Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1847 Page 3
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1 - - * if tro lt*? The personal liability clause ibculd Le i"?ched to th? chattel oi all these companies, ui > we should not see tucli an immense ex i linsion of credits. Insurance companies general- | ly are not in the liabit of nay log up even the smallest losses willingly, but resort to litigation of 1 every kind for the purposejof avoiding just claims against I hem, particularly if the parties holding these claims are poor, and unable to contest a long drawn out lawsuit.? ; When a very large loss is experienced, and the entire tesourcesof some of these companies are carried awsy, those holding unexpired policiee upon which premiums nave been paid, have to abandon them and re-insure themselves somewhere slat. The whole business of these concerns i? g one-iided movement altogether , it ia In reality heads tliay win, taila tba insured loose Old Hiork Uxtlunea. 13*00 U Boyw, ISS lio iha Harlem HK <l>, ?00 Ptnn'a 5i TOW SCO do OS -M do TlJJ 10S do bSO SSW 00?0 do btmsTiw 100 do b40 SOW i f?fl?8laU7'. '<8 100$ Too Nor fc Wor ?oS 1000 Mori u Binds 03 335 do 00 i 1#?? . I* ? M do HO 00 ' ?.haiUoioa Bank III* 100 do bSO OOK 30 farmers' Tnut 2S* 1J0 do OOW 2!?? . nU M do 160 0#? *0 Mom* Canal 14% , 00 do bSO. OOW 1 ??o J? "s ',s0 do ?0 49? 100 Raiding EH sltms 38 loo do atO 48% > U ? 5ix do 40V , 10 An kach Bank 90 50 do $10 49V , 85 Illinois Bank 13V ISO Lone Island 26* I 30 Canton Co 13* 200 do b30 26% ' " ? do .60 33* SO do J6W MM#hXk b30 04 40 d? Second Board. ?23*? te'd 4't 20 aha Nor It Wor 49* 100 ana Harlam RR an* 47V 30 do 49S I 23 do 47$ 80 do 1J0 do aSO 47% 00 Marria Canal 630 15 100 do 4742 00 do aw 14U 30 fanners' Loan at 38* 100 Heading RR 0SK 3 Del It Hudson Scrip 140 100 do 58* 30 Btoniogton RR 43V 100 do 0l? New Stock Rishanm. ,C,BtStCo ,J? ? >? Nor k Wor bl 48V SWHarlam RR .-a 4a An .? ?o?? ! M do snw *1% 1M do Monday 4aS 3d do Monday 49 100 do cun 4?K M Nor It Wor b3 50 30 do aaih 4?M 30 do Monday 49l( 30 do >149K 100 do cash 49m 30 do Monday 49M Ot do bl 49JS 03 do alt 49* CITY TRAOB XUDPORT. Ntv Yoaa, Satuidat Arraanooit, Maroh 90. ? The general inactivity notioad yeaterday, continued to n grantor or laaa extant to-day. Tho chief aaloa of 1 door wot* modo either with privilegee or for future delivery. (mail aaloa of Geneiee wore made for oaah at $7. Southern waa inactive, and priced for immediate 1 delivery' nominal. Wheat exhibited no ohange in quo- j tationa, and no aalea of conaequenoe wore reported. Orn continued ateady at yoaterday'a ratea, though the aalea for immediate delivery were not ao large. Some ' heavy tranaactiona ware made for future delivery, and at rather lower prioea than aome previoua aimilar tranaactiona. Proviaiona ware quiet, and without change for 1 old pork. A lot of now meal aold at lift as. Tranaac- ' tiona in groceriea were rather limited, and without ' material change in prioea. About half paat ft P. M., Juat at tho cloao of 'change, a meaaage reached the ; city by telegraph, atating that tho Hibernla bad ap- ' peered of* Boeton, and within one hour'aaail of the wharf. Thia announcement, of courae, auapendod all ' further opera tiona for the day. The anxiety to learn the | purport of the newa wii very great. La>?a operation* | -T, -r ??IH| VI U1I uvwa, ll? UVUVD U1V OX- 1 dtemont in roforonoe to it* character. Aimm?Small aalai of Fota war# made at S4 87#, and at 96 3d for Pearl*. BiuviX?Sale* ware reported of yellow at 37 eta. BaaeoeTurrs Flour?Small aalee of Oeneeea were made at $7 ; 8,000 Michigan, part deliverable in Jane, at $0 SO, and part in May at $A 76 ; 600 do. Oeneaea, aold deliverable in all tha year, at 9*. \i% cent* per barrel was paid for the refaaal of lOoo barrels of do., on receipt of steamer's news, at $7 6,000 barrels Michigan sold, half deliverable in May and half in Jane, at $6 76 Wheat?There were few sample* on the market and no change in quotations were noted. Com.?The sales in store, and to arrive i within a month or two reached irom 36 a 30,000 bushel* of yellow and white, including 19,000 yellow at 90 cents, 1 a part (8 000) to be delivered Tor shipment at the call of | the purchaser; 3,600 Long Island white at 80s; 3,600 whit* do, deliverable in May, at 7So; 1 600 white, in ; store, at 80c; and 3,900 do, for immediate delivery, at 98c, which being bought under peculiar circumstances, i was considered a little above the market price 60 090 bushels Western mixed was contracted for. deliverable in all the months of summer, at 70 cents. Rye was quiet at 60 cents, and Barley at 76 cents Oate?There was no change since last icport. Beam were firm and increasing in value, owing to their use in Ireland In the way of < soup, kc. ExroiiT from 1st to 10th Maich. Corn, bushels 001 973 Wheat, do 67 971 IlVe, do 1 634 Barley, do 6 138 Oats, do 14,161 Cottois.?The sales to-day reach 1600 bales at very ' full prices, being based on 13)4 for lair Uplands. A portion of the purchases were on speculation, but exporters also took several parcels. Freights to Liverpool )4d, for square bales, and 1)4 cts. for Havre. It suits?-There was no change in prices, and no sales worth reporting. Fish?The market was extremely quiet, and no sales transpired worthy of notice Osai* Baos?10,000 (3 bushel) linen, aold to go out of the maiket, at 16c. HsMr?The market continued firm, and without sales of dew rotted of consequence. I.soioo- The market was very firm, but the sales very light Liad?The market remained quiet, at $4 36 Molasses?A fresh caigo of Cuba arrived. There was no change in prices. Now Orleans was firm at 86s| 30 hud? augurhouse aold by auction at 30 a 30%c cash. N ital Stomas?Thero was scarcely anything doing in any description, and no change in prices. Oils?Further sales *f city pressed linseeJ sold at 60c; , . N W. wbalo wss Inactive st 33 a 34c. We quote crude sperm *1 OS a 1 07, and bleached winter $1 17. The atock ul crude * Derm at the east was lirht. Animated at anlv about 2 (k'tt bbls. PiiOTuiom?A sale of 1.000 bbli now ra-ss was reportid at >10 26;. 100 bids old mesa acid at $14 I2)?; old prime was held at $12 12>?, while $12 was offered. Ortatt Lard?26,000 lbs oi low quality sold at 6>?c. Lard?60u bbla sold at 9}ic- Btrf Hami were steady at 10 a 10??c Kxpott, from 1st to 10th March Beef 1,106 bbla I'oik 4,648 bbla. Laid . 14,171 kegs. Hick ?The maiket was quiet. Tne sales ol' the week leached about 6t0 tierces, at $3 60 a $4 62)* eta. t>?? ds.? Clover was inactive. The sale of 7000 lbs made yesterday, brought "X"- Timothy was inactive, While flaxseed remained nominal fcuoAX.? We report sales of 200 hlids. New Oilcans at 71s eta. . Tallow.?There was no change in tho maiket, and ?vo quote good rendered at ?X a 9 cts. Tosacoo.?The stock oeiug light, prices were steady, end sales el Kentucky were lepvrted at 2J$ a 4>; cts. WhalsBona.? Hiuce last report, sales ol N. W. were made at 3l? a 32 eta. South Sea was quiet at 32 cts. 1 Fmkiomis?To Liveipool flour was engaged at 7s 6J j grain in balk at 26d., and at 36<J. in tacks. To Irelan i, 2 vessels were engaged yesterday and to-day, at 24d , in | bogs. Hsal Estat* at Al'ctior.?Lot on 28i st, mar 7th avenue, 26a08 $1,276 Lot aiijoinh g, same size 1,326 Lot on 24th nr?et, neer 7th avenue 1170 Lot adjoining, same size 1,000 UuildiLd known as K-nrla Huim Kataiilimnn-nt corner 01 Delancy una Chrystie ?t?, 76xloo.. . . H,WK) Two story buck bouse end lotonddihst, between '2d end 3d evenuel, *36x97 It 8^ in 6,0o0 An inteirut in house and lot 40 Thome st 60 ? Died. On the 'diet, Rohkrt McKauland, in the 60th year of 1 his 8ge. lli? Mend* and those oI hie family are tespectfully re qu??*?d to attead hia funeral, from his late residence, 002 Greenwich street, this (Monday) altemooo, at one o'clock P. M , without further invitation. The remains will be taken to Bergen, N. J , for interment. On the out, Mr. John Kasin, aged 70 yeaia. liis iriencs and acquaintances, logulher with those of his suns William and John, us also his sons in law Mr. David Woods and James 61. bard, are rvapectlully invited to attend hi. itinera! on Tuesday, March 03, liom bis late levidence, 190 Center street, at 1 o'clock P. M. 0 On the olst.ol consumption, Jiuli Dwiuht Lahka o>r. in the 08th year oi his age. His friends aud those ot too iarnily, slso the members of Wsshinglon Lodge, No. 1-2, I. o. of O. K., and the order geueisily, bio respectluliy invited to attend his luhetal, on Tuesday allot noon at 0 o'clock, from his late residence, 86 Mercer street, his remains will bo taken to oteenwood Cemctry lor inteimeut. 0 KLLIhF TO SCOTLAND AMD ICELAND, IK It ACKDO.VIAN. , NO ITCK TO TlllS CHAHITaBLK ?The sbovensmed vessel having breu divested ofher national chiracter by i act of t ougiers, and by ihe hiecuine placing her at tuy die- . I'o si "for ite i utp .se ol trsmpurting to the tarnishing poor of Ncotiand anil IreUud, sneh contributions as may be made for ihei- lelisf." sud ths gornnnsat of Great Britain with Ilka laudable hum inity, having da ertnined to | pay ihe Height ou all sneh volnmaiy coLtnbn- , iio.m?aud it b.i' g insiiilastly the dutv of all those win I i re honored with ihe charts ol di.tnbn irg the alms of i cteis, to do so n sneh s ins?n<r as shall c my .ha greatest reliel wi.h it, m ire e.peeiallf when shaman life may depeud , np n eve-> dollar sddeJ to the relief fold? I would,thers-or., " res ectfully give notice, tlist,n.ssmarh ss ths Irsight paid by j 'hsu Britain will emonot to more than ihe eipenses of ilia ship, (the es'. mate lie ma one-third, or ps'h.pion* half,) 1 the aurplua m I be distnhatad to vi u in aucmentation of yoer Imm m enable yon to boy more gram, and thereby ???e more lirea, ahonld yon claim it; if not chimed, the ureitinent will be made by me in furtherance ol the oljecta of the lair. fcoti'.ni will he duly 'ecetptrd tor, end a reeeip: taken Ircm the soeiettet or partiea to whom they are lent, and thu tlritfh Comal at rhie place haa genernnily watrrd all lata, end will Kive certificate! free of OtO. C. JUfc KAY, New Vorlr, March tJ. 1847 * . H The w,rchon<ca of Me<ara D.itia. Wirha !t Co.. 3S ami <9 V> eit at , and St Broad at., kindly ro'unierred in aid r f tliia CHute. ni'l re, tn ne t> be open lor leeriptaol p?ofn ttnti 'lie hip ia teady winch will probably he in the "ii " I h t we k m22 <l*ic All,?. 1'vklMb, ?HOh THKc,AL?, *c. CUT i ml Wrought Naili Brada and Vpikes eetwe, ?,?!, g. wrapping am! baling Twine Coit n etiue, of the beat quality, "Hopewell" and other maika S.ioe 1 bread, green, half hteeehed, yellow and brown (J arprt Warp, eoiton and (lag, colored and plain MOiifcum, Cordage, Bale Hope, cotton do I, dia Twine, two and thtee thread, anitehle for fiahrng^lie. -V.rr tebKA k piM it'rh m? fear I atreet f j UNION MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. rpHE Corporators of this institution, evnaetsed on Batar = A dae (h? 2otb mat., and uuauituomlr resolved, thiet a book of subscription t? (he capital itock of ISA,INK) tlollara, aa reon- a rati by (ho chartai, far tba businesa of Marina Tranaporfaiioo n and Navigation Itiika, and alao fo? Kira Riika, tha profits to Bt be divided between the Stockholders and thoaa doing bnai- an naaa with tha institution. ? Notice ia heieby giren, (bat the book for subscriptions to | tha capitalatotk of the above ioatiut oa, will be npeutd tin. r? dy; aJao, a boot for the applicationa for inamancra, at tha offiaa of tba New York f quitable Iniu'snce Company, ho. ,, 5? Wall afreet, and continue npeu till .Monday morning the S Mth inat., to which tine the truateea hare adjourned, to torn- , pleta the organiaatioa, he Id tbustkcs. 1 cu Richard M. Laurence, Star hen Alloa, 111 l^ambart Suydaaa, James O. Wa<d. *! Joseph Bouchand, Kdward K Collins, Peal Srofford, Ferdinand Suydam, I"1 Beth Groevanqi, Abraham O. Thompson. lc John P. Naamith, N.H.Wolfe. Chaphard Kuapp, George Hapelya, iliiwin Hoyt, John Van Neat, J. T. H. Gtbaon, Robert A Robertson, C. H.Mund. ?" And others to be associated- * LAMBERT SUYDAM. President a>< Copies of th* charter nay ba obtained at No. 51 Wall at. mht2 7ti?rc NSTHIRORAND TEMPERANCE DE'JIONSTKA ae TION will ba bald in tha Broadway Tabernacle ra Wednesday Even tux, March 24, at half past 7 o'clock, to RE- 27 JOlCE>t the TRIUMPH of Temperance in tha decieiou of tha Supreme Court of iha United Ktatea, auaiaiuing the Bi CONSTITUTIONALITY of the EXCISE LAW-aud *1ao, to further the carrnaion of aaid law to tkia City. Ad- ac dreaiaa br W . E. DODOE, Eaq , J. M. VAN COTT. E.q . Pt Key r. H REED, end Her. Dr LANSING Singing by m the APOLLO VOCALISTS. J M. BROWN. Wm E. Mac- en donough and othara. W E. D?dge, Eaq , will preside. La- w diea and gentlemen are ineited to come early and All the houae. B y order of the Oener.I Temperance Cc unc il, cl J. W. OLIVER, ) = A.C. ELAN AUAN, > Com. of Arrangementi. D. LEAL, S ?n24 3ti**ih STEAMER ARRIVED. f EVERY kind of Pictorial Papers, Koratgn Newspapers, J lie., received by tt WM. TAYLOR It CO., No. 2 Aitor Houae. tt where mar alao bo obtained all the Magazioee lor April? Jantea' new novel, and every cheap publication. ? m221?ic _ i HONOR TO WHOM HONOR 18 DON. J fXTEaeebyau advertiaement in the Sunday morning pa- h TV pe>a, that tne fire at the corner of Cedar and Bioatfway, a on Saturday morning, waa diacovered by the Ponce of the P Firat Ward, and extinguiah'd by them. Such ia net the oaae. ai It wan diaeoveied by one of the Fire loanrance Watch, and w extingniehad by them, with the aid of the Fire Department. fi na22 tt#rh JUSTICE. b L. SNOW SOCIAL UNION. NO. l.-lh* Member* ! ot the E. L.Saow Sooial Union, No. I, are hereby courted to meet at their hall, No. Ill Bowery, thia afternoon 1 f Moadav) at 2 o'clock, for thepurpoae of paying the laettri- J but* of reapect to th- ir late worthy member, aiater Catharine r A. Laforgy. Social Union No. 2, are reepeotfully invited to Join na in full regalia. Per order, m22 lt*rh LEANDER KELLY. O. S, G. B CLARKE, J MERCHANT TAILOR, 111 William street, oppoeite the . e New Storea?1 flatter myself lint 1 have never yet made I li a garment to meaanre, that the purehaaer haa not recommend- ti dme to his friends, and they to thair'a, ao that my bnaiueae h inereaaea in a geometrical ratio. ' ai It ahall be my endeavor to give atill greater eatiafaction. The genue " Back" kept ready haada. Finaat French Dreae Coata made to meaaure, Lowerqaalttiea, $14, II, II. A few Overeoati, line, atill lefk.prtee $11. All aooda bonxht and told for eaah. m27?t*rc ] HaIR SEATING, HARDWARE, tec. : aoxxTs' tr stubs rutcga. li ALL PATTERNS of Table Cutlery at manufacturer!' d prices ; warranted C.S. fllaa, Chissela. Ite. on tbe star- b ling lint; Traee Chain*. Knob Loeka. Frying Pan*, Anvila, Vicaa, ke. he. ke A lull aeaorunent of Hair Cloth, at the reduced price*, with a general aaiortment of staple Sheffield and Birmingham Oooda, at low price* to th* trade. JOHN A. NEWBOULD, I m22 3teod*rh 55 John street, up staiia. i , FOURTH WAKD. j c The democratic republican electors 0i ! c the Fourth Ward who are friendly to the honeat and in- , fi dependent course of nominating candidates by th* voice of n the people, ere requested to attend u meeting at the Shahs- ti peare Hotel, corner of Dnane and Walliam atieets, on Tnes- It day Evening, March 23d, at I o'clock, for th* purpose ol hear- i a! and taapondiag to th* report of their Nominating Comttee. By ordar of the Committee, CHAHI.leaM NiMUV m..i 1 - Thowa* Have*, Secretary. * *** ' *inai'?T??c 117 K are requested to draw attention to a sale to be made J TV by Dumoutfc Hosack, at the Merrbaais'Exchange, on ' the 95th March, at 12 o'clock, of two parcel* ot valuable Lou t| in the Sixteenth Ward, one comprising II Lota. 4 on the ea*t t aide of 10th avenue, between 14th and 95th alreeu. and 14 ou , the aonth aide of 2Sth atreet. Sale peremptory, under the di- b rection of a Maatcr. b The other parcel, consisting of 5 Lota, on the west aide of a 10th avenue, and teu on the north aide of 14th atreet Sale pe- a remp ory. Maps may be aeen at the MerchanU' Exchange, t, aud at the office* of the auctioaee'a, and of Jamea M. Weill, n 9th avenue, near Slat atreet. Two-third* of the pnrchaae mo- a ney to remain on mortgage, if required, at 7 per cent. a -mil StiaT j f, BONNARD'S RESTAURAM T, ; Corner of Pint and Nauau itruti. f, J BO,N NAHD, favorably known aa keeping an excellent ri eatabliabmeat at No. S'.Naaaau atreet, will open on Moa- p day nrxt, bis new reatanrant, which he haa fitted np in a very ; handaome manner. The I aaement ia arranged in a new and i improved atyle a* a kitchen. The firat atory is the lunch ! room. The aecood atory ia a spaeioui dining room, and the third atory coutain* a dumber of convenient dining and supper room* for atnal 1 parties. The whole is arranged ao as to h afford every convenience and comlort for those geatlemeu | ?1 who are obliged to take their meal* down town 1 n The bill ot fare presents a great raiety.ol good things and j ai at reasonable prices, and we are aiaurrd that the winea will I bsol the very best quality. The reputation which Mr. Bon- I nard haa obtained at hia former establishment is a guaranty 1 that the present will be conducted so aa to give satisfactit-u i to the public. Madame Bonuard is favorably known for her I superior taste in the management of the culinary department, J which she will superiutend personally. We have no doubt that the larder will be furnished in a manner to su>t the moat p delicate and refined taste. m2l lw*rh e IMPORTANT TO GENTLEMEN. " (1ENTLEMKN, I WISH YOU TO KNOW, that 94 h vJf Murray, corner of Waahiugton atreet is the only place ai in this city where you ean depend upon having fall attention raid to the repairing, cleaning, dyeing and altering all kinds of Genilemeu's Clothing at short notice, on reasonable 1 terms, Give me a trial, and you will find that for shillings J only, you oan have your coats made to look equal to new, ti without the aid of that great dcatracter, staam Cleaning auupiyairg superior to anything ever don* in thisieity Please tl call, or aead a note to 91 Money street Oestlemsu, prepare S foi Spring io time, . COKTIbBOS, from Linden. 1 B mJl lm*rh I cluthing. 11 THE CHEAPEST genu and boys rashieuable Tailoring and Clothing Establishment in New Verb, is JACOB 1 VANDERBILT9', M Maiden Laos, between William and Naasen atreeta, wheie nay be Toned over fire thousand reedy made garments, which wi'l be sold wholesale nr retail, at the J wry lowest possible prices. Alto, more than fire hundred n pieces oT fashionable goods, which will be dim e to order in ~ a style of eleganceUhat cannot be surpassed. You will do well to call, as you can aare from three to seven dollars on a anit. Do not fotget the number, 36 Maiden Lane. " m20 ln'r c ft DaOUEKREOTYPE PLATES?Just received, a large assortment of Daguerreotype pla'es, full,) quarter and X small sixe; for sale by WM H. SMITH k CO . ? m20 lw*rh 4 Maiden lane. 1 A CAKU TO THE LADIES. *> MADAME B. LEVYN, late from Berliu, begs to an- * nonnceto her friends and lailiea in general, ihat she has just opened a Millinery Establishment in this city, at r I74 Bowery, with a vary extensive and magnificeut assortment of ell articles in that line. Her present slock of goods has been selected by herrelf with the utmost care?is entirely sew, and in point of elegance, richness, aud variety, C cannot be surpassed Madame L*vy?c, iu feet, feels eonfi- 1 dertthather establishment will be found wo.thy of the 1 patronage she solicits, and requests an early call. MADAME B. LEVYN, 174 Bowery. N. B.?Wanted a lady to superintend the isles. m20 lin*rc * ONE EIGHTH OF AN INVENTION. h AN INVENTION for increasing the speed and safety of steamboats, has been secured by depositing a eaveat in < the patent office of the United States, said iuvention hiring J been eiaminnd and approved by more than one hundred sci- _ eon lie aud practical men. The inventor it now in this city, aud has commenced build'ng a b at, that all tnnyseethe ' Eower and importance o' the itvention. One eighih part will e sold to a scientific and practical man fora reasonable com- ^ rmsetion.tie inventor desiring to have an assistant to aid im in boildiog. An interview may be had with the inventor a at 106 Vetey street, from S o'clock to 6 P. M., where a draw- J ing and fall explanation may be seen and heaid. BE WALL SHORT. The tnhseriber withes to hire two small Steam Engines, u ol f em five to eight horse power. mid 6t*rh 1 m 1.7 URN ITU HE kuK aALE?'ihs Household Knruiture, ai " used bat a short time, of a small family, is offered for ? ale at very reasuisble prices. * Address E M at the flice of this paper. ml9 1w?rrc n QUILL FENS. i! '| HE Snbtcriber would call the attentiou of the public to tl I his superior Quill Pens, made entirely with the penknife. By long p.sctice he has succeeded in reaching the greatest possible perfection in sailing every kind of writing, . it I the same time ihey inrpats by lar, any metallic pen in ' ~ si aatirity and ease. They are Carefully put np in boxes of i I j each, to that they can be shipped to any part of the coun- I 1 y, without risk of damaging the points, for sale by al inli 19 lm-jh K THEN K AMP, No 99 William st. h iMIIl'UL U nil i ' t punci I tl *?41V & 11JJ14 VIJAUUljlllTCi. 1 _. ON* K M'*RK we challenge the New Vork hhade dealers I In to compete wi li us in th? sale of Window Sh dee. We I n< ere now making 'arge daily additioos Co our etock o< Shades, | J, and pledge ourselves to be undersold by none. As to the | r( qinluy ol oor Hliades, we hare bmt one word to say. They I in took the premium it th? Inte fair at iHewik, N. J. We in- ' vile the citizens ol' New Yoikand the surrnnudiug country I dl to give tie a call, and we will nrove the froth of our assertions S| DUN* KK.H at BK.KKh.t4, ?| No. M Chatham street, near Chambers street, pi m!9 lm*r New York, w III i,AnD PROPRIETORS, FARM Ella, &c. ?j WANTKD?By s married man. with a small family, the innoageirent of a (arm, on tliares. The ailrernser is |h practically acquainted with all the most recent imp oremenu in Scotch and Cngltsh agriculture, cattle, gardening, cultiv-t'nn of fruit trees, kc. Ike. His wile has a perfect ? know ledge of the management of a dairy, re iring of poultry, fee. The most respectable city relerence can be given fl Address Agrieols. office of this paper mH lw?'e J CARRIAGES. 9 1" HK snbscriber offers ler sale an eicellent assortment of p, good Carriages, all new at) les, warranted eqn I in q is- (j, lity to any thing lu this market, and will be sold at reasonable f? pnees. JAMK.H BI4K, |4 mil lm*rc 21 and 17 Canal street. HAVANA SEGhRS >00 HAVANA Hh.OAKS, of the follow- _ "a-'a-'jc/l/vr ing brands Due t hImiios do hegaiias, do fnuatelas, do Ladies, Colours, Cnbrry, d oe Coupa- s leros. dan lloman; La Fernuidina, ike , for sale by I ?'? 'We M. AN'OULO. 21 New st ,f JOUMNbYtvihN KkEK Sl'uNE GU Tf-RS ? CAN And eirp'pyment by applying to either of the tnder- *J signed at their respective placet of bnsioess $1 ?7H per ? Jay will he given to good workmen Abram McBride. 24.1 srreet. North River pi John Wright, I3thatreei. near West. Chafe It Fepy 21st street, near Id avenue. Jnhu Anderson, 31st street,near Sd avenue. 'i haddeua Pell, 471 Weststrert. Masterton k Smith, lid street, near North lliver. II McMaster k Craig, (J-ei uw ieii and 17th street. i Milne k Stewart. Washington and Horatio. >t lliley k W .odrnff, foot of Weat 20 h street. Win. Portean's, Washington and Leroy streets. * Alt* McDonald, lOtn street, opposite T^mi kins square. "' Ales Wilso.i Jeraev city ci IVusr B. Anderson, Brooklyn. 'h IP.v.d " 1 V Jno Murray, " H \V John ton, " D Jnaeph Hotrra font Weat 2 2d ttreet, N. H, fc Tailon k Wheelan. Brooklyn m'9<t*re I THK I VlPMUVhMhiNTS made in reatorn g the color and | cleaning of Oentlemen'a U-rmen'a la moat aatoniahing: 1 <3 by the new prneaaa the cloth la cleaned retreahed and i* atrenethrned, and the color it made permanent, and fiuiahed ' IT eqnal t > ntw cloth, no matter how faded or tailed Send to I M the corner of Berkman and US Naaaan atreet, yonr Barmenta hall he made equal to new Henaiimt and altering in a flrat ,0 tete atyle. Caeh paid for (ientlemen'i Clothii g. U lw*r >< 11 1"" I 11 APCWW 1 LCiluN^um^-'villLiAMSk'^tliKlELU will I icll rhia day at It o'clock, *t iheir Aucu, n Hoom,M u?er aireet, a Urge and daairable aaaortmeet of foreign . d Dotneatic Oooda, adapted to the Hiring Trade Alio, an Invoice Super Ingrain and Venetian Carpeting Alan,'ten caitoua rich Paria Embroidery, adapted to the tail trade. ui j It'rc HT DUcLUZE AU.Auctioneer. [ALE OF THE Cl/HIOUB MECHANICAL MU8HM I of the Lafavette Buiai. ltt and 131 Broadwav. H Our 1Mb will sell at auction, on Friday, 26th Marcn, the lr-ge i llection ol Meehsmcal Clocks and Automatons, aad Ma:el luitiuineuts of iho Lafayotta Baxaar. Among whiati The Celebrated Autouiatou Lancer ?u the Tight Roue, hue movements are aa uaiur il ami gracefnl ai a human be g'a, and rival the celebrated Ravel Family. Alio. The Singivg Bud caking lrsaens from ita mistress, it ily surprising, and lurpaaues every kind of mechanism yet iowu. Alto, over sixty Hare Cunoaitiei, which we of the moat lique character, comprising an Automaton Flute Player, bote muiic it delightful, and any performer, bel?i every poaaib e Automaton contrivance. Alao, an Harmonican ai powerful aa a church organ. Alao, two fine Organs Alao. a fine collection of Chinese Figures, Paintings, In* eta, Telescopes, Microacopea. end Elrctric Maebinea, Ac. The Mnseum will be arranged for examination on Monday, d March For further particulars apply to T. A Artiult. L'.t-veite liter, or at the office of the auctioneer, 30 Piatt at Alao, Hale of Three Splendid and very Powerful Teleopes, m tde bv Lerebonrs, Optician of >ha Observatoire in iris These Teleseooea will be warranted perfect, or the oney refunded, by T. A. Artault, tfce owner, and will be Id at auction, at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 and 131 Broaday, ou Fruity, 34th of March. Colleges, Universities and B< hools have in this sale a good ance to buy a capital instrument. mh31 6tis*rh HOUSE AND FURNITURE TO LET. M A T WO story and attic brick House in Franklin at. It? near Broadway, famished throughout in modern style. liilLTh* house is conveniently arranged witti Crot?n Wair, Ac. Possession can be had before May, if desired. For urns, apply to H. F PARR18EN, 113 South street. m21 3t*rh TO LEASE?The Mansion Heawe and Firm of John [jil L, Norton, at Far Roakawav, l.eely occupied by Jacob U&Lawrence. Jr., adjoining the Marine Pavilion The ous?is33 leet by 39, two story and attic, affording large and aantiinl accommodations for aitbar a Boarding Houae or rivets reaideuce. The Coach houses and Stables are large ad commodtoua; CO scrss of choice land, 30 of fresh and sit meadow, and 30 of baaeh and paatura; the ies house lied. The bnildiugs with gardeu anu ground adj ainmg will e let separate if required. Apply to John H Power, 139 niton street. New York , mjniw'rc jam* To i.A'1.?ran ot a genteel non. e I i a small family; I (Of or thasaeond floor will bs 1st ready fnrntohed to one ' LJI> or two single gentlemen, without board. The beat of elrrence required Address boi 1344 pest office. m20 lw*rh FOR SALE. i a A THREE STORY HOUBE on 23d street, between the 2d and 3d Avenues. It is well finished, and replete with the latest improvements, including kilobit range, sink, rold end warm baths, water cloteta Ac , It*, isu marble mantels throughout the house; a court yard of fifsen feet iu front, with verandah and French windows. The onse is one of a row of aix honaea on the south aide of the treet. For further narlipnlara. amiltr In " """VysEkaoN'*, mIO lm?rh 171 Pearl ?tf et. FOR SALE, AT PRIVATE SALE?The property known aa So. 1M Mnlberry itreet, near Broome itreet. Lot II by 100 UKfeet. A two itory briek front home on the front of lot -a afball two etery frame houie on the lide of lot, with a irge work ahop in the rear. 33 by 36 feet, with a cellar If feet eep in the aame. Half of the pnrchaae money can remain on ond and mortgage, at 7 per cent..Eaqaire on the premiaea. 113 lm*rc NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE aabacribera reapectfnlly call the attention of ^QDealeri and Millinrre, to their praaent atyle of Neapo- I S^litana, which are anpenor to any hitherto mannfaCtur- . ed by them; they are alao manufacturing a new atyle ! ailed the Uoeaamer, with flowere of the aame material to ! irreapoud, which are indeed eiquiaitely beautiful, and we ! :el confident that oar Neapolitana andOoaaamera will be the mat faahionable Bonnet worn thia aeaaon, by the demonatra- , on made thua early ia their favor by the moat fhahionable I idiea of our city and elaewhere PATTISON NOE It CO., Patenteea and Manufacturer! of the Neapoli an Bonneta, mat lmia?rc Wo. 33 Delancy at., nenrt the Bowery. A LESSON IN ECONOMY. JDEVOK'S HAT AND CAP MANUFACTOY. 1^ (foimerly known aa the Phenix Eatabliahment,) ppoaite Dutch atreet. 103 Kultou atreet.?The proprietor of lua eeiebratcd eatabliahment ia eonatantly demonatrationg he fact that a beaver hat can be aold for S3.S0 and a molekin h-t for $3. enperior to four-tlfiha, and equal to the very eat $3 hat aold in the city or elaewhere, equal ia atyle, eauty of ahape, completeneae of iaiah, neatneaa of lining, nd every other requiaite whatever. Thia fact ia 'he reault of ayatern which, it more generally adopted, would put anend a much ruinoua extravagance, npon which ao m.nytradeaicn have raa^e ahipwreck of their hopea. The auecea of the bove Hat ana Cap Manufactoiy p.ovea conclutively that low reut, the utmoat economy in expeoditurea, quick enlea ir caah, with amall profita, can compete triumphantly with in meat glaring and coatly eatabliahmeuta of the day, and the inihceof no point, important or unimportant, in the manuicture of a hat ie ncceaeary to enable the proprietor to warint a raving ol from S3 4# to $( per annum to each of hia atr< na. The achedule of pricea aa below lat quality Nutria... .S3 40 lat quality Cloth Capa SI 30 3d " " .... 3 00 3d r.. 1 00 lat " Moleakin.. 3 00 3d " M 75 3d " " ... 2 30 In addition to the current Spring atyle, (a beautiful article) e keapa on hand en aaeortmeut of different atylea adapted to II peculiaritiee of form and feature, and ia alao prepared to ia>eto order, at abort notice, Hata, Cape, lie to auy pattern, t 103 Fulton atreet mllSt're KNOX, JL III KULTONrSTREET. 9a : ' S now ready to enpply the public witlt elegant Hata of hia L or It I NO FASHION. The quality of the article he offen for publie approval and atrooage can be judged from tiie fact, that no man ever purbaaed a hat at hia eatabliahment but who became a permaent cuatomer. He will not aay anything of hia long expeienee, hia peculiar facilitiee and taate, aa the public preaa ave circulated the fact that he boa had no auperior in hie buineea for yeara pqat. m!7 ?ti*?'C _ NOTICE! 1 THE CO-PARTNERSHIP hithetm V,.i ? ?n PLUNKETT It PAHDtLSSUS was dissolved by ma 1*1 cousent on-the 1st iustaut. WM. ROBERTSON, Jr., and JULES PLUNKETT have ; lis day farmed a co-partnership nnder the firm ol RBERT ON It Co., lad will contiuue the Hat and Cap bnsinesa on loberta-m'e well koowu principle at the Thmnii Hat and Cap lauulactory, No. 89 Fulton (treat. New Y?rk, and at their ! iranch store No. 43 Fulton street, Brooklyn. New York, March 115. I44T. mlT I6tr 1 SADDLE HORSE ; . WANTED TO PURCHASE, or hire for three AgAANor four meutha, a goad Huddle florae Addreea | BELL, at thi? office, stating terms, whieh must be > toderate. rol2 Jt*rc LOST, on Friday, the 19th lustaut, n hlark New- 1 iM fouud'and Do*, with white breast and feet. Hadon > iLZL*heo he left a leather collar with the owner's name n a oraas piste. A suitable rewaid will be paid on returning I iin to No. It (J'ernwich atreet. m2t lt're ; b^"the rKiMrnvE ok wild canahy. just received Iroin St. Michaels, loug bleed and song ca- I WEr na-ies, tin bie-ding cnges, a preventive for insects; i 1 a variety ol breediug cagea, and all articles for tlte 1 raider. Canary, rape, hemp and millet seeds, for sale 1 'hole ale and retail, by W. 8. JOHNSTON, 2M Broadway, near Clumbers at. N. li.?King Charles Spaniels, English and Scotch terriers, ! it sale as above. m!9 5t r I MUSIO. | gfjA-n THE PIANO TAUOHT on very moderate |^PHP| a lady who has hnd experience in Fw % 111 teaching-, wishes to take two or three more I * pupils She t 'schea the science thoroughly?eerms three dollar* i er month A liue addressed te Music, to the Office of this paper, shall e attended to. m}lmis*re MUSIC. OAl.LS AND PRIVATE P.tKTIES lorntahed with the l L> Violin, Harp and Piano Forte, or any number ef lustra 1 teuts. The music selected from the meat fashionables Ope- j ' * R.yAVLIFFE, A AVLIFFE, J AYLIKFEand O. AYLIFKR, Brothers, Professors, I a 127 Klin street corner of Howard mil tm*rh L?Y ORDER of JOHN W. EDMONDS, Esquire, Circuit J Jodge of the Arst circuit, notice is hereby given, pursnut to the provisions of the statute, enlhoristeg attachments Itinst absconding, couceelcd and nou-raaident debtors, that a attachment haa iaaaad against tha estara of Patrick Bnrka ad (ieorge Uarnai, non-raaidanta of the 8tate of New York, nd that the same will be aold for the payment of their debta, uleaa they appear and diaeharge such attachment, according i law, within nine months from the Aral publication of this otice; and that the payment of any debta due to them by i*ir debtora, and the delivery to them or for their use, of ay property belonging to them, and the transfer ol any of irir property by them, are forbidden by law, and are void, lifted the 9lh day ef October, 1444. A. A. PHILLIPS, felA 14wM*rrc Attorney for Attiching Creditors. N THE CIRCUIT COURT OK THE UNITED STATES for the District of Louisiana?Josiah Barker et I vr the Executors of Chester Clark, Thomas Hunt et al? requiiy ; dim ana nmeaaea Dili?11 appearing in the Court iat W.and T. Van Btukirk, Luke Davia, Mra. Alice Mead, tecuthx ; Walter Tagger li Co., William C Waddell, Orndo Kiak, Auatiu Melville It Co., Manael T. Htoqt, linkry It ttertine, H. Rooream It Co., Weyman, Clurk It Co , ?hn Hunt Ik Co., Van Wyck It Plullipa, and T W. Pinkney, laide out nl the Srate of Loniaiana, and all or moat of them the city of New Vork : It ia ordered that,the aaid defendanta do plead, anawer, or rmur to the anid bill and amended hill, on or before the Arat onday in April next, and that a copy of th<a role be aerved ion them peraonally, or publiahed in one of the newapapera ibliahtd in the city of New York, at leaat three timea a

eek, for four weeka, prevmua to lhat rime, at the exnimtion ' which period, in default of auch anawer, the (aid bi.I and nended bill ahall he taken proeonfeaao I ceitify the abore to ba a true copy from the minnteaof e aaid court, of the order thia day taken iu ilie ahoye came ED RANDOLPH, Clerk. New Orleana, Feb I, 1?<7 PIT Jwltaw r RKOFUSA La FUR WOOD rHK auhacribrr will receive nntil the lit of April, 1847, (or the delivery ol 500 corda of heat aeaeoued ak wood at Fort Columbne, Uoyernor'a lalnud Cnminuui- , itiona to he endoraed "Prrpoaala for Wood," stating the ice |>er cord of 111 cubic feel, and giving the place of rrai ruee of ihe bidder , and tbe uamea of tae aureaea for the ithlql performance of the rontract. For information re- | ting to particulars apply to No M Greenwich atreet. (Signed) H. U VINTON, Captain and Aaaiatant Quarter mister. New Vn-k. March 5 iMT. ma e-d'"l?t Are i PROPOSALS FOR GOAL. JtfVE HUNDRED TONS of beat quali y, broken and ' screened red aah Anthracite Coal, wanted by the aut:riber, fortheiia?of the troupe at <> yernor'a J land, p-o- J laala for the delivery ol which will be received at tie* nartermaater'a trffice, QO Oreenwieh street, until the let of , Jinl proximo . to be endoraed, " Propoaala for Co il." Ihe . livery to commerce iu the mouth of May, and to be com- 1 eted by the ta' of Augnat. H. D. VI.N I ON, Capt and A. Qiiartermaaier. New Vork. March 5, 1147. m6eodtoAl rr? LESSONS IN DRAWING. &c. i l/|ON#. H. LAEDERICH, lately from Parrs, wiahea to rl employ aomt <T hia ime in giving leaaona in drawing id wa'er color punting (aquarelle ) ' Having hren a pepifof the eeltbrated Pedoure, anu poeiai ing fully t' e mnan'rof that great maater, he reenmtnenda inaelf eapeti'lly ro the lidiea wishing 10 acquire tlieaeIimpllihment Ol drawing end p-in nil flowera, aa we I a? to I ie gentlemen and hoarding aehnola in and around New ork, for ell the other branches ol his art_ _ _ _ _ Hkcfiikncp:!?Ke?. A ?arr#b, He*. T P Bchroader, D , I. 1} Up Lnrr, K?q I* A. Lacnat?, P-n Meaira Pillot Le Rarbter. < nil mb k laehn Mr h'?Kt fc Hoop. ^ Applcaliona fur tariua may bf mad* at the Her. A.Ver n\ 19 Kanklin a'ffrt. >nil at 64 * aw at'*?t. f 17 coillm ?>c [ xi | ||aai| IU l.c.n l? on iwud anil uioruaf, id anma to auit applicaata, on food product- , a real aetata iu tliia city. Apply to A A BROAD. No. II , 'all atr??t, in lie Croton water office haaatnenr, who baa a Miae and lot for eale, eiiuatrd ua ?ih atrrct, oppoeifa Wnah flog etijnare. I N U. heaaml amall anma of mcaey to lend, on Brnnklya I al aetata. Apply aa abort. JJJtodltn'r I . ' 1 IJW.B - 1 I umwiw. Pt'mi Nimbi of Mr. Format. UtK i riJLATtllC-Mouday fceaoi.g, March i?. 1* will bo performed, tbo play ?i RICHELIEU?C J'Ml H'chalieo, Mr. Fonait; Lou XUIth, lurk; Oaali Duke of Orltana, 8. Pei (on; Count da Hindu, Bon Limit tie Clermuut, Met)' uilt, Father Joieph, Bus; peg Lourtirra, Couapiratun, Officer*, lie. In conclude wiih theci.mtdy of ABK NO (JUEBTIOl ??" Bui; Count Arthur da Caaonna, A. Audrey Ou 1 ueid .j the tragedy of Othello, by Mr. forreat. Doom open at h ,lf-put I o'clock ; performance will eo niliCPB Mf 7 n'nlnaV BU W.-.KY TM EATM E? Monday Mimuii, ilircb 2! wtll be Mi formed PUTNAM?Oen. Washington, & Vachs, Gen. Putnam, Milnar; THbert, booth; Gen. Graai Byrne.; Oaeectah, Mr. Neafie: Kata Putnam, Mra.Bergeai Mr* Starkham, Broadlcy; Viol a tali. Mr/Booth. To coanluda.with tba tragedy of PIZaRRO?Holla, 5 E.S. Conner; Ataliba, Mr Jordan; Orozembo, Vache: I Sirro, Mr. Booth: Atonzo, Mr. Clarke; Cora'# Child, M arnatt; Cora. Mra. Sergeant, Elvira, Mra. Madiaon. Draw Circle 25 can la frit and Gallery 1>K ceata. Dnora onea at OK o'clock. Performance eommencaa at BENEFIT OF SIGNUKA 30 ANT In. New yukk opera HOUSE, formerly the Ore wieh Theatre. Charlton atreet, corner of Variek straet Monday evening, March H?To commence with SIMPSC fc Co?Mr. Bromley, Mr. Kredericke. Siguora Maulia in a variety ofdaacea.' To be followed by DE I F A8 A POST?Captain Temp ton, H P Grattan; Soiiliy Walton, Mra. Tilton, After which Siguor Koaai will perform hia fea'a of magi T'>conclude with WHY DON'r SHE MAKKY-Cor ralMax;Mr Phillipa; Liaette, Mra Frary Price of admiaaion?Dreaa Circle 50 eta ; 2d and 3d Tier Pit UK- Doors open at 7; curtain to nae at 7X preciaely. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE Moai Evening. March 22?1 he performancea will eomme with the extravaganza of the FLYING HORSE?bin Singh, Mr W.leot; Kironx Schah, Miaa Mary Tavlur. Te be followed bv the muaieal barleaque ofTELEN CliUS?Telemnchua, Miaa Mary Taylor. a Iter which the firce of the KING'S GARDENER. To rouclit 'u with the Extravaganza, entitled DlAV HE VE NUE?Acteon, Mr. Walcot; Diana, Miaa Mary 1 lor: Mra. Ac'enu, Vra Tiniui. 1 Dreaa circle, 50 ccnta; upper bbxca, 25 eenta; pit oae a ling; piivare botes (5. Orchestra L?xta.$J. Uoora m en at T o'clock : curtain raea at naif liaat T. PALMO'S OPKKA HOUSE! Chambers atreet?Ml DAY EVENING, March 22d, last night of Hosai Opera of li RAIIUIL'DL' HI OttriMl i i.a . u vniiuiaivrj VI DIVIULIL. Wednesday ETeuing, M^rchMth,b^requeet, Vcrdi'i Op kiiduy Evening, March' 26ili, Doniz-Hi'a Opca, -LINDA DECHAMOUN1X. Niturdav Vmning, March 27th, extra perturmaure and uight of Donizetn'a Opera LUCIA D1 LAMMKKMOOIL Opera Booka may be Irad at lite Boa Office, let tier B< and rmquette, $1; 2d do, SO cenU; Private Boxet for I aooa, til; do for 6 peraona. (II. Beata rau be aeeured at Box Office from 10 A.M. till 4 P. M., daily. Per for mane commence at TX o'clock; doora open at 7 ?!1RGUS?Buw ERY AMPHITHEATRE MONDAY EVENING, March 22.?The entertainm will commenoe with a bur and Wal'x Enuee, let Mr Jamea Nixon and Mra Uullen. Moua I'aaiineria the Franch Hercnlea. The Dulcimer Bud of Mina'rala will play a variet Negro Souga, Choruaea, Oleea. Ike. lloi atinananip, Vaulting, Tumbling, Rope Performance, raring, Jnggliag, lie. To eonelnde with the Comic Bal'et of LUBIN AND . NETTE?Lubic, Mr Madigan; Annette, Miaa Jeiaelvm Doora open at 7, performance eomueaeea at K peat T Boraa 26 cenU. Pit I2K AMERICAN MUSEUM. SPLENDID performaneea, both Alteruoon and Keen jat I and 7J< o'clock, wli'u will be exhibited a Diora and Panoramic repreaeutalinn'of the FUNERAL O* NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, with all the pageantry and pomp of that occaaion. I Alao, will he exhibited at allhonra. peilect modela of 1'iVKNTY OF THE LARGEST DIAMONDS in the world, worth, in the aggrepare, over fM.000 000. Great Weatern -Ethiopian Miaatrela?Living Orang 1 Ung. fce. SAdmiaeiou 25 canta. Children under It yean 1<K cenu mil NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY HANDtL'8 MAGNIFICENT ORATORIO OF 8JI HON will be performed at the Tabernacle, on Thura Evening, March 25th. The Hociety will appear on thia occaaion with fall rat and will be aaaiated by the beat vecal and inatrumenul tal in the country. CHARACTERS REPRESENTED. 17atila Miaa J S. Northall. Mieah Miaa Anna S'one, Bono eaniwu Mr. M. Colbnrn. tiarepha Mr D.B. Ball Manoah Mr. F. H. Nuh. Meiaenger A Member. ('.oudueror Mr. V. I!. Hill. Org-uiat Mr. A. U. Hayter. Fertormanceto commence at half put 7 o'clockTicket! $1 each?fur aale at the mnaic atnrei; Saxto Milea. Broadwav ; C. Holt. Jr., lit Fulton atreet : J F. kina, No I Wall atreet. and at the door of the Tabernacle Tlie 111 crab era of the Society can obtain their ticket! al reliance of the Secretary, 86 Canal it m? H rc GEORGE WHITLOC THE ALLEOHANIANS, thankful lor the immenae f of la e beitowad upon their effort!, and flattrradby grot audience aiietnbled to hear their concert of the 1 reipectfnlly announce that their THIRD CONCERT, and poitively the lait they cm give thi* aeaaon, will take place ir the TABERNACLE. On TUESDAY EVENING, March 23, 1847, when ' be preiented the ver* beat qnartettei, trioi, dneti and ? in their collection, the intention being to make thu the MOST SUFERIOR of all their entertainment!. Ticket! FIFTY tiENTS, to be purchased at the M atorei, and at the doer Doora open at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence at 6 o'ch ml? 2tinerh MECHANICS' HALL, 472 Broadway, bettoaen Grand and Broome lire EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, WITH THE klCKFTIon OF THVMDAY KVKMINO, CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, RESPECTFULLY announce, that for the better acco datiou of their numeroni audience!, they will give tl inimitable conterti. crrry night thia week, at the abovei ular and elegaut Hall. Admiaaion 23 eeuti Doora open at 7?Concert to c menre at o'clock Change of programme every evenini m21 lwia*rc GRAND CONCERT AT THE APOLLO BALOt on I uesday Evening. 13J lust, on which occasion M PICO, Mud AULAMOWICZ, Hignor UENOVEHK, mo tenure, from Italy, his Grst appearance in this omul Hignor BANQUIHlCO, aided by other distiniuished ta! from this city, which will render it one of the most brill Concerts of the season. The proceeds to be applied in of the erectiou of the Samaritan House of Industry tickets see large bills. Concert to commence st half-pe P. M. ml?<tie i SELECT CONCERTS EVERY"EVENINC /n the Kir sunt Saloon attached to the bkoadway house, (corner of Broadway and Orund tired,) Commencing on Monday evening, me 23d, et S o'o clock precisely. Vocalists. Mrs. NEWTON. Mies DE MOKTIMEH, Mr. LYN< and V,. NEWTON. ft"?" Admittance cents. m20 dtia? MtnMr.KI3.Vl?sU.nrs a.vl uULlS.vl?Auoihei aurg operation upon a eomiambu list while une ? neeionesurgical c pcratious hare been perfumed within the last I weeks, anil a multitude of persons divested of prejudice legard to this matter. Mr. A. M Shaw will repeat his ei| imeuts iu human susceptibility this evening, March 12, el Wesleyau Methodist Church, 71 Allen street near Gram II yuu are a reas ining animal and can appreciate the laws life?come and see. fo commence at Jig past 7. Ad mute 12)a cents mil If i CARD. THE Subscriber (late co-partner of J. II. Hackett, Ei having become sole lessee and director of the How AthenKura, will receive propr sals from artistes of aekm ledged talent, for engagements lor the ensuing Theatri Season. THUS FORD, Howard Athencui Boston, March 11. 1347 mid lwis? FREE CONCERTS, AT THE OPERA HOTEL, No. 41 Chambers at. I door to Palmo's Opera House; commencing at half p o'clock. Vocalists?Miss Glenlatoo, and the celebrated eitemi singer, Mr. Harrison. Mr. Chlime will preside at the piano. The usual relishes, with superior ales, wines, fce. mid !w*r U. C. HILL'S GRAND FESTIVAL CONCERT will be given at Tabernacle ou Tnesdar eveuing, ytpril 6. He wil assisted by all the musics! societies and most of tht vi and instrumental latent ol the city. Further paiticulars will be duly liven. mil Jawtfi M'DLLiS AUGUSTA, RKSPECTFULLY >Uitei loth* Manageraof Theatrri the h'nited Statea, that duriug her abteoce from thuc lettera( poet-paid) directed ti> the care of Mr. John Foeey.!1 Theatre, will be forwarded to her. New York, March I, 1(47. ra7 2taw tf ri LiANbLuabo VlbNixuiaJv MADAME JOSEPHINE WEISS, Miatreaa of the Ball bega to atate to the Mutagen of Theatres in the Um Statea, lliat applteatinne for engagements rnnat be madt her agent. Mr. JOHN POVEY, of the Park Theatre, N York, who ia iloly authonaed to make all arrangements Lea i'anseusea Vieonoiae. in7 2taw ll I DK. (JKANVILLE 8 PATTIaON has rem' red hie aidenee to M Uaireraity Place, corner of 11th street, I hia Office to No. 63 Chambers atreet. Office houra from 10 In clock. mil in' KbMUVAL. THE Iriih Emigrant Society hare removed their offict No. 21 8prucc at mli lw*r PEOPLE 'A LINE STEAMBOATS FOIl ALBANY From the foot of Couulandt atrc et. Jit A o'clock, P. M ? Landing at Intel mediate Plot agl Steamboat ROCHES i Elt, (.'apt. A. Hit Jko ck, will l?*ivr on Monday, Wednead XM9CLl'"'i|l>yi and Sunday afternoons, atlo'eu n,o .Uiiioat i.oLl'.Vl til.A, ( apt W W. Topper, will lei !>n , neaday, Thnraday. and Saturday aftemooaa, at 4 o'tle All peraona are forbid trusting any of the boata of tkia li without a written order liora the Captaiot or Agents. Fur paa.age or freight, apply ou board the boats, or to P Bcmultt., at the office u the whew. m211 ^jt A N 1 E D IM MEDIA! ELY?Agood~?hip JHm l..rk 4.. I/...I I.., v.? 4 l.l. flKlb KUVV.Mtn K. COLLINS, " * No 56 Won h ttreal FUK L.I V c MPOuL? '1 o Mil on the *7th mi CTiMfVTlii laat-aeiling > act at nhip BAVAKI V Ho NNNLtnasier. having mr?t or her cargo engage.!, and go :n bond, will pot.lively aail aaabove Ko h?l<ne? of height or pasaage, having vry bandao fid eiieuaive na'a riora aceorninodatoiia, apply oa board pier 13 ?. II , or to WOODHULL k MINTURN. mil rh K7 Couth atreel KOR LI VP.KPOOL ?New'line regular paci KtSWfor Mirth 2i th The apleadid f?at aai iug rati flHMaahip ROSl |UC, A. Lldridge, Matter, wJl aeil above, nor regular day. Kor freight or ptaaage, apply oa board at Orlaaaa wha rooto(Wall atreet.orto K. K.COLLINS. 56 Sooth atreet Triaa of paaaage, ST5 T'a picket anip eiddona, Kdwanl B < ohb, maater, w luiceed the Roaeiua, and ami Xth April, her regular day. mil KuK NRW OKLKtNH. LOCHIA >A AP tfjfy NKW VOUK LIK OK P.V KKTX-Pojiti Haa I v the fi at only regular packet to aail on or bel> Vl> miay?The new anil apl ndid laal tailing p?ehet b AVOLA, Whitmore, master, la now loadn g. and will a II *? *. For fraigh; or htvinc hundtom* farui<htd nceo mod.itiftui, ipply ou board, ?l Orleans wIibM, fool of W itreet, or to r. K C0L1.INS, * ronth street Asenn m New n.|?.m J O Woodruff It Co., ttho w [>r mrtly fn-w :rd nil (nodi to their ml rest N.B ? Hhippcri m?r rely ?|oa thin b?i?| the first itu IT .11 .11 s| TO THE m., LATEST MOMENT. m! tklmukapuiu. ' LATER FROM THE WAR QUARTER i D- 1 U, &VKOM or TBS ? BATTLE AT 8ALTILLO r; CONFIRMED. L 1 Immense Loss of the Hexicnns. ? I . >i ERECTION 07 rORTITIOATIONS. The Attack on Vera Cruz. po- Ac. Ac. Ac. Washington, March 21-8 F. M. j k* A later arrival at New Orleans from the Brazos, iwi confirms the rumors ot a battle at Saltillo. 1A- No actual details have been received, but the | Mexicans state that Santa Anna lost immensely, ' K'H and was repulsed ,y All communication is cut otf between Catnargo hil- and Monterey ; and nothing is learned but from Mexican sources. Fortifications are rapidly progressing at Mats moras, ine Brazos ana Uamargo. fr4t AU is activity in those places, as the Mexican ' forces were reported in the vicinity. From the Island of Lobos, information has been ut received that the Mississippi volunteers have >im k?en ord?red from there to Monterey. p?? The attack on Vora Cruz was positively to to ! have taken place on the 10th. ? The western mail brings nothing west of Cam| berland. l by ! Albany, March 21, 1847. jr of The steamboat Hudson arrived here at two roa. | o'clock this afternoon. I It has rained very hard here all day. ! , BY THB MAILS. AFFAIR8 IN WA8tilNQTON. Washington, March 20, 1847" Variety is the Spict of Lift. Uq The great celebration in Alexandria to-day, in honor of the re-annexation of the ancient city to the Old Dominion, was a failure. The soldiers had gone off to the wars, and the citizens did not |M- tum out, and the procession was very slim, and, ty lor political reasons, the dinner was postponed. I we are informed that Senor Atoeba is in this j city, having, we suppose, like a committee of the I whole House, reported that he had made no pron. | gress in the business assigned to him, and asked i leave to start out again. We suppose he did the I best he could to persuade Mezioo to negotiate? I he tried, and if she was inexorable, he oould do | no more than to report that he had failed to do | any thing. i.*"' | We understand that in June next the President lhe intends to visit his native State of North Carolina, l and to be present at the University at the delivery ' or of the annual addrsss; Mr. Mason, Secretary of *Jje the Navy, having been solicited to deliver it. ' During the present week a large detachment of the Methodist preachers in town, attending the church conference, waited upon the President, and had " a talk " with the Great Father of the rill I red men. It was very complimentary on both olu? j sides, the President expressing his gratification. ; by a side wipe, that the Methodist ministry did not stand in the way of the vigorous prosecution >*>c j of the war against Mexico. ?ck "pon the President, by the way, i to take this war into his own hands, to ge down ? himself and wind it up and bring back the treaty elh of indemnities, cessions, limits, and boundaries, ' and of an alliance offensive and defensive, in his 1 pocket, and call up the Senate, have it ratified, a minister confirmed, and sent down to Mexico, and every thing done up in apple pie order against ? the tegular meeting of Congress in December. We are gratified to learn to-day, that in a re? ' cent cabinet couuuil the boundary line of Mr. ou- Calhoun, from the mouth ef the Kio Grande up ' that river in a north-west direction to the 32d de? grec north latitude, thence up that parallel across I*']?' to the head of ihe Gulf of California, thence prJ: down the Gulf, including all of Lower California cry; (or the peninsula) if possible, or straight across lent OriVn fhn WauiI nf thft (*nlF !n th? PkPiHo if thA lid peninsula cannot be had, was under consideraK?r tion, and tha', although the President held out 1,17 for Lower, as well as Upper California, the ma2? jerity of the cabinet expressed themselves satis* I lied with the line across from the head of the Gulf as the permanent line, if that, as a permanent boundary and a permanent peac/, could be i guarantied to us in a treaty upon reasonable terms. We will not vouch for the correctness of this information, but so various and multifarious 'H, are the propositions relating to peace which have ,r been suggested in cabinet sessions, that it is not ?, improbable this may be one among the nuinIfjj her. From the outbreak of this war, peace two was iho great object, and if there has been D any suspension of a forward movement, ^ or of the most active and enterprising liosl? tilities, it was wiih the view of testing the f olive branch policy; and if ihe war lias been " prolonged it has been untirely by the choice of ihe ? enemy. They might have had peace last August . ?last June, last January, if they had taken ihe oilers of this good government in the good faith in ?* which they were tendered. Yet we can afford to offer thein peace again, .after we have beaten B tuem ugain; and if tney won't have it, the only alre tentative is to lay on the broadsides until they hoist the *diite Hag, and cry hold, we give uj>?we Bext have hail enough ot the barbarians of die North? est 7 we admit that resistance is useless, and now, lor God's sake, have mercy upon us. The trial ol Mr. H. tl. smith, upon the sixtecu reinainir u indictments found yesterday lor foree ries against the United states. Ar.c. is still progress? ing. Upon the lirai indictment last night the jury the Were W. I be P. S.?Mr. Webster is here, and will not leave, ?? ? perhaps, lor the South before the end of the re | month. Senor iltocha and Mr. Benton went up ? to see the President to-day. Straws, gentlemen, straws. Mr. Benton leaves shortly lor a visit to his estate in Kentucky ' rk I e Washington, March 19, 1847. ? The Cate of Mr. Barnard?Celrbration in Alex1 anrfrut. ) to Mr. Burnard, late an officer in the Texas Navy, ; who was sentenced a few days ago by the Court, ?_ \ to three years imprisonment in the Penitentiary, for an assault upon Mr. Hall, a tavern keeeper in | this city, with an intent to kill, shooting him in ? j the neck with a pistol while the prisoner wns in i to a state of drunkenness, was pardoned to-day by 1. the President, on condition that the released prir soner shall enlist lor the term of five years in the regular army as a private. A petition to this ly\ effect, signed by a large number of our citizens, including the man upon whom the assault was ?k. committed, was presented tethe President, and a committee waited upon htm, and urged his in'S' tervention to savo the condemned man from ut ? | ter disgrace, uy commuting ma punishment io nve ar years serv.ce in the army. From the fact that the otieuc" was committed while the prisoner was in S a condition scarcely to know what he was doing, >?? and from the number and respectability of the ? petitioners, and the respectability ol the family of the accused, the President was persuaded, reluctantly, to the pardon, on the condition sug *l gested. The people ol Alexandria, late of this District, hut now ol the State ot Virginia, in celehratio^M i?c the act of re-annexation, and in honor of cerv!:.?i list internal improvement bills pas?ed by the Virginia " Legislature, calculated to benefit the commerce of nf, the city, give a grand blow-out to-morrow, at which we learn the President and Cabinet are to bo among the guests invited. We shall also enill deavor to t>e there. W. ? Great Frisust r.v the Waterkr.?A letter iu tinted Cnmdrn, March 13, says ?" I shall mail this, hat do not think it will reach you in regular course, '? aa our riser i? extremely high and still rising Our ^,1 bridge ia in extreme danger of heiug carried away hy the Mood " The ahove letter was due here Sunday even m- Ing, hut was not received until Tuesday afternoon By all passengers in last eeening'a cats, we leeru the water was falling, and communication again opened We un ... dentand the W ate tee riser was within II tnehea of ihe highest point of the great freah of 1HUI The riser lends (l not having yet been planted, the damage ia comparative- i ' J ly trifling.. J m . .. ! : AB9ITI0NAL IRTlLLIGBIfCK FR'J.X QMHERAL TAYLOR'S DIVISION. More Uoifirmatory Account* OF TH* REPORTED GREAT BATTLES. Movements of Santa Anna. THE CAPTURE OF TRAINS. THE CRITICAL CONDITION OF THK TROOPB AT Monterey and Saltillo. THE ATTACK QN VERA CRUZ. Jlc., fcc., &c. [Prom the Now Orleana Delta, March la j The ochr Cinderella O. Saull, Capt Scull, arrived l??t evening from the Bratoa. We are much indebted to Capt. Scull for the very kind and prompt manr.?r In which he put ua In poeeeeeion of the medium through which we received the following important newi: The Cinderella left tha Bratoa on the 6th init, and amungat herpaaaengera brought Dr. Wood, the aon-inlaw of Oen. Taylor. Dr. Wood ia well and moat favorably known aa the chief military phyaician at foint I?abel. He informa ua that no authentic report had been re calved from lien, rayior mceuu wmiui muiuuiy ? There were meay Mexican rumor* in circulation regarding the threatened attache el the enemy on Matxmora*. the Braios. and indeed all the poifets new in our poaeeaaion on the Rio Grande and Ran Juan rivara. Matamoree had heen fortified by our. troop*.end waa being atrengihtned every day. When the echooner left,every peraon waa buaily encaged in throwing up fortification* a U Fort Brown, filling barrel*, eaake and hoaoa with aand,?tbua making aa aelid a wall ef dafenoo aa the material* afford < ed, to repel aoy attack that might ho made on the depot ! at the Braze*. Thia would inttaoate that thoae who are Ion the a pot do not regard the rumora ef attack aa being entirely without foundation The very lateat intelligence received from Monterey i* oontained in a letter from CapL Montgomery, of the 7th Infantry. At tho time he write*, the 90th or the 2*Jd, he aava, " At the time I write thia, I expect Gee. Taylor 1* giving the Mexican* battle." Thia letter, we are informed, waa received at the Brazo* on the 4th mat, and we think it can be relied on aa the lateat intelligence of the movement* of our army. There waa a report brought bv the aame veaecl through which we received the above, which, taken in connection with Capt. Montgomery'* letter, make* it atrongly probable that a battle waa actually fought?although tha detail* are probably much exaggerated?between our force* and Santa Anna, about the time already indioated. Thia report atatea that Taylor gave Saaita , Anna battle on the 31at ult. in thi* engagement, which i* repreaented a* being the flerceat and meat important that we have yet had, it i* reported that the Ameiican* loat about 3 000 men. and the Mexican* a.OuO, among them Santa Anna. After the battle, which muat havo taken place in or near the neighborhood of Haltille, Gen. Taylor ia reported to have fallen back, with the remainder of hi* force, to a pea* noted for ita great natural defence*, in tha vicinity of Saltillo. We give the above rumor aa we heard it laat evening, with the remark that auch a report waa extenalvely circulated at the Brazo*. and by many believed to be true Of oourae. nothing definite waa known aa to the actual reault of the battle, but from the letter of Capt. Montgomery, dated at Monterey, and the well known contemplated attack of Banta Anna en Saltillo, it ia highly pronflhls that a hard hattla haa haan fotlffhi Mouth or Rio Obahdb. March 3. Eneloied you will And the copy of a Utter received laat evening from Camargo, per ateamboat J. F. Roberta, Capt. Road- Our lottara corroborate the report of Oen. Taylor being preated hard by the anamy, under Santa Anna in peraon, but do not giro the number. Oan Taylor haa called for all the troopa that can be apared fmm below. The 2d and id Ohio and lat Indiana regimenta , are to proceed, immediately upon the arrival ot the new volunteer regimenta, to Monterey, the latter to relieve the former. All vigilance ia required of commander* of I regimenta in the march from Camargo, and wagona to be parked at night to guard agalnat the enemy. I enure yen, thing* begin to look pretty blue. The wagon , train* between Camargo and Monterey have been atop! ped. It 8. Camaboo, Feb 25, 1847 A letter from Capt. Montgomery, A. Q M. at Monterey. haajuat been received, giving the following lalor nation : That Oen. Taylor had been attacked in hi* po| aition at "Agua Nueva" by a force of 25,000 men, und the engagement waa atill geing on. When the conrior i loft, Santa Anna'* ultimatum waa " aurrendor"? (fan. Taylor'* reply, " come and take me " On the 34th inat. order* were received here to atop and turn back all the team* leaving Camargo. which waa done accordingly, to the number of IflO team* Theteematera have Dean armed to dav A large tr .in of 130 wagooa left here on the 17th, and apprehenaion* are entertained that they have been cut ofT before reaching Monterey. The communication* between thi* place and Monterey are entirely cut olT Marin* ia occupied by u large force of the enemy, who are *aid to be advencing rapidly upon t'amargo, supposed to be Oen. Urreu'* force of cavalry and artillery We have to oppose thi* ioroe (of neatly 6,o0o men) about 1000, including Quaiformatter'a men. MovTaaav, Feb 31. The mail ia juat about to leave and I have only time to inform you af our altuation here. The exprea* arrived thi* morning from Saltillo. Taylor haa fallan back from Agua Nauva ; Oan. Marshall, who atarted from here yaaterday for Saltillo, re calved order* to (top half way, at tha Rinconada pa*a, and fortify. 8000 of the enemy bad bean Man within seven milei or Otn Taylor'* camp Thi* is our situation on tbe Saltillo side, by the other road wo bava more new*. Yesterday wo Mexican cavalry enterad Cardarata?how many moro are behind wa don't know ; the wretoha* had the audacity to take our etore for a cartel; the peraen attending to the (tore narrowly eacaped -he came in thia morning, having ridden all night. We are prepared ior a deaperate fl?ht, but have at moat only 1000 man. Another latter of the aame date aaya, 1 havo only ti?>.< to aay that a battle ia daily expected between Uaneral Taylor and Hanta Anna Tbe latter ia in greet force j ahort distance beyond Saltillo. Uen. Taylor ha* left hia position at Agua Nuovu, and fallen back to the str?'..g paaa. C*L May wns sent on on a scout, and a low ?l hi* man were captured. Thi* ia the lateatnew* (torn ubrvo Wa are all in the Black Kort, and the enly way tor Kama Anna to take ua will be by atarvation. There are pro viaiona enough in it to keep ua going for six month*. Mont saw, (Mexico.) Keb. 31, 1017. Since my last to you, we have had all aorta of repor t* aa to the advence of Santa Anna and his army upon Bah tillo } hut the intelligence wa* not suittcirnt to warrant the belief that auch was t ha case until yestn.'ay, when an cxpraaa arrived at thia place from Uen Taylor * camp at Agua Nueva, 30 union beyond Sultill >, stiitirg thm Santa Anna and his army wora in force about 30 mile* iu his (Oen. Taylor's) frent. The purport of the express was, that Capt. Prentiss' Company of U S. Atiiliery, should march up from thia place, to join him at once, and to take up heavy ordnance?and much to the credit of that officer, he was on the road in a very ahort time T wo 18-pounders and 4 guna of a smaller calibre, wore taken ' up. Oen. Marshall lelt this morning for Saltillo. The speculations her* are, that Uen. Taylor will bo fully able, with the small fore* now with him, to main . tain hi* position against any attack from the enemy.? Should Santa Anna be in such force as ia represented, Oen. Taylor can fall back on Saltillo ; and ifdiiven back from there, ha can retieat to Monterey, where be will he secure. Krom what 1 can hear, old Rough and Heady say a?" II Santa Anna has the temerity to attack me, I will give him battle " MOO cavalry ar* reported to be M miles di tant from the city, on the road toward* Victoria, coming thi* way. We havo her* the 1st regiment Ohio Volunteer* arid lit regiment Kentucky, and about out company ixoniuii,) cevairy? no ii[uun. In the event ef (feu. Taylor being driven beck on Monterey, it ie underatood that ell the forcei wiil retire into the Black Kort, from which positionjwe will bare command of the town. Previaiona, ammunition, wood, lie., are being aent to the fort in great abundance?in fact, all government property baa been removed tbore If tbe enemy come to Monterey in force, the city muat fall into their handa, lor tbe prevent foroe cannot hold it. From the Black Fort, with our heavy piecea of artillery, we can batter the city down, or at leaet make the ana miea' qnartera so hot for them aa to compel them to aoon evacuate. Tbe Menican population of Monterey are very much alarmed, and are moviug from thie place ; the merchants too ere tnoving.og, I tuppore into the interior. They teei Santa Anna's appearance. 7 ho intelligence of a herd fought battle in the neighborhood of Saltillo ie houily ex pected here., P. MonTKaav, Keb. 11, 1847. I open my letter to say that anotbar express haa err ved Irom (fan. Taylor'a camp. (fan. Ta>lor ha* falieu hack from hie petition at Agua Nueva to the Paaa, nir e milea beyond Saltillo. One or two ofCoi May 'e men are reported aa having been captured. There can bo no doubt but that tha crisis ia approaching Wo loek tor a battle every hour. T. P. 8. ? Saute Anna has 17,000 men and llf piecei ol arl.IU,., <1.. II.M l.a^lr d>l?IU Tl, ball will toon opto, tod no one doubt* that " 011 Rough and Ready" will bo again ricto'iou*. X. [From tha X. O. Bullotin, Maro i 13.] Tho icboonar Cinderella arrived lata laat emu g from tba Braaoa, which alia latt on tha 6th mat Tho ign tha poat-ofltca aaut on board for bar mail*, tha otlicar, iu tha abaanca of tha captain, who had landed, reluted to delivai it. By a pa?aeuger, however. wa have raeeired tba fow line* wbicb will ba lound balow, from our cot raapondant, which ia tha Uteat by bar, aud with it the aatract which wa alao giro Irom tha Matam' ra? Fieg of tha Id? Tha publication of tbla paper wa* *u?|>?u<iad aoma waaha ainca, and tha praaant ia aant to ua in iruinuacript. and wo proauma ia a copy of a alip iaau*d from the office In consequence of therunor*. The gcn'.iam n who banded ua too latter doe* not agree wnn our cor raapondant that a battle had not been fought, but nja that Oan Taj lor'* communication* witb the Hio tiraoou are cut off and that they aia at preaant entirely d. pamtAtlt An MaVirina inr aall fKnir inl.irmilihn. !h-f tK.iv ar*h (ortif)itig Uraaoi lalaud, Point laa'al, and eaary oibar p?iat, in th? bait nmnn< i thoy could. Bv othor piri*ii||?t? w* laarn that th? hanloa took p'aca cil the 3l?t and did February, and th.t the io?? on u?r ii In waa -4,0.0 man. ami that ol tba Maaicana 4 'oft uf*1? fa tn# tabula country waa awarinlng with Mtai ana, ai d that uu one doubti tl (ha (act- that tiioy ha I u;>prti/?d in inrga torca ranort aani IS to JO.UuO man ami t ita groat battia hail haan louglit, in winch our aimy ' aj liaen woratod and ohilgad to fall hack, and that it. moat iotanno anxiaty waa latt for thair tHiat) Tuovata:. <T tha Uaa oa both aidoa ought ba, and piobiuly w.t. a*laartlad. Wa g.aa all tha information that wa hare racal. ' ' by thla Taaaal, a* wall an what wa could gl aait.utU< (