Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1847 Page 1
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ft / rw^ it i. HI. . If ml. XIII, Mo. U7.WM* M*. ?M A THE NEW YORK HERALD. J1IEJ WHIM BKHWKTT, PttOPBIETOH. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HtKALD- t?ery oay, t*rie? I P??opy-l? li iier a k.uiu?iwyiible in advmco WEEKLY HK.RALD?fclirry fctartar-P"** I* c.nti per e.[>y?I 12k cent> per iinnuaa?payable m mvbbm. HERALD M)R ECRurU-Evarr ?"?"? 4*T"7 Fnee f>4 c?uu per copy?$3 F?* annum, payable mad ? 1 a'nJ VITA I pliT/\BI Al UVUAl.1l?Puhlllbsd OB th? latol Jrt'iiM'y of gach year?single copies uipaoc# each. ADVERTISE vlENTS, at lb? usual prieea?always path In atl.auce. Adverriieinaou ahiuld be wntteu in a lUiu, legible manner. Tho Proprietor will not be raaponaible loi orrun tha< inay occnr in them. . ... Hitl.NTi.NCj of all kinJa executed beautllully and with despatch ... All letters or communications. by mail, addressedIt*, ihe e-ta'j|i?hinem, muat be poatpiid, or the .pottage will oe Hoducted from the subrcripiiou money remitted. JAMES UURDON BENNETT. * Proprietor of the Nnw York Herald Establ'shmkivt, North Wan anruer ol Wiilton aed Niiam atreeta MSTOBUS O.N THE SiXIH AND EIGHTH CVKMJKS TO L I ?The three atory and attic brick dwellii.K houie with atore nudnrneith on the tae.ei v aide of the tit h > nine, between 12lli and 13th atresia, and now kuown aa M" 9? in the 6th avenue. The three atorv brick dwelling home with atore underneat >, on the eaateily tide o'' the Ith avenue, beiwe- ti Greenwich and itlh atieet, and now known aa No 03 in the 8 h avenue. Also. three atorea on Greenwich lane or avenue, near the 8;h avenue, at very m -derate rrnta. The dwelling part of each house will be rented aeparately, if reqeired, and ia well finished, with marble mauteU, tlidiui doors, and every requisite lor a respectable family. Apply to O. H. WINTER, 31 Wall street, m8 2w*re over ihe Mechanics' B*nk. ma a small KESPaCTaULE family withunl pjw cliildr n, aredeaiioua if renting the upper put of a JUHLg 'od sited mode n two or three atery House, weat w rd ol Broadway, where they een be accommodated with the second Boo-, fJ or 4 rooma, andattle roam of kitchen.*A naall fnii lv having aueh apartments in good cordiiton. and in a durable Ineatien, may hear ef a lOod tenant by add<eta ing a line " A. B , ' or applying petaanally at ihe front oAce, Urat floor, No <8 Naaaan al.eet ml I w*re lo le177jpl forsalbl MTHE TWO STORY BRICK FRONT STOHli nud Dwelling, No <9 Leonard atreet, between Church and Chapel a'reeta?well auite I for an Oyster Saloon, beiiiit riimetly i ppoaite the poli<ehead qnartera. Apply to mh7 1i>rrc C. I'.. PlNCKNEY, 9 Mtauton street. aaMBa TO laKl?T'-e aivre U7 Broadway, corner of Lib. erty it. Inquire' f M. Van Burcn, 79 Day at., or, ol J^JLloha B. Dark, M Broad at. mt |w*r to lease. MTHE MANSION HOUSE and farm of Jehn L Norton, at Far Rnckawny. lately occupied bv Jacob Law recce 'r..adioiuiug the Murine Pavilion. The home laasiret by 30, two itories aad attic, attordiug large and baantit'ut accommodations aa a boarding h -use; coach Looses Hud at kits I tg* and commodious. 60 acres of choice land, 3) of freak and salt meadow, and 90 of beach aad pasture, a ..i..... inuN ur Piiui-u ma lw?f No lit Knltou atreet. TO LET IN BROOKLYN. MA large two itorr and atlie brick home, No. 49 Myrtl- arenqe, corner of Jay atreer. ten miuntea' walk from any <>l (he Ferries. lthaa a two story tea room, conservatory, luruare, bath room, aud all the modern improyrmanu. It overlooka a large garden in the rear, and 11 on the widrst 1'reet in Brooklyu. t'oaaeaaiou can be had the middle of April. An omai^ua leaving Fulton ferry ererv bait, pusea t ie house. Kent $500 Apply to D WKltiHT, i9l Fulton (tract, Brooklyu, between 12 aud 2 o'clock The parlot furniture made for the houie (blue and gold,) will be auldlow. m3 3w*rc TO LET OK LEASE. MTMfcl three lint clasa dwelling honaei Noi. 14,19, and 23 St Marks Place. The ii e proof atore No. 109 Water at, near the cornet ol Wall at. The fire a'ory fire proof atore No. 2 Liberty at, near the in rerneetion of Maiden Lane. Tl e ore an I cellar No. 37 Cedar at, a few rinora below Willuinat. Apply to r. HANFOKD, Ilt32w?rh No. II Wa!| at, 2d atory. jfpw KUK .4ALC?A atnall houaa and ab >ut an acrea of ! ' laud,aitw t* at Kockaway, L"ng lalaud, on the RockXiHLnway and J <maica Turnpike, and within a quarter ol a mile of the post office One acre of the laud in under peach rjees, two acres tillable, balance in wood. Alio, aereral other piecea of land in the name neighborMM Enquire of John L. Norton, jun , 14 Delaneey a'reet, or at th? ollic* nl'Jnwn 11. Power, 129 Fuller ?t. m3 2w*rrc mKOit aaLIC UK tttNl'?The three stmy buck liouae. No 14 Ba-clny atieet. having a stable in the r-ar. Apply te S. J. Hall, 13 Barclay, or 143 Weat attest. Furnished if desired. m3 r FoR SALE CHEAP, M'l'he two atory and attic Brick HOUSE, on the north-westerly of Hudaon and Barrow ttreeti. The walls are hard finished and painted .The baiei? w an easily be altered l..r many kinds of business, l>y making a door on Harrow strait, and a building can alio be arectca ou Harrow street. (.? H. WINTER, 31 Wall street, mil Iw * refel * over the Merhanira* Bank. " ~ I'M It SALE?BROOKLYN? #4,000. MThe lot at:d three-story brick House, on the southwe?t corner of Hicka and Backet atreeta. The lot it twrntr-tnrre feet in fiout and tear, by one hundred oerp. 'The nouae was built (taring the laat year, has marble mtiurel.s throughout, plated lurnitnre, a sub cellar, iron por tico iu front, and back piazzas enclosed with glass. It is witkiu three minutes' walk of Hamilton arenne ferry tuid die At antic D ck, and fifteen minntea from the South ferry, iu a raping improving nomnuorngoa Alto lor ttle, tht Jloute and Lot adjoining, of tame descnption. Aprir to fctlAS O. BROvvN, A i Siosaou St BchvlFs UHice, 30 Nnuaoititcl. rtj 2w*rre FOR SALE. gad THE U use and let of ground No. 64 Oliver (tree . 1... g Let 36 by luo feet, home 33 be I J. an alley adjoining I*',I a tlf"' r>a'tieuln-?. apple on the premiioa. l.'J 3w*rh ' I'D/I SALE, tAT PRIVATE SALE?The property known a* No. IM Mulberry itreec, near Broome itraet. Lot 33 by '00 feet. A two storv brick front houte on the front of lot ill two story iVrme hnan on the side of lot, wilh a Isrge wo k shop iu :|t rear. 33 try 36 (ret. with a cellar 13 feet deep ip <he same Half ol the pu-chne money car. remain on bond and in >rtg ge.nt 7 P?r cent .Enquire on the premiie*. 113 ltn*re H>K .SALt. Oil IU LEI, ied. ONE or both < I the h -nomine two itory brick home* Tvlm and lots Ni 9. 46'i h.hI 407 Broome street, uear Broad A (table n attaehod to No. 407, which will be Ui with or wit'u ut lire h u*e '1 he houses are in good order. The locatiou i? citreDiely desirnbm. Apply to WM.StJ.NO O'BRIEN, rr2tfc 37 Wall (treet hOli SALK CHHAP, ??! Ie HUtlAl LIKE, front'ug tlie beautifnl Knritan Itv.W Bn/.o m - anding? lull a .d en ire view from the High.j'JyLl ul Neve.(ink to the Natrons. Large and small fi-ms, unproved and unimproved property, so the pur chas'rscaa at ail tunra auit their fuicy iu a selection of pro , foarteen valuable building lota, at West Bloomfield, !' lat adjoining the Mrthodiat Church parsoi.age. and opp-i.ite the New Episcopal Church. Terms easy. deal out of retiring from the city to a healthy location anywnere along the shore, eau obtain all infutmatioa deatred, by let er i.nat, to W U HAYNEh, Ke>port, Monmouth connty, New .lerte... f26 lm*re ~ FOR SALE. Syid One of the moat beautiful and desirable reaideneea J in the Stiit.' of Connecticut, ntua.ed in the city ol J^HENorwieh, corner of Washington anil Yantie streets, now owned a-.d occupied by Mrs. E. Kip, and formerly the residence of Win U. Oilman, Esq., by whom the h .use waa built, n il the grounds laid "at. There are about live aerei of laud, coveied with elegautshade trees and shrubbery, with varieties of fruit trees, goweberrics, currants, raspberries, ilrnwberries, kc The Mtasi| Iroin the grounds is beautiful and picturesque, equal in in JIM State. The liause is very c>.nve-.ieut, with two wel's uf excellent and ntver failing water on the premises, and the place coin bites every thins to make it one of the inort deiighrfil residences in New England, and ofU s .i rare npportuuit7 to any gentleman wishing a beautiful conntrv seat. Ko; "urns *?d further particulars .apply to Charles Addoms, l.oj. No. 39 (irauite Building, corner Broadway and Chain bt.sstreet, or to the subscriber on the premises. W. C. WHITRIDGB. Nrrwieh. hen 10 1347. 113 Im'rc |.'< 1H s All,- " A KAllM of tilty iwo ecres, most delightfully IIfTvii ranted, about flvF miles from Elixebethtowa, IN. J., i^j?j. . im 'ri iog * hinJiuon eorrinodorns dwelling house, titien wi ll m.iblc mwitUs, uud every convenience for a re?[ (nnly ; the wnole including gardener's house, barna, ice house, end other buildings, in sniisrnntial state ol repair; 'he orchard r..mains twenty acies of choice fruit I he easy acress from New York, either by the ran one rait from Jcr-cy City or the lerry to Klixabethport, whence n railro d train rnna within a hundred Tarda of the honae, renders this prepertr rery valuable to those doing butiiene id this city ') ne greater part yf the purchaie money can t n?in tor three years on bond and tno-tgage. at Are per cent VYAE A HONtJ, 1TJ fesrl street. Alio, r-rsaln, a dwelling house No. ill Washington street. ft lm?r FlM SALE. Ma THHKF. STOUT HOIJSK on Wd street, between the linl and id Avenues. It is well fiuiabed, and replete with the lateal improvements, including kitchen range-, sink, cold and warm ba ha, water closets, Ac . Italian marole mantles t'<rnughoui ihe house ; a court yard ol fifteen feet i" front,with verandah ami French windows. '1 he house ts one <>f a row nl' sii nouses on the aonth aide ol the street. Foe Inrther particnlars apply to VYHF. A SONS, ti im't 172 Pearl street. FLORENCE no I) ah. .Vo 400 Hrowiiray, < outer IVaUecr Sirett, iV. Y. jpr\ JOHN KLOHENCK, Jr., has now completed kia airangementa for opening to the pnblie, at the elegant J^l^niid i(melons bn'lding above designated, ?nd wuicn he hssm grest fipcnie eructrd, a Hotel, to be conducted on the i " ruplsu In n-Uiiioo to the commodious Hestsnrant hrlow, be has arranged eateneive suites of dining rooms on the floors above, splendidly furnished with every modern improvement in lurnitute, decorations, Ac. Besides these, are swialle- aps't iienls, similarly I'uruished, for the accom'r.od'i in o' individuals, or of small parties, where (as is tbe larger psrtwenti) meals are xupplie at their -wn hours, by carle, on the plan alluded to attached to the establishment, lentrsiiee quite distinct from that with the public dapsi men'.) aretome amy bedronraa single and double, with elrrant parlors adjoining?the whole forming a first class hy rei for gentlemen, to be cornlnoted uu a scale of convenience and itenwni' dt'ion hithert i nnattaiui d in tnia country. J V , Jr , 1 rusts thnt it is unueceaaary Lr lum to assure the public 'imi bis larder, hit wines, end indeed his entire cullvary dria lorent. will he of the best kind thron|h?nt; and he invites geii'laioeii who ere deriroos of at Ihe same time obtaining moms and ootid, or either, separably, to call upon h in .it above, where he will be happy to afl'ord them every facility of examining l is new and commodions establishmeet. , _ .... m2 1m?ic ,1 feh 7, |g<7. tl?IL h Ahtifc K (>tt N A l,?; ? A freight huge of about tXX-IV J4 !"" ' "V.1!".1.' ,l", ?"y light draft of water.A lilv at 41 Wall street, basement office. fMfw'r w AlaTr I>. un tried lately, a good Ship or "Atrfc, MHVto It ?'l lor a 'Uthern I oit Apply to JAOt * k Collins, m south it. E NE NI t lbe Mall brtw?en Htw York anil Philadelphia. Tin Itirii or the Eikcutite Committee or the DsnWaBE amd KaBITaN ' ANAL AND CAM DEN AND AmBOY KaILBoADaND TBANtrOBTATI n Companies. TO A let- 1 teb addbeeeed to iion. C IV HopbineChairman or the Committee or Poet Otricus and PoetKoaps or the Hoi'eh or Ket bee ent at it be or the United Otatea, dt Hon. Cayc Johnson, Poetmaeteh (Jenebal. Id the month of October lint a Coinin:uee of t .a jo'ut Board o( Directors ol tho Dataware bjhI Kaiilan Canai and l amdeu Bad Amboy Ha tri ad and Trauapoitation Companies, I ui dearei oit to inej 'lot board 011 llie luhject of the baasp ntsiion ot The mails between New York and Philadelphia. To line a reply has beru nnde by 'lie Pos'inaiter 'leueial, in a po'.fiahed in the preaeni inoiitn, add essrd to Hon C. W. Hopkins, wbieheoutaiue statements, blle|ations sud rem souinE winch, in tlie opiniou of thr executive couiin uee of the companies, requ re correctiou. denial and lefu anon. But tbia would seem to ba uuu*ceaiaiy, since llie wli le qnaitiou ia settled by the aothoriintiYe d-clarjtiou of ih? . ? if 11 111 i ne rciuiri >J allegations, audthejuat ce of it* complaints, you can judge, i wheu 1 assure you tnat the schedule it oeuounces, m bring ordered iu the absence of ell r<ght, 1 hid lull nuihnuv to pieieiibe under ihe puweis c iairrrrd ' >> law apou the l'ostni.nter U urr.l.' H'i? (or he u just.lied iu this declaration, nurt iu In* subsequent statements, will be iiwde t.i appear in the liquet He proceed* " The rght ol the 'vpiitmeut in pretcrioe at wli ,t h .uis the tnul shall be Couveyril upun it* i mute* ex'sta In every rase, nulr** suireutleied by the Postmoaier tiCuernl ia the contract. In ih cate ti er* was uo subsisting contract, a id the l<ul contract between the coutp - i ny und llie department expieiaty recognised ihe rigbt of itie i I ostmmter Geneial i > alter this schedule Tiie.euueavnr to j i make out an atmisstou by the ilrpaituieut ag mm ita niht to change th a schedule * ilour, 1 regret to see, by mesas of a ' letter, relating te a different schedule, Wl.ich uad been placed I I by ihs contract sue the corretpoudcuee of the p,rurs on a i looting entirely the reverse ol the schedule iu qiestinn.iu respect to toe power of iha Postmaster General ove' it " > Iu oider iu the elimination ot the letter of Ml. Johcsno, which we pr pose, that there may ba noaprrehenaiua arising i (ruin gubled extracts, we annex tbe contract and achcdule ! of 1(10. > The schedule is subject to alteration by the PostmasterOrueral, avgreeabiy to the Piovisioas contained iu ninth secnoa of the com act. Article 9 That if the Poitinaater-General shall direct a k change of the hours ol the departure and arrival set torth in the aanruad schedule lor the evemug line, and the contrctor i shall not comply wiih such dueciions, he shall have the L power to annul the contract, on givtug ten days notice of his | mtenti in to do so, aud that if the coutracior sh ill requires change ot the dsparture and arrival in the mo uing line, and the roitmas'er-Ucueral ih >11 not agiae thereto, the con' tractor ahall liava power to close the service on giving not Is** than ten days notice ofhis intention to do so. It will then be perceived oy this ninth the Postmaster General had the right to direct a change of t:ie 1 Sours ol the departure and arrival of the ereun-g Tine, aud > that if the contractor,refused to comply, lie had the power to 1 annul the contract, ou giviug ten days uotice of Ins in cutiou to do so. It is altogether iu reference to the chtngu of tne schedule oflhis line that the controversy between the Hef panment and "he Company h ? arisen. Tne question thai bee.imas narrowed down to a very unill ' comprise. Hid ihe Coioptuy refuse to comply with the direction for a change of nnura of departure or arrival, or did they accept tli# new .chedule Ordcveu under the power conferred by ihts article I If they refused to comply, ihe rruiedy of the department was plain Mi simple; to annul the con I tract upon teu days' an.ide. ll,however, after their rafjsbl, it failed to do so, and continued to employ their seivicei, Uieu the parties were restored to the position tliey respectively occupied befoie the issuing ol the uvw order, and the Compmies became, by the decision of the Uepaiuneni itself, en) titled to all the rights and privileges secured to them in lI,? contract trailer which they wan holding over But if, on the other hand, the Company did accept thia > schedule, they have no right to afterwani ol it* lu- I justice or it* hardship. '1 he simple question theu seems to be: Did or did they not accept this schedule f The Postmaster-General in his letter, states as a fact, what i the Company most emphatically and positively deny, that it i was submitted to the Compauies for their cousiuerunoii before beiua ordered?was nut objected to, and was duly and > cheerfully curried into effect. it is mast respectfully asked i wheu, where, how and te Moid, was it ever submitted belore being ordered? With rrgaid to tne Camden and Amboy Company and the Philadelphia and the Tienton Kailroad Company. the alifgat'Oii is altogether and entirely without foundation ho far from this bsiug true, the schedule was ordeied ou the 24t.h day of l< ebiuary, 1116, to go into effect ou the lbtli March, and ou the Slh d.iy of March, leu days before it wus to go into operation, the President ol the Philadelphia and Treuton Kailroad Company, thus rclused to comply with its terms. "1 beg lease to acknowledge the receipt of yonr communication of the 20'h of February last, aud in reply regret that the Philadelphia aud T eutou Kailroad Company cannot accept the schedule for Itoute ho. 1J I. ordned by the Poitmaaie.-General."? This refusal seems sufficiently plain end explicit, aud yet, with this before him, the Postmusier Uennal in Ins letter, now under coiisidersiiuu, boldly declares that it was " duly and cheerfully carried into eflect " The first time> the orHeuiution ol tne Department that a dire.tuud positive refuasl wai c uitrued ;int a due aud elieerlul c >mpuauce But I'aitner. in omer that there might be no mistake in releteuce to the objections ol the Cuiniirinv, the Preaidant adus, thit iu runumg alt their liues, si much expedition will be giveu to themai.tes cucuinsuui'-es and safety will permit, but notwithstanding the route is very frequently run in five hours from city to city, vet the company are i ot willbng to bind themselves for any less time theu s ipulated in their timer counsel with the Post Office Department. And yet even the declaration, according to the new mode ol interpretation adopted by the Post Office Department, is s due and cheerful' compliance Again, on the l?tu day of July ensuing, upao race viug notice of certain lines haviugbeeu imposed foi nou-ariival within the time specified in tne new , achsdnle, the parties who io " cheerfully" carried it into effect, thus addressed themselves to the Post Office Department?" in reply to the pos script to the printc-t circular, tilting the failures oi the mail to arrive tit Philadelphia in schedule nine on the 21st of June, end 2d, till, hth, and C.h of uiy, you win permit ine to say, trat me only scheilu u tune recognised by the railioad oompmics on ruu e INw. 1101,is me cheuula lime ol their loutrm, nntl not lint ordered b, ihe Postmaster General, on tliu SOth of Kcbruiry l??t." Another striking evidence it will be perceived, of tne truth ol the Postmaster Oeueral'e allegation, that it waa "duly nut cheertally earned into efface" Out .nough haa been laid without releiriig to oiher oohimuntcatioua to make it inanilcat lint he head of the departuiei.1 haa either beru greatly decciveu or ia groaaly iguo aut of the circumstances conuec:ed with the present controversy. 'J lie l'oatmatter General exrraaaea regret " for tin endeavor to make out au autniaaien egaiuat Ma right to change the schedule, by ineaoa of a letter relating to a different ache lule." VV e cannot doubt that the rcgiut be expresses ia aiucere on hit part in reference to thia letter of the Department, I >' in ita admiaaiona with teg trd to the m irning line, it admi's everything the joint directors contend for in the evening hue. The achedale embrace! both linea; they are boilicou- 1 lamed iu tbe nut co-.tra. t, and the dtciat in of the Department moat, therefore, a ply to both alike. And what all that I deciaion I 1 hat "aa no contract had yet been entered into under the but advertisement, the service you (the companies) enrier, ia that presented by tha laal cnutract under which I ou hold over," and ag nn, " ihe o d contract ia to be reieirtd to aa containing the only evidence of agreement bvtwaeu ih purtiea." it la upon thia deciainu that the Companies reat heir caae, and aitirw that the course paraued by the Depart n-nt iu icferenre to them, nap aiu viola ion af the proviainna ol that contract, and of ita own deciaiona aa to ill o'blig limit. ; The Poatmaater-lleneral then next ata'ea, ' th-it in the month of weptember thera occurred a remarkable acrira o: mail lailurea, and that iualeao of arriving at Piiiltdrlplna in ilie time preacubed by the achedule. the cara did not ree:li | he ciCV uutil alter tile Sou'lieiu train liad lelt fur B iltimore. mil that no excuae waa ofleied f ir ilinie lanuiea." If by ttiiurea lib meana ti.e non-ariivd of the liaiu by IU o'clock, 1*. M. he ia uiioou! tedly currrct. la that in mlo the mails ?. eie Ireqerutly not delivered at the l oatOllice in I'hilade oliia by iu o'clock, P. M ? and that no eacuae w is offered for it ia irue, unci lor thia plain reason, that i o lanure ol their engagement had occurred. They were not bound by the contract under which ti ey weir tunning, t- deliver the maite at that hour, ami htnee theie waa uo propriety in ofl'eiiog an excue where they had been guilty oluo remiiauetj. Wuh aa much pr. prieiy might the Postmaster-General have ordered a acheduie, by winch they weie to arrive in Philadelphia by nine o'clock, P. ill. or II f. M. ' nd then marge toe Company with design iu deliymg the arnral of the traiu at that ncur, and witluiold I torn them all compensation for the aervice they had rendered. And thia. indeed, woald be a cunning device fur increasing the icvenuea of the Department, aa with such a achedule there would be a failure every day, aud theae fines would amount iu the aggregate to three thousand six hua lred and fifty dollais a y ear. This system of difficult, if not impracticable schedules, and inadequate compensation, rigidly administered, although in ita imancy a. d but partially developed, lias,utverihelese, uuiing ihe last year,* yielded a revenue of fiaes amounting to 26,*71 M-IQe dollars The public, it is true, may suffer from it, in its correspond?! ce, but what ia that to au economical administration of the I'oit-Oflicu Department,and the ability which will thus be obtaiued for the Department to support itself 7 '1 he Postin tater-Oeneral assumes the whole power to order schedules not only without the consent, but against the pioleal of tha contractors, and thru im.utra to tntmuloue thr blame of the disconnection of ilie lines. Aud with whu wisdom and justice the wbo'st achedule from Mew York te W'ashir.giou was arranged may be judged C om the fact, that the mails despatched from 1'h-lad-iphia fur Baltimore at 10 o'clock P ill . antl delivered i.i Hr.innift.? ? - - - ? l remained one h nr and a lull iu that city before lliey were forwarded lo Washington. wlien a delay of departure from Philadelphia ol ha:I'm hour Would, in a large proportion of the caaei of failure, hare aared ihe connection. In whom then ahould the blame of there diaconueeiiour fairly bp charged I But although no eicnse war made to the Post Oflice Depaitmeut for these miscalled failu e?, yet there waa in every caae a good aud sufficient reason for ihe unusual telay in the arrival of the trains at Philadclphi t. La the mouth of Septcin ber the current of travelling seta tirougly to the rouin >nd the very heavy traiua and the loss ol time in transferring the passengers aud luggsge from the cars to the boat at Bristol, together with eolavorable weather on the rivar ai night, delayed them beyond their u ual time of anival It arose from no desire, as is insinuated, to break the connection ol tne mails, or to cmbsrrsss the Department But to return to the terms aud coudition of the contract.? By the tth section 01 that contract it will be perceived, thai the P. stmaster-Oectr-I has the tight to annnl the contract upon ten day's uotice, in ease " the contractor should refuse to comply with such changes sa he insy order with reference to the evening liue," end that it gives to the contractors the rift to close the service upon the same notice, in case the contractor shall requite a change of the hours ol the morning line, and the Pnsimastei-Ueoeral shall not tgrte ihertto." 1 lis a tB stance of tbe terms aud conditions between the eveclug aud the morning line asreapert* the rights ol the parties, is simply this.that in the one Case thePostmnaier-f leneral has the right to annul ths contract, in the other ease the eonlrac, 1 ,h*' The eonmigency in the case of the even * L.!ijJ,IOt,i il VotJ,,,'Jee,Ien h*d oecuried. The Postmaster Ornera h d ordered a change ot the ' hours of departure sod srriv?l as set fo th in the schedule ol the old contract for ihe evening line," Irom 4 hours end Ji minutes to I < hours auu 15 iriiuuie*, and the ( ompaay iu ihu let ?r -\lrestilv re..,red to of Match 5 IM,. hsd^fuUd U cl^Tmt'o i effect. 3 he ngi t ol the Department then to annul the eoni tract and lo discharge the Contractor upon ten days' noI tice waa clear and unquestionable. The annulment of the contract was the omy penalty provided for such a re> tusal on the part of the contractor. But the Department did uot nnuul the contract or discontinue the service ? . It took no notice wherever of therelu-alof the contractor I for more thao four moutha. aud hence he had a fell and fair ! light to cocsider tbe schrdule as abandon*J by the llernit- i i ment. We maintain again, th-t the receipt and delivery of ! ' the mails to tbe companies, "alter their letter of the 4th of I March, positively tsfusing to ca rt ihein si'spt upon ihe i te-ms coiita<ucd in the old contract, and the silent ac1 nuieaeuee ofr-'e Department in those conditions, establishes | that in the Isngneae of Ihe Depaitmeut, as the contract to be , relurred to as cont uning the only evidence of agreement be- 1 tweet the Depaiinn l -nd the Company. ] The special pleidingi f the Postmaster-General in refer- , cuce t? the muse of receiving and delivering the mulls | . scarcely requires noi ice ulle s-ya the Companies lake the in ftoui and dsiiver them at tne Post Office iu ine city,, and that . I isavittual agreement ou the patt ol ihe t.otmnnies to carry them asirequirrd. This he utight to know is part ol their duty 'J'he mails, nevertheless, he does not tlany, are received hy the agents ol ilia Depaitmeut and . eliveredhy them to the agents/ f the Companies at the Post Office in the city. The lact of the agents ol the Compaeiea taking them from and to their boat* in wag >na na ihev were required to ; do, and far which they hid always received compensation, being tailored by the ingenuity of the Postmasier-Oenersl l iatoaa acceptance oft ootiiricr, in the face of their positive j W YO IW YORK, TUESDAY M< rrftian'. will aati-fy all reflect ng men of the wealmeaa of a came which tt qunet a quibble to aopport it. Itau'ely mi te>a not, whether ttia maile are delivered to the ompiu) hv the ag-Mita ?f 'lie Or|>ariinrnt from the door of the F.'ii Uffice in the aity.or fr<nn the wharf at which their boaia lia The delivery in ei'her cue illegally the' lime. The Company recived and delivered them in ihe lime mauuer precisely aa they h d ceeu in the habit of doing miner the old coutr ct. under which they were by the deep lion of the Depaitmeiit h Idirg over, nuu from the tarma and condition! of which they had refined to depart. See Poatmuter-Genaral'a Report, December7, 1140. We maintain, ttieu, ngttn. that tlie Postmaster Ueneial haa bo right to al'er the achedulc of the evening line, without the content of He t oinpauy.Srud to coutiaue to employ their ervicea after tlieir refusal, except upon ternia and conditions of ihe old contract; and th'twih* case of th*ir rrfuaal, he li<d hut one alteru itivn by the contract, and that waa, as haa been alrea"y a It iwu, the nui alincul of the c. iitract and the discontinuance of t' e service Secondly! That ihe Depuittrer.t have admitted these rights , aa wat ahuwu iu the re|ion. of the duectori, iu then olficial CPrrrap >udeuce with ilie Companies Thiidly: 'l'tiit the Drpariiueui did 'ecein- and deliver ihe rnaiia aa they had beeu iu he liaoit of doing under the old contract. alt?,- ihe Companies' ralnaal to accept aay other term* than those contained in that cuut-act, and that they vittoiilry thereby aiuic ioued ud accepted the conditions insist- , cd upon by the Ci mpaniea. 'I he P?atm .ster-tirnerai laya great at'eia through out hi? whole letter apt u the h urof deo-trturr fioin the citiee having neeu in,dr auch as the Coinpaniea had bren long anxious- i 11 ilea nog. ml i b it hilar it had been ordered, it had been ob j v? ii? inn i^o?p iuii-s m.iiiii g cau ue laniipr I font | ihetruth ill ti tln> Tin I h,ladel|hi\ and Trenton Kail o d Cnmp.ny, am the l,mndru and .unbov Company, desire uow. sallieu, the li ur ot? 1' M. as the lime of drp itturc from the ciue i for the rteuiug line, But I u uncertain arrival of the iu? tri m ttaliun re remlerel the connection at Pluladelphi i too p.eca ion at th it hum 1 Ul tin- me MBtlM roinmu1111>* 1 f Nc a York protested an strouiily against 10 early a departure from tn-t city, thut the New Jeiaey Hail road t.nmpauy, h<vi g the control at tint euil of the line, c aien'ed to d-trri f r lidil oii hull'. M the rr limtuishinent ol this pnvtlege, so Im.'tf and au4ioualy desired, stun trlade by the Com; panics fxrlnivcl, with aview to the better accommodation 1 f the tnerrauiile intricate of lie community and to eiiautc a inoiu certain connect 011 of the mailt. An at:en>t 111 next made we reg'r t to see, by a suppression ol in itern-l portiuiii of the letter of ihe iih of March, and by a collection ut ilcu-lieil sentences from it, to prove that it waa a protest nirniest the change of the morning hour,ure, J butn t against .hp evening achedu'e. He admits it to be a ' protest'' against the change of the morning lehedole, while lie eeuiea it had any application, except ol acquiescence in the th hge of the acnedule of the evening line. dot that there inty be no inisnnileratsudiug 111 refrtence to thin letter, we iuaert it enti'e, that it inay he seenli nv far the Postmaster General is right in the inferences be drawi from M Krotn the letter it wi'l be seen, firstly, that the cotnpauiea "rauunt accept t'lr achednle lor route 1301, ordered ny the I Pnsunustnr General." 'i his schedule embraced bold the \ in lruiug and evemug lines. Secmidly, that a change nl hour I. mn 5 to I I'. >1. will he acceptable to tlicm, but net a ciiauge ot the morning hour from 9 to 7 A. M , except at certain seaI sous Thirdly, that in running all their lines, they Will expedite be'nails ea rauch aa ciicomstancea and aaltty will permit, Is 11 they will uot consent to bind themselves lur any Jess tnnr for perf outing their trips, than is provided in their old contract, md that they were uot willing to iucease iheir burileus without ndditionul compeusatiou. Whit burdens.' ? Their ivas hut one in the new scheoule, and that was laid upon the evening line; nud yet the Pott muter General aay? tins is only a protest against the change of the morning hour. The nulling time for the morning hue, it will be perceived from ihe schedule annexed, do's uot vary much from that ol the schedule of 184tl. Little rbjsctiou could be made to it ou that score But the great reduction of the time of running w is made in the evening schedule Lorn New Yoru, fiom I h lots and 33 minnles, to 3 hours aud 15 minutes, and therefore it was against this alteration is ihe schedule that the protest of the hompauy was principally directed. We canuut conceive how it waa possible to be understood otherwise. But the length of tlus review ainoniabea ua to be brief in the consider tion of the matters which remain still te be uoticed. 'i he Postmaster General it pleased tu t?y that" all refusals and omissions the joiut Directors think they have made ample satisfaction for, by having offered to ihe Post Office Department the free nsa of their rosd for the transportation of the mails at any boar, and at any ra>e of speed they might ado, t." " It is true they made the offer"?" end it is true'.hey run no sort of tisk in nuking the offer" "It was utterly impossible for the Postmaslei-Ueneral to accept it, whether the '.'oinpauy ttmnght so or not lie had no authority, by law, to apply Pie fuuds of the Depart meat to the pur. cnaae aud management of steam erginea and railroad cirs," He. Ike. What I can this be posnuie I Has he then no author ty. by law, to make a centract with a company or an individual tu convey ihe mail on a read, no matter whether a railroad ora common roid, the use of which is offered to him I la it necessary lor the Department to | urchase engines and ears, aud to employ and supervise engineers and tiiemen. to lurniah then, and for a given nn would engage to pertoiui the requ<red?erviee ' Aawell might he aay it waa ueceisnry i to purchase the horsea and coaches upon the common roada, auil to auperviaa the drivera, ai to auyl it waa neceaaary to puichtae the eugmes and care, Ike. lor the aumc specific purpo>e, eii : the conveyance of the maila. No, he haa the lamt power, by law, to make h ooutr tclin both cases, at.d we tnuat aeek for aoine other reaaou for declining the offer of the companies than the waut of authority, by law, to make each a routract. The offer of the free n<e of the road waa originally made in view of the injury auatatued by the pub'ie by the ttauibera mail being detained ao long in Philadelphia before being forwa'ded to New York, from a in the morning tot, (before which time it might to be in New York,) aeven houre. The companies thenne'ves could not afford to ruu a line at lhat hour, for they could not tipect to entry any paaaangera that wou'd not (11 no eueli line exist- d) take their eallint regular I in* to New York : and the eipeuee of luunmg an eugiue and ear, mnmlymlbl mail, would he far greater than the coinicnannoa allowed by act of Cougress. und the couttruclion of the Coat Office Urpnr'meut, for such service. It ia a matter ol regret, though not of ?nrpriae. that thia offer should hare been received anil treated at it haa been by the Dtuartinelii, aud tuerred at at a " futile" offer, aud that the vie we ud nit.livee of ihn Companies should have been to entirely uiiaiinderttaod and depreciated in making it. But before w? conclude tint examination of the lel'er of the rntiinaiier Geiieial, it is necessary to refer to the iu' jert of compenaition f jt acrvice* rendered b; H?ilmad Conipa rite* in the traciportatinn of the inaile if the Uoitrd States, in the year lltg au act ef Congress waa approved limiting the i Pos-master General to the payment of net more than $J(0 a | mile. The a-1 liad reference 10 the weight und Lulk of the intuit v Die lima of the passags of the law. lint from tlie Ainu il U?iiiT'. ofthe Posttiiaitrr General, these have increased from WO to 300 per cam in ?e>ght nuee lh?t time. The eipansinn ofthe Port Office Department, aid a corresponding expansion of the service on Mailrosds, li?s barn ascertained from auihentic data to more than qaadrople itself in 10 yeirt aothai, if the pay for the rervice should bear any proportion t > the expansion, the compensation per mile, iu 1117, should be $5011 per mile, instead of the present allowance of $50#. Taken in .mother point nl'riew, tha present rate of compellaiinu will appear utterly inadequate 'J he iptcn occupied iu the crates and ca>a of in* companies by the mail* and the ma I a sirs, would readily accommodate 40 passengers, winch, at |J each, wonld produce # 20 pur trip, while the pay for the mails ti oulyb uttll. Ag-iu: the same arcomi toil *tioii would i a'ry ait toos of merchandise, which, at $1 per t u, would yield #18 ; or, if the cheapest fieieht were car>ied, say flour and uou, at the usual prices of >2 50 per tou, v. it d yield $i5 ; so ihst it will appear that tlieUmted Slates I li ire their mails i arrie 1 in the fi^iust lines, at a cheaper rale [' an it paid firiinnnud llourm reitular transportation liuea, which occnpy, in the para ge from INew York to Fhilade pais, tittteu In.urs. Itc nuctthrii be woudrred at that th?se companies, perl.i inuiK such tuts 'tinted servire. should seek tu obtain, by way el iuiiruiuificction, a cootrart on another railroad owned bv ilisrn, coouectinir. by a atearnbost route of tw euty lire miles the citiea ol Sua Vork i ml TillMdlsn} T he fmmaster (frneral, in referring to th'i. ai the cluae of hie letter states "that the Southern m i|, going to New York, hy this r >ute, nngi t be sonnwh<t facilitated, but not much " Nil much! true, u, t a'.wnj a e day, >ei, frequently, fur want of it, a whole day is lust in the coiiueclr ns Willi the North aud Kjft, aa IS arimitted 111 the letter of ihe Fottmasier General, f Jan. 71, 1115, w hit n speaks of the connection by the other lome, "via 'Ireuton and Jeisey City, being hazarded aa>! broken " A nisi I on thisronla ( Am boy mute,) leasing the i ity of Philadelphia at 5 or C o'c'ork A. M. three or loor hours in advance ofthe inail train on the upper route, weuld always preserve this coimci tiou unbroken; aud, is ibis i f no importance ti> the ciimmnnitY? Beside, by ilia lice arming iu New York three hours in advance of the mail, mailable matter is forwarded by private conveyance, more in all probability, iban sufficient to ray the cost of a contract on this mu e. And. io addition to all this, the (owes of Ifeighritown, Spotswr oil, Kierliold, and others, within a short Cistance on either aide of the Ceimleu andJAniboy Hoed, would be loruished with mail nccommodaliun. lor which tlicy have in vain so long been praying all of which cunsideratious seem to u ake in impressiou on the head of the Department. By order, JOHN H THOMPSON 1 KIJWIN A .STEVENS, . JAMES NEILHON, '*Lern. BENJAMIN KIHH. Dared Keb. IS. 1847. A UOUD FIT, A T H\NJpFf>HI)'8 CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH ?? .nr..> j. 14/ ruiton street We ham just irceivrd a I bouiiftil and well selected assortment ol Cloths, Cassiweres , and Vestii g<. suitable far sprint trade, whieli we guaianty t > make up in varments to suit the most difficult, us to style, I tits, workmanship and prices It will pav well for those visiting our tity to call at 127 Fultou street end tee N. II ? Every satiety of Outfitting constantly ou hand and I sold cheaper than the chem est. SAN DFOHD BROTHER. 127 Fulton street, m6 I in r next door to the Herald Office. | TOVinrCTNTrTiuTSl^sr^^ I JOHN CATTNAOH, Trunk Manufarturer, No. 1 Wall ' street ectner ef Broadway,has now on hand and constantIt maktoe, a rood assortment of Trunks, Valisaa, Capet Baits, and Satehels, wholesale and ratail. Alto, a superior article of a !? leather Truuka, suitable for Atueiicao or European 'irarel, and Fortmanteaus for ilia French hlallr f?i>' Orders lor the West Indies, South America, lie., filled wjtli drspveh. m? lm*rc M ASSAPtQUAHOUat, SOUTH OTtTER HJIY. LONU ISLAND 17IIR subsc iber takes this method to inform his friends sud the public, that lie lias taken the above house, which will be open for the recepv.e i af visiters on the first day of March inst. and boats will he in readiness for troutiuf. A Mage will laar e Farming lale ou the airival of the morning and ev-ntng traiu nl cars fiotn Brooklyn lor the above Home C. K MMRDKCOH, Proprietor, ink 2w* lite nl the Oyster Bay House. li iiTmks kitohen ranges. THK proprietor has been engaged in inaoufactariog and selling Kitchen Panges for the put 18 ye u and faela warranted to engage that fur private families sod boarding honaea that there it no range in use at preseut will answer a betier purpose, and if not it will be removed tree ol any expense 11 the purchaser. Numerous references can be (iren to nay person wishing to purchase I'rices range liom tH to ft), Orates of the newest patterns for pirlouts, bed rooms and offices , ? Ranges and Grata* sat, and all descriptions of Are works bmlt at iha shortest notice. Smokiug Chimneys cured and warranted il not cmed no , charge is made. A OILHOOLY k SON, Proprietors and manufacturers, 78 Nassau street. 1 feZ7 lm*r CUSTOM-iouifc* NKW YOKK,> Collector's Oft :e, March 2d. 18-17. ( [VTOT1CE?Te'sous hiving good* in the public store. No. la gg Waahinctnn street, are notified that on the Hat March instant, all goods remaining in said store will be removed to the United States Bonded Warehouse, corner of Bro-dway and Kschange Place, at tha risk and expense of the owner, consignee or agent, in! tJ 1st ro C W LA WRKNC.K., ( el'r. mu? TO DENTISTS. 'I Hr, suheenber ha* just received n cement (withont mer , c,,ry.I lor filling te?th, invented and recently improved i ?1,9 fi"} Surgical Dentist* in the world It is be lieved to he the best article of the kiad ever offered to the profession, hor sal* at tha Dental Depot of JOBRPII T. MUHriltV, ? . . _ , M8 Broadway ...... ' *co T,n* '* CM havo a jarsrnt.hv ittura txprasa ui im*rh RK E 5RNING, MARCH 9, 1847 Albany, March 6. 1840. J The Hud ton River Railroad Company?General Law for the Rebuilding of Railroad?. In I understand that Gen t" Whi e, one of the directors of the Hudson River Railroad Company, arrived in this city last evening, with a report of : dei the directors, containing a list of the na uies of the 0 ? subscribers to the capital stock of the company, ; nj together with a certificate that the whole amount o'c ol' #3,000,000 was subscribed before th" lkt inst., rei and that the ten per cent on the #3,000,000, ! ' amounting to #801,860 was paid in by the sub- w? scribers. These papers were tiled in the Comp- i thi (roller's otiice by Air. While, on behalf of the ! company, it appears that the company are a j \ ntue emnarrnsseu. in the senate, tms morning, U1 Mr. lleekmun presented a curious petition from ,w the directors, (Messrs. Jervis, Alley, Kemble, [J*1 Liowlaud, Allen, Boormau, llwoker, white, Sal- j 'c tern, Kelly and Derlairi,) praying f?r an amend- nti nient of the charter. The directors remark in hm their petition, that " the well known unsettled and : m? uncertain s'ate of the money market during the ' past year, together with the vai ions opposing in- fet tmences to which your memorialists forbear more particularly to ruler, presented serious obstacles ?}a in the way of subscription* lor the large amount V* of stock i?quired to be taken." M" The petitioners then proceed to remark that " the attention ol the Commissioners has been ] directed to the justice and propriety ot allowing Ks interest 011 instalments paid in on the stock during the progress of the work, as a part of the necessa- f" ry costs of construction, and of muking it one of h# the conditions of subscription." The petitioners re then attempt to demonstrate the propriety of al- gil lowing interest 011 instalments, and acknowledge gjj that41 the cominis <ioners, feeling confident ol the ed legal right, as well as the equity and justice of paying interest 011 instalments, did not hesitate pi to make it a condition 011 which they have received subscriptions to the stock of the company." The petitioners then, preliminary to their up- " peal for an amendment of the charter, say that " it would be as disrespectf ul as unjust to the past bi legislature, to suppose that the unusual and ot stringent limitations imposed as to time, were on s? their part intended to destroy the charter, and thus, indirectly defeat this groat work, for the be- "c nelit of any opposing interest; nor could the rigid requirements, that iioa?y expenditures should bs g0 made within certain limited periods, htivo been gti designed by the legislature to occasion unwise and nasty outlays, or wasteful extravagance." re The petitioners, alter considerable parley, ?? finally arrive at the point which they appear to J? be anxious to carry. They say, that in order to obviate an apparent ambiguity in tho original ?e act, your memorialists would call your attention h< to the provisions of the tenth sechun (of tho act ol eighteen appraisers, and requiring all vucan* tw cies to be filled in the manner provided, in case any of the persons m designated neglect to serve, ?r but subsequently, in she same section authorizing 1 " twelve of tliein in case the whole shall not ap- fr pear, to act in the premises." ? * * * "Your jo memorialists ask that this ambiguity may be re- 111 moved by requiring only such vacancies to be et tilled as may be necessary to secure the action of ,4 twelve jurors for the appointment." , lu the act of incorporation, a director in tliis 0) company is prohibited from being a director in any other rsilroad company in this State. The in petitioners doubt tho expediency ot this provi- th sum, and ask for its repeal. They conclude with a humble prayer " lor the passage of such * < an amendatory act as may be tu and proper to 61 carry into full clfoct the objects set forth in this ,. memorial, and especially to give them authority lt to issue such additional amount of stock as may bo neceesary to meet Ibe payment of interest oil Bi instulmeuts paid in during the progress ot con- & struction, and to grant such a short extension ol " the times limited, as may be found indispensable I Mt lor making the tlrst expenditures of capital " Tho petition was reterred to the committee on r railroads The act to authorise the seveisl milroad com tii panics of this State to raise money tor the put- ac pose ol substituting the heavy iron rail lor the list bar rail now 111 use, which was introduced " into the Senate by Mr. Williams, authorises the directors of the several companies to borrow any amount not to exceed jjj'lO.lKW per mile on the se c curity of the several r> ahn aim appurtenances to b curry out this object. The bill imposes a penalty h in case the companies do not commence the o work before the lirst day of Junuaty, alter the n passage of the act. In case the woik is not done, " the companies will not be allowed to divide more \ than three per cent per annum on tue capital ^ stock paid in lor the present year, 1847, nor more j, than one per cent per annum lor each succeed- ft ing year; the rurpuis dividends to constitute a d sinking hind, to be applied to the laying ol tbe " heavy rails. The neglect or refusal ol the oom ? panies to substitute ine heavy rah within three " years, will be deemed to work a iorleuurc of their c Charter. The act to take elhot immediately. This bill is in charge ol the Railroad Committee, r o Ai.UanV, March 7,1847. ? Funeral Honors to Capt. Morris?Ex-President j, Van Buren, tfc. I< The body of Capt. F. N. Morris arrived in this p city last evening, by the Housatonic ears. The re- ?' mains of this otficer were conveyed to his late residence in this city, now occupied by his wife. 'u 1 am told that the remains of Captains Williams !>; and Field were t< mporarily deposited in the ar- hj mory of one of the military companies till the 1?uerul ceremonies of Capt. Morris are over, when nj ihcy will tie taken to Butfalo in charge of tho Bur- ' gesscs Corps, of this city. ' tx President Van Buren was at Saint Perot's y Church today. p Both houses o' the Legislature will probably ad- d journ over Tuesday next, in order to participaie '? m the linal honors to the brave and gentle dead. These honors are often untimely; to tne dying, in anticipation of them, perhaps, (l " They make an eternity of moments, ? And clog the last sad sands of life with tears." u To the dead, they are nothing. St. Louis, Mo , Feb. 25,1817. t'| A Dreadful Accident t? 1 have time only to note a drearllul calamity ? which befel two of our fellow citizens yesterday, h A number of mechanics were engaged in re-shin- ^ gling oiio of the large four story warehouses on the Lovee, (No. 15,) when what is called a loot boatd giving way, two ol them were precipitated ff to the pavement, and almost instantly killed '1 hey were brothers, Julius and William tiarroux. tr the lirst a married man and the lather of a faniii... .i i_.i _r 1 ..i: l. iy , m<* uiiici a lau ui ct|;uu;cii. .luiuo uau^m ill tliu descent by a chimney, and might have saved ?> his own life but tor an attempt to sustuin his bro tlier. Two others were in imminent peril from the same accident; one caught by a skylight, and ' the descent of the other was arrested by a gutter. Jl Arui.S. ? Latest rsoM Texas.?The steamship Palmetto, "j.' Captain Smith, arrived from Galveston last evening. We received by her fall files of Text* paper* a* late a* due. a[ Major John M Allan, U S. Marshal for Texas, died suddenly on the night of the 10th inst. '"e bad been w slightly indisposed for soma days, but was able to be out and attend to buslnoas up to the evening of his death. m whan be complained of sovere pains in bis body, and waa bled by his own direction, immediatoly alter which ho , expired '' lie waa a native of Kentucky, ontorad the 11. H. navy ? at an early age; It ft it to take part in the Greek revolu w. lion, and waa with Lord Byron when he died. Subee- ci ijuently he wai engaged in the struggle for Texan inde- w pendenco, having commanded a cruiser a gainat the Mexi- ln can* at one time, and being one of thoeo who, et San c.c Jacinto, redeemed the fair domain that now conatitutee 1)1 the State of Taxaa for ever from the Mexican yoke. He a{ was the firet Meyor of Galveston, and has since held the ?* office several timai. Great complainta are made against tha mail contractor 01 on tha route between V ictoria and llouetan . It appear*, says the Houeton TeltfrapK of tha Cad ult, "that the mail hetwoen tins city and Victoria being a one-horse 1 mail, it is insufficient for the conveyance of all the letter* 01 and papera whenever a heavy mail arrive* liom the f* t 'nlted Stele*. f<J " in consequence of thie the poetmaiter her* has at times sent lettere only, because they are of more im- 01 nnrtance end value then newspapers,end the papers have *' been detelaed until the mail wee lets enoumheied." I * The weather In the vloinity of Houston during tho sarly part and middle of thie month, was said to he the , * coldest ever experienced in that taction of tb* country. The extreme cold bad been productive of much alcknoe* R in the interior counties- pleurisy. qnioty end other den- ; M gcious disease* p.evailirg to a great extent?and sove- { th ral of the oldest citiiena had fallen victims. i ni A largo portion of the town ot Ripley, says th* Hous- di ton TtUtrap'i, was consumed by ftiw on the Jlit oi Jan , hi and three children of the widow Tensor, whose house in was consumed, perished in the Homes Dugan'e Hotel, ti M' MiUeu end Reynold's large Mote, end the TtlrgramA I of office, ware all consumed. 'I hrce tinmen were killed by ol tho fulling oi timbet*. A letter of late date from Hen Antonio, enys the Gal reston Afeuu, expreeees much mora encouragement in fa regard to tho prospect of filling up a rugnnent fur Col. is Jack Heys?A^sw Orfsen* Dtlf, ftb. M. pi [ERA 9 City Intelligence iosvo* add Ntw Hitik Railroad ?Through tk? lite at'entioai of Mr. Cloyet, of this route,we were put possession. at an early hour last night, of Boston [Mr* of yeaterday morning. rea11n to BoaToit.?The steamboat line* for Boaton, i Norwich an<l Worcester, and Stonington and Prove i , nee, on and after to-morrow, will leave at five instead , four o'clock P M., as heretofore. rna Wkathkr.?In the early part of yesterday it was | Ining : and about noon it began to deer up About six ; ilork, P M , we bad a change, the weather becoming : , murlibbly Qua uutl spring-like. : , I'm: 8t?ri*<.?The condition 0f the itreet* yesterday i \ ! truly disgraceful The accumulated frost and snow | it hare been piled upon the etreeti, in many quarters a the ciiy, ahoul'l be removed forthwith. 1 i'mi.?In veslerd&y's Herald we chronicled a variety i 1 (Ireland alarms, occuring in all quarters of tho city, ' oiling the amount upon the returns of the Chiuf Kngl- ' pr-in many instances, where the facta do not justify 1 IVe had a aerioui fire yeaterdey morning ul half paat 1 i'clock, A. 3d at the corner of 40th street ami 6th avele. Two atahles were burnt, and also two horiuathat d haen stahh-d at the time, belonging to the establish- ' int. Two wagom were also destroyed rna Fine Bxll op Citt Hall.?An experience of a v weeks proves tho superiority of this excellent alarm , II, which is heard all over tho city on (he aligh'est inn Two other such bplls would rouse up "old I itham" from the 1st to the Itlth ward, upon every occa- | m when Are or an alarm of flri should occur Common Council. Board or Assist art Aldkbman, March S.?Neil dray, iq., President, in the Chair. Pier foot of Vtsey efreet.?A patifion was received m sundry merchants Ming business in West street, to ve the use of pier at the foot of Vesoy street. Hefor d Paring of Cotnliee Slip.?Resolution offered by Asitsnt Aldermnn Byrnes, in lavor of causing Coentles > Ip, between Front and West street, to ho paved. Adopt Sewrr in Ferry itreet.?Petition of sundry owners of operty, for permission to build at their own expenao, a i war in Ferry street, between Cliff and Oold. Adopted. Sewer in Fulton etreet.? Petition of numoroti* owners ul leasees of property, for a sewer in Fulton street, beireen Nasiau street and the Fast lliver. Referred. Remuneration for Hamagee.?Pet.tionof F J Rosenick. for a remuneration for damages sustained by tho i ei flowing of his collar In consequence *?f a defect in tho : war in 31d street. Referred. Sewer in Ortenwith street.?A remonstrance was pre- | ntod against building a sewer in (ireonwich street, | (iwoon .viorris mreei uim mnerj i meg. neiciieu. Pier foot cf Jilt any of sundry perns for exclusive use of the pier at the foot of Albauy reot. Referred. Claim upon Corporation property.?A petition waa ceived from M. A. I'ark, asking tor a portion of the proed? of the tale of premjaea No. lid Broadway, ahonld ey exceed $40,000, that being the amount of her father'a i ibilitiea to the Corporation. Referred. Opening of Cherry itreit.?A remonatrance waa preated against the proposed opening of Cberiy street, sferred. Fifth Avenue.?Petition in favor ol flagging the aide , alka in Ath avenue, and fencing in the vacant lota be- . reen lath and 10th streets. Referred Siadiion Syuars.?Report and roaolution in favor of iplying to the Legislature for authority to erect public lildinga on a portion of Madiion Square. Adopted. 1 Annulling Contractt ?A communication waa received om the Counsel to the Corporation, enclosing his opinn, to the effect that (he Streftt Commissioner is at )erty to contract for the completion of sevTcrs, when'er the original contractor neglects to proceed with the me. Ordered on fllo. Truiten of Public Schoolt.? Resolution from Board of ldermen, in favor of appoiutiog Charles Davis a trustee public schools in the lath ward. Concurred in. Receiving Batin and Culvert ? Report and resolution faver of constructing a receiving basin and culvert at o corner of Broadway and 13ih street. Adapted Scurrr lis Thirty-Second itreit.? Report and resolu- ! an in favor of building a sewer in 3Jd street, from the ; h avenue to a point near Broadway. Carried. Market Street Pier.?Petition of Highland Lake Ice ! ompany, for exclusive use of pier at the foot of Market j reel Referred. Warren Street Pier ? Report and resolution from the sard ef Aldermen, in favor of leasing to Thomas Powell c.% tl.? >vnliisina nsn sal lltn titar at th? font of Warran reet, as a landing of lite Nowt>u*h line of steamboats, the annual root of $4,000. Concurred in. Thirty eighth ifritt.?Keport and resolution in favor of ravelling 88th itrcet, between 7th and 9th avenues? uncurred in Blind jf?v<u?a ?Report and resolution making ? dona an of 400 loadaot atruei manure to the blind asylum, in :cordance with their petition?Concurred in The board, after acting upon a few other paper* of lite interest, adjourned until Monday evening next Police intelligence. Mahch 9.?.4rre?t of a Rroatver of Stolen Property ? unstable* Joseph and ltue arrested, yesterday, a Jew ] v the name of Lewis Blatorinsky, who keeps c rccoud and doming shop at No. 60 Orange street, on a charge f buying four silk dresses ,and a velvet dress, valued at oar $100, which he purchasod for $9 from two black tieves, called Anderson and Vanta, who are now in pri- | on for burglariously entering the dwelling houro of ' lr. John Qfuimi, No 80 East Broadway, about a week go, stealing the above property therefrom On searchig the parson of the accused, several pawn tickets were >und, the proceed* of which have been obtained from tie pawnbrokers by the above officers?consisting of a ew hi ck cloth overcoat, several remnants of black loth, two pieces of cassimore, also one striped do, for > 'hich an owner is wanted. Apply to Mr Hewart, the flicient cleik of police, at tue Tombs. Justice Drinker j ommitted the accused for examination. Jl Juvenile Hurt lor ?A hoy by the name of John Caroil, alias Lphraim fate, was arrested on Sunday night by ftlcor Brady, of the 7rli ward, on a chargn of hurglaiiusly entering the coal office of James Tisdale la Co , I io 141 Cherry street. Two other boys, his accom 1 lices, escaped from the officer by Jumping over the !>nce. Committed by Justice Timpson lor trial. Caught on the Jump ?A Mack tellow. Called Vattbew I antony, was ratected last night in thu cabin ol the hoonsr Condor, the rascal having extracted from the antaloons pocket of Cuplsin Henry Ciairvilfe a purse yntaining 44 cents, also a hunch of keys, all ol which ere found on the person of the aocussd, upon his arrest y officer flregory, ot the 7th ward. Locked up lor trial Y Justice Timpson. Counterfeit LiJule ? Officer A. W C. Bmitli, one of the '.laehn at the lower police, arretted, yeaterda)-, a mau y the name of W. H Millett, doing business at No till nn street, on n warrant ittued by Justice Drinker, ! herein he stands charged, on the affidavit of Beth W. ; owle, of No 163 Broadway of coun'erleiting labels pur- ' orting to bo Dr. WksUt's Balsam of wild cherry, for ! iseate of the lungs, which labels are said to he counter i tits of the legitimate balsam, sold by Mr. Kowle. Tho , coused was detained lor examination, and subsequently , ailed in the sum of $1000 for hit appearance at court. Ship Lijten at work again?Two decently dressed sllows, one wearing a cloak, entered the tailoring store ccupied by Mr. Jatnes A. Clark, No. Be Blcecker street, bout 7 o'clock on Saturday morning last, while the boy rat sweeping out, and enquired for Mr. Clark, for the urpooe or having a suit of clothes made. The hoy left le store fora moment to fetch Mr. ('., and in hia absence is rascal in the cloak stole a piece of cassimere conlining 3# yards, valued at $50, and left the store The ther remained and asked Mr. f'lark what be would irirge to make a pair of pantaloons, and then followed is companion. The property was not missed until a iw hours aftirwards, whou too late to obtain any trace "the thieves. Iitw Intelligence. Burpiaioa Court, in banco, March 8.?Urn hiatus Clark I ai< vi. thr Merchant*' bank ? lie-argument ordered. ' John hi. Utvoy vs. John It. Colon and othm?Now ' ial granted upon payment ot costs. Henry Cotltral vi. John Browrr.? Saw trial denied. Sttphrn IVhitnry rs. thr Mayor, fr.?New argument rdeied. Circuit Court, March h?Before Judge Kdmonds ? I Irssitti os I'cndlrton - Tins cause was resumed to ly, and farther adjourned U.vitku Status District Court, March H.? Before ldge Butts -The Untied Slain us. Geo. Oilman, John ' leaver, and lti othm ?In this case, which was an in ctmuru for a revolt, all the prisoners were found guilty, ter which they wete remanded for sentence. The Somen. Wm Uuiitll and John William ?The isouers were two of the rrtw of the ship Burgundy, id were indicted for ttoaling a pert of the cargo, oon ting of some pieces of silk. They pleaded guilt) , and ore alto remanded for sentence. 8mMi ? (itorgt Tucker.?This it an indictment for antleughter. The case will be taken up to moirow. , In Chahcest ? March fi.?Before Judge Edmondt ? i Re, Jiaar Jl. Bigg*, John IK. Moot' and Tfiomot iggIn thin matter the partita were arretted on a arrant granted on an affidavit made by Jeste ( oncklin, targlng them with a co- apiracy to defraud. They ere temporarily committed by Jnttice Dripker I'tud- J g an examination of the case, Mr. N. B. Dlant, their ) urine I, obtained a writ of habeat cotpin, on an affidavit leging that they were illegally detained All partita ipoared before him thia evening Upon the suggestion Mr. Brady, who was aatoc.iatecountel with Mr. Blunt, rther proceedings are postponed until to-morrow eveam. Commov Plias, March ath?Before Judge Daly? Itjak P. Woodruff and othe.rt, it Jett' C Rowan.? bit wat an action to recover the value ot 1000 buahelt salt, at 3J centa per bushel. The defence wat the alute of frauda* the defendant marely bought the salt r Mornion k Van Noatrand of Watt Troy, and the aintifi now teaka to make him liable. The plaintiff's uuiel contends that even if the defendant gave a verbal laranty, be could not be answerable, at it wet net in tiling. Reeled verdlnt. Eheha Davit vo. J J. ttevant.? This wet an action for taiior'a bill, amountlrg to fd9. Verdict thia merniDg Coi'BT or OavaaaL btstioit, March Rth.?Before ecorder Rcott and Aldermen Walsh and Walker ?John ckeon, Est-. District Attorney .?Pimm <>/ (imlty At e opi ning of the f 'ouit this nicrning. a youug men itr.ed Peter McMahon was placed at the bar on an inctnient lor oblainitig money by false pretences, in iving enlisted in the Um'ed Htntea service, represent, g himttlf to he oi age, an I obtaining the bounty money, id tubaeijuenlly procuring hi* discharge on the ground ' being a minor. 'Ilia act ustd withdrew a former plea not guilty and pleaded guilty ; whereupon he was realidad for sentence Jlnoihtr Pita of (Juilty ? Thomas Williams, indicted r grand larceny, in having a qitanli'y o( btMM an I mala wearing apparel, alleged to be woith J.40, lh roperty of DriJget Ansel, ?es permitted to ploud guilty ^ LD. PrtM tin ouM. to a petit laroeny ( end was aenteucel to ail month* Im priaonmant la tha penitentiary. Trial for an Ji fault and battery?Three young moo. named Krone!* Vail, Patrick VicUarmott, end Peter Cor fori, were then called to trial on an indictment lor an agirruvate l luanult upon Wm hoott with iome sharp inalru mt nr.on the 3Id oi February lait, at a houae in Anthony at The jury altera brief aha*nee, returna 1 Into Court and rendered a ranlict of guilty. Thay ware aaveially aao fenced to three months imprisonment in the penitentiary. Trial for Receiving Stolen Goode ? Patrick McUuade. was then called to ti 1*1, on ao indictment for receiving itclen goods, in having purchased in the month of Norember last, a quantity of woollon cloth and othor pro >erty, know in* at the time that tho said good* had been itolan. On the part o( the proaocution Mr. Edward '. ana teatitied to the fact, that a piece of cloth meaiuring about 19 Tarda, together with somecaaaimera, he ?o? atolen from nia atore in Broad ; aome gooda found in he atore of McQuade, and ahown to witneaa, were idsntP ked an h.? property. At thia atage of the trial, the hiourt iJjournt d until to-moriew morning. VarletlM. New potatoes hare made their appearance upon the tables at the Cincinnati hotala. The canal at Pittsburgh is expected to be ready iorba sines* by tho 16th inst. Preparation la making to commence running boats on that day. A man in Pittsburgh the other day complained at tho Eslice ottlce that his wile had stolen forty doliare from is trunk. The fair delinquent acknowledged the taking, but argued that she was entitled to half her husband's money ?ikiero was $90 in the trunk and aha took $40. The a flair was settled by the return of $90, the wife keeping $19 for pin money. The Mayor and a number of tho members of the Common Council of Mobile have been indicted by a grand jury of Mobile county, lor opening the ballot boxes that ware entrusted by law to their safe heaping, and examining and comparing the lists and tiefcata " for the purpose af ascertaining how the voters had cast their votes" at the recant municipal election. The Mayor publishes a card in the papers, and says that every charge in tho indictment is false. 6nnrt OOZKN PATENT 8H1KHKD 8UIFEN jV/vV/UKllC embrseiug over tweuty stylos sad prices, varying from below $9 to $M per dosan, for sals la jobbers am', espoiters, and nt rttnl, by the only manobetu rer of ths t>brie in thu United Stales, and eaclnaiva owner of nil the patents ior processes in the inanafnciarc of those goods. H. H. DAY. f26 lui rrc n Conrtlsadt street MOURNING COLLARS AT WHOLESALE. THE best to be found in theeity, at W.T. Sinclair's MR Canal street. Southern and country dealers will And It to their iJmnurs to call before they purelinse f!6 Im'r \ PKK TON lor large Nut, uuder cover. The ?d f tl subscribers have reduced tho price of their baet Peach Orchard Red Ash Coal, as follows?Orate $6; Egg and btove 96 26; and Nut 96 76. There i i uo pea or Chesaot in the Nut, nor any Nut shipped with the Store. Lehigh Coals a: rne umr prire : ail aeiivrreu irse or cartage. THOMAM r. DOLAN, M3 Mulberry ef. and 263 wejt 13th at. between avenues tth and Mth W hr?w NEW rAPKil IIANOINUS k WINDOW SHADES. Nii-oi.*! Pikk k Co., No. 173 Pearl street, IMPOKTKkH and maiiofietnrers, hi>a jnat opened a very exteusive supply of every atyle and quality of American and krrnch Paper Hangings, Boidara, Kireboard Prints, and wide Window Curtain paper. Alto, a aplendid aaaortment of Tainted Window Shades, and fixtures for the same, which (hey offer to merchants, dealers, sad others at the very lowest priees. 137 las*re WKiS AJ\1) TOUPEES. BATCHKLOK'd new invented WIOS and TOUPEE* she the moil perfect apecimcns of the ait of win making . yet offered to the public?they are ao admirably adapted to the peculiar style of each individual, ao light in their con s'rn< tion, and natural in appearance, as to defy detection. A Urge and well (elected stock always on hand, at the only manufacturers,Wm. Balchelor, 3 Wall atreeljear Broadway Copy the address. Wi lm*rh Tw HOTEL PROPRIETORS. ~ fPHK advertiser,at present and for a length of time in one m. of the best houses in this city, is desirous of making ar rangements as Book-keeper or manager of a hotel, after the first of April, when liia preseut engagement expires. A long experience in first class holds in differsut cities of the IT ..J nf >!, I,,irl..,l >l?rirl(r Being without encumbrance, h?? no objection to any part of the country Extriyaganr reauneration not expected. Ad dress " Honks," box 1339, Poet Office, N. Y. ml islw*r riOAL ?PtACH OtlCllAKDi RED A8H. LAKOK \>uul, $510; egg,broken and ttove.Bi 75.Lehigh, lump,$3 3d, tgg, stove and uul, $3 73; these ste caah price* lean 30 eta. for carisgo. Mjr roale are all under sheds and dry, re-screened fiom my cosl yard, 136 Elizabeth street and corner of Han tnersley end Bedford etrecta. lift tin*rc JAf OB Wr.KKMJf. SEGARS. HAVANA AND ST. JAGO LEAF TOBACCO A. 8AMANOS. 94 Broadway, np stairs, (opposite l\ ' Trinity Church) offers for sale, in lota to aait pnrohes ti s, at wholesale and retail. 10 bales Harms Leaf Tobacco, wrapper* and hilar*. 30 " Yguany " K " ;1H " Cumberland Harbor, * 40 " St J?go Leaf Tobacco \ " 13 " dark wrappery. 19 eases old Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, good solars. Also, Segara of all brands aud classes, including sons# in po ted expressly for private smokers, together with inhere nit ?ble for the trade. Just received, a few of the new brand "liueMUCAMcn " imported solely by the snbseriber. Otders rec-ivvd ana punciuslly attended io for all classes f eagMA Alto for sale, nil kinds of Smoking Tobacco, of American, Spain.Ii. Herman, and Turkish inAiiufactnre, iuclnding the celebrated Scarfalatli Also. Hu nils of all kinds, mcludiug the celebrated "Coras Hsoaix"and "Nsi HiTOCHts." A. A.SAMANO, 171 lin*re *1 Hkoadway. Up Stairs. Sl'L UNDID BUWLiNU AND HlLLlA Kb SALOON. THK SUBSCRIBER begs leave to inform hit friend and i nisi.I as* liis r i Ism snaiu r?#> s? n llu knsimrn mm llie Wbaftw. iiigt w l int) ll'iom, >o 72 Prince afreet, (lip alalia,) It now open, at a public room The above aaloon it fitted ?p and liiruialiril m a tiy lu <>t maginlicenee that ceouot be enrpaued by nitv aiwilar evtabliihtnrnt in tire or auy oilier city la the Untied H.'nira. There aia four ADtya, constructed in lac neat poaainla manner, ami a Inntu Billiard H'om attached a very aecoininodatioa ran be afforded to all that will |lae?T tlila lablialimeut with iheir patronage, nil lw*rc JimNTBAVI" "im. p'uwKLL, UUDLIHT AND aurist. VTTF.NDS to Dueaaea of the Kya aod Kar, and to all imperfecinni of Viaiou. Irom 9 to 4 o'clock, at hit realdrure a^d riTice, 261 Broadway, corner ?l Warren atrael. Uptbnlnna. ftoppiuie ol the Tear I'avaage, Cataract*, aad Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUHOHI8 treated with great attention and leeeeet. STK ABISMU3, or Hqnintmg. cored la a Tew minntea. Liealneaa, and all ditcharget from the FUr, permanently cured. ARTIFICIAL KTE8 inaerted hneetaeleiadapted to every delect mfi lm*re MUSKETS AND Pisi'OLS. 1 S,1'P Mnakett. Il/v'V/ Mild American Banded Mutkets.with bayonet*' eoniplete in the movt peifect order. inn pair Ship I'latola. Inn Itevo1 ving6 barrel Tiatoia. 100 ttowie Kn vet. Jim Double barrel Fowling Piece*. Hid Simj'e do do Mportmg attielea, Uuu materiali, Tool*. ke., every thing required br trie Hpnruinan or Ununmth. For aale by 128 Im* re A W HI'l KS at CO , 91 Maiden Lane. llMwUAi'S SULPHUR HATHS, i No. 547 I'eurl Ifreel, nrar Broudway. 'IMIKHK BATHft have been entab ish*d for the Ustiwao1. ty*six years, nod are the only Hulphur Bath* in the city. Tlicy ere highly recommeuded by (he moat rmmeut physt ciaoa, for the cure of rlienmaiurn, aalt rheum, chronic corn plaints, eruptions of the ikin. Sir Medicated Vapor Baths alto giten daily, from I M.tok r M. fr2B lm*rr A CUKK~H7R~GOLDa! MHH. ('ARftOLL'ft Medicated Vapor aad Belphur U.iths, 184 Ktalioii street, opposite Church street. A certain cure for< wlds, I otighs, lihentnatisra, Hore Throat, and nil iu'1 inunatory dueases -ncidrnt ! lha changeable st/we of the weather. TIih Sulphur Vapor Bath is particu la Iy recommended by our tirst physicians as a cure lor all eruptions aud diseases of thaskiu. So dancer of raking cold after the use of these hatha. jgg Im'rc AST OFF CLOT ill NO ANLi FURNITURE WANTED. LAD I ICS or (Irntlrmru having eny eaet off or anprrlliioee < loihiug or Fnrnitere to diaimee of, ran obreiu a Sir en eh price for the me bv lending lor the iiiheeriber, at tue remilence, or through the poet, which will be punctually attend <d to M. 8. I, OH K.N, A (rot. M Duao# itrtet. n. ti ? Ladiei can b# attended in by Mr* Cohen j? I in MuMKV CEMT! 'PIIK. Ii>ghett prices advanced in large nud small auma n* 1 gold ami vilver WMchef, diamond*. plate, Jewelry, dry good a, furniture, ctothiug. and carry description iter*, nil property, JOHN M. DAVIKH. Licensed |**wnbroker. Ill William at reel, near Duinee. Prranna received m priyeM (Be**. by tinging llir hell 19?w*ee Orricr. or tms Naw Vuii him In I tmnar.j Nnw Yuan, Keb. 10,1H7 \ |"\l V1DKND?The board of director* hav* this d?y d# mJ elared * dividend of four |irr rent payable to the stock holders, on and after the 11th mat., at the office of the compa ny, No 72 Wall street. The tiansfar boohs will be alosed until the llth inst. By order. II lm?r D UNUK.ltHILL. Secretary. Soda WATKK and aPPAHATIIA. j. Matthews, No 111 Third Avenue. N I., manufacturer of all the modern apparatus used tor the manufacture, drawing or bottling o f hoda Water. A lithographic plate, with printed dirrctiona for the making of Soda Wafer and Sy.upa, aleo for the pot ting up of the apt annua audits use ke ., will aceornpnav* a pp.irarua feb7 lrp? Tta IMPROVED MAGNETIC MACHINES ' MOUKEllEAD'fiJ GRADUATED MAGNETIC MACHINE. 11HI9 instrument is an impor'aut improvement oaer all other foim* of invuuf ictort, and hat Men adopted bv the medical profession generally,** the most effectnal machine I lu uae. It is peilectlr simple tn ronalruetion, and therefore not liable to eet out ol orde', as IS the ease with similar le itrtimeut*. It idtnit* of perfect control .and fan be graduated to any power adapted for any infant, or aafteteut forth*, strongest adult, at the pleasure of the operator. The mag natic force is inipvrted m a continuous manner, and wito no unplo sensation to the moat delu ate patient It r??|uirev no ataiaiaut In ita use. and ii, in every inspect, perfecl harmless. Kach maehlue is compactly arranted. with the hartery and all aecesaary appliance*. put m> in treat roaewood eases Ac companying seen are full directions regarding its ute sod vp plication. EJ* Owing to the f.cilmas posiosaed by ihe subscriber, the < I radii ated M gnetir Machines are told at prices eqealjr ; low as those ahargad for inferior aftielc* fhey ean be i#ad>l ly seat to any part of the country. * P.-ice of the machiuea 10 Sll. and fit each, according fo lilt and fliili>h;and ear It inilrnnirut la warranted Many rf the enres pert rrncd by this machine t't Wjr i w.ndeif'il, so mo of them iu dwetaei of the inoet tddious ami psmf, I character kn twn to the medical profession '? "" I nervona oomplaiiirs the eflecta are almost Phv aicians and others 're cautioned against pureh taiag t imitations of thee machines, under whatever name. ? , will he fonnd oflirile or no value . Manufactured and lot sale, w bolevale p ' nr im*r Ittfro'udwey, New ,

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