Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1847 Page 3
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.... m ??mmmtmm*IM WfcYl/ratlon of tb? Ohio Hl??r. Plactt. Time. State / Rittr. Wheeling Feb U. . .1? feeti"itt*bunr .Febio .. * feat i-iniuti ..Feb IS. ..10 feet. Ui t.villo .. .Feb 11. . .10 feet 1 inch. MOS'JV M*UKET. Sunday. Feb. 41?0 P. M. The stock meiket. throughout the weofcjest closeJ bar been rather quiet j >>0th buyer* and seller* waiting the arrival of the Vambria with later intelligence from l.urope. Both parties appeared littlo disposed to operate, there being e ,jch a variety of opinions as to the complexion of she expected accounts from the other sideLveryon t appeared to bo undecided how to act, and, consrqu 4n,i? i 1 ? -? ^ 01 ?u, ueiidTiug mat me saiesi ' /est way wus to keep as quiet us possible, uutil the *co? en s came to hand. at an early hour yesterday aitereoon, the telegraph aticm: er .I t'.e arrival of the Cambria at Boston, but im <*nc .. ly ui i the working of the wire* commenced, the lino w..?s broken ut ho ue point between Boston and New Haven, which suspended operations for several hours, and we did not recoivo anything until nearly 10 o'clock. In the meantime, there were reports in circulation that tha Dews was in town, In the hands of speculators; but ip was too late for them to make any transactions in this mirket. Wo hhl anticipated this movement, and had so completely warned the public against them that tha ne ws was of no value to that class of speculators here or elsewhere. The advices brought hy the Cambria aro fifteen daye 1 iter than those received hy tha Sarah Sands, and are, in a c >mmerciil point of view, highly favorable and im portant; much more ao than those received hy the last siearnur, although a stipeillciul observer would consider them jut the revet so. Wo Ituve given the markets in full in our columns. We annex a table Kiting the quotations Tor stock* in this market for each day of the past week, and at tba cl ise of the week previous. With one or two exceptions quotations have beau very uniform :? Quotations >ob tub -bivcifal Htscbs in the New Yakskt. Hafy. Uo'y. Tu'y. HV?. Th'y J^'y Oino Mixes... , 95 ? ? 95*4 95 ? 95J4 Keuiueky Sixes. ? 10U)4 ? 99>4 99V ? ? Ki*?s. 7I?4 71)4 71)4 ? 7*X ? ? Illinois 41 ? 41 ? 41 - ~ 5'idiaiiu Mixes... 42 ? ? ? ? ? ? KeadinE Uouds.. 72.V ? " 73 7J KiI'k Nlr'oeU'ls.. 7i ? ? ? 73 ? 73 Uexdiux Kail'd .SOV ?U4 ?'V ?7 #2 41S 61? Nor li "Worces*r 54'4 54 5S?J IS\ 53* 5J? 53* )'.ri* lilt .old.... 59* ? ? ? ? ? ? Erie HIV. u*w.. 93* 97 ? ?3Vf ? ? 83 Hxrlem Hit 52\< 52)4 59 32W SOV 49V 49 Loajr Icand.... 97 ? ? 26J4 26^ 24h( 2?V Hi wK 65 6?t< ? ? 65 65 65 VJ Mtopinjton 45V 45V ? ? ? 45)4 45V I1 xrmers' Loan... 7I'? S"1* *% 3??e M)4 30 V Can (on SnV 34,V 361* 37 * 3 7 3744 37'i, Morris < mini.... 114a 11 ? ? Ilk 11 Si '!) Vicksburx 9)5 ? ? 9 ? 834 9 V'niM Stales lilt.. 4)4 ? 4), ? ? ? ? Kasi I'n<*ou 12i6 13)4 ? 1JW ? ? N. Am. Trust.... 9!4 ? ? S.V fp> ? A comparison of price* ruling at y*_e c' ' ^ ^ mmUot yesterday, with those curr* w??k previous, exhibits an imp. #r-|#e??t in &hio#.8t X ,.or cent; Reading Bond. Bond., 1 ; Reading Railroad . Moll8Wk % Farmer: Loan, X ; Canton Compar ? % yjeksburg, X. ?od daclin* in Norwich and ^orc#it#r of x% ,)er ceDt . Eri IUilrcad, now, X S H jlem ^ . L#ng ,|Und % . 8>( nington, X The receivers of plaindeld Bank of New Jerse have made a eta ^Ment by wych it appear* that the] have rorae in. ^ possession of mean, which are auppoa ed to be suit ^ej011, to covor an the liabilitie* of that in stimtlon. would advise bill-holders not to part wit them,** there is every probability of their being ri deem' ^ jn ^ large amount of the issues of thi x have been purchased ol the original holders at " jrgo discount by brokers and others, who will make ?Very handsomo profit in the event of their being ri di'emed at par The receipts of the Central Railroad Company < Georgia for the month of January iu each of the pai thiee years,have been as annexed:? Ckmtrai. IIailboad, (Jeobuia. !8C>. 181b 1847. 6'r>iirk-. * >' '"i " " " " ' * I? J J ' ? )IU Jl? i I'a.??ge money 4,555 OS 0,748 99 6 402 ; Mull l,71o 00 1,715 10 1,715 1 Total $31,415 21 $21,843 11 $48,596 1 The number of bales of cotton in January, 1848, wi $ 011; in 1847, 50,706. The number of passengers in 184t was 1 604; and in 1847,1,878. The deficiency in the r< o?ipti of 1846, it will be perceived, wus mainly owing t the <1 Bciency ol the cotton crop of that year, compare wit'u the ytar previous 'i he receipts this year for Jai ru' V, ihotv, so far as the amount goes, that the cotto crop must have been larger than in either of the provhi two yran, but such, in fact, is not the case. Tho cro h i- come forward faster than usual this year, in conn qienoeof high piices ruling from the opetiiog of th in iron. It is estimated that the rocoi^tg of cotton at th Atlantic ports, so far thia seoson, ',<hve been more tho two-'.hiidi; ofthn aggregate for '.'tie year. The Legislature of this S.e^# lias callod upon the Prt si-lent of the New York U'>(1 Hailem Railroad Companj to report forthwith, to 'jae Secretary of State, under oall a full anJ detailed ?'^'ement of the business and coni tion of tho Cor-(panyi (a accordance with th# act < ?.*arch 3, 1 sti This movement originated in We itro t, r.-torg the hear speculators in the stock, ao some of the (ri?nds of the Hudson River Railroed. Tkel object, evidently, is to depress the market value of th a'.ack, for tho purpoi.o of filling their contract*, and t a.lVHDce subscriptions to the stock of the river roat The teal friend* ?f the Harlem are under obligation* t the so parties, fer their effort* in bringing out a full an detailed statement of the affair* of that company. It . what they have been anxious to obtain for a long timi Any invostigstim of this kind must result favorably 1 tn* Hiulem Company, r* it will stop all further sales i the Company's stock, and call to account recent act which urs be.lived to bn unauthorized,{by the board i direc'ors. It i* full time the mismanagement of th valimtd* and important road was brought t> a cloie? 1, full tune for tho stockholder* to make tho irveitigi ti?n tho Legislature cell* for, for the purpose of rescuin the Company from the inancial embarraismeuts undi which it he* for such a length of time existed. Itise f muted that two million* of dollar* will carry this roa from its piosentterm ination to Albany, without makin any connection with any other road in the State; and Is only ncceisary to p lace tbe prcieut position of th afrirs of thi* Company before the public, to easure rapiil completion of the entire line. It is stated, we know not with how muoh truth, thi tn? sunscnpuoij* to ia? Hudson fUT?r Road barn bee filled ap.thnt the three million* have been subscribed, such is the f?ct, the Commissioners have dona much be< ter than we expected There is, however, a great did cult? yet to be turmoanted, and that is the collection < the five per cent, instalment in cash, on or {before tb let of March, aa required by the charter. Another wee will ipttle this question. In tho meantime we would n oemiaend the Committee to continue their tfl'crts to ol tai'i subscriptions, as many of those who subscribe some time sinoe, will, without doubt refuse to pay u the first instalment. Old Block Eiehan(*. $1*00 Stale 7s. '48 l*>H 10 ilias Erie RR aerip OS *4011 I' un it Gb bonds 37 S Utira k Scben Kit 113 in 0 Ten?-see (s Ml MNJsrievKIl 102 >1 III Ke?dn a miir beads *1 ',n Stnnn |tnn RR <' POOD Keod ' I heads 71 130 Harlum ItR til it ?in? Ilk o' America to 310 <1<> >10 4K Ml burners' L.OUU 3> 100 do bOO 40 Son o ?>>t ion do too to M do WH 00 do 4*! 30 MoriisCaaal I lib 33* do 48 HI do boo II* |R0 do r!0 48; 2 o o II* 50 do 48' 3,3 Illinois Pk 13 30 do *10 4S| ftOCsalotCo bl* 371^ 100 do b*0 49 13 do *1317's mo do tdlO 49 73 do JIM 30 L Itlsnd RR 2" 30 do 17* 100 d'l 26 Is d > b!5 >7M IPO do 76 \n <in ?J? 37* ion do h3? a?, yo Mohawk UR b60#,>? 3(io ReadirgRR dmtl JO do 07 7 JO do , ?k 100 Nor Ik Wore 63* JO do blO 61] 100 do >90 61 Second Booril. SO ahai Morrii Cant) 1'* SO ?hn Kerdim RR b33 J'' 9S d? 11* 160 do 8I< 100 do 60d It SO Vick?bnri MR ?'30 0 iro do nw )IJ* 76 do b30 J 00 a?6d'ii| R R ft* 'A l'.? Hatlcn HR <*? 60 do 30d 61* '00 do IV 100 do 61* $1000 111 moil Bk boodi 37 New Mork Kxrlni*(tf |.'0 ?ha? Formara' Tr e 30* .60 ?h*i lltrlem RR ?3 l" 23 Nork (0 oie e 57'2 SO do e 60 21 do r3 S1W 50 do c 40 26 do e 53'i 60 do HI 50 do Mon 51*2 SO do ?3 40 *5 do 1,3 67*2 60 do Mon 4H .60 do C 57*,' SO do 43 4> CITY THIDK ItM t'OflT. Nh.w Turk, 8ato*u*t Ar-raenooo, Feb. $<1, 1017. The market* hn<l chiefly rloied (or the tlnr. nnd fi the week, when, between 8* end 4 P. M , it wa< nnnour ? > bv tvle((r?ph that the Cambria had arrived atBoitn di ii ui'sriinayi later new*. About 4 P. M , within flv in mitea after the new* had commenced being transm ir communication suddenly ceased, and operntion* hi not been remmed at 8 P M. Had the intelligence roar od (ho city as soon na announced, it would have come h .nil ton lale to have exorriard any influence on the mo l.cta Upto the cloaa of business transactions were e trrmely limited, especially in the article of flour. A f it the only sslr* made wars on time, deliverable afti r ' in.era news at buy era' option,at !.'>? a it, paid,* f :{.fni*l ?t fT W * IT WV In cam there waa le?a d -J II 'tag, but price* were eteady at yesterday'a rata* In prevision* a fair amount of buiinaM waa dona at pravioua .ratea Groceries continued Aim, and further amall aalea 1 /era made at full prioea. Aaw aa? Price* continued ateadv, and we note further . re ilea of 100 bbla I'ota aold on private terma, and 1A do at 4 W>*C. Pearlr were etill quoted at f* AO gttMiu s.ilea continued to be made in Southern and Western yellow atdflX a J7c Ba^iuaTt rra ? Flaur?Seller* offered te part with Ueneaae freely at (7 40 ct* . but purchasers failed to meet i thein on thaae terma, and no aal-a on the apot were rn . ported, beyond amall aalea for home couaumption, at $7 , a $7 60; Soulheru Georgetown and Howard atreet were inactive at $4 7A, while b7>a waa asked. About Vto lO.tKK) bhla. Genesee were aold ot> privileges, irrrlud. iff 1 to Mil deliverable frnm Hie ii? r? no, sr ? - .in bi tyer's option, at 12% cents |*r bbl Tbe remainder 01 d at l'J^i cents on >7 37\, and at 19*^ a -JS c.ei ts per liar buyer's option, after ttie receipt ot the Cambria's now ?. tientsea at $7 27 ^ a $7 60. borne small sales ol Southern ware made at our quotations ? |fAt< * ?The market continued irm without sales of 1 oonesq tseuce beirg reported Corn ? The quotations of yesterd. ty were felly maintained, with sales of 10,OM to It (I0? ba'obela, 8 HO# of whloh consisted of Jersey white at 07 ; 1 ,0<V> da Jersey yellow at $1, and the remainder at the same piVe, including yellow and white. Corn tleai.?tOO trsrn la ware sold on private terms. Kya.? We report salee s?f 4 #00 bushels at 87Jio. Harloy ? We reports sale of .1,208 to 1 100 bushels at 84 c. Oafs ? No chenfe|to note* market continued firm at former rates Beano? r miner sous were made; and we report 'JAO bbls et $1 37)s ICxporta from tbe 1st to the IStli February ? Wneat dour, 06,417 t bis; corn, 440 860 bushels; wheat, 04 060 do; rye, 27,688 do; barley, 18.H14 do; oetg -J,010 do. ICsrnars ok Bsiaoi ?u ess reosi this 1'obt ok thl I0rn or fsiRt'isr, 1847. To To Oreal Jlrtieleo. Botgium Britain Wheat, bushels ? ? 2,660 Finur. barrtls a ? 2,3.10 Coru, bashtls ? 3.410 Meal bsriels . ? 1,887 H; s. bnsh ils * 8,100 ? t Corrsr?The eisi hot was firm, and small sales made of Km it 7\, 80M8 yesterday's report large silea w#i" i [uric i .11 itui priaea ??oi nags uiu, slightly Jamaged, were a .1.1 hy Messrs. Hodman k. Co.. at 7 a 7 44o. Cot-ion.?The sales to day are 1000 bale), chiefly spinners, at prices varying from one oeut ta cue uuJ a half from the highest point of the marke* ceti' lstinst. Home few sales of inferior grades > , say m mida at prices exhibiting a decline of two r ^ave beet the highest grades the actual decline is .elttsi but oti oent. It is as difficult to buy large pare Oaroly half i as it is to sell them. *t these ratei KauiT?Further sales Box Rais1 and half boxes at 94, and quar' were made at $1 74 mnnds weie made at 10 a 1* ,?or do, at Aic. Sale* Al Fish?Dry Cod eentir *o. at (3 Al); Halifax Mar .eod scaree, and were in demand sains of large No >terel were in better request, ani for No. S. 1 were at $10; and at $6 AO a $1 Haxir ?Supr' ted were rer d?s continued limited. Bales of dew rot Lvku-t erted at $llft, and dratsed at $140 a 140. at $4 id' 4Jts within a few day* have been freely madt ! Moi A * *4 ibv.. Or)' -eaaas?The cargo of Cardenas, sold at-iSc ,and N <aria sold to some extent, at 38>i a 37>?o. Navau Storks?The market remained in statu quo With no transactions in anything but in spirits turpen ? I line, which continued to move moderately, at 40c. Oils.?Linseec?Ameiioan still hail sn upward tenden cy and sales on time wero reported at 77 a SO ceuts. Provisions.? The market was steady ut yesterdsy'i rates, and we report sales of 1100 barrels prime pork a $13 7A, and a few hundred barrels mess, were reported a e $14 7a, cash. Reef, nochaage. Lord?The market con ,f tinned flrm. aud wu report sales of 143 barrels at 10 Cents Hami?\ 10 barrels sold at 8 ceuts; shoulders were quot ed ut 6}{ cents. Butter was steady at ;0a i'2 cents foi i> good sweet Orange County. Ohio commanded (com a nion) 9 a 10 csnta; und Dairy Wettern, good, 14 a 15"cts EvrORT. from 1st to lllni w?uum?? ? Beef 2,lti9bbll. ) Berk 1.211 bbls. Lard 4,299 ken*. Rica?The maikct continued firm at $3 Ml u $4 73 Tin y sales during the week reached about 400 tieices, a / j.'i .id u $3 87a 114 76 for good ptime. 97 tiercel sol to-day at auction by Messrs. Hoffman it C# at (4 19 $4 20 (sliginly damaged ) ' Sexus?Sales of Ohio Clover wore reported at $8 h Timothy, at 132 20; Flaxseed, sulci in tierces, at $11 .. $11 20 tor rough, and some lots country for crushing, t $1 8i?. 11 SriRiTs?Whi<key was quictat 28 a 29>ic. In Krone a brandies there was no cuango in prices worthy of ri a mark. Tallow?Solas continued to be mBile at 8,^ n 8%, an 9c lor a little extra quality The market closed firm. Tobacco?We report tales ot 03 hhds. Kentucky lea. jf 23 of which commanded .'Ija and 30 do 5c. Whalsbomb? The market was quiet, and no sale " transpired. Wool?American pulled and fleece continued in fdi ' demand, with sales at full prices A small lot (190 bales Smyrna commanded, within a day or two, l.'.1, a 13c. 10 Krsiuhts?To Liverpool : Grain, 28 a 29c, in bags 11 Hour, 8s 0 1 a 9i; cotton, j* I n \ I. To Loudon : Uruii ^ 234 u 26.1 ; Hour. 8r a 8- 6 1 , heavy goods, 8bs. il'o Havre T Grain, 40c u 442 ; Hour, ft (iu It 74 ; cotton, l>4c g lj?c. To Ireland : Grain, 29J a 30.1; flour, 6s a us Rkai. E?tatk, at Al'?tion ?Four story blick lious and lot No. 14 Abingdon squaru, 24 feet 3 inches > by 89 feet 18,40 o Three unfinished houses und lots on 28th street, , ' near Lexington avenue, each ID teet by 08 feet 9 inches, each $2,740 8 24 n UM. is On Saturd cy, 20th instant, Mrs. Elizsrsth LrtiT,uil of James W. Lent, in the 83<1 year of hsr age. v The relatives and friends of the family aie respectfu v ly invited te attend tier liineral, on Tuesday atternoou i io 4 o'clock, Irom her late residence, No IdO Prince st. l9 iCf On the list instant, Mrs. Sarah Hows, of a short, bi severe llluess, in her 89,h year. 10 The relatives and friends, also these of her son, Tin mas I) Hom e, are respectfully invited to attend tho ft neral from tho residence oi her son, No. 90 Orchard at on Tuesday, J3d, at 4 o'clock, without further invitatioi ri On Saturday, 20th instant, William Kishkr, in th l ; did year of his ago. : His friends, and those of Wm. and Patiick Meehai ara reqnrs'ed to attend his funeral this Hay, Monday, i ' half past 8 o'clock, Horn his late residence, No. 114 Mu 11 berry street. 4 At Bergen, on the 30th instant, Johiv, son of David an . Julia Anu Andersen, aged S years and 3 days. Ir Tho funeral will take place this (Menday) afternoo at 1 o'clock, from the residence of his lather, at Barge 0 Hill. The members of Hudson Lodge No. 14, I O.? . O.K. also the member* ot Mount feinai Encampment '* ate laspecttully invited to attend. o Suddenly en Saturday evening, the 20th instant, c l(j sniiie disease, and diseuse of the heart. Wm Kraisci Katisor, the son of Nathan and Jane Haynor, aged " years and ?> mon ha. d The Irieuds and acquaintances are invited to attend th 0 funeral on Monday, 2id instant, at II o'clock, from 37 . Grand street. _ " On Friday, 19th inst, oi consumption, IIarrirt E s, wife of Edward L. Reynolds }f Her friends and ucq<iaintances, an 1 those of her brotl er, George D Perhme, are requested to attend her tuni " r?l, Irom her late residence 177 Walker street, on Moi it day, 33d inst. at half past ten o'clock A M , without lu I. ther invitation. Her remains will be taken to Nawari N. J. for inteim* nt. ,r THE RICH MLN AND WOMEN OF Iilt< >T?A " LI N AND WlDLlA&lSBURGH. '1 ST'HH interesting work, (printed with new type, east ei g JL p essly lor it ; and on fine paper.) has jut been i ublitl . ed by Lom is i. t'ascr, of Brooklyn ; price 2d cents. It u li 1 , s lie nt all I lie principil hook mid newspaper stores in krocl ? lyn; and may he hsd wlio'tssle (be persons desirous tore it in 'New York o' elsewhere,) n No Id Prince stirer, net * iMfrrlc avanue, Brooklyn, at a discount of hoi the retail price Orders Irom any p rt of the Country, ai dressed to tt.e nublnhcrs. wilt be nromntlv snot,tiro It flltl ll#ro n AT THE 15K.UAbway TABEKNaOEE. 11 fi RAND TEMPERANCE FESTIVAL, in honor < vJ the Birthday ol Washington, thi* (Monday) ?T?nin| ' February 2gd, from 10 A. M. te t> I' ,M. Eulogy ou Washmi ?. ton, liy Whitney; Vocal ami Inurnment I Mini Ac Kor full partinilars see circulars. f/2 |r?rc r|v||OaE iuvilril t" toe crlebr tnoi of WasMoMM^nMrtl .6 A day, at nt, John's Co: l?ge, KorCham, ere hereby apprise i. that it will he postponed. on acco,iit of tut weailier, t W? d I OS day, Hi a 211 h i ii it , at the name hour. fell It* rli r'*l I: E M E V1IJEKH III Washington Assembly, Mo 2, ,,| ill t>- I II >1. of Beream, are hereby notified to at end a speco , meeting, to be liald iii their Kooini. on Tueailay Evening lb 23d Initint, an business of importance ilull be I'id brlor n th?m. JOHN DOUULA38, Tatriarrh. Darr't. M. 8TFV?M??a, Serine f 22 11 ? ]\! OTICK?The copartnership between S ei liens si He*I la man, Builders, ii ihia day dissolved by mutual cnnseii All aecennti, either for er against the above firm,will be ?e lied by either of the undersigned. J AS STEPHENS, ? JACOB N. BiEKMAN. te The business will be Condor a * by J H t'rrkinnn, St II tg Ninth street, aLd by J. Sttphens, in Twelfth street tie Broailwa'. ffctfre I, H 1 | 1 / W W k tnltll>MUiM,OI Itu l inVMblllUllli a JLVJj\av/v/each, tn I an on bond and inertKnte o * improve,! iml nt'W in thia city; alio, S'J.tiOU, J'j.OOO $4.0l< : Si. #" $3,'H>U, $2 WW, $2,010, SI.CM. * Applyt> WM r.owr. J* ltegieter'a Office, Hall of Iterorde, or i f!2 l'.*re N# 19 VV illier ?t. '* To tnk K?ito? ot thk Naw York IIkrai.d : | W AS nor of about 2)'l tlia, aittud*d the Anuieeraar, B*l A I of the i<* Yom Katkel (,'onrt, in All -n nieet, held i *9 the Oolia'am on the f ihmhi of Thn ??l iy laet and jmtire t ,, the minih - ? of aaid Club, intliii aa me to mnke public an a J lot Mikt i*lliTt? honor on t'ie city,and give infinite drlulit I ' all who pwtieipated in in n j lyroeutv To aelect w, lei on whom to lieatow admiration, woald be doiuK hu act < f ii I mure to all ?fir where ao much feminine be in t > m d maul , - deportment were congrega <d there ia no criterion to go U|>o r f?n whirl) ri9rta?li?i? k. ? . eu i- ? ? 1?* J ? r vn u? n hi juniro HPiiowrn 11 By the Indies'ticketof ii?itnisaiiHir which, by the by, was beautiful d'guerreotyps repie?etit*n<.n of lt?e lUcltet fjonr wiih phyers so disputed as if eugSKeJ >n the macly sport. 1 fi id,this to have been the fi-st nunivsraary hma rtie ?ui ceedinzones increase in interest in proportion ro (J< ^ se ts, ill zsid nothniK in prephesy ing for their comiuti nnu yersmts, a mccess unparalleled. \i iU U*'rr V? u a, He. ONK OK THE FEW. tanner's mai' ok mexico. v 'I'lIK imptovfd edition ol dm ita< dard Map, it for aaln i a (hf in-P'ture, No 2J7 Broadway Thn 4? by 'ar th? mom conrnment in point ol aiae and amlo ft S lamed emb.idiea n va.t anionic ol inlormvi on not roi timrd on auy other map. Price 71 eta, oi $'> in a (a tt*r __ "NEEDLES, FISH HOOKS, ANI) FISHING tackle. rilOM VSanrtTHOMAS II BATK, 103 Maiden Lnni I o(Tp< fi olmrtty auparior art/Is ol Bve'? dull C e\ ed and oih'r audi in" e.f .Neidlf t.willi tlia large.t and inoi .aire a?.oftmaiit I f Fiahing Tackle tret ni mnlac nred r ' imp ir-ad into tma coontr. eon.iatnig of run Kellry'i o I i'?hane-T, a?il Hollow Point Lima-irk Hooka; mipetfin i,. Kirby Baol Salmon, Virf i n, lilok hiab, K rhy Beui-e I a.n and Koak, Trout and Ki bv Hirer Honk* (1 ittail ?|i< id am r tine L'tnariek, Kirhy S dmon. nod all oilu r i, anom r . on gimp, i wile I, and tingle ant. Fliea, Miuiimea, NI B'nided, and Hpun Bilk Lttiet; Oraea. Una. ai d ffniil H 1ft l.lllra It da m .ri al W.iriii V .1 .11 on, .. ...I..1. ... American Itreli, k i.liio* B :?k*tr. Ijork and Hollo* HI '??li witk every other deacriptiou of Ki?bio(t T*c?le, to a n *. moderate ternn , at 101 Alaideii Lane, up itairi, near Ten ^ ?t. rillm'.c ICK?Tb* HaltouitiU Lake Company are uow enttirj tfcr celebrated .jpnnf \Tater loc.aud offer it for tale hj th >l> to t r ,, ou tna moit reasonable terma, delivered eithi -, "/.n few "WYEcant.., LOST. ! in piiiiii along Wall and Willi?* Btraata to Lib*r v M. street. a Will and to accompanying document. Tli? Sorter will l>4 liberally rewarded by leaving tne aaiao w N 33 Liberty .iron. IMIf r | WANTtU. By a young woman, a situation as cook, wssher aud ironer iu a family The beat of city relereucn I an en at to character, tie. Please apply at III Mulberry at , 3d tloof. l?? 't'rli WANl BLl, AS PaRTNKK, An ACTIVE man, with a ca?h capital of from $JOO to g70#,'who would tako en aetiyo pert in lb? inreru buimeii wall one who i> well koowu and experienced. Apply to THOMAS W. SMITH, 23 Nassau slre.r, from ? to 10 A M. l30 3t*f 2fU\|l KHENCH 13 alhj EKtlKOTYPE PLATES, v/UU bast quality, for aalo very low, t>elos*aeon ie 63 Maideu Lane. S. uehson k co. | fit* 3w?r ; IRON WIK.K WAN I'LL. THE UNDEKSIONKD will receive proposal* amil the 27tk init. for the delivery of sixty-live imis of Iron I Wire. No B, weighing uot lata than StOlbs to the mile, for telegraphic purposes, with the privilege of taking ihirty hve I tons additional. I . Thessid wira'o ba manufactured from the very brat of I iron, and in hauks of about a quarter of a in la iu length, aub 1 j*c tu earafal impaction, and ilie rejection of all unperfuet I wiro. i To be daliverad in this eity during the mouths of March t and April next. LlYINarrriu ?- - , 1*10 loevi.r ' """ * _ 10 Wall *t. AID TO SCOTLA Nil ~~ , The rocd, of lhi ballT?' "a**' \J ?*??'"? It, 1847. I of the poor of .^eotliad Tick '{1,,roVr,V,J1 fV. \ha beuafl-. ! lug committee *,c*eUcaube had of {the followwJk.Mn",1,''*1" rtud.on ?traal. H. \Vicktte<*d. 6v ; Brotdwaf. Win. H. W.ld i E. Halph Jr Oreenwirh. I20 4t is ?xHu* 196 WJliam, or 65 Kultoa at., Brooklyn : _ t vpHK Y SUCCOR TU IRELAND. 1 V j.mlie'i of iha Mercantile Library Aiiaeiatiiia, ijuf"' .erchaut.' Clerk., auk the rub ic genera'ty, ?? rr<>f e?l roait'iid a mealing lo be bald iu ilia Lecture Rontn | r' CLINTON HALL, M Mender ereiiiiiir uait, at T}? /' lock, to deri.e >arau.of c?-oper?iiou with the movement. now going torna il iu aid ?l the auffer ug poor of Irrland. , j Men,!. J. T. Hemlly, Horace Oracle.', Jauiri *1'. Brndr, , Proiprr M Wctmore, A. < Bradley, aud other ainiucul cit.iiiii, hare cnu.euted t addre.. the mce nig A II I'oiiliy, U.K. L cUw.nd, 1 ' C. N Burce, Charle. In. Milnor, 1 I' Parka. K Burlaw, I I John T. Kollina, Oeo Orundy. fltlteodr ' ! KilAEV FOIL lK.ft.LAND. I^HU tarinbri. i I'the Chnreh Couucil of the United Cier i in l,uthe-<n liur.Uea, with tnair miuiatar, the It.v. I Mr M uliliiiaun, p. Biyard .treat liara fo'tued thernael t into a coniinit'rr ' > rrcaira dnnatioua iu money ai.d prov. i ma f ir the farm thing poor of Ireland | Mr. ( hu t) Liunt' e , 16 .tlaid'u lane It*, kindly offered to r take cha gr of.iay prori.iun. to hi. .tore, and to .end thru free of ripen.e ru board the laxel. Tbe follnwin.' mambar. of the Church Council ara raidy lo tran.nut nary dnnalioii, rvau rha very .mailed, which may , V>? ... 11.*,., i... .n.i. C-II < --- ' ) wi h the utmost pnnctnality. I< hij Haas, 26 liiv iiNii ?t; (.'hat Stein, 111 Authony ?t; Chr. Zu-WirliKi tit 108 t berry si; Luder Lonsen, 301 i eutre at; J H lobu ch 317 Oraud it; Clam Dosi her, 224 Washington it;' Inrl Moeller, 19 Minolta ?t; John Pnpke, Brooklvu; llen r> Olten, 91 Broad st; llnlili HappeM 4th Avenue and titli at; lleury Derarh.91) Elizabeth at; lirnr- ICleuen, >83 Hleecker t;And Wnhlrabe, 181 Uivi'ton it; I ho. U QlUHhf. 41 M?i? ilea lane; I'eit-r Motller and Oeorge H Moeller, at Woolaev St Wooltey's -iugir Itefmery, in Water at; M. Ducker, 204 Kultnn st; BeijVan Itaden, 153 Washington tt; llildebrand ) Vnn Ulahtt, 65 Orauge it; Heury Meyer, 184 Mult it; Edwd. J I ltupriersberg, 23 Knee it. Ie2l 3 *rc I Tu I(tJ ijANL) AT a Meenug of the Standing Comtnilt-ee. held at the Public School Society'? Hall, on Thuradt) ereatng, ' Feb. 18, was " Hualrta 1'hat the following notice to the ladtei of New York be publnhed in the daily papers ; JOHN J AY, Secretary. ? TO THE LADIES OK NEW YOKK. i " The Committee appointed to take m*asn'es lor the re* IteT of the suffering poor of Ireland, re?pectlully inform the ladies of this city that contribution! of cl ohing will be received by them at the itore of Mr. Joseph Nas lor, 18 Broad9 way, and will be forwarded In Irel md by the alnp Victor | now bring loaded by the Committee " 428 tl re J | ~~ All) TO lltKI.ANL). THE Committee appointed to take uhar^e of donations and provisions, alothing, & c for ike suffering poor of Ire land, !l live chartered the b irk " V icor," t ? nr loaded M pOtdlt| M H poasible, aud they have the satisfaction of iuforininu t e pubit lie that Mr. Waller T Griffiths Ins generously offered lor a depot the gratuit*. us use of one of his barges, which li-a at [, 1. ill t>aain,.oppoaite [Mo Zl loutti atreet.where any mucin of ((rain, prnviaiona, Sic . w ll or received and receipted for by vlr UrifBihe. Aiticln of clothing. lac. may be tent to lie tore of Mr. Joseph Nay lor, No. 18 Broadway, ? h i hat very <> kmdly o lie red to tike charge of the tame free olctpeme to tke Committee, r <;KOK(iK BARCLAY. 20 Beaver at., KB vi | \TUKN, 78 South at., JAM. R?VBURN, n Sooth William ?t. W.M K KD.VION D, 44 Ktchange place, UKOKOK McBKICK, Jr., 48 Uraidway, f fIB tfra Commifv-e. I} AID TO IRKIaANU. IN Committee, Prime's Buildings, it Wall itreet. Feb ruarv IK. 1817. h Ketolvvd, 1 hat it be, and it hereby recommeeded that It meet ug? be forthwith held in the ir ve- al wards of I In* city, u for the purpose of organising committee! in tai l winds. to collect contribution! for llie f-mialnug p or of iralmd Itetolved, I hit in the opinion ofilue coiniui tee, tuch col lectionsMM be uioat elteeiiMlly made, tie districting the wtrdf, and placing the districts iu chtrxu of sun ikle eollert ir.g commuters Who ahall raport through tna ward committed ro tlisi Uniting ennmitteeat Prime's, No. il Wrll ttreet, aecoud floor. 9 t e 171f r M VAN 8CHAICK. _ " KHLIEP FOR. IRKI.iNn j^HE underaigoed deeply iinpreaaed with the nbaolote nr1 craaity of immediate perenual eiertion fu behalf of the 0 a'arving m.llinua of our fellow creiturea in Ireland, and lis lieving theie are many humnne prraona ready to contribute 1 their mite to md a tainiahmg nation, offer* free of all ex4j pinne the uae of one of hia warthnnaea, No 18 Urn.idwny, to conimit'.ee* or individual*, na a depot where in y he depoeitcil an it n government or other veaael ia <1 cap-itched. Hour, 11 Meal, fork. Clothing or auy article auitable to thia trying crnia Remember J- It 'twete done then'twere well, j. It wendouo quickly. All pnckayea muit be enrefnlly |>ur up, nud labelled "Relief for Ireland " A clerk will be in attendance to give receipt* for the aame, 0 feliJwr JOSEPH NAYLOR. j, ~ BOOK>, BOUK.S, HUUhLS. \JLT ITH four j ear* knowledge and experience in the early TT riae and i rogreaa ol ihe Chea t hook P,-nodi ta n anit Newapaper buaiiirne, the tu'oenhera confidently appeal to . the Hade for a aliare ol their patronage. Oidera fir t:heap d Hooka, B u-d Uooka, Magnnaea, Newaptpora, ke., will be promptly filled, an j at pucee a? low aa cnn be bongl.t of any II othereatalili hmt-ot. n The auWibtra fully alive to i he nrceavity of prompti| nana and activity in thia huainera, pledge theuiaclvea ro be . unremitting m ill r effort! to he ahead iu the diapntch ol ' IJnoki, Nowapapert, Mag ir.inea, ke And (hey |iaiticular|y deaite book ilcalara in the Country to undent ind that every >f ordrr for hooka wi'l he lilled to the letter. Daily and Waek a ly Newapapeia packed. Addreaa 4 J. AITUTTLEk CO , fgl Stia*r Booknellera. N. Y. O i'KUNLNU (illAPh VItHVli TllfcbS* O * M?? i\.iu cmi ivi j. JOHN ANDKKsO.N, I'ractiml Onrdaoer, In* ? boi at lh* Heed Store of DUN LAC k THOMSON, 6)1 U uadway. where lie w ill cnlI dailv during the leaauo, crnl execute l- promptly all order* lie m iy be fnvoied with. f/l I* r ? .FANCY PAPER ANL) PnPJfiR liuXtiS I ONKS k FHlKDKL 114 John (treat, near Pearl, opataira. f- Manufacturer* of paper bote* and (ample earn* and d a1, Icra in Uncy paper*. All ordera thaiAlully received bud evecuted promptly cud nu rcaaonable term*. HANHY JON ICR, jltlm-rre HKNHY I'KIKDKL. " NATURAL MUSKs. STILL greater attraction at AllCHY'd, No. 5 John ' 7' Aj etreet ?A- O. hi* ja?t reeeircd by the l?gtj>?<b*ti JSti'l'""' Knope, it conanlerable addition to Inf already r nuS^Cinnit rttruaivt atock of Siiitfii.g aad Fancy Hi. da ? '* Amongal the following will be fonnii 4#0 of the moat choice II deacription of Long Breed and Dutch Ontario*, mated ami " prepared to Be put up for hatching Bird I a<e?, Bird Seed* n and nil other things pertaining to the above, will at all timei f- be found at Archy'*, No. 4 John it. N. U.?Shetland Pome*, King Charles Spidniel*. Italian (Jreyhoandi, and other fancy doit* constantly on hand. ~ I' H ?An early impectiou i* rei|ura'*#, ta tliu la without j. doubt the beat aalaction he haa evar ottered. jJ8 Imre t, JOHxNfti'UN'a HU\L) olUIlK, * No.?## BKOADWAY, one door from Chamber! - reel ? #6 baga I anary aeed, allied, at whnleiale _ jfGrr I'rice, by tlieainitle liualiel ; aline aelectiou of the I'or* - orern t.aii'rie*. nigli color*; Herman neng inrna, j Chineae apiee bird*, Java aparrowa, innekimr hirj?, lark*. u red bird*, all in *ong Kaiiey cage*, breeding cage*, bud eedf, artf bovr, aiuff lor naara. All article* in the line in great variety, by ff. ?. JllHbSTON, ie 2*0 Broadway, Ne* York il P. B ?Letter* a* abnre will he attended I". j?1 lm"r ? OOOUYEAu'd OVERSHOE*. 1M BMoAOWAV. e JL?i LA I) IES' ANIJ OENTLEMEN'3 "TK.Ilh AilOES, mannl'ictyred "| fjoodyear'a oelenrated ? I'.i.e .t .vieLallic India Rabbet, perfectly lieaible in the cold t- e*t weather. Ir'or *aie r>r the c ue or iingle ir, by t SAMUEL BROOKS, ? Pole Agent for Moodye*r'a -ildnul tctorie*. ra H??rh 100 Urnadwey, oppuaue Trimly f-lnirrh THfli UaT for SPRING IMF. i* fT8 AMlOON, HATTER, IT7 Broadway, will rfiia <1 > ir introduce the Spring eiyie fir (Jeoileiuvn'a Hat* The qn ilit* of the li ta he new off#'* for the Mining imde will lie loued unequalled for brilliancy, coinlnrt, and ilaribility. ' Viw Von*, H'eb. 2(1, IS?7. I'm l? mi'r 1I1K PROPRIETORS el Hi- inhialt f3?M^yA?rdPwi?imig Belle hung would do well o j?.y ? ii it on hoaid the atvntnhon* .Niagara, Iroa it Witch, < tnveruor, iron bo"t Juhu Ate vein, Worer?'rr, Tr* veder, Tin ma* Powell, Ike, and Foam me kH HAMEK," ? improvbd atyle of B? II Hanging. pat up neat auil *(iong, * t warranted lor one venr, hy II. H. No. < Ann ?r fit I in* rrc ' y. KOK NEW OltLh AMI,?Louiaiana and ,1** lt WTjtJka Yo k I.trie of r*eke'??Poiiiireiyonly rrtular Peek ?.-eJbU" (o ? dl Thin 'due-, 2Jrh ii>*tint ? l h? I tac aailiui , hr g l.i>WDER, ('apt. Ceualin, i* now In ding, aud wil 1? pimtively Hell a* above, her rcgelar day. . " Kor freight or pasaage, apply on uciird, at Orleaoa wharf font of Willi at, or t i V EDWARD K COLLIN", M Vouth ?t. " Poiltivrly no gonda received on board after Wednrad.i] veiling Hrhinat. * Agent* in New O'leana, John O Woodruff and Co E? who w ill promptly forward all good* to thvir addreaa. 7 121 ir * A ' Pe.flS"NB are Inrbld l'U? nig or n> iboring an) Mlffynf rhe crew o| the llrtti h lurk JOtlN J.AltlilN* JVMaWha roin Bermuda, a* no debra of their contracting ? II he naitl hv he c .ntain or rnintan,.,, o?i UK ULA ( ,1) >v ? Mi# Line 'egulai ,rfMIV picket l?t of Ma < h ? Ti.e tin# fill illlm K art it JMHHmII V N DKKOHI), (.00 tom.Oapt. Thouiaa .VteAlpiue i? y i11 ? ni ??ahora, her regular Pay. t Kor freight o oaaaage, hiring g od Mfn:i modaMom, appl] ? on boarh, foot ol Itoa. Tail it., but Kit#', or to WO'tDdliLL It MIN IUR.>,g7 Month at. TiTKe ahip BROOKMB V, t apt Hugh Mr a.wan, will sneer e< ~ th? Hi mlafoid, anil tail on her regular day, the 15th March. I ni rt Kill' LIVERPOOL?New Line?Kranlar Pnei ?, Mfi.-litJt fc.' I lor Kehriinry JO ? The aiiperntr fttt-aailn u parte I JMflnkaaahi|i < \ ItR II K, (,a|nniu II J. II Ttaak, 1006 tool it btuthru, will a.ul aa .bove, htrregulir diy t*<.r freight o >r petit*r. having acc iftnodaliona miaarpaaaed for a|>leiiiloi i, or comfort, apply on boird at Orlmin wliarf, 'not 11 Wei a atieet, or to EDWARD K I OLl.l H, it 5fl South atrvn. i, 1'rioe of paainre $lt)(i. I l ,ie p icket amp ROSritTS. A Klilridge, master, will k ancceen the U.irrick,and aail lhih March, her ragulardiiy y I JJJ 1 Kull 1.1Va.KP<H?L-Tn wlMthKebrnary?Th I kffxJfVnaw. apl> nihil. Iron atrariahip "SARA II MANDH,' II |Q|W Thompaon, rnaater, having inada her Aral paaaage hi the miiLt of winter, with cr.tire am-reai, will h" , tlcapatrhed on her rettirn for t,irerjool, on Wedneaday. (hi It Mth iiigf. Kor freight or paaaage. her eabma being tang?r a paaaed lot to Oi, r lrganca, auil cont tuieiicr, apply on boartt ir oppotite the Xcbaoc.) Warahouae.l'oot Ol Clinton itrael, oi ito ROBERT KERMIT.7* Booth it ' fgll?w*tre 0 11 lg . . 1 AIM 1 ?ll<i HIV) !<*?'?. H ny J u S. 1*1. AIT, AurtiouMr "~"~ OU8E k'LRNITUHE KILK. this d.y, Monday, beb. 22, 11 o slock, at No 111 Eighth sti vet. rornnr of Aveuue l>, the wli ?'e ol thf Kurm arc of a Mechonte Bu?fdin| House, Hedttr ds, Beadi-g, Coaira. Tables. I rockeiy, Ki eh?n h uruitu-e, Its , ?? nci.ooti data twmy Meehsuic liasrden. WM. W hlllULKY, Salesman. 122 lt*r FARM FOR SALE AT AUCTION. Wilt he aold at suction ou Tuesday, the Mdntof #7?Moirli unit. th? sslu sbla Kaiin on which the subscriber jb^iiuw realties The said 1 ttiu coutaius about 17 acres ol Kn?d land, with a goo.I 0 ? est I suae, tiaru, Carriage House, and a1! the necessary out bnildiugi; is situated in tlia town of Mnmnrourck. county of Westchester, about one mile from the village of Mauiaroueck, oil ttie Wees or street road J! tulles Iroin the ity II ill. a id near the Ir e nf the New Haven and New York iailro.t.l; li?s au a u.idaiice of the best quality ol fruit. Thesi'e will be positive, to take place at

12 >1 on the premises Kor further ptrticulars enquire of T. A Lawrence, New hochelle, or of ttie subscriber, on the premises ; JIO tm*rc l.r.ON AllU DKKLYN. V\I-IJ \Ul.fc: TIMBER LAND \T AUCTION ajjuw ON MATUKDAY. Kebrusry rtli. HIT, iu Norfolk, ?M|Vs , bv vtr-ue of i decree of the Hustings Court, ol sAi ~su-f qb city iu the suit of Andrews vs Cooke's sdin'r sud oihers, llit uuderuuned will sell on Haturday, the 27th day of fc'eh usry, 1817, iu Irmit of the office. In Norfall, -iro .k -'-l -s- s> - " l V7 * " w *1 . iv i'uouc rucuou, to me highest bidder, nil that tract of valuable totest timber lard, in Warwick county. Virginia, of which V1. Cooke died, aeiaed and i'oaaeaac i, and winch was puithased of Richard K. Parker, deceased The true: captains about fifteen hundred and thirty-aeveu , feres; is heavily limbered the principal growth being white oak of the he?t kind, of all nge? and sixes. and is considered as ranking first in the hat of limbered tracks in Virginia ? Tbe Ui d is to watar, mid lies contiguous to the property of Wiliiapi O Young, Kii|,, who will be pleased to give any information iu regard to it M. fODKK, Comtnissiouar. The laud will be told upon a credit ol twe'va months, except for so much a i will lie sufficient to p iv the expenses of sale, and he costa of ?nit which must he paid in cash The purchaser givi? g >ond with good sacurity, and the Cominiaaiouar ret lining the title to (lie land to secure the deferred payment. fei 3iawt?7thF#rc DES1RABS7E COUNTRY RITSIDENCfc TO LET. W. IN the haaottful village ol N*?w K< chelle, CfftpstWW iug of a large dwelling hon *e, bam and carriage IVMse, Via.with a Urge garde , stocks.1 with .t \ irieiy of mm trees and twenty grape vines. Would h* it esirahle situation lor a large faintly, or lorn hoarding house, ?he house I hnvingciglpeen fi iishea rooms To a good tenant it will be let low. Possession on the 1st of i"?l next. For further particulars enquire of (Jhar'ea Kri.iria, i't Jt werv; or Bell U O old. I'tg N '.saaii street. i*M 3raw1m*rc Fok. :>aLK < Ml i < LblT. JbrL A lirat-clna. roodem-lm 'r mr,- nirv and atlir dwelflrvg lirr home, A" 211 K.iu ill tre-- '-V*?hloiilo-i, -UkXLn"1 ' ?>ujt?.iiJinu i li i" vi.h i I -he 5th avenue. Tit* huu.e ?ii built in fir mi i mi i h m timer, and fiuivhrd ill the heat atylfl, w. 'i an i.l p li h? i| in.h ignuy dnora unit pla-ed furniture. in irhSc in.ue.a h..mahout the home I. heated with h i sir fumie, a ul I 'rotou w .ter introduced in ttie k'tclieu .where rei en I, u u?tv U-bn'a range nil pOI nil 1 tie lot ii 25 tiy I2nrrrtde.ii the promiaes are in complrre c leditiMI, .nd p MMaaioa to tie vi v .it on l.t of Malum Tvto-tlurd. of llie purrhe.e money may remain on bond and mur'gage, ifdeaiied. Fur term* apply to 50 Kxchai g" Place, np ataira. flj twlua'ic run SALE UK. TO LET, Id ONK or bothol (lio hauamtne two etory brick hnu<?? ffrW mnl lota Nri iri'i null 4t>7 Broome at ree t, near Broad J^J^way A aUhle it attached to No 467 which will it a l?i witli or without the hoBe*. 7M houaca arc iu good order. The locution la ea'.icinely deeirab'e Apply to WM. kJ.NO O'BRIEN, S3 Wall atreet. d"7"tl5 060 to loan on bond anil mortgage, in auma to au.t. Ii-iil tf cwh TU LE L, M THE MANSION HOUSE of Dr. Molt, at Cheanut I T^mJ Hill, B ooin.iigd'le, foiling on the lludaou riv. r, JiJjLaliO'tt aia inilca from the city, with carriage and cut | hooaea. and about eight aciea of ground, containing gardmi, orchard, pleasure grounda, 4tc. Apply to S B. Hutching*, ; 3j ^aiaiu atieet, fiom 10 to 13 o'clock, or after b I1 M., 0i Kmug'on alreet WO S'*r TO LET. ^r* The Subacriher ollera to let th*t large tbree-atorv r?? brick HOUSE. 40 by 60 feet, aitutted at the coruor of JUS. Kroii I Hud Wa.hiiigtou atretta. lloboken tl'ormnlv 1 known a* the Phoenix Hotel), f r two prtrate dwellings. K,iiuut? of A L. V?u Bosketck. Hobnkeu. o' the subscribe] in Itergeu county. JOHN H. ZABKIKKIK. Kcb. iK'h. I8S7 f 10 Ix'rn | / OK SALE, tAT PRlVATRHALK-Tlie property known as No ll6.Mulb-rry itnit,NilIdWIlttttMk LotSIby '01 left. A tiro urorv buck front home > n the front of lo kflivro itorv I'f iiUH home on (he side of lot, with I large work iho|> in thr re or, 32 nv 26 feet, with * cellar 13 fee dtep in thi game Halfolthe pinch lie niooey c m remain Ol boml anil mortgage, at 7 per cent ?Kr ipure on the preniiarl. I In lin'rc au Lk. I'? Toe lane Ice ' renal, 1'aairy and Lo-.lei tinnvy r stabli.hmeut, which Im be-n kept by the tub rribrr for m uy yem and who wish'* to dispose o ii, I , ordc lo rftire fioin huaineaa. It is si>uat'd On Din <mi i nd i hriallf airrela, with front) on b >th streets. Tin atonk anil fixtures are lora .lf Any per* u desirous of hirini the nbore, will find ii a profitable iuve*ttneut. Apply on thi premises Not# Divinou stieet. fi7 iw re ANN OUION. LAKOh. SHOW ROOM AND 8TOHK?J.. lea* r..? on lavo.ablt t- ram. the .tore No. 186 i h-thain Squire JEJ&AIso, the Show ltooin on the second floor, he n* 6 fret m I.h'ttliam and 60 feel on Vlott street*. It i* rcry dr firahle lor the riipet, or nay oilier hiiainria requiring gum iglit and ex rnsire loom, (an lie connected withthestor so n* to make the entrance ten feet wide. The third itud fouitli stones are also to let Apply to JALOU IIAKBUN. 318 Broadway, flfi lw'rc or 23 Merchants'Kxehange. Hanorer at. jflgfr TO LET ? 1 lie unit end convenient twoilory briel , fS'Jg llomr (with line umlercellar) 176 Prutce atreet, com* -tUML'i SiiI Ii vkii, situated ui a pleaaaut and genteel neigh km hood The hone i> tiunli'il tu the lent manner, and ear be ?een before 10 o'clock. A. M., orafu r 4 f M. Inquire o J <4. 'i MA( L \ \ , 16 Ka?t Uroidmy. MOSES ii. MAC LAY, Attorney at Law. 1 l!1 _ __ 9 Naieau ?| rest. IA 8A PliaUA HOUSE. iyA THE KEK.t'ER ol the above home, having retire' r*;? llom the blllflnl, toe htuar Will be let oi ^mL moderate trrma for one or a number of yeari, com nienciog on the lint of March ueit Tina eitahliihnient be iog <> veil known, ai alto the celebrated trout poml a<] Joining it t? u*rdleta to aay more. Kor particnlare appl; to the ktibecriher. near the preniiae*. N. U I lie- hove ei'abliihnicut would be reuted very lov to a party of gei.tlemen THOMAS FLOYD JONES. Hoi-th OvaTKeUar, L. I fll to mar l*rrc FOR SALE. MOue of the m <<t be intilul and deairable reiidence in the St ite oi .unnecticui, nlua ed ie thv city o Norwich, corner of Wnibiugtou and Yantic atreett n .? owned and occu|i ed by Mri. K Kip, and foimerly th reiidence or Win i. t>ilni.m, K q . by whom the h one wa built, and the ground! I ml nnc 'I here are about five acre ofland, covered with el -g iut ahade treei and stirubhery, wit wi'tira of hint trcra, (o iseberrtri, currant*, raipberriei etrawberriea, kc The iceaeiy Irom the ground! n beautiful and pictureiqnr equal to any in the Suite. The h uie it very Couve tent with two welli of eicrllent and never failing water on th prr iniana, and the place cornhii ra evnry ihing to mike it on ! of the inoat de.ightf.l reaidene?< in New r'.ncland, and oi fas i rare opportunity to auy geutlemui wiahing a beautifu I country Km) , No.29 Oremte fluiliinw, corner tlmadwiy and Chain bets street, or to the anlt?cr<li?r on the premises w. whitkidue. Norwich, Keb 10 1(147 I~I2 Itn *rc _ Folt MThe li t nrd three-story brick House, on the south wmt corner of Hicks unit Market streets. The lot i tweuty-tnree lent m fiont end rear, by one htindrei beep. The nonse whs built during the last year, has raarbh inai ttls throughout, plated tiiruiture. h sub cellar, iiou poi | tiC'i to rront, and buck lunim enclosed with glvn It 1 i within thtee imeutrs' walk of Hatuilt- n arenue lerry nn > the At eutic I) ck. ind li'teen iniuutts from he Mouth lerTl ' i in a tepidly improving neighborhood i Also (or sale, the House end Cot adjoining, of seine di 1 i scription. Apply to iCi.lAS O. BHlAVN, I ' At Mlusson It Uehell's Office, 20 Nassau street. , It 2w*rre 1 I f<>k. isalfc. JggL A TMHKK 8TOHY H0U8K on 23d street, betwes TTTtV the 2nd and 3d Avenues. It ia well finia'ted, and n J^iflLi'lete with the latest improvement*, including kitche sauge, Mink, cold und warm h i ha, water closeti, Sir.. Italu mai tie mantle? throughout the home ; h court yard of flltrs fret in hont,withrmadili and French windows. The hetu i 11 one of a row of aix houses on the south si??e of the atree i For lurcher particulars apply to VYSF It HO.N8, f4 ltn*r 172 Pearl street. ; FOR SALE, MA FARM of fifty two rrrea, moat delightfully a d, bom fi. milts from Klittbathtowat M J com?<ri?iug a handsome commodious dwelling honsi fitieu wrh marble mantles, and eetn; convemeuce for a r? spect hie family; tfie whole including g rdener's house barns, ice house, nod other buildings, in a subs'autial state tj repnr; the orchard c-iuains twenty acies of choice irtu tree*. J he easy access from New Yo-k. either by the virion cars from Jer?ey City or the ferry to Rltttbethpirt, wiieue a railroad traiu runs within i hundred Yards of the house render* this preperr viy valuable to those doing busiuei inihtaruy. The greater part of th* purchase money ca remain for three years on fond and in >rtguge ?t five per cem VY'4K Ik. IONS.172 Pearl street Also, f->raale, a dwelling house No. 181 Washington streei ?sas v_ > F< Ml bALlS. I intd KOUi'. LOTH, on llie noitli ai'lf of <lit itreet, b? , ffv!w ift-'iu ihe7l i ai,.1 gih himih i, with a Dwelling lion* i JUmL i I ; 0 . i.ur of Ik* lott. i VI.., i iiv.ll Kami ou toe tuiipike rn.ul, K.u Knckawa , | mi; If!".'), < <>"t ninny about tn terra ol l uiil two unda rni i io n, . ? acre ol line large I'r nil Treet ol the choir t rm f'ni t,a itni.ilI II uu\ ?nd utiout four ?:iti ol Woodland I nil eiielmed in u J fence. Alto, acrarai owier nitcen of laud at Kockaway, for t"lt Kof particular*. npi ly hi ' JOHN L. mjftTON . It Delai.cey H. or " j 19 I in re I () il N II I'OWf". It. I h niton ?i. N. V [ jam4 MM SAiKi or to **ch*m* for city property?J J handsome cottapc. with lire or ten arn t of land mtui ji'.VAtwo miles of tht Marine ravilion, ltock ' it*), I.on* Itlaud, on the itoe.kaway Turnpike. Ihe fiv v jee 1 f I'uid etwcned to the cotlaite arc well itiiddri wit j NUBl and frill' tree There it a itood barn end other oitl [emM on the propertyi tlto ee ice knit] and the arm* i ?r? I tilutled for n ife itlcDinii who wmilii like n romlorttbl ' r.un In retidrnr e. Alto about "evenly arret of laud, col I w uod-l old, meadow and I il liable land, which will li tol l i different parccli Apply to ' j 19 in * re J' III !. SI)KT1 IN, jr II iiclaney It. i KA'l HI>U fS'a HUTt.L7 Ifil, lfhl, |i>."> "V I'?7 Hr'Midway, i\rw York. r isck Thit new and iiiagnilicent establishment. recrntl I JrT.* opened at i I'ulilic Hotel, t littkd up in modern tip li '"M ""** I 'eat impioremenlt, tnd it of tuflicient ci r*."~ in iri'orr.moil ,lr ..CO i ?r> r ilr.i < ? ? "it .jMCi'tn* Ilium* Unit, it contatna an nunai nl 11 nilitr <il (ili-iaant ration, ?uh (aige will ventilate I Ill-lit, nil ipleudidly furuiahed with entirely nm (urn i '' '.i loan ion i? very detirable anil convenient, both f' I imaine and plea.are, being bet ween (Joiiillandt and Libert ?! Ifpl* I ? i njii?tor of thii ritabliihnitnf intend* fo in..he 1 ,, ,t < inn-'t condor able, lit .??nt, ami bnaiueaa lik ' , i i I ;.'i ilf < f Ne-v V rk, ?i.d a j ya.aa nr aijiaiiar wi ' i ?, .re I i hu parte o aneet the wanta nl niagnrata?thee [ In It-i-ii { lali-.ra I K?-rnI y in ilia public patronage, wlula 7 1 ramniiit ili i oblic'a humblf aarran:, B RATHBL'.N ! j27 lm*ra __________ CA FoFF CLOTHlNH and kurnituJH 1 WANTED. rl OlK* nr lianilamau h.taitiK anv aaat off < r auperflnot J i JotlnnR or Kiirtntora to diyuiir <,), can obtain ? 'ait cm price for the lalue tir rendu* firthr tn ti lua rai ' ill nee, or through (lie r??t, which will |(a |nntrtunlly alien t ed to M. 8. IKIllKN, Akrnt, I | it Duine (treat i ,N. B l.adiev c-n he attended to by Mr? I ohen J? Im' V. 11t< ni n1' <11.i v!!s at' widli saI h rp Hl? baai t? b? Irunliii til eity, at W.T Siaclair't 44 , 1 Imal airaati Bontheru and country dailare will Una ' to their advantage to nail before they purchaag. fl* ln*r AMIMKHK*T?. D\HK THLATHK?Monday kveiin-e, krb 'I'd, will ha i i X jM.formed lb? coin-dy, iu five acts of LOOK Rl>.A Kb. YOfI Lh VP?Mr Oil''oD, Mi Haas; Mr Kuhleigh, < hnifrnu ; Mi Brandon Uyoit ; Jsce bpr ?*?, O Banal ; Kliuur Mortimer Mia. Ab">ut To conclude with the luaiorical plav of COLU*SL'A? Columbus, Mr. B?rrv ; Mooro. l)r >ti : Harry Herbert, U barrel ; Cora. M a Abbott , Naltk. Mra Kuivht Doors open at li ll-pist 6 o'clock , perform >uce will com mi-in # al 7 o'c'ock Pities of Auuaaion? Doses $1 . Pit. iJ acuta; (Jallary 14 cents BUWK.Uk I U KATliK- Monday r.acuiao k#b Mud. will li# revived the f i:i?d ai<acinr-ie ol itA.MlOE. "i The Jow'a L'auglite ?J aulioc \; Ivaac. Vsehe; Uanb It I hapinau; the black K ngbr, Huotli, Cuius. Jo.dan. HehefCs, the Jeern vlrs Sergeant, LaJy Mowrtia, Mrs Jordin; k'Igiva Mrs Booth Pieviuue to which, TURTLE HUNTING?Hon Mr L#visou ( l*rke: Mrs 1 unit- lira B. uth. To eourlutle with I tie diaina ol ihr FLYING DUTCHM * A, or the I'liiotoui slii|i? f andenleckeii, htevens; Leatel'e, -Slia? J D.akc. Diess I irale t'j rents; I'll end Gallery ltX coats Doors ot>?n ar ht? o'clock Performance comm. oars at 7. l\l kw V KK U. koA IHiU t.. (lormriU Urn or senwich Thestrr.) ron.rr ol 1 hailtou ai d Vanck streets Mouilny evening. Keh'y. il2ud Hi??AVill be perfoiined. the Ksree of THE PLEAHANT NKIGHBOK?Cbnetopher Strap, Sir Graham, Nancv Strap, Mis Watts. To be followed by the farce ol LUCK k r?T AKS?Bamaby Brrs'les, J. Duuu; barhar.i Brislles Mrs Watts l#|Aller which, the Farce of I IIL DEVIL TO PAY?Sir Toloi Love.ule. Mr Tilton: Johioii. John Uuuni Nell. Mre Watt*. To rouelude with the Hketch of THE HOUSE DOG? Dun, Jolm Dunn , Baitv lluurlr, Mu Wat'* Price* for*?ion?Dre-? Cirolc, Jo kbii; 2d Tior, 2J cts; Pit, out Prime B.nrs, tJ Door* open it OH o'clock?' nrtun to run M 7 lTCHKLL'8 OLYMPIC THKATK E-M<^d^y ~i?7uiug, Keb.uary 22.1? I tie p*rloriii?n<-r? will cnuiuienru with GRACIOSA AND PKKUINET-Kicg Uiorion., Mr 1 NitUuM, To b* followed by tho nunctl lire*, entitled LADDER OK LOVE?Fianeoia, Mr. II. Moid. After whi-h, the CAPTAIN of THE WATUH-fi*count da Lifty, Mr. WolcM, to conclude with IOmN PRETTYJOHN k CO.-John l'.atiyjul.a, J i. HtUwIi 4 lira** circle, JO cents; upper boiei, 76 rant*; pit one shilling; private boca* $i Orrhr*tr? b< ire.$3 rnor* in eu at 7 o'clock ; cur am r **? at, .alf past 7 ITALIAN (it-k.UA. PALMO'i OPERA HOUSE. Chambers streat.?On Mouday Kremlin 2tud of HVbruary. the perlo-manr* nt Donizetti'* Opvra olUUliiA Dl I. A MM EKMOOK?Lord Henry Aihtou Sig Beiisrentaiio; Lucia, Himtoriiia C. Haiili; Lord Edgar, ttignnr 8 Orned?ti; Lord Arthu Bucklaw. 8ig Benetti; 11 imonil, Big. Mai tlui; Norman, Signer iviaae; All| sa, Mrs Bonll'rd. I in tier Boxes and Parquet'.* X1 01; Id tier do SO; Priyata bo?> 'or I i"i.m, g X; do do for k, S10. Wednesday next, latt performance of Nina Pane Per 1 Amore. lu preparation, the 0|>ara of I LOMBARDI. oaat* can be securaa at th* box oilc* Iroia 10 A M. till 4 ! o'clock, P. M. daily. fll re A. MHttiVAiV CIHUtlXBOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. I I.aet Wrote of Sonde, Lent 4' Co.'g Troupe MONDAY KVF.n1 no. Fej. I!, an entire change of perf.nmnice, lucludmg the I'liNY RACES. The celebrated ho-ae Mav Klv. Fighting Tonies, end a NKW TURKISH ENTREE lloraeinnnihip by Saudi, Dale, Ileruandea. Carroll, Itc. I The Amphitheatre i? pleaamwly waimed throaghont. Doora open at >< paat 6, peilorraanee comuiencea at 7. Bnxea 2Scrura Tit I2.V Seat" a?eoced HI lw rc j ALtdA viKKA. 579 Broadway, between Spring and Prince itrreti. BK1.DEVo MODKl. OF NEw YORK will reopen for exhibition, lor a few da v>,at the abore place,commencing ; with .vlonday, Fehraary 2id i The Canopy of the Model l aa been ao arramted aa to contain rtoub e the number of tiewa originally intended. Mer- | rhan'a and mannf-iotnrere. deairoua of cempartmenla, will aend in tbeir orCera immediately. Huuia of exhibition Irom 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. Ticketa 23 cei ta ; aetaou ticlteta SOceu-a. f22 9tia*rc : walnut str?eT,"t'h,eatre, Philadelphia ; E. A MaaaHAL, Leaaee,... W. R Buark, Manager FIRST NIOHT OF MR. k MRS KKAtf. Tito manager h'? the pleasure of ttlOIMbkl KichardlU, i which will be produced upon the * \tue scale of magnificence, I with which it was performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury r Lane, aud at the Park Theatre, New York Theacenery, roihitnp rnitlv Hiinnr. warlik* inifriimsiifi hannufi and iImpa. 1 ration*, entirely new. MON'tAV fcVKNlNO, February 22, will be performed the traitcdy of K1CHAH.D 111. 1 Kichi'd MrCha?Kean t Queen Kliaabetli Mr* Che* Kenu i I l'u conclude with the new otnedietta ul t I 8P111NG UAKD1CNS. i I.ord ( nurtingtnii Mr Crocker Lady Clarina .. Mia* Crocker | To-morrow night Mil ?nd%1BS <11 A-* KKA" ' last C ?iXijKK.T op " } MADAME AM \MOlVlCZ, \\I IL L take place on TL r , tlieji,! , .it , at the . TT takers - she will be aaauted on die nc. , die lulluwing euu. unit talent from THE ITALIAN '.HA:? Sigtorir*< lotllda ISariii.. . -P>ima Donna. Hignor Ueneiletti .Kir*t 'l ennre. 0 Signor lleueveiit ido ... .Kirir Daia. 8 irnor Hai quinco Btttfo. ? 8iguor liar'It Mnealru. ! imtki.'mrmt*l Piaroa ttr.m. 1 The celebrated Herr Dorn, iiomut to the Grand Duke of e B den. *1 . Kyle, tin* Flutist. Mr Tunin Mill preside ?tthe Pianoforte. Doori nprn at 6, Concert to commence at precisely. Single tickets. $1, family ti-Iteta, admitting three persons, $2. family tickets, admitting live. S3. To avoid cnufutiou at ihe rntrance, it is requeated that tickets be purchased, as lar as it is convenient, at the Music stores PROGRAMME, i Part i. I. Performed first tiir.r in Ainenci, the popular nir " i'?e witched," from Weliei s opera " Preeioas"?arr.-uyrd wi ll tlule obligate express, y fur Signora Urisi bv Uroust? Medaine Ablimnwicx ami > r Kyle 1 2. Aria, fr?in opera Henveuuto Cellini, sunt by i Migunr Rossini. 3. Duet, from opera Hubert Ueyereui, Hignorina Barili aud ?ig. Benadeiu ... Donnetti. 1 4. Aria, from opera I euereutnla, sunn by higuor j \ Haurpiiric > Uoasmi J. A new unpublished sons, by 'he celebrated r Kpohr, with horn accompaniment, Madame Ablainowicz and Herr Horn ' 8 l)uet, froiu oper i Calutnclla, Sigtiorina Barili aud Migunr "anquiriro, by Kiornysnti. 7. Duet, froui Taucredi, " Ah. se di Mali Mici," Mad. Vblamowicz and Sig Huusdetti llossim. s | _ Panr II i i. Lomn uuet, irem opera I urco iu Signor i, Sanguine > anil Big. Benevaiitaiio Koaaini. e 2. CavUlua, " Homino Lielo," from opera Slave of a Bagdad, Mad Ablainowirx Taceinf. a I. Duet, Uoni ertanta for Ho n or Klutg, Andante h nod v*ri <tioui on a favorite air, by Herr l, Uuru and Mm. Kyle Banman 4. U( inanae," II Frigioaaro," auug by Big. Bene), deiti, eompoaed Or Giovanni Oodoue , 5. Barcarole, tunc by Bigaorina Burili, eompoaed e | by the aame. e (. Scorch War Book. "MacGregor'a Gathering." f- worda by Sir Walter aeott. tnunc by AlexJ a..d?r Lre, auug by Mad. Abiamowicx 7. Duet, Uehieone,"opera Norma, Siguoriua , Jlarili ?4Madame AMmmwim,. Brllun 8 Tlx calabritee yw mo," fiaaiML1' |||iii Hauquinco, Sig Benevrutario and Mboenruetti Koaaiui. 122 2t la rn - Idb ALLblrfi AlNlA.hP. L^LATI KKH.D by the aucerai that their former Coucetta r have m-t with have beeu loduced to give their ueit Coua cert at the Broadway Tabernacle, J (hi WEDNESDAY EVENING, Feb. 24 e The followuiK |necea will cooatitote a part of the pror gramme : ? a 'I he Greeting?Up I up with the Signal, the laud lain d Sight?My Mother Dear?The l.aat Itoae of Summer?He r. Uoeih All Thieae Weil?1 ha Seaaona, or Kariner'e SongGould I Hulh a rallier'i bigh-Awiy Down hail?Yaukee ?- l.and. Tickrta 5# eeuta, to be had at the hluaic Htorea, and at the doer. ' l)(immwc? at 1% o'clock. Ol 41*i LES DANSEUSES VlENNOlSfc. . Vf AUA.Mfc.JOSfcPHI.Nfc WKISS, Miatreeenl the Ballet. del. liega to atate to the Mnaagrra of Tneatrea lu the United ? Statea, Jul applic-itiona Tor engageineuta inuai bo made to , her ageut. Mr. JOHN the 1'ark 1'hratre, Now ' York, who la duly authoriaod to make all arrangements tor t Lea Dtuiaeuaea Vienuoiae. fM il rc Oil ESN UT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA IMlK Hnbacribera having leased the *bo?e magnificent ea ublialimeuti ofler the same to reut by the night or week [until their retorn from thr aouth ou the lat Maicli J ?, H ull particulars ran be iiblniutd of Mr Umniore, agent for >- the leaaeea, at the boa office, every morning, between the !. hours ul 11 and 12. All coruiniiuieationa must be addressed to il Mr Jiuiuore, port paid, or they will uot be attended to. it j'ltl aha SMHJ1N * KKA/KI1. 'I'HM onimillee appointed ou the U:h February. by the e A New York i hilainhropic Society to denae ilie heat , means c| satiating to r< litvc the suffering poor hi the High ' landa and lilamla | |'Scotland, reported progieaaaud i.grenl n , to u-ie. uu Thursday enamg, tlie Ulli, to co-operate witli thoie who agree with the nieinbrra of the Society mi Una L question. JOHN SINCLAIR, Trea't. t JoHt Dsarit, Hec'y. f20.2l,Ult2.'i <Q r _ ' THE SECOND UALL OF THE NEW YORK PHILANTHROPIC SOCIETY, ? WT I l.L take place ou Kml > Kveoiuk*. H ebru.ny M, 181?. t T" Tim ma . y Mall. While tlie objeet of (hit Society 11 to aid, at far ?? poaaible, apery needy deferring applicant; yet m ipei Ml iiitrn r tion n to reek mil and mint thoae who lure seen i>rtier d?ye, hut thrnuir > iickaeaa or rinalortuue hire muk into ' p.,?ritv, wiiiiou' the heart lo aek relief .Mr. Dodwonh'a celebrated baud will occupy the Orcliea' tra. Mr I laorge ilubertaon will inperintriid the manage inrut of the llmr. Welo'e the commencement, and during the loleryal ?( d.tnet ing, Mr. McKerrachar will pl.yacTeral appropriate ana on i- the I'ipea Dnnciug to commence at 8 o'clock. Tieketa One Hollar each?Hold by Stridden tt Uuoham, Ml i Broadway, 01 by any olficer or tnamher S. llK*SOLP3. Hee.retary. n KAIO. Preaidenl Cift ?i ti it ?t?r NEW Y111; K OA LEEKY < >K THEHNE ARTS. tf^HK Kthihition of the Woiki of Art belonging to tint _ 1 Inatitulion ta now open at tlie Rotunda in Hie Park.? Three line piccea ol Sculpture by Rruwu nave bee.. lately added, *i/. : Rum, iirearnted by Mm Eliza Hicka , The Bo) ! and Dog, die mil of Charlaa M. Laspp. bq,, and Adoflb, y In addition I" me aboye, and a valuable catalogne of Kn f reiiuy*. I ,n c.,||e'torn embrace, f olee' I oilier ?l r.u.pir c '* *nd Voy??c of Lite, beeide* other fin* specimens of Amen can Art, b> M nut, li.ghem, lumin, Kdmumls, Dunud/ih ip j men, Mosherinel, end otners. '' Tlie Oellefy it open daily from 9 A M until dark, end on '* Mond.v nod Turedey Kremlins only until 10 f V Life Membership one dollar , sinel* admission 25 cent*.? (Maiocues I2>i cent). dM leieodii* l/1;. POWELL, OoULlST AND AUH-Ii ? \ TTKNOS to Disrates of the Kv* end Ker, end to ell im,i , 1\. perfusions ol Vision, trout * ,o 4 o'clock, at Im residence and office, Jul Broadway. corner of Wt"ru stresl *" Opll.atiiiia .Stoppage ol tee I'enr r**su*e, l.tumu, nd Op?< itie?, effectually removed. VMAWKOHI* trented with great attention and sneers*. _ STRABISMI'S, or S.|fiicit??c. nnred > i lrw iiiiimtee. Detfne**, end *11 discharges from the h er, permanently cored. ARTIFICIAL KVKH inserted " !-prrt*rlra edaptsd to ?n - delect iM lm*re u- HP1RO 1/ K ri /.' d- ffHK piveetor aed pslentee of the *lin,e highly importtn 1 instrument for tewtinic li e coudition ol toe Ln >m Ma ( heat, bees to uilorm ell th'.ie who in ty be efflicted with en sy inptome of thet ditneee, tnnt the prteti* Condition of o> ttente enn hn sccnretelr ssr.*rt?ined hy ipplying to hm, et lii ' ,i?nu. er the Ai'or Honee, where hit invention cen he tei A #1, profcssionnlly. He invitee the te?oliyiu Kenerel.tnir * epeet thie new ud important invention, between thn hnu?* c 11 end 1 o'clock, at the Aetot How?* . fllm'rh "' ? 11 TO THE LATEST MOMEWiT. TICLKUKA PMlOi Waiminutow, Ktb. 91?10 P. M. The Southern Mail of thii evening, bringe nothing outh of I'cterabuig. V?. Bo?ton, Feb 31-8 P. M. The enow ia now aix iucbea in depth, and la atill falling. Flour ye*terJay reoaJeJ 76 ceuta per barrel, on receipt of the Kuropean mail ot the 4th inat. The i ambiia'* pataeDgeM und mail left to Jay in an eatra train, via the Long I-land Railroad, but the enow will, probably, impede their progreaa. ajj BY TIIK 1 A I l> H , I.KGllliiTIVE PIIUL'BBUIKQI. Matte. Albaivt, Keb 19, 1847 Mr Backua pioaentad the pennons of th? aurgeona attached to tha fcyeaud Kar Infirmary to the city of New York, praying lor a continuance o! legialative aid. The petition w?? lelerred Mr Lkatkr presented the pelitiou of aundry citiaena of thia State, praying lor a limitation to the number of acres of laud to he held bv any individual, and an exemption of the homcatead o( every family from any liability lor debt. Mr. JoRna called for tha consideration of the Houao concurrent reaolutiona, containing auggaationa to our Senator*, <kc , in Congreaa that their approval of tha bill introduced into the Houao of Repreaentativea approin ta'iiig $ i0ti.nt>0 for the relief of tha Irish, will be high ly coniinuudable and honorable. < A conviction that Congreaa have no power or autbori ty to apprcpriute thia money for thia object appeared to pervade the Senate The United Stataa ceuatitution waa quoted and it waa aaid that the provision* of that inetrunii'iit did not guarantei- the power to Congreaa to provide for tha general wallaie ol any of the nationo of Kulope; th t the legiala'lon ot Congress muat bo carried on with rxcluaivu ivlerenca to the wanii ol the republic ol North America, aud not with reference to the oocial or political condition of any other govoruiaeut er people. Mr. Youro void " commeutatora, in all agaa, who had written on tha conatitutiou hu 1 aaaumed that Congiesa had no power which waa not ox prettily delegated to them by that instrument There waa no whera found in it the right to give uw y the public money. It had been done, hut be believed it waa without the authority of the ceuatitution. Contribution* were going on in all part* of tordy movement* of Ike goveiumrat." These were the st-ntimeuU expressed by Mr. Young, on>l 1 am not luro but a majority of lh? Senate concurred with him. The resolutions weie ordered to be lad on the table until to morrow thk canals. Mr Daisviston, with the leuve of the Senate, intro duced * bill making appropriations for the canal debt, and for the maintainance of the canal* lor the year 1047. The Dill wa* reterred. Mr. Claob introduced a bill to incorporate an asaociation in the city of New York, organized I believe, with the view of improving the dwelling* of the laboring classes in that city. The Semite then adopted tho concurrent House resolution*, respectfully requesting the President of the United State* to permit seventy Indiana of the Six Nations, who have been illegally removed west of the Mississippi, to return to their trienda in this State The bill providing lor the construction of a plank road from Salina, Onondagu county, to Central Square, Oswego county, was pusaed by the Senate. An immense number ol private and local bills ? e re|>orted and perfected and passed. Kew men are aware of the incredible amount of piivate and local business imposed upou the Legislature It is almost incalculable. And the Senate wont into Committee of the Whole on * the bill ' in relation to the seaman's fund and letreet in 1 the city of New Yolk, and to reduce and equalize the - tax on seamen " The hill authorizes the President of the hoard of trtis. tec* of the seaman's ftiml and retreat, in New York, to collect two dollars from the mailer ot ever* vessel arling Irom a port in the Kant Indies or the Pacific, and ft 60 from each mate, sailor, or m irincr of such vessul. Fur eacii master, mate, or mariner, of every vissel from Africa, or from any port in South America south of the equator, 87}{ cents ; auy |>ort in F.urope, 80 cents ; any port in South America, north of tiie i quator, tho West, aud coastwise ho j on I St Mary's river, 37H cents; m y port in the British provinces. 60 cents ; any jiort South of Hiitteras. and Nortli of St Mary's river, 'in cents i in in'h Krom all other vessels. 'iO cents per month. Tho trustees, wtio ore the Mai or of New York, the Health Orticer of the port ot New York, lie , are required to appoint Dorses and attendants to the hospital or retreat, and to fix tho amount of their compensation. The trustees are required to pay out of the fund to the health commissioners, lor the sup|>oit of all sick and disabled xeameu, who may he detained in quarantine,duriug the time they are so detained, tweuty-llre cents per day, for the suppoit of such seamen. The Committee lose without tuking a vote upon the hill, in order to give Mr 1) ickus an op|>ortunity to examine the provision! of the hill | Tho remainder of the session was doroted to private ' bills Aistnibly, Ai.bsist, Feb. 10, 1847. Mr. Sicai.a* presented the petition of sundry persona for an appropriation for the establishment of a retreat in the city of New York, for the widows and orphan* of mariners. Mr. Bi.oss presented the petition of a Mr. Shear, for the repeal el the excise law, the petition was signed King Alcohol. its terms wem insulting to the Muuio, un4 utter route debate the House refused to receive the I petition Mr. Wkioht, from the Judiciary Committee, reported a bill making appropriations for the expenses of the government. Tho bill was referred to the Committee of the Whole. Mr Busnci.i., from tho Committee on the Judiciary, reported tho bill for the better security of mecbauics arid others, erecting building* in New Yoik, Albany aud 1 Troy. The bill.wus reierreJ to the Committee of the Whole. Mr. Shusiwit, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported adverse to the bill to amend tho act relating to the collection ol debts against ships aud vessels. This report virtually defeats the hill, which 1 think contemplated the detention of veasols lor small debts. Three times the usual number ot the general law for the incorporation ol charitable aud religious societies were ordered to be printed. Mr. Blouiikt r, from tho Committee on the Incorporation ot cities and villuges, teported the Senate bill relating to tho amendments to the of the eity of New York, with amendments. Mr. Knaenaat asked leave to otler a resolution. Tho l UU read the resolution which resolves tbst when tins House adjourns to-morrow, tSalurday,) it will adjourn till Tuesday neat, the U3d iost Mr. Ki.saaeas said Monday was the birth day of Oeorge Washington, and that public business should be suspended on that day. Mr 11 loss asked why the House did not adjourn over Ht. Valentine's Day I To-moirow was at i'atrick's Day , we ought to adjourn over that day also 'The gentleman lidicuiod the idea that there was any prolanity in holding a session on Washington's hiithday The ayes and noes were demanded on the resolution. Aud it wus adopted ayes AJ, noes 3S. Mr. t asrKMTiaa moved that the patriotic members who voted against tho resolution, have leave to use the Assembly chambur on Washington's birthday. [Const Jer.Ode contusion J 'PI,- U?. . . . ? . ...I <1.? nw.l.nn w,.m ?nl in nr.lnr 1 undeiatund tho membero ol the two houtei inten.I to (lino at Troy on Monday. Mr CiMiti olte.ed a reaoluuon inrtiucting the Preiidont ol the Now VoiK and lUrlorn Railroad to report forthwith to the Secretary of Statu, under oath, a general and particular itateiaeul of thu preaent condition ol the company, ita indahtadneii; whether auy ol the iharea hav? huen Hold below their former value, fcc , itc , lie. Thi? wua an iniporlant re?olutiou, and 1 had reterved a copy ol it; I find I have loat the copy The reaolutiou waa adopted The iintiHe mlneiiuuntly occupied coniidorable tune Upon the lull to divide the State into judicial diitncta I nave mated before, and 1 how lepeat, that the two holme* cannot agreo upon any propomtion tor the arrangement ot the judicial ditlncti, without a Committee id conference, nor without broad and mutuul coucei i no tin. i no Home did not take a vote u|>on the hill to-day. Mali of Mtecka at II uton. Bkok ih?' Uoahi, Feb 20 ? IJO aline* Long I a 1 no ! Itailroid, 2%, toIliiJ, 7 lieadiua Railroad, JOS. J do JO, 10 do 29, 7 Va.nn.iii Lential It ilr md, HI, 2J Nurnivh and W'orctiier llailr id jj'*. II Wrtlern ituilroid, l?0'4, Jo Jo, 100, 12.1, no ml, 10 U eon and Provideai - tlailruau, 101; IJ >aw Ko( I > < ! Worateil i,i), ?7',. Illu r.atl IVitMll i i), Ii>l6; tiro DITldendt f.<4at Motion i o, 7 31, t?L0 do 7\, boOOd \r Ai,< rio.e?JOiha Auburn nuil Hochetler.Hail'o.d, I Kittrrn, U#)f; I u Vitliu i and I.iwcll Kailro d, J) Old I o uuy H.uload, M7t W; 23 "Northern Hailrotd.MX; jo Wrtirrn lr lue'e * I DO 9%. 10 Verne >nt and ,?mh .clnuettr KhiIio il, 71, I' Boston and Lowell Kulroad, !# ? Ifc'g ?>er ctnt adr, # Oouuccticut Mirer Railroad, '/ i>! I .1 I..II I I . ?l, , SKGAK8 HAVANA AND 81. J AGO LEAF TOBACCO. A A. HAMAiNOH, 'Jl Broadway, uii tuirt. (opposite Trinity! butrli) offers for tile, in loti to tuit ptrrchat rt. it wirolrtale and retail I'd) bales Hamua L?.il I'obarcO, wrappers and filler* 30 - Y (uaoy " S JO " Cumberland IIirbor. S ' 40 " ftt jauo Leal Tobacco 7J " It ' uark wrriliery 12 ratet old Cooneccicat Jderd i.rai i obaeco, aond colon. Alan, Ariars of allbraidaaud rl ittet, luciddiug aoiua in p.r tail ei| r>alv for |ni?..ia tm km, toKeilirr with olbera II t iblr for the i mir. 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