Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1847 Page 3
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Jiom that ihey woulJ allow no treaty to ba negotiated with tha Aotfii'ini, until tha lat'ar ha<1 poritively evacuated the country We And do mention made of the capture o! Chihuahua. I but there hn? been au action in the immediate vicinity of I El Peso del Norte in which our troops were entirely I auacesifiil. The report of it ia altogether Mexican, uud was published in the capital on the Jflth ult. Our limits comiwl us to condeuse it On the daih of December, Senor Cuy Iti was at El Paso at the head af 4*) regulars, who, added to the Pasenos. or troops raised near El Paso exceeded lOiK) in number. The Ameiican* were at Dona Ana 400 strong. Ihey alvonced upon El Paso. Cuylli prepared to light them, but tbe evening be was to set forth on his march he was Seized with a violent brain fever, which rendered him helpless The command devolved upon Tidal, who p-jkses:.ed little military skill, end expected to surmuud and dr stroy the Ameijeans like so many rabbits. He pashed lorward five huulred cavalry under Cap. tain Antonio Ponce, of which one half were Pasenos.? The Americans demanded a parley, which was denied, a id the fight immediately commenced. 1'onae charged at the hca I of his cavalry, but in vnin, aa he was wounded in the first onset. Just then tha Pasenos ran, ami tin- * nich drorder into tbe whole that all took to flight, 1> oving n howitzer iu the bends of the Americans, hut carrying otf three other pieces. Vidal returned with all speed to Carrizal, forty leagues from El Paso. The loss oil each sida was not known or is not stated. On the 'J7th the Americana toek possession of El Paso with fluO cavalry and 400 infantry. The cavalry immediately started in pursuit of tha runaways, and although it was not known at Chihuahua on the -Jd of January that they had overtaken thorn, it was thought likely they would get poevession of two wagons which were iu the rear with the park, as wall aa thirty men who escorted them. This aeetn probable to ua, too, though we much doubt if the Araencaas ever got up to the lunawuy s. Tha account then goes oil into lamentations that tnrougn mm cowardice 01 tne nsenos, all their stir rifi"ca and suffering* have been in vain. The situation of thetr State appear* hopeless to themselves. They say they want jt)00 troops, and arms, and mote than all money The 8tftte*Oovernment is doing ail it can, but what can itdo tinder such circumstances, they very naturally ash. Eio this, if it has suited the Americau commander, Chihuahua has no doubt surrendered. I A letter from Mezntlan, dated the 11th of JAnuary. is published. Governor Castio <va? then in that city, KxUovernor D. Pio Pico was in (Juaymns. Both wort e?It- . nig men and money to recover the Califotnius. They boast, indeed, that we have no foot-hold on the 1 ud; that | with only ninety men an attempt by tevou hundred | Americans to retake Loa Angelos nail been aucceaflully repulsed! j We legret to state that several vassals have succeeded i in running the blockade of Vera Cruz; a Sardinian brig j and Spanish scbaanar ware among the number. OIHcors write us that with their present class of force it is impossible to pievent this. The Princease Maris, of Bordeaux, Ins boon seized by the squndien for irregularity in her 1 papers, and it is thought would ba sent to this port The / bark Felix, likewise of Bordeaux, has also been seized j and sent into Anton Lieardo Wo believe the sloop of ( war Albany mtda captures. Com Conner has re- I j turned from Leguoa to the statien of the iquadien. Tho j news from the peninsula is not later than we have ul- 1 ready published. ] A project has been started in Mazatlan oi declaring Sauta Anna dictator. This draw from him an immediate ' declaration that as he did not aspire to the Presidency, he would use all his force to put down any movement j iu Sonora or any other State which should threaten to I kindle political commotion. The latest dates from San I Luis Potosi era to the litiih ult The army had uot then ' moved, but thu Vera Cruz Indicator, of the 81st ult, thinks that it had done so subsequently, being enabled to . do so by the funds raised by the State of San Luis. 1 Gen. Valencia ia said by the same paper to meditate a 1 descent upon Tampico 1 NAVAL INTELLIGENCE 1 Hkvenue Cutter Bibb.?The Cincinnati Gazelle \ says that tho steam vessel, wbioh was built at TitUburg, 1 and came as far as Cincinnati, where she laid for sonio time ut the landing, undergoing alterations, ia pro- ' * nounced bv all capable of judging, the greatest pitoa of ' i workmanship ever sent out troui any similar establishment. At New Orleans, (he was supplied with sails and ' rigging, her machinery working to tne satisfaction of all 1 on the trip down. On examination of the masta they | ! ware found too heavy, and had to ba reduced, which was ] dona, and she is now ovary way sea-worthy. The Bibb ha* receivsd orders from the War Department to get ready for sea with all possible despatch- 1 Sailing oi dsrs were received yestarday for the U S. sloop el war Decatur, Commander Pinckney j destination , the Gulf of Mexico It was rumored that orders were received here yesterday for the U. 8. ship Ohio to proceed to the Gulf of ] Mexico, and that she would sail u^ou the arrival of Capt. | , 'm,?s.,?Ui, uii, iiuiu warn wo couia learn, wo juuge mat the report wai premature ? Norfolk Beacon, Fti 34. ! 1 Hoard ef Hapervliori. J j Hit Honor the Mayor presiding. . The minutes of the last meeting were read and ap- 1 prorod. ' Petition*? Krom various persons for correction of I taxes. Rvferred. , Bill* - Sundry small bills, connected with the police department, referred. I School Comminioncr of the ~th Ward ? Bond of Josiah 1 ] lti I . cs surety lor Mr. Helomon Tewr.send, School Com- , misuoner of the 7th ward, approved of. Report$? Of finance committee, in favor of u remission I of taxes to the following named persons?W Rowland. | Waber iligKins, Hizekiah Wakeman, Daniel Abbot, and ( Leonard Ay Iters ; and also on tho following property? $3<W 0 ne deducted frcm the valuation ol the house and lot 43S Broome street; $3000 from tho assessed value of ! ) real estate of Mis Dycknian, near Kin*abridge ; the tea on the valuation ol $6340 aseessrd on land ef the l!|sh strest Presbyterian Churah, in I3th street, to be remittee ; the taxes on Ward No 1673, on 17th street, between tt'.h and 7th avenues, to be transferred to Ward No 1613 ; . edvoTso to the petitions of Kdwurd Reuben, James Uglow, and tho Chelsea Methodist Church. Supervisor Livingston otl'erod tho following reselu- 1 1 tion Resolved. That the Clerk of this Board make out. slid file in the offices of the Secretary of State and of the Clerk of the City and Coun'y ol New York, a description of the severol assembly- districts of the city and county of New , Yoik. as divided and fixed by this Board at its last session; specifying the number of each district, and the pepula- 1 tiou thereof, according to the last preceding State Convention. as near as m.y be, and in conformity with the , provisions of the constitution of this Statu. A motion to lay en the table was made and lost. ' Alter a discussion between the mover ot the resolution t and the Recorder,btipji visor Litinobton oifercd to with- , draw for tbo present tho resolution. Supervisors Kut and Peatau ohjectid to the withdismal of the resolution without the unanimous couseut I i of'he Board. , The quoation en the adoption of the resolution was then put Nine having voted in tho negative, end nine in the i-mrmative the resolution was lost. The Board then adjourned. i Mail foit OiihiiON ?Those who have frimida in Oregon will he pleased to lean, that Mr. J. M. ' Khively, of Oregon la preparing to start for that territory from Washington, ou tho ail h uf March, lie willloave Independence. Missouri, in April, und will take charge of all letters directed to him ut that place, post paid, lor setliera in Oregon, iio expects to roach Astoria the 1st of June. Important, iy Taint.? We luarnfroin a private letter, under date of Liverpool, 31 inst, that a petition live be*n presented to the English Lords of tho Admi- I ralty, which will ne doubt result in the sailing of a stouruship an the 10th as well as the 4 h of every month throughout tho year, comroenci- g probably, with the pruanat luonth.?Flulad North Jhntrican. Ftb. 26. U'cllliM on Man, trie Ijiuts of hi* being and roudlti m ?l happiness. by O. S KlUVLKK, At Clinton Hall, every Monday, Tuesday and Thuiaday evenings, Tor thiee weaks, commencing m 7>? o'clock, Had olosng with pub ic examinations. Subject for March l?t: Function, leen i n and language ol the facuhies. Tuesday, March M, ' HtiiHioiiy, or selection, courtship and mimed life 1 urnl?' araunii;, Hrll.iiaiiroTeuieiit, and the management of ^children. Sean only ?i? ceuta. rrnfcaaiouai examinations aid advice given afteuoo"! and 111 it., Iy O. S FtlWLhK nad 8. R. WchLtl. mom lie Tablet. Strop*.? J'lic attnitiou ol dealers ia invited to .his article, being made ol the best material, city manufacture, and under the subscribers' | Immediate 1 upervisiou. They have in all c act rendered t* purchaser* the most perfect aatiafacuou. For ail* by 1 (i. HAUNDKKfc St HON. 17' Broadway, oppoaite Howard'a llotel. Portable Shaving Cast*?The moot porta- 1 ble and at the time the moat complete aud elegant arti- . cle now manufactured, having every requiaite lor a gentleman'a toilet and aa a travelling Compuuun lavalmble. I f or aale by O HaUNDKHH It SON, , 177 liroarfwiy, a few doora abo< Courtlaudt at. 1 I Hatlaon River Railroad fulfillment*. ? He ip draft* for $10 per share (which ia 10 rer cent ef the amount si.hirribeil) u II inbsciiplious for $ no or upwrrdt, ar 1 ep ailed a-cemiug to the initial letter* of the surnames of anbvciitieia 111 the fellow nig bankt A. aud 15., iu t?e Mechtuics' Bank, No. 13 H all atreet. I and Ll , III llie American i veil 11 ge B ink, No 5(1 Wall at k K.and <k, m the Unuk of the State ef New Vork, No. 30 Wall itreet. I H . I , I . K a"il b., in the Bank of New York, corner William and W II s'reets 0 ,N aud O., iu the Back of tmerica No IS Wall atreet. 1 I'., If. ? d in the 1 11V Bank, No 12 Wall atrert. H. II 1 T . in the 15 <iik of Commerce No 32 Wall sweet. 1J.V, W , X Y. k '/ % in the Phenia Bauk, No. <5 Wall a'rect. Solum'era for I *?a mm 1 than $100 will find aerip receipts prei areil tor them at the 1 IHce ef the Company, No. 14 Wall atieet ( i'i :ine'? hmld eg), and if any onii.ii-na or errors have been 111 ,de 1 1 draw lug the larger drafts, they will be coriect- < 1 ed. mi epplicuinu rttt e I (lire. I The banks will deliver notices at far a* prrct cable ; but it IB hoped nn ne will wait for noiice, but promptly pay up 1 ireitsr wi i accrue trom the <1 y ol piymeut, v*luch iheie- ( curing lell-r will ? done on tbadralt, I lie I nmmoMoinri mis' that the spirit evinced in ft !irg < tip (he inbrcrip inn will not be suite.e4 to llag till the insta)- ( rat iit? me ell paid op. ? ... All m -it he pel 1 on or before ill* 1st dtjrol Mere i, lose- . rare ttie charter Onlv ihrre Imi?ii.*?i da) ? remilii to do it , in Let iioni- wait ti I Monday that can possibly do it this j week. J MO B. J til VIS, IWt. iioiit K?ii v. stec'r- i j Mailt llrne ? be fibers w''0 here g veu thei reeolences ( est liiooklm, will fi ,d their dialts at the Long Island Bank. ?! i\ IVrw B..S lltn I'd ?VVorum Ai llitllgliwoilt j M Itr n i?iy beg to call the ntt-tltion nf;he public In a new j Mid b" oi'ifui t> s I'ur ier, jusl rr need Irooi the maiinthctory of Vlraar? () .melius V l of I'hiladell hi? This bur* , iierbn been t'ird by several Irarned end ecien'ifir gentieinni who hare I .i l ma h eiperien' e in memu mg tight, end the le pit IS, tnet llie impovd burilrr gives ihree timet es inm h 'tj .t ea the or* rmiy bowing burner, without conI iinii ,g any more gis; nr. in nthsr w oils, one dollar's winth . nl gie burned ih<oogh there limner, will y le d na much li/l.r ai three doiIns worth hu ned through the b twu.g bu-ner 'I'hese aasrtio. s m y be relied 11) 011, n> d we iii< 1 e the pnhlic to call at oar wnreroonii, ."nil Broad wav; a1 Meant Ji hus- t's, I.ant hier imd Naaey'a diij Broadl w -y. and nt the 1 dice of this paper, where the burner mav be seen in use every evening g Notice.?Os-nlri, linltsr, 414 I Irons] ivuy, nppaileSt Pill's, IS now prepared to offer his Spring Style sorpassiug in beaut* any style as yet offeied by him, with an eutire new atyie of lining. fSa 6t lMilIitrlclphln Agent* Tor I he Hernlil.?O. B ZlRBKR k CO., J Ledger Building, Third street below ( hi aunt Those wishing to have the Herald served ' regal rlv rt their stores and dwelling!, will please leave their names as above. Terms, 75 cents per monh Burgle eopiae lor sale daily. Prieo 2 eenu- jtl la Navigation of 11m Ohio Rtvar. tatref R.r?r Wfiv ... .. . . F*l> 9". . .17X f-'ft ZLC"; 1.JO i??t Cincinnati Fob 90. ..10 feet MONEY HAKKIT. Friday. F?b.liG?0 P. JR. The stock maiket continues heavy, and price* tend iownward. There i( a tightness in the money market, which acta aa a check upon fancy atock operation* Harlem cloaed firm at yestorday'i price* ; lleeditg Hit. declined?^ Readiog Bond* % ; Farmer*' Loan ; Nor wrich and Worcester Canton Morri* Canal ; U I. b's, Ibid, .Si ; Long Iiland V The New York State Bank at Albany ha* declared a lemi-annual dividend of Ave per cent, payable on the lat of March. The bill to tepeal the charter of the Mechanic*' Bank of Puteraon, paued the New Jeracy House ol Repre entative* ou Wednesday, by a vote of 41 to 4. It ha* yet to be acted on in the Senate. The bill to charter tbo Somerville and Kaston Rtt. passed the Senate on the 1 .mo day. We annex our usual table of quetation* for the principal State and other stock* used for investment Pricks or Stocks nv thi Nkw York Marikt. Redeem 1B1K. 1817. 1817. Kate. able. Dec. 36 Jan. 39. J-'rk. 38 I'mted States 6 1862 lOUVjs ? 103 *I0S? ? alU3X K IH'iK Qiry- o* inn *>/? W9 IUV n ? luiT^n ? " 5 1813 9l>i? ? ? a ? ? a 92 New York, 7 1818-19 100 slOOX 100 alOOX ? a ? " 6 1810-M-60 101 h103 101 alOO ? a ? 6 1861-62-07 101 al03 102 a ? ? al02 1* 1660-61-66 98V 9?X ? a ? ? a " i 1646-7-8-9 ? a? ? a? ? a 1 1860-1-3 91 a 96 91 a 96 95 a 96 6 1666-8 91 a 9JX 97,V ? ? a ? 1 U'i9-60-l 91 a 97 ? a ? 98V ? l.X ' 819-18 92 a 91 ? a? ? a ? D.iio, o lo'ai 91 a 91W ? a ? 9}>?a ? " 6 1816-60 91 a 91 ' 91V 92 91 a 91K " 5 1810-16 80 a 81 80 a 86 81 a 67 " 7 1816 100 al00>4 168 alOOX ? a ? (eutacky, 6 ? 110 alol 97V ? 99V W\ " 1 77 a 80 ? a? ? a ? limoia, 6 1 870 32V 33 39 a 10 1UV ? lodiaua, 1 21 y a art 3lR* 33 39 a 10 10 V? \rkuiaas, 6 ? 30 a 31 ? a? ? a ? Alabama. l ?? 61 a 61 91 a ? 61 n 61 l*auuiylTauia,l ? 6tV 69X 71 a ? 70V 7UV reuoeaaeu, 6 66 a 98 91 a 98 97 a 99 X. York City,7 1867 161 al08 101 alt>6 ? a " 7 1812 102 allSXim alOlX >01 al02 " 1 I860 90V 91X 91 a ? ? a ? " 6 1858-70 01 a? 91 a? ? a ? BkCoin'eN.Y ful' 91 a 92 68 a 88X ? a ? "at cr?? 91 a 91 93 V 91 ? a 91 X. Y. Lffa liia & 'fruit Co. 101 alO* 101 al06 ? a ? Farmers I.o--, IX Trust Co. 33V 23W 27 V 21 29X' 30 Idhao Lils -m. k Trait Co. 08 a 9l\i 95 *95X ? a ? Bank of U. 8. in PenusvTa. 3 a 3' J l^a i% IV Oa Bostca Ik Providence Uail'd 106 al08 ? a ? ? a ? X Janey K. H. It Trans. Co 102 al03 102 al02X 102 al03 Mohawk h Hud'n Railroad. 12 a 52X 19 a 59,', 61 a ? Jliea 6t Schenectady Rail'a 111 a? 111 a I IS III alio Syracuse 1k Utica Railroad. U2Xalll 113 alll Ill a ? Auburn St Syracuse Kailr'd, 102 alll 183 alOl 103V'04 A ronrn Jt Rochester R. K., loo "iiluoX 180 aim 101 al02 lit ad in k Railroad, (IV ? (I a6l>? 60V Delaware 8t Hudson Caual, ? a ? 110 alio ? a ? Heading Railroad Bonds, 71 a 71X 7lVa 72 72 V ? Heading Railroad Mtg Bd*., 73 a 73X 71 v ? 72V 72X It will be perceived that there has been a very decided mpiovement in moat of the State lecuritiei within the laat month. The stock* of most of the delinquent Stetea lave net only improved in market value, but in real ralue, and we much queition if the aotual value of the onda of Indiana and Illinois haa not increased withgreatsr rapidity than the market value. The public debts of these States, and wo might include Michigan, have relently been plased upon a more favorable foundation than they ever were. The burden* uoon the taxable property of each State have been mueh reduced, and a resumption of intereit ensured at an earlier day than has heretofore been deemed poaaible. In annulling a large amount of the bond* of the State of Indiana and II linoi*,by transferring the income of the public work* to trustees for the payment of the intereit on that portion of the public debt, the States.are in fact relieved of eo much indebtedness, and the pablic finance* so much im. proved. The?o public work* are held by the bondholds r?, who have cancelled a certain amount of the bondfor the security of their claim** and for the payment of intereat on the debt, and have ne claim upon the treaau' ry of either State for a fraction. If theae public work* produce a net revenue more than aufflcient to pay the Intereat on that portion olthe public debt depending upon hem for such payment*, the balance of courie goes into the treasury ofthe State, for the payment aofar as it will jo of the interest on the other part of the public debt' In the meantime, the revenues of each State from taialion, are appropriated to the payment of the ordinary expenditure* of the government, and to the payment of a fractional part of the annual interest on the bond* now outstanding. This arrangement has, in our opinion, improved the fiuaucts of the States of Indiana and Illinois very ma lerially; but there is another movement going on calculated to increase the value of the stocks of these States, to a much greater extent, and that is tho rapid improve ment in tho value of lands withiu their limits. The extensive demand for our staple agricultural products, and the high prices ruling in this, and all the other markets of the country, must make the prolific lands of each of these States much seught after, and very desirableWe aie likely to have a permanent demand Irons foreign countries, for our staple agricultural produets, particularly wheat and corn; and the soil of Indiana and Illinois being peculiarly adapted to the cultivation of these grains, it must rapidly in crease in value by an influx of aattlar*. The popula. lion of theae States baa for aeveral year* pant increased mora i apidly than that of any other two in the Union, notwiibkiauding the heaty rate of taxation and the odium of delinquency, which baa existed so long in each of them. We have no doubt that emigrat ion to these States has been somewhat checked by the fear of heavy taxes, fcc , but these objootions having been par tially iamoved, the population will without doubt inciease mote rapidly than it has heretofore. The lands owued by the States, by the Bank of Illinois, the Dank of Indiana, and other incorporated institutions, and by non-residents, will come into the market and tind ready purchasers at enhanced prices. The completion of the public works of these States, could not be more opportune, as thoy give an outlet fur produce iroaa the into* rior of each State, and bring lands naar markets from which they have hitherto been shut out, These products became, therefore, more valuable at tbe place of production, and lands near these outlots, of course, more valuable. These are One times for the farmers, and it is our impression that this class will con tinue to ieceive remunerating prices for their products. We look for an auuual deficiency in the harvests o I Ku rope, to an extent sufficient to create a demand for external supplies large enough to keep up prices in this country to a lair, paying point. This will sustain the agricultural classes,',and pi ice their prosperity upou a proper basis, to be strengthened and increased by the eteady increase in the domestic demand for consumption. The finances ol the general government have improved very much within the past lew weeks. Treasury notes bearing interest at the rate of six per cent, are ia demand and bears premium, which will enable tbe government to raise all the money it wants. Tho independent treasury ia virtually a dead letter, and will rcmuin 10 at present, or so long as tho demands upon the Troa ury are su much larger than the ineomo. Specie cannet accumulate in the hands of the Sub Treasurers so long as uur expenditures continuo so large,but the banks sru kept in check by it, as they know not what a day may bring lor h, arnl me therefore, under reatiaint, pursuing a very cnutieus policy .keeping their operations within pro per limits, and confining them to the legitimate channels ol eommerce. The independent treasury is, therefore even in its present liteloss state, a valuable conservative measure, calculated to maintain a uniform movement In our banking institutions, and to keep the currency clear of thoae S'lddan expansions and contiactions which pre vioua financial ?y*temi of the government have been the prime ceuee of. The itringeot effect of tho independent treeiiny >item will be more felt after the war dose*, when tho finances of the government have becomo more ettled, ami tho expenditure* reduced to the ordinary amount We ehall then have a specie currency to auch an extent that tho hank* will be compelled to reduce their operations to the lowe.t point, and pi ice* for every letcription of property become reduced to that itand ird. Old Stouk Kxclinnge. fW? .^tWe Ti. 'i# 101U 100 .ha Be id UK b30 63 liiioo Usg. 'y, ioi,>2 too do s?* 5IIHI2 ?" Bdl 72 11:0 d" 1)60 611* | JJJ ."f'd Bd* 70 jo do iims S'J* ?' . IWM 400 do 600(60 >60 ah. rarin Lean 29* no do 59* W do bIS 29* iOO Ilailem IIR 48* M do b3l) 29* J00 do bCO 49 *?vf d'\. . '".'a 440 Nor fc Wor Si o Moiri* Canal 1S>. 2> do .10 ij 10(1 do r60 isvg Jj rto .18 61 ? do U* 100 Lout 1.1 RR 160 27 140 do bs IJU mo do 26* 60 do *10 13* JO do 26* SO t an'OJ Co boo 37 js Illiuoie Blc lgu 21 do 30 " I 1*4 ml llmiril. lOOfld Readirg Bond. 72 60 Retdine RR .14 sou ISO all* .Nor k Wor 63* 100 do ?( yju |i<n Karin Loan 20* 26 do t3 '59* 100 d > 29* 60 do blO SOU 100 do b30 V9* 60 do blO SOU 100 do 160 111 2} do joi? SO do .10 29* 240 do S? 2S I * tun <'o 36* SO do .15 S9 ISO Morn. ( Ulfd 13* 2S lll.fMte Ilk h30 19 160 do 11* 26 do b30 19 ISO f,0 II I?1 Kit 27 R*?r Htoek Kichang*. SO ah. Canton Co b3 36* SO ill* Nor fk Wor no 53* 25 do 30* IOO do ot.h 52* 24 do Bat 36* 40 do Sit 62* 160 Canton Co in .10 3* 26 do emh S3* SO Firm. Trait en?h 29* 25 do buw 53 60 do *3 29* 2a do blO S3* 7} Nor k Wot cuh SJ ( . to ' CITY TRADE REPORT. Nnw Ye**. K*ip?t Arrravooiv, Feb. Ifl. Ths markets continued steady lor breadstuff's, with moderate transactions. There wai tone belter feeling in the I) jur market, oud lurge sales o I Genesee could have been ma le without difficulty on the spot, at $7. Sales deliverable in May, continued to be made at (0. It waa reported on'change that some.efforts had been made to arrive at the probable stock of flour in thii market, and that it waa thought that 1-J0,000 barrels would rover all in the city, including the stock in firat hands, variously estimated at 50 a 70,000 barrels, and the supplies held on speculation with stocks in the hands ol the milling and retail trado It must be borne in mind, however, that to arrive at an exact estimate of the total amount of stock is attended with much difficulty, and the above statement may amount to something over the mark, or tall a little short of it. De this as it may, it is agreed upon all hands, that the stock ia very low compared with that of last year atj the same period, and should the river remain closed till late in the season, this fact would of itsoll be sufficient to stiffen prices. The stock in Philadelphia and Baltimore is said to be good ; but the freights on it from those ports to New York cost about 60 cents per b rrel, or more from the latter. Until the canals open, largo additional supplies cannot be expected to arrivo to replace the deficiencies, at any mateiial reduction in the present cost of transportation. In wheat, sales were chiefly confined to lots from the country, adjacent to the city, at full prices. In corn, there was less done, without change in prices, except, that the article was feeble at a dollar. Provirions were in less request, and smnll sales of prim4 pork w .,u made at a decline ol 60 cents per barrel since the forepart of the week. Mess do. was offered iu a small way, at a reduction of 95 cents per barrel, without buyers. This decline was attributed to increased tightness of money in Wall treat. In beet, the markot was firm, while in lard and other descriptions of provisions there was no change. Groceries continue steady at previous rates. Asni.s - We retsin our Quotations of yesterday, for Pots $4 k7;? and 76 for rearls Btmeti ?The market remained unchanged Bhksdstui fi ? J-'fowr ? We report sales of about 3a 40t>o hem-Is Uen's-e on tlio spot at $7, at which more could have been sold. Several lots sold dslivsruble in May vi, and thu sums was ollsrsd fsr more, without fitnliiii; Rollers; 1700 bands Philadelphia sold at fit, 60, and oOd do bt Jtf 76. H'lieal 6000 bushels from the country adjacent to the city sold at $1 o?, and small lots New Jsiney $1 36al 46 Corn ?1600 bushels New Jersey sold at $1; 1600 do sold at Ok cents; 1000 do at 09 cents, and several other small lots at 97 conts. The market closed without animation at 97alOO cents Curnmtal. ?Wo report sales of barrels at (6 04X? on the spot. A lot of 300 barrels was reported sold, deliverable in all tho month of Mav at $4 76. Run was firm: hut no sains wre reported. Barley?No tale* Out* were without ekange. EiroiiT* or OHKADsrurn/HOM run POUT TO OSEAT Dm TAIN AND IRELAND,'ON THE 25rH FEB., 1847. Flour. Ibis. Corn busk. Meal, bbh. Barley, bush. 1,920 18,74 3 2.950 1,011 CANDLES ? Sperm contiuued to be quoted at 30 ceoti. Coffee?Holder* of Rio were Arm at 7%c., but no *ale* of consequence were reported. Cotton?The sale* to-day have lncreaaed aomewhat, amounting to about '2000 bales, at ateady rate*, being baaed on 10% for fair upland*,and are reported to be taken for export. Fish - Dry cod continued aoarce and firm. We report sale* of 350 barrel* *rnall Massachusetts mackerel, of which No. 1 brought $10. and No '3, $7. Ken IT ?In box taiaina no talea were reported, or change in price noted. Hear-tor American, there waa no change; atock remained light and quotation* ateady. Lead?The market wax quiet, and price* remained about the came. Natal Stobr*?Ail kind* were inactive. Molaiaei?Cuba were held at '28c., while New Orleuna moved in a small way at 86c a 36%c. Oils?Account* from Nantucket and New Bedford seemed to be in favor of rollers. Private advices from tho former port, stated that a cargo of 1400 barrel* aperm was held at llOo ; another cargo of '2000 barrels, and e second of 1'200 barrels Northwest whale were reported sold at 37%c. Here, good winter sperm waa held al $1 12%, and bleached at $1 15. Linseed?Sales of Ame rican continued to be made at 77c. a 78. caah. Olive wai also firm at previous ratos. Pbovimons?Under the reported influence of some in orenaed pressure in the money market, the mice* of porki {eve way, and we report sale* of 300 barrels of prime al 12 60; and a small lot of mesa was offered at $14 76, without finding a purchaser. Beef, we report a sale of 100 barrels of country mess, at $12. Lard continued steady at 10% for old, and 11 cents for new, but we heard of no sales. There was no change in cheose or butter Ne large sales of smoked or pickled meats were re ported. RICE?High freights still acted as a check upon opera tions. Last sales oi good to prim* were made at $4 37% to 4 76. Kancy qualities were held at $5, with small sales. SEED*?No change in flaxseed The market remained firm-20 barrels ol timo hy sold at $21. Clover was steady at b% a 9c SUUAH?New Orleans continued steady at 7% a 8.'4c, with moderate sales, ohieily to the retail trade. Tallow?The market was steaJy, and further sales reported at 8% a 8%c WMISEEV?We report sales of 190 barrels at 38% a 29 cents WIIALKBONK?The market continued dull and prices nominal KHKIOHTS ?The packets to Liverpool continued to demand 3D J. a 30d. for grain, 8s. nd. u 9s. for flour. ?nd %d a %d. for cotton. We understood 9s. was paid for (lour on board of on* of Messrs K. K. Collins 8c Co.'s line of packet*. To Havre, the packets continued to demand $3 tor flour, 68 a 60c for grain, and 2c per lb. for cotton in square balea. To Antwerp, 80s. vas paid for ashes; 100a was asked lor rice, 60c for graia, $3 for flour, and 3c per lb. for cotton. To London they remained steady at previous rates. REAL ESTATE ? At Jluction?Frame house and lot No. 171 Hester Hieet, 36x100. . ................ $3,76(1 * fliury uric* uouse unci lot no.37 J Kail Broadway, 30 0*63 6,800 3 atory brick Lou?a and lot No. SB (Joerck street, UsW sfino Lot corner 8th avenue and 37th ttreet, 3b 6x100. . 01)0 Lot adjoining oj the avenue, aame nze 430 3 lota adjoining, together with tha houae, each 33 xl#9 1,800 3 lota adjoining, aame aize, $430 each 900 1 lot corner .if avenue and bBlh atreat, 33x100. . . 300 4 lota on 87th street, near 3d avenue, each 33x100. 1,300 Hied, Yesterday morning, 36th iuat, after a Ungating illueaa, Matins.* Connoa, ug d 33 years 7 months Thefiieudsof the tatnily, und of bis brothers Kdward and John, are requested to attend the luneral from hit late tetileuce No. 43 Allen at., at half past 3 o'clock this afternoon. On Thursday ,33th inst., Mrs. Clarissa Smith, in the 44tb your of her age. Her fiieuda, end those oilier sons in law 8t. John Owens and Charles 1). Webb, ate respectfully re<i<iei>tei! to attend her funeral on Sunday next, at hall past I o'clock, P. M , from her late residence, No. 00 Brooms at. ? itbout further invitation. On Kii lay moirii g, 36'.h inst, of dropsy, Thomas Mai thaw, in the 49th year of his ago. The fii*uds and aci|ti?iutancea of the family aie re' spectfuily invited to attend his funeral this uiternooii (.Saturday, 37th inst.,) at 3o'clock, from bis late residence No 3n k ont at , Brooklyn. On Friday evening, 37th inst, Qui:*, son of John Qittu, aged 17 month* and 6 days i'fie liicnda of the family, and those of bis brothers Felix and Patiick use respectfully iuviteil to attend his luner.ii .it 3 o'clock on Sunday, from the residence ol his lather, No. 330 Third St. 3t tr"-"1 1 i " 1 j RiCH MEN ANI) WOMEN OF BROOKLYN AND WILLIAMSBURG. r|t 11 IS hi?lily interesting, useful sod valuable publication X is now lor mile in New York it Burseit Ik Striuger'i luge took estvbliihinint, corner of Broaden- and Ann ?t ; and it (JreliAin'? well knows niid popular publican <>u otf|ee, at t' e Tribune Buildings In Williamsburg, it can oe sad nt Darby's, linzette ollice; and in Brooklyn nt thnst re* of Bennett, Atlantic ttreet; end Green Ik Baser, Nevis, and tV. D. Lownea, Kullou meet. Price 2> cent*. The rditiou ii a limited one, and every man of business ought to haue a copy. fe*7 It* re AOOVKRNMKNT KXPRK88, with the Mails lor the Steamer CAMBhIA. will he despatched en Sunday nextfnr Uo'ton.over the Louir Island Railroad, at llJa f M., fioni I lie Soisin Kerry. A car will be attached tor panergers ..... in it rrc AID TO SCOTLAND. AT* meeting of Scotchmen, reairfrnt ill New York, organ ived to deviae ineaua to relieve tlie diatreaa mating in the 11 ik til >111J a ol Scotland, it waa reiolv.J that a Grand Musical Knier eminent be given ?t the Tabernacle on the evening of Monday, 8th Match. I?47, ilie proceed*nI which will be devoted to thia benevolent purpose. Kar purtieuLra re fuiarr advertisement. RTlir Coin in 11 tee of Arrangements. ar.d nthrre disposed to cn-o|ietate with them in thia laudable uodeitaking, will meet in room No. 5, in the bmldtug corner ol Lispeuaru atreet nml Broade ay. (entrance 74 Ltspenard at.) tlua iSulurrtny) evening at 7 o'clock. 127 la" rc AID TO IKKLAND. T'Hp. Oratorio of the Messiah will be performed at the Tnhernacle, on Saturday Evening, 27th inataut, by the New York Marred Mnaic aid the American .Mimical luatnute Societies combined, the follow iiigdiatingn iahedtalert;? UN Mra. E Loder, Miss J.L. Northall, Mad me.Ahlamr.w ici, Miae Watson, Nn?a 1'ratt, Mr. Page, .Mr. ahrphard, iMr. John C Smith, Mr Andrewa and Mr. Viaaaett. W?L?i rector?Kid ward llodgra, Maiical Doctor, who will pre nle at the Organ. Conductor?let part, Mr Go. Loder, 2d and Id part*, Mr U. C. Hill, Piauiat-Nlr. H. C.I imm. The memhera ofihe Philharmonic Society, and all other . Instrumental and Vocal Perfomieia, who may feel diapoaed to aid in the perform ince. are reapectlully invited to attend the rehearsal at the Tabernacle, uii Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. A. M.precisely. 177 It r DESTRUCTION OF SOUL AND BODY Iff HELL REV II. A. 8KINNK.K will p-each in >he Orchard atreet Chu-ch, licit Sibbath erenn.g, on Matt a 21) Service I at 7k( o'rloeir Ie27 ll*rrc I I A O D UNITED BHOTHKRM LODOh NO S fVSHE Member* of thia Lodge are reijueatrd to attend at M. their Lodge lloom on Monday ev nti.g, Marth I, at halfpaat 7, to amend the b> e lawa JAMES H. MeORATH, N. A. John l.trcaa, Seeretarv. I 7 Sk\12t*r Notice to them that want i heir vines PHONED? Aa thia ia the aeaann lor pruning, befoie the aap grta into the vine, when itiey are pruned alter, till* aeaann, ihey are apt to druopand make the vine* ol a atnall growth, ami likewiae t ike the < ancer out of the rent* of the viaei end fruit trees ol all kind* R. SiEWART,Gardener. 147 Chryatie atreet, Where orders will he attended in 07 2i'ic 1 ( k t ki k| k Til LOAN o" bond and mortgage, m 01V/)OUO||| turn, at an per tent niteieat, on productive reel eetete in thia city. JOHN K. CONHEY, 10 Jonea building, fJT H#f No. 00 Well at. avotio* norirm. U. VAN DYKE. Jr.. Auctioneer. Hardware. cutlery, japanebv.iiC -van ANTWERP k PINE, will Mil Thi? Day. at II o'clock ; at their auction room, 132 Watar attest corner of Pine. 150 ' Iota assorted Hardware Cutlery, Jspanary, Fsucy Goods, kc. Kor paitKulars of wh.chsee Gunner k Enquiier. Alto, a few cases Mirror Shaving Buses. I Also, au invoice ol rich rosewood auJ mahogany Desks j and Woik II u>, worthy particular a'temiou. Also, at the co'iuneuceuient of the sale, 1 second hand De<k aud Book C ise Catalogues-re ii >w re-idy?Terms, 4 months. 127 lt*r JACOB 8 PLA I'T, Auct oueer. CHINA, (Isms anil earthenware. Wednesday, March 3d. 10 o'clock, in the large room over auction store, 23 Piatt streer. Catalogue sate "1 200 parkages and lots, ol a general ' assortment of fine and common ware, to suit wholesale and I reta I dealers, nt 4 months credit, over 100 dollars. Also, 50 barrels sail cases glass tumblers, castor bottles, ke. I VB Uoods will be received ti l Tnesdtv. fe27 lt*rrc I JACOB 8. PL A IT, Auctioneer. CI ()LD aud 8i!ver Watches, Jewelery, and Fancy articles, k regular Saturday's Sale J. 8. Piatt will sell, tint day, I at 10 oarlock, at 23 Plait street, a gaueral assortment, consist. I lug of 171 lots ofgold jewtlery and fancy mticlea, Watches, | kc from invoice. Every lot ii positively fold to the highest bidder, the lots made to auit private purchases for presents, couiisiine ol Pus, Uiuga, Eailngs, Bracelets, Necklaces. Cluins, Head Otusmeuts, kc 127 lt*rc OlL PAINTINGB AT AUCTION. A LEVY will sell, cm Satnrdvy evening, -1 7 o'clock, at 291 Broadway, ] a valuable collection of Paintings, imrt of which have just I keen received from Europe, and not beau seen liefo-eiii this country. In this collection is a flue likeness of Wathiigron; s highly kuiah-d picture of Oenyinede, with many o.her originals woithy of notica. IV2S 2t*r VALUABLE TIM UK It LAND AT AUCTION O.N SATURDAY, February 37th. 1847. in Norfolk. 9R|Va . by virtue of a decree of the Hustings Court, ?I sadkw.Norfolk city in the auit of Andrews vs. Cooke's tdm'r aud others, the undersigned will sell on Saturday, the 27th day of Feb unry, 1817, in tront of the Beacon office, in Norfolk city, about 12 o'clock 31 . at public suction, to the highest bidder, all thai tract of volnshU- 'otast timber lard, in Warwick county. Virginia, of winch M. Cooke died, aeiaed nuu iMMMbir'i, aua winch tfti purchased ol Richard K. Park- I er, deceased The tract cyitaio' about ?<Tthuudre I ?ud thirty -aey#n seres; is hesrily timbered the principal growth bein( white oak of the heit kind, ol' nil agar aud sites. nutl it considered at ranking Aral in the liti of timbered iracks in Virginia ? The land it convenient to water, nid lie* contiguous to the property of William G Young. Esq. who will be pleated to give any iufurumiou iu regard to it M. < HOKE. Commissioner. The land will be jold upon n credit ol twe'ee montht, ?xcept forto much at will bestiflicieni to piv the expenses of tale, and the rotta of tuit. which tnni I ? paid in cash The purchaser giving bond with good w nitty, aud the Coministioner retaiuiug the title to the I.oil it ? ure the deferred payment. lei 3tawt27ihK*rc I'O T OFFICE. ) I "Kg. Keb. M. 1947. S TH K Steamer HAM IK1 \ w t1 leave Button ou Mnuday, the lit Marrt> Her nmili mi i cloae at the Office on Saturday, the 27th iint , at :i>g I'. M. 1'oiiage on all lettera mutt he prepaid to Bostnu. Let'era of half nn ounce or under, J cents, and each additional half ounce J ceuti. ROBERT H MORRIS, P. M. An Ex'ra M iil will he made up at thia office for the above Stealer to go by Kxpreai over the Loug lafiud Railroad, on wuuday the 28th inat. Office open Irom 9 to It A M., and from 13'j to ik i' M f38 3t iii WANTED, A GERMAN Protfitant Oirl wnntta aituatton in a rearectable family, to do geueral houaewoik. Please call at H3 Barrow ttreet fe!7 lt*rc WANTED. A LADY ii deairoua of obtaining board f r hertelf, child, aiidaeivant; two or three roomi ea the Ant or tecoud floor would be preferred, furnished?hut that would be no objection, the principal thing being a comfortable home in a im'lt family. Addreata line to M. II, thia office 127 lt?r ROOMS AND BOARD WANTED?The mvertisrr wiahea a parl'r < u the second floor, with bedroom or pantry, or both attached, lurniihed or uufnrniihed. below Walker atreet, nu the weat aide of the town, together with board for himtell wife aud three children. N.B.?Terms must be reaionable. Addreai " Jonea,"at the office of th'? paper. f27 1t*rc REWARD?Loat, ou Thursday afternoon, betwern Ann street and Hanover Square, a bundle of money, (mostly country banks) of the denomination of 20'a, It's. S i and $16 iu small bill* Also a check for $20 on the Chemical Bank, payment stopped. The Ander will receive the above reward aud the thanks of the losnr hy leaving it at ti Cedar street, between the hour* of 10 end It o'clock A. M. 127 2fr jEKTou the counter ol thia office, on Kebiearr 24, 1147. * J Holder and Gold Pen. The owner can hare it by calling and payicg for th it advertisement fe27 It rc 1 DIAMOND POINTED GOLD PENS rftHOSK in want of a first rate Pen, will do well to try one t J. of these. They are selling for $2 only, pencil incleded, aud write very smoothly. J. G. SAVAGE, 92 Fulton s , ' 27 lt*re I TO MACHINISTS. ' A N Y body desiroua of a young man to lea' n a machinist's ; ' it iradu will apply at No. 66 Cortlaudt at. Can get the best [ { of city references, sged '8 years 127 It* r Ck K It PER TON for .large Nut, under cover, 'i he ffltl I tl subscribers have reduced the price of their best [ reach Orchard Hed Ash Coal, as fMlowa?Orate $6: Egg a'd i Stjvr $6 26; and Nut $6 76. There is no pea o- Chesnut in the Nnt, nor any Nut snipped with the Stove. Lehigh Coals ' at the aaine price ; all delivered free of cartage. I THOMAS H. DOLAN, 203 Mulberry st and 203 west 13th st., between avenuea 9th ana 10th. l?J??ic NEW TAPER HANGINGS It WINDOW SHADES Nicoi.ts Pike it Co., No 173 Pearl meet, IMPORTERS and manufacturers, have just opened a very extensive supply of every style and quality of American l and French Paper Hangings, Bnrdars, Ki re board Prints, aud wide Window r'urtatu paper. Alan, a splendid assortment of Painted Window Shides, and fitlu-es for the same, which they oiler to merchints, dealers, and othera at the very lowest prices. I27lm*re | HOLMES KITCHEN RANGES. TUV. proprietor has been engaged in manufacturing mil selliug Kitciien K?MI for the Mat li v ra. nod feels warranted to engage that fur private families and boarding MM that there is no range in nae at present w ill answer a better purpose, and if not it will be removed free orany expense 11 the purchaser. Numerous references can be given I to any person wishing to purchase Prices range fiom $2) to 47. Orates of the newest pa'tcrna for parlours, bed looms i ud ullicea 1 Kauges and Orates set. and all descriptions of lire works bnilt at ihe shortes) notice 1 Smoking Chimneys cured and warranted if not cared no i I charge is made. < A OILHOOLY k HON, Proprietors and manufacturers, 78 Nasstu strset. i fe27 Im'r REMOVAL?A C. BAKKV, wig msksr and artisit in liai r. has removed to 137 Broadway, a few doors ab?ve I I City hetel. <87 3t?ec 1 CHRISTIE'S 1 I GALVANIC AND MAGNETIC CURATIVES. IN all cases of Kheumati m and Nervous Comp'aiuts the ellicacy of these artic cs is tndy wosdtrflf, complete V cures olten bring accom i Itshod when every other means I I have failed Sevral ph> sic lans now rrconmeud thrin in I their practice, and the o dmarv prejudice which is generally i lurched to articles of ne kind is rapidly disappearing . .Many of our most respectable citixens have used them with perfect success, paitieularly in cases of goat, tic doloreus, paralysis, teofllty, neurtlgtr. ccrvons tremors, palpitations, fits, anil the long train of r erroua diiordc s A great is these aitirles is the entire safety aud convenience attending thttn. To say the least, the matter is well worthy of attention, and the pioprietor trusts that all interested will look at it with the candor it desert ea. Only agency 111 New Y> rk, 182 Broadway, between John street and Maiden hue. lleware of spurious and worthless imitations. I 'hustle's new work ou Ualvacisin, kc , may be had gratis. 127 lw*r IMPROVED MAGNETIC MACHINES. MOORElIEAD'd GRADUATED MAGNETIC MACHINE. '(Mi I d instrument is an important improvement over all 1. other forms of intuuf icture, and has bven adopted by the I medical profession geuerally, as the most effectual machine in use. It is teilectlv simple in construction, aud therefore not liab'e to usl out uf order, as is the case with similar instruments. It admits of perfect coutrol.nud can lis graduated to any power adapted lor any infant, or luflicicut fortius . strongest adult, at the pleasure of the operator. The mig ' uruc i rcc la impirteu in \ continuous manner, and wit>< no I uiiplenniil sensation to tin- most delicate patient. It requires no assisiant in in use, ami u, in evary isapect, icilecily i | harmless. Eai li inii ' iuc i* compactly arranged, with the battery anil all necessary appliances, put up in neat rosewood cases Accomp.inytug each are full ilirectioni regarding ita Use and a|1 plication. Ul/" Owing to the facilities poaseaaeil by the subscriber, the (Jraduated M-gnetic Machines are sold at prices eqnvlly low as Dion charged for inferior articles. They can be leadily aeut to any pari of the country. I Price of the midlines f'j >12, and $14 each, according to size and finish; and eai h instrument is warroired. Many of the cores perlirmrd by this machine are trnlv wnndeifnl, some of tliem in diseases of tho most tedious and painful cluiacter known to the medical profession. In all ' nervous eomplaiuia the (fleets are alinoat magical. I'hysieiam and otlieis are c.iuttoned against purch ising the imitations of these machiues, under whatever name, as they I will be found ul'lntle or no value. Manufactured and for sale, wholesale ami retail, by U C.MOOHHKAD, I fi7 lm*f _ 112 Broadway, New York. ' | IMPORTANT TO CONSUMPTIVES. KKOvl hKV. J. W. MABTYN. i Messes I'aasi: / 4 CiNTLKMliN?The object ol this is to inform you that W I was entirely cured ot a severe cold by the use ol your I Horshound Candy. A mriabrr ol my family also hia used it in a severe Cough, and at one iinie it threatened n serious altsck of ung disease, but by the help of Divine Krovid-nre and your specilic, lie is ; now loitured to good healih. > ouia, !ke. J W. M All TV N, flrceat P.iator of Cungrega'innal Church, (. hrystie arrest. P< -sadencc 124 Second street, N Y. Hold by J I'r.Aii. k soss, 41 Division ?t. Ai.ksts ? Htithton ill o , 10 Aslor llouie, 110 mid l.iS Broad my; l!M Broad say; 147 Eighth avsnue; lib Higili aveuua; 101 [ avniine II; 176 Hpru e street .Newark, N.J .Mi Bro d s'rect. Brooklyn, 139 and 2t'.i | Kulton atieet. 127 lt*r i ' ?n _ LOST OR HTOLEN?A liaht sorr.l h?r.. Iiir*i old, with long mil,?an! n yrllnw sleigh, t ' ? -* ''* ?'?v rohe. Any nor giving wformatimi, or rfiuriiii * the mine to J'i Hubert (tieet, w ill be handsomely I tf warded f*27 li ?je i ! FOR 8ALK. I dl A PAIR CANADIAN 2 minute Punier, together I ilh a lirit rate trotting tinner, Harnett, Blankets, ' ? ' ? .kr . a coni|ilete tic. W ill he told low. The* will lie on toe 3rd arei.ue tint afternoon, about 2 o'clock. Any , I per on waiiucg a pair ol handsome pomes will do well to go ; and tee 'hrm Persons wishing to tre thein this morning will find them at tlie Mansion Htuse, Hicks st eft Brooklyn j J>27Jt*r Ml '11! 8A I.K? A neat Cottage House arid lot. No IT i Mirtil gh-ireri, Brioklyu. and with n three miuutet wa'k uf Fulton Kerry K.nquire of JUhKPH IIKtlbMAN, 7 F.oat sHeet, Ic27 11 r Brooklyn ; TU fTET M AND FOR HALF, at Hfat'n r .1 Co [": t*>es and Houses, with gardens,pleasure :nd pasture XJALlandt, situated ill Tompkinssi In i lid Mtspleton? some near and some a little dis'anee from ihe terry. Also, a ft od Unlet to I t. The rruts are from sisty to fire hndir I doll.irs jer annum. Apply to I' Will KKf, Wolfea' Hotel, Tmpkinsril'e. '! 7" Immediste possession can be girrn of some of the I houses?rent to commence 1st May neat. f27 lw*rc CHEAP RENTS a Is it not a fact that hu'dreds of Ir.milies in this city more eserr year to save a partol iheir rect, and yet never ihink that there is within an hour's ride ot '.heir iirrscul homes, doaens o| small places with a few acres of laud, where they could lire at less rert, and li re alltleir vegetable*, fruit, he. Iree. Do tliey ark how that is to be doue Bur a small farm lour or tire milts on Lorg Isl-nd, pay one ihonssnd down, rud insure yoer lile (or enough to j pry the biilnnce, rml then if you die this year, yonr I .mil* is , not left to Ihe tender mercies of a New Vork landlord Call | at the Ticket (Mice ol Ine American Museum. Broadway, , between Igand 1, and a*l s circular with lull descriptions of | j just such a plaoe. 117 a*r ' ' ' 1 ? *? A*wt'?ieinw:?T?. rAKti f nr.AVkflZ, T?? , ? Tu.,da*,reb 21, 1??7. HE manager resprciluHy announces that. in coi srunrn- r of the severe enow norm, the theatre will he closed for live nig hie, end re-opeued ou MONDAY NEXT, Merch 1 with the celebrated DANSLUSfc* VILNNOlSES, Korty-eight iu number, Uuder the direction ol .Vde Wins, who will appear lore few nights. on their way t'roin Boston to Philadelphia N. tT?The hoi pi en l? open, slid eeeie insv be eeenred OWEKY TilKATHK heturdsy Evening. Keb 27;h will be presented the Urand Spectacle of IVANMOE 11siihoe Mr Neafle; Lady Kowtna. Mrs Jord-u After which, BL YCK EYED SLV8AN-William. Mr Pie *4'o whicb'wiUbe'sdISed THE COURT PAGES? Louis 13th, Mr Jordan. .. , _, ,, Drees Circle 25 cents; Pit and Gallery UK cents Doore open at 6>. o'clock^ Performance rommrnrri at 7. MITCHKLCS OLY MfIC THEATRE?(wturday eveume February 27ih?The performances will couimenee with'KrM>eu entitled CJKAh IOSA AMD PERUNET? Kiug Usurious, Mr Nichineon. Af or whieh, the opera ol the NATIONAL GUARD? Aclulle Bomb -n, Mr. Holland To he followeii by the larce of MON8 T0N80N?Moos Morblieu, Mr. Nickiusou; Mad. Bellegaroe, Mrs isherwood. To conclude with the I nee ol the NEW hOOTMAN? Bobby IJieakwiodow. Mr Holland Dress circle, 58 cents; upper boses. 25 cents; pit one shilling; privu'e times 85 Orchestra botes,$S. Doors hi eu st 7 o'clock : cur sin r ses at nslf past T. A MtLHlVA N CIRC VS. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. Lait Week of SandB, Ce.'s TYeupr. THIS EVEN 1 -ll, February 27, on entire chance of performance, including the PONY RACES. The celebrated horse Mav Ely, Kightiuu I'ouies, and a NEW TURKISH ENTREE Hortemuiship by Sandi, Dale, Hernandez. Carroll, lie. The Amphitheatre is pleasantly waimed throughout Doors open at X past 6. performance commences st 7. Botes 25 cents, rit I2>t. Seats secured. Ill 1 w rc WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. K K Masshsl. Lettae, W R. Bi.att. Manager SATUllDW EVENING, February 27, will be perform ed the tragedy of U II'D 111 11 111 Kiclnrd MrChas Kean Queen Elixibetli Mn Chaa Keen To conclude wilh THE WANDERING MINSTREL itiu Uagg* Chapman AMERICAN MUSE UM ATTRACTIONS NEVER EQUALLED. SPLENDID Exhibitions Mid 1*01 All MIIM morning, alter uoua and evening, at I !>,. 3 anil o'clock. OCT" No kree Lis', eicept the Press.-/ fl GENERAL TOM THUMB. The smallest Man in Miniatu'e in the known world, weighing ouly nmm pounds, wli > has bseu patronised by all the cho wis to heads of Europe, aud beau seeu by over 3.000.000 peis ins. has teturoed to Amunca, in the packstship Cambria, and will Inake his GRAND DEBUT at his former hand quarters iu this city, the American Museum,where the most extensive pteparations have been made to receive him. lie will he seeu this MORNING FROM ll? TO I O'CLOCK. Ou the platform iu one of the maiu halls of (lie Museum. ia Ins extraordinary and popular performances, including his citizen's dress, iu wnirh he will relate his History, Travels, Ite., sing a variety of songs, dance the Polka, Bailor's Hornpipe, give representations of isaroLEOtv, Frederick the orest, iisicua statues, Sec. bcc. lie will also appear in his magnificent COURT DRE8H Presented him by Qiiueu Victoria, of England, aud worn before all the principal Courts of Europe After which he will appear in his BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME, In whieh he will dance the highland flino, lie. The maonificent fkebents received from Queen Victoria and the principal Crowned Heads of Europe, will be exhibited. IN THE AFTERNOON, FROM 3 TO S O'CLOCK, and in thk EVENING, FROM 7* TO 9 O'CLOCK. The Little General will appear iu various Costumes and PERFORMANCES ON THE STAGE, In the Lecture Hoom, iu connection with other iplendid performances, including ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS OR MRENADKRS The Panoramic Representation of the WAR IN AFFGHAN18TAN. GREAT WESTERN, the Yankee Comedian. MISSES WHEELER and JULIKN. LIVING OURANU OUTANO to be seen at all hours. TWO MONSTER SNAKES, 30 feet long. ANATOMICAL VENUS, to be seen at la extra: MADAME ROCKWELL, Fortune Teller Admiesion 33 centi; children nnder 10, 13R cents. No Retdmisaions. One payment will entitle to Dot one admission. O" The Public are respectfully informed that General Tom Thumb will terminate his publie exhibitiens forever, as soon as he can pay x brief a isit to the principal American cities, aud, therefore, that his engagement st this establishment is necessarily limited to a very ihort period. ft3rc P. T. BARNUM. HIKFL1EK TO SCOTLAND. ERR ALEXANDER will, previous to his departure for Havana, give an euteitaiument fo- the relief of Scotland, at the American Hotel, on Saturday eveniug, Feb. 37th, on which occasion some new end beautiful feats in Natural Philosophy and Magic Ticketi 30 cents each, which can be procured at the hotel during the dey and at the duor in the evening. Poors open at 7. Performance at f37 It re ALHAMBRA, 330 Broadway, between Spring and Printe itreeti. Bm.ubn'9 .iiuuu; up ."viuw iuhh will reopeu lor exhibition, for a few the abore place,commencing with Monday, February 22d The Canopy of the Model hat been ao arranged at to cot tain doable the number of newt originally intended. Mer cliauia aud manufacturer!, deairoue of cempartmenta, will lend in their order* immediately. Ilonra of exhibition from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M Ticketi 2} cents ; aeaaou ticketa 10crura. fO 9tia*rc 1IERR ALEXANDER WILL give his Farewell Knterlaiuuieut at the American hotel on Monday evening March lit, 1047. Ticketa 10 centa ; childien half price. AT It rc JHIS DAY PUBLISHED; Price 12fe Cents. HOW TO PAY THB RKNT, a Farce, by Tyrone Fow. r, with a benutiful characteriitic llluatration, being No Jef the Mirror Drama The "Iriah Attorney" and "Boon at ilia Swan," already published, from No*. 1 and 2 nf tint new series of the Acting Diana. WM. TAYLOR It CO., f!7 lt+r N?. 2 Aator HouiOj_ FREE CONCERTS. EVERY EVENING at "THE OPF.HJi HOTEL," 41 CilaMBr.a* itbcxt, (next to Paliao'i Theatre ) commencing on Hatnrday Evening, Feb. 27th, 1147. at K past 7 o'clock. vocalists :? Mr. and Mri. Newton, (late of Mercer itreet ) Welsh Karebita, Poached Eggs, he , set red in good style. Superior Ale, Wines, Lii|uora and I igara. N. B ?Sacred Concert* every Sunday evening. 126 F8sM?rc MESMEMSM. DR DOD.4, who has discovered the Philosophy of Mesmerism, has engaged to deliver Three Lecturei on that science in CLINTON HALL, with brilliant and amusing esperimeuta im tlie celebrated Clairvoyant, Mr. Unrkmar. Experiments also in Galvanism and Magnetiam, of the most interesting character. T WO oT the abore lactates * ill be on (this) Thursday and Patuid 'y evenings, Februa-y 21th aud 27th; and One will be to LADIEt ONlY, on Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Admission in each lecture 25 cents. f*ift*r (For the New York Hera d J GRAY'S PICTURE OF GREEK LOVERS. WHO has not seen Gray's last new Picture fIfthere be any ancli iu this coinmum y, let us say to them, delay not a moment, lest the golden opportunity pass away. 11 sales to the Gallery of the Art* Union iu Broadway, opposite the Hospital, a few doors above Pearl street, and behold the last great effort of hia extraordinary gem in?the tirst important picture conceived hy h in since hisjaecoud visit to the land of paiuters. Truly the land of Italy must he one o! inspiration, and tli? opportunity has not been lost on him of impressing on Ins li e in mil all that is classical and antique. The I'icia.e represents ao interview nt Greek lovers; and aUkurugli we have oft'n seen the subject attempted before, (n the repreaertatioii ol Greek lovers, however,) never iu tne ? ho'e course ol our lives have sve witnessed the thiug so majestically imagined and matietly executed Ai the right i seated a.lender, delica'e, young and beautiful woman, touching a lute. W- don't leolieet seeiugthis muniment introduced Ivy any other nmsier mm a Picture.and have often woudered at it. It it the very thing for alover, aud besides, it is so charsc'eriai ic of the land of love and long. Gu,y desrives all prisiae tor the idea. Her face is turned to her lover with >n ardent and tender vapreseion, (which the painter must have olien felt lumsell to embody so leelingly,) slid ihtre is no doubt ahe is pouring in o his ear tne conteute r f lierove flowing toul; nor la her ceo. panion au inaiteutive listener. A Her sweet and dnlcet notes aie cnu. lit ind drank by him as piecious morsels; and we cannot behold them witmint being reminded of ' ue's earlier daye of love aad romance. A superb landscape in tke distance discovers moaetaius and sea,' nd some giaud forms of architecture, which were perhaps painted Irom recolleetirn, or Irom drawings made on the spot, in the land from which lie hae recently returned, mill wnerc ne nas Deeo pur uiug r. studies for a year or two paat. Gray hat succeeded admi'aMy iu the l.'hiarobscura. This haa been indeed a atumliliiiK block to inaay a young artiat; but by aasiduity aud luielalig ihle attention and atudy iu ihe achoola of Italy, where ihia great and vital principle alone eau ba learned, ne baa eviieed mora true knowledge ol ita character in tlm production belore ua than auy other artiat of our modern school We do rot hesitate to aay there la a rich and glorioua harvest before thia gifted and ambitioua young man. Let him puraue the path pointed out by lua own gaaiua, and not be led aatrny by otlitre, or made rain by the overweening flattery or praiae of Irienda, (wl tell ta apt to ahow itaelf by a foppishneea in drraa ) and we are inre I e will leap lua reward in an enviable reputation from a genero..a and |>at;oniaing public To prof erly appreciate thia picture it luuat he ateu, and when all enc lee it free of charge it la their own lault if they miaa the cliauce | We can only aay it haa ipalitira of a ra*e and high character; and when we look upon it and find ourselves rnrcp ureil by the knowledge evinced in drawing the li.uree, by hia fine eeuae of the harmony of linn?hia at with ihe heat antique models ?the claaur contour and mould cftlis ligurea?the unstudied ease a. f ilia rara lolly and learnedly wrought drapery ao beautiful and elegint?the augmentation ol beauty and nehnraa prodnced by the harmony of color and the lues?the close reaemMance to ihe old masters? the ap|>eeinriee of age ao myatrrioualy stamped upon its lace, hi d thy delicacy and pearlineia of its deep mnvd waimth, we sav ihe eye cannot I ut l>e sitisAed with theia dei ill "I mingled Ixrinonr and heanfy. Thia picture ia not for a*'#, but is kindly loaned by tie pu'rhnaers for tihibition at the rooms o' the Art Union, and wc lav again to all lovers of the fine aits, all amateurs and pro'easora go and sec this eitraordiuary production of the genina of the age. J. C. I . fc37 li*rre G1C.MJI.Nfc ANU VAU ABt.fc BTAInKK V ItlLIN ? r A gentleman who proposes aettling in the West, having two valuable Violins, is desirous of disposing of one ol tliern. It ia pronounced by the first authorities to he a genuine "Htainer;'' ia in hue presetvation, and probably the swveteit and a no nithe at t oied '.I any ol those raie inatriiinsnia n iw in eiiatruce Amateurs may ace it lor a lew days at the Muair store ol Higuor (i (Jodone, No. 4tl){ Broadway, who n authoriied to sell it for a much lower puce than it would bring in Kurope, and will give the owner's address HI JITrc Ljifl" ANNUAL BALI, OK LO 1 HI A.N'* ?KW VoltK vmJiBHASB BAND,will niha plica at tha l.oliiaan ou WWt'.NIO.N It A V KVKMMI March I.I, IM? Dnrinn (lie evemcif, the bnud will perform the following pieces : ? _t, 1 Cftfntinft ir m "80 : nambaU," fcb Bafle Obligate), n'rangcd by mV^f* 2 Pollneon, a ranged by Mr J. No?her 3. New (Jaick Hfrp. c dicsted to CfipUiu John ( nr land of the (Juhfk Hoard, ?rrai ftd by Mr. llerxog The Orchestra will be fall and complete, consisting ot about forty-one performers. fZ7 2tHlctVlt**rc UNIVERSALIS CHURCH IN BROADWAY. '|1|IK Mill of Nmyreiunt Imtitutr Broalwir. rpponta X llonil atrcrt, tua beau nigeii-il for the purpoaa ol fnnn1 i.l a I 'niver??li?t CosKT'iatiou in Ilia ui |>fr pin of tl>? city. Keliginu ,ama?? will ho hald rrarv MiimUv afternoon till further totica. The ile?k will he inppliad by Ra?. T. L Hariia, who will [acinic nait Sunday afternoon on tha " Rail,10m ,dea? wlm h unilcrlia tha rtf.irm rnoTrmaiitt ol iha <kcHamee, will rommancc at J o'clock I* M. Seafa free. Tha public gtnciallr arc united to aiiaml it}lti?no4*r? ______ t 11 T0 THI LATEST MOMENT. ? TBLCORAPU1C. WiiHiKUTON, Klb.M 10 P. hi. We have New Orleans paper* of tba 19th, but they attain do newt worth forwarding by telegraph Pmr.aoai.m4it, Feb. 90, 184f. Small sales ot Flour wera made to-day at fO par bbl. Thar* has bean a decline in Morria Canal stock at thirty par cant, speculator* failing FiTTiacao, Feb. 20-10 P. M Four dollars per barrel waa ashed to day for flour, aa 1 $3 76 offered. Pork in bulk ie quoted at OH- No change in other markets. Nothing froai the West. Aiaiev, Feb. 20, 104T. The grain market was in a fair condition to day, and advanced slightly on yesterday'* prices. Nothing si dona in flour. AFFAIR8 IN WA8HINQTON. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. TIC LBOHAPHIOi Hastate. WatHiriOTOff, Fab 3ti, 1047 Mr. CaiTTssDEN introduced a bill appropriating flva hundred thousand dollars to be expended in provisions, under the direction of the President, and in transporting tha same to the famishing poor of Ireland and Scotland in a national vassal. Mr. Crittenden supported tha bill with great eloquence and force. Messrs I M. Clayton and Cass followed on the tame side. Mr. Nile* opposed the bill as setting a dangerous pre cedent; when on motieu of Mr Bauer, it was postponed until to morrow The bill from the House cxtenJirg the franking prlvi lege wu passeJ Tbo civil and diplomatic appropriation bill wu taken op, and the amendment to pap Mesan. Ritchie It Heisa or printing, wai dabatad at length and agreed to, 'J6 to JO. The bill wu then postponed. Mr. Dn gave notice that he would introduce a bill to amend the Ten Regiment Bill to-morrow. The Three Millions Bill waa taken up, and Mr. Hannkian addressed the Senate in favor of the bill without tka Wilmot proviso. Mr. Niles obtained the floor for tomorrow, and the bill was passed by. The consideration of the Civil and Diplomatic Bill waa resumed, and numerous amendments adopted; but without aetion on the bill, the Senate adjourned. House of Representatives. Washington, Keb. -id, 1M7. Mr. Thomas Smith presented resolutions from the Le. gislature of Indiana (or the improvement of the mail communication from Toledo to New Orleans ; for a s?i sion of the United States Supreme Couit west of the \1 leghanies ; for the reduction of the price of public lauds, for granting lands to Mr. Whitney for a railroad from Lake Erie to the Pacific ; and for varioua other mat tare. Mr. Rons praaauted a resolution trom tko Legislature of Now Jersey against the ex'enslou of slavery to now territories. Mr. McCLtLLAND presented a resolution (rom the I.e gislature of Illinois, instructing their Senators and Re praaantatlvoa to vote for all nacosaary man and measures to carry on the war. Bills war# passed milking appropriations for prying aavy pensions; and with amendmants for the better or ganixation of the Indian dapartmant, and to regulate trade and iutercourae with the Indian tribes. Mr. Bovo from the Military Committea reported the Senate bill organizing the ten regiments into brigades and divisions, and making provision* for an additions number of general officers.with amendments?one giving the President power te assign the chief command of the Army until the expiration of the war to any Oeneral, Major, or Brigadier, regularly commissioned, of the re gulars or the volunteers, without regard to date of com mission. On Mr. Bom's motion, the House proceeded immediately to its considsration, aud several amendments were agreed to. Mr. Uakrktt Davis mowed to go into Committee of tie Whole. Mr. Simms moved the previous question, g Mr. Ashmun moved to lap the bill on the table. Negatived, Yeas, 17; Nays, lOtj. The previoua question was then sustained, Yeai, 10-J; Nays,70. On the suggestion of Mr Boio.the Home by general content recomiderod the lait vote, and went into a Committee of the Whole on the bill, Mr. Baggt in the chair, a resolution having been aleo adopted to cloae the debate at half past two, and limiting 'he tpeechet of each. The Committee wat addressed by Messrs. Oarritt Davis, Brinkerhoff, Smith, Treadwell, Newton, Schenck and Cocke. The Committee rose and the House proceeded to vote on the amendments. The amendments were adopted, that relating to the General-in-Chief having been further amended. It continues the office not only during the war with Meaice, but until the ratification of a treaty of peace. This amendment was agreed to, 1 Id to 07. The other amendments were also agreed to, and the bill finally passed, l'il to 7J. The bill to regulate Diplomatic Intercourse, was reported by Mr. Ingersoll from the Committee on Foreign Relations, and committed to the Committee on the State of the Union. The Revonuo bill will probably be acted upon to mori row. a<t tha Hon set adiournad today. nandin* a motion by Mr. McKay to take it up. B.Y Til K in A 11.*. W*?mihoto?, Keb. 36, 1847. Mr. Btnlon and Mr. Calhoun. Mr. Oeiiton'a apeech, to-day, wa* an argument to prove ' that Mr Calhoun, and not Mr. I'olk, hadcauaed tha Men" ' can war. The apeakar confined himaelf to thia propoai tion.and ho mutainod himaelf by a groat array of facta The am eiation he declared to be the true cauae of the Mexican war; andaa Mr. Calhoun wax chiefly imtrumen tal in bringing about that meaaure, he contended that he alone ia reaponaible for tha war. Mr. Calhoun replied, acknowledging hia inatruncrn tality in the annexation of Texaa, but denying that the war originated in that meaaure. He accuaed Mr. Benton ' of bringing up atala calumniea againat him, to which he ' had replied yeara ago, and which he did not deern wor. thy of refutal now. i He made one remark which ia very much to be regret ted. He declared that Mr. Benton'a apeoch proved con oluaivelv that the war ia unpopular, and further expreated hia own belief in ita unpopularity. A atatement made by either Senator ia deaervedly regarded by the world aa of very high authority, and it ia, therefore, to I e deplored that a atatement ao totally unlounded, and ao miachievoua in ita ronaeqiien-.ea, ahould roceive the otficial endorvemontof either. That Mr. Calhoun believe* the war to be unpopular, will be to the world prima farir evidence that it ia an ; and that offlcial announcement ol i a Senator of the United Statea holding a high poaition aa u (tateaman, and jaetly regarded aa one ol | the grenteat men in the country, how groundleaa aoever I auch announcement may be, Mexico willgraap aa the ' pantiug and lamiahing wretch graapa " The I)aad Sea fruita that tempting lie But turn to aahea on the lipa.'' The asaertion, come from what quarter it may, ia | in contradiction to utideniable facta. During a perio I ut nine month*, nearly four hundred thniiaHml mm, i,.?_ | ottered tham?*l*ea tor lervice ugninat Metico. flow run my man, with that grout tact (taring turn in the fare, lim it that tbii war i* unpopular ? Fran Mr Winthrop. item an opponent of the war and tho admiuiatration ai ho ii, hai warned Mexico not to count upon the triAirig diviaioni apparent in the aouncila of tho nation. To judge that theae dirmona indicate a feeling adretia to tlie war, on the parte! the people of the United Stat e?. would ho to draw a very erroneoua corclmioti , Hhould Mexico put her truit in the itatement made yesterday I y Mr. ( ulhoun, ihe will And heraelf lamentably deceived. The war ii not unpopular, nor can the declaration! of any man, how high loever hia noiitioa, make it ?o All deploro it" continuance, and dealre that it he brought to ? lucoaaiful and apeedr termination, and 1 believe notemore carnoitly than Mr Calhoun himaolf. Why th?n iaakn thli molt miachieroua declaration, when it i< obtioua that Mexico will detiee Irom It the ataumnce that a continued efl'ort on her part will force the Prendeut of the United Mtetee to oeaae Irom a proaecution oi the war? Ii thia declaration calculated to pro I ice a goed effect at home ? Net at all The country will n?l believe It. Between Mr Calhoun and the administration, I have no t deaire to luterpoae Bnt thia declaration ia calculated to affect iniuiioualy the puhlte intereila Had it been true, > it ihould not hava been made Unfounded aa it ia, I run not account fot it otbarwiae than by tha luppcaition that 1 Mr. Calhoun waa, nt the time he made it, under itrong j excitement ULfNUIMl ViiinitWi fit, M, II#. Afomrntoui ilale ?f affair ? at Walking tan?'" We are in Ikr miiiil of a Rtvolulion " We give it up. There ia no hope. The preient < <>u. greaa goea home, aftor making loem and appropriation* to the (ittnt of hundred millioue, ami without a , meaiureftrf&iHng a aingle dollar to meet theee aiior.r.oiH liabilities' We give it up. 1 The fault liei, Out, in tin adminiitraUon, (and we wd A

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