Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1847 Page 1
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7 BBB9EKSMEHM TH] * 1. am, Mo. T?.WX(>1* ? , M71 THE NEW YORKJERALD. J AMIS GUKUflN BBSNETT, PROPRIETOR. Clrciilation---Forty Thousand. OA1LT HKB A LO?Every o*y, PneeJ cerW [>nr copy-r 24 J* r *'iua id?payable in advniiOB. . . WEkKLV HERALD?Every Saturday-Price SM ? ?? per or.yy-J Ilk cent'per aniium-payable i* "J"iff, UEKALO TOR EUROPE?Every *teem ?* ?* ? d*TPr?e 6S? cente |.er copy?$3 per annum, P***"1* m ^ANNUAL PICTORIAL HBRALI>-P*M'iihed I oni thn lit oUauuary of Mi ll yo*r?ain?le eopiee ?upeno* Men. AL?VKRTItE?.INTH.?t rh? u.ual pnre?-?lwByB^eatli In ici anoe AdveruiementeilioaM be wr1 tteo in a PJfj? legible luannrr The Proprietor will not be reiponilble for erro ? that may oecar in the-*. . . ... .. . I'KI>Tl bintlB ereeuted brautilullv and witn despatch. All letters or communication*. by mail, addressey ti the "( blishuiMit, mmt be pn?t paid, or the poitage will b? deducted Irom the auh?criotioo tnnuev remitted. J AM K8 GORDON BKNNETf. Proprietor of the Ni w Tori Herald Establishment, Mmlb W??i noraer nt b*ti I toe aid IVauai street* ,''11 % AliL'MU AUWAjauMAVUllla. CHANGE OF HOURS ?I1? en?i M86 LONG rSLAND RA LKOAD. winter ARRANGEMENT. On and after Monday, Dec. 'it, 1348, Trains will run ni followi l,x.vS 7 o'clock A. M. {Boston trnle) for Green port, daily, (except Sunday*) stopping al I armingdale and Bt. Ueorga'a Manor. t?H A. M., daily, for Green port and lintermediate places. " at 4 P M. for Parmingdgle, daily. Laavr ijatrnor r?at IX A. M., dally accommodation train for Brooklyn. " at ?>< P. M., (Boaton Train) or oa thaarrirad ol the boat from Norm h, daily, (exeopt Bunday*,) al.aping at St George's Mann' and Kariningdale. Lrave Kaxmitldalx at BX A. M. daily, (exeept Sundaes,] aecouiinodati -1 train; and lJ M. and5X P. M. Leave Jamaica?m 8 o'clocc A. M., I P. M., and 8X P. M., for Brooklyn, or oa the arrival of Boston train. SUNDAY TRAINS will hereafter ran toThomgson Bta tion? leave Brooklyn at * A M. lot Thompson and intermediate placei^commst,eiag Sonia/ the Ith fioTember^ return iuk 1 aoiiipana ni * o'ciocc r. ai,t p drmingaaie J amain* Ifc. F4RK to?Bedford, I centi; East New Ysrk, 11K< Race Course, 18 V;Trotting Coarse 18V: J scan en 8*i; BrusliviiU, 31K- H' de Park,J17 miles)37K; Clowsville, (duringtheeeslios of C'onrt) S?K; Heinpnend, J7K; Branch 17K; Carle PHce,44, Weatbury, 44; Hicksville, 44; Fasmingdale, 83K; Deei Park, 69; Thompson, 88; Suffolk Station, SI; Lake Road Htieiou, Si 18V; Molferd Station, fi llSf: Yaphauk, $1 37X; St. Oeurt'e's Manor, Si 33K; Rivernead, Si 68H; Jamesport, ?162V: 82K; Culcliogue, Si 62 K; Southold, Si 62V; Greenport Accommodation Train, SI TS; Boaton train, 82 85. Singes are in readiness on the arrival of Trainiat the sevaral Stations. to take pnsteugert at eery low farea, to all parti ot the Ulauu. Baggage Crates will be in readineaa at the foot of Whitehall street, to roreive baggage ft r the several trains. 88 minutes be'ore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn aide. The etearnboat "Sratesmnu' leaves Greenport for Sag Har boron the arrival of the Boston train frotn Brnnklra d25rh .gMT) JJT THE PKOPRIEIOttS of Steamboat! fhk imi*5_|' iJ*wishing Bells huna would do well o pty i iffs.i , JiMmJBF? vi>it on hoatd the steamboats Niagara, Iroi Witch, Governor, iroit boat John Stevens, Worreater. Tra verier, Thr raas Powell, (te , and examine H HOMER'S Improved stvle of Bell Hanging, put up neat and strong, and warranted for one year, bv H. H. No 8 Ann et. ftl 1 m"rrc NOTICE. (jgnrh Ou and after Friday, November 83th, thi steamboat SYLPH, Captain Braisted, witl 3r*JK3E. make the following tripa to and from States Island until fnrther notioe, viz 7? Leave New York Leave State* IslandAc 9 A.M. At IK II A.M. 10 1 P. M. 18 M. *ia ' 8 P. M. ? " ii?LREGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH fc WOK- e^WMjl ^UKa j/gt (JESTER, withont change of I kmefra f*Cers or Baggage, or wlthoutJ^^HEB * > ?' L-croasing sny 1 erry. useuaera '.iking tlieir seats at Norwich, are msared then s . ts through to Boston This being the only iuUnd route til t communicates through by steamboat and railroad Passrnxers by this line are accompanied through by the con duct. r of the train, jrho will hpve particular charge of theii baggage, and who will otherwise giTe hit attention to theii ease sad comfort. This line leaves south aide PieT No. 1, North River, foot ol Battarv lines, (lai)y (Sundaystacepleu)at 4 o'clock, P. M. and a> vas in Boston in time to take all the eastern trains. Tht new steamer WORCESTER. Capt Van Pelt, leaver even Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, et 4 o'clock, P. M To stasmer CLEOPATRA. Captain Williams, learn every Monday, Wednesday, sad Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. For further information, inquire of J. H. VANPEKB1LT No. I Battery Plana. North Hirer. d2S tf re ^ ,1^, ^, Di\iii-jri Ainu num n A.vie-rt. UOVAL Vuiiu dTKAM SHIPS 1200 toni find 4 ?0 bona power each. m der coctr.. t witu the Lords of tba A ami HlBERNl/^. Capt.A. Kyri* CALEDONIA Cap. E. U.Lou. BRITANNIA Capt. J.Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capt.C.H ?. Jndkias ACADIA ,. ..Capt.Win. Harriroa. mil fr.irn Ltverpoo! red Boston, via Halifax, aa fol lowi rKOMBoivoif. rxoM Lifaaruou. Hi barn i a Fro. 1, HUT Hiberuia Jan. 4, 184' Cambria March 1, 1847 Cambria.. Feb. 4, 114' Htbernia April 1, 1847 flibernia March 4, 184' 'Paaaaoa Monitr. from Boaton to Liverpool Bill. From Boiton to Halifax... SO. No bertha secured antil psid for These ships carry ei terieneed surgeons. No freight, except specie, reoeired oi ays of sailing. For freight, ptvsiuf*, or any other information, apply to D. BKIOHAM. Jr., Agent. A t HARN 5 km k, CO '8^ 6 Wail at. S*" la addition to the above line between Liverpool ant fas, and Boston, a contract Has boon entered into wit! Her Majesty'* government, to establish a line between Liv erpool and New York direct The steamship* lor this aer vies ara now being bnilt, and early; next year dna notie* wil be given of the time when they will start. Under the nee ontract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eigh mouths, and every fortnight daring the other months in thi year. Uoiug alternately between Liverpool, and Halifai and Boston, and between Liverpool and New York. j6 r iJhaFTj on the national bank of Ireland wJESESBSaL W. J. it T. TAPSoOiT to inform thoir freind .U- ...WISo . ...I.I. - part - f ihe "11 country. that they draw drain for imal at laraa amoueta, payable at tight, without diaeannt dlreet on tha Nntieoal Bask of Ira and, Dublin, or any o the aomamna hrarebea throughout 'he onartry Drafta eaa alto be bt'incd i ayahla in all lha prioelpa plaeea throughout England, -ctlai d and W?lea by apply lot W J. i T. TAPdCOTT. Bt ?outh atreir, I4'R td door wot Barling tlip. UnUELI aTATKa ANi) KUKuPEAN EMIGRANT OFFICE. WEbTEAN AOE.N i a \ u < OMMI88ION MEHHANTS. fd'HE auhaeriboei having h d long aiporieooo in tha Wtyai 1 new,are prepared to off#' even? facility to thota wiahini peun.a to or lium avoiy part or Oraat Britain or Ireland Havre, and tha Oerman, Belgian, and Holland porta01 any ef which plaeea Bi'li of Eacha' ga oan be fumiahed, it ami to auit Passage can alao be engage ' from Liverpool to Boetrn, Kile elphia, Baltimore, or >tw Orleans, direct Shoae wi-hing piaaag* fr m Now York to New Orloma omla. Charleston, Havannah or Tctai, can at all timet b< aeeoi.unodeted at the loweat r tea To ihoaa rmigrat ^g t< the Vtfcet. the'Ubaenbera have unequalled arrangementa fo the forwarding of naaaeogara to the Watt by t"C differen routea via: to UufTaio. and the intermediate land nga, ai>< ail i 'rta ol the Cenadae?Chicago, Milwaukie, Baltimore Pinbu gh. < inciunati *t Lnuia, ike , by ataamboata. rail roiida and canal i oata, of the firat elate?and great c re wit be tahen that peaaennera will meet with no del >y or impoai Uen on the rou'e. L-ttera (poe'-pnd) will receive promp attcnt On. For further pa'tieulara appiy to M P O HtRN It C'\ lit 8,,uth it,e-t. eorrreref Dover, and SdW-at atiert corner ol lie tor, aim?rrp WALORON O'HtRN It C'? . Liverpool. PA 8AOE TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL, Bli THE NEW LIN I- OK PACKET8. Packet of t ie Il?t ol March.?Tb- pleadid, fret WMrVV aiil'id Packet Hhip ilOHCIl/4. I 00 torn burthen AMMBua' I't Aaa Kldridgr, *1 I aatl from New \ ork oi Ure at of March, and I em I tverpooi n the lith of May. 1 he Bh'pe a< mprre ne thia li..e are the foll<iw,ay and wil ail to and frt m Live pool on their regnlar day a, via :? J ova Krom t > Y',at. Pkom Live a root IStDDII r 1 Ifln r?.h ?f Ifah.nn.o 'l,U Af a Fojk;|U?. !(6r i ef Ma ch. IlihufVay. HIpDw . .1100 IBihnf Ami. llthofJo ... IHltMl'MN . .I'M SRihol January HthofJuly. i ?> n? about to amh rk for in* Old ' ountry. or thoai wiahmg to i?ud I 'f their friend*. will not fill l- the ad v*nt?g?s to be derived fr*m aeleeting thia line ol megmficen frhipa. a* ib-tr great capacity teudera ihe'n every w?v mon t .into table th n >hto# of mal'er eta t no their aceoinrno d>!i' i a fur orbip, aecond i tutu, and ilaertg* paaaengera. ari euperler to any other line. . .. ... . Pert m wjinit| to rear* berthi should rot fail to taak< *ar<y a, plication on board fool of Wall street, or to W It J. T. T PHI OTT, At their General Paisage Office. J6 South street, Hec-nd duor below burling Slip , Or to Oh.OMOF, R'PPI KD A HON, or " M. T %P->( OTT.WI Waterloo Road Drafti for any amount, payable on demand, without dii con' r, in nil the principal town* of Ri gland, Ireland. Scot |'i:d": Wal a can at all time* ba obtained oa tpplicatton (i by Iritrr port raid) an ahoye mil rh ~KoH NEw'oHLr.ANsX untana? New Yui lAjflV 11 e of Picket*. Poaftively the only regular packc JwUJKatn nail on Thursday, M ireh II 1147. The new anil anleudid fait tailing pa ket bark A VOL R Cap' VV i itirmore, < now loading, and will poiitively tail a ab tr her regular da . For f.e ght or paaaagr, having anperior acrommedatiom gi ply oo boatd, at Orlrana wharf, foot ol Wall it., or io k.D a. COLI INI. jR Son h a' IN B?*hirpari uny t*ly on thia yetaal tailing punctuall ti adrerrieetl Pi ai'ierly no food* will he recfired a/ler Wedueaday fit n Sc. KMl inat Agmta tu New Orleans, JOHN O. WOODRUFF It CO who will promptly forward all gooda to their addreta m' l 1 c djUL*- pat-K*. H FUu 1 aVHfc? cecooti tine?ih JjjJyJV Pack" Ship OnFIDA, Cant. Jatnea Knnck, wil ^3eEUa6a'i il ou the Aral of April For f eight or paisagi app'yto BOVD fc HINLKK>, 8t Wal at mll_t _ _ _ FOR, ?LF Afl'r.?-1 h# fast tailing AI ehl t&xfr JOHN J VRDINE, Joaeph Sampaou, matter, wll haveynmedlatedaipateh. For freight or j aieega, having very good aeeommodatiom gprpwkoar "JJ MINTVRN, U South m. E JN JE NJ TO LET. mA RUWuluw two itory Cot cue Haiti** wiih oourc ?u?i. ia 40th *tr#*t, UtWHO Broad any nnd 811 h arena*, it aat*d on U* north aid* #f tha atratt. I a* r?l>owa>?t br?*ment?, t parlor* with alidiog door* and hard flniihad wall*, 2 room* and t bad room* in th* **? cond .o?r>, gaod pantrt** a?0 dry c muter collar*. Rant $1M F?r farther , articular* auqaire on th* pr*mi*?a of ih* *g*ut. trli'w-r W K P-ApLKTCrv. *n T>< L*; 1?Fmm .ba dm -1 Ma th* **c no floor EH ??* at or y b riah b. **, 111? ?ud iu Cortland at lUl Apply tor. NLNTHJlL, 14b Broadway, crur of Linrr T ?t **t. mlS Jt*r FOK SALE.. il jM THE OYSTER CELLAR, Northwest corner of U;j| Fifth *11 <1 Chemut itrttti, Philadelphia, opp me tb* XaUL'tate Hoaae haudioraelv Sued spaud furnished. The cellar is large and oue of the very beat looaiioua iu the city. Alio, the Ealing Saloons and Furniture in the two four story Houses in Fifth street, adjoining and roaoeced with I the ce'lsr 'J he good will, fixtures and turnitnre of both or either establishment will be sold a bargain. Apply at aboye. I m is Jt*a ' Foil OA Lb. OK Kfci NT. I , .teA THE THREE STORY HOUSE No. 14 Barclay ostreet, ( in rear) tnrniahed if required. I JmUL ALSO TO LET?On 14 avenae, Nos. 171,176. 178, I Stores aud Dwellings, antbl.* for faucy dry goods. Bent ! I low. to good tenints. Apply at *>3 Broedwsy, Johnaou, LanphtnIt Hasey, er to T. J. Hall, 63 Barclay street, before 9 A M. mil tf rc TO LET, MKrom 1st of May next, three three-story brick houses, now lui hing, at Hobo ken, within three hnnlrsd yards if the fe'rr. They will hare jg vod well and cistern Wat a Drought in the ki ehen.and other conveniences, that will render them desirable for either a Urge or small family. A pply to W A Palmer, at the carpenter's shop near the ferry. One of them is for sale mil tw'rrc Mo i uur.o o,N inn. oiAitl AP? u t-iuiilli AVENUES TO Lc-i'.?The three story aud aitic briek dwelliug house with store underriemh on the easterly side of the 6th avenue, between 13th and 13th streets, sud oow kuowu as No. >98 iu ths 6th avenue. The thres story brick dwelling house with store underneath, ou tha easterly side of the (th avenue, between Greenwich lane and Uth street, and now known as No U in 1 the lib arenue. Also, three stores on Greenwich lane or avenue, near the Ith avenue, at very moderate rente. The dwelling part of each house will be rented separately, if required, aud is well fiutshed, with marble maute's, sliding doers, and every requisite for a respectable family. Apply te U. 11. WINTER, 31 Wall street, ml 2w*rc over ihe Mechanics' B-nk. Sn KOK SALE?A auwll house aud about ait teres o( laud, ailnrite at Roekaway. Long Island, on the Hock?JK*way and JHmaica Turnpike.and within a quarter ol a mile uf the poat offlee One acre or the land is under peach trers, two acres tillable, balance in wood Alto, several odier piccea of land in the same neighborhood. Enquire of John L. Norton, Jun , 14 Delancny s'reet, or at the I mi:? of Joi'ii H. Power. 139 Kult-m tt. nil 3w*rrc tuti SALE* Ad AT PRIVATE SALE?The property known as No. Pol 186 Mulberry street, near Broom* street. Lot 33 by >08 Xui&feet. A two story brick front house on the front of lot I I rarA ntneo feo rrte L/.n m a. an e V? a>J< ? I eU a Iw* work shop in the rear. 32 oy tt (set, with a cellar 11 feat deep in th* tame. Half olthe purehate mosey con remaiu on bond and ui engage,at 7 per ceut .Enquire on the premitea. Ill lin?rc FOR 8AL.& CHt-AP, i AeA la RUllAC L1FK, fronting the beautiful If an tan pTw Day,commanding * full and eu ire view from the HighXJULlandiof Neve'sink to the Narrows. Large and small faruis, improved and nuunproved property, so that the par chasers can at all times suit their fancy in a selection of pro perry. Also, fourteen valuable building lota, at West Bloomfield, Puuipton, adjoining the Methodist Church paraouuge. and op> posite the New Episcopal Church. Terms easy. Persons desirons of retiring from the city to a healthy location anywhere along the there, can obtain all information desired, by let er post, te W O. HAVNKn, Key port, Moumouih county, New Jersey. f36 Im'rc | FUR 8ALE. MUue of the most beautiful and desirable residences in the Btate of Connecticut, situated in the city ol Norwich, corner of Washington and Yantic streets, now owued and occupied by Mrs. 1>. Kip, and formerly the residence of Wm C. Oilman, Esq., by whom the house was built, and the grounds Imd out. There are about Ave asrsi of land, covered with elegant shade trees and shrubbery, with varieties of fruit trees, goosebsrriss, currants, raspberries, . I strawberries, tee The scenery trotn the grounds is beautiful and picturesque equal to any in the State. The tuuse is very convenient, with two wells of rscellent aud never failing water on the premises, aud the place combines every thing to make it one of the moil delightful residences in New England, and of , | res a rxre opportunity to any gentleman wishing a beautiful country seat. Kor terms sad further particulars,apply to ' nsrlsi Addoms | Esq., No. 39 Granite Building, corner Brtadwuy usd Cham ! bers street, or to the subscriber on the premises W. C. WHITKIDGK. Norwich. Feb 10 1*47. 111 UpTc I ! fLUUKNOli huUSh. ; No. 400 Broadway. corner Walker Street, Pi. Y. , I JOHN FLOftENLK, Jr., has now completed his B1 strange menu for opening to the public, at tne elegant XiULond ipucions building above designated, nud wnicb he has si great expense crectrd, a Ho'el, to be eoudncted on the | e.uio. ean plan In audmou to the commodious Restaurant b- low. he has arranged ritensire suites of dining rooms on the floors sbere, splendidly fnruished with every modern iinprorement in fnrnituie, deroraliuus, Ire. Beside* these, ' are esnalle'apart neats, similarly tarnished, for the acrom> moda ion of ludiridaals, or of small parties, where (as ia the larger aparuseala) meal. are supplier at their own hours, by carte, on toe plan alluded to. Attached to the esubllshnsrut, (entrance quite distinct from that with the public department) are some sir ty bedrooms single and doable, with eleaant parlors sdjoinmg?the ? hula forming a first clsss hotel for gentlemen, to be conducted on s scale of convenience sad aecommoda ion hithert nnattsined lu this country. J f .J r, trusts thst it is uuneecsssry f?r him to assure tlie public that his larder. his wines, and indeed his entire culinary depaitment. wili be of the beet kind throughout; and ' ha invites gentlemen who arS desirous of at the same time ' obtaining rooms and botrd, or either, separately, to sail upon ' him as above, where he will be happy to afford them every facility of eiamining his new and commodious establishment. ml im*ic March 1,1147. ; A COUNTRY SKAT FOR SALE. ~ vqH A COUNTRV Hesidanee and Farm on the South IBiUa of Long Island, ab?ut 40 miles from this city; sen w&wbe reached in three hours by the railroad. It lies on the old Booth Kosd. 4 miles East of Babylon, and directly I opposite Fire Island; contains 177 acres, about M of whir h are I fenced into lou and under good improvement. 'I he Heoae ia a uioai convenient one, comparatively ne ?, and anffieieut. ly large, having five rooms on tbe ground floor Ibt oatI buildings oon>iat of a Barn, Graicery, Carriage House Ice r House. Ike., are in good arder. IIm a HifOuftaWttka t va icty ot excalleut Iruita, Strawberries, large Asparagus s bods, aad rhe ground* abr ut ihe hmse beautifully ornamtu I ted with flowers, with two wells or sxnelleut soft water The land extendi do*u to the Bay ou the Sou.h, ana reaches back to railroad or at the Thompson Marion There ia fine I ti??IUK, vi>iu|l?c . nnu ii our ui ne nrii'uirii |)int-?i in tnr Unite t Mutes Half the purchase money can remain oo inc. i' 1 K'li* at b i er cen . for five yean. It will be v Id exceedingly ; low. Apply to OfcOIUM) B Fl'K, at the OlBce nf ihe Long Island hsilr< id 1 o . , ml3 3wewh 43 William it . Merchants'Exchange. ' C%~OgtrrLBMKti'S UATS OF THE SPRING 1 jJLSl VLE a-eo..? re-dy Tr lent ROUfCH SON'S , PWJSNIX HATAND CAP MANUFACTORY, No. ' 89 r'Ul TON it ret, (between William mil cold.) 1 hi a der.igned, tone i wo yean noee, commeuccd bail neei in this street npou ihe plan of Leans: Ral?i *hb Small I PBoriT* Toe eminent success which has crowned Mi effo ti to romiih mi customers wuh article ol the Fust Qnality, andal the lowe-t price hei in diced him to eott rum hu lormer coutneted eat ibluhmmt to the eoore mack moie eommodiooi itore. Hii pricea are still the lame, vix: Fi it qaality Nutria Hate $1 to 8-conu do. do 1 00 Kint do Moleskin 3 30 I Second do. do. 3 00 'I bird do. do. 3 JO A liberal deduction from the above pricei inane to whole talc dealer* W.M ROBERTS > N. Jr. I m0 3w?r No 99 Kalton it. I _ 95 HATS TO BE HAD FOIl #3 80 I CM. AT MILL*'8ALE8 ROOM, ITlBreedway (Howard 1 1^Ho el)?"pring style lor 1947 now ready. Ueatlemm ab iut purchasing a new lila are requested to call and ex< imiue thoie offered at ihe above eaubliihment. They ate | positively Jait what ii represented, and combining elas.icity > wuh dnnbiliti end brilliancy, together with ell the modem ' improvement! in the uimming, their superiority w II at 1 once b* acknowledged ml t*?ih I ttux; i iJL i3? k lton'strekt. S now ready to mpply the public wirn elegant Hats of hu ? I pfulNO FA?HIoT The qaality nf the a tirle he ufferi for pnblie approval and Pvt'OoaKU Cm hr indeed from the fact tha unman war nnr ill led n hat at hu eauibli.hmeul bat who perm* oaat ca>tomer. He win not>ay enithioit of hii loot eiperienee. his peculiar facilit'ee nnd tut*, ni the publ'C i r?? have ci-eolated the f>ct that he hu had ao super,or iu tin hu. eineei for yean put. ml Otia?r , plunkett t pakdebsus. No. 1JJH Ka'iou atreet, are ready 10 lutniih tneir i J^uHprmt Htyl< of H ATS. beeatil'al is and fiuiah, id I ni dnnMe u any hate in the eon-try I Beit Hati 93 iO; 3d and 3d qualities, $3 and ft M. m6 I m r ^ BUOJ'B AND sHuhi of the firit quality, at great m ba giim, at MA'.'l >?vr et re, IM i.aiul a reel. The IK anbacrtber wunld ca'l the atieaiion ol hie nam-rom friends aud customer* an t ibepob'iein gener l, to im lo?r nod well assorted etock of ail the different kinds ol . Boot', Shoes, Uaitera lie., that ika market cm afford which he will a?ll low lor caab. Ever g atefai (or the lull ehara o( patronage he received f ir the laat ten yrare while iu the employment ol oihere, sod uow hiring rommeneed bonneii fur hiniie.f hu e naitin hie friend* and the public'hat there hall be nothing wanting on hie part ro plane and give -atiefaction to all thuee who will ua ee kind na o.itr uise him at ? ildCmal street, New York. JOHN MctilJIRK. m9 Imerh JrualNfTeLD "Bank NOTES takea for Boots and Shoes at Walker's celebrated cheap Store, where there n to be found ajl aorta and sites n.B.?All nit? of Over Shoes, 4i9 Broadwar, New York. r mt2<**re ' Qi'fcj? ?"i.La^SmALI rAoFlis ih oUh jMMUI IO?liul Boote at 93 50. city made, and are equal to thote uaotl y aold f r 95. Kin* French call E drear Boon at 94 50, equal to tha beat aold in the city t Pa eut leather Boota, Shoes, (Jailers ud Biipperi, ou hand and made 'o order on abort notice All go-da warranted to aire aatiafaction. Mending, he., done in the atore. i YOUNO t JONKH, 4 Ana atreet, (93 lm*ae Near the Vinaenm. ' ~INSTANTANEOUS HA IK It YE. BATOHELOR'S Liquid Hair Dye, it the heat article ye offe ed f'r coloring the hair to a perfectly even an natural blaek or hrown, without ataioing or i goring the akin > It ' rouounceil by hundreda * ho have need it, the only rer ject Hair Dye yet ducove'cd. Sold wholeaale and retuil by WM. BAT? HKLOH, 2 Wall ureet. nur Broadway, fid m*r mtiskets and pistols. ! 1 Bhip Muaketf 1 1UUU MOO Amer can Bonded Mu?kau.wlth bayoueu ' complete in the moat peifect order. Ito pair Ship Pittoli. 100 Kevoivingd barrel Piatnla. P 100 Bowie Kn tea. I 100 Double barrel Fowling Piece*. 100 Single do do i, Sporting aniclea, (inn materials,, overy tiling required h? the hq-rumen or Ounamith. For aula by IM lm-re AW. BflES It CO., II Meldee Lane W O EW YORK, TUESDAY IV Mexican Affairs. THE CONDITION Ot MEXICO. [From the National Intelligencer.) TaMAVLiraa, (Mexico.) Jan 14, 1847. | The aoolosed public document (haatliy tranalated) la *o remarkable in Its disclosures that 1 have thought you might bo pleaaed to lay it before your readers, and therefore place It at your diepeeal I am (truck by the great frankneaa with which the Mexican bhcretary dwella upon the diatreaees of the government, and It a want of meana to carry on the war, and also with the admiaaion that the natioD ia not now aa powerful aa when it achieved ita independence. Ofthia important fact we have found abundant evidence at eve- . ry atep of our advance from the Rio Grande. Every 1 | town and village exhibits manifeat signs of decay and ; 1 diminished population . nd wealth, in dilapidated public ediAoes aud private dwelling*, and want of life and activity among the people, at well aa in the abaence of cul tivation of the (oil. The r.auae ot thia unnatural decline, which contraete so airougly with tbO condition of ! the United State*, la plainly disclosed in the circular, j which ascribes it to the anarchy and miarule which have 1 afflicted tbla unhannv countrv lor unwarda of thirtv 1 yeara, a period long enough to teat the capacity of the \ people for noli government, in which they hare been lotted lamentably wanting. | The reference! to our army and oountry ihow a trange misconception of both, and that the Secretary waa treating of something which be knew nothing about, and reaaonad from the analogy of Kurop*., whoee i Northern hordea in all agea have meliorated their condi tion by overrunning ita Southern kingdoma. The Mexican Secretary ia not aware that the humbleet aoldier in our ranka baa reaaon to complain of privetioua fiom the moment he eeta foot on Mexican aoil? not one but aighe (or the comforts o( home, and would gladly turn bia back upon thia fablad El Dorado. Tula feeling la marked by the universal dcaire which la expreaaed In the ranka of the invading army, from highei> to loweat, lor the reateration ot peaoe; for our training hea not taught ua to regard war aa the uatuial atete of man?not but that every one ia ready to do battle for bia oountry; and the pertinacioua relnial of the Mexican Government to entertain overture! lor I peace baa produced the natural effect of atimulating a ! deaire on the pait of our army for tho vigoroua prosecution of the war, aa ihe only menus of teaching the Mexicaua the value of peace. Under the leading of Soott on one flank, and Taylor on the other, I opine that thia uaelul leaaou will ba ettectualfy inculcated. l>'rom tlte Diario del Oobierno, November U7, ]H4d 1 Circular addrtntd hy tht Minister *f Exterior and Intttiur Relation* to tin Ooveinortof theeevtral can Statu. Most sic*>t Sir,?On the 14th inat, the port of Tampioo waa oocupled by the American troopa, under the terma which you will see in the accompanying document!. Thia avent, although expected, and giving no tliuinnh to out ontmits siuea Ihev ooli? ne/nnu u,t<as has been tiban loaed, aggravates nevertheless the situatiou of the Republic; lor, requiring now means of defouoe. It likewise Impose* new duties and couple* new aeriflcei Under the?e circumstance* the OoTernmeut be* thought proper to address ittell to tbo nation; and, with thia view, hi* excellency the Goneral charged with the lupreme executive power, ha* ordered thi* Department to inform you officially of the true itate of affair*. ' The capitulation cf Monterey having been diaupproved by the United State*, the American army advanced on Saltlllo.aud having occupied it, It now directed toward* San Lui* Potoat. The invasion will probably extend to the State ot Zacatecas, end theie are ground* for be lieving that thuie of Sonora and Chihuahua will *utr*r a similar tate. At the same time the Stat* of Duraugo i* laid waste by savages, who, directed by A me i loan officer*, have nearly reached the capital. Master* of a great part of New Leon and Tamaulipas, the invaders have extended their line by the occupation of Tampioo, und are preparing perhaps to attempt a blow at Alvarado and Vera Crux. In the State of Chiapas there are fears that the Oorernment of Guatemala, aided and urged by the United State*, design* to invade our tern'ory, attempting to take possession ef Toconusco, and even 01 { Chiapas itself Tabasco, finally, la blockaded, and in j part subject to the invaders, who also occupy the State* I of California and New Mexico. The picture whioh 1 have Just sketched la certainly i sad, but true ; and you wML see by it that the whole Republic is menaced, that the peril is universal, and that the | moment has consequently arrived in which any sacrifice | should be esteemed small; lor the day approaches | which is to decide the existence of the nation. The I Government which commenced in Auguet found the treasury exhausted, sicoe the little which remained in It scaiCely suffiovd to put in march the first brigades of the army ; it lound the magasinei empty, oobflience destroyed, and public epirit deed, f r the administration which had just passed uwny had caused to be loet the hope of triumph. At the cost of incessant wakefulness and acriflces, which impartial history will some day appro elate, the Government has succoeded in less than four mouth* in organising a respectable army, in raising vervwhara ihs naiinml ni.nrH ?,l 1-;? . w M, 'I' <WIJ ?1IUI|U| entnusiasm and the sacred love of country Tha "well deserving" Oan. Bauta Anna, who cam* at the call of tha people, ii occupied incessantly in the diaciplina of naw corpa, and In preparing the army lor the approoching campaign; and tha government, an*lout to luitil itsdu tiai, labois day and night to provide tha nece*aary raaourcei; hut ordinary one* are not sufficient, and it is necaaaaiy to recur to those which, under ordinary circnraatancei, would be very Justly condemned. Tha revenues being aeparatod, in consequence of tha happy re aatab liahment of the federal constitution, tha government ol the Union now lacks tha most productive part ef tha interior ones, and on acoount of the bleckada realms nothing of the large products of tha maritime custom houses; so that, while tha expanses have extraordinarily Increased, the means have extraordinarily diminished. Thus, while laboring incessantly at the rapid establishment of the federal system, watehing over public order, attending with ardor to the organization of the national guard, and amid the gravest cures required by the Executive departments in critical epochs, lust which the government hue preferred, that which hes most occupied Us time in this complication of business, has been to pro cure the necessary means to sustain the war; for without these the army would perieb before seeing the face ol the enemy?and this idea is dreadful! The sovereign Congress will assemble in a very few days, and the gov erumeut, knowing by its o-*n experience the distress caused by the want of means, wishes to divart it in part from that august assembly; and for this purpose has directed that you stimu'ate tha inhabitante of your Btate to contribute to the prompt Increase of the oublic funds in ' the mauner that their patriotism may dictate, whether I wna uouauunn in money, witn cattle, drain, or munition* for then my; for I repeat It. the hour ofncrilceka* come How, In cttect, are the rich proprietor* benefitted by tbelr immense estate*. 1> they are to be ahired by the adventurer* who form almost the whole of the invading army, anil who are stimulated, not by glory, but by the ileaire of tutting the delight* of our beautiful country 7 How are the rioh merchants benefitted by their (hop*, it i those brilliant displays of luxury but serve to satiate the I avaiice of soldiers, who, with no other god than gold . and no other country but that which feeds them, come i to our cities to enjoy pleasure* which they htd hardly dared to diearn ot 7 Fat from the governmeot be thr ; idea that there can be any Mexicans who look forward I to the conveniences of peace while governed by the 1 Americans ; for such peace would be ignominious, and those conveniences an incessant remorse, since they would be the result of not having made in time the sao ritices now required by the defeoce of the nation. in is not merely the question to recover the usurped territory, but to binder new usurpations, to save the honor of our own name, to defend the natisnai independence The question is, whether Mexico shell be or cetse to be a people worthy of figuring in the register of free nations 7 Whether our religion, our Un guage, our manners, shall be preserved! Whether, finally, the race of the North la to domineer in the New World over the generous race of the South 7 This la the terrible question now to be decided ; and between glory and ehame there I* no mean to choose Either we transmit to our children a name exalted by victory, and a rich, great, and sovereign country, or we oblige them to curse our memory, and to water with tears of despair the allies governed by American),the district* depopulated by the treed of the lavage That proud confederacy, who** government insults with it* acts the ashes of Washington; that population which is composed In part of avaricious merchant*, tor whom all grand ideas, all generotse thought* are subordinate to iDUreit; those pretended democratic State* who excommunicate ell who have tingle drop of blood which the wlutee would consider as distinct from their own, and who traffic unworthily with the creature* of Clod, arc likewise rM^ng tbair existence in this war; for they have in their besom a thousand conflicting element*. For thue alto are parties, tnere alio are sensible men | wbo acknowledge the justice of oar o*ua, | there also ate fat-ling anil houorable heart* who cannot tolerate the 1 traihc in human Herb ; nnd becauie the enoinsous ex' peine* which thsyjirust defray have exhausted the treasury, and the day is not distant when contributions will become necessary ( oud your cxoellvnc) knows that a s ngle contribution will csuse the people of the United | States to rise; lor where men calculate by figures, these, I and not duty, are the rule of their actions j This imminent peril Is not concealed from the Americans; and now that thsy have seen the Mexican nation rise up to repel them, they appeal to calumny as an t filescious means of sowing discord and Inspiring mistrust. { With that ignoble end It has been given out that Gen , Santa Auna is compromitted to make peace, flattered with the liopo of obtaining the control 01 the Republic , But that idea cannot be sustaimd, when it la considered 1 that Gen tonta Anna n-ed not he a traitor to become the first mat ' Mexico; and that he need not trsvel that j road of p uidy and shame t* raach the temple of immortality. Mote easy and sure is his present path; and the , government which knows his noble sentiments, end is convinced of his loyalty end patriotism, repel* in the fsce ot the nation that infamous calumny, and protests la ' its name against an idea onl v lnteuded to sow doubt, and Perhsp* at other epoch* peace might ha possible; but attar the first shot ia fired, end the first drop of blood is shed, thete can bo ne negotia tion, except in the caso where that negotiation to tntutet ; our rights and to leaves our honor unstained, that the otvilizsd woild shall respect, and even our enemies esteem us The sovereign Congress then, it it thinks proper, ctn make peaoe; the [Executive] government neither can nor would de other than make war It ia true that the , nation, distracted by to many ravoIntions, is not now st powerful as when it took its pltce among sovereign States; hut tho hour has ariired to show to the eyes of Europe that, if its energies are weakened by auvarsity, its patriotism and its valor have never been crushed by fear, ai d thai it la absolutely deaided that its name shall be erased from the catalogue ol i nations by the edge of the American sword, before nib torndng its Ignominy and infamy in a shameful treaty. Such are the seutimente of the government, and in ' manifesting them io your excellency, with the assurance I that such will be those of the State under .your worthy chsage, I reiterate my lost regard and du* consideration I tied and Liberty. Mexico, November 37, liMfi. I LAJRAONA ?? "II L ML |RK 1 [0RN1NG, MARCH 16, 18 MAIL. ROUTI* IN MB*ICO. OCB POINT*. TKt fSrit Column sAuwi th* Diotancd Irum Plaoo to Placo?Tk* Second one ihout tK* Dulanct from tocK Plact to tho City of Mtoico. From Mziico to Pcbbla and Viu Caoa. From Maxica u? A- To 'I eptyihuU^,. 7 II yot a T 0 " Peru a T J# To Rio Frio 7 It " Li* Tiga* 5 M " sou Al* tin 7 St " J ItfJ ...... 7 7| " Puab a 7 Si " klocrro... ..... 4 75 " Amo* ru* t SI " Pneiiic fiacional S IS "'e t 3# " AlauaLtial (Ilia " INopalue* S 41 -iprlug) 5 SI " Ojoda Agna ... S 45 "Varairaa 5 ?I From Maueo to Tampico From Mtsieo to To Cuot* da PiaaiUoadalu a .... I ? ao 4 4S | To Baa LrinOhal... 4 i " Jaiipau 10 53 ! ' Han Mate i litla- *' Atlapaaoo 6 50 j liu ca 10 15 " La* Flora* 10 CO i " dclMoii- " Taulovuca S 71 , le S Si " Uo* Uaero*... . 4 70 " Alotonilco *1 " Tuiieare 5 01 ' Hr.iiJe 4 if " hUterillo 7 SO i " Kio itrmde 0 " Li Kmp?ln?da . 4 02 1 riaciaoda de " Buriiaviiu .... 4 96 i.uadalupr ... 0 it " LI Arroyo dal ,, ft'" W|?'WKVi * ? .IWOH | 1| (| Zacnilupan ... J 10 " 'i'jmpira 4 i04 _ ?*?* Mkio? ToArifouo. t0 'i'o Zuinpaiifo 4 St J"?- i 4 1" I bilpiocmBo 1 67 lo La Von. a del A- ? Kici'uda de Ha u* ?i i .7 cahuixoile 7 74 / Heicmlaqne ... C 13 " do Boe? * 1 17 ??vi?u 4 7it ... 1 22 " Do, Cam uoa . J Hi t PuentoOelitU.. 5 27 "Tenia de Palo ?i ir M Gu do 5 a$ 1 uxpao ........ 4 34 " I.ot Potuelos... 7 93 I epecnaeailco . J 41 ' Do, Arroyos... 6 <K> .. Veuli d2 Palnla 6 *7 " Veaia del Kgido 4 Kll n?. a'fcf *i" i *" " Venta Vi?j, ... j jw? "VenufifeV 5J A?p?iw i no lota... 7 CO ""K'wQ"""*", Uvaoa. ajaua r Saw Blas. t Meaieo to To Loa Alamos ... 3 104 1 alueponlla ... 3 o " Siua g m To Hacienda de la " Lot itaachoa de 1" t'?e.C.^.'u? ? J .Tierra Color-da 4 116 Wit'tW 1 7 Fneute de Calde Muoimetoca ... 4 U rou ..... 9 121 r. & 'fcl,?de B,u * ,s "R'" O'Mde.::. s js .. ?! "" I 14 " Ctuadal-jara.. . 7 n. Hacienda de Ban " La Vent, 6 H,a < ? If l'ViT" "... cho de Mercd.. J 110 rJI i V ?oI'u 2# ii* " La Haeiei.Ua de V Vf a"j" ^ " Huasca C 144 La Hacienda de " Amuatoa 4 no I .. Arroyoaarco... 3 31 " eqana....... j " M/iUii*M'n 5 ? " **" Hacieuda de < . ^ M?*dalena...lO IC< L i Vlii'' 5 i ^ ot Kanchoa de ' A1?0 a 43 Tepnrqeiti... .10 175 < rlu " j"""" ? " " L' Macn-uda del ti- a". i Porteauelo ... . 9 lot 4i j w? ^ " LN UarriQGAi 1 lbtt ( Kio dei Qoichitl iX 62% "latlao y }97 " b.i J* 6i " Agaacailan .... 4 2i;l Salamanca 0 74 ' T? itan 4 209 , ' P??o 4 "'4 ? (taota laabel.... ? 21J Urconee.,,. ... .11 99 " Zepotlan i 2311 LaPuatadeSaa "HmLeonela eSI Hec'euda de ' Uaariatemba... 9 243 *"4e 7% 141 Ban Blaa 6 411 - J**0* M**ic? to Morklia, Z?mora aim) Coliua. From Mexico 10 To Ztmora 2% 101W Tn V?*J" 5 ? " Chirinda i 1C4W To Lerma 7 ,3 " tJnarachite s 1,3 T? RCR 4 14 ' Xiqailpam . 4 now ,1 J* J?!?* ? '1 " ' o.ralea j 1224C Han Kelipe del " Trompetaa.. . ?W 24 .. ,U.Ju,# * V'3 7 u " V.lidero. ..V.. 'x m% k* HaciemU de " < onria 5 iml i ' M.e,P*'?"0 ! " " Tamaxnla. .... 2? 41 Mararatio 9 49 ? Kio Cnbiutea.. . 2>J 14J i yrre?- 4 ?J " Zapolilque. .. | .. f""?l'ec??ro... 4 yi ieoqoiqtia;.... $ 149* .. 3 82 " Pliocioar 3* lit ' kh"?. J ? " Bocaa. ?2 144* ,. d #9 " San MSrcoa... . 2* 14' ' lirwtaran T 78 " Tooil* 3* 180* Luatro | (2 " I* Albanada... 2 16?S :: f? ?* " C m.chiu j I67H .. Tlaaaaalea 4 i?2 " Col i ma 4 178s Banuagaillo. .. . 4* 88 _ ,, , F?om Micxioo to Oajaoa. From Manco to A- To La Vault... ... 2 <3 _ \ 2 9 " Lalarera 7 7# To Hio Frio 7 U " 8<>ii J una do 10a .-an Martin 7 21 Cuea I 78 " Paabla 7 26 " Qoinrapec 4 82 ' Atnoioqu# 4 32 "Has Pa.lro S M i .1?"'* 4 s? " Dominfoillo... 4 82 "LaVanta 6 41 " Trapicha da Ara" Tlaeotapac .... 4 48 goo . 8 92 ' Tahoieaa 8 44 " Baa Jum 7 IDS Man Sabaatiaa... 8 SI " Oajaca 7 111 _ m, Kaon Mcaico to Duaaneo. From Ma*ioo to Sao To Hw. Gartiddia.. 7 111 Jaaa del Bio... 0 4J " Sao r raoaucode ,'OBle from LoaAdamaa... 4 124 Maucu to Qua- Haiogio s 148 _ f,u O;) , " Zacatleaa ,.f... 7 147 To La Polio*...... s as " la Oalara S 143 Cairhimcqaillaa ? 67 ? Fraaoillo 7 188 " Loa hieia IS 03* ' RaocboOraad*. 8 181 .. 5 " La Kaaondida... 4 173 Atoouilco, a ho " 2 tin 8 179 .. Wario 4* 74 " Araaal S 184 ?' Galhnero I 80 Sombratate .... 4 180 " La Quraaada... 7 87 " Calab cat 8 188 Baa oallpa 4 81 " Malaroa 4 3?l Raneho da 8u. " Rao Qoiotia ... 7 *? .. kfiienia 89 " Haeiaoda da la ' Ojaaloa 4 104 hiu a m " knciaillaa 7 111 " ? da Anavacol" Lu Laini 1 lit Ian 7 131 Liejega Grande 133 11 Derngo 3 214 Kaon Mexico to tmc PainciraL Town* in tnt a.*vtaon* From Mexico to Han To PopotU 1 Angel !>,' T>cnba IK ToCoyoaeau I " Attcapoaaleo 2 " t'liurubaaeo 3 " Baataaua de loa Rsme" Praoa do lot banoa.... 1 dioa 1 " Mixeoae 3 " 8-maano do Goads" Tacnbata Iff Inpo 1 " 1 a Hacienda do lot Mo- " Meiicaleingo 3>4 ralea ....I " la'apalapan 1 " B?u Joaqotn IX " Iitacalco I MEWS FROM THE PLAINS. PaWRXB Foax, Jan. 24, 1B47 ?I arrived at the Fork laat evening, and to-day moved up the river about a mile, elected a altuatiou, and will root for twenty-four hour* While I am writing, the anow flake* are driving about my abetter on the wing* of a very oold wind. It don't look promising for even an old voyageur, but I bare no fear* at to my ultimate auceeta in getting through?not. However, without tome difficulty. T met twelve teamatera yeaterday, who are engaged with Harvey, of Boonville They loat aia mulea at the Point of Rocka?atolen, they uppoae? and in a anow atom at the croaaing of the Arkanaaa their remaining mule* periahed with cold ? I'wo of the men'* feet are badly froxen. Thlt la the third atorm I have encountered since atarting?what I mean by atorm you will well underatand?one of thoae old faahioned, aearehlng vlaltera peculiar to thia region Thua far I have aucoeeded In keeping mulea in good order, by aelectlng good camping ground and carefully ooveiirg them from the weather; but from thia forward the enow la 10 deep and camping grounds ao unpromising that I will leave my mules behind and take it a loot. I have, sometimes, on my Journey, thought of your comfortable rockiug chair and the warm Ore which a few week* liuce I anioved at four hnanitahla manilnn ? tV>? reoollection.even, amid tbia hurlj burly of old winter's now en the plaini, it refreshing. I took the new trail trom Council Qrove, end have lound it better travelling for peck enimele then the old roed?more timber and better camping ground*. From the beet information I c-tn gather, ' opt Murphy peseed the croieing of the Atkansaa about the Oflth of December, and ie no doubt by title time safe in Santa Fe. Tell " Bad Hand" (Major Fitrpatrick) that he need hare no approhenaion tor my aneceae, for if I hare to abandon mv mules in consequence of the snow, 1 will progress with leas labor and more apeed on foot. SOL. F. 8UBLKTTE. MILITARY MOVKMKNT*. Major John T. Arthur left Columbus O . on Thursday last lor the seat of war, whence he otitis a abort time ago It ia ssid that though ill and ao afflicted aa to be unable to do duty he has been anxious to get bar k to Mexico for some time, and has resolved to go aa he is .NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. The United State* steamer Scorpion, baring had her repairs completed, made an expeiimental trip up the river, at Philadelphia, on Satuiasy last. Shots said to be a ajvift vessel, and is about to proceed to Tampieo. [From the Beaton Advertiser, March 16 } i U B brig ACtna, one of the vessels recently fitted at j the navy yard lor a bomb ketch, sailed on Saturday for ' thn Gulf of Mexico She will be followed soon by the Stron boll, fitted In the same manner. Baik Smyrna, with the rem?inder ol the Massachusetts regiment, is to leave thia mnrnlog for Braeoi Santiago. Emiwrattomto Tkxas ?We have learned with pleasure that the tide ot emigration is ngain netling with an increasing current to the frontier settlements in the Cross Timber*, and along the line ol the i Braios and Navasoto. The emigrant* who are aattling in the State appear to prefer the elevated, undulating country in tho*e lection* to the more rich but probably lam healthy region* near the coaat It baa been aioermined that there ha* been, comparatively little air knee* daring the la*t two or three year* in the " limestone country," extending from the TrUitv to the Braaoa, including the oountry at the aoureee of the Navasoto : it la probably owing to thla faet, that *o many emigrant* are turning toward* tboae section*. It ha* olten beau remarked by traveller*, that region* in which limaatono i* the predominant rook, ar* almoit invariably healthy ? Theta coUDtriei, however, are olten mbjoct to epidami?e that prove aa fatal there ae elaewhare. Thia ba* beeD proved at Bexar. Laredo, and Camargo, which, although underlaid by limestone, and lurroundod by limeatone ledge*, have been viilted, during the past summer by di*ea?ea that proved remarkably laial. At Camargo, ! the number ol deatha during the peat summer, amennted i to eight or ten each day for several aocceeding days ? | At Larado, a large number of poraona died from an epi i demic resembling the bilieuedysentery A eimilar and I equally fatal diaoaee prevailad lor a short period in the upper part ol Montgomery county, and in a portion where limestone 1* fouud in abundance. Still, however, it rnuil be admitted that persona residing in limestone region*, are lee* liable to disease than those who reside in sandy or elevated region* Such conntriea are generally uioro elevated, an 1 aa lhay are well drained, they are usually dry, and the air, consequently U more pure ; and bracing ? Hovtlon (Tnai) TVf'grepA Licrnsks in Vermont.?The ryieation of granting licenses for the a tie of intoxicating drink* has recently been submitted to th* people of Vermont The Montpelier Wmtthmmn state* that the vote* of the State are not yet canvassed, but that th* majority against th* granting of license* will bo from MOO to SOOO WinJtor county gives about tooe majority? Chittenden ditto? 1 Caledonia about sao?Orange MO?Washington 40. Ad I dison, Rutland and Wlndnam have also given largo 1 majorities L_l. . tlJEK^ 47. Tlae Recaption ot tit Hon. John O. Calhoun at CtaaT!eatoa~PuUttcal flvveutnti at lha Month. [From the Charleston Courier, March 10 ] lo pursuancn of public notice, the citiaeus of charUeton District assembled at the Now Theatre on Tuesday evening, tha 0th ins'. The mealing waa called to order by John E. Cerew. Esq., acd on his motion, Hon Hanry Bailey waa appointed chairman. The Chairman having announced the meeting organised and ready to proceed to busineaa, Mr f Delia Torre, ?(ter some eloquent prefatory remarks, introduced the following resolutions i? Resolved That the cltisans of Charleston have observed with pride and pleasure, tha able and dignified conduct of tlio Hon. John C. celhoun, in defanoa of the rights of the south and the guaranties of the constitution Resolved, That his efforts in their behalf deserve the highest approval and fullest routtdanoe of his constituents and this meeting tender him their cordial welcome* on his return to his home. Resolved, That a committee of Irs be appointed to wan upon -vir. lainoiin, ana request bis attenaanca at the meeting, for the purpose or addressing it upon the present ominous aspect of public affair*. In accordance with the last resolution, the President appointed the following gentlemen hi the committee to wait upon Mr. Calhonu and invite his presence at the meeting, vis Messrs. P Delia Torre, W. A. Priogle, Joseph 11. Dukes, Kobert Gcurdin and Alfred H Dunkin Mr Hit** moved the appointment of a committee of twenty-Ore persons to prepare and report resolutions for the consideration of the meeting, in regsrd to the action of Congress upon the proposed amendment of the Three Million Bill, known ae the Wiltuot Proviso. The motion was carried. Hon. John C. Calhoun was then introduced to the meeting, when the entire assemblage rose and received him with enthusiastic cheering, wiiioh having at length subsided, The chairman, in bahalf of the large end respectable portion ol the cltix >us of Charleston there present, cordially welcomed their distinguished guest. ? Mr. Calhoun briefly but feelingly returned his acknowledgments, and was conducted to a seat on the right of the chair. Mr Hayne, from the commltteoof twenty-Are,submitted the following report and resolutions: ? The aommltteo to whom has been referred the grave question which haa brought us together, bog leave respectfully to usroRT. That In the opinion of the Committee, the development! of the laat year, at the aeat of the Federal Govern merit, and in the nen ilvoholling State* generally, nidi cat* a condition of things, in regard to the domestic in stiiu ions peculiar to the South, lequiring the inostgiave and earnest consideration of tho whole people of the slave holding Scale* Vour Committee think they per ceive in the events of the session of Congress which has Just closed and of the latter part of tha preceding session, in the tone and temper of the Northern press during the intervsl. und in in* ?... i ' the most of the Don slaveholdlng Status, concluiiro evidence of a fined determination, on the part of these (States that slavery shall uot hereafter exist inauy of the tertitoiies of the United States, and that no States shall he admitted into the Union whoso cons'itution tolerates its existence. 1 he Committee present an impartial statameut of the laots and circumstances upon which this conclusion rests. The first indication which thay propose to notice is the "Wilinot proviso." introduced by a member from Tenn sylvania, at tho olose of the session of Congross of lssi year. This was an amendment of the Two Million Dill, authorizing the eppropriation of that sum for negotiating a peace with Maxico, which providad as "i fundaments oondiiion" to the acquisition of any territory trom the Repubiio of Mexioo, "that slavery should he forever excluded." This passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 84 to 80. At an early period of the session just expired, e bill was reported for organising a territorial government In Oregon, and In this, agdin, was introduced the proviso that slavery should be loiever excluded; all reference boiug purposely omitted to the line of compromise, establi-hed in the adjustment of the Missouri contieversy This could here beeu intended only as the enunciation ol a prinoiple?the principle of the Wilmot pioviso?that slavery should be excluded from all the territories of the I United States. Kroiu the high noithern lati'ude of Ore I gou, and the natuie of iu productions, it i* clear tnat no e, prehension could have been entertained that slavery wmuii sin urn actually introduced into that territory ? Batidei, the good iaitu with whiou the South hat aver adhered to tha compiomiiei which at trariou* time* the hai, for the take ot harmony ami union, entered into with her kilter Slates, w?< a guaranty tha aha would uevei Hik lor tha extension oi slavery beyond *9 degrees JtJ mioutaa of north latituda. tha line of the Missouri com promise. What*v?r may have been tha dotibta enter tainad in tha South, a* to the propriety of having j ieldetJ thii much, no one man in tha South bai eyer prop aad t violation ol thia comproulaa Wbencu then tha pretence for tha premature introduction of aucb a piovixion ai tc Oregon, union ?? tha enunciation of a principle, intend ed at the DUllH t/f fa?u? atitnn or trllQI ifl ?" ?<?, ?*o U gratuitous 1 isult to tUo South 1 But if we ere allowet I to doubt upou tha bill itself, tha rota upon Mr. Burt'i : emendmont waa not to be mistaken. He propoaed th< , extenaion of the Missouri compromise line, wcattvard ? the Rocky mountains, to tae baciuc, and It waa rejectei I ha a lartra malnritv The next manifestation which your committee woul present, U the motion by Mr. Preston King, of New York to introduo? bill pro riding for the appropriation o throa miliiona, for negotiating a peace with Mexico, a Uahing thereto substantially the Wilmot proviso. Thi ; wa* sustained by a large majority of the Homo ol Raprc tentative*, anJ only failed bee.u?e the rulea required rote of two third* to grant leave to latroduco a Dill oti 01 ita oriler. Tula movement from New York was followed by Mi Wit mot's renewal of hia amendment of tl e session pre ceding, which was carried, and the bill sent to he Henat of the United States, with the Wilmot proriao attache thereto. While before the Home, a member from 111 noU, (dr. Dotiglati,) againpropoaod the adoption, iu tin matter, of the line of the Miseouri compromise, whic proposition was again rejected. It is true that in the Senate, the Wilmot proviso wa defeat, d by a vote of thirty-one to twenty-one, but you committee are constrained to believe that it wou'd be dangerous delnaien to look upon tin* vote aa indicative c the views of the Senate upon the principle involved The icmarks of the Sena ton from the non-sieve holJini States, who voted nguiuat the proviso, evinced, clearly that they opposed it ooly because they thought it wa not the proper t ine and occasion to curry out the polic; it embraced. Nay. their own declarations muuifestei that those Senators, when the teiritory was acquired would be found united with the other Sviiitor* lroin th< uou-tlave holding States. Your commitleo consider the action of the Senate when taken in connection with the proclaimed intention of the Northern Henu.ors, voting in the majority, at strongly? c it.firm dot\ oi their conviction alietdy tut pressed, aa to the determination on the non-slave holdlui State*. In further support ol their conclusions your committal would refer to the tone and temper ol the press, botl whig and democratic, throughout the non-slave bolJiui States, iu the interval between the two seaaions of Cot great and dowu to the pTesent time, as affording abundai evidence that the people ot those States sustain the actio of their representatives in Cougiets. But this is not all. We have the further evidence c the action of the Legislature* of nine of the non-tlav< holding States who hare already moved in this mattei and we hare every reason to apprehend that the other will follow their example. Thu States which have a this time spoken, are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nev York, Rhode laiand, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maaai chuaetts, Ohio and Michigan. The I.egulutuio of thoei I State* have ail more thon(auctioned th? Wilmot They have paa*?d resolutions denouncing alavcry a- "i great calamity, an immense morel and |>olltical evil,' protesting against it* luilher estunsion, and ioxtruc'iii| their aoontois and requesting their representatives n Congress to resist iti introduction into any olhei State o territory oi the United States. Do not these (acta, which are indisputable, prove, t' demoncr tioo, the correctness ol the < pinion which yon committee here expressed, that a great majority ot tit people, oi both parties and ot alt parties, in ine uou-?Uv Holding Statu, havo deliberately determined that the it atnution of ilavery ahall not, within thu lioiita of the Un ted Autos. extend beyond tta prteeut boundary ; tnat i ahall not hereafter exist in any territory ; ami that n State ahall be admitted into the Union, in wh o'i it ta no lorever prohibited. It may be that party conaiderationa or views of polic; will pravout, for a timo, a deiluite ac.on ti, on thia detei minetion. but that ita enforcement, wh- n necessary, i tirmly teaolved on, your rommitfee < anno' dcmtd T wart lor lurtber evidence of u fixed intent, w ould be tin wiao and dangerous What ia proper to he don > iu tin premise* y our committee will not nndenuhe to recom mend They doetn It a great and aolcmn question, de mauding an inatant, calm and doliheiate con.iteration o every Southern man who volura the heritage derive' from our fathera, or our or n honor nnd safety. An ac tion of tome aort, Arm, united and concerted action, ii certainly neceaaary. Your committee submit that what the non slavcholdin| State* retard ai alavet y simply, I* with us a political in titution, by the preservation of which the two races ii the Southern States, who inhabit them, In net ver] unequal number*, may live together, * experience dc monstrates m peace and prosperity. Destroy thie rela lion, and the inevitable result would tie the destruetioi of one race or the other. No other relation has eve been suggested by which they can livo totalhar, iu mim hers so nearly equal, without a conflict. (. ontiuue thi relation, and the >levehohliog States wut remain a grra 1 and flourishing rummnnlty, iucreaaing in wealth am population, and adding n.Oio to tlie wealth arid prosper! ty of the reat of the Union, and of the world, than an; oiber community ol equal number. In any other tela tion, we will become Impoverished and wretched ? mi>* table ourseivea, without at nil contributing to the proa parity ami happiness ol others. To preserve this Institution, your Committee ate wel convinced that the aiaveholJirig States must jealously watch their lights under the constitution must Insis upon that pro j>ori lunate influence, intended to be secure* to them by the compromises ol thai compact? and abovi i all, must, at all hetsrde. and at all times, maintain th> i , equality, full and complete, With whatever other com munittea they hold cornier.tioo. At to our rigid*, under the cor a'itntien, we hold it t he clear and unquestionable, that he sltreholding Slate I are i ntitled to an equal participation in the territories c the United State*. And we utterly deny the right t Congress to exclude a new State, applying for admiasio to our Union, on account of the exiatouce ot any dornei tic institution w Inch was tolerated in the oilgmal thutrei | Your committee recommend the ndoptlon of the fo lowing reeolutionai? i lit, Hesolved, That in the pinion of thu meeting. L ti D. ?I)M ?*? OeMU*. ' ubmiulonto the propo*" A ?seln*ion trora in equality of betedt*. lu the undone* of lb; I a,uJ state* beyond what I- M.i vl by >iu MiriBttrl r ouj'prtmU... would be unwiti, Jai.jerouv dtvionoi?i,l, bii'ioK. *4 Hkioivad, tai* i question y^iiaaiiut to all corvldarationa of part/, m mrr? temporal poliry . and that ha who fal'er*, and t.?nu like barter* hi* birtbiigbt fcrumes* of pottage, it rec-eeiit to the rnimory of the put, to hi* duty in the pre?e-.t find a traitor to poitarity. Hi Ketolv.J, That thi* rneeiiog cordially mpond to tha resolution* 1 itely patted by the Hoima of Delegate* i iu the State of Virginia-that tbey hereby reiUrtte the *ame and adopt theaa. a* espteiting not only the ten** of this meeting, and of Cherleiton district, bat. at they he lieye.of the State of South Carolina, and, aa they oonft drntiy hope, of tho wholo aouth. The Vncinia reeolutioua are at follow*, viz >? De it resolved unanimously, by tbe Oen?ral Assembly of Virginia, That the government of tbe United States hoe no control, directly or in lirectly, mediately or ireme ately. over the instjrutione of slavery; and that, lu taking any tucb control, it transcend* the limits of its legitimate functions by destroy ing the internal organir ttion ol tha sovereigntiea who created it. 1 Resolved, unanimously, That under no circumsttui ces will this body recogniza as binding any enactment of the fedetal government whieh has tor its object the pro hibition of slavery in nnv territory to be acquired either by cooquost or treaty ; holding it to bo the natural and indefeasible right of each and every citizen of each and every State o( the confederacy, to reside with his property, of whatever description, in any territory which may be required by tbe arms of the United State*, or yielded by treaty with any foreign power. .1. Resolved unanimously, That this general assembly hold* it to be tbe duty ol every man, in eve: y section el this confederacy, if the Union ta dear to him, to oppoae the passage ol any law, for whatever purpose, by which territory to be acquit ad may be subject to such a restriction. Resolved, unanimously, That the passage of tbe above mentioned proviso makes it tbe duty of every slavuholdIng Suite, and all tbe citirans thereof, as they value their dearest privileges, their sovereignty, their independence, their rights ol property, to take Arm, united and concerted action in this emergency. The Chair having announced that the report and resolutions were before the meeting, Mr. Calhoun was loudly called for, and alter having expressed hii warm ap probation of the report and resolutions, spoke at much length in relation to tbe recent uction of Congress upon matters deeply involving the honor and interests ot the Southern States?and the aggressive spirit manifested In the noc-slaveholding States. He depicted, in most for cible language, the extant of this spirit?its origin?its objects?Its consequences, if not properly met?and the remedy. He was lepeatediy interrupted during the progress oi his remuiks, by the plaudits of the audience, anJ at its close the whole assemblage manifested their con currence in m louuniomi uj uie iiiuntuuiuiiMHu cuwi tho question we*,then taken on the report and reeolutiom of the Committee, end they were adopted by acclamation. On motion of Otia Mills, K?q, the meeting adjourned. Personal MottuienU. Fx-President Adauia is still at the seat of government. He is to sit to Powell, the portrait painter, before leaving | W ashing ton Secretary Mason is conlned to his bed at Washington i by indisposition. Governor Whilcotnb, of Indidita, arrivedatCelamtras, ' Ohio, on Friday last Senator Moreheud aad daughter, of Kentuoky, arrived | at Columbos, on Thursday. Governor Bebb arrived in Cincinnatti on the 8th; also Hon. L. A. liaunogau, >1 C , of Indiana, Hon. M. Brown, M. P. Gentry, and A. Cullum, of Tennessee, on their way home from Washington Political Intelligence. The Legislature of Pennsylvania adj.uroed yesterday. Kmery D. Potter, democrat, is elected Mayor of Teledo by as votes. The Ceuncil stands six democrats aad mx wbigs. fhe Wisconsin Legislature has elected A. A. Toaney, Territorisi Printer; J U Knapp, Librarian; John White, Kugister, and Usvid Merrill, Heceiver of Canal lands. Thomas Htauhope Flournor, is the whig oendidate tat Congress, in tho Halifax District oi Virginia. Crackers and Cbecic, The amount reeeived by the Irish telief committee M i Albany,up to Saturday eveoiug, was ya.ees U Wild pigeons are selling at Cincinnati, at 40 cents per d.ien. The Weliand canal is to be opaned for navigation ca I the 1st ol April. i The Hudson is navigable to I'oughkespeW i (JrviL War iu Illinois?Thr Rimedv.?Ttio outrages lately perpetruud in llliuots by the law* ' I ii very comprehensive la iu provision*, and ?iA | dcient to include nearly every supposable connexion ' with th? art* or doings of rioter*, or disturber* of the 1 public peer.*. Oovarnor French i* *aid to havo Uanod , ui* proclamation to Judge Scale*, of tho circuit in whioh :1 Mumo county i* lituated, directing him to bold a district ' court under tbt* now law, for tho trial of thoao who have 1 rocently been engaged in disturbance* in llist end the ' ad joining counties. It is expected that the conrt will be * held at aa aarly a day aa it can ba convened and organiied. It la understood that the legislature havo also ' passed a law making it a highly penal offence, punishlt '.hie by impriaonment in the penitentiary for a toraa of j ears, for any person to participate, aid or abet, in any J- way, in exciting a mob, or taking any part In it ^ Ship BniLDiNO at tub Wkst?The bark John H Painum, Captain George Hatch, laden with oora, , and bound for Cork, Ireland, arrived here yesterday b from Marietta, Ohio, where she has been built Mho is one oi the finest sail vessels ever constructed la the 4 West, her tonnage is about three hundred tons, tod she r has a beautiful oabin, containing sufficient eccemmoda u tions lor twenty passengers As there is not water |( enough on the falls, her muat* have been taken down to I enable her to pass through the canal. She sails, or more properi) speaking, she floats, to ley?-Loviirill* Jaw nal, March 8. i c 192 Broadway, Cornkb op John Stkrit, 1 TO THOSE WHO bHAVb THEMSELVES. 1 I From the Bo<too Traveller 1 > |?INO'? VERBENA C HE AM?This sharing composed , itnoDg those who prefer 10 gather their own din'sal crept ? i I I'he b rbera my tuat a pot of it lasts twiee M long as the m; , qiikoutyol auyotlier saponacious preparation .while those who it* iheir siapences declare that with the Verbena Cm* a dull later will miurc a smoother far* thsa moat of the old I snaps with a ahap steel, bei'des it fragrut to the sees*. I softening >o the akin, a great destroyer of freckles, ptmplae. I , sic ; and whs) it better llian all, in these bard times It is sold a almost for a toe a ? Wh testis aud retail,by CHAHLES n. RING. ' m lm?rh Drnggtst, 1W Broadway, tonm John at. | IMPHOVF.l) MAGNETIC MACHINES. n ! MOOREHEAD'S GRADUATED MAGNETIC lf | MACHINE. , 'PHIS Instrument la an important IniproTamatit otw all ' | 1 other forma of inautifteiure, and tins been adopted br the r> j medical profession generally, aa the moat effectual machine in a,a. It ia perfectly simple in construction, and therefore it I not liable to set oat of order, aa ia the Rase with similar la. t aim mania. It admit* of perfect control,and can be graduated v to any power adapted lor any infant, or anfieient for the . strongest adult, ai the pleasure of the operator. The Bag ueric f >rre ia imparted in >i coatinnona manner, and with no ' uuplnaaaut aeasation to llie moat delicate patient. It rrqairea oo auiaiaut in its use, and is, in erery respect, perfectly liamileas. ( Each machine ia cumpactly arranged, with the battery and j all necessary appliances, pnt ap la neat rosewood eases Ae r romp'tuymg each are fall directions regarding its ate and ap pile .it mn. UJ7* Owing to the facilities poaaenaed by the aabacriber, 1 tba Omiluated M gnetic Machines are aold at pricra eqna'ly r low at thoae ahargad for infrrio? articles. They ran be reedat ly tent to auy part of theeoantry. ,, ft ire of the maehinea $9 tit. and t'4 ench. aenording to . site aud finish, anil ear h imtrumani la warranted. Many < f the curea perl lined by thia macbiae are traly, some of them iu diaeaaea ol the aoet tedioea and painful cluracter known to the medical profession. la all 0 iierTona r .mplain a the eltecta ire almost ntagieal. t I'hyaieiana and others are cautioned againat purehaalng the imiietious of these machines, under whateter Base, ae thwy ,. will be fnnnd of li'tle or no ealne. Manufactured and for sale, wholesale i^^a|L to TO IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN ? WOOLLENS. HMIWF.ON k CO., Rehniahera of Cloths, OMkMrea. ke , No. Ill West street The gold medal has bees f warded by the imerieou Inititnre, for their anterior maw 1 > nar of isfiniahi ./ Orders n ay be left at? . | Masara ?V o.cott k Hlade, No. BJ Fine street. iVm C 1,angler i Co., M Kiebange rieeo. " D Urighun fc Co.' M Piee street. ITo whom they reler T I !? ? . rpHK inventor and ptlnlrt of the above highly important r | A. inatrmnent Tor truing the roudition of the Lu|? and ' Chest. be?? to inform >11 Dime who m if bn afflicted with nay ' lymprnmi of thit diaeaae, mit ilie precise Condition of nn> I tirmi ttu he acenrnelv aaceri-ined by applying to M?,at Mi ? roomi, tt tho Ail or Home, where hit inveution can bo testt ?d, piofeeiionally He mvitea the Ueolrym general, to inapeci 'bu new end imp .rum invention, between tho boon of # 1 l| aed I n'elnch ar tho tilnr Home f> lm?rh 1 t% fWU) DOZEN PATENT SHIRRED SUSPEN i APj Vjyjyj Dr.RS, embracing over twenty it loe end ! pni ei, varvmg from below $1 to ? per doaen. for aale *te f i bbera end ntxiitere, end et retnl, by the only tnannfacin rer of the I <brte la the Lrmtad StaU*, and eielaatre o? net of < ell the t menu lot processes ta the manufacture of there ' g ode H. H. DAY. fSA lie ere g? C.oortlsgdt irree i idnTtf.M itirlJse,. iir Vv tohK.'f r Colleetor'a OR e, Mareh Id IW7. S i M OHM'E?Pvaona h>vmg good# in the public ore. No J In it Wathioiton etreet, ire notified that ou th? lt-t March I inktaut. all ai ode remaining in aaid itn e will be removed In 3 ihe I lined H'a'er Bonded Wtrrbeix. Comer ol fcio?dwa? r and Kae'iange Pi ire, at iha nab and etpena* ol the owner, nonriguee or agent. mt trier re C W I. A WW ENCK. CelV ? LIUUIU tlAllC 1Mb e MO K.UUAL? Ihe impiovenieiit of IMS?ALEXAN it iv DKi/s THICOB APHE, which ineiaaianeoealy eolori ? the Hair a natural Flack or Bn wn, and inn il he I etntT end slnatinn of ronrh, and If warr -nred nenlifi i *-?h m rub nll r.r n.iil the tb.ii The proprietor ainse ita iii'proae 1 m?m, prerentr it III the pnblie w irh fhe nuno.r i onllde. ee ae l. barmy no equal, and a? a perfe. t Dye. Koranic by llofbtoe I. h Co , Broadway ; J t An: u.vil', tViliiam street ; John non, Mo re Itiaylor, Maiden laaue . aort .A II h D Nanda, New York?and hythe .!? agrntr f it ih felt In* re II h U A WhlOH I. Philadelphia

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