Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1847 Page 3
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' I M spade they M In their trunk*, upon Ittnitif <h? t mount. The Cemmissianera of tue Hudson River Railroad Company have made the announcement that the three millions of stocks hare keen taken; and that the ten per cent instalment will be paid upby the 1st of March. 80 far as the interest! of this city are concerned, this is regarded by many at a very satisfactory announcement, but are fear that the interest of the stockholders will not result no favoi ably. Taking it for granted that the construe tion of the road will ultimately be commenced, we wish to make a few suggestions to the Commissioners, for the purpose of ensuring the completion of the road, 'if possi. tde. In the first place, we recommend a commencement of the road at Albany; by so doing the Commissioners will be able to overcome the difficulties created hy the early closing of the river, as navigation is suspended at Albany first, and gradually works down towards tbia city The three millions subscribed will complete the road from Albanyto a point about midway between Hudson ami T01 ghkeepsie; tin* three millions, which the Company are autlk .u ed til bo: row after the three million subscription hm been eapeDded, will, if obtained, complete the road from the point between Hudson and I'oughkeepsie, alludod to, to Kishkill, leaving between forty to fifty miles more to finish, which will require an expenditure o about three million* more. According to our oatimatesf based upon the experience #f several of our best engineers, the road from this city to Albany will cost ten millions of dollars, and the result will show which is the most correct, this estimate or that made hy the engineer of the company. Whan the construction of the Erie. Canal was com metutatt n< WiMCllnlnn : it - j,a? , ? .. ... - ?? .... vuo uiwcuiues no would have to contend with txfore it wu completed, and the obitaclea which would be raised in consequence of the determined opposition to it, prevented the total failure of that magnificent work by commencing it in the middle and working both ways?east und west?so that unless it was carried through no portion of it would have been of any use; and nothing but this wise policy compelled the completion of that work, from which the Stale now derives an annnal revenuo of several millions of dollars. We do not intend to make any comparison between the Erie Canal and the Hudson River Railroad; our only object in stating this case is to point out the only method by which the oommissione rs can, by any possi\ bility, complete that road. If they can raise money enonghr, after expending the three millions capital, to complete the road from Albany to Sing Sing, they will secure a winter communication from this city to Albany as tho river is usually open to that point, and this road will then have the same facilities on the river that the Erie Railroad have, and save an expenditure of at least 'wo millions of dollars, we might ssdely sa y three millions, as it is estimated that it will cost more than one million to build the road on Manhattan Island. These suggestions we throw out broadcast, for the benefit o f whom it may concern, believing that it will not only require the full amount named above, but tho most judicious and oconomical expenditure of that sum I to ensure the completion of this v ork. 80 many of theso i projects have failed after having beeu partially constructed, that we have very little confidence in any of these I modern movements, particularly when they originate in Wall street. The Erie railroad failed, after having expended about five millions of dollars, and no one ever doubted the feasibility ot that route. It became necessary to form a new company, and to raise a subscription qf three millions of dollars more to carry it along, and a further aubacription, or a loan of six millions more, will be required to complete it. There is a very great mistake ma le in all oar estimates and calculations in relation to tUe construction of railroads, and it is this grand error that produces all the difficulties and embarrassments in the finances of these companies. The bondholders Of nearly all our fancy railroad companies will ultimately come into possession, and run the roads on their own ac count, leaving the stockholders a vory poor chance of re covering a fraction of their investments. The immense debts these companies create, as soon as they get started, soon use up the substance of the whole concern, leaving but the mere shell, which deceives the public so long as it remains whole, and no one sees the little value they possess until the shell is crushed. The stocks of most et our fancy railroad companies are mere shells, and before many months some of them will prove so. It is our opinion that the stock of this Hudson River railnud will bu one of the greatest railroad fancies ever seen in Wall street ; and the bulls and bears will s^n have another football to kick about in the Boards of Brokers. The exports from Erie, Ponn , in each of the past twe years, giving the quantity and value of each article shipped, were as annexed: ? Kxvorts from fcaiic, Pkiyn'a., 1843 and 1846. Quantity- Value. Quantity. Value. Ashes, tons Mii *48,100 368 $29,438 Butter aud cheese... 380% 67,930 648% 101,370 Beef, bbls 330 8,730 882 6,174 Beeswas 73 3,730 83 1,8.30 Barley, busli 4,448 8 884 7,381 3,790 Uesus 6u 180 83 b9 Coal, tuns 8,307 81,818 31,314 33,833 Castings 93V 33,300 333 44,400 Cora, uusoe'l 834 1,4:0 1,007 3,033 Cwiu broem, lbs.... ? ? 28.814 444 Cigars i.... ? ? 13,836 3,078 Clover aead, bbls... 10 320 ? ? I hestuuti, bush 106 200 37 114 Cider,bbla 80 40 03 113 4 (iitoa, law, lbs.... ? ? 5,679 367 Kicks, bills 23 8 30 511 5,300 Flour., 350 2,340 14,363 72,814 ! Fruit, dried ii gieen.. 130 300 629 1,889 Keatheis. lbs 2.30 183 36,760 14,190 j Fl x seed, bbls 50 170 20 ? Grass sved... 124 1,000 ? ? 4?i atiig ........ ... -w ? 14,075_ 4,029 | uius>?Kia? nirff,iiia 3*4 l,W3 '#?fl Hints, ikins it fart... ? ? 77? 10,822 Hemp ? ? <(9 36,165 H?T ? ? 20 600 Horns, lb. ? ? 1 BOO 1,440 lruu, Hit, ton. 150 4,000 601 20,010 Iron am! naill 8J 7.775 612 61,208 irou, railroad 250 21,500 2,052 164,151 Iron wirt, lb. - ? 10 000 872 Leather 46,66 1 9,732 123,370 2 4 474 Lead pig - ? 159,790 5,391 Lead, white 7 000 560 58,692 5,860 Lienor, 115 1,262 35 359 Laid, Ibi 2,0(0 150 ? ? Lumber,ft... 3,32iM 212b0 3 901,675 3t,23i (II, bills 100 3?6? 200 8 970 Oilcsfce.tous 15 750 10 '00 < Ml., but'' I.fUO 1,125 16 300 4,075 r per, ream. 1,793 6,2"5 3,109 9 327 rump, and pipe 250 1,500 1,263 7,218 I" tames, 1,12a 300 ? ? I'urk, bacon, and tiaina, bbls 520 6,280 2,546 25 460 Rigs, lbs 5,545 110 1,400 260 Wye, bu.h ? ? 911 455 Stares M 1.16 8 9 352 1,056,375 1 2,676 8t?nriue, bbla 50 1.500 ? ? Salt 300 300 ? ? SMugles.M 3/50 4.-137 816,610 1,108 Scale., plarfoim ... 500 7,'90 ? ? Shingle bolt., co d. 10 100 ? ? Herd, rape, bu.h... ? ? 456 3'4 Sugar, nil, Ste. lb,. ? ? 335,735 20.144 h'tiudiie. ton. 500 ? 451 45.100 T.llow, Iba ? ? 36,200 2.696 Tobacco, unmau'd.,. ? ? 333,602 13,304 Wool 65,435 1 9.64 2 4 76,922 1 31,858 $103,334 $1,673,216 Showing an increase o?er laat year of $669,810 It will bo perceived that there he. been an incieaae in the value thi? year of more thin one hundred per cent compared with laat, and thia increase has been chiefly in provisions. Oltl Stork Kxcnanjje. $12000 Tram Notes 6 pet 102 200 Morn. Canal btO '4 $,0(0 I! S6?, '56 10l>? 75 do J3X $5800 Peon's 5a 70jJ 200 do bGO 14* SIVI'O Oo 70% 225 <10 H iln,,n Ohio 6* '.'<0 91% 110 do <60 14 $ ., 0 do '60 91% 13 do blO 14 $1 00 Indian* Bd. 4u% 100 do ?30 12% SHOO 11 linnia Bd? 40)2 300 do I37S S4MW Keadma Bds V? 72% in d> ?60 131* IHlCrt Bead Mo.t Bdl 72)6 200 do M0 14% 17 tin M*<rli ISU 100 21 Canton Co 36% 21 Illinois lik 10 10 do 1.60 37 21 N \ Treat 0' 21 do 160 36% 010 K iinci Trnat 30 50 Cat ton Scrip J% 40 d > b30 30 5 Mohawk MH 61 tin d, 22% llo Nork WorMR '3% Toll do b30 30 10 do b7 13% <,0 no >60 .0% 10 Long lalaud KR 2"'? 10 do 2!.% 50 do 26% To oo b36 30% 100 ?h? H.tlem RK b30 48% ISO N H Insursnce 1?? <25 ? ? < '? 300 heading UK 60% '?0 do a* JJJ* fO do alma 60 100 do blO 40% i/t do ?ty 60 255 do 48% S?? on?l Board. 10 ?lij Nor k Wor all 13% 50 .lis Nor k Wor all JS% 10 do 1.30 13% 100 Moma I anal a3 4 21 do b30 11% 25 Ulinoia Bk b3 18% j 21 do 51% 10.. Long laUOd BK <6., , 19 do 53% 10 Fanner* l.oaa *0 29% | I'd! do ?15 53% 21 do 29% lio do 120 13% 50 Beading llll 60% Ifew Mtock Kxrtiange. 10.ha Hailem KB 48% IfO alia Kaimora Truat 29 4 Ml do 48% 210 do ??'* I 2 . Nor It Wor 53% 10 Morris Canal < 25 do tw 53% 50 do ?J6 221 do 13% 25 Canton Co ?" 36% 21 do Sat 13% 71 do 36% 71 do 13% CITY TKADH BKBOKT. Nrw Your, Thisidat Avthbhoov, Feb.29 The market, exhibited little change .lnce|yeiterday'? repoit. Owing to the inclemency of the weather, com hined with the continued high ratea demanded (or freights, triinaoctiona in breadstuff. were rather limited. 41enn?eo flour on tha spot, aold at (7 ; hut at that ptico, the market rloaed lather feebly Considerable ealea of fl inr an<l grain were made, deliverable in April and May, at a leduction of pricca current for the tame cn lie apot. Srall aalea ol wheat were made at full pricea Cora woa in aomo leia rerjuo.t at one dollar, though some sale* were reported at that ptice?aellera were plenty for future delivery; and some sale. were made deliver*'le In April and May, at lower pricea. Rye was Arm. Tha stork of grain in market waa considered much reduced ami nothing wai wanted to givo greater animation to the market than a aupply of vessels at moderate freights ????gggacgMg^M I Provisions ware is nbi le?* demand, axd sale* of old prima pork woro made at a slight reduction on y.ster day ? rate*; men ?u lira*, * wu lard, picklad meatf. Urocoria* al?o oantinued Heady, with lalei to a fair extent at previoua price*. Ashf.*- We report tale* of 160 bbl* Pot* at ?4 87X i and AO do Pearl* at ?5 76. Bee*wai?There we* no change in price*. Bhkadstl'FFs.? We report ?a!e* of about 6000 barrel* Genesee on the *pot at 67; 3000 do Michigan and 600 do Gonesee deliverable in May at ?6 000 do Brooklyn City Mill* *old at ?6,67 Southern w a* inactive, (Georgetown and Howard itreet) at ?8 76, though *ome holder* demanded more. IVkrat -We report iale* of 9000 buahel* Cong I aland at ?1 68; 8a4< o do Genesee good white at $1 76, and 1000 do Geneiee damaged at ?1 96. Corn ?We report *ale* of 1900 buibela common *outhern at 1*6 ct*; 6000 do northern at ?1; 10 000 do, deliver able in May, *old at 76 eta, and 10,(too do, deliverable in the tame month waa reported?term* private. Cornmral J ?The market win iteady and we report *a)ea of louo I barrel* deliverable the 1 at Ai>ril at ?6 19>6, it haviu< previoualy been aold at ?4 67%. and 000 do sold at ?6 03. j on the ?pot. ftyc?The stork being light, holder* de. manJe l ?1 per bushel on the spot. Outs?Canal were held at 60 cent*, and New Jersey ut 43a44 cent* Harl,v ?There was a lot en the market, but in the absence of demand for shipment no sale was me do bxrort* or Br laps tuffs from this Port to Great Bhi tain and Ireland, on thk 24th of February. 1817. Kour. libit. Corn. buth. Meal. bblt. 3.K1 . 28.338 1,100 Coffee?The market was steady, and we report sale* of 3,060 bags of Hio at a 7?f. Cotton.?Prices appear to havo assumed more steadiness; and the sale* to day, which amount to about 1,600 bales, wero based ou 11 cent* for fair uplands?about one half of the purchaie* were hy spinners. Fish.?Dry* cod con'inued flrin at ?3 80 a $3 69%. We report sales of 100 bbl* large No 9 Halifax mackerel ut ?7; and 160 do No 1, at ?10 76 Fhl'it.?Box raisin* continued Arm at ?1 86. llmr?Nothing new since last report. Lead ?The market waa quiet at ?4 98 Mola*?e*. ?Sale* Cubu were reported at 98 ct*.; New Orleans was steady at 30 a 30% ct* N a : % i Stocks Spirits turpentine was the only article uvlu ' uoii 111 mm e at old prices?quotations Tor other description* weiu nominal. Oil* ?8ala? American linseed wero reported at 70 ct*. ca?h No change in (perm or whale. Photiiiofii?The market wae lei* active tbmi 5"eater day, but price* were steady, with the exception of old ptime pork, 400 barrel* of which changed hand* at $13 Hud it wa* reported a private sale of 100 do wax made at $10 69; men do wa* held at $16, caih Btef? No change; 31,000 lb* short middle* sold at 11 cent*; 1600 lb* (city) shoulder*, in pickle, *old at 8)$c; 40,000 do Ohio, in pickle, 7c; 1000 lb* shoulders were also reported at dc Lard?11 oents was offered lor 1000 kegs of new, and relused. i heese was lirm at 7 a 7,'tC. But ter also continued in good request, at previous price* Ri.:?-We havo no change to note in price*; the market was steady at $4 60 a 4 76, for good to prime. SatD? $11 06 wa* said to have beeu paid per tierce for rough flaxseed. Clover was tlrin ut a 0 cents No ehangc in timothy. Si'oaa? New Orleans was Arm at 7j a 8a; for some prime lot* idgc wa* demanded; 300 boxes of Havana brown sold at 7 a 8c. Tallow?The stock was light, and prices firm at 8] a some holders asked 9c VVhalhoiii-The market was very quiet, and we have 110 change to make in quotation*. KaaioHT*?To Liverpool, 39 a30d was demanded for grain, and conceded in some case*, and 81 9d a 9* lor Aour For cotton, jd wa* asked. To Havre, $3 was asked for flour, and 3c per lb for cotton. To Londou, quotations remained unchanged. To Ireland, 30d lor grain, and 9s for Aour continued to be paid. Rkal Kstatk at Auctio.v.? 3 story house and lot No. 383 4th street, 36 0x840 $13,960 3 story house and lot cor. Rivington and ChrysNfctie sts, 34 7x99 6 6,600 Biick front house and lot No 636 Grand street, 36 by 76 6,000 Two story brick house and lot No 331 Cherry at. 36 3 by 60 3,600 Three story house and lot corner of East 16th st. and 3d avenue 3,760 Lot adjoining on 3d avenue, 30 by 93 1,960 Lot on Madison avenue, corner 36th street, 34^x 100 1,30# Lot adjoining, same size 1,010 3 lots on do, between 38th and ?7lh sum size , , 3,901) Lot on 36th street, between Madison uud 4th av. 25x98^ 830 Lot adjoining, same size 840 Lot on 36th street, between above avenues, same size. 900 Lotadjoiuing, same size. . 880 Lot on 30th street, opposite side, same size. . .. 905 3 lots adjoiniog, same size, each $900 9,700 4 lots rear oi above, on 37tii street, each $903... 3,620 Two lots on 36th stieet, between above avenues 1,460 Lot corner of 4th avenue and 36th street, 24^x80 1,200 1 Lot adjoining uu avenue, same size 825 Lot coruer 4th avenue and 35th street, same size 1,500 Three lots adjoining, same size, each $725 3,175 Lot on 33 I at. near 4th avenue, 25 by 9b>? 850 Lot on 35:h st. do do 630 3 lots adjoining, same size, $625 oach 1,875 1 lot opposite side of street, sume size 635 Lot adjoining, same size 626 do do 616 Lot on 36th st, rear ol above, same size. ..... 660 Lot adjoining, same size 660 do de -do 695 Lot on opposite side, same size 660 3 lots adjoining do 1,660 2 lots.on 37th st. same size 1,040 3 lots adjoining do 1,600 1 lot rear of above on 38th st, same size 530 Lot cor. Lexington avenue and 36th street, back ing the last sold, 243i by 100 625 3 lots adjoiuing, same size, each $600 1,800 1 do do... 685 2 do do, each $690 1,180 1 lot, Car. 37 th st, do 760 2 lots on 37th st., 170 feet from 6th av , 25x98j?.. 2,100 Lot adjoining, sa'i. e size 1,025 Lot on36th street, 394 ft Irom 6',h av. same size.. 760 Lot adjoining, do.. . . 710 [The above lots are situated on the plot known as Murray's Hill, on the City Hail side of tho distributing reservoir] Brooklyn?Three story house and lot No.,66 Atluntic street 2,825 Lot No 67 adjoining 610 Two lots on rear of above, on Stato at?$675, $590 1,266 Man led. On the 25ih irist., by the lluv. Wm. M. Stilwoll, Oku C. JsrvKHiss, to Marv G., daughter of the late George Sexsmith, all of this city. Died, Oh the 17th December, oi coast fever, on board bria itobeit, in the iivoi Oambia. Africa, Mr. Oko. U. Ykt~ man, second officer ol' the Robert. POiTOFKI'E. I New York, Kelt. 26, 1847.> I'HE Steamer CAM3RIA will leave B iton on Monday, . the let March Her mailt will close at the Office on ?stuiday. the ?7th in?l , at 3X P M. Postage on all letters mutt be prepaid to Boston. Letters of half an ounce or uuder, 5 cents,ami each additional li If ounce i ceuti ROBERT H MORRIS, P.M. An hx'ra Mail will be made up at I Ins ofKce for tne above Steamer to go by Express over the Look Island Railroad, on ! Sunday, the 28lh int. 4 ffice open from 9tol0 A.M. and from 12', to IK P- M. 176 at Ih 1HK WRIGHT llOlJdh, NASSAU STREET. \ NNIVEHSAKY OK ST. PATKIOK ?The Coinmitlie fx uained to carry into effect the (object of the (ieneral j Meeting held at the " Wright House," on We> neaday, 17th February, for the purpose ol making arrangements for a Liutier iu honor ol the i airou Saint of Ireland, are requested to assemble at the " Wright House " this, Friday evening, at 7 o'clock, to report progress, and adorn such measures as will promote a proper observance of the ua . (76 It*r IlKMtY WKIOIIT, Sec MES-J F.IIISM It will be seen by an adveitiseuieut in auo her Coluari. that the Merineric Lecture, With F.xI eririienrs, hy |)r l)OI)S, a-d lo Lades i uly, will be tlii a tc noon at 4 o'clock, in 411 ntou Ha'l fr'/t lt*r 11 Hi CUE A L'P.ST 1LLUSI RA I KL) WORK IN Tii fc WORLD, WILL be published ou Saturday. February 27th, No 3 OlaTH AMKHItlAN BCE.NERV. Containing the following Views engraved fiom Original Drawings taken ou ihesiiotbv E Whitefield. I West Poiut and Fort Putnam. 2. Ortego Lake, iMew York. 3 I'ait of Steubenville, Ohio. 4. Itesidence of S 8 Haldeinin Esq. 'I his highly popular woik Fas elicited the highest encotn,urns of the press in all parts of the country. Single copies 21 ceutr. H. LONO ?t BKOl'HKK. 32 Anu street. N. Y. P. H? To post "asters nnd clubs five copies will he forVI II rdfil nil I lie rr r f i pi nl 11 post I - III 111) I r STTT) A VT D' dD A y. I*HE ST. DAV DM BENEVOLENT.SOCIETY ofNew 1 York and Brooklyn will hold its Anniversary Festival on 'heist day of Mare h next, at the Apollo Saloon, No 410 Broadway. Dinner at half-past 6 o'clock. Tickets to be had ol either of the Mlnwing Stewards : ? Mr. JOHN F VANS, No. Uj IJowery. Mr. Fl. B VOIH-AN No 12 F'.nst Broadway. Mr ItOBT KOBF.RTS No 17 Downing at. l>lr J.I' JUNf,3,I*n 1(0 ll.iwery Mr. r. W. HOB r.MTS, No 11# Water it D. C. COLD EN, Fre ident. T. I. Jotvate. Corrrepnrtling Set'f tary f261t*rc 1" IIE I'litCltlETOKHof the Dry Doc# Ltuea ol atagea would re?|>wc t f.? 11 > inform the fublic, that they hare fitted o)ia large and convenient aitting roam at the upper end of the ronte. corner of Tentn itreet and Avenue C, for the a'eomnr dntlnu of pnr.iea who with to take a aleigh ride, during thin fine ileighiug. f<6 lt*rc Diamond pointed hullpens?j (i.HtVAiiR 0# K ultmi atreet, Eaella hie (old I'ene for %1 oily? pencil included Thie te a great rrduction on toe former pii'M it ill i he pent ire an lire ? could he ar ished frtl It * rc PS REWARD. IOST?On Tueeday, 2Jd Kehrnary, on hoard ehipe lloaJ ciue or Oarrick, or in the vicinity uf Orleane wharf, I >nt of Wall at ert, a gold watch and guard chain?aaid walch made by Lithtrland. Davie U Co., Liverpool, numbered IH,till The linder will receive the above reward, by tetn ruing the aame lo f? J 'MIN COLLINS, Jr , 16 South at. j wios and toupkks. B\TCHKLOR'.4 new invented WIOS and TOUPEES are (lie moat perfect apecimena of tke ait of wig making yet offered to the public?the) are ao admirably adapted to the peculiar etyle of each individual, ao light in their cona via. t ion, and natural in appearance aa to defy detection. A large and well aelected atock alwaya on hind, at the only mannfacturera,Wm. Batchelor, 2 Wall atreet,iiear Broadway. Copy the addreaa. I?W lm+rh M ASSA I * K < J.U A HOUSK. SOUTH OYSTER /UK, WNO ISIJIND 'pHK tubacriber iikn tltia method to i riToi>rt lua frienda I ami the public, that he t aa taken the abort' hnu?e, which will he open f?.r the reception of riaitera on the tint city of M.iich pert, and b ata will he 111 re iduiesa far fronting C. K. HNICDKl OH, Proprietor, f 21 lw*rh 'ate of the Oyater bay House. IN (J I 11 / L'i. , WAINTKDto ?ell out, a faahionable Millinery eatabluhinen, where the lir?t data of Duaineaa ran be done The ol ject in telling ont la that the preaent proprietor wiahea to relinquish I Ulineaa. h'or (urlher | a 11' ttI r* enquire of Miaa C. He.NHION, 2*1 llroadway, up ataira, granite buildiuga | fc2J lw?rh J,^rjT,,.NT h N VhLOl'h PAFE... U'IVK HUNUHKD HEAMHratent Hn*lnpe Paper, unitA able for putting up apicea and codlee. Jnat received and lor aele by .PKH4MJK k BllOOKrt, fellmr Uaad ITNaaaa wanted, I APOHT *.ft, *B Retire Bitti irdU'tXlOUS Bee, that SMOkC I I Fraueh, sod undcatardi pitkiug Apply 15 William straat, up slurs, from )? to 5. I 85 i'*rt WANTfcU, ' V SITUATION ri pUiu cook, wuher and uoacr. other- 1 wi?e laundress; a'so, By eiiotker ri chambermaid, aatiat"i-i in washing end ironing or general homework in a iintll | prirate family. Please call at HM Motl aueet, up a:air?, first | "??' f?5 8t*r | ; BEEBE it CO ST A K, HAlfBW. ! 158 BROADWAY. SEW YORK. J WILL iutroduce Spriug Faahiou for iieatlemeu's Hats, March (. IttT ISa I0t*? 1 IRISH BELIEF FnND. " ' VOUN O MEN'S MOVEMENT. 'PUK Committee appointed on behalf ol the Mercantile L'brirr Association 'ud the Youug Men of New Vorit, i hare the pleasure to announce that i MR GEO VANDENHOFF, hiving proffered his aervicea gratuitously in aid of ihe fund for the Ireland, the Committee of the Clinton Hall Ai' have willingly granted the uiecfthe Lecture Room, 1 t In ton lir II. for FRIDAY EVENING. FEB K. 1817, ] on which occaaiou he will give an Euteriaiuuient, by way of lecture, with READINGS AND RF.CITATION9 FROM ENGLISH, IRISH AND AMERICAN POETS; and coucludr with r piece, writteu by himself lor the ucca; aioa, entitled "IRELAND'S CRY AND AMERICA'S ANSWER." 1 To commence at half-pant 7 o'clock. Tickets 5u cents, at toe desk of the Library, and priucioal book aud music atoraa chirge themselves with the receipt and paymeut of the funda. (55 2i*rre I UULilL.r J. \J tVCiUA^IU ? TUUi?U :VlE..Hn MOVEMENT. I "?*HK Committee appointed it the Young Men'* Masting, I 1 (held at Clinton Hall uu Monday evaniug last, for the re! lief of Ireland, met on Tuesday evening, 23d iust, and the followiug resoluiiou was passed Unsolved, "That ihr course ol action moit proper to be pureued by this Committee, the more elfeetnally to accoin, plish the object of tiie'r appoiutment, an appeal be made to the members of the Mercantile Library Ass > union,aud to the Young Men ol thecity of New York generally, by the officers of this Committee, earnestly soliciting contributions in behall of the cause of Ireland "Also, that auus'rptiou papers be placed at the desk in ; the Library, and in the hands of each member of the Commit! tee, eyery one of whirh hereby pledges himself to the other I to use the most strenuous efforts among his own personal friends, and otherwise as far as possible, to increase the amount ofwe collections " Agreeably to the above, an appeal ia now nude to the ! Youug Meii of this city to come forward and aid in thu time of ueed. Members ol the Committee will be iu setsiou doriug ths day and evening at Clinton Hall, and thankfully receive donations II. POBTLEY, Chaumau. Petkh Pangs, J C. N. Bo ivy, /Secretaries. Isaac W. Havr, ) R6 2t*rc K ELI EE FOR 7KEl/AN"D. ' j' IIK undersigned deeply impressed with the absolute ne1 cessity of immedi ate personal exertion on behalf of the i starving in llions ol tur fellow ereniures in Ireland, and be lieviug theie are many humane persous ready to contribute their inite to aid a famishing nation, otters free of all expense the use of one of his warehouses. No. 18 Broadway, to . committees or individuals, aa a depot where may bt deposited uutil a government or other vessel is despatched, Klour, , Meal, Pork, Clothing or any article suitable to Una trying ' crisia. Hemeinbsr It 'twere done then 'Bwere well, It were done quickly. Ail packages mutt be carefnlly put np, and labelled "He| lief for Irelaud " A cleik will he in attendance to give reI ceipts for the same. I feli 2wr JOSEPH NAYLOH. COaL? rEACH OKCHAHD, HED ASH, LAKOK uut, $6; egg, broken and stove,$660; Lehigh, lump,$5 AO; egg, stove anduut, to, these are cash prices, less Ml cts. for ; cartage. Mv coala are all under sheds and dry, re-screened ' from my cost vard,2M> Elizabeth street and corner ol HamI mersley and Bedford atreeta. f!6 1111#re JACOB WEEKS. Jr ] 5nnn dozen rATENT SHIRKED HU8PEN- i )vvv|)EK8. embracing over twenty strlea and j | prices, varying from below $2 to $20 per dozen, for tale'to jobbers and expoiters, and at retail, by the only maunfaetu- ( , rer of the Isbrie in the United States, and ezcluiive owner of ' all the patents lor proceaaes in the manufacture of these I goods. H H. DAY. ! 124 I m rrc 23 Courtlaiidt street j ravHE Proprietor of ground in a good aituitiouon BroadM. way, propusas to erect a large lodging houa thereon, ] if he cau obtain a satisfactory tenant for a term of yeara ? Persons do,irons ol taking a lease of such an es'abliahin?ut, in>y obfin particulars, by nridreaaing Messrs. Latson I bt Stewnr:, builders. No. 92 East 13th street, or calling upon 1 them between die hours of8 and9 A.M. f2r 3t*rc 1 EHERRY PECTORAL. THIS elegant Hid surpassing!y excellent remedy for colds, coughs, consumption and all affections of the throat and ; Inngs. i Hold in New York by Hoadley, Phelps bt Co , 142 Wa'er at; , i Kushtou bt Co , Br ad way : Henry Jdiuaou, Apothecary, corner Chambera street and Broadway; J Milhau, 183 Broad- I I way: J. K A. Meakim, it' Broadway, aud druggists throughout thr Uuittd States and Canada*. The formula of th'$ preparation ha? beeu published in the ! public n.edical journala, and hva received the highest comI memlatiou of aereaal medical college! aud ichooli in the ' United State*, as well a' the diatinguiahed medical au'hori- j tiea of British America f>4 |m?rh Notice?dissolution okcopartnehshii*? The partnrnhip here ofore under the name of WM SWAIM Hi SON,was diaaolved ou the 21*t of Julv last by the deeeaae of the said WM. SWAIM, aud the business ii now. and will be in future, conducted delusively by the subsctiber, who his had the sole charge of the manufacturing of the Panacea and Vermifuge for the last fourteen years. The Panacea will he put up at usual in round bottles, fluted [ longitudinally, with the following letters blowu ou the glass: " Swain'e Panacea, Philad.," aud the only change { mme is the name of Jas. Swaim stamped ou the sealing was. and written on the label coveriug the cork, and a new j label for the aide of the bottle, composed of geometric lathe work, comprising nine different dies, which hare been | turned tor the esclusive use of the proprietor, by Draper 8c Co.. bank note engravers, of Philadelphia. Four dies ol d<l- | feretit patterns form the body of the work, aud in Uie centre it j a portrait of the late Wm. Hwijim, aeparatcd from the bordera bv two circlea of lathe work, the words " Swaim'a Panacea" , are engraved conspicuously ou two turned strips, tad a large semi-circular die forma the upper margin. The borders are composed of nlain lathe work atrip, outside of which is engraved in small lettera the entry of the copyright JAMES SWAIM. Philadelphia, Auguat, 1846. SWAIM'8 CELEBITATED PANACEA FOR THE CURE OF Scrqfula. General Debility, IVkite Swelling, Rkeumeftria, Dieeaeet of the lAver and Skin, ana all Dierases or nine from Impurities of the Blood or the effecU of Mercury. < S W AI M'S PANACEA has been for more than twenty-live years celebrated in this country and Europe for its estraor- < diuary cures?for the certilicates of which reference is made to the directions and books (whick maybe had gratis) accompanying the Panacea. It hat been used in hospital and private practice, and hit had the siugular fortune of being recommended by the moat celebrated phyaici-nt and ether eminent persous. Amoeg others by Win (iibs in, M. D.. Prof. Surgery, Pa. University. Valentine Mott, M I).Prof Surgery, N. Y. University. , \V. P. Dewecs, M. I) , Prof. MMlwifery, Pa. University. , N I haptnnu, Prof Physic, Pa University. T. Parke, M. D . Pierideiu College Physicians, ThiLd. l)r. Pel Valle, P of. Medicine, Havana Joae Loureuco da Luv., Prof Surgery, Lisbon. J ' hiprnaa, Mem. Hoy.vl College Surgeons, London. U W K'ving, laic Minister to Spain. Sir'I h"iu is Peaiaun, Major (seueral Biitish Ariny. ' li.i'en llohertion, Hniith Coiintil, he Jcc V And alio, the wonderful eit'ei effected by Nwaini'i I'ana eea have for many yrara made it an invaluable remedy 'lhr Paiiacrn d'.ei not contain mercury in any form, and being an iaiioceut preparation, it maybe given l" the tuoit teuder tula i' i THE RETAIL PRICE HAS IlEEN REDUCED to One Dollar and Kitty ceuti per bottle, (containing three ] half pink.) or three hottlea lor Kour Do'lari ALSO-SfFAIiTS YERMIFUQE \ A vain ble Kninily Med.cine, belli* a highly approved , remedy for all diaraiei anting from Debility of the Digrative , Orgms. ?uch at Wortnt, Cholera Morhut, Dyarntey, Freer ami At nr. Bleedii g I'tlei, Hick Headache, kc. Sic. See f.e , pamphlet (tahich may be had gratia,) accompanying the vermifuge. A GENTS .New York?H. H. HckirlTeliu Si Co. Liverpool?Kvani. Hon k Co. ! , Havana?L. (I Melizet. Valparaiao?Alexander Croat. Buenoa Ayrea?O. J. Haye* k Co. St. Thornaa?A. H. Riiae. Calltou?I hworda Hindwich lalanda? E. L. Benton. Caleutta? Htifluagle Si Co. fl83aw4ria*rc 1 I CONSTIPATION (COsTIVKNKHH) DKHTROYKD. Juit published, price M em It, the Fourth Edition I/rant luted from the Nineteenth French edition) " CONSTI- ' RATION( otfirmeat) DESTROYED; Or, Expori- , tion of a natural, nimple, agreeable and infallible ' MEANS not a nip of OYER CO MI NO. but also of i completely destroying habitual Constipation, without Using either purgative!, or any artificial meant whatever. (discovery recently made in France, by M. lYarton) followed by numoiaut certificate! from eminent physicians and ather per son i of dutixu linn " 8 OLD AT THK NATIONAL DEPOT OK WAKTON of Paria, No. 131 Will lam atreet. New Vork, ami by refil at the Orauite Building, No. 173 Broadway, corner of J Chamber atreet i Beware ofapuriout " F.rvalenu " fl Sawlin* MkKrh IN THK CIRCUIT COURT" Ok~ THK UN1TKD ' STATES for the Diatrict of Loniatann?Jonah Barker et al va the Kxerutora of Cheater Clark, Tlionuu lluut et al? j lu entity; bill and amriided bill?It appearing to (he Court that W and T. Van Unikirk, Luke Davie, Mra Alice Mead, executrix; Walter Tagger k Co., WilliatnC Waddell. Or- ] I iinlo Kiak, Auitin Melville Si t o., Manael T. Stout, I ink- a ney Si Beittoe, H. Booream k Co., Weyman, (Mark Si Co., < Joint Hunt k i o., Van Wvck k Plullipa. and T. W. Pinkney, teaide out ol the State of Luniaiaua, ami all or mint of tliein in the cjtvof New York : , It ti ordered that the aatd defendants do plrtd, anawer, or J derntir to the aaid bill and anieuded bill, on or helore the lira' .Monti <y in April next, and that a copy of th>a tale be aerreil upon tlietn personally, or publubcd in one of lhr newap i| era ] lubliahed in ibeciiy of New Vork, at leaal three timea a J week, for lour weeka, tirevioua to thit lime, at the eiptr-.tion h of which period, in default of inch anawer, the laid In I and ameuded bill aliall be taken procoufeaao a I ceitify the above to be a true copy from the minnteiof the laid eoort, of the order thia day taken in 'he above cauae. ED. RANDOLPH. Clerk. > New Or'eana. Feb. I, IMT. 117 SwStaw ? d EEMsONN IN llHAWiNtl k. MON*. H. LAKDUUCH. I Vt c I y fr o m " f'a5T w i a h es to I I employ winicf hit 'ime in gmug leaaotie in drar-iug f and wa'er color punting (HlVtllf.) Having been a papilofthe celrhrated Kedoate, ?nd poa Mniig fully t"f nmiiKrot that great in titer, he reeominriidi , himself eapeciilly to the I'diea withing loarqiiTr the accomplishment ol drawing and painting llowera, ai well ai to I the geutleoieu and boarding ichools in and arouud New York, for all the other hranehea of hii art I HFKFitrncra?Rev. A. Verren, llev. T. F. Hchroeder, D. . lf,L. II L)e Lnte, Ea<| P. A. Lacoite, K?n , Meairt Pillot It Le Barbier, < ollomb &. Iit'liii Sch'age u kon|>. . Application! for termi may be in.ide at theMee.A.Ver len'a, 90 f ranklin atreet. and at 54 New ureet. f 17 eodlin*rc hi '^k( I 11(1(1 ' " L.KN0 on bond and mortgage, in a fa f inmi to init applicant!, on good productive teal citate in tin? city. Apply to S. H. BROAD, No. II , Wall atreet, in the Croton water office Imaemrnt, who hai a , home and lot for aale, situated on tih itreet, oppoiite Waih- ' melon Square. N B Several unall inmi of money to lend, on Bror.klcn real estate. Apply at above. JMeoi!2m"r 1 TO DENTISTS. J 'fHK mbacribar liaa jmt received n cement (wuhont iner- t J. enry,) lor hlling te> tli, tnvented and recently unproved by one of the lira! Surgical Dertutain the worlil It la be- " lievcil to lie the heat article of the kind ever ottered to the profeaaion. Kor aale at the Dental llep<i> of JOSEPH T.MURPHKY. I J56 Broadway J Ordera by mail, accompanying SI, cau have a jar acnt thy return capieia. fsS lin'rii I notFCK! , 'IMIF. copartuerahip heretofore eaiating between the 'in- I 1. demuued, under the tlnn of Uaowvk llnooaa.ia thia ? day duoMilyed by mutual cnuaeut. The oulatanding debts of , the li'in will be nettled by Mr Brooka, to whom all dobte due tl e roncern muat be paid, and in tha settlement of wliieh he la ipgliomrd to me the name of the firm. C 11 D ROWER. * ? SAMUEL BROOKS. a New Yuak.Jag.M, IM7. jM lm*c AOOtlOM none?. JACOB 8. PLATT. Auctioneer. ' DAMAOKD CUTLERY and i ewe Muffe.-JACOB S. PLaTT will aell Thii Dae, at II o'clock, at tha auction room, lcaak aud ainall case of Pocket Cattery, consisting el tag and buff handle 1, 3 and 1 blade kairea, clip peiata. etchrd aud motto blades, andfmoetlv auited to the .Southern and Weatero marketa. in lota to auit purcliwcra, to ba aolo tot account ofuuderwritera. The tame haaig bean damaged on he voyage Alio, in good ordc, 7 ladies fur muffs (26 lt#r J A< OB H. PLA'IT, Auctioneer. CTOHE SHELVING.?JACOB S. PLAIT will acll thia ij day at 13 o'clock, precisely, on the premiaea No. 16 Old Slip, a quantity of Hardware Shelving, aa it atauda lu the ibove atora The name may be aeeu till 13 o'clock thia day, the hour of aale.nt the Hardware atore No. 10 Old flip. 131 Ifr IL PAINTINGS AT AUCTION. A LKVY~?17i tell on Satarday evening, "t 7 o'clock, at 391 Broadway, a valuable collection of Paintiuge, part of which have juat been received from Europe, and not been teen before in tint country. lu thia collei'tioa it a tine likeueaa ol Washington; a highly finished picture of Uanyuiede, with many oiher originate vt oi thy of notice. Ce3C 2t*r ARB WARE SALE?We" invite the aiteutiou of ihe i Hardware Trade to the tale thia day. at the auction room of James M. Mills, No. 78 Maiden lane, at I8K o'clock. A VL.of'JUO lata and packages Hirmiugham, Sheffield, and German manufacture Hale positive. fi8lt*rrc JMg 120 LOTS OE ?lit6OnD foraale'at tha Etchange, JKjflkby A J. BLEECKEll, on Kriday. 36th lust., at 12 aako clock, situated on the Third, kon-th and Kilth avenues, in Yorkville and Harlem. Three lluee of ttaget are unning from the City Hall nu the Third avenue eveiy few momenta, passage 6 cents. The Railroad cars a'e also running on the Knurth avenue. Commutations lets than by stages; the locations are healthy; and commanding dwellings cannot be erected as speedily aa the business and increasing population requires. Title .indisputable. A large portion of the purchase money ou bond aud mortage 'Maps and information to be obtained at No 8 Broad street, of Mr. Bleecker. 131 2t*r KUKOPIOAN ADVKUrisKmiCNTS. PATENT WROUGHT IRON TUBES FOR GAS AND STEAM RAILWAY. JOHN RUSSELL 8c CO .yWednesbury, Staffordshire, and 69 I Piter Thames stieet, Loud n, Manufacturers ul Patent Irou 1 ube for Gas, Steam, and Water, aud Lapwelded l ubes for Locomotive aud Marine Boilers, beg to statu that thev are readv r,> >hn, t.. ?..l? -...i .1:-- -r -l _ , ... ' 41? itll LIIIC1 (II wieir manufacture as may be required, by forwarding with the orders, Bill* payable iu England, or a reference in the laid country. They also supply Uasnineicrs, Oximeters, and all Uae requisites. The rriees will be charged according to thoae current at the time of rcceiiit ol tli - Volar in Kuglaml. The long standing ol the above named 1 um, being the oldest in England, is sulticieui guaranty for the quality of their manufacture and equitable ly.teui of dealing. 124 3t rrc FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. MI.(1ST?On Wednesday. VI tti inst a small white English Terrier etui; In. ., yellow spot orer oue eye; answers * the uaine ?>f" Venus." Any persou returning her to 67 Libeit; ? k t t up stairs, will receive the above reward. fe26 3t*r CENTRE MARKET \U\INST THE WORL). FJlT BEEF! FAT BEEF! ?>( The subscriber wishes to mlorai his friends aud Yfitl>fl public iu general, that he will offer for sale on Saturday next, the 37th instant, live superior cattle, ttir?( , | mem raised by Thomas Meade.lireeuw ch, Fairfield County, < ouuecticut?two more raised by Mr. Beuedrk. Nouh Salem, West Chester county. It has been pronounced by our best judges, to be the best that has bees offered tor sale in New York for some years past Also soma splendid mutton and veal, sold at stills No. 11 and M Centre Market, by B. LAWRENCE. 135 3f rc FOR SALE CHEAP, tin RURAL LIKE, fronting the beautiful Ran tan Bay,commanding a full and euiire view from the Highlands of Neversuik to the Narrows. Large and small improved aud unimproved property, so that the purchasers cun at all times suit their fancy iu a selection of pro .fourteen valuable building lots, nt West Bloomfield, P.,mi ton, adjoining the Methodist Church parsouage. aud opposite the New Episcopal Church. Terms easy. Persona desirous of retiring from the city to a healthy location anywhere along the shore, can obtain all information desired, by let er Post, to W U HAYNEM, Key port, Monmouth county, New Jersey. f36 tm?rc -jjJT LlJeT. A small Store Loft, at 39 Peck Slip. jyjL ; 139 iwf h | mNEW STORE in Liberty street.near Broadway.?To Let ?A first class 4 story Store, browu stone front, 35 by to, and with all modern improvements, to be erectready for occupancy on tha 1st of August next For terms, apply nt 69 Liberty street, up stairs. 135 lw*rc sputa FOR SALE or to LKA8C. a large and handsome JpcHl FARM, situatedat Far Rockaway, L. I , containing 201 acres of Laud, suitably divided iuto .tillable, wood and mead >w land. It is of easy access to New York, both by laud and water. Also, a large House, suitable as a Boarding House, with four acres of tillable land, new Barn and other out buildings, all enclosed bv a good board and n*l,m> fence. 4pply to Saml. R. B. Norton, an the premises, or at the office of John H I'ower, No 129 h'u'ton ?t. 'I"211w*r M'J'O LET OK LEASE?For one ?r more yea"?Sia lots on 28th and 29th streets, North River, west of 11th Avenue, with u?e and light ol wharfage. Premises wen adapted for a lumber, coal or Brick yard?at present occupied for ftitimber yard. Kuouire of ANTHONY 8t CRANE, ror. Bank aud West at., or at their office, adjoiuiug the above premises. f24 3t? rrc FOR SALE?BROOKLYN?$4,000 AaA The lot and three-story brick House, on the southwest corner of Hicks and backet streets. The lot it Xj^twentv-three fret in front aud rear, by one hundred deep. The house was built during the last year, has marble mantels throughout, plated furniture, a sub cellar, iron nor tico iu front, and back piazzas enclosed with glass. It is within three iniuutea'walk of Hamilton avenue terry and .he At'antic Dock, and lif(eeu iniuates from the Mouth ferry, m a rapidly improving neighborhood Also for sale, the House and Lot adjoining, of same deicription. Apply to EI.IA8 O. BROWN, At Slosson fc Mehell's Office, 30 Nassau street. f23 2w*rre FOR SALE. a THE House and lot of ground No. 64 Oliver stree . Lot 36 by 100 feet, house 2] by 43, an alley adjoining For particulars, apply on the premises. 123 2w*rli TO LET OR LEASE. THE three first class dwelling honses Nos. 14, 19, and 23 Ht Marks Place. The 11 e proof store No. 109 Water st, near the corner J^Wall st. The Hre story fire proof store No. 2 Liberty st, near the inerseetion of Maiden Lane. The store an 1 cellar No. 27 Cedar st, a few doors below William st. Apply to P. HANFORU, f23 2w*rh No. II Wa'.lst, 2d story. TQTTCKHALEHANDMMALL PROFITS 18 OUR JkMoTTO.?Kiue Boots at $3 m, city made, and are ( equal to those usually sold fir %!t. Vine French ciilf ^ dress Boots at $4 90, equal to the best sold in the city. Fa eut leather Boots, Mhoes, (Jailers and Slippers, on hand mil made to order on short notice All goods warranted to (ire satisfaction. Mending he., done in ihe store. YOUNO It JON KM, 4 Ann street, 123 lin'ee Near the Museum. THE HAT FOR SPRING 184T. rt AMIDON, HATTER, 177 Broadway, will this day introduce the Spring style f <r (ienllemeu's Hats. The |uslitv of the h ts he uow offers for the Spring trade will be ound unequalled for brilliancy, comfort, aud durability. New Yohs, Ffh. 28, 1817. 120 Iw insSr NEW Yi?UK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. A-a The bteaiiihoat KAHITAN, ('apt. Isaac Si ' slier, will commence her regular trips lor Z^CXaflUKLlha season, between New Brunswick and N?w York, on Moudav, ihe 1st day of March, tearing New Uruuswic'i at 7 o'clock, A. M , making he,' usual landings at K.euch's Dock. South Ainboy, I'eita Amboy, Urutley, To'eu, Kosarille, Tu ts, and t.lielsea, arririug M New York sbont I0>4 o'clork. Hetuminr. will leave N?w Vn,l ,i.- c..~, -r o ?1._ Itreet, at o'clock, C M. for iN?i? Bruuawick, laudiag aa ab?ve Horaea and carriagea, and all kindi of freight, taken at the mual nricea. N. B?All freight, arecie and baggage taken at the rukof [lie ownera (hereof. New Bruoawick, 23d Fehruarv, 1847. ft} lw*r r rri? FA8HHNUKKS PER STEAMSHIP sZE&smWn CAM B HI A. Ir..m Bqatou ? Pxaaengera are ^?M?9]rJKjL^bhcrehy notified that it will be naceaaarv for ~*<4u2U?dX|IJjihcrn to be on board at 10o'clock, A. M, en *Monday, the lat. aa theateamrr will aail at H A M. D.BUIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, at I2>i 'nitre Hnniden h Co., 6 Wall atreet narx ts'}. KOH CHARLESTON?The ateamahip 8liff Mi' 80UTHEKNKH. Captain M. Berry, will leave the pier eaat aide of feck alip, on Ha' WBJaMl" It tn day, 27 th mat at 4 o'clock P.M. No ^ beith aeenred until paid for. K.eight will be received until 12 o'clock ou Saturday, AH bill* of lading aigned on board, by the clerk. Kur freight or raa- age, apply to bPoKKORU, XiLKSTON fc CO f?26 >tr 140 Water atreet. KOK M V Kit POOL?I'aeket alni> tJAHltli K lIlVWwill aail Mouday, lat March, at I2o'rlork. ililfa Letter Bega will be cloaca at UK o'clock. For paaaage apply on board, el Orltana wharf, foot of Wall treet, or to t, K COLON 8. M South at. The R08CIUB, Capt. Kldridgr, will aail aa the packet of 'ai March, 176 j lAa: I'DIt 11AVIIE?Packet of lat Marcn.?The ahip i ijfjXV BAL I I VHlUK, Capt. Johnatou, will be detaiued HBea until the tlh March. For freight or paaaage. apply "f?6 _ BOYD k H1NCKK.N. Agent., 48 Wall aT* j aara UAKlir, KOK fiA LK ?A freight b irge ol about I Mil t"iia burihe,, and very light nralt of wairr.? j Mb Anply at 49 Wall atreet, naaeinent ollire f26 2wr | gao' P OK < iI. astiO W?hegnUr pa ket ol the 13th of wtly March?The li. ? new Br pai kei ahip BHOOK uH V, tttmJm'MO tii.a, Cnpt. Hugh McV.wen, will aail aa above, ler tegular day. Kur freight or paaaage, having splendid accomrnodationa, | pply ou hoard, at foot ol Knoaeveli atreet, K K , or to WOODHULLk MI Ni l IUN, IT South at. The rtgn'ar packet bark ADAM CAKK, 400 tona, Captain | Viiglit, will aueeeed il,e Urookaby, and aail on her regular I ,iv, the lat 120 rc wgt4g" KOIl Ne.W OMLKANH.?Louiaiana ntid New 1 KHiyWYoik Lino of I'ackera?Poaitively ihefiiatand only M^tfgular Packet to aail Thurtdav, Xi h iaauut.?The tat aailing Or g LO WDKH, I ant. ( oukliu. la now loadina I II<1 will poeitively aril t* above, her regular day. Kor freight or paasage, apply on board, at Oibata wharf, | oot of Wall at, of tr? KDWAHD K. COLLINS, M ffonth at 1 Positively do good# will be received on board after thia 1 veniug, 2lih inn. Agenu in New Orlenni, John (). Woodruff and Co , rho will promptly forward all good to their nddreaa. Pasaergrra by thia vraael will |>leaae be on board, at Or ram wharf, to-morw.w, at If M., at which time the brig will ail. Shippen will pleaae tend in their billa of ladinj ixtneditely. fit rc I'ACKfcT HHIP BROOK86V FROM OLAHdKyJy HOW?t'muig e? will attend tv receipt of goods ikilbiin"lediately. All goods not permitied in five daya mat lie teut to the public atnre. mine WOOUilUI.I, be MINTUHN. ?7 Pouth vt JUb^r NOTICK?All peranni are forbid treating or harJr*Vy I oring any of ihe erew of ihn llr rhip (Imnkvby. aa HHti'" dents .il their contra, ting will lie paid by either plain or consignee, fa,iirc woonnni.t. a minti hv. wwon h .t wanted, forthwith, THK HULL OK A BOAT, from twanty to thir , **?Wty tuna, a tlnop or th hull of a ateainboat wi'l anSUHbavwrr It muat be a yo "l vailing ucael Kunuirecf white, lot Yeaey atreet; or tiorntio Oiaou, at the I roton ion Worha, SQOoerck street. left 3i?rc ,04- IN pi I' f. -Picket chip ROBt II 1 In,in Livip i fygy pool?' onaigntea by tbil thip will pleaie tend ttUKp their ptrmi'a on board immcdialely, al Orleant rharl, foot ol VVall atreet. Allgoodam.t permitted within ve daya mnal unavoidably be aeut to the i>ublic store fajl ft?rc ) (Will bHKNcH DAOlOnRRfcOTVrr. PLAI tH, ?% Ar beat unality, for aale very low, toclovaacoa a imenl, at M Maiden Lane. o. OhllHON k CO. fll lw*r PARK THKATHE, Fttt 21, HIT. THE manager reepeatluUy uuouucn that, in coaaaqaeaee of the revere nun aturm, the theatre will he eluied for fire uiahti, and ra-upeued on MONDAY NEXT, March 1, with the celebrated DANSEUSE3 VIENNOISES, Forty-eight ia number, Under the direction ol >ide. W*ue, who will appear for a lew nighta. on their way (torn Boston to Philadelphia fj. B.?The bol I'lan n i)|ieo. and aaata unv be secured. BENEFIT UFTHr. FUND tOR THE HELIEF OF IKE LAND. BOWERY THEATRE Friday Keening. Feb. Mth LAKK-aw.... Dhu. Mr Neiti*; Kittjuncs, Clarke; Klleu. Mr? Jordan; La^^wW.d^JAN OBJECT OF INTEREST? Baruey O'Dwyer, H Chapman UrtitCueleUcwti fit ??d Gallery 11H tun Doori open at e>Si o'clock. Performance comtnencea at T. ITCH EL L it OLY'virlt. THEATRE-?Friday eeerung, February 3tth?The pgrforin?aeM will commence with FOLLIES OF A NIOHT?Philip, L)uke da CUarttea, MrCliatfreu; Ducliea de Clurtres, Vtiae Clarke. After Which, the VIROINIA MUMMY?Oiager Blue, Mr T O Ktcr; 8n>au. Miss Roberta To be followed by NICHOLAS NICKLEUY?John Brodie, Mr Holland; Smike Mm (Jlnrka. To eouclude with MRS. HARRIS? Mra Harria, Mr Holland; Fanny Piatt, YraTiuim. Dreta circle, Ml ceutt; upper boaea. IS ceuta; pit one abilling; priraie boaea $'i Orcheatra b<?sa,$}. Doors open at 7 o'clock ; cur am r sea at,naif peat T. ITALIAN O f h R A . A CARD. THE MANAGERS typing to euuounce to the publie thet 8ig'r continuing indiipoaed, they are compelled to iihatitute for" Lueia di Lainmermoor." the opera of "Nina Pazza per Ainore"?8ig Palti hiring kindly cnuaeuled to make hialirat appearauce before an Amrricae public, time unexpectedly, in tee part al iirury, heretofore performed by 8ig. Beuedetli. On Monday, ilia celebrated opera of " 1 Lombard i" fe'R lire AMEHICAN CIRC US. KUVVE.KY AMrHlTHtATHE. Latl 1 Vtfk of Sands, Lent f Co.'i 7Yeupe. THIS EVENING. Fe&ruary 2t>. an entire change of performance, including the PUN V K AC ICS. The celebrated horie Mav My. Fighting Pnuiee, and a NEW TURKISH ENTREE Horsemanship by Sands, Dale, Heruandex. Carroll, he. The Amphitheatre ii pleasantly warmed throughout. Doors opeu at Xpast 6. perlormauce commences at 7. Boxea 25 cents. Fit 12Q. Seats secured fYllwrc WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHI LADELPHIA K A Masshal, Lessee,... W. U. Blake,Manager FAREWELL BENEFIT OF MR. C. KEAN. FRIDAY EVENING, February 26. will be performed the tragedy of RICHARD 111. Richard Mr Chits Kean Queeu Elizabeth Mrs Chaa Keau T? conclude with A MAN WITHOUT A HEAD. Mr Ohlieioas Top Mr Chspman AMERICAN MUSEUM. ATTRACTIONS NEVER EQUALLED. CFLENDID Exhibitions and Performances morning, after0 noon and eveuing, at 1IX, 3 and 7X o'cloek. (T7~No hree List except the Press.-/H GENERAL TOM THUMB. The smallest Man in Mtuiatu'e in the known world, weighing ouly fifteen pounds, whs has been patroaiaed by all the chowncd heaiis of Europe, and beau seen by over 5,000,000 peis -us. has returned to America, in the packetship Cambria, and will make his GRAND DEBUT at his former head quarters, in this city, the American Museum, w here the most extenaire preparations hare been made to receire him. He will he seen this MORNING FROM 10, TO 1 O'CLOCK. Ou the platform in one of the main halls of the Museum, in his extraoritinary and popular performances, including his citizen's dbiis, in which he will relate his History, Trarela, Ike., sing a varietr of songs, dance the Polka, Sailor's Hornpipe, give representations of nafoleois, shedeeice the uiiat, osecian statues, Re. kc. He will also appear in his maguificent COURT DRESS Presented him by Queen Victoria, of England, and worn before all the principal Courts of Europe. After which he will appear in his BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME, In which he will dance ihe highland flins. Re. The mamnificent presents received from Queen Victoria aud the principal Crowned Heads of Europe, will be exhibited. IN THE AFTERNOON, FROM 1 TO 5 O'CLOCK, ini) in the EVENING, FROM 7* TO 9 O'CLOCK, The Little General will appear in various Costumes and PERFORMANCES ON THE STAGE, In the Lecture Room, in connection with other splendid performances, including ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS OR SERENADERS. The Panoramic Representation of the WAR IN AKFGHANISTAN. 1 GREAT WESTERN, the Y?nkee Comedian. MISSES WHEELER and JUL1KN. 1 i ll/inll oiiii.vo ihttiho. i ' T VV O^MO N 8 T K H Vn A'k E8 *20 't "e t Yoo g."? ? ' ANATOMICAL VENUS, to be seeu ?t It extra. MADAMK ROCKWELL, Fortune Teller Admission 21 ceuts; children under 10, I2)? cent*. NoHiadmissions. One payment will entitle to nut one admiieion. ITT" The I'nblic are reapeetfully informed that General Tom Thumb will terminate liia public exhibitions (orever. aa aoon aa he can pay a brief nit lo the principal American cities, and, therefore, that lot engagement at this establishineut is uecessarily limited to a very short period. (21 rc P. T. BAKNUM. ALHAMBRA. 419 Broadway, between String and Brinar itreett. BELDKN'S MODEL OF NEW VOHK will reopen for exhibition, (or a few days,at the above place,commencing with Monday, February 22d. The (Canopy of the Model has been so arranged as to coo tain donble the number of views originally intended. Mer chants and manufacturers, desirous of compartments, will send in their orders immediately. Hours of eihibiliou from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. Tickets 23 cents ; season tickets 40 cents. fJ2 9lis*rc FREE CONCERTS. EVK.RY EVENING at"THE OPERjt HOTEL," 41 Chamrkrs street, (next to Paliao's Theatre ) comineueing ou Saturday Evemug, Feb 2Tth, IH7. at X l'R?t 7 o'clock. vocalists Mr. and Mrs. Newton, (late r.f Mercer street.) Welsh Karebits. Poached Eggs, lie., served in good style. Superior Ale, Wines, Liquors and Cigars. N. B ?Sacred Coucert* every Sunday evening. 126 FSaM're MESMERISM. DK HODS, who has discovered the Philosophy of Mesmerism, has engaged to deliver Three Lecture* on that science in CLINTON HALL, with brilliant aud amusing experiments ou the celebrated Clairvoyant. Mr. Uurkinar Kiperimi-nts also in Galvanism aud Maguetisin, of the must lu'eresting character. TWO oTthe above lectures w ill be on (this) Thursday and Satnrday eveuings. Februa y 24th and 27th; aud One will be to LA DIE* ONLY, on Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Admission lo each lecture 21 cents. (24 2t*r iaC.3 UAM3E.UOE.3 VlfcNNUlSfc.. MADAME JOSEPHINE WEISS, Mistress of the Ballet, begs to state to the Managers of Theatres in the United States, tlut applications for engagements mnat be made to her agent, Mr. JOHN POVEY, ef the Park Theatre, New York, who ia duly authorised to make all arrangements for Lea Dansenses Viennoiae. fit tf re chesnut street theatre, PHILADELPHIA. PV^HK Subscribers having leased the above magnificent ee A tahliahinent, offer the same to rent by the night or week [until their return from the south on the 1st March.] Full particulars can be obtained of Mr. Diamore, agent for the lesseea, at the bm office, every morning, between the hours ol II audi! All communications roust be addressed to Mr Jinmore, post-paid, or they will not be attended to. jltfg v SEQUIN It YKAZK.A TilK. SECOND BALL OK THE new york philanthropic society, WILL lake place on Friday Evening, February M, Tammany Hall, c While the object of this Society ia to aid, as far as possible, l very ueedy anil deserving applieaut; yet its special luten ion is to seek ont and assist those who have seen better days, but throng ' sirkness or mielortuue have sunk into Poverty, without the heart to ask relief Mr. Dodworih's celebrated Band will occupy the Orchestra. Mr. Ueorge Robertaou will superintend the management of the floor. Before the commencemenl, ami daring the interval nl daaciug, Mr. McKerrachar will pi >y several appropriate airs on the I'ipes Dsncing to commence at I o'clock. Tickets One Dollar each?Sold by Stoddart It Dunlum, 161 Broadway, or by any oftcer or member. 8. HE if MOLDS Secretary. J) KAIO. President l? 31 23 26 ?fr needles, pish hours, and fishing tackle 'IMIOM AS and THOMAS H. BATE, 103 Maiden Lane. JL offer for sale a very snperior art'ele of Bate'e drilled eyed and other qualities of .Needles,with the lirgest and most select assortment of Fishing Tackle ever manufactured or imported iuIo this couutrr. cousitting of Martin Kelley's, (i'nbaiicty, anil Hollow 1'oiut_ Limerick Hooks, superfine iwruy u?m ciaimon, Virginia, diki nan, Air by tleut He. t'as.and Itoek, Trout, and Kirby Kivcr Hooka, flatted Alan, superfine Limerick, Kirby, H.lmon. and all others, anooded on gimp, twilled, and single ant. Klies, Minnows, Milk Brnidan, and Hpun Mi Ik Lines; (Iran. Klax, and Trnm Kly I.inn It da III great raria y, at all prices. eugli.liaud American Kerla. ri.lung Baikets, Cork and Hollo ? Kloau, wnli erery other description of Kialiiag Taenia, an il on moderate teima,, at 103 Maiden Lane, up ataira. near Pearl at. f 1 lm*rr 8EGARS HAVANA ANT) ST. JA(JO LEAF TOBACCO. A A. HAM A.N OH, 94 Broadway, up itaira. (oppoaite ' Trinity Church) offers for aale, in lota to auit purehia era, at wholeaale and retail. IN) halea Harana Leaf Tobacco, wrappara and Altera. SO " Ygnany " X *' 38 " Cumberland Harbor, X 40 " Bt J ago Leaf Tobacco K " IS " " " dark wrappery. I] ca?ss old Connecticut Bead Leaf I'obacco, good colore Ail", Hegara of all braada and claaaea, including eonic in po led expreaaly for pnrate amnkera, together with othara auitable for the trade. Jnat receired, a few of the new brand ".HraitKit airico," imported aolely by the anbacuber. Ordera received and punctually attended to for all alaaaea of argara Alao for aala, all kinda of Hmoking Tobacco, of American, Hpanuh, fierman, and Tr\rki?h manufacture, including the celebrated HcarfalRtti. Alio, Hniifla of all kind., including the celebrated "Coraiv haoiw" and "NacHiToaHEa." X. A.HAMANO, HI lmare 94 Ifnadway, Up Btaira 192 Broadway, Cornrr. op John Strut, TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. Kl Krom the Brxton Traeeller 3 INft'B VKRBKNA CH P. AM?Thia .baring compound II now all tha .'age, aa wall among tooanrial proleeeora la among those who prefer to gather their own diurnal crope ? The b*rhera aay that a (Hit of it laata twice aa loug aa tha aam quant it yof any other aaponacinna preparation while thnae who .are their iipeucea declare that with the Varheni f ream a doll tator will inaure a amoother fate ihan moat of the old aoapa with a aha-p ateel; ba.'dei it n fragrant to the aenae, aofteoingto the ikm. a great deitroyer of freeklea, pimplea, fcc ; and what tabetltr than all, in theie hard timea it la aold almost for aaong Wholeaale and retail,by f HAHt.KH H. IIINf), 1*3 lm*rh Druggut, 193 Broadw.y, comer Johu et. MOURNING COLLARS AT WHOLESALE? THE beat to be lound in the aity, at W.T Miuclair'a 44X 4 anal street. Honihern and rountry dealer* will Ana it to their adrantage to call before they pnrahaa*. ft>. Im*r C1YRU8 W KiK.LI) k < ?> N., 9 Burling slip, oiarnTr > sale a large a.amtmeut of Printing, Writing. Wrapping, Hardware, Envelope, Haneing, and colored Paper. Paper of any aixe or quali'y made to order. The highest market priest paid in eaah for raga, bagging, bale rope enttinga, gunny bagging, great rope.eanvasa, and alt other kind, ol Paper Manufacturer'satock, by CYHC'H W t'lKLD fc CO, fit lm*rc No. Baring slip, N. T. I TO THI LATEST MOMENT. TRLIUR APHIC. LATE AND IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO AND THI AR1CT OP INVASION. Major Borland, C. M. Clay, and Major Gaines, with Eighty Men, taken by the Muieans. General Soott'a Plan of Operation! Intercepted by the Enemy. GEN. SCOTT'S MOVEMENTS. Vera Cruz to be Attacked Immediately. The Wrecked Volunteers Engaged with the Enemy. The Mississippi Volunteers Dying in Great Numbers. THE NEW YORK TROOPS IN GOOD HEALTH. MOVEMENTS OF 8ANTA ANNA. Further Aeconnta of the Capture of Chihuahua. die. Ac. die. Wamino ron, Feb. 26, 1(47. By arrival, at New Orleans, we have Tampico date* to the 8th inat., Brazos to the 6th inst., Matamoraa to the 5tb, Camargo and Vera Cruz dates to the 2d inst, the city ol' Mexico to the 29:h ult. A detachment, oompesod of eighty Kentucky and Arkansas cavalry, was cut ofT when thirty mile* beyond SaltiUo, by Gen. Minon. They formed an outpost, and were surprised and taken prisoners without resistance. Maj. Borland, C. M Clay, and Maj. Gaines were captured. The oapture of Lieut. Ritchie and ten dragoons, with despatches from Gen. Scott to Gen. Taylor, is ooniirmed. One account says they were cut oif between Monterey and Victoria, aa were all killed. The despatches were said to have contained the whole plan ot our operations. Another account says that ten dragoons had reached Victoria in safety, but titers is no doub( of the death of Lieut. Ritchie. Young Ritchie was lassoed and dragged across a cornfield. An officer of the Ohio Regiment, supposed to be Lieut. Miller,had been murdered nearChihaahua, and awfully mutilated by the Mexicans. Gen. Scott was to embark immediately on his destination to Lobos, a distance of 76 miles troin Vera Cruz. The attack on Vera Cruz, it was supposed, would take place about the first of March. Col. Harney was sentenced to be reprimanded, but Gen. Scott remitted.his sentence, and ordered him on duty. New# in r?a?rH tn Vnlnisfuara An Kas tl'A UIU Ondiaka is less favorable than was expectod. A detachment sent to their assistance, is said to have been made prisoners; and all the Volunteers of Capt. Magruder's forces had started for the wreck, and the whole brigade were said to have followed. The main body ot the volunteers who were wrecked, had certainly not reached Tampico ; and at last accounts from them, were engaged in conflict with a body of Mexicans, far superior in numbers and equipments. The U. S. ship Statesman, Prentice and Catha- * rine, were off the Bar at Tampico on the 9th instant, filled with troops. The Mississippi volunteers ware on board of the Statesman, suffering terribly by sickness, and dying daily in great numbers. The New Yorkers, on board of the Cathariue, were in good health. About 7,000 troops were st Tampico, of regulars and volunteers. Lieut. Gibson, of the recond artillery, died on the 6th, ol lever. The rumored assassination of Santa Anna turns out to be unfounded, so also does his active opposition to secure the church property, though he daily appears to be a dead letter. Last accounts state that he had left for Tula, at the head of the main body ol forces. Gen. La Vega had been appointed to command Vera Cruz. The Congress of the State of Vera Cruz had called on its people to resist at all hazards any invaiinn nf th? A morinoi.a The Congress of the State of San Luis passed , a decree authorizing the Governor to negotiate ; a loan in forty-eight hours, by force or volunta rily. I There are some further accounts of the capture of Chihuahua The Mexicans admit that over 1 one hundred of their numbers were killed Another account mentions that the action took place in the immediate vicinity of El l'asso De1 Norte, in which our troops were en'irely successful. This is the Mexican report, and it states that the Americans were in possession of El Passu, with GOO cavalry and 400 infantry, on the 27lh ultimo. The lots on each side is not stated. The Vera Cruz Indicador of the 81st ultimo, says Gen. Savage meditates an attack en Tampico, and yet the Mexican troops are all represented to he in a deplorable situation. The same paper contains a communication from Santa Anna, declaring that although he has entirely renounced the Presidency, ho will oppose with all his strength, any attempt to disturb tha peaceable state of things in any State in the I Republic. 1 0rp We receiver! a despatch from the telegraphic office last night written on tissue paper, which was so illegible that we could not decipher I it. The portion* legible, however, refer to the l attack ol the Mexican*on the shipwrecked Louisiana volunteer* under De Hussy. The Mexicans under Gen. Cos were 1,000 strong; they demanded the volunteers to surrender; this was refused, and an engagement ensued, which lasted until 10 o'clock at night. The result of this encounter is unknown. Pillow's brigade was sent by Gen Patterson to the r? lief of the volunteers; but it is probable they would bo intercepted by a strong force of cavalry and infantry, despatched by Gen. Cos for that purpose. WxsNianTON, Feb. 36, 1(U7. The democratic caucus, last evening, agreed, it is said, , to support the tea and coffe Alb art, Feb. 24, 1M7 The market* to-day were inactive, very little being doae. Sales ol <00 barrel* Oawego flour were made si 4 3IM a > 40; $4 40 wee asked (or good Gonesi# Osts sold at 40 cents; rye t*S a 84; cern S3 a 84, barley fl2 a W. Bostor, Feb. 24, 1847. Mr. llayden's resolutions in the Legislature, against slavery,opposing in the abstract the extension of any elave territory, paased unanimously?333 year. John Marks ind John Gore, who wars brought on from New York on aespicion of robbing Carrier end Trott's store, have been discharged John Driacoli, engineer on the Norwich Railroad, was killad at Oraenvllls by the collision of twosngines. Arrived, the Gov. Dtvis, from Liverpool, Dec. 9th, With 93 steerage passengers A

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