Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1847 Page 3
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1 I ~? "' artlrl s xputut from thi* port during tho month* of Jatiiwj ' February, in each of the paat throe year* bi- *rear* raoM tar Fobt or New Yna*. Ja-tui u <irtd February, 1*41. ISM. 1SI7. /*? !< ?, u >1* 1,773 4'ft J7? i Aahri. pi t. hb1* 3 4M 1,769 3,34'? p- rla hhl? 9*4 J31 44* B<*f, picLloal, bbl* I,OH l1,914 0.1*6 iried, cwr 4' 0 1,1*0 1*3 firi-awa*. c a t 1081 *43 717 Bui ?r, flikina 1,003 3 066 1,774 ;'*?l?, init* ,,... 1.013 40* t?0 uiiict,boa** 3,"J 3 373 l.iti t tlluw, buxe* 4 ill 4,601 3,874 Chee*r, ea?k 3 714 3,401 4,177 b"*e? 001 13,80 1 30,018 Clnerr "ted. tea 3,310 1,137 93 C, baa* 301 1,183 338 L'S'l.bin 1.333 140 4*3 Cordi*e, roil* 303 0 33 413 t urn buthej* 80,0 7 313 8.7 1,330 368 Corn Meal hhda CO 190 1 331 , bbl* 1,103 33 V21 66.173 Cofton, bale* 31,101 10 401 19 137 Pom enu?a food*, balei luide* 3,'ltt 7?8 1,07* ? nh, div rod cut 7,11* 3 448 8,017 ?4i kerel, bbl* 408 1, 37 1,401 hermif, bbl* 843 *88 417 Jl4*?*rd re* 3.(<03 i.313 ? H-ur, wl e*', bbl* 19 7 01 116,760 3*0.138 _ ry", bbl* 010 3,314 4,031 Ooiipowdtr, kega 3,3"3 3 79* 4* Haaii and Bacon, cwt *10 813 '* 311 tilde*. N'o 0 390 11,004 8.I7F H*"a, b let . 1 330 31* f.?rd, kogt .....16 504 14,*13 37,804 I { * ' 1,606 ? Leather, rert, . ? ? 7 0 Nn !?. c??k. 1 135 J,MO 3,1'0 Naral Sl.rei, roiin, bll?.3,Ml 6.080 5 ap'ta nrpeutioe, bbli 816 '30 tar, bbu 4.0M 6.150 1.IM ta pernios, bbli 44,394 44,030 14,171 \ Oats, hmhals . .. ? ? 40,074 Oi a, nliTe, b*iketi and oaeea... 105 100 ? | li"ie*d, caiki 40 73 while, fall i a 119 000 15.343 51X06 I ? do 53.551 73,74 1 57,741 Pepper, baga 331 ISO 71 I ' ir eulo, bias . S.'73 ? 316 roik, bb.?... 7.490 7.134 1.734 Nice, til . 2^11 3,118 6,543 I'li a, fnrrifo, pan's 73 ? 43 American, bbli... 1,003 374 404 fie. bushels ? 41,014 91.605 Silks. ik? 200 133 100 Soap, bra.a 4 513 4 079 5,700 Sugaia, mnTo?srlo, lihda 1.4M lif 37 rsftnad, cwl 3 ?<9 5TJ 171 T-llnw ooka 1,471 1,006 1.6*5 lr<i*,u?a raid other black, lb?.. 5.744 14 070 330 h i n aud Tonne hr>-op. Iba 13 313 41 175 14,'04 aunpow Irranrtimp'l, Ibi... 0MI 0,044 M4 lolncco leaf, hhda 54 3 417 311 balea lie 3.M3 1.610 1,040 aiiaufictared, kegs... . 9,Ml 3,707 3,371 whalehora. ewt 3 014 4'0 1.014 Wheat, bn h?U ? 55,067 366,651 Wii ke. bbli 193 IM 55 Wool, ha lea ? 35 346 Thi? table exhibits a vary great Ineraaae in tha quantity of our graat agricultural staples exported, and a decreaae in mosLartlclos of foreign growth and manufseture. It will he perceirod (het some new itema of export hare came up, auch aa leather ami eate. We hare no doubt bat that the shipments of lsather ftom this oountry to fbrelgn ports, will, in a few years, be quite extensile. Oets is on unusual article for exportation, but the shipments will rot be permanent, ae nothing bnt the great scarcity rf breadstuff* in Europe has created a demand this The vela* of merchandize exported from this port, far the first two moath* in eaoh of the peat three yes re, hu been ai annexed t? Value or Kissrtm?Port or New York. 114V IMC 1847. f?r?<rr $1,447 9^6 a,Ito 144 1.118 HOB Fsltruary 1,846 845 3,464 009 $3,284,690 3,946,689 6,583,907 The vein* of export* for the first two monthe of 1846, wee $588 099 greater than for the corresponding months in 1943, and the value of exports for the first two months of 1847, was $2 686 216 greater than for Ihe correspondi rg months in 1849. The exports for February this year exceeded in value those for both January and February in 1845, by mora than two hundred thousand dollars. The foreign export trade of this port, and for the country generally, never was in a more flourishing condition. The bulk of our exports is . in agricultural products and (be destination of a large per cent is Oreat Britain. We give publicity to the following eommunication, and commend it to the inspection of the stockholders, with the remark that we cannot perceive, while there existed a necessity of the c pools 1 acts, how the condition ai the bondholders, not coeroid by the pledge, is improved. If there existed no general right to contract debts, tbo'e acts anthn riling the company to borrow from the State of Massachusetts and the city of Norwich. six hundred thousand dollars, if they prove anything, are a direct negative of a general right to borrow. 'J his is one argument sustained by every court of law, an J baaed on tho soundest principles of statutory law, that grants, nrd especially those conferring monopolies, must be construed strictly, and no power, not expressly grantt", can be inferred. if the capita! of a corporation be limited, it would be a violation of the charter to go beyond, and that which cannot be done directly, by no inference o*a be legally done indirectly, such aa the issue of bonds or other obligations. If this principle were not true, wc should be involved in the abiurj doctrine that initiative restrictions not only offered no guaranty, but that directors, to serve their own or other projects, possess the pnwer. without the knowledge or consent of the ttorkholders, to pledge or mortgage the property of nit; . 1'iupauy, ue>uuu me puwnr 01 rcueuiption. II ine stot Lboiders hud been consulted, thcro is no individual who mm believe tor a moment that any sanction could have been fbtained for the purchase of the old steambeats of the Long island Railroad Company, at 9160,000, bv me una of which the latter company became discharged (.fee expensive burden,to the injury of the Norwich and "vorewster Company, We hold, as we have heretofore j-aVJ, tLsut 'besa companies oughtalways to be narrowly watched; tho interests they effect, both private and public tire of a character much too extensive end serious to justify their being allowed to pass tha ordeal of public s< intiny with impunity. .It jnust bo acknowledged that tho Sta'.o of Msssachue.t'.s ami the city of Norwich liave been secured, hut as t n the rt st of tha obligations ol the company, on enforcement of the mortgage liens would shut out all individual interests. Ws are leirful that tha time is not far distant wlieu the Norwich and Woicester, aud several other lulhoads in a similar condition, will be in the hands of a few individuals, frea of debt, and Independent of stockholders. Nokwich krro WoacasTKa. It having beeu represented that the Norwich and tVoicu'ii Railroad Company, had no right to incur dolus, have ttie goodness to publish the following extracts Item the laws passed by the States of Massachusetts and Connecticut, subsequent to tha enactment of their charter, by which it will be seen, while no areneral nmliority sxl-ted te contract debts, they were thus s|>%cully authorised to pledge or mortgage their whole prcpstty, ie?l i.ud persoti'il Act pursed J-Luery, 1038, "authorises the csmpany, by the tilth section, to pledge or mortgage to the Com n'otiW eelllt, thetr road, with the franchise and property to fhum h? lunging, to secure the commonwealth fer the f?oi htm'!red thouaaad dollars loaned to them, or any debt, owing, or to become owing, from them to the com- I n oiiwe.dii.,?tlie said conveyance by tha terms thereof, to b? 01 'hu fraachiso und property of the corporation j" and I by section tit h, such aonveyanues shall operate to cover ai d tiien uny lands included within their location, and any additions which shall be hereafter made to said road by labor, mat. rials or otherwise ; and any land hereafter purchased or any buildings or fixtures placed thereon ; nu t, also, any engine*, cars, or other nnnsrutus " 1 Inn, it will ha perceived that tho lien ot the State, I tin tar us the tie gu of the property afiords security, if i perfectly rate, an j in tha tame degree, every right a#qiucd uuiiar thia mortgage ; and fiom tha following retolutton oi the State ol Connecticut, a corresponding exclusive ught waa conferred on the city of Norwich (or their Idhu ef two hundred thouaand dollura. June the 7, I WHO ?" Resolved, by thia Assembly, that tlie Norwich and Worcester company tie, and they heieby ate auiheriiad, to execute a mortgage of their property to the city of Norwich, for the sum of two huuared tbousi n I ooliera, and that the pledge of the railroad, itcore and franchise of said company, executed by the Noiwich tnd Won eater Railroad Company, to the city Co Norwich, for the security of the loan heretofore antbnixed, be, and the eame la hereby ratified and costumed " It > evident, fiem there ex tract a, that, notwithstanding the Not wich and Worcester company have no general r ,iht, (o-ier, nor authority to incur debta, or iaauo n, '.encer ot i eutodnara, to borrow money, or in any r.ihoi wise to tlx a In n on the properly of the company, llioi? i?\eial loans, uiad,< by the ntata of Massachusetts i... . too c. J >1 Norwich, hy the special enactments to which on hoe r, letted, ci ,nut I e questioned, nor can ttioia. M*t h smiiow ol .loubt that wnosoever shsll aciiutti t' li", u tder snd hy virtue ol those pledgee and in' r g i t hc.lly vojied wlih the pioperty, income end ll iilaOii ISO. CM.t .slock Kiruang*. > 0000 U S is. 'so It IK OS shi seiip It Seed iiCnOti g lids i 30 7iH iud Canton Co e 33ft .irii do >?>ti 7iyj no d> s6m 31 i O'l fVi.ii'ii ' s "I-S 100 on e 31* 3 0. o-i 'il>* 00 do ??0 33 id ii Ohio 7s 103 Oiii Nor Si VVor SOW shs H t moti' L an t'CK 23 do WK tM d i U '< On do hlO 0S>( ISO <lo -to /S lofl do ?0o 00 tco di tiio iBt; too do sun o" oo it e jco dn c ." OK to do ts>) ioo do son to 00 d-< 1,(0 2(1)4 ICO do OftV p 0 Morr s CrnaJ ts*. on di MO OCX 200 do tJ(J-,1 JO F.rie IIR, old J'i JC0 do I3K 25 do UK 10- 0' t>30 i? 400 L Ulscd RR c 2t> 110 do f07 I3K SO VtuksOuig 0>4 75 do e lliJs S O d 4j< P0 d ISO ;? 7t Hsrlrm RR ?s 7iii do l-K }n di VJi ni M.rtl. FlrCi 1(14 23 l'he.ii* Bsnk Ol l-erond U n rii, s W11T?0(.? IMOi aO iha Nor It Wor S'K linns Fs mcrs'Lean 2SK 10 do li ".t li 0 hi 030 ksk 40 d> 3?H roo do i an jf ,-,o do hi" st tf 1 0 dci t3 >8oJ <0 Hrsdi. K lilt >40 I,', Vl iilttk. JO 2'iH to tin M1J 7} Moi. is Cutill i3?, M?W Stock F.fchor'i,*. * fl In C? s*i 9 X ",0 ihs No kWnt VC i k Wor si3 S(')i Ico do "tj, ?i w ,".0>4 <5 Canton ''o 3,H , do sa'4 iSO do ?"}? ttiTi too Hsrlstn KK 4'tf CITY TRADF REPORT. Nbw Tors, Wm.ridn aftrrwoon, March 10 I Tha market* were wi'baut animation, and without tha ' prospect of much activity till aftar tha opening of tha ? river ami the r ceipt of newa from Europe, ShoulI t> easterly wini'a prevail, wa may gat later advices by a J ailing packet before tha arrival of tha Hiberuia, due tho ; r latter part of next week There waa no change in dour ? Small aalai of Qanesee continued to be made at the i ' aama prtcca Wheat waa quiat, wbila corn aold in leaa ' " quantities and rt aome decline in Northern and Southern 1 0 yellow; white waa a little firmer. Provision! exhibited ! p little change, if we except mesa pork, which waa held , aome firmer. Salta of all kind* war* light; grocaria* were quiet and price* without ma'erial change. Therein f in the fore part of tha day had the effect in aome measure r> ef auapendlng out door sales, especially at auction, 3co }: The tee aalo within doora waa well at'anded; price a j pretty well auatained ! ^ Asmks?The market remained unmanned and we ' continue to quote pot* at $4 81# and paail. at $6 J3 * ExroBTATioa ra*M 1st to Oth .vtaaeri ,v H0U- bill*. ! J Pear la... none. ! tl Bsasw.x?There was a aale of yellow at at cents o BoasusTurrs ?fhiur?Smnll sties of Genesee con I il tinued to be made at $7 a $7 a small lot of aoo.l t " brand Ohio, sold at (7 13 X auj 1(H) bdls. Michigan at J* f8g7X; JUCIO bbla Genesee *olil, deliverable io July, at t J>j 69. Southern brand* were dull, and price* nominal. | u Wheat remained quiet, wi k small supplies and steady i tl price*. Corn?The maiket w * las* active. At the | V opening of 'change buyt-r* offered till ct* lor white, and 11 Bj o 04 ct*. tor yellow: while holder* demand d WO cts. * tor the former, end Oi ct* for the latter. We report j sali *of J.oOO bushel) Soathern t elk w at 93 ct*.; l.ttOO t do, Northern yellow at 93 ct* : 3 OdO Nortboin whit* at 97 ct*. A lot of Northern yellow, deliverable in June, r wa* reported aold at 76 ct* , and 70.000 Western mixed, It deliverable June and July, ?old on private terma. Corn . Meal ? A *alo ol 3'Jb bhla. New Jersey waa made at $4. Hye J-'uiur?We report aside of 600 bbl*. at $3, with a ' ttide off. tty and Barley wera dull aud price* nominal. 1 Gate remained tirm at previous rate* Beam?100 bbla. 1 white sold at $1 60 Export from 1st to 9th March, of wheat flour, '76 039 bbU ; corn, 407,786 buibels; wheat, 33,444 do; rye, 791; oats, 9,111 do. Camdlkh.?There was a further sale of from 60 a 100 boxes of speim at 30 cts. j CorvxK?The market waa quiet, and no aalea of conse- . , quenoe transpired. i Cotton?The sale* to-day are quite small, but hold- < er* offer their stock* spaiingly, price* are well main- i tained, and the teudenoy appear* to be upward*. We 1 quote ' LivaaroOL Classivicatiois. New Orleana , Uplandt. Florida Moh.lrTexae Inferior,,.. none- none. none. Ordinary 10 a 14V 10 a 10W loy;?loX Middling., leX* 10X I#Xa I0V 10)2*11)* Good Middling.... I0\t il>X 10V* II)* 11)4*17 ; Middling Fair U a ID* 11)Ja 1 V I3W*I7W 1 Fair.... 1IX* US 13 a 12)2 13)2*12$ i Fully Fair 13 a 12$ 12Va 13$ 11 *13)2 I Good Fair none. none. 13jgal3$ 1 Fine none. none. 14 a ? I 1 Fiih.?The market wa* quiet; Dry Cod was held at < $3 87X; Mackerel wa* dull. No. 1 at $11 and No. 9 at $7 a ! 7 21c. I Fs?it.?Sale* box Raisin* continuad to bo made at $1 86 for whole boxea, and 99c. for half do. 1 Hs Mr ?Sales were reported of dressed American Dew- , rotted at $t 60 a $1 76; H months. Sale* of the Manilla, before noticed, sold previous to arrival, at 8,Xc , and another lot sold at 6.X on time. I Lkad waa quiet, at previou* rate*. M*i>a**ks?New Iberia and New Orleans war* hnld nt 85 a 35c., and Cuba at 36c ; market quiet Naval Stouki?Spirit! Turpentine continued to move i in a small way at 40c. Oili ?Linaeed was held at 90c., | i Whale Oil, IN. W., waa dull; 34c. waa oflered and 85c. i naked; Ciuda Sperm waa alio in lata demand?a aale of 350 bbla waa departed made in New Bedford at $1 09, 1 cash. There waa no change in manufactured. Un- , bleached winter, wo quote at $1 13, and bleached do. at i $1 15 a $1 17. I Psuvisions?The market waa rather unaettled, aa far i aa Fork waa concerned ; a sale of 300 bbla New Mess wns reported at $14 76; Prime do. waa inactive at $13. Beef waa steady at $11 60 a $11 75 for good River Mesa, and at $0 for Prime do. Lard?300 to 300 bbla were reported sold at 10c. There was no change in Butter or Cheese. Rice.?'The markot was quiet, with small aalca at $3 761$4 76, while good prime was held at $6. Si aoa ? No transactions transpired Flaxseed continued scarce, while clover was dull. Suuab.?100 hhds Cuba Muscovado sold at7Ka7J{c; New Orleans was quiet, and we quote lair to goou at 7,i7%0., and choice at 8c. Tallow ?A sale of 6a600 lbs. was reported at 8%s9c. Whisht was dull at 39o. Whalebone.?The market was dull. We quote N W. at 31?31>4c.; and (South Sea at 83.K?34e. The lot mer pi ice ; was ottered for 20.000 lh? and anrmnaad In Ha Fakiohts?t.iigugariieiifs ware reportsd and made a* i follow*, viz : -To Liverpool, flour 7* s7s 61; and grain ' in sacks at JO I. To Cork and a mm ket, flour Ss.aSs. 6d ; | , and grain in tack* at 37J. To Havre and London they were iuaetive at lormer rates. j i IIRkai. Estate at .Auction.?The Von'Zantd Faim at Flmtiing, L I $9 900 1 Kranio house an 1 leaae of lot. No. 6d Reade street. 900 Lot on south aide et Hoininond street, near Factory, 'Jo by 96 feet 3,960 | Two atoiy brick house and lot No 36 Perry street 4,60<i House end lot Nu. 0 liubeit st, 33 by 63 3,730 Thtee lota w est side avenue B, between 13th and 14th streets, ecch 32 by 95? $176 each 3,336 One lot south aide 14th street, near kvanue B, 35 by 103 3 l.OCO One lot on 13tli street, roar of above, srme size. . . 960 Hiiure and lot No 61 Hick* street, 36 by 100 3,6uO Three acres of laail, witb the building theroon, now occupied by the " Ladies of the Sacred H?ait," as a Seminary 10,000 Puc ket chip Oneida?One I3tb part of packet ship Oneida 3 750 Man led. On Tueaday evening, 9,u inat., oy Rev. Lot Jones, Mr. Thomas Platt, jr . to Miss Mabsasitta ( OLLirsi.daugl.toi ot Peter D. Collins, E-q ,'atl of this city. Tiled, On Wednesday morning last, 3d inst., in Springfield, j New Jeisey, Mishul. annuf the late Daniel .oghian,*! this city, in the 3oth >esr ol his ug?. The ralalives and liieuds of tho family are respectfully j 1 invited to attend bis tuurral. this (Thursday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from Pier No. 1, Noith River, on the arrival of i he Elizabetbtewu bout On Tueaday, 9th inst, of disease of the heart, Martin Casst, aged 34 years. ' The friend- end relatives of the family are respectfully | inrited to attend his funeral, from bis late residence, No. | 10 Moore street, on Friday, the 13th inst, at 13 o'oiock. | His lemaiiiu will bo takeu to Staten island for interment | N B.?Ihu WnitetiaJl Waterman llt-vevoient Association i is respecllully requested to attend. Suddenly, on Wednesday morning, the loth inst.,Mart 1 Smith, wile of Johh Smith, ill the 39th year ot ber age. The relatives and friends of the family, and members of Ashland Division No 17, Sons ol Temperance, are res| poctfuUv invited to attend the funeral from her late re*l ' deuce. No. 36>? Caimine street, on Friday afternoon, at 6 i o'clock 3 NINTH WARD. AT an adjourned meeting of citizens of the Ninth Ward, held st St. Luke's fiutltlinir? on Monday evening, Ma-ch t, 18i7, lor the pa nose of siding the starving poor of Ireland ; on motion, LAMBERT 8UYDAM, Esq., was called to the Chair I Ti e following gentlemen were appointed Viee-Presidents: I ltaac B. Smith, Chai. M. James Leary, Horatio Mutt, A. B II n an. Alsr.L ivicu)sn.t, Moses U. Leonard, Win Mtndveville, Oumsv.A. Conover. vroram A Woitl), David K. Wheeler, J.Sherm Urownell, ' Freeman Campbell,! Henaiah Stokea, Abram. Van New, Mara Spencer, Men H Cornell, i.harlei Oak ey, Dr A. N. Oenn, Tim. Wltiitemore, Phillip VV Fugs. The followidf persons weie appointed Secret-ries, viz:? I Tuwnsend Ha ris, Win C. Kibhe, Jaa. Qnaheiibuai, Jacob L. Dodge, H. P. Wan maker John T". Do, le. i The ft-llowing reaolutioua were offered by Jonathan Miller, Kaq., and adop'ed, viz: ? Mra,,lied, 1 hat the uneaampled diatreaa and deatitntion to which the Teiiple of Ireland are reduced bv the awful calamity of Famine, calla kindly for the aympathy and suecor of men ofevery creed, clime and class throughont the world. Revolved, That we deem it aa well the peculiar duty a the pecni'ar privilege of tlua llepublic?whole wraith ia , hourly augmented by the neceasitiea of Fu rope?to tike thei i lead in 10 holy a in< vement aathe preaenr, and fioni iti i ahuuilauce to afford auccor to a nation perishing in ita p.una i from want end marvanou i Heaolved, That iu the National movement for (hie nbjert, ' I the--ity of New York, Irom its wealth, population and com- i me rcial circiiinstautrs, should be foremost in liberality and promptursa. and that we fatly ai-d cueerlully reeognise the I liahi ity of the Ninth Ward to contribnte ita full share to- ' ' ward att iniugthat pieetn-nence. Meao ved. That the officers of thu meeting cons itute a Ward Committee, for the purpose of eatryii g i ut the objeeti of thu meeting, with power to t?dd to their numbers and to take such step* as they may deem adviaable therrtor, and that they pay over to the Central Commute of the ricy auch snms aa may tie collected. I heaolved, Tint a >nbseription he now^entered into for ( thia otject among thoar present, and that'rfficient measures ! be at once adoptrd for the purpoie of effo ding to all the I other ctuzena ,-f the Ward au opportunity of contributing in like manner. The mee-ing was addressed by.Ylessrs. Miller and Casse'ly, ' ( and Hev. Mr Baleh; after which the follow iuu subse iptiana we-e received, viz:? I t Ch-a. M. Connolly, $Sh; John F. Mttchel. $30; (Juntaes 0. < Oonover and Mark Spe-eer. $23 each; l.arnhert 'uydim, I James Leary, I'a-riek D 1 -an, Joir than Mulir, Luthei Quin i I end James Hobinaon, $20 each; J. e) Brownali, John T I Doyle. Mneea <3. Leonard, harloa S Hoe, Dnvid F. I Wheeler, Patrick MeCefferty, Theodore Vauiine, Fdmm d I M . Young and Cnalrea Fdwards. $10 each: Jninea L. Miller, 1 Jaeorge Jeffitee and l-mea hoamcranti. $0 each W.O. i Kibhe $3; J. V. (irahara, John P. Coo g?n, Roderick hedcl wiek; J?mea Phelen *Thnmas Stair ,aud lleniy J.Kunia,$i ? v'r-.c,7\l'C. Oao Sarr, J.M Irey.A F iend, ? <ah, I Flijan Baker, Henry Spafford, Michiel Dougherty, ( ash, aud Wil iain Sin m na ?i i The following resolution *u alio ad, pied:? i lt> i Ivrit, 'I'tMt the Committee app nueil ihia eventog for | I the pnrpoae of carry me oui the objreti of the meeting be is- i ! q aeated and aothotired to ipnoini Hub-'.ommit'era, in earh ditiriet of the Waid, to make colleetioni, and that they be I empowered to appoint a Trriuurnr, lie , and pay 0>e' the I proeeeda ol their co leetaona to the Central C ommittee, titling at Prime'i Hnildinae. Toe then adorned mil 't_^th cA.VIBERT BUYDAM, Chairman. A SEIGNEffE BKANDY; ~ , ST. Nl ULC It CO. ,hiva now landiag from baik At* e. J n't arived from Roohelle. a aupply in half ptpea, t quitter aid f' e>ik< of thia g-i.oine anil well kn >wn hrani!. re -rived direct from theo'dhenae at Kochelle?for I ' tale from the wharf, an'ject ?" debentu e. by their brokaia. mil 3'?'h DAY'S fit HCsRIQUKg W Wall at I bl AiVlO.r D PUl.kTEO GuLL) I'p.tNcJ f O. H AVAOE, M KULTON atill telling hia | ?J (? Id Pent fit $i oaly. p> acil u. eluded Th I IV one of the oldeal tnigera. end are qotte a d.fler'i t . i artic'e. f . m'he t aahy aold in aome pane of ihe eity. i I mil It'ih j PIGEON SHOOTING. IN conafquenre of tne unfavorable weather, the (rand n till lor ino Pigeona, between l?e gentlemen of >ew . Yoik ami fire of Brouklvu, waa poatponad til' tc-MV. whn to ,1 mill ??o| Other inatt I'll will mime offal fir, . ICY | t HUitKlil 'If hhoo'tog Oronnd, Brooklyn Uenlletnen are : t req't'B'eil to ha at Old Harry't, 293 Ailama ureal Brooklyn, | v .it ..'el ok, wkera atagaa will ba in attendance to t.Jta : > tbara to the ground Bit It ro j I . View Yona, March 1,1H7. ' H Whittako, M. D , Prnteul. phE.AH > IH VV?, ihe a ndrnta of your School of Medi\Jcioc #ud Smgerv, moat gladly nail ouraelvea of thini|? . aftMIM Ti iipraaa Ihe great regard we rut-rt <ia lur yi u 1 eriuualiy, and on- uulrigued auuilactioa that your eminent ' fi'i*1"' """ ,e ? eeeurinp fo'y?m ID" reward they 9 well dftierve Ted atiuuui*hed me eaa which liaa iliia* I y marked vour career r 1 a medical luitraetor, learra m no | ' oiu to doubt i>f your fn'tire proaperrty, ' rid illil uie do lea | f your eery important office wi1! be performeJ 'n a in?u u?r 1 ouduc re to Ihe wel are of the Medical Student, and in eer i war worthy the hiifli chtraeter and reputation you haee Iready acquired We rrquort your acceptance of tha accompanying testi- ' touialol our reapert and admiration ; and It la onr aarneat in and hope that yon may long be aparad la health and hapIneae to aarve tha caaae of medical sncucc, and e Joy ihe , mora and te warda to winch jour future aaielcea may eulitla ou. M L. Barbour, Georgia ; Win. Huutar, Canada Writ ; D. Patten, Wane, A. M. Neablit. V. C. i Edwn Beutley, om ; J. D Hollr, Ala. ; H. li. Apulcon, Via ; H. A Hop- | er. N I ; L. M. Cutrheon, N. H, ; John J t'oulin. Ohio ; .. T Warner, N. V.. Mr Henry, B.C. ; L.C.O.een, Peun ; 'tulip It u. Hillcy, Ireland. OEVTLEMEV?It il difficult forme to hud or mla to e?- j eaa he aeuae wh ch 1 eutertvlu of the kiu^neas <>f thia ti eptiou, and ot the cordial tenor of the leunmeu'a ef . our ildreaa; and yet. how can I leel aur ii-ed at t'<n enrhuil am r'd h you hare rriuced, when I look around me ai d ?? the in liar f era of pupila and Irienda wh < lure ao of en giyu >e pr oft ol their altichinect 1 .Vlnch h?t you h .re a? d ou heauhject of mi auceeaa meat he aaeiibrdlo the paiti litv I 'riaudahip; but too lorcihle laugu ge cannot be cm loV'd, | f you tetk to onrey a juit imp ration uf my aeuae of ilia ripounbilitv which any individual incura who eutera hat rp tiiineiii ol Madicul Ustruc ion in whieb 1 am rugwed. It , iud<e<l, gsntlemri,, chesting and encoiiragiut to me, des- | nied a, I ma it uo distant ptno i agaiu to eonfroul the h X<dt and (he loila nf? Teacher of .Mediciue. t > cairy with inr lie remembrance of your spur. ballon, and tlie aMum.ce of our iielief hat my I'utuie labors will be no less conducive hau hrrrtufoia to the welfare of the medical .tudeat. lac- \ ept your handsome aud gen-rous gift with much gratifies- I on; the missive Idrui, nnd ibe beautiful workmanship. reuer u au object I bat may justly cum maud the highest ad intraIOU. Allow me, gentlemen, to assure you of my heartfelt grati- ; u'le nnd eudnriug respect snd with siucere wishes for your lapr lcess aud prosperity, bid vou farewell. mil it * rc J. H. WHIT 1'AKEIt, 310 Broadwnv \ bttlO.NETTE BRANDY l,AM)IMi.-?H?li Pipes, f* 30 Quarter Caiks, 30 Eighth do?.of the o d aud genuine . iraud, aud of very superior quality, just received ft, m Bark Vigle, from Ruclielle, and foriale by 8. T. NICOLL It CO, mil 3tis* h *7 nnd 69 h'ront street. ! orsE-El<tH.lH UE AN INVENTION. A N ioveniiou for lucreiiing the speed mid safety uf steam- | Cm. boats hns been secured by depositing a eavest in the lateut office of the United Btatcs, aaid invention having been 1 ixamined and approved by mora than one huudr d scientific ind practionl tnen. The inventor is u?w in ihis citv, at d hns tommenced building a boat, that all may ace the power and mportauee ul the inveotiuu. One-eighth pert will be sold to i scientific and practical mnu fur a reasonable compensation, ha iueeutor Uesir cg to hnye au assistant to aid him iu building. Au luteinew may be had with the inventor at 106 Vesey itreet, from 1 o'clock to 6 P M., where a drawing and lull explanation may be teen and heard. mil 3trc 8EWALL BHOHT. Eishth itbeet, March6th, 16(7. Mr Bauay, 137 Broadway SIH?iu justice to the merits of your Tricopheroua, allow me to acknowledge the beoefiti I hsye experienced from I its u?e in my own ftmi'y Mrs. C. afier au acconchment of her first rhild, perceiving her hair suddenly fall off, was induced, through the information of her sister, to fy vonr Trieopherous, w Inch she represented ns a mutt metal and p'e wsui article lor dressing the nair. After the nse of a ain-.fl bottle, her hair recovered its former strength and appearance 1 have since recommended it to m; friends, aud always find its inception such as tnp.ore it an article of genuine mem.? Please to arnd by bearer two bottlea at 25 cents es-h, and oblige. Yours. TrlOM A8 CA vlk RON. Every variety of Soaps, Shaving Cream. Eftraets C> lognes. Cosmetics, Pomatums, 3c :.. with an extensive asaonmeut of Kazan. hair, nail, tooth and naviug Bru-hes,Toilet Buttles, j uuur doici, etc., at tar moan way; a law door* above the City Hotel. mil 31"Hi G. B. CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR, 1I6 Wililim ?treet, opposite the New b.ores?I flatter myself that 1 haee oeeer yet made I garment to measure, that the purchaser has not recommendia me to hislrieuds, and they to their's, so lhat my business increases io a geometrical latio. It shall be my eudeavor to gire still greater suisfaction. 'J'he genus " Sack" kept ready made. Kiueat French Liress Coats msde to measure, fit. Lower qualities, $11, IS, IV. A few Overcoats, One, still leli. price Sit 00 All goods bought land sold fur cash. mO 6t?r NOTICE. T. SHEPHERD HAS opened store #49 Broadway, for the sale of Laces, Embroideries and French Fancy Goods. T. V. it selling off cheap at 417 Broadway. He continues hit niisinrts as heretofore st ft Broadway. tn9 lw*re window s i ADEa! window MIaDKS.!! CflTY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Upholsterers, / Pediais, Ac , cau find the largest, best, ana ch apesi as sortuient of bhades and uateiisls lor making andlianging Shades in the city?at KELTi A RIKER'B Exclusive Wirdow Shade m9lm*r store 1311 h>ihatn s'reet. bKCUtfit WARD HOTEL WHO does not know this fine LUNCH HOUSE, at No. I 87 Nats-u street 7 O i iii there when you will, particuInily at II o'clock in ihe foreuooa, whm the table displ ,>s f r | visiters, Turtle Soup, Stew. Boiled Crabs or some other luxury It is truly a cspiial pliice for Hefieshinaiits : for 1 Floyd A Smith snow how to suit their Irieudsa'd customers 1 At the aaa you fiud Maitin Botner?every body knows Aim, who ever s opprd st the Astor House, or Lovijoy's, in this ritv, or Coleman's National Hotel, in Washington Man" i is like a loadstone; he draws Ins friends because they like the | attraction. We say again, the second Ward lintel is ene of the heat placrs in the city to oDtaiu a good Lunch, or get an escellent visas of ale or liquor of any kind. mh9 Imr G1 UANO.?The cargo of rhe brig Virginia, about three | r hundred tons, from South America, and from an analysis | pr nounc- d superior to any other kin i in the market. The G'inno is drv, and wi'l be sold to close the concern at ene I ni.rl a hall crut per pound, and is an object to the firm rs of ! tne country. Toe ca.go is at TrarpelI's stores, Brooklyn, near Fulton Kerry, a> d samples may be >eeu at the office of raPOKFOKD. TlLESTON A CO.. 119 Water street. in9 Itn'rh j SHIP ? tEAD AND GitAOKCR BAKERY. L'UK SALE?The lease and Allures, consisting of a Steam " * Ugiae and Mschiuery. comp etc, with casiom lor 199 | bbls fl or weekly Possession given at any nine from tile 1st April to the 1st May. Terms will he ma'e accumraudating A chame of thu kino seldom occurs Apply io ??? tv j uir.n rinn, rs woir nr. I spurting duo i s. : AN eutirelr new article of Huuuug and Fishing Boots, manufactured to order, of G >od\ enr'i Metallic Rubber, Slid warranted perfectly water proof, Ibrmle by SAviUEL BROOKS, Sole Agent for Good year's M uufictories, , n.8 tt#rre iOB tt oadwy, oppotire Trmi v Church. the society of the fkienhly sons i of st. patrick. AT A Krgnlsr Quarterly Meeting of the Society, held on Thursday the 4th instant, .it the City Hotel the following gentlemen weie elected officers lor the eusmug 1 year JAMEb REYBURN, Preaidenr. DUDLEY PER8SV. 1st Vire P esident. CH RUES H. B1RNEY, ad Vice Presided. CHARLES M NANIH , Treasurer. W. O FITZGERALD, Secretary. The very Rev. Jshw I'owis and the Rey. Dr. Wm. Powill. Chaplains. Dr. Hugh Swiinkt, Physician At the abus e meeting it was nuauiuiously Hesolred, Thai the Society of the Friendly Sonc of St. Pasrick, in consideration ol the present Buffering in ihcir native , land, dispense this year with the Aumveraary Dinner, and I sand the amount that would probable be eipendad in such dinner 111 find to their starving countrymen. Resolved, That a Committee of fire be appointed tr carry the above into effect, nnd rhrt these ptoceediuES be published W G KIl'ZOER ILD. Secretary. 10I lwc j 1(hh) laborers wanted. i I1 HE SUBSCRIBERS wish te employ Ore Thousand 1 good Laborers, he ihe year, to woom good wagea and 1 ready cash will be given, to wcik on the Montgomery and Wert Point railroad, in Macon and Chambers counties. Ala- 1 bnma - th s being in the uplands, the hesl'h of this portion of the State is unsurpassed by any in the Union. Poisons wishing to ship from New York, en do so for five dollars to Mobile, and thence by steamboati to Montgomery, for two dull sr? For further information, apply to John C. Ridd'e, Montgomery, Alabama; Walter Dulaney, Riddle St Co.; John D Gray St Co. Auburn. Macon co . Alabama, March ]. m4 2w?rc OD A WATER AN D oPPARAIUo. J.Matthews, No I3l Third Avenue, N Y., manufacturer of all the modern apparatus uaed for the manufacture, drawing or bottling of Soda Water. A lithographic plate, with printed direction! for the making of Soda Water and Syrups, also for the put ting up of the apperetus and ita use he ..will aceompanve 'n ipparatne. fel>7 Ir - rn 1D2 BkoadwaY, Gornkk of John stkkrt, to those who shave themselves. R I From the Boston Trtreller 1 ING'S VERBENA CREAM?This shaving compound is now all the rage, as well among tonaorinl professors as among those who prefer to gather their own diurnal crops ? The b rbers say tnat a pot of it laata twice ns long as the sain j qnajitityof auyolher sipoiiacious preparation,while those who ava ilieir sispeuces declare that with the Verbena Creain a dull rator will insure 3 smoother face thin most ol the old naps with a sharp steel; bes'dee it it flagrant to the sense, softening'o the skin, a great destroyer of freckles, pimplea. Ike ; and what is better than all, in these hard times it is sold tlinostfor a song. Wholesale end retail, by CHARLES H. RING, 123 lm?rh Druggist, 192 Brondw-v, corner John if shifters of grafst BAGS. graham brothers, MANUKA CTUhEKS AND DEALERS IN BADS. No 80 Water street. New York, Ct AN supply shippers of Grain with nil kinds ot Bugs, in J any quantity, at the lowest cash p-ices. The advantages if shipping sriin in bags are many, presenting wave in load lug and oischnrging, insurance u less when in this form, and n the ultimate, more economical than if shipped in bulk jan )i imii" rn OM.-PEACH OliCHAKD, HM.U A8H.*LAMUE not. (6SO; egg,broken and stove,$575.Lehigh, lnmr.$5 9l>; >KK. stove and unl, (5 75. these re cash prices, leisMcu. lor ;ar age. MtmIi are all under sheds and dry, re-acrecned from my co?l vard, 256 Eliiabeth street and corner ol Ham mersley and Bedlord streets n? lm*rc JACOB WEEKS, Jr F"ii\fc, I.NcUKA -CE FIREMK.N 'S INSCRANG K COMP AN V, Albany-Canttal?15O,0C0. JOHN C. BEROH, Aveot, No. 7fl Wall itreet. m5 10t*r over Cornier It F.nqnirer Office. d* X \ PER TON Tor large Nut, under cover 1 he ffltf I d subscribers have reduced rue price of their bear lYneh Ore' ard Hed A?h (.Hal, ai follows?Grate 16. Egg ai d St vc $6 25; and Nnt 15 75. There i i no pea o-Chesunt in the Nat. nor any Nut slurped wi'h the Htore. Lehigh Coala tt the nime price ; all delivered free of cartage. THOM Ad P. DOLAN, 203 Mulberry st and 2(3 weal 13th at. between avenues 9th and 10th. i I57 3w*-e j NEW PAPER HANGINGS fc. WlNLOW~sBADES. ; Nicola* Pike &. Co., No 173 Pearl itreet, IMPORTERS and inannfaeinrcra, haea Jmt opened a very extensive aopplr of erery ityla and quality ol Amertem , and Preach Piper Hanging!, Bordara, Eireboard Prima, and wide Window < nrrain pa[>er. Alao. a tplendid aainrtment i of Painted Window Slides, and (inn's* lor ihe aime, whleh the; offc- to merch.inta, dealers, and others at the rerylo west prices. 1^7 t in * t c W(GS Ai>L> TOlJPfcKS BATOHELOR'A new inverted WIOH and TOUPEER are the most perler t speeimene of the eit of wig mahir.g yet offered to the public?they are so admirably adapted to :he peculiar style of each individual, so light in their con i ru tion, and uai iral in arpear.ance, aa to defy defection. A large and well selected stock rilwsys on hand, at the only ma- ufai tnrrrs. Win. BatcheJor, 2 Wall street,uear Brradway ' opyjne address. f-2t 1m?rh CD ALLEY'S It CONNKLL'R PAIN EXTRACTOR ^OITNTRY merchants can he anppl.ed with the trnc ' articles, m any qnnntities, and at prices that cannot fail o suit purchasers? hut to get the original and gcnnine, the amber, ( No. 21 Conrtlandt street,) must always he sought. _ J COMsTO< K *t"CO . m.f. agents fVom different Plata*. aaah to farniah Ma swi Mam fll lm*r? j AID TO IRELAND. !TRI'AC'HklUN REPORT contmadd, f>* March ?H, i 11*7 ?By bie Hounr the V1a>01. from Char lee M. Naniy. | *>ein? the uei proceed* of* K? lef Bell at Cattle Garden, and I iuu !i> J.hi tmn*. (i lit) 15 By A I' Maun, from Hev V V H Powell $ > 51 try I- Pell, Irom I) Corn*, Jr., $15 ' Prom t;. Her U1. in ? note. $10 Kr in lohu Urneon, rename' j y a in-elm ill the cuiieue of ibe ?i Inire of Weeti heitrr, j Wiu. H Be?ue, chairmen. $115. By ditto, from* led- of Into. $!0 K 5. Ilmurl $5 By VV Lawreucr nud vl. _ H O-iuhell.of T O niclh A T, $15 By M H O iaaell, I'ora oiBceii, ciditi. end I b an ol Writ Point, $111 41 By _ ditto l oin \. K. K< rd. un I ch.lf of lie < oiumitter fiom Metriilowu, N.J. $111 75 by ditto, from Greene Kennuck H 11 H. Bcoeil e, Mieb*el Neetlle, Ci inmi tee from Wtterbu-V, X Louti $*G0 By ditto, f-on, L t) > i y r on behiill of the da Committee of town of Prkiu, N V , $15 By ditto, from p? F.dyr C. NeiUou, L. B. Uuntnp. Geo. Mc Nre'y, O. U. C. \V Allen, latnee lUvie. i ouimntee Iron Moigeii X'own, Mo- fa nouaabt 1. t. o.. V'a >13" By d tto. from Jamee Tohey, e I- of lectio in Meth die hurra, Middle'owu, i.onn . $41 By Pi di>to, from H. Wnithron game, colli etion in at. Ann e uku.c'i. haiteew u, Pnhkili, $411 16. J. G Hill llOo . Gr r- ? ?i-, by K Hyel p Jr,$W Jni n Habbcliu, $1 By Aneou . U Phe p?, Irom W.,1 rt Bootb, col'eciion in'.ouk egellou*! A l*ocir|y, urn of Merideu I onneu icut $7$ 15. P o erdi of j Lj Mr. Pik-iih?ui'i b II f n C 11 a'*.. *oid t ihe 1. in Bodieti. J. I ~ ?MOiin tre >u er.JH per . out $161 I) I i ti.e r<- ii t Fab I* to- Waltli, r-?d Mike W II ft ? Tna douati n iNreli Jd. of ih- Ltu ,ue ?tr?-t Prraoyleriau I Church $n 11. w? o< * half of ih?lr collection. The amount r< ceived from Geo lewbold, Kvj , wu ft: ? doc 8J in. hi it r-t a iu yesterday'* report, iu couiequeuce of 1 an error in puurtnatiou \ hit ol .he eo 'ribu 'om mada bv lha newaprpera iu the ? p?bl cation of uoticta, ka. will be giveuet the c oea of tna ' bu iucn Tre*?urcr'? Report cniiiiunnl for Miroh ith and 6th?Receir d, vlmcli iili from a I id/, " c -ah for th? deititote Iruh " $10; by Robert Donalda m from J F Its, $23; bydocaah, SI: b, do. cmh by Geogc MrBrida. J< from William Kelly S2i: C hariea i'uuhea, $3; Th > ai Dug in, $1: Nicli. Ken, S'l. of Rhiuvbnck. bv A T Mcwait, T W bunnlteu, 1 fcaq . til; bv 9 McBride, Jr , from ( hirlaa Kiat <n, $11 J Lip O orire Barclay, ih? c u'ribulion ol tiiace Church, w Ber I)r l a. lor Re-tar, SI t'2 38. b b'riin loiac M Mi I ban It, $ii " From the High' Kcv Hisli Hughea, by ihn Ref Mr Bailey, amount col'ecled >u St M iry'a Clmreh, Williamabnrgh, Ker S Maleur, Kit'or. $130 B tna amne amouut polleccd in the Church of St Colnm be, Be* Mr McAlaer, I'aator $?3i 88 J By the aimr, rm>unt collected in the Tranifiguratiou f Churcti, Kct Mr McClelland, I'aator, $831 ii By the itme, amount collected m Br Unit'Church, Brooklyn, L I, Rer Charles Unrn, I aitor, $921 it B i the lama, amouut collected iu St Pa.rick'a Cathedral, N V ork, $1,160 87 By tha a*in?, amount collecre I in ?t Andrew's Church, J Rer Mr Mannnia, l'-ator, $.78 0/ J By the Rev I B Straiioi, amount co'Vcted iu the Metho- 1 diat kpn-ooal Chu>cli, Forty.h atrevt $ 01 it. ' By Mr Hall, of the ommercial adv-rneer. from the con(relation of South Atnha ?t, Lo aiue c uut,, Ohio, $87; and frotn 8 11, Sew Loudon. $1. By Tliomai Addia E'nm-t. fiom Win C Emmet, contnbn- i BOS fr in Hyde I'ark $110 < F'om Miaa Heunrt a, $10; from ( Ii trlea H Rnaael, $M ; cn h S3 _B*lmcc of the colleciou in Grace Church, by the Rev Or i i Tavlo-, $7 li Bv Moaea H Orinnel', f ?n Brnjimin Marahal and Q , Cumins, t ommiltee in behilfoftbe citizens of Troy, $2,968 07. Received, March6'hjlrom H. W. O odrichtfcCn , bv Robert D 'iiulilion, ir.,S2i; T. Man n It Son, hv ditto,fi; by ditto, cash, S 0, $10. $1. $1, $10, $20; m a nolo, $1 By < apt. W. Buckley, trom the H piacopal '. hnrch of Soutbpoit, Cou., Kct. N E.Cornwall r,?tor.$j0 A bm d ticket, from Robert Hallcy, baker, Wrat 17th atrrci, aold for 6 centa. B U ce nf the collection in Ca vary Church, Rer. Mr, | Southard, $1. From M S. O , $<; caah, $20. By K. W. bolcer, E-q , eoll-cted in Chriat Church, Syoa. , aet, l? I., Rev. John Nearus, P.stor, $64. By H C. D* Rhim, proceeda ol the Or't.nrio of the Moiai- 1 k ,u? t.,.......1. .... ,h. vv.u j-- .c. direction of Dr. Hodgea and Mr Loder, SMI. From O $2UU; W. G. VVilaou, $3; Lnctus C. Dan- , ean, lr., \2% Total Amount of receipt! in money to March (th, inclusive, i $68 161 <9. Treaaurer'a Report continued f.?r MarchItli #<h and 10th:? Keeeieed. March 8th, co'leetiou in the Reformed Dn'ch | Church, corner ofUreen and Honaton streets. Hey. J. 8 Dn- I Dio d, Pas'or, by 0. 8. I re, $37 57. Bv the Hon. A M. Collina, Mayor of Hartford, collection J in the Uuira'ian Chnrch, Key. R. M Harrington, rearor, <91. j III the Veth 'ditt Episcopal Chnrch, Her. Mr. Oakley, $10 j In the Unircraa'iat Chnrch, Rcr. Mr Houle. $33. In the INorth Church, Kcr Ur Bnabnell. $ 71 33 In 8t. Johu'a Church, Krr Mr. Cox, $148. In Christ Chnrch, Her. Dr. ] Burgess,$3*3 la Centre 1 hirch. Her Dr. Howei,$344 5*? J Iraa paid to Mr. John J. P'lme-, by order of Mr Collma, for ; i the Sc otch $100. Hay $244 50 from manufacturing village of Hocknlle in the towu of Vernon, $255 24 Alio, from three unknown friends,$7. Mnkiug in all by the Hon. A. M. Collin., $1,313 13. . By Robert Donaldson, jr.. Cosh, $3; from J. Blsckstnck. $3; from J .Rich. $5; from II. II. Mitchell, $15; from J. T. Lewis, 520;from D Van Alst, $i; from H. H. Artenbunh, $123; Irom J H. Bartholomew, $5; Cull, $5, and $1; from J. Ic A Lowrey, $20. By >' oe Corkwood. Esq., Treasurer, collection in Mercer Sireet Presbyterian Church, Her Thos. H. Bki mer, D. D., Parlor. $381 38. Mrs. C H Sigonmey. by Mr. Oriffiii $3 By John II. Hinton, Treasurer, collection in the Kpiaenpal Church ofSr Stephens, Hey. Joseph H Price, Pastor, $186 C From Philemon H?dn?t, of North Carolina, $3 By the Rey Dr Anthon. Pastor, from the Monthly Offerinns of St. Mark's Chu ch $750. K'oiiiJ W. Oir-rd jr , $ i. fiom the Teachers sod Scholars of Mao. Chegnrnv's School by Mr. Ciyingston, $47 25. From Christ Church, Norwich, Co neciitut, Key. W. F. Moig.n. Hector, hy K B. Mmturn, $100. Recetycd, March 9th. Irom Patrick Coffee, in a letter through the P O , $10; from P B. $2 By Robert Donaldson jr , Cash. $3, $1,$3, $1, $5, and 30 cents; from D Briste $> From s frie d fn m Steuben county, $10. By K It Sampson, irout P. W. Wycke, of Heuderson, Nottli Carolina. $lo. By Net ius, Towusend k Co., from the inhabitants of Ellt- ' coiivi'ir, * aitaraagua con ny, i"* ew ioik eat. Colleepnn at St. Peier'a I hurch. icceived from ihe Ft. 1 Key Unhop Huirhei, by 1 hoi. E. Dim, 91.0(3 82. Krom iSlri. Mnflatt, S3 By Mr Ovden, from St. P?ul'e church, St Lawrenre co , I Rev. J. H Han on, putor, $2?. From i I'd'/ iu note $:o By. K H. Corwin, from iuhxbi- ' tanta ol'K vrr Head. 1, I. aecond donation, Sit 17; alio, a ; quantity of rye, c >ru and flour, fern ihe same From Miu rt-beec* Horvev, in yea-aold, collectedamoug liar juveuue | f.iiuoe, in mull turns, $30 Collection in ll.erhu'Ch of 8t Thnniaa, Utv Dr Whitehouie inttnr,by Llr.Van Kenatalaer, pait designated for Ire- | laud $19 3D by itcureo Barclay, from Win. Weill Holly, Sydney Babcoca and Silas Mix. Cutretpouding Ctinuii'tee of lha Nrw Hven a:eliel Committee,f..r Iraliud, $25u,being tneir lecoud , uou'tiou. From H. I. s. $5 ] Collection in St. Viary'i R. O.' hurch, Urand ilreet, by the Key Wm.Stmi, paitor, $1,210 73; alio a pencil cue and im l! piu Col tenon in 8*. I'eter'a F.piieopal church, Rev. Hugh Smiih, pastor, by The dore M> una, $150 62 FromJemei Keating. $20 From h ittle Iriah emigr iur, SO crura Kr. rn the workmen in the Allaire W orka. by K. K. Mcl)value, $13 . Frt m a subscribe ta'he Trib?ie$l. i?l?'ii hi iu ill# f* tintv K. C. church, 2d avenue, Iter. Rirhird Kern, paitor. $2,060 0!. Krceivrd, Mmcii loth, f otn W'm Lanardown, in a no'a, $3. By K. Doualdaou, jr . from J It L Fcg uou, $5 brnia tt k II Height. $30 > ?ah, $2. $3, $2 $3. $3. $3. and 30 end ? Bv the Tribune Office, from Win. Urockbank, Co t , $1 Viuin individual* of ti e church o' the I'uritana, tier. Dr. Cheevera. paitor, bv L. I' Willum*. $62 06. I'ue I ulf the ainr uut collected iu tue 3th itreet Methcdtat church, ltev, Daniel Smith, paitor, by lohu Hayuor. $35. Frotn vt. John'a chuich, Bndgepoit, C'oua , by K. B. Miuturn, $>20. From a Southern man andwife, by Moaea H. Oriunell, $300, 1 through Taylor fc Kich. Con ribnted by the committee for Ihe pencil caae and piu, uc-ived iu the collection at St Mary'a churth, $13 50. Proceed* ol a ball g,yau by the lud<peud?ut hone of Erin, 1 fromThoinaa .McKieruan and Terrence Koeu, committee, $420 By John J. Palmer, from the citizena of Poughkeepaie and Frankliudale, $661; alto, from St. Johu'a charcn, at Clnton, Statr n lalaud, $65 73 From " the l> trriea." $30 By iuhu be gusou, a collection in St. John'a church, Stamford, Coun., A. A. Todd, D D., rector, $110. Kiom a fieni, $10. Toial receipt! to thia date, $79,130 76. The Btead Picket in laat repait wan not tent iu by Mr. Robert liallev. I.'oinmitte* Koom, Prime's Buildings ' mil i n MYNHKUT V \N *>? ?4 M' K. Trea.urer 1 A t U lu lK.fc.UA.iU I I I It COMMITTED, PttlMZ's I I'll.DIISOS. 51 WlLHI.) 1 l|f V (IKK, > Hill 10, 1117. S T4HF. standing commute* h viug iniormed thattha United > a|e< (Iiiii 'Macedonian" ha* been p aceil at the disposal i f the ?ecreiary of tlia Navy, f I (he purpose of conveying provisions to th* deati utr people ol Ireland, hr'Ting couaid'red the piOp tety ol sendiug by her the coutrihu ions placed in their haudsi hut appropriation* not having bean made by government for >l,e eipeneeg o1 the voyage .,1 that ship, it la Hnaolveil That in view ilia a. f, aud of tlia respooaibility and delay which may attend ahipinents b< that vessel, the deem it ineipedient to forward by her the Contentions under their control, and dpect tJi it f e uh-c .mmittee on piovinoas continue to invest the 'undi, and seud them forward by small vessela as rapidly at p jisible. Ordered, That this resoliuiou be published. M. VAN S4.HAI' K, mlHtfh _ Chairman. rttandiug Committee. | AI L) TO LiE L A N LI. ' AVV'AKK of tbn diatreia prevailing in I'eland, the aab- > aeribers beg in offer to the public sympathy of their fel low citizens lor the help of that suffering country, the use of tMif line* Of s'.ncra miThur-day ne?t, I I'll mat - the entite sum scciuuig to lie sent to Ireland fur charitable pn-posee At the request of mauv friends, the Hev Joseph I*, bu<ke, 1)1), li ? consented to deliver a lectuie for the tame per post in the Brosdwav ) rbcruacle. on the eveuing ol the same lav, s TKo'clock. Hulij Ol, " The ttiglua and the Wrongs ; oi Ireland " The sebacribers truat that their fellow eitizene will noite with them ta their humble effort! for the cam# of j sellarmg humanity A Music I Entertainment will praeeed the l.nctnre I),in's open it IX, to commence tt 7X o'clock. niTJtec KI IT St BROWN *11I'KPEJN DENT ' >K DK'l OF <>DI) FELLOWS. I'HE members ol Moont Vernon Lodge, No 73. I O.ofO. f ,*ie i t'Tieifd to attend a meeting to he held at their Lodge Kuom, No 71 Division street, oil Fnday evening, March 12, ISO. by order oI JOHN B HTKVK^B. N.O. mlfl lt*r U', L KTF.Vb >*<)N. H*c*y. A) n .neeti. g lie ill ni trie eagre House, on Jursr, ay Evening, March Mi, W.WELL8 WlL8<?N?nd JNO. bAHltV, weir unanimously nominated aa candidate! for Assistant Euiineert, to fill ihe vacancies now in that Dt- 1 pa imenf. (-igned.l Dfc'I.AN'T.Y HAW LAY, Foreman Hose Co. I? II. A Bl'llK, Ko-emsn Hose Co 14. W.M WILLIAMSON, Engine No. II. T. 8 TIMMON, Engine No. 31. I . I'lTI 'l, K gine No. 14. I'HILII* B WnlTK, Assistant Engineer. J C EBLlNO. Hose Co. 9 DANL H WEEKS, Foreman Engine II. m'O 3l*j* COLLEGE OK rHYSIUANB AND BUBOKONH of ! the I'mtersiiv "f lli* Male of New Yo'k. The eiamina- | tion of th# Candidates eject, on their Inengural'J hesis, will take place on Wednesday. 10,h iust., at >0 A M , in the Col ' lege Hall The >*rofrasiun are reapeeifol'y invited to atteud. I The Annual Commencement will be held on Tharadav, llth ' met., in the College Hall, at half paat 7 P. M., hen the De i>n cuiiiwieu nun mi Aaareea oelivered by the Pre I eident Aleiander II. titeveus. M D. The proletnon end the pnhlir me retpeo'loHy invited to attend College of rhyaiciane and Hnrgeone, IT C roe by it reel, m'bltie^re WOOL.?so ,00ft I be. Kieece Wool, of ytrione quilitiei, from mi>er hriony to medium. SO,MO lb* superfine No I polled Wool of e*fra 1 anility , alio, t general assortment or f? eign and domestic W.ola Or sale by VALKN'I INK ti. HALL. m9 3il(*r "S3 Pearl finer n Brckmtii atrert IMPORTANT TO DAGUKKKEOTYPTS I S. I A| ESeRS. ANTHONY It CLARK beg reave to appnae 1*1 tiione "tin are engaged in the Daguerreotype butiieaa, Ih it tltev haee reeently completed their arrangements for the ei'enati e imputation ot b rem h PI ttea ?nd Chamirats, Oer- i i men Inatrninrnta. fcc , the first tneoiieaof which have jest j be -n received 'I hey have ?l?o received from their manofecinrer in Perie sample lota nf several na * ait lea of O ret and Frames TI e above articles are a I ot the very fi at ena ny, hav ng heen ae'ri'ted ?i h great care bv oue of the nrm now in Kurope, and will he sold moch lower pricea nan they have ever , yet heen offered at Jnat received Dagaerreotype riateat 3|.al?.ed plates, superior, I0?.; 6,n 10 quarter medium do, do, I r ?de low by , ANTHONV It OLaRK, otitis* ro No NT Broadway i ? ??r ivij JAOOtt 8. FLATT. * 'letioaeer. I 1 ATALOUUE S'le, < rocker), uMaa and ' hnia?THIS / DAV, Match llih. at'0 'cl ick, iu th? large >011111 over n a Auction Store 23 Piatt etrevt c ruer i f OoO, 2iu J. ckagee null lot* a aort-d 1 rockerv anil Ulna Waie. runaiMg o oaat blue, punted, nd nipped c. C Wate, uow up> mug | lota Imm lite ahevea to au>r Alto, 30 pickaue* glai Tumbler*. ' a.tor bottle*, kc. 1 ea poaiiv* et 4 moa credit over tub dollar* mil li* h WM. W. SHIRLEY. Sa'eimm " ' ""j W~BKOWS: Auctioneer lUkNiniHK. Ma'ireaaca Huuarfuro .hug Articlea kc. J. W. SHOWN w.Ilaell at Auction, thia day. I'turay. March II, at MS o.elcck, at No Ml Broadway, (poetned fn.m W#dueaday.) Sofaa. Mahogany 1 hair*. Bureau*, aah Stand*. K. Idwg Badataada. Ma trcaaea kc , w th none other arnciee ol Kuruiture; alao a vaueral aaaoitoirbt Houaekeepiuc atticlea, comptiaing Irory Table Cutlery, a e I Cnatore, Tea Tra>a, Lara pa, oiraudelea, kc., kc. mil lt*ih _________________ " W li H llMlkl, .\uc 10 eer, tat WILL SELL at Public Auction mi the prara aae oa Saturday, the IJth d?o of Match. 1047, at 4o lock P , theCOI TAlii HOU ? and two Lou aituated It e 41I1 nteiiue, M I'ret aou'h if 42U atieet Sa'd 101 a aie 'eel I inch Ir lit he ?n.,ut IS l-n ,lm o ou oue edr. mi l xiutTd I ( ou the otli<r. Comet map* ru In mm at me and pi ci of in'#. It if "two atoT t"d ettie >n?e wiih ?ub|r iu the re.r (nearly uew) 'u the yard la ? aau il'ul (Mi l mi, <nil a?4fi*iy of cum fru t treat,? d a oil ?i I onil pump. Termt of a?le. 10 tar ceut "t the lime r nurchi-a null tlie balance f half 'hi r? chnae mnnev i nit eu d.ya alter ?o'?, he o hrr half en remain ?n bond ud m irtgage for a term of yeara il dented All) peraou deiioui ol purchaaii g at p i?aie ?al?, may do ao bv vailing on i HAKHIS WILSON, Em-,77 Mu-ray at No poaipoucment on arcouut of rain m> bt're TJJ LET? I lie oprer lart of h >uae No. < 0 Green[ ! wich itrcet, between and Hubrrt ttrerta, in the UULvicinity or St. Jo'iu'a l ark Kent ?JK) Or r >oini mud be let to gentlemen, furniahed or utifurniahed, w ithout oard. in 0 li a r TO LET, a THE U CPE 11 PART OK HOUSE AM Broadway, willi a rear hnilding aiuehed, amuble for a Boarding Honae Gr to let Turniaued rooms, with orwntlmnt o ro, the aecoud it rv cooMaungof one large room with old in g doora, and the 3d and 4th coutaiuiug IT toouia Apply il ilia Tailor atore on the pr raiaea. tub I we c horse for sale <1 a Bay Horte, II han la high, amiable fur a family AdB^^or phyaieian'a nae ; warrrntad partec'.ly aonud. 1 * 3 * A kin.l will ataed without tying, a good tra*ellar, ndiaouTy aeld from want of uae, at the owner la aliont reti ng from buaiueaa. Cm be acen at John Hmaon'a aiable, 177 j 2ih atrre: m'O 3t#rte FTve dollars reward LOST, on Hnoday 7th, a gold Bracelet wi h fire atnnea iu it, in the Eighih Ayniu t, hetwern 14 h atrreland llth ? rue ft der will receive the abore reward by leering it at 34 , Jarmine t'eit mil lt*'h wan ed. ! TO pnrrhaae .or rant three or four Billiard Tablea, for which n lrhern, pile# nil be pad Oood >ac<md hand i tab'e" wtuld auawer. Enquire at J ammaay Hall, of J. ALLB s. ml I lw*r | wanted. " j FOR peruaal only, the " Amairrdamaehe Conrant en Alirrmeeu Handelablad" of the Netneilanda Any peraon r-ceiruig the aeme, and willing to comply with the adrerlieer'a wiah, ahill oblige h in bv 'earin- hit rnndoi-na and addreai nnder the inbicriptiou, ' Holland," at thta office, jm 11 Jt*rc TAILORS WANTED. THREE rtr t-rite Pantaloon Handi for the beat eatab'iahment in B iaton. To good and ateai.y men eonatant work ia gnara' teed fo- a year or longer, and tt the a me rate ?f prieea pud by ihe firat 'laaa tailots iu thia city ahop re- m inclnd d Kor farther inform tion, 'pp'y ?etlv to m'l It* A WftKELK'l. 4 iin'i tndt at. \KT aN 1 hb- i ituntiou by < ? ung we m ,u *1 houan work rf in general in a priva a family. The beat ol city relerrnce given aa to enaracer. lie. Pleaae epply at No 47 Konrh atreet, corner of Hammond, mil Iterb WANTED, BY a Yourg Woman, a situation at nurse or seamst'ess, in a amall faroilv ; cae aire th* beat of city refvranoes \ note addressed to R A. at thia office, will receive immeliate attention. mlO Jt*r WANTED, BY a young man. a situation in a wholeaale grocery, or a dry goods jobbung h?nae. Oood city rtference given. IdJrrssW. H. J rt thjsjoflice. m 0 ll?r A YOUNtJ LADY wants a aitnation aa teacher in a f*. school or family either in the country or t ity; or aa gorerreaa. Please call at No. bid Greenwich at; or lette'a. poat mid, will receive immediate attentiou, and good reference tiveu. ui#I("rc ""MONEY ON BUTI'OMRY WANTED! iff. A A/ W t or ther*abouta, wanted on Bottomry on the ty** yJXjKJ British Brig KICHAUD WATSON, Lsptaiu Williama; aaid vessel ia 2J0 tuns, was bnilt in Sonlei laud, Kngland, and has just nndergone a thorough repair, rinds A No 2on the bonks of the underwriters here; aaid money to be payable on the arrival of the brig at SIigo. to which port she is now bound, loaded with a car so of Indian Horn in bulk and in bogs. Pealed proposals addressed to Captain Williams, and ma>k?d " ho tomry/' at our office. 86 Pouth street, will be reteived until Thursday noon, at which time all applications Will be opened. W. It J. T. TAP4COTT, m9r SI i UaTION VV ANTED ? A young man ol goon educa li nat.d address, bat uufortunete<y without a practical tnowlrdge ofanv particular bnsineas, ia desirous of obtainig rsaployanent in thia city, and from various circumstances would gixdly accept auy thst would afford him presrut ?upsort. I he aituanon occurring to him as the one in which ia could be moat useful,would be one ia a merchant's office, ir upon some paper; but to any person who cnnld euiplov him >e fuels liule doubt but that by hn williugueas and assiduity ir should give satisfactiou. Addreaa T. J , at this alike. mil lifli ____ WANTED. \ (JKNTLKMAN of quiet habits, moderate fortune, well f\ connected and about tweniyeiirhl years old. is derir iua >1 connecting himself for life, Willi a holy of educa mil, unisbi'ity, soft m unera. accomplished, and one susceptible if >troug attachment A letter addressed through the post ilfice to MtIK IIVIKH, roat pain, with real i>nr, will be ilteuded to, aim be couaideied strictly confidential. tn?jc?rc EMPLOYMENT. WANTKD?A youug man ol good ad MM, MIWTIN flw 1 advertiaemeuta for a i cld-eatabliahed work. The b??t ' reference! will be Apply at lha office or the Leant I Unaervar, 41 Alio atreet. m9 1t*rc UNliEU &TATES AiMJ EUK.uFfc.AN EMi- I GRAN r uFFK,E. JiSL jeSBt ^ "la ^ Lrjr vVESTKRN AOKNiS A u ..OMMISBION MERCHANTS 'J^HE lubecribera havm h d lone experience in the buaiI uen.are prepared to offer every facility (o tho?e wiahing paaaage to or liom eaeiy part of ureat Britain or Ireland, Havre, and the German, lSelkian, and Holland portauu any of which placet Bi'la of Eaelia gr can be luiniahed. in aina to an't. Paaaage can alao be engage ' from Liverpool to Boetno, t'hila elphia, Baltimore, or .New Urleana, di act Thoae wiahing paaargc from .New York to New, i Motnle. Chtrleiton. rtavaunah or J'ex.a.cau at all timet ke accommodated at the loweat r tea I'o thoae .nugrat>>.( to the Weat, the inblcnbera hare uutqualled arrangement* for tl>e forwardiug of paaeeugera to the Weat by t e differeut J routea, vix: to Buffalo, and the intermediate landings, and ] all porta ot the Cauaii&a?Chicago, Milwaakie, Baltimore, Pitlabm#!, Linciunati. ht Louia, lie., by ateamhoata, railroada and canal toaia, of the (irat claaa?and great c re wi1! be taken that paaaaru-era will meet with no del iy or impoai- | tiou on the route. Lettcra (poai-pud) will receive prompt i attention. For further particular! apply to M. P O'HKRN It CO.. 110 Booth afreet, corner of Dover, and M Weat atieet, corner ol Rector, 19 Im*rre WALDKON O'HKRN It CU., Liverpool. PARAGE TO ANIJ FROM LIVERPOOL, HY ! THE NEW LINE OF PACKETS. Packet of t ieilit ol March.?The aplendid, fiatKjfffy tailing Packet Ship IIOBC1UB, 1 <00 tnna burthen. MMMta' apt Aaa Kldndge, will ami from New ?ork on Lha mat of March, and Liverpool >n the llth of May. 'lha Bhipaetmpria ng thu line are the following, and will ail to and trom Liverpool on their regular daya, viz iTowa. Kaon r.w Yoaa. p iiom LivgarooL. ; <1ARBK'K .., 1100 24th of febrnary, ll'hof April. 81 DDO>S.1100 Mihof April. 1 Ith ol" Ju. e. fell KlUHAN . .1100 26th ol J'um try. llth of July. I Person* about to emb.rk for tbe Old Country. or those I wishing to aeud for their triends. will not f il t> tee the ad- I vantages to be derived fioru selecting th>a line ol msgmticeu*. j Ships, as their grest capacity lenders then> every nay more e inilij'table th n ships of unaller da>a , v d their accnmmo. dumps for cabin, aecood i abtn, and ateerage p laaeugera, are autierier to any other line. Pera na wishing to srrnre bertha should not fail to make early application on board, foot of VVi.ll strret, or to W fc J. T. T - rScOTT, At their General Passage Office, M South street, Second door below Outline blip , Or to UnUMOtt ll'PFtHDk SON, or w.M. ToPiCOTT, 96 Waterloo Koad Drafts for any amount, payable on dcmmd, withont discount, in all the principal towns of K'glaod, Ireland. Scotland or Weirs can at nil times be obtained oa rpplicanon (if by letter postpaid) its above mil rh SAf l< b.GI'I AK LINK UK LTVKRPOOL PACKETS? Pa' krr of llihof March?'I he Packet Ship HbivATKHLOO, AMen, master, will eail as above, her regular day. 'the accommoea ion for cabin, 2J cabin, and steerage pissei.gers, are equal teeny in port Peisiina intending to embaik, ebould make early application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to J.McMUHRAY, Corner Pine and South streets. Persons deairons of sending for their friends Irom the old country ean have them brought out ta the above ship, sailing from Liverpool on the 26th April, by apply ing as abi>vs. mil Itre KUK INKW UKLe.ANS, Louisiana?New Voik I'"* "f Packets. Positively the only regular packet JBMbtn sail on Thursday, v-rrh II. IM7. The new and splendid fast sailing pa ket bark AVOL A, C'apt Whitreinorr, is now loading, and will positively sail as above, her regnlar da.. For fie ght or patssge, having superior acenmmedstions, a| ply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall at., or to KD K . CULL INS. j6 Hon h a' N B ? blnnpera msy rely on this vessel sailing punctually as advertised Positively no goods will be received after Wednesday even na, I7>h lost. Agents in New Orleans, JOHN O. WOODHL'FF k CO., who will promptly forward all goods to their address mil rc LOMJuN 1.1 vK Of PecKKTe?Packet ol Hanwita, Vlaatar, will atil'?? above,[hnr regular "fhe accoinmoda ion* for' abin, Second 'abin and Steerape Paarenutra, to comfort, are iinaqu lied by any ibip in port. Peranee wiahing to emhatk anonld make early a| plication on hoard, foot of Maiaeo Lane, or to J. MeMl/RRAY, eor. South and Tina itrect*. rrr?nn? daairooa ofaemltng for their friend* can hare 'hem brought out in the abore *hip or any of the regular line of park-ta, by applt log ? ahoye. mhll l.rre ~near KURNKW" (FKLfc*>11. LOUIMA VA ANO flfk NKW VOH K LINE OK TAt.K KT8-The new jMMa and aplendid laat aailiag Packet o*rk AVOLA, Whitmore, maiter, will aac*e>ad tha Aohorn, and aail on her regular day For freight or pa**age apply on board, at Orlean* wharf, foot of Hall atreat, or to E K COLLINS. 54 South afreet Aueni* in New Oile*na J O Woodruff It Co who will promptly forward <11 good* to their ad rea* rti# r ; < i NtTwSPAPfcTnT pRttFHTh i uks AMI j PRINTERS. WANTED a aitnatien by a pera^n who haa been upward* of 20 >e r* connected with the pre** of thi* country and k.'ig and aa tn giger, repoiter and editor, and who ia perfectly .rrpaintrd wiui every department of the printing buaiueaa Add'*<* l), P. H ntfire of thia piper ml S It To It'I h're NKW PAFPTk ITaN(?lM(iS. L' I'AHEtf fc CO., No. 179 Pearl atieet, haee received r * tlie<r ii < u ii I la'gr aopniy of all the new piltoint.of every ityle <ml quality of French and American Paper Hanging*, R rdara. V ewa, Kirebonrd Prime, and wida window Cuitatn I' ye-, winch they < ffer to dea'era. merehanta and other* at ra'remely low price* The meat competent Pipnr Hanger* may bo had at vary ihort notiea m9 lm*ra 1 AMtlKBEtri PAUK T iK ATHK- Tut ii'uy iaeaing, March U, IWT. (><? ivrigm ucf* will commence with the comedy if rfY NC.U^BOKN WlKr?Mr Smneitou, Mr Dyotr, M:? lomertun 1 V. r? Jyotf. Afar whirl,byi..tue>t.iha PAS DCS KLKUR8, by M D-aiue r? Vie* unlace To which w lit be c deled 'lie fuice oi *OMKBODY r? be tolhiwed > ec nii fm J liiTcru.emeut, PuLKA PAt A AN .\ . - .-y 71 U?U rn? Veunoiaee. A ter which. IS AM.-. A WOMAN c i"i"? '"elude with .be fumed POT POUKK1? b> t? Ojnieuiee Vlenuuue Door* open et b 11-pa.t t o'clock ; performance will com nn ure n 7 n'e'oeb |IUVVi.Ht 1 WltATltt? Thur-day r tenm*. March II. SI.JU'mT K,r,?"fe'o AND THt BtABTBcoih, The Beeet. Hcereoe, Bir A>< f %te r?Ap. lwral .bie?L?Ht1,,ibv of LA KILLK MAL OAHUKIL?Li e. JtiHl* L*iini*r, Co ho, \iou? Ueo get e. .Vi'lle Du.1 ( he craning, .vi'lle wr.Hanea bar ea'ebrated t r?coTi nut To coi-c ud? wuh the le|teodnry d tmi tf NlLK OIT THF WOO ">S? .oaring Keiph dtmckpole. Mr Uadaway; Mck of the Wood*, Ne fie Jreet ' licit licentr; Pit -rid Cillery t>H eeeu o'rii.rli l-arl.-ni" rT--.>r.?wr?? at T. tt-..* t>'H' ok M < -a.>ulu NfcW YORK OPKR 4 liUL'sb. formerly the Oreeawich Theatie, < liar t ei real, comer of Varick at'tet ? 'Ihuiiday arming. M-rrh 11?The eiiteriainmeuo will commence w ill the p ?y of til' Mb. i It-le ? Hicbeiiia. a.r. t a Conner. De vleai'rat, A uold; Julie. .vln* t h*pm*u Alt ' wliii h. Mlo8 PHAY will ?pp*ar ui a Medley Dance. Mr. YATL-f will up. ear iu a i'*? Seal. Tu couclude with tha^ larce ol_ LAD Y_ AND Ok.N'1 Lt maim iim a rrr-ini ueuuemui. Mr. Arnold, me Lady. M a BVu. Trie* of aduiiaaion?Ureas < irele iO cti; w sad M 1 tar It i fit i >%. u?'on op?n 17 PaLMO'S OPKHA HOUSE. li'Bberi street?Vlldsy Mar'h 12, will bo prrlorm-d Verdi'i New Ofai. I L.UVIB AKUl? Pseano, Sig Beueevila o; Amno, bin PaUi; Vicliudi, Mira Voulard, Una da, Sine Bar.It; A'Ciano. hi* Ma.una; Koha. Mgra N. N.; Oronto. 8>g. Beuedrt:ii Prior of < ity i f Milan. Big Bauetti; furor, big. Hanquirieoi Hermit, Sig. Beuefe?Muo. Opera books may be had at the Boi Office. lit tnr Boaei auo Pu'auetla, fl. 2d do, 20 ceuri: Priest# Boies for persona, SI2, do lur I persons. t 10. Beau call be aecored at the B> s Udice fr m 10 a VI till 4 P. M , daily. Performance to commence at 7)4 o'flock; doors open at T !> o f Br.NEFlT OF Mb. tTkOltbh HOLLANU. MITCHELL'S ULYMI'IC THEATRE?Thoraday Essoin*. March 11.? t lie perfoimaucai will roBBtata wi h WHO'S THK COM POSER?Sigaor Cafariul, Mr. Holland; Carini, Miss Clarke To be followed by thai farce ofidlbTER AND I?Fata* Hedtt-e <k , V1r. H< 1 mid Alter * hieh the bur etta entitled iHe PIC-NIC FARTY? John Lit'lrj I'm, Mr Holland T..conclude with A.i OBIECT OF INTEREST?Mr Minos due Primrose, Mr Holland. Dieas circle, 20 cents; upper betas, 22 cents; pit oae (Wiling; pries'e botes tb Oie'iestru botes,$1 proofs oien at? o'clock ; cur am r sea at naif past' A l AKD HOW D'YE DOI?Jnat Dropim!?Beg pardont?Hape I don't luirude! -Bat. if it ia uotaaking aa impertinent question, will you tike n ticket for Gfcu. HOLLA; D'd BENEFIT, At the Olympic 'theatre, Thuriday\ext, March 11. There wTl' be lota of fan, and something naw?far yon mnatkuow that " SISTER AND 1" will appear on tbnt eeeutnu for inn A at tima in this e ty. beaidea other noTeltiea which I>mnotat liberty to mention jnat now; howerer, that delightlul party, whoae perform auces aliened ao much applauae two a sars since, entitled " I'HK PIC NIC PARTY." will?they will?be there. Also, sn immense eariery of other entertainments, too numerous lor me to mention Tba whole to conclude with one of the most popular larees eeer produced at thia theatre, in whit h MlsH CLAHKE made such a tremendous h t. New, between oniselres?mind, it gone no imther. for 1 assure you I spesk feelingly on tins subject? that, in order to seen e good seats, 1 msy confidently aseert, it as ill be "AN OBJECT OF INTEREST!" for yon to call tt the boi office es soon as possible. ml?2rer Adien. PaULPRY. i> \ IKCU.M? rati wv KrvV A NiFHIThKa i RK This, March J I?Third apreanmee of Mr. T. McFarl*nd. the Ureal Eighty Somerset Man The entertainments will commence with a beautiful Tan Horse Entree. Matter Mar far I sad, on the Tight Hope. Mr Hobba will appear in bia matchless and anrprtaing feats ol Horsemanship. Mr Ooaam and Mr. Williams will appear together in a sew farce called The Barbarous Dentist. Doors open at 7, performance cumneaeee at X part 7. Boiea t5 cents. Pit HXAMERIVAIV M USE UM. EVERY Day and Evening thia week, commencing on Monday, March I. Four Splendid Performances Daily, in the morning at IIX, and in the aiteraooa at 3, and in the evening, at 7 and again at IX o'clock (C^Poanively no Kree Lief except the Press.-/H [I Morning viaitera are not admitt d to either the afternoon or evening performance*. LAST WEEK UK GENERAL TOM THUMB, the amalleat Man in Miniature in the known world, weighing only rirTcciv pound*, whi ha a been patroaiaed by all the caowNBD HEAD* of Enrope, and been aeen by ever M.tM pei* n*,' since hi* return to America. The Uencral ia to be seen every MORNING KROM 11 TO 1IX O'CLOCK, on the platform, in one of the main hatla of the Mutants, {a hi* extraordieary and popular pcrlorm*ncea, including hi* ciTixai*'* dee**, in which he will relate hi* History, Trw vels. he., ting a variety of song*, dance the Polka, Sailor'* Hornpipe, give representation* of earoLEoi*, pbeueeioe THE UEEAT, OEECIAI* )TATUE*, he. he. H* Will alio EH pear in his magnificent KKKNCH COURT DKK.88, worn before Louis Phillippe, King of the French, and all the principal Courts ef Europe Alter which he will appear in hii BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME, in which ho will dance ihe hiuhuvd rLinu, he. Tlie MaaNiricENT rsgsnivrs received from Queen Victoria and the principal Crowned Heads of Europe, will be o?hibtied. IN IHE AFTERNOON, FROM J TO t O'CLOCK, he wil' appear .in ihe siege in the Lertnre lto.nn in a variety of porf rniu.ces and coatuinea, in conjunction with other eutertaininen.a. ALSO, Its THE EVENING AT 7. A>U AGAIN AT ?X O'CLOCK. The GrivKMat.'s MinsTVS Kut'iPAOE, consisting of u magnificent li tie Cburio' aud P gin, Pome*, with Coachman and F. otinaii will peraiiibulate Hie street* daily. GREAT VV <'.ST EHN ihe Y-ukee L umadiaa. VllaSf.S WHK-.LEK and JULIEN AN M'OMICAL be aeen at one ah ilingeaeh. MADAMi. ROCKWELL, the Fonune I e.ier Adm>a*ion 2jreus, chrdiv-u undei It, l>X cent*. No Ho* dmiMioaa One paymeut will eulit'e to nut one nonunion. !C7" ha Public arc revpccifnlly informed 'hat (ieoanl Tom Thumb will terminate lua public ethibitixiu torever, nv anon a? he cau pay a brief rint 10 H e prureiiwl American criea, and, therefore, that lua eugagemeu. at thie eatablieb* aieoi it uecaaaarilv limited to a *rry abort period m8_c r T BARVUM. ?v u.H . iHii, ulaW hIA E * ' aiaiL. Lnaaa... W R. I Lua, Vi?W THURSDAY"VRNINO llth, 1?47, Will he perfoiircd Mr, Cowley'e popular ?mcdy called A BOLD STROKE FOR A HUSBANU. l og Jo Mr Ricbiofd Ooaoa Olivia Miaa Fbhet Mmeite .Mia B.ake To eouelude with the Natioual Drama (written by W M l.nuaufc lied THE BAT1 LP. OK OERM AN TOWN, Or. a Tale of tba Traey Rang era I??? General Washington Mr Richiaga Herbert Tracy Mr I email Marian Wnltham Mm Bowers MM. ilA KE'i'T, ln.e Leases and Uireetor vl the Howard Athei atuin, Bniton, would inform all peraona who have buaiueaa with him, that he maybe lound at tha law office of hia eou, John K. Hackett, Esq. It Well at, between tire iroura nl 11 and 2 o'clock, daily. New Yerk, March II, Itt7 mil VDeod're SOCIETY LIBRARY L,fcCTUKl? .ROOM, Corner of Broadway and Leonard ttrttf, MONDAY, MARCH 8th, And Every Night until further notice. C7 HRIHT1 'A far famed and popular Band of Mlnetrelt, ' whoa* nniqua and inimitable Concerts, recently, nt the Alhambra, gave inch universal aatiafaction,having been for a iurceaaioe of three wceke nightly crowded Wlto highlr ree ceetatile ami m?at faahiona-ile ndiencea, have the honor of aniiouiiring tint they will give a aeriea of their popular eorortriimrents, introducing at eneh representation a variety of eutnely new aouga, gleea, cliorua, a, burlesques, Re. Change u' programme every eveniug. Admiiaion tweut' -five ceota. Coucert wtl! f..mtneace at hair-past 7 o clock. m7 1 * i ^ i r? bKtfc Co.NOfcllTS. KVtilY EVENING at "THE OI'EHA HOTEL," 43 CHaMBKBt STBKKT, (scit to I'aluo'a Theatre ) commencing on Saturday K'cning, Fab. ITth, 1147. at H (mat 7 o'clock. vocautTe Mr. and Mn. Nawion, (lata < f Mercer atreet) WeUh Rarebits, Poached Eggs, V.c , served in good style. Hupcrinr Ala, Wines, Liquots and Cigars. N B ?feered Concerts eyery Sunday cyaning. m6 trie ezSu * re i>am;|i\(.? acagkmy. M" 8ARACCO, Italiau Chorognphist. and Mlla. Anga lioa, first tcachar of tha I'ariaian Uaaeiug Aeadamy of Mr. Cellarins, respectfully inform Ladies and Gentleman, the Amateureol Modern Dancing, that beaidee the graaafaJ dances M . ANGELINA? New Waltz in 1 steps o' their inrention , TAR ANTELl.E?Dance of Naples Mnznrka, Wain-Mazurka, Kedowa,Wslls-Radowa, Folks, ' Cotillon of Polka, and Waltzes They will learn also the POLK A-M AZI'HKA- HU-.FE A dance recently invented for the Court of the Emperor n4 Russia. N B ?The mnsic of the Pnllia Masurka Raise can ha oala found at Mr. Saracen's, No. 30 Canal street, east eorrer of Broadway mS IA*fg XXII jTNNtuT. F.XHiBiTiON or THE NATION AL ACADEMY OF DESIGN 'I1!! a. rooms of the Academy are now ready for the raeep1 tion of moke foi the eihibition, which will ba opened onihelstnf \p 11 All works mas', necessarily, he in the rooms on or before the loth March. By order of ihe C mneil mh4 eorf?wis?re I Ml <1 I II A('VI AN, f4er-, N A. FOR >ALiv X'JfM AN ELEGANT DO'BLK ACTION H.tRr KtKlEwill e sold low, if calleo lor soon To be seen at the JIVK'esid-neeof J RUSSELL, r> # Tnl hkS*t Jtis"re No 3 Mcfongal at i UNION COURbK, L 1.?TllOTfiNG. A| & kia. II fc proprietors of ,ha sbiiye i ouiae, thsaklul for lha llA beial patronage ihey hare received heretofoie ^and , orairriua in promote aim imaKii ? .? ? ?_ 1 Horaea, <ift't lb? lo'lowir a pnraea and No I. tunc ?i#0-imle heata. i m in five, to hnrneaa, free fur *11 t'ot'iug h r?ei, $75 ,o f to tSe arroud beat. iaNn 2. Furae $l?o?two mile heata. tu hnrneaa, Irte for *11 tromnf lioraea. $73 to the aeeond beat No. 1 Pn ae $iM?<nil? hnata.heat lu tier, to harnoee, free for trotting horaea that never won a puree near $'.00 No. ?. Puree $t00-mne heera, baai it Ave, to wagone, free for trotting horaea that never won a puree ever $.00. wagon and driver to vveieh M0 Iba. No 3, Pnra? $}0? two mile heata, to harneaa. with aa in aide at ike of $100? ha'f forfeit-for ail veer take their age frran the firat ot /nonary. No ( Pnrae $50?> wo mi'o heata, to hemeea. with an maida ataha nf$llMl?hall forfeit, free for I oiaea tha: never trotted for money No 7 Puree $50?two aoilebea'a, uad'r the a>di*1e. uith an iriarde atake of AioO?hvlf forfeit, free for all rati3$ horaea, eieept J?mra K Polk In all ihe ab >ve, three or mo-e to mvke a r ee f atrancaa lor ilia above pur aa and itakea t r cluae ta iba A a' dav of April, t.n or belore 9 o'clock, PM , at Orten It Bevme', <Jh 'tham equare Trotting to eouimen'o the laat week in April Liberal pura-a will be liven da inic the aeattm New Yn k. vt?rr.h 10. I0t7. U. SI'ICtt*. in 11 Th S.kTu'rrr I WllTnT RY (TI bus MARTIN It LOW-ON, Import-fa aid lubbava. >? Joint treer. (upaiv a)a*e.u w opr >n g their Spring Imprrr taimn of viillti.erv Uooda e> nipnainK every aitide in iha I trade The atteati m of bnrera n aelicltod (wild Iwia r

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