iweuty acies of choice fruit tie?s. I he easy accesa (roin New York, either by the various cais Iroiu Jersey City or the lerry to Elisabelhpnrt, whence a railroad train runs within u hundred yards of the Injure, reuders this prape'ls very vuluihlctu those doing business ill this city. The greater part of the purchase money can remain for three years on bond and mortgage, at live per cent V YhE Id SONS, 172 Peart street. Also, fertile, a dwelling house No. 381 Washington street. ft lm*r ______ MEOUK LOTS, ou the noitli side of 41st street, betweeu the 7in anil 8th avenues, with a Dwelling tlonse and Carpenter'sh h op on oeeof the lots. AUo, a mail Knnn on the turnpike road, Knr Kocknway, Long island, containing about six acres ol land, two under cultivation, one acre of line large Peach .Trees. of thechmc est fruit, a small House, and about four acres ol Woodlnud, til enclosed in go d fence. Also, several odfier places of land at Hockaway, for sale Kur oarticulars. nmilv to JOHN L. "OHTON, Jr. 14 Delancey st. or I in I in're JOHN H POWER. 1M Fulton si. N. V JyL FOR 8\LK, or to exchange lor city property?A [ handsome cottage, with lire or tan acres of land, aituaI^il within two utiles of the Marine Pavilion, Hocks?ay, l.oug Island, ou the Hoclcaway Turnpike. The live lueeof laud attached to the cottage are well studded with unffi and I'm it trees. There is a good harn and otlier outhouses on the property; also an ice house; and the samu is ve 1 situated for a geutleman who would like a comfortable con-dry residence. Also about seventy acres of laud, cou stilly 1.1 w iod-bind, meadow and tillable land, which will be (old in different parcels. Apply to j 13 Im ?rc JOHN L NORTON, Jr.. 14 Pelancyst. FARM. FOR SAL*; AT AUCTION. rye* Will be sold at auction on Tuesday, the 2ddavof #Cj?J\lurch nest, the valuable Farm on which the subscriber aJka^'iow resides. The (aid farm coutains about 47 acres ol good laud, with a good 1) veiling, Harn, Carriage House, and ol the necessary out buildings; is situated in the town of Vlaiiiaroiieck.coiiuiy of Westchester, about one mile frost the village of Mamnrnneek, ou the Weaver street road, 31 miles from the City Hall, md near the line of the New Haven and New York inilfroad; h it an abundance of the best luality ol fruit. The sa'e will be positive, to take place at I M. on the greinisrs For further particulars enquire of T. \ Lawrcucei New Horhelle, or of the subscriber, ou the nremises. ji30 lrn*re 1, KITS' A141) UK.KLVN. RATHBUN'S MOTEL. 161,163, 165 Iff 167 Broadway, New York. a This new and in igmlicent establishment, recently opened us a Public liotcl, ? up in modern style, with the latest improvements, and is ol sufficient ca mcity to accommodate 2I'U persons. Resides a very spacious iJining Hall, it contains an nuusuil u mlier of pleasant Parlors, with large wrll ventilated 'Jedr oms, all splendidly famished with entirely new I'urni core .1 location in very desirable and convenient, both for msine and pleasure, being between Conrtlandt nod Lthorty iLeets The i mpnetor ol thin establishment intendi to make it ine ol 11 e innst roinfiirnble, pleasant, and business like places in t lie city cf Mew York, and er yams or expense will .<* spared t thin pint o Orel the wants of his guests?thereby hotline islmre liberally in the public patron ige, while he remains tho | ublic's humble servant, U. KATHBL'N j27 lm?rc KOK. SALK, AVKKY valuable Flouring Mill, with sis ruu o( stones, situated on Long Islnuil Hound, where vessels cau go aI outside at all sessous ol the year; has very great water enwer, a small part only being impnred 'or the mill, which is in It st rate order. Also, unite near the mill, a Country Seat, beautifully located, w tih a fine and emensive Iniul and water view, within a short distance of the Mew York and New Haven Railroad, vnd in oue of the mutt pleasaul towns in New fchglaod. Kor fall parties! >rs, enquire of W.M j, TOWNHF.ND. Krsnk'in Hon.e, V Y. N B.?The above will be ssihl at a bargain j31 3w'rh NATUKAL MUSIC. STILL greater attraction at AHCHY'A, No. i John street?A. (J. lias just received by the last packets j^ll-jfrot.i Km ope a considerable ndditioi ro hisalreaoy faK-C most estrusivs stock of Hinging and Fancy Hi. da ? Amnugst the following will he found MU of the most choice Jesciiption of Long Breed and Dutch (- naries, mated and prepared to he pnr np for hitching Bird' ares. Bird Needs, uid all other things pert.ining to the above, wiil at aU limes he found at ArchyNo. J John st. ,\. B? Sli?tl?,.d Pools. K,i,l> I IharL-s Rnanlela, Uret hounds, and other Inucy dons c.onstan I y on hand. I' 8.?An early inspection i? requested, at this is without doubt the select on he r ai evrroffered. j20 I mm JullNsTdiN'rt iilKl. No.2tK) BROALHVAY, one door from Clumbers /aft.a''ret.?BO bag* Canary seed, aided, at wheleralc fPn-Y price, by the single bushel-, a line aelection of the long *breed Canaries, high colors; Herman sor.g biros, .'hioesr spice lords, Jav i sparrows, mocking birda, lark*, red birJa, all iu aonit Kaury cages, breeding cages, bird seeds, nest hot's, stuff lor nests. All articles ill the line iu great variety, by W. ?. JOHNSTON, 280 Broadwny, New York. I' H?Letters as above will he attended to. j21 lin*r OOOUV K A It'S OVICHMHIiP.S, I HO HIlilAO.W A V A-u LA I) IKS' AND UENTLEviEN'S oTKttSHOKS, niannficrured of ('s eeleor ited faict Aieiallic India Rubber, perfectly tlriible in the coldest weather. Kor sale by the case or single p ir, bv SAMUEL BROOKS, Sole Aitent for Ooodye tr's .VI suufactories, f2 l?a*rh IK) Broadway, opposite Triuitv I'li'ireh CiOAL?PEACH 651 HARD. kki> \*7i. I.ATTOK 2 nut, Sfi ; 'Kit. br ken and stove, $6 ; Lehigh, I urn t>, 80; i KK. 't"ve and nu', $f>; lliese re cash pn ea, less iO era. lor < ir aire. Ml c-.als are all I ,L. -.1 firm my coal vard.tW hliz .belli street aid corner ol Mainmursley ml Bedford streets 116 lM*ic JACOB WEEKS, Jr. I'APKIt WAKEHDUSK. I'HK subscribers offer for mile a Inrte and u-el assorted I stock of Writing, I'finring, Hirdware, Eiyclope and Wrqiping ipe,-. Irons aereral ol the heit paper rnilla in the coll' try. Tli-y '.re prepared to in ike Printing Pa) er, at short notice, at tilnir Paper Works, Windsor Locks. Loiiuecticut miasE * bkook a, IV18 I w re 83 and 67 Nassau street. TO OWN f. K:-> UP KfiAL ESTA J t (JHAM'IM DLAM'MKT, Attrnt, inlormi the owner* nl " Heal Kitatr, thiu. ? takes charge of letting houses, leas; inn lots, slid colic, ting reuts, on the most reasr.naide terms, K. tt. hat been, for the last two yean, the agent of the lute IoIm Toanoletaad devoting all hia time to the shore business, ho v? ill gire lull sarisl action to those persons who will entrust him wuh their confidence lie rnn aire the best references, nod security to any amount if required Please ><l diesa a note through the Post Office, No 178 Siiih Arenua. Office hours, before 9 A. M and Htter 5 P. M la*! lm*'S A C U Klv KU It "CO LDd. I VI KS. CARHOLL'd Medicated Vapor and Sulphur ; iTl baths, IHI pulton street, opposite Hhareh street. A certain enre for Cslds, Coughs, Khenmstisia, Soie Throat, and all n il iintnslory diseases incident te ths changeable t'teof the weather, 'l'he .sulphur Vapor Bath is particu i la-ly recommended by our tir?t physicians ?s a cure for all | eruptions and diseases ol the skin. CSu danger of taking cold afser the use of these baths. i-"? li?s? | C U A !.. [STILL continue to sell the hest qualitr ol Ked Aih Cot' at these prices for cash. Un Iseu, cux, and stove, $ti 'i0 | large not, (6 00; screened mid delivered la good order, from mi yard, corner ol Kirk nod lireeinvico streets. JO ceuti i will he allowed to those who wish to send their nw 11 carts. 1? Im're fHTKH Cf.lNTirN. 8UIJPKNDKHtt FOR EXPORT. r|tHKKK thousand doxen Citent rorrMX.i'ed Suspenders | A adapted to rhe Mesican and Month American, as weli , as domestic trade, and warranted to stand nnallecied b, asj i climate. Kor sale by the manufacturer and owner of tin patents. < d?0 Ins r HOKW.KH I) A V. M I'oitrrl indt street DR. I'UWELla, OVvUlrl^T AND Al/ln.- l, \ TT?N D8 to Diseases of the Kye and Kar, and to all im 1 J\ perfections of Vision, from 9 to 4 n'clocS, at Ins resi I oence and office. Ml Br.wtdwav corner of Wtrren street. Opthalmis. Stoppage nl me Tear Passage, Lataracu, ear ! Opacities, enertually removed AMAUROSIS treats 1 with treat attention and saceesa STRABISMUS, ae S punting, cured ia a lew mtnntes Deafness, and all discharges from the far, permanent!) > eared. I ARTIFICIAL ITtl Inserted. I fepeeueles adapted te every defeat. JM lm*re RE 1 NINti, FEBRUARY 20. t AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. TKIiKUKAPUICt Hen ate Al?akv, Feb. 10, 1847. | Tho resolution culling upon Congress to appropriate $5*0 000 for the re lief of the suffering poor of Europe, wus taken up anil debated at length, but was subsequeutly laid over. Mr Dk*!?iito* in'roduccd a'bill praying for an appro priation for the canul debt, Rnd tor the maintenance of the canals for the year 1817. Adjourned. Aasemhly. Aiei-r, Feb. 19, 1847. Mr. Siiumwat reported nlverao to tho bill in relutiou to collection of debts, against vowels, be. in New York. | Mr. B1.0DSKTT reported back tin bill to rc-submit tho amendments to the city charter for ud iption or rejectirfi by the citizens of i/u'v Yo k. 3 Mr. Wsiuh r reported a genera! appropriation bill, necessary under the now constitution. \lr nH'.m.) H. - f.. II ~ ... : - '-.i! Ul-L ~r. ........ ..4? ivukhiii] irwrium, wiuril was adopted : ? Resolved, That th? president of tin N'aw Vork and Harlem Riitroad Co lie required to i -;ir?rt forthwith to the secretary ol State, under oath. ? foil and detailed staienieut <d it* hosine*-!. i i accordance with the act of Murcii;? ISIS, and a st.iiomcut ol iu j.r sent indebted* nest, mi I the nil iiber of mare* they h ive isssued and sold, ami the uuni'ioi of Ituvs the) nave hypothecated, if any, foe the purpose of extending nail road, and the number l liaiea which h.tvd been issued since the commencement el sii i i n.i I t tno origiuul par value of said s lares, and at wii thoy were issued, and if euid company have, within one your, sol i any of suck shares oi stock at I'M than par value, and if any have heon issue 1 and sold, a stale ion!ol the number of shares sold, and oi the amount received thereon The Judiciary Districts hill was next taken up, and debated. Amendments and alterations were ottered, but each was voted down as soon as proposed. Mr. Baloom moved to amend the 2d section of tho bill, so as to provide tor toe election of the county judges and Surrogates at the sam j time with the Judges of the Court of Appeals, ict. Mr. Shcmwat remarked,that the Judiciary Committee proposo to bring in a separata bill for the election of County Judges, Surrogates, District Attorneys, and Recorders No question was taken, and the committee rose and re ported Mr. Bcshfiell then moved to refer the bill to a Solect | Committee, with instructions to report the second see tion of the bill as it now stands. The second section provides for the election of Justices of the Supreme I'ourt, Judges and Clerks of the Court of Appeals, (on the 4Ih Tuesday of May next. Mr. Bascom moved to amend, so as to provide that all future elections for these officers shall be on a different day from the general election. No question taken. Adjourned. BY THK nAIhH. LKUISL.1TIVE PilOCEBDINGS. Albany-, Feb. 18, 1847. Senate. Mr. Hand presented a remonstrance from the Cambridge Academy against any ieduction of the usual ucaJemicul appropriations. Mr. Van Schoonhovbn presented the memorial ot the Female Moral Reform Society of Troy, for the supressiou of licentiousness. tercy whi impregnable The language wm extrava Kan'. Resolutions acted upon by this Legislature wouli probably be read in Kurope ; and he did not want to anh jecl himself to the criticisms of British review era. lli iecollected lome lines which were written in knglain tiy a doggerel peat on the exploit of Wolfe at Quebec I'he poet said : ? ' And what ia more particular, He (Wolle) climbed ovar rockj which were more thai perpendicular." (Laughter) lie did not know how it happened that thi lacks weie more than perpendicular, hut he hoped tha we should not uae such ridiculous language in recount ing the military achievements of our officers. In re sport to the question of boundary, if we had a title tc the llio Grande under the treaty of Louisiana, ho want ed to know why our Government had not set up tilt title agamit Mexico a quarter of a century ago. Mr bust here offered the following resolution, as s luhititute lor the several resolutions before the Sen ate : ? " Resolved, That in the ju Igment of this Legislator! the tlia- ks of the people of the Hinted States are due u Major General Zachary Taylor, Brigadier Gen Wm. J Woitli, and brig Gen. John K Wool,and the officers an< soldiers under their command, for the fortitude, skill uod bra voi y which they have displayed in their achieve men's in the existing war with Mexico. This resolution was read by the Clerk, and laid upon the table. Messrs. Vak H#hooxho?in and Clark, in a dialogue upon the propriety ol the language used in the resolu lions as they were pasted by Uia lliuso, displayed conversational powers oi a high order. Mr. Clark attempted to show that the resolutions, as they came from tin House, were nonsense ; that the writer was a tautolo gist; be said the resolutions reminded him of " statei preaching" at a camp meeting, lie criticised the lau ' iruasre with the utmost severity Mr. Vax ScHoouHOvats eserted himself to defend thi House lie lead and re read the resolutions; he expati ated 11 ;>on untecedents, penultimates, consonants, voweli punctuations, and dinthongs. ilo was excruciatingly ca techised by some half u doxen Senators, and was dually compelled to abandon his object altogether. .Neither wore all the assaults upon tlio dignity of thi Houso conflued to the present House; the Assembly o last year suffered terribly. Mr Uxanow read an extract from a speech of Mr Johi Young in tlio Assembly of last year, as reported in tin jj,?iu, tipou the war with Mexico. Mr. Young said tin first, second, and third blows had been struck by Mexi I co; our soil had been invaded - the blood ot our cl'ixen liail been impiously spilltd, etl., etc. Mr. Barlow mad an "odorous" companion between this Mr. Young au , the whig p?ljr. ; The buinte ad journed without voting upon tlio rcso ^ lutjons. Assembly. Mr. Masks presented the petition of owners of ref estate in the city ot New York, praying lor the imsni I rm nt 01 repeal of the net passed last session, ontitle [ | "An act to equalise taxation." | Mr Shum.vat, lrom the Committee on the Judiciary to which wus referred the bill to provide lor tlio allov anoe ol wrl's ot cortiO'-ari, In criminal cases, conform 1.1) to the petition ol William II. be w aid, reported tli hill complete. The bill wns ordered to bo nngioiscd for a third ira< ing, and wns subsequently read a third time and pa?st I ? as es BO, noes 1 (Mr Bell, of Cay wga ) This bill Wns putilished in the Urmld yesterday It confessedly a plan matured by Mr. Howard, the counsi for the negio krecman to pave the way lor the ultima' ' ?c initial ol his client It msy be an act of ibensvoleuc and It may riot be 1 Mr Bobfili, from tha Judiolary ommittta, reports .ur it a h ii i h iiiiuuucuu u general luw "> me incorporation ot' religious societies. The general act of incorpo. ration oT these societies, which has hitherto existed, will be essentially modified by this new ant. A local hill occupied the attention of the Senate during the morning hour. ot?. 1achahy taylor?tautology. The Chairman of the Committee on Military Aflairs, (Clark) having just returned to the Senate, called for the consideration of the concurrent House resolutions of thanks to Uon. Zachaiy Taylor, and other officers of tho \mnricau army. When thoso resolutions were transmitted to the Senate, they were found to be inaccurate, and were referred to the Military Committee, with in i-tructiom to make some verbal smendments, and report 'hem to the Senate; they were amended according to the instructions and rsported to the Senate, when they were referred back again to the same committee with instructions to insert an additional resolution ot thanks to (ten. Wool. The committee added the additional resolution, and reported them a second time with the following amendment, among others:? That the thanks of the Legislature are nreseuted tn Gen. Taylor, die , (or their heroism in the recent gallant achievements over the Mexicans, "in a war forced upon us by the moat flagrant ac's of injustice toward our go vernnient ami citiaens, and in the hostile invasion ol one of the States ol this Union " To-day, these house resolutions as amended were cell ed ti|> by the Senator who amended them, (the chairmun of the Military Committee ) Mr Ci.srk said he would endeavor to explain his rea sons for mcor|ioratinK the objectionable feature (quoted above) into tho body oithe resolutions. The resolu ioni as they came from the House, were not true; they de dared that the battles of Tale Alto ami Kesaca de h I'alma were fought " upon the plains of Mexico;" ami that was untrue. If the object was to get up the petty question in relation to the boundary between Texas and Mexico, he would oppose the resolutions; he did not be. iave. however, that the House had any such object in view; he supposed that the a-sertion that the battle Pi Palo Alio was iought upon the plains of Mexico, was written through inadveitence; it was a kind ol rhetorical flourish; he wanted to stiike out the baptismal name which had been given to the location. I'alo Alto and Kesaca de la Palms were not in Mexico. He proposed to consolidate these resolutions: and his object in calliug them up now, was to oft'er a brief resolution ol thanks a* a substitute to them. Mr. Yoi't said ha thought we should avoid any dis cimsion ol the Aiesuon ol boundary ; he had not yet madi up his mind on this subject ; ho thought it would be i little vain in tills Legislature to attempt to settle a ques tiun ol lioundsry batwaen Texas and Mexico In regari to tbe language used in the resolutions, he believed wi ftliriiiM ktrikn mitth* oh uriromtiun that tho oitv #?t Mnn 1ERA 847. in favor of the bill to provide for the appointment of u. r?.<k m..utprii in tIih rniintiea of Uueena. Sutlulk, Richmond and Westchester. The bill was referred to the (Committee of tha Whole The House then passed the bill to increase the capital stock oi the Utica ami Buffalo Railroad Company, so that tho company may relay their road with a heavy , rail. Mr. Small, of New York, introduced a general act to incorporate charitable at:d honevolent societies. The bill wh* referred. An iuterminablo amount of local and private business was disposed of, And the House went in'o Committee of the Whole on the .Senate hill, bH amended hy the House Select Committee, to divide the State into judicial districts. Thei a were a great number ol efforts mad* to amend the hill?all were rejeated. And the Committee rose without having taken n vote ; and the HHn adjourned. The Destitution In the Illghla?4a untl lalainla of Scotland, Ma. Kditoh : ? To tuo Xrw York Htrahl must ho awarded the grate- j ful romembratice of tho Scotch llighl unlets, in culling attention to (he 'amine and pestilence now stalking I ahtoad in the Higtilands and Islands, and entreating sympathy and aid trom tho Scotch bonevoleut societies, ; and citizens of this favored land. It is some what singular, that in tho universal cry of " relief to Ireland " tho forbearing and patient population of the Highlands ami Islands of Scotland, under all their trying privations and destitution, should have been entirely overlooked, ami not even alluded to in public mooting*, whoso object seemed to lie to uxtend the hand of charity ami sympathy to all thoso in our lather land, sulleriug under the dread calamity, with which it has Moused Itivilln Provident-,, to visit these 1 toils. b'rnm vlie spirit of charity now uhroa 1, and the kitdly toolings that have hecn elicited for Irelmid, our hope is that the haydy sons of tho mountains' nAwiail Will ho also mitigated, and pestilence averted, until happier days dawn on their dreary destinies. In proof of the suiter ings of the poor Highlanders, we will make a few extracts Irom the speeches delivered j nt the public meeting in Glasgow, called hy the ; Provost, to take into consideration the destitution in tho i Highlands and Islands ol Scotland : ? The llev. I) . Buchan stated?We are not to resteer!* tented in a case of common humanity with saying what others should do; we are not to say to our starving fellow countrymen?"he yo warmed and be ye led," and then fall hack on tho sellidi notion that some one else will do it When human beings are perishing, and that hy .1 calamity sont hy tho hand of Prsvideooe, we dare not pass hy on the other side. When starvation has dried | up Nature's fountain in tho mother's breast, and the la minished infu at sucks from a furnishing mother its usual nourishment in vein; when tho lather is weeping helpless and hopeless among his children crying lor food which he has not to gi\ o, we should bo less than moo did wo or could wo shut up our bowels of compa sion Irom them. This is strong language, hut not stronger than truth demands. Lot me road a sentence or two illustrative of this dreadful state of things In u communication I have had from South Uist, from a person well known to me and not a native of that country, who was thero on business of his own, and business whi h had nothing to do with the destitution 1 have receivedthis written statement, "starvation, hunger, and famine are in this place. They could not give me u morsel ol bread iu many places, if 1 would have given them tive shillings for one cake. I travelled through the mountains, stop ing ut the huts of the poor people among starving child ren crying to their lathers ami mothers lor bread. I saw the father of eight children crying lor two hours, because he could not provide bread lor his familyIn auo ther communication from Pooleive. addressed to the Secretary ol the Kree Church Destitution Committee, the following statement occurs :?"I have been instructed at a public meeting of the inhabitants to wiite to you forthwith, to request that relief be sent as soon as possible, in order to save a great number ol families who are in utter wretchedness. 1 beg to say, unless this lie done, in several instances, the consequences will be most awful. The rebel cannot come a moment loo soou iu order to save lifo " The writer, a respectable teacher, adds, alter giving.other details?"! beg you will not suppose that 1 have drawn an exaggerated picture of the destitutiin of this place. No, sir; alas! that is beyond my power, nor can I have uny interest in attempting it 1 urn not a native of this place. 1 belong to tho ltouy country. 1 have been long among them. 1 have soun them often in distress, but I never did, nor any man living in tnis country ever sue them in such distress; nor can I help admiring the patience end modesty with which they bear it, aud in trying to conceal their wunt from one another." In another communication Irom two gentlemen, one ol whom is a minister, and the other Mr. h'orsyth, of Dimacli, who have been examining into tho stale ot tlio west coast ot Argyle and Inverness slure, 'he following pa*Hugo occurs: ?" At Arisuig wo met two men who had como over liom the island ot higg in quest ol food for their starving {families; one of them showed me a gown belonging to his wile, which ho hal been oll'oriug lor sale lo get some meal for his children, hut could get no person to buy it. They assured uh there were other tamilies in the sarno deplorable condition Wo immediately hired a smack, took ten hags ot outmeet with us, sai l want (to Knigg. The people hailod rts as angels of mercy. The joy and gratitude of theso people, rapists and I'io'e-tants, proved no small reward for some sell denial in bringing ihem rebel." 1 will trouble the meeting with only one other extract. It re lutes to the Isle of ftkye, and occurs in a communication froui Mr. C. Klder ol Iscloomsay, and others, wlio have seen what they describe. After drawing u mourn ml pictuie of the state of destitutiuu in general, they 1 give the lollowing example. The case occurred in the t parish of Hnizart: ?" Kor instance, in one wretched hovel i wo found tour poor (children under the charge, lor tho lime, of an epilepticjaunt, the youngest on Hm breast (it that breast could supply it with nourishment w nich was leceiviug almost none itself) the oldest not more than six years of age; the paronts had gone to i'orlruu, more than i seven miles off, to try to get a lew herrings or something else lo save their helple-s children from speedy starve tion. They hul lefi nothing in the boii?ethoy could eat I anil none ol the family luil more than hall or third luod i lor a long time hetore. The aunt hul at last got a hand till ol ineal, ami when we saw them near two o'clock in i the afternoon, this horioweil moriel had just been mailt I into a little porridgo which we saw cooling, holme being given to these poor hungry creuturei " hucli distressing details might he multiplied indefinitely, 'i'hey ahoun<i in every communication we have received. In a com I muniCHlion from Barru, it is stated that "acori a must hove perished" hy thia time but lor the auppli -a the Krec i liiiian coiu.'iiitteu rent to that iiluud. And I am sure thai with such painful locta ho/ore them it will gratify thia meeting to know thut the committee to which 1 have al luded dispatched, nearly a month ago, two vessels from the Clyde loaded with meat for tho destitute districts. Thai thi.v hiavn liutut.i. unrehaao.l u I'niiui.lnriit.i mini i tity from the government store* at Tobermory, and that those supplies, under very careful uul s'.rnigmit regulations, uro already in courae^of distribution. To show 1 hew nocessn-y these supplies weru, let Die mention this i lact, tliai Hti of the return* rt calved answer this uues > tliHi: what number of families in the parish or diatnct, 1 exclusive ol ordinary anil legal pauperism,do you know t to he now actually destitute ol foodi These answer declare J,l?l'i families to bo alreaily, at the date o! thesi > loturiis, nr that deplorable ooadltteo. And let mi 1 mention that those returns do not refer to such places u - , tin cm, 'i'yree, ami the Lung Island, where the ties'iiutioi J is notoriously tliu most severe It really needs nut, bow 1 ever, the evidence which such communications supply - to convince any reflecting mind that destitution ol tin most extensive and alarming hind must bo prevuilirig ii the lligblauds an 1 Islands. Is it possible that the food o l a people should be entirely destroyed without plunginp multitudes Mo want and wretchedness I I have exa ) mined carefully the returns from a largo proportion o t tlie western roast and islands, and these two facta ure al - hut universal: First, that the destruction of the potati crop is total; and, second, that the potuto formed, to bj > tar the larger pai t of the population, five-sixths, in man] cases, eleven-twelfths ol tneir subsistence It is a coui > mon cause; for it is, as I have already said, the cause o i or of th t church, of this faction or ol that (action ol tlx community. It ;t tho cuius ol arary mmi who hni i heart to teal, nod a ham! to help? it is tiie cause ol thost i who are destitute, hy no crime u( then own, who on > suffering under the visitation of (led it is the cause o helpless children, whose parents cannot feed them, he I cause they are famishing th< m<elte? it the cause o , mothers whose very hreasU hunger lis' dri? I it is tin cause o( fathers bowed down and broker, hearted, not u much hy the testing ol than own pi nations as hy thu i sight ot t lie privations of their wives and families Ilia cause so urgent, so tender, and ?o use red, on appeal to t the liberality of tiie community cannot he made in vain The Inverness county committee, appointed with rrler ence to the present destitution in the Highlands met it I tho I astle here on Kriday hist Sir John Maepnersoi ) tlrant, of BullitidaHoch, Dart., in the chair The iiicetinji was more ol a private and couveinati than ol a pub I lm mi,I r.r.o.uto.1 Hsisrii.lini, toil a.,tii? ,, t ll,? .lul.iil brought foi ward wore o; puiuitil and important internet. Mr. Hinynr T>tlor, na chairman of thn laat meeting o i (lie committee, reported whathad been done inobedienci to the resolution*) thru prtaaed. lie mentiuiie I the lavor ii ahl? reaultM ol thn application to govet nment reapoclmi the Drainage act (to which we have adverted in a anpara' ' article) ana elao wi'h reference to tlie etate of the cam try lienttemen were nwarn that iii(|iiiriei were promptl ? iu*titute<t by government into tlie etate of the went liigl f Pintle rind lilandi that Sir K I word Coffin wae now on lli weat couat and that eeveral vrtenia wi h meal had her n ....I ,lnu.i, I> Ika T . .r,..., It... i. .. ? tution which prevailed, Mr. Tytier read three letteri fro a Mr. Shaw, sheriff tit.itituto of laland. Tha fira i- dated October Wtn, stated that In Hurra the diatres* wi ? very groat, and that about tlO.OOO holla of meal would f ? required lor the Long laland. The Jd, dated the Wd < d | October, described the jwojile o! Hotlth and North I tat, a well aa Darra, aa generally very deatitute, and the stale i i- | lociety a'uniting. The 3 I letter Irom Mr Shaw waa date the U'id of December hist, and showed that the diatro ha ! gone on increnaing Large aumbert of the peopl were on the eve r>| starvation, paitirnlarly in South I u il and Bam. One third ot tho population weri dealitut j- 01 mi iooa excepting shell nsn, uinr oi n?i? supp. <1 wbs scanty. '1'ne few diseased potatoes on which the had hitherto contrived to exist, wero completely Koii t, lit Darra, Mr. Shaw wus told, there h ul boun two deall V* from absolute starvation; one ot the parties was a wumi a- tip in yearn, and the othct n young woman *nlet twent te The destitution throughout the Isles geneially, w enough, he said, to rouse the sympathy ot the most ct 1 loot Mr. Tytler said he had lelt it to he his innperatr id duty to tinnsmit Mr. shuw's last letter to the Lord Adv cate, and as Hlieritt he hud .ent instructions to Mr. Hha is to take ptecognitious in any well authenticated cases si alleged death by starvation, such as had henu repotted ;e 1 him The Lord Advocate l eil sanctioned this coun e, with the additional instiuction, "toaocompany the iei* I with a statement of what may have been done by t id j proprietor in this emergency;" and further, to lo'iui 1 in ___________________ LI). Mm fw? Mad, ?1? tt^ in.nner in whlch the poor low ho, (<en carried luiu ciitfui in mui IJUUI i?:r Mr. Colquhoun stated that ho had written to Mr Skene, Secretary ot the Destitution Fund Committee in fcdinhunch, informing him of the alleged fact of the two deuths in liarra, und calling his attention to the lamentable state ot U irra and South Uist At the samo time, he had begged of Mr Skene to send oil instantly a vessel with provision from the Clyde for the relief ot llioso islands ; and he was hsppy to state that he had since learned tliut the committee lied forwarded iMMtto Mr. Stiaw. in the Dong Island, to provide relief Upon this Mr k'raser, of Reelirk remarked, that money was of no immediate use : meal was whut was wanted. A meeting of commissioners of supply, justices of the peace, humors, and clergy of Zetland, was held at Lerwick on the -l.itli ult, when the following amongst other resolutions was unanimously adopted The gross rental is XJO,(100 , deduct for public burdens, ?16 000 The population is 30 -16'!. ot which do,000 are poor cottars. Their small stock of here and oats, even making no ul lowntice for seed, will be consumed by the middle of Kobruury, after which, for several months, they will liuve notuiiig but starvation before them To maintain this population, some ut the nominal rate of one penny per day. fur one month, would require the sum of ?3I'1A; which, if contiiiuod, would, before tho arrival of harvest, more than exhaust the rental of the whole country.? Kn-m these facts, it is further evident that the country will not lie utile to provide teed, especially potatoes, for tile ensiling season. 'To muko roads in this country, where tho parishes are from ten to twenty miles long, over lull and bog, with a rental of fium i.'MX) to ?9,000, s beyond the tesotirces of these islands, which ure alroady most heavily burdened; and to attempt to borrow money lor such a purpose, would he highly inexpedient a nd ruinous. Varieties. A citizen of Symcuse has sued the postmaster of that place lo> withholding a paper upon which filteen cents postage was cbirged lie offered the postmaster one cunt, which was refused; hence the suit. The population of Arkansas, in 1H46, amounted to lit 661 souls, being an inciense of 47,1)67 since 1640 Of the luii'l under cultivation, na.isi acres nru used 10 rui.-e cot ton; til rtti'J bales ol wliio'i were produced last seusousnJ 341 U47 acres cultivation in Brain, yielded 0,178,311 bushels of corn, 404,100 bushel* of oats, and 183,60'1 bushels ol wheat. A Uoston paper says: ? Mn. Jane O. Kdstron, aged 40 yearn, who resides in the rear ollhe Marlborough Hotel, came to her death laat Thursday evening in a very singular manner. She went upon the ?hed at about eight o'clock, with a basket of wet clothes, lor the purpose of hanging them out to dry. Her husband retired to bed shortly after, supposing she had gone to one ot the neighbors. At about 10 o'clock, sho was discovered lyiog on the shod, with the basket of ciotlios resting on her cheat. Lite was extinct It is supposed that she was stuuned by a tall, and that the weight of the basket of clothea prevented har from recovering her breath At the tren. Tuylor meeting in Trenton last evening Mayor Burroughs presided, and ilon. Win. iiahted vindicated the character of the veteran soldier against the attempts to disparage him. A seriousol resolutions were then reported by C. W.Jay, fiom a committee, highly commending the conduct of tien. Taylor, end especially i his wisdom and humanity in negotiating the capitulation of Monterey. The recent conduct ot the federal House I of Representatives was denounced. The meeting adjourned with nine cheers for old Rough and Ready.? jycwaric jjai., ivtri Ocean Isteam Navkjation.?We learn from the journals, and lrotri our private arrespondence, that gieat iolicitude prevail* in the commercial cirefes with regard to the measure now pending before Congrots forftbe establishment of a line of American mail steamer* between New York and Liverpool. It I* humiliating to us an a nation that we are behind alt our great commercial rival* in ocean steam navigation.? Leaking ut it u* a commercial <|Ue*tiun only, it i* all important. We havo, to all intent* and purposes, abandoned tire (tram-carrying trade of tho world to (iruat Britain. Two million* of collar* are paid annually to tnglisb carrier* lor tlio transpoitatien of American letters, passengers, and merchandise. The French are following in the lootsteps of their great rival. A contract has been entered into by the government of France with a distinguished commercial house of Havie for aline of lour mail steamer* between that port and New York ? Thus, for tuo want of u little timely assistance from government, Ametiran trade and business are running Jnto foreign channels, from which it will be difficult to divert thein, when we shall bo roused, too late, to a senio sf our situation. B it wo cannot regard this as a purely commercial question. It einhiuee* higher and mote important considerations than those ol moie tiada and tr fllc. The mail steamers with which lireat Britain i* penetrating the remotest seas, wore not constructed with i view merely to commerce and communication. They are war steamers in disguise, and subject to tlio absolute control of tlio Bulisu Admiralty at u moment's notice. They aie a school for the education of their young navul ofllcers in the science of steam nav.gation wnue wo write, tireat uritain can marshal two hundred war stuuuiers in her service, many of them ot unprecedented magnitude anil power?aome of woo(J,aome af iron?some paddle wheel teamen, othen with iut>inerged ptopeller* and machinery tindar water lineall strong, efficient and aerricable Here we may add, that the most reliatde portion ot thia steam navy, the beat and swiftest vc?seli of thin vaat marine, are the very mail-steamer* for v. h no support the American people are contributing with a liberality, not to say thoughtlessness, unexampled among nation*. Never, in the history of the world, wai a more cheap and ingenioua system devised lor national defence As in the cava of too I'unard steamers for instance, (Jreat Britain pays 4 10,000 a year to thn Liverpool ami Boston line. Tbi* Mint, she is reimbursed, or nearly reimbursed, by postages. Thus, by the mere advance of this money, she keeps lour first-class steamers in commission, always in periect repair and con lition, an 1 ready to he taken at any time into the public aervice Now, the interest on the cost ot one ol tlieso ships, an-1 tLe expenses incident to keeping it in comtnis don lor one year, would bo not less than idOO.tMlO, or, on the two lines, fi 1 .ttnO.OOO. It ' iinght bo too much to say that the whole of thia is saved to the government, but there is no doubt whatever that 1 niue-tentliS of it are sive 1; and there is no doubt whatever that it is all,and much jnore,realized bv Britiah aubI jects from American portages, American passage money, E slid American freight*. 'I litis we uie contributing 1 directly, not only to the British monopoly of ocean -teuin n ivigation, but to maintain tba'. wiae and formtd] able policy by which, ut fifteen days' notice, she could ' line our cnfi'o coast,i rum the outlet of tho St. John's to ' that of the Hio Urando, with a cordon of war steamers Co tho support of tho t)ritioh nsvy wo pay annual millions. Our eagle is thus, in truth, feathering the 1 sli ift which may onn day be pointed at its own breast.? Ifai/iington Union, h'rh. 17. United Stater Senator from Kentucky.? Titey hnve lertctl tt IJ. S. Senator m Kentucky, ut la-1, alter twenty nine balloting* The Louisville Cuurirr, of tho 13th inst., has tho following, in A post script: ? KasNsroiiT, Feb 15, 8)^ P M. both houses have hi en in session since 18 o'clock this ' morning, and have just succeeded in electing a U. ?. Honatot, and adjourned ' Mr, Wall witluliaw the nomination of Gov. Metcalfe. ' The two houses adopted a rule to drop the hindermoat 1 candidate on each successive ballot?the democrats, joino ol them, strenuously objecting. > The 'Kith hi.Hot reunited as follows : - Voderwood 96, 5 Letcher 50, Ilawes 31, scatlei ing -i. Mr llawes having " the smallest number was diommu. Mr. Lynn Boyd was ' then put in nomination in each house. ' The vt7tti ballot resulted us follows:? L'nderwool 60, Letcher 61, boyd J7, scattering I. Mr. Boyd was then dropped under the rule. Mr. James Guthrie was then put in nomination " The 'JH'h hallot resulted an follows,?Underwood A3, f Letcher 38, Uuthrie 31 Mr. Outhrie wan then dropped, 1 under tha rule. Mr. Letcher's nam* wan withdrawn Irom nomination. ' The 39th ballot resulted as follows;?Underwood 84, Metcalln 16, .MaAfee 39. .So fudge Underwood wea ' elected U. 8. .Senator. 1 have ne tune for lurther news. i ______________ J Iowa U. M. Sknators?I he Iowa papers state I a caucus of democratic members of the legislature wa* held on the 11 th of December, a id that Hon. I ' Augustus < Dodge, and Hon Thomas M Wilson received , i tic nominations lor United States Senators from the new , Statu of Iowa The election was ex|>ected to come olf in a fsw days, hut the result was regarded ns uncertain, in t consequence ol theae being three irregular democrat* in , the legislature, who wore not dispose t to go for the nominees of the |Mrtf The democratic majority in the legislature, says the Union, including these irregular mem , tiers, is but four. I he nominations are stated to have , been made with gteat unanimity. r - ' JT? WORKS WILL PKAlSh IT. x it is bow nmversallv sdnutted thai K O A K K ' 8 t I ODIN K LI.NI.MKNT ? 18 NO HUMBIJO. Dosen after do sen are nse.l daily and s 1 does all that it is represented to do; it cured ana will care the worn possible esses "I KIIKl V \ I ISM, K sprains, lirnis. s, swelled and painful joeSa, spinal anaciioas, ? erupu us of thessm, tkc. i M lNOMtHOLL,H.ile Proprietor. y Depot 210 Pearl it. iwo doura bemw jnha. Bee ee'lificatee in I'rrre Hon lib Im'ra 0 M r,IM< A I- .nil lot TU L. A L) I b a. n |\(M TDK McDM.NN ELL. Aothur of the l.idiea' Manual li- If of Midwifery. and ini-moer ol n large Lying-in Hoepim c?l in Europe. attendt ! "11r daring their conftaemect in hoy t put o! thit cur or brooklyn, for from $1 to $5, accoidiug tc ' circumamncra. A n?rc atldreeted to him at 91 John atreet, New York, wilt " meet with etrict attention. 'I Ladina at a diatance, who are auffering with dieit eaaea ol long each obeuueunoe, retentione, ir< if reg-ilaritite, fce t hat hare failedt ko hoaeted noiirumi of t ha ,1 dif, can apply with confidence to tho Doctor, hr letter, , deecribing the aymptoma, trenimeut reeeirad. duration of the diaeaee, kc., for which a cheat containing ihe ueceaaary ud/ice itU'1 medicinaa will be forwarded to their direction la " auy part of the Uniou. Terina, S3 Addreaa ? p. w. McDonnell, m d . y J at! 1 in *r 91 lone ?ireet. New York. 1 FATKNTENTLTAW PAPfcR IA1VK HUNDRED REAMS Pa teat hnkklope Taper, aeita* r able lor pulling up apicea and edfee J net rereired "I | and lor aale by I'MtbHK k BMOOK8, y. fel Mend a" N?"? ' " ' uk'nMi aa I I IK e li '1U1 BMOADWW ( K?tr?ct M thrrrfnlly eomplrwit" ?? ?>0 A ilu> reqtieal ol Lirutaouil McInlo?h, to u km in vn 11?lrit hum*, ? unfit for duty, la cna?*'inaaad ? iw dr.ilnria. and ili?ri.!?r|ff? frum lh? ??r? 1 !>?? '"f"' ol infill of br? ? ? Kdwaroa, ?ur.?l? ta Now Yoi?. ? I" i? tirHy reentered hi? h?ana(, and hn? v*'? wiwwihii 1t?? miliwi* duty.?HiiaM, 11. fctaNRVKN. Homoou to H B ' M toreaa. Jamaiea. . Ei,

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