Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1847 Page 1
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[ th; *#i< xm, no. ex-wtih .mm THE mw YOKK HERALIXi James cukdijs bbnnktt, proprietor. Circulation--Forty Thousand. DAILY Ht ( \LD-tT.ry uavTPne* I cnu p?rcopy?ST >9 p.- ! uiu? p?y b ? lu advance _ . WEhKLiC Hi.HaLD?Lr.rv Aatorday-Priea iM ? ?? Btr ( > HIV ? * o. >.?. . mt> un. n.n.n.vahl? in ?* ?< ? \ HfctV'AL.; v">H-0RU &?ti'*ry Msam racket day? 1 Pr ce 6)4 cent* i or dpi?S3 psf annam. payable in ad luce ANNUAL PICTORIAL HEWALH?Pnbl s'sd on ths lai o' Ja> inry of e?< h year? aingls capias -it penes each. AIIVEKTIhE ENTH. at ih'aaoal pries-?always c?>b in ?il alter Ailve rti-e mruta -liould be written in aa plain, Itgibl* manner. Ths i'n prirtor w ill not be rrsponsibls for erro thv mav occ r in the'". Pi) i IN'PI Oof all kui J* executed beautifully and with deepMeh All letr-re or eontinunicstinna by mail, add-eased to the e talilialimenr. meet t.e post p id. or the pa tags will bededucted i.-om the su'< en lioe tn >uey remitted J .AMES ouRUOV BttNNErr, Proprietor f the Nsw Yoaa Htaato EsTaai.isMSiKfVT, North W??i corner ol Kultos and Naaa m streets mvi ? <* A At K or to LEASE, a large and handsome . FA'M, situated at ( '*' Koekaway, L I , muUiaiug I ad? hie it ( of Lend suiubly divided let* {tillable, wood ! bil in rati w land. It is of earyaceessto New Totli. both i by land and W'trr. Also, a large Home, snttahle as a Boarding H uie. with fear ncret of uilsble land, new Barn and I nthei out buildings, all enclosed by a good bee.-d aid paling fwtee. -poly to Asm). R B. Norton, an the premises, or at the affn s of Julia H Pews'. No IIS Fu ton at. lit lw"i A MM ALL K lt.BP4.CTA BLK FAMILY without chi'-*r it. rre desiioua-I* ranting the upper pirt of n g't>d sixed moils u two or three stery H<>nse. wesrw ris >1 Broadway, where thev eeti be ere?mn>odeted with the itr-nid fioo , ft or 4 rooms, and attic rorm of kitchenhA smtll f m Iv having such apntmeuts in good c .rdmou and )ii a 4 airahle loeetiou, mav hnar of a .mod tenant by add>esaing a tine " A. B , 1 or applying peisonally at he front effice, first flo'r. No < Nassau sr set trt2 Iw'rr FLviKENOJt Hui'?L Nn. 4(10 Rrwixray, earner IValker Street, N. Y. Art ,IOH v KLOtxEXLE, Jr., has new completed bis ;-><H S'langrmRuts for opeuiig to the onb'ie. at toe elegant ,"jp sud 'paciom building above designated. and wnun he ha. a great expense erected, a Ho'cl, to be co idueted on the >.u o.ean pisu In alduiau to the r?mm idions Hastsurgut V low he hat arranged 'itemiva suites of dining room* on : the II >ors above, sul?n I'dly fnrnith-d wi ll a sry modern improvement in tnrn ture. deeorati' n?, he. Braids* these, are sionlle* apart uents, aimilarlv famished, f r the eecouimo 'a mil ol i iJiviiiuala sr of sma l ptrties. whsrs I aa i ^ the Is ger a) artwriiti ( meal, ars supplie' at their ewn bun's, i i'i?n *uu?cu m ntucned ' 'he eaiablithmeirt. (eutr-ucr quire distinct from that with the public dpar'fnctr ) Iiiiiome six y bedroom* single end double, with el-taut parlor* adjon me?ih* ? h de form ii( * fl it cltas h (el for gentlemen,to he conducted ?n * seele nf onnvenieuee . tad a-comov d? iou hithert uuattaiued in thie eoan'.rr. J V Jr . truvs that-t is unneceuarv f-r him to assure the publ c 'hat hit larder, hi* wine*, and indeed hi* entire culinary department will be of the beat kind throughout; and he ineite* gen-lemen n ho are deeiroui of at the tame time obtaining n'oms and bovd, or either, leparately, to cell upon h to ea above, where he will be haopy to afford them eeetV facility of examining hie new and commodioue eitablish? m*nt. mJ lm?i# Mt'ch t. 1847. FOR SALE OR TO LET, Jtal ONE er both >! the handenme two etory brick hon>e* flTvw and lute N? a *8) and 487 Broome street. near Broad -EJflLway A etable it attached to Ne 467 wn'ch -will be I*i with or without the home. The hetuei are in good order. The location i* extremely deeirabie Apply to WM. It J NO O'BRIEN, I mJtfe 38 Wall etreet. TO LET MANO FOB BALE, at 8c?t-n Island?Several Co-t?gesand Houses, w th ga delta, pleasure and pasture lauds, situ red in Tompbinsvi le rnd Btapleton? some neat ?ud me a little distance fiom the (arty. Also, a g od Hotel to I t. The r-nti are from ?ixtv to five hutdied dollar* per aiuuin. Apply to P. WOCFE8, Wolfe*' Hotel, Tompkinavil'e. ZD" Immediate potteniou can be giy*u of aome of the hoi.tee?retr to ran m*nce let M?v next. f37 lw"rc FOR SALK CHEAP, In RUKAI. LIFE, fronting the beantifnl Raritau [ " * Bay ,ei u> anding a fall *>d eu'ire view from the HighXM.L.'d*ol Neve *-nk to the Narrows. Large aud in til f??m< imprered aad tinnnprnved property, eo mat the pur ehai-rs cm at all time* run then f mcy in a aelection ol' pro p * y. Alto.f ur'een valaable building lor*, at Writ Bloomtirld, t P >tni tun adjoining the Methodist church parsonage. and epp-n-tr the New k.pia*np..| Church. I ri'f* ea*y ''er?"ii* Oe*t out f retiring fmm the city to a healthy location anywhere voug thr shore, ran obtain all information d-tired, by ' let er poit, te W O HAYNEa, Kejpurt, Moumouib eoouty, New letieit. f30 lm*rc .tend iu Lr.X p ? A small Store Loft, at 39 Peck Slip. ! XJU. fTtt Iwf h Amk NEWSTOHEiu Liberty street,near Broadway?To P;-m Let ?A fi.'tt elite 4 . try dcore, brown atone front, 33 JT.sJLI > ;:?. onJ with all mode-n improvement*, to be erected and ready (or occupancy on ine let ol August next For term .. M'l'lv at an Liberty freer ur> nutn ftt t**? FOR SALE?BROOKLYN?#4,000 Jeei Tie lot ard three-story brick Hou?c. ou the eonthI jj?? iccrcrr ut Hicks nnd rsseket streets. Thelitis Jj^lCLtwrntv-toree feet in Lout end rear by one hundred d?e . The home wns bmlt during the last 5 ear, has marb'f mantels throughout. plated 'immure, a tub cellar, iiou por tico in front and back piazzas enclosed with glass. Ii is within three minutes'wale of Itamilt n avenue ferry end the At antic 0 tk and lirteeu miunie* from he South ferry, in a rapidly improving neighborhood Also lor sde, the House aud Lot adjoining, of same de cription. Applvto K' IAS O BISliW.N, At nlosaon k Schell's Office, SO .Hassan atreet. P3le're hOR SrtLE. igtfl THICH u ,e nd let or gr iiind No 04'Miver str'O . ffr.? hot k> by 100 feet, house 23 bz 43 an allay adjoi ling JJjy|,Fnr s tn-.'ils s 4 pi on the preioieee t-3'W*rh To LEI UK LEASE. fort Tl IF. three A-st cl ss dwelling houses Not. 14, 10. aud fog 3J Si Hi?ark Place. I'l.e fi e piuul elore No 109 Water tt, near the cornel oi " ell st Th- A?-s ory ftre p-?of store No. I Liberty at, near the in tersrenou of Maiden Lane. I 'e s ore nu I crlla iNo ST Cedar st, a fr * do rs below W lliam si Apply to P. HVNFOKD f4l Jw?rh Ho II t*'a'|?r,3d stney r fa .SA l. K Jr.aA AT PR VAT".? VLh.-?rnn property known ae No f.Vr? lHVlulb ry etreet, near Brooms street. L"l 9> i>y Od I1', Uff ?' Aiwoerorv biick front house r n the trout-if'in ? 1 ol iw II r, fame h oiea on the aid-of lot, wj'ha ! srge wo a shop in ihe, 34 or 26 ieet, Willi a cellar 13 fart dra . i? the wine Half ut the purchase innuev Can remain oi bo"d nnd in <Ag ,ge. a: T per cauiaKcqaire ou the premises. Iia 1 m * rc fUll SALE. Milne of Uie most benlifnl and desirable retidences ia the Kute of wunueeticat, situs ed in th? ciry el Norwich, corner of Washington tud Yantic streets, uuw > -i cd a H occupied by Mrs. ?. Kip, rod formerly ttie re. i deuce o Win C. (jitmaii, Esq., by whom the h use ?e? bailt, and Ihe grounds Lid oat. There me nboui fiye aer-s or la .0, Covered with elegant shade trees and shrabn-ry, with ya'M'tiee I' fruit trees, go se berries, currants, raspberries, st." whe rics, &<: The acanei y 'roin the grounds is be "uufnl and picturesque eqn?: to en the mate. Theh-use a veiy c >nveneut. w.tb two wells of ese llent an , nrve failing water on the pr. in ?c . aud ti>w place combo ei every lung to make ii nut of the nio-t Jeiufitfil reiides<cei in N- w fc.jLn.l. and ol fe t rare opportunity to any gt.illeui.u wishing a be.inr.ifn. coa l ryaeat For renni " d 'n'ther particulars,npply to Char'ee Addomt Insq.. No. 29 lirai.ita Bnilding, Corner Broadway and Lliam beia street, or to the suosci,ber ou the j reui.aes W. C. WHIT" I DUE Norwich Fa' '0 III? n2 lis re Fur. j<ALh iaed A THHKK ATOMY HOLME on !3d street, between P'-Jf the Sin! and 3d Avenues. It is well liuia ed. indie JiJcLhleie with dm latrsi impmyeuieuts, including kitehei range, sick, cold and warm hi hs, water closets, Stc Indian rn.iro e manlier t' rpughout the house ; a eonrr yard ol fllteei. Ieet in f ont.witli verand .h aud French windows, 'i he hansr isuiieol i row ol til bouses ou the south sh e ol the street For luriher particulars epply to VYSE k SONS, II iin*' 172 Pearl srreer FOR ,-ALK. W A ll'Sl'V at ?! . ? u. ?.ir mo ?crfM, mote or neutrally ? fftjjJ rur?t?tl, bout five miles from Klizabcihtmvn, N J. m iiik? h hgndtoflnc coin in odious dwelling lionif tULva vvi h Bin Lie? m*ntlrfl? and eve y <u>urt*nir',rf tot a re ap?cr?i)lt U;. ily ; Ihr whole including gardener i house b*ru?, ice h. u*e, hlU other build tig*, in a ?u btiaiiful statr o? r?p ir, the orchard e-niains iwaaty ac.aa of choice ?rm? tret* I he eaaV *ere?s from New York.ei her by the Termor enra ir >n. Irr-ey City 01 the terry In Elixahethp.irt. whencn re,Ir" d tr lu iUiii within a hui drrd yards of I Ire house rcr rr llnat'ra. <t I eery ra' to those doitig huaiues in . I. a a n y '1 he *reaui part of the pa re. hue eno. > en re.ii.tani three yearaoo bond and m .ugige at live per eeut V Yat. la hONa, 172 Pearl at.eel 1Al?u f >f aale. a dwelling honee No. Ml Weehr gtnn street fa In.? ~ZZT -TATkTT"*!. Ml CUITAOMI T t LKT OH f^sji Lit. A*K - -1 hr> e Cu ta ea eituatrd on f'aatleton Heights hi ar i at o ill Mint a Hi I a lalei d. gnrrs andnun fne lores- trees, a d coaiti uidiu? au uuaarpeiaed eiria of ire It r the B"? audita islands, and the ocr an, w'ile the "ceeaa la ea.y. the dial to ea. ri ferry teiug le?? th. u a luile The'/ eor tain > follow*: Hag telir?A turbo, dim g room, and S bedroom*. (. o a Neel ?A parior, dining room, lihraiy, 4 bedrooms, and 3 servants'r. oil,*?sitael.r tf carriage home with alable for a ht'iiei. Oak Laud?I par I-rs, large rlieirr room 12 bed.nome, hath room, a .d a aervaula' looms?attarhrd, earnnge lioaae, with atalile lor J t uriea. Tliesa Critta ea enjoy in comm. 11 the us# of 17 acres ol hraiii'fnl Woodlgud, enclosed, aud id the midat of which they aie #ier. ed. Aptly to Madame Urymea, at her reaideuce. Capodi Moulr . Alio, ' apo di Monte, the beant fnl mansion now the real* drurr of V,ailvine Orp mra Inn well knnvn to require a dea 11 peon '1 Ir sn d- u ta large and well trucked with fault, anil 21 teres of woodland, laid ont in wtlks; an lee h"H-e liileo; a v nl-nei'a h u- e and carnage lionae,wiih stabling for eia horses, a e attached 'l u a ir tod tenaut t te home will be rented or leased, fu Ily fn"- he-* feyi 'rreod*r^ L* iv ortLc. UK 1U Lfcl. SJ-i A first-elms. modem-built, ihree-aiory and attie dwelI" H lu g home, AO 241 Konith street. VVathing.on irjo we, .VeJL nil r .HHP ndin? a fine view of the 5th avenue. The _ 1, ,ii-u > i. buili in the rao t substantial minuer. ml finished III ihr heat aivlr, w. h an id |>iliahed mnh-gany doors and pi fed furniture m rhle mantel* throughout the house la heal, ,i wnh a I, t air fuiiiace. and haa C-rotou w tar introdncrd in i he kite lieu, .hem ie- en lea new B'he's range wee put up I he lut it 25 hy 120 feel deep the ptenusei are in eomp ele e elite, n, and p aseaaiou to lie III en ou lit of May ntaf. Two-llii-da of the purclaae money mny remain on fond and in," gage, if desired. For teiftis apply to 5# Egeh ? f" r t| steles fij 4w1ra*v*rr MUNtY l.KNT. 'J 'lIK h ghcai pfire* advanced in large and small sum* on I ro il ai d alleer wntrhea. diamoads, plate, Jewelry dry good* lurnimre. clothing, and every de*<-riptinii personal I ri Perly JUHNM. l)AVIK!d, Licensed pawnbroker, 23] ?* ] ,am Mrett ne r Dnaue. Pcraoue received hi private office* by ringing .he bell. (9 2w*rc ! E N E " NE\> AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. TULBCHAPHICi Senate. Albany, March 2. 1M7. | A bill wm reported to authorize banking on United States itocka. Ordeiad to thiid reading Mr. Moaais gare notice of a bill ier>ing telli on all property tranapoited on the trie Railroad, until the loan of $3,MO,000 had been repaid Mr William, introduced a general bill authorising I tttilroad companies to bonow money to relay tracki with heavy rail*. I Mr TowneeNe called up hia resolution for the ad. journmeut of the legislature. Mr Lkstbb waa in favor of the ex.ra aeaaion, but wouut adjourn the present aeaaion in March. Mr. Johnson would teiminate the present eession on ' in* mm day of May. Ho was satisfied there wa> no | avoiding tba extra aaiaion. J Mr Bacxcs moved to amend, that the extra (anion re. j same the unfinished business. I Mr. Haiois, tatber than have an extra station, would 1 ait until July. KiuaJLly, the leselution for the adjournment of the i Legislature on the 34th of May, and for an extra aeuion ' to meat in September, wai adopted. The till to codify the laws waa further debated. The Judicial Xiiitricta bill, at amended by the Houie. waa received, and laid on the table. Assembly. i Albany, March 3,1847. ' Mr Walsh preaented a petition for the repeal of the | charter of the Seacca County Bank. ' The resolution of the Senate, rescinding the previous ' vote, directing the committees of the two Houses on .-i State Prisons, to visit Clinton county piison, was receiv- ' ad,.and referred to the Committee oo State Prison*. The Houae bill, to divide the State into Judicial Dil- i tricts, was read and passod. A reaolution waa offered to adjourn on the l Jthof May, and meet again on the first of September. I Mr. CsarKNTiKa, on notice, biought in a bill in re la- ' tion to the sal* of goads at auction in New York. Mr Balcom moved to refer the petition*, ho., Ac., on i the bill, relating to the Albany Bridge to the appropriate 1 committee. Laid over, under the rule. { Further debate occurred ou the school bill. Adjourned. BY TUB nAlLH, LEGIST. ATI VICPROCEBDING8. Senate. Albany, March 1, 1647. Lovely morning?bright rays of hismsjaaty, Sal, penetrating the intervening clcuda?fair sleighing. Mr SAi'-ranD presented the petition of the Montefiore Benevolent Society of the city of New York, for an act of incorporation. R?f?rr?J m n>? ?- |,k?" able and Religious Societies. plans soars. Mr Burnham, from the Committee on Roads end Bridges, reported a general in w for the incerporation of companies to construct turnpike roads. [See accompanying bill entitled " An act to provide for the incorporation of companies to constract plank roads ] The bill was referred to the Committee of the Whole Mr. ruo?lss ashed for the consideration of a bill for the reimburse went of some funds to a Mr iluny, 1 believe, who arrested nn escaped convict from the Auburn prison, in the Sta'e of Peun<ylvsni?, without a rcquis fin irom the Governor of New York. Mr. Muzzy wa> indicted for conspiracy, with intent to kidnap, tiy the Pennsylvania authorities, Mad was obliged to pay about lour hundred dollars for arresting the convict without authority. Mr Rooolpi moved to refer the hilt back to the Committee. which had reported against the bill. The motion waa lost, end tne report ol tho committee that Mr. .viuzzy ought not to be reimbursed, was agreed t j by the Senate. the clinton phison. The morning hour w?.s consumed in a debate upon a lusolutinnudeied by Mr. KuggUs, to defer the contemplated visit of a legislative committee to the Clinton prison till nrXt summer A lesoiution, rescinding the resolution of appointment of this committee, was scooted by the Senate. Mr. Tow.mkn? uttered a joint lesoiution, providing that the Legislature will adjourn on the Slat day of May. and meet again on the 1st day of September. The resolution lies over, under the rule. AMeiubly. Aiiant, March 1, 1847. Mr Sseu, from the Committee on Canals, to which war referred the bill to let out tne sapeiintendei ce and itphirs of the canals to contractors, with instructions to repot the bill complete, reported it to the House this moinin* The House agiu< d to the report ot the Committee an. tba bill was ordered to be er.gios.ed fur a third reading Mr Dkvclin. fiom the Cntnmi'tea on tne Judiciary intioducad s bill to prevent the perpetiatinu ot frauds h) mock auctioneers, in the city of New Yoik The buh wss NfsSfSd i* tne cosimittee ol the Whole Mr Haul-t. from tne ' ummitteo on Banks and In iai- I ranee Companies, introduced a bill to ameud the chaum I vi mi i iv) vuj o hK The kill was itdaried to the Committee of the Wtiol Sir Buanili., tiom the Commute* on the Judiciary Ki'tuduceii h hill tn rxtend toe terms ol Courts of Cor atvu i'ieas am Crenuiii Session*, iu tin* HU'e. excel'' ill* fit- ol Mew Yvtk. uu'il eat including lourio intuii'ay of such teini; uo term to extend beyoie U>? Uitdayof June next i hi* lull ie inlrooucei), in unir tout tLr courts to lie oigatizsh under the cotsti u'lin :itx) uot bo einbirissso.l witli null ot uuAiushtd bus.n*hi ot the COUltt now vxi-ting. The lull wee re Jul red beck to the committee to repoi complete. Mr. McFablaiv, fioni the Committee on Trade end Mtuufecturei, reported a gerieiai lew lor the wcorpoi. tion ol manulsoturing companies. The lull was sent to the Committee of the Whole, nn Ave times the usual number of copies of the hill wen ordered punted. And the House went into Committee of the Whole ei the amended Senate bill, to aitaii** the judiciel diituctanl provide lor the election ol ju tidal uiticers Mr. j. Smith, of Soiioharie, moved to sinke out thi whole bill, except thx> first section , this fit si i-ectiou, a? you are awste, comprises liiu whole House hill to " As the judioial distnots of the State." It was substituted lot the section adopted, by the Senate to fix the judicial ills tricta. The motion made by Mr. Smith wise adopted, and (he bid was immediate ly reported to the House A Commit (ae ot Coulereucie will oe the uext step 1 think. An immense number of local bills were acted on, und an immense deal of general conversation occurred. The House pruceeds philosophically. Albany, March 1, 1847. T7ie Condition rf the Sttiitm?Stal* of the Partiei Two mouihe of the session of the Legislature hsve elapsed, eud there has been hardly an approach to that important and interesting business which was devolved upon the Legisliture by the convention. This dilator!nuts and this laggard sensuality, f I hn? ?orr,.I I 1 That iage iii savage nau?uulity,'") may ba .referred to tba constaqcy and rancor with which each |>atty pitche the quoit* ia the rasping game (or the Pietideury in 1848; them ha* beou counexion and colltiiion between tbia Legislature and the power* at Washington in tbi* mighty ; thi* collusion is" *een in the passage of the anti-slavery reeolntion* by o combination of whig* and radical democrat* ; it i* ob erred in the Introduction of the resolutions of thar.ka to General Zaeliary Taylor, to wkvch wu covertly appended an unt.mely declaration that the battle of Heaac* de la 1'ain.a whh fought on Mexican ground; again it raay he obaerved -n thn motion made by Mr l>e- > velin, hy content of Mr. Wrigiat. in ell hiinian probablli- I ty, lor the publication of the axtreordinai y co;ie*pond ' ence between Gov Wiight and the herietary of War, 1 upon tba n qniction of the Pi?sident for the 7th ri gi mem ol volunteer*, known aa the tjfclifoi nia regiment," and the lat regiment of voluu ? ouminandcd by t ol Burnett 1 have the honor to transmit herewith printed cupiea of the whole correrpo adence, in o hich it will be seen the view* of Mi . VVrigb t, upon vnrloua questions ef public interest nre discJoaud ivithout resatvation E. Cloawell, Esq., reiurneu" to thi* ciky tiom Waahington on Friday evenii g 1 be state oi the parties is enrioti* The wliigi; have a preponderance in both Mounes, which, if rightly used, would bo ot immense advantage to them . In the Senate thty ovormutch the radical democrats, h V a complaisant union with the conservative*; in the lloi.we thev have a numerical, not nu intellectual, preponderate. Ihcieis something vile in psity idolatry. || ? party" in America, attached to monarchical principles, nhsuhi fpring into existence, an Ameiican would hold it to be vn'e and treasonable to idolize ihat patty with an heriditary tnonaichiat at its hi ad; just so vile, and no more, is it idolize any named paity oi sect on earth Moderation la a* virtue which should fill that plscu in men's heaita where wrutlillli iilnluliv is ten oIipii . mliu-1 , - ......... w I rig II m I 1 rni" (in.l pm amount. Tarty animosity heto has snffera tl n*> disparagement fiom the lapso of time It ia aa hitter *mi as iuceodiart ? ever it waa It ia a good maxim that a 1y principle! or any petty which dispense tavotiti-mamong tneo, are things to bo tojrcd end not to ho tncouiagvd. A atoim commenced in Boston on Batiirday noo?, ?cron panied with anow, which continued until uloot four j o'clock, when the (now changed to alett. end finally '? tnm The wind bl. w during the aiterneon tod night \ Willi great violence frt n K X K At ihn eaatweid ao lar aa Toil* month, the aioini waa very eev. re. A ( reat deal I : ot anow tell early in the day, lolloped by it ftifiotp H1, I ?Ttamcript. i I * nr YO P YORK, WEDNESDAY Onr loatkarn lUltikoM. rtou NIW MIX1C0. [from the St. I, mi* Union ] Iw?srcw?Ei?oi, Kab 10, 1047.-Mr Seymour. of St. -cut*, hxajnst arrived wi'h a few men from the plain* ? rhey left Santa fa on tba 10th Deeemher. and look mora ilia icirla* of the north polo than human being*. They lave suffered much, both from cold and hunger, having o?t *11 their niuU* upon the way. 8 jme one hundred ind fifty person-, government teamster* and adventurers, vera aoattaied al'.ng on thi* aide the Big Vrhanaa* A treat many had fiuien to death?a small w?gon and two (Ken were ail the team left and if divded out. not seven lay*' ra'ion* were among the total number. They think nat at least one hundred mu*t periih I hay aaw the oot-print* of fresh ahod mule* at Pawnee Kotk. whicb, ve ?ui po?e, mu*t have been those of Captain 8 B Sub atta, wha wenteut with government despatches in Jenu try. At the time they left. Colonel Doniphan had leut to Santa fe for the S\ Louis artillnry companies; e* toon a* they could come up with him and the trader* uar the Aiviiajo, tho whole company would march 0 Chihuahua. Col Price.'* regiment remained at S?nt* Fe, and a at go number bad died?u* many as eight per day? 1 mease, divrtbcea. A letter from a trader at Santa Ke to a merchant here aye?"Tnat Marsis Cotinel'y, Me \1 anus, Glasgow, ami dcOoflln, were in prison at Chihuahua, und the lattet (< ntleman was undergoing a trial for tra iso", a-'d it was *aara<l lift u/t nM lit* uurumlv ilnult with " llunnit anvB hat despatches front the government to Oeu. Wool were 'ound with him Mr. Seymour informs me 'hatagot(inn.ejit express will reach Fort Leavenworth to-aight whirh will bring you, in a few days, more accurate u?w? >1 the movements < f ouraimy. A* the straggling parties uriiva from the plaina, 1 will ?ive you the tie wo, pniuitrl a* it ia to record the sufferings Ot our fellow brings. Yours, tiuly, [From the St. Louis Republican ] Santa Fk, December 14. " Major Clark hal received an' order from Col. Done [ihan, (who is encamped south of us ISO miles, with the traders) to join him ioithwith, with 116 of our battalion in 1 to proceed to Chihuahua. Nothing has been heard of (Jen. Wool up to the present time, and w? believe be will not go to Chihuahua at ?all; therelore, we Misaouri boy s will have the honor of taking that place Our time has come at last, and we hope to make good use ef the opportunity. The Missourians have been swindled out of every chance to tight, but this time we havo it in our two hands, and i can spoak with conAdoace as far as our battalion is concerned. We will do eieJit to our State We take with us four six-pounders and fcwo twelve pound howitzers, arid 160 pounds of gragm canister and round shot lor each gun. When we gWto Doniphan, ouriotce will be 1360, which 1 think equal to 3600 Mexicans." We are indebted to a friend at Santa Fo for a copy ot the organic law for the government of the Territory c f Sew Mexico, and also for a code of laws, estate ished b\ lien. Kearney, to carry out the provisions ot the constitution. This work comprises 116 pages, and the text is in Spanish and Ynglish, placed in jux'a-position. We iihvh airunny puoiisueu a synopsis 01 rue consuiuuoii The law* are fashioned very much after our own, saving mch changes as aro demanded by the condition of the people of New Mexico?are arranged under regular heads, and embrace everything neceaaary to preserve the rights of the people. A delegate to Congress la to be elected on the first Monday of August, 1847. [Correspondence of the Missouri Republican! Santa Fx, N M-, Dec. 6, 1U46 No news of any kind from Chihuahua. The traders with, I suppose, near two hundred wagons, lie encamped at Valverde, on the Rio Abago, afraid to venture further south : a small detachment of troops guard them, and we are informed that great scarcity ot food exists amongst them. The stations ol the different troops have not been changed in the least, since I last wrote to you. The state of health in the army has improved a little, and we have iewer deaths. A tew days ago, a Lieutenant of the Mor moo troops arrived here, bringing the news that Captoiu Cook was within seventy miles of El Passo, on the Rio (Jraade, with some few hundred troops, deliberating on the propriety of taking El Pa-so. He had called a council of his officers the day beloie the Lieutenant left, and it was the belief of the latter that the Captain would, i all probability take that place, having to repair a uumbei of hi* bioken down teams, to puichase fresh mutes anu repair bis wugons, which he could not salalv do, withou' first driving what Mexican force may be in El Passo, out The population of the district is generally estimated at between six and eleven thousand Col. Romano is still suppo ed to ba there with his troops, and the inhabitants of Li Passo and the n ighboring ranches are said to ba a f?r more mtrgetic and braver people than the New Mex cans generally, aud Cap!. Cook may fiud it a serious joD to take the place. But the Captaiu is un escelleu* soldier, : rwl ..... ..Ml ..... I, r,. it ... 1. . . .. f : "?u " -J? CI ? "v. u? 1> 1U -? ??l w? C?CIV1?IJ1R great influence over hia inferiors, and of filling the heiir.s ui his men with unlimited confidence in their leader. The Mormons arc, withal, a hardy and hiave set of adventurers, end when marching tb" ugh this place, showed a body of troops evidently butter dim-upline t, and ot a more martial bearing, than any of our Missouri volunteers ol the two regiments I think tliereforo, that Captain Cook will succeed in whatever lie will undertake. t.'ol. Doniphan, as I learn, has at length succeeded in making atreaty with tho Navajos, and will now proceed on his march to Chihuahua-, how l.Jitg the peace tbuconcluded will lust, it unknown. Home ibink a fortnight, omclo't; i am inclined to believe that no peace wnh hem will last, until they have been thoiottguly whipped and duveu out of the country, which in meconium spring will havo to be done, if the citizens of this province shall be protected Ir m t eir nggrysiiurai Col Doniphau was at the last date near (in. on th< lllo del Norte, and was expected lo break Bp his camp si soon a? teams could be luinuhed hint by the Qaaiteinaiter at this place, wtiich, 1 undi island, lett here tb- | lay before yesterday. AboUi a lorturgnt ago, Ambiono Artuijo was takei priii berhv Captain Burg win, ot the U. H dragoons at vlnuqueique, with two ot .er Mexioiui On A ubiose lO'.burto rite tfeneral ot tlnt nuns, wis tound a treu-unable coriesponrtouce with Ueueiul Auuj i. and le ten were lound on ma i aisou ami in the iifij Carrel 01 uue ol lie o her Mexicans, iuloiniiug Ueu A that all in thu p ovmce was 11, e tor revolt, and needed hut the ?? !< sue ot some nrrlita-y display iiom below, in or ,er t? break out on the shortest notice W uat will tie dour <Vilb tue rui'o's < know not. 1 Icaru Lieu Ainbr sio is as gt'-al a simpleton as ms wwiti.y hr ther is. uwaid, aid .lie, Whole matter may weil he a l'siiCitul t?. vtulr i. ot ii e ulii g. utieiiish to while away his .lira-> .10UIS Oti vis, how t w i, tbink tba' A inc. old baa b. en ised cni> as a toui iu mis couiempiateo pun 101 man rCtion, anil thut tua matter is eniueu to more con-.d atiou tbai. i a.n inclined u g.Ve it It is deal thai ti. lexicons iiuru ure ery nuicu discontented, and the to terioutn you go, the more this will become iippaieui I'Ue Cleigy aiu our enemies, tor essoin too otiviouilid too palpable to need mentioning heie, the wesltlnei liases dislike c government, because the liberal put.iples ol it ions bieuk down lu< ir power. On me I i mi an order was published by Colonel I'rice, old.- i l.ietuenaiit Colonel Mitchell to select mo biiiidi. mm ilio army, with special rrg.ud j their |ihy?i. and intellectual capacity, to pi<e?d towuids uhkauuu, end open coiumuuicano villi Uuueral Wool Presuming that this atop on the i>ait ot our cummuuder was called for by the pree ut situation of iho two Himiei, I take it for grun ed, til it 110 u<an could have been (elected more Ut to carry ou' lie elide ol this expedition, than Lieut Col. MiC.heil it Aa* amusing, however, to ieo the number of ortlceis iuc?r .limy, who supposed themselves to be qualified under the lernn of the order, to accompany our worthy t'llewl In iliort, they were all both physically and in tellectually capable to travel to Chihuahua, end Col M muat have been soiely puzzled to make tin cUoic.o The choice of cuptam loll upon our excelleut Capt Weight mini but Major Clark protested moat aoleniuly, that none of hi* artillery captarna ?houid leave him ; the uppointuient of Adjutant Leo Walker, who hail neon ciiuieu met with the name late, Major Clark maintaining that neitherbia stud nor hii two artillery captains, should be inteilered with, iu which he was doubtless right, though I iegret exceedingly, that Captain Weiglitu.mi could not bave accompanied the expedition. The offcceis finally chosen were as loliowa Lieut. Col. Mitchell?Capt. 'I homes B. Hudson, Laclede lteugora; 1st Lieuienoiit Chailea Kribben, Light Aitiiler) ; and Lieu tenant Mproule, .Second Kcgiiuent; dud Lieutenant TudJ. Second ttegimont; Jnd Lioutenant Uibaon, lufaotry Act ing llenuiy Cfuarier Master The commend left Santa Kaon yesterday, I remained alone heli,ml, expecting to follow in a lew rl.iys, ami to ovettake the Colonel at Valverdn. Capt Thempson, oi the 1st Dragoons, accompanied the Colonel, and proceeds with him to Chihuahua The command is called tue Chi iiuabue K.ingeii, and some delight in calling it the " lor lorn hope ol tba Ai:ny of the West." Tue inarch is ou> of gteat hArdsbip, ami of some danger Lieut Col Mitch oil, however, insists that lie will be iu Chihuahua on the ath ol January, arriving thete about one o'clock, P. M , and I do honestly believe, the Colonel from his estahl,shed Churarter lor energy and resolution, will do all he says A lew evenings ago, tbe " loilorn hope" had tan it given them by Captain tJariisouof the c?mmis>a y department It was altogether a splamiul affair. 1 ue governor and his whole " suite'' attended,ami there weir sumo forty gnests ptcser.t. I must nut loiget to mention some ot the toasts given on the occasion. At the suppei table. Captain Uaintou ros , und alluding to col MitcbrL'a expedition, alter, d tho following: "Colonel Mitchell?What would Wool be without a Pnco Capt Thompson, ol tho Diaguoria, over quick ut retort, without giving tho guests ut tn i tabic an uppoituiuiv oi empty ing their glasses, replied promptly : ' Hut what woulu isanta '<> bo withr ut a (larritnn .'' 1 need not add that the toast vas well received The r.tate 01 health nere among me treop* is toieranie " 1 he number ol troop* which have eoine to Santa Ko, tinea the 1 Mtu 'lay of Augu't laat, la 4,80(1, atd Ilia uealh* which have occurred aim ng them hiiich that time, amount to l!Nl To pei?oiia unaccustomed to aoe large bodies el men, brought luodeuly together a? an urmy, tlni might ace in h great mortality, but when the calculation ii mailo aud the per can age proved to bo only JX per taut, on | toe whole number, it will he found that it it not gieatcr, j it aa great, aa takee place with ihe oma number of person* in civil life, in the tipper cotintiea of Miaaouri. ! "Ail the death* havo taken place amungat country ! troop*, cxcipt one tioin the L. c.oile Hai>g?rl, and li> waa irom the country. The three companion liom St Loui* county have rcmaikahly healthy, owing to their lietter itiiripline, clcanitnraa, and other cbuko*. Any ho ly ot men, who aio let looie, without reitraiut, in the raidat ol n corrupt and v.cioa* population, like that in Haute Ke.will commit exceatm which mint Impair health, and *U' h Una been the caae with moat of the t. In nicer*, to a frightful extent " Many ot Ihe volunteer* came here with broken cot atituuon* from prevail- diie?*e, contequent on 'h ?? iticcetaiva oeei How* ol the Mmouri liver. Other* cam > i lor the avow ed puipoaa of ra*;eiuiiig health, haviug la1 oied under, completut* far year* " ihe lutigue* coiiaequeut on lung niaiohe*, in eg RK I MORNING, MARCH 3, tremaly hot I aahor, are found to bo much greater than , many supposed ; and the dutio* of aoldiora, not ike mora ' pastime which anany thought them to ho. " I ho manner in which their iood haa boon p'epared, f ha* hud a tendency to pioduco sickness At bone, thi* ; duty i* performed by persons akillod in the buaiaoaa ; l but the now mad# soldier from tbo want of *ki*l and from a reckle-aueK* of character, oonaequent upon hia new occupation, faila in thi* important matti r. and h, cornea *ick Not one death iia* occurred a non* the dtagoona aiuce they come into New Moxico, which goea iai to provo the above atatemeiit." Front ti.i* statement, it will be found that if any turner* exist HinnuK you, which Bight lend you to believe that dieeaso i* raging ?m ug our troops, these tumra are not entitled to any credit. I give you below a li,t of death* in the army since the 19:h of November, wuioh y ou are requeated to publish Lttaths in the ' ptr/ay of the Weit " at Hospital and in quarters in Sun/a Ft ATrw Mexico mr tNTKr Francis M Uswson company B, Nov 94 at rsitta tiTTtUja likwt < ol willook. Jam** iHull compiiiv I, Nov let, MaueD city. Alex Hardwick, " G, 14, Kay county. Oeo Logan. " G. " 24, do hrad. O Williams,'1 II, " 21, Folk county. Henry Foster, " G, Dec. 2, do. ISCIlMD RKOIM-NT?COL THICK. John C. Houston, compsny U Nov 21. Win. H Mara, " 1>, Dec. I. Itorp'i Amos Johnson, " K, Nov 17. Kerg't 1'ugh L White, " L, " 4. Clnyht an vlaupin, " L, " 4. Gariiaon Pattoo, " L, " 17. J ante* Sanderson, " M, " 29. Cmiatopher Smith, " M, Dec. 4. Serg't John W Neoce, " N, Nov 29. Coip'I Henry F. Brace. " N. " ua Alex Liodlev, " N, " 28. James Swindler, " N, " 24 Howigan Barnett, " O, Dec. 1 On lust Monday, the Circuit Court commenced itH first session at tliu place ; the proceedings are conducted in both the Spanish and Kuglish lungu iges, one half of the , jurora being composed of Mexicans, and the other of > Ameiioan / Keen whilo writing thia latter, I am informed that the : afiair of Ambrosio Armijo, which 1 mentioned above, turn* out to be founded on a miaundeiatanding. Just what I expected. I learn that the officers of the different volunteer corps will hold a meeting to-morrow evening, for the purpose of petitioning Congress in behalf of some measures for the relief of the voluuteers, whose horses are dying away most rapidly. Captain Murphy is now being anxiously expected with funds for the payment ofthe troops. The inconveniences under whieh they are laboring for the want of them, are very great, and the quartermaster's department canno' get along at all. From some information which has Juat arrived, I learn that I c n leave lor Chihuahua to morrow. I shall, there fore, leave at noon, and expect to overtake Lieut. Colonel Mitchell at Albuequrque. I learn that tien Klliott Leo, and a number of gentlemen from St Louis, are at Taus. Lieut. Lee, of Doniphan's regiment, brings the sed news that 8. M Butler. Adjutant of Col. Doniphan, died a week ago. I fear it is too true. sUlitakt news. I From the Boston Journal, March 1 ] Companies Q, Captain Nichols, and I, Captain Walsh, embarked on board the baik Smyrna, at Cnion whaif, on Saturday altarnoon. There waa some difficulty In getting Company < J. to easbark. and a little ooarclon waa necsiairy. The vessel Waa haulad into the atream All of the regiment is now on board ship, and it is expacted that the two remaining transports (the Hamburg aDd Smyrna) will sail about the middle ol the present week. The ju'utla ./ ' < states, thnt a company of volunteers has been enrolled in Maine, and ia ready to be mustered into service. STECIAC OBOKKU. Htatk or Nrw Vona, Hrsu qurtxm, j Adjutant (Jeneral's Office, > Albany, March 1st, 1447. > It having been notified to the Comaandei-ic-Chief, that the remains of the lamonted Captain Lewis N. Motrin, whose bravery, coolness and gallantry in ihe battles of Palo Alto, and Reaaca de la I'alma, greatly distinguished him and who fell on the diet of September last, while gallantly leading the 3d Regiment of I' States Intently, in the storming of Moutsroy, are expected soon to arrive at the city ol Albany, the place of bis nativity, where the fun-Tat obsequies are to take place. Asa mark of respect to the memory of the brnve, it ia ordered that the na'iinal colors be displayed on tbe Capitol and State Arsenal at hall-mast, during the day of the funeral Captain strain, tho Military Store Keeperat thia place, will turriiah. on the requisition of Msj (Jeneral John K Towm-ond, the necee-sry powder for paying the usual military honors. By order of the Commander-in-Chief. S Yll'L STEVENSj Adjt. (lenl. naval intillioenck. U. S Stkuit K Hcovhok, Muich 'J, IH17 The following ii a lilt of the officer* attached to tbil vest el. Will you bo pic aB?d to publish it. Expect to sail to-morrow, 3d instant, for the Coast of Mexico. Charles <? Huuter, Esq Lieut Commanding'. W. W. Bleeckcr. first lieutenant; iM. C Marin, second lieutennit. J P. B unit head, master; J M Minor, surgeon; J P Pi ingle, parsed midahipssan; W (i. Temple. do; Mcintosh, captain's cleik: Daniel Murphy, caicf engineer, iohu M Midilleton, second do [F. oin the 0iacinuati Chronicle, Feb 2ti j The U rt Iron btenmship Al egbany, built at Pitts, lurgh, arrivi d yesterday alt a moon about two o'clock in 'iiw ot the ste.inieis Circassian a .d Dominion. She wis nude fas' on ihe Ken ui'ky side of the river, and we ould only judge 01 har Hum the lauding on this si'a at vhich distance she looked like a perlect model Cialt letting iu the wutet most m-J' ?ticaliy, and with *uo n vurlike appearance, thai her intended profession could not mistaken Sue is to be haitt ringed, en 1 propelled by ^Hunter's subim rged pr?i all?r?|; two condenseis woiMiig separaiely. Her biiteiy Is four sixty-four ,ir uudnrs (P.uxlisii) on pivots, e ich weighing 10 2 hi I muds She is pie crd for ten guns, aid Is to carry sis ?ul guns thn i>-t- o poundi-ta, tn-?i 'es cue pivo'S Her limnnsiunsand l>st u officer* police y furnished us by i badiieus H Bubier. Purse 's clerk, are as follows: KxUfiUO leligto on 'lei k id > Ieel; It'tig I > from Is flu'el lo i:l el hettd. 3 0 lest; dap n of nol i, lit fiel. sheer of ves-ai I'-kJ eat; c liiuieis AO nci'rs , imnver 4 net tl'oke; i'Xlrcuia iii Hot. ro pr-iiel a s 14 teeth luche umber ol pad. les in euc propcilei 3 Li?t ul 'Ifi-eiH no v utiiiched ?Ln ill C immandi g > w [iuihki. i.iruipiiriiiie, ? II"..till Mruun Wlili>,n AeynoLa. J. I'. fca ii -r>l; Pu- r, Jainaa P. >Cmp I* >>*- ' Iidahip'iiuB, h U. Brandt; Au latent t griieer Robert Dinl y, Pura*i'? Clerk, (uadueut 11 Baibier; Yoomau Jgliu J vtoUinnia. t he ateanuinp Alleghany left Wit night about 10 o'clock, in tow of tba ram* bout*that brought bar fn n Pitt* uigli for Memphis, wuere ahe H to ba rigged and Quad lor isa Ac?ive prepera'fca if arc m iking, and are neatly com plftert ai the BronalvB N >vy Vaid, in the fitting out ol two ??mn the st Mary'a and another brig, to ne men i* liuuiti ketone* in ilia contemidateil attack upon Varietur They have been at rent then* J in every poaaihle way by atinrig oaken kneaa, aecuied by bolta an r *cr?wa, rnaaaive oaken tram* work, anil iron brace* itinmug through the vearel. aecuied upon the outer aide ti) btoj i nan plate*. Each ol thene vetaela la to c-rry, beeide* guna ol rmuller calibre, an immrnte gun upon dei k, ai.d a atuular ono halow; weighing about eigh' toBH, which will throw atiot or altella ol ten Inclie* diumotor a diatance of three and a half nulea It ia calculated they will be at Vera Ciua, ready lor aervice, by the I at of April (Jang* ot menwete at work during Sunday at the Navy Yanl in getting tend)'lor eca the U. ? >hip Ply muu'h We uuderetand ahe tiikci out a large armament, beai lea her own, for llie rquodion in the (inif One of the steamer* recently in proceaa of being fitted out at the Brooklyn Navy Yard?the Spitfire? nailed a day or two nine* for the Uult. Letter* have been received from the Kaat India Hqutdron, dated Lima, January lat, atating that Commodore Middle had at that place received the order* of the Department,directing turn to aatBine tbo command of the squadron in the Pacific, and that ha waa about to aail iu ai dra'ely for California Me learn with much pleaaure. that Commmder Henry, of tki? city, haa been appointed by tbe Preaident and confirmed by tbe senate, *a Peat Captain in the N?vjr ol tbe I'nited State*. Captain II ii wel> known aa a giil'MUt and capable oHioer, and hi* many frieuila in till4 citv U/lll liMiir of hia iiinmulinn n/ith aialiaf n*linii VaiUtlM. The liiih Relief Commit c? ? o( Washington an 1 Alexandns are about 10 unite tbeit fundi and tend out a Teiiel laden with hrtn.Muifa, tor tbn benefit of those in whose hetiulf the benevolent have contributed. rrrvioui to tbo Inte atorma large flucki o( pigeons were observed making their way north In a few deys thiy were aeon retracing their flight, and once mote ceking the south. The Catholic bishop, at Boston, sent out $30,000 )> > the (Jamhiia ; (being tho amount collected in his diocere MM the h,st report,) for the relief of tbo suflaiing pool of Ireland. Tne Detroit Daily .Idvrrtis'r announces the death, in thai city, of lion. K. B With?rl>ee, a m-mbor ot the Se nate fiom tho 6th district. He was a resident of Klint. The late rains htve raised the streams in Northerr Ohio to an unusual height. On the 31st, the ice in the Cti) uhugn began to move, and accumulating at the mouth, dammed up the stream. Bridges on tho tributary streams were swept away. The supervisors of Rensselaer comity have fixed th salaries ni judgo and suriogale at $1300 each, or >3100 j| the judge performs the duties of both offices Tho bonrd of supervisors, of Ontario, have fixed thl sainty of the first judge and surrogate of the county a $UM>. | The democrats of Troy, on Fti lay. nominated t*ilss K Stow for mayor, and Oeorga M. Helden lor gcneial as 1 sessor. Mr. htow declined the Domination I A servant gitl was found dsad in her bed, at Mons nest Caon, the oihet day ; de th ban g occasioned b] sleeping in tight slays to preserve her shape. Ship F.nvoy, which arrived at rresidence on Ssturi's] from a whaling eruisc, ipoke in 1st aa y hist, the shi| | K1i7 ib? tli, fiom Oiahci elor Havre, with Ift Kisneb oih cers and soldiers as passenger-, who were wntiMded ii the iate ei c< tinier with tho natives, alia the exgoverco of the Maiqutsas Islands. I The it habitants of soine districts of the Sandwiel Islands, h?ve hi tn siifleiing severely fiom umine. 1 h< only dependence of tne natives lor some time, had heei on roots; toe eating ol wnich had prouuesd much sick nsss and death. mmmmmmmmarnammmaBaammmBm IE K A 1847. ubaortptlona far ills R?ll?f of InUnd and Scotland. Rose, Oaelda Co., ha* loot 40 tarroli of flour, equal to $350 00 Mabroriptiom in BurlinirtOD, N. J 540 00 " " Coluiobuo. O linO 00 Church of the C| ljituuy, Puila 50o 00 8t. Andrew'* 64o 00 Sunday children at Ht. Audraw 'a lbO 00 $3 <90 UO Laura Bridgman, at the P-rklns Asylum at South Boaton who is deaf dumb and bliud. hai contributed a ?um sufficient to purchase a bairel of fl >ur lor the destitute Irish The Motion Journal say ?$H0 Onn, mostly in small sums, went in the steamer Cambria this alternoou, i through Harnden fe I'o , being the private remittances of Irishmen, for the reli?l of tin ir iiienils in the old coun- 1 try The Treasurer of the General Relief 0 mittee. Boston lias received tne foil iwing sums: From Leicester. ' $048 18. part of North E iston, $140; Waicester. in pirt, $1600, Wulthara, $440; Lenox. (UH, Liwreuce, $1078. 37. the operative* in Mr. F. Tilt's factory, in ILm'.ury, $48 60, Mr Tilt. $80, total, $76 60; prisons ampin) ed at the Courier office Boston, $13 The Host- n lii-h Relict Commi'teo sent two hundred barrels of fl iur and meal to Irelaud by the Cambri i. There is reason to hope that the sum contributed by boston will ream $60 < 00 The Montrti.I ll ruld con'ems a list of suhsc tp- i ?ne tor the destitute Irish and Bcotch, amounting to ?1,470 i-10' A ball and concert have been given at St Johns, N B , ' the united prod's of which were $1060 This amount is | to bo appropriated to the relief of Iroiend. Police Intelligence. March 2.?Hurglury? The premise^ 80 F.ast Broadway, occupied by Mr. Quinn, was burglariously entered by some bold thief, who stole therefrom the following articles : 2 black velvet dresses; 1 alack velvet visitiug dress: 1 black watered silk dress; I light silk dress; 1 blue figured silk dress; 1 plaid cloak; 1 gold chain, very tine; 1 gold lepine watch, No 0419. raude in Tarts; 1 topsz bracelet; I do breast pin; 1 diamond ring with pearl; 1 gold chain; 1 gold locket, very small, engraved there on ' Louisa;" 1 silver thimble, marked M C ; 1 very small silver fork; 1 pair silver sugar tongs; 3 large silver spoons, marked J. VV. A. No arrest. bi'honttl Servant. ? A black woman called Betsey Wilson was arrested, yesterday, by policeman NeaUs. on a charge of steuliug two pair ol pantaloons, one gold pencil case, and one silver spoon, the property ofner employer, Mr. Adams, residing in 26th street, near Lexington Avenue The property waa recovered by the above i (Hear at the pawnbroker's, where it bad been d< posited by the accused. Locked up by Justice Ketcham. Jlrreit on Svvicion ? Officer Gaugtien, of. the 6th Ward, arrested at 3 o'clock yesterday morning, a woman called Kllen Williams, whom he found in possession ol a lot of wet linen, evidently taken Irom some clothes line, consisting of sheets, table covers, night gowna, pillow i uh, cm i mi which ?u owner hi wuuieu justice u<borne locked her up (or a luither examination Pi tic Larceny.? Capluin Mclirath, of tho tith ward, ur rested yesterday, a woman called Mary Tobin, on a charge Of stealing a piece of ailk, the property of Mary Burley, residing at No f>8 Catharine street. Justice Osborne committed her for examination. Caught in the Aet.?Otttcer Reeve, of tho 7th ward, arrested last night n fellow called Cornelius Jackson, whom the officer caught in the act of stealing from Oovernieur market a quantity of mutton, belonging to Mr John Johnson. Committed by Juatico Tiinpson. Pocket Picked? As Mr. F. F.dey of No 118 tVater was standing in one ef the book auction stores, last evening, in Broadway, some light Angered "knuck" extracted from his pocket a purse containing in bank bills, and escaped with his plunder. Important Arreot.? Officers McManus aud Stephenson ariesied two women, yesterday, by the names of Mary iVIcliowen and Aun Waters, woo were detected by these c Aicers in the act of sailing the wood given them by the Alms Houso and buying rum with the money, while their little lamilies wore starving with cold and hunger. Justico Osborne committed them hoth to the Tombs. KuM'ry.-The trunk ol Mr. John Swan, who resides at So. 'J78 Front street, was broken open yc terday, aud $6b stolen theiefrom, supposed to have been done by a man who left the house suddenly, by the nemo of John Rob nson. Arrert on Suipician.?O/Hcers McMauus and Stepl ons of the 6th ward, ariested yesterday a man called Petor burns, alias Kgg headed Pete," on suspicion of stealing a silver watch, valued at $'20, belonging to Capt. James Horner, of tie hug Caspar. Committed for examination by Justice Osborne Another ?Phillip Larken and Dennis Morrison were " pulled " yestoiday by officers Mc.Vlanus and Stephens, having in their pus .ession . lot of segais, segsr cases, i.miff boxes und other articles, eviJenily the proceeds of i-ome robbery. An owner is wanted for the property. Justice Ostuice commuted them both for examination Grand L^rr'ny It was officer Hehrl" ef the Ud ward ponce, am nor flaiui, that arrested Lawrence uuu Guise, lor grand larceny, on Monday. Lu\v Intelligence. Scrcaion Corcr, M-trch 3--before Judge Onkl-y ? Geo. Cieptrvt Jan IK. Batktr?This whs an action ol tn spaas on tlio case, to recover damages for a malicious .rosecutiou and slender 'l'be plaintitfwa* nlMMU in ihe defendant's establishment, una was ariertnd at ttia instance r.f tne d. f ndaut, upon some charge of theft, which rhaige was, accoiding to counsel's statement, afterwards liscontinued Trie pldiutitf also charges defendant with iiaving caused it to be reported that he, th? plaintiff wliiie iu defendant's emplo meat, s ole goods fiom him to the amount of $SOO or $1 000 One i f the jurors whi taken sick d tiling the trial iu co s> queues of which th< Court adjourned to .this mor mug, Kor plaintiff, Messrs Uiady and Warner." Kor detendunt, Messis O'Conoi and Huintrey. Before Chief Justice Jones ?Hiekard Hoyet vi .hap) Stent ti alt ? 1 his was nn action on a bin of agcbaugi 'or ?41? VI. equal to $3 lid 19 The facts aro as to' low.. : ? i'tiss plaintiff i?a general merchant in Liverpool iud w?s ill the hubil of sen I ng goods to the d.feudnnt' .ouse iu this city, to ho sold on Commission la 183 tueie was a laigo quantity ol ihu rluiiiiiit' goods coi < htie, aim in 1837 the Uefe tdant. as Vis eg.nt, it ; iv J s per cei< ag-< on tne amount in-ureJ niounm i to J8 119 8' wim u tlic) appr ze > ti n ol The) .f e waida | uichused ITom the liotisn ol B ook'? ic < o >1 hi cuy the lull in suit, drawn on a nou*> uLiveipooi fir which lie) gave to. i o wn roe, p?t iu i l>4 per delltjor the htli. arid only clunking ne pllinlitl ib par cent, which vuufJ lie tne cash puce, f'lie hou i ii Liverpool tailed a d the hi11 w ? worthless Ml laye? i-ou.o two yeuis alter, ascer aining tuat it was pui iUnstd f r ihe defendants' note and tint the l itter h^. ppln d bis m uiej to their uwii use, not it on r urn) mused a suit to bs brought on i in IS.O fhat. uit was uied in ihis Couit, slid tn it was a verdict rendeied for tne deleudaiits Ihe plain iff .x.epteJ to the judge'. 'liBige, an 1 af'eiweris hrongtit u writ id eitoi uid took tho ca.a to the hup erne Court, an he verdict was set aside, ou tne ground that be bill having been purchased on the credit ol ne .defendants, It was their hill and they were bound o inake good any loss that mignt accrue ; or. in olhet vords, an agent, when he closes his principal's account and has a ha', nice in his minds, lie cannot apply it to ms own purposes uiid remit a bill to his principal, purchaser! on lira own credit. The de'endants being uosutisBeil with the decision of the supremo Court, carried tho case to tho Court of triors, and the latter court cot Armed the decision of the Bupteme Court, and sen. tho case hack for another trial ihe case was called up yesterday, and, after reading the proofs taken on the former trial,which ware read by con <eut, the defendants went into evidence of general cus totn in this ciiy for agents to purchase hills lor the pro. coeds ol sales, nuj ruinit them to their correspondents mo caso adjourned to this morning. Kor plaiutiffi Vlessis. Staples, Lord and UoddarJ?Kor dulcndaut, Mes.ra. Cutting and Willis Hull. Circuit Couar ?Before Judge K.Jmonds ? Thereat Billntand t'S Corn*. Htnry.?This win an action of ties pe?s, to recover damages torn breach of covenant The defendunt covenanted to let n gieen house to tho plaintif lot a year, he afterwards refused to give possession The defence was that the agrcoment was conditional that is, thut it was optional with the defendant to givt posse sioii or not Vardiut for plaintiff, $J60 Kor plan fill', Mr. Clarke; for defendant, Messrs. Whiting ant lirisve. ' Jamtt Hickman r* The Long Itland Iniurancc Co ?Thii was an action on a policy ol injurenre lor $11.00 effect dd by the plaiu'iA lit the defendant's ortice on bis houst bold furni'ur* and stock of wines, Jt' in his h .use .. . - 41... al.l L'l...1.1.... II..1*1 A II..AA n.l.k/,.1 ly lifter the insurance Was effected, and the house ate furniture were contideiaftly damaged. The plaintiff made the mual preliminary proofs of the value of ihi property daon>Kt-d. wturu atunu.-ited to fi7fi0 The de fence ii that the amount of damage wu overiated, am also that del.ndant failed in making a part of the preli miliary proofs. The case is adjoinm-d to thii morning Kor plaintiff, Messrs. 8. HUeiweod and K. Hudson; to defendant, Lott k. .Vlmpby. Commom Pi k?s ? Rahrrt M Hirtlry t-s Jiaro Pen I'alkrnkurtk This was an action on a promit aory note for four hundred and fifty dollars The di , fence was tnat it was un accommodation note,merely ci done I for the accommodation of the maker, and also tin tho endorsement ol the d, lendant was obtained hy tali [ representations. Vordict for pUintiff of tho full autoui of the note, with interest. Far plaintiff , Mr. For defendant, Mr Kessenden. i Before Judge Daly.?-Manlgomrry m Oafmon- I'b ? Canso, which w is l- ported very fully in tho IhtalH i > yesterday, wns resumed yesterday, hy plaintill ' counsel calling rebutting testimony, which occupied lit entire duy. 'I he case will be summed up to- fay. ' Cot ar or Session, M*aiu 1- Before n conler tC-olt, and A Met men I.megaton ami Walsh John McKcou, Kaq., District Attorney Ti ml far Umn n Larceny.? At tha opening of the routt, thit mornipR t | Jackson O. Rrookcna, w as placed at the bar for ti lal ol : an indictment, charging him with hiving sometime in thi of July last, stolen s piomir?or> note lot fffo i. diaw-ii by Mr John J ( oiy in favor ol James' ainpbell ol No #3 Orchard street Front Ihe eviJenco adduce on tee pun of the prosecution, it appeared tha ' the note In question was taken from the ti ?sr.W e r Mi Campbell at Ins place of uiiileuco in Orchat i sueet, and that it was subsequently found ii 1 the possession of a person named MMMM I t n k. rof< P 1 to whom if ft >d t> "it given lot c illection , ar, 1 that th icciisi d ot. being artrstcd, admitted to otltcer I umn lug 3 that he lied given a time to f ockcioll lot collection. O > the part ot the accused witi.cs.-ea went c .lted to prov uls piev-otis good chaiactt r I he testimony havn g t n I i closed on i l.le, J W tlreen, l-.sq , math, an sM < a: d ?ft cfive atipeal to the ju y tti he lull ol toe pilsont l | who was ecquitteil, alter u brief Consultation Trial 0/ Mr f'uHd'n )or MantUwhhr. \V nt McFti I dsn, iujicuu toi muusl.tighUr,! i< ' occasion! <1 it L13. rvw. ?? ualb ~ r " - ? .. ...' death of Patrick Muldoou, by levorely beating bio on the night of the 7tb of January but, io contequenco of the deceeaed making ?n iinault upon lb* peitoo of woman who ilipt in an adjoining toom, wai put on bl< trial But little progrru bat been made In the ttlal beloro tbe court adjourn# I until to-morrow morning. Couit Cal.*?d*k?Thi? Da?.?Circuit Caurl ?41 44, 47 41 89 69 86 07 74 00 lilt |l?, U'9 Sup- rier C-wrt -6,7 9. IS. 16 10 It*. JO 91 91 v> toS9 S4, *6, 119, ST to 49. Cu mn?n f If at In Part- 03 65 7i, 77, 79 SI 96, 67 89 19 9 1 Pert 180 19) 10 198 9011 ,909, 900,908. 910 01 44 78 24.60. nil. I in, 144 91, 18, SI, 119, 149, 104. 191, 38, 06 68 94 106, 100 Movements of imvellere. Tbe errirela > eaterdav exhibited eome lncreeee over tho few p*?t deya; end tince the w? ether bee become more favorable, end tbe aeeaon advance*, ? (till further acca??ion may be vxi>ected. AMcmcan?W. Wellcotf, Ohio; Ckerlea Lotrl WoodhurT, U?tun; L). Devi*, Providence, J Slater, Norwich; J. leokeor, U 8 N ; Judge VViHurJ, N Y ; h. Orin, I'b 1? , A- C. KicnarJi, Rotterdam An on?A. S'ewurt, Wait Lake; W Van Dennhue, Albmiy; T. Beokwith, Providence; k. Marshall, Pbile; fc. Biuiika N York; J H-'-uley Puiia; J Irwine, Pittai burg; T. Allitione, Plula; J Allen BurijUte-id, M. Jay, | It - -V Kutib, Button; Mr. Long, d i; J. Burrows. CoDnec'irut C c bajwick, i Bom on, M. Hooper, no; Lieut. l)?.e U *> N; J Batch, Providence; H Lippatt. >lo; R. Uieei.e do; 8 Bai ry. Button; J. Cnuiioi-r, do. K Pollock, do; ileoigo Pollock, do; J Urnm.on do, ti Richardson, Kan lk-1.1, J. (llover, do; K Ban um, U b A, M tanning; on ilawego; t baa Cob men, Tio) , 11 Lat?n, Ueltimoie; N CarprD'er Bolton; E. llobart. do. J Waiwick, Richmono. I' Kelly, Baltimore; K Norii . PhiNd; J Stokes, do; II Baldwin, IS Ocleant, t Piatt B.liim ire. Ciit? W. Peckl, Button, J Rat>> , I ran on; J.Oreene, Veiniont, rLo< Hell, London; P Htory, Providence; R Browne, do: D Newiom, Vugiuia: J Buhner, Providence; C KILi, Richmond, Ve; J hweapio*, North Carolina: M. Jackaon, Philadelphia; C. Kirmu.g, New Jareey; J. Tucker, Norfolk; M Walker. Marj land; C. Bruah, Wilmington; (J Heniry, Philadelphia; W Morrii, do; M. Newh.ul, Virginia; J. Lewi*, Philadelphia; Cept Luce ami lemily, New Jeriey. Khaiteliii ? G Puce, Yithkill; M. Oibon. Philadelphia; 8. Korbe*, (St, Loun; V. \laion, Wateivliet: T biotte, Peektkill; K. Comly, Philadelphia; R- Corueliui. do; R. Suuiiai. New York: J. McCarlv. Red Hook: II Mather Bridgeport: E Betts, do; it Wood, Massachusetts; Z. Jones, Qnncy, 111; C. Bull, do; W. Taylor, do; J. Rid doll, Alaoaina; J. WiUington, Cincinnati; O. Fisher, Long l*laud. Howakd? 8. Koynon, Philadelphia; J.; W. Brent. Saugarties; W. Hammond, Boston: 8 Lawronce, do; J. Brodhead, do; tt Fearco, do; J. iiarndon, Arkansas, W. Cooke, Boston; W. liichardeon, do; T. Shield, do; T. Gaylord, Connecticut; c. Marshall, Jamaica; M Babcock, Brockfoid; J. Marriner, 8t Croix, W. I,; It. Miliar, Ba timore; J. Bradford, do; Mr. Powel. London; .Mr. Holtord, do; J Trumbull, Alabama; 8 Klsn-gan, Phila ; D Coilin, Tennessee: J. D. Hayss, Canada; Mr. Bardiey, Boston; R. Parker, Londau; M. Robbixa, Burlington; Cap*. Jewell, Bangor ; J Bishop, do; J. Connor, do; J. Hoe, Weston, N. V ; Cantata Jefl'ry, New London; C. Winalew, Boston ; Or Moorman, White Sulphur | Springs; W. Patterson, Phila ; Captain Sherman, do; 8 Wiltbutik, Pbila. Jensen ?W. Therwall, Boston; J. Trier, do; C. Joy, do; J. Hay ward, do; M. Shaw, Hartford; A Dunham, do; P. Huat, New Haven; A Hlggins, Boston; E. Goodrich, Hartford; E. Littlefleld, Philadelphia; W. Livingston, do; it. Kirk, Ohio; Thomas Hayden, New York; P. Walsh, Cincinnati; a. Babcock, New Haven; Silas Chapman, Hartford. IUthbuw?K. Rae, Philadelphia; A. J.Cheever, do; $ Tompkins, Camden: W N White St. Louia. Brutal Outrage and Death?Coroner De Seeor was called upon to hold an inquest, oa Thursday of last week, oa the body of Mri Sarah Foots, who died on the morning of Thursday, the inth ult., at South Now Borltn in this county. A post mortem ea. animation was bad by Drs. J. C Gorton, S U Gibson and j. 1'. Harris, at the late residence of Dr. Dau Foots, upan the body of tho deceased, in the absence of her husband, who had previously absconded from the coun'y. HBcnuct, E?q , ol counsel for Dr Koote, appeared before the coronet's jury, and George M. Smith, District At turuey, assisted liv H M. Hyde, r.sq., on the part of the people. The evidence which wmi celled out on the examination, created, end will tend to create, greet excitement In tho immediate vicinity of theideceaeed, end elsewhere in this community. And for fear that the men/ itoiiefc .itlout on the subject, may injure the accused end prejudice the mini'n of the community, end wound the iusliug* of relatives and friends, we have taken pains to oblaiu from ajroliable sourse, the substantial lects ot the rase, as disclosed before the coroner's jury. The deceased was a native of New Jersey, and ber maiden came was Sarah Gordon She u us married to Dr. Dsn Koota about thirteen years ago, in Chautauque county, by whams a >e has four children Dr. Foots, for several years past has been a practising physician and surgeon et Hnuth Maw Berlin, un 1 fur some years a member of the Baptist Church of that place, together with hie wife, who continued to ha a member in good standing up to 'he day of her decease. Dr. Koota had been for aome two or three years past excluded from the church, In causcquonr.o of gross misconduct, lt.ppea.s that .vlre. Koote whs a women of a proud and nervous temperament, i ut of mil 1 disposition in her tenuity, and ol exemplary Christian character, snd beloved by all her friends and acquaintances. Dr. Koote was not in any manner addict eel to the use of ardent spirits. It was proved by several 1 witnesses on the exsmiuution that Dr. Koote, tor a eerie* of ycai* bait been in the habit ol whipping, heating nnd bruising the deceased, so much so, that abont three 1 yean ago, when ihn was about to enter a complaint <g inat him for the nbuse she had received, the Elders f the church iote< fered and brought about a temporary rrconcilia ion The it juries the deceased received from [ tier itusband, and the cause of her death, were iafl cted probably about lour weeks ago under which she lingar'' etl and died Drs. Gorton and Gibion testified as to the * appealence ot the body of the deceased and to the oumoioils scais and bruises upon her She was in fact literally pounded to death Both hu 1 been called upon ' >o si m nistsr to her in her last sickness, and both testified, s tuut si n came to ber death in consequence of the b uisea ni Injuries upon her p-P-on. i*u<m afar these inju lea weia e e l the doce.'Sed ex uhiti d them to several ; female titends, aad related the manner in which tb y were received Toe priuc. pet injury . as testified by the iitrir ous, ari l whi ti > as the nun edi ite cause ot her ' iea'li, wn* npnn the loser put ot the abdomen and 1 htokts t as if iiitlictod bv the heel of a hoot. One ivitnesa ' balut* llie cornuer. t> a .fie i l - I) vr:g seen Dr. Foote. in ic'oher last k .ock ihe drceasni iiowii ai d stamp and kick nsr white down; and it i nan# thax pianan,e that ui? b-ui?e wes infl c.ied in tl.i-. iiiannnr I ns cctoner'a 1 jury , sfo-r a pati iut and leng dv investigation, cam* to lie oon i union and so found, t tilth < decoasad, Aareh Soul*, cams to uer death by blows and n.j iriee i dieted ii;. u ber person by her liusban', Dm Koote." The i'o v# steteincnt is furiiished by i, gcuiieman who waa c nuected with the examination hofoie the coroner Dr. f .Ola. the p*ri'*tf?toi of this brutal outrage, is still at laigc. althougB officers ere hi ptirsui', who will aodoubt <tl ceed iu vlfsctuig Lit air. st?burn- c\ CUtnang* Ttlt&raiih or-u. Villi I iV. ItP.illl -V.. II.. bi.Ii, ...s.a Inr ">l rch 31?t Toe apleudid locket ahip KUSWnei lU", A Kid id*-. Metier, w II anl at itott, her re?uiar day l<or fi iglit or p-tinge apply on board el Orleu.* * ha.f, loot ol Well it reel, r to fc. K. OOLlINS, '* 9ou Uatroat Price of Pi.t?a*e, t7J. Toe peckc aliip Mddniit Kdward B < ulih, mvater, will tnccead ilio Kotciut, end tail SSlh April, her regular dey. 1 ml WA <1>,U?AK'oii HHIf or b ai-K, to mad lor e . fkjftfc Sou hero port. Alp'y lininadiitely to dfiUfa KDWaKU K. KtlLLINS, inn ad Bout' atrcot. NO I 1CK ?f'aeget ahip HOBCIK8, from Lirer?fTM?V 1'0'jI, is now d ?< h .Tying oudrr geuaral order at Orenna Whuf, foot of Well atreet. All gooda eot i penniired will he ?etr to lie pub'tc tture. ail WANTKD? V e.?SIUl.8 of the bu theu of from 1 JPTVh iSO to 300 loot will betaken by the month. Appl 1 I tfULto BOYD It HIM.KKN, H'okrra, in: N - 9T nfme Bmldtme, An M Well atreet. ' kdA ene-lUtil k nit II an i e oKU?Wnui'd, a * 'loop or Krlinoiirr, to load ill tout of Ircight for HtaiUitlnrd. Cau apply to , PKHSPK It BROOKS, m2 'Ite 6i end C7 Naaaau at. hi" i.IV t. It "Oi >L ? i lie tupenor, leat tailing packet tliip BAV lUle.Howt mu a .hern ( moat JlUfa of tier ca go engaged en j going on board, will hava iin ..tuiiii drtpatrh k'.ir rrin iiinli r of freieht or pattage, having yore I and to me i d attentive alatr arcinninndetio-a, apply on board at wliaif, or to tar WOODH1M, It MlNTflRN.PT ttwntin get-A: B AMOK KOR A A L K ? A lingnt barge vt about 140 font Mirtlien and eery light or?ft of water.? JmBMWiA plv iMI k >. I ?t-eel. be-e ne t office 0K2w*r wtWae POM OU st i < W ? < rgulnr pa ket I ike isth of ijPtotw March?I he d r ne ? Br packet thio BKUOK7BY, r Silb'iMt ua.Capt. iingb McKweu, will uil aa aboee, her tegular day. freight or pnnage, haying tplendid accommodation*, n annlv on li.inril. nl f,,i.t nl Hn.itr veil atreet. K H , or t" I- woonill'i.l. fc MINI I'KN ?T Joulh at s The regular packet bark auam < auk, <00 tona, Captain Wii?lil, will tu-eeed he Brooktl.y, *"1 ??il til her regular d ie, ik? itt a* il. "rf I** Foil UM OOlV -i he .New lour?lieeular >t JrWPbP>.*i ? ot i I al' il?1 he fine faat miIiik Br. bark mutum 7 I' a >1 ' ahh, 100 toue, Captain John Wright, I wTtTTniin xbore, her egielar d?y. K..r liright or jutaaire, having etcellent accommodations, i ni'i'lr or Imard, hioi ol llooaeeelt timet, hut Eieer, or te if ' " WotiUHl'Ll. * VII NTH HN, 97 '? The AI Br haikANN H AIll.KV. Captain RoberNeoit, ? v*,11 sneered the Ada'" Cirr, ?u<i tail on her regular Jav, ike 13th April. _ _ _ . ' C \ 7 ? "T"N for large Nut, nailer curer. Tim </?'' *-* lubaeriberi have reduced the priee of their beat f??rh Orehard Hed Ash Coal, at follows?Orate A: Kgg aail Store SA A>; ami Nut $3 71 There ti no pea o- Cheaunt la ihe Not, nor any Nut shipped with the Store. Lehigh Coals 1 .* the t une pure ; *11 delirered free of cartage B TtiOMAh r. ImiLA.N, irot .Mulberry ! and M l west Uth it., between ateuuet tth and loth. \ j f77 3w*ie i i nkw rapku hansfnos k winuww mhadea. t Nir oi At fiar St Co., No 171 rearl ttrtet, I I MPOH'I fc'ij and tnaui fictarert, h*?e ju?t opened arery I ciientire tappli of ev erv atyle <u*d quality of A merieaa umlhreiirh ftper Han/ingi. U fUtra, Kirebou'd Prints, a.d I wide Window nr n paper Alt i. a aplendid aatoriment * ' ! of r*nned Wiuilew Sh d-t, rnd film et lor the same, * which the* offe.- to me'chittu, dealers, and u he * at the t , re*v lo * rat pr e' a fW 1tn*re n _ ,,_}S A l> l'oUPh?4 " fl \tchplobn new mrenfrd WlOA and TOUPEKft n 13 are the moat perfe t periiii*'Ut *>f the a* t *.f win n thing ? let off-red i*. i| e i lib! if? 'he i a e to adinnahly dap r*i to r, the peeuliAr tfv le of a eh i - Ti in at. to light in their to t ru t"'", and i ar ml in t . o -*t to driv detection A | targe and ? el t-1* eted at >* k aitreyt on hiud, ,t the *.aly # in* a *"ii-er Win. Bate ielur, ! Wall tlttet.i *r H > adway. Copy tl.f address. f 3l lui?rh

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