Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1847 Page 3
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No 1 Hilifai Mackaral $il; tad No. 9 at |7 33 7 17)$ I OenU. Fmi Vithin a few days nl(i of box Baiaioa bar* boon fiealv made at $1 83, and half bexes at 93,and qr. bj*or do. ut tie. II (T ? hales Noith River continued to be made at <0 a Bio per ton. lltur?100 a'100 bales dew rotted have arrived aince hiiepo;t The tale* reported embraced 100 bales dew roiled dreaaed, at $103, end 100 do Italian at $310, at uioptha IvDioo?Continued firm, with small ealea, Madraa, at In *, and Manillu at 86 a 90c on time. leo.*?Tlie market was steady, with sales Scotch Pif, froui aliip board, at $*19 a $30. for mixed, and $31 a 31 for No. 1. beat him Is, o months Common Swedea waa worth $88 (i $87 60 Lk*b?The lM*t aalea of upper mines were made at $4 'It ; lower mines we quote at $4 1*1)$. .VloLiMca? Cuba waa held at di eta, aud New Orleans remained quiet at S.'> u 38 eta ; >11 hhJa Trinidad sold at auction and brought '10>? a 'll>$ eta, oaah. N?v*l itroan?Spirits tuipontine continued to sell at 40 eta, on the wharf, and in store it waa held at 41 a 44 ct?. Nothing waa done in other hinds worthy of note. Oit.s-- Lt'mtad?1 he maiket continued firm, with an upward trui'aiicy, and we report aalea ol 10*0 galloniaa 7acta; wfteiwuida laigwholdera demanded.tW eta Crue . Spct m-980# gillous w?i? sold yesterday at .New ne lord, delivered iu Philadelphia, at H'dcta; wiuter a :ai ed unbleached waa held at 116 eta, and bleached 140 eta Phovi. oria?The merket was quiet and aalea limited. IVe report a sale of 100 bbla prime pork at $rl ll>4 > <1 iote nit as inactive nt $14 60 a $14 61,$> *" /.' change. -100 belauds beat Urge city cured hiamiaaniid at ll>$ rts. /.inif -We reuort aalea ol 160 kegs at 1< K CU. In |>ukled meats, 110 sales were reportedot consequence Hic??|'h# sides oontinued to be extremely tight at f * a >6 . the latter lor good prime 8jc?di ? We continue our quotations for rough flix (led at $11 S6 a fill 60 Tbe last sales of rea|>ed Timothy brought $16 Clover continuod dull at H>?c. a a 9c. n;uar?The market was comparatively quiet for New Orli ens at 7^c. a Sc. A sale of St. Croix was reported on private terms. Transactions in all kinds were limited. Tai.i.ow? 'The msrhst remained very inactive, and quotations in a measure nominal. Tobacco?Thoro was a luir enquiry for good quality lent, and wo repoit sales of about 110 hhds. Kentucky leal at J-fc a tc , and about 60 do , at 6\o. rs?Thero was some le6S ottering, end engagements to Liverpool were reported at 27d. lor grain in sucks. For flmr, 8< continued t? be asked, wbile 7s 01 i was offered, ky telegraph fiotn Baltimore and Philadei plua, otters wore iuadr> for vessels to proceed to those ' ports, and lot I with flour at 8s. Od , and with grain at SIM., but. wo believe, without being aocepted. To Havre i there was no change since last report. T'o London <. was asked lor flour, S8J lor grain in sacks, und 8As. a 90s. for heavy goods. Died, Vesterday morning, Mrs. Cathabink Cktciks, widow ot the lato John C. Cijgier, in the 04th year of her age. Thu relatives and friends of the fumily, and other brother, Allied Atiiflelil, und of her sons-inlaw. Rev. Dr. Ferris aud John J Cisco, aro invited to attend the funeral Iromtho house of the latter, 7>1 Broadway, this altarnoon, at half past 4 o'clock, without lurthai; invitation. IpOu Satuiday, flth instant, Gcosnc W., son of Levi W. and Maria Pierce, iged 6 years and 6 months. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to-morrow, at hulf past 1 o'clock, P. M , lioiu hit late residence, 8G0 Madison street. On Saturday. 6th instant, of inflammation of the lungs, Chamois Stuaht. a native of Fdiuburirli. Krntluml in Uio 4Utti > did of his ego. The Iricmla of the family and of his brother-in-law, Nicholas Taylor, ure respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, No. 31 Franklort streetHis remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. (S/- Edinburgh and Dublin papers please copy. 1 HE SOCIETY OF THE FRIEJNDLY SONS OF ST. PATRICE. AT A Regular f^iarteily Meeting of the Society, held on Thursday JLveuiug, the 4th instant, at tlie City Hotel, the following gentlemen were elected otlicers for the ensuing year JAMEh KEYBURN, President. DUDLEY PEKSHK, 1st Vice P esident. ( It ?ULE9 H. K1RNEY, 2d Vice President. CHARLES M. N aNK < , Treasurer. W. U FITZGERALD, Secretary. The very Rev. Joh.v Powfh and tne He v. Dr. Wm. Powell, Chaplains. Dr. Hugh Hhkeskv, Physician At the shave meeting it was uusniinouslv lte?.ilve.l, That the society of yhe Friendly Sous of 8t. Patrick, in consideration ot the jneseui suffering iu iheir u?tiie l<ud,d tpenss this year with the Aunivereaty Diuuer, and sand the umouut that would prouablr be expended in sach dinner in f >ud to their starving count'ymcn. Resolved, That a committee of live be appointed tr carry | then ovfl intoetfact, and that these preceediage be published. VV G El TZGERAh,I),Secretary. mT Iwc Aio TO IitELA-MJ. : AWARE of the dis'rena prevailing in Ireland, the subicrioers beg lonffer to the public sy mpathy of their fel- ' low citizens, to- ilia help "1'ihat sutfeiiug countiy, the use of theirUueaot stsgen on rnur<day noil, IHh init-the entire sum accruing to l.e sent to Ireland for charitable pu-poses At the inquest of in.iuy frieuUs, the Rev. Joseph P. ttu-ke, i HI), h-a eobseutsd to deliver a lertue for the same purp ise in the Urot dwav I aberuacle, on the evening el die me dec, a 7)4 n'c'ock. Hubjscr, " The ttights mud ihe W longs ( ll eland " The subicribers trust that their fellow citizens will unite with them in their humble efforts for the cause of suffer nc humanity m7 V .c _ KIPr it BltOWN. MrDlCAL COMMENCEMENT. UNIVERSITY Or' NEIV 1 URK EI^HE'. Medical Department of the Uu vrsitv of New York, JL will hold its coininr-iicemeut nu Wednesday rveuing, 10th isithslf-pasi 7 o'clock, tu the Chap?i of the Ueiverary, Wr shirgt. u Square J lie p ofessiou aud pnoltc generoll, are respectfully tuvited to atle d. The Mldress to the gtadim es will be delivered by Professor Sorlfo'd. By order of ths Faculty nt7 Itia-r JOHN W. DRAPER. Secretory. O.OTT's AMERICAN FASHIONS FOR THIS FE A Cr >on just | u fished and for sale at i.ia office. No ltd B'-s'lway. iiil>7 .Iter NOTICE. i WJ. DF. VOTT would rsspcctfu'lv inform hiefrirnda a'd the pub u: that he Ins this diy taken tutu copartnership with him at hi? new aud cheap Hardware Store, No. S'? Hon ton sneer, Mil HA EC UKVOt, wheie iliey will continue to sell Ship and House Builders' Hardware, Mech nics'Tco s.and Ifoasekee pars' articles ol every variety, es che.u or cheaper than at any other store in this ciev. WILLIAM J IIP. VIHTT MICHAEL"biVOVT * "' Ntw York, March B h, 1817 n?7 Jte 5l7w\ K-.W \kL> ?i HK 1VKVV YOUK, Albai y, 95 lv/U and Telegraph Cninpani- will Day a rev*. in el $ .u0 to anv pa ann who shall giye v ch inauon' a* ihall lead t ihe co- rie'ien of aav iudir ilnal. n der the followmfc I ?, lor m fully injuring he Telegraph Line or iropert T. H. KAXToN, President. Oa 10a Oc Silt 1846. An ci to facilitate the eona-ruetion of Morte'i Electrovag. r IC Ta egraph. failed May 13, 1847. 'I he i eop e of ihu Mar* of New Vork represented in Senate ii I > . ?? nb y. d ) eeeci a> f dlowa ! ? ;-er 1- '1 lir prop' i-tori nl the patent right Morae'a El?cIt Mi;ue' c Telegraph, mav he, ?nd ai? hereby auihoriTrd, to oo ?i i it t lioeeof sad Telegraph from point, fop int. and aero a .ny of ihe ?ater. within 'h? lirai sol this St-te b) ihe era ti n of poita, inera or biitmenta for sustaining the * irea of ihe lame : Proviied th't "a tame shall nor, in any in aiatiae no >o eonrtrarred a- to e oanger or inmrinn-ly litertept.rhe uavigaiiju of aueh w-te r; and, providd al-o, p at ilie I' isat i rights or in mduals ?lia I be in no wise im >aired by lie pnnia o'is ot this act; o r shall this act -ntnorixe the co a rrn "oi of any i t tlge. or othe- similar erretion acroa< a- y of 'hr streams of wi er iu lips Mat-. Any rer?<is or perid a wlio -h ill knowingly or wilfully injure innlest or deMr y any of the said in e i, or the materials or p-openy pe-thi' n g thereto, aha I, on conviction thereof, hr de> eie I gt>11 r i) a uiisiiruieti or, and e ptumhrd by line or inpriin iii?nt, or both,a* the discretion ot the Court all ch ihdl linveucdr kc coguitinee thereoftee 2 The Leg'tla'nre may at any time al er. modify or rep" I hia act. find the tame tlnll take etto rt iininrili.-te! y. Reepe r? or o? ers v f Jnrk Sr.opv and ell other pert sns tie riqurs ed 'o give notice at the Telcg a i'll Ofi?e, hi foal's Bn i dinss. co-net ol Hrnover street i nd Exchange Place ' r lo lie undersigned, of any person tfrruig coi per wire for sale C. LlVlNOKTON, Secretary, .hi* Yoitk, March S, 1817. No. 10 Wall atrect. I' 6 i m r BLEvClll (4 I'OWDKR?100 e-iska Bovd'a Bleaching fenders. now I inding Irom the ship The>ii, from Gatway. and for tale by FERSSE & BROOKS, nikr _ 6S ,ind67 Nassau St. j A GOOD KIT, | ATS VNTiKORD'H CASH TAILOHINO ESTABLISHXV .ME NT, H7 Kn I tun street We hare just received a 1 h au'iful and wrll selected sssortment ol Clothe, Caesimeres and Vesti gs suirab e lor spring trade, whieh we guaranty \ r< m-kr up in gaiinenM to anil the moat difflcult, as to style, 1 ti' a. wi rkmsci hip mi d prices It will i ar v, ail lor i?use nailing oar city to call at 127 Eul ton sr'te' end see N 15? I Tory variety of Outfitting constantly on hand and sold cheaper the cheapest. SAM5EOKU BROTHER. 127 Fulton street, infi lm*r next door to the herald 4'flico. TKAVKLLLNG TRUNKS, kc. J OHN CATTNvr H, Trunk Manufn. turer, No. 1 Wall s' ei t C' riitr i f Broadway,liar now on li-nd and constant- ! Ii mtkii u a g>ol a soitmenr. of Tru nks, Valises, Ca pet Hags, "alchr Is wholeeale and retail ,\l? i, a sni e ior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable P>r /me lea" ii Vurnpean 'lravel, and Portmanteaus for the French Mailt I'otle Orders lor the West Indies, South Am rice, lie., filled wj h I eep - ch mC tm*rc i 'A notj>t i At/AJJfciMY. MW HAH \i CO, Italinn Chorographiit. nud Mile. Angeline, firatteachei of the I'lriiinn Dancing Academy of ] r i t llnrnia, reapretfiilly let know Ladier ar.U (Jrntlcm.n, the Am teuri ot Modern Unnciug, that b.ndea the graceful ANOKLI.NA? New Waltr. in 5 etepi oi their inrenion. TAZANTKLLK? Dance of Naplea Mur.urka Walii, Marurka Kedowa Wal'x, Redowa Polka, Ciotillicit of l'i Ike a"d Walir.e*. They will learn alio the POLKA MA/CKKA HlKSfc. A dmce recently inrenteii lor the Court of the k.mpcrar ol it' rait. N B ?The mnaie of the Polka Maanrka Rnaae can be only 'miml at Mr. fciar.ieco'a, No iO Canal etreet, eaat comer or i Bro idwny. mk I m* re J " MA>SAPLQUA HOU8B, *OCTU OYSTER MAY, LONG ISLAND fl'llF". uhve iher takea tli e method to inform hia friends I ami ilia i uWte, tliat he h?a taken the abo?e heme, which will b- 01 c i. l-.r mo reeeptio i of yisirers on the firat day of but cli iimt. a d li> alt will he in rendition for trouting. A ctnge wi.l leave '"aimiiig'tale on the airteal ol the moming ti J rvrniug tiain ol enra f.< m Urooklin for the above H. n-c C. h rt.NKUKCOrl, Proprietor, ma 2w?re _____ I'tar.fthe Oyater Bay Home. NOTICE: fkinl-'. 1 .H I M.KMIIP between the undersigned and 1 M, mo 0'> i.iin. r kuowu ? the arm of M. U'- onnor kv ' " " in 'i . Ur , i? r t .? , rl veil, and cannot t e ti. 1 vat by la ,, u u I - on rot ol both parties mi til the fl rat of Janii -v, I ' T' trefor,-, all pvraona u teres ed are hereby n tifu-l n t lo malty p menu io any other i rrtoti than the tndrt?i 'id rathe iliflea ej hip now eyirting pun . i ondeitig icd l.aa >ontri I of the money end co'lec i?ig dtpanmei t. O" 0ROE CONLOY. e -i V k M ire* tir'-v 1QT n-s ir re I, ' ?' -' V TU llUl.ah. KK i.TKllH, STa.-MltOAl' .1 J or hin onnera ; alao so - lety room* nieerry de e h lion, r .i r-i, a.ioir r-1 in- * cleaned nitd the co nia rearmed, from ill io oi* T?;d?, w, hoot iippii y, at Hie low pr r.. of t,Va c n,-r t Vil. f r i-iaraiu 3 ply 8 cent* Brna-e'v 0 caate p-r par-l l,i e? ml gent le in hi. a Raiment* clt anr d or n; < I ' I lln- lowe-t'ahpn?.ea,by 1 A VIIJH, " 1 * Mien at, nea'fir nd at ' MuNKY LBKT. f^'lC 1 gh-rr | rlt-M adyeuei d rvla'ge and urntil! mini en - " ' 1 arrt.le-. divntoidt, |,ll-. Jewelry, dry t i i. 11 . ' . i -11 ? d 11 ?ty d crip:io' i ? oal j ' i * I' > V l ? I icuea'd | >? .b.ok- r 't:ii V* H ' ?"r- .near U ti IK e, IVriom recti veil in p irate Dlhete, l-y iiugmg the bell. I9)w*rc FURNITURE FOR SALE. THE Adrertiaer. ahnnt declining hoeee keeping, ? deeiruui of telling *t pnrate uli 'he aura fhmilmie now IB hit hands, const, ting of every thing irctmrrlor the nee of e family of ix or eight renom ; it eoosuu or peMor. lull. ch im^er. eud kitchen a rides; lite been la nse eh nt nine months. li will Come te somewhat more or leu heu $700, nil will be tnunrt n grent bargain The house can be routed, wh eh it iu a oioei eligible neighborhood, twut tibfw an* uuin, uo w and pot'OUiug nll><*to;n ke. la ai ueted above Union aguare.Addreas (Ji>LL>I\Q at the ol* Ace ol tbia paper Probably an exchauge of ao-ne kind n?ig"t be made, that would be innioally adr intageoua to buyer aud aeler. miiWt NOTICE rpHK partnership between the 'ubtc'iber and Oeorge Con1 boy, aa inaaona, under Ibe firm of M. O'Connor k ' o., haelng been heretofore oiae<>lved. nonce ia hereby givu ih it the aubacnlaer will enrr' on the bual' ea? of a maroii on hit own account and that Oeorge Conboy haano lurther onunection with, or au'hmity ro bind or implicate the aabtcriber iu any manner. MICHAEL O'CONNOR, 1J lleade atieet. mi 3t*rc "" FIrt E IN&UKA'CE. FIRJCMKN'B INSURANCE COMPANY, Albany-Capital $1M,MO. JOHN C. BKKOH, A cent, No. 7<l Wall atreet. mi Itt'r orer Courier k Enquirer OCoe. 1000 LABORERS WANTED. THE SUBSCRIBERS Wish to employ One Thouaand the year, to wnniu good wagea and ready caah will be given, to wi rk on the Montgomery aud "eat Poiut railroad, iu Macon and Chambers comities AI'bam i th a being in the uplands, the heal h - f this poition of the Sutr it uuru'paaaed hv any inthe Uuiou. Persoua wiiIb iug to ship from New Y' rk, c u do ao for fire dePara to Vobile, aud theuce by ateeinboata 10 Montgomery, lor two doll its. For further information, apply to John C Ridd'e, Montgomery, Alabama; Walter Uulauey, Riddle k Co.; John D (dray k Co. Auburn, Maeon eo . Alabtm*, March 1. ra4 2w*re G. OA di? 200 tons h hauoe On.iuo, halau e akip Shnkapeare'a cargo, ib? best ever imper ed in this country; for sale in lots to euit pu*chasers bv iH r E K COLLINS. M South at. TV 1 T .1 1 I tin iw i ni l.uiio THK Hpiing mil Sun mer h'ashioua for 1847 are now pub I ?h?d, and for sale by fi? Iw'r l\ OLIVER, 4 Conrtlandt at. N T. KOMElt'S WINDOW SPRInG The pate t intended friction window SPUING, recently inveutmJ by George P. boater, ol' Tauurou, Massachusetts, is received and for ?nlr hi this city is bel w It c niaiiu of a apring suach-d to the sash, made' to bear upon the inside of tlis window frame. and (hereby hold the a ah in any poaition, with equal strength ol a end and wrigkt Tlieae ap inga have been teated by caipetters aud are known to auprraede any other apring, vet inyauted, tor; while, for durability, 'hey will laat aanrh longer than any kmd now i i uae. They can be aeeu ?t the Hardware Sto e of W. H Seymour It Co., \n 4 Chatham t'quare. and had of the agent, Jnmea Lancaster, at the aame place, who will give lull inarrnctioaa in properly adjoaring them n>3 lw?r tt ^ 7 PEK TON for large Nnt, uudrr cover, the I O anbacribrra have reduced the price of their beat Feach Orchard Hed Aah Coal, aa followa?Orate tt Egg and Stove $6 25; and Nut S5 75. There it no pea o* Cheauut in the Nut, nor any Nut shipped with lha Stove. Lehigh Coalt at the aame price ; all delivered free of oartage. THOMAS P. DOLAN, 201 Mulberry at and 262 weat 13th at. between nvenuea 8th anil 10th. 1*7 Sw?ic NEW "PAPER HANOING8 It WINDtfW SHADES. NicoLaa Pies It Co., No. 173 Pearl atreet, IMPORTERS and manufacturers, have jnat opened a very exttniive anpplr of every atyle and quality of American auil branch Paper Hangiuga, Boaters, Kireboard Prima, and wide Window Curtain paper. Also, a aplendid aaaortment of Painted Window 8h-dea, and fixtmea for the aame, which they offer to merchants, dealera, and othera at the very loweat pricea. 1*7 lm*rc WIGS AND TOUPEEd. BATCHELOU'jJ new invented WIGS and TOUPEES are the moat perlert specimens of the ait of wig making yet offered to the public?they are ao admirably adapted to the peculiar atyle of each individual, ao light in their con ru. tion, and natural iu appearance, aa to defy detection. A large and well selected stock always on hand, at the only manufacturers,Wm. Batchelor, 2 Wall atreet,near Broadway. Copy the addresa. f'24 Imerh To HUIEL PROPRIETORS. J-iij Htnmr.ii present nnu lor a lengtn ol time in one of the beet houses in thia city, ia deatroua or tasking arramteinents aa Book-keeper or manager of a hotel, after the first of April, when hia preaent engagement eapirea. A long experience in firat class hotela in different citiea of the Un on, and teattmoniala of the higheat character, are offered Being without eucnmbrauce, haa uo objectiou to any part ol the country Kxtnvagau' remuneration not expected. Ad dreaa "Books." box 15:19, Poet Office, N. Y. m3 ialw*r C" OAL-PEACH OHCHAKD, KttD ASH, CARUE nnt, $5 50; egg,broken and atoye,$575;Lehigh, lump,$5 50; egg, atoye and ant, $5 75: there ?re caah pricea, leaa 50 eta. for cartage. My coala are all under aheda and dry, re-acreeued from my coal yard, 35< Elizabeth itreet and corner of Hammeraley and Bedford atreeta. fl6 lm*rc JACOB WEEKS, Jr. SEGAKS. HAVANA AND ST. JAGO LEAF TOBACCO. A A. HAM AN OS, 94 Broadway, up ataira, (oppoaite - Trinity Church) offers for aale, in iota to suit purchaa era, at wboleaale aud retail. 150 bales Havana Leaf Tobacco, wrapper* and fillers. 50 " Ygnany " " :i8 " Cumberland Harbor, % " 40 " ?t Jago Leaf Tobacco N " 15 " " " dark wrappery. 12 raaea old Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, good colon. Also, Segara of all brands and cluaea, including some i n p? ted eapreaaly for private smokers, together with others suitable for the trade. Just received, a few of the uew brand '11 III a v intra moo " imported aolelv by the subscriber. Orders receivrd ana punctually aiiruded to for all c'aaaea ol si gns. Alio for sale, all kinds of Smoking Tobacco ol American. Spain h.Oeiman, aud Turkish manufacture, including the celebrated Scaifalatli. Also. Snuffs of nil k'udi, including the celebrated "Corals Htiigfi'' and "NauHiToeHKB." A. A.M.lMANO, HI lm*rc 94 Ijjnadwav. Up Slaira. CUSTOM HOUSE, Ne.W Y<>KK ) Collector'! Offi ?, March 2d U47. ) IV OTICE?Pe'iona h ving goods in the public s'ore. No. J.a hi Washington street, me notified that ou 'he Slut March instant. nil irnodi remaining in said slo e will be removed to the United Siaies Bonded Wa'ehoute, corner of Bro-dway and Exchange PI ice, at the risk and expense of the owner, consignee or agent. inJ Ul.t rc C. W. LAWRENCE. Cel'r SPLENDID BOWLING AND BILLIAKD SALOON. Til11' SUBSCRIBER begs leave to infoim hia friend aud the public, ilmt the meai recently ltnowu ssthi W.-?hirgtsn t. tub Ronm, No 7] Prince alreet, (up stai ,) ii nvw open, aa a pu' lie room 1 he above Siloou ia Cited up anil furnished in a atyle of magirficence that cannot lie aurpaaaed by any similar establishment in th'a or any other city in the Uni ed S ales. There are four Allays, eonat-uctei in ihe bait potato e manner and a large Billiard K om attached. f very arcomm. dariou can be affoided to all that will .Mayor tint establishment with their palruunge. m3 lw*rn JOHN TRAVM. DK. POWELL, OvyULlST AND AUKI.-ST ATTEN DM to Diseases of the Eye and Ear, aud to all im perfections of Vision, Irnin 9 to 4 o'clock, at hia realdenco ami efftea, TBI Broadway, corner of Warren street. Optbaliiiia, Stopp.tge of thn Te?r 1'aaaage, Cetarne.u, ami Opacities. anectoilly removed. AM All ltOHls treated with great attention and inccnai NTHABISMUS. or Squinting. eu'ed te *Tew minntea Deafness, aud all discharges from the Ear, permanently cured . ARTIFICIAL EYEM inserted Href tarlas adapted to every defect m.1 lm?re XljDKh Ft iK COLDS. MHA. CAHKOLL'S M-dicated Vapor and Hnlphur Baths. 184 pulton street, opposite l.hetch street. A certain care lor < :?tds, roughs, Rheumatism, More Throat, and all intLmmntory dtsaases incident to tha changeatile a!'te of the weather The eiulphur Vapor Bath is purticu la ly recominetidcd by onr first physicians as a core for all eruptions and diir ises ol the skin No danger of taking cold after the ate of these baths. J ft InsTc MUSKEI bAND P1S10LS t AAA Ship Viuakets Ivv/U ifbu American Handed Muskets,with bnyonet* complete in the uio.t pe.fect order. 100 pur Ship Pistols. 100 Revo vn g 6 barrel Pistols. I fib Howie Kn ves 30b D.mnle barrel Fowliug 1'iocea. 1 HO Single do do Sporting articles, dun materials, Toils, Er., every thing raguirrd b* the bp 'rt.-man or Oummifh. For ssle by 148 tin*rc A W. HPiK.S a CO.,81 Maiden Lire. J LM"LAT'S SULPHUR BATHS, IVo. 547 Peart ireet, near Broadway. THESE BATHS have been estab ished for tne last twenty-six years,and are the only Sulphur Batha in the city. They are highly recommended by the most eminent pltysi cians. for the enre of rhenmatism, salt rheum, chronic com pltints, eruptions of the skin, Itc. Medicated Vapor Baths also girau daily, from 8 A. M. to I P. M f.48 lin'ie CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES and Gentleman hayingany cast off or suieiflous clothing or fnrnitnre to dispi se of. can obtain a Irir cash price for the same, by sending a note, or by calliuir on ibe subscriber, at his residence, or throngh the post, whi< h win be punctually atleuded to. H. DK BOKK, 7IRJ Canal st. up Blaira. N B ?I adiet can be fitfnded to by Mrs. De B.,er. Old stock and job good* bought, or any description and emonnt. Ill iis*rre IMHUOVEJ) MAUlSr.hC MOOREHEAD'S GRADUATED MAGNETIC MACHINE. T 1113 instrument ia in impnrinnt improvement over ill oilier loimi of mannftetnrc, and hai been adopted by (he medical profession generally, ai the inoit efTeciual machine inure. It ii peifec'lv aimpli in construction, and therefore not liab'e to act out of order, ea la the caae with aiinilnr initruineuia. It ailmna of perfect control,and can be graduated to any power adapted lor any infant, or auflicieiit for the itrongeat adult, at I lie pleaaure of the operator. 1 he img uelic force ii imparled in a contmnoua manner, and with no nupleaaant aeuinuoii lo the moat delleate patient. It requires no aaan.aut iu ill uee, and u, in every reapact, perleclly harraleaa. Each machine ii compirtly arranged, with the battery and all neceaaary appliancea. put up in neat roaewood eaaea Accompany ing each are fall dircctioni regarding ita u,e and application. IL7^ Owing to the facilities poaaeaaed by the anbacriber, the Oradnated M gnelic Maehinea are aold at prices e<jn vilv low aa tlioae charged for inferior articles. They eau be leadily aentto any part of the country. I rnee of the maehinea Si SIS. and f:4 each, according to size and finish; and each inatrument ia warranted gaivlauy of the curea pertcrmed by thia machine a-e truly wonderful, lorne of them in diaeaaea of the moat tediona and painful character known to the medical profeanon. In all nervoaa complaints the eflecta are almoat magical, rnyaiciana end nthera are eantioiied againat piirchialng the machinea.nnder whatever name, aa they will be feeadofliitleornovalne. Mann facta red and for aale, -.vholeaale and retail, by I> C.MOOKHKAD. m tm*r 1M Broadway, New York. Christie s ara GALVANIC AND MAGNETIC CURATIVES. IN all eaaea of Khenmati. m and Nervous f-'omn'aii ts the emcaey of these artic ea ia tiuly wonderiul, complete enrea often being accomplished when every other means (ailed flev-ral ph.aiciana now recoti.mrnd them in their practice, and the o dinarv praiiidice which ia generally ati < lied to aitielea of ne kind ia rapidly disappearing .Many of our m at reapseiahle citizens have used thein with perfect sue ".a, i j't enlarly in caves of goat, t.c dolorem, pe'tlysia, a| iplety nenr ilgio, oervooa tremors,, fits, aaa li e ioiii; tram ofrervona diaorda-s A great age in thee a.II' los ia the entire sa'ety and convenience attending them. To a-y the le-iet, the matter well worthy of attention, and ihe proprietor trnats that all interested will look at it with tlit candor it deaervea. (inly Rg-ncv iu New t- rk, lii Broadway, between John e'rert -nil Maiden I me. Beware of spurious and worthiest imi'aiionv. Chriatie'e new work on Oalvaniam, lie., may be had gretie. ft/ le'r CAaT OFF CLGTHlNG AND FURNITURE WANTED. IADIKH or Gentlemen having any caat off or aaperfloone J ulmhing or Kurmtnre to dispose of, ean obtain a 'air cvah for the same hv tending for the anbacriber, ?t Im reside e, it' '".ugh the post, tvnnh Will he pnnclnvMy attended I - M. 8. COi'tfN, Agent. *9 Unane street. . N U ? Iftdiet can b? attended, to by Mr*. Cohan. JM I STRAYED OR STOLEN. I <1 A HM At.I. BAY MAHK. ewiteh tail, with aicar on < " l" *"*-t**'t ?" "I1" ?*i Any par 1 having fouud the above will be amiably reward- I au ivayiBK or arndloi word lo No. ti Ceute ilreet. >7 3t?r n| UKN TLEMEN 'S HAT* OF THE SPRING , i*eS7 YL?. erenow r,-dy I .r . In at HOHEH i SON ' H I TTUENIX HAT AND CAl' MANUFACTORY, No. J as FUL TON at ant, (between tVthiam and ....Id) , 'I ha u der.ifued aouie i wo ye ira uuce, commenced bunMM thin atrial upon the plan of Lanor: Mat.** Small ' ChvFIT* Tie em.iianr mccrir wlnrh l>a< crowned (tie rlfo 11 to /'nrniah mi cm to Ultra wnli au article of ilia FVtt , Quality, and at ilia lowa> t price liai lu tuced hiin to tuova from lilt former contiactad ait <bliahm*nt to the auore much uiotf cotaurodioue atura. h pricca era null tba aaina, via: Ft'at tiuality Nutria Hate $1 60 Hi emu do. do 3 00 Kirn do Moleakin J M Second do. do. . I 00 I lord do do. IN | A liberal dadnrtiou from the > bore pricai made to wholetale <le ile'. W.M KOBKR'"S ' N, Jr. 1 unl itw*r Ne 83 h'ulttiu at. . FLUNKETT Jt PARDESSUS, fY| No. 113K Kultou afreet, are ready lo lurniih Heir ' jASi r ua Mtyla of HATH, haiutilal in ah pe and lliiiah, I'll ' na durit In aa auy hate in the unn< t y 1 Beat Mali S3 10; 3d Undid qnaltliai, SI und SI 10 uie i in v r 1 O t I U I N A L IMItN IX. , A LESSON IN I CON(;MV PHENIX HAT AND (' ' P MANUFACTORY, Its 3 J^?Fultou street, next to thechur h. HPHI'-O Hl'VLK. 1 he proprietor of tliit crlebated establishment is constant- ' ly demo mating lha lact that* Bearer Hat can be ao'ii lor $3 10, anil a Molrskiu 1 a at for $3. superior to four Ai'ths and 1 rqu?l to the very beat Si btt avid lu the city or elsewhere, 1 equal in aiyle, beauty of ahrpe. completeness of fiuish, uea:ueaa of tin tig, slid erery other r-quisite whiterer This , let la I he result ol a aystein which, if in oe generally adopt- i id, weu'd put an end to much of the iuiuoui extravag nice , upou which so many tradesmen hire nude shipwre It of j ihsir hopes The aucceaa of the Pkmi i pr-vea conclusively that a low real, the u'uiost e- on,,my in expenditures, quielt j sales for cash, with smsll profits, can compete triumphantly Willi the m,,st glaring and cosily est mluhmetits ol the day, Had that the sacrifice of no point, imp irtant or noiinpoitan', in the inanuf cinre of a hat is necessary to enable the pr pii ; etor to warrant a taring of f> iu (10 in |? per annuin to each rf hit patrons. The sci edule of piicea at below : - I 1st quality hunt $3 10 1st quality t loth Caps $131 i 2d " " 3 00 2d " " .. I 00 . 1st " Moleskin 3 oo 3,1 " " .. 0 71 2d " - 2 10 In addition to ihe cm rem Sp ing style?a heautifnl article? ! he keepa on hsn<| an assort ant of different styles, adapted to all paculia i'ies ol form and f-ntu'r, and n also p'epsred to mike to order, at short notico, Hats and Caps ol anv pati tern. int lw?rrc #5 HATS TO BE HAL) FOR S3 60 PA AT MILL-'HALES ROOM, 171 Broadway (Howard I Ho.el).?spring atvle (or 1(47 now ready. Oentleai'u ah ut purchasing a new isle are requestm to call and ex( amine those offered at the abere establishment, T>rev aie positively Jnst whit is represented, and combining alas.icity ; wuh durability and brilliancy, together Willi all the modern improvements in the trimming, their superiority w II at ; nuc.e be acknowledged, m3 2?*rh PS A lit HKK, HATTER, No. 200 Greenwich street, JfBmwill iutreduce his BDricir stvle. for bmmhk | ?d, March 2. H<7. " ml Iwii^c GENTLEMEN'S HATS. ft THE 8Kltl.NO STY LE i. uow ready Tor .ale, at jlk KOBKIUNOIN'S 1 riKENlXHAT AND CAP MANUKA-TOMY. m3 Iw'rli #9 Kulton street, (b'twea" Wi-liam fc Wold I'LAI.nKIELD BA>K NOTES taken at par for S Boots aud Shoaa at Walkar'a celebrated cheap Store. B where there ta to be found ail aorta and aizea N.U.?All i jf aoita ofOver Shoea, 419 Broadway, New York. m22w*rc I ^ QUICK SALES AND SMALL PROFITS 18 OUR ?MOTTO ? Kine Boota ai S3 W, city mule, and are Wequal to thoae usually Bold f>r $6. Kino Kreuch calf drraa Uoota at $4 JO, equal to the beat aold in the city. Pa eat leather Boota, Shoea, Oaitera nd Slippera, ou liaud ; I and made to order on ahort notice All goods warranted to 1 givo aatiafaetion. Mending. Ac., done in the atore. YOUNO St JONES. 4 Ana atreet, fllln'ec Near the Vtnaeum. ~ ouu'Ykah's overs hoes, im bhwadway. i LADIES' AND OENTLE vlEN'S OVEHSHOES, manufactured of Ooodyear'a celebrated Patent Metallic India Knbber, perfectly flexible in the coldest weather. Kor sale by the caae or single p?ir, by SAMUEL BKOOKS, < Sole Agent lor Ooodyear'a Manufactories, j : f3 lm*rh IOC Broadway, opposite Trinity Chnrch. TO LET i'R FOIL SALE. , JM THE TWO 8TOKY BKICK KKONT STORE and Dwelling, No 49 Leonard atreet, be. ween Church liRand f liapel s-reela?well auite I for an Oyatur Saloon, being directly i ppoaite the police head quarters. Apply to .. .... i i iv^ , y' oiauron street. APARTMbNTrt WA.sTiiD, Ml THBEK ROOMS, with the usual privileges, are !?'! wanted M a family, consisting of a gentleman, hie XeUL wife, and two voting children, in a respectable neighborhood, below Grand at. Addresa, Willi prico, 'Post." lie| raid office. m6 3c c ' toTET " MThe Store and Cellar, No. 171 Grand atrret,corner of Mulbery atrect, 44 leer deep with three large ehow wiudowa, handaomely fitted up and a good locatiou for a uiy gooda, hardware or ahoa atore. Rent moderate. Apply to C. F. > ISBORN, in6 3t#r 147 Mulberry atreet. TO L.EASK, JgA THE MANSION HOUSE and farm of John L. Nor) toe, at Far-Rockaway. lately oecapied bv Jacob Law XdHa rei'ce. Jr.. adioiuang the Mnriue Pavilion. The houie uOJieet by SO, two stones and attic, nttordiug larae and beautiful accmimodatioae aa a boarding h use; c tacli nouses ai.d atablea I rgn and commodious 60 arrea of ch -ice laud, 39 of freah and salt meadow, and 20 of beach and pasture. ' Apply to JOHN W POWER, w5 lw*r No. IS9 Fulton street. jag. TO LE I ?The at-re 147 Broadway, corner of Libfr.;B erty at. Inqui e f M. Van Bureu, 79 Day at., or, of B. Dark, 34 Broad at. m4 lw*r a FOR SALE?A house and about ail acrea of land situ >te at Korknway. L'ing Island, on 'be Hockaway aod J "naica Turutnke, a ,1 within a quarter ol a miie of the post office One acre of ihe laud la under peach trees, two acrea tillable, baluuce in wood Also, several o her pieces of laud in the same neighborhood K. no ire of John L. Norton, juii , 14 Delancey atreet, or at the . trie- of Jot ii H Power, 199 Fult-sj at. in3lw*rrc | 1 FlukEnuE lillUOt. No. 400 Broadway, corner IViUker Street, N. Y. , ! kd JOHN FLORENCE, Jr., has now completed Sua airaugeraeuts for opening to the public, at trie rlrgant J^tfLand apaciou. building above designated, md wnicn lie has a. grrat eipenae erected, a lio'el, to be couducted ou the a u o eau plan In audition to the commodious Restrurant 1 b-low. he has arranged ntenaire suites of diuing roouia ou i the Hoors above, aplendidly furnished wiih every modern improvement m furniture, decorations, be. Resoles these, are saialle'apart oents, similarly furnished, l-.r the accommo<ia i,,n ol individuals er ol'arual parties, where las is Ihe la-gt-r ?i jrtirrut*) meal, are supplie J at their -wu hours, by carle, on tr.e plan .lluded to ntached te the establishment, (enirsnce quite distinct from that w ilh the public de. parmsu ) are some sixty bedrooms single and double, with elaeanl parlors adjoiuiua?the v> hole foim-ng a cl isa h ' tel for geutlemeu, to be couducted ou a scale T I .n.loM,,.... r. . j- ? U III lllKCOUIItr). I J K .Jr, trusts that it is uuueceasary f r him to assure (he ' pnbl'C that hit latder, hia wines, and indeed his entire euliuery det artment . will be ol the btst kind throughnul; end . lie invites gsutletnen w ho it* desirous nl'at the saine lime obininiug rcema and bnaid, or either, separately, to cill upuu h in as above, wheie he will lie hnipy to tft od them every facility of exnrniniug his new end commodious establishment. in2 lm*ie Mirth i, 1*47. ClilKI'dN COTTACiFtt ?FOR SALE M1HO-E HI VtllAL COTTAGES AT CL.IK- 1 TON, Stat en 11 land, as follows ST. JOnNS-Nfit to the chu'ch, on New Yoik 1 Avenue; has parlor, wi.h eostly marble mantal Ike ; aiding 1 noun, sitting room ml targe pantry on first Q< or; eig' t bed- i 1 cli imhets, lour nl which have wardrobes an J charts. I he bar anient is w- II lighted, anil consists of a lags kitchen, with 1 i buck risen, ?| proved range, ke ; a servants1 nail. a cell r, , 1 a large pantry and larder w tth Hose's, Ac I lie * bole bouse : is bested by a lumace ill Hie bnscmri l. Tbeie is a boiling spring ot etselleiit water to the nea. The house is protects i ! from the alter non's sun by several large and sp entid t era; ai.d the grnnnds include an excellent gvden spot, which ea-i \ Ik-r it-i ijed, if eqnned, by t .king n 'djscrnt la d. 'I lie ' I house is built in the bast r.ud is el the modern cottipe st\ le, with pianis front r.ud rear. CLIsK?Being the two story stone Ifousn next Clifton , House, situated on a most commanding cliff, bvindrd ia front by tli*> B y ol New Yoik, is es'ensirely wiillena d terraced, , si.d Planted Willi rare trees and ibrutis; has a kipcheu, hitler, , dining ball and bedroom on lieat floor, with un a bedrooms above; a cellar under the whole hunse and puzzv on inrce aidea. | | hK V VIEW?Hituated immediately west of and adjoining i I the pr petty ol Mr. Aspinwall; prtseuta a Iron of "0 feat facing the ocean; built in modern cottage style, tu the best . manner throughout; li is n kitchen, with buck oven, range, , Ac ; servants' ball; three large p.irlors and dining-room,fa> b | with splendid tnarble m .ntels, wi.h Kratit h windows up-uiug I to the floor, and ler.diug upen front and rear piazzas; two | suinllrr r< otns, and paulry with shelves and drawers, all on iiist floor; with seven bed-chambers, besides I arret r om and i cellar. The appurtenances consist of a coach rouse, with i two finished leivtnts1 rooms; stalls lor sn horses; oue of i the best ice houses on the island; doable filtericg eiste ns, j and a valuable well of water under cover. The gronuda are > neatly a>ranged and laid out with gravel walk", with trrea, | ahiuba, Ac.,and comprise about oue and a hall acres, winch | can be attended to three aeiet bf taking tu the adjoining lot ifrrguisd The OLD BUHOHKR HOUSE, on llhe Tank, with any ) pait or nil ol 'en uc-es of land ex ending to the water, lnv- i I tog a sand hank for bvthing, equal m that ol Itocktwuy. 'I he hank being qu'te eleva'td above the sea. aftndtn splendid wa er and land virw, sml is moat rlieilile t?r ..... ' driices. nn'l offers unr<pi aHed idvuitiiKPi f ir a large summer Motel. Til House is old aud old fashioned. but lit* licru ; oc iti'itd by private I indies of respectAbility lor several years Aim, Tortile, a great variety of Building Si'es eligibly ai 1 I tasted b arly applioaliuii should be ru de, as if not sold . the ! several houses will be rented. Capitalists bayiug Tor inj veitinent can secure first clsss ttnuu, tlia demand be in,- far i treat*r th?n the supply. Terms liberal, an J a fair portion of the pnrehaie may re | main ou mortgage. Apply to Lewu Lyman, Woodland Cottage, CLfion, or to 0. B KOLLIN8, I m3 3t?rrc 27 Wall atrert. era" A SMALL KKWI'tCTABLK KAMILV without ' | ]??! childyn, are desirous i f renting the upper part of a XjJLgood sired rnode-n two or three atary Mouse, west- , w rdoi Br > dw v where they ran he are, minodated with the second (loo , - f 3 or 4 roomi, snd attic room ol kitchen (A small family having aaehapainaeeie fasgood eoaditloa. tea I in a d-sirable location, msy hear ol a ood tenant by addiesaj log a line " A. II ,' or "| plying personally at he front office, . first floor, No SO Nassau si eer ml Iw* re . FOR BALK oi TO LET, J .W ONK or both ol the handsome two story brick homes

foB'Hid lots Ni s 467 and 467 llro ine street, nearBiusd . XjJLway. A stable is attached to No 467, which will be J lei with or without the house. The houses are in good order. The location is eitremely desirab'e Apply to WM.fcJNC) OBRICN, m2 tf c 31 Wall street. ! " TO LET MAND F()K BALK, at Ht?fn Island?Several Cottages and Houses, with gardens, pleasure and pasture lands, sittt-ted III Tompkmssi I* snd flrapleton? some near mid some a little distance from the lerry. Also, a g >od Hotel to I't. The rents are from siity to five bundled dollars , ter aoi.uin. Apply to r. WOLFE8, Woltes'Motel, TonipkiiiaTd'e | [t"7" Immediate possession cau be gireo of some of the , homes?reu'to commence 1st M*y n'tl P/7lw*rc ^ ' FUli SALK CHtAP, ? la Hl'ItAI. LIFE, fronting the hean'lftil Har tae 1 m-m Bay .commending a full and eir ire view from the H igh- 1 1 I'dHlands of Neve, sink to the Narrows Large and smsll farms, improved and unimproved Property, so th't the pur ' hasers can at all timet suit their f-ncy in a selection of pro P* -y. Also, fonrteen valuable hnitding lots, st Weat Bloomfield, Fwtipton adjoining the Methodist < hnrch parsonage, and oppo-ue the (Sew Kpiaennsl Church. t ?rn>? easy Persons tlesi-nus ef retiring from the city to a healthy location any . where along the aliore, can obtain all information desired, by ' W (i HAVNKw, Key port, Moumonih county, ' Nesy Jersey. _ |*ttT*rc | ACL A ? > LVf. I LnE A small Kiore Lofl, at 39 I'aek 8ltr | M lwf h 1 ADfiTW AVTHONY J HI.RECKKK. Aur-tinnear VALUABLE HUILUISO I.OTS ON GRAMERCl ' .'IRK, FOURTH AVENUE MADISON AVE NUE ANU THEIR VICINITY A MhuNij bL-E Kbit will lell at anetion on Thar* '? die I Kit of March ucit. at 12 o'cl. the Maiehaut'i Ucbiii|?J3 valuable l-.ita on and id th? vicinity of Ore marry Park '""in Avenue iiJ Mauiaou venue. couUlllli.g among ??* following deurable proper! : ? One large L, t o-i the nor li aide of Grunrrcy Park, dicaul 10 feel raat "f l.caiugtou A>euue, continuing 54 fact front n d rear, with 7 Lot? iu the rear on Lem a too rruur aud Wil i tract. h our 'arte Lota ou the louth (id* of Oramerey Park, com' neuciuc 133 fact a -at of Irriiif Pita, lying toeeth*r and Ion lain! g 101 feet ill Width, with 4 Lou in the rear ou It th Itfret. Four Loti on th> writ aide of Lnington Avenue, at tli? loufhweat coruer of '2d atraet hour Loti at ti e uoithiart corner cf Fourth Annua arid |3d ( aet. T-?u Lota on Fourth Arauue. weit I'tle, betweeu 2'ld and Hill 1'rretl. 1 hree Lutt at the iou heiat corner of Fourth Avenue and ftt'i ttiaat Two Lori on iha wait aide of Fourth Avanaa, between l?tt ma 20rh ttreeti Ten Loti uu 26th irraet, between Fourth aud Lcaingtor ivei-uaa Three Lota a*, the uortliwett coruer of Madiiuu Avruui uid 2B h tt eat. <>.. Loi at heuortheait coruer of Madiaoa Avanaa am 17tli itreet La-ge Tri uignlar Lgt at he i< athwart corner of Madnni it venue and 7tli at let. with several otliar lo'i ou 21il, 2ti Itld 23d itre-ta. M?|n ut the above Loti will t e ready daring the praien week atthe ultice nl tne Auctioneer, Mo. 7 Broad atraet, ti ivhuin apply iur lurther p rtic ilart. mg itin'c l.. vt. hORFMAM, An tio .ear U VLF, of fine old Madeira, Mierry, Pint he , Itc . being th O rami uiug rto-k ot Natbiuiel P.uldi.g. fcrtl , will bi in'il hy L \1 Hi (Tinigi h C i, at uotiou ou F'iday, April 2 i>? ai l? ncioe*, el JJ Vtlrv street, consisting Ol 110 dot. fine old Madeira Wiue, vintage '815 and lill, mi lOrfed 18V I. 40 doz tin* old Sereial, viuttge 1819 and 1820, imported IK! Hi Madeire, sent l) India and recrived m Nea > o k 1811. 4) doz. " " vintage 11)5, imported 1118 lit " " " 1812 ' 1835. Thi rel of w n?a wua import* I in 'he baric O-iidoutar tu Sep! 1995, and each pipe bot.led aepa-ate y. 33 Jruiij'ihua Ann old Madeira, vintage 1819. imported 112! 111 " " " 1821* 1824 " 1821 ttr " ? 1k2H " 183 78 " ' * ti a 1830 1833 a lip 58 dog. P I* Sherry,I8tt,imported 1828 81 dm Brown Sherry, |8(y ? 1815 imported 1833 a 1834. 80 dem jolina Bruwu and Quid Cherry, vntig* 181,9 a 182t imported 1833. 4 butt* " " imported '834 t> " I ale " 1818 " 1836. 7 pipea Madeira. 8 pipe* Port Wine. 3o dm L*. I' ) elle'ifi r M?o * t entity ot old Run Droney, Oin, Wliiek-v n.nt Ger in . u. d French Wines Tne tbur* truck of <>| i wines hot oeen reserved by M N. I'ii o I dog for the deoijohi and liotite. It it no thnugl uac-aaaiy to eulngite everv pane ?the purehaae>a ei judge foi themselves. >o other wiurs m l br offered e*ce| those belonging to the atoell of Mr. N. Pau ding Catalogui will be rei'H the day previous to tb* tale.when tlie wine* ma bo <*amiu?d mhg 3 it*r IT "Eat ba ? . g a i n a. DAMAGED GOODS AP ALJUTlON at Metar*. H?| ttrif. Draper 8t JtW, comer ol Pine and William a at 10 o'clock of Tuesday. lh?? h ita'ani. a large qaantity < Damaged Ctoins, of ytrioua ahapra and colors, auitable l< pants, voate, and caps Also, Hags for carpeting^ It*. N. B ?Aft the goods perfectly dry ml lt*rre JO LET /V BHOOKL F.V, Ajco A large two story aud attic br ck house. No. t Mjntl1 avenue, c?ruer of Jev ariee'. ten miuutea' wal XUJLfroto any ol the Kernes. Ithaa aiivo>tir> tea roorr cnuio v.itory. luruare, boh r. cm soil all the mole u iu provrmeiira It overlooks a large gtrdeu in the reir. audi do the widrat a reel in Brooklyn < caseation can be had th middle of April. An omul ma leaving Fnllon ferry orer bo it. paaaea the honae. Kpiii $500 Apply to D WHlGrtT 183 Fultou street, Brooklyn, between 12 and 8 o'clock Th [>arloi furniture made for the house (blue aud gold.) will b lold low m3 8w*rc jjjff FOR HALE OK KEN r ?1 he three ato-y b>iel prTW house. No M Ba clay street well arranged for a Olu ?atfLHoase, having a stable in die rear. Apply te 8. J. Hall >3 ttar' lay, or 145 Yvcst street Furnished if desired m5r FOR aALfc.-RROOK.LYN?#4,000 .taA The lot and three-store brick House, ou the soutl PjW weit corner of Hick* aud Backet streets The lot i XJ^twentv-three feet in liont and rear, by one huudre deep. The house wns built during the last year, has inarbl mautcia inruugiioat, platen luruituir, n mh cellar, iron po tico in front, aud beck piazzas enclosed with glass. It I within three iniuutea' walk of Hnmillu arrnae lerry an the At antic I) ck, aud fifteen miiiuto from lie (loath ferrj in a lapidly improving neighborhood Alio for tale, the Home aud hot adjoining, of tame di icnption. Arplv to Kl IAS O. BROWN, At Slosson hi Bchell'a Office, 30 Nassau itreet. f2S 3w*rre FOR SALE. Aegj THE Home and lot of ground No. 64 Oliver atree ?*! Lit 36 by 100 feet, houae 33 br 43. an alley adjoiuini JUi&k'or pa'ticnla-a, apple on the pretniaea. 133 Iw'rh To LET OR LLASE. JmA THE three firat claaa dwelling hoaaePNoa. 14, 19, au PJW 33 St Marks I'lace. JEwUL Thefi e prool'atora No 109 Water at, near the eornt oi Wall at. The fiee aiory fire proof atoro No. 3 Liberty at, near the it teraretioii of Maiden Lane. The atore au I cellar No. 37 Cedar at, a few doora beloi William at. Apply to I*. HANKOKD, I3j2w*rh No. 11 Wall at, 3d ttory. i OH SALE, jfaflA AT PRIVATE SALE?The properly known aa Ni [OjW 166 Mulb-rry atreet, near Brooma itrael. Lot 33 by It Xi|l,leet. A two atorv brick front houae on the front of It ? i iWill two atury frame hnoaa on the aide of lot, with large work ahnp in the rear. 33 by 36 feet, with a cellar 13 fe? deep in lha same. Half ol the purehair money can remain o bond and in 7 percent .Enquire on tbe premiere. 113 lm*rc _______ M One of the moat beautiful and deairabla reaidencj in tha Stale ol oiiurcticut, aituaied in the city t Norwich, corner of Waahiugton aud Yantic (treat now owued and occupied by Mra. h Kip. and formerly th reaideuce of Wm V. Oilman, Keq , by wliom the house wi built, anil the grounds laid out. '1 here are about fire aen of laad, covered with elegant ahade treea and shrubbery, wil arietiea of fruit treea, go,ae berries, currants, raspherne slinwherries, lie The scenery from the grounds ia be-utiful and pictoresqu equal to any in the Mate. The hanae is very conveosn wim iwu wcnifii eicnieu; quo newer railing water on u p.'rraiiei, aud the place combiner ercry thing to make uot of the motl delightful residences in New Kugland, and n fe'S a rare opportunity to any gentleman wirhing a bcautifi eonutry rem ' For term* and fotthrr particulars,apply to Charles Addom K?i|., No. 29 Oiauiie Building, corner Broadway and Char bera arrert, or to the subacriher on the premises W. C. WHITRIDOE. Norwich. Feb in IRtT. 112 Im'rc ? POR WALL MA TH REE STORY HOUSE on 23d atreel. betwet the 2nd and 3d Avenues. It ia well fwis'ed, and r oleie with the latest uaoroveinenta, incluiluig kitclii rauige. rink, cold aud warm ha hs, water closets, Itc lialn maifeie niamle< ( roughout Ihe bone , a ronrr yard of Alter feet in f-ont,w th vrrajnl li mil Frrucli window* 'J he heoi ir one of a row ol an nouses on the aouth 11 e ol (lie aire* For rurilier particulars apply to VY8R. Ik SONS, ft lm*' 172 ''earl atreei For a A FARM of lifty two acres, moat delightfully a runted, '.boat lire milea from Eliiabethtcwo, N. J comi riruig a handsome commodious dwelling houai lilteu wi h ma-ble mantles, and eve-y convenience for a ri meet hie fan ily ; the whole including gardener's houai barns, ice house, aud other buildings, in a suoslaudal state o; the orchard ctutaina iweuty aciea of chotca Ira trees. 'I he easy access from New York, ci'her by the rnrton cars Iroui Jersey City or the lerty to Eliznbelhporl, whenc a railioad truiu runs within a hundred yards of the hoast render'this property very valuable to those doing buaium inihiaciiy. The greater pan of the purchase money ca remain for three year* on bond and mortgage, at live per cen VYsE k. SONS, 172 I'earl street. Also, for aula, a dwelling house Ne. 3(1 Washirgton atree f4 l?*r PASSACL FROM ALL PARTS DF ENG LAND, IRELAND, SCO TLA N D AND WALL; Fife ifct Ml M ^r7Tfl()N8 wiahn.g m send for ibeir I. lends in any pirti tne Old Country, will find the aubae itier's arrangemen Lir 1817, most complete, at d calculated in everyway to ei lure sstislaetion M to .ill who may moke arrangements wii llit in to urtitg their iricnda across the Atlantic. The an scribera are egrets for THE NtW LINK, OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. yUKKN OK THE WEST IJ0? toes. LIVERPOOL i?o " HOTTlNGUfcR 12 o " CONSTITUTION 16t>? " ROB' IUB, 170V " HIDDONB. 1140 " SHERIDAN 1140 " O A lilt I K, 1200 " The Wove migiificei t packets r e all New York tniil ships, of tl e rery first c ess, bui t eiprestty fnrlhe Liysrp> c p? iseuger ttadc. cud fisted up with special r gtrd for the cou lort sin) eonventen e of passer grrs, tbei air commanded b go n ol rxperianca, and are not surpaa?a* for speed by an ship afloat. '1 heir sailing days Irnin Liverpool are no th mi rv (i 11111 01 every inoittn, on won n uaya tney iiiv punctually. In audition 'o the above >p'endid ahips the subscribers ni alio Atiinli for the sr. CKOKOh.'S." AND THK U -ION LINK O LIVERPOOL TA. KKTS. roinpi.aail in part of ihe following favori e ind well know ahips, vit: The America, St. eo'gc, Empire. St Tatrieli n?| |> ihrunoclr, IV arroion, Hea, fce., he . which, tngethi with the new litie. make an ships per month, or one ever* five day", from Liverpool;thus preveninig ihe p c delay at that port. ''assnge Irom any part o' Ireland to Ln arpool can be aerurad at the loweat ratea. Kvery informatio ii ven by applying to W. It J. T. TAWOTT, 8? Sour* at , 21 rloor below Bnriii g alip. Draft* aupplied for anv amount from ?1, upwarda, pay-ail. tbri.nybr.nt the United K irgdmn inA r KvAIvte.D, inunedi triy.o good nhip or liar I yJf*sV to load fur a Southern Port At ply to hulc in A re K. R. COLLI <8. AS Snnih St. I)KWARH ' OK the "alight" cold? BKWARR of the dry harkio rongli?BEW ARE ol delay, for it la dangerous, an r?h*t may be considered a trit ial eomplmiM, ia but the eoi land ol DEATH a fining grip on your life, winch when gainad, it is too 1st o cry lor help. When CONSUMPTION tuna a foothold on your longs, not ell the quack noatmma i be iiuirerae can give yon RELIEF. Take, iheu, aaimple and reilly good article KOK A COLD. Take, then, a home-made and efh an one remedy FOR A COUGH. Take, then, a woman'* family etperienee (MR*. J ER Vis's COLD ' ANDY) ind ri l yourself ol the p nsonnua inroad ( r "Bronchial dii te%") eonarquent to a rliaeaaed atate of the Innga Sold by MRS. JKttVIS, No. 379 BROAD WAV, eomer ( White al.eet. Angara?Kushton fc Co., 10 Aator Honae, 110 and MO Btoat an, Hlackrtt, Jt>4 Bowery; lluriiton, 49 Suth, Hrt| am, 17 .and 109 Avenue D; Ely's, 233 llndtoa atreet; Nelaoi nmer of Ca'harine and Madison attests ; Leconnt comer t [frnnd and Diviaion atreeta. Mia. Hays, 170 Fnlton atree nid I Atlantic atrcet , Brooklyn , K K T. Williama, Broa itreet, Newatk. 117"* Each package is ir variably signed MRS W. IKRVII Put tip in packages ol Is, 2a, 4s, sinf one dollar etch ml Itis r l/in FARMS FOR HALF, to 11 0 actnal astllera, .,1 th lCr" beat and m ist produo'ive Isiiilt I'svmeut will h rrenved in iheir productions Thsv are aitusied about th centre or the United Suites, at the terminal ol the rsilr- i from! C. The elimsis agreeable, eleady, at satremely health*; we'l wooded, with abundant spring! < water. Particulate *f thie rrgion of country may be had I wi"'fi! iv-ftf e ther at the a rthern Hotel eon er of Com Will: end Wait atreeta, or Ihe Tiuairea' Olh e NICHOLAS HAIOHT, al lw?e ?J W*1J street, Jd ttorv. AMVtKNRl'l, PARK THtATMIu-Monday kvemii, Much I IM7 the pe fvrm-ucea will intmrurt wiih the LOST LETTER?Mr bnu. Mr Baaa* Air Paul Anient. Mr Dyotl, Yirgiuia, M'? Abboil Afer which, by feqneat.lha PAS DES EL ELKS by tl > D-nauetea Viaououea To which will bt added THE FOUR SISTERS?Mr > Braurhamp Mr Dyotl; U oliua Mn Hani. t To be followed > ? lecoud grunt liiverM.arpeul. ftr.t iu America. Hie PAS ROCOCO, bv 14 Daiwauaa Vieuuoieet, iu ' Ilia coituine woin during the rtl u of Louia 14lh. ' Altar which. IS SHE A WOMAN 1 The whole to conclude with the lauiad POT POURRl? by 41 Danaeuaca Vieimoiae Ooora otieu at b lf-paa? o'clock ; performance will cob I mmce at 7 o'clock B' DWkitlf I'M EAT K it?Monday Eraniag. March I, will be prea anted the grand ballet af LA FILL*. OAKDEE? Li e. >l'?la Dinner; Lolm, Moot Bcusie, OeorI get e, M'llc Oceina. _ . , _ . .. Duiiig he ereiiu*. M ile Dinner wnl peilorui ber cc t1 ^'pitrioli.Vo wmch^ THE^'oMEDV OF ERRORS?The | Duke . f t ph-aua. Mr Bo- lb Dromio ol Syracuae, Ha1away , liromi.i of E hei"e. Vacha. ? i To eonciuda wiih Tk KELl?Count fekeJl. Mr P'eafle, Alexiua, Mia. Madiaon. . . i L#ie"? Circle dccKia Pit and (Jallerp ISM casta Dunn ui ?' a' .'flock Performance coirnn ncea ai T. ? sentft . if blti a . iHA cioi CA. Nkw yuKK oper v mouse, formerly th# Oraenwich Thaat t. har iiai a rret, corner of Varick atraet ? Mvnilay arm"* March 8?The ent?r niumeula will c?m| mauee with THE UAV Al"l Elt I HE WEOOINO?Col. Fre>lore. Mr Qrattiu; Lady KreeloTe. vl-a Waita Afiar which. LA Tl lUK UK N Et?L E?C ipt Bundan, Mr t E re Conner; Margaret of Bu'tuudy, M>a Har'iaau 1 I. I I. .1." . <1 .u - II- II I... ? I J niivi , uiauv g as uc ym oy liU Ol|nor?vr occa 11,(1 Higuor Vlorra Ta which will be added, THE IRISH .TL'TUK-Doetor a O'Toole, Mr H P Oratm a 'I'll' Italian Dancers wi'lsppear in Lc Fii Kunrn. ' ITALIAN OPERA. CAKD. SIGNORINA (.'LOT 11. Dr. BAK1LI respectfully enu?uiir?< to t>'e patrons (if lie lepers. eud (he public * generally, ill .t her brn. fit will taki place <>u Turn!m nrxt. March 9lk, with Verdi'e ope a I LOMBtKDl Between the let and Id 1 a-te signoriua Barili will amg the beautiful Homanti ol' the great Maestro Mai nn, FEACHE DU TK DIVIHO. On which occeaion the w,l| be aasieted by [' Mgr. BU' HF.K, aa Violou'ello peiformer, and ' M eatrn B \ H I LI at th' pianu forte idTj CIRCUS. I, i BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. BENEFIT OF MR. HOBBB. MONDAY EVENING. M.rch ??First appearance of Mr T. McFarliud. the Ureal Eighty Somerset Man The eutertmumeute will commence with a beautiful Ten : H.irae Entree. I. I Matter Macfarland. on the T'ght Hope. ; Miai Jesselynr will dauce the Highland Fling, r. Mr. Hubba will appear in hie matchleaa and aurpriaiag feau it ! of Horsrinaneh p. II ! Mr. Madigan will appear aa the Wild Indian of the Foreet. pt i Mr. T McFarland in hia great act of bull Vaulting ?s Joe Milea' oiimual aud universally admired Band of >y Negro Minatrela Will give all the moat popular Negro bongs, Mr Gosain and Mr. Williams will appear together in a new ~ farce called The Barbarous Dentist. Doors open at 7, pei loruiauce commences at X past 7. (' Boats 26 cents. Pit UX ?' I AMERICAN MUSEUM. " Ij^VEKY Day and Evening this weak, commencing on : Ju Moud r March I. Four Splendid Eihibmons and PerI tormances Daily, iu the morning at UX.and in the afternoon I at J o'clock, and two hi the evening, at 7 and IX o'clock. 2 ! ft're* Li?t svf*?iit ths Prsu ~ GENERAL"ToM THUMB .. < Tba amalleat Mm in Miiiintu'e ia the known world, weigh7 | ing only fifth:* pounda. wh hut been pitr?aiaed ha all (he , : cnownico HIIDI of Euruna, and been aeen by ovei 4 MO.OOO ' pen na hat rccurnrd u> America, in (lie ateainabip Cambria, *' ! and made hia " OKAND DEBUT ' j to the American pnblic at hiv old h?ad quart era, the Ameri' can Mnaeum, where he ia to be teen every ' MOHNlNG KitO VI 11)4 TO I O'CLOCK, * j on the platform, in one of the maiu hulla of (he Mnaanm, in hia extraordinary and popular performance#, including bia ciTixcia'a drksi, iu which he aaill relate hia Hiatorr, Trait aeli Ire., eing a aanetyof eonge. dance 'ha Polka, Bailor'# h Hornpipe, give repreaantaliona of laarOLnoia, rnxncmox , thk oKEat, QHCoiaia tTaTUKi, kc. kc. He will aleo appear in hia magnificent COURT DKE88, preaeuted hun by Quern Vioioria, of England, end worn be> (ore all the principal Count of Europe. After which he will !> appear in hia d BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME. < in which he will dance the hkihi.anii FLimi, kc. r I The MtuNiricK.n PKRtKNTa received from Queen Victo? | riaaud the principal Crowned rleada of Enrope, will be eid hibited. IN THE AFTERNOON, FROM I TO 4 O'CLOCK, urn in tub ? j KTENINU AT 7. AND AGAIN A.T IX O'CLOCK, The Little Uenernl will appear in rarioua Coatumee and FERFO KMA NI: KB ON THE STAGE, in the Lecture Koom, in each of which he will personate a bombaitic MILITARY GENERAL'. Deeply in love with a fair damael: in a ' ' POPULAR BURLESQUE. ? L _ which haa^bren received with raptaroua apptaneejU all the ; principal i nou auugni ID iiUDUOD uu uio I (QfiDciu j | Tewua of Great Britain , lu additiou, other aplendid performance* will take plaae, .. including the exhibition or the aplendid Balloon ' ! PANORAMIC PAlNTi NO ?'F LONDON, , : the moat magnificent rhino of the kind aver aeen. j Alio engaged, those celebrated ? ETHIOPIAN MlNaTKKLH OR SEKENADEK8. The moat ta'euied and amusing hand in America. GKeAT WESTERN the V ukee Comedian. MMSE8 WHEk LEtt and JULIKN LIVING OUKANG OUTANU to be aeen at all houra TWO MONSTER SNAKES, 20 leet long. 10 ANATOMICAL VENUS, to br seen at one abitling each ,t MADAME ROCKWELL, the Fortune Teller a Adimaaion 21 ceuia; chi'Jren under 10, 12X cents. No He:t adinianona One payment will eutit'e to bat one admiiaion. o | i he Public are reapectrully informed that General i Tom Thumb will terminate hia public exhibitions lorever, aa aoon aa he can pay n brief viait io the priucipal American citiea, and, therefore, that hia eugagemen. at thia establishment la ueceaaarily limited to a very abort period, is f28rc^ P. T. BARNUM. j WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA o , E. A Mumn. Ceaaau,W R B i k a r. Maaager ia ! BENEFIT OK MIt. RICH1NU8. a I MONDAY EVKM NO, March 0th, 1847, will be performed ,h the celebrated Comedy entitled e, ! WHAT WILL THE WORLD SAY 7. Captain Kmiadiddle - Mr Hichings e, originally plt>< d by him with diatiaguiakcd aneceaa. t, | After which a melange of Inatrumental and Vcca! Muaic and ie a rarielv of Dxnnug. e i To conclude with the popular p'ar of if- A school for soldiers. al Chevalier St Franc Mr Kiehinga Bertha .* Miaa Ki?h-r n'- /l HAND SA' Re D CONCERT, Sunday Evening, March VJT 7th, at Piuteaua Calfe dea Millea Coleunea Saloon, 307 R oadway, to commence at ha f-past seven o'c.oca m7 ir'ie SOCIETY LI BRA K Y LECTURE ROOM, I Corner of Broadway and l.tmaid tlretty !n MONDVY, MARCH Bth, ,n And Every Night nntil luither notice. ,n HHIST\'S far famed and popular Bend of Miuatrela, io VV whoae nuiijue ai >1 immitrb e Conree'a recently, at It n I Alhambr*. gave ?nch ratMfartmn.having been Inr a aueceaaion of rhree wrrka itia(hr y enwd-d wit. highl rea i ectmle and n>"?i fiahiouable uaisiites. have lie honor ul ? announcing that they will give aaeriea of their popularentertoinmoiits, introducing al each reiireaeiitali u a variety of i- entirely new songs, glees, choruses, burlesques, Ike. ., Change of programme every evening, r, Ailmiasion twenrs-live ceu's. ?- (Innrerl Will ?r lialf?t<aar 7 nVlnrk. 'i in 7 I ia*rrc It KEl.IEK TO THE HKrHL.-tiNDs OF SCOTLAND. * ! A an AS J) MfMCAL ENTER i A/NMENT , W'LL BE GIVEN AT THE TABERNACLE, ou ( TT Monday Marcii 8tli 2847 ? Cammitlte of Arrontrmrnlt : t Mr. George McNeiah, Vnir Clueliugh, JoliD Sinclair, John Auilcuiu, I Ai dw. Canldwell, John Campbell, Nathaniel MrDoiigatl, George I unocli, ? George Urn lib. John Black, 1. John CuinraiDgs. J D. ROBERTSON, Chairman. ' JAMEs McPHERSON, eeretary JoHtr J. rai-MKH, President ol the Merchants' Bank, ^ Teesurrr. The Committer of Arrangements hare much plcaaure iu ' announcing that the following professional aid amatcti' ta'* lant hare, iu the kinder: and uioat liberal manner, offered their gralnilona aerricea h MRS. STRONG, b- MISS PEARSON. THE AL' EGH AN! *Nfl, MR GEORGE CODER. MH. AUSTIN PHILLIPS. MR TIMM, MR PEARSON, MR. R. PEARSON, MH. WHITNEY, The celebrated Lecturer on Oratory, and impersonator of the Toeti, Orators aud Statesmen of America. MR. CLIREHUUH. ' And irreral other Amntcura. " The whole arrangement under the direction of Mr Clire' hugh V 1 Tickets JO cents, to be had at all the Moaic Stores, at the Y I Tirioua Hotels, i nd it the follow i, g places ? * I Mr i lirehugb, 20, B'oadway ? Mr. K.aaer, Art Uuion. Broadway. Charters rraucis, 2.12 Broadway * : N (isri H It S Haynor, booksellers, 71 Bowery. R Carter, Bn'ikreller, ( anal at. * [>r aatle. 7*1 Broadway. II. S Dunn, Hookas|irr. IU Eighth Annus 0 Geo Vlt >enh, ?7 Cedar at ' John Sinclair, 102 Keade at. !r Or Dodd, Broome at y Mr. Bell. Rama' Head. Pultun at II Mr Reynolds. Mercer House, B.oome at' ; Dar'd Hair, 100 Mercer at n John Ru?aell, Grocer, Spring at !Dr. Don (I ass. corner Laight and G.etnwrich ati Harton It Milea, Booksellers, 205 Broadway Dr. Burnett, 108 Bayard at A. Caldwell, Baker 10.', B.iyard at. Geo. Oitib.i. Tailor, 8 Coerilaud it f, Archibald Gtaavea. John at. Mr I horhnm. John at. P Milne. IT Centre at. . Clark 8t Bro'*n. Maiden lane. John Peon, Grocer. N?aa n at. f And nf Mr John Black, 37 Llapenard at. to whom all applh [J canons for a aut ef tic?els may be made i Doors opcu at naif past 8?To continence at half past 7 ' M'ULLK AUGUSTA, RKBPKCTFULLY nmei to ha Muiitunr Theatrea in th' Kured St?iea, n ut dimon her ?haeaee Iroin thiacity, n le'tera(post-paid) directed to the care of Mr. John I'orey.Park Thtitre, will be forwarded to her. PNew Yoik Mateh I, HIT m7 Itaw tf rre LtJo UA>at. iTs t,s~VfpJSmTTotk MADAMK JOBRPHINR W KISS, Miatreaaofthe Ballet, beita to atate tn the Manager* of Thantree ia the Uatteu States, that applications lor encasements moat be made to her aeant. Mr JOHN POVKY, ?f the Park Theatre, New I- York, who ia duly authortaed to make all arrxneementa for Lea Panaeaee* Vieaaoiae > Ttaw tf re >r '|'HP. ANNUAL BALL of th* OULICK HOSE < OM|. I PANY, No. II, will take plaee n Ttieaday evening, j. March 8, Hi?, at the Apollo Malimu.410 Bmadwav Tickata i can oe ohulaed ol the following tomraittee: ? Jena Kenton, f 114 Bleetker at ; J. A Baker, 92 William at , N. H. lionaoer, t, 41 Carmine at.; A E Deter. 4l Month at ; B K Hardner. d J. W. BTINMAN, III Koarth at., t.huirmaa mhlltiaOre ' I it ALLEY'S PALS' EXTRACTOR MKill HANTS AND DHUGGISTH can obtain their spring anppliea of the only (rnuiue Pain Kitrartor at ie oi r depot. Liberal terma ara nude with wholeaale per e chasers >nd with agents a Kreah certilfcatea ol ita remarkable eflleney in Bnrna, Pilea, , It I|II U.ariam. kc kc , lumished gratis, a Wanted immediately aereral travellingagenta, with meant A and well recommended H DALLK.Y k CO, la | fit Imem No. tei Bnadwav t> | till) hKLNCll UAUULKftKOTYPIC PLATES 1 mrjvPVM/ heat auality, for gate ?ary low, toe.loaaa coa ' nan ment, at M Maidea Laee. i. UKH80N k CO. fPlwM I |.Li-wwhb6 TO THE nam LATEST MOMENT. VKLKUHAFHIO. Washi NeroN, March 6?8 A. MThe Southern mail has arrived, but brioga nothing iu the shape of news. Major Gen. Briton will leave for Mexico early next week. PatLAoaLrau.MarcbS, 1847. The steamer Scorpion, Captain Bigelow, which left New fork, on Thursday, bound to the Gulf, sprung a leak utf the Capes oi the Delaware, and arrived at the Navy Yard this afternoon. She is discharging her coal, and will be hauled on the marine railway for repairs. There ar.i also defects in her engine. She leaked two feet per hour. AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LE0ISLATIV E PR OCEEDINQS. tklkur aphic. Senate. Aliant, March , 1M7. | A memorial was recelvsd from the Hudson River Rail. read company to extend tne time wimin wmcn in* xrei ua of $100 000 mud be expended Mr. CtiwroiD reported bill to consolidate the uniform companiaa of New York Mr. Bahlow reported adrerse to the repeal of the license law. The plank road bill was debated In Committee of the Whole, but was not disposed of. The emigiant passenger bill wss taken up by the same body, and was not decided upon when the committee rote. Mr Hsaais intimated his intention to offer a substitute lor the entire bill. A committee wss appointed to co-operate with a similar one from the House, In making suitable arrangements for the luneral of Cept. Morris. Adjourned. Assembly Alsaht, March Mr Dr.vcLtn presented the memoritl of the Mayor, ho. of the city of New York, to raise $1,083,300 by taxation, to defray the various contingent expenses chargeable to ibid city ; the further sums of $479,000 for police ; $171,434 for lamp districts; and $S17,871 04 for the deficiency in taxation of 1840 The Hurlgste pilot bill was farther debated, and re) aommitted, on motion of Mr Walsh, with instruction* ; to amend it so that any parson duly qualified mey be 111 censed to pilot vessels through Hurlgste, and ta strike ; out the section making it a misdemeanor to pilot vessels i M r "84 c laid 00 tha table a motion to racontidsr ths ; above vote recommitting the Hurlgste pilot bill. The bill to resubmit the charter of tha city of Now York ?u referred to the New York delegation for amendment. Mr. Watson called up hie resolution instructing the committee to report the bill to abolish the office of 00tin ty superintendent of common school*. An amendment to i this resolution to abolish said office was agreed to. { A resolution is on the table to adjourn from Monday t* Wednesday, for the purpose of paying the last tribute of respect to the body of the gallant deadAdjourned. V THK KAlhl. Washington, March 6, 1847. Prrtonalititi. Mr. Speaker Davia returns to his constituents with the unanimous approval of the House, and the undivided approbation of the country. He has been a capital good Speaker, has this same John W.Davis. Prompt, elticient, decisive and impartial, ho possessed the great fundamental qualifications of a presiding officer, necessary to control the turbulence of so large a body as the House of Representatives. In the chair he knew no party?he knew no personal preferences; the contestant whose voice first caught his ear always secured the floor. In fact, we have never known j a speaker who has been able to control the House, 1 and bring it out of the greatest confoaion with so ; much efficiency, and so little difficulty. Of the New York members! of the House, i Messrs. Rathbun, Grovcr, Miller, King and Culi ver have been most conspicuous during the ses; sion, upon several of the important questions of i the day; and Grover, perhaps, of all the delega\ tion, was gained in character as a debater, aad | especially upon the Wilmot proviso, upon whic , I however absurd the proviso itself, he was at least | as consistent in the end as he was decided in his I position in the outset. | In the Senate, Mr. Dix has acquired the established reputation of a man ot learning, experience, sagacity, talent, and ability, while | the modesty of bis manner as a senator, | a depater, and as a man, have won for him a very wide circle of friends, and a larger share than he is aware of, of the public approbation As a member of the military committee, Mr Benton, the chairman, from deference to his abilities, gave him almost the absolute control of the decisions of the coinmitieo, and their exposiI tions and defence before the Senate, and the style in which he discharged tins duty was emii neiitly satisfactory, succinct, concise, conciliatory, ' explicit, and judicious. Having said thus much of Mr. Dix, it becomes us to aoprove the course ol Mr. Dickinson, i From a til ctiou s in his family, he has been necessarily absent a good part of the session; otherwise he has been punctual in his plau -, not interfering to any extent in the discussions, but taking his full shaie in the hard drudge-y of the committees. : On the last night but two o( the session, he made a speech in exposition of his position on the Wilmot proviso, and taking, as he did, the bold and independent stand that the proviso was at best but a mischievous exctesencr, and that th? resolutions ot his legislature were not intended lor a " fundamental condition" ol that sort, an explanation of his views was unavoidable. On the abstract question ol the appropriate national policy, Mr. Dickinson, perhaps, ventured too extensively into the fi?-liis of poetry and figurative illustianon ; but in bis comments diremly upon the third resolution ot his State Assembly, he teed the mark like the regular soldier. While we approve, therefore, the fearless sincerity and the entire obedience of Mr Dix to his instiactions, we just as cheerfully endorse the independence of Mr. Dickinson, and the haxard in which he placed himself on that account, in disapproving the proviso. It is charged that Mr. Dickinson is in the Murcy administration interest, while Mr Dtx is equally devoted to Mr. Wright's promotion?and that herein lies the secret ot the atliiu-ie oil the proviso of both your Senators. This, of course, is all fudge; but even a straw may designate the drill ot the atmosphere. W. WAaHi.viron, March 6, 1847 1 Mr- Can u ml hit Viewi on //if Wit mot Provito? Opinion* of tht Statu When the question ot the Wilmot proviso was brought up in the Senate the other nigh', by Mr Dix, Mr. Cass, in the course of the debate, gave bis views, and said, as he went along, " That resolutions bed been presented to Congress by ! the Legislatures of eight of the States upon this subject, anil 1 And, that this proviso is a measure perhaps not called for by eny of thorn, certainly not by ?ix ol them, and that Its simple adoption at Una time will leave an attainted the permanent objects sought by all of tbeta. The views expressed are as follows: By the Legislature of Vermont, aguinst "'the admission into the KeiTeral L'nion of sny ne w Hta'e, whose consti tution tolerates slavery," lec By the Legislature of New Hampshire, that measures should be taken for the extinction of slevery " in the Die trict of < olumbia; for its exclusiou from Oregon and other territoiica. that now, or at any time herealtet, may belong to tha United Ktntea " By the Legislature of Rhode Island, " againat the ac outsition of territory by conquest or otharwiae, beyond tne present limits of the United Mtates, lor the purpose of establishing therein slavehokdiug States," fee. By the Legislature of New I ink, " that if any territo ry la hereafter acquired by the United States, or annex ed thereto, tha act by which such territory is acquired or annexed, whatever such act may be, should contain an unalterable I'l'idameutai article or proviaion, where i by slavery or Involuntary servitude, exenp' us a punish meat for crttne, shell be foiever excluded from the ter ritory acquired or annexed " By tha Legislature of New leisey, " that the Senators, fee., ha requested to uee their best efterts lo secure as a fundamental provision to, or proviso in, any act ef annex 1 etlon of any territory herealter to he acquire I by the United Slatee fee , that slaviry or involuntary seivilude, except aa a punnhmrnt lor crime, ahall he forever e* eluded from the territory to he annexed " By the Legislature ol Pennsylvania, " against any me ' sure whatever, by w liich territory will accrue to tin , Union, unless as a part ol the lundamental law, upon Which any compact or treaty, lor this purpose is Duse. slnveiy or Involuntary servitude, rtvpt lor crime, sr , be lor sar rsuluJs I' . fly tue LegihUiuic of Ohio, fof ' tUc ' ?uro? ?n that body, (ConfrtM.) proTidin^ for ih* t*c