Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1847 Page 1
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w I ?T H ] Alii, Ho n-Wk?>i .4"fl0 THE KEVYTORK HELIALD. JANE8 UOKDOSrBENWKTt, PROPRIETOR. Circulation--Forty Thousand. D.MLYHKRAL !>-fclvtrv >n, Price 2 eenti per copy?r 25 per annum?payabi* in adyii'ice. ... WL'.kKLY UMIaLD?Erery 8al?rd?y-Price 6* eentt percopy?3 13,-i cmiI, annum?payable in advance. MKUALO fruK EUROPE?Every 8t?am Pnco tA? oonte per copy?$3 r?r annum, payable in aa|y?vuce. . ANNUAL PICTOIUAL HKHALU?Publiahed on the in , m II yrar?aitigle copies sixpence each. ADVERTlSEr tho uaaal price*?alwayi ca?b ill r.dvauee. Adrrrtiasineiit* should be written in a plain, Irxtble manner. The Proprietor will not be reiponiible for "rmn that may occur in thorn. PRINTING of all kindt executed beaotllully and with <l??patch. All letter* or communication. by mail, addreaard ti. the establishment, muat he poat paid, or the postage will DC tlfr tucled Iroei the suhacrii tioo m u.ev remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the N'i:w Yon? Hcrald K^ibl'shmkut, Mn.-rh W*?t r..raef of Vnltoa aad Naaaan street* I AbUUHtnuUA'flUNS CilANCxE OF-HOURS CMftl Q&&2 island RA LKOAJI WINTER ARRANGEMENT. On and alter Monday, Dec. 28, IMS. Trains will run as follow*:? l.rsrt BaooKLvM?at 7 o'clock A. M. (itoatou train) for Oreenport, daily,! except Sundays) a topping at . and St. Ueorge'e Manor. at 9l<! A. M , daily. for Greenport and Jmtermedi.ite places. . " at4P M. for b'atiniagdale, daily. I sivy (fitKapor r?A. M.t daily accommodation tram lor Erooklyn. _ , . . .. . . " at V. M., (Boaton Train) or oa thn arrival of tht ooat from Norm h, daily, (except Sunday*,) it at St. Ueorge'a Mane' ana Knrm ugil ile^ i >r , lt , ? , . ' r. r 4 nm '-lur. <l> i'i- uillf, fcicci'l ruqaflnj accotntncdaU i Iran-, and 12 M. una 5Jf P. M. Ikavk Jamaica?M 8 o'elor : A. M., 1 P. M., nud 6X P. M j for IVrpoklvT, or oa the arrival of Boston tTM?. SUN DAY TRAINS will hereafter ion toThoingeoo 8ts tiiia? leare Brooklyn at 9 A M. for Thompson aud intormadi lie place*, (commencing Suuia/ the 8th Fitvember, retarn iit? lonvc Thompson at I o'clock P. M., Karmingdale 2>te. Jamaica J*. * *ais to?Bedford, 8 cenu; Ea*t Now Ysik, 17Xi Race Hoarse, I0V;Trotting Course, 13V; Jamaica, 2V, Brnanviile, *'Jwi; Hvde Park, (17 mile*) 37X; Clowtvtlle, (daring the session of Conrt) J.X; Hempstead, 37X; Branch 77k|i Carl# Pl*ce.4l: Wcatbnry, 44; HickTrille, 44; bastniugdale, (SX: D-er Park, 69: Thompson, 88; Suffolk Station, (1; Lake Road Station, $1 mv; Med lord Station, tl 18J<: Yaphank, ?1 37*: 8t. I leorge's Manor, 81 fi?X; Riverhead, tl 63K; Jameaport, $1 1?'<; Mmtetuck, 81 SIX; Cntehogue, 81 82&; Ronrhold, tl Uhli Urecnport Accommodation Train, |l 75; Boaton train, 32 ii. st*ge* are in readineaa on the arrival of Train* at the ?eve r.\l Statvius. to take passengers at vary low farce, to all parta o: the laland. I'vgguge Crstes will he in readme** at the foot of Whitehall s'.rcet, to receive baggage f. r the several train*. N minntea before the hotir of starting from the Brooklyn aide The iteanboat "Siateamvn' leave* Oreenport for Sag Har hor on the arrival of the Boaton train from Rmoklvn dttrh sWd if* 'l'HK PMOpKIK rCTRs of Steamboat* wishing Bella hung would do well 'O p>y a lr mmmr rnit in hi nil tile atearnhoata -Niagara, Iroe Witeh, Governor, iron boat Jchn Brevens, Worreater. Tra veder, Thomas Powell, tic , and examine H HOMElf'S improved atvle cl Bell Hinging. put np neat and strong, and wnrrnn'ed for one year, by H. H. No 8 Ann at. f21 ln?"rrc EToTiob. ji'ttKSIk jSH On and after briday, November 20th, the (i|Wffl|*rfSia3nat?ainboat SYLPH, Captain Br.iisted, will ilnf inritrt'-iT following trips to and from State* Island nntil fnrther notice, vn Leave N?w York Leave States lalavd At 9 A.M. At 8X 11 A. M. 10 1 1'. M. 12 M IX " 2 P. M " i%" allr REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH fc. WOKr * **?? . ttefyi jM QKBTKH, withont change of J. ywaSft iPLiure or Baggage, or without t i i.nM ...eroaiHiig any berrv. Miengese taking their seats at Norwich, are luadred then a . U through 10 Boston. T!hs bomg the nuly inland route list coinniunice.tes through by ateamboat and railroad. Pneieiigers by this line are accompanied through By the conductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, aud who will otherwise give his atteulioa te their | ease ana comiorl. This line leaves south sii!a l'ier No. 1, North River, foot of Bitterv Cisco, daily,(Snudays excepted) at 4 o'clock, P. .M., md at vrs io Boston in time to take all the eastern trains The new steamer WORCESTER. Capt. Van Felt, leaves every Tuesday, Tlmrsilay, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, F. M | The steamer CLEOPATRA, Captain Willisms, leaves | every Monday, Wednesday, and r ridav, at 4 o'clock, P. M. b'ar further inhumation, iuuuire of J. H. VAN DER.B1LT, Niv a ttarr/?ry Place. North River. dilS rt re I s** tVi.N TEH. AltttAvOEMl^N I'H.? i he Norwich, Woicester and Boston Raj I Road n n i^stinilr and .Ste in Transportation Lille?The suhstaoUrl strain propeller Trumbull, Captain Daniel Havens will run regnt uly between Norwich an I New York, making two iiistnge* a week; In iviug New York from pier lit K K Old Slip. Kor freight, who h will be t-.ken at summer rates or passage, having elegit.t accommodation* apply to the t iptiiu, on board, or to K. A. BILL, Norwich, Conn , and to iRiirt#r J.-St N. RKItftl6* 4'* Hnnth sr. NnwYorlt. -i, ii..3r> AISV .lonlil t.uiil "iiritaiiT-^ ''** ROYAL M..SSS oi'EAM SHIPS vjivfyTi./v^i "I 1200 toua *ad 4<U horae bower each, as "'i'e Ili^tf'rtTn n?r contract with the Lords of the Atfrai 1UBERN1.V... \r.'. i'-apt. A. Kyrie tlAX.KOJlJfA Gap. E. ?. Lett ii!?.i i .111.(1,1 ?,itpt. j. utwin. CAMBK1A Capt.C. fl E. Judktsis U.AMA Cap'. Wm. Harrison. ','(!! *--l .'rorr. Livcpool fid ffostou, via Halifax, as fob 1'ini racM uusTo.f. pkom i.ivicarocr.. Hiiwrria Ken. 1, 1047 fljhrmia Jan. 4, 1847 Conibiia March 1, 1317 Cambria Keb 4, 1847 liihernia April I, J847 flibernu March 4, 1817 liVsjatiit Moms:*. Krom Boston to Liverpool $114. Krom Boston to Halifax 30. No berths veered until raid for These shins carry ex pcriencud surgeons. No fit'tght, except specie, received oe dart of vailing. For freight, vnxsige, or Miy other information, apply to U. LU1UHAM, Jr.. Agent. A i HAttNSKH k CO.'S, 6AVal| at. fc In addition to the above line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boston, a contract lim been entered i nto wiftb Her Majesty'? government, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct The steamships (or this service are now being buill, and early next year due notice will be given of the nine wheu they will start. Under the new contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other months in the year. Going alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax and Boston, nud between Liverpool and New York. j6 r UxNlllbU SiAlfcS AMI LUIlUi'LAN EMIGRANT OFFICE. M. ag&s' wTTaTKIlN AOENlH A.iD COMMISSION MEftCHANTH. 'rilK vnbsnribera bavin/ h>d long experience in the bnsiil ness.are prepared to offer every facility to those wishing rnsnge to or fiom eveiy part of <4reat Britain or Ireland, Havre, and ihcOermvi, Belcian, and ports on r.ny of which places Bills of Hscha. ge can be fnrnished, in sums to suit. Passage can also be engage ' loam Liverpool to Bostnu, i hila>'elphia, Baltimore, or New Orleans, direct. Those wishing passage from JNew York to New Orlesna, Monilc, Cli irleiton, ttavanu.ih or Texas, can it all times be sccommod ited at the lowest rates. To those emigrating to the West, the rubsenbers have uueijnalled arrangements for the forwarding of passengers to the West, by the different routes, yix: to Buffalo, and the intermediate landings, and nil parts ot the Causdas?Chicago, Milwaukie, Baltimore, I'ltubuigli, Cincinnati, b't Louis, the., by steamboats, rail rouui nrm emu Hum, m m( lirai ciaaa?ana great c?r? will tie taken I hut paaaeueera will meet with no delay or impoaitiou ou the root?, Lettere (pott-paid) will receive prompt attention. For farther parttcnlnre apply to M. P O'H&RN It CO. 1(0 Hnuthatieet, eornarof Dover, and 36 Wmi aneet. corner ol Heetor, I!) Im'rre WALDKO.N O'Ht'.IIN It CO.. Liverpool. PA23A(vK TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL, JJY THE NISW LINK OK PACKETS. x/CJf Packet of t ie itl't ol March.?Th' aplendid, fiatwUKfV,,i'inl ''acker. Mup HO.SC1US. 1 00 tone hurtlien jjgtflSfiKm'-'Hl|t Aaa Kldndge, wi<l aail from New 1 ork on ine /i?i of March, and Com I iverpooi ,n the llth of May. I lie Slppa ci miiru n? thia line ?re the following. and will aril tn end irnm Liverpool on their regular daya, viz :? 'J'orra. From i> Yi>U. haoai LircarooL OAKIM' K... UW Jiith of February, llihof April. M'SCICS. ...HM *'h ef Ma oh. llthnfVey. SlDDu >o... .lltio Inih r f Ai ril. llth of Jiiue. PHtMlHAN . .1100 JCtliol January llth of July. 1'eieona about to emhxrk fur the (lid Conutry. or thoae wmhiug to tend fur their frienda, will not f,il to aee the advantages to he derived from (electing thia line ol magnineeut Hiipa. aa ,h-ir great eapacitv rendera them ev?ry way more ejmlo table thn ?hip? of amaller e'a a ; and their icrommo. dattci a fur cabin, second i abut, and ateerage paaaeugera, are aniierier to any other line. ... ... , Pera ns wishing to aerure bertha ahould not fail to make early application ou Hoard foot of Wall atreet, or to W k J. T. T .P8COTT, At their General Paaaage Office. H* South atreet, . fiecand door below UuilingSlip , Or to On.OHUE RiPMKD k SON,or VI M. TaPoOOTT, *S Waterloo Koail Drafta for any amount, payable on demind, without diaeount, hi all the principal towna of England, Ireland. Scotlind or Wal' a. can at all timca be obtained on t pplioation (if bT l#tl*r r"*lraul) aa above. ill rll FtJR NEW ITHLFANS, LiTniaiaiia?New York (brjWfVline of Packeta. Poaitively the only regnlar packet . nMtfkwto aail on Thursday, March IS. 1817 I'he new and anlendid fast aailingpa ket bark A VOL A, f up' WPitiemore, te now loading, and will poaitively mil aa air ve her regular day. Forfre ght or paaaage, having aupevior accommodations, a; ply on bouid at Orlaaoa wharf font nl Watl at., orto I ? ? b.D K. COLLINS. j6 Hou h a' " D ?"hippgra ra?y tely op thn veiael tailing punctually at adeerriaetf I Foat'ively no gooda will be receiyed after Wedueadey eve- i n ne, 17'h mat Agcnlain New (Means, JOHN O. WOOOflUKF k CO., I who wilt promptly forward all gooda to iheir addreaa m'l re ~'\a# ' I "' K UK P?t K ETn?Packet of ' .",'h M"eh-The Packet Ship WH.I INOlON, titDwii a, Maiter, will aail aa above, ber regular V. I li" nc com mod a ion* for 1 nbin, Pecond rabin and Hteernire 1 ' ? to comfort, are nneqii lied by any thin in f?ort. t erso. a within* tn embark should make etrly ai plica- i tiou on board, foot ol Mai:cn Lane, or to J. McVURRAY, ^ , ... oor* Pouth <*nd Piue street*. IVr*<m < imioih nfsandincr f.?r their friends can liavo iharrt Hr? k11r out in the ai ove ship or any of the regular line of parU ts, b; spolv leg above. mMl 5?rre j V -jtekeLB ct the biarthtn of from nJ No. ? Tontine BuiUinga, No M Wail atreet. E NE N -ggrr?: mj . Oar Miiletu Relatione. NEW* FKC'M SANTA FX. [Correspondence of lb* Missouri Republican ] Santa Fit, January Oth. 1847. You will perceive by the enclosed, that notwithstands I Ing our wall founded suppositions to the contrary, the conquest of New Mexico was not destined to be entirely i bloodless. The battle of Bmzito has, I havo no doubt, : settled the whole matter as rrgards this territory. Col. I Donipbsn may meet with some resistance nt fcl Paso, where it is said the Mexicans have several pieces of cannon; though Judging irom the shameful rout at Braxito, it cannot be expected that the resistance will be very serious. In the sfi'air referred to, the volunteers behaved with the cool intrepidity ef veterans. The force that met Col. Doniphan at Brssito was, no ! doubt intended to co-operate with the disaffected of this | teriitory, who had almost matured a plan oi revolt, and ; expected by tbc aid of thesetroop* from the south,to have beon able to drive the Americans out of the country. By the vigilance and activity of both militaiy and civil au- ; thorities, the plan was detectpd; and though the most prominent movers were too ear?fni ?>. i?? ?<-? ? ' 1 1 way, to be caught, yet enough of the primary actor* 1 were taken, to enable the authoritie* to discover the ! whole *okeme,and to frustrate it *o far a* thia pait ot the ' country ia concerned; and the detest of the force* aent to aid them, I conaider a* cmaking the laat hope* of tho rebellioualy inclined. A traveller, direct from Chihuahua, gives ua the Mexican account of the battle of Monterey, which concedes the victory to the Americana, and the taking of the city, but at a great loa*. Of thia, no doubt you have aaore direct and authentic information Major M. Lewis Clarke leaves thia morning, with six piece* of artillery and one hundred and twenty men, te march to the support of Colonel Doniphau. He will probably be able to reach K1 Paso by tbe -J-Jd Inst, which may possibly be too late to aid in the taking of tho place. What Col. D.'s future movements aro to be, w e are not positively informed. Whenjuinod by Major Clarko, his force will consist of i about a thousand men, with which force it would seem to be en act of temerity to march ou Chihuahua, though j it is rumored that such is Col D.'s intention. We regret to lose from our city Capt. Weightman's , tomnnny of artillery, which leaves this morning. The whole battalion of Major Clarke, officer* and men, aro decided favorites of the community here, in consequence of their ntiict discipline and invariably gentlemanly conduct. I consider them as efficient a corps as can be found in the nrmv. The little excitement created by the new* of the elt'air at Brtiito having subiided, and the threatened rebellion suppressed, all is again quiet in New Mexico, and will, I hope, remain so. The last IndSfienJenct Expositor, speaking of the projected rise in Santa Fe, says, on the authority of letters: "Some eight or ten of the ilogleader* of this conspiracy had been arrested, and were awaiting their trial, some two or three priest* amongst the rest It was thought that some of these would be shot as soon as the matter could be fully investigated by the proper authoiities " The same paper learns that the Governor of Chihuahua had sent up word to the traders, than near K1 i'aso, to come dewn, and that they would be protected; hut that the flghtat Bracito had doubtless prevented them from doing so nn'il thiuas were mero settlod. The following is also frotn the Expositor i ? We learn by letters received irom Santa Ke, that the men who went out with Apoyer, the trador. were all arrested in Chihuahua end held as prisoners of war. They succeeded, however, in effecting their escspe from cus- | tody, and attempted to make their way to the United , States in the direction of Texas. It seems, however, that a company of Mexicans from Chihuahua went In pursuit and found, as they said, their guns and mules, but could notllnd the men It is thought that the Mexicans killed every matt thoy fouad, and lubricated the story that they i could not find tho men The following Is the list of men who it is supposed aro dead or ware murdered by the Mexicans : 8. Reid, 8 Clark, M. Liunarl, Farril. J. Cox, Creed Robinson, W i Roto. Calvin Hay. W. Sherds and J Rogers. A part of tho'e, it scorns, who made their escape from Chihuahua, returned in tha course of a few days in safety, and ts much interest is felt by thoir friends to know who are lost and who ara sured, we publish the names ot those who mado their way back to Chihuahua. The following is the list? D. McCoy, J Hoil, Robert Jennet, W. Mc Dowell. K. M Duncan, 8 Keller, J Muson, A. Mason, A Morris, D. Marsh and G. Glasgow. herald naval correspondence. U 8. Fmoate Harita*. j A> roLizardo, Jsu. 1847. { 1 address to you this letter, from the fact of your hav iag always been noted for taking a deep interest in the navy of the United 3:atsa. ? ? i i.h. ? ? ' . ..... .uw.Bui |nu,>?i lv# imuini you, rnai mo passed midshipmen und midski, meu in this squadron, are decidedly the most efficient body of officers, and hove always been the foremost to volunteer for acy service against the enemy ; ns these officers are pretty much on b >ard the gun hosts, their duties ere similar to tho duties performed by lieutoiianti. * * * * Lieut, in command of one of the gun baata, wsa sailing up to thtisland of Sacnflcios to communicDte with the Knglith squadron, clote along the shore, when a bedy of c&valrj mad* tboir appearance on the shore, aod were rery lei surely riding towards Vera Croz, the gun boat was with iu a few hundred yards and the officers very natural!' txpacted an order to scatter them with the long gun ; strange to say, no ordar came; the officers having in view the honor of the American flog, new went to their commanding cfflcar and begged, " for Uod'a sake, that they might Are, ard not to negloct such an opportunity of destroying the enemy j" to this request he replied. ' that if he should fire, the schooner would be molested whilst making her trips between the Island of 8acriflclos and Ariton Lizsrdo" * ? ? That body of cavalry, of which 1 have just spoken, we heard afterwards, had been at Alvnrdo, when the attack was made, and were to Vet a Cruz * * A meeting wsa held the otber day on board the Raritnn, and a resolution enacted to exact a monument to the memories of passed midshipmen John R. Honsori up.I Henry A. Clemson, to bo placed in the city of Washington. Ml LIT Ah Y lNTXLLlOPNCE. [From the Uoaton Journal. .March 1? ] The ship Hamburgh, with a portion of tho Massachusetts Regiment, sailed from the lloads yeslarday alter noon. The bark Smyrna, with the remainder of the regimant will probably ac.ll to-morrow. [From the Newport Newa, March 11.1 Capt. Titman's company of U. ft. Infantry arrived at Fort Adams yesterday from Providence, in the sloop Fame, Captain Pratt. Thoy were saluted from Long Wharf at they pasted through our harbor by the aitillery company of thia town. Capt. Walker is in Cincinnati, purchasing horses for his company. They ere to bo not less than fourteen nor over fifteen hands high?dark hays, dark sorrels, or hlosd bays with black hoofs. It is said that tho Captain is a judge of horse flesh, and will purcbo>e none but those capable of performing all the arduous dutios of a war borse C. Austin Coolidge has bean appointed auttlcr to the Massachusetts regiment of volunteers. riavai> [From the Memphis Kaglo, March 3 ] The hull of tho iron steamship Alleghany arrived from rittsburg yesterday evening, and waa dropped at our Navy Yard, where the is to be rigged, masted, end fitted forcea service; she was towed down by a steamer. [From the Noifolk Doacon ] The new U 8. aloop-of-war Gciman'owu, Commander Buchanan, bound to the Gulf of Mexico, was towed down from the navy yard on Wednesday to tho anchorage olTthe naval hospital [From the Richmond Inquirer ] The revenue stoamer Polk, built ol Virginia Iron, and by Richmond mtchanics, got under way fur Norfolk at 13 o'clock on Wednesday last, two hours after high wa tor. Mid notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, many of our citisons flocked to the wharf to take a look at her, amidst whose cheers, and the firing of the hegate's guns, the gallant steamer took her departure from our port. It is understood that sho is to be turned over to the navy, and is to sail forwith under the command of Capt. Ogden, for the seat of war, aud so urgent was the necessity for her early departure, that she sailed the day after her completion, bream bed been applied to her cylinders tho night preceding her departure, lor the first time, when every thing worked beautifully; aud the engineer beiDg asked by his commanding other when she would tie ready to leave, promptly replied"tc-morrow morning" ?a tact which speaks strongly in fnvor ot die exactness and faithfulness of the workmanship ol her sngines, and is iodced highly creditable to all concerned This vessel end her engine* bave been carelully inspected by tho most competent judges, who pronounce he workmanship fiithlul and poifact. The 'Tolk'" wbs built in the shipyard of out worthy and enterprising fellow citisen Joa K Anderson, Esq., under the superintendence of Capt H. D Hunter and Mr JnhnW Capes, the architect ; and the engines under the supervision of Mr. Wm A.Ligblhall the patentee. Political iisid Personal Intelligence. Governor Felch transmitted, on the 8 ' invent, to both broaches of the Michican legislature, bis resignation of the office of Governor, which he has held (or the past 1ft months The period for which lie was elected to syrve in the United Mites Senate, commenced on the 4th. Lt. Goveiner Gieonly on the same day took leave of the State net#, and entered upon the discharge of hia duties of Governor, which devolved upon him. outiinnnn, rienrctary of Htata, passed through Biltimoic on fhursday, rn rtuft for Harriiburr nod Lancaster city. The municipal election at Banjror took place on Monday. Mr. Ilaywtrd, n whig end temperance men wus elected mayor. Mr Van Dylie, whig, hea been choaen mayor of Detroit. Mr James I). Green bns been re elected Mayor of the city of Oambrldgo, by a small majoiity. The Seriate of Maryland declined to act apon the resolution censuring the President, nnd returned it to the House, whence it emanated Columbia, Feb. 6, 1847. Rumnrt in flt^h L'fe Among the "ondits" of tint) place are the following, " from ti respects! le paper." Mnriamn Rumor saya iliut the lion. Richard Pakerihttm is engaged to a lovely young lady of Alexandria, and that the nuptials will shortly ho celebrated. Madame R. also states that n newly created Senator and late Judge of S. C will, immediaiely after the adjournment of Congress, lead to the altar one af the most talented daughters of the "Palmetto State." The Indy has numbered twenty summers, and is the niece of two distinguished politicians of the sunny Souib W TO EW YORK, SUNDAY M 1 1 v<? 1 -?*I T Kivo rer|tii?,tea are necessary to complete jucce?r i-ntl to uvoiil ilunKo; .viz : ? Fisst ?The air taken into the lungs ahoulJ he exclusively that which haa passed thieugU the veuolof ether, and thus cut united with it* vapor. > S-1 omi-The pad to he bald over the mouth, to rrsvent uny bieaiuing of free atmosphere Tmai' ?The expired air to escape ireely. Fourth ?The stop-cork may be u*ed to regulate the volume of the vH|ior of the ether ut the commencement ol the inhalation, uad al-o to cut oil the access of vapor to tin' month in r.ise* 01 iirati-urtail nn??ti<uu ?-i.?n u may bo .iosirt.bie to give the patient (in the state <>f insensibility) atmospheric air; and again to open tho atopVicKiauan, Miss , January 13, 1940. Prcksburg ? lts .if frame by Day and by Night?In. dians?Steamer Convoy?Her Crew and Cargo?Miseisi'jipi Vvluetcers?fVeather?O mulling on the. bliesissippi?Change in Society?Pleating Business Establishments?Revenue of New Orleans /rem the River Your re-alers have all heard of being at unco u place of pleasure and of business ; but I fancy but few of them, comparatively, know anything of its appearance and situation ] Viewed from the rivor by daylight, i: shows to great advantage, the houses apparently, standing on terraces, and all rising Just sufficiently high to show the whole. At night the view from the water is magnificent. Tho thousand lights scattered over the hills, (dazing from dwelling*, wotkshops, and other buildings?the torches, and steamboat and wharf boat lamps along tho shore render the view decidedly grand ; tiut a walk through tho streets by day or by night, will dispel all fanciful creations of tho brain. In the flist place, to get iuto the town, you have to clamber up an almighty hill, a quarter of a mile almost, through tntid so teuacious, that ench new step adds an additional weight to the teet, and a weight that is not to be shaken art' easily?and in tha neat place, when you gel into the very heart of the place, all you sea but ill repats for tho fatigue endured in gaining the information. The houses are generally small, but viewed from a distance their elevution niegniles them much. There are three hotels - the general appearance of which doet not warrant the belief that they ure the best in the world In proportion to tho populetiou, 1 should say there art bilbard rooms and ten pin alleys sufficient.. I am told that that part ofYhe town destroyed by Are some time ago, ii last building up. Dwellings are very scarce, and o! course rents high. Boarding from ten to twelve dollars per week, public or private. 1 dropped into the office oi ouo of the " dailies" a raomsnt, hoping to get a sight ol some eastern pacers, but only succeeded in getting u glimpse of one of the Washington city journals, which the young editor " sciziorially" engaged, seemed to lay great store by, as he had it nicely lioxed away, and even when I hud got through with it, una laid it before him bo enquired in the must nervous manuer as 1 turned to leave, what I had done with it. roor fellow, I made all allowances, as you kuow well how all engrossing tho operation of clipping is. Laying at the wnaifare several boats, on and about vuicn a liii RO ? <?>"? ? ? --viijih.ibu, wan as the uriiva! of suveral huudrod mora, when tho whole will depart for their new hornet, assigned them by the government, in tho wild west. Thero aro many tierce looking men, arid pretty women among tiiein, bat no thing to warrant a poetical description?tor if nothing rim would quench tne spaik of enthusiasm-their pick mg fad scratching would suflico. i travelled thus lar on the Convoy, cemraanded tj Captain Oarrisou, ? most gentlemanly person?whos< marked attention to all under his cate?movable ain: I immovable, rauders his beat at once sate and desiioble will >011 ollow me to give you an idea oi this boat, am' what she is carrying. The Convoy is the largest bon on the Western waiets. She is 305 feet long, and 33,'. loot wide, and 0 feet hold m the clear. Shu has a Captain 1st anil 'i t clerks, two pilots, two engineers ami assntutiU 1st and 3d mates, two watchmen, one barkeeper,tnd aboil 80 dock ii a nils end fl rumen. Wo have on boaril ntiout 400 sol liars of the Miesissipp regiment rcoently ordered out, end fifty cabin pus;eugeti ?thus making in ull, including servants, male un. female, well nigh six hundred souls We have 13,001 arks of corn, each coa'uining two and a half bushels 3.3 bartcls of flour; 630 barrels of pork and iard; 61 bulai cotton; 3N9 tan els apples; 160 kegs butter; 13 Lhus ani at boxes of tobacco, 73 barrels of beaus, la butea oi hamp, 7 cssks ol Inu-on, 310 bundles of green hides, 313 head of burned cable, 160 hugs, 4 horses, 160 do/en el chickotis, and 30 d- ion tuiKeya. Thus, at a glance, nome iduu may bu toiuiea ct ton capacity of the Convoy VVilh all thia Height, were it not lor tho tioopi, the cabin would l>o comtoitabic, and the slate rooms to rooany anil quiet, that one would never dream of what wai under ; but the id Mississippi boys, jtut iresh from tho country and wild a? tho wind, are running riot With a truth They are a rough looking let et customers, tiuly ; aut I armed a* they are with oowie knives and pistols, tbej | present n most formidable appearance Oue of the doc tors attached ta the regiment stiuti about, w ith an im poitar.t air, thiougli liia crowd, the handle o! a lurg< botvie knife speking out of his broast; being, I presume figuratively a badge of office. The first mate 01 our bojt died very suddenly on tin passage down. Ila was a robust, healthy, Iniiutriou fellow; but grim Death fastened on to him, a. is a lev hour* poor Berry was conquered. Had i btofi calJei on to advance an opinion as to who amongst i would b< the most likely to l)? the first victim, not for j moinen ' would my thoughts have rented on him Truly, " in thi I midst of lifo we aie iu doetu * There aro i ?<nt*eu o ' tho troops on the boat oa tho sick list?soma 01 whom 1 if I ruisiuke not, will never see Mexico, 'iita majority | however, are as happy as birds, aud sing aud dunce tin hours sway, a* if thuy were on the road to never undid f ! earthly happiness Card playing abounds, la all part, j ot the bout ?on hats, drum IiuuUh, haudkt-rehiel.t sprain I on the decks, benches, boxes, tiunks una tables?tr short, wherever there im room lor tour to squat, then i may be found a curd party?soma playing tor money I and fearlessly litktng tneir last dime?others playing lot | liquor; but most ot tbeui lor umusemont. We nave very few ladies on board, which is very well; for the.lsngusgo aud actions of theso b'hoys art neither choice nor circumspect. in a business point of view, Vickiburg is greatly 01 the decline, while Memphis above, and Natchez, below ere daily im proving. Memphis it destined to he a gruu place. Its position and the couutry about wiil muku i uch. Theie is more cotton shipped from heie, I uppre bend, than any point on the river. The buildings art generally of tho better class, and those in piogruis o election will not lose by companion when oumuletcd Tho weather is dwliuntlul, ju>t such a* we are wont ti have in May at th-i north?and I really cannot lie so un Charitable a* to think jour citizen* are aufteriug will colli note* mid cold linger* now, 1 he liver ia high, am cuverail with drill wood; but 1 learn, that above Cairo i i* blocked up with ice Between Cairo and .Uutophi* wi bad a terrible mow (term, winch covered the ground ti the depth of aevaial Inches, b<jt a few ruilei beiow Mem j pnii not a *lgnof *dow we* to be teen. Xo give jot ! tome slight conception ol how warm it 1* here, I conlee ! that I win peispirwg freely while tvritiug lliie epistle, em ! not a stove to ba seen, except tome empty ones. Oh ! how dolighttul such woether as tbi* must be U '.lie invalid ! I ventute to ss*eit tuot a half-dozen tripi ! tiom Now Oileau* to Vicksbiug at this sca*on of tin year, in good weather, would avail a valetudinarian inon than thtae season* at ?uratega or the White Muiphnr, o a winter in the West Indies. Tne Musi.uppi, aithougi a dirty stieem seemingly, to iny.mind coiiuiu* no moil, medicinal propel lies ; which, together with the climate (but onl* to the winter,)hold out 10 those who seek relie in travi I uducementa not to be disregarded, \ ou ro?i) smile, t I mesn what I say. From ... inc causa or other, how or why I know not, i ia ieie to see gambling on Mississippi steamboat* The tnrno has been when evrry table in the cabiu wai occupied frem dawn until daik, and almost from Jar) until dawn, except while eating, lor this purpeso. Nee oceasionally you may vee, ou some ot the Mats, a few o | the lancy, who lormeriy inleslad this liver, prsyiai upon the unwary, but even they, through the good sen*, ut those who know, are hindered Horn displaying thci powets to any great extent Another great revolution be* taken place Formerly eveiy town and village had n* nest ul counter feilott em thieves; aud many a den at mtermadiaie point* scut ou prowlers, to levy contributions, in whatever manner upon traders and travellers Summary punishment am lucteate of po, ulation have doubtless contributed ti iki i lesultj and (here ia little reason to doubt but tba loon the people will be as mors] and honest (I apeok ii ike geneial tens*), and travelling os safe a* ou the llud ton or Delaware You may occasionally sec one ol thi old seniors, who, in no measured luinis, will speak o ! the in,ury inflicted by the march of uvilizutiuu, am whose lesson*, il not good, aia cousinly novel and en | ginali but the larger pmt ul llioso wlie reside along tiis irvar, even iu its wildest pjit, congratulate thenualvei on tiiegi?at improvement whic > the last lew tearshnvr witnessed. Ono is amused at the variety of floating business astali lishoicutK on this river. Merchant-;, blocKsniPlu, tinners indeed all manner ol handier ait are to ba iound all along tha rivet j which ia moat oertainly convenient for thorn 1 =g* IRK I ORNING, MARCH 14 184 H E ETHER INHALER. S r * n ' 22 ' "N J-r ^ ^ V-. U1 m i cock 6u<t let Lim btesthe the vapor?thus lightening ond deepening the degree of the sopor. Fifth ?The nasal spring is tor compressing the nor, tiils during exhalation, and is to he taken oil' when the stop cock is closed for the breathing of atmospheric air, and again to be replacod when the vapor is inhaled. The following explanation of the diagram will distinctly show, that in tln> construction of this rpparatus these , important requisites have beeu effected :? 1 I'ad for the ir>ou'h. which is held on by the operator or his attendant. 2 Horizontal valve for the escape of expired air, with a cap to be reninved during inhalation 3. Vertical flap valve. who live ia the sparsely popuhted country through which they pass. Innumerable flat-boats, or hroadhorus, dot the river oil every hand, us you pass down, in which the most valuable cargoes are stored away. Occasionally one o( them comes in (^ntact with a ensg or survyer, anJ with a lurch or two down tbey go, unhonor-d and uusung ; but perhaps not unwept The amount of money received by the proper authority in N'sw Orleans Irom this river must be immense. On each cabin passenger a tax of fifty cents is levied. ana on eacit dock passenger twenty nv?. Thla fund thus created is appropiiated to tlie maintenance of the Charity Hospital of New Orleans, under an act passed by the Legislature of Louisania in 1814 Oreat aa the amount of money must be thus collected, yet, though a man may wear himself out on the river, he derives but little bene At from it, unless he is able to pay from three to ten dollars?although the hospital Is ostensibly intended tor such persous. I speak of those who expect comfortable quarters. 1 am uow going to bed?farewell to the Convey ; but net without again speaking of Captaiu Garrison, as a polite and courteous gentleman?wall qualified for his station Intelligent, and communioative, ho takes pleasure In imparting information to all ; an item which t ho taciturnity of most ol those Western steamboat com| marnlers denial. Of Mr. llaritt, the olerk, ever alive to ' the comfort of passeugors, accomodating and willing to please?for he is well able?I mutt speak likewise. No snarling reply to a polite interrogatory?no endeavor to 1 shrink from a conversation which imparts information to 1 the inquirer, but a constant desire?as with the Captain 1 ?to please all, makes the Convoy a home to travellers, ' and a desirable resort for journalists, and note-takera. 1 Nothing, I assure you, but a sense of Justice, prompt* me : to spoak thus. Such gentlemen are rare oa this river. ' and it is with the intention of benaAiting travoilers, and 1 paying a deserved tribute to them, that 1 mention their ' names . My next will probably be from 'he Red River country. | hleuh Potter's Views on Steamships, Wasiiiisotov, Keb. 8, 1647. 1 Hit:?What is the reason the merchants do not sub \ scribe for the stock in the Atlantic mail .steam line? I It was supposed,when the English merchants tirst started the project of traus-Atlantic steam navigation, the philosophors of Europe, end Dr Lirdner among the rest, dyuied the feasibility of tho plan; hut the first pas' sago of th* Great Western solved the pioblom. We cau i well recollect this (hip's triumphal entry into the bay of - New York, tsiuce the establishment of this lino, that ol the Cunard has sprung into existence, and English mail learners are radiating from England to all part* of tho woiM, anl j at an American line have not yet crosaod > tho Atlantic, and difficulties appear which prevents the I a-nolo tuck from being at once eubecribed One of these obstacles cannot be a want of wealth among the I merchant) of Now York ; nor can it be a want of enter t prise. To be "rich aa a New York merchant," haa bei cornea proverb; and the word anterpriee, if always , coupled with a New Yorker. 80 the above reasons cuD't , he the cause of absence of an American trans Atlantio moil line. Not only have tho merchants ol New York been engaged in improvemeuta in their city, but expend1 ing their surplus wealth in projectiog railroads, canals, < and constructing wharves, acquoducts, tec These are I the necessary lines to be thrown out to catch and collect > the eurruunuing trade?to conceutrate it at Now York. ; Ail this has now been accomplished, and the surplus ' wealth of the merchants can now be profitably employed I In forwarding the project. It was also thought the steam I packets would supersede sailing vessels; but on the contrary, the sailing ships have increased in number, tizo, and boauty. Tho reason is obvious?the steam vessels have been the means of facilitating commercial information, travelling, and a carta >ntr in their time of arrival. 1 Thie waa a desideratum which wee neceseary to com. I piste tho chain in commercial business, and while the st?am packets performed the occupation for whirn th y , wore peculiarly fitted, ttio sailing vessels having, in fact, a greater corryirg capacity, they wero employed in 1 filling the orders conveyed by steam. Such was the r relative position between the sailing and steam ship. - But the time has now arrived, when the two qualities - should be combined ; and no time hoa been so fail voralde as the preconl. The meana of conveying , agricultural productions, and communicating with the grout volley and livers of the west have been accomu plished, and any one who will cist his eyea over s the map of thie couutry, will at once see the vast im1, ..f ,1... ?r VT?... v..,-l> ... .. J tor fho whole world. It U in a direct lioe of steam communication (rom Rurope to China; and within the lifetime oi the children now living, a direct steam communication from Rurope, via New V'ort to the mouth of the Columbia River to China, is as certain as that tho migration of this country is westward. It would not be chiaierical to assert, that within the neat thirty years, the shores of the Bay of New York will be studded with cities on either side from tho site of the present city to the Narrows. Those who have heretofore contemplated the project of ocean navigation, havo always looked torwar J to government patronage. Vain hope ? I have olway s fouud private enterprise has always ran ahead of governmental efforts. Again, tho failures--! should >ay abortions ?in the navy, IM the revenue marine, has also deterred ii.dividual! subscribing for this stock; and should near sighted men neglect to forward the patriotic and Inudablo object now in contemplation, they will, in a few years hence, have the mortification of seeing hose who engage in this undertaking, outstripping them in waalth and fame. Although the government have not acted liberally, yet it is to he hoped when tho liae is established, their interest will compel them to come forward and grant a liberal protection to the object?not let it pass into the lianie of foreign capitalists tor wunt of that! Iiborality. The British steamers have not fully come up to the expectations of Americans; in the winter they have been frequently withdrawn, leadiug persons to believe they were only calculated for fair weather. The causes of their being withdiawn, are, they are not as substnn tinlly built aa American vessels, and the speed el our lulling | ajkets is better than that of the steameis; and in addition to this, make (to uso a sailot'u phrase) better weather; but there is no doubt, in my miud, American ingenuity and tntarprise will avarcome all the apparent difficulties connected with ocean steam travelling. The great fault in steamships, is their size; they are in fact too small. It would be mora profitable to the owners to build a stesmship ol 3000 tons, than two of lws). The diliorence in consumption of fuel, and iuoreased speed, would, in the large ship, he in the Arst trifling, and in the second greatly over the small vessola. Transatlantic steamships, merely to connect New Vork with Europe ?-*ay Liverpool in England, or any great commercial port in France that ha* sufficient depth of water, should not tie lei* than *000 ton* burthen, provided it i* intended that rtuaon vessels should have the combined qualities o( iteam and sailing pickets; hut thould it be designed that thoy (steamships) should only perloim the business of trammi ting letters, light packages end passengers, 2000 ton* would be a sufficient burthen This alone would give a vary good profit to the Hteam Navigation Company, provided the government makes even the present liTvill allowance for carry ing the mail Believing that the peraeverence, enterprise arid patriotism of the New Yoik merchants will not allow tma noble enterprise to fell, has Induced me to urge these who may not at preseDt bo desirous to engt'go in it, to unite with those who have already built one tmiuUomo ateamibi;i Wishing the enterprise succesi, I am, sir, your ob't scrv't, W. D PORTER,U 9 N Account of the Burning of the Creole. hie ?If you consider the loiiow h g worthy of publication, you will confer a favor r j giving it an insertion In the columns of j our widely circulated journal My reason for wishing It published i t, that I U.iva iron o very Imparled sbttement of ttio oiicnmstancc* in one of oar ftoutheru pgpors, and nm aware shut one who whs attached to the bug at the time must he better acquainted with the dttails loan our who gathered Lta inlorrna'foit from other sonrcea. Tim writet'a intention was good, but his knowledge of circu inipeifect Mr. Ilynson was lost in the Bomers. Me lost bis life in everting himself to save that of others. Respectfully yours, AN OFFICER OFTflE SQUADRON Un the evening of the Mth Novemher, tS4fl, Paesed "idihipman John Ringgold Ilynson, Robert Clay Ro a E R A 7. 11 It li r wiS? / ^) i s Y*w li || 4. Stock-cock. ' A. Natal spring. 6. Klaatio tuba. T. Ulatt veuala, stoppered and oappad, containing mall piecea of sponge saturatad with ather. h Sectional view of the pad, showing the mouth-pieco and pail. A strong patiant may require the larger ft lata stopper to he removed, but in ordinary cases the tmall stopper I will be found sufficient The full effect of the v.ip<^ is generally produced in two or three minutes Care should be taken thrttha > mouth-piece during inhalation is perfoctly horizontal, i ktrping the stop-cock to the right hand, and the capped ' reive perpendicular. gnrs, and Lieut. James L Parker, with a boat'* crew of Ave volunteers, lefttbo U. 8. brig Homers, at 11 o'clock, for tho purpose of burning the schooner Creole, Iving immediately under the wells of the castle of Sen Juau , de L'Uoa. The boat was taken without the knowledge of the Captain, he having no authority to allow them to < go upon such au expedition. , They first proceeded to Hacrifloios Island, where tbey landed, loaded their pistols, and distributed the cutlasses. ' Tbey then started for tho schooner. The moon (which t had shone brightly all the evening ) sank behind the \ hills when they had arrived within two hundred yards j , of the vessel. They pulled aleng side. Three men worn ; leaning over tho rail, to whom Lieut. I'arker spoke iu . Spanish, representing themselves as having been seDt 1 j, lrom a French merchant bark (then lying et Sacriflcios) j * on business While engaged in this febrlcetien, Mr |? Hynson, with one man, hounded up the aide, but from s the veaael'a height, he could get no higher than the chain platea, where he hung auapendedfor a few seconds, , by one arm, having a cutlaia in the other hand. The ( three men retreated to the other side, and alarmed the 1 , castle. They jumped into the boat and pulled under th bow, where, by meana of the gear, Mr. Hyneon, with four mon and Mr. Parkar, succeeded in boarding her.? Mr. Rogers, with one man. remained in the boat to take charge of the priaoners. Their light had bacome extinguished in the meltt. The alarm bell In the castle was now ringing, and they knew they wera discovered. By threatening the orew of the schooner, they succeeded in procuring coal from tho galley. Mr. H., with one man, took it into the cabin, aud louring to lose his last resort, was about applying some powder to it. The man remarked to him that lie would"blow them up." "I don't care," be anawered, "it ie our only ore chance." He applied the powder, and they were both knocked down by the explosion, and se verely burnt, particularly Mr. H. The desired effect was had, however, and a fire kindled. They now returned to the boat, when some one re- 1 marking that the fire was probably not sufficiently wall ignited, Messrs Hynson, Rogers, snd two mon boarded tier again. Tbey iound the tar bucket with whioh they had provided themselves, on deck, took it to the cabin, daubed aeme tar upon the sails which wore there, and the fire at once spread. The bold was uow to be fired, but there waa no way i in which the flamo could be carried there. The inge- I unity of Mr. Hynson devised an expedient. After in ram trying his cravat, he, with Mr. Rogers, tore their shirts, not the pieces ou fire, aud placing them in the tarbu:aet, earned it in this manner to tne main hu'ch, whore tin- men received it ami took it to the lore hold Here i'.ioy found some hotndi, which they broke up and laid on top of the biasing tar. i-.c.j unuiK Hcr.uui|>u?no<i to rneir sailitactiou, they all got int* ttio boat and shoved off, whan at a dw- ' tance of a hundred and flf'y yards, thoy lalJ on their I oar*, and gave tltreo hearty cheer*- such cheers us success nlono could call forth. The schooner wm hut w) yards Irom tho c.slle, and 70 Iroiu the royal mail stoamer Clyde. ' (rota wnioh they were repeatedly hailed. The vestal j wee burnt to the water's edge, notwithatanding the exer tioua of the boar* from the Luglish ateamer to estlnguiili the flamea. Their reason lor so doing was the fear the: the wind might ohange and endangur her. . Too much praise cannot be given to those officers and men who went under the guns of one of the strongest furtidoations in the world, und burnt a vessel under the very nose, as it were, of the enemy. A single discharge ; of giape would i ave annihilated the party; still,although the enemy was alarmed, they peraisied in their first !u tantions and accomplished their object Variolic*. There are now eatabliihed in Mexican territory three newapapers printed in Knglish?vue at Montery, in ('a- ; hioru n, one at Matamoras, and one at Tampico; and tho fourth ia about to bo established at .Monterey, in thn state of New Leon. The ship has been secured which is to take out tho donations irom the State of New Jersey. Slio ia rated at JuQ.) barrels, and is to be at Newark to-morrow, and must have her cargo on board in fllteen days thereafter. The now territory extending west of Lake Superior is is to be called Minnesota, which a weatern paper says means " skunk." The Lutheran Church of Savannah haa toceived from Kurnpa an authentic portrait of the great Reformer, as a present from Mr. Oemler, formerly of that city, now re siding In Leipxlc. ft'KK't * colored man, was convicted of murder in the lint degree at Poltsville, Pa., laat waek Ho was sentenced toba hung. At the commencement of the medics o geatMem- ' , phis, Tenn., en the last of Kohruary confer' ring the degree of Doctor of Mediciae, w. i sonto I to eight graduates. The catalogue of studei ;ivea the number ut ad. The commencement of the medical college itl Richmond, Ve., look piece on Wednesday le?t. The degree j of Doctor of Medicine wa* conferred by Iho president upon 17 graduates. The gold medal for the beat eaaay upon rheumatism wu? awarded to Samuel 1\ Christian, of j New Kent. The valedictory tvua duliveied by Dr. \Vy- , inan, and i* raid to have been of marked ability. The Hhakers of Watervliat, Ohio, pretend to have received a now revolution, and are lending out delegates, . who hold public moetinga in the large towns out Weat. I A public meeting war held at the Common Council room, Milwauble, on, Feb. :17th, to take into consideration the aubject of extending the magnetic te- j legraph from Buffalo to Milwaakie. The lint canal boat of the reaion laf: liurriaburg, I'a , for the West, on Thuriday morning, laden with met- chandize, The wreck o( tlie Tuirnlonan, tlio day after the ezplclion, will taken possesion of by a party id maraudem end pirate*, who successfully resitted the dibits made tiy the crew of the stmimboat loua to take pen onion. At Tronton, on Wedneiday, Willibm lubberly was tried lur and found guilty ol placing obstructions en the track of tbe Cumdeu an I .Vinhoy Itailioad. tie was sent"nce 1 to pay a flue of f 100. Thai lannrUra fair ah. i.raa. kaaa V.? ? ??..!..-I- I I order of the meyor, from tho municIi'M Court of I'iltrburg. It hai been decided in New Orl"ana tlm* e volunteer 1 ii not liable to arreit for debt. The Baltimore and Tide Wnt?r cvnnln aro now blind, 1 and 0|>en to navigation. Another iteoin factory ii about to be created at Utica, and another at Syracuie. Henry Clay la about entering hi* 71et year. Hie health la mid to be even better than mtial thin winter. The grand jury in Boiton on Tbnraday picaented 134 indictmenta, which, withthedt previouily brought in, ' makoa 198 the largeat cumber ever presented et one term of the Court. Walter Ur<|uhert and wife, recovered a verdict of 1 #78 damage* aod eoitu, aguinat the t 'onnectient River steamboat (ompiiny, in tho Superior Court, Hartford, on Wedneeday, for iujurica received by Mre. U. in Au guat, 184#. Thk Colored roptn.ATioN or Maska* iiuseitn ?The r'icent work on the population ol Maaaaehuietta, publiihed by Dr. Chickering, givea ioiti intereating atatittica in relation to the colored population of the State, fiom which we compile the followirg lacU: Tho coluied population o[ MaiaachuaetU, cooipriae not murely ihe puin bla-. ki of the African race, And their variou* miatuiea whir the whitaa, commonly called muiatloea. but alao mix'uree of the wbitaa and otfatra with the Indiint 1 ha numhar ol thoie who .via tho pura deicondanUol the Afucan race, m believed *o con titu'oavery email p?rt of the colored poptil.i'ion of th" CoBiroonwe ellh The number ol the colored poraon* iu tho Coinmor.weiil'h in 17? A ta ratunated at #,199 ? , Aeon lug to the cenaua e( 1790. the number wi< # 483 - | eb-wing an inrreaae in 'J# year* of 6 (?7 p*r crnt. In 18'0. tho number we* C 4#J-h>creeae in 10 year*, 13 111 r cm.t lu 1810 8 *37 ucieaao, 441 ler rent in 19-70 8 74# hide***, 14 per cent In 18,10. 7 0t#?Iricreate, 4 M 'n 1840 H 8 9 - Inereeie. 93 0# The per. pintion < I ili? roloied to the whi'e population in 1708, ?? ?" 1 to 4."? Ort In 179'), the propoition wai aa I to (W 23 In I84'i, u* 1 to 84 09 The increaae oi the colored pop'ila'ion, during the eeveral perioda, ai appear* by the above, hit be en ve y unequal, and haa been much lea* than that ol the wbltee. with two oacoplione, from 1790 - V > LD. rm? rw? Cawtt. ?-*"*??- " r-r . ? - - ? r_ . to 1H00, anJ from 1830 to 1840 Th?M cKeoptj n?, aa Jt Dr Chlrkaring.mav baaa baan, im>art at Ui.?t owing to tlia immigration of black.* from olbar 8tuU? Tha in 3r#*M of the blacks duriog the seventy five yetn wu W 74 par cant, which ia lata than one third, (J06 OV par sant) of the wbitaa. 'l'lia colored population aro now w distributed over tbo Common wealth, and mora oot ientrated in certain towna and localltiei.end hare bean io >f lata years, than loimerly. The w hole number of in :orporated town and districts, waa graatar than that of hoea containing colored paraona, in 1764, by 14; in 1740. iv-71; in 1 too. by SS: in 1410, by 47; in 1630, by 46; in Mi), by 61; and in 1840, by 41. It ia proper to obaerve in elation to the atatiatica lor 1640, that tbay aro not of uffleiont accuracy to afford fair data for companion, wing to the many blnndara which ware made in taking lie census for that year, especially in the city of Boaton 'he work now before ua, atiowa several inconaiatenciea i the cenaua, from which the concluaion ia drawn, that ne number of biacka in 1840 were orer eatimatrd. Lr. bickering eatiniatea the increase of the biacka from 630 to 1640, at 13 01 percent, which ia 7 67 nor cent laaa linu that of the whites. The colored population never irmed but a very small part of the whole population of lassachusetts; and their proportion to the white* has >een reduced nearly one-hall line* 1766, and is likely to >* reduced much more hereafter Seme have doubted vhetbor their uatural increase has equalled tha number >1 those who have died and who hava emigrated out of he State; and some have even auppoeed that without mmigration and without mixture with the white, he whole race would, in a few years, ba extinct n this < ominonweaith. Certain it ia, that without mmigratioa, their increase would have been verr imall. It may be interesting in connection with Tils subject to see the proportion of the biacka to the whites in our lister State, New York, in 1840 Tho number ol colored persons was 00,031, whites 3,178,800. The population of the colored to the white* in that Stat* was as l to 47.56, or nearly twice a* gruel as it was in Massachusetts.? Boston Journal. Nkw Orleans, Feb. 28, 1847. 'IlieatrieaU?Hu Death ?f John M. Collint. We have hail no particular news stirring during the week. Theatricals have flourished and.concerts succeeded admirably. Merz has realised the expectations I had formed of his success, and every concert has been brilliantly attended. Sivon, very unjustl/, has not been well patronized. Why, 1 cannot divino. Anderson closed a very successful engagement at the St. Charles last night, playing Claude Meluottc and Petruchio. He has consented to play one more night, (to-morrow,)to repeat " The Robbers." This piece was brought nit last week, and was extremely successful; ilthough the denouinent is horrible and repulsive, he play is h'ghly dramatic, and 1 certainly think, vithout any exception, that his Charles tie Mcor s infinitely superior to any other character lie has ..... in ,.n,'Pi.,. ........ I .... liin the more I ain convinced of his great talent. Murdoch lias drawn very well at the American Some of his friends intend taking a bit of dinner with him on Tuesday. Mr. John M. Collin*, well known in your city asan actor, commonly called old Jack Collins, died very suddenly yesterday morning, after a brief illness. He was about fifty years of age, a very kind hearted, estimable man, aud a great favorite with his brother actors, lie was an actor much above mediocrity, and a very useful man in a theatre, lie was a near relative of Lord Dacre of England, and received a letter from his lordship but a very lew days before hi* sicknees, advising hirn to return to England and visit his relatives, whom he had not seen for twenty-five years. He contemplated doing so, but it was ordained otherwise. No relative stood by his death bed, but kind and attentive friends of the theatrical profession smoothed his pillow and closed the eyes of their departed brother. Peace be to his ashes ! llu will be buried this afterncon. D. l?1 /in Rf.WAKO.-THK NEW YORK. '|5 -I V/ VJ noil ISutfilo Telegraph Company will pay aiew<ru ol'SiDO 10 any pe'ann who shall fire 'eh info union nn ihail lend in (ho conviotiun of any individual. n. der the following law, for wilfully injuring the Telegraph Lint 01 Property. T. S. KAXTuf*, President. Utica. Oct Mh, ISIS. An nci to facilitate the contraction of Morse's Electro.Mngucic Te.egrnpli. Passed May 13, I8t3. Hie peep e of (he elate of New York, represented in Senate rind Assembly, do eunct as follows *ee 1?The liropnrtora |>I the parent right ol Morse's Kleo tro Maguecc 'J elegraph. mav be, and are hereby authorised, In construct lines of said Telagraph from point fo p .int. aan afrOkB tnv of (lie waters within the limi s of this htare hv ike erection of posts, pi?ra or butuieuts for sustaining the wire* of iho tame : Prnvioed that tne iioia shall not, in any instance he to constructed at to cnoanger, or luiimomly Interrupt, 'he navigation ol' such waters; and, provided also, that the tnivate rights of individuals sha'l be in no wise imuaired by tlist piovit.nns ol tliia act; nor shall this act antoorixe the ro..s ruction ol nuy Pr.dge, or ntlifr similar erection scrota t- y of <ha strrnms of waier in this Mate. Any person or petso-is who shall kuoetugly or wilfully injure, molest or destroy any of the said lines, or the materials or property peithiaing thereto, shall, on conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and be punished by line or imeri-.o.rnriit, or both, at the disc-eiiou ol the Court which shall iiaveuid lake coguizibce thereof aec 2 The Lrgnls'ure may at any time alter, modify or rep- al this net, and the same shall take effect immediately. Keepers or ownn'1 of Juuk Shops and all .alter persans ere requested lo give nonce at the Telegraph Office, in Peat1* Buildings, comer ol llsuc rer street rud Kschtuge Place, or to the undersigned, of auy pcrsou lfering copper wire for sale C. LIVINGSTON, Secretary, Nkw Vong, March!, 1847. Mo. it Wall street, tub Im r ~~ MUSKETS AND PISTOLS. | f WWt Ship Muskets. Ivvvr jOtt American Banded Muaketi, with bayonets' complete in the moat peifrct order, ltd pair Ship Pistols. IWO lie rot v ing ti barrel I'iatols. 101) llowic K-u vet. 300 Double barrel Fowling Pieces. 100 Single do do Sport lag articles, Gun matrtiala. Tools, tee , every tbteg required br the or Gunsmith. For sale by 18$ Im rc A W. BPlKS v t I), 91 Maiden Lane. CrrieK or xhs. Nigw Vong hit Ins. CoMranv, t Nt.w Volts, Feb. It, 1MT. J PXIVIDKND.?The board of directors have una day dn -r clared a dividend of four peis cent payable to the stockholders, on and after the I ah last., it the olftee of the eompe ny. No 78 Wall street. The transfer books will be closed until the I5rh inst. By nrtler, III im r II l/NDKKIIH.L. Secretary. CHEK&Y PEOTOKAC 1U1 IS rlrgnnt end ?ur| issingly eseellent remedy for colds, coughs, cousuuipllou aud all affections of the throat and lungs. * Hold in New Yotk by Hotulley, Phelps 4c Co , 142 Wnter at; Hnslitou Ik. Co , 15r adway , lleury Jthoaon, Apothecary, corner Chambers street aud Broader iv; J .Milhan, It] Broadway; J. k A. Meakim, 51' Broadway, and druggists throughout the I 'cited States and Canadaa. The for,oula of tint preparation has lie en published in the public medical journals, and has rere.ved the highest commendation of seveaal medical colleges and schools iu the United Statu, aa well as the dittingnishfd medical aulioritinsnl Hiitiah Ainerice jig lm*TII SODA WATfcR AM D aPI'AKATUsTj Matthews, No 131 Third Aveune, N. Y ., maiitilaclurer of alt the modem apparatus nsed bathe manufarrnre, drawing or bottling o Soda Water. A lithographic plate, with punted directioni for the making of Soda Water snd Syrups, also for lbe pu' ting npol'the apparatus and iu use kc ., will accompany ea line'sins f?h7 In - to CHjAL. ? I KAl,ll 1/uCHAKL), S r.i) ASH, (t-AttGt. -'nut, $5 50; egg.brekeu and stoye,$5 Ti. Lehigh, lump,$5 50. egg, stoye and not, $5 7i: theae ?ie caih prices, less 50 eta. foe cartage. Mr coals are all under sheds and dry, re-icreeued from my coal yard, 256 Mir.belli street aad comer of Ham mrraley and Bedford atresia. 118 lm?rc JACOB WKICKS. Jr. IIUI-MES KiTUHhN It/iNGES. TIIK proprietor has been engaged iu mannfactariag and selling Kitchen Pangea for the past 18 ye rt. s"d feels warranted 10 engage that for prirate lantillea ard boarding houses that there is no range in use at present will answer bnter purpose, and if not it will be removed free of any expense t > ihe purchaser. Numerous references can be given to any wishing to purchase Prices range fiom $25 to $45. Grates of the newest patterns for p rlours, bed rooms and offices u...,i <1,.,...., >.j ,ii .i....:n,i ... .r a? l. bo111 at 'ha ahorteat uotiea. Smoking f liimneya cured and warranted il not ettrnd no chargoia inaila A OILHOOLY k SON, Proprietor* and nianufietnreia, 71 ,>umh (treat feJ7 lm*r _____ HAVANA AND ST. J AOU LEAF TOEACOO. A A. HAMANOR, ?l Uroadwiy, tip atairt. (opposite Trinity Chnreli) offer* tor aale. in Iota to atitt pnrcha* era, at wholcaale nnd retail. i.'O bale* Haeana Leal Tobacco, wrapper* end filler*. M " Ygnatiy " X M Cumberland Harbor, S " m " Ml Jago Leaf Tobacco *! " II " " " dark wrappery IS raao* old Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, rood color*. Alao, Segara ol" all hrar.d* and elaarea, melnding <om? im pO'led rapreaaly for prirate ani' ker?, logellier With otiiars suitable for the trade. Jnat reerired, a few of the new brand ".Urantnranti o,"' irrp irted aolely by the anbaenber. Older* recfired and punctually attended 10 tor all el****( ol segaia. Alao for tale, all kind* rf Smoking Tobaeeo of American, Spam h, Unman, and Tnrkiah mannfaclare, Including the celebrated hearfitlatii. Alao. Hun ft a of all kinda, including the celebrated "Cores Mi?.r..a" and "NacMlTor ll?.?." A- A.SAMANO, fat Im'if *>' Roadway Op H terra 7'b f'" TON lor large Nut, under eorer The I -? atihaeriher* li*?e reduced the pnee of thetr beat Foarh Orchard Kid A?lt < oal, na lollowa?Orate SS: Cggand Store $tj and Nut 1J. There it no pea o- t.lieunt in the Nnt, uorany Nu'.ahipped with the Store. Lehigh Corla at the amne price ; all delieerrd free of cartage. THOM A* r. DULAN. 30S Mulberry *? and 2SJ west 14th it. bei wei n at rnuea 9th uni l*th 1ST lw*-e VALLEY'S I'Aty EXTRACTOR |V|.fcRCHANTd AND DMCOOlSTfc can obuto their irl ipri-ga'ippliei .f the only gennine Pain Katraetor >t 01 r depot. Liberal ra'nia lire made with wholcaale per ch"ieti *kd wtih rgrntr. Frea'? certificate* of iu retntrkabl* efficacy in Burn*, Pile*. Itlirnmaliini, Uc ke., lumiahed gratia. Wanted iminedia'ely arreral trarellingagent*. wi?h mtan*. and well rec inmeud d. If. DA l-LKT k CO , f 11 lM*TC N? ?* B'oadway KRVAL1 NTA. 'fAHK Uoderaiuned Imee con?t?ntly ou hand e freah anpp f I of KtvaDyuttk, a ralnahle remedy iu i.brinete, eaae* o ennattpation I'm. up in pound package*. ror sal tile and retail, b> DLL LUC k ? a. Apotltecariea and I hernial* ineee" ' PLACK I* "OUlLLAtiD. flltlm*re No. ? Park Wow. audkdt Proadme*

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