Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1847 Page 3
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I were manned by orewi, in til amounting to a, 140 men-, anl the American reitela, l&d in number, were manned by crews amounting to 1,601 men Old Stoclc Kxehangt. $11000 U Sg's, ef'JC, 101V 300 sha Farmers'Truat, 2!k 60?0 da mi* so do safe f'00 do 101 loo Morris Canal, 14* 70(0 Reading Bonds. 71* 26 Canton Co, 37 1000 Kesdioa M'ae Bds, 70 1C0 do 33* 20ro Alabama 6'e, 16m 64 >6 Canton Scrip, 3% K00O do b6in 61* 60 do |30 3* ,^t0 - ''o 100 Nor It Worcester, 49 loonti Penn 6's, slO 70* 31 do sow 4?* IM0 ' hiol's, \4. 97 100 do sSO 49* <000 Illinois rpcial, 39* 24 Peterson Scrip, 101* lt'Osha Uridine RR, 68 * 60 Long Island, b90 27 10 Hank ol America, 98 400 Harlem ss sr 94*" n?' _= w n in vmm. 13% (00 do' t?# siS *00 farmer*'Tr, b3 29% 100 do 47% 100 do blO 2*% 25 Eut Boston! 13% 8<con?l Board. P'1"', 5'? b3 7(1% 30A*h* Nor kWor, blO 50 6M Beading M'ge Bd*,7? JO do 49% 50 ISor & Wor, blO 41% 50 do 49% do <9% 60 Cruton Co, 33% in. fo blO 49% 35 do bow 33% ;3 do bio 49% 50 do k90 34% do blO 49% 1C0 Morris Cana', 14% '?i do 49% 100 do 14% 5? do 49% 25 Mohiwb, b45 61 ? do 49% 25 do 6J 25 do 49\ *ew Stock Kxdungc. 150 tho Firm's Tr, cash 21% 25iha Nor k Wor, S'dy 49% 50 4lo *30 29% 50 do lit 49% 50 do eith U% 50 do 7d? 49% >M Harlrm RR, (io 47% 50 do e**h 49% 5? do ea*h 47% 50 do Saturday 49% '5 Nor It Wor, ctth 48% 75 do ?J 49% CITY TRADB REPORT. New York, Fainav Aftbrnook, March 19,1847The market!, aa uiual, on the eve of a (teamer'o arrival, were rather languid. Flour continued inactive without material change in price*. Small sale* of Gen. esce were made at yesterday'a quotation*. The chief operation* were made with reference to future deliveries and with privilege*, on receipt of steamer's news ? Corn, if any thing, exhibited some more firmness, and aaleaofall kinds were pretty freely made at pricaa wbich fully sustained yesterday's quotations In wheat rates were tmall, and no change in pricea to nota. Provision* continued inactive. In pork, no sales transpired ....... .?!>? wiik. i ns hock 01 oic tn nr?t hands was believed to ba small. This we shall endeavor to ascertain by proper inquiries, if practicable, in a day or two. Ashes.?We report sales of 80 bbls. pearl at $0 3d; ao-1 40 do pots $4 87X. Beeswax?There was no change to note In quotations for yellow. BaesesTurrs?Flour? 000 bbls. Genesee were reported sold at (7 00X, and 600 do. at 90 07*; 0000 bbls. sold, deliverable by the 10th of April, at $0 75, one-third of which was Miohigan. one-third Genesee, and one-third was Ohio; 1600 do. Oswego sold, deliverable two or three months h-nce, at $6 75 A lot of Genesee and Michigan sold, to arrive in May, at $0 60; 13X cents per bhl was paid on 1000 bbls. Genesee for its refusal niter steamer's news, at $7 ; 1000 bbls. Georgetown sold it $6 50. A lot ef Philadelphia was reported sold at *6 37X- Wheat?A sale of 6000 bushels white was reported, deliverable in May, at 145 cents. Corn?There was a little better feeling manifested, and the sales in store and to arrive reached between 40,000 and 50,000 bushels, about 30,000 to 30 000 of which consisted of Southern and Northern white, at 86 a 80 cents, and about 13 000 to 16,000 Southern and Northern yellow at 89 a 90 cents. Corn report ssles of 600 bbls , deliverable on the opening ef the Hudson River, at $4 50. 600 to arrive on private terms ;-600 do. in store at $4 87X. and 500 do. deliverable second week in April, at $4 60. Rye ?A smeil sale of 300 to 400 bushels sold at 00c. Oati ? We quote North River at 44 a 40 cents, and New Jersey at 43 a 44 oents. Barley was nominal. report sales of 60P boxes sperm at 30 cts. The market was very firm, and most of the large holders advanced their terms to 31 cents, alter the sales above stated Corrn?The market was very quiet. The quotations ft c millu(7u auvul iuu Bftino. Cotton?The sales to-Jay amount to about l,00obal?*. Prices are Arm,and the tendency ia upwards. KauiT? aoo boxea bunch raiaina, aold at auction, and brought $1 76, caah. Ovnnv Baea?We report salea of 1,000, to go out of the market, at 34 eta. H(Mr?The market continued bare, and no aalea of j dew retted tranapired. Hibki?We have nothing to note except aalea of a few j small lets of southern hides, at our last quotations?the trade ia inactive wing to the light stock in importers' I hands. As the river is expected to open next week as far as the tanning districts, a very active inland trade ia 1 looked for. ";,Ii?oioo?Was Ann, but no aslea of consequence were reported. Las d?The market was languid, and we continue to quete it at $4 36. -Luther?Prices steady, with some sales for the 8outh. Mousses?A cargo of Cuba, consisting of about 165 lihds and 44 tierces, aold at 34 eta, 4 months. Nstsl Stores.- Small aalea of spirits turpentine continued to be made on the wharf at 39 a 40 cents. The lust sales of rough were made at $3 60 per 360 lbs. Oils ?The salea of city pressed linseed reache 1 about 1 000 a 1,500 gallons, at 60 cents? and 3,000 gallons Englieh were sold, to arrive, at 83 cents. We quote crads sperm at 106c., at the Ua*t, and 107c in'this city. N. W. whale was inactive at 36 cents. Winter strained was nominal, while we quote bleached at 113)4 a 116 cants. Provisions ?Pork remained inactive, and we quote old mats at $14 a $14 36, and prime, dull at $13 36 60 barrels sour primo sold at $9 76?160 barrel* new,thin mess, sold lor 'lie English market, at $16 60; 70 bhds. pickled harts sold at $)4 cents, and 60 000 lbs. of do at 9 cents? 3C0 tierces do at 9 cents. Lord.?We report sale* of 100 barrels at 9)4, 10)4 was offered for the ar ticle in kegs and lefusod. Nothing new to report in Cheese or Butter?not much activity can now he expected till the resumption of \ navigation. Hick ?Sales continued to be limited, without change in prices. Str.ds?We report a sale of 1C0O lbs clover at 8)4o.? No sales of moment transpired in other descriptions PvesH?The slock of box sugars, in Arst hands, was said to be light. The market for all kinds was slack, a :d the sales very small, without any change in quota liens deserving notice j allow?a uo16 wa* no cnange in prices, and sales ! , wet# very light. j < Whhi aone.?We report sales of 400 lbs South Sea at j 32c; in South Sea no transactions tianspired Frkiohts?The favorable feeling noticed yesterday i y eg maintained to-?liy, though there was some less of- I toting A vessel was taken up lor Cork and a market, to load with grain, half in sacks and half in bulk, at 341. ' It wsi said 24(1 was afterwards offered for {rain in sacks to Llvsrpol, and lefused, whilt flour was pretty flrio at 7s. Thn Onsila, of the 1st April, for Havre, demanded < $1 70 for flour, and for cotton. To London the ; packets demanded 80s. tor heavy freight. ' Riii. F.itate at Auction.?Two brick houses and 1 t lot on 81 avenue, near 26th street, 35 by 112 $4,800 ! ? Two atory house and lot No. 8 Bethune street, 23 by 77 8,000 . Two lots en North side of Horatio street,between Greenwich and Washington, each 23 by 84:0, $1000 each 8,200 1 Ore lot South side 42d street, near 8th avenue, 25 . feet by ball the block 000 J One lot North side of 14th street, between 7th andSh avenue* 2,095 Thiee story briok house and lot on 4th avenue, near tWth street 3,560 ' Three story brick house and lot corner of 4th . avenue and 30lh strait 4,608 ' Three stery brick house and lot on 39th street, ' near 4th avenue 2,290 < Lot on 5th street, near Avenue B 1 350 1 My??? t Died. On Thursday, the 18th inst, Mrs. Aboklina Good- . men, wifa of G. A. Goodrich, in the 37th yetrofherage. ' Her funeral will take place from her late dwelling. 14 a Hammsrsley street, this (Saturday) afternoon, at four a o'clock. Tho relatives and friend* of the family are re 4 epectfully invited toattend, without further invitation ' On Thuisday afternoon, 18th inst, at 3 o'clock, Mrs. J Rcbscca Au?t?n, a native of Boaton, Massichusnt's, wile of Joseph Austen, formeily of Halifax, N 8. She died atrong in her confidence in the finished work of Jetus Christ. On the 19th instant, of consumption, Elbanos Oun-ca- , no* k , aged 2 years, 8 months and 4 days. The relatives and friends of th# family, the member* 1 rf New York Division No. 1 8. of T., and Enreka Tent r No. 92 1 O of R., are respectfully Invited to a'tend her funeral en Sunday afternoon, at half pest 4 o'clock, from tho residence ol her father, Garritt Onderdonk, at No. PO West 17th st. , On the 18th instant, Mra. Mast Maaaiex, a native of Wrstport, county Mayo, Ireland, aged 83 year*. f Her friends, and those of her sons, Patrick end John C D Merrick, her brothers William and Patrick Burk, her ronsin-law Richard Kirk, Michael H. Murphy and Jam* s Ryan, are respectfully invited toattend her lurerri. on Sunday afternoon, at 3) o'clock, from J the residence o( her son Patrick, 98 Gold st. BROADWAY UN1VERSALIST CHURCH. " REV. T L IIAUH I 4 wilt so-ply the desk of the Broadway UuiTfrrsiiu Cni.irra??ti<.n> . _ _ n? .H>r?i ?? * f*?n f ot Stutyernnt Initilute, Bioaoway. oppaaita Boudatreet, on 4 habbt'h afteruo.u. Sent Iree. The niblic ?">???? *' li invited to attend. m"' 11 11 MINT JULKPri! MINT JULuPj! Kih?t or THK l>lt*?0!?. THOSE wh) delight in 1 hi> delioona beverage may trail- g fy tfieir deaire thia dav, by caIIidk at Kr:mk? Bowling ^ and Billiard Saloon Nn i B'relay atreet mhiti*'e n OTi f. TO THOSE THAT WANT TttMK VCnM jJ PRUNED?Aathia it the aeaarn f?-r pruning, befire the fP ge t into the vine; when they are prnned after thia areaon they ere apt to bleed and m ke the Tinea of a amall trowih; and like * i*e lake the cancer out ol tho roatt ol the rinet a <1 lrwittpeaof alt kiudi Likawiaa layt out gardrua and lava r cut tm* wo id. H"Ott and ftnwera lor aale at Mr. R. A bTEWAUT'B. Qardeucr, H7 Uhfitia atreet, whtre ordera P will he t'enderi to m20 2 *tc SI*Ot< I'lNO BOO frt?A11 entirely new 'tiltli ot Himmi and Kiahing Boota, inuut'icnifed to order of G?u .ye?r ? Metallic Knbbar, and warranted perfectly water proof, for a .la by SAMUEL. BROOKS, < Pole \cant for (ioodyear'a Mautifacoriaa, a m>0 Im * ih I no B-nadwrv. oppoaire Trinity Chnre'1 a TO Ol UNTRY Mh.KUHA. YJS. fr BROWN SHEETINGS AND SHIRTINGS of eyeiy ! ar le and width, all the known brandi. bo?h heavy and , line 8'ar'a Milla, Lawrence O.Indian Head Cabot A. Premium H. Oenim ti-k. Eietera. Unknowea, Ike... may be had a' m nufaeti|-rr?'prire,, on th" .-ond ft I'.riof Not. It and i M Cedar at., half a block ah re I'.arl it Yard wide aheet- " intra I'M eenti pa yard: aleo, bit a, wieka, twine, wt'p and t waddiiidi alt,1, beat (Oulharu cotton varn, Nn. 610 11 and 7 r to ir, T. N. U.NDERHILL Ik CO. mil 1'Th IS and 2(1 Cedar at. CHINA UKAKJfi SHA* L8. - " ! JU^T RKfJKlVKO from <'*mou, r cMr en br ?1 r <1 JyRAPK hH A VVLS of evory **ofor end price, ? ine of tnem Tiebeat W^anlsefer offered. ^|.o. o l?rge^ ?jr- 1 met.t of pi iin t rape !*h twjs,*t lower prices ifcen ever offered' i before j w rli * Uree ortmen of China F.-ulinU, Pongees | i end pi in < v<p^e for dr<?*ees. , j K erett Shawls end of *11 kinds, *' J \>iKS hh*CK k I (),M Brna i \\ p -R'?l < ?in i Hlli "qiwro er.d Long Him* U, l*i* ?n I PUck Cemel i Heir Co h, kr man *tis re I EIGHTH WARD. A Tanuineroua Mn:?| of the Democracy of the Kixhth tV Ward, held, puran nt to a' jouromeut, on tlx evening of the 19th inat. Mr Albert Gtruaey wee choeen Che it man, Mreare Ueeid A Fowler, Joho B Hpafford, Thomea Uard uer. and L'hirlee C Philltpa, Vice P eaidenta; and Meeera. Albeit ( oruell, and Addiaon VV Bart, Hecretariee. O.i minou, the Chairman amoiuted Jamea A. C'oeee. Samuel P. Uholdatnn, end Nathaniel Hoe a committee to draft aod report reeolntiona expreitire of the eenae of the meeting. Mr. Samuel P. Oholdaton, from rhe committee ?n reaolittiona, repotted the following, which were unanimonelir 'Fbe. folio wing ticket to be supported at the primary election on Monday, the 22d inc., was unanimously adop'ad : Fo? ALDi;a.MAJ?-.AK" HIBAlD MACLAY, Jr. hon mayoralty convention. WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN, ALBERT W SMITH. CORNELIUS STEPHENS, Fob ALMI Hotllt CONVENTION. ANXHONv COMPTON, GEORGE PAULDI^O. JOH B 8PAFVORD. 'j?* Nominating Comwitteu. Henry T. Kieroted, Hubert P. (Jetty, Bannel Martin, John M. Lodewick, A lid no ii M Burt, Albert Garusey, Daniel D.T. Marshall, John B. Haatiu, Albert C. Zabritkie, William McMurray, Win J. McOermott, Alfred ?arm're, Robs't W. Bon tall, Thomas Gardner, David A. Fowler, Nicholas Van Haynigen, Albert W. Ayies.J Henry Bruuer, Francis Lamb, Joel B. Fox, Phile T. Hayglea. Miraeou P. Manwaring, Christian C. Ross, James D. McMann. Whrrena, car present worthy AlderminojHichard T Compttn, Esq , who has so ably represented this Ward in the Common Council, for the past two years, daclines a renomiuation; an<i whereas, Dr. Archibald Maclay, jr., has faithfully and with distinguished a bility served the People of this ward during the same period in the Board of Assistant Alderman ; therefore, Kesolved. That in the opinion of this mreting the nominati >n for Alderman by the Democracy of this Ward, at the ensuing election, it due to Dr. Maclay, and for that pnipose 4 we pledge ourselves to give the above ticket a united and vigorous support. tteaolvrd, 1'hit the above ticket recommends itaelf to the support of every well-wisher of the Democratic Party in the Wan', n< well from the known standing of the citizenaol whom it is composed, as from tbeireqnally well known sagacity and xaal iu the promotion of the beat interests of the cause Kesolved, Thvt we vegrrtand condemn the srene of violence which was presented at the primary election on Mon day last, and ihat we commeud the action of ti.e Ward Lorninittae in prcv ding such aid as will iusure safety and security to the citizens or the W?rd, at the Bella on Monday nrzt. N. B. The election will be held at Rowe's, US Spring St., (neit door 10 the democratic Head Quarers.) on Monday, March 22, 1M7. Polls will rpenat iunri?e. nud closeat sunset. ALBERT OAKNsKk , Ch'n. ALIKRT CORNELL, ) a-?r,. Addison M. Buut { ?*,r" mJO lt*ie CLOTHING. ' THE CHEAPEST gents and boya fashionable Tailoring and Clothing Establishment in New JACOB VANDEBBILTS', 3d Maiden Lane, between William and Naaaan streata, where u ay be found over five thousand ready made garmeuta, which wi'l be sold wholesale or retail, at the very lowest possible prices. Also, more than fire hundred pieces of lashionable goods, which will be mji'e to order in a atvle of rlegancelthat cannot be surpassed. You will do well to call, as you can save from three to seven dollars on a auit. Do not forget the number, 36 Maidtn Lane. m20 In'r.c RELIEF PER MACEDONIAN. MF-8SR8 LIVINGSTON St WELLS. oftheEzpresa line, in this city, haviug generously offered to convey fr?? of fftlgrim *11 n?H?nnvw na?lsaatna -..J ? ? ? ?. ? / (ouaaiGfoUU UUU'HIUUI IU iUOUCjr, I intended to be forwarded to Irelaud by the ship Macedonian, the subscriber, graterullv acknowledging their kindness, recommends to the charitable residing in the vicinitv ol the different offices of ihe New York aad Buffalo, and Detroit lines, to avail themselves of the opportunity thns presented. New York, Match If, 1147. O. 0. DeK AY. mid Itrrc DaGUEKK&OT YfE PLAT&e?Just received, a large assortment of Daguerreotype plates, full J quarter and small size; for sale by WM. H. SMITH It CO , m?0 lw*rh 4 Maiden lane. T'HK KkCKNTlY ISSUED, and exceedingly interesting and useml publication, entitled "The Wealthy Men and Women of Brooklyn," is a work which would not be without value to every "maiden and batchelor." as well as to every man of business In ccnsequeaee of its extraordinary sale, the publishers have reduced the price to I2K cent*; and it may be had, wholesale or retail, of Burgess, Stringer It co., under the Americau Museum, New York; of Mr. Graham, Tribune Buildings, New York; and at all the booksellers and news venders' stores in Brooklyn and Williamsburgk. rn20 lt'rh A GAUD TO THE LADIES. MADAME B. LEVYN, late from Bsrliu, begs to announce to ber friends and ladies in general, that she has just opened a Millinery Establishment in this city, at 174 Bowery, with a very extensive and magnificent assortment of all articlea in that line. Her present stock of goods has been selected by herielf with the utmost care?is entir*ly new, and in point of elegance, richness, and varietv, cannot be surpassed. Madame Levvr, in faet, feels confidert that her establishment will be found woithy of the patronage she solicits, and requests an early call. MADAViE B. LEVYN 174 Bowery. N. B.?Wanted a lady to superintend the (ales. mJO lm*rc uNt EIGHTH OF AN INVENTION. AN INVENTION for increasing the speed and safety of steamboats, has been secured by depositing a caveat in the pa'ent office of the United Btates, said invention hiving been examined and approved by mere than one hundred scientific and practical men. The inventor is now in this city, and has commenced building a b at, that all may see Ihe power and imrortance of the isvtnlion. One eighth part will be sold to a scientific and practical man for a reasonable compensatiox, the inventor desiring to have nn assistant to lain in building. An mteiview may be had with the inventor at 106 Veaey-etreet. fr >m 3 o'clock to 6 P. M , where a draw- 1 ing and fall eiplrnation may be teen and heard. i SEWALL SHORT. ' The aubaeriber wiehei to hire two rmtll Steam Engines, l of f ?m five to e'glit hone power. m20 6t?rh t KUOiWS TO LET. ! AOENTLEM AN of retired habits can be accommodated with a parlor and bedroom attached, with breakfaat and tea. in a genteel private family residing in an elegant house iu the vicinity ol Broadway and Union Place. Addrvss, with real uame and reference, to O. P. Q at the Herald office, will meet with immediate attention. m20 6leodistw*rh fMPORTANT TO A SUFFERING COMMUNITY?THE INFLUENZA.. THAT dangerous complaint, so destructive to health, is now amongst us. Beware, ere it is too late, It is well kuown that of all diseases this is the most fatal, perhaps, in our clima'e. Consumption often sprin.:s from the slight and unguarded momeut, when, perhaps, one small pacsage ol Pease's Cand'might restore tnem to health, lultuenziunds its way into all society the high and low, rieh ana poor; and the remedy that seeks not the subject that claims the support of all classes, is the essence thatsootnes the langs gives uitenanee to the iu valid, and heals and alleviates the affl.ct djthouaands For once and all, we say beware of the congh ihit comes the withering simoom ssndi of t?e desert, to destroy the tiaveller a hosw steps are turned towards his i lestiuatun. Sold by J PEASE It EONS, No. 45 Division at. Agents?Hu-hton It Co , 10 Astor House, Not 110 nnd (50 i Broadway. 273 Broadway; 527 Greenwich street; 270 Broadway; 211 Sixth Avenue; 111 Bowery; 36 Caihari e street; Brorklyn, 139 Fulton street; Newark, N. J., 203 Broad st. m70 HQfh I slvothkb new work bv kuoene sue. THE LOVER'S REVENGE. K. Tale of Domestic Treachery, translated from the Kiench of EUGENE BIIE. BY M. D. BE\UrLEllK, late of the Secretary of State | Department at Washington, to which is added an Eisxy j >1 the life and wri'ings of Eugene tine, with a Portrait and I \ntograpli. This is the mo,t exciting of f ue's publications. ' I Ins work was writ'en by him ler the pages of the " Na- I lonal," of Paris. The American Ediiion is got op in bean- ! iful s yle, and is told for 12X cents. Thisw rk will be mail- j id on the receipt ol 12X cents, post-paid, addressed to H LONG It BUUTHER, m19 2t*re 32 Ann street. P?. Y. , 1,1 UK MTU UK K<?K SALE?'1 he Household ITarniture, r used but s short time, of a smsll lamily, it offered for ia'e at very reasonable nncea. Addreat E-M . at the nffice of thi? paper. mlt ln'rrc STEAM Pu WKK? Kooins to rent with Bteam Power. | Apply to K HOEkCO, , ml9 2vrrh 59and 31 Uold atreet. QUILL FENS. 'I' HE Bubaeribet would cell the attention of the public to 1 I. hia iuperior Quill Pena. made entirely with the pentnife. By long pactice he haa anccaedad in re clung (he treated poaaihle perfection in auiting every kind of writing, t the name time they aurpara by far, auy metallic pen in i duatirity and eaae. They are carefully put up in boxra of ' 15 each, ao that they can oe ahipped to auy part of the coun- i ry, without riak of damaging the pointa. For nale by t mh!9 lm*ih F THKMfAMP, No. 99 William at. i ANOTHER CHALLENGE. DNCE MOKE we challenge the New York Shade deal era j to compete wi'h ua in the sale of Window Rh'dea. We j re now making large daily additiona to our atnek ol Shadea, i : nd pledge ouraelvea to be nuderaold by none. Aa to the ' 1 luality of our Bhadea, we have bnt one word to aiy. They j 1 ook the premium at the late fair at Newark, N. J. We ir.- 1 'ite the citizana of New York and ihe aurronnding country I 1 o give ua a call, and we will prove the truth of our aaaertiona DUNCKER It BEEKMt, No. 59 Chatham meet, nrarChambera atraet, mlt lm*r New Yoik, CARRIAGES. . I'HE suhaeriber offera lor aile an excellent aaaortinent of ' good t.arriagea. nil new atylea, warranted eqalinqia- I it v to any thing m this market, and will be aold at reasonable meet JAMES BHKWSTkK, mlt lm*re 25 and 27 Canal atreet. DAGUERREOTYPE PL AI ES. I - Juni iviM,r.l V r-D per .tup UtuKundv? I ( 3000 Dainerreotypa Plate*, full ?ir.e 1000 Ho <11 in r dm in aiie. . j mm the bait French manuf<rturei For tale it l' e loweat . LOUIS L, BISHOP, Importer, mil 3w*r 13 MaiAon Lane, up alaira i 1 FRENCH MADDER. l A LWAY8 ou band and for itle by the importer, ft. C IS HABICHT, mlt 3w*rc _ HI Weala met. 1 VJOHWAy IRON alwaya oil hand and for aalr hy the j -a Manufacturer'* Agent, C. K. HAHIUHT, } mil ?w*re l> Weit atreer. y HAVANA SEGAKS i ; Ifin nnn Havana bkoaiim, of th?follow- 1 ?vr\Jj VJ vF" / ing branda : ? Doi Cubano* do hegaaa, do Y uiaielaa, do Ladiei, Uolnnea, i nbrey, doa Coinpa- 1 eroa.San Roman; La Fern uidina, Jke , for aale by J ml?lw*e M. ANOULO, 21 New at. I ?<TURE OF ANTIQUITIES, { "VRIQINALLY at No. II Broadway, haa been removed to j ' No 315 broadwav, op ataira Amurura and C'.noiaaeura re i rited to eel! and rtainine a moat beau'ifnl collection of iiiciei.t Pirtnrti and valuable apecimena of leory, Porcelain, a Irer, Gold. Ac , which hare nerer before been in 1)1 a cily. lememhcr 3IJ Broadway. mil lm*e MONEY LENT. 1 1/1 ONKV L'r.NT?The higheat prieea advanced in large y rl. and amall an ma on gold and dileer walrhea. diamond*. tl late, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry gooda, Ire., Ac * JOHN M. DAVIKB, Lieenaed pawnbroker, I' 233 William atreet, near Dunne. n Peraona rrceired in private ringing the bell. I tn 17 lm*r JO DA WAT Kit AND APPARATUS J Matthewi, No a 3 131 Third Ay?onc, N. Y .f manufacturer of all che modern Z i>r*r??tas uaed for the tn an a factum, drawing or bottling o j ' (od? Wafer. A lithographic platf, with printed directions h or the making of 8ndi Wiftr ?Bd Syrnpa, alto for the pat v irg up of the apparatus and ita vae fltr.will accompany ' m fohT Ir-" trt j "DALLKY'B It CON NULL'S PAiN EXTRAUlOft. I 5 pOUNTllY merehanta can be anppl.ed with the true 1/ r.rticlea. in any qnautitiea, and at price* that cannot fail , > n in it pnrchaaera? bat to get the original and genuine, the ? ninber, (No.31 Uourtlandt afreet.) mutt alwaya be anoght. 1 I COMHIOi K kl O I N.I)?Wanted V> to 30 travelling agent* from different i|et?? each to fumiah hi? om n team flllm're p ' MASSAPEQUA HOUSE, h SOUTH OYSTER KAY, LONO IsTJtNn P. rllF. anhaciker take* thia method to inform hii friend* j and the public, that he haa taken the above home, which 1 ri'l be open for the reception of viaitera on the drat day of J dtrch inn. and boat* will be in rendinei* for trouiiug. I rr V -Mae will leave Farmingdale on the arrival ol the mOrn- ri ng a, d etining tiaiu of cart fiom Urookliu or the ahore 1 Ion.* C. E BNEDfcOOR. Proprietor, me 3w* c late of the Oyiter Bay Hour* 1 f 1 I. . J" WANTED IMMEDIATELY. A LADY going to Europe wishes to engage the services of * competent Waiting Maid: one who s Peaks the French language,and who h?s already been abroad, would he preferied esThe lady will be absoct for J or 4 months, and will return to New York No persons bat those who can (ire the most satisfactory references nred apply for ths situation A liberal compensation will be allowed to a suittole person Answers to the ah< ve to be addressed to Mrs E. 8. H-, Post Office, stating where the person applying may bo found. mia tfrh GARDENERS WANTED. TWO OR THREE single Scotch or Englishmen, to to to the country Thoso producing good recommendations as to qualifications sobriety, sc , may apply to DUN LAP It THOMSON, ?3S Broadway. Also wanted, a young man to assist in our store. ml?*ere " D. It T. wanted. BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, with the belt references, situations. one n chambermaid, and the other to <o genc al housework Apply 111 17th street. m >2t?re lo UA>D PROPRIETORS, FARMKKo, fcc. WANTED-By > married man, witha email family, the management of a farm, on harei. The advertiser ia practically acquainted with all the moat recent imp: ovamenu in Bcotch and English agricoltare, cattle, gardening, cultiT'tiou of fruit treea, lie. Ite. Hia wife haa a perfect know ledge of the mauigementof a dairy, rearing of youltry, lie. The moat leapectahle city relerenee can be given Address Agricola, office of this paper. m!4 lw?rc rpO JOURNEYMEN 8TONK CoTT?,H?-An adver* tisement headed "Journevman Free ftone Cutters, h-.viug appeared in the " New York Son" of March II, 1147, to pi event miaapprehenaion, it may be neceaaaay, for t? e information of the petaona to whom addreased, to state that the object of the advertisement alluded to ia to procure roan for the purpose of supplanting their fellow workmen, who refuse to sabmit to a reduction of t'4)? cents per day (the wsgea for the last two summers being gaper day). There are a number of those gentlemen, calling themselves " Tne Undersigned," inviting to their " respective places of business," Jouruej men Free Stone Cutters (meaning Hrown Stone Cutters), who, ptevious to the strike, have had no ! lumeymea to work, and who declared may had no wo'k? while an equal propoition of the employing Stone Cutters h've. and are. payiug their men the w-ges demanded It may be seen that no luconveaienee to the building public can arise from the obstinacy of the " undersigned," as any quantity of Brown Stone tuttiug can be executed by the employing Stone Cutters who are pay leg ihe wages, or will pay the amount demanded. It ia predicted confidently by those who have a right lo know, that " the undersigned" will wsit nuril 1(41 at least, before they will get their shepa tilled at $1 87>t per day. The only reason these financial sages give for this small attempt at reduction, is, * that it is inconsistent with their interests" although it was perfectly consistent for the lest two years. Gentlemen, will it be uecessaiy to expoee the cabalistic move mada lately, or the Quarry combination, or the anormone internet forced from the public on the imaginmry stock at Middl'townf Will it be necetsery to show who gets the profits / lf> on wish to gatu the public ear, the Brown Stone Cutters will not decline a public investigation. ml# 2t*rc JOURNEYMEN FREE STONE OUITERS Ct AN find en'p'oymeut by applying to either of the under> signed at their respective place* of business. $1 87>4 per day will be given to good workmen :-v Abram McBride, 2Jd street. North Kiver. John Wright. 12th street, near Wast. Chafe k. Espy. 21st street, near 2d avenue. John Anderson, 2lst street, near 3d aveuue. Thaddeui Bell, 472 West street. Mastertou It Smith, 23d street, near North River. McMaster It Craig, Greenwich and 13th street. Milne Ik Stewart, Washington and Horatio. Hiley It Woodruff, foot of West 20th street. Wn. fortean's, Washington and Laroystreets. Alex. McDonald, loth street, opposite Tompkins square. Alex Wilson, Jersev eity Pater B. Anderson, Brooklyn. David Anderson, " Juo. Murray, " H. W. Johnson, " Joseph Rogers, foot West 22d street, N. R, Tailoa It Wheelan,Brooklyn. ral*4t*re NERVOUS DEAFNESS. THK following is an extract from a letter reeeived from a dis< ingu'ahed ' physician in thil State. The name is withheld by the request of the writer. " A. H. Christie, M. D ? Dear Sir?Due of mv patients, unknown to'me, obtaieed l onr Galvanic Belt, with ihe Magnetic Fluid.ior a serious affection of Deafness The case was that of a lady, whose nervous system was moeh disordered and her general health poor. Much was done previous to the application of the Belt, but with very little success, and 1 feel it only right to tell you that tinee she commenced wearing the Belt, but a cw waekaago.ahe has ENT1HELY RECOVERED HER HEARING, and her general heatth is be>ter thin for several yeais. Her friend* are rejoiced beyond measure at this happy result." O*" Dr. CHaiiTig would state that the above is not a solitfHV ram Manv u? * , r~..uu. T.?v ? < <|uiie io?i tnetr nesting, and have beau deaf for yeanl hare recovered it by the aame neana. II ih a organ be notinjared, there ia always a fair rhance of recovery by the proper application ol Galvanism. It should, however, be remembered, that the aeoner the application is mad* the better. The only Agency in New York for Christie's genome articles is at 183 Broadway. Beware of spurious unitetions. No drag store has the genuine articles. al> ll'rc THE IMPROVEMENTS made in restoring the color and cleaning of Gentlemen's Garments is moat astouishing; by the new process the cloth is cleaned, refreshed and strengthened, and the color is made permanent, and finished equal to new cloth, no matter how faded or soiled 8end to the corner of Beekman and 136 Nassau street, your garments shall be made equal to new Repairing and altering in a first rate style. Cash paid for Gentlemen's Clothii g. m!3 lw?r D" K. GRANVILLE S. PATT1BON has rem< ved his residence to M University Place, corner of lSih street, and his Office to No. 63 Chambers street. Office honrs from 10 till 2o clock. mil lm?r AID TO IRELAND. THE Rt. Rev. Bishop Hnghes having kindly offered his services to delivers lectnre onlrelandfor the benefit of the Buffering Irish, the Tabernacle has been engaged for Saturday evening,30th init. Lecture to begin at 7 o'clock. Tickets one dollar etch, can be had from any of the following membeis of the committee; or at A T STEWART It Co's Broadway, comer of Reade at. ICIIWAHU DUNIGAN'S, No. 131 Fulton street. HUGH KELLY'S. Ne. 130 Bowery. TERENCE DONNELLY'S. No.T8. William street. Committee. Philip Hoke, Tkuence Donnelly, H. C. dlRiiam, Tel. Behit, A Belmokt, Geo M'Beide.Jt. Geoboe Barclay, John Jav, Mortimer Livihgston, Kilu Iniioldibj, Victor ok Laomat, Da J. Keaenet Kodoers, Stewart Brown, William Redmond, Rsrt. B. Minturn, Rout. J. Dillon, A. T Stewart, T. W. Clerre, James Hetburn, Thos E. Davis, '1 heodore SBOOWICR, jacob Harvet. ml3 6tr NOTICE. THE UNDERSIGNED having sueeeeded to the business lately earned on by ramnel Engle. Cauiphene and rnrpentine Distiller, rffers for tale a full assortment of naval stores and camphene, of the 1st quality and at the towest prices. JAMES ENGLE, 164 Front sr. The undersigned having constituted one of the late firm of Cooke, Adams tit Co., begs to state that he has no other successor than the above. SAMUEL ENGLE. tn'3 tis?re REMOVAL. THE Irish Emigrant Society have removed their office to No. 21 Spruce st mli !w*rc , ^ ~ and pistols. I II II onip irmsiteu 1UUU socio American Banded MuskeU,with bayonets complete in the moat perfect order. 100 pair Ship Piatol*. 100 Kerolvtngfi barrel f'iitoli. 100 Howie Kn.ves. 300 Double barrel Fowling Pieces. 100 Single do do porting articlea, Gun materials, Tools-glte., every thing required by the Sporuraan or Gunamith. For aale by ilB ImAc A W RPIF.8 Ik (JO ,91 Maiden Dane. CVKU9 W. FiELD at CO., No. 9 Burling slip otter for tale a large assoitment of Printing, Writing, Wrapping, Hardware, Envelope, Hanging, and colored Paper. Paper of any aire or qualify made to order. The higheat maiket pricea paid in raah for rnga, bagging, bi-le rope cutting!, canny bagging, graaa rope.canvass, and all other kinds of Paper Maanfaeturer'a CYRUS W. FIELD It CO, fH tm*re No. 9 Rnrlinr alio. N. Y NEW PAPER HANGINGS It WINDOW SHADES. Pica It Co., No. 17] Pearl atreet, LMPOHTEK8 and mannfnctnrera, have Juat opened a very extenaive aupply of every atyle and quality of American ind French Paper Hanginga, Boadara, Firebonrd Printa, and wide Window Curtail paper. Alao, a aplendid aaaorlment >f Painted Window Shades, and fixtures for the tome, which they offer to merchants, dealera, and othera at the reiy loweatpricea. 127 lm*rc CUSTOM HOUSE. NEW YORK,) Collector*! Office, March 2d, 1147. J NOTICE?Pcaona having gooda in the public a'ore. No. St Washington atreet, are notified that on the list March nitant, all gnoda remaining in aaid ato-e will be removed to :he United Blares Bonded Warehooae, corner of Broadway tod Exchange Place, at the riak and axpenae of the owner, consignee or ageat. ml rllat re C. W. LAWRENCE. Col'r TO IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HMIUEON It CO., Refiniahera of Clotha, Caaimerea, fee , No. >tl Weat atreet The gold medal baa been warded by the American Inatttnte, for their aurerior manter of refiniihi Ordera rray be left at? Meaara W oicott It 8lade, No. 63 I'tne atreet. " Win C Lane ley* Co., 5i Exchange Place. " D. Brighun t Co.' 60 Pine street. To whom thev rater f 2 lm*r G1 UANG.?The cargo of the brig Virginia, abont three f hundred tons, from South America, and Irom an analysis trononnc d superior t? any nthtr kind in the market. The Jnann is dry, and wt'l be sold to close the concern at one ind n hall cent per pound, and is an object to the farm rs of he country. The cargo ia et Trar pell's atnrea, Brooklyn, near Fulton 'erry, and samplea may be seen at the office of bPOFFORD, TILESTON It CO., 149 Water atreet. m9 I m rh Billiard room to let, mth# city #i in?kin. One of the best titualeil and moat deanable Rooms I .r Billiards ia now to be let on moderate terma. Korparl.cnart apply at National Hall, Brooklyn, of Divid II llmies. 'oaaeation given on the firet of Mav. m16 tw*re 3A8T OFF CLOTHING "Ainu FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES and Gentlemen havinganr cast off or auperfloua clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a fair eaah >rice lor the same, br sending a note, or by ealling on the obscribar, at his residence, or through the post, which will i? punctually attended to. H. DK BOER, 71)( Can il st. Up Buira. N. B ?Ladiea can be attended ta by Mra. De Boer. Old atock and job goods bought, of any description and mount III lm*rre WHiN AND TOUPEES. OATCHELOR'S new invented WIGS and TOUPEES 13 are the most perfect specimens of the ait of wig making et offered to the public?they are so admirably adapted to lie peculiar style of each individual, so light in their con m< tion, and naturalin appearance, as to defv detection. A iree and well -- 1 - ? ? ~ lanufactnrera.Wm. BntcheTor i'vtfall atreet.uear Broadway, the addreia M< Im'rh (Tf THE FRIUITIVK OR WILD CANARY. JUST 'Uf, received Irorn flt. Michiela, lone breed end lone eaH-j. MnM, Mjlirraam, a preventive for inarca; a varirty of breeding cage*. and all article* for the reed'r. Canary,-rape, hemp and millet aec-l*. fur aale rholerale and retail,by W. 8. JOHNSTON, 2(0 Broadway, near Chanibera at. N. 0?King Charlea Spaniel*, Engliah and Heoteh terrier*, >.- aale a* above. in It St r MUSIC. I THK. PIANO TAUOHT on very moderate terma.hya who baa bid cipehence in >IA iff teachmfiwiiheato take two or three more * pupil*. She trachea toe acience thoroughly?term* three dollar* er month A line addreaaed to Mnaic, to the Office of thi* paper, ahall e attended to. m<Umia*ri' MUSIC. O ALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES fnniiahed with the LA Violin, Harpand Piano Forte, or any nomber of Inatro lenta. The mnaic aeleeted from the meat faahtonahle* Opet'a. By It. AYLIKKK. 1 AYLIFFE, I AYLIKKE and U. AYLIKKE, Brother*, rroleaaore, <0 ir Elm atreet corner of Howard. mil lm*rh j ?irri( | _ J W SHOWN, Auctioneer. . I l> KAUTIFUL. 8TUFFKD B1BU3, SURNITUBK. kc. : A* ?J- W. Brown will nell ?t auction, tins day, Satnrduy, | I March 20,h, at 10){ o'clock, at No. M2 Broadway, a larfe collection of preaatved Birda, eonaietiug ol a treat variety of the inoat beautiful birda of th? United Stttra; alio diff rent kiatfa I t ( Hnmminc Bi<d? from Brazil and the Weat Indiei, Bird* of | Paradne, Ei (l?h Pheaaanta, kc. Alan, to pay advaucea and ; chaiaea, t aolaa, 11 mahoaany chain, 6 breach bedateada, 10 | Portable deaka and work boiea, feather, hair m-ttreraea, I ' kc . ke. n-kOO Iteih I PAl.NTINOs AT AUCTIO.N. ' ALK.VY will aril on fatnrrfay caeoine, at 7 o'clock, at 293 B-oadway, a eery pleaatng aud deairable collecj tioti of Oil Painting*, with nntneroua other articlna. the Dm. . .? >)> ui 1 gtuurman lean g the city, lu the aile ia one ' large painupg, the Ten Commandments, intended m an | altar wee. ml9 2t*rh MTO LKAfiK?The Mansiuu House and Firm of John L, Nortm, at Far Kockawav, lately ocenpiedby Jacob Lawrtcce, Jr , adjoining the Marine Pavilion. The I iiuun ia4> iect by JO two alory and sttie, affurdin Inge and j heauitul accommodations f?.r either a Boarding Honae or I private reaidence. The Coach houaes and Stabler aie large and commodious: M acreaof choice laud, 30 <>f fresh and aelt meadow, ?ad 30 of beach and pasture; the ice heme filled. The buildings with garden ant, ground adj lining will be let aepa'ate if required. Apply to John H. Tower, 139 Kultui alreai. Nra \<nlr m'Mlw*rr m 'i o L.& t ?fart ot a get teci nou a t < a family ; or the aecond tloor will be let ready furnished to one or two single geuilemeu. without board. The best of ice required Address box 1486 post office. m20 lw*th FOR PALE?WESTCHESTER LAND. sh? TO QF.NTLEMKN in want ol sites for country VyH seats. To market gardeners in want of land for gardens, and to all persons wishing a location in the ueignborhood of New York 300 seres t.l land in the town of Westchester, within nine miles of the City Hall, with the right of passing oyer Hailent Bridge free of loll, ire now offered at private sale, in lore eo-taiuiig from 4 to JO acres each. The lends are within 14 minntea walk of the rsilioad; front >n good roads; are in the neighborhood of s< hools aud churches of different denominations: the water is g'od and location healthy. Title indisputable. Terms moderate Apply to OOUVklKNEUft MORRIS, Morrisiana, Westchester Co., or to mtO lm*rc WALTER RUTHERFORD.79 Nassau sc. N.TA LESSON I.N ECONOMY, f* DEVOE'A HAT AND CAP MANUFACTOY, (formarly known as the Phenix Establishment,) opposite Dutch street. 103 Futtou street.?The proprietor of this celebrated establishment is constantly demonstratioi g the fact that a bearer hat can le sold for $3,40 and a moleskin hat for $3, superior to lout-fifths, aud equal to the very best $4 hat sold in the city or elsewhere, equal ia style, beauty of shape, completeness of finish, nettness of lining, ' and rvary other requisite whatever. This fact is rhe result of a system w hich, it more generally adopted, would put aueed to much miaous extravagance. upeu which ao in my trades' men ina le shipwreck of their hopes. The sucees of the above Hat ana Cap Mauufactoty p.uvea conclusively that a low rent, the utmost economy ia expenditures, quick sties for cash, with small prolita, can compete triumphantly with the most glaring and coitly establishments of the day, and the sacrifice of no point, importmt or unimportant, in the manufacture of a hat is necessary to enable the proprietor to warranto caving ol from $3 40 to $6 per annum to each of his ! patrons. The schedule of prices as below I 1st quality Nutria... .$3 40 1st quality Cloth Capa tl 40 ifu " " .... 3 00 2d " " ,r..T 00 1st " Moleikio.. 3 no 3d " " 75 2d " " ... 2 JO In fidditinn to the eutrtnt Spring style, (a beautiful article) he keep* ou hud ?n asa irtmrnt of different stylet adapted to nil peculiarities of form end feature, and ii alio prepared to ma?e to order, at ihort notice, Hut*. Caps, fcc to any pattern, at 103 Fulton itreet mll6t*rc KNOX, Jlh 121 PULTON* STREET. An 18 now ready to supply the public with elegant Hate of hie SPRING KAHHION. The quality of the article he offers for pnblie approral and patroaaae can be jndced from the fact, that no man erer purchased a hat at his establishment but who became a permanent customer. He will not say anything of his long esperieuee, his peculiar facilities and taste, as the public press have circulated the fact that he has had no superior in his businans for years past m!7 6ti?s'c PASSAGE FKOM ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. M M ^>ErJ?ON8 wisbtn^t^end fer ihei^Tends in sn^^rnif i the Old Country, will find the subaciiber's arrangements for 18(7,moat complete, and calculated in everyway to ensure satisfaction to to all who may make airangementa with them to bring their friends across the Atlantic. The subscribers are agents for THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. QUEEN OK THE WEST 1300 tons. LIVERPOOL. 12t0 ? HOTTINUUe.R 1*0 ' CONSTITUTION 1600 " I1080IU8, 1200 " HIDDONS,. 1150 " SHERIDAN 1150 " OARRIUK, 1200 " The above magnificent packets are all New York built ships, of the very first c'ass, built expressly forthe Liverpool passenger trade,and fitted np with special regard for the comfort ud convenience of passengers; thev are commanded by men of experience, and are not surpassed for speed by any ship afloat. Their sailing days from Liverpool are on the ttb aud 11th of every month, oa which days they leave punctually. In addition to the above splendid ships the subscribers are also Agents for the 8T. " UEOROE'8," AND THE UNION LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed In part of the following favorite and well known ships, vix: The America, St. -'eo'ge, Empire. 8t. Patrick, Rappahannock, .Varmiou, Sea, tic., be, which, together with the new line, make six ships per month, or one every five days, from Liverpool; thus preventing the possibilitv of delay at that port. Passage irom any part of Ireland to LivI erpool can be secured at the lowest rates. Every information given by applying to W.ltJ. T. TAP8COTT, 86 South at, 2J door below Burling slip. Drafts supplied for any amount from ?1, upwards, payable [ throughout the United Kingdom. m26 t. W. BYKiNtb Ac Cu.'S NEW YoKX AND LIVERPOOL EMIGRATION OFFICE. iissv jfii jfSL 10 Wi^Sflm^loid. Liverpool, j are desiroua of informing the public or the United States, that they have found the impoitance of n direct Agency I for the purpoae of placing within the power of the fiiends of the paaaengera Corning out to tliia country, the immediate correspondence with a respectable establishment, from whom they can rely lor atteut on and favor towardi their relations leaving the old country. Persons desirous of engaging passages from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Belfast, Londonderry, and Liverpool, direct to New York, Boston, Philadelphia,Baltimore or New Orleans, can do so on more favorable teims than can be obtained from any other house engaged in the business in this country; being the oldest an<T largest establishment in the passenger trade in Liverpool. 'l'he m -ny thousand passengers that have sailed in the ships whir h have been despatched from our office in Liverpool, and'lie different ports of Ireland for the last thirty years, is a sufficient guarantee of our ability to fulfil wi:h satisfaction any engagement for passengers that we may b* favored with. , DRAFTS AND KILL* OK EXCHANGE given for any I amount, payable on sight, at the National Bank of Ireland and ita blanches; and also on all the principal tewns of England and Scotland, without discount. A list of the Packet Ships with their day* of sailing, and the address of the Agents who act fjr us, can be had on I application at this office. Apply or address bv letter (post paid) to r. W. UVHNK8 h t.O., SI South street, corner Wall street New York. mil lmarrc 1 UiMiibL* d'l'ATbS AND fcUAol'DAN MIGRANT OFFICE. WESTERN AGENTS AND COMMISSION MKH- I C HANTS, It HE subscribers havinv had long experience in the buii. ness.are prepared to offer every facility to thosp wishing i passage to or Irom eveiy'part of Great Britain or Ireland, | Havre. and the German, Belgian, and Holland portson . any of which places Bills of Eschar gs can be furnished, in 1 ; sums to suit. Passage can also be engage>* Irom Liverpool to Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or New Orleans, direct. I | Those wishing passage from New York to New Orleint, Mobile, Charleston, Savannah or Texai, can at all times be accommodated at the lowest rites To those emigrat'sg to the West, the inbscribers have unequalled arrangements for the forwarding of passengers to the West, by tne different routes, vix: to Buffalo, and the intermediate landings, and all parts ol the Canadas?Chicago. Milwaukie, Baltimore, PittshtuiYi, Cincinnati, St Louis, he., by steamboats, railroids and canal boats, of the first claas?aud great care wtll be taken that passengers will meerwith no delay or imposition on the route. Letters (pott-paid) will receive prompt attention. For further particulars apply to M. P. O'HERN h CO. ltO Month street, comer of Dover, and V. Wrst stieel, corner ol Hector, fit 1 in rrc WALOKON O'HEIIN h CO., Liverpool. oMr PACKET SHIP BURGUNDY, FOR HAVHK, )fln will sail at It o'clock. Letter bags at Kenyon's, BmUL 70 Wall street. The WELLINGTON, for London, sails 23d; and ROBCIUS, for Liverpool, <6th. Letter bags at above. in20 PASSAGE TO AND hKOM LIVEHPUOL, tjtffVby the New 1 iue of I'l-rkera?The splendid las; JWMHmvailieg picket ship hOSClUS. 1110 toi.s hurthrn, I apt. Eidridge, will tail from New York on the 20th March, and from Liverpool, on the llth May. Persorn ab/int embarking for trie o'd country, or those wishing te send for their frienda shimld not fail to inake early application to .. W. h J. T. TA I'SCOTT. KHnmlni. m20 re Two doort hcl<w Hailing >liP KOR LIVERPOOL. ? New line regular packet JF|i|*V Cor M<rch 2Cth. The tplcndid futtai nig packet jBHKethip ROSL1US, A. Mdiidge, Matter, w II tail at above, her regular day. Kor freight or ptttnge, apply on board at Driving wharf, foot of Wall >treet,rrto t. K. COLLINS, 16 South itreet Price. of pnaaage, S71. Ti e tucket ahip Mddont, Edward It. Cobb, nutter, will tucceed the Rotciua, and tail Hth April, her regular day. m 19 gggp I'uK lO.hUO^?Only Regular Packtt ol the SjtVW 2flih March?The new, magmhrent fait ta ling and JMNHmfaeorite packet ahip W EL LI N UTON,burthen KiOO tout i.apuin f.hadwick, will tail pjutively on the iOlh of March. Tna accommodation! lor cabin, 2d cabin and tteertge patteogert, at to comfort,ate aue'iualled by any other eettel in port; pertom intending to embark wonld do well to go on hoard and judge lor ihemteleet before eng-giog eltewhere ? For farther particular* apply oe board, foot of Ma>dtn Lane, or to JOSEPH IvicMUHHAY, mllr Corner of Pine and Somh ttretta. KOR NtW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND J9K NEW YORK LINK OK PACKETS ?PotitWo. mmmtrn ly ihe 6 tt only regnlar packet to tail on or bafora Mnnuay?'I ne now and tplendid faat tailing packet b,rk AVOLA, Whitmore, matter, ii now loading, and will tail at tbeve. Kor freight or pattage, having handtome lumikhed aocommodttiot,t, apply oa board, at Orleaiu wharf, foot of Wall itreet, or to K K. COLLI NS, M Couth itreet Agenu in Now Orletnt J O. Woodruff k Co , who will promptly forward all goodt to tbeir ad .reaa. N. B ? Shipport may rely upon thia btiog the firtt tettol. ran _____ " GKfcAX h KIT A IN AMU lKt.UANl>. ~ tfcJbv PERSONS wishing to remit money to [ aA '+Mki. XV. England, Ireland, Mcotlaod, or Walet will i IrVgi&lijBjIk do well to apply to the lubtcriben, at the ' MnHlruWinM old etabl lined nature .. 0. Pearl itrcet, where naual dratia ire fnrniahed for large or atnall amonnta on the National Bark of Ireland. Northern Dancing Co. anil National Bank of Scotland. payable en demand, at the uumer aa br.anrhra throng out h?th connirica. wit -oat discount: alio, on R C. (rLVN k ( If., Barken, Loudon, and on C. OKI MHIIA W It '^O.Lirtr- , pool. Apply to iaaM'L TH. MPMON It NK.rtlfcW, jlj Im'rh Old Katabljahed Paaaago Offltfa, 1T> 1**1'' TRAVELLING TRUNKS, Str. JOHN CATTNACH, Tronk Mannla. rnrer, No. I Wall atreet.or>rner t.f Broadwny.haa now on hand and eouitanfIr making a good aaaortment of Trnnka, Taliaea, t.a'pet Baga, and tfatehela, wholaaala and retail ... Alio, a aiipeior article of ?o|e leather Trnnka, anitahle for Ame<ican or European 'Intel, aid ro.iniantiaoa for ine Krrnch Mailt /'et'r . ,,, . Ordara for the Watt Indiea, Bontli An?:nc?. kf hll'd with daapaich mk l?Me | AJtllA* ( !7? | Farewell Benefit of ihe Danaenaea Vienaoiaea. PAHK TI1EATHE?Saturday Krentet, March 20, 1M7 the enterteininenta will comaacnce Willi lite PAS DK* KLELfltB. by 42 Dauaeeaea Vieonotae ? APer which the comedy of THE 1 CHIMNEY riECE. After which POLKA PAY8ANNE.,by the Danaenaea Alter wieh the firee cl SOMEBODY ELSE. Aft-r which, the Paa Rococo, by >4 Denaeuaea Vieonoiaaa. To be followed by the H U .N tLK OF THE ALPS ToOvnclnce with the famed POT POUKKl-by the Du sonar* vieouoise. ... , ... Doors open at half-past o'clock ; performance will commonce at 7 o'clock. BOWERY I'liK AT RE?Sat urday EveningwMw?h ?jth, will be presented HEAUTY AND flil BKaBT? The Bswt, Mr Stereos; Jcha Quill. MrHadaway; Beaery. i>lrs Booth _ . ..... After which, JACK SHEPHEBD?Jo# Blawkio, Mr StyTent; Jnci bli?|iherd, Mn Hoo'.b; JoiAtbtB Wild, Mr Booth; \V luuifred Wood. Mrs Jordan .. Also. ROBERT MACA1ME? Robert Maeaire, Mr Stevens; Jaqur* Strop, Mr lltdaway; Marie. Mrs Madison. loeouclnda with MARHiKO YESTEHDAY?Tom, Mr Hailaway; Ellen, Mrs Uoeth. Dreis Circle -i cents, Pit and Gallery HX cents. Ilnon upon at tjlj o'clock I'crlortnanco commences at 7. | BENE* II' OF MR H CHAPMAN. NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE, formerly the Oreen_ wieli Theatre, Charlton street, coraer of Varick street ? , 1 Saturday evening, March 20 ?To eommeuce with RAIL, ; WAY BUBBLEH?Bragg, Mr. Tilton. To te followed by DON OIOVANNI ?Leperello, Mr. H. I Chapman; Don Giovanni, Miss C. < hapmon. To conclude with ihe last act of MOUNTAIN DEVIL j ' ? Strspado, Mr. H. Chapman; Juliette, Mrs Harrison. 1 Dtirng the evening, a vanery of Dancing by Siguora Mae- | I tin; Mile Oceaua ami Mons lleuiiie. Prtee of admission?Dress Circle JO eta ; td and Jd Tier 13 ; I | Pit Doors open at T; certain to rise at 7R precisely. j MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE Saturday Keening. March 20?'I he performances will commence I . with the drama of ASMODtUS?Oil Va-gos, Mr. Nickin- 1 son; Carlo, Miss Clarke. After which the drsmi nf the DEVIL IN PAHIB?Cte- | ' euet, Nr Hollsud; Count Venille. Mr, Waleot; Mies i 1 Msry Taylor. To conclude with the Extravagant*. entitled DIANA'S REVENUE?Acteon, Mr. Walcot; Diana, Miss Mary Tay- i | lor; Mrs. Acteon, Mrs Timm. Dress circle, 50 cents; upper boxes, 25 cents; pit one shili ling; privets boxes 85. Orchestra boxes,$3. L'oora opee at 7 o'clock : enr<atn rises at naif past 7 PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, Chambers sUeet?SATURDAY KVENINU, March 30th, extra performtnea of Rossini's Opera of THE BARBER OF SEVILLE. Ltr?maus Peraonae. The Count Altnamiva, under the name of LinI doro j... Sig.S Petti vr. uartoto....... Big. A nauqmrico Keeina, a rich pupil of Bartolo, in love with and cloved by Lindoro Bignora R. Pico Figaro, the Birber of Seville Big. F. Beneventano Baailio, munc muter of Roiina Big. L. Martini Bona, an old govemeee in the home of Dr. Bar tolo. Bignora Bonlard piorallo, aarvaot of the count Big. Benetti Ambrngio, servant to Dr. Bartolo Big N N. An officer ... Big. N. N. Opera Books may be had at the Box Office. 1st tier Boxes and Parquette, $1; 2d do, 60 cents; Private Boxes for I par- i oes. tll; do for t persons. $10. Beau can be secured at the | Box Office from 10 A. M. till 4 P. M., daily. Performance to ! commeuce at 7X o'clock; doors open at T j PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. i I ITALIAN OPERA. A CARD.?The managers ol the Italian Opera Company, desirous to test'fy to the patrons of the opera, and the public generally, their acknowledgments for the liberal sapport by them received, and anxious to deserve a continuation of the same, have abandoned the project of leaving this city lor the present, and would respectfully announce their determination ofgiving another SEASON OK EIGHTEEN NIGHTS, to begin immediately after this, which will expire on or about the 31st of March inst. Those of the season subscribers who desire to retain their seats, and those who may wish to become subscribers for the following season, will please call st the box office and receive their tiekeu between the lSth and list inst. The Opera Company, for the ensuing season, will consist of the same artisU, Tlx:? Prime Donne Big'ra Clo'ilde Barili, Rosins Pico. Primi Tenori Big Resto Benedatti, 8 Patti. Primi Bassi Big K. Beneventano, H. Banquirieo. mlt tfrc i IRGUS? BO w EllY AMPHITHEATRE, e* THIS EVENING. March fo-Fifth appearance or Mons. Caaimer, the Grand Tambour Major de France. Fifth sppearanee of Mr. J. Nixon, and talented children in the beautiful act of the Shadows of Olympic. Filth appearance of the Dulcimer Band of Minstrels. Mom. t.asimer as the French Hercules. ! Horsemanship, Vaulting, Tumbling, Rope Performance, Posturing, Juggling, Itc. j To conclude with a Pantomime. Doors open at T, performance commences at % past T. I Boxes 25cents. Pit U)f. I AMERICAN MUSEUM. EVERY Day and Evening this week, commencing on Monday, March IS. Four Splendid Performances Daily, in the morning at 11>$, and in the afternoon at I, and in the evening, at T and again at I id o'clock. O" Positively no Free List except the Press. The manner is happy in being able to announce a te engagement, ie compliance with the repeated requesu of numerous iamilies, lor ONE WEEK MORE, with that illustrious Man in Miniature, UKINKKAL TUM THUMB, and aa it ii utterly impoaaible for him to be prevailed epon to remain longer than next Saturday. thia ia POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK of hia exhibition in New Yo'k, and thoae who delay their ealla beyond thia week will NEVER SEE HIM, a* he retiraa to private life aa aoon aa ha make* the tonr of the eitiea of the Union. To accommodate the vaat conconrae of hia frienda, who will throne the Mnaenm to aee him. he will be aeen every MORNING FROM 1IX TO 1 O'CLOCK, , on the platform, in one of the main balla of the Moienm. ia . | hia extraordinary and popular performr.ncea, including hia I citizen'* which he will relate hia Hiat ir^Tra vela, be., aing a variety of aoaga. dance the Polka Sail or'a I Hornpipe, give repreaeatationa of tvaroLKOiv, raanaaica I ! thk uaciT, ureciin traTuat, be. be. Ha will alao ap- I pear ia hia magnificent FRENCH COURT DRESS, { worn before Louia Philippe, King of the French, and all the i ra hia'1'*' <"'oatt* Europe. After which he w-ll appear I U BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME, , ia which he will dance the hiomlaivd nuts, be. The MaaniricaKT raraiara received from Qneea Vieto- ; ! riaand the principal Crowned Heada of Enrope, will be ex- I i hibited. ' IN THE AKTEUNOON, FROM X TO S O'CLOCK, he will appear on the atage in the Lectnre Room in a variety I of perform&ncea aad coatnmea, in conjunction with other entertaiomenta. albo, If thk i EVENING AT 7, AN1I AGAIN AT IX O'CLOCK. Thk Gbkkral'x Minature EquirAOB, conaiating of a magnificent li'tle Chariot and Pigmy Pokibb, with Coachman , and Footman, will nernmhnlate the a'reetadaily. ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS. Moming viaitera are net admitted to either the afternoon or i evening performance!. GREAT WESTERN, the Yankee Comedian. MISSES WHEr.LEH and JULIEN. i ANATOMICAL VENU8,to be aaen at ona ah Ring extra 1 MADAME ROCKWKLI* tba Format Teller Admiaeioo S3 cente; children under It, UK eentf. No Readmitaiona. One payment will entitle to tint one admiaaioa. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC ! In compliance with ihe requeat of numerona familiea and I ether*, who have been unable to witcea* the eahibitiou of GENERAL TOM THUMB, the anbaeriber haa. at conaiderable inconvenience, effected an arrangement with him lo reman at the Mnaenm ONE WEEK LONGER, terminating Saturday night, the JOth inatant; bnt ha baga to ; aaan-e the public, poaitlvely, that the little tieneral'a arrange- . menu are aneh that it will be ntterlv impeteible for him to , remain beyond the above Hated period. mil Iwrc P. T. BAKNUM. 1 WALNUT STREET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA. I E. A Marshall, Leaaee.... W. R. Blabk, Manager MR. KORHESTVLAST NIGHT. SATURDAY EVENlNoTMareh 20, 1147, will be performed the tragedy of VIRGINIU8. Vuginina Mr. Forreat Icilina Jamiaon Virginia Miaa Fiaher To conclude with the drama of TH ERK.BE: fjK The Orphan ol Geneva. Cerwin Mr Forreet Theme Mm Eiaher Grand conceriTat the apolLo saloon, i on l neaday Evening. 23J mat. on which oceaaion Mad. PICO, Mad ABLAMOWICZ. Mignor UfcNUVEBE primo lint appeirance in thia country; Kignor SANQUIHlcO, aided by other diatinguiahed talent from thia city, which will render it one of the moat brilliant Concert! of the aeaaon. The proceeda to be applied in aid of the erection of the Samaritan H? nee of Inouatry Ker tickrta aee large billa. Concert to commence at half-paatT I'- M. ______ __ jn II 4tia rc SELECT OUNCEUTS EVERY EVENING ! In the Elegant Saloon attaehed to the BROADWAY IIOUSK, (corner of Broadway and Grand etreet,) CiOMMENCI>0 O.N MONDAY EVENING, March ' 22d, at t o'o clock preciaely. V ocaLiaTa. Mra. NKWTON. Miaa DK MOKTIMKH, Mr. LYNCH. , and Vr. NKWTON. [T>~ Admittance ftX cent! m2A6tia*r I in011UE?Mt.HjI)hI).s, 53 HVW r, R Y. THIS SALOON haa changed hinda, at d will be eloaed a few daya in orCer to make necraaary rrpaira, he , and | re-open on Wcdacadar eyeninit neit. >4lh mat , with an entire new company. II. h C. W I1ITK; I'rnprietora. J in20 lt?rc ! CARD. TIIK Pnbacriber (late co-partner of J. H. Hackett. F.arj I haring become note leaiee and director of tna Howard ! I Athr ncum, will receive propraala from artiatea of acknowledged talent, for engaeemrn'a for the mining Theatrical I Seaaon. THOS KOKD. Howard Alhemenm I Boaton, March 12. HO __ mit IwiVrc ' FREE CONCERTS. At the OPERA HOTEL, No. 43 Chamber; at. eeat door te Palmo'a Ot era Hou-e; commencing at half pail 7 o'clock , t . Vocaliati?Miaa Olenlaton, and the celebrated eittmpore I ainger, Mr. Hairiaou. J Mr. Colime will preaide at the piano. I The nanti rcliihea, with auperior alea, winea, he. all I w*r SOCIETY LIBRARY, Corner ot Broadway and Icanard Street. ONE WEEK LONGER ! CHRYSTV'S m { NS t R K l8. Admiaaiou 2b ceota. Concert will eenmnea at half paat 7 o'clock Change of programme every evening nili lw ia?ir PAKKbK'? annual. r,Atnni i iu.h hall. i WILL like place ?t TAMMANY HALL, on Mooday I erentng, flit lid, when will be brought forward a grcter rariety of ?*w daneea than at any former ethibitioo. , namhrriiii 84. Th? tihihition 10 c<. tnmence at balf-paai I o'el T.k Ttektla for admiaaion, tt, In admit a gentleman and Mr Ml/a Ladira'tickuta, 5# cent*, ran be obtained at > the Hall ml9Jtiafrc HANGING ACADEMY Mil SAKACCO, Italian Chorographial, and Milt. Am* lina, firat teacher of the Pariaian Dancing Academy of Vr < allariua, reapectfnlly inform Lndiea and Oeutlemea, iha Ainatcnra ol Modern Dancing, that braidee the graceful dancea ANOKLINA? , New Welti in i ale|>e ol their invention. TAKANTKLLt- Dance ofNarl" Muiiirka. W?|t? Ma/urka. Hedowa, Waltt-Rcdowa, Polka, Colilino of Pi lka, t"d Waltzca They will learn alao the A dance rrcently invented for the Court of the Itmperor of i Rnaaia. N D ?The mnaie of the Polka Maunrka Ruaee can be only ! found at Mr Baraeeo'a, No. M I anal atreet, eaat corner of 1 Broadway mg 1 m re ~ PRIVATE LE8SONS IN GERMAN. \LaOY from the north of (Je many would be happv to a rot ion ol h-r lime i . airing I'laimcnoii m U?>- I man at the reatdcn<f of pnpile Application ie perron or by ] letter,'.to No. I end It Clinton Piece ml* lm*r TO THE LjATEST MOMENT. TKLBGBAPHIC. LATER FROM MEXICO. IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE. H0VEHENT8 OP THE ENEMY. Advance of Santa Ann. GEN. TAYLOR'S POSITION AT AGUA NUBIA. Exciting Rumors at the Braxos. Critical Pocltlon of the Hortkem Poets. Ac* Ac. Ac. Washimoton, March 19, 8 P. M. The schooner John Howell, Captain Warren, arrived at New Orleans on the 11th, from the Brazos, with advices to the evening of the 28th ultimo. ('nilliH tr.KI* , mt V.w i ) leans, from rumors brought by passengers, that Gen. Taylor had fallen back on Monterey, being closely pursued by Santa Anna, at the head of twenty-five thousand men. This nimor of a retreat is no doubt false, and so regarded by some who brought it from the Brnzos. Captain Hughes, of the Illinois Volunteers, who came passenger, left General Taylor's camp, at Agua Nueva, 13th ult. All was then quiet General Taylor's force did not exoeed five thousand men. Gen. Taylor then intended to remain in the position he occupied till 1st of April, when he wonld move forward. Mr. Kendall writes to the Picayune that an express arrived at Matamoros on the 26th, from Colonel Curtis, at Camargo. That officer states that an express left Seralvo on the evening of the 23d, from Colonel Morgan, with an injunction to stop all provision trains and transportation between Camargo and Monterey. Morgan's regiment was to leave Seralvo at dayight on the morning of the 24th. Destination unknown. The enemy were reported at advancing in great force, but from what point was not stated. Col. Morgan received kit ordert direct from GenTaylor. It was rumored that General Mejia had thrown a large force into Linares, and it was thought be intended to attaok Matamoras, and, perhaps, the depots at the Brazos and Point Isabel. This, however, was only surmise, as the defenceless position of these posts would favor such a move on the part of the enemy, but it was doubted whether he would have the courage to attempt it All reports, however, go to confirm the fact that Santa Anna has a large body of men in General Taylor's neighborhood, hut whether with an in tention of attacking bun, or of passing round and falling on the American posts on the Rio Grande, no one knows. Some think that Santa Anna intends making a feint with considerable force in the neighbor* hood of Gen. Taylor, for the purpose of diverting his attention, and when that is effected, pass him with a large body of light troops and make an attack on Camargo, Matamoras, and some of the depots in the vicinity of the Brazos. Others think that Santa Anna is sending off a large force to VeraCruz. Dates from Havana to the 6th instant, have come to hand, but no news of consequence. Senor Atocha came up in the mail boat this afternoon. The mails are all through from New Orleans, late as due. Albany, March 19, 1847. TUe Oayuga and Susquehannah Railroad Company, formerly the Ithaca and Owego Company, have declared a dividend ol 10 per cent, on their capital stock for the last year. This was one of the defaulting railroad companies to whom the State had loaned its credit. The road was ultimately sold by the Comptroller for about 9M00. AFFAIRS IN ALB ANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. TELBOBAPH1C. Senate. Albany, March 19,1M7. A bill was reported to Incorporate the Univsraity of Buffalo. The hill making appropriations for the Clinton county prison, was passed in committee, and ordered te a third resiling. It was subsequently passed. No further business of interest occurred up to the hour of adjournment. Assembly. Albant, March 19, 1847. Ths bill for laying out a now stroot in the Uth wend of New Yotk city, to be celled Dry Deck street, sad the Senate bill relative to tho Hudson River Railroed, as reported by the Railroad Committee, were referred back to bo reported complete. The bill to extend the time to Oil up the oapital of the Firemen's Insurance Co of the city of Now York, was ordered to s third reeding. The general appropriation bill was pasted. The Senate bill, appointing Commissioners of the Code en Practice, was reported with one amendment, thai of striking out the name of Arphaxad Loom it from the commission. The committee did not recommend any new name in his stead, leaving the House to supply the blank bill was referred to the committee of the whole house. Adjourned BY THK 81 A I It 8. liEUISliATlVB PHOCKKDINON. Albany, March 18, 1C47. Senate Mr Saidoan presented the petition or merchants and ma'tera of vessels in favor of the Houae bill concerning nilota by way of the channel called Hurl Oate, near New York. The petition waa referred to a eeloct committee of Senators from the First Senate Diatrict, who hare the hill mentioned above in their charge. anTi-aaxTiaM. Mr. JoHiaov presented thv petition of Anthony R. Livingston, prayieg that tho " Act to equalise taxation" bn re|?enle l or amended and for the paaaaga of a law to facilitate the collection of debta. The petition waa referred to the Committee on Kinance. Mr J f> Smith, from the Committee on Agriculture, reported a bill for the beneit of the American Inatitnte in New York. The bill propoaea to tranafer the tuoda left hv the late Agricultural Society of the county ci New York to the tieaaury of the American Inatitute. It waa referred to the Committee of the Who'.e. rowaaa or mcoaroaiTion Then the Senate reaumed the conaideration of the gen eral bill, raported by Mr. Burnbam from the Committee on Roade and Bridgea, to provide for the incorporation of plank road companiea. I alluded to thla bill j eatei. day ; it proposes to aaaert and extend Interminably the principle of the appropriation of the property ot individuals for tha tiiea of incorporatad companiea or aasociationa of men I need not refer to the debate, or elebo rate unoo the propriety of inveating corpoiationa In general with theae special and extraordinary and important powers. Tha Senata laid aaida this bill without taking a vote upon it, end pioceeded to the third reeding of billi rat trail. coMMiaeioeicai. This bill came up io its order (er a third leading Mr. Jonnaoe moved to reeooeider the vote bywbirh thin hill wee ordered to a third reading, and demanded the yeea and noea , there were ayea I J, noea 13 So the Senate refused to reconsider the rote Mr. Otitis ohjactod to the limitation of tha ofBee of the commissioners to two yvaie. and waa proceeding !? give his views on thla poiDt, when Tha raasmtHT suggested to the Senator that he was t ot in order, unless with the unanimous consent of the Senate. Mr JoNeeon objected Mr. Class said be would vote agaimt tha bill The < .lark read the bill a third lima ..Tb? bill waa than pairr d by the follow ! ? rota i? ~Ayii- Maa?ra Bar?u?, Barlow, Burnhau, Crook, Dei, nlalon, K.mmona, Kolaorn, Umllry Noll, Hand, Hud Hartla, Johnaon, Jonaa, Monia, Sanford, H?darwick, J B Smith, Hptnrrr, Tak-ntt, Towr.arnd, Van Sckoinhov# n Whaalar-33 Noct-Maura Clark, Rugglaa. M Smith, WiUiaaa? 4. ml nton mv? a aaiLaoau I h- Mil to omind th? ot tuia crap by ?a? than rood a third liar arid |??a <d - ayaa '.'n, no#* 1. !?tbora aaoatar who o?et haibored an original i.aa 0* '* N

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