Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1847 Page 2
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NEW YO HERALD. New York, Sunday, March 41, IMT. TERRIBLE BATTLE8 BfeTWEKN ORNERALS TAYLOR AND SANTA ANNA. Ac., Ac. the most important and bloody character. Our readers are referred to Postscript, in another column, for the particulars of two tremendous battles. 133 RAL D. FULL DETAILS OF TMK NEWS FROM EUROPE, ibc. dec. die. We made arrangements to nave our Ales by the Hibernia brought to this city by a special messenger. It he reaches this office this morning, in time, we rhall issue an Extra Hkrald, with the details of the commercial and political news. MAGNETIC TELEGRAPH. AA1ITA& OF THE STEAMSHIP HIBERNIA AT BOSTON. TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. HIGHLY IMPORTANT 00BKER0IAL INTELLIGENCE. INACTIVITY IN THE COTTON MARKET. FKXOII VBRY WBAZ. Loan to the English Government from Rothschild and Baring. Tightness in the London Money Narket. Advance in the Corn Markets. die. Ac. die. The intelligence that the steamship Hibernla had been telegriphed at Boston, came over the lightning line at four o'clock yesterday afternoon. 8he was then some distance from that city. About half-past six o'clock she reached her piei at East Boston. Our special reporter immediately commenced to telegraph her news to the iVeu York Htrald Office. The intelligence will he fhnnrl nf cnn.iHernhl. interest. It is to the 4th inst., twenty-eight dayi later than any before rec-?.ved ; and this length ol time, whether it tell" us of a rise or fallln corn, ootton, or countries, gives it an aspect of no mean importance. It is annexed The London money market of the 8d inst. was as follows:?We have had an unsteady market since our last publication; but tending generally towards a decline in the price of consols. The depreciation in exchequer bills has also been considerable. This has been partly owing to the continued demand upon the Treasury for the relief of Ireland, and the statement in the budget or Chan oellor of the Exchequer's speech, which was read with great attention, and though alone is never t popular measure. It appears to be generally conceded that undei all the circumstances, the course the governmen has resolved upon, namely, to take a loan o ?8,000,000, is the very best that oould have beer adopted. The biddings for the loan took place on the lsi March, at the Treasury, when, as Messrs. Koths child and Messrs. Baring Brothers were the onl) bidders on time, that were satisfactory to the government, the loan was divided between them as offered, viz: ?89 10s. for each hundred pound 8 per cent consol. The scrip ot the new loan has borne 1J to 1} premium. Exchequer bills 8 shillings to 5 shillings premium; India bonds, 9 shillings premium; South Sea stock 1004. The foreign stock market has not lor a considerable time past been so dull as during the last week, transactions having been made on an extremely limited soale. Since, the fall in consols was about 4 to 4 per cent, end the latest quotations are 904 to 904 f?r pre^nt transfer, and 904 904 for the next account. Consol Scrip, the new loan, 14 tc 14 premium, 34 per cent, 924 to 934, a"d the 8 pei cents 90| 914 Quotations of all these securities have, at th< same time, however, been unaffected ; but there has been no transaction of sufficient weight t( fix prices very decidedly. The following ate the latest quotations ? Spanish new 8 per cents, 84|; Spanish new 6 pe cents, 28|; Mexican, 22 ; Portuguese 4 percent? 84; Dutch per cents, 58 j to 58j ' Dutch 4 pe oents, 92|. Cotton.?There has been some revival in th< demand from the trade, with a considerable in quiry from exporters and on speculation, an< the prices generally have been slightly in lavo of holders; the market, however, closes quiet ly, and no change can be made in the quo tations of last week. At a public sale 10 bags of Low Sea Island were offered, but onl) 20 were sold at 7| pence to 10| pence. Taker by speculators, 6600 American, dec. ; foi export, 1,200 American, 60 Egyptian, and 154 Surat. The sales for the last week are 20,140. Report for Feb. 27th, March 3d.?The pro oeedings during this period have been rathe more active than for some time past. The lota sales are about 19,600 bale*, a portion o which was taken by speculators and exporteis here is not the least change in prices since the 26th ult., so that the quotations then current stani unaltered Cotton, lair bowed Georgia. Of a flj| Mobile, 61 to 7; New Orleans, 7^. The corn trade has been in a very Huctuatin) condition during the month of February; a the time of t ;e sailing of (lie Cambria, the prici ol wheat continued to give way, occasional)] rapidly, until Irom the commencement of thi reaction?the reduction amounted altogether t( about eight shillings to ten shillings per quarter and flour seven shillings or eight shillings per|bar rel It might he that this decline, under th< actual position of supply and demand, was to< rapid, or commenced too early,or that the natun of the discussions in Parliament renewed ib confidence of holders and warned the tears c buyers. Towards the middle of the last month renewed confidence was observable, and buyei again came forward from Ireland to purcbat heavily. In consequence, since the upward move agai commenced, there has been an advance on whei of 4d to fld per 70 pounds, and in flour of aboi J, ?d per barrel Oats and oatmeal remai ^ BSRnRHaHsanHBnnnHB steady, but don't toll freely. Indian oorn hat, o Ute, given way one shilling to two shilling* p?i 480 lbs., and beans two shillings to throe shillingt . i per quarter. At our last market the prices paying were, for general runs of American wheat, 11 shillings to 12 shillings per 70 pounds; for American Hour, sweet, 89 to 42, and sour 86s 6d tones oJ per vu? Indian corn, white, ti&i- to 70s., and yellow 72a. to 78s. per 480 lbs. Egyptian h?""- 45s- to 601 per quarter. Irish oats, 6s. 4d. to 6s. 8d. per 46 lbs. As to stocks, we make no comment; no duties now payable, so that they are not so well ascertained : but so lar as regards demand, the last market closed steady, although with ess urgency than might have been expected. Various rumors and opinions are atioat, as to the probable supply of breadstuffs which we can procure, during the present season of famine and distress. From the most recent intelligence received from America, we believe that there is good cause to expect that, with the opening of the canals and rivers in that country, in the course of the spring, we shall have numerous shipments of all sorts of provisions, and that, consequently, large supplies ! of all sorts will reach these kingdoms. During the last eight or ten days the receipts o1 corn, Sec., have been light, and this, added to the continuance of considerable exports to Ireland, has caused the market within the last two days to have a very Arm aspect, and prices, which vave wav .in the earlv Dart ol last week, have since regained, as regards wheat and dour, all . then lost. Indian corn still continues in great requisition, and commands the high prices ol 69s. to 72s. per quarter. White, and other kinds of corn, are oheaper. It is much to be deplored that the poor man's lood rules relatively much higher than that of the more wealthy. The stock of American flour in this pdrt at the end of February was computed at something under 400,000 bbls., and 69,000 quarters of wheat. An express, in anticipation of the overland mail, arrived in London on the 24th ult. The treaty with the Sikhs, given in our last, was duly ratified between Dhullup Singh and the Governor General on Christmas day, and the two august personages just named were to meet at Lahore on New Year's day. Four Sihks corps are being raised. From the other troops a frontier brigade, at Peschawour, under command of Capt. Lawrence, of the 11th cavalry. | Orders have been received for the reduction of the Scinde field lorce, about 7000 men, these to ; consist of two European and Ave native infantry regiments, one of cavalry and five batteries ol artillery. Since Napier has been raised to the rank of Lieutenant General and attached to th< staff of India, no commander-in-chief having been appointed for Bombay, SirL. McMahon , who has taken his passage out by the steame: which leaves a fortnight hence, has been prevail ed on to remain for the present in command. The Nawawa Amor Mahomet Sahan, the insti gator of the late disturbance in the province o Uli/itol t/Mvnlhar uritVi jnria un rrU iru/1 lirilK V? l W iJilVJlUI , TV I IU VVTV ouua &><hUKbU ll" Mill r | in insurrectionary movements, has been ordere< / to be imprisoned in the stronghold lortress of As > \ sorghier. The affairs of the Mizains dominions are agaii ) relapsing into their iormer deplorable condition i and will continue to do so unless our resident f 1 are authorised to interfere more than heretofore , ' Fresh disturbances have broken out amongst thi i Khondo of Goomsoer, consequent on the mea sures pursued by our agent for the suppression e barbarous sacrifices of human beings, periodi oally performed by them. The town of Madras has lately been visited b; oholera, which, at the latest dates had declined The country, with this exception is health; i throughout, and the weather cool and agreeable. The commander-in-chief of I ndia was presen 1 at the ceremony of the ratification of the Nev - Lahore treaty, at Bhairoowall, on the 25th o , December. It has not appeared whether his lord I ship accompanies the Governor general to La 1 hore or returns to the Provinces Passengers by the Hlbcrnia. r . From Livebfool to Boito*.?Captain Leary, Csf t tain Pollack, [Mr. GrouiMt, Vtn Verst, D. W. Deis* doffe, Bsattis, James Haywood, H. Pargood, Harrisor > Miss Grakam, Mr Stuart, lady, nurse and three childrer 1 Wallace P. L. Thompson, A. N. H. Miller, Andrei ' MeFarlane, H. Dalkin, Joseph Park, Alex. McCorgrova M. Laggen, Capt. Wood, Dean, Parker, Somerville, J. I t Simms, Mr. Beacon and servant. G. Laurges, B Coatei Harmon, Master Simms, Lieut. Gore, C. D. March, J. II Bunklee, Wells, Jno. Robinson. Jno Lockhart, J r McEwen, E. J. Smith, McSeht Berlin, J Fullor, J. N Pover, L. Marsh, Lischke, R. C Deanbean, Latere, Wood De Resselt, W. D Graves, iMcIotyre. McLary, Henrj i Brend, Litcbey, Tour, Rooch, H N. Jones, Stewart i James Cruikshank. E. Wyman, J R Powell, Davidson Filierton, Mc Daniel, J. Bigger, J. Phillips. For Halifax?Mr. Vsnset, Capt. Rickford, Capt Graham, J. Marsh, J. R. Cuoningham, Mr. Speere, Capt. Brown, Capt. Salter*. 17 from Halifax to Boston. s - Jntkluoinck from Mexico ?We have receiv. ed by the Norma, from Havana, the Faro Indu$ ( trial to the 7th inst., inclusive. There had been an arrival at Havana from Vert i Cruz, but the intelligence i> only to the 12th ult. although the Orbe, the name ol the vessel at Ho i vana, left there on the 24th. On this account on ; information as to what is going on is rather scar ty, and not so late as that received at New Oi leans by the cutter Forward. We And that some disturbances had taken plac at Puebla, consequent on the publicntion of th decree respecting the taking possession ol inor gaged property. Quiet, however, was soon rei cored, three lives only being lost. I General Santa Anna had addressed a commi: ' nication to the government declaring the charg of cowardice and bad behaviour at Palo Alto an Monterey, brought against J. M. Bena, Captai of a squadron, and his aid, Mariano Huerta, t be unfounded. Another communication fror Santa Anna to the government, states that th excesses committed by General Mora, were don without his (Santa Anna's) kniwledge. According to the Faro it seems that m Ver Cruz the inhabitants were momentarily expec ing an attack on the Cas le of S. Juan de Ulfia. The Vera Cruz Indicador, of the 11th nit., ht | the following : ? Usr.l, Jan 8, 1847. " We are Informed that Colonel Oon/aler left he: . some ten days sinoe, on his route to the department ' Hants Cruz, in order to Join the troops at Luczon, at march on in advance of the party of Americana, who, their route to California, made hostile demonstration < HantaCruz. We are afralJ that even were he to man r douhlo marches they will not succeed in reaching the R I Colorado before the enemy have joined their other parti ?but still the government will fully appreciate tl I attempt made, as it Is under circumstances of so mu< distress and privation. ' JsLsrs, February A. 1847. It was reported here yesterday, that theie had been e listed in Mexico end Puebla some four thousand me who would remain in Jalap*, under the command I Oeu. Vega in order to he in readinei* to defend wh " er point the enemy might attack. Their plan, acci ding to the new arrangement*, i* to attack Vera Ci i with t?u thoutand men, and Han Juan with aixteen ahi t i mounting three hundred gun*. Thin plan oi oporatioi however, wai laid in Washington, before tner we e aware of Santa Anna'* march, en the 5fltb and 37tn Jan j ary, with thirty thouiand men, from Han Lui* to Haltill Taylor having been obliged to countermarch towar 9 .Monterey, with twelve hundred men, will probably ha 3 altered their plana. ; , The Mexicans have, probably, by this time, a cettained their mistake on this point. Accordii s to previous arrangements, the attack on Ve t Cruz was to have been made yesterday, e _______ e Important feom St. Dominqo?Rkportrd Ijbai if I or Prisipknt Kichb.?Captain Ryder, of tl t, schooner Union, who arrived last night from Ja rs mel, states that Piesident Rich? died at Port i le Prince on the morning of the 27th of Februar J it was the opinion oi many that ho was poisone n which, however, was not generally credite at while others attribute it to fatigues during a joti at nay to the capes. Provisions exceedingly scare in and commanding high prices 0 ft Lapwok or rn Hat*! Paokst Sjup Nbw ?ni, r I ?Tat huh ftMnhts have given en impetus to ship , i | building in the city of New York which is almost t incredible; it is but three or four months since * the Admiral was launched, and still later the Sir t< Robert Peel, and here we have another from the ? yard of the same builder, and we would not be p surprised if she proved the lastest sailer, for a ? packet ship, that our friend Webb has turned out, a not exeepting the Yorkshire even. The New jj York is about the same dimensions as the York- i si shire, but we think the is a little sharper. Our ! ? friend Bailey will have to keep a bright look out ' y 1 - - - - - - l I A that she does not win tne nonora no una so ioug enjoyed. She ia to be launched on Tuesday about , . two o'clock P. M.,Jfrom the foot of Sixth street, t H East River, and will take her place in the line on ! u the 24th April, under the command of Captain D. 0 Lines, late of the Iowa. Her cabin will accom- ' * modate about thirty-five passengers, with plenty * of sea room, her state roems being very large, and | JJ, will be finished and fiirnished in a superior style, | o unsurpassed by any ship afloat. The cabin joiner work by Robert Layton; the exterior carved e: work by Mr. JohnL Cromwell; the architect and builder, Win. H. Webb; and the owners h Messrs. Fox k Livingston?what more need be ? said 1 We may add, the New York is the largest vessel in the Havre line. 4 * News From Central America.?We have received by the Marian Gage, Capt. .Reed, from Belize, Hon., the Btlixt Observer of the 20th ult The condition of atfairs in Central America k was rather unsettled, but still no military or pop- jj ular outbreaks had occurred. B [From the Belies (Hoa.) Observer, Feb. 30.] 11 With these facts before them, I the state of the Amer- F loan and English markets,] the mahogany cutter's of " this settlement must see the necessity ef curtailing as ? much as possible the present season's manufacture, J' otherwise the depression must inevitably continue, to ' their great injury. 8o far as we have been able to col- }' loot information on the subject, the cuttings of this sea- 'j son will not be more than one-half of last year's?say |] to S millions of feet. This will undoubtedly afford an opportunity of working off the old surplus stock now ' on hand, and aid materially in enbanoing the value of the * new wood, besides bringing back the market to a healthy and active condition. J The number ot gangs employed this year is far less j1 than during the past; and though we are of opinion that 1 the present rate of wages ($13 to $10 per month) la high, 1 still a great reduction has taken place. > The following we believe te be sn accurate list of the 1 number of gangs employed at present in the different 1 riversj Rivers. N?. of Oangs. * i nig nonao ana uiuukhh. . . , Raw Rirtr " 16 Northern River " 3 Belize River " 10 1 Sibun River 3 s Deep River 3 ' Golden Stream 3 J Middle River 1 Rio Grande 3 ' Temash 1 Ha rs toon 3 Southern river* out of limit* 13 - 1 Total number of gang* 74 i OO- We continue the Correspondence between > j the State' Department and Gen. Taylor, to-day, i , and give as much of it, as the crowded state of t our columns will admit. r Theatrical*. Psax Thkatbe.?We were pleased to see a very large attendance at the Park theatre, last evening. The large - number of person* present gave assurance that there f was a very handsome amount in the treasury of that I establishment for the benefit of the Viennoite dancers.? j We understand that they will leave here immediately for Philadelphia, where, we have no doubt, a warm recep" tion awaits them. To-morrow evening Mr. Forrest, the great tragedian, will appear in his celebrated character of "Richelieu." A hearty welcome will be extended to II this great actor,and orowdsd houses will, without doubt, i, greet him every night of his engagement. s Bowser Thsate*.?" Beauty and the Beast" was prei. duced her* last evening, before a crowded house, and s the entire oast performed with their usual ability. Hadaway, Vache, Stevens, Mrs. Booth and Mrs. Sergeant in if particular. The grand drama of " Jack Sbeppard " succeeded, in which Mrs. Booth performed the principal * character with much cleverness. She was ably supported by Steves* as Blueskin, Vache a* Owen Wood, Clarke as Thomas Darvell. and by a very powerful cast. The f entertainments of the evening passed off in a highly oreditable manner. j Bowser axmithsatai.?The performance her* last evening was numerously attended. The new Dulcimer Band?the feats of Monsieur Casimer, the great French ' Drummer, and the changes by Mr. Sergeant in his ' equestrian performance, were received with loud applause. The feats ei the company fully sustain the high - reputation of this popular place of evening amusement. Horsemanship by Master Nixon, Messrs. Sergeant, Madigan and Bacon ; also, vaulting, tumbling, rope performances, posturing, juggling, be., gave much satisfaction to a crowded house. Gbesrwich Thsatss ?Chapman's benefit came off last evening at the Greenwich theatre, and La Signers J' M antin, danced a grand Pas.Seul, amid the most enthur aiaatic applause. The dancing of M'll*. Oceana and f ! Monsieur Bonnie, was also much applauded. The most > j amusing pert of the performance was a trial dance by tile {excellent r.tuiopian penormera, mr. a. nomam, [. ! and Maatera J Gallagher and Jamea Teaae, which paased oft witli eclat. In " Railway Bubble*," Mr. Chapman a* O'Oorman Hudaon, and Mr. Tilten aa Bragg, were ex cellent. The performance paaaed off in a highly credit. f able manner. ' The New Orleana public are atill entertained by Mr. ' Collin* at the 8t Charle* Theatre. Mr. Placide, at the ; American, and at the Orleana, by Mdm*. Kleury, Joly I and Caaini, beaidea the Bedouin Arab* and other emu{ aing thing* to be seen at the Amphitheatre and Mena! gerie. fltnilaaU. Thk Italian OraaA.?The "Barber of Seville" waa i performed again laat evening at Palmo'a. Tha houae waa by no mean* full, but conaidering that it waa Satur. t ' day night, whan, of courae, the vary tlit* would not , come out, and that it waa an extra performance when tha aubacribera did not occupy their aeata, the attendance wax by no meana diacouraginga. Thoae who attended I both thi* and the former performance, pronounce the laat a decided improvement upon the farmer. ' Roaina" ia a hard role for Signora Pico, but ahe deaerve* all praiae r- for the manner in which ahe acquita herae J io the performance. Sanquirico and Beneventano both improved upon their rerpectire parta The " Barber" will be per? formed for the laat time on Monday night. " I'Lombardi" n and " Linda di Chamoureux" will both be given next r week jm Cmriitv'* minamela.?Thia immenaely popular company have been giving thair inimitable performance* to oveifl iwing houae* at the Society Library, the paat two u week*; and for the batter aojommodation of their large e audience*, they have removed to the Mechanic*' Hall, d 472 Broidwny, between Grand and Broome atreeta, a new and elegant hall, well adapted for vocal entertainn menta, where tbey will continue their pleating and O faahienablu loirtu every night next week. n The Alleohaniani give a grand concert at the Ta' e bernacle on Tueaday evening next. e City Intelligence. Tnr wnthti.-The Htmuanhern. veaterdav. waa dull and heavy, and we had frequent threatening! daring a the day, of both ruin end snow. No rain or snow, howt aver, fell daring the day. Fiac*.?A lira broke out ahoat two o'clock yeiterday morning, at the corner of Cedar street and Broadway, IS over the stores of Messrs Clapp and Kent, SO Cedar street. The upper part of the premises was occupied bv ledgers, whe were compelled to escape, and their losses will prove highly injurious to them. Many of them have r? I lost considerable. 0 ! Another fire broke out about five o'clock yesterday . | morning, in the millinery store occupied by Mrs. Oardln tier, 44 Kigbth avenue. The stock was almost entirely I'1 consumed, and was valued at $1,000. It was partly in1 ; mired. The fire originated accidentally, from a stove in | the room. lc UisHor Hcohis' Lustcsk?Bishcp Hughes' lacture h last evening at the Tabernacle, for the benefit of the Irish was listened toby a very large and respectable audience 1 We hod Intended to give a sketch of it, but inasmuch as in. j it will be repeated early in the week in Brooklyn, we n abstain from saying anything more of it. than that it was 0f 1 as beautiful a composition as we ever heard, at- 1'isiis's Oaseo Exhibition Bali., at Tammany Hall, )r t comes oft' on Monday evening, whan about fifty misses uz | and masters will appear in various fancy dances. It ps | will bo o neat affair l"' 8uoor.iv Dkath ?The Coroner was called yesterday to hold an inquest at 34 Esse* street, on the body ol I Richard Finning, assistant captain, of the 10th ward po' lice, who, while engaged in making a fire yesterday " morning, fell down in a fit, aud almost Instantly expirod ve Verdiot, death by apoplexy. iS' Crackers send Cheese. ... There is so much snow at the notth, that freshets are feared along the Mohawk and the source* of the Hud rn. ion. When the winter finally break* up, take oare of the lumber along the docks, u; -river friends. The Boston committee for the relief of Ireland have purchased 4000 hhlr. aorn meal; 1000 do bread, and 300 rH do beaoS; to b* shipped on hoard th* Jamestown ie The Jersey ship is now losding at Messrs Aaron Ward e. k Go's dock, Newark, and on Friday liad|nearly 000 barrels on board. Her capacity is 2000 barrels; 111 At New London the vote on the new city charter stood y. 11 AO for, and *14 against it. Majority in favor of its acn.t,l.n.. H.TH , A negro girl, 1'J yeara of age, belonging to Mr. Thorn bull, Pariah of Plaqneminea, La , recamlr took advantage ir- ol the moment when her miatreia wm alone in bod, from the efl'octa of her confinement, and ttruck her on the head ? with an axe, inflicting a daop yet not fatal wound. The little fury waa put in Jail to await bar trial. Mln lat<lit|tncr, Jmil $f a PiiKtnttl Gltrk.?O?o?r Craf lar if th* rirat ward, Mil?d to the ohjaf of polio*, urljr *m, ardor morntnf, togathar with a cob driver, who tatod their auapiciona or a young man whom the cabtan had )uat placed on board a ahip that waa about . -oil f~w Vf alomai Hnatn koooinm ?k. .4. _ ' ?? ?wi ^ I'VM UVWIWK liiv BlUi V (Qf hi?f directed the officer to go forthwith end arreet >e jo nag man on suspicion, wuicb was dona, and the riaonar Drought at onca bafora the ohiaf, and aftar a ivere examination haoama alarmed and acknowledged iaguilt, anting that hiaoama was Win. P. Robinson,and clerk in tha employ of Robert J Vandawater, forward- 1 ig merchant, No. 100 Broad atraat It further appears. ' om bis atatamants, that ha having a oheck in his poa 1 taaion belonging to hia employer, for $3,200, draw tba ' ioney from tha bank, exchanged tha major part of it ir doubloons at the effloe of Mr. Beebee, broker, No. 43 /all street, then rigged himself out with a handsome ouble-barrel fowling pica, a revolving pistol, and a setir dog, and various other articles. These articles, toether with a large trunk, were found on board the bark ivcla, lying at pier fio 10 East River, bound for [ataozas, West Indies, all of which were conveyed p to the oliice of the Chief of Police, where, a searching the trunk, the whole of the money as recovered, deducting the amount paid for the vaous articles purohased?amounting to near $330, all of >hich are at the chief's offioe. Mr. Vandewater, we nderstand, is absent from the city, and seizing this oportunity, this foolish young man allowed diahonesty to vercome his better judgment, blighting his reputation ir ever. He don't appear to be more that 18 years of ge. The Chief committed the accused for a further zamination. Highway Robbery?Assistant Captain of the Uth ward ad otiicer Ogden, arrested, last night, a man calling imself Bernard McOinnis, on a charge of knocking own a man by the name of James Little, with intent to >b him. Locked up for examination. On tht Sntak Jlguin ?Some sneaking thief enter*, d the welling house occupied by James Bates, situated in tbe 1 avenue near 37th street, and broke open a trunk in ue of the upper rooms, stealing therefrom $30 in money ad various articles of Jewelry, making good hia eacape. Caught at Last ?Officers Cummings end Rue arrested esterday a man by the name of Richard Sherwocd, a iweller by trade, on a warrant issued by Justice Driner, wherein he stands charged with buying various arelea of jewelry, such as watohes, gold cnains, diamond ins, fcc., valued in all near $300, tbe property of Alfred rown, residing at No. 33 Courtland street. It appears lat Mr. Brown was robbed on the 11th of July, 134a, two ears ago, of a small box containing the above Jewelry, rom No. 63 Courtland street, by two young men by the amea of Joahua B. Vinoent and James Hoyt, who told ie same to the accused for $33,| who ,it is alleged, knew ill well that the property was stolen. A warrant was isued for him at the time, but having absented himself rom tha city to avoid tho aye of the polioa until within le laat few day*, when he again made his appearance in lie city, he waa at once arretted on the charge. Justice )nnker held him to bail in the sum of $600 for his appear nee at court for trial. Charge of Robbing a Room Mate?Constable Buckley, f the 6th Ward, arrested on Friday night a young man iy the name of William H. Clark, on a charge of breakQg open the trunk of Robert O. Brown, residing at No. Ureen street, on the corner of Canal street, and stealDg therefrom $360, principally in half dollars. It aptears that the accused was a boarder at the above precises and roomed with the complainant, and was known o be very short of money, and upon his arrest the officer bund upon his person over $60 in bank bills, which is mpposed to be a portion of the stolen money exchanged, ruo Chief of Police committed him for examination Jin Affectionate Son.?One of the policemen of the 0th ward, airested on Friday night, a man of rather genteel ippearance, by the name ol H. H. Noeyes, who resides with his mother, at No. 834 Broadway, on a charge of icizing his mother by the throat, at the same time drawng a knife, threatening to take her life. He was taken \o the station house and locked up for the night. Law Intelligence. uaitfd States Distriot Codbt, in Admiralty, March 30?Before Judge Betta?Daemons -John W. Shook vs. The Simon Bolivar ?This was a motion on the part of the libellant for a rehearing on the ground of new and material evidence. It was ordered by the Court that the decree of the 3d of March in the present term, be vacated, and set aside, and that a new hearing be granted to the libellant, paving the costs to accrue at suoh hearing, and the oosts of the motion. Daniel Smith vs. John O. Williams, et al ?This was a libel filed in ptrsonem, for the breach of a contract ior affreightment. it is considered by the Court that the allegations in the libel,if supported by the proofs that the charter party

was entered into by the libellant upon representations of the respondents, Dot true in fact, and which misled and deceived the libellant to his great injury, would not au thorize and support an action in this Court therefor; and it appearing to the Ceurt upon the pleadings and Droofs in this case, that the contract of affreightment or charter party in the pleading* mentioned, wa* not executed or entered into by the reipondenta in tneir own behalf, nor did they enter into any guarantee to render it penenally obligatory on them, but wa* executed and entered into by them a* agent* of , thereto duly authorized by him, and wa* received and accepted by the libellant a* auch, with full knowledge of their authority in that behalf. It i* considered by the Court that no right of action ha* accrued to the libellant in this Court against the respondent* personally, by reason of the premises. It is therefore ordered by this Court that the libel be dismissed, with costs to be taxed. Common Pleas?Decisions in Banco, March 30.? Henry fVykoff ads. Jones.?Motion for new trial denied, and verdict confirmed with costs. Andrew Jmckton ait. Jamet C. Sawyer.?Verdict confirmed with oosts. William J. Baxter vs. Samuel C Bishop et ml.?Judgment for defendants on demurrer; plaintiff aaay amend on payment of costs. LoratiMt D. Browne and James Silloeh vs. Albert D. Bishop.?Report of referees confirmed with costs. Cibcoit Coubt?In Chambbbs, March 30.?Burton vt. Povry.?This case is adjourned for 30 days. Coubt or General Sessions?March 30?Before Re oorder Scott and Aldermen Hart and Walsh; John Mc Keon, Esq., District Attorney?7Vt'?f of Henry Hogan? At .the opening of the Court this morning, the trial of Henry Hagan on a charge of having burglariously entered the store of Mr. O. C. Scott, No. 146 Broadway, and stolen therefrom clothes, vestings, and ready made clothing, to the amount of about $300 was resumed. Several witnesses were called by the defence, to show the previous good character whioh the prisoner had always sustained. The Jury, after a very brief consul tation, rendered a verdict of guilty, and the Court sentenced the prisoner to two years imprisonment in the States prison. Sentence of Qtorge Beach ?In the case of Geo. Beach, who was convicted some days ago ef keeping a disorder ly house in Water street, the court sentenced him to pay a flue of >160, and give security m the sum 01 ji.uw to keep the peace for a vearte come. The Court then adjourned for the term. Movements of Travellers. These were the arrivals yesterdiy at the following hotels, independent of the Southern trains, which had not reached here at a late hour. Amskic&k?8 Forter Howell, Canandalgua: H. Porter, Tewanda; E. Nicell, 8. C.; D. Keith, N. V; W Alden, Hartford. Astob?W. C. Little, Albany; H. Baldwin, Syracuse; 8. Steele, Albany: A. Goodman, Hartford; F. Sexton, Boston; W. Danshin, Baltimore; 8. Bates, Boston: J. Whitmore, do; C. Take, New Bedford; C. Tyng, Havana A. Sloo, Conn ; H. Walker, Memphis; W. Coffin, Boston C. Babcock, Troy; J. Eastburn, Boston ; A. Sumner, do F. Waterman, do; J. Dennie, do; O. Nelson,do; W. Thorn ton, New Bedford; L HolUngsworth, Boston; E. Welch do; S Warren, do; J. Boyd do. Citv?Francis (Jassett, Boston; John Wood, Portland: J. Hurst, Providence; 1). Launiot, Philadelphia; J Creigh ton. Ohio; J. Fairbanks, Boston; O Clapp, Peekskili; N Williamson, Delaware; Amos Day, Boston; 8 DeCourcy, Poiladelphia; J. Cottnam, Maryland; J Levy, Virginia; J Isbull, Albany; E. Colt, New Jersey; J. Verder, Canandaigua. FrunxLiit?P Allen, Nassau; J. W. Mills, Boston; J, B. Cos, Alabama; N. Lameron, Boston; Oeorge Hays, Philadelphia; 8 Edgerton, Charleston; E. Edgerton, do; W. Odeil, Balston Spa; J. Williams, Washington; H Lowdon, Norfolk; 8. Hnges. Albany; W. Zahriskie, New Brunswick; G. Clinton, Buffalo Howasd?T. Brunt, L. 1; M. Squires, New Hsven; A Browu, Savannah; D. Cowee, Troy; J. McFale, E. Be comb, Capt Taylor. D. Harden, Boston; J. Eldree, Michigan; W. Smith, H Darby,Conn; D King, New York; W. B. Cummings, London; J. Baker, Providence; J Manning, M. Taylor, Boston; Capt Hawes, steamer Oo vernor; J. Hobbs, Portland; J.Howard, L. Waterhouse St. John's, N, B; Ed. Carter, Montreal; B. Carter, Newbridge, Del; R. Thaxter, Portland; B. Stedman, Leunds; M. H. Mott, Wiilmott; E Marsh, N. J. Jubios?H Kldridge, Va.; E. Porter, Ithaca; 8. Baldwin, Elmirs; J Pezencboa, Bpringleld; O. Cooks, Ala ; J. Goodrich, Chicago; E Harmon, New York; J. Livingston, Philadelphia. Kathbcn?W. A. Jones, Tredsville; H. Hslton, New ivt?i v. v oiuii, iniy; u. iiuiorooH, miu; n bint Vermont; W., g. Van Valkenburg, J.Cooke, J. O. Wilson, Poughkeepsle Ksll|loa) intelligence. Caikndar ro* March.?31st, Pmssiou Sunday ; 33d, St. Benedict Abbott; 33d, Feris ; 34th, Feria ; 36th, An nuaciation of the B. V. M.; 30th, Seven Dolours of ths B. V. M.; 37th, Feria. The Very Rev Dr. Ryder will lecture In 8t. Peter'i church, Barclay it, this evening, at half past 7 o'olock. Rev. T. L. Harris will supply the desk of the Broad way Universalist congregation, worshipping in the hal of Stuyvesant Institute, Broadway, opposite Bond street tbii afternoon. The Rev. J.T. H Le VIesurier, M. A , late archdeacot of Malta, has been presented, by the dean and chapter o St. Panl'a, who are the patrons, to the perpetual curacj of St Helen's, Bishopsgate. There are t ow thirty clergymen of tho church of Eng land descendants frem the Hebrew raoe, besides severs hundreds of lay members. The Belgian Journals state that a curate of one of thi poorest parishes in Bruges, after having exhausted at his resources, and the gifts that had been made him, ti assist the unfortunate, has sold all hie plate and all th furniture he could possibly spare, and distributed its pit ceed* among tn* suirerers The Rev. D. V. M Johnson, at present rector of Si John'* chnrch. Iilip. Long Island, ha* reoeived and ?( copied an appointment a* missionary in charge of th floating church of the Holy Comforter, moored at tb loot of Dey atreet, in thi* city, and will ahortly ente j upon his duties The New Hsvsn Rrgiittr aaya, that at a late meetin of Trinity pariah, in that city, it waa voted, unanimously to invite the Rev. Thomaa L Pitkin, of Rochester, to bt com* Junior rector of the parish, to aucceed the preaer rector at hi* demiae or resignation Th* Right Rev William H. de Lanoey, D D , Biaho of Weatern New York, will administer the rit* of coi Urination in the Church of th* Epiphany, Stanton strati on Sunday afternoon, March US. Service to commanc atS o'clock. On Sunday last, at 3X o'clock P.M., th* Right Re' Bishoti Hughes, accompanied by his Secretary, tn* Ilet J R. Bailey, and by two Rev Father Jesuits from 8 John's College, proceeded to 30th street, pursuant I notice, for the purpose of laying the corner stone of lb new edifice. The ceremony took place in acoordanc with th* direction* of the Pontifical th* Rev Clerg chanting th* appropriate parti oi the service. Th* Rigt Rev Bishop, st th* proper time, took occasion to make most ssrnest nod powsrfnl address fitting tb* circua Mmm iftki mm Xi mhM ikt m|N|itin if the glorleua aplritual tempi* of whiek th* material vu but a feint ahado w, tod that th* atreuifth ltd uiafulneaa of each particular church, a* of a airnrle at*D*, waa to ba found only ia it* cloao and faithful continuane* in th* plac* of th* vaat edifice in which it waa a*t. Th* congregation, which ia German, aanr a*r*ral timea in tn*ir own language, and the Very Her. Mr Rafleiner addrraaed them alao in German. Th* Committ** of th* American Tract Society, on Monday th* Itth, dealgnated for tract operation* on the continent of Europe and at tHe principal foreign million statlona, $10,000, lor the currant year ending April 1. The Salem (Vfaaa) Oittrvtr, says:?"We were informed by the venerable Or. Price, at the late ordination, that it waa the 133d tima he had attended the induction of ministera into the aacred oiflce Of the whole number of graduates ol Harvard Univeriity, now living, Dr. Price was at their graduation." A correspondent mentions an interesting revival of religion in progress in the Presbyterian church in Whitesborough, which is extending also in other churches in the village. The Whitestown Seminary has also enjoyed a similar blessing. A private letter mentions a revival in the Presbyterian church ia that place, In which it is believed that mora than fifty persons have been hopefully converted, of whom more than halt are heads of families. The new, pleasant, and elegant house of worship erected by the Lisbon Congregational Society, Sangerfield, Oneida co , N. V , was dedicated to the worship of Almighty Ood,on Tuesday, Feb. 18. Introductory prayer, reading of Scriptures, Jicc , by Rev. A. O. Oridley, of Waterville; sermon by Rev. E. 8. Barrows, of titles; and dedicatory prayer by Riv. Mr. Piatt, of Madison. Mr. Elijah H. Bonney, late of Union Theological Seminary, New York, was ordained and installed as pastor of the Congregational church in Pawlet, Vt., on Thursday, Feb. 36. On Tuesday last a Mr. Nickarsen of West Tiabury, Mass , set ire to some blackberry briers in his orchard, The ire soon became uncontiolable and spread rapidly, and finally before it was extinguished burned over a strip of woodland 7 miles long, and lid broad,destroy ing $3800 worth of wood. Avis Aux Families?Le 91 see meoanlque da Bazar Lafayette tera ouvert, satis aucune retribution lundi 2i courant jasqu'au veaaredi pour la veute publique. Les ia millet qui u'ontpaa encore pa voir lee ifleiveillei de ee Muses ferouc bien oe ee pioiser event la vente Ouvert de 11 heurea la matin a 10 heurea la aoir. Navigation of the Ohio Hives. Places. Time. 8tat? of filw Wheeling Mar 16. ??16 feet. Plttaburg.. Mar 18. .^8* f*et Cincinnati........... ..Mar 14. .. 1SK faat. Louisville..............Mar 11. ^.14 feat HONEY MARKET. Saturday, March MO?G F. M. mesiocn uiumei cbuuuuoi veiy 4?i?, suu i(u?mtiona without any material alteration. The Impreaaion among the bulla in the atreet, Is, that the arrival of the ateamer will have a very favorable effect upon tha etock market, and that the large amount of apeoie be will bring will make money more abundant. At the aecend board pricea fell off a fraction, with mall aalea. The arrival oi the ateamaliip Hibernia givea ua twenty-eight daya later newa from all parte of Europe. In a commercial point of view, the newa ia highly interesting, important, and exceedingly favorable. Tha London money morket waa very much depreaaed, Conaola having reached a lower point than haa been known for a longtime. The advance in breadstuA haa been very great Cotton waa rather quiet and prieea ateady. We annex the current quotations in this market foi foreign and domestio exchange, for uncurrent money! and for apeoie Foreign Exchange! London 103Kal04 Hamburgh 34V aS Paris 5f 45 ad 43K Bremen 77Ka77fc Amsterdam 38Ka38 Domestic Exchanges. Boston..... par. a K dis. Mobile K* 1 dia Philadelphia .par. a K ptr New Orleans.par a K prem Baltimore ....par a K de Nashville lKa 2 dis Richmond.... 1 a IK die St. L on is 1 a IK do Wilm'ton, NC.2 aW do Louisville.... 1 a IK do Charleston ... K a Jg do Cincinnati.. ..I a Ik do Savannah \ a 1 do Pituburf IK* ilk do Augusta % a 1 do Detroit lKa 2 do Columbus.... M a 1 do Buffalo 1 a IK do Apalachicola. .lKa 2 do Albany K?? Uncurrknt Monkv Bought at. Said at. Bought at. Bold at New England K dis. par. Mobile, sp pg.lK dis. X"de Alb.,Troy,8te, K do K do New Orleans. IK do x do N. Y. country. Jg do 2 5 do Ohio 2 do IK do New Jersey.. Jg do K do Indiaua 2 do IK do Philadelphia.. K do par. Keutucky... .2 do lK do Baltimore... x do K dis. Tennessee.. .3 do 2K do Virginia IK do * do Missouri 2 do lKfldo N. Carolina.. 2 do IK do Michigan.... 3 do 2 do S Carolina...IK do 1 do Canada 3K do 3 do Georgia K do K do Quotations ron SrRci e P*r ctnt. Valui Amer. gold, old. .106 a 106K Five francs 93 a 93} do do new.. 100 a 100K Doubloons 16 00 a 16 9 Half dollars par a 100K Do patriot. .14 6S a 15 1 Portuguese gold. .100 a 100K Sovereigns 4 83 a 4 f Spanish dollars...102 a 104 Do light.... 4 82 a 4 1 do Quarters.. ,99Ka 100 Heavy guineas 5 00 a ?B Mexican dollars.. 10lii?a 100)8 Napoleons.... J IS a ? do Quarters. ..99 a 100 Treasury Notes.. )8 al pre a Carole s dollars. .102 a 104 There ia a very limited demand for sterling exchange and the rates are steadily settling down. Quotations are however, at present, merely nominal. The railroad oommittee of the Legislature of Massi chusetts, have reported in favor of granting a loan to th Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad Company, to th amount of 800,000 dollars. The bill presented by th Committee proposes to accomplish the loan by authr rising other railroad corporations which have heretofor been aided by the loan of the scrip of the State, to pa over the 'principal sum of said scrip to the amount < 800,000 dollars, to the Vermont and Massachusetts Rai road Company?the amount so paid by any oorporatio to be endorsed on its bond to the Commonwealth. .Old Mtock Kxchangs. (MOOUSCs, *2, 103 100 shs Harlem KH 40] 2000 Peon's J's 70V 300 do 40 3000 do 71X 100 do b60 48] 10000 do b 4ms 71V 100 do bli 481 2000 State 7's, '48, 100)8 300 Nor k Wor 49) 1000 Mortu Bonds 53 280 do 50 1000 do bOO 55 50 do slO 50 30 shs|Uniou Bank lltK 100 do b?0 50! A 50 Farmers' Trust 28V HO do 50) 100 do 28V 50 do b?0 50) 25 Morris Canal H), ,30 do boo 30) i?5 do ?13 1,0 do 060 49) , 100 Reading RR sl2ms 58 100 do slO 48) , 88 50 do 5?X. 375 do 491 10 Am fetch Bank 90 50 do slO 40) 25 Illinois flank 13V 130 Long Island 26) ' 25 Canton Co 33)4 200 de b30 28i 50 do s60 33K 50 do 28) 25 Mohawk 63)8 50 do s30 20) i 50 do b30 64 Bocond Board, i $15000 Fenn'a 5's b4 mos 71V 25 shs Nor It Wor 49) 100 shs Harlem RR an w 47 V 50 do 49) , 25 do 47V 25 do 49) 100 do e60 47V 50 Merris Canal b30 13 , 100 do 47 w 50 do nw 14] 50 Farmers' Loan sS 28),' 100 Reading RR 58) 5 Del It Hudson Soup 143 100 do 51) 50 Sionington RR 43)8 100 de 58; Now Stock Exchange. 25 shs Canton Co alO 37),' 100 aha Nor It Wor b3 49) 59 Harlem RR caa!i 'I 51 do s3 49) 50 do auw 47)8 150 do Monday 49) 50 do Monday 40 100 do casn 49 50 Nor It Wor b3 50 50 do cash 49) ; 50 do Monday 49V 50 do s3 49] 900 do caah 49V 50 do Monday 49! 250 do b3 49), 25 do alO 49! CITY AJttAUK, KBPURT. New Yors, Saturday Aftebivooiv, March 20. The general inactivity noticed yesterday, contlnus i* - I... i.-j.. <rk. .ki.r , floor were made either with privilege* or for future d livery. Small *ale* of Oeueiee were made for ceih I $7. Southern we* inactive, and price* for immediat delivery nominal. Wheat exhibited no change in qui tationi, and no tale* of consequence were repotte Corn continued iteady at yesterday'* rates, though tl alas for Immediat* delivery were not *o large. Sou heavy tranaactiona were made for future delivery, ai at rather lower prioea than some previous similar tran action*. Provisions were quiet, and without change fi old pork- A lot of new mess sold at gift 35. Transa tion* in groceries were rather limited, and witho material change in prices. About half past 3 P. M ' just at the close of 'change, a message reached tl , oity by telegraph, stating that the Hibernia had a peared off1 Boston, and within one hour's sail of tl . wharf. This announcement, of coarse, suspended i 1 further operations for the day. The anxiety to learn tl ' purport of the news was very great. Large operatioi depended upon the result oi the news, and hence the e > citement in reference to its charscter. r Ashks?Small sales of Pots were made at $1 87^, ai ' at t? 33 for Pearls. Bkkiwsi?Sales wore reported of yellow at 37 ots. BaasosTurrs Flour?Small sales of Genesee we 1 mad* at $7 ; 3,000 Michigan, part deliverable in June, gs 30, and part in May at (5 73 ; 300 do. Genesee, so ? deliverable in all the year, at gv 19X cents per bt 1 rel was paid for the refusal of 1000 barrels of di o on receipt of steamer's news, at $7 3,000 barre * Michigan sold, half deliverable in May and half P June, at $3 7s H'hct?There were few sampli on the market and no change In quotations we l? 1 noted. Corn.?The sales in store, and to arri within a month or two reached from 31 a 30,000 bushe e of yellow and white, including lP.OOO yellow at 00 con e a part (3,000) to be delivered for shipment at the call r the purchaser; 3.800 Long Island white at Mc; 3,3 white do, deliverable in May, at 73o; 1 0"0 white, g store, at Pflc; and 9,000 do, for immediate dellvety, r, Mc. which being bought under peculiar eirnumatamr > wis considered a little above the market price 30 0 it bushels Western m>x?d was eotitracted for, dellrerjl in all the months of summer, at 70 cents Res wss qui P at 00 cants, and Rarity at 73 cents Onto?There was i change since last lepuit. Hraui ware nrm ami incrai t, Ing in value, owing to their use in Ireland In the way e aoup, lio. Eiroer raoM 1st to 10th Much. r. Torn, bueheli SOI .PT'J r Wheat, do t Rye, do 1 o Barley, do ? ] ? ia Oils, do 14,101 a Cottoi*.?The sales to-day reach 1500 bale* at ve y fall pricea, being baaed on I3V( for lair Upland* Api it tion of the purohatea ware on (peculation, but exports a alao took aavaral percale Freights to Liverpool Kd. I I- square balea, and eta. for Havre. j Favt re?There ?u ao oh?nge la prtoM. tad ao itln I worth reporting. * market wai extremely quirt, and no tale* 1 tranapirad worthy of notice Obair Basx? 10,000 (3 buthel) linen, aold to go out of I the markat, at 16c. H * Mr?The markat oontiauad Arm, and without salt* ' of dew rotted of conaequanoa. Inoieo- The markat waa aery firm, kut tha aalea aery HfSt Lead?Tha market remained quiet, at $4 25. | MoLAaaaa?Afreahcatgo of Cuba arrived. There wai ; no change in pricea. New Or leant waa firm at Ida; 90 hhda augar house aold by auction at 90 a 20Hc caah Natal firoaca ?There waa acarcaly anything doing in : any deecription, and no change in pricea. OiLa?Further aalea af city preened lineeed aold at 00c, , N. W. whale waa inactive at 83a 94c. We quota crude ; eperm $1 0# a 1 07, and bleached winter $1 17. The atock 1 of crude eperm at the eaat waa light, eetimated at only | about 9 .000 bbla. PaOTieiema?A aale of 1,000 bbla new meaa waa report{ ed at $16 2d; 160 bbla old meat aold at $14 19J?; old prime | wu held ut $13 13%, while $13 was oflered Qrrttc J Lard?26,000 lb? ol low quality sold at 3%o. Lard -400 I bbls sold at 9%c. Btaf Hamt were steady at 10 a 10%o Export, from 1st to ISth March. Beef 1,103 bbls. Fork 4,648 bbls. Lard 14.171 kegs. Rica ?The market was quiet. The sales of the week reached about 300 tierces, at $8 30 a $4 03% cts Skids ? Clover was inactive. The sale of 7000 lbs. made yesterday, brought 7%o. Timothy was inaotive, While flaxseed remained nominal Suuab.?We report sales of 300 hhds. Now Orleans at 7% cts. Tallow.?There was no change in the market, and we quote good rendered at 8% a 9 cts. Toatcso.?The stock being light, prices were steady, and sales of Kentucky were reported at 3% a 4% cts. Whalebone.?Since last report, sales of N. W. were made at 81% a 83 cts. South Sea was quiet at 83 ots. Freights.?To Liverpool, flour was engaged at7s.6d.; grain in balk at 36d., and at 33d. in sacks. To Ireland, a vessels were engaged yesterday and to-day, at 34d , in bags. Real Estate at Auction.?Lot on 38d st, near 7th avenue, 3Sx?3 $1,373 Lot adjoining, same siae 1,833 Lot on 34th street, near 7th avenue 970 Lot adjoining, same size 1,000 Building known as Eagle Horse Establishment, oorner of Delancy ana Chrystie sts, 73x100..., 19,000 Two story brick house and lot on 96th at, between 3d and 8d avenues, 83x97 ft 8% in 3,000 An interest in house and lot 40 Thomas st 30 '? II II ? MWWSW?aw?em?1 OM. On Friday afternoon, the 19th Inst, Mr. Char Lax,in the 71st year ef his age. The relatives and friends of the family, and those of his sons, Wm. J. and John T. Lee, and sons-in-law, Hugh Alicook and John L. Ludlum, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this (Sunday) afternoon from his late residence 464 4th street, at half-put 4 o'clock, without further invitation. Yesterday morning, after a short illness, Riohabo Finnino,aged 46 years, Assistant Captain of the 10th District Police. The friends and relatives of the family, the members of Getty's Lodge No. 11 I. O of O F., and the order generally, also the Police Department of the city are requested to attend his funeral, from his late residence No. 84 Essex street, on Sunday afternoon, March 31, at four o'clock. On the 30th, Walter, aged 3 years and 1 month, sen of Domonique and Susannah Caminade. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, frein 146 Walker street. On the 30th, Mart, daughter ef Jacob and the late i Jane Laurence, agod 10 months The relatives and friends ef the family are respectful, ly invited to attend the funetal on Sunday afternoon at 6 o'clock, from 383 West Nineteenth street r On the 2Slh, after a abort and severe Illness, John E. Cholwell, aged 42 years. ' His friends and those of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, without farther invitation, this (Sunday) afternoon, at half past 4 o'clock, from the | residence ol his sister, Mrs. A. M. Choi well, #27 Green > wich street. fourth ward. The democratic republican electors ot the Fourth Ward who are friendly to the benest and independent course of nomination candidates by the voice ef the psonle, are requested te attend a meeting at the Mulctpeare Hotel, coruer of Dnaae and William stieets, en Toesday Evening, March 23d, at S o'clock, for the purpose of bearing and responding to the report of their Nominating Committee. By order of the Committee, CHARLES M. NANRY, Chairmen. Thomas Herns, Secretary. m213t*rc eighth ward. AT a numerous Meeting of the Democracy of the Eighth Ward, held, pursumt to ac jourUmeut, on ths evening of the 19th inat, Mr. /lbert Garuaey win chosau Chaiiman, Messrs Dsviti A Fowler, John B. Stafford, Thomas Gard aar, and Charles C. Phillips, Vice Pi esidents; and MessrsAlbert Cornell, and Addieon W. Burt. Secretarial. On motion, the Chairman appointed James A. Cosse, Samuel P. Gholdston, tud Nathaniel Roe a committee to draft and report resolutions expressive of the senao of the meeting. Mr. Samuel P. Gholdston, from the committee onroselu tions, reported the following, which were unanimously >i adopted ? The,following ticket to be supported at the primary alee ? tion ou Monday, the 22d inat., was unanimously adopted : >7 for alneuman?AKCHIBAl d M acl ay, jr. " Koh MavoRaltt Content ion. william chamberlain, albert w. smith, i. cornelius stephens. Fon Alms House Convention. ? ANTHONY CRMPTON, 1 GEORGE PAULDING, 9, JOHN B. SPAFFORD. ul..n m..u._ . pnuui,,,, Henry T. Kitnud, Hubert P. Getty. > Hamual Martin, John M. Lodewick, Addison M Burt, Albert Garnaey, Dauiel 1). T. Marshall, John B. Hnabin, Albert C. Zabriikio, William McMurray, Win J. McDermott, AlfredBumrre, Robe it W. Bonaall, The mat Gardaar, Dsrid A. Fowler, Nicholae Van Heynigen, Albert W. Arrei.J Heurv Brnoer, Frencii Lamb, Joel B. Fo\, Fhilo T. Reggies. Hlmeon P, Manwsriag, Chriatian C.Ross, J tinea U. Me Mann. Whare.s, our prcient worthy AldermtnMKiehaid T Comp1 tin, Esq, who baa ao ably representee ibia Ward in the Common Couneil, for the past two years, declines* reiomiauion; n anewhereaa, Or. Archibald Maelay, jr., haa taith'ally and with distinguished ability aerred the people ofthia ward during the aame period m the Board of Aaaiatant Alderman j . therefore, ? Ketolved, That in the opiuion of thia meeting the jaominati n for Alderman by the Oemocraey of tbia Wira, at the ? ensuing election, is due to Dr. Maelay, and for that purpose S we pledge onraelrsa to give the above.ticket a unitedand a rigorona support. Kesolved, That the above ticket reeommenda itaelf to the aupport of every well-wisher of the Democratic Party lu the J Ward, at well from the hoown standing of the cttixens ?( a whom it is composed, aa from thairrqnally well known sagav city and zeal in the promotion of the best intereata of the a eanae. b Kesolved. That we regret aod condemn the aeene of vioa lence which was presented at the primary election en Mon * day last, and ihat wa commend the action of tue ward omit mittne in providing snch aid aa will insure safety and securi* s ty to the citiaena of the W? rd, at the pol is en M onday next. > N. B. The election will be held at Howe's, let bpriug sc., '? (next door to the democratic Head Qoarers) en Monday, a March 13, 1847. Polls will open at sunrise, and elose at sunset. ALBERT OAKNBKY, ChV ALIMT CoUWELL, ) g..,.,.,:.. * AdbisowM. Bout m20 2t?je 5 TO PKlNlERS. 1?OH. BALE?A Printing Eatabliahment, together with a ,/ JT newspaper located in one ol the British West India ? Colonics, where n competent person may in a tew yeara real3 izea handsome retn n for the ontlsy tl purchase. The ??3 tabliahmeut conmins 2 large Preases and one amsll Job Press. % together with fonts ol Pica, email Pica, Long Pr m?r and Minion?about 1800 lba, and over twenty fonts Job Type, is i.e...., ..... ii ? ?..i. .. r. r_... h Hack*. Imrosing Stones Cmii, a tare* Zinc Wetting ? and Washing Trough, in faot every thing noetaaary to ?, carry cn the bntiaaaa succesatully. Tha circula'ion and >4 Advertising patronage of the paper ia largo, and thoro iaa hi tolerable proportion of Job printing done, for farther par14 tienlara andterina, apply peraonally, or bjMeftei^ to^^ mil law 3wrc >8 Honth atreet. ao-atairs WE are requested to draw attention to a axle to be made by Domout St Hoaack, at the Merchan a'Exchange, on the 25th March, at >3 o'clock, of two parcola ol valuable Lota d in the S'lteenth Ward, una cempriimg II Lota 4 on tha eaat aide of 10th avenue, between I4tb and 25th streets. and 14 on ? tho aouth aide of 35th erect. Hale peremptory, uuder the diR reetion of a Maater. The other parcel, confining of 5 Lota, on the weat aide of It loth avenue, and ten on the north aide of 34th atreet Slopel? rempory. Mapa may be aeen at the Merchanta' Exchange, and at the offices of the auctionee-a, and of Jamea IS. Walla. 0- 9ih avenae, near 2 let atreet. Two-thirds of the purchase moj nay to remain on mortgage, if icquired, at 7 percent. m3l 3tis"r ' BONNARD'S RESTAURANT, > Corner of Pine and Nauau itreetl. id I "BON NAHD, favorably known aa keeping an excellent rl eatabliahment at No 3'Natsau street, will open on Moa** day next, hia new restaurant, which he has ht ed np in a very jr hmdaome manner. The i asement is arranged in a new aurt improved style us a kitchen. The Arit story is the lunoh c" room. The second story is a apaaiona dining room, and ihe dt third st< ry contains a number ot convenient dining and supper rooms for small parties. The whole ia arranged so as to 1-a afford every convenience and cnmlort fur those gentlemen lc who are obliged to take their meals down town The bill ot fare presents a great va ieiy;ot goad things and P- at reasonable prices. a>,d we are assured that the wines will ,e brol the very best quality. The reputation which Mr.'Bounard has obiained at his former establishment ia a guaranty ill that the present will be conducted an as to give satisfaction .? to the public. Mrdanie Douuard is favorably known for her superior tar to in the management of the culinary department, a* which she will superintend personally. We have no doubt x- that < he larder Will he turuished in a manner to au't the most delicate and reflned taste. mil lw*rh ld IMPORTANT TU GENTLEMEN. /GENTLEMEN. I WISH YOU TO KNOW that *1 U Murray, comer of Washington street i, the only place iu ihis city where y on eau depend upon having full at'eniimi r? paid to the repairing, t leaning, dyeing and altering all kinds 4' of Oeu'lemeu a t.lothing at short notice, on reasonable Id te-ms. tiive me a t lal, and you will Hud hat for 6 shillings ir only, you can hive you- coats made to look aqaal tonew. without ihe aid or that great destr-cur, steam Cleauing ], andjdyeieg superior to anything ever done in thia,eity Please ga?ll. Of Aft. <1 11 UOtO tO fli Ylllirov mfe-we ET?e.-Z * , ... < ? vrwimrii, prep*ro 10 for **i r> K in t^me, A CORTIBBOw, from London. ? m'l lm*rh J* OLOTH1N(*1 rpHE CHEAPEST gents and boyi fashionable Tailoring JL ond Ciotltiog Estibliehmert in l\ew Y< rk, is JAi>OB 1 VANDEHBILIS', 3d Maiden Lane, between William and 01 Nunn itrcet*. where n ay be found over Ava thensand raady IXI innda garments, which wii| ba i?ld wholesale or retail, nt the Id eery lowaat possible pricea. Alio, more 'linn Are hundred at piecei of fashionable goods, which will be mire to order in a a style of elegancelthst cannot be surpassed. Yon will do no well to c ill, n? yon c n aave from three to aeren doll era on a l anit. Do not forget the nnmber, 3d Maiden Lane. !'* m21 Im're _________ no H OUEKREOT Y PK, rLATKh?Jnat r-ceierd, a large IJ assortment of Daguerreotype nlaes. full., qta'ter aud amall sue; for aale by WM H. SMITH k CO , 01 in?0 iw*'h 4 Maiden lane. "aUahu to THE LALIltS.I. MAPAVE B. LEVYN. late from Barlin. bfga to ann.unoeto her frienda and lames in general, ihat ahe hv jaat opened a Millinery Ke'sblishment i?'hia e .74 Howry, with a very eitenaire aud magnificent assortment f all artielea in that line Her prerent atoek of goods haa been aelaetad by her?elf with the utm ar care?1? eiiry iir?ly new. and in point of elegance, riclmeaa, and yarietv, )T. cin int he surpassed MadameLtrrta, in fact, feela eonflir, de t that her e tab'iahment wrll he found wo thy of the patro age she solicits, aud requests an ea-ty rail. ?r MADA ?ia. B LEVYN 174 Bowery. N. B.?Wanted a lady to superintend the atlee. ?* lm*?C