Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1847 Page 2
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r I NEW YORK HERALD. H . rH v >rv. Wert odny, Dlarrh *>7. I ~ AFFA.RS IN WASHINGTON^ I The Closing Scenes in Congress. There are only two day* more of the Twenty* B Ninth C mgress. It closes to morrow night; and B after that we shall hare a Utile repose ; we shall have less folly and moie fighting, and perhaps a I peace with Mexico. Wetio not believe that if Congress were for ever in session, the war with Mexico would J cease belore the millennium. We really believe, J iMgir.g irom tne past, mat tne pounoians wouiu keep us in hot water till the erd of the world We may hope, that after to-morrow the administration, with tho aid of Scott and Taylor, will conquer a peace. It is to bo desired, at any ran-, that the war maybe over belore the meeting o! the Thirtieth Congress.? If it gets iutu thut body, there will be very little chance of u settlement. The proceedings in vVaslungton for the remainder of this week, war or 110 war, will be looked for with considerable interest, and the sooner they are known the better. Our reports will be full. Alalia for Europe. 1 he packet ship Garrick, Capt. Trask, will saij at twelve o'clock tc-day. Those who sent letters by express mad for the Cambria, and which | faded to reach her, can send duplioate letters by this packet. Tho Arte York HtrulU, with the latest intelligence, can be obtained, in wrappers, at this office, in time for her mails. MR. BENNETT'S LETTERS PROM EUROPE. Paris, Feb. 1, 1847. The (tuartel between Kiance and Kngland?Its Influence on the TOcxIcan War? The Political Condition or Prance?American influence lu Europe?The Character of Lonli Philippe. The estrangement between the English and French governments, growing out of the Montpensier marriage, seems to increase, not todi. minish. The two ministers have almost proceeded to the length of calling each other any thing but gentlemen, or men of truth and veracity. Their backers and advocates call names, and descend lo the lowest language. While all this ' much ado about nothing," is going on, the young couple, themselves, are the only personages who seem to take the matter coolly, and en. joy life whilo they are young. The more private gayeties of the palace are kept up on a splendid scale, and the prince and princess go frequently to the opera, and seem to relish everything in the highest style. With respect to the merits of the controversy, it is difficult to reach the rationale exactly, either in documents or newspapers of the two governments. It seems, however, that Louis Philippe and his ministeis, have outgeneraled Victoria and her cabinet?and that the vanity of the English have suffered more than their pride will brook. This quarrel, however, has led the way to some singular results on foreign nations, it prevents, for the present, the joint inteivention of France and England in the war between Mexico and the United States ; and thus gives a fair chance to our government to extend real republican institutions to the vast regions in California and Northern Mexico. The result of the Montpensier quarrel in Europe is ?f an opposite tendency for the present. It is generally believed that the three des potic northern power.* have seizt-d the same opportunity to put an end to the republic of Cracow, which, in fact, was more a republic in name than in reality, and thus to create a prodigious sensation among the liberal governments and people, that may produce a general movement of the public mind in Europe in tavor of some new crisis, similar to that which Lu'her and Calvin creaied in religious liberty, or Rousseau and btscotemporariesdid in relation to political freedom. Fiance, at this moment, is in a most singularly tranquil state, as regards religion and politics. There are loud riots in the provinces, us they are called; but the singular talents of Louis Philippe, who is his own prime minister, have thrown the oity ol Paris and the whole country into a mesmeric oondiiion, as regards the further progress of political rights and liberty. The character of the Freneh is rapidly changing They are approximating in their social condition to that of the United States. In Paris, attempts are made to introduce English customs, English ideas, and English modes of life; but I am persuaded that ideas and habits, resembling those in the United State-, will prevail in process of time. The king, himself, has given to the court circles 11 tone and s yla that bear a much greater similitude to that which he saw in the United States, during his viait there, than to any of the other court* in Europe. The presentations at court?the balls at the Tuilleries, the general style of society, are somewhat more like those at Washington than of those in London. It is said that the Due de Nemours, iho regent that is to be, will introduce, on the death of the present king, the exclusive regtme of tho English court ; and if he should do so, he will render himself extremely unpopular, and may put the dynasty in tho same dangerous position which the elder Bourbons did. . Louis Philippe seems to be the only monarch who really understands how to manage the French in a time of peaoe, during tho last two hundred years. Louis the XIV'., and Napoleon could manage them only by being forever in wat; but Louis Philippe alone, has guided them for fifteen years, in tho midst ol Imtutti and attempts at assassinations, in peace at home and abroad, at a cost, it is true, of about V200,000,600, added to the public debt. He has increased the splendo, and magnificence of Paris?added vastly to their works of art?filled Versailles with hundreds o pnintings?opened new and beautiful streets in the metropolis?commenced a magnificent system of railroads,radiating in all directions, created a great navy of steam power, and given to the arid plains of Barbary over one hundred brave Frenchmen, who would have made half a dozen revolutions if they had been permitted to remain in Paris, instead of fighting the Arabs and Abdel Kader. Louis Philippe is decidedly the most remarkable and original man of the age, now occupying his high position?and 1 am constrained to believe that a large portion of his political and social wisdom was picked up during his sojourn in the United States, European statesmen become new men by visiting and studying human nature, as it is broadly developed in the United States. The two most promising men at present in England, are Lord .Vlorpeth and Lord Stanley, and bo h have travelled extensively in the United States. L Philippe has profited much by his adventures in the Weir?Vmt ,? m now getting old, and wears the tnark ot ag? Ho is rather feeble in hi* luoveinen s. ahnough his mind i* full of lile> wit, gayety, and go -a humor 1 was never s-rur k with i he tact ayd good sense of any man, io a more favorable degree, than during the pre-enta tton at court, and at the gr?nd court hall A perso nmust have a wonderful fertility, as well a? I # presence of inn d, to be able to hotel a bnrt and pointed conversation With two thousand perrons of both sexes, 1'iom all nation* and countries none of whom he had ever seen before. To every person from tin United States, be it from New Vork, Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans, or any other town, the king generally makes pertipant remarks, indicative of his personal know ledge of the places, and extent of memory, truiy I remarkable. On the presentation of the son of General Armstrong, of Nashville, now Consul at Liverpool, this was ^splayed iu a rtmnkibla manner I was -taniiing within a lew feet of the spot, and ht-aid p tit of it at the time. On the name of the young gntleinin being repeated, and the to wn from which ie came, the king's eves brightened up?"Ah! Nashville," said he, "1 know Nashville well " He then made a number of inquiries j respecting the present appearances and changes effected since he visited the town. He showed a minute knowledge of tbe coun ry, and extended i his remarks as lar as the Hermitage. " When I was in Nashville," continued the king, " it was ; court ray. There were many persons there. The judges, jurors, witnesses, plaintiffs, and delVmu&nts, filled all the public houses. I could scarcely get accommodation at the hotels. Many j had to sleep three in a bed. I believe it was called bundling. Do they any thing like that now in Nashville 1" " No," replied young Armstrong, with a simle, " we now think two in a bed quite sufficient." The king laughed heartily, sayingt " Excuse mr ioke?excuse mv ioke." and then passed to the next gentleman. Steam naviga- ; tion across the Atlantic seemed to be the prominent basis of his remarks with the Americans. The Mails for tub Steamee?Tub Storm on 1 : the Sound.?The sailing of the Cambria ?The steamer Governor, Captain Thayer, with a large number of passengers, and the mails from the east of Saturday and Monday, arrived here yesterday morning about 9 o'clock. ^ It has blown a gale at the east most ef tne time since Saturday, which has caused much derangement with the mails, and the boats on the Sound The express mail, together with several passen- ; gers for the steamer, which left here Sunday | afternoon, arrived at Greenport about 9 o'clock I same evening. The steamer Worcester was un- I able to leave there till about 3 o'clock Monday P. I M , on account of the gale. We gave it as our opinion in the Sunday Herald, that the Norwich boat would go no farther than Hart Island, tilt morning, after leaving here on \ : Saturday night, and that it was extremely doubt- | ful whether she performed the trip across to ! Greenport and back, in consequence of which the ! ' express mail would fail to reach Bo ston in time i i for the steamer. Nothing had been heaid of the j express at Boston on Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock, when the cars loft; but the Worcester | which arrived here at half past 11 o'clock today, brings intelligence that the passengers and mails are to go out in the packet ship Garrick, which sails to-day for Liverpool. The Bteamer Massachusetts did not leave Ston- ; j ington till Sunday morning; she came out and was driven into New London, and remained there till Monday morning ; she made another attempt, and succeeded in getting nearly up to , Saybrook, was then obliged to put back to Stonington, and Ler passengers and mails came by the \ Governor. We regret to inform our readers of the failure olthe express mail for the steamship Cambria.? | This is, of course, very mortifying to our mer- j chants, here and elsewhere, partioularly those in the South. This is the third or fourth time that mails for | the Boston steamships have failed, and we sincerely hope that it will be the last. That it will bo the last, indeed, we are pretty sure ef; because, in about six weeljs or two months henoe, we shall have a weekly communication with England by means of the new Cunard line, the new American line, and the new French line, ! which the Minister of Marine assured Mr. Bennett will be established early in the spring or summer. The vessels belonging to these Iinax, ,ogether with the Sarah Sands and those of the ! Great Western line, will enable one steamship at least to leave here every week. Then the mer- I cantile community can, without any misgivings lieely wiite to their correspondents in the old world, and be independent of Boston, as they * should be. The Boston Traveller of the 1st instant, says :? The steamship Cambria, for Liverpool, railed between , 13 and 1 o'clock to-day She carries out the largest foreign mail that ever went from this port, consisting of 60,01)0 letters, exclusive of the Canada mail and des, patches, and a very large quantity of newspipers The i Cambria carries 80 passenger*, 16 of whom atop at Hall- i fax. Among them is Ueneral Sir Jamas Hope. The Ge' uerel was commentier of the lorces in Canada, and par- I ticipated in tneba'tle of Waterloo, undar Wellington.? Sir Oeo ge Simpson, Governor oi the Hudson Bay j ai.o ami ng the passenger*. Tag News Fxom Nkw Mkxico.?We give the ! details of die last news lrom Sante Fe in another oolumn of this day's Herald. It wili be perceived ! that the movements of our troops in New Mexico confirm the recent intelligence of a battle at Chihua.iua. Boston Papkhs.?We received last night Boston papers of yesterday morning, vin tho New Haven route, lor which Mr. Dennis has cur . thanks. Theatricals. Paxx Thiatrk.?The enthusiasm with which the eharming ViennoiS* dancer* were greeted on their fie', appearance in thia city, and during the five succossivo week* that they performod at the Park, dutiug their first l engagement, is fully equalled by that with which they . have been greeted since their return to the acenes of 1 . their first success. Lvery night since their re-appear- ' unce, they have been received with the most flattering j favor, and seem to grow nightly in the estimation ol tho public. There is but one opinion expressed by all , who behold them, end tiiat is, that they present the most novel end enchanting attraction that the American stage uu lurnisneu us wuu id many y van. Last evening they appeared, as usual, in some of their beautiful pat , and, as usual, they ware encored to the echo To ' n:ght thoy will dance tho " Pas de Hours," " La Pidka, Puysaua," aud " (Jallope des Drspeaux j We uever saw Mrs. Hunt to more advantage than we did ' 1 .at evening, in the ohBracter of Lady Caroline Hustle, in the comedy ol "Is She a Woman." The Messrs. Ad drews, Mr. Kishtir and Mr. Barrott likewise performed I their parts admirably. Indeed we never saw a piace , better performed throughout than thia comedy was last evening. ' Bowkrt Thkatse?The N?w National Drama?The i patrons of this highly popular theatre, ovince a just appreciation of the able and liberal management of Mr ! Jackson, by their crowded attendance nightly at this attractive place of evening recreation?and we have had to record time aud again the liberality evinced by the manager in catering for the amusement and gratification ol the vast crowds that nightly frequent the Bowery. The new grand national equestrian drama, entitled I ; " Kthau Allen," from the pen of Bannistas, was produced lor the second time here before a lull and crowded house ; and the piece surpasses in point of soenery, costume, plot, See . kt, "Putnam"?the favorite piece of Putnam itself. Neafle's Carabosrnt (an Indian jChiaf.) was admirably sustained last evening, nnd Clarke, as Esparto, (an Italian eiquisite,) was ex, cellont. Tan Eyck, a sheriff or corporal, by Hsdowuy, i was sustained with chniacteriitic humor by this really popular actor. White Nsthe, a genuine Green Mountain boy. by Chapman, diew out tho quaint humor of this excellent comic performer, and the very excellent and now popular drama will decidedly have a ruu bete It will be repeated this evening. ohrtfivrich Tmcatrk.?Tim favorite theatre, or rather now|jpota House,was again well attended last overling,to witness the extraordinary dancing of the Signers 1 Ciocco, and Signor Morra?previous to which wai introduced the " Angel of the Attic "?being a popular farce in one ur.t. in which the character of Michael Magnue by Mr. John Dunn, drew lurth the moat rapturous apidnitua fiom the audience. A grand " Paa oe Deux" w.u next introduced by the stare of the evening, in which tliev displayed their ex tiaordinary profainonal ability, so as to elicit the mod rapturous nppl.mie from all parts of the House t)uc,h credit ia due (or the enterprise and excellent management displayed by the lemee, rnaiugora, lie of thia I<->, ill ir theatre, is producing such gland attractions foi heir numerous patrons Tlie Italian dancer* will ?p pear again tins evening Mr Baker takes a benefit at the Olympic to-night JlCI the ofaxt KiI.LKH? Pa Volt's C isoui ? Bl WE a ? \mhiithi atbx ?The Bowery was thrown into quite an exel i.-ment on Monday, by tho annuun- eumnt of the I p pu iir nursery legend ot " Jack 1h< Oiani Killer." A1 | an t-aily hour the hoiiie ws? densely thronged and the , way the 11-tie oues relished the pleasantries of John Ooa sin, ti n closeness with which they clung to their anxious ; nun,as m ti -r. the terrible giant roatsd out " fee f.iu film," ' , i"'i 1ho "?oy ahoweu in nitnessing the rertous lea s i.l h< rseinanship.waa really rein ehing to look upon l iere * always somntliuig (densent in the associations i . bv Wlflllkn the old fashioned entertain- l r ,! . .1',?'"1V'1 l'?>??-'?larly when tho fami- j I !n Tl oaln i ,,,ft.ncy are the subjects of .Hurt,a- , tic n. I lit sarnt bill ia fcdveitiatd for to night. | i M title*]. Italian Ohm-The manager* announce for this evening 'I Lombardl,'" which ha* been deferred aom* time on account of the illness of Signer Benodetti. The seme opsrn will he repented on Thursday, and again 1 on Friday evening. Much praise has been bestowed in ; advsroe upon this new production of Verdi and.doubt loss ?h? etitirioatio-a of tbo lovers of music will he fully met in its performance. The excellent company of sing, or* who have been delighting us during the present sea uon. as well as their orchestral *id?, have shown them- | selves follv competent to the task of giving life, haauti fill delightful life, to the emanation of th* composer. , Tm All*oha!?iai?s ?We un'arstandthe Allegharians ! will giy* their next concert, at the Tabernacle, on Mon I day evening, March 14th. Tbay have also very ganerone- I Iv consented to ?mg on Monday evening next, in aid of the relief to Scotland They are decidedly the beat hand 1 of singers, as a familv, in the country. Thair glees, quartette*, and eolos, are rich aDd harmonious. L Vauci. has published a beautiful lithographic poo trait of Slg Veneventano, of the Italian open, drawn on | stone by F Dsvignon. from a Daguerreotype by Haas.? Tha likeness is perfect, and the elocution admirable. Cltjr IntelligenceTo* W??THra ?The air. v?sterday. was cool and j bracing and the wind hl?w coldly from th* north north- i weat We had a bright sunshine during tha day. To- i wards evening it began to f'eeze. Aid to la?L*?d ?We understand that the Hibernian Musical Benevolent Snoiety held a meeting on Monday evening last and resolved to dispense with their usual celebration on the 17th inatsnt, and to contribute the expanses which tha celebration would amount to, to the I relief of their tarnishing countrymen. Thi? if a capital movement. Firb Ai.arm.?There was a fire alarm in the 4th dlatrict, about 2 o'clock, P. M , yeaterday. Dariivo Optrao*.?We witnessed yesterday, about ] half past four o'clock, a scone of a most disgraceful character, in Oey street. Two drunken rowdies, on passing , by the windows oi the Franklin Hotel, observed some | persons,we believe the waiters, in one of the lower windows, end one of the rowdies taking up a brick from r 1 hand cart, inst by. flung it in furiously through the win- i dow, and broke one of tb? panes of glass, if not doing ! also some Injury inside. Officer John Hick, who happened to be wntching the movements of the drnnken men, immediately arrested the offender, and conveyed \ him. we believe, to the station house. Mrlavcholv Loss or Ruins?Miss Poet, the lady who loft her mother's residence some day during the j last week, in Beekman street, and to whom wa referred in onr last paper, was found wondering vesterday in a state of mental aberration and taken in charge for her i family. There Is something strange about this ease. Funeral. Os?equi*s.?The committee en military affairs met last evening, and have resolved to aid General ' Ssndford in paving ftineral honors te the remains ofCsp- ' tains Morris. Field and Williams, on the arrival of the ; same in this city. Due notice will be given on the sub- ! ject. The Mayor and the Board of Common of i course, will also attend the procession to be formed on I the oocasion. Dcath bv ArorLcxv.?Tho Coroner held an inquest at ' the Alms House, yeaterday, upon the body of Reuben j ingard, a native of New York, aged 31 years, who, while on his way to the City Hospital, (having been in a delicate state of health for sever <1 weeks past,) fell down, and almost instantly expirad. Verdict, death by apoplexy. New York Historical. Sociirr.?This society held j its regular monthly meeting, last evening, at their rooms 1 in the University There was a large attendance of members; the chair was assumed at about 8 o'clock, by the 1 Hon. Luther Bradish, ex President of the Society. The j meeting having been called to order, the Secretary proceeded to read the minutes of the last meeting, which ' wore, on motion, approved. Reports from committees or | communications being announced as In order, a corresponding member presented and read two letters, received since the L st meeting from London; one from 8ir John Herschell, and tbe other from ?? Gardiner. F.sq Both letters were written to acknowledge the receipt bv tbe authors, of diplomas of membership in the New York iHiatorical Society. A Utter containing a like acknow edgemsntwas also reoeivodfrom Hon Daniel Webster. A communication from tbe Kentucky Historical So | cietv was read, stating that that society is in i nresner otu condition. It ha* in it* library at Lauiiville, about 3 000 volume*, and number* *ome forty active, and 10o honorary, member*. A communication from the Maryland Hiitorical Secie- | ty wa* alao read. The Maryland aociety ha* about 1300 i volume* in it* library. The Pennaylvania Society communicated, lending quit* a number of valuable paper*, moatly manuicript 1 letter* of the time* of (he revolution. A paper from the Kresident of theaoriety, Hon. Albert Gallatin, upon the laia language, with remvrlr* upon a manuicript grammar of the nine, belonging to the aociety. The thank* of the member* were awarded to the venerable preaident for the pain* which be had taken to compare this grammar. and make the reaearch which he had done for the benefit of the aociety. The Executive Committee reported upon nomination* made at the lait meeting of the society. The report was favorable to all the nominations, and no baljot being demanded, the person* nominated at the February meeting were declared duly elected member* of the society Nomination* for the consideration of the executive committee were next made by sevsral members, and about a dozen name* were read and handed in, to he reported on by the executive committee at the next meeting. A member next presented a letter from Mr. Foliom, of the Senate, accompanied by a State pamphlet of considerable value (trem Mr. Johnson ) The society already j possessed a copy of the pamphlet; but thi*, the Chairman remarked, took nothing from the merit of the donor, to whom the thank* of the society were voted. A member next preiented a letter written by General Waihington from the camp near Tren'on, da'ed Decern- i ber?4th. 1778. in which the patriot chief complain* of , the unfortunate mod* adopted by Congrats for the appor- i tioninent of officers under the than new establishment ; and nobly otf-r* to advance his own money for the pay- i racnt of effi -era who shall appear in actual command of the force* which were at the time ?o much needed for th* defence of the glorious cante of freedom. A retolu ion was adopted, thanking the member who I had presetted the letter, lor thia valuable relic of th* , interesting period indicated by the date ol the letter Profea-or Oillman next read a lengthy but interesting paper on the campaign of st Clair in 1791 giving a connected account of the origin and progress of the mutual hatred, which esisted between the white* and Indiana on our frontier, and of the unfortunate, the oitaitroua expedition* ol the Kentucky regiment* of militia and the regular forces, who were so terribly cut to piecee by the hostile Indian* under Little Turtle, two year* previous to Gsneral Wajue's expedition. Dr. O. received the thank* of the society, and wa* requested to deposit a copy ef this interesting paper in the library. Mr Bknedict now called the attentiin to the subject of the dollar mark. ($) which had caused considerable t i*t uoai mi in mm iui oiiguuui my uuiiiary u'l urigiu wa.i do doubt, ho laid, the combination of tho letters 1 U 8., as win illustrated by a mark upon one of the pilaatros preserved from tho old wooden fence which used to adorn the old City Hall; that pilaster so preserved was in the room of the society, and might be inspected by any one who desired it. This Mr B. thought would settle the controversy. The carving on the wood referred to, is certainly the initial letters of United States, with the S. so entering the U. as to resemble very much the maik (. The business of the meeting having been disposed ol, tho society adjourned. Treasury Notes Outstanding, let Msrch,lM4T. I TnKAit'Mr DerAtiTMSHT, f Register's Office, Match 1, 1847. J Amount of the several issues outstanding prior to the act of *23d July, 1848, as per records of this office $381,180 07 Amount outstanding of the issue under the act of 22d July, 1840 6,798,600 00 Amount outstanding of the issue under the act of 28th January, 1947 3,618.060 00 (8,876,830 97 Deduct cancelled notes in tho hands of the accounting officers, of which (928,960 is under act 2Jd July, 1846,and (16,200 under prior act.. 942,060 00 (7,783,780 97 The steamer National was burned on Saturday night week, at the mouth of the Kentucky river. Hhe had a full cargo, one item of which was 120 tons of pork in salt. Diamond Pointed Uoid fens*?J. O. Savage, 82 Fulton street, is selling nu excellent (Jold Pen for(] only, including Pencil. They are s cspital aiticle, and write very smoothly, 393 Broadway Dear's Oil?Warranted Geunme? Without mentioning the beneficial effects arising 1 from tbe use of this most sxcellent liair Oil, the subscriber most respectfully wishes to s'ate that the only genuine is to | be found at vlOS4'"t, lata Konnel's Perfumury, J'oilet Sosp, ! ('osmetic and Tollut Article Dapot and Agency for Honesol's Preparations, 10*. Broadway A Splendid Assortment of London and Paris inmle Hair Brushes and Combs, of very snperior an lity end finish, just received, at well'as a va-t variety of loreigu Perfumery, Toilet ooapg, C smetica. Its., at MOSS'S, Ute KOUSSELL'S, Perlumery, Toilet Soap. Loimelic and Toilet Article Depot and Agency lor Koassel'a Prtpsretspia, Plv-r'n Pommlc Tuiiique nil (^ulnqulnu? A very anperior aito le for the hair; Piver'a Moelle de Bcr.uf, just reeriredfrteh, Piver'a Aniiqur Oila, of every perluine. Itouiael'a Pomade rhilocome, mil ml kmdi of superior hair oila and poai-tuiin, at MUB.h'.H, lair Kouaael'a Perfumery, Toilet Soap, Coimetie, aud Toilet Article Depot, 103 Broadway. VVI|(i Wigs, Wlgn.-CIIUeiia anil alrnngert ' viiiiii.g the C'ty, iu want of a neat aud elegant article m the , ahape <il " Wig or Toupee, w uld do well to call at OIL* HKHT It Fj.k.Tl HE It'a. practical hair Cntteia, and maun- , laeturera of U.Haainer or Vrutilnting Wiga , n'l Toupeee, > lid rxirr.inr the largest.old heat aaaottraent of Wiga iu the my, before puruhtaing elaevshere. ? A Vcaar Oal Btai ?e< ? tViiram At llmigtiwotat 3d1 Broadway, heg to call the attention of ihe public to a new and brunliful tfaa Hur <cr, juat re<-e<v<-d lioio the manutaetory of Mraara. Cornelina It !,n., of Philadelphia rhia burner haa heeo I led by severil learued and scientific gentle* j men who hure had rnu h eaperieu e i.i measuring light, and the in.ult la, tnat the impuvil burner gives three nines aa much light 'ia the oruianry liatwiug burner, without con umg any more g.a; or, Iu other w rda. one doll,r'a woith .1 gaa horned though the riee hurne-. will yie d aa mneh light a? ihree doilara worth hu ueil through the nminun b-twii,g Inirii-r Tine as.srtio. a m y be telird unoo, and we insi e the put lie to cull at nr warerooma, Ml Broad wav;u tlessra .1 boa o 'a, Lan, hirr -nd Saacv'a ?*t roan w y. "iid at the office of t >u paper, where the earner mat- |>e leen in use every evening f!5 4 Vollce.?henln, Hatter,'414 llronrl ivnj*. opposite -i p ui'a, ia now prepired to offer Ina Bung *tvie, lurptaaing in he <u's any atyie aa yet nffaied by him, wnh au entire new style of lining. f2'J fit I'hlliiileilpttlia Agenle for 111* lie raid .?CI. II ZlKBKK ti <;0., 1 l.eilger Bmldrug, Third street, beow Dheenut. Those wiahmg to have ihe Herald served eunlarly at their Korea aud dwelimits. will pleate leave their ' lamea aa shove. Terma 73 eeute per month H-ugle ropiee ' oriole daily I'/icelcenu ill Im I Hetalle Tablet Re tor trope.?'The attention of dealers ii inntaJ to thi* articla, being mide of the bait material, city manufacture, and under the subscribers' Immediate supervision. They liave in all caaea rendered to purchaaera the moat perfect satisfaction. For aale by O. MAUN DICKS b SON. 1T? Broadway. opposite Howard'a Hotel. Portable Miaving Caere?The most portable and at the a-me lime the moat complete and elegant arti- 1 cle now manufactured, having every requisite for a gentle- I man'a toilet and aa a travelling companion invaluable. For aale oy O. 8 AUNDKKS It SDN, 177 Broadway, a few doora above CourlUudt at. SavlgaUon ot the Ohio Klvar. Plmeu. Tim*- Stat* of ftdear. Wheeling. ........... .Feb 30. ..17X feet. Nttehu Feb 37 0 feet Cincinnati. ............Feb 36. ..16 feet Louisville Feb 34.. .9 feet 3 inches. ! m ON ICY HAKKET. Tthaday, March a?6 P. M. The atock market opened heavy this morning, end be'ere the close, prices fell off from a fraction to one end two per oent. At the first board, Norwich and Worcester declined X ; Harlem, X ; Illinois Stato Bank, IX 1 Farmers' Loan, X : Mcrria Canal, X i Canton Company, 1 ; LODg 1I1BOQ ttUU UU1Q W ? UIVROU ! / waive vs?/ m ivvo, At the second board, Norwich and Worcester fall off IK ; Canton, IK i Harlem, IK. end Reading, K per cent, from price* current in the morning. The *ale* were large at the decline, which i* pretty good evidence that even the bull* have no confidence in present price* and are di*po*ed to realize. The money market i* rapidly tightening, and the rate* for money in the street are rapidly rising. The demand from the com. mercial classes absorbs all the mean* of the banks, and more ottering* are made than they can supply. Fancy stocks stand a poor chance in Wall street, and another turn of the screws will knock down prices several per cent. The receipt* of the Erie Railroad, for the month of February, were as follows v? Nsw Yobk awd Erik Railroau. From freight $12,701 86 Passengers and mall 6,148 M Total $17,920 70 Same time last year 11,Mi 88 Inorease $6,668 02 or A7K per cent The receipts for February, 1S4A, were $9,799 44. It appears from the following reports of the com para tire receipts of the Harlem Railroad company, that our estimate of an Increase of income for this year, will in all probability fall far short of the mark. Instead of $100,000 making an aggregate oi about $800,000, the gross revenue under the advantages of the line terminating at Somers, will be $860,060, from which, deducting expenses and interest, $lA0,000,the net profit cannot be less than $200,000. If this improved condition of the Harlem do not cause some compunctious twinges to those who have been laboring so hard in the traces of the Hudson River company, imposing on their fellow-citizens the ridioulous idea, that unless they supported their project, we should have no railway route to Albany, we are mistake Harlkm Railroad, 1846 1847. Jan 11.309 14 13,692 to February 6,703 20 12,097 40 $20,102 41 $26,289 60 1846 20.102 41 Gain iu 2 months 1847 $6,1(7 24 This is a very handsome increase for so short a time. It should be borne in mind that these receipts, and this increase, are from only forty-two miles of the fifty-four nearly coic' ted, the upper twelve miles not being open yet. Tho annex statement exhibits the quantity of cambrics and muslins exported from Great Britain in each of the past four years, distinguishing the destination, and the quantity exported to each country. Cambrics and Muslins ExroaTCD fsom Gbkat Bbitain. 1813. 1814. 1843. '846. Exporttd to Yards. Yards Yards. Yards. Barbsry and Morocco,,,. ? ? ? ? Brazils 2,-, 2ai sis 400,454 813,716 Bs. Ay res, M. Video.ko.J 261,442 207 022 21iji0 British West Indies 564,000 388,117 518 819 506,478 British North America... 124,258 128,274 239 004 129.381 Belgium. 131,603 164,328 142,440 102,021 Coast of Africa sxcla. of Cape 17,009 33,590 50.968 50,726 Chili and Pe'u 4.600 59 035 281,073 64.799 Cape of Good Hope 100,408 84,033 386,769 100.496 Colombia 13,444 17.454 52,777 33,913 Denmark 3,437 2,040 1,323 3,900 Egypt ? ? ? ? France 37,150 53 650 30.013 77,932 Foreign West Indies 80.879 5 3 211 81,802 113.162 Gibraltar 174,505 2 3 059 78,982 54.992 Ma se Towns, fcc 152 810 105,557 124,724 294,783 Hanover ? 684 ? ?I Holland 88,543 152.852 88.065 71,334 India isooiM 6J?'4" 659.129 573,344 China J 400.50J _ Malta and Ionian Isles.,.. 24.967 11,729 22.792 7,891 Mauritius aud BatAria... 156.380 79 670 13,194 124 531 Mexico 27,132 41,140 61 77J 22,716 New Holland 338 962 99,792 237,76 2 308,810 Naples and Sicily 32,478 690 219 5,820 Prussia ? ? ? - ' Portugal, Mud, 'a, he.... 52,413 77 254 30 300 36,829 Hussu 8,570 36 330 19,199 24,5,51 I Sweden and S?n-ay 52.435 55,493 75,520 54,680 i Ipain 4 368 586 4,194 ? ; Sardinia, Tnscany, kc ... 90,330 ? 16,244 24 887 ; Trieste, iuotrian Ports,kc 308 1,908 8,242 23.910 Tnrkev and Lrvaut 28 000 22.435 98,810 224.965 United Suits of America..430.174 600,402 1,034,216 587,0,9 | Total 3,411,912 3,180,545 4.797,968 4,459,769 j From 1946 to 646. thero appears to have been a very great tailing oft In the trade with the United State* in theae article*, although the decrease in the aggregate exportation ha* not been very great. We have obierved, in ail the official report* of the exportation of ootton manufacture* from Oreat Britain to Brazil, Buenoa Ayr**, and Montevideo, that there ha* been, within the pa?t year, a very great increaae in the ihipment to the** countrie*. In every initanc* where the manufacture* oj Oreat Britain com* into competition with thoie of the United State*, the preference i* given t* those of thia country ; but as theie manufacture* are confined almoat entirely to a deacription of coarae cotton*, fuch a* we call domeitics, the competition i* as yet not very extentenaive. In every description oi line cotton goods, the manufacturer* of Great Britain monopolize the markets of South America, a* well as those of every other part of the world. The domestic manufacture of these good* w* are compelled to retain for domestic consumption, and it will be sometime before we can fully supply that demand, to *ay nothing about supplying foreign market). We shall, in time, make our appearanco in all the market* of the world. In nearly every table of British export*, which have come under our notice, we have observed a falling oil'in almost every article exported to this country. The an* nexed table shows the quantity of shawls and handkerchiefs exported from Oreat Britain in each of the pest five years, exhibiting the quantity exported to each country in each yoar. Sbawd add HinduKSCHirtt KxroaTED raOM Gbxat Britain. 1042. 184). 1814. 184}. 1846. SKmported to Doz. Dot. Doz. Doz. Doz. Barbitry tud Morocco... ? 145 ? 500 ? B?* Ayrea', m! Video,gia j 6|.?? >".?7 119,382 Britiah Went Iodiea. 19,915 36,363 69 960 79]978 51,209 Brituli NorihJAmorica.. 1,629 5 070 5 067 7 392 7 092 Belgium. ... . 3,583 14,800 10,549 5,570 M75 Conat of Africa eiclu. of J ? 3#'2IS 22544 29 31.748 14,0(9 Chill nod Peru 10,151 5,868 15.73/ 66,624 24,258 Cape of Good Hope 4,850 16,114 5 2 909 31,243 16,100 Colombia 8,366 31,962 21,451 12,633 2,487 Denmark 1,032 5,166 ? _ _ J-JtPP' ? 674 14 616 ? France. 1,096 3 379 2 722 1,589 3,845 Foreign \Ve?t ludiea.... 17,961 2'.278 39,508 49,411 58 364 (iihraltar 7,370 21,970 11,77 3 4,498 6,756 Maine I owm, Ikc 43,695 82,048 145 508 065 Hanoror 89 ? ? ? ? Holland 14,915 28,044 1 990 218 656 n.d"? 1 ] 287 4 960 11M 9, M7 l# 5 J,Z 1 50 8,9 0 6 51L 3,635 Maltaand Ionian Ialea... 1,609 1.949 1,432 4.245 883 Mauiitiua and Bataeia... 1,013 1.206 4.485 2,225 1,452 Mencn 51,631 68,976 1,922 10 0 35 4 3 4 >5 New Holland 2,543 14.831 2 551 4,814 7,984 Nai lea and Mieily 29.191 53,361 30,231 37,600 29,464 Iruaaia ? ? ? _ _ Portagal, Madeira, he... 22.623 8,067 19,507 15,227 23,880 "natia 3.408 791 834 216 634 Sweden and Norway.... 13,970 1,831 160 1,181 887 S|"in 1 960 2 720 9 253 Sardinia. Tuaranv, Icc . 56.146 49 238 37,6.0 31,744 21,141 10,977 9.361 14 785 44,099 29 39'. Tnrker nd Levant 7 370 1,047 8 791 14.371 1 1,164 I7nita<lB>.??. ?r 14 40a 41000 iso ajc ou TtA ouaii Total 444,95* 838,400 598,200 743,05J 545.813 The decroaie in the export* of theie article* to thi* country in 1848, compared with 1810, was more than Afty per cent, and the decrease in the aggregate exportation was about thirty per cent. With one or two exceptions, the falling off lias been general. We attribute the decrease in the exports tion of these article* to a general falling off* in the de mand, more than to an increaao in the manufacture of similar goods in those countries whither tho -hipments havo heretofore been made, or which have hitherto been the principal markets for them. All doubts in relation to a full and speedy resumption of the interest on the debt of Maryland have been icmoved by the passage of the resumption bill through the House of Delegate*, by a vote of 42 to 38, after a desperate effort on the part of it* opponents to prevent a rote being taken There ii no doubt hut that the bill will pus the 1 Senate, and received the approval of the Governor.? Bnottld such a result be realized tho citizens of Maryland will have groat cause for congratulation Pass tho reiiimption bill, end every one will make an effort to car ry out its provisions; and even should there be doubts at present of the ability of the Stele to resume at the time stipulated, tho fsct that tho lime had been decided upon< would remove many obstacle* now in the way, wbioh are considered objections to an Immediate resumption. We anilolptte the plaaeare of plielnj MiiyTgod roon ia our liet of eolveot Stater. Old Stock Kxchange. S15000 Tr??? Notes bit 101V , 10 thi New Jersey RR 102% 3000 Held Ylortf Bd* 70% 100 Housatonic Hit Oil aouo do 70 150 Heading RR t OK tooo Kentucky ?'S 9014 00 5**6 600 Ohio 6 s, tO, 9014 250 do 50 1000 do 93 50 do b60 5?V 25 sbs llliuois Bank 17 75 Canton Co 3iV 50 do slO I?>4 73 do bTO 31% 300 Karuiers' Loan . 27% 25 do 31% 150 do boo 20 525 do 31% 30 do 27% 700 Harlem RK b6J i?% 100 do *60 27 0)5 do 41 | 50 do tods 20 50 Nor Ot Wot 51)4 300 Moms Canal 11 75 do 5i% 30 do bOO Ilk 500 do 51% 50 do lOk 50 L Island HK 26% 23 do ?'* 10)4 150 do b60 26)4 20 Manhattan Gas MH 100 Stoniofton *30 42 Sscond Boat r<t. 154she Farmers'Loan 27% (23 sbs Harlsrn 47 30 do 27V 23 Canton Co 33)4 200 do 27 V 30 do 33% 3# do s'O 27% 250 do 31 3?RaadincRR 51 50 Nor It Wor slO 50 M do bJO 31 100 do 30 130 do 37V 30 do 30 100 do 5714 130 do 30 200 Harlem BH 47% so do 50 300 do 47 30 do 50 130 do 47 25 do 50 200 do 47 50 do *60 49% 56 do 47 100 Fast Boston 12% New Stock JCzcltanse. |23 aha Canton Co slO 31% 50 ths L Mand RR *7 26% 23 do eaab 31% 50 Harlem Kit cash 41 34 do atrip cash 3% 150 do cosh 47)4 30 Morrit Canal cash 1% 150 d > Wednesday 47% 25NorfcWor cash 51% 50 do *30 47% 590 do cash 51% 30 do *15 47% 30 do Wednesday 31% 100 do blO 47% do blO 31% 50 do cash 47% jvu uu 31,14 CITY TKAUU UK FOR. Y. New Yobs, Tuesday Avtcbnoon, March Id. The market* generally were quiet tc-lsy, and transactions limited without material change in price*. Small ale* of Genasee flour were made at S7 6*? a $7 13J?, and in aoma larger quantltio* at $7, on the apot. Sales drj liverable in all the month of May, were made at $6 Southern waa steady, with sales at $6 83H a $0 76c. Tte supplies o( Indian corn were more abundant, and the market some less active. Southern' whit* sold at 94c. a 7c.; and good Northern yellow at 06 a 100c. on the spot. Provisions were quiet, and without sales of importanceGroceries were steady, and sale* made to a fair extent, without material ohange in pric*s. There was more done in oetton, a* will be perceived by the statement below Ashes?Pearls closed firm at $0 31)?c., and pots at 4 S7>?c. Beeswax?Th* market for yellow was steady at 3?c. a 37c. BnsAosTsrrs?Although tho market appeared rather inactive, th* quotations of yesterday were fully maintained,and we report sales of about 3000 bis. Genesee at )7, 600 do. at $7 #J?, and other small lots on the spot at $7 13>?: 1000 do. sold, deliverable in May, at $ ; and 6000 do., deliverable in the same month, on private terms. There was little done ia Southern, and no change in prices ? We report sale* of 300 a 300 bbla. Philadelphia at $0 63)?. The quotations for Howard street and Georgetown ranged from $6 ?3>? a $6 76 and to 81 >4 a $0 87>?, lor fair to good brands. Wheat.?The market continued Arm. We report a ales of 1400 bushels New Jersey at $1 40, and 600 bushels red at $1 66. Pure white Genesee was held at $1 76. Corn.?The sales on the spot reached 16,000 a 30,000 bushels, while large quantities continued to be bargained for, deliverable during the letter part of the spring and summer months. The lots sold in the city, or deliverable with a few days, embraced 3000 bushels good sound northern yellow at $1; 3300 do at 90 cents ; 3000 do. on private terms ; 3000 a 4000 do. Now Jersey at 07 cents ; and 3000 southern white, short delivery, at 94 cents. Late yesterday afternoon, 60,000 bushels, chiefly southern yellow, were sold, to arrive in June and July, on private terms. To-day, 10,000 bushels were bargained lor, deliverable in May, on terms not made public. Corn Meal ?The sales during the day reached from 10 000 to 13,000 barrel*, part to arrive, at $5, and the remainder on the apot at $5 06>4 a $6 12% ? The bulk of that aold io atore brought $6 12% Rye.? The market waa measurably bare, and quotation* nominal. Barley.?No aalea were reported. Oate?were firm, but no aalea tranapired. Cotton?The firmer feeliug we noted in the market haa eventuated in aalea of 3000 bale*, at price* allowing an improvement of one-quarter of a cent. About one-half of theae purchases were by manufacturers; shippers are supposed to have taken the balance. Cower?The market was firm for Kio, at 7% a 8 cent*; 400 bags Java Coffee, slightly damaged, were sold by 1 Messrs. Hoffman 8c Co., at ts% a 8J? and o cash. Fish?The market remained firm, and we continue to quote dry cod at $3 60 h 8 ti 1% c: Halifax No. 1 mackarel were held firm at $11, and large No. 3 at $7. Fruit?113 boxes oranges were sold at auction by Messrs. Hoffman It Co., at $3 12% o. cash. In raisin* we heard oi no change. Hrmf?The market continued bare of supplies, and quotations, in consequence, were in a manner nominal. A small sale of 40 bales western dew rotted sold by auction, and brought $03* $03 AO per ton, cash. Lead?The market was quiet, and we continue to quote pig at $4 3A. Molasses?We report sales of 60 hhds. Now Orleans at 36 c; Cuba was less firm?buyers ottered 33 a 34 c, but sellers refused to meet them on those terms Naval Storks?The market presented no new features. Oils?American linseed?further sales were made of city manufactured at 77 c cash; in whale and sperm there was no change worth notice. Provisions?Tne market was very quiet, and no transactions of importance were reported in Pork? we continue our quotations of yesterday tor mess and prime. For the former $14 76 was offered, and for the latter $13 ; but there were no sellers below $15 for mess, and $13 37% a 60 lor prime Beef remained steady without change in prices. Lard?136 kegs new sold at 11 ceuts. Cheese was steady at 7 a 7%c.. Butler?100 firkins Ohio yellow butter sold for repacking, terms not reported Kick?The market was steady, and sales reported at previous quotations. Sbkds?Sales of rough flaxseed were reported at $11 36 a 11 60 per tierco. The supply in the m.iket was very limited. There wit no ohange in clover or timo thy. 8uoar?The market was rather inactive at former rates. 316 hhds New Orleans were sold at auction, and brought 8o, 00 days. Tallow?The market was firm, but the supplies were light, and no transactions of importance tranapired. We continue our quotaUons at OX a 00 Toassco?Nothing ne-v since last report. Wsiiiit was steudy at 39o. Hiuks?The stock continued light, being considered less than half the stock on h ind this time last ye ar, and estimated at 00,000, of which 70,000 are induulers' hands. The importation* the piessnt year are much lighter than during the same perio t in 1346, which in January and February of that y oar amounted to 73,806 For the same montns ot the present year they only reach 63,103. | The following will show the importation during the years named :? 1844. 1846. 1846. Imports 701,010 708,383 666,466 This exhibits a large fallinir off thus far in the uresent year. There ii alio said to be a falling, oft' in Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore. The enhanced freights with scarcity, it was supposed,would continue to render future.importations less than they wore last year. Lk4Tmk??The stock was considered light, and all kinds have, it was said, experienced some advance since the Aistof January. Should the fears ol some respecting the future decrease in the importation of hides be realised, some further advance in the prices of leather might reasonably be expected. Krkiuhts?There was some entry to day in rales to Liverpool, and engagements were made at 28U for grain, in sacks, and 8s for hour a Bs 3d. A vessel was suid to have been chartered for a port in Ireland, direct, on the same terms. Transient small vessels were offered on more favorable forms. To London no change was reported. To Havre, they were rather dull, at previous rates Real Eitatk?Jit Auction ? Two story brick house and lease ef lot No. 463 Hudson St. 19.11 by 83.... $1,765 J two story brick front houses and lots, Nos. 98 and 100 Kranklin street, 85 by 79, together. . . 8,100 Two story briok house and lot No. 33 Suffolk St., 28 by 1B0 2,976 Bhooklvr.?Two story frame house and lot No. 139 Hicks street, 26 4 by 100 5,450 Three story brick front house and lot No. 39 Front street, 19x100 3,200 Two story brick hou^e anil lot on south side Livingston street, near Smith street, 20x76 8,160 Three story brick house and lot en Clinton street, near Livingston street. 26x107 6.9C0 One lot east side Jay street, uear Tillary street, 19x107 6 086 One lot, with buildings thereon, in Main street, near Front street, 17x60 1,600 Ulsh, ! Miuhail Himm, a naive of Tullamore, King* county, i Ireland Hil friendsand acquaintances aro rfquested to attend his funeial this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, iiom hit late ie> i aidence. leO Kliaabath at. On Wednesday, Feb 34, at her resilience, Meridian j Hill, near Washington. D. C , Mra K.lua Cot, wilo ol I John Florentine Cox, formerly of thia city In April, IB lb, at one of the Kandwich Islands, Drouicd LawaaMca. Ho was drowned In landing Irom the bi'k Heienco, ol New Bedford I U.On Monday morning, March 1, Many Axis, wife of I Fiedeiick J. Beams in the 30th year of her age. The relatives aud friends of the family are respectfully : Invited to attend her funeral thitfWedneidaj) afternoon, I at tl o'clock, Irom her late resilience, No. H6 (Jreenwicti ! stree*. Her remsins will be taken to Greenwood Ceme| tery f?r Interment. March 3d, Wm. Laisfimlx, grandson of Mra. McLo I Hoso, (Burns' "Corinda.") His remains will ho interred In the Greenwood Cem*teray. It may be gratify ing to his f i?Dds to know Hint I he received every attention that sympathising friends coald bestow to render Ins situation ns comfortable as his d.spaso would pormit I Charleston papers please copy. On Monday, the 1st inst, afier n short but painlul ill* ne<a. Joh.s MoGirmky, aged 3i The mem hers of t'l osnix Assembly No. t, an 1 V wii a ifi ill I 'i y j. v 3 u yj Vi uritinu berr of the Brooklyn Protertiint Association, Bid Ma friends and acquaintance! ?ro reipectfiilly requested to attend hi! fnn-tal on Wednesday,the 9 t inut, at 9 o'clock, front the residence of his titotber, Amite* MoUibney, 171 Ninth street " ! t tJiTtfW" ' i < R W vTiitit / < oll?ct r'? ('(ft -e vi^rehjl 1817 ) |\I OT CE ? Pe sons h Sine t?..iJs rt the imlilir a ore, No H! >Vaihm?t n atrret, n? not fteil thntou li 3l?t tia'ih in.taut, all a noils riinsiiuiif in laid - to p will b<< r.niovrd io the llnitpd 8 ires Uondvit We sbtiise pi rner of D o ilway and Eiebanfp Pl r?, at the risk of the, consignee or efent. iStilatrc ' W tAWREWCE, Cel'r KhfcHK & u6aTAK, HATIKBS, ]M BROADWAY. NEW YORK, WILL introduce Spring f ashion for Gentlemen's Hate, MerePl, 1147. ml )t*rh I. I T NOTICE Hfc metnbars < fpii? ijg Assembly No i of ilia f! O 'f B^rfwi, and the order in general. are requested ro mte: at their Assembly Room in the B?wery. "" Wednesday, tne 31 lust., at1 o'cl.'ek F. M. to attend the funeral of oar la e JJ-o'her John MeGibney. m3 1t*rc JOHN MA8QV, a-r-tet-tiy.'] TO HOIEL PROI'RIEtOK-A. I # prfiuitaad for a length of time in on# of in? best hoit??s in thu city. i? dfi roui of nicking hrangeifieiits as Book-kreper i r mnuaicer tf ? hotel, aftrr the nr?t ol Aptil, wheu his present eng j^eni' nt eiprnt. A long experience m Tir.t class hotel, in different cities of the I n on, and ce.iimoniala cf the highest character, are offered Being without encumbrance, has no objection to any part oi the country. Exir -vnffiiit remuneration not expected Address "Books." box 15:i9t Post Office, N. Y. n 3 islw*r P OK^WA^LE?An elegant disss Case, at l??X Bowery i HhHRbW UEnEVOLENT SOCIETY BALL, AT APOtiLO ROU.M8, Broadway.?Drieera of carriegea conreyiug company to the above ball, litis evening, the 3d instant, will let their company pot with the hortea lacing I down Broadw.y, ana take them np in rr ver?e order JOHN HUTHWAITE, ! tn3 Itrli Hnpenntenrlenr of Hecke. THE SOCIETY OF THE FKIENDL* SONS OF ST. PATRICK. A regular quarterly meeti gofihe Nitiety ol the Friendly 8>.us ofrt. I'atrii k wil be held at tha City Huiel, on Thursday Evening, he 4th imtant, at 7>? o'clock, for ifie ' electio of offlceia for the emuin* year. 1 A full attendance ia P 'tieu arly requested. mitre _ W^O Fl VZ'.fcltAlP, 8-cretny. lvs r. YESTERDAY, in the Ha-lem Railroad cara, o'd'opped in the afreet, a lad' 'a purac, containing thirtv dollar, in gold, and a few dollars in paper money. The finder will be libe-all v rewarded by calling >t 119 Id nvenne, ml lt*rh WANTtiU, A8ET of Countera aud Deski suitable for a hank or nchange office Anyone hiving each for sale. may bear ' of a eeah purchaser, by Rddriaaing box 13:9 post office. j m3''' __ | WANTED, A SITUATION by a respectable yeung noma to do chamberwork, or to take care of children, or Plain at w1 tag. The best of citv reference can be given Flea?e call at the corner ef Tenth street and avenue A , opposite TempUim'i t(iu*re. ml U*ma. WANTKD?A rc?r#cuble vouuk woman, wi?hii i situation Co do uenerallboujework or as ciiimbcnmu; ! wou'd t k? care of children Wi h good reiersteer I'laiio I call at 57 Bedford street, in the basement. iu3 lt*rh | WANTED, AWKT NU118IC, to go to Washington. The best of city references required. Apply at No. 44 City Hotel. m3 lt*rh wanted, BY a respectable young girl, a situation aa Chambermaid and W,>li>r end lrouer. or ro see to children. The beat of eitv reference given, Enquire at 3 York street, ml 2t*rh wanted, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, a enaction at coek.ia eonso respeetab'e family. She cm he highly recomanendad by aoaae of the moet respectrblo familiet in the city. Alto, a yonug iromdu at waiter or chambermaid. who can bear the strictest investigation at to capability in eharae'er. Apply to 131 Third avenue, second flour back room? enqaire for B. L>. ml lt*rc wanted, A SITUATION by a Gardener, who nederttandi bedding, (V gr-fcine, and curing all diaeatee fruit trees are subject to. The adverriter alto understands farming, Ikc. Addreet P. F. No 61 Eighteenth street. m3 If rc WANTKU-By a young woman, g situation as Nurse or Chambermaid in a small private family, lha best of city references giren as to character, Ike. Please apply at No. 206 Mott ?t., second floor, up itsira. m3 3t*rh wanted; A P A RU'NMR. with n capital of $30#, to engage in the pribtferinba of a popular monthly par edieal, new already fallyfcstublitbed, and requiring but the above amount, with exertion, to tacuro a large eircolatien. A very handtome profit can be realized b? the enterprise. Or the advertiser would nrelera loan of tarre or four hundred dollars <or twelvemonths or two years, securing toe eamn by a mortgage on the property (at each No. it stereotyped ) at au interest of 12 per cent per annum A note addressed to " Alpha," 116 Perry street, will be promptly attended to m2 3t*c new york legal observeli for march. A KTS ?Privileged Communication; Banker's Promissory Court, in re Me'z<er, treatv of France ? to fugitives; Chau cellor Walworth's Court, Partridge v. Menck, trade marks, Superior Court, Bradner r Jones, Common Plena, Decisions December term; English cases, Chanceloi's '"ourt; V. C.Court: QnreuV Bench; Exchequer; Common Plena; Admiralty, &c ; Review; La lie'a Equity See , Sic. m2 3t*rc 3AML. OwKN, Editor, 41 Ann at. SPLENDID BOWLING AND BITLIAKD SALOON. TIIE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to iuform hia frienda and the public, that the mean recently known at the Washiugton Club Room, No 72 Prince atreet, (up atai a,) la now open, aa a puulic room The above aaloon is fitted up and furnished iu a style of'magmficeuce that caanot be surpassed by any aiaiilar establishment in this or any other city iu ilia Uni'ed States. Them ate foar Allays, enuatiucted in the beat poaaiDle manner, aud a large Billiard B' om a ttehed. Faery accommodation caa he afforded to all that will favor this establishment with their patronage. m3lw'rc JOHN TRAVIS. T. BROWN, Stone Seal Engraver and Herald Painter, 6JQO BROADWAY, opposite the Park.?Couta of Arms OtJ Crests, Cyphers,Stc engraved ea Stoae or BrassLadies' Seals, Siguet Rings, Peauit Caiea, Ac. engraved with Armg ur any device Diamonds, Amerhyata, TopazI ea. 8tc bought in the rough or cut to any form. Coat* of , Arms found and painted in any style, from $2 and upward.", i and f.irwardad to raw part ot the United Sta' ea ?r Canada Booka of Heraldry kept, with upwards of 200 000 names 1 in3 It'rc I KOt-TER'd WJKUOW SPRING. THE PATE T FRICTION WINDOW SPRING, recently inven ed by George P. Foster, ol'Tanuton, Vmssu| cliiiaetta, is received and for gale iu this city as bel w It I cnnsis'g of a apring attached o the s?sh, m ide to hear upon . the inside ol the window frame and thereby hold the sash in 1 any position, with rqnal strength ot a cod and weight ? | These springs have been trs.'ed by carpenters and areknovru to supersede any other spring, yet invented, for convenience; I while, for durability, 'bey will last mii'h longer th <n any I k'lnl ii'iw I lie. They can be seen >t the Hardware Ste e | of W. H. Seymour it Co.. No 4 Ch?th<m 'quare, aud Iml of the agent, James Lancaster, at the same place, who will give full instructio s in prop-rlv adjusting tn<-m. rn3 Iw-r to natural is rs. FOR RALE?A lot ol dressed Bi d Shuts, of rare and rations species, just arrived from Brazil. Apply to C< Ins i sud Mitchell, fehip Ch uidlers, corner of Routh aud Roosevelt I atreats. m) 3trc | REMOVAL JOHN G. WINDER has removed his Exchange and Hanking business from the > ffice earner of Wall and I William st eets, ro No. 54 Wa 1 street,iu Prime's nee bii.diag. opposite the ml Jt is? rh ; Th LlMN ou ttoudann vinrigsge on uu,injptv/OO proved (vacant lots) Real iu this city; tiie security ofTered must be ample Apply to ... s WM. CORP, Register's Office, | m3 lt*.h No. 2 Hall o' Hecordi. r|'WO bear sin Per Cent Treasury Notei, convert,ble into JL loin of 18t>7, in sums to suit purchasers, f t sale by VAN KENtJOftLAEK It MORGAN. -* ) nillf r No. 49 Wil'tvn st ' ADVICE TO PARENTS. REMEMBER IP YOU HA YE A SICK CHILD, l< 1. 1. A " AHL U V IIIIKUUB. KKAD Trtt, FOLLOWING, A N 1) U t CO,1 VINCICO. Ngw York, Kohruary 2?.1947. 1 / 1 E NTLKM f.N ? I nm pleased to Ihts ru opportun ty of uJ" (MMg to the pghlic ths good effecisof yon Huarhemid Caudy, m cases that hive occurred tu my family. My nm had a serioui and severe cougi and cold He wasted ! until lie became emaciated with hot farsn, night sweats, I aerere pain lu the side, complete loss of appetite, and otlior | unfavorable syinp un of cunsuibpttou Me tiled vartoui medieinea, fn in neither of which he derived the leaat b unlit, k our cudv wis procured, and after uaiug a imall pm.kage of the same, we untitled an nnpr< vrment; and alter continued ' us?, 1 am hippy to lay he hat entirely recovered Hia cough ' haa lelt b in, and all i ther niifavorahle ayinptoma luve I disappeared. Other mi tnbera af the iauuly have urad the candy with good aurceai. Ycura.ltc. ;Y1rt?. DAVENPORT, 114 Henry street. J. Pisar. It Sons I J. Pil/vSE St SONS, No. 45 Diriaion atraat. ' Anr.s ra ? Hush ou St Co., 10 Amir Hoitaa 111 Broadway, 846 Hroadway, 273 B'O .< way, ltd Bowery. 105 Avenue U 44 With Avenue, '04 l.h-inibers atitet, S6 Cstbsriia atrart. Mew! ark, N J, 29) Bro >d an eel ornoktyn, 139 Fulton atreet 183 , Kal'ou atreet tVilliaiiiihu'gli. 146 "onrili atrrei mJlr'rh ~ ~Tj?AGTTUA LT Buuk-KKtfiNU, Ifo m Cedar Urttt. Mil. C. C MARSH, Accountant, auihor of the " Science <il Double Entry Hook keeping .Snnpl hed." aud the " Art ol Single Entry book-keeping Improved," continues to teach aa above. Course of Instruction?The public ia respectfully info-in?d ami assured lb it the plau pursued by Mr. Marsh in laachJ ing thin important branch, is t uly a course of practice in keeping books, rather than a course of lietu'es on the theory i The pupil becomes fatntlinr, from actual use, with all tho I booVa constituting a let. and a person of K*>*d capneity will I by this coufse become a competent beok-keaper le ahout one mouth, .ind Mill lecrive a Cr liticate to that altect. I Prospectuses, with terms, cau be obtataed at the rooma I from 9 A M. to 9 P.M. in!3t*c 1 4U1 FAKM8 FOll S \ LP. to 100 nctoal settler*, of the , 1 v V/ Nkst and mosr produc'ivc lards Payment will ha , received in iheir produc ioua. Thai nre sitnated about tho ! cant a or the Ui.l'ed btntes, at ihr terminus nl the iailr ad | from Charleston, 8 C The el'ina'e atreetble, a eadr . an 1 I ait rise v healths; vre'l wooded with abundant springs f W'ter. Parucnloa of ibis r? giou of c uot'V miy be had in I arl.tail lu.h..ilu..< I? v -.1 si?-I ? -t ' limit ?u<l Weal atreels, or the Ti natees' Ofll e | MCHOL'8 ? AIOHT. I ml I* 'e r'J Wall iirerl, 3d atory. ! DRY GOODS, DRY GOODS, DRY GOODS. I* coiiMqunce of me si< kii??? of the au-iioiirer who was enured to sell the s-nrk of Dry O -oda remaining it KM Mpnng j'mfi comer f Thompson afreet, the a Ir wni lone to be poitpoiitd for it few ?! > ? ! lie atoek will remain 111 the atore lor a lew <1 my , and those ladiea who.coula not in cnM.eque. re nl the it rm, make their pitrelives mi its'ur day, | will now litre an oppoiUnity* to aiive from twenty-live to 1 fifty per cent, on toy articles they may wuh to pnrchaie. 'fhe nock consists off lotha, Csanmerea and ilatiueti. M?nnoi bomb-tinea Alpacas, t ashmere Hlvwls frotn $2 75 to $t>j Monaalm tie Lalne, Barege and kills khiwls ami Scarfs, ar.d erery oth'r article anally found in a dry goods store. YVe would relet i ur Irdy re dera to a sale of D.yflooilaat l#J Sp'ing atient, comer if Thompton aireet We understall<1 It IS n assignee! sale and t> e goods ore sailing at about hall their cost. Aurertiremcnt in am tlirr column ml "i',c aHUTbivS OK GKAliN. RAGS. G R A H A M I! R OTH KR S, i MANUFJICTU KHSjiNl) DU.U.F. It S IN M??, No DO atei street New Y.-rk CAN supply shippers of tJrniu with nil kinds of Bags, in any quantity, at .In-lowest c->shp ices The oli-tifages ' of shipping Cr in in hags nm mm. |nev *ntinv waste1 i load ing and ischnrMiiig, iiisu ante is le ? when in this form, and < in the iiiiimate. more economical time if shipped in hulk I tan 31 mi?* rh " H' RRE vV HE N LVOl EN I SUCIBrY." Pill; ei|h-h lOMial PhD in a d o/ the fui d- o ih- nho?o tt-c etv will nke pince s; ihe Apollo H coins. Wedurs* ] day Vetch J Rid Picket a init.i' / a u lolc-aii mil two U.liei S ve IM? 1 Isri? to lie I a .1 he ( , I t .(rg coatviTTSe ' r a a ra rn r vfC*rT?. H yiRt hit ,7- i- In ,m airai t | u.-.v , y, . VV.-i >i, o$ YVsfr air?.t JO?N I V V i , ISI tYi I ,tn >trr el ID ON1-I \ 1YF, Krs 0 p.e ide atrpet M- V.^ I I 1 l| I L it Kront street. uv's^vuJ* J*.^\ 19 Maiden 1 nne. ei Ai?!. BHlJSh, eor. Pine and Wnter Jti. (.11 \ lib.KM S LYONS, N Cedar street | WW** to m3r 12 nn/j Kft k'.N .in du, KHKOTY PK I'LAI I t, jY/V/V hes,- quality, for tale rery low, t< el,.?e r. . on lament, st 52 Maiden Laae. ?. ULR90N k CO. -

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