Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 23, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 23, 1847 Page 2
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IVKVr YORK HERALD. New Vxrk, 'I iieadny, Kcbru*rjr '43, 1(44 7. THE FOREIGN MAIL8. I THE HERALD FOR EUROPE. rhe neMr packet ship Constitution, Capt. Fritton, for Liverpool, will sail to-day if the weather permits. Single copies of tiie New Yark Herald, in wrappers, can be obtained at this oflioe for her mails. The steamer Sarah Sands, Captain Thompson, a'.*) lor Liverpool, will sail at two o'clock to morrow afternoon. Her mails will close at half-past ! I one o'clock. Those desirous of sending the latest intelligence by this strainer to Europe, can obtain / copies of the Herald fur Europe which will be published at 12 o'clock. It will contain the news to that hour. We have piinted a small extra edi ion of the IVeek'y Herald of last Saturday for these mail 1 pai ket? Tr contains ilio movements for the reliel of in nnJ and Scotland, & ; . &e , &c. Tie ence now going to Europe is of considerable importance. 'i lie !Ve?s from Kiirout. Our readers will find on the outside oi this ^ day's Jltrald, some very important extracts from the latest English papers, relative to the famine of Europe?the probable demand for grain? and the financial movements of England. Mr. Bennett's letters. We have received by the Cambria several highly interesting letters from Mr. and Mrs. Beunett. We begin their publication to morrow morning. Sympathies of Americans*?The Famine In Europ*. The people of the old world, and particularly those of England, have, ever since the revolution, Indulged in censures and vituperations on American character. They accuse us ol want of all principle?us a people perlectly bereft ol ail the bind and tender sympathies ami feelings Iclongitig to human nature?as a people actuated Vy one tingle motive, the love of gain?the pur(uit of the almighty dollar. ' key have repeatdly told os that we are a nation of stock-jobbers and bankrupts, and that fondness of money predominated over every thing else. We question whether the people of America have ever taken the trouble to refute these slanders, because they emanated from a people who could have no sympathy with us since the declaration ot Independence was published to the world; and which, successfully carried out by force, severed the link that bound their Ameri an cslonies to them. The revolutionary war cost them some two hundred millions i f pounds, the payment of the interest of which they still luhor under. After expending so much to so little purpose, and afterwards losing what they contended for, it is natural that America and Americans weto to them despicable terms; ana mat it would take a long series of years before they could look 021 either with an unprejudiced vision. We trust, however, as we believe, that this feeling is wearing away, as it should do, and that before many more years shall have passed, that the people of England will he disposed to look upon us as a pretiy fair sample ol the human family, and, like the rest of Adam's ;numerous progeny, our instincts and dispositions are much the same as mark his descendants over the whole world. We have, at all events, given substantial evidence that we think of something else besides the dollar?that we are sometimes moved by sympathy ; and* that, when occasion calls, our sym pat by extends to Dtir 1 jockets. which h?v?v in many instances, freely contributed to relieve the wants and misfortunes of others in distress. Within a period ol' fifty years, partial lamine has visaed several parts ot the world, and to all of them was American sympathy extended. The Greeks were furnished with food, when they were suffering for want of it. So were the natives of the Cape de VetJ Islands. Ireland and Scotland are now suffering under the same calamity, and it certainly canuot bo denied that our citizens fully sympathise with their unfortunate ? and are doing their utmost to relieve their 4misfortunes, livery city, town, vrlliwe, and hamlet in our extensive country, wit" ?r?rtinn? fnr fliiu rvVii?r>f tt>.? na.n l" - W"JVW'I "/ ,MW fv-wp.w w?? lectivcly and individually. Our mechanics, merchants, trades-people and laborers, are vieing with i i> jth jr in the good work; and before the nev America will have sen', perhaps, a mitlio n ol.ars worth oi provisions and eludi ng, to fetui. angry and clothe the nuked of E::g1 and'* o.. a subjects. This will be a decided and peremptory falsification of the charges made against us by England, and wili act as a rebuke to her that she must leel, if her own ceople no* rot he-eft of sensibility. - o.iund and Ireland a* aerica with an opportunity of ese calumnies before the eyes ol t "nolo world, it haq likewise it (forded us an opportunity of exhibiting to the world our inexhaustible agricultural resources. Hitherto, the people of the old world were comparatively but little acquainted with our eountry. Information that would tend to 1 open their eyes to our position, power, and resources, was studiously kept lrom llicm, but now they will receive it in a manner little expected or contemplated by their rulers and lords. They know, too sadly, that their own resources have failed, and that they are aepenaeni on America ior ineir very existence. Every mouthful of food they eat. must, they know, come from America ; anil what ideas but the most exalted can they have of u country which, after supplying its own people with abundance, has a surplus left sufficient to feed a nation f of six millions of people besides; and that, too, j without making provision foi export. They know at once, that with notice belore hand, we could supply the whole world. What oxalted ideas of America and Americans will swell their hearts!?and w.ll they not pant to reach our highly favored land 7 The famine in Ireland and Scotland will confer a twofold benefit on us; it will prove to the world that Americans think on oth"r matters besides the acquisition of money; and that our country is as inexhaustible as it is extensive, and that it is capable of being the granary ? of the world. Thk Boston Tkl.eoraph?Very soon after the arrival nl it... .>..>..1,1. f U.:~ U .? ' Saturday Inst, and within a few minutes alter the operators commenced to transmit tlie news to the press in this city, communication between the two cities was suddenly interrupted. This interruption continued for two or three hours, when it was repaired ; but the hour a1 i which we received the news was so late as to put it out of our power to issue an Extra Herald thut night. This of course created much dissatisfaction, and rnuiiy people thought that the news in full had been received It was not, however, rc- I ceived, for the reason that the wire was cut j about seven miles out of Boston, in several places news messenger from Boston saw . that the wire had been cut or broken lor a distance of several rods. We make this explanation in justification of our repeated warnings to the public to beware of the speculators, who, as the event has shown, scruple _ not at any timo to aonum.t a State prison crime, ' ' be promoted by it. New York State Militia?Annual Rcfoht oi ' the Adjutant Gsnekal.?The roodition of the militia of the State has been laid before the Assembly. in a report of the Adjutant General, from which document it appears that the aggregate force of ihe State for 1S46, as reported by the brigado inspectors, was one hundred and sixty-five thou-arul five hundred and forty-tight. This, the Adjutant General thinks, is " far less ui ui me numoer 01 ttioso who ought to have been enrolled." The deficiency in numbers is attributed to the unpopujirity or the old militia ?y?. tern, which caused a hind of disrepute to fall upon anything connected with military enrolment. As the new law now stands, it is made the duty of the captain of each company district to enrol the men within his district, and that without any compensation. This duty, if properly performed, will olten require much time, and involve considerable expense ; and it is feared that this very necessary part of the system will fall into neglect, unless a reasonable compensation is allowed for the services of the officers who have to perform the duty of filling up the rolls. auction 87 of the new law directs that " the treasurer of this State shall nnnually. on or before the 10th (lay oi December, transmit to the Adjutant General a correct statement of the sum total pai l into the respective citv atul county treasuries and the State treasury tor fines and commutation money." A copy of the statement made in pursuance of that section is annexed. It embraces only sixteen countios, in which the amount of commutation money for the year 191ti is Ave thousand eight hundred and eighty-six dollars and twenty-eight cents. Many other of the officers named in the 8Mh section here, it is oenevou, receiveu cummuunoii mousy, woicn may have naglectad to report to the State treaaurer, aa required by that Motion of the law. The following is the table referred to \amei of County County. 7Yeaiur?r?. Amount. Chenango WB Pellet $68 61 Cattaraugus .D. J. Huntly, 9 06 Dutchess 'Jlyssts Cole 337 14 trie Jacob A Barker, 66 36 JeUerson .Silas Claik, 90 36 Kings Crawford C. Smith 336 00 Liviugstou, C. Metcalf 91 36 New York, Joseph Lawrence 3,647 49 Otsego Henry Finney 303 99 Heneca, Robert R Steele . 318 33 hurt<ilk, Wm Sidney Smith 396 43 Hna'oga Arnold Harris 144 60 Tompkins,. . (Jeoig? P. Frost 79 63 Ti'iga, Franklin Slesson 60 33 Ulster Thomas Clerk 366 46 Westchester, Robert Palmer, 193 40 $6,8S6 38 The report states, that Several officers have applied for pay for services rendered during the year 1846. Their claims rest upon the provisions of the 86th section of the new lnw ; but the construction which this department gives to that section will not aJunit of any puyment for services during the pa&t year. It is believed that the law in question contemplates making payment lor sorvicos rendered under tho new law only, and Hfter the now organization shall have been completed. The words "org inized in pursuanco of this act," which are found in the first subdivision of tbe 86tb s> chon. it is thought by the undersigned, wore in tended by the legislature to apply equally to all of the other subdivisions of that section ; and a reply to that effect has been given to the applicants above uumed. In relation to courts martial the Adjutant General remarks. The duties of judge advocates of courts martial are always tar more burdensome than the duties ol tiny of the members ; and it appears reasonable, therefore, that their compensation should he greater in proportion ; but it is believed that extravagant charges have often heretofore been made, and I would suggest the propriety of fixing, by stututu the precise amount whichajudgo advocate shall be allowed lor each day that any court may herealter he in session, beyond which amount he hall receive no allowance for his services. There seems to be some prospective difficulty about the election of officers in the new organization of the State forces. " The new law," says the report, " directs that senior brigadiers and the senior held officers now in commission shall tako command of the new brigades arid regiments within the bounds ol which they reside. But both the old uml new Constitutions direct that the field officers shall be chosen by the writteu votes of the company officer) of the regiment, and thut the brigadier* shall ho chosen by the held officers of the brigade. The new Constitution directs alto, that brigade inspectors shall be elected by the held officers of the brigades; be, there lore, inquires wnetner me portions 01 me new minim mw are not unconstitutional anil void. The regiments and btigades to he lormed under the law of May 13th, IHirt, will be entirely new in their organization ; and it is to be doubted whether the Legislature bus authority to direct that brigadiers and field officers under the old organiza tion shall take command of these new corps, unless previously duly elected ,in the mauner prescribed by the Constitution ot the State " " Soon alter the passage of the new law, viz : daring the last week of .May, the (lovernor received fiom the President a requisition for seven regiments of volunteer infantry, to he enrolled and held in readiness fur muster into the service of the United States, to serve in the existing war with Mexico." On the 28 h of May the Governor issued an order calling for volunteers. This order was immediately responded to by numerous offers ??f service; and the seven regiments were organized, and ready for service early in the month of August ; and the President, through the Secretary of War, was duly apprised of the fact. The oHicers of the volunteers have r ceiVtd commission.-, n conformity with the requirements of the act providing for the prosecution of the war with Mexico. It is believed that they are not properly otHcers of the militia, and therefore they were nut com missioned us such ; and it may well be questioned whether it whs the lute LiOu ol < ongie?s that the President or the Oovernor should organize the volunteers,and give commissions to their blficois, isut the President, 111 his requisition, re. quested that the tiovetnor would petform tins, ami he a cordingly did so, in the manner which appeared to him best. The companies weto organized, as nearly as practicable in the mauner prescribed by section eight, article first, title lour, chapter ten, ot the Revised Statutes. The field officers were chosen in the manner prescribed lor choosing lield officers of the militia. The statute under which tho companies were organized, (hut which, it is thought, did not fully covei the case,) ssrepualed by the no .v militia law ; and it is believed that there ie now no legal mode of organizing troops hy the Governor, except tho one prescribed by the law passed ou tho thirteenth of last May. If 1 urn light in suppo-ing that there is no law in this S ate, winch contemplates the raising of volunteers lor the United States' service, it may be deemed important that the Legislature should pass one for that puip ,so. in tumor war, and which shall also provide for raising and or ganiziog, in time of war, a militia force, in addition to the uniformed corps provided for in the is w of May last. Karly in August the seventh regiment of volunteers was mustered into the service of the United titates, and in tho latter pare of September sailed from the city of New York for California, in three ships. On the 21st ef November the Governor received through the War department, a call for one regiment ot voluuieeia Irom this State, to be immediately mustered into the service of the UBited States, to serve during the continuance of the war with Mexii o. The first regimeilt was at once designated, and tho ten companies of the ie gi merit have all been mustered into service. [They sailed last month far Mexico.] On 'ho 16th day of November, tho division of tho State Mil" rif^iii iimiiihi^ m^nll'ir, nn i V j 1111 i'll I'} fcUIUUII J UI tho new lnw, wan announced, us lollows: ? Ni 1 The counties ol New York an I Richmond, containing a repiescntative population r M,m No J The counties of Suflolk, Queens, Kings, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Orange, Sullivan ami Ulster .101.OTP No. 3 The countiea ol Dutchen, Columbia, Rensselaer, Albany, Schenectady, Greene, and lii-luivare 300,AOf No 4 Tho countiea of Washington, Saratoga, Warren, Kssex, < linton, f ranklin, St Law rence, Jeller?on ai d Lewis 301,180 Wo A The counties of Herkimer, Hamilton, Kulton. Montgomery, Schoharie, Otiogo, Maditon, Llienaego, Biooine and Tioga 303,1% No ? '1 he counties of Oneida, Oswego, Onon<l.ign, i a>lira, ( ortland and Tompkins, 303 u77 No. 7. Tito counties of Wayne, Monroe, Ontario, senocn, Votes, Chemung, Steuben and Livingston, 396,63!) No. 8. The counties of Allegany , Wyoming, Genesee, Orleans, Niagara, Krie, Cattaraugus and Chautauque 393,3-10 It Tho senior Vtainr (Itinera] uf It fjnlr*. !;*.? within the hounds of division No 1, as appears by the votes in this office, is Uarrot H. Stryker, of the cityol Now York; in No. J, Aaron Ward, of sing Sim?. county of Westchester; No. S, John Brush, of Poughkeepaio, Dutchess county ; No. 4, Orvill ( lurk, of Handy Mill, Washington county; No. A, E. B. Bigeiow, of East Worcester, Otsego county; No fi, S (J. Ilathawuy. of Solon, Cortland county; No. 7, J P. Couch, of Havana, < herr.ung county; No. B, K /ra Nott, of Sardinia, Erio Co. III. Tito tenior Major (foneral of Infantry in each ol the above named divisions i? diiected, witliout unneres. niiy celay, to divide Ins divigon info two brigade distro ts, acrorditg to the icpreneutative population. as asccrtained by the State census taken in the year IH4A.and 11 port the ssine to the < onimsnder in Chief,aa prescribed by section 4, of the law above rofeited to, passed May 15 1^41, In these orders, the senior Major General of Infantry within i nch of the eight di?tiic'.s was directed to divide hi division into two brigade districts, in accordance < w ith the provisions of section 4 of the now la v That duty has been performed And the senior Brigadier in each of thow> districts has been directed to divide tho district into four regimental districts, in conformity with tinprovisions of section A of the now law. kiurn several of thei* Brigadiers despatches huvo been received nt tins I othco, proposing regimental districts for the tcproLutiun J of the Commander in Chief; but from the other* no iaport hn as yet been received. Tne following table will show bow the militia of the State is formed 'There are in the General staff, 11 Cavalry 4 684 Artillery 9 3?> Infantry 145 091 llifle 4 am Artillery, fco , attached to infantry, 3 139 165,643 Tub Cambria's Mails?The Long IslajvdTrain from Boston ?The express train, with the pas-' sengeis and mails from the Cambria, arrived at Brooklyn at 5 o'clock last evening. The snow storm was exceedingly severe, with a depth of , nearly three feet, it having gnawed all day on Sunday. The train name through in seven hours from Greenport. The New Haven steamer made the passage across in about four hours, after having tailed in an attempt on Sunday evening. There came abo ;t fifty of the Cambria's pas, senge's. The mail was one of the largest, oeing several wagon loads. Thk Passrngrus in thk Cambria.?We learn ' i that twenty and more of the passengers by the Cambria aro Irish corn merchants, who have ; brought a large amount of specie to invest in the cheapest grain and breadstuffs. There are also I several Belgian ami German corn factors, who will purchase extensively, 110 doubt, Indian meal and corn for their markets. It is said tbat la'ely the Irish, Scotch, German, and English accents are as familiar to the ear as our own. Arrival of this John R. Siuddy.?This fine packet, under the command of Captain Luce, sailed from Liverpool on the 29lh ult , and arrived here yesterday. This is a /emarkabty quick passage at this season ol the year. Thk Packet Siur Columbia.?We have been favored with the following account of the disaster lo this packet, and the death of Capt. Rathbone. It was written by a passenger, and addressed to Lloyd's agents Hni?111m sorry to inform you that on Wednesday, the 13th inst., at h quarter to 5 A. M ., we were struck by a nes on vne siurnouru (juariei , wnen running neiore me wind, which carried off the wheel house, with Captuin Kithbone. first mute, second mate, live seamen, and one , hoy; sinco that time we havo hud a continual succession of very heuvy gales, ship pretty tight, foretopmast and i maitiroyal cut nway. The following suies were car; ried away > jib, forestaysail, foresail, foretopsail, ; topgallant and royal, maintopsail, topgallant and royal, 1 andspanker and mizen royal; threw the deck load overboard ; passengers all well We got an officer from on i beard tue Lady Falkland, of Olasgow, when we expeot- ' ed to get put to rights again, and proceed to Liverpool ROBERT HUTCHISON, Cabin Passenger. Theatrical*. Paiik Thzatrk.?In order to enable th9 manager of the Paik to carry out and perfect some arrangements that he is about to make with this theatre, thore will be no performance in it till Monday next, when the danscutes yiennoiit will commence a short engagement. ! These little favorites are certuin of meeting a welcome 1 reception when they next appear amoDg us. Bowkkv Thaatkk.?The magnificent spectacle of " Ivunhoo" was produced here last evening, before a full and crowded house. The talents of the entire company 1 Were brought out?Nenfie. as Iviinhoe: Vache. as Isaac the Jew of York; and Clark, us Sir Brian Du Bois Gilbert,' i acquitted themselves with much ability. Chapman, Hadawuy, und the entire cast performed in a highly creditable manner. Iranhoe will again be produced this evening, with grand and appropriate scenery, costumes of the utmost magnificence, original music, and machinery of the most perfect description. The piece replete with stage etlects, contrasts, tableaux, vivants and 1 startling incidents; also acted with a cast of great strength, embracing the names of those favorite or litlei, Messrs Meade, Clarke, Stevens, Hadaway, : Chapmnn, Vacho, Booth, Korester, M.ltier, Jordan, com' limed with the other acknowledged favorites, comprising this, the best company in the States?Mesdumes Booth, ; Sergeant, Jordan, Mist J Drake, ike., will also appoar.- I The celebrated horse Black Hanger, will make a terrific ascent Irom tho stage to the extreme height of the theatre, bearing the Jewish Maiden through the blazing castle ruins. " Turtle Hunting," and the " Hying Dutchman" will also be performed. To-morrow night Mrs. Booth's benefit will take place. Every admirer of true genius and high talents will be present on such an occasion; and there are few ajaong the entire c impany, who have stronger claims upou the patrons of " Old Bowtry," than the tdlented, gayhearted, amiable and popular Mrs. Booth. We dtemand i ?we claim ?for hor a iluwing " bumper," on to morrow evening. Bowkry amfhithkatrk.?The houso last evening wan crowded to excess. We earnestly recommend those who have not, us yet, seen the extraordinary perform- I ances at the circus, to go asd witness the exhibition on 1 this evening. This is positively the last week previous to the departure of the company (or Boston. Mayfly, the i dancing ponies, and Cinderella still continue to draw i forth the most unbounded applause. j Tavo.V* BxnsriT.?Mr. John Tryon, who has catered ! for the public for many years, takes a benefit at the Bow- | | ery Amphitheatre on Friday eveniug next. There will be a very attractive bill, comprising the names of all the i taleuted troupe of Bands, Lent & Co. Air. T. is an old , citizen, u highly respectable man, and deserves a bumper | at the hands ol his lcllow citizens. Musical. Italian Or in a - Donizetti's opera of "Lucia di Lam' mermoor," was again presented at Palmo's last eveniug, , (n n v^rv Inre^A niiflse?nr? Th* Almnantu nrnitil idiiu the snow which had boon coming down almost without intermissien for nearly thirty six hours, ceased to tail just about sucset, and the evening was tolerably plea" sant The atmosphere was tolerably clear, and so fa' voluble for tho pertorniers in the opera. We doubt whether " Lucia" can be presented by the excellent artitltt in vfrhose hands it is, with better effect than was given to it last night sang with such clearness, up, up, up, like one of nature's warblers, whose note.-! are not to be imprisoned within any scale , clearly, : sweetly, perfectly, she made of Lucia all that Doui/.etti roul 1 have pictured it when composing the workI churlish criticism might say the prima ilonna exerted j herself a little too lar at times, hut she preserved iu per- j j lection of sound every r.oto she attempted, and no more I could be asked. Ueneventuno is well calculated for the character of Lord tleruy Ashton ; and the lull, round, 1 soul-reaching notes which ho produces ns none other | than he has as y<t done here, were last night given with even better effecttliuuhcretofoie. Jlu voice, never i unpleasant, has yet so g; eat volume that it sometimes . reaches the ear in such loice as to surpiisc rather than delight?like a bold proposition of a powerful orator, i ; m ilieu wants to dwell a moment in tho mind before its tiu li or beauty can he realized?yet always winning \ ; lioni the car an acknowledgement ol its real merit; but 1 la.-t night even this, which wo will hardly call a fault, 1 was not discoverable, bis notes reached tho uudience at first in nil the soft tidiness with which he can so hap | pily clothe them, u id gradualy assumed the powerful. Seuedalti, too, sang clearly, caijuisitoly, tastefully, corsectly, as he alwarrs does. Tne choice parts were, by .UO ll.UIV.IWl ItllUU.l Ul 1KI UUHJrui.O, :?icu, UHU >1 the eud ul the piece the trio wore called out to receive 1 the congratulation* ol those who had listened to their triumph Lucie has had n romaikablo run, und it is now | no less, hut more.a luvoritc than when lirat produced. On Wednesday we are to have "Nina Pa/.aa per Amore,'' in which bignois l'ico takes the leading pait. Maoamk A?i oioithiz s.Ukkat Conckht.? This evening the last grand concert of this highly gifted and favorite cancatrlce, will take place at the Tahernaclo. We | haro glanced at the programme, and do not hesitate to i pronounce it nne of the strongest and richest that was j ever presented in this city. Madame herself is a power lul attraction, but in connexion with Uarili, Il< nedetti, Beneventano, Sanquirico, Herr Horn, Kyle, Timm, he., an attraction is put forth t.'iat is irresistible, an I that must till this spacious building to its fullest capacity The treat in store lor our citizens on this occasion, 11 one that they will look on with pleasure years hence. Ali.koh anians.?These .vocalists will give a concert this evening, at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, in aid of the jxior 01 irnwiiu. u aiu kiii'iiu *rr <i jjniiiMmi muveineuT towards arresting the scourge which now pervades thai unhappy?ouutry. City Intelligence The Wfather?Last nun or 9i.r.iuHir<o.?The now which commenced to fall on Saturday night kept ' it up light merrily during that night, Sunday and Monday. Yesterday morning found us with n comfortable covering for mother earth; and r.leigh belle, which had been hung up as if for tho season, were once more taken down, the omnibus sleighs were overhauled and brought into service. The railroad cars made a fovv uncomfortable trips, and then gave it up for a bad job. Wheels were decidedly oat, end runners were in vogue. The snow, however, kept coming ! down so fast es to mako pleasure-riding a thing not to no I'liongm oi, except in prospective A fcinr huso could not he Weil loiinil 'or ji good run of sleighing than was formed hy ttio alternate ruin snow mi I hail of Saturday night and Sunday, with the coat of snow which had since been added: anil it kept coming, enow, snow, snotv, from morning to mid dty, till f ir into the alter noon Jtl> batnre dark it stopped snowing, and the omnibuses and hackney sleighs had it all their own wav for the evening. It is diltl'ult to say how much snow has lallrii it lias breomo so compact that it will measure far lean in depth than it would if it had fallen in ordinarily light (lakes. We expect to see the streets alive today, with beautiful sleighs But it is not prohat lo the snow will last long: the sun has now reached, or, ratuer, the eurth has reached such a position that the veitica raya of Oil Sol will soon have an effect to use it u j( a south winl or raiu L should not dis|>el jt more rp#?i;iiy still. But it is bless* In* , sleighing or no sleighing, frolio or no frolic. The I fl?Tl? of grain will receive the warm, "tichin* benefit cf the ?now storm, and we sna.l bavo all the mora corn I to send to tho-io who.are likely to want it more than we. I Former* taluo a he'avy snow at the right time more highly than those who are unacquainted with agriculture can account for. ?o, hurrah for the anow atorm ! The CrtLiBiiTion or Washington's Birth Day ? Notwithstanding the inclemency of (lie wrather, the birth-day of Washington waa appropi h.tely c-l-brated by our independent military companies ns well us hy appropriate ceremonii-s of a civic character Among the military who turned out were the " Continental*, ' or tho " Sona of '78,''whoao uniform i? the quaint one of the Revolution They looked well, and as thny marched through the atreeta with the driving anow pelting in their facea, it r. quired but slight aid fiom tha imagina tion to picture to the fancy, a body of real Continentals of " the day* that tried men's souls." We aaw several other companies of well drilled, well uniformed men, who marched to good music; but of them all, there were none who made a finer appearance than the Whitehall Guards, commanded uy L,upi isonen sun* id< wlutehall boy* turned out in force, (some li i or 70 muskets) end when we law them they liml in their train a well bored target; and one ot the company carried a silver cup, which it was but reasonable to suppose he had won by bis sharp shooting. The dig sled' at either end of the City llall was decorated by the appendage of a beautiful new flag; and the stais and stripes were to be seen in all parts ol the city, ho ping time with, or emulating each other in their teriul flirtatious The arrangements tor the evening were abundant to make all happy, who chose to join in making distinct the remembrance of the occasion. May the day be remembered with joy as long as we enjoy the blessing* of those institutions which th? sainted patriot did so much towards establishing We might usme the following military companies who joined in the out-door part of the celebration : ?Light Artillery, under Grn Stotms, comprising first regiment ; Colonels Stewart and Hassars, Major S 11. I'ostley, regin ent of Washington UuirJ ; Union Blues, of Brooklyn ; fouitli and eighth companies of Washington Greys; Montgomery and Kmmett Guard* ; a detachment under Lieut Col Durjoe. of thn-J7th regiment; the veteran corps ot urtilloiy The military were reviewed at the City Hull by the Mayor and a representation from the Common Council. After which the companies want their several ways, and calebrated the day a* they had severally arranged. Rslikv to Ireland.?The collections in all the Catholic chinches of this city, next Sunday, aro to be appropriated to the roiiof ol Ireland. This is truo benevolence, and we hope to see it followed throughout the Union. How mo it Hsri-en ?? Vpstenlay. throe assistant keepers from Blackwell's Island. Messrs. Dear.hley, Cieigb'on, and Green, came to this city, uud while here, took into custody an escaped convict, mimed Charles Uuyden, whom they lodged in the 4th ward station bouse for sufe keeping. at about l-J o'clock. At about halt-past 1, they went to the station-house for their prisoner, but he was not to be feund, and the keepers could gain no intelligence of him. How did it cine about that this man got off so easily 1 Our station houses ought surely to aiford secure quarters for an ordinary culjirit for pu hour or two, at mid day. Dkath ort Boaiid a Vbiibl.?The Coroner nai called yesterday to hold an inquest on board the sloop Middletown, lying at the foot of Pike street, upon the body of John Vlahan, a native of Massachusetts, aged 10 yeats, who has for some timo been atllicted with pulmonary consumption, and having been recommended by a physician in Connecticut to take a sea voyage, be engaged a passage to this city on board the above named vessel, and died yesterday morning. Common Council. Boahd of Assistant Aldkrman, Monday evening, Fot>. 22.?Neil Gray, Ksq., President in the chair. Fifteenth Ward School*.? Memorial of numerous residents of the 10th ward, for the appointment of Professor Charles Davis, as a trustee of public schools of the said ward. Referred. Sewer in Greenwich Street ? Petition of sundry property owners, for the construction of a sewer in Greenwich street, from Morris street to Battery place. Referred. stiver in jonn street ? l-eiition tor a sewer in John street, between Broadway and Pearl street, to connect with sewer in Curling slip. Reteired ,Sewer in South William Street.?Petition of sundry property owners for a sewer in South William street.? Referred. Pier 24, E. ft ?Petition of Norton, Converse, and others, for oxciusive uno of pier No. 24, East river. Referred. Extension of Pier ? Petition o( H II. Dunham and othors for extension ol the pier at the foot of North Moore street. Referred. Title* of Property Sold.?Report and resolation from the Board of Aldermen, in favor of directing the Counsel to the Corporation to take measures to perfect the titles of certain property situated on the east side of the 3d avenue, between the 7th end 8th avenues, and sold in 1843. Concurred in. Exchange of Lands.?Report and resolution from tho same, in favor of exchange of certain lands. Concurred in. Purchase of Land ?Report and resolution from tho same, in favor of purchasing a gore of land within the reservoir rquare, corner of 4Jd street and 6th avenue. Concurrod in. Twentieth Street ?Report and resolution in fuvor of paving 20th street, between oth and 6th avenues, and setting curb and gutter stones therein?Concurred in. Payment of Claims?Resolution in favor of paying James J. Broas $100 for extra services rendered while holding the office ct Superintendent ol Pavements. Concurred in. . Message from the Mayor?Tiansmitting the reports of the Directors of Bank tor Savings, Managers of the Bailors' Snug Harbor, and the Keeper of the City Prison.? Ordered on tile. Jlisessment Lists?Communication from the Street Commissioner in relation to sundry assessment lists?Accented Lunatic Jltylum ? Resolution in fuvor of requesting the a I inh house commissioners to communicate to this hoard all the correspondence that baa paaaed between himaelf and the reaident physician, relative to the diecharge of Dr. Stewart. Referred. Luntral Ceremonies? Aaa't Aid. Olivea presented the following preamble and reaolution Whereas, it ia understood that the remains oi the late Captain (Jeorge P Field, of the Id Regiment of the U. States Infantry, who gallantly fell at the storming of Monterey, in Mexico, on the Slat of October last, are expected shortly to arrive at this port, on hoard the ship .Auburn, from Now Orleans, therelore Resolved, That the Common Council of the city of New York, entertaining a high respect lor the memory and gallant conduct of this orticer, whose bravery and self devotion reflect honor upon his native State ot New Vork, will attend such funeral Ot remonies as may be ob served in this city on the arrrval of the remains ol the deceased; and that a committee of three on the part of this Board be appointed, (in conjunction with a similar committee of the Board of Aldermen,) to make suitable arrangements therefor Resolved, That the flogs at the City flail be displayed hull-must on the nr^Oflinn ?n-l lha - rn,,,iplura nl' riitltlie places in this city, and the musters of vessels iu this port be requested to unite iu this testimonial of respect to tho memory of the deceased, l?y also displaying their IUrh at hall mast. Adopted. The amo gentleman oft'ereA a resolution in favor of showing the same respect, also, to the remains of Capt Williams, which were uuueistood to he on board of tha same vessel. Adopted; and Messrs. Oliver, Dougherty and Brown were appointed a special committee to carry the intention of the resolution into effect. Second District Police Court ? Resolution in favor ol directing the keeper of the city i rison to cause the 3d district police court to he kept clean by prisoners confined in tho prison of said distnct court. Concurred in. Imitation? To attend an oratiou and festivul at Castlo Ga:d?n Accepted. Tenth Jtienue ?Resolution in favor of regulating lOlh avenue to atith s'reet. Adopted. Appropriations Jor 1947. ?Report and resolution in favor of making certain appropriations lor the year 1917. Concurred. Seventh Word Police.?A message was received from the May or in reply to a resolution of inquiry relative to the appointment of a Captain of Police lor the ward; und s utuig that as the Alderman and Assistant Aldeimau had neglected to appoint a captain, it had become his duty to make the appoiutmeiit, and that duty ho had performed. Sole of Property.?Report and resolution in iavor of selling the pienusos Nos. 113 and 114 Broadway. Concurred in Fitly first street.?Report and resolution in favor of causing Mst street between Hloomiiigdule road and 10th avenue, to he regulated and graded. Referred. Police Clerks.?Resolution adopted in tho Board of Aldermen, in Iavor of prohibiting tho magistrates of tho 1st District Police Court from employing any clerk who has not been legally oppointed to that cilice. Concurred in. Ji Pension.?Resolution in favor of authorizing the Comptroller to pay tho expenses incurred lor the board of Mr*. Smith, (he widow of the late George K. Smith, alderman of the 4th ward in ISfiJ, und who loit hit life while administering to the wants of tho lick during the epidemic whi-h prevailed in that year; since which period Mrs. Smith has been the inmate of the lunatic asylum Concurred in. Coal *4aAet, llubbith, f-c.?Resolution in favor of nuthoiiung tne comptroller to advertise for proposals to curry away from the city all coal, ashes und rubbish. Referred. i i'y Prison? Resolution in favor of appropriating f> 1 AO to Jelray expenses of fitting up two additional rooms in the female department in the city prison, 111 order to adait ef a better classification of the prisoners confined therein. Kefeirod Suverintmdent of Stretli?Resolution in fsvornf considering the propriety of abolishing the office of superintendent of streets, und directing the police captains of the sevetal dl.tricts to perform the duties now performed by tho superintendent ot streets. Referred to a special committeo, consisting cf Messrs Radclitfe, Keeks, anil Uod. Alter disposing of some other papers of minor consideration, tho board adjourned until Monday .evening next. Police Intelligence. Burglary.? Some burglars entered the storo, No. 131 Canal street, on Saturday night last, by means of a false key, and stole therefrom a quantity of silk fringes, silk cords, bonnet ribbons, together with a lot of hosiery, tho property of R Sedgwick, jr. No arrest at present. HohbrA on the Fit' Boinli?Officers Rafter ty and Baker, of the tfth ward, arrested yesterday a black fellow called Wm. Henry Johnson alias Duptiy, also his wife Abby, tioth charges wnn running a man i>y inn name ol Daniel Perkim. while id n " erih" located in Cow Bay. Committed !>y Justice Drinker for examination. Rurglary ?Some small po'ato thieve* burglariously entered the premise* No 30 Hudson ftro?t, rt-nlin'g therelrom 3 rip *nw*. 1 cross cut raw and ? lot of o'her carpenter'* tools, the property oi Albert Cheeiebcrough. No arreat. Jlrrrnt and fjitape of a Convict- Deputy keeper Branhlv, of BUckwell's Islnnd, assisted by cither* Whikchait and I'ono, of he lOlli war.l, arrested, jesterliny, in the 4th ward, n notorious till thief, called I hurley Hiiyd n, who escaped iroin the penitan'iary, on tt.e 4th ol January lest, he having been sentenced for Id months, for several larcenies. L'pon bis inreat, the i,Ulcers conveyed him to the 4th wsrd station house, whore the person* in attendance, lorke I the prisoner up til one of the cells, thoro to remain an hour until Mr. Ileschly finished up'omo other business, an4 then he would convey him back to his old <|uartei* on tho Island Upon the letnru of Mr. Hearhley, and on going to the cell for hi* man lo! and behold you the bird was gouo, he haying oscapod - > I ? -U- . " 1 L1 I through a hole in tha ikylight, ore of the Iron bare hiving been broken ?o in to all"w apa^e enough ju*t to permit thi? notorious scoundrel to t,scap? who mounted, evidently, over the back yard fence in'o another yard, pauing through a Dutchman'* ?tore which led into Ma diiou street, thu* making good hn eacape The i hiel of Police intend* to investigate the whole matter to day, for the purpose of eliciting whether there ha* been any neg lect of duty on the part ol tho olticer* attached to the Station Homo Petit Larceny ? A Mack hoy, by the name of Georgo Jackson, wa* arrested yesterday by Captain Korrigan ot the 6th ward,on a charga ot atceliug a silver watch north eight dollar*, together with a musical box worth two dollar*, the property of John II. Bilhop, residing at No. 90 Orange itreet ? Committed lor trial by Justice Oiborne. Charge of Stealing a IVatch ?Captain Buck and olHcer Striata, of the 3J ward, arrested, on Friday last, a fellow called John I-ittle alia* William*, and Catharine M'Cluie, on a charge of robbing a young man, from the country, by the name of John L. Thompkina, on last Monday a week ago, of a gold watch unrl a wallet containing about flye dollar* in money, while in a house located at No. 1U Antlionv atrAAt Lout hv Patrlrl/ M'Cuo A thn property ha* been recovered by the above vigilant officer* Alderman Beu*oii, of the 3d watd, took the affidavit* in thn cane, examined the prisoner, anil com nutted him in full for trial. Disorderly in l/it Sh eel ? Offibers Martin, Ilofi", n id Blauvelt^ol the 5th ward arretted three " voung lurk." on Sunday night, by the name of John O'Toole, alia* L)r. O'Tuole, John Tiljcu, and Michael Doran, who were all intoxicated?very noisy in the street?and the last although not the least, abusing the < Hirers when spoken to respecting their disorderly conduct. Jus ice Drinker in the morning fined them each $3, which they paid, and were diachnrged from custody. More Starving JSmigrante ? Jurice Drinker committed ye*torday, the following starving Irish emigrants, to thn care of the commissioners of the alms house, they having Arrived on Sunday last in the pocket ship New World, from Liverpool, and were thrown upon our shoro in a destitute and starving condition : Patrick Flino, wife and eight children, and two cousins; Martin Denipscy, John Finch, Barty McNicholas, wife and six children ; Thcmns Durkee, wile, and four children. These poor creatures were very kindly taken down into the prison and fed, where they seized the meat and bread like so many wild animals. Dirtiness at the Tomhe.?We were politely handed yesterday by \lr. Robert Mclntyro, one of the Deputies ol tho City Prison, the following list, embracing tho whole amount of prisoners committed to the City Prison during this number are 1918 lbr felony; 1"!> J for assaults and batteries and disorderly conduct; 381!) vagrancy; fittf! fivo day prisoners, for intoxication; and 1349 lor examination anil other causes?making thu whelo amount of prisoners confined ia the prison dining die < car 14,409? which is ceitaiuly doing a pretty good business. hlelgli Killing, {JtJ- Mix and one-fourtli cents for three anil u . limf inlles In Klpptk Browii'slhrlsealJiie '1 he proprietor*, having in view the comfort anil convenience of the sleigh-riding poitioo o> the community, have furnished a well-warmed saloon at each end of the route for the use of p.isreogers. During litis brief spell of sleighing. it is eipectj ed tint all the world, his wife, children anu all. wid improve ' this opporiuniiv and go in for a sleigh-ride Look out lor the j " Oeu. Taylor" to-morrow, it wnl be ou the route du'iug the ! day. Hurra lor u aixpeuce worth ! j Price 6, -* Cents?Illustrated No. 5, Dealings with the firm of DOMBEY St SON, published thia morning, I sod for tale by H. LONG St BROTHER, 32 Ann street. WM. H GKAH *M, Tribune Buildings. W. TAYLOR St CO , A.tor House. BURGESS, STRINGER Ik CO., 221 Broadway. Portable Shaving Cases?'rite undersigned have devoted dieir unceatniv attentiou to iinproviug and perfecting these useful and necessary articles, nud have on hand a large variety, of conduction most suitable to the wautsof the travelling (ommuui'y. U. SAUNDERS St SON. 177 Broadway. opposite Howard's hotel. Rletallc Tablet llazor Strop?^rhe attention ol dealers is invited to this article, being made ot the best material, city manufacture, and under the subscribers' Immediate supervision. They have iu all esses rendered to purchasers the most perfect satisfaction. Kor sale lit For sale bv G. S AUNDERS fc SON. 177 Broadway, a f-w doors above Courtlandt St. Notice.?Geitln, 11 utter, 1414 Broadway, opposite St foul's, is now prepired to oiler his Spring Style, surpassing in beaut* any style ns yet offsied by him, wiin an entire new style of lining. f22 C{ | To Bluster To Horn?Talis Notice tlsat tlie Lease and Futures of the Clothiug Store, at the corner of | Charles and Baltimore streets, iu the city of Baltimore,will I be offered for s ite at auction, on the premises, on the 15th instant, or will be sold at private sale previous to that time. The sto e is about 36 feet front, and between 50 and *0 feet deep. It is fitted up iu the best p osible manner, and it has the largestcash enstom in that city. Apply at the st?re. or to Kichard T. Shepherd, No. 05 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. tl Philadelphia Agents for the Herald.?U. B. ZlEBEll fc CO., 3 Ledger Building, Third atreet.below Chesuut. Those wiehiug to have the Herald served regularly at their amres and dwellings, will please leave their names as above. Terms 75 cents per month. Single copies for sale daily Krice 3 cents. j3l Im Navigation uf the Ohio River. f Lie eg. 7\'w.e. State of River Wheeling .Feb 14. . ,10 feet Pittsioiig hob 10 . , 8 foot Cinciiuintl Feb 13. , .10 foot. Louisville. Feb 11. . .10 feet 1 inch. MUflKI MAHMN l'i Monday, Feb. a'A?6 1*. M. Stock* uro all tip today. The Kuroponn advices appear to have had a good efl'oct in Wall street. North American Trust advanced *4 per cent. Far, mcr's Loan, X; Morris Canal, 1; Norwich and Worcester X; Long Island Harlem Erie It. It scrip, fell oft' X per cent; Reading Railroad and Bank of America closed Arm at Saturday's prices. The sales were not large and holders appear disposed to await private advices before thoy mako transactions. At the Second Board there was a further advance, but , the salos coiuinued very limited. Morris Canal went up >?; Harlem >4; Long Island X; Canton Co. >4. An injunction has beou placed upon tho steamboat New llaveu at Uroennoit. unnn a claim of M7.0U0 eernnst the Long Island Railroad Company. Thin will suspend the through business of the company until aome other boat can be obtained, or until the injunction ia removed. The steamship C. n.bria brought out abouttwo milliont of dollars, chiefly in silver. There ia aome difficulty bi tween the officers and the stockholders of the bank of Commerce, of Philadelphia i The trouble appears to bo with the president, and it is tiro wish of a majority of the stockholder.'! that he should resign At an adjourned meeting, there was an exhibit of assets, and without counting the suspended debt, which amounted to $80 or $90,000, the value of the shires was estimated to he $33, each. This is much below what they had been previously and repeatedly represented by the president, ami much dissatisfaction was created This hank Ins obtained a new charter, with tho individual liability principle attached, which goes into operation soon. The quantity of coal transported from tho Schuylkill minoa, by the Heading Kailroad company, lor the week ending the 18th inst, waa '13 '111 tons, making the aggre. gato, since the lat of January, 1947, 1-20,710 tons. This j? a great amount of business lor the season. We learn that thia cvmpany have ns much business contructnd for, aa will employ the whole force of tho road for the entire eaion, at ratea of toll much uhovo the turiif establiahod by the canal company. The ahip Klizubelh ot New Orleans, from London, brought up a nrda of $300,(100 in specie. The quantity of domestic produce exported from this port for the week ending the 30th inst., inclusive, to France and Oreat Britain, was as annexed. f.irORTS FROM the port of NkW York. T? ar,?i Rn'1/ -Horn 307 573 himli ; Hour 37 737 bbll; wheat, 36,391 bush ; cotton, 1 ,616 bale* ; cheese, HS 971 lha ; meal, 13,019 bbls; rice, 449 tiercel; oata, in,. 193 bush; tobacco, manufactured, 3,01(1 lbs; beam, 3 933 buih; wool, 10(1 balei; clover ieed, 6 770 lbs; bncon, 161 , S3S lba; lard, 3,100 lb?; pork, 170 bbls ; beef, 401 tiercel; hemp, ft balm; peas, 1,31(1 bush; barley, H ftftl do. To France.?Tallow, 30 461 Ibl ; hidei, N7.843 do; cotton, 93ft halei; wnx, 7,093 lbs; nsh.'l, 144 bbll; 11 )Ur, '.'01 do ; lice, 94 tierces ; laid, 13 970 lbs ; whaluhone, 1,431 do ; com, 4,010 hush ; ?renso, IN 000 ibl ; wheat, 3,300 buih. The abovo shows a very activo weeks business In the shinnies line We haie been carefully looking over (ho table*, luceived by the Sarah Sand* and the Cambria,of the average price of grain in Kugland for the six weeks ending Jan j 9th, and the six weeks ending Jan. 23d, 1847. According i to these statements there lm.l been do decline in any I description ot grain up to that time. We annex thoe tbhlrs for the jtiri oso < f exhibiting n comparison: \vr,i'A'iK t'nicK or Oiurv Hrht. Hrly Oats liye Jim Peas. Flour I Dreetnber 5. .to 7 42 II 28 7 U ft 4,0 4 is 0 u 0 December 12. .lib 3 43 I 28 ft 42 11 43 0 4R 7 I) 0 December 19. .39 10 42 II 24 3 43 I 44 8 48 10 0 0 j December 26. .01 8 43 2 26 111 43 7 43 6 49 4 0 0 I January 2 64 4 4 1 3 27 2 46 10 43 10 49 0 0 u I January 9 66 10 46 5 27 10 46 4 47 0 31 7 0 0 Agsrexate evera*? of the en weeks.. .62 1 43 9 26 10 41 2 43 7 49 4 0 9 Duty on Kr*n Prod prescut week 40 20 16 20 20 202 4% Do. oilier RriCJtu'i Colonies I 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 4% The above was received by the Sirah Sands, and show* the avorsge,for the six wee k's ending January 9 h, waaoas ia per quarter. Avrmor I'nrrc ir tliiAif Whi Hily Oatx Hyt Mm Proi. Fluur. Deer mher 19 60 1 41 I 2ti 7 42 5 45 4 '0 0 0 (I Dec?ml.erJ6.. 9 in 4i II 20 5 4'! 11 45 0 m 7 n n Jamn V 2 01 6 43 2 20 3 43 I 41 H 41! Ml (I (I JoliB-iy 9. .04 4 41 3 20 10 13 7 4'. 0 10 I n 0 .1 .?ry 144 ..70 3 50 0 S9 0 So 0 <3 0 ',1 11 (I n l.\ no y 21.'. . .73 3 54 6 31 2 51 6 51 I .1 li 0 0 AKK^RO"* evertjr of the 41R wrelt*.,, 66 0 46 10 28 2 47 0 67 2 51 10 0 Duty on Fran t'rnd present wet k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 / 0 0 0 0 0 0 Do. other British 4 olomet 0000 00 0i 00 0000 Thio woo received by the Cmtrio, and show* the average (or the six weeks ending January 123 J, was ?#4. j per quarter. This < iflferenco amounts to just about the I duty, which, at the iaot data, had by an removod. The** , A. * MWt - - * statements we take from tbo only authority at our com mend, and Hire them at thev are, leaving it for those intnrented to draw their own inferences Whatever di. cline there has been in price* for gram 1 a? Uk"a place (it co the last average statement was c: ,d up, hut what the actual decline has been, is n.>t > t r!ettrmined 1'iivate letters will give correct accounts. The preceding statement is an abstract of the quarterly reports inado to the Comptroller, by the several incur porated banks,.hanking associations,and private bar.Iters, in pursuit oe of the third und fourth sections of the art, abolishing the office of Bank Commissioner, passed April, 1841. Banks ok ihi iJtati. er New Voke^u.i the kibst dav ok f ? if? ?? % 2 3.5* * Namti uj Banki ? " ? * s 5* ? ; S.s l|. ? : ?l2 : 3 Agricultural Bauk 88,306 1,058 81,840 27 41)5 Albany City Bank 924,811 81030- 272 751 2.2,437 Albany Kichanue Bank.. 405 202 10 458 8' 8*6 107 11. America)) Kach'e Bank. .2,511 852 648.J96 210,240 1,.63,897 Amenta Bonk 1,563 2 336 76 3*9 '66 Atlantic link 811 7)2 34,809 31.651 288 475 * tial'atou B|.a Bank 104,422 6 140 71 543 70,811 Bault ef Alb.iiy 368,266 19.281 95,690 137,293 Bank ol Albion 17,7j! 4, 42 48 507 J2 760 Bank ul America 3.152,4j5 662 980 241 820 1,491.751 * Bank of Attica 149.191 16,<31 46 956 61 290 Bunk of Auburn 313 0(6 12.592 163,016 68,568 * Bank or Cei trjl N. York 141,818 1,944 76,581 6i,2?[j Bank nf Ulouauito 196,468 8 1 81 146.938 3',431 Bank of Commerce 3,31',041 80(4.759 226,495 2,403,976 Bank of Coming 81.434 2,183 57,312 16,671 Bulk nf Daiuville 42 398 9,557 82,163 28 >91 BaiJt of Oeursee 161,214 8,063 109 011 29.17 ) li.njt of < reueva 426 824 19,8.8 256,696 100 3 9 Hun* of Ithiea 331.817 5,667 176,219 S5.66U Bank ofKiiiilerhook 79.950 3,31a 67,376 51 5;8 Bank of Lausingburgh... . 280,234 6,8 9 143,529 29,475 *B ink ol Lowrille 71.324 2,271 64 9.98 37,106 Bank of Monroe 401,914 6,435 189.693 61,227 Bank of Newburgh '8(5,258 11,029 111,334 75,167 *Bank of New ftochalla," 5 000 745 21,216 650 Bank of New York 2,026.898 557,497 373,309 1,643.702 Bank of Orange County ... 217,517 6,457 114,148 50 868 Bank of O'leana 252,6'>6 9,500 139,565 3 1 049 Bnuk of Owrgn 281,709 12,790 172,773 41,772 Bank of !'->u;;tike?|?ie ... . 235.365 16 493 144,047 69,789 Bnuk of Koine 160 9 4 1 4,393 139 9 84 6 9 206 Bnik ol'Snliua 201,493 12,122 1<8,I58 "'un * Bank of silver 4 rork.... 90,982 7,113 76,061 2 a i, <j Bnuk of 8'nio of N. York. .3,299,777 977,676 341,283 2,722 099 ? Bunk of Hyracuie 193,885 10,959 158,138 ' 53 Bank of Troy 954 4 49 1 0,176 I9ij,8i7 111202 11 ink of Utica 524,444 19,975 266 084 89,'lSI Branch of i|<> hi Caimudaig'a 216.925 5,150 129,341 13? I2t, Bnuk of V'ruon 45.926 3,434 61,689 2 3 578 * B?uk ol\Vn eriowu 46,325 7.216 45,469 9 530 Bank of WnterTille 44,554 3,873 93,078 13 'i61 Bank of Whitetiall 141615 10 874 117,026 44'il9J Bink of Whueatown... . 108,728 i,52(4 70,053 ' 47*7419 Black Hirer Bank 101,511 4,017 64,485 8J 728 Brooklyn Bank. 79 896 6,209 35 928 56159* Broome County Bank 158,993 9,445 125,276 30 684 Butclieri' Ik Drovera Bank.1.1 12.20:4 l ift *1011 9K'l 7on cd.',,,v of Albany "618,931 24,939 132740 Ui'ti ?;at?kitl Bank 166,019 7,369 136 444 35 173 Cttyua* ? ounty Bank 414,340 9,477 216,361 J 10*474 c^ViAanV:::::::ii0U:!1.4 os< ,31-334 * Chemical Bank... . 737,616 99,823 234,bis 568 976 Cliautauque County Bank . 168,84 1 7,434 129941 21019 Chemuii* Canal Bank 873,818 7,932 175,909 52 698 Cheat.'Bank 86,217 1.033 84 117 1Mo3 City Bank 1.189.U97 193,800 141,755 786 255 Commercial Bank of Alb'y 440,371 83,391 173,287 167,727 Com 1 bank of Kocheater 321 729 8,738 188,054 80 186 Com | Bank of Troy ... . 247 613 3,695 94,243 63 962 Cuvler'a Bank 21,210 645 51 985 14.030 Delaware Bank 120,96 1 2,575 87,795 37 973 Urorera'Bk C'attar'g'a Co 34,173 3,4 6 100 000 9 48,1 ?<laex County Bank 230,121 5,751 13J5I5 48 9'in WgeBaakoCBoffilo.. 5 6'iU 12,474 14 000 4 047 Kxc ge Bankol ( 33,029 3,037 46,364 8 870 Kic ye Bank of Lockport. 74,051 3 B'7 57,787 44 746 karmera' Bk , f *uirenl'm 101 560 2 477 56 772 4 8 462 karmera' nk of Hudaou... 100,703 6,219 93 212 69 175 Farmera' Bk of Troy 653,773 14,579 195,429 143*181 Farmera' and Drovera' Bk at Burner. . 88,853 4,222 62,289 34,158 Farmers'&. Manufacturers' Bank.. .... . 474,548 19,880 211,036 107,146 Frtrmars' Mechauics'Bank of Oeneaee 23,573 1,429 28,274 20,616 partner.^and Mechanic. uaim UI uguuiisuuruil. . - 2*9,400 *,OiV 232,UUU 6,012 Fanners' and Mechanics' Bank of Rochester 330 bI 710 851 Fort Plain Bank 47,193 2,503 73.197 14,013 Kr.iukliu County Bank.. 70,379 036 *9,998 ... Fulton Bunk 1,002,410 172,307 223,291 745 9* Uenesec County Bank... 59.2 0 3,586 46,901 15.326 Greenwich Bank... 355,506 27,823 107,943 157,550 Herkimer Couutv Bank.... 371,814 7.608 190,453 34.775 Highland Baek 314.711 12,570 165.137 61.935 Hudson Hirer Bauk 265,151 7,179 145,(59 73,963 Huugerford's Bank 24,300 4,086 58 353 41,6.3 James'Bank 18 357 ... 65,939 Jefferson County Bank... . 302,0.0 17,747 185 541 52,109 Kingalou Bank 325,031 9 866 187 625 5 4 996 Ki kland Bank 42 599 1.960 47.552 13.158 Leather Mauuf. Bank 1,144.014 193 913 187,969 599,1111 Lewis County Baul; >32,600 6 831 121,0*8 1,328 Livingston County Bauk .. 214,156 7,600 128,5(7 46,147 Liockport Bank and 1'iust Company 100.758 4/'fiO 75,525 11,734 Long Island Bank 504.904 30,230 136,972 314,314 Lu>her Wright's Bank... 205.401 9.515 98.980 78.377 Madison County Bauk 158,610 5,830 136,499 47,034 .Manhattan Company 1,647 0^0 269,654 ... 957,401 Mechanics'Bank 2,630,821 452,262 412,760 1,331.887 Mechanics'B'g Ason'u... 374,103 135,103 286,462 532 677 Mechanics 8c Harm's Bank , 698 910 41,119 211,860 277 52* Mei hailics14t Trail's Bank. 316 393 51,142 UO.Sffl -'<7,5.| Merch nits' Ua'ik 2,600,110 700,155 216,910 2,321 ,?BC Merchants' Bauk of Caurmda'gua ... ... 24.000 ... Merchants'Bank of trie County 11,611 8,132 85,030 9,876 * Vleichanta' Blink in Po'keeinie 169 215 3.667 105.792 52,172 Merchant*' Kic'ge "auk. .1,611,825 126 247 221,9 2 f,31>4i * Merrhanta' nua Karmera' Bank ofIthaca ... ... ... Merchanta' and Karmera' Bank of I'ntnam Comity. 08,869 1,192 99 957 1 9 1 Merehmta'<k Mceh'a Bank 664,413 9 372 182 713 83'01 Middletowu Bank 72,562 1.9i7 70 413 25 707 Mohiwk Bunk 220 361 10,301 62 298 97.626 Mohawk Valley Bank... 57.682 3 299 121.768 21 296 .Montgomery Co. Bank.... 78.249 6,677 139.069 32 970 Nalim al Bauk 1,199 797 389 137 175,270 776,63:1 N. Yo'k Dry Dock Co'y... 348 592 18,627 55.618 26 391 New Y( rk state Bank 835.358 30.9W 133 5,2 210 128 New York niock Bank.,.i 16.777 1.878 9j 210 1.-63 North River Bank 832.715 141,695 317.035 617,301 Ogdetiaburiih Biuk 87.609 1 1,893 117 57 6 33 601 Oliver [,f & Co.'a Bauk, 336 9 0 20,415 91 836 152,531 Oneida 13. nk 450 650 34,183 268 119 263,714 Oii.iuilaiia County Bauk... 290,766 11335 149.324 108,712 Ontirio Bauk 328 815 4, 05 172,670 31 41 1 Ontario Branch Bink 443 955 3 457 187,197 57 316 tltieir , I'nunlv Hank 201.587 5.451 132 310 2-1.571 * Palmyra Bank . . i?. itM'i 3 3IU * I'atcniu Bank 215 457 10.83? TTJh 107.9)5 Pheu>i Batik 1,728,134 531 843 327,8 7 1.385 481 Pla hi Batik 56 931 4 321 88 2)9 17.156 Powdl Bonk 121,675 6 283 188 311 87,374 Prattaville Bulk 138 4 58 2 97 3 8 ) 976 24,71)4 , !loclifsr?r City Bank 596 368 9 766 287,318 128.38)7 1 Hickrtl'a Harbor II ink... . 724,635 15 0u7 147 944 27 4.'8 Saratoga Onuutv Bank.... 209,'48 5,853 124 240 35,151 Srhfiiectady Umk 268 483 14,187 97,16 2 96 264 Seneca Conaly Hank 232,725 7,365 791,240 39.8JO Seventh Ward B oik 817,416 100,076 222,1)6 422 409 Steuben County Bank .... 301,489 6.2<'8 153 989 51,621 iufT)lk County lianki,.. i8,(62 3,519 8J.05I 17?i8 \ Taitnera' Bank 182 014 1. 624 I'2,502 71,998 ' Tompkma 47onntv Bank. ..|J 376 836 6 972 2 0 568 57:24) Tranrstneu?a Bank 362 470 81.295 264.71 501 6 I) Troy (Jay Bank 670,518 10,207 202,7.51) 176 259 I Ul ter County Bank 2o9.'02 7,286 107 77J 37 718 1 Unad lla Bank 67 873 600 65,000 3,M;0 Union Bank .... 1,103.731 645.031 421,182 1,463.081 Warren County Bin!... 96,321 291 110,000 Waah ngton Co. Bank... 6>,7i>3 2 955 54,5)3 2" 818 Weatrheatrr Co Hank 261.654 I),175 147.513 39,CO White Pfaina Bank. 17,<'00 1,(00 17 M0 White'* Hank of Buffalo. 112 831 3,693 29.741 63 8'S * Woosier Sherman'a Bank 37.371 3,069 32 096 12 i.OI Yates County Hank 178.274 9.723 110 639 I Hit $61,482,660 9,20111} 20399373 319317)0 * Free Banks. The annexed is a summary of the items of capital, circulation, deposits, Stc , of the Hbove hanks, according to the returns made up to the 1st instant. Capital $13,07.') 2S7 Speciefccash I'ems.J 6.767 114 Circul 11, u 21 IM 260 Public aecorittsi.. 11.10002 Deposits 31931 770 Private securities. 73.602 7i4 Total $9S 173 307 Total $ 01,669,100 Tho excess of nsaets over liabilities was Old Stock K,2ctiaaf(a, Strono State 6s,'62, 9*34 I no shs Heading KK, IdO 61 1(00 Ken ucky 6's, 99ya 10(1 do lOin Gu)a 76 shs Bunk Com scrip 96 100 do 61 10 Hank <>l America, 98 60 Nor fc. Worcester, 63'4 26 N A Trust, R10 do blO Si's U0 Farmers'Loan, 30>4 200 do 63;'.' 100 do 30)6 100 do sGO 61 !a 100 do blO 30)4 26 do b20 51', | 41 tin ??0 3IIJK 40 do 53SJ 140 do 1)20 31 40 do blO 41 1 110 do b30 31 140 Lour Island, 26 | lid) d> 31. 40 do 201, li'O do 30Ji 169 do 27 124 Morrii Canal, 12 Ml do bio 27 40 do tw 19 140 do 1)30 27 129 do 12K 40 do *30 26X ? 1110 do blO 12 240 do *97 S'isg , ,40 do 12 40 do b30 274* 40 do 15',' 110 Harlrin RH, st>9 4HV 40 do 1?X 1(0 Co 48X 40 do b30 1249 100 do 17 i .'.0 do bill 12X 400 do 41>? 107 il< bt 1 12 20 Manhattan On Co, 97 49 Reading ltR, ?:!* ?> do 77 840 do *70 61 24 Vaeon, 41 I 2.4,1 do t3i) 61 24 Kria Ii R scrip, 82 j 200 do 6','a 4,1 Vicktbuig BU, b3 9 SociinU B nt.I. ii I 2.4 iht Morrit Canal It ISO ah* Ha-l-m blO 40' V 74 do bIS 13 40 Lionir Island, i(,0 2"l I SOI do 1'6? 13 40 do 27' ' "J oan h.i 12*? 110 Caulou Co. I 1 S, ' , 0 *3 M No, kV icter, f* M do *'? ',n d0 50 Hirlem RR, 10 lltinoli State fik, 15k New Slmk KxchRn(?, |50.hs Farms Trust. M Msh. "erl-m UK, bl5 <? 25 Citacii Co, < n A Nor & Wor, >3 ^1 ? 50 do [esdi 3HV 158 rto hi ,r; S do I'l 37?2 23 do cesh 5t'J 25 i > To?? 37V 25 do >3 Hk4 2, do b3 37 V 25 do 13 5J7|j 25 do ?3 37H 25 do cuh 53% 50 ItsndiiiK UK, C*ih 61 CITY TKAOK IlKPORT. Nrw York, Monday Aktkrn&on, Feb. 22, 1847. Thosivoro 'trnw klnrm which hod prevailed for about twenty.four hour* previously, alternated by hail, continued to fall throughout the day without intermission, rendering all out door business, in a measure, imnractlca bio Tho storm, nlso, c?m 1 the failure of tbi Ford m nl, which certain.'d the letters end paper* Mr#'V. by ti e i ftnd ri*, canning much di<nppctltMMal*M**fr on the part of einchai :'n u ho weie *fc?l<???elein*i>rJ ii jtto t" pliirpd in pomemiion of thalr private kdrtcaa 3 bvfore the nwiina n| 'change; hilt. anah W?ate?#*v*TRT of tho weather, that no mail could i>a upillMMII * ? \1. In the ,i <.-n.i. of nits' o*erMpB?i<?teevtlii effect of tho nrwa, ?o fir a* waa k?*WH (krtmh ft" paper* which reached tho city and d jri. terday in an /.' irn llrtald, wm to nnteMlt'tfca tearh#t? ' I and to auapend tranaactiona in mo?: irtllai of pr?fcto> J HBt Wt iiotiro nil txlviinco ot atHMt la rtarliaf ' H I

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