Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1847 Page 1
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f . 1 TH1 ?ol. X1U, No. 71?Wtoli No. MGI T?E WEVV~YQRK HERALD? JAMES 6(111111),1 BEAHiETf, fSOPSIETOE. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HEKALD-Kyery a?y, Price 1 ceitn pereopy?fl 25 per ..bum?p?y?b'? lu advance. ... WEEKLY H EH AH)?Every Saturday-Price t% cent* per Copy?I Ilk crow |>er wii-uin?payable in aajrancr. HEBALU PoK KURUPE?Every Steam Packet dayPric. 6!. c.uc* per oopy?$3 per annum, payable la ad?*ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on the Istol January of enrh vear?aiugln copiesuipenee each. ADVERTISE? KNTH. at the uanal pvice.-al?vay? eaah to *d>*nco. Advertisement*should be written in n plftin, legible manner. The rrcpnelot will not be revponaible I.w errort that may occur in theui. , , ? ,, . PHI N Tits Oof all kiutla eieouted beautllully and with MlfMUn. All lettera or eominunieatiooa. by mail, addreaaed u the Astaliliilnnrai. uiuat It* poet pid. or the postage will oe d? duoteil Iroui (Fie anlxcriotiou in >uey remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the iNew Fork Hkkalo Kitabjjihmfwt, K-*i?rtb Wan enrmttr of Tniltr u *id NMino itr??h ?j-i i- , . ? JJrtL FOR HALE?A in 111 hoaae and about ill acrea of PS? laud, lituit- at Rock iway. L*ng laland, on the liockr'rfl and J -maica Tnrupilte, and within a quarter ol a tnile of the pnat office One acre or<4he land ia nuder peach tie?-a, two nerea tillable, balaece in wood Alao, aeveral o.ber piaeea of land in the eatne neighborhood Enquire of John L. Norton, jnn , 14 Dehmeey atreet. or at the < ffie? of Jo' n H I'owet, 1(9 Fnltian at. ml 2w*rrc EOtt bALE On Ktra 1' ?'1 be three ato y buck home: No 14 Ba clay atreet having a auble in the r ar. Apply te S. J. Hall, b3 Barclay, or 143 Weat atreet Fuiniahed if deaited. mi r FwR SALE CHEAP, MThe two atory and attic Brick HOUSE, on the north-weiterly cirerof Hndaon and Barrow atreeta. The walla are hard finiehed and painted The baaeii a i an eaaily be altered t, r many kinda of bniineaa, hy making a door on Barrow atreat. and a building can alao be eree.ed on Barrow atreer. O H. WINTER, 31 Wall atreet, ml lw*re over the Mechaniea' Bank. FUR sAL.ii-hRUOKl.YM? $4,000. Jmffi The lot ard three-story brick House, on the southffSB wen corner of Hicks and Hackee itreeta. The lot is j'Jifc'wcuty-tl.rse feet in front and rear, by one hundred deep. The house wes bmlt daring the lait year, haa marble mantels ihroaRhout, plated furniture. a nub cellar, iron por tieo in front, aud back piazzas encloied with glass. It ia witkie three miantea'walk of flamilt?u arcane ferry and the At antic D.>ck, and fifteen minatea from the Month ferry, in a rapidl / improving neighborhood Also for sale, the House and Lot adjoining, 6f same description. Apply to KLIAS U. BKOWN, At alossan k SchaiPs Office, 20 Nassau street. 12J ?w?rre FOR SALE A THE House and lot of ground No. 64 Oliver stree . Lot 26 by 100 feet, house 23 bv 43. an alley adjoining Eor pa'ticnla-s. ucplr on the premises. I23 2w*rh SUR SALE, AT PRIVATE HALE?The property known aa No. P,? 126 Mulberry atreet, near Broome street. Lot 32 by 100 J?j&feet. A two story brick front house on the front of lot ?a Mall two story frame house on the side of lot, with a large work shop iu the rear. 32 by 26 feet, with a cellar 13 feet deep in the same. Half of the purchase money can remain on bond and uin?tgiige, at 7 per cent. .Enquire on the premises. <18 Irn'rc FOR SALK CHRAP, ivd In RURAL LIKE, fronting the beautiful Haritan JT.JB Uuy.ccm.trending a fall and enire view from tbe HighJUULU'ids of Neveisink to the Narrows. Large and small r*im?. improved and unimproved property, so that the pur chasrru eau at all times snit their fancy in a selection of pro p aYs o . fourteen valuable building lore, at West Blootnfield, Pompton, adjoining the Methedist Church parsonage, and opposite the New Episcopal Church, terms easy. Persons desi.ous of retiring from the city to a healthy location anywhere along the shore, can obtain all iufotmatiou desired, by let er post, le W U. HAYNEs, Key port, Monmomh county, New Jersey. f26 lm*rc FOR SALE MOoe of the most beautiful and desirable residences in the State of Connecticut, situa.ed in the city ol Norwich, corner of Washiuftoa and Yantic streets, now owned and occupied by Mrs. E. Kip, and formerly the residence of Wni C. Oilman, Esq., by whom the house was bmlt, and the grounds laid out. There are abont five acres of land, covered witb elegant shade trees and slirwbbi.rv, with varieties of frail tree*, gooseberries, currants, raspberries, strawberries, Ike. The scenery trom the ground* it besotiful and picturesque, equal to any iu the State. The heme is very convener,t, with two well* of eserlleut end aerer failing water on the premises, and the place combine* erory thimi to make it one of the most delightful residence* in New England, and offen r. rare opportunity to any gentleman wishing a beautiful country seat. >"er terms and farther particular*,apply to Charles Addoms. Esq., No. 29 Uraoite Building, corner Broadway and Cham ber* street, or to the subscriber on the premise*. Yf. C. WHITKIlHiE. Norwich. Keb 10 1817. H2 ltn?re FOR BALE, tA IT ARM of fifty-two acres, mo*t delightfully situated, about five mile* from Elizabethtown, N. J., eatiii ritiug a handsome commodious dwelling house, arrh innible mautles, und every convenience for a respectable family ; the whole including gardener'* house, barae, ice house. ?.ud other buildings, in a substantial state of repair; tho orchard c-uiains twenty acres of choice Irmt tree*. 'llio easy access from New York, either by the yariont cars trom Jersey City or the lerry to Ulizabethport, whence a railroad tr ,in runs within a hundred yards of the hoase, render' this property very valuable to those doing business iu this city. The greater part of tho purchase money can remain for three years ou bond and mortgage, at five per cent VYsK Ik til) N 8,172 Pearl street. Also, for sale, a dwelling house No. Ml Washirgton street ft lm*r FOR "SALE. Artfe A THREE8TOKY ilUUSK on 2Jd street, between unm the 2nd and Jd Avenues. It is well finished, and reJSdflLl'lete with the latest iinproveinenls, including kitchen range, sink, cold >ud warm ba hs, water closets, Ike.. Italian nuu b'e uiauile< throughout the house ; a court yard of nlteec feet luf out,with veraud di and Kreuch windows. The house is one of a row ot six honsrs ou the south siee of the street For farther particulars apply to VYBE (k SONS, II nn'r 172 1'wri street. K^(jji HOUSE. A'o. 'l(Hi Hrmdiray, corner Walker Street, N. Y. JOH's b Lij.ali.MCK, Jr., tuts now completed his ptf u> rangi-meuis lor opening to me public, at me elegant XJJL-i'id pacum. budding above designated, and wuicn ha ),? .1, grr it expense eiect?d, a Ho el, to be conducted on the h O'O ean loan lu addition to the coinmodiona Kett'Uraot below, he baa arranged extensive outlet of dining riinni on the fLtors above, spleaiiully furuishsd with every modern imprt rrrrntiu in turu iure, deroratieua, 81c. Beanies these, nte smal lc spall it-uts, similarly furnished, for the accommoua Intel individuals or of ima,l parties, where (na in the larger apariisents) meal, are tnpplien at their own hums, by eerie, ou the plan alluded to /ttlaehed to the establiah111 nt, (en trance tjuite distinct from that with the public depar men- ) ate soma sitty bedrooms single nud doable, with elegant parlors adjoiniag?the ? hole forming a first rlass h?tal for g- ntlernen, to be conducted on a scale nf convenience mid a*commoda'tun bithert nnattaiuvd in this country. J F . Jr , trusts that it is unnecessary for him to assnre the public that his laadrr. Ins wines, and indeed hia enure cnlinary dnpaitumnt, will bn of the best kiud throughout; and he invites gentlemrn who are desirous of at the same time obtaining moots and board, or either, separately, to call upon lorn ns above, where he will be happy to afford them every facility of examining his new and commodious establishment. in2 lm*rc March a. H<7. m aTATKMHl.a.Mi t OCT AUKS To LKT OK LtASt?Three Co'tanes sitnated on Caatleton llrights near Capo di Mouie Staten Island, surrounderi by flue forest Uvea, and commanding an unsurpassed view of l^e city the Bay audits islands, and ths ocean, while the access is easy, ilia disunceto each ferry beiug less than 11 mile, l'nev cor tain as follows: ti tgitellf?A parlo-, dining room, and i bedrooms. Cro.v's hiest?A parlor, diuiug room, library, 4 bedrooms, and 3 servants'rooms?attached, carriage honse with stable for 4 horses. Oak Land?2 parlors, large dining room, 12 bedrooms, bath room, mid 4 servants' rooms?attached, carnage house, with stable for J nurses. These Cottsue* enjoy in comini n the use of 17 seres of 'beautiful woodland, enclosed, and in the midst of which thsy aie elected. Apply to Madame Orymes, at her residence. Capo di Monte. Also, Capo di Monte, the beantifnl mansion now the residence of .1 adsme(Jrymes. too well known to rv<| ore u description Tne us dm 1* large and well stocked fruit, mill 24 .cresof woodland, laid out in walks; an ice huuts flllsti; a gaid'iiei's house end ram<ge house,with stabling for six hoiscs, a a attached. To a u od tenant the house will be rented or leased, fully fur" she' 1*21 Iroeodvrc III Un Alp okiufc. 1 of the first unalirv .1 ?..i tt ba K?iua, at .MA' 'a *?* at ra, IM <>an.l real, flia J ? b?.riber would call the atteutiou of hit nuin-rone Jft lunula -nd cueMmnta an t the pub ic in general, tn bis img and well ntaurlt'd atnck ot ail the different kind, of Boot*, Shore, Unfair lie., that the nuirkrt can afford which he will sell icw in' ruli. Kecr gatafui tor the lull abate of pari mate lie treeieed I ir ihr laei ten yeara while in ihe emp'uymrnt ol in here, anil no ? hiring commenced bneineee lw n m?e I hr c u aeiure hie fneude and the public iliat there eb in be nothing wanting on hie part to pleiae and gire *atiefaoiion to all ihoae who will ce 10 kind ae natf- niee him at i?H Oual atrert, New York. JOHN MctJUIRK. in* 1 m " r b _ fLAlNFlTuFBANK NOTES taken at par for 'J Bnnta and Hhnee at Walker'a celebrated cheap Store. t? wliere the-e la to be f.miid all aorta and eiaee N.B.?All jPt eoitaol urer Slioee, 410 Broadway, New York. J**l(! . 01 ii k h4lils and small ruorirs is our MOTTO?Fiew Boots at $3 M. citf.uiade, and are , JfjU'l to thoee n.nil.y sold f.r IS pi ie French calf drree It nite at 84 Ml, equal to the b-at eold in the city. Parol leather Boole, Shnea, Oaitera ud Slippers, on hand urd made to ntder on ehnrt notiee All goods warranted to tire satisfaction. Mending, ho., done in the etore. YOUNG It JONES. 4 Ana etreet, f23 Itn'ee NeKr the Mneeum. TV Ot.M fLEMEN'S tiAfs Of THE SPRING JYt.F. erenow reedy f. re ie at ROBKR SOX'S PIKESIX HAT AND CJIP MANUFACTORY, No. KtfUL TON at>eet, (between William and Mold.) 1 he n derMgneil. eome two ye ire ainee, commenced hneineee in thiaitreet, upon ihe plan of Lannr Sai.u* ajtn Small Kanyire I'ne emne>it eucceea which hae crowned bia mfto ts lo 'omith tua cnatmnert wnh *n article of the Fi'it Qualify, aud the l?w?<t induced him to mote h '.ni hia 'oune. contracted eitabltfthmi ut to the aoove mnch n')?e c* lniff.iiioiu etore. H.? prices ut still the lam^, six: Pi ? quality Nutria Hats $.1 10 K'couu do. do 3 oo First do Moleskin 3 .VO 8CC0I1(J dO. dO. aaaeaeae 3 00 *i hird do. do. #!.!!!!!! !!!!*!'!! 2 w A liberal deduction from the above prices rnsde to whole- i * W.M ROBf.H h ' N, Jr. !"' J ? ' Si W Fulton at. #5 i" ATM TO HE HAL) Fl)R #3 00 ? ' 'j'' 'SALK8 ROOM, 171 Broadway (Howard TTo f ) ? *pr?u? Atv'f for IB47 nww re'idy. iieutletn^u h Mt purr I? s'nu a new hie ere fcquustrd tj call and *i1.11. ethos tiered ni the above establishment. Thev hit I ... , rut eltii 1a r*l> e,anted, and combining elae.ieity I, .b ill, eud tirilMai.cjr, toeethrr v i,|, ,.|| ihe modem 1 , r n 1; U in rhe liimin ng, their iniarininy w II at coca he ackuowladgod. mj tw*ih S, NE NK -in L?p-? . t: 1 VIVAVKliUiKU ACUOfl A".Jt> AVION m | CHANGE OF HOUKS I LONG ISUAAD RA LROAD. | WINTER ARKANGKMENT. 'In and alter Mouday, _L)ec. 28, 1848, Traiua will ran na Ibllowa:? I Lgavg UauoBLTit?ai 7 o'clock A. Al. (ttostua tram) (r Greenport. daily, (except Sundays) stoppiif at Yarmingdale and Hi. George's Minor !' " ut?X A. M , daily, for Greenport and (intermediate placet. ** " at i P M. for Karminpdr.le, daily. Llirr GaaxrrroyT?at 8X A. M., a.ujy accommodation train for Brooklyn. w i< at 3X P-M-, (Boston Train) or on the arrival of the Doat liom Norwi h, daily, (except Hundaya,) i. ppiag ?t St. George's <Vaa.-r aud Yarmlngd-OeLgavg FaaMiKopaLx at t.X A. M. daily, (except Sundays.) accommodnti .:i tram; and 12 ,M. and 'j\ I'. M. Leave Jamaica?m 8 o'cloc t A. M , i P. M., and 6X P. M., for Brooklyn, or on the arrival ol Boston train. SUNDAY TKAINS will hereafter run to Thomson Sta tion? leave Brook'yu at 9 A. M. for Thoinpaou and intermediate plaoes,(coinineacing Hun lay the Dili Ueveuiber. reinrn ius leave Thompaoa at 3 o'clock P. M., Knrmiugdate i!X, Jamaica 3XKaue to?Bedford, 8 centa; Kant New York, 1JX; Uace Coarse, 18V; Trotting Course. 18V: Jamaica, 2v, BruslivilU, IIX; Hi de Park, (17 miles) 37X;.CIowsville, (during the session of Court) S7X; Heinpsiead, 17X; Branc h 37W; Carte Plaee.G; Westbnry, 44; Hicksville, 4(; Karmingdale, MX; Deer Park, 69: Thompson, 88; Suffolk Station, $1; Lake Hoad Station, SI 18V; Medford Station, SI 18V- Yaphank.fl 37X: St. George's Manor, SI MX; Hiverhead. $1 63X; Janiespoit, tl 63X: Mnttetuck, $1 62X; Cntchogue, Si 62X; Sou'hold, I MX; Greeuport Accommodation Train, Si 75; Boston train, S3 33. . . Stages are m readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts I the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage frr the several trains, 30 minutes before the hoar of starting from the Brooklyn aide. The steamboat "Statesman'' leaves Ureenport for Sag Harbor on the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklvn d33rh THK PHOPKILI'OHM of Steamboats &^jBM||S?wiihitig Bells hnng would do well io p<y a TSCmMEJE-vis it ou board the steauihoais .Niagara, Irua Witeh, Governor, irou bo?t John Stevens, Worrester, Tra veller, Thomas Powell, See., and examine ill HOMEH'S improved style of Bell Hanging, pnt un neat and strong, and warranted for one year, byH.H. No. 8 Ann st. Rl lm*rre NOTICE. On and alter Friday, November 30th, the ^C5gS*Qnateamboat SYLPH, Captain Braisted. will 3NE2MEflL?make the following trip* to and from Sutra (aland until further notice, viz :? Leave New York. I LeaveStaten laired \t 9 A.M. At IV 11 A. M. 19 1 P. M. 11 M. IK 8 P. M. 5M. " ?llr REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. .VIA NORWICH A WOK. aww mM ULSTER, without change 111 ? mSSI TpUars or Baggage, or without.^MHnK m9L *i?crosaing any rerrv. JH3EE. aasengeas taking their seats at Norwich, ate luatTrrd their t ? ts through to Boston Thii being the only inland route tU t communicates throagh by steamboat and railroad. Pasaengers by thii line are accompanied throagh try the conlaetor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his attention to their ase and comfort. This line leaves tonth side Pier No. 1, Nortn Itiver, foot of Satterv Place, daily, (Sundayseicepted) at 4 o'clock, P. M., wd at. res in Uoston in time so take all the eastern trains. The new steamer WORCESTER, Capt. Van I'elt, leaves ever; Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. M Tb- steamer CLEOPATRA, Captain Williams, leavcj very Monday, Wednesday, and Fridav, at 4 o'clock. P. M. For further information, inquire of J. H. VANDKKBILT, No. 4 Batterr Place. Nortn River. d 25 If re jgm WINTER AltKA.NUEMENTa.-The SL r!ri ajr Norwich, Worcester and Boston Rail Road Tli "mr " and Steam Transportation Line?The tub tantial steam propeller Trumbull, Captain Dsniel Havens still run regal irly between Norwieh and New York, making two pnssages a weak; leaving New York from pier 12 E. U. Old Slip. For freight, whiuh will he taken at summer rates or passage, haviug elegant accommodation! apply to the Captain, on btmrd. or to E. A. BILL, Norwich, Conn , and to IllmSr K> N tHIIltlU ail H.,,.,1, N..V..I. HIWii . - ?-? UlMso.,' 1 si i r.B ,<l AIL. LINK,. . <^Br| jrn FOR ALBANY AND THOY, VIA [lort aud Housatouic Railroad. Uur jKh9K3K>i?I! Uit summer, the Housatouic Railroad hn hero inlaid with a heavy H Kail, from Bridgeport to the Western Railroad Through bv Daylight, daily (StioJay's excepted) at fl)? o'clock, A.M. The Steamboat MOUNTAlNf KR, Capt. W. H Kratee , leaves the foot of Market street, K. R., for Bridgeport, Daily, at 6>1 o'clock, A M. No freight taken in tbe Passenger Line Passengers take the Cars at Bridgeport,and without change o| Cars or Baggage Crates, arrive in Albany and Troy at J o'clock, P. Nl. New Cars aud Locomotive eugines have been procured, and the Road is in every respect equal to the best New England Road. S3" A Freight Line by Blaainers Nimrod, and Mohegar., daily?Freight Tariff sstne as last year ?h or further particulars inquire at the Ollice ou Market street Pier, and U Livingstou aud Wells' Express, 111 Wall etreer. fed Im rc (I VI. PF.HKY. Agent. ,. BRITISH A.'-Li XXOUTn Plrtfll' ROYAL .vl.a.m STEAM SHIP!. 13M lout and 440 horse power each, ua der coatract with the Lords of the Adm HiUERNIA Capt. A. Ryria CALEDONaA Cap. E. It. Lou BRITANNIA ( apt. J.Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capt.C. H E.Judki?s ACADIA Capt. Win. Harrisoa. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, as fol taws mem bostoh. ihii:? livxkfool. Hlberuia Ken. 1, 1847 Hiheruia Ian. I, I8t? | Jambr'a... ...March I, IUi7 Cambria Keli 4, 184' Hlberuia April 1, 1847 Hioeroin March 4, 18i7 'PassaoB Movkv. I From Boston to Liverpool ...flit. Kroin Boston to Halifax 10. No berths secured until paid for. Thesc^ips carry ei ierienced surgeons. No Irrlght, except specie, received o: ays of ssiliug. For freight, passage, or any other information, imply to 1). BKIOHA.M, Jr., Agent, At KARMTf.." it CO.'^6 Wall st. In addition to the above Uue bvtweaj I vSTpi i l and Halifax, nu-i Boston, a contract lias l.em entered into vi-'. Her Majesty's government, to esrtblrsh line between Liverpool and New York direct The steamships tor this ser vice are now being built, and early nest year due notice will oe given of the time when they will start. Under the new eoiiuset the steumers will sail evrsy Sntnrday during eight months, and eery fortnight daring the other mouths in the year, (suing alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax aed Bostou and between Liverpool and .New York. jb r UNil E1J ?TA'1'K? AND liUliUl'LAN EiYliGRANT OFFICE. WldtfrERN AORMci AAU commission Mi-lflGHANTft. rHE subscribers havinv h<d long experience in the business,are prepared to offer every facility to those wishing pnsisge to or from eveiy Pert of (treat Britain or Ireland, Havre, and the Cieim.m, Belgian, and Holland portaon any of which place* Bill* of Ktchasgt can be tarnished, in anina to auit. Passage e.iu also be eug-ize ' Imm Liverpool to Boaton, rlnlaSelphia, Baltimore, or few Orleana. diiect Those wishing passage from few Vorlt to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, B&vanuah or 'l'vi-.a, can at all time* be aecomuiodated at the loweat r tea To thoae ctnigratisg to the West, the mbtcribcTs hive nneqaalled arrangemeiita (or the forwarding of passengers to the West, by ti e different rontea, via: to Buffalo, anrl the intermediate laud ngs, and all parts nl the Canada*?Chicago, Milwankie, Baltimore, Cil'ahuigfi, Cincinnati, Ft Louia, Ate., by steamboats, railroads and canal boats, of the first claas?.Hid g/eat C> re will be taken that paaaeuuers will meet with uo delay or imposition on the route. Letters (post-paid) will teceive prompt attention. Kor farther particular* apply to M. P O'HKRM Ik CO.. HO South street, corner of Dover, and M Writ meet. corner ol Kei tor, W Im'rre WALDHDN O'HKRN fc CO., Liverpool. PASSAliE TO AN l> FROM LIVERPOOL, BY THE NEW LINK OF PACKETS. flKe Packet of t ie Jlit ol March ?The splendid, f-stMHQfVaailiiig Packet Miip flOSCIUS, 1100 toua bnrthen, JBMMBwCspt Aaa Kldridge, will sail I'rom few V ork on the list ol .March, and l.nm Liverpool ..n the lnh of May. '1 he Bmp* e< mpris ng this line are the following, and wili sail to and Irom Liveipool on their rrgnlar days, viz :? ,'Toive. From va Yn?(. f nosi Livrr. pool CMHHI'K... 1100 Will of Febmary, llihof April. ?O80IU8. ... IPiO 2trb af Ma ch lltlinfAay. .... 1100 wh of April. 11th ol ju r. bHEHIOAN . .1100 24th of January. lllh of July. i era-tns about to embark for Uie Old Country, or those wishing to send fnr their Irienda. will not Til t see I tie advantages to he derived from selecting this line c( magnificent chips, as ilie ir great capacity tenders then every w.vy more c.itlilo'table th n .lilts of smal'er eia-s ; andiheir ae.eoinmu datiots for cvbm, second < abiu, and steerage p mergers are superior to any other line. Peri us wishing 10 secure bertha should not fail to makr early application on board foot of Wall atrert, or to W It J T. T tPBCOTT, At their Oenrrsl Passage Office. M Ronlli street, Hec?nddoor below Outline Flip , Oi io OtiOKOEJOPP4 IKD ?t_FON, nr_ - nil J it. m nrn'inuu linan Drift! fur in)' amount, payable uu demand, without diiconnt, in .<11 the principal rowna of England, Ireland, ScotI'ud or Wnl' a, can at ill timet be obtained oa r pplieatinu (if by letter poattaid) at above mil rli jy^">UI?'NlfW*Oin7HTA>5,To"umanv^Nev* York iJRWtW lint of Packet!. Positively ,he only regular pack)i JHMfeato anil on 1 hurtday, .Vtarcfi 18 1117 The new and aiilendid fatt tailing pa' ket bark AV'M, Tapt Whit"-more, is now loading, and will poaitively tail ai ab ve her regular day . Forfreght or putage, having tuperior accommadatiijn*, applf on bourd, at Orltant wharf, foot of Wall it., or to , ED If. COLLINS. jA Son hat. N. B ? Sluppera may rely on thia vetiel tailing punetnally at adrettited rott'ively no goodt will he received after Wednesday even ng, 17'h intt. Agents in New Orleani, JOHN O. WOODHUFF It CO., who will promptly forward all gooda toiheir address mil re ttt!. LONU !* LINK UK P tCKKTo?I'nrkei of I I6th M reh?The Paekrl. Ship WEI.LINO I ON, JMMNw.Lii!Dwic(, Matter, will tail at abovedhtr regular "f he accommoda ion? for ' abin, Second ''shin and Steerai a ratfei.gert, at to comfort, are uuequ lied by eny thin in port. Pertoit wishing to emhatk mould make early application on board, foot of Maioen I ane, oj (pRA V cor. South 11 d I'iae atreett. I Per?r,nt deairont of tending f r their friendt can have htm brnngh' out iu (he move thip or any of the regular line of pack tt, hv apnlviug ?a above. gihH S.rre Kn.ll new hkT7?, a>d. rot; I -1A - a A N l > Mfk N".W Y Oh K LINK, OK TA Kt-TK?The nev JJHnML end tpl udi<1 laat tailing p cket m.rk A VOL A, | Wtuimore, matter, will tutceed the Auburn, aud tail On her regular day For Ireigbt or paaaage apply on board, at Oileana whorl, foot of W all atreet, or to E K COLU MS, VI tenth atreet Agent! in NewOileen! 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No. Waahin-t n street, a c notified that ou'he Hat March 'P* I?rt *'j ift'Oda remaining in said store will be removed to United 3 a n Bonded yVa'rhonte. copier of llroidway n t.ic an e pi ea, at the risk and cipunse ol the ', consignee m gget.L | ml tllet rc 0 W. LAWRENCE, CtlT. J i 1RK I [ORNING, MARCH 13 18 War New*. | THE .MEXICAN CAMPAIGN [Kioto the New Orleans Bulletin March*] We have recently hud en opportunity of couve-sing fully and freely with ( oflicort of the army lately Brrived from Mexico, on the adhjeotoif tlio pr nt petition and future piuspocts of affairs in that quarter, aa connected with the war. These gentlemen have been for iime time with the urmy, havo horue a (bare in all fie recent operation!, and present movemunti, Including the capture of Montoiey. T heir poiillon and opportunities have enabled them to form very correct opinion* on the auhject, and audi ui are entitled to the highest weight. the previous iolormatiou that rvo had obtained, and the opinions that we lia l formed, a! to the future protection of thin war, liavo been mora than confirmed by | what wo have thus recently learned. As regard* the actual position of affairs there, it is he lie ved Santa Anna lias no idea of advancing lrom San Luis, with a view to attack Unn.Tuylot at Hultillo,or rather dC miles in advance ol that place, where ha is now potted with the main bod V nf hi? ?rmv Tk? Iata* nn.Ur tka actual conmiand of.(ion Taylor, ju about 6 <100 men, all volunteers, except four batteries of artillery and two | ri|uadrons of drjgoou*. the former about 300 men. and the lu'.tci 150 iu ail. The farce at Monte rey n about 0.000 men-alio volunteers (Jotiei al Taylor has not a regular infantry aiduier with him, the whole having beau withdiawn for the operation* on the rea coast, under CJen Scott ?he is, however, to be reinforced by tive or six : regiments of the volunteers, actually arrived, or shortly expected, and when joined by ihein, his intoiition, and indeed his orders nre, to move forward, and he is miking all his arrangement to do so by the 1st of April. Among other prrpuiations, ho is constructing small water tanks, to be carried on i ark mules, with a supply of that necessary , to enable the arniy to cross the desert, where, for a distance of 00 miles, there is only one watering place, and that only for a limitod number at a time?a inula will carry two ot these miniature tanks, each ceutsining Id to 'i0 gallons The dittlrullie* of the march between M ltillo and Man Luis may be judged iiom the (act, that the orders of ('tirades, which lull into our hands worn, that in sanding lorwurd thu tioops tbat nibsoquently defend* d Monterey, they were particulaily in- ! ' strutted not (o allow them to cross the desert in lirger bodies than 600 at a time, on account of the small supply ot water, even at the watering place alluded to ; and this circuuistsuce of itsoll would oppose a great, ifnotinsu peiablo, obstacle to any udvsnco ol Santa Anna, in nut- | licit nt lorce St ON time, to attack Gen Taylor, as he | would not attempt to cross it in small detachments in face of cur army. At the present moment. General Taylor has a inost ample supply o( provi/iotis. and also full means of transportation, all ot which latter is actively employed in biirgir:g up in 11 supplies of everything Iiom Camargo, preparatory to the intended forward movement, lor which the most extensive and active pre- i puraiions aie being mutle. We ioaru the transporta- , tion means at present are at least 1DO0 wagons, all ! with good mule teams, which are procured there at ; from $15 to $35 each, and, besides which, thera will be a large body of pack mules- indeed.tho latter will be the ; main dependence alter leaving Saltillo, on account of the j statu of the road The poiition at Salutlo is well pre- | eared to resist an) attempt of the enemy, and not the j least fear is entertained as to the result, should such an > improbable event us an attack from Santa Anna occur; ' as to Monterey, it is prepared to resist, successfully, the i entire Mexican ariny, could It be brought together for the puipose. (Jen. Taylor is represented as being in the most tinamiable state of iniad, at the withdrawal of the whole ot I the rogulur lorce 1'iom his command, leaviug him uo'hitig | hut volunteers for bis contemplated advance, which, when joined by the ienforcements, will make his force about 10 000 men, but If it was only 1000, ha is determined to go foiwurd. i Hume oi these volunteer regiments have greatly im1 proved, and ate improving, iu drill aud discipline?others ) have actually retrograded in both, since lucy to k the ! field?this is owing to the officers that respectively command them, and particularly to the Colonels ail, however, agree that tho system of electing othcers must be abandoned, as it is totally destructive to all discipline and subordination?us parties ore frequently selected and chosen, even for'field officers, wiinout any regard to their merits or qualifications, but tnetely to their popularity or willingness to treat and bo generally indulgent. The force concentrating under (Jen Scott, aud intended tor the attack on Veru Crus. will bo from 11 to 14,0U(I men, at least one boil of which will be touaUrs It is thought they cannot be before Vuru Cruz until the last of the month. The city, it i? he lie ve.I, will b* abandoned, but the c?ttlo deleudaJ. The Opihl ink tin vmiout, nut tit to the final result, but ill to the time, that will be required to reduco it. it the SMtMttM ' any way M* lioue, it it thought tome week', if not months, will bo required. Airegaidsthe tubiequent operations, all agree at to the diUlcultitt arid absence ot any at rctultt in . i -uetra'iag into the interior, even it it ooutd be done in the mokt Miccesstul manner I Supplies, at leaat to a certain extent, con be obtained on tile route, but they must be paid lor and on liberal I terms?it nut, they cannot be Inc.?every thing of the | kind would lie removed? the limited quantity - the iptrae. : neat of lire population, and the uaiuie and extent ul tin , country, would enable theui to do to?an attempt to levy contributions, or to take supplies wi hout compeu I lation, would at once be known all along the liuo ol inarch, many days if not wet kt in advanco of the army, and ulford ample opportunity to remove their trnall stocks ' as these poople movo themselves, lanuliet, stocks and I supplies, with the facility and promptueat M the ArabI ol the detert, or ot our own Indiana, and at oue ot out , informanta ob.eived, we might at well attempt to i support an ut my engaged in war with eur iribot ot \Ve?tein Indian*, by levying contributions upon their villagek uud wigwumt, as to do it with the Mexicans Another iavoritemode that hat recently beeu uiged hat been to make '.he population ot Mexico feel the Mr ture and burthen of the war, and thua produce a national lcaliug favorable to peace. In the (list plac, in tuch an exteudod country, wo cannot, h> any pofctihility, hiiug but n ti actional portion of the population into contact with our army, or inako them feel the liorrm* of war, even it we were willing to tarmtli our national charucractor, by prosecuting it with hie mid tword, at some have urged it anouhj bo done The stev ol civilization | in w hich Moxico is doe* not admit oi bringing hotne the prcti-ure ol a war to the great body of the people. 'J'boir watita are iinull ; they have hut lew even of whnt wo call,the necissaiie* ol lite ; itjll lower ol the comforts, and nono of tlic luxuries. bueh a thing at more liouioa, bemt,or gramme*, aio alniutt unknown in the country, and, at ulicady observed, we nnght nt well adopt a iystem of coercion or conliibutious upon the ludiuu tribe* i of our VVettein loretts. There are a lew of (be principal tow us or citiea whore eouiothing might he obtained ; out only little even there, wheulhe knowledge had been rpuad ahead ol the army that tuch a lyalem had been adopted. The policy ol Santa Anna will be to let na advance into the inter lor, should tuch lie the intention, without risking a general battle ; hut to hams* our march, cut olt supplies anil stragglers, anil whern an opportunity occurs, crush a detachment and destioy our torngtng parties. )ln groat superioilty of cavalry will enable him i lo <)u thii ; ami that portion of the Mexican army U repiur.eiited at being lully ?ijual to our own. They ate generally armed with Isncea, winch, though inferior a* h weapon to the aabre, the difference ii compensated by other advantage* which they possess evor our mounted volunteer*, paiticularly in their admlnable horseman | snip and their woiltralued horses. All those Irom whom we hare obtained the information on whic'i our present remarks are iuunded, unite in the opinion thut the capture of the city of Mexico would havo no moro hearing on the result of the war, or tend toprocuro a peace, than the capture of Montetey, and ' that If wo attempt to march there, no general battle would he risked to preset ve the capital, except it would ho given on terms that would tender successceitaiii; but that the Mexicans would depend upon harassing us upon ' our march- defending the passes and defiles, so as to oc casion us severe losses, and after we got to the city to 1 cnt ott all supplies, as well as further reinforcements, and let ilte si my gradually melt away and become reduced by natural causes, disease end the casualties which attend every army in an enemy's country. If reinforcements are to bo sent, it can only be attempted with such a torco us can tight their way thiough the count! y, subject to all contingencies, ai d it it very evident that the chances in the eliapter of accidents, whether in advancing to the capital, or holding it after we may have captured it, are uli against and none in lavor of us?the consequence of auy reverse in the attempt, would hu moat unlortunate? in the war of independence, the Spaniards, with a much moro numerous force than wo hivnin Mexico, and all regular and veteran troops, repeatedly raptured and held the capital, as well as thn other Isrge cities,and it never had auy reault, nor di 1 it bam n the aolivry ol tho patriot army, or increase the disposition of the peoplo for peace. [From the N O Picayune, March I | Borne leelii g has baen excited in the city by the reports which have reached here from Tampico, that an action hnd been (ought near Saltillo, between the forces of Oen. Taylor and Santa Anna The rumor obtained currency, and evun credence, at Tampico, hut is no doubt tinfojridfid. We imMithad yesterday a latter doled the 8th ult. Irom Saltrllo, which was written about tin time the action t* supposed to have taken place, or a little after. 1 bat made no mention of a battle We have since seen a letter of the 18th ult., from t'amargo, written by a very intelligent officer of the army. It makes i.o mention of such an action, nor of the march ol ttantu Anna upon HaltiUo. Prom all the lights heloio u?, we are decidedly or opinion not only that Santa Anna ha? not attacked (ten. Taylor, but that Oen. Tuylor will be the lint of the two to commence active hoatilitiea. We Co not deipair of hearing of a gonetal action in that direction It would be too noon to anticipate one for several weeka, we feer, but thu auoner tne better: we have ni doubta n? to the ifiue PieporfiboE* are going tot waid with activity In that quarter, at well aa at Tampiro, and the montha of March and April piomiha to be eventful onea in the hiatory ot the war. 1 heio are more leu* tela j et to be won by "Old Retigh a. 1 Beady " ICorreipondence of tint N, o Delta ] Mom'Ikv, Feb IS, 184? 1 leached here on the evening ol the 9 n iuat., from Camai go, and found ill matteri in u atata of competativa qnietneaa. There are no army movement* at prenunt, and very little new* that eoulJ at all ii te>e*t your reader*, If I cicepl the thousand and one a'anling moon tbat er? being daily put into ctrcnlatt in. hi << hom noonerantell. At ono moment wa hear ot tin a va of * a'<ta Anna at the head of hia legtuna. and at aitulber. it i? i-otitiveiy e'teited that Oen. Tuylor ii -bout to advauca ou dun Lunii de Pctoai flen Taylor U now at Sahillo, and aince hi* arrival there, notwlthltanriirig the rtt i ore and counter nunoi*, there haa been aa yet, no ' atampe e." Should h- advance on the road to San Luia, a* la currently reported, he will t \euat have 3"00 e(T ctiva re n, of all aim*, fur action. Among the loicea now under hi* ounnand are Captaina Waahington'i Bragg'*, Sh-tmun * and Web* El Ell A 47. s'er'a hatteiioi; Col May'e rquadron of 3i Dragoons i I1 Konturky ard Arkansas mounted Volunteers; 1st Regl- F ment Miiklailppi Volunteer!,beetles arveral other Volunteer regiments. With this force, I have no doubt but c old " TV.ugh and Heady." when he again measures lanoea f w ilb the tun, will he enabled to bead hil bulletin with o the em.matic m-ntence?"We have met the enemy and .\ they ai? ourr 11 11 Nothing further siuce my la t haa been heard from the captured companies ot the Kentucky and Arkansas Voltinteeri. 7uu will, nn doubt, be glad to learn that the great V lever of civili/ itiou, the press, n advancing peri pjitu tl with our arm* A n-w paper, 1 understand t? about h being ktarted in tula city, to be named the MautHutn A Worrier. p, Tamvico, Feb. ltt J I*. M. ' * ' ' ' .... f, Kverjr thiDg ia In active preparation for departure to m noma place Slings aro being rnude for the Lories, an I tli stalls flltiug up in the vessels. that are to transport them w The wagons are all numbered, an that they c-iu be taken i; to piece*, shipped, and put together again, without botheration and loss of time tlen. Pillow, with the two regiments of Tennessee Inlantrv . will nrohahlr liaihaflm in -r>... i ......i... t. Irom the itme Stale, attached to hit brigade, will remain 1 ?< hehiud, unless they dismount themselves, for it will be u impoaaible to obtain ve-sels for thair transportation.? 1 Numbem of them, although loth to par* with thairhorsos, j e would be willing to go on foot, rather than reuiaiu be- u Inn 1 when warm work it expected ahead v I do not know who will follow Pillow in the move, or | when be will move; but I suppose, Irom prctent iudica- : cationi, it will be in a very lew day*. Paulino, the bandit chief I spoke of yesterday, hat | t b.-en bold enough to come, with a part ol hie command, i . at near ua at Vltamira. The contractor of beef for the ' 1st diviaion, B. Gallagher. had aent out aa agent to ! , that jiluco to buy cuttie. and ho was Just on the point ol \ ? starling with them for this place, when Paulino entered | ' the town. He took tho cattle, and the puichiser he lent I | to (let), llrrea, at Victoria On the nine day, our own troopa made a haul of MX) 1 beevet, that were being crossed over tho Pantico, no t doubt intended for the enemy's forces at Tuspan. i Vei-terday morning at It) o'clock, Captain A. Morris, i commander of Company D.-lth Illinois, died in this place, t The capUtn had been suffering trom the fatigues of tho march down and he had wasted away to a mare skeleton, fie was an officer in tho Black Hawk War, and seivad with (J?n. Taylor The following yessela have been chartered up to this ; 1 time:?Schrs. Howaid, Orator, .Mount Vernon, Cornelia, i ' Ella, Kegina Hill, and H. Barling. TsMrico, Feb 17?11 A.M. 1 * * * * * * ? ? . j A letter has been recently published in your oity, de- ? tailing many enormities committed by tho volunteer* in j this country. My attention was callod to it by an officer , high In command, and although himself a " regular," he says it is the most erroneous and uncalled for effusion j, that has yet been sent to the United States The " rawhoad and blooJy bones" statement of this wiiter, will be a noticed by me at some length in a subsequent letter e At this hour it is excessively warm, nor do I believe a you ever see a more oppressive day in your latitude. Bassos St., Texas, Feb. 33, 1817 ! avail myself of the departure of the steamship Wash- , lngton to drop you a line, just to let you know how w? nre getting on down here. Brazos St. Jago is falling oil' , in its consrniienra?but last week ii svas ll^,,^ti?r. I - of the army?Gen Heott left for Tampico, on the Ma* ! t aachusettt, on the 14th inst Gen Worth's Division, all ; having embaiked except the - It infantry and part ol the 1 3d artillery, leave* here to-day on the itcnmihip Alabama , for Loboa?he ia not going to wait for the dragoons, a* , ! it ia supposed their services cannot be available. Hen. W '(division will coniiat of about dnoo regulars, all tried men, who have seen the elephunt. Biilliant things are expected of thin division. From what 1 can loarn, the plan is to land in small boats 08? Sacriftclot. tnke the city at the point of the bayonet, and throw shells Into tho castle or starve them out. We shall hear it ail in good time, by way ol your city, for I understand this is tne last steamship we will have, going from here t? Now Orleans, lor a long time?not untill alter Vera Cruz will have been taken. We have had a change In the commissary department here. Lieut. W. H French, ol the 1st aitillery, who has been acting Commissary at this deput for the last eight months, applied to <ien Scott, the other day, to be relieved; he ia now uttached to Capt. Tayloi's battery, oompany K, 1st artillery; you may expect to hear some iliing brilliant, Something a "b-etle" ex'ra of this battery, lor Krei ch is a star, and second to no otAcor in the army If the Mexican* don't kiil him the first "poi>" he will render a good account of himself Out William If Churchill ia row our Commissary. Capt L. ia the auuiu who distinguiaed I itn'eif at the nettle of Palo Alio, who gava the Mexican* " Jesse" wi:h the Impounders "manned''with oxen. He ia a splendid officer? 'tis a pity to keep dim out of tho Held. [From the St. Louis Republican, March 9 j Mr. Wiggins lelt our city last spring, with a stock of goods fur nnnta Ke and New Mexico, ui advance ol mosl ol the trader* who went fiom here, and in advance ol tho v. m with Mi xi.-o Prop Huntu Ke he went through chihuahua into tho interior of Mexico Having concluded hit business, he took the stage to the city oi Mexico, where hd arrived last Christmas day, and uftei I apeuding eight days there, wont to Vera Cruz. He Irf' (lie letter in tho British steamer for Havana, and thence retained Through New Orleans to thia place. Through out his trip in Mexico, be wan not molested or distuibed in bis businets or in travelling. He says that at the city ol Mexico every thing was quiet. Tliero were about four thousand troops in tlm city, anil no apprehensions were entertained ot u rerolu tio.i or of a disturbance. At Vera < itiz thmu tvcio about three thousand nod five hundred troops?lltteeu hundred in tho castlo, acd two thousand garrisoning the city, which has Leon put in ti good state of defence. Provision.! were very scarce in the city and castle, btr nrruug> ments had been made to thiow in a large supply, and also un additional number of troops into tlie city, as soon as it was certain that an attack would ho made.? The citizeua and tho officers oi the forces there, en ertain tiut little four of the conso.j'iences, if it is made , thev believe that at this time they can defend it again* any fo'ce. Mr. IV learned froir. an American, who has hern twenty-Qvo years in that country, who is now in command of one of the city garrisons, that when tut UnlHd ItHssMm haillag liillnlairlrail at >lie city, tho castle might have been easily taken, ns nearly uil the guns were dismounted and iu preparations had tv-su made ior resisbincn. Upon the arrival ol the U 8 tqusdrt . I the most uueigetic means ware ad ipted to put the castli in a complete state of defence, and il required the lahoi ! ol the whole garrison for nearly two mouths to complete I the work. The castle now presents a traction over two hundred ot the laigost size guns, besides bombs, mortars and other moans oi delence, and a good atipply of ammu nition Mr. W. represents the blockade as being very inefli ciently kept np. In (act, it seeine that >t is run nearly as ollen as il is attempted. Whilst he was at Vera Cruz a Spanish vessel, with a full cargo run in, and a few days previous, several other vessels had run in without ditfi culty. The ship John Adams blockades the southertrance, whi'st tho northern is lett almost wholly un guarded, although there is a large number of aail on tho station. No news bud been received at Vera Cruz, when lie left, of the movements or intention of i en. Scott, hut a* the Mexicans would ho put iu possession of the plan o( the campaign, by the despatches which they obtained from Lieut llatchio, they will have ample time to prepurc for auy contingency. As Mr. \V. has travelled across the whole of Mexico' and is familiar with many of its people, we place grea 1 reliance in his representations, and ouJv regiet thai tim'' did not permit u? to procure * more full and accural" statement from him. IMPORTANT MILITARY MOVKMRNT. [Kiorn the Now Orleans Delia, March 4 I l.n falri'ii, ot yesterday, says that the editors have conversed with the gentleman, the nephew of sonor D Peilio Harmony, from whom the f nay tine, ol Friday last, derived the news of the loss by the Mexicans in Hie batlie at El I'aso, which took place on 96th December lam Tho Picayaurtf, l.a Putrid ?iy?, muat have mi under stood tba gontlernun, who nt.itrs that the Mexican loss was only 14 killed, Instead o( 180? the rest were die parsed. Patria says ulao that Honor Don \ngol Arsulo, who has been a Spanish officer, is new a Colonel in the Mexican service, and lias lot med a volunteei iquudron of Cavalry in Durengo, styled the Volunteers ot Durni.go which, in the short space of one month, be has dulled to equal the hest Kmcpean troops Uon Minon has with him a squadron of the Volunteer Diugoon* of Guanajuato, commanded try Spanish 1 officers who hnvn eniigmtod to Mexico tioui ihe warlike rtgion of Cebreia Scnoi Don llanito Velcz, a Lieutenant if tin- Spanish l Regiment of " The "rincets'Hussars, who lift Fiance after the death of (Ion Leon, and resi lod nom j time in Mexico, has been reinstated In bia cfflce, and is on his way hack to Spain 'I'he pris nsis captumd try the Atneiicans in the battle of Itesaca do la Talma b.ivo been highly honored by the Mexican Uovei nmei.t. Gen La Vega has been nomt- . nntcd u General of Brigade, and has been presented with a medal commemorative of his ralor. Of the Lisuienants who fought by his side in that bloody roLfl.ct, Don Alejandro Trada and Don Silverio Vele/., Lieutenants, have j been retard to Captaincies and Hub Lieutenant D Fall- \ ciano Kuir. has been made a Lieutenant Lieut. Col I Martinex, who accompanied Oen La Vega, haa been elevated to the command of a battalion. Oen La Vega , baa recaivrd his commission aa Commandant Genet at of 1 tho State of Vera Crux. | The convspondenta of La Pctria ' ticirg the report of the battle hatwaen Santa Anna and 1 ay lor near Haitillo, says that it ia altogether rmprobsbio, at Santa Anna at the last accounts, which are vary recent, was at ban Luis, engaged In arranging bis forces When ihe Arneiican forces leave for Vera Cms, i it is antd that (Ion Urrea wl 1 march trom Tula with a r.oiumu of MOC nr 90< 0 men against I un-plco CTree's foico is composed one-third part of cavalry, with two I battaliona of artillery. It it his Intention to itieek Turn ' pico simultaneous with the American attack or Vera Crux This officer is also prepared with a fore- of 4^00 meu In march on Ma'amoras. Oen Arista ia eti 1 In tho City of Mexico, av siting bis trial on charges relating to his ovcdact at tlie battles uf tho Sib and 9 a May. ItaVSL IMTSI.LlWk-?lt [From tho Pvuseoota Demociat, March 5 1 The V 8 schooner Onke-hj-ee O II Berryman, Lientriniit Commanding, anlved thla morning, 14 days ' Item < hiign s ; she buna* no i.ewa trom the Pacific, squadron The Kngli h steamer liad net art ived at Chn> grss t'om Kingston wlirnthe O left. Offl>-ers and crew nil well The following is a list of her officers r?0 H. Itcrryman, Lwut. Commanding; K A I'srker, Acti'g j Mss'ei, Philip Lauderdale, A>si*t?ut Suigeon; Leonard v LD. -rvr- ^ .1- T ??* PrtM w* Oeato* 'auldiDg, Paaaal Ml lahipman; Lharlea WalJell, ido dot ZaattiDger, Cai.uin'a Cleik The new U a iloop of war Qermantown, Com'r Buhanan, bound to tho tlulf of Mexico, waa towed down rnm the navy yard yaaierday afternoon to tt?- anchorage ff the naval hospital, by tba U. 8 ateemar Enriueer, laater'a Mat* Olmatead, ceintnanding?Nor/oik Beeaon, /arch 11. Uellef fur Ireland. We learn that orJara hare bean raceired at the Nary ard at Boaton, to place tba aloopof-war Jpmeatown at te dlepoeal of Capt. 11. B Forbea, of thia city, without er armament, to convey a cargo of proriaiona to Ireland, rranaementa will at once be made for thia fine ahlD to oceed on her charitable voyage. Messrs. Livingston (k Weill, we understand, have of ted to oouvey irom the interior, free of charge, all re ittancea designed for the relief committee, which, by ia the wuy, announce themselves ai diiconnected, ttb toe Macedonian. The total received ia now 978,lu 7fl. _________ Varieties. ship Bengal, arrived at 'New London on the Oth, rougbt home three prisoner!, and two menaa witneaaea, >nt home by the United Statea Consul at TaJcahuana, n a charge et mutiny on board ahip Meteor, of Mystic. The houae of Captain Nye, near Newark, N.J, waa ntered on,the lltb mat. through the kitchen, and robbed i ?ilver ware amounting to about 98CC. The articles rcre taken out olthe aide board in the dining room. Cape Cottage, on Cape Elizabeth, a famoua watering lace for the inhabitants of Portland and vicinity, waa detroyed by Are on Tuesday morning, with all the fnrniuie of the house. The atnblea and howling alleys were aved. The bouse waa vacant. The census of the city of St. Lonls, taken under the lirection of tiie corporation, has been completed and hows an increase in two veaia of 11,848. The preaent population ia 47,133; in 1840 it waa H6;Mb The Albany Jillat says Capt. Jamaa and Charlea tVnglit puicbaseil, yesterday, 7,000 busbals of corn. In he numa of the committee, to he forwarded te lraland ipon the opening of the river It waa purchased for 83 ind h.'S cents |*r bushel olAOlbs, to remain in itora un il shipped, frea ol charge. The Wetland canal is to be opened on the lat of ApriL Mukcr.e in Nkw Orleans.?'Two cabmen, lamed Daniel Scanlin and William O'Neal, were irreatad yesterday morning, charged with killing John "onroy, on Phillippa street, between 4 and 8 o'clock in be morning. Mr Conroy was a blacksmith by trade, ind worked for Mr Sullivan, .in Hirard atreat. Halt ately from New York, and baa only been in the city ibout a month. We learn that the ceboien had been In liapute with another person only a few minutea before hia tragedy occurred, and that Mr. f'onroy, who was >uning at the moment, waa mistake.i by them for that udividual. From the appearance of the body, it ia anpo?ed that ho was struck upon the back part of the head nth some heavy weapon, which, in addition to his fall, uused his death.?Pieuytmf.dfA init jne.ejuije.9, pish huuks, anli KionlJNU TACKLE. rllOM A8 and THOM AH H. BATE, 101 Maiden Lane, offer for *nle a very superior artirla of Bam'* drilled tyed and oihrr qualitiea of Netdlea.wiih the largest and moat lelect aiaoruneui ol Ktaliiug Tackle ever man n fee tared or inported into thi* country. coututiug of Banrtin Keller'*, Tnhinoey, and llollow Point Liuiorick Hook*; anpernne Kirby Bent Halnmn, Virginia, Black Kiah, Ktrhy Bent Be* pa** i,nd Uork,Trout, and Kirby Hiver Hook*. Halted. Alio, inperfiae Lmertck, Kirby. Sal in on. and all other*, anooded on gimp, twated, and ?iugle gut. File*, Minnow*, fftlk Braided, and Spun Hilk Line*; (inn*, klai, ai.dTruntKly l.iue*. 11 d* iu great rariey, at all price*. Knglnh and American Keel*, Fithioc Batket*. Cork and Hollow Kloeti, with every other detcriptiou of Flatting Tactic, ao'd on moderate terminal 103 Maiden Lane, up itaira, near Penrl it. fti lm?re C^YRUH W. FlELD St Cll , Pio. 9 Hurling lliP, offer lo? S *ale a large ano tment of Printing. Writing, Wrapping, Hardware, Envelope, Hanging, and eoloied Paper. Taper of any me or quali'y made to order. The hlgheat market price* paid in each for rig*, begging. I) le rope cuttings, . ui.ny begging, gra** rope.cauviM, wdaH other kinde of Paper Mannlaetnrer'a atoek. oy C YHUB W. FIELD It CO, n< 1m*re No. 9 Bnrliag elip, N. Y JErFEK-SON INSURANCE COMPANY. '.Irricc Mo. 90 Want, miir, orroaiTk tat Maacaafr' ClCNtMI. Ill tlH Company contiune* to inaure agaimt Iom qr damage oy Fire, ou dwelling home*, warehonaee, building* la general, good*, aare* and uiercbandiae, and every deecnpUoe il prraoual property ; alio agaiuat lo*a or damage l>y ml and nr vitiation and inuir portal inn DIJUCCTOHH 'l'homaa W. Thome, Eliaba KKgi, Tlioma* T. Woodruff. Atiaen Her. 1< H llobson. M D, Jnacpli Urake, Thotmon Trio*, Joseph Allen, Muei T'icknr, Jam** fc. Holm**. J0M1 K. Unviaes. John P. More. John H. Lea, William K. Trior*. Caleb C. Tumi, Thomas Morrall. Krnueea P. K-ire, Kugtu* Bogart, Jobs C. Merrill, Itnbcn Smith. THOMAS W. THOKN fc, President. Iltli, T. HOPK hecrctarv. *14 tire da ^ "7 fV PKK ion lor large Mut, under *o*e>. 'lb* JJlAr I l? *ab*criber* bare reduced the price of their boat Fench Orchard lied Ath Coal, a* follow*?Orate Sr.; Egg ana Mote St> 2i; *nd Nut %' > '1 here i< no pea or Cheanut la the Nut, nor nn y Not alli)>|-ed with the Store Lehigh Coal* Hi tho same price ; nil dclirr red fiae ol cartage. THOMAS P. DOLAN. 203 Mulberry at. and 203 weal 13th at. betweeu arena** Mb and LOU*. 127 3w?rc 8EGAH8. HAVANA AND ST. JAGO LEAF TOBACCO. 1 A. HAMANOH, W Broadway, go ataira, (oppoalt* C m Tnnity Church) c ffera for sale, an lota to aait parch** era. at wholesale and retail. I'n balra Havana Leaf Tobacco wrap per* and Altera. 50 " Vguauv " K " 38 " 4 mnhvrland Harbor, Ja " 40 " bt Jngo Leaf Tobacco J? " 15 " " " dark wrapper}". 12 can* old Connecticut Heed Leaf 1 ohacco, good colon. Also, Segaia of Ml brn da and rl latea, lurlnding nine Ian po ted eip'eaaly for private tin. hers, together with eihera iintib'e lor the trade. Juat received, n few of the new brand i ioaalovairit " imported aojely by two aubacuber. Order* leceivid and punctually attended to lor all ?!a*a*a nl aegar*. Al'ofor ante, all kind* < f Hi nuking Tobacco, of \inrrirnn Hpniii li, Oeiinan, and Turkish manufacture, loll udiug the celebrated Scar filatu. Alan. Si, it If a of all kind*, including the celebrated "Corgi* iiamrn" and "NacMiToaiHsa." A A.bAMANO, 111 lm*rr 41 lynadway. Up Ataire. OK. ft?WELL, UOULJS'l AMI AUKIST, A TT K.N US lo Uiaeaaea of the Kye and Ear, and to all imperfection* oj^Vjsion^ frmn to I ^o'clock, at his reel ifprr Kuuuiiicn, Ai oriwuwxT. convr ni n vrrn Opthnlinia, .stoppage ol the fear Peerage, Cataracu, aad ipacitiea, effectually moored AAI AUROSIH treated with (teat attention aad litem. HTH AU1SMIJH. or rfcimuting, cured ib a Tew inmntea. lieafnraa, and nil dim-bargee from tlic Kar, permanently cured AIITIWICI Al. KVKH ina?r;?.l Spectacle* ad tptod i<i #*e>? defter loj |m*>e u b A V NKSBOli KL l>. " JUl BROADWAY. ( Kitr rt )l ehe'rlally comply with OO 1 the re>|uril of Lieutenaut tlclntoeh, to ateta that he wna luralidcd Hume, ei unfit for duty, In tmaenueure of total lenloesa, uid diacnaigea troin the ear*. That under the treat uirnt of lire. Laatle k hdw.nrria, auriati in New York, Be comely recoTrred In* Limine, and haa attain returned to Kg* duty.?Siy,me ., 11. NloNKVICN, Hurgeon to II. ft Vl. lotcee, Jamaica Acor.atic Oil?A tore fore for incipient deafkeaa, dierhaei'c* Iroui, or aoiaea and collection* of hard wai, kr, ta tho era? foraale lit MrnadwiT (?llra*r TO DENTISTS: '|MIK *nb?criber liaajna' tereiaed n eemeut (withonl rner I cury,) lor tilling teeth, nirectrd and recently improrrd hy one i fthe firat Snrgieil Dentin* hi the world It n be tiered t<? he the beat article of the kind erer offered to tho profraaion Kor aale at the Dental Depot ol JU.1KI*H T. MURPHKY, SJd Broadway Ordere hy mail, acc tug II, can hare a Jar aent br retain etpreta _ (S3 lm*rh LEFT OFF WAKDKOllh AND FURNITURE WANTED LADIKS OK OKNTLKMKN hat ing anpertlarui effect* to diapoae of, aneh as Wenring ipparel, Kurnitnre, Ac , can obtain a lair cash price for the line, hy sending for ihe auliacriber, throutth ihe I'oal Office, or ntherwiee, who will attend at their reeidencei. J LKVKNnTYN, Ma Broadway, an stairs. I adiea can be attended to by Mra J. DKYLNSTYN. fi6 1 m * rc MuUKNlNO COLLARS AT WHOLESALE (pilK beat to ha loiind in the City, at W T Biaelair'e 44W ft t aireet. Southern and country dealer* will find it II, their adranime >n rill hef '! they purehaae fl# tm*r ? NOTICE. TIIK. copartuerahip heretofore eaitling belwtea the ne demuued. under the firm of Beown A Baooaa. la thle lay dtaeulvrd by mutual eonaenl The ot.tatandiug aebta of ihe fi m will be aettled by Mr Brook a, t > whom all debt* due tl ? concern tnuat be paid, and in the aettlcniect of wfitab he tl anthortted to nee the name of the Arm. |i omiiir.n, 8A.MLKL BROOKS New York. .fai IK.1(47 IM lm*r A GOOD FIT. A T *ANDKOKIVHCASH TAILORING K8TAILIBH To. MENT, U7 Knit"" afreet iVe have juit received a b'anriIiiI and well aelrrted mortHCnt ol I lorhi, Cnilami and Veitr g* ioitub e lor aptiuit trade, which we guaranty to inake up hi garinerit* to mil ih- mm difficult, at to ity!#. All, w or Inn in ship " <i pricn It will | ir well lor tkoie riming oar city to call at ITT Fulton Itreet and >rr N n -Evert variety of Out ftttir ( coaitaotly on hand and old cheaper than the rbearett. 8ANDKOUD BROTHER. U7 Fulton itriet. m? I m r neit door to the Herald Office. tkavkllxnv; irijnystsc. IOHN I ATTN A< II, Trunk Manufacturer, No, I Wall t'ret CI rner f Broadway,has now on hand andeanaunrlr Kialtnil a goal aaiortment of Trunk*, Vali?e?. Pa'r?r Bay*, and fatchela, whuletile and retail Alio, a ?ipi ior article of *>le leather Trunk*, luitable lay Ame ican r Kuropem Irtrel, at d P<>ttm*nte*n* f ir 'he French Wal/e /*??'* Ordori lor the Writ Indira, South Amtnca, Ac , filled with deege ch tna m rc M Af'SAPi.Q.UA HOUSE, SOUTH OYtl ER b.i Y l.ONG tSLAb'D 'PHtialdt iher takei thi? method to inform hit fneud? I aud ih* | nolle, that li* Im taken the above home, tehieh will he Opt" fr the rcceplo ol yiai'ere on the fir?t day -f Ma eh met. ? d !> ata will be l? readineat for troutine. A et'ge will l??Te harming ul? on ih 4.ri??l ol the morning and evening train ol earn f t,m BrooklMil or the ebova H .tite U. R SNKDRCOH. Proprietor, mi. 2w?'t late . I the tiyaiet Hay Hoe** . 6~~7\f\i\ DO/..-N PA I K >1 SHIHHKU Ml/SfKN aUUl/DKBH. over twenty ? ?! aed trice., viniK from belter Ml. I" I cr dorcn for *'# to J .I,beta and fipeiteri, aud at ret li, by the oelf manoliaiurer of the t ihne in the I nited Btaten, and eicloeire o ner I al1 the patent* lor proeeeee* in rhe manufacture "fib'lmti* " " ' MCoufUnudt .ry?at