Newspaper of The New York Herald, 27 Şubat 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 27 Şubat 1847 Page 1
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TH] v*t. am, a? &7. wk?i? THE REV. HENRY GILES' DISCOURSE \ t ON TKK | ivz1zt or z&zsh hiifoit; ; OHUI Causes of Irish Distress Examined, ; l.\D SOKE OF I rs REMEDIES INDICATED. J UtllriNd In (Im a?w York TnbernaoW, on ] TuMd.r Kwontnjr. February 33. ? I ha cry of aff.rtr.g miil.ooi if wailing through tha nauv 'it sa l thra? thoiaunl miln away, though itii, It J fall! I I. rjugly on our aara. and iffl ctiogly ouourhaarta- , Tha roar oi oeaan bit hut Soma it to oar hairing with t wil.'ar anarg , |t ia tha ihriak of humanity out of tha da pi. a? ita calamity It w tha aouu.l of mighty sorrow ' th.t i aa. a'H'ia iho war of alamanla, aiirl ronn froah j iu i?? brarnara arroaa tha awaap of a worlJ. A whole ! ? paapla ara atarviog, and aran unto Jtath. Kocd j thai ?t tha ?>. it waa wutckad, andjbat raraly abuuJaut, i< I now wanting al ogi'h.r -aaUtaoca which, with multi- | ' ta lev in tr?leoJ, had aver bean a struggle, uiiow denial ( upon tb? her lest t rat. k'emina stalks gaut.'.ly thr jugh tba laud burger staggers by lit* wayside , mortality daeoUtee tka peseaat'e hearth ; and thaaa poor homes which, hara before, wereforet oontonteJ, by a aayatarioua vie tattoo of Proeidearo. haao becomes habitations of aiaurai(ig and run Maltitndaa ara perishing : that'art adml noithar ol doubt uor of dispute MiMMM aro par.ahiog i that ia aa cartain M It ia torrtbla It does D'.t signify what thay ara ar whera : tbo fart ia rtill moat horrtbi and moat appalling. Ware thay aavagaa ia the deptha at an Aftican wil drroraa, our roanoian huataaity would urge ua to send I ham tucooar Ware thay, the maatutiar at rang ara, foreign ta ua ia aeary aodo of thought and habit, that aan raader na'leoa alien to each other thay would at.II >>a within tha ombraaa of that oomtaoo humanity, and Ha aoaea would plead for than Ware thay maat haao and worthlaaa hoth In character and condi'ion. tbair auafaitiinae would give them dignity, aad wio frnin ue compaee'on Ware they euaatiaa. and had dace ua tha warat af injuries, aat only tha praoepta of tha gospel but tha aatatlmaat of moguaaiavity would impel ua to h< lp thaai to tin hour af tbair agony But, they ara t ooe of theea Thay hara givan ta riTiitsation imi ef ite gaichtnir g alauiante, ioa? of it moat liril I llant gemae. soma of Ha fairest oraeaaeate, aoma of it> moat baroiu miude Multitudes of aa here ara houa or thai boaa, anal i*eh of their flash; tha fathara wha aup I partad oat tenth Lion abate, ar Ua beneath the greau awaidaf trie: the methera wha aaog our infancy to sleep with ita plaintive melodies aro still hreaihiag ite air, or gore to miaglo with Ite sainte In heaven To all af ue. or whatever nation, thay aro kiudred in the tioa ol tha' solemn ruatoix a which wa fool tha more Intenseiyftho muio It it eltli ted. Thay aro a people, too wboea owa aura into bona always opaa ta the ary of tha die traa od I hay hava tear been willing to giro, not mera ly vl their abundance, but aeon of their want; a people vehoto hoapitalitv ia froa aa tha wind upon tbair mountains, and geaareua aa tha rain upen tbair valleye; tha fame of it aa wida aa tha earth and aa aid aa thair hietory. Thit people aro now iu grievoua trouble. Thay ara in tha midat ot (tmina. and wa are ia tha midat af plenty. Oat of thia great plenty wo are aendiag thorn support, and with tup part our pity and oor prayers Lot ua moat gratefully aad humbly Hess Ond, who haa put th.e moat hissed prl viiege i cur power: lbs piivilegu of saving tboaa who are icady ta perish; of censing thousand* of breaking heerte to ting for joy; ta cliui g? mourning for gladneee. aad the spirit of tin .vines* for tha ep'rit ol praiee. I am HOI h*ri? te a * -i'o aa ibteioat; fur that is already excited Willi passionate emotion, and ehekaa tba population af th,a gteat lend, within tha whole cempaai of ite boundary, agitating net ita citiee merely, but causing teeri ta Aew in tha remotest shanty of lie darkest foroet. ar ite wildest piaiite 1 would net intuit your sympathise by appealing to them; Q am not haia to plead a can*#; tha heart iiiouud me are ita burning advocates, nod my feeble -tajuiaariogs tiro tha poaraat orboee of tha auxietiee that aro Isating .uthaiu heerta for the millioae that look to tbem from bay out tha broad Atlantic I will not V therefore, ealergaontho present distress: I will endeavor to reviee the waolo ay stem, of which this ia only a pan, ta seek out whence it haa originated, and how it can be changed?to trace earn# of ita causae, and ta indicate some of ire reanulies. 1 aiuat of coarse confine myeell to a few striking points, not alone by tka limits ol our tima. but tba rr<|<iirca>*nti of the occasion. Tha occ?liou ii coe whiob will not toloroto much (hot admitgreatly ol Jupute. and oao which rrquiraa all the ouaeiltatlun that truth can aanoiion. It will, tharefoia, ha my ilaina, ia analysing eauiaa to this lecture, anil iu ap?cifying ramedea, to taaa aa broad and cunt mo a groan* Of. with mjr opinion It ia pomhla lor mo to tako It will be, hUo, my dotir* to giro no candid or Juit maa ftcnra ; hb?i. ttiough n'-h >. man may dispute my poat tioaa, I tiuat that ha wilt hara no complaint to maka eg dm: my tem,>#r. The cnuaai of Iiiah dia'rea* iu*n\ flail wholly in tha charaelar of lha paopi* On thitoV* wo "a?a?t atlbrd to aolaiga ; and, that it aiay no' at*' ' in our way aa wa procaad, wa will grant, tur tha h? i4 ol aignaaout, the obaraciar of Iho paopla it at i it! J> and aa raatloaaaa that# phil?opb*rs daaciibu it, aor l rSll i'. will be aaaa thai, to narritia the alaia ollraUnd ti- i U?ta cauaa aluna, or ta thia ceu?e mainly, u not ool) i partial, but falaa ; at rarianca alika with any compiahan ?if? gra>p if un I logio or ganaral ootoreatiou Tb> cat** ol any ptriioular tiifltiiiig in lialand ia olJoai i (lotal or temporary? to ho found within Kaeli 01 narr it Tba rauara even of tba present daatitution an I not all immediate 1 bay ara not all in tha laiiura of tbr potato-not all in tha obaraoiar of ihoaa who plant i the potato aad lira an it The potato it ia truo, ia a pre- i curiou* vrg? table, aod the people of Ireland, who ham fed upon it far generation*, are net in all thing* tin i wiaon or moit piovidant ol naliji-a; but m an) touou I atate of thing*, it wool* not auiely ha * itbiti tha limit* of any contingency, that million* ahould wnhor into tin du?t which h-d tailed 'o altonl nourUhment toalraaii* t root, fueli i tttiction* im Ireland ia now oudunng, tarn I ble at they it* am not eingnlar In her experience They hnve bvtn hut too oitea hot miatortniie . anil though tn atlr view tu*y are etrauge, they are, in her etory. atilU ciantly familiar. Bat thaaa aMtctioiia cume not fiom ih i akioa uhovn, or from ttia aarth beneath, and.therefore | we diali net urcai d to the liaavena, nor go down to tin dai p. to aeok tkeir cauaaa : moat of them are within tl.? I targe ol v?r> ordinal y enquiry, and they ere tiolh lutein- I gihJe end explainable 1 aball apeak on cauaaa of twi k i til a one hiateiioal, and one aocial. And fit at, of th? hJatorieel.? Ireland haa long been a vourtry of egi'ation Tho aleioanta of discord bare been aown early In bei i biatory ; end throughout her courae, tbey hare beat nouiUhod, and not eradicated. At Atat dirided Inti smutl piiucipaUtiee like all countriea eo circumatancr t atrifn waa constantly taking piece among thatn. elthei i far dominion or dafence. It did net hapten to lielanJa toKngUiid that theae aeparate Ht.tta bad bean aabduai' into tini y hy a Dative prinea, before the intiueioa ol i foreign i uler It < Id not happen to lieland aa to y.aglao 1 that the f .reign Iu 1-r took up km tee d'tn-a in it. idaaii fle.i hit dignity with It, and tbua hia children haceme uativoa rl ibe aoil F.ugland. prtrioua to the laeaeiei cf William the Cocqueior, waa a united eiapua. ami therefore, though, et the bottle of Haelinga, the occepei,. ef tho throne waa changad, the integtlty of tl.e ne'iot remained, relaud waa 111 via up of divnlad anJ cenA ctiog Staio?, whan toe tnyrmidona if Heoiy tho Second ir rivrd upon ila ehotea; and, even after tbeae had game, aettlemouta in the oountry, there we* noadbeeive ptinct plo utuong the nativea. Had Ireland been cor.a ihdated alio CO' Id li?'. hive been conquerad; or haing conquered ahd would, line Kugland, have ebaoibed the rotquarora Tho apirit of tii giUh natiouality waa narar etionget than it wua in the priucea of the Norman lina; end they siertf d it with a hnughtiuea*, otten'.iinea with an uijtie tice, that rendered them formidable to every neighboring f?tu:e. 'I hey we e the m j?t inoidiualely Jvaloui of any external iulerferei co wnh the courerue ol tliair kit g : dim. either if a lecntur cr u apitituol chant-ten ui | ge ,eia lona they gtiaided Kl gland wnti ev> ti a icro I ciotia pnde; but, airs, wiih commendable *?*!, they retired up har native iaatitutiou*, and biougkt out h?i latent eneigiea. But tbe alrat ger ram# to lia and. ano a itranger he atili rv trained grgliab cemlaion com hteiictu In lieluai ta a pint ef copquaat, and it con ' tinucd in u apiut <1 eaciuaion National animoaii) thua | erpeiuatrd, r attaint d tbo apirit of a ?r. ii,< j w;r tag d on *i?h a berceiitte wlurh time it routing to rn>t gate. Ti a native cl {attaint, * beo tot in Col lin t ) oig tbeBiaehaa, uaitad against the rem mon foe . and the end af every new attuggla waa io cteai?4i>pp *sa.u,i to the people. Loveloueaest waa ad dad to the otb' i r i et.iont ; anil rapacity ieAemad the anarrl y in wn-ah it hoped loi gain. Defeated label lion brougnt oo Utoat on ; mvurrecuon waa, thaialoia the hefvaat ol advanturat", toi uat? of fortune, or ratbat r, o hi lac < a for fortune, gtlhered like volvet to the het'ie They were reody ?n glory in Die a'r.ii aad to pioli bj it. I bey enjoyed the toil of tbe trretrhea whom they aUughteted ; and tbe work aeemed ea gieat a pieaauie aa tue recomjienae. Kkhauated. however in tohhmg th^ nborigiM a, they nought now excitement in di , oiling I one nnothvi; mid tiroi of lighting for plunder, may lie 1 g.?n, Ml mat, In fight for pieeedenre so It rniitioue.l to tue period of Kl>7. iheth, bud though that brought ehangn j it i!i I rot I'tii i; itnwuvi mi nt ur ta the rn ui v. I wr? now a Me ! ri)l III ' o( rem ">? i !..? a ui 1 Elizabeth, which wee ?.> Kuioj o tha <Uwn of meuy 1 hopca ; thia Mgo of Elizabeth, which wee ?o adorned and I o ?mi' h?d wilt oil that nukei an ana trenecendeat, thte t ngn of Elizabeth win. only for Ireland a heaay auJ a eter i leaa night 1 he gnieminent Of Elizabeth, which had to ? much (lory for England gave no promi?a to Ireland to 1 del Ih t aw ay ot Elizabeth, liolanl lay in utnpeat an t i in waate. U|>|'ieiiion, that makes wi e.rnen mad, will I' piavoko careti diMpeir (o leeiataice, and reelatance ?? ohJiuuto nit I titqnrnl In Ireland to the rutaia whom I I ia I hvth act nbnvc >hcm Resistance wa? put dawn t>y taa ' t tods I be moil inhu.nune, the nops wore dti'royad; dwell1I>K< t" ti?t * Il l ti-(1, Ilia population inciariiminaieiy ana? I tarlfdj tea,the the moat ternble cnanad.and hunger With i ered tlia?a wtiom the aword bad spared I i.a reeple were Klalighteicnl, but boi subdued; ilia auit waa not an < nchedtu ravaged u > mta at oat; no principle* of weal'b I or liberty w cic developed; life wee uneele; and property . t in the tine aeuae waa acaicely knowu Kaon the atony ,1 hea t <'I Kl.iatie'h a' lenriti ivai tonchadi hnmanity, >01 1 oi.r?, ahot a | tlirt.ugli h-r fap'.eaa h turn Alaa. aiaa, I he Oiled I teai leat 11 in objected to u.?, ea it waa to 1 Titieiiua, concerning ibi- Dalineliou commoti. ni; >011, I j ou it ta w i.e me to hlama, who haae coin mi ted jour 1 llock, uet l~> ehcpheida. but to well re And to wotrea i they wero atili committed. Huch waa tha 1 Igor of the t ordimry government that a deputy of the moat ordineiy <i kiiidhtaa gu.ned tha wotalup of tho unhappy Ir.ah, and I E NE NEW lecame hateful te tha jaaloui queen, so that tbo gratiuila of the people ruioe 1, at the tame time, their benefacore and them selves. And yet this ace ot Elizabeth was i glorious *(e Every where, but in Ireland, it was lied iriih power and with promise. From the death of Mary e that of James the First, was a period such as comes jut seldom?and when it comes, such as makes an era 1 mighty life was palpitating among the nations; the head >t civilized humanity was filled with many speculations, mil the heart wat beating with marvel ous fancies and aagnaaimous passions. Genius and glory had burst u a flood of light opon the world. Tbo feudal system was lassieg awa>. The arm of its oppression had been hro sen, but its high-bred courtesy yet remained; its violence eas repressed, but its heroic spirit had not beau i juenched The courage of the savage warrior bad (iven way before the chivalry of the humaner soldier. I I'he dominion of supeistitition, too, bad been broken ' 3ut a rigid utilitarianism had not yet taken it* plar.o rhe spectres of night had vanished, but dreams of the wonderful and *be lovely still hovered around imagina- j ion. The earth was not bare, nor the heavens emp'y. The merchant and the money ebanger began to rule the ! sity ; but Queen Mab was not yet dethroned, she hat ret her fairy empire in the greenwood shade. She had ret her dancings in the moon-lit glen ; the practical httd lot banished the romantic, ana the soul had her pbiioso- I >hy, aa woll a* the senses. Columbus bad opened new vorlds. and the old world kaile i him as the Vlo?ti of the wee. Dream* of tunny regions?of Eden* in the dssert -at Eidoradoes in tha trackless hill*, wafted longing ancie* from olden home*, and thought* flew fait and far into* crest of the wave and the wing* of tb* wind L earning started from leaden sleep to earnest life. Fhi osophy poured forth her eloquent wndoni, and the bough'.fui listened with enraptured oar. Poetry was illing the earth with her music ; and Action was delight ug mankind with rare enchantment, and religiou was luayiog *11 brain* with her solemn and piotuund (lisjoursinf *. Bacon was sounding tha d?pth* of human lutaliact, and catling from their silence the energies of indiase progression Shakspaare was shapirgto ensuring ssauty, those wondrous creations which embody ha universal life of man. Cervantes, the glorious Spaniard- in soul, a brother to the glorious Baton?had mat torth among men'a fancies, Don Quixotto and Bsi> 3ho Panzi?toe high dreaming knight and tbe low thinking squire , the giave in company with the grotesque, a (oodly image of humanity tor everlasting laughter and vsrlssting love. Luther had arisen?awful and gig undo?half the earth his platform, and millions of excited men hi* audience. Linerty had begun to know her rights, and was gathering courugo to maintain them Traditional claims bad already lost iu tha contest against aatuial justice Priests and princes had ceased to he |ods, auJ the people were fast rising to be men. Commerce had enlarged her boundaries; wealth had increased U enterprise, independence bad grown with industry The course of freedom went nobly onward Britain had kuinbitd Spain, and Holland, after one of the most heroic struggles in tbe hiatory of patiiotism, had cast clt iter yoke. While Europe was tbue rejoicing in spreadog grandeur, the feireat island on it* wsstern border, with every means ol prosperity and glory, lay like u ruin at midnight, whrre pirates had assembled to divide their plunder, in blasphemy and in blood. James ef Scotland, the successor of his mother's slayer, treatad unforiunata Ireland with no gentler policy. Without accusation of ssdilion or rshellioii, lis alienatod six sountiea Irom their owners, and colonized them with hie countrymen. The natives wandered on their own oil. ea strangers, and as vagabonds. Kearlul deeds were dene in revenge end retribution, during the terrible itinrreotionfcf 1*41. which occured in the reign of this man's son. Dsadly passions mingled together in the striie. ta elements in the hurricane, and the blood of reformer sod the bloed ef Romanist swelled common torrent.? England, ton, became oonvulsed with troubls. Charles sndeaveied to ingratiate tbe Irish ; end, to a considerably extent, he succeeded But their assistance availed the uuheppy monarch nothing ; and, era his blood was wellnigh clotted cn the block, tbey had Cromwell.of the iren band, dealing death upon themselves. It is not my provines, here, evsn if my power answered to tho task, to J raw a complete moral portrait of Cromwell. I am imply to spesk of hist in relation to Ireland ; and. in that relation, be waa a ateel heal ted exterminator. I have no inrlilktttian to stamv hint BPsmlotte ' if * ' *>? ?r?l verdict wonl.l a'.and independently of my incfina lion Whether the moralist approve, or whether he con iemn, Ike world alwaya enthronaa will, and power, and MM , and that winch it enthronea, it worahipa How mach in Cromwell waa the lioneety ot a patriot; how much waa the |>olicy ol a deaigner; how much wai purity, bow mnch waa atnhitiou : whichao predomioated -the evil or the good -aa to conalitute hit character . Lhla will piobably be decided in oppoaite directioua by oppoaile iwrtiee to the end ol hiatory Whatever be the deciaioii oa the imu meum rodua h whole, the tacta of hia aareer in Ireland ehow him to havo beou moat cruel and u. >at aanguinny. Nor ate 'huae facta incuuaiatent with our general idea ot the dictatoi'a character. A dark compound of the daring aoldier end the religioua zealot, uiiltiig.iu one apnit. the .matereat attnbutea ol euch Htern in putpoae. and rapid in execution, ho waa the man for a mueiuu of deairurtiou. The IriaU, on mauy icconnta. were pecnliaily hut.fjl to bim. They were the |adnerenta ot defeated royalty. Tne> were not aimply prelaliata, ?Uich wan in ilaeii off'enalve . but they weiu papiata. and (hat war Hideout iniquity. They weru not ouly aliena they woro worta than aliona ; they wcra outc.nata ; the loomed ot prophecy?the aealed ol amithriat. 1 lie> weie the modem Canaatntaa, and ho w. h the modern Joabue?the enuiuteJ of the Lord, to deal judgment on he reprobate. And judgment he dealt with vengeance? with vengeenoo that knew no touch of mercy, ma track in Ireland mey be followed ovar rtnna which yet teaui tieah v* a can trace him aa we do a taranoua animal, b) the Idotcbae where he lay to reat. or by the bloody fiair nenta whara ha tore hit pray Tka Iriah peaaantiy atiil peak of thia man with thoau vivid impretaioiie which. 01 all yaatione, terror atone can leave They allude to him n the liviug i'hiaaroiogy. which only cm prompt, whicn amvea ua nearly, eud, thetelore. uiovee ua ationg ly. Tnay allude to bun not aa if he wero a ah ado w in he dimuaaa ol two centuriae, but aa il ha ware an agan jf recent daye Mop aa you paaa a laborer ou the toad idem 11eland Atk him to tail you ol the ruin belurr vou on the hill You will hear nitn deaorihe it in lan (uage far mora paatical and far mora piclurerquo than I can copy, but aomuwhat in mauuar. auo i aa thia : ? 'Och, aura, that'a the cattle a'the Crogant, that l^rnn call, the blaekguard, took away Iroto tneoi But, may He thry di U hght, while flghtm' w ua la n. m. the p.ioi 'ellowa? bairin', iheie'a no atnvin' agin the devil-the ?w U1 , < gvll J uvm y KliU W III II roil) Wei ? bed win to him ? km hand am. glove wi 1 the ould bay. mnlij, fam ba waa, a- thure an mere's Ban in the say, ui ings 111 Cuunaiight. I Here's tk.i bill wln-re tue wagatunc i> ame4 bit cannon , tbere'a the iai m which tbe Disney '? ^ot for aellin' the pe.a -the white-livered tbnutoratiere'a the bruche which be made in then-all- where 3rave Square Cog an a boil iu Heaven to his soul ?was allied wid bit am ttoe datliut tone, aa atreppiu boy* it you'd meet in a long auoiuiei'a day. Ocb ! aririe! wirra ' wirra atiuh ; bud, Cogati wat h nan it would do ) our heart goad to see? my vardl, av it wuuul'ot keep the liosbt out ol your stomach, the black a' day Id wiutber: lull unl plenty wore in hi* bouse 1 the poor cover went imply Irom In* door: at I I cent nv gra .do.other aay, tnat bend it Irom liei gran 'mother that be the aume token waa Cogau'a couaio O :h. bud ar:d lair Bg litmg, Cegan did'm tear the lare ol man, aad iiuro enough-whin Cromwell core mended biui to aur ranter, be tould lolernei Copperuosi-be'd ate bia boots usi.throtnbe would and bra alochioa after?av their ??* the laete use in it-bud ?the mini not I orn'd u. arouien, that can at and against a wuelp ol bell end av *uld Nick iver bud a sen, my word for it, bud hia name vaa Oliver" 'I'he cause el the Stuarts?that lamtly. so l aitbles* to their iriende, and *o fatal to tbeius*lv<-s, tin nate Ireland the battle ground ol taction. Again hai ^rean bills were aowu with blood-again her ralieya were scorched wrli famine The inlutuateu I . atholica joined that wretched imbecile, Jemea the dJ. ehiie the pioteatauta, with a wieer policy, gathered to ne standard of William, the Dutchman, the eon in law ot limes, et'l Ins opponent 'I he lot tunes ol James recelv 11 their Brat blow, el the siege ol Dairy, in the north: are re staggered al the Irattie at the Doy ire; midwaya in as kingdom, and were telally >1 nd< d at the takn.g ol Liniern k in the dviith The tall ol Lmieiiek cloaad the war ianrr a had IK d an<l William remained the victor Li ot n k did not ge cut oft e contest ignomii.routly Lean Ihe woaiau threw themselves Into the t ie.ich, at d f?r mat time sev< d the city Nor, did the city, it.ell lirrerd-r. t ut uii terms, which comprehel da I tie whole if ireisnd Lien-rick capitulated oo the part o: ell the lush < a'helica The capitulation wea but tlgmd. whan a large f rem h flset ei-peaied in the tiver wpu?atenalve iup uea ami numerous rnaf>rc. m*..w But with Ihe |o<-d aith of honorable meu tlttoen thousand 1st 1 dew., hnr MUS, and were tine te their sigsgemeuta The nei at 'ula trea'v wot* f at'aad edv o teg ecu a Thr) ? ured to the i alhol ca t te lights ol piepe-<y, el 1 be'ty in I ef roi.s. an<1 ail ti I gs sea me i to augur wrl er peace, lor unity. euJ far lia.-|..nes* Had tie vietoi* >een u.ercilul wch power end generous wi.h aureeos i*d tley been just nay, led tney been wisely pontic elaod might here been trangui and her pioepetity igbt commenced U i it in age r.i la. iion nd far lien wee true to iU voeat usettrveta The Ugi-ia ure that folia* ej this eve .t. waa ii.tai.irli escluaite nd it wa* exclusively pre eat aid The whole power at ho country wee la ilia bend* ot a pro > siai.t petty. en I o whole piopsrty of Ihe cowotry was in ike hands el WtftveUi't MtstocrMV The action men, ol the t ar women m Delete! sl at the teouctiou of Ltmeiick wo? o annul its treaty, a troety us aolomr. ae any that hut of) wrorde a Heat) mode in Use lore .,f -ami which irdged the laith ef tetioM And, ru t only that, t-wt it ?? lollewe . by a co le ?l laws, who I. ? ., I l? I . . i. ? - ?- ??- -?TU i? o, iaw?, wttirfi a.itaat boa naa', Ika a kaltc Itifwl i(ariil tlnri, 1"J al tck. ?kao giaali) miLgkt* labir-l ta t ail.. . it* ataaua o? adiuaLao tba . ai |,r,,,tarty, ai*I Ik* ighia ol riin.Lt LagflaUan, bka Una aaa. at oeoraa, haaatioua ktrarga ift'aad i< It wara bat ll h war* not bntory ??ra a li", ao<1 .11 a?j*iiauca, a draaat ll i( war* nal, kuaitn batata aaia. n?- U. r<M>tuo?..iitg <|a u.ton It an . iwWoih la laa Prataauat i.kgtoa, a l.i. h it |?t. lan.lad la tan*" it a n 4MMlsani la U-a iiataraataal l.uglaad. ??"b it yraNnaad ta kta.'tiain . It aaa diM.troaa ta tka party ? k?.aa |*liry rt .a. atad . it ? aa diaaatmua alao. ta Ika unafpy f.a^la akata aaaa |l it rikaba.l i.a U. ?/?oat, atai|..i. I ll .ut qttarl) lail kit an- a. i irnra alibi Id ka git a* to ianh Hi.i a?.n oo aarth mm* d?a? aat ga n.|.nalak ' I i vt.a -a? o.j? . i'i I. .a V?. < .t, i,?vn tap.i.t* L.m-- I 0.1 t.. ? .? il' .11 n.tat s>.ka Lair aailh a gtod Tba d.iknrta anb h? dtatka U|an lia taunti) , Will cota' k??a?i lar.ii'i ai:i.|laa? , iihI tka *k h 'i? |i? ha i.-iahla a. I Iti Ma otan krait w.tkgiu' aaa art an. ika autkbn >f thaaa aail lawa au it atar atu-t La wi.tir Maiai iigkl i'i"la hi tuii.a ia a|?i iU| 11 " ?ui..' ai a '>.>-1 if ataraai Jualua gotaina Ika world t > i*ii?ci|'t?a wktea La aa MM ika) ara Loly Tba |ia?a. nwni 'Mall faglaa kg a , mad, and ?L.. k ai c miailad, i lui ik?i air. tuck it i nr. aa tka cottaaa katvt laikll ? I tj ooull. c.uou , by pauai xa , by an a ol c.itk ia , W YO YORK, SATURDAY MOU strictions. the kingdom was drained o( its native intelligence and native strength Wealth of sentiment? wealth of capital?wealth of ahill?wealth of Indnsirywealth of muscle. were diiven from the couutrj or paralysed within it. The- high chivalry which generous t ma taient would have retained, directed foreign courts;commanded foreign, while a hardy yeomanry, that indulgence could have mad* total t r ever, carried bravery to the ranka of England's en-mi??. and labor to their markete. And obaerve with wba' a sol-tun retr.button the contequeures retum upon the class who enacted or favored true kind of legialk'ion.? , The law* against Catholica preened upou the whole tenantry of Ireland ; tor the whole ten iitrv of Iralaod were, and are, Catholic. The luwa, lh- re'ora, against the Catholica, were ao many enactinanta againat the intereva of the landlords themselves; were, in lac', ao many tanfl> against thair wealth. Uncertainty of titla diaturheJ iii iluitry ; the aoil withered uuder imperfect cultivation , absenteeism of proprietors left the laborer* without pro tection, and tbo owners without profit Ouly meugre harvests wero ga'heied from exhausted Heidi. Trada had no acopa in impoverished cities Tiro poaaantry were starving, und the gentry wete poor. Thia gentry, poor but luxurious, lived upon estate* that were miserably deterioia'ed, a< il they weie iu pristine freshness , nnd, doing nothing to enrich the soil, they would have from it the u moat rei.ts ; and thence they became indebted, and thence they bicame embarrased. To dig they were notable ; but to beg they were not ashamed They begged pensions, places, sinecures , aud no work was so uujuat or mesa which they were not willing to do lor goveruiiivut, il government were liberal enough in patronage tinning, gormauduing, profanity, liceutiousiu.s. became aristocratic distinctions. Honor there was to kill, but not hon?sty to pav , and the man who shot his friend for an in silver act word, could bear, if any thing was to be gained by it, the reiterated iuaoleoco of a viceroy's menial The wage* being ready, here was the hireling; and the slave in hi* turn became the tyrunt Too atlf-ro 'pact which h lo* as a timoservor.ho sought, after the iraaner oi nil low natures, to regain as an oppressor, and tho hardship of the fo lorn set I paid for the inortiflcatiou of ti e suppliunt otttcial. These men, who In blement and chariuiilo I'nties in toll t have hueu us gods, enjoying and dispensing blessings, taking the evil 1 way of p<<ilocution, lound their duo roward, in tiling I despised by these whom they served, and in being de- i tested by those whom tliey governed. if any one ihall i thiuk thii tone exaggerated, tlien 1 atk kim to look it i the memoiri of Sir Jonah Harrington, in which he may study et tii liiiure, the manner* of liith gentlemen in < the lilt century. The picture, too, in painted by oue ol i tliemielvei; by one. who (hired all their partialitiel for i combat and for claret, for pensions mid for place i KvanU rapidly proceeded to bring rebel to Ireland, und i partially to bring freedom. Cornwall!* was captured at < Yorktown, and America tprang into her glory, lrom h province to a nation. The volunteers arose in Ireland and lorty thousand, with arms in their hands, demanded independence. Henry Urattan gave their passions sublime expression. Corruption was startled lrom the upatby of indulgenca, and the guilty were struck with tear as with the voice of a prophet. (Jrattan called Ireland up ftom the dust of moit Norvile degradation. He put brave words into her mouth, and a new hope into her heart, and although upon his own bps the werda alter wards suok into complaint, and the hope withered to despondency, he waa not the less heroic on that account. Hpeaking at one time of Ireland, he uaeerti that the is a nation ; speaking of her again, he saye?" I sat by hor cradle?I followed her heatse but always, he was her champion, and ha was her fnond. Lowly aa the was, when he entered upon life, he dcteimined that ihe ihould not so remain, lie caused her to arise august and ma jestic before her tyrants, bound as she was with their fetters, covered as she was with their sack cloth. He called on her to assume ber might, and taught her the strength that yet slumbered in her breast. He was the fearless accuser of her enemies. He dared the villains into open light that trampled on her rights, and that battened on her miseries. He loved her with en enthusiasm that only death oould quench. She was the passiou of his soul, the devotion of his life Mighty in his eloquence, he was yet mightier in his patriotism. The effects of his eloquence are left in the history of hi* countiy ; and in ma, it would be vain, as it would be impertinent, to describe in my feeble words, the power of such speech as his. Speech that msde the proudest q-sail. H|>eech that shivered and prostrated tho moat able and the most iniquitous faatioa, which personal selhshiess and political corluptiou ever banded together in gainful wickedness Rapid, interna, scornful, indigDant, his spiiit was lotmsd for contest. Fiery in paasion and brilliant in intelleci ? his antithetic language shot forth aa lightning, a* beautiful aad as fatal. Of etern and atoic giandeur, he waa the reformer who waa wanted among evil, exalted, and educated men He waa not of the gladaonie fancy, which gathers ilowera and weaves a gailuad He was of the impetuous temper which riaea upon the storm and piny* among the clouds. With iudividusls, he may not always have been in the right; with his country, he was never in the wrong. The French revolution ceme, then, to rock political Kin ope with its tremendous earthquake tloary'dy nasties staggered to their foundation. Oecrepnl legitimacy trembled, and looked aghast. Tho tei nole insurracnon o! I7?? brought Iresli ili-.-oUtion to Ireland Some inlet ludes ol jail anil gibbet Ui>]|( kuuu liiimiKli an afi<r piece wai added to this hornhle drams in lbn3 sigueiized by tlie death of Lord Kil warder, and by the execuuun of the uoble heuitid Kmroett You all know tii? etoiy of hie heroieni nod hie love. Yon know how he tell in the prime of a mom manly nature You know how a true and beautiful spirit laid her bro ken heart upon hie giave. Your own Washington Ir ring bar told you this in word* of raiubow light; your own Irving, whose liberal genius loves the good o every land and when be gives their annals none can add beauty 10 tue record. You have the arkts ol an exiled Cmmeit among you. Shrouded on the soil of liberty, lines in sacred elcep 1 u gave him in hie a freeman's noma; in death you have given him a patriot's grave.? Vroong the migh'y spuits which have been lights to Ire land, I will nuntiouone who in this sad period war pie eminent 1 allude to Cuiran, tho glory ol tho lri?h b ir viost exalted in his oratoiy, . nd most generous in his use of it, he wus evor what the liue men would wish to he if li s power enabled him the defender ol iibeity, tbi champion ol the wronged. With a moial intellect ol the widest grasp, tie had an imagination ot subtle delicacy and of gorgeous wealth And this intellect, impulsive with a superhuii an lervor, and this iuiagina'lon, lyrical as the very soul i f poetry, became ill their union an en tmsiatm, ilist dated -he lo'tieat heights and gained 'h -in but, ti ough S'.aiiug, it was not actuary, it itiiiouund upward to the skiei, it was burno thitnsr on ilia asplialions of all geusrous iuteiesis It carried other to its own p:oud ciimhiugs, and they for the nituuei t trans porti d Iro.n the lower eaith,binned with its electric lire and became godlike in i's communicated lustre. Il^w vaiiiui is the vloqueuce in wnich th it opulent tpiri I-.U d expres ion ! It is wit, lesdy and exhaustlit . peicin< us the pointed steel, or lambent as a r?) ol lignt ; now play ml as n gleelul child, aid then -nisi h evous as a merty fiend. It is butnor m nil timer aualogiis ?in all akspes of oddity?In all lights and hues ol is sarcu-m which lushes its vicirn to desoair it isspaiiios which wiings the heart; which touches it in erery nerve, where agony is borne ; whirh searches it in evriy fold where th i smallest drop of griot can he conceals I. It is denunciation And, here he is greatest of ail. Hew does he exhibit the wrong doer tiotv does ho show the transgrrssor his ways! Ilow does he display the tortures of an accusing con scisnce?the rickness of a guilty soul; the apathy ol habit ; the damnation of remorse And no matter, who the wrung doer is, let hirn tremble, if Curran is to paint His deeds Proud he may be in titles s boundless in wealth ; hardened in tiiu bron/s of f.ishion ; if he is hi:, m-in,"i a orator's words shall tr.imfl r him; wnerover f el lug has a sense, a barb shall rankle ; and for the time, at lent, he shall stand before tho world, naked, bleeding, hivering, and despised?to species a thing of sooro, aud to himself a tiling of sliuine. Oltlce stiiill no more protect bun thiin larik. Is he a Judge, who sullies the purity of the bench with the malice of n purtUan I His ermine shall not guard him from the advocate's indignation?and the tribunal which he disgraces shall in its vary loftiness, but make his ignominy tbu moro conrpicu ous Neither shall a villian lind a shield in the baseness of his work or the obscuiity of his condition. Is he a |(t wuui'i government ji.iya ior peijury I Tito Diluting violator ol Dmnan Innli and lninuiu nature I A wietch that panders i< r tba gallows, od steeps hia feet in teen I t'aud a id coated aa Die heart may lie in n inmant-calloua aa may t>e hia brutmh face; atolid aa may he I ia de monaoul, ourmn coui.l cleave the armor of hia wicked nets, and shake liis miscreant spirit with fear, when it had lost even the momory of a virtue It ia not, how ear, the power of Curran's eloquence, hut tho purpose ol it. which l,ae relation to this lecture It waa lor the weak aaainat the stiong. Curran lived in times which tried n a i'e souls,'and many soul* there were which did it t I ni the trial Soma, witb rewind tear, sank hefor> he a' of power , ami others with aelflah phan.ry die ivedinthe sunshine ol patronage But (turiun wa? iave, as he waa Inaorruptihla In 17M, he labored with a meMyi'a patience, ai d with a hnro'a coura o He .deadaJ Miner the shadow ol the icaftold. He dofundon /i.e client ovei die dead body of another; anil wkile the victim la expiring on tas gallows for whom ycsterda> ue stiugglrd, wi h no hope to cheer bis labor, ho struggles as manfully to-day lor ona, who will ho the victim 01 tc-m-urow Ha wn? nplight, whan honor was rebellion he waa true, when integrity waa treason?he stood by 'he accused and the doomed, when to pity was lb piito ipete, and he was loyal to liberty?when even c tote her wea almost to die. Tho year Ih'Jfl aaw Ih < ktitolx * rauripaU'd, and now bn Mania with other Uil i.h kut j e hi equality ol |>rivilp|(e mi l equality ol (rlifuico I ha later hi?t?ry ol Ireland hot tiuJ three giend epoch*, and in each h.i? had a man laalnonod for lit* tiair In I<Ml, (he parliament ol Ireland contended lor iiidepandanca; then there aioao ihe majaatu ajurit ol immottel tfrattan -all that wn claiaied ha aliened, and all 'ii.t lie aeaerted, be achieved. In 170S, the liberty o< I /an waa let at nought, iho impetiioiii voice ol i l urran aro?e a'ova the atorm, and it It wu not able to quell, it bore witnea* to the right. In IHjO, aia milliona were emancipated, and, with that aut>- i i trot t> e n . rie e( U'l onncll la fot ever na?o- I ci?t< d but, i.ot wl'h that year or that event alone; I Ure nam* of O*! 'itinell n connvcted with the in- ' defetigel atinggle of hall ,i contnry , it la not i nl) keered In tne liberty ot hi< country, lint in the I liberty of men ; end the feme ef it will become wider I aa freedom eovera Ihe earth, ami a ulnve t? i net hue nr. in the wot |.|. The hnloricel taped of our ' ' pre>enta na with nothing but dia luiOO ami mia ' re ineg-m.-o* . arm the ate tal, to ?hi> li we inuat liuw ' bnetfy refer, preeenta ua with nothing better We oh- I aeree m the airurture of Into eociety, not merely that | < il.. eiwioei.ta of it ere fragment .iy. nut en ageuia'ic I Tt. r la. for instance utile ol a native arietocracy ; and, < yrti a ei. no e ntr ron hec..rn ?vr leb ?o t??i tc. > .. a i a migliiy MUX I lie old i riinn a 1 >a-l r aiei ttwaoa wvie successively at ripped ol their ea<a>*a II w?a asserted by I banceiior KtigiMion, that < <be island had changed owneta thiee tinira in a centuty 1 1 be in |rei?. <l, have, tiietvlore, temained < away item Ike people I heir eaietence ta entlraly a ?, r . i-ne I belt educeUoa ia diatiuct. 1 heir leal ' RK B tNlMG, FEBRUARY 27, J inga arc anti national Their sympathies are loreian ha rt??y ara aliens al ar two centuries o( possession No : foe yaapla ara more easily governed than tba liith, through I thi hair iMagmaiiao au<) elfvctio a Appeal auccessfully to ' Fri faculties, and you may rula 'nam as you plaaaa , N< f you weulJ haaa power with tha English, appaal ! thi o their utters eta - aho* them that you can laaaen loi heir taxes, and that ) ou can increase their loaf ? I eg f ten would gam power with tha Irlah. appaal pt? o their sent menta Shew them that you would bring iia ?at It to Ireland tha giory that haa departed-that you an aouiJ ra atrmg hat national harp, and re kindle her let la.ional <>i ?'or> that )ou wou'd rebuild the balla of wt ra..i aiui Quod them wi'Ii the music ol her barda?that wi ton wool I rr-upou the iiu;r? ot bar sen-its, and till Ita wi oui'a wnh the aloquabca ol Iter state*men But, to un mi leralanl a people, you must lira with them . uiy. yon " I n<ist have within you the lila o! their life. And without hie understanding ot e people, you will vainly try to work on their rentiment Yon cannot work on that Tl rscept ynu hire a ay mpathy with their heart. You mm' lu ully apt reflate their virtu, , you muit have that also If in yoti which can |?n*tiate ihe ipint of their vicea.? Ja Herein has liern the power ol O' unnell It haa not all cit wrongs of the government. Much of tin secret lies in de lb* profundi in-iglit whir h ha ever i> 1 ol tha char- by icter ol the people? iho complete i ind ication of bii ha na ura wish 11m words are treaties* ; for thoy sp re the ecliort ol the liesits around him, ami with the an I'r sting I of Ibeie beets his own In art kaeps inns. Th.- tit lri>b aristocrat baa uo auch unity wi'ti ib.t people , lu nay, bo Uaa scarcely an e>trri*l acq .tin ance with bu ibem He Iii not tha ell'ertioti ol a native, ami an ha wants the ii.partiality of a stianger Mia life ia a aoit wl ill for h.a birth lie wuul 1 not ha on Irishman, mi ai d tie cannot he an Koglislitnaii He !cok* splonotically no it rass the cbaonel, and mourn* that hia tiooper aoce*- ar tor gave hnn aiiyttung ij livlainl hut '? ,i;r-a He then ge tn roa a an I la gsze upon the 'oil uu u m-h he hua lnil pa the niiatortuue to h* turn, ami wnich ha* had tho atill ?u <ieater misfortune to bear luni Ho n to hie tenantry, th uot to m ich a protector aa a aupen..'; .i lsimsnt rattier tin than a patron; an axattor, inor ihan an improver; alwa) a th i receiver, and silduia a bea'nwer This opposition of lia interior leeling between thelumber a'i.1 the lower clus*ea in! in Ireland, ia lamentably exemplified ny a corresponding co contra t of external circumstances. Iriab aociety ia a de living antitbeaia, of wbicb the peer uud tho peaaant are pe no fuucilul extreme*. 'Ihe peoaant ahowa what priva- in tiona life can endure; the pier with whet indulgence it ci can become a burden Ino peaaant work*, but doea th not eat. Tho peer eata, but doe* not work Tho food te of tbo peuettnlia ulao tha food of the brutea ; thut ol ai tha peer were a b*u.|uut for tha goda. The puaa int T! owa and reapa, and gathers into hitui, and carries tho nc crop to market?and carties nothing home Tha paor cl sows not; reaps not; gather* not into ham ; carries uot in the crop to market, ami lias all tho gam without ev on the th trouble of carrying it homo Mouio ditlarence it make* at to the peer, whether hi* territory ie fertile or barren; lor T he ha* whatever it produces: it makes uoue to the pea- ty .ant lor a in ill crop or ahundaut, hi* lot re still the fame, >u to toil and to starve The manor houses of the Irish pc gen ry are situated in the mldat ol exteuaire domains, it surrounded by lofty walls, and guarded by surly gala at keepera. The finest of these places are oftou girded by II deserts of the most squalid misery. The owners are iu st them in on rare occasions, and, then, it is revel in the th midst of want. Huppose youraella guest on one of these in occasions L>ook around you on the scene'.-the prince- ai ly park without, and the ornamented hall within; slope it woodland, garden, bill, dale and river, glowing in the V outward prospect; tho laward view, that of a kingly resi tl dance furnished for every refined desire; adorned r with mirrors, statues, pictures,?replenished with o whatever CHn delight tlie fancy or feast the ii physically moie deplorable than the aerf* ot Turkey; h ami when you have thus thought, look calmly on the us k emhly hetore you Here, gathered at joyous night, ia a u throng of the noble and the lair; men of gallant heating v mid wonion of aurpaiiing beauty. Lights stream ovor t decorations which almost transcend what eastern story I. has teigued of aaatern mugic?resplendent eyes flash 1 with more gladsome brightness in each other's lustre? b music floats upon the perfumed air, and grace rulua the e uiazaa of the dance. When you recollect tne haggard c country through which you passed to arrive at auch u c mansion?whea you recollect the hovels which sicken- v e l you on the way?th: sad faces that stared on you as t you want along, that constantly subdued your reveries s to grief?when you racolleet the lever and tbo hunger s that, as you travelled by them, appalled your very soul: n all that you aee in this abode ol grandeur appears un v natural?it seems u brilliant and yet an agonising vi- a sion?an illusion by aome evil genius, powerful to v delight?terrible to dastroy You cannot reconcile fi it with your ordinary associations, with your sentiments t| of moral harmony?it is iuoongruous?a rejoicing in an f< hospital?a feaat in a famine (hip?a dance in a charnal h house?a bridal in a sepulohre - your heart becomes con- fi vulsed, your head giddy, your imsgiuation contused and ti sick : you look upon a social chaos that bewilders you, fi and you turn from the whole with loathing and disgust p 1'he social system in Ireland is disjointed and defective, ti The great proprietors are ahseutees, and tlio small ones ti ne iinpoveiislitij. Another docisire ovil in the SOOial (] state of Ireland, is the want of due gradation It Where there is not general equality there ought to be tl successive ranks. But society tu Ireland exists only in a extreme*. The two main divisions of it, are the owners tl of the soil aud it* occupier*; and between those there a seems a gulph, which one cannot pass to companion with v the other. To All up thii wide inteival, there is n wanted an active aiii enterprising mi l tie class - u sixcept in the lesrnel professions social eminence t! hi Ireland belongs only to tbu ownership of land ? i Money in Irelaud has not accumulated with Capital? < industry has not lisuii to ambition ; and thence, while u in Luglsnd man cliink from labor to aristocrucy, in c Ireland ,mcn descend from aristocracy to labor But 1 the moat gitevous need ot Ireland is the want ol vane- u ty in occupation klxterually, Ireland is finely aitusted r lor commerce; internally she is admuaniy suited loi u msnnlactures Cummer## aud mai.uiso uren would not only train th# people to skill and inJepsmleilce, hut re neve t(e soil from the pressuieol an excessive poptthi e ;ion The soil is the only souice ol lite, and out ol this n come many evils One ol the worst ia, that ol exiremt cona|ietition. Lveiy vacant spot becomes an object ol j deadly strife It is geuarslly given to that peisou who ; , nlfera the oigheat price, snd shouts the loudest piomise ; He soon flnds out in hit despair, that lis has un leitaki-o . , loo much The landlord hm spent no Ospi al on it; tin , isnant hits none to spend; and 01 the pioduce which is 1 tors from its savage nakedness, the nu.k goes to tin . absent propneior and to the established r.liurcli The I oil deieiicrstes I tie Imulioril will not lowoi hm dsinihls The tenant cannot pay tbem, awl he is ejected * ,i; 1 lie Ignition gives the placa to unuth. r, mid tho miBr icusut knows uot where to tin I a itioltsr T11o< 4h J(' law has diivcu hiin out from tin familiar hearth, rta lure compels him to return. He will prowl around the a miserable anode that givu hii poverty a 1011140 -the hut that (iti kh lltUa tnies htai j tho root that ikkldtd the muthor ot hi* children. He cnnriot teaion- hi? blood j 1 utliea hark to it* fountain- hit whole nature m exci ted j his brain is convulsed in dill iutn ; he is mad in his r houseless distraction, and in his madness he ila)i, t perhaps, his blamelesr successor. His fotmor landlord ( is, pnnsibly, a magistrate This magistrate hands him , to the constable?the constable delivers him to the , Judge. After due lormi of trial, the judge consigns hint ( to the executioner, and the executioner closes tne ti a - , gtdy. This is but one of a hundied, vary little in J plot or incident The sc?(fjld is the stage, witn which. , as yet, Ireliiid has been the best acquainted, and , o 1 that ahe bus witnessed many a terrible drama? , b.ack, silent, bloody, and monotouotts I Who doe* nut see in these circumstances, rudely a* 1 hare described them, the sources of enormous (Tils I f'aasioiii, tha dcepaat and most lasting, w ere kindled and n k pt burning by crushing men upon the r own -oil, by iirnatl ig them in those sentiments tkat a 1 but the Inmost hold hi reverence. Kducation was not only withheld, but punished. Ti ode wax not advanced, hut lestiicted. Homo industry was suppresxed, and loreign commerce was foi bidden And, yet meu are tow won- ( dering tliat this work should (till lie felt. Why,'t is not greatly over half a century since any change lor the het 1 ter ever began. But such a work does not pass away in liity > 0.11 s. What other eii'octa than those which we havo seen could he expected T Discontent, that outlives the provocation?anger, that survives the wrong?disorgaiu- '? /.ation, thst follows servitudo and misrule-ignorance, deep silt wide spread, that bad legislation had long com- '' pe led, and that the bet. t cannot hastily remove - idleness, b thst iuw mude a habit or a necessity -poverty, coining out 01 idlenesa? crime and misery issuing from both, u l>l complication of entangled difficulties that makes the hope of tue philantiiiopiii, aud that 1 . ill 1 the wisdom el J the statesman but the evils initiate their own re * un-diei : and it is encouraging to tee, in the progress ol 1,1 cent events, tliat national in-tihcts arc taking the di >" lection thst will gradually ameliorate national caiaini '' lies. Tho Irish people, ae one ol tho mult vital Irag- *1 ineutx of the British empire, must be respected, and they 1,1 uiust be practically respected They must have their due sliaie 111 the legislation of the empire, and they must J ue fully represented, according to thr ir numbers, their pjwir and their imereats. There must grow up in Ire M isud, teo, a social uuiiy. Men of the same atmosphere 61 must learn to love, and not to hate each otner They fb inust joiu heart and han 1 to promote the good of their T cuinniun countiy. They must have hope lor what la to *' com* ; they n uit havo pardon lor what n paced. The 1,1 law oi tenuie mint be cnanged . the tenant muat he pro- ('t tacted , the 1 indlord shall not tie denied hn lights, hut he muat he made to leel bia dutiea. It he w ill not lid tine to '*< hia obligations, like all criminala, lie ought to meet with hi punishment, and the pnuiahment ho can moat feel -Ss * auld tie punishment on hia purae Tax tlio reeieant, and jl he will not do justice .to his country, let to him pay acverely for hia dialnyelty. Kelicve the land of n' the horrible pressure that la oil it; call in the amount of (c stalwart muscle that witheri away in idlaneaa, to healthy manufactures, let young men ami maidens that wander ?' over esrib for leave to toil, have hut that liberty given ''f iliern upon their own groen island, end i shall challenge "e the wuiid to show n happier or e handsomer race men ! V mnre| geneious, or w omen more lovely. Oh ! that ell 1 Blisses and all creeds would unite in a broad and gens- | ions sentiment ol nationality. Not a nationality of vain ' yard prejudice; hut a nationality ot lirotheihood Slid ' |>escr This would bo tor Irnland, the day of her rrge- 1 ^ neratio'. To the eyo, she is lair, indeed, among the na- j dons , hut to the henrt her beauty lias heen coveied t with sanutis. Iier fields me luxuriant, and her hills I lie given; yet the lot of her children has lieen in trars fc in I Id ind History, whose woik at best la hut meian sholy, has wiitten her story in ileapuir Hui gur has . |l g< " d in her valley a j sickness in her dwellings , am I! md inaluess in her secret places Nature has given her ' i gretl Uigess of bonn y tattle covet tn i plants, and he hoiii oi plenty has heen emp'ltd on her vales -but lfl mr row and a curie hare rallied a hugli* on all '1 lie en a il heaven blow upon her licahly - but thny swell no atl nils accept those which ate to bear iiei c.nhlren into ,](l isle. 1 lis g lot ions aea guds har shout; but it washes |U, ha shorn ol Solitary harooia, and dtshes an unloaded wars upon a virgin sand A race oi no moan capacue* j?. rirnttT-M IP.MM IT I [ERA 847. ' ve lived in but! unworthy of the lavage, ami upon id almoattoo wretched for the brute*. Ought It te be let -I* tht* the deeign of nature 1 I* tbie the order of ovidecce I I* this a fatal and perpetual necessity ? >;no?it 1* ag?in*t the design of nature; it reverse* i order of Providence; and the only necessity thot beiga to it is that which spii.igs from miarule, misman ement, and disunion. Le' there be but a united peoi and it cannot be longer thus. Let divisions be shotted by a holy love of cou try:-combined intereete d combined activity will issue in general prosperity; : party name* be lost in liiabmsn; and IrLhman baa 1 >'d lor pa* I tot, then, the sun ol a new era will bath# th a lory the emerald Set in the mi lat of the sea; then, I it the land of a common birth, bo the land ot a com n heart;?and then, How e'er crowna aud.corouett be rent. A virtuous populace -ili rise tb>> while, And stand, a wall of tire around their much loved isle " ! le course of these observations has led us along painI topic* ; but we will not leave tbem in do?|>ondeucy. (ltj * which arc gone h ive left but painful memorial, ! ys tbet art to come may cheer us with bright and gia < us hopes. If a soil the most fertile has norne but a 1 irving peasantry ; if noble rivers have (lowed unhur- 1 ncd to the sea ; if capacious buibors have been ruffled 1 no freighted keel) , if iniaei of wealth hare slurnred untouched in the sleeping earth, still I do not da sir for my country. The soil is theer yet in it< beauty, d its children may yet live upon its fullness The rets are yet majestic, and will not always be ascitis. The broad and sheltered bay, that now mirrors t the mountains and the heavens, may yet reflect the owy dr 'pery of many a gallant ship; and the hills on lich now the ragged and dejected shepherd wanders, ty vet yield up their treasures to the light Nature is t dead. Nature is not dead in the woiUsof oreution in the aoul ot man; nature Is not dead, but ever in its neroue beauty coven and support* ua No foolish ssions can dry up the kindly breast of earth, or conme the larness ot the olouds; or shut out the glory of i a skies. Nature yet survives; sui ,'ives in her limitless >unty; survives in her eternal youth; and the people, ough impoverished, are not destroyed. No wrongs vu been able to crush them, no wars to render them tiumun From every savage influence, they have me forth, not indeed, uninjured ; but yet not deeply ( graded, nor ruthlessly depraved. From the worst ex irrence in the history of nations, they have saved eloents of excellence that may be shaped into the noblest vilization From a long and dreary night ol bondage ey have escaped with the vivid intellect, the cheerful mper, the affectionate spirit, the earnest, tho hopeful ithusiasm that spring* elastic from every sorrow be hour now seems dark in Ireland, bnt the light is it quenched It is only for a season obscured. The uud is thick and broad ?it rests heavily over the shiver g millions?it is most dreary, and it seems tilled with reatenings. But the moveless sun is shining tranquilly >ove it iu the benignant and the everlasting heavens.? he cloud may break in tem|>est', but stillness and beauwill come when the hurricane has spent its strength, id the storm lias passed away. But no tempest, will, issibiy.couie ut all The cloud may dissolve in rain;? may give freshness, where it had only given glourn; id cool the ardor of tho beams which it had excluded.? avy skies bring lightning: lightning biinga the tower; then comes the sunshine on the grass; and all I > fields are sparkling with glory u-d with gems Let e se think ot the moial atmosphere that now hangs round and over Ireland It it not to continue, tied is i his universe, and guides tho nations In their way Ve will hold to our goodly trust, and in the strength of jat earnest trust? wo will firmly believe, that he has -ch blessings, yef, in store (or Ireland. Where ften we eau see nothing but evil, our gracious Father i preparing good; and wo will so believe it now, ar sail, slllicted, mourning Ireland. Oh 1 land of my ieart, of my fathers, and my birth: 1 will ever ;eep it in mv thoughts, that Ood is looking dawn pen you with pity aud with grace, uud that ho villfcall you up more brightly from your oalamiy. The times, indeed, seem had ; but suffering will save its blessings Plenty will como again ; aud nutui,1,. u.?l ana m>n.l I?,.I .-I . ?l,.?...l learts will couie along with it. Peaco will be establishd?confidence will come with peace?capital will follow onftdeuce?employment will increuse with capital?aduation will be < eaired?knowledge will be dili'uaed, and irtne will grow with knowledge. Vet, even if these biugs should not soon he-, if all that is now anticipated hottld long be hope deferred, und many a heart should icken in waiting for relief, yet I will not despond; I will lot despond for Ireland, I will not despond for humanity; 1 rill entertain no doubt in the Agency which guides thu rerld, and no mistrust in the destiny wlicreuoto the rorld moves. We cannot, in this condition of trial, look or the extinction of evil; but we may for its amelioraion. We cannot liopo fur perfection; but we inay hope tr progress. Confidence in progress is nut presumption, ut faitn; faith in Providence and taith in prophecy? litb in Providence, justified by history; for history is le record of Providence, in the development of agi-s ? ilth in prophecy, Justified by promise ; for prohocy has ever heen a voice in the hearts of lod's inspired ones, with the promise of hotter mvs and better things Sustained in tho power of ns faith, whether I look before, or whether I >ok after? there is encouiagement - there is good. In te retrospect, I behold but clinks ? on many a spot rhere tyrants had built their thrones for eternity when ley dared in thep pride and in their guilt to say, "We 10 Cods, and who shall dostioy us I" Wip-.u superUtion bad muttered her midnight mysteries in the daikess of heathen torn. I find but noisomo iui?s; the screech t the owl and the cry ol the ruVen I trace the way of lie past over many a battle fi-'ld on which truth und berty wero fought 011 which trirh and liberty >eru victor* I behold along iha' track the wieckif a thousand errors and the prints of a tho'tsut d times ; ami I see that the errors and the crimes which sfi them, have melted as a dream, or vanished as a vision >1 thu night. I look onward-onward?onward, and I 'eh- 11 mm - advancing man - tiiumphant man the light t lie iv. n i n his brow ; the I'm e ol Ireedom in his o> e , ha inspiration of righteousness in his legeneratud soul , da pioud loot on the giave of buiied oppressions; and hi. salted voice swelling giuriouslv al >nd into thu lofty iHllebijatis ol enlightened ami of emancipated nations. Rem i'm Claim*.?The olfi ml nrticle, of which lin following is u tranalatiun, ha* recently been ommuiiiCH'ed to the L>cpar(m -nt ol State by thecliaig* 'affairs of the Cuitid Sintes at Milisseli:? III PSBTMKNT or FlSiSCK. > Dri sssrs. Wtslueaday, January Id. lilt* y ndemn'jical on for lortSis oeeat.onti hy the oj the war oj the revolution ? It. vine 1 he Minist'r ol Kiouncu in a ditiuu to his advertise, lent publui ed under duta of the tl h in taut, 11 forms the aisous entitled to iodrntnificaliori, adjudged according 1 tea law ol Msy 1. IM3, Unit the pay 11 unt ol tire aaul idemnificatioi.s, which sh'.uld l-egin in Kenruiiry, 1847 t the bureau ol transit rrf the public >'ertin the Uepsitlent of Finance at Urus.t-is, may li? ubo made by the iractoisol the treasury ut Antwerp, tihent, Binges, ,iegu, Hasten, or >amur IU CO use que DCs, the )-tovitiOnal titles issued by the ommpsiou of bq'ilda'iou, may. trom and attar tlie same la'i of Kel r tarjr I 1*47 lie du|ion.ted, uuly itivested with lie signatures ol the poison* entitled, for acquittal, and lie lequitite legalization, with the director! of the reusury above mentioned tobe ?xcining> 1 subsequently or tbo definitive titles at thtee | or reuti. which <t? to >e delivered in virtu* ot tho law o( December 94, 1HI6 ? in thu ilei>o?ii(> a recept ihall he delivered lor the pio'ieionel titles piusented lor peymin', which ihoul i be eproduced efterwaids, in order to obtain the dth dtise itlee In the caeea provided for by the fotnth aiticle of the oj ul decree Oi December 27, IM??J, that ia to (a) , when, m consequence ol tbe decease oi cession, the pioprieton l the chums are no longer the at me designated in the roviamnal titles, the prisons interested aie likewise to epoeite docuinenta pioving those (acta and others in utilicatiou < (their lights The payment of the claims subjected to attachment or fipoaitiou, can only ho mado at Brussels, and by the 'epaitment ol Kinacce, in the bureau of tianafer of tbe Mi debt. I M.M.O.V ('kmtbah America ?The I hit no </< la Mariana, iavnnit paper, ul the !> h mat., status that advices ad been received iu that city fiom the ancient capital of entiiii Aaorian, mp to tiie 7 th at fiaairy,contradicting ier*|>ort that wai had been declared against Meaicu, y the Itepuhlir ot tiuatemala. It will he recollected by ur readers that the Injiradur, ot Vera t'lur, about the id ot lierembi-i last, MatW red that hostilities were out bunking out between the two rouutnea rin. is iitueiy tanorroot. Thi Biarta,af Oaannalii dated inh ovembor, contains n mamteato, isauod by the i'roat Hit, itoo. Don Kalaal I atieia, in which, alter coirmi nl ig on tho diaotdeia which had taken pisce at Nan halts ir, he states that tho hoptihlir of < niatamala w as r# icc.ted lrom without her coi.tines, whilst ob -dienco to is law mai ken the conduct ol h. r cih'eus within I hat is most tigid economy should be pte< tise I in the espem is ot the government, and that every thing possible louid he done towaid amehotating tier position ere hand, tradesmen, agticulturu'.s, at, lie, are (bolted to pnrsua their peaceful occupations, while is a lmiiiutistion would watch otortlio ?sl?ty of all he d (Acuities at Nan Salvador, anting from tho lxpnl on ot the Diahop, Don J. J. Vitorejr, In July last, ai d i? proacribed Maiespiu, who is now a retugae in lionirus, havu lieen accommoiluted The government is kingsepsto appease the anger nl kis llnli.,.,, ,. >pe, lor summaiily banishing Use Bishop A packet line is been established between Vmbemaaol the colony ot into Tomes, ny order of the Belgian government The erchentaol (iuatnmale ate exhorted by tua Presi l. r,t concur with the Belgian t otsul. to facilitate cseimti cation* between thoae point*. The government still n.ain* at .Managua. Mi nor Maudoval'e time aa Dictator 'Onoapitea. Tnere had baen v iriotts explorations tinrtaken tiy the I- tench governa.rwt, on the istomti* ot mania, witii a view toconncet the two ocesns. Tin re ems to be some bupe ol its being ell -cted within few htom. I Vwrleilrs. There eio in Kranra 1M 9t$ <??>?> MVM of arailaM.. M, 11 the imputation, in rau i mat era, 11 few ?n 4000.000, OMMMM 7 IK*) 000 famnin ol tiwee, .'7,0110 ot.elougto 6,ftO",(KM> umilira, anch |h>ui.<i<| I opMtjr. 'I no Ultra Qoxtll* a?y? : Tuaaley night wu the .Meat mgt.t ot tha aaaeon. I tier mom. tri in thia city nged liom 10 deg to 11 '!*k I>olow trro at 7 A M , 'edntajay. At Whitehall, a?y? tha Clraaith, U.e ermoinvler on Wedneaday mviuu.g n d.c..tad J4 dag low raro. At H'lehae on tha 10th lout tha tharmom. tar wae at it. g l.alow /pro, and in aou.o aituati ina 11 dag Dit.rraaarn ?A young lady Paulina iohnaon, landing aelio.'l at La ltay,'.. n,y t.iiouaiy appeal.>d on the morning ol the * n m l, On., ataita.l ra. hool a* tiaual, atnee which lima aha haa not heal, pn Mho in yean ol t(e, and o( prapj??tn>ii g e|f raace.?JIUai. 1 % LD. ntM WWW OM?i AFFAIR3 IN ALBANY.""'" LEGISLATIVE PROCEEOlNGSl. TKLKUHAPHIC. Senate. Atii!?r, Fob. 3d, U47 The debate ot the morning ?n upon the motion to discharge the Cimmittee ofOtiidieu from the further consideration of the petition o re tore Smith A Bougtton, and other pardoned eeti-ieut coneicta, to the rights of citizens, and to refer the same to the Committee the Judiciary. No question was taken The Senate then took up the bill appoi iling commissioners to codify the laws. The bill was debated at length, but no conclusions arrived at. Assembly. Alsaist, Feb js. 1M7. The ("anal Bill was taken tip, and was under conetdaration tl v whole day to tha hour of adjournment. Liric Insvbanck?Captain Kathb>nk ?W# do not recollect tlint we Iihvh tor iIih la ?f ai* aimtka uttered a word about life insurance, according to oar wout. 11 ui the omiesion haa not bam from any change of opinion, touching tba importance of the duty on the part of thoie who cannot eAord to die . rather because wa uppoicd that enough had been aatd , but the recant death of o fiietid, and the discomAlure to othera whieh followed thereupon, letda ua to renew our suggestions with more success, we hope, than to him who ptomiaad that ha would aee about It Ami wa have another incentive in the etatement that Captain Rathhone, who waa Ion on liia paaeage to Liverpool a few wreke since, maintained an inaurance ol fA.OOO upon hla life--a aum not vary large, indeed, but which, with a littte other property, may do much lor thoee who are dai andent , nuy, a aum which In itaelf, may heap the wolf from tbo door, and enable one or two, with genteel economy, to lire comfortably ?Fhiia. V. S. Oaaette, Ftk. S7, DisTRisaiNd OcotiBRKNcs ?Mr. J. K Ackland wa* found dead yesterday morning about daplight, in the yard of Parker1* Hotel. Mr. A. retired at a late heur the evening before, and it la goneretly (upposed maJe the fatal leap from the attic window of hie hotel, a height of forty-tire or Aft? feet from the ground, in a atate ot sleep or aomnambuliam Hla body waa dreadfully mangled and bruised, especially en the lolt eide, his arm, wrist and shoulder being broken. An 1n(jucit was held, and a verdict rendered in eocordanre with the facta stated.? Nor/ilk Uraon, Feb. !M. New Yobk and Nkw Haven Railroad.?A corps of engineers, tinder Mr Anderson, formerly connected with the Woatern Kailroad in Massachusetts, are now in the city, locating the rout# of this important rond I in junction with the Hartford road will bo In the vicinity ol the railroud btidge, east of the city, near East i Hock. The track will follow up the raual from the basin, | und probably pass directly on the towing path between the St. John's block and Uwight's building.? JV?e ifeven j Palladium. Ecclesiastical Trial.?On th*o|>cuing of tie ' oourt this morning, after the reading of the proceedings ol yesterday, and some other unimportant business being transacted, the arguments of counsel in the o.ise wrro commenced by Hugh Duvey K.vena, Est] , en tho part of the church, contending for the conviction of the Rov accused, on all the charges made against him. No decision will he an ado in the rate to-day, as the argument! ol the counsel will most probably eocupy the whole of tho day's session ?Ball Pmltitt. Feb 'J4. 1 " HBB FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. MI." IHT?On Wrdnenliy, llih mat. a amall white E,ugl.?li Terrier Slut; haa a yellow spot near one e) e; auawera m the name of " Veuna ." Any l er I anu r-tu.niug her to <7 Liberty atreel. up atatra, will recaire the nbort reward faW li*r CENTRIC MAKKKT AUAINSP THE WORD. h'JiT BEEF! FJtT BEEF! 1 The atibienber wiahea to inlirni hia frienda aad ilie. pnblic iq iteoeial. 'hit he will offer for aale on Saturday neat, the irtlh ioataot, fire auperinr aattla, iiiief . I uiem raiaed by Tliomaa Meade,Oreeow eh, Kauliald count>- Connecticut?two more raiaed by Mr. Benedi k. North Hnlem, Went t heater county. It haa t aeu proa- uneed by our heat judges. to be the beat that haa baea r,flared lor ale iu New Vork for aomr yeara part Alio aotna aplaadid intittou and real, aold at alalia No II and 14 Ceuire Market, by B. LAWHLNCK. fU 3r*rc l|l l< K .sal.KS AMi AMALL CKOKI ID I.H OUR if VIOTTO ? Vine Boota at S3 H, city made, and are jMecjaal to thoie oauiliy aold f<r $V Viae K reach calf ^Wdiess Biota at $ll>0.ri|UHl to lha h*sr aold ia the city. 1 I'u i nt liatlicr Bin,'.a, Nlinr?, (J.iuri ud Hlipgera, ?n hand 1?r.d made to order on anon notice All mode warranted to V?e aatiafnctiou. .Mtuomy Nc.. doue m he atore. Y Oil NO k JONk.8, 4 Ana atraai, f!IJ Im'ec Near the Vnaeom. NEW \TIKK AND NEW HKI)NSWICR. . a '> na The Steamboat KAhlTAN. < apt laaac few?^*^*7 ?-nT V'aher. win commraci her reanlar fipa lor I JLaJUbtlia aeaaon, betwera New Uruaawica aad New V mk, on Moudar, the lat day ol Vlarch, leering New j Hru.nwic'i at 7 o'clock, A. .M , making her nana1 lai diuga al K.euch'a Dock Aouih Anibvr, IVrti Amboy, Beutley, Tot i 'en. Korarille Tu la, and (. Iietnea, arririug in Now York about i"% o'clock ktelurniug. w>li leare New York from the foot of Barclay trevt, al o'clock, I'. M. lor New Brunswick, laudiigas above Horaaa and carriages, aad all kinda of freight, taken at (ho I uaual ricaa. N B ?All freight, ipecie and baggage taken at lha rlakol IiLe owni'l i hereof. New Brnniwick. 23d Vrb unr-, 18|7 72J lw"r aOgTdgl ^TlK. PK0PIDtfoIIS ol Mtaamboaw ' orm?*^^wnhipg Bella huiig would do wall io pay a XavwjHEwSLrml on hoard the stcainhra'a.Niagara, Iron I Witch, (lorernor, irou boat John Stereos, Woreeater Tra ' r?.ler, Tlo mat Powell, kr , and 'eiamme .H HOMER'S I no, t! red ate la i.l B'll H put up neat and troog, aad ' warranted for oue rear, be H. It. Ni lAnn-t fjl lai'rre e-^-_7. PA "-KM INKS 1'fe.K bTKAeiSulP ' A .M U111 I from Boiioii?I aareaaera are <l/TYMhereby Unified th.-it it will be accessary lor T^A^U^^Lfiliem io he on b aid MO. Y oak, A ? Vlondir I he ler ?a the ne rnrr will aail al | II \ M D BKIHHAM, Jr. Agent, at f26 7t?r* Huni.l i tt < . i Wa'l atiaet it/* F'UK ' h H- k'.s t (I.N ? The atramehip Si* lifv SOUTHERNk-R. apuiu M berry, wilt ft i_ ,UH>MK. Iruiv the i irr ?atr aide ni I'rck alip, on 8a' QsSS&QSs tu'dar. 271h mat at 4 o'clock P.M. Nn berth urrutri m ill pant lor Freight will lie receired until 12oVIi.ek on Saturday. II billa of ladiug aignrd n buard, b) ilie clgik. Fur freight or | ?-?atrr, upply to bPOKKOHD. TII.EHTON It CO fib ttr 149 W >t#r i't?n. KOu tihLe ->l ?. Im In a Jill K Al ihlii ywjwy. JOHN J a KD1N E, Joaeph ttampaou, tnaa'er, will /JmMm hare n mcdiait draiiaii h Fur freight r laaiige. harm* aery food arrommodat ooa, ?pn y on boaid at whaif, or to f>7 WOlMHUT.L it MINTUlf*. IT Soq.h ?t. FOR t.l V K.RPOtll, ?Toe aupatior, lot aailiag l aeki i alup UAV alii a,How* inaa c.haeiag moat JMAMBfai of her ca no engaged an 1 going on board, will bay* im ntuult deapatch Kor remainder of I. eight or |i4M*gr, h?ewg aery tendaome a d eatenaiaa ttata accnmtnodationa, apply ou board at ?? I I a liarf, or to J27 woontn U. It MINTI'RN r Smith al {Jt4? FOR tlUA^OO W.? 1 ha Near l ine? ttegalar ujfwFW.Packet?lit of April?'I he line faat tailing Mr bark MWKMiA M < AKR, 410 tint, (apteia Johu Wright, wi'l ami aa alioar, her egularday. kor freight or paaaagc. ha? ng cirrllert accomm datiom, a, ply i n hoard, foot of Uooirrelt (treat, Kaat Hirer, or to W Oli DM I' l,t ?? vii.aiTiiHiN, n raoatn at The AI Br ha k ANN II MM.KY I'aptnin Robert Scott, | will aurrevd the Adam Carr, and aail on hat regular daT, the lith Ap'il. Ml 4#a* f O.NSIHN Kk.? per B irk Adatg ( arr from tJlaa oWk gow, will i li aae aeud ilietr peuni'a immediarely on ^ gftMlaiioarJ. all gnoda i.ot permuted in lira daya inaat 1 be aent to the public a'.ne ?frI7 WOt'DHI LI. h MINTUKN. r South at. iiVA- NOTI' f. ? Ail peraoaa are rau ioned agaiaat wrJaxWr'ualii * any of ihe .-raw of he B-. B>rk Adam UULl ,,, . .I.h,. ..fik- ?ii k. ?:a By cnoer"ni'iMii H' c ?? |?I7 j rX> k?.t shir uahi>n k, kok livam r????!.? Patteneert |.y . hi. thip will pirate be on tfMMIhabvtrd. tl (Meant whaif foot of VV?|| street, E K , > 0 Nl..,.dnr if Vtrch, *1 II o'clock, A. M , at which lime ilia rhip mi.l fail "hiiM ?t? will | Iraac clear ihfir gonda at ihe'rnatom home. i ihta dee helot* n', Inea flff It >C ddc i'achrt air11> II n a 10 A IioHi Havre ?t k oaifneem EgjXV If thie Intel will p'eate nil their permit! > JWBBCb hoe "I at Pier No 4 North rlier AH (oodt hot permitted in tit 3 day t inaal unavoidably be r#at to the public tint* ft r Jt rrc *"K I.l V ? It TOOL?I'aehet aliin HAHRIUfc y'llV will tail Monday, Ut March, at IJ n'rlork. Nib l.ctcr Ht| i will l>e rioted at IIo'clock, h ..r )> ? spp ) ou board, at llilraut woa'l. foot of Wall , tfreei,o|t(, K K COI.llNB, j6 Booth at. The HUM II H, Cap? Kldtidgr, will tail at the packet ol 1 J'aj March. BM ida- hi IK IM \ UK Packet ol lal Mateo?The ahip uflfy h k 1.1 I >it *H k. I a|>t Juhaatoa. will be detaiued Mlha wernl the *lh Maul, k< r freight or pnttagc apply "fH Bok II k HlNi K V Aietitt. M Wall at. miif Him r?\l.?. ? a ircight barga ?i about iMfb i?C loaa hurilieu aid eery light or*ft ol water.? j^Mb-hr pie at 41 Wall tt 'ear. bate meat office f*lw*r ?e4 tint 4.1. A?tliIW?Megalar pa-ket ol ihe Ijrh of nWy March?I he Ate ire Br pachatahip BROOKHBY. ttlb '?* ' kt. I-apt. Hi gh vice.well, will tail at above, he' regalar day I k.?r Ireifhtni pit.age, haviag apleadid acrommndclloai, applv on h?aid,ki foot ol M'xrafeelt atreet, K II . or In WiMIDHULL k MIN II RN.gT fonthat 1 he legnlar packet baik \D \M I. AR It. tM (oaa, Captain kk light, will aneceediha Brookahy, and aail in her regular dtv, t'.e Ut ki til ns rc I'kt at I nttir PlttroKxot hltO.M HuAo iffWV * *< * w? t Ittig ef. will attend ta receipt of goodt MMbio "edi .irly All good* not permitted ia five dare mm' he aval to the pnhl c tt?re _fJil?fe _ W<HiIIHULL k MINTl HN. 17 Booth at. Mdkh Nti'l'TtTk,?All pera.wt at* forbid trusting or bar NMylMriii aay of ihe cr?w of the Br thtp Brooktbr. at NHMwr o d" ir ol their aontrvrtiog will be paid br either C p tin or eoaeigiieei ftk V-e WOHUHirLI k MINTI'W>f.rr?aihtr ,) / w ii i fkkkl It DAttl RHLI'TV * PI k I KB, wy" rk "W beer <ta>littr t..t ?alr rejr <>w ' etc a wot. at tt .'..dee l.-Bk ' lil.lPHhk A CO. I H|e?' KOI'A i I I > I >11 ? ae ike n . >?- 1'' T."_ * * 0,1 tinge I lie i i) it *"*?. k BHOf'KJ. I * *-g*oca. J liiiwra No at . deTNvetae. im. A

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