Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1847 Page 2
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- " pi L. . .1111 . I . 1 II M t im? [.p*t be?n so dull as duncg th. last *Mk, the tr*n? | ) i-ii >n? h*rmn been upon an ext'amely limited scale ( The vh'mp of all them securities he* at the aame bme, j how " bern unaffected, but there baa been no trant j action* ot ?UfBcietit weight to da ptices very decide.Ily. i | The loil?.nn* art the latest nuotatious: - Spanish New : i Three per < outs :?K; Spanish New Five per Cents, j MV: Mealcan, -'-J Portuaucee Keur per Cents. 34 i Dunh Two hhI n Half per ( cut*, MX to MX; Dutch I I Four per UeLte, 93>? , I P*n? Bnuesa, Yerch t ? The msumptien of amicable I relet.on* tteiweeu M Uuixot end the Maquis of Nor- ' manly, Ins aiven e degree ol' confidence to our Boureo j 1 to-lay. Pric e, which opened at about the doling quo- ' tenons ot Saturday, soon showed a tendency to sdvanc, and continued eo to the close, when three's were de- j clare4 at79t 90c forcaeh, and 78f HAc for the end of the ] ' mouth; fives closed Arm at 1191 tor the former, and 118f 1 90o for the Utter The share market equally psrticipa- j J ted in tbe c fleet, end at the cloee all the lines left off at , mproved quotations. Msdsio Bolss. Feb 44.?Business continues heavy I i here. Three per cants 8IX money, SIX paper; Ave per I cents 19X ntouey, 30 paper: debt without interest #X j 1 money. O.ia ueoer; couoone 17 money. 17K paper. ! t _ n Livtaroei. Cotton Mabket, for thi win ending fsstCAkT 19.?The day's business of Tuesday in our ootton market wus the smallest we have had for years , paat. Hcarcely d 0 bags were aold. and of that limited quantity a part wan taken on speculation The reat of tna time of the paat week haa n t been passed in such complete inactivity as on that day. The same spirit of dullness, however, has pri'vatied and the usual and necessary consequences h iv? resulted from it, namely, a gradual decline in the prices of ell kinds It is true tiia actual decline i? not great, perhaps n t so great as might have been expected from our recently raieed position aud the speculative hands in which the great bulk of our stock now rests ; in no instance has it exceeded H'i par lb. and geoerallv not more than HI It ia pretty obvi ous, however, from the smirked aud largely reduced rata of consumption, anl the continued depression of trade in Manchester, that the relative positions ot stock and supply on one band, and the actual consumption on tha other, aro gradually undergoing some modification. Tne stock at this moment in the hands of spinners is beyond doubt unusually light, perhaps never was so small as compared with the rate of consumption In this place it ia ascertained to a point; nor la there any variation from the ptevioua eatimates of tha coming crop of the United States, all of which would have been sadly abort of European and American requirements, supposing the former rate of consumption to have bean fully kept up. But if, owing to scarcity and high priced food, the cotton ttads of this country is to continue contracted to the limit* it has beau duiing the last two months, tha quan tlty of the raw material, although reduoed aa it ia, may yet be found mote nearly sufficient than we bad previ ously supposed. It is this posMi ility which ia now bear* ing upon us. Any iavuraMe change In the wate of the Mancneater inurkat would instantly be fait here. It is j, not surprising, therefore, that we should look with much t interest to the turns which may take place ia that quar- c ter 1100 Amori-au bate been taken on sp< culalion, and f, 100 Amorirau, 740 Egyptian, and 200 Bursts for expirt j ? ouin iu iihj ;iw an lor ron<uu|iuoii suuioisi i r{ sales of the week are 14,5.20 bales. I , Ahothcr Rkpoht.?The depressed state of trade in '< the manufactuiiog districts has now given a decided check to consumption, and the trade continue to buy 8| very sparingly. Since the arrival of the steamer on j, Monday, speculators have suspended their operations; r| the business of the week consequently is very limited, in and a further decline of X per lt> has been submitted to in b. all descriptions. Speculators have taken 1350 American, u and exporters 100 Amerioan, 300 Surat and 700 Egyptian. 900 Sea Island will be sold by auction next Friday. Bala* | 5, of the week amount to 14,030 bales I Q( Foa thk wmi kndimci FtiiKi xn 3d.?There is very 111 little change iu the piicu of Cotton between this day and J" Friday of last week. The increasing demand on Mon- I J* day aud Tuesday, seconded by favorable reports from i d< Manchester of- the improved state of the markets there, | n] brought upon us an acuve and spirited business on Wed- ?' nes.Iat. Altogether the transactions of that day amount- 18 ed to 8000 bags, nearly one-half for export and on apeculation ; and the prices of " middling" to " fair" American jj were raised X per lb above the previous printed|quota- " tlonr. Since that day, th* demand has somewhat mode- *1 rated, and wa close the week with steadiness, but not h with niuch animation, the market upon the whole not " being quite so strong as during the middle of the weak. P 650o American have been taken on speculation, and 1300 v Amaricun. ISO Burst, aud 50 Ktrvptiau for export. Hales " to-day 40(Hi bales, including tiOO American for oxport 11 Sales of the week are 30,190 bales. ' Another Retort ?There has been some revival In the demand from the trade, with a considerable enquiry irons exporters and oa speculation, and the prices generally obtained have been slightly in favor ot holders; the market, however, closes quietly, and no cha ge can be made in the quotations of last week. At a public sale 100 bags of low Beu Island were otfered, but only 30 sold Ut 7>.'d to 10'id Taken by speculators 0500 American, and tor export 1300 American, 50 Kg; ptian and 160 Sural. The sales for the week are 30,140 bales. Koh F*b. 37 to March 3?The proceedings during this period have been rather more active than for some time past. The sales are about 10 500 bales, a portion of whioh was taken by speculators and exporters. There is not the least change in prices since the 36th ult, so that the quotations then current stand unaltared. The imports during the month have been to a fair extent. London Markets, March 3.?Metals?Scotch pig iron has been in good demand, and beiag scarce, higher prices have boon obtained, nut not much has been done, owing to the firmness of holders ; No 1, 77s 6d cash, and mixed numbers 74s 6<J to 75?. Iu Staffordshire and Welsh pigs a good business has been done at rather > easier prices, but at present our quotations remain the j same. Rsilway bars aro firm, but not so much has been I 1 done, owing to makers and holders being nnwillingsell- j ere at preset t rates, which are now ?9 10s to ?0 13s 6d. | Welsh nars are tteady. Copper centinuss in brisk request at the late advance in pricea, but little is to be had, j British Tin is Arm, but for lorbtgn. the maikst presents j a dull appearance, and sales can b* made on more fs- I vorable terms? Banca 101s, and Slabs 07s to 98-. I Several parcels have come in Tin Plates are rather | cheaper, and but little doing. Lead is Aim at our quota tioiis, and Utile on offer Spelter is firm at ?33 10s ou | the spot, and ?31 is (or aritvel Steel is steady at late ( rates Quicksilver steady at 4i?d per lb Naval Stores I ?Spiiiti are in much belter demand, and the distillers manifest firmness : latgn pureoases have been made at rather improved rates, 49s to 60s per cwt having been paid. Rough sella more Irceiy, and at better prices. Holders show much flimness in consequence of the high freight* from America, and aro obtaining lis to 13s per . bairel for new. Of Tar the supply is very small, and | trie quotations rule high, but at 10i to 20< per barrel the , dealers operate with reluctance. British Pitch is worth ! 6sfid to 8s per cwt Archangel 6s dd to 7s. and Stock- i holm 8s 0d to 9s ; there i? but a moderate supply. [ OiU?A moderate amount of business has been transacted : 1 in Linseed, and several parcels on the spot have lately j been purchased by conrutnera at 96s 6d, at which prices there are a number of buyers, but most of the sellers nre I denr anding 8d to Oil mire money. For forward months a large amount ot business has been done to tbe extent | of ISO tons, lor May, June, and July, deliverable a 37', j at which rate there are further buyers. Expoiters are | the chief operators, and supposed taken on (peculation lor [ the American maiket Provisions?Tbe demand for Irish : Butter has been rather good for the last week or two, and a | fair amouut of business haslattariy been transacted, espe- , cialiy in the low and fine sorts. Cariow, landed, brought 90s to 98s, Cloomel and Kilkenny 90s to Ms, Carrick 9 is to 94s, Dublin and Waterlord 80s to 88s, Cork 93s to 9ds, I Limerick 83s to 00s, and Bligo 80s to 83s par cwt. For arrival a fair quantity has been disposed of, and there u:e rot generally sellers at present rates. The tiade all over ! the country are scantily supplied. For Dutch the demand ha? been extensive. The market has been nearly ''eared tne Frieslaud at 110s to 114s, and other deicripii>ns of Dutch, 78s to 108s. The valne of Amorican if 10s to 18s English has been only in limited request ; there are free sellers of prima Dorset at 100s, and mid dliug 90s per cwt, and Irash at 10s to 18s per doz.pounds Bsoon has not much improved in value, although ths atrivals are small, and the stock la lasa than it waslaat j ear, but tbe demand haa been briaker, and a fair amount of business transacted, prime aorta meeting with tbe most attentioa Heavy, landed, brought OlstoMs for new,mid small 83? to 06< per cwt. Thero are low parcels far if1 ' vel. and a lair quantity is on oflar. The consumption con- | tinues on a small scale, which must be attributed to the 1 high lates that still prevail. There is a good daman ! for o ,ie ana ntavy uerce miuui>>i, uni imaii arses nave rieeri | jjiircn <Kt"i u ith catiti i) The value of bale, according to q-ality, i* 68* to #?)*, and tierce 50? to 00* The sup \ ply ia on tho increase In llama lew puiehaae* have baen mado; and Inahare olfered at 64* to70s per cwt. according to quality. For Lard the market ia in adult state ana prices are on tba decline, Waterlord bladdered 1 being obtainable at 74 to 78a, Beifaat 70a to 73*, firkin and keg 00* to 06a; and American 40a to 50*. In Iriab and foreign barrelled Pork an axtensive buiineai baa bean tranaacted, and price* are very firm Beef fully anpporta former rate*. Scotch Pork ia aelling at 44a to *4* For Ergliah Cheese there haa been a much better demand, but in price* little Improvement baa occurred.. American aolla freely at 86a to 00*. Foreign i* itill , wanted. F.dam 40* to W?, Ciouda 43* to 48*, and Kama Id* to 38*. Tea ?The trade having bought freely of the new Congou*,the demand ia now quiet, and if there *ort* were pitssed toriale, lower price* muat be taken. Other kin-t* uo change Some of the new Oreena have arrived but no isles at prerent Tobacco?The market ia very dnll; few aalea have been effected during the lait fortnight, and price* are not very buoyant. Livkbpool Mabekts, March ?? Aahea? We have had but limited auppliaa, and there are but small quantities in flrut band*. '1 ?e month'* na'.e* were about 1000 baireL> lit a lurtber advance of J*'per cwt. on Montreal Pot*, which are now selling, though slowly, a* high as 33*, and Peail* at 3He ttd; in the latter no change of moment Iron?The variation in tho price* of Briiiih ha* been ao tiifling forseveiul month* paid, that our report might have been merely a reference to uur former stale .?iut?; ' we i eve still to remaik on ihe *amo *:eadin<u.t of pi ice a id fair demand- and a* litis state exists whilst the ma;- | aet is almost ircairoin ipeculation, and a portion ot the maiiufactuiiiig tiude of thecountry iaiu a depremedcon- ! lition, under those ciicumstancea wa are justified in stating that the trader is in a aeund and healthy condition? ; nor do we aee any immediate praspeot of change Luring tho laat month considerable orders heve been roceiv- ! <'.d from the United States and Canada. The following | u'e the pie?en> quotation* delivered in Livetpool: ?Mer haul hsr ?? in,- Ust refi .ed ?11 10s; houp ?11 10*. tiui Sis. u. II. ,.L ... -. - -. ' . ' . . . ?. ? ? , v. cjcjii u i>it.* it o i t.or ion. i <- cnarooal tinned plate* a-j* per box. Naval Storaa?1'he tup pile* o! Turpentine, uwing to the high iate* of freight ?t the >bq pi g porta, continue iniigmflcaut; very little had therefore It en offered during the month and the aalai were routined to two or three email parcel* at flu to I 9i 3d per cwt to. fair to good quality. rate*, or t perhapv rather more would rea nly tie paid lor acme ( quantity, but the matk't i* liately aupphed J tilt now? | Common Rtmn ha* been sold at 4a 8d t? 4> CI per iwt, and la quite Cd doaier Tar it very vnama an I wanted, | u-iaola. have Utely trampirod in either American or Swediab Spirit* ot Turpentiu* it tteady, and price* i have recovered It to 3*, Atnuiican having realhfd 461 to 47*,; and Brlti*h 4C? to 60* per hundred Wright Ri?e?An extensive hueinaia lie* been transacted in < motion during the month, hut at a gradual decline from Ho* to 61* down to 46* 6 I to rOt lor good and One ; et ttua reduction, however, the mmket rioted mar* firmly. Kx11-naive purchaie* Wire alto made in Kaat India, on the apot, chiefly et 33* to 34* tor rather t>roken to good white, and 30a to an* 61 for ordinary , and, to arrive, at 61* to33* ,or fair avarega quality Htock of Amarican about A.'d.O ueicaa, with a fair tufply on the way, aod of Kaat ludia i- iw 1 iT^OO beg* against M.#00 last year. This article muit jontinue to Mil freely for ?ooi? tine to oome, eepeolslly I the price remains about where it is Salt?The price Ms been advanced since our lait report, which i* likely :o be perraanontiy maintained for the present, the demand generally being good We quote prices as follows: Best floe stoved for bags 14s to 10s ; handed squares 14s | to 10s ahute lumps 18s ; marine and butter Us; common Ishery 0s ; river freight Ss ; dock and town dues 0J per ton. Tallow?The demand for St. Peteraburgh has tm- | proved aince our leit report, and price* are rather above thoae then quoted, and 61* per cwt ia now the current rate. Taganrog aella at 60a per cwt. Aa regard* North American, there are aellera of the beat quality (Butcher*' Aaaociation) etaia, and buyer* at 60a 01, with a Arm nark at We quote South American at 46* to 60* per cwt, >ut no atock remain* with importer* The ?toe It of Rualianm about 4000 caaka, and of North American 3000 do., igainat 7600 of tbo former, and 660 of the latter a year ago. I obacco?Th* aalea thia month are 1411 hhda.rix 179 Virginia loaf. 873 atemmod, 197 Kentucky loaf, and 663 itemmod; of theeo 46 Virginia loaf, 118 atommod, and 30 fentucky leaf wore taken for Ireland; 10 Virginia loaf, 96 atemmed. and 60 Kentucky atemmed, for Scotland; 14 Virginia, and 164 Kontucky leaf, for asportation; and i Virginia, 69 atommod, 18 Kentucky leaf and 633 atomaed, by tho trad*. Tb* import* are 800 hhd? from New Irleana, and 6 Water lord The export* delivered are 376 bda lor Africa, 87 Malta, and 1 the Iale oi Man. The emand ha* been fair lor all deacrip'iona, and the atock of aaf, auitabla lor Africa much reduced. The home trad* ave aupplied thornier** on very moderate term*, even sore *o than hitherto, and purcheiod freely, tempted by be low rate* at which atrip* have been offered, in our uotationa w* make no alteration Othor Sot VL VS KL KS tort I sampled Itock, Feb 37. 18*7..3 733 4,974 *471 *,147 31 30*? i?*il igarni ieb 88, 1846..1,637 4,117 1,371 3,?37 16 3,MS?17,643 Vool?During* the month the attention of the trade ia* been chiefly engaged with the public talea which eok place here on the 10th inatant, and in London from he 18th to the 34tb inatant. The quantity of flne coloilal, waa email, and being th* reaiJue of the laatclip, rai, for th* moat part, interior. Still, from th* low atat* f th* atocka, they have produced aatiifactory price*, nd beyond what might have been expected had th* nantity offered been larger. Th* quotation* o an not, heraforo, be regarded aa an indication of any improvesent in trade, which, wo rogret to atat*, thor* ia no ymptom of. Manufacturer* are curtailing thalr operaten* aa much a* poaaibla, and it la to be fearod that thoy rill be compelled more geneially to have reooura* to unning the mill* ahort time. Other fin* woola were in eaa requeat, and were principally withdrawn. Tho [uaotiiy of United Statei sold has been about 200 bags, i?r the moit port of medium qualities, and, with very ew exceptions, moet indiff iremly washed and irregttarly packed ; in eome caee*, tbia hai existed to eoch an stent as almost to come under the head of false and isudulent puoking. rendering the wools liable to be retimed by tho puiobasaie. (Treat complaints are made >y parties who have used these wools, who hare found be loss to defy all calculation We fear that these oir umstances will tend to operate verr much against the utn re prospects of this article, until got up in condition i lore to be depended upon. Low wools nave been in ether limited request, and the existing stocks afford a ! ery poor assortment, but prices do not ofTer any feature < ir remark. Hsvaa, Tab. 98.?Cottons?From tha depressed appear- . oca of the market at the close of our preceding report, waa clearly obvious that unless soma symptoms of a ' ivival war# shortly manifested, a further depreciation , i prioas was to ba looked for. That anticipation haa tan realised, for owinjg to the dull character of tha n mounts from Liverpool, and tha unfavorable intalli >nce from tha manufacturing districts, tha transaction* iva been on a still mora limited scale than previously tticed, and American have receded lully f3 to f4 on forer quotations. The contiuued rise in bread stuffs, hioh have still an upward tendency, is calcu- E ted to destroy confidence, and evidently deters salers from operating beyond tha moat immediate !>ces*ities-, and although the new* from tha other side ; the channel has been leas unsatisfactory within the at three days, and the demand haa been without aetivir, and lha aspect of business is at present far from envening, looking at the course of our market during lis month, it will be seen that a considerable degree of pirit was displayed for the first fortnight, but that there as since been a gradual decline, and pi ices are now lower nan at the close of last month. We have been put in ossession of advices to 4th inst., from the United States, ia England, but as tbey were net of a different tenor from hose previously roceived, they were productive of no ew feature ; the same causes for depression, therefore, ontinua to predominate, and check extensive operations. Ishes?We have to record sales of 150 bbla American 'otash, 1st brands 1840, at f 41 per 60 kil, duty (( 8 26) >aid. Our maiket is bare of Pearlash, which we quote i* before at f48j but this is, however, merely nominal.? tin sunnlins have been received. Tha Utica and Albany rom New York, brought 330 barrel* Potash. Stock on i land 800 barrel* Pot*. Drug* and Dyes?We have only 0 record sales of 150 cask* quercitron bark at 1 10 00 per >0 killogramme duty paid, 3 tons New York beeswax at 1 bO per half kil duty paid. The arrivals were 184 bags tueroitron bark and 138 bags beeswax, from New fork, 375 bales Orchelle weed, aud 30 bags gum rom Bourbon, 43 bags beeswax from St. Domingo and Jrazil, and 103 cases rhubatb Irom Manilla, llice ? Notwithstanding the continued rise in breadstuff* trices of Carolina have undergone no alteration, our exreme quotations beiDg 137 to 41. The sales, however, isve been to a fair amount, at f87 to 40 per 50 kil, duty laid. The imports were 1,200 tierces from Charleston nd New York, 7,308 bags East India, and 1,737 casks ice flour from New York Stock on hand, 1.600 tierces, fallow?Very little demand has been manifested; but, wing to the advice* from London, price* hare become aore Arm, added to which our stock is nearly exhausted. Ve have to record talos of 60 caiks New York at Ifl7 to 8, and 63 casks New Orleans at t66 to 66 60 per 60 kil, luty paid. A lot of 960 firkins New Orleans lard realieid 164 per 60 kil We have receivod 389 casks tallow ind 3,350 bbls lard from the United States, and 41 casks allow from Montevideo W haleboue?The demand las been rather active since last report; but prices tave not varied from previous quotations. About Ave :ons North Western fishery were sold at f3 47jtf. and :wo tons Southern at f3 70 per X kil. for consump lion. Also. 34 tons North Western, deliverable from I month to month, during the year, were taken at fi 45 per ? duty paid. We have received 600 bundlea from New York. Stock 110 tons against 0) tone last year.? VVhoat and Flour?Foreign wheat hea been much sought liter, and prices have advanced on previoua quotatioua. fhe aalea conaiat of German and Daniah, deliverable at Lh opening olthe navigation, at IBS 60 to OS per aack of 200 kil. There ia a attil further upward tendency, offers having been made for New York, white, at 1B7 per hect. At the laat Montivilliera market the average lor home growth waa 192 per aack, making arlae of 14 on that of the preceding week American fljur continuea to be In briak demand, and pricea have undergone an advance of 11 90 per bbl. The latest pricea are f60 to 92 per t>bl for New Orleana, and 191 to f53 50 lor New York, in oond. American ProvUlon iUarktt. [From the Liverpool Timea, March 4 ] In consequence of the imports fiom Ireland being so rery small, the supplies from the United States are ooked for with anxiety. The value of beef has improved la 0J to 5a. par tierce, at which there la a ready aala ? ork, which haa an extenaiva demand, ia 5a to 6i per bbl bore our last quotation!. A further advanco of 2a for tains, and la far bacon, has been paid during the month, n cheeao a reduction of 9i> to 4a baa been established, nd the trade very dull. Aa the supply of lard la limited, his article is eagerly bought at extreme rates. Batter iaa Improved 9a to Sa par cwt since the 4th ultimo.? iacon, per cwt? Irish, uew. 61 a 63; United States, 40 a A. Beef?India and extra quality par S36 lh, B0 a 8?; U. I ptime mass, par tierce, Bo a 96; do per bbl, SB a 44; do uierior and old, par tierce, 60 a 63: Interior and >ld, per barrel, 90 a 92 6 ; Irish, per tierce, 45 a 60; Butter, par cwt?Cork, dry 3rda, new, 76 a 78; U. States, ptime, 78 a 90; Canadian, 64a74; greaaa, 40a42. Cheese, 1 pur cwt?Cheshire, 66s68, United Statea, line, A0a62; middling, 44a48; ordinary, 40d43. Lard, per cwt?Irish, in firkins, 68a60;kegs, 60a64; bladders, 68*71: United States, in bbbls, 64a60; kaga, 98*81. Pork, per bbl of 200 lbs?U. States, mess, 79a&0, prim# do, bbl, 20u lbs, 70*79 Hams, I per cwt? Belfast, dry, 70*74; U. Statea, do, duty paid, | 40a86. State of Trade In Us* Manufacturing Ills, trlcte. [From Wilmer's Timea, March 4 ] Bhadforp ? The staplers seem moro willing to sell than ihoy were,but the spinners buy with great caution, and only for their preient limited demands. We can repoit no alteration of moment in price. In yatna there is Certainly more business done both for the home and export trade, especially the latter ; and we have confident Lopes that ere long we shall he able to state that this branch of our market is in a satisfactory state. A trilling advance was in many tnatancea obtained in price. There was to us no difference in the amount of business dona IU ma piece menial, million noma manuiaciurer* complained that the ealei were not ?o food a* previously. Price* were Arm, but only atationary. Hanirix ?The piece trade ha* been very dull, and we learn that nme of the manufacturer* are beginning to run ahort time. It i* expected that the failure* in Hambnrfh will not much, if at all, effect thia neighborhood, but they will be felt chiefly at Bradford. There continue* n alight improvement in the for shipping yarn*, but without any advance m price. The demand for long wool ia languid, ami atapler* nie free aeller* ? Short wool remain* firm, the supply being limited; but the trade i* not brisk. HuDDKBsriKLD ? Thtre La; been conaiderahle improvement in our market, *nd trade much brisker than it baa been for some weeks past. The warehouses during the week have been but flut. Iloc hp ale.? We have had a dull maiket, and a veiy limited buslueaa he* been transacted The wool market be* also been quiet, nod the manufacturer* buy for in'mediate us* only. Price* contiuue Hi in Lbickstm?We have no alteration to report in the home trade. The account* from America are cunaldeted favorable, and a good fail trade i* expected. Woisted yarn* are flit, anil more *pinnci*are working short time; but little i* doing in wools, at price* in favor of the buyer. Nottihoham. ? A steady business in bobbin net lace ha* been maintained since our last, and seem* likely to be continued through tha spring, if no untoward public event* transpire Trice* are unchanged. The wsrplace trade continue* depressed. There are some ditilcultie* occurring in continental n* well a* Irith business; but we think th? prospect i* in favor of a pretty fair j amount 01 spring trait*. Firk at Saxonvillk?The Saxonville carpet factories, formed/ William H Knight's, but now lialonging to the ony of Boston, wer* entirely consumed tills morning The tiro broke out about half-past four, sndspreud a itb no groat rapidity that th* whole four or fir* buildings were burned to >he ground in two hours I hoy were all wooden buildings Th* carpet works h id horn recently lrased for a term of years to the New r ngland woraied cornpuny, who had just introduced to. ut a uundred additional wearers, and were carrying on the hutineas u|>ou an enlarged scale The Ion of b'li ding- an I 160 looms is entiroaed at $60,000 a $70,000; o' stock, $10 000 to $17,000. Th* city is insured 'or t4u,mi0, M7 ooo of which was at th* Manufsiturer's offlie an-l $10,000 at the Merchant's, which will about rover the lost. The stock was also insured for $10 tioo in this city; 760 persons sre thrown cut of employment by this Are. The Ore commenced in the room n? *r the fainico, about hell an hoar after the watchman h*d made the Are, tad while he was absent,? ffesfen Trav., March 10. NEW YORK HERALD.; Mew York, Monday, March M, IMT. j The Foreign Alalia. The Hibernia's mails reached this city last evening. They came by a special express train over the Long I'land railroad. Our merchants , will, there lore, receive their letters this morning The Reported Battles between Generals Taylor and Bausta Anna. We yesterday placed before cur readers the telegraphic intelligence that two battles, of a mostsan- 1 guinary character, had been lought between the Mexican forces, under Santa Anna, and the American forces, under Gen. Taylor, properly called " Old Rough and Readv for rough and ready he has always proved himself when in sight of a Mexican. To-day we give the details of this intelligence, : somewhat confirmatory of the telegraphic report. The accounts that have reached us are rather ; meagre, but they may be correct, so far as that a ; general action has taken place between the two armies, and that, as usual, we have been victorious. But later and fuller accounts would be more satisfactory. The number of killed and wounded on each side, may not be so great, or it may be greater, than is represented; bnt one ! thing appears to be certain, viz.: that there has been a battle of some sort. Of Oeneral Taylor's safety, as well as that of his command, there is, probably, but little doubt. It is thought that he reached Monterey within thiriy-six or forty hours after the reported great battle at the Renconada Pass, and once in possession of that place, which is garrisoned by one or two thousand of his men, he was safe against the attacks of the whole of Santa Anna's army, if that army were not so much broken, or Its moral*, as the Mexicans say, so much injured as to render it probable that they would be more inclined to fiy at the sight of an American army than to court an engagement, although the immense wagon trains of the Americans would save them from starvation, if they jould only capture them. Our telegraphic news to-day may g ve us tur:her intelligence of the reported battles If not, we have no doubt but that of to-morro or the next day, will. ____________ Flu benign News?Financial Ko' uMDtl la Orsat Britain?Shipments of peel#? TIm Corn and Cotton Marksta By the arrival of the steamship Hiba iiia, at (oston, from[Liverpool, we have been put in posession of twenty-eight days later intelligen i from .11 parts of Europe. Commercially the u ws is ixceedingly important, and, to a certain e tent, tighly favorable. Prices for breadstuff* may, 'rom ime to time, experience a slight decline, b it,in he face of existing circumstances, they oanno but ie temporary. Our accounts confirm the rep uts previously received of the famine, and all dou ts is to its extent have been abandoned. The movements of the English government sin t he sailing of the 4th of February steamer, sho ? that it required the most active operations t) relieve the distress of the people ol Ireland. The contraction of a loan for forty millions of dollars, is the best evidenae of that, although it is our impression that there were other reasons for making that loan, than to extend relief direotly to Ireland. It, no doubt, was intended partly to relieve the Bank of England, and to prevent, as far as possible, those difficulties and embarrassments in the mnnau wiaslrAt ssrVil/sU ViairO fine anma tilTtA n? been apprehended. The moat exaggerated reports have obtained currency, in relation to the shipments of speoie to this country from England. The three steamers which have left Liverpool since the 1st of January, 1847, have brought but six millions and a half of dollars, and the packets which have arrived at this port have brought only about two millions more?making an aggregate, for the two ports, of about eight and a half millions of dollars. This is much below the estimates of many, but it is a very respectable importation of precious metals, lor the time. It was pretty geueially anticipated that the government of Great Britain would resort to this measure to relieve the Bank of England, in the event of that institution becoming very much embarrassed, or the commercial classes very mueh cramped, but it was the impression here that a period for the intervention of the government had not arrived. It seems, however, that there must have been more real distress in the financial oircles in England than we have supposed, and that immediate relief from some quarter was required. There must have been some crisisi some collapse, in the money market, which we are as yet ignorant of, in the absence of our files and letters, to have brought the Government into the market for a loan of eight millions sterling. The relief this measure will afford, depends entirely upon the price of breadstuffs; that they must continue to rule veryjiigh, there is very little doubt; the fact of this loan having been made, is suffi- I cient to sustain pric?s both in this country and Great Britain. It is also seen, that amidst all the movements of the Government to provide a supply of breadstuffs, and to reduce prices, the markets have been exceedingly Arm, and quotations well sustained. There has, perhaps, never been a period in the commercial history of Great Britain, when suck efforts were made to depress prices, as have been experienced in England within the past sixty days. In the face of all these movements, and in the lace of large stocks and rapidly increas. ink supplies, there has been a reaction, which has placed prices within a fraction of the highest points touched previous to the opening of the ports, and the abrogation of the navigation laws. From this tim forward, to the next harvest, prices will, without doubt, be at least sustained at about present rates. Supplies cannot go forward fast enough to depress prices, and the demand is likely to increase, as the season advances, much faster than the receipts from all quarters. Considerable anxiety exists throughout Europe, relative to the supply of food likely to be received from this country. It is impossible to form any estimate of the quantity that Will be required between this and harvest, but any reasonable demand we ean supply; any thing short of o.ieor two hundred millions bushels of oorn, we can safely spare. There appears to be a depression in the cotton market, hut notliincr r>f :in iinUkiial charnnter onn. side ring the condition of the corn markets. It is impossible to sustain prices of cotton and corn at the eamo time. When corn goes up, cotton must go down; although it does not follow that an advance in cotton depresses cora. In consequence of the short supply of cotton, prices were much firmer than would, otherwise, have been the case, in the face of the position of other markets ; but the demand was limited, and confined, principally, to spinners and exporters. Common Council.?The Board of Assistant Alderman hold one of their usual weekly meetings this evening the proceeds of which will, it is presumed, commence some time between A and 8 o'clock. As the Presiden' neglected to give notice on adjourning last Monday eve' ning, whether the Board would discuss the merits ol an eyster supper and the luxury of a real Habanero, before calling the roll, or not, we are unable to givo more definite Information with reaped to the hour at which thay are likely to prererd to buainess Why this Board finds it necessary to meet twice as often ss the Board of Aldermen, is a question frequently naked by those who ate fortunately relieved from attending their meetings. It 11 gratifying to know that an elaction is near at hand, whan a cbanga for the better may be realised. Cumhxbi.and Canal.Th? Cumberland Civilian ef fuesriav save We learn that the contractors are making arrangement) to commence work on the canal at the oailieat poaaibla moment. Wo do not belietro that oparttiona can be delayed lor mora than aiaty day*. i j .m LJ I 'J J- L ThMtrluli Pa UK Th(4Iic -Mr Edwin Kcrreit, the ttage Ji?l, commence* to engagement at the Park Theatre thia erening. The part in which he will ap naar it one of hi* bait, vit : Cardinal Richelieu, in the play of " Richelieu." Mr. Forrest makes hia appearanoa here alter a tour in oar Southern country. In addition tothia play, the comedy of *' Aik noqueationa," will be added. Bowaar Thesves.?The national drama of' Putnam," which haa been an much admired by the patrona of the Bowery Theatre, will be repeated thia evening with the original caat, and with all the aplendid and gorgeoui acenery in which it waa ftrat produced. After " Putnam," the tragedy of " Pizarro; or, The Death of Bella," will be performed. In thia piece Mr. E. 8. Connor, the oele- 1 brated tragedian, will take the part of Rolla, the Peru vian leader. With auch a bill a full houae follows at a matter qf course. The exertions of Mr Jaoksonto pleaae hia petrous and friends are deserving all praiae. and we are nappy to say, ara duly appreciated. New Yoaa Oraaa House.?We would inform the admirers (of the graceful and beautiful Signera Mantis, that that farorite densegss will taka a benefit and appear for the last time at this establishment this evening. We are satisfied that this announcement is of itself suOcient to draw a vary large audianoe, but in addition to the dancing the " Grand Pas Saul La Valse." " La Polka," and " La Mazurka," the comedv of " Simpson Ik Co.." the farce of " Deaf as a Poat," and the musical burlatta of " Why Don't she Marry," will also be performed. The celebrated necromancer, Signor Ross#, will also perform some extraordinary feats in magic. A stronger Dill was never put forth by any establishment. Bowaav Ciaous.?One of {the best bills ever put forth by this establishment, is put forth for to-night The whole of the numerous company are engaged to perform a series of comic, whimsical, daring and extraordinary in equestrianism, ballet and gymnastics, that will amply repay all who witness them. The two rival drummers, Mr. Williams and Mons. Casimer, will struggle tor the *""*???'ll % ! ? ntmnat Will tK> llU. rela if championship. musical. Italian Ofeea Houie.?Ths opera of lb* " Bsrbor of ill#" will b? repealed thi? evening for the last Una Whan it ii know a that Signers Ploo, Benevantano, Sao* auirioo, Its.,will take the prinoipel parts,wa hara conclu> sridanoa that ail who witness its performance will be pleased and gratified. Allishanians.?To-morrow evening, this superb tooal and musical company, give their last concert, at the Tabernacle. They have selected several of their favorite glees and solos for the occasion?their voices are well cultivated and sweet, and, when displayed in the beautiful quartettes they sing, fall upon tne ear in perfect melody. They are great favorites, and, no doubt, will have a full house. Chbistt's Minitsili ?These sons of harmony will give their unique and agreeable entertainments every night this week, at Mechanics' Hall, 473 Broadway. During the time that thev have performed hero, they have boon nightly listened te by fashionable and select audiences, and we doubt not that the suooess which has attended their previous efforts to please and amuse the public, will be as well appreciated and rewarded this, as thsy have been for the past, week. Geano Conccbt at the Afollo 8aloow.?A concert will be given at the Apollo, tc-morrow evening, at which a brilliant array of talent will appear. The pro fits to be appropriated to aid in erecting the " Samaritan House of Industry," for ameliorating the condition of respectable unemployed females. Among the names of the performers are those of Bignora Pioo, Madam Ablamowicz, Signers Qeaovese and Sanqulrico. This will bo the first appearance of Signor Genovese (primo tenore.) in this country. He has a high reputation abroad; and we have no doubt that, when once introduced to a New York audlenoe.he will be warmly received. We have had the pleasure of hearing him sing, and cannot but wish that he might appear before a New York audience in an opera. He ha* a vastly peweiful voice, with a sweetness of tone on the lower notes, which pleases the ear exceedingly. The object oi the concert considered, we cannot see how it can be otherwise than that the saloon will be crowded. Cltjr Intelligence. The Weathex.?It commenced to rain yesterday morning about 0 o'clock, and it continued during most of the dev. The streets were well washed, and the sidewalks, though wet, presented an unusuailly clean appearance. The dirt that was allowed to remain en the sidewalks in many streets and thoroughfares was washed off by the heavy rain of yesterday. Tne rain towards evening came down heavily, particulaily about o'clock, when we had a very heavy abower. ' Fiac?There waa an alarm of fire In the 4th diatriet, yeatorday morning, about 9X o'clock. It originated in consequence of a atable, at foot of Delancy street, taking fire. The fire was put out after much exertion Damage trifling. THa Chabteb Election.?The following ticket has been nominated by a portion of the democrats in the lat Ward. For jllderman SAMUEL A. CRAPO. F?r Jtuiitant Jllderman. K. B. DALY. Ubace Cmvbcn.?The leng neglect on the part of the owner or ownera of thia property, rendering it a perfect nuiaance, will have the efieot to induce the Common Council to take eome aotive atepa on the aubject. The members who meet this evening ahould take some action on the aubject. Death ar Daorav.?The Coroner held an inquest yesterday, upon the body of Ann Piiillipe, wife of Isaac A. Phillips, of No. 343 Seventh street, who died a^Bwhat suddenly on Saturday last. Verdict?death oy dropsy. It appeared before the Coroner, that the deceased had been indisposed for about six months, but attended to her domestio duties until Saturday morning, when she waa taken much worse, and died on the evening of that day. Diitnca to How. T. Bi'tlek Kiwu, or Oeobuia ?A1 ready one hundred and fifty oi our meroeants and other citisens have united in a letter, asking Mr. King to partake of a public dinner, to bo given at the Astor House, on Tuesday the 3Sd instant, as a mark of their high apSreciation of his services, in aecuring to the nation an in ependeut line ef steamers to Europe, ae well as to the ports of our neighbors and friends at the South As many may be disappointed in not being able to Join in the compliment, in conaequenoe of the want of notice, growing out of the brief moment of preparation accorded to the oommittee, we are requested to say, that tickets may bo had at the Aster House. Maeinb awd Fibe Insubance.?We call attention to an advertisement in this day's paper in relation to the opening of subscription books to the capital stock oi the Union Mutual Insurance Company. The charter is one of the most favorable ever obtained from the Legislature of this State. The capitals of our fire and marine insurance companies are not sufllcient to meet the increasing business in this city. This fact is apparent from the number of agencies estaolisbed here of companies locate J in other State*. There U ample room lor the aavantageoua operation o( thi* company; and from the character of the aiaociatee, we ahould judge that it would be Judiciouily conducted. All we can aay i? "diatribute your riaka," apread them over a* large a apace at poaaible, and you will make good dividend*. Polio* Intelligence. Charge qj Or and Larceny.?Officer Patten, of the 14th ward, arreeted, on Saturday, a woman by the name of Rebecca Burna, on a charge of atealing a ailver lever watch, a ailver apoon, and $-10 in money, the property of Conatantine Mahan. Juatice Timpaon detained the accuaed lor examination. Disgraceful Conduct.? For aome time peat, the neighbor* in the vicinity of a blackamlth'a ahop aituated in Mott atreet, have been much annoyed bv aome ditgrace ful vagabond*, who were expoaing their peraona to young girla and women when paaaing thia ahop to procure water from tbo pump. The police of the 16th ward have been on the watch in order to detect the perpetrator*, end on Saturday officer Van Brunt aucceeaed in arreatiog Henry Lupkena, whom the officer caught in thia abominable act, and conveyed him liefore Juatice Merritt at the 'Id diatrlct police office, who held the accuaed to bail for hia apneaiauce for trial, in default ol which ho ? aa committed to priaon. Law Intelligence. Court Calcndab?Thi* Dev.? Circuit Court? No*, 83, 86, 89, 113, 191, 134, 138. 181 to 173 incluaiv*. Com man Pleat, lat part-Noa 17, 91, 37, 38, 81, 48, 31.63, 64, 68.397, 9. 19. 3d part? Nea. 60. 34, 66. 1U6, 108, 110, 111, 114, 116, 118, 190, 191, 134, 136, 136, 130. DlovemenU of Traveller*. The movementa yeaterday comprlaed the following amount, at the reepective hotel*. Amebioah?J. Powell, Waahington; V Howell, Canandeigua; J. Reeae, N. Y; Mr. Smith, Mr. Haolin, Phila Aaron.?J. Lyon, L Haakell, Boaton, A Taber, New Bedfora; C. Coolidge, Ueorge Danna, Boaton; 8. Brad, ford, Roibury; E.VVoed, 8 Bay ley, C. Burnet, Providence; V Turner, Georgetown; H. Day, New Haven. W. Johnaon, Conn ; J. Roger*, J Maaaon, Virginia; J Moore, Waahington; W. Mitchell, ConmAAJ |Mar*h Vermont; S. Frank, Philad ; J. Burnett, Beaton; J. Mc Kinaon, J. Cuahing, Baltimore; A. Rice, P. Kendall, J Hill, C. Sampaon, Boaton; T. W Stanfleld, England; W. Haviland, U.S. N.^ _ Citt?MOT w linama, mo u>idii?| u. ngnie, not I King, do; 8. Van Nan. Poughkeepaie; J- Parker, Boaton E Hale, Virginia; J. Burnaide, do; J. Burnett, North Ca; iolina; Z. Jenton, Oxford; J. McLeod, Kingaton; K (iaaiett, Boaton; J. Wood, Portland. FaaoxLiR.?W Cook, (J. H lirint, 8. Whitney Herring, 8. Phillips. Boaton; J. Phillips, Boiton; J. Warner, J. Whidbur, T. Culpepper, 8 Williams, W. Shannon, K White, J Grandy.S C; P Alton, Pittafield. Howard C. Lushing, Philadelphia; W. Jonea, N. C.; W. Kearney, Springfield; J Montgomery, dot Mr. Enatace, Montreal; Mr Clitherow, do; J Batchelor, Boa ton; N. Abort, Madiaoni H. Gilbert, St Johne, N B ; T Tweddell, do; J. Brown, Concord; C. He? wood, Lowell; W. Hill, Boaton; W. Hook, N. C.; <1. Patteraon, Philadelphia; J Bailey, Pa ; J Hemaou, Jameaton; J; J McArthur, Baltimore; U Lynch, Ala; B Langley, do; U. Lockhart, 8t Jokna. NB; L Ionat. , Vermont; J. Croaa, St. John. N C ; B. Anstey, do; J Cleaver, Pennsylvania; C Budiey. Lexington; J. S.m! ders, Baltimore; J Marsh Boaton; J Wherlw-.k. Kicbaaond; W. Bryar, Baltimore; It B inniater, Philadelphia; H. Tncker, N C.; 8 Yoting, do; T. Milby, do; B Mont| gomery. do; C C Earl, Philadelphia. JuoaoVe.?W. Gilbert, Boaton ; R. Weaaworth, Of! deuahurg ; Mr Oakea, W Hungertord, Connecticut; Mr. Wilton, Oklo ; Mr. Butler, Buffalo ; H. Kldridge, Vs. Rat h aim?B Montgomery, North Carolina: E. EdWirds, New Brunawick, N. J ; Mr Merrett, do.; Mr. Jarvis, Maryland; M. Henry, do ; D Kellett, 8kaneatelaa; C. Welder, Hooheeter; J. Sbepperd, Canandalgue; J. Miles, Pennsylvania. ? 'Ml it MJuLJBnmiii?JI. intburrm* Intwlltbmci fxom rui Cam or Ooon Hon ?We have received the Cape Town Gaxttlt, to the 8th of January inclusive It contain* some very interesting intelligence from Kafir land, dec. [Prom the Cape Town Gazette, Jan. 8 J The new* from the mjnti?r byilast poit ii not aatiefactory. Account* from Britiah Itafl'raria repreaent our newly-madefellow-eubiect*,?if they ara to be oonaider ad auch, a* ia an unaettled atata. Tha expedition under Col. Someraet againat Pato, the only remaiuicg rafraotory chief, had advanced to fourteen mileaof the watt bank of the river Kai. Jiom whence it waa to proceed to Kreili'a country for the recovery of oolonlal cattle, contrary to hi* aaeertiona, hat bored there. The following are extract* from the Qrakan'? Town Journal of the Id inat. on other aubjects of iatereat We learn that a spirited attempt ia about to be made, or rather ia staking, to eatabliab a trading atation at the mouth of the UmzUavooboo. For thie purpose the Ann, oeaster, has been chartered by Messrs. M B Shaw, Hoole, and Lucas, and ia expected daily in Waterloo bay, where Mr. Luoaa will embark Immediately for the port mentioned. This la a "sign of the times,'' on which the colony at large may well be congratulated. The par ties have large experience in the Kafflr trade, and ex tansies knowledge of the people and resources of 8. E. Africa. Hence there ia the bait reason to hope that the project will prove eminently successful, beneicial alike to themselves and to the natives of the oountry, and that not merely along the coast, bat Inland of the great mountain chain which separates KaiTraria Trom the country of the Basoutos and Bechuanas, which people at prasent are supplied with E'i ropean manufactures by way of Port Elizabeth, five hundred miles distent. The time has arirved when our long line of coast must be rendered available for the pur' poses ef commerce and of maritime intercourse in geu oral. To maintain control oyer Kafilrland this is indis. pensable, and hence government are beund, on ever) principle of good polioy, to support to the utmost every undertaking which tends to the realisation of what s? materially involves the future paaca and prosparity o this oountry. Tha Or ah am'i Town Journal of the 10th ult., states the unconditional submisaion to British authority of San dim, tha ha ad of tha Qhika tribas. and which haa aubas qaantly baen folio wad by that ofUmhala tha prinoipal chlaf af tha Slambla tribas. [Fro? tha Capa o( Good Hop# Oasatte, Jan. 1 ] At tha commsnoamant of another yaar It ia our happi nasa to look back upon tha last with satisfaction, and at an rvsntful ana, perhaps tha most avontful, in the history of this colony. The principal subject of interest is the Kafir war.? And notwithstanding the privations and sufferings sum bereavements whion It has occasioned to many of oui follow colonists, wa cannot help looking upon it as ai vent likely to be conducive to tho beat interests ef the whole colony. It will be the means of introducing i capital into the oelony, available for the best of purpoeei and the most enduring works. It will be the means oi imaging me colony into notoriety la me wuna at wrgi ?ana will rendar It uuarly impossible that the Horn* Government aheuld overlook thia in attending to othe; and mora favored colonial. It will alio, we trust, be thi mean of placing on a firm and lasting buia the relationi between thi* colony and our uncivilized neighbor*, am will be, we hope, the lait war between us which it shal be our lot to record And to our neighbor* themielvei it i* likely to be th# harbinger of many and permanen blessings. Under th* arrangements in contemplatioi we expeot that a free course will be opened up for thi progress of trade, art, civilisation and religion, until thi furthest bounds of thia benighted continent shall fee their benefloial influence. From th* Oraham'i Teton Journal of the 38th ultimo we learn that Colonel Somerset had succeeded in recap turing from the enemy 3,000 head of cattle, with trifling loss on our side. I From the Cape Town Qszette, Deo. 18 ] Among th* arrivals of the present week, w* note tba of th* Margaret Connal, from the city of Bankok, in thi kingdom of Siam. This is one of the Eastern empire! which has hitherto been little known and litti* visitei by European enterprise, and as such w* deem it interest ing to our readers to furnish the following information elicited from Captain Maxton:? The populous city of Bankok is situated on the Rive Minam, (translated the mother of waters) about 30 mile from its mouth. After crossing a bar it is navigable fo ships of any aize, having a uepth of 10 fathoms all th way up to that city. Th* river is deep to the very mai gin of its baDks. The country is flat, and in the rain season is overflowed, lor which reason most of the house are built on posts, and there is no communication fo some months, except by boats. Sugar is the principa article ot export, but the resources of the country appee to be immense, as it abound* with ivory, sticklac, hide gambouge, tin, and other articles of eastern produce i great abundance. Rich mit es of iron and extensiv forests of teak exist in thu interior, en J the white elephai is occasionally to be seen among the wonders of th place. Bankok is one of the most commercial cities of Asii and is much frequented by junks from China, Batavii and Singapore ; anumber of junks are annually built an repaired at that place. A considerable proportion of th inhabitants are Chinese, by whom the trade of the plac is chiefly carried on. The Siameae themselves are of a indolent character, and much of the business is effects by their women. The cargo of the Margaret Connal consists of 8,41 bags of white sugar of th* first class, with 3dd piculs < sapan wood as dunnage, and 3 slabs of tin. Two thot sand hags were shipped on board at the city, and the r< mainder of her loading was completed outside the bar. French and American missionaries are established i th* countiy, and th* Portuguese have a resident const and vice eonsul. There are two English mercantile esti blishments there at present, that of Messrs. James Hay< k Co., and that of Daniel Brown, Erq. The recent events in Chim, and the opening of thi (m/Ia will nn rinnht k* thfl mnom nf malfiutf ni urnntin d with many rich couotrie* of the Eastern world, i which Siam appears to be by no meant an nnimportai kingdom Capt. Maxton is entrusted with a Siamese youth of ii telligent appearance, and of influential parents in thi country, for the purpose of being educated in the habit and acquirements of European civilization. Capt. M. ha an intei view with the mother of the Siamese twins, wh inquired concerning the welfare of her children. [From fhe Gazette of Nov. 30 ] H M. Steamer Thunderbolt has returned from he surveying voyage, naving minutely inspected th mouth of the Buttale. Tne favorable reports of Captaii Findlay have now been entirely eonftrmod with respec to the comparative safety of this bay. i he discovery < this port in the immediate vicinity of the enemy, Is a ci cumstance of considerable moment in the operations < the present campaign. A practicable breach in the em my's enoampment has new been laid open to view, an we trust that no time will be lest in taking advantage < this opening in the very centre of the enemy's territor The great difficulty in the latest movements has been i find out our slippery foo, but the present inlet duoovei them luxuriatiug amongst their beoty. the rich herds < cattle which they have swept off lrom the suffering cod nists. It seems probw hie that the high road to Kafir n sources will be through this port; at all events th troops and supplies can be brought more easily to bei upon the heart of Kafli land through this opening thi by the long and fatiguing marches through which the have hithetto passed. The following are the particulars which have tran pired of the late trip of the Thunderbolt to the Buffah we believe they may be implicitly relied on :? The landing ia described as easy?the anchorage e cellent, tree from rocks, with nothing but sand ai shells at the bottom, and the soundings regular, with tl further recommendation of affording every facili for putting to sea in the event of being caug: on a leo shore; in fact the communication wi the land is described as being so easy of acoei and so superior te Waterloo Bay,that in the same weath five times the work might ho dispatched at the Buffal as could be done at the former bay. The country ia d scribed as beautiful, and apparently productive, free fro bush except on the banka of the river; and a very ami party of men would be sufficient to keep it clear fro the Kafirs, a number of wnom were seen all armad; thi oame Dearths boats, but did not attempt any molastatio an immense quantity of cattle was also observed. Shocking! Occurence!?A Mother and Fit Children burned to Death.?The dwelling Mr. Augustus Holdridge, in the village of North hie heim, in this county, was consumed by lira on Mondi night Isat, and hia wife and five obildren perished in tl flame*! Mr. Holdridge escaped with bis youngest chil a boy about six year* of sga; and a daughter, aged I saved herself, though frightfully burned, by leapii tkmiiali a dnnr nr wimlnw. The mother w?? twice aeon outsiJe of the burnii buildiug, but the desire to rescue her children, it is tu posed, prompted her to rush back into the flames, frc which she was ansble to return. These, making in all nine persons, constituted t! whole family, and were ssleep at the time in the bui, ing. The names of those that perished we have bei unable to learn. The oldest, however, was a daught aged about 'J# years; the nest a son aged about 31: tl other three were between tho agas of the two cbildri that escaped- 0 and 19 The daughter that saved herself, ran shrieking f;c ' the burning house to Fink's Tavern, a short distance o where she now lies. A letter from that place, writti the day eiter the occurrence, informs us that she is u expected to recorer. The six bodies were taken from the ruins after tl Are, but of course could not be recognized. They we all buried at 10 o'clock yesterday. At no time, it is said, for a number of years, until few d?ys pi evious to the fatal event, had this family bet gathered together under the parental roof, the olJ childten not residing with their father, and having met ly come together for a visit. A gentleman direct from North Blenheim, informs i Just as we are putting our paper to prese, that the fl originated from the stove pipe?that Mr Holdiidga, wl is a very inti-.nperate m in, cime home much intoxicati late at night, after the iemiiy had retired, and mads great fire in the stove, by which be waa sitting, whi tna neighbors rushed into the burning bouse. He to them the family had left tho house and wore safe; up< which they ran out, taking him with them. Mrs H hi n?u Irom tnn Home with bar liiuo ooy. wuom mi u taken to Fink's tavern, and returning ta the hotue, rtn ad in to aave bar other cnildren, when aba wa*< aug by the Urine* and conauniad. Tbare are othei oircui taners connected with tola heart-rending, whii brought to the light, will ma-e the advocate* of ru tremble.? Schoharie Patriot March 1ft The Cincinnati ubiervatory. Eoiroa or tri Niw Yoaa IIkrald. la the report ot Prof. Mitchai'a laat lecture, I parcel your reporter clu?e* hi* remark* at a point calculated leave an unfavorable impraauon. The debt incurred I Prof M , In order to lloiih the Obiervatcry. ia statei but the noble manner in which the AatroLomical 8 >cit of Olticinna'i ate pad forward and relieved the direct of the O'nervatory Irom hi* d fflcultiaa, on hi* retu la*t year ftom Oo?ton, ha* been onmted lor want of roo or by accident it ia due to the public spirited i lie of Cinciiinatti, and to tbia gteat popui* Oi>aorv*toi that it iheuld be fully known that no debt ie?ti up in t iniiitutn n, and that it* prospect* are a* bright a* it* mi ardent liieads could deiire. OMf. of Tttq AUDIENCE. Metallic Tablet Hatur strop*.?Merchan *nd dailar* are invited to Cnll and eiimioa tha various p t?rn? of the above. *t the manufactuieri O. 8AUNDEK8 k SON, 177 Broadway, A few door* above Courtlaadt street ?m^mrnrnm [J, J UJi LL 1 1 'J 'l1 Ltdlu, If you with >wo?t Brooth and ? hit* teeth, as# feta*'* Orris Tooth hiM fti't or cliaoped face*, fteckle*. pimple*. u?e th* I?bl*t of Pr.n udAliMitir Price 21 cwu; or th* Per?i*ii Soap. or Oneu SI Co-'oaad Price tt c*at*. Also, Towasend * 8?r*er? lla; Tu Hamb-rt'a Female Pill*. For sal* at No. 127 Co wery, corner of Grand meat. Portabl* hhavlng Caetl. manufactured by the lubtcribers, at* becoming daily more ia u?uer*l u*e with the travelling community, entirely luperetdiog ihe enmbereome and old faahionad; the article* ia them retaining their utility looter than any cue yet aonatmeted, by heina *o arranged a* to admit of no poaaibl* displacement while tnrellieg. For sale at Q SAUNDERS It SON. 177 Broadway, oppoalte Howard'* hotel Raylaatlou of th* Ohio Hlver. PUit4. TVme. State o* Hten Wheeling. . ? , Mar 16. ,,U font Nttabuqr Mar IS . ,?X fcat Cincinnati Mar 14. ..lWfeet Lmjrville. ..Mar 11. _14htt HOHBT HABJUT. Boadajr, Manb !)l-a P. M. The stock market la in a very naaattlad condition, and pricaa appaar ta ba rarjr feverish. Tka movements of oparatora for some day a paat bara baan vary limited, in consequence of tba expected arriral of tbe steamer, with many daya later intelligence from Europe, there being a very great anxiety ta learn the nature of tba nawa, before becoming involved in atock oparationa to any greater extant. In anticipation of thia arrival there baa 1 baan a downward tendency in pricaa of atocka. Ithaa bean tba impression among speculators that tba steamer would bring a much larger amount of specie than either of the previous two, but It appears such la not the oaae, there being on board only one million and a half of doli lara. The Hibernia, in January, brought three millions 1 of dollars; tbe Cambria, in February, two millions, and the Hibernia, Just arrived, but one-and-a-half millions. Thia shows a gradual reduction in the amount, instead - of on increase as anticipated. The eAot of thia state of things upon the stock market, we have yet to learn. The annexed table exhibits tha quotations in thia mar ket for tho principal paoolativo stocks, for eaoh day of tha past waak, and at tba olose of tha weak previous. It will ba observed that thera ha* not boon any material alteration in priooa. Quotations roe tub Pbinoh-al Srocat in mi IN i.w Voaa Mabkbt. 8at. Hon. Tut,. J Fad. TK'y Fri. Hat 2hl0 Q'? 95 95 95 95 9) 95 entaaky #'? ? ? ? ? 99 ? ? Pennsylvania 5'? 70* - 79* - - TO* 7c* Illinois - 39* - ~ 39 39# Indiana 9's. 38 ? 98 ? ? ? ? Reading RR bonds .. 71 71 71* 71 71 71)4 Heading M'tge Bond. 71)4 - - 71 78 78 Heeding Railroad.... 59 51)4 59* 59 59 59)4 58* Norwich and Wor... 49* ?X 49* 49* 49* 49 49* Erie Railroad,old ... 55 ? ? ? ? ? _ Erie Railroad,now... 84 ? 83)4 ? ? ? ? Herlem Railroad..... 41* 48 47* 47* 47* 47* 47* Long Idand Railroad 86* 38* 98* 38* 98* 37 36* Mohawk 8a ? ? 83* ? ? 81* Stoninrton 43 ? ? 43* ? ? 43* garmor's Loan 39* 38* 38* *7* 39* 38* 28* anion Co... 33* 33* 33* 33* 33* 33* 33* Morns Canal..., 14* 14* 14* 14 l?M 14* 15 KSfetat:: * - - * ? i : festal*::1!* 7X * = z A comparioon of prioaa current at the oloae of tbo market yesterday, with thoae ruling at the close of tho previous week, exhibits an advanoe in Pennsylvania 5's of * par cent; Reading, * ; Norwich and Worcester, * ; Mohawk, *; Stoaington, )*; Farmers' Loan, *; Morris Canal, * ; and a decline in Harlem of *. , The Norwioh and Woroostar Railroad Company hare purchased the steamboat Knickerbocker tor eighty thousand dollars. In payment the Company hava given its bonds for $90,000, and securities for $90,000 more, mak< ing $100,000 , to secure the payment of $90,000. Thii boat is not adapted to the navigation of Long Island Sound, andean only be used for that business during the BUIU1UC1 UiUUVU*. AU? VApweevwwm w.?v|w?? j ona in BUk^H ficient to ostisfy erery one that boata for the Sound navi^H i, gation,should be constructel ai much for strength a* foi^H n apeed, to euaure aaiety, even in the aummer montha^H ? Such boata as the Knickerbocker will be uaeleaa (o^H e nearly nine months in the year, as the company carj^H make no other use of her, it being one of the condition^H '* of the sale that she shall not, under any clrcumatancci^H 'j run on the North riser. ? The annexed statement exhibits the resources and lli^H !* bilitiea of eaoh Insurance Company in the city of Bosto.^H j on the 1st dry of December, IMS. lnat'BAtioa CoMraniKS or Boston. o Reeourcee m:im -Sfll ui s i? su h~m s S-.f rip h til tM It American 9334,950 *40,COO $20,790 $;9 t- Boatoa 290,400 42,707 17,569 9 >f Boylston 241,600 67,000 11,776 17 ,t Fireman's 269,065 162,706 15,491 Franklin S43.1u0 21,600 05,961 15. Hope 159,060 ? 27 *91 5, ?- Manufacturers'... . 976,107 101,400 113 956 3. It Mercantile Meiiae.. 302.075 ? 1.726 17 ta Merchant*' 492 875 109.000 42,223 21 d National 19o,iOO 24r,627 232,311 3 a Neptune Ill 050 74.450 32,439 36 Suffolk 153.650 69.713 5,7.9 9 Trcmuut 79..50 40,000 76 060 49 United Btalee 99 650 71,201 73,144 10 ^^B r Warren 59.900 35,500 44.026 41 0 Washington 90.490 97,900 32,400 11 P. Agcr'ate reaources, $3454,071 $1,127,270 $098,021 ??( jf Liabilitie?. Capital Borrow- Lome Fire ^^B Slock td mon y. atcer- mines. " (JJflcet tained ceivee and to- ritke id timated Urn if unpaid, nah r. American $200,006 ? 18,000 It L fcoaton 30.1 003 ? -2,000 ? Boylston 160,000 - 0,<00 1: fir# man's 309,000 ? 300 7 ^^B franklin 300,000 - 3.035 2 o- Hope 200,000 - 5,000 ? Manufacturers' 400 000 ? 45,100 11 ie Meicmtila Marine. 300.000 0,000 3 142 ,r Merchants 500/00 ? 11.000 t ^^B ._ National 500,000 ? la.Ouo ! " Ntptuna 200,000 ? 24.469 1 y So If. Ik 225,000 6,0e0 2.500 Treu,ont 200,000 ? 7I.S50 ^^B a- United Steles 200,060 ? 2,000 >1 Warren 150,000 11,250 18.401 Washington 240,000 5,000 25,200 *j Agfi'te liabilities, $4,575,600 $35,250 $332,704 $4 ,a Recapitulation. Ac. 'y u Differ- Per L, ??? ?"' i ??. HKC tcruaic n " Officer. obov b par. ; 1 M, Americau.... $417,416 317117 90.199 M i-SU ^^B er Bo.ton 360,2.9 303 too 33,339 19 4-10 ? BojWton 337 133 333,843 14,013 4 7-10 ^^B ' Fire nan'e 447,337 373,198 74 901 23 ^^B L, Franklin.1.... 343,3(7 331.333 14,3(3 4 $10 ^^B ? Hope 193 311 333 300 13 479 ? ^^B 111 Man n facta ran' 391.19) 336,333 33.(67 9 7 10 ^^B DO Mar Marina.. 3(8,339 309,>48 9 697 3 3-10 ^^B IT Merchants'... 071,717 (.02 238 69 3,9 13 9 10 ^^B D; National 663 733 369 062 99 676 19 9-10 ^^B Nentune 333.HO (3.347 16 733 8 $13 ^^B SuffolK 238 804 233 869 3.916 1 3-10 ^^B Tremout 363 769 384,119 31,330 - ^^B 'K U State* 333.367 306 033 47.330 33 7-10 ^^B of Warren 183,304 183 738 3,614 ? ^^B D. Waibiaiton.. 33',611 230,300 1 311 0 7-<3 ^^B 6,847,400 $6,369 (01 d? It appear* by thia statement that the excess of re? 9, over liabilities only amounts to $498,369. This t was til theie companies poaaeised over and abov ,g capitals, to meet any loaa which might be made ip- tiika, both fire and marine, amounting to more th im Aundrtd million if do liar i. ha The following table exhibits the amount of Mar >d Fire risks of each company on the 1st day of Doc 1646 h FRRMICM NoTRI on RkrI not TrRMINATRD, A AT lll?K and LOI*B( FAID. ^^^B BU Premium Loim rtelet on Die ^^^B >m Officii. ritki not Jit Riik, Dec. 1, ^^^B It terminal... id. Marim. Fin Marin American $101 403 4 (33 631 3 006 661 1(3,91 B??'uu 77,409 3 100 311 ? 73,74 Buy let in 47 636 2.1(9,703 3 310 463 88 3! Firrm '(>'?.... ? ? 10 134 406 ? re Franklia 40,313 1,671 676 3 7(1,883 46 11 Hope >1702 492 36.7 ? 3.01 Yl-ua fnetnreri' 3 3 67* 1 971 411 13,391 V 3 68 4 .? Mer. Marine... 43,414 1.639 07 ? 616'di^^H , MeichanU.... 96 639 7 317 703 13.876 307 |43.2'jl^^H ir .National 39 919 4.239.462 7,807 463 Neptane. 19.-141 6 931, in 4 331.081 328 6| ' Suffolk 31 2*7 1 0 3 668 642 S 6 39 41 US liemont 172 283 4.731 337 1,318.716 173 if re IJ. ited Statet. 43.629 1 <28 8-6 372,(60 11 2' Warren 9 ) 683 1 99 2 270 ? 10 4.3 ,d Waihiniton... 62 916 2.366.778 ? 76.3 ' Total $1,666,646 44,476,136 61,636 370 1,371 8 ld tiw aRgreyate amount on rick waa $104,011,0 on aRRfRate reaourcee ol the** compenite, inclt ?" capital, amounted to $6 847 400, beioR about o for every twenty at riak In the face of nr tit ment at thix, what aecuiity la there for thoae ho H pollciea of thoae companiea 7 Juat none at all. ^ any eatent, in the moat valuable aection of Boat aweepaway the cnpitnl* of rvery on of thai tiona. A fire like either of the two we have h oity .within the paat twelve year a, would b inkn ve Oimpany, leave about one hundred millioue o H t0 uuinaured, for which premiuma for inauraoce I ty The ayatem upon which all the marine and I H 0T ance companira of hie country aie managed bidnne There ia no aafety hi any of them. a mere ahella, even in he event of the cnpi'al y> p id in ai d are fiena fidf aa repreaanted Th< 1,1 have a vary 11 itteri r idea that they are perb Like the oatrich, who, when in danger, thiuat in the aand, with the bellrt that liia body i (| thoae holdinR policiea of three inxurar.ce ccm| av Mere that their property ia aafe. They labor impieaaion that there it a charm in theee po veiy frequently find out their miaUke H

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