Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 17, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 17, 1847 Page 1
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1 minimi mm m " TH1 Wl. IIU, n? 73.WM* MTV THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAHE8 (MIIIIIN HKNMRTP- PRRPRIRTRR. Circulation--'Forty Thousand. 1) 11L Y HER ALD? Ev.ry any, Prme 3 cents ptnopr-f O per H'lnnui?payable ill adrknce. Wtr.Kl.V H?KALU-E?ery Saturday?Price CM centi P*' fry?J 13)< Ctut. per annual? payable i? ad ranee HILkALU EUH ECliOfE-Erery steam fthft duy? "net 6}? ihu per copy?$3 per annum, in ad , ANNUAL I'lCTOUiAL nRRALD?PubHebnd on til. lit ut January of au U year?eiugle copiM slipenee , ADVfcRTIbE LNT?..t theoiual price?always cash In >d-anae Advertisements should be wriueu in . plain, IcKiblc manner, fh. I'rnprlntor will notbn rwpoasible lor ftnrs that insy occur in thai". . . I'ldNThNOofall lundi executed baaaUlally ud witb <leip?tcii. >11 Irttris or eoiruiunicatiooe. by mail, *ddre???d to in. Staalishmrnt, most be pent paid, or th. pottage will be demited from the subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of th. New Yonn Hcb.ld Establishment. Wnrtb Weat rnni?T of Fnltnn astl Naaax atr.eta AMERICAN STATE PAPERS. A FAIR CKli.K in money or in book, will b? girtn /V for a copv of t'i. American Stat. Paper., in II r >1*., published in Washington city about 1IJ3 'JJ and '3d, ifapplic.t on b. mnd. to E. BAL.DWN, inly 3l.n?t*?i Bookseller. Ijy Brnadwar. UUAklEltbi JUS iOUlV JUaT second number, at the office, 3 Franklin Square, Petri at- eet?Contain, th. Y?UoO eut"e, ih. moat wutv satire an the follies and supertiition. of lbs age; alao, entire, Christi-u-ity Frored Idolatry, reprint; a so. a abort ei quiry, Who was Jesus Chri-ti for win. Also, e?ci ol the a"ove. in parti A ?o. tin- uuoaber of tho Quarterly rontaniu g 'lie ce ebrated Thru Intpoiton. N B New edition of btrsu >' Lif. of Jesna, Voloav'i > ui . V^ir'a L'fe cf fame, fame's Works, Voltairo'i f'hilotoi 'iic*l Dictionary, aud oilier liberal works, tracts, Ike. mlj eodim'c M2L.L1NG OFF. fpHB anbsctil-c's intendiua to close their Plant Bnsiness 1 ui xi inoi tn, ? ffer their ehoies selectirn of Oieen H use and Stove I'l uts, Uoses, Gr*pe Vines, |tn. Itc . at reduced prices; also. 200 hue Kaslolp llaspberry Canes, just received ai Klurhinr. Long la.and ValK It CO roll eoiltii ?rrc IN TUK ~T.IKt.UiX CUUKT Ok THE UNITED ST AT KB for the District of Louisiana?Josiah Barker et al va iho l; sreiii'-rs of Chester Clark, Thouias Hunt et alio e 141111 y ; bill and "mended bill ? It appearing to the Conrt that W ?udT. Van Uuskirk, Luke Davis, Mrs. Alice Mead, eiecatrix ; Walter Tagger It Co., William C Woildell, Orlando Kisk, Auitin Metritis It Co., Mansel T. Stoat, riukuey It neitiue, H. Hooream It Co., Weyman, Clark it Co., John Hunt It Co.. Van Wvcklt Phillips, sud T. W. Pinkuay, reside out ol ihe Biaie of Louisiana, and all or moat of ihem in the city of New Yoik S It ia ordnad that the said defeedanta do plead, answer, or demur to the said bill and amended bill, on or before the brat Vn.S... ... s ..... ?J .1... -e.1 - J - - i ... nrin <>?> in iii.? .aid ue tcrTe*i upon them pertoually, or pnbli'hed lit oue of the newapapaii ]Ubii:.lnd in ihecitv of New Voik, it lean throa timet a week. for fonr waaka, prevmue to thit time, n the expiration of wtiicn period, in dei iuk of aueli anawer, the (aid hi 1 and amended bill ahull he taken proeoufeaao i ee.tify the above te ba a true copy from the minnteaof the laid oonrt, of the order Una day taken in iha above caaaa ed. handolph, Clark. New Or'eana, Feb 1, 1147 fl7 4w3taw r i'h.Ul'osalft FUlt wood 'i'ht acliaoriber will receire until the lit of April, 1847, i propoaaie fur the delivery ol 300 corda ol beet aeaaoned Oak vro- ?1 at Kort Cnlunibue. Onvernor'a i aland. Commnnicntiona to he endo'eed "l"i< poiala for Wood," atatiug the price per cord of It8 cubic feet, and giv'ng the plaee ol realdeuce of lie bidder , and the namea of t?o aurettea for the faithinl of the contract. For information relating to particular! apt it to No. 60 Greenwich atieet. ou-ued) h. u vi vTON, Capiam and Aaaiatant Qn?rterm>ater. new York. march j 1*47. ml and'oUtAre frtofosnls fok coal. Five hlinuktu tons of beat quali y, broken and icrteued rtd aih Anthracite Coal, wanted by cr>e auheerib r. for the warm' the tr..opa tt o vamorx i lend, p opoaiit fo the 'elivrry o< which will be received at the Quirlermaatai'* office, io Oreeuarich atree', a ml the let of a pril pr, . to be e. dnrard, " t'ropoavla for Co ,1." > he d'lrv-ry to lommei cr in ibe month of May, and to be coinpitied by the i? of Auguat. 11. l> vl.'v i on, Capt and a. Qmrtermaa'er. New York. Mn eh 4 1847. m# ?odto al rre LbS-OMHN uKrtW NO, Itc. Mon ? h. LAtDERlCW, lately from Parte, wfihee to empli..mtor hit troe in giving leaaona in drawing ud wa tr color paintm: (aquarelle.) Having been a pupil ot tha ccl-bra'ed Fadoute, and peaera tug fully t e nun.i' r of that great matter, he lecoinmcnda himie f eapeci lly io the i diee wi.hing taarqu'rn the ac eoaipliahmmt el d/awing and paiutiua flowen, aa well aa to ilie ge. ile "en r.i.d boar iing achoola in and around New Yota, for all the other bieachee of hia art hbknhatvcka?kev. a aerren, Kev. t. F. iehroedar,o d . l o de Lnxe. fc'aq p. a Lacoate, e?q , Meiart. Pillot kiettarbier lollumb a lteliu Scli.-uge ItKoop. Appl'cvtioua fur teruia may ba made at cne t<ev. a.Ver yen'a ?? f anklin atreet. and at >4 New atreet. fl7eodln>*tc (> x, a a |. it i to> on ooue and uioitgage, u, auma to antt applicant!, on good producti?e itaj aatato in il.ia city. apply to o. b iluoau. No. ii w ill atreet, in lha Croton Water office baaemeut, who haa b houae and lot lor aaie, aituated on lih atreet, oppoaite Waahlnaton Square. N d. ffveril email anraa of money to lead, on Brooklr* tea' ettate. Apply eeebeve. JMeod8m?r 192 broadway. corner or john street, to 1i10se who shave themselves R i From tha Bortou Traveller ] if.'g's vt liBE.n -i cu? am?Thia ahaviug compound i- now alt the rage, at well emoug (onaorial p,oleaaore aa eaaoag thoae who prefe' to gather their own dinrnal crope ? The b rberagiy tnat a |>ot of it laata twice at long aa the emn qnamityot auyolha. aapvntciona pre pt'atioii.wliiie thme who aavr ilavir aupencra dtclare that with the Verbena Cream a dull mor will mtnre a amoother fane ihiu Bioat ol the old loap, with a aha p alrel. bee dee ii ii fragiant to the eenee aaftening'o the akin, a great deitroyer of fracktea, pimplea be , and what ia battel than all, in tneie hard tune* it it told Uluiott for a tong wli leaale and retail, by charles h. ring, ui imfrh Oruggiat, 18j Broadway, comer John ?t IMPROVED MAGNETIC MACHINES MOOUEHiiAD'S G&aDUATED MAGNETIC MACHINE. THU instrument U ho important improvement over all Other forme ol'mmnf'Cture, and hat been adopted by the neediest proieMinii generally, at the moat effectta! machine inn e. hit perfectly simple iu cont traction, and therefore net liab'e to ret ont of orde , at it the caae with aimitar in itrumeuu. It admire ofperfect control,and can begradoated re toy power adapted tor any infant, or sufficient for ihe elroneei' adult, at the pleaenre of the operator. The mag necie f ree it impmeii iu a continnoue manner, and witi no nupleut mt teaeaiion to the raotldelicate patient. It requires no aaaiiiaut in rta nee, and in, in every ret pact, perfectly baimteai. Each machine it aompactly arranged, with the battery and all neeettnry appliances. pnt up in neat rotewood eatea Aceomp-nrmg each are fall direction! regarding its me and application. Owing to the facilitiei poaeeeeed by the enbeeriber, the Oradnated M guetic jvlacb toes are sold at prices equally low at tnoee charged for inferior articles. They can be readily ant to any part *f the conntry. Fnee of the rnae timet $9 fit. and $14 each, aeeording to lite and Enith; and each initrnmeni it warranted. Many of the enrat performed by this maehiae are truly weeds foi, some of them in diaeaaea of the moat tedtoua and pciafol character known to the medical profession. In all nervous eo<eplaio't the affects are aimoat magical. Physicians and other* art cautioned against purchasing the tmiLetioat of thrae maclunea, uuder whatever name, aa they will be foeod of little or ao yafne. Mmuf ,ciurad and for aale, wholeeale and retail, by D C. MOORHfc AD fit im?r IM Broadway. New Votk. 1 U lMtUjx 1 ?.Kv> AN U Ufc.AL.ii.IVO IN WOOLLENS. HMIUtON k CO., SUf.niahera of Cloths, Caiimeret, ko , No. )|i Weat street. The gold medal baa beta awarded by the imeriean Institute, for thetr anyerior manner of refinisht .< Orders way be left at? Mettra wo.colt k Blade, No el Pine street. ?/m C I.angler ? Co., M Exchange Fines. " D Brigham k Co.' 60 Fine street. To whom they relrr f t1m*r <SP1RUMKTc.R THK inventor and patentee nf the above highly important latrnmrnt for tailing the condition of the Lnug* end Cheit. begs to mlorm all tho.e who may baailieted with an: eynrptoma of that disaaae, mat the precise condition of patiante ean he aecur-ielv ascertained by applying to him, at his rooms et th? Asior House, where his invention can he tested, professionally. He myites (he taeulryia general, to inspect 'his new and nip .rtaui invention, between tha hou s ot tl and ' nVlnek. ai thr SnoiHonse fl lmarh TlOn DOZaN PATENT SHIRRKD BUSPEN \JV/ DERH embracing oyer twenty et'les and |>rice., varyug from bri"w $2 to $3V jier ^dozsn. for aale f*> #wvv,.. . -- ?I ""If IfllHMC U itr of the I -b ie in the iM.ned Sutra, and exclnaive owner of all tha r&teu'.a lor proceatea in the manufacture of ibear gnnda H H. DAY. (r, Im r>r * ''"enlandt atrno ~ cUVTuM nOUsE. MEW YORK ) Collector'a Ofli a, March Id. l?47. ) NOTICE ?fa-aont h viug g.ioda in the public a'ore. No II Waahinafn atrret, ate not dad that no the Slat March ioataul. all iri.eda remaining in aetd ato e will ba removed to the Uor.ed S<atea Bended Wa-ehouae. oorner of Brn dwny and Eta >*nga Pi we, at the rialt and expeuaa of the owner, to:v?t",yyB"nt w i.<w?kn.-k. civ LlUUiir ft Alii U Y Ca. AIO EQUAL ?I he improrement of 1MB? ALEXANJ ? PR./j, TK1COBAPHF., which mttanuuieoualy colon the Hair a natural Black or Brown, and cirea it the beauty an I elaat.eity of > onih, and it wart nttd ueithar to waah 01 rub off or aoil the ak'O. The proprietor aince ita improve pi'nt, preaentait to the public with the uttno-t confidence ai b??iaa on equal, an d aa a perfacl Dye. Koraaleby Ruahton k C o . Br>>a<<way ; J 8 Aapinwali, WilHata a'rret ; Johneon, Vo re ItTavlcr, Maiden Lane ; and A B. It D Han da Nte York?and by the aole agrnta for the I nit'd Alatca. fell im*re It h ? a. WRIfJHT. Philadelphia BtJOTB ANl> SHOES of tha flrat quality at great 11 ba,at MAt 'a ?*w re, IMt^antl areet. The JM a-batribtr would ca'l the attention of hia nam-rout frieodi nid i uai.tmera and the pub'ic in gruerni. to hia IjiX? and well aaurted atcck ol ail the different kindanf "!li Oeliara. lie., Ihat ihe maiket can afford which lit wi'l II low lor earl). Erer g'atefni for tha lull abare of yvrronjat he rrctivtd fir 'he laai teu yeara while in the emi, i.ymeut ol oihera. and now having rommencad bnainea* fir IniOatl hi e* hia frienilg iind 'he public'liar there I,Vi be nothing wnnting on hia part to pleaae and five "attafar Ion to all rliuge wh i will oe ao kino ?a pate>>ntie h>m at jfar nala-reei, New Vork. JOH.v McliUIRE. it>9 if " rn ?LAl>FliLD II OK MOTES taken for Boota , anil nnoeg ?t W <|ker'a celebrated cheap Store, , where t.ia-e la to be found all aorta and aixea N.B.?All ^ *2'1 "* Hh ea, 4ll> Broadway, Maw York, n 11?*re * V'or'j "yn-B AMOBhptL rnonn is our |? ' to-kiua Boot a at %i St. city made, and en Jfaqo; ? !.. ! 2l"Jly "? f '. * *">" French calf t* ,i ' i? Si "lul' '-y ?ba beat aold ie the crtv. i , tt'ica, Sfioeg, Off,-re nd Slippera, on hand ' '' V " rd-r on abort notice All got da warranted to * >e aiiiafkeuoM. iAndit1* he., done in the atore. , . YOUMO k J OMEN, 4 Aon atreot, ' Near the Mnaeea. E NE NEVl TO LET. | i j^L A 110 Wof new two Story < ettaga Hoaiaa with ooart ff!? ? *0tl' raet, betweau Broadway and 811 fa \ XJLaveiioe, ai ua'ed on tba north aida of tha mart ti.umi as fol'owa:?I btaements, I parlors with sliding do> ra and hard finished walls, 1 room* aud I bad rooms in [ha *< ! coud it'<r>, good i>tutrie* a d drv counter collars. Iteui $180 For tarihar , ariiaaJars an<|airo on (ha premises of the ?*?nt mil1 w*r W K. P' ADLKTQX. m'l'i? LtC'l? Kr?m ne hrat ( .Vlav, (ha .rcuiid floor of a three story bock ho u?e, situ ited in Cortland it Apply to P. NENTKEL, 141 Broadwav, e irnar of y at aat. all >tar Fbit saLiv ok rent. MA THE THUKn, HTOKV HOUSE No. M Barclay P?m street, (ambla in rear) larniahed if required ?J?, ALSO TO LET-On tn aveuuc. Nos 171,171,171, mores and Dwellii (a, suit-hla lor fancy dry good*. Bent low. to cord teuauta. Apply at WJ Broadw-y, Johoann, Laophin It Hasey, ar to T. J. Hail, 6$ Barclay atraat. before t A M. all tf ra TO Lb i, MFrom la< of May n?it, three three-atory brick hooaaa, now labhlai, ft Hoboken, within three huu^rr d yarda ; >f the feira. They will have good well and ciatern Wat.i brought in the ki ohen.and otharcoovaainuera, iliat will render them deairable for either a large or anixll family I Apply to W A Palmer, at thecaipeotir'aanop near the ferry. 1 Oi.a of them ia fnraala mil Iwrro Jg liuuu Oil inc. oiA III xhu r.iuii 1 11 : PJ? AVENUES TO La, I .?The three atory and aitic : JiaULbriek dwelling hoaaa with store nnderneath on the ! ouier.y aide of tha 6th avenue, between 12m and lltb atieeu, 1 aud now known aa No. IM in cheltbaaenne. Tha throe atory brick dwelling home with store under oeath, on the easterly aide of tha Sth ayenua, betwa,n Greenwich lane and luh street, and now known aa No 63 ia tha lih avenue. Also, throe stores on Greenwich lane or aaenua, near tha th aaanue, at vary m iderat* ranta Tha dwelling part or each hooaa will ha rented aaparetely, if require sand ia wall finished, wilb marble mantels, sliding doors, sad every requisite for a respectable family. Apply to O. H. WINTER, II Willi street, ml 2w*rc over ihw Mechsmes' Bank. i oTATEN ISLAND COTTAGES To LET OK ?m? LEASE.?Three Collages situated on Caatletou JUflLHeighu. near Capo di Moote Butm Island, aarrouud- 1 ed by fine forest trees, and commanding an unsurpassed view , of the city, the Day and ita islands, aud tha oeeau, while 1 wis icini ii wy. me uinioc* in eacn icrry ueing leu than * milt. i Their eoatainas follows: Bagatalle?A parlor, diuiog room, tad 3 bedrooms. Crow's Nest?A parlor, dining room, library, 4 bedrooms, | and 3 servants'rooms?attached, carriage house with stable ; for 4 horses. Oak Land?3 parlors, large dining room, 13 bedrooms, hath room, aud 4 servants' rooms?attached, carnage house, with I stable fori horses. These Cottages enjoy in eorami u the nse of 17 acres ol beautiful woodland, enelosed, and in the midst of which they are erected. Apply to Madame Qrymes, at her residence. Capo <k Moore. I'c24 Impod*re Futt OA Lit, OK "t<J LET. JA A test-class, modern-built, three-story and attie dwelww line house, No. 344 Fourth street. Waahiugiou square, ,?JdK?nd commanding a Rue view of the Sth avenne. The home was built in the most substantial manner, and finished I in the best style, with so id polished mahogany doors and Eed furniture, mirble mantels throughout the- house Is I ted with a hut air furuaee, and has Croton water intro- | ed iu the kitcheo.whare re' eulr a new Bebe's rauge was i put up. The lot is d by 130 feet deep the premises are in ! complete condition, and possession to be given on 1st of May I nest. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain on ' bond and mor'gage, if desired. For terms apply to M Eschases Plane, id stairs. m I M LARUE SHOW ROOM and Loft. to Lesse-On 'avortble term*, in tb* new building corner of Chuth*m and Mo t stents. Chatham Square, being 69 fact ou un.tham, and M on Motl aireet, wiih a wide and easy encranea from each aceet The tnree storiei will be leued together, it deiired. They are anited for any boaineaa re filming good light and extcnaive ioom. Apply to J HAIL aS.n, 35# Broadway, or <3 Merchant*'Exchange. Hanover aireet. ml eod3w?rc tUR SALE, teA AT PRIVATE BALK?The property known aa No. uTTS IM Malberry atreet, near Broome atraet. Lot >3 by 100 Xj|Lteet. A two story brick front honae on the front of lot ?a Hall two atory frame honaa on the aide of lot, with a large work ahop m the rear. 32 by 2C feet, with a cellar 13 feet deep in the seme Half ol the pnrehaae money can remain on bond aad mortgage, at 7 per cent. .Enquire on the premiaca. ill lin*re J-'UK SAL.Hl LMlAP, M la RUKA' LIFE, fronting the baamiful Raritao pjl Bay,com.i ending a fall and en ire rievr from the HighXjULlandaof Neve sink to the Narrow a. Large and email r?.m., improved and unimproved property, ao iliat the pur baatra can at all timea aait their rmey in a aelection of pro party. ALo. fourteen valuable bnilding lota, at West Bloomflcld, F?mpton adjoining the Methodiat church pnraouage. and opposite the New Episcopal Church. terms easy. Panons leai oua of retiring from the eity to a healthy location anywhere aioug the shore, can obtain all information deaired, by let er poat, to W O HAYNCtf, Keypurt, Monmomh eoumy, NewJeraey. fW lm*rc FOH SALJS. a One of the moat beautiful and desirable reaideneea in the State of Connecacnt, situated in tha eity oi Norwich, corner of Washington and Yantic streets, now owned end occupied by Mra. S. Kip. and formerly ine reaidence of Wm C. Oilman, Sag., by whom the hmae wav built, and the grounds laid ont. There are about five acres of laad, covered with elegant shade trees and shrubbery, with varieties of fruit Lees, gooseberries, currants, raspberries, iLawberries, lie The scenery Iron the grounds is beamtifa) and picturesque equal to any in tne State. The henae it very ccnveaient. ' with two well* of excellent aad never failing water on the , premises, and the place combines every thing to make it one of the most delightful resiliences in New England, and offers a rare opportunity to aay gentleman wishing a beautiful country seat. For teimsand further particitiars^pplr to Charles Addoma Esq., No. 39 Granite Bnilding, comer Broadway and Cham bars street, or to the auutcriber on tha Dremises. W. C. WHITHIDGE. Norwich. Feb IC 1947 n? lm?rc FLultfcNCfc. HuUSfc. No. 400 Broadway, corner Walker Street, N. Y. MA JOHN FLOisSNLS, Jr., has now completed bit arraugemeuta for opeumg to the pnbtie, at tne elegant j^ULsnd -pacionv building above denga tied, and wnicn he has a. great eipenaa erected, a Ho<el, to be conducted on the r.uro. can pian In addition to the commodious Restaurant b' low, hu has arranged extensive suites of dining rooms ou tha floors above, splendidly furnished wiih every modern improvement in luruiture, decoration*, lie. Besides these, ire smalie' apartments, similarly famished, fur the aecommoda iouof individuals, or of tina'1 parties, where (as is the larger apartments) meal, are supplier at thtir -wn bears, by carle, on tne plan sllnded to. Attached ta the establishment, (entrance quite distinet from that witli the public de partmeut) are some amy bedrooms single and double, with elegant parlors adjoining?the wh ile forming a Aist class h tel for gentlemen, te be conducted on a scale of convenience via s'-cuniiiiuua ioa uiincrr aonunncu IB cnii country. J. F . Jr , trusis that it it unnecessary f >r him to assure the pnbli* that hia larder, his wines, and indeed hia entire culinary department. will be of the beet kind throughout; and ha invitea gentlemen who %ra detiroua of at the tame time obtaining rooms and board, or cither, separately, to eall upon him as above, where he will be happy to afford them ceery facility of examining his new sad commodious establishment. m2 lm'rc March 1,U47. POUINlAlPi MUJ'&L, J LIUHT ST , Bal.TIMOSU, > January 27, 1147. J PH1NEA8 THuSlHTON,} Proprietors. rHE undersigned having succeeded the late firm of DIX It FOtiO in the proprietorship o) the Fountain Hotel, so long and widely known as one oi the moat commodioaa establishments in Baltimore, take this method of informing he traeelhnf public. that beside the great improvement made last sp in*, in the addition of an en fire new win* to ton home by which a large number of lodgings were added, as well aaan eaieuaire Bathing Eiubliahmant, they hare re' centlyhad constructed a new Ladies'O'dinary, fitted op in the most uniqne end beautifulstyle, and also a ptiyata sitting room for gentlemen, which is entirely f-ee from the bnstle necessarily incident to the res'i publio puts ol the house; an arrangement highly desirable, and which they flat er tnemselre* oannot tail to please. In connection with th se improremenu, the whole murior of the home hat undergone a ihoreogh revinioa?every thing appertaining to the opnolatery or the eaubliakmeut lisa keen renewed, and nttendinis lor the chambers eleeted with a atriet siew to their entire capability in evsry respect. Th- table will aafonndat all timet fnlly snpplide with very thing the market affords, served np in s superior style, while in the wry of wines, Ice. fce. nothing will be kept but what is of the best quality. Added to these facts the attention and coartesy which will be rendered by their assistant* aetinf nnder their ewn personal supervision, to those who may favor them with a eali, th-y flatter themselves will not leave dissatisfied, aa no paius or eaprnse w.ll be sp red on their rart to meet the wants of their guests, and trust their hopei ol a liberal peurouage will uot prove unfounded, Baggsge tanen to and from the Ho'el. free of rharge. ARTHUR L FUO?. rej'swJinrrc PrtlNEAS THURSTON. A COUNTRY Sc.AT FUR 9ALK. m A Ctil/WTRV Hesideuee and Farm on (ha South pBsida of Long Island. ab"nt 4S inilss from this city ; can <sd^.be tetched in ihiet hours by ths railrosd. It lies on the old South Hoad. 4 miles East of Babylon, and directly opposite Fire Island; contains 177seres, about Mo! which are fenced into io's sod under good improvement. ' h? House a* moat convenient one, comparatively ne ?, snd sufficientiv Urge, Having five looms on the ground floor 1 lis onrbuildings eon, ist of a Barn, Urainery, Carnage Honss Ice Ho?se. ate., are ingood srder. It as a food Giro en with a va lety ol etceilent irons,, large Asparagus beds, and the grounds ab> at thn hmnse beautifully orramtn rod with flowers, with two wells oreaesllrnt soft w?ter. The land eateads down to the Bay on the S"u,h. ana reaches back to railroad nsar thn Thompson htstion There is fine fsbing, fowling,Ice , snd is oes heslikiest plsrss in the Unite i Btsiet Half the pnrehaee money rsu rsmsiu on mmtf:?ge at per can: for five years. It will be sold steredingly ow. Apply to OEOKOL) B FI'K, ' tha OAea of ihs Long Islsed hailn ad ' o , mlltwswh 41 William st. Merchants' Exchange. ft mOENTLEMEN'S HAT# OF THE SPRING ^mcsv&vnji mm&mi \ nrUL J 0> tt tat, (between William and old.) 1 he a designed, iom wo years aiaea, commeocad bnsinau in ihintreei upou the plan of Laaqc Hal?i and Small PaoriTl 1 i'B aminaat areata which hat crowned hit effo u to fornnh tut eattomart wuh an artiele of lha fust Quality, and at the lowest price, has induced him to move irum lilt totmer eontitetad eatrblishmrnt to the toove moch moiecommodioni ttore. Hitpneat ate ttill the tame, vis: Ei at qualllv Nutria Hatt >o f emu do. do on Sirat do Moleskin 00 pcond do. do. 300 'J lord do do ...? JO A liberal deduction from the above prices made to wholetala dealers \VM fi OBKRTg N, Jr. I mt l?'r _ No 3> Fulton tt. ?5 HATS TO BK HAD FOR *8 50 (H AT MILL*'BALfcH ROOM. 171 Broadway (Howard J*mHo e>) ?Spring atvl? lor 1147 now]'. Ueutlemru tb me purchasing a new tile aro requested to call and etamiue thota offered at lha strove eatahlithmant. Tlrev are positively jutt what it represented, aud combining elas.icity with darabilili and brilliancy, together with all the modern improvements in the ttimmiug, their superiority w>ll at obce be acknowledged mi 3w*rh i HAlti Lti'E. BATCHELOR'B Liquid Hair Oye, it the beat artiele ye offered for coloring the lieir to a perfectly even an natural black or brown, without staining or injuring the akin It la pronounced by hundreds who have uied it, the only per lect Hair Dye yet discovered. Bold wholesale and retail by Wjjl. BATC i KLOR. I Wall street, near Broadway. e W YO 7 YORK, WEDNESDAY Mrxlran Affair*. HKBALD MIL.!1'ABY CORRESPONDENCE. Bark JuaiLKB, Orr Bnaaoa, ( 18tli Feb 1847. J We are atiU, aa von perceive by the date of ihia letter, off Brtena Inland, for the following reaeoua:?Firat. when we received erdera to eall tor Lohoa, we fonnd it necea tary to procure more water and provlalona. ta on tbat laland water can only be procured inrmall qtiantitiea by dinging, aud tbat aoon becomaa aalt. Hecond, the thil j M a V lflvinir hard Iahp nf fhd cfflcori! the Captain of Ilia ship inl myself went on shore Two of the officer* got intoxicated. and, of courte, fighting followed. We reported them to Gen. Scott, ue in duty bound to do. We bad orderi to aail tho neat day. which win Sunday, but then received order* not to sail until further order*. Veiterday the.e officer* were arretted. Pert ol Company K wai taken from thi* ihip and placed on board of the brig, where the reit of the company wii, ond to-dny we were to have been placed on board the bet It Isabel, but were not,mi account of tba steam boat* being otherwise engaged. There ere now lying here forty-one shipa and bark* ireig'tcd with foldiar*. buries and nm e* and water Thero ere at least now one hundred auil here in the employ ot government There i* no harbor ; we lay anohoifd end exposed to the sea. Capuin* of vesaeL* [ dare uot leave their ah P' for fear of northers, wind* that spring up and blow a gale lasting lor a week or ten days. Then they must slip their ca bles ud iuii for sea. until tie wiud lessens V ben I ' snehk ot the number of vessels here. 1 mean lying on . L". j-oi, and how many thera are at Lobe* 1 cannot tell. I They have he>'U constantly going there for the lest ten ' days (hneinl x-ott says, " We are ou the eve of an I important tiattle" Tne lest he knows himself; but i Irvrn what we can learn, the attack will be madu | on Vria Crtit We wilt number about fifteen thou I sand to twenty thousand men. The enemy at least tbiee io one ot us, so that it will lie the greatest battle I that "us ye' tun. (ought. I am willing for one, to go as i.iy duty no v culls me there, and to-morrow, if tho ! steamboat con get alnngsido, we will bj taken on liourJ ; the iiaik Isabel, with company B and tail for Loboa, , leaving th * v? rrel to bring out other troops. I ahull he i glal to ti.'.ht any where, for the aake of getiiag on ibore, , tor we havo heeu ten days laying in a* much dusger ns \ wn should be if tuirouuted by Uieia cut throat Mexi- i cans I havr gut clear since I arrived, but will not tetucn until I have si en one battle;and then pcraapa I may uevor. | 1 woul-l giew you the olftcera' names that are to be court- | m?rtiaile<1, bu' one, a captain, will have hia punishment j light?say be tuspeuded far a short time. The otuor. a i lit u , I) !,.? KrnUo.. Un..H* I !. - I .11- I 'am yet-b-rdsy, anJ he ordered ma to report myself "ns hoou as at Lotos lor duty, as he ha som.j waiting to do. He J* a tine man. It ia, sor.ei.imes, tor h week that the steamboats cannot get out to give order* to tho ship*, and wlpii they do " oiod uuly keep out for half a day, wberNR they oould have taken ua on hoard of the burk three daya ago; but cott in gone' end then they take their time The ialaDd oi Lohos ia three quartet a of a mile in There we shall be obliged to drill; it ia nine mm-a w mi the main land, and when wc go on that it vt i '.u for death or victory. (Veneral Scott left here hi the ship Massachusetts on Monday evening, to that we did not aee tho way they tailed. I hope we will aail to morrow. *? ? KKOM THK GULP .SQUADRON. [Krorn the Washington Union, March IS ] Lettara have been received In Waahington, wnich indicate tbe greatest harmony and concert of movement* between our squadron and our army. Aa ia already known to tho country, tho tranapoita with troops on board are to rendeavous at the island of Lobos, a toleiably secure anchorage near the main land, and some 00 uriles to the southward, and eastward of Tampico. A number of theae transports had already arrived at Loboa According to the tallowing memorandum, which we have reason to believe may be relied on, there ware, at the dote of the lost accounts not n.oro than 3800 troops, iiiotading national militia, in tho city of Vera Cms; and although thia number may be inoieaied by other oratta from he militia, (national guard) it ia improbable that there cau bo much addition to the troops ot the lino, between that time and the date of the contemplated attark. Indeed, ao straitened is the enemy for funds and supplies ot all kinds, that it is extremely doubtful whether a further inoieaso would redound to his advantage. The mora persons that are shut op within the walla of the city, the rnoie speedy, from a want of provisions, mtut be Its capitulation. With the city, It is presumed, falls he castle ot Ulus, and lor tbe same reason. Wa understand that there are two points at which the debarcation of our troops may bo efleoiod?the one duo west from tbe islsnd of SaoriBcloi, ana witnin a mile ana a naif of the eastern walls of tho city, and the other immediately abreast of be anchorage ot Aoton Lizardo. Our squadron will be able to cover the landing of our troops with ease, at whichever of thesa points it may be made. MKMoaiNDCM. The parties at present in Mexico, are composed as follows:?The monarchists, the centralists the nigh federalists, the moderate federalists,the clerical, and the military. The only one of these parties which gives a cordial support to tbe administration and Congress, in the meat ure against the church property, is the high federalist party. The others unite, more oi less, with the clergy in heir opposition to it. Thia opposition is very great. lu several of the States, it has been impossible to issue the decree, in oonsequence of the refusal of the proper officers to sign it. Id Ctuaretaro, several riots occurred upon its publication; and the States ot Queretaro, Piiebia, end Mexico, have lormelly protested against it A proposition his been made in the htate Congress of Vera Crus, held t J?laDS. to protest aaaiuat it. alto, but has not vet been acted Upon. Althongn thin law wus passed on the lltb January, and several decrees, for the purpose of carry ing it out, had been Issued by the Vice Presiden', up to the .'Ah of Jaiiuary, nothing had been done in the muter til the ministers had resigned, it is believed, in consequence oi these <1 ffloulties, except Ladrou de (Jerevara, the Minister of Justioe and Ecclesiastical Atfmrs, and he hud been but tecenlly inducted into office, in place oi Lop< x Nana, the former minister, who bad resigned a shoit tin:# prevtnuily. The olergy had, in several instances both in Mexico ?nd fuebla, shut up tbair churches, and a portion of the presa is daily denouncing the govern meat in the most abusive terms, exciting the people to au open revolt. It ie believed that it will he impossible to carry out (ha measure ; and that, if it ia persisted in, a revolution will bo the oonsequence, and that bantu Anna will he thrown out of power. In the meantime, it ia ru asort d that the latter meditate* the assumption ?f dictatorial powers Maratlsn has, already, declared for a dictatorship, and it is rumored that the troops in San Luis I'otoai have done the seme. It was loimelly announced to Congresa, by the edmiuistrution, a lew day* ago, that tho latter had been unable to negotiate a loaa of a mil lion of d> liars, authorised by the former, on the 30th oi December. So that, it teems, the government it entirety without resources, ih the meantime, the troops every where ere suffering for not only the wnnt of proper mu nitions of war, but for nsceatsry rations and clothing ? Hints Anna declares that be is unable to move from Man Luis Potoai lor want of funds The latest financial move made in Congress (Jan 3Atb) was the reference #f instructions to tho committee of ways tnd means, to report, within three days, a project for raising funds to defray the expenses of the war, for six months The Vera Cruz papers speak of tha contemplated attack of Oenaral Scott, and recommend that a force o. three thousand men be stationed at F.ncero, about eighty miles from Vera Cruz on the road to Mexico, for the purpose oi being moved towards Vara Cruz upon the first alarm ? The Lacomottr status that there are four defiles, or past es on the roal to Mexico, which might be held by a haudlul of men and a few pieces of aitillery, against any number*, as there ate certain heights at these passes, whence the road winding about, inay be enfiladed for several hours These passes are Puerte Necional, about 30 miles from Vera Cruz, Plan del Rio, about AO miles from Vera Cruz ; Cerro Uordo, distance not known, and ha Hona, distance also unknown. The first two are now being fortified A proposition was recently made in the State Congress to appoint De Soto (the present governor) dictator of the State of Vera Cruz, but was negatived. The oity of Vera Cruz has been declared in a state of siege, and under martial law, and a war tax of AO cents on every ten dollars per month, has been levied upon ell perrons whose income* egusl or exceed $1 per dinr It is believed that, including the on* thousand re" i recently arrived in Vert Crux, there are now in the city and castle twenty-eight hundred. (Jen. La Vex* has recently been appoints : command ant general of Vera Cruz. MX. TAHY JNTRLLtOKNCS. Colonel Cumunngs, of Oeorgla. who was appointed Major tfeneral under the new law offloering the ten revmients. ha* followed the exaniide of CnTtinal Hnntnn ho seeding in his resignation NATAf, INTSLLMSNOX. Ship Tonquln, at ibis port from St. Helena and China, biiusa a leport to the effect that tha IX. 8 Sloop Vincsuues, Capt. Paulding, was at Cape "f Uood Hope, date not given, from China, on liar way home, end that sickness was on boaid. Tha U 8. sloop of war Oermantown, Com'r Buchanan, bound to the Gulf ol Mexico, was towed down to Hampton Roads yesterday by the U 8. steamer Engineer, master's mate Olmstead, commanding. The loilowing is a list of her ogicers Commander, Franklin Buchanan Lieutenants, Will. Smith, Thornton A Jenkins, Win. Leigh, John I. Warden. Burgeon, W. F Mcclannahan. Ass't Surgeon, T B Steele. Acting Master, I ry Rolando. Purser Quentine Busbee Ll. Mai tries, R. Ki rising. Midshipmen, J. I). McCsrkia, Wm L I well, Breese, Felix Grundy, Joseph B Smith, Lewie C. Sswyer, Thomse H. Looker. .Mat<ai's Mate, Faiagut Gsrdnsr Captain'sCleik, Arthur Dortey Boatswain, Wm. Black. Gunner, Wm. C. Thompson

Ssilmaker, t.assel. Carpenter, John O Butler.? Norjtlk Beacon, March 16. Political Intelligence. Return* from -ill town* in New Hump* hire give William* a majority of *39) nine mero town i to he hai.rd Irom. Tho Home, 10 iar heard (rom, i* told to ftaud 181 democrat*, 100 wan*, '8 independent democrat*, aud 4 libeity |>arty men. '1 ha town* to be heard from (Ave onlj ) it la conceded will elect democrat* The Patriot Claim* a clear majority of democrat* elected. The MWiourl Legislature adjourned tint </fe on the 14th ult. Among the law* whicb paiied during the *ea Inn weie two relative to the rate* of iotureit. On* I name* *ia per cent a* the legal rata, and tho other require* that the bank and the fniurance compatiie* ahall i charge no other or greater intereat. 1 The Hon. John McLean, of Ohio, artived in Htteburgh on the Uth. and waa waited on by hi? perioral and political friend*. In Oawego the Boerd ol Btiperviaou ia compoaed of a rvanteon democrat* and flvo whig* The following gentlemen have hern elected intend ant ami warden* ot Georgetown, ft. C. s ? Leonard Dollar, intendant i W. J. Howard, Jai Coraou. D. A. 8 Tarry, and A. L. Mariano, warden*. >RK 1 MORNING, MARCH 17. L?w InUlllfriice. Ciwi'it Ooi'RT. March 16 ? iteto c Judge Edmonds? Hunt vi- Ptndltlon ?Thin ii an action for gooda told aid delivered. and invo'vea all tl>? legal qoea'iona in the care of Franklin va. Pendleton, triad a fnw <taya alnce. and fully reported. In that case the plain-itf fumiahed material!, k-.., for cODatrucling a floating theatre on tha hull of t j# Virginia, and the aueation waa wheher the araaei waa liable and rould do attached under tha atatuta. There waa a verdict for the plaint id. auhjrot to tha opinion of the Court in Banco. Tha prcaiit caae contain* a q ties'loo of fact, to be poaaad on hy tna Jury, namely, whether the gooda which are the aubjact of tha pteaent action, were delivered oo tha reapunaibtiity of tna dafondant. t <immon Puua, March 16 ?Before Judge Ingrahem ? rhai Af. Haij VI I.oyul 8 Pond, Sum'I Gillmun and Jai. y ? Tbiswa* au action ot treapaaa lor a torclbla entry into the plaintiff'! premise! From the evidence it ap peared, that in the month of \uguatthe plaintiff occupied the entire ef the houae No 9 Carmine meet, except tha iiiet story. which a *a occupied a? a dry goods a'o e by a man numed Ifataell. Mr. Hatsell had a clerk named Washburn and it ulao appeared that the defendanta, t end and tiillmnn, resided ao me who re in the neighborhood. Mr. Uillmun'a little daughter, about oleven J ears old, waa | eugugro u(vu ?i;o? nut; worn mr ? men >m wanisu worsted, uuJ on the day on which the trespass ii alleged lo have boon committed, aba want out to purchaie tha worsted On j.tssing the atoie of Mr. flatsell, Waahburn wuiuttlin door, and askod her what ?ho wanted. She told hiui, upou which he said they Imd it, nod invited her into u.t* sto e Wuen he got the child inside he grossly Intuited her, unJ ou her return home ahe told har mother of what had happened The mother told the father in tLeoseniot?, Upon which Mr UlUman, with Mr. I'ond. Lit partner, and tli? other defnndunt, went to Hataell'a tore, and enquired for Washburn. He waa pointed out to them, and >1r. Oiilmaii struck bim two or three blowa with a cow hide, alter which ho otcaped through a aide door, uud hid himself away in a coal hole, in tha batema.. L The |>uitiea tiien went in puranit of him into the basement,* here the v met with Mra l.a'tcnthe plaintiff 'a fist' r-ln law, an) a girl named Laura Milliard, who said that ho was nut in ttia under part ol the houae. Thoy then went up stairs?searched the whole of the plaintitt a preinisea, in tha upper part, in doing which they made considerable noise and coiUcted a crowd in front of the house, which is the nespass complained of ; and in addition it is alleged that the plaintiff wife and his sister-in-law, (both at the time i t n delicate state of health ) were so much i righto lied, thoy were for 8 or 4 days afterwards unable to attend te their ordinary business The defeuce < was, first, that they get permission to go up stairs tiom , Laura, Mr. Hat's servant; secondly, that lit all avents the trespass was but technical, the plaintiff having sustained no iujury, aud by way of mitigation of damages they insisted they were iu some measure excused by the conduct of Washburn*. The case is adjourned, ior Plaintiff, Mr. Oeo. White?Kor Defendant Messrs. Brady i It Maurice. r.'rit nr llatmvbsi Wtiii/twa \TaM?K 111 ^RdiVirn Ha. i cordor Scott and Aldermen Hart and Walsh. John MoKeon, Esq , District Attorney.? The jiUrged Huiianet Cmta.?Al tho opening of the Court tbie morning, the trial of Edgar H. Laing, lor an alleged nuitauoe in keeping a coal yard in Leonard strait, waa returned. Mr Wilson proceeded to addreaa the Jury iu behalf of the defendant, and waa followed by the Diatriot Attorney on tho part of tho people. The Jury, after a brief abaence, rendered a verdict of not guilty. Trial for Burglary.?William H. Thompaon, otherwite known a? one-eyed Thompaon, waa than colled to trial on an Indictment lor burglary in the third degree, in baring on the night of the sixth of January lait, broken open the coal office of Mr. Samuel ii. Reeve,and athlen therefrom a number of koy?, coudlea, and copper coin t}Tt ?i Court observing that the aocuied had no counsel, irquired if he had engaged counsel, to which he replied, " 1 have no counsel, nor do I wish any i I expect to be able to (how that I am innocent . f the charge preferred agaioat me, and am prepared to defend m>ielf. Aid. Hakt?The Court will asiign you counael, if you deaire l'. ration xa?I dont wish it; 1 am prepared to take care of my own case The Cocbt- Vary weli. Jacob Wiltik, examined for the prosecution?I closed the office of Mr. Reeve about hall past o'clock on the night in question; I was notified by a pollcaman tnat the office had been broken open and robbed} 1 went there and lonnd that the padlock had been broken off and removed: on entering the office, I discovered that the drawer of the desk had been forced open and taken out; I aleo aacertalned that aome candlei, a key, and about 46 cent* in copper coin were stolen; I ?aw the ?ey the following day at Jefferson Maiket Police Court Cross tmaminsd by tho Prisoner.?I believe that the key I taw at Jefferaon Market Polioe Court, waa the key of the dcak drawer; 1 cannot aay at what hour the burglary waa committed, except from the information given me by the police. ttaoaok VV. Cook, policeman,examined.?I aawa man named Jobnaou come out of Thompaon'a hotrae on the night of the Otb of January; the priaouer came out atter him; they atarted off together down the Sth avenue; 1 followed butloat aight ottbem in Hudeon atreet; the pritoner had a cloak on at the time; ahortly afterwarda 1 taw them coming down June atreet; the moment they aw me they dodged round a corner; I followed them, and when I got near the weat corner, I took Thompson into cuatody; he bed then made aome diepoaltioa of hia cloak; i naked him what he had done with it; he inquired what i meant; I told him he mu:t go with me te tin Sta tion Houee; on aearohing him afterwarda, 1 found $10 in hi* pocketa and a key in one of hia boota; 1 subsequently tried the key, and found it to At the lock ot the drawer in Mr. Reevei' office; I arretted Thompson cioae to the oftice of Mr. Reevea; while I wee searching Thompaon, he remarked that 1 did not undentand searching a man. and that the key had dropped through n hole in bis pocket; I examined hia pockets, but oould find no hole in either of them; tho pantaloons were new. The prosecution here rested, end the prisoner proceeded to open his own case. He then called tba following witnesses : ? CuaaiaSA Cann being examined, deposed that she waa piiaocer'a wife's mother; was at prisoner's house on the night of his arrest, until alter 10 o'clock; no ooo waa thera but hersell; no peiaon could have been there without her knowledge; bad no var seen Johnson at the house ol the prisoner. Hernia Muoaic, examined ?Witnoaa Ja sister-in-law to the prisoner j waa at horns on tha night of tho prisoner's uirest; no person cams to tha houao that night tiTAivTvir, examined? Witness assisted her husband in making a pair ot pantaioona ter the prisoner iu the month of Uecemher Mat- witness took them home; prisoner's wife examined the pockets and ahowe<l witueaa a hole in one of them; had not previously noticed it; tho pantaloons which the prisoner has on are the same At tiiia stage ol tho trial the Court adjourned until to morrow morning. Count Calindas?Circuit Court?40,46, 16, 394,60, 419 Ci, t>3. 01,110, 111, 111, 114. 116 Common Pleas, I?t Part?13, 17, 31, 33, 37, 30, 31, 37, 41, 43 44, 47, 40, 61, J.I Port?36, 4(1 4tl, 60, 63 , 64 , 66 , 69,60,64,64,66,69. 70,74. Movement* of Traveller*. Yesterday's arrival* exhibit still lurther overflow of travellers at the various hotels : ? Amebic an?A. Aahmer and family, Philadelphia; J. Rankin, Kishkill; R Arden, West Point: J. Reeves, U S. Army; it. Bennett, Newburg; H Randall, do: T. Osborne, Connecticut; E Osborne, do; R Marsh, Philadelphia; R Gibbon, North Carolina; J. Haskins, Virginia; R. chapman,Philadelphia. Aitos ?W. l.aplm,Mass; W.Hart, C. Hunt, L Hunt, Troy; Mr. Baldwin, ?*. J ; Mr May wood, F. Jeuks, Boston; 8. Christy, Tenn.; 8. White, Va ; (4. Lambert, Boaton; W. Badger, Phils ; II. Gaater, Baltimore; A. Coffin, Portsmouth; G. Knglish, L. Lewis, Phil a.; Hon W. Woodworth. W. Merrifield, Mass; J. Kellog,Troy; C. NorviU, Phils ; W. L'pbam. L Jenhs, Boston; W. Wagley. U.S A ; J.True, N. V ; H Ross, Cuba; H. Chamberlin, Worcester; C. Andrews, J. Chatfln, W. Lymes, J. Real, Boston; C. Harris, Prov ; J.Thayer, Boston; WRichmond, Prov ; W. Pepe, New Bedford; W. Jones, C. Whitney, Boston; J. Vale, New Biunswick. City ?Thomas Lee and family, Croton Kails; W. Ken ney, Tennessee; B Acton, Salem; George Weaver, Pni ladelphiH; M. Pendleton, Viiginia; A. Bayne, do; 8 Ha her,do; Asa Otro, New Loudon; A. ftmith, New York; C Rabbin, Pittsburgh; P Campbell, Baltimore; E 8te< vena, Kentucky; J. Crist, Upper Canada; L Dolyns Virginia; 8. Ashmead and lamily. Philadelphia; D Thomas, do; J R Nagus, do; A. Neff, do Kbanbliis?C. Richards, Troy; 8 Post H. Seymour Piermont; A Rousseau, Troy; C. Sorsn, New Yotk; J smith, A-Hawe, Boston; J. TomJlnson, New Hsven; N Abeam T. Bnurs Naw York; T. Jewatt, New Haven W Mesaereld, Petersburgh Rowan*.?J. Broome, canton ; J. Aihburn, Pittsburg F. Blount, North Carolina ; M. Laman, W. Coy, Ohio A. Harvey, North Catohna ; U. ,Morton, Boston ; Mr bolder, Augusta; O. Eluolt, Alabama; C Kingsman, Lowell; J. Hurley, Boston ; J Jarvis, W. Jarvis, Maine W. Edgars, Boston ; F. Koueter, Naw York ; Mr. Hsslitt Zaneiiilla ; J. Ogden, Philadelphia ; B floboit, Boston T. Oram, Philadelphia ; B Knight, N Matthewa, North Carolina ; E Kerr, New York ; Col. O. Arnold, Troy. Judson?M. Kauklu, L Little field, Pbila; H Sholton New Haven; 11. Burr, C. Cooley, J. Buckingham, No; nich; U. Ciliary, Boston; T. Vaughao. 8t. John; 8 Thaysr, Maioo; <J Oriewold, Va; T Haydn, Boston, W IVUd, Springfield; H. caiifi. Boston; W. Rics, Mass; J Ainden, do; (i Msxwoll, Conn; J. Ouillie, Hsvano; H Mosd, Springflold; K. Bunn, J. Crawford, C. Allen, Neu Hav?n. r. iildnia P Tatar I' RrainarS Hanf?rJ. fi Rodgeis, J Pitch, New Haven; 8 Lee, Troy, j.Rssd Marion; I. Price, DeasvUle; J Baldwin, Wateitown; J Logon, PennsylvaniaRathsc*?H Mansfield, Rhode Island; A. freeman Philad ; W. Williams, Boston; P. Day, 8t Louis: J. Mat thews, Troy; W. Mm too, Boston; Mr Townsend, Tblls. R. Bkeel, New Yorki W. Pitch, Buffalo. Sporting Intelligence. Satavkan Racsi.?Ooi.KTHearE Cocase.?March 10 ?Sm-ovo Dat?The following is the result of the recin| over the above course. Two mile heats-purse t^O Mr. Ha, rison'a Henrietta, by Boston 1 1 | Mr. Lover's b f. by Oeno, dam by Bally Magrsw., i ' Time 8:40-a so. ; Thisd Dat, March 11?7 hrec mile beats : Mr. Singleton's s. m Maid of Lodl 1 1 Mr. McAlpiii's b h. Bill (iordon t dr Time of first heat 0:11. The fallowing are the entiies for the 13th?best 8 in f ' ?purse 1140 Mr. Singleton ent -rs b. f. Mary BUles, four years old by tJsno, dam Bully Magraw. H. K Burroughs entara b. h John Watson, aged, bj John Dawson, dam imp Leviathan. Mr. iiairiaon enters a. m. Henrietta, four years old dam imported Emily. After whiehilhere will be a race for saddle horses HERA 1847. Niws from the Pacif c ?Wo nre gratified to announce tWu arrival here, say* the Ana Btdford. Mercury, ot Mr. Liudsey, from Honolulu. Sandwich l?laud?, Nov. IStU, vis Honduras slJ Now Tork, bringlog lull reports from the whaling fleet, end other interesting intelligence, to the latett datee, additional to the information prt-vioi'sly transmitted by him to Ihia place : These will be found in our columns. Mr. L. has also | brought several hundred letter* to ship-owners and ; others. Mr. LinJsey arrived st Honolulu Not. 17th, and was , welcomed wi'h lively interest, as the speolal messenger j from slii|i-owners and others augagad in the wbele flih l ery to tha fleet The followiog particulars of bis recepI tioa, which wacut from the Polj/ntiian, will not be with- j ! out interest to a |iortioo of our readers We stop the pre.s to announce the arrival, at Labaioe, of Mr. H Lindsay, editor of tb* Whaltmm'i Shipping I Lift, at New Bedford, bringing despatches vie ! to the United Stater Commissioner, with a circular to whaling musters fiom their owners By hiiu wa liave ! *?.? i.k. it.. l Qi.i. n luo (J imum >> nvem "ava lonai a V"U Mia k, ?J? i and pa pel scad news ?o July 1st Mr Liodsey cam- via FdUaroa, tlieuce lu Call so and Hilo in a Kronen corve'te, i Irum Hilo to Lahuina in n whaler Hi* dates are, New j York, July 1 ; Jamaica, July 31 | Panama, Auk. 3 } Callao, Aug b. At tho luteal advice* no apprehensions to \ American commerce whatever were enienained from Mexican privateer*, and it vu believed the Mexican war would soon terminate. Ship Meteor, of Myetic, returned to Oahu. June il, on account of mutiny. The following account of which we copy from tha Friend On the 33d May, while on her paieagn to the N \V Coaat, a shoal of blackflsh wae JU covered; boat* were lowered and tha chae* commenced. In the 3d mate'* boat an altercation took plac* between the 3d mate and one of the men who had recently been hipped at Laheina. Capt Laetar ordered all the boat* to return to the ehip. and on reaching tha deck ha (Capt L) (aid to the let officer, " Prepare, we may have difficulty." They went below and commenced loading pietola, ka. .soon, the 3d mate went below alio, when the companion way vai abut and hatches cloned, on the el- < lege 1 ground that a part at the crew were in danger of their live*. No one belgpv waa allowed to como up on pain of bsing struck down, unloia all tire arma ware given up. The vessel wae now put upon her course for the coekt of California, with the hope, it was said, of getting into an American Consular port. The cooper was put iu command, but there was no one on deck who understood navigation. This state ot things continned for three days. Occasionally verbal communication passed betweeu the parties ; and those below wore, in part, supplied with food from those on deck, by passing the same over the tatt'erel and through the cabin windows. At th* , end of the SJ day the ship Midas, of New Bedford, wns spoken ; a boat's crew going on board. The state of alieic> was made known to Capt. Davis, of the Midas, who want on board tha Meteor, and succoedod in arranging that the Meteor should proceed to Honolulu, under command of Mr. Horton, while (-apt Lester and hi* .u officer should accompany Captain Davis in tha Midas The following is a copy ot a document which wj* drawn up and signed by Capt. Lester and his two officers, and given over to the men Mav 34, at Hi*. This is to certify that Francis A. Lester, master of ship Meteor, in let. 33 09 N.lon IMUO W, agree* to discharge any number of his meu that wish to be discharged *t Oahu,und let them have their clothiDg.and that without troubling them. When the anchor Is down and the sails furled, you ore at liberty to take your things and go on shore. FRANCIS A LESTER, 1EA T HORTON. JEREMIAH CLARK. Jacob T. Davis, witness. This document having boon signed,Mr. Horton came on deck and took command, while Capt. Lester left through the cabin windows; the boat of the Midas passing under the stern of the Meteer. After Capt. L felt, the fire-arms were discharged. It was agreed that the Meteor should accompany the Midas to Oahu, the latter ship being bound thither for repairs. Both vessels arrived a*. Oahu JuneQ. The If. 8 consul being informed of the case, went on board, and four of the crew who had been most prominent in the transaction, were taken into custody, and confined in the fort. Subsequently several others were confined. An investigation of the affair having been made by the oonsul, and me depositiona of the captain, otfloers, and tome of the crew taken, it was decided to end the following peraona belonging to the erew, te the United Stafei for trial, via : ? Wm. Taylor, Jno. Stanley, John Laarny, Robert Clayhorn, and Abraham B. Swert, accompanied by Mr. Horton, 1st officer, and Samuel L Main, stamen, as witnesses. The Meteor sailed from Honolulu June >4, for a otuiaeend home, wanting 700 bbls. to fill. On the 0th of January last, the bark Harriet, of Freetown, Cspt. Durfee, cruising on the line, lowered her Boats for sperm whales. The first and third mate had each secured a whale, and made them fast alongside, when they returned to assist the second mate, who was last to another. They came up with him about 0 o'clock at night, and succeeded in killing tha whsie. They could then see the ship, but it began to blow, and thev were obliged to lay by the whale all night lu the morn iug, the khip was not in light, it (till blowing a sale and raiuing herd. Their lav Iyr the whale three day*, when they ventured to standtolf to the weatward, in hopea ot lulling in with aome ship. On the 7ih day they ciught a shark, which they ate with a good relieh. TUoy were then atandjng for the Kluga Mill Uroup of Islands, but a new gale coming on, they were obliged to reef down, and aland to the aaatward, and Anally to beare to, where they lay for 30 heura, in a gale unuaual lor those latitudea. On the morning ot the 10th day, again atood to the weat. Early on thellth day they diacovered a aail, and atood for her, which proved to be the bark Uanseat, of Hamburgh ? They were taken on board and treated with great kindueaa. They had had nothing to eat during eleven day a, excepting the shark they had caught and* oue or two Hying fi.u, and no water except what they had caught iu the line-tuba Humo of them had laid down to ate, two days boioie they saw the ahip, and all ot them *are aa weak that thoy could scarcely support their weight. Cept Duiue, after cruising for several days in the vicinity, was soaking tho best of his way to this port witb the remnant of his craw, having given up ali nopes ot ever seeing any of his officers or crow again, when the burk Hanseat spokaiiia Jan 90 Ha waa nut more surprised than delighted to find liis men all sale, and receiving all attention* possible, as the third mate waa a brother.?Pulynttian. Awpur, Conflagration?To wand a in Kuins.? One ut lite moat awlul and destrucuve confl?grutions occurted in our borough that aver visited a town of squel extant and population. Mora than twenty buildings are laid waste in tha fairest and most busrnesportion of the town. The fire originated in the roof oi a boildii'g occupied as store by N N. Betts, and in e very taw moments communicated with the contiguous buildings on cither side. The large three story stors, owned and occupied by tba Messrs Montaynas, tha claremont House and adjacent buildings, and the Court Home, were soon enveloped in one sneet of flarao. In less then two hours, more than twenty building* were consumed by the insatiate element Every building on the south side of tha public square and east side of Main street, as far down as Mr. C. Arnout's brick house, was destroyed. The beautiful brick block on the west side of Main street was several times on fire, but ultimately saved through the almost superhuman exertion of our citizens. Tho bridge was at on* time considered in the most imminent danger, the roof being en fire In several pieces. The wind blew from the northwest, which threw the blase partly teward tha river, and was a fortunate circumstance, for had the fir* crossed Main street, heaven only knows where it could have bean (topped. W* will hot pretend to eelimete with accuracy the lots, but it oannot be lea* than f (JO.oOd or gAO.OOO .More than twenty-five famiiie* have, by this calamity, been left honeeloee, and many have loet ail they possessed. We attach e list of the sufferers, without pretending to place any estimate upon the amount of individual losses: ? Montanyee k Co.'e store ; i. Kingsbury, Jr'sdo.; N. tt. Hutu's do : Montanyek Fox's do ; H. 8 3t M ? Mer<? < > dst . MiUa r.krfnr irrnperu etnra And iltvkiiina Mima Lewie, milliner; Henry Mercur, het (tore and dwelling; L, Bachelder, tailor ahop; Powell 1c Pc tine packer, do , Clyae-a Marcur, law oflice ; Hone ot Temperance Hall; Mr*. Kipp, tailoreae; C Piatt, grocery atore; A. Moody, meat market; D. C. Hall, tin and etove atoie . Holomou ) Cooper, barber ahop and dwelling , J M lull.on. grocery; the Claremont liouae, N. Tattle, boot and choe , -tore; 8 Riwele, dwelling houae; Montanye.'ntoreliouae ; the Court Houao ( William Trout, blackamith'a ahop; Mra. Spalding, dwelling houae ; John if Kord, , dwelling houae; M. C. Armout,haruraa ahop ? BrnA/otd, ( Pa) he/?rtrr. ' Beep Paceino at the WhtIt appears to 1>? a . prevalent opinion among perioua nonveraant ; with the aubiect, that the buaiceaa o( beef packing, iika , that of pork parking, #ill fall f?i abort, the potent teeaon, of that <f l??t year. Krom careful enquiry it ; appeara that the numlier of cattle alaugbteted thia acumen, , by, or for our own icickera, la tour thouaand three Ltun; ilrad and aeveiity b??. '1 ho priadpal pa, kerf have \ cloned their buaineaa, and the number yet to bo slaughtered and put tip if eatimuted not to eicaed three hundred. , making the whole number loll abort of four thnnaaud - a# van hundred Theeauaea of ihla diflclency , and of the preaent ararcity of cattle, and conerqoenl high prion, . are auppoeed to be there:? During lart rummer end fell, mi unusual numner 01 cams we ampiifi nuuinwuru ? From this port scarcely a heat left for Near Or Irani that r did not lake down (r < m seventyflv* to two hundred . head Attbeaamn time, drover* from Kentucky and Tatineaeee were scouring Missouri and llliuoia, the harda of their own Metes having brcomo exhausted, and were Inlying up ?tock at the highes* maikct price* While thia draining was going on, a militaiy expedition . aet wealward, and immena number* of cattle were le quired for teann. Kmtgratio u to California and Oregon ' ! too, came in for it* heavy demand, and thtao two cauao* combined, probaidy deprived the Wait of to 000 head of cattle, that otherwlae would have hoen fattened and slaughtered. Meantime both the domeatio and foreign demand lor beef haa been nnuanally greet. Our armies have necessarily couaomad large quantities, and the 1 amount shipped to foreign porta has tar exceeded that o( I previous years. For the year ending Heptember Int. , IMA, the foreign shipments liom New Orleans amounted to 44.IW hhla. Tha year previous lhay reached only 11,l<17, a difference of more thaule.OOObbls. 'I'lie amount l* shipped coastwise, too, baa b?an very greet, aa the astern State*, latterly, have ceased tailing a aurplua for exportation, and o?n barely supply their own domeatio s maikats?St Lnuit Uttivn, March t. The extensive tannery ewned by Mark Fiiber, New port Village, Mo , waa consumed by Are, togather with ' , a chair lactory owned by H L. Duncklee, on Friday li ght. Several thousand coida of baik, and between * i [ veil and eight thousand sides of leather ware destroyed I Mr. Fiaber'a loea la between $14,000 ami $-dO,000 Smal t Insurance '1 . =s* LD. Mm Www Oaatfc Tub Jupicul Hlkctiqn.?Tlie bill malum? provision for the election of ceiuin ludicial and other rffleors. end to fix their termi of office i*s?ed the A?sembiy on Saturday. The main feetuiee ot the bill aru theee Tbo flrat election 1* to take the leet Mondejr in May (the Slat)-tbe time of holding aubsaquent election! b*>ng lelt to tbo decisis* of future legislature At thia special election there are to he elected by the State at large, four Judgi a of the Court of Appeals, end the Cleik of thet court. Aleo, >0 tech judiciel dlftrict, four Juetiree of the Supreme Court. Tbeae provisions apply to the city and county of New York- In eech county (exoept New Yotk) there la to be elected one county fudge, end (in tboae harirg e popu lation of over 40.MO end where a separate officer ahall be determined en by board* of auperrieora, to diaehargo the dutiea of aarrog tej one aurrogele. In eech county', tbore I* alao to ba elected a Diatrict Attorney-end In each city where auch office exlata, (except New York) e Recorder. All the peraona voted lor, except oAoer* in citiea, to be on one pellet-endorsed "Judiciary." The other proviaions relate to the canvaaeing of tho vote#, the riaaaittsation of the Judge* of the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court Jndgoe, and the term* of county judges and officer!, it 1* understood tiat a (spare's bill ia to ba brought forward, applicable to cities and viliagaa, and prescribing a Uniterm organization end jurisdiction for tVoir local courts. Connected with this bill ia that dividing the State into judicial districts?which ?i wtill hcfnra a ortmmilfe?sh of r.onf?rADr.A.?w2d'A<lV??/ JlT*U$. C rue Iters snd.ChMW. Yesterday was tbs day ast down for the trial of Brown, Ball and Morton, ohargod with ths Curriar k Trott robbery in Boaton. About aiaty witnesses are to bo examined. In Milwaukia thsy had about eighteen inches of anew on tho last day of February. The streets are said to bo hardly passable, and thu roads leading to the oity are, la many places, totally blocked up. Chnrlestown. Mass , is now a eity. Tha new municipal government will be organized a? soon as piacticebloThe annual election is to be held on the seoond Monday in March. In Lynn the subject of applying for a eity charter is to be acted on in town meeting. Cleveland harbor was claar of ice on tho Stli Inat. The new paper at Monterey la to be called the "Mavmlain Warrior " The vyeavers in the Norfolk manufacturing establish meut in Dsdham, made a strike on Wednesday last Tha Causa oi this outbreak was tne reduction of wages. The gnls wore determined not to rotume their operations unless they could be reinstated in their former wages. Ths planet Mercury remains visible " for a few nights only." Its position in the evening is north of Venn* At a recent trisl between the liqnor venders and tho people in Pittsburg, tho majority against tha rsndara was nearly 1000. Tha fishing season has commenced on tha Potomac. Marring in considerable quantities hnrs been taken. The dealers anticipate a good busineai this aeaaon. Bluebird* and robins bava appeared down EastPigeon* have " darkened tho hoavena " near ClevelandThere were four inches of snow al lUcbmor d, Va , an Friday. The recruits raised st Trenton, N. J., left on Monday. Their departure cteated rorr"t~rctls ?ur at the railroad depot at the time ot starting. The aattinat factory wf Booth It Co.. Hobert, Dot Co., wa* burnt oa Friday last. Loss fian.OUO. insured in New York for $11,000. BonJ. Morgan, indicted at the late session of tha court at CheiUiriieid, Vs., for Uie murder of Andrew Jaokaan, waa found guilty on the 4th iuit.. and tentenood by Jndga Frost to l>e executed on the nrst Friday ia June next. The widow of the late Mormon Prophet, Joo Smith, h*? returned to the city of Nauvoo, and haa taken the hotel known aa the Maueion Home. All the atata rooms in tha Boston ataamer for Europe, on tha lit April, ara engaged. A large Are occurred on Monday, at Towunda, Pa. About twenty building* were ennsnmod in the eery heart of the Tillage. The loaa ia estimated at from M> to $80,000 More than 2 ) families ara rendered house ions, and man; have lost all their property. Tha post oflca at Burlingtoo, Vermont, wis broken opou lest Saturday night, and $1200 stolen from the me nay drawer. A young gi.l, named Mary Ann Coursey, waa brutally murdered on Wednesday last, at Columbus, 8 C , by a man named Jones Butler, who shot her through the head with a ball from a pistol. This ia the second life he has taken No canse has i sen assigned for the oowardlv act He has bean arraated. sWBAIL thr PROPRIETORS of Steamboats ^nJUp^ypwishiag Bells hang wnatd do wall io pay a Sei3BLnui on board the steamboats .Niagara, Iroa Witch, (Jovernor, iron boat John Btevene, Worcester, Tra seller, Thomas Powell, lie, tod examine H HOMER'S improved style n( Bell Hinging, put op neat end strong, age warranted for one year, by It. H. No. I Ann at. fll lm*rrc KJbtiUlsAll MaTLLIn fc. f Ult uuaTUft. VIA NORWICH h WOR- eetM mggjsa jg tysTEU. without change t dpCura or itaagage, at without.^^^^^B WSHb^JLcroMing any Ferry. J9E1E. ascngeia liking their seats st Norwich, are insured theu i . la through to Boston. This being the only inland route tit ( communicates through by steamboat and railroad. Ptssengers by this line are accompanied through By the earn factor of the tram, yrho will have particular charge of thotf baggage, and who will otherwise give his artentioa to them saie and comfort. This line leaves south side Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Jittery Place, daily, (Sundaysexcepted) st 4 o'clock, P. M., ind li ves in Boston in tune to take all the eastern trains. '1 ne new steamer WORCESTER. Capt. Van Felt, laayua tveri Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. IT. Th. .Im.m.r I I hllPlTkl I nntii Willi.a.. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock. fTlL For farther information, inquire of J. H. VANDEKBILTe N I. g Belfry I'lace. North River. ditttfio UK EAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. Oatk. +A ^J7> PERSONS wishing to remit money tore England, Ireland, Scotland, or Walea. will ^AHVnUA do well to apply to the subscribers, at tho S2SEBGZ3BB old ea stilished otsnane office. 174 Pearl streei, where usual draiu ere fgrniahed for large or small amouuts on the National Bank of Ireland, Northern Banking Co. and National Bank of Scotland, paynole on demand, at the numsr-as branches throng oet both countries, wit-tint diseosnt: also, on R. 0. ULO It CO.. Hankers, London, and on I . OHIMHHAW It CO.. Li ear pool. Apply to HAM'L THOMPSON Ik NEPHEW, j!3 Im'rh Old Established Passage Office, >71 Pearl at ^ ? DRAFTS ON 4IREAT BRITAIN yAxSriOBb AND IRELAND-Persons wishing to re money to any part of the old eoantry ^ajlifaflBa_e.tii proenre draf.s of the sabscnkers for ?^^^^^^^"any amount, payable at tight wlikent dieronnt, or any ather charge, in all the principal towns and cities throughout England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Persons obtmuii f Drafts can have (hem forwarded by Ibe regular packets sailing f nm Siw Vork oa the tth, 11th, Itlk. 2 at or Mth of tfirch, or by the Royal Mail steamer front Boston on 1st Arril W.fcJ. T TAP SCOTT, Sonth street. inlrh second door helow of Bnrling slip. - BRITISH AND NORTH AMiUl CAN ROYAL Mais, STEAM SHITS .Nit'JWCA.-mnl 1200 tons aud 44g horse power each, an dor contract with the Lords of the Adms ratty. H1BEKNIA., Capt.A. Eyrie CALEDONIA Cap. E. O. Lotc BRITANNIA I apt. J.Hewitt. CAMBRIA f apt.O H ?.Judkina ACADIA ... ..Capt.Wm. Harnaoa. Will tail from Liverpool aad Boston, via Halifax, as (allows 7? mots aoiTOir. raoM Livxaroou. \ tlibernia Keo. I. IM7 Hibernia Ian. 4, IM7 Cambria March 1, 1147 Cambria Feb. 4, IS47 Hi be mis April 1, 1147 flibernia March 4, IMT IfaatawK Money. From Boston to Liveij oul ... (111. From Boston to Halifax... . M. N? bertha secnred anril peid for. These ships carry anKrisnced snrgeona. No freight, except specie, received on ys of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to (P^ in addition to the above line between Liverpool aad Halifax, and Boston, a contract has baen entered I ate with ller Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool aad New York direct. The eleamshipe tor this sen rice are now hung built, aim early next year ana aotlea wfu se Riaan of ilia tiina whets lhay will atari. UtJat the new ouu-fct the ateauiera will tail erery Saturday Hnnni aiaM nonthi. and erery fortoicht during tlia ouiar aoetha id Om raar, lining alternately between Llrarpool, aad Hal Iter ind Boatoa. and bat weep Lleerpool and flaw Tors. ? r UNITED STATES AND EUROPEAN BMIO HA NT OFFICE. fib aS&gWEBTKRN AO EN i X A ?D hOMMIXICON MOT HANTS. I'HE aabaartbora liavmr b>d I on a experience la tha bqaaneai.nro prepurcd to nffe' erenr ijcilitv to thnae wftbtag naaadaa to or Wool eroty part of (Iraat Brteaiu or Inland, H?rre, aod thaOarman, P-I.iin, tad flullud porta>?an any of which placet Billa of Kxehar |jr cau ba faraiahod, M aama to anil. I'taratte can alao bo engace ' Iron Llrarpool to Boa ion, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or >aw Orloeon, diroaC Thoae wiahiua paaaaga fr?.ni Nr? V i-k to Naw Orleroa, , Mobile, Chirleaton, s??ann*h or I'tca. can at all traaaa bo , accommodated at tha lowert r raa l'o thoae rtntgrai >f to i tha Waat, the , nhae.itbrra luva una<iOalled arrange meuu for the forw'iiliug of i>**?ceg?ra to the Weal by t<> diRoreat rontrt. rit: to buffalo, and the totrrmediatr land'Uga. ??4 all parte nl the ConiiM Chicago. Vltlwnnkta, Baltimore, | Pttrabn oii, Cincinnati, M L"U>? Ate , by iteamboata, rail I rnadi and cartel tueto, of the Arat elaaa?aod Croat e ro will I ba taken that raaarutcra will uirot with no del >y or tmpoat| tiouoa the route. Lcltera (p?ia?.paid) will TWcelre prompt I attention. Fot further JE 1*0 Month itceet, eorneref Dover, and M Went ntiggi, tot oar ot Hat tor. It Ita'tre WALnKON O'hKBN It CO l.iratpool, ! DRAFT i) ON THE NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. at safeil at J8BBS9L W. J. It T. TAFSLOlT lag to inform their fraiada aad tha public, who with to remit mo ay to aay ' part of tha old country, that thev draw draft* far nmall or large amntinta, parable at rich', with ml aire,,oaf. direct on the >.itiotial bank of It* and, Dublin, or any of I Ilia uumaroua branahaa throufhoat <h* eouetry. Urafta cau alto be ubtnoed payable in all the principal placet throauhnat England, ' cotlai.d and W.ilca. by applymf , W. W. J At T TAPIM OTT M South ?treef, mlfrc Id iloor wart Builtn( alip. WINDOW S't ADks ' VTTNBUW SHADES ' Co i r v %mi? ror^TKb v,c kdhantb. / Pedlara, Ate., cat And the laraeit, beat, aad th'apeacaa t'lttiocnt of rfhadea and materiale lot muhiof audbanftof 1 Shld'" "xia/ftf fc'uiKER'* Kxeluaire Wiedow Bhado int l m t (Horn. 1 tl L hatha* aaroot

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