Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1847 Page 1
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TP TTl XIII, NO U4-Wh?l? Hk, It HIV THE LATEST INTELLIGENCE I FROM GENERAL TAYLOR'S DIVI8I0N, ADDITIONAL TROOPS CALLED OUT. | THE REPORTED BATTLE8. Naval Attack on Alv&rado, &C. die. ?Bc. [From tho N. O. Timei, March 16.] IVe opportunity of converting with that intrepid oltlcer, Capt Hemic taut evening He stated that he left General Taylor on the 23d ult., when there wet nrthiritc unusual ntirriug in camp at Agua Nueva. Theia must be a terrible confusion of dotee somewhere. Capt. ! Hemic, our reader* will recollect, ia the gentleman who performed the daring fear of effecting bis escape from the Mexican* at Encarnacion, at tha time Major Gaines's c >mmnnd ws captured by Gen. Minon. [Tor. of tha Baltimore American ] ISsltillo. Feb 'JO, 1847.?Affairs hare are drawing to R point. It is well ascertained now that Santa Anna is at Incarnation. fifty miles distant, with 11,000 men and 19 piece* of nitillriy. It is my opinion that we shall have a fight before a week elapses, and no one con venture to predict what will be tha result. We shell have, when Gen. Marshull arrives from Monterey, with the Ohio Rnd Kentucky regiments, scant 6000 men, of all arms, and volunteer* at that. Our command Ja encamped at Agua Nucva, 18 miles in advance of this en the San Lais road, and is constituted a* follows :-Fourcompaniesoflst and 2d dragoons, under May and Stein; the Arkanaas Mounted Regiment under Yell; the Kentucky Mounted Kegi ment under Humphrey Marshall; one company of Teias Rangers under McCulluogh; Captain Washington's battery efeight pieces, (2d artillery;) Captain JMenuan's battery of four pieces, (3d artillery;) Capt Bragg's battery of four piece*, (31 artillery;) (wo Illinois Regiments an t two Indiana Regiments, under Brig. Gen. Lane. The Ohio and Kentucky Regiments are expected today, under Marshall. Oar battery is in a redoubt oom manding the town. Maj. Warren's battalion of four com vt uuuui* uugpa U9IOUUR tOO WWC, WUICI1 Will, 11 s aupnosed, be attacked, while Gen Taylor fights the main force at Agua Nuevu The supplies have all been removed to a range of buildings in the neighborhood of the cathedral, whica will be occupied by us. Knuta Anna's army, I am.confidently informed by Mrxicons, is fully provided, and if the volunteers stand by eur artillery, we shall whip him. The Governor of the town has been officially notified of their approach, and things wear a serious aspect when past events are considered. May and two pieces of artillery are out now feeling them, and we shall probably hear his report this evening. [Correspondence of the National Intelligencer.] Nsw Orlkans, March 16, 1847. I lmve hut a few minute* for the way-mail. The city is fuil of rumors, said to be brought by vessels below, and one, which is generally credited, that Matameiat has been actually taken. I have ascertained, to my entire satisfaction, that such ia not the case; ut least that no such advice ia now in the city, as I have seen a gentleman who left there on tho 7th, end thero it nothing, and can be nothing later. He tells me it will be rather difficult task te take it He, however, further informame that a letter was received there on the 4lh from Camargo, which atates that i>ieuy cerium aavices naa seen received or the capture of Col Mergan'sfcommand, and that Gen UrreawasbetwcenMuntureyand,the pau of Ricona Ja'tvith 6000 cavalry vcho hud cut oil Gon. Taylor from retreating ou Monterey. That there was no doubt there had benn a severe battle, and the belief was that Gen. T. had abandoned SaltiUo, aud Inlleu back on the paai. Nothing, aa you will aeo, positive; but the proipecta are by no means brighter for the gallant Taylor. The public property < rid stores on the Rio Grande, at the ilrasos, Matamoros, and Camargo, it is said, amount to six or seven millions of dollats, besides immense quantities of r>t ivatn merchandise ; and for the protection of this line there are probably from fifteen to eighteen hundred men, scattered in detachments, the strongest of which does not exceed 700. 1 have no time lor comments. ft Tho Senate of this State have just unanimously passed a resolution, authorizing the Governor to raise any number of volunteers that may be called for. The House will no doubt concur. 1 have just seen Captain Hanrie, who lelt Sallillo (he thinks) r.n the 33d, and he expresses the opinion that Gee. Taylor is almost bayond a doubt out off. We hope for better things NEWS VltOM THE R.O GRANDE. [From the New Orleans Picayune, March IS ] Tite steamship Palmetto, Capt Smith, arrived on Sunday evening, from Galveston, having sailed on the 11th 1U81. Accounts lo the 7th inst. have been received from the at Galveston There was still nothing later than the evening cf the 38d of Feb. from Monterey. We give below a letior we have received from Camargo by this arrival from a responsible source. Wo have a oopy of the Matamoras Flag of the Oth inst Krena this we learn that a company ot volunteers was organized in that place on the 4th inst P C. Shannon was chosen captain. I) Wolf, 1st lieutenant, and T. W Brume, 3d lieutenant. This makes the second company of volunteers in Matamoras, and there are materials leit for others. The 3d Mississippi regiment reached Matamoraa the morning of the Sth inst. They relieve the Indiana regiment, which wis to leave the Sth for Camargo. The tla( says the Mississippians are "a fine robust set oi men." Two companies of the North Carolina volunteers artived at Brazos on the Sth inst. ? Another Mexican epy was shot on the Sd inst. near Matamoraa. Ha had been arrested, and was endeavoring to eaoape from his guard when he was shot dead. A Mexican engaged in the murder of the Rogers fa* wily and other outrages, hes been arrested in Matamoras, and will be tried before the alcalde. The Americans residing in Meir evacuated the town on tbe approach of the Mexicans. Provious to leaving, they made a surrender of their goods to tha alcalde, and took a receipt therefor. Col Curtis was determined to make a strong defence at Camargo. To make an opening for tbe play of his ar tillery on tho approaches to the town, he ordered two houses to he torn down. The order was executed by setting fire to them. A strong wind arising, the flames were communicated to other buildings, and a great many consumed, principally jicaltt of no great value. The impression in Matamoroa is that Gen. Taylor had fallen hack on Monterey, but they know nothing authentic on the subject. The tenor of our previous advices leads us to a different opinion The Flag discredits the reports that the Mexicans have crossed the Rio Grande. A company of mounted riflemen from the counties of Navarro, limestone and Robertson, met at Wheelock, Robertson county, on the lath February, and organized by electing Mr. G W. Adams, of Robertson, captain; Jesses Worrell, of tbe some county, 1st lieutenant; and Win Bums, 9d lieutenant. They took their departure the next morning for Baa Antonio, te place themselves under the command of Col. Hays. This company, says the Citiiicn, mainly composed of hardy frontier men, aud nccutlnmed to the fatigues of ihe camp, will no doubt rendor officiant service in whatever position they may be placed, f rom tbo Civilian wo learn that Capt. Symptom, a famouo Gulf pilot, left Oalveaton on tne 4th instant via Brozot Santiago, for the American rquadron before Ve ra Orux. He waa aont for by the commodore, and will, it io presumed, be employed in the operation* near Vera Cruz, carrying deopatchea, disembarking troopa, and succoring vessel* in distreaa, if neceaaary. Captain S. knows the haxborand bar of Vera Cruz well, and is a capable pilot, as well as one of the moat fearleaa and energetic men alive. Camaboo, Mexico, Feb. 38, 1847. " Give the devil hi* due"?Santa Anna is playing the Jeme according to Gnnter. He gets hold of Gen. Scott's espatches, in which are nil the minutiae ot the intended i operations; he sees this lino of Oen Tayloi's in to he left weak. end at once he takes meetures to opeisto against it; aud should he lis successful, it would be " beautiful as an army with hannera"?and should he fail, all he has to do is to ahrug his shoulders, and sav " 1 tried;" or. if he can't speak that much English, say" Keir aava," * which is the same thing only differently expressed. I The Isst intelligence from Monterey arrived day before yesterday, end says that Gen Taylor and Sent, Anna were fronting each other: Santo Anna hnd summoned | him to surrender or he would " Knock him from taw." Tbe Uuucral replied " Cam# and try it:" und tho cxpreia ] man who brought this from Monterey hithir, ?aya when 1 he loft Monterey the two armies were engaged, and Uen ] Taylor was giving Santa Anna " The devil"?! Rive you | hi* own worda. < Yoatorday we received intelligence that 4000 of the en- | emy weie in Marin (this tide of Monterey,) 3000 were in i C< iralvo, ('hi* aide of Marin) and 60 were lo Mler, (this aide of Cerrolvo, and twenty-eight mile* from hare.)? ' These aio all caaairy, and had come through a pass near | < It is generally believed here that a wagon train (about jon) and 360 mules (the latter packed with merchants' good*) were captured on tbe 23d near Marin, by General i t'rrea'a cavalry. The force above is said to he intended j for on attack on thia place. We are ready. I am of . opinion their movements will much depend on Uen. Ran- { ta Anna's, as he is reported to have 23.000 Uen. T. can raise I suppose, 4000 We have here the 31 ( niandsd by Col. Cuitia?we can raise about one thousand. Many rumors are afloat, and all are on the tip-loo of ( nnatety to hoar from Uen. Taylor and Monterey, and to have a'peep at our customers. Our picket guards are , out, onr sentinels are on the top of the church, and little knots of fellows are going about to pick out their spot* on the tops of houses. Tho artillery company is drilling at the guns, and the infantry line the hreaatworks, peep- { jog over tho parapet walls with his "eyes all sot" for a "greasor." Do you see we are all ready for duty, and whan the workh done I'll drop you e line, unless e line shot drops me; in which case " I take this opportunity to I assure your excelltncy of the centinunnce of my high consideration" "UOD AND LIBEKTY " ( Koav Hiaisav, (Brazos ) Maieh 1847. I 1' the absence ef anything like authentic information < frc shove, we have many rumors, and some ol them I 1 ar hacedingly unpleasant. Nothing haa been heard ' fr< <?sn. Taylor aince the 23d, except from Mexican' I Hi tile reliance can he placed upon their atatemeuie. i (. ?, 33d, Gen Taylor wee attacked by the Mexican ( a in lore# ot about 16,000, at Ague News, twenty 1 ryond Hsltillo Uen Taylor fell back to Ssltillo, I siu another engagement took place, with severe * the Mexican aimy. Uen. Taylor ordered every I S NE NE thin* to be Jeitroy f i which could Dot bn taken along and fell back to the Rincontda, twenty-flee miles thu id# of 8altillo, at which pass a bode of 6000 Mexicani were stationed. The movements or lien. Taylor thii side of Agua Nuera are Mexican accounts, as also the rumor ot Capt. McCulloch and company beiog taken pri sonars, and the capture of the trains of 1:20 wagons Ths latter is believed to he true at this place Coi Morgar left Cerralvo,destroying the supplies which he could uol take with him, end it is said that he and his detachmen1 were taken prisoners near Monterey Everything is conjecture in relation to what has hap. pened to Sen Taylor and our little army, in consequenci of all communications between Camsrgo and Monterey boiug cut olf It is evident tbat in consequence of si much of Oen. Taylor's force being withdraw n from hin for other operations, he is in an extremely critical situa tion The 1i Mississippi regiment has arrived at Ma'.amoras and one hundred aud fifty volunteers from North Caro lina arrived here tc-day. Fortifications were thrown around the public stores a the mouth of the river on the id, and the same was doni here on tho 3d, in consequence of rumors that a large force of Mexican cavalry had crossed the river this siui of Matamoras. This place is under martial law. Capt. G. Porter, o the 1st Artillery, has command of the post, and Captaii Churchill has charge of the artillery. The Quartet muster's men, numbering about 300, are ar med, and ari held in readinesi. Last night an attack was expected from information received in the evening, but nothin) appeared. ua me evening iaai me loraucatibu was nuisuou ou flig wii run up, a ralute fireJ, and tUo place named For Harney Col Harney left yesterday with the balance of lii command for Loboe. [From the New Orleans Bulletin, Maroh 13.] It would be difficult to deacribe tho intense feeling o anxiety that exists in this city, on tho subject of thi military affairs on tho Rio Grande, and parti*ularly a regards the army uuder Gen. Taylor. There has been, sinco onr publication on Saturday, ai arrival, which brings 24 hours later from the Brazis and though the accounts from the immediate seat of wa are no later, the reports assume a more definite, and, wi regret to say, a graver obaractor. We give, in auothei column, the highly interesting detail* luruished by Ur Jarvis, of the army, and which we take from the Pica yunc of Sunday, which we consider are the most definiti mat have been received We have had a conversation with a highly intelligen officer of the army, who has been attached to Gan. Twy lor's stall' ever since he entered Mexico, and wh* lef Sultillo on the 4th ultimo. He informs us that there i' no practicable pass by which Santa Anna could possibly get into Gon. Taylor's rear with artillery, and that if he attempted to attack onr armv with iufantiy alone, lie feels assured he would be repulsed, even if lie bad a greul superiority of force, as Gen. Taylor haa four batiorie* oi flying artillery, (one of them consisting of 21 poundri howitzers) with a full complement of regulars to serve aud manage them. He alto expresses a belief that though Gen Taylor might tail back from Nuova to Sal tillo, he would not retreat from the latter point without first having a battle G<m Taylor's force does not ex ceed *000 men, all of which are volunteers, except the artillery and about 130 dragoons undor Col. May. lie sides the above forae, there are 1600 men at Monterey which latter place is represented as being in an excel lent state of defence, and capable of successfully resist ing any lorco the enemy can bting against it. According to the present advices, it would appear I considerable force of the enemy had passed te Genera Taylor's! ank by Victoria, but which seems principalis to have been cavalry. Should Santa Anna have s?ut hii artillery also by that route, his means oi attack, and coa scquently hie chances of success, will have been great ly increased?there is no doubt that he has a large force wua mm, as 110 never would nave attempted oiteuiivc operation! against our army, except with a great superiority of numbers. It will be seen by Dr. Jarvia's statement, that nothing had yet been learned as to an actual battle, and of course no foun lotion for the sinister report ol Gen Taylor's heavy loss, and that the tumors on this head were confined to the cutttng elf of some trains or small detachments. Krom all we can see in the accounts that have been received, we are inclined to believe that the forces in the rear of Oen. Taylor are exclusively the troops that have advanced from Victoria, and that Santa Anna has moved up with all his army, direct to Nueva, with out attempting to aend any part of his troops into the rear of the Americans, through other difficult passes ? (Jen Taylor has probablv talien bach on Saltillo, from his advanced position at Nueva, and will give battle at the iormer place. If he succeeds in repulsing Sauts Anna in any attack the latter may make, all difficulty will cease in hit roar. As the accounts state that ammu nition was being forwarded from Monterey to Saltillo, it would appear there was no interruption te the communications between these two places, and that the enemy's lores hud only appeared on the route betwaou Monterey and ( smfirgo. This should tend to strengthen the bflict that the force in th? rear formed no part ol Santa Anna's army, as they would have been operating betwoeu Saltillo and Montereyi There is a fearful responsibility resting somewhere, for this state of thiegs, and if it is followed by the defeat or capture ol Gen. Taylor's army we should pity our worst enemy, If he had to abide the " waked wrath' of the American people. The greet end obvious oiror has been in reducing the forcu ol General Taylor, to so great an extent, and (tripping him ol all his regulai troops. Though in common with the whole community, we feel the most anxious solicitude on the occasion, we have great confidence that Gen. Taylor will make good his defence, particularly, as we bslieve it will be found to be the fact, that he hsa the whole of Santa Anna's force in his front, and that thare is nothing in his rear that can give him trouble in the wav of a direct attack upon him. It is, however, fearful odd* that he has to contend with, and whatuver may be the result, no cen sure or blatno of any kind can rest with him. [Krom the Galveston Gazette, March U.] The schr Mary It Eliziboth, Beach, lett the iirazoi on Sunday, 7th, at 4, P. M , and arrived off yesterday evening, from which arrival we learn the following : Col. Harney and staff, left on Friday, after having con structed fortifications at the Brassos. From newe receiv ed on Saturday, an express was despatched, to request him to disemhark, but the ship had .sailed. Mnj. Thumaarrived and took command on the O h, and the Braseos declared under martial law. All citizen* were enrolled armed, tic. On Sunday morning, an express arrived from th? mauthof the Rio 0>ande, stating that on aimed force o the enemy were marching from Man Fernando to attack that place, with a battery of two 0 pounders. The) Wftm 1800 itrAnff limlair ConnleB TKorn Itoinir riAl ?. musket at the mouth, guns and ammunition were sent round on the 7th, and Mujor Thomai accompanied them Amid the many false alarms which have t>eeu created there teema to be no doubt from the defenceleaaaiiuatior of thoae poiota, that there ia reason to apprehend this attack. The achr 8ylvu Wilds, sailed on Hunday, 7'h with a bearer of despatches for Now Orleans. Two com paniea of North Carolina Voiunteera.airived on Saturday tJth, which baa caused much satisfaction at that port Left Tom Jack, for Ualveston. soon Alert, Simpton, arrived on the 7th. The Loboa fleet bad all been towed te sea. Coai-us Chsiiti, March 3, 1947. An express arrived here just within the hour, being two days from Camargo, with an order for Capt. Orey, with his Company of Hangers, stationed here, to march to Cumargo forthwith for the relief of that place ; also for the same object, an express has gone to San Antonio. A letter, brought by the same conveyance, from Colonel Curtis, the commandant at Camargo, states, " That General Santa Anna was in the vicinity ol Saltillo. with a force of twenty thousand troops ; that he had sent in an order to General Taylor to surrender, or he (Santa Anna,) would cut him General Taylor's reply was, " Come and take me I" Also, that there are later reports which state that, o few days previous to this express leaving Camargo, one hundred wagons of provisions, on their way to Monterey, accompanied by two compauiea of cavalry, had lailen into the hands ol the Mexicans, and that Gen Urrea was atMier, with 0,(>00 Mexican cavalry.' The Colonel oxpects to be attacked at Camargo, and wishes for the different companies on the frontier to hasten to his assistance. The Colonol's letter is dated at Camargo, Kob. :M'.h, morning. This news has causod considerable excitement hero with us, and 1 may say that every ,man, citizens as well as strangers, is preparing to leave for the sceno of ac lion. In haste, 1 am sincarely yours, Sec , P. 8 ?i have ne doubt that Gen. Taylor ere this has had an CDgagemeat. By the above arrival, our fellow citizen, Mr. 8amuel Bangs, has returned home lie gives us, vorbally, intelligence somewhat later than that of the Flag above ? New* had reached the Brazos that Gen Taj lor hail made good his retreat to Monterey, with the loss of six pieces ?f artillery at llincouada Nothing ia known with certainly of the lose on either side. The numbers of the enemy ?re said to be overwhelming, and commanded by banta Anna in parson. No doubt is entertained hut that Gail. Tay lor can sustain himself in Monterey while his supplies hold out; but it it said to be beyond dispute that all communication with him is now cnt off. All the citizens of Mstinmna >-? ??ii..t ?? i._ .u Flat t. toko up arms and uid in the conin.n defence, l'bev are addreeaed in term* of rebuke for their apathy in the laco of approaching danger All the defences posaible are being thrown up at the aevcral towna, at the mouth of the river, and on the Brazos. The euemy wore aaid to be in conaiderable force at liferent pointa about Matamorea, and were hourly expected in that city. The military force under Colonel Drake wan entiioly inadequate far the defence of that city. The Flat says, there ia an abundanco of artna, and if. the citizens do not take them up, Colonel Drake ia advised to give them a free passage to New Orleana, iu order to get them out of the way. The opinion ia expreaaed that before thia timo several town* on the Rio Drande, and, peihapa, Matomoraa itaelf, are in the banda ?f the enemy. THK CAT,I, POR VOCUNTBKnS. [(from the New Orleana Picayune, March 1ft.| Hi aixh'artkrs, Carmaruo, March J, 1-147. Sir,?I aend an officer to Headquaitera, at Washington, making a requiaiticn on the President of the United States tor fifty thousand six mouths volunteirs All '.ommtinication has for several days been cut oil between his place and the army above, and I aee no adequate reef tola aide ol New Orleans 1 request you, therefore, o rail out ten tbeuaand men of this character of troops, md I Anticipate they will be recognited under the call if the PieaiJent. . a feat es any conaiderable force can ba accumulated, et them he forwarded to Brazoa Santiago. All iroopa, is lar as practices.a, should be armed belore leaving the Jutted States, and the officers commanding companies w Y O W YORK, WEDNESDAY M knnl.1 l.l>. I. .1... Ul.. k i. I A lhi I auuuiu ? ??? III cuai^q auimuumvu OUUURU w uwin????v, In cue of emergency, forty round* it lent. Kre< I Very reipecttully, your obedient servant. ._i | SAMUEL R. CURTIS, Col. Com'g To tlie (Governor of Louiiieni. w>" NBWS FBOM TAMPICO. tog lEromtho New Orlein* Picayune, March 16 ] ? The bri* Ann Still has arrive.1 in the river from Timpico, having sailed on the 3d inst. To Major Burn*, who wlu came pasfeoger in her, wo are indebted for our corre* pondence, which we subjoin. Though it contain* little news of importance. It bring* down the narrative of event* to the latest moment. Col Staniford, of the dth regiment U. S Infantry, came passenger fiom Tampico in the Ann Still, in cense- yyj quence of injuries received at Tampico dut ing the embarkation of his regiment. He fell into the hold of one of the vessels, broke two of bis ribs, and otherwise iu jured himself. He is, however, we ure happy to learn recovering, although slowly. Si Tamvico, Keb. 3d, 1047?8 o'clock, P. M. Sec This morning the U. S. steamer, Edith, from Brazos reat Santiago, with Geo. Wotth and staff, and two companies cap of troops on board,touched oil'the bar at the mouth of our folb rivor, coming to auchor two miles outride, and sent T despatches up to Oen Patterson. 1 went down with a the friend and saw Gen. Worth ; found him in good health thei and Hue spirits. The Edith being bound for Lobos hos Island, sailed on hor course at half-past 2 P. M. By the E. the 1 learn that at least ten ships are on their way from the T Brazos to this place, to take troops down. lim: The U. 8 steamer Alabama, now lying in the stream Wi opposite this city, is to sail to morrow with Gen Patter- has son, stall' and troop*. The steamer Virginia, with Gen Mo iiuvw.uv. uu.uu., u us raercaBiiiB say. it mo trails- r:i*c ports on the way here from the Brazos arrive, it is pro- teri a battle that by the last of this week all the force* to leave the will hare sailed. be < The sterrner New Orleans had arrived at Brazos Island thr< f two days ago ? when the Kdi'h lnlt she was Just going mot 9 in. The schooner Sea arrive! here this morning from hav New Orleans Loonuld, the Irish comedian, came pas wit senger in the latter onl; The U. 8 revenue schooner Kwing, Capt Gray Moore, war anchored ofl" the bar this morning, six days from the 8. to tl W. rase, during which time she wus hove to thirty-six to n hours in a gale Irom the north Crow and officers all veu well. [Officers of the Kwing?Gav Moore, commander ; adv .1. 8. 8. Craddock, 1st lieutenaut; R S Jones, -id do.; C. "po K. Wood, 3d do J Capt. Mooro and Lieut Jones came up firm to the city aud called upon Gen Patterson. The Kwing mas is to sail early to-morrow for Lobos. pric A lew days ago we hud a report that Santa Anna had pow left Sun Luis Potosi to march against Gen. Taylor at Sal- ?hel tillo, and that Gen. T. hud set out to meet the cock- of ] fighting general, and pit himself against him There is, cool from ell 1 learn, no doubt in the report. Letters are now nite here, from good authority, which say that Gen. Taylor Me> had emerged from Soltillo, and taken upa position some psoj twelve leagues from the city, and prepared to tight ; In that the Mexicans had appeared in signt, aud that a laot lorce of four thousand man had been sent in the rear of of tti (ian. Taylor. Ouo letter states that tho enemy appeared prer rather shv of us, ns if not willing to come to close guar natii ters. " Old Rough's" position is said to be better than pent it was in town, and better than 8anta Anua riod liked. All this would seem to make it probable not that we may hear of a " scratch" in that quarter call before long. The Moxican has far the greatest slid number of troops, but I'll bet on " Hough nnd Ready " the Whether or not there be a battle any where else, how- Cori ever, it seems to be pretty certain that we shall have one heai at Vera Cruz?and before we get to Vera Cruz. It is mur known here that the enemy are preparing to give use ttfe warm leception on landing. In the rear ot Anton Lizar- ton do they have built strong fortifications, too far for the we Suns of our squadron to bear upon them, but ia reach of ing le point of landing. On these fortifications very heavy that guns are mounted, and other arrangements are made and sari eing made to make a desperate stand agaiust the landing At t of our troops. It is also to be oxpscted that the city of tore Vera Cruz is in a condition to make a bloody resistance, dots But a few days, 1 hope, will tell the tale, and make all or u speculation unnecessary. Who doubts the issue? my Besides what 1 have written vnu >hn.t thnra little 1 I nows with ugjhere ; excepting the embarking of troops, in tl stores and i munitions on shipboard, everything is still side Kor some days?the last three or four?the bar has been Iran impassable. The weather has again become moderate, the i and the sea gone down, however The idiots report that I wi the bar has been rougher on this occasion than anytime the since the Neptune was wrecked - a very uncommon oc- Ann currence. This circumstance has greatly retarded the that sailiug of vessels with troops aboard. Mei Tampico, March 3, 1h47. ??.y The brig Ann Still sails this morning for your city. 1 u> and though 1 have but little to say, I will give the last rumor. News reached here yestetdry that (Jen. Minon, "'.'J' leading the advance of Santa Annt's torces against (Jen. 9J,? Taylor, with 6000 mon, had attempted to surprise (Jen ni T. by a night assault, but that lie met with n total <!isap- .* pointment. 1 he whole force wus defeated?how many ?( killed and mads prisoners not stated precisely, but they *oa were essentially whi ped 1 hope this may be true.? i The Mexicans here, are not making much noise, which tiun< is positivo proof thut their friends have not achieved a mon victory. Whenever they have any good news every j^0'1 meu woman and child know it at once D0~l. We had another arrival Irom Now Orleans yesterdiy , The schooner Falcon, Hooper, with coad, arrived in six , / eays but brought neither mail nor papers. The steamer 0 E New Orleans has not yet arrived fiom the Brusos. " " I think all the troops will get away by the last of this I*1}'1 or first oi next week (Jen. Shield's biigsde will be the 11 last to embark. I .shall go with the General. Kvery 'nuc body seems anxious to be off and see what Vera Cruz . [ will do. t0 4 AFFAIRS IN CALIFORNIA. San Oikuo Hkaouuahtkks, Nov. it, 184b. ... , We ace still contending with the insurgents in this quarter. At present we are preparing for a second march into the interior, and intend making our way once more to the city of the Angels, distant from this place one hundred and twenty miles. ?,l The Californians, since 1 last wrote, have placed them selves under the command of General Klores, a Mexican officer whom we had taken prisoner with a number of ether ofllcers of Castro's army, all of whom wero placed s, on a parole of honor, and by their atrocious conduct have again taken the field, and forced into their service hundreds who, perhaps, preferred remaining quiet at ?{ their homes. The reiult has been to give us much trou ! ma una annoyance, wnn the Ions or a few of V' our brave seamen, who were killed in an action recent t. ?' ly betweon the enemy and a detachment Irom the tfavanaah. The exfiedition irom the frigate Havanmh was very unfortunately planned, or the result must have r . been of a more favorable character. The advantages i were nil on the enemy'e ?ide, they being mounted on , " line horsea, with some artillery, while tho Americans laced them on foot with small arms only. It is strange A' i how the party fioin tue Savannah could ever think of .. I getting iuto such a snarl; lortunate indeed for them they got out as well as they did. They met the Caiifornians on a plain near Oemingo's rancho. about half way from j.1 i Sao Pedro to the City of the Angels, distant about fifteen , miles from the ship, and how they expected to overtake j their foes, who were on horses, with artillery, and tliey r , on foot with small arms, leniains to he divined.? j.. This act has strengthened the courage of our j enemies, and i|pprived uh of most important re- A,jj souroea we formerly bad. They well understand wl,j the impossibility of our pursuing them to advantage without horses and cattle, and have driven them all tai he Qi into the interior, so that they have it in their power te 3al)t annoy and taunt us at pleasure, although we now and ^QD then got a shot at them, which lenvos their number l*s? mim A few horses have bcon captured in occasional skir- Qut | uslits with tlie enemy, but so poor and unfit for service | ( that they break down in an hour's ride. A party has just nriived from an expedition a few miles from our camp ? {J-a Their object was to cut oil'a few of the korses and caitle at Wurnvi's iaucho. and they pirtly succeeded in doing t j so; but unfortunately fell in with a party of C aliforniars, double their number, who sucoeded in killing ono of our ? . men, Wm K. Manchester. This man was in the ac! of ' | watering his hor?e a short distance from the main body, and was surprised by a party of eight horsemen, who . lushed upon him with their spears. He succeeded, how- . ever, in reaching his cointales, and was met by Lieut Beale, who was in charge, and remarked to him as he , passed, "Sir. I am a dead man!" and expired in a few ' minutes. This is the ouly ono from the Congress we ' h.,vi ||>J il,. - I.I - deen .u.iviiuiiii w f ?b. n u aiexumg ou mourn | . iiig our mm, and bolbre next Tuesday I enpect our Gom- | .?"' modore will lie a general ol dragoon*, and tbat we shall ; 1 all be ou the mareu (o Gnida1 de* los Angeles, where he ia resolved, if hia lile la spared, again to Uoiat the Araerican Hag. Tl NAVAI, lMTSr.MOBNCR. I The following is ai extract of a latter rooeived from a gentleman on boatd the frigate Raritan, tinder date of 33d ult :? " Preparation* are being made by thia squadron to at- 1 tack Alvarado before the arrival of the force* of Oen Scott. Tht gun-hoat* and small steamers have all been upon called in, and they are now being prepared lor the oxpedition. The forco to ascend the river will consist of tlUI1 seven gun-boat* and all the ships'boata, which will be II. towed by the steamer* Spitfire, Vixen, and Petrita. occu " The large vessi-U of the squadron will approach as J'"//* near a* possible, and bombard the outer (ort. It will nc- Liou cessaritv he a bloody affair, and I don't care how soon it P?"'' , ? . ... . - . ... - comi ii over rney nave repeatedly defied ui at AlvaradO' maU( ami from . >0 itate of their defence* and maana of repel- hatte ling ua, they don't count cn a defeat. main " Thoy have an elghteengun brig, the Santa Anna meIlt which can at a momont'* notice, lend a deadly fire down III the river. She ii to be taken by boarding, if at all ; and a* I am (selected for tho aocond cutter, I ahall probably wl,f, hive a linger in the pie. With regard to the detail* of Col. the plan I can ?ay nothing, a* it haa a* yet been kept pri- j'(j'rVg, vate, probably on account of aome deiertion* that have thro, occurred, by which tho enemy ha* been informed of IV many of our intended movement*. There have been two ? inatance* of doaertion, of which I have no time to give iV jreu the particular*. They were both Kngliihinen, and 'and i in both instance* joined the enemy. How many ?uch vs- V. gabend* doe* our navy harbor! The whole iquadron nPpy re pr*cti?ing at target with great gun*, and the marine officer* are daily drilling the men at the muaket and ear- 1 Ofl bine exerciie. " At what date the propoied expedition will come off I am unable to aay, or that it will not fell through,a* ano th*r expedition d'd, for which we prepared tome time s ince. That many lira* will ba loat la beyond a doubt, on u for Alvarado muat be taken thia time at whatever aacri- , ](? Ace. So every body ee) a. We have nowhere on tho i and J | blockade, beeidea ouraelvea, the Potomac, John Adaau. I 'att*' R K E tORNING, MARCH 24, II any, St. Mary'i, Princeton, the store-ships Relief and Ionia, brig Porpoiie, and the whole fleet of gun-boats small eteumera. Of the important movements that *ooa be made in thia quarter, I ihall make it a point , O ire you, ae soon as possible, a detailed account. i The brig Amelia has just arrived from New York, r a mail bag for the squadron. , hav CORRESPONDENCE | nh sktwibis thi | mot *R DEPARTMENT AND GEN. TAYLOR. lContinued) the IOaouuartkrs Akii> os OccufaTiois, t W. Cainp Near Monterey, Nov *, l?4t>. ) '? ir In reply to so much oithe communication ot the tain retary of War, dated October 13, as relatos to the ions which induced the convention resulting in the *b? itulation of Monterey, 1 have the honor to submit the Nic owing remarks :? the ho conveution presents two Jistioct points. First, fa'1] permission granted the Meaican army to retire wi'.h F ir arms. kc. Secondly, the temporary cessation of in t lilities for the term of eight weeks. I shell remark on F. ' e in order. mo( he lorce with which I marched on Vtonterey was mis itod by causes beyond my control to about 6,000 men. ih thl. - ' ... .?.? .?'vo, ao vtvi; IHUU iuubi HUIUIV WUU I "? ? ceen the ground, it whs entirely impossible to invest cis nterey so closely as to prevent the escape or the gar- | S n. Although the main communication with the in- | tan; or was in our possession, yet one route was open to Tei Mexicans throughout the operations, and could not H sloMtl; us were also otbor minor tracks and passes ant >ugli the mountains. Mad wo, therefore, insisted on nto e rigorous torms than those graDted, tlie result would 8 e been the escape of the body of the Mexican force ton b the dostiuction of its artillery and tnagszinos, our dto , advantage being the capture of a few prisooers of | at the ex|ieiise of valuable livos and much damage i C lie city. The consideration of humanity was present | froi ly mind during the conference which led to the con- pro tion, and outweighed in my judgment the doubtlul * J antsges to be gained by a resumption of the attack ft01 n the town. This conclusion has been fully con- flrsi led by an inspection of the enemy's position and A ina since the surrender. It whs discovered that his fror icipal magazine, containing an immense amount of mol rder, was to the cathedral.completely exposed to our if lis from two directions. The explONioa of this mass the nowder which must have ultimately resulted from a mot inuunce of the bombardment, would have bean itifi- U ly disastrous, involving the destruction not only ol daw ucan troops, but of m>n combatants and even our owu tie, had we pressed the ,attack, rogard to the tompo-ary cessation of hostilities, the that we are not at this momont within uleven days .. ie termination ofthepi-riod fixed by the convention, ,Jj 'Bred to move forward in torce. is a sufficient expla- jjvj in of the military reaaous which dictated thia sus- ,. ' ion of arms. It paralyzed the enemy during a pe , when, from the want ef necessary means, we could b possibly move. I desire distinctly to state, and to , tho attention of the authorities to the fact, that with : liligence in breaking mules, and sotting up wagons, 7* first wsgons in additiou to our original train from j' pus Christi (and but l'i? in number) reuchod my fl?~; lquarteis ontha same day with the Secretary's com- {"j? uentiou of Oct 13, viz.: the 'Jd inst. At the date of . " . surrender of Monterey, our iorce had not more than . days rations, and even now, wiih all our endeavors, have not more thsn twenty-five. The task of fight- P and beating tlia enetny is amoug the least difficult * we encounter; the gieat question of supplies neces- . ly coutroU all the operations in a country like this ? he date of the convention I could not, of course, have rr? seen that the department would direct an important P ' ichment from my command without consulting me, b*., rithout waiting the result of the main operation under orders *n? have touched tho prominent military points involved Ii 10 convention of Monterey. There ware other con ration* which weighed with the commissioner* in Joh ling, anii with myself in approving, the article* of l>el ;?nvention. la the conference with (Jen. Ampudiu, pre. i* diitiuctly told by him that he had invitsil it to ipire C further effusion of blood, and bocauee General Santa Mo 1a had declared himself favorable to peace. 1 knew t our government had made proportion* to that of rep tico to negotiate, and I deemed that the change of be ernment in that country since my lait initructions, I r warranted me in entertaining ronaiderations of pol- mjt Mv grand motive in moving forward with very ceu ted auppliei, had been to increaie the inducement* < in Mexican goveriuncnt to negotiate lor peace.? A atever may be the actual view* or disposition of the injti ;icau ruler* or of General Santa Anna, it is not un can ivn to the g .vprnment thut I hud the very best reeror believing the statement of General Ampudia to ?M -ue. It wa* my opinion at the time of the convcn- Dar an J it ha* not been changed, that the liberal treat- leg* tof the Mexican army, and the *u?pen*ion of arms- the] Id exert none but e favorable influence in our be incl J. ae result oC the entire operatiou ho* been to throw inju Mexican army beck more loan three hundied miles nex ie city of San Luis Potosi, and to open the country ? i a* far as we choose to penetrate it, up to the same erit. groi has boen my purpose in this communication not so ? h to defend the convention ftom the censure which I othc ily regiot to lind implied in the Secretary's letter, as the low that it was not adopted without cogent reasons, tho tof which occur of themselves to the minds of alt the are acquainted with the condition of things here T hat end 1 beg that it may be laid before the General- cide tiief and Secretary of War. ceai im, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, set V. TAYLOR. h Major General U. S army, Comd'g to a Adji'taxt Gkskral ot the army, Washington, l>. c. m thy Hsan-tfoartkbs Army ot Occi-patiom, / out Camp (near Monterey, Nov 9,1910 > exp r?I have the honor to report that, in compliance and i the instructions of the Secretary of War, comma- usc< ted in his letter of October 13th, 1 have formally no- ban I the Mexican general in-chief that the temporary j! ensiou ot arms agreed upon in the convention uf othe toroy, will cease ou the 13th iust., the date at which huv notice will probably reach Han Luil de I'otosi. This givi icution was sent by Major Graham, topographical cou inter, who leit on the Otis inst. ant' ou will porceive from mv " orders" No 139, what ar- Our ;oment* huve been made for the occupation of Saltil- hi t the earliest moment by our troops. Whether our Up, lotions are ptishod furwaid towards San Luis or net, the occupation of Haltillo is iinpoitant?politically, as disf capital of Coahuiia, and, in a military view, us co- tee' ing an important region lrom which we may draw the plies. assi rigadier General Wool, with n portion of his force, \y\ ' IMUIILIWT UU IUO 4I7VU VI utwucr, ilUU J?l IIOW mil ltd by the reor division. Ha reports no practicable J :e to Chihuahuu, except the ene by Parrat, which rer bring [himj within a few leagues of Saltillo. He wii Urea what ii to be gained by going to Chihuahua? I i, I am free to anawer, nothing at ull commeniuratc Iry > the exceisive* length oi hit line of operations, ed, mahua, moreover, is virtually conquered, and can r ecu pied at any momont, while we hold Saltillo and nth a Ke I shall instruct General Wool to remain at jnft clova, where there are supplies, until 1 can detert what disposition to make oi his column, which can- ' J a done until 1 visit Saltillo. Bat mve taken tin-, first steps towards organizing the ex- mis tieuon 'i'Jtnpicu, and propone to accompany it, for <jf purpose at least of coinmuuding a covering force, 'ierr re will ha soma delay for tlio want of moans ol laud Pru' iport the in information received since my communication of dek iber 16th, relativo to <he route hence to Man Luis, not< era it more than probable that, from the want ot per- twr ent water, it will be impossible to march n iaige ban' s from Saltillo to that city 1 hope to acquire certain *'i* "ination ou this point in a few days. ad. the latent advices from the iuteiior, the army was 'or i at Han Luis, some If,(Mil) strong. it i? reported, that Tainpico has been entirely evacuated, but 1 '* I i this hardly credible. Some rumors that Saotu defi a had been proclaimed dictator have not heon con- that sd. I am, air, very respectfully, it. Your obedient servant, on Z. TAYLOR, on t Major General U S. Army, Commanding. o"1 le Adjutant Gknaual of the Army. no c Washington, O. C. pow agri (Obdkrs No. 1.19) any ilrcad ({uahtkki AKMT or occupation, > the (.'amp near Monterey, Nov. H, 1846 y wet Under instructions from the Department of War, the to h ralin-chief ol the Mexican force* has been duly nc- K'vl I that tlie temporary cesiation of hostilities agreed 1,1 i at the convention .of Monterey, will ceoae and do- '* ine from tho l:lth instant, alter which date the 'h* ricoh forces will be free to cross the line of demarea- the established in stjd convention. thei Willi. Ilea ilia H'l.iul ef ?l.e U(nte ssf Teal...;!. ill L. ihn onnuiw, uio v?|>iuu va mo wvoio u? vumuilil, Will IJC pied by the United Htatee troop* The following of tlto 3d dlvlilon will form the garriaou m the Hut nee, to bo increaaad a* circumitancea may require : wl1' t. Col Duucan'a battery, 'artillery battalion, (m com- it to 11,) Bth inUntry, $th infantry, and Capt Blenchard ''to >aoy of Louiilaoa volunteer*; the whole to be com j ,<ut led by Brigadier General Worth. Llent Mackall'a nat> ry, the 7th iiifaiitty, and one company of the urlilleit tuition (to be infected by General Woith) will ie- hai j 10 Monterey, under command of Col. Hmith, tegi o( mounted riflemen. ! the] The corpi above de*ignoted fo* tho occupation of y?u llo will march under Gen Worth on the 12th nut. lend commanding general will march at the lame time, j had the two iquadron* of the id dragoon* under Lieut "the May. The troopi will take lour rationi in their .bee nuckl. Ilationi of lalt meat for ten Have ?t breed I / re day*, and (mall ration* lor twenty aay* will be one vn forward at he itme time. ijuei Suitable hrraiifomenta will be made by the raedi- { (.( irector for the rare of tho invalid* noceaaarily ielt d by the tld dlviaion. They will be aent forward to (n'n coaipama* a* rapidly a* they may recover health H| , ttrength. I im! The Quartermaater'a Departnient will piovide the 1 nary tranapor'ation to carry out the above order, order of Major General Taylor. I |, W. W. H 11LIHM, Aaaiatant Adjutant General. |n., leial: R. 8. Ua*h*tt,L: and A A C frJn* (To he i onlinu'if.) nf/ri Personal Intelligence. I Cuahing, of tha Maaaachtiaotte regiment, and tor 8o?U, of Louiaiana, |>a*(ed through Richmond (o, ' tiureday evening for the Mouth. j JroUJ] eently e recoot/etook place between Judge Brorum hie udge neither, naer Bairdatown, Ky., in which tha awtx - wa* killed. aeU [ERJ 347. Official. H ? ? liql'a R 1 EK? or thr Marin* Corm, ( Aujl' riir and Inspector's Orncr, ) Wiihinuton, March "JO. 1847 hlit km ?The Stall of the Corps having vacated thai nntssioni in the line under an act of Congress of th< if March, 1817. for tho increase of the Marine Cerps following additional promotions and appointment' a been made by the President uuder said act: Promotions irst Lieutenant Francis C. Hell, to be u captain in tb< from the 18th of March, 1847, vine Capt Parke (J vlo, (the adjutant and inspector of the corps,) pro ed to the rank of major, baring vacated his commis > of captain in the line. irst Lieutenant George 11. Terrett, to l>e a captain it line from the 10th of March, 1847, vice Capt. George Walker, (the paymaster of the corps.) promoted tc rank of major, having vacated his commission of cap i in the line. irst Lieutenant William E. Stark, to be a captain it line tromthe loth of March, 1847. vice Capt Aug*. A liolson, (the quartermaster of the corps.) promoted ti rank of major, having vacated his commission of cap i in the line. irst Lioutenant Nathaniel S Waldron, to he acaptaii he line from the 18th ot March, 1847, vico Capt. Geo .indnay, (the assistant quartermaster of tho corps) pre led to the rank of captain, haviug vacated his com Ainn -( I.. <1.~ I!?. ecood Lieutenant Willinm L. Shuttleworth, to be t liemenxnt Iron the .Sth ot March, 1W47, vice Fran C Hall, promoted captain ecoml Lieutenant Joseph W. Curtis, to be a first lieu ant from the 10th of March, rS47, vice George il rrott, promoted captain. ecoad Lieutenant Kooett Tamil], to be a ft ret lisutei from tho 10th of March, 18-17, Vice W. L Stark, pr< tod captain. econd Lieutenant John C. Gravion, to be a first liet ant from the 16th ef March, 1847, vice Nathan S. Wa n, promoted captain. a f vo ifttmknts harles Alex'r Henderaon, to be a lecond lleutenai n the 10th of March, 1847, vice Win. L. Shuttlewortl moted firat lieutenunt. ohn Strieker Nicholaon, to be n second lieutenar n the 16th March, 1047, vico J. W. Curtis, promote t lieutenant Satterthwaite Nicholson, to bo a second lioutonar u the 10 h of Match, 1847, vi?e Robert Tansill, pre :ed first lieutenant. norgo F. Lindsay, Jr , to be a Second Lieutenant fron 10th of March, 1847, vico John G. Gray run, pro ed First Lieutenant. y order oi the Brevet Brigadier General Comman t, PAKKK O.HOWLK, Adjutant and Inspector U 8 Marine Corps. haw Intelligence. nitkd Statki Distmict Court, March 33?Before <? belts?Sentence- George Gilmau, James Wallace a Weaver and Hughes, four of the crow of the ship oka, convicted of mutinous conduct on hoard thai i*l, while lying in the harbor of Now York wer< lght up this mwrning for sentunc.e. Wallace, Weavei Hughns wt-ie recommended to the mercy oi th< lit. The JuJge stated that from experieuce no fouui tisonment had very little effect unou tho morals o nan, and in this instance he would punish them b; s. It appeared from the testimony on the trial, thu rever reprehensible tho conduct of Wallace, Weave Hughes was, they were led iuto a violation of th s and of their duty as seamen by otheis, he woul refore take that into consideration, and sentence thor >ay a Sue of $36 each and be imprisoned a days. Gii l appeared to be the ringleader in the revolt, and h i appears to be a man of intelligence and ought t e known better, he would therefore sentence him t a fine of $60 and l>e also imprisoned lor 6 days, an hoped that this lesson would teach them to bthav tor in future, and not to sot at defiance the lutvs < ir country. s Chanckbt, March 33 ?Before Vica Chancellor Hoi vis H. Sanford?Drccitioisa ?Jacob Carp (titer v n Benson ?Motion for production of contract deniei undent ordered to restore the title doods, lie withot judice, sic. No costs to eithar party. 'barIn 11 Seymour vs. Angus McDonald and otheri tion to dissolve injunction denied, with $10 costs, f 11 Wheeler vs. J. Me Keen? Kxceptious to Master ort on exceptions to answer, overruled, with costs t taxed. 'Aiza Perrint vi. Simon S. Perrinr ?Motion to dissolv ruction ifi anted. Defendant's costs in h? cosi? it, in e. Complainant's motion lor receiver <1 mod, wit tosts to ba paid by h-r next Irieud. f. i,' Green vt. R C Wortmdyke?Motion to dissolv motion granted. Defendant's coita to be costs in tb< ae j.'in S. Demarett and w.fe vt. Mar I hu Uarg and allien lotion for receiver of the peraonal effect* of Joht g, grunted Receiver to pay to widow Bnd to sucl iteea uh are next of kin, their share* of income wliicl would receive by tho alleged will, not cxceedinf i share a* they would take on an intestacy. Blunt and J 11 Murray vt .'Ulan Hay ?Motion fo .notion granted. To Uko effect on the dOth ol Apri t 1. If. Dunham >5" Son vt. O. D. Cunningham and olh -Motion that issues be frame 1 tor trial by a jury ated. Heferenco to a master to settle the is?ue*. tiza and Margaret Hunt vt. W. 11. Townieni an rt-Order thut M L Vooihis U entitled to receiv rent from Mrs Sedgwick, by way of subrogation t complainant's claim No costs to oither party againi other. Ae State of Ohio and othert rt. Ptll and otherr?Vt id that suit became defective, on Lake aud other ting to be commissioners. Subsequent proceeding aside, with $10 costs Voi ij S. Wilton vt Jaiart Xorval and olhert?Motio at aside decree denied, without costs to either party r. B and H. Skidmore, rxecutart, 4'r R Mortwoi and othert? Decree thut executors and trustees la; personal assots in improving Fulton street lots. Th enditure to be an investment on the lien of the loft reimbursed with intei est half yearly. Kelerence I irtain how much the life estates shall psy Irom en ced income to extinguish the lien. . L- Jldditon and othert vt. C. Is. Burckmeyer urn rt ? Deoroe that comploinants liavo a prior auuity ti ft proceeds of the cotton, he., applied to pay the bill in on its purchase. The assignoa of D. Jk Son's to ac lit and apply samo accordingly, and to pay complain s costs, charging thorn against bis trust No cusls t< kwit7. T. L. H. Buf/cr and wife vs. Reality and othert?J M pinealt and wife r? Butler and oihrrt?Decided tha previous decrees, tkJ. preclude Batler and wilo from mtiug their children's solo right to the fund. Trus s accouut to ha taken,and sun-try charges |?id-tht>i share ot Lippincott aud wife to ha paid to L. on hei ant. Residua to remain with trustee till further order plication directed us to tho guardianship, he. of Un tor children. 'oral, n ... M O ?i.,1? IV -- .... ... "cmui to bill for multifariousness allowed. Dill dismisse h costs. ' Penlz vi liatic fiewlon, impleaded with Ezra Hai , fc ?If. .0. / '. Penlz vi. the tame - Demurrer* allow Hurt lull* dismissed v'itb costs, as to Newton. V. Af. Paitley and wi/t vi. Jltnelia jinn Rain an trs - Bill dismissed with costs, on the ground that a mt cannot join as plaintiffin a partition suit. ommois Plkss?Before Judge Ingraham? Mechanic ik vi. Judion Loomii ?This wus an action on a pri sory note tor J>9H7, the note was drawn in the nam LoumM and l.athrep, an 1 by bim Risen to tli i of Hyde and Hykes, Kin perfo/msiice of aom rious turreemsnt; the Uttsi got it discounted a plaintiil's hank, and when it became duo th mdant refused to pay it. The defence was, that th ? was drawn by l.utlirop after the partnership b( en him and the defendant was dissolved, and that th It must have had notice, liHvinR been subscribers t paper in which the notice of dissolution was publish The Court charged, that the note in suit was Rivet it claim which might havo been originally enlorcei mat the firm ol Lot mis St Lathrnp ; hu' tne difficult] hut it was made otter the firm wan dissolved. and tbi :ndant now seeks to jjest ti l of it on the groom his former partner hail no authority to meki Tho Arm of Loomos k Latftrop whs dissolve the tenth (lay of February The note drawl he 19th ol tho ?nne month ny l.aihrop, and ilisroiint >y tho hunk for Hyde k Mykes en the |tlh There it loutit that alter a diaaolutiou a flilBll partMV has no 'er to uie tho name ol the late tirin except tiy specie cement lor that purpose, and there is no proof hero01 Meh agreement. The first i| nest.on here is, wen hank deulera with the Arm; ii they were, then they e entitled to get notice of the dissolution ; what ii c umlr rvtood by being dealers is thi?; id (be hank i credit upon their rrspo: sinitity, and were they tbo hlibit of takiu;; their i apor. x i , for f not otiough that paper busing the name ol Arm upon it, passed through their hands throng! medium of third parties, but where they issut r paper, and it got* directly to the lunk trorr Arm, and does so from time to time, in su lie cm# oi them dealers within the rule, and entitled to sucl Ce It appeals that Hyde and Nykes had dealing* a Lathrop, and he drew the note in suit, and gavi them; hut the defendant tuys ft was not tor the bene f the Arm, and upon that ground seeks to avoid it ho must show conclusively on his part that it wa before he can ask a Jury to infor the conclu he wanta them to uome to Tba defendan1 thought propel to put the riesident and Cashier o hank on the stand, and they have both testified tha r never aaw the notice ol the dissolution. It ia foi under these circumstances, to decide on those facta to say whether the bank ha<l notice or not. if thry not, thoy are entitled to protection, but if on tlis r hand you think they had. then the defendant woulc utitled to your verdict. Vordictior plaintiA *1049. laouir Cot;ev, March 33 ? In this Court there wai or two abort cases tried of no interoat, and a few in its taken. war Cai.rsDaa, March 9.1 ? Cirrutl Csarl?IW i7v, ivi, is* to im, ivu, i?o. m, ma lo .1*7 man f'Uat -P.irt III?I, 77, 7?, 31, 41. *3, 64, 9, M> 109, 81. 30, 87, I4H I'art Hat- 160. 159, 164, 160, 160 164, 16?. 170, 177, 174, 170, ibo, 187. at* from i 'or i au 1'kimck ?Thn bark Dun Captain Tiiomae, has arrived at tins pr?r > Tort au Prince. By hei w? have an extraof Lr Ma ,la dated the 77th ult. ie Prealdent ol llayti, Jean Baptiete Riebe die' n au Prince the morning of the 77th bit lie ainvei i on the morning ol the 7>d from hi* tour throngl North. He auitered much from illneaa during hi tiey. hut attended to afliira till the laat. He walkoi ul hia room and timulcted buiineta the morning o death. Alter aigning aome puolie document* hi iiied. Recovering from thia, he again applied Mm to tmatiMM, and awooiuug again a aecoud lime, hi LLD. ??Vse ?WJ UMj ? ' aspired, lu two days mora ha would have completed the aacond yaar of his presidency. Public tranquility lemsinsd undisturbed Immediately i alter hit death tho Seen tiriaa of Stat-' met in council io r discharge executive power agreeetly to theconstitution ? ; and the permanent committee of the tienate transit rtv J , ' itf meetings to the Ne'i"tjal Palace. i Couriers were rent oil' to nil parts of the islands; the i troops and naval forces hud reraivad their orders front i the new administration of i ll' irs ; end the permanent i I committee of the Senate had summoned the absent mem I bors of the Senate to meet to till the vicancy in the exe I entire office An address is published to 'be people . signed by the Secretaries of Stato ? N O. Picayune, | March 10. i Crisckcra sind Chesas. i Tho Pennsylvania canal boats are now In successiul operation The Snsquahannah river has been navigable for arks and rafts for a weeh or two, and businaaa begins > to look up. A silver mine, it is said, has beau discovered near the bead of Current river It is supposad to be vary valu * able, i A singing-master, named Christian K. Huackenbusb, i. lately tan away from nis wife and family, in Berlin, V. i. V'., and in company with o o of his pupils made for Bosl# ton, whithor ha was traced by a bass viol, which he carried along Tho next morning altar his arrival in Boaa ton, he was arrested on a charge of adultery, and oommitted for trial. The girl was given in chargo of her parents, who hod billowed tho fugitives. 1- A sys'omatic atlompt seems to have been made within I- a ,few days past both in Boston and the neighboring hj |>b? mo new emission 01 counteileil quarter l- sagle*. '* .V men itemed Gilbert Cumuiings wa? on Saturday, bound over in tbo ium of $1000, to appear for trial before '' a po'irt at Boston, on charge ol assaulting an iutormer ag&iust liquor vendere, tiamud Lingu, witli a bar ef iron, and inflicung a levero wound upon his forehead thereit w't*1' , Tbo eahibitiou 01 tbe Aurora Borealii on Friday evc' ning laat, waaio biiUiantut New Haven, that the fite companies, supposing thero must be a conflagration somv4 wtiere in the neighborhood, turned out in force. The illumination was msguiticciit. it Somo sheep belonging to Mr. Levi Maitin, of Bingi ham. Me., were taken out of a snow drift a few deys since having been buried up eighty-two days. Two of a them have recovered and one doing well. In Japan every criminal adjudged worthy of death is his own executioner. When .found guilty, he is noti'* fled of the loot, together with the day and hour appointed for his death. Wlieu tho hour arrives, he bids his family and friends farewell, and rips open his own bowels, thus satisfying the law. ' WINDOW S'lADES! WINDOW SHADES!! CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Upholsterers. Pedlars, Stc., can lind Che largest, best, sad cheapest as' sortrueut of HlmUes end materials lor making aud hanging ' Hhailes in the city?at r KELTY Ik HIKER'S Exclusive Window Shade ' ro9lm*r mors. 131 i.hatham street. \ A.^U.Jili A X U O A , Successors to K. A. MUKDEN. \ BLOCK LETTER SIGN { MANUFACTURERS, d SIGN PAINTERS, n NO. 1 TKTON aOW, i. Adjoining the llnrlem Railroad Office, New York. Rr.rKHENcc.?Washington Stores. William street; Hatbhun's Hotel. Judton's Hotel. National Hotel, Perkin'e Hote>, 0 U. 8. Bonded Warehouse, Nankin Tea Company, lie. lie. 0 jalS lm*rre e /SECOND WARD HOTEL if Vl/^llD does not know this fine LUNCH HOUSE, at No. TV 87 Nasssu street I Go iu there when you will, particularly at 11 o'clcak in the forenoon, whrn tne table displays for t- visiters, Turtle Soup, Stew. Boiled Crabs or tome other luxury. It it truly i capital place for Kefieshmeots : for 1 Floyd St Hunch know how to suit their Irieads end customers. (t At the h a it you find Martin Botner?every body knows Aim, who ever stopped at the Astor Home, or Lovejoy's, in this citv, or Coleman's Nations) Hotel, iu Washington Mart" - is like a loadstone; be draws his frieudt because iliey like the aUraction. We say again, the flecoud Ward Hotel is one of 'S the best places in the citv lo obtain e good Luucb, or get en o cxeelleot"loss ol air or liquor of any Kind. mh> lmr A CURE FUR COLDBl 6 (VTKS- CARROLL'S Medicated Vapor and Salpbar ? IVJ Baths, 184 Fulton street, opposite Chureh street. A b cure for C?ld?, t oughs, l< he u mat is in, Sore Throat, and all inflammatory diseases incident le ths ehaegeable (. st*te of the weather. The Kulphnr Vapor Bath is partiee, la ly 'ceommended by our first physicians ss a core for ell crnptini's and diseases ef the skin. No danger of taking e old after the use of these bathe. m'f, lm*r 'i PRACTICAL UOUK-KEEFING^ ) no. i'tluh street. 1 IYI " 1 MAUHH, Accountant, author of the " He euce , i'-I. of Double Kutry Book-Keening Simplified." and the ' "Art of Mingle Entry Book-keeping Improyed," continue* to tench an above. r Courie of lnntrnctinn ?The public ere respectfully inform1 ed aud assured, that the plan pursued by Mr. Marsh id teaebiuk tins imp brtuch, is truly a course of practice in keepiug books, rather than a course of lectures on the theory. , The pupil becomes familiar, from actual nse with all the ' books coustitutiny a set, snd a person of good capacity, will by this course bncume a competent book-keeper in about a " met'th, aud will receive a certificate to that effect, e Prospectus with terms can be obtained at the Booms from o 9 A M..lo9P. M. mil 1 m*r TO IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN WOOLLKNS. , If MIUKON k CO., He finishers of Cloths, Casimoroe, lit be, Mo.Hi West street. The cold medsl has bees " iwarded by the American Institute, for their inferior msaner of refimtbi-i,'. Orders may bs leftst? D Messrs Wo.cott It Blade, Mo. 63 Pino street. Win C LaoL'leye Co.. M Kichuge PI see. " D. Brigham It Co.' SO Pine street, P To whom they relsr fil lu'r ? /~1 CANO.?The cargo of the brnr Vircinia, abont three I, VI bnudred tuna, from Houth America, and from an analysis 0 prouocucsd superior to any other kind in the market. The , tinano is dry, aud will be sold inclose the concern at ens anil a hall cent per pouud, aud is an objsct to the farmers of . the country. ' Tns cargo is st Trsppell's stores, Brooklyn, nsnr Knltou J Kerry, ana lamples may he seen at the offies of 1 HPOKKOHD, TILEHTON It CO., I?9 Water strsst ml lm*rh HOLMES KITOHBM RANGES. TilV. proprietor has been engaged id manafaeturiag and Kitchen Hances for ins past II ya. rs, and feels warranted to engage that for prirnte families and boarding t bouses that there is no ranga in use at present will answer a i better purpose, snd if not it will be rsmoTsd free of any si peine to the perch.aer. Numerous references can be (>rea to any person wishing to purchase. Prices range from ft} to ' fIV Orates of the newest patterns for parlours, bed rooms r aud offices. Hinges and (irate* set. and all descriptions of fire works 9 built at the shortest notice. KtnukiuK Chimneys cured aud warranted, if not cared uo .. charge is made A. OILHOOL.Y Is BON, ,i Proprietors and manufacturers, 71 Masasa strsst hZ1 lm*r > INSTANTANEOUS HAIR DYE. BATCHK.LOR'B Li'iuid Hair Dye, is the best srtiels yo ..ITr-ed for coloring the hair to a perlretlv even an <f natural black or brown, without at.nuing or injuring the skua i, It is nrononncrd by hundreds who hare naed it, the only por l?ct Hair Dye yet discovered. Bold wholesale snd retail by WM. B VI i.. ELOK.l Wall street, near Broadway. 0? m*r NiJIIWAV IHD.S always onihand snd for sale by the Manufacturer'* Agent, C. K. HABICHT, j in IS lw*ru lid Weat_atreet e _ QUILL PENS. Ml i?iit>icril>er wnnld cull (lie nttenuou of the public ( ' tin superior Quill Pens. made eeurrly with the penkcil'e. Hy long prscttce he has succeeded in reaching the greatest possible perfection in suiting tvery kind of writing, ktilie aaine tune they aurpaaa by far, any metallic pen in elaatirity and eaae. They are carefully put np la boiee ol !i each, an that they can be alupped to auy part of the eouay, without riak of damaging the poiuta. Km sale by mli.'i Im'-h K THKNK AMP, No 90 William .1A NOT11K K CH ALLK NOB. ONCE MORE we challenge the New Vnrk Mhade dealers In compete wiih na in the aale of Window Nhadea. We are u,(w making 'ante daily additions to oar stock of Shades, anil pledge ourselves to be undersold by none. Aa to the jualiry ofonr Rbadea, we hare ho' one word to say. They took the premiums! (ha late fair at- Newark, N. J. We iarite the citixemoP New Yo k and the surrounding coin try tu aire ua a cull, and we will more I tie troth of oar saeertioae. DUNCKKR k BEKKER, No. II Chatham iireet, near Chamber* atrett, _m!l Iiu*r New York. TO LA ill I'RUi'RlKTORS, FARMERS, ko. WANTED?By a married man, with a small fkmilr, tha management of a lann, on shares. Tha advertiser is practically acquainted with all the most recant imp'orementa in Scotch and English aanenltare, cattle, gardening, miliirafon of fru>' .tees, kc. kc. Ilia wife haa a perfect know leiiac of the management of a dairy, rearing of poaltry, tue. The most respectable city reference can be giveu Vbhess Agncola, office f tint paper rnW lw*re CARRIAGES. C|'HE subscriber offers lur aalc an eteellent assortment of l R.iod < arriagrs, all new styles, warranted equal 11 sua lity to any thinit in this market, end will be sold at reasonable pticea. JAM KM BI4EWBTCR, m 11 I m rc <|J andJ7 Canal street ~ HAVANA SEGARS. niajk nflfl HAVANA HROAKS, #f the followbrand.:?Do. t Kegs liasTrnWanaielss. do Ladirs, Colon**, Cubrey. doe Compenerot, Man Roman; La Keruandina kc., for sale by mll lw'e M. AN4JLLO, II New il. DK UHANVILLK 8 I'ATTIBON has rem< red bis residence to 84 I mversity Pltce, comer of 1Mb street, and bis Office to No. 61 Cliambtrs street. OAe* hoars from I* till 1 o flork. mil ln?i SEGARS HAVANA ANL) ST. J AGO LEAF TOBACCO. A A. HAMANOU, 94 Broadway, UP stairs, (opposite % Trinity Church) otfera for sale, in lota to satt pure haa sra, at wholssalc and retail. I'? bales Hayana Leaf Tobacco, wrapper* and fillers. JO Ygaany " K " 13 " Camherland Harbnt, % " ' 40 " 84 Jngo Leaf Tobacco K " i 11 " " " dark wrnppery ] II eases old Coanectirat Bctd Leaf robaeco, good colors. Also, Rogers of all brands sad classes, including some in pn ted eipressty for prt?ate smckera, together with others I suitable for the trial*, last received, a few of ih# aaw bread "<rv aniwatvu oimported solely by the subscriber. , (lulers received and puueiually ctirnded to for all elaaaee ol argars Alto fur sale, all kinds of Smoking 1 ob-seo, o ^ American, Bpaniih, (ierman, and Turkish manufacture, in t i aII'x Gulfs'"fail kinds. including the ew'ebrwrwJ m 1 ' at . i I >'!'* IK K OK ANTIQl'H l ks: ~ OBItHNALLT st Nn M B-oadwsy, hsr been removed to Nil 111 brusdwa) . up sta r. Amalrura and' \ i. . .11 -.its* * a . utile !*!(??' kif I O lIUl 411 IAncimit Pirturai and ? nub e ?t ecim*?i? <1 Puff* Silver. U J<l *r , which r??v? tftr bePirr been mm Ki9* KfOitafrtr ttt J)ro*4wft)r. u?^ ,M4#*

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