Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1847 Page 3
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It1 > ' I ?- ? ?r.1 4 ooo lbs N* W fold on private terms Roulk S?? wo quote ? S4* i-ki nHTi?Too riwtliKfif tiltl'? lif l^lua up 'or Irel ?l lit -itd lor grain in sacks To bivetp. oi. engage- I m- c reported ut 6a 61 n 7? lor flour, and dSd a 24i lot g. j ii io sucks : and to Ireland, 22d was offered tor grain in rack*, and 7a for Hour in the mi< veaaaL To Havre, they were aaid to be dull, while to London vie heard of no engagements Al/trrls <1. Un Sunday evening, Uth iriataut, hv thn Rev llecry Davia, Mr Satinet. J Skslkv. of U. S. Navy, to Miss I.tdia Ann OviKTov, client daughter of Lharlea Overton, Esq , of tbia city. Died. On the Nth instant, lltNti.ita P ,daughter of Char I I dle IV.elps and Martin Van Hnvcnbnrgh. aged 8 years, lo months und 19 days The lrienda of the family are respectfully invited to attend her fur,eral, Irotn the residence of her father, 14 i humbers street, this morning. 16th instant, at 10 o'clock, AM I Yesterday morning,, wife of A. Isaacs, of Mon- 1 t.go Bay, Jamaica The friends of her mother, Mrs. P. Matks, ore invited to attend her funeral, this morning, at 9 o'olock, from j No 97 Clinton Pin'e. Un Monday, 16th instant, Bsbvt Shokttkl, in the 67th year of her age. The friends and acquaintance* ol the family, and Ihcso of her sons, Charles C. and Edward Shoettell, are invited to uttend her funeral, from her late residence, *"<0. .in roil street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at a o'ciook On Monday, the 16th instant, (.'onon is Mott. only daughter of William and Dorothy Lumber, aged 1 yeur iin-1 7 months. The ri'lHtivoa and friends of the family, as al?o the members of ilininan Lodge No. 107, I O. of O F , ure respectfully invited to attend licr funeral, this afternoon, <i* liult past 1 o'clock, Irom the residence of her parents, Old Third street, without further in .italion Her remains will h-> taken to Greenwood Cemetery. At Beckmantoarn, Westchester county, on Sunday, >ho 14th instant, Mrs. Coknm.ia list kma.v, relict of Gerard G. Beekman, and daughter of Pierre Van Cort Jandt, formorly Lieutenant Governor of this State, iu the 'Jtiih year of her ago The relatives and Iriends of the deceased, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on Thursday morning next, at 9 o'clock, from her late residence. Weekly ltepwrt of Drvllu lu (be City mid County of New \ ork, from the olh day of March to the 13th day of M.irch, 1B?7 Men SI; Women 67; Uoys 1,7; (iirlstl Total 2S? UlSKASr.s ? Apoplexy. 9; 'ngiua, 1; Bleeding IV. m stomach, 1; Burnruor beamed, 1:*, broach tis, 4; Catarrh li Cancer, I; Casualties, 2; I otic, I; Consumpuou. 46: Couvu'smns, II; Croup, lO; Cyanosis, 1; Compression, , JDcbrlity. S'Dsliruim Tremens, I; Diabetes, 1; Diarihusj.l; Dropsy, S; Drop( I'sy is the tiead, 12; Dropsy m ilie chest, I; Drowned, 1; Dysentery. S; Epilepsy 4; Erysipelas, 4; F?ver, 3; Fever Puerperal. 3: Fever -carlet. 6; Fever,Typhoid, 2; Fever.Typhus. 3; Fever Hectic, I; Heart Disease. of5; Hoopinit Cough 1; I n tl?in in a ti.-ii, 1; IntUinmatK u ofhladiler. I; Indumnation 'I brain, 3; lull immaiimt of bowels, 7; lull ninnat ion of clieit, I ;lnrlainin>-tion of lungs, 17: lull .m mat ion of tliroat, I; lull uniiiitmu ol liver, 2; Marasmus, 7; Measrls 20; Mo?tiflcauoii. 1; Oi l age, 3; I'alsy. 2; Premature birih, 4 ; Purpura, 1; Hupture, 1; Scrofula, 1; Tcenung. 1; Ulcers, 1; Ulceration cl Intestines, 2; Ulceration ol'Throar, 1. Axe-Under one year, 46; I to 2 years, 3D; 2 to 5,38; 5 to 10. 10; 10 to 20, 6; 20 to 30, 32. 30 to 40, 28; 40 to 60 13; 50 to 60, 9; 60 to 70 9; 70 to 80, 8; 80 to 90, 7; unknown, 1 CORN'S. B AH' HER, City Inspector. City Inspector's Cffiee, March 13, 1847 TAYLOR BROTHER'S SPECIE AND B\i\K NOTE EXCHANGE OFFICE, No. 76 Wall street, corner Pear! s-reet?Mr. Alexander Taylor, late of the linn ol Taylor h. Pmilh, would be pleased to see his old friends nnd customers ss above. mid 3tis?r iju i 1/ a ii-' l- wia, ?sro m ? ii na i xiv.ivn.iri xicc-iowiso li* Uli lUYlfl. N. Al, VUY from the north of lie. many would be hap|>v to dernte a portion ot her time to Riving luitructiou in Cietmau at llie residence of pupils Application i.i person or by le.'fr,'to No. 8 md 10 I liii'nn Place in 16 lm*r STEAM PlLE DRIVING. THK undersigned ar? p ep oed to contract for the diiving of Pile* by steam rower f r foundation* of the largest class i f Chores. Warehouses, and other buildings iu New Yo It o' it? vicinity. I. 6t J UK VOK, New York, .March 1C. 1817. 313 hix h atrret. A machine ctu be seen in operation tc-dav in rear of the Me h diat cbntcli, corner avenue li anil Dth atieet, east aide i f Tumi kins fiijuare nalH lt*r ""COME TO THE RESCUE." rpHR NKW YORK Roman Catholic Total Abstinence JL Beneficial "Society will bald a public ineeting ou the 17;h ol March, 1817, in the bvaement of .-aint James Church, James street I he Key J. N. Hmi h will preside, and administer the Total Abstinence Pledge to those who may with to take it. The public are invited to atteud, as mere are islenied speakers engaged for the occasion, without auy distinction of party or C'eed. Meeting to come to order at 7 o'clock. Admittance free. The f out se ts reserved lor ladies. There wi I be a collection taken up iu uid of lie suffering po. r of Ireland KDWA U DUN'i, Ch irnian, mlfi 2 * rc KUORNE HHIN8ee. Com. of Arr. PISHl -1> TACKLK, wli lesale aud retail, at t le Anglers' liepct. 12? Kulrou sceet?We < ffer to anglers end dealeis iu kishing l'sckte.aii extensive assortment of Limrrick & Kiiliy kish Honks, < anion i,d other Kish Lines, Una's, Keels, Knot, bilk Worm (Jul aud every deac.iptiou of Anglers' uirterials, of '.lie best quality, aud nit t lowest cash prices JOHN J. BKOWN Ik CO , 122 Kullon, near N 'ssan street., N B ?The Soekdalhger Knli Hi.oka are for tale at tliia eataMishmcnt m!6 It'ic DIAMOND POINTED GOLD PENS. IK yon want a good Gold Pen, go to J. (J lavage, 92 kultou street. He will sell a first int- pen Tor (2 only, peucil inclti J? d. There the public mry rely upon finding a good assort neiit. and nuite a different a'ticle ruin the trashy pens, recently sold in the auction rooms about town, with nit the lens I'triiiaic vine whatever. mlb 11*1 BU.i.lAuD KOOM TO I.KT, III the city r.f BrooklynOne of the best situhtrdaud moil desirable Hi rima for Billiards is row to be let on moderate terms., Kor particulars apply at Natioual Hall, Brooklyn, of;L)ivi J H H ines. Possession givea on the first of May. mI6 Iw" rc l/wm WEST l DIA PUV1PKI.X8 lor or 1V/UU ? lice; 100 bhlaand JO half do. Cranierries-by JOHN H. JJHOA8 8c i O , 72 Vesev itreet, aud 136 Writ street, mlfi 3t*rc WailnuKton Market. GENERAL i OMPANY OK MANURE IN PARIS. Capital Six Milliom of fc'r iocs. riBENCH GUANO.? Fertilising Ci mpnata should not be X appreciated only for their quick action ui'Ou plants, but also for i heir permanent eflect on the toil ; Gunim, as it occure in l'rru or elsewhere, contains i very large quantity of Sulublr elements, and it, therefore, liab'e to audd-u de comnnaitiou. The compost I nowu under the name of French | Gu mo, although not ct iich as the Peruvian Guano wi l produce u more permanent benelicial elfect upou the soil ; it is combined wnh an antisep'ic agent which, not only deprivei it of nil diatgree*ule and uu' ealthy odor, but like wise combines iraeti with all the ninmooial products, and yields them to the punts gradually and according to their w a< ts 'J hit Company has ueeu formed f r the t urpose of advanciii. ayricul u;al inerrsts, by scientific ire tot, and has been tew <rded, by the French novrrcmrm, wnh several me lata. The above article can be obtained at BlAKNUlB FKEKhS, 113 William street, up stairs, Agents for theCouipauy. la'.t 3teod*rrc _ _. CURE FOR~GOLD.-j. " MK8. UARROLL'8 Medicated Vapor and Sulphur Baths, 181 Fulton street, opposite Chuich street. A ee tain cure for Colds, Coughs, Rheumatism, Sore Throat, and ell infl uniy diseases incident t? lha changeable st-'te of the weather. The Sulphur Vapor Butli it paiticsla ly lecommended by our first physicians ts a cure for all eruptions aud diseases ol the skin. No rlncgei of taking cold after the use of these baths. in'6 1m*r GREAT CURE. MORE EVIDENCE-READ AND BE CONVlNCIlD. | GENTLh.MEN?My son hal a serious and severccough end cold. He wasted daily until he became emnciited wnh I ot 'evert, uigbt sweats,srve.e pain in c e she, complete lois of appetite, and other Uufnyorable symptoms of consumption He tried various medicines, Irom neither if which he derived the least benefit Your candy w-a procured, and nfternsiug a small package o' the san e we noticed an improvement ; and after continued use, 1 am happy to say he baa entirely recovered Hit Cold has left him, and til other unfyorablc aymptims hare disappeared. Other members of the family have uatd the candy with gre't sueceta. Yours, tkc. MRS. DAVENPORT, 113 Henry street. J Frits St Sons ITs"- Nntii h, i pi.' ar? in ?nv; at- n n:.: ??. Aoent?? Hushton ic Co , 10 Aator House, 110 ao<l 850 Br an * ay, 273 Broad war. 188 Bower?, 05 Avenue U, 24 B xth ava. lie. 104 Chamber! street, 36 < otharii e street; ? ew ark ,\ J, :<n Broad atreer; Brooklyn, 1)9 Knliou street, 269 Fulton st; Williainsburgh 116 Fourth ? . m i K 11 r ' POSl" OFFICE, NEW YORK, I March 15, is 17. $ "II HK LATK LAW OF CONGKKlB, end tlie order of * the Postmaster General of the 13th inc. establish the folio ..inn: ? Postage is to be charged upon r.l| newspapers from I ublirhera ( > snbsc ibera. All cuculars, transient new?i apera and handbills must be prepaid thite cents lor each sheet; if not prepaid, they cannor he forwarded by the mails Letttrs, pti era, and pack ges, not erne, ding one ounce in I weight, ts> Officers. Musicians, and Privates of the Armv of theUuned hrates m Mexico, and at any noil or p'a' e in the IJni ed Biates bordering on Mexico. will pass tree iu the mails, provided on the addrera, after the name of the persou, is written " belousing to the army." If letters addre sed to d Herein persons are placed in the same envelope, unless addressed to foreign countries, a penalty ol ten dollars is imposed upon the person in ikiug the ssrhwure aali 3 is r KOBT. H MOHHI3, P.M. AID TO IRELAND 1*HK Ht. Rer. Bishop llughea having kindly off-red his . services to delivara lecture ouIreland furlhe heoeli ol the Buff r ng Irish, the Tabernacle t a> been engaged f?r B in - 1 day sveuing,2tilh lust Ltn'nre to begin at 7 o'clock. Tickets one dollar e ch, can be i ad Ironi any of the following members ol the committee: or at A T STfcWAKT it Go's Broad way, corner of lltade st. ' EDWA D DUNIOAN'S, No. 151 Fulton street. HUG-" KKLLV'B, No 138 flowery TERENCE U0NNK1.LT'8. No. 7 8. William street. CoMwiTwr. Philip Ho*it, Tr:nr:ierr Doi<reci.Lr, II. < iikIIhaM, I'll Bruit. A Br r.mont, ht? IH'Hnior, jr. (iroMii; Barclay, John Jav, Mortimkr Livingston, Fclii Iniiolpsnv, Vic tor iin Lalnav, 1?" J. Kr.ARierv Konnras, i Bi imsr Kiiown, Williah Htomond, Host. B. Mi.ntcrn. Hurt. J. Iiillon, A T hlKWAIlT, . T W. I'Lr.RKK, Jaatcs Hkvm'RN, Thos K. Davis, 'I HKODORE lcouwick, JACOB HARVPT. ml'i 6tr REMOVAL. THE Irish Emigrant Society hare removed their office to No. Ti Hpru-.e st in 15 Iw'rc gtAX/'k/As | ? An'aetive yonng man ofeonie business exjJOv/vrv/i perience, with the abuse sniourt ol run capital, would like t > eng- ge with eoma house already e- tahli-h d in a moderate, sate and profitable busiuesa, either as parlneror r)er!r. Ic the laitercoxa, would loan'hi: money, and le.jnire but a fair salary for his servicer . * A note addressed to K hoi 1461 Post Office, stating hneinrss.and wherei n interview cm be had, will be treaic t eonlidcutiRl'y. and meet with prompt tteuiio" m 15 ins'rrc Noncfe fl'HE UND4' HSlONED hnvi ic sncreeded to the business ! I lately carried on by nimiel, Campheue and fur- i prntiiie Distiller, r ITerr fcr sale a full assortment of naval so res and cr.mpheue, ol the Is' qua ily and at ihe lowest i rices JAW 1.3 KNOLE, 161 Front at. T' c ondersirned havi g constituted on* of the late firm of <',n ke Adams St < o., begs to stsie that ha hr.s no ollie, saccessor than the above. SAMUEL KNOCK. in 56ti- ' rc HOE TO IIAIK DRE8SER6 ASH WIG MAKERS. L5IIK SALE? \ will-known flair I)rea?ing Katablislim'tit, A ntnat'd in a Im mess put of U imdirir Fo Inrtlier pa ticulaisapplya. WILLIAM DHIBLKK A ' rr.V, Broadway MOURiNiNU COLLARS AT WHOLESALE. r|?|IK best to be found in the eity, at W-T Sinclair's 44M J. Canal street. Southern and eountry dealers will find it to their adraatage to oall before they purchase. f)6 lm*r yssssssBSf^sBBmaBBmsBamam LOST. ON i*.i. <t y, u,e ltth instant, in Kalton (tract, near Broad- J wuy.uiitlie north si-le. > kst Book containing a one ft hundred dollar city nt 1. a fifty dollar bill on the Fulton Bank, or c d fi?? dollars on tke Union Back. ... u ** Thr liader will be librrally. rewarded, and raceirn the l> llianka o the owner by leering it at 131 Mercer itrcct. ul mitt lt?r I LO.nT?On .Saturdiy alteruooa, m going Irom the eoruer | 0 ol Broadway and <Portland s'reet to the Jersey City Kerry, a lady's ainall Oold Watch, anchor escapement, m irk- | ed T A. Kobctts, Oeneya. 1893, notnorr in rate *439. The i tiudrr will obtain a auitah'e reward by leaving it at H. Palis- ? biry Ik Co.'a, Broadway. ml# It*re WANl'tU, 1 ARE8PECTAB1.E YOUNO WOMAN, as Wet Nurae, E Apply at 91 Walker at mlti lt?je yj liKbl'K /1'AHLE YOUNG WOMAN wants a aitna/\ tinn aa ehambermaid ar housework, or ia willing to take a eara of children, and ia well recommended I'rutn her laat em- Ki ployer; she can be seen for three days at 13i Christopher I street corner of Hudson street. ni IB 11 r |w ?anted-a sitnatiou aa Chambermaid on board ot a steamboat, by a respectable colored girl. AddretsJ. rs this office. _ tnl6 4tkrc | tf ITU ATI >N WAnILD" |? A YOUNO MAN is desirous of employment as clerk in a wholesale or latge ret<il grocery, or manufacturing "r establishment. Be has had eiperience enough to make htmself generally useful. Please address J. P. N., box 2011 Post Office. tnlg 2t?r j re AHEnPECTABLju WOMAN wants a situ* iou iu a re- i i pec table family, to do general house work: is a first-ralr . Cook and capable of holdiug any situation Also, a Boy li 1 years ot age,wauts]a situation in anOltice or Store; is capable | * ol keeping accounts or going ou errands. Please to call at lll'il'liatrv slwaf ' mio n*r j LETTEK WANTED. THE I'AHTV who received a letter for Mr. Edward | Wylde, passenger by ship Niaga d, will greatly ob'ige j him if p ey tend it to 143 Cedar meet, where tlie adveitiser I will he found. in It Jr r | j~ SITUATION WANTED, " i BY A YOUNG WOMAN as uurie or to do plain sewing j in tima'l private family (.an give the heit of city j reference. A uote addressed to A. 13. at tlm otficr wilt be ... i romptlr attended to. mli 3t*r ; ,u INFORMATION WAM'ttllnl'Ur. HENKY TROUT- | all I! UK LHIOPEDlb I", or Wife (Judi'h Medus Aubrey) by hia brother George. Oynpplviug to Chailes 8. Roe. Solici'or, etc., No. 38 Wall street, New York City, he way hear _J of viimeihiug to Ins advantage?ifdead, an y information will I be I haukfully received. in 14 3,*rc T<? t.AM") PROPRIETORS, FARMERS, Sta. I WANTED?By a mariied in in, witha small family, the | c~ management of a lann, on (hare* The adveruaeria "J?. practically ac juainted with all the recent imp ore- ' j'* menta in scotch and English agriculture, cattle, gardnuug, tultivt on of fruit treea, tic. Ike ilia wife haa a perfect ? knowledge of the mauvgeuirnt of a dairy, re.triug of poultry, | / Ike. The rnoat reapecrable city relereuce cau be given j V AUdreaa Agrieola, office of thia paper uiW lw*rc i fo WAN 1 ED; I J rpO purrhwe ;or vent three or four Billiard Tablea, for T JL winch I liberal price will be paid Good second MUM tablet would answer. t inquire at iaraiuauy Hall, ?l J. w ALLEN. _ in 11 lw?r _ ?pHE IMPROVEMENTS made m restoring (lie color and A clvaaiug ol Ueutlcmru's Oarmeu's is most astonishiug; O by the new proceia the cloth is cleaned relreahed and strengthened, and the color la mad* permanent, and finished '1 equal to new cloth, no matter how laded or soiled Bend to J the corner of Berkinan and .3*1 Naaaatt street, your gnrrnru>s gr shall be made equal to new ltepairing and altering in a first of rale style. Cash ptid for Geutleineu's Clothii g yj m!4 Iv'r LARGE ITALIAN CHESTNUTS. Ill It ANCI8 TADDKY haa tl e honor to inform his customers, and the public in geurral, that he has lately received Irom Italy a large quautiiy of eitra site Ch*snut?. called Murrain, which he will tell raw or roaated.nt his old stand, opposite the < tft'e dvs Mi'les Collounes. 307 Broadway, and corner of Wall street and Pearl. Taddey is from Switxerland ?a good old aoldie-?a ocphe-v ol William Tall?a fearless republican, and industrious man. He.has endeavored for the last eight veara to pie lie >he ladies, geutlemeu mid children with the delicious Iruir, and he deserves to be patrouiied by tne public. He therefore solicits a call at Ins stnud, and ? evaiy purchaser may depend to be well served with the best quality, and full measure, of hit roasted or raw large Italian j Cheanuta. ml4 3t*rc J I prom the Tin h Teller J HIBERNIAN BENEVOLENT BURIAL SOCIETY. J A Noble Act?worthy ol Emulation. Cl WE cheer ully give space to <he following rvsolutioas, adopted at a raeericg of the Hibernian Benevolent liu- u. rial Socirty, which router *ci - high Honor and praire upon til rnembriaof hi' prospeions body, who have ever bctu 111 net*nl dniiuie eutd uenevolence and charity. We h ive the pleasure of knowing ver? many of the mem- j hers of this patriotic society, and wn are not at ail anrpriaed tl that so magnificent a donation should emanate from aach a ?< u-ce V iVe are inloimcd that the Society will atteud in a body at hTrausliguration Chuich.on the morning of the l7ih,for the a| very Dutiable purpose of aiding the good father Varella in i liquidating the heavy debt which at present etnbariassei hia ft church. ti [ Extracts from the Mir u'ea ] ?l Whereas, It is the t'utt ofevery < hriatiau philauthropis' to 7 sympathize with suffering humanity, and it is truly com- ^ nendahle to alleviate, by erery niraus in our power, toe des- e. titutinn aud the helpless condition of our lellow beings, n i c, 1 nniter in w hu ciime, or from what quarter they mayappetl f, to our sympathies. m And, whereas, we have ilia most heartrending evidence that the sitnaiiou ot our lire hreu in Ireland at i resent, ia in ? the moat pitiable and deplorable condition, brought on by faruiur and destitution, which, alas! bro- da over the ouco ri at undaiit and fertile fie ids of hapless Erin J Kesolved, there'ore, That in view of these melancholy w facta, it ia deemed advisable, that we dispeuae with our ac |,f ruitrmed festivities on the approaching enniveiaary ol Ire- br land's tutelar Saint. pi Resolved, That the members ef this Society euter forth- to in'o a subscription that i lie sum of filteeu hundred dol- ft I r? he contributed, and I hat the same be handed over to the an Treasurer of the Irish belief bund, in the name of the Hibernian Benevolent Burial Society ; bt Kesolved, That the above be puolished in the Troth Teller, freeman's Journal, the Sun and Herald. c! , New York, March 10, 1847. I'aTK. KKL1.Y, (eeriemI rrendeac. Geo. Cornier, General Sec'y mil 4'*rrc ? Dll GRANVILLE S I'ATTIsUN has renuved fieri- j, tiilenre to 84 Uuiversity l'laco, coruor of 13'h street, and " his Office to No. 03 Chambers street. Office hours from 10 rill f t o cl.ick mi2 lra*r * MlJL.LtNfc.RY GOODS. e' MARTIN &. LA Wi-ON, Importers and Jobbers, 21 John treet, (up stai. a) are unw opening their Spring linpor tat ion of Millinery Goods, cem|irising every aiticle in the trade. The attention ol buyers is solicited mlO lwis*r G QUELKT, WATCH AND CLOCK SPRING Manufacturer, 33 p, Koosevelt street, would inform the publlcfrhai he has al just been trying au eaperiiueut w iih Steel, wlu- li he hues '? succeeds, being better tlian the impur ed. All ihoae who want auv kind of Springs, woo .d do well to cull and txamiue nl lor themaelvea before going elsewhere A Spiiuga furnished of a anperior quality. Call and see el ml2 lw*rrc O QUEl/CT. WINDOW S . ADLS! WINDOW .NHADKS!! h CGTY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Upholsterers, ' I'edia. s, ktc., caa find the largest, tea-, an J ch apcat as ortmeiit Ol Mh.ttiei null tn.ifJttial? (nr niMlti.tor uiirlKaa.oinar bbadvs in the city?at ft KELT* k RIKKKM Exclusive Wicduw Shade u in9 lm*r More, 131 < huham street. ?j. SECOND IVAKD HOTEL ? WHO does not know this One LUNCH HOUSE, at No. R K7 .Nassau street I (J i 111 there *li? you will, parlicu- nn larly at II o'clock in the forenoon. whrn the table ii:s|i| m f r visiters, Turtle Soup, Stew, Boiled Crabs or some otlier luxury. It is truly a capital place Tor Refreshments: for , Floyd & Smith Slow how tosnu their Iriendsaed custoiriers r: .it the hah you tiud Martin Botuer?every body knows /lira, J who ever s opped at the Attor House, or Lovejoy's, iu ibis Cl, city, o: HolemaiTs .National Hotel, in Washington Mart* ; s> is like a loadstone; he draws I,is friends became they like the attraction. We say again, the Second Ward Hotel is one of | the best places m the city to obtain a good Lunch, or gel an > excellent vlass of sle or lh|uor of uuy kind. inh'JImr CI CANO.?The cargo of the brur Virginia, about three ; V hundred tons, from South America, and from au analysis ' p prmiounc'd superior to any other kin i in the market. The fiuauo is dry. and wi'l be sold loclose the concern at alio aud a hall cent per pound, and is an object to the fann rsol ,, the country. ' '< Tne cargo is et Trappell'a stores. Brooklyn, near Fulton Ferry, and samples may he seen at the office of 8POFFOK1), TlLESTON k CO., 149 Water suwt. m9 lm*rh cn A . tf U. D R A i\ D O A, Successors to F. A. MlNDEN. BLOCK LETT KR SIGN ? MANUFACTURERS, ^ a ten i wi ti I O N P A I N T E 11 S , ! d? rro. 3 THYOta now, m Adjoining the liarletn Railroad Office, New York 111'i ? Wasniuirton Stores. William street; Ksth- r bun's Hotel. Judson's Hotel, National Hotel, I'erkin's Hole., '* U. 8. Bonded Warehouse, Nankin Tea Company, trr. kc jal9 2ia*rre OAriT OFF CLOTHING AM/ FURNITURE s WANTED. $ 1 ABIES and Orbtleineii huvingauy east off or supcrRoni w J clothing or furniture to diupcae of, can obtain a fair cash J at price lor the same, by sending a note, or by calling on the fo subscriber, at his residence, or thr.logo the post, whr h will Ft be punctually attended to. H. LIE BOKR,71&t ansl st. | Up Stairs, i A N. B ?Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. Oe Boer. Old stock and job goods bought, of any description and i T "inonnt _____ ' llm*rre rillII' B .EAD ANI) CKACKER BAKERY ! tr, LMIIi pALE?The lease and futures, eus.sisting of a Meant ,,, r hujsxt and Machinery, comp ete, with custom for 1U0 tc bbls fl iOT weekly. Possession given at any time from th e cr 1st Apnll'i the 1st May. Terms will be made accotnmoda- of tiug A ehanre of this kiud seldom occurs Apply in ,,, m9 rw* ie JdMES I'\KR, 73 Mottst. ro Nb# IMI'KR IIANUINl'Ift k WINDOW SHaUEM. "h Nicolas Piee k Co., No 173 Pearl street, IMrOHl Kli8 and mannfaeturvis, have just opened a very ^ extensive snppl' of every style m.d ipiality of American " and brei.t'b Paper Hangings. Uoulsrs. Fireboard Prims, and " widr Window ' ur inn paper. Alio, a si lenilid assortment of Piitnid Window Sh des, and fiitu ?? for 'he s-ine, _ which thes offer to merchants, dealers, and others at the *(| err lowest prices. ffflm* re hl) G. K. CLAK.KE, MF.Rt'HANT TAIlOK, 116 Wiliiem s'rest, opposite the ,r New Sioien?I Hotter m) self (h it I have urver yet made a garment fo measure, that the purchaser has not reronimn d- tl' ed tne to his frienda, and (hey to their's, so that my business ini're iei in a geometrical ratio. It shall be mv endeivor to give still greater satisfaction. >n '1 he genus " Sack" kept te - dy made. Kiuest French Dress Co us nude to ineaanre, $-t. _ Lower qnalities, $14, 16, II. A few Overcoats, fine, still <ri left, price $16 00 $ All goods bottght.and sold far cash mliOf r |', PRACTICAL BOOK KEEPING, i J no. 88 ckdsr tratrr 1 at MR MARSH, Acconntint, anthor of the " Scenee 1 Entry Boek-Keemng Simpiif 'd," and the I 11 Art of Single Kntry Uook-a eeping itne'Otril." eontinurs to letch ai obove. | ? I leursn of Instruction ?The public are reaper ti u 11 y informed and assured, that the plan pursued by Mr. Marsh in teach- r ing this imp rtaut br nch, is tru!y a course of practice tu P keeping books, rather than a course of lectures m the theory. ^ The pupil becomes lamtliar, from actuil use with all the ,, books commuting a set, and n person of good capacity, will [> by this course become a competent book-keeper in about a 1 tnonth, and will receive n certificate ro that effect es rros^ctn. with tetmi c.u> h- ? |h. Uooin, fr<(rn ^ ? m'S Im'r NEEDLES, FISH HOOKs,'ANL> FISHING* j TACKLE. 'PiluM AHaudTHOM AS II BATK, 103 Maiden Lane. 1 Jl offer fur sale a very miperio art-cle ol Bale's drilled -r eyed and other qualities of Needles,with the large t and most ,. aelec'. assortment i.f Fishing Tckle ever manufactured or imported into this eonotrs consisting of Niar'in Kell-y'?, O'.ihancey, and Hollow Point Lmgriek Hooks; -uperline ? Kirby Bent Salmon, Vi'g in. Illack Fish, Kirby Bass and Itork, T'otif and Kirby Itiver llooks Hailed also, f superfine Limerick. Kirby Milinon. and all others, suornlcd ^ on gimp, twisted, and single gut. Hies, Minnows, bilk H B-anlrd and Spuu Silk Lines; (iress. kins, and Tr ufkly Lines It ds in great viri? y, at nil pricea. nglohand American Keela, F ishing Baskets, Eoik arid Hollo v b loats b with every other descripti >n of Fishing Tnekle, so'd on ot moderate tenns,', at It] Maiden Lane, up stairs, near I earl , st. mirn'rc I | a good mk , T**VDFORD'g CASH TAfLOBINO ESTABLISH L MENT, HT Kulcui atreet We hue# juat received a autifu I and well aeleeted a laor tenant of Clothe, Caaaimerea d Veatmga. amiable for aprine trade, which we guaranty make op iu garmeota to toil th- moat d-fflcolt, aa to atyle, a, wurkinanabip and pricaa. It will par well for tkoae viaitiug our city to call at 127 Kula atreet and aee N. B?Every variety of Outlining conetautiy on hand and Id etieaper rhan the cheareat. SANDKOKD BROTHER, 127 Kolton atreet, triG 1tn*r nritdoor to the Herald Office. TRAVhLLING TRUNKS, fcc. [OHN CATTNAOH, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall atreet,ci ruer if Broadwny.haa now ou hand and conatantmaking, n good uiaortnirut of Trnnka, Valiaea, Ca'pet 'C?, and Hatchela, wholesale and retail. Alao, a auperior article of aole leather Trnnka, auilable for nieiicaii or European Travel, and Portmanteaui for the reach Mallr I'otle Ordera lor the Weat lndiea, 8onth America, Itc., tilled ith deapa-eh. m6 lra<re TO DENTISTS. rHK aubacriber haa jual received n cement (without mer cury,) lor illinc terth, invented and recently improved rone ifthe tirat Bnrgicnl Oentiata in the world Ilia be rved to he the beat article of the kind ever offered to the ofeaaion k or aale at the Dental Depot ol JOSEPH T. MUBPHEY, 116 Broadway. Ordera by mail, acc vmg $1, can have a jar aent ;by turn evpreaa. 123 lm*rh T1SSU ITPAPER. (Wilt REAMS White Tiaiue %V7U V/ ioiij " aaaorted colora 1100 " Pmk. 1100 " Ureen. 100 " Bine. 100 " Yellow. """ ""'rjCKHSk't BROOKS. 130 r No. 63 and a7 Nassau St. I'.FT UFF VVARRKO tihT AND FURNITURE WANTED ADIKS OR UKNTLKMKN having superfluous effects J to dispose of. such u Wearing Apparel, Furniture, fcc., u obtaiu a fair cash price for the same, by sending for the bscriber, through the Post Office, or othervrse, who will leud at their residences. J. I K'. HNSTVN. 466 Broad* ay, up stairs. I.adies can be attended to by Mrs. J. CIO VkiNST YN. flfi lm*rc l;mct or thk Nsw Vohr Pii.k Ins. ( unrtr, / INkw Yokk, Feb. 10, 1847. { )l VIDKND.?The board of directors have this day de clared a divideud of four per cent payable to the stockilders, on and alter the llth inst., at the office of the compa ,No 73 Wall street. The transfer books will be closed nil the 13th inst. Ily order, 111 lm*r I) IINUKHHILIj, Secretarv. 1U.\M).-2tO tons Ichabne (Jauuu.l bulaure ship HhvksI pome's cargo, ihs best ever imported iu this country; r sale iu lots to suit purchasers, by ml r K K COLLINS, 36 sr >l.K.\f 111 Mi i'OWDKK?IUO casks Bofd's B backing > l'?wdrrs, now Isndiug Irom the ship Thetis, froin Onlay, and for sale by I'KHSSK it BROOKS, m6r 6.'iniid(>7 Nassiust. "jEFPi."il^UN INSURANCE 1 UMl'AN rriCB No. 00 W*li. stager, orrotiTK the s Kiciuani. j' MIS Company continues to insure against loss oi damage l by Fire, on dwelling houses, warehouses, buildings iu tueral, goods,wares and merchandise, end every description personal property ; also against low or damage by inland negation and transportation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Klisha Rings, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anseu Bilker, R. U. llobson, M.I), Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, MeeesTncker, James K. Holmes, Johh R. Davison, John P. More, John H. Dee, William K. Tlion, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrsll, Prances P. Sage, Eugene Uogsrt, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNJd, President. OKU. T. HOPE. Secretary. sJ4 tfre GHE&KY PEUTORAJU rUilS elegant and surpassingly excelleut remedy for colds, L coughs, consumption aua all affections of the throat nun ngs lold in New York by Hoadtey, Ph-lps k Co , 142 Water st; usliton it Co , Br udway ; Henry Johnson, Apothecary, irmef Chambers street and Broadwitv J Milhan, 183 Broada. ; J. k A. Meaknn, 4l\ Broadway, and druggists through it in uiiieu Mates ami CanuUas. The lurinulaof th'a preparation liaa been published m the rblic .cedical journals, and haa received the highest coinen at) n of aeveaal medical colleges and schools in the mtrii Si.nrs, aa well aa the distinguished uiediral auliofira ol' liniiali America fll lm?ih MIL) \ WATKR A.N L) - HI'ARATU#.' .1. iWatthVwt, No ) 131 Third Avenue, N Y., manufacturer of all the modern >par tut used f ,r the manufacture, drawing or bottling o oils Wafer. A lithographic plate, with printed direcliuui ir the Making of Soda Water and Syrups, alao fortliepu' ug up of the apparatus and its u>a he will accompany - -,i )par?tua feh7 |r rn 1U vL ?rtCALH UIU HAliU, US.U ASH. .LAUIrh >?ut, $5 00; egg,broken and atove,$070;Lehigh, lump,$5 50; IK, stove and nut, $5 75; these i're cash prices, less 50 eta. fo> triage. Mr coals are all under aheds and dry, re-screened nm my coal yard, 256 hlizabeth street und corner of Ham ersley and Bedford streets. fl6 lin*rc JACOB WI-'.fcKS, Jr. HOE38H5 kitchen ranges. I'HK proprietor has been eugaged in inauafacturing and L selling Kitchen Jsangea for the past 18 ye rs. and feels arranted to engage that for private families and boarding uses that there is no range in use at present will answer a tter purpose, and if not it will be removed free ol any eimse 11 the purchaser. Numerous reference* can be given '.uy person wishing to purchase Prices range from $25 to 15. Orates of the newest pa'terus for parlours, bed rooms d offices Ranges and Urates set and all descriptions of fire works nit at'he shortest uotice. not cured no targe is made. A. UILHOOLY St SON, Proprietors and manufacturers, 78 Nassau street fe27 Im'r SEGARs. IAVANA AND ST. J AGO LEAF TOBACCO. i A. SAM tNOK, 1M Broadways IP Stsirs, (opposite a. Trinity Church) offeri for aale, in lots to soil purctiM s, at wholesale aud rstail. 15(1 bales Havana Leaf Tobacco, wrappers rod driers 50 " Ygnaur " N " 38 " (dumber I and Harbor, % " 48 " Bt JHgo Leaf Tobacco 5] " 15 " " " dark wrappery. 12 cases old Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, good colora. Also, Segars of all brands and classes, including soure irn a- ted cipressly for private smokers, together with others 11 table for the trade. Just received, a few of the new brand Uuanni'ANico," imported solely by the subscriber. Orders received and punctually attended lo for at; c asses segns. Also for sale, all kinds of Smoking Tobacco,ol merles';, rimni.n, urimiD, ana I urkiin manufacture, inadi%g the celebrated Scnrf&latti. Alio, SonH? oT all kind", including the celebrated "Curia siikn" and "Nachitochks," A- A. SAMANO, Ol lm?rr 9t l#oadway. U|i Stairs Li ALL'Y'8 PAIN EXTRACTOR /I KRCHAXT9 A VD DKUGOI8TS can obtain their FX spring supplies of the only genuine Pain Kuractor at r depot. Liberal tr ins are made with wholesale pur inaera md with ageu'a Kreahcertificates ot its remarkable efficacy in Burns, Piles, hen natiim, Icc. lie., furnished gratia. Wanted immediately several travelling agrnts, with ineena, d well rrcommrud,-u. H. D\l,LKY kl'O, rt'i lrii*rc No. 208 B oadway 'UK Undersigned have constantly on hand a fresh supply L of Krvaleiua, a valuable remedy in obstn ate coses o ustipntion. I'nt up in pound packages, kor sale, whole] ie end retail, by Ui'.LLUL It CO., Apotnecoiies and Chemists. Hoie successors to PL A' K k HOUILLAKD, ni'lle?,a ,,i 1 I'.irk llnw. mid ill Broadway "UHT POWELL, (f /uLisr ANI'J ATJ iikst," LTTKN'DS to Diseases of the Kye and Lor, and to all noperlr'Mons ol Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his reaiuce and office, 231 Hroedway. corner of Warren street. Dptlialiuia, Stoppage ol the Tear I'aiiage, Cataracts, and pacuies, e.lectnally removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and success. STRABISMUR. or Squinting, cured is a Tew minutes. Deafness, and alt discharges from the Ker, permanently md. ART!KIClA L ICVK8 inserted "peciacles adapted to every defect mi ln.*re DEAFNESS CURED. iO I 11HIIADWAY. (Kstract.)l cheerfully comply uh lO X the request of Lieutenant Mcintosh, to stare that he aa invalided home, as unlit for duty, iu consequence of total altiets, and discharges from the ears. That under the tieat rnt of Drs. Castle St Kdwards, aorisu in New York, ne enrely recovered his hearing, and has igam returned to Ks ilitarr duty.?SigneH. McNKVKN, Surgeon to 11. B . forces, Jamaica. Aeoustic Oil?A sure cure Tor lacipi'nt deufnevs, dischu ! from,or noises. and collections of hard was. &<. ie ihs r??forsal* 111 Brnadwav 111 la*r k"l jf \/V'Kb.WARD ?TI1K NKW YORK. "aII.... } l\J\J anil Buffalo Telegraph Company will pay a rcaril of $|l)0 to auy pe-son who shall give such information' shall lead to the conviction of any individual, under the Ilowng law, for Wilfully Uijariug the Telegraph Liae or ropertv. T. 8. KAXTON, President. Ltica, Oct Sth, 1816. n net to facilitate the construction of Morse's KleeiroMagna1 ic Teiegrnph. Pasted May 18, IB4V he neep'e of the State of New York, represented in Senate nnd Assembly, do enact as follows :? Sec 1? The proprietors ol the patent right ol Morse's Ktec ? Magnetic Telegraph, may he, and are hereby authorised, construct lines of sa'd Telegraph from potut to punt, and rots any of the waters within the lnni s of this State by the ertiouof potta, piers or butmeuts for su-.'inning the wires the same : Provided tint the fame shall not, in any innice he so constructed a? to e tdanger. or injurinuily interpt.the uavigation of such waters; and, provided also, that e private rights of individuals shall be in no wise impaired i the provisions of this act; nor shall this act authorize the ostrnrtio.i of any hr.dge, or other similar ereetion across , ... ......... ... ...ii 111 iin run. Any pertnn or peine v.ho ?ball knowingly or wilfully injure, molrat or den.y Muy of tlie ani<1 line., or ilie material! or property periuills (hereto, aliii>I, on convictiou thereof, he deemed .lit y of* mi?1eme?nor, and he puuuhrd by line or unpriineut, or both, at the diace'ion of the Court which ilull ve uiiil take coguir.noce thereof. err 2 The LeiriU'ure mty at any time ul'cr, modify or [ *iiI line net, and th? tune I II I Ue effect immediateif. K'eperi or ownt't of Juult Snopi. mid nil other |<er? mi ue qnra'rd to llivr notice it the TelegrP'i Office, in I'mt'i aildirita, comer ot Hrnever itreet nno Kienr ugr, or tlie uitJeriigne 1, of any peraon offering copper wire lor le C. LIVINGSTON, Secretary, ,Nkvv York, March 5, 181*. No. 18 Wall elreet. m(i lm*r , T ''EH TON lor I arge Nut, under cover. The It# I *J mbirribr r? hnve reined t'ie prior of their boat racli Orchard Ked Aah Coal, aa followi (iratJivj Egg nnd ove $6 I'.i, and Nut $'i 7) Thvrc it no pe.t 0. Chcaunt in r Not, nor any Nut lhipped with the Stove Lthtg'i Coala the autre pr>n ; all dtltvrred fire of cartay*. THOMAS P. D'lLAN, 203 Mulherrvat. and 363 writ 13th at. betweru nveuuee 9lh and 10th. 127 3w*?c NEW PAPER HANGINGS. } PARES k CO., No. 379 Pearl atreet, have received theT Urn npp > of all thanew piuaiu.ol rvrrv yle aud quality of rrenco and American Paper Hanginga, rdera, V rwa, Flir.h??jj "riut?, and wid - window 1 per, |i,ey offer to dea'e a, mecchante acd <>:< .rj a. treinely low p icra , '1 he m-at competent Paiv' iiaeZara way be had at voty ort notice. ' ?' ?*? TIM EA I *9 8ULP11UK I. 1 HS, AV 547 Pair I treat, n air hrmidway pHKSE BATHS hive been eatnh lahed for tne Teat twrnL iy-ai?\eira and are the only Sulphur Hatha in the city, hay are hiyhly recommended by tiie in >ti eiiinie-'' phv?i ana, lor the rtire of rhrnmattara, aalt rhvnm chronicconi inta, eruption* of the ilcin, fce. Medicated Vapor b'n ha nlao nivon daily, from 8 A.M.toe M fi-"S lin're 7 YRUH W. KiKLD k CO.. No #~Btir7ini< altp, offer lot ^ aale a large n<ao tiiient of Printing Writiug, Wrapping, ardware Envelope Hanging, and eoloted I'rprr. ''aprr ol any tire or quali'v made to order. The higheet market pric. a pud in rath for razi, haati ng. le rope cuttinga, tinny bagging, gr iaa rope,car va?*. and ill her hindaol Paper Mannfarturer'a atorh, by ni . ? CYRUS W. t lfcl.D fc CO, M ??*M No. I Barling ahp, N 1 ixwma IWIII? 1 ' I ! I : , I III Ml ?MB?MSB* ! H>.. .. JACOB t<. PL ATT, Aneriooee". AKDWAitk and Cutlery Auction Sale? Jacob 8. Plait will !' tliu day, at 10 o'clock, at the auction roou) 33 I" tt street, itfl casks, tun, Ion and Plcktges Hardware, fid' utlrry. Saddlery, tjuus, Pistols, So*pt,y aucy Oonds, I'a iernl cards of Cutlery, Kuives and Forks, Pocket aud Pen Knives, Unsure, Shears, Bcitsors, ktc . ktc. Alto, part of n set t f ICrmiuglisin i-a'teni cards, among : which are steel and plated htirrqpt, bridle But, Hpnrt, bridle ! tronti, Ike Alio, part of a tet ol Sheffield pattern carls of cu lery, among which are Pocket and Pen Kuives, Kaso't of, bar be', Walah St Btothetf, and oilier makers, aud in rates of one pair etch. Alan, slightly d m iged.wi h which the sale will commeucc 1 Slates, Steel Knitting Pius Also, TO bdls 7i surT I inch hoop iron, and 30 anvils Alto, 'sIB Suspending Camps and 400 Olassci. Also, 30 cases Blue Ink, in bottles Also, Iron Chests. Also, it dozen Scythes and Sickles, and IM gra Ameticiu Spoons. Alio.ageuernlasioiiineut of new Hardware, and part of a stock of a hardware store. N. B? Cut Cogues now ready. The sale is positive, aud everv lot will he sold to ths highest bidder, and the attention of couurry as well as city dealers is directed to the saute ml6 lt*r 'pilK PUBLIC AltK KhyUKSl KU u. ell at Hurley's X Auction Koom aud examiee a collection of Books, to bs sacrificed at auction, on Thursday evening, it 7 o'clock,? Among the uumbrr, Voltaiie's works, in 77 volumes, call' backs; some of the volumes are slightly moth-eaten on a few of Hie lira and I is, pages, but the body <T the worktis good and can he hid at a b irgain. The London Journal for 1732?33 and from |7?8 to 1734 inclusive, somewhat, dilapidated, but itill valuable. A geographical description ol the world in Italian. 34 volumes, published at Venice in 1740, a good deal | weather-worn, but none the lets valuable to the aut uuarian, 1 pud many valuable books of more recent dates. mlti It* r UNION COURSE, L I.?TROTTING. ' 'I'HK proprietors of the above Couise, thankful I'or the li- | I. beisl patronage ihey have received heretofore, aud | desirous to promote and eueourige ttis breed ol '1'iottiug Horses, oft'er the lo lowing i urses it.d sfkea Ne i. l'urse $f#0?mile heats, test 111 five, ti) harness, free for -II trnttiug li< rses, $75 in go to the second best. US.No. 2. Purse $100?two unle heats, to harness, tree fur til trotting horses. $75 to the second best No. 3 Pu se $i00?mile heats, best id live, to liaruets, free > for trotting ho ses thai never wou 11 purse over $100. ?o. 4 Purse $100-mile hen's, bust i? five, t wagous, free 1 1 for trot'ing horses that never won a purse over $iOO, wagon tu'J driver to weigh 110 lbs | 1 No. 2, Purse $50?two mile bests, lo harness, with an inside st .lie of $100? ba'f foifeit -1 r sis ycnr olds,lo take their nge frnui the first ol January. So. 6 Purse $50?two mile hems, to h trnuit, w ith an insula stake of$IUQ?half forfeit, freo lor horses thai never trotted ' 1 for money No 7. I'urre $50?two mile heats, untl-r the saddle, with an 1 inside stake of $100?lulf forfeit, free for all pat tag horses, I except James K. Polk. lu nil the above, three or mo'e to Entrances (or the above pones and ili.kes to close on the first day of | April, on or belore !? o'clock, P M , at Utcen k Bevina', Chatham square. Trotting 10 continence the last week in April Liberal purs-a will be given do ing (he srasnn. New Yo'k, March 10. 1847. 4t. 8PICKR nil 1 Th.8,kTu rrc FXJirSULE, ?h . A 6UPF.R10R PAIR OF HOHSKH-A well I Aafil**.mail lied pair ol gray Horse*, very showy, nud perJ ? in ' Apply tO sis Its :itMs"r OKU. 3HAKPF, Carman, 25 Broad st. HORSES WANTED. <4 A pair ol cairiage horses, large size, and well | jLS^>matcbed. Apply at 285 Pearl, corner of Berkman ' ' r * ?io.i or lb (Jrsmorcy Turk. 2;th street, at S'j ' A. .VI. m I :il rrc K*THI PRIMITIVE OK WILD CANARY. JUMP ' received Iron St Michaels, long breed ami soug ca- j jKX nanes, tin hre< d ug cages, a preventive for insecu; , ? ' ' a variety of breeding cages, and all article* for ihe ! breeder. Canary, nape, hemp and millet seed*, fcr sale i i wholesale end retail, by W. 8. JOIINmTvI f, | i 280 Broadway, near Chambers st. : N. B.?Kiug Ch"plesSpaniels, Fngliih soil Mcolcli terriers, i fo-sale as .above. mtilA3c*r | TO LE r. j agew A FIRST HATE FAR1, oT 188 acres, w illi a large I ffTj? and haudaome Dwelling Houae, and ezcellenl out- i l"i'H - - 1 * - ? Jersey. twelve miles dis- I taut (ton the city of New Toik, sal widn.i quarter of a j mile Item ia itoppiuv place on the Peterson Railroad. Or llie 1 Fa'in will be sold or exchanged lor productive eity pr,.petty. For paiticulaia. apply to Jt'HN WAl.l.lM, in 15 3t*r No. 62 John street. New York. staten Island property to let. jft'tL ^ LAROK COTTAGK, with thr*r news oi Laud, F*?H( including a KHiiitHi well aUcktd with thr brst fruit XHUkt'tuu, a roach*, stahlr, and juiinp, on rhe prrmitra ! and iu front a good h thing pla? c. (Juiiiw iuiJinu one of the finest prospects ou lite island, ami uenr lie ferry at Tomp- I I kiusville. aLSO?Two Hotels, several Cntisurs and mall House] at Toinpkmsville, Saplftnii, and ? III on, to let or for sale. Apply to P WOLKE. mlG lw?r Wolfe's Hotel, Tompltinsville FOR HALK. b'jili, AN ELEGANT DO"BLE ACTION HA HP U' Vi\Kwi" "e *?ld low, if calleu lor soon. To be seeu at the rMMKresideoeeof J.HUS8ELL, " > U '1 o i l.kS *ic No. 3 Mc Hougal st MUSIC. , THE PIANO TAUGHT ou very modern* terms, by a lady wlui has h <1 experience iu II M I II teachingi jvithes to tnke two or three more * 'pupils She t relies the scieuce thorou|( three dollars per mouth A line add retard te Music, to the Office of this paper, shall he attended lo. m?lmis?rr music; taught WITH much facility and rapid uruuressiou. M. DUM8DAY teaehex ladles and itentleineii the Guitar, Singing, Pianoforte, Ace rmou and Violui Tetms reasonable f or sale?A superior allotment of Guitars, Accord mis, aed Violins. Apply at 425 Broadway, lour doors above I anal street. rnlt 3t*rc : 1 MUSIC. | ' BALLS AND PRIVATE Parties furnished with the I Violiu, liter and I'rano Porte, or any number of lustru 1 inputs. The tnesic selected ftoui the umit lashiuuables Opts- I ra's. By i h. AVLIFKE, s. aylipee, J AYLIKPEand G. AY LIKb E. Brothers, Professors, I No. 127 Elm street, corner of Howard. mllMjn'rh | 1 TECHNICAMTIKS vs. COMMON SENSE- I 'IHIh dicttooary'aujietUui'ies that are applied to the most | I trivial focts now a-days, ore degrading and beneath the 1 anirir of (he sre we I a. in I The affecutiuu that would mystifyor " litini*eM thu; two* 1 | third* of our estate ice wiitrr into the self nine thing, "aijca," throw* u|> a ncli veil of i|u ckery.which, to common sense and the tune*, i? i na coun ably Lieitrssgu by cuitotu to OMtifl without reiaorable nriuineut |rr?i where honesty ea'sts) for it* r m si:nt adoption. fit eTil influences a e uu irer* tlly Hdmitted to have eaten with fOHMMI influence the | vitality of au oami-achieveniriit for nee* Let us throw off then the delusion, and repubiicani/e the i tact that MRS JF.HYISS COLD CANDY. need* no " i>rufe*x<onul caul" to prove it* rertan ty in eating the cm! I >* effects t f A CO I. D Coughs, Hoarseuets, Sore Throat, VVhooptug Cough, lutliiern.And Affections of the Lungs, tint will, (if persisted in by i cglect,) eventually lead to Consumption and d-t th jL>Sold by Mr* JKHVI8.No. 379 BROAD WA V. corner of White ?tieet. Acik*i i ?? Kush'on St Co , 10 Astor I'onie, 110 k l'i9 Broadway; BUeketf, 361 Bowerv; Uurutou. 49 Siith avenue; Brighum, 17 k ll^ avenue D; r.l v's, 233 Hudson street; Nelso., Corner ot Catharine and Madison streets; Lec< unt, corner ol (itaud ard Division strce s. Mr*. Hays, 139 Kultoii virerf, and I A hiutic street, Brooklyu. K H. T Willintii*, llroad street, Newa k. tO*" Kucn package is iuvarisbly signed Mr* W JERVIS. I'ut up in luck ig's of Is, 2s, 4s, and one dollar each. 13 HetM I'ultit're i ( DALLKY'8 & CONNKLL'8 PAIN EXTRACTOR. (COUNTRY ror,'hints cau be nppLc4 with the true J articles, in any (|uaulities, and at prices that cannot tail to suit purchasers?hut to get the original sad genuine, the uutnhcr. (.No- 21 Cour'landl street,) mutt always be sought. COMSTOCKkCO N B?Warned V> to 30 travelling agents from different State*,each to furnish his own una. flltm'rr MASSAl'EQUA HOUSE, SOUTH OYSTER HAY. LONG ISLAND. THE subscriber takes this method to inform his friends and the public, that he has taken the above house, which . will he open for the receptiou of visiters ou thu first day of March lust, and boats will be in readiuraa for fronting A Stage will leave Kariningitale on the airival ol the mornl ing and eveuiug train of cars froin Brooklyn or the above House ( . E SNKDECOR, Proprietor, ml 2w * '' late of the Oyster Bay House i i IS || | Pll.ltSO.nh CN PHILADELPHIA, and 3000 in l""fr t tie- city nnd Bute ef New I UTS UU lestiiv to j ' live wonder lot efficacy ol that powerful remedy, THOMPSON'S COMPOUND SYRUP Ok TAR AND WOOD NAPHTHA. For Consumption, Conch*. Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Spit- j' kc. READ' READ!! 1 AtTonisHirso ci nr. or Ciinonic Bronchitis. I I'hihidnlnhi.i lAjr. I Mr. H. P Thompson? Dear Sir:? Kor mom than four years I j i pan Iliad been dreadfully afflicted with an affection of tlie I 1 : thront, which my physician ptononuced "Ch-ouic Bron: chitia, 'canard by repeated aud neglected colds Tlie dia , Ma milNH lldtMnlwU. My throat win literally r.iw 1 with violent spasmodic coughing so that blood would come i from it; alio great rppression, pain and lighturwi at the cheat and lever?in ihort ull the u<u*l pulmonary symptoms show| ed themielves, causing entire loss of nrceaaary repose?my throat was leeched auolilietered over ond overagniu. I made | trial of every known remedy, and at different periods had the ' advice of sn pliveiciaos, aud all of uo avail About two 1 months since linnde trial of your Compound Hy rup of Tar and Wood Naphtha, and before I had taken the fist bottle I fell relief. I continued nntil I had taken at Vail hollies, w l.ich Completely rrmated the dismie and rem ri d me to pcilect i bealth; eaa I ftrailp believe I ebovM not bow he Imp*, had itnot kern for your invaluable medicine JANK I'KKKV, 121 Spruce at. The undersigned bears wilaiera to tbo truth of the fore Koimr, having perional knowledge of ull the lacti of the caae. M. HAIUIIBON, 97 Almond itrcet. I ru e '0 (JK.NTS per bottle; &'< per dozen. Tina in r da able leinrdy prepared ONLY bf ANONKY it DICKSON. N. K. corneritn and Spruce bis . dull. Sold wholesale and retail by WY ATT k KK I'CilA.M, 121 Kultnn St.; r I iftn.l by H. Johnsou, 272 Uroadway ; Hunt 112 Bzoodwav. f. jaia Ira r - COPYING PAPKKT" fwfWY It CAMH aupeno ICopying Prper. American in"iv I tPVJVJ nlacrme, waich it niarmted to take a perfect imRrisen n. am! ao d at a price much I iwer than the foreign? ir tale by fhKkRF It IIHOOR S, ' ' Paper Warehouse, P9 and 17 Naaaanat. I ^i%^rk 0^ NOTICK ?On and alt-r Monday, March , AneSBwg3*12th the Steamboat HTATCN BLAM7CK, . 2Ka>awHUdE_Captain V.nj lVIt, will make the following I tups in and from Ht?ten l-land until lun'.er uotice, viz ? Leaves Sfaten Island at I, 10 and i. A M , 2 and 5 P. M. L? nvee New York at v and llAJ, I, J1* aid b P. M. II tit" 'PCtt'SKWORLK AINU, L0VtB|A-?A ANI) ! I ?^ES> ,N' ,W V.?M* ?K -? KKT8 ?Po.itlve*" Ui^i i "n'v ar packet to succeed the Anburn, noil sail ti"- 11(.w alll) iplrndn] (aai sailing ' i art bik AYOLA, Whitmorc, mai:*r, it now loadu g. j and will aai' as ab> ve. | Kor Irmghi or passage, h iring h mdaome furnished areninmod ilium), apply on hoard, m Orleans wharf, foot el Wall afrret, or to F. K COLL' NR. Y> Trtith a reel N. R.~Khippere may r-ly upon tills teasel a iln it aa advertiaed. 1 Aaeuiiin VcwOrleamJ O Woodruff k Co., who will pr inpllv |..-w -rd <|| ... -,i.r|r ...i tela in i a rc h,fl*. k <1K f \ 141 .1< I. - ' 1 ^"r ^ tf'1 2lkt Tir aplend d Packet ship ItOBaJllikfc' llfS. A Kid'idf?, Master, w ll v il an -??. her regular day Kor freight or pies?g? apply on board at Orlliua whaif, loot ol Wall itree ,irto ( ? K.t OLCINH, % South aneet Priee of Passage, $7S. , Tie tucker ship Holdnm, Fdward IK ' ohb, mvatur, Wffl ueeeed the lloscina, and sail *(h April.her regular day ml I 4WMMIWWM. PARK THE ATttE-Kc-auaaye mi .>f iha Duiuini V KWiniKi-1 iinday ETem.y, It, 1141 th* ru. | chao8 18 To be followed by the lamed EOT roi'KHI?by the Danaeuaea Vteouoiaa. To which will b* added a comedy emit led AHK NO UIIE*. TIONS? Malhiaa, Mr Hue;Calm*, Vim Kate Horn. After which, the Pi-a Kocoro, by'44 Uv.nmri Viniminei To couclilde With the fraud !'*? Uriel, 41 Dtuwuiei Yiaucoisea. Door* open at h df-paat 4 o'clock ; performance will com mtpo a at 7 o'clock. BU WEKY TUEATHE?Tueaday Eveuu ir, March It. will be preeeuted THE Wl/AKO UK THE WAVE( harIra Eilauer, Mr Ncalia; D.iu Jota, Mr Clark*; Timothy Treat la, Mr Hadaway; Donna laahu da, Mra Sergeant; Old Naotiv. Mra Booth. Prerinua to which, MARRIED BACHELOK Sir C ha* Courtall Mr Neafie; Sharpe, Hadaway; Uraca, Mra Baoth Lady l oartall, Yuaa Drake. . ,, ? Tocauclndc wiihtha ALPINE MAID-Swig, Mr Hadaway; Koaette, Mia Booth Dre.a Circla ? ceuti; Pit tad Gallery .J* ?c?? Door, oopii at 6^ o'clock. Performance coiuuiencca rt T. MEW VoltK OPEKA HOUSE. lormerlv the Oraeu ik Wich Theatre, Char ton afreet, corner of Variek atraat Tueadayl e>aniu?', March IS?The euteriainraenU will com uieuee with LUCE V STAKs?Brruaby Briatlea, John Dunn, Barbara briatlea. Mr* Watt. ,, Alter which, the CORSAIR'S BHIDE?Al Ha* tan, Ml Krrdaricka; Hind', MiaaChapman To be followed bvWH\ DON'T SHE MAKKY-Nau Tit*ok H Chapman; Lizelte. Mia Krary. To .include with the YOUNli VVIDO W ? fplaab, ti Ctapnans Lucy Mn watta. Price ol adunaaiou?Dreaa Circle 10 eta ; 2il anil 3d Tier ti ; Pit t"V Doors open ,r 7; i-urt-iu to rise hi 7jjj, pieciaelj. jVI ITCllKLL S OLYMPICITHEATRE -Tue'aday E*ec iH mo, >1 nrcli It ? i lie eerforuiaucca will commence with the PIC Nli PAnTY?John ' ittlejoliu, Mr. H? Hand. TELEMACHUS. ok, THE ISLAND OK ('AL VT-St)?Telemaclius, Mia* Taylor. To be followed by Dl vNA'A HE VENUE?Diaiu, Mia* Miry Taylor. To conclude llm I uce of AN OBJECT OK IN TERE* J?Mr. Priaroee, .Mr. Iloilaud. Dreaa circle, 10 ctuu; upper boxei, 23 ceota; pit billies; privtue boiea. *J. Orclie*lra boaea, IS. Door* open at 7 o'clock ; curiam ri*ea at naif put 7 GREENWICH THEATRE. A OI.KAT CARD-BENEFIT OK MH. JOHN DUNN IjL ?Wtd?e*day, March 17, B47. THE MUNSTEK LADY. Charrcier* by Mra. i iinui, M a* Auna Cruiae (by permiailull of VV. Mm hell, En) ). aud Mr. fl. P. Urattau A BuJget of Kuuuy bungs, by Mr. Juhu Win ana (by petuiiaaiun of W. S Ueverua, Eiq ) . Dancing by Sigoorii-a Mtotiu from San Carina, Naplea. BLACK-EYED MUhAN. William Mr John Duau. Admiral (upon llm occaaiun) Mr. KredrricUa. i apinin Ciabtree (upou tlna occnainn),. . . Mr. H. P. Urattun. ituaibraiu Mr. 11 Cliapinau. HAS* AL JACK. Lucy Mra. Watta THE MES.MEKI-ilNO UOi TOR Doctor Mr. Andrew Jackaon Allen. Liacie Mn. Hartiion Bos B< "U bow open. ntiint'c i)l?w ERY AMPHl'J HEATKE~~ '|7HIS KVLMNll, Marrh ili?Secotd appearance of a Muua. Caaiuier, the (fraud Tambour Major de kranee. Kirat rppearance ol Mr. J. Nixon, and taleuted children in the beaniilul act ol the Shaduwa ol Olympia. Kirat appearance of the Dulcimer Baud of Minatrela. Mona. l aaunrraa the Krruch Hercnlea. Ilurar nitnihip, Vauliing, Tumbling, Hope Performance, Toatuuug, Juggling, tic. To conclude with a Peutomimc. I mil 1/ 1 Botes 2icents. Ml 12K. " ALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, Chambers itreei-WKDNfc.SDAY EVENING. March 17th, by general rtquest, Donizetti's Open LIJCIA D1 LAMMERMOM. fcHI DAY h.VKNINli, Match 19:h. lirst apprarauce of Rotlint's Opera THE BARBER OK SEVILLE. SATURDAY EVENING, March 2tltli. extra performance i.f Koiiioi'i Opera, Til - BARBER AK HK.VlLL.fc; Opera liooki may be had at the Box Office, lat tier Boxes nid Enqueue. $1; 2d do, bO cents; Private Boxea for 8 periou?. $12; do lor 6 reraoua, $10. Heals cau oe secured at the Box Office from 111 A.M. till 4 I*. M, daily. Performance to commence at 7)% o'clock; doors open at 7. Season subscribers, desuous to retain their seats, will plea.1t- to c ill a' the Box Office, and take their Tickets, on or before V'eduestlay Evening, March 17th. AMERICAN MUSEUM. EVLIIY Day and Evening this week, commencing on Mond iy, Murch 1* hour Splendid I'ertormauees Daily, in the morning rt UK and in the allernoim at S, and in the cvauiuijjiul and again at 8K o'clock Positively no Kree List eicept the riess.^Ji The in niagur is happy iu heiug able to announce a re engagement, ie compliance Willi the repeated requests of numerous lanulies, for ONK WEEK MORE, with that illustriaus Man in Miniature, GENERAL TOM THUMB, and as it is utterly impossible for hira to be prevailed npou to remain longer than nest Saturday, this is POSlTlVfc.LY TrtE LAST Wfc.EK of his eshibitiou in New Yo k, and those who delay their calls beyuud tins week will NEVER SEE HIM, as lie retires 'o private life as soou as he makes the tour of the cities of the Uuion. To accommodate the vast coneourae of hia friends, who will tliroug the Museum to see turn, he will be seen every MORNING fc ROM UK TO I O'CLOCK, on the platform, in one of the main balls of the Mnseuru, in hit extraordinary aud popular prilurinances, including his i irixt.n i uhkss, in which he will relate hia Hiatory, Travrla, tic., aiug a variety of songs, dance lh? Polka, Sailor's Hornpipe, give representations of NaroLKON, rmciikaiCR thk out st, okkcian statues, Ike. Ike. He will also appear in hit magnificent fc'KENCH COURT DRESS, worn before Louis Philippe, King of the fc rem h, and all the priiic>pel Courts ?f Europe. Alter wtueh he will appear m his BEAUTIfc'UL SCOTCH COSTUME, in which lie will dancs ihs hiohi.and vlinu, k.c. '1 ha MAONiricKtsT rsunTi received from Queen Victoria and the principal Crowned Heads of fclurope, will be eihibited. IN THr AK'I'KHNOIIN. IrllilM a Tti t rvr-i mi ir Iir will appear ou the stage iu tiie Lecture lloom in a variety uf performances tail costumes, in conjunction witii other entertainments. slso, in THE It V EN IIS U AT T. AND AGAIN AT I* O'CLOCK, The Otatcntu'i Mikatcue EqiuvAiiE, consistinii of a nuoiteest li'lle ' harior and I' tiny Pomes, with Coachman anil hnetmau, will perambulate trie streets dailv. ETHIOPIAN MINSTREI.S. Meruing visiters are uot ailuiitied to either the afternoon or evening performances. (litCAT WESTERN, the Yankee Comediaa. MISSES WHEELER and JULIEN. ANATOMICAL be seen at one ah .iliug eiira MADAME KIKKWhLL the Fortune 1 eiler Adtmiaiou r> ter s; ctnldffu under 10, cents. No jle admissions One payment will entitle to hn' one admission. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. In compliance with the request of numerous families and others, who have bren unable to witness the eshibitiou of GENERAL TOM THUMB, the subscriber lias, at considerable inconveuieure, effected an arrangement with nun t?r?ma n at the Museum ONE WEEK LONGER, terminating Saturday uighl, the 20th instant; but be begs to assnrr the public, positively, that tbe little General's arrangeintuis are sunli that it will be utterly impossible for him to remain beyond the above strted period, mil lwrc P. T. BARNUM WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA E A. Mamhai.i , Lessee.... W. R. Blase, Manager SECOND NIGHT OK MR. FORREST. TUESDAY EVENING, March 16, IM7, will be performed tbe I lay of JACK CADE. Jack Cade Mr Forrest Wirlow Cade Mrs Jones I Marianne Miss Fisher To > occlude with THE HOUSE DOG. Dust the House Drg ,.. .Mr Chipmes On Wrduetdry, Mr Forrest's third night. ~ CARD. 1MIE Subscriber (late co-partnnr of J. II. Hacketf, Esq ) having become sole Luce and director of Die Howard Attn nwnm, will rereive |>ropi ails from artistes of acknowledged la engagemen s lor (hi- entuing Tbeatricsl Season. THOM FORD. Howard Alheiiarti in. Iloaln M -li-H 12. Ih?7._ m'6 Iwisrc b'REK CONCKKT8, AT The OPERA HOTEL, No. 4J Chambers si, neit door la I'M inn s Opera House; comm-.-neiug at half past* o'clock. Vocalists?Miss GleuUton, and the ce'ebrated eitempore Singer, Mr Harrison. Mr. Clilune will preside at the pitno. The usiii' reliahss, with superior slea, wines, (ke. inlS Iw'r noClETY LIBRARY, Corner of Brand way and I. tmxard Street ONE WEEK LONGER! CHHY81TI) MIN8TK E L S. Admissiuu H cents Consert will commeceeat hall past 7 u'elock. Cliunge of programme every evening mil Iw is'k MESMERISM I ? Was investigated lor live rears by s cmnaatttrr of twslvr learned Doctors, appointed by he Royal Ac demy ol Taris for that purrosr, aud that committee pronousced it t>ue ' and brainless doctors cannot prove anghr to the contrary. (See Tins Sun ) A M SHAW will have another snrgical operation per Inrmed thii evening,('1 ueaday) at the YVeslsyan Methodist Church, No. 71 Allen street, near Grand < 'ommence at half-past 7 ncloek. Admittance I2K cents. Eight surgical operations were performed Isat week In.I... I..r ' .nl' ! ? l.l.CTURES UN ASTRONOMY. PROF. MITCHELL. ol the Cincinnati l)ba?rvatory, at the loliciution of liu friende in Mew York, has consented to deliver ih ce lectures nt the Tahernaelc. c.i Tuesday, Wfili.Mil iy and Friday eveniiis s the 16 li. 17th Mini !9th lust, at 7H i clock The topics of ilif Irctnres will fir,brace lat The ('inverse as revealed hv l.< ril hoist's greet Re Sector. 3d. The discovery of the new rinnct by l.fverrier, escmpli'l ing thr |iower of analysis. 1u. Maedler's d scovery til the greet centre of the I'niverrc, nlout which the Muu end Vised stars are revolving The lectures will lie illustrated by Telescopic views, taken by Prof. M. with the greet Refractor at the Cincinnati Observatory. '1 icketa for a Family for tl e I onrse $1 " Oentlf men and two Ladies for the Course S3 Ticket Tor n (icnilemau $1 Mingle Tickets ,jU N 11. Schools supplied at JO cents each pnpil lor ihe C ourse mil 11 rc COMpLlftlBjlTAKY hall 'fiHK. undersigned being appointed a ' ominiitee by the I fricrds of Air. J Cooper, respectfully anuonuee that they will give him a COMPLI VlhNTA RY BALI, at the Apollo Saloon, on WrnagsDav K.sgtvitvn, March 17th, 1147. Vlallack's celfhratfd Band is engaged lor the cecasicn, and will perforin all the new aud fashionable music. Tickets may be had at the door on the evening of the Ball, or oftbe following committee :? Benjamin'front, Wm. Adams, John II. McKer, Jainea Dunn, C. II UtinkchnlT. nili 3t"rc J. AC'KF.RMAN, See'y-y-ANCING a(;AL)KMY . MX, SAKACCO, Italian Chorogmpliisl, and Mlle.Ange Ima, first teacher of the Parisian Dancing Academy ol Mr. f ellsrius, respectfully inform Ladies and tici tleinen. ihe Amateurs ol Modern Dancing, that braidee tha grscelul d slices ANOF.LINAIScw JWaltv. in J steps ol their indention. TAHANTKLLK?Dsuee of Naples Musnrka Waltg-Ma/urka, llelown, Wilin-Redowa, Polka, Cotillon of l'-Ike, ?nl Walters They will lenrn also the POLRA-MAZURKA-KU. BK A dance recently invenied lor the Court of the F.tnperor ol Russia N It ?Thr mnaic of the Polka Magnrka Hnaae can hg only found at Mr B-iraceo Y, No. JO ( anal street, essl corner ol Hrnsdavav mgtm*re ANl) XOUI'ELH B\Ti hf.loiim new invanted WK1S and TOUPF.KI are ilw most perlei tspeennrns of the nt of wig ieaki> i yet offerrit to the public?they are so admirably luVafi'ed t< the peculiarst>Ir of each individual, to light in their con a m. rion, and natural iu appearance aa to defy detection, / Itrge and well selected etock always on hand, et the onh rnaioifacturere.Wm. Batebelor, 3 Well etreet.near Broadwey < oTr the addraea. ftjg lm?rh ??g- SXJl | ?w TO THt ? LATEST MOMENT. T1LKUHAPH1C. ____ Washinuton, March 15?5 P M The Southern mail has just arrived, hut hnn?? | ,l0lhmg South of Augusta, Geo. Ihree mads are now due from New Oileana. Phiuuii.i'hia, March 15?tf P. M. 1 he bill authorising subscription to the ('? nti al Railroad, has passed the State Senate The United states steamer Scorpion depaited this evening for the Gulf j Sales of flour at #5 75 a S5 so, corn meal, i j #4 117 ; corn, 33c. Albanit, March 15, 1*47 1 Accounts from Chit ago state that Our democrats have elected their mayor by 14 majority, to : 1 gether with a greater part of their city officers The Sattinet Factory ot Broth & Co., at Hobeit, Jielaware county, was consumed by fire on Friday last. Loss, #20,000?insured in New York I for #14,000. AFFAIR8 IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. T KLICOHAPH I C . senate., March 16, 1847 The emigrant ratsengei Bill wm referred to e select committee for amendment, by the casting vote of the . Lieutenant General, who waa satisfied the bill coilid uot peat in its present simp* (5T be general bill in relation to relay mg railioad tracks, was made the special order of Thursday. The majority of the Judiciary Committee report that the Senate has ue powei to advise the ap|>ointuent of any officer? their power* b*in(j wholly statutory, as in the care of surrogates and notaries. Mr. Yorne said that if the Senate adhered to that opin. ion, the Governor would hare the power to appoint for all time to com", unless the Legislature should otherwise provide. No action was bad on the report The Brooklyn bill was read and passed Debate was resumed in committee on the hill to appoint Commiaaioners of the Code. 4 A motion waa made to subatitute John C. Spencer lor . Mr. Woiden, which was loat, 13to7. After which Mr Duer waa moved in place of Mr. Collier. Mesars. Wad* worth and Wordan wore agreed to?the term of office one year? aalary $9,000 The bill having been disposed of was laid on the table. Adjourned. Aaecmbly. Albany, March IA, 1847. Mr. Lorr.11 by uuanimous consent brought in a bill io exiniu uio time to collect tax**. It was read, aud passed. The judiciary committee reported a bill to confer on aeparate periona the offices of Judge and surrogate in ; Chsutuuque county. Alio bills to confer thoae offices on the lame periou in eucli of the following counties s? Htouben, Orange, Genesee, Oneida, trie and Waahing. ' ton. The billi were referred, to be reported again complete. Mr. WiTiori repotted a bill lor the establiihmenc oj free achooli. Mr. Bubnkcl reported a bill fixing the compenaatieu of Judges of the Couit of Appeals and of the Supreme i Court at $3*00, and impoiing a tax of $1, on each ; auit brought, to be paid into the State treasury. Tho | salaries of county judges to be fixed by the Boards oi i Supervisors, and a tax of $1 imposed on each suit | brought before them, which is to be paid into the county 1 treasury. Mr. Cubby reported a bill to lay out a street in the ; Twelfth Ward, New York city, and to keep oren a pat' of the Bloomiugdale road. The Hurl Gate pilot bill was ordered to a third read i ing, the instructions moved by Mr. Walsh to amend the : bill having beon defeated. The general Appropriation Bill was further discussed A communication was received from tbe Agent of the Clinton County Trison, stating that his funds would he expended in a few days, and unless he was relieved he must discharge the guaid?for he could Incur no new debts under the new constitution--end let the piisooers take care of themselves. Adjourned. BV THK BAILS. Albany, March 14,18-47. The Emigrant BUI?Hernialioni of thanke to dm Taylor?Bill to punith tt duct ion and adultery. 1 have observed that there is a great deal ol anxiety felt in New York, in regard to the probai; ble late of tho Emigrant bill, which has passed the House, and which is now pending in tire He '' nate. 1 have remarked before, that in my opii nion the bill, as it passed the House, would pats thtt S?nntp nnH 1 will now tnlraa nnnuumn rate that opinion alter oarcful inquiry. It is presumed that the provisions ol the hill are not peri leotly understood in New York. The bond, conditioned lor the support ol inlirm emigrants, is not to exceed three hundred dollars, and it is to exmre at the end ol live years. In Massachusetts, the sum ot two!dollars a? commutation money, is charged for every emigrant arriving at any port in that State, and the bond lor the support ol inlirm emigrants is tlxed at $1,000 16'- every such infirm emigrant, the bond to lust ten years. This hill also imposes the duty of ascertaining what persons are likely to become n permanent churgo upon the city of New York, upon the Mayor 01 alms-house commissioners. II emigrants are landed at any other port than New York, and should come to that city within twelve months, th*y would be subject to all the provisions of the bill; and the master of every hoat or vet.sel navigauug an urni ol the sea, in which the emigrant or emigrantss came to the portol New York, would be bound to act as the muster ol every vessel arriving direct from Europe, is required to act. I have heard a number of the ablest senators acknowledge, outside the Chamber, that they at* utterly and totally opposed to the importation ot any und all emigrants who are unable to provide lor their own want*, and that their determination to maintain the bill at all hazards, is the result of a conviction that the importation of sick and de crepid emigrants is an outrage upon the city o New York, and upon the emigrants thomsclves. I believe, however, there is a disposition to con wider any objections which may be made to the bill, and to give the citizens of New York ample time to become fully acquainted with Its provisions. The bill was made a special order in the Senate yesterday, and I think it was with this 1 view that it was deferred until Wednesday next, and, at the suggestion of Mr. Folsora, ordered to I be p r intci 1. The resolutions of thanks to llenerals Taylor, Worth and Wool, and the soldiers and subordiI rial* officers of the army in Mexico, were unanimously passed by the Senate yesterday. Mr. ViMi Schoonhoven, from tha committee on r;il<; *mi' ' .-, l> .?.? a ui? iiu|iudiii|; u. ultu Ol IlOi en than <#1,000 nor more than #5,000, or imprisonment not inorc than a year nor lest than three I months, tor Deducing a woman or girl under twenty-five years ol age ; the bill also imposes h tine ol #".K)0 or less, or imprisonment for one year or less, l*r keeping a house ol bad repute; the poaalty lor adultery is mude a fine of no more than $1,000 nor less than $500, or imprisonment, or by both line and imprisonment; tor fornication a line of no more than $500 nor less than #800 on both parties, or imprisonment not moro ibati one year nor less than three months. The bill was read and referred. Wakhinoton, March 14,1847. 77ir War with Mtxico?Rurtuiri of another Battle. We have to day a minor of another bat le be; tween Santa Anna and General Taylor, at or near Saltillo, aud that the information was communicated this morning to the War Department that Old Zack was defeated, by a largely superior torce ol the enemy from a rapid concentration The report heing coupled with tho statement of Taylor's defeat renders the whole story improbable? lor that Old Rough and Ready can be der feated we hold to he impossible. We cam con, l tnve any arrangement by which it could lie done, r Wo can't patch upon exctt-e lor believing such a . s'.ory. The mail has lailcd for several days, and when arrearages come np, we do ex pec lome 1 stirring intelligence of entirely a different rhurar' ter, Wnr armies of the North are in the very 1 midst of the enemy?the several corps undor 1 i Gen. Taylor's command being tar apart, and r : difficult of access to each other, and sum ended ' on all sides ; but so far fiom being dispirited, wo

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