Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 25, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 25, 1847 Page 1
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' ! T H -SL jflL JL Vol. *111, Bo. as .wool* No. MID, THElsEW YOIuThERALD. J.1MES CO it DON DENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HhiH ALU-Every coy, Price* cenla per copy?$7 2J per amutn?payib'* in advance _ VvLkKLY HKllALO-Kverv Saturday?Price *X ceute per e.ipy?s iJVu cut" per nin utn?peyeble in adraee*. HEu VLl) rOR KLKOrt-fiyery ?team Packet day ? Pr CO t'4 ceiiU par copy?$3 per annum, payable in adVine*. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HER ALU? Published en the lac o: lr.Nii.ry of .v li year? emfle copiet Mipenee each. ADVKKTjCE ents, at (lie ueti.l price.?el way* caih in m1 Hire. Advertisement, tbould be written in a plain, legible manual. The Proprietor will not be rnponaible for error, that may occir in then. ?'i.i - rCf.ii i-.- ?-?.-J a .ii-.i- 1 ?! - - .1 i .> u oi an a iuu? eiikmfu vnuilllll) Ilia Willi despatch. Ail Irtfwri or enrrmunicatior* by mail, addressed 10 the e'UUIxhiurnu mu>t he post p>id, or the po'tuge will bedeductcd irnui rlie suhicri mob m iner remitted. JAMKH OuRDON BENNETT, Prepneioc of the New York Hkrai.d ICstabl'suiieiwt, North-Writ Borne- ol Faltou aad Nan u utreers. ?1? JL I I'll FOR SALE OR. TO LET, And ON h'. or b<>th of the haudaonse two atory buck hou<es , raTtf and lota Itca. 461 and 467 Broome itreet, near B-nnd JieMLway. A stakle is attached to Ne 467. vthuh will be let with or wit'i ut the lionre 'J'he houses are in good order. The location is eitremely destrab e Appl* ? W?l. kJNO O'BRIEN, I S3 Wall street. 0"H'> oKi to loau oa bond and mortgage, in sums to su.t. 1*21 II ewh TO JbhT. JjMt The Babmriber effeis to let that large three-sterr WWW brick HOUSE, 46 by it feet, sitaated at the senior of -?ImL Front and Wa.hingtoa streets, Hehoket (formerly kuiivvu aa tha Phseeit Hotel), for two prints dwellings. Enquire ef A- L. Van Basketek, Hebokea. e- the snhea>iber ia Bwrgan eeanty. JOHN H. ZABHISKIK. Feb. iflih. 1147. fig lw??rc ton SALE, A AT PRIVATE BALE?Tha property kaowa as No. lid Malberry straet. aaar Broome street. Lot W Isy IM lest. A two stary brisk froat hoase pa ike ftwat aflet Ultwe etory frame hoasa oa tha aide of lot, witks largo work shop ia the rear. M br M feat, with a cellar It feet dten ia the mme. Half at tka pate hue meaey oaa remain an bend sad m engage, at 7 par oaattfKaqaira oa the premises. Ill lm*rc I MASSAPEUl/A HuUfSE. MTIIF, KEEPER of tbeabore boose, hariag retiree from the bestaese, the hoase will be 1st oe moderate terms for see or a aambar af rostra, enmmeaciag oa the first ef March asst. This establiabmaat be !** an well kaewa.aa also tha celebrated trust pond sd joining it is needless to say mora. For particulars apply to tha aubaaribar. aaar tha premises. N. B. The whore esiabliahmeat would be rented rosy low to a Mrtv dbf Ffiff llamab """ THOMAS FLOYD JONE8. So?tii Ot?ti?Bat, L. I. 01 Ml DUX 1*TTC FUR SALE. MOm ?r lit* unit bamt'fol and deeirable residenee* ia too rilaia ef ...siiasfliient, situated in tha airy of Norwich, rornar of Washington and Yantie streets, new u ?caH a-d occupied by Mrs. ft. Kip. and formerly tha residence of Win L. Oilman, Ejo , by whom tha hanaa waa built, and the grounds laid en'. There are about fire aer.a* of land, corarad with slagaat ahada trana and ahrabbcry, with yarietiaa of finit treat, gooseberries, earracU, raspberries, atrvwbarriai, ke Tun actualy from tha gronnda it beautiful aad picturesque, equal to any in tha Auite. Tha haaaa it vary cnnrecieet, with two wells of excellent andneyar failing water on tha p.-smias*, aad the Plata coaabiaaa arary thing to make it oat of the m,>rt deiigtufel raaidaneet in Naw England, and effata a rara oppounnity to any gentleman winking a beautiful Onnntry tout. For iirmi i?d fnuhar particulars,apply te Char let Addoma, Esq., No. 19 (Jrauite Seildiag, aoraar Broadway and f.'hamhart vtt tot, or to tha aubtertbar on the eremite*. W. C. WU1TRIDGE. Norwich Feb 19 IR17 fl! lei* re FOR SALE. MA THREESTORY HOUSE on 23d itreet. between the 2nd ted 3d Areonea. It ii wall finished, and redtte with the latent improyamenta, incladiag kitchen rack''. sulk, enld aad warm bt ha, water cleteu, lie.. Italian ma. e e uuuitle* tarouirhoot the liaait ; a aonrt yard of flfteaa fret ir. f-oar,with vemadth nail breach windows. 'J ha benae is use ol? a row of six houses on the aeatb n4t of tlit street For further particular* apply to VYHE k RONH, f 1 in* r 171 Petal street FOR SALE, ierk. A FARM of fifty two acres, moat delightfully ?ifrafy? tasted, % boat fin miles front Klixabatlitowa, !%. J., i dtil ' j - ! cOniinodiaaa dwelling house, Itteu ?ti li mfliie miutlet, tod every convenience for a jeapectibie family ; tha whole including gardener'* house, barna, ice lit.iiae, and other building*, ie a anbarantia] a tat- ol repair; the orchard c.mains twenty aciea of eheice frmt tree*. The aaav acaaat from Naw York, either by rhe varices cart Iron" Jersey City or the tarry to Elizahethporc, whence a railroad train rout vmrhian hundred raids of lb* hquse, render* una property very valuable to tnoae doing butiuet. ie this city. i'lie greater pan of the purchase money can remain fur thine rear, ou boudaud mortgage, it lire per cant VYefc fc RONS 171 Pearl atreet Also, sale. a dwelling honae Ne. Ml Washi Bton atreet. _____ RATHiiUN'y HOTEL, 101,163, 166 167 ft road way. New Vark. JKr'. This raw m d mnguiiicent establishment. recently I.II "P?""' " * Public Hotel, ? fitted up in modern style, iCftm " >h - lulrst itnpiovemeats, and la ol aulficiaut ca pant> in accimni'idnt* lad parsons. iii-ai >*? a vary spacious Dining Hail, it contains an nnusnal n ruber of pleasant Parlors, with large w-11 ventilated Certr cms, all spleudidly fnrmshed with entirely new fnrniturn ? ,i 'mention ia very desirable and convenient, both for naciue aad pleasure, being between Courtl&udl and Liberty a tree's 'l b* t lorrietor ol this establishment intends to maka it one ol t: most comfor'ab'e, pleasant, and bnsineaa like pities ia i <e city of New Y tk, and cs peiea or will < if<.nu r inn yarn u ?ieei me niuiu ui liiagaeata?'kore by buyiaar >ah?ra liberally la the public patrouege, whila he remwa Ji.-| nblic'a hntnble aervaat, b. rathbun ill ltn*rc NATURAL MUSI.. jaw**. STILL gieatar attraction at ARCIIY'A, Ne. 5 John ?"aet ?A O. hat jaat received by the laujiaeketa "fiiv'V from F.auipe, a conaida rebla addtttor to h i? nlraaey aSi-i moat catauaira atock of Singing and Fancy Bi. d? ? Aaionyat the following will be fouua SM of the moat choice detciipnoj of Long Breed and Datcb C-uarisa, mated aad prrpiied to b* par up for b-tching Birdi'aie*, bird Seed, aud ill other tl.iDga pertaining to the above, will at all limea be rt A tchy'a, ^o. 5 John at. IV. ji.? Shetland Penias, King Charlea Bpaaiela, Italian Orey liauada, and other fancy data eooelan It oo hand. P S ?At airly iiupeetion iareqariies, aa thia ia without dokbl (be he't a?l-ct.nq he ba? aver offered. jX Imrc IjllOUl K aw'ri utrrahufft, ioo bh'.AUWAi, LA DIBS' ANU GEN'I I.KMKN'rl uVKKmntf 1)J"f"J manufactured of Goodyear'a celebrated I'.i.e i t>Ttallic India Rabber, perfectly tlniibic in the ealdeat weather. For tale by the cue or aiugla p ir, b? SAMUEL BRIH1K8, Sole Ajtent for Goodyear'a alaanfactoriee. fk lte?rh lot Broadway, eppnaite Trinity tlharoh TBS PROPRIETORS of BtauaboMi 1 J~/yj ? j*wiahina Bella hang would do wall o p.y a 1 tf'r i .iHinJfr Tint i t hoaid tbe ataatub ia'a .Niagara, Iro Witch, Governor, iron boat John ((arena, Worraater. T>a volar, 1 h< Bias Powell, Ac, aad (examine |H HOMEH'd im,.rovad atyie < I Bell Hinging. put an neat and itroug, ai d warranted for nue rear, by H. H. No I Ano >t ft I I in ' rre AJStv lUitK AND ULASUOW UN? OP PACKETS. JJL& JKfoL *?? tit , Is.l . aaHg- |gg> fwiTio* from Newark ea the let^ndUlanKow niHh^Jfr Ol f.a'i man tie. FramN.Yerk. Fm.Ml'gew tJaaal. Jaly IS. Snip SARACEN, If. T- Hawkian, < Oat. 1. Nov'r IS. , f Feb. 1. Mvreb lb. . ? loly 1. April 15. , Br. Ship BROOKSJBY, II. M'Kwn, J Nov. 1. Ang. I*. ] ( Marah I. Dec'r IS \ August 1. May li. Bt B irk AUAMCAHJ1 ,JnoWright < De<% 1 Sept. IS C A?rf 1. Jan. IS. l May I. Juae lf| Br. Hark ANN UARLKY.r Soott, < Sept. I. Oct. IS f Jau'y I Fabrua. IS, 'i'be?a at.ipa are ell firit claia veeaela, ably commanded and W1I4 >jiil i ti..etnally or. their legolar daya. Tlieiraccwnmoda:ir?i for puaeagnrm.are goer, and every utearina will ba paid te pr ian to thnar eomlort. 'I ne ageata er ? ,itaini wifl 1 net te rr,jb!a ler aay jarcela or paekagea aest by thrra, 1 BuU*. I'll In if 1 l.-iduif art aijned therefor. 1 Fur freight or praseare .apply to woodhull A mintcjhn, .JL??,lLh ????L !NI*W York, er _c?rc _ REID A MURRAY, ULagow. - " r\' sr. 11111." BALflV.HK' , ri.vie)>?'P?r will Jpleaae aaad their ir*>: Jtaal'e ? iai a b Har No t ,N. A All g..0da not , pe.uuitrd w 11:1111 Iva daya mutt nuavnidable he aent to tha Public atoro. BO?D A HINC.ICLN 1 IdliC ^ M Wall at ; r,' r,n.u"i.-ii?* Lin?-n?iUr fifli. J ?**>>'?" Ir.r Kahinay M.?The JMrirfc laatreeiliait packet ' K ft-2.'- ip ?e k*ftlf K. C.-.piaia B J. H. r'M*. IOM tout i bn.tiiea, /Till aaii ae abate, her ragelar day Far or HIIIP, harm* acf oainndiiiOBi aaenrpaeead ler aplmdnj or contort. aei'lr en beard ?f Orlaani wharf, 'po \J W*n trcet, or to KUWAilU K f-(Ju I *H, id 8?nth etreet. ( f({M efMtnm $im. . 'lip i icupr ? ii< R 08CIUH, A. R.1drid?e, ?n?<?r, will ' eucrred toe ? trick, and Mil tftb Much, htr regular uey " ?* I, ? ? I 1 .V 'Oil OI.AStH) W?The ^ew Lior regwlar l&Mi*!3!t pi< k. ' le'of Match?Toe fine fnei i* H'lwrk a ?11V N DK.H till D.aoo torn,(Jape. Tboruaa Mt Alpine, (. will snl < nbiite, liar regular day. J ? ir freight o j amj i, V'Ti: % 11 iml errommodationr, npply en boarc, loot < f rio?.?elt at., Kaat Hirer, or to WO'iDi'.l I.I. k MINIUR.N, VT Routli ?t. Tl e ehip HK'tl IK99Y, < apt Hugh Ylrr.weo.will aucc-ed the H\ i.cUloid, an 1 tail ou her regular ii..y, the March ' fll rc _ ! K j K/Jb'EiUSlON M8UIULNOB COMPANY. \ Oppicn No. Wai i. inrir, orroaiTi the MnncHArrT'g 1 I I it nine*. a PY*?i|8 Company coutinuea to inenre ng i loaa or dnm*|,t a A h/ Cue, oo dwelling honaea, warehonara, bnildinga 10 Keupnl, gooda,.id-re end inerchandian, and rrery deetnptiti ol pergonal i roperty : alto agninatloea or dnmnge hr inland dip I yigntion nrd irainportotion. J DIRECTORS. a J hoirm W. Thome, K.liaha It urge. *i lio.nna T. Woodruff, Anaan B Ser, K 1< Itobmn. M.I), Joaeph Ur? <a, Thoniaon Price, Joaeph Allen, Maaei Tucker, Jamea K. Holmea. ' Jolih R. Haviawi, John P. More, /olio 11., William K. Triora, ( otLC Tnnia, Th< ro ta Murrall, Kranera P. Have, K.tigene Bogert, Jo. a 0. Merntt, Robert Srnnh. THOMAS W. THOItN K. "rati deal l" , T HOI1 Hppfe'aee e*>4 Ire T ppn , I, a ih>.Mii I on a Pi Y trua I oairaar, / NKwYona.Keb.ia.lM) $ >, I^IVIDKNP?The hoard of direeiora hnye thiadayde I 1 " flared a Dividend of fourper cent par ehle to-hearoek- V ho d'ia. on and alter the lit la mat , at the office of the c./mpa e nv 7'Wal atrert 'I he tianafer hooka will lie loaed ni ucil the ijth net. By order, U1 ltn*r l). UNDJnKHILL, Secretary. E NE a?ana*ss: ?s=ass?ec NEW "GENTLEMEN'S hats " *""1^ CTYLK FOR 8PHINQ, 1M7, will be lauoluc.d on 9 Wednesday, Varch 3 d, bv LKARY It < o.. Hatters, Ait ir Mouse, Bro-dwsy, N Y. Creulars descriptive of oar an la will bs f. r warded, by address rg ns pott paid f U Prh HALL *'.!> fali\ C.A J HACTOH MERCHANTS A<ND DKUOUISTS- .-an ou-u their spring supplies of the only genuine Pel i hitraelur at ! oi r depot. Liberal terms are mede with wholesale par > chaser* sad with seems. Free ceititicatea nt iu remarkable rttcaey in Bams, Piles, Rhcuieati'm, ?e. he., lurmsbed gratis. Wanted immediately several tr?veliiugag*nts with means, aad well reeotuaiendnd. H. LiAt,LK? fc CO, fit la're No. in* B (railway. KAOS? 37 bales No. 1, white domes is Kar?. for tale by PEItSSE ? BROOKS, fe;? Iwrre No. ti and 67 Nassau at. ULAaA WUKK.3! GLASS WURtval! I fllK subscribers have taken and refitted the New York I uud Brooklyn Olsaa Works, situate in John stieet, near lacta m street Ferry, Brooklyn, where they axe conetantly ] ai-Luf-cturing and offer for sale, all kinds of Drngieie' i (Jlaes Ware, of a superior quality, and in all ita varitty ol ! colors. Particular alteutiou givm to private moulds BTODDAKT fc CUICNEY. Brooklyn. Feb H. feb lltu'r PRUNING GRAPE VINES, FRUIT TREES AND SHRUBBERY. JOHN ANDEUBON, Practical Hardener, has a box at tho Head Htore of OUNLAV k THOMSON. *14 B.nsd way. wherv lie will civil d?ilv daring Ihaituoii, and execute prompikv ell order* he ny be favored with. fil Iw r A . tf Q . BRA If 1) ON, So'crnori to V. A. MUNDKN. BLOCK LKTTtitt SIGN MANUFACTURERS, AND SIGN PAINTERS, NO. 3 TBTON BOW, Adjoining the Harlem Hail road Office. New fork. RnreanricK.?Waibington Store*. William etreet; Kith kna'e Hotel, Jndaon'a Hotel. National Hotel, Perkin't Hot*. U. I. Handed Waiehonae, Nankin Tea Company, Ac. Ite. jal* im*ire SODA WATiK AND APPARATUS. J. Mauiiewa, No 111 Third Aveane, N T., manufacturer of all the modern apparetue need far the manufacture, drawing or bottling of node Water. A lithographic plate, with printed direction* Tor the making of tioia Water and Syrapa, alao far the patting op of the apparata* and iu a a* Ac., will aacompany - e? apparatna. febT In * rn ERVALENTA. THI ITuderaigned hare constantly on hand a froah tnpply A of Ervaloata, a yalnable remedy in obatioata caae* of aoaatipatioa. Pot up la pound package*. For aale, wholetale and retail, by DELLUC A CO., A|>oth**ariaaand Chamiat*. Sole auteoaaora to PLACE A HOUILLAKD, fit lm*re No. 7 Park How. and Ml Br pari way. PRUNING GRAPE VINES. KKUIT TREES, AND SHRUBBERY. A LEXANDER WILSON, Praetical Gardener, tandori A hu aervieea to tho public, and will bo happy to exeeato promptly all oidar* he may be favored wi h. Order box at the aeod etore of Dnnlap A Thrmpaou, 413 Broadway. 1 ?w*ra LIQUID HAIR DYE. NO EQUAL?The improvement, of lit6?ALEXANDErvil TKICOBAPHE, which iuetaniaueooely colore the Hair a nataial Black or Brown, and give* it tbe boauty and alaatieity of tenth, and ia warranted neither to waah or rah of, or toil ike akin. The proprietor, einee iu improvement, preaenl* it to lb* public with tho ntmoat confidence aa .?i --.I -- -?? ? " .... _ ? | eeaa v ua |rUI IC?l 1/VC> fOI 111 O Uy XVQRI1LOI1 It Co , Broadway ; J. S Aapiowall, William street; Jebn?on, Mo?ra k Taylor, Maiden Lane ; and A B. Ic I) Hand*, New York?and by trie tola agent* for (ha United Slate*, la 14 lm*re K k O A. WR1UHT, Philadelphia. INSTANTANEOUS HAIR 1) YE. BATOHELOR'S Liquid Hair Dye, it the bait article yet offered (it coloring the hair to a perfectly even and uaiural black or brawn, withoat staining or injuring the akin. It ia atouonnced by bnodrads who have n*ed it, the only perfect Hair Uy* yet dieoorced. Sold wholaiale and retail by WM. SAT'. UELOR, 2 Wall atreot, near Broadway, fig lm*r DALLEY'-i A CONNELL'S PAIN EXTRACTOR COUNTRY merchant* can be inpplied with the una article*, in any quantities, and at prices that cannot fail la emt pnrahnaara?but to gat the original and genuine, the anmber, ( No-11 Courilandt itreat.) unit nlwsy* be *.,tight. COMS'iUt.K k CO. N.B?Wanted U to 31 travelling agaata from different State*, each to fornitU hi* enra ttam. fit lm*re 0AflT^UFF-CtOTHiN(i AND FURNITURE wanted. LADIES or (ientleuien haying any oa*t off or aaperffnona clothing or Furnitnra to di*po*eof, can obtain a 'air cath price for the uae by lending for die *ai*crib*r. at hit raildeuce, or through the poat, wnich will be punctually attendad to M. ?. COttKN, Agent. ( Duane itreat. N. B.?Ladiee aan be attendedto by Mr* Cohen.* jgg let*. TO IMPOnlc-Rci AND DEALERS IN woollens. HMIUEON k CO., Hefiuiahrra ol Cloth*, Caiimare*, he, >9. II' Watt itraet The gold medal baa been awarded by the unencan luttilute, for thair *uf arior man* narof rafinishi order* i ay be left at? Mettr* >v o.cott h Slide, No. 63 l'i*e atrert. Win C Langlev k Co., it Exchange Place. " D. Brigham h Co , 60 Ptua *tr*at. To whom they relrr. Mjn*r OH. ru'WLLL,' OcULlST AND AU1U ST, ATTENDS to Disease* of the Eye and Ear, and to all im perfec.ion* ot Vision, troia i in I o'clock, at hia residence and efflee, 3*1 Broadway, corner ol W*rren ei.eet. Opthalioia. Stoppage ol iba Tear raisage, Cataract*, and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS traatad with great attention and anocaas. STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cored ia n few minutes. Deafness, and all dischargee fiotn the Ear, permanently emrel. AH 1'IKICI A L EYES inaerted. bi eetaele*adapted to every defect 130 Im're THE i'lreutornnd pateutte of the above highly important iDitruineiri for testing the eouditiou of me Lai.g* aod Cheat, be** (o lulorm all thooe who may be afflicted with *u , ymptoma of that diaeaie, taat the preciae condition of patieute can be accurately ascertained hv i*nlon? in Km, 1? rmini, it the Astor House, where hii invention can be leal d, professionally. He invites the laauliyin general, to is feet ihit new -tod important invention, between the hue ol II end I o'clock. ?' the Amor Homo 12 'in'rh CAST OFF CLOTH INO AND FU o Ml 1URL , WANTED. LADIES and Gentlemen having ?ny eaat off or laperlons , clothing or furuitare to diip ' ol, cut obtain a lair cash . price lor the rending a note, or by calling on tltt subscriber, at hia reaidenee, or through the poat, whiah will ' be punctually attended to. H. Dfc BOER, 7l)i t-anslat. ' Up ritairs. I N D?Ladiea can be attended to by Mra. Oe B>?r. a Old clock and job goods bought, of any description and , amount. 111 lm*ne , LEFT OFF WARDROkSE AND FURNITURE WANTED. ' LADIES OR GENTLEMEN baring superfine us effects ' to dispose of, eaeh as Wearing Apparel, Furniture, Ike., * can obtain a fair cash price for the same, by sealing for ihe I lubacriber,through the Poet Oflice, or otherwise, who will ? attend at their residences. J. LRVENSTVPf, v 461 Broadway, np ataira. ladies can be attended to by Mrs. J. LEYENSTYN. fll lie*re ? lu D.\GULRR1aN~ARTi.VT;.. JUST RECEIVED by late arrivsls from Havre? a PLA TE8? IM6 of the Planished and Htar Brands. . fHAMtk-A large lot new a?d aplendid patterns. TOIOHTLANOKR TUBR8 of medium, hall and fell me. For sals by JOHN KOAt'H, Optician, (3 Snuu at. N B.?Clienaicala, Cesea and all materials need in Dagnerre; in eooatautlv on hand Jan 14 loi" rh 1 NOTICE. Jt 1'HE Copartnership heretofore eiiating between the en- . deasianed, nader the Arm of Bkow.v It linoona, is this lay dsmolved by mutual consent, The ootatai.diug debts ol Jia (bin wiD be settled by Mr Brooks, to whom all debts J lite tl e roucarn must be paid, and in th* settlement of winch n be is authorised to use the name of the linn. 1 MWVttboKB. J New Yink. J an. *. 1*47. jtt Im't " ITS WORK8 WILL. FRA1SE IT. ? It ia now universally admitted that ti KOAXt'l ii IODINE LINIMENT [9 NO HUMBUG Doten after doxeo are. need daily and does all that it ia represented to do; it has cured and will cure the worst possible tasev o( HIlliL.M A'l IBM, prams, hruists, swelled and painful JolBi, spinal alfccuona ? tropu .us of tiieskia, Ac. o 8. INOER80LL,Bole Proprietor, n Depot 23d Pearl at, two doois below John. 0 Bee e.?c?ifieates in l"rn? Hen Jldlm?re u TU N !.?..> Up Ki*..t L. bdinib. I J (.3RANUIB BLANCHKT, Agent, mlortna the owners of e r ,ieaJ Estate, that ?* takes eliaige of letting liouiei, less I pg lots, ssd colter ting rents, on the most reasouaMe terms. t| f. U. has bean, for the last two yeais, the agent of the late p, lobn Tonnrle; and devoting all hit time to the above Lusiirsa, he * ill give lull satiaucuou to those persons who will , inuuat him wuk their coalidaucu. He ran give the heat re- * ereiees, and sacnrity te any amonut if required Please ad lieas a note through the Pest 0?ee. No 278 Smh Avenue t< Ofllce hours, baiore t A. H. and after S P M J ------ to^at L , f.h* Kti M RNTLEMEN, if yon want yoar clothe. kept in good " U n'detforthe rninauder of to* on, you hnd bemr II akn nr arnd yo?r coa'e aud rant, t W Mn-nv etrecf. corner a I Wellington, whirl yr u can got them ruhli r r?ntd,d\ed, |] li?,r? gnu 'rfi'i d, with uew reltel collkit, cuffe, 11uiuna, g loiomi, on ire mo t lenaocable talma Not*.?Ne diearpointiiieut ?t my .tore. Aline addr?e?eJ J a aborr, attain'?d 10 ai any timo. A call or trial ia ull naked " In!lira cleaned or dyed aoparior to any in the city, at No. 04 * ilnrray afreet. V fc!4 lw'tli A t'f>UTIW*0? f r.m l.ondon. f A OU lit. f t HI CTTuJx VTHH. CARIlOI-I/fl Midicated Vapor and Sulphur * kfl Baifa. 1?4 hniton atreat, aiioaaite ( lurch atraet. A ri rrtamcare for (.alda, f ongha, nfianmatiam. Sore Throat, it lid all i Il-mmatory diaeaaea incident la th- eliangeahle tl trta of tlir weaihar. The hnlphnr Vapor Bath i* particn- i, nly ircnniinended by anr firm pbyairi me aa a core for all ' roptioua and dj.eaaea ol the akin. No danger of taking cold fter the nan of thee* batha. jW lm*rc , PATENT ENVELOPE "PAFeI \ [7IVF. HUNOREI) REAMS Patent Kntiklope Paper, euit- e F at.le for putting up apieea and Jnat receirnd nd for aal# by PRKHSh k BROOKS, ' fet Imr """KT Nnaaei O TISSUE 1? A PfcK. I REAMS White Tie?ne . I .UU v/ 1000 ' a norteiS colore I ' 1500 " Pink p 1500 " O'ern. ftCi " Ulna. 5011 " Yellow. le ror aal. lot. t. nnooKs ? log r Mo. H5 ?nd *7 Na a an er. (e fAPfijl W AM.EHUU8B I f< I-HE enli'gribrr. offer for aelr a la ,e end wrl aaaorted w I Hock ol Writing, rum . 11 rJwi'it Hop'* to (Trapping |f, in rn ap?#? al o' ih^ bf ?t l apfr ? 11'? in the 111 t<y. Tl?*y ?-re pr#*i?e eil to w ?ke PrlutiuR Pa| er, nt ?n#T iti? r nt thoir P >p?r Worka. WimU??r I ounecuca ci PKKhHK & R H t >OK ". i0 ft IS lw ro Si tu<J 67 fSaasati >trot * W Y O YORK, THURSDAY MO AFFAIR8 IN ALBANY. , LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. TKliUUUAPUIC. Senate. Aliiht, Feb. 84, 1847. J , A bill was mported to relay the track of the Buffalo i and Attica railroad, with a heavy rail. j A long report on plank roads wa* read. A hill wa. reported, asking for the passage of a law to rflirillata miiliufnrhirin? PftrnnpaliAne A bill was also reported, with amendment*, to enable partie* at law to obtain testimony of the advene party. Another bill nai reported, a* drawn by the Secretary of Stat*, amandiug the election law of 1 *43, *o that a pereon mu it be twenty-one yoara and tan days old before he can vote at goneral elections, under the proviaiona^of the new coaatitution. The bill making appropriations for the payment of the interest of the canal debt, the cost of superintendence, repairs, kt, was passed?38 to 1. The emigrant passenger bill was taken up in committea. An amendment to extend the provisions of the bill through the State, was debated at length, and rejected. The committee then rose and reported progress, and the bill was mado the order of the day for to-morrow. Adjourned. Assembly. Albany, Feb. 34, 1847. A remonstrance was read from Richmond eounty against taxing it to pay the expense* of the trial of Mis Badina, in Orange county. A communication was read from the directori of th* Harlem Railroad Company, to the efiaot that they will furnish the information asked for is the resolution of inquiry aa soon as said reeolation shall have bean adopted. The eanal committee reported a resolution for continuing tho investigations of the canal frauds. The committa* recommend the appointment of a single individual,u it is only designed to take further testimony. Mr. Small moved that th* committee consist of two members. This motion wu lost, and the resolution was adopted as it cam* from the committee?01 to 3S. The bill relative to canal repairs, and to reduce the expenses thereof, was then taken np, and gens through with in Committee of the Whole, but was not amended in any essential point. Adjourned. BY THE MAILS. LBSULATIVR PHOCBRDINOS. Albany, Fab. 38, 1847. Bright and beautiful morning -, on* foot of snow is sparkling in th* beams of a winter** sun; convocation of sleighing parties in State street. mohawk and hubian bailboa*. Mr. Bcbiman presented the petition cf the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad Comnanv. askmr for a r.hsnsa nf name to tko " Albany and Kchenecladv Railroad Company," and for an addition of $d60,OA0 to tho capital of the company. Tha potitiou waa referred to the commit- ' tee on railroads. ' Mr. Sanvocd presented the memorial of Townsend ! Harris, J. it. Boswortb, and John L. M?son, a committee : of the Beard of Education of the city of New York, pray- ! iag tha pas-age ol a law authorizing the beard to estab -j liih a free academy in said city. The petition was refer- : red to the Committee on Literature. Mr. Joists presented the several petitions of a largo r Dumber of merchants and other aitizens of the city vf Now York, setting forth the existence ol gross frauds in : the sale of goodr. at auction, and asking the imposition of | a State duty on all property knocked down and not actually sold. The memorial was referred to tha Judicia J ?y Committee. * Mr. Bacbus reported a bill to increase the powers of J the Beards of the Supervisors of the several counties ol '' this State. ' The hill was referred to the Committee of the Whole. 11 It is sail) to be an unconstitutional and an outrageous bill J1 and i hat it canDot get four votes in the Senate It hn? j been sent to the punters, and in a day or two I will recur to it again. * hi LIFT or IBELAltD* * Tha Assembly bill, to allow railroads to carry contii- ' buttons of flour, ice. lor Ireland, tree of tolls, was defeat- ' ed hy the Si-rate ?ayes 17; nous 6 The ('resident pro Irm expressed the opinion that the 1 Dill was a two-tbird bill, and that it was, therefore, lost. " Mr. Srenusa appealed from the decision of the Presi dent, and the appeal was laid upon the table Ana the Senate went into Committee of the Whole on the bill repoued by Mr. Denuiston, from the Committee v an Canals, entitled " An act making appropriations for *! the canal debt, and for the support and maintenance ot the canals during the year 1847." Kor the payment of the Interest on the canal debt, and Tor the expenses of the ofllcein the Manhatten Company '. for the issue and transfer of canal stocks The bill appro ' riatei $U40 161 Si; it appropriates $A9t> 300 for the ex- * jensns ol collection, superintendence and ordinary re ' tain, ami i<l ftflfl fnr tha nr/.un?iU? ?* *- -' u , r- |"V|~ VI CHUU IUIIS DeiODg' uk to the proprietor! of the Albany basin. The committee did not vote upon the bill. u n Aaembly. Auiltt, Feb. 23, 1847 " It It not forgotten that sovcrel days *ince the Uouie * nstructed the Adjutant General to furnish a complete * littery of the organization of the California regiment lommaoded by Col. bteventon, and the manner in which ' be officers of that reKimnnt were commissioned, etc . '' itc , etc. Thii irport will be presented to the Hotina touorrow: it will be accompanied by iome peculiarly ' acy and funny correspondence between 8ila! Wright ind Wm. L. Mercy, relative to the organization of tbia egiment; it is confidently stated that some of the div tlusures will be amazing. Immediately after the meeting of the Houae this morn- " ng, the rules weru suspended, end the House, in Com- " nittee of the Whole, rosumed the consideration of tlie lenate bill as amended by tho llouso. to divide the State uto Judicial districts. The question was upon agreeing vith the section of the bill, as passed by the Senate, r< vbich provides that Judges shall he elected at the genral slectioDiu November. The result o( a long debate " ipon this section was that the bill was recommitted te he select committee, with instructions to report sutistan tally, that alter the first special elect'on tor Judges, in j day next, (required by the constitution ) the Judiciary .' Ulcers shall be elected at general elections. Tilboraphic.?The papers are full ol encami- 3 tms upon the wonder walking telegraph. The ai 1Uany Kvtning Journal says, ws cannot aacustom or smiliariza oursslves to the magical rapidity with which intelligence passes over msgnetic wire. Ten minutes ftsr toe steamer Cambria arrived at Boston, on Su'uray, the fact was announasd to us by Mr. Carter. This aorninf w e received a request from tbo editor of the Toronto (C. W ) Coloniit, tor the Cambria's news by ilegraph An answer, referring them to Buffalo for the iews, was returned, and a response received, seying hat they would get their news from Buffalo, all in the paco of half an hour! Ws take this occasion, also, to c: mder our acknowledgments to Mr. Carter, who super " jleuds the telegraph station here, for his uniform kind- ,u ess snd attention (in ond out of season) in facilitating ur efforts to obtain early inlermation. P' The New Haven Hiratd of Mnndav m?i?i?< - I" tary of the foreign new* brought by tho CambtU The ditor aay*:?The foreign new* in our column* thia to 10 ruing waa lent from Uoaton to the atation in tltia city, ') d Saturday afternoon, and rewritten immediately after- j* . ard to New York Thia was in consequence of aome ' alert in the inmlation eaat of thia city, which prevent- '*' d th* line working through from Huston to New York '> he toadar will perceive it* length [over a column) am r* He number ol word*, each letter of which require* to *' e written out iu telegraphic oharactcr ; yet the whole ' f it waa tent from tkia atatloe over tho line to New ' < 'oik in ene hour end ten uiinutei. '* We ieare that the wire* of the Boiton and New York Ifgraph ware cut on Saturday, ahout halt an nour . ' Iter th* steamer'* new* waa received. The two irou nre* were flled off nt Brighton, about four mile* from Ilia city ; but th# vigilance of the telegraph officer*, ,n nd their watchful suspicion* of certain pertiea engrged * i thi-i infamous tranaaetion, together with the praise rortby co-0|>eiatioj of Mr. Monro*, the conductor of ir Worcester aremboat train, in a'opping the engine at ie point ot the breach, aecurod a prompt repeii of the rie -, imoniurh, that btforn tire guilty partiea (one ol ft rein waa a female) reached tho Worceator atation, ? there they hoped to huve commnnicated to Now j(l oik, a largo portion of the now* had been acnt on.? ... (01 (on Ma<l. ' Arrangement* hat e been consummated for the eaten- M> ion ot (be nuignetic telegraph from Toronto to Mont nal. Meser* Livingston k Wi lli hava the contract for 0_ a conalruction. Tne diatance ia ahout 400 nulea, and ^ le work ia to lie duna in the moat tip atantial manner. |() y the lat of Auguit next. It could not b# conflded to ^ to.e capat.le o;id ener getic hands.-Hujfulo Commtrcial ,(l The New Oilcan* butiitin of tho liiih atete* that Mr ?c loyd, the agent of the Washington and NewOileana M 'airgraph Company, met the llliaiuher of Commerce last ,r, vcriig, at a special meeting called for the purpose, in j,r rder to explain the intended plan ol connecting Now I t,c irleana with tne Northern citina, by mean* of the mag m etic telebraph. The dataila and general information on : re itibject, aa given by Mr l.lojd, were highly impor- j m nit ami interesting. The line i* aiiea ly established to y| etenbuig, and the stock subscribed to carry it on lo j,, harleitou and Savannah, and Miliacrii tioua are now et anted for the rout# from the latter place to New Or- ; |,j tana. The line to Pittahura i* new being extended to j litcinnoti and Louisville, and will .,v rrled to St. Louis. Tho chuiehiir appointed a commit- i ull e ol flvo mcmbara, to confer with Mr Lloyd, examine t0 lily in'o the subject, and give a detailed r-poit, on hirh the chamber can baae their future action teanectgit. 1 fri Arrsia* n Mianiosv?i he hilt to locate the State to ipi at at Laming, lu.Hlly passed the House on the 13.h ce at by a vote of 4* to if. w tt K. f RNING, FEBRUARY 25, The BrllUh OoTernment ttnd the Mexican "War?Mexican Letttn of Alarqua. [Fiom the London Herald, Jen 'i? J The que tion put to Viacount Palmaratoo.onThuraday night, l? one of great impoitance. an I wh'ch well da serve* the attention of the pre?h nnd the nation at laige. It appeared from the pnhlir, nawa,<apera a few day* ago, that an agent of the Mexican government hud recen ly anived in tbla country. and that h* hid established an office in London, and announced that he waa tuthotiaaJ to iaauo letters of maique nnd uiiturHlizH'lon. The Utter* of marque were iaaued against the United State*, and the act* ul naturalization we<e i' tended to p'Otect peraona, not nativo-born Mexicans, eeting under iho*e Uttars *f marque agaiu t the consequence* of piracy. Mr Koe buck, therefore, uikel the lureign aocretary, first, whether any notice had hem given of the exiateuce of ihia t'ffic *, or of the appearance of auch an ugant on neutral territory, by the Miuivter of the Uuited State* to her majeat)'* government; and it no, aocondly, what liiawer wa* given with reaped to it I Mr. Roebuck proceeded to atute. that, notwithstanding thoae acta of naturalization and letters ut marque, it waa retorted the Uuited State* p vverumont were determined . lo hang ail partial tekau lighting under inch p'otection. i And. utter having pronounced an opinion on such u proseeding, he asked whether any pri caution* had bean I taken by the British (Jovornnitut; ami what correapon- i lerce had taken'plac* with the government of tha United I States' The Secretary of Slut* for Koreign Affairs, in reply to 1 tho member for Bath, Hated that the British government had no knowledge ot any agent miliorued on tho fiart of the Mexican gevurument toiaaneldttersof murqtio snd acta of naturalisation. A guu-Diakor, of Towerhill. had written to tho Timet, that the decree of the lumuuEu ?uinwi i?iuk iiiu uniting ieuera 01 narqito might bo seen at hi* office, but tint party did lot state that ha wu? authorised to issue them. Lord Falmarsteo admitted that he had a conversation ivith tha American Ambassador oil Ilia subject, when he mured his Excellency that we would continue in our loaition of atrict neutrality. His lordship went on to itato that he had referred the question to the law advi lers of his office, and, with respect to lue question ef reatieg persons found en bourd Mexican ships as pirates, >e had considered it his duty to instruct Mr. Fakenham o oxpress la toe United Stutasgovernment his hope that hay would not apply tha execution of that threat to British subjects. So iar so good. But as soma considerable time may )lapse before the opinions of the law officers of the Crown ire ascertained, we may as wall atata our impretiion that he proceedings of any one purporting to sell such licenses are not onlv in deflauee of the common and sta:ute law ef England, but of the common and cusomary law of nationa. A florereign violates his per'act obligations in violating the natnral or perfect -ighta of another. A state can malt# teprisals for njuries committed against itself or against its sub ects, hut not in favour of a thirj power, even should luck power request it (1). That which a state caonet 10 in tta collective capacity, it cannot de by any of its adivi lual members. The supreme power of every state ihould possess a control over ita subjects in relation to heir conduct with foreign govurnraenta. Such control laa aver been exercised by the gevernnient of Englaud. To cuter into the aervice of a foreign Stata, or to contract my engagement inconaistent with the allegiance due to 1'ieen Viotoria, la a high misdemeanor at common law, 11 tha meroat layman may aay, from perusing the 1st vol >f East's "rises of tha Crown," the third Institute, or the Ith vel. of Blaokstonet It has bean held, upon the contraction of the statute of the 3 Jac. I, c. 4, s 1(, that if a British subject went out of the realm with intent to serve s foreign state, though he did not serve in fact, or that if he actually so served, tlieugh he did not go over for the purpose, he was within the statute (3). It may be urged, however, that lettara of marquo have been frequently granted during the late anu during every previous war. So they undoubtedly havo by tha Secrataries >f State, with the approbation of the King in Council ,3), during a time of war. But never haa tbia country >penly profeaaed to be an ojjlcina of pirutua or plunlereri, wbero adventurers of all natioua could arm ind equip themselves against a friendly or even a neutral slate. Letters of marque are grantable by he law of nations, wherever the sabjenta of one state ire oppressed and injured by those of another, and tistice is denied by that state to which the oppressor lelengs But tha sovereign power in the state is he sole judge when such reprisals may be made -. itherwise every private peraon might tako upon him to evy war. iu a oaroarous era, as urouus tells ui, in tin econd book, it win common for tba tubjocU ot one State o make r?pri*al* on those of another, but the clangors o which the supreme power itself wm exposed by such >ractlces induced all the states of Europe, since the fourtenth oentury, to withhold from their subjects the exer ise of this dangerous right (4). If, .therefore, it lias eon found indispensable to withhold such a power from English subjects In reference to alien,enannos, how nuch more nocesaary is it to withhold it from knglishnen, Irauilulently chilling themselves with tha characer ol Mexicans, in order to wags war against our ally, lie United Btutes We vnterta u individually, as strong n opinion as Mexicans lheia?*lvea against the injustice >f this Americuu iuvaaion ot tba Mexican territory. But o long as wa are in amity with America we abould not utter our tenitory to be made tint theatre ou which horde operations against the United States are i lanned. B> tie 4th Henry V , c 7, it is declereil that if eny subjects f the realm are oppressed in the time ot truce by any oreigners, the King will grant mm qua. in due foion, to uch as feel tfemselvea aggrieved. But in this canhare weio sulTioia and subjects, and the aggrieved rare obliged to apply to the Lord I'rivy Seal, who was 0 make out letter* ol request under the Piiv) leal. If satisfaction or restitution was n t then made he Lord Chancellor i'tued hilars of marque under the ireat Seal. But in the case ol the Mexican letters *0ressed to English subject a at 'rower-hill, or elsewhere i) the city, these English subjects mu?i fi-st divest themeives, on English ground, ol their alb-gience, and this he English law will not alow tbcm to put od', eilhel vithin or without the city. So <ar back astbetruie ol larthewit was held that if a subject, during war, wildut any commission from the King, should take an so* i> 'a ship prize, the ptixe would not be the property id he captor, hut one ol the droits of the dmiratty. II he policy of our law bar required the owners el U'itish tupa, belore the commi-siou of niatq ie is granted, to ive security to tha Admiralty lor auy violation ol treses between those power* with whom the uatioa is at cues, it surely writ not favor that species ol cunsti uctrve rrscy?il it be not actual and do?mjgiit pirary now night to be practised. We call, there!ore, on Viscount alnierston to keeps close look out on these Tower bill entlemcn This is not the age to revive pi ivy tearing, even 1 a la wf ul war, much leas iu a mercantile spoculatrou, got p by moneyed Moxicaus or moneyed r ugli-h. Such hemes are obnoxious to the qti out but seveie remarks T Molloy (6), who thus speaua of the in :?" Most cer >io those suit cf caper?, or privateeis, being lustrulents found out but of later ages, ant it's well known y whom, it were well they weie restrained by consent t a 1 princes, since all good men account them but one iRiove from pirates, who, without any respect to the nise, or having any injury done them, or si much as irod for the service, spoil men and goods, moke eveu a ads and calling of it, ainidsl the calamities ol a war, h i driving a commerce and inait with (he spoil, and lat with as much peacoand content aaif they had never sard of tear*, blood, wouuda, or death, or any such liug " (1). Vat tel. p. I, liv. A. chap, sec S4H. Orotius, book See also Barhayrae, in h a " Nates on Bynkershoek" i4 Vort. ad. D it Juitnit. | (a). Just , at) 1 East's " Pleas of the Crown," c. 9, , 13. (S) Dlewe's " La Merest.," 173. I (4). Bouchard" Theori# des Traitui da Commeree." (ft). .Moiloy, " De Jure Maritime et Nuvale," p. 6J. Important Movement. [From the London News, Jan -J6 ] There am strong grounds (or believing that Ministers >ntemplste extensive changes in tha government of tho , ilouiet. We era informed that the following may We ken an part, at loait, of tha plana now under ceiinioia >u. That all the possessions in North America ahall tia need nder una head namely, a Viceroy, with Que ' >c lor tho scat of government. The governor* of the Iterant provinces to he located at Toronto, Krederickn, llaliUx, Mt John, and Charlottetown. That tha lika stem of centralisation tie extended to tha West India lands, the Viceroy to reside in Jamaica, and each lend to have its own governor Kach previa-a und j land respectively to have its own legislature lor strict I DC ul pnrpoaaa, and have tho privilege of eendirg ri ptentelivea to geuaral legislative uaaainhliae in 4|ueb?n', Jamaica, or to eur Imperial Parliament. Itiscalcuted that calonial interests would receive more alienin under this ariaugamant tlian under tha present yarn au4 that the ( olooial offlce wetifd thua be relieved j II iiravy prtasure 01 uuaiueia, Vf ry inadequately per ' rmed at preseut. A great saving would be effected in a eapeuditure for military eccupetion?which new, for . a coloBiea in North America and the Weatlndiaa, annnta to ehnut ?3 eUB OiiO |>er annum It > thought . ..u) 1 these changes bo carrion out, that Frince Oeorge . Cambiidge wilt ha appointed to tha Vicaroyalty of ;iUsb Noith Aaanoa. I)akin? Kobbxrt at Thk.uton?The Trenton tainteairr el Tuearlny, contains the following:? 11 bout two u'clook yesterday morning, two men snteied ' a atora of MrfcHngh Hamilton, at iho head of (ireen " leot, hy boring thiough tho back door, and then re " Dvmg the b ir which (aMened it. Having entered, they ' canned the a airs to tha Second Itory, whom Mr. II, ' ith a odihII hoy named Joaeph Applegate, atant Upon >etiirig the chamber Juor, one of tliom exclaimed to r it " Vonil?d old rascal,where it your money I" At e unia time both rushed forward and snued him, aa i arose in ihe hod. A snuggle enaued, lor Mr. it , al " ough above tiity year* old, posaesred contideialde tivny, and irreat energy. They heat him on tha head, id in the face, until, covered with hruiaea and bleeding r>m many gashes, they aucceeded in tying him in the id and gagging him. One ol them alio knocked tho iy down, and tied and gagged him. The vlllaiua then ade aearch for money, and laund over f.I<> ?. clnefly eno, which they earned olf fortunately, atiout $?>"<) * bank bills, which wore lying between the leavea ot ' old lagged book, etcapoil their notice. Mr. >1. ban red lor many yeara in the house alone, and it waa genall) hnliavad that lie keep* conaidorablo mono) by in He was visited on Monday by a young man name>. ' surge Weal, wlioni be ulentifla<i an one 01 tha robber.!, 'eat ia incmatndy Orliei paraona have been artenteil id a x mined, hut nothi g haa ) et been proved atittlcient wniraut their comm.tment Tho ailectrorn nt Charleston!), Mass, have lec-ivei jni tho Legikiature a ci nrt? r lor incorporating thejr t wn into a city. The chatter ia to ha presented lor ac- , or rejection by the inhabitant! ol Charlcatow u , itclo Iwtuty da)i. I ERA -rw 1847. Law UUlllginM. SurcRioa Coubt, Feb *J4 ?Bolora Judga Vanderpoel ( ?Joirph F fwvell and Jlftna C-, Mi wife, vs. Oaniel D, I Oaimrr ?/?'rrt>>tn? Lihtl ri? ?Oim of the mwt ex- t citing libtl cum which hue been tried for year? in the t court! of thie city, was commenced yeetarday in the second branch of the Superior Court, before Judge Ven- fc derpoel Mil Lovell, one of the plaintiffs i< the daugli- t ter of Mr. and Mr*, Oaasner, highly respactable and wealthy citizen! of Bloomingdale In the year 1839 or 1830, aha married her present huihand. Shortly after their marriage, Mr. Loeell becemn uofortu g nate in business, went to New Orleans. taking hia wife with tiim, and opened a romniiifion house 1 el in that city Upon their arrival in New Oiieane or eery t! eoon after. Mrr. Lovtll was taken eick, and continued | eo for eome time, until it wue ultimately found that her couetitatiou wae not adapted to the climate, end hor mod ti leal attendants advised her husband to seud Uer berk to her native air. Mr Loeell, with a proper regard for the ai safety of hie wile's life, however reluctant to part from a| her society, yielded to the advice of tbo physicians, and c< sent her home to her father aud mother with whom alia ] V contiuued to reside for some liiue atterwaids. Snhse- ci quently to his establishing himself in New Orleans, (but w whether before or after his wife's return, did not appear i w ha was appoiutad there by the house of Vanderpoel k | ti Sons,in this jity ,?o collect their debts and send their con : n signments up the Mississippi river. In sending them hack m their returns, he occasionally remitted suma of money to | di his wife, which were handed to her by a Mr. Frederick I .V Vanderpoel, wbo wai examined aa a witness on the trial, I L end who. ItTiirdinr to hirf ntnn atafoMoni ??- 1 tbia home, receiving *600 n year aa a (alary. In tba tli conraa of some time, Mr Vanderpoel wrota to Mr. Lo- it veil that he would let Mra Lovell have any money (be th wanted, and would afterwards draw ou him (Lovell) for at uch advanoo. Mr. Lovell acquiesced, and in thia way 01 Mr. Vanderpoel,land Mra Lovell heoame.acquainted. In aonae tiaae after, her family became diaaeti-fted, on ac- ec count of her intimacy with Vanderpoel, and remonstrated with her about It, and it Anally led to the present to auit against ,Mr. Daniel B. Uassner, her brother, w Mra. Lovell waa in Court, and sat with her counael, | at Messrs. Schaffer and Cochrane, and ia a very interesting and pretty woman The defendant waa also'in Court, I in and took his seat with his counsel, Messrs. M'Kconand ! si O'Conor. The court room waa densely crowdod with Ui the Irienda of both parties. Mr. Bchaffer opened the plaintiff's case in a briel speech to the jury. Krancbs Matilda Barrett was the flrst witness th sworn and eaamlned for the plaintiff'-She deposed as follows:?Witness resides at No 6 McDougall street, is daughter to Mrs. Matilda Barrett; her mother resided in m McDougall street during the past year; the letter now tfa Iirodacod was received by her motheroa the 2Sth July (| est; witness took it from the servant girl; the latter | K, took it from the pos'maa; witness then opened and read th it, and handed it to father; he read and handed it back to y wit nets, awl witness ther. took it to Mrs. Lovell; witness ti hoard the bell ring, abd the servant go to the door Craii-ri tminnU h\j tk* DlSTBICT Attosnet? Was Up in staira when she received the letter; the servant girl's name was Margaret; she left as Inst lull. p, Q ? How do you know from whom she received this latter? A.?The girl said she received it from the postman w District Attorney objects to what the girl told her. tl Witness, in continuation?Mrs. Lovell was residing at j p the time, at Mrs. Veltor's; my mother directed mo to ' || open the letter ; I do not knew what time 1 put my ini- I w tials on the latter ; thinks it might be about two weeks i after I did It at M i-j t.n??ll"? 1 Lovell for Are years ; think* witnei* made an affidavit \ in this case before ; iho went with Mr* Lovell to Mr. r Schaffer's office ; the first intimation that witneu hud ( that she was to make an affidavit, was the moraine she t mail# it; rode out with Mrs. Lovell and Mr. Vanderpoel, j , to Palmo's. , Oistbict Attobb?t?Is he now in court I , WiTwass?Yes, sir. D. A.?I wish you to point him out; that gentleman t will figure in Couit before thi* cause is over. juugb?Where is ho' lie is a uamesake of mine, al- j though I never had the pleasure of seeing him. [A laugh] c Witness pointed Vanderpoel out. t Witness?Mr. Schaffur, Mr. Vanderpoel, myself, Mrs. Lovell, and Kranky, were in the carriage; we neither ( dined or breakfasted at Talmo's; does not remember what time they got there; they parted; did not separate while j we were there; often saw Mr. Vanderpoel at Mrs. Lo- r veil's father's house, and,at witness's father's house; knows that Mrs. Lovell rode out on other occasions with j; Mr. Vanderpoel. 4 Mr. Vandkrpoci. examined by Mr. ScHsrraa.? c Knows the parties to this suit. Mr. Lovell is in New Or- r leans; thinks he has beenthere some six or seven years; , ? lie is a commission merchant, and is agent for witness's < tj house. 1 r, Oounski.?In what relation do you stand to h'm and ! bis wife? B Witness.?I don't know whether I am her guardian or protector; I advance her what money she wants for the support of herself and child, and draw on him for it; this responsibility was assumed by me at hia request; 1 may udd, however, that I made the otter myself, and it was ^ accepted by turn; the offer was made by letter fThe letter containing the hbei was shown to witnesa J I have seen that letter neforo. an I hud an interview with the defendant on the 14th September last in company with Joseph T. At'well, at the defen tout's store,on the subiect ot it; witness a?ke t why h? continued alaudcring ? Mia. Lovall; he replied to withesi, "you may go to hell; , I b?ve got nothing to say tijou;'* witness had tho letter ; j, in hia hand, and Handed it to difendant and asked him if i [ ha wrote it; ho took it and looked at it, and I suppeae | lead it, tor tie held it long enough; he said it was . no' his handwriting, and handed it back; witnesa then ' v asked tiim if bo caused it to tie sen' to Mrs Bsirett; he r I*plied that he did send it, and added that the content* |J whip true, and by U?he oould prove it; and made ua.? j r of very groee and oppiobious language in reference to Mrs Lovell. and that he was determined she sho .Id nni live in New Yotk, notwithstanding ail her man couM do u to tlierontrery; witness rtplied, mat m long a* he con H Ik.iad liinuall to circulating verbal re ports of her no no r lire wt> taken of it; hut aa he commenced writing aue , nyiuous letter* about her, her hntliatid would give him g a chance to prove it; he anaweied hat he might aue and t tie <1?d; that he (defendant) woul I like no better fun; ? witness whs fit?t spoken to about tltft letter the u ght of the day it was received; Mrs. Lor. 11 and Mr Sctm/Tor, j in the month of August, afterwerda apoke to witueaa; witneaa called at Hchiiffn's oltire twice; the first time he j wont there about hve o'clock in the evening, tt.e aeroud i time it waa about seven o'clock; tbe IIrat must havu been 1 the .'ay nbe received die letter, witneaa attei wards com- f, municated with ber huahand on the subject, tiut not uti- j. til altar Mr* Lovull and Mr. hchuder had rvqueated hun ... to do it. Ul Croii rxaminti by the Dutrii t Avroaivav. i)( t^. ? Did you write to Loyellf w A?I diit, air, and received a letter from him; I don't ll| know whether I have the letter I received from him or m not. I wrote to lnm in Auguat about it, and requested 1)( bim to come on here, tho matter was ao serious t] Q?la not Lovell a clerk to your brother in New v Orleans' A ?No Sir-r-e. Jcdub?You inuat'not apeak in that tona. . Withers?The question ia so absurd, Sir, I cannot help it. . Jrnoe?You are not to characterize the counsel's que*lion so. W.-Well, I will not, sir. ?How old are you, sir I VV.?I am twenty five, sir. ,, Counsel for plaintifTobjected. District ATmair-This witnese ii the cause of all | bis troulile?it has arisen from his intimacy with Mrs. J Lovell. Distsct Attorhey?What is your interest in the ma- c| logany business here I W.?I am clerk v. ti ?What is your salary ' . . SI W.?I won't answer you, sir. District Attohhet?1 insist on an answer. 1 Cwii-Tea awt imvh. W.?Well, I hsve $B0<> a year ; I drew several draffs .l >n Mr. Lovell, all of which he paid ; 1 don't rscollect . low many , the last drnlt on him was only a few days .igo ; It waa about the 10th of January last it was paid ; _ lues not keep any memorandum ot tlmm ; heard that Mr Levoll tailed in ItM ; lw< kuuwu Mrs Lovell five or j. lis years : was at the Yuiilier hall with her. Counsel for plaintiff obierts. L)ht. Attohnkt?i want to allow that rach wu the ?. ntimncy between Van<lerpool end Mia Lovell that he aould not go with h?r linnaelf, hut proruied another leraon to go with her. I'll altow tint ho ia the pa'?- ' nour of thia woman, ami that ho atands in tho aume ra- i utiou to her that htr huthand doca Couht?7'ha defendant cannot pioceed ju tli a r/ay. Voti u nnot go into thia evidence under the |ila<i ot the geuer- Jj il tattle ; hut you may tltow that the niiDdol the witneaa nay he binaaed in lavor o[ the plaintiff , hut I will not .' leimit you to give evidence of any criminality between ilHintiO and witneaa. You may aalt that quoetiou, how- !' iver. Dmtriut ATToataar.?Did you go to the Kuulier 1 mil ? A?I went with Mr*. I.ovell, Miaa Uaaaner, and Mr. ' ,)iaper; I know Mr. Oeo King; i never atked him to eke hei to that or any other hall; never aaaigned aa a nana that there waa ao much talk about Mra. Lovell , n I witneaa that he did not with to take her there him 1,1 ell; paid tier the amount ol t'.e drafta in $:t, (a and $10, 1,1 a the wanted it: keepa no memorandum of the dratla. '' leepa an account ol the anuia lie panl hei; fometimea paid :er in pre.ence ot Mr Srhafler; the last pay moot waa n?Je a ahort time ago in pioaence of Mr. Atwell; aha v tow livea at No. H White alreet; witneaa ia aucurity lor ? he rent,and paya it, pa> a it every month, give* it to Mia. ,ovi II and aho pi ) a it. id ?What do you pay for your hoard 1 A ? I don't pay lot my hoard, id have you a room in that home 1 A - No, air ree; I have rode out with her tiMe and again . n.t took the whole Ujaancr latnily with her. Q ?Were you at Kiug'a Bridge J A,?Yea, air. <d ? Waa Mra. Lovell there J A.-Yea, air. , hl <d ? Did you ever aleep there 7 A,?No, air. <d Aro you not In tho habit of going to her home; '! ltd were you not in the habit of going t > hoi lether'a vlien alio reaided there ' A.? Yee, air Letti r produced. <d ?I* thmt your writing, air ? c A Yea, nr-reo; I tent it to Mra. Oaaaner tl Anothei letter produced, td ? I* that your witling, air 7 A ? ? aa, air. * <d -Where doea Mra. Oaaaner reaile 1 * A- tl Hiion ingdole, (d How many children h?a ahe 1 ,\ -uk thi.t I know of, but I be love the haa ,.,ne or , en in all t U Aro you net in the habit if go n r out to D oom- i, ngaair I }, A.? Yaa, nr I 1 I. J). V*i UaU, <i ?Did not tho mother toll you that you should not :om? there f A?No, sir. | mentioned that if inch re mark a at the hen mtde were ev?-r made acuta,I would uever cross the breehold of the door or on uittkict attoaatv - Wai it not upon the occasion ot l?r lo-lu jdiriR >ou to come to hor home, that >ou wrote hit iu>olent leter I A.?No, air rea. i"of?T ?We era RoinR into all manner of ieeues. WiTierat ? If they lut mo tell th? whole etory .they will et the worte of it. Dmtrict attoa.fci?Go on. eir, and tell 'he whole lory ; that la what 1 wieh yon to do, if you will only toll is truth. Coumt? Order, order, Rentlrmen. DteraicT At tObkrt ?Where hat you the aonvaisaon with Mr Uaaauor I A ?It we? all along the street; I could not Ret hiu la a attitude, or to a atand etill; at laet I had to Ret htm up {"inula lamp poet, and then we talked it out; tba ttrat juver.ution I had with ilofandaut was at Itia atoro io fatar I reet; 1 waa not ordered out ot the atore; tho last inroraation I bad with him waa alan in Water street; it aa on the aubject of tba letter; Mr. Att well waa with 'itueaa; wituesi took Attwell with him; Att wall aomo mea Roe* to Mra. Lavoll'a bou?e ; Mr. Schader U witaia'attorney; aaw htm immediately after ray laat eotnlunication with deieudaut, and fare bia a anomorannm of what paaaed between ui; he laid it waa all right; , Ir. Lovell sends me drafta; I then take them te Jacob ittlelkco. and get caab; tboae drafta were about our sneral bu line as, but they would lometunee contain a raftfot fiO, which he directed me to hand hi* wifa; I ten atoted in a latter to him that I would take charga of le money mattera for hia wife; Mr. Lovoll ia our a ant : New Orleaaa; he collecta nwncy for ua and fqprarde jr Rood* up the Mississippi. Diitik't attoanar?When you Sratbocama acquaint" 1 with Mrs Lovell, whara did aba lira 1 A.?At her father'*; she afterwards lived at No 1 Clin >n riace, and I visited her there about three times a eeU; she went from that to Mra. Cammiar's. In Warren reet; I visited her there; she went Irom that back to er father'* house; Irom thera aba cano to Dr. Truat'o i McuourbII atraat; ska remained there about a month; le occupied two room* oo the second ioor; there ?u ? bed in the room. Q -Was it to pay her money yon went there ?o often* A.?I received letter* from her huebend; end went lere to tell her the new*. Q ? After ahe left Or Trust's, where did the go next 1 A ? She went to Mra. Valxer'a, in Oreen atreet, end reaiued there aorne three or four months; witaeea wea in to habit of going there three or four timea e week, and tent every Sunday afternoon there; never waa forbid to > toMr Oaaaner'a houae until I told.them I woeld'not go tare if the v did not diaeentinue their abuae of myself and !rs. Lovelf, after her huaband put her under my proteoon. Distbict Attoihit?When waa you last at the house i Bleomingdalel A.?It waa last aummer, when I went out with Sherifl sera, to arroat John (Jeaaner. Q ?Whan were you there before 7 A.?The Sunday previous, hut before that I cannot say hen I waa there ; the time 1 was tnera before, was in is ileigh-ridlng time; 1 want out there with Mra Lovell, ut I did not go in; I remained outside the door; after he left Mra. Velxer'a, ahe went bach to Mr. Trust's ; witness continued bia visits to her ; she| wont from Mr. rust's to Mrs. Barrett's, in McDougall atreet, end from bat ehe went to housekeeping in White atroet; visits icr there very frequently ; spends every Sunday aftertoon with her ; her child calls me uncle Fred ; John iassner, hor brother, ordered me og the greunds.and not o go to Bloomlngdale iu future ; wei in the habit of valking over the grounds at Bloomingdala ; it waa a rery beautiful place, and it would be atrange if we alvays remained within. Q ?Were you in the habit of going into the summer touae with herl A.?Not particularly; I wrote to her [huaband of the ntimacy between myself end his wife, end that I redo tut with her to Kingsbridge, end that I became her pro ec'or after her mother and brothers turned her out. Q.-la net Mr. Gaasner incompetent to manege his iwn affairs I Mr. ScxsrrtB objected, and aaya if the old man take* Irink, that's no reason that Dan should deal damnation ouud the land. Cover?ttilencn, air. That is moat improper language n a court of justice. MWitkxss (in continuation)?Cannot make out an aoount of the money matter* between Mr*. Lore 11 and nyaelf; tho largest sum I ever gave her at on* tim* was i-jn, makiDg no charge against Lovoll in our books for h*?e sums ; but we have an account open with him In rgurd to tho business he transacts with oOr house . H?Have you the authority from Mr. Lovell to oomteuco tbo auit I A ?Mr. 8cha/t'er haa it. H ? Where waa Mra. LoveJl the night aba received the itter 7 A.?She waa at Mra. Yelaer'a ; ahe read the letter i me. U ?Did you advauco money to carry on tbia auit f A ?No, airrea ! Couar?There, air, you have kanagreaaed again. WiTnaaa ? I beg pardon ; i torgot, air. Col at ?1 tee it ra a habit you have, air. You ought to et rid of it. Uirtcl examination returned ? Witneaa waa hare going Ho a tirade agaiuat Mra Uaaaner, lite mother ol Mra. ,ovell, when he waa atopped by the Court. (t ? What waa John Uaauer arreata.l toi 7 A ?For an aaaaUil and battery on Mra. Lovell, and I i-i-nt there wi'h Kuviitl Piera to aaeiet in arresting him. The examination of thu witness waa hare finished, and he Court directed the letter containing th? libel ta he eadj. Jettrx F. Attwxll?laa muaic puhliiher; keep* hi! tore 101 Broadway; kuowa ti.e >:e endent in UiU auit; n the 14th of September, Vamtarpoel came to wititnaa'a 'ore In relation to a letter wiiitan to vlia Lovell, and gUMted witness to go with him to the defendant'! tola, witneia went, thoy tue dafeudaot, him why waa that he ilandar replied. " Yen may go to hell ig VuuJerpoel), I have nothing to ?ay to you." i# deaci ibed the inteiview at detailed by the former C'rota the UiaTBiCT AvToaacv. (d ?How come aa a witneia A ? By arrangement. Van !er;> ?? 1 railed if a week before, and requested ma to go down im; ho that be waa going down theie, aod I me to go with him; knowa Mra. Lovell about a yaar^^^^^^^^^^l la viaited her aince this trial r.acie on the tapla, three iur timea u wuek, and hefoie that onca a lor tout ht; aaw sr first at the corner of Sth atreet, at Mre. Buahnell'ai n . MMdwH Id bar by Vamlernoel: viaited l>? cnch ol the boarding Uou?.'? iu which aba rcaided; waa o?lly in company with Mr. VeuderiMiel, but haa viiited bt violin; a difficulty aroae between witnaaa and anoier about witue a' intimacy with Mra. Lo,11, witue** chmtiaed bun in conae<|uence of it; witKt i* u married man, and haa lour flue daughter*. <t ? Have you been at Mr*. Catnniier'i bouao after ID clock at night f A ?No, *ir, not after 10 o'clock; ia in the habit of ridig out witu Mra. Love 11, ha* ridden out with her te her .other'*, to King'* biidge and to the Abbey; ia not la the ibltof making piaieota to Mr*. Lovell; haa not intronced Mr*. Lovell to hi* wife nor to hi* daughter*, if ? Doe* your wife know of your kind attention* te Ire. Lovell I A ? My wife and I have no aecret*; called apen Mra. ovell lilt evening, aee* her two or three time* a week, utaict Attorney?You may go, rlr. Direct returned.?What be* been the health of the nidi A.?Krnm having children of my own. I a ho old Judge b waa very delicate; thtuka Mra. Lovell 1* about ad or ) year* of ago. <i -You stated yoa viailed Mr* Lovell for your own ratification; *tat?twh*t you moan br that. A.?1 am luiid of lady'aaoci*ty,and 1 em fond of riding; iat i* what I meant Th?* I' Kitnaa ?I* * deputy ahoriff; arroatad tha da ndant on the lMh lieptember laat; en that oaaaaion he ontioned that thoy had throatened to auo him two ontht before, but ha thought thon tho matter had ail ropped. Tb* Court hern took a rereaa for 16 minutea. Arwti.u, recalled?Q?Have you aver ridden out with r*. Luvell alonn I A ?No, ?ir, Vunderpoel waa alwaya with ua. CroH-rxvmtned l>y McKoon ?Were yeu ever alone itii hor I OcNirru object*; objection allowed. Vivmarovi-.reciilled?Mra. Lovell went with her hueind to New Orleam when he went theie;thlnko H ia ght or nine ynera *inc.e l.e went there: Mr* Lovell got ea mi mediately after and had to coma back; the climate >r* not ugree with hor, and there waa a eauatant bill of ip?nac* againat her husband, and ha thought It bottor let her ro*ide in Now York, howevor ke might regret e loaa of her aociety. The plaintiff* hare rutted their cat* Mr. O'Coioa, on the part of the defendant, moved for uon-auit.on the greuad that It waa a written alender. ul that tbs worda ware not para* actionable; ha a Lao netted that there wat no evidence to ahow that deten Hit wiota it, and eecondly that thara waa a mlajeieder i louuug hueband and wilt in t!ia aotioo; the action >>Klit to ba brought in the iiatna af tha huabund alone, lotion tor nun unit overruled. Mr. O'Conua opened thn dafenca; he aeMI ha waa ery much mUtakeo, or thiy would prove that thn waa na of the moat atrucions culumniei against tha deteaaut that ever waa brought before a court and Jury by in itigautiity olcounael and witneaaaa. Ha conlinuad to y that tha jury had he ird a Ula this day from tha Upa I witiMianei, wnich, If true, would make him(v]r O't'o?r) aalmmed of the place be occupied. Bat I truet. geo emen, aot I he, that balara thia caaa la ended wa wtfi be 'I* to ahow yen that it ia tha groaaaat conapiracy that aa ever hatched to extract money Iron tha jiockete of defendant. Mr. 0't;onor then went on to atate .hat ilendant'a former attorney waa tahen aick, and that b only cams into the cauee on Monday, lie than made .me commenta on the conduct ol Atarell and Vender Jfl In getting up thia care, and concluded a verr igt-Tiioua and argumentative opening apeei h, alter which le t.uurt adjourned to 10 o'clock Una morning Vwrletbra The Sunday mail on the K.aatern Railroad ia fo be dieoutiiiued, ordera to that effect having beau ia?ued from be Post Office Department In the Virginia Honae of Delegate*, on Saturday leaf, bill waa paaaad mvorcing Wnliaoi 11. Myera an vlriiiit .Myera. COPYING PA ft N '/k/'b UK \ va " c. t ? ' * '* r t'"? ft" M f\J lint uie. ? III h I. werruilrl m l.-ke me.lrri .? ',o 1' ?>VesVfc,^Ho6icT,k"" r |*iper Waieli?u?t , W ? <1 *?7 ?Nu?ia? it?

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