Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 15, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 15, 1847 Page 3
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' 17 ,1 * POST OFFICE, NEW YORK. > \*-r'h 15. I'T PJ I: t. .TK LAW OF CONOKE-a, ?ud theortierol ' .i. itmumt Ueneial of tbe tftli ius . establish tile ' folio i . : ? f o?i<w'? ? to be charged npon ill newspaper! from rublishars to subte'ibert. All circulars, transient newifii'tn . H andbill* must be piepaid line* ceuu lor each sheet; if not prepaid, they canno'. be foraarded by tbe mailt Le'tari, pii era, and pack get, not exceeding ona ounce in weight, lo Officers. Musicians, and Privates of the Army of the L'uitaJ States in Vhiiei), and at any pott or p'a'e in the States bordering ?n Mexico, will past tree in tbe mails, provided on (be addrert, nicer the name of the person, is written " belontiug to th<- aimy.'' li letters addre<aed to dffsrent persons are placed in tbe I same e velope. unless tddrrtted to foreign couutnes, a penalty ot ten do'lais is imposed upon tbe person makiug the c.irl.Hii re. ml> 3-is r ROB'f. H MOBH1S, I'.M. ID T< > IK.El.AND i ' ji Hb. R .. lU ir. Bitlinp Hughes having kindly offered bis | X services to delivers lecture oulreland fot the bauetiiol tbe Suir>r ug Irish, the Tabernacle i? been engaged for Batuid*v eveoiug.autb mit. L? c'.ure to begin at 7 o'clock. Tickers j one dollar each, e n be had Irom any of the following mem- j be-s of the cooi.iittev; or at .... i .a T HTKW a It I & Cn'e Broadway, corner of Keade st , i.3WA?0 DUNIOAN'8, No 151 Fulton street. 111.'.; KhXLV'n. No 138 Bowery P.KKNcIl L>OC?Ni LLlf'S. ino.78. Williaanstreet. CoSISf 1ttck. ? I'HiLie Honk, Tgnnncg DorrtsgLi.T, , H. (;. biHnsm, Pit flnaiT. i A Belmont, tino JM?Unu>B, Jr. , Geoeue Bsicut, Jshii Jar, I MnaTikiuB I.ivinsstob, fitit lecotBiar, I Vic to u dk Lslissv, Dn J. Knanaav Roooaas, btkwabt htoaa w" t ,.? ii.mj." Jiout. B. Minturn, R#rt. J. Dillon, A T StLWaRT, T. W. ClERSR, I Jamzs KnkiTri. Thoi E. Davis, I HKODSRS ((BdWlgl, Jacos Hartky. I HI ;'j titr AID TO IRELAND. i f|^KK A9l>'HKR'S Report Continued for March 11th, ltth 2 13th. 1 Ru'tireo March 11th, bv Knbt. Donah's-n, Jr , cssli, S'O, ' $3. $3. Si and $ 0: Ues, Arts it Hrusrr, 225 ; M HrcbCuCk, < II; V? vr11or, It Fellows, S20; Agmrre It Ualivcy, $25. < By Nathaniel (artier. >ecoud donation fion tho hthv [ Fiaphers of near Vork,$J; ty W. Kemble Esq., flow S. F Barrows, trenaO'er. donation trom citizens of tho village ol Cold Spring and West Poir t Foundry, $571 it By 'I liomat W. Cteiks. from J. Preicott Hall. $25 ; C. 8. Hue. $10 ; Jamoa Maurice. Erasmus benedict fe.dwmd Burr, W. ('. N?y?a aud cash. each, (10 ; B. W. Bouncy, II E. Da via aud caah, each, $5 < My . acob Harrey, 'rem auudry ponou, $230 by Jamoa Smart aud Aud Browu, truKaca, part of tho col- 1 lection at the First Aaaecia.e Church. Key Dr btarka, $til. By C W Lsveucr. from K D PotUr, M Jrhusou and li Bp uett committee of tho citixooa of Tolodo. Ohio $31171. 1 f rom Daniel Uaksy $25; from Harry Eaat, $5. 1 By Hia linear, Andrew H Mickle, mar or, l'or balance of < s-i, collected by committee f-om Tammany Hall.$>t; caah, $3 ; etlicera lit waid, p lice, $71 : f ora ludge V.older- * P< e .$ 0; from children ef ct Mathew's Academy, iu Walker stree'. $ 4. Fie it the officers and craw of tha (J 8 steamer Michigan, $130. From ihc citizens of Norwalk, Huron connty, Ohio, $100, b T Baker, iraaaoter, in a)l,$it7 from tlio Mayor. By Dr Bartleu. (rem Joel Chnrchill, Albion, lllmoiagfi From a friend, $2j; from Wm M Johaaou It S< u, %\m7 Rraeived March ltth, by letter, collection in Bt John's Church, Delhi, De'aware county. New Yoik, Rot Ororge Waters, miuiater, $M 34. . By Bohprt 9< ualdeou, Jr, cash, $5, $23, $2, 30 cents, $2, $2, $1 it, and from Vy?e It Pom, $30 By George P <4uackenbo?i, trom Mrs Sarah Payn, $10. Bv Key Mr BavUy, from Waiiabout Catholic Church, Hev Mr Maeuire, $126 ; ft Francis' Church, Hey Mr Kuuze, $>2 to St Viur*nt's, Hoy Mr Pet t, $100; St Peter's, New Brighton, Kct Mr Murphy, $143; ft John Evangelist, Re* ? 'r i L' ekin, $01 25 ; from St Patrick's, additional, $10 ; from Ht Nicholas i<ry Mr Buckmsyer, $-12 23, makiug $344 00 per Her Mr B. iley. From Juues Watson, $10; cash. $3. By K B 51 icturn, from a committee of citizens of the town of Stratford, Conn, by Lewis W Huasell and M Johnson, $310. ' a By Nathans! Weed, from (J V Edwards, treasurer of com- 11 rnitfae at Flnttibiri;, 2d docatiou, $100, ball'of which waa * hnrtde J to John .1 Pitmfc fnr ih? SditD'h r From John Oothmit, $50. lly Lombert buydnm, Csq., Treasurer, fr.un the Committee?l ho iuhubitJBte oflhe Ninth Ward, $397 30 for the poor ol lre!*i. d. | ?' y Thomas t' ahi-i, from inhabitants of Bedford conr-ty, , Trou. J< h i Kukin, Esq , Treasurer, S330. ! By U-jic. iVicKeever, IT a. N., Commanding. from the ' oihirra aid men conuected with the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, . $330 61 4 Re tivod March 13th, bv Robert I'ounldseu, inc., from " M. in blird.$5; W. W Woodcock, $5; P. H. Corliss, $3; j c.nali, $3; J. Kirch. $3; R. Wiuterhoff,$5; R O Williams, ' ' t'r, ' in Fulton It Co., Sit; Newm-i'. k O'Dounel, $25; ' J Cash $1; Dibble, Richardson It Co, $23; Jrmei 8 Dicker- 4 sov, $2U. 4 By Waldeti Pell, Cash, $) 5t. By A T Stewart k Co, pro- J re. da .f ? Piano, prrsaated by Henry Werceater, Piano : . K?rte Manufacturer, Mew York, $1,273. ; . > I From l'i|i|iii, Cn-neuter It I.e., $13. By Richard Irwin, font die citizens of Caltden>a, Livingatin rouuty $11. By J C' b Hairey, from J hu f'barraud, contributed by 1 li ra ill and vnm g po|ii|s, $100. From W C tminett, Eiq , 111 do Park, adilitioual $23 r Froui some Friends, of Pu'chare, Westcheiter, monthly mec i g, through B K Burling, $ 30. From Is Ik 8, $20; M B> III.* Ilouor the Mayor, f'om congregitnn of the Vethedi.t J'-imc. pal ( ha cli, Ledya.d, Cayuga cnunty, N Y. $15. Fum the Citixans et Lockport, y'ar L H Suuldsy, $192. Fr. in tht. Ben..volant Order ?(' the Bcreana, per Doctor 8 Hill and Mr John DuDglaai, $313, In all $591. ' By Chaa lolly, from woramen of the Naw York Screw Company, $?u. From " a friend to humanity," $5, ' (>u a ole rucloaing $10?llie other $3 being fir the Sooteh was letnrneJ ta the yi uug gentle nau who br. tight the note). H - P. $1 23. T tel -ecc ipta of monry to Satnrday, March 13, inclusive, $<r.,;il M. In an afternoon paper of the 111Is inat , $1 5t is priuted, which alioald be $13 30, as iho contribution for the Pin and Pencil Cesc received fr"in M Mary's i hurcli. (Signed,) M. VAN 8CHAIOK, mUtifh Treasurer. t /tM.-Ri. AN STATE PAPEKS. A FAIR PRICE in mouey or in banks will be given Ji for a copy of the American 8tate Parers, in 21 yiila., i published in Washington city a boat IS 12 '33 and '34, ifap- | pliest on be made to K. BAl-DWiN, I in 13 3te?d*n Bookseller, 153 Broadway. Kf.MiJVAL ; THK Tri-h : migrant Society hare removed their ctRie to ! Nn. 82 Spruce it mi5 lw*rc Lltv'f-ls the stieet, or Bleecker atrerr umuinua, a bench ' of irnall keys, ou a steal nug. 'J he finder wrl be suit- I ably rewaided by leaving ihein at tha Merchants' Bank. mi3*lt r DIAMOND POINTED GOLD PENS. ! IK , ou want ugond Osld Pen, go to J. (i. Havege, M Kulton = str?et He will sell a lint tat- pen For $2 onfy, lenril I jucludid. Theie t'.ie public may rely upon finding a Bond ?? , soit neut. aud qui e a different article rem the traihypeus, '' recently told in the auction room* about town, without the z. Iea? larrie-ie ytloo whateee'.i mlS If e *.l U ti a ?1? cctiee young man ofaonie businras n- I penence, with the abOTe amnui t of esah l capital. Would like 11 with some house already eitab- tf liah-d iu a inodertte, sale and profitable bmiuen, either ns pariaeror ileik. la the latter ease, would lean the money, aud leqaire hut a fair salary for his services. A note addressed to K box 1464 Pott Office, statiug bus' less, sad where i n interview cm be had, will be treate I eon- N fidentiel'T. end meet with prninnt attention. mli 3 is?ric 1 OOlICt " '|Hk'. UN 0P IHSIONKI) liiyiti^ succeeded to the business A Istely eir'ied en by annuel Louie, Oninphene and Perptntine Uistiller, i ffers f->r snle n full sssortment of nnral ( stores and eamphe no, of the 1st qua ity and at the loweat pn- * eta JAMlit LNOL.E, 114 front st. w Ti e undereigaed haei'g constituted one efthe lete drm of ~ Cooke. Adams at ( o , begs to slite that he his no ether suecesser than the above. HAMUkiL K.N (ILK. 1 m'46ii?*ra ,J NOilGE ToTlAltt DREsSEKa AND WIG MAKERS. * POtt SACK?A wrll-known Hair Uressiug klsuh'ishmrnt, situated in a bu iuess put of B-oadwse bo luithtr pa. ticulars apply n; WILLIAM LMBBl.b.K s. ? >hl4 lw*r LOj1-, hr iiiny QUARTER LY~DE lieu N.?~ w JU'-T PUBLlnHED. the second number, at the rffi-e, 1 I Krsnkliu ttqusre, Pesrl it eet?Contains the Vthoo an- A tire, tha must wutv satire nn the fel'ies and superstitions of the sec; alse, eatirn. I hristit.r ity Proved Idolatry, a reprint; "U a se, a sbeit esqniry, Who waa JesusChrirt I for sate. Alau, \\ each of the a .ova. in pnrts A eo.firs' number of the Qunr- t terly reutaieiag the ce ebrated Three Impesters. . I IN B Mi* edition of Btren-s' Life of Jeans, Valuer's | , ui' s. Vste's Lilecf Psiue, ('nine's W orks, Veluire's Phi- i'J loso' lucsl l)i< tioaary, and other liber il worm, tracts, k-.. in :4 rod ta*e COMPLIMENTARY BALL. ~ cpHF, undersigned being arpoin'rd n Committee by the - I fries ds of vlr J. C- orer, respectfully snuouuee th .t ' 1 they will give him a COMPLI WtulNTAKY BaL>. at 'lie ' . , Apnlln Sslsou, on Wkbmbsiiit Kvgsunu. Varrh 17th, 1*47. ' 1 Mat lack's eelebnird Band is eng grd h.r tha r erasion, and , ' will perferaa all the new and faihiosuble music. Tiekeu may be had nt the deer oa the tveuing of the Ball, F. or efthe fallowing committee 1 _ fikrja'oia Treut, Wm. Adsms, Jcbu U. MeKee, James Duuu, C. H. Ui inker luff " tnI4 3f re J. ACKKRMAN, Hcc'y. G. U. CLARKE, '* \J kJlCHANT TAILOK, 118 Wil.iam street, oppesite t' e |i -'A Sewisiores?I flutter inysr'f thit I have ue ver j et made j"' a garment te mesaurr, t' St the purrhneer has not. recommit ded me to his Ir'ende, and ihey to their's, so ihat my business inere ses in geometrical ratio. I * It shall be me ende-vor to give still greater satisfaction. 1 J 'J he genus " Sack'' kept reedy made. .. bluest Krencli iuess Costa made to mossrtre, $30. *e Lower qeslirisa, $14, IS, II. A few Overeoau, fine, still left, pnee $18 M All goods beuaht>nd Sold for oash mis irnr DR. JONES, DENTIST. 3M BMOADWAY. IN SUITS TK.F.TH md tueui at good at the nttn nl net for biting and in.itt'eation A rrrnplt*a double tat of beit mineral Teeth on In* r od plaftt, 00 A <?t ?f baatrauertl Teeth hi fine g. Id rit e, fo' tlio upper j?w, to be worn by ainoaphtnc P > t urr, 1110 I I Bun I* tooth. Ir m $1 on en 1 no *e 1' (**;?* Tee'h with Onld, from TJ to I 5? i U. Remember?Weat tide of Broadway, two doort ab*re Wbile t rret. ~ N U Wr. J. operate* in the tye ingaiRtual. : (Ji m I It** j IMl't.R i AtNT TO 1'AGUEKRE TYPlflTs. j I Mf laHS .\>TMONV fc. ' LAKK b*g |.H?e int'pn.e ^ tb ir who it* erg-gild in the D insirotyp* liutiuett. iuj t> *' ibey bate retentl> c mpleied thair trrn.grmem? lot the ^ ct'ttiT mpori*. i n of b rent h I'lat.t a-.d *, tierma. I.ttr", (kc., the fi,tt inroieet ol which bay* jn*t i j been rtrtiTrd . ( T" v h?*e ?ltn receired irom ll eir mti.uftclnrer in Pajrit, lm anmplc Ictt of *ev*ral new a>.yl*.a of (if art and Fmmea. The ? asi.v article* are all of the rery ftrtr. g??l'ty. haying be 11 c lei acted with treat care by one ol the firm now in l.nrnre, ... au.l will be * Id at much lower pricca than lh:y haye eter It )et baeu offered at. . it Jiiti reeeiyed Dagnerremypa Pl*tea; f.000 full tiled t latet, , iu,erur, 10t . 61)10 quarter me lium do. dm for tale l?w by ANTHoSy k CLARK, "" nil3 3it' r^ No. 247 Ororlway^ _ THKUNITEI)STATKSHP.NATl- CHAMBER M 'I'HIH nPLKNDIP N - W MRZZ >TINT KNOHAVIiNO I? J m y br teen and oli'aiue I at the putilitlie '? mnmi. A , ANlHO.NY k CLARK, and UlStlt* f Nn 847 Broadway. | wii PRACTICAD BOOK KEEPING, wh no Cfi cftDftii arftRKT y" \T R f; '' MAHSil, An onotani, author of the " Be enea 1 * PoiiI. e l.uir, n nh-Kee ujg -.imp ifi il ' and the ' ' 1 * # utry ; oob-.eepi.g loip.ored," eontiiiu ? |> to ; ch a* ali if. *-* u >r of ( ?Th? publ c are reapeet'ully inform- yJ[ #1 <! a?u <d ih.ft lie I Inn uoueiM y Mr. Marah In team . ' i . hi. ien, ria t br urh. >< tru t a court* of practice iu , ' ' .* '"ft i, neon, of )*i ttirea n Lie theory ' 11.* r.;.i*ift ofroinet,;. r,.'rom too I me <aith all the , ho.i?? eoof' iutii g to'., and a per,on of i/nod capacity, will by iMi Coftfto become a Colli) eient bhi.k'btfper iu about a M, tn h, a.,u will il-. aiye a certificate to tfnt efiec. eg. rroapectna with icinu cto lie ob aiutd at the Mootoa from I milim'r 1 ' " i .M i in. urn i in i bicmiMiii Ludoc. No. It, 1. O of 0. f. TJHOTHKKS?V?u are resneetfolly tinted to attend at. D the L. dire Kootn, No. "1 Division street, this day March 11 it I o'clock, forth* purpose of paying the lest tn bate of respect to our deceased Brother, Thomas (join Br order. JOHN K. BLISS, N. O. Bemsmin J. PartTi. Bee'y. all lt*c TO GKOCER8. TS7ANTED?A young man, to itt*cd in s croeery stole, TV hiving s perfect knowledge of the reail business is dose in the upper ptrt of t> e city. None others .need apply, st 197 Bros 1 way all lt?r ANTED?A lew girls to learu the c'oth cap making None oeeo spplr except these who ire ictiee wiih the needle, and good stltcheis. Apply it 191 Pesrl strett. Dp itairs. mil lt?r SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNG WoMAN at uurse ortooo plain tew log in a small private family Can give the hen of city reference. A note addressed to A B. at this office will be promptly attended to mlllt'r INKORMATiON WArNTk D of~Ur. HENRY TROUTBECK OHIOPEDI8T, or Wife (Jodith Medus Auhrei) by hit brother George By applviug to Charles S. Roe, Solicitor, fcc., No. II Wall street,iNow York City, he tnay near of aoinelhinn to his adyanraeo?ifn??d t-ft,-???1,1 be thankfully received. " ' rail J-*rc r?> I.A^D PKOPRtETUR^, FARMERS, kc. \lLr ANTED?By married roan, with* mull family, the TT management or* farm, on aharaa. The advertiser ia practically acquainted with all ilia wnst recent imp oremenu in Scotch and English agriculture, cattle, gardening, cnltiv't'on of fruit tree*, lie. kc Hit wile baa a perfect knowledge of the Management of a dairy, tearing of joultry, kc. The most leapecrable city reference can be given Addieaa Agricola, olfice if thia paper mil lw*rc WAN I ED, rPO pur> bale lor rent three or fuur Billiard Taklra, for A which a liberal price will be paid (Jood second band >able> weuld anawer. Fuquiie at Tammany Hall, of J. ALLAN. mil Iw'r rpHK IMPKUVKMK1>T!I made in restoring the color and A cleaning of Gentlemen's Garments u moat astonishing: jy the new proceaa tlie cloth la cleaned, relreahed and itrenglhcned, and ihe Color la made permanent, and finished rqu il to new cloth, no matter how faded or soiled Hand to be corner of Beckmau and ,KNaaaan street, yonr gatmcu's iball be mcde tqnal to new rtei airing and altering in a Oral ateatyle. Caali p id for GeutUmen's Clothu g. mlt lw'r EIGHTH WARD. A ?' a uuineiona uireting of tne Democratic Republican tm. else to a of the lib Ward, held at Ctmiclnll's Head Qmrera, No. 1ISK Spring street, on Friday evening, .Varrh tilth. William vlcMorray, Esq. was ca'led to tba chair, and Souil. r. Uoleoa was appointed Secretary. On motioa of John ft llaakiua. If.i<i , Yuaara. John Orser, ilfred Harmare, and Johu 0. spafforii were ap|>oioted a comnittee t > rati o aud re,oil u lickel for the consideration o( he meeting,to be supported at the primary electiou to be held in Monday, 1Mb mat. Tbo committee having ra lied, presented the following ieket, which was nnar.imanaly adopted. Koa Convention. WILLIAM CHAM :t F.KLIN. aI.BMIT W. SMITH. CUUMCL1U* STETHENS 7oa Heeaa Convention. A ?THI1VV i nuaTiin george faiTldino"' JOIlN B. STAFFORD. Koa Who NoMintTIKO CoMMITTIIt. Henry T. Kiersved. Kvbeit P. Gaily, hamoel Martin. Jolm M. Lodewick Danl. K. Dolavan. A'bait Garnssy. D-ni. D T Mtuhill. John B. HMkin. Albert O Zabriskie. W ra Mr Murray. Wm. J McDerinott Alfrad Barmora. Kobt. W. Bouaall Thomas Gardner. David A Fowler. Nicholaa Van Heynigeu. Albert W Ayrai. Henry Bruuer. Francis Lamo. Jcrl 15 Fox. l'hi'? T ituggles. Simeon P. Mauwiring, Cliristiau C. Hots. Jamea D. McMauu. On atotioa ol Jamea B. Oreanman, Esq, it waa naaniaonily HeaolreJ, That thia meeting ia in favor of the nomination f Aacutaai.u Maout, Ja., for Aldarman of thia wnrd, at becoming election; it being understood that our proeut torthy Aldeiman, Hicham* T. < omftow. Kitt .deelineaa c-uominat>su WM. McMUHRAY, Chairman. Samucl P. GoLpaoie, Secretary. mil 3t?je LAKUL ITALIAN CHEBTrtUTS. PKANCIS TADDEY baa tl,e honor to inform hia coatmnera. and the public in general, that he hat lately received rom Italy a lege (jnantiiy of extra aita Chrsnnt*. culled ilmroiii, which be will sell raw or roaated, at hia ulu stand, ippoaite the rff> dta Mi'lea Collonnea J8T Broadway, and ornercf Wall street m i Pearl. Taddey ia fern Switzerland -a good old ><>l'iiar?a naphe ? oi William Tall?a lefcrless apubli-'au. and lnduatriooa mar. endeavored for >he a't eight veara 10 pie ae ihe ladies, gentleman uud i hildreu vith the delieiona Imir,and Pa deserve! to be patronized by ne public. He therefoie solicits a call at hia staud, and ivary purchasern ay depend to be well served with the belt ualuy, and I'u'l meaiure, of bis roasted or r w large Italian yhsiunis. mil St'ie [brum the 'I'm ti Teller 1 " HIBERNIAN BENEVOLENT BURIAL SOCIETY. A Noble Act?worthy of Emulation. IXTEaliearully give space to the following rrsoluteni, adopted at a meeting of tlie Hibernian Beuevalrnt Buial Society, which confer vera high honor and praiae upon he nirmbaraof hi? proaperana bony, who have ever bran orainnat ia aaiaofdimue aatrd oanevaience and chanty. Wa hive the pleasuie of knowing very many of the memera of thia patriotic a.iciety, and we are not at all aurprised bat ao magnificent a donation ahould emanate from each a ones. W a are iufoimad that the Society will attend ia a body at transfiguration C'hnreh.on the morning af the 17ih, far the ery laudable purpose of aiding the good Fatber Varolii in igaidating the heavy debt whiehat present embarrasses hia hutch. [Extract! from the Mirutes ] Whereas, It is the dut> of every Christian philanthropist to ympalhixe wiih suffering humanity, and it it trufV comI'ndable to ullariatr, by every mrans iu our power, trie desitutiun and the helpless condition of ?ur ,'etlow beings, n i latter in wh it clime, or from what quarter lhay > cur sympathies. And, whereas, we have the moat heart tending evidence 1 sat the situation of our bre hren In Ireland at present, it in ' a* most piiinble and deplorable condition himmhi ??.. h? I riua anil I'eatitutiou. which, oie* ! brn> di over the ouc* : ( umlaut and fritile fin ds of hapten Erin Krinlved, therefore, 1 hat in view ol theae melancholy vela, it ia deemed ndvuable, that we dupenie with our ac tinned feativitia* on tha approaching anniversary of I rail. a'i tu"elar Haiut. Resolved, That the members of thia Sreiety enter forthr Ih in'o a Mihseripnoii th it the autn of filteen hundred dotrs be contribute,!, and thalthe ainte he haudtd over to the "raaaurer ol the Inah Belief Fund, iu the name 01 the Hicruian Benevolent Burial Society. Kr?olved, Thar the above he puoliahed in tha Truth Tel- i ir, Fret-man'* Junrm.t, the Sun and Herald. * New Fork, March 10, 1*47. I'aTK. KELLY, Ueueral President. Bro. (,'ofianr. (General Hec'y mil 4'*rrc j ~"h H OHANVILLK 8 PATTlsON haa remcvad hia rr- | J idence to 14 Univeraily Flaea, eornar of ljih atraat, and ia Office to No. 01 Chamber* (treat. Office hour* from 10 rill n clock. mil Im r GAS BURNERS. HATF. duly anthoriaed Meiar*. Cornelia* St Co., of l*hiladelphia, to manufacture and ie!l my Patent Argand Una urnei. WM. BL\KK, Buaron, By hia Attorney, ml3 3ti??re HF.N'RY N H'KJrKtt. MILLINERY GOODS. Jf AH I IN k LAYVdUN, Importeri and Jobber*, 24 John IX treat, (np iui, a) are now opeuii g tbeir Spring Impor ition of Millinery Uooda, eampriaiag every airiele m the I ad*. The attention ol buyert i* aalicited mlOlwia*r I LOST, )N Tueadny Morning, a rarcel containing three Collar* and a ptir of (. ufla. The finder will receive a liberal teard by returnicg the aame at No. 1 YVaahiugtun Pl'ca mi3 3t*r G. QUE LET, ' yATCI AND CLOCK *"ltl MJ Manufacturer, 33 Kooaevelt atreet, would inform the publielthai he haa i*t becu trying an eipenmaut with trteel. whi h he IIMa 'cered', being belter than th* imported. All those who ant any 1 ind uf Spring*, w in d de well to call aud tiamiue ir thruiaelvaa before going eliewhare. hpriuga furniahcd of a auperiur qatdity. Call and ice mil lw'rrc O QUKLP.T. NOTICE. T. SHEPHERD IAS ?p*i>ed atoie ru? Bro idwny, Tor the isle of Lacca, Embioiderie. anil breach K*i ey tioodi. i'. * it aniline iff cheat'er 4*7 Broadway. Ila eontinaee < Ogiig?u aa heretofore at 2"! Broadway. ml) I w re / i N L)OWSTADK.^ ! W 1NDOW MiA L>Kr> !! "MTV AM) COU*TRV MERCHANTS, Upholtterera. J Prdien. Ste., can find the largeat. beat, au* cli apen aa itident of Mh.tdea and materia!* lor nuking and hanging >adta in the riiy?at Kf.L.Tk' It HIRER'S Eielnaire Window Shade rat lm"r afore. 1)1 ' hnlram aireet. SECOND IVARD HOTEL IT HO doea not know thia fine LUNCH HOUSE, at No. V ri Near a itrerr 7 On in there whei yea will, partrcaly at II n'elocli la ihe furenooe. ?h?n the table dlapl i] a far ite.a, To?tle Soup, Stew Belled Lrabn or tome other inn. It 'a truly a capital place for Mefieahmeuta : for oyd It Smith know how inann their friend* aid eaatumera I Ihe nan yoa find Maitin Boiaer?erery body knowa htm, 10 ever l opped at the Aator llouie, or Lorajoy'a, in thia :y, or Colemnu'a National Hole', in Wanhington Mart" like a loadaiour: he draw* hi* friruif* become they like the raction. We ?ay again, the heeoud Ward lintel i* one of I e beat place* in the city to ooiain a (ooil Lunch, or gat au r?il?nt claaa of ale orjir|Horof any kind. mh9 liur The cargo ot the briar Virginia, about three f hundred tona. from Sooth America, and from an anal rata unoiiiic d aepeiior to any other Itin l in the market The aaiio la dry, and wi'l be aohl ro cloae the Concern at ene d a hall cent per pound, ai d ia an uhjeet to the farm jra of e conntry. The carlo u at Trappell'a atorca, Brooklyn, near Faltoa Try, aad lauiplra may he >een at the office of srOKKORD, T1LE8TON It CO.. If? Water ureet. on lm*rh A. tf U. BRANDON, Snreratora to F.__A._ M UN DEN. i> u vj \j iv u r< l i Cj It 5 lUM M AN U KAOTU R K.R.3, *7D SIGN PAINTERS, no. 'J xntiti now, Adjoining the llurlrm Hailrnad Offiee, New York lie?:Hr.Nc( ? Waahiugton Storea. William atrret; l( ohn'a : -I J11 1 ou'a Hot*!, Hotel I'crhin'a Hot*., 8. KcikJ, d Waiehoitte .NankiuTet Company. kc. k< j*># 2m*rre | i VST OFF CLO'rtllNG AND FUKNITUiiE WANTED. |; ABIE.V mill U?i tletnen having .ny caat off or tuiiarflotil I claihing or furniture to diap o f ran obt.m. a lair dull ce lor the tame br aeudmg a note, or by calling on tire , aeribtr, at Itia laaideuce, o throng'. the .at v?lo I, nil) punctually attended to. H. UK BOKR,7lH < an >1 at. . - . .. . L'priuira. 4 B ? I.adiea can be attended to by Mra. De Boer )ld atock and Job good* bought, if any dear lit t on .mil i i"'l III lm*rrr Mill' I? T.A ii A\'l> CRACKER B\KKKY. 1 OH AA LE? 1 he Irate end (liiurea, cm a alii g uf a utram t ngfce and Machiueiv. cniop ate, with eii.tno for 100 1 flew weekly. r.taaoaaino given at an V I line front the 1 A pa? lo the lat May. let ma will he ma.'e accomuioda I A cnan. e of thia kind aaldmn oecnra Apply io i9iw?if I' >lh h rttiH. 73 Mottr. ' .W ril'KK HA.NOi.n.jh ?t wiiwivv all.iUr.a. i Ntooi.aa Pik* k i n., y,t 173 Pr?| atic I, dfOHTEK* and manufacturers, bare Juat opened every ettciiaive anppi i of every >tyle m d qu -lity ol \inerir;>n I freurh t'-.per Hanginga, U"id?ra, Kiraboard rrint',.t il J Jr Window nr'.ttU rarer Alto, a aplrndid ai.orim'nt 1 fainted Window Sh-dea, and Una ra lor he a ,m?, irh ihe? offer to mereliaiita, (lolera, and t at the y lowoat pricra P7lin*-e WiG8 \M> Tt'Dl'EEft ' VTCIIKLOJl'- nee rented Will* and 7 01 Ptr.S , 1 are llie ninr.t perle t apei iriena r f the an of wig omki * offered to ilie public?than a>e a. ndiuirnbl; eji|>i, d tu peculiarity In of aach individu it. ao light in Iheir cou r tion and uti'.rtl in ' penraoce ai to detv detect on A if and el trleered a It ilwap on b ind, ai the only < I ur..cir era. Win ri-te e , J ,i|?tr. el.i ear M i aow.y ; gy the addreat 1 -M im*ih I ;/u u STNti oT'7? a I w muj uk" IMC be A li> bo lo .0 the ruv, M W.T. Mio'lair't 4 4,Hi t nal a reel. Houtbafu end co utry dealeta w :ll nuil it Jiau aJrautaga to call litftla tkey puichua a. 110 !ui"i ' TO LET. J [ JML A KOWof pew fwo story Cottage Houteseyith e?mrt jJIJM is 40th street, between Broadway and S.i h . .EwMLaveniie, slutted on the aurth tide ef the ttreet. { Kcumi hi follows:? 1 bseeineutt, 2 parlors with eliding doon and hard finished walls, 1 rnomi tod 2 bed rooms in the second ttury, geod paumet aud dry counter cellars Kent SIM For further ,ar!ieulart enquire on ibe premises of the agent. ; roll lw?r W. K. rn:ND(,KTUN. ' jMl To LklT?From .be first >1 May . the tec ud floor > 210 ol a three story bricU tin use. situ tied iu Cortland tt XJM. A i ply lo f SJlNTHb-L, 146 Broadway, ? oner of. Li'irr y it got. mli if r /^V Cl'UMKV llfc.UDklvi K MtAli THfc C1TV. For tale or mill be exchanged for city property ?The I JLULtubscnbet't residence, at roe waateru eatremity of itie , ; village ol Jamai-u, 1.. 1. Toe property consists of a dwelling he use of uodeiats t,xe, with wings, built in 1*41, and ' : tbont 12 ncrta of lai d, divined into lawn, meadow, arable sua garden, except ab< utthrre teres, which is covered by a ranr tr of fruit and ores mental, and forest trees, of lull and spontat eout grow th,usar he house. There isa so a good baru, stable and cow shed; eu ice lit use (tilled ) a well of tof. euddelii eiont water, and a yariety or othar improvements upon the premises. Possession m-y be had immediately. The Lung Railway and atagea pisaiug iu front atd | fall sight, afford almost hourly facilities lor conveyance to the city. Apply lo JNO. K. HACKhlTT, tsq , 15 Wall at. ' mli Ifrrc IAS H. HACKSTT. 1 A COUNTRY St.AT PUR SALE. 1 I' OgW A COUNTRY Reeideuce and Farm on the South I ? of Long lsl.nd, about 40 mile* from this city;eau . ^hwbe I cached in thiee hours by the ruilroad. It lies on the old South Hoed. 4 miles Rest of Babylon, and directly 1 opposite Fire Island; contains 17Tseres, about St ol which ara 1 f?,r.ili.r?lA.. ..4 ... - 1 : . ' u? u - I 1 it ft moil convenient one. comparatively ne w, and salfieimt- | I ly l?rge, having Iv* looms ou the ground floor. J lit oatbuildiugtr.ouinr ofafiaru, O.-amery, Carnage Houae la* ; Hons*, lie., are to good order. II < aa a good tttrtlcn with a va-iety o( excellent fruita. Strawberries, large Avparagus i bed*, and the grouudv about the Mar beautilully ornamen ; ted wilhflnwera, with two wells oraxeellent soft water. I The land rxteoda down to the Bay on the Boutb.aud reachea ; 1 back to railroad near the Thotnpann Station There la line i I flahiug, fowling,he , and ia one of the he althieat placet in the : ! United Btatea Half the purchase money ran remain ou mott- ; Kge at I per cent for Ave yeara. It will be sold exceedingly | w. Apply lo GEOItOD B. Fh'K, at the Ollce of the Long lalaud HailruadCo . ml3 1wewh 41 William at.. Merchaiitr' Exchange. ~~ FOR SALE OR TO~LET. I jnw The Conn try Beat and harm of the aabacrihvr, cou taiuing about iSO acrea, aitnated at Sew VVmdaor. two ! .eA^milee from Newburgh. one of tho nixt inaguificeut iila ?a upon the Hmlaon It will be diyided, if required. ' ! The dwelling, containing 1C roema, with a email quantity of i land, garden, fruit, and outbuildiiiga, he., will be rented ou reaionable tetma. Apidy io LKUNAKD LEE, Naval Oflce, C. H. fed.Mall li'ah | BOOTS AND SHOES of the iirat quality, at great ' baigaiiis, at MAC'S New St're, 1M Canal a .reet. The i m atibacriber would call tile attention of bia numerous i frieuda and cuatninera and the pubhe iu to tin ' large and well aaaorted atoek of ail the different kiudaof { Boon, Shoes, Usiters, he., that the market can afferd, which he will acll low lor eaah. Ever grateful for the full chare ol ! patronage he received lor thr laei ten yeara while in the em- ' ployment of others, sad uow having commenced bnaiueaa for ! himieil he c u aitnre hie frieudi and the public that there ! shall bo nothing wanting on Ina part to please and give -atia | fac'ion to all ih ire who will i e ao kind patrnnue him at 1 iW Canal atrect, New York JOHN MetJUIKK. ml lin*rli J f CAIN FIELD BANK NOTES taken afpTr for BooU and Shoea at Walker'* celebrated cheap Stere. where there u to be found all aorta and atiea N.U.?All 1 oitaofUver Shoes, 411 Broadway, New York. _ lw*rc 1 QUICK SALES AND SMALL rROFITS IS OUR , .MOTTO.?Km* Boota at $3 SO. city made, and ara I equal to thoae nauiliy sold fir $5. Fine French call I dress Boot' at $4 SO, equal to the beat aold in the city, i Fa ent leather Boota, Shoes, Goners nj Slippers, oo hand | and made to order on abort notiee All goods warranted to give aatiafactiou. Mending, he., done in the store. YOUNG h JONES, 4 Ann street. Rid I ? Ik _ - ? * ' ,UIUi -ou rvear the .Voseuin. tH QKMTLEMKN'S HAT a OF THE SPRUfU J*> S7 vat. ire now readv lor > le at HOMER > SON'S Th(RNIXHAT JiNl) cjip HANUFJICTOH.Y, No. 39 FVL TON Hi ft, (between William and uold.) | 'i lie a dertigned, some iwo yeara imee, eomineuced busi| neaa in thiaatreet, upon the plan of Laroe 8al?s and Hsiali. I Paorira The eminent success which hat crowned hia efforts to furniah hia cuatomera with an article ol the Kirat Quality. and at the lowet t price, haa induced him to more I ruin his ormer contracted est tblishm-nt to the auore much more coininodiona atore. H.a pricea are still the same, via: Ki at quality Nutria Hau $3 '0 Srcouu do. do J 00 Kirtt do Moleakin 3 Ml Hrcoiid do. do. 3 00 hird do do. 3 Ml A deduction from the above pricea made to wholesale dc-les WM ROBtRTfta N. Jr. imi !". *r __ Ne 38 Fulton tt. $5 HATS TO BE HAD FOR S3 50 na AT MILL"" HALES ROOM. 171 Bror.dway (Hrwrrd JJ?o|lo el)?Spring style lor 1347 now ready. Oeutleui -a ab ml purchasing a new lile ere requested to call aud examine tlioae offered at the abore calahliahment. Tiry u.a positively jnat what is represented, aud combining elas.ieity I with durability and brilliancy, together with all the mode n ( improvements in the, their superiority w II at ence be acknowledged. m3 3w*rh li.rOl, 2L 133 kulton'STRKET. 5?* I 18 now ready to supply the uuhlic with elegant Hau of hi erRINU FASHION. The quality of the article lie offers for public approval and patronage can bejndged from the fact thai uo man aver pureh>s?d a hat at Ins establishment but who breaine a permanent customer. He will not >ay anything of hia long experience, hia peculiar facilities and taste, as the pnbl<e press have ci eulated the fact thulhe lias had no auaer.or ... k>> k?- i siness tor years put. m} (ttis'r fl.U:\Kt;Tl A FaRLEi-SUS. " INo. I21)t Koiton street, ore rendy to liiruish tneir JpmSpring Htyle of HATS, beautiful in stupe nod fiuish, an I n? durable es ?nv list* in the oou..try tie it Hats S3 30; 2<1 ul 3d qualities, $1 and $2 30 mfi lm*r SPR1NO STYLE OF HATS BIKD, corner of Pine .N.,u-u streets, invites the attention of his cnstomers and the public, to the new style of Hats for Spring. lie s'.l'ciis an ci'ininatiou of the same, confident tlin'the elegant proportions ol the new pattern will con mud their approbation. BIKD, come. Piue and iny2weodini'rh Wunn meats. U. A. O. D. UN1IEI) BROTHERS' LODGE, No THREE. TI1E MEMBERS nl this Lodge s'e requested to attend the regular me. Hug on MONDAY EVENING, March 1 13th, at hall past 7 o'c'oeg, to take into consideration several { literal ions ol the Bye-Laws JAMES H. McORATH, N. A. Jen* Litcas, Secretary. ml3 2teod?rrc. RELIEF" FOR THE POOR IN SCOTLAND. ' MiE LADY CALEDONIAN nOClKTY give an euterA taioment at the Coliseum, No. 434 Broadway, on Tbnrsdiy evening March llth, the entire proceeds of whiehwill be devoted to the redef of the suffering poor in the Highlands ofScotluid The ladies have made every araaugrmaul to | render the eu ertsineient interesting end agieeable. Dingle's i cotillion band, and Mr .vlckerracher, the celebrated highland pipe', are eugagrd Tr.e ladies invite liir couipeny of Ml who feel a sympathy i for the suflsring poor, for whore relief the euterttinueut is | given. Tickets 30 rents, to >e obtained at Messrs. (Jrerii's. MB I Wesi B.o.vl * ay: t>l .1- 's, 37 Lispeuard; Caldwell. 103 Bayat J; olu Huisell, 24s Npi log- 1 homu Miller, SO Ulaecker; A Viller. 311 Bowtry'; (i.-iiub. t Ccurtland; Behalf., 10} hulliv.u; Leppen, 437 Centie; James Andersen. 443 Ureeu- j wich; A ilalnmple, 34i>} ilro dwuy, and ol Miss Write I j side. No 40 Doioiniek; y.iss Dn>d?l',33% Bowery, and of | , the Csuion Tea Company, corner of West tirosdwsy and , i tVafirn rset. 3t N W I h * i h | , TECHNICALITIES vs COMMON SENs.i. j 'IMIE dictions' y snpeillni'ies that are applied to the most i L trivial Lets now n-da) s, are degradiug and bejiestli the | spirit ot the ace we live in. The sffectatiou that would mystifyor " latinige'* that two- ; thirds of our exists ice water .uto the self same tlnug, "aqua,*' throws up a rich veil of qn <ckery.which, to common sense and the tunes, is Liin'Coun ably i.ioemseu by custom to drense without reasonablesrtuinent (ivea where houeaty rusts) I'll' i s pukskst adoption, lis evil influences a e uulve'sslly admitted to have eaten with potsoueus mtiuaiics the vitaluv ol an . mni-aehievrment lor ages Let ns ill roW off then the de.uslou, end i epubliteniae .he . rsc r that MUS JEltriSS COLD CAND Y needs no " proleauouol cant" to prove its certainty in cuiing the tffeeti if A C O LI)' Coughs, Hoarseness, Hn-a Throat, Whooping Cough, luflo- ' etna, Old Affections rl the Langs, that will, (if persisted in by neglect.) eveutoa'U lead to e nsninptieu and d ?th Crflsilduy Mrs. J LEVIS. No. 379 BROAD WAV, corner | ol Whne street. i AersiTS ? Kush'on k <' , 10 Astor House, 110 k R3S Brosd- l way; Blacken, 304 Bowery; Buintou. 4'J Six.h avenue; ring , ham, 17 k lu9 avenue D; Kir's, 231 Hudson street; Nelso,, , corner o' ' alharine and Madison streets; Lee out, eorner ol | uii'iuim ^iTiiino siren.a. .sirs. lists IM milt'ia street, , ad I A'lantic sweet, Brooklyn. E. K. T. Williams, Brotd street, Piswaik. O" E?ch package is iuvari-bly signed Mr* W. J Ell VIS ru' up in ptekages of l?, 2s, 11, mil out* dollar each 13 fat.M I ultia're _ D ALLEY'S k CONNELL'B PAIN kXl lt vcXOR. t C"*OUNTKY ?r?htnt? can be suppl.ed with the trae | t s (rticlea, in any quantities, and at prices that cannot fail i I to iuit purchaaeri- but to get the original and genuine, the number, (No. 31 Courrlandt street,) uinat always be sought. CO.MHTOI K Ik CO. N.B.? Wanted f< to .10 travelling agents from different ; States eaah to fnniish hn own team fli ltn*re ! J U. S. MAIL LINE AT 9 O'CLOCK, A. M \ ** FOR ALBANY AM) I NTKBMKfl. fijl ! "" *"" LANDINGS, or as far as the ice ' m ? <" ? " permit ?The eal'bratsd ice-boat ( <> LOIffi A, i apt Wm W I upper, mil leave the pier between CourtlanJt and Liberty streets Every Motmug it 9 , o'clock. a Ft p 'tsage or freight, ipnly on board, or to mil tf r P. HI HIILT/C. at the office on wharf. r DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL BANK OK IRELAND, m. TtiOL m. wJoSBbSSL I 5 IV. J. A T. TAfutOiT leg tu inform their fiei..ds and the politic, win v?i?h to remit nio ey to any j psrt nf th?- Id country. that thev draw drafts for small i.r large i mounts, parable at vsiih ml discount, , direct "it the Jvilionil Bank of lie aid, Dublin, or any of I the numer in h o ehu throughout ihe ennrfry s Drafts i an elan he > Stoned i ay all's in all the principal places throng' "it England, c tla-d ami VV ales by , , ii.g t.1 VV I St. r.tPSI l?TT Is, Ninth st'ee , oi11ret 2 1 door we<t Bnili i slip, ,tV ' lull new tilt LEANS, LOCHIA >A AN ai sdHtiK N VV YOKK LINE OF Pa KETS ?I'naitive- r iQtJa&m IV the only icanlar packet t? in, eenl ibe Auburn, ti vi.d tail tbtv week?'111" new and aplnuhd faat satlm. i h picket b rk AVOLA, YVhiimore, master, la r.ow loadisg, n and will tail av abr ve. | p. Kot freight or passage, livving huidsnmr furtushed arenrr- e1 moil itiona, app'y ou toa-d, at Orleaus wh.irt, fus t af Wall '? street, or to t a: E K. COLLINS, M Pon-h street N. B.?Shippers may rely upon this vessel Sailing it ad- ; rfrritel. m Agents in New Otls-ou J <). Woodruff Ik Co., Who "ill hi (ir mpllv fo a rd all in theii ad rest ; r ' KAcKE S b'Otl ' aVHE?eeond ' me ? I i e f sdrSWA, Packet Sh .p O n K.I DA, Cant. Junt a Funrk, wnl cEn*V?>i il on the first nf April For f eight or past ge, ipp y i" BOVD fa HI.NI KE , M Wall st jn 13 r FOR BtLE VHT ?1 lie fas' tailing AI sh/p W5''tV J"HN JAROINE I.. seph Sampson, master, will '| **."i)fcsi. have i <mcdisre dei -n h. ' K'r Ireig-ht or past ge O iyo'it yerv good accommodations, w IP" y oq hoard ai ? wliarf, or to Vi r.?/ 'ViiSIDHI't l. ti MINT' l? . ' ' ea'hst q.?. q- FOR l.tV~e iTPi'til'. Nee h ... I T I >e? at 1? fsPjrJX for M rch Slat Ti e i| 1- did iac]r i Kt'HW?|da!fcu?i' IUl, Eld iilg' \laner, w II s il < sn i?, ber e.uiar da- b n fr igi.t or p - ge atp'y on b"?rd st Or -OS vh.uf, loot ol Wall street,I r to , E. (C. COLUNB, M Boiiihst.-cM ] r. teeof rasing--, |7J, ,, i' e PAeke' ship Middnna, Ed'vari B ob'j.m to.i ill Otcctd the Rcacina, sue' sn! Sttth Afr.i,hei regular d iv at ml * AMU8BMKNTS. S'JCIETY LUIKAKY, Comer of Broadway and Leonard Street. UNt WKt.K LHNtiKK ! < M H > H T * S MIN4TKKLH. Aduiiaaiou XJ moii Concert will cuinmwttil half paat 7 o cluck < ii?ug? of pro* amine every evemug m!4 lw i??rc Tlifc. AGLEGHAN1ANS IN CONSKt^UKNl.K of C.e very full houee wiihwlucb Ihtir brat (yum win honored ana the ?iiU'Uiu?lic ?pplan** bcaiuwed upou their endeiv >r* to plane, they haee , been induced to give a kco*d content AT Tlitl I'AUKn.nACLK, ON MONDjir EVENIMO, NAM H 18, ld47. ! The full'win* piece* will form * part ol the Programme ? I fotge' the *\y World Tli* Atlantic'* Funeral Hymn Ai'aeit M-ivuutnern Wh?n night com* < o'er Ilia plain The Farmer'* Sou*. Kmawallto-night we pert. Ti< net* 'w centi, in be had at the Music biuret nod at the Ticket Office of tlie Taberuncl*. Doors open el ?Coic inei ce atTfr o'clock. tall 3ti*b*?hM?rc MR. MORRIS'S CONCERT. THE friend* of Robert Coma and ill* public generally, as reap*< tfully informed, that in consequence of a peat pouement onTharaday Evening, lb* 4tb March, owing to , celays m the ariaugeineut, it will peaiurely lake piece ou , Monday treem*. the 10th, at the Minerva Room* I floor* open at 7 o'clock?to Cutmneuce at I. '1 icketa at li : cent* *'<ch. On wlui.ii oecaaioo Big Valential, the unnralled Ventriloquist. Mr. and Mu Newlou, aud other proleaiora.will atteo d m!3 lteodie*rrc Beautiful painting of Titian'*DiuaiT ir* tfeKiugof Naples private grllery?an eiqu-eiie uuile flgore, llir drawing aid colorum perfect, K'-r aalr at the room* of HOYAL tiUtlLKY k CO., No. 304 Broadway,, corcer of Ouane erect ml3 3t*rc MtlSIU TAUGHT WITH much facility aud rapid tirogreeeion. M. DUMADAY teai.lie*'ea sad irenileineii the Ouitar, Siuging. r 1'iunfoiie, Acc raion mnl Viol u Teimareaaouabl*. For tale?A au| vnor maoriierot of Guitere, Aeeord.oua, and Yioliua. Apply at 4li Broadway, lour dooia above t anal ?"" _ _ ml 4 if re "music. BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES fumtehed with tha Violin, Utrpaod 1'iauo Forte, or any ugmktt of lustru meats. The music itlvvtid f oiu the u?ii t'uliigniblra Opare t. 15 y U. AYLIFFE, ?. AYL'FFE, ^Ik^L aU1' AV LIKk E. Brothers, Professors, No. 187 Elm street, corner of Howard. mil lm?rh lO BE RAFFLED. A Talaanla gad toned Piano Ferta, 111 a SipSUHmllhanilaom* modern mahogany frame, iu eicelInf A ' en t order, tha progeny of a pa 1 son iu ambarI IS X Slraaacd circumstances. 'iickeiafl rich, and limited to loO.wheq it will be decided 4 an be seeu bv ladies aad(NlllMIatM iiprucc striat, third floor, front r am, wha aia .e<| nested to rail rnd lusp-ct :t m'.3 3t"r musIcT jCdOffWiwH THE riANO TAUOHT on vary moderate PnFvVf 'rims, by a lady ? ho has tiprrirnre in Iff A Iff leaching; wuhca lo take two or three more pnpili She t'arlir.a too science thoroughly?terms three dallin per mr nth A line addreaaed to Music, to the Oflice ol this paper, shall be attended to. m#linis*re horses wanted." 1 <1 A pair ol earriago horses, large aiae, and eell I erkm."!,., 1 Apply at 2li Pearl, corner 01 Beekoian f I A > -iio>i or IS Oratneicy Park, 83th street, at Ihi A. II IU'4 ifrre FOR SALE. ink THF. OYSTER CELLAR, Northwest eorner of . rTvjf Firth and Cheinut streets, f'hi'adelphi 1, the ^UL^tate House, hand lOinely fitted np and furnished. Tho j Caller is large, and uue of the rory best locations iu the city. ' Also, the Eatine Saloons and Furniture in tha two four atory Houses in Fifth street, adjotuing and connected with | the ce la- The good will, futurea anil inruitnre of both or 1 either e?tablishin%nt will ba sold a bargain. Apply at abore. ml4 }t*x FOR SALE OK KENT. THE THRKr. STORY HOUSE No. 14 Barcisy i-i-S atleet, (aiab'e in rrai) lurniahed if require I. T-iH- A I.HI.) TO l.KT-Ou II aeeuue, Noa. I7S, I7S, 171, Stores and llwatlii'gs, t'lt'bli lor fancy dry guoda Kent l<>w. to good tensnts. Apply .t 833 Bro-dvfi, Johnson, Lanplun at Hatey, or to T. J iIji, 44 Uarclu), before 9 A.M. mlltfre to let, MK'cm 1st of May neit.tiurce th'ae-ttory brick houses, row fin.htnj, t Hokoksn, withiu three Uundrsd vi.rila f the feirr. They will h??good well and cistern w tr? broonht in the ki c.'en, and other conveniences, llut will rendr'ihcui deaim^lt tor etlho'a 1 trga or small family. -' 4*4** > .u ,? tt.. i Mior, [ uic cupeaicr ne irtn* lerry t). e jf thoin i? i.,r?ale mil Jw'rn ! TO LLT, i MTHB UPFSR TAKT UK HOUtR 554 Broadway, *i )< r *r building *'i ictied, suitable for i Koardiii< lf.>use Ui to In furu sued rooms. with or without tiu.n; t' r eeoud it ry couriering of ore large room ?ith foloui; i'? ori, -ml the 1>I* .d 4 tii containing 17 rooms Apply in t'i? Tailor store nu the rr muc? n.l lw*ic "*,1 M Ultioa Tj,\ lut, miJITU ANU tulOHTH n? t V/ T V'A TO L K ('.-The liuet story and att c JI^mLtic a dwrlln a liouaa with store uude.rneath on the rr;y side of 'booth ureuue, between lttl, and 11th streets, | anl now known .? No. IM in thetithattune. The three more brick dwelling Imnie with (tore n-.dtriietrn, ou the ruierly tide o' the 8th arenas, between Orteuwich l-ne and 14th etrect, end now known as No 8ft in the I h arenas. Alto, three stores on Orcea- ich line or erenae, uear tha ! aril ve*v a?t|ler..te n nit Toe dwelliuf ,'tri of each hout*> will be re 'led sepaiately, I if required,* J ii i oil (ii'itiii d, wiai marbm inm.ielf, tlidioa 1 Jouri, *r 4 every requisite lor a riwi ectehle f?raily. Apply to Oil >V IaTK.R, 11 Wei airaet, inline*re pier ilie Mech-niiice' II nib f A1UK dAlilu-A MU>1 boats and about ait acres o( I laudvtu.tu. at Rock .way. Lmug Itland.ou the Hock- | away and J 'toaiea Turnpike, nod within a quarter et a mile .1 the pott < fice One acre of the laud it under peach trees, two acret tilltble, balance in wood Alto, e*rnral o her pieeet of lend in the tame neighborbond Jt'i in ire of John L. Norton, J on, 14 Deluicey ttreet, or at . the 'ffit* of Jooii 11. I'ower, 129 Vult a. ?t iu3 2w?rrc > oJ< SALE. Smk. A 1 PRI VATIC HALK?1The property knows at No. [Reg lib Mulberry street, near Hrooina "trwet. IjoI 12 b7 100 JiUOiifel. A two mm' brick Ir iut houae t a the frout oflnl ?ntfiMI two itciy frame haute on the tide of lot, with a I large work shop in the rear. 13 by 26 feet, with a cellar IS feet { deep iu theapme. Half olthe purchase money can remain on bond and uioflg.ige, at 7 per ceat. Enquire an the premiere, flu Im'rc | FOR SALt. CHEAP, | tin RURAL LIKE, fronting the benalifnl Kariten Bay,com* ending a fall and entire view from the High- i lands of Nevereinlt to the Nnrrowe. Large end email | improver! and unimproved property, ao that the par , ehaeera can at all timre eait their fancy in a eeleotiou of pro pertv. Alto, foarleen valuable building lore, et Veil BlnomAelii, i IV 101 ton, adjoining the Mrthodiat I Lurch pareouege. and op- | pi^ite the .New Kpiecoptl Church. I vrme eaey. I ereona ; deai'Ona of retiring from the city ro a healthy location any I where along the allure, ran obtain all information dvaired, by I let rr Poet, to W (J HAV NKn, Key Port, Monmouth conuty, ! New Jrraey. 136 liti'rc j FOR SALE. One of the moat beautifhl and deairable retidrncea o! "* l'" 1(J,S of Connecticut, situated ru tha city of J^jJL-^orwirh, turner of Washington and Vaunt atreeta, | tow meted and oer.npierl by Mr*. L Kip. and formerly the ' reeidenee of Wm <1. Oilman, Esq., by whom the hoaae wna ! built, sod the grounds lard out. liter* are about five aerat nl Led. covered with elegant alude trtea and shrubbery, with varirio-a of I,ait tree a, g? iteLcrrias, currmts. reii berries, itrawberriea, fce The ar.euety Irntu the grounds n beaut.ful and picturesque, equal to any in the suite. The haute is very convenient, 1 with two wella of eicellent and never failing water on the premises, and the place combine* every thing to make ir one | ol the inott deiighif il NMMatM in Nre England, and nl- | fe.a a rare opportunity to any gentlemen wiahing a beautiful Countrv seat Ki.r tr ims aad iurlher part,cular?,*pp!y to l.hrjles Addons. I Esq., No. 3$ (iranite Building, enrner Bioauwsy and Llnim J bera atreet, or to the subscriber ou the preimaes. W. C. WfUTHIDOE. 1 Morwich. Keb 10 1X7. 172 la.'re j FOR SALE OK TO LET. j jvtiL A inodi-'n-ha.i t, three-atory and attie dwel[ojw Iter l.oure, No. 341 Koartb atreet. Waahiugtoa rgntre, aUlLvird eurnmindiug a fine view of the 5th avenue. The hoii e wa? built in the moat aubetantial manner, end daubed in the beat atyle, with ao id polished mahogany doors and plated furniture, mtrble mantela throughout the home U heated with e hot air fnrnaee, and has Creton water introduced in the kitchen.where re'entire new Hebe'a range win put bp 1 he lot la 33 by 120 feet deep, the premiaea are in complete condition, and p- taeaamn ro be given ou lat of May aevt Two-(birda lof the pureneae money may rcinatii on lap.I arid rnor'gage, if detired. For term* apply to 36 Ei wjFge Place, up stairs. fll IwStaw ?rc se-l LAROK HIIOW KUUM ud Left* to Lease-On hivoraMe terms, in the new building corner of Chat ...? .. L.o.OK, ' .XUIIIU *, ariu? U* ICCl I in i i ..tham, and en Oil M"I! a reel. with n wide mul eaay earance Iro'n etch H'lrl The free atoriea will be lrurd ogetlier, il drained. They .we amtrd for *uy baameaa inning good light and eicii iw <ooin. Apply to J HAtltK.N, 3J? Broadway, or 21 Merc lianta'Ikicnange, Iftnorer iireec mleodiw're Mty fTA I KN IMLnNLl COTTAUhlS TO LKT OH |jt.? LEAHK?Three li.'iuri allotted on Cutleton , UXHt ight* near apo di V -ale Htaten laland, aorroond d by fine forest treee, and (man Hiding iui fiaurpaaafd view if liw City, the Bay and ill lalaudt and tba eeean, while be accent i? eaiy. llie diatnoca to imd ferry being leu (baa , l mile. They eor.taia aa follow*: Bagatelle? A iwrlor, dining room, and I hedrooma Crow'a Neat?A parlor, dining room, library, 4 bedroi me, j nd 1 aervauta'rnotna?attached, carnage booaewitii aiable | or 4 hnraea. 0 ik Land?2 parlon, large dmire room. It bedroome, halh ooin, and 4 aerranu' rooiai?ntuelitd, carriage hu?ae, wiua (able lor 1 hone*. { There Cotta ea e-ijoy in coi.inw ? t e ore of 17 re ea of enmiij' w.mdlw-.l, rucl.u <1, and in the inulal of who h lliey < re erecied. Apply to Madame Orymea, at bar rer deuce. Cepn da I 'on'r. fe>4 * eaad'r* tU"UL...(ih iluUoc. A'o. 4(K> /iroaHway, comer ll'alktr reef .V. Y. |i t.lOilV hLOIibNfK, h, hu uow completed hi* | I'rnngepir. ? for npeti g pi e pnb'ic at (be el-g.-.ut id raeinn I milling eh-ve draignate.l, ndwn while I aa .i? great ea; en t nectrJ, a Ho el, t" bo coudaetnd no the , i oyeta plea ! I Iddltinai la the eimmidtooe H#ai it rant '' ", he v .* ariaug*d rxteneiye all lean I J.,itrg rooioa on i#lloora ahot*, aplend dly lurniih*d wrh arair i-.xleni nprnremm. in turn.rare. deroratinna, he. B*?wlee (heao, re i miller a pair -enta, similarly fiwnia'.ed, f.?i the eeeomn!l nl i diftdoala or tflMl p.:lie?, where I at n < io la ; r apartvriilt) meal, ore aapplie ! ittheir -wu hours, V ?nrre, ru llie J Inra allnded r?. Attached r? the earabliahi .* (e tr n-e 'jriue diiin.ei Imm that with th* pvhi.c de irtuirir) iwaromc tix'.y brdi. .It a ,lo and (i .nUlf, with ; ' ...I parlor* -,pr wli -.le Intmir.g i Rral elraa In I I. r g. ni, I . In Uondorti'd on a scale of r inreuience I a ! '.ithort > n ruined in thta Country. t 1 I' . Jr , tmtft th?t it t* uaoecreaar/ for him to aaanre the 1 n il e'hai hia larder, hia winea, end indeed hie entire enlii V d pa t.ainnt. will ha of the In at kiud through.,ut; i.d 1 " r inru-a gen'le.iirn whi lit deiiroua of t the sen. nma hr?i iih : nnna and hoard or either, " parolel?, to call npon lOi . iiWot#, wh're he v. ill be II I pv to aflord tliem r rery ' iciiity of eiamining hia new mid rommodina* eatabliahi*nt m2 Im're ? . > < Il 3. 1M47. ? n A APLQU i R< 'i . or ru orSTKn vay. i.oso n I'llK aulac iber take* titia method to inform hia friende , end !) i nh'ic, tb .l r, 11 1 l I.- I the boye hnnae. ? l.ich J i I he o ,. f. r in., recepr o nl ?i?i era on the (bar day i f la c i mat. and h au m ' 'ri r- e.Jiiitaa 1 tri.u'ioe. * -t ige will le arming llie I h noln ihr mem- " g r?d evrniiig train olr.ra I in It .-- bI , n nr the ah ye u e j., j, KI'KC'lH. Pr. prialor, mtw+* 1 p_r fthe iiyater Bay Honae t.K. i c?Fr " i j 'It P. eiabaeri ee intend 'l'; o el. a" their P let Pti-o.ea* I Iir * I , t flu. rlie.. ei ..( awyip. t .1 (ii?rn II n?r il t?-r n h i i *->. 4i. , Viaca, dt-r lie . at rednred f tic., .liiy JIM (le yart, I,. f!?.,i hnirr net. je?t -eeeieed I.I '.rmk |. .ml. V.atK MO , J oi IJ eoiijt*/rc i ' . . 1 ' I III ajhphwww. I OAK* 1 titA 1 VlcunoiaC*?Mouday a.ieni-n, .,,4,cU 11. 1M7 lb* tutartaiamajt* will conim-uce wiifi th* c>mcdv CHAOS Id COME AliAlSi?Jac* tiuuce. Mr Tj be followed by ib# famed POT POUilRl?by ih* Danmini Vianuoiae. To which will bt added* eoBady autitled A8K NO QUESTIONS?Mathua, Mr Maaa. Celine. 'Mi*? KaieHora. Alter which, the celebrated Pa* Rococo, by 14 Danaeueea Vieuooieei. . _ tl To conclude with the fraud rat Orient-!, by IB Daaieuaei Viennoiate. . ... l>o<ira open at h d?f>UM o eioofc ; perform nee will cob qiaiye ?j/o'clock Be.Ne.blT Oh M'LLE U1M1EH BOWKKY THEATHE- Monday Etcu ma. March Id, will b* prcaeutcd THE .A1Y 9 T2Tu' til OF P ARIH-f h. ChouriciV, Mr .N< ah#; Prince Hodolpb, Clarke; Fleur d* MTo* b#lr'<d?o?T*d' by LA 8VLPHIDK?The Sylph. M'lla Uitniai; Donald. Moua lleuuir. Eoiiue. M'll# Ocaaua. Duiiof .he eveaiug, M ile Uioiler will dance her ce ebratcd Cachuaa and La I'racueiruur In de Uaut Cowifue ol Tambour Major J if, by M ana.* and .M'lie Ocaaua. To conclude, ETHAN ALLEN. 8 res* Circle t'j ccsUi P" ami Ualiary U*? uae.a nor* oi eg at f^f o'cloch. Performance co mm cocoa al r. IW V HUE OPEKa MOUSE. lormerty the Uroou- ! wich Theairo. 'barltiai aireet, coruor of Varich acroot ? Monday eeemuf, Vlych II?Thoyutrr ta turnout! will com ?v...1 ?IIU uis LUAk> III A bUVI.H-.1tll t'Mt, II. Ch-piuau; E-nestirn. Mrs J Kre y. After which, ihe CoRHAIR'rf BRIDK-AJ Mr I Fredericks. Hiodt, Miss I Chaumau Tu be followed by D If EDA OK UHEADKUL NOTE? bank. J.iku Uuuu; Mia Kuuk, Mra Watts. Tosouelude with the HA VAGK AND THE MAIDEN? Mr Ciamless, Mr John Dunn ! Knee ol admission?Droit ' ireleid ?u ; Id to J Id Tiat 15 ; I Pit I h,. (.patent 7; cnitnu iu rite nr precisely. I GRKKitWICa THEATKfc A Oh VAT CaRU?BENEFIT OK MK. JOHN DUNN fX -Wednesday, .Vitrei. IT, M7 , TrlK MUN8TKR LADY. Characters by ,\lri i inuu, Miss Anna Cruise (by pertaisliou of \V. Mitchell, Esg ), mil Mr H P. Graltan. { A UaJget of Funny ro igs, by .Mr. Joliu Wiuuia (by permiaan.ii uf W. 8 Leverun. Lit ) I Liucing by Kigun'n-a Mmnm, Iron Hun Carina, Ntplet. BLACK EYED SUr?AN. i Wilium Mr Johu Dunn. Admiral (upon thii occasion) Mr Fredericks. Captain Ctabt'ee (upon this occasion).... Mr. 11. P Graltan. I Ouatbraia Mr. 11. Chapmen. RASCAL JACK. Lacy Mrt. Watts THE MESMERISING DOCTOR. ; Doctor Mr. Aadrew Jackson Allan, j I Liscite Mrs Harmon ! But B- ok uow open. raUVt'e PALMOS OPKitA HOUSE,'Chambers itiaat? M??N"D.aY EVENING, March lb, lost performance ofVerI ti'a Opera. 1 LOMBARD! WtDNESDtY EVENING. March 17tli. by general reAtatt. Doaiaetti's Opera LUCIA Dl LAftiMERMUR. bKIUAY EVENING, March It h. first appearance of Koa | aim's Opera THK MK hKVILLI.. I SATOHDAY EVENING, March Jtilli eitra performance ; of Kossiui's Opera, TH . BARBER JlK SEVILLE. | Opera Boeka may be had at the Boi Office, let tier Boxea ' and raianetta. $1; 2d do, M cents; Privet* Botes for per! eons, $12, do for < persona, $1*. Heats can bt secured at the . Dot Office from II A. II. till 4 P. M , daily. Performance to i commei N at 7X o'clock; doors opeo at 7 Reason subscribers Ussl nns to retain their seats, will 1 please to sail et the Bos Office, and take their Tickets, on ; ot before Wednesday Evening, March 17th PALMU'd OPKRA HOUSE" I I PALI AN OPERA A CARD.?'The managers ol Ike Italian Opera Company, desirous to test fy to the parous of ik# opera, and the public generally, iheiraekn wiedyneuts lor trie liberal sapport by them received, and rvrons to deserve a .outmost ion of the same, have abandons I the i r- jeei of leaving this city | tor the preernt, and would reepecifaliy announce their determination ofgiving auotlier SEASU.N OK EIGHTEEN NIGHTS, to begin immediately after Una, which will etplre on or about the 3lit ol March nut. Those ol the season subscribers who desire to retain their seals, and ihose who mar wish to become subscribers for the following acaaon, will Platte call et the box office and receive their nc'te;* between the 1Mb and Slat lust, m i2 M W Kto'JI re MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE-Voiiday Even ink. March L ? I he performaucer will eommrati with the MAN WITHOUT A HEAD-Oblivioue Top, Mr. WMcot; Mrs. Top, Miee C'trke. To be followed by DIANA'S REVENUE?Diana, Mite Marv Taylor Alter which the fares of PKHirr.CTinN-Bie I?.??. Paragon, Nickeiisou; Kite O'Biiea, Miss Taylor. To conclude W'th MISCHIEF MAK1NU? Nicholas Dote ' tail, Mr Holland. Dim* circle, SO cents; upper boiea, 16 centa; pit one shilling; pnv.t.c bote*. %3. Orchestra box**,$1. li-t 't >i en at T o'clock ; coram run at half cut T I GUMiUS?IJOWjSKt AMf til l htAihb. MONDAY KVEN1NCJ, Man h IS.?First appearance of .1I01.1.1 -siimer, the (Hand Tambour M?jer ae Franc*. ' Firat r ppeartuce of Mr. J. miou, and talented children in lit* beauulnlact ol the hhadows ol Olympia. Knat appearance uf the Dulcimer Bond of Minstrels. Mom 1 aaimrraa the French Heieulea. Horsemanship, Vaulting, Tnmbliug, Hope Ptifoimance, Postanal, Juggling, fie. To eo'ietnde with a Pantomime. Doora open nlT. pertormauce commences at K past 7. Boa? ttoiiti. Pit ll)(. AMERICA^ museum. EVKKY Day and Kvening thin week, eommanciag oa Monday, March IS. Four Hplendid Parformaneea Daily, in the morning at I IK. and in th* a It* moon at I, and in lit* veuiug, at? and again at IK o'clock. IT -"Puainvelr no Fr*a List *xr*rt th* Preaa.^3) The utauager 11 happy In being abl* to auuouac* a r* en gagcm*bi, 1 compliance with to* r*p*at*d requests of unuiciona I lUiilira lor ONK WLKK MOKL, with that illnatriMis Mau iu .iliuiaturc, llh-KRAL 1UVI THUMB, and aa it ia utterly impossible for hnu to be prevailed upon to reuiaiu lunger neat Naiurday, this is rOSIUVKLY ThE LAnT WKKK of his aihilution in New Yo k, ai d those who delay their calls beyoud this week will NKVi.R HfcK HIM, as he retires 'o private life as soon aa he uiakaa the tour ol the cities of the Uuiou. To accommodate the vast coueoura* of his friends, who will throng the Museum to see him, he will be seen every YOKNIMO KROK I1H 'TO I O'CLOCK, oil the ninth,mi in nnr ol' llie main Walls nf the ? bn eauaordicarr and [inpnlrr perlorm-uces, including mi citizen's duem, iu winch he will relate hi* History, Travels Ac., ting a vnrietv of toaRS, dance the Polka, nitilot'a Hornpipe, give representations of havockon, ratoaHica tmk uhkat, ..pvcian statues, fcc. fcc. lie will alto ij> . pear in his magnifies lit KKENCH COURT UJiEKR. worn before Louis Philipi e, King of ilie Kreoch, aud all the 1 principal Courts ef bump*. Alur which he will appear BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME, is which he will riaci.e .he nkihi.aku FLiito, he. Iha MAUKiFiccitT raaau.tTa received lioir. Queen Victoria and the principal Crowned Heads of Europe, will be eihi In led. IN THE AFTERNOON, FKOM I TO * O'CLOCK, he will eppeer on the stage in the Lecture lioom in e variety of peif"rmuieea and costumes, in coujanclioa. with other entertain inrn'a., ire tmk EVENING AT T. AND A (JAIN AT ?X O'CLOCK. Tna Gear nan's Minatube KitciPAUK, eonaietmg of a mnamfieent lrtie Chariot and Pigmy Ponies, with Coachman . ] and Foetinaa, will rwramhnlate to* streets dalle. ' < ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS. Merning viaiteit ara net admitted :o either the afternoon or evening perforuinneea. 1 UHC.AT W ?> I KILN, flie Yankee Comedian Ml Act KB WHEi'.LKH and JULIKN ANATOMICAL br teen at one ah iliug ahtia MADAME KOCKWKI.U ilie Fortune Tetter I Adraiaaieii 2jreu?s; children under 10, 11% centa No He- i admissions (Ire payment will entitle o hut one ad-niaaioa. . NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. In compliance wi:h .he request ol auinerout (atniliaa and.. ' othera, who have bren iinnhlr to wm.eaa the eihlhlliou of OENEKAL TOM THUMB, the mbacriberhat, ai eonaiderahle incoavameoea, effected an ar'augenient with him to rema n a' the Matron ONE WKr K LONGER, Wrmiaat r* Saturday nlghl, the Kith instant; bnt he begs to | assun the public p-isitlvely,that the little I Jaueral's arrange gienta eraauah ihatll will be utterly impossible foi him to I remain br\ ood the above slated period. , all long P. T. BAKNL'M. ' V5 ILM ! HTKI.IT TIIEA I HE. PHILADELPHIA. < E A. MaaaiiAi.L, Leasee..W. H. Blabe, Manager Kill ST NIOHT OK MR. KOKREST. MONDAY EVENINO, March 15,1?T, will be pcrlormtd the tragedy ut METAMORA. Or. The Last of the Wampaaoags. Metatnora Mr. Vorreat. Oceana Mite Kiahcr. I Nehmet ke. .Mrs W. 11. Blake. To oonclude with the uew fa ce of TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH. Gregory Granite Mr. Chapman. On Tacsday, Mr Korreat'a second night. _ MM. ilA' KKTT. laie Lessee and Director of the Howard Athenmain, Uoatoa, woald.inlorm all peraooa who baya butmraa with hina, that ha maybe lonad at the law , office of his sou, Jnhu K. Haehett. Eaq, Id Wall at , between tlin honrt ol tl and 2 ..'clues, daily. New Yi.rk. .March II. 1147 mil ltiseod*re M'LlLLE AUGUSTA, KEHPEI 1TFULLY Kates to ihe Managere of Theatres in the Vnned Htatea, that dnring her absence from this city, [ letters! post-paid) directed to the eare of Mr. John Posey.Perk Theatre, will be forwarded to liar. mew ion. march I, 1*47. ?7 IU1> if rrt L'Cb iMN?JEusb"S Vlt^iXUljt MADAMK JOHKFH1NK WEIW9, Vlieireeaof thn Ballet, ben to mte to Urn Manager! of Thnntrna in the Unite! Ntntea, that application! for enganeurenta tnnit be nude te I tier ?*ent. Mr. JOHN PUVEY, el the Park Theatre, New 1 York who u daly anliiorued to mike ill irrineemenu for l,en UMNM Vientiane. n>7 inw tf re LECTURES ON ASTRONOMY. I PROF. MlTI'HELL, of the Cincinnati Obe?ryntory. at tl e lolieitatiou of hu friauda in New York, h?? consented to delirer three lerturei at the Tabernacle, n- Ineaday, Wedoetdiy and ?r\4rix erenim a the 14 h, 17th auit "?;h mat , tt7)fnclock The topira ol the Irctmea will eirbrace lit. The ITuieene aerceealed bv Lcnl ftoaae'a great Re- I lector. I 2d The ducovery of the new Planet hjr Lnrerrier, niempli!) ins the fxiwer ot analyaia. I id. Maedli r'? d icoery of the great centre of the l.'nieene, | lb rut which the .'un >ml Kurd atari are leeolemg. The ectn.-eaeill he illnittated by Teletcopie newt, tokru hy I'rof. 4. with the great Retractor at the l.iucmnati Obaeieaiory. '1 irketa lor a Family forp'e f'onne fl ' ' Oentlcmm and two Ladiaa for the f etirm II Ticket lor a Orntleman (1 Minnie Tieketi ... 50 N B Schoola a.i, plied at W centa each pnpil for the Contae mU lt*re ! THE HIGHLAND OUARL'S BALL. WICi. TART. PLACE on M0NDAY neat, March IJ. I l??7, at the Apollo 8<leon. j Ticket! r? , , he obtained from t apt. 0 taig, S44 Pearl atreet; Liicul. h.a, 1:104,741 Broedwey; Liaat Paraoo'a, U1 hroad r?v, or ol any 0' the Memhera of the Coatpiuy (C^No tfunrr Preiaca Admitted _mi# piiWFeltM'r XXIl*ilNNVAI. EXltlHlTlON OF THE NATION .If. ACADEMY OF DESIGN \ TTI . room, i.l t! e Ata.ler.iy ire now ready for the recep. ? Hon nl ivnrka lo' the eihibitton, which will be ofieoed .n the |?. of April. All wnrka mnav ricce,iariIy, be in the o. tin ou nr the 20'h .NNreh. Uv order of t' a ( .unril. \ n-he eo t7wia*rc JM1 (? ? HAPM AN. Ser'y N A i NOINO \ ft KM\ It K h A K A' CO, I tali :>n ' homer phut. and Mile. Atige "? Ira, firtrtea-her ol the I'ari.ian Dancing Academy of 'i (' liarii.a. rcapca.fully inform l.edte! an.I (ientlemen, he .' inatniii ut Vli.ilern Uinring, that biatdea the gr.crftil ancii ANOM.INANr w* in ? aiepa e. their invention. TA'? AN'J'KCI.f.- I)?nce >.f > oplea V nr. "Im. V?" Ita Mam the, Hndowa, W |i? H?d..wa, Polka, lo'tT.n .iiPil' a-il Walrne- They will len.n alto the I'MLK \->l \ZlJhKA HU. bK. ' A t> .i,ce -?cn.tly inernietl lor the Court of the fcmperor of | ltt?iia. N R ?Ti c noiie el me p.dba Maearka Hn??e can la only 't r u ?'c . i, ,\o. J?l Canal itrce*. e at correr of l.oadanjr. indiin'rc J TO THE LA i EST MOMENT, TKLKGRAPHICi Washington, March 14, 8 P. M. The Southern mail this evening brings N-w Orleans j.aper* ot the 5ih. No news Twomaili are still due BY THE MAIL. g. Washington, March 18,184/ Rtgutatumi at tht Whtft Hout*. During the session of Congress die honor# ol re ception at the white house were from 2 to 12 A M. Sinoa the adjournment, visiter* are admitted to conter with the President from 1 P. M. during the afternoon, as circumstances may allow. On cabinet day?, Tuesdays and Saturdays, Hi* Excellency is generally engaged, no matter at what hour of the day'tjie stranger may oall Stranger* invited to dine with the President are desired to make themselves at home, but not to the ezten t of calling the President " uncle Jim," unless he is your uncle ; nor is it courteous, that while at the Executive table, you should bore the President with a catalogue of your services in securing Ins election, and ol your claims in this reepect to thu or that particular office. He Li bored sufficiently during the day lor officer, and desire* a little respite at hi* meals. Nor is it becoming, even d dining alone with the Executive, that you should use profane language in denouncing Mr. Calhoun. The President don t swear?Tyler did?but Polk don't, and he gels along much better than Tyler ? And be also careful, in intercepting the President in his afternoon walk around the square, to bow and letjnm pass unmolested. if you bore him then your case is hopeless. WasataoToN, March IS, 1M7. Army Ayyrcprialum*. The tallowing arc thu items of the bill lor the support of the army tor the Atcal year, ending June 30th, 1848. For the pay of the rogulsr urmy f3 3*4,441 Commutation of olicer?' subsistsnco 447,14-1 " forage (or oflcers' horaos. ... 44 444 Payment in lieu of clothing toctfteora' ear vents 42,41" Pay of volunteers, including xeneral and ?uff officers . 2,81s,to* Subsistence in kind of the army voluu teors, end employees 9,411.836 Clothing, camp a lid garrison equipage, .. 974 000 Recruiting expenses, including bounties, 118.000 Three months' extra pay to non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates,.. 19,000 Quartermaster's department, fuel, forage for horses, mule* and oxou, straw lor soldiers' bedding, stationery, printing, to., 3,710,600 Incidental expenses?postsgor, court martial*, clerks, construction of barracks, quarter* and roads; espressos, escorts, burial of dead, wsgou and forage maeters, purchase ot horses, equipments, blacksraithiug, apprehension of deserters, kc Repairing and enlarging barraoks, hospitals, storehouses, cantonments, gun houses, purchase of tools, building - jbles. rsut of officers' quarter* ' > racks for troops, store houses for stance and clothing, summer moumtnts, kc 1,107,ami Transportation of officer > go when travelling ou duty witln .... 80,000 For transportation of t'.or; s und munitions ot war, ii 1, mules, oxen, rartr, wug expenses by sea, ordnai. non and small ai ms, 8,943,30<j Contingencies of the army Mi ooO Medical and huspital department 180 (MM Purchase ot ordnance and ordnance storos 367.630 Current expenses of ordnance service.... loo noo Armament of fortifications 100,(KM Manufacture of arms ut the national armono 340 OOo Repairs, kc at Springfield Armory 18.800 do. do. Uarper'a Kerry Armory... 17 770 Arsenals 61,400 Artillery drawing* uniform system 8 (KM Survey* with armies in the field 30.000 Forwarding disabled, and destitute diecharged aoldiera to their homes 800,000 Newport barracka, Kv 34,800 Contingeocies of fortification* 900 uou Total 94,6074*4 For deficiencies of present fiical year Pay of volunteers under resolution ot 8th August. 1H46 1MI.000 00 Pay under act of 13th May 143.(MO 00 For travelling allowance 800,000 *0 Transportation, end supplies, kc., quartet masters'department 4,000.000 00 Medical expenses 68 noo oo tor pay, subsidence, lie. ol the officers o( the ten rew regiments, up to tho iOtta June, 1H47 S37.97S Oo SubsbtuLea in klud for these regiments.. 241.371 34 Pny of eleven regimenti ol volunteer* recently celled into service 1,003,110 (Mi For their subsistence 263.418 63 Recruiting end bounty expencee MiMtM Ordnance, ordnance etorei, and supplies.. 434.137 00 Road* and bridge* lor amice iu the Held.. 100.000 00 Fortification! at Oak Island 1,030 09 Total M,370,39.3 M Recapitulation. Total of army appropriations lor the ensuing fiscal year, beginning July 1, 1347. ^34.607.134 (Xi Total for deficiencies of the current year 6,370,393 06 Sum total of the army bill proper.. , $31,177,679 96 Excluding a email appropriation for Cape Rear River, and another far a balance due in removing the Red River rail. And though the wax may be closed in three months, we expect that the whole of these appropriations will be absorbed ; or in other words, that the bill will be inadequate to the expenditures ol the ensuing year, by about ten millions, if the war is continusd. Upon the whole, however, the war department has all tha expenses of the army regulated under the most economical system of accountability, consistent with the exigencies ot the service. W WxsHiitOTo*, March II, 1&37 Vtalh of Mr*. <Stnator Alltn. Mr*. Allan, wile of Senator William Alien, ol Jhio, died a'. brown's Hotel this morning, alter in illness of several week*. She was a highly estimable and distinguished lady. Before her marring* to Mr. Allen, she was the widow, we believe, of the late (rov. Duncan McArthur, of Ohio and had been, anterior to* her first marriage, the especial favorite of her last husband.? f he was about thirty-five years ot age at the time of her dec ase, and leaves an interesting child of less than a year old to the exclusive guardianship of the father. At the time of her late marriage, she was possessed of a most valuable property noar Chilicolke, and which, we understand, under the administration ol Mr. Allen, has largely increased in value. In the loss ol his amiable partner, be has suffered a bereavement which nppears to have left hi n utterly disconsolate, so nhsolute and devoted was his attachment for the deceased We suppose that her remains will be taken to Ohio for interrnont. ? KIIUUU IV, . Fragment*. So that difficulty is endad. General Hentou nays, and dont go down; and General Caaa, we ittppose, in consequence, leave* town in the normng, During the session, the Michigan eneral ha* been one of our Congressional me** it the United States hotel, and socially we have ilway* found him the amiable and intelligent entlemad. He i* the last of onr Congressional ompany, and we lose him in the morning. We suppose that General Benton was not vholly influenced to decline hi* commission ss Jiplomatico-Genorallissimo to Mexico (what a lof if co*?) because tho scope of the power* asked ?cre refused; but in part from domestic consideriti'ins, Mrs. Benton having been seriously afflicted ill the winter, and being still in a condition rejuinng the support of his pretence, if it could be lossibly spared in view of the demands of the tovernment and tho country. Tho mail contractors are coming in, giving a itile rebel to tho soporipc vacuity that has oome iver Wnshing'on bkn the night-mare. It appears ihat the trne vote by which Mr. C. fngersoll was rejected as the nominee to Franco ust 18 to 16-a nnie quorum, there being no loubt a good many absentees just about that line in tfce lunch room. But wo verily and roli;uiusly believe that Mr. Rush will answer tho pnr>ose just as well. We regard Charles Jared In;ersoil ns the most peculiar democrat in thecata I'gne of that breed ol the g?uas/lomo, or hoinn;eneons In politics he is ultra to subterranean sm? cellar-door snhturruneaiusm, with still an mpai .ed harpiug of the bluest stripe of federaism; where is, individually he is bona fide ari.-toirat, even to the unpqua cd carefn'. simplicity of lis dress, bnrrng the faney waistcoat, wtdr h * il -o an <int quated idea His btother Jo, on he nher hand, a tUc.ded wing politically, is, pn? rately speaking, h tar better democrat N'W .1 itranger may talk to Jo without ? special intfo luctio i j but ?n s^proximauoti '0 Charley n ?t

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