Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1847 Page 2
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rr NEW YORK HERALD. <tw York, Thurtdaf, March ?, 1H47. New* from Mexico. We give in the Herald of this morning the details of the news from the seat of war. It is important, us indicating the extensive preparations makingl0T 'he attack on Vera Cruz. We shall probably hear in about a month of the investment of that city by our troops. Twaddle in Congress?Waste of Time?The Close of the Session. A portion of the members of the present Congress must undoubedly be demented or atllicted in some way equally as melancholy. Wo must in charity give this interpretation to their extraordinary oonduct. They must to a certainty be stark, staring mad, or they never would fritter away a whole session, in a crisis like the one in which the country is now placed. What confirms us in this opinion is, that they adhere to the last moment to the insane policy they pursued at the beginning, and fritter away their tune in twaddle and nonsense, whilst every Knur I. nf mnra nnnapcueiicc than a dav or a week would be at any other time. Thus we see Mr. Benton, the day before yesterday, discussing for throe mortal and wearisome hours a resolution directing the Secretary of the henate to contract with a reporter to furnish the proceedings and debates o( the Senate to the daily papers, or to pri t them himself if they declined, at a time when the Senate had more business, of the greatest impoitance before them, than they oould possibly act upon within the limited time that remained of the session. We are, indeed, amazed to find a man occupying the position that Mr. Benton does, ac'ing in this way, and can account for such ex'rao'dinary conduct in no other manner than by inferring that his mind had taken temporary leave of him. Pefore this sheet shall have reached the capital, the twenty-ninth session of Congress will have bee n numbered with the past; but we hope, for the honor of the country, and the reputation of our gi-at men, that the last day of the session was not o< copied in such puerile business as that wt inn we ba^e here spolct-n of S mi- Iroers and reports from Washington, in ano li-r column o< tins day's pap-r. Ireland and Its Evils ?Trie Proposed Remedy of the BilUsls Government. Tne condition of ihe Irish people receives a 1 great deal of attention from the press and people of England, at the present time. There is but one opinion, and that is, that some substantial and comprehensive system of relief must be carried . out, which will not only relieve the temporary rtistress ot the people, out also produce perma- j lient amelioration in the condition of a vast number of the peasantry. With this view, Lord John Russell brought forward a scheme in the House of Lords, on the 25th of January last, and from the sketch or outline of it, which we publish in another column of this day's Herald, we are of opinion that it will, partially, at all events, remedy the evils that have so long existed in that part of tho British nation. He proposes that the government advance money enough to purchase seed for the next crop, to all whose circumstances are so bad as to be in want of means to purchase. He also proposes to advance money to such of the landowners as wish to improve and reclaim waste lands, or lor the government to buy those waste lands, reclaim them, and then sell them in small lots lor the purpose of creating a yeoman proprietory, to fill up the void between the peasant and the present race of landlords. With such of the landlords as will neither improve their waste lands themselves, rer dispose of them to the government to be by them improved, he proposes that a law be passed, empowering the government to buy them at a fair v&iuation. this scheme be carried out, of which theie is not much doubt, it will certainly go some wuy toward* ameliorating the condition of 1 roland_ But would it not he better to apply the axe to the root of the evil at once. It cannot be supposed that this scheme will remove the terribly oppressive burdens that have rested so heavily on the Irish people since the union of 1900. Let the terms of that union be carried out by England? let Ireland and the Irish people be put on a political equality with England?let the ratio of representation be the same inlreland as itis inEnglnnd, and all these evils will be dissipated. Ireland is not ruled by Irishmen. She is ruled by Englishmen, many of whom are unacquainted with the cause of the evils that afflict her. Let her be ruled by those who have been barn and nurtured on her soil; by those who have suffered under those wVils, and who know the remedy. Ireland would be ruled by Irishmen.if the ratio of representation that prevails in England prevailed there likewise The famine in Ireland will produce dreadful suffering among her people; but it will cause a regeneration, which will place her in the position she long since ought to have occupied. ???????? Naval I.vrxLLiogNCE ?The U. S. stenmers Scorpion and Scourge, destined for the Gulf, the former under the command of Captain Bigelow, and the latter commanded by Lieut. Chas. G. Hunter, sailed from the Brooklyn Navy Yard yesterday. They wil' co-operate with ihe squadron in the contemplated attack on Vera Cruz, and we have no doubt will render good service. The officers of the Scorpion, and Scourge, are young and active, and possess all the requisite experience necessary for energetic and successful action. In the selection of their officers the Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Mason, has displayed his usuai discrimination. The Plymouth is not ready to sail, nor is she being fitted our, as has been stated, but still remains at the yard. The greatest activity prevails there in fitting out the bemb vessels?the Vesuvius, Hecla, and i.lectra, and the work generally is progressing With great spirit and efficiency. We are happy to learn that the order from Washington, regulating the hours of labor at the Navy Yards, was, most wisely, not enforced at the Brooklyn yard, or we would probably have had to record astmilar expression from the workmen there, to that exhibited at the Philadelphia and Washington yards. By the wisdom and good sense of the efficient and popular commandant of the yard, the government has been spared the mortification of seeing the public business suspended in the enforcement of an obnoxious order. Hsuir ro Ireland.?-Wo give in another column the official accounts of the proceeds of the Relief Ball given at Castle Garden on the 10:h nit. The amount, #142(1, which the Mayor acknowledges in a receipt, from the hands of C. 1,1. Murray, fcieq , is much larger than was anticipated, and certainly does great credit to the originators. Thk Latest from Havana.?1The Ohilde Harold arrived yesterday Iroth Havana, with papers t > the 17lit ult. inclusive. Our files of the Diarin rire to that date. They contain no news of any i i n porta nee to this country. Eastern Papers ?Through the kindness oi Mr. Cloyes, of the New Haven route, we were favored at an early hour last night with Boston papers of yesterday morning. What Nkxt*?Father Ritchie, of the f/nion, positively that he will not accept the office pf Vice President of &e United fcftatas, j Thi Warkhovsinq Ststsm.?1This bill hat been , in operation only about six months, and those i who have made use of the facilities it affords for ! importing, storing, and disposing of foreign merchandise, And it all the meat sanguine ever antit cipa ed; but there are many who have an erroneous idea of the system, and labor under the impression that the warehousing of goods is attended with so many delays and dilHculties, that they have avoided having anything to do with it. It is a new feature in our import trade, and in time it ' would become generally understood and generally adopted; but we wish to place its advantages before the commercial community, that it may be immediately beneficial. To the importer, ol i limited means, it will be found of incalculable importance, as it will enable him to do a more extensive business upon his capital, than he could | under any other system. It plaoes him upen a par with his competitors ol large reseurces, and enables him to buy and sell goeds without forcing his credit. His capital is not reduced by the payj ment of duties, weeks and perhaps months before he disposes ol his merchandise, and transfers can be made from the warehouse to his customers without the goods passing through his hands. Under authority granted in the warehousing act, the Secretary of the Treasury has engrafted upon it a new feature or privilege, intended for the greater accommodation of the importing merchants;*,we allude to the issuing of certificates of warehoused goods?which certificates stand in much the same relation to warehoused merchandise, that bank bills stand to the bullion in the bank's vaults. The following is the form of the certificate:? UNITED STATES BONDED WAREHOUSE, NO. 1. No Nsw York, 184 . 1 certify, that according to the invoice and bill of lading | produced at Ike t'mtom House on the entry thereof, A. B , the owner of the following goods, wares and marchesi dise now deposited in the United 8tates Bonded Ware1 house at this port, at the expense and risk of the owner , i which goods were imported by 0 D , en the 184 ,iuthe Master, fiom [A] No 'J. One case Linens I further certify, that the d':'i?bie value of tail goods, wares end merchandise, scoop Iff to the app'aisement | made by the United tMatee app'aisus for this port, is one hundred uo) are , Register. Theupsign of tliis certificate is to aft" >rd 'o importers every facil ty and advantage, without impairing the securi'y of the government for the colb r i -n of duties Thes- certificates are transfe ah|e by ei dorsement, and the holder only can withdraw i he merchandise from tie warehouse. This enables the importer to obtain advances on his goods at any time, without transferring them, by merely endorsing the certificate over to the party making the advance, by which the holder only has the privilege of withdrawing them; it being always considered at the Custom House, that the holder of the certificate has the only claim to them. The certificate can be procured at any time by ; making application to D. F. Barhydt, Esq., the ' register at the Custom House, to whom the merchants are very rnnch indebted, for the simplicity | of the lorms necessary in perfecting this important ' system. The holder of the certificate, wishing to with| draw the goods, first makes out three copies of withdrawal entries, takes them with the certificate to the register's office, the register cancels the certificate, and the holder proceeds with it and the entries to the entry elerk, and the usual forms and steps follow. If part of the goods j stated in the certificate are to be withdrawn, the same steps are to be taken; and the register in cancelling the old certificate, gives a new one for the portion not specified in the withdrawal entry Cltjr Intelligence. The Weather.?Yesterday may be deemed the flret day of spring?the weather being soft and mild. The atreetf were crowded with pedeitriana, aed rarely have we seen Broadway so thronged with fashionables. Thk Funeral OnssquiKs.?The remains of Captains , Morris, Field and Williams will be received, on arrival I here, with military honors. The following is the ORDEB or THE PROCESSION. Military Escort, i Otiicers of Artillery and Infantry of the city of New York, in full uniform Guard of Honor. City Guards, Capt. McArdle. Clergy. The remains of Captain Morris. The remains of Captain Field. The remain'' of Captain Williams. Pall Bearers. Relatives. J. N. Howard and Charles J. Miller, Committee from the City of Buffalo, in charge of the bodies from Monterey. Officers of the U. S. Army, as mourners. Officers of the Navy. The Mayor of New York. The Board of Aldormen ol the city of New York, beaded by their President, and preceded by their Sergeant at-.trms. The Board of Assistant Aldermen, headed by their President, and preceded by their Sergeant at-Arms. Heads of Departments of the City Government. Foreign Ministers and Consuls. Members of Congress and the State Legislature. Judges of the United States, State and City Courts. United States Marshal, Sheriff of the County, his Deputies and Assistants. Citizens of Albany and Buihlo. Citizens generally. We learn that Major 8 Biooks Postley, has been sej looted te command the companies that may volunteer to parade on this occasion. All those desirous of joining . in the ceremony are requested to notify him. Rrlisv roa Ireland ? 18th Who.?A meeting for this object, was held on Tuesday evening at tha church in lath street. Anson G. Phelps, Esq., waa called to the chair. Addresses were made by Messrs. Gerard, Sedgwick, Shepard. Marburyand another gentleman whose name we did not leern. Mr. W. E. Dodge read a letter from Rov. Dr. Baird, who waa too unwell to attend the , mooting, as had been expected. Although many present had already contributed, nearly $400 was collected on | the spot The ward was divided into districts, and a : committee appointed to solicit further subscriptions and ' donations saac. TowDsead, Esq, was appointed tree lurer. and the following persons authorised to make collection! iu the ward Alderman W A Walker, John j Cox. W. K. Dodge, Jaioea Kotter, leaac Townsend, K F. Marbnry. James Stokes. T S Henry, L 11. Shepard, Russell Smith. Isaac A. Moran, J P Flynn, T. Claughley, ' C. Wadsworth, O. 11. Tweedy, W Kdmonds, Robtrt Keely, (Jeoige Douglas* and John A. Stewart. Aid to Ir*(.and?The Hibernian Universal Benevolent Society, and not the Hibernian Musical Society, have renolv- J to dispense with tneir u-iinl celabiatioti on the 17th of Mnrch inst, and to contribute the expenses which that celebration would cost to tha relief of the famishing Irish. Suicn r I'he Coroner was called to hold an inquest at No 91 James rtmet, upon the body of Hamilton Rain, a native ol Ireland, age,I -is year', who committed suicide by hanging himself inuie loom which he occupied. It appeared Itorn the evi ence adduced before the coroner, that the deceased, a tailor hy trade, was intemperate in bis habits, and that while laboring under the influencs of liquor, treated his wife in a brutal manner; that on .VloDiiay last, tha Utter, on > ccourit of having been se verely beaten hy the deceased, left home and did not re turn, which ciroumstanca appeared to give him greet un ebsinesa; that the deceased yesterday told his son, as the latter was about going to his wotk that he would no' ! see hiir. again, as be would not live any longer in sucfc | a state, anil b.d his son rood bye ; but as the deceased hac i previously made use of similar expressions, litile or nc regard was paid to what he said on the subject ? . The son on rsiurnlDg to his dinner however, found aoint difficulty in oneninr the room door, iu c.onsenuer.r-? nf chest having been placed against it. The <:oor being fi [ nally op.ned, the young man discovered b e lifelesi body of his father on the flour, by the side o the chest, with a rope around his neck. As nc hook, nail or any other kind of projection to whicl the [rope could be suspended, was found, the younf man was taken into custody, on suspicion ef taring beet guilty of foul |>lay, and several hours elapsed before i was satisfactorily ascertained that the deceased, after ty ing a knot in the end of the rope, passed it over the to| ot the door, which wee then closed and the chest pu against it, mounted upou the chest, sfHxed the noosi around his neck, and then by throwing the weight ofbii body upon tho rope, accomplished his purpose. The soi was therefore discharged from custody. Hocsr. Huarmii.? Yesterday, the weather being s< , fine, we observed an immense number of "local cmi grants," on the look ou' for new quarters. Several billi ware accordingly taken down, and several were etucl up in consequence. I'areoks said to re at I'aris.?A letter from ? highly intelligent and well informed gentlemar 1 at Fan*, dated January 30.h, published in the Proridenci ! Journal, aaya that the writer was informed, a few dayi ' since, on rery high authority, " that Paredea ia in Pane endeavoring, but without aucceaa, to entangle thia (th? French) government in the affaire of Mexico ; that Pare ilea givea it aa hia opinion that the Mexican war will be I 1 long one." VarietlM. A machine for boring tunnela haa been invented ir ! ranee, by which the proposed railroad tunnel through the Alpa can be completod in three yeara. The ahia Suffolk, which cleared at the Boston enrtom house on Saturday for Philadelphia, to load for f'.nrope had on l>oard the t;hineae museum. The thermometer at Boston on Tuea lay morning stood | j^?<jeg;, barometer at sunrise, rMft ; wlad W and ? Jlnrieal. Italian Otb?a ?The new op?ra, " I Lombardi," wu produced la?t night at Palmo'a, in a etyle fully equal to tke high eipectatione which had bean railed concerning 1 it. The effect of the icenery in the firat act ii incomparably fuperior to any thing before attempted by the managera. The muiic wee well received; there are ' aome very good aira, and the choruaea are.on the whole, batter than tboae in the operae before preaented The 1 piece ia calculated to draw. The argument of " The Lombard'a" ia thia The beautiful and noble Viclinda waa the object of the love of both Aivino end Pegano, i aona of Folco, Prince of Bo; the former abe loved, the 1 latter ahe bated Pagano waa exasperated, and for attempting to hill hia brother waa baniahed, and hia i brother waa married to Viclinda. The baniahed prince afterwarda p'ofeaaiig repentance, waa pardoned, and I returned to nil father'a court; but while profaning friend ahip for hia brother, ho inatigated hia lollowera to tire the j buildinga, v U<le he ruahed into a chamber, and murdered. | aa he auppoavd, hia brother ; but he immediately learned i that it waa hia lather whnae blood he had ahed. Seized 1 with rcmotae he attempted to take hia own life, but waa : prevented Alter the flret paroxysm of hia griaf waa over, he determined to turn nermitj and thus expaate, it poiaihle, hia crime. Ho therefore adop'ed the hermit'a , garb, and want to Jeruaalem. Meanwhile Aivino and I Viclinda bad had a daughter, called Oiaelda, who with her mother followed Aivino. who waa chosen a leader of the Lombard Crusadera, into the country of the ene, my. Viclinda waa killed and Oiaelda made prisoner. Oronte. ion of Acciano, Tyrant of Antioch, and Sophia, who hadaecretly been converted to Chrlatianity, tell peaaionately in love with Oiaelda, who aa fondly reciprocaed his attachment. Arvino while in pursuit of his enemies, wounded Oronte, and met with the hermit, who at : the first announcement of the arrival of hia countrymen, ' had dapoaed the dieas of Hermit, and been the foremost in taking up arma, and inducing Pirro to deliver up to | them the galea of the city, aaauriug him of the paidon of Heaven ; he likewise promised Aivino to And Oiselda. (Jiselda's thoughts meanwhile bad centered in Oronte, forgetting her parents, countrymen, and even her faith; but Sophia had induced Oronte to embrace Christianity, which he was disposed to do to be united to Uiselda. During the storming of the city, however, Oronte was killed. Pagano, the foremost in assaulting the walls, fell mortally wounded, but before expiring, made himself known, and obtained his brother's paidon Giselda returned to her father's bosom, and the Christiana entered triumphantly into Jerusalem. "1 Lombard#" will be repeated tonight. Christy's Minstrels ?This Inimitable baud of Ethiopian vocalists and rausioians give their farewell entertainment at the new Concert Hall, Newark, thieevening. Their coucerti there have been attended by mere numeroue and fashionable audience* than any company who havo visited Newark for years From their general success throughout the Union, we are not sstonished that they should ba so Weil patronised in Newark They are very talented and witty, and well deserve the enoumitiras bestowed upon thsaa. Aid to Scotland ?A grand musical entertainment, in aid of tbe poor of Scotland, will be given at the Tabernacle, on Monday evening next, 8th March. Mrs. Strong, i Miss Pearson, the Alleghanians, Mr Whitney, Mr. Cliiehugh, and others, as also some of the most eminent musical gentlemen, Mr. Ueorge Loder. Mr. Tinim, and Mr. Austin Phillips, will each try tbe effect of music upon the soul of benevolence on that evening. Henry Hers gave two concerts at New Orleans, on j the evenings of the illd and 'J31 uit They were annua need as his last pariormancaa, previous te leaving for Havana. Thtstrlraii, Fabx Thiatrb.?The Dnnnuni Vitnnoit* continue to-carry all before tham. There appears to be no limit to the enthusiasm they create. Once seeing them is not nough, lor all who witness their extraordinary and ! novel performaneos, are irresistibly attraoted to see 1 them again. Nor is this to be wondered at, for never I have we had presented on our stage any thing that could | approximate to the exhibition which these agile and talented little girls afford. In them is seen natural < grace and beauty to the fullest extent. They have, to ba | aura, bean educated, if the tern is applicable, to a certain extent by their preceptress, Madame Wiess, but the effect of that education does not mar, but davalepes the ! grace that is natural, and which we in vain look for in i an advanced stage of life. The natural abandon of youth is in them seen in its perfection, as well as the effects of art in their training. BowebyThkatbe?There wa? an immense aisemblage ( | at the Bowery last evening, to witneai the performance 1 of the new national patriotic drama entitled " Ethan Allen, or the Ureen Mountain Boya of 1778," 'The very 1 uperior caat with which the piece waa represented, ( would be sufficient to insure it that success which it has , deservedly gained since its first introduction. Neafie, Stevens, Clark, Hadaway, Chapman, Vache, and the entire company, acquitted themselves with their usual ability. Mrs. Booth as Nemeneca, an Indian Squaw, sustained the part with extreme cleverness. As a national drama, " Ethan Allen" possesses much merit, and its reception hero every evening since Monday last, is highly flattering to the author of the piece, as well as to the high talents of the performers. The Hibernian dramatio spectacle of " Brian Boroihme" succeeded. A varietv of ; new attractions will be shortly presented here, of which due notice will be given. Through the able and liberal management of Mr. Jackson, the enterprising manager, ; tho patrons of this popular theatre are nightly entertained witu the leading attractions of tlie day. ObeebIvioh Theatre.?In consequence of the temporary indisposition of Mr. Dunn, "The Dumb Belle," ' was substituted here last evening for the "Angel of the ! Attic " Signora C.'occa and Signor Morra again appear \ ed in a grand "Pas de Deux," and their appearance was | greeted with unbounded applause by a full house The : Italian dancers have added considerably to the attrac- > tions presented here since the opening of this popular theatre for the preient season, and no expense, it would appear, haa been spared to render them worthy of the 1 support of the numerous patrons of this popular place of evening reereation. Those who have not yet seen the Italian dancers, should not lose the present opportunity that presents itself here. The acknowledged ability of Signore Ciocca and dig nor Morra gives,them already a very high stand as (he most acknowledged ability of celebrated Italian dancers of the day. Bowaar Circus.?All the fun and novelty in the way { of amusements seem to be monopolised at the Circus. This evening the Albino Minatrals, a sort of musical fusus nature, are to be added to the attractions of this ' popular place of amusement. Mr. Hobbs will repeat his 1 tremendous " somerset act of horsemanship;" the infant Macfarland will exhibit his wonders upon the tight rope; I Ooosin, always at home, will amuse the million with his , inexhaustible fund ol humor; and " Jack, the Uiant Killer," which was omitted last night in consequence of the illness of Major Stevens, will be repeated. The Amphi. j theatre is now the great resort of citizens and strangers." The Seguins are doing a groat business in Charleston Mr James Wallack took a benefit at the Mobile thea- j tre on the night of the 22d nit. He is re-engaged. Dan Marble is still amusing his Savannah friends. j Mrs. Mowatt and Mr. Davenport are still playing at Mobile. Mr. Anderson was still at the St. Charles, New Orleans, on the 23d. ___________ Law Intelligence. Suvbrior Court, March 3 ?Before Chief Justice Jones.? Richard Hayes et.JiiapK Stent tt at ?This cause was summed up this evening, and the Chief Justice, after detailing the history of the case, left it to the Jury to say, under the evidence, was there such a custom as that set up by the defendant's counsel. If there was no such custom, then they should find a verdict for the plaintiffs; lor the Court of Errors had laid it ; down as a rule of law, which bound them all, that an : agent cannot purchase hills on his own credit, and remit i thorn to his principal, while be retaiiied the money of the latter in bis own hands, and used it lor his own purposes; i but if they found that such a custom existed in 1837. then they were to enquire if the defendants brought themselves within it, by purchasing an undoubted bill ; that is, that the person whose bill it was, was of such stand- ; ing and credit in the community, as put it beyond auy reasonable doubt that the bill would be dishonoied. Sealed verdict. 1 Before Judge Oakley? Couptrvt. Barktr? This cause 1 ! stands adiourned un'il Friday next, in conseauenco of the absence of a material witness j Circuit Court, March 3 ?Beforo Judge Edmonds ? I James Hinckmun vs. the Long I,land Insurance Comj puny ? i his causa was sumraej up anJ given to tba Jury. Sealed verdict. Uritkd Statks District Court.?Before Judge Bett* | ?March 8.?Monday being the first day of the March | term of the Court, the grand panel of Jurors was called I over. A sulticient number not being present, his Honor directed an additional numbt --o be summoned for this ! morning, Upon which the panel was again called over, and the following gentlemen having appeared, were sworr. of the <*r*nd Jury :-Wm H.Tails, foreman; Che. N Ceggsweh; Job W Cook; James H. Cooke; John Dunham; \V'*?d Oilmen; Daniel Hunt: Jamea Horn; Benjamin Hasbrouck; John A. Kennedy; Charles W. 1 Millhank; lleuhen K Musi; James B. Oakley; Theophi! lus Peck; Nicholas Srhureman; Wm A. Colt; Wm. Kdi wards; Pierre A. Young; Joseph C. Swan; Pierre Hall; krancis N. Bominick; Isaac. J. Bignall. The Judge then delivered a brief charge to the Juiy,alter which they retired, and found true billa againit Michael (Jordon, Wm : King and another, for larceny on board tho ship Niagara; also, against William King, lor larceny on board the ship Burgundy. lit AnMiait.Tr?March 3?Decisions.?Before Judge Betta.? Zeleulan jJ. I'ainr and others v?. the Steamboat Neptune ?Thia waa a libel for damagea done to the echooner lole, by coming in collision with the Neptune on the 7th July. Decree for damages and coata?amount to he aettled by commissioner. Joseph Hinckley el. alt. vs the Ship Northumberland.? Libel for running into tbe schooner Louisa. Libel dismissed. John Snow vs. same?Same decree. James W flil'lums oi. the Ship Citizen.?The plaintiff assigned his interest in wages due him from a whaling voyage?the assignee claims the amount, but it appeared that soma if not all had been paid. Ordered that tho libellent had no right to commence a suit in hia own - name. Libel dismissed with liberty to the assignee to - continue the euit. Gustaeus Luring vs. the Bark Columhue.? Libel to 1 inctand umkillul atowage Decree of liability ogainat I the veaael, with reference to a corarai?aloner to anoertein ? the extent of the damage. Coata reaarved. C.ommOU Pt.r.aa ?Before Judge Daly.? Montgomery ?? Oafman ? Thu oatiae we* given to the jury thii evening. Sealed verdict. Before Judge I'lahoeffer?Jamri Corkroft vi Jamil Ovtrand and ft'm Jonti, lalt ikrriff-This wea an ac1 tion of trover, to recover the value of property levied on 1 nnder an execution. The plaintilt claimed to have a mortgage of it. The defence aet up waa, that the property eelzed waa not covered by the mortgage. > t ol'it or (icnaaai. Sriaiovi, March 8 ? Before Recorder Scott, and Aldermen Livingaton and Walah John I McKaon, . Dletriot Attorney Trml of MtFaMtn i for Me?a/e?g*/#r. Thli trial wa? teiuned at the apaa lug of colli thid menUng' ?* * Pr Thoma* ileltaee' who mad* a poit mortem examination of the body of Patrick Muldoon, waa called aa a witneaa on the part of the proaecution. Ha teatiiied to the character of the marka of violence that were found upon the bodr of Muldoon, and that hia death waa undoubtedly caused by the injuriea hs had received; but whether theae iujuriea were the reault of a fall, or blows inflicted by the accuaed, it waa impossible to aay. On the part of the accused, it waa ahewn by aeveral witnesaea that he had previoualy auatained a food character; that the deceaaed waa a peraon of intemperate hebita, and (according to the teatimony of Dr. Holmea in hia cross-examination) could not have lived much longer. The caae waa aut> mitted without argument of counael, and the Jury, under charge of the court, found the accuaed guilty of manslaughter in the fourth degree, whereupon he waa aentenced to be lmpriaoned in the Penitentiary for the term of one year. Trial for Burglury.?A German, by the name of Joaeph Kberly, waa then called to trial, on a charge of i having on the night of the 11th of January laat, forced open a window abutter from the jewelry atore of Mr. i ltogera. No 3 Chambera atreet, cut a hole in a pane of ! glaaa, and abatracted from the window aome ailver watches. On the part of the proaecution, it waa abown j in evidence, that officer O'Neil obaerved the accuaed on , the night in question, lurking about the premiaee of Mr. Hogera under auapicioua circumatancea, and accordingly watched hia movementa; he waa aeen to remove one of of the rhuttera, and ahortly afterward! decamp with aomathing which he tojk from the window, when he waa puraued, overtaken, and after a hard atruggle waa aecured, by the aaaiatance of another policeman, at d j taken to the Tomba, where he made another deaperate ' attempt to effect hia escape , that upon being aearched at the station bouae.two ailver watches, and a,number of j tools used by burglars, wore found in bis possession ? | The jury, without leaving their seats, found the accuaed j guilty of burglary in th* thiri dogrse, and tne louri sentenced him to th* State priaon for three years. It we* thowu in the coarse of the trial that the prisoner had only been in the country for fifteen days at th? time that he was detected in the commission of this burglary; and failing to escape from the station house, he sttemp'ed, and nearly succeeded in taking his own life by cutting a deep gash in one of his arm with a piece of a glass bottle which he had in his celt. There being no other cases ready for trial, the Court adjourned uivtsl to-morrow marning. Coust CaLKSnsa?This Day.?Suprrior Court?6, 7, 0, 13, 16. 16 10, 00. 01,30, 130,03 , 34 36. 06, 130, 37 to 43. Circuit Court?41, 46, 47, 40,30,60,66, 67,74,66,107, 108, 100 Coalmen Pleat- 1st Part-66. 76, 77 , 83, 86, 87, 00 01,03,06,46. 0d Part?180, 100,06, 108, 000,000, 006,008,010.62,34,60, 110,118, 144,34,08, 33, 138, 148, 004, 103, 38, 68,68, 04, 106, 166, 104 Police Intelligence. March 3.?Rogues of Honor.?A gentleman by the name of Frere Edey, of No. 116 Water street, while standing in the book auction store, No. 441 Broadway, on Monday evening last, was robbed of his purse, containing $66, in bank billa, by aome expert knuck. who at the time made his escape. The description having been giving to the Chief of Police, of several persons who were seen to bo near Mr. Edey at the time he was robbed, which description answering the general appear ance of two edepts at the knocking business, well known to the police, by the names of George Harrison, ai.aa " Slieney," and Alexander Wilson, alias " Scotch Alick," officer Brown, one of the chiefs aids, was sent in search of these light fingered gentlemen, and dropping into Jack Ring's in Cherry street, on Tuesday atiernoon, dropped ou the two vary men be waa searching after The officer very pulitelv mode known hit business, whau thsy aceoo prnied him to the offi e of the chief of police, and were piesented before his henor the Mayor, but the parties who ware expected to identify them not being iu attendance, the Mayor allowed them to depart, upon tbsir pledging their honor to be at the office at half psat nine e'cfock the next morning, and sure enougn they were on the spot at tha appointed tima : the parties complaining were unable to identify them clewlt ; consequently his honor the Mayor gave them the beftbfit of the doubts, and liberated them Doth from custody, after a severe reprimand. A Charge of Perjury ?Under this head, on Tuesday, wa publisned the arrest of Barard S Height, on a charge of perjury, wherein we accidentally stated that Judge Vanderpoel held Messrs Peterson and Humphrey to bail in $1600, in a case of slander. We ahould have stated that James F. Carter waa the person who waa hald to Dan, instead ol reterson ana HUinpnrey, wuase uuurvhh war* taken merely to substantiate the charge of perjury made by Mr. Carter against Haight. Jlrrtit en Suspicion.?Assistant Captain Colladay and officer Doyle, or the 4th ward, arrested last light two men called David Coughlan and ffa. Hurst, having in their possession a lot or carpet-bags, valued at $18, tupposed to have been stolen, for which an owner is wanted. Justice Osborne committed thorn both for examination. Surrendered by hit Bail.?A man by the name of Jas. 8. Walker, was taken into custody by a policsmun oi the 1st ward, he having been surrendered by his bail, who was security lor his appearance at court on a charge of larceny, but fearing he was about to absquatulate, gave him up into the hands of Justice Timpson, who committed him to prison for safe keeping. \&Petit Larteny.?Officer Cory, of the 3d ward, arrested, yesterday, a man called Charles Tegary, on a charge oi j stealing $18. Detained for examination. Jlrrnt tf Shop Li fieri.?Officer Innis.of the 14th ward, arrested yestetday afternoon, a woman called Bridget Brennen, who was detected stealing a piece of calico valued at $6, from the dry goods store of John A Hiltman, 143 Bowery. Committed by Justice Ketcham. Another?Officer Meehan, of the 14th ward, caught Catharine 0'fi.ourke in the act of stealing a piece of satin vesting from the store of (Jeorge 8. Briggs, 484 Urand street, yesterday afternoon. Justice Ketcham locked her up lor trial. Relief to Ireland. New York, March 3, 1847. To the Editor or the HeraldDear Sir? 1 have the pleasare to incloie to vou, an account of the receipts of the Relief Ball (lor Ireland) which came off under the management of the Kxecutive Commutes, on the 10th ult., at Castle (Jarden, and am happy to say that the amount is large, considering the many demands ihat hare he en made oa the benevolence of our citizens during the pr esent winter. Very respectfully, CHAS. M. NANRY. Received, New Yotk, March 3, 1847, of James Kease, Esq., Secretary, thirteen hundred and sixty-four dollars seventy lire cents, being (he net proceeds of Keliel Hail." $1364 7S. CHA8. M. NANRY. Trees. Received, New York, March 3d, 1817, of Chas M. Manry, fourteen hundred and twenty do'lars twenty-five cents, being net proceeds of Relief Ball, including donation of P. L Hearn, per Edmund Fitzgerald, $16; James 8m j th, per C. M. Nanrv. tlO: Mr. Kellv. Jeweller. and workmen, per James Keane, $10, an Anierican lady, per C. M. Nanry.Si; Mr. Darrow, per P. H. Keane, $5: Dr. Olora, per Dr. Hog.m, $3; 'l'liamas Glover, per Dr. Hogan, $1; Mr. MeKiulay, per Jamea Keane, $3; H. P. Ennis, per C. M. Nanry, $2; a friend, per James Keane, $1; a friend, per C. M. Maury, 30 crntt. Total amount, $1420 23 A. H. MICKLE. Beebe <b Collar, Hatters, ISO Broadway, New York, will introduce Spring Fashion for tieatlemrn's Hats, March 0, 1817. ml tt Diamond Pointed Gold Pens?If yon want t gesd Gold Pen, go to J. G. Mirage's, tt Fulton street. We are aseirg one, and it writes with the utmott ease. Pries $2 only, lucludi. g pencil. Down Town Classes In Freneh, under the instruction of Professor A- 8. Villrplait, at 203 Broadway, two doors south of Fulton street?New Classes in French are now being formed, to meet as above, every Wednesday and Saturday evening. Persons wiahiog to join ere requested to leave 'heir address, daring the present week, either wnh t e Professor, et 239 Grseue street, or with Mr Clirehagh at the rootna, or at the bookstore ol Messrs. Clerk k Anstiu. lustration of the first order. Terms, $10 per quarter, payable hi advance. The other French Claaaes of the Profesaer, at 239 Greene street. New York, and at 100 Pieipont street, corner of Clinton, Brooklyn, are..a successful as ever, being patronised by the first families of the two cities. 2 Teacher of French?We were about to call the attention of onr readers to the advertisement et Prof. Church,as a teacher ?il'the French language, wnen ihe fellowiug letter carue to our notice, which appears to contain a fair statement of the merits of his system:? New York. Feb. 17, 1847, It gives me great pleasure to state, thit t have had full opportunity to judge fur my own satisfaction, both to the qualifications ol Mr. Church, as a teacher, aud of the facility and usefulness rf his system of instruction in the French laugusoe, and am able to speak justly in terine ef commendation of bth I think h<m worthy of eitensire patronage in his peculior department. 8TE1HEN H. l'YNG. Eve Post.] R- ctor of St. George's Church, New York See Prof. C.'s advertisement in an ther column. Metallic Tablet Raxor Strops?The attention ol dnnleri it invited to ..his article, being made ol the beat malarial, city manufacture, Bud under the aubacribert' immedi.tte tuperriaioii. The. hare in all c <aea rendered to imrcn&aera the moat perfect aatiafucnon. Kor aale by O. 8 A U.N DkKS fc SON 1T> Broadway. oppoalte Howard's Hotel. Portable bhevlng Caere?The moet portable and at the i'n? time the moat complete and elegant arti' cle now manufactured, having ererv requeue for a gentle; man'a toilet, and at a travelling companion invaluable. Kor aale nv O H tVNUKHH h HUN, | 177 Broadway, a f*w doora a bo. e Conrtlandt at. IVkvlgatlon of ttae Ohio Hlvar, i Placet. Time. Slate of At ear. * Wheeling Feb an. ?,17X foot. ; ritWbnrjf Feb97 ..8 met Cincinnati Feb 95. . . 15 feet | Loulirille Feb94. ..9 feet 9 inches. 1 flONRY HAKKBT. Wednesday, ltt?r?h 3?6 P.M. | There was e alight let up in the iteok market, but the cauie if of auch a nature] that the improvement can| not hut be temporary, it it attributed to the paiaage o1 j the three million bill through the Senate, and the impreaeion among many, that it will paaa the Houie of Re, preaentativea. Such ia the effect of movement* of thii j kind in Wt 11 street, that we hay a not the alighted doubt but that fancy atooki will ba lower in lasa thai forty-eight hour* after thia bill haa actually paaaed?ii the event of ite being thus dispoaed of?than thay an now, when the paiaage of the bill is merely anticipated At the first board to day Harlem want up K par cent Norwich and Worcester .'g; Morria Canal Farmers Loan X; Re .ding Railroad fall off K; Illinois Bank M j Kentucky 8s, X; and Canton oloaad at yaatarday'i prices. At the second board there was no material change ii i prices, with sales to some extent, which is indicative o > an anxiety on the part of holdera to eell, net withatand in(f the anticipated improvement. The Meroantile I nan ranee Company have declared I i farther dividend of thirty three and one third per oen j on the capital etock, payable the 4th inatant. The Phenii Bank of Hartford, Conn., haa' declared i aemi annual dividend of four dollara per ahare, payabU on the ith inatant (The Franklin Bank of Cincinnati, a dividend of Ave pei cent, payable on demand at the Bank of America. Hodore of Caatern railroad and factory atocka are flrn in Uaoir demand! of Inoreteed value to matoh increaae ei poofltt reported The Concord U laid to bo roflolrtai double the amount for M|ht it did last jritr, and 17 pa r cant advanoe U offered in consequence. Fitchburg I* steady at 20X a 2PX for old, and 17 a 16 for new. Naahua and Lowell command* 36; Lowell, 17; Worcester, 16;for Lawrence Manufhoturing Company, 16 ; Middlesex, 16 ; Suffolk, 10 ; Amoskeag, 3 J ; Otis 7, and York 23 per cant advance is offered. The offerings lor Manchester mills were brisk at 77 a 80, but a single share was forced off a' auction for 76. Very little is, however, in the market, and the holders do not press sales at even 80. The annexed statement exhibits the amount to the credit of the Secretary of the Treasury, in the various i depositories of the government, on Thursday, the 32d of February, 1847 MeoTHLT Statement or thiTiiiiuui or the Unite# States, Fes. 31,1347 Amount on Draftt here Amount aepoeite to/ore drau>n iuhiect to In what place. hut not yet draft. paid, though P. T. CrutehAeld, Depo- payabl*. sitsry. Little Hock... 98,710 06 1,470 00 1,240 06 J. Thomas, Depositary, Nashville .... 6,317 30 ? 5,317 20 Assist. Treasurer, bos* to a. .............. 175.829 09 154,053 70 30,375 93 Merchants' Bk, Boston, n.??*'V V * tJ " 307 90 If.000 03 Stale Bank at Morris, Morriatowu 40,000 00 ? 40 000 00 Arcade Bk, Providence, Rhode Island 3 04 2 84 ? Farms Ik Mechs Bank, Hartford, Conn 158 00 100 Oil 50 so Bro-klyu Bk,Brooklyn, 30,00* 00 ? 20,(HB 00 H W Rogers, Buffalo.. 90* 14 9,11 50 07 *4 JBk of Conanci, N Y, New York 144,417 *5 110,151 15 44,315 90 B*nk of Amenes, N Y, Mew York 104,515 33 44,114 71 00.4M 51 Bank of tho but# N Y, N#w York... ...... I*#*"* *1 4.0511* 176.9?3#5 Moch Bk M Y. N York, 10,441 37 14 IS 30.41* 44 Am Exch Bk, NY, " .. *3.303 4* M 000 40 *1.303 4* March* Bk. " ".. *1,301 9* i 11,133 11 **,<* *< N Hirer Bk. N York... 3*,14* *1 ? 30.14*91 Assistant Ti eai'r, N Y. 3,113.5*1 9* 510,100 00 1,755 375 04 Assistant Tr*a*'r, Phila, Peon'a 145,310 09 144,037 93 1,198 10 Exch'g Bk, Pittsburgh.. 14,09* *1 5,013 14 8,151 97 Bank of Middletown, Middletown 45 515 79 - 45,535 79 Bk of Erie, Erie 30,153 00 7,539 H 11,814 00 Chesapeake Bk, Baltimore. Md. .. /7....... 106,14* 44 3,171 57 101,673 17 Treasury U 8, Washington.. - 1? 7,636 ?> **>383 <7 Bank of Washington, Washington, DC... 14 645 77 3 8M 34 11,757 43 Patriotic Bk." " .. 18.39* 19 1,1.98 16 7,H7 93 Corcoran 8t higgs," ., 131,449 59 45 10 110,401 4) Thomas Nelson,Depositary, Richmond, Va.. 1,010 00 ? 1,080 00 Bk of Potomac, Alexandria, Va. .. . 4,6*5 25 1,0*0 00 3,695 25 i Parmer* Brnk,Virginia, | Hicbmond, V*.. . 14,150 *5 *,139 46 3,111 19 Bank of Virginia, Rich* ! mood. Virginia. 10,715 01 3590 03 13,125 01 i Exchange Bk of Virginia, I Norfolk, Virginia..... 1,141 13 514 71 59* 41 ! M V Janes, Depositary, Wilmington.". ..... 3,70* 86 590 00 1,110 86 W B Bullock, Depositai rr, Hr-rioiiiji 10,400 62 4,693 4* 5,707 16 Southwestern RR Bank, Charlesron.SC 10 901 31 395 *3 10,5*5 9* A* iat-lit Treor, Charleston, SC...... 2*1,997 1* 14,193 23 247,003 35 Planters' Bk of O ornia, barunua h, Osergia. .. 21,113 *4 15,850 08 13,3(2 f6 Bank of Mobile, Mobile, Alabama..... 750 7* 150 7* i Do (Alabama bk notes) 5,353 *0 ? 5,353 00 Ao;i.trn;.T"".",r:7N 44,54.60 n. u 13,41549 1,11s *4 1,315.1 Canal It Banking Co, N Orleans. La........ 30,270 7* 17,412 90 12,147 81 Farms 8t Merchants' Bk, Memphis 16,07**1 13,035 00 3,844 61 Un on Bk oi Tennessee, Pfsshyille.Trnn 23,775 43 20,123 30 1,653 11 L nuisville Barings ln? . stuution, Lonr'l. Ky. 9,50* 96 5,780 55 3,720 41 Ohio Life Ins It Trust Ce's Bk, Cinn. Ohio.. 21,030 74 1,778 44 19.251 30 I Clinton Bk, Colnmbm, I .Ohio 13,73# 54 1 990 33 11,139 33 Bk of Norwalk, No'wlk, 13 44 13 44 ? P Collins, Denosit'y.Cn, 41,733 33 33,309 33 19,330 39 Wisconsin Marine and File Ins Co Milwaukie. Wis Ter. ... ?48 73 668 73 ? ! Bk of Missouri, ScLouis Missouri 39,104 13 13,108 19 89 903 93 , J Kearslsy, Depositary, | Detroit 6,333 84 1,991 11 4,343 T3 Michigan Ins Co, Detroit. Mich 190 00 ? 100 00 ; T Dyer, do, Chicago... 373,746 74 31,337 63 343,499 09 i D Q Bright, do, Jeffersonville 31,135 36 19,913 67 1,939 '9 I J K Saunders, do Mob'l, 34,330 46 13,579 31 19,931 95 Suspense account of outstand iacdrafts... ... ? 783 87 ? Mint of the U 8, PhilaI delphia, Peon 339,510 69 ? 339,519 69 Braneh mint of the U 8, Charlotte, NC 33,000 00 ? 33,000 00 Braneh mint ol the U 8, I Dahlonega, Oa, 30.830 00 ? 36,150 00 Brunch mint of the U 8, N Orleans, ha 79,671 93 359 09 79,431 93 $3,184,083 60 1,313,999 08 3,870,869 39 Deduct suspense account and transfers 19,399 97 Amount snbjeet to draft $3,851,469 51 Trurnftri Ordered, 1 From Assistant Treasurer, New York 1,530,000 00 ! From Bank of Erie, Erie 18.614 00 j $1,541,614 00 Trantfert Ordered, To Assistant Treasii-er Philadelphia 1,000.000 00 i To Mint of United States, Philadelphia 530.000 00 $1,539,000 00 ] On the 26th of January, 1847, the amount in the various ! depositories was $3,684,984 84, showing an increase in | the amount to the credit of the Secretary of the Treasury, from that date to Feb. 33d,of $1,166,484 68 It appears by the stetement of Treasury note* outstanding, that $9, 5i8,050 have been issued under the act of January 98th _ l 1847, which aecounts for the increase in the depositee' since the January report. We see by this report, that $6,706,600 of treasury notes have been issued under the aot 01 JUly S'JCI, 1040; irom mis IICI wo buouiu juug* u>?? m* loan of lire million*, for which prepoaala were invited' had not all been taken ae haa been generally aappoeed' and that the deflcienoy wai made up by the issue of | treasury notes. It has been generally supposed that under the act of July 33d, 1848, authorising the govern| ment to raise ten millions of dollars, Are millions was raised by an issue of treasury notes and fire millions by a loan bearing six per cent, payable in 1868; but such is not.the esse, according to recent reports from the Treasury Department. , |The proposals for eighteen millions of the new loan,will be reoelrad at the Treasury Department, until the 10th of April next. Should bids for the whole amount be received and the amount taken, the government will be in funds to carry on the war for more than a year, and the revenue from customs can be appropriated to the support of the oivil departments of the Government We shall then have the Independent Treasury in full operation, and all the benefits of that system will be prectioally illustrated. The demands upon the revenue from customs will not be so pressing then as they are now, and as the treasury notes become funded, the payments into the custom house will be almost entirely gold and silvar, and ^the accumulatio in the sub treasury will, in the event of an extensive import trade, be large enough to compel the banks to keep within proper limits. From this time, the bank will be more or less under the influence of the indepen dent treasury, and when the finances of the governmen become so much settled thet the ordinary expenditure only will be required from the ordinary sources of revenue, there must be a decline in prices for every rpecies oj property, to correspond with the increased value o money, a free and full operations of that system will produce. Everything must come down to a specie tenlard; the enlorcement of the independent treasury act will bring into existence a currency approaching nearer a specie value, than we ever yet had, ami ths value of property, of every description, must assimiiaU to that standard. Old Stock Bxehangs, $0 00 Tres(parol Notts 101% 100 sbs Canton Co b30 34W loot Arkansas per eta 3s 135 do i3 is liooo do II loo do 3S V jo Manhanhattan Bk II Ml do u 2 IIK'O Kantacky t's *9 100 do bl Si J000 Cub 4's 70 440 Norwich k Wot 41 10000 do s90 70 100 do ML 4000 Illinois Special 39 loo do 411, 15 aha Illinois Hank 14V 17 do 40* 24 do l? 100 do aN SnJi 10 Bank of Com full 90% 40 do 411^ ! 100 Morns Canal atO 10% 40 do Mo 31 41 de 10k 50 do a 6 m 40 100 do 10* .40 d) iU in 49 40 Macon RR 47% 40 Heading RII 47?/ . 34 Eiie Ksilroad 44^ 100 do iM 47 i 17 do 54 150 do ?3 40 50 Long I aland RR 2*% 04 do mil f 500 East Boston Scrip 7% 30 do do '|t 400 Farmara' Loan s3 tl 100 Harlem KR 30 days 4a" 50 He aio 30 40 do *7U 50 do blO 30 100 do b3fl 40 ' 300 do a?0 30k 100 do .fa I 1M do 20SO do 4 * t 40 Steaington RR 43 150 do 40 Second Moartl. heading Bonds 71 \ .40 aha Long lilaad RR 31k 1 }?!,h* H"'*,n 40 50 do b(0 2?* I lis P .1 100 Read 1 no RR b30 Ml* ? 140 Farmers Loan 20% SO do a3 50k 10? 5" UJi 50 do 50?, 1 a30 UV 440 do sl5 50 ' ,22^ don 35 Norwich*. Wor bio 41* I 100 Canton Co 34% 40 do ?lk , ? Hew Stock Kxchann. 100 she Canton Co cash 34 V 40 aha Nor k Wor ito 51 1 35 do all 34V so do s3 sot 40 do bj l?2 40 do alO Set 40 Harlem RR cash 47 V 40 do cssh 5 J 1 40 do a30 47*J 40 do >3 41> f 40 do ?3 47% 40 do al4 41 40 Norwich fc Wor all 54>X 40 do cash 41> OIT*1 IRjUlK RBW1RT. 1 Nxw Ton* WatmciDav ArTxaaoon, Minora 3, 1947. 1 The general feature* of the markets varied little fros thoao exhibited yeeterday, with the excestion or cotton 1 which continued to meve freely, at full prices. Hon 1 was quiet, salts bring confined to small lota of Oenaies at f 7 a 7 13%; and some moderate transactions In Poutb em at $0 60 a B 70. Wheat was Arm, but no sslas of mi ment transpired. Indian Corn continued to sell freely I chiefly at 00 a 100c, for fair white to good sound norther f yellow. Provisions continued inactive, without materia f change in prices SismU Mies of 1 oof were made at stead' > Co MO; John BCrraby$tO. "a'tin Wnieri tit: Koher P ' (Jetty $50, Ciuh $5; (l?oOr ffin $100: P A kJ Corm $50; Ceih $J; Oeo Lo??t'$50; 1 h >; ih mpion $i; George PuItoa 15; workmen and hn?Je " -Ira OB Milier It < Vi .Vlanuf faatory, t?y It'.Ao- Mathewa $'7.Vl;? aa ll vlaralitll $'i?0; ? Cartwrighr $.5; W John nltiT.n -3; l.anre re, Murray It J I ga'e tilt, H M H'yea $.1. I i-h $1; VVMT tna t<"; m n , |,tter SI. Vv R D'inahee $3 AO; | .1 i arter $3 50; Aiei'lien Lynu $5; w A It L Delin.imeo, by Win Uedmuud, $5); l.'haa i Ma <h $100 By J hn Jay?$?0 From John haggrrty $100; Leary It Co $50; Thoa K Dayia I W' Bg John 1, AapinwaH?Geo M WoMary $500; B J WoolI lev $500; H-nry Cha'inc?\ $ 00; C M Hoff an !t '? $100; K 4 <> T'ur? en fc Co $101; How t not St \. inirall $,C0 I Kr m Tl.nothv Hedge! $?l; larn-a Pheiau $5?'i; I) 3 feeler $ 0; I'rime, Ward -ad I n tifO. I H la a i Ota $3 ' i By 'Vm H Mact? John AHami $! 0; W * It A M White , $30; Kot V LiriiigatOn $300; I hat Un 'er $!0; lot Th aa iaon ' $10; J mea '1 hoaepeon $3, Koliert Whiia $3; Bird, Oilli'an L. It To 1500. By John L Atpinwall, Baehe Mc Krera $50. From Cha H linger! $35; Mr Ainea $1; Koche, Brother! It ' Co $100. llth? Wm Reynolda $5; Wm Avmar It C? $30; John L Berkley fc Co $10|; Ciaik, Southwortli It Tildan $50; 1 h a i B Birl,*r.U fill, liaic L flan $3J; Plieljji, Dodge k ( o $ I Oil ( Goodhue fc Co MeO; rUiHuellor Kant $Mi Jaa Marili $WI. f Br Mauri A ltiwoai tad UtliMT-f Harreony'i N* ^ d w \ ^ prices. In Oroceries a fair amount af business waa dona at about pravioua rate*. Asiirs?Owing to tba chief supply of Pearls he in* in fow band*, they war* held Arm at 88 31K; SO bbiaPot* were sold at 84 87X Btnwti-The market exhibited no material change. BagADfTurrs?Fleur?Th* market wus without ehange, but aalea war* limited to 800 bnrrela Oeoeaee at $7,and 6 to 800 do, in aeveral imall lota at $7 11>?. aome of ? which was considered a little extra. 1600 barrela Philadelphia aold at (8 60, and from J to S00 do Georgetown, at $8 76. WKeat?The market waa steady, and we continue to quote New Jersey and Long Island at 140o; fair t* good red do, $1 60 a $1 66, and good Geneae* white at $1 76. Corn?The aafea amounted to between 40 and 6* 000 buahela, embracing 6000 at good aound yellew New Jersey, for export ta Ireland at 81; 8000 do Southern yellow at 98c; 680 do Jeraay, at the same price; 8000 do Southern at Mc; 10,000 do aouthern whit* and yellow (a small portion of the white said to be cut) brought 90 cents, and th* remainder sold at 96 cents; 3300 do Southern whit* (probably to arrive) waa leported sold at 93 cents, and 8000 do, New Jersey, aold on private terms. Corn Html?We report aalea of 100* barrela New Jersey, deliverable next week at $6. Barley? Nothing done. Oafs?Canal war* hold at 60, and New Jersey at 43 to 44 cents. No aalea were reported. Beant ?We report sales of 300 barrela whit* lor expert to Ireland at $1 50. Corrxx?Under th* impression that Congress would adjourn without imposing any duty, tha article was again dull, and no sales ot consequence reported. Coal? Sales of Liverpool Orrei were reported at $7 a $7 13, on time. CuTTon ?'J he sales to-day amount to 3000 bales at vary full prices, chiefly to manufacturers at very easy terms for receipt, and have beau based at llh? for fair Uplands. Some small quantity has also been taken on ! speculation. Fbathbbs?Sales of ordinary western Gees* have been 1 made this week at 3W"'; MOO lbs. do fair, at 18c. and 1000 do extra prime, at 38c. on time t??it?dux nxumi were were MM n *' ??o i boxes do sold at auction at $1 tttoFish?We continue our quotation* of $3 60'a (3 MftO; for Dry Cod; $11 for large No. 1 Halifax Mackerel, and $7 lor Nc. 3 do. Himf ?In the abaence of aupplle* tbarei* little doing. ' Lxad?The market wa* quiet at $4 '16. 1 Molaiiki? We report (alee of 300 bbla. New Orlean*, at 36c, and 300 do New Iberia, at 86o. Natal Stchu? We repeit sale* of 800 bblt Spirit* Turpeatine, at 40c Small lalea Rosin were reported at 46c, and amall lot* Tar on private term*. Oil*?The market for Linseed was very steady, and I sale* continued to be made daily at 77. cash; Whale Oil, N W., wa* dull: winter strained was Irm at $1 10c a $1 12Xc; and bleached wn* held at ft 16 ail I7K? Oil Ca?*.?A sale of 38 tons was made at $36. | PaoTisions?The market for hark wa* very quiet. For ; old mess, $14 63X was offend and refused. Old prim* I wa* nominal at $13 67>4 a 13 60. 38 bblt Dutohea* i county new prime weie sold ot $14 60 ; 36 do do Prime ; mess at $16, aad 100 bblt new light me** at $16 38; 100 bblt new mess, at the close, was offered at $18 76. Bttf ?100 bbla country mess told at $11 80: country prime was bold at $0. Httf Hams?600 sold to arrive on the opening of the canal at $18 per barrel. Laid?We report sales of 3oO keg* Leaf Lard, new. at 11 cents; and 100 la or y package*, put up in the Uerottn s.yia, from Bot'on, sold at ! can*!, for export to England. Cbetse and Butter continued Ann ?t previous rates. Export li urn lit to 39th February. Beef 8 113 bbl*. Polk, . . . 9M* " Lard. .... 0,768 kegs. ! Rica?Moderate sales oi xood to prime continued to be mad* at $4 66 to $6. Salt? Last sales Aalrton fine Liverpool wero made at $1 88, and of common at $1 12XbsxDt?Flaxseed continued dim, and in tiarcai wo continue to quote it at $11 38 a $11 60. Timotby waa 1 quiat, and clover drm. with an upwurd tendency. | Suoab.?We report sale* of 100 hhda. New Orleans, at 7J$c. a 8c. I Tallow.?We report a sale of 30,000 pounds Western, atbXo. | 'I ta ?The tale, to-day, was well attended, and tha sale* passed off at full price*. Tobacco.?The total amount of stock iq the Inspection warehouseod the 1st lust., was 3,460 hhda, being 160 leta than at the same time last year. The market continued steady, with small sales Florida, at Sc. a 38o.,and of Kentucky leaf at Dreviout rates. Whalebone.? Within a day or two, there baa bean | more doing, aod sale* of 60,000 pounds Northwest Coast, ! made at 32>?c ; and 70,000 pounds changed hands, it was reported, at the same pi ice Today, 82c. was offered and refused. South Sea wits hold at 34c. Wmiskkv?Was duli at 28c. Freights.? 17,000 bushels 'of corn in aaoks, were engaged to Liverpool, at 28d ; and 14 000 do. at!)7d.; 1,6u0 Ibbls. flour weie engaged ut 6s., to the same port; but the packets demanded, in soma casts, 8s 6d For a ! vessel to proceed to Puiladetphia, and take in Hour, 8s. was offered and refused. To London and Havre they ! were rather inactive at previous rates. Real Estate at Auction.?Four story brick house and lot No. 104 Avence (J, 2a 8 by b3 $3,876 Four story brick house andiot 1)3 Avenue C. . .. 4,060 Four story briok house and lot 301 6th street, 21 by 97 3,166 ; Two story house and lot corner of Lewis and 4th street, 22 6 by 76 4,256 Three story brick house and lot No. 607 4th street, 23 by 76 3,706 Thiee slo-iy brick house aod lot No. 140 Amos St., 26 by 97 4,000 Lot west side 6th avenue, between 19th and 30th streets, 26x100 4,200 House uud lot No. 34 llond street, 21.3 by 110. . . 18,360 Ono hall of three atory house and lot No. 286 3d avenue, 22 by 76 9,639 Brooklyn?Brick house and lot 398 Atlantic, 20x96 8 623 do do 310 do same site 3 023 do do 312 do do 8,400 do do 314 do do 8,400 do do 310 do do 8,400 Frame house and lot No. )0;> Pacilio st, 20 by 90... 3 336 do do 107 do aaiue size.. 3,390 I do do 109 do do 2,396 do de No. 14 Butler st, 23 by 100... 2,800 Married, On Sunday evening, 28th ult, by the Rev. Edwin F. i Hatfield, in the Seventh Presbyterian Church, Mr Ed j wand Deoatbb Cicsen, to Bofhia Louisa, second daughter of Abiaham Oe Revere, all of this city. Died, i On Wednesday, 3d inst., Mr. AacHiBALD Mc3ea. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re* quested to attend hi* funeral this afternoen, at half past lour o'clock, without iurther invitation, from his lata residence, 46 Watt street. On the 3d iostent, after a severe illness, MABasaar Baldwin, aged 9 months 17 days, only daughter of Joseph T and .Margaret Murphey, formeily of Philadelphia. On Wednesday, the 3d instant, Chablcs John, infant : son cf Frediick and Rebecca Liese, aged 8 mouths and 4 days. aiiTTo Ireland" CcM.illTTAE It OO M, t'RIMS's BUILDING.) . Wall StlSOt > ? Jiccnunt of Mnntyi HtC'iveA by thr. JVeuluisr 1 Fabruirv 8 h - From -lyuler. Van nchiek $aOil; Brown, . Br uh* s k Co , $ >00; H. bert Viutnin, SjOO 9 ti?From i knu Sntlr-ru, $51111 a I' s ??irt kCo $5?U. 10th?Urgtiiizsti ii ol the *-t.>udiug committee au? SiuO ved, iud oiler tu-Committees appointed. 12th?From Frederick P.ime, it'i 11th?From Willie u C Pick* sgill k Co, $501; August* Belmont, $100: A gentlemen, bf the i,audi of P.ulip tleue, $160. CoiUtlti by John Qihen end IV Rtdmini. 13th?From W ighi, oiu Itfh.w, 610U, riupk n? WesUM $50; Uarid Au.liii, $100; Saudi Fuller It Co, k2.0; \dee, Tim,nor. It o, $2o0; Havsell It Marsh, $50; W kl Vvilmer! diug.$250; Lawrouoe, TrimbiO It Co, $10; Thomas Hunt Hi Co. $10; Homy BeMen $1 'It -From n T Hlt'daior* $10; Wnlden Bell, $100; John Yuuiile, $>; Henry Urjnuell, $100 By George M Bud*. Jr?>lth?From Jamei McBride, $100; George McB.-ide, Jr, $500 11th? From Fitzgern'd Pr nee It Co, $50; W 8 Wetmote, $21*: B 3t urges It Co. $100; Caeh $ il; IJeunietoun, Wjod It ' Co, $500, Rirherd Bell, and Win McLaughlin, $110; John Jacob Aator, $100; Wm B Astor, $111 16th?Ca?n,$2, John Youil'e, $1; A Lady,$1,0 0; Prefasaor Moore, $20; Wm Baruewall, $'00; A Friend, $1, Bee ien Graves k Co, $ 100; Ml F.iiililrius $C Coruernll 8 Rue. $36; , T Viator St I UI kwuz. $10 r; Diuiel K Hall, $10; James Gilleioie, $25: Cash. $!) F H Amnion $5;, $o; I) H Oavi? St o, $30; Hrchird Laarienc, $30; H miHon Mnrray, ' $1..; AiiO-iy nione. $>; a few poor Chria imi in Brouk'yo, $l?; Jamei 1 Veu Aleii, $10; fownsend (Juderhill, $101; Wm Matthew. $20. 16th?By J Gih a St W Redmond, Clarke, No 2 Maiden i Lane, $6; i*sn,$10; tuili, <5. Miss caiah ulover, S3 ; Martha Gl rer $2i F irm Jiilru Wilrr $21. ,1 i6rr?By A. ? T > car ?t?8 T J in*-k rm $'10: F*'/* ! 'aye St H i I S OU. uooei hi.I St i5 -?. .urlo'.ck $ 100. k otti> j net It .,$00, J*? hen .nrd, $101, I'h rnou. Ma liaru fc Co, , 1 $>(<0: kl ri.. St ll'ari. $100; ,, A chiuc on k H>.?, $r00; WeB *iother?, $ 00: -t ,ne "wink e 8 00, Philip Bar[ row*, $ 00; O aeer. Warrens it M n la t, $lirO;(apt Henry lVol>iii? >ewnur.h. $ .00; CI* ke i'i the employment of ! ' AT -'ewart St l ?, $H0 By W It dmnud?J K arte, t sovereigns ch'read fer $70. | I Hy James Key burn-Henry L Hnutli k "on, $501, J.rhu , I Nicholson, S'lt'ii, i k "i tJor.nel'v k Co, $310; Godfrey, Pa'* , tit n at C", $100. P G "ruy e*??nr, $0i Pera>* k Br>oka, ! $ 00; J A 8|eeem (Arm of e; g, 8,i??) $ iCO ( From hinds m B rvsne k C o's Bindery, $30, W L Mrnii, i $21, W eu llin.sworih, $5. i By R B M iita'u? eroin American citizens of Bag lla>bnr, [ | $ 11 < By H*t J CI irk, culioctio* iu Belyrdere, A J, $12; , also 2 brls cam meal l?y K B Minturo?From Capt B Lord, $ 00; Wm H CroaI by, $100, John Wur *, $10, Joh i Milu k Co. $13; A B Hull, I i *By M H Grinnell?J H Van A' en, $50. From Br'dgport [ I rnngregetio i I Church, O Hewitt, pastur, by d# $11; Moses H Grinnell, $'00. I By W Redmond -From Peter O'Cnooor, $J i Ar iii* Ta rreacle, bv mo as H O nine I?From James 8 Wad'worrh, 1000 nuslrels of corn or $ IbnO in money; G J' D i 3 <riuard. $5; J,.b> MeGrauy, $i; J F B, 11; H J U a It. of I'rov.l; David Hull* id, $i; A'lni'o. $ ; J Riyan,$li K J I P nd $l; r-d Rryun d?, $>0; Mr He ry. S2. VI Colli >s, $1; [ J W Thork, $1; ? 'ri*' d, $2; do, $'l. F ieid ImSree. $5 By Ge" McBride, J ?J F But erworih, $i00; .Viiehsei U rnlnii, $ 00 From viaurice Wan $35; Mnthew Hanlon, $I;C, J Peni |ey,$>; F viarqnand. *25; lisskell k Merri t $!0, ,N H VVulf, \ I $100; Janiev ' Km*, $!P0 v I By lie* W C Johusou-Frt m Grate (^hnrch, Jamtica, LI, v ! $6* ? By Mr. Jar?Cash $10. . ) Fabru iry 17?From Joseph L L*wi?$ 0; John P 8 agg k

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