Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1847 Page 4
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and thara li wtr r?Mon for b#Ua ring thai tha I h??# appoarad In Oaltillo, aad.of ciutii, In \ larga lore*. M thay narar would km Mu tho attain pt ancapt wl'b Tarygraat auportorlty of numbon i oron I our enrraapondant admita that ona of our tralna had boon < out oil' which ahowa tho auamy had a forco in Oonoral i Tajrlor'a roar. i Our piavioufly formed opinion* wera againat tho idea i that Santa Anna would attack Saltillo, and though tho un not a.i naaithta In warrant full ha. lief thai a battle had taken place, we unit confeaa the prohahilitiei appear greatly in favor of it?still, however, thie may not have been the caee, and that Santa Anna'* plauv are directed upon the post* in rear of Gen- Taylor, end on the Kio Grande, With a view of 'cutting off hi* communication* and auppliaa, a* being a more certain an.' leu dangeroui plan, then to attempt to fight him, or to drive him from hi* fortified poiition. We molt sincerely trust that the present reports are greatly exaggerated, but the most painful anxiety will exist until we have further advices. Basic* St. Jaoo, (Texas,) ) Noon, March 6th, 1967.) To thb KdITOB or THB bulletin The various rumors from the army, of battles fought and Gen Taylor falling back, turn out humbug ! This is the last naws, and it is nearer official than any thing we have received. It is supposed a train has been cut off, l>ut beyond that nothing is certain. IKrom the New Orleans Picayune, March 13 J The accounts brought trom Gen. Taylor's division of . the army, by the Cinderella, are of the most gloomy . character We publish the reports as we derive them . fre m the Matamorai Flag, and passengers who cam* by . tb* arrival. What credit ought to be placed in them we are not prepared to say ; but w* have no right to doubt that an action of some kind hss taken place between the American and Mexican force* in or about Saltillo. We have already announced that Santa Anna wii at f Matehula on tbe7tn 01 renru?ij i ?uuK4ucm reported him it El Cedral dsy or two alferwards. The latter place is thirty-two Spanish league* from San Luia Potosi. or nearly half way between that city and Saltillo ! The lighting ie reported to have commenced on the 33d t February, at Ague Nueva, uioe leagues in advance ef Saltillo, where den. Taylor has had hie camp for several ' weeks ; that would give him about two weeks to march from ('eilral to Saltillo, a distance of thirty-six Spanish league* or at>otit ninety-four miles. 1 The force which, according to the Mexican papers, 1 Santa Anna left San Luis with, or had sent in the direction of Monterey in advance of him, consisted of? The Sappers and Artillerist*, with nineteen guns (550 1st. 3.1, 4tb, oth, 10'h and llth Regiments of tke Line, and lit end 3d Light Troopa 6,340 4th Light Troona, mixed, of Santa Anna, 1st ._ Active of Celaya, do of Guadalajara, do. of Lagos do. of Queretaro. do. of Mexico 3,300 Troops which Gen Parrodi conducts from the town of Tula, with three pieces of heavy calibre 1,000 Cavalry on tha march 6,000 Aitillery " " 360 Division undor Gen Mejia 4.000 Total 31,340 If we add to this force the cavalry under Generals Minon and Urrea, it would appear that Santa Anna had under him an army of 35 000 or 30,01)0 men. The report telied upon hv the Flag states t iat Gen. Taylor was attacked with 16,000 men ; other accounts make the attacking flrmv 35,000 strong. It may be that Minon's command was embraced in the six thousand cavalry reported ' on the march, and it is not likely that Urrea, if the prr- ' iou* account* were true of his having taken possession ' of Victoria, bad been withdrawn from that position to : assist in the demonstration upon Saltillo. It is therefore I * likely that if Saota Anna has given battle at all, he has J none ao with aoour w.nuumro At the Brazos, when the Cinderella left, opinions were * divided aa to whether there had been a general action ; ? though nt Matamoras the current belief waa that one had 11 taken place. General Taylor's force waa 5000 men. We * are alow te believe that he could be badly whipped with * the force under him, even if attacked by such over- ? whelming odds. It is true he has no regular troops with ' him ; but some of the regiments of volunteer* at Saltillo 11 are of the right sort of materiel, and theit regimental officers are proper men. We regard aa exaggerations, if not fictions, some of the reports which have been received. The exposed condition of the whole line of the llio Grande invites, indeed, a descent of the Mexican ariny ; but it also suggest* tears which rumor torture* into doleful shapes It may turn out that General Taylor has retreated upon Monterey with a view to protect the valley of the Rio Grande, and keep up communications with his supplies, and that the rumors have grown out ot that movement; though to assume this as the real state of the case would he questioning the positive declarations of tha Flag, and the opinions generally prevailing at Matamoras. The cry has been " wolf, wolf,'' for so long a time that it is about time tho " wolf" should eotne. There have been signs of his coming for weeks paat. The schooner James and Samuel, Captain Semera, arrived yesterday from Brazos Santiago, having sailed on the 5th inst. in ballast. She brought but a aingle letter, so far as we can learn, and the gentleman who received that, assures us that it contained no news whatever?was u mere letter of business. The schooners Napoleon, Kxit and Cinderella were to sail on the same day, and the Napoleon has the mail on board. Cant. Samers reports that an express arrived at Brazos . on the evening of the 4th init., with news that " aMexi , can force had passed Matamoras on the opposite side of the river on the 4th." Although he conversed with the express rider, ho was unable to learn the number of the ( Mexicans or who commanded them. Since the above was written, the echooner Cinderella (or Cinderella G. 8cull, as she is called) has arrived, and by ber we have a multiplicity of most alarming rumors, j and in a shape more definite than any before received, j If we were to believe half that is said, the Mexicans have (ought General Taylor at Agua N'ueva, and driven him j back through Saltillo, and to the Puss of the llinconada. i But there is no authority given for such statements; they I are founded confessedly upon contradictory Hying reports. But even these reports are favorable to the 1 prowess of Gen Taylor and his troops. Rumor says he lost 2,000 men, but that the Mexicans lost more than i 4,000, and the action is claimed as a victory lor the American arms. But in this there must be gross exaggeration Among the passengers who came over in the Cinderella, was an officer of the army, with whom we have ' had some conversation. He confessed to us his inability i to inform us what had occurred near Saltillo ; he hardly : knew himself whether to believe that any action had taken place or not The rumors received at Matamoras and the Brazos were innumerable and conflicting. It was said that despatches as late as the 25th of February had been received from Gen. Taylor's camp, but this can scarcely be posaible. Communication between Monterey and Camargo has i been completely cut off?so all the rumors say?andean only be opened by a considerable force. Both Americans I ana Mexicans on the Rio Grande are in a state of great excitement and even alarm. The interruption of communications, and the consequent uncertainty of intelligence, left all in a state of uncertainty the most painful. All hands were at werk at Camargo and at Brazos strengthening the works, and throwing up new defences. The steamship New Orleans suited from the Brazos on the 4th inst. for her destination. We presume that Mr. ; Kendall must have written us ere his departure on the New Orleans, but, if so, his letters have not yet come to hand There was a mail brought over on the Ciodeiella, but it was not sent to the post otUce for distribution lest ; night. The Postmaster, Mr. Penn, was on the alert, and used all his effort* to obtain a delivery of the mail, but without success. We hear no more by this arrival of the Mexican* crossing the Rio QrauJe near Matamoras. It occurred, , if at all, the day after the tlat was published. Cspt. Henrie, who recently effected his escape in ao * gallant a manner lrom the Mexican*, baa arrivad at Ma- 1 tamora*. on bit way to hia bomo in Taxaa. The '131 of February wee celebrated with great eclat j at Matamora* Salutes were fired from botb aide* of the ' river, ball* were given, apeaches made, aud other na- | tiooaldetnonatratioua el rejoicing took place. 8lx companies ot the Virginia regiment have paired through Matainoroe, and gone up to Camergo They will aee aervice sooner than they anticipated, but no i sooner than tliay desire t.ol Hamtranck leaves this City 10 day on the Telegraph to joiu this battalion ef hia cemaaud The nther s,x compauie* of the regiment are now at sea, on their way to the neat ol war. Many ou'rage* an I murders continue to be perpetrated in tb* vicinity of Matamoras. The body of a man, name unknown,apparently an Amancon, was lately found a ahort distance nelow Fort Brown. The fragment of a lasso was around his neck,and he had nine knife wouoda in his body Oil the 'J2d ult ?we deiive tbeso particulars from the Flag?Mr. tieorgo curry, a discharged soldier, formerly belonging to the stb lulantry, was shot at a lam hoa | mile aud a halt above Kort Brown, by a man named Knowltcn, who immediately fled A reward of $r>0 has bsen oddied by Col. fr it- lor the apprehension oi Knowiton lie is a carpenter by trade, and was, or had neon, III me empmy 01 me ijuaitei-iuusiei. cumj waft worthy man ; he tvai wounded in the Florida campaign, taught ut the battle* of the 8th end ttth of May od at .Vloutery, where he waa again wounded. A laige concourse followed liun to his graveThe last ot trie cases alluded to occurred oil the 38th ult. in the public ruaiket place. The uame of the man stabbed is Cbailee rickens, teamster in the quarter- " master's set vice His mutderur was promptly arrested and thrown into prison. A young Mexican was arrested on the 3d jnst, supposed to have been a spy. He vudeavored to make his escape from hi* captors, was tired upon and killed. As he had previously home n good character, the Hag fears he wa* unjustly suspected. Just as the t.inderella was leaving the Brazos our inlormant learned that two Mexican spies had been taken there, but what disposition had been made ol them he 1 does not kno.v To this genrlemnn we are indebted for a copy of the Matainoros f lag of the 3d inst, that paper having been revived attar a brief susp*naion. The Flag says ine report of an aciion is fuiiy oradted in Maramoros, bat our informunt nssuie.i us that uuny otticars ot the army aie yet totally incredulous in regard to it. Kven the Flag is at a loss how lar to believa in the generally accredited uccounts We de rn it Ueat to lay the Ftug'a whole at tide before our readers that they may form their own judgment, but we cannot do so without exprtasing the hope aud the belief that the tumors tn circulation are giuatly oxaageratod irrum mo .Moumortu flag of March 3 1 Oar town hi* been thrown iuto the moat intense excitement by tho rep'-rti constantly teaching hero rela uea to the perilous ailualiou of Oeu. Taylor'* division of ?hoarmy They are 10 vague and conluaeU tliut we I hardly know how lo commons o an obstruct even, Thot a battle ha< been (ought, no one hore can doubt for a moment; but how 11 lia* reaulted, or whut dangers im- 1 pend on to# line of the llio lireu la, ia envaloperl in the ' moat perplexing uncertainty. We give, however, what 1 aeemate be the beat authenticated statement received 1 here from the aaat ot hoaUtrtiea. ; 1 lien Taylor, waile at Aguu Nucv.r twonty two miles from Malliilo, with oOOO men, waa .ittacked, on the i-id ait, by a Mexican lotca of le.OOJ. finding that ha could not maintain hi* poailion, he made gnoil hit retreat to tfaitillo, coveiing hia wagon train, lieio a aevere en gage ment took place in the ati a eta, in which the Mexicaua autlered a heavy lota. Alter daatroyiug whet of the public atorea he could not tienapoit, he coutiuued hia retrogade nroramont on Montarey, until ha reached the llinconuda paaa, where he waa again attacked, but auccaaatuily dalaoded hiinaalf. flare all tha iiimora, report* aud lettara leave him Once In Monterey, and ha would bo aafa, but hia ability to accomplish this much waa altogethoi problematical, aa the Mexican* wara . 'Three MpmaM to-day from Monterey; dghtin* i laltillo; Marin la Maxiom poaeeaaion; large train i wagona, 194, and 100 private molaa taken: McCuliooh company takaa; 0000 oaralrv thia aida the mountain and things in general turned upside down." From at other aouroa we learn that Colonel Morgan had abet donad Cerralro, deatroyed all property he could nc take with him; that a courier from Monterey report#: at Camargo, 1600 Mexicana between tha two placei and that 0000 mere ware in the neighborhood ? Victoria Thia muoh we cull from the maaa of reports before ui without rouchingfor its correctness The deatinationi of aereral boata hare been changed within the last fa t daya on reaching thia place, ard one (the Trot) held i reserve at Camargo to conrey despatches All the wago traine for other placea hare been atopped hero, and erer one la on the ftu efea. .. ? We have atrong conflJance in old Zach, and beliero m n/\,*ihi? in whlD him: but ahould barm he fa hi* division of the army, the consequences to thoM%rh have left him with inch slender resource* will be terr ble. We will suffer all the tortures of doubtlul ?u pause until we hear something from our little army thi can be relied upon." [From the New Orleans Times, March 13 ] We hasten to place before our readers tha subjoins letters, from a valuable correspondent, which conve onie further details in regard to the important even iranspiring on the Rio Orande. We regret to say thi hey confirm to some extent the apprehensions whic lavo been entertained relating to the critical position i -leu. Taylor and the forces under his command. Fu her news will now be looked for with the most intem inxiety. At present all is doubt and confusion. W itili trust and believe that there is a great deal of exaj reration in the various reports that have reached us. Matamoras, March 1st, 1847. This city was thrown into the greatest consternatic his morning by the arrival of the steamer Aid, with lc :ers from Comargo and Monterey, stating that Geuer raylor had been attacked by Santa Anna, at the head 16,000 men, at Saltillo The postscript informing us the truth of the matter, was added to the letter by C?f Montgomeiy of the 7th,now Quartet master at Montere; The letter was dated the sSd February, the pos script the same day, which states that the fight cor menced on the did of February, and that no fa ther information could be had There are batwee 7000 and 0000 men between Camargo and Montere; who haveeutirely cut off all communication betwec those two places, General Urre is at Marino, a tow about i8 miles thi* side of Monterey with six thousax cavalry, and Canities lias rancharot sufficient to make t the number. General Taj lor bas issued orders that n lets than one regiment shall attempt to leave Carmarf on this route. Colonel Morgan's command (tha secoi Ohio regiment) about four hundred strong, left Certilt where tbey were stationed, to join General Taylor, afti having burnt every thing they could not take wi'h thei and it is confidently believed that he and hi* whole coi mand were either cut to pieces, or taken prisoner Ben. McCuliough, with his men, has been captured, fi bad not more ihau twenty-eight men, ail told. 1 am sorry to state that a very worthy citizen of ou has been captured, at least it is presumed so, and wit very good graunds, as two or three wbo went one da after him had been obliged to fail back on Camarg iease 11. Carr, Mr. Trenworth, Mr. Grayson, Captai .vlevintlin (a dark of Mr. Cart's) formerly of McCulloch 'vmpany of Hanger?, having about 300 puck mules loai id with valuable goods, belonging to the before menUor id persons, and having goods belonging to Pe er Haile c datainoras, and Meaar*. Mather Glover h Co, no doui lave been taken, nothing has been seen or heard of then dr. Sprague, a clerk for B. A Belden, Ksq., and John B laker, sutler to the first regiment t of Kentucky volun ears, started the day alter the first numed party, and hai sen compelled to fall baok to M ier, and there await untl be troops there stationed should be ordeted to Camargo jThia is all the fault of General Scott, for having takei way the regular forces from that part of the country.ihould General Taylor be able to tall back on Montere) e can then hold out until reinforcements reach him, a hey have some sixty day's rations at that point. But m afraid he is in a critical position; having nothing bu mlnvitouro with Kim ha i?onnnt hnva thot rnnflflann vhich ha would have, had not that immortal man, Get iVinfielJ Scott, taken away from him the whole of hi nost effective force. But Old Rough and Ready has d? ermined to conquer or die. Santa Anna tent him a sun none to surrender. " Tell Santa Anna," says the ol nan, " to come and take me." 1 have convened wit iflicars ef the army here, who think that Gen. Taylc night be able to fall back on Monterey. He haa aom LOOu volunteera with him, and 1 think they will light t he last Col Curtis ia stationed at Camargo, which i rourly threatened with attack. Some 700 ot the Virgini regiment passed through this place thiee days ago o heir way to join Gen. Taylor. Should the General mt all back on Monterey, he will still have a large bo^r < nen between him and Camargo, who can, and no doul will take the place, and then down on Matamoras, cu log off General Taylor's supplies entirely. Every pe ion ia on the alert. The Mexicans say that the arm will take this place in a very short time. Several of tb setter class of the population are preparing to move I he other side of the river, in case the placo should be r raptured, as they know they would be killed by the >wn people immediately. You will find this letter vei liajointed in its details, but you may depend on the co 'ectness ef every part of it, as I received it from hig military authority. Brazos Santiago, Morning March 5th, 1847. In transmitting you the enclosed article for your vali ible paper, 1 only design to lay before you such intell fence as we have here at present, and which I have trit ;o reduce to such a shape as will enable us to judge he truth of the various reports that are now circulatis n this region, and which will doubtless reach your cit; The subiitance of the enclosed is more generally b ieved than I could wish. 1 wrote it out from a desire I letect Madam Rumor in the prevarication of her thou md tongues 1 only hold myself responsible for its v racity, so far as a faithful record iff what is circulaU here, and what many believe. I am your obedient servant, JNO. G. TOD, Ag't Qua'r Mas'r Gold's' Dep't Texas. Brazos Santiago,night of 4th March, 1847. Great anxiety has prevailed at this place for these to days past, to receive intelligence from the army. Nothing otiicial has come to hand, but various rumo have arrived, leaving a greater mystery as to the tr< condition ot General Taylor and his forces, than has c curred at any period since the war. The country abo' is, doubtless, swarmed with Mexican troops, cutting i all communication with our lower depots. The ra cuoros and otnen are nockiug to ttie Mexican standai The following intelligence ha* juit arrived here, ai I make a memorandum of the convocation of the im vidua!, for it i* verbal, and brought from a aource thai believe will prove true, when it is properly analyzed 1 inlormation which we mutt doubtles* shortly receive. The battle commenced on the night of the 33d, ne Saltillo. It continued for two day*. The Mexican* hi no artillery, their iorce being composed alone of cavali and inlantry, numbering 30,000 men, with a division 0000 men in their rear, SsnU Anna commanding person. (Jen. Taylor'* forco numbered, when the battle cot mencod, near live thousand men, composed of infantr dragoons, and It* pieces of light artillery, and was mai ing his retreat to Monterey. He had lost about tw thousand men. The Mexican loss i* about four thousar Ive hundred. Gen. Taylor was in hopes that he woul )e able to retain his position, which is about three milt rom Saltillo, at a mill pond, where he possesses some m ural defonces. Gen. Marshall had set out from Monterey with a lsrg iscort, carrying forty wagons of ammunition and two H >oundere It is generally believed that he will be abl o join Gen. Taylor In time to afford r elief. The general opini'.n amongst the Mexicans at Camorj ind Matamoras, as expressed, indicates that Santa Am is* been badly whipped. Col. Morgan was mortally wounded, and his commsi entirely cut up at Seralvo, and other point* along tl line of observation, extending from the latter place Mler. 1 am in hopes that it will be found that he was on slightly wounded aud his command dispersed. A train of ono hundred and twenty wagons had be captured by the Mexicans They murdeted all the tea ster* aud the escort ot twenty-live nieu They haveal captured ? traiu of sixty wagons, though nothing detini as to the di'poael of teamsters and escort. They ha likewise captured a hundred pack mulea loaded w! sutlers' goon*. General Urea is marching on to attack Matamori with about tour thousand men. TWrorn th?t Maw Orlpnnq DaIIa \farrk 1.1 1 A considerable stir was created in our city last eve ing, by the rumors brought by the schooner James Samuel, that a Moxican force had passed the Rio Gran near Matamoros. We place but little reliance |u this l mor. 11 a Mexican force has dared to cross the 11 Grande, it must be a small marauding party, datach Irum the forces under Carabajal and Caoales, who t said to be in the neighbothood of Matamoros and ( margo. It this be the correct interpretation of the vag statement* brought to the Brazos, und thence here, it nevertheless a strong proof of the confidence tie Mexicans in the strength of the I area i appioichii the Rio Grande We were, some time ago, satisfied (I it was the design of tho enemy to operate on Tayle lmg and weekly-defended rear, anil the immense line our communications along the Rio Grande. This I been so manifest for some timo, that we marvel at t ind'lf ircnce of Gen. Scott to thedelence of these poii and the withdrawal of so large a force iroin Teylo command WhBt will he the result of this course, ti will soon develops. We await with great solicitude, I sequel of the important events which aie transpiring the Rio Grande. Kxtract of a lettei from Monterey, dated ISth Febue 1847, to a gentleman of this city "I sm here, and air to start home. Gen Scott hoi drawn most of the troi Irom this section, and all the Mexicans are now leavi town. Kejmrts are (which every body helicvet) tl S.inta Anna is close to Saltillo with -J0.0OO troops, ti has sent some lew thousand eavalrv down below to i oft' our supplies, which is believed to be true, and then shall have a hard fight unless Scott sends liac) reinforcement, and that immediately. We did not i pect our government to be so simple ai not to lot troop* sufficient to guard its provisions. Gen. Tuy has only obout looo men with him, BDd we have oi son hoie, 1 wish they would laeso Scott for crippli us so much hertr" IMPORTANT KROM TAMPICO. [From the New Orleans Delta, March 18 J By tho Pioneer, Capt, 8 Brown, which arrived at tl poit last evening, in seven days from Loboa Island,1 Tampico, we huve interesting and important news as tho emhsikatiou of our troops for the demonstration tl Is to ho nude on tho city und Castle of Vera Cruz < [he 'iP.h ultima, between fifty and sixty sail of vessi leit Tampico and Lobos Island with troops and munitit #f wur every description for the bombardment of V? Cruz Kvery vessel in the harbors?ships, barks, brii schooners and steamboats?in fact, every vessel tl could possibly carry men or arms, was enlisted into t sei vice, and depaited a* sonn as they could possibly loaded. It was with great difficulty that the Pioneer ( away, so anxious were the military authorities to impn her into the same service. General Scott himself is ported to have said that the demonatiation would commenced on tne 10th instant?and this report was generally believed at Tampico, when the Pioneer Is tnat it was not legarded as a mero rumor, but aa a "fix fact Wsrjj, then lore, expect every day to h< ravt ot ?> bombardment of that far-famed Mealc Iowa: ui .uuogth, the tattle of 8. Juan do Ultti. (UKTA PS. (Prom the Ht. Louie, Reveille, Nlaroh 11.] Lieut Abort, of tho Topographical Kngioeer Uepa went, -invel id our city yeetorday, after a panic i ?t I fourca, (Mr Coon*, of State Fo.) Tho detail* of the ' eon?piracy tad account of tho partial ongafod la It ara, , however, interesting; wo have, thoroforo, Riven our a- correspondents reunion enure, ill greet lots or the i- ; American!, in the deilh of Governor Bent, mav be it learned in pert from theee deteile; for, being well aci, attainted with the country end the people, he wee eni. ebled, through hit knowledge end aagecity, to protect if the troops from meeeeore?yet this very confidence in hie ability to avoid danger hat, perhaps, made him a . victim. It is Lieut. .A.*8 opinion that there can be no doubt of the r massacre in Taos Valley, and that Gov. Bent was one of n the victims. n it it supposed that about fifty persona reoently perished f on the route to Santa Fe, from starvation and exposure. They were principally persons who had gone out in || | the employment of Government as teamsters LI Our correspondent states that an expresa was sent to p 1 Bent's Fort with an escort to meet Captain Murphy, and >* protect him against any attempt of tbe Mexicans to seise - the funds. This movement has proved, no doubt, to be . a wise precaution. MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. [From the N. fc> Picayune, Marches.] d The steamboat boat Julia arrived yesterday from St. y | Louis, bringing down two companies of the 1st infantry, I all under comfaand of Capt. Gardenier. We gave the 't i names of the officers in our last. One of the companies b ; in this command lately performed the severe march from of Fort Snelling (Falls of 8L Anthony) to Jefferson Barr* I racks, of which we have before spoken. They suffered terribly from cold and hardship. _* ' NAVAL AFFAIRS. [From the Providence Journal, March 30 ] Capt. Warren, of schooner Mary Farrow, at tnis port ID from Savannah, reports that on the 6th inst, A. M., off ,t. Hatteras, passed a full rigged steamship standing to the ij southward. She was under fore and main spencers and eteam, and was making slow progress, there being a 0f heavy sea. This was undoubtedly the Mississippi, ,t Com. Perry, which went to sea from Hampton Roads on y\ | the 6th. % CORRESPONDENCE in ! BKTWStIV THE ? WAR DEPARTMENT AND GEN. TAYLOR. JJ | (Continued ) it, War Drsartmknt, Washington, Oct. IS, 18Id. ot 8in:?Your communications ol the 33d, 33d and 2vh ro ultimo, detailing the operations of the army under your id immediate command at Monterey, have been received, ro Tbe (kill, courage, and gallant conduct displayed on er that occasion by the troops under your command, both n, regulars and volunteers, have added glory to our arms, and merit fiom tbe government and people of the United ? States tbe warmest expressions ol gratitude and praise, le In relation to the terms ol the capitulation of Monterey, the President instructs me to say that'he regiets it rs was not deemed advisable to insist upon the terms which n you had first proposed The ciroumstances which dicta y ted, doubtless .justified the change. The President, uninu formed of these circumstances, does not know in what n degree the recent change in the government of Mexico >t may have contributed to this result; certain it is, howj. ever, that the present rulers ot that republic have not yet i. given anv evidence that they are ' favorable to the in,i' tereats ef psace." Of this you will have already been t informed by my despatch ot the 32d ultimo, i. The government did not contemplate, as you will pert. ceive by the tenor of the despatches irom this departmcnt, that t ere would probably happen any contingency d in the prosecution of the war,in which it would be efcpeX dient to suspend hostilities before the oiler of acceptable terms of peace. j In my despatch of the 33d ultimo, which had not reach_ ed you when you entered into the arrangement with y General Ampudia on the 26th ultimo, there are consid? erutions and lacts stated, which render the continuance I of the armistice extremely embarrassing. As the oiler X recently made by the United States to open negotiations e for a peace was not acceded to by the present rulers of Mexiso, but reserved to be submitted to and acted on by a Congress to be assembled on the Oth of December next, it was deemed by the government here, highly important, that the war in the mean time should be prosocuted d with the utmost vigor, to the end that they might be h made sensible ol the evils of its continuance, and there,r by become more inclined to bring it to a speedy close0 In pursuance of this policy, an expedition was proposed 0 in my despatch of the 33d ult, for tbe purpoae ol taking jg possession of the entire department of Tamaulipas; and, 4 under the belief that it would not interfere with your ? plans and operations, no doubt was entertained that it ? would receive your concurrence and support. In anti,1 cipation thereof, measures have been already taken to ,t carry it out at the earliest practicable period, t. By the arrangement you have made for a temporary r. suspension of hostilities, within oertain limits of the ene y my's country, if continued to the end of tbe time stipu k0 luted, a considerable part of Tamaulipas will be exemptia | ed from military operations, until within a few davs of g~. the time fi*e?l for the meeting of the Mexican Congresi, ir and the expedition thereby delayed, or if proiecub-d by the land or naval forces, might bring into queition the f. good faith of the United States h In the despatch before referred to, you will perceive that an attack by our naval force upon aome places on the coaat oi Tamauiipasia also contemplsted. Whatever may be the advantage or the necessity of the co operation of j. | a land force, it mutt be withheld until near the eiose of I November, if the armistice is continued to the end of the 0f stipulated period. ,g The government is fully persuaded that, if you had y. I been aware of the special reasons disclosed in the des patch of the 3id ult, and the intentions of the governt0 ment, still entertained,you would not have acceded to the j. suspension of hostilities for even the limited period spee. cified in the articles of capitulation; but as its continual ance depeuda upon the orders of your government, you are instructed to give the requisite notice that the armistice is to cease at once,and that each party is at liberty to resume and prosecute hostilities without restriction. The city of Monterey is regarded as an important acquisition. While held by a competent force, the authoro rities of Mexico may be considered as dispossessed of the department of New Leon. It is therefore proposed that >ra you should make the necessary arrangements tor retain110 ing possession of it during the war. Kor this purpose it IC" is suggested that you should strengthen its defences, and "?. take the proper measures for procuring supplies for the # forces which may be there stationed, not only for holding *j" it securely, but for carrying on military operations in the r<*j northern provinces of Mexico. '}a Not only Monterey, but the State of New Leon may, it ,is presumed, be regarded as a conquered country, and as ' ' a consequence, the civil authorities of Mexico are in s measure superseded, or at least subject to your control. You will give this subject your consideration,and permit a* only such civil functionaries to retain and exercise powid or, as are well disposed towards the United States. ry it is an object of much interest to the government to be ?' put in possesslonof your views as to your future operaw Lions. The advantages and the difficulties of penetrating further into the interior of Mexico, are now probably n" satisfactorily ascertained by you. Would it, in your f > judgment, be advisable, under oxisting circumstances,to advance beyond Monterey, or the positions necessary to ? its security 7 The department has not the requisite inld formation to enable it to answer this question, but must ,d leave it to your determination and to your discretion, to '* act in accordance with your views upon that point In your communications of the 3d of July, and 1st of August, you express the opinion, that your operations * should be confined to the noithern proviuoes of Mexico; but whether, in carrying out your views, you proposed l* to advance beyond the point you have already reached, or baltillo, is not stated, and piobably could not be deter1? mined till your arrival at Monterey. It is desirable to do 10 whatever can be done to make an impression upon the . enemy, but to determine what it shall be requires kuowad ledge of the localities of the country, of the means at your command, the force and resources of the enemy?in 10 fine, such knowledge as you possess or have the means of . acquiring. The season far carrying on military operations in the enemy's country lvinx on the Oult. has now arrived. It en 1 it deemed important that we ahould have possession of m' | the whole of Tamaulipas belore the meeting of the Me*"? lean Congress in December It it hoped that the expedr >te ! tion for that purpote, suggested in my communication ol T* | the rldd of September, cau be organized and lent forward lt> wituout at all iuterlering with the contemplated operation of the force* under your immediate command. M> Among the oflicen preaented to your comideration to be employed in thit expedition, wat Brigadier General Shields. Attention wa* diiected to him, by the kuown ledge that he had become acquainted with tome of the It principal inhabitant* ol Tamaulipas, and by that means da *ned acquired information which would have been aaeful ru- in conducting the euteiprise. He has, however, since lio received order* to join Gen. Wool, and probably cannot ed be conveniently recalled. If this cun be dona, and auoire Uiar brigudier tent to Gen. Wool, it might be advanta geuus to the public service to mako the exchange. This ue is, however, left entirely to yourself As to the employ is i oreut of Major General Patterson aud Uiigadier General ol Pillow, the wishes ol the President and department an ig^ unchanged, Da it is uodar consideration by tha government, though ir's not yet fully determined, to land a considerable force in ot the vicinity ol Vera Craz, and invest that city. Should tas this be undertaken, a larger force of regular troops will :he he lequired than that assigned to the Tamaulipas experts. dition It ia desired to know if, in your opinion, a dor's tacbment of two thousand ol this descr iption ot torce can me 1 be spared for that purpose from those under your com he ! niHird, without essentially interfering with your plain od and operations. It is not desired or int nded to weaker the lnrce with you at Monterey, or to embarrass you by iry ! diverting troops from the Kio Grande, which you may aid deem necessary as reinforcements to the execution ol ype j your own contemplated operations, ing ' 1 hsve the honor to be, very respectfully, your obe hat j dient seivant, W. L. .VIAHtY, ind Secretary of War. :ut To Mtroa Gkiskrsi. /. Tsvi.oa, commanding army of we occupation, Monterey, Mexico. i > (To bo coniiDUojl.) j*? Baltimore, March '20, 1847. ily '11it Weather?A Child killed by lis Mother?lm mente Exportation of Bread tluffx from Balti more?Market*?Stock Board, 4*e. The weather this morning is a mixture of ran rja anil snow, and it is coming down in good earnest t0 j A moot lamentable incident occurred in om On j city yesterday. Mrs. Sexton, the wife of Mr. S B. Sexton, ol the firm of 3 B. Sexton & Go. !"g stove manufacturers, whilst laboring under ar t?. aberration ol mind, killed her own child, whict was about sixteen months old. No one was it be | the room with her at the time, but on hearing hei scream murder, her husbsnd ran in, and fount ,e. his child lying dead on the tloor, its mother having be m a sudden paroxism of her disease, ttirown ? so flat iion at its head, causing instant dtiith. >f. The number of vessels now in the port of Hal i timore loading with breadstuff's lor Kurope is verj ,#r great. There are three ships arid one bark load nig tor London ; hve ships and three barks tot Liverpool; four ships, six barks, two brigs and one schooner lor Ireland ; and one skip, the splen rt did packet Admiral, which will sail to-day for Ha iua vre. Tnus the total now loading is thirteen ships tan barks, two brlgi, and oaa schoonar, or ! twanty-sir Mil of vessel in all. . Tho number of vessels that have tailed with J I breadstuff* during the past week is ten, and the , amount of flour, corn meal, &c. they have taken, , is very large. The Admiral, now ready to sail, has 10,000 DarreU of flour on board. u i connuKciAi. mtkllioicoics. t Foielgn Markets. r Mataouez, F. R., March 6, 1?J47.?The last British ( steamer brought the passage of the bill for admitting su- j gar into the manufacture of beer. Consequently, the i price of inferior sugars wili be maintained, though it \ was previously rather drooping. Prices now range from I 4c to 6}?c for worst to bost, with a very active Jemand. Molasses equally active, at $18 per 110 gallons. The amount of British tonnage in port completely swallows up the Ameilcan, and is a thing which has never occurred before at this port to my recollection. American provisions of good quality ere not;plenty,with the exception of Flour. Codflso. Mackerel and Pork, such as they are, are plenty. We want white pine Lumber at $37; Hoops $50a $60; Lard $14 a $16; Candies 14's and 16's, at $17; Hams $14; Butter $18; Cheese 16; Meal 30; Rice 6, tcc. Sic. We are very much in want of Hoops, and $60 per M could readily be obtained for them. The exports of Sugar to the United States have been double that of last year, up te this date ? Corr. Pkilad. Exchange. Peaseiigsrs Arrived, Cmsrleston?Brig George? R Sylvester and C E Ner. foreign I tw port a Hons. Port an Pruvcic??chr Suffolk?60S bags coffee 44000 lbs logwood ?k el (ling k Ferris?300 baas coffee T Marcean?100 W Agnew It Sou?150 Cameron k Brand?200 do J C Miller ?314 do Tbales I casks rags to order. Cieiwukqoj?.echr Lncullus Lufbiu?17(i hhds sugar 71 do molasses Hubert k Williams?00 bales tobacco 11 tos honey Moses Taylor. St Croix?Brig Elixa?7 casks molasses 90 punch rum B De Forest k co. Domestic Importations. CHtauKSTON?Brig Lindca?44 csksticeH L Levericb? 00 do Mfkoe Wilberk Scott?50 bales cottou A Dunham? 213 do Cahooue Kenuev 6c Co?35 4o J fl Levam k co?15 bis sugar H L Lcverich?120 boles Cutton Jonathan Thompson? 20 uo a'snaburghs Wells Broiher?5 bundles leather C M Leupp k co?431 balee c.itt >n to order. CHasleitiiiv?Brig George?3J balee cotton Drake k Mills ?44 Henry C<-it?25 k Miiford?19 tierces tice Market. Wilbur k Scott?50 lieicrs do H 8 Leverick?1 pkg Beck k Kingalauii?14 000 feet sh.p timber W H Weeb?119 cka A Atkina?334 hides co Lellie k Pieraon?78 O R Cho well?2 J Kmerie, 2 L Boutin? I hhd beeswax Deter, Miller ot co?30 empty oirrcn j larior at sons?3 c nests ic r nun 1 1 do C Lowe?1 bx W C Losp?I do HuJow k Lockwond?1 ( do J E Weaver?I bx Coinituck k Cone?1 do Dr Moffvtt? ( 4 do 8 D Hell?2 bd* 6ft pkgs venous F King?1(8 biles cotton d 50 Dales yarn 2 pkgs I bits to order 1 St Masxs?ochr Laura?227 hairs cotton 19 hides Coe An- t derson k co?2 bbls syrup 17 hides H Waring k Sou?15 bales i cotton enter k eo?1 boxes tobacco 1 box beexwax l bale I skius A Hand?12 ro'ls leather 13 bales cotton Hopkins k 1 Allen?19 do tirrav Tift k eo?24 do H Waring k Sen?13 do ? 1 box mdse Holbruok k "velsou. u Savannah?Srhr M ry Citharine -189 tierces rice J Fow- e ler?46 bales cotton J Doug'ass?300 hides J Handell. a Savannah?Bark Georgia?157 bales cotton E k R R 1 Graves?127 F Burri t?ft Govrdry k Weils?66 F M Orratbee d ?>9 J P Svviin?24 Parmlee fc Kogers?26 10 Snyder? I6J cks f rice Goodhue k co?61 J Craud?1 bx Sexton k Mills?1 C J 4 Kichards?1 hbl 1 bx I bale I Acosto?3 ct b*eswax Tavlor 1 k Kicii?17 bbls buckwheat P H Holt?1 bbl mdze W B Bis- I inond?>19)9 cks rice to older. f Savannah?Brig Wilson Fuller?71 casks rice Goodwin I fc co?17 do J Kowleri?87 bales cottou L H Brigham?98 do I D Lanney k co?58 do Gowdy k Wells?44 bags ground nuts r 2 bags wool J L Knaip it Son?100 hides J Saxton?416 do J J Rundlr?!4 hhds W young?23 boxes K 1) Hurlbert k co? 'J 744 h'des 100 rmuty bbls to order. 5 Savannah?Brig Madison?100 biles cotton Brnwolee fc (. Hoger.?27 Laurauce fc Tisdale?203 F Burritt?27 bags nuts 2i J D Jefree? I bag Lewis fc Haudford?197 casks riee, 1 hi do 65 empty bbls to order. MARITIME HERAL.1). \ POUT OF NHW YORK, MARCH ?it. f J h ss mm Stilt rises 6 03 I MOON SETS 12 00 (1 sunsets 6 12 | HtOH WATEB CO 18 M (I 1 Arrived. 1 Brerasn bark B Bohleu, Mencke, 12 days from Havana,with sugar to Hturgess k Co. Br bark John Da Wolle, Keed, from the Clyde, via Savannah, 5 days, in ballast to master. Bark Georgia, Collins,7 days from Savaunah, with cotton, to U Collins 18 b. 1st 31 I, long 73, spoke Br ship Wm Hill, . of Hull, steering kInE. 1 BrigGeoige, Fates, Charleston, 4 days, cotton, rice and sundries, to Geo Bnckley. Brig Wilson Faller, Crawford, 6days from Savanuah.with cotton and rice to Dunham fc Dimon. Brig Madison, Paxton, 4 days from Savannah, with cotton to Sturges fc Clearmau. Brig Meutor.Greeulaw, 6 days from Jacksonville, Fla. with 100,009 feet timber to Bunker fc Piece. Brig Virgiuia, Gordou, 22 days from N Orleans, with sugar and molasses to E O Morgan. Has been 11 days north of Hatteras. Brig Denmark, Woodbury, 15 days lrom Guayama, P R, with sugar and molasses, t* B Deforest St Co. Brig Linden, Williams, 4 days from Charleston, with cotton and rice, lo Dur ham It Dimon. Brig Eliza Lockwood, 15 day* from St Croiz, witk sugar, to B Deforest fc co. Schr Vandalia, Mrlntyre, 14 days from Mayagnez, PR,with iuuio?ac?i IV u Wlorcsi ?. to. Schr Noith (Jaroliua, Williams, C days from Wilmington, N d Schr Dusty Bally, Wilder, S dayi from Fredericksburg, I with corn. | Bchr Charleston, Fox, 4 daya from Washington, N C. Bchr Washington, Qasket, 4 daya from Washington, N-C. j Schr Martini, Smith, 4 daya from Washington, NC. Sehr Mary, Summer, 9 daya Irom Newbern, NC. Schr Dolphio, Casey, 6 days from Newberu, NC, witli naval stores, to Medad Piatt. Schr tllobe, Simmons, 6 days from Washington, N C. , Bchr C Storer. Oar is, 6 days from Newbeui, N C, with na yal stores, to S L Mitchell. Schr Laura Jane, Delano, 10 days from St Marka, with cotton, to master. Bchr Ana Maria, from Newbern, NC, with naval stores. Schr Auu flyman, Totteo, 4 days front Newbern,NC, with naval stores, to S L Mitchell. Schr Nicholas Biddle, from Ocraceke. with corn. Sehr Redwing. Brown, 10 days from Darten, with lumber Bchr Suffolk, Berry, 19 days from Port au Prince, with | mdae to Skelding k Ferris Left brig Drago, for Boston, 2 days; brig Ida, from Pliilsd, just arr; 9th instant, off Haueras, , spoke schr Axol, from Havana f r Boaton. , tchr Charleston. Howland, 15 dsya from Cli trleston, with ( cotton to Medad Piatt. , Bchr Olive, Smith. 8 days from Washington, NC. Bchr Swallow, Robinson, 4 days tiom Waahington. NC | Schr Kate Aubrey, Moore, 4 days from Jamestown, N C, with corn, to DLSiyre. j Schr Mary Catherine, Davis, 10 days from Savannah, with , cotton to matter. . Schr Segnin, Cole, 9 deys from Savannah, with cotton, to . Johnson It i.nndeu. Schr Isabella, Salaston, 4 days from Newbern. NC. I Sehr Peru, Stearns. 4 dayi from Plymouth, N C. j Bchr Lueullus, Lufkin, 15 daya from Cienfuegns, with mo- i lasses, to R P Buek. Sailed in co brig Washington, White, for N York: schr Benjamin, Atkins, do. Schr Vandalia. Btrout, 8 days from Charleston, with timber to Badger k Peck. Schr Lacy White, Cutler, 18 days from Cienfuegos, wi.h molasses to Bhastelain Ik Poo vert. Bch, Cambtidge, Hall, 4 days from Boaton. Bchr H K Barnes. Lewis, 4 days from Norfolk. I Bchr Anaconda, Rogers, 6 days from Washington, N C. Bchr Marcia, Smith, Irom Washington, with naval stores. I to 8 L Mitchell. Hchr Two Brotheri, Abbott, 4 day* from Washington, NC. Hchr Cornelia, Bracket, from Wilinugtou, Del. Hchr Deborah, Tripp. 3 dsyt from Washington, NC. Hchr Hope, Becket, Virginia, corn. Hchr Ha ah L Merrill, tilrong. from Baltimore, with mine to Maillor It Lord Hchr Hamuel Roberta, Anderson, 6 daya Irom Ocracoke. Hchr Mary Yates, from Mutanzxs, with molasses. Below. Ship Sarah It Arsllia, Butman, f,om Charleston. Also, one ship and three brigs. Salts d. From the Lewar Bay, Briti.h bark Kagle, lor Knrope. Notice to Slstrlunra. Daixoebous Shoal? Deep ships passing sonth of Montank I'oiut, br not coming nearer than ifi mites, when the light bears IN by W, may aroid a s< oal ndge, quit* narrow. lying near 8K and N W, over a q inrter of a in le in length, and not laid ilown on any chart, having lest tl an It fool oa it at same low tides ; bearing d bv K two miles disiant, clear this shoal, aud yon can stand boldly in lor ihe .huie ; i here is not a shoal at tne NK of this light as published by some bhipscan pass within a cable's leugtn of the surf, and hare from 17 to 2? feet. The reef of rocks at the N VV of ihis point is generally known by all that pass, i Spoken. Rhip Vistula, of and fr*in New Oilcans to Bordeaux steering for Ksyal, leaky, and unable to carry a press of sill, 23d l Jan,let 37 N,long 30 W. Hhip Helen Ana itta, Kenny, from Manilla, (Oct 22) for Boston, D:c 1. oif Island of Crockatoo. Bark John Carver, Pendleton, from Maraalo for Boston, I'.hl n.i.miillin,,!!., lon.H .n ?K??, in I* I.? .. m h. the HT Barilett, at Suit >n. Barn Margaret Hugg. of and from Baltimore for LondonI de ry, Feb II, Iats9 II, long 33 (9. Dirk St abo, II iinau, Lorn Manilla (Oct 18) for Boston, i Dec 4, lac b 23 8, loug 104 19 E. Schr vViIln Putnam. Freeman, from Philadelphia for Ou1 ayauia, P K, Match 11,10 milea 8E Cape Heulopeu. foreign Porta. Ai.'ioa Bar, C (f H,about Jan 8?In port, bark Wm H bhailer, Ho mea, for 1'abl* Bay. I Arroir.R, Dec 1?Arr baik Stiabo, Benaon, from Manilla lor I Boston. Siuco spoken. BisMuar.J.u i3? In port, briga Antelope, for China soon; Frolic, Faucon, uuc.'i' i I a, Jau 3?Arr bark Lenox, Hawea, from Boatoa; Dae 83. snip Faneuil Hall, Hnllett, do. (. iKiartiKOoi, March J?In poit, haik Mtirillo, Woodside, lor in Vo k, Ida; origs Noble. Deming, for Boston, 10 days; Meta, Piukney, for Philadelphia, 2uih; Moselle, Hall, trom 1 Boston, discit, Mayareit, Tukesbary, for do; schrs Daniel { Francis, Bailey, lor do, 10 days; Joseph Turner, Chase, for ! r Baltimore. Idg. Albert Vinal, Nichols, from Wilmiugton, disg; aid Feb 23th, brigs McLellan, (Jrr, New York; March , 4, vv nshiug.on, White do; schr Benjamin, Atkius, do Clydk, Feb 19? Arr bark Mary Morris, Daggett, from New Yora; 14th, brig Acton, Daggett, do. (JnaraMa, P at, March 4?In port, brig Watson, Dockray, fr mi Poitiaud, disg; W ithingtoii, Cnitis, for N York, 1 da; Taiquioaj Monlthrop, do, 2 diya. Hon<i|Koro, Dec 4?Arr shipjHoratioJCrocker, fm N York, and aid 8 h lor Whampoi; 1st, Tarur, Lock wood, do; aid, llth, longreas, , lor NYotk. Liverpool, March 4.?Loading, Shaw, Richard Anderson, and Kio Grande, for Baltimore; Nonantuin, Columbia, E.iza Warwick, Virgilia, and Albatros, for Boatou; Tay, and Robt Ker, for Chailesion: Courts nay, Jos Anderson, Trenton,Meteor. H H Bopbv, Borah and Loniia, Miltiadea, f apricorn. and Commerce, for NOrleans; Louisiana, for NOtleana ami NYork; Danzig, Emmanuel, Republic, Aahlaud, John Ra- I venel, Dauntless, Columbia, ({ueeu of the West, Walnole, , Isabella H uarc, Kllerslie, Barlow, Acadia, Kilby, England, Ceylon, Princess Alice. Elsinore, Southerner, Borunolin, Liberty, Defence, Sheridan, Prohns, and Java, for N Yotk: > Saratara, Islam, Alabami, Shenandoah, aud Wyoming, lor Philad; Hoekiughain, for Portsmouth; Harmony, for Suteu 1 Island; Virginia, and Olinda, for Statru Island and Philau. l.rtKRns March .1 ?I oadllnr. Elizabeth Brure. hiiH b'nrr. . prui. lor NU Imui; Zetloua, fur Ch?rlealon; Wellington, I 1 Noithomberland, Gladiator, 'Xorouto, Lucouia. and Swiuer, land, lor NYork; Marr.i i, lor Button. Manilla, Nov 3>? aid, ahi? Chota, Yiarahall, N York. i PokT Al' Phiiice, Feb 37-In poit, bark Dniilap, Thotnaa, for N OrUiDi, 3 d*ya; brig Ida, Stettnii, Tin Philad, juat arr; f achr Oyoaum, McDuflie, lor Uoatou, big. Surinam. Feb 19? lu port, briga Gram;>na, Kowe, anil, Davia, for Glnuceater, I tl.iy?; Pleiadei, Carter.unc: C Hpirtan, Bnundera, for Wilmikgtou, NC, U ilayt; Cadet,Day, I Irom Cayenne, arr 14 h. 8t Crou, about March 4?In port, aelir H B Koatrr, for N York, 10 daya. BinoarnRC, Jan 7?The Zenobin, Crouatedt, from 1'liin* to r New Yink, arrived here ith ub, with h ie of m tin matt, ttc, having experienced revere weatier ninth of the Paracella P au nok, J an I?Aid. ahip Cornet, Oevere-ua, Button; Dec 9th, Watega, Moore, New York; North Bend, Spragae, Boa[ too. WiiAMroA, Dec JO? Sid. ahip Agnet, Weiherell, NYork; bark Lark, TibbetU, do; 3d, Hhip Heber, Porter, iBoaton; in port about 36th. ahipt John <4, Adama, Nichola; and Stephen , Larman, Concilia, lor NYork. , mmmmrnmmm I - .1 - 1 -l i !L_UJUJg ' CP The mil fteaTKme'SSwRftko eliir u ? o'elatk & *0t 1 mi Tatftft y?Hf mil w AiaiTtD. ,u FoomBaltimobi?Su?au ? Howell, J to 90, Londonderry , Croupriuxetien, Feb 9, Teiel; Henry Bheltoe, 4th, Ortrei- >" ad; Kio Orude, 9ih, Liverpool; Harreit, Helvoet; ltoberti- "t it. 14th, the Clyde; Jul Jackson, off Hclvoet; Catherine ackaoa. do: Rhone, 16th, Liverpool; Johennea,17th,Bremen; "! 'ampa, 30th, Marseilles; Richard Anderson. 22d, Liverpool; dargaret Hngg. Londonderry; Marianne, 12d, Bremen; He- 161 aid,.Amsterdam. Fbom Boston?Chusan, Jan M.Trieste: Lion,31at.8myrna; A Jyde, Feb 1, Limerick; onsan, Jan 2. Smyrna; Marcia, It, '? Jeal; Hasan, 14, Gala way: Potomac, the Clyde; Marcia, 19, d" 4rareseud; Fanny, 20, Liverpool; Panlina, 22, BeUast; * > Washington living. 25, Liverpool. Fnou Chablsston?Fiascis Lord, Jan 20th, Bofdoans; Br ohan Kriedricn, 29, Bremen; Neptuue. Feb J, Liverpool: lo gliomas Beuuett, do; Fairfield, 6, do; George A riopley. do; 04 1 ortituje, 2, Havre; Mathilde, Feb 9. Swinrmunde; Coriolsas, Trieste; Dal mailt, 15, Liverpool ; Alabama, do; Uama- ^ isco ta. the Clyde; John Dethard, 17, Antwerp: Java, Liver- he i_.oj; Oliuda, do; Lord; *tk II, Havre; Lucia ' eld, 19, Liverpool; Lncia Field, do; Defence, 20, do; Ella th | rancia, the Clyde; Radius, 21, Liverpool; Robert Kerr, 23, o; Caspian.23. Havre; Hardy, 26, tlyuionlh; Abagtin, Lir- hi rpool; Ada, 20, do Fnoar Lvnis, A 8?Ancland, Sep 20, Anckland, N 2. ve From Mobile?Martha Washington, /eb 10, Havre; Kper> an ler, 13, Antwerp; Paetolns, 16, Havre; Cotton Planter, 16, lutwerp; Roger Stewart, 17, the Clyde; Lucretia, 29, Havre; 111 lose Standish, 26, do; Union, 27, do; Jane Barbara, 21, Liver- an >ool.# From New Orleans?Leda, Jan 10, Malaga; Ca'ender, 22, Li Llicaai; Bohemia, 29, Marseilles; Uangea, 31, Genoa; Laure, lordeaui; Vistula, Cadiz; Chnsan, Feo 1, Belfast; Clinton, all Intwerp; Neel, Cetro; Constitution, 2d,Br?meu; Harriet he Icott, Cork; Element, Trieste;i'JL'heodosia, 3d, Uraveseud; lelymor,Trieste; Massachusetts^;,; Fanny Quid,4th, Cork; fri Itrah, 6tlr. Liverpool: Provideuce, Marseilles; Bowditcli.6, B J.-avesend; Alfred, 7th, Liverpool; Wantilnea, Trieste: Pio. ve eer, 9th, the Uirond -; Emperor, 10th, Havre; Lavina. Galavay; Wakoua, Trieste; Brunswick, 11th, Havre; Virginia, >* 2th, Liverpool; Rowland. 13th, do; Haimony, do; Saint w Jeorge, do; Lord Seatoa, do; Charlemange, Antwerp; Ar- m um, Cork; South Carolina, Havre; United States, do;Kilby, m 41h, Liverpool; Arabian, do; Harriet Scoit. Belfast; Meteor, 6th. Liverpool; Albatross, do; Meriowu, do; Wmuegance, " Jeal, and aid lor Dundee; Vesta. Havre; Har.ley, do; lieu- pa ietta. 16th, Liverpool; Loudon, do; Salem, do;; 42 r'ranklin, off Margite; Cuba, Sligo; Henrv Ewbank, ihe ;iytie; Baron P-ucuthni, Venice; Lucy, 17th, Havre; George w "aimer, Cork; Peter Hatt rick, Liverpool; Olnidt, do; Lord Jufferin, do; Marih . do; Sarah Louisa, do; Liberty. 18th, lo io;; Eliza Thornton, tantes; J Pitcombe,Havre; 3n Vir ulet, do; Winncgance, 19ih. Dundae; Franklin, Graves- he md; Commerce, Liverpool; Miltiades, do; Lame, 23th, do; joreua, Havre; Nancy W Steveni, Marseilles; Saransk, 21st, 'u .imerick; Leodes, Helvoel; Norlo k, Bremen: Lady Hunt- es si , 22d, Livipool: Aguila, Marseilles; Milton, 23d. BLgo; libers, off Salcomba; Falconer, of the Wignt; Thereae, w Jin, helmouth: California, u avesena. ?? K?om New York?Adario, Jan 22, Lisbon; Orient 23d, o' 3ibralur; James Smith, Maraeillea; T Walter, J7th, Naples; bi ;onn>rd, 28th, (Jeuoa; Cement, Algiers; Chsutal, 30th, Nice; til Jiutvio, Slat, Genoa; Hogaith, do; Albion, Havre; Albany, >* lo; Francisco, Feb 1. Bremen; Canouicus, Londonderry; Vancouver, Jersey; Phenix, Antwerp; Anna Margretha, 2d, '! lo; Nebrasua, Gibraltar; David, 3d, Am werp, Sprightly, 4ih, rr lund'Tlaud; Henchel, Londonderry; Sir H Parry, Snude.aud; Coimo. Bristol; Louise Marie. 5, Bremen; Yorkshire, jiverp iol; Kawinn, 6th, Antwerp; Northumberland, Graves- H ind; Grand Turk. Sth, Sligo; K H Knight, do; Stephen Whir- hi icy, Liverpool; Altliorp, 9tb,Waterford; W.lpole, 10th. Livrpool; Silvie de Giaaae, Havie; Manchester, Lisbon; Queen ?' if the Writ, llth, Liverpool; Chatham, Cork; Republic, cc Irrmen; Q K D. 12th. Liverpool; Leonore. 13th, do; Islam, lo; Buono Vento, Antwerp; Gladiator, Oraxeseod; Ann ? larley.the Clyde; Amszoue. 14th. Deal; Aetwon. the Clyde; ? ieneva. LimericktGeurge, do;Luconia, Gravesend; Lanark, lull; Frederics, Liverpool; Jldwln, 13th, do; Maiia, the N Hyde; Katlilreu. Belfast; Geo lfimery, Marseilles; Vilie du da lavre, do: Sheridan 16th, Liverpool; Probus, do; Carl, lowes, and aid for Hamburgh: Kosira, Sligo; Aastin, do; ,evan:, do: Nebraska, Marseilles; Amazoue, Bremerhaven; datchez, Cork; Southerner, 17th, Liverpool: Elstnore, do; ane K Williams, the Clyde; Aeelinc, llth, Waterford; Y .'ho-udike, Liverpool; Louis Philippe, Havre; Ann, do; T 'liles, Hamburgh; Union, !9th? Belfast; St Andrew, the N llvde; Mary Morris, do; Hampden, Liverpool; Kalamazoo, sc Oris, Ilfracombe; Leouesa, Warren Poiut; Hope, Kochelle' |ai Khom Nohfolk? Kichuond, Feb 16, Sligo Ci Kbom Philadelphia?Miltitdes, Feb 4, Limerick; Na- B| liua,9tb, Belfast; Hope. 12th, Bordeaux; Shenandoah, 13th, N iverpool; Wm Price, 13th, Belfast; Wyoming, 16th. Liver- L ool; Massachusetts, Belfast; Sultan, 20th, do; Smyrna, 23d, bt lochella. L From Richmond?Susan Ingram,Jan 30, Gibraltar; Athena, In 'eh 11, Graveaeud. vi From St. Mars'i-Antonie. Feb It, Hamburgh; August tr ulius, do. L From Savannah?Trenton, Feb 11, Liverpool; J Brookes, v< lo; Tamerlane, Havre; Tory, 14th, Liverpool; Superior, lith, * lo; Elleu Breaks, do; Syria, 16th, do; Oacejla, the Clyde; L Cglinton, 17th, do; Sterling, 20th, Liverpool; Dalhousie,23d, D he Clyde; Ssrah, 26th, Liverpool. N From Virginia? Denmark, Feb 13. Liverpool. jd From Wilmington?Globe, Feb 4, Cork. la sailed, For Alexandhia?J P Neviua, Feb 23. Liverpool. T For Amkrica?Koseana, Feb 7, lrom Deal. Pj For Apalachicola? Deyonport. Feb20, Liverpool; Nes- M ;or, Havre; Fairfield, 23d, Liverpool B For Augusta?Anglesea, Feb 11. Liverpool. ? For Baltimore?Columbian Packet, Feb9, Clyde; Caro- H ine, llth, Liverpool; Mary Lyall, Whitehaven; Sir Edward m Parry, Portsmouth; Wm Dawson, 20th, Leith: lanthe, Liver- ft root: Pallas,22d, Dartmou h; Shepherdess. Liin :rick: Eli- * tabeth, 23d, Bristol, (and put back fer Pill); Lydia,Liver- *i i>ool; Warwick, Deal; Mistiauppi, do; Matilda, 23lh, do; 01 Ann Wiae, Whitehaven; Bl George. 26th, Liverpool; Henry nJ Skelton, Deal; Woraley,Msrch 1, Qrimsby; Bayne, Giavea- ? sod. tc Fon Bath?Macedonia Feb 23, Deal. k< For Boston?Frances Ann, Jan 21, Malta; Harriet T Bart- A lett, 2Cth, Gibraltar; Nave, k ochelle; Vernon. Feb 1, Poit JJ Penrhyu; Hull, 3J, Deal: James H Shepherd, 4th, Liverpool; B Vivid, 6lh, Newport; John ragg, llth, Graveseud; John N Dragg, Deal; Sum earn, 12th, Liverpool; Neptoue, J6th. the JJ Clyde; Azef, 18th, do; John Craig, 23d, Portsmouth; Trident, 1< ihe Clyde; Persia, Bristol; Anglo Saxon, Liverpool; John bi Lumining, do; l'ercival, 24th, Co; Tropicus, 25ili, Helvoet; > Euphrasia, 28tli, Liverpool. ? kon New Orleans?Turbo, .Jin 27th, Gibraltar; John o Hughes, 31st, Belfast; St John, Feb 1st, the Clyde; Lady of *! (he Lake, do; Delphoa.^Hurre; Solon, do; Tars a, dot Col- H umbiana. 2d, do; k aside, 3d, do; ? ouotess of Durham, Wa 21 lerlord; Springfield, the Clvde; Italy, 4th, Liverpool; IsaJ k bells Slyth, Deal; Leila. 6th, Havre; James Fagan, 6th, tt Dublin; Lochinvtr, 7'h .Liverpool; Couibiook, 9ib, Cork; fj Sea Lion, llth. Deal; Donee Dane, do; Sarah Hand, do; li Adams, Liverpool; Carnatie. do; Laura, do. Clintou, do; nr Ocisvios, do; Kussia, do; Hannibal,' do; Cheshire, the Civde: Pioneer. 12th. Bordeaux: Stephen Baldwin Liver- b pool; Alb una, do; Atlantic, do; Arethusa do. J H Glid- a deu, Havre ; Kubic n, do; Amelias, do; John Cadmus, do; P Aucona, do; Jules < rsar, 13;h, do; Dalm tit, 14th, Liver- 0 pool; Clydesdale, ?0ih, Londonderry; John P Harward, Li- H rerpool ; Krankliu, 4" ; Warren Hasting, do ; Parsre Met- si chant, do; Malabar, do; Oregon, 21sr, do; Bengal, Torbay; C Jules Cesar. 22d, Cowes ; Dsimatia, Liverpool; Helen, do; J" KHinuham, Jo; Stranger, 23d, Dublin; British Princess, tlie 1' Clyde; Washington. Deal; Campbell, do; Alfred, Liverpool; C Bt Pe ersburg, do; Lady Fatkl?nd, do; Rappahannock, do; ai Ueurral Wiltshire, do; Edinburgh, do ; British Queen, do; ri Uosaypium, 21th, do; Martha Washington, Havre; Foru:ude, do; Malabar, Cork; Mauehetter, Galway; Gleulyou, 3 Cork; Recovery. Dublin ; James I'eikius, Bordeaux ; James B Edward, 24th, Deal; John Parkes, Antwerp; Taglioni,Havre; Hartley, do ; Byron, 36th, Deal ; Ellen Brooks, Liverpool; L I'embertou, Portsmouth; John Kacx, Waterlord t Lucy h Wright, 27ih. Belfast; Nicaragua, Glouceater ; Rebecca, V Belfast; Lird Beaton. 28 h, Liverpool; Rowland, do; Medo a, the Clyde; Gleulyon. Cork ; Kariran, March I, Graversnd; Monmouth, do; Sarah, 21, Liverpool; Pearl, Southimp- ft ;ou; Moutneulh, Deal; Wiudtor Castle, 3d, Liverpool. n For Charleston?Romulus, Peb 1, the Clyue ; Roger h herman, Havre; ludastriel. do; Havre, do; Ferax, 3rd. do; Hudson, 6:h, Belfast; Wm Pirie, 6th. Cork; General Park- ' nil, lllh, Liverpool; Conqueror, do: Joue, 12th, do; Othello, Havre; Jane Ulaatin, 20'h, Liverpool; Charles Humberston, 11 do; Geo A Hopely, 22d do; Granada, do; Bomholm, Deal; 1 Juliana, 23d. do;; 'J hos Bennett. 24th, Liverpool; ^ Lelaud, do; Belvidere, 25 h, Flashing Rosde. b For cheiarksrc?Louisiana, Feb 7. Deal. g For Hampton, A 3?Britannia, Feb 17, Kiugatown. < For Mobile?Agamemuin, Feb I, the Clyde; Mearns,7th, Liverpool; Brewater, lltb, do; Columbna, do; Louiaa, tlo; 1" Byron, 12th, do: Emigrant, Clyde; Athena, Havie; Malabar, , I 13th. Cork; Ontario, 21st, Liverpool; Enamtuond <?, 23rd, tlo; Merchant, do; Queen, 24th, do; Eliza, 28,h, do; Superior, do; f Bowdttch, March 1, Grnveaend. 1 For New York?Guataf vVaia, Jan 17, Cadiz; H Mai, 20:h, * Chriariausaud; betay. 23d, Londonderry; Rebecca, 30th, 1 Youghai; Pentucket 31at. the Clyde; hoberta, do; V.ctoria, t Galway; John Balen, do; Aeon, Feb I, the Clyde; Triumph, u do; South Eak, Gibraltar; tcrnttimnie, 2d. Port Penhiu; t Rolls, Hull; Wataon, do; Monterey, H ivie; Margaret Evans, d 2d, Graveaeud; Mar.a, Londonderry ; Royalist, Dublin; Mat- | thaw, Limetick; Gteat Britain. Belfast; Heleu, 4tli. the , < lyue; D /, Dundee; Margaiet, Deal,Zurich, Havre; Ohio, ? Bordeaux;Sea, 4lh, Liverpool; Diana, Aiitwerp: M-rgaret, e 7th. Warren Point; Volnu.eer, Deal; Holla, do; Watson, do; 'J Robert Newton, 9 h. Cork; Sua u Green, do; Lucipnra. 10. h, a he Texel; Burlingtou, llth, Liverpool; Liverp ol, do: Wal- 1 v tron, do; John Campbell do; Lord John Russell, Pill; WiJ- t mm, Belfast; Samson Aberdeen; Siddons, 12th, Liverpoo1; . b St Pa'rick, do; Kiva , do; Frauds 1, Havre; Auu Louise, 13th, | k Hhielda; Camilla, Marseilles; Belvide e, Mill, Cork; Alalia- ' ma, lath, Borde-ux; Countess Y-thorough, 18th, Hull; Freu coia I, I9ih, Torbay; bir Rbert Peel, Graveseud.? ' Htbertiia, February 19, Wexloid; Antoinette, M-rsnl lea; Sir llobt I'eel, 2titti, Deal; Broibera, Wairen Point; 'J Yorkahire, Liverpool; Leutia Heyn, Brlfaat; Utica, Havre; Alfred, Oo; Flora, tlia Clyde; St George 21 at, Liverpool; I Liverpool, do; Wm Mitcalt Hhielda; Westminster, Graves end; Watson, 22d, Falmotitli; Frode, Deal; Hoot Newton, ] llfrarombe; Holla, Torbay; Newcastle Packet, do; Cornelia, Liverpool; Royal Hovetiifii, do; Comi ton, do; Ami Moore, Kilruah; t.ottnguer, Cork; Brothera, Newiy; Newport, Limerick; Day, iiu; Patrick Henry, 23d, Liverpool; Croiiatadt, 11 the Clyde; SirKobeit Peel, Porrstnouth; Westminster. do; UiaasDiere, Bristol; Samson, Longtmpe -, Diana, Flushing > Hoads; Undine Limerick; Gczelle, Bordeaux; John Biignt,. ? 21th Liverpool; Charlotte, do; Kmpire, do; Quest, do; Ji ho, ? Bitston; Gotha, Osteiid; Riga, 2-ttn, Dundee; Cara a, Aber- I deeu; Belvidera, Longhope; \laOima. Bordeaux; Aahlaud, 26th, Liverpool; Aulub n, Go-veseud; J-ue Morrison, the i Cli de; Tuscany, Hub; Philadelphia, Br ami. Ida and f mrna, Helvort; Albany, liavc; St James 2Ctli, GravetenU: Dsiii.riscatr.a, he Clt de. Ant, Bristol; Ruby, the Clyde, Zuuouia, 27th. Liverpool; Regard, Hull; Monterey, Bell'tst; Ht James, Deal; Actou, Die Clyde; Bolton, do; h.ugeiiu, 28.h, LiverSool; Louisiana, co, Johu Boyuton, Warren Point; John < oyatou, Newry I ion Norfolk, Va?Pekin, Jan 28, Ardroatan; Mischief; I Feb 3th, Beifot, Ulster, do; Phil ippe, ?th, do; Itrgatla, llth, : do; Hcip o 22d Whiteh iven; Rega.U, 23d, Mill'ord; D-vid, I do; B .villiuse. Gatway ; George Ramsay, Liveipool; Caro- I line Leitire, 24th, Limericg; Ptimrose,, Liveipool; Na- * tive. ( For phil4df.i.shi4?Odesaa, Jan 31, Dublin; Arges ea, Feb 2, Whitehtreu; Win Kdward, hbeideen;Sir Henry Pot- ' linger, lO li, Clyde; Francnnta, llth, Liverpool: Wariior, I Wateriord; Ohm, 12th, Belfast; William k Barah, 18 h, do; { Busquehmna, 2ilth, Liverpool; Chumpiniu, 21st, do; Klizi, ! 22d, Gravesend; B Wood, Weitport; Peru, Loud nderpy; Velox Msutiela, Bordeaux; Nautilus, 23d, the Clyde; Village Girl, 24th, Cork; Wm K.dward, Deal; F.liza, 25th, do; A'abella, March 3d, Liverpool. For Bavahrah ? Charlotte, J?n 30, Dnhlin; Commerce, Feb 5, do; Ltacdsr, I2 h, Liverpool; Pvmbe'ton, 2id, Deal; Countess of London, 25th, do; Sterling, March 3d, Liverpool For Htatf.r Island ? fc'.liza Fruncia. Frb 26, Deal For Virginia?Mt dilr, Feb 2, Cork; Regulator, Wgterford; Britannia, 1 Ith, Liverpool; David, do; Ann, 20lh, Co; Siruau, s3d, do; Kate, March 2, Deal. Mlacolinnuoita Uerortl. Bklkast, Feb i?TheChuian airtved front New Orleaua, with part of cargo thrown oserboard. Mill?'The William Pirie, for New Orleans, hax put hack, ] with damage. 17th?The Iria, for Baltimore, has put back, with loxa of foremast, and other dam tge. 2id?The Joliu French Jt-ffery, from N York, arrived here . yeaterday, leaky, aud with decks swept, loss of sails, bul- ] wsiks, spars, kc B**M?LLr.T, J,? 31?The Mary Fnc.w, of Blue Hill. Me , ' froin N York to Oalway, had been wrecked at Kmiia Quay . lalntid. near Blaekaod Bay; crew, eacept the first mete, drowned heb 11?The ka k Idea, or ICIiia, timber laden, and abandoned. came on ?h;>re ynterdav on 'ha laland of Kniakca, oil the entrance of Black Sod Bay. H M D Uaaher haa been tent to her eauatance. Bowmork, Itlay, Feb 19?A brig, timber l?den, h-a been ] driven un thore at Loehindaul, and it a complttn wreck. On the rrnta treet the lenera k'11 are written, au.l the loft are I marked M rr te M n, M * vl W? B jl Brrmku, Feb 2?The Meta, d? Harde, Irotn New Yoik to | thu n >rt, to?k the ground in entering the river I hate, bur got otr after discharging part ol her cargo, and it now iu the Ho 'I- | | icg dock at Bremerhavcn. _ ,, I (;*nRii:?t *niiua, Feb 21?The Margaret, Mc .ann, from Belfaat to Norfrnk, Va. haa put back with loaa of aaila. Conn, Feb 2?The Hartivl Bnett, Blayne, from New Orleana, which arrived here to-day, had part of cargo thrown overboard, kud had loat aiila, bnlwarka, fee. The F>nny, qniaa, from New Orleana to Lnndonderv, arrived off thia port to-day, with loaa of howaprit and tnizzrn man, and p?it of cargo thrown oveiboard 9th?The Blione, Hairey, arrired here from Baltimore, i with 200 barrela ol Hour thrown overbornd. 20 h?The Thomaa and William, Irom Whitehaven to New York, arrived here to-day, leaky. Dto?A largo ahip, apparently American, abandoned, with L'.'-LI- J'" W!!!JJJi.l 1 * 1 rat mIwuii im boat Mora, ul wmm ui prorliloa tali DowAOHioca. Jin ?The Cnnabrook. of Beirut, for Chariton, grounded yeitorday, at Burial a mow norm, it wu got off and proceeded. Durtnoaic Ea?t, January Jl?Caithnrai-thire, Leggett, aired trom Beliut for Naw Or lama, with ballaat ihiftad.ioi * auuchioua, aaila, lie., hiring bean on har baamanda, and ia iky. Karat., Feb It?A Britiih birk, with a cargo of eoala, for rnerici, and a brig with cargo of angar, lor England, nra ported to hare pat into Tereeira, leaky?the former had ichanrcd, and wu repairing; the latter had bean anrvayed, d would unload. The Biitiih hrigantina Wanderer, 8tation, (acting) front iiton to Lirerpool, put into thia port, ltlh toatant, with a Afirairi. ibiIi. ditrk raltin tfn?u and miliar wuhed ' i board U< lwi v, Jan St?Tbo John Belch,Btlch, arrived here from aw York, u much (trained, and with loat of fore topmart, ui it re, Sic. February 10?The Lavinia, arrivtd from New .Orleans for e Clyde, with loss of sails, bnlwarks, fcc. 10th?The Susan, Bearse, arrived from Boston, with loss of il warks, and part of cargo.iudicn corn, thrown overboard. (Ji.aioow,.February II?The Oaeeola, Child, which arrid here from Savannah the lfth mat., had cntweter started, id lost headrails in a nale on the 4tb. . . Ouisasrr, Feb S3?several bales of cotton, marked on one ie, " JB?NCB," and on the other, " JB?NBB?305-644," d some oeams have been picked np br vessels arrived here. {lfracomhr, Feb 22?The Kalamazoo, from New York for iverpool, arrived here with loss ol two anchors and chain, Marrh 2?1 he Kalamazoo sailed bence for Liverpool, ter transhipping part of her earfo on board the wm WI1irforce. , , Lmtsici, February 3?The ?ientheri?, MeOonnoush, am New York, which arrived here S8th nit., struck on the idee Hocks in beating np the river, and it is feared, has eeived damage. .... Lisbon, February 1?The American bark Adano. How' d, from New York to 8ligo, put into (his port 2td mat., ith considerable damage to hull, loss of spars and salts, and ust discharge to repair ; cargo supposed to be in part daaged. Livbbvool, Feb. 9?The H H Boody, Bkolfield, from New ork. arrived here to-dsy, with misenmast cnt ewer, and >rt of cargo thrown overboard, during a gale 31st alt, in let , Ion 43 11?John Brooks arrived from Savannah, with loss of bnla>kt, stanchions, boats, cookhouse, ike, inagele 29th ult. 12?'The London, from New Orleans to this port, leaky, with ss of sails, and part of cargo thrown overboard, was ipoken d instant, 1st 64, Ion 29, by the Trenton, Lotting, arrived ire. 15?The Arabian, arrived yeaterdey rrom New Orleans, was n fonl of Ust night m the river, end loet bowsprit head, it - ater, kc. 16-The Jane '! udor, from Baltimore to Liverpool, was recked Isstdoight ff the Ormshead; crew saved. 33?I3I0 irrels of Hour and meal, 70 bags Indian corn, and 1 hale hemp, all damaged, have been received here. 26?142S irrels oi Bon and Indian meal, 792 sacks of Indian com, 2> srees of beef, and 20 bales of hemp, were brought ia here it night. March 3.?The Kalamazoo, from New York, that put into fracombe 20th ult with loss of anchors and cables, has aived off this port in tow of a steam tag. Mirlaix, Feb 17?The Uaspar. Nordenholtz, of end bonnd Bremen, from Baltimore, is strtntsd a' Kernic, near oueseat, at abont 3 leagnes W. of the Ho do Baa, and it gn up on the strand. A vessel of about 5 or 606 tons, snppoaed to bo American or Bremen, wih tobacco aud grain, went on shore near Koe iff t revious to this date. roKTSMouTH. re? 24.?remberton, Henderson, Trom Lou. in for New Orleans, has arrived here with loss of maintopil yard Ramsoate, Feb 5?The London Packet, Frerlehs, from ewesstle to New York, was assisted into this harbor to J y, making two fc*t water per hoar, and must discharge. Horn* r? ru< Apalachicola, March 6?Arr brigs F B Peck. Avery, N ork; Columbus, Webster, N Orleans; 8ita, ship Kestrel, n-ner, I'm Liverpool; brig Lawrence CopeUnd, Baker, fin York; till ship Rothschild, Cornforth. fan Cowes; 10th, h- Cinderella, Baker, fm Havana; 11th, brig Almeda. Row nd, fm N York; 13th, ship Urgent, Rogers, fm Liverpool, id. brig Peeonic, Park. New York; schr Mount Hope, rijgh.tmsn, N Orleans; Ith, schr F J Brognard, Pennington, Orleans: 10th, brig Sidi, Crane, fer N Orleans: brig Wm Jones, Tyler, N York; schr LeRoy, Bedell, forN York; ig Consurllo, Pepper, fur N Orleans; I2lh, brig Pouce, nee, N Ode ms; Ulh, ship Cordova, Lowell, fov Liverpool, port, ships Jessie, Oliver, for Liverpool,, ldg; Oceana, SteiDson, Trieste, ldg; Dauntless, Rogers, Liverpool, do: Kes el, Turner, fm Liverpool, wtg; Rothschild, Conuorth, fi>r iverpool, ldg; U'gcnt, Rogers. Liverpool, wtf; barks Cosnamer, Pr.tterson, Liverpool, ldg; Cumberland. Powers.Litrpool, wtg; Margaret. Harrison, Liverpool, ldg; 7. Ring, ivarmore, N York, Idtr; Cumberland, for Boston, ldg; brigs e'aware. Borden, for Fall River, ldg: F B Peck. Avery, fm York, dischg; Lawrence Copeland, Baker, for Providence, g: Columbus, Webster, for N Orleans, ldg; Almeda, Rownd, fm N York, wtg. Boston, March 20?Arr barks Wyman, Taylor, Baltimore; ark, White, Philadelphia; brigs Draco. Burgess, Port au riuce; Cnshnoc, Dickman, Cardenas. 28th ult; Choctaw, loo e, Charleston; Kodolph, Kent, Alexandria; Lewis race, Stndley. Philadelphia; sehs Wm Bacon. Snow; Bilngsgate. Smith, and Ceylon. Baker, Norlolk; Silvia Higbee, igbee. W- Ithall, Va; Tellna, Smith, Fredaricksburg; Kichiond, Gross. Rappahannock; Martha Maria, Clarauce, Bait, erurnsd?Steam schr Gen Warren. Knight, hence lor Ported, with damage to machinery. Telegraphed, bark Perser-ance. (Br) tit John N B; brig Petri fm Philadelphia 8igil for 2 briga. Cldbarka Srphronio. Drew, Malta and Smyrt; Franklin. Gibba, Trinidad; Veltsco, Currier. Havana; lacedoma, Robinson, NOrleans; Wave. Bogardut, Charles in; b'igi Edw Blake, Blaet; Citizen, Brown, Havana; T cn, Hamihond,'Mobile; Chicepee. Emery. Philadelr kit: riel, Atkins. Portland, to lo-<d tor Cuba; sehs D C Bros i, osebrooks, Havana; Mary Jane. Webb. Charleston; Hoht race. (2d clearance) Cloason, Philadelphia; Kancy. Chase, [York. Reported outward, ahip Gov Davis, Upton, New Means; 19th?Arr ahipi Clarissa And'ewa, Colby, New Or an?; Monsoon, Paine, do; Caledonia, Mauran. Savannah; irks Harriet T Bartlett, Baker, Smyrna, Jan 6: lxe'te, Call, lOrl-nus; Brilliant, Miller,do; Walter, Hankin, do; brigs me Howes. Bowley, Laguayra2lst, Porto Cabello, 23d nit; usao, Arerill. Cape Havtirn, 25th ult: Monhegan, Richardin, Wilmibgton, NC; Dover, Chase, Bal.imore; Wm Pitt, [owes, Philadelphia; sehs Mary Chilton. Barker. Jeremie, Idujt: Nassau. Howes. Aux Caies, Mth u^t; Josephine, .ld'idge. Cape Haytien. 22th alt;Scioto, Thompson, Charles >n; Katalidiu, Luring, Georgetown eC; Rainbow, Rogers; iera'd. Holbrook, aud Meridian, Carleton, Richmond; Mose e, Dill; Gazelle, Attwoud; Senator, Whorf, aud Mostrxuis, Sweel, Rappahiuuock: r ovcns, Yonnr, No folk; Deniwk, Crowell, and Hero Spear, Philadelphia; Page, Chainerlain, N York; eld, barks True Man, Doane, Cork aud a larket; Cactus, Nasou, do do; Pauchi'a, Pierce. Newbnryort.toload tor Porto Rico; brig Catharine, 8torer, New hlrans; schs Lydia, Stevena Key West; Atlantic, Cook, [ichmnnd; Philadelphia, llogera. New York; Drai*l Web r.t. Lorrll, N York Victor, Gould, do; Emily Hilliard, ook, Uonaives; aid briga Chaa Henry, 8utton. Perseverance, id from Nantucket Koads, U S brig Ntr unbolt. Bark Unwind stated, but anchored in Nantasket lLa Ja. Bsrka Kio, alilorma, and Panchits, starved towards sunset with a slight ir from NNW, but as the wind was BE in the bay, weather ither thick, they probably anchored aoon after datk Bristol. March 19?Arr, aloop Aerial, Lewie, New York. Id, biie Kmiline, Smith. Havana; sloops Aricn, Miller, and .oger Williams, Slo'geon, N York. Charleston, Match it?Arr bark Caledonia, (Br) Hunter, iverpool, ltd 15th Ian; Zealous,(Br) Michaarus, Loudon; iduatriel. TFrJi Frebourg, Havre; achr Brace, Youn New ork; eld bug Tyrone, fciniiu, Halt; achr Pelican, Doane, oston; aid bark Conder. Whiting, Havre. Edoartown, Ma-ch 17?Arr, achr Caroline, Nick arson, om Pmladelphia for Halifax, is leaky, and has had 4 feet i her hold; will discharge and probably go on the Marine lailway for repairs. Gloucester, March It?Arr bark Cambrian, Rogers, Sums m, Itth ult. Holmes'* Hole. March 15 (back date)?Arr.slup Cnnstituon. Joy, Nantucket, for New York; schrs Mary Clark, N oik 'or Salem; Splendid, Bos on for New York; Tenquin, !sin>hong, and RobtBrnce, Province town for Norfolk; IS'h, rigs Cyclops, Monntfort. Mobile for Boston; Draco, Buress, Portcu Prince. 27th ult; schrs Jnno, Chase, New York >r Portland; Roanoke, Knight, do for Esitpon; Mary Miller, ?, Pnilsdelphia, for Boston; Aurora Woodb irv, do fer do; 7;h I'M, bark Tink. Philadelphia lor Bostoo; brigs Franklin, lalti'i-ora lor do, Raudo'.hh. Kent, Alexandria for do;ichr 'om sua, of New Bedtord, Irom Norfolk fur Boston ; brig 'si ts, Sawyer, Cardenas, 4th inst. f r Portland. P'ssed by? trigs Cordelia Hi-w, 17 days from Cardenas, via Tarpaulin love, for Portland; Boston, Niekerson, Im Balttmo-e for loat"n. Hd?Bark T'nk; brigs D<aco, Cyclops, Pearl, Pin s, B Franklin, RodoLh; schra . oston, Aurora, Jnno, Ronoke, Mary M iter, Pomona. In port 11 AM, ship Conttituion; schrs Cambridge, for N Yoik; Boston, B?yingtoo, for >o; Rev eutter Jackson. Lukkc, March 15?H|,I, ichi Dennis, Hodgdnn, N York. New Orleans, March 13?Ar ship Turk,(Br) Archibald, Liverpool. 13th Jan; baiks Jas Hsll, B|Mh, I'o. to hieo; Cifusiau, (Brl Dixon, London; A'bmlPw, I'htnncy, Bott-n; 1'iuro. (Bp) Lust. Havens; brig Newcastle, Donnell. Cardei's; schrs Cinderella, Scull, Brixos, Santiago; Excite, Har ey, do. Bel w, comi-a up, Br sh'p Canada, abaik ends irig, nnmta unknown; cTdship Tuskina. Williams, Have; larks EHiutt. Watts. NYck; I'arthian, Allen, Baltim re; irigs Cullender, Wylie, Gulf of Mexico; Nats mis, Lovitt, fork: Trlegraph. (Br) Young. Ki gston, Ja; London. Alrn, Cardenas; Chirlitte. tn ckloru, Hevre; schrs Harp, Itnrtrvini, do; Sovereign. Prterso*-, Braios Santiago. War iw, Bnr'liek; VV eath, Talbot, Cardenas; Emm?, Smith, fampn Bay; Samuel B, St p'ei, NYoik. New Bedford. March 19?Arr achr Princeia, Tuthiil, 'h'ladelphiA S'd. Zorcaster, Brown' II.' New York; rchrs, Gibhs, PhiUdeli hi", Ellen Rodman, Shssiman.New foik; a'nop Republic, Sowle, do. N'antucrkt, March It-SId, acha Copy, Brown, Philad; 'Inmpion, Unssell. N York P.irtland, March It?Air achr Lydia Stover, Dyer, Cardans. 4th nisi Providence, March 19?Arr, achr Mary Farrow, (of Bel'*?'.) Warren, Savannah. The M K got off Field's Point last -vciiiuK without damage. Sid, ?ohs Mr srs Brown, N iekerson ind J nfiii K Watson, spragn*, Philadelphia; sloops Kienxi, Ju-lee. N York; Hero, Waterm-n, Uucasville. Richmond. March 19? ^rr acha Wm E Bird. Miller, New Fork; Thouias Ireland, Burners. N York Bid, sehs Wm Howry. Bunnell, Je.sey < up; Rochester, Hingham, New F- rk; Ga'eua, Pier pool, Stamford; Oregon, Hell orn, New gort. Sat.v.M, March 18?Cld hrig Hamilton, Monlton Africa. Sava*i?ah, March 17?Ar bark Augenora. Hour, Liverpool, :|.l bck Angeno'a, Hunt, St Johna, NB; hr g p mil id Bai ma. Boiton. 1 r.. h ? *r thin John Ketlde i, Strang Livrr> ol; bark Ji.lm 8 DeWoll Reed, Or mark; br g Anguala, }hcvrood, NYork; rch'?Southerner, EUiidge. Burton; Ann L), B,dell, York; lohn C (athmn. Babann, B aton. The 3r rhipa I'Medniiia, Devon and Belmont, all from Liverpool, irnved off Tybee Lig? t on Saturday, ?ud Waa ordered to Jhail-atnn Hampton Koida. and IVe* Y"ik. Cld ahip Ed?'in, Haulm. Liverpool; Br barka Coumeaa of Dnrham, lot, Liverpool; John 8 De Woll, Read. *York; bark John 3rn*ou, Pitcher, Bo-ton: hrig Mndiai.n, Paiton, NYork. By Last Nlght^Soutiiern fflail. Vordgri Porta, Mataavkz, P R. Man hi?In port, brut Water Witch, le ran, iron, 8 Johua, P R, ju.t err; ?chr Pern. Hart, f/oin and or N York, do?and othrra at reported oil the 3d Pitrrn, PR. March 4?In pot, harka Agnea, ?.niter, for Juayemt. to load for i Krancia Partridge, Travera, for } Itimore, Idg; Trinidad. Laefier. St Thnmaa jnat arr; briga \ldebar n, L,each. for NYora, Idg; Florin 1, Hiuith, do do; It Andrew, (Jrowell, f ont and lor B Itimore; Dneamin, jorknrt, for Philadelphia Idg; Adelaide, 6r.iv, wtg; ichra Welf tne Snit!i,do: Dorcaa, Lee, do A'ao in port, a bark rom Pottland, a-jJ a brig (p;obabl/ the Yucalaa) from hen York, juatrrr. Ilaialtl Jtfnrtire Coireajiomleiice. PHit.anEi.rHia, March 31?4 P M. Arrived aliip Harriet It Agnea, (new) 'lobinaon, Bath, Me; >ark Milton, vv eeka, Mayaguer. March 5'h: briga Klectra. Packard Maynguer. PK. Heb 22, Albertina, Montgomery, Pit, March 4; tuixa, F uutain, NOrla; Michigan, (Jroweil, n York; Llliot. Knowlea, Bnaton; achr ouitntmn, Milton, Jlurlertou; Wyoming. Willa d. Boat u; t Jen Taylor, VVi ite, Matai,/.ia; Triumph, Wade, New York; Kli/.i Ann, Hul net, B.a'O'i _ _ Lewis, 11*1, March 19,1BI7?'The brig William Heury, for Julio! .Vleiicneehre Jane Henderenn. f.?r P?w urket; Pennlylienit, lot Wilmington, NC; end Teiae, Lit .New Bedford, Feme down end rood to e*n yeiterdiy Ur brig litem Queen, ie now nt t'le anchor. ge. up, end will tail for Pint?d in t day or two. Dll. UKEGO >*Y, No. J Hot,c?v It at, o ie door f ont chathem, it atill ?ng-ged in the cure ol ornate dieeaira at deret fore A long anil <nrc*i?fnl prentice in ihie branch of IIIi pr.foaaion, h ic aff >rdtd him a wide field for prrifceional ibaervation end improvemeit, which, together with the modem disc veriee in chewiitiy hee i .veiled llr. O. with I'ecilitiei 01 corn g hie patient* epeediljr and elfeciually. mil lw *re NORWAY IH'IM alwaytlon hand end hit le h,- the Manufacturer'* Agent, C. E. HAHICHT, m II Iw'n li West atreet. rt'HLiiHKD nr JAME9 GORDON BENNETT, Nor t h- West Corker ok Fulton anu Nahau ?ti .

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