Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1847 Page 3
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AID TO IRELAND. TnKA8UR?K'3 RKCOHT continued for Marth lib IKili pnj 17th? Reeeieed Mirrh lilh, fn u> Tl coders FtflnvitiiTim, Chancellor of the University of the cr.y of Nrw 11>> it, from 9 Huruhinson. in * note, S '0 Itr it li-m tldaou. jr from i uli. $i,?t>- B B. 82; Ju H, 84 Kdw ids* SiO; W VuB Sesht, (24; T He) uulds, %'j. Lelud fc Mrtl-lt $.'0. liMance of contribution from Dutch Church, corner of (liceue eud i cuiiuo ?.rents, by C 8 see, Rer J 8 Duaiond, S3. From X $1. From St George's Church, Hempstead. L I, by the Bey O Hernmcn into'. $1 SO From rsml.H Futile. 824. Collection in St Prut's Church, Harlem, by the Rev Juhu Walsh pticor. SS'il (U. From John bridge, by Jobt B Mintura, $200; Wa F Saltu*. Ha't the collection in the Reformed Dutch Church. Tomkiosrille, 8' tec Ul ud iter John ? Miliar, pastor, by Dan'l R H'.icln oelt. S3S to. Collection in St Bartholomew's Church, Her (. P W Balch, p*?tjr, by 8'eplicu Cambrelrng, treasurer, $154 2S by M H Uriuoell. from 2. H Rutsell, treasurer ofeotnmi;lee, Houesdale, Ps. StOtO ily do, f. i.m the Rsr Henry Giles, pro n"s < f his lecture at Bro.,klvn Usui ui By Jar et'halaii, from citizeua of Brooklyn, Conn, SIM 26. Prom W B iaylor. St Collection a' Crosby ?rreet Synagogue, ondor tho pattoral fare n' Rev J J Lj una, *,75. k r in W O iVf.i SIO: c: B Cal'weil, S3. / o lection iu H10 Bethtl Church thip? foot of Car!i?le?t. N ft, Itrv U G ll?d>troin. pas'or. SH 25. . Collesti n in Ch i?l Church, Tarrytown, Rev Dr Creigbton. by K B Minium, *115 60. . . From workmen in tha New York Dying and Printing ett blulriifnt on Blitcn Inland, by the Preaideut, 8am 1 Marali, K-q S.or. >9. F rom the Irdiet of Milton, Uliter county, N York, by John J Palmer, *127 iS. _, Received Match 10, from J*? Lynch, W W Bennett, Th n McCarthy, nl Palma, aud M D Burnett, H White. D McCarthy, K W Wathburn, of Byracnte, Commituet of Onondaga county, N Y, firat remittance, $1200 From Uuiou Church, Hninyhreytville, Conn, Kav John 1'un et rartor, $14. From IIoberi Gray, at Raleigh, N C, ky Charlet Carvillr, Ktq,*6ii0. By it D.)iialdtoa,jr,from Furtntn St Davit, $10. Caah S20, *6. Si. Si, S3. Balance of collection in Marcer at Church, Rev Dr 8kinrer, pernor. by R Lock wood, $?5. f-'niniiel Cochrane, SM. From Mitt r mily C Adama, treaturer of the young Mittea Juvenile Society, Durham, Greece,eo, NY, by Piatt .adama, $JI. From Fredeick A Barjtmin, S'O By Jrhv Adama, frrm O G lleditrom. piitor of Bethel Ship, fro' > f Ca-iiile it *6?irem d donation. From inh tbitautt o| Mo uantown, i'urke county, N 'hrliendiel M'Jor Jamet C Smi li and Col T Aveiy, Si.9 21. By *ichard Burlaw, Treasurerof t'.,? Mercantile Library Association-from |> ode da of a Ln. tura delivered graiaiputly by Geo Vandei.hoff.Kiq, $lV9i4; I'roaper M Wetmore, *25; "emet T Brady, S23; A C Zahritkie, S26; C K Mili or. R a k J Me'^eurv, rach *10; Mra HQ Ferguson, C L Kveritt, G Grundy, Burgees ft Stringer, Rev W W Pierce nf Troy Confeieuce; O. Wathi'igtou, W Churchill, J'.. II F.. I.nrlwixul I. II l??L--..I Ur u D ? A II, 1 Claike, A P. K k Co , W. Deuulas>, Thos. Lo?nd<i, W H. Mailler T J B?y?ud J H Orr. Blow k Match, each |1. TLvIe $3 JO; T P Cumminse. G Peck ham, K B Mnllany, A hoti of Ireland, Mr M tonsil, W H Panm i, K N A lea, J K DaWecch'.o, J E Retard, J C Tread well, T W Bayard, J McKeitzie, each S3 J D Wtlaoo, Jaa B tatty, H Bancroft. N. , K Molloy, 8?, J fykes. W A Smith, etch $2 J W H Aymar. C Hhephsrd, C Welford. W O Smith, J O Ave'ill, J F Henry. J A Lintuer, Samuel Towuy, K N Thompson, W J Demarest, M McCormick, Mr Finning, WFrezer, J Silverman, 81 Sherwood, E Dobson, I* fc Sheennn, H (? Law,.) Lanmoaier, H Willard C H'rotr, B K Holiock, E O ?, C Maillar/H Chapman, J McDcnald. .1 Ha) < 1, H tint, mint, 8 J Sygler.T 8 Ktrby, C A Calhoun, a Mr.oi.ry, each 11 A Friend |J Do $1 J). Do $250 Do 81 $1. 81. $1. |tl. 81. 81. Sundry en?h dooa'ioni 8*9 90. In all irum tha Mercantile Library Aitociatioa, 8)8* 16. By Irrrncf Donnelly?From Mr E, 8b. By Roderick Cuitu?From citizen! ef Wallingford, Connecticut, 8100. By R Emmet?From Mn J H Graham, $10 By Lymau Case?From citizens of Winchester, (Wiuited Society) tit, 8306; also I brl of brrad. Received March 17?From R 8 T iu a note $3. Bv It D'lialdion, Jr?Fiom '-eorgr B Morewoodk Co, 850; Ca?h 83. 81, $10. 810,15.55, 823-iu all, 8111. From A Main?From the employeei of Kiie Rail oad, at Tie mnnt, 8100 By Thomas Clark?From the ladie* of Kingston, Ulster co 8100 01. By His Honor AH Mickle, Mayor?From Feter Murray, 810; S M ijcoeh 810: E Fabrrguettea 85; Win H Sinith It' o. S3; l'ei'r l'oirier, 85, K Gneuet. $2; L B Binsie 85; J H VVoodcnrk 81; Me'hew Garvev 81; H K Bough'.on 81; Win McAriliu-8*> A Halderman 81?in all 850. By ditto 'rom Haveistraw Iri h Relief rociety 8220; office of the New Dork Oberrver 817-iu all, 8287. By George Barclay?From 8 It J 8100. B Isaac 'Jlowns*iidlTieunrer of Citizens of the Eighteenth Wa-d?A collection in that Ward (including 8106 from 8&m'l Manna. Columbia en) 8014. From an 'Iri'limau'e Son," 82. Col'action from tie Allen street Methodist Episcopal Charch. Rev L M Vincent, pastor, 8307 50. The pianoforte mentioned iu Inst report as disposed of for 81275. is the make of H Worcester, pianofortej^mnfactarer, No. 137 Tmrd Avenue, near 14th street, New York. Total iccaiptsoi money to Wednesday, March 17th, inclusive, 891.110 62. M. VAN BCHAICK, Tieasurer Afternoon papers who publish our notices without charge, win pioaae ropy. m l CARRIAGES. r i1H K subacriber offeri lor aalr au excellent aaeortment of * good Carriage!, ?ll new aty lee, warranted e>iu>l in quality to auy thing m this market, aud will be aold at reaaonable pucea. JAMKS BitKWsTKll, mil lin'rc 2b and 17 Canal atreet. DAGUERREOTYPE PLAlES. JUST Hr.Gk.IVKD per chip lint gundy? 3000 D liuerrcotyps Platee, full >ize. cool do d> medium aire, from the beet French manufae'uiea For aale at the loweat piieea, by LOU18 L>. BISHOP, Importer, mil 2w?r II Maiden Line, upataira mXhaF'S spring fashions. COKVAL with the fir.t blur bird, we hare Mahan'a aplendid K.tahiou Plate f>>r Spriug nr.d Hummer of 1117. lu execution and accuracy, it ia folly equal, if net aupericr to j au\tt.iny tliat haa preceded it, and etnoracea ud only all the j vaiioua f tbiict nd modea, > u'the aeveial occaiiona of boudoir, draw ing room, p nmeoade, road and field. There are fil'teea Bgnret?male and female, adult aid jnrenile?drape! and colored in the lateat atyle. A remarkable lea'u-c and ornament of the plate ta a correct nd beautiful view ofihe Odd >ellowa' New Hall iat' ia City, tv a-l elf which, one of the llgor-a ta dreaaed in me full regalia rf a Grand Menter of the Grand Lodge. Mr. Ma- j an' office ia tit 'Hreatnut atreet, Philadelphia ?Saturday Courier, March 6. 1817 mhll lt?r D' A nOND POiN TED GDLD PENS IF you want a go id Gold Peu, one that may be oaed with tne Ireedomota quill, go to J. Y. Parage. 91 Fulu n arrce', and try one of hie f >r $4 only, pencil included. Hta ohje-t ia to bring u good Pea within tne reach of all, at the loweat pneaibl* p-ice m|a lt*r FRENCH MADDER. L W'A Yd on hand aud for aale by Oie^j m'l iw*rc li Weata'rret. 1 N"On WAY IKON alwaye ou hand and for aale by the Mannfactarer'a Agent, C. K. HABfCHT, mil tw'ra VVeit atreet. HAVANA 8EGAKS BAA AAA HAVANA 8KOAH8, of the follow^rv/v/j\J v/V/ ing branda :-Doa < abanoa do Begaliau e !' ? i-telaa, do Ladiea, Oolonea, Lubrey doe Companernu. 8 n flomin; La Feruiuiiua, he., for aale by mil lw?n M ?NQUL0.8I New at. ' STORE OF ANTIQUITIES, | IRIG1 N'ALL Y at No. 33 B-otdway, hat been removed to A" No 3'6 Broadway, up attira Am rtrurs and Otoraieura are i vi'cd t> call endexatftine a moat beau-iful coll-ction of Anciri t Pitturea aud valuable ayecimeua of Ivory, Porcelain, *'lrer. Grid, he , which have never before been in ih a eity. itemem'ier 316 Broidway. mlt1m*c POC'Kl T BOOK LOST?On Sunday laat between 2d Avenue ard Lif.yette Place, eoutiiuing memorandum! a id cardt o( addiea< quite ua-leaa to any one but the owner, who will tlmnk and toward the finder, on applit aliou at No. 99 e-ernnd Avenue, or No. 22 South William atreet, nn attire. ml7 !i?r J RKYBUKN. L O OF G. F. 'T'HK Membrra of Knickerbocker I.cdee No 1 afiSalnJ.. X pendent Order of (Jood bellows, am Iterehy requested to be puiirtnal iu their attendance on Thnraday Evening, \ Much llth, a* hutineaa ol importance to erery member will , be bronghc the Lodge. JAMES McBEAN, O. P. Wa Bati.rr. Secretary. mlT 9t?rre rlv. j p. burke, d. d , i WILL DELIVER A LECTURE in Eugli.h and the , Irnh Language at the Broadway Tabernacle on T nrst'av Evening, March 18th, on the| Righti and ihe Wrorga of 1 el.nd. Tickets lice tieach. To be had of the Committee, or at 1 the door on the evening ?f the performance. ml72iia*r I NETHERCAND SUCltbTY, ' fur Ike Jlid and Afitlanct of Emifranti from Holland. . A MEETING ol the Nett erland Society will be held nest Thuraday erening, March llth, at 7 o'cloca. in the Athenenm Hotel. B oadway. JOHN r. TAN EDEN HOLLERMANN, m!7 2t* rrc Ptcaident of the Netherland Society. | Canary birds for bale. SOME HANDSOME BIRDSeaa bo had at No. 19 Wooati-r atreet. They were raiaed in thia city, and are in fine health, mid aomn are good aongttera Colore yeliew. mealy mot led and green. They will be aold all in a lot, or trpataiely Any person who may want a hnndaome Cane-y will ' cxll at 39 'Vooater atreet. m!7 It'rc money lent. i MONEY LvNT?The highest pricea adraneed in large and email an ma on gold and aiWer watebee, diamonda. i plate, Jewelry, faruitnre, clothing, dry goods, ftc., fcc JOHN M. DA VIES. Licensed pawnbroker, IU William (treat, near Paaae. Peraona received in private office, by ringing the ball. m!7 lm?r 100(1 lab' rers wanted. rpIIE SUBSCRIBERS wiah to employ Oee Thoneand a. iltc year, to woona good wage* end ready will be given, to work on the Montgomery nad Writ Point lailroad, in Macon tun Chambers coontiee. Alahuni tli a bt >ug in lite uplands, the hail h t.f this miction ?< mc male i? uniupassed by uy in the Unioo. Persons eruhin? to shir 'mm New V >k, on do so for five dollars to Mobile, and ihtuce by steimboats to Moatfotaery, lor two ! dollars For Inr'her information, apply to Joha C. Ridd'e, Montgomery, Alabama; Walter Dulaney, Riddle It Co ; John D 1 bray It 1st). Anbnrn. M?eon no.. Alabama, March I. ml 1w?n 1AYLOK BKOI HBR'8 ' SPEC IK ANn B VNK NOTK EXOH.ANOK OFFICE, No. 70 Wall street, comer I'earl s'leet?Mr. Aleiander Taylor, la'e of the fi m r| T-ylc r k *mith, wonld be pleased to aes h s old fiirntls and customers as above m!61;is*r [ I PrnVAl K jLh^SONS-IN GbKMA v , AKaDY from the north of Ue-miny wou'd be happy to dernte a poruon o' her time f> glvng instrnction in Ue~man at the residence of nnpils Application in person or by lett-r. lo No 0 >nd 10' fin'on Place mid lm*r ICCTA'.tU ItOOM IO iibl, mine City I Brooklyn. One of the beat aitimt'd and moat deanabla Koomt fir Billiards 11 r.ow to be l> t or moderate leima. F"r particnla a apply at Na'iooal Mall, Brooklyn,of Diyil H Hainrs ' Poaaeatin-. airan on the fir?t r.f VI y, mlt I w* rc 1 17 YOO We.sT |nU1A i-UviPKlvd. i?r pies or A A./VFV/ s.uce; ISO bbls and 50 half do. Crsnterries-by JOHN H. BKOAS k U, 72 Vise, atreet, and ]V> West st'ret, i m'f*t*rc We llington Maikft. J < CI U AN O.?The cargo of the brig Virginia, about three | hundred tons, from Mouth America, nnd from an analysia , prnnonnc* d mparior to any oihar kin ' in the market The i Onano M dry,?nd wi'l he aold to clone the concern at one , aids ball cent per pound, and is an object to the farm nof | ] t'ic c untry. Tne ca gn is >t Traypall's st?res. Brooklyn, near Fultnn 1 Ferry, n- il a rplpa may he >ecn at the offi e of 1 1 SPOFFORD, TICKS I ON k CO., H9 Water strwt. ' mf) lm*yn li NO I ICE I | rj'MF. UNiV RklONED h .ri esaeebedsd io <hu hn-ii e.i , I lately t'r led on by uiinuel F.ngle, I amphene rrd I'nryrn inn IMatiller, < (fere fnr aale a full a?? ir'm-nt of n val stnrea and c.amphene, of the lit qua itv and at lhe'nyrrst pr.. CI' J AM KM KNOCK, 104 Front it. I'l s um'enif sd ha?l | cona ituied 0c? of ih? late Arm of Op lie Adams fc o.. bb|i to irtto that ha has bo other'ahe? i-. " !>? "hovo MAMI'SL KNOarK, }.,ii litis*r? ' 1 WANTED. A SITUATION by i young wotnau u cook, ihiabnirti , IXot laundress. Apply at ICO Mulberry sireet.up Bat tity reference gietn all If a <() MERCHANT lAIM'KS. WANTED, by a young man, a situation iu mat fashion* hie tsitmine establishment. aa paatalnoa and eest co ler. H :?> g been n gaged tor several rears iu oua of rh Ar t estah|i<hm>n a in ilia cUy.rbe mil aa'iafactory refei can ba gisan. as <o ability, charac ar, he. Addrei < uttar, a: the office of this paper, stating where an interi let inav be hatl. mhlB ItOre WANTED?A situation as Chambermaid on board ol steamboat, bi a respectable colored gill. Add en J B at this office mil 4t*tc " LETTEK WANTED. rjnHE PARTY who received a let'er f"r Mr. Edwar> I Wylde, P"?seu?er by ship Ni?ga a, will greatly ob ig hi-n if t ey mud it to 143 Cedar meet, where the advettiie will he fi'aud. ml* St' r i<> i.A^b PrtOPltlElUKS, FARMERS,kc WANTED?By a married ro *n. w.tlia snrull family, thi management of a firm, qj rhares The adveruaer i practically scquaii fed with all (he net ler.rat imp ore menu m Scotch and knglisli a* riculture, cattle, gardening cnltiy-t'on of fio?t treee, kc. he Hia wife liaa a per fee knowledge of the mamgemeut of a dairy, reiriugof poultry j Itc. The nioal respectable city reference can be given Addieta Agricola. office of thia paper ml4 iw*'e 'i'HE IMPROVEMENTS made in reatoring the color ai.i X cleaning of Uentleraeii'a G'rmeu's u moat astonishing by the new process the cloth is cleaned relreahed am strengthened, and the Color is inndr permanent, and finiahei equal to uew cloth, no matter how faded or smled Send u the comer of Berkman and .36 Naaaan street, your garmrn'i ball be made equal to new Repairing and altering in a lira rate atyle. Cub p .id for Ueutlemen'a Clotbii g. mII lw*r DR. OKANV1LLE 8 PATi lsON has rem< ved l iarr ideuce to 84 University Place, corner of !3th atreet, ant hit Office to No. 63 Chainbrra atreet. Office boura from 10 til S n clock. mi J lm*r GENERAL. COMPANY OK MANURE IN PARIS Capital Sii Miliums of Krauca. FRENCH UlAOU -Kciilis,ug cciapoati should not bt appreciated only for their q jiclt action upon plant* but alao for iheir permanent ellect on the aoil ; Uuano, ui occurs iu Peiu or altewheie contains a very large quantity ofs luble e emei.ti, a-d it, therefore, liab'e to sudden de compost ion 'I he compost known nuder the name of Fienel Oiiano, although not ?a rich aa the Peruvian Guaao. wil produce a more permanent beneficial effect upon the aoil ; il is cuiubiiird wiili ru antisep'ic agent which, not only at prima it nl all diaagrceaule ard unhealthy odor but likrwiai eombinra itself with all tho ammoniaeal protiucta. aud yieldi them to the piauta grrdual'v aud according to toeir wants. i hie Company has oeen formed for the purpose of advanC' ing agricul uial in errsU, by scientific roeaus, and has beei rrw rded, by the Kranrts government, wills several medals The above at'ic e can be obtaiued at BiAHNOIS KKE RES, IIS William street, up ataira. Agents for the Company m IH 'ifooil Sprn AID TO IRELAND. THE COMMITTEE ON PROVISIONS i?lbim thi public tlial Che following vessel* ure loading, and nil take on board, thi* day aud to-morrow, Donations, to be cou signed, hi common Willi their own purchases. to ihe " Can iral Committee ol the Society of Friend*, Dublin," for gen rral distribution, ggnong the lamishing poor of Ireland, with out 'e*|>e? t to peraoiia. or any icgard to eraeda or opininna : The balk New Haven, f?ot of Rosevelt street. Eaat River '1 he brig Duncan, at Centre Pier, Coentiea Slip, K. R. '1 he brig Boat >u, at toot of Hector atieet, Nortn River. Donor* will pla ite take a receipt, from the mate, for thi : breadunfl*, or piovinoua, Sic., which they may put on boa'd and.ibatit may he en'e ed on the Bill of Lsdng, delive: aid receipt at the committee room, Prime'* Buildinga, 4Wall atreet. 'J he committee have information that the British govern moot will piy the freight ou all article* contributed by indi vidua)*. M. VAN 8CHA1CK, Chairman. Morning paper* willing to copy fiee, will please intert. m!7 St r RELIEF FOR 1-(JUTLAND AND IRELAND PER MACEDONIAN. SOCIETIES. Churches, Committer* or Peiaous desirous o O sending luppl ea to the starving people of Ihclapd anr hcoTLANo by tnis ship, are respectfully n- tided that contri buttons wi 1 he received either on board said ship at Pier No S North River, in front of the warehouse* of Davi*. Brooki St Co., Noa. 21 and 29 West [it eet, or nt their office No. 61 Broad atreet.where receipts will be given and direction* com plied with regarding the application of said donattoua?a liai of which wilt be published. This *hip i* bnift of i ive Oak?ia 1776 tons burden, and e evtras'rength?having b.en intended ft r the Eiploiiug Eipe di ion. She wea launched at >orfork in 1137. and is now ua ? _?_ wu uiuui iur inc rxprm par pose of ea?r) mg charitable donations of provisions and store slely to the ports of diistiaa'ion. rlie will l>e rtadv iu ? lew days to receive on bosrd such couM but ions as may be < ffere < to go by her, (and in the meantime the warehouses aoovi mentioned < nd nereis iry attendance at the same, are gra'ui. luutly offered ) She will be officered by some of our besi | and mod experienced merchant captains, and will sail as sooi as loaded. Newspapers in and contiguous to the city friendly to tin i cause, will forwaid the same by crying this notice a place u I their columns. GEORGE C. DeKAY, | mIT Master of the ship "Macedonian." AID TO Ireland THE Rt. Bey. Bishop Hughes having kindly offered hi services to deliver a I ectnre on Ireland for the benefi t of tin Suffering Iriah, the Tabernacle has been engaged for Satnt day evening, 20th inst. Lecture to begin at7 o'clock. Ticket one dollar e?ch, can be had from any of the following mem bers of the committee; or at A. T STEWART Ik Co's Broadway, cotuerof Rcade at ED WAN D DUNIGAN'S, No. 131 Fulton street. HUGH KELLY'S. No 138 Bowery TERENCE DONNELLY'S, No. 7 8. William street. Committee. Philiv Hone, Terence Donnelly, H. C. dkKham, Pel Berit, A Belmont, Geo M'BaiDE,jr. Georue Barclay, John Jat, Mortimer Livingston, Felix Inooldsbt, Victor de Launav, Dr J. Kearney Rodui rs, Stewart Brown, William Redmond, Hour. B. Minturn, Rvst. J. Dillon, A T Stewart, T W. ("leree, James Keyburn, Thos E.Davis, 'i heodore hkDMWICE, JaUOR Harvet. mil 6tr RELIEF FuR. Tr)E ROOK IN SCOTLAND, rpHE LADY CALEPO-IAN SOCIETY give an enter x tainment at the Coliseum, No. 450 Broadway, on Thnrs dry evening. Maich 18th. the entire proceeds of which wil be devoted to the telief of the suffering poor in the Highland of Rcotlaud. The ladies have made every staangement is render the entertainment interesting sad agreeable. Dingle'i cotillion band, and Mr McKerracber, the celebrated High Lnd pipe', are engaged. The ladies invite the company of all who feel a sympathy for the suffering poor, for whose relief the entartsinment n given. Tickets 50 cents, to he ovtained at Messrs. Green's, 111 West Broadway; Blnc>'s, 37 Lttprnard; Ca'dwell, 185 Bay ard: lohn Russell,341 Spring: Thomas Miller, 80 BleeeaeA Miller, 311 Bowery; Grubb, 6 Ccurlland; Sclmltx, 10' h-ullivan; Leppan, 837 ( autre; James Anderson. 448 Green wich: A. Dalrimple, 393)$ Bror.dway, and ol Miss White tide. No 49 Dotntuick; Mist Driadale, 33)$ Bowery, undo the Cauton Ten Company, corner of West Broadway and Wanen free' 3t HWThefh RfcMOVAL. THE Irish Emigrant Society have removed their office tc No. >3 Sprnee at. mis lw*re MUSKETS AND PISTOLS. " 1 nnn Ship Mu.kete A V/ UKJ 6000 American Banded Muskets,with bayonets complete in the most peifect otder. 100 pair Ship Pistols. 100 KerolvingG barrel Pistols. 100 Bowie Kn vrs. 300 Duuble barrel Fowling rieces. 100 8i"gle do do Sporting artirles. Gun materials, ToeltJIie., every thing required h? the Sportsman or Guusmith. For tale by 138 ImAc A w SPIK" V CO.. 91 MaHen Lane. G. QUELET, WATCH AND CLOCK SPRING Manufacturer, 33 Roosevelt street, would inform the publlc'thit he has jnst been ttyr g an eiperiment v. ith Steel, whirh be finus s, bring better than the imported. Ail ilwsr who want anv kind of Nptinga. w HI d do well to call and txamine lor themselves before going elsewhere. Sp.ings furnished of a superior quality- Call ard see m IJ l?*rrr (J. QUELET. /a VKim w iosT7TT~ ?a- - - _ ... . .r.uu ? uw., no. > ouriiDf iii|>, oner tot V_v sale a (urge asao-tment of Printing. Writing, Wrapping, Hardware, Envelope, Hanging, and colored Paper, Paper of aire size or qnali'jr made to order. The highest market prie?s paid in raah for ragi, bagging, brie rope callings, vunuy bagging, grass rope,canvass, and all other kinds ol Paper Manufacturer's stock, by CYHUH W FIELD k CO, fM lin*re No. t Burling slip. N. Y NEW FAPEtl HANUINOB k WINDOW SHADES. Nicolas Pike k Co., No 173 Pearl street, IMPOliTEKH and manufacturers, hsve just opened a very extensive supplr of every style aud quality of American and branch Paper Hangings, Borders, Fireboard Prints, ar.d wide Window ' urtain paper. Alan, a splendid assortment of Painted Window Shades, and fixtures for the same, which they offer to merchants, dealers, and others at the veiy lowest prices. M lm*rc MANSAPtQUA HOUHK, SOUTH OYSTER HAY, LOHO ISLAND THE snhsciber takes thia method to inform his friends and the public, that he has taken the above house, which will be opeu for the icceptio i of visi'ers on the first day of Ma'ch lust, and beats will he in readiness for trouting. A htage will leave Karmingdale on the arrival of the morning and evening tiaiu of cars from Brooklyu or the above Hou?e C. K HNEDECOR, Proprietor, mii J*''' Uteofthe Oyster Bav Honse. WINUUW StlADKa! WINDOW SHaDP.S!! C'lTY AND COO THY MERCHANTS, Upholsterers, / Peilais, kc , cau fin I the largest, test, and eheapestassertmrnt of Shades and materials for m iking and hanging Hhedes in the city?nt KELT* k RIKEU'd Exclnsive Window Shade m# lm*r nrnr#. Ill t h uliam street. 6AAA DffZJi.N PATENT SI 11 III! ED SUS-'EN UUUDKIIa embraring over twenty stiles and prices, varying from O'l-'W $3to $30 per dozen, for sale "to jobbers and exporters, and nt retail, by the only mannfacinrer of the I 'brie in the litiired Botes, and esclnsire o? ner of all the ratente tor processes in the n-anufacture of these goods H. H. DAY. m im rre M Conrt'andt ?ties cusfoM"houscTn W y oHK","F Collector's Offi-a, March 3d. 1117. ) NOTICE?Persons having goods in the public store. No. m Washington street, are notified that on 'he 31st March inatant, all guoda remaining in said ato-e will be removed to the United Suiiea Bonded Warehouae, corner of Bro?dway aud Eichange Place, at tha risk and eipenie of the owner, consignee or agent. ml tllat re A W LAWRENCE. Cel'r. INSTANTANEOUS HAIR b YE BATCHKLOR'H Liquid Hair Dye, ia the heat article ye offe ed for coloring the hair to a perfectly even an natural black or brown, without staining er injuring the akin It ia "renounced by hundred* who have uaed it, tha only per T*' diaeovered. Hold wholeaale and retail by WM. 1ATCi ELOR,f Wallstraet.nearBroadsray. fli m*r Tu 1MFOKTKR8 AND DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HMIOEON k CO., RaAniahers of Clotha, Caaimerei, ' ke.rjo. 311 West street The gold medal has beee iwarded by the amerieaa Institute, for their auterior mauler of refinishi < t "rders may be I all at? Messrs vV o.eott k Blade, No. *3 Pine atreet. D'"rt,hiri!&> me# To whom they refer film** 192 Broadway, Corner op John ?t*ebt, TO 'J HOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. Rl From tha Boston Traveller l ino'b VERBENA CREAM?Thia shaviag compound is now all the rage, aa well among tontorial professors as i.inring those who prefer (o gather their own diurnal crops ? The h-rbrrs say tnat a pot of it laata twice aa loug aa the same yuautityof any-other aaponaeious preparationtwhil* thoae who tare their sispencea declare that with the Verhana Cream a i<iiII rator will insure a smoother fees thru most of the old liapiwith a slia-p steel; bes'des it is frsgrant to the sense, i fteinrg'o the skin, a greet destroyer of freckles, pimples. Ntc : end whst is better than all, in thasa hard timet it ia sold ilinost for a song. ............ VVh' lesale and retail,by CHARLES H. RINO, f!S lm*rh Druggist, IM Broad wv, corner John st NOTICE t(f hair nreshehs ani) U/tri F MAKERS. OK 3/ Lfc?A w?ll-kaown Hair Ura??iug Katabliahm'nt, ??'.*[?J IU a btulaaw part of Broadwa* Km fiuthor 'Stt.*"" WlU,AMWH?i'"?.. 1 A QOOD FIT. d \ T*ANDFORD 8 CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH il 1\ MLNT. 117 Fallon iuni We luve jut received a b-aunful and well selected assortment of Cloths, Cessiaeres ami Vrstit (s. suitable lor spring trade, which we gunrnnty to mnke up iu g-Tiint its to sail the most difficult, as to it) le, ' li s, workmanship and pliers ' It will |>av well lortkose visiting oar city to cell at 1Z7 Fulr ton strre1 and see N. B.?Every variety of Outfitting constantly on band and " sold cheaper than the cheat,est, * BANDFORD BROTHER, in Fulton street, rot lm?r aeit door in the Herald Office } TRAVELLING TRUnKS, Re. JOHN CATTNACHi Trunk Menale<-tarer, No. 1 Wall stieet.eeroer cf now on head and constantly asking, e good assortment of Trunks, Talisu, Ca pet t Bugs, nnd Vatehels. wfoles?le and retail. ? Also, a snpe'ior article of sole leather Trnuks, suitable for . Ame ican or Kuropean 'travel, and Portmanteaus for the French Mailt Pottt _ _ . . - - ?>ruer? lor me wan inaita, Noutn Am trie*. He., fliltil with <l?p? ch mi) !m*?e ' TO DENTISTS. - 'pHK luhaenbcr hat juat received n cement (without mar X cury,) for filliug te'th. invented and receutly improved j by una of the fir?t Surgical Dcntiata in the woild It la be I itred to be the beat article of. the kind ever offered to the ' profeuiou. For aala at the Denial Depot ol JOeEPH T. MURPHF.Y, 556 Broadway. 1 Ordera by mail, aeo vug $1, can have ajar aent by j retain expreaa. 131 ln>*rh i A. t o7 B RAHtDd~N, i Bnrceaaorato F. A. MUNCEN. ? D LOU K LETTER SIGN 1 MANUFACTURERS, AND SIGN PAINTERS, j i wo. 3 Tttvan now, I . Adjoining the Harlem Railroad Office, New York. ' Reference.?Waatiington Storea. William atraat; Rithbnn'a Hotel. Jndaoo'a Hotel. National Hotel, Pcrkin'a Hote., U. S. Bonded Warehouae, Nankin Tea Company, Ite. ka i jalS lm?rre ', TISSUE PAPER. IAAik REAMS White Ttaaue UOV/ 1000 " aaaorted colore. 1500 " Pink, i 1500 " Oreea. I 500 " Blffe. 500 " Yellow. For aale in lota to anit nnrchaaera. hy > PER-SE k BROOKS, I ftp r No. <5 and 07 at. . LEFT OFF WARDROHE AND FURNITURE i WANTED. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN having superfluous effects to diapoae of, aneh aa Wearing Apparel, Furniture, fce., can obtain a fair caah price for the same, by tending for ilie aubacriber, through ihe Poet Office, or otherwise, who will attend at their reaideucea. J. LEVEN8TYN, 406 Broadway, np ataira. ! I adiea can be attended to by Mr*. J. LEVEN8TYN. | fiO lm*rc Office or the Nkw Y oat Fike Ins. Iomiav, J _ (New Yoaa, Feb. 10.1047. j TYIVIDEND.?The board of directora hay* this day de MJ clared a dividend of fonr per cent payable to the stockhoideia, on and after tha 15th inat., at the office of the compa ny, No 71 Wall airret. The tranafer book* will be cloeed until the 15th inat. By order. s '11 lm?r D UNDF.RHILL. Secretary. ; DCEACHINO rOWDEK?1A0 eaaka Boyd'a Bleaching [ O I'ewdera, now lauding from the ahip Thetia, from Oa. - | way, una lor sale Dy TkKSSK fc BROOKS, m<r *6 and *7 Nasaanat. JEFFKKSON INSURANCE COMFANY. Office No. 50 Wall cekkt, ofpoiite the Meechart Kichaiiup. | 'T1 HIS Company continues to insure .against lou fi dtrniyi A by Fire, on dwelling honses, wnrchousea, buildings m I general, goods, wares and merchandise, aadevery deaeriptioa of peraonal property ; alao against lou or damage by inland n ar yigation aad tranaportation. 1 DIRECTORS. | Thornas W. Thorne, Elisha Rigga, Thornaa T. Woodruff, Anscn Baker, ; R. R. Kobaoa, M.D, Joaeph Drake, ' Thomaon Price, Joaeph Allan, 1 Meaea Tucker, Jauiea K. Holme*, ! Johh H. Dariaea, John P. More, 1 John H. Lee, William K. Tnore, - Caleb C. Tnnia, Thomu Morrell, 1 France! P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merntt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, Preaideat. UEU. T. HOPE. Secretary. t14 tire ! CHERRY PECTORAL. I 'T'HIS elegant and anrpassingly excellent remedy for colds, i A cougha, couaumption and all affectiona of the throat and lunga. t Sold in New York by Hoadley, Phelpa k Co., 142 Water at; a KuahtoukCo, Br 'aidway ; Henry Johnson, Apothecary, corner Chamber! atreet and Broadway; J Milhau, 113 Broadt way: J. k A. Meakim, 50 Broadway, aad druggrat* througha out the United Stales and Canada*. The formula of th<* preparation haa been publiihed in the public medical journal!, and haa received the higheat commendation of aeveaal medical college! and aeboola in the United Statea, a* well aa the diatinguiahed medical anthori1 tie*of Britiah Aroericf lit lm?rh ! CODA WATER AND APPARATUS. J. Matthew*, No , O 131 Third Arenne, N Y., mannfactnrer of all the modern . apparatua uaed for the mannfactnre, drawing or bottling o Soda Water. A lithographic plate, with printed direction* for the making of Soda Water and Syrups, alao for the pat ting up of lb* apparata* and ita na* kc., will accompany*apparatua. fehT lir rn COAL?ft AC ti ORCHARD, Mkl) ASH, IL Aw. UK not, $5 50; egg,broken and stove,$575;Lehigh,lump,$S50; egg, atove and not, $5 75: theaa ere caah prieea, leu 50 eta. for cartage. My coala are all under aheda and dry, ra-aereened from my coal yard, 25* Elisabeth atreet and corner of Hammeraley and Bedford atreeta. H* lm?re JACOB WEEKS, Jr. ! HOLMES KITCHEN RANGES. THE proprietor ha* been engaged in man a factoring and aelling Kitchen Pangea for the put II ye: ra. and feel* warranted 10 engage that for private familiea and boarding houaei that there it no range in nae at preaent will aniwer a better purpose, and if not it will be removed free of any expeuie t ine pnrchaxer. Nnmeroux reference* can be given to any person wiahmg to pnrchaae Price* range ftom $25 to $43. Grates of the ntweat pa.tern* for parlonra, bed room* and office*. I Range* and Oratea aet, and all description* of Are worka bnilt at ih* short**) notice. > Smoking Chimney* cured and warranted, if not enred no charge ia made. A. G1LHOOLY k SON, Proprietors and manufacturers, 71 Nassau atreet. fe27 lm*r 1 SEGAR8. , HAVANA AND 8T. J AGO LEAF TOBACCO. A A. BAMaNOS, 94 Broadway, up stairs, (opposite H Trinity Church) offers for sale, in lot* to suit pureha* | era, at wholesale end retail. ' 154 bales Havana Leaf Tobacco, wrapper* and filler*. 50 " Yguany " * " ' 38 " Cuuibtrland Harbor, * " 40 " St Jago Leaf Tobacco " 1 15 " " " dark wrappery. 12 rases old Connecticut Heed Leaf Tobacco, good colon Also, Hegars of all brands and classes, including some in po ted expressly for private smokers, together with other* oimuia iui die uiu<. jdii receiveu, a lew ai me u?w brand 'KJuaniauafuco " imported solely by the subscriber. Oidete received end punctually attended to lor ell eleetee of stgars. Alio for sale, all kinds of Smoking Tobaeco, of American, Spain .h, German, and Turkiab manufacture, including the celebrated Scarfalatti. Alto, Sonffa of all kind>, including the celebrated "Cover HaoEit" and "NacHiTocHaa." A. A. HaMANU, HI lia*re X Roadway I'p Stairs VALLEY'S PAIN EXTRACTOR. MERCHANTS AND DRUGGISTS eaa obtain their spring supplies of the only genmne Pain >'a tractor at I ot r depot. Liberal tend* are made with wholesale per | ehaaera red with agrnla. I Kreah certificate a of its remarkable effiooey in Soma, Pilea, j Rheumatism, he. he., laraithed gratia. Wanted immediately aeveral travellingagenta, with meant, ; and well recommended. H. DAtLKY h CO , flJ liu're No. t?8 B oadway. ERVALEN TA. PfHK llnderaigaed have constantly on hand a freali aapply | A of Krraleuui, a valuable remedy in obatinate eaaea o conttipauou. Pat ap ia pound packagee. For aale, whole; ' aale and retail, by DELLUC h CO.. Apotiiecarieaaad Chemiata. Sole anceeaaora to PLACE h HOUILLAHD, , flHlm?f? No l I'nrk How. and 511 Broadway DK. POWELL, OvULIST ANI) AUHIST. ATTENDS to Diaeaaea of the Eye and Ear, and to all imperfectinna of Vision. from 9 to 4 o'clock, at hit residence and office, 961 Broadway, eorner of Warren atreet. Optlialmia, Stoppage ol the Tear Paaaage, Cataract*, tad Opacities. effectually removed. AM AUK0S18 treated witli great attention and aneeeaa. STRABISMUS, or Hqninting, eared n a few minutes. Deafneaa, and all diachargea from the Ear, permanently eared. ARTIFICIAL EYES inserted Spectacle* adapted to every defect. mi lm*re <1100 REWARD.?THE NEW YORK. Albany, AU\J and Boffalo Telegraph Company will pay a reward of $|00 to any pe'son who shall give soeh lafo mauon' aa ahall lead to the conviction of any individual, ni der the following law, for wilfully injuring ihe Telegraph Liae or ; Property. T. 8. KAXTON, President. Unci, Oct 5th. 1116. An act to facilitate the construction of Moree'a Electro- j I Maguc ic Telegraph. Parsed May IS, 1645. I The peep'e of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact at follows See. I?Thejuropiietori ol the patent right ol Morse'a Elec [ tro Magnetic Telegraph, may he, and are hereby authorized, ! So construct lines of said Telegraph from point to punt, and | scrota any of the waters within the limi a of this State by the , erection of posts, piera or bntmencs for anttaining the wirre , of the tame : Provided tint the rams ahall not, in any instance he ao constructed at to endanger, or inlnriontly Interrupt, the navigation of aueh waters; and, provided also, ?' at the ptivate rights of in lividnals aha'l be in nowise tmnaired by the provit o-ia of thia set; nor shall this act autnorixe the eonnrnetion of any br.dge, or other similar erection scrota I aty of the streams of water in thia State. Any person or persons who shall knowingly or wilfolly injure, molest ordestrjy any of the said linei, or the materials or property per1 t iming thereto, aha1!, on eonvietion thereof, be deemed guilty of a mttdemeauor, and ?e punished by line or imyritoment, or both, at the discretion of the Court which ahall have and take cognixanee thereof. eee t The Legislature may at any time alter, modify or rep*al tins set, and the tame m ,11 take effect immediately. Keepers or owners of Junk Snaps, end all other pert tns sre

requested to give notice st the relegipb Office, in Putt's Buildings, corner of Hanover street and tiehange Place, or to the undersigned, of any pertoa offering copper wirelor sale C. LIVINGSTON, Secretary, Nr.w Yoea, March J, 1X7. No. 19 Well street m6 lm?r 0 % T % PER TON lor large Nnt, under cover. The SV-? I l* iiibirriberi have reduced trie price of their boil each Orchard Had Aih Coal, u follow)?Orate tC; Kq and Htore tt 2*i; and Not $i 71. 1 here ii no paa or Choanal in the Nat, nor any Not ahipped with the Store. Lehigh Coala at the tame price : all delireiod free of cartage. THOMAS P. DOLAN, 303 Mnlberrr at. and M3 writ 13th at. between arennea Mi and 10th. (Tt )w*rn ! NEW PAPEK HANGINGS! P TARES k CO., No. 379 Pearl meet, hare received | JT their uanal large aoprny of all the new pilteraa,of erery tyle and quality of French and American P?per Hanging), D. rdera, V ewe, Fireboard Print), and wide window Curtain j Paper, which tliejr offer to dealer), merchant) and othere, at extremely low p-tcea. I The meat competent Paper Hangera may be had at eery ahort nonce. m0 1m*re timolat's sulphTiITbaths, iVo. 617 Pearl arret, near Broadway f T^HICSE BATHS hare been eatab iahed for the laaltweaA ty-via veara aud are the only Snlphnr Batha in the eity. I They are highly recommended by the molt eminent phyai ciana. for the cure of rhenmattam, aalt rheum, chronic coin I plaint*, eruption) of the akin, he Medicated Vapor Bathaalao giren daily, from I A. M.tol P- M- feM lm'tc | m (3. B. CLARKE, M ^*^HANT TAILOR, 116 Wil'lam atreet, oppoeita the A * New storea?I flatter myaelf that I hare nerer yet made a garment to meaaare, that the parehaaerhaa not recommended me to hiafrienda, and they to their'a,ao that my bnaineai .ViKff foometrieal ratio. I ? "hall be my eadearor te gire atill greater attitfaetlon. Th? gneae Reck" kept ready made. kineetFreaeh DreeaCo?ta made to meaaare. It#, i leKWtifVP'1"' A r#w Orereoau, lee, itill AH goodi bnnghtkaa,1 gold (er raah mIJ H?r 't'lWX JACOB 8 PLATT. Auct'r. BENCH ANu UKRMAN FANCF QOOD8. fce.L*?ge ule by Jacob 8. Piatt?Thi* day, ar 1* o'clock, a t r oncciou renin, No 23 P . it ?trc*r. ciiuidiiiw <.f 330 lo'i lor account ( f whom it ray concern, am rat wh ch arc 40 , doz cigar citri, one caei assarted dressing combs, troll brarhea and hair brushes ; alemua case .American table am I tea ?| omit, about MO dot; out cut Kmuc* cantl, ?ue do >h*ving raoto one do fancy e?*pa, one do Celogna, one do Ai e ivory euinh* MO doc uiiff Doxe<. 400 earda aeiuaora: al?< accordiou<, harmonicou*. m rrori, ink and*, pearl buttoui , ink, needle case*. i ichrli a variety of portfjlioa, clock* I pur?e?, le.itlieru belta, aioel and ludi* lubbercua d chain* pol'umary, and bold'*, gum (Italic and silk braided tuaru coltou ban*, lidiet' elegant leticulca Jid beg*, IrBcyatec de., butoua, speitae'es. A?o, by order of a receiver- 10 cair* assorted fancy rood* tic., *ea belli, waiter*, tin p'atB*. parlor btl'owt. uieaauri tape*, inulturn in ptrvo willing deikt. tabl* mat*, lie. '1(0, a tare e lot of ceded cutlery, kc. AUn, at 12 o'clock, MO piirpiatol , guns, awordi, dirk* arid mu,kit* Alio, at I o'clock, 100 lot* gold jawelry. Te in*, f ur inoutla lor *uu>* orer $100, for note* approver by the auctioneer. C ita'iguc* are roaily at ih- auction motn inlS It'rc JAbDU S. I'LATl', Aue-ioiie?r SALE of PH OLS, OIJNH, and MILITARY OOOD9 HWoHfli.kc.-JACOB H. I'L ATl'will (ellthiadai at It o'clock, by catalogue, tha a'ock of a dealer having re tired from th* bnaiueti; MO pair Eugtish and German Pia tol', iu good order, Dirki, Muakete, Sword*, fcc : alto, Epao leu, aud Military Good*, vie., richly gill Military and Na> y and tithe' Button*; 3t groat large flue gilt ball do. Powde Klnaks, Percuaaiou (laps, l.-cka, Vice*, kc.; alio, Future* Cilaa*<-?,*?. Store. lr-u Cheat, ke. mH lt*rc JACUU S. PLATr, Auctioneer. CROCKERY SALE-Knday, March l?th, 10 o'clock, u the large room orer the auction store. 21 Plett street uow npeu'iig, an attoriment uf best light and dark blue print ed, Ten*, Golfer*,Tea sets. Bowl*. Jugi, Toilet tet*. Plnte* aud dithea all *ixe* Yellow, dipt.kc., bowl*, chambers bed Pant. Glass war*, Tumbler*, Lamp*. Gaator Bottle* Shades?with virion* other good* at 4 month* cridit over 10* dollar*. W.M. W. SHIRLEY, nil 1t*rc Siletmaii. PU-.ll l vk CHANCERY SALE! UK VALUABL* _ PROPERTY AT AUCTION, on Saturday. March 20 I ii i? o ciucn at me Merchants' Kxcliange? Corner or Uelaiicy uud Chrystie streeta, known M the Ame rican Eagle Hoce Ssle Katabl>shreeel. The building ii elected on three loit, each ii by 100?being 60 bv to feet ii I the clear, tiavlUK an area )'n earn tide of 7fe t 10 iochet oi Delaucy atieet, and ol' 6 feet on the rear. It it three atoriei high ami well lighted; batetnent well titled up a? a stable,am i> eatable ofaccotnm'datingt>8horses;Orotoi water through ! out It it admirably calculated for a foundry, mauufsctor] or a machine ahop, hiving I large rooms, which are alao n ; demand for public meetings, dec, being well adapted lor tlia : purpnae. GEO D. ltOLLI.>8, Auctioneer. I in 18 at*rre T. BOYLE, Auctioneer. FURNITURE?On Friday, 19th inat at 10 o'clock, at No 64 Third at. an elegant assortment of household furniture r it?Sofaa, full French mahogany r ha ri, 2a <1?' marble to| centre tables, dressing bureaus, maible top waahstauds, can tablea, diraui, ottomans, pier glasses, mahogany rockioi chair*, window enrtaina, hat aland* bookeases, pillar am Claw tables, astral aud ball lamp i, French mahogany bed areada, hair nuUreiae*.feather bed* and beddaog, Bruaaels am ingrain carpets, ml cloth, china, glass ware. Alan, 1 rose wend pianoforte, seren and a hall octavea, witl all the modern improvements. A'ao, the kitchen furniture, with which the sale will com msiee. m 18 lt?r ! J. W BROWN,Aucti oueer. CCABINET FURNITURE, Solar Lamps, Houskeepim t anicles, Stc.-J W BROWN will sell at au lion Thi' Day, Thursday, March 18th, at 10U o'clock, at No. 142 Broad way,a large atock of t abu at hurntture, comprising sofas chairs, dressing and plain bureau*. ceutre and catd tables 1 Fiench beds>ends, book cases, Ike. Ike. Alao, leather beds, hair mattresses. Also, rich solar lamps, girandoles, ivoiy and other tahli I cutlery, 'p pier uiache ten trava, plated cartora and caln baskets, rich cut glassware, Willi u variety of other house ; furuiahing articles. ml8 lt*e ; JML HOUSE ANO STORE, WITH NEUE88ARY OU1 ffiiw building* to let or lease, pleasantly situated at Mid 4!mmL dletowu, aoout hall a mile from the village of Aalo ria, L. I , aud on the mad to Newtown, attached to which art abont five acres of lind, well laid onr, with a variety o choice fruits, and rent $221. Communication every hour it the day by stages and stestnboat. Apply to 8. B. Hutching* 25 Nassau street, or on the premise*. tnlk 2t?r BhR FOR SALE ?A small house and about six acres o ]" land, situate at Kockawav, Island, in the hock XJ&uway uid Jamaica Tnrnpik* and within a qnaiter of i , mile of the poat office. One acre of the land it under peact tiers two acres tillable, balance in wood. Also, several other pieces of laud in the same neighbor hood Euan ire of John L. Norton, jun., 14 Delaney street, er a the office of John H. Power, 129 Eultou St. m3 3w*rc | TO LKT. JtaA THK two (tory BRICK DWELLING HOUSk L>t No 82 Forsyth street, uear Grand, to a good tenant; i XJULwill be pnt in gord -epair, and a Wive given. tCiiQuir ou the premisei. be .ween the hou'i ot 1 and 4 JP.M. mll3t?ic for Sale, aft , A SUPERIOR PAIR OF HORSES?A wel Hy"""*'1*'' Pair oTgray Hortea. very ahowy, and pel jLJuUhvfeet in every ren eet. Apply to mlC 3t"is*r GEO. SHARPS, Carman. 2S Broad at 1 je^-THE PRIVI1TIVE OK WILD CANARY. JUST received Worn St. Michaels, loug breed aud aong cn JwmZL naiiea, tin bre'd ng cages, a preventive for inaec a , " 1 a variety of breeding cngea, aud all artielea for ih> , breeder. C <nary, nape, hemp and millet seeds, for aali wholeiale and retail,by W. el. JOHNSTON, 280 Broadway, near Chainbera at. N. B.?King Chailea Spaniela, Kugliah and Scotch terriera for aale aa above. ni'iir. 3t*r WIGS AND TOUPEES. BATCHELOR'S new invented WIGS and TOUPEEI are the moat perfect apecimena of the ait of wig mnkini yet offered to the public?they are ao admirably edapted ti the peculiaratyle of each individual, ao light in their eon a-ra< lion, and natnral in appearance,, aa to defy detection. } large and well aalected atoclt always on hand, at the onl] mauaracturers,Wm. Batchelor 2 Wall a;reet,near Broadway Copy the addreaa. f?24 lmerh SECOND WARD HOTEL WHO doea not know thia fine LUNCH HOUSE,at No 87 Nassau atreet 7 Go in there whan you will, partien larly at 11 o'clock in ike forenoon, when the table diapUve f?i visiters, Turtle Soap, Stew, Boiled Crabe or some cthai : lumrv. It le truly a capital place for Hefieehments ; foi l Floyd It Smith know how to suit their Irieudeerd cuatomeri At the aaa you find Martin Botaer?every body knowi lie I who ever cropped at the Aator House, or Lovrjoy'a, in thii ] eitv, or Coleman'a Nariontl Hotel, in Washington Mart' ia like a loadstone; he draws hia friends because they like thi j attraction. We aay again, the Second Ward Hntella one o the beet places in the city to obtain a good Lunch, or get at j cscellent a I aaa of ale or liquor of any Kind. mh9 Imr "A C U RE Fl> ft COLDS. MRS. CARROLL'S Medicated Vapor and Sulpbui Baths, 184 Fallon itreet, opposite Church street. A i certain cure forCelda, Cougha, Rheumatism, Sore Throat aud all inflammatory diseases incident te tiiv ehangeahli state of the weather. The bulphnr Vapor Bath n particu : la-ly leeommended by onr flrat ptyaiciana aa a cure for al eruptious aud diaeaaea ol theakin. No dnnger of taking coll I after the use of these baths. m>8 lm*r PRACTICAL BOOK KEEPING, ao. 8S eapaa itsskt. MR. C. C. MARSH, Aeeoeetant, author of the " Se'enci of Doable-Entry Book-Keeping Simplified," end thi j " Art of Single Entry Book-keeping Improved," eoutinan to 'etch si above. Course of Instruction ?The public are respectfully inform : ed aud assured, that the plan pursued by Mr. Marsh in teach ing thia imp rtaut branch, is truly a course of practice in i keeping books, rathar than a course of lectures en the theory 'l he pupil becomes familiar, from actual use with all thi books cousiiiutuig a set, and a person of good capacity, will by this course become a competent book-keeper id about i month, and will receive t certificate to that effect. Prospectus with teima can be obtained at the Koonu from , 8 A M.. toS P. M. _ mil Im^r ! NEEDLES, FISH HOOKS," AND FISHING TACKLE THOMAS end THOMAS H. BATE, 101 Maiden Lane, offer for aale a very superior article of Bate's drilled I eyed and olherqualiti's of Needles,with the largeit and moat select assortment of Fishing Tackle ever manufactured or 1 1 in it,<r 1 ?(1 ,nli, thi. mbiii,, - -r ? o-..? t , ? .??* J . vuN?(?iius III finrun neiiry i, 1 O'.-lianc.ey, and Hollow Point Limerick Hooka; superfine Kirby Bent Halmon, Virginia, Black Fish, Kirby Bentfei I Hnss and Rock,Trout, and Kirby River Hooka, flatted Also, aupcrfiue Limerick, Kirby. Balmnu. and all others, anooded | on (imp, twisted, and single i nt. Flies. Mianowa, Silk I Braided, and Span Hi I k Linea; Grass. Flag, and Trent Fly I Linea. K da hi great raria y, at all prices. fnglithaud Amenem Keels, Fishing Baskets. Cork and Hollow Floata : Willi rve>y other deaeripuon of Fiahieg Tacale, an d or moderate teims,, at I0S Maiden Lane, np ataira, near Pearl at. R2 lm*rc i MullRNINO COLLARS AT WHOLESALE. I PPHE beat 10 be found m the eity, at W.T. Sinclair's i J- Canal atreet. Southern and coantry dealer* will find II In their advantage to call before thee purchase. fid lre*r 1 CABT OFF CLOTHING AND FUKN1TUKK WANTED. LABIK8 and Uetiilemen haying any coat off or superflous clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a fair eoah price for the same, Ijv rending a note, or by calling on the anbaenber, at hia residence, or through the poet, whieh will be punctually attended to. H. Dtt BOER, 71HCdn>l at. Up Btair*. N B ? Ladiea can be attended to by Mr*. De Boer. Oldttock and job goods bought, of any description rnd waaat. i I lm*ire UALLK.V'S It CONNKLL'8 PAIN EXTRACTOR? C COUNTRY merchanta can be auppl.ed with the trne J articles, in any quantities, and at prices that cannot fail to suit purchasers? bnt to get the original and genuine, the number, (No- II Courtlandt street.) must always be sought. COMBTOUC It <"o N.B,?Wanted 11 to 30 travelling agents ftoM different Bt"te? each to furnish hia own team flltm?re .nuari Jgm NOTICE ? On and after .Monday, March aZ3&?3?ISth. tha Steamboat HTATEN iSLAnDER. SCwwHBKsCaptaiu Van Pelt, will make the following trips to and frum Stateu land urtil further notice, viz Leaves Huteo Island at I, 10 and It A M , 2 and i P. M. Leaves New York alOaod II A. M , I, 3* aid* P. M. m 18 PUR LONDON?Only Regular Paekrt of the 20th March?The new, magnificent fast ending and jHBBfclavorite packet ship WELLINGTON,burthen 1000 tous i.aptam Cliadwick, will sail positively oa the 2dih of March. Tne accommodations for cab n. 2d cabin and stearags passengers, as to comfort,are uoeqaalled by any other reiael in Crt; persona intending to emiark would do well to go on nrd and judge for themselyns before eng giqg elsewhere ? For further particular* apply on board, foot of Ma;dan Lane, orto joseph McMUHRaY, mttr Corner of i'ine and Month stream IS?FOR LiVREfooL -R ew line regular packet i^VVWfor March 2let The splendid packot ship ROSjHINnCIUS, A. Kldridga, Master, wll sail as ikors, her regular day. For freight or paeeago. apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreat, or to K. K. cloLLlNS, St South itrwt. Pnee of paaaaga.BH Tne packet ship biddnna Edward B. Cobb, maatnr, will succeed the Roactus, and tail Mth April, her regular day. ml FOR NEW UkbKitMl, LOUISIA tA AN U iHK NEW YORK LINE OF Pai.?rta_??,i__ Mmmtrn jr the ftrst only regnlsr racket to Mil on or before Mnndsy?The new aud splendid last aniline packet b<rk AVOLA, Whitmore, muter, is now loading. end will aeil a* abcee. Knr freight or puu|i, haying handsome (numbed aceommodatioei, epply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall etrret, or to K K COLLI NA, MPonth afreet Agents in New Orleans J O. Woodruff It Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. P N. B ?Shippers may rely npon this being the flret vessel. mil lAjy rOK NKVV OKLe ANA, Lonieiaaa? New Voik jHBWIi-ieof Packets Positively the only regular packet MBistn anil on Thnrsdsy, M?reh It IM7 The new and snlendid fast sailing pc ket bark A VOL A, Capr Wl iiiemore, is now loading, sod will poeitieely sail aa shore herirgnlarda, . For freight or peesage, haying superior aeeommedationa, apply on board, at Orleans wharf fool ol Wall at., or to KD If. COLLINS. jdSomh at. N B.?*(uppers may rely on this vessel sailing pnnetnally as advertised I'oiinrel y no goods will be reeeiyed after Wednesday rye" Age'ntsVnTitw Orleans, JOHN 0. WOODKUFF It CO., who will promptly forward ail good* to their address tall re IJAKK THEATKK-H?-fam?u.Mt of the Uuirnxi 1 Vi'iiooltea?Thursday fc.*emry. March II 1*47 the en- 1 jt lerUinmeula will commence with l'AS HONUKOIA, by II ' UuiMtin VlBDIIOUCI. J After which the JiABOB KOH AN HUUK?h'iam|iton, Mr- A. Audrewa. 1 After which, the P?? Rococo, by li Danaenaaa Viooooim* To he followed by HUH OUT Ob' WATCw?Sir U?W|? > ^ T^I cue I u e w ilh ib? famed POT POURKI?by the Dan\ ''KJora^''leli"at" h If-peat o'clock ; performance will com raritre at 7 o'e'oek. i T Bc^fcHl'Ob'O. W CLARRK. B?wW.y hM: ' daa ? ME VTohb.for.lowid b!'\BMAN WITHOUT A HEAD-M,; ' Oblr.i'u. Top, M' W.lcetf; Mm Top. Mra Booth. . . To c >r.c!ud? ?itb SIXTEEN STKINW JACE-Jonn I Itaun.The Hou. titsallan < leve'and, Count Ghanteriea, .>lr. Booth; Mm Coiutance Meuby. Mra Sergeant L'reia tirelt ttceuta; Pit and Oallery 1JX cents. Ili.ora noon mr Ok o'clock Performance coinii.cacea at 7 BEN CUT OK JmS? U. CHAPMAN ~~ NEW YuKK OPERA HOUSE, formerlr the (ireeewich Thailri. t haritan street, corner of Vnriek meet ? Thursday *vcuing. Martli 18?The performance willI commence wi h the drami ol LUCILLE?Michael, Mr Hamilton; Larille, Mm C Chapman _ . _ . To be followed by the 8 rLDlKR AND THE PEA8ANT UoUiUua. Mr Hain lioa; Carlitz, Mr H Chapman; Christine. Mm C Chapman. To couclude with the drama of the FRENCH SPY?Col Decou-cy, Mr Til on; Matilda, Miss Chipmm. Price of ailmiasicn?Dress circle 40 cts ; Id and 3d Tier >4 ; > Pit PH- Doors open at 7; cuitun to riae at 7H precisely. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. Chiibirs aticet-FRlDAY EVENING, March 19th, (Irat performance of Rossini's Opera of THE BARBER OF SEVILLE. Peraonae. The Connt Almamiva, uoder the name of Lindoro But. S Patti Dr. Bartolo 8ig. A. Sauquirico llesiut, a nrh pupil of Baitolo, in love with and beloved ov Lindoro Signora K. Pico Figaro, the Berber ol Seville Si(. F. Beneventano Meailio, inusic master of Rosina Sig L. Martini Beria, an old governcaa in the house of Dr. Bar ("lo Signora Boulard , Yioreilo, servant of the count Big. Benetti Ambrngio, servant to Dr. Baitolo Big N N. An officer Sig. N. N. 1 Opera lioolti may be had nt the But Office, lit tier Boiea and Pa'quetta, $1; 3d do, 40 cents; Private Bozea for I per- i s ma. Sl2; do for C persons, $10. Seats can be secured at the Box Office from 10 A. M. till i P. M.. daily. Performance to I commence at 7!d o'clock; doora upeu at 7 1 t'SXTUHOAv urxt, ?it"i performance of Koratni'a Opera . . IL BARoIKKEDI dlVlOLIA ? ~ FALMO'S OFEKA HOUSE, i ITALIAN OPKKA. [ A CARD.?The mauagera ol the Italian Opera Company. 1 ' A deairooa to teat-fy to the patrona of the opera, and the public generally, their acknowledgments for the liberal tup1 port by them received, and caxioua to deaerve a continuation of the aame, hare abandoned the projector leaving thia city i lor the preaent, and would reapeetfulty announce their determination of giving another SEASON OK EIGHTEEN NIGHTS, to begin immediately after thia, which will eipire on or < - about the Slat of March inat. Thoae ol the aeaaon aubacribera who deaire to retain their ' aeata. aud thoae who may wiuh to become aubacribera for the 1 following rtaoon, will pleaaeeall at the box office and receive tbeir lic'ceta between the ISth and Slat Inat. ' The Opera Company, for the enauing aeaaon, will eonaiat of ' the aame aitiata, viz:? Prime Donna Sig'ra Clotilda Barili, Rcuina Pico. Primi Tenon Sig Heato Benedetti, 8 Petti 1 Priini Baaai 8ig K. Benercntauo, H. Sanquirieo. 1 mil tfre MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE--Thuraday 1 Evening/March IS?'I he perfnrinaucea will commence . , with the Drama of the DEVIL IN PAH1S?Croquet. Mr. Holland; Count Vanille, Mr. Walcoi; , Miaa Mary " Taylor. | After whieb TKLEMACHU8. on, THE ISLAND OF I 1 I CALYPSO?Telemachua, Miaa Taylor. 1 To conclude with the Extravaganza of GKACIOSA AND | 1 | PEKcIN a.T?King Uxoriuua, Mr Nickinaon; Pereinet, Mra 1 Timm; Prineeaa Gracioaa, Miaa Clarke. Ureaa circle, 50 centa; upper boxea, IS eenU; pit one ahilI ! ling; private boxea S3. Orcheatra boxea,fS. Doors oren at7 o'clock ; cur'ain naea at naif paat T ' ! I IKGUa? p.KY AMFHl l HEaTKE. I npillS EVENING, March IS-Third appeamuee of .1 J Mona. Caaimer, tlie Grand Tambour M"jarde France. ; Third >ppearauee of Mr. J. Nixon,aud talented children In t the beautiful act of the Shadewa of Olympic. I Third appearauce of the Dulcimer Band of Minatrela. - I Moua Caaimer aa the French Herculea. Horaemanahip, Vaulting, Tumbling, Hope Performance, Poa| turing, Juggling, kc. it . To conclude with ai'nntomiuie. i , Doora open at 7, performance commence* at K paat 7. Boxea 25 centa. Pit Hid. - i AMERICAN MUSEUM EVERY Day nnd Evening thia week, commencing oa Monday, March IS. Four Splendid Performance! Daily, r? in the morning at lljj.and in the afternoon at I, and la the evening, at 7 and agiuu at IK o'clock. (n^Poaitivelr no Free Liat eacept the Prtaa. ? p The manager ia happy iu being able to annonaea a re an- i 1 gagemeut, i? compliance with the repeated rrqueats of nu- I meioua lamiliea, for i ONE WEEK MOKE, e with that illustri'ua Man iu Miniature, ' GENERAL TOM THUMB, and aa il ia utterly impoeaible for him to be prevailed npon to j remain longer ^hau^ext Saturday( th|*J,m??? i i voi i i t r?u a nr? unoi tt f?e.vv ofhi? exhibition in New Yo k, end thoee who delay their calls beyond this week will , NEVER SEE HIM. . as he retiree <o private life ae soon ai he makes the tour ef the ! cities of the Union. To accommodate the vast concourse of his friends, who , will throne the Museum to see him, he will be seen every * MORNING FROM UH TO 1 O'CLOCK. ou the platform, in one of the mam halls of the Mnaenm. in his extraordinary end popular performances, including his citixciv's dhkss, in which he will relate his History, Tra! vela, lie., sing a variety of songs, dance the Polka, Sailor's I Hornpipe, give representations of naroLnon, ritRDnnicx 1 | the saint, nnnctan statues, ha. he. He will also ap, ; pear in his magnificent _ FRENCH COURT 0RK88, | worn before Lonis Philippe, King of the French, and all the ! principnl Conrts ef Europe. After which he will nppent la his ; BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME, i in which he will dance the hisnlard fliivq, he. The MAnniricitnT rnnsnivTt received (rum Queen Victo- , r ria and the principal Crowned Heads of Europe, will he ex- ' ! hibited. 1 IN THE AFTERNOON, FROM 1 TO i O'CLOCK, he will appear cn the stage in the Lecture Room in a variety . of performances and costumes, in conjunction with other 1 r entertainments. 1 also, ik the EVENING AT T, AND AGAIN AT IX O'CLOCK. . Thk (Jkixkral's .Virature EituiraiiE, consisting of a ; magnificent little Chariot and Pigmy Ponn.s, with Coachman I and Footman, will perambulate the streets dailv. I ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS Morning visiters are not admitted to either the afternoon or evening performances. GREAT WESTERN, the Yankee Comedian. MISSES WllEC LEK and JUL1KN. I ANATOMICAL VENUS,to be seen at one eh Ding e?tra i MADAME HOCKWELl^ the Fortune Teller i Admission ti cents; children under II, 13X cents. No Read missions One payment will entitle to out one admission. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC In compliance wi h ihe request of numerous families and [ i ethers, who have bran unable to witness the exhibition of GENERAL TOM THUMB, i the subscriber has. at considerable inconveuienee, effected an arrangement with him to rema u at the Museum ! ONE WEEK LONGER, terminat'Dg Saturday night, the 10th instant; but he begi to assnie the pnblie. positively, that the little General's arrange- , ments ere eneh that it will be utterly impossible for him to remain beyond the above atated period, mlllwre P. T. BAXNUM. WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. E. A. Marshall, Lessee. ...W. K. Blare, Manager MR. FORREST'AFOURTH NIGHT. THURSDAY EVENING. March II, !*?, will be performed Dr. Bird's tr'gedv, in five acts, entitled THE BROKER OF BOOATA. Febro, the Broker Mr lorrest Cabalero O Jamison Juana Visa A Fisher To conclude with THK WlMIVIIII. Hampton Low Mr Chapman To morrow, Mr. Porrest't Benefit. 1 CARD. THK Pubacnbrr (late co-partner of J. H. Hackett. F."<| ) having become sole leasee and director of ttia Howard Athencum, will receive propraala from artiatea of acknowledged ta'ent, lor engagement* lor the en.tune ; Ueason. THOB FORD. Howard Athencum. Dot ton, March 13, 1847 ml* Iwtare U. C. HILL'S C1 RAND FESTIVAL CONCERT will be given at the F t abernacle on lucadar evening, April ?. He will be ; niai.ted by all the muaical aocietieawnd moit of the vocal I and inatrnmcntal talent ol the city. Farther particulate wi'l be duly giern. miSJawtfrc FREE CONCERTS, AT THE OPERA HOTEL, No. 41 Chamberaat. ccit door t< Palum'a Opera Home ; commencing at half paat 7 | o'clock. Vocaliata? Miaa Glcnlatou, and the celebrated extempore attig.r, Mr Hairison Mr. CMime will pieaide at the piano. The uauai rclithea, with auperior alca, wines, ke. m!6 la't S;*;iETY LIBRARY, Corner of Broadway and l.tonard Street. ONE WEEK LONGER! CIIRY #T V 'B M I NUT R ELM. Admission ii centa Concert will commence at half paat t 7 o'clock. Change of programme every evening m!4 Iw ia*rc DANCING ACADEMY. i MR. MARACCO, Italian Chnrogr iphiat, and Mile. Ange lina, first teacher of the I'ariiiau Dancing Academy of I Mr. Cellariua, reapeeifnlly inform Ladies and Gentlemen, the Amateurs ol Modern Dancing, that baatdea the graceful dances I ? ANGELINA? New Wallt in 1 atepa o' their leveatlon. t TARANTELLE-Dance of Naples Muturka. Waltx Marurka. Hedowa.Walte-Redowa, Polka, < Cotillon of Polka, and Waltrea They will learn alao the l POLKA-MAZUHKA-HU.ME^ 1 A due* rcctutiy int entao lor In* I. onrt 01 in* r.mperor 01 Until*. N B ?The mniie of the Polk* Mamrka Rnu* e?o b* only found at Mr. Saracoo '*, No. M Cuil street, ***l corner of Brosdway m* I m* rc MU8IG. DAI.L8 AND PRIVATE PARTIES furnished with the D Violin, Harp and Piuo Porte, or any nsmber of laatra menu. The moiic (elected f/om the meat faihioneblet OpeR'AVLIPPR. " AYLIKJK, ) A YLIF'f'K and U. AY 1.1 PPE, Brothers, Profeaeors, 1 No. 127 Elm atreet, corner of Howard. mlJlm'rh WANTED TO PURCHASE-A rood BBEHHB'eroad litnd Piuo Address P , at this office, , ITS f f fautirg the price, and wheie to be seea ml? lt#r I BHjal-e THE PIANO TAUUHT eatery moderate , terms, by a lady who has had taperieac* in ; Vf 4 III wiabea to uke two or three more Shetrsehes the science thoroughly?teims three dollus per month A line addreeeed te Maaie, to the Office of this paper, shall he attended to. mtlmia*re I tmnrr i IM PULTONrSTREET. JpL | H now ready to tn^jd^Mhe ^bl^c^wi^i elegaal llau of his The quality of the article he offers for pabli* approval and patroeace can he judged from the fhet, that no man e?er purchased a hat ai his establishmeat bat who became a permanent customer He will aot say anything of his long egpe- 1 | rienta. his pesoliar facilities aad taste, aa the public press i hare circulated the fhet that hf has had to superior la his ba- , sinets for roars past. mtT Sti*irc ' . !i?. ^ IIP A TO THE LATEST MOMENT, TKLKURAPUIC) Philadelphia, March 17?10 P M The telegraph to Washington remain* iileut. Flour i* firmer, the stock iu market being treiy light, bale* have been made to-day at $6 86. Albany, March, 17, 1847. 1 he Shakeri ol New Lebanon have forwarded to the Keliel Committee $700 worth of olotbinn, consisting of sattinet, stockings, socks, coats,vest* pants, children's clothing, fcc. Uuffalo, March 17,1847 The market for broadstnfl'g of all kinds is very dull, and the prices marly nominal. We continue to quote 94 75 a ?5 as the rates for floor ; 91 lor wheat, and 50 cents for corn. AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. TBItlBOHAPHIC, Senate. Albany, March 17th, 1047 A very long debate took place on the notion to order to a thir I reading the general bill to incorporate plank roed companies The above led to a discussion on the question of eni. nent domain, which became so entangled with plank reads, that they could not be readily separated, and no question was taken A bill was reported, making appropriations tor Normal Schools. The Senate agreed to meet at 10 o'clock on and after Monday next The bid relative to taking testimony by parties to euiU at law, was referred to, an<l the bill was reported complate. Adjourned. Assembly, Alsary, Msroh 17,1M7 A bill was reported providing for the construction o f piers and bulkheads in the Kirst ward of the city of Brooklyn. The Hurl Gate Pilot BUI was reed a third time, and passed by a vote of 74 to 16. A debate ensued on ene of a series of bills reported by the Judiciary committee, to provide for the election in Erie county of two persona to serve as county Judge and Surrogate, when there shall be a vacancy. The quae lion wu whether theae billa were to be oonatdered ea local billa ; and if ao, they eoold not be embodied in one bill. Laid over. The General Appropriation bill waa farther debated. An appropriation of f 13,000 to the Marine Hoepital wee agreed to. BY THK BAIL!. LBUISbATIVB PROCEEDINGS. Senate Albany, March 10. 1047 During the early morning hour the Senate did not do any buaineaa of immenae importance. The Senate ordered Ore hundred eatra copiea of a report made by Mr. Van Schnenhoven, in favor of the bill to puniah (eduction and adultery, to be printed The bill hea been noticed by you before. Mr. lUaaia tutted that the motion made by Mr. Townaend yeaterday to reconaider the vote referring the kimigranta bill to a aelect committee might be conaidered. The queation waa put, and there waa, ayea 13, noea 13; the Preaident voted in the negetive. So the bill remalna in the charge of the 8elect Committee. On motion of Mr SrcNcea, Friday of each week waa aet apart for the conaideration ot private claima. tmb legal. tommikiokkei. Mr. Habb called for the conaideration of the report of the Committee of the Whole on the bill to nrnvbta for the apimintment of the Local Commiaaionera. The tenure of office of tbe aeveral commiaaionera, after aome general conreraation. waa extended to tbe lat of February, 1840. Tbe aalariea alao of tbe aeveral commiaaionera, after aome pungent remarka on both aidea, were increaaed to $9,600 a year, tbe coating rote ef tbe Freaident deciding tbe queation in each caae. By war of retaliation, Mr. JoHxaon morad to atrike out the fifth aection, which appropriate* $900 annually to eaob commiaaioner for the employment of a clerk. The motion waa enfiladed?ayea 10, noea 19. An anatomical operation waa than attempted to be performed upon the 8th aection of the bill?but it rcaulted In a complete diaoomfltuie. Tbe Senate then ordered tbe bill to a third reading, without a murmur from tbe conaerratire aide ef the houae. Tbe act of appointment aeema to hare been confirmed, and the men who hare atood up for tbe Domination* of Duer and Spencer with anon eloquence and apirit, gare up the quarrel qtfietlr. It ia rery probable that tbe bill will pa*a the Houae without amends ant. except, perhapa, the aection which flxea the ealary of the commiaaionera at $9,600 a year. 1 am diepoeed to think that the Houae will demur to thla aection. A number of weeka hare elapeed ainoe a Joint committee of conlerenc* waa appointed on the bill diriding the State into judicial dialricta. 1 am told that the committee on the part of the Heuae refuae to recede a Jot from the Houae bill ; the Senate committee alao refuae to reoede. The Joint oommittrea, therefore, aeparated a lew ereninga aince, with the underetandiog that another meeting waa totally unueceaaary and uaeleaa On reiec'.ion, tbe committeea bare agreed to meet once more, in order, if poaaible, to arrire at aome mutual concluaion I think the Senate committee will make the firat conceaaiona AMombijr. ALtaiar, March 18,1847. The time of the Houae ia occupied, in great meaaure, with atrictly local buiineaa. The amendment* of the Senate to the bill to Inereaae the capital atockof tbe Buffalo and Attioa Railroad Company were concurred in by the Houae. The reaolation offered a lew daya aince by Mr Hadiey to put the report of tbe commiaaionera appointed to inreatigate fiauda on the cenale, under the excluaire chargo of the Committee on Canala, waa adopted by the Houae The Houae then went into Committee of the Whole on the General Appropriation Bill. The queation pending waa the motion of Mr. Bloaa,to add to the aection appropriating $600 to tbe College of Phyaielan* and Surgeona of the city of New Yoak, the worda?"if the aame ia due for the year 1848." The motion waa loat. Other amendment* were offered, and a debate, aomewhpt peraonal, occurred. The appropriation of $800 waa finally mad* to tha Collex e, without any qualification* or reatnetion*. And then the Houae adjourned Waihi.xoton, March 15, 1847. Dttpatchu from the (iu/f- -Mexican Affaire?Santa a aim?int i.uutentint (itneralthip?'Ilu Pre title nt and JMr. Benton. Despatches have been received from Commodore Connor, confirming the recent newspaper reports of the distress of banta Anna's army, and ol the wide-spread resistance to the act of Congress confiscating the church property. Commodore Connor stales, as his opinion, that Vera Crux will be surrendered without a blow. He says the enemy is fully impressed with the belief that that city is about to be made the base of ulterior operations on the city of Mexico, and the Mexicans think it useless to defend that place, as they have lour points on the road Iroin Vera Cruz to Mexico at which a marching army can be enfiladed for miles. These points are now being fortified and supplied with strong batteries. From this circumstance, and further, from the fact that Msuta Anna will he obliged to economise his strrng'b. Com.Connor thinks Vera Cruz will be surrendcrrd st the first summons. His opinion is of very great weight, as his information relative to Mexiosn irtairs has almost invariably been correct. He is m the spot, and has frequent opportunities of ;oaversing with people direct from the capital.? It is hut right to say, however, that the rumour of :he contemplated evacuation of Vera Crux is not sntertained here with any degree ol confidence. It is not understood how it can benefit Jfarita Anna to surrender without n blow the strongest fortress in Mexico, when a defeat of our troops there would terminate tUe campaign, and give him time to recruit hit Strem'lh for next winter ? The few thousand men with which Vera CiUt and the castle sro garrisoned, will be more effective where they are, than ten limes their number in any other position ; and it does not ippear that the Mexican geneial has any llr'U of IliAll Hh Una "A w a han he can lead, am', therefore, to add this imall force to hi* largo famishing army, would oe no consideration. But, moreover, all the weighty considerations that induced him to make a stand at San Luis P toei, would weigh with even greater fore? for the defence of" Vera Oru/:. The lattor city in our potsess.nn, the road to Mexico is straight and comparatively ea?y. The country ii well supplied with load and water Jalapa, Perote and Puehla, once in our po--? sion, wehavo a strongly fortified lincofcoinm inication from the ?ea coast almost to the c*pi"

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