Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 23, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 23, 1847 Page 1
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4 TH * ok. XIII. No. 03-.** ta'WA No. ?*?? I THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMS GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation- - -Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every oay, rriceS cents per?opy-$ 25 per ."liuui?pay ib'? iu nJvu.ce . WJUkKLY UF.RaLD? Every Satard iy?Price >? cent: per copy?3 l?i? c-ul? per .111 um?payable in adrauce. HERALD bOH KUKOrE?Every Wt.ain Packet dayI'ricu 6l? cents per copy? 3 l er annum, payable mad IHce ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on thi 1st of January ofcarh year?single copies uspeuce each. AOVERTIfeK' KNTH, at th? usual prices?always cssl ill ad.mice. Advertisements should be written iu a plain legible manner. The Proprietor will not be reapousible fo errors that may occur in them. PRINTIihO of all kiuds executed beautifully and with despatch. All let'ers or communications, by mail, addressed in th establishment, innsr be post p id, or the poitage will bede ducted Irom the snhscriotion money remitted. JAMEII UUKUO.N DhNNETI', Proprietor of the New V'oek HiKii.n EsTant.isuMK.nT, North-Writ corner ol Knlton and Nussiu atreeti p0R gALb 01t|T0 LET> AaA ONE or both ol the handsome two atory biiek borne !?!? and tola. Mi.a. 46> and 467 Broome alreet, uear B'oail J^H^way. A stable is attachedto No. 467, which will b let with or with< ut the house. The houses are in good oi der. The location is extiemely desirable. Apply to WM. hJNO O'BRIEN, S3 Wall str.e*. [j /-$li,OOfl to loan ou bond and mortgage, in sains to suit. Ic2l tf ewh 1 TO LIST. The Snbscriber offers to let that large thrss-stor brick HOUSE, 49 by SU feat, situated at the cornor o I Xjfl. Kron t and Wa.hington streets, Hoboken (former! known as ths Phranix Hotel), fur two private dwellings Enquire of A. L. Van Boakerek. Hobo ken. or the sabacrib. in Bergen county. JOHN H. ZADKIsiKIE. Keb. I9fh. 1147. fl9 Is'rc t-OR SALE, AbA AT PRIVATE SALE?The property known u No 186 Mulberry street, near Broome street. Lot 31 by >0 A two story brick front house on the front of lo ?aWTall two story frame house on the side of lot, with Urge work shop in the rear. 32 by 26 fret, with a cellar 13 fee deep in the same. Half ol the purchase money can remain oi bond and mortgage, at ^ per cent.i,E?ijuire on the premises. 118 I in* re AaA I U LET?The large Ice Cream, Pastry and < outer pr.M tiouary stablishment, which has ben kept by the sub ,lwJjLa>'riber for raauy years, and who wishes to dispose o it, in order to retire from bususess. It is situated on Din stou and Christie streets, with fronts on both streets. Tli stock aud futii'es are for sale Any pers mdesiroas of hnin the above, will find it a profitable investment. Apply on th premise*. No 60 Division street. f!7 IWrc ANN GUION. MAS3APEQUA HOUSE. mTHE KEEPER of the above house, haying retireIrons the business, the house will be let oi moderate terms for one or a number of years, coin menciug on the tirst of March nest. This establishment he iny so well known, as also the celebrated trout pond ad joining, it is needless to say mora. For particulate appl to the aubacriber, near the premiaea. N. B. The above establishment would be rented very lor to a party of gentleman. THOMAS FLOTD JONES. South OtstbeBay, L. I. f 13 to rngf l*rrc FUR SALE. AbA One of the most baautilnl and desirable residence Mm the State of Connecticut, aituated in the city a Norwich, comer of Wsihiugton and Yantic atreeta now owned and occupied by Mra. fc.. K.ip. and formerly th rcaidnnce of Wm C. Oilman, Eiq., by whom the h mae wa bnilt, and the ground* laid oat. There are nbont five aar* of laxl, covered with elegant ihade tree* and shrubbery, wit varieties of fruit tree*, gouaeberriea, currant*, raapberriea atrawberriea, he. The aceuei v trona the ground* i* beautiful and pictnreiqn* equal to any in the dtme. The hm?e <? very convenient with two well* of excellent and never failing water on th preinuea, and the place combine* evory thing to make it on of the motl delightful rc*ideuce* in New Eugland, and ul fera a rare opportunity to any gentleman wiahing a beuutifu ennntry teat. For terina and Inither particalar*,apply to Chartea Addoms Esq., No. 29 Uranite Building, corner Broadway and Cham her* atreet, or to the sabaoriber on the premiae*. W. C. WHITKIDOE. Norwich, Feb 10 1847 fit lni?rc FOR SALE. MA THREE 8TOKY HOL8E on 2Jd atreet. betwee the 2nd and id Avenue*. It ii well limned, and it plete with the latest improvement*, including kitche range, aiuk, cold and warm ba ha, water cloaeti, he.. lralnc marble mantlet tnroughout the house ; a ruurt yard of Altee feet in front,with verandah aud French windows, 'i he heua i* one of a row of six houses on the south aide o( the atree For further particular* apply to V VHP. h 80 N8, f4 liri?r 172 Pearl atreet. * FUR SALE, JggA A FAKM of fifty two acre*. mo?t delightfully * b'iV tuatel, '.bour, five unites from Klizahethtown, ."v. J Jjjmcomr ruiiot a handsome commodious dwelling housl filteu *i' h in* 'nte mantles, hn<l every lor a < tpecuble f.tinily ; the wiioie including gardener's l.ouvi b*ra<, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial state c repvir; the Orcliard cmtaius twenty aciei of ciioice Ira trras. Th? easy access from New York, ri her bythevauou et.i Irom Jersey City or the Itri jr to Clixahethport, wlienc n rilliro .d tl..Ill run* wilhiu * hundred yards of the houas renders this pre) erti very valuable to those doing iiusiues in this city. The greater part of the purchase money ca remain for three years on bond and mortgage at five per ceu VYnt: fc na Pearl street. Alio, for sale, a dwelling house No. Ml Washington stree f4 lm*r ^AT111JUN,S HUThL. 161, 163, Ui5 4* lt>7 Broadway, Aeu York. MThis new and niugnificent establishment, receutl; opened as >t Public lintel, 's fitted up in modem style with the latest improvements, and is ol sufficient ca parity to accommodate 200 persons Besides a very spacioni fluting Hal!, it cnutains an tiuoau al n 'ir>tier of pleasant Parlors, with large wtll ventilate' Bedr oms, all splendidly furnished with euliraly new furni tare i o- location is very desirable and convenient, both fo onstae and pleasure, being between (Jourtlandt and Li harp treats The t lopnrtor ol this establishmint intends to make i one ol ti e most comfortable, pleasant, and bnsineaa Ilk places in I lie city cf New York, and a? pain* or expense wtl ?f spared r xhis psrtt o ;oeei. the wants of hit guests? thate by hoping nil .re liberally in the public pntroinge, while h remains tho | ublic's huniula servant, 11 JVATHBUN j 27 I in* re NATUKAL MIJSP. Y-"?- STILL g,enter attraction at ARLHY'A, No. 5 Johl SVcOiMt?A tJ. ha* juat received by the laat [>m.Wet ^Wjfcviroiii Kuiope, a couaidernble nddiltor to hib <1 rr.< ; eatenaiv* atock of Smiting and Fancy III. diAiaOri:it tlif following will be found in# Of the molt cboiei deicuptinu of Long Breed and Dutch c.nariei, mated am prepnred to be put up for h itching Bird* aura. Bird Seed* and all other thing* peruiuiug to ihe above, will at all uinci be found at Archy'a, No. 4 John at. N. B.?Shetlaud Poniea, Khik Chirlea Spaniel*, Italiai Greyhound*, and other fnucy dona couatanily on hand. P S ?Au early inspection ie requeued, aa thie la withou doubt the beat arlection lie baa evernllrred. j 2?> Imrc JoHJNsTUIVS UlltL) rtlOKib, No. 283 BROADWAY, one door from Chamneri y^SFfJafeet.?8b big* Canary aeed, allied, at whaleaali price, by the aimtle buahrl ; a tine eelection ol the lout oi"' breed tauariea. high colore; German ion* birna Chineae apiee birde, Java aparrowa, mocking birda, larka rrd bird*, all in aong Fancy cage*, breeding cnaea. bin aeeda, neat boxea, aiotf lor neat*. All article* in the line u great variety, by W. Is. JOIlNS'lON. 28'> Broadway, New York P H? Leileri e? above wi'l be attended to j2'J lm'r UOOU V KA l> O VKUstlOh Ji. IU0 bK IADVYAV. At . LADIF.ia' AM) (iK.NTI.k'All'Vj i.Vk'M. SHUIi.H, inanulnc nrrtl of tloodyear'a e eornte.l I'ur i .Metallic India Rubber, perfectly lletihia in the cold it weathrr. iror ante by tti? c.iaa or amide ji ir, by SAMUEL BROOKS, Sol* Agent for Uoodyear'i ?l luufaciuriea, f2Ina*rh 100 Broadway, oppoaite Trinity f Ihnreh. Mgk THE PROPRIETORS ?j Steamboat f*,. wuhina Brlla hung would do well <o piy i i Ma fir i i hi mi lioaid tlio ateaniboata .Niagara, Iroi Witcli, Uoveroor, iron boat John Sievena, Worcester, Tia vailer, Tin inaa Powell. J*c , and feminine >111 IIOMEll'i im; roved al jfle i f B'll Hanging. |>ut ? > neat nud atronK, n?( warranted lor one year, by H. H. * Ann ?t f2l lm*rrc aji,t KUK IS r. W OKIjE O**.?Louisiana mid !> ? tYoV Line of Packets?Poiiiiva'yoiily regular Park to i. iI Thu-adwv. 20.h iuat uit.?The fiat aailim lir a LxVV'PKK.t apt. Conalin, la now In.ding, and wil positively anil aa above, her reguttr day. Kor or put age, apply ou board, at Orlraca wharf foot of Wall at, or to EDWARD K. COLLINS, 58 "ouih at. Poaltivrly no gooda received ou board aftar Wednesday veiling. 21.Ii mat. Agents in New Orlenua, Jolin O Woodruff and Co who will proiniuly forward all gooda to their addreaa. 121 re akar I a hSI'NS are lorhid I going or n'trhoring an] JVr I the erew n| the Britl.b bark J OH N J Alt L>IN E jSttftmtaw'rmn Berinnda. a> no delita of their contracting wi| lir pniil by he c .ptain or eniiateiieea. fjlr XliiP FUfi UI.ASUUW?1 be Slew Line legulai MrWPt paekrt lai of slarrh?The line faat tailing Br lad jHUCaali Y N l)Ek OH I), bun lona, (lapt. Thoinaa .vie Alpiue will urn aa her regular day. Kor freight or pnesag *, hieing good nreoiMnodawonr, epplj on board, foot Pi l>o?. yelt it., but I' iye-, or to WOmDmULL & MIN lUKN.r 8nntli ?t. f The ahip BISOOKSBY, < apt Hugh Mcfc.weu.will anceeet tlir Hmlefoid, aud anil on hi-r regular day, the 1.1th March. aim BAG LEY'S GOLD PENS?#2 ONLY. PlMlfc. Huhicriber liaa recently made a greet reduction It J the price of fluid Pent, and i? how aellirg them at $2 mi linlir n Pen anil Pencil The Te. a are ofan taceilent uua lily, and tne public may rely upon finding a brat rate article rotwiiliataodibg the low price. Alio, fine Watclira and Jewelry, fin i? i?? J. V SA VAdV.n Knltnn JErKEKSON INSURANCE OMPANY. OrricK No. 50 Wn.i. rarrr, orrennr rur. MgacHaoT'a , Eli umi. lilH Company contimiea to inanre agamat Inaa or -? by hire, on dwelling homes, warehouse*, htnldiuga n general, goods,wares ard merchandise, md every deaeriptioi of peraonal property ; elan against loaa or damage by inland ua Tigation and transportation DIKECTOK8 1 homta W. Thome, Kliaha Kiwgr, Tliotnaa T. Woodruff, Anson BAer. I w. nobton, M.l>, Joneph lJr*>e, ll.oinioi', Allen, SltV'p1 Rek?r' Jemet K. Ilolm-r, Jn ?w John P. More. Will.nm K. t\ior?, L' J' Thomm Morrtll, jlhnr vi Kauene IiORP.rt, John C. Mernti, K?Sert Hn.itl.. UVI? T !((> l- JHOMA8 W. THOHNfi lent I ruM K H^rr*fnrr ??4 tfrc 1 Hk .NkW I OH ft h II. K INK. < OMPaNV, { Dl VI P ! ' V h rfL . ^ ^ Yon ft, eh. 10, 1847 \ H .JId Iii'r? Z rjTt* ?r rfi^rtorft Untr tin* d?r eft J f, f four l,er rent t? fh'* fork ' 22 W?7t W?i1 * .ter thf A? h in#t- ?l ,h* of the nmim s/th *i&rt\tuTi,wr"bookjw"1 te ln,,r li. UNDERHILL, Becreury. $ s.\r: E NE NEW a r r a rv t nop FURTHER EXTRACTS FROM THE ,! P0F.SI52J FAFS ?. 0 I , ( RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. ? THe OfArlal Notification of the Optiilnf of (tie , IBagllah L'orta, and the guapemlon of the Navigation Uw. r anio ditcimo. VICTORIA REOIN.K. CHAF. I. B AN ACT to euapeud, uutil the firit day of September, I one thousand eieht hundred end lorty-aeveu.the duties on the importation of corn. Stilli January, 1847. Wbereaa, Uy an act panned in the eesaion ol Parliament ' holden in the ninth and tenth yean of the reign of her '' present Majeety .entitled an act to amend the law* relating * to the importation of corn, it ia enacted, that there ahull ba laviari anH noiH in*A K?? ?- 1 L? * " sors, on all corn, grain, meal and flour, im|?orUd into tbo I United Kingdom or lha Iale of Men, from parti beyond e the aaaa. ami entered for bo me oonsumptlon, until tbo firat s day of February wbich will be in tbo year of our Lord one thouaand eight hundred and forty-nine, certain dutkea aet lorth in the acbednle to the laid act annexed. And Whereas, by reaaon of the partial failure of certain ctops uaually forming part of the aubalatenco of the people " of theae ialanda, it ii expedient that for a time to v he limited no duties should he levied upon tho f entry for consumption of tho said articles, or auy r of them : Be it therefore enacted, hy the Queen's i. Moat Excellent Majesty, hy and with the advice and conr sent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, anil i'ommo:ii, iu this present Parliament assembled, and by the authoL rity of the same, That no duties of customs shall he chargeable upon auy corn, grain, meal, or flour, already imported, or hereafter to be imported into the United 0 Kingdom or the fsle of Man, from parts beyond the seas, 1 and entered for home consumption, after the passing of , " this aat and before the first day of Septomber in the pro- | ? sent year. Car. it. An Act to allow, until the first day of September, 1847, 1 the importation of corn in foreign ships [3b Jan 1847 J Whereat, it is expedient to allow, for a limited time, f corn, maize, giain, meal, flour, rice, und potatoes, to - be imported in any ship or veaiel, from any country t whatever, and that such articles warehoused fur * exportation only, should he allowed to be entered for ' home centumplion{: lie it, therefore, enacted, by the Queen'rf munt exeallfint ma lt>atv hv with tho 1 - advice and consent of the Lord* Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assem" bled, and by the authority of the same, That from and 1 after the pasting of this act, and before the first |* day of September in this present year, it shall and may I he lawfnl for any person or persons to import into the r United Kingdom for home use, Irom any country, in any ship or vessel of uny country, howevor navigated, any ' corn, maize, grain flour, meal, rice, or potatoes, the growth or produce of any country, any thing in the Law of Navigation to the contrary in anywise notwithstand ing. 11. And bo it enacted that from and after the said pass ing of this art, until the said first day ol September, in' elusive in lbi< present year,any corn, maize, grain, flour, f meal, rice, or potatoos, the growth or produce ot uny s country, which may have been warehoused in the s United Kingdom for asportation only, muy be entered h for home consumption, any thing in the Law of Naviga' tion to the contrary in anywise, notwithstanding. i. The Famine In Europe?Ph? Destitution In Ireland and Scotland. * SCOTLAND. . [from the Liverpool Standard, Feb. !1 ] I Last night Dr. Mackay delivered an address in Oreat George street Cbaprl, detailing the distress in which the highlands and Islands of Scotland are at present plunged He seid that ot 400,000 souls inhabiting the Highlands, about 60,000 are at this moment totally destitute-of daily fond, and are supplied bv cbaritv : and ihnt mmh.i will, in a short time, bo doubled Before Hex! summer arrivej the Highlands anil Islands of Scotland will centum I1. 3HO OOO totally dependent upon charity. The failure of u the potato crop bus been uuiveiHul through the Highlands n and the wliolo of Scotland; and tho population of the u Highlands and Islands are totally dependent up in that e crop, From Ian deducts accounts had been toceived, 1 staling that jiotatoes formed Seven eighths ol tho loud ol tho people. This calutnity has fallen upon a population who are totally destitute of money to buy oiiiur food, and who have no resource in their extremity. The popui lution ol the Highlands was divided into two classes of cutters, paying no rout to ths proprietor of the soil, but h neing peimittuil to build lints, and plant their little patches of potatoes, which illi nish them with means ol ,J iiumble existence throughout the year, and of cruiters it or small tenants, paying ien's ol from 6s. to i.'1'i to the landlords, but rauing little more than is sulticieiit to meet these rents und their wants This class oo live ' almost f xdunvcly upon potatoes Tho loss ha ! conn ^ suddenly and uul'orteeu. The Highlands and Isluuds u naver looked blighter and greei er than duriug the i |>ait (ummer; ami in many localities the blight caine in a single night Ho had seen fields blackened t- which a week bufoie were nourishing in luxuriance The finger of God wa< evidently upon them. The men of scientific attainments, in the pride ol their know lodge, overlooked the winking ol God in this matter ? Y (I'he revereud speaker here detailed the circumstances t and extent oi distress existing in September in the Island of Mull, scores of whose population must have perished if not assisted with meal supplied by the committee; ' nod read another letter from a geutleman in one of tho _ islands .stating that in ordinary yoirs t ,e condition of 'he population is one of densi star vatiou") The crop ol the r year before last (the tevertnd gentleman stated) had f been a most abundant one, and hud been sold at high prices. Lust year, in consequence. a greater breadth ol laud had been aown, which, however, hud proved a total r. failure. They had taken the utmost cute, in the distribution of relief, to provide ugaiust lrauil, and no diatiac e tion of sect h id been permitted to ititorlere in their one ration*. Tlmy hud been endeavoring to f^et the able-bodied poor to tome into the lowland* to procure work; and now upward* ol three hundred were at woik on rail ? wu) * and oilier works, who regularly sent their earn, int(k to their temilies at ,l:onio t he reverend gentleman i proceeded to give n uumher of interesting description* 01 - the itute of poverty in whiali the population ol various 1 localities weie sunk, and their excellent conduct under 1 the pressure of tllliClion, and concluded by a powerlul | appeal for aaaiitauce in the cttort* of the committee to save them frotn perishing. 1 IRKLAND. t It ia Ktnted that there are 360,000 familia* over end above the ordinary laborer* and (armera now destitute in Ireland, requiring at a calculation of ?'10 per family, ?7,000 for tlioir yearly maintenance. J Description is tutile to convey any notion of the suffer , ing in Ireland. hut some idea may he had Irom individual , tact* Dr. Donovan, the pbysicitin to the Skibherren . Dispensary, in the county of Cork, give* these details, ' which we extract from a multitude ot others, in the Cork 1 Sow kern Rrporlor : ? On Monday morning last, a woman called at mv house at a very early hour, and, forcing herself into t'ho hall, ri quested that I would visit her daughter, than in con tiiniiigat I it answer to my interrogatory as to whether i her labor was had, she said " no," ' but she is Miflucated by the smell of a dead man that wot in the house with her." When 1 visited this miserable nud suffering ciea tuie, I loiind her lying on the around, without particle of straw to piotect her from the dampness ot a filthy earthen floor,or a single article ol covering to screen her (torn the hitter cold to which in this comfortless cabin 1 she was exposed. Immediately opposite to her, near the 1 hearth, where the fire had burned out, lay the body of ^ her l.itbcr in low in the ruga in whieh he died, and in the j altitude in which he breathed his lust Putrefaction bad at the time made tapid advances from the nature of the "r disia-.e oi wluoli ho died, viz., the malignant dysentery that is now ravaging the country i A man of the name of Healy died in the parish of I)ri1 mole ague about a fortnight ago ; his wife and two children remained in the house until the putrescent exhale tions fioiu the body drove them liom their coinpan unship with the dead ; in a day or two altor soruu persons in r passing thu inaa's cabin had their attention drawn by o loud si,.ill ng, and on entitling iound the gnawed and , mangled skeleton of ilenly contended for hy a set ot bun gry dogs and pigs, that were completing tbeir bonid banquet en bis putrid leinainx r A woman ill the towuisiid of Letther, belonging to Alexander O'DrilColl, Kiq and on w hich there is more ' poverty than on any faun ol its extent in the west rid i H, un?inl ;u my uoor; 11110 WlIB 0'. t O e 11 n, 0 1.1 t'OI 111 g ' under malignant lsver, win. emaciated (o the utmost de1 Kr,-p. and appeared us if the grave at that moment vo' mite.I her forth. I handed her some relief and dircctod r her to leave the door, an I dreaded infection for my family ' I don't want thia," paid the, pointing to the fchillirifC which I had given tier, " hut I want to get my hoy I htinrd; he ia dead these eleven dayi; he died in two dcy a slier his lather; I got tho sickness myaelf; iny two children ere dying; no (ier*on will go to give them or 1 me a drink ol cold water, audi got tip in the fever to, | day and ptit the cuipau in a ditch, and I came to you to . ge< it put in the grave, that the doge may not eat it." [Fram Ibo Liverpool Courier ] 1 The miaery of Ireland increaaea with appalling rapidity '1 lie peitilence peculiar to tun country t.aa had even ita horrors aggravated by the addition of another itill more revolting in iti character, and aa deadly in ita effects. It la notv beyond all question that, no matter how quickly relief is administered, .houpanda muat he , awept away by inanition and diaenie, and that tinder c.iri c.utr.alnncea deeply calculated to ktimhle tho pride of hit i < man nature. Theptivate bcr.evoioDce of the people of K.nglunil ia in the mcnntime displayed in an abundance hut seldom known in aorial history. Kven the poorest are nmi>K or innr noT?ny, wurie distress in tbeir own country it Tar from beinff taro. [Krom the Dublin paper, Feb I ] A return ol extremely severe weather forblde tlin e*. poctation of any improvement fur ioiiu (uitlier time in the account* from the < iatieased district* Yesterday wan intensely < old, nnd towards evening there was n fail ol mow loliowod by a sharp float, which continued up to this alternoon. The reports to day Irom the counties of (ialway. Ma) o, and part of We*lord are very unlavot sMe 'I he l uerr, pi| or states that in the neighborhood ol Kilconly eighteen poisons liavo, within a lew i days, |>eiished liom narration,and that from ev ry quar ; tcr of the country the iiitell,|(ence is of the mo t gloomy churartsr. The Krv K Moore, rector ot t ony, in the I rrr kt destitute pail id Mayo aiiiiounoea the iiumhet of , d. atlis l>) lamina to he leanully on the inciters In pait 1 of his patisb, out of a population ol 5 Otni souls, there are \ r W YO YORK, TUESDAY MOR a* yet only 760 at work ; tome of those person* receiv- 1 iog wage* tit the low rale of 31 per diem, with meal at_ i 8.1 a quart. Tlii*, however, it i* te be hoped, is an iiola " ted cjso In the mean'ime, it is antiafactory to find that ' the price* of all kind* of grain continue to decline in the 1 provincial market, the fall in wheat ranging from as to I II K I nnr I,or, ..I i . V. .. 1-- " ..? barley and meal. The following is a passage of a letter addressed to Mr Blake, of Cork, by Dr. Crowley, ol' Skititieieen, dated Juti 'li : ? " Deaths here are daily increasing. Dr Dnnevun and I are Juat this moment after returning from the village of South Keen where w e had to bur> a boily ourselves that waa II days dead ; and where do you think.' lu a kitchen garden We had to dig the ground, or rather the hole, ouraelve* ; no one would Come near us, the amell was ?o intolerable. We are half dead Iroin tho woik la'ely imposed on us It is now, a* I write, 11 o'clock at night, and I have not aa yet dined." A great meeting of tho citi/.ona of Cotk waa held on Saturday last when, according to the Examiner, it was clearly proved, hy every speaker who a'itlded to the condition of the houae, that it wna itnpoaaihle, cooaisteut. ly with due regard to the health ol the proaent inmate* and, indeed, tho safety of the city, to admit of n tur-. 1 tiier cccetsion to '.be numbers now within the walla of the workhottae and tho old house of industry?namely, some 6,300. THE DEFICIENCY OP GRAIN IN GREAT BRITAIN. To ths Kuitoh or no: Lotsnoa Timks? Sia I sand herewith an estimate of the deticiency of grain and other crops in the United Kingdom for the yeur endiug September 1, 1847. This estimate is founded chiefly upon the statistical . facta furnished hy Mr Labcuehore in bis speech of Thus day evening, the 10th insant. The results are startling, and contirm the viowa you have Iecently expressed in relation to the dangers which menace tho commercial and monetary interests of Clreat Britain. It tho eatimute tie essentially erroneous, it will be cnay lor some better informed correspondent ot the Timei to the full extent cf tiie evil is mule public the better. Forewarned it forearmed. J. A. I). Loisdox, Jan. '16. Estimate of Deficiency of Grain, anil other Crop' reduced to Gram, in the United Kingdom for the Year ending September 1, 1847. Quartern 1. Ordinary annual deficiency U.OCO.OOO 'J. Loaaof potatoes in Ireland, value ? il.OOU.OOO, to be supplied by grain (a food of double the coat of potatoei,) value ?34,1)110,000, representing, at 60? per quurter 9,800,000 3. Lobs ol oats iu Ireland, stated by Mr. Labouchere to be one-third tbe crop, or 6,217,000 4. Loss of potatoes in England and Scotland, say one-tenth only the loss in Ireland, or.. 1,000 O-'t) 5. Loss of outs in Scotland and England 1,000,000 0. Loss of barley in the United Kingdom. . . 1,000,not) 7. Extra seed for increased cultivation ol grain, 300 000 S. Extra consumption of railway laborers. . . 300,coo 10.637,000 Deduct economies made by starvation and non leeuiug 01 pigs 4,tii7,000 i Total deficiency I Money value of tho deficiency at Xi per quarter? ?48,000,00?. THK CONTINENT OP EUROPE. [From the London (Standard, Keb 1 ] The accounts received from the Continent uro becoming daily more and more serious as it respects the supply of food. The ay item of prohibiting expoits of every deacription ol farinaceona substance has now been coin pleted in France by royal ordinance, inataad ol waiting upon the more dilatjry movement of tho legialati're.? Hie principle haa been adopted by several of the tinmll German States ; and it was currently reported in Holland at the date of the lateat account!, that the subject had been under the aerioua consideration of the Prussian Cabinet. It ia acarcely to ho believed, however, that such a measure will be carried out iu the dominions ol Trunin without some limitation ; end it ia highly probable that the I'oliah provinces will, at all eventa, be excluded from any pluu of prohibition which may be adopted by that Stuto. We should rather be inclined to think that the prohibition of export will be directed only to the Prussian Rhenish provinces where the potato crop of laat year generally tailed, and from whence considerable quantities ot provisions are usually sent down ttie .Liferent outlets ol the Rhine. All these accounts, however, tend to show the necessity lor increased vigilance on the part of our merchants to obtain supplies at as early n period as possible ; for if actual wants he as large as they are theiot v assumed, tho com petition will inevitably lcud to ?n iurreuHed rii'-ge of prices a* the season advances. It in highly desiiahle, at the name tune, to avoid giving nuy cause tor unnecessary alarm ; and in circumstances like the prevent, newspaper puiagrai-h* on the subject should he received with can lion uud clone sorutiuv na to their origin For tlio fiftieth tune, however, we must repeat, that all this obscurity and uncertainty is entirely thu result of the negligence ol gov. rnmeiit in not having put tho necessary machinery in motion. >o obtain accurate statistical return* Hence . he best disposed persona aio lett wt the mercy of persons whose interest it is to deceive, to promote their own selfish views. RIOTS IN FRANCE. We regret to stato that lood riots continue t< take place us various parts of France :?" On the aid, disturbances took place ut Pent Lutihe (Finis ice) relative to u cargo ol potatoes destined lor I'l> mouth. The shipment was interrupted by the populace: two cart loadj weie pillaged ; a woman who hial heeu arrested by order of the mayor, w?? rescued liom the police agon's; the authority of the mayor was disregarded, and himsalf struck end otherwise ill treated I he pief> ct having received notice ol tlu-ac scenes ol v o lenc.-. desDatched nt once ImiK- ?>f,,u ?d hiin.elf the next morning to the spot, accompanied t>> the Prueureur <!u Koi and Juge d'lnstiuetion ot tguiiii l>?r. The riot* m attempted to recommence the scene* ol the previous day, hut wore prevented, end eighteen ol their number were arrested Order has been again tiouhled in nuveral pointy ol the Department of the lotos du Moid, on account ol tne continued rise in thu price of food. At the port of tiuildo the populace roso and prevented the ihipinent ot M>mo era in; and a carter named IJriand, who way conducting n cart laden with wheat, way loiced to seek sale ty in bight. Hints also take place at Merdrignac, urrondiisymont of Loudnac, and the lugs of coru were rent up with knivc-i and the grain scattered nliout The woodcut tet? ol the Intent* of llarclomuaye and Urunxicn, placed a sentinel on the lngli road togivo winning ef the passage ol vehicles laden with corn; when auy appeared they cut the trace* and declared that they would not let any vehicle puss with corn for enpoi tu'ion. On the Ulit a riot took place in the commune of Ouemet.e Peufaa (Loire Inleri euro,) where, between'inn and 300 persons assembled, an.i stopped a wagon of buckwh at, which they then sold below the market price. The gendaimcs attempted to interfere, hut, being insufficient in number, were beaten off, and pelted with stones On the 24th a vague aluim was excited at Orleans by rrimois of an intended pillage of baker's shops, and of a plot formed to carrv oil'the corn ir store at the railway terminus. The authorities were on the alert in coniequence,, and nlthougli groups hited h >t, at mull, Won met t>y increased caution on the part of merchants millers,and ilvtili-1h,?ami iathcr iaiportant lull hat been the result. That some giving way should have occurred at Liverpool it not surprising, at ! the arrivals at that port from America have hern very ahuinlant for sortie day t putt; if, however, the wants ol Ireland lire neat lv as great at estimated by tbo {'resident ol the Hoard of Trade, the Liverpool warehouse will n< t ! lorg retain what has just boen stored. We have rece tly received a communication from a source, we believe, worthy of credit relative to the state of ntlaiis in the interior of Ireland, which fully heart out the gloomy picture drawn by the different speakers in the House ot Com mens when touching on the subject ol Irish distress. Krom this statement it appeals that tha demand for meal ol cvory description is so giant that the power ol manufacturing it has proved altogether inadequate ; that the |>oor people constantly surround the dil ferent nulla, and take away wheat, Indian com, and oatmeal, in small quantities ot a few atom s at the time, as fast os it can lie made end our corn purulent accounts lor the accumulation of stocks at L ublin Lim eiick, and other seaport towna, under such circumstances, by tbo d.fhrult) existing in procuring the means of conveyance, the boats .lie., n. uall) employed in cair)ing goods into the Intel inr having ptove I wlndly uue qual to the purpose All this app> ar? however, tor the present to have been lust sigr.t of; and as ahead? te m.tkid.a cecnkd change lias during 'h- ?h k t ken place in the tone of tne trade At most ol the h.adii g JT A aascmuieu fu various puna ol llie town, singing ti.e " Marseillaise," no riot ensued In tho department ol Flayenne beggars in considerable numbers, and well aimed, sr.0111 i>y night the cummn:,r? of St PieriasurF.rve and huulges, demanding with threats, bread and inn nay. A letter (rem liaicourt (inure) states ttiat the country K over run liy Lands ot biggins,who are daily he-coming more exacting One hand, consisting of 3iiU individual.', a lew days hack called at various Louses, and sent in a deputation, who seized on alt the bread they could find, and distributed it to their comrades. Two proprietors were attacked, and their windows broken with stones Fortunately no .further damage was etfected, and the lioters withdrew, uttering threats." Th* Corn Trmle of ICutopc. (From the Mark Lane Kxpress. Feb. i ) No time hus been loat in getting the < orn and Navigation Law Suspension Dills through Parliament there measures having leceived the Royal assent on 'J'uesday last. Whether the importations ot grain will lie materially increased by the reinissio i of the almost nominal tatas of duties previously tevie 1 on arrivals ol foreign corn may he questioned; at all events, no immediate in r.r?>iiJin in t)ii> niriitlins rnn Itn ilioroK.- w ' ' I was known that Government intended lo take tbo step* they have, orders had been rent abroad to buy U)> all that could be procured; and these purchase* wtnil l, under any circumstances, have come foi ward The whdln of the available Mock at Daitii: porta ia a mere iu corripansnn with what will be wanted to supply the immense deficiency of food in Ireland Tho sarno ma> kc said as regards the Mediterranean; and, though rather a hrft? quantity of wheat is held ut (Mess* and the Danube, we shall have to outbid France and I other countries who are looking to that qiiurter, as well a* ouiselves, for supplies, to secure my large quantity thoie. Our pnncipal resource must, tlierelore, still be America, and we can only repeat what we bavn on foitner occasions stated, vix : that wo entertain considerable misgiving - as to her capabilities to furnish adequate supplies in a season when trie yield of gniin lias been more or leas deficient over a laige portion ui Kit rope Wu are, consequently, inclined to view the r. action which has taken place in the trade in giuin during the week now al out to terminate as likely to prove tempt.ia ry, unh si our own farmers hold much heavier storks than we have reason to suppose The anxiety to realize which heldei of wheat anil harlots h:?i/n ?ll at * -1.:

?... 1 RK I NiiNti, FEBRUARY 23, I piovincisl markets a rather important decline tuts occurred. The accounts from Liverpool, of Tuesday, describe litisii ess as having become very dull: wheat whs, on >bat lay, Ireely ottered at a decline of'dd to 3d |>er 7tllh ; barley receded to the like extent and American Hour w?? procurable Is to J- per I'ui rel below the extreme rates of the i-recedinir we,-U On h i ulav a (urther decline of 3d per 701h took place on wheal, aid Western Canal Hour Mas sold al 40< ti.l per barrel 1 he reports fium Hie leading t< win in Yorkrhire are of a similar character ; anil ut Birmingham. Bristol, ami other places in that quarter the reaction has beon fully is gloat The markets in the agricultural districts have been mere liberally supplied this week tburi on anv previous BCCasion lor suine past; and at the chief shipping , ports on the east court wheat h is fallen from -Js to 4v per [ quarter A portion of this decline must, however, be at irlhuted to tue inditl'erent condition in which the samples iave come to hau l, tiie damp s'uto of the atmosphere laving caused? difference in the intrinsic vuluo of at j laast us per quarter The arrivals of wheat roastiviso into London have ' imonnted to 0ie7 quartets up to this (Saturday) evening, which is rather more thuu we have lately been in thn aubit ol receiving ; and, as u lurther supply is calculated >u, great caution has been evinced by the millers in making puichuses. Tho quantity exhibited ut Meikibuc, by land carriage samples from tho home counties, mice Monday last, however, iias been moderate ; indeed, thare was scarcely anything tresh up, cither on Wednesday or Kriday, from t.ssex, Kent, or Suffolk ?the show souslating ot the few lots lett over from previous receipts. in most cases lectors have 'tclmed to accept iower terms, and buyers having refused to pay former rates, the transactions have been unimportant Where a decline of -is per quaitor has been submitted to, no dilHBtllly bus been experienced in making sales, -ind towards tbc close of the week this ahaletm-iit was in partial in tefiCos acceded to. Holders of foitivi wtiaat luive reinltii'il very lirm ; the prices generally ii anted on have b en about the same us those previously current, and beifcg above the limits of the lush orders, comparatively little business hat been done in tho lower desciiptions. Tho best qualities have been taken to retail quant ilia* by local purc.haseis. lor the purpose of mixing with soft conditioned Knglish wheat, and, in most cases, needy buyers have had to pay very nearly rates. The sale ol Hour has hern unusually heavy, the reaction in the wheut trade having rendered the bakers less disposed than ever to add to thoir stocks. Tho millers hove, however, refiaine I from pre*sing business, uiul quotations have remained nominally unaltered The urnvul of-d0,70t) barrels ot flour Irom the United States, ll.? ~f .V I i 1- I-- i - - ?? utoi.UU.i <11 >ui <i-ii.ii.i-/ |mc>|uii-i7 uuuer lucii here, have occasioned a little pressure on thu market, and 41* per barrel hit* become an extreme price. Tho supply ot? bailey coastwise hat been to a fair ex tent, ami having, in addition, received 3,343 quartern from atiroa 1, the ipiaatlty on aule has been fully equal to tho demand. Oo Wednesday hardly a tranaautiou took place in this Rutin, hut on Kiiduy the mulatei* appeared rather more inclined to buy, and had adieu been willing to take somewhat lower term*, they would probably have tucceeded in clearing the standi. Thu tall in the value of hurley ironi the highest point may tie estimated ut 7* to 8 s per quurter, and wo are inclined to think that the minimum ha* now been attained, at leaat lor the preaeut, the deliveries froin the growers having fallen oil" materially in different parts of tho kingdom. Tho aaie of malt haa. as usual, been a good deal influenced by that of bailey ; uiul business in tho lormor article lias beou slow, at rutin* receding piicea. We buve to report a decided increuse iu the supply of Knglish oata, 3 986 quarters having come to han l Iroin our own coast up to this (tiaturduy) evening; meanwhile, only 318 quarters have arrived fiom Ireland, and though the receipts liom abroad luivo umountod to 4,7t20 quur ters, the tutul arrival falls rather short el one-trill ol tho quantity required lor the weekly consumption of the me. iropolu. 'I ne liberation ol the bonded stocks, coupled with the increase in tho arrival* c'oustwise, have nevertheless sulticed to impurt u very dull tono to tho trade, and even ut u decline of Is per quarter it has heoti difficult to induce dealers to puic.hase more than nocessury lor their immediate use. Whether prices are to recede fur ther will depend entuely on whet may reach us lrorn Irelaud; that the Kuglish supply cannot he followed up we regard us certain, us farmers will need what they may still havo ou hand lor sowing. bouiis havo excited vary little attention since Monday, and, ou tlio whole, the turn has been in favoief the buy er. We have heard of no galea of Kgy ptian to arrive during tho week roan have boon more freely ottered, and their previous value haa harely been supported. Outgoes of Indian com on passage havo not been so eugeily sought for ua formerly, hut piicea havo been about suppurted. The advices received this week from tho principal Me diterraneau ports desciibe the grain trad* as huvrng become very excited. In the I'upal States tho export of corn had been lorbidjen, nod prices had risen considerably in ml the principal niukets. A letter Irocn Marseilles ul the S.Uiuat, informs us that Polish Odessa wheat had commanded equal to tils to (his per quarter, tree on board at that poll; Marianopoli, fi'li; and llomeliu, <>4s Our coi respondent slates that tuu anxiety to secure wheat had become so great as to milder the price a inattci el almost secondary consiuomtioii; parcels not expected to ariivu lor five or six months had been taken with aa much avidity as caigoes ueaily st hand, and that the excitement was increasing day by day. atom Trieste we havo letters of the dlst January ? Odessa wheat WbS then quoted A3i ti l per quarter, Iree on board; hut the freight hum theuee to u iiritish poit was lit per quarter, with 10 per cent. Krom Leghorn we loam that about s>0 to HA cargoesol wheat had uriived there, chiefly bound to Marseilles ? The demand for tha article hud been as active there as at neighboring places, ami prices had advanced materially Kmigtn to hnglatnl was Us to 10s per quarter. 1 tie llsmbuign mailed p'riday had not come 'o hand up to a late hour this evening, our accounts fioin the Baltic are, then f ire, not ot such recant dates as usual ? Accotding to the latest accounts Irotn Dant/.ic, tho highest price of wheat was B3s to (56s per quarter, but it is more than probable that a lurthcr rue has occurred then At Rostock and Stettin holders hail raised their pretensions, and low weic willing to engage to ship wheat in spin g below lijt to G3s pai quarter At Hambiiigii, ou tho 91d of Junuary, sevoral purchases ol wheat wore made on Kiencti account; and lor line upland red equul to Otis per quarter had been paid >c imm n luiy 1 III(l<>I mill colli .1111 MCBUOII 11 Olit Atllwe'p, dated the -jsih imt. It appears that a lurgc number of Flench buyer* hid attended Unit market, and h id fakeu oil nil tho ivheat anil rye they hud horn atdu to procure. This hud caused an irn|>ortMiit use in prices, and thr burner article whs, at the date m ined, worth equal to 70a to 7Hs, Mid the latter iris to 46* per quarter, with nvciy appearance of a Mill further advance Mince wining the uhove the H unt urgh mail of tho 'Jtftli has come to h:.i.d; lurther purchases ot wheat had been made there on French account, and the tendency ol pncea had contlnuoJ upwards. lomoen Cons Mihio.t, Feb. 3, 1'. M.?At this day's in hi knt the wheat trade i tiled dull for Knglmh at the de cliue noted on Monday. In lonign, transactions were only ol a retell character, Imt nohlera do not press sales at any further reduction The barley trade hua assumed more dimness Oats are ((really depressed, ami the lew olfeis received ure again lower. I ri other giaui tlieio is only a limited business passing wituout any perccptihio cliiingo in valuit. Htstfl' of llie Fur l^n Illnnry Markrls?Tlie I), win <if Uulllufi. hosnoM, Jan. il'J ?Indications ol tl| i rapid departure of gold continue to he observable. The Prince Albert, New Fork liner, which leaves Portsmouth to-day, takes about ?10 000 About ?300,000 is supposed to hareheon already insured for tho Hoston steamer ot the 4th of Feb., and policies h.ivu even keen t ducted lor a consider ame sum ny me steamer 01 me lollowing month Tho rain now demanded for the 4th of February in 30i , tint busmen already done having heen at rates from Ifts. to js* The movement toward* Russia appear* also to lie largo, and a further itim of upward* of X'100 0(10. gold coin, will leave immediately. The lust private let era from St. I'etarshurgh state the rate of discount in that city to be from 0 to 10 per coat. Feb 9.?Tho premium on ({old Pari* is ten per milln, which, at the Kriglish mint price ol i."i 17s. I(i>^l. per ounce for standard gold, gives an exchange ol 9(140; and the exchange at Paris on London at short being (;> :19 V i*. lollows that (gold is Odd per cent dearer in Pa'is than in London By advice* from Hamburg, the price of gold in 4.11 per mink, which, at the Knglish mint price ot 4.M 17a l<", per ounce for slander I gold, give* an exchange of 14.h ; nil,I the exchange nt Hain1 nrg on London nt abort tning I43X. it follow# that gold i* I.&4 per cmt doarer in (lamb'tig than in London Tiio railway muikiit ha* been exceedingly gloomy all lay ; hut the gieat' iit depression wa? observable nt tiio commencenx nt ol business. The slight rally that afterward* took place it attributable to the mora lavoruhle at,,io ot ntlnira in the other market* Loa,no* Moxxv \1?s*it, KeW 3, 1J M Publiclecuti lie* have been inactive this morning. with the price* steady. Consols have been done at 90% to 91',, and the i|Uot?tion I* now 91. Tin re ii no dilh tence in the price tor money and account. Keilttced Throe per < nnt* liaye liaen done ftom 91 '4 toOt'Jj the Three and * Quarter pet Cent* trotn OS1, to V?4J? , an I Kxrhrquer-billl are 3 t) pm Bank Stccli h.? been sold at !f?:t Kor.-ign Securities have been dealt in only ton very limited extent Brnnl Bonds have been *old at Ml, < hilian 514!,, Mexican'JJ, Spanish Three per (Tnt* lor account 84\ and Belgian Kour and a Ilalf per I ents 94), Hallway Shares h ue hern also inactive, hut without nny material difference in prices, 'i'lnro is ohviotuly a suspension of operations 1 for the statement of the |< h.incellcr ol tlm exchequer 1 respecting the money that will he required for the reliai of niilress in Ireland, the nccounts being every day more | an) morn heath re iv iing and appalling. T/irre it aim the mnnf talk about Ihr hunk dirictori winking n further ad tame nri Ihr ralr of intern/ to morrow, hut there ii little I |.1..n/., /l.'.l.? - I ii? I (Quarter mcron. Thnkk ?< onsol* (or Account 91'y. Whilat. the price* of Rrain arc a/vancing, abroad, and loiaign countnr* are doting the port* h gamut axpoita, our mar krt hm )>cpii tailing under the nae ol h pa? nic Were ttie fnil in priced to lie a cnhrrl tn any now feature, a* regard* ?ui aliility to aupply Irnm h mpera bnniliiiit wheat ciop, the failure ol the poiaio, oat, hai* l?y, l ean, and pea crop*. ueahould, imleeil, rejnirr;tnit we liuve arrived ?t tin p hItiIiiI coi.vic inn ilint i ur only reliance n on a wheat crop, altogether inadequate to atip pit the want canard by the ditieirricy in the ct .ip* ol lower priced food, and wliicti i* t or o>ei> d at tour nil linn* ot qu arte t? ot < rr al to I i till required t e tween tltiM ur it tie i i hi I.,iive?t; and what It he next harvest ahutild to a failuie lire poor aia to no, (iud oril\ know ! On imrl'ik] it thi'?we kni ? tint the cu 1) itli| l i> <f Otlie. Ci uiit'jf-- in h in., or id a'. niO'fa'e pnti - an i . 1"|7 B 4 Jdj 11 A. 847. that immediately we begin to draw on Hie nrce??ary auppliea required lor the aupimrt ol their own people, the exporting nation muat either atop the prduce leaving the country, or they themaelvea will become competitor* wnh ua for the nieiina of auhiiatence: hem e we lour we muxt make up our minda to high prion for two jrui*'o come We apprehend the preaent panic i( cauaed try 'he inability ol needy apccula'oia to maet t! oir payment*; and the conaequence la, lorced aalea by broken and othara who have advanced, and can no longer obtaiu tha uaual faciiitiea ot diacouuta The more lavorahle putlion aaaumed by tbo Bank ot France lait week baa not been maintained. Since ' fimo a lurther diminution ol 1 (lOO Ub?: hai t.iki il ida'e. ami anticipation* tuts again prevalent of un advance ol the rate ot discount to ti per cent The preient stock ot bullion ia 108 (KM) u80f, of which 8I,0uu.00uf uro ut farm, a7,000,00?f. at the branches [( Tom the London Times, Feb 3 ] Letters Irom Odessa speak of the continuance of purchases in the grain markets on account ot the Belgium. Krunce, and England, and the Wsult has been inc.leased thinness of prices For delivery in June a gout dual of business lias beeii transacted. The last a W ires from hugland are stated to have exerted much Influence on the general condition of the market, yesterday morning, nearly all the bakers in the metropolis reduced the pi ice of their broad froin !>>? 1 to Vd, host quality, and lrom H>? to d, lor household Some few of the lull pi iced bakers ere charging us high as lOd and ltd for bread ot a similar quality The price of (be best Hour is 10J, and that ol a second quality lid per quartern [From the London Merchant J The monetury and morcuntile world were, throughout the greater part of last week, gradually recovering from tho <-liccts ot the teceut heavy full iri the valuu of our government securities, atfaiis daily bec.iuin more satis lactory Money was found to be sulticieiitly abundant lor preient wuuts, the iiinds wore going higher, the news from the Continent was much better, und various other circumstuuce* tended to relieve the public mind of gloomy anticipations. Confidence was gradually rotuining, and pievious estimates lormcd of the future, were considered as exaggerated. Purchases of stock, to a large amouut, addedjto the geneiul buoyancy, and there teemed every prospect of attain progressing vory feverably. These appearances were, however, on Haturduy checked by a full in the value ot consols, and the prices of every home and foreign stock immediately declined. Tho opinion ol the public mind upon these matters is, indued, gieutly changed. The drum upon the stock ol bullion is discovered to be no fiction, hut a reality, and with every reasonable expectation of increasing export. The deposits at the same time decrease, and the discount house* look cautiously upon the business ofi'eieil them. From Paris the state of monetury matters comes worse, and it is found that the drain upon the Bunk of France is undiminished Excessive speculation in coru is also discovered, und here a source of diisatislactiou is experienced. The seven UlilliouH required for Ireland between this and August next, with possibly u further graut ut the ex piratioii of that time, ha* ulso a more dopresxing ten dency. Tlie revived apprehension, however, is not so great as it was lately, und it is still by some persons cons.dered I that tho evil is mugnitled. There aso so many reasous i why u better state stale of things is wishod for, tliBt peo- | pie, uiouuii alarmed, aru untiuus to make the best of a bad jot), aud keep up a disirablo and necessary decree of mutual confidence. Tlie next weekly return of the Bunk of fclngland will be rood with considerable intercut. Should it be found that the deposits and slock of bullion have continued to decreaae, it is not dillicult to foresee the etl'ect ot suck u statu ot things upon the public mind nilHcellaiieoua Market*. Minchkstku, Fob. -j, half past i o'clock.?We can repoit nothing of a favorable or cheering hind regurding our market to day. It ia characterised by nn extreme wi nt of confidence on the part ol buyers, who teem disinclined to purchtse beyond their bare necessities acting tinder 11 belief that rates will rule ltwci. Any business doing is. consequently, of the most limited nature. Varus uro tinuatlslly flat, und any operations in them ate at pi ices so unremunei'Hting that a sorious loss must accrue to thoso who nre compelled to sell at present. What with tho want of confidence in buyers?a tolerably firm state of the cotton market in Liverpool atfarding no pros, pect ofreduced rates in the raw material sufficient to influence to any extent the price of the manufactured article?thelightness in tho money market, which there can scarcely he a doubt will go on increasing rather than diminishing?and the inevileahle accumulation of stocks, consequent upon the small operations in goods which have tukeri place for sumo Unto-- manufacturers ami spinners are just now placed in a most unsatisfactoiy and hnimuring position, from which it is difficult to seo any immodiate means of escape i Messrs hVrgusson and Taylor write fiom Mancheachester " There is certainly nothing in the aspect of , our foreign or colonial markets nor in the social ondi- j lion of our homo population, to encourogw hope of j that laige d< mnnd immedia'eiy springing up which I would lully employ il the productive resources of our cotton manufacture!s On the contrary, the likelihood | I m uigu price* lur I jo i continuing, lit leant lor mime months, to rule ill this an I ntdgunoririg nations, must tend nniteriull) to abridge diitainl fui uninutacturos; the train of monsy in pay merit for imports of foreign grain, to supply tho national ions of kev?M,il millions ol wealth, ' occasioned by tho lailure of tlio potato mop in Ireli&d , tlio necessar y increase in tho late* of discouut, and ue cumpanyilig contraction of tho springs ol couunerco , tlio uncoitaiuty of an increase in our local arid na'ional I burdens, consequent upon the calamity which has fallen upon IrolanJ in the flnt place?all these circumstances couspue to render highly probable the 1 icl ol a dimishe I consumption of goods, and a coux quont decline in their Value. On the oilier ban I, tho opinion is pretty generally re ceiveil trial there will be a deficient supply ot cotton,and thai the piesent high rates w II he firmly upheld ; and tins (act is relied on by many who infer th it a limitation ol pioduction will, helore lo"K- he rendered inevitable, and thai the downward tendency in the prices of yarns and goods will be arretted. Tho ultimate supply ol cotton jet remains pi. hlemutic. and as we hive no longer any confi cturers teguliiting tin ir produc lion by the circumstance* ot the times or the simple rules of coiiimmcia! policy, ve cannot at present venture to sung, it to our tiiends how best to time their in investments, whilst so many conflicting inlluences appear to bear upon the futuie." lto< huali: I'lanm l Mankkt, Monday, Keb. 1.?Wo bnvo hul h very quiet niatket today, and but few goods changed hands. The prices of all qualities ol flannels were much the samo as our last report. J he wool roarkut whs list, but piiCes remained fir in. Many hand-loom flannel weuveis are short ol employment, uml heir earn nigs are t.uiall The baud* employ cd in the cotton mills at most places ara working three, four, and some five day a per week. Dy the Madrid journals of the iidth nit., wo find Unit no ministry hint as yet been formed in Spurn. There is no further news A letter fri m f'onstaritiuoplo states tliat the CircasFians liavo defeated the Russians in a serious engagement, and taken two ot their loits. They were prepuring to attack Aboukour. I.hw liitrlllK?n< r. Hurtaton Court, Feb lift ? He lot u Judge Vunderpocl. 1 ? It'm. Workman rs Roheit Hnggsrfy 4' TK'odorf IStuch -Thin wub an nclihi of trespass, to recover damages (or a fotcihle entry, - fce. The plaintiff, who i . a suil and awning manufacturer, hired a loll m Oreenwich street, from the defendants lor one your Iroin tho 1st of May, Idtfi, to tho 1st May, 1S48, and entered into possession ,ind continued iu posses.o n up to November last. During his tenancy, defend,nits, a* ho ntleged Continued to occupy this loft jointly with him for tho s'orngn of their goods the plaintiff tenon-'iutod against it mid claimed compensation, lint they, iu lie alleged, put him oft Iroin time to time until November, Im47, when one ol the defendants ashed him lor a balance of rent then alleged to he due, plaintiff lepiiel thcio wis only iV due, which would touly rover the compensattou lie clamed f..r their joint occupancy ol the promises; in about a tnrtnight alierwards they nailod up tiio premises, refused the plaintiff admittance, and kept his tools ami a part of his goods, for which lie now brings action Tho defence was, thai tho defendants ri served to themselves the contiol i f the eiitinnre to tho store, that tlirv had n light t>) use it iih they pleased, pur tirnlurly u* the plui 1tiff owt>4 lent and refused 'o pay it. Verdict for plaintiff $160. fm plaintiff, Mr Kvauu, for 'ctmilaint, Mr. (shorter. Before ( hief Juitiee Jones llchirt Cantrr ami Kil iturd C. Canlrr v?. Jamri X Ifonrl/iuuir ami I.rum K I' Smith ?This won mi uclion nt trover, to recover the vh1 tie of 100 tons of pig iron The plaintiff* and detori lanta were both in the iron trade. A person named Moore, who was hUo in that trade, took u receipt purporting to ho for 100 tuna of pig Iron in the dull n I nitii' yaid belonging to hnn to the plaintiff's atoiu, und offered to fell the iron to plain'.Ill i l'h? plaint,!* purchased it uinl gave Mooro their note for $J.'U0 Siioitly alter, they sent the roooipt by their clnk to tin defendant *, una n i|Ue*ted they w mi Id charge it, end give an older in the pi ulititfs' own name lor the iron. ' !, and proved mat .-mhiio, one oi tim .leiemiantt, .li l re.alpt. Siltimi|iitn'ly they sent lor tin* iloti; and H'oodlioilna, 1 oiio 01 the pittm-r*, said tliey hud no iron belonging to vtoui., mi'l lileriie I any knowledge el too tiuusn tiuii tlx defence nan iI,iho!oM (I'd, the rr.iijt ? ?* muod to ho geuuine ; *<;.ind? wtint of i ..iu. le i <i tail, In it ov?n if it u'io genu me tbr> li*<1 no nun on Mooiu'a account; ami Tin It y, it hi. iii stsd on i lie putt of Woodhouso tlmt if (in r- wan any iiatnlity at all it wua Hrnitli Mint wan liable ami not VV ooJkotiM Verdict lor |luintifl'< $.1 .'titti 3d? j Kor plaintilT, Mr l'ayiic,for defendant, Mr. Joteph I. White. hoar .7 llriggi vi h'.hth* I'rtk ami othrri?Thli was an action of trespass for lal e um ?i ami imprr.pnmeiit ? The ill fjinlant con mil the plaid till to hearteale I under a tttillwell wairant, granted by Judge KJinonds, with cut having tiret entered u tint against Lira ? Upon being brought to fore the Judge, and the matter investigated, ho discharge! tbu plaintiff ? Tlie defence is, prohibit) cause. 'I be defendant'scounaol < flaied to go into evident-* ol all tlx* I. etc and circumstance! tliMt geve um to the ariest. The plaintiff '* counsel o'j-rted to it a* irrelevant. I'heUourtd- nle.l in favor ol the objection, uftei wl.ich the c w..? 'adjourned to tin* niuinuig locai or Ovra smi 'l i i tunt Before Judge Kd> momli and tldernmu Benson and I omp on Th* I'mpt* t i J?\rj<h C *ithlry At the sitting ot the ' ourt yesterday no-iinng, ilie counsel loi the defendant move.) to 1 <1 tixii the indictment, on various grounds. I ho aigu meot ocmim-d h entiie ilui no.i o .. ... i wIk-ii the court atljuutnml UiiTtn Hum t'ncuir (.01 ht, K#l>. '22 ? Bcfo.n Juilpic belt rito ( m uit Court Kki opcucil to day tiy llii Honor, .1 i ge Bella? tl.? tv|iti y C?|cii<Ut ? * takori ti|> hi I h |i*iflit cot? calls J, of no iinpoiUnfa to any tint tiio imriieiiiMte |i?iti?? ' omHok PuiI K. i. 22?B*loi* J nl ? U ly ? I'aar hainnt it I Ht ??mi jn?ur?nc? C< m/.any I u|? CklM* ?- m I I I'll I, ..I llll 'fa?B?! LI). tfmm re?un?*4 tbie morninK, and will continue the reill -tinder r I th? wc-k The other branch of the Court did net ?it. c< oc*t CaLaMKAR.? Cliruil Cuurl ill hi 11 ai ?i 79,4 *3 Ho b8. 91. Hi 93, 94 superior Courf-'lHfl' . I ill 143. ill 190 09, 71. 182. 103 94 130 139 S3 |73 174, 162, 39, 183 184,104 171 4, 1 12 127 193 Ho 18?' 6 9 Common Hit or -l?l Part?173 -23 26 87, 31 36 37 3*141 *4<1 Part? 134, 140 104 172 170 1H0, 182, 12. 188 l"8, I9H. 20, 178, 198 , 208, *12 , 204 200, 208 210, 213, 282. Movements of Travellers. The hilhiwiiii2 include! nil yeeterday'a arrival* up to Dine o'cliH'k la*' niyhc at the undermentioned huteU :? AMHin*-W Clarke, Hlaien I?laii4 ; J Hamilten, UNA; W Bureau, New Brighton ; D lima', J. Hill, J M i onk'1. J Peana, T btileman, D Coily, U Bingham Georgia. AiTua?A. Pleaaanti, Philadelphia ; J Kloyil, J. How oil, Buffalo ; Gen Ward, W. Hall, New Jeriey, John Pattinoa, Ireland ; J Lefavor, G Rohiroun.T Porueroy, Biotnn ; J. Baitlatt, New Bedford; G Turner, Newport; T H??len, Ohio ; M Auntiu. Neuaik ; S. Austin, Pbila.; W Addingtou, Norfolk; A Child, Berlin, J Ayer, Lowell; \V. Meredith, Nmhviile ; J Still. Philadelphia ; W' Hay ward, North Carolina ; C. ohedwell Nailiville ; K. Heed, W. Coflin, Boaton ; Cspt. Deluno, New York ; P. K/ell, Meinphia Citt-J Poole, Florida; J Martin, Richmond; J Hood, Portland; J. I'ichelay, Sheffield, Kngland; C. Wing, CoJumliua, Ohio, J. Atroup, P. Maiaon, and H. Curoy, Phils dolphin; B Actor. New Jersey; C. Hergent, Lowell; J. Seymour, Peektkill psKHA.nai is ? Ueorgu Bent, New Orletni; R. Amies, Pbiladel; hia , M Kith, Washington ; J. Browne, Oeorgia ; N Dorai). New Yoik ; T Latimer, NorthCarolina; Peter kolger, New Orleaus ; K Richmond, Providence ; H Seymour, 1'iermont. Howaiio.- T. Vun Brent, Lone Irlund ; P. Kent, ludiaM ; H Barlow, 8t. Lot'ii . R. Little, Btaten Island ; J. Brudly, Newport ; R. Hyclop, New Haven ; Dr. Mosaman, Sulphur Hpiings ; IV Heading, Pliiludeli hie ; R. Handera, A Helton, Alabama ; J Porter, Jacksonville ; W. stukelr, Teiinetaee ; A Delrill, D. Moleay, Miss ; J Hill, Memphis; J Nermieena, Pern ; H. Reynolde ; Tennessee ; J Hugg ina, Alabama ; Oarrigue, Copenhagen; K. Lane, London; C lloeker, New London; J.Man, ileraon, A. Muiidersou, II. Shepherd, Philadelphia ; J. C. Robinson. Mm. Juusoa's ?Aug. Browne. Boeton; P. Wilton, Ohio; O' Sinlord, Philadelphia; J. Uarduer, Briatol; J Witley, N. Caiolina; W. Remington, A. Bingham, Philadelphia; J. Keiguion, J. YVilliugham, Richmond; P. C. Kelton, L. Kilobourne, Columbus. math nun?it umumatelle, KhinenecK; judge Titus, Washington; B.Flaherty, and 1. Howell, New York: T. lleck, boston; J. Hume, Nathalie; J. Jewitt, Pougtokcepsio. llaval News. [From the Norfolk Beacon, Feb 19 ] The couit room at the National Hotel ** graced pMtei'lay ntorniug by a number of ladies, which wauld have been greater but lor the inclemency of the weather, to hear the excellent deleuce ol Acting Master Kolaulo, which was read by himself in a clear and forcible manner. The court was then cleared, and a decision made in tlie case, which will not be kuowu until announced by the Department. The rune of Lieut. Haggerty was then taken up. The United States steam irigale Mississippi came out of tho Dry Dock on Wednesday, and the trigate Cumberland was taken in. IKrom the Norfolk Herald, Feb. 90 ] The U. H. sloop of war Decatur, Commander Pinckney, dropped down from Oosport, yesteiday, to the Naval I anchorage. Steamer New Haven.?The steamer New Haven whs, this afternoon, on herjreturn trip lrom Allyns Point, attached, at the suit of tho coatraotor of tbu tunnel on the Long Island Kuilrssd at Brooklyn. Shu u asliuu'od into the dock, where she now lies " snug us u bug in a rug '' Her passengers and mails will go by the night hue this evening, which brings you this slip.? New London Nivi, f'ti 91. UNITKD STATICS CIRCUIT COURT. FIFTH CIRCUIT and District uf Louisiana.?Saturday, 37th dsv of June, A. D. tfilS. 'I'll# Court met pursuant to adjournment. Present the Hon. 1 lien. 11. McCaleh, District Judge; the Hsn. J. ' irKniley, presidine Judge, absent Jofiah Barker el al rt. Ckertrr ('lark el al.?No. II## ? It nppeuriny u; the Court that the detriments, Jacob S Ba kcr, v .11 \vy k>at nuilii . John Hunt It Co., Luke Davit, W It J. Vanhuskirlr, Walter Jaggrr Si Co . Mrs Alice Mr-id, executrix, Win. C. Wadded, assignee, Maoasel Stout, I Austin Meilville Is Co , H. Boarrarn It Co , ''iiiknev It B*r tioc, Wcvrom Clarke It Co , and J W I'uikuey. n*?c not i boon served with prOCUSS Oi MbMMI herein, ana I ha i said iiefriidaots reside in the ritv of New York j on rnotiou of K ll Wilde,rsolicitor i i viMBfrliinmt. tO B. Dumb, Krfj , solicitor for the defendants, served, bruit present in ecu t and uot objecting thereto I that this rule be published iu one of the u re ties of Mew York once a week for three months, requiring them to plead, answer or demur to the t'onipitiiunii s lull, not demurring alone, on or before the first Mondav in November next eiminig, or the allegation of said complain ant's bill will be lakeu lor confessed by said deftu* danta ( lerk's Office, Circuit Court of he United States. Eastern District of Louisiana ?1 hereby certify the foregoing to be a true Copy from the oriental of Record in this Office. Witue?s, toy band aud the aesl ot said Court, at ihs city of New (trie mi*, this 6th da/ ot July. IIM6 fbbS lure Mute KD. RANDOLPH, Clerk. ~UA !Lt. i \? i'Al \ K A I HA l I UK VI K.IK HAM'S AM) UKUOOISTS ran ~obum their iTl. upru g roppliea of the ouly (eonitie Pun ha tractor at 111 : depot. Liberal lerini are made with wholeaala |tr I ?.nn*era and willi agenta. bread rerttliratea nl in remarkable rfljeaey in Bnrna, Piles, i Itlirumatl'tn, Ur. Sir , luruiabetl until. Wonted immediately n rer .1 tr ivelling agent*.with meant, 'lid well recommended. H. DAlLE? It CO , fn 1m?tc No Mil B nail way KAOIa? 37 bulea Mo. 1, while dinner p- Mac. for sale by I'e.h-SE V UKDOKit, | IrlS iwi'? Nn. *'i and 67 N*r,no at. lw\?? WUR1V> ! IrLA.'ff WUKhS!! > 'I'll E-uhierilit-ra bare taken and irfiited the New York i nd Brooklyn (iI. se Workt, situ lie III John sheet, near Jar v r n urrel Kerry , llrnoklyu, where they an TiWHIMl'.lf in II nf tunny and offer lor tale, all hands of Drug lata' I (?!<? W * re, of a superior quality, and iu all ita variety of colors. Particular atteutiou (irru lo private moaldi uTOUDaMT It I HK.MKY. Brooklyn, Keb. II. fen lltw'r PKUNlNi) GRAPE VINES. KKU1T TREES AM) SHRUBBERY. I DIIN A.NDKItMII.N, Practical tianleoer. has a boa at ?J the Meed Store of DUNLAP It THOMSON, IU Broadway. w here he will call daile during the reason, and siecote prempilv all orilera he may lie farmed will frl )w r MOTiCR. f|MIE cn-partnerahip of Prime, Ward It Kins is this day 1. ilirrolred by mutual couaent. The .lUtitanJing buainees <1 the firm will be liquidated by the anbecrihera. JAMbHO KINO. EDWARD PRIME. BAMUEL WARD, DK..NNINO UUER, AHC'H'D URAL'IK KINO. New York, January litis 1147. i n* ?u?tcriti*r? have thu day formed to partnerahip, an ' der the linn of PHIMK, WAUL) k CO., ud will cootinnn the llankiuK. Stock Mid k.irtiange Bmineaa, ?t tbn ofieo of the late lirm, No. 14 Wall atrert. J < H N W \lt D, of the firm of John Ward k Co. KDWAKD PKIMK, I of U>a late firm of Pnmo, HAMUKL WARD i Ward k Kiug ! New Vnrk. .lanpa-yJMh 1*47 i? imil*re SODA WAI KK AND nffAKA Ills. J. Matthew*, No 111 Third Ayruiie, N V . manufacturer of all the modern 1 aiifar <toa used lorihe manufacture. drawing or bottling of Hod* Water. A llthograidite I late, with printed dirertion* for the making of Soda Water and Syrup*. alao for the po" I ttiiK up ol the npparatu* and lia nee kc ., will accompany c en appar'tua. febT If" rll I N I'HKhS, aud will be publiahed in a few daya, by Wa Tailor, k I o. THE CODE OF HONOR ar. TIIK THIKTY-NI > K ARTiCLKH, allowing the whole m inner iu which the Duel la to he conducted, with amnaing / anecdote* of Duelling, to which ia prefned a Diaaertation on I the origin and progrea* of the Duello, by A SOUTH HON. Tina ia certainly the inoet remarkable work of the age Te great eitraetiyrucaa of atyla, iladda the aiugelar merit of ayatruiatiaiog the Duel, pinning it ofena ing naiharitiea, and while it lava down lawa for proaeru ing, auggcat* lb* mean* of lionorahiy avoidiug difficult!*-*. WM. TAYLOR k CO. No. 2 Aator Home. N. Y , and fid I wrc 4 It 1 faryia'alHnildiiiga Baltimore. Md ERVALEN I A. r|l IIK Utidrraigned haae ronatantly on hand a freah anpply L ill klrvnleuta, a raluable remedy in obt'icate eaaea of ' conatif nliou Cut up in pound pa* k -tea Kor aale. wholesale and retail. Ly Dial.LUC k CO , Apothecaries and Chemiat* Hole anacaaaora to I'LACk. k "OUILLARD, fll Iadjre No f Park Row, and flllwiadeaT. i'HUNINU UHAPK VINK.s. KHl'IT TRKK8, AND HHHOUBKR V. \I.KX \NIIKR WILSON, Practical Oardenar. l.nd.r. I la arr?ii'f< 1.1 the pnblir, and will ha happy to eieeata promptly all oni-r? lie may be f.ieored aai h Order boi at flip arc J atore nl Uunlap k Thompeon, ?J'i Broadway. 12 I 2? ?rr i ~ H'YINO 1'APKK. X(\/\ RKAMB rapefio' < npyiny P?|?a?. American m n l> W\J II <rtiire, winch la lawrarrJ to lake a | erleet im preaau n. and ao d at a price much l^wer than the foreign? for aalr hy I'h.llllBK k HKOOKN, I2ii r rapei Warahoaae,Bn487 Naaaanat Ti??0 hTPAPhK,. 1 < w w\ HK.AMB White Tiaaaa " limn aaanrted colore. l.'iOO " Pinlt. IdW " Oreea. f,(in " blue .*>0 " Vellow. Kor tale in lota to anit nurchaaera, by rtRsSK It BKOOKfl, I No h'l and ?>7 Na.aau at COAL~ J 11 I I .L-ontinne io tell the_heal qnalitr of Ke l ta[i' nai ?. *1 -nr.r |jr.rr? ior cmr Of"Ken. egg, and lore. 16 5f , 1 ar*e not, %t, INI; screened and delivered in good order,Vrom ur, yard, former ol Kintand Oreeuwirn streets ! le?;g w i! I he el lowed to those who with to send their owu p*rto. Ill lm * re rhTKM ( UN I'ON. | ' \ It i rt YV |* iKI '1 is ' l? , INo 9 Bn rlmg ?iu ofleMOf sale a large eiso tment of Printing Wrifiag VVraiiing , lUrdwfire, bivelopt, Itnngn g, end colored Paper. # Paper ofnnv sue or qualiry mode to oritur. The htgheat market prices pud in ra?h for r*g?, bftfV'BjK, h le iope rurtinga, ?unrip P>micki**sc. grass r?>pe rauvsi, and all other kinds of Paper Manufacturer's trick hv CVMtW W MKU)k' () f'4 1rn*rr No. 9 Hurling !!?. N Y. A CURE FUR COLD?. Mim f'AKIIOI.L'a Medic Vapor ud *nl( hur Rutlv l<M Kultoii ?ireif, opimaiU I liarch ifrre* A re trffi cure for' .'da roughs, IMieoui tmr N.? * Th oaf, and ill i'.flonoi ?ry dne r. i nl. -if \a fh Oist.gfable s*<le of tfr em'lirr I'he ulphir Vapor Bath i? pait.rula ly rerninmrtided by our *r?i phvatci?u? *a a r n re for nil fr?iprion* and ?ti-? iae* ? ' the akin N > ?l gr f rV' inf rold g/V he us? ?>f (hear ath>. J ' * .Vc I

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