Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1847 Page 1
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" I \ /| i j j * *f'l -t?M, B9-Wkot-a * ?. *08tt THE NEW YORK HERALD, J191E8 Ga-.UJ\ BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation--Forty Thousand. DAILY HE? ALD?Every oav, Price 2 ceote per copy?$7 25 PC a 'iiu:u?p?y-b'- in advance WEtvKLY H aLD? Kerry rttturday ? Price 6). ceota pe c ipv - J 1V>4 o ut* i-r not u in-Payable iu advance. HE ALli POtt EUKOrE?Every steam I'ackcC dvy ? r.-ce fi.Vj cr;;t? per copy?#3 per milium, payable in ad yrujce ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALl.-Publ a'ed on the 1 at o' .'in uv y of en h year??'?Kle coi'iea Mvpeuce each. AOV'EKTirE E.NT">. at theuanal prirev?alwaya cnali in d ?nce. Adveriiaeineiifn tb mid be wittea iu a plain, lfstibi- hi.Mir,r. The mprietor will not be rcapnuiible for erro -a th.- oinv oec r tn the l? P Oiv ( I .Get all kinda executed beautilully and with deapufh IwAII lnt?r* or e..nm>unicvtiona, by mail, add-eaard o the e taldi iliDii nr. niu?t be prist p id, or the po taue will be deducted Irmn the aul, en non money remitted. JA..iES littHOON BENNETT, Proprietor i.f the Nkw York Herald Eitabi. iKxra r, >*n th Wrat Cnrner ol Yukon and Naaaau atreeta Witt*. ( iLitw Ai;t:un?i;<iA'xiuiii, vvangauFHOUka" WlM'tlt '.\I^ ANGSSS, Monday, Uec. -**i. 1J4I. Trnins will run a> follows:? Lcsvs liaouaLtn?.it 7 o'clock A. M. (Boston trala) for Uroenport. daily, (except Holidays) stooping ?i ("vrmiugdnle ana St. George's Maaor " >t "K A M., daily, for Grecnport and lutein*dime plnees. " " at 4 1* M. for Farmiutsd'Ue, daily. Leave Uave.'iroPT?et l>a A. M"., daily aeccmmodatioa train St>r Brooklyn. at 3)4 P. M., (Boston Train) or oa the arrival of toe boat from Norwi .h, daily, (eieept Sundays,) m oping at St. (teorgt's Maao' aid 1'ftrmincdnl*. Leave Kabmixv-dalbm A.M. daily, (except Sundays,) accomxnodntivi train; and 13 M. an Leave Jamaica?ax 8 o'clock A. M , 1 r. M., and 6)4 f M., for Brooklyn, or oa the arriral of Boston train. , SUNBAf TKAINB will hereafter run toThoiniyon Sta tion?leave Biook'yn sit A M. for Thompson andTuterinediate plaoes,( commencing Sunday the 8th Novembsr, retura ing le-.vr Thotnpsoa at < o'clock 1*. M., Karmingdale 2)4 Jamaica J)',. Kami to?Bedford, rents; Kast New Y?rk, P)tf; Hace Course, l?5i; Tutting Course 18JK; Jainaiaa. 26; hrushviiU, 111*; HydeTark. (17 miles) 'J7)4;,Clow?ville, (during tiie sea tion of Court) 37X; Hempstead, J7)4; Branch H7S|; Carle Place,ff; Weslliury, 44; Hicksville, 44; Fatmingdale, 62)4. Deer rf.rt.63: Thompson, 88; Suffolk Ht'ition, SI ;Lake Road HJW; Meatvrd lfV: YaphaukTel 77>4 8 . George's Manor, tl Kits; Hiverriead, il 6X)4; Jamesport, il 62)4; Matteiuck, il 62)t; Cutchogue, $1 61)4; Houthold, |l 62),; (ireaupurt Accouinodation Train, il 75; Boston train, ft 35. . Stages are in readiness on the amyal of T rains st tlie sees ral Stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts 01 the Island. Baggage Crates will he in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage f, r the several trains. M inmates before ihr hour ol starting from the Brooklyn side. Thesteamboat "SPafcsinan'' leaves Uroenport for Ran Har boron the sjrivr.l of the Boston train from Rrnoklye dlSrh ISEW \ORK. ANU NEW BKUNSkWHJR jnr* The Bteanabost RABITAN, Opt. Isaac flr~"^rrf'*T'Ta ^'sHer. will commenes har regular 1'ipe for lh- season, betweeu New Brunswick and New 7 oik, >m Moudav, the 1st day of March, leaving New Bmnrwic1! at7o'clock, A. M., making her usual lardmgs at F,ouch's Dock South .'.mboy, Peith Airbay, Beniley, To'feu. Ko-sviJI* Tu<u, and Chelsea, arriving iu New York about !?)? o'cloek. B'tminqg. av |l leave New York from the foot of Bsrelny atiee', at 214 o'clock, 1*. M. for New Brunswick, landi g as Hu-it's anil carriages, and all kiads of frsight, taken at the usual rices. N B?Al1 fteivht, specie and baggage taken it the riik o( the owne-n her- .if. New Brunswick, JJd Feb uar*\ 1847. f351w?r j|THIC PROPRIETORS of Steamboats ffiguw. ... ' v>-,> wishing Belli luing would do well o piy I >T~- f?4? v irit ou boaid the iteaniboa'i * Niagara, Iro' Witch, (i .rerun', ireo host John Stevens, Wor'fiter. Trt ?? 'er, Tbi am Powell, lie, a'd 'exnaine .H HOMER'S im ror?d style i I Bell H'ujitig. |>u' ui> neat and strong, and werreii eil for one year, bv el. H. No I Ann it P2I lin4 rrc JtUi 1'. .1'.. gsrt O? ' "?! after kridar, November 20th, the Bsteam hoat SYLPH, Captain Braicted, will make the following trips to and from States Island until further notice, vn l.o .re .\sw V ore i Leave States ItUad At 9 A.M. {At 8* If A.M. ! 10 I 1*. M. I IS M 2j< " S P.M. W ** , I <X" "lit 1USLHILAK. MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NOHWICIi & WORg*iS (J?STfiK, withont change i 1^?".', yttra or Bangsge, or withoni_ffiffiHBl? f e*? Xtk. JLcrossiug any kerrv. asernneia ailing their ?ente at Norwich, are insured their a i t" through to Boiton. Tins being the only inland route tl; t conununir.-itei through by iteanrboat and railroad Passengers by this line are accompanied through By the conductor of the trinn, who will hare particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwiie give his attention to then air and comfort. This line leaves south aide Pier No. 1, North Hirer, foot of Batterv i'hice, daily, (Sundays ricepted) at 4 o'clock, P. M., and ai vea in Bolton in tune ao take ill the eaateru trains. The tew iteamer WORCESTER. Cipt. Van Pelt, leaves arer5 Tuesday, Thursday, and Saluidavs, at 4 o'clock, P. M To ateimei CLKOI'ATU.t. ( apkain Williama, leavai every ,Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock. P. M. f or farther 'iiforination, lo iuire of I H. V A N OF It B1L1 JVo t> R .IO V P|?e> Vorth U .wr, d?'l rf" ^r.^S'T Wl.vlEK AHtlA SULM'.N (1-The fepfJlSiyaw* Norwich, Worcester and Hoston Kul Road s Ms...!tf i: f Mi.m Transportation Line?lne sule stai.ti I strain propeller 'Prurnbntl, Cnptain Daniel Harms will run iegul .rly between Norwich au,l New York, making two passages a weak; Is ,ring New York from pie, 12 E H Old *Mio Fnrl'eighi. whi. h will be taken at auminer rates or passive, having elegant accommodations apply to the Captaui, on board. or to E. A. RILL, Norwich, Conn and to j8 irr- I. V. v ?RIM'?' 4"'-niilh" NewYgrh UNITED TATtS MAIL LINE. AfiJl FOR ALBANY AND TROT, VIA ' ' 'X' Xsf i'ksj port and Honsatonic Railroad Dur T v fcgrf ,, ir liar summer, the Housato ic Rnlroad u*? be ii cl with s heavy H Rail, from Brideepmi to the We tern ti ulioiul 1 hrongh hr Daylight, daily (Sun d. y'? eaceptoilj at bid o'closfc, A. M. Th-iitrenil,out MOUNTAINS,ER, Capt. W. H Fraaee, leaves tin loot ol .\l irket street, E. K., for Bridgeport, Daily, at o'clock, A M. No freight taken iu the Passenger Line I'usengrrs tare the Cars at Bridgeport.*, d withont change ol C?rs oi tiaggwiio Crates, arrive in Albany uud Troy at 5 OTI(i< ?, 1. iM. ,?'ni jrJ?nD IjQC.'inonve rnj,nies liuvr D-en pr>cu 1, l't 'In- is i'i every respect equal to the best New LnuWiid Had. O- A f'irivlit Line by Steamers Nimrnd, and Mohegan, duly? Kre slit '1 arid saint- as last year? For lunher particulars i: qnire ?' rite Office ou Market strat I ter, and at Livings ?u auil Wells' Lxprest, 10 Wall 'treet. fat im -c <i M P" ?'<V. Agent Urtll'iSti AiNif HivJ.H'-i ids:* ' . ,t~. < OA.N KOYAl. M '..a. UKAVJ 8HIPH ,?f. 4 . Ar/nol 1 TOO tons and 44(1 horse nosver each, on ' p.'Uii dereoatrast witt. t'is Lords of the Adim *11 sMS a i t y. HIBK. It N1 ^ Capt. A. Ryrie (ALKUONfA Cap. ID. li. Loit fclUTANMA Capt J. HewiU < A.MUKIA Capt.C H C Judkias ACADIA ... ..Capt. Win Harrison. Jroiu Liverpool aid Huston, vis Halifax, as follows raoas koitok. moat .'.ivzaroot. Hibernia Keo. 1, 1*47 Hibernia Jan. 4. I84T Cf.rnbri .Vsrch 1, 18e7 Cambria Feb 4, IH47 Hiberuia April I, 1117 flibernia March 4, Ili7 ifsosoK lion*.-. from Hoston to Liverpool ... ...$uc. hum Lotion to Halifax JO No berhs -enured until paid for. These ships carry ex Serierced suryeors. No freight, except specie, received os aye ofsiiling. For freight, pMsa#e, or any other information, apply to f>. BKIOHAM, Jr., A.irut. At HAH iJ>KM ? C(4.'3, 6 '.Vallst. ..CT1" addition to the above line helweoj LlVf p-ul ami hilif-i, an ' iJoif.-n s contract has been entered I u.o wr.n ll'-r Majrsti s nuvriumenti to establish a line between Liverpool mil .hew York direct The tleamships lor this sc. r ce em o ? bsiuir built, cud early nest year dne amice will be stiveu til'the time when they will start. Under the new r.oc'.fiet 'li? siiseitrs will sail every Saturday durum nuht Mounts, nil wery fortnight duriiif the other months in the y-ar. Com* alfermately betweeu I.ivy.Pool, and Halifax and ILvfn* old bfween Liverpool and New York j* r t.. I,* i iTHll TTTN ai\D iKCland r ' -i PS.rUlJ\c wiahinz to remit money to i 'A-V' / 7 upland, Ireland, Hcnt'a, d or W iles will (t i. ?, ' do well to apply ro the subrcibcrs. at ihe ' ... old es ablubed passage off] e, it?i Pearl mm em', a iXiL.aJt (rr(l ?|,err , ? n il drain are famished for le.i.- <,r unisil. mounts ou the Nations! Hank of Ireland, S. ,.* I... r? II.-k.... I .. I <M.I U...L.I Spot I ,1,1 O.,. btr ou dctiM'7 l (b? unm#r ut bran* l??? tbww out t<?lh ro %?i*s w it ont discouit; ?l*o, on H C <^LY < & ' O., HruUr t. l.udon ?..< ?ta < UKIM8HAW k Vo.J AMyui TH MPHON fc M.FHEW. m*>n OM K*t hliihwl Puma go Oflico. TJ1) f?*arl it. FASSJj II i \ \ VNF) IRELAND. ?k ??bl & Mi.TlAXJh.Mf.N J SS KOH 1H47. PiV. RYJINY. h CO., O* MCW YORK AN1) LI \ h? Bit the nlJett (ml l^rwcnt eatabluhed hcuf-e i-i lie rirngr-ti'-g bnmnfM, heg It- v? to call the atU it 'f it ol the ; iil< ic generally f.i their ?np?ri tr arrangement! lorihe Miami.(j r .. Ihtraona deeiroaa of tending throngh tl.i ihon c, or their Irienda-eaiduiy in ihe ' Old l.'oantry," mr i I'l ' I ,d they will Iwe immediate drapatch, mid ev v i. i ' r. ill I : t .In n to prevent detention Liverpp. I. Tf e I'l.-k. I '"hit a ol thia l ite ,ve all i f the firat rlaaa and 'Minn* ded l.y men of atk.otvledgud akill ? one ol whi h ?'l erery live tltya Arrangement* can alao be made to fo ward paaae grra, direct, from Dulilin, Cork, Water, fur l, I., into.lie ry,*inl Brllaat. I) alt* a d Bill* of Kichange,given for anv amount, payable ou deit u il. with nit diaenniit, at any ol the principal town* ir. tlie Unied Kngdom r torn the ehove ar*angeinei i , the anliacritic.-a mnAuenlly eaprct that llie patronage winch aa beeu ao literally eatrnded ihem for many yeara tpiat. will t ot he withheld the coining aeaaou of emigration hi any of the pnrnea engaged for, uotetnbaik, the money Will be refunded aa Cntlomary. For fin (Iter pntlicolara, if bjr leeter^poat p^d ) apply to 51 Koaih meet, comer of Wall, ,>}. Y. KDWtHD ?<aUL, Agent. V W. liYRNKH h i b , tal lm*rre it Wa-etloo Head. Liverpool. , . i v r.tirtJi 'l? ?I'hc enpertor, ten aailing ?a"t *5V at Itet rhip H \ V * It I A .Hnwe niaa e .haying meal d'dtWTee tl Oct c. go engaged an I going on bond, w ill have *" it,i ..cniaie den * ? h . r r rem iriiJr r of fieiwht or paaaage, having very I aiiilanair n ,| catena t atate aeeoinmodatioja, apply on board at ? Wh^rf, OHO W00DHULL fc MIN'l URN, 17 South et. ' E NE' N1 1 fll AJtlTl.TI fC ACOOHMOUATIOKg. UNITED STATES AND EUROPEAN EMU ' OEANT OFFICE. VVEfi'KK.N AttEMs A U ..O4MUSI0N MERtHA.M'8 No 57 South Strett. New York | I' HE aubscribe h-vin h d ong ritwriruc* in the hi *i> * no i,me prvpoed to . ffe every facility to tho e wishing < passage to ?r lr> in e?e yj'.'t of v>e?t Britain or Irelano, i Havrr, and iheOemiti, Bel i?n, and HtlUid pone:?mi J ny < f winch placet Hrlsof Kxcn.ii gr chu be 'u>ui<h?d. iu um? to iu f l'as m?? eo: alto be engage ' I'roin Liverpool I I to Hoetun, In la elphia, Ui'luu ??, ot >?wUtlr?ui diieet. i 1 Thoie wixhiug |ionl|< f m ."New York to New Orle<bs, 1 ! Minnie C'hitle.tiMi.tmaMh or lex .(.can at all timae he I accommodated at the lowed r tea 1'othuae (nigral g to < i the NVe> t. the . ubaciibera It ,ve uuri|iiallrd arraugeuieti'a Tor ; the forwarding or >a.?erg-f? to ti e Went by f r different | p'Utea via: to Buffalo, ai d the mirrinrdinte lind ugs, nnd t all i aita ol the Cenauja?'hicxgo. Milwaukie, halliinnre, ! \ I'iCabu gb. Cincinnati St Liuta, fcc , by ateaiohoata. rati- 1 i roads and renal t oata, of t> e ti at class?and gieat %rewi'l be taken that paaeeiwera will are; with do delay or impoaition on the rou'C. I.rtt?rs (poet-pxid) will receive prompt I attention. Kor further psilicnlart apply to 1 ' M 1'. O'ilLHN St Cu ,47 'otiih atreet, j 1% Im'rrc b- low Wall axteer. rflfe- Mb felts KOCHEH!koTWETl*li Co. ' AHRANOIC.MICNTS. Karsittancea to and Passage from Ureal Britain and Ireland, by the I BLACK BALL, OK DLL LINE Of L1VEKPOOL PACKETS. 1 Hailing frem Liverpool on the let and 16th of every month. Alao, by firat clau American MM (weekly .) Perseus aenai.ig to the Old Country for their trienda, can atake the ueeeaaary arrangements with the anbacribara, and bavo ihem brought out in any of the eight ihipe compriatug the Black Hall, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, tailing from Liverpoj on the laiand lorn ol every mouth. Alao, by firat claaa ships railing lrom that port weekly, which oar agrut, Mr Roche, Senior, there, will aec are sent oat without delay. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, com priae the following inaguifieent ahipa, and will aail iromLiverao "I on the regular appointed dayi, a* follows kiDKLIA, l*t January, 1st Muy, 1st September fcUKOfE, llth " Hth ' 16th NHW VDKM, lit February, UtJuue, lit October. COLOMBIA, 18th " 16th " 10th YORKSHIRE, lit March, lit July. l?t November OXF 'RD, 16ib " 18th " 16th " G.VVBRIDOK, Ut April, UtAng., lit Decembet. VIONIKZOMA, 18th " 18th " 16th " f. B.?The public ere reipecfully notified, by deiire of the ownen of the Black Ball, or Ol.i Liue oi LmifOM I'acke te, that oo |<asieiiger ageuti but H. 11 h. < o. hove pcriNiwou from them to aavertiie to b'itiE out paireuyrn by that tine, | and that they are the only regular authorised puiieuger ageuti i ufiaid line iu thu city. Wo have at ail timei for aale drafli at light, lor luy arnnuct, : drawn direct ou the Royal Built ol Ireluud, Dublin; alio on . Vleian. I'reicott Orote, Ajnei it Co., Bauken, Loudon,wt leh . ire iiaii1 free efiliicotiut or any charge whatever, iu all the I {principal towua throughout Kuglaud, Ireland tioetlaad aud | Appi/or ada/eai br letter, p oat paillo ROCHE, BROTHERS A Co., Si Fulton itreet, N. Y , ueit door to the Fulton Bank. The oAceof Mr. Roche, Seur., u at 7i Dublin itreet, o7rc Liverpool. PAOKETO FOK HAVKE?SEUUND LINK. Mi M. M, Mk Tn^htpi of thi^Tn^will tail dunu^ne yeari^hMol owing order r? From N. York. F'm Havre. iJan. 1, Feb. 16. May 1. June It. Sept. 1. Oct. 8. ftue{; July }J: Oct 1. Nor. \t. jlr'yl: Ang.'lk" Nov.1. Dec. 16. Aug!/: Sept* I': Dec. 1. Jan. 16. Thay are all of the flrit elaaa, ably commanded, and with leeornmodatiom ample nnd commodioui. The Price of pas age in the cabin ii $180, aicluuve of wtuea and liquori. Apply to BOYD Ut H1NCKKN. Ageula, No. 9 Tontine Buildtngi. No. 88 Wall itreet. Ooodi lenMO theageuti' orforwetding, will betuhjectto lone other then the ei|?eaie actually paid au31 in FOK NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YOKK LINE. &y m M TO^f^VKRY flf^JAYS NhmfWAlnri . ....... iIIWHeivri Ship HUp*ON\'Captiin I'age. Ship CLIFTON, Captain lngersoll. Ship LOl'lxVILLh., < ?pt. Hunt. Ship MAKTKLLe, Car-lain Taylor Bar* GENESEE. Captain Minor . Bark JANE E. WILLIAMS, ( upturn Parker. Bark HEBHON, Captain Orrtg. 1'lie a nave ships ara all ol rite li it claaa, ol light draft ol water, and commanded by tlie mot experienced ' aptaius m .he trade. Their cabins are haadsomely'lurutshcd. and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passengers. Neither the captama or owners eflhe above ships will be re ponaible I'orjewelrv, bulliou.prr cions atenea, aiiveroi plated ware, or for any lettera, par-ela, or packages aent by, or pnt mi board of them, uolr-a regular billa of lading are taken lor the anme, and the value therein expressed For freight or paaaage apply on board, at Orlrane wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS W South at reel. Arent in New Orleana?John Woodruff, k Co., who will prnmi'll forward all goods ro t'i?ir address ftr Mi l XAiAOJhb T'U UtLiuiilU, &C. 0k 0k GEOhGl MeBRIDE, J,., naa removed hia ulhce 10 No 16 Broadway, and aontiunt-a to remit uiouey, iu aurna In ge 01 'mall, to peiaona reaidmg iu any pen of Ireland, iu the saint manner aa he and hia pradrceasr.r iu hnaiueia have dune lot the last thirty yeara and more; also to any partol England or Scotland. Money remitted by latter, pest-paid, to the subscriber, or ixraoonlly dei osited with h-iii, wltli the uaine of the peraot it persona iu Ireland, kugland, or Hfotltbd, to W ioui it is tve sent, nod nearest post town, will be unmeoiaielv transmit ted ana paid accordingly, and * receipt to thai effect ei?e? I fiirwarliol Is tficsnilsi iXX m**e ULU tol ABU . ilED FA33AUK ~0FPI E, 0?t sMi. 0k t7j rtHL irnttr. SAMUEL IHOMPHOiN A >U NEPHVW, Auenti roK th? " 8t?< Lin* ok I'.crit* 1847 Ltutrpool to New York IM7. Sl\%pt. Cuptiiitio Text Keg. Tnt B'n h*?, T. h . Ki ermui, ft 7 I ?00 Li'erty, I' I'. Nnnou, 7SJ IJtiO Cornelia, F M French, 1040 1750 Ohio, II. Lym, 7#? 1575 S mtiel H'fka, T O. Bunker, S,t 1600 Empire (new) J. O ltu.arll, 1000 1200 Pnuihea, W B Lur, 7*5 172) Indiana, Jama* I). Bruurtt, feP 1300 HukUtnor, M Goodhue, 712 166" Mirhiinn, (new) W. Kilwardt, 9"5 1600 Peier Hut'iek. J I) Poet, b70 13(0 I * lu.brtl. Lieuiaton, K. YV. Svpencer, (too (too Devooahir*. YV. T 1 homiwon, K69 1500 Nilgai*, (new) H. Hu*?ell, 7}? 1350 AtL* (new) H. Coffin. 700 Mil China, (<??) J.I, YVilann, 810 UOO Rardini* (new) CI K. Crocker, SO2 1400 Amenta, (new) YY'care, 1180 lfcO The mbirriber* wonld reapectfully inform their friend* ni-H the public that >hey have .iddrd leveret iplnmlid new *hipa t"'livir line of packet* between this por, ai d Liverpool, winch he* been favorably known and eiteuairely pxtlOuiaeil lor a period of more thm thirty yer ra. anil h?ve no heiitatlou iu Hiinring thoae who may with to make engagement* fi r th* paaaagr ol their Irtrud* I on Kngland, Scotl?ud or Ireland, thai thev will find the** aliipa inferior to none i point < f comfort, convenience and aafrty, one of which will tail from Liverpool every atx daya. throughont the yeat, making delay, anil the conaegueut eipruse to emigrant* at the poit of embarkation impoaaible. A tree piaaage per afe?iner from ihe v.iriou* Inab and feoteh potta, wnh biead tu If* and hnapilal monev paid, may be aeruredall at the loweit 'ati a; and wheu thine aettled for decline coming out, the fall ain?ant paid will be promptly refunded, a* uauul, For farther particular*, apply to SA.YlUr.L THOMPSON & NF.PHK.YV, 275 Pearl atrret, or to C. Grim* haw Si Co., 10 O rce, Liv'pl Draft* or exchange, pay ible at tight, are elan fnruiahed lor mya "imni, on H. C. Olvn k Co.. U libera, London;') Urimaliiw 8t Co , Liverpool; the National Bank of Scotland; National Umk of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co Apply aa ah oe IV4 lin-r I J. iVloiyiUK.n.AY'y AKRANOEMENiS FOR 184T. Jijgfc OLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES /T,HE SUBMCHI BLR retpec fa ly b'g* leave to tender hta r ?|nc?r? thinks to his numerous friends sud the pnWic lor their scry liberal support he hat received for opw? rds ol and solicits a cootinuariou of their coufi leuce. A he despatch by whtc his passengers have boen bi ( Tight out, end the piomp'nrts by whirl* his very numerous drifts hsre been !* *? *t the different hmks, are, he differs himself asufticientgHarauiee to the public for the faithful PerformaeT,? ?\ ?,?v future contracts enrered into with hiiu The following are the days of sailiug of the regular line ol r \f?m L,!v#rpo?l? ?il 11th, 16ih 21st iintl *Cth of each mooth throughout the year. In addition to ike above regular line a number of splendid ships, sucii as the Adirondack, .Vlarmion, Kappahanuock, Li, k*?t f v . Mf* . ( 4 rsrnnrb Hrnnm _ _ .1 m /I _ ** ' j w?, , ?. ????" ??? wwiiii win con1 tinoe to iftil from Liftrponl weekly in regul.-ir itineration, , Oitvrrby preventing the letar poa?ibility of deity or detention 1 lu Liverpool. The rtgnlar line of London Packets sail horn New York on (lie lit, 8th. Wth and 2?th ; mid from London on the 6th, 13ih, ?l?t,"nd 28th of each month throughout the year l>I%otia d??trou> ol ending for their lriend* rending in | the Old Country cm have them brought ont in any of the i above iplendid < ra.ala on moderate trrmt. I Aud tor tlie accommodation of peraona wiah<ng to remit menef to their familiea or frteida, I have arranged the paymenu of my Drafts on the to lowing ilanke Armagh, Drogheda, Londonderry, Athlone, Dnndalk, Lurgau, ' I . Bandou, Dnngmvan, Monaghan, Belfast. Dnngannon. Mallow, Banhridge, DownpatriclL Omagh, Ballytntua, Dublin, Parsoustown, Bill) ihaiinon. Knniskillen, Hkibbereau, Bnllina, Knnia, Hligo, Cork, KnuiaeorthT, Htratiane, < olvraine, Kermoy, 'I r-ilee, _ Cltnmel, (lalway, Wegfoto, Cavao, Kilkenny, Waterford, Carlow, Kiltuah. ionghal. Coo'hill, Limerick, Y,f?ei.?"(i>?Meaara Hpnon.r A'twood fc Co., Banker?, Lon eon; Meaara. Jaa Beckett Ik Hon,and Mr. Richard Mniphy, Liverpool Boot i.anD? The City of Glaagow Bank, and nil tubranchea and Agenciea. > (T^ l*'i aagea e?n al?-> be engaged from Liverpool to Thilai delphis, H' a on, aud I'alt more, by the Me.ulsr Packet Hhtpa on appl,cation being n.ade peraonellv, or by letter, post paid, l addreaaed to JOMKPH MrMIIKRAY, . Corner of Pine ?nd Ho nib .tree ta New York, Or, Jmia Bicict It Hoe, and 2 No. I Waterloo Road, Mr. Ricm*iid Musrgt, ) Liverpool. d2J r W Y O !W YORK. MONDAY M THWKM.INH AOCUinOUAriONH. FOR LIVERPOOL PASSAOE BY BLACK BALL LINE OF BACKETS, ANU REMITTANCES TO IRELAND. PEnSONi ?v ti?e paa>agefor Liverpool by the auperior racket Ship MONTEZUMA, beiu ihe packet ol Vloulay u?at, the ?t of .iUich, will pieaae make iinine liteac i>lic tlai to ' apt A. IS Lo*her, mi board. t the f t t ol Beekinau a tree t, or to the aubacribe a. Tnoae ? lehii.g i> lend (or their Iriemla to crme from Liverpool b? the a rule Picker, or amy < Be of the Black Ball Liur aaiiiug fr in Liver , iHK'l on toe let anil Ctn ol every mouth, con ae' isie the r ueuda' pave-ye by eppi> log to m l'hove remitting nioury :n iheir friruda, can have Ur lit* for au> Miio-ut, payable uu Jemtu.d, ou ROYAL BANK OF 1RF.U1ND. or on FRESCOTT, OROTE 4- CO. London. hat bv paid ill ne variuaa Biuka f roughoul tvreat Briatu and lie'eud. A: ply o HOCIIV, BROTHERS ft CO. 33 f alt u ?tr?et, Sew York. Paeaci ger ngenta for Old or Black dall Line Liverpool Packet*. lay Iw MAKtihileLiliS LlNfc OF FAOKKTM. 0k m. m, ml The imderme^.ionfthiiiawill bo regularly deapaieheiMre aence on the let, and from Maraeillei the 10th of each moo faring the year, aa l'ollowe Slopa. Captains. Yroiu N. Y ork I'R'CE de JOIN VILLK, (new) Lawrence, April l Sept. I MI SSL'id, Silreater, May I Oct. I ARCOLE (new) Evelaigh, Jnue I Nov. 1. BASTON, Coalter, July t Uec. 1. NEBRASKA (neve) Wataon, Aug. 1 Jan. 1 Slupa. C'apraiua. from Marseilles. i'll'I'P .1. Illl wii.i.y I.... t J??? in Nnv 10 MISSOURI, Hilveater, July 10 Dec. 10 fc'.velcigh, Aa(. 1# Jau. 1# liAHTON. Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NKBHASKA. Wauon, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These veaaela ara of the Grit cluaa, commended by men ol xpcrience. Their accommodation,, for paaaeugera are unaur passed Tor comfort and convenience. (jooda addressed to tlie tzente will be forwarded free of other chartei than thoae acta ally paid. , For freight or paaince apply to CHAMBFRLAIN He PHELPS, Proprietor* No. 103 Front atreet, or to BOYD It HINCKEN, Axenu. Ure 8 Tontine Buildings. ID Wall.cor. Water at. Ml Ml ML. ~ M THEUxNLY Ll^W^OF GLAs^^^v PACKETS W& J. T. TAPSCOTT beg to inform their frieadi end the public, lhat they rre agent* for the Regular Line of Gliaguw Packets, wiling Irom Glasgow on the l>th. and from New York on the let of every month. The following tint clan ihini comprise the Line :? The UKOOKSBY, BARACKN. ' ADAM CAKR, ANN HAKLKY Periom wnhijg to leua for iheir trienda in any part of Scotland, can have them brought out in the above named Packeta on reaaouable terma. They aail from Glasgow punctually on the 15th of every month, and are commanded by experieuced captain* accustomed to the pasaengei trade, and noted lor their kiadoeta to paaaengers. For farther parlicn are, apply to W. ? J. T. TAPSUOT P, d9r 88 South atreet. 3d door below Burling alip. NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETSm m mt m To aail from New York Slat, and Irom Liverpool 8th of eacb month. J*rom New York. Lien pool New ahip Liverpool. 1150 ton., j Jpn, 21 June 8 J. ttldrtdga. / Auguat 21 Oct. I New .hip Oueea or the Waal, ?1 ^WCh c 1250 ton,>.Woodhouae, ^IpT.m'r li No?. 8 Naw Ship ConmitutioD, 1600 tea*. > ?ne?"4ry ?} 6 JohaBritoa. febe, f J Ship H?ttinBuer, 1030 tow, |{ ? Ira Bursty (Nor. ai Jan. t> Tlitse inoiUntial. fast saiMng, first class slops, all burlt in .na city or new York, are commanded by men of experience md ability, and will be despatched pauetnallr on the Slat ol ach month. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are fnrnuhed with whaterer can conduce to the ease and comfort of passengers. l'nce of passage #100. Neither the oaptams nor owners of these ships will be reipuusible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless "ovular bills of lading are signed therefor. for freight er rasaaur apply to WOODHULL dt M1NTURN, m South street, New V ork, or te flELDKN, BKOTHJCRW U CO., ml re Liverpool WbllV YU-K.A. skiNU IrLASliUW laLNli, OP PACKETS'. & A A A Hamuli from Ne^sork on the 1st, offlTisgow o^h^Stl Tt each month. from N.York. Fui.OI'gen t-ninel. July 15. hip 8A11ACSN, N. T. flawhias, J Oct. 1. Noy'r 15. t Feb. 1. March 15. t July 1. April 15. dr.Ship UROOKSBt.n. M'Kwea,< Nor. 1. Aug. 15. ( March 1. Uee'r IS t August 1. May 15. #r Sirfc ADAMC ARK,luo Wright { Oefr 1 Sept. 15 ( Apr* 1. Jan. IS. t !\fay 1. Jane 111 Sr. Bars ANN HAttLKY, it. Heott, < Sept. 1. Oct. 15. ( Jau'y 1 Febrna. 15. These ships are all first cla s vessels, ably commanded nil will sail punctually on (heir regular days. Their aerom aodaticna lor passengers,are good. and everyattention will bs l>aid to promote their comfort. The agents or ' itains wii1 iot be responsible for any parcels or packages se jt by them -seless lulls of lading are signed therefor For freight or passage, apply to WOODHULL *. lYMNTUKN, 17 South street, New Vork.oi jiillre R?ID ?t .VIUKHAV. Ulaagow NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETST ft & ^ TV^TAII. KHOM NEW VOLK INK Mth.TmT I'OOL TIIK 1 !vn OFF. Atll MO.NTHrROM Jl? YORK,> SHKKIUAN. i.apt. Lorniah, January 2fc, OAUHl.K. >r Tnuli. Feb aarv 26. " RQftCIlJfc, " fclhi,fge.M?rc>. K. " hlllDt.Nd, " Cobo, April 26 raoM aiocarooi., " liAKKI K, December il. " III)-.t lUH, J lutiary II, " HIDOONn, Kebrnaiy II, " SH* BID AN, March 11. Thcae alupi are tit' of the firtt e'aia, ripwirdi of lOOfl torn, milt iii ihi? city, with inch improvement* aa combine great sped, Willi unnaual comfort Tor p?i?e. g rrs The price of punn hence u 671, lor which ample atorer will lie provided. 'Iheaeihipe ire commanded b) eiperienned mMieri, who will uukr rvrry rirriun in give general ntiifictimi. IVerthrr the Caption or oencn of ilieie ?hip? will he reaponiible for air letien^ rirreli or packr.itra icul hy them. unlcM regnlar hi 11 a of lading are ngned therch r. For freight or paaiaec apply in. h K Ui >1,1,1 NS, it Aonth irreet, ml HHOWN HHIPLKY I i ll. Liverpool KOK L1V' KPOOL ?racket ihip OXKKll K will on Wednatdiiy, 3<J ilo'ehck.M. xHwUtaLetirr Uega will rime n lv,M put 11 n'c oek For freight or par age apply on botid, et Oilcan Wharl, feot of Wall ilreet, or to K K COLLIN*. 46 Pomh I'reet The pirkrt ihip ROS' lL'.i, Capt. i'.ldndge, will i ll ai the packet of Slit March. f2* r saJF PA'-KltT 8HIP OAKHICK, FOR L1VKHJTHWrOhb-Paiienvert hy >hu ihip will plena lie on MKMaibaaril, rt Orle*m wliaif foot of Wall atreet, E K . on lit Vlarch, at 12 o'clock, A. M , at which lime tin ihip will rail f*7 3t ic AA V- Packet ilun OP> H L) A (mm Havre ?Uonaigneea P" 'hl? veaiwl will plene aend their permits on JHNvfcboa'd at Pier No 4, Nerth rirer All gnoda not permitted ip fire daya mint anavordably be aent to the public atore fe 27 31 ric 4jfd? FOR 1.1 V' HPOOL?Packet ahin OAUKICK gJCMFW will tail Monday, lit .March, at 12 o'rl ck. MmKUm Letter Bagi will be closed at ll)g o'clock. For paiiife apply on board, at Orleans w ha>|. foot of Wall itreet,ort? K K UOLblNx, u a..., . .. The KOSl'IUB, Capt. K'.dndge, will ml as the packet ol I'aa Matah. (at afcic KUK HaVkK?backet ol lac MarcaI ne aiiip rrfgKTV BALTT MOIIK. Lapt. Johuaton, will be detained lUK until the Kli Marrk. Kor Ireigl t or paaiage apply to M _B<21" k IIIN^KI^N- Acenta. Bit Wall ,t. m*i+, BAliUF. ID* eAL'. ? .4 liei*nt knur ..I al>. ul |KTtW 140 tnn< I urihen and eery liatlit amlt ol wafer.? JmMIEm V pi v at 19 W?i I ?f eel. h i an rut otfl e I'# J*"i pUK QUAhtlOw?Kcgul r p* ket ..| h-i'jiIi of March ? I lie ii w a - ? Br park el ?kip BitOUK ah V . tKMMk^tr) i oa.Capt. U"kh MoLwen, will nail a above he' regalar day. ' For f.?i|ktor p iiage, hiving splendid accommodation!, apply on board, at foot nl Haoaevalt atrret, K It . or t" WOOUIIUi.l. k MIN I URN 17 /ouili at The i?gntar paaket hark ADAM CAH K, <00 loin, i.eptam Wright, will lar-cied'he Brookaky, and tail in lier regular I dav. t'ciat Arril III.') tc KUIl ULAnUOW?J he -hew Line eaular (Jfjlyk packet lar of March?Tne line fait aailina Br hark > JSCiKi IIY.'a DKKORD.MO toua.Capt. Thomas McAlptne, I will aail ea aheve, her leynlar day. Kor freight or paaaage, haviag a od aeeoir modations, apply oil board, foot ol Moaeveltat.. K.aar River, or to WOHDHULL. k MINTl/RN, 17 South it T^e ahip BROOKHHV.Uapi Hugh McKweo.will auceeed tiie H; ndafoid, an J tail on her regular day, the litta March. f?l rc I M-eut.) ! ! ? KOIlKKiN K.\- II AN Of. AM) ligfMfy KMIOIHtHON OKFII Urafta on Knglaod flknflbIreland, Scotland and Wa'ea.? l>r?oii? winning to remit money 10 uuy part nf Oreat Britain or Ireland, can procure draf.a of the anhicrihera pavahle at night wi liout dia connt in all the piineipal town, at follow! :? In England?Oa Me'ara J Barne'i 4t Uo .Liverpool; Na> tionaland Procinrial Bank nf Kiigland und hrnnt hea. lu lie'amt?National Bank of Ireland anil branchea through out. 1 In Broil ind ?National Bank of Scotland and hranehei throughout. Drafts can be forwnrd?d br 'be parkata of the Gth, llth IC h, 2 at and Mlh, or Knyal Mail steimahip from Boston or lat pruiimn. _ W.ltJ T TAPSCOTT, ? "outh street, I* rn aecond d ior west of Burling tlip i PASSAOK TO~AND FROM OALWAY Dill m I -jggf- The splendid new hark hlMM'.IM WA IT" hRXXy hrytng >he whn'e of her ra go cngiped and goiui JHMBbon boaid, will tail with despatch, and leave Gal *y about ihe 2nth March. I r " ' J'" deai'oua of having their friend* brought out by the I favorable opportunity, should niak* early app'ieation to _ . dOBKPII MeMliRK a Y. " tl> rornrr of Pine and Hnnfh streets fwf JL G()N"l(}NKKf( per U uk Adam (arr from filai aJJJ'J gow, will nleaae send their peimita immediately ct i board. All goods not pei mined in five data mtis he arnt to the public aM-e Bfe27 WOOD Hi; II It MfNTUW*. >7 Wogth at tf A NOTIGR.?All peraona are eaatinncd againa h^jjy-u^tu g any of the crew of 'he B-. Bark Adan MMw' arr, as n . debts of iheir contiacting wi I be pan by oiihar captain or conaigaoe. |t27 MaSMMMHOHK iRR I ORNING, MARCH 1, 184 FOR SALE, rfl A PAIR CANADIAN 3 minuto Poniei, together J^aj^with a rtr-t rate trotting Bu*g/, Hmiini, Blanket*. ( 3 > \ Ir.niiaulrinr Vf.ill be aold low. The* will be on In* 3rd areuue tbl* afieruoun, abuot 3 o'clock. Any per ,<>u g a pair of hnnd-ome poniei will tlo well to (o and ire them Prison* wUniug to lr* thein thi* morning wi I find them at the Mention Houie, Hick? *ti?*t Brooklyn, f 27 3t'r FIVE DOLLARS kewaru. ML-'ST?On W,<lue.d,y, 2?rh a small whit* Engl sh Terrier Slut; has a ye'low spot ever on* eye; answers t the name of"Veuas." Any per> ii r tu ht r to #7 Libtityiitrtt upstairs, will receive the above reward I'Wl "r " . Qi i. KSTI.KS 4NI?AH \LL frtt'KliS H HUH livioTTO?>'i?r Boole *' fit i , city ura-'e, end are Jffirquel 'o ihore uau |y sold f r ii Viu* Kre t it calf JKt ilir?? H ol? it $t 'i0 qual in *ti b-?t sold in ihe city Fa rut 1'i.ther Boots, Mines. (Jailer> ud Silvers, im hand si d map*'O Older on snort notion All k > da warranted to ene satisfaction. Mending Sir. , done in he store YOliN'O k JONES 4 Aim street, 121 llli'eo Sea-the vinseum. FOif SALE OR. H? l.i'.T. aTht c? uutry Seat nail harm of the stib.-criber, contaiuing about InV acrra, anus til a New Vi indsnr. two tulles IV.mi Newburgn, one o tbe mat magnificent pin ra upon he Hudsnu It will lie divided, if ri quired. I'lie dweiliug, containing 16 moms, wilh a sina'l qum.iny of lainl gardeu, fruit, and outbuildings, 4tc , will be rented ou raaioiinble terms. Apply 'O LEON AH O LEE. Naval Office, C. H. Oil.Mai ? lS?rh -j, pirn BAi K or to t,a.A-i , a au.i buduiaia h'AKM, .aitunted at Far Hrcknwey. L I., containing i Jfn 291 acres of Land. auitably divided into tillable, wood and mead w land. It it of an-y acressto New Verb both by l'<nd aud wrtrr. Alto a larae Hume, suitable ai a Boardiug Home, with four aerea of tillable laud, new Barn aud other eut buildings, ell unclosed by a good board and paliok fence. apply to Saml. B B. Nor'on, ra the premises, or at the office of John H. Power, No IIS Eu ton at. (2. Iw*r _ TO LET MAND FOR SALE, at Slat-u Island?Several Co*tages aud Heuaea, with gaideua, pleaanre and pasture lands, situated in Tompkiusvi le tnd Stapleton?some near aud some a little diaranre Tom the'erry Alio.u good Hotel to I't. The reuta are from sixty to five h ludieu dollars per annum. Apply to P. WOLCEH, WnlTea' Hotel, Toinpkiuivil'e. iL7*' Immediale posaeaiiou can be given of some of the homes?rent to commence 1st May next. (71 lw?rc FOR SALE CHEAP, I* Rl'RAL LIKE, fronting the beautiful Paritau iTi Ja Baj ,Comn ending a full and ruiire view from the Highi^JLlauda of Neveieink to the Narrows. Large and small fariui. improved and unimproved property, ao tost the purchasers cau at all times suit their fancy in a selection of pro pe -y. Also, fourteen valuable building Iota, et Weal Blooinfield, P III, t 01, adjniuiup the Methodist < Ion paraonage, and oppv?ite the New hpiseopol Church. 'J'erme easy. Persona desirous of retiring from the city to a healthy location anywhere along the shore, ran obtain all iufoiinitiou drsired. by hi ar unit. Li W CP 11AV NKs. Kei n.irt. iVlunmouih couutr. [ New Jersey. f36 lm*rc M XU Lt.T. A small Store Loft, at 39 Peek Slip. I".p m iwf h Joa NEW M roHE til Liberty aireet.uear Broadway.?To ffTJw Let ?A firet clue 4 story Store, brown (tone frout, 23 JlJJLby U. aud with all modem improyeinentt, to be ereeted and ready for occupancy on the let of August uext For termi, apply at 69 Liberty street, up stairs. 193 lw*rc FUR SALE?BROOKLYN? $4,000 MThe lot and three-story brick Heuse, on the soothwest corner of Hicks arid Racket streets. The lot is twenty-three feet in front and rear, by one hnndred neep. The noose was built during the last year, has marble mantels throughout, plated (ornitore. a sub cellar, won nor lic<? in from, and hack piazzas enclosed with glass. It is withio three minutes' walk of Hamilton ayenoe ferry and the At antic D >ck. and liffeen miontea from the Booth ferry, in a rapidly improving neighborhood. Also for sale, the House and Lot adjoining, of same description. Apply to KI.IA2 O. BHOWN, At Rlosson k BchelPs Office, 20 Nassau street. 173 2w*rre FOR SALE. MTHK Houreand 1st of ground No. <4 Oliver s(ree . Lot 26 by 100 feet, house 23 by 43, an alley adjoiuiug For pa-ticnla-s, ai'plr on the premises. 143 2w*rh TO LET UK LEASE. M THE three first class dwelling houses Nos. 14, It, and 23 St Marks Place. The i e prool store No. 109 Water st, near the cornet ol Wall st. The five srnry fire preof store No. 2 Liberty st, near the in terseetion of Maiden Lane. Ti e store an I cellar No. 27 Cedar at, a few doors below William st. Apply to P. HANFOHD. fJ12w*rh No 11 Wall st. 2d story. F(TlTSALhT)R TO LET, ONE or both ol the handsome two story brick hou?es pjl sod lots Nrs. 463 and 467 Broome street, near Bread XJ^way. A stable is attached to Ne. 467. which will be In with or withi ot the house. The houses ire in good order. The location is extremely desirable. Apply to WM. kJNO O'BRIEN, 13 Wall street. (C7""tl3,#IO to loan ou bond and mortgage, in sums to soit. Ie2l tl'rwh rOH SALE, M AT PRIVATE BALE?The property known as N?. IH>Mulh?rry street, near Brooma street. Lot 32 by IUC XaJLleet. A two story brick front house on the Irout of lot ?agSall two (lory frame house on the side ol lot, with i l?rge work shop in the rear. 32 oy 26 i?el, Willi n cellar 13 Ten deep lu tha time Half of ine purchase money e ui remain or bond and muflguge, at 7 per etui .Kmjnire on the premises. 11* liu*rc ivlA.N?Al'lA|UA MUUtsfc.. hA THti KLEl'Kll of theabuye honse, haying retirei from the business the hruse will lie let or moderate terms for oue or a in<inber of years, com meucing on the first of March ueit This establishment be tint so well known, as also the Celebrated tout pond ad joining it is ueedlese to say more. For particulars apply n the subscriber near the premises N I) Ihe ibove es ablishmeui would be rented eery low ia a party of yet tlemeu THOMAft KLOYl> JONKS. South OrsrsaBty. t. i fil to mar I'rrc FOR MA Life. jgjL One of the mom be ut'ful and deainble residence! r.JU in the Blsle ol .. nnecricut, iituard m th? Clf. of JmmL'Voi wich. rorner i f W<s iugton sud Vaurie streets now usvad a H ocrup ed by Mrs. e. Kip. >nd foimeily ine residence n' Win U. Oilins'i, K. q . by alinsi fhe ? n,esi built, and the gr< umla laid "nr. I h< re are ah?u' five acr>r oi ls it. covered with el-Kant shade trrea and shrebh ry.wuh varieties r.f fruit tiers, yi> seberries, cur,-u is, raspberries tr wbe ries, kc The scenery 'rum the grounds is barut ful and pictnresqne equal to sny in Hie si-is The h use a veiy e nve lent w ,th two wells of etc lien anburve felling water on the pr> mises, and (lie p ace combo t? every i hniy to ina.a ii One r.f the mo t do ighif I residence" in ,N.-w rvi.and. end of fe s rare opportunity to nnv geiitieinouwist.log sheiutlfo Country seat For terms and tn-ther partiealars.ippl ytn Charles Addnmt Esq., No MUianile Bunding, corner Broadway and Chainhe is stieet, or to the sui eenber on th> premises vv. C. WHITPIDUK Norwich. Feb in 1317 lit lm- re FUK SALE. MA TliRKF. STORY HOI, SF. on 73d street, berwert t.he2n<l*iid 3d '.venues It is well finis ied, ai d ir plele with the Intra! improvements, including kitehei range, sink, cold and worm hi In, water closets, Itc lialisu marble mantlet throughout ihe house ; a eonrr yard of filteei. Iret in f'ont,with errand h end Frauch windows. The heusr is one of a row of sis lionses ou tha south sine of the street Forlurtlier particulars spply to Willi It SUNS, ft Hn*r 172 Tear' srreet FOR -ALE, tA FARM of fifty two acres, most delightfully situ.-led, about five iniles from k.lixsbeihtown, > J , com rising a handsome criiiiiuodioos dwelling house vith maihle mantles, and eve-y convenience for a respect hie family ; the whole including g.-.rdsner's heme, barns, ice home, and other building", in a substantial state of rep or; the orchard Croiaius tweuty aciet of choice frmt tree". ... '1 lie easy access from New York, either bytbe various cars from Jeney t'lly or the ferry to F.lizabetliporl, whence a railroad train runs within a hundred yards of the house, renders tliii prnperty very valuable to those doing bosmea. in this city. 'Ihe gieater pari of the pnrehase money i an remain for three years on lumd and mortgage, at live | er cent VYiaK St SONS, 172 Pearl stieet. Also, far sale, s dwelling house No. 311 Washington street. ft lin*r RAT HH UN'S HOTEL, 161, 163, 165 tf lb7 Droadtcay, iVern York. This new and magnificent establishment, recently nTTR opoeed as n Public lintel, ia fittvd no in modern stylr, ! i^tyiLw !, the latest iinp.oveineuis, and is ol sufficient ca parity to accommodate 2t>e persons. I lirsines a eery spacious Pining Mall, it contain* an nnnsn 1 ! n mbrr of pleasant Parlors, with large wvll ventilated Bed.- oms, all splendidly furnished with entirely new lump turn . ,ie location ia yery desirable and convenient, both foi ltiiuw aud pleaiure, being between Courtlaudt and Libert) streets The i loprietor nl this establishment intends to make i one ol ' i r moat roinfor able, ileuuut, and boaineaa like places in mecitvcf Mew Tuft, and ? yams or eipenae wil spared < a bia part o meet the wanta of hia gueirs?:here by hoping a share liberally in the public patronage, while hi rrm-iiua the | ublie'a huinble aereast, B KATHBUN. J !f7 I in * re NATURAL MUSK,. BTIL.I. greater attraeuon at AKCHY'3, No. S Johl yavTa'reer?A U. hna juat resetted by the laat packet JBJL' ' f ro m Euiope, a eonaiderah<a additior to hia alreati jSj-s moat rateiiaiea atnek nl Hinging and Fancy Bi.ilaAm meat the following will be fonnii 180 nl the moat clinic deac.ip'ion of Breed '-J Dutch C-naries, mated an piep.tred to be pnt up for h itching Bird Cages, Bird Seedi and all other thinga pertaining to the abuee, will at all time be found nt Aechy'a, No, S John at. N B.? Shetland Ponies, King Charles Spaniels, Italia (Jreyhoundi. and other fancy doga couatanily on hand. I* S ?An early inspection is rerjiiesitd, as thil la withnr Joubt the be?t selection he has eeer offered. jZti imrc OOOUYEAK'8 OVKRHHOES, 100 BRtfAinVAV. LADIES' AMU GENTLEMEN'S OVF.H 1 "HOKH. in ionfacnrcd of Ooodyear'a celebrate , Patent .Nirtnllic India Rubber, petleclly llcnbla in the colt eat weather. For aaie by the eaaa or aiogle p ir, by SAMUEL BROOKS, Sole Agent for Ooodyear'a Mannfactoriea, fl'm'rh I## Broadway, oppoane'1'riintv Chareh I MK& NO'I ICE-ALL PEllet > \ A si? foilndli r "at hi 1 HFyz* or harboring any of the crew ol the British bar , ^MWefaitFAMK, iia no dehtt of their contracting will b i pnul Iiv either the Lap ain or Consignees. fit 1 ?i re aflrt FOK ULA^OO W. ? 1 he Mew line?tteguli NeFbV Packet?let of April?The fine fast aailmg Br. bai JmHImADA vl f'AKIl, too tona, Captaiu John IVrigh wim anil as nboTC, her egular day. r Km freight or pasture, bar nt etcellent are mm datioai - apply n board, foot of Jlooierelt street, East Mirer, or o WOOOHi'Ll a> vIIMTUUn. t -outi ? i The Al Br hark ANN HAIILKY Captain Hoberi Scot will succeed the Adam Carr, and nail on her regular dav, ft 14th Apiil. Ml . I *i. FOR BELFAST- fha fcsi aamrg Al ht yjQI^V JOHN J aH l)f ^ P.. Joseph Sampson, maa'er, wi I | JASnfie here i t mediate deapatrh. t for Ireight or raaa ye h?e,ii< eery good aeeomieodM on apmyon boaid al wha'f, or to W WOOU'tlM.I. It MINTUWN, IP SontI 1 O nnil r** N' H " O.l'e HHEtt'l t I C rlnAl E i ?iWv/V beat Quality, for sale eery low, to close a co i I aim.oieiii, at JJ >1aideu L ine O OERSON It CO. ' n?8w*f IERA i. AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. iiKOlSL.ATIVK PKUCKKD1NUI. iMMMi Albany, Feb 94, 1947. Mr Van 9chuorhov kn. from'he Committee on Oris vincM, to which wm rgfirrrd the petitions of number of ri'ixeus of Rensselaer county for the restoration of i Smith A Houghton anil others, (b'te anti ent convicts ) to those rights ami privilege i enjo> oil by "other good ci'ix tt?," n? they are railed in the petitions. reported the peti I >p? to'lie Senate and ssk'il that the committee mi|(kt he dischmged from their tuitber consideration j Mr Van Bchoonhovkn said thnt'u construliunal question wus iotoIvhi! in this mat'er. which the Committee on ( ances were not as competent to deeWte as BOOM other committee. He did not know that it wi s in the power ol the Legislature to pass nit net to restore these (Millions to the lights of citizenship; he moved, therefore, that the Committee on (Ji levunce* bo discharged, mid that the petitions ho releired to the Committee ou the Judi.'iurv. Mr Hi kks (the Sheridan) made some wicked and awtul , ly Cullatio lemaiUs on the motion to change the rcferenca I of the petitions It was too bad he snid, to commit the fate ol these brave martyrs, who had done uotning tiut i murder, and who were only gt ntlninon ussnstius, to a 1 cold, calculaiirg committee, like the Committee on the Judiciary. Two honorable member* ol thia be'y had presided at the council Ares and slept in the wigwams ot the " Indian" gentlemen and it might readily be supposed that these 3 nntors entertain some feUoW feeling with their calico constituents. These petitions ought, therefore, tefetred to these honorable Senators, with instructions to make a report upon the subject He took it that it was the duty af n man tc remember his friends. Mr. Yooisu? To remember their Creator in the days of their youth [Laughter, loml and long J Mr Skkms?Yea; it the Chairman ol tne Committee on Grievances, and lus honorable colleague (Hams) were created by theao geiitl imen assassina, they ought toremember th'-m. [Perceptible sensation ] Mr. Been' remarks were suspended on account of the | arrival of tue hour for the resumption ot the tpecial order. I On motion of Mr Jonas, the special order wai deferred i by the Senate for tll'teen minute*, Mr. Beer* resumed; there was lomothing moto bitter i thun gall in hi* remarks. He spoke without reservation or qualification; every word was freighted with pungent I sarcasm and contempt of the conclave of cuiiuu.g cren- , tures, who have made the tenantry the instruments ol their political success. Mr. John Young was not spared. The hour set apart for the couaideration of the special order having ugam arrived, Mr. Boon took his seat. Mr. Hano moved that the special order be further postponed. Mr. Hahd objected ?There were certain Senators pre sent who were attempting to delay tlio public business, in older to bring tho present administration into disrepu'.o. Mr. Hand demanded to know who the Senator charged with attempting to delay the public businees. Mr. Hard declined to give any names. The matter waa then drepped, and the quastioa was not taken on the motion of Mr. Van Mchoonhoveu, Aud the Semite went iute Committee of the Whole on the bill to provnlo for the appeiutment of commissioners of the rode, under the 17th section of the lirst article of the constituticn. The question before tho Senate was on the motion to strike out a clause in the bill, which requires the puldii ration of the cudo three months before its presentation 1 to the Legislature Mr. J.B. Smith moved to make the period of publication six weeks, instead of three months. Thia motion waa debated with ardor, rancor, and eloquence. Mr. Srancaa delivered himself of an elegant and pro | louna ipeecti on the common Ihw. I 'J'h# committoo ot the whole did Dot vot<* upon the | motion. Aiatmbly. Alisisv, Feb. Id. 1847. Mr. Alliko presented the petition of IJ '.'37 reiidonts of the city of .New Vork for the repeal of the excise l<iw. I Utiling the early morning hour, the House waa engaged iu the discussion of a local affair of no general inteieat. The Houac in committee of the whole, resumed the special order, the bill brou.'ht in by Mr. Cornwell, relating to the repair and supoiinteudeoco of the c.uuaU. I sent you a copy of this bill yesterday. The question before the committee, wai on an amendment iijmtiug uli contracts to the period ot thiee years. Mr. ItaacoM moved to fix the peiiod at five years. The aaiendmrnt of Mr. Bsscom was rejected. Mr. Oi.oas moved to fix the period at two years. The amendment declares that the first contracts shall expire on ttix first Monday of February, I860, and every succeeding three \ ears thai rafter. This latter amendment waa adopted. The hill waa subsequently (intended to that no engineer at auperiiitnnd?iil abatl tie inteiontcd in any contract) uny violation ot this clause was made a penal otlunce, puni hatile with a fine not less than $10i>0, noi more than $0000. I confidently hope that a measure Of caD.d j economy, as well as a good and insuperable gumd t against canal frauds, will pass tho two houses at an early i day. The committee, without farther action upon the bill, rose and reported progiess, anil had leave to ait again. , Naw Bauetwicx, (N.J ) Feb. 21,1347. City Uuardi Bill? Outrayg ?*1eciJ'nt -RrheJ for Irt lani?Vultntint$, f-c <f-e. Tba City OuarJa held thair second anniversary ball on Friday evening, February 10th, at the City Hall, and the way the military aud civic authoriti -s trained is a new and iatereatlDg chapter to he added to the u? xt edition of the " Rules and Article* of War " I hail lueu the gal ! lent soldiers before, urid judged them well diilied. I thought them due looking lellows?the bravest of the brave - roady. should ocra lou cell, to " fiusil' tha hlthhln rannlo'inn Even ui the cannon'* mtu It " _ Ar.J yet thcie vary c/tlucia, tiicked out with all the adornment* or their aaveial grade*. aurtandere 1 -I aaw it with my own eye* int'ia bull room ? surrendered without parity, their armi to the Indie* 1 impacted tbay were Captivated, w h?n they taced the invader*, in long drawn llnta; and the iuapicinn ?n atrrngtheue I ah u they oh?y>"l or-let* in the oo'lllon; but wu -n tun niu-ic t nun ted the w al'i the conciliator) w.ia une?> apable The eatle tinil auccuniliod to the dove? Mm yielded 10 (lie I'aacinaUon ol alinerva; and the c*p'ivr* " otleied arms," iu token of their willing autimoeion , Wlio ? iy lanieinhoiild tie nameo with "t xviopt*" whvn (liny bear 'a, in?" thu* continually?"carry arm*" with a preciaion that put* to rou e perfected dull, and "order 1 mm*" ao potently? I 'I hut the (At eta ami men, were ell pritacuer*, was evident ireni tlmir own coi f? **iou Amot g the inviied guest* were < apt. 1?. an I lidy, of the Light iiuuida, Brooklyn. wn-1 Copt. P and ofllcer* ol the < o iumbi.m 11ft ?i?icn, Newark, a* we 1 av otkceia and pnvatu* of the Union Killeiuon of your city. Dingle'* bun i discoursed mo?t excellent rauaio, and gave (atiafaetto-j to all Who say* lie can be beet in playing cotillon* I The ladie* ol New J3iun*wick were out in all their ( burro*, and the wave ol elegance waa awollen by addition! Iiom Newark, Jersey and New Voik Oitlea I ho civic portion well deiervo, aa tboy were mingled wiili, to be put down in the a-mia ca'egory ui the military. With the gentlemanly officer* for the evening'* duration, they acted, in all respect*, a* "fellow aoTdiera," diacriminuting Irom the titled pcaition, u* until iformcd and unarmed. The room wu rnott elevantiy decorated, and the aaierr.blngc cf beauty wu* a scene of lovriioet* ud'l grar.u. inn poetry 01 graceiui motion in ti e daius, aud the awset strains of the orchi-itta, had u moit intoxicating influence on the looker* on, of whom. howevvr, there were hut lew, lor all were pager to join with the happy throng, nnd enjoy to their utmoet the enlivening scene Better arrangement*, and morn to the liking ot all, could not have he-en inade hy Mr II Moore (everything to remitter to the ippetitc ho hHd, aod to pleaie all let ined to he a pleasure to him. | i to him, lay we, in every thing lie uiideitakes About I J o'cloi k, the iuviteJ gueiti, accompanied hy thn.commiltee, leit the happy company lor an hour or in, r to paitake el a aupper, yrepated hy the ohligii.g landlord ' of the Bull'* Head lieu Smith It it Dnndlea* lor me to inform you that he prepared eveiy thing in hi* ii.tial , goodatyl". Alter the clotti w*? irinovel *om" renin kn I on tho tnili'ary were made hy Col J. t; Xahriakie. Toast* were then drank, alter which the company re> paired again to the hall, to mingla once more iu the -lance. The gentlemen were attentive at the they were gallant in the hall, and the ladn-a fared wall mingling the conversational with tho edl'de treat. Sufa (lea to nay, that " we did not go home till morn lug?till i eyhght did appear Tho cartiage* ware ail I in readinaaa wnen we weia, and the borne ol tho bell*, al " an eaily hour, inuit have nrouacd the sleepers to a doti j hie conclusion, vii that the hall tva* ended and the , belli tinging. Krom the way anme r f ti e vehicle* werf a must have ?eemed a cinel breaking up to tlir overladen horaea. d f t their ipirita ieemed to anfh-r n< d abatement trout the burden which they were compelled to draw over the hill*, and the tamed "white ateod of the II prairie," could not have presented more bury like show - than did our flying return. The Voung Men's Neapolitan Aanocialion also gave I- l theii lirst inviiaiioD totrf* atstiong* Hotel, hut it* w? d cetild not ha in two nine** at oncn ?n> the eveniar. we aro unable to ?penk ot the particular*. So far a* re{ gnrd* mimic, it w#i good being part ol Dingla'a baud, of | your city, ilia auppcr hai been ?poken of veiy highly. Having born oiirsclvo* a gueit nt tliia homo, ou f?>inier I oi ciiMoiu, w* will venture to ?ay, nothinK we* lacking li | on hi* part, an<l can warmly recommend tho hoime r to all. Ou Saturday evening last, a man *?? font,.!, about tw o I mile* liom tlii* city, in a xtiilo ol iiiicmihility, HI* Jr name waa WMt?ker; li* formerly taught ichool near k ! where he wa? found Hi* ?kull wa* brokan in ?*v?ir?] t, I place* A watch, gold ring, and *omn few dollar* wok I takan from hM portion. Home hopt * aro entertained o ' hi* recovery A man waa uriaateJ on Mouday, on nu pio.lon of baing the author of ttio outrage, but nothing t> | w*a eliciled v" examination to juitily hia dofentlon ie 1 Oo SatufWy TSiat, a lioy, aon of K. Car inn, had bia inn caught in the machinery of !)*>'* India >ubber factory I,, , to h? to rcielcr amputation net anary. Dr. Newell pet II formed the operation on Sunday Homethh g like Alteen hnuilrrd dollar* have been ?ul> t ac titled in till* city for tho aiilfailng poor of .relaml ! Thare i? a good deal ol eympmby expraaaad hero ft: ? I the two little raaponaibilitii'* whicli 1 gavo jou an ar "* I count ot on the 14 h inat , and venom are the rtimui* Ci 1 I to who are the owner* ot the ''dear little thing*.'' ' Ihoao who hava black hair aught to coutrlhule a utile t< 1 JL1). ?*Ua VWW Colli, have them brought upend educated Tbin U a tumor that another od<- wet found, white aa flu rut mo the cream of the Juke i? a Hack on m rlaiin* it. and itya kbo duel rot aaeociata with colored gruimen The ceea ii being invcitiga'ed. Vcu ihell hove all 'he particu lire We believe it ii now genetuljy a tmit'ed that oute It a great country. tvery 'hing movei on a high prtaaure Eo ah*ad-and beat eveiy thing alee intrraga i> afi m ? qually clear ia it that otir men tve thi an>arteat, and women the moat beautiful and bewitching end our cbilj i wi 1. -?? \--- * i -?> vitau * ijaji an u'm a m aau v.- i.-ui . in ai'j uuiei ruilHW . The your*' an.) old have t i cn doinc quite a Iu?idmi in the way t f sending Velentint a during <ht> past week, utid have kept cur worthy |.o*tn,u .ici Insy enough. We received one and have hern tick ever, >et we thank the vender lor her timely advice T ho new monthlies me, as usual u hull month in the old. and Gudey and Graham l ave Ilun-bed Solomon, i our carrier with their March eoussloi a before 'he time 1 am t .volatile to liteiatuio, in ila widest i iirulatiou. and res aid it aa the greatest l?vor Icenliesi.w i-fi ier d when I van p. isua'e Lit, into the pu i chase of a monthly hook. M> ti ro* means permit mv tho pl-.i-uievf laying the price and adding "piesenf'to the r nil.ui d good. Let mo iu couoluiion, assure the . eu.)tu of the Htraid, that men of all religicus per. ussions can And fitting places of worship in bew Bnirav. itk. To say own creed 1 da not proselyte, at it is rot necetsaiy. Tha only dill, rence it pri vet nmniig men, is one less of opinion ihaii of taste, in the gratifi- utien ot which deviating paths ara allow aide, for though iliey conduct by dliferent placas, they all Isan to one common conclusion. ZANONI. War matters. military movements. tKrom the Albany Argus, Keh 77 J We learn, through our Washington correspondents, that on Tuesday, tha President Dominated Gen. kot.ert ?. Temple, of this city, late Adjutant General of this State, Colonel of the New York regiment, under the lata requisition, ami Major General Edos D Hopping of Baling, Lieut. Colonel It is believed that Major General Orville dark, of this Stute, will be ottered the appointment of Brigadier General. NAVAL NEWS. [From the Boston Traveller, Feb 37 ) Two gunn, weighing seven tans eaeb, from Alget'a Foundry, South Bostan, were shipped on hoariTthe schooner Compliance lor New York this morning, and Irom thence will ho rethipped for MesicoThe government huve purahased the schooner Fancy, and will turn her into a lighter. Gey. Taylor's I'ony.?Wo received by tho last arrival from Tamntco a communication signed "S.into r Cruz," detailing the particular* of the march of the 3d division U 8 A , under command of Major Oen. Patterson, from Matamorue to Victoria, but regret that the crowded state of our columna preclude* tha poaaitdy of our finding plaee lor it We must, however, give the following anecdotes which are embodied In the cemmuuicatiou :? General T?y lor's marque at Victoria waa a mile above that or Gen. Patterson, and between tbe two the Tennea?fc aavalry waa encamped Uan. Taylor waa riding from hia quartera to Gen. Patteraon'a one day, upon a beautiful Mexican pony, and on liia routa paaaed cloaa 1 to a Tenneaaee troo|ier, who waa rubbing down kla ; horse. Totally ignorant of the rank of the plainly draaaed old man. andatruck by the beauty of hia animel, he aecoated hiin with "Look here, atranger, would'nt you like to awap that ar tony 1" "No, friend," quietly responded the general; "ha la a . favorite nag of mine, and I do not deairo to part with i lum." A comrade of the trcoper'a, recognizing the general, I said to him, in an under tone, "Bill, you d?d fool, dont ' you know who you're a talkin' to 1 that's Uineral Tay' lor.'' Now Bill regarding Gen. "Old Rough and Ready" aa the greatcat man on the lace ol the anuling earth, waa lorrilied at finding that he had put hia foot in it, and stammered out : "O g glueral, 1-1 I did'nt know it waa you?1-hcg p-p-pardon, gineral,' The old commander kindly ofleiod hia hand to tho trooper to relieve him from liia embarrassment, inquited hia mime and residence? complimented the Teiinetaeuna, telling him that ha had iunml them the bravest ol the brave, end rode auietly on. On tho match of Gen. Tayloi'a division from Monterey to Viitoria, when encamped near a small town, this s line |tony waa atolou, and the genera) immediately dea; pttcln d n message to the alcalde, informing that worthy ; lunctiouary of the tact, and that if he was not restored lie anoiild take tho priest's horse. The threat had the de, sired effect, for in a veiy ahoit apace of time the pony waa trotted up to the general's tent ".with the compu! incuts af tire alcalde." ? , , , -| | ?? CHIJRllY PECTORAL. 'J'Hia elegant and tnrpassniply cieat I eat lemedy for celda, i jl cuugna, cuutuinpuou ouu uu anecuoua 01 uie throat aad 1 luiga | Sold in Nrw York by Hoad'.ey, Phelpt I*. <'o , 142 Water it; Kuahion H Co , lir udway , Hemy Johsaun, Apothecary, I corner Chambers alreet nud B'mtdwny; J Milhau, IIS Broadway: J. k A. Meakiin, SI' Broadway, aud diuggiata through out In# United Sutra and ( anndas The formula of tlia preparation ho been published ta tha pntrlie medical jnurnn'u, and h-i received the highest Comineu 'ati u uf ?rmd medical college* ami aeliooli in the United Sta'ea, ai well as the distinguished mediral auhorities of British Aroeric* f>4 lm*rh TO DENTISTS. * '|Mt? subscriber lits just reeeierd n cement (without mar JL cury,) lor filling te ill, uireuied end rerun ly unproved liy one < f the first Muigical Dentitti in the woild It is be lireud to be th? best artirle uf the It ic. d ever offered to the profession. For sale at the Dental Depot ?f JOoklPH T. MURPHEY. US Broadway Orders by mail, acoompanyiog SI, can bare a jar sent iby return eipia?s US lni*rn ! NLEuLfcS, FISH I MO Kb, AND FlSHiNli tackle J'HQM A3 and THOMAS H BATK, l?S Maiden Laae. j I offer fi> sale n very supenor art'le nt Bale's drilltn ' a) rd Sod uihrr qualities < f .Neeolet, ,v ith the large i and most iclec asioi imrut i I' Fishing Treble erer int., o far tared or ni p tr ed min tms gnuntr, ruotiscmg vl iuartin Reliei's, I'-lnin rv, and Hollow Point Line irk Hooks: snperflns K irby Bent Malmou, Virgo is, Mark Fish, K.rby Bfut Pot asa and Kork, Truni and Ki by Itiyer llo .k, fltited Alsu, tin e-fine Limerick, Kirby rttlino.). and all others, snoodad 1 oi gitnrn iw tied, Slid ting e rut. k'lvs. Minnows, Bilk B amed tii'J Spun Bilk Lines, Cirssa, Mag, ai d Tr.iot Fly l.lnrs It .Is in great v.tit y, si all pr rea. I'i.glirh sad Auierirru iterls, k ithing Batkfls ('iik hi d Hollo Floats, m li eeeiy other driciipti'in of Fithi g TatSie, so d uu miidrraie terms,, si 103 .Vleideu Laue, up tlatrs. near Pearl at. 191 lo'rs SBOAKS HAVANA AND MP JACK) LEAF TOBACCO. \A NAM iNOH #1 liru-dw y, uu ataira, (oppoail* Trn Iff I batch) tfeia for anle, in lots to aait pnrcbaa I crs. at wholesale an I rstall l*ai halaa ('arana taai Tnba-co wrappcrt and filler*. 5# " Ygnaay " V ' JO " I aiaberlaad H-rbor. * " 4U " 81 J ago I.rat Tobacco H " 15 " " ' dark wrappery. II caaea old Couoer.ticat Need I eaf l ohtcco. good colore. Alan, Hegara of all bra> lit and rl iitna, lurlnding aonn laa p) tad nip-ctaly for private am kera, together with atham ,u t ib I e for the t ad a Jnat received, a few of the now broad '!! iraaispamco " imported snlelv by the aabaerinar. Oidcre raceiyed end poncinally atlruded 'o lur all c'aaaaa | oltvg.ra Alio tor isle, all kiuda tf Mmokisg Tobacco of American, Bp.ini h. Merman, and Turkish maunfaatara, 10cludiag the relrbrated Hcaifalatli Alto. Moiiffa nf ml hind<, including the celebrated "Corkit Haotn" and "Nai HiToeMta." A A.haMAM), III lm*ie at t^aedway Up Monro If- HkiiaIiWaY, OuSIKk OP John bTBKKT, TO J HOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. I From ihe B-tnu Traveller 1 RI NO'S VMION 5 CHF.AM?Th.s ahteiag compound it uow all ihe rage, na well amimg loneonel profoaaors as 1 Huong i iiuar wim preior 10 n ainr r meir own niu rati rrnjw ? The b rbers ?ay trim * pot of it lasts twice as long as tin aim unautityof inyother saponinioua prepimt ion .while those who nve their siipeueea decline that with the Verbena ('ream a | ilull mror will intura smoother face ihen moat at the eld s'apt with n ?ti?'p steel; bee dee It it fragrant to the lenin, | softening'o the ikin, a great deitmyer of Treekles, pimples, lie ; and what n heitar than all, in thnan hard times it u sold almoat lor a ior g Wholesale tad retail, by CH A RLKH H HI NO, f'1 l>n*rh Druggist. lilt Broadw y, coruer John at. MOT RN1NO COLLARS AT WHOLESALE THE belt to be fonnd in theoiry, at W T Sinclair's Canal street. Hoatlieru and Conntry dealers will lad it to their advantage to call before they purchase Ml lm*r C' V Ill.'H W. KiKCD k CO .No t Burling slip, ofler lor > sale a large Ksortmeet of Printing. Writing. Wrapping. Hardware, Envelope. Hanging, ai d colored Paper. 1 Paper of any aire or quali'y made lo order. The highest market pries paid in eaih for raga. bagging, bele ro|>e cnuiiiea, ctiiioy bagging. grass rope.eanveee, end nil other kinds ol Paper Manufacturer's sicck.hT CYRUS W htXV k CO, fit 1m re ^ * Wnrttur tlt^? N Y 5/ \/ in IlOaUtt PATENT PHIMPKU SUSPKN aWWWDKKT, embraeme over twenty at.lea and , I price,, varyiug from Ll"w %i to fJO per doxen. for tale to juthrfi nod riiioit^n, >u<l ( rfi*1'! b? IM "flly rtlliiH* 1 rer of th* t bir in ih? *<>* ' i all the patenta lor preetaaea i? the " nufnetore of ikoeo goroU " " ''AY. It, fin rrr ?Conrtla?dt.troet t I NOTICE. 1 ' dg'tflE e, partneralup heretofore enating between the nn> I deenuue.I. ni.der tlie linn nf Bnown It Bnoons. la thie I day dkiw, )>?d by mn'tial ennaent 'I lie outstanding debts of i the ti m will he aettled by .Vlr Brooks. to whoa all debta do.-tl , eoncern meat be paid, end in the eettlement of wtileh 1 , ia ighortred to uae the i tnia ol the firm. H. BKOWK.k. ifAMUEL BHOOKB N'-w VoaP Ian V., 1IUT jM laia? KRVALENTA. TilK Ui.deiaigued haee ronalantlyon hand a fresh supply of k.rvalenia, a valuable remedy in obeunate eases of orinatipntmn. Pntnpinponnd parkages For ails, wholesale and retail, by Hkl.LI'f k CO., Apothecaries and Chemists. Soie successor* to PLACE fcbOUIU.AKU, fit Irnere Na 2 Park Row. and 081 llroadwav. DALLE YU k CONN ELL'* PAIN EXTRA'. I OH. ("*OlJNTRV merchants eau be aapplied with the trne / artielea, in any ,|nantlliea, and at pnees that eaunot fail > to ami purchasers ? hat to eet the original a->d genuine, the number, ( No. 21 Coartlandt street.) ninit always he sought. t COMslOi K k < O. N B ?Wanted V> to 31 travelling agents fiom dillereat Brotea. earh to furnish his own team. fit llk*ro ixs / ,i.vTAXKnrs HAH< / ) r: t OATCHKLOR'H l.iquid llair Dye is the heat irll'l# yet IP nflVied f r roloriug the hair to a perl-ctly even and | natural Mack or brown, without atein>ng .? i luring the skin. It r mtioutirtrf by l? * ho b yt t??* u ioul v P?'fpft H<??r l>y# TM disc#.** *d. Hrld wholf* Mid r*t?il by VV V1. H XT- HKl.()?, I VVeII iirrrl u#?rH?o d***. MM m? r r PTPh 1' K N VM .< I PS PA Pfc. F3IVE HlfNDHkU MM.Vi.1Pai' ' huveloie Paper, ami aMp for (Mi'liOtf ur !* < NUIIH Oil for ??! by r*aKs.sXr W ) frl imr^NME.f f ft&c. 1M

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