Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1847 Page 1
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f mmmmmmmmammmmmmrnmmn TH] 7n?. XIII. No 63 -Vl'feaii R?, MO0 AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS.; TSLIiUltAPUIC. Sciwlf. Albikt, March 4, 1W7. | Mr B in.'.b'.T prcm-nlad a re pott ia relation to ibe iucor i porauun uf manufac a.k'K aiiociatiooi, anJ in favor of includiug theieio thepriuci;.lc ?f individual liubility, ba iievuig uiut thv adoption or U,.t principle wu the aim o( tao framer* ol ti.o coosiiiulioa Mr. Van Si'h??? hot,;*, on* of tha members of the CO'.imi'.tcc, d;?soiiUdfioca theieport. Tin motion to non-concur in tha amendments of Uia | House to tho f'-.dicial District! bill, was passed?ayes 19, ' nays 9. _ A motion for the Snnatoto maet hero-attar at 10 o'clock, j win rejected '..'4 o 4. Toe hill to amend the net authorizing The business ol backing, wai paissd, 19 to 6. T ie b II to appoint Commissions n of tha Cotle waa t ilthar del ated, end tha Sonata adjourned. Aaaemblfi Aluonv, Marcu 4, 1U47. Mr. 'Vhiobt presented several remonstrances against any rltcieiion in tha present location of the New York and Erie Mailroad. He ssi I tie allegation! set forth by these rauionstiancos weru altogether falia. fla was replied to by Messrs. Small and Bowie, of Now Yeik. The till concerning tha Ilurlgate pilots waa taken ( up and Ueba'ed. It provides for tha extension of the 1 right ol piloiing to other persona found to be qual.isd , f >r the purpose, than tha fourteen at present engaged in the business. The bill was recommitted The bill to rc-sub i it the city charter of New York city, wee debated in committee. Mr Walsh opposed the bill, and moved to strike out all after the enea'ing clause. No question tekea. The bill to extend ike term of all tko court* of Comno* Fl-ai and General lesaiotu, in the State, except the city of New York, wa* read and passed. 1 he Home insisted on iu amendments on the Judlciel District bill. A general appropiiation bill wa* made the apodal order for Tueiduy BY '1'HJC DIAlhl. legmlativiTprocebdikgs. Senate, Aibarv. March S, 1*47. Mr, Bbkas pre?onted tho petition of Ui citinua of H jn?aelaer ooufcty praying for the postage of a law restoring Smith A. Bjugbton, r.dward O'Conner, John Van S'ern ! bu gh and Moses E it'll, to the rights ot oitizmship. | Tne petition wae referred to the Committee on liriev- i aaco*. Mr. H * a d from the Committee on Railroad*, reported i a bill to allow the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad Cornpa- { try 10 change the name to the Albany and Schenectady ' Ilailroao, and to borrow $ J At 1>0U to pay aoma debts. Re- | Itrred to toe Committee ol tbe Whole fx i'sa'lmdinasv MOVr.MKST in TNI senateMr Van rcHooNHoTKN called for the contidera'ion of the mo inn made by him on Ike day before yeiterday, to j discliaige the Committee on Uiievancee from the further | considora'ion of thu petition* of certain perao'is to rr- j toie Houghton, Earie and others, (anti-root convict* lairly |iunlon,'d ) to the immunities and privilege* enjoyed by good citizens of tins State. The Senator express- 1 ed his conviction, that the Committee ou the Judiciary could adjust the question with regard to the constitutional au-notity ot the Ligislatuie, which was involved in this petition*, with gteater proprioty nod ability than the Committe* on Onv.iiiees; he trusted the Senate would *?? the ptoprirty ef the motion to di?charge the Committee on UiiovuiiceJ from uny luither consider*tioo el the aut'jsct Mr limns replied to the honorable Senator; he insist 1 ed th,t the Committee wete bound to make a report op< n I the question connected with the peti.ieoa; he relu*?d to | oonsmt to the di*ch*ige of the committee. Mr. B then j referred, at great lor.gtu, to the at/i- out excitement* and ; ou luwriee a.. d thecunti act edi-oieo between the (Jevern j or and the auti inut pvcplui he war extremely severe, and ! the Un^euge he eivployva wa* oalculatoil to exasperate > the Irieuda of John Young. Mr. Harms, in teply to Mr. Birrs, said that in legiila- | tiva as woll as all other bo' in, it wai proper to employ scnv?n-<er* to perform tlie dirty work. He congratulated I tue SiOLta that it po-aeiseu a fixtuie so necc-ssjry in the j person ol tue Hehatoi Isom tbe sixlb, (Mr. lieera.) it wa* 1 hutiiunte lor it'; that Senator was fit tor inch a duty and I no oher. Much been said in rtgaid to a bargain mad* pr.vious to the s lection in November oetween John I Young and the ami renters ; ray name (<aid \lr. H ) ha* j bruu eoiniected with tbi* imputation, lie knew nothing of a y such barg tin, hut he had acme evi leace of a con wauld ba read ly that four aoti rent o icvid* were |ib>doaed by Silas Wilght ptevious te the election jn November ; thie ew only the first iu&talmvnt.? ft weskne-vu mat Or Boughtou, a delegate to the anti iciit Sum convention. which met in thie city last tali, to nomma-e a Candida e for governor, e'ronuoiuly opposed the nomination at John Young for that ofti e, and that he w?? io I .vor oi the nomination of Mr. Wright So far re lie ml ha knowledge u! nny contract, it lay in that dnecii-n. In hie speicbe* at ptllilic meetings, he had re or e I to the lie', that if Mr. Wiight wee ilected, the uuti r> nt | r ?more would be diecherged ; hut he had a Iwe; a a d. d 'hat it would be done by inetaloieute and lha' t e late governor wee probably loo sogacioui te re ) it tin a. a i a' ence Mr. Jabnaonuadeouie day* since Charged ti a he ttiarriw) hel travolled through, the r.itndy e( Delaware, ekhibiting a letter fioei governor Taang in wfetoh be pledged himsrlf to paroou three ceuvic a if he w, eelccei ; it wee untitle; he had receiv ed a letter ho u Governor Young, but it contained uo pled* e I kriit-ve ( aid vlr. II ) there was an undart tand it.g be.Ween Dr. Uocghtoi.'a father in-law and Governor Wngi.t, to poidon thiae men by ina'aiuenti. Ho wanted no t etter evidenca ot it than the rppoaition to the nomination of Mr. Young, mamietted by Mr BougUton in tho iiii i rent aoiivcntion. IThii xtramdina1 y aeeertion inetantly oreated a tremendous recention in Hie Senate. Mr Hand, greatly agitated, iota to reply J Mr. Iiaiid said he r<n iuipri**d a; tiie imprudence and impel tineiica of the Senator (Ha ri? ) Such a ohsrge bi lie had Just made against cuius Wiight, a man whose character had hitherto been above tha taint of suspicion, could not ne suffered to pees tin ! noiired. I demaud, said iho Senator, a searcning inves ligation into this matter ; no man can make such a charge and escapu ; it was done lor politkul efl\.ot; i move that a committee be appoiated to at,end to the investigation ol the cburget m tde ageinst the late ILxecu tive,agjwall a* the preset* Execunvo. Mr Br?n-I call on the General and Commamler-iii- i Chief el the anti-ient lorces (Harris) to produce the let j ter he ksa ircoived Irom the Govercor ; 1 Dp,*al to him | to iirodure that letter [ I hi letter nevertheless was cot forthcoming ] Mr. Van 8cmoon motr .n said, that if tha letter was in rx.atei ce he did not know it; he had never seou it. But in bis judgment the Senate had nothing to do with a charge agn .st the Kx-relive ot this ua'urw;hu coufe.s ed, however, he should like to see a Committee appoint ed to the buigains and contracts between Mr Young and tue people ot this Statu ; bo believed that the investigation would afford great rcliel to the fiieuua oi Mr. Young. Some luriber rematks were male by Mr. Hsno when, Mr Ssiu'l Y- uhq took the floor ; he said it was a divino riplit of the L-gislatwre, guarnotja l by #ie eons'itu ! tiousnoby iti,ivis eat assent, to investigate Oll> ij'ri slums I levels ii g the moial chin acts r and the | eisoi.?t n trgri>y 1 ol ihe Executive . f ih i Slav. He lied eei ri it ch.i ?,n ?. I bo'h whig and ceiuocratic ne *i|.ii, w *. tha Jonn v..u, o I hail been guilty <>l tm? lulkinuus col union with lie au'i r. ut pen) I-. ?i>d it t> ><l nvver bean 'denied Mr Vr lis whiRiMpeil Mr V u>? - I' New York C?vrirr and Ut g tirtt Mr Himil ll it nvt l w ' 1| |Nf?r Mr r?U>?. ? '! he b ne'ol liom tie I hlrd ( Urii?) bed I liu etlsh.n t i * pel iljere < li?r??i BjfB' (?ov -in. i i Youi.fc; i') mulii.f| ?iu ber ci.aey* *0%>t t one of tin put ft ii en oi tin- ?K i? eU'eebieii whoia character hen ' ai*kys !?en al? ve .eptuacb, Mini wli.i.ti <listiii?ui?lir d , viruses I aa won the e. mimlion eeru ol hie enemies? { thil n n Milk* Wright. 1 he chatKPUifloeed hie eu ptciuiik of H.hi eei.htor (pointing towards llama.) Ho mii inclined lo think theie w?i a black apot iu In* 1 heart Mr IWrais replieil. He raid it w at singular to ar e how a man'a indignation could be rooted when he taw that o poll leal fin-i d wax About to be involved ill difficulty. Mr H., in In< *ul)*ei|uent remark*, contented himself with mi i inpl? humble ijuauiicutiun oi hi* lornter cluugo Mr. U right A b-ilhsnt end animated debase, chn fly directed to a full iclutntion ? f the chnru.e Against the late executivo, eniued runoiig several ot tho distinguished Mt'iiaiti!s I confi lenljy trust that Mr. I 11 and ? ill not t?cede liom tho noble position assumed by him, end that ho will insist on the appointment ol a comnu tee to ii.vostlgate ni.d eluci-ute o muter which involve* the dignity ol tho etecutiveahip, and the honor ' oi New Yoik. i. At tied se ol the discuirion Mr. Van Kchoonhoven withdrew liir ?pi bralion lor the dticharge ot tiie Cum i mittce on l?r evancea from the (uithcr ronridrration ol I the petitions, and promised to make a report upon the . aubjeCt matter in a f w day*. Asaembly. Aisxnv, March 8, I&47. ) * Mr. Bi.cpoitt reported a h,ll to incorporate the city ' ct *yiecuee. it -lei red to the committee of the whole. Mr (Jiitoh rr poi!?.il in f?vor of printing five time* the u tin I number it tho bill to ubuli*h tne olHce ot deputy ( tidi ut ol ihr conuitonschools ot thi* state. Vr Ai.Lsecir, from the aelrct commiltea cn the land 1 lerd and tenant I'ffiiia, reported the Pillowing hill to the Hi use As Alt respecting the reversion of inml*. The peo, le of the bUto of .New York, &c ,do enact n* lolJowa:? ^1 W hencver agricultural landa, loared for over twelve 1 yax l, for li e or uvea, or for perpetuity, shall for any can other than by mutual agreement el partita, ravert 1 E NE i to tho possession of tho lessor or his legal representatives.said lessor or representatives shall pay to the lesaaa or hla lawful representatives, a just compensation for too improvement mada upon tha promises, as Is hereto provided 1)1 Tha Board of Supervisors shall appoint three disinterested persons io vary couoty. to appraise toe veins ol improvements of such reverted lands ,opon oath, and th*ir decision shall be Dual ?3 1 the lessor or his legal representatives shall refuse to pay the legally appraised value of the improvement!, thetcnent shall have the privil-ge of paying the turn pora-re, the iotrnrtof which will heeq; iv ?leiit 'o the re t received; and that, thereupon, ha snail be rni tied to a fee simple title from ti e l .ndluid All laws inconsistent with this act are hereby re rrlml !j 0 This act shall take ell'eot immadlately. Tne bill waa read and referred to tha Committee of the WhoH A message was received from tha Ooveraor, transmitting the following joint resolutions introduce! by Gen ? L Edwards, of the House of nenresentativea, and adoptad by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri:? Whereas, the policy of the government of the l/nited States is, to rely mainly on the citizeu soldier lor protection of her notional honor.and national rights; and, wherras, the equality of max is a fundamental principle in uui ^uni junr tji, miu ii in ugsiusi ma spirit 01 our iree iuNtiiutioni to build up a lyitem of privileged aristocracy, by tie fostering cure ol government, among any cllM of her citil'us, and at the ex peine o I the , eople thereof, and whereat, by law, and the regulation! of the auny of the United State*, an invidiou* di unction it ma io betwoen theolHcert ot the uruiy and soldier tnoieot inconsistent with our republican loim of govoiuin.'ut; therefore, hrtulttd by the General Assembly of the Stale of Missouri, as follows i lit That our Seuators in Congisss be instructed, and our Representatives requested. to use th> ir bett exertion* to procure tueh alteration and modification in the law* and regula'iou* of the army ot tiie Uuited State* us will abolish the ty-eut diltinctiou now existing between the ofllcert and soldiers thereof, and place them 011 an equality coniiatent with our Iree institution*, as far as practioable. '11 That, a* one means of producing such equality, they usa their bast sxeitiuus to piocurw the increase ot the pay of their aol.lie;* to a lair and leasottalile compensation tor their services; and that the |>ay ot the afilceis of the army be reducod to a fair and reason utile lonpensatiou lor their aer vices. 8 1. That such other alterations and modification* be made a* will place the officer and soldier as near upeu an equality as is consistent with military duty in timo jf war. 4ih That permanent provision bo made by law for the vt idows ai d children ot such 1 thcuru arid aoloiers at die, or are kiltud. while in service in the uroiy of the United 81a o?. curing the wot: Provided, That no preleronce hall be given, or distinction made, between me wi-iow u' d orphan ol the olticer, end those ui tne common sol dler 5'h. Thet the Secretary of State be requested to forward a copy of this* resolution* to each of our Senator* and Representatives in Congress,and to the Kxecu tive ot each State, with the request thut the seme he laid before teeir respective Legialutuies. Approv - > Feb 3, 1847. The resolution* were referred to the committee on military attain. Tne House bill for the letting of the repairs and superinu tidenoa of the canals to the lowest bidder; was passed by the House-ayes 08, noes 86 The Senate bnl, makiug appropriations for the oaual debt, and tor the suppo.t of the canals for the year 1847, also passed the House. Mr VVmioht introduced a bill to locate the New Yoik and trie railroad wholly within this State; the bill cannot pass. It was reterred And tho House went into committee of the whol* on the colieglate appropriation bill. No vote was had on the amendments. uur Bauintrn neiDiiona. AFFAIRS AT TAMriCO. [From the N O Picayune, Fob. 24. J By tli* arrival of tUo schooner .Sovereign wo hare advice# from Tauiptoo to tho 13.h lust. We have m>ro lull eelatik of tli* capture ol >*v*nty American# by Oku vtioon It t* proper to any, that although the dates from the city of Mexico by this arrival are the latest received bote, yet wo uavj proviuusty bi t advice# from ilia Lut* io the 26th January., Feb. IS 1817. You will perceivo by the Smriiulthat Col DeRus-y' party h miirivsl Here, wan tho exception ??i six pel sou* wbo were lelt beaiad ? sick. I here is much said pro and e .n about the course pit ruosl by Col ueKuksy, oil 1 am not disposed my Sell to say anything either way io relation to lite mutter You know thete ere two kid-s to all such things, auJ a-lainl rested party generally loos well to let them alone. Meddlers uevcr gain much credit. Yesterday morning news reached this place of the capture by (Jen Miuon of seventy Americans, soma where near tialeaua, in the State ol Nueva Lion. This intelligence oomes in a paper printed at the city ol Mexico, and is oe dount autneutio The Tampico Stnli nrt lurnishes the lollowiug sutntiiary ot the news It ! hsidly to be supposed that the Mexicans have given all the tiamrs of the prisoners with aocuracy : [From the Tampico Aeiitiael, U.hinst] Wo were yesterds , placed 111 possession ol a newspaper printed ut.Vleiico an 1 dated Kebtuaiy JJ, by waton we ure ioJormed ol the capture of seventy Americans, with their horses, wagons, arms. &c The letter relcrieo to is a despatch in hi ?auta Anna to the Miuisler of War, announcing that he hud just learned this luct by lettei irooi (Jen. Mtnoo, who it seems is stationed ut a small town nauiedtJaleana It appears from the letter ot Minun that he bad rtcoived ixnornutiou ttom the Oovetnoi of Nueva Leon that the Americana hail been seen in liia. neifchh irhood, and that he supposed them to no to grea lotce, uudi.atingunattack upon OjIcuiiu Miuou witter tbat he sullied iortii to m??i the American* with a brigade of cavalry-that they immediately surrendered ai discietion -that all the tteilcl, wagons. & 1 , with which they worefuuud in po?#u*?iou,witn tne exception 01 arma,w?ro distributed among mo softie, as ihtir booty bantu Anna, in adiliessiug the otiuister :f War in. Vlanue,recapitulates the most important L,oU nistitiooei in tho letter ol Mtoon, and tecoiutnend 1 him to the con xidciation ol the Uoveinmeut, at tlio same time declaring bis m ention to cuu iuue n,s opetuiuus whenever a la votab e opportunity otitis 'J no letter ot Mmon m date, tbe 23 J 01 January, and tbat ol dan.a Anna the -tl not JanuiiV, at. dun Luis Polosi In neither despatch 1 the lorce of the Mexicuu* mentioned, wuo obtained tbi hloodiass triumph over seventy imaging son Iters. Bui ., ialtar it a I Mil l-il.s I'l.l.s lai, -l?ll. .... I.i.sV.mi .. the tuiiie peper, mini uticea tneaiiivulut luet piacu o toe pnvonure. au 1 very Justly icbuhcB too lejoicwgfc exhibited oil toe occasion, stating llio toiCoulthe Mexican. ie have beeu upwards ot 'JoUO this lotti-t* declarer i list our troops woie surprised at a watering place, il'shijiie de l<t Voce ) at W o ctock ill itio iiiuui.i), una tb major part (it this luice vveie lilshuit n, him m..t ttia c UUraunder in-cLiet iSanta Auiia) tad i a i units J Ibom to gi uumolested luto ttio totenor, ou llioir expressing a wilnugueas to join the II jg ol tlieir own coautry ? we pre moo England. Xne number of ofllcera naruol in these doapatcliei ieadx to the on that tbii was worn than a uctueii oieut?that ia to nay, that it wan composed ot ilttcrta urn. men belonging to aeveral companies. and tuat they vere, ai ststod in tiio latter tio.u San Luia, dated the 28th Januai > , engageU in ioiaging, and entirely unpre prepared toi any iiosiUe doruoiiatrulitn on the part id the enemy when ha surprised tneui Tina may ho tne more rradily iiifoi tod, from the fact of their having tut render ed at discretion. There are many rtimora, and it ia supposed, with iome Utile tiutli, that Santa Anna baa inuiie a movement to waidi Monterey, and it ia possible Uenural ;Miuon i, in Lomoiand ol the advance guard, This rJeiierul ia (aid to be a Spaniard, and nu excellent cavalry < Ulcer. He accompanied Santa Anna on hi* latum from exile ano inny rouse the urooping energies of ihe Mexican soldiery tutu u piopar elate tar lighting, Miter ail. II he succeeds, no will leceive all the encomiums he would men liom our leluulceis and tegtilais. the tollouiiig i? u lint o the I'HmeS ot thoae capiuied at (Jaleaua. It will hj per ceived that Las iui >1. Llsy in among thru; : ? i|sj us J. P., 8 Bin hind; Leplaius?CM. Clay, l.i,. Uamey, Llamei Henry; Lt Lhoige Uabielzon; Set grunts a - aion, C. U. 8,on, E f. .Via tun; T.ivaiesliobl. Adams. J Crooks, Win Edwnidr, J Hnumoud Oeo hamry Mo-es Neisoii, W li.gieu, o?o Cuueuiuva J. t Btoiiui, C. 11. Hallo), Lliailea Bony, Wm KilOri, l has v? h'-nen, L P. WiUisSr, Trvoisi Wenb, H Ubiil am., H. iiugsous, Wai. H <b. 1, neo Curl ( W K Spu<t?, K ateu f. esirn, A E?ienvon, W iii. Moiitgniriei), i'noinas Smalt, A Maistial, J Kiuiey, Wui Maguey, J Johi eon, Joi.n aiagnon, John It. gets, i\. Waie, W.hunk, U S Duweil, Wm. Hull). B. K. Cudei, John S. TU'.oy, John scott. D Itioy, U Jons, B A. Chiiunan, C. vioeuy, John Htcherdsou, J We.her, A i Brngan, A. Ar*etniit, H Igo, W. Rainle, J H Hughman, J Set.ignik, I Scolt, A. Wiiclun.en, H S Wood Wm, J Doagbunty.S Coibeit, I' Voaimoti, H. Cackran, J. O. Bales, I*. L Paine?Total, 70 1 he trial of the Mexican, Louts Paulina Seian, for the murder of y ouug llowlin, came up hi to e the " Court of Justices y tsieiday, and resulted in the conviction ol the accused. THE CONUITION 01 MEXICO. I' onctpomiei ce oi the N O. Picayune] t'. ts. Sqi'snaon, orr Airro.v Lir?i-po,f habruory 5, IS47. i The news from the various jaitx of Mexico for the lent fllteen days haa heeu ol much interest, t> showing lha probable euhveiaion ot tire present Government ut Mexico, the extreme distresses ol tbe army, rho total pataly sit ol Mexican credit, anil eulira inability cf tha or the huto Governments to raiae motioy by aD) of the < Ttraordiuary et,>eilieiit? recently adopted. Lett and not leaat importance, are the auguries of Hants Anna'* dictatorship 1 h? piomu'gation of the ordinance for the confiscation of the ecclesiastical pro|?-rty haa in soma placea been lesilii d tiy actual cuthieaks, and tv ly where rect ,Te<l with n< m'intiaiioiis ol hostili'y widen have crested the greatert al um The Vice Tiesideut appeals to have displayed gieat eueigy and actiTily, not only in icpteiiinjt the dl ordeis in tne capital, but in roi fitting extraordinary powei nu the vuiioua military Uorernera for the same purpoie The cieigy hsva closed the Cathediala, naued iheir solemn pioirsl, ai d finally r? fined to deliver up the property of the ci.utch l'ho Stales oi Mexico, I'u Ida and (^neietHio have prayed that tlio law might be repealed The church paity press in vaii'-us |dacei opemy counsels leheilion against Gomez hailaaaud the i otigress. It anything was earning to complete the lailnie ol the measuie, u haa been tound in tne del iiled refusal of capitalists to advance m.' on the scrip. It is now peikclly plain that the wr Y O ?EW YORK, FRIDAY M< treasury will probably uarar realize \ dollar from tha acclaimitical proparty fortba parpen n of tha war. Ho far is | am able todiscovtr. all the other expedients which hare bean adopted by the Oeneral aod State ' Governments tor raising smaller loans or contibntlooa . for the more pressing exigents of the troep* will hare the sine iaaue with the more megnidceut project of nlundermg the church The ingenuity of the Mexican 1-Klalatoi* seems to hare been taxed to the utmost; among other novel plana I notice a forced lotteiy lor raising money for t ie war The mure uio *<frata and hopeful jo'irnalista appear to have given up all hope that or ler nuti he preaeiwed, and predict a other ri v lut on. The Vl.'O Pre?i lent, Hen z Farias it surrounded wtb difficulties which are itiuper ub'o, Ad is '.lie object of at'ack by all partioa; by the i clergy, the monarchists and a Iraginent of the centralist*; ! > and it needs no prophet to say thin he inus*. noon be driven lio.n the helm. Guerara, the newly appointed Minister of Justice? the successor.of Nara. who wa? appointed only a week btloia?is now the onlyeono of j i the Cabinet who actually discharges the duties of bis 1 I oltlce f Honor Guevara has since resinned, neenr ling to ' i a late MeX'Csn puper before us] Seiior Zubieta, the i Minister ot Fi.isuco. has ten lerel his resignation an I left ! bis post in spite of the wishes of the Vice TresiJent? ; J tenor Ramirez, the Minister of Foreign Relations, has i thrown up his portfolio for a period o' several months. I and Cansiizo, 01 the Wat Department, has ulno expressed iiis wish to retire Various causes have been alleged for ! this Bb.indooment of the Administration by all the minisI ters, but the true solution of the detection is to he f >und | iu the ci reme and uuconquerabla difficulties ot their I sruauoii | lii tun moanti no thorn are reports from time to timo j I rum SanLuia Potuai that Santa Anna it t km* wary i step* to proclaim himself dictator Tho';u rrpoils have : within a few data assumed a more specific character; one tin or say a tiunta Anna has movod oo Tula, aud that I the garrison of San l.itis haa proclaimed him dictator ' Hume persoua appear to belt, va thut Sams Anna hsi left | Pototi to inarch on tho capital It is, l believe, otli-iaily contirmed that Uen. Vrntura Mora has proclaimed tor J the dictorship of Santa Anna at Mazailin It wua prej dieted aonio da) ? ugo that (leu Kaugol, with otheia, I would soon tho standard of dicatorship ia .Mexico. ! nnd yesterday morning it was currently announced that the event had happened. These reports are some ol theui without doubt pruai.iture, but they show the set oi popular expectatiou and will woik their own fultllmeat. They are atalo (expedients lor unsettling conti lei ca, creating vacilU-iou in the putilic mind and making any chuii{o acceptable. A touching picture of the distresses of the army may be found in every paiagraph and every official account! from that quarter, it ia now conceded that tho unny at : San Luis must soon dissolve?that even the geuun of | Santa Anna cunnot long ksop thorn together. While tho miserable solJiera arc buttering all the t x'.reme evils I which San visit humanity? hungry, risked, periihing I from co d or disease, or driven to suicide?we see it is j announced that Ampudia has been uniortuiiste in bit | hats and lost $14,000 wbile Sautu Auua.vvttb batter lark, ' hsi won 4000 oun es ol gold The Congress oi San l,uu j have auth irisad u force 1 loan of$ MX) 0)U, secure thy a pledge of the entire revenue and pioperty of the State uot already mortgaged. An attack upon Vera Cruz is now expected to occui shortly. The Congress of the State has issued a patriotic proclamation, and vdtious preparations ate making for the onset. A body of the national guard, estimate i at a thousand men, haa becu recently introduced in'o Vera Cruz. The Locunolur anggosti, with aume show of reason, that the Uoveramcnt liavs already provided the means for paying and supporting these additionil tioopi,i<a more men would suou render intolerable the privations ottha present garriton, which are already extreme. Nothing has yet been done towards fortifying the paase* on the road to Mexico. The garrison of Jalaps have refused to march to Vera Cruz-they wore stationed there once before. Oenerul I,a Vega has been unpointed chief in command of the troops of the State of Vera Cruz. A great eenaation has been caused by the report that the Atnoricans were on the move troin Tarn KIU1 mo 1UKIUUIII1 VI I no IVmug 1UIUUU lO V OIU Cruz, threatening J ilipt or FuttU Itokl movement t* li<toly to cause the enemy much distraction. 1 he message of (he President of the United States is published in the papers of ihe last of the month. It wus proposed in Congress by Sauor Gambia to issue a for mat reply to tne ulse and injurious itapulatious contained in Ihe mesuge against the Mexican republic, but alter the proposition was diicuiseJ, it was not adopted MILITARY MVtTKKS. [From the Washington Union] We unuorMnnd that letters have b,-en roceired from Major Ueuersl Scott us late as the 14*h Feoruaty, a* he Brazos lie wss making every arrangement to re move the troops to the islan 1 of Lobos: but, contrary to uis expictation, the ten transport* which had heeu on gaged at New Orleans, and tha others which had hreo despatched fiom the northern ports, hud not yet art ived It is certain that they must have mrived there from both j ports b, fito this time. The ordn :ict>, too, had not got to its place oi destination. Accounts had been received that the Mexican troops i weie pouring into Vera Cruz principally in contnquencof the despatches which had been intercepted on tue person of Lieutenant Kichey, of the infantry. It is also mid, on highly respectable authority, that a French merchantman had juit found its way into Vera i.rtt7. with ten thousand stand of aims, and twenty tonsot gunpowder on bosid. It remains to be seen in what meaner this vessel eluded our blockading squadron It is said that Commodore Ferry, who lett Washing ton a few days ago te embark in the steamer Mississippi flatcly repaued at Norfolk) within a week goes to the in if to take comtnond ot our squadron. Cieneial Sco't had not recnivud any very recent Jes patches from (ionorat Taylor, but accounts had reached ui n from Monterey of the report that Msjor Borland with about An soldiers of the Arkansai mounted regi meut. had been t..keD by the Mexicans, but it was elan aid that Major Gaines and the mounted Kentuckiuns weie not ttieie when the Arkansas dragoons were captured. Wo have received a letter from an officer, who writes torn the month ot tho Kio Grande, d'.ti February, thut " touio ol the troops have ombatkad tor tlm island of I.o ios lieiow There has b? eo laleiy a succession ol g ilea Irom the noMh. very uiifavoisble lor embaikation. Tolay the weather has beeu good. Tue oi ir.funtry is now >o its way " A latter from One of the Georgia volunteers to the edi tor of the .driguifa Chrnniel', after p i) ing a high COiltpliment to General Scott whose lead, he ?ai * the army will I e prjtld to follow, adds?"yet wo ton all gritvrd a part with the old hero, lieu Taylor, with whom we nave been ho long; and the any we separated will t>ev< i is forgotten by tnoie volunteers who lett him at Victo ia All tho troops were drawn up in lire;uiid as tin>ld gutierul posted down the line, votl could ice ?v -ry .. . ,.i..i., I? .v- -? ?....? .uk ?j u luu it.-ur oi itjrm, Bna every n* raised to pay iho lust tribute ot the soldier to bis g. i e ral. 'Faro a fll.'was t o last sound that died upon ho -ars as we struck our march. It sua h scene thin could be felt, but i.ot described " Ore Poistt liiiaL, Frb 13 Arrive ! to dAy etf PoiDt Isabel. brig Umpire and bark vlontezurni, each containing h detachment of the l..t regiment V ti.V.S. V . officer* und men. all wa it. Two ?on bat overboard on 'he voyage out. Received orJei? at Point Iaabel to rtndt/.vouv ut the iilind of Lo'ma about siaty miles south of Tampico, und seven miles 'rom the maiu lend. The two PenneyIvan. a and the i Louisiana legi/nanta will uUo rendt z rou< ut Loho* The itlmpiro und Montezu'na will ruiriuiu at Point I-ubol to nke in water, and will pioceod with despatch to the general rendezvous. There are at lsast ti'.tv sail before the I alas del Tadre It looks more like Newt ork hay than a ban on loadslead. as it is Wo have no infoiaia'toti as yet, whether the other detac hments of our regiment have reached this point. The temiiiniug regiments of tho last muster are order od up the ilio Grande to join (janerul Taylor. 1.ubos is u desert islaui, a mere roadstead of arichorage? sale against the northers." NAVAL INTEI.l.IGk.NOE. Tlio United Htatea steamers Mcorpion uual Scourge ; sailed yesterday fiom the Navy laid, Brooklyn, to join the squadron off Vera < ruz. The former vessel is fl ted with aide puddle*, an I the bitter with l.oper's propeller* . anil os far ns the true rpeed of tho two vessels have In en tested, that of the H-ourge fur exceed id that of the S. orpion, the Scourge beetieg the ether wi h the greatest j esse although In s uooth water, wntu it was suppose that the Scorpion, witn side puddles, would have'inud vantage < I the pmpellprol the 8 outgo The following is n lut of tbe < Wet in of tho Scourge v z: Chsrli-e O Hunter, I.ieutniiuut Commanding; Wm VV. blerrksr Lieut, vl C. .Vfarie, do; J P Bui,khead. Acting Ma-tv. l. J Puiigle Parsed Midshipman; vv (J Temple, do; J M. Mirror, Passed Assistant BurgeoB; f. il vlcli.tosn Cap aiu's Clerk; >iur|diy, u.l Assistant . .viiddleton, do. Ox Besno Stcsmkr ?cot*nt. Match 4, 1847 The war steamers Scorpion aud Scourge got r weigti about noun, from the Navy Void. Brook!) n The Siourge. Cnpt Hunter, in goh.g down the bu) proved heisell the hast sailer, leaving the dooip ou quite ii good distance behind Herr Alexander, the German Wizard, goes to Havana, as the gtiest of Cnpt Hunter, and we have no Count, an tva wish, they will have u enfe, speedy, and profitable vo) age. We understand their destination it Vera Ci U7, to assist in taking San Juan <1e U.loa. It is ceitain tUal KOTunimeui coma not nsvu cno*en two neiter rtfeiieif lor that purpose. The V. S. steamer Scorpion went to sea yesterday rimming, hound to ttie roast of Mexico The following i* a liit ot her ofticnrs: A. Bigelow, F.-q , Commander. J M B"rrirn, Kit at Lieutenant; K. VV Maude, Second do; ! .1 N. Briceland, master! T. \1 Potter, Surgeon; N.C. | Davis, Chief Kngineer; YVm II llmUoa. Passed >i i.lihi|? man; A o. Ithiinl, <!o do; S J Bliss, MHabipmaiiiM. 61. Thompson, 3.1 Anir.tant Kngineor; Reynolds, ( ?| tain's ( leik. Riot on ihr 1'rovidijnc e and Worcester Kait.rosd ?A postscript hi the I'rovidtnet Irantcri/'t of Tuesday contains intelligcn -e of a not which had Just brokan out on the Worcester Itnilrond. The hands on the first fl-e sections had discontinued woik, those 1 Irom the tint section leaving li st and proceed,ng to the ; sdioining aections, ti ns 'nore ing tlieir iiumbeis. The Oau>? ol the outhirak is said to he in rels'ioo to wages, I tlie o|>eratives demanding au Increase. They threaten j nolenco to any who may go to work. They bavo also thieniened to ahoot one of the outractors. \ military I company had been ordeted to meat at 3 o'clock, P. M1 ue rioters are said to he well armed. j The whole valuation of propetty in the c ty of Boston In 1844. Wi| $110 460 30U i IMA, *13A 040,700 ; IS40, $1011 (WO Ol 0 Inctesse in 1846. 16 per rent, ind In IMA, U'H | er cent. Veluationot tilopeuy in Mouih Boston iu D44. $J 901 #00 ; IMA, $3,4?7,n0n ; (MA, $4,A37 8011 In, tr.-a?? III 184A, 60 psr cent; in 1?4?, 8?>i percent. >RK I )RJM1JNG, MARCH 5 1341 LIST OF ACTS Wblclt have passed at tilt Session of Con* j grcn which has just closed. BILLS WHICH ORIOlHSTKO II* THE ISN4T* <n act to establish a UuJ oltlce in the northern part of i Michigan. and to proride for the sale of mineral lands in i the State of Michigan n act granting a pension to Joseph Morrison. An act declaring the aeaeut of Congress to cir'ain M*t?-- to in^mse a ta? tipo'i h)1 Uii ) hereafter Sold t>v i

tb.i United Stale'' therein f om and the day of sucn sains Anactforthn relief of Thomas Boronell \u act for the relief of J >ho Stockton. Ute a iieutcaant ! in the ormy of the United Sta'ei An hot for the relief of Win B Keene Au set to extend toe timi for nelimg the land* granted .{ to the Ken'ucky Inm tor touching the deaf and dumb, i An act for the relief of Uvorge Hindoo An act for the relief ol Peter Kro*t An act tor the relief of Flijah Wmto and other*. An art to encotirite enlimnenli in the regular army. An act tor the relief of Thom-i* Blanchard. An ect for the relief of Hob on John*. An act for the relief of <i? orge H .tub. Au act giving too a??ent of t'ougre** to an ect of the Onnenit \?aemt>ly of Virginia, uu hoiimug the levy of | tod* on the J.ime? river , An act toauthoiza the issuing of u new regittor for ! the American bsrk ' Pon-,1' of I'biladplpiiU, by t'uo 1 name of the "CoiMeiiu " An act to regulate the exerciae of tlm appellate juril| diction of the supreme Court of the United Stale l in cer- | tarn iMin au l lor other purposes. An act lor the relief of Andrew Mooie. Au ac' lor the reliel of the hen* ol I.oui* de la Houi[ aaye, deceased. An act to authorize the Mailing of a reglater to the bri' gautu a "Uce.iu Queen." An act coutlriiiing the chiiu ol the heir* and legal iepi e?eiita'.ive* of 1'ieire D.lYetuo to a tract ol laud. An uct to esublizh a oourt at Key West, iu the 3.ale ol floruit, and lui othar purpose* ! Au act for the relief of Jaiuea 8. f oriway. I Au act to cbdugo the time of holding one of the term* ; of the circuit court of the United State* lor the diatrict ! oi North Ceroiiuu. I An act to grant a right of pre-emption to Philip F. Deriug and llwb irt H tihampion le tract of mineral Ian I. I An act in addition to ?? ac. to uiluMiah a court at Key Went, in the State of KPirida. | An act to amend an act entitle 1 "An uct to regulate the cnrigi of paaierigera in meich.iQC vaaaeU." and to determine the tl ue wlieu mi J act shall tiki effect. An act to provide for the punishment of piracy in certain ca*e* An act lor theroliefol Fraud* Sominurauer. An act m iking further appropriation to bring the exiting war with Mexico to a speedy and houorabla concluaion. An act relinquishing to the city ofMaiiiaon, in tho state of Indiana, all the right and title of the United State* to a certain atrip of uusurveyed land lying within the limit* of raid city, and boidciing on the Ohio river. An act providing for the building and equipment ol lour naval steampshipi An act making provision for an additional numhar of Kuuuiai unm?i?t suu lur uiucr purpose*. Aii act to amend an act entitled "An act to raiae lor a 1 limited time an additional military force, and for othor puritoaaa " A joint resolution for lighting with gas the Capitol and Capitol grounds. A joint lesolution authorising the employment of the United States -hips Mocedouiau and Jamestown in trans porting provisions for the famishing poor in Ireland and icotiau I. Hi-solution concerning the purchase of additional lands ior the use ol the United States armories at Harper's leir> and HpiiujttMd. Re-olutioii to refund money to the States which have <>upp ie-1 v> lunieers and furnisUod tiansportatiou durtug the present war, -etuio being mustered and received into tie service ol the United mates. A joiut resolution to correct an error In the act of June 17. lest, for the relief of *lary Ann Linton. A joint resolution n-poctiug the tnaps and charts ol the su, vej s ol tins tioiuiusry lines of the United Stales ol Aoietica with foreign Steles. aicLS WHICH OHIOINaTID Iff THK H0U9l\ An act tor the udimssiou ol the State of Wisconsin into the Union An tict authorising thu Issue of Treasury notes, a loan, and ior otuer purposes Au art to e*:ai>ii?h certain post routes, and for other purposes. Au act to amend " Au act entitled an act to amend an act to carry into effect, in the Stales 01 Alabama and .vlie. I siuippi. the exMun * cuiopacts with those mute* with icgai-i to the lira |>er corn, lund and the school res hi ra| tloua " j An act to amend the net entitled " An act to reduce the rotes ot po.tnge, to limit the use aril coiiet the abuse ot thn (tanking privilege, and lor the prevention 01 Hand* on the revenues ol the Post Oittce Department," ' passed March 3 1841. An act further to extend tha clutter of th* Union Bunk ol Ueorgeiowii, in the District of Columbia. Au act to amend au act entitled " An act to provide for tho payment ol horses or other property lost end destroyed in the military service ut the United 8talis " approved the 18 h day ot Januaiy, 1837. An act te provide tor the paymoul of any interest falling due on he public debt. An act for tn?? relief ol the Dank of the Metiopolls An act making appropriations for tne support of the i my mm ui miiuuiomi 1111 1119 j ear enuillg me JOin OI Juno, lbrtj, ami lor other purposes. An act m iking u. piopria.ions lor the support of the Military Academy lor ma yaer ending on thu 30 h June, IM An not for tuo increase of the marine cot pi of tho L'uitoil Siates. An act making appropriations lor the service of tho To. t Office Department tor t ie year ond ng the 3dm June 131S Aa act making appropriations for the payment of Revolutionary hi <t ottior pennon* nl the United s.atoi lor the y ear en.iuig tho 3dm June, lt*49. An act autliori?n.< me ejection ol certain lighthouses, anu lor otiu-r pu An uct lor iliv admission of tha State of low* into the Union Aii set to raise lor u limited time, un additional military | foice, and lot olh*r purposes. An act to pi ovide lor the establishment of additional p luUlaalu it ? State u! i'exus. A* ?ct to regulate ttie csinago of i assengtrs in mor chant vessels An s t iu.utlog appiopriitions for tho cuireut anl con t iigt tit i x, r.ia.n ot lit* in Pu i Deper.uaut, and tor tat lilting lloaty n ipUUtione -Vim the VriJoUi Indian tribes ior tti* year ending June 3d, tdit An act m.ikmg npproim itiou* i?r the navel torvice lor he year emnug the do n June,l34g An act to auuioriso me constitute 1 authoritias of the city ol Uu cu.jua, in the Ktste of Iowa, to enter cettan. islands net*?*U tne landings of sunt city S u-1 tha mall! channel ol the Mississippi liter. Air act to cieale an additional laud diitrict in the Tor ii oi y ol Wisconsin, and tor other purpoitrs. An actcieaiiiig a collection district til vlatne, tin I constituting Bangor, in Hdpl dutuct, a port of on ry and debtorf. An uct making appproptiatious for .the payment of navy penuoui, for the your andiug 3d h June. jBli An uct loi tUo relief of iUy lompkins and others, the children and heirs at law ot the lato Daniel D. Tompkins. | Au uct giuutirg u pennon to f'attick Kelly. | Au uct tot tho reliet ol Jushuu Shaw. Au uct tor the rrltel of Julius l ldre l k.iUlia >.hired, and H'rutiCis K Kidrod, for expaneos und services in removing Uu'coppu' tuck trom Luke (Superior. Au uct lor tho lolii.-tot Jo.kcpn Wurieu Newcootb. Au act for the relief ot tho citi/ens ot Ueelown, in the Territory of Wiscou.uu Au at t for the telle! ot \V. 1*. 8. Sanger und Uvorgo Do la Hoc lio. Au uct for the reiielnf Dr. Clarke Lillybrhlge. Au uct tor lue r*nit ol hiederick Hopkins. ol tlie county ot Chenango, in the jjiate ot New York. ah art tut tii.i raiiet of the heirs oi Mergeant Major JuiiuCninpe. Au uct tor the rolief of James Jones, of the city ol Biowklyu An act fir the relief of the legal representatives of i'hom ?s Shields, deceased An act tor tlie rrlirl of Susan Drum. An net or t.iu reliaf < f r.lii itieth Adams Au act tor the rati -I ol I honnis N New 1L Ai, art tor the lelief ol lieuiy Us Heintree. An act lor the rwiel ol James H. Conley. Act a t lor me reliei oi Willlum N. Waliheii Vu act lor u,e ratio! of lha widow and heirs of John B. '/Ql'l oilia An art lor <he relief of Jaeob L Vance. AU act lor ttiu lei ?f ol Joiiili Haskell. An act lor the beuefl of Jamie Williams An act granting a pension to Hilas Chattteld. An act lor the leiiet ol the assignees of the lata Bnnk ol Alexaniiiia. An act for tlio relief of llarvcy Reynolds. An act lor ttin leiiel ol < .thai me hteveuson. An act lor tlie relief of Ann Clayton An act fir the relief of Klitabeth Pitch. An act lor the relict ol i hanliuil Reynolds. An act lor the relief of l .l.saheth Calkins, the widow of Silas Winona. An act lor the relief ol Jonathan Hoy t. An act to incree.n tUe pension ol Hoc well Hale I An act fortho roliat of Kdith Ilaniry. An ait to piovido for the final settlement of lha accounts ol John Mprncnr, late receiver of public mono) a at foil Way no, Indiana. An act f"t the reliel of Joint C. Stewart and others An act f ir the raliel of the estates ol Banjsaiiii Voto yer uud hrancois (iaieunie, deceased. An act for the rel of ol Uaac Uuess An act lor the rv'-ol ol the belts of Hyacinth Baasclle. An act lor toe ralief ol James (Jraen, ol tlie county of | Katiq-uer, S ate ol Virginia An act lor the reliel ol Wilfred Knott. An ai.t loribe lel.el < I Hsrnsid O'Neill. An act tor the teliel ol John Tick ?tt and otheis. Au act fir the reliel ol llariiaon Wnuson. An act tor the 11 It* ( ot Jul) Hss him. An act tor the leiiet of John cpaekinen. An act lor tna lelief ol Uio irgsl representative* ol , John Linton, deceased. An act to grant s pre emption right to Hie heirs and le gs! repi> seniativcs ol John Smith I'. An act for the relict ol < apteiu James fVnnoyer An act lor the relief ol the legal rvprrtenla.ives ol Willistn Btincc An act fortho relief of William Causey. [ An act lor the lolief of John Van l*l)< k. I Anuctforihk tehkl of the alwimtualon ol Joseph ??mm iiiiiwiiiamggwwwui IERA r Edtoa, deceased, lata marshal oWhe district of Vermont. An act for the relict of Joseph Oidaon Aa act for tb'i relief of Lewia C. Sartori Ad act for tha reli?f of tha legal representatives of ti Joseph t. Pritnaau and Thomas J. Chapman a Ad aot for the relief of George B. Ruaiell and othara. o Ad act for the reliat of tha legal representative* of tl Sim jq Spalding. deceased a ad act for tha relief of tha legal representative* of tl Junes If Clark Au act to a.nend an aot enti'lad " An act to provide for the better orgeniz i i >n of tho Department of Iummo Af* i furs. and an act ciiti led ' tn net to re gt late trade nDd lutercourne with the 1 dian trib -t. an 1 to rei-rvo pence T on toe iioaliars, approved June 3), laja,'" and lor otbar u purpoae* Au act for the relief of Mary Segar, and for the raliaf of ILlltna Deniuaoa, administrator of Pueut* Carpenter I fcillia. D An aot for tho reduction of the costs and expense* of | proceedings in admiralty against shift and vessels. 1 *1 An act for the relief ol Zachariati Snutnoon, of the State of Tenneateo. An act fur the relief of the heir* of John Paul Jnnci. An act to give the consent of Congress to the sole ol j certain salt spring lands heretofore granted to the Hiates of Michigan, lllluoi? and Arkausas. An act to establish a port oi entry a? aaluria, in the I ft 8:ato of Texas. | v Joint resolution to prohibit the sale at private ontry of t certain lands In Cincinnati, Ohio. C Joint resolution for the relieiof Wiil'em B. Stokes, surviving partner of Johu N. C. Stockton k Co. Joint lejolution for the relief ol the children of Stephen Johnson, deceased. Jniul resolution relative to the preparation and presentation ef mo.iam to curtain French, Britiih and Spanish i I ifllcurs I | Joint resolution for the relief of M. A. Pnco and K A. | White. ' ! Joint resolution authorizing atd directing the ex urn, nation and settlement of (he claims of Alexander M. | Cummitig. Joint resolution for the settlement of the accounts of ! Purser U. It. 11 iriy. ! Joint resolution for the relief of John and Charles Bruce Joint resolution of thanks to Mejor General Zachary Taylor, the olttcers and sol liots under nil commanJ, lor their conduct iu storming the city d( Monterey. hue Intelligence, ScrtmoR Court, March 4 -Before Chief Justice 1 | Jones. Richard Hayrt ut Jltaph Stone, r.t of ?In this | case, which was lenorted in the lieialdol yesterday, the jury rendurod the following verdict:?" We find a verdict lor tho plaiutilf ol $&,14o JW-100 damage*. and six couts costs; und that there was evidence suihcieut to show that it was very usual for commission mercuanta, and hill diuwers, to buy und sell lulls on credit, but uoue ( that a custom existed to authorise an agent to purchase . Dills on a credit lor his principal, having Ins funds ou ( liaud " This vordict is importaut. as it establishes, he- ^ yond all doubt, that commission merchants in this city cannot, while they have their principles fuuda in their ( hauds, remit Dills of exchuLge purchased on their own (| credit, oxcapt at their own ruk. , Common Pi.ras, March 4. ?Before Judge Daly ? Mont- t (inner y et Oafman?The jury in this case rendered a t verdict tor the plaintifl? si* cents damages and sis cents j COst-i. t Court oi Uxnr.Rxi. Sessions.? March 4'h.?Before ( Recorder Scott und Aldermen Walsh and Walker. John vlcheon, K?q , District Attorney - Trial for Grand Lareny ?A colored uitui named George King, was placed ' at ne bar at the opining of the Court this morning, on a charge of having ou too lSth.of January last, stolen a gold watch and guard chain, alleged to be worth JitiO, tho property of another colored man by tho name of Robert .-mum, a winter, employed at the Howard House. On ihe part of the prosscutiou. it wa? shown that the property iu question wti atolen from the trunk of Panda, which he kept at No. 3 Caihaiiue Lane, whero the accrued boarded and ihat tho watcn wa? mbsr quently recovered front a person with wham he had prwued it, and that on beiuif iutemigutud respecting it,ho sta'ul that ho uad won it by gambling. The jury, utter a brief consultation, reudured a verdict of guilty, aud the Court sentenced him to two yeara imprisonment in the Plates prion 7Viel for Bigamy?A man apparently about 30 yeara old, named ChittlM Ilynn, wilWei MUM It triuionnii indictment, chaiging him with bigamy; in having on the 10th of November last, united himself in tho bonds ol wedlock to a young female named Maria T. Lsrgdon; raving at the saw tiato a wife lirin r in tho Ptato it Vcw Icfoy. Ot the part of the prosecution, it was shown in 1 - videnee that th? accrued was married at Eli/abethtown, I < S. I by the Itev. Mr. .vlurmy, on the 13'h of Juno, 19-19, to - ary I) Van HchaJck. who is still living; that on the ' |8th ot November last ha was muni nl to Maria T Lungdon, by the Iter. Mr. Uoodsell paitnr of the M. Episco- 1 pal church in Wdlet >traet; mat by way ol inducement 1 to Miss Lsnglou to mirry him the accused hid rnpre| serited to her that he was u widower, with three clul I Irea, wnicu, however, were witu his mother, at Scotch ' ruins, N d ; that he had $700 in the Pavings Bank, he < | odes a mm of moony duo him tor hit Inrnituie, which he ' sold shortly alter thu death uf hU first wifo; and on 1 that account sun i mrsnuted to niariy theactuiaud aft'.r ?n arquamtnuce ofene mon'.h; that after living with him lur about six weeks, she asccrtaiuod tnat his wile was still alive, when the prisoner finding that the fact had become known, ahsqua'uUtcd, end was not teon again until his arrest. A. Id. Russell K-q. in opening the c.?*o in behalf ol the accused, set up the pies idiocy, and stated that be intended to show in evidence, that Ins client when ten years old whs thrown with great violence a wagon, tinco which time he had been incapable ot speaking an I acting (or himself Several witnesses were tli-n culled for the defence Their testimony t -nd edto .ihow that the accused fiom his youth had been onsiderod of very weak mind an 1 'could not ho ontrust< d to tianaactuny business of importance '1 to Court at this stage uf tho proceedings adjourned until to morrow morning. Cocev C?i ssnii-This D?V.?Circuit Court? IS, 43 I 47, 48, 39. 59, 07, 74, R0, 80 103 Saptr tor C"urt~ 43 to i : dp 71, 00 70 73 to 81. 1.11 ComminPUai. Pint l-0\ I 7a 77.96 93 !>d 97.99 101,103 I'urt J ?109 900, 901, j I liO, 81. 84 60 110 110,144 91 98 31, 138 110. 904 191, i ! 00,08 94 100, 100 191 30, 8.', 90, 111 131, 190,70,304. j In 11 > I i >- a | Rif. I, L honhart, of the Me modi at Episcopal church, I in pit. r/fon li*a been appointed by tho brea.deut achap lain in the u h Navy. 'i'he eteuinbjat? wurcdt and Governor caine in rol imon 1j?i night at 8 inda Point, je> inilea thin aide ol new | i'uik Tho Woicofter auatainrd about j.uiu woitU in i ju y. tue Governor w.n uninjured. It in aaid that Ambroao 11 gevier, Senator fr im At kan<hi hat been ottered the mission to Kiance, wnich he | litolinet i'he i'ennayIvania legislature hat appropriate i $2000 i for the distressed tamilc-a ot tnetr voluu eaia lit mexico | CountosfoM $m)iila on the Cum enaul Bank, Bit t|?? I i ton, n. j , aie in circulation. vigiie'tfl, reapers, it r i Phey aic ovileotly u.te ei liom tuo plate ot some oltior i bank Louis ' Philippe Rota a salary of $1 oou 000 from the Kiench untion, beside* tne annual income iroui hit nu j | merous eatatea. i The bark ujueral Harrison iatho veaaal intended to ; be ar.ut liom Alexandria with a cargo ot provisions lor i Ireland - ihc contribution* of this city, Alexend.ia. and I neiKtiborhond. Tin. bark ia dally expected in Aiexan- ] | dria. j a chock dr.iwu by tho csahier ot Gloucester Dank upon | : the Tiemont Bank iu Huston city, for $1 741 80, wua mat i i on Monday forenoon. | The Grand Jury of M.idlaou, Indiana, have presented | iho practico of Rambling, by membeta ot tho LeRiula- i tine, a* a nuiuiur The bark (ion Green cloare'l from Bos'on lor lioik, on i Tuesday, with h), .co lu>diel-i Indian com Tho Smithsonian Institute building* are to conaiat ol u i centre, two connectiiiR ranges, and two win#* of the | lollowitig dm?e>ooiin, vi/ : -Outre budding ddi feet j ioiir. a6 teat broad, anil a7 teet high l onnectinR large* ' each 10 feet long, 49 feet broad, and a* teet lilgn. beat J wing, bo teet ioiir, ao tort broad, and 4.) teet lugh. v/oat wii.r,7(! feot long, 86 feet broad, an i 4j feet high Tne lower.s, us shown on tho plena, vary imrn 00 to 140 feot in height hive yeaia ore allowed tor tn? conatructlen. a telegraph station it to he opened at Kmhklll in a few days Navigation on tho Delaware end Harden canal ia to be reaumed today The receipt* of the American Tr?rt Society, for the month ending March i, areie $10 'it 37, making the total leceipta amce Apnl i a, till (die m Judge ?"? aim tbe whig caudi lute for Major of Troy, i wva ei-cted, cu Wednesday, by 301 majoiity, and the i whig general asuoaaur, bj JjO majoiity I At KorheMcr, L?r J< bn U LI wood, the lorofoco caudi- | d.te lor Major, ia eltcud by 268 niajortiy. , [From the Washington Union, March 3 ] Oicviaac Tavcoa'a CoaaiiroM>> r - We iuy halore our reader* tnia availing, the ineaa ige fu>m tl\a Prui ItOt j tranmnit'od to tha House on Satur lav laat. corr.munto*. , ting the rnrrenpondehre which haa tnk<'ii pi ire between , the war department and Genual Taylor, tiura the < utn- t menreineiit of hostilities The correspondence luell i< I 1 too voluminous to niibliih at length. but we atinll avail I ourselves of opportunities to trunalnr to our ' rolntnna tuc.h portions of it ua have not j at met the public eye, and predict that abundant evidence will be found | therein to contradict the unloiiudad tvpoils in diipaiag ment o( the notion of the win dopartoiont, bast d on the untoward publication ol Gen Taylor * private letters, i T" lis I faMs* 11/ H' iirr$mtativti of t\r Untltil Slt.lrt: I coinmui.ica e hurewith e reooit ol the .Vciet-ny oi War, with tlie m companylug dm unicnla, iu aiiftvui to : i the reaolution cl tho Homo of Representative* uf the | , 1st instant, rtquesllng the Pieaidenl ' to communicate to ' the Houao of Representative* all the cnrieapot dence ; wlthOeovrul layloraince the commencement ot lioatii- I itiea with Mm,ico, which he* not yot been published, ot which may not tie deeoivd delriinoiital to the public aer- \ vice, also the co'lespondeuce ol the q wrterm istcr gen ! violin relation to transportation lor Genviel Taylor'* ; army| alto the ivportsol Biigedivr Genera a llamcraiul Q 111iiihri ol the upeiailout <1 their respective brigades j on the 'Jlot of H pieniber le?l " As mount tiiene doc,nm int* relate to military opera- < tions of our loire*. which may nut have Ixan lully vie ' cu<el, I nngh' h?ve deemed it proper to withhold part* 0 them, under tbe apprvhen iou thrir publication at | this tuna wotil i be 'detrimental to the public service,"hut 1 am sufhti id that these operaiiona are now ao fei itdvanc i ?d Hint (bat 'he enemy nat already received to much ! informatlnu Irom other aouirea m relation to tho intend- I ed movements ot our atmy, aa to render title precaution I untu curaei y. JAMKB K. IOLK I Washington, February 37, 1847. i LD. Pr*wm Wwm OMlh I r-v-K? r?_ _ - t-a ; ||. H Kevenue. I Dt.uji .utcua, IM7 H OcifTLCMCl* i-Io romplieoae with '.lit request coo H lined in your communication of yesterday, I Mod yon n H atement of the gross receiuta at th:i six principal porta f the United States, from the 1st December. 1640.opto H as latest piriod to which returns here been received, H d a similar statement for the cone.ponding period of H ] > previous year. H 1 rttaaln, very reap -cffuily. R J WALKER, Secmtti y ot the Treasury. H Tfcf IIods R. M T. Hun'er. Liun Boyd, and Wm. M, H redway, House of Represan 6'ives. H nnas RtcsirTS it ths Posts or Faltimoss, Bostss. H Lhahlastoh, JSxw Ukiaa-I. N?* iess, i^u PHILA- H DKi fMIA. M 184 J lit ecemtisr |1,M Kil U UtiOSlll* 18'6 111? ir.nsry $2 Hlf.776 W $2 4J3.sK ?? tbraar/ I 9>4 stl W 2*13 *2 j0 sToTl.Il* 94 ?s.??7 710 14 c.'tn til ti $WJ Ml 16 The above statement is made out from the returns as sr as r, c,. vo l The rolurns from Nose Orleans for two roeks in Jnnuary, 1*48, uro in ssmg. The lereipta for he correr(>o[idiug two weeks in January, 1947, havo, Ol onrse, been omitted. PmilsOklphia, March 4, 184V. \ la.l about thirteen years ol age, mimed William Morgau, living on tin line ol the nilrond, Dear the DamIon Jo pot, was crushed, yastetday aftai noon, bet waon :wo cat*,in Iront of hu parents' ret idence, causing death in a short time afterwards. He w as in the habit of getting on the curs, for the purpose ol obtaining a, and had otten been driven off by those in chaige of the train. The Occident oceuned ,u conaeiiucuce of the motion of ihe ctr* hricg he wus in tho act of g< tiing up between two of them. A man employed near the water wheelof Coopers | rolling mill, at Trenton, yoaterday, dipped between it and the wall of the race-way, and was cruahed to death The confirmation of Oen Cadwalader ai brigadier geusrtil, has caused much satisfaction throughout tin* con munity, where he ia known and esteemed for hia noble rearing and experience in military eft'uir* The rejection >f Choi Ins J Ingereo.'l, hs miniver to France, has not riven great ofl'aiice?the whiga chuckling with greataatsfactioii at tbi* diauppointinant, viewing it aa a deaer>ed inuiahmeiit for hia attack upon the god-like Daniel? I ho same persons are, however, extremelv wrothy at bo continuation oi the 'itlool inajoi general to Mr Ben on knowing aa they Jo that thia ia in tru'h intended for ho b.ittciy which, when unmasked, will bocoma the fire a the r-ar, which den Scott'* foresight anticipated. All tho city morning papora of uny note contained the ;ongrea>ioui?l newa up to the dial cloae of the eeaaion, sr which they were indohted to tho agency of the Magletic telegraph, though the gentlemanly operatora at he vaiioua others wero groutly overtasked by the addiional dutiea thus impoaed ttpon then. The papers of tour city would have enjoyed tha same benefit, but for be circumstance that there was no boat running at a )'clock in the morning, to convey the despatches from loriey city to New York. Stocks were rather improved in prices to-day, tha closing of Congress probably having ah eOact ts easa ike inn.da ot the speculator in faucy and government stocks. Flour was dull ot sale, and the only tale of wheat that transpired was J ,000 bushels, to arrive, at U?c. Sales of Stocks at Philadelphia, Fiasr BoiKP?IU.OOUU H Loan is, '11, 10 K; 2i Ksotaeby B.tnX 74 Ja: 600 Brhn I - ill IV avian ion 6s, SI, li\; JO Mnins t an it, r.iah, 11*?. loo Bearer Meadow Hntlroad, cash, 20k; JO lienliQi; K-,i road'do,'aArtta qai.k??S u .svlvaiiia Bank 2*1; SO Schuylkill Narigati Siyj; On VicU bur* Bank 1000 Tens Treasury Notes IS!,'; bOO U 8 n,oau,?i, 'J?, 10.*. Skcoxd Board?3 Farmer* niH Mech inics' Btuk i9Vi; IMS Hut'|a?li*uu.i rdon I Builds 11: 30 .VlK'Uifatuver* and Merhii.,,. H I?U 1SL- -7(100 H ?t. tear, aaee H u o No'es,6?. 102. Ar ikh h?m-10 Oirard ink It: 10*0 Heading Hadread D utfs, Gi. "i'%; 2J Karuien and Moc names' Bank 4#4?; 11 nn b nk iZj. War and Mail Kstkamrk* ?Anions the nuraerons bills which happily passed botli Houses last night. vvuh the important bill proposed by Mr. King, ( (Jeoiyia, at tint last session, in relation to u.e . wploy nent by the government o( s?a steamers. This bill provide*. first lor the construction of lour war steamers ot the first class. Hecondly, A lino oj mail steamers Iroro Now York to Liverpool, constating of lire ships ol not leas than 2 000 una each. Thlrdlv, A line of mail steamers from Now York to 'Inwr Orlnnns, touching at Savannah, iu flecrgln, and Uv.itiu, with a brnncts line from Havana to Chagres, ompnsing five ships of not less than I MM tona eaab i lie ships ol both lines to be constructed Uuder the duerions ot the Navy 1) apartment Fourthly, A line of -teamen from Paneion, ?>n the Pacific, to Oregon, touching at the intermediate porta. All these ships to be subject to the order of and pur chase by the government mi any time ; and all to be com mantled by officers, and a certain number of pcased midshipmen as watch officers, and lor improvement In the nnuinge/neiit ot steamships ? National Int' lligtrxcrr, March 4. MO.NTHLY~REFOK. 1' FOR. FEBRUARY, Or stir. NKvv kOBll MEDICAL AND SUUOICAL INSTITUTE. No. 76 CHAMBERS Ht Casts Bixcinrcui TnaaTUD. s J#iiieiiK'ii *in, I Case lateral curvature of 2 i.sms ol plrunaT, the spme nadtr treat.1 oi .r tnai, meat, 7 Ms.nmed to detect dn ty Seunaal weaisaeaa, sues of the lungs, I K. is a re in female urethra 1 Cases of whites, tnlliD| 7|t'alpi.atiou <d the I M/t, of ihn wooih, nml he r- 4 Peeo iitai y teoereal, iu,! down psius ptifect- 5 (sleet of long atauduig, !> cured, 11 Sore eyes H Ca-es rente Ooannhcaa. 2 < uses uf linpoteat-T. 't tloiiuril.osa ( liroiiie.) 1 B oehss, vauertal oc 2 Unit rases of salt rbeuin sain, of lunri sisndiug, 2 die hirgei from Ear, S I*.in it the side, 2 Partial deafuess, t Ah "iniu at diopay, 3D,aeot.rv. C ' rial try chriicrrt. 2 C'rerat d b'esi s. 4 P imsty roojnmptiui, I Disease of the liver, 10 Uuiler tre itinent, 4 lent diou in urethra 4 stall eases of eoughioir, Sucerssei i. Urr haTiotes isc Coats. 1 Fracture of the tibia and 1 I uir.o removed frm arm, fit r i. 3 ?lo.i?a ei and cularged. 1 /r?e ure of the ratline, nvnl i rem, wed. 3 L.? K' ulcer*, 01 long 1 Op rtun fur ?<]?l..tlaf, in .ill'g, It ypaa removed |.?a 8 Mtrtcturv* enred in ma- (lie rectum, el. a 3 Atnputanous. 1 |)i?li"-ni'ou rrduced ee- (1 IVi.ii l' bona tulkan reral injuria*accnoad to Ir in 'lie leg, 3 Lnr<e ?li*cee??l up.ucd 2 Koran,* of tlia ankle, under tin-at in, 4 Venereal Warn 2 Muppteaaion ol inenaea, 2 Opera moa |..r Phymoata The l'??r attended to at una o'clock, a i n ut charge. BireiWICK. Mil., roi2?*r _ I'liverfi ii and fntfcon. fU'.Uf'lell ATE Ok MK ulOHi.' W ,ljIa|Ua|L V.s I Ink of the b nllou Market.?Ahont fire i ekrt ego I waa eUrrkrd vn'hm ulrrratiou ni lay tluoat, which cuauaaod to Cttend ill over my oc-dy. al?? in my note. Aa ttia durree increased mi gruriM health 'organ to i tOer, and my body be* catne ?UI mated and tl.e ulcere mcreaead to a feu, fa I ettcnL 'I hi phyetctao who ?n 11 ending ine waa dunb fni aa to my iee iter ?I waa enili n d to my nail, and nv dactor uaad hi* ii iDuitcii tioni to nature met) he*l'h. bur it proved aaalena I hid re .nine i? ntber pliyiKiain?iher a'te tried tlirir bant, but it proacd li?ewi?* abortive The vartoua lurmiof mercwi ware tried; hydriodata of potaaa : decs* .nun of aaranpnilla ; but it atfuirdat if all inaidietuaa had loat then atitluna in in> riae. My ph'/airiena left Be I then prer.c u.e.l Ini inyie'l oud mad the rarioua praparauoaa i f iraapariH* a mi a. of w hu h I fok over 1M bottiea, bat to ao lot p .ae?I .tan triad Mwayin'a Camera, hut with a a batter rOr' ta?I hegan t? de-pair , in . rtae waa deaparata, aot ooly autfcring Irom the ri'ri tivr olarraii'.na winch eataadad all iivirmy body, (aornr if tliem eneidedfire or in iaeh*a is citauinfarence, | but a'ao from etc aaive pa n in my booe* no j nuia. VVIieu m thia deplorable fid linoelaei condition. I waa rrronimeuded to lit jixepH ll*iue, No ; Duaua at.. who, to the uiiaoat aiui'Mie of on aell and Irienda. rued aa la i he *h r imaofi*. .moiiha, I herefora h ira tha g eateet reaao.1 t i lecommend him to my f irndi and ihe public aa a ullul pliyaieii i in iho.e raaea ,M> raaideara it orar Uie I ii lou in rk-t, ? here I aliill br happy to euawer nil tmjairiaa ejnceriiing nivcaae. U. W (IIBdO.rl. We.ihe rindertigned. hatehy certify ih t the ahoreatata- , meutiatrue nier.r partlfnlar. Jt Mi a L?. b mi Merrhtal, 104 Kouth at. h It Lie. e i-Alder an 17 th Wa d. Jimm WaLall aloe in pi di do II li I.i:t i kk. ' lark h'u tnn M aruet. N B ?Aataia treaimeu' ie perfectly aimpta and wiOidlt die uae o( marcu^. the abore a title ,la hai na n aelecred bui of * i tie oumner. 'lie publication f whiah would beta s* lluona, hat Hiry ran be el mtiard at the 11 -e , I the aubicrib r. M-di i a ?i I t e forwarded to aa. y part of the com try, wi h u11 direction*, by eueloaing (ID. Mat paid, addraaa tdto i K. JOAH.PH HltlNIt, tuilm'r 20 Du ne at, New Terk. I"!r I ilr. i.IK luT t.milt I oe THIC UMTICO ATA CKH for ilia Dietrict of Lomaiana?Josiah Barber at il yt the kieeut re of Chaat*r Clerk, Thnmaa Hunt at *J? Inequity; bill and amended bill ? It appearing to tb# I eurt hai W nnd T. V?n Buakirk. Luke l)?via, Mra Alice Meed, rieruirit ; Waller 'J'egter L. I o., William C Waddell, Ori.udoKiak. Auitin Mritilla k o , Manael T. Stout, riuktr) h. neitnie, II. I'ourrain Ik ' o , Weyinta. Clerk It Co., John Huut at I'll.. Van Wvekk I'mllipa, aud T. W. Pinkney, ie. ida ml of the S me of l.nmiiaua, and all or meat of them in the ri'v of .tew York : It i- leied tont tlir auul dafaiidanti do pleid, anewar, or demur to ihe aaid hill end amended bill, oo or before the Irat Moiolay in April ueat, and Ih at a ropy ef this tula ha earrad upon them peraun II?, or puMlihrd io out of the newtiiapars [ubliahed in the city of Saw York, at leuat threa timet a week, I... I nr weeka, orcimna to that time, i*t the eipir- tiau i f whieli 11 nod, in del.mli of anch unawer, the aaid bi I and inauded hill ehal* ha taken proennfeaao I erittfy the above to be a ttun Copy from the mtnutaunf the aaid court, <>1 ilia ordar thia dav taken in ,kr ?h..?* e*e*> KD.RANboLf H,C iVfi". ?? IW'mm, K?i. t.<?7 fl7 Jwllaw r cam! uKf i KI.NU AND k<uKNTTTTKK WANTED. I A PI KB and Gentlemen haaiuganr ea(t off of tuioirfloui 1 clothing or furniture to rli?pi of. cm obtain a faireneb price for the nimt. I?tr sentliug n note, or by culling on the (Ubacribcr, at hie rraidenra, or through the poat whi li will he puueiu illy attended to. II. Dk BOKK, TJ'i ' au lal. l*|> Mtaire. N B ? Ladtet ra? be att-ni'ed to by Vr?. l?e B er (IM itoeb we jon good* bought, o| any deec tptiou ? ? mount I ! *i*#ere AA bam nb b iiit -the. I - lv/V/ 1,1 n mil mnllT'iliin irelinda I'a rin-nt will be leCeieed in their prtiJne iom. Toe are limited about tbe rent it o' the lulled M in, ' li term i n? ot ihe railr i a from Charle?ioti . ? t I'he r'ini r agm h'e. - ''/ n J Itreiui-Iv heal h . wf'l woio'ed mlh abnedo tpriitge n\ wiier Parneul if 'h' r, fi f e " v be hid tn printed ?hret* a thei it ihe "i ,ihera Holej. no, erofionrefa...!, and We? Mr..... or .hjT, ; O 0,i |w ?c *4 W4i (treat, W 'lory. J