Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1847 Page 3
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! T'iik?v opium, at $3 VJX ; English sal ammoniac, lOJi : | re J Pruasiate potash, at 86c, and 10 000 lbs English sal soda have been sold at 3%o, lince the departure of the Sarah Saudi Kiih?Dry cod wna firm at $3 60 a $3 8while mackerel continued firm The lat>t miles of No 1 Halifax were made at $10 76, and No. ado. at $7. Laig* No- I (small Mass) wers made yesterday at $10, aud No 2 at $7. Kan it?The chief sales made since the sailing of the steamer have keen confined to box raisins at $1 86, and Turkey figs (*>00 drams) at 7c a 12>ic, carh. liar? Sales for shipment South were reported at 66c a 66c. H?.?ir?In the absence of supplies, both of foreign and American, quotations were uominal Inlmho ? The market was quiet, though the advance nolicod in the fore part of the week was maintained. lnon?The market was firm, but transactions were limited, acd prices remained unchanged. Lkad?Tile last sales consisted of 1,700 pigs re import' od from France, at $4 06 Molasses ?The market was quiet, and New Orleans quoted at 36c a Sf ^c. The last sale was made on time at 36o. e 36){c Cumr was inactive at 08c. n?*ai. stiih s ?High freights have, during the week, checked sales of all kinds, save spirits of turpentine, which continued to sell in moderate lots for home use, at 40c. a 42c. Oils ?American Linseed continued in request at 77c. a 78c., cash, with a fair amount of sales. English could not be quoted over 80c. The last sale of 1000 hbls. whale oil was made at 88c., and crude sperm at $108; winter strained was held at $1 in, and bleached do, at $1 16. PnoTisioNS.?The market closed without sales of im portance, and without animation. We report a sale ef 100 libit prime pork, sixty days, at $12 63>?c. The same price was onereu ior more buu reiuseu. mw? w?? iuuctiv?at$U7J? i?rrf?There w?? no change. The last aale of country dmi was made at $13. City mesa was steady at $30 a $31 per tierce. No change to note in prime. J.arU?We report rales of 117 bbla. old at 10)$c; sales of new have been freely made during the week at 11c with some lota of fancy quality for shipment at 3)?c. The sales since tko departure of the Sands, in cured and pickled meets, have been large at full prices. A small anlo of 30 tierces mutton bams was made to-day at 6}ic. hulitr?Vi'o quete Orange county sweet at 30 a 33c; Western d?iry at 14 a 10c; Western fair to good at 10 a 13c; and Ohio at 10)$o. Chose continued firm, and the sales since the sailing of the steamer embrace ebout 3000 casks and boxes at 7 a 7>$c. Liport prom 1st to 33d February. Beef 3.834 bbla. I'ork 1,744 bbls. Lard 7,i63 kegs Wh i Rics?The entire sales of the week amounted to 826 tierces end 37 bbls at $4 87)$ for ordinary to good, end at $6 for strictly prime. With some reduction in freights it was supposed the article would again become active. Sart?Within a day or tws 3 Ho sacks Liverpool ground were sold at 120c. Ws quote Ashton's fine at $1 27}$ a $1 36. Srid?Flaxseed rough for crushing has remained firm. . |H The last sales embraced 60 tierces tor crushing at $11 i 87)$. and a higher price has been since demanded. Timo- , thy was steady at $20 a $33 per bbl, and clover at 8 a 9c. i Srins?3,030 to 3,060 (Jarracas good changed hands within a few days, at 66 ots., on time. Si irits.?There were no sales of domestic whiskey made to-day. The quotations ranged from 98)$ to 39 cts. Brandies continued in modera'e request, and Otard, Du- > puy Ik Co., during tho week, sold at $3 38 to $2 62; Pelevoisin at $2 06}$; J. J. Dupuy at $1 83}$ to $1 86 I Jamaica Hum $1 68 to $1 76; and " Hour Glass" gin at i $1 10, on time. Suoar ?New Orleans continued firm at 7}$ to 8}$, wita moderate sales. The last sales of Havana box sugars were made at 7 to 8 cts. The stock on the mar- > ket was computed as follows New Orleans, at about 936 hhds ; 63, new crop, Porto Rico, (attoat,) and 600 ; boxes Havana Sumac.?Tba last sale of Palermo (600 begs) was made at $36. Tallow.?during the week some 30 000 to 30,000 lbs. were sold, chiefly for home use, at 8}$ to 9 cts. Tka.?The last public sale took place on the 26th instant, which was well attended. Green teas brought 3 cents, and Mack 3 cents more than they commanded last autumn Should the government impose a duty on the article, some further advance is necessarily anticipated. Tin.?1500 slabs Banca sold to arrive (since the sailing oHhe steamer )at 34a34)$c. Tobacco?The maiket haa lomained quiet since the receipt of the Cambria's Dews. The sales, since Wednesday, embrace 70 hhds. Kentucky at 3)?a4)4c.; Connecticut, 7a0c ; and Florida, 7a9c. on time Wh?l?sos? continued dull. N. W. was held at 34 ; and South Sea, 36c Wine ?'The maiket for low priced descriptions con tinued very firm. Sales have been made during the week as follows Cauarr, 62){a66c.; dry Malaga, 44a 46c ; Port, 66a 100c.; and Lisbon Madeira, 66c. Wool.?The firmness previously noticed, has continued, siece the arrival or the Cambria, for American fleece and pulled at full prices. Nothing of consequence done in foreign. Freights?To Liverpool they were less firm, and I quoted at 28d for grain ; 6s. for flour, and J,d aVl for cotton To Havana, flour was $2; grain 68 ,toc ; and cotton 2c. lb No change to Ireland, Antwerp or London. Real Estate at Aucrio.t?Three story brick house and lot No. 110 9th street, 26 It by half the block $7,060 Lot on 126th street, near 4th avenue, 25x100. . . 406 Died, On Friday evening, 26thinst.. Augusta, infant daugh ter of Chester and Catherine Lamb, aged 5 months. The friends and relatives of the family are requested I to attend the funeral on bunday, 28th iust., at 4 o'clock, from No. 30)4 Spruce street. Sarah Elisabeth, daughter of Gideon and Ann Ma tilda, meichant of this city, aged 2 years, 8 months, and i 10 dura. The friends and relatives of the family, as well as the members of Blonmingrove Lodge No. 182 I O of O. K., are respectlully invited to attend the luneral, from the residence i f her parents, No. 139 10th avenue, at faur o'clock P. M , without further invitation. Westchester papers pleasecopy.0 WHITEHALL GUARDS ~ tTWlE MEMBERS OK THE WHITEHALL GUARDS A aie r'que>t*d to attend a Meeting of the Company at 58 Whitehall street, on Monday Evenug, st 7 o'clock, for the purpose ofmikiuK arrangements to join in the funeral nroces- I ion ol ihe lute Captains Morrii. Field and Williams, who, in the bat le ol .Monterey, Tell uoblv, lighting for their country's r in m By order, ivB It r ROBERT SlLVKV, Cont'd*. AID J O SCOTLAND. 'pHK.Committee appointed by the Philanthropic Poeiety ? fur the relief of the poor IU Scotland, met on) the 2S'li nut., and were g stifled while reporting progress, to be able to state that ihev h id waited ou a cousideraole number of the Clergy in Nsw Voik, Brooklyn, and Jersey Cities, and that j they weie all fnrorable to the benevolent object; same time report it th it the Rev Mr. Stark would take up a collection | 01 Suuday, the 28th, (this diy) forenoon and alternoou, the ainouut to be divided equally to the relief ol the destitute ol I lie and and those iu tho Highlands and Islands ofBcotliud. I' S.?Due notice ill til appear wlieu and where othe r collections almll' be taken up. JOHN SINCLAIR. I'rei't. Jiiis Uairsn.H'c'y. (28 It* MUSKETS AND PISTOLS. | | i W Ut Ship Muskets. 1 VJ V / V/ iotu American Banded MutkeU,with bayonets, I. *- coinptete iu the most pel feet order. h :.U.. I0? pair Ship f'istols. I0(i Iteio vingti barrel Pistoli. ir'^Ti 100 Bowie Ku vvs. jun Double barrel Fowling Pieces. r; e 100 Si gle do do S|icitinR articles, Oun materials, Tools, fcc., every ilniig requn td In the Sp rtimnn or Oumimlh. For sale by U3 itn rc A VV. SPiKS t*. < O ,01 Maiden Lane. LUs ?In going from Fulton to Peck slip, u 1 uari street, a Oolo Pencil Cose and Pen, with 1 irge heavy head.? I. bring a present.lroin some friends, the owcer is ihe inoie animus fir us r>c ivery. The tinder will he haudtomely re woded by leaving it t (if to-day) 122 Orchird.or nt any other day. 27# Peari street. I *8 it*rrc C. M. WILLET3. TO BARBERS. WANTED?lu a trie rate establishment in Philadelphia, two respectable young men, French or Italian, who perfectly u .demand tlieir busiuesa, and can come well re i.-'inraeiiili d. Constant employment and liberal w^ges will be giveu. Address T. B.K.N. Y. Herald Office. f2? 2t jbg ..ssuvsto uiiur.u olAlt,3UUI<lt.I KtrUAl'CK AND UOLD and SILVER COIN EXAMINER. THE publisher solicits attention to an impiri-nt addition , to tue next number. It ia a c rinplete table of the rate* of discount m i hiladelphia. thus rendering the " Keporter" I as well adapted to the city ol Philadelphia, ai to New York. Terms, $ I 00 per annum, la adrauce. t otninunicatious iimat he post paid. Address In 8lt?rrc S TAYLOR, 90 Broadway, New Yrrk riMIICaiNewlvinveuied nud patrntrd auckdoluger hlsllA HOOK it "now offered fur tale to the trade by the pxte, . ENOELBR.ECHT. HALE k Co., f'H Jt*r lit William at , up stai's TO TAILORS. riMI K Spring and Hun rner Fashions for 1847 ere now pub1 1 ilied. and for axle by 1*48 wr T. OLIVER, 4 < at. N Y. TLM' LA I'S SULI'HUK baths, No 5-17 Pearl flreet, near hroadwuy PIMIKSE HATHA hare bren eatnh iahe.1 lor tun last twnnI t,-? a tears and are the.only fu'pliur Hatha in the city. Titty are highly recoininemltd by the most tinmen, ph,sinaaa, lor ihe cure of rheumatisin, salt rheum, chronic com pi nits, eruptions ol the km, 4m. Vndic.ilrd Vap .r llailit also tflvi n dally, fiom 8 A.M.toll P. M fe48 lm* c CM! L-tr.Vt ll OHCHAKD, KAD ASH, L.AHUE ! nut. $6. egg, br ken ami stove.$84i; Lehigh, lump,Si 1,0; eg*, store and uu1, SC. these re eaah prices, less 50 eu. lor age. M. coals are all uncle- sheds and dry, re-screened finm my e.i-l tnr.1,256 Kliz .belh street and corner of Hamme.sley , ud Bedford streets. JACOB WEEKS. Jr. PRUNING URATE VINES, FRUIT TREES, AND SHRUBBERY. ALEXANDER WILSON, Pracneal Gardener, tenders hi. aermces to the public, and will be happjy to eiecnte ! < w j !! uki-ii mb nil V oe MTorei wi 11 umer bu* at tlir ca l store ol Until.ip tc i'h<jinpsou,635 Broadway, rtotw're ? " CORYINO PAPER. I < REAMS aupenor Copying I* per, American m ne.1" l\J u'sc lire, wnich i> warranted to take a perfect imprest u.auilau d at n price much I iwer than t'<r foreign? lor axle bi I'hHSSE It BROOKS, fin r Paper Warehouse, M ar.d 07 Nassau sf NOTICE TO.ALL okntlembn. (t LNTLK.MKN, if you want your clothe* kept in good f order lor the reman,tier of toe I'ason, you had belter t lite or send your coati and paota to 94 Slu-rav itreet. corner ' Washington, where you can getthem either rleaned, died, ere ' and rrfned, with new velvet collara, rulfi, linioga, bosoms, ou the mod reainnahle termi. Norn.?No diaappoiuiment at my atore. A line addressed re ihove. attended to at any time. A call ortrial is all asked I lo>hra cleaned or dyed superior to any in the city, at No. 94 Murray s tcet Ml 1 v- h A i;ilH'n9K(W f nm London. ~ A rTiTivE Mm bULlia. CARROLL'S Mrdicsted Vapor and Sulphur lvl liar),a, 194 Kulfon street, opposite Church street. A cert in i u fori v Ids. doughs, Rheumatism, More Throat, a ol .It i tl'initiatory diseases uicident tu the ehangeahle et te of the weather. The fnlphnr Vapor Bath is particula ly ii commended by our (Irit physicians as a cure for all ernpti' ns ami di c isee ol the shin. No danger of taking Cold alter the nae of ilieee harhs, J79 lm*rc i'iXXSS WOKK> ! GLAKN WORKS !! fHE *uliecr hers imys taken and teliitrd tha New Vork i ,| > |<i .i (41 as Works, si'uate in John sltsel, near j , ,n t -ret Kerry, Mr, oVlyn, where they are couatnntlv ,f |, ' i fl?r 'or isle, a*I kinds if fimgiits' ( , ,1 re, of . SUpenO'l|U< l > . aud i, ill 'svt'ietyol / .i i , icnlarattsutiong v-n lopiieais tnculdi Sf ODIMKT k CHENEV. ' s {?iookiyn,?eb. 11 fel>l??w*r NEEDLES, FISH HOOKS, AND FISHING I TACKLE THOM AS and THOMAS H BAT*. ?? Meideu Lane off?r for sale a very lupcrior art'tlt of Bate drill* o eyed and oiherqualitiM of Needlee.wiUi the Urge t and moat Fishing Tackle ever manurae.ured or imported iut? (his eouutry eon.iettng of Martin Kellry . 1 tl'-il.aiieev and Hollow Poiut Limerick Hooks; tuperhue Kirbv Bent Salmon, Virginia, Black Fish, Kirby Beut?e> Hna. aud Hock, Trout, and Kirby Kiver Hooka. Hatted Mao, a.l^tiue UmVri'k. Kirby Salmon. audall other., aoood.d ou irimii twiated, and auntie gut. Hiea, Mtuuowa, Silk BieideJ. and Spun Silk Liuea; Grass. Flag, and Trout Fly Liu.a it da iu great vsrie y, at all prices. tngliahand Americnu Heela, Fishiog Baakrta. Cork and Hollow Floats, i wiih aaery other deacriptiou ol hi thing Tackle, ao d on moderate teitna,, at 103 Maiden Lane, up ataira, near Pearl ,t. Hi Im'rc 8EGAKS HAVANA AND ST. JAGO LEAF TOBACCO. A A. SAMaNOS, 9t Broadway, up ataira, (oppoaite 1 Trinity Church) ofTera for aale, tu lot. to auit purchaa era. at wholeaale and retail. 150 balea Haeaua Leaf Tobacco, wrappers and filler*. 50 " Y'guauy " " 30 " Cumberland Harbor, Jt. *' 40 " St dago Leaf Tobacco r, " 15 " " " dark wrappery. 12 caaea old Coonecticat Serd Leaf Tobacco, good colore. Also, Segars of all branda and claaaea, including eonie nn poited eipreaaly for private ain?ker?, together with othera .uitable for the trade. Juat received, a few of the new brand "Uuaniuuajiico." imp irted aolely by the aubacriber. Ordera received and punctually attended to for all claaaea ol argars. Alao for aale, all kiuda of Smoking Tobacco ol American, SpauLh, German, aud Turkish manufacture, including the celebrated Scarfailatti. Alan, Suuffa of all kiuda, including the celebrated "Coper haokn" and "Nachitochk*." A A. HAMANO, (21 lm*it 91 Iwoadway. Up Stairs. 192 Broadway, (Joknkk ok John Strkrt, TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES RIFrom the Bmtou Traveller 1 INO'8 VFRBKNa CHKAV1?Tina aliaving compound ia now all the rage, at well among touaorial professors at among thoae who prefer to gather their own diurnal crops ? The barbers gay tnat a pot of it laata twice aa long at the tarn luantityof anyother aapuiiauiout preparation-.while thoae who save ihrir tiapeueea declare that with the Verbena Cream a dull ra-or will iiuiire a smoother face lhan moat ol tbe old oupi miii a aha p ?tiel; besdes it is fragrant to the acuta, aofteiuig o tiir akin, a great deatroyer of freckles, pimples. Ike ; and what is better than all, in these hard timet it is told almost lor a song. Wholesale aud retail,by CHAKLK8 H. RING, (23 lm*rh Druggist, 192 Broad w iy, corner John at. MOURNING COLLARS AT WHOLESALE. TH E beit to be found in the eity, at W. T. Sinclair's 44R i. sun I street. Southern Mid country dealer* will find it to their advantage to cell before they purchaa*. fIS Itn'r CYRUS W. KiELD It CO., No. 9 Burling alip, offer lor ale a large asaoitmeut of Priuliug, Writing, VV relying, Hardware, Envelope, Hanging, and coloied Paper. Paper of any size orquali'y made to order. The bigheat market pricea paid in eaah for raga, bagging, bele rope cnttinga, gnuny bagging, gTaaa rope.canTaas, and all other kind* of Paper Manufacturer'* slock, by GYRUS W i'lKLD It GO, fid lm*re No. 9 Burling alip, N. Y 5AAA DOZEN PATENT SHIRREO 8U8PEN jUv/UUEKS. embracing oyer twenty attlea and prices, varying ftom below S3 to $20 per dozen, for aale to jobber* and eipoitera, and at retail, by the only manufacturer of the fabric iu the United State*, and exclusive o?ner of all the patents for procesaea iu the manufacture of these good* H H. DAY. f2i I in rrc 23 Couril and t afreet CHERRY PECTORAL. THIS elegant and surpassingly excellent remedy for colds, coughs, consumption and all affections of the throat and lungs. Sold in New York by Hoadley, Phelps it Co., 142 Wafer st; RushtonkCo, Br >adway ; Henry Jrhaaon, Apothecary, corner Chambers street and Broadway; J Milhau, 1(3 Broadway: J. It A. Meskim, 51' Broadway, and drnggiala throughout the United State* aud Canada*. The formula of th1* preparation haa been pnbliahed in the public medical journals, and haa receieed the highest commrndatiou of sereaal medical colleges and school* in the United States, a* well as the distinguished medical authorities of Baltash America 124 lm*rh TO DENTISTS. 'HHE subscriber has just received n cement (without userA cury,) for filling teeth, invented and recently improved by one of the first Surgical Dentists in the world It ia believed to be the beat article of the kird ever offered to the profession. For sale at th* Dental Depot of JOSEPH T. MURPHEY, 55fi Broadway Order* by mail, accompanying $1, can have a jaraentlby return expreaa. 123 Im'rn NOTICE. THE copartnership heretofore eiisting between the undemigued, nuder the firm of Baowrr It Baooaa, is this day diaaolved by mntnal conaent The outstanding debts ol the firm will be settled by Mr Brooks, to whom all debt* due tl e concern must be paid, and in the settlement of winch he is authorized to use the name of the firm. H. BROWER. SAMUEL BROOKS. New Yosfc. Jan. 3fi. 1*47 jafi lis'c BEEBE & CUSTAR, HATTERS, 186 BROADWAY. NEtV KOJIJf. WILL introduce Spring Fashion for Uentlem'n'a Hats, March(.1(47. ftt I0t?r PRUNING GRAPE VJNES, FRUIT TREES AND SHRUBBERY. JOHN ANDERSON, Practical Hardener, haa a baa at the Seed Store of DUN LAI* & THOMSON, 618 B oadway, where he will call dailv daring the season, and axecute promptly all orders he may he favored with ftl lw r CODA WATER aND AI'PAKAf U?. J. Matthews, No 131 Third Avenue, N Y., manufacturer of all the modern apparatus used for ihe manufacture, drawing or bottling ot Soda Water. A lithographic plate, with printed directions for the making of Sou* Water rnd Svrnna. also fnrrheiinr tin( up of the apparatus and ill use 8tc'., will accompany e -n apparatus fehT In * m J EP P ERSON INSURANCE COMPANY OrriCE No. SO VVali. i'Jbkt, orruiiTt the Mikchamt'i Exchanoe. THIS Company continues to iu*are against lou or damage by Eire, on dwelling houses, warehouses, buildings in general, goods, wares and merchandise, And every description of peraoual property ; alio against loss or damage by inland navigation and transportation. D (HECTORS. Thomas W. Thorne, Klisha Hants, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baiter, R R. Robion^ M.D, Joseph Drake, Thomson Prioe, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, James E. Holmes, Johh R. Davisen, John P. More, John H. Lee, William K. Tnors, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Frances P. Safe, Eugene Bogart, Jobn C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. TIIORNE, President, lift). T. HOPE Secretary. s34 tfre SHIPPERS Of GRAIN. RAGS. GRAHAM BROTHERS, manufacturers and dealers in juads, Mo HO Water street, New York, CAN supply shippers of Grain with all kinds of Bags, in any quantity, at the lowest cash p. ices. The advantages of shippiug grain in bags are many, preventing weave in load ing and discharging, insurance is (ess when in this form, and in the ultnnnte, more economical than if shipped in bulk, jon 31 lmis* rh TISSUE PAPER. Inno REAMS White Tissue V/OO 1000 " assortedeolors. IJ00 " Pill It. 1600 " Green. 500 " Bine. 500 " Yellow. For tale in lots to snit purchasers by PERr-sk It BROOKS, R0 r No. 65 and 07 Nassau ?t. hltiuiu HAIR DYE. TM Q.^EtJlML?'The jimprovment of 1816?ALEXAN- 1 j.i ufcn'ii i n lUt'BArHK, which instnmiuieously colors the Hair ? mural Black or Brown, and gives it the beanty and elasticity of youth, and it warcntea neither to w nh or rub off, or toil the iltm. The proprietor, since its improve mrut, presents it to the public with the utno-t confidence as hivfeig uo equal, and as a perfect l)ye. Kor sale by Knshton k Co , Broadway ; J S Aspinwall, William timet; Johnson, Mo re St Tai lor, Maiden Lane ; and A B. It L) Hands, New York?and by the sole ngeuts for the I nitrd States. feM lm?re R k O A. WRIGHT. Philadelphia DAI.LEY'S PAIN EXTRACTOR Merchants and dhuouisth can obtain theit spring supplies of the only genome Pain Kttra'tor at our depot. Liberal terms are made with wholesale rer chasers and with agents. KresS certificates of its remarkabl j efficacy in Bnrns, Piles, Rheumatism, fce. kc., Inmithed gratis. Wanted immediately several travelling agents, with means, and well recommended. H. DAl,I?K.Y k CO , f 12 lni*re No. 708 Broadway. NOTlCfc. ri^Hjt co-partnership of Prune, Ward Ik King is tbia day J. dissolved bv mutual consent. The outstanding busmen et the lirm will be liquidated by the subscribers. JAMK9G KINO, EDWARD PRIME, HAMyEL WARD, , DEN NINO DUKK, AKCH'D ORACIK KINO. New York. January ?th 1847. The subscribers hare this d?v formed a eo-partnership, un der the lirui ot PRIME, WARD k CO., and will continue the Banking, Stock mid Exchange Business, at the office ol the late linn, No. 61 Wall street. JOHN WAIID, of the firm of John Ward k Co. KDWAHI) PRIME, (of the late lirm of Prime, SAMUEL WARD. { WardkKiog. New York, January 25th. HU7 ttt linis?re MkU.MATIrt.M, Pal.NH AND Sl'll-KNESa (>K f'HE JOINTS, SCROFULA. DISEASES OK THE SKIN, kc. kc ?Kino's < oMroijivriSvapp of Hvdriodate of Potasss Sartapahlla, and Yellow Dock.?This inedir.iual remedy r published for the sole heuetit of those suffering from rheumi tism, pains and stiffness ol the joints, swelling of the muses lar substances near them, ernptious of the skiu, and dit*asei a'Lung fiom an impure state of the blood, kc, From nana /itW experiments, under the direction and supervision of the recommendation. bird many have pronounced it the betl pos ible co nbtnation of remedies for the above named diseasei. It it prepared from the purest articles, and it warranted ti (ire satisfaction. It thiut, purifies and quickens tha circuit! tion ; allavt irritation, and leaves every part ol the animal economy in a perfect ajate of health. I he great and increasing demand for an article of this kind h<t induced the proprietor to bring it before the public, t'>at all may have the benefit of it.and know that there is a remedy lor these most distressing complaints. It is rrcommen ted in loll coiiiidetice, and needs but a tnal to conviuce the most incredulous or its surprising properties. I'repuredand sold by CHAKLK8 If. HI NO, Druggist, ?, _ ? . 192 Broadway, cor. Johns; N. B. Be sure to observe the written sign-lure of C. H Kimi nvr the en'k ol each hnttl# ja2? liner Lba-ONi> l5l UKAWlNU, kttT" MOM'S. II. LAEDKRICfl, lately from Paris, wishes to employ tomo vm hu iime m kivid^ lesions in drawing arH wver color paining (aquarelle ) Having been a pupil of the eel, brated Pedoute, and pnsseating fully t'-e maimer of that great master, he recommends himself eapeci lly to the I-dies wishing to acquite the ac complishmrnt ol drawing and painting (lowers, as we'I at to , the gentleman and boarding schools in and around New York, f>r all the other branches of his ait [ ttr.rvnr.vcr.e- Rev. A vetren, llev. T. R Pchrosder, D f) , L O Dc Lure, Esq FA Limits, k ?n , Messrs Ttilot tl he Bi.rhier, ( nll. mh V Iselin Hrhrage It Koop. Applications for terms may ha made at the Hrv. A. Ver ten's. >9 Kankl in street, and at M Mew street. fl7nodtm*'C CJ Si I IW si | 1(1 LEND ou lioud and motUagr, in JjtJgr.Vrvfs/ iinr.i to suit applicants, on good prodnetivereal estate in this eitv. kpply to 19 H BKOAD, No. II Wall street, in (he Croton water office basement, who has a house and lot fr r sale, situated on tlh street, opposite Washi melon Hqusrr. N. B. 8e< eral small snms of money to lend, on Brooklyn real estate. Apply at abave JWeod2m*r Orrtcr. or the New York h ihk Its. Compart,) Ns.w Yona, Krb. 10. 1847 } DIVIDEND.?The board of direetors have thia day de elared a ilividsnd of fonr per cent (payable tothesloeklio'de a. on and after the 15th last . at the office of the enmpa ny Mo 7? Wall street The transfer booka will be eloaed , until the tVh inst. By order, 'II Is n HNDKHIIII.I, Beeretnrv s) ( W ) i ITHKNt M DAUUK&tlfcUTYrE PL ATM, *}* hast quality,for sale very low, to close a con Itiinset, at 51 Maiden Lane. ?. UERBOM It CO. I?aw?r PO *T OKk'I'E. ) T?_ _ . Nbw Y?bb, Keb. 36 1M7. > HE Steamer CAMBRIA will leave B eton on Monday, the lit March Her tnaila will elite* at the dffice ou -atutday ilie 77th imt , at Vi P M Pontage on all le ten m'lat be j>rei>eirl to Boalou. Lrt'era of half an ouuce 01 under, i ceuu.and each additional h- If ounce 5 ceuta. HUBERT H MOHH19, P.M. An Extra Mail will be made up *t tine other for the above Steamer to go by Expreaa over the Long lelaud Railroad, on Sunday, the 38Ui iaat. Office opeu I rum 9 to 10 A M, and from 11>, to IH P. M 126 It Ih NOTIi E I O THEM THAT WANT THEIR VI ?K8 PRUNED ? Aa thia ,a the eeaiou lor pruuiug, befoie the aap geta into the vine, when they are pruned alter, thia aeatoo, they are apt to droop and make the viuee ol a email growth, and Itkewiae take the rancer oat of the rcota of the vtaea and fruit treea ol all kioda R. 81 KWART, Gardener. 147 Chryatie atreet. Where ordera will be attended to. 177 li'rc UUV1B A>D BOARD WANTED?The auvirlierr wtahea a parlor >u the aeroud lloor, with bedro on or pmtry, or both attached furniahed or uufarntihed. below Wa'ker atreet, ou the weat aide of the town, together Willi boird for himaell wife and three children. N B.?Trrina muat be rearooable A ddreaa " Jnnee." at the office of th'e paper. 177 3t*rc <&() \ RE W ARU?Loal, ou Thuraday afternoon, betweru yj Ann atrert and Hauover Square, a bundle of inuuey, I HKiatl y country bnnka) of the denomination of 2(1'a. 10 a 1 a. and 115 in amall Inlla ALa, t,, ? * d* la-?..?? Bank, payment stopped. The finder will receive the above reward aut. the thanks of the liner by tearing it at 9> Cedar tree', betwten the hunra of 10 aud 12 o'clock A. M. 127 2t?r ftX T I'OM for large Nut, uuder cover, the aubacribera have reduced tne price of their beat reach Orchard Med A?h Coal, aa follow#?Urate $6: Egg and bituve SG 25; and Nut S5 75. There it no pea o- Chesuut iu the Nut, nor any Nut hipped with the Stove. Letiign CoaU at the aame price ; all delivered free of cartage. THOMAS H. DULAN, gOtMulberrv at and 263 weal 13th at, between aveuuea 9th anil 10th. 127 3w?ic NEW PAPER HANUINOS k WINDOW SHADES Nicolai Pikk k Co., No 173 Pearl street, INlPOKTKttS and inauufecturera, have juat opeued a very extensive aupplv of every style aud quality of Americnn and branch Paper Haugiuga, Bordera, Kireboard Printa, and wide Window ' urtain paper. Alan, a apleudid aaiurtment of Painted Wiudow Sh idea, and fixtu ea for the a ?ine, which they offer to merchinta, dealer#, aud oit'era at the very loweat price#. 127 1m*rc HOLMES K1TUMSN RANGES. THE proprietor haa been engaged iu manufacturing and aelliog Kitchen haugea for ttie paat II ye ra. and feela warranted to eogage that for private farailiea aud boarding houaea that there la no range in uae at preaeut will auawer n better purpoae, and if not it will be removed free of any expeuae t the purch ixer. Numeroua relerei.ce# cau be.giveu to any person wisluog to purchase I'ricea range from (25 to $45. Orates of the newest patterns for parlours, bed rooma and office# lltugeaand (tra'e# #et. and all descriptions of fire worka built nt heahorte#) uoticr. Smoking Chimurya cured nnd warranted if not cured no chaige i# innile. ' A. UILHOOI.Y k SON, Proprietor# aud manufacturer#, 78 Naaaau atreet. fe27 lm*r REMOVAL,.?A C. BaKKk. wig maker and artiatt in ha' r. haa removed to 137 Broadway, a low door# ah ve ity hotel 127 3t*dfc C H It 1 s T 1 E 3 GALVANIC AND MAGNETIC CURATIVES. IN all caac# of Kheuinati m and Nervona Complaint# the efficacy of these artic ca ia tiulr wonderluf, complete curra olten being aecoinpliahed when erery other mean# have failed. Several phyaiciana now recommend them in their practice, and the o diuary prejudice which la geuerally attached to article# of ne kind ia rapidly disappearing tvlany of our most re#paciable citizens have uaed them Willi perlect uccesa, particularly in cases of gout, t.c doloreux, paralysis, apupleay, neuralgia, nervous treuiora, palpitation#, fit#, and ihe long train of nervous disorders A great ad van age iu these aitirles is the eutire satetv aud convenience attending them. To a#y the least, the matter ia well worthy of attention, and the proprietor trusts that all mtrreated will look at it with the candor it dcierrea. Only agency in New Y< ik, 182 Broadway, between John street and Maiden line. Beware ol' spurious and worthless imitations. Christie's new wotk on Galvanism, kc., may be had gratis. 127 lw*r IMPROVED MAGNETIC MACHINES. MOOKEHEAD'3 GRADUATED MAGNETIC MACHINE. r|',HI3 instrument it an important improvement over all m. oiner tiorma ol mauutactnre, end he* been adopted by the medical profession generally, a> the moit effec.ual machine in me. It i* |ierfectlr simple in conntruction, nud therefore not liable to net out of order, as ie the caae with nimilar in strumeuts. It admits of perfect- control,and can be gradnatet to any power adapted lor any infant, or sufficient for the strougest adult, at the pleasure of the operator. The ling uettc force is imparted iu a continuous manner, and will n< unpleasant sensation to the most delicate patient. It rsi|nirei no asaiataut in its use, and is, in every respect, perlectl] harmless. Each machine is compactly arranged, with the battery and all ueceasary appliances, put up in ueat rosewood cases. Ac compunying each are full directions regarding its use and ap plication. CL7~ Owing to the facilities possessed by the subscriber the Graduated Mgnetic Machines are sold at prices eqna'l; low as those tharged lor inferior articles. They can be readi I)' sent to any part of the couutry. e Price of the machines $9 *12. and $M each, according tc size and iuish; end each instrument is warran'ed. Many of the cures perl* rmed by this machine are trail wonderful, some of them in diseases of the most tedious nud painful character kuowu to the medical profeaaion. In all neivoua complaints the effects are almost magical. Physicians ?nd olhera are cautioned agaiual purch rakng the imiiaiioua of theae machiura,under whatever name, as they will be found of little or no valne. Manufactured and for sale, wholesale and retail, by D C.MOOKHEAD. f27 lm*r IU2 Bnadwav. New York. RELIEF FOR IRELAND. IMIE undersigned deeply impreesed with the absolute neX cestity of immediate personal exertion on behalf of the tarviug mllious of our fellow creatnres in Ireland, and be lievmg there are many humane peraous ready to contribute their mite to aid a lamiahing ualion, offers free of all eipeute the nae of oue of hia warehonaes, No. II Broadway, to committee! or indivtdnala. aaa depot where may be deposited mull a government or other vessel is despatched. Floor, Meal, fork. Clothing or any article suitable to this tryiug crisis. Hemember 11 'twere done then 'tw ere well, It weradone quickly. All packages innst be carefully put op, and labelled "Belief fur Ireland " A clerk will be u attendance to give rt ceipts for the same, felilwr JOSEPH NAYLOK. WIGS AND TOUPEES. BATCHKLOH'A new iuvented WIGS and TOUPEE* are the most perfect specimens of the ait of wig making yet offered to the public?they are so admirably adapted to the peculiar style of each ludiv idutl, so light in their eous ru tion, and satnral in appearance, as to defy detection. A large and well selected stock always on haud, at the only manufacturers, Win. Batcheior, 2 Wall street,near Broadway Copy the address. i>24lm*rh MASSAPEQUA HOUSE, SOUTH OYSTER HAY, I.ONQ ISLAND rr*llE subscriber takes this method to inform hie Irtendi X and the public, that he nas talieu theabove house, which will be open for the reception of visiters on the lirst day ol March cezt, and b >at? will be in readiuess far trnutiug. C. E. MNKDKCGH, Proprietor, f 24 lw*rh late of the Oyster Hay House. NUlkJE. WANTED to tell ont, a fashionable Millinery eetablish. men, where the lirst class of business can be dune The object in selling out n that the preseut proprietor wishes to relinquish business. For further particulars enquire of Misi C. HENIIION, 2IJ1 Broadway, up stairs, granite buildings. fe23 Iw'rh MONEY LENT. THE Highest prieei advanced iu large and small sums 01 gold and silver watches, diamonds, plate, Jewelry, dri goods, furniture. clothing, and every description persona property. JOHN M. DA VIES, Liceused pawnbroker, 23: William street, near Dnane. Persona received in privali offices hv ringing ; lie bell. II) 2w?rc ST. DAVID'S DAY THKHT. DAViD'SBENEVOLKNTSOUKTY of.Nev York and Brooklyn will hold its Anniversary Kestival m the 1st day of March neit, at the Apollo Saloon, No. 41 Broadway. Dinnerat hall-past S o'clock. Tickets to be hai ol' either of the following Stewards 1? Mr. JOHN KVANH. No. 93 Bowery. Mr. K. B. MOHMAN. No '12 Kast Broadway. Mr. HOST ROBERTS, No.57 Uowoiug at. Mr. J. V. J ON KM, No. ir.9 Bowery. Mr. r. W. ROBERTS. No US Water st. I). (J. COLDKN, rre*ident. T. I. Jomss, Corresponding Secretary f26 3t*rc ? 94ft REWARD. LOST?On Tuesday, 23d Kebrnary, cn board ships Kos cms or Garrirk, or in tlia vicinity of Orleans wharf foot of Wall st set, a gold watch and ganrd chain? salt watch made hv L'thsrland. Davis (t Co., Liverpool, num bered 10.631 'J he finder will receive the above reward, by returning (he same to fM JOHN COLLINS, Jr.. 38 South st. VOR LIVERPOOL-Packet ship OAKKHK wnWW will sail on Wednesday, 3d 12 o'clock, M q?mMbLetter Bags will close at halt p*.st II o'clock Koi freight or pasiage apply on bosrd, st Orleans Wharf, foot ol Wall street, or to K. K COLLINS, 36 South s'reet. The p'eket ship ROB IUB, Capt. Kldrtdge, will sI ai the packet of 2lit March. f28 r map NOTICE.?ALL PERSONS are forbid trustinf fjfjwV or harboring any of llie crew of the British lurk jKuUbsK A M K, as no debu of their contracting will be paid by either the or Consignees. I 28 3t?rrc me' KOR GLAeOOW.?The New I ine? hegulai ydfjs^y Packet?1st of A |>ril?The fine fist sail nig Br. hirk MhKsAII.UI t AUK. 400 tons, Captain John Wright will sail as above, her egular day. Kor freight or passage, having excellent accomm dations apply < ii board, foot of Roosevelt street. Kast River, or to WOoDHCLl * MInTIJRN, at emuth sa The AI Br hark ANN IIARLKY Captain Robert Scott will surretd the Adain Carr, and sail on her regular day, ih< 13th April. Ml ( ONSIGNKKm | er Bnk Adam Carr frogs Glai JWk gow, will please seud their perm i's immediately or gJaMUatioard. All goods not permuted in five days hi us be ?ent to (be i nhlic stoie. Rfeaf WOODHUI L He MINTURW, 87 South st. btttr PA' KET SHIP GAKHICK, KOR I.IVKH POOL?Panengera by this ship will please be on MMMSaheard, st Orleans w half, foot of Wall street, K K in .Monday. 1st Varch, at 12 o'clock, A. M , at which tunc the ship will sail f27 3t rc sAe- Packet sh'p ONI1 IDA from Havre?l.onsigneei kffjWV fr' this vessel will p's-aae rend their permits oi JSMMnwbna-d at Pier No 4 North river All goods nni permitted in ftv s days must unavoidably be sant to the pub lie store fe 71 3t rrc td^ KOR I.IV? KPOOL? Packet ship OAKHICK tAfftlV will sail Mond ty. 1st March, at 12 o'clock. JMoKb Letter Brgs will he closed at IIW o'clock. r passage spifv on beard. at Orleans wharf foor of Wsl atreel.orto K K COI.LINH .'jS Botitn ?t. T he ROACH'S, Capt. Kldridge, will aai! aa the packet o idi-A- FOR HAVRE?Picket of let Maicu ?'I he ahii UAL'l I.VidKK. Capt. Johnaton will be detamei VwmOtmm until the Sth March. For (rtight or paaange appl) W BOYI> fc HlNCKEN. A gem .,00 VTall .t a il UIUL FOOL KAL>< ?1\ lieigot barge ul abi<0 HJaV M? ton? hnrilieu and very light nr?l't ol waier.V |i|v , I <9 M'ar| ?l .ret hair'..flit nlTice (K In kdA b t.' >t OL4AGU W?iieguUr pa-he' of I he ISth o March? I he fit e ne v Br packet ihip H KOUK *BY WBBfc 'tOO t na, Capt. Hi gh McKwcn, will aail ai above her regular day. *"! ' freight I>r paaaage, having aplendid accommodation! apply on b iaid, at foot of Hooaevelt atreet, F. H . or to _. WOODHlfLLk MINI UKN, g7 kouthat I n? 'egtiUr packet hark AO AM CAR K, <00 mm. t :?ptait d<v W i? Arnl'' Brookaby, and aail t n her re^ula -BAIL ''J"*, "^ASHCJW?The New Line 'ttgula The fine faataailing Br bail MKHyNDhf OHD.OOO tone,Capt. Thomaa MeAlpine L' * L" ?a above, her regular day. h'.Ij'c ?r l'?a<age, having good accommodation!, appl] o;i hoard, foot of Hoa.velt at..Vaat River, or to " f>"DHULI. ?i MINI I; UN 17 loath ?t il H ' J '/ JfOOKSBV, tapi Hugh Mck.wea. will ?uercai the Hyndeford.aiid tail on her rrgiiTar day, the ISth March, (el rc I FOR HA I E. *1 A PAIR C AN ADIAN 3 minute Poniea, toeether s a lint rite (ru tow Buggy, Harneea, Blaakela. i r 1 S* 3rc "" Will lir >1)1(1 low. The) will J be i>>> tnc 3rd avenue tin* alieruo u, about 2 o'clock. Auy | |wr on wauip g h pair of tiaudunne pouita will do wrll aud ?ee tln-m Prrama w tailing lo are tlirio Una miming | will tiud them at ilie Manama iiouae, Hickv at aet Brooklyn | _( 27 3t- r \ FIVE I HI LEA K S it EW Alio. ML iH |'-Uii Wtdiudiy, 24th luat aainall white J Eugliah Terrier Hlut, haa a yellow apot orer one ' eye; auawera to the anna of"Veuau. Auy pera"Ui tuning hrr to 67 Liberty alrett. up ataira, will rrceire the aborc reward Ic26 li?r J'. QUICK SOLES AND SMALL PROFli'S IS OUR e I MOTTO?Kiue Boota at $3 Ml, citr made, and are , equal to thoae usuiliy aold flT $6. Vin- French calf rdreaa Boot* at $110, equal to the beat aold in the city cut leather Boota, Shoee. Gaitera ud Snppera, ou haud and made to order on atiort uotice All gonda warranted lo tut antiaficliou. Mending lie., doue iu the alore. YOUNG it JONES, 4 Ana afreet, (23 1 in?ec Near the Muecum. TO LET 1 MANI) KOR SALE, at Stafu laland?Several Co:tagea and lluuaea, with ganlena, pleaaure and pan ore laiida. aituited in Touipkiuaei le . ud Stapleton?aoine ; near aud ? one a little dia'auee ftoin the 'erry. Alao. a g od Hotel to l.-l. The reuti are from sitty to live handled dollara i per anuuin. Apply to P WOI.FES, Wolfea' Hotel, Tompkiuaeil'e. I UT/" Immediate poaaeaaion can be giren of aome of the | liouaea?rent to commcuce let May ueit. 127 lw*rc FOR SALE CIItAF, Jtak la RURAL LIKE, fronting the beautiful llaritan . IrTjW Bay,cmnn audiug a full aud ru ire view from the High- I XeilLlauda of Neveiauik to the Nartowa. Large aud amall j farina, unproved and unimproved property, ao that the pur- ^ chaatri can at all timea auit their fine/ iu a aelection of pro | rsso, f, urteeu valuable building lota, at Weat Bloomfield, 1 Pomptnn, adjoining the Metliodiat Church paraonage, aud op- , poaite the New Epiaeopel Church. 1'erma eaay Peraoiia , deairoua of retiring from the city to a healthy location any- t where aloug the allure, rau obtaiu all i .formation deaired, by . let er poet, to W G H A Y NKs, Kej port, Monmouth conuty, New Jeraey. 136 lm*rc TO LET! I A amall Store Loll, at 39 Peck Slip. ______ 126 Iwfh l i Jg|W NEW S I'OME iu Liberty atreet.ue ir Broadway.?'To ' Let ?A Brat claaa 4 a'.ory itnre, brown atone front, 21 ' ^illLby 84, and with all inodeiii iiiipr. vrmei ta, to be erect- ' : ed aud ready for occupancy on the I.' of Auguat next For 1 tcr""- "I'Ply 64 Liberty atreet, up il-oa 121 lw*rc ' FUR HA EE?BlU JOKEYN? $4,000 j Jki The lot and three-atnrv Imek ll<>n?e, on the aouth{TTjW wait corner of Hicka ami hacbrt a>reeta. The lot ia JUilatweuty-threa feet in liont ami rear, by one hundred l deep. The nouae waa built during tli- |a?t year, haa marble ; mautrla tliroughuu'. plaied'nriiiiuir a ,un cellar, iron por tico iu front, aud back piatx<? e..<-l?., l with glaaa. It ia wiiliiu three miuutea'walv of Ma -..It ? avenue ferry and the At'autic 13 >ck. ami :i?"te . n.n u . ? li ,m the South ferry, 1 in a rapidly improving ueigntM>ri?io I Alao lor aale. the Home anJ L#nl adjoining,of name deicription. Apply to h.' IAS G. BROWN, At Sloaaon It Schell'a Office, 20 Naaaau atreet. f23 2w*rre FOR HALE. ' MTI1K Haute and lot of ground No. 64 Oliver atree . Lot 26 by 100 feet, houae 23 br 43. an allay adjoiuiog I For particula-a, apply on the premiaea. I23 2w*rh I ' 'Pi , i L"l* i k U I . 1 I. w 1JU 1 V/ IV ULiAOCi. TIIK three Tint clua dwelling houaet Noi. 14, 19, and P-W 23 St Marki I'lace. JeaUL The ti e proof atore No. 109 Water it, near the corner ol Wall at. The five atory fire proof atore No. 2 Liberty it, near the in teraectiou of Maideu Laue. The a'ore an I cellar No. 27 Cedar at, a few doon below William at. Apply to P. HANFOKD, JB 2w*rh No. II Wall at. 2d atory. ' FOR SALh Ult TO LET, ONE or both ol the hnndaome two atory brick houaea and lota. Noa. 1(7and 487 Broome atreet, near Broad JUULway. A atable la attached to No. 467, which will be l?t with or without the houie. The honaea are in good order. The location ia extremely deairable. Apply to WM.Ik JNO O'BKIEN, 33 Wall atreet. !T?-?15.0?0 to loan on bond tind mortgage, in anrna to auit. Ie2l tf ewh hOR SAI.E, 1 JM AT PRIVATE SALE?Trie property known aa No. 1 JvTjW 186 Mulberry atreet, near Brooin? atreet. Lot 32 by 100 1 JialLfeet. A two atory brick front houae ou the front of lot 1 ?a dBall two atory frame houae ou the aide of lot, with a : large work aliop in the rear. 32 by 26 feet, with a cellar 11 feet 1 deep in theaauie. Half ol the purchaae money can remain on ' bond and mortgage, at 7 per centeEaquire on the premiaea. 118 lm?rc MASSAPEOUA HOUSE. MTI1K KEEl'EK of the above houae, haying retired Irnrn the bnaineaa, the hooae will be let on moderate termi for one or a number of yean, com. meucinu on the firal of March next Tine eatabliahment be w? ao v i-ll knowu.aa alao llie celebrated tront pond ad joining, it ia needleaa to aay more. For particulari apply , to the aubacriber, near the Premiaea. ' N. U. The above eetablianment would be rented very low to a party of gentlemen. ; THOMAS FLOYD JONES. ? South OvitkhBav, L. I. fl3 to mar I*rre r ~ " FOR SALE. I JgA One of the moat beautiful and deairable reaideneea I PjW 10 the State of Connecticut, ntuaied in the city of Xai&NorwIch, corner of Waahiugton and Yantic atreeta, now owuad and occupied by Mri. K. Kip. and formerly the reaideuce o' Win C. (film in, Kin., by whom the houae wai built, and the grounda laid out. 1 here are about five aerra of land, covered with elegant ahade treea and ahrubbery, with varieiiea of fruit treea, gooaeberriei, curranta, raapberriea, mawboitiee, ftc i The acenery Irom the groenda ia beautiful and pictnreaque, equal to any in the State. The hunae ia very convenient, with two wella of excellent and never failing water on the i premiaea, and the place combinea every thing to make it one i of the moat delightful reaideneea in New England, and of- I fen a rare opportunity to any gentleman wiahieg a beautiful country aent. Kor tenna and further particular!,apply to Chartea Addoma, Eaq., No. 29 (Jranite Building, corner Broadway and Chamber! atreet, or to the aubacaihcr ou the premiaea. W. C. WHITRIDOE. Norwich, Feb 10. 1947. fl2 lm*rc | FOR SALE. MA THKEE STORY HOUSE on 23d atreet, between lhe2ndaud 3d Aveouea. It ia well fluiahed, and replete with the lateat improvemeuta, including kitchen range, aink, cold and warm ba ha, water cloaeta, 9tc.. Italian marble mantles throughout the home ; * rourt yard of fllteen 1 feet in front,with verandah and French windows. The heuse I is one of a row of six nouses on the south side ol the street. I For lurther particular* apply to VY8K It SONS, H lin*r 172 Pearl street. ; FOR SALE, jal A FAKM of fifty two acres, most delightfully siffrTW tualrd, about five miles from Klizabethtown, N. J., rtsing a handsome commodious dwelling house, fitieo with marble mautles, nud every convenience for a re- ; spectable family ; the whole including gardener's house, b irus, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial state or i repair; the orchard contains twenty acies of choice fruit i tree'. r The easy access Iroui New York, either by the various cars from Jersey 1'ity or the lerry to Flizabethport, whence a railroad train runs within a huudred yards of the house, renders this prepertr very valuable to those doing business in this city The greater part of ihe purchase money can 1 remain for three years on bond and mortgage, at live per cent. I VY8K St SONS, 172 Pearl street. Also, for sale, a dwelling house No. 321 Washington street. f4 lm'r ' RATH HUN'S HOTEL, 161, 163, 165 tf 167 Broadway, New York. I ' This new and magnificent establishment, recently fffjw opened as a Pnblic Hotel, is fitted up in modern style, i ,?aJgLw>th the latest improvements, and is ol sufficient ca- ' , pacify to accommodate 200 persons. | Ursines a very spacious Dining Hall, it contains an uuusnI al n imber of pleasaut Parlors, with large well ventilated ' a Bedr onis, all splendidly furnished with entirely new furniture i'.ie location is very desirable and convenient, both for ' nusite- - and pleasure, being between Courtlandt and Liberty , streets , The t roprietor ol this establishment intends to make it I 0 one ol ti e most comfortable, pleassnt. and business like j places in ' needy of New York, and as yams or expense will ! spared i this parts n meet the wants of his guests?thereby hoping rsh.ire liberally in the public patronage, while he j remains tne | ublic's humble servant, B. RATHBUN. i j27 lm*rc [ wyjt H'f'lt aALK or to Ls.Ahc.. a large and handsome 1 WTta FAllM, situated at Far Hocsaway, L I., containing mSm*. 2b < acres of Land, suitably divided into .tillable, wood I and mead w land. It is of easy access to New York, both j by l.iud and water. Also, a large House, suitable aa a Board- | ing House, with fonr acres oftillabla land, new Barn and I other out buildings, all enclosed by a good board and paling t fence. I't'ly "> Kami. H B. .Norton, eu the premtaea, or at the ' office of John II Power, No 129 Fulton at I2>lw*r ^ i*TATKN ISLAND < UTTAtJES T.? LKT UK fffW LEA*K.?-Three CoKagea actuated on Castletou jLjJLHriKhti near < ?|>o di Monte Huten, aurrnundeil byline foreat treea, and commanding an unanrpaiaed Ttewr of tnet.ity.the Bay audita iilanda, and the ocean, while ' the acccsa ta anay. the diatance to eat h ferry being leaa than ' a mile. They contain aa I'ollowi: Bagatelle?A parlor, dim 'g room, and 3 bedrooma. 1 Orow'a Neat?A parlor,dining room, library, 4 hedrorma, I and 3 aervanta'n orna?attached, carriage houae with arable E fori horaea. Oak Land?2 rarlnra, large din nig room, 12 brdootna, bath i i room, and 4 aervauta' rooma?attached, carnage honae, with I atnlde for 5 horaea. Theae Cottaeea enjov ill corntni n the line of 17 acrea of | beautif il woodland, cncloaed, and in the midat of winch tiny . ' are erecrd. 1 Apply to Madame Orymea, nt her reaidenee. Capo di Monte. Alan, t'apo di Monte, the heant fal manaion now the real' deuce ol >| dame Orymea. too well known In rer|aire a do- I acriptiun The ga-den la large and well atnekrd with fruit, and 28 acrea of woodland, laid out in walka; an ice home j filled; a g ndener'a houae and carriage honae, with a tabling for ! aia horaaa, a-e attached. To a good the houae will be rented or leaned, fully j furtirghed. Ie2t lmeod*re | UK TO LKT. j kd A firat-claaa. modern-built, three-atory and attic dwel- i (!?! ling houae, No 24t Fourth atreet. Waahington arjuare, . J',JJL*!id commanding a fine yiew of the 5th avenue The hoiue waa built, in the mo?t auhataniial manner, and fiuiahed I 111 rIn- beat Myle, Willi ae id polnhrd inah .ganv doors and I plated furniture, m.rble mautela throughout the houae la I I heated with a hot air furnace, and haa Crnton witer intro- i duccd in the kitchen,where rcen |ea new itebe'a range waa , put up. The lot la 25 by 1211 feet deep the prcmiaea nre in . complete condition, and praaeaaion to be given op lat of May , neat Two-thirda of the pnrchaae money may remain on , houd and mortgage, if deaired. For terma apply to 50 Egchange Place, np atnlra. 113 4w1taw?rc NA TURAL MUs?it . Tt?a. HTILL greater attraction at ARCHY'B, No. J John I ifm* atreet ?A li. haa jnat received by the laatpacketa 1 I "^Kjjfrom Europe, a conaidrrahle additior to hiralreaity i VUU. moat eitenaiva atock of Kinging and Fancy Ui.da ? 1 AmOugal the following will be found 580 of Ike moat choice I | description of Long Breed e?J Dutch C-nariea, mated and I prepared to lie pnt op for hitching Bird f.'agea, Bird Secdi, and all other things peitaining to the abuye, will at all timet [ J be foond at Archy'a, i Jidin at. 1 N H ? Shetland Pomes, Kiiik (Jh.nlea Spaniels. Italian ' Orei hounds. and other fancT dogs constant I v on hr.nd I' 8 ?A i early impeetion is requested, at this it wilhont doubt the bet?' I en ton he hat ever offered jW> itnrc ' tiOOHb KAM'S OVK?*lfUKB, loe iiRiTaDWaV. Ai LMJIK.H' A">U OK.NTLKMKN'ti OVK.R' ^gfPBVHHOKM. tnannfaciured of Oondyrar't celebrated f I'ne- ( iVTetallic India Robber, perfectly Betthlaio the cold- \ eat weather. Kor ta.a by the case or single p ir, bv HAMUKL BROOKS. Bole Agent for Ooodrear'a .ilaiiiifactoriet, , n lm*rh Ibb Broadway, opposite 'rrwity t'hnreh. COAL. , < I ?TI M. continue in tell the best quality o I 1'rd Ash f>a? r I at these prices for eush Urnliaii, eirg, an enure, $6 a# ; large nnt, $ti 00; screened and deliyrred in good order, from me r?fJ, corner of Kie? and Orecnwicn streets. S" cents ' will he allowed to those who wish to send their own carts I |>11m?re PKTKR I.IJNTON I SUSpiNUttftfe KOK EXPORT. r T1 Mil KB thousand doien Patent corrugated Suspenders. 1 adapted to ihe Vletiean and Konth Aine-iran, as at .1- mettle trade, and warranted to stand unaffected by any 1 c'.iOate hot sale by the manalaeturer and owner ol tho 1 a (.ants dNInr HORACK H. UA*. W CoviUidt Kftet. AHI'MKIIIK**? t?. I PAKK THEAI'KE?Monday Keening, Mach Im, 1847, the pefbrrn-ncea will be commenced with the FAS UKb i l'Lk U*H by 42 U'Wru ii Vic noiaea .* fier which lb* cotnedy of THK LOST LETTKK?Mr ! Inu, Mr Sue; Vi'iguiia, Mt? Abbott To be followed by the Pea Hougroia, by 24 Danaeuaea /eonuoiftta. Af er which. UHIUT TO THE M1LL-Mar<iuia de Rtche'ilia, Mr O Barrett , ... To couclude with ihe Paa OrteuUl, by 48 Vteuooiaaa Daneuaea. , ... Uoora open at h If-paat 6 o'clock ; performance will cotnacuce at 7 o'clock. ... _ ? ? Pitcea of Amiaaton?Boaea $1 ; Pit. M ceata; Oallery ii euta. _ BOWtKY TMEATM E Monday Eeetuua, March la', will be preaented the Drauia of ETHAN ALLEN? itlmi Alleu, Mr Bterena. Lady Bt Leon, Mra Jord'U I'revtoea to the Drauii, PAUL PHY?Paul Pry, Mr Hada?ay; Klisa, Miaa Drake. Ureaa Circle t'j ceuta; Pit nnd Oallery I'X ceata Dixira noon at 6t? o'clork. Performance comtnencea at 7. Nc. t? i vnn ui mia nwi. nr.? .viouuay r.nuiiii.iniitii lit, will be peiform?d thi Karcr nl tin DU AH BELLE -Viviiu, Mr Arnold; Mill. Mr? Watts. To be loliowed by THP. REBEL CHIEK?Oeu Darvilie, Mr LaEowst: Noran O'U.unell, Mrs Wstcs. To conclnde withTHE DEVIL TO I'AA ?Sir John Loveule, Mr Tilt ui; Nell, Mrs Waits Dress Circle 60 cents; ttecoud Tier 2i ceins; Private Beiea 11. Balcouy Boxes S3; l'it oue shilling; Gallery lor Colored People 23 rents. Doors o|ien at ' 'u lain rises at 7 precisely. PALMO'S DI'KHA llul *iK, I haiubeis itrrrt - VI ronesday, March 3d; Thursday, sth; and k'ndsy, Jtli, will be jerforintd Verdi's new Opera, 1 LOMBaROI.?Ptgano, 4'g. Beneveuiauo; Arviuo, Sig. Patii; Viclinda, Bigra Bouard; (iisslda, Signs. Barili; Acctmo. Big. Martini: Solia, iigra. N. N ; Oroute, Sig. Beuedetti; 1'rior of uny ot Milan, Jig. Bcnetli; Pirro, big bauiimrico; herinit, Sig Ueuevcnauo Opera Books may be had at the Box Office. 1st tier Boxes ind Pamnette, $1; 2d do, 10 ceuts: Private Boxes for 0 periods, $12; do for t> persons, $10. Seats can be aecured at the St x Office from 10 A. M. till 4 P. M , daily. Psrlorinauce to lommeuce at 7)? o'clock; doors open at 7. CARD. THE MANAGERS of ilie Itilian Opera,sincerely legist lo be compelled to change the days of Performance lor his week only, on account of the sickness ol Big. Beuedetti, eho is getting better and wants a few days of real. Persoua who hare aecured sears for Monday, may hare the lame lor Weduesday, and those for Wedueaday can have the sine lor Thursd ly, or exchanged for other days, by apnlyiug it the Box Office. ?2$ r AMERICAN CMC US. BOWEItY AMPHITHEATRE. Reorganization of the Hegular Legitimate Troope. MONDAY EVENING, March 1, an.entire change of performance . including The Wisconsiu Giant, 7 feet high and Major Stevens, in the Legend of JACK THE UIANT hlLLKR. Mailer Macfarlaod, on the Tight Hope. Vlrs. 4 sullen, Meaara. Uarvev, Bacon, Messrs. Goasin and Mias Madtgaii, will appear in the circle. The Amphitheatre is pleasantly warmed throughout. Doors open at jkpaat 6. perlormauce commences at 7. Boxes 21 cents. Pit 12J<. Seats secured. 1*7 Iw re AMERICAN MUSEUM EVERY Day and Evening this week, commencing on Monday. March I. Kour Splendid Exhibitions anu Perlorinnnces Daily, in the moruiug si 11K,and in ihe afternoon it 3 o'clockJaud two in the evening, at 7 and 8X o'clock. (C7"No Kree List except the Pien.-gTl GENERAL TOM THUMB. The smallest Man in Miuiata e in the known wo-ld, weighug only Firrr.KN pounds, wh ? has beeu ptntiitd b? all the :sownn HEADS of Europe, and been teen by over 1 000.000 ie<s ns, liss returned to America, tu the steamship Cambria, ind made Ins GRAND DEBUT o the American public at his old h>ail quarters, the Amenran Museum, where he is to be seen every MOnNlNO KKOV1 11TO I O'CLOCK. >ii the platform, tu oue of the inaio halls of the Museum, iu lis extraoruinarv and popular performances, including his .'ITIZkn'i i>Hi:ts, in which he will relate Ina Histurv. Tra reli. Ike., slug a vaiietv of sougs. dance the Polka, Sailor's Hornpipe, give representations of rtaroLKorr, khkdlhick rmk iiiitt, iibkcisn irttuti, tlic. Itc. lie will also appear in his tnaguificent COURT DRESS, presented him by Queen Victoria, of Englsud, and worn belore all the principal Courts of Europe After which he will appear in his BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME, in which he will dance the hiuhmmd txmn, Sic. The ManmricKNT micsKnTS received from Queen Victoria and the principal Crowued Heads of Europe, will be exhibited. IN THE AFTERNOON, FROM 1 TO S O'CLOCK, and in thk EVENING AT 7. AND AUAIN AT a* O'CLOCK. The Little General will appear in various Costumes and PERFORMANCES ON THE STAGE, in the Lecture Room, in each of wliieh he will personate a bombastic MILITARY GENERAL ! Deeply iu love with t. fair damsel ; in a POPULAR BURLESQUE, which lias been received with rapturous spplause at all the principal Theatres and Saloous in Loudon and the Provincial Pawns of Great Britain In addition, other splendid performances will take plaee, including the exhibition of the splendid Balloon PANORAMIC PAINTiNG t?f LONDON, the most maguilicmt thing of the kind ever seen. Also eugnueo, those celebrated ETHIOPIAN MINaTRELS OR SERENADERS, T' e most ta'enled aurt amusing baud in America. GREAT WESTERN, the Yankee Comedian. Ml 18e8 WHEeLER and JULIEN LIVING OURANG OI/TANG to be seen at all honra TWO MONSTER SNAKES, 20 leet long AN ATOMICAL VENUS, to be seeu at one shilling each MADAME ROCKWELL, ilie For'uue Teller Admission 21 cents; chi'dren under 10, I2){ cents. No Headmissions. Oue psyment will entitle to cut one sdmission. (L/*" I he Public are respectfully informed that Geueral Tom Thumb will terminate Ins public exhibitions forever, is soou as he can pay a brief visit lo the principal American tines, and, therefore, that his engagement at this establishment is uecesaarily limited lo a very short period. nHbe P. T BAHNHM. W i aiXVE.Es illErviRr., miLAnt.Lillja. R A mi??s?i., Lessee.. w h ki.abv MesaeeMR. AND MRS. CHA8. KK\N'9| LAST iNIGHT BUT TWO. MONDAY EVENING, Match 1, will be performed the historical tragedy of RICHARD III. Richard Mr Chas Kean Queen Elisabeth Mrs Chas Kean Alter which, the laughable farce of the HOUSE DOG. Duat. (the house dog) Mr Chapman On Wednesday?MRS. CHARLES KEAN'S Farewell Benefit. GRAND SACKED CONCERT. SUNDAY EVENING,Feb. M. At PINTEJ1UX Cafe des Mill* Colonnes Saloon, No. 207 Broadway, at 7>? o'clock. 018 it*rc AL.HAMBRA, 419 Broadway, hetween Spring and Prince itreetc. BELDEN'S MODEL OF NEW YORK will reopen for exhibition, for a few days,at the above place,commencing with Mouday, February 22d The Canopy of the Model has been so arranged as to coa tsin double the number of views originally luteuded. Mer chants and manufacturers, desirous of compartments, will tend in their orders immediately. Hoars ofeihibitton from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M Tickets 23 cents ; season tickets 30 cents. ftt Otis "re UHEBNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. THE 8oh.cnbars having leased the above magnificent eeublishment, offer the same to rent by the night or week [ nntil their return from the sonth on the 1st March.) Kail particulars can be obtained of Mr. Diamore, agent ff>r :h* lessees, at the box office, every morning, between the hours of II and 12 All communications most he addressed to Mr jintnore, post-paid, or they will not be attended to. )3tf gbt SEQUIN h KKA/K.K. LES UANSEUSES VIENNUloE MADAME JOSEPHINE WEIHH, Mistress of the Ballet, begs to state to the Managers of Theatres in the United States, that applications for eugaeemenu must be made to heragent. Mr. JOHN POVRY, *f the Park Theatre, New York, who is duly authorised to make all arrangements for Lrs Dansenses Vienooise f!4 tf re ' C1 KNUINE AND VALUABLE HTAINER VIOLIN ? I f A gentleman who proposes sritliug in the West, having . two valuable Violins, is desirous of disposing of oue of them It is p'onmmced by the first authorities lobe a genuine ' "Stainer;" is in line preseivation, and probably the sweetest and smoothest toned of any of those rate instruments now in esisteucr Ainarenrs may see it for a tew days at the Music store ol Signor O. (Jodone, No. 4(3'. Broadway, who is aiilhorixed to sell it for a much lower price than it would bring in Europe, and will give the owner's address ft7 3i?rre LATENT ENVELOPE PAPE-. FIVE HUNDRED REAMS Patent Envelope Paper, suitable for patting up spices and coffee. Just received and for sale by PKH8SE h BKOOK8, fel Imr ?'i and ?7 Nasss' A . * G. B RAN DON, Hnrcessors to K. A. MUNDEN. BLOCK LETTER SIGN MANUFACTURERS, *i*D SIGN PAINTERS, no. '2 Thvhn now, Adjoining the Marlein Railroad Office. New York Rgrnagrtcs.?Washington Stores. Will lain street; Mathhnn's Hotel. Jndson's Hotel. National Hotel, Perkin's Hole,, U. M. Bonded Warehouse, Nankin Tea Company, Ike. kr. jt'9 2m*rre I PEKHONM IN PTULADELPHIX anTihTiiiiTin lv/4/a / the city and Slate ol New York can testily to 1 Use wonderful efficacy ol thai powerful remedy, THOMPSON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OK TAR AND WOOD NAPHTHA. Kor Consumption, ("ought, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood kc kc. READ ' REAl) !! AsTonisHinu etna or ( Maonic Baoni HiTii Philadelphia, May 23, IKS. Mr. H. P Thompson?Dear Sir:?Kor more than four years past I had been dreadfully afflicted with an affection of the throat, which my physician piono meed ' I Ironic Bronchitis." eaosrd by repeated and neglected colds The dia trrsa suffered is ludescribihle. My throat was literslly raw with violent spaamodic coughing so that blood would come from it; also gTeat r pprctaion, pun ' .id tightness at lbs chest and fever?in short ail the it I pi linonary symptoms show th'oat Wat leeched anif bl latered over and over again. I made tria> or ovary known remedy, and at different period* Had the adrire of ait phtuciaua, and all of no avail About two monihaaiuce I made tiial of your Compound Syrup of Tar Old Wood Naplnlia, and bvlore I i.ikrn 't>? li ?l tiotlle I felt relief I continued until I had taken aevan battlea, which completely removed the diaeaae and reatored me to perfect health; and I lirinly believe I iliould uot now lie living, liad it not been for vour inralnable medicine JANK I'KKItV, 12) Unmet at. The undertignod bearawiwieaa to the truth ol the for? going, having peraouat knowledge of all the (acta of the cate. M HARRISON, 97 Almond ttreet. Price V) OKNTH per bottle; $7 per doxeu. Thia invaluable remedy prepared ONLY by ANUNKY h DICKSON N. K. corner Mh and Spruce at*.. Phil* Sold wholeaa'e and retail by WYATT i KKTOUAM, 121 Pulton it.; at retail by H. Johnaou, 27) Broad war; Ming II) B-oadwav. N Y jale lm*r HIV v p a " 'XMIE Undersigned ha?e ronat*ntly on hand i f'eth anpply I. of K.rralenta, a valuable remedy in oh?ri"*l* raaea of eonstitation. Put up ia pound packages. hor sale, wholesale and retail. by DELLUC k I'O , Apothecaries and Chemists. Rote aiitcesaors to PLACE k ROIJILLARD, fl I I in rr Nn. t Park How and Oil Rroadwa v. OA LLP. V'K~k CONNKLL 'H PAIN EXTRA I: TOR. C^OUNTRY merchants nan ha supplied with lha troa / articles. in any quantities, and at prices that cannot fail to anit piireharara? hot to get the original and tannine, tho numhar, ( No >1 Courtlandt atrcat.) tnnat alwava ha nought. COMUTOI K k CO. N n-Wanted Vt to 10 travelling agents from different Rtatea, aach to fnrniah hia own taam. fit lm*re INSTANTANEOUS HAIR I>YK. BATCHELOR'R Liquid Hair Dye, ia the beat article yet offered far coloring the hair to a perfectly cyan and r a'nra1 Mark or brown, w ithnnt atainlrg or mjnring the akin. It ir o-oiioiiiiced b> hundreds who h ive u?e?l i*, the only per. feel Hair Uye vat disenve-ed. Hold wholeaalr and retail by W M. B ATcHELOR. 2 Wall atrcat, naar Broadway. n?| a*r TO THE LATEST MOMENT. AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. legislative proceedings. TKLKU1UPH1C. HsnaU Albany, February u7, 1447. Mr. Httu asked to be discharged from the committee onjvarious applications for railroad charters, it being the intention of the committee to report a general b.ll. Mr. SrcricicB thought it unnecessary, as there would be but few applications, whereupon Mr. Hard withdrew his motion. The debate was resumed on the bill to appoint Code Commissioners. The discussion to-day has again been on the manner of printing the code. No question Adjourned. Assembly. Albany, Feb. 37, 1S47 The debate on the canal bill was continued. The committee of the wbolorose and reported progress, and. leave to sit again was refused. The bill was then order ed to be sent to the committee on canals, by a vote of 44 to 31. After some other unimportant business, the House ad journed. Albany, Fab. 37, 1M7. Fifty barrels of flour, for the beneflt of the suffering poor in Ireland, have been received from Rome by the Mohawk road. K I'liK a&ILI, WiiHimiTon, Keb. 28, 1M7. The Lieutenant General Diiinterred? Democratic Cau cut?Tea and Coffee. Unexpectedly to thoie who ere not In the secret, to almost every body, Mr. Boyd, of the Committee on Mill tary Attain, to-day brought forward, to the aupplementa" ry ten regiment bill, an amendment authorising the Pre ident to (elect one of the Major Generals to be appointod, without regard to date of commission, or the regular line of servioe, to act as a commander-in-chief. It was immediately recognized as the Lieutenant General, under another name. Mr. Schenck, who as a whig, is quick ou the scent, expressed his opinion that a distinguished Senator would be appointed bv the President one of the Major Generals, and then transferred to the highest honor, to the detriment of Scott and Taylor. Col. Benton?yea, Col. Benton, who, in his own opinion, conquered Mr. Calhoun the ether day, was the person to whom allusion was made. He can talk Spanish; he studied the language thirty years ago, while he was waiting here to be admitted to a seat in Congress; and no mau is superior to him as an equestrian. Therefore, he will not employ an interpreter, and, as the Colonel says Scott did, divulge his plans while in a state of e?pancio ! In these latter days, "some things can be done as well as others." The amendment of Mr. Boyd was passed by a majority of twenty five ! A caucus of the democratic members of the House was held last night in the room of the Carlton on the Post Of flees and Tost Roads. The object was to consult about the little tea and coffee, iron, sugar, and public land bill. The Calhoun men were against it. Mr. McKay had been urged by tho Secretary ot the Treasury to push the measure, it is said by one who was present; he did not wish to (lo it- ftnrl thArofnrsi Pnngfllleri lata nsslltinal feUrxla Koity-one to sixteen decided that the bill moved in the Houie. There was not the leBit pouible feeling in caucus, and gentlemen were not backward in expressing their hostile feelings to the administration. However, they have given him a Lieutenant Uenecal. FELIX. WiSHimiTow, Feb. 26,18(7. Thr Day in the Senate. It has been a day of great interest in the Senate?great interest, though nothing haa been done. First, we had Mr. Crittenden'a bill for the relief of Ire* land, $600,000 for food, and the publio ships to carry It over?equal to a million. Mr. Crittenden made a noble speech, Mr. Clayton made a noble speech, and MrCass made a noble speech, in behalf of the bill Mr. Niles made an honest speech, we warrant you, but it was a singular sort of an argument. Ho contended it would be disrespectful to Great Britain to take the cause of Ireland into our hands?it would be an act of presumption on our part to assume that Kngland was not capable of taking care other own peop'e?besides, it would be unconstitutional. Upon this last issue we maintain, with Mr. Crittenden, that the fathers of the constitution never intended it should be construed to stand out in opposition to the principles of Christianity and humanity. We go further.'and maintain that if it does, the sooner it is amended the better But it does no such thing There is no prohibition On tbe other hand, we And in the constitution, the express, direct power given to Congress to give bread te Scotland and Ireland, in the power te regulate commerce. ".Congress shall have power to legulate commerce." What will this be, but a regulation of commerce to the extent of half a million 7 Congress have the power? they have exercised it, and they ought to do it again. We go for the bill?it will, as Oeneral Cass told us to-day, . " , e_a ? a '!?.! Wt la return ID Dinning! upon Dili uuuuiry .rmi unn ii, ig the extant of ten times half a million?it will be investing that sum at a compound interest of fire hundred per cent. The people, whose hearts are open and liberal as the lifcbt of tho sun, will approvo it, and the government ought to carry it out. faith, hope and chaiity are the three great cardinal principles of Christianity < but the greatest of these is charity. Lot us exercise it?let us show that we are a Christian people. Shame, shame upon the doctrine, in such a crisis, which would fold its arms, and answer the cry of a starving people, that charity begins at home. Did we not know that Mr Niles was an honest man, careful of the interest of the treasury because it is the money of the people, we should say that this sentiment of charity beginning at home, is hardly worthy ef Connecticut, renowned as she is down South for the tenacity with which she holds on to the picayunes, and for the means of Yankee shrewdness, which we of the South have been taught to consider Yankee swindling, that her clock pedlars have practised in this latitude in getting hold oi our odd change Bad as have been these pedlars of wooden clocks and Yankee shrewdness, we had expected for them a better answer to the wails of Ireland and Scotland, than the shameful answer, that charity begins at home. The bill was laid over till tomorrow. We next had an elouuant harrangue from Mr. Hannegan in support of the three millions, the administration and the war. Mr Hannegan is a poetical speaker. We remember that he said at the last session that if the President should sanction the line of forty-nine, it would sink him to a damnation so deep that the trump of reeurrectiou would not reach him ! ! That waa a bold figure; today abound in metaphorical flights just as bold and startling, and harmless; because Polk lias not heon dsinned for signing Korty-Nine, and we are pretty well assured that the trump of resurrection will reach him in forty-eight, if he has been guilty of the iufamy to which it was said tho partition of Oregon would consign him The lull of three millions was laid aside, and the Civil and Diplomatic bill resumed?upon which many amendments were offered and rejected Mr. Husk offered an amendment for an indemnity of i f70 (XKl to Texas, for the seizure of certain goods in a Texts custom house, and the disarming a certain band of Texas troops by the authorities of the United States The truth of this business, according to the sxplana : lion of Mr Kvana, i* this. The goods belonging to citizens of the United States, were taken by them out of a Texas custom house on their own account, and not by any authority of the United States; end as to the soldiers disarmed, it appears that Col Snively got authority of seme sort from some one in the Texas government, in behalf of that government, to raise a band of men for the purpose of plundering the caravans passing to Santa Kr, tho Trxas government to have half the proceed*. A caravan going that routD got wind of it, and secured the protection ol a detachment of United States troops, who ovethauled Col. Snively and disarmed his corps,end sent them about their business with the allowance of one gun to ten meu, in order to kill the necessary game to sustain then in their march homeward. Uen. Rusk and (fen. Houston complain that these proceedings wereoutiage* upon Texas; but the simple facts, as set forth by Mr. Kvaua, appear to us to be a sufficient justification. Yet the property seized, so tar ns it was eeized by authority of the United States, ought to be accounted for, though we coufess w? have precious little sympathy lor < ol Snively and his cohort, organized >,,<i, ih? bvi.uis'I nhiact of iiltnidarinir the Santa h'e cars van* We think upon the whole that t 'ncle Sam'a officer aorvad them eaactly right. Without acting upon the amendment, the Menate ad Jourued. Renpectfully, THE DOCTOR WanHimivo*, Keb. J.', 1*47 Tht Coir of Mr* Hnitifi M*. Bxni.i t ; ? I hevo juat receive 1 yonr HrnilJ of yeaterdiy, in which you puhliahed my notice of the trial I'atteraon ??. (Jainea, and it contain* two error*, which I beg you will correct. One i* mine, and the elhor your* It reuda * if Mr*. Oainea were the i*?ne of the marriage between Ur Oardetta and Xiilime, whereat aha waa the ia*U* of a marriage which took place in IM03, between Daniel Clark and Znlime. The recond error it in aaying Myra Clark received in ten yeara ftPWO tt.1 Thi* ahould be Mary ( lark, who waa tne mother and forced heir under tho will of 1H|| Myra Clark (that it Mra. Oainea), haa never y et received a tingle dollar from the eatate. Tho rate waa aubmttUnl to the court laat evening, and a deciaion will probably be given upon It in thr court* of a lew day* JUSTICE TWKNTY-NI*TII CUNttHkU. MCOND uaatott Mnaie. WaaHier.toe, K?h -'6, 1847. Weather chill and "over eat Mouttieaat wind. Oallerie* embellithel by an uuuxial repn-acn'ation ot tho (air tea " All the blue bonnet* aie over the border" Prayer by Rev. Mr Blicer, in which an bumble appeal m made for the inemter* of either home who are now confined by aickneaa et their placet of rejourn in thi? city Journal diapanaed witli Bill* from the Hnuaa. letitiona Mr Ai.i.K* presented a aeiita of teaolutiona from t o ! Legialature of Ohio in rehteuce to the war witli Meaico, aaklng, among oth?r thing* that the war be brought to a j and honortbta tonuiaHtnn Mr On kimo* |.i reiolutiot .$ tf 4h* N?w V*rk j U**Ut?r* 14i relation to p*?*oii|[?r vmsoU, brunin* eon

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